Ch. 120. The New beginning. 14 years later… (3)

Continued from Part 2

Of course for Curtis and Megan’s Kids…

Curtis and Megan’s house…

Blossom: *Rubbing her head* That really hurts. That bully was really mean.

Mary: Bullies usually are mean. They’re supposed to be. That’s why they’re called Bullies. Bullies aren’t supposed to be nice.

Blossom: They’re not supposed to be so violent either. But they are anyway.

Mary: Yeah. That’s the problem. The Bullies are really violent for this generation and alot are coming at us. Or at those of us who happen to have special powers. Although not all of us have special abilities. Problem about that is that the bullies seem to come at any of us who are Rhapsody Members. It’s as if we’re being targeted by haters. There are haters in the world and we’re the targets.

Blossom: *Sighs* I thought that there would be peace for our family.

Mary: So did i.

Blossom: Maybe we’re in the generation to where people who are different are made to be the targets for harm and being kicked around. It stinks.

Mary: I agree. But i kinda think that it’s like that for any generation as there seems to be so much hatred in people. It’s like they had forgotten how to love.

Blossom: Where’re our Brothers Perry and Marty?

Mary: They’re in the kitchen doing something. Probably making something to eat.

Blossom: It seems like they’re always hungry. Always eating.

Mary: No way. Blossom… They’re probably cooking.

Blossom: Since when? When did they learn how to cook?

Mary: Ask them. I just hope they don’t put in any Dairy in what it is that they’re cooking. I can’t have any of that. I can’t even have milk. and I like Milk.

Blossom: The only thing to Milk that you can have is Soy Milk. Bleec!

Mary: I know… I hate Soy Milk, but it’s the only thing that i can have when it’s Milk. Anything else… i passout and have blackouts. I can’t even have Cheese.

Blossom: That’s sad.

Mary: I know. It’s sad. But i think that we all knew that for years. I was diagnosed with it when i was like 6. You remember that, Right… Sis?

Blossom: Yeah… i do.

In Victoria’s Room…

Victoria: *Sighs* What’s the problem with the family anyway? Natasha decided to take up smoking and has smoked with me in the girl’s restroom. I am betting that her mother… Aunt Luna is giving her a lecture about it. *grunts feeling annoyed* Why can’t they just let her live her life. She’s 14. Natasha is 14. I think that she’s old enough to choose for herself. Why can’t Aunt Luna just back off from Natasha?

Victoria was angry about the fact that people were trying to control them. I made her sick to her stomach and she was fed up with the whole deal. Victoria didn’t care about the rules of the family. She closed the door to her room and got out her pack, then pulled out a stick and placed it on her lips and within seconds… Lit up. Of course the smell came through the door and was smelt in the hall and the living room…

A Minute later…

Curtis: *Walking down the hall and stopping in front of Victoria’s bedroom door and knocking on it* Victoria… Open the door, right now. Open it.

Victoria: Why?

Curtis: Are you smoking again?

Victoria: None of your business dad. Go away.

Curtis: Wrong, Victoria. It is my business. You’re still a Minor and you still live under our roof. You’ll do as you’re told. Now… *Barking an order at Victoria* Open this door. NOW!

Victoria: Fine. God… You’re so annoying! *Opening the door and Looking at her father* What do you want?

Curtis: I am angry at you. You getting Aunt Luna’s Daughter Natasha in trouble. Getting her to smoke and screw her life over just like you did yours. Just because you’re all Emo and acting like a greaser… doesn’t mean that you can go around and do whatever the hell it is that you damn well please here. You have two younger sisters who are need i remind you… very Impressionable.

Victoria: Dad, There is nothing wrong with the habit. It is a person’s choice to do it. If they want to do it… it is up to them. All they are doing is hurting themselves. that’s all they’re doing. Just because you and everyone has a problem with it doesn’t make it right for you to try to force me to quit. I lied about my age when i was 13. i posed as a 26 year and bought myself a pack. I found someone at school who was a trouble maker and he gave me a fake ID. I don’t hurt anyone. You act like i am… when i’m actually not.

Curtis: It doesn’t matter. You know how we are about it. Your Aunt Luna did it for a little when she was 13 and we were on her about it. because we cared about her and didn’t want her to drag herself to having health issues later on down the road. Like COPD. Emphysema and other health issues that go along with it.  Is that what you want? Is it?! Because if you keep smoking… that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. That is exactly what you’ll be getting. Victoria… it’s not a game. the habit will kill you. It will kill you if you don’t watch out.

Victoria: I suppose that Natasha’s getting the same exact talk as i am getting now.

Curtis: I am sure that she is. I mean that she is Emotionally unstable and she can’t take any large surprises or she’ll lose it. Luna and Zeke don’t know what to do about that. All they can do is take it day by day. That’s all. Smoking as a young teen is not healthy. I mean… if you turn 18 and move out. Then decide to do it… You can and we won’t say anything about it. We won’t be happy about it and will wish that you’d quit it… But we won’t say anything about it as you’re a big girl and know what you want. But just as long as you’re living here and are under the same roof as we are…  You need to end the habit. Please. If you want to be a Greaser and Emo… that’s fine. Be one. But not one that smokes at a young age. Okay? Please… That’s all your mother and i ask.

Victoria: *Sighs* …..

An hour later…

Curtis: *In the Kitchen and helping the boys cook* You two are learning to cook. That’s a useful skill to learn for the future when you live on your own and start a family of your own.

Perry: Easy on that logic there dad. We’re only like 11. *Working on cooking*

Marty: Besides that we’ve got plenty of time to think about the future.

Curtis: You’re right. But getting a little head start on it wouldn’t hurt. Every little bit helps.

Perry: Cooking is hard when you’re also having to figure what to make for someone who’s Lactose intolerant. There is not much that can be made for one who’s allergic to any Dairy and can’t have any unless it’s Soy. Not that it’s Mary’s fault that she’s been Diagnosed with it and has it. But it just makes it really hard to adjust.

Marty: Is there even a Cure for it?

Curtis: *Rubbing a hand gently across his son’s head* I wish that there was a cure, Son. I really do. But i don’t think that the doctors have been able to come up with one. At least not one that has been proven to work.

Perry: Wow… That kind of sucks. So… What does Mary hope to do about it? Can she hope to beat it?

Curtis: Not sure.

Marty: Blossom could shock her out of being Lactose Intolerant. heh heh heh heh heh!

Perry: That does sound like a rather intriguing thought. Although… it might only just Electrocute her.

Curtis: That’s right. It wouldn’t be all that wise to do something like that.

At 5 in the Afternoon Early Evening…

Alice and Alvin’s house…

In the Dining Room…

Sora: *Looking at Carly*

Carly: *Looking at Sora and doing her homework* This homework is easy.

Sora: It is. This Math is simple long Multiplication. She only gave us 5 problems of those to do.

Carly: They should be easy to do… The teacher did show us how it was done. It’s just like regular Multiplication. Just that it’s got 4 columns and not just one.

Sora:  Oh… you mean… Like 5632 x6741 ———?

Carly: Yeah. I think that dad might know about this since he may have done these type of problems when he used to go to school.

Sora: Yeah… that’s right. He would know of these problems. He’d know these. However, He’s not here. yet.

Carly: Why? It is after 5 and he never works past 5.  He comes home always after 5.

Paul: *Walking into the dining room* Hey there Twins. What’s up? You two okay? *Reciting Comedy lines*

Sora: *Giggles* You’re funny, Paul. Really funny.

Carly: *Laughing* I can’t concentrate when you’re trying to make us laugh. Paul… you’re making us laugh. We’re trying to do our homework. *Laughing*

Sora: *Laughing*

Crystal: *Walking in and seeing Paul acting goofy* Paul… You nut. what are you doing? You’re bugging Sora and Carly. They’re trying to do their homework. They can’t do it if you’re here trying to make them laugh. *Laughing*

Paul: Laughing makes life worth while.

Crystal: Yes. It does… but they’re trying to do their homework. Haven’t you done yours yet?

Paul: Oh yeah. I sure have. It’s been good. It was showing good behavior.

Crystal: Okay… I think that was the cue where it’s time we have you taking a tranquilizer.

Paul: *Blows raspberries* Tranquilizers? Yuck. No cocktails please. I’m driving.

Crystal: *Hearing the front door open* Dad’s home.

Paul: *Pauses* Pops is home? Nah. I think that Mom is home.

A Minute later…

Alvin: *Walking into the Dining room* Hey there Son. *Smiles* Make anyone bust up laughing?

Paul: Yeah. the girls. They think it’s cute.

Alvin: *Looking at his Older Daughter* … *Smiles* And how’s my Lovely Princess Crystal?

Crystal: I’m okay, dad. Really. But the question ought to be how are you?

Alvin: I’m good. did some good repairs on some cars and also been waiting to get a call to start working on the bus’s at the Bus Station Depot. Although till that comes in… Auto repairs is all i got.

Paul: Don’t sweat it dad. You’ll get there in no time. Besides that you’re good at repairing cars. You could repair them with your eyes closed.

Crystal: It’s gonna be okay dad. The main thing is that you’re trying and that is all that one can ask. Plus… We love you no matter how much or little money you make.

Sora: That’s right.

Carly: *Nods*

Paul: Where’s mom?

Alvin: She should be home anytime now.

Crystal: *Looking to the side and seeing a shadow* That must be her.

Alice: *Walking in* Hey.

Alvin: *Walking over to his wife and kissing her* Hey darling. How was work?

Alice: It was really exciting today. Had about 6 Seances and readings. Even a Spirit contact. Which was actually fun. Although it was to reach the spirit of someone named Princess Aquamarine. But to actually see it make a person happy. That’s what made it all worth while.

Alvin: So i’ve heard. But i am glad that you had alot of activity. That’s good.

Alice: Tomorrow i got about a full house. A ton of Palm readings.

Crystal: Really? That’s pretty interesting. I can actually see you having a lot of Success.

Paul: *Looking at Crystal* And how is it that you can declare that one, sis? You’re not Psychic.

Crystal: Actually… I am. I have Psychic power and Vision Foresight. You Paul have fire Power and Telekinesis. Sora and Carly have ESP and telepathy.

Paul: I have fire power? You’re kidding me, Right? I have Fire power? If i have that power… then why didn’t i know about it before?

Crystal: Probably the same reason as me. You weren’t ready to know about it yet. Neither was I.

Alvin: That’s a good reason. I knew what you kids had inside you. But till you were truly ready… I wasn’t gonna expose it to you. It just wouldn’t be fair to you kids. Putting that burden into you guys before it was time.

But a few minutes later, Alvin and Alice got things set to begin making dinner. They saw it being time for dinner to be made and for everyone to have a hearty meal. It was a big day. A long day for some and for others… it was rather normal. Or made to seem that way. Paul helped with the table and got it set for everyone. Crystal set out the drinks. Sora and Carly had their usual Pepsi. They loved that drink. Paul was with Iced Tea. Crystal had her Espresso. Alvin and Alice had Coffee. The table was being made and set for them all. Alvin and Alice made Fried Chicken, Baked Potatoes and Corn…

As for Luna and her family…

At Luna and Zeke’s house…

In the Living Room…

Luna: *With Zeke* Natasha, Why were you smoking in the girl’s restroom at school?

Zeke: Don’t you know that you can get expelled from school for concealing Tobacco products or weapons of any kind? I mean if you want to be smoking and ruin your health like a airhead. At least be smart about it. Don’t do it on school grounds and where others can catch you on school grounds doing it. We don’t want you doing the habit. We would most definitely like for you to stop the habit. Not that you will because you’ve made your mind and accepted to do the habit.

Luna: How did you get all these Cartons anyway? Don’t be saying that it was all from Victoria. we know Curtis and Megan’s kids and know that they’d never stand for it. They’d be all over Victoria before she could run at 100 meters.

Natasha: I’m sorry. I have just decided to do it. I mean… Victoria did happen to do some persuading towards it. But it was me who made that choice.

Rina: *Scoffs* and it was the wrong move. You should have been more smarter than that.

Natasha: I don’t think it would matter whether i were to quit or not. I mean… i now have the reputation of the School’s troubled teen now. So even if i were to stop it and not do it. What good would it do me now? There is no going back. I already walked through that one door.

Rina: So that should make it all alright for you to do? Natasha, You’re only 14. You’re messing up your life. Victoria did it and we’re sure that she’s getting into her own brand of trouble with her mom and dad. But now to know that you are doing the habit. You really have any idea as to what that would do to our younger sister Zoey if she were to see you smoking?

Natasha: I didn’t really think about that part. I seriously didn’t think about that part at all.

Zeke: That’s right. You didn’t. Because if you had. You would have had better sense than to be getting caught in the girls restroom at school and smoking.

Luna: Don’t you have anything to say about it? Natasha, you should have known better than this. Zeke and i didn’t raise you to turn out like this. Not once. Not ever. Why are you doing this? Because you want to become something you’re not. Become a punk. or a greaser.

Natasha: That’s for me to worry about and for you to just back off. I am not hurting anyone. So i slipped and took up the habit. It is bad and it is not right of me to do it… But i made the decision. I made the move. Victoria was smoking in school and no one says anything about that. Nothing. I do it and i am the one getting lectured. Punished and handed a morality lesson.

Luna: It’s because you’re not Victoria. If Victoria Decided to Jump off the Roof and pose as some kind of psychotic daredevil Literally breaking her neck in doing so… Would you be wanting to do it too?

Natasha: No. I wouldn’t and to be honest… just because i do the habit and Victoria also did it… and still does it… You’re trying to use her as a comparison to shake me. That’s a low blow if there ever was one. I am still me. You are just angry because i am not all prim and proper.

Zeke: No… We are angry because you’re ruining your life by doing what you’re doing now. You’re destroying your life. The habit is unhealthy. It was never healthy. I started that habit when i was 7 and stopped at age 13. But i stopped because i was given a reason to. and i was changed. by your mother here. She changed me and she also smoked for a little but too till i quit the habit myself. But we did it to mask our abuse. We did it to hide the stigma of being ones who were violated or abused and left with scars.

Zeke and Luna then suffer a Flashback…

“February 19th 2027…

On top of the Daily Planet…

Luna: *Walking to the ledge and looking at Zeke* Zeke, I think that sister is starting to suspect that there is something going on with me.

Zeke: Why do you figure that? How could she suspect that something was going on with you? You didn’t leave your pack out in the open… Did you?

Luna: No. I had it hidden and also had the tray and the lighter. I have it in my pocket whenever i’m out and or awake. I don’t ever have it out in the open. Not once. But somehow she’s starting to suspect that something’s up… but is playing it where she doesn’t know. She’s trying to leave it as where she’d never know.

A second later…

Zeke: Do you want to hide the pack at my place for a few days or so no one will be able to put the pieces together?

Luna: Yeah. It would help. Because they’re getting suspicious and have started sniffing and are closing in for a break in on the truth. They’re asking me things that relate to whether i am hiding something. I don’t know. I happen to think that Martin might have gotten to them and got them to press. Although i don’t know how he could do it since even he doesn’t know that i do the habit. He doesn’t know that i smoke. I didn’t tell him and i don’t plan to tell him at all. He already doesn’t like you. I don’t want to provide him that fuse to use to come at you with his paranoia.

Zeke: It’s not gonna be that bad. 

Luna: Zeke, You don’t know that. You don’t know my sisters like i do. They will smell a rat. And when they do… they will put the pieces together and will figure out what’s going on. Martin is already suspecting that there is something between us but is without any possible proof that you and I are seeing one another. I am still his girlfriend, Zeke. But i am falling out of love with him little by little because ever since you and i met… he’s been getting rather untrusting of me and it is gonna be a matter of time before before he figures out that something is a miss with me. That’s if he hasn’t done so already. He already doesn’t trust me. He already doesn’t trust me and on the very day of the 14th. on Valentines day when he and i were having our romantic Date. Which… wasn’t as happy as it should have been. The Pack of Cigarettes that were mine fell out of my side pocket and he saw them. But i made him think that they were yours and that i was holding them for you. That i forgot to hand them back to you. 

Zeke: But the truth was that the pack was yours and you were trying to throw him off the trail.

Luna: You are gonna ask me now if it seemed to work. Seeing if it got him off the trail. a bit. *Pulling out her pack of Marlboro and pulling out a Cigarette before placing the cigarette on her lips and then putting the pack back in her pocket; Taking out her cigarette lighter and lighting up; Smoking* Well… I guess it should be a relief since it did work. He didn’t press any further with it and i wasn’t gonna be one that’d let him do so. 

Zeke: *Pulling out his pack of Marlboro and pulling out a cigarette; Placing it on his lips before pulling out his lighter and lighting up* Will it last though? That’s the thing. Will it last and if so… For how long?

Luna: My sister has been asking me about school and if Martin and I planned on going on dates again. I didn’t answer because i didn’t want to accidentally expose the fact that i’ve been with a habit. She doesn’t know and i don’t want her to. The way i see it… The longer that she doesn’t know about it. It’ll be safer for me and it will keep the secret covered up. Plus i don’t want to date Martin anymore. because now if i do date him… I will risk having my secret let out and he’ll definitely tell my sister Dinah or if not her Tell my Brother-in-Law Shingo. 

Zeke: *Taking a puff off of his cigarette* And i suspect that if you were to come my place for the night… They’d know that something was truly up.

Luna: *Taking a puff off of her cigarette* I’m stuck. I don’t even know how to throw them off anymore. 

Zeke: What about the others at school?

Luna: I don’t know. *Sighs* I don’t think that they know much about it. but from what they do know… They’re on the fence. They don’t know that much about what’s going on to make any kind of judgment or any explanation of what’s going on between you, Me and Martin.

Zeke: But they know at least that the abuse we’d been through is hurting us and that we’re struggling. Don’t they?

Luna: They know about that much. However… i believe that’s about all they seem to know as of right now. But it doesn’t make me any less scared that they won’t figure out that something is not right. They’ll catch on. Penelope will. She might figure that something is going on.

Zeke: *Sighs* …

Luna and Zeke just stood there and looked out at the view…”

Luna: We were doing it as a mask for our Abuse. Zeke Was abused in the worst way when he was a little kid. when he was 5. He smoked from age 7 to age 13. I smoked from February 7th 2027 to May 15th that same year. But it was just the same. Abuse. The Stigma of being seen as damaged goods.

Zeke: But you weren’t abused in any way. You are just deciding to do it because you’re trying to be something you’re not. You’re being really brainless over thinking that you can be cool just by taking up the habit.

Natasha: *Snaps* You know what? I think that i have heard enough. You think that i am a bad person because i happen to what… turn into a girl who’s got a habit?? Well… that’s fine. I’m just gonna go to my room and just be distant.

Luna: That’s not gonna work this time and you know it. You are not gonna let this slide. You are trying to make as if you’ve done nothing that is a bit of any concern. Health wise. I worry about you alot because of your Emotional instability. You’re emotionally unstable.

Natasha: Oh yeah? Well… Emotionally Unstable this… *grabbing one of the glasses and throwing it at the wall breaking it* How’s that for Emotionally unstable?

Zach: *Looking up and seeing Natasha having a fit* What’s up with Natasha? Is she having her momentary temper tantrum again?

Charlie: She is making a whole lot of noise. Is she gonna be calming down anytime soon?

Luna: It’s okay, boys. She’s just blowing off a lot of steam is all. Nothing to worry about.

Natasha: *Screaming* This is not steam. I am letting out the fact that i am annoyed at you and dad. I everyone. I made one move. One decision and you’re all Crucifying me. Putting the guilt on me like it’s my fault. It isn’t my fault that i got into the habit. I was already choosing to take it up and then to see Cousin Victoria doing it… that’s what got me to officially do it.

Natasha rolls back to earlier in the day back in school…

“Metropolis High school…

Main Hall…

Natasha: *Walking down the hall and making way over to the girls restroom* I have not used the restroom in hours and i really need to use it before i have a flood. I do not want to feel like a little girl again. That’d suck.

A few seconds later…

Natasha: *Walking into the girl’s restroom* … *Sniffing something not right filling the air in the restroom* What is that smell? Where’s it coming from? *Hearing noises* Anyone in here?

Victoria: It’s just me. Hanging out and having a smoke like a greaser girl ought to. What’re you doing?

Natasha: Not much. Just coming in to use the restroom. *Walking over* But… Why are you in here all by yourself? Aren’t you wanting to be with the rest of the people on the outside?

Victoria: That would be what i’d do if i actually wanted to be around the others. The others are all pointless. Living such pathetic lives and it isn’t something i want to deal with.

Natasha: Wow. *Walking closer and getting next to the stall that Victoria was in* You’re really not that much a people person, are you?

Victoria: *Smoking* No. Natasha. I’m not. And i don’t know why you are since you’re with… what? Emotional Instability.

Natasha: How did you guess that?

Victoria: I didn’t. I just rather knew about it since your mother is my Aunt. and my mother is your aunt. It’s like we’re all close.

Natasha: *Sitting on the toilet seat in the stall next to Victoria* … *Sighs*

Victoria: Hey. You alright?

Natasha: I’m alright. Just thinking about something.

Victoria: What about?

Natasha: Not sure. I am just feeling as if i am Veering down into something that i shouldn’t be. I have been wanting to change my image a bit and maybe do something radical. Some say that smoking is one way of letting out that side of you. Some say Drinking is the way. Others say that it’s the attire and the attitude that does it. However… I am not so sure. *Feeling literally unsure*

Victoria: You really don’t know what to feel. Do you?

Natasha: No. I mean… I think that i want to take up smoking and start the habit. But i am just not sure if it’s right. I am just afraid of how i’m gonna feel in the morning tomorrow if i were to just do it.

Victoria: Oh… That’s what it is, isn’t it? Well… if you want to smoke, then why not start now. I got an extra pack with me. How does Marlboro Red sound to you?

Natasha: Hey. A Brand’s a brand. I’m not gonna complain.

Victoria the unzips the side pouch on her bag and pulls out the extra pack of smokes and drops it on the floor. She gently with her foot shoved it to where Natasha was sitting and with it was a lighter. As soon as Natasha saw the pack and saw the lighter, she reached down and grabbed the pack and picked it up, Then smiled but gulped as she was unsure if she wanted to do it. But she felt that she was there in the restroom and now with a pack. She unwrapped it and opened it. Natasha them pulled out a cigarette and shivered.

Natasha: *Placing the Cigarette on her lips and then using the lighter to light up; Smoking* 

Victoria: Welcome to the tough crowd. *Smiles*

Natasha: Is this right? Is this the right thing for us to be doing?

Victoria: Not really. But… it is our body and we should by now have more say what we do with it. *Smoking*

Natasha: I of course just hope that my mom doesn’t get news of this. She’d never understand.

Victoria: Probably not.”

Zeke: *raises an eyebrow in concern* Are you even paying attention to us, young lady? I feel like our words are just barely entering your ears at all. Smoking is not something to be taken lightly. It’ll kill you. I mean our smoking was killing us too, but it was more of a gentle death compared to my mother. You know what. Nevermind… *stands up and rubs his temples* Ugh…. I’m getting a migraine from all of this.

Luna: *Looking at her Daughter Natasha* You are smoking in school. And now are trying to make as if you’re doing the right thing by continuing to do it. You are 14 years old, Natasha. How stupid can you be to take up smoking cigarettes? Your young sister Zoey looks up to you for strength. how tough you are and has said that she’d want to be just like you when she grew up a little bit. But then you go and do this. You smoke. Smoking can kill you and you are trying to pass on ideas and make us think that Smoking is the thing in popularity. It’s not. It never was. It will kill you. It’ll cause you to wind up an Amputee if nothing worse than that. *Seeing Zeke feeling stressed* You just don’t seem to understand us trying to shake some sense in to you. Either that or you just don’t care. *Trying to calm Zeke down*

Natasha: You both are such hypocrites and Paranoid nuts. I smoked. Big deal. There are other teens who adhere to the habit and no one says shit about them. I do it and it’s all hell froze over.

Luna: That’s because it’s not about them. You’re not them. If they were all drinking Cyanide. Would you want to be doing it too? HUH?!

Natasha already threw something else against the wall and broke it. But She then began to start growling and was about lash out… but the lecturing went on further…

Zeke: *grabbing a plate and throwing it at the wall behind her* I can do that too! You are acting like a two year old! Go up to your room and think about if smoking is really worth losing the ones who care about you! *moans and rubs his temples* I need an Advil…


Natasha Marched off to her room and she didn’t care what happened anymore. She was gonna be in her room and without Luna and Zeke knowing… she grabbed the bag that was full of the cartons of Cigarettes and went to her room and closed the door. The blowout was what pushed her to do more of the habit. But…

In the Dining Room…

Luna and Zeke then got into it and start going at words about the outrage of their Daughter veering into Smoking…

Luna: Was THAT really necessary? You could’ve hurt her or one of our other children for Christ sakes! What was going through your mind!?

Zeke: *Slams hands on the dinner table* She just doesn’t understand! She thinks she can go about doing whatever the hell she wants and can get away by throwing a fit! I can’t take it!

Luna: *sighs and sits on a chair* Yelling at her doesn’t work and God knows punishing her does diddly squat. You aren’t making this any easier I might add…

Zeke: Oh here we go… Look, I’m sorry. I just hate how she assumes it’s okay to do it because we did it once upon a midnight dreary. I’ll go talk to her… *begins to head over to Natasha’s room*

Meanwhile, Luna goes over the last fourteen years and wondered what she did wrong. Did she make her daughter hate her? Could she really fix this problem? Luna puts her head in her hands, feeling an urge to cry.

As soon as Zeke reached the door to Natasha’s room…

Zeke: *knocks on his daughter’s door* Natasha… Honey. I’m sorry I snapped. I would really like to talk…

He didn’t hear any answer from the other side of the door which was unusual… Especially for his daughter. He didn’t want to barge in without being told to. Although he was the parent. He was with the right. It was then that he grabbed the door and seeing that it not locked. It made it all the more easier to just get into the room. He placed a hand on the doorknob getting set to open the door to his Daughter’s room…

Zeke: *opening the door and seeing his daughter smoking* Oh god dammit! *grabbing the cigarette from his daughter’s lips and puts it out* What have we told you!? I knew it! You don’t give a crap about anyone but yourself! Natasha, I love you and your mother loves you…why the hell are you doing this? Do you not see what you’re doing to yourself? Are you that blind that you just don’t care to see that you bring such harm upon yourself by doing what it is that you do?

Natasha: *rolls eyes in disrespect* I want to live my own damn life. God! I know what cigarettes do to a person as i have read about the risks and the dangers in case you find it relevant to know of it and i will tell you only this… I don’t give a flying f*** about it. It’s my body and I should be allowed to use and/or abuse it the way I want! I do have freedom of choice. in case you didn’t gather that piece of knowledge.

Zeke: *grabs his daughter’s hair* You arrogant girl. Do you truly and without error think I had that privilege!? I was raped and abused by your grandmother! My biological mother that i broke from by age 12… Molested me when i was only 5. I was only 5 when she stole my innocence away from me… She took away my innocence. Took away my innocence. The only choices that I could ever have made was quitting smoking and marrying your mother who i loved from the very first second and moment that i laid my eyes upon her and being there for her when she was pregnant with you! You almost killed her coming out. They had to cut her open to pull you out. If not for that… she would have drowned in her own blood with you following suit. Do you think your grandmother “wanted” you? She would have done to you… the same as she done to me or maybe worse. Sold you off to be molested by a man who was older and bigger and much stronger than you in more ways possible than the last.

Natasha: Bite me!

Zeke: What did you say? You better not have said something snotty to me. Because i may be your father and i love you more than anything as you’re my daughter. But i will not tolerate your disobedient behavior. You hear me?

Natasha: I am your daughter… I am also the one with Emotional Instability. I made a choice and i am sticking to it. If you think that i am doing all this to spite you or mom. You can wake up now and smell the stench of reality. I don’t do it for anyone’s benefit other than my own. I am a loner. I always will be nothing more than some loner. You and mom have been there for me. Done every damn thing you possibly could. If not for you two… I would be just some stray. You raised Rina, the two boys and Zoey better and more than me. But you both tried best to be there. But how can you deal with someone like me? I am a nothing. Emotionally disabled. I can’t handle being with any high emotion or i become a wreck. I get unstable. I did something that clearly shamed you and mom… *Turning away* Smoking is my punishment for veering into this habit and forsaking what you and mom taught me and raise me with.

Zeke didn’t know what to say about that outburst. He looked at Natasha and felt shame and low just by the way that Natasha spoke about herself and her own worth. She made herself feel worthless. She still made it no secret that she loved them. But hated what she was… what she had in her that made her into nothing further than a freak…

A Minute later in the Living room…

Zeke: *Sitting down and silent* …

Luna: How’s Natasha?

Zeke: …

Luna: Zeke, Are you not hearing? I asked you how is Natasha.

Zeke: Does it matter to know how our daughter who hates her life and just made herself feel worthless and unworthy by the eyes of those who love her endlessly is? It doesn’t.

Luna: What’s gotten into you?

Zeke: Nothing. *Huffs and Looking away* Our daughter feels like we hate her and see her as the bastard child. She feels that she shamed us for what she had done and is now gonna do the habit to cover the fact that she’s the bastard child.

Luna: … b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but… How can that be possible? Why would she think that? We never gave her that impression. We loved her and always have. We always will. Nothing could ever change that. Ever.

Zeke: *Getting up and walking over to the window* What does it matter to you? Luna, Natasha feels that you blame her for almost killing you when she was first born. She thinks that you hate her and i don’t know if it’s just me. But she happens to have a point. You haven’t really paid much attention to her. I was the one who paid most attention to her. But of all the times when she needed you. You weren’t there.

Luna: That is not true. I was there. I am there for all the kids. *Gasps and feeling hurt* I Love them all. But i wasn’t always around for Natasha because seeing her and knowing that she’s suffering from the ailment of Emotional Instability was breaking my heart. Seeing her in pain and not being able to help her. What did she really expect to see? Me being there and seeing her suffer each day and come to rip my heart out just knowing that there was nothing that i could do. *crushed; downhearted* I Love her and she knows that i love her. I never blamed her for what could have happened to me and her when she was born. I never blamed her.

Zeke: Tell that to her. And of course what gets me is… *Looking out the window and refusing to look at his wife* If she happened to had felt that you were to blame for her feeling that she was being put to blame for your almost death when she was born… Why was it that she waited till now… A moment ago to bring it out? Why didn’t she just come out with it and say it right to our faces and just say it how she felt it?

Luna: I don’t know… *Looking down and feeling upset knowing that she has a daughter who possibly hates her and a husband who is unhappy with her and is at the moment wanting not a thing to do with her* … I’ll just go and stay out of your sight. *Walking away and heading to her and Zeke’s bedroom*

Zeke: *Sighs* …

Charlie and Zach were overhearing and were lost on what their mother and father were saying or discussing. They didn’t know what was really going on. From what they heard from the verbal issue was that Natasha was having issues and all they saw was her having a fit. That was all. They didn’t know anything else. Rina kinda knew and just didn’t speak of it to the two boys. She didn’t want to get them involved in the situation if it could be avoided. Zoey however was hearing it all and she hid in her room and got under her bed. She didn’t want to come out while the fighting was going on. She was with the powers of what her mother used to be once upon a time… but she didn’t want to use it if there wasn’t any need for it.

Zeke was in the living room and he knew that what he was saying to his wife Luna was hurtful and he didn’t even know why he had said it to begin with. He didn’t speak ill of her nor did he wish to come out with such words or such things that he got from talking with Natasha. He sighed and looked to the side and felt terrible as he realized that he might have truly hurt his wife’s feelings and made her feel as though she were to blame for their Daughter’s change in tone and behavior and that it was her fault for why Natasha was veering. There was no one to blame or there was as he was just as much to blame as she was. But they both knew that there was no one to blame. No one to point the finger to as there was no guilty party for why Natasha turned out the way she did. There was no cure for the illness of Emotionally disabled. There was no true cure. Zeke knew that there could be pills to help suppress the illness or the health issue. But to make it go away completely… There was nothing any of them could do.

Natasha didn’t stick around as she couldn’t be in the same house for that moment or so as her family. She didn’t hate them… but presently… they weren’t her most favorites. She took her pack with her and went to go find her cousin Victoria. She knew that she’d have her at least to speak to. But while she was out and gone to see her cousin…

In Luna’s and Zeke’s Room…

Luna: *Crying and sobbing into her hands* It’s all my fault. All my fault. What have i done? Zeke is angry with me and Natasha is with belief that i hate her. *Sobbing*

Zeke: *Knocking on the door* Luna?!

Luna: Go away. i don’t want to talk. Nor do i want to see anyone now.

Zeke: *Hearing sobs through the door* Luna, honey… It’s me. Please let me come in.

Luna: *Sobs* Why should I? You think it’s my fault that Natasha is emotionally Disabled. and I am the reason to why Natasha thinks that i blame her for almost killing me when she was born. You’ve said enough. So let me just face the truth and see it as so that i’m to blame for why she’s the way she is now. *Sobs*

Zeke: I am not sticking for this. I am not the one who blamed you. Our Daughter did the blaming. She blamed you. I don’t hold you responsible for what happened. I never had. You are being over sensitive about what she said. This is all teen angst that is being let out. This is no different than when we were growing up. How we were going through teen angst. It’s nothing different. It is nothing different. What i said… I am sorry if it came out the way it had and has hurt you in an unintentional way. It was out of line and uncalled for.

Luna: *Sniffles* You’re darn right it was. It was not right and literally upsetting. Hearing you say those kinds of things to me and direct them at me. It was really awful.

Zeke: Yeah. It was truly malicious and makes me none better than how Martin treated you back then before you officially broke from him. You were not at fault for how she turned out. No one was and for us to place blame on one another… For me to blame you for something that you had no control over… That was inexcusable. I’ll stay at the pub tonight. so i can think about what it was that i was thinking blaming you for something that you had no control over. You deserve better. Alot better than that.

Luna: I only want you. *Sniffles* I know we both said things that hurt one another. But i don’t want to lose you.

Zeke: Luna, You’ll never lose me. Because there is one thing that i can guarantee. When we were at the alter and tied the knot in sake of matrimony. That when i gave my vows to Love, Honor and obey. I was not just saying it to just get something out of it. I meant it. Always had and will always mean it. It was “till death do us part.” Luna… I don’t care how upset at each other we get. i don’t care how pissed or angry we might become with one another at times when something happens to piss us off. I’m taking my vows to the grave. I will never ever leave you. I’ll die a million deaths before that happens.

Luna: I feel the same…

Within a minute or so later…

Luna: *Looking at Zeke* I just don’t understand how this could have happened. Natasha was never like this before. Not ever. She was diagnosed with the illness of Emotionally disabled. but She never got this bad.

Zeke: I know how you feel about the matter, Luna. I know how you feel. Believe me i do. But you heard what the doctors said. There is no cure for this. There is nothing that any of the doctors and medical experts can do. No Cure has been made as this ailment is not common. It’s rare and very unique.

Luna: They did say that Emotionally disabled cases children become gradually deaf mute by age 16. In a couple years… she could be that.

Zeke: No. Luna. That is not what she’ll be. We don’t know what might happen when she reaches 16. But we both know that it’s not that. Some people who have it manage to out grow it and turn either psychotic or they mend into a model citizen. Don’t know if that’s true. I never heard of the syndrome or the Ailment like this before. This is all rather like new to me. to you too.

Luna: Either way, Natasha practically hates us. How we came down on her about what she was doing to herself. She’s really lost now.

Zeke: It’s not all lost and for naught yet. We both made the choice to not have her on medicine to suppress it because we both were trying so hard to see that it’d be dealt with and out grown naturally. Not with all these pills. But as much as we don’t want to do it… and as much as we don’t want to have her taking anything for it instead of trying to out grow it. We have no choice. It has to be done.

Luna: *Sighs* I’ll go in late to work tomorrow and call the doctor and see about having prescriptions made for Natasha to take for the Emotional Disability…

Metropolis Radio Station…


Arnold: *On Air* It’s 8 o’clock and it’s time for the Lord Arnold Variety hour. We got a Celebrity here. Well… Maybe not a celebrity but this one is a close friend to my huge family. Pamela Reedy. She’s a chef for the Metropolis Cheese factory and has a few outlets of her own Restaurant line. “Reedy ‘La Paradisimo” Known for their sinfully delicious desserts and sweet snacks. Italian cuisine and a grand selection of fine wine. *Looking at Pamela* Welcome to the Variety hour Mrs. Reedy. It’s great to have you here with us tonight.

Pamela: *On Air* Thank you Lord Arnold. It’s a pleasure to be here. It’s been a while since we all met with one another and been together. 14 years i’d believe it would be, right?

Arnold: Yeah. It sure has been that long. Although i do believe that you and my Cousin Luna touch base every so often and everything.

Pamela: Well… Yeah. We do. But with her Modeling and my having to stick with the Restaurant being the head chef and the founder… Owner of the Chain i made… It made it near impossible. But i do call her from time to time. When i can. It helps.

Arnold: That’s the idea. Communication. The ability to touch base with those who mean alot to you. Kinda like the Restaurant. What’s it like?

Pamela: It’s got a very roomy atmosphere. Pleasant and aromatic. The service is friendly and cordial. We have fresh linens placed on the tables every night after we close and the place is ready for the next day. The Waitresses are punctual and thorough on the service. Making sure that they get the order of the customers. getting every word written down and not missing a single beat.

Arnold: What about the attire?

Pamela: The Attire the crew wear are Pink green and orange. Pink Hats… Green shirts and Orange pants. The Shoes or footwear are Roller skates. Like a Diner but with flair and style. The skates have the names of the restaurant and on the back… Led lights with the patterns of Hawaii and the U.S Combined. The Shirts have on the front. a pocket with room for a pad and a pen with order sheets. On the front of the pocket is the name of the Restaurant and on the back of the shirt is their name.

Arnold: Oh god… Talk about style huh. That’s really creative. Sounds like a place to really hang out in and feel like a home away from home.

Pamela: You work hard to get where you end up. If you have hard word and make it… it will be worth while. I didn’t really want to get into food. But i got to thinking about the possibilities that could happen by getting into food. The people that would be met and the celebrities.  It’s not about the fame. It’s about standing out. Making something of yourself. I soon realized that i was born to be a chef and open up a restaurant chain. Of course it’s not all world famous and it’s got a lot to learn before it can reach that far… but as long as it’s going well. That’s all that should matter.

Arnold: Strong work ethic and devotion. If you were to go back 10 years and rethink about what path you desired to take… Would you make the same choice as you’ve done which led you to where you are today?

Pamela: Given that i got far and have done better than what i would if i were to go to a different path. I would have gone the same path. The one that leads to where i am now.

Arnold: Not to mention that you have a loving husband who owns a Diner himself. Plus a Daughter. A 10 year old daughter.

Pamela: 11. Holly. She’s such a sweetheart. She’s very spunky for her age…

Arnold: *Looking at the time* … *Motioning for a small break; On Air* This is your City Watchdog Lord Arnold spreading the word across the dial. We’re gonna take a commercial break… When we come back… we’ll get into the family side of the one and only Pamela Reedy. Right here on MRHAP Metropolis…

A Couple hours later…

The City was in peace and all the kids were in bed Dreaming their sweet dreams as they slept. Dinah’s kids were asleep and with their minds at ease. Ready for the next day of school. Dinah Was asleep and at peace. However Shingo was out at the House and residence of Mrs. Hudson. He was on call and was summoned to Escort Mrs. Hudson to the Airport. As per request. It didn’t take long as he got to where he had to go in short order. Once he dropped her off and saw that she was with her bearings. He made way back to his family. Being there with them. Paige and her kids were all asleep and at rest…

During the Night at Pearl and Jack’s House…

In Amy’s, Susie’s and Christina’s room…

The girls were sleeping and in the realm of obscurity while sleeping and dreaming a very pleasant dream. They were mysteriously glowing and emitting energy from their bodies. It was the Element of Water and bubbles. Light. Snow also. There was energy pulsing through them and the radiant force that surrounded them for that moment traveled through out the whole house and woke up their Mother Pearl and Father. Jack. It grabbed their attention and even they were shocked at the mysterious occurrence. They were Mystified beyond any limit as they didn’t understand where it came from or how their kids could have any ties to the super powered persuasion. Pearl Took one look at her husband and froze in shock as she then had it dawn on her what it could have been that did it. But she had to deny it because she knew that it couldn’t be what it was that she was thinking it could have been. She didn’t want to buy into it. Although she went to the closet in her’s and Jack’s room and looked to see her old power belt Glowing and glowing faintly.

Pearl: *Freaking out* J-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-Jack?! Oh my god…

Jack: *Walking over to Pearl* What? What is it, honey? Something the matter?

Pearl: We got a big problem…

Jack: How so? What is this big problem? What could it be?

Pearl: *Terrified* I will give you a clue. What’s the item that i used to have on me but didn’t have it on me for years and it being the same item that amped up the power to transform into the hero Bubble Maiden?

Jack: Why… uh… It’s your power belt. Why?

Pearl: Well… take a look.

Jack: *Looking over to see a faint glow coming from Pearl’s belt* Wha— What’s going on with the belt? Why’s it acting like that? Wasn’t the belt supposed to be… Dormant and sleeping?

Pearl: yeah. It was supposed to. But it’s not. It’s nowhere near that apparently as we just saw a huge flash go off all over the place.

Jack: But why’s it doing this?

Pearl: There is no real answer as to why it’s doing what ever it is that it’s doing. But i think that it’s gotten to our girls and Son. I don’t know why it’d do that. What would it want with the girls and Spencer? They don’t have any source of power or ability within them for the belt to affect them.

Jack: Unless… You don’t think that…

Pearl: Think that what… That they’d have a portion of our powers? No. That’s impossible. That is just not in any way possible. That’s not likely.

Jack: What about…

Pearl: What?

Jack: What if… they got some of our power because some of our DNA that had the abilities copied right into them and they happened to get it but didn’t show it or get struck with it till just now as it was dormant or made to be non-existent all till now? What then?

Pearl: If that is the case… then we have more to worry about than what we would mind dealing with. The only thing about it is… *Gasps as it suddenly hits her* Oh god. Oh my god… I can’t believe that i’ve been blind to it. I must be so stupid.

Jack: Hey. Stop that. You’re not stupid.

Pearl: Yes… Yes i am, Jack. I have the truth. I know the real reason behind what would lead it to them being with abilities and powers too…

Jack: How’s that, dear?

Pearl: I used to be with the powers till after the last threat 14 years ago, Right?

Jack: Yeah. You’ve been with the powers for years before that. Sometimes you would have been in a bit of a lull but that was during your pregnancy which ended right before the last threat’s final battle approached and came around. However you had the powers for years… only that they got stronger as time passed. They got stronger and more amplified.

Pearl: Well… the power was always there in some way… but it was just amplified by the belt. Although the belt’s power tagged and sweat itself into my skin and into my bloodstream. It got into my DNA. Becoming a part of me. When we did it on the 14th of February. the same year that all the Dark stuff started to unfold… It got me pregnant. Some of my DNA that had the power i had… *Gasps* Wait a minute… Jack. What if some of the DNA of me and you… that had powers or abilities Copied into the DNA of our kids?

Jack: You’re kidding me on that, right?

Pearl: Does it look like i am kidding you? I mean… think about it. What if the reason why there was this big huge surge of light and that it soared and traveled off and gone into the kids was because they have some of the Super powered DNA in them A copy of the Abilities and powers that you and i once had but don’t now as we’ve vowed to stick with the normal life?

Jack: *Scoffs* Pearl, Come on… that is just so not possible. There is no way that it could be distinctly possible for them to get any of our powers. It has to be learned… not inherited by transfer.

Pearl: But Jack… There had to have been some sort of copying of the powers and abilities. I mean… if it’s not that… then How else would you explain what just happened only a moment ago?

Jack: Not sure. It was definitely weird though. Most definitely weird. I don’t think that we’re in charted territory anymore if it happens to be what we think that it could be.

Pearl: Not a chance… However… i don’t think that we have much to fear could happen now. I think that they have it and i also think that if they have that power… We’re gonna need to keep a close sharp watch on them. There isn’t any telling what may happen now.

Jack: *Nods*

Avery’s and Summer’s house…

Agent Johnson: *Looking at the house* Whoa. Now this is a really huge house. For an Agent… he’s got one fine taste for the high life. High tech. manicured lawn and primed trees. *Walking over to the front door* Sure hope i got the right house here. This has been one long trip and i am beat.

Inside the house overlooking the stuff needed for the mission…

Avery: *Going over his needed items* A 9mm Pistol. one standard-issue ring finger. Twist so, et voil. Ultra high-frequency, single-digit, sonic agitator unit. Never really needed it much but it does come in quick work. Got a couple weeks worth of clothes and a couple hundred for concessions. Emergencies in case something tends to happen. My Rolex. Hmm. I think that’s about all i should need. The I.D and the Attire of course. Going in style is always the way to go. *Putting things in the cargo bag* …

“Knock Knock!” 

Avery: *Walking over to the door and answering it* Who could that be at this hour? *Opening the door* Who…

Agent Johnson: I made it. Good thing too. Traffic was a nightmare and then some.

Avery: I believe that i know the feeling. Sometimes the traffic here can be a real trip for the nervous breakdown.

Agent Johnson: Nothing you can’t handle.

Avery: Yeah. But it’s more for the birds.

Agent Johnson: So says the fair resident of Metropolis. *Grins*

Avery: I know. Contradictions and side restriction.

Agent Johnson: *Looking at her watch* I almost forgot. *Pulling out the passport and the plane ticket* I have got your passport and your ticket. It leaves in about an hour.

Avery: Right.

Agent Johnson: Got your stuff packed?

Avery: Yeah. It’s all set. *Walking over to get his stuff* Time to go.

Agent Johnson: What about your family?

Avery: They’re okay with this. *Sighs* They’re not too open knowing that i’ll be away for nearly a few weeks again. But they’re aware that it’s what must be done. *Stopping to look down and shaking his head in regret* Samantha is not happy as she really wanted me to see her perform this friday. I couldn’t tell her that i had orders to go. All she knows is that this was a high risk operation that couldn’t be discussed. it was Highly confidential.

Agent Johnson: Suppose she gets pressed and tells?

Avery: She won’t. *Grabbing his baggage* She’s strong and has a strong resolve just like her mother. She won’t break that easily.

Agent Johnson: A secret like this isn’t just something that you keep from your best pal, Avery. This is a secret that could prove a life or death.

Avery: Maybe so. But it’s already been done.

Minutes later…

In the car heading to the Airport…

Avery: What’re the proceedings?

Agent Johnson: You and I are expected to be meeting Agent M at 0900 hours in Britain time.

Avery: What about the others?

Agent Johnson: They’re on call and waiting for the go ahead to execute on command.

Avery: But we’re to move into the scene and sneak in to get to the bottom of the matter. Obtain the Data and further info needed. Finding out what we’re actually horsing around with.

Agent Johnson: Right.

The car drives on…

As for the others. The rest of the family…

They were all sleeping yet and unaware of the mysterious occurrence that struck Amy, Susie, Christina, Spencer and Penny. No one knew. Except Pearl and Jack. Things were rather in peace…

But the next morning before everyone left for school…

At Luna and Zeke’s house…

Everyone got set to go out for the day. Zoey was set for school. Charlie and Zach were also set to go as well. Rina was already on her way as she believed that walking leisurely to and from places was more delicate and common for an Asian American who held to Asian beliefs. But Natasha was in her room. She managed to sneak back in during the night back in the house and crept to her room silently. She didn’t even make a sound. Not a one. Zeke and Luna didn’t know what to do about it however Zeke was gonna give it another shot. He knocked on the door and seconds later it opened to let him in. He walked into the room with the mind set on trying to reach out to Natasha. He had to get through to her somehow. He tried to reason and it was gonna be rocky at first. But he wasn’t stopping. She opened up to what was said at first…

Natasha: -rolls eyes at her father- Like I care.

Zeke: -sighs and sits next to his daughter- You are a very difficult child, you get that side from me. That’s for sure.

Natasha: -chuckles- Nut doesn’t fall far from the tree now, does it?

Zeke: -smiles- Yeah you’re right… Anyway, I want you to know that I really love you. That’s why I’m being so difficult with you. It’s something called tough love. Therapist say it work, but I doubt it.

Natasha: -chuckles- You watching Dr. Phil again? He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s just an old f***.

Zeke: -looks at his daughter- Hey…watch your language.

Natasha: Yeahhhh whatever.

Zeke: -sighs and smiled- So are we cool now?

Natasha: I guess so…

Zeke: Good -he gets up and kisses his daughter’s head- I’ll go out and tell your mother that everything is alright now.

But that is when Zeke sighs and comes out with something and looks at Natasha with regret…

Zeke: Natasha, There is something else that you have to know.

Natasha: *Confused* What do you mean? Is there something else that i might have done?

Zeke: No. It’s not that. It’s just… Remember when your mother and I took you to the doctors when you were like 5 or 6 and found that you were diagnosed with Emotional Instability?

Natasha: Uh… yeah. I guess that i’d remember that. That’s why i believe myself to be nothing other than a freak. Why?

Zeke: This is gonna be a bit of a shock to you and might change your whole world hearing this. But you were Originally gonna be put on Medication. The Doctors gave the prognosis or diagnosis that you were gonna be forever unstable Emotionally. Meaning that any release of high emotion would break you. Not that we haven’t already figured that out as it was anyway. But they said that by time you reach your mid 20’s… You’ll be lucky to be in any way coherent as you’ll lose complete control of your emotions and will have no recollection as to what you might say to people. to your peers and those around you. And just so you know… You might see yourself as a freak. But… Natasha… You mind me now, Okay? You aren’t a freak, Natasha.

Natasha: What would make you say that i’m not? Look at me, dad. I can’t even show a high emotion without throwing fits and getting all Psychotic.

Zeke: You’re not a freak, Natasha. *Consoling his Daughter* Honey you are normal like the rest of us. You are just…a little different is all.

Natasha: -chuckles- Yeah… That’s a parents way of saying you’re crazy. But with you bringing up what the doctors were saying back then… years ago…. Are you trying to tell me that…

Zeke: You may need to be on Medication to get the Ailment suppressed down a bit.

Natasha: -raises an eyebrow- You mean…pills?

Zeke: ……. Yes.

Natasha: That’s not possible. How would i be in need of medicine? I don’t need that to help with the Emotional Instability. It won’t change the fact that i have it and that it’s regrettably not gonna go away any time soon.

Zeke: -sighs- Look, it’s not a big deal. People take medicines to help them with  their problems…

Natasha: *Snaps a little* YOU THINK I NEED FIXING! I am your daughter and you think I’m crazy!!!

Zeke: No… No i don’t think that you’re crazy. You’re nothing like that. Being on meds isn’t gonna mean that you’re crazy.

Natasha: That’s what it sounds like to me when you tell me that i’m in need of medication. I don’t want to take medication. I don’t have a serious issue. There’s nothing wrong with me. I am not unstable. I’m not.

Zeke: Yes you are. You’re emotionally unstable.

Zeke then tries to get her to understand and it wasn’t but a few seconds later when Natasha undergone a total 360 on the expression and the tone. She started to quiver in sadness and it was only a second or so later than that when…

Natasha: *Breaking down in sobs* I’m a ticking time bomb for a mental Asylum.

Zeke: *Grabbing a hold of Natasha and hugging her* There there… Come on now, Pumpkin. It’s gonna be alright. You’re gonna be fine. We’ll get through this. I Promise. Your mother and I… we’re gonna be with you on this every step of the way. We know that you’re now in some habit… But you’re still our daughter and we love you very much. We never stopped. We will always be here for you, Love. Always…

Although as for Pearl…

Sid’s Diner…

Pearl: *Grabbing a cup of coffee to go* Last night was a total freak fest. It was really creepy. *Revising what she said* Okay… maybe it wasn’t that creepy… but it certainly got me caught off  my guard.

Sid: *Holding a hand up for a pause* Hold on… What do you mean caught you off guard? What happened?

Pearl: My daughters and Only son are now with Abilities and powers.

Sid: *Jumps and suddenly moving fast to catch the coffee pot that flew out of his hand* Whoa! *Grabbing the pot and setting it on the counter before cleaning up the mess* What are you getting at, Pearl? Your kids now have abilities too? How? I thought you said that you were the last of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Line. That the super powered life would be said to end with You and your sisters Paige and Dinah.

While Sid goes to the side to grab a mop to clean up the spill…

Pearl: That is true. It was said to end with me and my sisters Paige and Dinah. But for a long time… my sisters and i all believed it to be the end of the hero life. The end of the threats and the mayhem. But… to my dismay. It’s not the end. 14 years ago when we were all in path of dealing with the threat of the demon. The one we beat and sent off back to hell 14 years ago… It was on the night of Valentines day. That night. My now Husband Jack who was my Fiance back then had our moment. It got me pregnant with my 1st three. then a year later. with 2 more. for 14 years i was under the impression and believed that my kids would be normal and that nothing would come to them. They’d be normal. because my husband and i raised them to be just that. The part that changed it all was what happened last night. We were all sleeping and it was just a very casual… peaceful night. But that was when something happened. It was around 1:45 in the morning and it was late… late at night and very early in the morning. A big bright flash hit and just pulsed all through Mine and Jack’s bedroom and then soared all over the room to the hall and then to the other rooms and seeped right into my Kids bedrooms. It got to them. pulsing them with this very mysterious light. I don’t even know why it happened. at first… i was just freaked out over the idea. I was terrified. But then… i looked at my kids and saw them all glow but they didn’t even wake up to it. It didn’t even phase them. so i’d hope…

Sid: *Looking at Pearl while Mopping* Sounds very Mysterious if you ask me. Kinda bullheaded somehow. This bright light hits and doesn’t even hit you… but goes right for your kids and yet… they remain asleep and don’t even get phased by the light. That’s definitely uncharted.

Pearl: The part that goes from that is just the fact that i was hoping to see it being just some act. An act that would only come and do whatever it was that it was gonna do and then leave and split. But…

Sid: It didn’t.

Pearl: No. No, It didn’t. It instead Turned into Energy and pulsed right into my kids. Right into them and Surged with this Whitish blue and golden light. it poured into them and then stopped a moment later after it’d done that. I was taken off the guard with what i saw… I had no idea where it was coming from till i went back into my and Jack’s room. That’s when i managed to look into my closet. Just for a hunch… That’s when i saw a faint glow. A rather faint but noticeable glow coming from something and i looked. I looked to see what was doing it and saw my belt. My Power Belt that i have not worn in 14 years. I haven’t worn it in 14 years and now that i haven’t worn it for so long… it was said or thought to be dormant. So i thought, right? Wrong… It was glowing and Emitting a bit of an energy charge.

Sid: *Stopping and suddenly standing to look at Pearl; sighs in disbelief* Pearl, I don’t know what to really tell you about this… But stuff like that is just key signs of things you’d find in a science fiction book or movie. This is real life and things like don’t just happen out of nowhere. There are warning signs. little blips of something out of the normal. It doesn’t just suddenly happen. And with a Bright flash like that. It’s like a Pulsar going off and those are like evaporators. If you were to have a Pulsar come near you… you’d be evaporated and wiped off the state of existence. Now… I am not gonna say that i am denouncing what you’re saying happened as you know what it was that you saw and your husband also knows as he was a key witness to it just as you were. But There is just no way that something like that… a Bright flash could just happen.

Pearl: I know… It’s insane. You’re right… if something like a Pulsar came… i would have been dead. But that flash of light really did happen. It truly did happen and it shook me. It managed to shake Jack and he doesn’t get shook that easily. But this shook him. We have spoken about it a bit and it got me to thinking that there was something behind why my belt would unleash such energy out of nowhere and have the energy just pulsate into my kids.

Sid: Why did it do that? There had to be some trick or magic act played to make you think something happened.

Pearl: I wish this was all a dream that i could just close my eyes and then reopen them and none of it would have happened. that it would have been all a big mistake.

Sid: But… you’re in doubt about it being all just some dream to be shaken.

Pearl: Yeah. I am. Because… the thing that gets me now about it is the fact that when i was wearing the belt… i was wearing it almost constantly. I would never take it off. Hardly ever would i take it off. However… i had. After the last threat. But during that time… Some of the Power belt’s power latched into my bloodstream and into my DNA. IT got in there and became one. There were times where i could just transform without it but only when the emotion was high and the will was in overdrive. Sometimes it just came out of nowhere and hit. But on the night of the 14th day of the second month of 2027… Jack and i did it. We had our moment and with that said… when the first 3 were born then the 2 right after… a year after the first 3… I never figured that it would happen. i didn’t even know… The signs weren’t even showing. Weren’t even there at all. till what happened last night. Which left me to believe that something more was going on. When my said power belt did what it did… it pulsed into my kids. They were granted the power. Power of which i once had. I still do but had set it for the part of being dormant. Dormant. There was nothing to bring it out. But now my kids have that same power. I can’t reverse it. My sisters don’t even know of it. They don’t know about it yet. I never brought it to their attention. But…

Sid: So… What you’re telling me is that this belt of yours… surged and copied your powers into them. So part of what you used to be is what they now are.

Pearl: Is it that far of an coincidence. How else could it be explained? What other alternative could there be? Because they came from me… They came from me and part of My DNA that had the power… copied and became a part of them… But was Dormant for 14 years. for 14 years… none of them had anything come over them. Nothing. Not even a blip. A Flash. Nothing. That was until…

Sid: Last night. It happened.

Pearl: Yes.

Sid: Do you suspect that your sisters would come to notice that something’s a miss?

Pearl: That’s what i am hoping never happens…

Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub…

Zeke: *Sighs* It was one hell of a dramatic night for me with my wife and Daughters. Well two of them. No… Make that only one of them. Natasha. She feels herself up to be a freak and her Emotional Instability is getting worse. Not better.

Gabe: Really? Come on, Zeke. You shouldn’t get so up the beat over the problem. So she has the Disability. That’s what they have counselors for. If for none better than her. She has issues and they’re costing you alot. You love your pretty gems. Love them no matter what was wrong upon them. But… Your girl’s fits are putting you in a real vice.

Zeke: You sure do like pushing me to consider having her committed to an asylum.

Gabe: No. That isn’t what i mean. What i mean is that you’re slipping with trying to be there for her. Knowing that there is absolutely nothing of which can be done for her but be there for her as much as you can. Where you and your Wife should be concerned… is how she is to act for the time being. It’s not a matter if she’ll be unstable. It is a matter if when she’d be Unstable and who’ll be in the path of her next blowout.

Zeke: Hey… That is my daughter you’re talking about. But you do have a point about that, Gabe. I am just worried about her. When she was first diagnosed. My Wife and I both decided to not have her on meds for we thought that she’d be one to beat the Ailment. We thought that she’d beat it and it wouldn’t get to this. To her having to be put on meds. Natasha is feeling like she’s a total freak. I managed to convince her that she wasn’t. Although…

Gabe: You’ve got no idea as to whether or not that’s gonna keep.

Zeke: No.

Gabe: *Laughs to ease the mood and life the spirits up a little* Ahaha! Welcome to the gang of parents who’ve got kids with issues going on in them. It’s gonna be okay. I never thought that i would expose the part where i too got a kid. You know this already. She’s got this illness that is very loopy. She’s got Schizophrenia. Suffering from dual Personalities. She’s not a bad person. Actually she’s rather accepted by others for it for some reason as to the fact that they seem to understand what it’s like to have issues that you can’t control and have no recollection over them.

Zeke: So… You’re saying that it just… Hits. That it just comes unabated and spontaneous?

Gabe: Yeah.

Zeke: What kind of Schizophrenia are we talking of here? Is it neutral? Semi-severe or High risk?

Gabe: Well… That’s the thing… I don’t know. There are some days where she thinks that she’s Beyonce… and then Gwen Stefani. Then there are some days where she thinks that she Toby Keith and or Keith Urban. She has Dual Personalities. Thinking that she is that certain Celebrity. But then when she comes back to and snaps back to normal… She’s fine and doesn’t remember a thing about what it is that she had done.

Zeke: So she comes back without a memory of what happened. All she knows is what she did before and probably during that time when she had a Dual personality moment.

Gabe: Yeah. That’s about all she knows. It’s not really a concern… not really. but it is something to watch out for.

Heinz: *Calling out to the boss* Hey boss. you got a call… Your wife is calling.

Zeke: Okay… I’ll take it over here. Check on the waitresses. They’re swamped with orders today.

Heinz: You got it, Boss…

Daily planet…

Trixie: *Drinking her cup of coffee* Another day and another report.

John: Yeah… and last night must have been really silent. There’s been no crime at all last night.

Trixie: Thinking that the deep underbellies are moving to take a couple days off from the Crime grind and slipping an easy rest for a little bit?

John: They’re doing something.

Kris: *Walking in* You guys… we got a big problem in the city. Something just happened at the University…

Trixie: *Gasps and jumps up at the news* What?!

John: What do you mean that something just happened at the University?

Megan: What happened?

Kris: A stabbing happened at the University. 16 Students and 3 Professors. 4 of the ones stabbed are in critical condition.

Trixie: When? Just Now?

Megan: Oh god… That’s awful.

John: It’s not good. There is violence going on everywhere and it’s gonna get more common.

Trixie: There goes the peaceful Vibes the city had.

Perry: *Coming out from his office* Great spirits alive… Okay Crew… we got 4 big stories. One is the University Stabbing. One is the Construction of the new Megaplex. One is the New arrival coming to the Fashion Museum. And the last big story is the feature article the Young Ice skaters. The Skating teacher Mrs. Summer Rhapsody wants a story done on her class. Seems that her class has been excelling in their skills and are in talks of going to state for the Winter games this Winter. Training mind and body for the games. John, You got the University. Kris you have the Fashion Museum. Do what you do best. Tackle it with enthusiasm and criticism. Wise too. Just bring it on home. Megan… You got the Megaplex. The entertainment department could really use a girl like you. You’re fast. upbeat and full of pep. You’re decisive and very thorough with each entertainment article you do.  It comes out really well. And then the last but not least… Trixie… You’ve got the Ice Skating team.

Kris: That story is as good as done.

John: Looks like i got my work all set for me. Nice huh? I actually was hoping for a juicy piece to come in. Not one that has a bunch of college goers being victimized by an attack. A Stabbing no less. That’s just wrong.

Trixie: I got the Ice Skating article. Although… i can’t see as to why i’d have that article and why there would be teaching sessions of Ice Skating. There is no snow. It’s not even Fall yet. It’s still Summer. The end of summer.

Megan: Must be an early start for them. Early season. They did happen to open up an ice skating rink for that type of sport 6 years ago. It’s been going strong ever since it was built. Even on it’s rough patch days.

Trixie: They must have Ice in there or something. That’s the only thing i can think of. What else other could it really be?

Kris: That’s something you’ll have to ask the one that is with the class or team going for the Winter Games this year. She might know.

Trixie: You’re right.

John: Just be glad you don’t have to handle the Article with the Stabbing incident. I am as of now liable to walk right into a blood bath. or a path of carnage. It’s not gonna be pretty.

Megan: Stabbings never Are, John. Everyone knows that. There could have been a mass loss of life. only 19. but still it is a casualty #. and those victims are probably terrified. Wouldn’t you be… if it happened to you?

John: *Pauses and sighs knowing that Megan was right* Good point. If it were me in that spot… i would be dis-enrolling myself from there so fast… the headmistress of the university’s head would pop like a zit.

Minutes later… they were off to cover their assigned stories…

Metropolis High school…

The older kids/teens were going through another day of class and listening to the lecture following the lesson that the instructors were giving for that day. It was only morning. Victoria and Natasha however were texting one another about where to meet after school and hang out. The others didn’t catch on. but somehow… they all knew what Natasha was up to. Amy, Susie and Christina. Penny and Spencer… they were feeling rather off that morning and they didn’t know why. Annie and Daria knew as they went through the same thing just the day before and they had it hit them in sight of their mother. Annie looked at her sister and brothers and gave a shot of concern. Somehow… they were all feeling power inside them awakening. Power that none of them knew that they had. It was with some great concern to them and to Serena as she was one who was set on ensuring that they all kept normal as it was a promise to their parents that they’d remain that. However… There was little for them to do about it since it was all starting to unravel and pull them in. It’s grabbed Sora and Carly. Blossom, Zoey and also Paul and Crystal. It knocked them good. It was soon gonna become where they’d have little to no choice but to accept their fate. They were listening to their teachers and tried to not think so much on what was going on within them… Although… It was in their minds and they could not shake it that what they were now feeling was only the beginning of what was fated or destined to come…

But at break…

Serena Walked off on her own to think. She was undergoing a change too and was the second one to reveal the evidence… the signs that there was something more to them. Sapphire was the first of the 3. She was the second. Which as Serena was thinking it all over…  She gradually came to the conclusion that if Sapphire was the first… and she was the second one to undergo a change. The next one… the last one… was Raven. Serena was walking alone and thinking and not getting why she was showing powers as she was said and told that she was normal and there was nothing more to her than normalcy.

Serena: *Walking over to the other side of the main hall of the High school* Last night was out there. Static electricity and Glowing. *Sighs* What the heck is going on with me? I can’t tell Sapphire and Raven as i made them all see that i was adhering to be normal and they were said to be Normal too. What am i gonna do?

Suddenly without knowing…

Serena: *Looking to see her friend from elementary school* … *Gasps* Carly?! Carly Black? is that you?

Carly: *Hearing a familiar voice near* Huh? *Stopping to look to the side and seeing a sandy golden brown hair* Could that be the same girl i knew back in Elementary school?

They didn’t seem to recognize each other at first as it’s been 4 years since the last they were to see any sight of one another. Carly was in Germany with her father for 4 years and it’s been as if they’d never hear of one another ever again. Serena walked on… She saw someone that looked like her friend but when she saw that her friend didn’t happen to recognize her as it seemed… She felt as though her friend might have been lost. It was only a minute later when…


Serena: *Jumps* What in the blue heck was that? *Looking all over* Where did that come from?

Serena then turned to look over to the side and over at a short distance to see that the girl that walked by her was being hit and pushed against the wall and tormented. Serena took one look at the girl from where she still stood and saw the face. It was only then that she suddenly got the realization that the girl that walked past her was indeed her friend that she knew back in the Elementary school 4 years earlier…

Serena: *Gasps* Carly?! *Turning to run over fast to her friend* I see my friend and already i’m saving the tail. She’s being picked on for no reason. *Running over to where Carly Black was* She’s not with any right to have herself being cornered like a rat. Messing with her… These people are insane. Literally screwy.

Carly: *Grabbing at one of the bullies and Punching them in the face* Beat it, Creep!

Serena: *Running over to help* Don’t worry, Carly… I’ve got this.

Carly: *Looking to see her Best friend* Serena?! You’re here.

Serena: Well… Of course i am Numb nuts… I’m certainly not some ghost or apparition, am i?  *Looking at the bullies* Looks like you’re with a bit of a mess here. I can fight them off. you can try to fight them too… or duck for cover. This is likely to get a little ugly.

Carly: No. I’ll fight too, Serena. During my time in Germany… I kinda had to teach myself how to fight. My dad showed me some moves and its helped out well.

Serena: Okay then… Let’s take out the garbage and make some creeps scream Uncle.

Carly: Right.

After the bullies were chased off and made to admit defeat they ran off faster than what their own legs could move. They didn’t look back to see Serena and Carly. They didn’t even want to know if they were still there and watching. They ran and didn’t ever think twice…

Serena: *Looking to see her friend Carly* Carly… You’re back. From Germany.

Carly: Yeah. I am. I am very happy to be back. It’s so wonderful to be back. I missed you so much.

Serena: And i; you. *Hugging her best friend Carly* Oh god… it’s so wonderful seeing you. Carly, Why did you have to move to Germany for a while?

Carly: It’s because my father wanted me to get some culture or something. I don’t really know why he choose Germany. I was kinda hoping he’d be in the line for Italy.

Serena: I would have rather you not go at all. I missed you. You’re like my best friend Carly. We met sometime in Elementary school. 4 to 5 years ago. Since then… it was as though we’d be inseparable.

Carly: Then for us to be taken apart from one another. Sad. I just can’t believe that i came back here a year late. My father told me it was to be 3 years. But after the end of the 3rd year… we were still in Germany and it got where we were possibly gonna be there forever. My father has to stay there as he is stationed there. But sent me back. Of all things. He even bought me an apartment. 4 Months ago. it took time to get it all set and things organized inside the apartment. where to set things. But he had it all worked out. Plus a cellphone too…

Serena: You’re kidding… You serious? How much does your dad make anyway? Military men don’t usually make much.

Carly: He’s been saving up apparently.

Serena: Wow. I wish my father Shingo would save up like that. He tries to save up as much as he can… but alot of the money he makes goes for the mortgage on the house. Plus for my cellphone. My mom makes money too as she’s the Head coach. Coaching the Metropolis Bulldogs. Or the Metropolis Warriors. I don’t know. The team mascot and name changed so much that it’s uneasy to keep up.

Carly: Yeah… How’re your sisters and parents doing?

Serena: Them? *Scoffs* They’re just doing what they always do. Sapphire is thinking on starting her own team of Pink Ladies. But she’s calling her team “Rhapsody Pink-hearts”. Raven is the still bookworm. She has been reading things about War and then Romance. Reading things on history. She’s still with her nose deep into the books.

Carly: Not much has changed it seems. *Chuckles* And you are probably still the tough one.

Serena: *Grins* What do you think?

Carly: I guess i should not ask for the obvious. I must have written you a dozen letters while in Germany… But i don’t know if any of them got to you.

Serena: Letters? What letters? I don’t remember getting any specific letter other than the ones you sent me once a month every month about how things were going for you in Germany and how you were. But Letters? What letters are you talking about?

Carly: About my feelings for you. 14-15 year olds never speak this way… but i professed that i was in love with my best friend. You.

Serena: *Gasps* You what…?

Carly: I know how it sounds… But i am in love with you. You could tell me anything and i would understand. I tried sending you a dozen letters saying that i was in love with you. I must have written a bunch of letters and nothing could come close to how i was really feeling. It was as though i had a loss for words.

Serena: *Nods understanding* I can get that idea… I seem to feel the same about you too. The only thing was that i couldn’t confess. Not to my sisters. They’d never understand. I couldn’t tell my mother and father. my younger sisters either. How would they understand it if i were to tell them?

Carly: It’s hard to talk about the idea that you’re in love with someone who’s like the same gender or sex as you are… For fear that it would be misunderstood.

Serena: When did you get back from Germany?

Carly: The other day. But yesterday was officially. Today i came back to school.

Serena: I at first didn’t recognize you. You looked a bit different than what you had 4 years ago.

Carly: I would say the same of you… I think that we both have changed our looks over the last 4 years. It has been 4 years. Alot has changed.

Serena: I’ll say. *Feeling her stomach grumbling* You feeling up to eating?

Carly: I guess. I didn’t really bring anything with me. I feel as though that the school has terrible food. Ever feel as though the school has food made here… but alot of times the food here seems to make the people who eat it feel rather sick.

Serena: You’re right. That’s something i’d usually be saying. But you’re right. It is like that…

However… as Serena and her best friend spoke… Serena had just about every sense in her to tell her friend Carly that she thinks that she might be a super. Part of the super powered persuasion. She didn’t even think that it would be safe to mention about it to her. She was not believing it herself. Serena didn’t know how to reply now to her friend as her friend Carly was starting to ask about what she had going on. She had to fake a reply and fast. She wanted to tell her the truth and say that she was one of the super powered persuasion although she was not sure how her friend was gonna take it. It was not making sense as of that moment… Several of the new generation of her family… developed abilities. Her too. As of now… Her 4 cousins from her Aunt Paige. her 5 Cousins from her Aunt Pearl. 4 cousins from Uncle Alvin. Her sisters. Her Cousin Zoey. Blossom. Natasha.

It was said that the strange occurrences would stop and they had seen the last of them mysterious incidences… Although little that they were to know… It was only the beginning. It was gonna get more out there. and more outbursts were just around the corner and upon the horizon…

Later that week…

Sept. 12th 2042…

At Metropolis High school…

Sapphire: *Walking with her sisters Raven and Serena* You guys catch the late show last night?

Raven: No. We were asleep. We all were asleep. Why?

Serena: Yeah… What gives?

Sapphire: There’s word of a huge megaplex being put in. It’s being built in a week. Construction for it starts this Friday.

Raven: What? *Gasps* You’re kidding? This Friday?

Serena: Wow! That’d be one big build. How are they coming with all the money to do it?

Sapphire: Don’t know… But it’s going up.

Raven: That’s one thing. But there is also something else. I’ve been feeling really weird. The last couple days i felt as if i was glowing. Plus there is also the part where we’re being already seen as freaks. As though they know about us and that we’re the offspring of the ones who have done all this before us. We weren’t around for any of it.

Serena: Glowing?! What… How… H-h-h-h-h-how is that even possible?

Raven: I don’t know… Sapphire, What’s going on with us?

Sapphire: Don’t look at me… I don’t know what i can tell you.

Serena: I’m stumped.

Sapphire: I wish that i knew though on what this was… but i can tell you that what we’re going though is a change. I’ve had the change for the last couple weeks. where each night i became more and more different while going under a transformation. It’s not bad. but i was always into the thrills and the action. I however will have to get used to it. Serena started forming these kind of abilities. You are… one with them too…

Raven: I… what? *Shocked*

Suddenly Raven freaked out hearing that she might have hero powers inside her and out of nowhere when she least happened to expect what was told to happen. For almost 14 years. It was said to be understood that they would be normal. But as they were growing a little more each day. Things were Changing. A few days ago Sapphire was starting to change and she was just then embracing it. She wasn’t accepting it all that much. But she knew that if it was what she was meant to be… Why try and fight it? Serena also had begun going through the changes. She also had abilities. But was trying to hold back and keep the promise she made with her mother that they would make certain that they remained normal… However they knew that something was coming over them. It was then though that Raven mysteriously at that current moment let out a charge of Thunder. into the air… It bounced all over and whizzed right by a few other people around them and her… before fizzling out.

Raven: *Looking at her hands and shocked with mortification* Uh… What was that? *Looking at her sisters* Sapphire… Serena. I think that we just got a new problem.

Sapphire: Why do you say that?

Raven: You are both gonna call it nuts or outrageous… but i have just emitted some thunder from my hands. It came out of me like nothing. Out of nowhere. I don’t know if that is normal… but…

Serena: What in the…? That’s not normal… Not in the least. We were to be normal… Oh great… Mom is gonna be really upset when she hears about this.

Raven: *Gasps* What! You mean that she knew about this the whole time and knew for years and didn’t even tell us that something like this was bound to occur?

Sapphire: I am beginning to believe that she always have known. But she’ll never tell… At least not to you. to any of us.

Raven: I’m gonna call her. while we’re on break.

Serena: Good luck.

Raven: Thanks…

At Lunch…

School Cafeteria…

Raven: *Sighs* Great… Another fluff of denial from mom the evader.

Serena: *Walking over to the table* So… How did it go with talking to mom? Did she spill the beans on what was going on with us?

Raven: In a word of the wise and with the best slight of reason… no scraps of truth was bared from the tree.

Serena: Uh… okay. I guess that i should pretty well take that as no sale. She wouldn’t sell off any truth.

Raven: No… she wouldn’t. She was evasive the whole time. But all she did happen to say about it was that it was probably just my mind playing tricks on me and that i shouldn’t worry so much about it.

Serena: What a crock… That was no illusion. It happened. You know it did. Sapphire knows too… we were right there when you let one loose.

Raven: *Scoffs* Ugh! Like i don’t know that, Serena? Uh… Hello! Hi… I’m not stating a catch line. Remember me? Your sister with the book worm zeal and the heartening fetish. I am seen as the geek. Remember? I am the middle child here and i am now seen as the last one to develop whatever powers that i am supposed to have. What i didn’t even know that i had.

Sapphire: Well… you’re not the only ones feeling the sting of not knowing. I just spoke with our cousins… Amy, Susie and Christina. They have been undergoing the same as we have. and to tell you the fact and the lowdown… They’re terrified. Can’t say as i blame them. I think that we all are.

Raven: Great. That means that our parents are all hiding the lowdown of what’s going on with us. Telling us that we’re all normal when it is quite apparent that we’re with strange sensations.

Sapphire: You sure are getting tense about it.

Raven: Any idea as to how i wouldn’t be? I am the one who lived all this time till now thinking that i was normal. Then now to get the impression that there is something totally questionable about me that i don’t or didn’t know about and should have been told but yet was kept in the dark.

Serena: *Sitting down at the table* It’s all a big mistake. Mom hiding things. Nothing will get her to talk about it. She might have told us… But… Has not mentioned the truth about it to you because something has her thinking that you’re not meant to know or just aren’t ready to know of it.

Sapphire: But she told us once… I would understand. Didn’t she?

Serena: I wouldn’t know.

Raven: Apparently Mom has been lying to us saying that we were normal when the truth was that we weren’t even normal at all. We were living a facade. An Illusion.

Sapphire: There is also the fact that since Aunt Pearl’s kids are all undergoing the same things we’re going through… but are being told that it was just a mind game… Then with the part where Aunt Paige’s 2 girls Annie and Daria. Even they are going through some changes. Yeah… them too. It’s…

Annie: *Walking over* Hey guys. What’re you guys up to? You guys were missing yesterday. You guys okay?

Serena: Nothing much. We’re just talking about something that our mother’s been keeping hidden from us. But, we’re okay. Thanks for asking.

Annie: Oh. You mean… like special… Abilities, Right?

Sapphire: Yeah. *Pauses* Whoa… Wait! You knew about the special abilities?

Annie: Cousin, I always have known about it. You forget that my mother is the retired hero… Miss Love. as yours is the Retired Thunder Mistress. Amy, Susie and Christina’s Mother is the Retired Bubble Maiden. Our parents are the retired heroic team… The Rhapsody Girls Z!. Who wouldn’t know about it? Just because we’re trying to be normal… It doesn’t mean that we are to forget about who our parents are.

Serena: You are definitely living your life in the comic book realm. Our mom’s and dad’s are heroes… but they are retired. they were wishing for us to remain normal. I think that if we were smart… we’d keep our word. I am a tough girl and i got my mom’s temper. But to really embrace the heroic blood of the family… and go against the wish that we made our mother when we’ve said that we wouldn’t go into the hero track? No. That is where… i draw the line. I mean… for the love of pete… I have emitted some Thunder from my hands earlier in the week here… It was while i was picking up Hikaru, Sakura and the rest of our young members of the family… I was able to get it seen as just me being a little over feeling with the gutsy approach as i had to handle a creep trying to beat Hikaru and Sakura around like a pair of Rag dolls. But… Again… The hero days are over. It is done. All the heroes have retired. There is no room or need for them. None.

Annie: Oh Serena… Stop being so sour headed. You’re not about to tell me that you don’t feel that something is happening.

Raven: How about you stop the fantasy breathing… I have had something come over me and i just called mom earlier today for all the good it might have done. She wouldn’t tell me about the idea that there was something going on inside me. All she would say was that it was probably just my mind playing some trick on me.

Sapphire: What about grandma? Our grandmother Rikku? She might know something. Didn’t we hear once that she was once upon a time… long ago imbued with powers? She knows about the powers that be. And knows our mothers on a deep personal maternal level.

Annie: Oh yeah… That’s right. Grandma Rikku was once… A couple decades or so ago was the hero… One that they called Angelic Raven till it got transferred to Aunt Betty. Although Aunt Betty isn’t that nice. She’s kinda arrogant and really rude.

Serena: Tell me more Aguado. She’s visited us 6 years ago and she was so mean… She even judged how our mom was living. Putting us down and making as if she were god or something.

Sapphire: It’s the Ego.

Annie: Mom won’t even let her come to visit us at all. She refuses to have her around.

Raven: What happened to your mom and Dad? We see Aunt Paige… but Uncle Reese is never around.

Annie: That’s because… They divorced. 4 years ago, Raven. It’s been hard on us ever since. We spend our summers with our dad at the farm. He’s so into agriculture. All he could see is that money and obsession with high status was inhumane and like greed festering within. Mom didn’t see it that way. She wanted to be the best and be on top. She was proud of looking the way she did. Thought that dad would agree. But turns out that he didn’t. We get to see him every other month. On certain holidays and during summer. That’s all. Mom doesn’t even talk about him. She doesn’t hate him… but she wants nothing to do with him. The only thing she feels for him is the fact that she’s got Daria, me, Theodore and Clint. That’s all that’s good about it. She loves us. And i would prefer not to talk about our father. After hearing about the truth of our father Reese. I would rather to never consider him existing.

Sapphire: Oh my… That’s a pity. So… you’re with a divorced mother and father and are being pulled off and used as a bargaining chip in the Legal battles and custody wars?

Serena: That’s terrible. Things must be truly sucking for you.

Annie: Sure… Sure. But nothing we can do about it. All we can do is just endure. We’re just the kids and they’re the adults. We just have to go along with their irresponsible mistakes. *Shaking her head* Okay… Now stop side-tracking from the issue. Raven… if your mom… My Aunt Dinah isn’t gonna tell you the truth… about what’s going on inside you and what’s happening. You should go and see grandma Rikku. Our mother’s mother. She’ll know.

Raven: How can i do that? I can’t just go over to her house and just bombard her with the Atom Bomb of questions. She’s gonna wonder what’s going on at our house and get to the bottom of something that might not even be there.

Serena: It’s probably the only way you’ll know. The only way.

Raven: *Sighs* great… *Gulps*

After school that day…

Raven went on her way to her grandmother’s house. She knew that there was something more to what was going on inside her and she knew that since she was asking her mother and getting nowhere… she had to ask the one person who happened to know her mother on a deeper and more personal Maternal level. Her grandmother….

Raven walked up over to the front door and sighed as she knew that she had to ask her grandmother about what was going on inside her. She Rang the doorbell to the house and sat on the steps and waited for someone to answer. Not knowing whether her grandmother was home or not…

An hour later…

The door opens and out comes a man…

Man: *Spotting a teen girl sitting on the steps* Hello? Excuse me… Can i help you?

Raven: *Turning to look behind her* huh? *Seeing a man standing close by* Grandma Rikku?

Man: Who? Wait a minute… You’re… uh…

Raven: *Getting up and looking at the man standing a few steps from the door* Who’re you? What are you doing in my grandmother’s house…?

Man: You don’t remember me… Do you? I am the Metropolis D.A.

Raven: *Gasps* Wow! So… your my grandma’s arm candy? Wow! Okay. You’re Mr. …. Uh… Mr. Harrison. Aren’t you? It’s been a while and my grandmother never mentioned you to us. She said that the guy that she was seeing was the District Attorney of the city. But i guess that the mystery is solved since you’re here and i now recognize who you are.

Nick: And i am flattered. Really. I believe that she never told you about me because she wanted to have something private. Which i guess that she failed to tell me that you’re her granddaughter who likes to know things and is precariously a book worm and possibly a lovable geek. Charming though. I’ll give you that. You’re quite the character. Your mother and your grandmother hardly visit like they should be. Sad. But now you’re here. So i’m gonna go on a slide here and believe that you’re here to see your grandmother. Right?

Raven: Yeah. I am. *Blushes; Suddenly looking down feeling nervous and confused* …

Nick: Okay… *seeing that there is something up with the girl* Hey… You alright there? You okay?

Raven: I think so… *Feeling a little static coming over her*

Nick: *Grins* Looks like you’re having a little issue there. You might want to have all that fixed. *Seeing a radiated glow coming from Raven* Okay… Something is definitely up with you.


Raven: Please! *Desperate* Where’s my grandmother? Where is she? Is she here?

Nick: Yes… She’s here. She’s inside. I am sure that she’ll be surprised over seeing you.

Raven then walked on over to the door and Walked inside to her grandmother’s house…

A Minute later…

Inside Grandma Rikku’s house…

Raven: *Walking over to the living room and feeling awkward* Grandma?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking out from the other room to see Raven* Raven?! Oh god… *Walking over and Hugging her* It’s so good to see you, Sweetheart. I Missed seeing you girls.

Raven: *Smiles and hugging her grandmother back* I’ve missed you too, grandma.

a second later…

Raven: We don’t get to see you much anymore. It kinda feels as though we may have lost you or something. We don’t get to see you much anymore as we used to and it’s like everything changed.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know. But nothing has changed. It’s just that Nick and i have been really swamped with work. way too deep in work.

Raven: Yeah… About him… What is he? Like your Arm candy? You dating the guy? Kinda curious about it… because when i rang the doorbell… i was expecting that you’d be the one to answer. Instead… he answered it. I don’t get it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: He’s uh… Well… the reason why he’s here and has been quite a lot. It’s because he’s My Fiance.

Raven: You’re kidding, Right Grandma? The Guy… Nick… Is your Fiance? *Laughs* That’s really funny. That guy is your fiance. I kinda figured him for just a bleeding heart. Wait… So… You mean to tell me that he is your Fiance. The Metropolis District Attorney High ball Nick Harrison is your Fiance and suitor to be?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. Is there a problem with that? I do happen to love him and he loves me. He’s already proposed to me. Done so… 3 years ago and is waiting for that perfect moment where we’re gonna set a wedding date and hold a wedding. I have been lonely in Mate Aspect for a very long time. I had a love in the past that is obviously a distant memory that i would rather have remain as that. He is the father to your Aunts Betty and Angel.  or was. But there is no father for Paige, Pearl and Dinah who is your mother. You are with no grandfather. If i marry Nick. He’s gonna be like a step grandfather to you. But will be part of your life as well… He’s a good man. Stable. Dependable and Honorable.  Honest also.

Raven: Okay. I get it. *Suddenly releasing a slight mysterious charge of Thunder out from her hands* Whoa! Ah! Ouch! Grandma… I need to talk to you… Ask you something and i don’t even know where to start.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Concerned* Why? What’s wrong, Sweetie?

Raven: I don’t know. The whole thing has gotten me feeling so weird and confused. even frustrated and lost all the same.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What has…?

Raven: This is gonna sound completely out there and you’re gonna think that i am nuts for even bringing this matter up. But for the last couple weeks… Maybe a month… i’ve been feeling rather weird. Really weird. Stat-icky and over the last couple days or so… i’ve been releasing slight charges or bursts of Thunder elemental energy. It was subtle and wasn’t too bad a concern. But now… it is starting to grow into one and i don’t know how to control it. I don’t even know why i have it or why it’s happening to me. As if I didn’t have enough trouble just being a normal 14 year old teenager add freak to it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Pauses the discussion* Wait… Wait. Raven, honey… You’re not making any sense here… You’re going too fast. Calmly tell me what happened. When did it start getting to be more of a problem?

Raven: It started to get out of control the other day. It only grew more. Today was the worst yet to come.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Where were you exactly when you had it happen today? Where? Was it the school?

Raven: Yeah.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Was it around your sisters Sapphire and Serena?

Raven: Yes.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Sighs* Oh dear god. Does your mom know about it?

Raven: She does. She’s probably known all about it for i don’t know how long and when it happened. I called her just a moment after to ask. She wouldn’t tell me. She kept evading the mention of it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Okay… Okay… I think that i Might know exactly what’s causing this and why this is coming over you now… Come here. We’re going to the other room. The study. Nick and i use it to do our extra paperwork from the cases and or clientele that we have to look over and work on. But i also have a portion of the room where i have a historical archival database of our family that dates back to the very very beginning. back to someone that started the legacy and got it started. How it all began. Come…

In the Study…

Raven: *Scared* Am I going to die?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Raven Raven, calm down. It’s fine. I promise. You aren’t going to die and there is nothing wrong with you. You are coming of age and your body is changing from child to young lady. You will see more changes as you grow. It’s all quite normal I assure you. And… No… before you ask, you are not crazy either.

Raven: *Sighs*

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking to the side of the room and pulling out a book* Raven, Our family’s been known as outcasts for a long time. All the way back to the time of one person. *Grabbing the book and walking back to the other side and sitting at the table across from Raven; getting to the start of it* It was the year… 1997… from a rather alternate Universe where a 11-12 year old guy with a promise for the future saw that the world needed protection. He created or gave life to 6 kids… 7 kids. one was my mother who was said to be a matured Racist. And there was others. Trixie, Jan, Jennifer, Charlene, John and Julie. They were odd but gifted. They had power within them but never exposed it. other than very briefly. Now… they were never super heroes… but they were with hero blood. It was uprooted and inherited within them by one man. Someone known as the Cunning Soldier of the Universe and Galaxy Divide. Captain Rhapsody himself.

Raven: *Gasps* Captain Rhapsody? *A bit lost and not quite sure how to understand* What’s so important about him? Who was he?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: He was the strongest fighter. He had Attacks like Surge Crusher, Icy Avalanche, Rainbow Storm, Galaxy Magma Typhoon, Elemental Rage… which could be used to aim with any element and the technique or attack of that same element. He was even wise. Young… But very wise with what he knew. Your Great Grandparents… back in the heyday… had powers and even though they were seen as rather freakish to the mass Populace. They were still doing what they had to do. Their powers though… were just a vast extension of his power. What he could do. His power.

Raven: So… this is gonna soon lead to what?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Well… let’s just say that as time passed. The Captain stepped down… which is what the theory goes with. But the real truth is that he vanished at the end of 2006. This is partly all in a Alternative reality. A way different one than ours as you know it. He left without a word or a sign. Some say… He’s in Exile. some say that… He’s been captured and sentenced to a terrible end… There are those of the first generation who believe that he retired when he was 20 years old. No one has seen or heard about him… since. But in the hearts of every Rhapsody Clansmen… His Legend and his legacy will live on… in us all. Because it took his courage. His unfaltering wisdom and compassion. His dire determination to fight on and protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. it took someone with a mighty powerful will to show us and teach us… that as long as we were all willing to go on even in the midst of defeat… the fight and the battle was never lost. *Pressing on* Now… As time passed… the original 7 stepped down from having any thrill or business with the Powers that be. They were getting a little over their prime and once that happens and the hero reaches their peak… they make the conscious decision to step down and pass the promise of the existence to the next ones in line. Thereby… there was a power reversal…  it happens to every generation in the beginning and the powers go dormant till it’s time to awaken. I was 8 or 9 that time… by alternate dimension… As you’d see… there is many alternative dimensions to this reality… and this family goes all over.  I was the 3rd one to get the power. My sister… Princess Aquamarine. Who would now just be Aquamarine if she were to be still alive. But she died years ago. Way before you were seen to be a twinkle in your mom’s eye. She was the first. She was known as Love Girl. But she died of a broken heart as the one she was in love with… was found with another person and happened to be cheating on her. She also had heart failure. Which was the medical diagnosis of what happened to her and how she died. But the Broken heart was what put a double dose of life extinction.

Raven: Princess Aquamarine… What was she like?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: She was a blonde girl. She was bubbly and very kind. Polite and extra sweet. She was also little miss popular. Everyone used to just love her. Love her so much. But then as soon as she met the likes of Bart Allen. it all changed. She got cheated on. Abandoned. Ignored. It was as though she was old news and that when it came to respect… She didn’t get hardly any. Princess Charlene, Is the last hero to have gotten powers. She’s got the powers of Arctic Ice and Psychic.

Raven: How did she get them?

Raven’s Grandmother then flashes back to the time when Raven’s Aunt… and her sister received the powers of the Arctic and Psychic energy…

“Princess Charlene: Metropolis… a city that has the wonderful Watchtower. i like this City so far. My cousin Took me out for some Pizza yesterday and everyone sounded so nice. i love this city. *Looking around* The city looks so lively and so friendly. i want to stay here forever. i wonder if i’ll meet any strange faces here in the city. i just hope that i won’t come across any bad guys. i’m not up for that. bad guys are just bad news. *Walking over to the Park leading to the Church* it’s so refreshing… the Air is so relaxing. *Sighs while walking with a happy smile*

Princess Charlene: *Walking through the park over to the Church* I wonder what the Church is like. i bet that it’s really peaceful just like the city is. *Singing in peace* “Go on, go on, leave me breathless Come on…


The daylight’s fading slowly but time with you is standing still I’m waiting for you only The slightest touch and I’ll feel weak

I cannot lie From you I cannot hide and I’m losing the will to try Can’t hide it (can’t hide it) Can’t fight it (can’t fight it) So…

Go on, go on, come on leave me breathless Tempt me, tease me until I can’t deny this loving feeling, make me long for your kiss Go on, go on Yeah, come on…

And if there’s no tomorrow And all we have is here and now I’m happy just to have you You’re all the love I need somehow

It’s like a dream Although I’m not asleep and I never want to wake up Don’t lose it (don’t lose it) Don’t leave it (don’t leave it)

so Go on, go on, come on leave me breathless Tempt me, tease me until I can’t deny this loving feeling, make me long for your kiss Go on, go on Yeah, come on…

Guitar Solo

And I can’t lie From you I cannot hide and I’ve lost my will to try Can’t hide it (can’t hide it) Can’t fight it (can’t fight it) So…

Go on, go on, come on leave me breathless Tempt me, tease me until I can’t deny this loving feeling, make me long for your kiss Go on, go on Yeah, come on…

Go on, go on, come on leave me breathless (leave me breathless) Go on, go on, come on leave me breathless (leave me breathless) Go on, go on, come on leave me breathless (leave me breathless) Go on, go on” 

*reaching the Church* Strange Look for a Church. nice name though… “Metropolis Church of the Lord” i wonder what’s so spooky about a church. this Church feels peaceful to me…

Princess Charlene: *Super speeds inside and looks around* I see a statue. looks really old though. it looks like Raven. with markings or a symbol that is not from this world. how strange. *Looking at the alter and seeing a man standing at the Alter* Hmm… i wonder who that guy is. he looks really odd. maybe he’s a Bishop or pastor or something…

Princess Charlene: *Walking up to the man at the Alter* Uh, Excuse me. are you pastor or the priest?

Man at Altar: No. *Turning around to look at who it was that just spoke to him* I’m not the Pastor or the priest. i’m just a common man who is praying to god for strength. i just lost my wife not too long ago and the pain is still hurting me. i can’t sleep, eat or anything for all i see as i do anything is her face. i just want her back. i loved my wife and now she dead and there’s nothing i can do. *Suddenly crying upon Princess Charlene’s shoulder* I want my wife back. why did she have to die. Why?

Princess Charlene: *Suddenly rubbing the guy’s back* It’s gonna be okay. she may be gone now but she’s not all gone. her spirit is still here and she is still with you in spirit. watching over you. it might seem as though she’s gone. but the spirit is still remaining… it’s still here. and as long as you love her… and think about her…she will never be fully gone. Spirits live on. because of us. because we think of them and love them and care about them still and deeply.

Man at Altar: *Rising back up and nodding and wiping his eyes* thanks. that actually made me feel a bit better. i really am thankful for that insight. i’ll be able to hang on now…

a minute later… Princess Charlene went back to looking around and suddenly came to a back room. she didn’t know what was inside but she walked into the back room and felt weird. almost like something pulling her. she caught sight of a mirror and felt rather happy…

Princess Charlene: Hmm… what a nice looking mirror. i bet that i’d look really pretty looking at the mirror. *walking to it and suddenly looking at it; suddenly seeing the mirror reveal white light and the overlook of the arctic* Wow! that’s neat. but wait… why am i being shown this view for? is there something that is about to happen? *Suddenly being pulled in……….. but before getting pulled in* 

*Voice* “You have been chosen to become a hero. your family members so far… Princess Rikku, Princess Aquamarine, Princess Trixie and Prince John have been already chose…. they are Angelic Raven, Love Girl, Aquatic Burn, and Electric mind. you shall now become a hero fondly known as Arctic Mind. Fellow child… don’t be afraid of the gift. embrace it. accept it. it is but a blessing for you. this is the power that resides in you. you’re hip and upbeat. kind and gentle. but within that is a fighter waiting to break loose. don’t fear it. let it become you. let it guide you.”

Princess Charlene: *Pulled in and falls into the arctic snow; suddenly out cold*”

Raven: *Pauses* Whoa… Hold on… Freeze! How could a Mirror pull a person into it and send them to a distant place? That is just not possible. Now… being pulled in and seeing a Mirror version of the normal world. That’s fine. But to send her all the way to a different country and into the region where there is Arctic snow? That is by far impossible. Impossible!

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know. It is near impossible. Although for each one of us… something different happened. We all had something different hit us. It got us in certain ways as it was all about giving… granting us the power. Abilities. All i had was a black out and temporary amnesia. But the reward was the fact that i got the powers of Heaven and also some Psychic. When She got to that area in the Arctic…

She then told Raven the next part. The second half of how Princess Charlene go her abilities…

“Princess Charlene was out cold in the arctic and thankfully near a small town… the ice was really cold and she was stiff as a board… “someone h-h-help m-m-m-m-me.” she struggled to sound out. she was mostly silent for the ice pierced her all over and froze her immensely. Where was help when it was needed? How she even got to the Arctic… was unknown…

Small town teen: *walking by and noticing a face looking up and shaking* oh god. another stiff. the poor thing. *kneeling down to start digging the face out and realizing that it was a girl* Wow! some surprise. this is new. a girl in the snow nearly covered. *digging the girl out* she’s in frozen shock. if i don’t get her to someplace warm… she’s gonna pass out and end up dying* *Digging the girl out and carrying her to the nearby town* Don’t worry… we’ll have you warmed up in no time. i promise… *walking to the nearby town*

Minutes later…

*Wrapping the girl in a heavy blanket in front of the heater* there you go… what were you doing out there anyway? don’t you know it’s not safe out there anymore? there has been news of large # of Wolves scouring all over and looking for food. if they saw you… you’d have been dead and it would be a feast for them… *fixing up some Tea* I’ve been here with my folks tending to them everyday since a few months ago when the wolf attacks first began. they were nearly attacked by them. but if it weren’t for a few men with rifles to scare them wolves off. who knows what might have happened. 

Princess Charlene: *Suddenly able to wake up and get a few words out since she was getting warmth coming into her* Where am i?

Small town teen: You’re awake? good. for a while there i was speaking in hopes that you might have heard me… You’re in Tibet. i brought you here where you’d be safe. this town is not very big and is pretty small. but has a very caring community.

Princess Charlene: *Shivering* W-w-w-w-w-who a-a-a-a-are y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you?

Small Town Teen: I’m Tara meaning “The mother Goddess” but as you might see… i am nothing like a goddess. nowhere near close. i’m just a normal common small town teenage girl. however for an English name… call me Judy. i kinda like that name. *Seeing the color starting to come back into the girl* You’re starting to get the color back into your body. you’re getting a bit warmer.

Princess Charlene: *Shivering and smiling* Thank y-y-y-y-y-you.

*Hours later*

Tara/Judy: *handing Princess Charlene back her cellphone and wallet* i hope you don’t mind… but i was looking through the wallet and cell to see who to contact for help. you have very noble friends who care alot about you. plus a family. Who’s this Raven girl? is she like a friend? she’s got all these dark books with her. she does look pretty darn cool though. that Robe is like really stylish.

Princess Charlene: *Taking the cell and wallet* She’s a wonderful friend to my cousins and me. she and Bart have been there for my cousins through all the good and the bad. i am also sure that even Oliver has been there too. he’s such a nice person. My family has such wonderful friends. i myself am still trying to figure out how it is that i got here. i remember being in a church and just exploring it for i was new to the city of Metropolis… the next thing i know… i hear this odd voice saying such weird stuff.

Tara/Judy: Stuff like what?

Princess Charlene: *Trying to remember* “You have been chosen to become a hero. your family members so far… Princess Rikku, Princess Aquamarine, Princess Trixie and Prince John have been already chose…. they are Angelic Raven, Love Girl, Aquatic Burn, and Electric mind. you shall now become a hero fondly known as Arctic Mind. Fellow child… don’t be afraid of the gift. embrace it. accept it. it is but a blessing for you. this is the power that resides in you. you’re hip and upbeat. kind and gentle. but within that is a fighter waiting to break loose. don’t fear it. let it become you. let it guide you.”

Tara/Judy: Whoa! that is severe… please try to be careful around voices like that… some voices seek to say that they help… but might have a darker purpose. *Shaking her head* do you feel okay now? you for while were pretty out of it. you also were saying things like… i’m sorry that i took off… i am Arctic mind and that you had powers… you were really shook.

Princess Charlene: *A little embarrassed* oh my. did i really say such things like that? i must have been more out of it than i thought. hopefully i can make it and not go all loopy. the icy cold weather out there really stunned me and made me numb….

Tara/Judy: I know. i dug you out before the wolves would then come and have a feast on you. What the heck were you doing out there anyway? you might have crash landed there and all. but you’re lucky it was me that found you… if the wolves were the ones to find you… you’d be chow for them and dead for you’d be torn to pieces and having parts of you in their bellies.

Princess Charlene: *nods and smiles* true. i am so thankful that you saved me… *Getting up and hugging Judy* Thank you so much…

Tara/Judy: *Hugging back* your welcome, Princess Charlene. anytime. i’m just glad that you’re okay. really.

A minute later…

Princess Charlene: Do you think that my friends will figure where i’m at and come to rescue me?

Tara/Judy: I know they will… they looked like real true pals

Princess Charlene: Where are they?

Tara/Judy: i don’t know, dear. i am sure they’ll be on their way soon.

Princess Charlene: i know that Raven will come… she can fly or teleport… It’s Bart and Oliver that i am kinda worried about… they can’t fly or teleport. Bart can super speed. but not fly. Oliver has to get here by either plane or Jet. or a helicopter.

Tara/Judy: That would be a bit of a snag… but they’ll come… why not get some rest till they show up. Don’t worry… i’ll let you know when they show up. i’ll wake you when they come…

Princess Charlene: okay. *Walking to the nearby couch and laying down on it; falling asleep*

Tara/Judy: *Covering Princess Charlene up with a blanket and making sure she was nice and warm* get some rest. you’ll be okay. promise.

Tara/Judy: *Gasps* Oh. dear… you must be her friend Raven. *whispers* let me go get her… *Walking over to Princess Charlene* she’s been really peaceful and i don’t know if you would want to know this… but she’s been talking about things like hearing a voice… and saying that she’s now Arctic mind. would that ring a bell somewhat? *Waking Princess Charlene up* Hey, girl… you got some company. one of your pals are here…

Princess Charlene: *Waking up* Huh… Who? *A little drained*”

Rikku L. Rhapsody: She was the last to get gifted powers or abilities. Prince John… who then soon became King John was the second one to get abilities. Princess Trixie who later became Trixie Stroker… was 3rd. Princess Charlene… was the last. However… soon came Motherhood for them. Some adopted. but others didn’t. I was adopting 2 girls Princess Amy and Princess Amelia. Although… in the beginning… i was said to pick up Princess Amy and raise her. But soon came to see or figure that she was my daughter that i was gifted. Granted. I took her and cared for her. Loved her with all i had. But sometime down the line… She turned corrupt and i lost her. She split. Never to be seen ever again. The same with her double. Then came the Adoption of Prince Richie. Princess Charlene’s first and only son. Only child. There was no other but him. King John was awarded 4 boys. Which in truth were his all along and he never even knew till he saw physical and signs of him within the 4 boys.  It was then that each of the 2nd Generation Rhapsody Clansmen… Became Parent figures. All except for me. I was a late bloomer. A Very late bloomer. Although when i got pregnant with 2 girls… i was the most blessed and the most happiest person that ever walked. I couldn’t begin to describe as to how happy i was. However… what i didn’t know was that i was pregnant with 3 more girls. But the doctors made me think that i was done. that the 3 girls didn’t make it. For 8 years… i was made to believe that they were dead. that they didn’t exist. 8 years i felt as though a part of me was missing and yet… never could figure out why. Till… one day… I came across 3 girls… who had a picture of me… to remember me by. because till that moment… all they seemed to have of me… was the picture and what little maternal memory there was of me. till they and i united. and i got back to them…

Rikku then Flashes back to when she united with her 3 girls… after 8 years of not knowing their existence…

“Girl #1: Pearl… Dinah. We are just kids… but we have managed to be on our own for a long time. I don’t know why our mom forgot about us… but we’re gonna find out.

Pearl: *Not understanding* But Paige… How are we to do that? We don’t even know who our mother is. we only have a brief picture of her… but that’s not much to go by…

Dinah: Paige: She’s got a point. we are up the creek and we got no $ left. we’re living on just pennies on the dollar and that’s not something that we young girls should be left with. We lived like this since we were babies. we were tough… but Pearl is right. we need a home. and our home is with whoever our biological mother is.

Betty Rhapsody: *Suddenly arriving from the side* Caught you… you three have been jumping all around for a while now… Where did you come from?

Paige: *Turning to see Betty* We know you from somewhere… Why? 

Pearl: *Looking At Betty* Wait… I think we know her… we saw her the other day Flying around…. You’re… You’re Angelic Raven… Aren’t you? 

Dinah: Say what? Her? Get outta here. she’s not that hero. The one who is that hero is some Pink haired lady. the one who everyone looked at kinda odd. But we never heard her name… but whoever she is… we feel like we know her… *Falling on the ground and sighs* I think i got a headache.

Paige: Where is she? 

Pearl: Can we see her?

Dinah: *Getting up and walking to the other side* Oh no… Not me… not gonna happen. We get ditched as babies and now everything is all hunky dorey and just peaches. I’d find that a little bit laughable… We were left in the cold. You guys are just Nuts thinking that we’d forget that. you try being born knowing that you were given birth to by a mother or father and being unfortunately left for 7 long years to fend for yourself. never knowing Love or having a place of a nice comfy bed. T.V. Food. and not to mention a Loving family. years of being on the streets and not having love or a family can make you wish to never see the person who left you… that easily. *With Hurt Pride*

Betty Rhapsody: She never meant to forget you… she really didn’t think or realize that she was still pregnant and had you three as well. she thought she was done. she even recalled Blacking out as that happened. so she wouldn’t be able to remember that part. and none of the Doctors told her about it. so… she never knew of it. *Sad*

Pearl: *Suddenly breaking down and feeling lost without her mom* momma… *Looking at the picture and shedding a tear* Where could you be? *Looking at the picture with tears in her eyes*

Pearl: *Showing the picture* She looks something like this… But we don’t remember. she might look so different now than what she does in this picture. *With tears in her eyes*

Angel Rhapsody: *Teleporting onto the roof* We’ll bring her over to you… We know where she is… Be right back. 

Angel Rhapsody: *Teleporting back suddenly with their mother* I’m Back. 

Dinah: *Looking at her the lady with Pink Hair* What The…? Are you psycho? That’s not our mom. That’s a Clown.

Betty Rhapsody: Not a chance… She’s your mom. that’s Princess Rikku.

Pearl: *Looking to see her mother* Mom. *With tears in her eyes; Getting up and Running to her mom* Mom! *Hugging her*

*Surprised* Wow! What is all this? Do i know these girls?

Betty Rhapsody: They happen to be our sisters.

*Gasps* Sisters? How?

But as i was being told what was going on… It then hit me… It all came right back to me…

*Looking pale* My D-daughters? But that’s not possible… i don’t understand. how is this possible? Would someone please Explain to me what this is about? How could they be my Daughters? I don’t even know them. And if they are my Daughters… then why don’t i have any memory of them? How can i have daughters that i don’t recall having? *Looking at the girls again and suddenly seeing herself in them* Oh god… they are. Why didn’t the Doctors tell me that i had 3 more daughters? I should have been told that i was pregnant with 3 more girls. *Feeling so shocked and rather hurt from not knowing about being pregnant with 3 more daughters*

Paige: *Looking at their mother* You are our mother. We have this picture of you to prove it. *Showing the picture* When we were born… we were alone. no one claimed us so we had to claim ourselves and before we left… we saw our Wrists with these bands on them and it had our names. we didn’t know what we were gonna do. we didn’t know where to go. however we saw that there was this picture next to the names of the babies that were in the three holding pens that we were in. it said something about mother. and had your picture on it. we didn’t know where you were and felt as though you forgot about us. We waited for weeks and waited for you to come. you never did. we then had to face the fact that you didn’t even realize we existed or didn’t want to claim us. It hurt. we spent all our time till now… having to fight off all kinds of bad guys and crooks. we Had to cuddle up close together to keep warm… all till now. We were hoping throughout that time that’d find you someday. no matter how long it took. But we’re your Daughters. I’m Paige Cass Rhapsody. And the two girls that come with me as they also are your daughters… are Pearl Lucy Rhapsody and Dinah Ellen Rhapsody. She is the tough one… she doesn’t like dresses. she’s like a rough girl who loves being like the boys. Fighting and being just tough. Pearl is into Fashion. she also loves to be popular too. she is very Emotional and just so bubbly. I am into cute boys. i am like a lovesick girl. i just can’t help it.”

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That was the biggest shock of my life at the time. I remembered feeling so terrible that i allowed myself to believe that they were dead. I still feel it. Not as much as i had before. but the memory of it is still there. *Finishing up with the history of the Rhapsody Clansmen*

A Moment later…

Raven: So… What are you telling me? That since my mom was a super… That i too… am one?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yes. That is right. You are the Middle Daughter of Dinah Rhapsody. Known to the city as Thunder Mistress. She is a hero now retired… But you. You Raven came from her. Part of her DNA is in you as it is in your sisters Sapphire, Serena, Hikaru, Sakura and Sora. You, Sapphire and Serena got born first. a few years before Hikaru, Sakura and Sora did. So Dinah’s DNA. A Piece of her DNA that had Super powers and Abilities within it… Copied. and strapped into you. You Raven… are…

Raven: *In shock and suspense* What? What am I? A Mutant? A Super freak? What?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: A Hero. Not officially. But you are the creation of Dinah… And Shingo. Dinah was the one known as thunderic Fury. A Fighter. Thunder Mistress. You came… From her. And since she was a super and then had you first 3. a time before she managed to retire from hero work. a part of what she was… is… is inside you. Within you.

Raven: Oh no… *Freaking out as she sees the look  on her grandmother’s face* Oh no…. No, no, no, no, no, no, no…. Uh-uh. Forget it. I am not no hero. I am not no spandex or Tight wearing super being with the fetish for flying off into the night skies. Grandma… I Love you tons… but you… You are now sounding like a psycho. I am a normal person. A Normal Teenager. I have no fate towards being one with the heroic Mojo.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know how this sounds. I know that you’re scared. I am too… I should be most of all and i am also certain. know for a fact that your mother is scared over it most of all. That is why possibly that she was keeping it from you for as long as she could for she felt that if you knew… you’d want to go into the work and get into danger. She figured that as long as you didn’t know that you had powers inside you. A piece of her… inside you… you’d be thinking that you were normal and be safe. I as a normal person. A grandmother… i would wish to god that you remained normal. Kept under the guise of being normal at all costs. No matter what. Selfishly… i’d deny you from embracing the hero part inside you. Wanting to keep you from danger. But… the truth is… it would deny you a part that you are meant to be. A part that you are. You’re The next Generation of hero. as are your sisters Sapphire and Serena. Your Cousins… 4 from your Aunt Paige, 5 from your Aunt Pearl, One of the 5 kids from your Aunt Luna… Zoey, One of the 5 kids from your Uncle Curtis… Blossom and 4 from your Uncle Alvin.

Raven: Well… That’s them. but i am not ready to even be a hero. I am still trying to come to terms that i am becoming a teen. I don’t even have my life in order fully yet. Plus i am still waiting for natural body parts to develop. And you want to know what else… Grandma? I don’t want to be a hero! *Getting up and Running off*

Raven then runs off…

Outside Grandma Rikku’s house…

Nick: *Watering the plants* These things are getting a little dry. I am surprised that no one ever stops to think that plants need some care as well as an animal or human. *Sighs* …

Raven: *Running past Nick and sprinting towards her home*

Nick: *Stops and looks to see Raven running by* Uh, okay… Well… That’s something that you don’t see everyday.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Bursting out of the house* Raven, COME back here!

Nick: *Looking to see his Fiance* Hey… What’s going on? What’s with the girl? She alright?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: No. I think that i must have scared her over something. I was telling her what the reason was behind the cause of her feeling… Well… Tingly or Fuzzy. Like something equivalent to being stat-icky. I told her that she might be a… hero of some kind and she just literally freaked out and ran off with a quick bolt…

At Paige’s house…

Annie: *Looking at Daria* Do you think that Raven’s got the truth from Grandmother Rikku?

Daria: I have no clue. You did say that she was pretty adamant over the fact that she felt that the truth was being hidden from her and that she wanted to know what was happening to her.

Annie: Although it isn’t as if she didn’t already know. She’s Dinah’s Daughter. Aunt Dinah should have told her the truth. Raven’s probably freaking out over the fact that she’s got powers and she’s with no idea as to what is going on inside her. Her mom is playing cover up with her and i don’t think it’s funny.

Clint: Hey. If Aunt Dinah had the part of heroic Blood being within Raven kept a secret to best protect her… She must have had a pretty good reason. Our mother is retired from the hero work. Mom’s power belt… It doesn’t work. It will only work for her. And i am sure that mom will be none to happy over our thinking on trying it on. I do believe that she’d be… What? Pissed? No. Try Livid.

Theodore: Our mother wanted us all normal for a reason. I don’t know about you guys… But with everything that’s happened. Plus the fact that the city has locked the gates welcoming no more heroes. Even if we somehow had heroic blood within us… What good would it do us if we were to god forbid have powers and abilities? We won’t be able to use them.

Clint: Although… the thought of being with powers is pretty uplifting. I could be… Well… under the name Sir Love. Or the Love Machine.

Theodore: Me… If i were to be a hero… and with some of what our mom can do… I’d probably be with the hero name Dancing Heartthrob.

Annie: Miss Bliss is probably what i’d be…

Daria: I’ll most likely be Miss Passion.

Annie: If we become heroes like our mom… Let’s shake on it.

Clint: Hands in…

Annie: Miss Bliss. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Daria: Miss Passion. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Clint: Sir Love. *Putting his hand into the middle*

Theodore: Dancing Heartthrob. *Putting his hand into the middle*

Annie: And together we’re…

All 4: *Chanting and Cheering* THE RHAPSODY ROMANCERS Z!

A Minute later…

Annie: Sure hope Raven gets to the bottom of what’s going on inside her.

Clint: She will. We just have to keep faith…

That night…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Raven then comes into the house and sits on the stairs and sulks feeling betrayed. She just got back from seeing her grandmother and found that she had heroic blood in her that made her a fighter. A Super fighter and she was never told by her mother when she had a right to know. She was kept in the dark. It was not gonna be a happy talk. But she knew that she was denied the truth and she was gonna get to the bottom of it… one way or another…

Dinah: *Walking to find her daughter after deciding the truth needed to be told, and found Raven sitting on the steps* Darling. i know you’re mad with me for not telling you the truth from the beginning but i want you to know something..

Raven: *Angry and annoyed* Oh yeah?! And what would that be? Where do you want to start? would it be the part where i seem to be harboring a secret inside me that i didn’t know was there…. or how about the part where i am now with the confession from grandmother that i am now not just a freak… but a Super freak. Oh i know… why not tell me about why i now feel betrayed and kept in the dark about my normal life being no more than a sham? Let’s start there, Mom.

Dinah: *Sitting down next to Raven* Yes Raven, it’s true. you do have super powers and you are a super hero. i didn’t tell you about it and let you think you were normal because i wanted to protect you as a mother would for her child… but having powers and being a super hero doesn’t make you a super freak. you know that, don’t you?

Raven: *Getting up and Then turning to face her mother* The right thing for who mom? You should have told me. for 14 years i had this unknown secret and you knew about it… but yet you wanted to what was it that you said… “Let you think that you were normal”… You wanted to let me think i was normal when i was not normal at all. You were probably just waiting for me to spaz out and have a embarrassing moment and i out of nowhere freak myself out by shooting up power that is far from normal before you would tell me about it, Right? Because it sure as heck seems like it to me.

Dinah: *Sighs and stands up again* Raven please don’t be like this. i am sorry for not telling you sooner and yes i should have told you but you must understand my reasons behind not telling you straight away… you were already not feeling normal and if you had been told about the powers you would have thought of yourself as a super freak. i didn’t want to put you in that situation…

Raven: Well… living with a mother who would hide something like this from me… scares me… *Heading to her Room*

A Minute later…

Dinah: *Feeling really guilty about hiding something like that from her daughter, and she walks to Raven’s room knocking on the door* Can i come in for a minute?

Raven: If you want to… I am just really unhappy being lied to. but it’s something that i’ll have to get over… *Brushing her hair a little*

Dinah: *Opening the door and walking in, closing the door again behind her* You have every right to be mad with me. i should have told you the truth from the beginning, it’s just that you’re my daughter and the last thing i want is for you is to be unhappy…

Raven: Well what did you think i was gonna respond with after finding out that i was being lied to? Did you believe in your right mind that i was gonna be all happy go tickly over the news? Newsflash… Mom… Just because you’re a hero… Thunder Mistress. and no demeaning what you had done for years… you made it all work. You’re good at being the “In your face, Back off my case” persona and not take bull from anyone spewing the bull. You told Sapphire and Serena that they had abilities. and they’re fine with it… of course Sapphire was always on the fast track to the hero line. She takes to it like Caffeine to a Junkie on a fix… But you kept it from me. Lied to me about it and told me that i was normal… when you knew in your heart that i wasn’t. You have any idea how damaging that is to someone like me? Living one life and thinking that the life that you were following was the only life you knew only to then later find that you have another life and should have been told of it from the beginning but had to find out the hard way from someone else who even though was family… had no room to bring up something that a mother should have told their daughters. but yet… Did not… Do you even know what that is doing to me… i don’t even know if i was really living the right life anymore. Everything up till now has been shown as a total lie.

Dinah: It’s not as simple as that. when i first became a hero it wasn’t easy for me either as i struggled with it when i was first told and i felt like a super freak as well, when i was younger, like maybe 12 years old i hated wearing skirts and if someone was to ever say to me: “Hey Dinah, you look cute in that skirt” i would have just exploded and blow up. but as time went past i grew to love them slowly. i have been the loose wire for most of my life that if anyone messed with anyone in the family i would let them have it and i still do…

Raven: Well… I guess that i should understand. but in honest opinion… i don’t feel protected… you try living a life like mines that makes you feel like being one person… for as long as you can remember or recall… then in five minutes… find out that you’re someone else that is not like the one you thought you were made to be… *Sighs and growls as she waves her hand and gets a little edgy* Just in case… i didn’t feel like a freak already… *Snaps with anger* Why not we just add a nickname to me… Like Raven, The “Super Freak”?!


Raven: *Sitting down* I’m sorry. I just feel so conflicted. i don’t know what to even think or say. What kind of hero would i even be if i were really this hero that you and the others all believe that i am?

Dinah: *Understanding Raven’s anger* I understand your anger and i know this is hard for you.. but don’t worry. i promise i will help you through this and i’ll teach you everything i know about being a hero.

Raven: That would help… because… this whole guise of my living a life that is a lie… it’s not fair for me… So… if there are things to learn about being a hero… showing them would help. *Groans as she then collapses onto her bed* This is gonna be a total nightmare. How am i gonna learn the ropes of being a hero? i don’t know anything about being a hero… i don’t feel worthy to even be one.


Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Looking at Pamela* I heard the live broadcast earlier this week. You were wonderful.

Pamela: I wasn’t too bad. I was kinda nervous while doing it because i was feeling that i was gonna bomb. It’s got my restaurant more recognition which is good. But it doesn’t make it any less of a stress knowing that the live interview i was put in… was really the one that would decide whether i would make it or not.

Sid: You were fine, Pamela. Really. You were just fine. A little strained… but you were straight and telling it as it was. You didn’t seem to worry about anything else.

Pamela: I know. I was also trying to wing it a little. I never been on the radio before. It was a first.

Sid: It sure was a first. You still into doing those Chocolate pies?

Pamela: Of course. Planning on doing about 70 of them. only because some are going to the homeless. A couple are going to Luna and her family. Maybe set a Pie Case here and leave a couple here for you to sell to your customers here. Like a treat or something.

Sid: That’s a good idea. I’ve been meaning to provide some kind of treat for the customers here for a couple weeks now. I’ll call some of the sources i have tomorrow and see on getting some of the supplies needed for it. What do you need exactly?

Pamela: Lots of Chocolate Fudge Syrup and Hershey Chocolate powder. Plus Whipped cream. huge tubs of it. A 1000 Pie crusts.

Sid: *Pauses and stunned* You wanna run that by me again… Pamela? You mean to tell me that… that you are in need of 1000 pie crusts? on top of the other items needed for the pies that you’re wanting to make?

Pamela: Yeah… Why? There’s a problem with that?

Sid: No. Not that… It’s not like that at all… I am just trying to figure out why you would need 1000 pie crusts. If you make 70 Chocolate pies… you’re only gonna need 70.  Pamela… I’m gonna support you with this Chocolate pie making… I think it’s a wonderful idea. You do this like every 4 months. since we were married. You done this. It’s a great idea.

Pamela: I guess. *Sitting down* I hear that you’ve been seeing Pearl here alot this week.

Sid: Her and Dinah’s husband. He stops by the diner for lunch and unwinds a little for a bit to eat. He’s been feeling rather down for his wife Dinah. They’re all reeling over the fact that Paige his wife’s sister is a divorcee.

Pamela: What? You’re kidding! How is this possible?

Sid: Not sure. But that’s what Shingo was saying. It’s been like that for 4 years.

Pamela: 4 years? But how is that even possible? 4 years of divorce and she just now speaks about it. Or it finally comes out? What about her kids? Surely they’ve spoken about it or made notice of it.

Sid: I don’t know, Pamela. Maybe i am defective and didn’t think to ask them what the real deal was… Shingo told what he felt on the issue and i think that’s good enough for me. I’m not gonna be going defcon 1 on something that doesn’t really concern me. If they tell me… fine. If not. It’s none of my business. You should know that. It isn’t any of our business.

Pamela: You mean that you don’t really care?

Sid: *Sighs* I do care… But if you want to know the reality of the deal here… It’s this: You might want to go asking Luna… your best friend about it. See what she knows. I won’t. I care about alot. But to stick my ever loving nose in their private or personal business… I would rather not, if it isn’t no never mind to you.


Christie: *Walking into the Diner* Hey Sid.

Sid: *Looking to see Christie* Hey Christie. Haven’t seen you in a while. It’s been a few weeks since the last I’ve seen you here.

Christie: I know. Had alot of Divorce cases to handle.

Sid: Divorce?

Christie: Yeah. I’m a Divorce attorney. From the Metropolis Law Firm. From Fred Chandler’s office. He handles all the assigned Divorce Appeals and schedules one to whoever is available.

Pamela: You didn’t happen to deal with the divorce of Paige and Reese, did you?

Christie: Yes. I did. When that came in to me… i almost didn’t take it because it was rather personal and i couldn’t bare to see the fact that i’d be helping a couple of my friends get divorced. I just couldn’t bare to do it. But i took the case and tried to not let it get to me.

Pamela: It’s really sad that they broke apart.

Sid: It is… But there is nothing that we can do about it.

Christie: It’s only 8 in the evening… night time. Is it okay if i order a cup of coffee to go?

Sid: Yeah. Of course.

As for the others…

Renee Locksley was married and she happened to run a Hotel of her own… She owned it and was Making alot of connections. It was very busy for her and each day would spread more activity. Alot more and it would only get more lively. Quinn Moore was dating and she was a Psychic hotline Specialist. She was good at it too. Telling people their horoscopes and what they were to expect to have come to them. Jake and Jennifer were destined pairs and were wed… but that was known when Luna called Jake earlier in the week. Ted Callahan was an actor. He starred in three films so far during the 14 year intermission which was after the last threat. Penelope was a Hard core reporter for the Planet heading off the Political department. Karen Copeland was Married and had 4 kids of her own. all girls. She was fond of having loving Daughters and wanted to have daughters to love and raise into strong independent girls. It was the new era. all of them were successful career men and women…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

In the living room…

Serena: *Watching T.V* Hey mom… What was Raven so tweaked about?

Dinah: About the truth of what was really going on within you 3.

Serena: Oh that… I think you’re a little late in that department… I already grabbed a serving in the psyche out field. I noticed that i emitted some Thunder myself.

Dinah: I Kept you in the dark about it all because i was meaning to see as though you girls were living a normal life. As a Mother should be wanting to see come for her Children.

Serena: *Scoffs* Yeah… well thanks for the nice hand-out. Earlier this week when i had to pick up Hikaru and Sakura… I had to defend them from a big kid. one who got the hots for picking on the shorter kids and while doing what i had to do to show that bully a thing or two… I Emitted some Thunder power. The bully saw me as some kind of freak. Good thing that no one else was around to see it. but it still didn’t make it any less odd and mysterious. It just came out of nowhere.

Dinah: It’s not that bad. You try being 11 and have your life changed by the powers that be… that is more embarrassing. I hated skirts that age. You would not catch me dead in one…

Serena: Times were really different back then. It wasn’t the same as it is now… Back then… you probably had more of a handle on keeping your secret. I don’t. My friend… Carly Black is back from Germany. She’s living on her own as it was set up by her father. She’s back in town and she without saying a word about it… has somehow noticed something going on with me.

Dinah: Your friend Carly Black? You hadn’t seen her since you were done with Elementary school. That was like what… 4 years ago, wasn’t it?

Serena: Yeah. There is something else too…

Dinah: *Suddenly sitting down in the chair next to Serena* What…

Serena: Carly… Happens to have… Feelings for me. Relationship wise.

Dinah: *Pauses and at a loss for words* Really?!

Serena: I happen to also have feelings for her too… She’s my best friend, Mom.

Dinah: Serena, Your father and i don’t stand for same sex relations. But if it’s what makes you… happy. then that’s all that should matter. But just wait a couple of years. Just a couple of years.

Serena: I intend to wait. But i don’t think that she’s gonna.

Dinah: You should talk to her and see what it is that she really feels. Just let her know that you are not ready for that kind of relationship. It is kinda true. You’re not ready. Besides that you have your whole entire life to think about settling over and calming down with a family of your own.

Serena: *Nods*


“Knock Knock Knock Knock”

Serena: *Looking to the front door* Someone’s at the front door. But who’d be coming to stop by at this time of night?

Dinah: *getting up and walking over to the front door* No idea. But who ever it is… better have some good excuse. It might be one of our old friends. I hope.

Serena: Whoever it is… they better have brought a pizza. No one made dinner tonight and i’m starving. I could eat a cow and dozen chickens.

A Minute later…

Christie: *Smiles* Hey there Dinah.

Dinah: Hey Christie. It’s nice to see you.

Christie: Same here with you. It’s been a while. or a few weeks since the last we spoke or made contact with each other.

Dinah: I know. I myself have been rather on the busy living with the football team. Well… training them and seeing them rise with strength and heart. My Daughters have been also busy with their activities. One trying to be with a knack for a popular clique of her own. one with joining Drama or Choir. and my tough one Serena… She’s wrestling. But how she does her activity is teaching herself and just learning the moves. She does join the wrestling team at school and meets with them every so often.

Christie: Wow… Your Daughters must be growing into mature young women. I knew that you’d be a great mother. Remember when i was keeping the confidence up when you doubted yourself. It is proof here… You’re raising them very well. You’re not doing anything wrong.

Dinah: That’s so out of place but i do remember. *Nods*

Inside the Living room a few seconds later…

Christie: *Seeing Serena* You’re so grown. Last time i remembered seeing you… You were like a little toddler. So small. Wow. You really grew.

Serena: *Looking to see Christie* And you are different than from the last time i spotted you. You used to have golden brown hair and now… you got black hair. You’re so different. You’re a Divorce attorney… aren’t you?

Christie: Keeping tabs, huh? *Chuckles* Dinah sure raised a sharp precarious daughter. You’re good.

Serena: Well… it’s just like i was raised. Remember the people in your family’s life. Know what they’re like and who they are. What they do. Don’t forget about the ones who were there for the family helping them out when they really needed it.

Dinah: Don’t forget that some of that is Vulcan Wisdom.

Serena: Who could forget that? Spock’s parents are literally full of wisdom.

Dinah: That’s right. They are. Although… you and your sister Sapphire and Raven were sent there to be spared from the terrible fate that was to befall the Earth. 14 years ago.

Serena: I think that i remember that. Even as a baby when a person is so small and young and can’t yet really speak or think… i was listening to you and the others talking about the end of days and the Apocalypse. Trigon the Terrible. Scath. And about the Psychotic prophecy. “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire. The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim… He comes to sire… The end of all things mortal.”

Dinah: What in god’s name did you say that for?

Serena: Uh… Let’s think. where did i hear that line before? Where was that line said before and from who?

Christie: It was from us but that was said before you were born, Serena. Your mom and us all had to hear of that alot 14 years ago. And if you remember… you and your sisters were sent to Planet Vulcan for a while to be ensured protection then when something was going on… on Planet Vulcan. your mom and dad were so tweaked and freaked out about it that they had to set where you got sent to another place. An Island that is within the world of…

Serena: Spira.

Dinah: Yeah… that. How did you figure that out?

Serena: No idea. I guess that i just had a lucky guess.

Dinah: You seem to have alot of those tonight.

Christie: You must have heard more than what we thought you’d hear about the Dark threat. The terrifying demon. Trigon.

Serena: Who wouldn’t have heard about it? Inside the Womb i could have heard it… I was supposed to freak out about it. Cry. something that natural babies do… But i didn’t. All i did was just listen and take heart on being optimistic over what was being discussed.

Christie: Dinah… I think that you got yourself a smart and very intelligent tough girl here in Serena.

Serena: It’s what i know for a fact. And i heard about the violence back then too. Just like the one Ally you guys had from that time. the Daughter of the Intergalactic Demon Scath. She was unable to show true emotion because her power was driven by it. She had to meditate to obtain constant control. I would think that it was said best in Vulcan logic. “Where there is no emotion, there is no motive for violence”

Dinah: Sweetheart… that was then… this is a different time. You and your sisters don’t have to be worrying about those things. You are all normal as can be. There is nothing odd about you girls either. There never was.

Serena: Yes there is… For the last week i have been feel motions of Static electricity and Thunder. I felt it inside me. Plus Raven felt power coming over her. Sapphire is on the fast track anyway and is all for it. I will accept whatever life i get offered. I won’t bite any hand that feeds. I stay grateful to what i am to get. Back then you were the Big bad dog of the Thunder power, Mom. You had the thunder. And without knowing it… some of your Thunder DNA copied into Sapphire, Raven and Me. Sapphire was 1st. Me… second… then last but not the least. Raven. She was met with it. The fact is though… for 14 years… you kept that from us. hid that part from us. Maybe to save us from having a part of our lives where we wouldn’t be able to have a choice but to do it. But back then… it was what you wanted for us. to spare us from having to be forced to make some of the hardest choices that a normal person shouldn’t be having to make. It’s something that one Mister Spock would say… “Whatever our lives might have been, if the time continuum was disrupted, our destinies have changed.” You used to be with that life. But left it 14 years ago. Chances are slim that you’ll be able to re-embark on it if the occasion ever called for it. the new Generation… we are with that life now… It’s gonna be a matter of time before it takes us over completely. That’s if it hasn’t done as such already.

Dinah: You are really wise in your years. A little beyond your years, Serena.

Although as they were talking the seeds of change were taking the start of change. But what they didn’t realize was that it was gonna be a beginning for them. A start of something that they were never to expect. For 14 years, they all resumed a normal life with the exception of a few slips that managed to sneak on in and strike some attention. The Offspring that had a bit of the power that their parents had before them was starting to win them over. Soon there was gonna be a threat or a case that was gonna start them up. Serena was with her best friend back again. Luna’s kids were growing a little. Natasha in need of medication. Zoey having little relapses of the identity that Luna had once upon a time. Paige’s 4 kids with the powers that be. Pearl’s kids were with that same fate. Dinah knew it. Paige, Pearl and Dinah’s kids were thereby now the new Generation. The whole new Generation of Rhapsody Fighters. Blossom was with the Electric power. Emitting Electricity from any source of power and firing at the target. Paul and Crystal had power too. Paul with the double Whammy. Fire and Telekinesis. Crystal with Telekinesis and Mind control. She even had the ability to use Psybeam when she got in the mood of silence. Focusing the power and aiming at the target or targets. No Rhapsody fighter in the history of the Rhapsody Clan could ever do that. Not ever. But she got it. Sora and Carly… the twins had ESP. There was changes being made. The world was changing and wasn’t what it once was. Not as it should have been. Not Normal. There was nothing to stop it. The Baton was passed. The Original Trio. The Original Girls of Love, Grace and Fury were still able to fight… could still fight the good fight if that outcome ever were to come. But now… it was the new generation’s game.

During the night the city slept. But while they were sleeping…

Somewhere within the old Chambers that once was originally built for Raven from the Mystical world…

A time Dimensional rip formed in the center of the chamber and pulsed with power… it was viewing from the other side with the sights of a Alternate world. It was Spira…

The next day…

Sept. 13th 2042…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

In the Kitchen…

Dinah: *Drinking a cup of coffee* Last night was sure eventful.

Shingo: *Drinking a cup of coffee* You think so? How do you have that figured out?

Dinah: Well… for one thing… We got a bit of a situation. Remember 14 years ago when the last major danger went on and we beat it?

Shingo: I would rather not think so deeply on that. It’s something that i happen to have blocked out mostly. But… not that you brought it up to the present… What about it?

Dinah: Not much. Just the part where we have something to figure. Remember when we had the first 3 kids. Sapphire, Raven and Serena? We thought them to be normal with no abnormality in them at all. None. The way it seemed to appear was just that we thought that Normal was gonna be the one and only life they were to know. Nothing about the super powered persuasion was to meet them.

Shingo: Get to the point, Love. what’s the deal about the issue with our Daughters?

Dinah: They got a part of me in them. My powers. The Thunder powers.

Shingo: *Shoots up and suddenly coughs over the bit of detail as some coffee accidentally went down the wrong pipe* What… WHAT THE HELL!!! Are you screwing with my mind, babe? You’re yanking the mind crank… aren’t you? That’s what you’re doing. You’re trying to psyche me.

Dinah: No. Not quite. I wish that it was only that. I really do. but… I am afraid that it’s nothing like that at all. Nothing like that. What the deal is about that is just what we were hoping that they’d be made to remain normal. No power. Just as normal as can be. But throughout the week… odd things have been happening. Odd strange things were going on. Sapphire was glowing with the element of thunder. I didn’t particularly notice it much… but even with the part of not having need of the powers since 14 years ago… i sensed it and knew that something was going on.

Shingo: Wait a doggone minute here, darling… You’re meaning to lead me to believe that our 3 Daughters Sapphire, Raven and Serena are with the powers that be. The powers that you once had? How is that even possible dear?

Dinah: Shingo, I don’t know. I really don’t know. *Sighs* I just can’t believe it. Our first 3 kids… are with the powers of what i had been till 14 years ago. after the end of the last threat that came… ran it’s path and ended.

As they were drinking their coffee and talking further…

Shingo: *Looking down and then at the clock* Okay… so, you’re telling me that something has come over our daughters and it is coincidental as we gave life to them first. Sapphire, Raven and Serena are now The Heroes with power now… So… Since you used to be Thunder Mistress… and now the powers are rather in them… That would make them… what; Exactly?

Dinah: I would guess that due to them having the same powers and abilities as i had… I would suppose that they’d be the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!.

Shingo: Hmm… You know… That’s not too bad of a name for their team. That’s rather pretty good. Catchy. The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!. Not bad. I like it.

It was minutes later when Shingo had to head for work. It was time for him to head off to work and with that… he grabbed his coat, his hat and his keys. He grabbed his badge for the Limo and before stepping out the door, he kissed his wife on the lips and Smiled. Dinah Smiled back and nodded. Praying for him to have a safe day out…

It was a minute later after he was gone when the call that would change their lives came in. It came in on the Video Phone. The one that was motioned to be put on traction for 14 years. it sparked on and came alive. A call was coming through and for some reason… it was addressing her. of all the possible ones to contact. It could have reached her sisters Paige, Pearl… or Luna. It could have made contact with one of the 4 guys. But… It came to reach her. Dinah went to look and saw… a familiar face. One that none of them had seen for 14 years…

Wakka: *On Screen* Hey… Anybody there, ya?

Dinah: *Walking over to the Living room and getting a better shot at seeing who’s calling* Who’s that on the screen? *Catching a look at the screen* What… How… Uh… Wakka?! Oh my god, it is a relief to see someone friendly coming through the screen. It’s been 14 years since the last we’ve heard from you. What’s up?

Wakka: I would say or ask the same thing of you, ya. especially since we got a huge mess going on here. A massive catastrophe.

Dinah: What kind of catastrophe?

Wakka: It’s something that can’t be spoken of through here. You’ll have to come and see… *Looking to the sides* But what i can tell you is that it’s a big beast. Huge. There is a huge state of panic because of the Beast and there are fiends all over. They are getting violent.

Dinah: How Violent are we talking here?

Wakka: Violent enough to keep people from trying to cross over to the neighboring towns and cities.

Dinah: Wakka, You and the others have been there for us and helped protect our young ones when we had the dilemma revolving the Demon Scath. So we’re gonna all return the favor. I’m gonna make a bunch of calls and notify the others. To get them all on deck. But Wakka… consider us there…

Dinah then got on the phone and called up her sisters and Cousins. Everyone she could and told them the details…

At Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub…

Zeke: *Looking at the guys manning the counters* You guys… we need a new attraction here.

Heinz: Was meinst du, Boss?

Gabe: We have a bit of attractions here. What about Happy hour?

Zeke: That. we have that… but we need more.

Warren: What about Karaoke night?

Zeke: What? Karaoke night?

Nikolai: You know… that might be what this place could be in need of.

Zeke: Where are we gonna get a Karaoke machine and put it here?

Gabe: I can make a few calls and get us a Good sound system and DJ machine. With a Monitor for the lyric to show. plus a microphone and lights. I know someone who can hook us up with a good system at a fair working price.

Zeke: Who?

Gabe: Mortimer Schulz. I ran into him the other day and he’s the guy i mentioned that attended MIT. He’s got a degree in Electronics and Broadcast. He runs the one shop down at the one side of the Promenade. He promised that he’d lend off some stuff when i was in need of it. He’s huge in the electronics business.

Zeke: Call him up and see how much he’s gonna ask for a sound system and Karaoke station.

Gabe: You got it.

Heinz: How’s the family holding up?

Zeke: From the other day?

Heinz: Yeah.

Zeke: They’re fine. Natasha is now on the pill and she’s not all that thrilled about it.

Heinz: The pill? You mean…

Zeke: Birth Control? No… *Speaking German* Sind Sie dumm? Es besteht keine Notwendigkeit für eine Pille, wie sie seit sie nicht schwanger ist. Sie ist nicht mit der Schwangerschaft. Sie ist auf Medikamente für ihre emotionale Instabilität. (Eng. Trans: Are you daft? There is no need for pill such as that since she’s not pregnant. She’s not with the pregnancy. She’s On Medication for her Emotional Instability.)

Warren: How’s the wife taking it?

Zeke: ha… ha-ha-ha-ha! Ha! How is she taking it? How do you think she’s taking it? She’s rattled and crushed about it. The idea that we now have a daughter who’s on medication for an illness or disability. None of us know how to handle or take any control of it.

Nikolai: Come on… It can’t be that bad, boss. It could be worse. She could be a diabetic.

Zeke: Maybe… but the way Natasha feels over having to be on the Medication… She feels as though she’s gonna forever be a freak or a outcast in school. Not many people outside know that she’s got Emotional Instability… So that is where the strain comes in. If too many or the wrong people were to know… It would make things more tough on Luna and I.

Warren: I wouldn’t doubt that for a minute. You don’t get many cases like that going around. You and your sweet lady are troubled with the part over having a Child who’s in need of being on meds. It’s terrible seating for you. Your girl will climb out and beat it one day. Habit or not… issues or not. She’ll get through it. Besides… she’s got her mother’s love and her father’s strength and tough willpower.

Gabe: So very true. That is very true. I have to agree with that. Never doubt the power of a child’s will It’s sharper than one might see. An Innocent child knows that an illness can be beat. Or can be easy to be coped with. All one needs is patience and love. have that… everything else is easily put to the side. Children know that. My one kid knows that. She’s Semi-Schizophrenic. Two personalities… ones that switch and change by the drop of a dime. But when the chips were down… she knows that she’s got the encouragement of both her parents. or one who’s the mother and father in just one parent.

Zeke: *Sighs and feeling comfort*

At Luna’s and Zeke’s house…

In the Living room…

Luna: *Watching T.V* Rina, Where’s Natasha?

Rina: *Drinking a cup of tea* I don’t know. I think that she went off to see Victoria. She kinda smelt like smoke. I saw her with a pack of those things this morning.

Luna: I would have figured. She’s just broken up because of the idea that she’s got to be on the medication. I don’t blame her… if i were her and had to be put on meds… i’d be the same way too… Not very sweet sounding, i know. But… it’s just how it turned out.

Rina: *Sighs* I know how you feel, Mom-san. I feel it too. It’s sad that she’s going through such personal pain.

Luna: I agree. But Rina… Please just refer me as Mom. Not Mom-san. I know that you’re all in the Asian culture and are a die-hard fan or believer to it. But As much as i like the fact that you think of me as Mom-san. Mom will do me just as fine.


Luna: *Reaching for the phone* I wonder who that could be calling on a Saturday. *Grabbing the phone and Answering it* Moshimoshi. Kon’nichiwa.

Dinah: *On the phone* Luna? It’s Dinah.

Luna: Dinah? Oh… Uh, Dinah. Ohayō. Or should i say Hirumae yoi. What’s up?

Dinah: Nothing much. But i am calling to bring something by you. Something serious.

Luna: How serious are we talking here? *Listening in*

Dinah: Uh… well… Consider this. I just got a call from someone we didn’t hear from in 14 years. in 14 years. The same one who happened to keep a watch over some of our kids when we were about to face off against that one Demon.

Luna: I can’t see how you’d bring that up… but yes. I remember. Why?

Dinah: Wakka made a break in contact with us. He has asked for our help. Apparently he wants us to come to Spira.

Luna: Spira? Why?

Dinah: I don’t know. All i know is that he asked for us to come to Spira.

Luna: I get that. But did he say what for? Did he happen to provide a reason as to why he would want us to come to Spira?

Dinah: That’s the part of which i don’t know… all he said was that he needed us to come… but the thing that stuck out was… A Massive beast. That’s about all that really stuck. What he meant by that… i do not know. We need everyone on the ball. Whoever one of us that has power… or abilities… What ever. God… It’s been 14 years since we had to utter these things from our lips. But we need anyone with Power and abilities. Anyone. Zoey… is one of them. She has to come.

Luna: *Jumps up and stands off* No. Zoey is to not be involved with this. No.

Dinah: I know. I don’t want for my kids to go with it either. I would have rather it be that we didn’t have to go. I would think it to be a option for us all to choose to not go. But that is where there is a problem. You see… We have to go for two reasons. 1. We’re driven to go. We can’t fight that will to go and take up the chance of stepping into the action and getting back into the hero work. It’s what we were meant to be. 2. We have to return the solid. Remember that he offered to help us ensure that the kids would be safe when we were all going up against Trigon 14 years ago.

Luna: *Sighs* You’re right. He did do that. *Grunts and trying to keep cool* Okay… Fine. But if she goes… So do I. I am her mother. I am Zoey’s mother. She’s my youngest baby. and i will not let her go anywhere dangerous without me there with her. I know what dangerous situations are like. She never faced it. If she goes… i will be also going too.

Dinah: Okay. Okay. Just get her and tell her nothing. Everything will be discussed tonight as we leave for Spira. If there are a couple things that you need to get in order before tonight. Do it. Do it fast. This is gonna be a very long ordeal possibly. No telling what might happen and when.

Luna: Okay. I’ll have to tell my husband Zeke.

Dinah: No. Don’t even tell him. A Copy of the explanation and what’s going on will be given to him. Left for him on the Table.

Luna: What about my other kids. Like Zach, Charlie, Natasha and Rina?

Dinah: The message will be for all of them and Given that Rina is more grown up and more prone to take some charge of things for the time being till you return back home… She can be made in charge of things along with Zeke. It’s gonna be fine. Really.

Luna: Okay. so… See you tonight?

Dinah: Yes. See you Tonight.

–Call ends–

Rina: *Looking to her side* Who was that on the phone, Mom?

Luna: Dinah.

Rina: Aunt Dinah?

Luna: Yeah.

Rina: What did she want?

Luna: Not much except to tell me about the fact that a bunch of us are gonna be put in the middle of the hero bit again. But this time… in a Alternate world. Some World called Spira.

Rina: Huh? Spira. Never heard of it. I don’t know of it. Why?

Luna: We somehow have been called or contacted by this Guy. Wakka. He has as per what your Aunt Dinah had said… asked for us to come to Spira. To Besaid i would suppose and help assist in defeating a monster. A Massive Beast as he’d put it.

Rina: You’re kidding. When does this begin?

Luna: You may not believe this… but it starts tonight. Zoey and i will be going along with it. Rina… I know that this is gonna sound like a lot that i’m gonna be asking of you… but…

Rina: What is it, mom? What’s going on?

Luna: While i am gone… You are gonna need to assume the role of Mother and sister to your younger siblings and to Natasha. Plus keep things in order here… Not to forget that no matter what happens… You can not let others know that you know. There will be a printed out detail of the matter tonight after everyone who is said to go along to Spira has gone. You have to see that no one knows anything more than what is in the printed out explanation that will be left for everyone to see tonight.

Rina: *Nods* I’ll see that things are okay here. I just wish that you didn’t have to go and get involved with the upcoming problem.

Luna: So do i. I too… wish that i didn’t have to. But… i do.

Everyone was being called. Notified and given the details. Summarily. Avery however couldn’t pull away. There was nothing he could do to pull away. He was outside the tower which was in the center of Moscow Staking it out and waiting for an opening popped in for him to go in…

Avery: *Looking at Agent Johnson* … *Whispering to keep undiscovered by the terrorists swarming the location* Jinx… we need to get in there. These guys working with the C4 and all those Oranges… They’re not here scouring for a picnic. They’re moving to do something. *Looking to see a crate nearby filled with Oranges and spotting an explosive trigger* Jinx… I think that we are too little too late.

At the British Intelligence…

Agent M: *Working on another Portfolio for a new Agent* Another Agent coming to join in. Never heard of this Terrence Deason. *Looking at the file* Specializes in tactical weaponry. a creative hand in making explosives out of miscellaneous objects. Lives for the hunt and is rambo tolerant. Willing to dive into intense situations and come out guns ablazin’. Known under the tag: “Risk big, Win Big.” Not bad. Could prove to be useful on some assignments.

P.A Box: *As Agent Q* Excuse me, Agent M?

Agent M: *Responding* Yes, Q?

Agent Q: *Through the speaker box* There is a call coming in from a Mrs. Dinah Rhapsody and a Summer Rhapsody. Agent Avery’s wife.

Agent M: Put her on screen.

Agent Q: Right away.

A minute later…

Agent M: Greetings Dinah… Summer. How is it that i can assist you?

Summer: *Looking towards Dinah* Dinah, you know more about what’s really going on with the situation that came to our attention. You should probably tell her.

Dinah: Yeah. I guess. *Looking at the Lady on the other side* There is a family emergency that just came up. A family friend of ours just put into the ER due to a severe seizure. He’s asking for us all to be there. He is pleading and begging for everyone to be there with him.

Summer: *Looking at Dinah strangely* ……

Dinah: *Looking at Summer and motioning her to just go with the tall tale*

Summer: Please, Ma’am. Can you see to send my husband home. I need him home… the guy we know from a few years ago is in the ER and he might not make it for much longer. My Husband needs to be here to see that he at least gets to say goodbye to our family friend. He will be kicking himself in the end if he misses that chance.

It was a moment later when the call went out and got through to where Avery was. The message was bought. But now they had to hope that no one would try to question it or try to look into it. Avery was not all that open to being brought out from the mission. but he also had a loyalty. When it came to his family… his family took the top of the list. But it wasn’t the truth. The truth that they were gonna inform to Avery was that they were all called to journey to Spira. All the supers. Every last one of them…

At the Metropolis City park…

Serena was walking around and thinking about going over to see her friend Carly when she suddenly got a text from her mother and gasped…

Serena: *Looking at the text from her mother and in disbelief* I can’t believe this… We’re going to be heading to spira. What do i do now?  I got to call the others. This is really out there. I will get to the bottom of this. one way or the other.

But before she could start calling the others… Her phone rang and she looked to see that it was her sister Sapphire…

Sapphire: *On the phone* Hey… Serena. What’s the big idea of us going to some place called Spira?

Serena: *On the phone* Sapphire? What’s going on? I got a text from Mom saying that we need to be suited up and ready to leave tonight. that we’re all going somewhere for a while and it will be a Journey to get us ready to be Supers… but in a world… known As Spira. What do you think is going on?

Sapphire: That’s what i was somewhat asking you, sis. I got a text from mom too and even i don’t get it. Mom said that she was gonna keep us normal. Not like this. She’s now wanting us to be supers and thinks that there is something more to us than what we know.

Serena: …

Sapphire: I happen to be one who’s all for the hero biz. but this… This is not right. She is getting us all souped up for the hero quirk and that is just like saying that she’s going back on her word of trying to keep us as normal as humanly possible.

Serena: What do you plan to do?

Sapphire: No idea. But i am definitely gonna call the others and find out what’s flogging the logs of the adults.

Serena: I’ll head back home to the house and ask mom what is going on.

Sapphire: Okay. And Sis…

Serena: yeah.

Sapphire: Don’t mention it to the young girls. Hikaru and Sakura… And Sora. our young brother. They mustn’t be told about any of this till mom and our Aunts are apt to divulge the details. We have to leave the tell all to our parents. Let them be the ones to mention it.

Serena: Got it.

A Moment later…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Serena: *Walking over to the living room* Mom… Where are you?

Dinah: I’m in the Living room, Why?

Serena: We gotta talk.

Dinah: About what? There is nothing to talk about if it’s about us going to Spira. We made a promise to Wakka that if there was ever a time that he was in need of us… we’d be there.

Serena: *In the Living room suddenly and looking at her mother* But Mom, You can’t be serious. Why would we be going to Spira? We don’t know anyone there? And what about my friend Carly? She is gonna want to know what i am up and leaving this place for. What i am leaving everything i know here for.

Dinah: I know… I am sorry. But there is nothing that we can do. It’s already a done deal. We are going to Spira… Tonight.

Serena: I could have had that already figured. But What am i to tell my friend Carly? She and i were in talks to start our own web show. Tonight was gonna be a rough rehearsal.

Dinah: I know… We all had plans and now we have to put all our usual plans on hold because of this summons.

Serena: Will we be able to come back from the trip once we’re done with whatever it is that we must do?

Dinah: I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Serena: Does dad know about what’s going on? You do know that he’s gonna be asking about what is going on. and why it’s going on at all to begin with.

This was the beginning of the new Generation. The new Generation and new threats. New attitude. Now it was the turn of the new Generation to get in and make with the arts of the powers that be. Paige’s kids, Pearl’s Children and Dinah’s. Luna’s Daughter Zoey, Curtis’s Daughter Blossom and Alvin’s Kids Paul and Crystal. The Twins Sora and Carly. They were the new fighters. What was gonna be the fate of them? Were they gonna be able to come back from where it was they were going? What dangers would they truly find once in Spira? Find out in chapter 121 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the saga continues…

Serena: *Face down in the water* …

Raven: *Looking up from the water and looking to see a ball floating by* What… Uh… Are we missing something here?

Sapphire: *Coughing up some water* Agh! Agh! That was one ride i would wish that we never take again…

Zoey: *Looking to see a beach* A beach? But where’s mom? What ever happened to that Al-bhed girl?

Annie and the others were on the beach and barely getting up as they were Knocked out cold from the watery vortex warping them from the middle of the oceanic frontier. With no memory that they were surprisingly attacked by a Massive Beast everyone in Spira knew as the bringer of death.


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