Chapter 125: A Close Confrontation with a Blitzball team… Uh-oh, Serena steams up! Dinah and Serena step up and favor to aid the Besaid Aurochs.

At the Steps of Kilika Temple…

Wakka: O-ho! These stone steps have a history, you know? Yep, Lord Ohalland trained here at his peak.

Raven: You’re serious, aren’t you… Wakka. He trained… for being a Blitzer… or a Summoner?

Wakka: A Blitzer, Raven.

Spencer: That’s one enduring High summoner. To be both a Blitzer and then a Summoner after and doing all that. That’s outstanding.

Letty, Datto: *chuckling*

Tidus: A race, huh?

Annie: You guys want to race… here? Now? *Looking up the steps* That’s really high up though. Really high up.

Clint: How high do you suppose it goes?

Penny: Probably about 30 feet up. Give or take a couple feet or inches of difference.

Serena: *Looking at the team* You know… I always did feel up to racing. I am just like my mother Dinah, you know… She was into sports too. Endurance and racing. Running track sometimes. She was a fast runner.

Sapphire: You’re not the only one who can run, Serena.

Raven: Who’s gonna join?

Daria: *Seeing the Aurochs and Tidus with Wakka lining up and ready to race up the steps* I guess that you don’t have to tell them twice. They’re all shooting for a race.

Serena: Don’t forget me.

Wakka: Mm.

Aurochs: Mm.

Tidus: Think you can beat me?

The guys line up…

Aurochs: *Louder chuckling*

Wakka: Yuna, if you would.

Yuna: *Raises arm* Ready? *Drops arm, runs ahead giggling*

Wakka: Hey! Hey!

Sapphire: That silly girl. Yuna ran ahead before the guys. She’s a handful. Ain’t she?

Lulu: *Chuckles* Kids!

Tidus: Ah! Huh? Hey!

Clint: Should we go after them?

Theodore: It would be a wise idea. We can’t just stay here and wait for them to just come back down, can we?

Paul: I would think not. But we should get on to the Temple. Sticking here won’t get us there any quicker.

Daria: That’s for sure.

Christina: Let’s go…

They head up to catch on up to the Aurochs and Wakka who were up ahead and waiting for them to catch up. But they barely were near where Wakka and the Aurochs were when…

Aurochs: *Screaming and running for cover* L-look OUT!!!!

Wakka: *Calling down* Everyone… come quick. Sinspawn!

Sapphire: What? Another Sinspawn?!

Annie: *Scoffs* Where are these things even coming from anyway?

Spencer: That’s something which we’re gonna have nothing better than to ask Wakka after the battle.

Clint: Here we go again…

Theodore: Round 3 going to the Sinspawn’s relentless encore appearances.

Penny: No. Sorry, but there is no golden globe awards for Sinspawn. But there is the door to defeat. That’s what’s in the lineup for the sin spawn.

Raven: Come on… Let’s go.

The fighters all run up the steps and they didn’t have time to pose and transform so they had to will it to happen. Changing fast into the hero identities of theirs. The Romancers Z! looked for the spawn. As did the Aquatic Force Z! They were up and set for any showing from the sin spawn. The Thunderic Force Z! looked to the back and saw two sets of tentacles coming out…

Geneaux Tentacle-enemy-ffxGeneaux Tentacle-enemy-ffx

Miss Thunder: *Looking at Wakka* You guys worry about that Large shelled beast. We’ll tango with the Tentacles here.

Tidus: I’ll assist.

Thunderic Wonder: Okay. Let’s dance with these tentacles and take’em out of the equation.

Thunder Star: *Nods*

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Tentacles with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Tentacles with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Tentacles with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

The girls lashed right at the Tentacles. Going right at the left side of the tentacles and Tidus going at the right side. The tentacles got trimmed and cut off by their attacks. Once the tentacles were gone… they all cracked their way at the Large Shelled Sin spawn. It was a Large Escargo…

Miss Bliss: *Looking at the Sin spawn* Ewww! That’s a Sin Spawn? It’s a snail. A Large Escargo. *Spitting out something french* “Un grand escargot est encore un escargot et sont considérés comme écoeurant. Toute personne qui avait les manger sont tout aussi grave. Ewww!”

Sir Love: Let’s get at the sin spawn fast then… before you really start throwing a stink over seeing a large snail… even though it’s a Sin Spawn.

Dancing Heartthrob: Yeah. I would rather us not having to mettle with the “Escargot’s are gross” sickening spill.

Miss Passion: I agree.

Frosty Ice Bubble: I will second that motion.

Miss Bliss: Let’s just do away with this Sin Spawn. Please?!

Lulu: *casting some fire on the Sin Spawn*

Kimahri: *Slicing at the Sin Spawn with his Spear*

Miss Bliss: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn* Blissful Heart Storm!

Miss Passion: *Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Sir Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at the Sin Spawn* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!


File:Sinspawn Geneaux-enemy-ffx.png

The Shell opened up to reveal the actual Sin spawn and it really got Annie sickened. She was grossed out and almost walked from it. however as her back was turned…

The Sin Spawn made a move. Used Staccato on Annie and the others…

Miss Bliss: *Getting hit by the whips of the sin spawn and falling down* Ouch! That hurts.

Miss Passion: Annie! Are you okay?

Miss Bliss: Yeah… *Getting up* I just hurt is all.

Sir Love: Just do the best that you can.

Thunderic Wonder: We are starting to get the idea that this spawn of Sin’s is gonna prove to be more trouble than what it’s worth.

Thunder Star: No… Really? What could you really get from that assumption? this thing just won’t die.

Although help was gonna come to them…

Moon hearts Cosmic Blast!” *Attacking the Sin Spawn*

Frosty Ice Bubble: Who… Where did that… come from?

Sailor Zoey: Hey guys… I’m here.

Miss Thunder: *Looking to see Zoey* Zoey?

Thunder Star: Zoey… Where’s Aunt Luna?

Sailor Zoey: She’s walking by right now and heading to where the others are waiting. The Adults are already at the temple and are waiting for you guys. for all of us actually.

Miss Bliss: Well… we plan to show up there soon and join up with them. But that’s if we can get rid of this Sin Spawn.

Melodic Bubble: We’ll get this thing beat.

Bubble Gem: We must.

Lulu: *casting Fire on the overgrown Sin spawn*

That last move was what did it… With Tidus slashing away at the sin spawn and Lulu casting magic at it. With hits being done on it… it battered the sin spawn. It was then that the Sin Spawn broke apart and deteriorated into Pyreflies floating up into the air and then fading off…

A minute later…

Tidus: *Sags and trying to catch his breath* Yeesh!

Annie: Thank goodness that the Sin Spawn is finally gone. That thing was really gross. *Shivering* Oh god… that was nasty.

Daria: Well… it was rather disturbing to see the Sin spawn like that just pop out like that.

Spencer: Of course it was disturbing. It was meant to be as that. Creatures like these are not your normal breed of fiends. Those things are like bosses. Bosses are tougher than just the normal type of fiend. They take a lot more to beat and dispose of. It’s like an RPG game… Remember when we played that one game… The Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess? How many bosses there were and each one you had to use a certain item or tool to beat it. Like that fire one in the Goron mines. Fyrus. You needed a Bow and Arrow to shoot at that Gem on its forehead. Or that Stallord. You needed that spinner thing and it had razor like points and you had to use the spinner to chip down the bones of the boss and then knock down the head. But you remember how those bosses are, right. This is none different. Bosses are meant to be hard as they are like the guards guarding the path and meant to prevent you from pressing onwards till you beat it.

Penny: Only you would know, Spencer. You hardly get out from the house. But that is also because you are Albino. You have to keep mostly covered up.

Christina: Penny, stop it. He’s just stating a fact. He happens to have a point towards all this though. Bosses are meant to be rather tough to beat.

Raven: Plus to go up against a Sin Spawn? That is different for us.

Wakka: Sorry about that! Hoped to break you in a little slower.

Tidus: Being a guardian’s tiring!

Serena: Tiring… But well worth it. Besides… Yuna’s got alot going on for her. Think about it. She’s a Summoner. She’s the heir to the guy… the High Summoner who defeated Sin 10 years prior. Lord Braska. She’s got strength in her. She is ambitious and knows what she wants. How she feels. She’s got great friends… Guardians Like the Black mage Lulu… She’s Got a Ronso for a guardian. Kimahri’s even got a lot going for him. Strength and power. fierce determination. He’s got that Lancet ability that wins him more abilities. or techniques.  Which is pretty cool if you ask me. Tidus, You think being a guardian is tiring now… but after a while it becomes easier as you are aware of what you need to do to protect and guard the Summoner in the very way she should be guarded. these good guys have got it. Where else will you find wonderful friends and Protectors like them? Nowhere. That’s where.

Wakka: *To Tidus* You handled yourself pretty well. You got talent.

Tidus: Nah.

Clint: It’s true… You have talent.

Tidus: So, what are these “sinspawn” anyway?

Lulu: Fiends. They fall from Sin’s body, and are left behind in its wake.

Wakka: Leave ’em alone, and Sin comes back for ’em. You gotta be quick!

Sapphire: So… these things like the one we just vanquished just now… They’re from Sin. Straight from his being?

Lulu: That’s right.

Susie: That’s a revelation of a thought.

Annie: Just as long as we don’t have to face anymore of them looking like snails. I can’t stand snails. Yuck!

Zoey: Let’s go. the others are up there and waiting.

Narrative: *As Spencer* That moment when Wakka had told Tidus that he had the talent in battle… That was when… he started considering on becoming a Guardian. We were gonna be guardians no matter what as we had a belief that it’s always the duty of a hero or a fellow protector to protect and Guard someone they cared about. Taking all the pain and heartache away from them.

It was a minute later when they had all resumed on making their way up the stairs. up the steps onwards to the temple…

Wakka: So, uh…they got fiends in Zanarkand, too? Or in Metropolis, Kansas?

Tidus: Just a few. It’s a big deal when one shows up, though. *Pauses* Hey! Since when have you believed me about Zanarkand, anyway?

Raven: And believed us about our home anyway? We came from Metropolis. Our home. It’s the only place we grew to know this far. Our whole lives are there.

Amy: That’s true. Our place is that city. We are with our whole lives there. It’s all we know.

Paul: That’s true. There’s a point to that. You know that? It’s just as if this place was the only place you’d know.

Wakka: I been thinking. Maybe people Sin gets to don’t die. Maybe Sin carries ’em through time. Like a thousand years through time. And then one day, maybe they just pop back, see?

Lulu: *Shakes head* Amazing. Simply amazing.

Wakka: Hm?

Lulu: You make up one theory after another, refusing to face the simple truth. Sin didn’t take your brother Chappu anywhere. Sin crushed him and left him on the Djose shore! Your brother won’t just pop back for a family reunion.

Lulu walks off a few steps then adds and turns to face Wakka and the others while saying…

Lulu: Oh, and one more thing. No matter how much you want it, no one can take Chappu’s place. No one can replace Sir Jecht, for that matter. And there’s no replacement for Lord Braska, either. *Looking at the fighters* Of course there is also no replacement for your grandmother’s Sister Princess Aquamarine, either.  It’s pointless to think about it, and sad. *Storms off; With Yuna following*

Wakka: *Sitting down* I…I could never be what Chappu was. *Slams down fist* No matter what… He was better than i was. Well, stuff happens. Best not to worry. *Getting up and walking off ahead*

Narrative: *As Clint* Wakka, Lulu, and Wakka’s Brother Chappu. From what we listened to being spoken by Lulu… Something happened between the three of them. Something that we didn’t know a thing about. We were rather feeling sure about it. We knew that whatever it was… it was bugging Wakka and Lulu. She wouldn’t talk about it. None of them would. But something happened to them a long time ago. we were certain of it. Anyway… It was none of our business. It was best not to even consider going there. Stepping our feet into something that we had no business going in…

A Minute later…

“The Hymn of the Fayth” plays…

The fighters arrived at the Temple grounds and looked at how huge it was. Seeing the fire… lit on the tips of the poles that were on the sides. one pole on the left and one on the right. The Poles were tall and pristine. It looked like a palace just by how big it was and everything was just so alive. The fighters walked on and turned to see their parents. Well Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny and Spencer saw their parents. their mother and Father. the rest only saw their mothers… or fathers.

Dinah: *Seeing her Daughters; Running over to them* Sapphire… Raven… Serena. *Relieved to see her daughters* Oh my god… I’m so happy to see you girls. What took you girls? I was beginning to get rather worried sick thinking that something might have happened.

Paige: You better believe it. She was frantic. *Seeing her kids* Annie, Daria, Clint… Theodore! *Walking over to her kids and hugging them* You guys okay?

Annie: Oh yeah. We’re okay. We just had to beat a Sin Spawn not far from here and it was an escargot. a Large and ugly one… to say the very least.

Clint: It was being rather tough. But before that… we had to go against the lord of the wood. Something called Lord Ochu.

Daria: That was a workout in ways we don’t want to live through again.

Amy: Yeah.

Pearl: We know. we were there in the shadows to lend a hand or two. But we knew that you guys could come out from that battle. You guys had it handled. We believed that you’d have it all working out.

Jack: We had faith.

Susie: *Smiles*

Blossom: You guys look really exhausted. You guys alright?

Zoey: We’re just fine. Really.

Alvin: So… Where are we heading off to now?

Lulu: Up ahead to Kilika Temple’s Chamber of the fayth where Yuna’s to pray and obtain the second Aeon and way to defeat Sin.

Wakka: But inside the great hall… we are gonna be praying for victory in the tournament.

Avery: What are we waiting for then? Let’s get on in there.

Tidus: Right on.

But they only took a few steps further on when…

3 men came out from the middle door which was what lead to the inside of the temple… They looked rather tough. It was only about a minute when they suddenly stood in front of the fighters, Wakka, Lulu, Yuna, Kimahri and Tidus. Plus the Aurochs.

Wakka: You guys here to pray for victory too?

Sora: *Looking at Carly then at the others* Those must be Blitzball players. From Luca. The one with the red smooth sleek hair is Bickson. The team captain and the head of the team. Cocky and arrogant by nature, Bickson is widely regarded as the best blitzball player in the world. the one with the golden hair is Graav. Graav is the middle-fielder for the Luca Goers blitzball team. The black player with the black hair looking like a Puffball in the back… is Abus. He’s more suited for a forward position in the team.

Bickson: Us? Pray? Who needs to Pray? The Luca goers always win.

Dinah: And that would be in what way? By cheating. Because a true sports player who is honest and straight wouldn’t gloat out of spite to bring others down personally.

Bickson: And who are you?

Dinah: Dinah Rhapsody. But in my tough reputation… i am known as “Danger Zone” Dinah.

Bickson: Ohhh Scary.

Serena: *Looking towards Bickson* …

Wakka: You not here to pray? Then why are you here?

Graav: We were hoping for some competition this year!

Bickson: So what exactly is your goal this time? You gonna “do your best” again? Ha! As if. It’s too bad that your best isn’t good enough. Why bother even showing up?

Serena: Uh… You want to say that again? *Standing up in front of Bickson* You are a cocky arrogant wannabe.  You think that you’re so special and that you’re what? Yevon’s great gift and can do no wrong that you’re so great you expect everyone to kiss the ground you walk on.

Graav: Who do you think you are talking to Bickson like that?

Serena: Serena Rhapsody. I am known as a tough girl with a rather tough, gutsy and rambunctious reputation. I am also into sports like my mother Dinah. She can get over the hill but her heart’s in the right place and believes in a cause and when she does… she commits to it. I do too.

Tidus: This time… We play to win.

Aurochs: *lunge and Fistpump*

Bickson: Oooh! Play away! Just remember that even kids can play, boys.

Dinah: You can stuff that line up your high and conceited butt, Bickson. We don’t care if Luca thinks you’re like a god. and that you can do no wrong. Say all you like. But come tournament time… We’re gonna make you eat your insults and with a few Knuckle sandwiches of defeat to go along with it.

Graav: And why’s that?

Abus: Yeah… What makes you say that?

Dinah: Because you’re looking at the two new additions of the Besaid Aurochs. The very team that you consider to be a team of losers because you Goers think that you’re so good that you feel you have the right to tear others down to make yourselves look like studs. You’re Looking at “Danger Zone Blitz” Dinah. and my Daughter “Gutsy Lightning power” Serena.

Wakka: *With his jaw dropped to the ground* Wha—?

The Goers then saunter off.

Wakka: *Calling over to the team* See you in the Finals!

Kimahri, Wakka and Lulu enter the temple and the fighters follow along…

Tidus: We’ll beat them. We have to!

Yuna: You know that team?

Tidus: Putting people down…They’re as bad as my old man!

Yuna: But, Sir Jecht was a kind and gentle man!

Tidus: Well, not my Jecht.

Yuna: *sighs*

Serena: And that team that came and gone remind us of those jerks that go to the same school that we go to. This sort of clique who just get their kicks from tearing the lesser thans like they don’t matter.

Yuna: Metropolis High school.

Serena: You know of it?

Yuna: Yes. i heard of it.

They seconds later walked into the temple and came into the grand hall…

Narrative: *As Dinah* Even ten years after his father left as Tidus seemed to believe… Just by him thinking about his father got him feeling rather angry. But maybe that was what came out to be his way of keeping him… Alive. Maybe. But as for us… when we spoke about things from our home world, It made us feel a mix of things because we were talking about a world that we would probably never see again. Of course it makes it hard to not get a little worked over about it but when we spoke about our home world… our home city it felt as though we were homesick. Maybe we were getting a little homesick a little bit. What stopped us from getting a little homesick was the realization that so much was still going on. Now that Serena and I were committed to the Aurochs blitz team… we had to be up and at it and ready to Blitz. We were gonna need a miracle… The rest of us were gonna be in for a surprise.

Kilika Temple Great hall…

Wakka: *In front of the statue which looked like and was of Lord Ohalland; Praying* Lord Ohalland, guide our feet.

The fighters were all standing in the great hall and waiting. Watching Wakka pray to the statue. Tidus was also praying at the statue. It was also a good idea for Dinah and Serena to be praying. They were gonna need all the luck possible. It was gonna take a miracle for them to pull off a win. But they knew that they’d have to do what they could to win. They had to help the Aurochs win. They just had to…

Suddenly a door opened from up the steps and it clearly was to the Kilika Temple’s Cloister of trials. It was a woman and a man that stepped out and happened to look down towards Yuna…

Sora: *Reading the woman’s mind* …

Carly: What’s wrong Sora?

Sora: That woman’s a Summoner. Dona. There’s also a man. That man with her is… Barthello.

Carly: Another Summoner? Really?

Sora: Yeah. That’s another Summoner.

Carly: Yuna’s got a competition going on. I thought that she was the only summoner. She was the only Summoner. But now there’s the one with a man like that.

Sora: What’ll Yuna do? You don’t think that she’ll be pressured… do you?

Carly: I don’t know. I just hope that a competition doesn’t break in here. It’s gonna be a disaster. Aeons fighting Aeons.


Dona: *speaking towards Yuna* A summoner, are you?

Yuna: *Looking up and replying towards Dona* My name is Yuna– from the Isle of Besaid.

Dona: Dona.


Dona: So, you’re High Summoner Braska’s daughter. That’s quite a name to live up to. *Looking among the people around Yuna* My, my, my…And all these people are your guardians? My, what a rabble! As I recall, Lord Braska had only two guardians. Quality over quantity, my dear. Whatever were you thinking? I have need of only one guardian. Right, Barthello?

Barthello: *nods*

Kimahri: *Faces off with Barthello*

Yuna: I only have as many guardians as there are people I can trust. I trust them all with my life! To have so many guardians is a joy, and an honor! Even more so than being my father’s daughter. Of course, I would never think of questioning your ways, either. So, Lady Dona, I ask of you: please leave us in peace.

Dona: You do what you want. Barthello, we’re leaving.

Daria: *Curious* Are you… A summoner?

Dona: Yes. That’s what i am. I am a Summoner like she is.

Annie: How long have you been a Summoner?

Dona: Not long. Possibly a little longer than she has but shooting for the same exact goal.

Amy: And it’s to beat Sin. Right?

Dona: That’s right. It’s the will of every summoner. They are all sworn to protect the people of Spira and fight Sin. Hoping to defeat it.

Penny: *Looking at the shoes and the fishnets on Dona* Wow! I love your shoes.

Dona: Excuse me?!

Penny: Your shoes…  They look nice. Are they… Like Leather or some kind of animal skin?

Dona: Well… they’re like leather. Why?

Penny: No reason. I am just rather into fashion. Like my mom Pearl. She’s got her own Fashion Store. She’s known as Madame’ Pearl. I’m gonna be a Fashion designer and tycoon for the fashion world when i grow up.

Dona: That’s Nice. Everyone has dreams to think about. It takes time to make it a reality. But as long as you have the drive for it. You should go for it.

It was a minute later when Dona and Barthello finally left…

Yuna: *Sags*

Narrative: *As Zoey* A guardian is someone a summoner can rely on. Someone she can trust with her life. we wondered, did Yuna feel that way about us and about Tidus as well?

Yuna was then clasping her hands and smiling at Tidus…

Narrative: *As Paul* What could she have been smiling about?

In the cloister of trials…

Wakka: The fayth is below. Let’s do it!

Tidus: The “fayth”?

Lulu: But first, the Cloister of Trials. Kimahri? Wakka? Ready?

They nod…

Yuna: Strength, everyone! *Yevon bow*

They All step onto the elevator. Kimahri however shoved Tidus off…

Tidus: Wha? Hey, what gives?

Lulu: You’re not a guardian yet.

Yuna: Um… We’ll be back as soon as we can, okay?

Platform descends and returns…

Tidus: Oh, sure! Soon like “tomorrow” soon, I bet!

But while waiting in the great hall…

Serena: So… I guess that we are to just wait here. But how long do we wait?

Raven: It’s not gonna be like it was in Besaid… is it?

Sapphire: No. I don’t think so.

Annie: You’re not thinking about going in there… are you?

Clint: Yuna could be in deep Yevon trouble if you go in there.

Theodore: How do you know, Clint?

Clint: Well… Because while you guys were having bouts’ with a Rival Blitz team… i took a little stroll into one of the side chambers of the Temple and Kinda had a word with the Priest that was there. I asked him about the cloister of trials and what would happen if someone who weren’t guardians of the Summoner or if the person wasn’t either a Summoner or say… an Apprentice Summoner as one would call it. He said and i Quote: “Kilika Temple is the temple of fire. Even the Cloister of Trials is engulfed in flames. Those who disobey the precepts and enter unsanctioned may forfeit their lives.”

Spencer: But we’re like her guardians now. We haven’t really left her side since we left Besaid Village. We’ve been with her ever since that time. Why would we be unsanctioned?

Amy: I think that the precepts are precise on what ever it is that’s expected of anyone. Everyone.

Zoey: What’ll we do then? Do we wait here?

Blossom: What if they never come out?

Alvin: They will… They can’t just stay in there forever. There are other summoners and or people who need that chamber too.

Luna: We need to just stick around and wait. Going in would be of bad form. I think that once of disobeying the precepts is enough. Doing it a second time would be very unwise.

Tidus however was inside the cloister of trials still and was gonna come out since he couldn’t go with the others into the trials to the waiting room to stand by and wait while Yuna prayed to the fayth in the fayth’s chamber. But… as he began to walk out… Dona and Barthello snuck in and came to confront him…

Dona: Where’s Yuna?

Tidus: *Waves towards lift* down there.

Dona: Then why are you here?

Tidus: Hey, I’m not a guardian, so I’m not supposed to go in, right? Isn’t that what the precepts state?

Dona: Hmmm. Not a guardian, you say?

Dona then had Barthello grab Tidus and carry him to the platform…

He tossed Tidus onto the platform and Tidus landed hard. Although the sound echo out into the great hall…

Serena: Did you guys hear that?

Sapphire: Hear what?

Serena: That big boom. That’s what. There was a thud just now. It came right from the Cloister of trials.

Luna: *Suddenly looking to see her daughter gone* Zoey?

Paige: What’s wrong, Luna?

Luna: Zoey. She’s gone again.

Pearl: She is? Where could she have gone off to. There isn’t really many places that she could literally go to.

Dinah: *Sitting down and thinking*

Avery: *Seeing Dinah sitting and rather silent* What seems to be eating at you, Dinah?

Dinah: Nothing. I am just tired of people tearing others down just to make themselves look like class “A” Studs.

Curtis: You talking about those Goers? What about them?

Dinah: Nothing… Other than the fact that the team captain of theirs is a complete Jerk.

Arnold: Well… Some people are natural born Jerks. It’s just who they are.

Alvin: Where’s Paul and Crystal, Sora and Carly?

Jack: I think that they might have snuck into the trails. I saw them going up there to the door but it looked as though they were just gonna stand by the door and that’d be it. I didn’t see them actually going inside.

Alvin: Doggone it! They are gonna end up getting Yuna Excommunicated. We aren’t supposed to go in there. We’re not official guardians yet.

Paige: …

Dinah: It’s not just that… It’s the fact that i stepped in and volunteered myself and Serena to be part of the Aurochs and vowed to see that the goers ate their own insults.

Avery: Is that what’s got you down? Why? You did what it was that had to be done. Plus… it’s sports. Why would you not want to try the game anyway?

Dinah: That’s not the point. It’s their team. The Aurochs is Wakka’s team. I stepped in when i probably shouldn’t have and now it’s given the Aurochs hope. gotten their hopes up where they think they’re gonna win for sure. I made them think that the win would come easy. I promised something that wasn’t for sure. Now they’re gonna expect it and if they don’t get it… It’s gonna look bad on us because we promised them and it didn’t get them the win.

Dinah was feeling terrible for making an uncertain guarantee. She could only wish to take it back but couldn’t because Not only the Aurochs were expecting it… But the Goers were looking forward to seeing that they had their words being fed right back to them. They were expecting it and it got Dinah feeling as she made a bit of a mess.

In the Cloister of trials…

Paul: *With Crystal, Sora, Carly and Zoey* Okay guys… Stay close and keep quiet. We’re not supposed to be here and our being here is gonna end up getting the Summoner in deep trouble. When we get to the waiting room… we just tell them that we were in great hall waiting. But that we happened to see Dona return and come into the Trials again. and Tidus was sent into the trials. But what got us to come in to the trials was the sound of a thud that came from inside the Trials. We thought that it might have been them and got worried so we made the decision to come and see what it was and just followed it and wound up in the waiting room with them. It’s what happened.

Crystal: I agree. That’s what happened.

Sora: So… How do we solve this Cloister of trials?

Carly: Uh, Isn’t it like some kind of puzzle?

Sora: I think so. I’m guessing that it is. It has to be…

Zoey: Didn’t Serena and Raven mention that the Cloister of trials was like some sort of puzzle? They ran into the Cloister of Trials in Besaid and they had to solve it like some kind of puzzle.

Crystal: We can do this.

Paul: There’s the door that takes us into the trials. We can’t go back. the Platform won’t go back up. So… the only way out… is in.

They reach the door leading into the Cloister of trials and open it. Paul and Crystal opened the doors and walked in…

The Cloister of trials…

Paul used Telekinesis on the spheres that were in the room and moved them. Sticking them in the spots where they had to go. Sora and Carly went on ahead and solved the next part and saw a wall of flames. But on the side saw that there was a red sphere there in the wall. Sora walked over and took it out and placed it in a slot on the pedestal that was there. They then found a green sphere and put it in the wall and the slab of wall lifted up to reveal a little opening where there was a purple sphere. But Paul went and turned off the rest of the flames before Sora and Carly could grab for the Purple sphere. Crystal pushed the Pedestal down into the slot and a piece of ground that the pedestal sat on lowered and went into the lower ground and all that remained was a small bump in the ground showing where the piece of ground once was. Carly grabbed the purple sphere and Paul went to the lower level and pulled out the red and orange sphere from the wall which turned off the remaining power of the strip that had produced the wall of fire. Carly went down and placed the sphere in the slot and it opened up a hole in the wall revealing the chest. Zoey was called down to open it and obtain the treasure. They had solved the Trials and the last thing to do was open the door leading to the waiting room.

A minute later…

In the waiting room…

Wakka: Whoa, whoa, whoa! *Facepalm*

Tidus: It was Dona and that big musclehead man!

Paul: And we came due to a Thud we heard coming from the trials. We weren’t gonna come in and we’d just wait. But after hearing that Thud coming from the trials… we were concerned and just had to come and see what was going on.

Sora: We didn’t mean to just come in.

Carly: Yeah. Honest. We were just worried. Hearing that thud got us feeling scared. We were scared plus worried about Yuna. About you guys.

Crystal: *Nods*

Lulu: Yuna will be the one to suffer the consequences!

Tidus: Uh… What consequences?

Paul: Is it bad?

Wakka: She could be excommunicated!

Lulu: Yes. It is very bad. Excommunicated is another term in saying cast away into Exile. Turned away.

Zoey: *Feeling bad*

A second later.

Wakka: Just wait.

Tidus: So what’s in there anyway?

Wakka: The fayth, remember?

Tidus: Oh yeah, that thing. Right.

Zoey: Huh?

Sora: You mean… like spirits of the dead, right?

Wakka: That’s right. The fayth.

Lulu: The fayth are people who gave their lives to battle Sin. Yevon took their souls, willingly given from their still-living bodies.

Tidus: Huh?

Carly: Yevon took their souls and the ones who battled sin… They allowed it?

Lulu: yes.

Paul: But why?

Lulu: Because they were ready and had accepted their fate.

Zoey: Their fate?

Lulu: Now they live forever, trapped in statues. But when a summoner beckons, the souls of the fayth emerge once again. That’s what we call an aeon.

Tidus: All that in this room? S-So what’s Yuna doing in there?

Paul: Oh man… That’s outrageous.

Crystal: What’s she doing in there exactly?

Wakka: She prays with all her heart for a way to defeat Sin.

Lulu: The chamber beyond is a sacred place. Only Summoners are allowed to enter.

Zoey: You mean that even Guardians can’t go in there?

Wakka: It’s Taboo! It’s forbidden to go into the Chamber if you’re not a Summoner.

Tidus: Oh…

Carly: Oh… Okay.

Sora: *Smiles*

All while waiting for Yuna to come out from the Chambers… The Hymn of the fayth played on and played clear. filling the room… But it was with the presence of the Aeon of Kilika. Ifrit… Tidus tried to see if he could get out of the room. But couldn’t. It was only a minute or so later when the chamber door opened and Yuna came staggering out weak from the praying. Lulu tended to her and helped her up…

Narrative: *As Sora* There was something else that we realized that Tidus didn’t tell anyone else that day. That song that kept playing over and over in the temple that day… It reminded him something of his childhood. as he said… Maybe it was then… That he felt that he just wanted to go home. It had to be proof that his Zanarkand and Spira were indeed connected somehow. Had to be. He wanted to just say something… anything. to let them know about how his Zanarkand and Spira… were somehow connected. But the words just wouldn’t come out. Just like how we all felt. We wanted to go home too. We were missing our family… friends from Metropolis and got to where we wanted to just break down sometimes. But while hearing that hymn… it got us thinking about whether our home would ever be seen again…

Outside of the Temple a moment later…

There were a whole mess of people. Onlookers and admirers who were all parading around Yuna. Admirers. Among those… and in the shadows…  There was a guy wearing blue who managed to sneak a picture of Yuna from afar and then vanished off.

Tidus had a flashback about himself being back in Zanarkand and had feelings that he thought were gonna just vanish. Thought that he had put his feelings for Zanarkand behind him. But they were there. and they just were getting bigger and bigger till he felt that he was just gonna burst. Yuna and Tidus hung back and it was then that she noticed that something bugged him. The fighters were with them as well…

Yuna: Are you…okay?

Tidus: I… I don’t know.

Serena: Neither do we. We just feel bad.

Yuna: Why?

Raven: Why?! Why?! Yuna, why do you think? we just ignored the precepts of the Temple again. This makes twice that we’ve done it. the first time we were pardoned and forgiven because it was the first time offense. But now we just done it again. You could have been Excommunicated from Yevon because of us. That’s something we can’t allow to have slide from the attention of the priests here. We may still have traces of the Toxin inside us of Sin’s. but it doesn’t excuse us for what we’ve done. We messed up. You could have lost your rights to being a summoner. and been punished for our actions. You seem to forgive alot and understand a lot… but if we were you and someone who were not guardians came into the trials… nearly costing us the right to be summoners and even wind up Excommunicated… We would have been livid and or steamed. In Metropolis… if you committed a sin… you were arrested and maybe made to go to confession and confess your sin. Not like here… we’d be called heathens and bad people. To be honest… i don’t think that we will even endure a major punishment here. Everyone forgives just about everything that gets done here.

Annie: To be honest… that is rather twisted. Being forgiven for everything. That’s just wrong. There should be punishment for doing something that is against the rules. or Precepts.

Yuna: What do you want to do?

Serena: We probably would just wish to scream really loud. But i don’t think it’d help much other than get people to think that we’ve just lost our minds.

Yuna: *Chuckles nervously*


Kimahri and Wakka twirl back however Lulu ignored it.

As soon as they made it back to the village and reached the docks…

Luna: I guess we’re back to the ship again.

Dinah: Guess so. But it isn’t so bad. We did happen to have some time away from the ocean… not enough time… but at least some. Some is better than nothing. isn’t it?

Pearl: Yeah.

Alvin: If you say so. But i think that my kids and I are gonna have a little talk on the ship. What they’ve done in the temple is inexcusable. Good thing that nothing went wrong… But that’s not the point. Going into the cloister of trials like that against being permitted. Yuna could have been penalized for it. It would have ended up pissing Kimahri off. we know he doesn’t say much but the look on his face said it all. He was not pleased and i don’t blame him. What was done… was most thoughtless.

Wakka: Off to Luca at last! Matches start soon as we get there. Be sure to rest up on the way, ya?

Within minutes they embarked on the ship. It was a different ship than the one they came to Kilika on. It was the S.S. Winno. The ship was different. The fighters got on and so did the Blitzball teams. The Aurochs, Goers… and the Kilika Beasts. Yuna now had two Aeons and was one step closer to her goal of finishing her pilgrimage although she had still a long long way to go. It was Now on the Oceanic frontier again for them all. The Rhapsody Fighters and the party… all of them were now on the way to Luca. Although there was a night of sailing on the ship to get through. There were obviously some things that they had to discuss. Doubts… thoughts and also preparations for what was told to come when they arrived in Luca. What was gonna take place on the S.S. Winno? Would there be a fight between Serena, Dinah and the Goer’s captain Bickson? Would there be insults a swinging? What were Wakka and Lulu gonna discuss? What was gonna be on the minds of the fighters? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Take a peaceful trip on the S.S. Winno with the Rhapsody girls Z! and the new Generation in Night Time sea Voyage of Rhapsody Doubts…


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