Chapter 138: Rikku the Al-Bhed girl and the Rhapsody clan Reunite…


North Wharf…

Blossom: *Looking around* What a ride. I wonder if we can go on another.

Zoey: Once is enough… Plus… the creature is asleep. It will be a long while before it awakens again.

Amy: Anything good coming our way?

Penny: Not right now… Kimahri feels like he failed as a guardian.

Annie: He didn’t fail. No one could have seen that attack coming. The Al Bhed might have made one attack. But that doesn’t make them out to be the threats. Wakka’s trying to make us think that the Al Bhed are all Mistakes. Their not. Besides that the Al Bhed Girl was the first person that we befriended in some way. Before we wound up in Besaid.

Clint: Give it up, Annie. Wakka’s already made his decision. He is never gonna stop with the hating of the Al Bhed. Yevon’s brainwashed him into thinking that the Al Bhed are nothing but threats. Plus the fact that he’s lost his brother… last year. He’s making it all the more the justifiable reason to keep having hatred and discontent towards the Al Bhed.

Theodore: I agree… He is… I don’t think i want us to be guardians to Yuna as long as Wakka is around.

Daria: Yeah. Me either… I really feel fed up with Wakka. I totally do.

Serena: *Growls* You’re not the only one. He is supposed to be a family friend of ours… Yeah right! Some friend he is… Being a Jerk towards the Al Bhed and not caring if he is supporting a faith that treats the Al Bhed like lepers and mistakes. When we see our mom Dinah again… she and the three of us are gonna have a talk.

Raven: Serena, I don’t think that we’re gonna be seeing mom for some time. She is one of the Knights. It’s gonna be a while before we see her again.

Serena: Well… Something gotta be done. I am sick of Wakka’s hatred towards the Al Bhed.

Sapphire: I am also tired of his hatred too… but if we leave the party… we are stuck in Spira for good. They’re the only ones who know what to do. We don’t. We don’t know where to go from here. Plus… the next location we are said to head off to is a Town or village called Guadosalam.

While they were talking…

Tidus was at the Pavillion and had overheard people talking about Yuna and how relieved they were that she was safe from the Al Bhed…

“Lord Braska must be bursting with pride up on the Farplane at having such a fine daughter! 

I heard the Al Bhed attacked you! Are you okay?

I hope to celebrate Lady Yuna’s Calm while I’m still alive.

How about seeing Lord Braska in Guadosalam?

With a summoner like you at our side, we’ve no need to fear Sin!”

Sora: Look at all the people crowding Yuna. They’ve got to be…

Carly: Guado.

Sora: Guado. Isn’t that translated as bat scat. Droppings?

Carly: I would never be one to say if it were that or not.

Sora: But it is… Isn’t it?

Carly: It is. Gross and rather disgusting… but they’re people.

Sora: I notice that they are all obsessed with her and are literally ga-ga crazy about her. They are left to do what they like. The Al Bhed get the ridicule.

Carly: I know… I really don’t think it to be fair that the Al Bhed get the hate. The rest of the races of people get the love.

Sora: Tell that to Wakka the Jerk. We’re young and got alot to learn… But to see that the Al Bhed are being verbally attacked and smeared like mistakes. It is really cruel.

Carly: I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t think that i like him much anymore.

Sora: Neither do i.

Carly: What do we do?

Sora: We press on. but we don’t speak much to Wakka. At least not openly. What he was acting like about the Al Bhed… It is uncalled for.

Paul: *Walking over with some food* Hey you two… Why not calm down? The incident with the attack on MoonFlow River is over. Wakka’s calmed down now… He doesn’t really hate the Al Bhed. He just doesn’t trust them. He doesn’t have much admiration towards them is all. It’s nothing personal.

Crystal: It’s gonna be alright. Why not try some of these Guado Apples. They’re not bad. They have a kind of pungent but sweet and tangy taste to them.

Sora: *Nods* Okay. Anything to get our minds off of Wakka’s blatant attitude.

Carly: That’s right.

At the Shoopuf loading area…

Tidus had been suddenly going on around talking to the others and catching up with the fighters. Most were in the near point of separating and going their own way because of the continuous rotten remarks being passed off from Wakka towards the mere mention or presence of the Al Bhed. They were growing sick of it and were about to leave and got their own way… but stayed as they knew that the only way they’d hear and see the truth about the Mysterious girl Princess Aquamarine… was to stick to them. Around Auron. It was the only way. Tidus was going on further to see if there was a way ahead from where they were… But a few of the fighters caught sight of him running off and followed. The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!, Zoey, Spencer, Blossom and Annie followed and stopped to see a body next to the heap which was next to the path which was the road to Guadosalam…

Raven: *Gasps* Is that… Who is that?

Serena: Is that a girl?

Blossom: That has to be a girl.

Zoey: How could you tell?

Blossom: the golden curls. I would never be seeing a guy with them golden curls. Girls know this stuff. Any girl would tell you.

Girl: *Moaning and coughing up water*

Tidus: You’re… Not dead.

The girl then stood up and began stripping off her wetsuit. Which once off, and there was nothing left of the suit… She removed her eye-wear which so happened to be her goggles.

Girl: Ah! That’s much better. Almost thought that i was done for, back there.

But the girl fell down to her knees and used her hands to hold herself up to at least try and hang on…

Tidus: Rikku! You’re Rikku! Hey! You’re okay! How you been?

Raven: Rikku? Is that you?

Rikku: Who else would it be… Raven? I am not a stranger…

Serena: [Rikku!]Ed’c oui… Ur so kut… Ed ec cu kuut du caa oui ykyeh.

Rikku: *Pauses* Serena, How do you know how to speak Al Bhed?

Serena: from our mother Dinah. She apparently learned how to speak it a little and i picked it up a little bit.

Rikku: That was pretty good for a first time. You sure that you’re not just playing?

Sapphire: Ya better believe it. That was her move to speak Al Bhed.

Spencer: Hey Rikku.

Rikku: *Looking up and seeing Spencer* Hey… Spencer. Good to see you again. You look as though you trained brutally. you weren’t worked over too hard, were you?

Spencer: *Chuckles* No. The workout i did… I did by my own design.

Annie: *Looking at Rikku* How have you been though?

Rikku: Terrible!

Tidus: Yeah, you don’t look so good. What happened?

Annie: You alright?

Spencer: …

Rikku: *Pointing at the group* You beat me up, remember?

Tidus: Oh! That machina… That was you?

Raven: That Machina… The Extractor. That contraption which looked like a Submarine bomber.

Sapphire: Rikku, You were behind that thing?

Rikku: Mm-hm. That really hurt, you know. You big meanies!

Tidus: W-Wait! But you attacked us!

Zoey: But you attacked them… Rikku. What did you expect for them to have done?

By that time Rikku was standing up…

Rikku: Nuh-uh. It’s not exactly what you think.

Serena: What was it then, Rikku? Why were you inside that Machina?

Raven: Yeah… Was there some reason behind your being behind… inside that Machina?

Rikku: It’s because the Al Bhed have something against the Summoners going out on their Pilgrimages. Something about what it means for then to be doing.

Spencer: Ouch. Well… Don’t mention about any of that or that you’re one of the Al Bhed. Yevon is relentless in thinking that the Al Bhed are nothing but mistakes. And there is something else… we know someone who’s got…

Serena: Someone who’s got nothing but hate for the Al Bhed.

Rikku: Who do you mean?

Annie: Wakka.

Zoey: Wakka.

Rikku: Who’s Wakka?

Raven: He’s this Blitzball player who thinks that he has all the rights to trash the Al Bhed just like Yevon does.

Serena: He’ll probably be here anytime now… but Rikku… Don’t let off any indication that you’re Al Bhed. Not for right now… Because right now we’re at the point where if we hear him tear at the Al Bhed once more… we will come lashing at him. There’ll be a fight. So we’ll tell Wakka that you’re like some sort of special human. but to some of the others… we’ll trust them with the truth and have them keep the truth from Wakka.

Zoey: It’ll save you from Ridicule. It might have been the Al Bhed’s fault for what’s going on now… with that huge beast still out there. The use of Ancient Forbidden Machina. Maybe. Maybe not. But for the entire race to be blamed for the actions of a few? That’s wrong. Seriously wrong. And to see you getting trashed in just the same feel as they do?  No.

Spencer: If Wakka even tears at you… Rikku, I’ll be sure to let him have it.

Rikku: Thank you. *Smiling*


Wakka: Yo! Friend of yours?

Tidus: Uh, you could say that.

Serena: She’s a friend of ours. She is very much amazing.

Rikku: Pleased to meet you! I’m Rikku!

Tidus: Yuna, Lulu…I told you about her, remember? She was the one who helped me before I was washed up on Besaid! She’s an Al Bhe…beh… *Letting off a nervous laugh*

Spencer: *Looking at Tidus* Shhh! don’t tell him the truth of her.

Tidus: Sorry.

Yuna, Lulu: Oh!

Wakka: Wow, so you, like, owe her your life! What luck meeting here, ya? Praise be to Yevon!

Annie: *Rolling her eyes*

Spencer: *Looking to the side*

Rikku: *scratching her cheek dubiously*

Wakka: So, uh… Rikku… You look a little beat up! You okay?

Lulu: Uh, Wakka…

Wakka: Huh? What?

Yuna: There’s something we need to discuss.

Wakka: Oh, go ahead.

Rikku: Girls only! Boys please wait over there!

Spencer: That’s right. Wakka, Unless you are part of the female persuasion… you are to keep out of their girl talk. *Point to the other side* March!

Paul: We respect girls and their privacy.

Crystal: That’s how to get a girl to go for any guy. Respect.

Lulu: Right. Sorry, Wakka.

Wakka: Huh? What? *Exasperated noise*

A second later…

Wakka: B-but…

Clint: Wakka, We don’t want to hear it… You are treating the Al Bhed like dirt. So… You know what? Wanna act like a child. we’ll treat you like one.

The girls and Rikku all step aside to chat at the other side and near the water. while the guys were by the bridge waiting…

Rikku: My father’s the leader of the Al Bhed. He’s the brother to Yunie’s mother.

Daria: Huh? What? That would mean…

Serena: You and Yuna are related, Rikku?

Annie: Wow! Cousins.

Rikku: I’m Yuna’s cousin.

Sora: Wow! It’s like family now… Cousin meeting Cousin.

Carly: I think it’s really nice.

Sora: Yeah.

Daria: Wakka doesn’t know about Yuna’s Lineage. Lulu does…

Lulu: That’s right. and it’s important that you don’t ever tell Wakka about her lineage.

Serena: Trust us… we don’t plan to. But as we go on… if Wakka keeps up his hatred of the Al Bhed… it’ll have to come out. Wakka’s gonna learn the shut up and back off from them whether he likes it or not.

Rikku: Hey… That was almost as though you were waiting to fight him. *Noticing some members missing* Wait… Where’s Luna, Dinah, Pearl and Jack?

Zoey: My mom’s in Luca. She’s been offered a Job of a Luca Model.

Amy: Our mom and Dad are in Bevelle as the fashion designing Execs to Grand Maester Mika.

Sapphire: Our mother is a Knight. A Member of the Djose Chocobo Knights.

Suddenly the Radio starts playing again…

Radio: *Broadcasting* This is MRHAP Metropolis Playing the best and the greats. We are at the peak with the best hits all around. John Mayer Started dating Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2002 and he supposedly wrote “Your Body is a Wonderland” about Hewitt. And they now see the word Womanizer on him… That dude can sing. Has his guitar alot. His Parents sent him to a psychiatrist when he was younger because he was too obsessed with the guitar. Whoa! Now that’s damaging to a guy. Tough one on John. *With Music playing for the next song* Mayer explained the meaning behind this song when he appeared on the VH1 program Storytellers in 2011, when he explained that he was very frustrated with so many beautiful women who have “daddy issues.” Said Mayer: “I loved a girl a lot, but she couldn’t trust men. And if you trace it back, it was the first man in her life she couldn’t trust. I know this song sounds like I’m just sitting around the house, spitballing, thinking of really lofty things to think about, but it really is the result of tracing it backwards to find out how I could possibly love this person. And the answer is: you can’t. Because someone else didn’t before you.” part of the inspiration for this song was a Chris Rock comedy bit where he talks about how a father’s main responsibility is to keep his daughter “off the pole,” meaning to make sure she doesn’t become a stripper. This won for Song Of The Year at the 2005 Grammy Awards. Here’s John Mayer’s song “Daughters” Only on MRHAP Metropolis.

Rikku: MRHAP?! I’ve heard of that station. I had that station playing inside that Extractor. I had heard of that station. One Question though… Who’s Lord Arnold?

Annie: *Laughs* Oh my god… You don’t know who that is? He’s our Uncle Arnold. He’s one of the Retired Enforcers of Justice, The Rhapsody Brothers.

Penny: Seriously. He’s the founder of MRHAP. Had the station for 6 years.

Rikku: Ahhh! *Grins*

Blossom: Want to be with us? It’d be great to have you along with us, Rikku. You’re Yuna’s cousin. You’re our friend. We like alot. But there is someone who happens to like you more than alot.

Christina: yeah.

Rikku: Who?

Susie: Our Brother. Spencer.

Rikku: *Trying not to Blush*

Yuna: Let’s go tell the guys…

Zoey: Right.

A Minute later…

Yuna: Sir Auron…I would like Rikku to be my guardian.

Auron: *Striding over to Rikku* Show me your face. Look at me.

Rikku: Oh, okay. *Looking up but with her Eyes closed and while lifting her head*

Auron: Open your eyes.

Rikku opens one eye. It is green with a dark swirl…

Auron: As I thought.

Rikku: Um… No good?

Auron: Are you certain?

Rikku: A hundred percent! So, anyway… Can I?

Auron: If Yuna wishes it.

Yuna: Yes, I do.

Wakka: Mmmph.

Blossom: Either way… She’s coming with us. We like her and she’s like a good friend to us.

Tidus: Rikku’s a good girl. She helped me a bunch!

Annie: that’s right.

Sapphire: In fact… She’s helped us out a lot.

Rikku: Mm-hm!

Wakka: I’m for it! The more, the merrier!

Raven: *In her mind* Yeah… Nice fake act, Wakka. You don’t fool us. Racist.

Rikku: Righto! Then I’ll just have to be the merriest!

Narrative: *As Zoey* It was strange. Even though it was realized that Wakka had always hated the Al Bhed and could not care to have thing one to do with them…

Rikku: Rikku, at your service!

Narrative: *As Zoey; Con’t* He never realized Rikku was one of them. And it wasn’t like we were gonna tell him that she was an Al Bhed. After he showed his complete hatred towards them… We kinda thought that telling Wakka anything more about our life or how we were feeling about Rikku. How Spencer was feeling. We didn’t feel that we could ever trust Wakka. It made us feel hurt to know that we couldn’t trust him however… Wakka’s rather brought it upon himself. We understood his grief about the loss of his brother… we knew how it felt to lose someone. But… to take on one’s hatred towards a race of people? We didn’t like that. It didn’t feel too Good. it actually hurt although we were trying to not show it other than verbally…

It was only a second or so later that they soon resumed their Journey again…

But they were met with a stray Treasure chest and of course… Rikku got on to facing it…

Rikku: Oooh! A treasure chest! I wonder what’s inside? *Jolting over to the treasure Chest and swiping the treasure within the chest and claiming it* Ya-hoo!

A second later… a Fiend appeared and it was a Bunyip.

Rikku: *Facing the Fiend* You should know, I’m scary when I’m mad! I’m gonna use that item I just got on you! You’ll be sorry!

Rikku used the overdrive of hers… Mix and Mixed the two items that she claimed from the Treasure chest and it blasted the Fiend good. It was a Firestorm…


The Fiend was toast…

Wakka: Wh-what did you just do!?

Tidus: That was great!

Serena: Holy cow… That was seriously twisted.

Blossom: I want to learn how to do that. I think that’s how i can fight a little better.

Sora: We want to fight too…

Carly: We can use Magic. We are with ESP and Telepathy. We can also use Magic.

Lulu: You two can fight by my side. I’ll show you how it’s done.

Sora: Okay.

Carly: *Nods* Right. okay!

Paul: That’s a plan. Sora, Carly. You two want to learn how to use Magic or Elemental firepower… It’s settled. Lulu, They’re my twin sisters. young and willing to learn. But since they’re gonna go side by side with you… Where you go. They’re to go. you don’t leave their side and they are not to leave your side. Ever.

Lulu: *Nods*

Rikku: I can combine items and use them like this. It’s not that tough, really. And Blossom, If you want to learn how to do this… i can teach you.

Blossom: Okay.

Spencer: I want to learn that so i can strengthen my Ice powers.

Rikku: It’s useful.

Before they knew it… they were back on the road again…

The fighters all transformed and Zoey started to pose and within seconds…


Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Prism Power… Make-up! *Glowing and covered by a white light and spinning; The pants turning into a skirt* … *With a sparkle of light and stars the hair turning pink with two Pointed meatball buns on the sides* … *The shoes changing into high heels Including high risen stockings with the crescent moon on them and her hands formed gloves on them; Then with a shining flash two Earrings appeared upon her ears with a weapon upholstered to her side; A Crescent moon Wand* …

As soon as she was fully transformed…

Sailor Zoey: *Posing* I am the senshi of Love and Justice and the defender of the innocent, Sailor Zoey. In the name of the Rhapsody clan… The guilty at heart will be punished.

The Rhapsody Romancers Z!, The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! and the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! changed right into their hero forms and got ready to fight the fiends that could appear along the way…

Rikku fought and used a grenade on the fiends. On each one as they came. She got stronger a bit as it went on… The fighters were there to help her too…

They got half way up the road to the next location when suddenly…

Miss Bliss: *Sensing something near* Someone’s here besides us.

Miss Passion: Who?

Miss Bliss: I don’t know.

Paul: Annie’s right. Something’s here. Someone… is… here.

Bubble Gem: Who? *Looking around*

Sailor Zoey: *Detecting an aura* Over there by the bushes… It’s human… I can detect a heartbeat.

Dancing Heartthrob: Let’s check it out…

Melodic Bubble: *Walking ahead*

Miss Thunder: *Leading her team ahead to check out the bushes ahead* Alright… Who’s there in those bushes? Show yourself.

Thunderic Wonder: Are you friend… or foe?

Voice: *Sounding familiar* I’m a friend. *Recognizing the voices* Wait… You’re the fighters who persuaded for me to join the fighting in Operation Mi’ihen. Sapphire, Serena… Blossom… Zoey?

Thunder Star: *Pauses* Huh? Who said that?

Sailor Zoey: That voice sounds really familiar.

Lulu: It… sounds…

Frosty Ice Bubble: ….

Sora: Sir Gatta?!

Carly: What?! Sir Gatta?! It can’t be. He was killed by Sin. It couldn’t be him.

Suddenly the form stepped out from the bushes…

Sailor Zoey: Oh my… It’s him. Sir Gatta. He’s alive.

Blossom: But how… Sin killed him. crushed him.

Crystal: How could he survive?

Paul: I don’t know… But he’s alive. He must have ducked for cover before Sin’s blast got to him.

Sora: That must have been fast thinking.

Gatta: It’s not possible for me to be alive. There are reasons as to why i shouldn’t be still alive. But i am.

Wakka: What happened?

Gatta tells of the moments where he was fighting during Operation Mi’ihen…

Gatta: I went to the front lines on the Djose shore. on the beach… to aid Capt. Luzzu in the fight. We were going after multiple of Sin Spawns. the things that came from Sin’s body. None of us really caught the sight of Sin forming a force field and it was pulsing with this out of this world Energy source. However out of nowhere… the Energy field let out a sudden explosion of Energy and sent it right at the Crusaders. Even at Luzzu, but he happened to have survived and ducked before the Energy blast reached us all and vaporized us. It doesn’t make sense. but the blast couldn’t go into the water. That was the one place that it couldn’t go. Now… you saw that i was dead. But i wasn’t dead. I actually was just knocked out into a deep extreme daze. it made me seem to appear like i was dead. Luzzu probably thinks that i am dead… but i’m not.

Sir Love: But that’s not possible. We were there. You were dead. Sin killed you.

Dancing Heartthrob: You must be the most luckiest person around. Surviving that.

Thunder Star: You are not just some spirit… Are you?

Sailor Zoey: Serena, he’s real. Not a spirit. not a sprite either.

Bubbling star: If he was a spirit, He’d have to be sent to the farplane. Wouldn’t he?

Miss Bliss: That’s right.

Sir Love: I don’t think that i’m gonna like the idea of seeing an unsent being out of the farplane if they’re supposed to be sent to the farplane and yet are out in the open here.

Gatta: I’m gonna be heading back to Besaid soon to join back with Capt. Luzzu. He is gonna be needing some comfort in his time of grieving. He’s probably with the thought that i am dead.

Sailor Zoey: Actually… He is under the reality that you are dead. He was throwing a burst of fits about it. He was devastated.

Blossom: …

It was only a moment later when the thought to have been dead Crusader and the fighters, Guardians and Yuna parted ways and waved him off as he left and headed his way to Besaid. The others made their way forward and pressed onto Guadosalam. It was not far from where they were now. It was close to where they were at that time. But each moment that Spencer saw Rikku, the more he wanted to confess his feelings to Rikku. Maybe he’d get that chance while they were in Guadosalam. Maybe not. What were they gonna expect in Guadosalam? Was Maester Seymour gonna be there waiting for them to arrive? Was he expecting them? Was he also gonna try to woo Raven? Was Raven gonna create a scene to remember? Was Rikku gonna feel the same towards Spencer if Spencer actually did express his feelings for Rikku to her? And who is that bizarre Bearded man that happens to greet them? What’s his story? Find out in the next Chapter in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga Continues…

It’s the home of Maester Seymour Guado… They get met by a snootily bearded guado. And What’s this… Seymour proposes to Yuna and Spencer takes the leap of risk by expressing his feelings to Rikku. It’s a feeling expression and move of proposing for the moment in Welcome to Guadosalam. The Home Town of Maester Seymour. Rhapsody Clan in Unease. Spencer Rhapsody in Love with Rikku the Al-Bhed girl.

Seymour:This sphere is a reconstruction created from the thoughts of the dead that wander the Farplane.

Tidus: Zanarkand!

Sailor Zoey: *Gasps* Zanarkand?!

Seymour: Correct. Zanarkand…as it looked one thousand years ago. The great and wondrous machina city, Zanarkand.


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