Chapter 128: “Let’s Blitz!” Dinah and Serena on the field.


“Tidus: Auron! Auron!

Auron: *Looking up* You’re sure about this?

Tidus gets hoisted up and held onto…

Auron: This is it… Right here. This is your story. It all begins here. Now.

Serena: *Getting pulled into the light* Ahhhh!

Raven: Help! Let me go… I don’t want to go… I’m too young to go. I’m only 14 and i haven’t done anything yet in my life… I don’t want to die.

Annie: This is it… Isn’t it?

Paige: Don’t worry. We’re all going in. Just what ever you do… Don’t let go. You hold on tight to each other. Don’t let go for anything.

Daria: Don’t worry. we won’t. We’re not breaking for anything.

They get pulled into the light…


“Rikku: You guys were all near Sin.

Tidus: Mm-hm.

Rikku: Don’t worry. You’ll be better in no time. They say that your head gets kinda funny when Sin is near. Maybe you Just had some kind of dream?

Sora: You mean that we’re sick?

Rikku: Because of Sin’s Toxin, yeah.

Tidus: Are you sure?

Raven: You are not meaning to tell us that we are here in Spira and there is no way back to Metropolis… are you?

Annie: Please tell us that it’s not the case.

Rikku: Yeah. There is no Zanarkand anymore. Nor is there any Metropolis, Kansas. Sin destroyed it 1000 years ago. So no plays Blitzball there anymore. Nor does anyone live in Metropolis, Kansas anymore.”

Rikku: You said… You play Blitzball?

Tidus: Uh-huh.

Rikku: You guys are from Metropolis? Who are you guys? I forgot to ask earlier and i should have asked that in the very beginning.

Paige: We’re the Rhapsody family.

Rikku: Nice to meet ya. *Looking at the family and then at Tidus* You know… You should go to Luca. Someone might know who you are. or you might just find someone that you recognize.

Raven: Luca?

Zoey: Luca?

Rikku: *Groans*

Family: *Sighs*

Rikku: *Walking around and then patting their shoulders* Okay. Leave it to me. I’ll get you guys to Luca… Promise.

Dinah: …

Rikku: *Laughs* What? You guys would rather stay here?

Serena: Uh-uh! No offense to that, but we’d rather be back to our homes…

Rikku: Okay. I’ll go tell the others… Wait here. I’ll be right back. *Before walking to go and tell the crew* Oh… and one thing. Don’t tell anyone that you’re from Zanarkand, Okay? Yevon says it’s a holy place. You might upset someone. And don’t mention too much about Metropolis. It’s said to be rather forbidden to speak about that city. You could get into some big trouble over that.”

“Wakka: Long time ago, there were a whole lot of cities in Spira. Big cities with machina–machines–to run ‘em. People played all day and let the machina do the work. And then, well, take a look. 

Wakka: Sin came, and destroyed the machina cities. And Zanarkand as well as Metropolis along with ‘em. Yeah, that was about a thousand years ago, just like you said. If you ask me, Sin’s the punishment for letting things get out of hand. What gets me, though… is we gotta suffer, ’cause of what some goofballs did way back when! ‘Course, we must always repent for our sins! That’s important! It’s just that, it’s hard to keep at it sometimes, you know?”

“Wakka: *Letting go* A major blitz tournament’s coming up. All the teams in Spira’ll be there!”

“Lulu: That was Kimahri Ronso, of the Ronso Tribe. He’s learned the fiend’s way of fighting.”

“Man: *Spotting Luna, Pearl and Dinah* Ohhh… fancy looking clothes you’re wearing. *Walking over and taking a look* Yewh! Filthy… Filthy. These won’t ever sell or my name isn’t O’aka. Don’t look like you’ve got much money either. I’ve no business with ye’… outta me way.

Luna: *Looking at the man* Excuse me! What is your problem? Who are you to Judge by how we look?

Man: O’aka the XXIII Merchant Extraordinaire.

Pearl: Huh?

Dinah: O’aka the who?

O’aka: What? Never heard of me? Well… Not many do. At least… not yet. But someday the name O’aka will be spoken of all over Spira. Say… Lass, You wouldn’t happen to have a bit o’ gil to lend?

Luna: We only made 1000

Pearl: No… we made 1500… I think.

Dinah: We can Spare 400.

Luna: Yeah… we can.

O’aka: I guess it pays to ask. Thank ye’ Kindly Lass’s. *Being given 400 gil* Ah! Fine Seed money for the O’aka Merchant Empire. I will be payin’ ye’ back. That i will…”

Yuna: I’ve heard, in Zanarkand… there is a great stadium, all lit up even at night! That Metropolis, Kansas would get so busy at summer season with it’s parties and that there is a wonderful majestic View of the city when you look down from the tallest building. College sports. The Metropolis Bulldogs. Playing their best. Hardly ever with a loss. Always winning against the best college teams.

Tidus: *In total surprise*

Yuna: Great Blitzball tournaments are held there in Zanarkand and the stands are always full.

Tidus: How do you know that?

Yuna: A Man named Jecht told me…. He was my father’s guardian.

Raven: How did you learn about what goes on in our home city? About our City’s college football team? Our mother’s the coach of the Bulldogs.”

“Wakka: High Summoner Ohalland used to live in the Kilika temple here. Yep, Lord Ohalland was once a great blitzer, you know?

Raven: The Summoner was a Blitzer as well as a summoner?

Wakka: Yeah.

Christina: How could that be possible? I mean if he was a high summoner and was sworn to protect Spira as well as defeat Sin back in the day when Sin was around last time… If he was here last time… but then to also be a Blitzer… Wouldn’t that conflict with the other?

Wakka: Nah. He played Blitzball all through till the tournament finished. Then went on to do his Pilgrimage and fulfilled his obligations and he duty of being a Summoner. Never did both at the same time.

Serena: Wakka?

Wakka: Hm?

Sapphire: We were thinking about this a bit and find it hard to understand.

Wakka: What’s up?

Clint: Well… what we’re trying to let out is that… Praying for Victory on the Tournament is fine and it’s nice. It’s uplifting to say the least if any…. But… Is this right?

Wakka: Something wrong with enjoying blitzball?

Tidus: Is this really the time?

Wakka: This is the only time! The players fight with all their strength; the fans cheer for their favorite team. They forget pain, suffering… Only the game matters! That’s why blitz has been around for so long. Least that’s what I think.

Penny: Is Blitz the only source of entertainment?

Wakka: Pretty much. Yeah. With Sin around… there has been no room for any other sources of entertainment.”

“Wakka: I been thinking. Maybe people Sin gets to don’t die. Maybe Sin carries ‘em through time. Like a thousand years through time. And then one day, maybe they just pop back, see?

Lulu: *Shakes head* Amazing. Simply amazing.

Wakka: Hm?

Lulu: You make up one theory after another, refusing to face the simple truth. Sin didn’t take your brother Chappu anywhere. Sin crushed him and left him on the Djose shore! Your brother won’t just pop back for a family reunion.

Lulu walks off a few steps then adds and turns to face Wakka and the others while saying…

Lulu: Oh, and one more thing. No matter how much you want it, no one can take Chappu’s place. No one can replace Sir Jecht, for that matter. And there’s no replacement for Lord Braska, either. *Looking at the fighters* Of course there is also no replacement for your grandmother’s Sister Princess Aquamarine, either.  It’s pointless to think about it, and sad. *Storms off; With Yuna following*”

“Wakka: You guys here to pray for victory too?

Sora: *Looking at Carly then at the others* Those must be Blitzball players. From Luca. The one with the red smooth sleek hair is Bickson. The team captain and the head of the team. Cocky and arrogant by nature, Bickson is widely regarded as the best blitzball player in the world. the one with the golden hair is Graav. Graav is the middle-fielder for the Luca Goers blitzball team. The black player with the black hair looking like a Puffball in the back… is Abus. He’s more suited for a forward position in the team.

Bickson: Us? Pray? Who needs to Pray? The Luca goers always win.

Dinah: And that would be in what way? By cheating. Because a true sports player who is honest and straight wouldn’t gloat out of spite to bring others down personally.

Bickson: And who are you?

Dinah: Dinah Rhapsody. But in my tough reputation… i am known as “Danger Zone” Dinah.

Bickson: Ohhh Scary.

Serena: *Looking towards Bickson* …

Wakka: You not here to pray? Then why are you here?

Graav: We were hoping for some competition this year!

Bickson: So what exactly is your goal this time? You gonna “do your best” again? Ha! As if. It’s too bad that your best isn’t good enough. Why bother even showing up?

Serena: Uh… You want to say that again? *Standing up in front of Bickson* You are a cocky arrogant wannabe.  You think that you’re so special and that you’re what? Yevon’s great gift and can do no wrong that you’re so great you expect everyone to kiss the ground you walk on.

Graav: Who do you think you are talking to Bickson like that?

Serena: Serena Rhapsody. I am known as a tough girl with a rather tough, gutsy and rambunctious reputation. I am also into sports like my mother Dinah. She can get over the hill but her heart’s in the right place and believes in a cause and when she does… she commits to it. I do too.

Tidus: This time… We play to win.

Aurochs: *lunge and Fistpump*

Bickson: Oooh! Play away! Just remember that even kids can play, boys.

Dinah: You can stuff that line up your high and conceited butt, Bickson. We don’t care if Luca thinks you’re like a god. and that you can do no wrong. Say all you like. But come tournament time… We’re gonna make you eat your insults and with a few Knuckle sandwiches of defeat to go along with it.

Graav: And why’s that?

Abus: Yeah… What makes you say that?

Dinah: Because you’re looking at the two new additions of the Besaid Aurochs. The very team that you consider to be a team of losers because you Goers think that you’re so good that you feel you have the right to tear others down to make yourselves look like studs. You’re Looking at “Danger Zone Blitz” Dinah. and my Daughter “Gutsy Lightning power” Serena.”

“The Aurochs is Wakka’s team. I stepped in when i probably shouldn’t have and now it’s given the Aurochs hope. gotten their hopes up where they think they’re gonna win for sure. I made them think that the win would come easy. I promised something that wasn’t for sure. Now they’re gonna expect it and if they don’t get it… It’s gonna look bad on us because we promised them and it didn’t get them the win.”

“Dad, Paul has a point. The guardians can’t be expected to do it all. They need us. Our going into the trials without being considered guardians is wrong of us to do. We shouldn’t have done that without the go ahead. But we had to do something. And not only that… If we plan to be guardians to Yuna… we need to speak up and step to it.”

“Bickson: Who are you supposed to be?

Graav: Ah, I remember him. Guy from Kilika. And the two girls that stepped up to you. One of them happening to be a mother. and the other one the daughter.

Bickson: Hmm?

Graav: You know, one of the Besaid Aurochs. Said somethin’ about winning the cup. The Mother who said that we’d be eating our own insults at the tournament and given something called… a Knuckle sandwich.

Bickson: Oh, right. You’re that idiot. Plus hanging with losers just like you.

Yuna: Don’t call him that! And don’t be calling the Rhapsody Clan Losers. They’re not losers at all.

Bickson: But he is an idiot. They don’t got what it takes to win the cup. And the Rhapsody clan… Loser-ville.

Dinah: *Walking over and slapping Bickson in the face* You arrogant shit. Who the hell do you think you are? Huh? Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t know who the hell we are, Bickson. You tear at the Aurochs because it’s what you do. You think that you’re the cock of the walk and your shit don’t stink. Well… I got news for you. This is a breaking news bulletin for you. IT DOES STINK! Yuna might not tell your ass where to stick it. Because she’s being who she is meant to be and is being kind and civil and respectful. I admire that in her. She’s strong. However… Me. I don’t have any problem telling you where to stick it. I told you once already that by time Tournament comes which is in the morning and as soon as we get to Luca… that you’ll be eating your own insults. I meant it.

Raven: *Looking at Bickson* Excuse me… You want to back off from my mother now? Because i don’t think that you want to deal with an angry geek. I am what you’d consider to be a geek and you know what? I’m proud of it. I don’t think that i need to tell you that unless you want to fear us… you’d back off. You will also back off from the Aurochs too. Because… I’ll tell you what… If you start any bull with the Aurochs again and we hear of it… Civility be cursed… You… Bickson will be praying every day for a very long time that you and us never cross. Serena and my mother are gonna be helping the Aurochs out. You have a problem with that… Too bad. Time to grow up and get over yourself. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

Bickson: Who says that the world has to revolve around me? I can’t help if all of Luca seems to love me and the Goers here. They Love us. Maybe it’s the Aurochs who are just threatened by the fact that they can’t seem to beat us no matter what they attempt to pull.

Raven: *Looking at Bickson* … *Scoffs and annoyed* Oh really? Does that explain why you feel that you have to act like a cantankerous ass? Because… if i am wouldn’t be mistaken… people who act like that they feel that they are to be glorified and believe that the world should kiss the ground they walk on… That’s being a cantankerous ass. Yuna is a very giving young lady. She’s got more respect in her than you seem to have in others. You batter and trash the Aurochs.

Bickson: You have got to be kidding me, little girl… It’s all competition and it isn’t even all that personal. But you might already know that their track record is pathetic. Twenty-three years and they haven’t won a single tournament. That’s talks of failure.

Raven: *Disgusted and becoming temperamental* Yeah right. You really think that they’re a failing team? Like you’re any better? You may have started off as being a sucky blitzball player when you first started and got good doing what you do. But then you become arrogant and cocky like you think that you’re the only one who’s good enough. You belittle the Aurochs and of course you get the other teams to feel or think the same thing. Just in case that they don’t feel like losers already. Why don’t you add the fact that they have to face you for the win in the tournament and have the stats of a 23 year loss thrown at them thereby adding salt to the wound?

Dinah: *Snappy* Hey! You know what… You don’t tell me how to raise my kid. You don’t know her… or us. You only heard about us from whatever the sweet lady Summoner. Yuna had told you. You are also being a complete jerk to the Aurochs and to my Daughters. You talk about things you know nothing about and try to mock my family… my daughters. You want to talk tough, Bickson. Let’s have it. Right here… right now. I come from a place you know crap about. Back there… i was considered to be known as “Danger Zone” Dinah. You have any idea why they called me “Danger Zone” Dinah? I’ll tell you… but you’ll never understand it. Since you want to talk like you’re all big and bad ass… Let’s see it. You and me. Right now. Either put up… or shut up. *Spotting Graav motioning to make a move* And you… Graav. You must be Bickson’s arm candy. coming to his beck and call… we’ve seen you twice and both times… where were you? With Bickson. That must mean that you and he are in bed together. If he were to say for you to Jump off a building… you’d do it. If he were to say jump… you’d ask how high and then jump. So… you’re as low as he is… can’t think for yourself. Why don’t you think and speak and live for yourself for once in your life?

Graav: …

Dinah: And Bickson… you listen and listen good. If you ever…. EVER come near my kids again once the tournament is over and i catch or hear of it… I swear to you… i swear to god… on my very soul that you will wish to god that you never heard of me. because you will be in deep trouble with me that not even the blessings of Yevon will be able to save you from my wrath. And it will mean pain for you because you’ll definitely find out why it is that i am known as “Danger Zone” Dinah. You get me on that?”

“Lulu: What? Just leaving him in Luca? Just leaving the family in Luca to fend for themselves?

Wakka: What do you want me to do?

Lulu: Yuna wants to make him a guardian. She also wants to make them all guardians.

Lulu: Why don’t you tell him he should? As well as tell them that they should?

Wakka: Should what?

Lulu: Become Yuna’s guardian. And the family becoming Yuna’s guardians.

Wakka: Why me?

Lulu: Because Yuna can’t.

Wakka: Why not?

Lulu: He hates his father– what he was, what he did. Do you really think she can possibly say to him… “I want you to be my guardian, like your father was to mine?” And the family still miss Princess Aquamarine. Do you really think that she can possibly say to them… “I want you guys to be my guardians, like she was to my father.?” She was never mentioned in the records as she didn’t want anyone to know that she was guarding Braska. as well as Jecht and Auron were.

Wakka: Aren’t you being over-sensitive?

Lulu: *Huff!*

Wakka: All right, all right. I’ll try talking to him after the tournament. As well as break it with the family and talk with them about it.

Lulu: Be discreet.

Wakka: I know. It’s his decision. And it’s also their decisions to stay.

Wakka: He doesn’t like his father? And they still grieve for the deceased member of their family?

Lulu: Apparently. He told Yuna as much. And i think that the clan made some mention of her to Yuna about the loss.

Wakka: Hating your own father, huh? Sounds like a luxury to me. I don’t even remember my parents. Can’t say how I feel about ‘em.

Lulu: I…I was five then, so I remember mine a little.

Wakka: Dammit! *slams fist on deck*

Lulu: Hm?

Wakka: Sin just takes everything away from us.

Lulu: And it’s taken the girl away from the family. She was said to be rather young. like 16 when she died. And the departed girl’s sister Rikku L. Rhapsody as they said… misses her quite alot. She had 2 kids. then 3 more after. and adopted 2 more after.

Wakka: That’s what the girl who was before getting herself a makeover. Known as Princess Rikku had said. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are the original members of the hero team. their kids are only Newbies but are learning fast. They got lots to learn still, ya?

Lulu: Yuna happens to think so too, but also believes in them and knows that they are set to sacrifice their lives for her at any time.

Wakka: How come they never said so, eh? Why didn’t they say so? Yuna would have taken them on to be her guardians as well… She asked about it back on Kilika Island.

Lulu: But we had her wait. However… she intends to make them guardians as well. Make them… her guardians.”

Grand Maester Mika

Mika: People of Spira, I thank you for your generous welcome. Rise, Maester Seymour. And all of you as well. I present to you…the son of Maester Jyscal Guado, who departed for the Farplane a fortnight past.

Seymour: *Rises and turns to crowd, gives courtly bow*

Mika: As some of you already know, he has been officially ordained a maester of Yevon.

Seymour: I am Seymour Guado. I am honored to receive the title of Maester. In life, my father Jyscal worked to foster friendship between man and Guado. I vow to carry on his legacy, and to fulfill my duties as maester to the best of my abilities.”

“Y myto cissuhan!”

“Fa sicd nabund.”

“Yenke: *shove* Why not talk, Kimahri? Not see Yenke for ten years! Say something! Kimahri forget Yenke? Forget Biran?

Biran: Leave Kimahri, Yenke. Kimahri is small Ronso. Kimahri so small can’t see Yenke and Biran’s faces.

Yenke: *Guffaws* Kimahri forget Ronso friends? We taught you much at time of horn-molt! Biran taught Kimahri to be strong Ronso.”

“Mika: Today, on this glorious day, players from all over Spira have assembled here… to participate in this great contest of bravery, skill, and strength.

Mika: All of these fine teams, equally renowned, deserve to win the cup today. Such is the nature of this contest. Let us, the spectators, play our role accordingly: Let us sing to the glory of the winners, and applaud equally the valor of the defeated. Contestants, may Yevon be with you. *Yevon bow*”

And Now…

“”Let’s Blitz!” Dinah and Serena on the field.”

The crowds cheer with excitement and intensity…

Back in the Luca Cafe…

Sapphire: *Not able to locate Yuna* Uh-oh… Uh… I think that we have got a problem. Raven see about pulling Kimahri away from those two other Ronso’s… I think he’s had enough time to play polo with them.

Raven: What’s up?

Sapphire: Yuna’s gone.

Raven: *Gasps* What?! Yuna’s gone? How? Where did she go?

Sapphire: I don’t know… but she’s gone and we have to find her. the others are gonna be pissed if we don’t

Raven: I’ll go get Kimahri. He’s gonna freak over this. *Walking over to Kimahri* Okay… Kimahri… I think we can conclude the episodes of  “Crouching tiger, Hidden Ronso” for right now. *Looking at the other Ronso* You two… Dump some hormones and chill… You got a problem with Kimahri… talk it out like adults another time. Right now… he’s got Summoner rescue detail to crunch on.

Kimahri: *Pauses and gasps; Turning to bolt out of the Cafe*

Sapphire: *Catching Kimahri bolting out* I guess that he’s off to search for Yuna.

Tidus: Yuna!

Seconds later…

Outside of the Luca Cafe…

Lulu: Where in Spira have you been!?

Tidus: Huh?

Lulu: Yuna’s been kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches. In exchange for her safe return, they want the Aurochs to lose.

Tidus: What!?

Serena: I was gonna go and join our mother in the game… but after hearing that Yuna’s been abducted by the Al-Bhed… I’m gonna stand with the rescue. Yuna’s in need. The Tournament can go on a little without us.

Sapphire: Do you think that Yuna’ll be okay?

Lulu: we don’t know…

Tidus: How could they have taken her?

Raven: That’s my question. But… yeah. How could they have just up and grab her?

Lulu: If they’re only blitzball players, I doubt they’d do anything drastic. But we shouldn’t take chances. Let’s go get her.

Tidus: I’m going too! This will be no problem! They’re telling the Aurochs to throw the game, as if they needed to! I mean, how good a team can they be?

Lulu: Wakka said the same thing. He’ll take care of the game. We should go get Yuna. The Al Bhed boat is in dock 4. Let’s go.

Sapphire: Right.

Lulu, Kimahri, Tidus and the girls within just seconds bolted their way on over to the stadium grounds. They knew that they had to get to Yuna in a hurry. Her safety depended on it and their life were in line for her safety. Raven was a bit confused over why the Psyches would want to kidnap Yuna. There was nothing she had that they would want and it was not as if they would just use her as a bargaining chip to force the hand of the Aurochs. Persuading them to lose in return for her safety. It would have been blackmail or a seedy act of treachery. Sapphire was just focused on getting over to where Yuna was and breaking her from capture. Serena was with the same mind too…

At the stadium…

At the front of the Stadium…

Sapphire: *Looking towards Lulu* Which way is fastest?

Lulu: the right.

Tidus: Let’s go. *Running over to the right heading over to Dock 4 on the right side*

Serena: *Following Tidus* This way…

The Docks of Luca…

Tidus: *Spotting a barricade* What the…?

Raven: What’s this barricade doing here?

Lulu: Must have been the Al-Bhed’s doing. Let’s go the other way.

Sapphire: *grunts* Damn it… This is gonna cost us needed time towards getting to Yuna.

Serena: No. We’ll make it. Let’s go. Come on…

They couldn’t get to the 4th dock the short way. The path was barricaded and blocking them. Preventing them from advancing further. With no other way through it, The girls, Tidus, Lulu and Kimahri had no other alternative but to go the other way…

Luca Dock #2…

Sapphire: This place is so deserted. It gives a person the creeps.

Raven: You said it.

Lulu: It’s a sign that something is up.

Serena: *Grins* is that a fact? Or a hunch?

Sapphire: I think that… *Seeing a couple small contraptions coming alive* Don’t look now… but i think that we have ourselves some company and they don’t care to play.

Raven: What’ll we do?

Serena: We fight them.

It was a set of Ancient machina which were salvaged by the Al-Bhed.

Tidus: What are they?

Lulu: Ancient machina salvaged by the Al Bhed. They are mostly vulnerable to lightning.

Serena: Lightning, huh?

Raven: Well… if that is the case. Then we know what’s required to be done.

Sapphire: Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! time.

Raven: *Nods*

Serena: Right.

Sapphire: Hands in.

A second later…

Sapphire: Miss Thunder! *With her hand in the middle*

Raven: Thunderic Wonder! *With her hand in the middle*

Serena: Thunder Star! *With her hand in the middle*

Sapphire: *With Raven and Serena; Posing for transformation* … *Transforming* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!… Electrify!

Within seconds the appearances changed and replaced the attire with Thunderic charged suits. The Boots were with Thundering energy… Each step was with Thunderic power. The Gloves were with Thunder and lightning. Their weapons were the Thunder Solar Discs. The Jet propelled Lightning Shooter. The Seismic Thunder Boomerangs.

Sapphire, Raven and Serena: *Posing* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!

Miss Thunder: *Looking at Kimahri* Hey… Kimahri. Want your weapon charged with electricity so you can short these machina out?

Kimahri: *Posing to strike at the machina*

Thunderic Wonder: I Guess that we should take it as a yes.

Thunder Star: Right. *Tossing some Thunder at Kimahri’s spear and turning the Spear into a thunder spear* Kimahri… You’re a fighter. So… you know what to do now… Lulu, we’re gonna show these things that we’re here to leave a message. “The Summoner belongs to us. We’re coming to get her.”

Lulu: *Smiles and Nods* Okay.

Miss Thunder: Ready… FIRE!


Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guards with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guards with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guards with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs*Seismic Thunder Howler!

Lulu: *Casting Thunder on the Mech guards*

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs*Seismic Thunder Howler!

Lulu: *Casting Thunder again*

Thunderic Wonder: That’s one set… Let’s get going.

Tidus: Right!

Luca Dock #3…

More Mech guards come out and strike…

Thunder Star: Look out! Kimahri, Watch for those mech guards. They’re getting really testy and they might strike at any of us.

Lulu: *Casting thunder on the Mech guards*

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Lulu: Let’s keep going.

Tidus: Right. the number 4 dock’s got to be near.

Thunder Star: Let’s move.

Thunderic Wonder: Hold on Yuna… We’re on our way.

Luca Dock #4…

Another wave of Machina show up, leaving it to them to clean them out…

Tidus: What do you suppose is up with these guys? Are they trying to bar us from the ships?

Lulu: …

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

More machina come…

Miss Thunder: Okay… that’s it. will anyone be kind to explain what the meaning of all these Machina coming at us is about?

Thunder Star: I think that the Al-Bhed were definitely expecting us to come at them…

The girls look to see the machina coming closer…

Thunder Star: Yeah… they were expecting us all along.

Thunderic Wonder: Why don’t we get rid of these things and get to the ship? Before it pulls out from the dock…

Lulu: *Casting thunder on the Mech Guard*

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Tidus: *Slashing away at the machina*

Kimahri: *Cutting the machina with his Thunder imbued spear*

Thunderic Wonder: Come on… We’ve got these things on the run. i think.

Miss Thunder: There’s only a couple left to tear down.

Tidus: *Nods*

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Mech Guard with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Lulu: *Casting Thunder on the Mech guard*

Tidus: *Cutting at the machina*

Kimahri: *Slashing at the machina*

Only seconds later…

They stop to glance at the game broadcast. The announcers give off a play-by-play of the match…

Bobba: The Aurochs are keeping the score tied with some excellent defense, folks!

On screen Wakka is seen getting tackled by Berrik…

Bobba: Ow! He’ll feel that one in the morning! But what’s this… Dinah’s recovered the ball and returns the tackle back at Berrik. What an act of warding off the attacks on Wakka. Look out for Dinah, Folks… She doesn’t play around.

Wakka gets hit again from the other side…

Jimma: Ah! But the referee doesn’t call the foul! Wakka’s taking a real beating out there. Where is Thunder Star Serena to amp up Wakka’s other side? He’s in serious trouble folks. How much longer can he hold out?—

Thunder Star: *Cheering* Way to go mom… You can do it. I’m gonna be there soon. Just hold on the streak.

Miss Thunder: That’s our mom.

Tidus: *Seeing Wakka on screen* Ha… Still in there!

Lulu: *Shaking head* He will not last. Wakka’s always that way when he takes up a beating.

Tidus: Ouch.

Thunder Star: Wow! Talk about a lack of encouraged enthusiasm.

Thunderic Wonder: That was kinda cold there, Lulu. Wakka’s doing what he can… it’s not easy on him going in there and having to pull all the moves. His team is working hard. Wakka needs all the encouragement available. The Psyches are not making it an easy break for him.

Lulu: Let’s go.

Tidus: Right!

The girls, Lulu, Tidus and Kimahri step over to Dock number 4 and see the ship beginning to pull out. They had to make a jump for the ship and get on it fast. It was now or never. If they were to wait a second longer, they would not make it and would lose Yuna forever.

Miss Thunder: *On the Crates and looking at the others* Everyone, JUMP! Kimahri, if you have a little reserved Jump power… Now would be the perfect time to use it.

Kimahri: *Nods*

Within seconds they all made a leap onto the ship and looked for a way inside the ship…

Thunderic Wonder: Is there a door?

Thunder Star: *Looking to see a door* There’s a door. But also…

Miss Thunder: Something else… *Looking down at the opening*

Tidus: *Gasps* Wha–?

A Large Machina rises up from the ship’s hold and stands guard. but it then started to activate itself and motioned to start attacking…

Thunder Star: We got a problem and it’s in the shape of this contraption.


Oblitzerator: *Firing a blind ball at Lulu, Tidus and Kimahri*

Miss Thunder: Watch out!

Thunderic Wonder: The machina is firing balls at us. Is that a ball machine?

Thunder Star: I think so and i think that it’s gone schizo.

Tidus: Let’s get it!

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Lulu: *Casting Thunder on the Oblitzerator*

Thunder Star: *Pulling out a Eye drops and tossing it towards Kimahri* Kimahri, Here. uses that… Unblind yourself and get that machine.

Thunderic Wonder: *Pulling out a Eye drops and tossing it towards Lulu* Lulu, need the eyes rejuvenated?

Miss Thunder: *Pulling out a Eye drops and tossing it towards Tidus* Hey… Use this… get your eyesight back and get that thing. *Looking at her sisters* Girls… Let’s do it!

Thunderic Wonder: Right.

Thunder Star: Let’s serve the machina some serious pain.

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Lulu: *casting Thunder at the Oblitzerator*

Tidus: *Looking to see a Crane on the side* A Crane! We can use it… *trying to operate it* It won’t work.

Oblitzerator: *Firing a Muted ball at the girls*

Miss Thunder: *Getting hit* …

Thunderic Wonder: *Getting hit* …

Thunder Star: …

Lulu, Kimahri and Tidus: *Using Echo screen on the girls* Here.

Miss Thunder: *Sighs* Thanks. That did the job. Lulu, Spark some power into that crane there. We’re gonna use that to break down that Oblitzerator.

Thunderic Wonder: We’ll hold the machina back while you get some power inside that crane.

Thunder Star: I’m ready.

Miss Thunder: Ready?! Girls… On my mark.

Thunderic Wonder: Right. Let’s finish this thing.

Lulu: *Casting some thunder to hit the crane*

Miss Thunder: FIRE! *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Tidus: A little more power, Lulu. Just a little more.

Lulu: *Casting some thunder to hit the crane*

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Tidus: *Cutting the Oblitzerator with his sword*

Kimahri: *Slashing at the Oblitzerator*

Miss Thunder: One more time with the attacks on this Oblitzerator and then we let the crane finish it off…

Throughout the battle, the Oblitzerator performed 2 to 3 Blitzball rushes on them to take a bunch of Health points from them. But they used a potion on themselves and healed up quick…

Lulu: *Casting some thunder to hit the crane*

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Tidus: *Cutting the Oblitzerator with his sword*

Kimahri: *Slashing at the Oblitzerator*

Tidus: That worked… here we go. *Going over to the crane and working the controls*

Suddenly the Crane lifted up and rose up from it’s resting spot and loomed in the air before extending the metal rod and looming the claw over the Oblitzerator. The Claw lowered to the machina and grabbed at the top of the machina and ripped it off.  The Oblitzerator flinched over itself and started to fire a series of balls at it in a counter offensive. But the girls weren’t about to lie down… They gave one last bout of strikes against it…

Lulu: *Casting some thunder to hit the crane*

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Oblitzerator with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Tidus: *Cutting the Oblitzerator with his sword*

Kimahri: *Slashing at the Oblitzerator*

Lulu: *casting Thunder at the Oblitzerator*

Before they could sneak off another hit on the machina…

A Moment later…

After the Oblitzerator shorted out and self destruct, melting down then blowing up into nothing…

Miss Thunder: Phew! That thing was a work-up. It took many attacks to nail that thing.

Thunderic Wonder: The machina sure has given us it’s ride. But now that it’s gone…

Thunder Star: Where’s Yuna?

Suddenly the door leading to the inside of the ship opened and seconds later revealed Yuna walking out from the opening and apparently safe…

Lulu: *Hurrying over and Embracing Yuna*

Thunder Star: Looks like you’re not any worse for the wear, Yuna. You alright?

Lulu: I hope you hurt them.

Yuna: A little.

Miss Thunder: A Little? For them trying to Abduct you like that… If i were you… i would have knocked some sense into them.

Thunder Star: Our mother would have given the Abductors a few knuckles sandwiches.

Thunderic Wonder: *Nods*

Yuna: *Giggles a little*

Tidus: *Looks around*

The girls start to look around and something about the ship sparked a sense of familiarity by them…

Yuna: What is it?

Tidus: There were these Al Bhed that saved my life when I first came to Spira. As well as the family. The Al-Bhed took me on their ship. Plus took the family on their ship too. the family to the girls there. They gave me and them food. I was kinda hoping this was the same ship. But it’s not. I wonder if they’re all gone.

Miss Thunder: Or if they’re even still alive.

Yuna: What happened?

Tidus: Sin came up near us. I made it out okay as did the family, but we don’t know what happened to their ship.

Yuna: Um, was there anyone called Cid on that ship?

Thunderic Wonder: Who? *Confused* Uh, Who’s Cid? You know who one of the Al-Bhed are?

Tidus: I don’t know. They were all speaking that Al Bhed language.

Thunder Star: We couldn’t understand a word that they were even saying.

Yuna: *Droops* I see.

Tidus: So who’s Cid?

Miss Thunder: *Confused*

Yuna: He’s my uncle, but I’ve never actually met him.

Tidus: Wait. So that means you’re Al Bhed, too, Yuna?

Thunderic Wonder: *Gasps in disbelief* Say What?!

Thunder Star: You’ve got to be kidding us… Yuna. You mean that you’re an… Al-Bhed as well? How can… that… *Shocked*

Yuna: On my mother’s side, yes. Cid is my mother’s brother. He became distant after my mother married. But she told me to seek him out if I ever needed help.

Thunder Star: Whoa! Okay… now that’s just seriously twisted. Wait till our mom hears this… She’s gonna flip.

Miss Thunder: Oh… She’ll flip alright. She’ll be in shock. That’s what.

Tidus: You’re worried he was…?

Lulu: Don’t tell Wakka about Yuna’s lineage. The thing about Wakka–he never had much love for the Al Bhed.

Thunderic Wonder: Why? What would he have against the Al-Bhed?

Thunder Star: What caused him to hate them?

Lulu: It had something to do with what happened to his brother Chappu. last year.

Miss Thunder: Oh god… that’s sad. He has this stain of resentment in his heart.

Thunder Star: The poor guy…

Tidus: Whoa! I gotta tell Wakka!

Lulu: I thought I told you not to tell Wakka!

Yuna: The game!

Lulu: Oh! *Tosses ball lightning as signal*

Thunder Star: *Tosses a Ball of lightning up as well to signal Dinah that they were coming back*

In the Blitzball Sphere pool…

Wakka looked haggard from all the pounds he was getting and he was reaching a limit when he suddenly saw a ball of light in the sky twinkling. He knew that it was Lulu. Dinah was a bit worn out but she looked up and saw a ball of light in the sky and saw Serena’s face. She sighed and smiled. Within seconds Wakka and Dinah motioned to the Aurochs to keep going…

Bobba: Thirty seconds left! The Aurochs are launching an all-out offensive! A long passe from Letty! It goes through! Oh…oh…. He shoots! Goooooal! Unbelievable! The Aurochs win the match 3-2!

Wakka went limp again sighed. Dinah was there with him and helped him out back to the locker room…

Back on Dock #4…

The girls were watching the tail end of the broadcast…

Tidus: We won!

Yuna: We did it! We’re in the finals!

Serena: *Cheers* Way to go mom! They don’t call her “Danger Zone Blitz” Dinah for nothing.

Raven: She did it. So did Wakka. They’re awesome.

Lulu: Not the most…graceful win. If it was Chappu, he’d still be standing.

Tidus: Hey, aren’t you being just a little unfair?

Sapphire: Lulu… That was really cold. How can you even say that? Do you just see no reason to have at least a little faith in Wakka? He is kinda close to you, you know? You’re practically tied to him because of Chappu. Even though Chappu is gone and there is a mystery still behind that as to why… You and Wakka are like… Well.. Let’s face it. Close.

Tidus: She’s got a point, Lulu.

Lulu: *Snarls* Excuse me?

Tidus: I know I could never take Chappu’s place. You’re the one who told Wakka that, right, Lulu? And I don’t think Wakka would ever try to take Chappu’s pl–

Lulu: You don’t want to finish that sentence.

Raven: I think someone’s getting rather testy. Whoops!

Serena: Let’s get back to the team. You guys head back to the stands and watch the game. Don’t worry. We got this in the bag.

In the Auroch’s locker room…

Wakka was groaning while lying on his back on the bench. The Auroch’s and Dinah were clustering around him.

Dinah: *Looking at Keepa* Keepa, Look for a wash cloth and run it under some cold water. Ring out the excess water. then bring it over here and place it on his forehead. He is heating up and it’s getting worse. If we don’t cool him down a little and keep it under control… he will wind up convulsing with a stroke. He’ll black out.

Keepa: Right away, Dinah.

A minute later…

Datto: Sure you’re all right, Cap’n?

Letty: The game starts in a few minutes. You sure you okay?

Jassu: We’re playing the Goers, too.

Wakka tries to rise but only rose up slightly to see everyone here… He then groaned and dropped the ball. The door then opened a minute later and the Aurochs all turned to see Serena and Tidus who happened to catch the ball with his foot.

Tidus: Hey there… Miss me? *Tossing ball to Datto*

Serena: We’re back. We are unharmed. So is Yuna. She’s safe as can be.

Datto: Lady Yuna!

Letty: Are you okay?

Yuna: All this because of me. I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! *Deep Japanese bow*

Wakka: How can you let some Al Bhed kidnap you?

Tidus: Hey, let it go, all right?

Serena: Yeah. Don’t work over that so much. It’s a done deal. we dealt with them, Rescued Yuna. All is right with the world again… sort of speaking.

Wakka: Don’t go near Al Bhed any more, okay? They’re trouble.

Serena: Don’t worry. We will see to steer clear of them as much as possible. But just don’t say that to Spencer. He is very testy about being warned of things. or of people. He happens to like the Al-Bhed. It’s just his own personal prerogative is all.

Dinah: We know that you cousin Spencer likes the Al-Bhed. But just indulge Wakka’s beliefs for a little while over the Al-Bhed okay. He nearly got sacked by them. He’s not a happy camper about it.

Yuna then speaks with Tidus a little and then she and Kimahri leave…

Dinah: *Seeing Lulu Standing by the door* Hey Lulu, You okay? You seem pretty quiet.

Lulu: *sighs*

Serena: *Shrugs*

Lulu: *To Serena* Please don’t tell anyone about Yuna’s lineage.

It was gonna be soon time for the final match to start setting in. Something had to be done and done soon. Tidus walked on over to Wakka suddenly and Serena was nearby too. She was set to go and take the win. She was gonna see to it that the Aurochs won the cup. Fighting hard. and not backing down from the fight…

Wakka rose up and spoke but also while talking, stood and faced the Aurochs…

Wakka: The game starts soon. No time for warm-ups. Ready?

Tidus: Lemme at ’em.

Wakka: All right! *stands* I got something to tell you boys. After this game… I’m retiring. I promised myself this would be my last tournament. Win or lose, I’m quitting blitzball. But you know… Since we’re here, we might as well win!

Aurochs: Yeah! *Fistpumps*

Botta: A-Am I on the bench?

Wakka: I’m warming the bench. He’s taking my place. So is Serena. They’re both gonna be taking my place. It’s the right thing right now.

Seconds later…

Wakka: All right, boys, let’s win this one! Let’s make the Goers goners!

Tidus: Let’s blitz!

Dinah: Go get those goers. Make those Goers goners.

Serena: You got it!

Aurochs: Hooah! *Leave*

As soon as they left…

Lulu: I saw you floating there, on the sphere.

Wakka: Hey, you weren’t supposed to see that.

Wakka collapses and Lulu catches him…

Lulu: You really gave it your all, didn’t you?

Outside of the locker room…

The Aurochs all huddled over…

Tidus: Alright boy, What’re we gonna do?

Aurochs: Win!

Botta: For Cap’n Wakka.

Serena: This is his team… Let’s do this for him. Do right by him. Make him proud.

Aurochs: Yeah!

Serena: Make those Goers retreat.

Inside the Locker room…

Wakka leans onto Lulu listening to the broadcast and reads the note on the wall…

“My best memories are here. I will never forget. Wakka, Captain of the Besaid Aurochs”

Bobba: This is it, folks! In just a few minutes, the championship game!

In the Stadium…

Bobba: But who could have imagined… a championship game between these two teams? Our legendary Luca Goers going against… the horrendously ill-fated Besaid Aurochs!

During the Announcers speaking throughout the stadium. A man in red started stepping up the steps and into view. Overlooking the sphere.

Jimma: This looks like history in the making, Bobba.

In the Sphere pool…

The goers and the Aurochs swim towards one another and face off. They looked at one another and Stared. Tidus stuck his hand out motioning to shake on a good game. But Bickson laid out his hand only to pull it back and make a taunting swing at him. Serena was itching to swim over to Punch Bickson’s eye out…

Bobba: They’re already going at it, folks! The Goers are taunting the Aurochs!

Only a moment after… the match began…

Tidus grabbed the ball and started swimming over to the goers side of the pool and heading right for the goal… But was blocked by 3 people. He was only a couple feet away but enough where he could shoot and the goalie wouldn’t be able to catch it… Tidus Performed the Jecht shot. Hitting Abus… Doram and then jumping up, Spinning. Within seconds, he Kicked the hard and fast flying to the goalie… It whizzed right on by and flew past the goalie. The goalie couldn’t catch it…

Bobba: Goooaaaal! The Aurochs scored first.  they made the first goal. What a lucky break for the Aurochs.

The next one was grabbed by Bickson and he was not gonna let go of the ball easily. Serena swam off over to him and confronted him. She tackled him hard and with a bit of strength. losing Bickson the Ball. She grabbed the ball and swam hard and made the pass over to Jassu who caught it and swam onwards. He made it over to the spot that was near the goalie and Passed it back to Serena who wasn’t far behind. She grinned and looked at the others before performing her version of the Jecht shot. She performed the “Thunder Star” Shot.

Bobba: Serena hits the ball and it smacks into Balgerda… then into Graav and Bickson. She’s leaping into the air, She Spins… She kicks… Whoa! Look at that kick… The ball flies past Abus and he is unable to catch it… It soars over to the goalie and the goalie is unable to block it… It hits… Gooooooaaaaaaaaaal! The score is unbelievable. The Aurochs are in the lead with the score 2 – o.

A second later…

Bobba: Graav wins the ball…

In the stadium…

on the Bleachers looking towards the view of both the Aurochs and the Goers…

Spencer: Serena is good. She’s got that shot.

Clint: What about Tidus? He performed that shot. Those Goers didn’t even know what the heck hit them whatsoever.

Annie: They were nearly clueless and without a clue at all.

Luna: Dinah’s got a strong sporting daughter in Serena. She’s quick on the swimming.

Zoey: But those Goers are gonna try to score and take back the court.

Alvin: It’s gonna be okay. Serena and Tidus and the Aurochs will make it.

Paul: That’s right. They’ll make it. They already made two points so far, haven’t they?

Sora: *Watching the game*

Carly: *Watching the game*

Bobba: *Announcing* The Goers scored… it’s getting interesting folks. The Aurochs are holding their own and the Goers are coming in to match points… It’s at the 3 minute mark and the score is Aurochs 2… Goers 1. This championship game has been kicking up with an interesting turn of event. The outcome became different than last year. The goers were dominating the match. But this year… There’s a different outcome. The Aurochs are with a flare of determination like none other.

At the 4 minute 30 second mark of the first half of the finals…

Inside the Sphere pool…

Tidus grabbed the ball and swam for the close range of the goalie. He made it half way there before being blocked… Confronted by 3 of the Goers. He made another attempt at performing the Jecht Shot. He let the ball hit Doram and Abus and then went in for the spin and then the kick….

Bobba: He shoots…. raudy can’t catch it and it…. Gooooooooaaaaaal!

It’s Half time…

In the Aurochs locker room…

Wakka: *To the team* Zone defense, boys! Stop those Goers! Serena… Block their shots.

Aurochs: Cap’n!

Serena: Plan on it. My mom and I meant what we said. That cup will be yours. we all said that your last year playing in the tournament was gonna be one to remember. We’re gonna see it through.

Wakka: *Grins happily*

Tidus: What about me?

Wakka: Get the ball and just shoot like crazy!

Datto: Goers are goin’ down!

Aurochs: Yeah!

Tidus: Shoot like crazy!

Aurochs: Yeah!

Serena: Bickson’s fall begins today. This tournament is his blunder.

Aurochs: YEAH!!!

Wakka: All right! Hustle!

In the bleachers…

Paige: The Aurochs are really on a roll. They got 3 points to the Goers 2.

Pearl: The Goers are probably gonna be trying to cook something up.

Penny: I don’t trust the goers. They are gonna try to cheat.

Amy: If the goers try anything funny… we can call for the referee and call the goers up on it.

Annie: Let’s hope that the goers are smart and don’t do anything sneaky. We can see the game clearly from here and we’ll blow the whistle on them if they do.

Daria: Yeah.

Luna: 3 points. Dinah and Serena really have helped the Aurochs a lot. The Aurochs are gonna win. Dinah was worrying for nothing.

Blossom: I Love Blitzball. I think that i’ll be wanting to become a Blitzer.

Curtis: You have to learn to swim first Blossom. The game is in a sphere pool. Filled with water.

Blossom: I can learn how to do that. I can. I want to learn.

Arnold: Anyone can learn how.

The second half was about to begin.

During the second half the goers were able to make another point. But Serena was able to pull off a Sphere shot and nail the goal. Making another goal. But during some of the shot Serena was being tackled hard. By Bickson… By Graav… and then by Balgerda.  But she still held onto the ball and wasn’t gonna let the goers take it. Tidus Swam in and aided Serena. Vowed to take the ball and make the next shot. Leading the Aurochs ahead… 5-3.

At the 3 Minute mark…

Bobba: The crowd is cheering for the Aurochs! Isn’t this exciting?

But all over the Stadium…

The crowd started to chant out…

Crowd: *Chanting* Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka!

All through the stadium the crowd was rising up and chanting continuously…

Zoey: I guess that everyone wants Wakka. They’re all chanting for him. Wanting to see him.

Alvin: This game is getting really exciting.

Paige: I know. I love it.

Pearl: *Cheering* Go AUROCHS!!!! GO!!!

Inside the Sphere pool…

The Goers all look around wonder what was going on, what all the chanting was for and heard the crowd calling out for Wakka…

Bobba: Everyone seems to be calling for Wakka, folks!

Tidus: *Looking crestfallen, closing his eyes and floating back towards the bottom of the sphere*

Bobba: Say…Where is that player going? He’s leaving the sphere pool! He may be injured! Serena is also going out. She might be also spent too, folks.

A Minute later…

Hallway outside of the Auroch’s Locker room…

Tidus waves over to Wakka who rubbed his head before suddenly entering airlock. Serena was there too watching Wakka head back into the game…

Narrative: *As Serena* To be honest, We did kind of feel left out of the entertainment, but… even if we wanted to be part of the show. We couldn’t. we had to face the facts. It really was the Aurochs’ and Wakka’s show, after all. It was his team and if anyone were to finish the tournament… it was Wakka. We were already Dominating the tournament. Which helped Wakka out a lot. We were sure that he was indeed thankful… but this was something that he had to finish. We all wished him luck then. It was the right thing to have done.


Back in the Sphere Pool…

Bobba: I wonder what’s happening? The crowd is going wild!

Wakka is seen swimming from the side and making way back to the team and joining back to the game.

Bobba: Ah! It’s Wakka! He’s back on the field and ready to go! The Aurochs seem glad to have him back.

Wakka jumps up and hand fives plus bump arms in welcome to the team and within seconds the game resumed.

As the game finished up and it was reaching the last few seconds, Wakka went long, hard and swam close range towards the Goers Goal and performed a Sphere shot…

Bobba: He shoots… It’s going… going… Gooooaaaaaaaal! Unbelievable! The Aurochs win, folks! This is one for the record books! Folks, after 23 years of a losing streak… The Aurochs have ended the infamous streak. The Aurochs… have beat the goers. This is a victory that will go down in Luca history. Aurochs have won… 6 to 3.

The Tournament was over and the Match was done… all the players left the pool Except for Wakka. Wakka was still there. What was gonna happen next? How would Wakka celebrate the win… the Victory against the Goers? Was the Victory gonna be short lived? What was next for the clan and for the Summoner? Was she gonna be able to resume her Pilgrimage? Find out what happens next in the Conclusion of the Blitzball hype and what’s next for the fighters in the next chapter of the adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Tidus: Hey you! Don’t stand there! All of this is your fault! Gettin’ swallowed by Sin! Ending up here in Spira! Not being able to go back to Zanarkand–everything, everything! I’m telling you, it’s all your fault!

Annie: Yeah… Auron… Putting us through all this torture. How could you do this to us, huh? WHY DID YOU DO IT?!


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