Chapter 136: Journey off to MoonFlow… Zoey Suffers a fever.

The road to the MoonFlow…

Annie: *Walking on the path to the MoonFlow* This is brighter. and not so bleak. Still quiet though.

Daria: What do we do though? The rumor that was heard about disappearances.

Clint: We don’t know, Daria. we don’t have a clue as to what we should do. But we’re gonna protect the Summoner in anyway that we can.

Theodore: There is also the question of who could be snatching them all up left and right. It has to be more than one person doing it.

Annie: Theodore, You’ve got a point. There has to be more than one person taking them all. For all those Summoners to just up and vanish… there is obviously more than just one person behind it all.

Amy: *Thinking* You know… that’s another thing… Who’d be taking them? And why?

Susie: Could they be like protectors of somekind?

Christina: I don’t think so… If these people… who ever they are… are taking Summoners and abducting them… They’re not collectors. Their predators.

Penny: Yeah… I mean… really. It is one thing to be all obsessed with them and admire them. But stalking them and Abducting them just for the fun of it and with no possible purpose as to why you’re doing it? That’s just something else. We could ask our mother. But she’s in Bevelle and i don’t really think that even she’d know as to why Summoners could be just up and vanishing like a puff of smoke in mid-air.

Spencer: *Walking on along with his sisters* It doesn’t make sense to me why a Summoner would be so important that someone… anyone would just want to come in and capture like some prize that you’d go for at a carnival. I am thinking that it’s either a group of people of maybe 3 races. The Guado. The Ronso. Or… the Al Bhed. Or possibly the humans. the normal and contrary. What are the people that Yevon seems to hate and seek to place blame on for just about everything that goes wrong in Spira?

Amy: The Guado. No… not them. The Guado are adored by Yevon. Not usually understood but are welcomed. But…

Christina: The Ronso. They’re strong enough to overpower the summoners and take them. No one would come to knock on their door.

Susie: True… Yevon happen to love the Ronso though and they’re fond true followers of Yevon. So i highly doubt that the Ronso could be ones taking them. Because if we are to blame the Ronso… it would leave us having to look at Kimahri. He’s a Ronso. So if the Ronso are doing the Abducting… It would make Kimahri look bad because of it. Even though he had no part of it… people would still look to him because he is a Ronso. one of them…

Penny: *Shaking her head while walking and thinking* Something is off about this… If it’s not the Guado… It isn’t the Ronso… Then… Who could it be?

Sapphire: I wonder if it’s the Al Bhed.

Raven: The Al Bhed? No. It couldn’t be them… It couldn’t be them who’d be doing it. People are raising a bit of a stink about them already. Some of the people are placing blame on them for the failures of Operation Mi’ihen. So even if it happened to be them or rumored to be them who’d been doing it… it wouldn’t necessarily mean that they’d come out and just snatch any Summoner they could spot and take off with them. It’d make them too typical for something like that. It would make them conspicuous. They wouldn’t think on risking exposing their hand. They couldn’t.

Serena: Then who could be taking the Summoners? It’s got to be someone.

Sapphire: But… Who? Who’d do it? And why?


something sounds off and it sounded like talking… constant talking.

Arnold: *Pulling out something from his pocket* I can’t believe that i had this thing with me. It’s my portable Radio… It probably can tune or lock on to my Radio Station…

Alvin: Can it?

Arnold: Maybe… I don’t know. This is as what the people would say… A forbidden Machina. So… it can’t be guaranteed that it’ll work. We don’t know.

Avery: Let’s find out.

Arnold: right…

Wakka: What’s That? A Portable Radio?

Lulu: That’s not a forbidden Machina.

Radio: *Sounding off* You’re listening to MRHAP In Metropolis… Bringing you the best in hits and the best in grooves. This is Lord Arnold’s Public Right-hand man. Blitz-man Drake. I don’t know if many of you listeners have caught the deal yet… but Your Local Watchdog of the City Lord Arnold is missing. Along with his close relatives and family. Local authorities have casted off the search and spread on a statewide grid search for the beloved protectors of the City. The Retired Rhapsody Girls Z! and the Retired Enforcers of Justice… The Rhapsody Brothers. It’s been almost 2 weeks since their disappearance and the local detective John Jones issued a mandated watch out for them. Ensuring that the local public keep their watch on the local city streets. Watching for them. If they can hear this… Wherever they are… We here in Metropolis wish for their return and us here at MRHAP Metropolis are keeping the Local Watchdog in our prayers. Let’s liven things up a bit with a marathon of hits that keep coming back. In 1994 in response to the need for Girl power… a British pop girl band known as the spice girls was formed. It took the length of 2 years of consecutive rehearsals and interviews. Tryouts and Auditions for their band. It was not till 1997 when they finally released their debut single. “Wannabe”.  I don’t know about you listeners out there. But Baby Spice can be my love queen anytime. Hey…  A Guy can hope, can’t he? Here’s Spice Girls with their Hit Saturday Night Diva only on the top station across the airwaves of Metropolis. This is MRHAP Metropolis where the hits come home to roost and reign for a lifetime and many more after…

Amy: *Listening to the Radio* I know that song. That song is really catchy.

Susie: Let’s sing it.

Christina: Here? Now… We don’t sing. We just listen.

Penny: There’s a first time for everything… isn’t there?

Spencer: I think that i’ll just sit this one out. I am not no spice love crazed loon.

While walking…

Zoey: I’m worried about the summoners gone missing.

Blossom: So am i. There’s alot of them vanishing and too fast as well. It’s happening too quick.

Zoey: Kimahri is certain that our Summoner Yuna will be okay. But i don’t know. I don’t trust the fact that the Abductors are out there and are just waiting to come along when we’re with our backs turned and just up and grab her. I am scared about knowing that summoners are being taken and no one knows who’s behind it.

Blossom: Your mom would feel the same way, i guess. Wouldn’t she? I feel a bit worried about the summoners being taken just Mysteriously. it’s an issue. Auron doesn’t seem worried about it though.

Zoey: Why not? Doesn’t he think that there is something going on and that there is a problem revolving the disappearances of the Summoners who go on their Pilgrimage and just vanishing without a trace?

Blossom: I don’t think we know enough yet… We keep going over the what… but not the why… or the who? It’s as if the reasons why… are foreign to us still as is the Who…

As they were walking…

They came across the same girl who was trying to stop the crusaders from going through with the operation…

Sapphire: Hey… It’s shelinda. What’s she doing out here on the side of the road? She hitchin’ a ride from someone?

Raven: Maybe.

Serena: Let’s go see.

A second later…

Sapphire: Hey Shelinda. you’re looking rather down. You okay? Are you waiting for someone?

Shelinda: Good day, everyone. We can all learn a lesson from what has happened to the Crusaders. Only the truly faithful have a hope of defeating Sin.

Serena: That we noticed. But the idea that they were trying to do what they could to beat sin or make an attempt. That was at least saying they were willing to try.

Sapphire: You gotta admit that part there, Jellybean. They were trying what they could. And yeah… the teachings are supposed to be adhered to and obeyed. But you saw that sometimes people will seek to test their luck and go against the teachings. It’s just that way. Of course sometimes the result for doing that… Is not gonna always be the one they’d want.

Shelinda: That’s understood. But the teachings are there for a reason. It’s our only true guide. It’s all we truly have.

Raven: Sounds like a real problem… that the only saving grace and the means for comfort if any is the teachings.

Shelinda: yes…

seconds later, they all pressed on and got to a certain point when they happened to come across Two Ronso’s and saw that they were messing with a short guy. scaring him…

Raven: Wait a minute… Don’t we know them from somewhere?

Serena: What do you mean?

Raven: Those two Ronso’s… They look familiar. Don’t they? They look like the same ones that were encountered at the Luca Cafe back in the Luca Square. How they were trying to mess with Kimahri. Taunting him for some thrill.

Sapphire: Serena, Raven’s right… They look really familiar. *Suddenly remembering who the two Ronso’s were* …

“Yenke: *shove* Why not talk, Kimahri? Not see Yenke for ten years! Say something! Kimahri forget Yenke? Forget Biran?”

Sapphire: Biran and Yenke Ronso. The Ronso Double trouble bullies to Kimahri.

Serena: What is it that they’re trying to do to the young man? Are they trying to start something?

Raven: Let’s find out.

Annie: Are you guys sure that you want to mess with them?

Serena: No. But those guys are being bullies to the young man. Someone’s gotta stop them.

Clint: Be careful you guys.

Paul: Be careful.

Raven: How bad can it be?

The young man ran off as they all approached the Two Ronso…

Biran: Look! One of Kimahri’s friends. Looks just like him.

Tidus: What?

Sora: *Looking at her sister* Is it just me… or do these two have some kind of issue with Kimahri?

Carly: they have a problem with Kimahri and i don’t think it’s nice. I don’t think it’s funny at all.

Sora: i think that it’s really mean of them to be teasing and trying to give Kimahri a hard time.

Carly: Kimahri knows them… but why doesn’t he do something? get them to stop.

Sora: He should.

Carly: We should help him out.

Sora: How do we do that?

Carly: We’ll think of something.

Biran: Both follow summoners on all fours! Hornless goatlings!

Yenke: Hornless! Hornless!

Both of them guffaw at Kimahri…

Kimahri: You come to insult Kimahri?

Biran: Wrong. We come to warn little Kimahri.

Yenke: Summoners disappear. Never return.

Annie: Hey! Are you two the ones who were passing off the rumor of the Summoners vanishing?

Yenke: Rumor not rumor. Rumor is fact… Summoners leave on journey. but never return. no trace. Never again.

Paul: When did this begin?

Biran: Started right before failure of Operation Mi’ihen.

Sora: So… the rumors are true. They’re really vanishing without a trace.

Carly: But who’s doing it?

Yenke: It’s the Non believers of Yevon. they take Summoner and run away with summoner. never tell why they take them.

Biran: Next will be Kimahri’s summoner.

Yenke: Poor Kimahri! Lost his horn, next lose his summoner!

Biran: Pitiful Kimahri! Howl alone! Howl alone!

Both of them guffaw and then leave right after and go along their way…

Tidus: Do those two got something against you?

Kimahri: *Shaking head*

Tidus: What, they were just picking on you?

Kimahri: Kimahri will deal with them.

Tidus: And I’ll help!

Kimahri: Kimahri alone.

Tidus: But…

Serena: Why fight them alone… You are being picked on and prodded and teased. Plus made into some kind of joke in their eyes. Are you trying to say that you condone that kind of treatment being done on you, Kimahri? If i was you… I’d come out swinging at them. Knocking them down off their high horses. That’s what i’d do. I wouldn’t put up with that. None of us would. You shouldn’t either.

Wakka: It’s Kimahri’s problem. We can’t interfere; it’s a rule.

Lulu: I’m worried.

Blossom: You’re not alone in that one, Lulu.

Spencer: We are also worried about it too… It’s getting to be a real bad problem. A real bad problem.

Clint: It’s gonna get worse. Something tells us that it’s gonna just get worse.

Wakka: Let the Ronso deal with Ronso problems, ya? That’s how it’s always been.

Lulu: I mean I’m worried about those summoners disappearing.

Crystal: This is getting to be really serious now.

Auron: They aren’t just disappearing into thin air.

Paul: You’re right, Auron. They’re not. Summoners are being taken. grabbed and taken away to a secret location. It’s got to be somewhere that only the abductors would know about.

Tidus: Hey, if we guardians do our job…no problem, right?

Wakka: Whoa!

Lulu: Confident.

Tidus: Yeah!

Serena: Stand back, everyone… Tidus the Courageous has come to roost.

They continue on down the path to the MoonFlow. But as they were walking…

Zoey: *feeling over heated and tired; About to pass out* I don’t feel so good.

Blossom: Zoey, Are you okay?

Zoey: I don’t… *Blacking out; out cold*

Blossom: Zoey?! Zoey! *Catching Zoey before Zoey hit the ground*

Wakka: *Turning to see Blossom on her knees with Zoey resting on her lap* What happened?

Lulu: What’s wrong with Zoey?

Blossom: I don’t know… I… We were just talking and she seemed fine. Then all of a sudden… Out she went. Like a light. She just blacked out. I don’t even know what caused it.

Annie: *Kneeling before them and Feeling Zoey’s forehead* She’s burning up. She’s burning up.

Clint: She what?! Oh no… What’ll we do? there’s no medical place near.

Auron: *Walking over towards them* Give her… We’ll take her to the rest stop up ahead. They have a resting area there. I’ll take her there. you guys stay with Yuna and guard her.

Auron then grabs and picks up Zoey and Carries her off to the resting area that was not far ahead from where they were now… Blossom felt bad for Zoey and didn’t know what happened to Zoey. But Zoey was coming with a fever. A Mysterious fever and they didn’t know how to cure it. But While Auron left up ahead with Zoey over to the rest area…

The Fighters and Guardians pressed on with Yuna and continued on from where they were…

But a little further down the road…

Belgemine: The Summoner Yuna and the party. I see that we meet and cross paths again.

Annie: You were waiting for us? How long have you been waiting for her?

Belgemine: Not long. I been keeping an eye out for her and you guardians. You’re all with a famous summoner’s flesh and blood. Helping those who indeed defy Yevon? No two summoners are alike. But you… You’re something else. It seems that fate has managed to bring us together. Plus i also heard that you took part in Operation Mi’ihen. You’ve seen that machina aren’t the answer. In the end, only summoners can hope to defeat Sin.

Yuna: You’re right… I Must train harder.

Belgemine: It would indeed be a good chance for you to hone your skills. That is, if you wish to.

Yuna: I’m ready.

Paul: We’ll be here and pulling for you Yuna. You can do it. show what you can do.

Belgemine: That’s the spirit. But… Before we begin. *Healing the Aeons* I have healed your Aeons. Well… Shall we?

Daria: *Nods*

Yuna: Yes.

The battle begins and the Summoner summons Ixion.

Belgemine: Call whichever Aeon you wish.

Yuna Summons for Ifrit…

Ifrit appears and the Aeons stand off…

Belgemine: Don’t hold anything back. Show me what you’ve learned.

Ifrit used Meteor Strike 3 times on Belgemine’s Ixion. Then attacked it 4 times. It healed itself 6 times. Ixion used its Aerospark 5 times and attacked 4 times. Before Ixion could use its overdrive as its gauge was fully charged. Ifrit used Hellfire on Ixion to let out it’s strongest attack.

A moment later…

Belgemine: Stop. That is enough. You’re good. You bested me fairly. Here, your prize. Go on, take it.

Clint: *Cheering* Way to go Yuna! Way to go… Yeah!

Christina: Wow! Now that’s the way to do it.

Spencer: That is how it’s done. Straight and with no pulled punch. Strategic and planned.

Yuna got a Dragon scale and the Summoner’s soul. Which enabled for the Aeons to learn new abilities. It was gonna help in the battles ahead. With that… they said their adieus and Belgemine took her leave with grace. Raven was worried about Zoey. They all were. A minute later they got back onto the road and pressed ahead. Auron met back with them and assured that Zoey was safe at the rest area. Being tended to… Throughout the Path to the MoonFlow They had to fight some fiends. Most were ones that they saw on the Djose shore and the Djose Highroad. But the newest Fiend that they came across was a Ochu. But the strangest thing was that it looked to them like the same thing they faced when they went up against Lord Ochu back in the Kilika Jungle…

It wasn’t long before they reached the end of the path… the end of the stretch of tall greenery to come face to sight of a river…

Sora: *Looking at the river* Carly… Look at the river.

Carly: It’s amazing. What’s this River called?

South bank of MoonFlow…

The party… the Guardians, Fighters and the Summoner gather around to watch the pyreflies rising from a swarm of purple flowers throughout the shallows of the river…

Tidus: Whoa!

Lulu: This is the Moonflow.

Annie: This is the moonFlow?

Amy: This sight here looks really beautiful.

Raven: Wow! everything here is so sparkly.

Serena: The river looks really serene.

Radio: *Playing some more music* This is Blitz-Man Drake with another tune for the soul… Here is the Police with “Spirits in the Material World” Only on MRHAP Metropolis… *Music plays*

Tidus: *Whistles*

Blossom: *Looking at the greenpad in the river* What are those?!

Yuna: *Looking at the green plants in the river* These are moonlilies! They say that clouds of pyreflies gather here when night falls.

Lulu: The entire river glows, like a sea of stars.

Sapphire: You serious, Lulu? the entire river?

Lulu: The entire river.

Spencer: But that is size-ably impossible. How could a cloud of pyreflies cause this? Where would all these Pyreflies come from? All at once.

Lulu: The farplane.

Spencer: The farplane… Would that be the same place where Yuna sends the dead to? The spirit world?

Wakka: That’s right Spencer. That’s the same place. The dead get sent there and reside to rest in peace, ya.

Tidus: *Awed* Really? Hey, I got an idea!

Auron: We’re not waiting till nightfall.

Blossom: I wouldn’t mind waiting here till Nightfall… Seeing something like that would be really stunning. *Smiling*

Tidus: Then, once we beat Sin, we’re coming back!

Suddenly without a gasp. there was a rush of hard silence. There was nothing but stony silence coming from everyone and the fighters all turned and looked at them wondering what so wrong with what Tidus said just then. That once they were to defeat Sin… that they’d come back to the MoonFlow. The fighters didn’t speak hardly about it too much. In fact… they said not a word of it. They were at a loss on what the Guardians were talking about. With that said…They go back to watching. Eventually…

Wakka: Hey, we better hurry or we’ll miss the shoopuf!

Tidus: Shoopuf? That some kind of boat?

Sora: What is a Shoopuf? Is that like some kind of animal?

Carly: I don’t know… But whatever it is… it’s probably huge. Nothing quite like the other animals or fiends that we had seen.

Wakka: *Turns and points*

The girls all look and gasp at the sight. It was a massive animal. Huge and like a gargantuan creature…

They all got a little closer and then…

a huge creature started lumbering on by…

Tidus: Whoa… What the… Whoa!

Wakka: This is a shoopuf…

Serena: You don’t say… Well… Let’s get our butts over and ride on that thing.

Penny: Will we all fit on it though?

Daria: I don’t think so. I wish that i could say we could. But that would be lying. We don’t even know the max capacity of riders allowed on it.

Theodore: How many people can there be on the Shoopuf, Wakka?

Wakka: Only a few… 9 to ten people allowed at a time really.

Blossom: Talk about limited space.

Paul: Exactly. We’re gonna have to decide who’s gonna ride on the Shoopuf and who’ll have to catch the next ride…

Tidus: Whoa…Let’s ride! Come on, let’s go!

Wakka: All right! We board soon as we’re ready, ya?

Zoey was at the MoonFlow South wharf pavillion and feeling feverish. She didn’t feel too responsive either. The fighters and the guardians all scattered throughout and made last minute preparations before the ride on the Shoopuf. The fighters had to make a decision and decide as to who’d be going on the ride and how the others would get across. Someone had to make the decisions… they had to choose. fast…

At the MoonFlow South wharf pavillion…

Annie and her sister Daria looked around while Clint and Theodore tended to Zoey and tried to get the fever down.

The Djose Chocobo knights were there on the side and arguing with a Hypello. The Chocobo of course stood nearby…

Driver: Noo, I don shink sho. Ish bad idea, yesh.

Lucil: Please, we beg of you!

Driver: Imposhibibble! Imposhibibble!

Tidus: What’s wrong?

Clint: What’s that guy’s problem?

Elma: This guy won’t let our chocobo on the shoopuf!

Theodore: Why the heck not? Are Chocobo’s somehow forbidden on riding upon the Shoopuf?

Tidus: Ah. It is kinda big.

Clint: There’s no sign on the Shoopuf saying that there are no Chocobo’s allowed onboard. So… I really don’t see there being any problem with having the Chocobo on board the shoopuf.

Elma: It’s just not fair!

Dinah: Clint… That’s enough. If the guy says no… then there must be a pretty good reason for it. He wouldn’t say it otherwise unless he was trying to be a total Jerk. That’s about the only reason. Or if we were speaking Al Bhed… We say Jerk. Like this: “Zang.”

Elma: How do you know their language?

Dinah: I kinda found out about it in some form while the family and i were at the Mi’ihen Highroad travel Agency. We Ran into this guy. Rin. He was an Al Bhed. and kinda tossed a couple little pointers of speaking it. It is rough but it gets a little better as time passes.

Clasko: Uh…He does have a point, though.

Elma: So, what? We just leave him behind?

Clasko: Hey, I didn’t say that. Just…

Dinah: No… We are not gonna leave anyone behind. Lucil… We should just look for an alternative route. Because the more we argue with the guy… the more stressed off we’ll be and we’ll get only agitated and annoyed. Pissed and it won’t help anyone.

Lucil: *sighs* It is no good. We will have to find another way. We will find a ford where we can cross on foot. Dinah, You spoke a good point. We should just keep a level head and get with finding an alternative route.

Elma: Yes, Captain, sir! *Saluting*

Clasko: But…that’ll take days!

Dinah: Not if we pace ourselves. Just pace yourself. Clasko… it’s gonna be alright. Just think of it like this… Think as if you’re on a journey to find a new place to live and are looking for a better life. You’re… here. and the new place is in… say… Macalania.

Lucil: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Dinah: I tell my kids that alot. But its as true then when i told my daughters that a bunch of times as it is now. I agree. If there is a will… there is a way.

Clasko: Oh, boy…

Elma: That’s our captain!

They run off and before they were to fade off into the scene…

Dinah: You guys be good now. I am sure that we’ll see each other again. At least i’ll see you guys. Be safe.

Narrative: *As Theodore* Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Those words stayed with us. I wonder how Captain Lucil is doing. Something was telling us that this was possibly the last time that we were gonna ever see Capt. Lucil and Elma. Plus Even Clasko…

Clint: *Tending to Zoey* The Fever is still there. It hasn’t gone down at all… I think that this area is making her sick.

Theodore: No… It’s not the area. There must have been a stray fiend along the path and bumped into her.

Clint: No. That couldn’t be it… Blossom was right next to her and if there was a stray fiend… She would have seen it.  That part i would know. Blossom was watching both sides.

Theodore: Well… something’s causing Zoey’s fever. It has to be something.

Clint: But what? You can see for a fact that she’s sick. Something about this area is doing it to her. Something is doing it.

Theodore: Do you think that the water will cure her?

Clint: I guess.

Annie: *Walking over* How is she?

Clint: Not sure. The Fever is still high and it’s not going down. Annie, You and Daria go and get some water. The MoonFlow River… Go to the banks and gather some water.

Annie: What for? What do you think the water will do for her?

Clint: It’s a wild theory. I don’t think it’s likely to work. I am not even sure that it could work… But all i do know is that it is a shot in the long run. It might only make it worse… But then again… it might not. But if there is a chance that it could make her better… we’re gonna have to take that risk. Aunt Luna would be unhappy about seeing that Zoey was undergoing a mysterious fever. She’d never stand for it in the least.

Annie: You’re right. She wouldn’t. *Looking to the side* Well… I guess that anythings worth a shot. It’s better than nothing. Or a kick in the butt. *Seeing Zoey squirm and moan* She’s struggling. She’s hurtin’. She’s hurtin’ bad. I’ll be back. I’ll go get some water…

Daria: Annie… Guys… there’s no need for the water. This guy here following me is a Hypello. He’s a doctor. He seems to have a cure to what Zoey is suffering from…

Although as for the others… at the Loading area in the South wharf…

Auron: Ten years ago…

Tidus: *Groan* A history lesson?

Auron: Jecht saw his first shoopuf here. Surprised, he drew his blade and struck it.

Spencer: Jecht struck at the shoopuf?

Tidus: Why?

Susie: What would make him do such a thing? Was he dealing with a rather psychotic episode?

Auron: He was drunk…Thought it was a fiend.

Tidus: Oh, brother…

Penny: Oh, brother is right. Talk about classic idiocy. I swear… if being drunk can make someone do that… it’s got to be that he drank way too much. He must have been overly intoxicated for that to happen.

Auron: We offered all the money we had as an apology. Jecht never drank again. But, it would seem that shoopuf still works here. Even after ten years, Spira hasn’t changed. Truly… The place seems to resist change. It would take something unusual. Don’t let the peaceful scenery fool you. Be on guard at all times.

Over by where Yuna and Kimahri were…

Sapphire: I take that we’re about to ride on board that thing. It’s a huge creature.

Yuna: Shoopufs! I haven’t ridden one in so long!

Tidus: What? You’ve been on one of these?

Raven: You’ve been on board that Shoopuf before? Was it… scary?

Yuna: Well, just once. Ten years ago, with Kimahri. It wasn’t scary at all. I actually rather enjoyed it. You Remember, Don’t you… Kimahri?

Kimahri: Shoopuf shook. Yuna fall in water. Shoopuf scoop up Yuna with its long nose. Yuna then jumped in water three more times just for fun. Kimahri worried.

Yuna: *Apologetic* Whoops!

Kimahri: Yuna had fun. Kimahri happy. Biran is troublemaker, but Ronso do not lie. Summoners disappearing–that was not lie.

Serena: If you ask me… Biran is a bit of a Jerk. But you know your Clansmen better than any of us. So if you feel that there was truth to what was said… we’ll buy it. But with the idea of Summoners being under the veil of vanishing… That is what has us really rubbed the wrong way.

Raven: Kimahri, Let’s forget about Biran… forget what he thinks. What do you believe is going on? Do you think that it’s true that Summoners are disappearing?

Kimahri: Can’t say. But there is fact behind rumor. Summoners go on Journey. vanish mysteriously. never seen again.

Tidus: Right, I’ll be careful.

Serena: We’ll be on the watch.

Raven: I don’t think that the Summoners are vanishing by accident. I think that someone’s taking them. we’re thinking that whoever’s taking them are deeply against the concept of Summoners going on these Pilgrimages and working over to get that final Summoning that is said to be at the end of the Journey.

Sapphire: So… What are we to do?

Paul: *Thinking* There is nothing that can be done. All that can be done is just keep our guard up. At all times.

Kimahri: *Sniffing* Smells like oil.

Crystal: So… Yuna… Tell us something. Where did you live before all this? Because you sure seemed to be like someone who was a city dweller before living a life on Besaid Isle.

Yuna: I lived in the city of Bevelle until ten years ago. I moved to Besaid after my father defeated Sin. Kimahri was with me the whole way!

Tidus: Bevelle?

Amy: Is this the same Bevelle that our mother is in right now working for the Grand Maester?

Yuna: It’s the biggest city in Spira! The main temple of Yevon is there. Come on! Let’s get on the shoopuf!

Although still at the Pavillion…

Blossom: *Looking to see the Scholar nearby* There’s Maechen. I wonder what he’s doing here.

Theodore: Not sure. Why not go and ask? It’s a perfect time to find out…

Blossom: Okay.

Blossom went over to the Scholar and spoke with him…

Maechen: Would you like to hear a bit about the wondrous shoopuf?

Blossom: it’d be good to know more about it. Because we’re very confused about what it’s like.

Maechen: Very well! There are many things we do not know about the shoopuf. For example, what does it eat? It eats nothing! The water it sucks through its schnoz somehow supports its considerable size. Some theorize it eats teeny-weeny waterborne organisms. And that, as they say, is that.

Blossom: It eats nothing but yet still lives… That has to be a one rare animal.

Maechen: Perhaps you’d like to hear about the Hypello.

Blossom: Sure.

Maechen: These shoopuf handlers belong to a race of water-dwellers known as the Hypello. They may be slow on land, but in the water they’re quick as silvery fish! You’d think they’d make admirable players of blitzball. But their lackadaisical disposition draws them to less strenuous pastimes. And that, as they say, is that.

Blossom: *Smiles* That’s interesting. I think that they are really unique. I gotta tell the others. They’re never gonna believe this. *Thrilled*

A few minutes later…

At the Loading area of the South wharf…

Annie: *Running by suddenly* Come quick… Zoey’s okay. She’s okay again…

Tidus: *Gasps* Huh?! What…

Auron: Take us to her…

Annie: Yeah. Come on…

At the Pavillion…

Zoey: *Shaking off the rest of the Fever* I don’t know where that came from. But i am so glad that i’m better again. That Fever was just awful.

Blossom: I can imagine. we had the suspicion that it was caused by this area… or from a stray fiend running past us and we didn’t happen to see what it was that ran by.

Zoey: It wasn’t this area. There was nothing in this area that would make me sick.

Blossom: Then… what do you suppose it was?

Zoey: I’m not sure.

Serena: *From the side and walking over* Zoey, Are you okay?

Zoey: I am now.

Raven: You had us all worried. when you blacked out like that… You had really freaked out.

Zoey: I’m sorry.

Annie: Hey… Don’t be sorry. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Warrior Monk: There have been reports of Al Bhed sightings in this area. Stay alert and keep your guard up at all times!

Serena: *Looking at the Warrior* Hey! Back off from the Al Bhed. Stop making them out to be threats.

Warrior Monk: Anyone who doesn’t believe in Yevon and its teachings. Would continuously defy Yevon are threats.

Serena: You know what… I am beginning to wonder if Yevon is building nothing more than Judgement people where you all treat the Al bhed like bastards. It is pathetic and really stupid. Why don’t you damn Yevonites GROW THE HELL UP?

Warrior Monk: If you support the Al Bhed… you are a threat. They are harbingers. They must not be allowed to progress in derailing all that Yevon stands for.

Serena: You are a complete Racist. And Al Bhed are people too… Whether you Yevonites like it or not. You want to trash them… Well… Guess what. We know a little Al Bhed ourselves. So… HA!

Warrior Monk: *Walking away disgusted* …

A Minute later…

Auron: You should not have done that.

Serena: *Annoyed* And why the hell not?

Auron: It will upset the balance. Now you and your clan will be on report for showing your hand of being Al Bhed Sympathizers.

Serena: *Growls and a little snappy* Well… You’ll have to excuse me for right now. But as of right now… I don’t think i care. I am just sick of tired of Yevon treating the Al Bhed like crap. Just because the Al Bhed happen to follow a certain path… doesn’t give Yevon the right to regard them as credible threats to all life.

Wakka: It’s been like that for many years. Yevon believes things a certain way.

Serena: It’s still wrong. I won’t stand for it.

Sapphire: I know how this will go if she goes on being like this… Someone Ice her. hurry. *Shaking her head; Sighs*

Annie: It’s almost time to go… We need to decide on who goes where.

Amy: Our hero forms can hover on water… we can walk on water because of our hero forms ability to hover or levitate over water. Ground. It can come in good use.

Sapphire: Sounds good. So the heroes with the power or ability to hover over water… and or ground will walk over the water and travel that way. the ones who can’t… will ride among you guys on the Shoopuf.

Penny: Sounds like a good plan to us.

Daria: Wow! now that’s a good alternative. Leaving nobody behind…

Wakka: The ones who can’t hover over water… ride the Shoopuf. Let’s go…

Zoey: *Nods* Let’s go.

Blossom: I never been on a Shoopuf before. It’s gonna be high up.

Crystal: It’ll be okay. Blossom, you and and Zoey can ride next to me and Paul. It’ll be alright. Sora and Carly are gonna be sitting on top of the Howda that rests on the back of the Shoopuf. It’ll be fine.

Sora: Right.

Carly: This is gonna be fun.

Within a minute later, The fighters were all set to go. The Rhapsody Romancers Z!, The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! and The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! were prepared to hover and levitate over the water. to follow along the Shoopuf. Zoey and Blossom were open for the ride… it was gonna be an experience that they would never forget. They would never be one to get others to believe that they rode on a Shoopuf. It was across the MoonFlow River. From the south to the North they go… What were they gonna expect while riding upon the Shoopuf? were they gonna be met by a sneak attack while trekking on the River? More history lessons and more morality. but a step closer to completing the Pilgrimage. Find out what comes their way on the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues!

Ride across the MoonFlow and experience more of thrills and learn a lesson or two. Get met by a sneak attack all at the same time. It’s an Al Bhed Machina… in MoonFlow Battle in the Hole!


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