Chapter 140: Pearl in Fear… The Farplane is here.

The Fighters and the guardians follow Yuna over to the entrance of the Farplane and only reached the part that was known as the glowing Membrane of the Farplane. The gateway to the Farplane itself when they stopped…

Annie: Well… This is the spot.

Daria: *Looking at the gate* Oh god… that’s one large gate.

Clint: *Joking* It’s the gateway to heaven…

Theodore: Heaven? We’re gonna be in heaven? Wow… I wonder if we’ll see Brittany Murphy. her movies are really something.

Clint: Ha! Right. I doubt that this Farplane is in any way the same as the Heaven in our reality.

Annie: Don’t defrock the Farplane. It might look wonderous.

Amy: *Spooked* Spirits… Uh… I think that we’ll stay over here and away from the Farplane thanks.

Susie: That is one place we dare not tread.

Christina: We could come along inside that place… but seeing all those spirits and pyreflies… That is one thing that draws the line.

Penny: What are we… Men… or Mice?

Spencer: The Jury is out on that one… but i don’t care one way or the other. I’m scared. but i’m gonna chance it. I am not a total coward.

Tidus: Question! About this Farplane…When somebody dies, a summoner sends them to the Farplane, right? So their souls, or whatever they are, they go to the Farplane, right? But that’s the Farplane we’re going to, right? And Yuna’s old man’s there, too? Do dead people live there or something? Hmmm… *imagining creepy ghosts* Ahahaha…

Wakka: You’re thinking those funny thoughts again, ya?

Tidus: Eheheh… well…

Lulu: *sighs*

Wakka: You’ll see once we get there.

Sapphire: Oh course we will.

Raven: Is it safe in there?

Serena: What? Are you scared?

Raven: A Little bit. I just don’t like the farplane. That’s all. I really don’t.

Sapphire: Are you really that scared?

Serena: You’re not scared of a lecture. but you’re scared of the farplane?

Raven: If you are planning to lecture me over my total disregard to our family and for letting it get to the point where the Maester was gonna make the proposition of being like a father figure to us… Do it. That i am scared of… but i deserve it as i screwed up. And yes… i am scared of the Farplane. I am scared of that place. However… getting myself lectured by you guys… i do not need. Thank you very much.

Sapphire: Well… the lecture, you brought on yourself. You were trying to flirt with someone who was twice your age. A lot older than you. We right now don’t care if it stings. You were told about it. To heel on that urge. But no… you instead… instead of heeding the warning, you just kept at it like it wasn’t wrong. News to you, Raven… It is wrong. It’s against the laws of sanity.

Serena: I wonder what mom would say if she knew.

Raven: *Sore and hurt*… *Crushed and humiliated* Yeah… i know… Serena. You can have love. But not me, right? I am the middle Daughter and i am meant to be seen as a freak. I am the freak with glasses and with a rather high I.Q. Therefore, I am a Loser.

Sapphire: No. Raven, That is not what we are saying. What we are saying is that you are trying to be in love with a Maester… A Man who happens to be old enough to be a father but can never be for his position is with a high responsibility. He has to lead the people. The Guado. He also caters to the Temple. It is a busy job. And you are trying to get with him. He is too old for you and you know that. Raven. Seymour… is likely to be 28 years old.

Raven: Age never matters in love. I think i might have been privy on telling you that when it comes to love or infatuation… or sheer devotion… Age means little to nothing to the one who is expressing love. Age. It doesn’t mean anything.

Zoey: It does too… and you know that it does. It is just how it is. It would be like me trying to go for someone who was 20 years older than me. I got with that guy and i wound up making out possibly. My body wouldn’t be able to take it at this age. I’d die. You’re still growing somewhat. You have to wait. Stick with someone who’s around the same age bracket as you are, Raven. Don’t shoot for someone who happens to be twice the age as you are.

Raven: *Sighs* Alright… Fine. I give up… You win. I’ll wait for a chance to have a guy come close to me only to dump me and ditch me. *Walking away; feeling hurt and broken*

They all head up the stairs, but come to find that Auron’s sitting at the bottom. Blossom looked at him and could only wonder why Auron wasn’t willing to go with them to check out the Farplane. But from all that… there was no actual explanation. He just wouldn’t say…

Tidus: Aren’t you coming?

Auron: I do not belong there.

Tidus: Ohohoho! You’re scared!

Auron: Searching the past to find the future…This is all that is there. I need it not.

Auron: You’d better be going.

Rikku: You’re not really going to see the dead, more like your memories of them. People think of their relatives, and the pyreflies react to them. They take on the form of the dead person–an illusion, nothing else.

Tidus: Hmm…

Rikku: Well, have fun! *Waves*

Tidus: What, you’re not going either, Rikku?

Spencer: You okay, Rikku?

Rikku: Yeah.

Rikku: I keep my memories inside.

Spencer: Not all memories, right?

Rikku: Yeah… All Memories. I just like to keep my memories within me. I don’t like letting out my memories really.

Spencer: *Feeling sorry for Rikku not feeling like she could let out her memories openly*

Tidus: Huh?

Rikku: Memories are nice, but that’s all they are. *Sitting on the railing opposite Auron*

Spencer: Rikku, Since you’re not going in. I’ll stay with you. Auron is here as well… but I can stick around… if you’d like.

Rikku: Spencer, don’t worry so much about me. I’ll be alright. You forget that i am someone who can be rather resourceful in a number of situations.

Spencer: Okay… Okay… *Chuckles* Point well taken.

Within a minute, they all went inside while Rikku and Auron… Stayed out…

Tidus pushed right through the swirling membrane and sees a rocky platform suspended over a rather mesmerizing psychedelic landscape. The fighters all looked at the landscape and were taken by shock and surprise. Amy, Susie, Christina and Penny were spooked and even though they loved the view, They freaked out. There were pyreflies all over the place.

All around the Farplane, there was a wonderful look of incandescent falls and what looked to be Victorian falls. Annie took one look at the ones who were standing at certain spots and calling out to a departed soul. Yuna… was looking at her parents. Wakka was looking at his Brother Chappu. Lulu was at a distance from where Wakka was and watching as Wakka was speaking to Chappu.

The Farplane…

Blossom: Wow!

Narrative: *As Blossom* The Farplane was cool to see, We saw how colorful and alive the place was. It was even though a little spooky but it was also rather close to our way of visiting the deceased. Although we had cemetery’s all over the world. Spira… had only one. The Farplane. Of course this version of the grave yards was by far different than our worlds. Tidus on the other hand saw Yuna speaking to her parents and that was where… he couldn’t find himself to stop thinking about Yuna. Her parents–they looked so happy together. We all glanced and noticed it. Of course it right then got us all to worry. That maybe seeing them would shove her into thinking and coming out to declare that she made the decision to Consider Seymour’s proposal. Would she really consider or was she gonna turn him down…

Tidus: *Walking over to where Wakka was close by*

Annie: We don’t have anyone to call or think of that’s deceased in our family.

Paige: Well… there is an Ally. One that we can contact or think of… But it’s one that i never told you kids about. Annie, Daria, Clint… Theodore. You’ll have to indulge your momma here on this. But 19 years ago. A few years before you born… Your Aunts Pearl and Dinah… and I. As well as your Uncles Alvin, Arnold, Avery and Curtis. And yes… Even your Aunt Luna. We dealt with a threat… Kinda like this one. But the threat was on Earth. Our Reality. It dealt with Extra-terrestrial beings. Kandorians. One of them was known as Major Zod. But there was one that came… that was a Renowned Scientist. They were all from the destroyed planet of Krypton.

Annie: Mom, What are you talking about? Who do you mean?

Daria: This is about another moment of our family secrets being told and was once kept hidden till now. Isn’t it?

Clint: Our family’s got secrets a plenty.

Theodore: No Kidding.

Paige: This Ally was the father to a hero you might have heard about growing up… Clark. Clark Kent. He’s Kryptonian and is known by Kryptonian Identity as Kal-El. The Ally was his father. Jor-el. But one of Zod’s followers killed him. She was blinded by Zod’s word of being a man of peace. Zod was nothing of that. He was gonna rule. he was dead set on Razing the planet. Seeing to it that the planet became nothing but an ember underneath his boot.

Annie: You believe that we’d contact him here?

Daria: You sure that it’ll work.

Clint: It could… Besides… didn’t the Guado… or i mean the Al Bhed theorize that the pyreflies take form of the one we’re thinking of and react to it.

Theodore: Yeah… that’s right. That’s what happens. So all we have to do is think of the person and they just… Poof! appear.

Sapphire: *Walking to the side* Wow! this is a view.

Raven: Yeah.

Serena: So… Who do we contact? Or do we just watch the others?

Sapphire: I think that we just watch the others as we don’t have anyone to contact.

Tidus: *Over by Wakka*

Wakka: Yo, Chappu! Meant to come see you earlier, ya? Sorry! *Japanese bow, stays down in apology* I know you won’t hold it against me.

Wakka: I gave up the game. I’m a guardian from here on, you know? This guy–looks a lot like you–showed up. Travelling with him, I thought, maybe…you were still alive somewhere, ya? But, then again, here you are on the Farplane. Guess your place is here.

Wakka: So, how you been? Oh, that guy I just told you ’bout, I gave him your sword. He likes it.

Tidus: Huh? *Looks at it* Whoa.

Blossom: *Over by where Zoey is* Zoey, Who’re you gonna contact?

Zoey: I don’t know. My Mom mentioned something about this Queen from long ago. when she was once a Senshi. She called the Queen… Queen Serenity.

Blossom: Queen Serenity?

Zoey: Yeah. You think that i should call her?

Blossom: Why not… It would be a nice sight to see. She might be able to respond. *Looking to the sides* No one is watching… But… How did your mother use to do it?

Zoey: No idea. *Thinking* She had to use something… i think.

Blossom: Wait! Your Transformation Brooch. You think that the Transformation Brooch would likely be able to send some kind of beacon up to her?

Zoey: I’m not sure. But it’s worth a try. *Pulling out her Transformation Brooch* This is so awkward. Doing this in the Farplane and with the chance that others could catch me or see me do it.

Blossom: Maybe. But do it anyway… I mean… it couldn’t hurt. Besides that… at least then you’d know whether it’d be possible for her to be reached from here.

Zoey: *Nods* Okay. *Sighs* Here goes. My mom is gonna be shocked to hear about this. She’ll never believe this if i were to tell her.

A Second later…

Zoey: *Chanting* From the earth to the Moon… I call up to the majesty of the Moon Kingdom long since forgotten. Queen Serenity. the Royal Majesty of the Moon. The Queen to my mother long ago. I summon you.


A Golden beam of light shined through from the moon high in the sky. beaming down to the edge of the Platform. Within seconds… A Woman formed and appeared in view. In Normal size and Royal. As she looked over a 1000 years ago. 1,024 years ago…

Queen Serenity: *Standing before Zoey* Hello Zoey. It’s an honor to meet you again.

Blossom: *In shock* You’re her… You’re really her. You’re Queen Serenity. *Bowing down before the Queen*

Queen Serenity: Please get up, Blossom. There’s no need for bowing down. I have come to show you the history of the Moon Kingdom. The last moments of the Moon Kingdom… Therefore you will understand. Who your mother is. Your mother, Luna was once a fighter. A Senshi of love. A guardian to my fairest and precious daughter Princess Serenity. She helped the Princess and the senshi save the earth… from Beryl’s forces. It was to prevent the world from falling under the reigns of Queen Beryl of Dark Kingdom. But the sailors did not do this alone. They had help from a band of fighters. And the 4 enforcers of Justice…

Zoey: Are you talking about my Aunts Paige, Pearl and Dinah?

Queen Serenity: Indeed. They helped along with their 4 cousins. Helping in the fight against the Dark Kingdom and its ravaging wave of destruction. But the Struggle between Earth, The moon Kingdom and the massive unrest of a great Evil. Queen Metaria.

Zoey: What was the Kingdom like back then?

Queen Serenity: *Waving her Moon Wand and taking Zoey back in time to experience the tale of the Moon Kingdom*

A second later…

Queen Serenity: *Showing Zoey the events that broke that day* “The Moon Kingdom was the most elegant and most peaceful kingdom in all the galaxy. there was great peace throughout the entire kingdom. But it’s destruction was desolate and of Malice. Queen Beryl was the one behind it and snuck into the Moon Temple to steal forbidden power from the moon. To awaken a Great Evil upon the planet Earth. 1000 years ago the Moon Kingdom flourished and was seen as the most mystical kingdom throughout the galaxy. The Silver Millennium was the age of Peace. but throughout that period, The Princess of the Moon. Serenity and the Prince of the Earth, Endymion met and fell in dire love with one another. unfortunately… the people on both sides were profoundly against it. Both The people of the Moon and The people of the Earth were told to be at war. Even though the love was ill-fated, they continued to see one another. time… after time… after time again. Their Love was that great. But Queen Beryl was overlooking and saw the prince in love with the princess. She was endearingly jealous of the Princess and one day snuck into the sacred Moon Temple of the Moon Kingdom to steal power not meant for her. She took it and fled to Earth and with it’s power… She twisted the Earth people into thinking that the people of the moon were bad Omens that would cause the Earth Nothing but strife. it caused a never ending war on Earth and knocked it into Disarray. it only got worse as the Queen unleashed a great Evil known as Metaria. back on the Moon Kingdom… the Prince and the Princess were together but their lives were cut short. on the royal grounds… while courting with one another. The guards fought with the Prince of the Earth. and killed him. The Princess saw the attack and with sadness and heartache. She released a eerie wail and since it was so strong… it engulfed the Moon with White Light and plunged it into the Earth. On Earth… the last Remaining Shitennou that was said to serve Endymion… He Lost everything that day and before taking his own life as he had nothing left to give…He let out one final agonizing cry and collapsed. The Queen of the Moon seeing the devastation… knew that she had to save her only daughter. and her four guardians. so…  with the help of the sacred heirloom the Mystical Silver Crystal she locked their memories away till the time was right for them to come out and fight once more. Sent them 1000 years into the future. along with her daughter Princess Serenity. her and her royal court were sent to the future. to save them from demise. and sent her two royal advisors Two Cats. by the names of Luna. and Artemis. to be there and guide the girls when the time came once more for them to hear the call to action. The Queen fought the Great Evil and not only placed the great Evil back into slumber… It also took her life. It was the final sacrifice. To preserve what she could of the fallen Moon Kingdom. Marking the final moments of the Silver Millennium. The fall of the Moon Kingdom.

The 4 generals of Beryl were said to have been once Endymion’s royal court. his 4 warriors. But they were brought to serve Beryl and Queen Metaria. 

The Moon Kingdom…

As the attacks began…

Luna: *Running along side Artemis* Prepare for battle everyone… We’re Under Attack… We’re Under Attack! 

Artemis: We’re gonna need all the help we can get.

The attacks were closer and the full force of the Dark Kingdom and the Negaforce came and ravaged through the Kingdom with Merciless strength…

Sailor Mercury: *Launching an attack at the Great Evil* Mercury Aqua… Mist!

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at the Great Evil* Youma… Taisan!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at the Great Evil* Supreme… Thunder!

Sailor Venus: *Launching an attack at the Great Evil* Venus… Love Me… Chain!

Evil Entity: Heh heh heh heh heh heh! You insignificant pests… I shall vanquish you.

More and more of the Dark Kingdom’s army came running by and destroying everything in their paths…

Queen Beryl: *Cackling with pleasure over the destruction being caused to the whole Kingdom* Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa! Soon… Very soon the entire universe shall be under my command. I will have Queen Serenity down to her knees begging for mercy. No one can beat the power of the Negaforce. No one can hope to defeat the great Evil. This Universe shall be no longer! *Holding up a staff and releasing energy which spreads and begins wiping away even more of the Kingdom* Only the power of the Dark Kingdom will prevail. 

Queen Serenity: *Showing more* Only… It didn’t stop there. Because while that had been unfolding and the devastation was lingering on…

Queen Serenity: *Narrating* the Prince and the Princess were together but their lives were cut short. on the royal grounds… while courting with one another. The guards fought with the Prince of the Earth. and killed him. The Princess saw the attack and with sadness and heartache. She released a eerie wail and since it was so strong… it engulfed the Moon with White Light and plunged it into the Earth. On Earth… the last Remaining Shitennou that was said to serve Endymion… He Lost everything that day and before taking his own life as he had nothing left to give…He let out one final agonizing cry and collapsed. I saw the Devastation on the moon and saw my precious serenity lying there. I had no choice but to use the sacred heirloom…

Queen Serenity: *Crying out* Serena… No! The power of Queen Beryl… It took my precious Serenity. It can’t end this way… Not like this. It just can’t. *Pulling out the moon wand and placing onto the Wand; in the slot on the crescent moon*

Luna: *With her head down; Tears in her eyes* No… Not the Moon Princess. It can’t end this way.

Queen Beryl: *Laughing with no remorse for the damage she’s caused* Perfect. The Moon Brat and the Prince are both gone. The Snake survives! No one will be able to stop me. There’ll be nothing to ever get in my way again!

Queen Serenity: *On her knees and looking over at Serenity* Don’t worry darling… I will not let it end this way. I will not allow for Beryl and the Dark forces to take away your future….

The Moon Wand then started to shine…

Luna: But you can’t use that. It will take all your energy away. If you use the Mystical Silver Crystal… You won’t have any strength in you.

Queen Serenity: I know Luna… But for the Kingdom and my daughter. I have no choice. I will sacrifice my life to preserve my darling Princess’s future. To regain our peace once more… *Lifting up her wand and Chanting* Cosmic… Moon… Power!

The Moon Wand then released the power and sent it right at Queen Beryl and Queen Metaria Sending her back into the dark of whence she came…

Queen Beryl: You haven’t seen the last of me. I’ll be back. Mark my words Moon Brat! I’ll Be back!

The kingdom was destroyed and all that remained were ruins. With what little energy the Queen had left in her before passing out for the last time… She sent her daughter to the future. along with her royal court and the two advisers. to get a new start and start anew…”

Queen Serenity: That was how the last final day of the Moon Kingdom went. It was the end of the Silver Millennium.

Zoey: My mom was one of your advisers?

Queen Serenity: Yes she was. She was also without end… Devoted and headstrong. Adhering to the customs of the kingdom. But when she started to mature into a full human. A normal human being. I had to relinquish from her… the powers of the senshi. It was the Only way.

Blossom: But… if that’s the case… then why did Zoey get the powers coming from Luna if Luna lost the powers?

Queen Serenity: She was destined to have the powers. The powers that were forced to be forever Dormant within her mother… transferred to be part of Zoey and Now Zoey’s got the powers of the senshi.

Zoey: Will i get stronger?

Queen Serenity: In time…

While they were talking…

Tidus: *Over to the side by Lulu who stood watching Wakka still*

Serena: *Next to Lulu* What’s eating you, Lulu? You look as though you are lost and portraying yourself as just depressed. Is it that guy that Wakka’s speaking to? Chappu?

Lulu: Yes.

Sapphire: I think we get it now… but don’t take this the wrong way… Why are you so unhappy about the fact that he’s gone? It isn’t like he meant to go. It was just fate. It was unplanned. Unplanned to you and Wakka. You and he never thought it’d happen and would have probably prayed every day. Every night wishing that it never be so…

Lulu: He is dead, and I am still alive. Coming here really makes that clear. I should focus more on what I have to do now. *laughs*

Tidus: What?

Lulu: I’m not even sure what I’m saying.

Serena: Of course you know what you’re saying. You are letting it out that you’ve now got closure. It’s what you wished for. Isn’t it? You don’t have to feel regret.

Sapphire: Chappu wouldn’t want that coming from you. You have your life ahead and can make due with what you got. It might not be a whole lot… But it’s a certain fact that you are with the chance to live on. Even if it’s hard right now because of Sin. But You are with the chance. Don’t waste it.

Tidus: Wouldn’t you mean that you should leave Chappu behind? I’m sure he was a great guy, but there’ll be others.

Lulu: Hmm… That’s a possibility.

Paul: *Walking over* He’s got a point there, Lulu. You Loved Chappu and Chappu would have sure confessed his love to you… But to live in regret and mourn him all your life and never finding happiness again. That’s not what Chappu would want. He is gone… but there’s one place that he’ll never leave.

Lulu: Where?

Paul: Your heart. As long as you keep him there… he’ll never be truly gone.

Tidus: How about…Wakka?

Lulu: What, me? With Wakka?

Serena: Her? With someone who would batter the Al-bhed almost every chance they’d get?

Tidus: Wakka’s got issues. But he’s got a good head on his shoulders.

Sapphire: Plus, You and Wakka even though hit a few snags… You still got closer to one another.

Tidus: Yeah, you two get along great!

Lulu: Getting along isn’t enough. Not even close.

Tidus: Oh, sorry. My mistake.

Serena: It isn’t enough… but it’s a good start. We do think that you’ll make it. It’s just a matter of when… is all.

Lulu: You’d do well to remember that. Knowing a bit about women might come in handy someday.

Tidus: Yeah, I’ll remember.

Sapphire: I think that we’ll all remember. But You should try to keep it in mind. It isn’t hard to think about it. You used to be for Wakka’s brother. But If Wakka is anything close to being like him, You should relish the thought. The saying usually goes… You only live once. You only got one life. One chance. Are you really intending to waste it on thinking all about what is or what could have been?

Lulu: Thinking about what could have been… is sometimes useful. But it can also… hold you back. Hold you back from living your life to the best of your ability.

Serena: Exactly… So… Don’t think about the loss so much. Live for the now and ahead. Just think… Once Sin is gone… You’ll be able to live life how you wish. No fear. No worries. Just Peace.

Lulu: Peace… Hmmmm!

Zoey was still talking with the Queen…

Zoey: What do you mean danger nears?

Queen Serenity: The Maester is not who you think he is…

Zoey: What makes you think that? What could be wrong with him?

Queen Serenity: The one known as Seymour… Didn’t become Maester by being sworn in… The Maester is harboring a dark secret. One that you should beware of.

Zoey: What did he do?

Queen Serenity: He took a life. A Life of someone who’s close to him.

Blossom: If that’s the case… we got a big problem.

Queen Serenity: Proceed with caution. Maesters have power and will use it.

Zoey: I must tell the others. They’re gonna need to know.

Queen Serenity: Be careful. You must take great warn with the Maester.

Zoey: I will.

Queen Serenity: I am proud of you, Zoey. As i have been proud of your mother, Luna. I shall be watching over you and your mother. and your family.

Within seconds…

Zoey: *Worried* Something is wrong. She said that the Maester took the life of someone close to him. What did she mean?

Blossom: I think that she meant Seymour. But why?

Zoey: Did he have something to do with how the maester before him got destroyed?

Blossom: I don’t know. We gotta see on telling the others.

Zoey: We can’t. Not yet.

Blossom: Why?

Zoey: Yuna. She’s with a possible proposition with Seymour. and Raven still has a bit of a thing for him. Going after Seymour now would hurt Yuna and Raven. We need to just keep our attention on the Pilgrimage and keep watch for anything to come up that leads to concern.

Blossom: Okay… But we should do something. Soon…

Zoey: We will.

It was only a minute of so later when Tidus, walked on over to where Yuna was with Sora and Carly plus with Spencer and Penny.

Tidus: So…Yuna?

Sora: You okay?

Carly: You’re just standing here and have been rather quiet.

Yuna: I’ve decided.

Penny: *A Little lost* Decided? on what?

Spencer: You’re talking about the Proposal that Seymour laid out to you?

Yuna: *Nods*

Tidus: Oh? Really? That’s good.

Yuna: I remember, when I was only seven years old, in Bevelle that day. My father had defeated Sin, and the whole town was out in the streets. Everyone was laughing. They all seemed so happy. If I defeated Sin, that would make everyone happy…wouldn’t it?

Tidus: *Nods*

Spencer: I would believe that it would be what would make the people out to be very thankful. I think that all of Spira would be wanting to just live in a world where there was no Sin. No Danger. But i don’t know if a proposal with a Maester is the right thing. Maesters are like almost close to full immunity from any transgression that gets made. What if his intentions are not of what he made you or us all believe?

Yuna: I must do what everyone wants, not just what I want.

Tidus: Let’s go back! You gotta tell Seymour.

Sora: If Seymour is waiting for the response… and you made a decision to his offer. You should tell him and let him hear it out from your lips.

Carly: You must tell him. He Must know.

Yuna: Before that… Call Sir Jecht. Give it a try.

Tidus: Huh?

Penny: Yuna, Do you think that this is the right time to be calling for Jecht? We don’t seem to have the time to make a summons to him.

Yuna: Don’t worry. He won’t come.

Narrative: *As Penny* Trying not to think about Tidus’s old man made him think about him, of course.

Yuna: See, told you!

Spencer: No sign of Jecht. Is he a late show?

Sora: He was said to have died. So… shouldn’t he be here?

Narrative: *As Spencer* He isn’t here because he’s not dead. He’s Sin.

Yuna: That means he’s alive, you know?

Penny: Alive where though? We haven’t seen him anywhere yet.

Carly: I think that he is just hiding. If he is alive and yet hasn’t shown up yet… That would usually have to mean that he was hiding out somewhere.

Sora: But where?

Spencer: Not sure.

Narrative: *As Spencer* What if Tidus’s old man really is Sin? What would he say to Yuna…heck, to everybody in Spira? Wait, why was it that he felt as if he would have to apologize for him, anyway?

Tidus: I’d rather never see him again.

Yuna: What makes you hate him so?

Penny: How could you just hate your own father?

Tidus: Everything he does just makes me mad. It was his fault that me and my mother…

Suddenly as he was thinking of someone An Image of a woman appeared before them…

Tidus: Ah… Mom?

Yuna: *Gasps*

Sora: *With Carly; gasps* That’s Tidus’s mother?

Penny: She looks really stylish. I love her hair.

Spencer: She looks really serene.

Tidus: I-It’s her!

Yuna: She’s very pretty.

Tidus: But… Wait. No one ever performed the sending for her.

Sora: Really?

Carly: What would that mean?

Sora: I think that Jyscal… or Jecht were never sent.

Yuna: She must’ve accepted death while she was still alive.

Tidus: Whoa there, that’s my mother you’re talking about.

Yuna: Oh, I’m sorry!

Tidus: It’s okay.


It hit Tidus’s mind. It hit him and made his realize something.

Tidus: Ah. I think I just figured something out.

Yuna: What?

Tidus: Why I hate my old man.

Tidus Flash’s back to him as a child in Zanarkand…

“(Jecht and a Woman -Tidus’s Mom- Leaning over railing Looking at the City)

Jecht: See? So I told him what I thought of him, right there!

Tidus’ Mom: What? Really?

Jecht: ‘Course!

Tidus’ Mom: I suppose, but… *smooch*

Tidus: Mommy…

Tidus’ Mom: Just a sec, dear.

Narrative: *As Tidus* Whenever my old man was around, my mother wouldn’t even look at me. Maybe that’s when I started to resent him, even hate him. When he left us…Mom just lost her energy.

Another flash: Young Tidus on upper deck of houseboat, Auron below.

Auron: Is she all right?

Tidus: Why should you care?

Auron: If she dies, I wouldn’t know what to do.

Tidus: Don’t say Mom is gonna die!

Auron: I apologize.

Narrative: *As Tidus* The old lady next door told me…when a lovebird dies, the one left behind…It just gives up living so it can join its mate. It was just like that. I hated my old man even more. But really, my old man…

Flashback to end of first scene…

Tidus: Mommy…

Tidus’ Mom: Just a sec, dear.

Jecht: Ah, go to him. He’ll cry if you don’t.”

Tidus: Oh, man…

Yuna: Hm?

Spencer: What’s wrong?

Tidus: I must sound so stupid.

Penny: What makes you say that? Is it because of the memory you just remembered or recalled?

Tidus: Yeah.

Yuna: I don’t think so.

Tidus: How embarrassing!

Sora: No it’s not.

Carly: You’re just having things come to you because you’re taking time to reflect and it’s suddenly taking hold on your mind. Bringing it out in the open.


Wakka and Lu came walking up behind them…

Wakka: Well? Need some more time?

Yuna: No. I’m ready.

Lulu: Did I miss something?

Tidus: *Laughing Nervously*

Penny: No way. It’s nothing bad. We were just chatting.

Spencer: *Looking out into the Farplane* I wonder if that girl which Auron said was alive is actually alive… or if she’s dead and Auron is just not saying. *Thinking*

Penny: …

Annie: *Walking over from the other side* You guys about done? We’ve got to start making way to our next spot soon.

Clint: Plus… this place is starting to get really spooky.

Theodore: Let’s go.

Amy: Yeah. Please… I would like to get out of this place, Please. I really don’t like being in here. and i think that we were in here long enough. Can we please… leave here? Please!

A Minute later…

at the Stairway to the farplane…

The crew all return to where Auron and Rikku were sitting and waiting for their return…

Yuna: Thank you for waiting! I’ll go give my answer to Maester Seymour.

But that was when a group of Guado nearby all gasped. An image of a robed Guado elder suddenly was seen reaching out of the swirling mist leading to the Farplane…

Guado woman: Lord Jyscal!?

Guado man: Lord Jyscal!

Lord Jyscal: Oooooohhh…

Auron: He does not belong here.

Yuna: Why?

Auron: Yuna, send him.

Annie: Yuna, The spirit is not meant to be in this world. He’s got to be sent back to the Farplane where he can have rest…

Yuna then started to climb the steps over to Jyscal’s spirit. But the apparition and the presence of the spirit was affecting Auron Mysteriously as he then started grabbing his chest and collapsed seconds later all while swatting away the pyreflies that were starting to swarm around him. But with the departed spirit being out in the open no one saw that Auron was not looking so good. the people failed to take notice as they were watching the apparition and worried that something was gonna happen. Watching Jyscal…

Yuna: Lord Jyscal…

Lulu: He is Lord Jyscal no more. Send him now!

Zoey: Yuna, Please… Don’t go near it. Send him. Send Jyscal back to the Farplane… Now. You need to send him. He’s suffering and is hurting. he won’t make it here. Send him!

Yuna: *Nods; raising hand*

Lord Jyscal’s Spirit then vanishes and mysteriously out dropped a sphere. Yuna only kneeled down to take it. There was no tell on what the Sphere was or what was in it. But whatever it was… It wasn’t good. It Might have been a recorded message of Lord Jyscal himself…

Auron: Getting up; sounding ragged* Talk later. We leave now.

Susie: I am all in agreement for that. Let’s get out of here. The farthest away from the Farplane… the better. Seriously.

Christina: Let’s head out.

A Minute later…

Corridor from the Farplane area leading back to Guadosalam…

Wakka: Wha…what was that just now? That really Lord Jyscal?

Sora: I think that it was… But it was hard to tell as he was a spirit. But he had to of looked rather identical the one in the portrait that we saw inside the Mansion. It looked just like that spirit.

Carly: What do you think could have happened to him though? Why was he in the Farplane?

Tidus: He wasn’t sent, so he became a fiend, right? A-ha!

Lulu: I would think that he was sent once…but he stayed on Spira. Something, a powerful emotion could have bound him to this world. Such things happen.

Rikku: That’s against the rules, isn’t it?

Auron: It means he died an unclean death.

Blossom: Zoey, tell them what we found out.

Lulu: What did you find out, Zoey?

Zoey: Well… What i found out was that the Maester is not who you might think of him to be.

Wakka: Why’s that?

Zoey: It’s because he didn’t get the title of Maester by being one sworn in. He became Maester by taking the life of someone who happened to be close to him.

Auron: Where did you hear this?

Zoey couldn’t say anymore about it… But what happened next was that her transformation Brooch glowed and produced a Hologram of the Queen…

Rikku: *Jumps* W-w-w-who’s that?

Queen Serenity: *Greeting everyone* My fair people. It is a privilege to stand before you.

Wakka: *Confused* Zoey, Who’s that?

Queen Serenity: Dear Wakka. Don’t be afraid. I am a believer of Peace.

Zoey: Guys, Meet… Your Majesty of the Moon Kingdom. The fairest ruler of the Moon. Queen Serenity.

Rikku: Queen Serenity?!

Blossom: Yes. She is the Queen of the Moon Kingdom. A place that is said to be long since dead and all that’s left is a small portion of the Kingdom and nothing more.

Kimahri: *Listening in*

Queen Serenity: My dear fair people… There is concerning news that you must know. It revolves around the Guado and the Maester. Maester Seymour Guado is not who you think of him to be. He can not be trusted.

Kimahri: Queen speak truth or Heresy?

Queen Serenity: It is the undeniable truth. Seymour became a Maester out of an act of taking the life of someone of higher importance. Someone of power. The man who was Maester before Seymour became ordained as a Maester of Yevon.

Kimahri: Forgive Kimahri. Kimahri finds the news hard to believe.

Queen Serenity: I understand your difficulty over believing this my dear Kimahri. But it is the truth. The Object that fell from the spirit of one who lost his life by the hands of the Maester is a will. a final testament of the prior Maester of Yevon. Seymour is with a dark purpose. You all must be careful and take warn of him.

Rikku: Are the Guado covering up the truth? To protect Seymour?

Queen Serenity: They cover up a truth that they are aware of but afraid to confess. Seymour has taught them much and it has become to be all they know. He happens to be their link to the rest of Spira and learning more of human and Guado relations. It’s all they know. So they will protect any Guado who’s Maester.

Wakka: Oh Boy.

Yuna: Is Seymour a Guilty man?

Blossom: I think that’s what she’s saying.

Queen Serenity: Please don’t act on it at this current time. But be careful. He is not who you believe him to be.

It was seconds later when the Hologram vanished…

It left them all with a loss for words. But for their own sense of sanity… and for their own belief… They denied ever meeting the Queen. Not because they didn’t care what she had to say… but they just didn’t know what to believe. They took what was said into consideration at least… but for the time being… stuck to their way of thinking. The good thing about it all was that the fighters knew that it would have granted them things to think about. Was it true? Was it not? How could the queen of the Moon… a person that they never met know about Spira… Yevon… or any of them… other than the Fighters? It was gonna take time to get it all to sink in. However… Now, they had to focus on the fact that Yuna was facing a dilemma. How best to respond to Seymour’s proposal…

Outside Seymour’s Mansion…

Yuna: I will go…meet with Maester Seymour.

Auron: Yuna! Jyscal is the Guado’s problem, not yours.

Yuna: *Ignoring the remark and entering the Mansion*

While Yuna was inside…

The Fighters went to the one side of the town and just unwind from the rev-elating news that came to them. Amy, Susie, Christina and Penny were with relief that they were out of the Farplane. It was scaring them and the others all saw that it was. They couldn’t seem to get out fast enough…

Tidus and Lulu Walked over to the Balcony overlooking the Mansion. Spencer and Rikku walked over to the entrance of Guadosalam where they spoke and finally got a chance to let out how they both felt…

At the entrance of Guadosalam…

Spencer: *Looking at Rikku* So, Rikku… Ever had a boyfriend?

Rikku: No. I never even thought of one. I do however look forward to having one though. Someone nice. friendly and one who’d be with love.

Spencer: I feel the same way with the girlfriend. I want to have that same feeling with girls. But i already found my girl. That’s if she’ll accept him and allow him to be her’s.

Rikku: I think that she does accept him. But is kinda nervous or unsure if he would want to be pulled into the issue between Yevon and her people.

Spencer: I don’t think he’d care about that. He’d love her anyway. All he wants is to know that she accepted him.

Rikku: She feels rather pleased and also feels concerned about how it will take a toll on him in the end.

Spencer: He’ll deal with it when the time came. He’ll find a way to accept it.

Rikku: She wants to tell him that she loves him.

Spencer: And he wants to tell her that he loves her. Because he is indeed in love with her.

Rikku: And she is in love with him.

Spencer: *Smiles and Nods* Rikku, You’re not like other girls. You’re unique… swift and smart. You know about the Machina and can create machines. Build them.

Rikku: You’re smart too, Spencer. You are intelligent and come up with a rather smart answer to anything.

Spencer: I am also Albino too… I can’t be in direct sunlight without my skin burning or getting too warm. You notice that most of my skin is covered.

Rikku: Yeah… I noticed. It’s sad knowing that you can’t be one to enjoy the sunlight and be in the open much.

Spencer: It’s a Condition i have. I was born with that issue. I never understood it till i was like 7 years old. I just didn’t understand why i had to be kept inside the house all the time.

Rikku: I’m not sure that anyone has really understood the Albino medical condition.

Spencer: What’s your family like?

Rikku: Mine? *Scratching her cheek a little thinking* Uh, well… They’re builders and like leaders. My Brother doesn’t really talk much. but he is very persuasive. My father’s like a boss. He leads the Al Bhed. I don’t see him much as i was mostly out salvaging ancient Machina with my brother.

Spencer: Why are the Al Bhed against Yevon? Is there something wrong with Yevon that no one is seeing?

Rikku: Not sure. But i think that there are some things that Yevon does that shouldn’t be allowed to go on. The Summoner’s Pilgrimages… There are things about it that make it sound out being a sacrifice. Giving up their own lives all for the sake of trying to Rid the world of Sin… forever.

Spencer: Is it that bad for the Summoners to be going on a pilgrimage?

Rikku: It is. I can’t say right now what it is… but Spencer, can you promise me that you won’t tell others about it?

Spencer: I won’t tell anyone about it. Unless you feel that it must be told.

Rikku: Thank you.

Spencer: Knowing about your family is rather interesting and actually… It’s Impressive.

Rikku: What about yours?

Spencer: Oh… My mom… She’s a Fashion Designer and a Mogul for fashion. She Owns her own Fashion Store. Actually her best friend Star Hall helps her run it.

Rikku: *Curious* What’s it called?

Spencer: Madamè Pearl’s and Mystic Star’s Fashion Store Emporium…

Rikku: Wow… *Intrigued*

Spencer: There are dresses, Skirts and Blouses… Accessories. Bracelets, Ringlets. Earrings. Necklaces. Even Rings. My mom’s store sells it. The best quality no matter what.

Rikku: *Smiles* You ever think about getting married?

Spencer: Married? Not sure. Why?

Rikku: I kinda think about it alot.

Spencer: I wish that i did… but i don’t know… 14 or 15 is kinda a bit young to be thinking about Marriage. But… I guess that if it was with the right person… I’d do it. Marriage is sacred. It’s like you are with the one person that makes you feel so complete and so whole. That you’d give anything to be with that person. When you marry someone… it’s because you are sure that it’s right. It is between two people who trust each other and are willing to stick with one another through thick and thin. Loving one another for better or worse… No matter how things were to turn out.

Rikku: Did your mother teach you that?

Spencer: Actually… It’s something that i figured… but it’s also something that i saw or got taught when i was 8. My sisters and I went with our mother to the Wedding of Star Hall. She got wed to this Jamaican man. Frederick o’keefe. The guy wasn’t even Jamaican really. He was Irish… but he was Jamaican by custom as he lived In Jamaica till he was like 27. Then came to America when he was 28. He is a fisherman too… Owns a boat and came to station himself right at the docks… the Port of Metropolis Kansas. Star met him a few days after he first came to America and i don’t know… Things kinda clicked for them. They had alot in common. They saw beauty in things that others don’t even take pleasure to looking. Star was actually busting a fit for joy over the idea that she was with a suitor. A guy for her very own.

Rikku: Do you think that they are happy together?

Spencer: I guess. At least that’s what my mother thinks. My father thinks of it too… but he just doesn’t really say.

Rikku: And you?

Spencer: Not sure. I mean… I guess that they’re happy. I sorta got to see both her and the guy a few times. He is like a kid at heart. He’s very funny. He makes her laugh. He cares about her and adores her. Plus would always tell her things that would make anyone melt. The guys… Gals… Anyone.

Rikku: He must have been a romancer.

Spencer: That would be the logical term for it… I’d guess. He was just so pure and very warming to her.

Rikku: *Smiles*

Spencer: I don’t mean to sound a little hard… But the thing about marriage that you mentioned… Aren’t you a little young to be thinking about that, Rikku?

Rikku: Some people marry really young in Spira, you know.

Spencer: You mean people our age get married?

Rikku: Yeah. Fiends are around, and there’s always Sin, right? One of them might get you, you know? Lots of people marry the first person they fall in love with, just like that!

Spencer: Wow! *Whistles* Talk about little to no sense of morality. I mean… the Marriage part… that is supposed to be accepted by the parents of the child or teens like us before it can happen. We can’t just say… Let’s get hitched and bam boom… there you go. It never works that way. Marriage is nice. Being wed to the one you love and trust. Honoring and obeying. But there is also the financial parts. The sake of living arrangements. Plus… moving from one place to another. Living Expenses. That’s all part of it. Marriage is sweet. Nice and i think of it to be rather… Remarkable. Being wed to a lovely person and it being someone that you love and would trust. Honor and protect with all your life. But the reality is… We have to think about everything.

Rikku: I guess so…

Spencer: But…  I do love you, Rikku. I really do.

Rikku: And i too… Love you, Spencer.

Spencer: *Suddenly moving in slowly to place a kiss on Rikku*

Rikku: *Blushing and moving slowly over to Spencer*

Spencer: *Moving closer and suddenly grabbing Rikku gently; Welcoming as he lays a kiss on Rikku*

Rikku: *Grabbing Spencer gently and Placing a Kiss on him* …

Spencer: Be my girlfriend?

Rikku: You got it. *Smiles* Be my boyfriend?

Spencer: With my very Existence. I love you.

Rikku: Awwww! And i Love you, Spencer.

Spencer: Come on… Let’s go back to the others and see if our lady fair Yuna’s back. She should be back by now, huh?

Rikku: Yeah. Let’s go. *Running off to the others*

Spencer: *Following Rikku*

On the Balcony overlooking the Mansion…

Tidus: what do you think about Yuna getting married?

Crystal: You gonna be alright with her getting married?

Paul: What about the fact that you and the others said that you didn’t want anything to hinder Yuna on her pilgrimage.

Lulu: As long as the pilgrimage continues, either way’s fine.

Tidus: That’s it? What if she doesn’t even like the guy? Is that okay?

Crystal: Exactly… Isn’t the girl supposed to like the guy then love him and then down the road marry him?

Paul: You don’t just get wed out of the blue just that fast. It never works that way. Any marriage that flows like that is just damned to fail.

Lulu: People marry for many reasons.

Tidus: What’s that mean?

Lulu: Sometimes marriage doesn’t require love, you know? Defeat Sin, and bring joy to the people of Spira. Get married, and bring joy to the people of Spira. For Yuna, they’re just two ways down the same road. All you need is determination. If you have that, you don’t need love.

Tidus: I don’t know…mmm… I just don’t get it.

Paul: Marriage without love is just nothing more than a mutual agreement between two people. Because there’d be no love. No trust. No sense of feeling. Nothing.

Crystal: Call it crazy… but i can’t see anyone marrying each other without having Love.

Paul: it’s gonna only fail. Nothing other than that.

Lulu: Listen. If Yuna gets married, then I…

Tidus: What? That again?

Lulu: Yes. If she is to marry, I would want her to marry for love.

Tidus: See?

Crystal: Now we’re talking. Love is the foundation of any marriage. Because it’s the final piece in the lives of two people who entwined their lives as one. Uniting their lives as one.

Lulu: But…If Yuna said she wanted to marry the one she loves, I would have to object.

Tidus: Huh? Uh… You’re not making much sense.

Paul: *Stunned with shock* Lulu… You are definitely taking the wrong off ramp.

Crystal: If she marries for love… you’d be fine… but if she were to marry the one she loved, You’d object? Is this some kind of game? This is literally insane. Completely.

Lulu: I know.

Paul: And from the sound of this… You are pleased about it.

Tidus: Lulu…

Lulu: I’ve talked enough about that.

Crystal: *In Disbelief* Enough about what? We haven’t even scratched the surface of the matter. Not even close.

Tidus: What?

Lulu: I’m sorry, just forget about it.

Tidus: Geez! Grumpy!

Paul: Sounds like someone needs some good restful sleep.

Lulu: You’ll understand one of these days. I just don’t want to give it words. Not yet. *Starts to walk off* I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t fall in love with her.

Tidus: Too late.

Paul: *Sighs*

It was about a moment later when they were all back to waiting around for Yuna to come back from the Mansion. Waiting for her to return…

Spencer: *Looking at the girls* Hey guys… Any sign of Yuna?

Amy: No. Still waiting for her to show up again.

Susie: *Seeing Spencer looking rather chipper* Hey Spencer, What’re you so smiling about?

Christina: You look like you’re happy about something.

Penny: You got stars in your eyes, don’t you? *Seeing the glitter coming the eyes in her brother* You do… Don’t you? You okay?

Spencer: Yeah. I’m okay. I’m great actually. I just got myself a girlfriend.

Amy: *Gasps* You what?!

Spencer: I got myself a girlfriend. It’s the girl.

Penny: Who?

Sora: Is it Rikku?

Carly: It is… Isn’t it? It’s Rikku. She’s your girlfriend now.

Annie: You’re kidding, Right? She’s your girl now?

Clint: Well… I’ll be. I wonder what the others will say if they were to find out that she’s your girlfriend. I mean… hey! That girl’s a real catch. But *Whispering* She’s an Al-Bhed. We don’t answer to Yevon and their rules… because the way they’re treating the Al-Bhed is nothing more than atrocious and uncanny plus downright vicious. The last thing we need is for the pot to be stirred. The pots of scrutiny are already stirred. We have to break down the racial barriers first. But if you get with her now… it will undo what we’re trying to achieve.

Spencer: I know that. We all know that. But she is my girl. She even says that she loves me.

Clint: Of course she does. And we are happy for you. We are. We are just saying to cool the jets. We still got to handle Wakka the Racist and he’s not gonna be so easy. Plus the fact is that we also need to get after the fact that Yuna’s having to face the option of either going through with Seymour’s proposal and marry. Or try to compromise an agreement with him to turn himself in for possibly having something to do with Lord Jyscal. If that is the case. Then also the possible relationship that shouldn’t be of Raven and Seymour. Nothing’s there. But that isn’t the point. That seeds being planted and if we don’t see that it gets de-rooted… we’re gonna have a mess and Dinah… She’s gonna be one pissed off woman.

Spencer: *With his head hanging down* …

Serena: Oh… Come on Clint, Leave the love sick teen alone. He’s just in love. So… it’s with an Al-Bhed. Big deal. Yevon don’t scare me for a side of beef. It don’t scare us one measly bit. Besides… It’s turning people to hate the Al-Bhed and make them out to be rotten existences… We’re gonna end that.

Sapphire: Amen, Sister. Amen to that.

Raven: Where are the others?

Annie: They’re over by that clearing. Seems that they also are waiting for Yuna. I sure wish that she’d hurry up though. We’re gonna wind up being behind schedule if we stall anymore.

Daria: The next area is the Thunder Plains.

Theodore: The Thunder Plains?! You’re kidding, aren’t you?

Susie: I am praying that she is… but i am afraid that there is no joke behind that. It is the next area of which we must journey across.

Penny: We better get some Lightning proof armor then, huh?

Amy: That would be the most smart thing to do…

While waiting…

Zoey: *Sighs* I’m gonna go and see the thunder plains… Waiting here is making me really sleepy.

Blossom: I’m feeling the same thing.

Tidus was running around and trying to pass the time…

He wandered over to the exit leading out to the Thunder plains. At least he thought that he’d be able to check it out. But instead… he didn’t. Shelinda… was by the path…

Shelinda: My… Was the lady summoner not with you?

Tidus: No. She’s at Seymour’s place.

Shelinda: That’s “Maester Seymour.” Or “Lord Seymour.”

Tidus: Oh, I’ll be careful. Sorry.

Shelinda: That’s all right. Oh! Maester Seymour left Guadosalam a short while ago.

Tidus: You serious?

Shelinda: I believe he went to the temple in Macalania. Maester Seymour is also the high priest of that temple.

Tidus: Whoa, I gotta tell the others!

A Minute later…

Inside the Mansion…

Yuna was looking at the picture of Lord Jyscal. She was standing there and wondering what it was that she could do to fix what happened. To make things better in some way.

Yuna: Lord Jyscal, please tell me. What can I do to help?

Rikku: *Calling up over to Yuna* Yuna, let’s go!

Spencer: We got to press on to the next area and lead off to the next temple…

Yuna then let out one last Yevon bow before coming down the stairs and yet only reaches near the bottom of the stairs to glance at Seymour’s picture on the wall once more before walking on out of the Mansion…

Back in front of the Mansion…

Tidus: They say Seymour went to Macarena Temple.

Amy: *Laughs* Macarena Temple?! You kidding? That’s funny.

Sora: *Laughing* Macarena Temple.

Carly: Must be a place where everyone prays by doing the Macarena.

Sora: *Dancing a little; Singing a piece* “Da le a tu cuerpo alegria macarena
Que tu cuerpo es pa darle alegria y cosa buena
Da le a tu cuerpo alegria macarena
Eeeeeh, Macarena – ay”

Carly: Hey! *Laughing with Sora*

Kimahri: *Watching Carly and Sora; Smiling*

Wakka: Macalania Temple.

Tidus: Aye.

Wakka: What I don’t get is… Why would the lord maester head off without a peep to anyone?

Rikku: Maybe he wasn’t expecting Yuna’s answer so soon.

Spencer: Or maybe he’s testing Yuna. Seeing how far she would be willing to go. How far she’d be willing to take his proposal.

Serena: Plus to maybe now also find out if my sister Raven is seriously into him as we painfully and to our utter dismay pray that she is.

Wakka: Ah, that’s probably it.

Yuna: *Sighs*

Auron: Yuna, what is it?

Yuna: Oh, nothing.

Auron: Hmm… You’re a poor liar.

Annie: You’re not hiding anything, are you?

Clint: One thing you’ll find out about us guys here… we’re relentless… We’ll figure it out.

Yuna: It’s true! It’s nothing! Come on, let’s go.

Amy: Yeah. I guess that we’ve pretty much stayed here in Guadosalam long enough.

Rikku: *Nervous; scared*

Everyone started to make their way to the exit and seeing that it lead to the next area. They were gonna be going through the Thunder Plains. It was gonna be dark and very spooky. Stormy. But not everyone was that eager to go. The Aquatic Force Z!, and Zoey. Plus Rikku. They didn’t want to go. Rikku didn’t want to go most of all and there was bound to be a very provocative reason behind the fact that she didn’t want to go into the Thunder Plains. She was scared. Spencer didn’t want to confess that he too was scared. But he tried to keep brave only for the sake of Rikku. They all were gonna need to keep with a brave front. It was not gonna be so easy. It was gonna be hard as the area was more than not… gonna be damp plus… stormy and with lightning striking all over the place. Would they be able to make the trip through the plains in one piece? Would Rikku be able to hold on and keep a brave front even if she was still literally terrified of the thunder? Would Spencer spill out that he and Rikku are together around Wakka who had a thing against the Al Bhed? Would Wakka ever find out the truth about Rikku? Was Raven gonna be feeling the heartache over Seymour and while hearing the possible truth that Seymour might have done something to the Maester before him? It was gonna be the dark and stormy not to mention damp. Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Rikku and Spencer Cuddle close throughout the Thunder plains and it’s a scary time for all… Thunder and Lightning reign supreme in the plains and some more thinking over the proposal of Maester Seymour. and let us see the power of persuasion coming from the fighters. Rikku and Spencer with a possible one night moment. Are we gonna be trekking through the uncharted territory while walking through the dark and Gloomy of the Thunder plains… in Journey onto the Thunderic Unknown.


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