Chapter 126: Night time Voyage of Rhapsody Doubts.

Night time…

Aboard The S.S. Winno…

Crowd on deck were gathering around Yuna… Including the mystery man in blue and holding a camera. Lulu and Wakka went up to the top deck and Tidus was in below deck in the passengers cabin. The fighters were scattered in multiple spots. Alvin and his 4 kids were on top deck over by the front. Pearl and Jack took their kids and went to the deck and by the front too on the right side while Alvin had his kids on the left side. They didn’t say much to each other… other than to their kids. Dinah and her 3 daughters stayed in the cabin and spoke. Luna and Zoey went to the hallway of the ship’s below deck and spoke personally. Curtis and his Daughter Blossom were asleep. As were Avery and Arnold. Paige and her 4 kids walked out to the deck and mid-side of the ship. They had things to talk about.  Yuna was conversing with the goers casual and just being calm and polite. Kimahri was on the one side and just watching her making sure that she was safe. Tidus was in the Passenger’s cabin as well and happened to get restless which got him to head out in to the hall and roam around…

On deck by the front of the ship’s left side…

Alvin: *Looking at his kids* Paul, Crystal, Sora… Carly… What was the meaning of you guys going into the cloister of trials back there in Kilika? Do you even realize that the Summoner is being watched by the priesthood of Spira. Even though they’re not around… the Priests still have to give some report to the higher ups of the Clergy. Even though this is not world… the ruling speak the same. The precepts have to be obeyed. Wherever their head Temple is.. All they have to do is tell them that Yuna was condoning for non-guardians to come into the trials… She’ll be penalized.

Paul: We didn’t mean to go in there.

Crystal: It was because when we heard that thud… we thought that there was something wrong happening within the Cloister of trials. We didn’t want to just sit and not do anything. There was only so much that the guardians could do.

Sora: We were just worried about the summoner. That’s all. We were just worried that something might have happened to her.

Carly: Right. We were just worried.

Alvin: Be that as it may… Still you were not supposed to go into the trials without permission. I don’t care if the trials were about to shake. You are not guardians yet. Neither are we. None of us are. I don’t care what happens at the next temple. We are not to go in. Unless we are sworn in as guardians and i want this to be made clear.

Paul: *Looking at his father* Pops, you know that we can’t just stick back and not do anything. The guardians that are with Yuna now… there is only so much that they can do and they are doing what it is that they are sworn to do as guardians. Protecting the Summoner with their very lives. But there is only so much that they should be expected to do.  They can’t do it all.

Crystal: Neither can we, Paul. We need their help as they might need ours. If we’re gonna make it out of this world and be certain to get back to ours… we’re gonna have to meet the rules of this world halfway and learn our place here. But… *Looking at her father* Dad, Paul has a point. The guardians can’t be expected to do it all. They need us. Our going into the trials without being considered guardians is wrong of us to do. We shouldn’t have done that without the go ahead. But we had to do something. And not only that… If we plan to be guardians to Yuna… we need to speak up and step to it.

Sora: Will they accept us though?

Carly: They’d have to. We accept them.

Paul: But i don’t think that the Ronso Guardian will be too open to us just yet. He didn’t look happy seeing us in the trials where we didn’t belong. I don’t think that he likes us too much.

Crystal: We didn’t seem to give him a reason to like us much. We did barge in where we didn’t belong. He knows probably that we did what we had because we were worried about the Summoner. That is the saving grace. Our only saving grace. But the fact that we’re not guardians and we’re there in the waiting room with them… That didn’t sit too well with Lulu. You know that they wanted to say something about it but kept it in peace.

Sora: What’ll we do?

Carly: Do you think that they’ll cast us away?

Alvin: If they do that… it will be a merciful judgement.

Paul: What’ll we do to make it up to them?

Alvin: Nothing. Let time decide and just be more obedient about what you kids do. Zoey is probably getting her just rewards of a lecture now from her mother. as you 4 have just gotten. I should be grounding you. I ought to ground you 4 for what you’ve done. But can’t because you 4 acting the way you had in the temple… Was the same as how i acted when i was about your age. I was out there. i was acting tough and making moves to be dead set on jumping in before being told or invited. I didn’t necessarily get into much trouble… but i will tell you that my father… your grandfather was none too happy. He was wondering what had come over me and made me do what i had done to begin with. He lectured me a bit about it too. It shaped me up real quick.

Crystal: Dad, everyone makes mistakes… but learning from them… makes someone more responsible.

Sora: *Looking at the ocean* When do you think we’ll get to Luca?

Alvin: No idea. But it’ll probably be in the early morning when we reach within range of the Luca harbor. Wakka made a mention that the Luca harbor was a bit wide ranged.

Carly: Do you think that anything will happen before the games tomorrow?

Paul: Not sure. There shouldn’t be anything wrong going on tomorrow other than the games. It’s gonna be crowded at the docks when we reach the docks.

Alvin: So you kids need to stick close to me. Luca happens to be a rather big city somewhat and you could get turned around and lost pretty easily.

On deck by the front of the ship’s right side…

Pearl: Kids, When we get to Luca… You 5 will be needing to be on your best behavior.

Jack: That’s right, girls. Luca is like a city. One could get lost very easily. Your mother and I will be trusting you. But you have to be safe. All types of people might be in Luca. Could be dangerous… then again could be safe. But just watch what you do and where you tread.

Amy: This isn’t even our world… we’re watching every step that we take. Although seeing Kilika was pretty cool.

Susie: It’s a shame though that the village was mainly shredded. I am sure that it would have looked lovely.

Christina: No kidding. I mean… did you see the people that were there. They were all like elderly mostly. Should be considered an island for elderly people. I noticed as there weren’t really many young people there.

Penny: There were some around the Temple part of the island.

Spencer: *Looking out towards the ocean* Maybe for you guys it’s strange… but if you ask me… i am not getting that much of a pleasant feeling about this world. It’s really strange. You notice how in every temple we’ve been to so far… they kept playing this same Hymn over and over again. Almost as though it’s all it could play. They kept saying that it was the Hymn of the fayth and that there are Aeons too. We have seen one of them already. But what of the other ones?

Amy: What do you mean? What do you mean the other Aeons?

Spencer: I don’t know. However… Yuna’s got one of the Aeons. She’s probably got another one now. But what kind do you think it could be?

Susie: We don’t know. It might be a fire one. The Kilika Temple is of fire. So there might be good reason to suggest that it is a fire like Aeon.

Spencer: I hope that it won’t come near us. At least not me.

Christina: Why do you say that, Spencer:

Spencer: *Scoffs and a little ecstatic* Hello? Hi… Remember me? the Albino member in the family here? I can’t take any excessive heat. I have skin that will burn easily.

Penny: That’s right. You do. Don’t you? You can’t even wear any tank tops or sports shirts or anything without having the worry of having burnt skin.

Spencer: Okay then… there you go. Now you know as to why i hardly get out of the house half the time. That’s the reason. Now about the Aeons…

Amy: What about them?

Spencer: Exactly how many others are there?

Susie: I don’t know. I wish that i could say. None of us know. None of us know as to how many Aeons there could be.

Christina: Maybe about 10. Maybe.

Penny: We’ll have to keep track from here on out.

Spencer: Plus there is something else… Remember that Al-Bhed girl…Rikku?

Amy: Yeah. She was nice. We liked her.

Susie: She was really kind. But was for the most part keeping it silent because her brother was kinda hounding her a bit. But she was pretty opened to us all.

Spencer: Well… don’t say anything to anyone… but i kinda like her a lot. Maybe even have feelings for her.

Penny: You do?

Christina: Spencer likes the Al-Bhed girl Rikku. That’s cute. But don’t worry. we won’t say anything about it to anyone. If anyone will speak of it… it’s you. but only when you’re ready.

Pearl: You girls should be sure that you’ll be ready for Luca. Luca will be pretty lively as Wakka mentioned since it’s the Blitzball tournament. The Tournament is gonna be bringing people from all over Spira to the Tournament. The Stadium.

Jack: there is of course supposed to be something going on in Luca too… I think that Wakka mentioned it… that it was also to celebrate a maester’s 50th year in office.

Pearl: Did he say who? If so… i think that all of us might have heard about it.

Penny: Sounds like we got a lot to expect to see go on while in Luca.

Christina: I guess so.

Below deck in the hallway…

Luna: Zoey, Why did you go into the Cloister of trials without being asked to? You could have gotten Yuna in trouble. She could have been in deep trouble.

Zoey: I don’t know. I… uh, we just heard this thud and just had to check it out. We didn’t really think twice. all we could think about was getting to where the Guardians were and check up on the summoner. The loud thud we heard just got us worried and rather concerned.

Luna: I understand how it must have felt. but you should not have gone inside the trials. Even if it was for the intentions of checking up on the summoner and being deeply concerned and worried about her… You shouldn’t have done it. You’re not a guardian of hers yet. Neither are your Uncle Alvin’s kids. Your Aunt’s Paige, Pearl’s and Dinah’s Kids. Uncle Curtis’s Daughter.

Zoey: I know that. But not going in and trying to check on the summoner… It was gonna make like we didn’t even care. Mom, I’m only like 10. You mentioned that you had Rina when you were 14… Natasha at 16. However Rina and Natasha are only 15 and 13 They are in high school because they excelled in all their studies and advanced in the education level they were in. They would be caring about what could have happened to the Summoner. Even though going in there was wrong… we did what we had to do. The guardians can only do so much and be there for so much before they reach the limit. There is only so much that they can do.

Luna: Zoey, sweetie… Even if your heart was in the right place. Even if you were doing the right thing fundamentally. It was still a wrong move to be making. I Love your caring nature and how you want to just do the right thing no matter what. I am just like that… but this is a world that is not our own. it’s got rules and laws that we don’t know a thing about. We’re still with the toxin. We still have it in us as we breathed it in almost direct when we got pulled in by Sin. But just going in where we don’t belong is not right. You know that it isn’t right.

Zoey: What will we do then?

Luna: I don’t know sweetie. I wish that i could just tell you. I wish that i could just tell you and say right out what it is that we can do. But we can’t… I can’t. In Luca… we might be going separate ways.

Zoey: *Gasps* But… That’s not right. Why would we go our separate ways?

Luna: It’s only because with hanging around all the time. It’s gonna hurt you kids. Someday a day will come where your father and i will be gone. It might be a year from now. 5 years… 10… Maybe 20. But we’re not going to be alive forever. We’re not gonna live for eternity. And if you don’t have some experience in being on your own… What’re you gonna do when the day really comes that your father and I are say… dead? What will you do? Where will you go? How will you be able to go on living a life of your own? You won’t know what to do or where to go because you’ll be so dependent on us that without us… you’re lost. You need some experience being away.

Zoey: What if i need you?

Luna: Zoey, I’ll always be with you no matter where it is that you may go. Just look in your heart. listen to your heart. I’ll always be there as you’ll be there with me no matter where i go.

Zoey: I… I don’t want you to go.

Luna and Zoey remain talking with one another…

Inside the Passenger Cabin…

Dinah: Girls, If i were to tell you something… Would you believe it?

Sapphire: That depends on what it is… But what’s eating at you, Mom? You okay?

Dinah: I’m feeling nervous about arriving in Luca. Really nervous and it’s not easy for your mother to come out with admitting to being nervous. I just am nervous.

Raven: Mom, Are you trying to say that you’re feeling afraid that you’ll blow it for the team and cost the Aurochs the game?

Dinah: Yes. That’s what i am getting at. I mean… What if i can’t do it? What if i happen to fail at helping them win the cup?

Raven: You shouldn’t be scared. You are tough. You’re “Danger Zone” Dinah… you can’t be nervous.

Serena: That’s right. Our mom is never nervous. When she was met with a challenge… she would look it in the eye and beat it. She’d never throw up the white flag of surrender. *Looking to see Tidus beginning to head out* He’s obviously no afraid. He’s rather carefree. And just acts in the spur of the moment.

Dinah: It’s not that i am scared or afraid. It’s not that at all. I am Just nervous about the tournament because i know it will be us having to be in the sphere… With the Aurochs and go against the Goers. They are probably gonna see as we fail. I am not afraid of losing. I am just concerned about the part where we might be costing the Aurochs the win. I don’t know if i can just stomach it.

Sapphire: Sounds like we’re having doubts about the Tournament.

Dinah: yes. We are having doubts about the tournament, Sapphire. We are having doubts and i don’t think it’s quite so funny knowing that we’re with this nervous and concerned feeling that we might be over playing it and trying to ensure the win for the Aurochs. What if we lose the game for them? It will hurt them.

Raven: No it won’t. You and Serena can do it, Mom. You have to believe that you can. Besides what do you think dad would say if he were to hear you say something like that? He would be hurt hearing you talk about yourself like that or doubting yourself.

Sapphire: She’s got a point there mom. Dad would not be too open hearing that you were doubting yourself.

Serena: *Getting up and walking out into the hall* Mom, you are gonna be fine. You have to believe it. you have to.

Tidus: *Looking to see the Summoner they met in Kilika*

Tidus walked over and got only one line…

“Dona: Some people can be so rude.”

Dinah and her daughters were outside in the hall and Dinah saw the same Merchant that was on the S.S. Liki and saw that he was feeling down…

Dinah: *Walking over to the Merchant* Are you okay?

O’aka: They ask a fortune for rags in Besaid. And Kilika, well… Me business is in shambles! What’s an O’aka to do, I ask ye! Mind spotting me some gil again, lass?

Dinah: I can’t really spare too much, but i can at least spare 350. We didn’t make much in Kilika. There wasn’t really much to make in Kilika. But will 350 do?

O’aka: It’s not all that much… But it will still do. I do thank ye’ lass. That i do.

A Minute later…

On Deck…

Tidus: *Looking to see Yuna speaking with the Goers*

Dinah: What is Yuna doing, talking to those guys? Those guys are just mean and rude.

Sapphire: No kidding. What could they be saying anyway?

Raven: Let’s go see.

Serena: Here we go… right into hot waters…

Tidus: What are you all talking about?

Dinah: Are you guys trying to act like Masters of the universe again?

Serena: Why not back off from Yuna and wasting her time with you bile?

Bickson: Who are you supposed to be?

Graav: Ah, I remember him. Guy from Kilika. And the two girls that stepped up to you. One of them happening to be a mother. and the other one the daughter.

Bickson: Hmm?

Graav: You know, one of the Besaid Aurochs. Said somethin’ about winning the cup. The Mother who said that we’d be eating our own insults at the tournament and given something called… a Knuckle sandwich.

Bickson: Oh, right. You’re that idiot. Plus hanging with losers just like you.

Yuna: Don’t call him that! And don’t be calling the Rhapsody Clan Losers. They’re not losers at all.

Bickson: But he is an idiot. They don’t got what it takes to win the cup. And the Rhapsody clan… Loser-ville.

Dinah: *Walking over and slapping Bickson in the face* You arrogant shit. Who the hell do you think you are? Huh? Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t know who the hell we are, Bickson. You tear at the Aurochs because it’s what you do. You think that you’re the cock of the walk and your shit don’t stink. Well… I got news for you. This is a breaking news bulletin for you. IT DOES STINK! Yuna might not tell your ass where to stick it. Because she’s being who she is meant to be and is being kind and civil and respectful. I admire that in her. She’s strong. However… Me. I don’t have any problem telling you where to stick it. I told you once already that by time Tournament comes which is in the morning and as soon as we get to Luca… that you’ll be eating your own insults. I meant it.

Tidus: Well, the Aurochs do have what it takes now that I’m here!

Yuna: Yes, they will win! He used to be the star player of the Zanarkand Abes! Plus the Mother is a member of the girls of Love, grace and fury. From Metropolis Kansas. She’s a member of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Goers: *snickering*

Bickson: That so? Then you’re the star of a team of one. and The Rhapsody Girls Z!? You’re talking about the gals who faced these entities and defended a major Metropolitan City? The girls who are idolized by the people in the city, Aren’t you?

Serena: That’s the basis of the description. Did the Summoner happen to stutter and expose the fool? No.

Raven: You guys really need to read more. Our mother is one of the originals. Metropolis, Kansas is like our home

Graav: Yeah, as if anyone lived in those ruins. and like anyone came from that forbidden place…

Yuna: It’s not ruins, there’s a big city there! There is! Metropolis Kansas is not a forbidden place. It’s a real place and it’s alive. It exists.

Tidus: I-I got too close to Sin and–

Sapphire: We’re still a bit messed up due to the toxin.

Yuna: There is a city, really! That city really exists.

Graav then exchanges glance with Bickson…

Bickson: Right. Whatever your Ladyship says. If she says there’s a city… there’s a city. and the forbidden place is real too.

Raven: *Looking at Bickson* Excuse me… You want to back off from my mother now? Because i don’t think that you want to deal with an angry geek. I am what you’d consider to be a geek and you know what? I’m proud of it. I don’t think that i need to tell you that unless you want to fear us… you’d back off. You will also back off from the Aurochs too. Because… I’ll tell you what… If you start any bull with the Aurochs again and we hear of it… Civility be cursed… You… Bickson will be praying every day for a very long time that you and us never cross. Serena and my mother are gonna be helping the Aurochs out. You have a problem with that… Too bad. Time to grow up and get over yourself. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

Bickson: Who says that the world has to revolve around me? I can’t help if all of Luca seems to love me and the Goers here. They Love us. Maybe it’s the Aurochs who are just threatened by the fact that they can’t seem to beat us no matter what they attempt to pull.

Raven: *Looking at Bickson* … *Scoffs and annoyed* Oh really? Does that explain why you feel that you have to act like a cantankerous ass? Because… if i am wouldn’t be mistaken… people who act like that they feel that they are to be glorified and believe that the world should kiss the ground they walk on… That’s being a cantankerous ass. Yuna is a very giving young lady. She’s got more respect in her than you seem to have in others. You batter and trash the Aurochs.

Bickson: You have got to be kidding me, little girl… It’s all competition and it isn’t even all that personal. But you might already know that their track record is pathetic. Twenty-three years and they haven’t won a single tournament. That’s talks of failure.

Raven: *Disgusted and becoming temperamental* Yeah right. You really think that they’re a failing team? Like you’re any better? You may have started off as being a sucky blitzball player when you first started and got good doing what you do. But then you become arrogant and cocky like you think that you’re the only one who’s good enough. You belittle the Aurochs and of course you get the other teams to feel or think the same thing. Just in case that they don’t feel like losers already. Why don’t you add the fact that they have to face you for the win in the tournament and have the stats of a 23 year loss thrown at them thereby adding salt to the wound?

Graav: *Looking at the mother* You better put her on adrenaline. She needs to be knocked down.

Bickson: What kind of mother are you to allow your own kid to talk in such a way to someone who’s taller than she is? Do you enjoy seeing her getting out of line?

Dinah: *Snappy* Hey! You know what… You don’t tell me how to raise my kid. You don’t know her… or us. You only heard about us from whatever the sweet lady Summoner. Yuna had told you. You are also being a complete jerk to the Aurochs and to my Daughters. You talk about things you know nothing about and try to mock my family… my daughters. You want to talk tough, Bickson. Let’s have it. Right here… right now. I come from a place you know crap about. Back there… i was considered to be known as “Danger Zone” Dinah. You have any idea why they called me “Danger Zone” Dinah? I’ll tell you… but you’ll never understand it. Since you want to talk like you’re all big and bad ass… Let’s see it. You and me. Right now. Either put up… or shut up. *Spotting Graav motioning to make a move* And you… Graav. You must be Bickson’s arm candy. coming to his beck and call… we’ve seen you twice and both times… where were you? With Bickson. That must mean that you and he are in bed together. If he were to say for you to Jump off a building… you’d do it. If he were to say jump… you’d ask how high and then jump. So… you’re as low as he is… can’t think for yourself. Why don’t you think and speak and live for yourself for once in your life?

Graav: …

Dinah: And Bickson… you listen and listen good. If you ever…. EVER come near my kids again once the tournament is over and i catch or hear of it… I swear to you… i swear to god… on my very soul that you will wish to god that you never heard of me. because you will be in deep trouble with me that not even the blessings of Yevon will be able to save you from my wrath. And it will mean pain for you because you’ll definitely find out why it is that i am known as “Danger Zone” Dinah. You get me on that?

Bickson: *Backing away slowly nodding* Yeah… i got it. Just back off and cool your jets lady.

The Goers go below and the Aurochs come on deck…

Tidus: What’s wrong? You seemed kinda mad back there.

Yuna: They were being rude and… I do believe your Zanarkand exists. I really do, you know!

Serena: And you believe us about our place, right?

Yuna: Yes. I know it exists. I just know that it does. Wakka told me about it when i first came to Besaid. He told me what it was like.

Tidus: How come?

Yuna: Sir Jecht used to always tell me stories. It’d be great to see your home someday. I’d love to go there.

Tidus: *wryly* Yeah.

Dinah: And i guess you’d also like to go to where we came from. Wouldn’t you?

Yuna: Yes.

Raven: Sorry about the flare up that you saw come from us. We were just disgusted with that guy Bickson.

Sapphire: How anyone can stand him is insane. Beyond insane. If Luca loves him so much… It can get flushed along with him.

Raven: I don’t know if anyone would mind… but i’m gonna go for a stroll around the ship a bit. I need time to unwind and calm down. *Walking off to have some time alone*

Yuna: Is she okay?

Dinah: Yeah. She’s fine, Yuna. Really. She sometimes gets a little over worked with the tension and when she’s just got done with a rather stressing moment… She gets like that. She just ends up needing a little time alone. But she’ll be fine.

Narrative: *As Sapphire* So Yuna, wanna come over to our place? Right… Sure. As if we had a place to show her anymore… so we thought.

Raven walked up and wondered what was going up on the top deck. She saw that there were stairs leading up to the top deck and started going up but only took a couple steps when…

Lulu: Well? Say something. You’ll take responsibility?

Wakka: Relax! He’s bound to know someone in Luca. As well as the clan. They will most likely meet up with someone that they recognize.

Lulu: And if not? What then?

Wakka: He could always join a blitz team. Anyhow, it’s better than just leaving him in Besaid! Plus leaving the family there in Besaid wouldn’t have been right either.

Lulu: What? Just leaving him in Luca? Just leaving the family in Luca to fend for themselves?

Wakka: What do you want me to do?

Lulu: Yuna wants to make him a guardian. She also wants to make them all guardians.

Wakka: Oh, yeah, geez…There’s that too, eh?

Lulu: And whose fault is that?

Wakka: Not mine!

Lulu: *glares*

Wakka: *slumps* It is mine, huh?

Raven: *Pauses and thinking to herself* Being left in Luca. Yuna wanting to make us all guardians. for real guardians? Oh my god…

Raven listens on to more…

Wakka: Why do you think she wants to make him a guardian, anyway? Or think that she wants to make the clan all guardians?

Lulu: Because he’s Sir Jecht’s son. And for the clan… it’s because they’re related to a deceased member of their family. Princess Aquamarine. Fondly known as Love Girl.

Wakka: Oh, right. *Thinks for a second and curious* Wait, you sure ’bout that? He’s really Sir Jecht’s son?

Lulu: It’s hard to say, but Yuna seems to believe so. She also happens to feel as though the clan is tied to Princess Aquamarine.

Wakka: Okay.

Lulu: “Okay?” “Okay?” That’s all you have to say?

Wakka: Well, yeah, I mean…He’s gotta decide for himself, ya? Well, him and Yuna, I guess. As does the family. They have to make the decision on whether they want to stay and join Yuna.

Lulu: You’re right, for once.

Wakka: Ahem!

Lulu: I wonder which is best…

Lulu: Why don’t you tell him he should? As well as tell them that they should?

Wakka: Should what?

Lulu: Become Yuna’s guardian. And the family becoming Yuna’s guardians.

Wakka: Why me?

Lulu: Because Yuna can’t.

Wakka: Why not?

Lulu: He hates his father– what he was, what he did. Do you really think she can possibly say to him… “I want you to be my guardian, like your father was to mine?” And the family still miss Princess Aquamarine. Do you really think that she can possibly say to them… “I want you guys to be my guardians, like she was to my father.?” She was never mentioned in the records as she didn’t want anyone to know that she was guarding him Braska. as well as Jecht and Auron were.

Wakka: Aren’t you being over-sensitive?

Lulu: *Huff!*

Wakka: All right, all right. I’ll try talking to him after the tournament. As well as break it with the family and talk with them about it.

Lulu: Be discreet.

Wakka: I know. It’s his decision. And it’s also their decisions to stay.

Wakka: He doesn’t like his father? And they still grieve for the deceased member of their family?

Lulu: Apparently. He told Yuna as much. And i think that the clan made some mention of her to Yuna about the loss.

Wakka: Hating your own father, huh? Sounds like a luxury to me. I don’t even remember my parents. Can’t say how I feel about ’em.

Lulu: I…I was five then, so I remember mine a little.

Wakka: Dammit! *slams fist on deck*

Lulu: Hm?

Wakka: Sin just takes everything away from us.

Lulu: And it’s taken the girl away from the family. She was said to be rather young. like 16 when she died. And the departed girl’s sister Rikku L. Rhapsody as they said… misses her quite alot. She had 2 kids. then 3 more after. and adopted 2 more after.

Wakka: That’s what the girl who was before getting herself a makeover. Known as Princess Rikku had said. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are the original members of the hero team. their kids are only Newbies but are learning fast. They got lots to learn still, ya?

Lulu: Yuna happens to think so too, but also believes in them and knows that they are set to sacrifice their lives for her at any time.

Wakka: How come they never said so, eh? Why didn’t they say so? Yuna would have taken them on to be her guardians as well… She asked about it back on Kilika Island.

Lulu: But we had her wait. However… she intends to make them guardians as well. Make them… her guardians.

Raven overheard and listened to everything and she wanted to say something but didn’t as she felt that they didn’t even know that anyone would be listening in to what they were saying. Wakka and Lulu didn’t realize that someone was listening and hearing what was being said…

It was a moment later when…

Tidus went up to the top deck to see what was going on and checked up on Wakka.

Wakka: Go to bed, bud. Tournament starts tomorrow morning. *As Tidus started downstairs…* Someone’s bound to recognize you when they see your moves out there.

Tidus walked over towards the front of the ship and came across an abandoned Blitzball…

Everyone on the ship… the ferrymen and the sailors were all mocking him plus looking at the fighters strangely as to them… they looked like outsiders and looked out of place. from a forbidden place. at least to them… but to the fighters… they knew where they came from and were not about to allow for anyone to tell them that they were just pulling an act or a smokescreen…

Tidus looked at the Blitzball and suffered a vision… Flashing back to him as a kid…

“Jecht: Well, well, trying to follow in my footsteps, are you?

Jecht: I usually charge for lessons, you know…

Jecht: That shot is done… like this! *Demonstrates*

Jecht: You can’t do it, kid. But don’t worry, my boy. You’re not the only one. No one else can do it. I’m the best!”

Coming out from the Flashback…

Tidus practices and tries to learn the Blitzball technique: Jecht Shot!

“Jecht: No one else can do it.

Jecht: I’m the best!

Jecht: You’re out of your league!

Jecht: You can’t do it, kid.”

He practiced it till he got it right…

It was a moment later when…

Tidus: *Laughing Amazed* The best? Uh, Yeah right!

Aurochs: *Gathering around him*

Wakka: Whoa! What’s that called?

Tidus: It doesn’t really have a name to it. Anyone can do it if they try.

Wakka: Show us one more time, Ya?

Tidus was about to start with showing them the shot when he suddenly saw Yuna nearby and saw her wave. He then kicked the ball… and before going over to Yuna…

Serena: *Running over and with her sister Raven and mother* What the hell was that shot? how did you do that shot, Tidus?

Tidus: Not sure… but anyone can do it if they tried to. But if there was a name for it. I think it’d be called the Jecht shot.

Raven: The Jecht Shot?

Dinah: Want to teach us that shot? That shot was without a doubt amazing.

Tidus: Hold on… Be right back. just try doing it on your own and see if you got it… I’ll be sure to show you how it really goes when i come back. Promise.

Serena: Okay.

Dinah: *Nods*

Tidus then walked on over to Yuna…

Tidus: *Approaching near Yuna*

Yuna: That was the Jecht shot, wasn’t it?

Tidus: How do you know that?

Yuna: Sir Jecht showed it to me when I was a child. He called it the “Sublimely Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III.”

Tidus: Stupid name, huh? You know what? There is no Mark I or Mark II, you know? My old man said the name Mark III was just something to hook the crowd. He said they’d come back every night expecting to see Mark I and Mark II. And, they really did come back. I used to get so mad.

Yuna: *chuckles*

After a long silence…

Tidus: Is he alive, you think?

Yuna: I don’t know. But, Sir Jecht was my father’s guardian. One of my father’s guardians.

Tidus: So he’s famous here, too? Isn’t he?

Yuna: Yes. So if anything happened to him, I should think word would get around fast.

Tidus: Uh-huh.

Yuna: What would you do, if you found him?

Tidus: Who knows? I mean that i had thought he died ten years ago. It felt like he did when he went missing after going out training one day. But the idea that he was here… Well…I’d probably just smack him one. After everything he put Mom and me through. And because he was famous, I was always… well… you know…

A second later…

Tidus: Well, you should know, Yuna.

Yuna: Hm?

Tidus: Your father’s famous, too. Everyone in Spira knows him, right? Knowing him for who he was and what it was that he’d done.

Yuna: Mm.

Tidus: Ain’t it tough?

Yuna: It is hard to follow in his footsteps, as a summoner. Trying to live up to his name and what he had done.

Tidus: Sure.

Yuna: But the honor of having a father like him surpasses all that, I think. It makes a person proud to know a person like my father.

Tidus: Well, there wasn’t much to honor about my old man, that’s for sure. He was a bit of a drunk too…

Yuna: You shouldn’t say that about your father! That’s rather unkind to say that about your father.

Tidus: I got the right! He is my father. He was this big star and whenever he was around my mother would go all to him and hardly pay any attention to me. It was all for Jecht. I was left out. My father may have well loved me like a son… but he never showed it most of the time. and when he did… it was because my mother was around. Those were the only times.

Yuna: Hm. I guess you do.

Tidus: *Smacked by blitzball* Ow!

Wakka: Show me that move again!

Tidus: Yo!

Tidus nodded and went on back to show Wakka and the Aurochs the Jecht shot. Dinah and Serena followed suit and watched how the shot was done before practicing it for themselves… Although they were barely able to perfect it. but had to call it by a different name for when they did it. Dinah called her version the “Danger Zone” shot. Serena called her version the “Thunder star” shot.

Narrative: *As Raven* Tidus didn’t think that his old man Jecht would even think about coming to Luca. He never did like watching other people play. But Tidus couldn’t help feeling something bad was gonna happen. And these feelings of his are usually right. And of course we were with some feelings about that ourselves. We didn’t know if anything was gonna happen… but in our family’s experience and with our track record. It was hard to say otherwise. We were sure that something was gonna happen even if there were no signs and no points revealing as much. We had that feeling that something would happen. Plus some of our family had decided to make Luca the location where we would split and go our own separate ways. We had figured that it would be time for some of us to be going different directions Or so again… we’d thought. Sure, Tidus had told Wakka I’d help him win the tournament. As did my mother and my sister Serena. But Tidus wasn’t sure If he had it in him to play at all anymore. It however was a while since he had played in a tournament or played a match before…

Without much left to do… They all turned in and found a spot on deck and just took to snoozing for the rest of the night. it was gonna be morning before long and they were gonna need to get some sleep so they weren’t dead tired. It was a night of doubt… A bit of changing. Some drama… but a night that marked the soon to be start of change. There was no telling what was about to happen. At that time… anything could have happened. Anything could have been done. More and more answers were being found. Raven heard that the member of the clan was also a said Guardian of Yuna’s father Lord Braska. She couldn’t believe it as they were with the belief that their deceased member Princess Aquamarine who was now considered to be Aquamarine was dead. deceased. gone. In all forgiven terms… A worm feast. But now to know that she was in Spira… There was more to hear. But one question was needed to be asked… Who was gonna be the one to tell them? When? It was a journey to Luca. Luca was dead ahead. Rhapsody Clan… get ready to Blitz! Was there gonna be a snag in the tournament? Would something unfold in the tournament? And who is that guy in red coming into the stadium? Would the truth come out about how they were entwined into Spira? All this and much more in the next chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

Announcer: *Speaking through the Mega-Phones* He shoots…. Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaalll!


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