Chapter 122: “You’re on Besaid Island, Ya.” The New Rhapsody Girls in the hero profession.


On the Beach…

Man: *Speaking with a fellow Islander* Wakka… there’s word that a group of people are coming to the island.

Wakka: So i’ve heard. But why now, Luzzu? With the word being that Sin is out there… It’d be unsafe for any traveling, ya?

Capt. Luzzu: That’s the problem. It’s unsafe to do much traveling… although the villagers and the neighboring civilians are taking the risk anyway. The only advice we are apt to give them is to stay on guard and be vigilant.

Man: *Looking to see something in the water* Capt. Luzzu, Sir.

Capt. Luzzu: Yes, Gatta. What is it?

Gatta: We got a sighting. About 400 meters out to sea. Should we report it to headquarters?

Capt. Luzzu: No. Not right now. Any idea as to what it is?

Gatta: Looks like it’s a group of people. 28 people.

Wakka: That’s alot of people. Any idea who they are?

Capt. Luzzu: no. But it’s odd for there to be this many just floating in the sea like this. Sin is out there and could have spotted them. Sin Spawn could have seen them and gone at them.


As they were talking…

In the Ocean not far from the piece of land…

The fighters were floating with their faces in the water and were seen as rather lifeless. But they were alive… Just a little out of it. They were thrown every which way. Every direction. It wasn’t too long before they suddenly started to come to…

Annie: *Waking up and sputtering; standing and shaking herself awake* that was a nightmare.

Daria: *Bolting up quick* Oh… god… Where are we?

Clint: *Clearing his head of the excess water and pressure* No idea. But we’re far from that ruined temple… And we’re away from that girl. She was a nice one.

Theodore: Where is she? Still on that ship?

Annie: I guess so. But we’re somewhere else now… No idea as to where here is though.

As they looked to see where they were as they were still in the water and still rather dazed…

Amy: *With her sisters and Brother* What happened?

Spencer: Yeah. Where are we?

Sapphire: Don’t ask. Where ever we are… the only bright side to it is that at least the sun is up and bright. It’s not cloudy either. Well… Maybe a few clouds but it’s mostly light.

Raven: *Coming to and groans* Oh god… Did we just get flushed down the Oceanic Drain? *Getting up and Rubbing her head* I feel like i just been put through the washing machine.

Serena: I don’t know. How does it feel to be put through a whirlpool and imagine seeing ones life flash before their very eyes?

Paul: No comment.

Annie: I second that.

Crystal: Switzerland.

Zoey: *Looking for her mom* Where’s my mom?

Blossom: Where’s my dad?

Tidus: *Sputtering and coughs a little coming to* … *Gasps* Rikku!

Suddenly getting hit in the head by a Ball…

Tidus: *Looking around to see what it was that hit him* Huh… What… *Seeing a ball and picking it up* Blitzball!

From the beach waving out…

Wakka: *Calling out* Hey! You Okay?

Tidus: Heeey! *Waving back and shows off a “Sphere shot”*

The shot flies off into the Jungle of the island. The girls didn’t know where they were yet but they were with the feeling that they were about to. The girls and their cousins all got themselves pulled together and made right for the beach. Zoey didn’t see her mother anywhere… but with a world like the one they were all in… There was gonna be a surprise. But what didn’t see to make much sense was that there were 28 people counted in the water… but only they came out and their parents… did not. At first. but that was when Zoey turned to see her mom standing close by. Along with the rest. As soon as they reached the beach…

Annie: We’re back on land again.

Clint: Yeah… for how long?

Susie: no clue.

Sapphire: I don’t mind the water… but if we never have to see Water for a while i’ll be happy.

Serena: Agreed.

Capt. Luzzu and Sir Gatta run off heading back to the Village…

Wakka: *With a group of men; To Tidus* You wanna try that move… one more time?

Tidus: *Fistpumps*

Narrative: *As Spencer* Things were now starting to look up as Tidus has been asked to show his move again. Since this all began… he hasn’t been able to pull off many attempts of showing what he could do with a Blitzball. Now that he was able to… he was able to ham it up a little and present a treat to those who were asking. We remember standing there for that moment to watch. We didn’t sit through this before… But now that we go through this… and it was only the beginning… We were starting to get the impression that something about Spira revolved… Around Sin. and Blitzball. It was too early to think or give the impression that it laid a connection. But there was one. Somewhere…

Tidus: *Demonstrates the move*

A few seconds later…

Wakka: You’re no Amateur. Who you play for?

Tidus: The Zanarkand Abes.

Aurochs: *Muttering in shock*

Wakka: What team did you say again?

Tidus: Uh, I meant…Forget that. I got too, uh…close to Sin and my head’s all foggy-like. So I don’t know where this place is. Or even where I came from.

Sapphire: Neither do we. Sin messed our heads up real good.

Wakka: Sin’s Toxin has gotten to you… but you still survive. Praise be to Yevon. *Yevon Bow*

Luna: *Watching the Prayer*

Paige: Was that a Prayer just now?

Wakka: Yeah. Everyone does it. For people going out to serve in the fight… they pray at the temple for a safe journey. Hoping that they will make it back home after the fight. *To the Aurochs* Alright. Back to practice.

The Aurochs get back to practicing their skills…

Wakka: *To Tidus and the girls and crew* I’m Wakka. Coach and captain of the Besaid Aurochs, Bruddah. *Shaking a few hands*

Serena: *Feeling her stomach growling; Whimpering a little*

Tidus: *Whimpers a little* …

Wakka: What… You guys hungry? Okay! It’s okay. Back to the Village. I’ll get you something.

Zoey: Question.

Wakka: What… Something the matter?

Luna: No. We just need to know something. Where are we?

Wakka: You’re on Besaid Island, ya.

Tidus goes to speak to the Aurochs real quick and got some Gil, and a couple items that could prove to help them in the long run. He also searched the beach for treasure. But returned minutes later. The girls and their family started to walk on but stopped a second later…

Narrative: *As Theodore* We felt that we could trust this Wakka. Although… we couldn’t gather the fact that we were talking to our family friend. We didn’t know what to believe as whether we were talking to a Wakka that knew us but was playing like he didn’t. Or if this was a much different Wakka and was clearly one who didn’t know who we were. It was getting awkward. Very Awkward. Still… We felt as though we could come to trust this guy Wakka. So… We had to ask?

Tidus: It’s true Zanarkand was destroyed, right? A thousand years ago? So it’s just a big pile of rubble now, isn’t it?

Alvin: It’s True that Metropolis was destroyed, right? A thousand years ago? Meaning only that it’s now just a big pile of rubble now. Isn’t it?

Wakka: Long time ago, there were a whole lot of cities in Spira. Big cities with machina–machines–to run ’em. People played all day and let the machina do the work. And then, well, take a look.

Wakka: Sin came, and destroyed the machina cities. And Zanarkand as well as Metropolis along with ’em. Yeah, that was about a thousand years ago, just like you said. If you ask me, Sin’s the punishment for letting things get out of hand. What gets me, though… is we gotta suffer, ’cause of what some goofballs did way back when! ‘Course, we must always repent for our sins! That’s important! It’s just that, it’s hard to keep at it sometimes, you know?

Narrative: *As Blossom* It was just as Rikku said. Wakka and Rikku were both letting out the same thing. Just as it was and plain. No over-exaggerations. They couldn’t be both lying to us. Why would they lie? They knew more about Spira than we did and at that point… we were still feeling fickle and very uneducated about Spira. All we knew was what was being said to us. That’s all we knew. Which was making it to be more difficult and harder to grab a handle on what was expected in Spira. Hard. We were gonna need some serious help. But… from where? From who?

Wakka: *Guffaws* But you from the Zanarkand Abes–that was a good one! Hey, I’m not saying the team never existed, ya? But you gotta figure a team livin’ in luxury like that’d be pretty soft, eh? Plus there’s also the idea about Metropolis being livable. That was another good one. With a city like that… it’d be like a world all to itself. I’m not saying that it has never existed… But you’ve got to figure that anyone living in a city like that… a person would have to be pretty carefree, ya!

Narrative: *As Serena* We appreciated the fact that Wakka was trying to cheer us up and make us feel better in whatever way that he could. But sadly at that time… all we could really think about was our home… in Metropolis. Our father… Grandmother. our friends. All i could think about was my best friend Carly Black. Then us only being able to think about the rest of our large family. All that came to mind besides that… all that has happened to us. All this… Started with Sin. Maybe if we could find Sin… one more time… then maybe we could somehow go home again. But for now… till that time happened to come… We’d just live life as it came. No worrying about where… or when we were. It was hard though to not think about home. However… we started to feel a little bit better. A little bit… Maybe.

The girls and the fighters start to go into the island. heading in and followed Wakka to a small cliff looking over a lake. A River…

Arnold: *Looking down at the river* Uh… Wakka. Some of us can’t really swim that good.

Serena: Sapphire and i can swim. As can Clint and Theodore.

Paul: Crystal and i can swim as well but not so well. We are a tad slow on the swimming part of getting in the water…

Crystal: We can swim if we gotta though.

Tidus: *Overlooking the river*

Luna: If we’re to cross here… We’re gonna need a raft or something. For the ones who can’t swim.

Paige: I can swim.

Pearl: So can I. Dinah… You swim?

Dinah: Does an ape swing from the trees?

Pearl: That means… yes.

Raven: I can swim… but not too well. I’ll swim anyway. Got to learn sometime.

Wakka: Besides… if you sire to play Blitzball… you have to be able to know how to swim, ya?

Serena: I’m all for sports… I am Tough. So… you can rest assure that i can swim. I can swim quite well.

Avery: For the ones who can’t swim… Stay go the other way… Any trouble… you take care of it the best way you know how.

Wakka: Let’s get going, ya. We got to hit to the village.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah, Paul and Crystal. For those of the fighters who could swim… they stayed with Wakka and followed his lead while the ones who could not swim went another way.

Wakka: *Slaps Tidus in the behind lightly*

Tidus: *Falling into the river* Whoa!

In the Besaid Jungle river…

Tidus: What’s the big idea?

Serena: Don’t worry about a thing… we’ll see or meet you at the end of the river.

Sapphire: You guys go ahead and do what you gotta…

Wakka: Don’t go too far, Kiddo’s. Island’s new to you guys, ya. You might wind up lost easily.

Paul: No sweat. *giving the thumbs up*

A Little ways up the river…

Wakka laughs a little following by sneaking to get behind Tidus and placing a headlock on him…

Tidus: Lemme go!

Wakka: Got a favor to ask ya.

Tidus: You want me on your team, right? That’s the reason you are doing this.

Wakka: *Letting go* A major blitz tournament’s coming up. All the teams in Spira’ll be there! It’s so huge, I’m sure someone there will recognize you! Then you can go back to your old team, right? It’ll be fun! What do you say, huh? Come on, come on!

Tidus: Sure thing… *Flatly while swimming on*

Wakka: Dude! Our team is gonna rock, eh?

Raven was close by and overheard the whole thing… She wanted to speak and say something but felt that it would be rather out of place. She swam on and made as if she didn’t hear a thing.

Narrative: *As Raven* Spencer, you were right… To gather that Blitzball and Spira were connected. You had a point and it was laid out in the open. I heard Wakka and Tidus speaking about Blitzball. Wakka asking for Tidus to join the Aurochs. Sin was out in the world… lurking and Blitzball was already as one could say… “The Cat’s Meow.” It was what Wakka focused on. Reasoning or not. There was no doubt… a Connection between Blitzball and Spira. Zanarkand and Sin. There was a connection that pieced it as one. It was starting to unravel. I wanted to seek on telling the others and expose Wakka’s intentions. But it would have been a misunderstanding. Because there was a favor and then a solid in the details…

At the Besaid Promontory…

Serena: *Seeing Raven followed by Wakka and Tidus* You made it.

Raven: Yeah… My arms are bushed though. *trying to catch her breath* I never had to paddle like that in my life.

Sapphire: Maybe so… But you’re here in one piece.

Zoey: *Looking around* Where to now?

Alvin: Ask Wakka. You know that he’s more in tune to this island. We’re lost. He’ll catch us up on the Island.

Wakka: Over here… have to show you something.

Luna: Okay.

Blossom: This must be a tour. But it’s nice to be shown things. He’s probably trying to help us get acquainted with where we’re at.

Sora: That’s what one does for another. To help a person get themselves more familiar with their new surroundings. You forget that this isn’t our world. This is not our normal life. We’re in a foreign world. Where nothing is as it seems.

Carly: There is a point to that. Nothing here is as it may seem. Strange things can happen. At any place. at any given time. to any one of us.

They follow Wakka over to the side…

Wakka: *Pointing to the Village spread out below them* This is where I was born. I started blitz when I was five. I joined the Aurochs at thirteen…ten years ago. Ten years…and we never won a game. Well, after last year’s tournament, I quit. Time seemed right.

Paige: So… You’re like a natural born Islander. Being on the island and living an Island lifestyle is mainly all you know. More or less.

Wakka: Pretty much. I started Blitzball when i was only five. Played good and well alot till i was 13. I joined the Aurochs at that age. That was 10 years ago.

Pearl: How could that be just ten years? Wakka, when we first met you here on this island. You said that you were the coach and captain of the Aurochs. That takes less than 10 years or more than depending on the person’s devotion. Heart and will and constant energy they put into the team. into the game. Not to mention their track record.

Wakka: Well… My brother Chappu. He kinda got me advanced up to the rank of being the captain and then Coach of the team. He saw my determination. He was younger than me but he believed that i could lead well for the team, ya. He knew what kind of player i was. I was good. Real good.

Christina: Ten years and you never won a game? *Curious* Why’s that? What went wrong you figure?

Wakka: I don’t know. I mean… that we did our best. I always thought that it would be good enough. I didn’t do it to just compete and do it to only win. I did the sport because it was something that i enjoyed doing. It was something that i was into. It made me happy. After last year’s tournament… I kinda Quit. It seemed that the time was right to do it.

Their Stomachs were growling but they tried to not press about it. They went onwards a bit when…

Wakka: So, After quitting. I got this new Job, ya. However every time my mind seemed to wander… I thought about the game.

Tidus: 10 years without winning a single game will do that to you.

Wakka: *Grunts* My first match last year was my big chance. But something else was on my mind. I couldn’t focus.

Sapphire: …

Tidus: Nice Excuse.

Wakka: Hey! Hey!

Tidus: So… You want to win the next tournament. go out with a bang.

Wakka: *Nods*

Dinah: That would be very  remarkable. I mean… if it’s gonna be your last tournament… you might as well go out big. make it something profoundly memorable. It’d be the best way to go.

Paige: That’s right. Wakka, you have a team that has not won a game in ten years… Even though you give it your all. What you should do is take the win. Win it. Even if it’s your last Tournament… Winning it for your last year… would make definite headlines. The Island here would be praising that. Everyone adores a winner alot. And for those who don’t win… they’re loved anyway by their true friends because their true friends would stick by them no matter what. Whether they win a game or not. Friends are with one another for life.

Tidus: So, What’s our goal?

Wakka: I don’t care how we do. Long as we play our best. If we give it our all, I can walk away happy.

Serena: That’s Pride and self respect. It’s good you have that, Wakka. But to go out with a bang… and in order to make something memorable… you got to think differently this time. You must.

Tidus: No, no, no, no, no. If I say, “What’s our goal?” you say, “Victory!” When you play in a blitzball tournament, you play to win!

Wakka: Victory? You serious?

Paul: Of course he is. Wakka, you’re a swell player. Tidus is too… He knows this stuff. He went through the tournaments. You have as well. Don’t forget that you played for 10 years. Never winning a tournament. If there was ever a chance of turning that record around and coming out with a win… Now… this year would most certainly have to be that time.

Tidus: *Nods*

Spencer Checks out the strange looking statue and Wakka turns to see where he was going and walks over to him…

Wakka: Hey there, Bruddah. Checking out the statue, eh?

Spencer: Yeah. What is this statue of?

Wakka: Not sure. But it’s an ancient custom. People leaving the island pray here for a safe trip. They say it works pretty good.

Spencer: Do all the people who leave do it?

Wakka: Of course. It’s important. A Traditional rite of passage. Very Important.

Spencer: Got it. *Nods and smiles*

At the Village slope just outside the Village…

Luzzu: *Seeing the ones from the sea* Ah… The ones from the sea!

Gatta: Be on guard. There are fiends on the road today!

Luzzu: After surviving your run-in with sin. ‘twould be a shame if something happened now.

Luzzu and Gatta head on over to the Village…

Tidus: Who were they?

Susie: They looked like warriors or patrol personnel.

Blossom: No. They had to be crusaders. Soldiers maybe.

Wakka: Luzzu and Gatta–crusaders.

Tidus: Eh? Crews of what?

The girls and the fighters were lost…

Wakka: What, you guys forgot that too?

They could only look down. They didn’t know much about the customs of Spira or much of what the Island was like. Other than what Wakka was trying to tell them and tutor to them.

Wakka: Hey… Sorry. Don’t worry about it. I’ll help you guys out. It’ll be alright.

Tidus: Cool. In return, come Tournament time. I’ll make certain that we take the cup.

Wakka: Cool! About the crusaders… you can ask them yourselves. They’ve got a Lodge in the village.

It was only about a minute or so later when they finally reached the Village. It was so peaceful and everything inside the village looked like a peaceful small country town. There was not a sign of any danger anywhere. It made their day to see peace for a change although it was understood that it wasn’t necessarily gonna last for long. Things in their experience would always seek to change. In whatever way… Things would change. But they gazed upon the village and saw peace and felt the sense of welcome…

Wakka: Besaid Village.

Sapphire: They got any food around?

Wakka: We’ll get you guys something over there later. Take a look around first. *Looking around a bit* Let’s see… The Crusader’s Lodge is over Yonder. Luzzu and Gatta are usually there. *Points* Hm.

Wakka walks off ahead and suddenly stops realizing something…

Wakka: Oh Right. *Beckoning them* Over here.

Raven: *Turns and sees Wakka over by the wall near the entrance of the Village* Huh? *Curious and walking over to Wakka*

The rest of the family follow along and walk over towards Wakka…

Serena: What’s up?

Wakka: You guys… uh, do happen to remember the prayer, right?

Narrative: *As Zoey* We didn’t even know about the prayer in the first place. So how could we remember anything about it? That’s what got it even more sad. But it was true. We didn’t know of the prayer to begin with…

Wakka: You’re kidding! That’s like the basic of the basics. Anyone would know of it. I’ll show you.

Wakka demonstrated the Yevon bow… and the family watched. Once he was done…

Wakka: Now, you try.

The Family suddenly perform the Yevon Bow which was a little raw but not bad for their first try…

Wakka: Hm. Not bad. That’s pretty good. *Slapping their shoulder slightly* Okay, Now go on and present yourself to the Temple Summoner. *Leaves*

Narrative: *As Luna* As soon as Wakka left, we looked to see Tidus shaking his head as he recalled doing a similar prayer that went the same as the one that Wakka just done. Apparently… as we figured out… He knew it. To him… he felt it reminded him of the prayer back where he came from. It was the Prayer for Victory. The Blitzball sign for Victory…

Dinah: *Looking around* Let’s look around and get accustomed to this Village a little. Split up.

Paige: Sure. Since we are gonna be here for a while… it’s better to try and get a handle of everything. We’re gonna be here for some time.

Pearl: So… How do we do this?

Jack: I think that we should split up and spread out to certain parts of the Village. Alot of us will stay here. But some will check out the Crusader’s lodge. The temple that is sitting at the other side of this Village.

Tidus: Who’d be best?

Pearl: Spencer and Penny.

Luna: Zoey.

Paige: Annie.

Dinah: Raven and Serena.

Alvin: Sora and Carly.

Curtis: Blossom.

Dinah: Tidus, This is a Village but there is no telling what might or might not happen. But they’re our prides and Joy. Protect them. Don’t let anything happen to them.

Tidus: No problem. You can count on it.

Luna: *Smiles*

Pearl’s Son Spencer and Daughter Penny, Zoey, Annie, Dinah’s Daughters Raven and Serena, Alvin’s Twin Daughters and Blossom went with Tidus to the Crusader’s Lounge. While the rest stay at the Square… They weren’t gonna meet up till they were all back and at the Temple. They all made a conscious plan to all reconvene at the temple and that was what they were gonna do…

In the Crusaders Lodge…

Spencer: *Walking in and looking around* This must be an inn or something. There’s beds.

Penny: You sure that this is a Lodge?

Annie: Gotta be. Maybe it’s where Crusaders meet and stay. They must shack here. Station here.

Gatta: *Seeing only some of the crew* Hey you! You were attacked by Sin… Right? Recently was it?

Serena: We think so. Not something that we’d like to remember though. Being thrown like a set of rags.

Raven: Trust us… Stay alive by not going after that thing. We escaped with our lives. Luckily. But no offense… You’ll be more apt to survive by not going at that thing.

Annie: *Shivers thinking about Sin*

Gatta: So, Sin can’t be far, right? You’re not hiding anything, are you?

Tidus: No. Why would we?

Luzzu: If Sin’s nearby… It’ll attack the island for sure. But it hasn’t, I wonder why?

Sora: Why would you want it to attack the Island? It’s like asking for someone to douse themselves in gasoline and ask that someone light a match.

Carly: It’s dangerous.

Zoey: You should be grateful over the idea that it hasn’t. It means that the Island is safe. That’s what you want most, isn’t it?

Gatta: Yes. More than anything.

Tidus: I’m sorry, I really don’t know anything. to tell the truth, i don’t even know what the crusaders are.

Blossom: Neither do we.

Spencer:  Is it that bad?

Luzzu: Sin! The Toxin! Gatta, Tell them who we are!

Gatta: Yes, Sir! *Standing and Saluting* The Crusaders are sworn to battle Sin! We have chapters throughout Spira, accepting all who wish to join our struggle! The hero Mi’ihen formed the Crusaders eight hundred years ago as the Crimson Blades. Later, our ranks grew and we called ourselves the Crusaders. We’ve been fighting Sin ever since!

Penny: 800 years and you still haven’t defeated it? That’s not… a good sign.

Raven: That right there… makes it come off as if Sin is Immortal or something.

Serena: No one is immortal. Everyone has an Achilles heel. Or usually… they are supposed to.

Annie: I would think so too…

Zoey: ……

Gatta: *Stammers*

Luzzu:  Well, we’ve steered Sin away from towns many times! And that’s all we can do. Nobody’s ever been able to defeat it. It can’t be truly defeated. Our true and primary mission as Crusaders is to protect the temples, towns, villages and the people of Spira.

Raven: Whose job is it to defeat Sin then? There has to be someone that can fulfill that job, right?

Gatta: Is Sin’s Toxin really this bad, sir?

Luzzu: It does seem rather bad…

Seconds later…

Luzzu: We could just tell you, but I think it better for you to try and remember. Go pray at the temple. Perhaps Yevon will help you regain your memory.

Gatta: Soon, we may be able to finally defeat Sin. We’ve got a plan– one that will go down in Crusader history!

Luzzu: We have been excommunicated from Yevon. We must go, now. Everything is riding on the reins of our next… Our last Mission.

Serena: …

Within seconds they left the Lodge and made way over to the Temple… But as for Luna… She stayed behind in the square. There was something she needed to know. Others called it odd that she’d want to know more about things revolving Spira. But at the moment… all they could think about was getting answers on what was wrong with them. and Why people were talking about Sin’s Toxin. What it was… what it does to a person. Luna was likely to get more of an answer than the others would…

Inside the Besaid Temple…

Great Hall…

Spencer: *Looking around* What… Is this place?

Tidus: *Looking at the statues*

Curtis: *Walking over to his daughter* You’re okay, Right?

Blossom: Yeah. We learned about the Crusaders. Did you know that they are meant to protect the temples, Villages, Towns and the People of Spira?

Curtis: You don’t say… That’s pretty interesting.

Blossom: Yeah. The two crusaders… Capt. Luzzu and Sir Gatta. told us that they have chapters of Crusaders all over Spira. All over the world and are said to be sworn to battle Sin. They also said that a hero named Mi’hen formed the Crusaders… 800 years ago.

Arnold: Whoa! And i guess that 800 years and they have not yet beat the threat… Bad record for them, Huh?

Avery: Seems that way.

The Fighters all walked over to the steps that lead to another room but it was room they known not what. They barely got to the steps when they came across a statue… They could only look at it in awe and wonder…

Narrative: *As Zoey* It was then, standing in that place, We all began to realize how different this world was from our own…

Priest: *Approaching them* Ten years have passed since Lord Braska became high summoner. And finally we receive a statue for our temple.

Annie: What’s a High Summoner?

Throughout the room there was silence and nothing but the sound of gasps from the people inside the Temple. Sora and Carly Looked at the people in the room and they felt embarrassed just for saying or asking such a question.

Clint: We… We got too close to Sin’s Toxin and it messed us up good.

Narrative: *As Dinah* It was rather funny hearing ourselves trying to use the same excuse and the same line over and over again… Funny. But Yet… It was actually sad.

Priest: The summoners are practitioners of a sacred art, sworn to protect the people of Yevon. Only a chosen few become summoners, who call forth entities of great power: the aeons. The aeons hear our prayers and come down to us. They are the blessing of Yevon. *Performs a Yevon bow*

Narrative: *As Spencer* We were guessing that what he meant was that we were to respect some kind of great men… Or something. Which we figured. But we still didn’t understand what he was getting at. We were still mixed up from the Supposed Toxin that they say that we all had. We didn’t want to believe it. We all knew what was what. So we thought. We didn’t want to believe that our home… Metropolis Kansas was no more… We didn’t want to believe that it was a forbidden place. But if it kept being made to turn out just that way… we would have to come to the conclusion that we were stuck. In Spira. For good…

They were all feeling a bit famished and decided to head back to see Wakka. It was time to see what he had cooking. Serena wasn’t gonna beg. Neither was any of Pearl’s kids. None of them saw to beg. They were hungry but knew their limits…

In Wakka’s Hut..

Wakka: Food’s not done yet. the poor gals and guys are gonna be hungry. What will i do? *Sighs*

A Second later…

Serena: *Walking in* That’s strange for the Crusaders to be battling Sin for 800 years and not being able to truly beat it. I mean… How tough can This Sin be?

Sapphire: I’m not sure. None of us are. But from the sounds of it… It sounds as if this could be a bigger problem. Bigger than what we anticipated.

Blossom: Well.. It don’t help the fact that we don’t know a thing really about this world. We are lost. We’re learning little by little… but i don’t think that we’re ever gonna get the hang of things here.

Annie: It’s sad.

Raven: We also were told about these Summoners who happen to be practitioners of a sacred art. That they’re able to call upon entities of great power.

Amy: We don’t know what that means.. Entities of great power… but just hearing about what the Summoners can do… That does sound pretty twisted. I kinda like it. really.

Christina: I second that.

Spencer: And that is third for me. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing one of these things called Aeons. I’d rather be thrilled on seeing anyone of them.

Wakka: *Smiles over what he’s hearing* …


Wakka: Sorry guys… No time for Lunch yet. Take a Nap… You guys look rather bushed.

Dinah: You sure it’s okay? We don’t want to over crowd your place here.

Wakka: Nah! It’s okay. Besides… You guys need sleep lots more than what i do. I hardly ever sleep. I don’t over do it though… but i never usually tire.

Paige: Thank you. You’re really sweet, Wakka.

Pearl: *Looking at her Daughters and Son* Okay girls… Spencer! Bunk up… You’ll have to sleep in a tight spot to make room for everyone. Your father and I will be sleeping on the other side of the hut here by the books. But we’re all gonna need to make room for everyone. Plus enough room for Wakka. This is his hut. And he might want to take a bit of a rest too… So make sure there’s enough room for him.

Susie: No problem, Mom. We will…

A few minutes later…

They all were in position to rest and Of course Tidus was in the hut too… He dosed off as well. While they were resting…

Priest: *Entering* You could at least go inside and see how they’re doing.

Wakka: We can’t interfere. It’s a Rule.

Priest: But it’s been nearly…

The Priest and Wakka leave the hut and they all Doze off…

They all dream. Tidus does as well and it’s about his father. Although his feelings towards his father weren’t the least bit warming…

A Moment or so later…

Raven: *With Serena; Waking up* Wakka?!

Tidus: Wakka?!

The others were still asleep. Tidus, Raven and Serena left the hut to find that the Village was nearly deserted…

Raven: *Looking to see hardly a single person in sight* Uh, Where did everyone go?

Serena: No idea. They couldn’t have just vanished.

Villager: *Nearby* You guys are rather new here… Aren’t you? You must be looking for Wakka.

Tidus: *Nods*

Raven: Yeah. Do you know where he went? *Rubbing her nose a little*

Villager: Yeah. He went to the temple over there on the far side of the Village. The Priest called him over there a while ago.

Serena: That’s where we’ve got to go then. Thanks. Come on, Raven. Let’s go to the Temple.

Raven: Right.

Tidus: *Running off to the temple and leading the way*

Inside the Temple a minute later…

Tidus: *Walking over to the statues*

Raven: *Spotting Wakka* There’s Wakka. What’s up with him and the Priest?

Serena: Don’t know… Let’s go ask.

Raven: Good idea. He knows something.

Serena: Don’t they all? *Grins* Come on. *Walking right on over to where Wakka was talking with the Priest* Hey… Blitzball Capt. What gives? What’s going on?

Raven: What’s with all these people in here? Something going on?

Wakka: The Summoner hasn’t returned from the trials yet.

Raven: Summoner?

Tidus: Eh?

Serena: Okay… I think that i’ll bite.

Wakka: It’s actually an apprentice Summoner really.

Raven: Ah?

Wakka: There’s a room in there called the Cloister of trials. Beyond is where the apprentice Summoner prays. If the Prayer is heard The apprentice Summoner becomes a Full-Fledged Summoner, Remember?

Tidus: Okay, so you’re saying that someone is in there somewhere and hasn’t come back yet. Got it.

Wakka: A Day’s gone by already.

Raven: Is it particularly dangerous in there?

Wakka: Sometimes, yes. It can be pretty treacherous in there.

Serena: I don’t get it… I mean… if that is the case… Why aren’t you going in there to help?

Wakka: There’s already someone in there. Besides, It’s considered forbidden.

Tidus: *Running up halfway on the stairs* Hey, But what if the summoner, you know… Dies?

Raven: I don’t know much about the Precepts of the Temple. But i agree. We gotta go in and help.

Serena: *Looking at the Priest* You’re gonna have to have some kind of Mercy on us for what it is that we’re about to do.

Priest: The Precepts Must be obeyed!

Serena: Normally we’d care deeply about the precepts. But this time we can’t let that stop us. Our family always had a belief that if there is someone in trouble… you go and come to their rescue. We know that this is wrong to ignore the precepts but something in us doesn’t feel right. If we don’t go and assist in what’s going on… we’ll be kicking ourselves in the back side because we saw that there was something not right going on and didn’t do anything to try and be of help.

Serena and Raven go through the doors with Tidus and enter the Cloister of trials.

Narrative: *As Serena* Maybe this wasn’t such a good wise idea after all. We were now in the Cloister of trials. Raven and I were in the Cloister of trials and we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. It was probably safe to say that we were probably gonna die.

Raven: *Walking up ahead* There’s something really creepy about this room.

Serena: Really? I think that we have long since passed the creepy vibe.

Tidus: I don’t care about what that creepy vibe is… We’ve got to go and check on the Apprentice Summoner.

Serena: Whoa… Touchy.

Raven: Yeah. *Looking at the wall* There seems to be a Strange Glyph here. It seems to be glowing.

Serena: Glowing? How could it glowing? *Walking over and checking it out* It’s not… Glo—- *Seeing it glow and rotating Arrows* Holy cow… That’s ripped. Rad. A Glyph that glows. you don’t see things like that going on everyday. *Placing her hand on the Glyph* It feels like liquid. But it’s dry. There’s energy coming from it somewhere.

Tidus looked at the side and saw the wall expose the same glyph and shined the arrow up. Within seconds the slab of wall went up and exposed a set of stairs leading down. They didn’t really know where the trail led to but they knew that they had to check it out. That’s when they suddenly made way down and saw that there was a hall. Raven was the first to see a stone pedestal with a tiny ball showing. but half of the Pedestal was lodged in the wall. Part of the wall. Serena Picked up the ball and led on to find where the sphere would go.

Tidus: You sure that you don’t know anything about this place?

Serena: Tidus, My family and I don’t know jack about this world. We before winding up on that Salvage ship… didn’t know a thing about Yevon. Sin. Blitzball or Al-bhed. none of this was endured by us before… But this room is like a puzzle somehow… And our family can do puzzles somewhat. Depending on what they are of course.

Raven: *Nods*

Tidus: Okay.

The three of them get with solving the trials and managed to get all the spheres where they had to go. They also came across a purple sphere…

Raven: *Looking at the Sphere* What is it? What are we to do with this Sphere? Do we even know where to put it?

Serena: I think that we need to put it into that wall opening that looks like a darkened room. It has these strange lines running all over too. Looks like a spider web.

Raven: I would not think that a web would look like this… This is by far way out there. *Sighs* Well… here goes nothing. *Walking into the opening in the side wall and sticking the Sphere into the slot* What is this… A Purple line…

Serena: It’s going out and around the corner.

Tidus: Follow it. Hurry!

But before they could follow it… the line went to the back wall at the side and it was then that the wall blew up to reveal a treasure chest. It was like a wall opening. Tidus went and grabbed the treasure from the chest. They couldn’t waste any time more… Serena went to see that there was another slot for another sphere to be placed and found that sphere. Stuck it in the slot and watched as the wall vanished to present a wide path. in front of them was a pedestal. with still the Sphere in the slot and standing before them it was in direct path of the slot that appeared to be where it could have led them to the Chamber of the fayth. Tidus pushed it over to the slot and watched as it moved. But while waiting…

Wakka: *Walking over from the one side with Sapphire* Hey! What’s gotten into you?

Sapphire: Raven, Serena… You two in lucky to not be in a mess of trouble. This is really a gutsy move you’ve both done. But this could get the Apprentice Summoner in big trouble. You could have caused her to be Excommunicated. The people here would be really upset and pissed at you.

Wakka: Hey, It’s okay. Only Apprentice Summoners, Summoners and their guardians can enter here. It’s a tradition. Very important.

Serena: What about you? What would that make you, Wakka?

Wakka: Me? I’m a Guardian.

Tidus: A Guardian?

Wakka: *Shrugs*

The floor then dropped from underneath them…

Raven: Wha— Oh my god. The floor moved. It’s going down. Oh god.

Wakka: It’s alright. This is just the platform. That’s all. The platform is what’s going down, ya.

Sapphire: This is one way to put it.

Wakka: Summoners go on a pilgrimage to pray at every temple in Spira. Guardians protect them. The guardians in there now…One of them’s got a short fuse, and who knows what the other’s thinking.

Raven: Sounds like they’re tough ones to get on good graces, huh?

Serena: Do we know them?

Sapphire: I don’t think so.

Wakka: *Sighs*

Tidus: …

Wakka: I guess that now since we’ve come this far… we may as well go all the way!

It was only minutes or seconds later when…

Waiting room outside the Chamber of the fayth…

Wakka Slaps his head in disbelief. On the steps were a Lady in a black like goth looking dress. She apparently was grumpy and looked rather serious to a fault. Purple lipstick covering the lips. The other one on the other side of the steps was a blue being. Muscled and white hair. A broken horn. and looked like a lion somewhat. A Tail. Looked as though he had muscles to brush. With a broken horn it was said… he didn’t speak much for that reason…

Serena: This room is really royal. *Stunned*

Raven: I’d bet.

Woman: *Looking to see Wakka* What are you doing here? Didn’t think that we’d be able to handle it, did you?

Wakka: No… it’s not that. It’s uh. It’s just that…

Woman: *gets up and walking over*

Wakka: *Looking slightly to the girls* See? Told you she gets mad easily.

Tidus: *Peering over to see the tall blue being.

The blue Guardian looked over slightly before looking away.

Tidus: Is the Summoner alright?

Sapphire: Is she… up there behind… That door?

Woman: *Double taking and not only seeing the blonde haired male… But also seeing 3 teen girls* Who are you?

Raven: *Looking at the woman* I believe that you’re speaking to a Blitzball player. And We’re friendly people. *Bows politely*

They didn’t get to speak hardly at all as the door to the Chamber of the fayth started to open. they all looked to the door and stood in awe and amazement…

As they watched the door open, they anticipated the result of what might have happened inside the chamber. Sapphire, Raven and Serena watched as the door was finally opened and someone came through the door. They at first were to think it to be someone old or rather more adult. But the one that came out was a young girl. A teen no more than the reigns of maybe 16 or 17 years of age.

Serena: *Gently nudging Wakka in the arm; whispering* Wakka, Who is that?

Wakka: *Whispers back* That’s Yuna. She’s the daughter of a high summoner.

Serena: *Nods and grins* Ah. Okay.

Raven: She looks really attractive and sweet. *Smiles*

Sapphire: She looks Rather young. But that’s good. She’s one of a kind. I think that she is very charming. *Watching with respect*

The girl known now as Yuna. as informed to them by Wakka Stammered out from the Chambers and barely go to the middle of the steps when she started to fall…

Tidus: *Gasps*

Serena: *Starting to march over* Someone catch her… She’s gonna fall.

It was then that the tall muscled being sped fast to Yuna to catch her. Catch her fast and helped her regain her balance. Yuna gained her step and stood back up before fluffing her hair on the sides just slightly and looking up slowly…

Yuna: *Nods and happily; Excited* I’ve done it… I’ve become a summoner.

It was about a minute or so later when they all made it back to the great hall of the temple… Wakka, the woman in black and the White haired Blue muscled being got to the bottom of the steps with the new Summoner…

Narrative: *As Sapphire* At first… we were with the impression that Summoners and High summoners were like elders as that’s commonly what they’d be and only Elder like people could become them as they are with more age… More experience in their field of ones of the cloth. But to see one so young. This was just something of which we would never forget. I myself don’t think that this will be one surprise to be in anyway lived down in anyway possible. In fact i don’t think that any of us would get to live this surprise down. Not for a long time. Not for a Very… very long time.

Serena: *Talking to the priest* Hey… Sorry about our barging into the trials like that. we were worried for the summoner. But we do hope that we can be forgiven. We were just apt to trying to do the right thing.

Priest: I do suppose it’d be alright. You have transgressed but you are also with the will to ask forgiveness for what you’ve done. You were showing heart and sired to act on doing what was right and what you felt inside. That’s the best act any can do. Praise Yevon to be with you. Let us all go now and celebrate the very Birth of a summoner.

A minute later…

Outside heading over to the village Square…

Raven: That was some show, huh? Seeing Yuna becoming a Summoner. It’s actually pretty cool.

Serena: Sure is.

Sapphire: I agree. I just know that she’s gonna be just fine. I can feel it.

Serena: We all can.

Annie: *Running over to Sapphire, Raven and Serena* Hey… You guys alright?

Raven: Yeah. Why?

Annie: Your mom’s been looking all over for you guys. She knows where you went, Sapphire. But didn’t know where you and Serena went, Raven.

Serena: we went into the Cloister of trials. to check on the Summoner. The summoner is a girl. She’s in the Square now.

Annie: That girl in the Square… is the Summoner?! *Pauses* You’re joking, right?

Raven: No. Not in a billion years would we joke about that. The Summoner is a girl. a Young girl of 17. Yuna.

Annie: Wow! That’s a surprise. Come on… let’s get back to the others. they’re surrounding the square now to watch the Summoner.

Sapphire: Right.

Tidus followed along and came to watch.

Wakka: Wait till you guys see this.

A second later…

Wakka: Ready!

Yuna: *Looking back and nods* Okay.

Yuna begins the first summoning.

Yuna suddenly waved her stick and twirled it gracefully and made the moves to perform the first summoning. It was seconds later when 4 balls of light turned into streams and soared up into the sky like a spiral before combining into one and producing a flash of light.

Dinah: *Looking around to see where that whistling roar was coming from* Where’s that coming from? What is this?

It was seconds past when a form showed and Flapped its wings and Landed…

Yuna walked over and petted it. She wasn’t even scared. Not at all…

Zoey: *Stammers and freaks out* What… what is that? What… is that? That… is a monster… It’s a monster. A Monster.

Luna: Zoey… calm down. It’s not a monster. Not a monster at all. It won’t hurt you. It’s not gonna be violent.

Spencer: I don’t know about you guys… but i think that this is a spectacular sight. I like it. Something like this is rather unique. Really amazing. *watching the sight*

Annie: This must be a flying creature. It’s got to be a flying creature.

Clint: It must be.

Theodore: What?! Are you kidding? I don’t think that it’s a creature… It’s… It’s… It’s got to be… a… a… a… An Aeon.

Susie: *Gasps*An Aeon?

Amy: Wow!

Raven: *Staring at Yuna and the Aeon* I think… that i… am gonna… faint. She is messing with a strange entity. That thing… is an Aeon… but she’s patting it on the head like it’s…

Serena: Like it’s a pet of some kind.

Sora: …

Wakka and the woman in the black comforted the new summoner and spoke how proud of her they were. They were deeply proud. It was seen to be nothing but that.

Narrative: *As Penny* We had never seen anything like it in our lives. The sight we had looking at the Aeon. Sure… we had to confess that it was a tad scary. It was a bit out there. However the thing was that it was not all scary. It was scary. But it was also presenting a sense of calm and gentleness. The Aeon had no scary aura to it. It was gentle as if it were just a pussycat.

Narrative: *As Tidus for the first half; As Paige for the second half; As Luna for the third; as Dinah for the forth half* That night… I remember how we talked for the very first time. I didn’t know it then although that night was the point where after that night everything changed. For everyone. For me. *As Paige* It was that night that i as a parent… for all of us adults where we had to let the kids go and spread out. The only problem with that was the part where sending our kids off into the wild. We had to make a decision. We didn’t know what it was told to put the kids through. My daughters Annie and Daria were not gonna take calm to being sent forward without me around. Clint and Theodore weren’t gonna be too open. None of us did. But what would get us to reconsider was the fact that Wakka would be begging us to come along too. Our Daughters and sons would be wanting it that way most of all. *As Luna* It was only the first night of many. It was also gonna be a long night as there was a new friend about to be won to us. Actually 3. well one right off. The woman in black was gonna be a little hard. Then the white haired blue muscled ally. He was gonna be rather impossible to get through at first. We didn’t even figure to ask about him. Not at all did we ask because to be honest… what could we ask about him. Tomorrow things were gonna likely change and yet… we still were beyond lost on things revolving Spira. Yevon. Everything in this strange world. We were still in need of a lot of help. *As Dinah* It was the first day’s end. The first night in a strange world and we were all reeling from all that has happened throughout that day. Wakka opened up his hospitality to us and it made us feel as though we were to belong. We didn’t belong… But Wakka made us feel like we would however we were gonna have to return the favor by helping him and his team win the Blitzball tournament. Tomorrow was the day that we’d be starting on what we were doing in Spira… to start with. And yet… back to being clueless. Or were we?

Night time…

By the one side of the Bonfire…

Wakka: *To Tidus* Let me introduce you to the team. *to the team* This guy here wants into the tournament so bad, I let him on the team. His memory’s a little fuzzy, so don’t mind him if he says anything odd! *To Tidus* Come on, say hi. *Pushing him forward just slightly*

Tidus: Hi guys… What’s up?

Aurochs: *Muttered* Hi there.

Tidus: So, What’s our goal?

Aurochs: *Lunging and Fistpump* To do our best!

Wakka: Nope, we got a new goal now! Our new goal…is victory! To win every match, defeat every opposing team! To bring the Crystal Cup back to our island! That’s all we need to do to win! Easy, ya? Nothing to it.

Aurochs: *Uncertainly* Victory… *Cheering* Victory! Victory! Victory! Yay!

On the side by the steps leading to the Temple’s front door…

Paige: *Looking at the gathering* You guys… we just came here to help them with this threat. But we seriously don’t belong here… We are just fooling ourselves here if we think that we’re ever gonna belong here. Wakka was nice to us. So was that Blitzball player. They were nicer than anyone else. But even though they were pleasant to us… it doesn’t change the fact that we just don’t belong here.

Pearl: What’re we gonna do then? Paige, we have nowhere else to go. There is nowhere else to go. We can’t just journey off aimlessly. We have our kids to think about.

Dinah: Plus the fact that we have kids with us now… We have to think more about them. We can stay. And just send them onwards with Wakka, Tidus and the others as they start on Yuna’s Pilgrimage. It starts tomorrow.

Jack: That’s right. We heard Wakka speak about it. He said that Yuna had to go on a Pilgrimage to go to every temple. to pray and prepare mind and body for the final Aeon. The Final Summoning.

Alvin: This all begins tomorrow. But tonight… *Looking over at the gathering* Look at them. They’re all at peace and with peace in them. How can they just be so happy while knowing that there is a threat out there? But then again… How would we live with ourselves to remind them of something that is the very thing they wish to forget as much as they possibly can?

Arnold: I don’t know. But as long as we’re here… we got to do something otherwise this situation is gonna just weigh us down to death.

Avery: where’re the kids?

Curtis: They’re probably over by the the gathering somewhere. Talking and having a good old time.

Luna: They’re so innocent. It reminds me of how we were all so innocent when we were young.

Paige: Which makes it all the more painful to consider ourselves staying here and just sending them onwards.

Pearl: What do you mean by that, Paige? What are you even saying?

Dinah: Yeah! We can’t just send our kids off alone without us.

Luna: Don’t look at me. I am going with My daughter tomorrow when everyone heads off to start on the Pilgrimage that the new Summoner is said to go on. I am not gonna settle for just letting My daughter Zoey go out there and be met with uncertainty. No knowing whether or not she’ll make it alive out there. They are gonna all be having to uproot themselves from us sooner or later in the future. It is what’s said to happen as kids tend to do when they get older. That Summoner over there. She’s lucky. I am betting that whoever her father was… he was a summoner too. A high Summoner and since he was a Summoner and the girl is like a sound splitting image of whoever her father was… She’s following the path he lived. Going on a Pilgrimage. To go for every temple. She’s set. But our kids? What do they have?

Alvin: Luna’s right. Our kids are still young. Even though they’re growing up and maturing in certain ways… Learning how to raise themselves and tend to what really need in life. They still are wet behind the ears. When it comes to the hero work. We were raising them all to be normal. Remember?

Paige: How could we forget that? I was pleading on that fact that our kids would keep a normal and common civil plus honest upbringing. I didn’t want my kids in on the hero Business. Only because having them in on the Profession would put them in the seat of having a life of seeing themselves having to make hard choices. Choices that they shouldn’t have to be forced to make. having to be forced to make and decide on. Ever. But now… they’re in. They’re in and there is no way out. None. It is part of them.

Pearl: Paige… It is part of all our kids. All of our kids are gonna be going through that. Yours… Mines. Dinah’s first 3. Curtis’s Daughter. Alvin’s 4 kids.  Luna’s Daughter. We’re all with the Driver’s seat. They’re not. Not even close.

Dinah: Plus… If that is what we’re all on the hot surface over… Here is something to really break that pretentious bubble of ours. My husband… Shingo is flipping a lid about this. He didn’t want our kids to be put through the ringer of the Hero stardom. he didn’t want for our kids to be put through the hell that we all had to go through time after time. My husband is not too pleased about it. In fact… when i brought up the mention of the last threat we all faced. He was so adamant in seeing to it that it was left for being one dead subject. He didn’t even want to speak about it. So… I think that our pleasant normal lives are non-existent. It never really was normal to begin with.

Alvin: Which makes Alice and me rather unsettled. We understood. But we were still wishing that it wasn’t so.

Curtis: So was i.

Paige: Although as much as we don’t want to… we’re gonna need to let the kids go and spread their wings. They can’t do it here if we don’t let them go on; setting out on their own.

Luna: You’re right. Zoey does need to spread her wings a bit. Lord knows that she won’t be liable to have that chance if she doesn’t get the chance to be let go to spread her wings a little.

Curtis: That will go for Blossom too.

Pearl: For all of our kids.

Dinah: You’re right.

Alvin: Should we swear on it?

Luna: I’m doing this on Zoey’s behalf. In fact… now that she’s got the powers that i had long long ago… she’s got the ability to contact someone i haven’t made a call to in a very… very long time. I’m gonna be calling upon her tonight. I know it’s a far cry… but i will do what it is that i must to ensure that my daughter is well protected.


Wakka: *Walking up to the side* Hey there you guys. What’re you guys doing over here and not with the festivities? You guys okay?

Paige: *Looking to see Wakka walking over* We’re okay. We’re just talking about what we planned to do for our kids.

Wakka: What’re you planning for them? They are gonna be wondering what you’re up to, ya.

Dinah: We’re not really planning much. We however had a thought to stay here and only have our kids go on. with you guys tomorrow when you leave to start the Summoner’s pilgrimage.

Luna: It’s a hard choice to make. But something that we’re believing to be necessary for us… and in the long run them… We don’t want to do this. But it has come to the idea that even though we don’t want to send them off while we stay here… It’s just that there will be a day when they’ll have to go and be on their own.

Wakka: Come on now… you shouldn’t be worried about that now, ya. You should be with your young ones. and they need you too. Plus… On the Pilgrimage… the summoner is gonna need all the protection possible. No offense though… as strong willed as your young ones are… They’re newbies. You guys might be with better handle towards being guardians than they would. Right now, ya.

Alvin: You’re with a good point, Wakka.

Pearl: Right. We just want to do what’s best for the young ones though. It’s just the idea that what if they are always having to depend on us all the time? It would cripple them most when we are all actually passed on and are dead. because we allowed them to be thus dependent on us all the time. Granted that they’re young and need the guidance needed to go further. We just want them to hold their own and be strong. Find… that inner strength that we know and believe that they have deep down inside them. somewhere.

Wakka: Hey… Hey. Your kids will know what’s what when time comes. They are smart and intelligent kids. They know what to do. In time they’ll know what to do, eh? If it puts it at ease… that girl… Serena… She even though ignored the Precepts by going into the Cloister of trials and wasn’t a Guardian or summoner… She came out and Expressed her regret for going in like she had. She apologized to the Priest. Respectfully.

Dinah: That’s my girl, Serena. She senses that something doesn’t feel right and she goes out to find out what’s going on. She’s the more gutsy girl. That’s what she’s up to. She is the gutsy tough one. It’s been that way since she was born. Always the tough girl. But… she’s one of a kind.

Wakka: *Suddenly remembering* Wait… I know what’s going on now… You guys are the ones i contacted not long ago about this nasty beast, ya.

Pearl: Yeah. You’re right. And we came. We’re here. But does Yuna know? Or the others?

Wakka: I’m not sure if they do know, ya. I am sure that the blue one knows. He’s just not sayin’

Paige: It’ll take some time then before they’ll be able to recall anything, right?

Wakka: Yeah. However… you guys should come along with everyone. It’d be fun.

Luna: Okay… We’ll come. We just want to do the right thing by our kids. It’s just that we want to let them go on their own a little and become strong in their own way. One day… heaven forbid it that something comes… we might not be around for them and being with them almost constant would only cripple them because they might have no experience of being without us. Being resourceful in their own way. Getting strong as they ought to be.

Wakka: Hold your Chocobos on that for now… You’ll know what comes as time presses on, ya. You will.

The mothers all smile. The fathers all nod and grin with intrigue. They were understanding what Wakka was saying. It made them feel better in a way. It was what they needed to hear and they did. Luna Looked over to see her daughter laughing with Blossom. It made her smile just by seeing that…

Over by the other far end of the Bonfire…

Annie: *Sitting* The stars sure are nice out tonight.

Daria: Yeah.

Annie: It’s a shame that tomorrow we’re gonna be on the go almost all the time.

Daria: I heard, sis. Tomorrow is the start of that Summoner’s Pilgrimage.

Clint: Daria, The summoner has a name. It’s Yuna. Don’t be rude.

Daria: Who’s being rude? I know who she is. I am okay with who she is.

Theodore: I don’t have any problem. I actually rather like her a bit myself. She looks really nice.

Amy: She sure does. Everyone admires her. Everyone admires her and they all parade around her like a fan to a famous celebrity.

Susie: Well… Look at her. She’s got style. grace and she’s the heir to a High summoner. Plus she has that whole sweet and contrary vibe goin’ for her.

Christina: You think that someone should go talk to her and well… you know… get to know her a little?

Penny: I think that Raven and Serena are already taking that initiative action and doing so now… they’re walking from the one side and over to where she is.

Spencer: Do you think that what they had done earlier today will be forgiven as they’d just apologized to the priest right after just coming out from the trials?

Sapphire: No idea. But i do believe that if the Priest forgave them… it should be alright.

Paul: I agree. They are sorry. That’s the main thing.

Sapphire: True… but there had to have been rules that were supposed to be obeyed. Breaking them like they had… They’re lucky to not be excommunicated. Indiscretions like that would normally be frowned deeply by religious people. Just look at our banned members of the family Betty and Angel. They are said to be so hard-nosed and strict on the laws of the churches that any indiscretion would be severely an act against god.

Crystal: That’s something else too… So far since we have been here… we haven’t heard a thing about there being any god. What do they even consider a god here anyway? Is it a god… Deity. Religious entity.. What?

Annie: No idea.

Clint: Suppose that the villagers might know what their god is that they follow…

Spencer: If there is an actual god and not just some belief or way of life.

Over by the side of the lit bonfire that sat between the middle hut which was destroyed and the lit Bonfire…

Raven: *Walking over to the Summoner*

Serena: *Smiles*

Old man: *Catching them coming over* You Heathens!

Old Woman: Stay away from the summoner. Stay away. Disobeying the precepts of the temple… You evil unfeeling girl.

Yuna: *Getting up and turning to face Raven, Serena and Tidus*

Old Man: Lady Yuna, be careful.

Yuna: But it was really my fault to begin with.

Yuna stands and walks over to Tidus, Raven and Serena with the dismay of the old man…

Yuna: I’m Yuna. Thank you so much for your help earlier.

Raven: I’m sorry about that.

Serena: Same here.

Tidus: Wasn’t that… wasn’t i not supposed to… Guess i… Somehow over-reacted.

Raven: As did we. We all over reacted and we are rather sorry about that. But when they said that you were back there in that Fayth Chamber and hadn’t come out yet… and that it was a days passed… We just couldn’t stand aside and not do anything.

Serena: We had to do something. Our mom Dinah and Aunts Paige, Pearl and Luna were the same way too. We didn’t mean… to uh, You know… Upset you in any way.

Yuna: No… no… you didn’t do anything to upset me. I was a little over confident.

Tidus: I uh… say that Aeon demonstration earlier. That’s amazing.

Raven: We all saw it. It managed to spook a couple of us and we don’t spook that easily. But were also really thrilled to see something like that. It was quite a show. Never have we seen anything like it before.

Serena: It was really moving.

Yuna: Really? Do you think that i could become a High Summoner?

Tidus: *Nods*

Raven: We don’t know much about anything here… but we feel that you could someday become a High Summoner if that’s what you want to be. We believe that you happen to have it within you to become one.

Serena: It’s gonna be hard though. But you can do it. you went through becoming a Summoner so… being a High Summoner would be no problem. Like our mom would say… always do what makes you feel happy. Don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise…

Little Girl: *Grabbing Yuna’s attention* Lady Yuna… Wanna come play with me some more?

Yuna: *Turns and Nods at the girl and smiles* …

A second after…

Yuna: *Turns to face Tidus, Raven and Serena* So… Tomorrow then.

Raven: Tomorrow?

Yuna: We’re all going on the same boat, aren’t we?

Serena: Really?

Tidus: You sure?

Yuna: We can all talk more… You can tell me all about Zanarkand. And about Metropolis, Kansas.

As soon as she was gone or outta sight…

Wakka: *Nudging Tidus* She’s cute, ya?

Tidus: yeah. She is.

Wakka: Don’t be getting any ideas.

Tidus: No promises there, Wakka.

Raven: I think that there is infatuation forming.

Serena: He might be falling in love with her.

Tidus: What if she, like, well you know… comes on to me?

Wakka: That’s not likely to happen. Listen… if you guys get tired, Let me know…Got some beds made up for you guys…

A moment later…

The fighters were all ready to turn in for the night. It was a long day and a lot has happened. There was no telling what was destined to happen the next day… but what was said to happen the next day, they were gonna be in for a long adventure. A Very long Journey. No telling who they’d get to meet. Or who’d meet them. But they were gonna need to be ready. Ready for whatever was said to come. There was something they felt that was needed to know. They were wondering a little about the woman in black. They didn’t even know her name. So they asked Wakka and were told that the woman in Black that they were referring to was Lulu. It was a second later when they decided to turn in…

Wakka: Good. Sleep tight. We leave early tomorrow, ya.

During the night… in the Crusader’s lounge…

Tidus happened to be tossing and Turning. but was dreaming…

The fighters were also dreaming…

Tidus finds Yuna on Besaid dock…

Tidus: Where’s that boat?

Yuna: Everyone will find us if it doesn’t come soon. 

Tidus: You really sure this is okay? 

Yuna: Would you take me to Zanarkand? 

Rikku: *Running up* Hey! 

Tidus: *Jogs briskly in place*.

Rikku: You said you’d go with me! 

Tidus: Oh, hey… I, uh… 

Rikku: I thought Wakka told you not to get any ideas? 

Yuna: He did? 

Tidus: Gyaaaah…. 

Rikku: Yeah, so you’re coming with me! 

Jecht: *Interrupts offscreen* Hey! Stop dreaming! You, with a woman? You can’t even catch a ball! 

Tidus: *Now a child, holding his head and rocking*

Jecht: Oh, what’s the matter? *Yuna and Rikku appear beside him* Gonna cry again? Cry, cry. That’s the only thing you’re good for! 

Tidus: *Whispers* I hate you. 

Jecht: Huh? What’d you say? 

Yuna: You have to speak loudly. 

Tidus: *Louder* I hate you! 

Jecht: Eh? 

Rikku: That’s the spirit! 

Yuna: You can do it!”

Tidus: *Waking up fast yelling* I HATE YOU!

Lulu: *Off screen* He’s Dead, Okay? Dead!

Tidus moved over to lift the curtain a hair to listen in on Lulu and Wakka… Zoey was beside him and listening in. The noise happened to wake her up too…

Lulu: He does look a lot like Chappu. I was surprised, too, the first time I saw him. But no matter what he looks like, he isn’t Chappu. You shouldn’t have brought him here in the first place! Same with those girls. Their family. You don’t know them and neither do we.

Wakka: Yeah, but…he needed our help! So did the family.

Lulu: Excuses again?

Wakka: Yeah, but…

Lulu: That’s it. No more. Enough, Wakka! *Storms off*

Lulu however turned just slightly and mouthed the words: “I know about who the family is. But with what’s going in and the threat in the midst… we can’t let it out that we know them.”

Wakka then entered the Lodge…

Zoey: Wow… Talk about sca-ary! So… Who’s she talking about? Who’s Chappu?

Wakka: My Little brother, Chappu. He looked a lot like you. *Looking at Tidus*

Tidus: He’s dead?

Wakka: He was with the Crusaders when they fought Sin last year. He didn’t make it. I first heard on the day of the tournament.

Raven: *Waking up and hearing the explanation* So that’s why you didn’t do so hot in the tournament last year. You were grieving about your little brother. Wakka, Why didn’t you say anything? You should have forfeited the tournament last year after hearing about it. You would have still lost the tournament as you said anyway per the fact that you told us that you haven’t won a game in ten years… but to… Uh, Blitz while grieving… You would have been unable to focus and do anything because you were numb with heartache.

Zoey: That’s really sad. *Looking down*

Tidus: So, that’s why.

Wakka: I became a guardian to fight Sin, ya?

Raven: For Revenge?

Wakka: That was the idea. But… I’m more worried about winning a rather stupid game than going to avenge my brother. After the next Tournament, I’ll be a guardian… full-time. *Looking at Zoey and Raven* … *At Tidus too* I know it seems to look as though i’m kinda using you guys… But, I’m not.

Raven: I was with an impression that you kinda were at first… but i didn’t say because i believed to be wrong. But i do feel bad for your loss. Losing your brother. It must have been terrible. We’re here for you if need anything.

Zoey: As it is… we owe you alot, Wakka. You helped us out a lot. Even when you didn’t necessarily have to. You did. What we mean to say is… Thank you, Wakka.

Wakka: Heh, Stop it… You’re embarrassing me!

The next Morning…

In Besaid Village…

In the Crusader’s Lodge…

The fighters all woke up and saw that Wakka was already gone outside and setting to leave to the Docks… They grabbed their things and walked out of the Lodge…

at the Village Square…

Wakka: *Seeing Tidus; Seeing the fighters coming out* Hey there… Sleepy heads. *To Tidus* Something i wanna give you. *Handing Tidus a Sword*

Tidus: Whoa! You’re giving this… to me?

Wakka: Yeah. Use it well.

Lulu: That’s the sword you gave to Chappu.

Wakka: Well… he never used it.

Paul: It’s his loss then… that sword does look rather awesome.

Lulu: maybe so.

Serena: So… uh, Where’s Yuna?

Luna: She’s coming too, isn’t she?

Blossom: We’re taking the same boat as Yuna is taking, Right? Why must we be waiting here?

Wakka: Yuna came to this Village ten years ago… When the last Calm started.

Tidus: The Calm?

Spencer: What’s the Calm? You’re talking about the time or era of peace, right?

Lulu: Yes. *Looking to see Spencer close by* That’s what it is.

Wakka: Since then, she’s been like a sister to me and Lulu. But she had the talent. She became an apprentice… But today… It changes. It’s all different. She leaves here… a Summoner.

Lulu: This is our Journey. We should all leave together as one.

Sapphire: Agreed. You’re right, Lulu. This is a Journey for us all. No telling what might happen or where we’ll end up. But where ever it is… It’s best if we remain together. It’s better that way.

Lulu: Wakka told me about one of you guys Eavesdropping and what ever it was that you might have heard… it was not personal. I’m still personally… grieving inside. So if i seem grumpy at times… don’t be too alarmed. I’m just trying to cope with the loss of Chappu. It’s not you.

Raven: Wakka told us about his brother… We’re really sorry that it happened. We wish there was a way to have the loss not happen.

Lulu: I know. It’s okay. It happened. All i can do is just try to help myself come to terms with that. No matter how hard it may seem.

Yuna however was seen a second later coming out dragging a suitcase of items…

Lulu: You really don’t need all that luggage… do you?

Yuna: *Pants a little as she stands and looks at everyone* Ah… They’re not really my things. They’re gifts for all the temples that we’re to visit along the way.

Wakka: This isn’t a Vacation, Yuna.

Yuna: *Nods* I guess you’re right. *Leaving the Suitcase*

Penny: Just out of curiosity… What kind of gifts were they that you had inside the suitcase, Yuna?

Yuna: Oh… Souvenirs from the island here. I kinda well… Uh made them myself.

Pearl: Did you now…? We should have a minute to spare to look. even though we can’t take it with us.

Alvin: Wish we did have that minute. But i don’t think we should tease the time we do have.

Wakka: Yeah. We’ll miss our boat if don’t start making our way out to the Dock.

Pearl: You’re right. It’s best if we go on and make our way there.

Wakka: Okay, Off we go.

Yuna hangs back to give a Yevon Bow to the temple. But it was only a few seconds later that they were all on the way to the Dock. They were on their way. It was hard to say goodbye to the island…The fighters didn’t pick up on that part yet… As far as they knew… they were just leaving the island to go on a pilgrimage and also aid Wakka in winning the Tournament as a motion of kindness and also to ultimately find Sin. Face it and Defeat it… This was to be… the very beginning…

Outside Besaid Village…

The party went on their way and were making their way to the dock. It was rather odd or uncommon that they had to go up… to go back down… but this was the only way out to the beach and to the docks… The fighters were on their way when suddenly they got met by Dingo-ffx-enemy A Dingo. Time to battle…

Wakka: *Looking at Tidus* Here comes one now… Why not try that sword i gave ya?

Tidus: *Slicing the Dingo with the sword* Ha! No problem at all.

Wakka: That wasn’t too shabby. You kept with it pretty well. Might make a good guardian someday.


A Condor comes…

Wakka: A Flying type. Now this is my kind of Customer, eh? *Throwing the Blitzball at the bird and knocking it out*

Annie: *Watching the attacks* Oh my god… that poor bird. Why did you hurt that bird? Wait… it’s a fiend. Sorry. I should have known that it was a fiend.

Clint: Let us know when there is a huge onslaught of fiends… us fighters will get to work…

Amy: We would fight them too… but it seems that…

Spencer: You guys got these in the bag.

Wakka: Don’t worry, Kiddos. You’ll eventually get your opening, ya.



A Water Flan showed up…

Wakka: That… Looks like trouble.

Tidus: Wanna bet? *Tries to whack the Flan with the sword and only does minor damage on it and winds out not phasing it* Huh?

Wakka: See? Told you. Only Magic can beat these things. If you can’t beat’em down. You gotta use magic of an element they don’t like.

Tidus: Magic… Element?

Wakka: Why don’t we have our black Mage show you what i mean… Lu! You’re up?

Lulu: *Stepping in* Clueless, aren’t you? Good thing i’m here. *Explaining about the elements and the effectiveness they have on the Creatures* Spells of Ice work well against Fire fiends. And Fire works well against those of ice. You follow?

Tidus: Well… i think i understand what Fire and ice do… But what about Lightning and water?

Lulu: Lightning and Water are opposed… Just like fire and Ice. This fiend is that of water… which means…

Lulu first uses water…

Wakka: Whoa… Hey! What are you healing that thing for?

Lulu: That is what can happen when you tend to use the wrong element.

Lulu uses Fire or Blizzard.

Lulu: Okay… that was a bad example. This one’s a water fiend, So Fire and Ice aren’t gonna be very effective.

Wakka: Enough with the tutorial, Lu. Let’s get this over with,ya!

She then uses Lightning which scorches the fiend…

A Minute later…

At the Promontory…

Spencer: *seeing the statue again* There’s that statue again. I think that i know where we are now…

Susie: We’re at the Overlook. Aren’t we?

Raven: I think that we are… because we can see literally the whole island here.

Serena: You’re right. *Walking to the side and looking out* There’s the Village… and out there… That’s the Ocean.

Zoey: *Jumps* The Ocean?

Blossom: Yeah.

Sora: *Gulps* Oh no… Not again.

Carly: Please don’t tell us that we’re gonna be on the ocean again…

Crystal: We are.

Paul: Well… as long as we don’t go near that ruined temple… We’ll be fine.

Yuna joins Lulu at the Village overlook and experiences the view…

Lulu: Take your time.

Tidus: Let’s get going, man!

Amy: Why? You in a hurry, Tidus? You forget that we are all rather petrified over the idea that we are gonna be on the Ocean again. We are not wanting to see the ocean again for a while yet.

Zoey: I don’t want to go on the ocean… The Ocean is really not my favorite place.

Blossom: Do we have to go on the ocean?

Luna: I believe that we do… There is not other way forward from here. Not for many miles.

Wakka: We’re gonna wait. *Folds arms*

Yuna walked over to Wakka a minute later and Nods…

Wakka: You ready to go?

Yuna: *Nods* Mm. *Walks on ahead*

Lulu then started to follow Wakka before stopping to exchange a look at him and it was then that they began to leave. The family also left too. They were all right there and even though they were with deep dread on going near the ocean again… they knew that they had to cross the ocean to get to the next location. The spot where Yuna would obtain her second Aeon.

Penny, Spencer, Zoey and Blossom did a bow in front of the statue and begged that the would be protected from harm during their trip across the ocean. Paul and the others all prayed and hoped for the very best of luck to befall them. They wanted to have a safe journey. Once they were done with Praying at the statue they pressed on and while pressing ahead… they came across some ruins and wondered what it was… they didn’t know what it was of although they knew that it must have been the remains of what the Island of Besaid used to be like long ago. However they were almost under the ruins when…

A Man looking Lion figure came Jumping from the Ruins and Jumped down. It was landing on all 4’s and immediately pounding the ground like a mega hammer to a railroad spike. Pounding one fist. Then the other before it rose up and roared.

Sapphire: *Jumps back and freeze* What in all things animal or man or creature… is that?

Raven: *Seeing the strange being; not knowing who it was* That’s a cat. A Lion like man. *Backing away* Nice kitty. good kitty. Please… don’t eat us, Kitty. We don’t want to be eaten.

Serena: That’s one big cat. Is it friendly? Is it a good kitty? *Backing away* Sorry Kitty. We don’t have no Catnip. we don’t have any Meow mix either…

Amy: What does it want?

Spencer: I don’t know… Someone… Please. Do something.

Tidus stands in and challenges it and it took 8 rounds before…

Wakka: Hey! That’s Enough!

The Lion-Like man only shook his head and walked off ahead. The girls all stood looking truly confused as they had no clue who that was and the fact that it was to be another guardian who’d be with them through out the whole journey…

Tidus: What’s with that guy?

Serena: You mean… that half-man Half-cat. That guy looked like he was seeking to turn us into cat chow.

Zoey: The man is gone… right? *Scared*

Luna: It’s Okay, Zoey. It’s gonna be alright. I won’t allow for that man to come near you. Just stay close to me.

Pearl: Who was he? Someone you guys know of?

Lulu: That was Kimahri Ronso, of the Ronso Tribe. He’s learned the fiend’s way of fighting.

Tidus: That’s not what i meant!

Wakka: He’s another of Yuna’s guardians.

Serena: Huh?

Penny: Are you serious about that? He’s another guardian? So… He’s what? He’s gonna be with us from here on out?

Paul: well… I’ll be. *Speechless*

Yuna: *Laughter* Sometimes we don’t understand him either. Kimahri doesn’t talk much either. But he has protected me since i was a child.

Christina: Ah.

seconds later… they resumed their journey making way again to the Docks. They didn’t really know where else to go and they could not go anywhere else. the only direction they could go was forward.  However… A Little bit down the path…

A creature attacked. Garuda-enemy-ffxA Garuda came and was rather menacing…

Blossom: Another Flyer. That’s supposed to be more up your alley, Right… Wakka?

Wakka: True… True. Usually it would be. But, uh, Why don’t we have our summoner show us what she’s made of.

Yuna steps in to battle her first battle.

Wakka: Your first real battle, Yuna. Let’s see some Style.

Lulu: Show us what your training’s taught you, Yuna.

Yuna: *Summoning Valefor and Thumping the Garuda*

5 turns later…

The creature was gone and they pressed on ahead only to get met by another Garuda…

Wakka: Another one of those Garuda’s. No problem. Leave this one to me, ya. *To the Garuda* Say goodnight, Birdie!

It was only a minute or so later that the creature was beaten and they pressed further on and it only took them a couple minutes to get to the beach where everyone was heading to the docks. Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri, Yuna… They made their very way to the dock and walked up the ramp and on the ship. The family looked at one another and gulped…

Paige: Here we go. Back upon the ocean.

Pearl: I feel as though we’re gonna be forever on the sea.

Dinah: So do I.

Alvin: Where are we going anyway? Does anyone happen to know where it is that we’re going?

Paul: I don’t know where it is that we’re going… but i just hope that it is a place that is of dry land.

Crystal: I am sure that it will be. I seriously have had more ocean than what i care to see. So far most of our time here has been nothing but a surround of water. That’s way too much.

Zoey: Will we be finding trouble on the Ocean?

Blossom: No…. I don’t think so.

Curtis: We better get on the ship. It isn’t gonna wait for us forever.

Annie: *Walking up onto the ship* I really don’t like the idea of being on the ocean again. I wish that we didn’t have to be on the ocean again.

Clint: I feel the same way you do, Annie. I would rather us be ones to fly or hover in mid-air over the ocean.

Susie: Our forms can do that.

Amy: They can. But i don’t suppose that our mother and father would like that.

Penny: We should ask.

Pearl: *Shaking her head no*

Spencer: *Looking at the Islanders on the dock waving farewell to Yuna* This is sure a send off.

Sora: You think so?

Carly: We know so. They’re seeing her off. Seeing us off possibly. We’re going with the Summoner, aren’t we?

Blossom: yeah.

As soon as they were all on the ship, The ship prepped to set sail and began to leave and haul anchor. Yuna gave out a final Yevon Bow to the Villagers before the ship finally sailed off. The Villagers were all with teary eyes. The kids that were there cried and wished it not to be so that the Summoner had to go. But she did. It was only minutes later that the Ship known or called the S.S Liki was en route to the next destination. What were the Rhapsody fighters gonna do now? They were on the high seas and were now stuck on board a ship. There was no way out. Would they be able to gather their bearings again and regain their step? Would they be told how their world would be connected to Spira as Tidus’s Zanarkand was told to be connected to Spira in some mysterious way? Would there be a surprise attack coming for them on the high seas? What would Yuna think about their heroic forms if they came to needing to let that part out in the open? What would they all think? It was high sea frontiers and the moments of sailing the ocean blue. With possible danger and a proof of worldly connection. Find out what’s next in the Next Chapter of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…


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