Chapter 123: The Teachings of Yevon. Rhapsody Girls Z! and New Generation… Gather your Bearings.

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Wakka: *Calling out* Hey! You Okay?

Tidus: Heeey! *Waving back and shows off a “Sphere shot”*


Wakka: You’re no Amateur. Who you play for?

Tidus: The Zanarkand Abes.

Aurochs: *Muttering in shock*

Wakka: What team did you say again?

Tidus: Uh, I meant…Forget that. I got too, uh…close to Sin and my head’s all foggy-like. So I don’t know where this place is. Or even where I came from. 

Sapphire: Neither do we. Sin messed our heads up real good.

Wakka: Sin’s Toxin has gotten to you… but you still survive. Praise be to Yevon. *Yevon Bow*


Wakka: Long time ago, there were a whole lot of cities in Spira. Big cities with machina–machines–to run ‘em. People played all day and let the machina do the work. And then, well, take a look. 

Wakka: Sin came, and destroyed the machina cities. And Zanarkand as well as Metropolis along with ‘em. Yeah, that was about a thousand years ago, just like you said. If you ask me, Sin’s the punishment for letting things get out of hand. What gets me, though… is we gotta suffer, ’cause of what some goofballs did way back when! ‘Course, we must always repent for our sins! That’s important! It’s just that, it’s hard to keep at it sometimes, you know? 


Wakka: *Letting go* A major blitz tournament’s coming up. All the teams in Spira’ll be there! It’s so huge, I’m sure someone there will recognize you! Then you can go back to your old team, right? It’ll be fun! What do you say, huh? Come on, come on!

Tidus: Sure thing… *Flatly while swimming on*

Wakka: Dude! Our team is gonna rock, eh?


Wakka: *Pointing to the Village spread out below them* This is where I was born. I started blitz when I was five. I joined the Aurochs at thirteen…ten years ago. Ten years…and we never won a game. Well, after last year’s tournament, I quit. Time seemed right. 

Paige: So… You’re like a natural born Islander. Being on the island and living an Island lifestyle is mainly all you know. More or less.

Wakka: Pretty much. I started Blitzball when i was only five. Played good and well alot till i was 13. I joined the Aurochs at that age. That was 10 years ago.

Pearl: How could that be just ten years? Wakka, when we first met you here on this island. You said that you were the coach and captain of the Aurochs. That takes less than 10 years or more than depending on the person’s devotion. Heart and will and constant energy they put into the team. into the game. Not to mention their track record.

Wakka: Well… My brother Chappu. He kinda got me advanced up to the rank of being the captain and then Coach of the team. He saw my determination. He was younger than me but he believed that i could lead well for the team, ya. He knew what kind of player i was. I was good. Real good.

Christina: Ten years and you never won a game? *Curious* Why’s that? What went wrong you figure?

Wakka: I don’t know. I mean… that we did our best. I always thought that it would be good enough. I didn’t do it to just compete and do it to only win. I did the sport because it was something that i enjoyed doing. It was something that i was into. It made me happy. After last year’s tournament… I kinda Quit. It seemed that the time was right to do it.

Their Stomachs were growling but they tried to not press about it. They went onwards a bit when…

Wakka: So, After quitting. I got this new Job, ya. However every time my mind seemed to wander… I thought about the game.

Tidus: 10 years without winning a single game will do that to you.

Wakka: *Grunts* My first match last year was my big chance. But something else was on my mind. I couldn’t focus.

Sapphire: …

Tidus: Nice Excuse.

Wakka: Hey! Hey!

Tidus: So… You want to win the next tournament. go out with a bang.

Wakka: *Nods*

Dinah: That would be very  remarkable. I mean… if it’s gonna be your last tournament… you might as well go out big. make it something profoundly memorable. It’d be the best way to go.

Paige: That’s right. Wakka, you have a team that has not won a game in ten years… Even though you give it your all. What you should do is take the win. Win it. Even if it’s your last Tournament… Winning it for your last year… would make definite headlines. The Island here would be praising that. Everyone adores a winner alot. And for those who don’t win… they’re loved anyway by their true friends because their true friends would stick by them no matter what. Whether they win a game or not. Friends are with one another for life.

Tidus: So, What’s our goal?

Wakka: I don’t care how we do. Long as we play our best. If we give it our all, I can walk away happy.

Serena: That’s Pride and self respect. It’s good you have that, Wakka. But to go out with a bang… and in order to make something memorable… you got to think differently this time. You must.

Tidus: No, no, no, no, no. If I say, “What’s our goal?” you say, “Victory!” When you play in a blitzball tournament, you play to win!


Luzzu: *Seeing the ones from the sea* Ah… The ones from the sea!

Gatta: Be on guard. There are fiends on the road today!

Luzzu: After surviving your run-in with sin. ‘twould be a shame if something happened now.


Gatta: *Standing and Saluting* The Crusaders are sworn to battle Sin! We have chapters throughout Spira, accepting all who wish to join our struggle! The hero Mi’ihen formed the Crusaders eight hundred years ago as the Crimson Blades. Later, our ranks grew and we called ourselves the Crusaders. We’ve been fighting Sin ever since!


Priest: *Approaching them* Ten years have passed since Lord Braska became high summoner. And finally we receive a statue for our temple. The summoners are practitioners of a sacred art, sworn to protect the people of Yevon. Only a chosen few become summoners, who call forth entities of great power: the aeons. The aeons hear our prayers and come down to us. They are the blessing of Yevon. *Performs a Yevon bow*


Wakka: There’s a room in there called the Cloister of trials. Beyond is where the apprentice Summoner prays. If the Prayer is heard The apprentice Summoner becomes a Full-Fledged Summoner, Remember?


Wakka: Summoners go on a pilgrimage to pray at every temple in Spira. Guardians protect them. The guardians in there now…One of them’s got a short fuse, and who knows what the other’s thinking. 


Yuna: I’m Yuna. Thank you so much for your help earlier.


Tidus: I uh… saw that Aeon demonstration earlier. That’s amazing.

Raven: We all saw it. It managed to spook a couple of us and we don’t spook that easily. But were also really thrilled to see something like that. It was quite a show. Never have we seen anything like it before.

Serena: It was really moving.

Yuna: Really? Do you think that i could become a High Summoner?

Tidus: *Nods*

Raven: We don’t know much about anything here… but we feel that you could someday become a High Summoner if that’s what you want to be. We believe that you happen to have it within you to become one.

Serena: It’s gonna be hard though. But you can do it. you went through becoming a Summoner so… being a High Summoner would be no problem. Like our mom would say… always do what makes you feel happy. Don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise…


Yuna: *Turns to face Tidus, Raven and Serena* So… Tomorrow then.

Raven: Tomorrow?

Yuna: We’re all going on the same boat, aren’t we?

Serena: Really?

Tidus: You sure?

Yuna: We can all talk more… You can tell me all about Zanarkand. And about Metropolis, Kansas.


Lulu: He does look a lot like Chappu. I was surprised, too, the first time I saw him. But no matter what he looks like, he isn’t Chappu. You shouldn’t have brought him here in the first place! Same with those girls. Their family. You don’t know them and neither do we.

Wakka: Yeah, but…he needed our help! So did the family.

Lulu: Excuses again? 

Wakka: Yeah, but… 

Lulu: That’s it. No more. Enough, Wakka! *Storms off*


Wakka: My Little brother, Chappu. He looked a lot like you. *Looking at Tidus*

Tidus: He’s dead?

Wakka: He was with the Crusaders when they fought Sin last year. He didn’t make it. I first heard on the day of the tournament. 


Wakka: Yuna came to this Village ten years ago… When the last Calm started.

Tidus: The Calm?

Spencer: What’s the Calm? You’re talking about the time or era of peace, right?

Lulu: Yes. *Looking to see Spencer close by* That’s what it is.

Wakka: Since then, she’s been like a sister to me and Lulu. But she had the talent. She became an apprentice… But today… It changes. It’s all different. She leaves here… a Summoner.


Tidus: What’s with that guy?

Serena: You mean… that half-man Half-cat. That guy looked like he was seeking to turn us into cat chow.

Zoey: The man is gone… right? *Scared*

Luna: It’s Okay, Zoey. It’s gonna be alright. I won’t allow for that man to come near you. Just stay close to me.

Pearl: Who was he? Someone you guys know of?

Lulu: That was Kimahri Ronso, of the Ronso Tribe. He’s learned the fiend’s way of fighting.

Tidus: That’s not what i meant!

Wakka: He’s another of Yuna’s guardians.

Serena: Huh?

Penny: Are you serious about that? He’s another guardian? So… He’s what? He’s gonna be with us from here on out?

Paul: well… I’ll be. *Speechless*

Yuna: *Laughter* Sometimes we don’t understand him either. Kimahri doesn’t talk much either. But he has protected me since i was a child.

Christina: Ah.”


Aboard the S.S. Liki…

Tidus was Running around and looking at all the people on board as it was a bright day. Early morning still and barely getting close to closing in on the late morning and towards Noon. He was the only one up there with Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri and Yuna. There were people from the Island of Besaid and from the destination of where the ship was heading off to. He caught that someone was looking through a pair of Binoculars and horsed around. He snatched the Binoculars and looked through. Then at all the ones who were on ship. On deck. he saw Yuna walking up from the other side and heading to the front. Waving. She somehow saw Tidus and smiled before walking on.

Below deck…

In the Passenger Cabin…

Annie: *Feeling uneased* This boat is making me feel really queasy.

Daria: I agree. The Ship is moving. We’re on the ocean again and we’re stuck on this ship till it gets to where it’s going.

Amy: I would rather not think about us being on the ship.

Susie: Same here. I want to just get to where we are going and not even hear about being on a ship. we girls are with the powers of water… Frost and Ice too… but the idea of being surrounded by water almost constantly? I think that i’d wish for it not to be so.

Christina: And you’re thinking as though you’re the only one who thinks that. Trust us sis… you’re not.

Sapphire: *Looking to see Serena and Zoey walking out* Where’re you going, Serena?

Serena: To get some air. All of us being in here and with limited space. It’s getting too hot in here and I don’t see how you guys can stand it. I really don’t. *Walking out of the cabin*

Zoey: *Shaking herself off* I feel like i sat in dirt.

Serena: Don’t worry. Some air will do you good.

Luna, Pearl and Dinah were already out of the Cabin and in the hall…

Man: *Spotting Luna, Pearl and Dinah* Ohhh… fancy looking clothes you’re wearing. *Walking over and taking a look* Yewh! Filthy… Filthy. These won’t ever sell or my name isn’t O’aka. Don’t look like you’ve got much money either. I’ve no business with ye’… outta me way.

Luna: *Looking at the man* Excuse me! What is your problem? Who are you to Judge by how we look?

Man: O’aka the XXIII Merchant Extraordinaire.

Pearl: Huh?

Dinah: O’aka the who?

O’aka: What? Never heard of me? Well… Not many do. At least… not yet. But someday the name O’aka will be spoken of all over Spira. Say… Lass, You wouldn’t happen to have a bit o’ gil to lend?

Luna: We only made 1000

Pearl: No… we made 1500… I think.

Dinah: We can Spare 400.

Luna: Yeah… we can.

O’aka: I guess it pays to ask. Thank ye’ Kindly Lass’s. *Being given 400 gil* Ah! Fine Seed money for the O’aka Merchant Empire. I will be payin’ ye’ back. That i will…

They smile and take a look around go beside the stairs down a narrow short path and through a door that lead them to somewhere unknown… to them. It was to others the engine room. but what they saw was not an engine… But… a Bird. 2 Birds to be quite literal…

Pearl: *Looking at the room* What is this room?

Engineer: What’s what?

Luna: That!

Pearl: What are those? Aren’t there supposed to be engines in here? It is the Engine room after all.

Engineer: What’s so strange about Chocobo power?

Dinah: Chocobo Power? That bird… is a Chocobo?

Engineer: What? You mean that you girls never have seen a Chocobo? Exactly what kind of backwater Island did you come from anyway?

Luna: …

Narrative: *As Dinah* Miracles and Oddities were starting to seem as more of a likely daily common routine. It was coming off although that things like these were to be considered part of life and part of Spira.

On deck…

Serena, Clint, Zoey, Annie, Theodore, Sapphire and Penny were on top. It was in view of the ocean. Even though they didn’t like the ocean that much, they had to find some solace in how peaceful it was looking at the moment. Serena Smelled the fresh ocean breeze and enjoyed how it felt as it brushed at her and the others. They saw Lulu, Wakka standing close by so they walked up to them and broke some ice. curious as to where they were heading and when they were bound to get there…

Serena: *Looking out towards the ocean* Wow. How could the ocean look to be so peaceful?

Zoey: I wish we knew. We don’t know why that is so… However the ocean looks just serene.

Penny: I wonder where we’re going though… How far is it anyway?

Wakka: *Overhearing and looking at the girls who and the guys who came out from below deck* Come to think of it… We forgot to tell you where it was that we were going. We’re going first to Kilika Island. Then we change boats and head right to Luca.

Annie: Luca?! That’s where we’re going right after our next Destination?

Theodore: How far is Luca?

Wakka: It’s a bit further than Kilika, ya. But when we get there… there won’t be much time for us to rest. It’s gonna be straight to the stadium and to the locker rooms to prepare for the tournament.

Sapphire: Wow! So… It’s gonna be right from one spot to the other and no time for catching a breath or two. Talk about a tight schedule.

Wakka: you got it. But ‘fore going off to Luca… Yuna’s gotta pray at the Temple. I’ll be guarding. We’ll also be praying for the Auroch’s Victory too… You guys come along too, ya?

Clint: You don’t ever need to ask us. You can be sure that we’ll come along.

Theodore: That’s right. We’re there all the way.

Serena: Right on.

Lulu: *Exasperated sigh* Great Plan.

Wakka: It’s a great plan.

Tidus: It’s none of my doing.

Annie: Neither is it ours.

Zoey: *Walking over suddenly towards the crowd that were surrounding Yuna* Hm… What are they doing around Yuna? What could they be talking about?

A few seconds later…

“Word is that summoner’s got noble blood!”

“I heard she’s Lord Braska’s daughter!”

“Ya don’t say?”

Zoey: *Gasps* Lord Braska’s Daughter?”

Zoey walked back to the others and felt stunned…

Tidus walked over to the crowd and heard the same thing. He walked back and felt rather lost. or confused…

Tidus: *To Wakka* So, is Yuna’s father famous or something?

Wakka:  She’s the daughter of High Summoner Braska! You saw his statue at the temple. Lord Braska defeated Sin ten years ago. Yuna’s the heir to a great legacy!

Clint: That would make her 6 or 7 years of age when her father went off to start his pilgrimage and then in the end beat Sin… wouldn’t it?

Wakka: *Looking at Clint* Yeah… But… How did you figure that?

Clint: Not sure… but it does seem rather factual and it kinda fits… doesn’t it? If Yuna is 17 now and it’s been ten years since the last Calm that came… That would have made her about around 6 or 7 years old when her father left to go on a pilgrimage as it were and thereby defeat Sin.

Lulu: You guys are rather smart. The Toxin must have died off…

Tidus: It’s tough when your father’s famous, isn’t it?

Lulu: Wakka’s a little bit lacking in the Imagination department.

Wakka: ….

Theodore: *Laughs* Thanks Lulu… We’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

Wakka: You talk to Yuna yet? She had some questions for you.

Raven, Paul, Crystal, Blossom and Daria suddenly come out Followed by Spencer, Amy, Susie and Christina. They came out suddenly to stretch their legs out a little. It was getting cramped inside the cabin and They were getting rather bored. There wasn’t really much for them to do. But they knew that they’d have to start moving around a little.

It was a minute later when Serena, Raven and Tidus walked over towards where Yuna was and got to talking… But at first…

Tidus: *Walking over with a feigned act of being Nonchalant*

Raven: *With Serena; sighs and Clearing the throat a little*

An Awkward silence…

Yuna: The Wind… It feels nice.

Serena: …

Tidus: Mm.

They all laugh a little…

Yuna: You’re a blitzball player, aren’t you? From Zanarkand, right?

Tidus: Uh… You hear that from Wakka?

Yuna: Mm-hm. I also heard that you and your family came from a City called Metropolis, Kansas. Wakka said that you spoke of it.

Raven: …

Tidus: Ah…Wakka. Wakka doesn’t believe me at all.

Serena: Nor does he believe us about our home. Where we’re from.

Yuna: But I believe you!

Tidus: Huh?

Raven:  You do?

Serena: You must have an opened mind about alot of things if you happen to believe us about our Home of Metropolis.

Yuna: *Nods*

Raven: *Smiles a bit*

Yuna: I’ve heard, in Zanarkand… there is a great stadium, all lit up even at night! That Metropolis, Kansas would get so busy at summer season with it’s parties and that there is a wonderful majestic View of the city when you look down from the tallest building. College sports. The Metropolis Bulldogs. Playing their best. Hardly ever with a loss. Always winning against the best college teams.

Tidus: *In total surprise*

Yuna: Great Blitzball tournaments are held there in Zanarkand and the stands are always full.

Tidus: How do you know that?

Yuna: A Man named Jecht told me…. He was my father’s guardian.

Raven: How did you learn about what goes on in our home city? About our City’s college football team? Our mother’s the coach of the Bulldogs.

Yuna: A Vulcan by the name of Spock told me… Told Wakka, Lulu and Also Kimahri too.

Serena: *Muttering and turning away a bit* S… Spock. *Looking ahead and sighs* One of my family’s friends and allies… His name was Spock.

Tidus: J… Jecht. My Father… His name was Jecht.

Yuna: Amazing! *Does a Yevon Bow*

In the Alternate Dimension and version of Spira… it may have been as it was said. That Yuna was with the idea of the girls with powers and knew them and about their city. About everything there was to tell. It was what made things more out of normalcy. Things were not making sense anymore… If Yuna already knew about them and about what their home world was like… then somehow… the Memories and the Spira from how they saw it and the Spira that they were in now… mysteriously combined into one. Into one large world but as it was for the most part… They didn’t know about any of it. The memory of what they knew of Besaid and what they came to… were different. Compared to the rest of the world that they would soon see throughout. It was gonna come to them. But there was more to it than that… 14 years ago in the past… Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Amy, Susie and Christina. Paul and Crystal… they were on Planet Vulcan and then suddenly brought over to Besaid… Spira.

The past…

Wakka: *Seeing the guys Stepping in with the young babies* Hey… You guys made it. *Giving a Yevon bow* Praise be to Yevon. What happened on the other planet?

Spock: There were means of Political unrest and enraged native villager who sired for Anarchy and chaos. It was coming from a native Village. A Large Village called Tat’Sahr. the girls heard of it and went off with anger and an elevated level of emotions.

Lulu: If it’s all because their Newborns were in danger. It would explain why they were with high tempers.

Wakka: No Kidding, ya. The little ones’ll be safe here. We’ll watch over them. As will the temple.

Wakka: *Seeing Lulu checking on the little ones* Lu, You better watch out… the little one on the end where Dinah’s babies are is Serena. She’s got a strong grip. She’s tough. I think she’s got her mother’s strength.

Lulu: *Looking to see a little spark of lightning coming from the babies* They’re sparkling.

Sulu: *Gasps* What?!

Wakka: Dinah’s little ones are sparking?! Whoa whoa whoa! That’s not possible. How could they be sparking?

They all took a minute to relish in the outburst of the surprise that has come from the little ones that thereby belonged to Dinah…

Spock: If i may provide a scientific proclamation…. I would say that it’s the DNA within them that is causing them to emit an Electric discharge from their physical bodies. And given that their mother is a fighter with the element of thunder. some of the element that came from her Ka’ transfused and copied onto them giving them some of the Ka’ from their mother.

McCoy: You mean… Some of their mother’s spirit copied into them?

Spock: That’s correct. I was able to detect some growing power within them. It was the power of thunder.”


As it was now apparent that the Spira that the clan knew and the Spira they were all in… Combined…

Yuna: You know, our meeting like this must be the blessing of Yevon!

Tidus: *Dubious* Sounds like him, but it can’t be him.

Yuna: Why not?

Tidus: My old man, he died. Ten years ago, off the coast of Zanarkand.

Raven: And the Spock you might have heard or met… It isn’t possible that you could have met him. Maybe heard of him. Never met

Serena: He was a friend of our mother and our Aunts. Paige and Pearl. Luna. And our uncles. 14 years ago. He still is and so are the crew he’s a part of or so we’re told. But it couldn’t be him.

Raven: Because… we haven’t heard from him or the Enterprise. My mother and Aunts and Uncles haven’t heard from him or the Enterprise for 14 years.

Yuna: I’m sorry.

Tidus: He went out to sea for training one day…and never came back. And no one’s seen him since then.

Raven: As our mom would say or tell us… Spock and the Space crew brought us to Besaid Isle to ensure that we had a safe haven and were protected from the wrath of an Intergalactic Demon that our family had to face. That was 14 years ago.

((In an alternate time))

Yuna: Why, that’s the day that Jecht came to Spira. And Spock Came to Spira 4 years before that. 

Tidus: But–

Yuna: It’s true! I first met Jecht ten years and three months ago! I remember, that was the day my father left. The date fits, doesn’t it? And Spock was met 14 years and three months ago. I remember as i was 4 then. And i didn’t meet him. but was told of him when i came to Besaid. when i was only 7 years old. after hearing about my father’s death after he had defeated Sin bringing the calm. Wakka must have been 13 or 14 then.

Raven: But that can not be possible Yuna. It can’t be possible since our grandmother Rikku L. Rhapsody knew Wakka for more than 2 decades. for 22 years.

Yuna: I know. it doesn’t make any sense… but however… You’re here. Are you not?

Tidus: *Thinking about his father* Ehh, ha… ha… How would he get here?

Yuna: Jecht did get here. to Spira. You’re here… Are you not?

Time in Spira must have frozen and or been Slow or Non-existent as the facts that Yuna was relaying to Serena and Raven weren’t matching. It was gonna take a lot of time to get to the bottom of what was going on. Where Yuna fit in to all that their family went through and how long they knew Wakka and Kimahri plus the Al-bhed girl Rikku. How everything was to fit in… Nothing was making a bit of sense whatsoever.

Yuna then smiled and nodded at Tidus and at Raven as well as smiled at Serena. They seemed to smile right back. Serena did anyway. Tidus did as well… but Raven was more quiet and she clearly was confused. The look she showed said it straight. Although it didn’t last as before they could gather much thought…

A sudden Rumble struck and Yuna was thrown on deck. Tidus tried to hold on to her but couldn’t as he first fell down to the ground and Yuna went as well… They tried to get their footing and That was when Yuna was pulled and pushed right against one of the Harpoon ejectors. Kimahri bolted right over to help Yuna…

Serena: *Looking at Kimahri* Kimahri, You got a hold of Yuna… Good. Don’t you let go… Protect her. Yuna, Kimahri’s got you now… but you hold on tight. Hold on tight and whatever happens… Do not let go. This could get pretty choppy.

Yuna: *Nods*

Sapphire: *Toppling over and falling on the ground as she tries to get to Raven and Serena* Whoa!

Annie: *Toppling over and hitting the side wall* Owww!

Daria: *Running over to Annie* Sis, Are you okay?

Annie: I think so. I don’t know… *Trying to get up*

Clint: What’s going on here?

Theodore: You dare ask us what’s going on? Brother… we don’t know what’s going on. It just happened out of nowhere.

Spencer: *On the ground and With a bit of a daze* Wow! That was a jerky shake. It comes right out of nowhere.

Lulu: *Looking to see Spencer on the ground* Spencer, You okay?

Spencer: *Groans a little while getting up* Yeah! But whoever knocked me down like that… tell them that if i ever need a kiss like that… I’ll be requesting it being from their mother. *Shakes off the fall* That really hurt. *Standing up*

Amy: *Looking at Wakka* Hey. Wakka… You alright?

Wakka: Yeah. I’m okay. What about you, eh? You alright, ya?

Amy: As best as we can…

Tidus: *Looking at the water* …

Suddenly a Large Massive Fin rose up from the ocean and on the right side of the Ship. It was a massive fin that rose up and towered into the sky. It caught their attention and spooked them. Kimahri and Yuna looked towards it and Kimahri was on high guard while Yuna was biding her time. She knew or believed that Sin was making the preemptive surprise….

Barechested sailor: Sin! *Staggers towards harpoon, takes aim*

Wakka: What do you think you’re doing? Stick a harpoon in it and we’ll all get dragged under!

Sailor in blue at other harpoon: Sin is going for Kilika! We gotta distract it!

Barechested sailor: Our families are on Kilika! Forgive us, Lady Summoner!

Yuna: *nods*

Wakka: Wait! *Dreading what’s gonna happen next* Oh boy! This won’t be good.

Within seconds the two sailors fired the Harpoons at Sin…

Sapphire: *Looking at her sisters* We’re gonna need to aid in this…

Raven: How’s that? What can we do? It isn’t like they’re gonna just allow for us to pop up a side attack and add to the fight and aid them with beating that thing.

Serena: Well… we got to do something. We have to do something to help. There must be something that can be done.

Wakka: *Looking at the girls and Spencer* If you guys feel to help out… It’s okay. This is something that Guardians do. They fight against anything that means to threaten the summoner.

Amy: *Looking at her sisters and Brother* Let’s get to it…

Annie: Come on. It’s time to show our friends that when we fight to protect… We fight to protect and defend all who are in need. Friends and Allies.

Clint: Hands in!

Annie: Miss Bliss. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Daria: Miss Passion. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Clint: Sir Love. *Putting his hand into the middle*

Theodore: Dancing Heartthrob. *Putting his hand into the middle*

Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore: *Chanting and Posing* RHAPSODY ROMANCERS Z! Power… LOVE DREAM ACTION!

With a flash of light and with a sudden down pour surrounding them… Annie and Daria were covered in Pink light and bare with exposed skin before being transformed. Red and Pink blouses covered the girls and Shirts with red and gold hearts appeared on the boys. Glittery Pink and fushia Skirts covered the lower parts of the Girls and Glittery red and Pink Pants covered the boys lower half. They had heart shaped rings and Jewelry appear on them in style. The girls had Tiara’s and the boys had German style hats on them. The girls received weapons in the shape of heart guitars that when stroked by the strings Turned into heart blasters that Released pure bursts of Love energy. The guys received weapons that were in the shape of Rods. Heart Rods. When Spun and twirled and then finished with a thump on the ground Firing a strong concentrated blast of Music and Blissful heart energy… The girls had shoes that were high heels with Nylon Leggings. The guys had steel toed cowboy boots that have laser lights on the bottom that with each step… Sang a tune of romance. Their Gloves were all Red with Tiny pink and black hearts decorating them.  Once fully transformed… They presented themselves in their alternate forms…

Miss Bliss: *With Miss Passion, Sir Love and Dancing Heartthrob; Posing in unison* Rhapsody Romancers Z!

Amy: *To her sisters and Brother* Hands in!

A second later…

Amy: Angelic Bubble. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Susie: Bubbling Star. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Christina: Melodic Bubble. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Penny: Bubble Gem.*Putting her hand into the middle*

Spencer: Frosty Ice Bubble. *Putting his hand into the middle*

Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny and Spencer: *Chanting and Posing* RHAPSODY AQUATIC SQUAD Z! TIDAL WAVE DREAM ACTION!

A storm of Ice and bubbles and sparkles surrounded them with it’s embrace. The appearance within seconds changed piece by piece. The girls were surrounded with Shirts that struck as Blouses and with designs on it. Shards of ice stuck out and shined light out which enveloped them with a white veil putting wings of light on them. Blue and white Blouses with bubbles all over.  A Skirt formed on them long skirts that sparkled with twinkling gems and ice dust. their shoes were high heeled Pumps in their sizes and had the designs of Ice and Gems. Bubbles on the bottom for the ability to hover off the ground. each of them had a tiara made of bubbles and gems. shining like the light of angels. Their weapons were the Bubble Gem grenade launcher, Bubble gloves, Bubble laser rod and the Bubbly Harmonica… With each blow on the Harmonica… a Sonic boom of Bubbling Ice gets released and fires at the target in sight. For Spencer got turned into a Monk of Ice and Bubbles. his attire was with the cross of Bubble Maiden and Jack Frost and the weapon was the Frost Scepter. and for the accessory was the Frost and bubble Charm bracelets. The footwear were the angelic slippers. With frost on the bottom to grant the power to swim.

Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny and Spencer: *Posing in Unison* RHAPSODY AQUATIC SQUAD Z!

Sapphire: *To her sisters* Hands in!

Sapphire: Miss Thunder! *With her hand in the middle*

Raven: Thunderic Wonder! *With her hand in the middle*

Serena: Thunder Star! *With her hand in the middle*

Sapphire: *With Raven and Serena; Posing for transformation* … *Transforming* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!… Electrify!

Within seconds the appearances changed and replaced the attire with Thunderic charged suits. The Boots were with Thundering energy… Each step was with Thunderic power. The Gloves were with Thunder and lightning. Their weapons were the Thunder Solar Discs. The Jet propelled Lightning Shooter. The Seismic Thunder Boomerangs.

Sapphire, Raven and Serena: *Posing* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!

Zoey: I’m gonna fight too…

A second later…

Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Prism Power… Make-up! *Glowing and covered by a white light and spinning; The pants turning into a skirt* … *With a sparkle of light and stars the hair turning pink with two Pointed meatball buns on the sides* … *The shoes changing into high heels Including high risen stockings with the crescent moon on them and her hands formed gloves on them; Then with a shining flash two Earrings appeared upon her ears with a weapon upholstered to her side; A Crescent moon Wand* …

As soon as she was fully transformed…

Sailor Zoey: *Posing* I am the senshi of Love and Justice and the defender of the innocent, Sailor Zoey. In the name of the Rhapsody clan… The guilty at heart will be punished.

Wakka: *Looking to see the girls in different forms* Whoa… ho ho ho ho!!

Miss Bliss: *With her sisters and Brothers* We are the Majestic soldiers and preservers of all Love is and can be. With the powers of Love, Bliss and Melodic embrace of Romance. To those who upset the Balance of All that Love stands for… We pity. The forces of Hatred and discontent Fear the powers of Love if you dare. We are the The RHAPSODY ROMANCERS Z!

Angelic Bubble: *With her sisters and Brother* Caress the touch of Water’s embrace. The Beauty of the serene frost and the Sparkles of Bubbles and Gems. We represent the element that cleanses the presences of Evil. Our Bubbling, Sparking Gem, Frost and Water power will break down the stains of Evil. The Evil at hand and the source of all who threaten the Innocent and their way of life… You’ve met your Match in Reigning… It ends. Here. From the Powers of water and Bubbles… Time to face the Extinction of Evil’s Stain. We are The RHAPSODY AQUATIC FORCE Z!

Miss Thunder: *With her sisters* Come into the night of Thunderic Fury… Feel the power and force of Thunder and lightning. With the flash of light and the boom of Thunders mighty roar the Evil at wake will shake rattle and quake with fear. The Crackle and snap of the Thunder will be the cry of Evil begging for mercy. Shake the floor and hear the Skies bellow out with Thunderic Rage. We are THE RHAPSODY THUNDERIC FORCE Z!

Wakka: *Looking to see Paige, Pearl and Dinah walking out* You guys need to go where it’s safe. Sin is out…

Paige: *Gasps* What?! Sin shows here… Now?

Pearl: Oh god…

Dinah: We better get to helping out…

Wakka: You three want to join in on the fight… Go for it. And your Kids are transformed. They’re really a show. Amazing!

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Thanks Wakka. We take pride in our kids. They mean alot. So much to us.

Pearl: Let’s get with it.

Dinah: Right.

A second later…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

As they were all set to battle… The Ship rocked and tilted a little and moved side to side as the Fin that was from Sin which was now Harpooned Swished and moved right to the other side and with such force created a large splash of water that Rose up and Came right at the fighters. It Splashed at them fast and hard…

Within seconds a set of 3 scales released and shot at the ship. Landing and standing on the deck of the ship facing the fighters…

Miss Thunder: *With her weapon Aimed and ready* Here we go… This is it.

Thunderic Wonder: say the word. We’ll fry these scales.

Thunder Star: *Poised to strike*

Miss Bliss: Come on guys… Let’s get with the gang there and help. Miss Thunder, You and your crew stand between Yuna and Kimahri. and help them. Angelic Bubble, You and your team get between Yuna and Wakka. We’ll get between Wakka and Tidus. We attack on their command.

Rhapsody Fighters Z!: Right!

The Rhapsody New generation fighters get in position and Look at one another waiting to strike…

Miss Thunder: *Looking at Yuna* Lady Yuna, You and Kimahri lead on… we 3 attack on your command. Okay? On your command. You’re the Summoner. We’re all your sworn guardians. We’ll give our life up for you. *Standing with Devotion and ready to protect*

Yuna: *Nods*

Kimahri: *Nods and poises his Weapon to strike at the Scales*

The Sin Scales begin to strike… But there were more than 3 sin scales now… there were 12 plus 5 more on deck. A couple of them tried to come right at Yuna. Serena looked at the scale and glared…

Thunder Star: Oh no you don’t. Touch the summoner on our watch and you’ll wish you hadn’t.

Miss Thunder: Enough talk… FIRE!

Miss Love: *Firing an attack at the Sin ScalesLove’s Blinding Heart BLAST!

Bubble Maiden: *Firing an attack at the Sin ScalesBUBBLES STRIKING CANNON!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Firing an attack at the Sin ScalesThundering Dragons!

Miss Bliss: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales* Blissful Heart Storm!

Miss Passion: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Sir Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at the Sin Scales* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at the Sin Scales* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Bubbling Star: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Melodic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales With his Frost Scepter* BUBBLE MAIDEN’S FROSTY DREAMS!

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Sailor Zoey: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Moon Wand* Moon hearts Cosmic Blast!

Wakka: *Throwing the ball at the Sin Scales and making a Hit* …

Kimahri: *Cutting the Sin Scales with his Spear*

Lulu: *Launching thunder at the Sin Scales* …

Tidus: *Attacking at the Sin Scales with his Sword*

Miss Thunder: I think that we got them… *Looking up at the fin* What… *Seeing several more Scales coming to the ship and landing on deck*

Miss Bliss: How is this possible? We just beat these things. We cleaned them all out. How can that be… that more Sin Scales could just conjure up and form?

Thunder Star: I don’t know… but if anyone has a trick or card up their sleeves… They had best use it and soon. Because we have already beat a round of Sin Scales. This is now round two and there is unfortunately a limit to our… power right now.

Frosty Ice Bubble: Yuna, I don’t know if asking this is appropriate… But We haven’t considered the Aeon yet in this battle and it being so early… But this is becoming to be an onslaught. An easy one if any… but still an Onslaught of creatures. Sin Scales. The Fin is dishing them out hard. Really hard. We haven’t asked on the Aeon this far… but just in case… prepare to use it as the Ace in the hole. We’re gonna need it. soon.

Lulu: Now?

Melodic Bubble: No… but it might be a good idea if Yuna turns a little trigger happy and launches the summons for the Aeon and plants in for the Ace in the hole. Soon.

But it was only a minute or so later that they had to dig deeper with the fire power. They got ready for round 3 and landed a sneak attack on the Sin Scales…

Miss Passion: Time for a sneak attack. We got to hit this swarm hard.

Sir Love: We’re on the Ocean… Fighting for face time… for Survival. But What do you say to making this interesting? Going in style.

Dancing Heartthrob: Really? What did you have in mind?

Sir Love: A Musical Interlude…

Bubble Gem: Fighting to the rhythm of music… How original.

Bubbling star: I’ll settle for that… Let’s get these things beat though first. We need to get these things sent to the cleaners.

But before they could make a move…

The Sin Scales started to attack and hit at them…

Thunderic Wonder: *Trying to Evade the attacks* Whoa… Uh, I think that these things didn’t like that suggestion. I think we just made these things rather mad.

Melodic Bubble: I don’t think it matters that we angered them. those creatures don’t belong here. They’re going.

Miss Love: Let’s get them. Fast.

Miss Love: *Firing an attack at the Sin ScalesLove’s Blinding Heart BLAST!

Bubble Maiden: *Firing an attack at the Sin ScalesBUBBLES STRIKING CANNON!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Firing an attack at the Sin ScalesThundering Dragons!

Miss Bliss: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales* Blissful Heart Storm!

Miss Passion: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Sir Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at the Sin Scales* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at the Sin Scales* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Bubbling Star: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Melodic Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales With his Frost Scepter* BUBBLE MAIDEN’S FROSTY DREAMS!

Miss Thunder: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Thunder Solar Discs* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Jet propelled Lightning shooter* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Seismic thunder Boomerangs* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Sailor Zoey: *Firing an attack at the Sin Scales with her Moon Wand* Moon hearts Cosmic Blast!

Wakka: *Throwing the ball at the Sin Scales and making a Hit* …

Kimahri: *Cutting the Sin Scales with his Spear*

Lulu: *Launching thunder at the Sin Scales* …

Tidus: *Attacking at the Sin Scales with his Sword*

Sailor Zoey: They’re still coming. They’re still coming on to this ship. What do we have to do to get these things to go away? Do these sin scales have a problem with going away and just dying off?

Miss Bliss: I don’t know… But we’re gonna need that Ace in the Hole now.

Thunder Star: Lulu, I hope it’s permitted to request for Yuna to summon the Aeon now. We have no choice.

Lulu: You’re right. Yuna, call out the Aeon.

Yuna: Okay.

A second later…

Sir Love: *Looking at the others* Everyone… Clear the way… We’ve got an Aeon coming through.

The fighters clear the way and provide the opening for the Aeon to be summoned…

Yuna summons Valefor and has Valefor attack the sin scales although it was only seconds later when it all hit them. The Sin scales were coming from the Fin. The fin was sending them. It then became clear that they had to beat the fin. Valefor’s Overdrive gauge was full charged. Within seconds it used Energy blast on the fin and nailed it for a big portion of it’s HP. It only Two more hits to finally beat off the Fin. The Fin was battered…

The Fin pulled away after taking all those hits and pulled the Harpoon gun off the deck of the ship. It snapped it off and before a second passed for them to take a look,  A Huge monstrous form rose up and lifted into the air and then smacked the water hard splashing a bit of water at the ship. before going back under water…

The water was calm again and the fighters took a look around. They tallied up the aftermath of the attack and checked the condition of the crew…

Serena: *Checking on the Summoner and Kimahri* You guys okay?

Yuna: Yes. *Nods*

Kimahri: *Shaking his head*

Serena: I guess that i’ll take that as a yes.

Luna: *Walking around and looking for her daughter* Zoey?

Paige: *Not seeing her Daughter Annie* Annie?!

Pearl: Spencer?!

Wakka: *Walking over from the side* What’s the matter, eh?

Paige: My Daughter Annie is missing. I can’t find her.

Dinah: Well… I have all my girls. I think… *Not seeing Raven* Uh… Where’s Raven?

Wakka: *Looking over the side of the ship and seeing a few bubbles perking up from the ocean* Down there. There’s more than one of them down there… I’m gonna go and get them.

Wakka then jumps into the water and dives down to find Annie, Spencer, Zoey and Raven. Also to find Tidus…

Yuna wanted to join but Kimahri pulled her back and urged her not to go. All she could do was stand and wait. All anyone could do was wait…


In the Ocean…

Not far away from where Wakka was entering from…

Annie, Spencer, Raven, Zoey and Tidus were lying there Lifeless and out cold in the water. the battle knocked them out and they were just drifting away. As they drifted off they were being spliced by passing by Piranha’s… Taking more from them. Wakka suddenly came to the immediate rescue and just in time as they were about to literally be dead. He threw the Blitzball at the Piranha’s hard and knocked them out…. He grabbed Annie and Raven, Chucked them up a little before tossing a potion over to them healing them a little. It was enough to bring them to life. He did the same for Spencer and Zoey. Brought them to life. Perked them up Then did the same for Tidus. Raven saw that Zoey, Spencer and Annie couldn’t swim… So she grabbed them and Swam up fast with them. At the surface, she yelled for help and grabbed for someone’s attention. They got taken aboard back on the Ship S.S. Liki. But as for Tidus and Wakka… They had to make quick work of an enemy. A Sin Spawn. It took only 9 strikes from each of them to beat it… But with that… there was still more to expect… More was coming…

A Distance up ahead not far from the Island clearly known as Kilika…

The tropical village of Kilika was now in shreds and there was countless lost lives. Lost. Sin came and tore it to shreds. Innocent lives that never stood a chance. This was gonna be a tough view for the New generation fighters to stomach and digest. They never saw such things and such unspeakable carnage. The Original Rhapsody Girls Z! and the Rhapsody brothers. The new generation never had to see the unbreakable sight of an aftermath of a disaster or a threat that came in and made a hit. What were they gonna do when they saw it for the first time… with their own eye? What were they gonna think? This was gonna be a vision that they were not gonna soon forget. What surprises and kind of outcome would they find? Kilika Isle dead ahead girls… New Generation… Brace yourselves for sights that will take a lifetime to forget. Find out what’s next in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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