Chapter 134: Aftermath of battle and the Rhapsody Clan’s first face to face glimpse of Sin.

Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

Sin’s feelers started to creep right on over to the bay below from where they were. Suddenly Sin arises and lifts up from the sea. To show its face…

Sailor Zoey: *Screams* SIN!!!!

Blossom: Get it away… *Freaking out* oh god… make that beast go away. Please…

Thunder Star: Oh god… this is gonna totally ruin our happy moment. Our victory gets met by a slight of hand. We get to see Sin… in the flesh.

Miss Bliss: I don’t think that i want to do this anymore… *Shivering and shaking in fear* Can we go home now… Please.

Sir Love: Let’s go back home… I don’t think that i like this anymore. This isn’t cute anymore.

The forces are seen all forming on the beach. Ready to head out towards Sin. Above… Where the Cannons were. The Artillery teams were ready to move. Ready to fire…

Lucil: Let’s go!

Artillery Captain: FIRE!!!!

The Cannons fired and smacked right into sin hard. Sin Spawn were seen falling from its sides and fall right into the sea. Swimming to the beach. Right where the Crusaders and the Chocobo Knights were…

Lucil: CHARGE!!!!

The Crusaders and the Knights rode into the sea just a few inches into the sea and started fighting the Sin Spawn…

At the Command center…

Auron: Look out!

The force knocked a bunch of the fighters into the beach. Knocking them out for the count… for a while…

Blossom: *Cries out* ZOEY!!!

Sora: Crystal! Carly!

Miss Bliss: *Gasps* CLINT! THEODORE!

Angelic Bubble: *Cries out* PENNY! SPENCER!

Miss Thunder: SERENA!!!

The remaining fighters who were still on the ledge at the command center were knocked down and out…”

The outer armor came off Sin and shed off its body like a layer of skin and seconds later… Sin was surrounded by a force field that it created and could be seen hunched down. The Energy field surrounding Sin exploded and popped out a blast soaring its way over to the beach right at the Crusaders who were partially in the sea fighting off the Sin Spawn and didn’t see the blast come at them. it was from a second after a flash of light went off and in a surge of hot deadly energy the crusaders that were in the sea and on the edge of the beach all got decimated and vaporized. It tore right at them with impeding force and it was over with just a kink and a blink. Sin however remained within the Energy force field and bided its time…

In the Ruined Command center…

Yuna was out cold but slowly comes to. The remaining members of the Romancers Z!, Aquatic Force Z! and Thunderic Force Z!, Blossom, Paul and Sora were there with her and They barely came to. The hit knocked them down and they were still a bit dazed. Still in it, but Dazed.

Miss Thunder: *Seeing Seymour facing Sinspawn Gui* Wha–?

Thunderic Wonder: What’s he doing?

Miss Passion: *Dazed and slowly coming to* Is he… trying to… fight it off?

Angelic Bubble: I don’t know… but I am not happy with the idea that Spencer and Penny are gone. They’re probably dead. Sin probably killed them.

Bubbling star: What about Zoey, Serena, Carly and Crystal? Clint and Theodore too? What if we never see them again?

Melodic Bubble: There’s also Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri. Tidus. What of them, huh? Our Aunt Luna’s gonna be pissed and devastated to hear of Zoey’s death. they could be dead out there.

Within seconds they got up and Looked to see Auron…

Miss Bliss: Auron?! You’re alright? Thank god that at least you’re alive and still in the game.

Yuna: *seeing Maester Seymour fending off the Sin Spawn*

Miss Thunder: Let’s go… The Maester needs a boost of help. Let’s help him out.

Miss Bliss: Right.

Blossom: We’re gonna do this to avenge our fallen members. This is for them.

The remaining fighters walk over to start with the Battle… Yuna of course followed along…

Seymour: Stand back, Lady Yuna.

Yuna: Y-yes.

Miss Thunder: Seymour… Maester Seymour… You are thinking about battling the Sin Spawn here, right?

Seymour: *Nods* It has to be done. Sin will remain wherever its sin spawn resides. We have to drive Sin away from here before it advances onto the main land.

Thunderic Wonder: You’re so dreamy, talking so suave. *Smiles and Blushes*

Seymour: Your Admiration is touching… but rather inappropriate at this time… This is no time to play.

Miss Passion: That’s true.

Miss Thunder: Let’s get it.

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s head with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher*Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Bubbling Star: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s head with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Melodic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s head with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Blossom: Maester… We should take out the Head first. The head will try to attack if we leave it alive.

Seymour: *Looking at the girl* Very well.

Yuna: *Casting Pray on the fighters and herself*

Auron: *Tossing a Hi-Potion to all* Here.

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Arms with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Arms with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Paul: Let’s rally up on the Sin Spawn. Attack the Arms and the head.

Miss Thunder: Right. What about it, Your grace? Wanna see the Sin Spawn’s head get shocked into a coma? Giving it a taste of being wasted?

Seymour: Ah… A good idea. Let’s do that.

Blossom: I can shoot thunder… Electricity. The 4 of us can electrocute the head of this Sin Spawn.

A second later…

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Head with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Head with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Auron: *Attacking the Sin Spawn’s Arms with his Katana*

Seymour: *Casting Thundara on the Sin Spawn’s Head*

Blossom: *Throwing a Ball of Thunder at the head* Take that, Meanie!

Miss Bliss: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s head* Blissful Heart Storm!

Miss Passion: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s head* Love’s Passionate FOG!

The head was knocked out…

Paul and Auron went at the Arms and took them out. As soon as they had an opening on the body… they all went at it with swift agility. one attack at a time…

Seymour: *Casting Thundara on The Sin Spawn’s body*

Miss Bliss: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s Body* Blissful Heart Storm!

Miss Passion: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s Body* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s Body with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher*Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Bubbling Star: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s Body with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Melodic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn’s Body with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Body with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Sin spawn’s Body with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Auron: *Attacking the Sin Spawn’s Body with his Katana*

Yuna: *Summoning Ifrit*

Yuna’s Aeon finishes it off and the Sin Spawn hankers down before disintegrating into nothing…

Yuna: *Gasps; Panics* The others? *Rushing over to the edge of the cliff*

Blossom: *With the remaining fighters; Running over to the edge of the cliff*

As for the Al Bhed who were now going for their shot at fighting Sin…

The Al Bhed’s Machina locked on to Sin and aimed before firing at Sin. It was gonna blast into Sin’s Energy field and vanquish it but as they fired at Sin… the Energy field just remained pulsing itself and wasn’t going down. It just pulled back it’s power and built up as the Al Bhed continued to fire at it. The Machina was not giving up and pulled up with more power and dished out a boosting power surge as it fired harder at Sin. Piercing into its Energy field. tearing into it. Although that was when Sin’s Energy field exploded with a ball of anti-matter and fired at the machina. It was so quick that no one could prepare for it. Yuna was on the cliffs and watching as it happened. She grew a heavy heart. Paul and Blossom looked at the devastation and could only sigh… Blossom felt terrible for them. The remaining members of the clan all Cried and cursed out to Sin.

Miss Bliss: *Calling out to Sin* You Cruel maniacal heartless beast. HOW COULD YOU KILL ALL THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE?!

Miss Passion: You better get the hell lost Sin. Because we’re at that point where we’re gonna just destroy you ourselves. You evil unfeeling monster.

Blossom: *Crying* That beast! How could it just kill and wipe out all those people? Why does it have to kill?

Miss Thunder: We don’t know why it is so, Blossom. We don’t know. But we’re not gonna let this go. When we happen to see Sin again… Ever again… We will stand ready to fight.

Thunderic Wonder: It’s a death wish. But right now… we don’t care. seeing what happened right now… It should not have happened.

Angelic Bubble: You’re darn right that it shouldn’t have happened. But it did happen. It happened and now we have to try to recover and pick up the pieces. Zoey’s gone. Spencer and Penny, Clint and Theodore. Serena, Carly and Crystal. They’re all gone. We don’t even know if they made it and are possible survivors in smoldering Aftermath.

Bubbling Star: Let’s go to the shore. Maybe they’re there.

Melodic Bubble: Yeah… let’s go see their crushed bodies. That’s really a sight to see. Seeing the crushed bodies of our fallen members. That’s really nice. No way. Imagining and considering the possible worst of things to happen. that’s one thing. But to endure that loss and then having to tell the others about it… thereby making it reality… Uh, Can we say: Earth to apparent Psychotic minds?

Paul: What do we do then? We can’t just stay here. We’re gonna have to get down there. You do realize that Djose is not all that far away from the shore. So… we’re gonna need to get down there. One way or the other.

Miss Bliss: *Looking down at the beaches* Please… guys. Please be alive. Please don’t let it be so that they’re dead…


For Tidus…

For the possibly assumed members of the clan…

They woke up after being knocked out cold…

Zoey: *Waking up and getting up slowly*

Tidus: *Moaning and waking up from being knocked out for a while* Uh… Uhhhh.

Spencer: *Moaning and suddenly waking up from the knockout* Oh… god… *Getting up and Looking around*

Crystal and Carly, Clint and Theodore, Penny and Serena all got up slowly from their dazed positions. They were literally thrown for a total loop and it took them all a moment to realize where it was that they ended up…

Tidus was up at that time. He got up and looked around…

Clint: *Looking around* Look at this place.

Theodore: Oh man… What happened here?

Carly: Was this all Sin’s doing?

Clint: I would believe that it was… All this debris. the destruction.

Crystal: *Suffering a Vision* Oh no…

Serena: *Walking around and checking out the lifeless bodies left as an sign that Sin was there and had left his presence being known* All these lifeless bodies.

Carly: *Walking over to the side and looking over to the back of one of the narrow walkways* so many people lost their lives. Many of them didn’t have to. *Looking further and seeing a body that looked familiar* Oh no… We have a problem. Isn’t that…

Serena: *Looking at Carly* What’s wrong? What do you see?

Carly: Not what… Who. *Pointing at the body up ahead in the very back* Over there…

Serena: *Looking to the back and seeing the body* Oh… yeah. I see it. It’s a dead body. *Noticing and suddenly recognizing who it was*

Zoey: *Looking around and managing to walk on over to the back to get to the body sitting alone* Oh no… we have a problem. We just have suffered a loss.

Serena: What are you talking about? Zoey, we’re all here.

Carly: Serena… We’re not all here… we as our group are all here. the rest of us are still on the Ridge. Tidus is here with us… the Guardians are on the other side… possibly all waiting for us. But there is someone we’ll never hear or see again.

Serena: *Seeing the Crusader* Oh… no.

Zoey: It’s Gatta.

Serena: Sir Gatta? You’re kidding…

Carly: What? No… No… it can’t be.

Zoey: I think it is… It is him and he’s sitting there. Not moving. There is no movement coming from him whatsoever.

Serena: Uh-oh. I don’t think we’re gonna like this…

Tidus: *Running over to check*

A second later…

Tidus: Gatta? Gatta, come on, wake up. 

Gatta: *Collapses… obviously dead*

Gatta was dead. One of Sin’s many many casualties…

Tidus: *Breaking down in tears*

Zoey: NOOOOOO!!!!!

Serena: *Looking down* How could he have died? How?! Why did he have to Die?

Carly: He never stood a chance…

Penny: Okay… Whoever the son of a bitch is that did this… Killed Gatta. I hope that person has their will written. Because their life is now over. If we see the one that did this… We swear it in the name of God. or Yevon… that he or she or it… will be

Within seconds the others walked over and saw Gatta on the ground and lifeless. It didn’t take them long to bawl in tears as it got to them. They felt really upset and devastated seeing a young Crusader dead. What was Capt. Luzzu gonna say. That was the one question that they were gonna have to ask themselves. But the answer was not gonna come. There was no way that they’d be able to break it to Luzzu. Although…

A few feet away from the beach…

Sin turned and started to head out to sea…

Zoey: *Looking at Gatta’s dead body and in sorrow*

Tidus: *Hearing moans coming from the sea*

They all turn and see Sin preparing to vanish into the sea again. The girls and Spencer along with Clint and Theodore. Tidus… they were with grief and devastation which grew into disgust and Desperation. It was then that they’d called out to it as if ordering it to freeze.

Serena: *With Carly, Crystal. Clint and Theodore, Zoey. Penny and Spencer; With Tidus* HEY! SIN! DON’T YOU DARE RUN AWAY FROM US!!!

Clint: *With Carly, Serena. Crystal and Theodore, Zoey. Penny and Spencer; With Tidus Running to the Sea and Swimming after Sin; Not caring whether they were risking their lives or not anymore*

Above, At the command Center…

Yuna: Everyone, stand back! I’ll summon!

Seymour: You won’t hurt it. Your powers are still…too weak.

Yuna: But I must do something!

Seymour shook his head in grief, watching as Yuna suddenly started twirling her staff to summon for Ifrit…

Seymour: *Beckoning Yuna to stop* You can’t!



Tidus and the few fighters that were sent flying to the bottom level… right to the beach were swimming after Sin. Spencer didn’t know how to swim, Although he was teaching himself how to learn all while in a fury. As were Carly, Crystal, Penny and Zoey. They were all swimming after Sin…

Narrative: *As Zoey* We have had not a single clue as to what it was that we were really thinking when we started running… Swimming after Sin that day. This is what we didn’t gather. We were all real. Not dreams. Not unsent. We came from Metropolis, Kansas. And at the start of all this… we were just wanting to go back home. We were in a foreign world. Not of our own. We didn’t belong and when we were going after Sin at that moment… It was as though we were chasing a Thief in the city. Like cops and robbers. Chasing a bad guy who committed a homicide or a Murder. I think that we were just rhetorically angry. Upset. Perhaps we were just wanting to go back home. Back to where things made sense. We kept thinking about Metropolis… As Tidus kept thinking about Zanarkand. About his father…


Zoey’s point of View…

Luna’s and Zeke’s house…

Zoey’s room…

4 weeks ago…

Zoey: *Looking at her mother* Mom, Why am i able to change into this senshi? I have done it 3 times so far… till now.

Luna: It’s because you have the piece of DNA of what i used to be once upon a time.

Zoey: Why? Why me, mom?

Luna: I guess that it’s because you’re chosen.

Zoey: Why would i be chosen? I am not even hero material. I don’t have much of a drive to be a hero.

Luna: You do too… You are special. Don’t ever say that you’re not. You are special. You are my daughter. I used to be the hero… long ago. But i had been on Earth for so long that it was longer than what i was supposed to. I began to mature into a full human. The laws of the Moon stated that any Moon resident. that were originally Cats. if they were on the Earth for any longer a time than possibly 4 years… they’d have to become all human and relinquish all source of power. or relinquish their life as they managed to fully Mature. I Matured. Had to. But… It happened… Just like this…

Luna Flashes back…

“Luna: *Looking up at the moon* Queen Serenity, Are you there? I need to talk to you. I am Maturing as a Human. Even though my insides are nothing of the sort. I am scared. I need your guidance… I know that by my Maturing in the way of an Earthling. A Normal human is forbidden by the code of the Moon. But it’s happening and i don’t know how to stop it. I can’t. and i feel as though i have been here on Earth too long and it’s now affecting me. Please… Your Majesty. Help me. Please. *With Tears in her eyes; Pleading* Please Help me. Please!

Suddenly with a beam of light…  A figure formed and came out from the light. The light. that came from the moon.  It was Queen Serenity…

Queen Serenity: *Hearing Luna’s plea* Luna, why risk yourself of being a human? you are perfect the way you are in every way. If you become all human… you will lose your ability to be able to help your sisters. Your family who are in need of help more than ever now. They were betrayed by someone they had trusted. They need all the help available. Queen Beryl has the girl you knew as Terra as an apprentice and her aim is to destroy the family. bring down the Rhapsody family from the weakest member to the strongest.

Luna: But i am maturing in the form of a human. Your majesty… the last couple weeks i have been getting hot flashes and each day… it was getting worse and worse. It was getting more frequent. i’d have moments where i would get disoriented and would know that i was in the right place… but when i woke up or snap back to my senses… i catch myself being somewhere else. i am getting disoriented more and more. Who’s to know as to where i will wind up next and not know it…

Queen Serenity: That is saddening to hear of your plight. going through the signs of maturing in the ways of a human. You are not one of them even though you look like one of them. act and feel like them. But you are not one of them. However… You got sisters who took you in and cared for you and accepted you no matter what you were… or how you looked to them. Human or not.

Luna: *Nods and trying to keep from crying* I Know… and i love them. As you cared for me as i was a wonderful Adviser to you. But lately i have been maturing. in the ways of a Human. Hot Flashes… Being disoriented. Feeling lost at times. Light headed. Hormones raging and hyper-acting. My insides have not been like a human. Ever… but i got the Emotions… the Mannerisms and the appearance of one. I have that… But my Tail… has started to Deteriorate a little at a time… I have been also bleeding and being like what humans go through. I am scared that i might bleed to death… I know that i can’t be a human. but i want to be all human. I want the pain to stop. Please… Isn’t there anything you can do? Anything? Please, Help me! *With tears flowing from her eyes*

Queen Serenity: I can not allow for this to be unless you were willing to relinquish your powers… the power of the senshi.

Luna: I want to still be a hero… but can’t i be all human and still be a senshi too? *Desperate*

Queen Serenity: I’m afraid that is not possible to be human and still be a senshi too… If you wish to be human, I will not stand in your way. This is a decision that you’re making and it is one that can not be reversed. Once you take this path… there will be no way to undo it. *Hugging the little girl* I will always be around when you need me and i will continue to protect you, but there is nothing to be done about the pain.

Luna: How can i ever reach you if i am no longer a senshi? Isn’t contacting you one of the things that a Senshi can do? *Feeling the hug* By the stroke of my being all Human… i will no longer be a Senshi. Will i ever be a hero again if i am not a Senshi anymore? *Worried*

Queen Serenity: Sadly no. Once this transformation is complete… you will be a normal Mortal. An Earthling. You will feel the pain of an Earthling. Will be hurt like one. feeling the exact feelings of a human. Your temptations will be that of a human. A Mortal. you will have a Mortality. *Sighs and smiles at Luna* don’t worry about me my child… i will always be with you as i always have been. if you are in need of help. i will be there for you… I am proud of you, Luna. You are growing up into a young woman. You’re becoming strong and mature. This has to have been a decision that took some time thinking over and thinking clearly towards.

Luna: I know… I just don’t want to lose you. But i also don’t want to lose my love Martin. He is my love on Earth. He loves me even knowing that i was a senshi. Will he still love me when i lose the Senshi powers? Does this mean that my Senshi days are over? I was strong as a Senshi… Will i still be Sailor Luna if i lose the Cat tail and be all human?

Queen Serenity: You will never lose me.. *Sighs and shakes her head* if this human boy you speak of really loves you he will never leave you. Love… True love is forever. He will always be there for you.

Luna: I really hope so. Because i don’t want to lose him. Is there something in your power to endow me with the powers of a Senshi… once i become all Human? You have the Silver Crystal… It’s like the source of all the power that the Royal Bloodline of the Moon Kingdom possesses. I Love the Rhapsody family… and i also love my boyfriend. I even love my Lineage. the Identity i had as a Senshi…. I love every part of who i am. I don’t want to ever lose any of that. It’s all a part of me. my existence. *Sincerely proclaiming* But if the loss of my powers is the price to be paid for being a normal human… A mortal living with the humans… i am ready to accept that price.

Queen Serenity: I will transform you into a Normal human. but just remember that once this happens. There is no reverses to the process. Are you sure that this is the life you want to endure?

Luna: yes.

Queen Serenity: Very well… *revealing her wand and raising it up into the air* It shall be done… *Enchanting the power; transforming Luna into a human* Moon Cosmic… EVOLUTION!”

Zoey: You used to be this Humaniod?

Luna: Yes. That’s correct. I never told you this before and i should have. But i wanted to keep where you didn’t have any means of thinking that you were what people consider like a freak. Because you are nothing like a freak. Not like me. Your father knows. i told him all about it and at first… he was a bit shocked to learn that about me… But he came to understand and accept it. What could he do? He didn’t want to just walk away from it.

Zoey: Will i be able to be made with the same outcome as you had? Am i different?

Luna: You’re different.

Zoey: *Unsure*”

They all had thoughts about what it was like before they were officially placed with the powers. When the Romancers Z!, Aquatic Force Z! and the Thunderic Force Z! were born… They also had thoughts about the deceased member of their family. Princess Aquamarine. Thinking about what she was like… who she was. Who she looked like…

Narrative: *As Spencer* We thought about her and for a minute… Maybe a moment. We could have sworn that we sensed her alive…. Or if it was just the idea that the toxin was still inside us and that Sin’s Toxin was literally trying to make our minds shake up memories and confuse us…

A Moment later…

Back on the Djose shore…

They woke up on a different part of the beach…

Narrative: *As Sora and Carly* How many died today?

A shot of Yuna dancing…

Narrative: *As Sora and Carly; Con’t* People seemed to just die… and Yuna dances to it. When was it that she was gonna stop dancing? When was it gonna finally end? Yuna wasn’t gonna stop dancing. Not till Sin was no more. Those just happened to be our thoughts right at that moment. We’d suppose. Our only thoughts.

Tidus: *Sitting up and with the arms on the knees* …

Spencer: *Standing up and Shaking off the excess water* I never want to endure sin’s presence again. The Sin Spawn was one bad mama. And seeing Sin? That was sure an experience that i think we will be more than happy to never have happen again.

Serena: Right now… *Grunting while getting up* as far as i am concerned… I would like to consider Sin to be a dead topic. Sin’s killed people. Innocent people and you know what the sickest part of the whole thing is?

Carly: What?!

Zoey: What she is trying to point out is that the Al Bhed are gonna be blamed for the failure of Operation Mi’ihen. The remaining crusaders and the Maesters are gonna crucify them.

Clint: So… Let them. We know what we saw. If we believe different than what Yevon does about the Al Bhed. That’s our problem. Not theirs. To us… the Al Bhed are just people. nothing more. Just people. They bleed. like we do. Dream. Eat, Sleep, Drink. Just like we do.

Theodore: That’s right… Either Yevon and its followers can accept that… or they can find some new defenders.

Zoey: *Shaking off the water*

Auron: *Standing nearby* I see you’re still here.

Tidus: Huh?

Auron: Many stories ended here today…But… Yours goes on, I see. As does the story of you relatives to Princess Aquamarine. Your stories continue and live still. *Walks off*

Tidus: What?

Spencer: *Walking over to Auron* … *In front of Auron* Auron… You know that we appreciate the fact that you’re doing your job. Doing what you do. That you’re keeping whatever promises that you’ve made to Sir Jecht. Lord Braska. and to our deceased member of our family. We do… But for right now… Stop with the sidelines and the cliffhanging liners. Please. we’re right now feeling a little testy. We just got done getting our hides chucked around like haystacks. it’s stupid to make excuses like this… but it’s just the way it is… we’re at the moment 3 steps away from being possible examples of those who’ve been literally Pistol-whipped.

Auron: I apologize.

Spencer: It’s alright. We’re not blaming you. It’s just the situation that we’re in right now is all. But it’s not you. You didn’t do anything wrong.

A second later…

Narrative: *As Serena* Sin had come and had gone. But us… we remained here. It was then that we realized… We were here… in Spira. Permanently. There was officially… No way back to Metropolis, Kansas. Our home world… was now… Spira. It was after the Operation ended that we got back to picking up the pieces… to start picking up the pieces and assess the report. Who made it in the Smoldering Aftermath… Who lived. Who died. And then figure… where we were to go from there…

Tidus: *Running over to the beginning of the path heading up to where it would lead to Djose* …

Annie: *Running over from the side with the crew* Clint! Theodore! You guys are alive! Oh… Thank god.

Daria: Or should we be saying, Thanks be to Yevon?… You guys have no idea how much hell we went through trying to figure out how we were gonna endure the idea that you guys probably didn’t make it. We were up to our necks in complete panic.

Amy: *Looking at Penny and Spencer* Are you two alright? You guys aren’t… too hurt, are you?

Susie: We saw you guys get chucked like livestock in a slaughterhouse waiting to be slaughtered. if that were me… being chucked like that… *Shivers* Please… please don’t make me think about that.

Christina: Don’t worry. we won’t. we won’t make you do that. But, now that we’re all here. together. We need to assess the damage. the casualties.

Sapphire: Serena, You look like you got the living snot beat out of you. And you are supposed to be the tough girl. Looks like the left hook just got grounded.

Raven: seriously.

Serena: Gee… Thanks. Nice to see you two too… *Chuckles*

Sapphire: Ahhhh! Don’t get so sensitive. You know we’re around for ya. You not ever gonna be left to be a lone wolf.

Raven: That’s right.

Sora: Carly… Are you okay?

Carly: Yeah… *Shaking off the dust* Next time there is a big battle, sis. You and i are to stay out of it unless we got fight power. That Operation… almost killed us.

Crystal: You girls are fine. The battle is over. It’s all over now.

Zoey: But there is something that you guys will need to know… It’s about one of the Crusaders.

Paul: What do you mean? Zoey, What do you mean?

Spencer: Paul, What Zoey is talking about is reference to the two crusaders that we kept running into up till now. We saw one of them… at the part of the beach where there was debris and dead bodies all over… or scattered.

Paul: Okay. Who was it?

Zoey: Sir Gatta.

Paul: What? Sir Gatta. You’re kidding, right? You serious? You saw Sir Gatta among the dead people on the area of the beach that was cluttered with debris… Saw him among the dead? You serious? Okay… Let’s just say that i am following you so far on what you’re trying to tell me and we’re to come to terms and believe that what you’re saying is true. What makes you think that it’d be Gatta? Plus if it was him… What do you suggest that we’re to do about it now?

Penny: We have to tell Capt. Luzzu. He probably doesn’t even know yet.

Carly: He’s got to know by now… in the military… every captain or Admiral… or corporal, Lieutenant. General. after every battle or war. they get a report of collateral damage. the results. a list of casualties. the whole bit. It’s protocol. It’s standard procedure.

Annie: We’re not military and yet… we know this. It’s common knowledge. we know about it.

Serena: how are the others? Lulu, Wakka and Yuna?

Daria: They’re shaken and in mourning.

Susie: Kimahri is holding his own. He’s in dismay but isn’t saying anything of it.

Christina: It must be eating him up inside. seeing all that has just happened.

Clint: Poor guy.

Zoey: This is one of those times where i should just will myself to change into the hero form and walk over to the others. See how they are.

Spencer: We should all check on them. They must have gone through a huge ordeal.

Sapphire: I think that we all have. We’ll handle Wakka. and Yuna… Something tells me that the ordeal’s got her shaken up.

Annie: We’ll handle Kimahri. We know he won’t speak or talk. But anything he gives. head signals or arm movements. Hand signals. it’ll point to how he’s holding.

Amy: We’ll take Lulu.

Zoey: Blossom and I will take Auron.

Blossom: Yeah. Good idea. Zoey, let’s go.

A Minute later…

At the beginning of the path…

Auron was standing and clearly facing Maester Kinoc, The guards and all the while as Maester Seymour was not far behind them. However Zoey and Blossom were behind Auron. Listening in and sticking by…

Auron: A swift retreat. Satisfied?

Kinoc: What do you mean?

Auron: Those who turned from Yevon died, while the faithful live on.

Kinoc: Hmm. The past ten years have changed you, I see.

Sailor Zoey: Your grace… It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the fact that he changed over the course of 10 years. It’s the fact that all those people died when they shouldn’t have had to. They sacrificed their lives to fight Sin and got decimated by Sin. The Operation used Al Bhed Machina. and because alot of lives were lost. everyone’s gonna be unable to accept that they lost and are gonna stoop to blaming the Al Bhed for the losses. Making them the scapegoat…

Kinoc: The Al Bhed are harbingers of Yevon. They don’t believe in Yevon. They use the forbidden Machina.

Sailor Zoey: And Sin was birthed because of it… That is what everyone says… But Sin came because of everyone’s dependence of the Machina. Not just one race of people. You all blame The Al Bhed. It is wrong. You know it is wrong to blame them for using Machina. You and the Guado… i would understand have used Machina as well… some of the Machina might have even been forbidden. No one says a word about that. The Ronso too… But the Al Bhed use it and they’re the harbingers? No… If one type of race of people are at fault. then all are with the same fault. You can’t blame one for the errors of the other races of people.

Kinoc: Stop… You’ve said enough. You… young girl. have a point. and it’s one that we’ll have to think about…

Yuna bows as Kinoc took his leave and it was only a few seconds later when Seymour came and approached Yuna…

Seymour: You do not look so well. But now more than ever, you must be the people’s strength, their confidence. Anyone else would be expected to show their sorrow.

Wakka was seen giving a Yevon’s bow to the row of Crusader Corpses…

Seymour: But you…are a summoner. You are Spira’s hope. Until Sin is defeated, you must not relent. Do you understand?

Yuna: Yes. I understand.

Seymour: Are you afraid?

Raven: She’s shaken. But it’s not like you wouldn’t be if you were in her shoes. The sighting of Sin is a scare fest. How anyone could be brave towards seeing Sin. That big huge creature… they must have nerves of steel. Anyone else would be expected to shake and quiver in their boots.

Serena: No disrespect there… but aren’t you terrified of Sin too?

Seymour: Indeed. But in a position of power… I can not be susceptible to the fear of Sin.

Yuna: *Looks shaken*

Seymour: Yuna, take me as your pillar of strength. As Yunalesca had her lord Zaon. Lady Yuna. Until next we meet, farewell.

Raven: I hope that it’s okay to say that i happen to have a bit of a crush on you. I know it’s out of place. not to mention… out of line to say that. I am young but i can’t help it.

Seymour: It is quite alright, Dear young Raven. And yes i know your names as Kinoc has told them to me. I must admit that for a young girl to foster feelings for a man like me who happens to twice her age… It is highly rare and entices a raise of concern that a Maester would try to woo or innocently try to seduce the young lady. however i do admire your intellect to know of a good attractive looking man when you see one. I do implore that i may have the honor in seeing you again.

A Minute later, Seymour bowed and took his leave…

Serena: Yuna, I think that it’s safe to say that Seymour is with a definite liking to you. I think that he may even… you know… have deep feelings for you.

Sapphire: I hope that no one is thinking on tailing him. Yuna, You aren’t gonna plan on shimmying down the drainpipe just to see him… are you?

Yuna: *Nervously chuckling* No… no i’m not. Maesters are strict. I will just have to do better.

Raven: You’ll do fine. Don’t worry. It will be alright. We’ll be with you…

A Little distance away from them…

Lulu: You guys were in contact with Sin again, weren’t you?

Amy: Yeah. We’re alright.

Susie: A bit messed up from the ordeal. But we’re okay.

Spencer: It’s just a bit fuzzy though on what happened. We were probably in contact with the toxin. But we don’t know how much of the Toxin was involved in the visions that we suffered. or endured as we swam to get ourselves away from Sin… But we had thoughts about the girl that our family believed to de deceased.

Lulu: You’re okay, right?

Penny: I guess. We seem to be okay. We just are a bit fuzzy is all…

Over by where Auron was…

Auron: Sin is Jecht.

Tidus: Yeah, for a while there, I thought I could feel him. But that doesn’t mean I believe you.

Auron: Sin is Jecht. He came here for you.

Sailor Zoey: Sin came here for Tidus? Why? What for?

Tidus: So he killed all those people just for a chance to see me?

Blossom: Is Sin kinda following us because of Tidus?

Auron: Yes. His father… Jecht. Is Sin. The whole story will be seen once we all reach Zanarkand.

Tidus: He killed all those people… all of those innocent people… Just to see me.

Auron: That’s what Sin does. He wanted to show that to you. Do you know why?

Tidus: How am I supposed to know?

Auron: So you would kill him. As long as he is Sin, Jecht will keep killing. He wants you to stop him.

Sailor Zoey: Jecht wants us to take his life?

Blossom: I don’t think that we will be able to do something like that. We can’t. Our mothers and fathers didn’t teach us to be killers. they didn’t raise us to be killers. We can’t do that. We just can’t.

Tidus: You gotta be kidding. How do you know all of this, anyway?

Sailor Zoey: if Jecht wants us to take his life… he is asking the wrong people. We won’t do it. We just don’t take another person’s life.

Auron: *Chuckles softly and walking off*

Tidus: I’m not done talking to you! Don’t you run away!

Blossom: we’re not done either. You are trying to tell us that we’re to just take the life of someone in order to stop the creature… Sin? You have any idea on how terrible and cold it is to even suggest that we even so do such a dirty job? It’s like asking for us to do a hit on someone like we were mercenaries.

Auron: You’re the one running. And to get rid of Sin… there is no choice. It needs to be done.

They all looked to one another and sighed. As much as they didn’t like the idea that they were gonna one day have to take a life and it being the life of Jecht. the man who was inside Sin… It made them feel sick. Zoey told the others and they just shook their heads in disbelief. Annie and Clint were against it. Sapphire, Raven and Serena were also against it. They didn’t want any part in it. But they also had to come to the fact that if Sin really was Jecht and that Jecht was inside Sin… and Sin was killing… they were gonna have no choice but to do it. It was not long before they all picked up what pieces that they could and with their bearing all set the fighters all started to make their way towards Djose. It was gonna take some traveling by foot to get there… but the Romancers Z!, The Aquatic Force Z! and the Thunderic Force Z!, Zoey and the crew all were set. It was the aftermath of Operation Mi’ihen. People died. Lives were lost. Changed. and it made them all a bit wiser for the wear. A little more wiser to how things went. They barely reached the very beginning of the Djose Highroad when…

Yuna turned to face Tidus and Kimahri who stuck close to the fighters as the rest of the party moved on ahead…

Yuna: Hey, you guys! Hurry up!

Tidus: She’s awfully cheerful.

Serena: Is she always this upbeat?

Sapphire: I guess that nothing would seem to get her down…

Annie: After seeing the devastation that just got left in Sin’s wake… It’s almost like she’s just not letting it stop her. If it were us… we would be still in mourning. Seeing all those people decimated. It’s terrible. I can’t see how anyone would stomach it. Not saying that she does… but… it’s strange that how someone could be all so cheerful even after seeing what was seen.

Sora: I agree.

Kimahri shook his head and walked up ahead before suddenly turning to face Tidus and the Clan…

Photo is loading

Kimahri: In dark times she must be. She must shine bright.

Tidus: *gasps*

Daria: *Jumps* Whoa… Did we just hear… Kimahri finally speak?

Zoey: I think so… *Startled*

Raven: He never would speak before… we would be usually trying to get him to grunt… or at least make a sound or something. But nothing. Now this…

Spencer: Wait… Didn’t we hear from Yuna not too long ago… that Kimahri never spoke much and would only speak around others that he came to trust and accept?

Penny: That’s right. She did make word of that. She said that Kimahri guarded her since she was a young girl. that he didn’t speak much at all and yet was always around with her. protecting her. seeing that she was safe.

Serena: If Kimahri finally is speaking to us… he must finally accept us.

Amy: *Nods*

Kimahri: Kimahri takes time to come around and trust others. Been such way since Biran broke Kimahri’s horn. Never spoke much. felt much shame and couldn’t speak. Also know that Kimahri has seen how trustworthy clan become to be protecting Yuna like you have. Kimahri Happy. Now times are dark… Yuna tries hard.

Tidus: We should help her, then.

Zoey: She shouldn’t have to do it all alone. We should help her. Shouldn’t we?

Kimahri: If we worry, she tries harder. Do not frown. Kimahri know who you clan are. See how much you care about Yuna’s safety. Wanting to protect Yuna.

Crystal: Of course… Isn’t that what we are meant to do? She’s also a friend. And whether you want to believe it or not… even though at first… you kinda spooked us… You were seen as a friend. We followed you and Yuna anywhere. To us… a friend was a friend. someone who stuck by through the good times… and the bad times. always there to provide comfort.

Tidus: Don’t worry, be happy?

Kimahri: Kimahri try, too.

Tidus: Smile! Let me see.

Serena: We know that you’re able to smile. There’s bound to be a smile behind those frisky whiskers and that lion lip.

Kimahri: *Grimaces*

Tidus: Sad.

Annie: That’s a good smile. It is a start. But he’ll get there… We believe. Don’t we?

Daria: We sure do.

Clint: Kimahri, You’re a talker now… Feel free to speak your peace whenever you got something to say. Your opinions and outtakes mean something too.

Blossom: That’s right.

Tidus: …

Sora: You should speak more, Kimahri. Just because you have a broken horn… it doesn’t change who you are. You’re still a Ronso. Still Kimahri. No one can ever take that away from you.

Carly: You’re a good person too. we care about you.

Sora: *Nods* Uh-huh. it’s true. We do…

Kimahri was now speaking. A Miracle to the clan. for a while since everything began… he never spoke with them around. Not once. They started to think that he despised them. But it wasn’t like that. It was the outcome of the situation, the Broken horn and that it was said that he only spoke around those of whom he accepted and trusted. The aftermath of the Operation. How bleak it was sounding at that moment. But the only problem was that even though things were kinda dismal and not looking so cheerful, Yuna was chipper and she was truly upbeat. It was then that the fighters were with confirmation that she was stronger within. That Yuna was becoming more set on being stronger and more fierce. More determined. Auron saw it. But till that moment… they hadn’t. It was now on to Djose. Djose Temple and then on through the Moonflow… It was gonna get interesting soon. Very soon. What was gonna happen in Djose? Were the fighters gonna come across a refugee gathering in Djose? And in Djose… they come across Luzzu. Uh-oh… I think that Luzzu is unstable and is a loose cannon of emotions just waiting to pop off an outburst. Can the clan try to defuse it? What about the remaining members of the Rhapsody Girls Z! will one of them stick to becoming a member of the knights… or the Crusaders. And what about the last one remaining? Would she be staying in Djose… or would she continue on a little further then stay at a later location? plus… Auron might have an admirer and there’s a meet with another Summoner. Someone named Isaaru with his guardians Maroda and Pacce. However… they tell of a rumor that rubs them a little rough. Summoners Vanishing… Going on Pilgrimages and just mysteriously Vanishing. Ouch… Sounds like their jobs of protecting the Summoner is gonna get even more complicated. What’s gonna happen next for the New Generation? For the clan. Would they get one step closer to finding a way back home? Would they find out more about the member of their family who was said or believed to be dead? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

On the Djose Highroad and to the Djose Temple they all go… It’s a journey to the temple and then Yuna grabbing for her 3rd Aeon. Follow the fighters and the close Guardians of Yuna as they are electrified and met with the remaining aftermath of Operation Mi’ihen in “Djose! Djose! Djose! Djose Temple! HOOO!!!”


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