Chapter 139: Welcome to Guadosalam. The Home Town of Maester Seymour. Rhapsody Clan in Unease. Spencer Rhapsody in Love with Rikku the Al-Bhed girl.


Miss Bliss: Let’s get out of this form and return to normal guys… There’s no danger here.

Miss Passion: Sure.

Seconds later…

Annie: That’s better. Being in hero form while being in a peace feeling town… not good. It’d make others here feel completely uneased.

Clint: And this place is gonna be crawling with Guado natives.

Amy: No kidding. We’re gonna be surrounded by them.

Penny: Surrounded by them… or just met by them?

Christina: Is there a difference? These Guado make me rather nervous.

Sapphire: You’re not the only one here who feels that way.

Paul: Be careful guys… this place might be a little unsettling.

Sora: Is this really Guadosalam?

Carly: Yeah. I think it is… Besides… Look at how it looks. It’s like we’re inside a big huge tree.

Sora: Inside a tree or inside a tunnel and this just happens to be like a cavern of some sort and managed to get turned into a town within the tunnel and cavern.

Carly: I think it’s a little of both.

Zoey: *Looking ahead and seeing the people walking around* You suppose that they happen to notice us?

Blossom: I don’t think so. If they had… they’d act out or something.

Serena: Or they’re the snooty kind.

Raven: I’m sensing that coming from them… i’m not sure if i like it much.

Susie: …

Spencer: It’s gonna be okay. We’ll be okay. I suppose.

As they walked on…

A stuffy Guado greets Yuna and the clan plus the guardians as they came closer into the town…

“We have been expecting you, Lady Yuna. Welcome to Guadosalam. This way, my lady. This way. *Reaching for her hand*”

Yuna: Uh, Me?

Wakka: Whoa, whoa, whoa! *Intercepting the Guado’s hand*

Annie: Hold on… You were expecting Yuna? Would you care to explain as how that could be as we barely made it here…

Clint: Who are you, Sir?

Blossom: Are you here to speak for someone?

Tromell: Oh, I beg your pardon. I’m called Tromell Guado. I am in the direct service of our leader, the great Seymour Guado. Lord Seymour has very important business with Lady Yuna.

Paul: *Pauses* Huh? You want to run that by us again? Lord Seymour… your supposed leader… has important business to discuss with Yuna?

Clint: *Scoffs and in disbelief* Well… Isn’t that rich news? We barely arrive and get this news that we’re expected by Lord Seymour. Excuse me for not being too optimistic over the whole getup here… But how is it that he knows that we’re here?

Sapphire: *In defense pose* Were those Guado standing throughout the moonflow just standing around to report to Seymour that we were coming? Spying on us?

Tromell: No no… I can assure you that Seymour wasn’t having anyone spy on you and or Lady Yuna. But they were just making sure that the path was safe. We Guado have a bad tolerance towards any Al Bhed and hearing of Lady Yuna nearly getting harmed by them deeply had Lord Seymour greatly concerned.

Serena: *Scoffs and chuckles in amusement* Heh! Unbelievable… Even you guys don’t like the Al Bhed. Funny. But unbelievable. And here we thought the Guado would have some respect and care for all races. If you all hate them so bad… Exterminate them. It’s likely and quite obvious to us that it’s what you all would just love to do, isn’t it? Exterminate them and be rid of any race that don’t dance to Yevon’s tune. Typical. *Sore*

Alvin: Serena, That’s enough. We can fight and get defensive all we like. But The Al Bhed are always gonna be hated by people here. or anywhere. We love the Al Bhed. and it’s all Equal with the Ronso… and the humans. Plus the Guado here. Every race here deserves it. But if people don’t like the Al Bhed… there is nothing we can do.

Arnold: Sad, but true.

Serena: …

Spencer: Wanna bet? We’ll change the minds of all those who hate them. Al Bhed are people too. Whether others want to follow suit on it or not.

Yuna: Business with me? Whatever could it be, I wonder?

Tromell: Please, come inside the manor. All will be explained. Of course, your friends are also welcome.

Tromell turned and lead the way to the Manor… Tidus and Rikku stayed behind and So did Spencer…

Rikku: Twist our arms why don’t ya! That guy is something else, isn’t he?

Spencer: I know. I really don’t like the fact that even the Guado hate the Al Bhed. It’s like everyone would wish for them to all die off. *Saddened*

Rikku: It’s because no one wants to take the time to understand us Al Bhed. They rather judge. We used Machina. Is that so wrong?

Spencer: Not to me… i am accepting to it. But the people… they’re just not willing to budge.

Tidus: Especially Wakka. I don’t know… but perhaps i am wrong about all this. I Think that Wakka is a typical Racist.

Spencer: You speak true, Tidus. You speak true. Wakka is a Racist. He is hating the Al Bhed. And i beg you not to say anything about this… but I have feelings for them. and one of them is here now.

Tidus: Hey… i won’t say anything to Wakka about it.

Rikku: What do you mean that you have feelings towards us Al Bhed, Spencer?

Spencer: I mean… I have feelings for a girl who is Al Bhed.

Rikku: Who would that be?

Spencer: *Stammering a little bit while letting out his feelings towards Rikku* I uh… happen to… have… I happen to have… feelings…  feelings… Feelings for… for you, Rikku.

Rikku: *Pauses and gasps* You… you do, Spencer?

Spencer: Yes. I do. I had them since the first time that i saw you. Back on that salvage ship. I have had feelings for you.

Rikku: Does that mean that… you Love…

Spencer: Yes. I am in love with you.

Rikku: *Coughs in shock* Wow! I uh, I should catch up with the others. *Running off towards the others* …

But it was only a couple steps away when Rikku turned and said back to Spencer…

Rikku: I have feelings for you too Spencer.

Spencer: *Smiles*

Spencer walked off and decided to check out the Inn that was close by. It wasn’t far of a stretch that there was an Inn close by although the words were a bit hard to make out… Spencer went inside and checked it out…

Inside the Guadosalam Inn…

Spencer: What is this place? This place smells rather… greek.

Innkeeper: Welcome to the Guadosalam Inn. We Guado welcome all guests. Would you like to rest here?

Spencer: No. No… Not right now. Thanks though.

Guado woman: Thank you so much for destroying that Al Bhed contraption. Those heathens are despicable. I feel so relieved now.

Spencer: *Wanting to growl and lash out; Keeping his calm and being civil* It’s no problem. It’s No problem at all.

Shelinda: Oh, how fare you, Sir Guardian? It seems that Maester Seymour has returned to Guadosalam. He’s young, but he deserves our respect. The maester is also the high priest of Macalania temple. So he administers both the temple and Guado affairs.

Spencer: Really? You don’t say. Now that… I didn’t know. I would guess that it’d make him a busy Maester. Interesting that he’s a maester and then he is the high priest for the Temple in Macalania. Two at once… That’s got to make him rather stretched thin as it is.

Shelinda: It’s his duty. But he’s the youngest Maester there is in Spira.

Spencer: I’d believe it.

Shelinda: Where’re the others?

Spencer: They’re heading for the Maesters mansion right now. I’ll Be going in a minute…

Spencer then walked around the Inn and saw the Scholar Standing near. It was of no coincidence that the Scholar would just be showing up practically everywhere that they were. But Spencer took one look and just walked on over to him…

Spencer: So… I guess that you are making a pit-stop here in Guadosalam. You’re here. Any historical facts to know about from this area?

Maechen: Oh yes. quite so. A Scholar’s journey is never done as there is always a lot more to learn and discover.

Spencer: You sound like me. I have moments where i wish that i knew all there was about something. But that is when i come to find that i don’t know a thing at all. I am still learning. I am in love with a girl who is one of the people… a race of people that everyone seems to despise and detest towards. I just don’t know how there could be so much hatred even in spira. It’s just like as though Love is just a fleeting daydream that you only hear about in books and hear about in rumors or campfire gatherings… but in truth… never really see.

Maechen: It is. People though are very uncanny and can be very fickle. They are showing hatred towards one another due to the trembling fear of Sin. Just the mere mention of him leaves the people quaking in terror.

Spencer: Fear sure is a real buzz kill.

Maechen: Care to hear about the Farplane?

Spencer: Yeah. I want to know what that’s about really…

Maechen: Ahem! The Farplane’s the place where pyreflies born from a sending gather. They appear in the shape of people who’ve died and gone to the Farplane. Quite the phenomenon; how I wish I understood it more fully! The Al Bhed have a theory, you know. They say the pyreflies are just reacting to visitors’ thoughts and dreams. But only the dead appear on the Farplane. No image of the living has ever been seen. It’s a great mystery! But maybe…Maybe the dead leave a bit of themselves in the hearts of the living. And that little bit borrows the pyreflies’ power for their paranormal performance! Or maybe not. Who knows? And that, as they say, is that.

Spencer: So that place is where the dead live and they are seen by a person’s thoughts and dreams of them. Which the Pyreflies react to a person’s dreams and thoughts of the one that he or she are having passing in their minds at that very moment. Plus by a person talking of the one they’re thinking of… That is said to help as well…

Maechen: Indeed.

Spencer: Tell me about the Pyreflies…

Maechen: Ahem! They may be called “pyreflies” but they aren’t really “flies,” you see. They’re those lights you see whenever a fiend dies. The little fellows are responsible for a few fantastic phenomena. Visions of the past, spheres, fiends– these are all the pyreflies’ doing. In fact… pyreflies have something to do with aeons, too. The dreams of the fayth reach through the spirit of the summoner… And that which is unreal becomes real for all to see! Or maybe not. Who knows? And that, as they say, is that.

Spencer: Wow. The Pyreflies having the capability to have something to even do about the Aeons… That’s intriguing.

Spencer thanked him for the history lesson. He had to hit on back to the others and join them, so he took his leave and went right on to the mansion and joined back up with his sisters and clan. They were all with the Guardians and the Summoner.

Inside the Mansion…

Front Hallway of Seymour’s Mansion…

Penny: *Looking to see Rikku coming in with Tidus and Spencer coming right behind* Hey guys… What’s up?

Amy: *Looking at Rikku walking in* Rikku? You okay?

Rikku: Oh yeah. I’m okay. I’m just with something on my mind is all.

Christina: Hmmm…

Annie: How long do we wait here for word that the Maester would be ready to see us?

Clint: I don’t know. I guess that we wait here till that guy… Tromell returns to tell us the details.

Sapphire: Whenever that will be.

Blossom: Where is Seymour?

Zoey: he’s likely to be in his private quarters. upstairs in the back…

Paul: …

Spencer: *Smiles and feeling rather fuzzy inside*

Zoey: *Walking over to Auron and to Rikku* What now?

Auron: Stay close to Yuna.

Rikku: I wonder what smells so nice.

Spencer: I don’t know. I couldn’t begin to figure.

Raven: *Looking at the pictures on the wall* This has got to be the hall of Guado legends.

Serena: A whole lot of Guado’s lived here.

Theodore: No kidding. There must be a decade’s length of them… I don’t think that there ever was a time when a Guado didn’t live here.

Yuna: Why does he want to see me?

Sora: No idea. Maybe he just wants to have a talk with you. Maybe help you be a stronger summoner.

Carly: But what if it’s something else?

Sora: Something else like what?

Carly: A Proposal of some sort.

Sora: A Proposal? As in an arrangement?

Carly: Maybe.

Kimahri: Kimahri not like Maester Seymour.

Yuna: Aa! Shhh!

Daria: I don’t know if i like Seymour much either. But he is a Maester and Maesters are with more knowledge and more knowhow than rest. But then there is the Grand Maester. He knows most. He oversees everything.

Up the right side of the stairs…

Wakka: I don’t like the smell of this one, eh?

Lulu: *Examining Seymour’s portrait, among others* These are the past leaders of the Guado.

Zoey: They are?! But they all look the same though. How can you tell which one is which. Or who is who.

Tidus: They all look the same! How can you figure as to which one is first… or second. or last.

Wakka: Maester Seymour doesn’t look like them, though.

Lulu: Don’t you know? The last leader… *Glances to the portrait on the far side of the room* Maester Jyscal wed a human woman. She was Seymour’s mother.

Zoey: Wha—

Blossom: *Overhearing* Wait… You mean that Maester Seymour is part human.

Annie: Part… no. More like half. He was with a Guado father. and a human like mother. Half of one and the other.

Lulu: Yes.

All: Oooooh!

Suddenly a minute later…

Tromell Emerged from the inner room of the mansion and beckoned them all to come inside.

Tromell: This way please…

Sapphire: Talk about an act of being hospitable.

Serena: This Mansion sure is a nice looking place. That Maester must have loads of funds or something to afford something like this.

Annie: *Grinning* I don’t think that it had to do with money. It must have been inherited or passed on to him.

Amy: Had to be. He lives in it and that could make him off to being the luckiest. or the most fortunate.

A minute later…

Inside Seymour’s Mansion, Great hall…

Tromell: I will go inform Lord Seymour. Please wait here.

Tromell walked out of the room to go and summon for Maester Seymour.

While waiting…

Sora: *Looking at the food* Look at all the food here. There’s enough food to feed an army of 30 easily.

Carly: How much food can a Maester eat?

Blossom: He must be really fortunate having all this.

Zoey: *Trying a pear and some grapes* This food is so good. If this isn’t proof that the Maester is fortunate… i don’t know what is. He has got maybe a secret mass supply of food.

Annie: *Trying the oranges* Delicious.

Spencer: These plums are really sweet. These things could put a person into maybe a diabetic coma. the Juice is indeed sweet.

Serena: *Walking over to the other side of the table* …

Tidus was nearby…

Lulu: There’s no temple here in Guadosalam, see? Summoners usually just pass through on their way elsewhere.

Serena: *Chuckling* …

Tidus: *Laughs*

Lulu: *Snaps* What?

Tidus: I didn’t even ask a question and you’re explaining things.

Serena: Same here… It’s a nice move to explain things ahead of time and all… But we really didn’t even ask a question.

Lulu: You’d rather I say nothing, then?

Tidus: No, no! Maybe you finally believe I don’t know anything about Spira. And maybe that means you believe me about Zanarkand, too?

Serena: It’s not that we are acting as though you shouldn’t. You should let out what you know and feel. I guess that for the lot of us… it means that you finally had it hit that we really are lost about what is expected in Spira and what the rules… or customs are in Spira. Why things seem to be the way they are now. It might also mean that maybe you’re sympathize with us about our home of Metropolis Kansas.

Lulu: Well… There are many things I do not know. Your Zanarkand is one of those things. I suppose I can’t say what I think either way. Still, be careful. You shouldn’t tell other people. And about the city you clan are from… i must admit that it is something of which i don’t understand or know. I suppose that i can’t really say what i might think about it either way. But you should still be careful on who you tell about the city.

Tidus: Yeah, I know.

Serena: We know. We’re being very careful as to who we tell and how much we manage to tell. Anyone could come and try to construe it as something else.

Tidus: …

Over on the one side…

Paul: What’s getting you feeling so down, Wakka?

Wakka: Nothing… But the not knowing of why we’re in here is unsettling.

Paul: What makes you say that?

Wakka: I get the feeling he called us up here for more than just dinner.

Paul: This is all just a modest form of hospitality. It’s nothing to be so worried about. It isn’t like the Maester’s gonna just pull an act of surprise on us.

Wakka: The Maester isn’t liable to be casting a surprise on us. But…

Paul: What?

Wakka: It’s nothing. However… if there is a surprise that’s being planned by him… Nothing ‘gainst the maester, but I hope we get this over with quick.

Paul: You are not about to say that you’re growing off to be impatient, are you?

Wakka: No… But we got to keep going. Yuna’s got to complete her Pilgrimage.

Paul: I’m sure that she will. We are gonna be around to protect her and guide her. She’s gonna be safe. That’s a guarantee.

Spencer was over by the beverages and grabbing for a drink of Punch and feeling very lovesick over Rikku. But he was also scared that she might turn him down. It was clear that he was really falling in love with her. He hardly knew her, but it still didn’t make it any less of a feeling. He loved her… Annie went over to where Auron was and spoke with him. Zoey was also curious as to what Auron would have to say, So… She too walked over to where Auron was. Tidus was also there…

Annie: How come you’re so quiet? Aren’t you happy to be here? This is although a Maester’s Mansion and Seymour is expecting us and yet we don’t know what it’s about… But we’re still here and are trying to have a little moment of merriment. How about you have some too, Auron. At least a little bit. Don’t you think you deserve some moment of fun?

Auron: It’s been a long time since i had the least amount of fun. It has been ten years since i got the time to relax. Ten years ago when Braska, Jecht and I… as well as Princess Aquamarine went on the pilgrimage to win the final Aeon to defeat Sin… I was serious and unwilling to calm down. I didn’t know rest. Jecht kept trying to get me to ease up. I was too into getting to where we had to go. Although Princess Aquamarine did manage to put on a show. She performed a dance to help ease our minds. Even if for a brief moment.

Annie: She must have been a great person if she were to do that. However… that was then. This here is now. You seem to be uptight when you really shouldn’t be. Auron, This might be all unnecessary and we really shouldn’t be spending needed time on the road… here and resting. Not like this… Although we have to think about this… We can’t keep going and not be with a bit of a rest. We’ll tire ourselves out before we even get to the end of the line. Zanarkand. Some moments of rest will benefit us. You too.

Auron: Very well… But we can’t stay long. We have to get going soon.

Annie: I know. Although we’re making good time. We’ll be okay. We got this far, haven’t we? If we were really behind… we’d still be on the south wharf of the Moonflow.

Auron: *Realizing* You’re right. We are putting a lot of ground behind us…

A few seconds later…

Auron: Stay on your guard.

Tidus: Why? This guy’s just a priest, right?

Auron: Those with power use that power. Maesters have power.

Annie: You don’t think that the Maester’s dangerous… do you?

Tidus: Wait… You sure you don’t have something against Yevon?

Auron: *Producing a Dark chuckle* I lived a long time in Zanarkand.

Tidus: Aaaah.

Auron: What is taking them so long?

Annie: Not sure. But the crew here are enjoying themselves.

Zoey: Of course… I kinda miss my mom. I sure would like to see her again.

Annie: We’ll see her again. I know we will.

Blossom: I hope that i will be able to see my dad again. Someday.

Although it was a moment later when the lights shined and a door opened up from the side…

Tromell: *Re-entering the room* Truly, it is good to have guests again. Since Lord Jyscal passed away, these halls have been too quiet.

Yuna: The death of Lord Jyscal was a great loss for all of Spira.

Tidus: Was this Maester Jyscal really such a great guy?

Blossom: I don’t think that we have ever heard of him.

Zoey: What was he like? What did he do?

Wakka: He brought the teachings of Yevon to the Guado. He was truly a great man.

Sora: He did that?

Carly: What happened to him?

Sora: Did something happen to him?

Carly: …

Lulu: He died.

Tromell: Truly, a loss for us all. But now a new leader, Lord Seymour, has come before us. Lord Seymour is the child of a Guado and a human. He will be the tie that binds our two races together. But that is not all, I think. Lord Seymour… *spreading his arms wide while going on praising Seymour* He will surely become the shining star that lights the way for all the peoples of Spira.

Seymour: *Entering* That is enough, Tromell. Must I always endure such praise? *Yevon bow* Welcome!

Yuna: You…wanted to see me?

Raven: Or see her and us?

Seymour: Please, make yourselves at home. There’s no rush. And… *Seeing Raven* Ah… And i see the girl who displayed deep admiration for me has come.

Raven: Oh… *Blushes and smiles* I have made it. I couldn’t wait to just see you again.

Serena: *Rolling her eyes* Oh Brother…

Sapphire: And the fact that the Bearded Guado… Tromell was making Seymour out to be like some Messiah… I think that Seymour is just like everyone else. He is not a god. He is just a Maester. A Maester who is the successor of the one before him. Jyscal. He is young. With a unfaltering swagger and hey… to alot of women… he’s seen as sexy. But He is still only a Maester. Fulfilling his duties to the best of his ability as he vowed to do.

Amy: Oh… yeah. that was the Vow he made that day in Luca when Maester Mika introduced him for the very first time.

Penny: Yeah. That’s right. He made that Vow in front of everyone that day.

Daria: Amazing as to how we were able to remember that. It was just the other day… i think… wasn’t it?

Spencer: It was. Really. It was just like that.

Rikku: …

Auron: Please, keep this short. Yuna must rush.

Seymour: Pardon me. It has been a long time since I had guests. Lady Yuna, this way.

A Moment later…

Seymour then started to show a simulation of Zanarkand and moved to Wow Yuna…

Seymour: This sphere is a reconstruction created from the thoughts of the dead that wander the Farplane.

Tidus: Zanarkand!

Zoey: *Gasps* Zanarkand?!

Blossom: Whoa… Look at all the buildings and the Machina. There must have been a billion inches of Machina Just Crawling all over.

Annie: All those lights.

Serena: This looks just as bright as our home of Metropolis Kansas.

Raven: Would this sphere be also liable to show our home world. our home of Metropolis Kansas?

Penny: It might be likely. But… This looks like Zanarkand. Before Sin destroyed it.

Background PA broadcast: The blitzball stadium is experiencing technical difficulties. Tonight’s game will be delayed. We are experiencing heavy congestion in the stadium area. The area will be off-limits until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Seymour: Correct. Zanarkand…as it looked one thousand years ago. The great and wondrous machina city, Zanarkand.

Seymour: *Mysteriously* She once lived in this metropolis.

Auron: *Snorts*

Yuna: She, who?

Paul: Who do you mean? Who once lived in this Metropolis of Zanarkand?

Crystal: Do you mean that someone highly famous used to reside in Zanarkand?

A Minute or so later when the viewing was over…

They were in an ornate looking room. A Chamber… They all watched as a woman sporting the “doilies and dental floss” look sat on the bed that stood close by them…

Yuna: Lady Yunalesca!

Seymour: She was the first person to defeat Sin and save the world from its ravages. And you have inherited her name.

Annie: Yuna is named after that woman there… Lady Yunalesca?

Clint: Well… how about that. Now that makes Yuna even more famous. Named after someone like Yunalesca. There must have been a strong resemblance between the two.

Susie: That has to be amazing. Really.

Yuna: It was my father who named me.

Seymour: Lord Braska was entrusting you with a great task. He wanted you to face Sin, as Lady Yunalesca did. However, Lady Yunalesca did not save the world alone. To defeat the undefeatable Sin…it took an unbreakable bond of love– of the kind that binds two hearts for eternity. *Yevon bow*

Suddenly a Man in an ornate samurai armor entered the room and walked through which he then passed right on between Yuna and it was only seconds later as the fighters all watched as the Man embraced Yunalesca. Yuna had started looking down rather shyly but what no one saw was that she had also been blushing over the sight of the man and Yunalesca embraced in each other’s arms and with deep love. Seymour happened to then whisper in her ear and also whispered something in Raven’s ear. She was so shocked and pause with petrification as it touched her that all she could do was freeze in astonishment. She gasped and felt so flustered over the remark that Seymour whispered in her ear that all she could do was blush. She couldn’t even think or speak clearly for that moment as she was literally surprised. Sapphire and Serena as well as Zoey and Blossom looked to see Raven all flustered and couldn’t help but to wonder why she was feeling that flustered. and what she was flustered for. Yuna covered her mouth and when the vision had finally faded, she made a dash for a glass of water that was on a table nearby. Raven went to go and grab some punch and then drank a couple glasses down fast. to drown off the shock of what Seymour said to her or whispered…

Raven: *Turning around to face the others while feeling really nervous and with her whole world shook*…

Yuna: *Gulps; turning to face her friends who gather around*

Rikku: Wow! Your face is beet red!

Tidus: You okay?

Yuna: Mm…ahh… I… He…he asked me to marry him!

Tidus: You serious? *To Seymour* Hey!

Auron: You know what Yuna must do.

Raven: *Feeling at a loss for words*

Blossom: Raven… What’s wrong?

Zoey: Yeah. Your face looks all flushed and like you were blushing constantly about something.

Sapphire: Something happen?

Raven: He… he… um… i… uh… Errr… He… he… He asked to be like a father to me.

Serena: *Gasps* What the… Are you kidding me?! What the hell?! I know that he’s a Maester… but for him to ask that…. Is he seriously cracked?

Zoey: *Looking at Seymour* Hey… Maester Seymour, What’s the big idea asking my cousin if you could be like a father to her? Her father is my Uncle Shingo. And her mother is My Aunt Dinah.

Blossom: You asked her a question that is not natural for a Maester to be asking or thinking of…

Seymour: Of course. Lady Yuna–no, all summoners–are charged with bringing peace to Spira. But this means more than just defeating Sin. She must ease the suffering of all Spira. She must be a leader for the people. I proposed to Lady Yuna as a Maester of Yevon. And of course i know the risks of asking a young fighter. A Minor to be like an adopted child to a Maester. But i asked that question modestly as a simple man. A Role model citizen of Spira.

Auron: Spira is no playhouse. A moment’s diversion may amuse an audience, but it changes nothing.

Seymour: Even so, the actors must play their parts.

Raven: *Nervous*

Serena: It might be all fun and games to you Maester Seymour, But this is not a joke. Raven is not ready for a relationship that extreme. You’re a man that is twice her age. You’re old enough to be like a parent to her. And you’re about to find out that our parents are Dinah and Shingo. If our mother was here and heard that you were asking Raven a question such as that… You would have to be lucky to not get a can kicked.

Zoey: *Looking at Seymour* You’re supposed to be a man of power. Someone with the responsibilities of Maester and be focusing on taking care of Maester details.

Seymour: Of course… but the question wasn’t just for her. But for her sisters as well.

Blossom: *Mortified* Okay… Now i am feeling sickened by the idea.

Raven: *feeling giddy about Seymour’s question/offer*

Seymour: *Approaching Yuna* There’s no need to answer right away. Please, think it over.

Yuna: *Stammering*

Auron: We will do so, then. We leave.

Seymour: Lady Yuna, I await your favorable reply.

They all start to leave and as they left felt mortified about the request that Seymour had made. It was literally a mind blowing surprise. None of them were expecting it and they were feeling as though Seymour was after the power that they had. If that was the case, they’d have more to worry about. But as they made their way out…

Seymour: Why are you still here, sir?

Auron: *Pauses*

Seymour: I beg your pardon. *Courtly bowing* We Guado are keen to the scent of the Farplane.

Tidus: *Sniffing Auron*

Auron: *Shoving him aside and stomps out*

A couple minutes later…

Outside Seymour’s Mansion…

Lulu: Yuna, the high summoner’s daughter. Seymour, the leader of the Guado. Married in the name of Yevon, overcoming the barriers of race. It would give Spira something cheery to talk about, for a change.

Wakka: Sounds just like a passin’ daydream, like Auron says.

Tidus: Come on, let’s just get on with the pilgrimage! I mean, marriage?

Rikku: Hmmm. Jealous? *nudging Tidus*

Sapphire: *Outraged* Oh yeah… you want to talk about something to be jealous about? Have at it. At least you weren’t asked to let Seymour become like a father to you. You guys probably didn’t even notice the fact that Seymour was trying to flirt with our sister Raven. Raven’s now thinking about getting with him and wind up being miss teenage love puppy to the Maester. You really are clueless to it… you are clueless. Raven’s not settled for a relationship like that. Seymour is a sick slime. He maybe a Maester… but to hit on a 15 year old girl like that… Literally flirting with her like some prize.

Annie: We heard what he said, Sapphire. But there isn’t anything we can do about it. The guy’s a Maester. He’s liable to have all the gals he likes. in any way he may wish.

Sapphire: Oh… And that makes it alright? No. Raven was flirting with him a little too. But to have the maester ask or make an offer for himself to be looked upon as some Father figure? Ewww!

Tidus: What? No way! We gotta defeat Sin. Romance can wait!

Rikku: *Letting off a Dismissive gesture*

Spencer: I don’t believe that the Maester was trying to flirt with Raven. I was watching… Raven was doing much of the flirting. The Maester wasn’t really doing anything other then whisper something in her ear. That’s all.

Amy: Then why is Raven the one all psyched out about Seymour’s supposed proposal?

Sora: That’s what has us more than uptight.

Carly: What’ll we do about it then?

Sora: Do? What can we do? Maester Seymour already has wooed Raven and Now Raven’s with the lovesick crazed eyes. She’s fixated on him.

Wakka: He sure picked a fine time to lay this one on us.

Yuna: Maybe it is a fine time.

Tidus: You serious?

Yuna: If my getting married would help Spira…if it would make people happy…If I could do that for people…maybe I should do what I can. I never imagined doing anything like this. But, I won’t answer till I know what’s right.

Tidus: Seriously?

Rikku: You could always just quit your pilgrimage and get married.

Sapphire: What would that do for her? Yuna getting married to Maester Seymour is not exactly a bell ringer. She was proposed to and she’s all frantic about it. But Would she really go through with it? Would she really give herself that choice. Going for it or not going for it.

Clint: Do you really want to do it, Yuna? You don’t have to go through with it if you are not comfortable.

Susie: Do you really think that getting wed to Seymour will make any difference? What if it doesn’t work out? Plus what about the pilgrimage?

Blossom: Would the possible wedding mean for that Yuna to stop her Journey?

Yuna: I will…go on. I’m sure that Lord Seymour will understand.

Rikku: Umm, I guess so…

Yuna: I am a summoner! I must fight and defeat Sin.

Auron: Like Braska before you.

Raven: What’ll I do? *Concerned* Should i fall for Seymour and allow his offer. thinking of him to be like a father to us?

Serena: NO! Ewww!

Sapphire: You are not to go near Seymour like that again, Sis. That guy is sick and you are acting as though you want to get with him. You’re 15. You have some growing up to do still before going for any guy.

Narrative: *As Zoey* We had to stop ourselves from shouting: What’s there to think about? We had to think about not only Yuna’s dilemma and her wanting to go through with her pilgrimage and then also having to go through with the Engagement of her and Seymour. Also the wedding. But We also now had to worry about Raven and her going for Maester Seymour’s offer of being seen as father like figure. We were not happy with Raven over that. We were sure that Dinah would be rather furious knowing or hearing of it. But we also weren’t thrilled with Maester Seymour…

Yuna: I’m going to the Farplane. I’m going to see my father and think on this.

Lulu: Go on, we’ll be right behind you.

Yuna: Mm. *Nods*

Narrative: *As Spencer* We wondered why none of the others ever asked Yuna. Do you love Seymour? Do you even like him? Zoey wanted to ask. Blossom also wanted to ask as did Paul and Crystal. We all wanted to ask. But the words were just not coming out. And we didn’t want to seem insensitive to how Yuna was feeling towards the proposition that Seymour laid out before her. She was having to think… Long and hard about it and i myself knew that while she was thinking towards that. The others were also thinking about it and wondering what her intentions were gonna be and if she’d just come right out and tell us all what it was that was on her mind… We fighters were all with the disgust of the Maester and his trying to ask to be like a father to Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Which would shame their father Shingo and also the entire family. I However was thinking about talking with Rikku. Basically just coming out with how i was really feeling about her and maybe it being shown that she felt the same and we’d see what would lead from there…

The party and the fighters all then head for the Farplane…

What were they to expect in the Farplane? Was it gonna be their end? Would the family be able to call upon someone? Would it be Zoey that would be one to make a contact to someone and it throw the normal sense of sanity that was in Spira away? Would there be long talks up in the farplane? Who all were gonna go to the farplane? Plus… What’s this… a Spirit peeks out from the Farplane… Oh god… it’s Lord Jyscal’s spirit and He happens to drop something. Would Spencer and Rikku have that talk that they sire to have amongst the two of them? Would Raven be lectured by her sisters and shaken back to her senses? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Pearl’s Kids are in dread with the Farplane… A Lecture to set someone straight and a confirmed assured decision from Yuna on whether or not that she was gonna accept Seymour’s proposal. Plus a possible conversation between Spencer and Rikku in… Pearl in Fear… The Farplane is here.


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