Chapter 132: Raven and her defusing the dramatics of Wakka and Capt. Luzzu of the Crusaders.

Fork to the Mushroom Rock Command Center…

Penny: *Looking to see the Merchant* Hey… Look there.

Daria: What?

Theodore: It’s our good merchant O’aka. I guess that he got through.

Amy: Sneaky guy, isn’t he?

Susie: He did say that he’d find a way through the gates and not be seen sneaking in. Didn’t he?

Spencer: However he got in through the gates… it is a lucky break. I will grant him that. The guards could have caught him and if so… where would he be? He would be under capture by the crusaders and probably near the crosshairs of the attacks that would be coming the moment that the operation starts its first round of firepower.

Sapphire: Let’s check on him… He’s wily enough and sneaky… but even a Merchant like him knows that he can only tempt the luck jar for so long before his luck just deflates itself.

Zoey: Yeah. He might be thinking about sneaking into the command center. That’s gonna be kinda hard. I just hope that he doesn’t do anything that will get him into trouble. At least not get himself into trouble that could well be avoided.

Blossom: Maybe.

Serena: *Walking over to the Merchant with the others following*…

A second later…

O’aka: Good day there, Lass. Sneaked past those guards i have…

Penny: We see. You must have been really slick to get past them.

O’aka: There’s a lot of crusaders about and they’re all going around to the command center. What might they be doing? Hearing that they intend to use some dangerous weapons and Also Machina. I could’ve thought that they be all against the use of Machina. Suppose Yevon’s had a change of heart ye’ be thinkin’ eh?

Sapphire: We would have thought the same thing too… but they are apparently risking it all by using the Machina and doing battle with Sin.

Auron: The Machina won’t come close to pierce Sin’s tough skin.

Crystal: Maybe not… but you surely can’t fault them for at least trying.

Blossom: The Crusaders will try anything.

O’aka: That they will, Lass. That they will.

Paige: What do you plan to do here though? There are plenty of crusaders roaming around and all either going off to the command center and or the front lines that are by the coast.

O’aka: The Djose shore.

Dinah: I guess… But how did you know what the coast was?

O’aka: I rather guessed it, Lass. I never gone to the Djose shore before.

Penny: Although there’s a first for anyone, right?

Paul: We’re gonna head over to the Command center. The Maester is wanting to see the Summoner there. And…

Raven: I happen to have some kind of crush on him.

O’aka: *Looking at Raven* You got a crush upon Maester Seymour Guado?! Fancy that surprise, Lass.

Raven: Don’t tell anyone though. I want to be the one to expose that piece out…

O’aka: Not to worry lass… O’aka can keep a secret like the rest of them. No one will hear from me lips that you have a crush upon Maester Seymour Guado. That’s a solemn promise from O’aka. Be makin’ a fortune with “Operation Mi’ihen” prices! But you, lass, you get a discount! I owes ya one, eh?

They had to get going over to the command center and soon, so they said their adieus for the moment and started onwards towards the pathway and got to a dead end… or did they?

Annie: We’re at a dead end. This is not gonna help us get to where we need to be.

Lulu: So… What’ll we do?

Raven: There must be a way up there.

Auron: This looks bad.

Wakka: There’s got to be a way to get past this spot, ya.

Spencer: I could tell you this… This is a dead end… Unless there is some secret on how to pass from this point. We’re stuck.

Crystal: Let’s ask that Crusader there. He must know of a way to get up to the command center from here. Maybe there’s another way.

Blossom: Yeah.

A second or so later…

Crusader: There is increasing fiend activity. This may not be much help, but… *giving off some hi-potions*

Sora: How do we get up to the Command center?

Crusader: Oh… That platform over there.

Carly: The platform?

Crusader: Yeah. That platform there lifts up into the air and to the next patch of ground… there are about two more platforms. the last one will take you to the level where there be a lift that will lead you to the Command center.

Clint: What’s on the platform?

Daria: Yeah.

Crusader: Why… that’s Yevon’s Symbol. Emblem. Yevon’s emblem bears mystic powers. Step onto the platform, and you shall see.

Crystal: Okay.

Annie: Thanks.

By the Platform…

Wakka: Let’s go.

Yuna: We won’t all fit on the platform. Will we?

Lulu: We’ll have to go 3 at a time till we’re all up there on the pathway.

Alvin: I agree. Let’s go. 3 at a time. It will be easy to go with the 3 girls of thunder first. Then Blossom, Zoey and Sora. Paul, Crystal and Carly. Paige, Dinah and I. Arnold, Avery and Curtis. Annie, Daria and Clint. Theodore, Amy and Susie. Christina, Penny and Spencer. Wakka, Lulu, and Yuna. Kimahri, Tidus and Auron. 3 at a time. in 3’s.

Arnold: Sounds fair to me.

Avery: Ditto. Let’s go.

Curtis: Right.

Zoey: One of the Senshi powers is insta-teleportation. As the Senshi I can take 5 people at a time. Blossom and Sora. The three thunder girls. I can take them and we can meet everyone on top above this section.

Curtis: Okay. But be careful.

Blossom: Okay. we will…

Sapphire: Insta-teleportation… One of the things that will blow a person’s mind.

A Moment later…

Pathway to Command center…

Zoey by then had turned into her hero form and then once everyone was up on the path… changed back as there didn’t seem to be much need for the senshi at that time… or so she might have thought. The Fighters all looked ahead and saw a long path. It was with curves and twists and turns in it. But the also saw that at the end there was another platform. All they could do was think about getting to that platform and getting to the upper level. As they started making their way…

Lucil: We’ve been expecting you. Please proceed to the command center.

Annie: Expecting us?

Serena: Something tells us that Seymour is anticipated in seeing us around the command center.

Yuna: It is a surprise to be asked to be at the command center to see the battle.

Zoey: Well… I guess that it would be another job for the senshi of Love and Justice and the defender of the innocent.

Lucil: *Overhearing the comment* What do you mean? *Looking to see a young girl* Who are you?

Zoey: I’m Zoey. Zoey Rhapsody and i am the senshi mentioned. Sailor Zoey.

Lucil: Sailor Zoey? you’re not serious, are you… Young lady? This is a battle. War is about to be underway soon at the Djose shore.


Zoey: *Showing off the transformation Brooch* This is not a Joke. I am who i said i am.

Dinah: Capt. Lucil… I don’t think that questioning her will be so good and pleasant. Zoey is a Senshi.

Blossom: show her, Zoey. Introduce Capt. Lucil to Sailor Zoey. She’ll love this… This will be a rather shocking demonstration for her…

Zoey: *Nods* Right. Capt. Lucil… I am a fighter for good. I fight on the good side. Just like my mother had many many years ago. Many many years ago… She was known in hero form till she lost it all and became all Normal. The Senshi of Love and Everything Little, Sailor Luna. But now… it’s in the hands of her daughter. her youngest Daughter. I am the Daughter of Luna Tina Rhapsody.

A second later…


Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Prism Power… Make-up! *Glowing and covered by a white light and spinning; The pants turning into a skirt* … *With a sparkle of light and stars the hair turning pink with two Pointed meatball buns on the sides* … *The shoes changing into high heels Including high risen stockings with the crescent moon on them and her hands formed gloves on them; Then with a shining flash two Earrings appeared upon her ears with a weapon upholstered to her side; A Crescent moon Wand* …

As soon as she was fully transformed…

Sailor Zoey: *Posing* I am the senshi of Love and Justice and the defender of the innocent, Sailor Zoey. In the name of the Rhapsody clan… The guilty at heart will be punished.

Lucil: Well… I’ll be. It’s an honor to meet you Sailor Zoey. You’re one of the Summoner’s Guardians. Your Duty is to protect her and ensure her safety. See that she gets there safely.

Sailor Zoey: You got it.

Lucil: That shall go for all of you guardians. A Summoner is important to the people of Spira. They in the end do what us Crusaders can not. The presence of a maester and a summoner is great for the troops’ morale– myself included. *To Yuna* Thank you for being here, my lady.

Yuna: *Smiles*

Lucil: Depending on the way things turn out, we might suffer casualties. In such an event, we would be grateful if you could perform the sending, my lady.

Yuna: I will.

Lucil: We may have to fight here, as well. Stay alert.

Annie: We guardians can handle it.

Tidus: We’ll be careful.

Lucil rides on and the guardians… Lulu and Wakka, Kimahri and Yuna, Auron and Tidus made way through the pathway leading to the Command center…

But as they journeyed through the pathway, Numerous fiends popped up. They were of different elements. One inflicted Stone. There was a fire type fiend. A couple thunder like fiends. a Sleep inflicting fiend. An air type. A Hard skinned fiend that would breathe fire at all targets… Each of the fiends inflicted different types of damage. Some just elemental. Some just physical… others both. The fighters all transformed and were ready to fight them off. Lulu was the Black Mage so she attacked the fiends along side Sapphire/Miss Thunder, Raven/Thunderic Wonder and Serena/Thunder Star with thunder when they struck at a fiend. When Paul and Alvin went along and fired at the fiends… she would case fire on the fiends…

Ipiria Red Element Thunder Flan

Ipiria                                         Red Element                        Thunder Flan

Funguar-enemy-ffx Vouivre-enemy-ffx Raptor (FFX)

Funguar                                  Vouivre                                         Raptor


Garuda                                        Gandarewa

Along the path… they had to fight those things. But once they reached the lift near the Command center. The fighters were about to go up in groups of 6 at a time till they all were up. But before the fighters, Guardians and the Summoner Yuna could go up on it… Blossom and Zoey saw the two familiar crusaders that they saw first when they first began this journey… back on Besaid Village. It was almost like clockwork seeing them there. almost everywhere that they were. Tidus was first to think that something was up. Wakka was also another one to think something was up. But he also was not one who would be open to seeing where his faith was violating its own teachings. He even felt deep discontent against the Al-Bhed. Spencer noticed and wasn’t happy about it. Making it even harder for him to eventually break out with the secret that he was developing feelings for one of the Al-Bhed. He didn’t want to let it out and be looked at differently… However seeing that Wakka didn’t like the Al-Bhed hardly… it made him keep that part to himself and he felt that he could never let it be heard that he was indeed in love with an Al-Bhed. that he knew one of them. That the clan knew of the Al-Bhed. Alvin walked over and seconds later…

Gatta: Why only you, sir? I want to fight, too!

Luzzu: Order are orders.

Gatta: I’m not a cadet anymore, sir! Let me go with you, and I’ll prove it to them!

Luzzu: Guarding the command center is important too, you know.

Gatta: But I came all the way from Besaid to fight Sin, sir!

Luzzu: I know, but an order’s an order. To your post, Crusader.

Gatta: But, sir! *Growls; dashing off*

A Minute later…

Luzzu: They let you through, huh?

Annie: Yes they did. It wasn’t easy though.

Sailor Zoey: Plus… we heard that there might be fighting here as well as the front lines.

Tidus: Mm. Gatta deserves better…

Sailor Zoey: Better than being told that he has to sit out from the fight. He is a crusader too. he has a right to fight in the battle too. Although going against Sin is fatal. You’ll all die doing this. The operation… It has to stop.

Wakka: At least there’s no chance he’ll get hurt. *To Luzzu* Why are you guys fighting, anyway? Aren’t the almighty Al Bhed machina enough?

Luzzu: They still need some time to get them ready. Our job is to keep Sin at bay till they’re done.

Auron: They can try to use whatever they wish to beat Sin. It won’t work.

Wakka: *Snarl, mutter*

Luzzu: Wakka… I might not get another chance to say this. It’s about your brother.

Sapphire: What are you talking about, Luzzu?

Serena: Is there something that you have to confess… This isn’t exactly the place to bust out confessions. It isn’t exactly therapy time. There is a huge war about to take place. Standing here and getting with the dramatic sentimentality isn’t gonna end this war any faster.

Lulu: Luzzu, no!

Wakka: *Turns; peering at both Luzzu and Lulu* What?

Luzzu: I’m the one who convinced him…to enlist.

Sailor Zoey: You what? You got Wakka’s brother Chappu to enlist becoming a Crusader. Wakka’s Brother is dead… because of you, Luzzu. Why? How could you do that to Wakka? This was Wakka’s Brother.

Wakka then began rumbling and growling softly and still. He was feeling the anger in him rise as he then got the truth of why his Brother Chappu became a crusader. for the longest time… he blamed his brother’s death on the Al-Bhed. pinning them as the reason for his brother dying when he didn’t need to. All he could do was look down and think before suddenly looking at Lulu who could only drop her eyes in despair. She felt bad about it. Raven wanted to step in and defuse it then. However Serena looked at Raven and informed that it wasn’t their fight. This was not about them and was to remain between Wakka, Lulu and Luzzu.

Luzzu: I’m sorry.

Wakka Glowers for a long moment thinking and letting the truth all sink in and as he stood there silently thinking about it… Something in him blew and before anyone could see what was coming, Wakka decked him. He decked Luzzu hard and sent him falling to the ground.

Tidus: Wakka! That’s enough, Wakka! *Restraining Wakka*

Paul: *Walking over and holding Wakka back; trying to bar him from going at Luzzu again* Easy there fella. You’re getting too worked up about it.

Sailor Zoey: The loss happened… There is nothing that can be done about it.

Wakka: When we used to play blitz together, Chappu used to say…He’d say that–when we won the Cup, ya?–he’d propose to Lulu. And then one day…he goes off and becomes a Crusader. Just like that.

Luzzu: Chappu also said to me… That being with your girl is good…But keeping Sin far away from her is better.

Wakka: Lu, you knew?

Lulu: *Sigh* Luzzu told me…before we left.

Luzzu: *Chuckles* She hit me too.

Serena: See? So it wasn’t the Al-Bhed’s who caused for your brother to be killed.

Wakka: But he used their forbidden Machina to fight against Sin last year.

Raven: *Walking over to Luzzu and Wakka* Hold on just a moment… Wakka. Luzzu… You two need to bury the hatchet on the matter. It is no one’s fault. Not anyone’s.

Luzzu: I was the one that got Chappu to enlist. So Wakka has no faults in hating me for it. Chappu was the only blood relative. the only biologic family that he had. His parents died when he was 5 years old. Chappu was the only one that he had left. I took it from him. Now Wakka’s got no blood family. No one and it is my fault.

Raven: No it is not. It is not your fault, Luzzu. So… don’t even go there. You may have been at fault for persuading Chappu. And it might have been the Al-Bhed’s weapons that got Chappu killed. It might have even been Wakka’s fault for pushing Chappu away because Chappu probably wanted to join the crusaders and Wakka wasn’t supporting him in the choice. But in the end it was no one’s fault. Not any of yours. Chappu isn’t at fault either. Sin is the blame for Chappu being dead. Sin Crushed him and left him upon the Djose shore.  Lulu’s words not long ago. Sin killed him. Not the Al-Bhed. Not Luzzu persuading Chappu. No one is at fault. Chappu made that choice for a reason. He made that choice to go and fight for a greater cause. to fight and see that Sin stayed away from those he cared about.

Wakka: Why wouldn’t he just tell me that he wanted to join in the fight and help keep Sin away from the village?

Raven: Uh… It’s because sometimes saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do. He wanted to do something that would make you proud. He did it out of Love for Lulu. Why else would he have done it? He wouldn’t do it just to be a hero unless there was a reason. There are also times when a person just does it to just do it. Not for status. But because something inside them told them that it was something that they were meant to do. It would be no different than if you were gonna go off and be in the Tournament. The Blitzball tournament and Chappu was supposedly not a Blitzer and wasn’t into it… and didn’t happen to support your blitzball. It’s the same thing…  It is just that he was meant to go and fight. Luzzu might have had pushed it into him a little and got him to really do it. But in the end… it was all by choice. Chappu made that choice. Why he never told you and literally sit down with you and say what was going on. explaining that he was going to fight in the movement. To fight against Sin. i don’t think anyone will ever know. not for sure anyway. It was still his choice. Chappu is probably watching over you guys now. Do you honestly really think that he’d be happy to see you living with mourn, depression, Sadness and Anger in your heart?

Wakka: *Sighs; Looking down* No. He wouldn’t. he wouldn’t be happy.

Raven: Then why are you continually living with anger in your heart? This goes for you too, Lulu. You say you are always grumpy and that it would be seen the best days of your life. But do you think that he’d like watching over you and seeing that you were always down and depressed. Lowly and no thrill for life? No. He would want you to be happy. Live life how you like to. Being the person you were meant to be. Being grumpy and down all the time… that isn’t keeping his memory alive. making him feel happy and full of life even though he was not there to live it anymore.

Lulu: *Nods; Smiles* Thank you… Raven. That was really sincere.

Wakka: We should try to be happy. But i still believe the way i do when it comes to Yevon. Things are how they are for a reason. Sin is around because Machina was being used. Against the laws. The Al-Bhed don’t believe it… but we do. It is because of people using Machina that created Sin and now… we have to atone for the mistakes that were made. because of what they done, ya.


Lucil rides by…

Lucil: All Crusaders in the vanguard are to assemble on the beach!

Luzzu: That’s my cue.

Wakka: Luzzu! Don’t die out there.

Serena: You better come back alive.

Luzzu: So you can hit me more?

Wakka: Lots! Lots more!

Dinah: And i’d also like to let you have it. Even though my daughter spoke some wonderful reasoning to you and Wakka… It still doesn’t make me feel any less angry at you for getting Wakka’s brother to enlist in being a Crusader and costing him his life. Chappu didn’t deserve to die. He was a young guy. Wakka has now…  no blood relations. No one. He loses his parents. then his only brother. If someone where to convince one of my babies to enlist in a war and convince them to go and they got killed. I would be wanting to tear the one who did it a new ass. This was Wakka’s Brother. His Brother. Granted it was by Choice… It was still his Brother. Now if Wakka many years from now dies… the family line of his ends. There is no one to continue it. His family line is Pfft! Gone. Wakka might forgive you eventually even though it will hurt like hell for him to do because he misses his brother so much. But i won’t. Because i am a parent. and i happen to imagine if Chappu happen to be my kid. and heard that you sent him to his death… If you think Wakka was with a hard punch… You haven’t dealt with me. Because you’d be begging for mercy.

Yuna: *Barring Luzzu’s path* Sir Luzzu, please! Please, don’t go!

Luzzu: I have to, Yuna.

Auron: Let him go. The man has already chosen his path…As you did when you became a summoner.

Yuna: *Steps aside reluctantly*

Narrative: *As Zoey* I don’t think that any of us will ever really understand the reasons as to why Yuna had let Luzzu pass through. We’ll Never know. But the fact that there was alot of past memories of what happened to Wakka’s brother and why Chappu died. why he got himself killed. The truth came out and even though it hurt Wakka. Hurt Lulu… It also helped them get some kind of closure to the pain that they were feeling. I know that for some… the pain was always gonna be there. Even if they were to have closure. The memory of what happened between them would be with them and left for them to dwell in it in their darkest moments for the rest of their lives. Even if they didn’t talk of it… or mention of it… it was gonna be with them for a long time.

It was only a moment later when they finally started to make their way to the command Center. The Thunderic Force Z! and the Aquatic Force Z went up first. Then the Romancers Z! and Blossom as well as Zoey. Even Sora and Carly. Paul and Crystal as well as the 4 men, Paige and Dinah. They were next and then the original guardians and Yuna. It was finally up the lift they went. It was an Al-Bhed Machina. It made Wakka rather sick that they had to depend on a Machina to lift them up and lead them to the Command center. but it was the only way up to where they needed to be. What was gonna happen while they were at the Command center? Was there gonna be a massive onslaught while at the Command Center? What was Raven gonna do with seeing Seymour in sight within the Command center? Was she gonna be able to hold off her feelings for him or was she gonna risk all and literally come close to making herself look like the fool? Will the Crusader left behind to stay at the Command center pull off and go to the front lines? And what’s this… Looks like there’s another Maester around too… Who is he? With all the Sin Spawn in the area and rounded up, Would Sin truly come to heed the lure? It was the last moments before the start of Operation Mi’ihen. The Operation was just mere moments away from taking flight. What were the fighters gonna do? This was gonna be their first full frontal viewing of Sin. The Massive Entity itself. Sin is in sight for a performance… On the chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Narrative: *As Spencer* We remembered Auron telling us. Sin was Tidus’s father. Sin was Jecht. That our thought to be deceased member of our family was alive… in Zanarkand… Waiting. Waiting for us.


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