Chapter 131: Grant me sweet everlasting passage to the Mushroom rock road. “Raven Meredith Rhapsody, Heel!” Dinah’s daughter blushes to the sight of Lord Seymour.

The New road…

Annie: This is the new road, isn’t it?

Clint: It must be. Unless we got sidetracked somewhere.

Wakka: This is the new road. The old road is down below.

Amy: How far do you think that this new road goes on for?

Blossom: Not too far. I wouldn’t think.

Zoey: We should get to where the path ends soon. But how far does it go… that is what we don’t know.

Paul: There’s two small cross bridges up ahead. We can cross those. Those are part of the path. Aren’t they?

Spencer: Yeah. it is all part of the path here… let’s go.

Along the way the fighters came past the girl that they spoke to the day before about the crusaders using forbidden Machina…


Shelinda: Word has gotten around about me. Now all the Crusaders are ignoring me!

Susie: Don’t let it get you down. If that’s how they want to play it, fine. We’ll play. You can come talk with us. We’ll be sure to listen.

Penny: Yeah. What you have to say is every bit as important as everyone else’s.

Shelinda: Thank you…

Seconds later, They all pressed on ahead and eventually came to the end of the New road path and saw that there was a fork in the road. One path being to what seemed to be the old road. and then the path ahead of them was the gate. the path leading to the Mushroom rock road…

Paige: This is what one would call… the fork. one path goes to the old road but possibly a dead end. the other… leading to the Mushroom rock road.

Dinah: We can’t go off exploring much right now as we need to get through to the mushroom rock road.

Alvin: Let’s have some of us check out the old road and see what’s there. I am sure that we have some time left and there seems to be a wagon of some kind at the gate. No one’ll be able to get through for a while.

Wakka: Good idea, ya.

Lulu: they do seem to be blocking the gate leading to the Mushroom road.

Tidus: What do you think is inside that wagon that they have got blocking the gate?

Auron: Cargo.

Tidus: What of?

Penny: I don’t think it’s for us to know.

Zoey: I sure hope that it’s nothing bad. They’d get into trouble.

Blossom: *Looking towards the gate* It’s a little late for that… The Operation that they are setting up for… could be a smoke screen. They could be using weapons that aren’t safe whatsoever.

Spencer: Us young fighters should go and check out the old road. see what’s there.

Paige: Okay. You Kids be careful.

Annie: We will.

Clint: Besides that, We’re the next Generation of fighters. What’s a little danger in one’s life to keep things interesting?

Sapphire: Clint, we already have a daredevil in the family… Serena’s the loose wired… tough girl with the gutsy attitude and a bit of a daredevil. We don’t need you adding to the mix. one daredevil in the family is enough there, Jellybean. we don’t need another one stirring the stew for the unhinged department.

Clint: Point well taken, Sapphire. Thanks.

Christina: Let’s go.

Amy: We’ll be back.

The fighters new generation all mark off on their way down the old road. There was time to spend again as the gate leading on to the next area that needed to be journeyed in the Adventure was closed. or blocked at that moment. There wasn’t any telling as to whether or not it was gonna be opened again. While the adults were standing and waiting…

Paige: *Looking at the left side of the checkpoint* There’s one of the mounted knights standing around there all by himself.

Dinah: What do you suppose he’s doing there? Is he waiting for someone or waiting for the two he’s been seen with earlier. Who were they again? Capt. Lucil and Elma?

Alvin: I would guess so. Why?

Arnold: Shouldn’t someone go and ask him?

Tidus: It couldn’t hurt.

Tidus walked over to the lone man standing at the left side of the checkpoint but only got just this line…

Clasko: Gee, Captain Lucil and Elma should have been here by now.

Curtis was looking to the right and saw a woman and a tall muscle buffed man confronting a Crusader warrior… He didn’t walk over alone. Auron was closeby as was Wakka…

Dona: How many times do I have to tell you? I’m a summoner!

Crusader by empty cages: Sorry, ma’am! No exceptions!

Dona: You dare impede a summoner’s pilgrimage?

Crusader: Sorry, ma’am! No exceptions!

Dona: Useless!

Curtis: *On the side and thinking* Talk about a sure case of access denied.

Wakka: Why are they barring off the gate to the Mushroom rock road, huh?

Curtis: No idea. But whatever it is that’s going on or what it is that they’re waiting for… They’re using it as a swell fine reason for their blocking passage to the mushroom rock road.

Auron: They’re trying to use Machina to defeat Sin. It won’t matter. The Machina won’t even pierce its skin.

Curtis: And cue the lack of enthusiastic charm and lack of faith… *Sighs*

Tidus walked over towards the woman standing… it was Dona…

Dona: *Sniffs* Oh, it’s you. As you can see, not even summoners can pass. But they’ll call on us in the end. Just wait and see.  In the meantime, I think I’ll have a nap. Oh, Barthello?

On the old road…

Annie: *Seeing a clearing* There’s an opening up ahead.

Susie: It’s about time. This old road must be rather winding.

Amy: We weren’t on it that long. Susie, this path isn’t long… Not like it might seem. we were only here walking this road for about 4 minutes and we’re already near a clearing within the road. That’s better than being on a road and it being just road. No clearing… no opening… nothing. and having to walk the road for a long time… wondering if it will ever end.

Blossom: That’s something that my dad would kinda say. He said that to my brother Perry once. The other week. It was something to do with the fact that Perry felt kinda hopeless about something. Call it weird, but he was thinking about girls and he’s only like in the 6th grade. He was actually wanting a girlfriend…

Zoey: A Girlfriend? so soon?

Blossom: well… not really a girlfriend girlfriend. But just like an outside of the family… personal like friend that is a girl. Someone he could talk to.

Sora: What’s wrong with talking to us about his liking girls… and wanting one for his very own? We are girls after all… aren’t we?

Carly: Yeah… We could help him… He knows that we could help him.

Blossom: I think that he may well know that we’d like to help him… but i… I think that he just feels as though he should do it on his own. Find a girl on his own.

Zoey: He must be rather independent.

Annie: We’ve made it… Let’s check the opening.

Penny: *Looking around the clearing and spotting someone walking around* There’s someone here…

Sapphire: Isn’t that… one of the riders. She was on one of those birds.

Daria: Yeah… she was… What’s she doing here? Isn’t she supposed to be with Elma and Elma with Clasko and they all be together?

Raven: Let’s go see what’s going on.

Clint: Good idea.

Crystal: *Walking over to the lady* Hello there.

Lucil: What are you doing on this road?

Spencer: We’re Just taking a leisurely last minute walk before going to the Mushroom rock road. It’s rather a matter of importance as the Summoner is on her pilgrimage and she needs to be able to get through so she can fulfill her pilgrimage and complete her journey.

Lucil: I see. The Highroad ends over there. However, we have sealed off the area beyond for the duration of our operation here. You may ask the gate captain up ahead if you need to pass through.

Paul: We don’t mean to pry, Ma’am. But What’s the name of the Operation?

Lucil: My Apologies, but i am unfortunately not allowed to say of what the operation is called.

Sora: Why? Is it something bad?

Lucil: No. However… all i can be at liberty to say is that it is a Crusader-Al-Bhed Joint operation. I’m sorry. But that is all that i can say.

Serena: We understand… We just are rather curious about the operation as we’ve been hearing little snippets about it since during the first Match of the Blitzball Tournament. Not what it’s called… but we’ve seen people pulling wagons that we were repeatedly told of it being couriers and cargo. Things needed for the Operation.

Theodore: We understand if it’s not supposed to be discussed. We just hope that it’s nothing that will bring about a large number of casualties.

Lucil: …

They watched as she kindly excused herself and took her leave of them. Obviously… there was something more to it than what was being said… Raven and Serena started to walk on and saw that the road went on further up till they happened to caught sight of a Merchant… Raven and Serena lead them all on and that was when they journeyed on to the rest of the old road… They went on to see where it stopped but on their way there… they caught sighting of a Merchant walking around and pacing…

Raven: There’s that same Merchant again… What do you think he’s up to this time?

Spencer: No clue. But he seems to look rather lost. Lonesome even.

Crystal: Lost? Does he even know as to how he got here. He must have seen where he was going.

Sapphire: He must be a Merchant who cares not of where he goes. He just goes wherever.

Christina: We should go see what’s wrong with him.

Serena: We might know him. That’s O’aka the XXIII.

Within a minute later…

Blossom: Hey there.

O’aka: *Turning to see the clan again* Well hello there Lass’s. Fancy as to seeing ye here. What brings you down to this old road?

Annie: We could ask you the same thing. You seem to be looking for customers here but aren’t finding any breaks.

O’aka: Coming down to the Oldroad was a mistake… Ye can’t run a business with no customers! Say, can I interest you in something?

Raven: Not right now… We’re just wondering if you’ve happened to have noticed something going on around this area as of late. or recent.

O’aka: Can’t say that i have there, Lass. But there sure are a whole lot of Crusaders runnin’ about. What do you suppose they’re up to?

Zoey: We don’t know. No one is saying anything. It’s like they’re all afraid to say what it is that they’re doing.

Blossom: They could be doing something that isn’t right.

Daria: You’re looking for Customers, right? You’re sure not gonna be finding any luck here. The next area past here… They are gonna have a lot of customers. We’re sure of it.

Paul: Maybe we can have the luck of seeing you there.

O’aka: Never you worry, lass. O’aka will always find a way through the gates.

It was minutes after they got done talking to the merchant that they concluded on looking around the old road. They made it to the end where there was a dead end but a chest. They obtained the treasure from it before turning back and heading back to the checkpoint where the others were. The fighters could only hope for luck to be on their side and that the gates would be opened or cleared for them to walk on through. As soon as they reached the checkpoint…

Annie: *Looking at the clearing* Seems like nothing’s changed.

Clint: Where do we go now?

Theodore: We’re stuck… aren’t we?

Paige: You guys find anything?

Dinah: Anything of interest on the old road?

Sapphire: No. Not really. We did happen to run into that Rider. Lucil. We asked her about the Operation that was going on and she wouldn’t say a thing about it. She did slip out the detail that whatever the operation is… it was a Crusader/Al-Bhed Joint operation.

Alvin: Nothing else?

Sora: No. She was just unwilling to speak of it.

Raven: We also happened to run past our familiar Merchant again. He’s still looking for customers. He must be hurtin’ bad. He is always searching for a customer or two.

Serena: Sure wish there was something we could do to help him.

Auron: Enough waiting. we need to get through the gate.

Avery: Agreed.

Tidus: Let’s go.

Highroad- North end…

Gatta: Gatta and Luzzu reporting, sir! *Saluting to the gate captain*

Luzzu: This is the last of them.

Gate captain: Good to have you with us. Go on through!

Tidus saw the wagon and was curious as to what was inside the wagon. He looked up and right off caught sight of a large beast tied up inside the wagon. Spencer was close enough to see what was inside the wagon and gasped. Blossom and Zoey jumped in shock and stood back from the wagon. Something about the creature that was in the wagon had them feeling spooked…

Gatta: *To Tidus* Show me how to play blitz sometime!

Luzzu: Wait around. We’ll have Sin beaten in no time!

Tidus: *Fist pumps in salute*

Serena: We’ll be rooting for you guys. Don’t you think of giving up without a fight.

Lulu: Do they truly intend to go against Sin?

Wakka: It better be enough for them since they’re intending to use the Almighty Al-Bhed Machina.

By that time, Luzzu and Gatta were already up ahead and on their way to the Mushroom rock road and to their posts…

Spencer: Wakka, You are in hatred of the Al-Bhed. That’s fine… But stop trying to push your view on to others. Everyone has a different view of the matter. You might not agree with that. In fact… you don’t really need to or rather do you have to… but tearing down a race of people. How would you like it if the shoe were on the other foot and they started talking about you unfairly? Trashing you behind your back… It’d hurt. Wouldn’t it?

Wakka: … Yeah… but.

Spencer: No buts, Wakka. It is the same thing. Like being a complete racist. If someone was black and you called them the N word. It would hurt. it’s derogatory. Spanish People. Calling them How would they say it again… Wetbacks. That’s a racial slur. Going off Drawing a Swastika and showing it to a Jew. That is hurtful. Calling a Japanese native or a Japanese American a Jap. That is Racist. Is that how you want people to see you?

Wakka: No.

Spencer: Okay then. Think hard before you Judge. Don’t Judge people for things that you have no proof of. Al-Bhed use Machina. That’s their prerogative. Just like you and other races live a certain way. You don’t have to always agree. you don’t even have to like it if that’s how you see it. But you do have to respect it. Let them believe their way… You believe in your way.

Wakka: Spencer, You’ve got a point… but don’t be so rough about it, ya? Wait till you see for yourself what happens when Machina is used. There is more for you to see and witness for your own eyes.

Spencer: Very well… but just try to cap the Judging on the Al-Bhed. It’s not all that bad as Yevon has gotten you to believe.

Tidus wanted to go through the gates… they all did. Dinah tried going through and so did Tidus. Even Alvin tried. Couldn’t get through…

Annie: I’m gonna ask and see what’s going on.

Clint: Want me to come with you, Sis? You know… Just for back-up.

Annie: Sure. Okay.

A second or so later…

Gate Captain: I’m sorry, I can’t let you pass. Hey, you’re a summoner and her guardians, right? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Annie: It’s okay. But… Could you tell us about the Operation, Please?

Gate Captain: What? You’re kidding, right? What? They didn’t tell you?

Clint: No. They were refusing or were indeed reluctant over divulging any information out about the Operation. It was as if they didn’t want us to get ourselves involved in it or just didn’t want us to know about it.

Gate Captain: We’re bringing sinspawn from all over Spira here. Sinspawn inevitably draw Sin, right? We’re going to lure it into a trap!

Annie: A Trap? Will it work though? That beast is pretty massive. Maybe even tough skin and hard to penetrate.

Clint: What’s the mission called?

Gate Captain: This mission, Operation Mi’ihen, is a Crusader-Al Bhed joint mission. We Crusaders lure Sin in, and the Al Bhed strike it down. You see, Al Bhed hate Sin as much as we do.

Annie: Doesn’t everyone?

Clint: Everyone hates Sin and wish that there was no Sin. But the only problem with that is Sin will always return even after it’s defeated. Because everyone’s got to have Atoned for their past Sins. Atoned for whatever transgressions that were committed.

Annie: That’s the belief anyway. But it still doesn’t exempt the fact that everyone wants to rid themselves of Sin for good. At the rate it is going… they’ll do anything it might take to do so. The Al-Bhed are no different. I would bet that they are so sick of Sin that they could just spit out fire of discontent. I wouldn’t blame them. I’d be just that way too.

Gate Captain: They managed to salvage ancient machina. They say they’re as powerful as the mighty aeons.

Clint: So… They’re matching power for power but in their case… trying to steal the thunder… steal the show from the Aeons. Isn’t that like saying that no one needs the Aeons as there is Powerful Machina that will do the same exact job and maybe better than the Aeons?

Annie: If no one needs the Aeons… then what about the Summoners? What of them?

Clint: Don’t know… But the operation is using the Machina. It’s gonna be testing the so called teachings of Yevon. Testing every teaching that Yevon has ever created, formed, Administered and adhered to.

Gate Captain: Well, you know machina are forbidden by Yevon. Ah…on second thought, let’s not go there. Better for you not to know. The Crusaders in Operation Mi’ihen have all been excommunicated. My own family won’t even speak to me now.

Annie: All from the idea that you are using Machina… They Excommunicate you? That is like being over Strict. No one should be shunned out just for using Machina. Machina are not the cause for Sin to come… It’s EGO! Human Kind Fighting amongst one another and think it to be cute to just fight and fight. Causing destruction and danger. With a set mind like that… It is no wonder why Sin came. To maybe make the brave EGO-tistical men cower and learn to stop trying to be masters of the universe… trying to control others and push others around.

Clint: Right. You are doing what’s right… Machina is not the issue. If Yevon can’t see that. It’s just nothing but blind senile and down right dictating. Like a Gestapo.

Gate Captain: We have to beat Sin today. Otherwise, there’s nowhere for us to go…

Clint: Wow! A Nowhere man. Sad.

Annie: You said it…

Annie and Clint walked right on back to the others which were only a couple steps away…

A second later…

Lulu: What did they say?

Annie: Well… for one thing they are all being Excommunicated from Yevon. All because of the use of Machina. Conspiring with the Al-Bhed for another. Plus for 3… they have supposedly gathered SinSpawn from all over Spira and brought it here… here meaning to the area that we can’t get to right now. The Mushroom Rock road.

Wakka: …

Auron: They won’t need to bring the sin spawn to one spot. Sin will come at anytime… anywhere. Sin knows no limit.

Amy: We might as well just turn back… There is apparently nothing that we can do. We can’t get through.

Penny: *Sighs* Now what’ll we do?

Susie: If we can’t get through… Yuna can’t complete her Pilgrimage. Djose is the next stop… We have to get through this gate… and through to the Mushroom Rock road.

Raven: But how? The gate captain there won’t let us pass.

Sora: There has to be a way to get through the gate here… There must be…

Paul: Like what… We’re just gonna fly over the gate and then on the other side of the gate land and run on into the Mushroom rock road? We’ll be caught.

Blossom: *Sighs; seeing a bunch of faces of defeat*

As they all turned back and walked away from the gates…

All: *Sigh*


They look to see someone coming over towards them. with two guards. It was Maester Seymour. He was walking towards them. Yuna kneels to offer a yevon prayer and Seymour responded by standing and returning the Yevon Prayer…

Seymour: So we meet again, Lady Yuna.

Yuna: Y-yes?

Seymour: You look troubled. Is there anything I can do?

Yuna: Well… *Turning and looking towards the gate*

Annie: we’re trying to get through but… they won’t let us pass.

Serena: We need to get through to the Mushroom rock road… There is somewhere that Yuna needs to get to.

Seymour: I see…

Raven: *Blushes*

Seymour and his guards advance to the gate where the gate captain stands and Saluting to Seymour…

Sapphire: *Looking towards Raven and noticing her sister blushing* Hey, Raven… You okay there?

Raven: I don’t know how to express this… but i think that i am falling for the Maester.

Serena: *Pauses and turns to look at Raven in shock* What are you even saying, Raven… Are you what… Nuts or off the wall?

Raven: What?! *Blushes and rather embarrassed* I am just feeling really tingly just by seeing him.

Spencer: Raven, You are falling for someone that is twice your age. You’re like what… 15. He’s twice that of your age. You can’t be falling in love with a Maester.

Sora: You could get him into trouble doing that.

Carly: are you sure that it’s not just a crush on him that she’s got? It could just be a crush.

Paul: *Seeing Raven’s Pupils turn to hearts* No… It’s Love… She’s got the case of puppy love. *Joking with Raven* So… Raven… Will you be done surfing in your head and swimming in awkward infatuation territory sometime soon?

Raven: But… *Smiles and beginning to feel rather floaty* he’s so dreamy. I think that i’m in love.

A song in Raven’s head then plays…

I don’t know but…
I think I maybe 
fallin’ for you
Dropping so quickly
Maybe I should 
keep this to myself

Waiting ’til I..
know you better
I am trying..
Not to tell you..
But I want to..

I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding.. 
what I’m feeeling..
But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head

I’ve been spending all my..time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’ve been waiting all my.. life
and now i found ya
I dont know what to do
I think I’m falling for you…
I’m falling for you…

As I’m standing here
And you hold my hand
Pull me towards you
and we start to dance

All around us 
I see nobody 
Here in silence
It’s juusst 
you and me

I’m trying..
Not to tell you..
But I want to..

I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding.. 
what I’m feeeling…
But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head

I’ve been spending all my.. time
Just thinking about ya
I dont know what to do
I think i’m fallin’ for you

I’ve been waiting all my.. life
And now I found ya
I dont know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you…
I’m fallin’ for you…

Ooh, I just can’t take it..
My heart is racing..
Emotions keep spinning out…

I’ve been spending all my.. time
just thinking about ya
I dont know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’ve been waiting all
and now I found ya
I dont know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you…
I’m fallin’ for you…

I think I’m fallin’ for you
I can’t stop thinking about it
I want you all around me
And now I just can’t hide it
I think i’m fallin’ for you
I can’t stop thinking about it
I want you all around me
And now I just can’t hide it
I think I’m fallin’ for you…
I’m fallin’ for you…

Ooh no no

Oooh, I’m falling’ for ya”

Dinah: *Looking at her daughter and snapping Raven out of the lovesick spell* RAVEN MEREDITH RHAPSODY! HEEL! Enough! *Walking to the side with Raven*

Raven: What’s wrong now?

Dinah: You know what the heck is the matter… Raven, You are falling in love. But with a Maester. He is twice your age, Raven. He does have that irresistible undeniable swagger. He’s probably well… you know what. But he is way older than you. you are only 15 years old for Yevon’s sake. You’re Jail Bait. If he were to go with you… he would be indicted and penalized. That’s gonna ruin him.

Raven: I can’t help it. He looks really cute. *Lovesick*

Dinah: You’re hopelessly in love with someone who’s twice your age. Raven… What on earth am i gonna do with you? Huh? Raven, what am i gonna do with you?

Raven: I don’t know. I just can’t help that i am in love.

Sapphire: Oh goodie. So if the love bubble explodes into a sea of ecstasy and you make headlines being in courtship with the Maester… Will that mean that you’ll be bearing the fruit of his pretty loins?

Dinah: Sapphire, Don’t you be encouraging this kind of act… this is not funny.

Gate captain: Maester Seymour. Let me show you to the command center.

Seymour: Hold. I have a request.

Gate captain: Yes, Your Grace?

Seymour: I need to have Summoner Yuna and her guardians let through to the command center.

Gate captain: But…But, Maester Seymour…Maester Seymour, sir.

Seymour: Do not worry. I will take full responsibility.

Gate captain: Very well. They may pass.

Seymour: *Turns to Yuna* It is done.

Yuna: Thank you, Your Grace. *Gives off several Deep Japanese bows to Seymour, even after Seymour’s gone from sight*

Lulu: Yuna, it’s time to go.

Yuna: *Flustered* Oh! Right!

Annie: Does that mean that we are free to pass through?

Penny: I think so.

Crystal: Let’s go through.

Lulu: *Sets an arm around Yuna; they leave*

Tidus: Who does he think he is?

Wakka: He’s a maester. Better get used to it, ya?

Raven: *Sighs feeling lovesick* What a hunk! Wow!

Tidus: Hmph.

Serena: Okay… Someone better tranquilize Raven before she goes ga-ga crazy followed by suffer from a case of the episodes of Kissy kissy goo goo. If Seymour becomes our brother in law… you can put me on the barbie and shishkabob me.

Paige: Let’s go…

The Fighters, Guardians and Summoner Yuna walk on and advance through the gate and head to the Mushroom rock road. It was gonna be a bit stormy… Not raining, but it was gonna be with storm clouds all over the sky, covering the sky thick with a menacing darkness…

A few minutes later…

Mushroom Rock Road…

At the start of the Mushroom rock Road a band of Crusaders were sprinting around and assembling. They were all gathering in a row and lining up in formation. Saluting…

Gate captain: All hail Maester Seymour!

Seymour: Brave Crusaders of Spira, protectors of all Spira. Believe in the path you have chosen, let faith be your strength! I, Seymour Guado, maester of Yevon, will bear witness to your deeds today.

All: Sir! *Salute*

Wakka: What’s goin’ on? Why’s Maester Seymour backing the Crusaders, eh? They’re using the Al Bhed’s machina! They’re violating the teachings!

Yuna: Even going against the teachings they’re willing to risk it for the greater good. Wakka, I think Maester Seymour sees that, too.

Spencer: Wakka, The Al-Bhed are not bad people. Just misunderstood. You should know that by now.

Wakka: *Sputters* Lulu?

Lulu: Hmm… I can only speculate.

Susie: We are not gonna be sticking to just Judge the Al-Bhed because some people don’t like them. The Al-Bhed are just people. Like… you… Like us all… They breathe and are entitled to live how they choose to. Don’t they?

Sapphire: I would not see there being any problem with that. People are people. No matter what race, origin or culture. If you don’t like them… fine. Don’t like them. But don’t condemn them for living how they do. You don’t have to agree with their lifestyle. You don’t even have to understand it if you don’t find reason to. But don’t judge them without knowing them… really knowing them.

Wakka: *Facepalm*

Auron: Ask him yourself.

The Crusaders are then dismissed. They were all looking around wondering what was gonna happen from there. The fighters were feeling a little cold and they knew why. The area was a bit stormy. There were storm clouds all over the place and the more stormy it got… the more threatening it became. None of them even knew how dark or sinister looking an area could really get till that moment. When they were at the Mushroom rock road. While standing, Seymour then had started to stride on towards Yuna but then paused and glanced to the side to then see Auron…

Seymour: Ah, Sir Auron. It is an honor. I would be most interested in hearing what you’ve been doing these past ten years.

Auron: I’ve got nothing to say about it. *Stomps off*

Seymour: I…see. Sir Auron must be a great asset as a guardian.

Yuna: Your Grace! *Bows nervously*

Seymour: Please, there’s no need for formalities.

Spencer: Maybe not, but it is the respectful way. You are a symbol of power. It’s only right and dignified to keep it subtle. No one calls you Maester for nothing. Maesters are a symbol of power.

Wakka: Excuse me… Maester Seymour? Why is your Lordship…presently…present here…sir?

Serena: Wakka, Don’t tell us that you’re nervous of his presence.

Raven: I’m not nervous…

Lulu: *Shakes head*

Seymour: Please, speak as you normally would.

Wakka: Uuuh… Isn’t this operation against the teachings of Yevon? Aren’t you gonna stop them?

Seymour: It’s true… I should.

Sora: This operation should be stopped. It might be a sin against the very law of existing to allow for this Operation to continue… but… to stop the efforts to try and rid the world of Sin… It is like laying out the red carpet and giving it free reign.

Wakka: Mm! Mm!

Carly: i don’t believe that it should be allowed to go on. If Yevon is all against Machina… why are they seeking to test the teachings? Aren’t they realizing that it’s only gonna cost them if it all goes bad?

Blossom: That could be the best idea. Stopping it so there won’t be unneeded casualties.

Seymour: However… Both the Crusaders and the Al Bhed truly wish peace for Spira. This Operation Mi’ihen was born from that wish they share. Although it may be sacrilege to Yevon, their intentions are pure. And I, Seymour Guado– the person, not the maester of Yevon… As a denizen of Spira, I wish them well in their endeavor.

Wakka: But, using machina…That’s bad, isn’t it?

Seymour: Pretend you didn’t see them.

They All gasp…

Wakka: Beg your pardon, but that’s not something a maester should say!

Raven: *In her head* He is so captivating.

Seymour: Then, pretend I didn’t say it.

Wakka: You’re kidding!

Seymour: *Walks away*

Annie: Wakka, Are you always gonna be showing discontent towards anything that speaks Al-Bhed?

Clint: Can’t you just try to give any of them a break? I mean… seriously. This operation is putting all sorts of people on the line. Their lives. As you might have never figured out by now… A bunch of the Crusaders are not able to go home. They’ve been Excommunicated. Their families are angry at them. This has cost them so much as it is.

Narrative: *As Dinah* From the first time that we’ve all seen Seymour… none of us liked him that much. It was probably just us. But personally for me because my Daughter Raven was falling for him and something told me then… that if i didn’t find a way to ice the infatuation and soon. She was gonna do something that she was gonna only come to regret later. Although we all knew that some of the things that Seymour was saying… made sense to us in some strange way… Seymour was even though a maester… He was also trying to give the operation a rather shadow of a doubt. I think that we all were even though we were torn between liking the type of people that Yevon seemed to think negatively towards and following the beliefs of Yevon. What were we to choose?

Mushroom Rock road…

The Fighters as well as Lulu, Wakka, Yuna and Kimahri. Auron and Tidus started to make way through the Mushroom rock road but only got to a certain point when…

Clasko: *Comes running out* Excuse me, Lady Summoner Yuna?

Yuna: Yes!

Clasko: The command center… Maester Seymour requests your presence there, ma’am.

Annie: He wants her there? How is that possible? Does the Maester feel attracted to seeing her or us there?

Yuna: Thank you. *Glancing back towards Sir Auron*

Auron: *Nods*

Clasko: Take that road to the command center. it’s not far. We’re still in the midst of preparations this way. Sorry.

Paul: The Command center is up that road… Uh, Okay… That is just a Revelation. Now we’re to be seen at the command center. This is gonna make our day.

Sora: The Command center?

Raven: I’ll go anywhere to see Seymour again. Call me a total psycho. But that guy’s a hunk.

Sapphire: ….

Serena: Okay… Nap time for Raven. Tranq her please. She’s losing her sanity again…

All: *Laughing*

They were with the instructions to go over to the Command center. The fighters did not know that there was even a command center. The Rhapsody fighters were looking towards the path on the side and sighed as they knew that they were being detoured. Or were they… Yuna was being requested to being seen by Seymour. Seymour wanted to see her and Raven was longing to see Seymour. How twisted was that? Although to get to the Command center, they’d have to embark the Fork to the Command Center, The pathway leading to the command center and then near the lift to the command center. There was possibly gonna be a dramatic moment to take center stage. Raven, Even though was induced with the drunken eternal bliss in her head for Maester Seymour… was with the slight of hand to lend reasoning to a possible explosive confrontation. What was gonna happen throughout the path to the Command center? Were they gonna be overwhelmed by a path of restless fiends? Was there gonna be time for them to think of a way to talk the crusaders out of going through with Operation Mi’ihen? What was Seymour’s intentions of having Yuna there at the Command center? Was there something more to his request? Was Raven gonna make a possible slip and confess her love to Seymour, Embarrassing herself and possibly her own family and the guardians? The next two chapters are really gonna spell intrigue. Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Let’s pray to see that the heated dramatic moment can get defused from growing into a brushing inferno. Raven, You are nuts in love with Maester Seymour but you can talk your way into defusing the dramatics between two people revolving a lost member… Help the situation before it’s too late in Raven and her defusing the dramatics of Wakka and Capt. Luzzu of the Crusaders.


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