Chapter 127: Welcome to Luca, Rhapsody Clan.


The S.S. Winno has finally reached the Ports of Luca and began pulling into the dock in Luca. the sounds of over crowd noise could be heard from the ship and as they could hear the announcer speaking rather dimly at first then gradually growing louder. Tidus was hanging on the tip of the ship and standing on the front. He was captivated by how the stadium looked…

Announcer: *As Bobba* …he shoots…gooooooaaaaallll! Unbelievable!

On Ship…

The fighters and the entire clan were on the deck by the front and all were looking out towards the city.

Annie: Wow! Look at the view.

Clint: This is it. This is Luca.

Paige: We’re gonna be at the stadium soon and just look at all the people on the docks.

Luna: It’s crowded.

Zoey: Maybe there is something else going on at the docks that require for them to be packed like that.

Serena: *Nods* You might be right. There sure are a whole lot of people walking around.

Dinah: *Looking to see Wakka on the side and Looking onwards towards the Ports* Well… Wakka sure is anticipating the fact that we’ve reached Luca.

Sapphire: He seems to be a tad nervous. Don’t you think?

Alvin: *Looking towards Wakka* can’t tell… But it’s got to be pre-game Jitters. Common among all sports players. They all get the pre-game Jitters.

Raven: Unless their name is Bickson. He thinks that he’s so perfect.

Blossom: *Looking to see the Goers* I don’t like them. The Goers are really mean and hurtful.

Penny: I agree.

Raven: *Having her mind occupied about something* …

Announcer: *As Bobba* Ladies and gentleman, the day we’ve all been waiting for, the opening tournament of the season. This event is sponsored by Yevon. And this year we celebrate Maester Mika’s 50th year in office!

As soon as the ship stopped and finally had docked in Dock #2…

Dock #2…

The Athletes all suddenly emerge from the S.S Winno Followed right by a live Broadcast…

Announcer *As Bobba*: Ah, over there! The ships carrying the players are arriving now! This would be dock number 2. All the way from Kilika, it’s the Kilika Beasts! High Summoner Ohalland used to play for them–a big name to live up to. Their hometown was recently attacked by Sin. Isn’t that right, Jimma?

Color Guy (Jimma): Yes, Bobba. They’re going to be pulling out all the stops to try and bring back the cup this year.

Bobba: Exciting, isn’t it folks? Our next team off the ramp is…Well, well, well! If it isn’t the Besaid Aurochs! They’re a living, breathing statistical impossibility! I’ve never seen a team this bad! That’s right! In twenty-three years they’ve never made it past the first round! Only a few die-hard fans are in the audience today.

Jimma: Best of luck to them and a safe journey back to Besaid.

Bobba: Right, Jimma. Moving right along, our next team is… Here they are, folks! Our very own Luca Goers! They’ve got power! They’ve got speed! They’ve got teamwork! They’re an all-around first-class team! And they’re back home in Luca!

Jimma: Without a doubt, they are the favorite this year, Bobba. And after the way they dominated last year, it’d take a miracle for them to lose today.

Bobba: You can say that again, Jimma. Look at the crowd, folks! Look at the crowd! Looks like all of Luca has turned out to cheer the Goers on! They know, I know, and you know, folks! The Luca Goers are number one!

On the dock…

Dinah: *Growls* Damn it. Those announcers and their praising the Goers like gods and revering us like scraps. The nerve.

Serena: The utter nerve of them.

Tidus: *Kicking the Dock*

Wakka: Don’t let it bother you guys too much, ya? It’s like this every year.

Tidus then mysteriously produced a megaphone and seconds later hopped on a crate and Started yelling out* Stop right there, Goers! You guys are smilin’ now, but not for long!

Theodore: *Looking towards Tidus and seeing him on one of the crates* What is he doing?

Raven: Tidus has apparently cracked. Maybe it’s the tension of the tournament.

Paige: The poor guy. I sure hope that he calms down. He’s liable to hurt himself doing that.

Luna: Yeah. What do you suppose has gotten into him?

Pearl: You would have to place that guy as class “A” unstable. There are gonna be a ton of people looking at him in a very strange way now.

Wakka: *Facepalms*

Tidus: ‘Cause this year… Us Aurochs are taking that cup! *Jeering with laughter*

A second later…

Wakka: What in Yevon’s name were you doing up there?

Annie: Trying to make us all look out and be noticed, i’d guess.

Datto: We sure stood out, though!

Letty: We were on the sphere!

Jassu: We were?

Serena: Yeah. Uh, Duh… the Sphere was above you guys and we were able to see it from here. You were all on the sphere.

Paul: It’s pretty lively here. Will we be able to get through here?

Sora: *Shrugs*

Blossom: *Seeing a couple people running by them and heading off ahead* What’s going on?

Luna: Not sure.

Luca Guard in Blue: Maester Mika is here?

PomPom lady: Already?

Guy in green and white: The number 3 dock. Let’s go.

Avery: Who is this Maester Mika?

Spencer: What exactly is a Maester anyway?

Lulu: Maesters are the leaders of Yevon, the dominant religion of Spira. There are three positions with the title of Maester; one is held by a Ronso, one by a Guado, and one by a human. Maester Mika is the grand Maester. He is the one who surpasses all Maesters. He’s the leader of all the peoples in Spira. He’s come here all the way from Bevelle. This Tournament is being held to honor his 50 years as Maester.

Tidus: 50 years? Shouldn’t he be, uh… you know… retired by now?

Wakka: Hey! You mind your mouth now.

Serena: Depending who it is… maybe retirement is best for the maester. How old is he? Any ideas?

Lulu: No. No one really knows?

Yuna: Let’s all go see him.

Luna: Must we?

Zoey: *Looking at everyone* I guess so. Everyone’s going over to the 3rd dock to see him.

Amy: If we got to. I just hope that he doesn’t notice us… Because The maester might old… depending on the age and all… but we can be sure that He is no dunce. He might tell off that we’re not from here and if he does… Let’s just say that we’re gonna have a bit more issues to worry ourselves over.

Penny: What a way to strike the stigma of fear.

Annie: It’s kinda true though… isn’t it? We’re not from here and the Maester is sure to notice. Does he look in any way a total Airhead?

Clint: No. But we should be nice about him. It ain’t easy being a Maester for 50 years. He must have had some tough times. Like the Pope in the Vatican city… You think being a pope is easy? You have to foster civil relations and hold the key to the Vatican Archives. You have to know multiple languages and have to be rather punctual on practically a daily basis. Plus make public appearances just as well. That takes a toll on a person after awhile.

Dinah: You’re right, Clint. It does.

They all journey over to Dock number 3 to go and see the Grand Maester. However they were met by a crowd. There was a crowd stationing and standing beside the huge Vessel whose sails bared Yevon’s symbol on it…

Sapphire: There’s so many people here to see him. We can’t see a thing. How are we supposed to see him?

Susie: No idea. There is no sphere near either. So we can’t very much just look at the sphere, can we?

Alvin: We’ll have to do the best we can.

Sora: *Shrugs*

Carly: …

Tidus: *Standing on Tip-toes* I can’t see a thing. How is it that we’re supposed to see the Maester?

Wakka: Shhhhh!

The band started playing, A man then embarked from the Vessel…

“That’s a Guado, Right?”

“Who could it be?”

“Isn’t that… Maester Seymour?”

The man known to be Maester Seymour suddenly turns to face the ship kneeling deeply and gives a Yevon’s bow too. It was seconds later that the man known as Maester Mika appeared and descended from the ship…

Pearl: *Seeing the garment on Mika* Oh my… Those are loving colors he’s wearing. Amazing.

Penny: What about that one with the blue hair? He’s got a mix of purple and red. Purple happens to be a favorite color of mines. I like that color.

Pearl: I could create some wonderful dresses and Fashion material with his colors. Maybe create a flair to those outfits. I wonder if it’d right to ask that.

Jack: Why not? besides… if we go our separate ways, dear… We might as well go where we’re of much more use. Right?

Spencer: That’s correct.

Wakka: Shhhh! Guys. show respect to the maester. Bow your heads now.

The fighters all bow their heads and the Maester stands out before them all…

Grand Maester Mika

Mika: People of Spira, I thank you for your generous welcome. Rise, Maester Seymour. And all of you as well. I present to you…the son of Maester Jyscal Guado, who departed for the Farplane a fortnight past.

Seymour: *Rises and turns to crowd, gives courtly bow*

Mika: As some of you already know, he has been officially ordained a maester of Yevon.

Seymour: I am Seymour Guado. I am honored to receive the title of Maester. In life, my father Jyscal worked to foster friendship between man and Guado. I vow to carry on his legacy, and to fulfill my duties as maester to the best of my abilities.

The crowd then gave off a Yevon bow. and smiled upon the Maesters.

Wakka: You too… Bow your heads. *Nodding to the girls and urging the guys to do the same*

Mika suddenly started to walk off and Seymour began to head off before lingering a little to lock eyes with Yuna and managing to catch a glimpse of Raven. He smiled a bit at her and then smiled kindly at Yuna. Within seconds Seymour walked off following right behind Mika. It was a awkward surprise and yet very tingly as how a Maester would be looking right at Raven with a smile of intrigue and courteous interest. Raven Didn’t really seem to notice that Seymour had looked at her and let out a smile but when she was told of it, She felt rather touched then a bit embarrassed all at the same time. Dinah looked to see Raven blushing and wondered what was making her blush. She didn’t seem to notice that the Maester had looked at her and when the crowd started to disperse and clear out, Dinah walked over to the side with her daughter Raven and asked what was wrong…

Dinah: *Looking at her daughter Raven* Raven… What’s the matter? You alright?

Raven: I don’t know. But i think that the Maester was looking at me.

Dinah: The Maester? Who? Which one was it, Raven?

Raven: The one with the blue horned hairdo. Blueish hair. Actually… it was blue.

Dinah: That was Maester Seymour sweetheart. He was looking at you?

Raven: Uh, yeah. He was looking at me. He didn’t really lock eyes with me really. Just glanced at me. He smiled at me.

Dinah: That’s nothing to be so worried about. He was probably just looking at everyone and just happened to look at you or glance at you. You might have just caught his attention is all. Plus… he’s a grown man. You’re only 15. You’ve got to give it some time.

Raven: I know, Mom. But what if i start having feelings for the guy? I don’t want to just go for him. I am too young and i haven’t had a chance to really decide what it is that i’d want to do with my life.

Dinah: That’s true. You haven’t.

Wakka: *Calling over to Dinah and Raven* Hey you two… You two okay? hurry up, ya.

Dinah: Wakka, We’ll be right there. I’m just having a little mother Daughter time with Raven. She’s feeling a little flustered about something that just happened a moment ago and is feeling a little mixed up.

Wakka: What… *Walking over* What do you mean? Something the matter, eh?

Dinah: I don’t know. But Raven is feeling a bit flustered about the Maester. Seymour… i think it was.

Wakka: Say what? Why’s that? Did the Maester do something?

Raven: No… But he glanced at me. Maybe even smiled at me. But the way he looked at me… it was almost like a look or stare of seduction.

Wakka: Oh boy. That’s not gonna sound pleasant to the others when they hear of this.

Dinah: No. It’s not. But if it wouldn’t be too much to ask… Could we just keep it private and secret? She’s feeling a bit embarrassed about it as it is.

Wakka: Hey… *Grabbing Raven and Playfully giving her a noogie on the head* You shouldn’t worry so much about what the Maester was doing looking at you like that, ya. He was just admiring you because you seemed to stand out and caught his attention is all. There ain’t nothing to be so worried about. Maester Seymour is a Guado. He’s just fostering the relations between human and Guado is all. Don’t worry your head about it so much, ya? It’s gonna be okay.

Raven: *Nods and Chuckling* Okay… Okay. I’ll try not to let it get to me so much.

Dinah: *Smiles* Thanks Wakka. That was really sweet.

A second later…

Wakka: we got to hit the locker room. it’s about time to start preparing for the Tournament.

Within a minute after that… The Aurochs, Tidus and then Dinah and Serena went on to the locker room on the right side of the steps that were leading to the bleachers… The rest all grabbed a seat in the bleachers waiting for the Tournament to begin. Wakka on the other hand went to the Match line-ups to get the details on who his team was gonna go against.

In the Locker room…

The Aurochs were sitting and waiting for Wakka to return with the details of the line-up and who they were to face first…

Tidus: *Entering the room* Hey guys… Where’s Wakka?

Datto: He’s at the Match-up draws.

Dinah: *Walking in with her daughter Serena* He’s getting the details on who we’re to face this time for the Tournament. isn’t he?

Letty: We had to play the Goers in the first match last year.

Serena: Why do they place you with facing the Goers first if they are apparently so good? Are they just getting kicks from doing so… just so they can see you get set up to fail?

Jassu: The year before that, and the one before that, too!

Dinah: Luca must think of you guys as losers or something. For them to keep trying to set you up to failure.

Keepa: Well, we would’ve lost to anyone anyway.

Serena: *Barks* Hey… Keepa. That’s enough out of you on that. With an attitude like that… of course you’re gonna lose. To win… or to get better chances of winning you need to have a belief and mindset of someone’s who’s gonna win. that something good will happen.

Dinah: The more that you think you’re gonna lose… the more you will be seen as losers. That’s why Luca sees you guys as a Statistical impossibility. Because you are thinking that you will always lose no matter what you try to do. By you thinking like that… It makes Wakka look bad because he’s coaching a team that has no confidence in themselves. You have to think like a winner. It doesn’t matter if you happen to still lose. As long as you prove that you can put up the effort of winning and believe it to be so… It won’t mean anything because in the end you’ll happen to feel like winners because you believed in yourselves and believed it to be so. Winning would be sweetening the pot a bit more. But believing in yourselves… is a great start.

Jassu: How do you know this, Dinah?

Letty: Yeah… You seem to know a lot about Sportsmanship and about sports confidence.

Serena: *Looking at her mother* Mom, tell him why. Tell them all why. I think they need to know the reasons why.

Dinah: Of course. *Walking over and grabbing for a drink real quick to hydrate her insides a bit* Wakka isn’t here yet… it seems so… there is time to tell you a little bit about the team i coach back in Metropolis, Kansas. *Drinking down some water before sitting down and sighs; Looking around at the team* Okay… Consider me the coach for a moment here. Back in Metropolis Kansas, I am the coach of a College/University Football team. The Metropolis Bulldogs. We won 95% of the time but also had some losses. The team did have their moments where they thought that winning was out of their reach. However… it wasn’t. They just had to have confidence and faith in themselves. They had to work better… as a team. A team is only as good as their capability of embracing teamwork. Their skills and the ability to believe that winning can be possible. Heart. I taught them how to play fierce and play hard. Although i also had to teach myself that too. I was known as a tough girl growing up. I was tough. I was supposed to be into wearing skirts. and being a girl. But i was a tomboy. I played with the boys. If they wrestled. I wrestled. If they did baseball. So did i. Basketball. I did. Football… so did i. Hockey. Soccer. Karate. Did it. But i out of all that didn’t have heart. I had to learn it in order to be better. I’m better for it. You guys have to have the heart. and the will to do better. You can do it… if you believe that you can. And if you believe that it can be made to be so. If you want to be better… You have to make it so.

Datto: You really think that we can do it?

Letty: Can it be possible?

Botta: It can.

The door opens and it prompts them all to turn and see Wakka coming in…

Datto: Cap’n Wakka!

Wakka: Heh-heh! *Fistpump* We’re playin’ the Al Bhed Psyches first. If we win, we’re in the finals! That’s right, we got seeded! Two wins and we’re the champions!

Serena: Really?!

Dinah: That’s wonderful.

Tidus: *Nods*

Aurochs: *Cheering*

A moment later…

Yuna and Lulu enter the locker room… *Whoops!*

(What if they were rather exposed? Awkward!)

Yuna: There you are! *To Tidus; Serena and Dinah* Someone said they saw Sir Auron in a cafe!

Tidus: Auron?

Serena: Auron?! Tell us you’re yanking on the legs here… Yuna, now is no time to make a quirky speculation. Did someone say they had found Auron or saw him around Luca somewhere?

Dinah: *Grinning*

Yuna: Yes, Sir Auron! Let’s go find him!

Tidus and Dinah hesitate as does Does Serena. But it was a minute later when Serena vowed to come along. Dinah stayed. Serena went to look for her sisters and informed them of what was going on. It was a minute later when she returned with Raven and Sapphire and grinned.

Serena: Let’s go see if we can find him.

Raven: Right.

Sapphire: Come on.

Wakka: Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! The game starts like real soon! C-Come back quick, ya?

Tidus: Hey, I’ll be back.

Wakka: Yeah, okay.

Tidus: Hey, Wakka. You’re stiff, man. No, no, not your face. Just breathe out, relax. Like this.Just breathe, yeah!

Yuna only giggled and Lulu just shook her head.

A Minute later…

Yuna, Lulu, Tidus, Kimahri and Dinah’s 3 girls were standing outside in the hall outside of the locker room…

Yuna: Maybe now we can find Sir Jecht.

Tidus: How? How do we find him?

Yuna: Sir Auron was also my father’s guardian. So, he might know where Sir Jecht is. Let’s go now! He might also know where to find Princess Aquamarine as well. She was one of my father’s guardians as well…

Narrative: *As Serena* It didn’t even occur to us to just think that the Auron Yuna was talking about… and the one that we knew from Zanarkand could have been exactly two different people. We didn’t know why, but we somehow all knew that it had to be the same guy. We knew that it was without a doubt the same Auron. the very same guy. He was one of first ones we met when first came to Spira. To Zanarkand. But we now were hearing the name Princess Aquamarine being spoken several times. It was starting to unravel more and more of how our world… Zanarkand, and this world… Spira. were all connected. How it was all related in some way. It was beginning to make some sense but there was a lot more to know. And now that we heard that Auron was spotted. We were gonna get more answers. It was gonna all come to us…

Tidus passed by a couple members of the Al-bhed Psyches. Outside the locker room. Berrik and possibly Blappa. They happened to whisper to each other…

“Y myto cissuhan!”

“Fa sicd nabund.”

Serena: Hey… You’re the Al-Bhed Psyches, Right? Some Al Bhed saved our family some time ago and… This girl Rikku gave us all food and… Uh…You uh… probably are not able to understand me,  are you?

Raven: *Folding arms and Pausing* Uhhhhh!

Sapphire: Uh, Anyway… we’d like to stick by and shoot the breeze, but we have something to do. If you happen to meet Rikku again… Tell her that we said thanks. From all of us. *Gasps* Oh… and as for the first game… May the best team win. *Doing a Yevon Bow*

They all walk off but as they happened to walk off… The Psyches watched them…

In front of the Stadium…

Tidus, Yuna and Kimahri plus Dinah’s three girls went around and looked for Sir Auron. They had to look everywhere possible. No matter what. They looked at the side and saw the docks all opened and felt that checking out the docks for Auron would be best.

Raven: The docks. You suppose that Auron could just be at one of the docks? There are five of them and they seem to circle all around the Stadium. So… if Auron is told to be nearby…  The Docks could be a place he’d be…

Sapphire: I would believe so. It can’t be that hard to locate the guy. can it?

Serena: No. Let’s hurry. The Blitzball tournament is gonna start soon and we can’t be late. So let’s get started in searching for Auron.

Raven: *Nods*

In Dock one…

The 3 girls and the others look all over and unfortunately don’t have any luck in the locating of Sir Auron. But…

Sapphire: There’s that Merchant again.

Raven: This is the 3rd time we’ve seen him.

Serena: He sure gets around… doesn’t he?

Sapphire: Let’s ask him if he’s seen Sir Auron. He might have seen him.

Serena: Right.

Raven: *Nods*

Serena: *Walking over to the Merchant* Hey there…

O’aka: *Looking to see the girls again* Why… fancy seeing you here in Luca, Lass. You notice that the stores in the Stadium are all closed right now? They are all closed right now. But me… I’m always open for business.

Serena looks at the items and thinks…

Raven: We’re gonna need a few potions. Maybe some of that Echo screen. Eye Drops. Phoenix Down too… How many do you think we’re in need of?

Sapphire: 6.

Serena: Yeah. Get about 6 or 7 of each. That should do fine.

A second later…

O’aka: The people here are so into the game, they don’t even look at what they’re buying! Gotta love blitz, eh?

Raven: Makes it lucky for you. Which is good. You do have to make a living somehow, right?

O’aka: That i do, Lass. That i do.

Serena: Hey, O’aka… We got a bit of a question to run by you. Maybe you can help us out…

O’aka: Anything to help a kind customer in need. Seeing as you are with a Lady Summoner. Whatever ya’ need. O’aka is at your service.

Sapphire: We’re in search for someone. A guy wearing red. tall. Black shades and a rather long sword. Literally a Katana. He’s said to have been a guardian to a lord Braska ten years ago. But there was word that he was spotted nearby. Have you seen him? Anyone like that?

O’aka: Afraid not lass. As it looks right now… there is nearly nobody walking around as they’re all watching the spheres in the cafe or inside the stadium anticipated in seeing the Tournament. The exciting screams and plays taking place in the stadium.

Tidus: It’s okay… But if you see him… tell him that we’re looking for him.

O’aka: You betcha’ I’ll be keeping me eyes open. If i see him around here… i’ll tell him that ye’ be lookin’ for him.

They checked the second Dock and then the third Dock. There was no sign of Auron anywhere. But they couldn’t just stop looking. They couldn’t give up… they came across multiple people all rooting for the Goers and partially dissing the Aurochs and or warning them… It got Serena a bit steamed although she couldn’t make anyone respect the Aurochs. The Aurochs had to earn the respect. She knew it. However… they kept searching for Auron. Raven and Sapphire volunteered to look all over Docks 4 and 5 and see if they could locate Auron. There was no luck in locating him. But the search was not over…

Yuna: We checked around the stadium. We checked the docks and there was no sign of Auron. What about outside of the Stadium area?

Serena: That’s a good idea. The Docks didn’t have him. The front of the stadium didn’t seem to have him. We managed to look all over and there was no sighting of him. So… Looking outside of the stadium area would make most sense.

Sapphire: Let’s do it.

Outside of the stadium area…

Tidus Emerged from the stadium area and finds a crowd watching Yuna being interviewed. Yuna however managed to make her escape from it…

Yuna: I’m sorry, please let me through. *To Tidus* Hey, let’s go.

Tidus: You’re really famous.

Serena: Yuna, Are you sure that you’re not a celebrity? These people are crowding around you like you’ve just done up a CD and did some tracks of your own.

Yuna: *Giggles shyly*

Raven: Summoners sure are famous… aren’t they?

Sapphire: Alot more work. But i’m all for it.

Tidus: We got a lot of looking to do for Auron. Where could he be?

They head towards mainland

Yuna: I hope we don’t get separated.

Serena: I second that. But if we do manage to become lost from one another… We should whistle.

Tidus: Yuna! *Whistles*

Yuna: What was that?

Tidus: *Laugh* In Zanarkand, we do this to cheer on blitz players. *Whistles* You try it, too! Put your fingers in your mouth like this.

Yuna: Like…this?

Tidus: Uh-uh. Not like that. Like this. Then, you just blow.

Yuna: *puff puff* It’s not working.

Tidus: Practice!

Sapphire: That’s right, Jelly bean. Practice makes perfect. You’ll get it before you know it.

Yuna: Okay.

Tidus: Hey, use that if we get separated. Then I’ll come running, okay? Well, guess we should just stick together then, till you can do it.

Yuna: Yes, sir!

Raven: Good plan Tidus. That’s a good plan. We should stick close together. Kimahri is close by and he’s alert.

Sapphire: It think it’s instinct. Ronso’s might be like that… when they can sense that something could be up or have that sense… they become more like alert. They’re a mix of Rhino and Lions. Odd mix. But he’s strong. If any danger came to him… He’d bust them up fast.

Serena: Right. I like him. He’s not a talker… but when you want a beef up in protection… you know he’s there to lend it.

As they were still looking for Auron…

They came across a woman and a man with a camera…

Serena: Another reporter and cameraman… There sure are a lot of those guys out too.

Raven: They’re all covering the tournament.

Sapphire: But how many reporters does the tournament need? Don’t they know that every reporter is likely to be saying the same exact thing as the first?

Serena: Right. Like they have the tournament’s itinerary written down. And they’d just know who’s gonna battle or compete against who.

Raven: Serena, now you’re just being highly keyed up.

Serena: *Walking past the reporter and overhears a snide remark about the Aurochs* What? What was that? *Looking at the reporter and with a straight face* You want to smack talk the Aurochs?

Reporter: Who’s smack talking the Aurochs. We’re just stating fact. They will never make it past the first round. They’re a track record of a 23 year loss. A Statistical Impossibility.

Serena: *Looking at the reporter* You know what… I’ve heard enough about how bad the Aurochs happen to be. We’ve all heard enough. Granted that their track records are bad… but to constantly batter them? It’s almost like they’re your favorite punching bags. Well… that stops. Immediately. *Grabbing the Mic* You want to know what the real deal is? I’ll tell you. The Goers are jerks and are all about tearing other teams like dirt to make themselves look good. Is that Just? No. So… Why don’t you and everyone else stopping kissing butts with the Goers? They are not all that special.

Reporter: Who are you?

Serena: Never mind who i am… I am just stating the fact that the constant tearing of another team… it’s sickening, Petty, Pathetic and pitiful. Why don’t you people grow up? *Walking away*

Serena didn’t want to stay close to that reporter… She was pissed and didn’t want to wind up lashing out, so… she balled up her fists and counted to ten and then sighed. She was calm about it as she walked on. Sapphire and Raven followed…

Tidus: What was that about?

Yuna: *Shrugs*

Serena: Come on… Can we just go? i am just not up to pulling my hair out over the fact that everywhere we turn… people are trying to take potshots at the aurochs and treat them like lepers and or losers. It’s really annoying and it’s just like back home in Metropolis. People tearing others down who are uber smart and happen to be like way intelligent. They’re treated like freaks or nerds. Geeks. or would pretend to be their friends only to just use them for their intelligence.

Tidus: Geez… Talk about harsh.

Raven: Some people live above the rules. Guess what?  That’s life in Metropolis. You want justice, I suggest you stay a little closer to home. There have been a couple tales about a shady government official or diplomat from another country came in and tried to smuggle strippers or pretty models out of the country. the Law officials and Police tried to stop it… but the guy had Diplomatic Immunity. He could not be tried. for any crimes within the country. Not even Murder.

Tidus: Ouch… Must have been rough growing up in that city.

Sapphire: Oh… it can be sometimes… but there are just as many good things. pleasant things as there are bad and evil points.

Raven: that’s true.

Serena: Haunting… isn’t it?

Tidus: Very.

Minutes later…

At the Main Square of Luca…

Serena, Raven and Sapphire… Tidus, Yuna and Kimahri all arrived at the square and saw that it was mostly empty except for a few people. There were hardly anyone walking around and roaming…

Tidus: Whoa! This is a pretty big town!

Raven: Not really. This is kinda like the same outlay of the piece of land on Antonio Island from the movie called the fog 05′. It had the Marina Lou. and in the front of it was a Statue plaque Of 4 men. It was like a centerpiece. But they were statues of Murderers. Richard Wayne, Norm Castle, Patrick Malone and one other one… But the way that the location looked… Looked kinda like this. But this has a centerpiece or statue of a sword that points up.

Sapphire: Thank you mrs. bookworm. So… About this city… It is a city. Luca. What about it?

Yuna: Luca is the second largest city in Spira.

Tidus: I thought every town was little– you know, like Besaid and Kilika.

Yuna: Towns don’t usually get bigger than that. Because when a lot of people start to gather…

Tidus: Sin…?

Serena: Wait a minute… You mean to tell us that if any town gets any bigger than the size of Besaid or Kilika… or if the Cities get any larger than Luca or Bevelle… Sin comes and just wipes it out. Leaving behind it’s trail of destruction?

Yuna: Mm.

Tidus: What about Luca? It’s safe here?

Sapphire: It is safe here… right?

Yuna: It’s not any different, but the stadium is here. The Crusaders fight to protect it with all their strength.

Tidus: They protect the stadium?

Raven: But aren’t they supposed to be driving Sin away from the towns, Villages and cities. And keep the people safe?

Yuna: That’s another part of the Crusader’s duties.

Serena: But they also protect the Stadium too?

Yuna: Blitzball’s really the only entertainment that we have. Spira’s a little short on fun these days.

Tidus: Whoa! Talk about pressure!

Sapphire: If Blitzball goes… Spira loses all its luster and turns out to being a ghost world. Dull. Bleak.

Raven: With pressure like that… It is enough to drive anyone up the wall or cause one to lose their minds.

Yuna: *Laughs* That’s right! Is Zanarkand like this, too?

Tidus: Hmmmm. Well, there are more buildings. All tall ones and cramped together.

Yuna: Oooooh! They must be so tall! Don’t you ever get dizzy?

Tidus: *Laughs*

Yuna: What about Metropolis, Kansas? Are the buildings all tall too?

Serena: Well… there is a mix of tall buildings… Medium sized ones and small ones. Even a normal casual sized ones… Some only ranging to maybe… 15 stories. but the least is 4 stories high.

Yuna: Let’s go find Sir Auron.

Sapphire: Let’s try those steps and see where they lead.  Maybe Auron is up there.

Tidus: How do you figure that, Sapphire?

Sapphire: Well… Yuna said that he was a guardian, didn’t she?

Tidus: Yeah… she did.

Sapphire: Then think about it. If you’re a guardian… and you are said to be protecting someone… seeing that they have safe harbor… There is usually only one place that you’d be and overlook the land. The city that the person you’re protecting has just now reached. That goes for any place. Now Yuna… She is what? A summoner. And if Auron was here right now and he was her guardian… He would most likely come to locate a high spot that looked over the city to see if there were any dangers in the city. Any noticeable danger. he would go to the spot that’s up high. And the only spot here that happens to be high…is likely to be up those steps.

Tidus: That’s a good point. Let’s check up there.

Raven: It’s a process of Elimination.

Yuna: Let’s go.

A Minute later…

on the Balcony overlooking Luca…

Serena: *Looking to see a couple people on the other side of the overlook* Who… is that?

Raven: Let’s go see…

As soon as they got closer to see who the two people were…

Gatta: Hmm? Whatcha doing here? The tournament’s about to start!

Tidus: I’m looking for someone.

Raven: Actually… we all are. Not just one of us are.

Luzzu: Well, you’re looking in the wrong place. There aren’t many people here.

Sapphire: Guess not. but we had to do a process of elimination. Marking off all the spots that the person we were looking for is not. It would help find the place or location that the person being searched for could be.

Luzzu: That would make a lot of sense… however… who ever it is that you’re looking for isn’t here. There’s no one here.

Gatta: Everyone’s either at the stadium or watching the game on the sphere. *chuckle* They love their blitzball.

Tidus: Aren’t you going to watch?

Raven: It is gonna be a memorable one to say the least.

Sapphire: The very least. The Aurochs are siring to win this Tournament this year.

Luzzu: We’d like to, but we’re waiting for some couriers. Hmm, they’re late… Wanna ditch the courier and go watch the game?

Gatta: *all worked up* But…but we’re still on duty. What about the mission, sir?

Luzzu: Ha. *gestures towards Gatta* See what I mean? We might be a little late, but we will go watch you play.

Gatta: You’d better be winning when we get there.

Tidus: *Stammers, mock-salutes* Yes, sir!

Serena: You better believe it. My mom and I are with the team. We’ll see that we win. Those goers are gonna be taken down.

With no luck on finding Auron, they all went back down and could only look at the last spot that they had not checked… It was the cafe. Tidus walked on over to the door and opened it. The girls all followed suit and Kimahri was right with them. He didn’t say anything. He only watched. That was all he done. He was on guard and on watch.

Luca Square Cafe…

Tidus and Yuna enter cafe, look around. The girls do too… but as much as they were hoping that they’d have luck in locating Auron and meeting with him once again… he was nowhere to be seen…

Tidus: *sags* Auron’s not here…

Yuna: Hmmm…

Yuna started going around and began talking to people. Sapphire and Raven did the same thing They knew that Auron had to be around somewhere. They were told that he was sighted in the Cafe and that there was a high possibility that he’d still be there… but the only snag about that was… where did he go? And why didn’t he stick around the cafe long? Kimahri was the last one to enter the cafe.

A moment later, Tidus started pacing and wondering where Auron could have gone and whether or not Auron was truly in Luca. The Patrons all started to gasp and turn. But the girls didn’t seem to notice that Kimahri was dived into a personal confrontation of his own… with two people who were of his own kind. Raven was able to make a guess on the identity of the two people Kimahri was facing.  Yenke Ronso — brown-haired — and Biran — blond — loom over Kimahri.

Yenke: *shove* Why not talk, Kimahri? Not see Yenke for ten years! Say something! Kimahri forget Yenke? Forget Biran?

Biran: Leave Kimahri, Yenke. Kimahri is small Ronso. Kimahri so small can’t see Yenke and Biran’s faces.

Yenke: *Guffaws* Kimahri forget Ronso friends? We taught you much at time of horn-molt! Biran taught Kimahri to be strong Ronso.

Serena: *Looking at Kimahri and seeing the two people he was facing* What is up with them? Why’re they screwing with you Kimahri? You know those two? What are they trying to pull?

Sapphire: Sounds like they have a problem of some kind with you. Kimahri… If you don’t speak up… you’re gonna be hating yourself for this. They happen to push you around… whoever they are… They’re screwing with you… Are you gonna just stand and allow it?

Serena: Come on, Ronso. Kimahri… Take a stand. Do something!

Biran: Maybe taught too much.

Tidus: Take ’em on!

Raven: Yeah! Don’t just submit to their taunts. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!

Kimahri: *Crouches*

Yenke: *Guffaws*

Kimahri: *THWACK*

Crowd: *Gasp*

Man’s voice: Take it outside! The tournament’s starting, you hear?

Tidus: The game!

Serena: Damn… The game. I gotta go. Mom will need me. You two keep looking for Auron. I gotta go.

Raven: Good luck, Serena!

Serena: Thanks.

Sapphire: Go get’em.

Serena: You bet.

Sphere broadcast…

Mika: Today, on this glorious day, players from all over Spira have assembled here… to participate in this great contest of bravery, skill, and strength.

Scene changes to Mika and Seymour in their stadium box overlooking team captains.

Mika: All of these fine teams, equally renowned, deserve to win the cup today. Such is the nature of this contest. Let us, the spectators, play our role accordingly: Let us sing to the glory of the winners, and applaud equally the valor of the defeated. Contestants, may Yevon be with you. *Yevon bow*

Time was up… The games were about to begin and Serena was barely just leaving the cafe to head on her way to the stadium. However she was stopped by the sighting of Lulu… There was something going on and yet time was up before the start of the Blitzball tournament. The Games were about to begin. The Aurochs were gonna have no option but to stick with just Dinah. What were they gonna do without the extra ensured help? Were the Aurochs being put on the track to lose? Was this gonna be come year 24 of a losing streak or would they be able to still pull out a miracle and try to put up a fighting chance? Something was making it turn out to be a 50/50 chance and the outcome was not gonna be in the favor of the Aurochs. For right now… it was time to pray for Wakka and the Aurochs… Dinah… Hold up the fort and help those Aurochs. The ball is at the moment in your court. Find out what happens next in the next Chapter in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

“Let’s Blitz!” Dinah and Serena on the field…

Serena: *With Dinah, Tidus and the Aurochs* … *Nods*

Tidus: *To the team* Let’s Blitz!

Aurochs: *With Dinah and Serena* Yeah!


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