Chapter 124: “Not too young, Not too Kilika Isle.” Disaster Zone of Sin’s own doing.

At Dusk…

Aboard the S.S Liki…

Annie: *Recovering from the attacks and the near death experience* …

The fighters were all recovering from the attacks that came from Sin and the sin scales. It was their first breakthrough and first sighting of Sin… There was no telling what they were gonna see as time went on and whether or not that they would be prepared to see what was gonna come as the Journey went on. All they could think about was whether or not they were gonna survive sin’s next appearance or grand standing.

Yuna kneels over Tidus who lies on deck…

Narrative: *As Annie* When Sin attacked Zanarkand that day when we first came to Spira, We woke up in and wound up in a world that was not our own. Things not making any sense and we were still induced with the toxin. It came and went. We however thought that when Sin Attacked Zanarkand that day that we first came to Spira… and with word that Sin might have also attacked our home city, we kept hoping it would work in reverse, too.

Yuna: I will defeat Sin… I Must defeat Sin.

Narrative: *As Annie; con’t* We were just fooling ourselves. *View changing from different angles and looking at the other fighters who were all feeling drained from the events that unfolded so far* Maybe it was that day… on the sea, under the burning sun, We all had started to give up hope. This was our world now… We were all in a foreign world. We weren’t going home. This was our new reality, and this was now the truth… this was how we felt… We came to understand… that we were in it… for good.

A Moment later…

Kilika Island…

At the Kilika Dock…

As soon as the ship stopped and officially docked, The fighters made sure that they had everything in order and began to see on getting off the ship. They although took one look at the scenery and gasped at the way it looked. The village ravaged and torn to absolute pieces. Zoey felt really sad over seeing the view and seeing it the way it looked. Luna Looked at the sight and looked at her daughter. She knew that she had to do something personal and it involved her daughter but on the other side of the idea… given that this wasn’t the world they knew. She felt that they would have to contact the one person that she didn’t hear from for a while. for 15 years up to date. The members of the Rhapsody Romancers Z! Took one look at the view and urged that they could lend out their care and love to those in pain and comfort them somehow. The members of the Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! looked at the devastation and offered to clean up some of the debris from the devastation. In hopes that it would make things a little better if anything at all. Sapphire, Raven and Serena Just stood there and mourned They could not believe the sight that they were seeing. Even though they were wanting to help in whatever way that they humanly could… They were at a loss as they’ve never seen devastation like that before. Not ever. for 14 years… they’ve seen nothing but peace. There was none other but peace. Seeing the devastation that had befallen the Island… Befallen the village in such a enraged form. Serena didn’t say what she thought however as she looked at the view… She saw that there was something more to it. She began to feel that somehow with what they witnessed. They would soon have to come to terms that if their home world was destroyed or forever gone… It would bring upon a reasonable doubt that Sin… Spira… Blitzball and Zanarkand and their world were all tied. Tied and come with the belief that until they beat sin… their home would be forever a distant past. The fighters all got off and that was after Yuna as Yuna had then rushed out of the ship. and on the dock itself a Middle-aged couple came rushing up to meet her on the dock…

Yuna: Greetings! I am the summoner Yuna. I have come from the temple in Besaid.

Woman: M’lady Summoner!

Yuna: If there is no other summoner here, please allow me to perform the sending.

Man: Thanks be to ye!

Woman: Our loved ones… We feared they would become fiends!

Yuna: Please, take me to them.

Yuna then got lead over to where the reef were set in the ocean and set for doing the sending. Lulu and Kimahri followed suit and came along. Wakka and Tidus disembarked and got to repairing the docks. Tidus went to explore the village a little. at least what he could. The rest of the fighters and guys walked through the village and took notice of the devastation. They just couldn’t believe that something like that could be done to a village. Wasting away innocent life…

Wakka: We’re gonna go see what it is we can do to help in town.

Wakka lead the Aurochs off…

Blossom: *Walking on to see a path and spotting a crowd close by* What’s going on over there? Is there a gathering?

Curtis: Who knows? Looks like something big going on. Whatever it is that’s going on over there… The young lady. the Lady summoner happens to be right smack in the middle of it all.

Alvin: Let’s go and see. Let’s take a look at what’s going on over there.

Avery: Yes. Lets go.

Tidus was already halfway there towards the crowd and could see Lulu and Kimahri standing. the others were there too and asking what it is that they could do.

Annie: *To one of the elders* Is there anything we can do?

Elder: I don’t know if there is anything you can do to ease the pain of those who lost so many. The dead need guidance. You can’t send them…

Annie: No. we can’t. But we’re here to provide care and be of some comfort to those who are in mourning. We understand their hurt. My Grandmother’s sister died 2 decades ago and i never got to meet her. My grandmother misses her so much. But what gets her through the day is by her telling herself that wherever her sister is… she’s happy and safe and not in pain of any kind whatsoever. Sometimes she has private moments where she envisions that she’s looking at her sister and that her sister is alive. But what you should do is… this is a suggestion though. But what you should do is have all those who suffered a loss to just play back all the happy memories they had with the ones who were taken from them. It isn’t a immediate fix. but in time even though they still will miss their loved ones… the loved ones will never really die as their memory is forever with them and alive.

Clint: That’s true. As long as you never forget them and think of them continuously. the ones that died will never truly be gone.

Elder: Bless be to ye’. We do thank you for your words…

Annie: Annie. This here is my brother Clint. He’s a bit muscular looking. Him and Theodore are.

Elder: You’re very sweet, Annie. *Smiles*

Tidus: Uh, what’s a “sending”? Are we going somewhere?

Lulu: *huffs* You truly are clueless. Are you sure it’s just your memory that’s the problem? *Sighs* The dead need guidance. Filled with grief over their own death, they refuse to face their fate. They yearn to live on, and resent those still alive. You see, they envy the living. And in time, that envy turns to anger, even hate. Should these souls remain in Spira, they become fiends that prey on the living. Sad, isn’t it? The sending takes them to the Farplane, where they may rest in peace.

Tidus: Summoners do this?

Lulu: Mm.

Daria: What’s the farplane, Lulu? If it’s alright to ask.

Lulu: It’s a place where the dead get sent to find peace. the dead that die here in spira if left alone can slowly turn into fiends and pray upon those who live.

Theodore: Almost as if by jealousy because the see the living still living. Living the life that they could be living if they were still alive but aren’t.

Daria: The Farplane’s kinda like another type of heaven for the dead. for the Angels, right?

Lulu: yes. but here… in the farplane… not only humans reside.

Theodore: *Nods* Ohhh. Okay.

Seconds later Yuna was signaled to start the sending…

Yuna danced and performed the sending. Sending the unsent to the place where the dead can rest in peace. It was known as the farplane. almost equivalent to Earth’s belief of Heaven and world where angels roam free… Yuna danced and guided the dead to take flight up to the sky and on their way to the farplane. As the dead rose up and their spirits came up… they were in the form of pyreflies which circled around Yuna and spiraled to the air. The people watched and the ones grieving were trying not to break down even though they were seeing their loved ones being sent off and directed to the farplane. Annie and her brothers… her sister. Amy and her sisters and Brother. Sapphire and her sisters. They all watched and couldn’t help but shed a tear or two as it even affected them and caught their minds to wander and feel the sorrow that the people were feeling…

A minute after once it was all done…

Tidus: It must be tough, being a summoner.

Lulu: Yuna chose her own path. She knew from the beginning what it happened to foretell. All we can do as guardians is protect her along the way. Until the end.

Tidus: *A Little confused* Until the…end?

Lulu: *Silence*

Tidus: What’s the end?

Yuna: *Looks up to Lulu*

Lulu: *Nodding slightly over to Yuna; throwing her hands in the air with a huff; leaving Tidus’s side* Until she defeats Sin.

Annie: Tidus, What she means in retropect is that the guardians have the duty and the burden or the responsibility to protect the Summoner. Yuna in this case till the end when she completes her pilgrimage has to be protected. No matter what.

Tidus: Oh.

Clint: We’re still with sin’s toxin… but even we are getting what she means somewhat. So there isn’t any reason as to why you can’t.

Lulu: *Embraces Yuna* 

Yuna: I hope…I hope I did okay.

Lulu: You did very well! They’ve reached the Farplane by now. But… *Strokes hair* no tears next time, hm?

Narrative: *As Amy* We wished that there would indeed never come to be a next time. No more seeing that people were being killed by Sin. No more sendings being done by Yuna. Seeing her having to be the one to do them. To us… it wasn’t fair to expect the summoner to play the heavy and be one to perform the sendings every time a person just happened to die or get killed by Sin or something else. Everyone stood there watching her. It was strange and somehow…horrifying to us just seeing it or having to see that Yuna was being expected to perform a sending. I know that the majority of us never wanted to see it again. If there was to be no need to see one being performed…

During that night, Luna and Zoey went to the one edge of the pier and made a contact to someone who could help them. A person who could give them guidance. Luna couldn’t do the speaking… but she knew how to summon for the Queen. She told Zoey what it was that she needed to say and Zoey repeated it while looking upon the sky and at the moon…

As for the others, they were all in numerous spots in the village and all sleeping in peace. The girls all knew that there was something out there and lurking but didn’t sire to allow for it to get them. They slept and dreamt about their home. Having nothing but peaceful dreams. Slumbering through the night. It was the next morning when they got up that the trip picked up its feet and started to press on again… Tidus was in the Inn and just barely came out when…

Datto: Hey! You Awake? The girls and Cap’n Wakka waitin’ for you.

Tidus: Right.

Seconds later…

Over by the ruined path…

Wakka was supervising repairs…

Clint: *Handing up the wood as needed* You got it, Letty?

Letty: Yeah. Thanks, bruddah. *Pressing on hammering*

Wakka: *Looking to see Tidus and the rest of the girls* Ah… There you are. *To the Aurochs* Besaid Aurochs… Huddle!

The team climb down to join Wakka…

Wakka: On to the temple, where we pray for victory.

Aurochs: *Cheering and running off*

Wakka: High Summoner Ohalland used to live in the Kilika temple here. Yep, Lord Ohalland was once a great blitzer, you know?

Raven: The Summoner was a Blitzer as well as a summoner?

Wakka: Yeah.

Christina: How could that be possible? I mean if he was a high summoner and was sworn to protect Spira as well as defeat Sin back in the day when Sin was around last time… If he was here last time… but then to also be a Blitzer… Wouldn’t that conflict with the other?

Wakka: Nah. He played Blitzball all through till the tournament finished. Then went on to do his Pilgrimage and fulfilled his obligations and he duty of being a Summoner. Never did both at the same time.

Serena: Wakka?

Wakka: Hm?

Sapphire: We were thinking about this a bit and find it hard to understand.

Wakka: What’s up?

Clint: Well… what we’re trying to let out is that… Praying for Victory on the Tournament is fine and it’s nice. It’s uplifting to say the least if any…. But… Is this right?

Wakka: Something wrong with enjoying blitzball?

Tidus: Is this really the time?

Wakka: This is the only time! The players fight with all their strength; the fans cheer for their favorite team. They forget pain, suffering… Only the game matters! That’s why blitz has been around for so long. Least that’s what I think.

Penny: Is Blitz the only source of entertainment?

Wakka: Pretty much. Yeah. With Sin around… there has been no room for any other sources of entertainment.

Tidus: *Sighs* Whatever you say.

Wakka: Let’s play… and Win! Right?

Serena: *Nods*

Tidus: *Fistpumps* Right!

A second later…

Wakka: *Looking to the other side* The Temple is just beyond that Jungle over there. Let’s head off to the Jungle and go on to the Temple.

Annie: *Looking at her sister and Brothers* Let’s go guys. It’s off to the Jungle and then the temple.

Daria: You got it.

Clint: *Looking to not see the others* Where’s Zoey and Blossom and also Paul and Crystal. Sora and Carly?

Annie: Zoey’s still sleeping. Apparently she and Aunt Luna were up for a good part of the night doing something. calling someone.

Sapphire: Who?

Annie: Don’t know. But whoever it was… there was a golden beam of light of some kind shining down surrounding the spirit and also Aunt Luna and Zoey.

Raven: We should ask Zoey later what it was that they were doing. She’d might say who it was or something.

Spencer: Maybe… Maybe not. Don’t know. But… *Looking at the village* It’s quiet here and the others are probably waiting for us to arrive.

Penny: You’re right. Let’s go.

They make their very way over to the Kilika Jungle. It wasn’t that far away as they’d thought it would be at first. It was maybe only about 3 minor miles away. However while on their way to the Jungle they started thinking about what Zoey and their Aunt Luna could have been up to. Raven was a precarious person. Curious and just wanted to know. Susie also wanted to know. To her… something about what their Aunt Luna and Zoey were both up to got her thinking that something was being planned. She didn’t wish to peg Luna as a secretive kind of person. Neither did they see to think Zoey may be like that as well… but what Annie said that Luna and Zoey had been doing… They couldn’t help but to wonder if they were secretive. The fighters couldn’t worry of that at the time. The others were in the Jungle and waiting for them to come…

At the Kilika Jungle…

Serena: *Looking at the thick greenery and blooming bushing trees* Whoa… Now this is close to someone figuring this as being like a safari.

Susie: Yous can say that again.

Spencer: I wouldn’t be sure about that. However there are a massive amount of trees. Tall ones and bushes. Vines hanging from some of them and shrubs filling out the sides and even the ground.

Clint: Doesn’t matter now. We’re in the Jungle now and we’re gonna need to keep close so we don’t get lost.

Wakka: *walking over to Lulu; Tidus following* What’s up?

Lulu: *To Tidus* Yuna’s saying she wants you with us. And that she wants the girls and their clan with us as well…

Tidus: Huh?

Serena: You serious? We would stick close to her either way. We would give our lives to see that she never had to. Protecting her… like you guys would.

Sapphire: That’s right. Jelly bean. We’d be there anytime.

Yuna: *Smiling* I want to ask you to be my guardian. *Smiling at the girls and their teams* And ask you girls and your family to be… My guardians as well…

Wakka: Yuna! What? This is no times for jokes, ya? *About Tidus* He may be a blitzball whiz kid, but up against fiends, he’s a newbie. The girls and their teams fight pretty good. fast included.

Yuna: *Stops smiling* Not a guardian, then…I just want him nearby. And i also want the fighters to stay around nearby.

Wakka: Wha?! *screws up face*

Tidus: What? What do you mean?

Yuna: It’s just that, well…

Lulu: We’re all going to the temple anyway. Can’t this wait till later?

Yuna: *Smiles and nods, turns back to Tidus* I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…

Tidus: There’s nothing to be sorry about. I’m just not really sure what’s going on to be honest.

Yuna: My apologies. *Bows*

Tidus: …

Annie: Don’t worry, Tidus. You’re gonna get to Guardian status soon. Just be patient and keep working at the fighting skills. It’ll be okay before long.

Tidus: *Nods* Right on… Thanks Annie.

They started on making way through the Jungle and work their way around and through watching their step. However… they got met by a creature…

A nasty plant… Ragora-enemy-ffx.

Penny: What is that?

Amy: I don’t know… but whatever it is… it looks really hideous.

Clint: Who’s got the weed killer?

Theodore: Not me. But i think that some heart power might knock it out…

Daria: Sure. Let’s get to it…

A Minute later… the fighters were transformed and ready to battle.

Lulu: Kimahri, Why don’t you use “Lancet” on it?

Miss Bliss: What’s a Lancet? What does that do?

Lulu: Normally, it’s a skill that weakens enemies and heals the user. But when a Ronso uses it, that Ronso can sometimes learn fiends’ abilities.

Thunder Star: *Amazed* What? Kimahri can do that? Well… let’s see it. Lets see him let that thing rip.

Thunderic Wonder:  Go for it, Kimahri.

Sir Love: *Nods*

Kimahri uses Lancet on the plant and obtains the ability Seed Cannon…

Kimahri: *Looking at the fighters* …

Miss Thunder: *Winks*

They immediately pressed on but with a plan… The Thunderic force Z! went on the left and cleared off a path to lead the Summoner to safety. The Romancers Z! went to the right and kept a watch for anything that meant to threaten Yuna. The Aquatic force Z! Stayed with Yuna and the crew and pressed on forward. Keeping their guard up for safety precautions. Spencer however went up ahead and only barely reached the small stone bridge when…

Gatta: Company… Halt!

Luzzu: The fiend before us is Ochu, Lord of the Wood! We’ve had trouble with this one before. Remember, discretion is the better part of valor.

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Looking at the huge hideous looking plant*


Lord Ochu: *Swinging its vines around and motioning to whip out* …

Angelic Bubble: Spencer… What’re you doing?

Frosty Ice Bubble: Don’t ask. But i am not moving another inch. this large plant is about to make a move and i think it’s deadly.

Bubble Gem: Deadly?

Melodic Bubble: Deadly as in “Nikita Fatale” Deadly?

Bubbling Star: Spencer… Very carefully… step back from that plant. Step back… Nice and slow.

Frosty Ice Bubble: Easier said than done, sis. But this thing is kinda watching my every move. If i move… it’ll attack for sure.

Wakka: *Running over* Hold on… we’ll knock it back.

Paul: *Running over from behind from Kimahri* Hold on guys… That’s a plant. What hurts plants the fastest? Fire. Wakka, Hold that ball.

Wakka: What… What’re you gonna do?

Paul:  Trust me… you’ll see. Just raise up that ball.

Wakka: *Raising up the Blitzball*

Paul: Here we go. One blast of fire… coming up. *Shooting fire at the ball* Wakka, burn that plant. it’s time for it to say hasta la’ vista.

Wakka: *Throwing the ball engulfed in flames at the plant*

Lulu: What about Thunder? Thunder will hurt it.

Frosty Ice Bubble: Right. go for it. Kimahri… You too. Let’s trim this plant down to a measly leaf.

However… before they could strike at it, the Guardian of the forest. Lord Ochu whipped its vines and smacked Spencer, Lulu, Penny and Amy. Poisoning them. It caught the attention of their mother. Pearl. They didn’t know that their mother Pearl was near and that she saw the attack. She took one look and got steamed at the Lord of the wood. She got behind it as she with high emotion seeing her kids attacked was in her hero form and Jack was with her. They got behind the creature and attacked it head on in the back and battered it hard.

Jack: *Tossing a couple antidote over to their kids and healing them* Split the Antidote up. half for each. It should be enough to take the poison away.

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Nods*

Yuna: *Summoning Valefor and sending it off to fight the lord of the wood*

Kimahri: *Slicing at the creature dealing some damage*

It took 4 hits from the Aeon to take out the creature and send it to the great beyond. With the creature gone… they felt as though they were getting stronger. stronger and more experienced which it was that with each passing battle and enemy encounter the fighters were getting tougher and more stronger. It was now to the temple…

But close by, The two Crusaders were watching and saw the creature get beaten down and eliminated. They came close and nodded with admiration…

Gatta: Whoa.

Luzzu: A summoner and her guardians. Very impressive!

Gatta: Sir, we should fight, too!

Luzzu: We’ll get our chance soon enough.

Gatta: *Salutes and jogs off with Luzzu, singing* Young Crusaders, gather round! We’ll beat Sin into the ground!

Penny: That tune sure is catchy. Gatta sure seems as though he’s confident.

Amy: Yeah.

Sapphire: *Running over to the team* Hey guys… Summoner Yuna… We cleared the way on the right. The steps leading off to the Temple are cleared.

Lulu: *Nods* Yuna, time to go.

Yuna: Okay.

One step closer to the destination and they were getting closer and closer still. But now they had to climb the steps leading up. Were they barking more than what they could handle? Would they reach the temple? More questions answered and a tie in to their world and the world they were now in… Would they encounter a confrontation? Find out more and what’s next in the Adventures of Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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