Chapter 137: MoonFlow Battle in the Hole.

On the Shoopuf…

Crossing the MoonFlow River…

The Rhapsody Romancers Z!, The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z!, The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! Floated on the water and walked while the rest rode on the Shoopuf with the Guardians and the Summoner…

Miss Bliss: *Floating on the water Beside the Shoopuf* This is a peaceful ride. It’s just so serene… This is a luxury almost like… Blitzball.

Miss Passion: No kidding. How far is it from the south wharf to the north wharf?

Wakka: It’s not that far. About a couple miles of so. But the ride is well worth it.

Sir Love: I agree. Hovering over the water like this though… it’s gonna get a little tiring.

Angelic Bubble: No way… It won’t get tiring. You forget… Water is the source of all our power. Hence… The Aquatic Force Z!

Miss Thunder: And Thunder won’t mix with water… but it can be a water fiends worst nightmare. It will shock any water fiend. Don’t matter what it is.

As they rode…

Wakka: Hey.

Tidus: Huh?

Zoey: *Looking down over the rail at the River* What… in the… name of sanity? Is that… Atlantis?

Wakka: Take a look. *nods towards water*

Tidus: What? Whoa! *Leaning over the railing so far that he almost slips*

Zoey and Tidus look down and catch a Glimpse of an underwater ruins. But so did Crystal, Paul, Sora and Carly. Even Blossom.

Tidus: A sunken city!

Zoey: A What?!

Blossom: A City?! Huh?! Is that at all possible?

Sora: *Looking down into the River to see a Sunken city* Hey Carly… Look at that. It’s a city.

Carly: A City? Down There? Why? Why is it down there? If it’s a City… shouldn’t it be above water?

Sora: You got a point. It should be above water. But… What happened to it?

Wakka: A machina city– a thousand years old! They built this city on top of bridges across the river.

Lulu: But the weight of the city caused the bridges to collapse, and it all sank to the bottom.

Paul: Wait wait wait a minute… You mean to tell us that this area… this River… Used to be a location of a city. A Flourishing City?

Crystal: And it just literally sink to the bottom of the river?

Zoey: The ground must have gave way. It must have been too heavy and the bridges collapsed because of it and went into the water. The city sunk and took the whole area with it… Which explains the reason why there were only tents and small pavillions at the wharf. It had to have been a city back then and then something happened. The city somehow became too heavy and it just couldn’t take the weight.

Blossom: A Whole City lost. Just because of its weight and the Bridges just couldn’t hold up the city.

Wakka: Right. It’s a good lesson.

Tidus: A lesson?

Wakka: Yeah. Why build a city over a river, ya?

Tidus: Uh… Well, it would be convenient, with all that water there.

Frosty Ice Bubble: *From the side* That is true… Ever heard of Venice, Italy? It was like a Water like populace. But reports said that it was slowly but surely sinking. No one really knows as to why. But there are theories that are being sprung about of what would be making it sink…

Wakka: Nope, that’s not why. They just wanted to prove they could defy the laws of nature!

Tidus: Hmmm? I’m not so sure about that.

Wakka: Yevon has taught us: When humans have power, they seek to use it. If you don’t stop them, they go too far, ya?

Miss Bliss: Are you nuts? That is so not true… Humans are mysterious. But not all of the humans are like that. There are plenty who are not that way.

Thunder Star: Yevon teaches that… but then it goes and treats the Al Bhed like they’re worthless mistakes that shouldn’t even live. To me… that is no Faith of peace.

Thunderic Wonder: No arguments here. That’s for sure.

Miss Thunder: Maybe humans do go too far. When don’t they? There are Wars that get started over senseless things. Like 1941… The U.S didn’t want to get into the war… We wanted out. But were still gonna send out whatever supplies that were needed to the good guys who were trying to fight off the evil tyrants. But Japan attacked us at Pearl. in the Morning mist. Bringing us into the war.

Tidus: Yeah, but don’t you use machina too? Like the stadium and stuff, right?

Lulu: Yevon, it decides… which machina we may use, and which we may not.

Tidus: So what kind of machina may we not use, then?

Wakka: Remember Operation Mi’ihen? That kind.

Paul: Okay… So that seems to be understood. The Machina used in Operation Mi’ihen… was pushing it.

Crystal: It begs to reason why the balance was upset. Every religion has a balance… culture and belief. A way of life. But disrupt it and it just all collapses.

Sir Love: Well… then that explains it. Certain Machina can not be used.

Lulu: Or war will rage again.

Tidus: War?

Blossom: *Gulps* War?!

Sora: War?! How would the use of Machina rage war?

Bubble Gem: The balance of things… if you upset them… bad things will happen.

Bubbling Star: Oh? You mean like the attack on the U.S Naval bases in 1941. We got attacked for no reason whatsoever. The Japanese Gov’t were seeing us all being in peace and they didn’t like it. They thought that if the rest of the world had to fight and suffer casualties… then So did we. We didn’t have a choice when they attacked the country. It was either fight or die. Kill or be killed. We got back at them… The Atom Bomb and that lead off for the cold war. in the second world war… we lost over 3,000 american lives. Lives that didn’t deserve to be lost.

Yuna: More than a thousand years ago… Mankind waged war using machina to kill!

Wakka: They kept building more and more powerful machina.

Lulu: They made weapons so powerful… It was thought they could destroy the entire world.

Dancing Heartthrob: Almost like Ego… they all wanted to prove that they could be masters of the Universe and when they knew that they were being challenged… they didn’t take to it so well and figured that they could build something more stronger and more greater than the ones before it.

Yuna: The people feared that Spira would be destroyed.

Wakka: But the war did not stop!

Miss Bliss: Of course not. Why would it stop when there were both sides… fighting a war and didn’t want  to cast out being the loser. No one on any side wanted to admit defeat and felt that as long as they didn’t have to… They wouldn’t.

Melodic Bubble: It’s Ego. It can be a very deadly thing.

Tidus: Wh-What happened then?

Yuna: Sin came, and it destroyed the cities and their machina.

Lulu: The war ended… and our reward… was Sin.

Zoey: All that fighting formed Sin? Ouch.

Blossom: I guess that after awhile… all that fighting would bring to life something that would be too great for any side to comprehend or understand.

Wakka: So, Sin’s our punishment for lettin’ things get out of hand, eh?

Tidus: Man, that’s rough.

Wakka: Yeah, it is.

Tidus: But, it’s not like the machina are bad.

Frosty Ice Bubble: I agree… But then there are always two sides to all. Good Machina… and bad. But the reality is that Machina is Machina. I wouldn’t mind if Machina is used. Machina isn’t bad.

Lulu: Only as bad as their users.

Wakka: It’s because of people like the Al Bhed screwin’ everything up!

Thunder Star: *With Miss Bliss, Sir Love, Miss Thunder, Zoey and Frosty Ice Bubble* FOR THE LOVE OF SANITY AND PETE, WAKKA! STOP BASHING THE AL BHED!

Suddenly a Rumbling noise started sounding off it startled the Shoopuf and the twins…

Driver: Whatsh could thatsh be?

Sora: What was that?

Carly: Are we under attack? *Panicking*

Blossom: *Looking at both sides* What was that? What is that?

Everyone got up to look over the sides and saw some forms of fish. At least that is what they thought.

Auron: *To Yuna* Sit down!

Yuna: S-Sorry!


A Blond spikey-haired Al Bhed leaped on aboard, nabbed Yuna and slid right into the water… She yelped as she was grabbed by the Al Bhed…

Wakka: The Al Bhed!

Frosty Ice Bubble: I knew it… something was definitely up. Now we know who’re behind the Summoners disappearing.

Miss Bliss: The Al Bhed are behind it. This just is impossible.

Wakka: Still think that the Al Bhed are not all that bad?

Thunder Star: Wakka… don’t push it. Yuna’s in trouble… let’s get ourselves over there… Fast.

Sir Love: Theodore, Serena, Spencer. Raven… Let’s go.

Tidus and Wakka Leap into the water and dive down towards Yuna. The fighters who could swim made a dive too and zoomed off towards the bottom to rescue Yuna along side Wakka and Tidus…

Wakka: Yuna, We’ll save you…

Sir Love: Hold on Yuna… We’re coming. The Calvary is on the way.

Frosty Ice Bubble: We’re not gonna give you up without at least a fight.

Thunder Star: Here we go!

They came face to face with a Machina that was a weapon. Used to abduct the Summoners and it had Yuna inside the ball that was sitting on top of it.


Frosty Ice Bubble: *Unleashing a Cross of Ice at the Extractor*

Sir Love: *Firing a Blast of hearts at the Extractor*

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing a blast of Thunder at the Extractor*

The Extractor let out an attack back. Shooting a blast of water.

Spencer took it and absorbed it.

Frosty Ice Bubble: Mmm! Refreshing.

Thunder Star: *Casting Thunder on the Extractor*

Wakka: *Firing his Ball at the Extractor*

Tidus: *Slicing at the Extractor with his Sword*

The Extractor then rose up and prepared to release Depth charges…

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Unleashing a Cross of Ice at the Extractor*

Sir Love: *Firing a Blast of hearts at the Extractor*

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing a blast of Thunder at the Extractor*

Thunder Star: *Casting Thunder on the Extractor*

Wakka: *Firing his Ball at the Extractor*

Tidus: *Slicing at the Extractor with his Sword*

Dancing Heartthrob: *Firing a Blast of hearts at the Extractor*

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Unleashing a Cross of Ice at the Extractor*

Sir Love: *Firing a Blast of hearts at the Extractor*

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing a blast of Thunder at the Extractor*

Thunder Star: *Casting Thunder on the Extractor*

Wakka: *Firing his Ball at the Extractor*

Tidus: *Slicing at the Extractor with his Sword*

Dancing Heartthrob: *Firing a Blast of hearts at the Extractor*

The last two hits were direct hits and caused it to force the Extractor to cancel the attack. It lowered itself down to normal level and prepped up to fire an Aqua shooter at the fighters…

Sir love: *Spinning fast and creating a mini whirlpool of hearts; Firing the Whirlpool at the Extractor*

Dancing Heartthrob: *Spinning fast and creating a mini whirlpool of hearts; Firing the Whirlpool at the Extractor*

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Swinging his Ice scepter and creating an Ice storm; Sending it over to the Extractor*

It took 6 more hits from the fighters before the Extractor took a direct hit and it was a fatal one. The Extractor blew up and from the ball on top, It released the Ball that it had Yuna in and the ball broke in two, Letting her out. But in the blast… None of them saw someone swim out for an escape….

A Moment later…

Back on the Shoopuf…

Sora: *Seeing Yuna catching her breath and seeing Wakka and Tidus shaking off the water* You guys alright?

Carly: Are you okay Yuna?

Yuna: Yeah… I am. Thank you.

Lulu: Are you hurt?

Yuna: No, I’m fine.

Wakka: Grrah! Those Al Bhed!

Thunder Star: Wakka… it was only one Al Bhed. one that Nabbed Yuna. then the Machina that we just defeated. That’s it. Now… I am getting pissed. If i hear one more person verbally attack the Al Bhed. I will come unglued. I don’t care who it is… they will regret crossing me. All everyone does is attack the Al Bhed. It is always their fault. I am sick of it. Beyond sick of it.

Driver: Ish ebullibody okay?

Yuna: I’m sorry! We’re all okay now!

Yuna Stands and waves to him.

Auron: Yuna!

Yuna: Oh! *Sitting quickly and folding her hands in her lap*

Driver: Shoopuf full shpeed aheads!

Wakka: Damn the Al Bhed! What do they want from us? Could it have something to do with Luca? What are they after Yuna for? Wait! They’re mad they lost the tournament! Or, wait! They’re mad about Operation Mi’ihen!

Lulu: I wonder… Didn’t Kimahri’s clansman say something… about summoners…disappearing?

Wakka: Ah! So the Al Bhed are behind that! Those sand-blasted grease monkeys!

Frosty Ice Bubble: I don’t think that it’s them doing it… It can’t be them doing it as it wouldn’t suit them. It would make them all seem to be too Conspicuous. Plus a person would like an Al Bhed would have to be rather careless and not worry about being spotted with a Summoner to be thought to be the one behind the Summoner’s disappearances.

Tidus: Hey, Wakka. It’s no use complaining about the Al Bhed now, right? We’ll protect Yuna from anyone, anywhere. It’s that easy. That’s all I need to know!

Wakka: Well… I guess so.

Miss Bliss: That’s all we’ll ever need to know. We will protect Yuna… From anyone… Anywhere. Anytime. But we are to leave the Al Bhed alone. Till we know for sure that they’re the ones who’re taking Summoners and Abducting them… We are to back off from them.

Thunder Star: That’s right. That goes strongly for you, Wakka. You are to keep all your opinions and disregards… All your sanctimonious platitudes about the Al Bhed to yourself. Till we know the whole truth and then find out why they’ve done what they’ve done. If they happen to be the ones who have done the Abducting of the Summoners. If you have a problem with them… You are to just deal with it. The Al Bhed might not like how Yevon does things themselves. But you are not to speak any malice about them. Not one. You’re to show respect to them. Period.

Miss Thunder: Serena… Cool it. Wakka was being a real snake about them… but really… It’s enough. I think that he now gets it.

Thunder Star: He Better. Because if he speaks one word of them in any negativity… He’ll get a good case of lights out. He is still hurt inside because his brother used an Al Bhed Machina. got killed. Because he misses his brother. But… to be constantly bagging on the Al Bhed. It is vindictive and Vengeful. Even Malicious and pathetic. It’s the end.

Miss Passion: Right.

Angelic Bubble: Bottom Line… We will protect Yuna with our lives against anyone and anything. Anywhere… at anytime. We do it on those bases or not at all. The Summoners are being taken…

Zoey: Yeah. Yuna could have been next. But we all saved her. We were lucky. Next time… we might not be quite so fortunate.

Paul: So from now on. Failure is not an option.

Lulu: You’re right.

Yuna: *Mouths* -Thank you.-

They were with mixed feelings and mixed thoughts. They were unsure who was truly behind the disappearances of the Summoners. Yuna was nabbed by an Al Bhed but then was rescued. So it left them all thinking that it could have been the Al Bhed. It made Wakka want to hate the Al Bhed even more. It made Serena and the fighters more angry at Wakka and things were gonna get testy for them all. It was only a moment later when they were to finally reach the north wharf of the MoonFlow. They were all relieved to be back on land. Back on Land and moving upon the ground… What were they gonna do from there? Were they gonna be able to reconnect and reflect on what happened on the MoonFlow River? And what’s this? Are they gonna be meeting face to face with the familiar Al Bhed girl that they met when they had all first come to Spira? Will Spencer be able to contain himself as he feels infatuated over her? Would Wakka find out right off that Rikku is an Al Bhed? Will Rikku be into Spencer as he is into her? What will happen from there on? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

[Rikku!]Ed’c oui… Ur so kut… Ed ec cu kuut du caa oui ykyeh. It’s the Rhapsody fighters and Tidus… meeting back with Rikku the Al Bhed girl and finally looking up. Plus is there a twist in the Casualties that befell Operation Mi’ihen… A thought to be dead Crusader… Alive? looks as though that there are surprises and good fortunes after all coming their way in Rikku the Al-Bhed girl and the Rhapsody clan Reunite…



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