Ch. 120. The New beginning. 14 years later… (2)

Continued from part 1…

“At the park..

Luna: *Sitting on a bench at the park thinking* God. What on earth have i done? I’ve hurt my best friend and boyfriend.. i didn’t mean for it to happen and i didn’t mean for my habit of smoking to hurt him so much.. honest. i didn’t.. *Pulls out her pack of Marlboro red 100′s and pulls out a cigarette, then lighting up and smoking*

Martin came around and almost didn’t stop after the fight that they had just days earlier…

Martin: *Deciding to go and talk to Luna*

Luna: *Sees Martin coming, trying not to cry again* Martin i am so sorry for the other day… i know i hurt you but i honestly had no intention of hurting you because of the fact that i smoke. I should not have even started it. I just lost touch with my common sense and just didn’t think. I messed up so much.

Martin: *Looking at Luna* I’m really hurt about the fact that you smoke Luna.. i mean. you went from this sweet girl who would never do anything to harm herself into a smoking girl. And because of Zeke. I know that he is the reason why you Smoke now, Luna. I blame him alot more than i would blame anything else. You would never smoke unless pushed to doing it. It may have been a Choice. but you still had the ability to say no. You are Damaged goods, Luna. But out of all else… I still love you. Even though a part of me is telling me not to. I still love you and don’t want to let go without fighting to keep you close to me.

Luna: *Upset and feeling hurt* You really think that i did this on purpose? You see me as damaged goods. Don’t you? Well don’t bother flattering yourself. I don’t do it for anyone’s benefit but my own. I am a sweet girl. But you have nothing to complain about. You weren’t abused. You don’t have the nightmares coming at you and threatening to hurt you. *With Tears in her eyes* I Have this habit. But it’s not like i am loving it. I have it to mask that i was abused. But you want to know what else… *Sniffling*

Martin: What?

Luna: My sister Dinah’s Husband Shingo knows about my habit. He and Raven have figured it all out. Dinah happens to know too. I overheard them talking this morning as i was walking out of my room and to the Kitchen. I overheard them talking and the part that gets me really hurt is that when i walked in the room… they went mostly silent. It was as though they were disgusted with me. I felt as they were really upset and with the idea that they knew… Martin, they know that i smoke. I was trying to hide it from them. i didn’t want to shame them… but they knew about it. and there is nothing i can do to hide it. *Starting to bawl a little* Actually no… Dinah and Shingo confronted me and scolded me. They yelled at me and said that they had calls from school saying that i was acting out or becoming a Disciplinary problem in class.

Martin: *Starting to feel a little bad* Well.. it was only going to be a matter of time before they found out. but now you know that i’m not the only one who’s upset about it. Now you know what happens when you try to play the fool, Luna. It hurts. I am sorry that you had this happen to you. You were the one who just wanted to go with the habit. You even hang out with Zeke who is a smoker. You should have known that his habit was gonna just rub off on you.

Luna: You don’t get it… I didn’t want them to even know about it. I didn’t want to pull them into my nightmare. I wanted them to be kept oblivious to it all. *Crying into her hands* But now that they know… it is all over. I feel as though they will try to avoid me and seek to have hardly a thing to do with me other than the idea that i am under the same roof as they are. Raven won’t say much about it to me. But she’s trying to keep a level head. But Dinah is Devastated. Shingo is torn on what to do about it as he doesn’t want to overstep and hurt Dinah for making a decision on what to do about my habit. *Sobbing into her hands and heartbroken*

Martin: *Sighs* Well you live under the same roof as Dinah and Shingo.. it’s not easy hiding things from someone if you live with them.

Luna: *Sniffles and suddenly looking up* Maybe… but it sure doesn’t help that you and i are at odds. We keep fighting and disagreeing on things. It’s like we can no longer stand to be in the same spot for a few minutes without us fighting and itching to tear ourselves apart. I feel as though you started to… to… To hate me and you know what? I can’t even begin to imagine why as i should be doing that as you were tearing Zeke down. You tried to chip away and make him feel like nothing. You didn’t even want to get to know the real him… *Putting out her smoke and putting away her pack* I feel so terrible. i don’t even know why i show myself. You hate Zeke. I can tell. You also hate me too possibly. Dinah and Shingo are now giving me a bit of silent treatment. *Looking through her tears* … *Sniffles* What’s the point in even being happy about anything anymore. I messed everything up. The way that Dinah ans Shingo spoke to me… i can already bet you that they’re gonna be thinking about pressing on with life and make as if i was not even there.

Martin: *Wondering* Have you and Zeke had sex with each other?

Luna: What?

Martin: Have you and Zeke had sex with each other?

Luna: *Pauses and feeling stunned suddenly; Outraged* Martin… that is none of your business. for one. For two… He and i haven’t known each other that long. You and i have. So if anyone is getting that. It’s you and me. But i am scared that i’ll lose the last part of the sweet girl that i still have inside me. *Wiping her tears away* You never really answered my last outburst. Do you happen to hate me? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. I mean… i did happen to ruin your reasons to still feel anything for me other than that. *Looking at Martin and hurting inside from the fact that her life’s changed a bit and she doesn’t seem to know how to prevent it from getting any worse than it had already*

Martin didn’t know what Luna was trying to get at but he knew that she was beating herself up over what happened between them a few nights ago. Martin suddenly felt that he had to let out a confession which would be an impossible one since it’s only been a few days since they last spoke. But… as he stood there. He knew that he had to come clean with the truth…

Martin: Well i have a bit of a confession to make. *Looks at Luna*. Luna: And what would that be? It can’t be any worse… than what I’ve been doing. Or… *Sensing discomfort* can it?

Luna was even though upset and in tears… she knew when something not good was gonna come out and be spilled out into the open… she sat there and listened…

Martin: It is. I’ve been seeing Beth Timberland a bit. *Looking at Luna, feeling guilty about it*

Luna: How is that bad? She’s our friend and she doesn’t really have all that much a social life. How is that bad? Unless there is more to it than that… Is there?

Martin: During the time we were apart.. i did some romance with Beth and i also made out with her a little bit.

Luna: *gasps* How far did it get? *Dreading the mention of what he is exposing to her*

Martin: It didn’t go any further than that. *Feeling guilty*

Luna: Are you sure that it wasn’t anything else? You and Beth didn’t happen to sleep with one another, did you? I mean… you and i have been apart for a few days… but there is no way that it’s gotten that bad between us that you’d… you know… sleep with her. Especially since we’re only like 13.

Martin: All i did was make out with her and do romance with her.. and maybe slept with her once.

Luna’s Mouth suddenly dropped open in shock. She was unable to believe what it was that she was hearing coming from Martin’s mouth…

Luna: You slept with her? When was this? Martin, you’re 13 and so am i. How could you sleep with her? *With a mortified look on her face* I will be regretting on asking this… but you and Beth. You two didn’t… uh, have sex. Did you?

Martin: It was during the time we were apart. *Shakes his head* No. i didn’t have sex with her though.

Luna: Are you sure? Because even though nothing happened… All it takes is one quick moment and a girl could get pregnant.

Martin: I didn’t have sex with her.

Luna: After the fight we had and the blowout we had… i must find that to be hard to believe. Does Beth remember anything that happened between you and her? She doesn’t think it got to the part of sex…does she? *Fearing to know the truth*

Suddenly as they were talking…

Beth: *Comes along and sees Martin, feeling like something had happened between her and Martin* I feel weird.. maybe something really did happen between me and Martin. *Looks at Luna* Martin tried to get with me. before i was ready he insisted on it a bit when i tried to say that i was a little too young.

Martin: *Looks at Beth*

Beth: *Looks back at Martin* HOW COULD YOU?! you tried taking advantage of me! and for what? cause you and Luna were fighting?! *Slaps him* Do you realize i could be pregnant from you now? i’m too young to be pregnant. I’ve been with the case of morning sickness!!

Luna: *Listens and feeling shocked by what she learned* What? Martin… Is this true? Did you really do it?

Martin: Beth.. i didn’t have sex with you. *Looks at Beth*

Beth: *Angry* You did so! how else do you explain my morning sickness. *With anger*

Luna: How could you do it, Martin? How? You’re too young still. As am i. We are only 13. *Feeling like she’s about to cry again*

Luna still had her pack with her but at that point… she didn’t seem to really care. She was hearing the fateful truth coming from Beth. She was with shock.

Martin: I did not have sex with you! i never took advantage of you. *Getting a little angry and looking at Beth* You are not even my caliber. Luna is. All you and i did was kiss. that is all that we did. nothing more.

Beth: *Explodes with anger* Did you not hear me?! I’M PREGNANT FROM WHEN WE SLEPT WITH EACH OTHER! don’t try to tell me that you didn’t have anything to do with my morning sickness! You’re a jerk Martin! You tried to have Sex with me. I know what Sex is… Any Idiot could figure out what Sex is.

Martin: All we did was kiss and make out with each other! it never got to us having sex! *Shouts back at Beth*

Beth: *Slaps him again* DON’T LIE!

Martin: *Feels her slap him* What was that for?

Beth: You know what it was for! i’m too freaking young to be pregnant! Ugh! why did you have to do such a thing to me?


Beth: Then why is it that i have Morning sickness? Huh? Answer me that. Why do i have that?

Martin: I don’t know. How am i supposed to know? I don’t have a clue.

Luna: *Feeling her heart break*”

Beth: The Next day… She and i spoke and told me what she was feeling. How she was feeling about you and was telling me that you and her were always fighting and arguing about Zeke. Not many people like you. I Love you… But it doesn’t mean that i like you. This is all the past talking. Nothing more. We’ve all changed since then. Whatever happened back then is long since dead. The slate was wiped off and cleaned. Zeke and Luna since then have let go all the issues and all the disagreements.

Martin: … *Not knowing what to say towards his Wife*

Back at the Daily Planet…

Megan: *Typing* I can’t believe it… Crime has been bustling.

John: Hey… don’t worry. We’re here to report it. The Law Enforcement is with the strongest and the most proud.

Trixie: Proud nothing. Crime has got the cops working double time today. There has been 30 reports. All over the T.V and the News has been spreading with 3 breaking News bulletins.

Megan: I am aware of that. I’ve had to do 20 Proof-reads so far and it’s all got to be done by 4 this afternoon. *Sighs and a little frustrated*

Trixie: What’s wrong?

Megan: Nothing. I am just feeling a little bit of the pressure and i am swamped on work. And not much time to have it all done.

John: Come on Megan… You are not the only one that’s pressed for time. We all have deadlines to meet. It doesn’t just happen all on its own.

Kris: You need to Just chill out. Really. Just because you’ve had a stressful day… doesn’t quite grant you the ability of being the only one who’s under the gun. It’s been a stressful day for us all. It’s only 3 and we already want to pull our hair out.

Megan: That’s all fine… *Growls a little and feeling a bit moody* But if you were to have the life i have… you’d be throwing yourself a bit of a fit too. *Sighs* …. *Getting up and walking over to get a cup of coffee* I am just a little beat down. I am a literally unhinged mess. Why? I can tell you why. But you will not believe it.

John: Try us, Megan. I am sure that it wouldn’t be anything that we’ve never heard before.

Megan: *Sighs* Okay. I will tell. But just keep it down. Okay? I am under the gun over this right now. As is my Husband.  *After fixing her coffee and coming back to sit down in seat* …  *Trying to remain calm and holding a brief grin* My husband just called me during lunch hour today after he just happened to get a call from the elementary school calling about my daughter Blossom. Blossom was hurt at school. A Big kid got to her and pushed her into a building and tried to pick on her. Blossom returned the attacks and it caught the attention of the school. At least a couple of the teachers there. It’s bad. Blossom happened to have released some Electrical charge or an Electric current from her hands. It scared a bunch of the School kids that were there and watching. Now i have to figure out what to do for my daughter. How to help her. She’s scared to go back to school and she also can’t stay out of school. Plus with the peer pressure going around… I don’t know what she’s liable to do.

John: If it is that bad… You should go to the school to fix it. Find out what the heck happened. She does happen to be my great granddaughter. One of them… to be quite exact.

Megan: I know that, John. I know that she is… I want to be there for her right now. I want to go and be there for her so bad right now… However I can’t very well leave all this unattended. There is a deadline. We’re all facing limited time to breath… *Stressed*

Trixie: So… What’re you gonna do?

Megan: The only thing i can do… Pray to god that Blossom is alright.

John: Kris is a equal qualified Proofreader. She can finish the load. You get your butt over to your kid and take care of her. We’ll handle this. You got yourself a family to tend to.

Megan: You’re right… Tell Perry that i had a family situation to take care of. *Grabbing her stuff and leaving*

John: Don’t worry. we got this…

Of course…

As for Luna…

Luna’s and Zeke’s house…

In the hall…

Luna: *Sighs* I can’t believe this… Natasha smoking. What is she thinking? *Looking at the pack* I can’t believe that my daughter is smoking. Natasha is ruining her life doing this. Rina should have been keeping watch on Natasha. Natasha is Emotionally disabled and she can get dangerous when she’s feeling Anger.

A Symbol or a item that took Luna back to when she was suffering from a case of Teenage Angst. Knowing that her Daughter Natasha was diving down into the same habit that she once had done for a brief time when she was younger and in the Middle school years.

Luna Took one look at the pack and wanted to cry…  It made her remember back when her secret was exposed when she was under the influence of smoking…

Luna: *Looking at the packs* What are these? Where did you get them?

Dinah: Oh don’t be playing the dumb card. Sis, I want to know where these came from. Actually i know where. They came from your friend Pamela and the boy Zeke. But i would guess that they belong to you. Don’t they?

Luna: *Sarcastically* Well… The red one does. but the other one… doesn’t. That’s Pamela’s. And it’s true. I took up smoking. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to start it. I was pushed to doing it… I don’t know what came over me. I really don’t.

Dinah: You’re sorry?! SORRY?! That’s not a good enough answer. I want to know what would make you screw yourself up so much. Taking up smoking Cigarettes at age 13. What would make you do that? Don’t you even dare tell me it’s peer pressure from school. Because i never had that happen back then to me. I never had moments like that. Ever. But… You do? Why?

Luna: I don’t know. How do i know? It isn’t like i love the habit.

Shingo: Well… you must love it since you won’t stop it. I know you do it. I placed the pieces together on Valentines day when you had mentioned to Martin that you had a pack of Marlboro. i saw the pack fall out of your pocket. I heard that you also said that they were Zeke’s. I am sure that he smokes.  but then you tell Martin that you were holding the pack of Cigarettes for Zeke and didn’t even know that they were in your pocket. When something is in the pocket… you’d know because you would feel it.

Luna: What am i? On trial?


Dinah: *Disappointed* No. You’re not on trial here. But we are very angry with you. We don’t hate you… but we are really not happy.  Plus… What is this about you acting out in school?

Luna: *Looking confused and Shocked* What? What are you talking about? I never acted out in school.

Shingo: Wrong. You were acting out in school  How do we know?  We got calls from the school stating as such. Luna… we got enough to handle. Plus your sisters and the fighters all have a Demon to put out of production at the end of the year here. The V.R.A and other things. they have class. Plus i have work. We can’t be sticking close to you 24/7.

Dinah: Plus… we got calls stating that you were concealing Illegal products in school. Concealing Cigarettes in school. Luna, I maybe just a sister. Not a Mother. to you. but on the front of sisterly love and being a parent… herself to 3 girls. Time for some tough love…

Luna: Why are you blaming me? It’s not like i planned that this would happen.

Dinah: Then Why? Why did it?

Luna: Martin.

Dinah: What about him?

Luna: I don’t know. Things between me and him have gone not so good. Terrible even. But lately… since the middle of last month. he and i have been reaching odds. About Zeke. Ever since i started to help Zeke get a footing in school. Get him friends. and yes. I am gonna admit that i ran into him at the park the next morning after the sleepover and saw that he was smoking.

Shingo: You should have been smart, Luna. You should have taken that as a sign to stay away from him when he’s doing his habit. Not let it rub off on you and you go asking him for a pack.

Luna: Then i guess that’s my problem now… Isn’t it? You have any idea how much sleep i get a night. Every night? Do you?

Dinah: You get plenty of sleep. So don’t go there.

Luna: You would think that i would get alot of sleep… wouldn’t you? Nice thought. I wish it were true. but the truth is that… i don’t.

Shingo: How is that?

Luna: It is because as soon as i start to go into a deep sleep and i just try to get a good night’s sleep. the nightmares of the Ex-Grandmother would start coming in. That’s why. It happens every night. I don’t get the sleep that i need because of it. I toss and turn every night. Fearing that the woman would only threaten to come back. It got to be too much one night and on the night of the Sleepover…  I made a decision to change my ways of thinking however i could. I the next morning… found Zeke and saw him smoking a Cigarette. he stopped the minute he saw me. I made him stop. just for that moment. I even asked him for a pack of Marlboro. He was reluctant. But did it in the end.

Dinah: So because of the nightmares… you just happened to go for the habit. You ruined your life. You do know that, right?

Luna: I get that. I messed up. I of course do it to push Martin. away.

Shingo: Why? Why would you do that to him? He loved you.

Luna: I was with nightmares of the Abuse and couldn’t sleep. I asked Zeke for a pack. He did the right thing. He told me to sleep on it and be sure it was what i wanted.

Dinah: And that’s what you should have done. You should have had better sense.

Shingo: That’s right. You should have been more responsible and just thought twice about it. But you went and done it anyway.

Luna: The 14th of February was when i had been smoking for about a week. Martin suspected it at the time but didn’t know till i finally told him the other night. He didn’t take to it well at all. I hurt him with the truth. It was a huge blowout between me, him, Zeke and Pamela. Pamela was not happy with Martin at all for how he was treating Zeke. She wanted to beat him up. I got her to stop. Martin i found out also drinks too.

Shingo: He does?

Luna: Yes. He does. Vincent doesn’t know about it. I didn’t tell him.

Dinah: Why not?

Luna: Because he’s been through enough with the fact that Martin’s broken by the fact that i have a habit. I didn’t want to add to the mess and tell Vincent that Martin’s drinking Alcohol. There is only so much drama and mess and pain a person can deal before they crack. I wasn’t gonna put more on his plate.

Shingo: What else is there?

Dinah: There’s more…. isn’t there?

Luna: Yes… There is. Several people have caught him drinking… Even a girl… Someone named Sam Puckett. She caught sight of him Drinking. Which gets me really mad because Here Martin gets on my case because i happen to smoke. and all the while telling me that he would never do anything to hurt me. He goes out and starts Drinking. Like it’s okay for him. But if i were to do it… It’s wrong. He treats me like dirt too.

Dinah: And…?

Luna: I think that i may be falling out of love with Martin.

Shingo: You are?

Dinah: When did this start going on?

Luna: after i was rescued from the Abductor. These feelings started forming and i just grew to stop feeling much for him. I can’t bother to love him when all he’s done lately since the 15th of January this year… was control me. tell me to stop being around Zeke. Telling me how to live… how to feel. who i should be with. who i should have as friends. He’s become a Womanizer and i can’t take it anymore.

Dinah: Martin, was Womanizing you? Controlling you? This is terrible. Is this the same Martin who’s also a hero… and goes to the same school as you do?

Luna: Yes. it is.

Shingo: If you’ve fallen out of love with him, Luna… You should tell him that you’re gonna break up with him. Not lead him on and think that things are still all peachy. Not leaving him wondering and let him think that things are gonna be okay again and that things will be back to how they once were. If you are wanting to break up with him. Do so… don’t play with his heart. because that’s what a Bitch would do to a guy. How bad has it really gotten between you and Martin?

Luna: Enough where we can’t stand to be in the same place together for long periods of time. That’s how bad it has gotten.

Dinah: It is probably because he sees that you’re self destructing and is trying to help you. But you don’t seem to care. And on the part where you don’t act out in class… I got news for you, Sis. You do act up. You know how i know… i got a couple calls on my cell. Stating as such. Two of them went off while i was in class during a Lecture that my professor was giving. I almost got kicked out of the class because of it. *Opening her cellphone and getting into the Voicemail; Playing the Voicemail and setting it to Speaker*

Dinah’s VoiceMail: *Playing the Message* Message from (618) 524-2645 on March 2nd at 11: 39 AM.: “This is Mr, Wallsberg, Luna’s Science teacher. I am calling on regards to your Daughter’s behavior in class. She’s been coming in the last week wearing make-up and distracting the class with her constant interruptions. She’s been cussing and refusing to listen to the instructions. She got one of the fellow students here feeling hurt by her attitude. I don’t know what has gotten into her. But whatever it is… I suggest it gets dealt with As soon as possible. Thank you.”

Dinah: This one…

Dinah’s Voicemail: *Playing the message* Message from (618) 524-2645 on March 5th at 12:50 P.M.: “Yes, Mrs. Rhapsody. this is Mrs. Wolf. Luna’s Math teacher. I don’t know how to say this without stepping over bounds as this will hurt… but your Daughter is a Disciplinary problem. She comes in fine and ready to work. but the moment she sits down in class… she starts making snide comments on everything that is said. I don’t know what’s gotten into her. But if she keeps it up we will have to meet and take disciplinary actions about it.”

Dinah: There is more than that. But those are just some of the calls we got. Luna, It wouldn’t hurt so bad if we were to be told about it… But we had to find out about your Smoking by seeing the packs laying on the ground in the backyard.

Luna: *Feeling ashamed and starting to get upset* I’m sorry Dinah. I didn’t mean to let this out. I didn’t mean to hide anything or lie.

Dinah: Well… you did. *Angry and hurt* You lied to us. You said that everything would be fine and that you’d never stoop down to taking up a habit like this. That you’d be strong willed. YOU LIED! To me. To everyone.

Luna: But… Dinah. It’s not like that. *Quivering and upset* I’m sorry.

Dinah: Sorry is not gonna cut it. You are messing up and it’s getting us to believe that there isn’t a good person left inside you anymore. Luna, You’re turning into someone we do not recognize anymore. It hurts us because we are seeing it and it is changing how we see you. You’re not like the sweet girl we knew before. You’ve changed. You’re still family. Family is forever… but we can no longer look at you the same way again. Ever.

Luna: *Looking at Dinah as tears start welling up in her eyes and begins to break down* Yeah. that’s right. I get battered by Martin because i help Zeke and he’s the good guy. I crack because of the nightmares and end up smoking because of it… i explain the reasons and i am the bad one. I am always being targeted by everyone. Martin probably hates me and is possibly cheating on me. but he’s the good guy. *Crying* You’re supposed to be my sister. Be there to take away the pain. My Issues that i am going through. *Grabbing her pack and looking at it* So much getting sympathy and understanding. I might as well just continue smoking. since i don’t have the reason to quit. *Running out and taking off to the park* Thanks a lot!

Dinah: *Walking out after Luna and calling out to her* LUNA!!!!!”

Luna: *Sniffling and with tears running down her face; Crying* …

A Moment later…

Luna made a call to her sister Pearl and couldn’t get through. She then made a call to her friends that she still spoke to… Jake. He Married Jennifer and they were living in the fort part of the Residential part of Metropolis…

Jake: *On the Phone* Col. Powell…

Luna: *With still an upset Voice; On the phone* Jake?!

Jake: Yes? Who’s this?

Luna: It’s Luna.

Jake: *Pauses and trying to remember* Luna… Luna… Where did i know a Luna? Wait… Metropolis High School class of ’32. Drama and Model Prodigy Luna. Luna Rhapsody? Luna… *Remembering* Luna… Now i remember. How the heck are ya, Luna?

Luna: I’m okay. I wish that i could be better though. I really do?

Jake: How’s that… What’s the matter? Is Zeke giving you a hard time?

Luna: *Chuckles* No… No. It’s not him. Zeke’s not doing anything wrong. *feeling hurt talking about what she found* It’s my daughter. Natasha.

Jake: What’s the matter? Is she okay?

Luna: I don’t know. She’s okay. But I just found out a little bit earlier today from the High school. The same one we all went to during our high School years. That she’s been caught in the girls restroom… and was caught smoking.

Jake: *Coughs in shock* Smoking?!

Luna: Yeah. Smoking. She was caught Smoking Marlboro Cigarettes in the girls restroom. It’s the same habit that i had for a brief time in my middle school years… in 2027.

Jake: Oh my god… Luna. I’m so sorry to hear about that. Are you gonna be alright though?

Luna: I think so. I am planning to confront her about it. But the only thing is that i am scared of what she’e liable to do if she gets angry. She’s with an emotional disorder. She’s born with Mental Instability.

Jake: Is there any cure for that?

Luna: Not that i know of. I mean i tried to look and do some research on it to see if there were anything about a cure for the disease. I was unable to find anything that could help.

Jake: What does your husband Zeke think?

Luna: Not sure. He’s as lost about it as i am and i think that he’s as scared about it as i seem to be. If not worse.

Jake: What about the other kids? Charlie and Zach? Zoey and Rina?

Luna: They’re okay. Actually… they happen to be quite fine. Rina however can only speak mostly Japanese. Some English. But she is following primarily the Japanese Culture.

Jake: *Whistles with surprise* She’s going all in… Isn’t she?

Luna: Yeah… However… With the Culture… i too have followed a little into it myself. I am a Japanese native.

Jake: I am sure you’ll be following up on it. I heard that your one girl Zoey had an incident.

Luna: How did you figure on that?

Jake: I heard it from one of my kids. Jennifer and i’ve got 3 kids. 2 girls and a boy. the girls are in Middle school and the boy is in Elementary. He saw what happened and called me. I Think that i was more surprised than not.

Luna: How do you think i feel about it? I am also surprised about it. It’s Something that i never thought was possible. I mean… That part of me was said to be literally dormant. Sleeping and a part long forgotten. However… It turns out that She’s got it and now… She’s getting little transmission feeds from someone that i haven’t heard from in a long while. It’s bringing all that back in some odd way.

Jake: I would imagine. I mean… You were always the one who had the spark and the know how on this.

Luna: It’s been so long though since i’ve been with the powers that be.

Jennifer: *Overhearing Luna* Hey Luna. Good to hear from you again.

Luna: It’s good to see or hear from you again Jennifer.

Jennifer: It’s been a few years since the last we have got together and just hung out. Like friends do.

Luna: I Miss those days. We should get together soon sometime and just re-touch with one another.

Jake: I’m all up for that idea.

Jennifer: Me too…


Where Dinah was…

At The Metropolis University’s Bulldog Stadium…

Dinah: *Looking at the team* Okay team… This friday is another game. We’re gonna be hitting Topeka again. We’re gonna hit’em hard. Since the last time we faced them… they got stronger and more evasive. They’ll use a sideline. A heavy offense. Defense… We gotta to take their defense away. Whatever happens. We can not allow them to pass with that ball. You must keep a block on their strongest players and barricade. Coach Lightman is gonna get you running some drills. Remember… Football. Football is 80% mental and 40% physical. Heart. As long as you play with your heart… and play strong. Believing that a Victory is possible. You’ll come out with a positive outcome. Do you hear me, Team?

Metropolis Bulldogs: Yes Ma’am!

Dinah: What? I didn’t hear that. What do you say?

Metropolis Bulldogs: *Stronger and Proud* YES MA’AM!

Within minutes…

Coach Lightman: *Watching the Team train* Strong motivation today, Dinah.

Dinah: Well… it was worth it. It’s worth it if it’ll help the team win. They have won 95% of all the games they played and through each team that they went against. They rarely lost since the time i became their coach. I don’t claim to ever have the answers for them… Not all the answers. I just go by what i know as i learned throughout the years of being a Danger Zone. I was tough. Sometimes it became my flaw. Because as i was always tough… i forgot the one element that made it all worth while. Heart. *Sighs and Grins* I mean… Sure. I was fierce. I was even tough and had the temper of my mother. But… I didn’t realize… that it needed heart. I think that even my sisters knew about it. Saw as such that i played rough. If the boys played basketball. I played it. They play baseball… i play it. Soccer… i play it. Karate… Me.

Coach Lightman: *Nods* Yeah… i heard about you. back in the early 20’s and all through that decade.  You were the tough girl and Gutsy and never laid down for anything. I went to College during the time that you were in Middle school and High school. I heard alot about the things that you’ve done for the city. You and your sisters and the guys.

Dinah: Yeah… those were our golden moments. The best moment living. But now that we’ve all got kids and are parents. It’s the wisest thing to just put away the heroic days and just stay to raise the young ones. Being there for them. Guiding them through life till they reach 18. Being a parent is the thing that truly matters most.

Coach Lightman: I don’t doubt that. I don’t doubt that at all. I actually am a family man myself. Or one with a kid. I have a Son. about 14 years of age. He’s also a very apprehensive in things. Loyal and very well mannered. Cody. He’s at school and i think that luck might have it that he might catch on with seeing a glance of your girls.

Dinah: Oh yeah… that’s right. High schooler.

Coach Lightman: You bet. But what was the momentary bail out earlier?

Dinah: Oh… that. Uh, I had to make a stop at the Elementary school to see about finding out what happened to my 3 young ones. It was about Sakura. The poor girl was bullied today. I got to find some way to put her into Karate classes. Self defense. *Drinking some Coffee*

Coach Lightman: Karate class, huh? That could be pretty interesting to see. Learning self defense. In a world like this… Self defense is morally the best key for survival. Learning Karate. What do you suppose you’ll do with seeing it through with the man of the house?

Dinah: There’s a lot to talk about with him tonight. But he won’t be home till late tonight. *Looking at the Coach* Lightman… Let’s have the boys do some Up-downs in unison. To fire up some training with their legs and hamstrings.

Coach Lightman: *Nods* Hey… You got it…

At Paige’s house…

Paige and Pearl were still talking about things and Pearl was trying to comfort her as much as she knew how to…

Paige: *Looking at her sister* I really appreciate what you’ve done for me. I do. I think that i’ll be okay now.

Pearl: Are you sure?

Paige: I think so. I just have to get used to be a divorcee as i have been one for 4 years now. I’ve been divorced for that long and the longer i am divorced… the more i sense that i am alone. But the idea is just that i am alone. 4 kids who are needing their father here as well as needing their mother. I can’t be both Mother and father. I can’t.

Pearl: I understand that. I do. But for the sake of the kids… You’re gonna have to be. You have to. I’m not gonna lie. It’s gonna be hard to do at first. But… in time… it’ll get easier. You just have to find your niche and plug along. It’s just as simple as that. It’ll be alright. We’ll be there for you and the kids. We won’t leave you hanging.

Paige: *Nods and getting up; Walking over to the kitchen and going through another bottle of wine*

Pearl: *Seeing another bottle of wine in her sister’s hand* Paige… That’s your 2nd bottle of wine and you’ve already gone through 3 bottles so far. then stopped and broke down and now you’re drinking again. Are you Drunk?

Paige: No. I am not drunk. I am not drunk at all. I am just struggling alcoholic but only partial. I am also trying to now come to terms that i have to find my way in on being a mother and father to my kids. I don’t have a clue as to how i am to do that. I really don’t. Annie and Daria are secretly biding their time and praying for their father to come back and that things could go back to the way things were before. back to the beginning when we were all happy.

Pearl: Is that what you think and want to believe… or is it what is really going on with the kids?

Paige: It’s something that has been going on with the kids. I don’t know what i am supposed to tell them. I don’t know how to help heal their wounds.

Pearl: *Walking over to Paige and taking the bottle of her sister’s hands; Setting it on the Table and Looking at her sister and holding her hand* Who the heck does, Paige? Your 4 dears are growing up wonderfully because of you. Reese had a bit of the influence in them as well… But they’re growing up like you. Paige… They’re growing up to be independent individuals because of you. What you’re doing… how you’re raising them.

Paige: Reese thinks that i have been spoiling them rotten. Giving them cellphones at age 10.

Pearl: You probably were spoiling them. But it’s no different than us. I gave my kids cellphones at age 11. when they turned 11… they got cellphones. Dinah’s 3 girls Sapphire, Raven and Serena. They got Cellphones at age 11. Our nieces… Certain ones of them got Cells too. Are they all Spoiled?

Paige: No. No they’re not.

Pearl: See? There’s nothing to worry about then. You haven’t done anything wrong…

At Metropolis Elementary…

Inside a classroom…

Jack: *Smiling at the kids* It’s almost time for the day to end. it’ll be time to go home soon. Who’s up for a story?

Sora: *Raising her hand* Me… I am.

Carly: Don’t forget me.

Jack: *Chuckles* Yeah… I know you two are up for a tale or two.  Little rascals.

The class raised their hands and itched for a story… It was then that Jack pulled out a book called Monster Blood. Sora and Carly listened to the story as it was being read. They couldn’t even begin to realize that as the story was being read… that it felt as though they had the urge to picture themselves in the story. Part of it. Jack read a couple chapters and saw that the room was pleasant as he read the chapters to the class. Sora looked at the others in class and nodded at them and Carly did the same. The chapters were both Hypnotizing and relaxing at the same time. Blossom looked at Zoey and saw as though Zoey was truly feeling literally out of place. Zoey knew that her mother was giving her comfort and insuring her that she didn’t need to feel like an outcast. That there was nothing wrong with being unique and with special abilities. Some were just gifted. And others… fate.

Now… For Mrs. Alvin Rhapsody…

Over at the Psychic house…

Alice: *In the back room* Who’s asking to see me?

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) US Warner 2012 Blu-ray Screenshot #7 / 60 (I-frame @ 0:17:06.860, #24620)

Mr. Olson: I don’t think you’ll want to know who it is…

Alice: *Looking at the schedule* Why’s that? Who is it?

Mr. Olsen: It’s Mrs. Rhapsody.

Alice: Ben… That’s not very funny.

Mr. Olsen: My Apologies, Madam. But i’m afraid that this isn’t a joke. *Walking over to show the scheduled customers*

Alice: *Taking a look at the Itinerary* … *Gasps* Oh my god… You’re not kidding… Are you? Mrs. Rhapsody. That’s my Husband’s Aunt. Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody. But… Why would she be coming here? She doesn’t have any one that she’d want to contact again… Or does she?

Mr. Olsen: That… i can’t say, Madam. But i do believe that she’s gonna be here any minute as her appointment is almost here.

Alice: *Nods* Then… I think it’d be wise for me to get ready to meet her and fulfill the appointment.

Mr. Olsen: I would believe that it’d be a common idea to think over when you have a person coming over. Especially a customer on the way to see a psychic. Shall i go and fetch your turban and Amulet?

Alice: Yeah… would you please?

Mr. Olsen: Right away.

As she was getting ready…

In the front room of the Psychic house…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking in and walking over to the counter* I sure hope that someone’s here. She’s got to be here. It said that she was open.

Mr. Olsen: *Coming out from the center door* … *Seeing another customer* Hello there. You must be the 3 o’clock appointment for Mrs. Alice “The Divine light”.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yes. I think that i’m in the right spot. I was told that she would be able to contact someone. Someone that i have not mentioned for a long time.

Mr. Olsen: I am sure that what you seek will be revealed. She’ll be ready in just a moment.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Okay.

Minutes later…

Mr. Olsen: *Opening the center and activating the smoke machine* The Mystical Oracle… The Spiritual channel-er of the spiritual world. Your favorite Oracle of the city. Mrs. Alice “The Divine Light”.

Alice: *Walking into the room and Looking at the lady* Greetings Miss. I’m the divine light. I believe that you were saying that you wished to speak with your sister from the spirit world. Am i Right?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That’s right.

Alice: And therefore… We’ll begin…

At the New Radio Station…


Arnold: *Speaking into the mike and broadcasting live* Hey there all you music lovers out there in the thriving City of Metropolis. This is Lord Arnold… your watch dog of the city with another half hour of hits from the progressing 90’s, the disco funk 70’s and the all the slammin’ hits from all the hottest hits and #’s of the new Millennium. Only on here… MRHAP Metropolis. Playing the hits that will keep on coming back… *Playing another list of Music* Starting off the list is a good ole’ fav of Elvis. Elvis purchased his first guitar when he was just 11 years old. He wanted a rifle, but his mama convinced him to get a guitar instead. When performing on TV in 1956, host Milton Berle advised Elvis to perform without his guitar, reportedly saying, “Let ’em see you, son.”  Elvis’ gyrating hips caused outrage across the U.S. and within days he was nicknamed Elvis the Pelvis. A Florida judge called Elvis “a savage” that same year because he said that his music was “undermining the youth.”  He was subsequently forbidden from shaking his body at a gig, so he waggled his finger instead in protest. Talk about a sensor on a celeb. Even Celebrities get their own brand of Restrictions. The long arm of the law never quits. Here’s Elvis Presley’s classic Hit… “Burning Love” right here on the one and only MRHAP Metropolis…

While the song was playing…

The phone rings…

Arnold: *Answering the phone* MRHAP Metropolis… Who’s calling?

Alvin: Hey Bro. It’s Alvin.

Arnold: Alvin… *Gasps and expressively surprised* Hey. You Lucky son of a gun. How the heck are ya’?

Alvin: I’m okay. Just pulling in as much as i can. Work’s been short changing me for the last couple days and i’m late on the Mortgage on the house.

Arnold: Whoa! Really? Damn man… I’m sorry to hear that. I thought that you’d rise on top of all of it like you always had. You usually do. Hardly anything would get you down in the past. You got a wife and 4 kids. Nothing should be getting your butt down. You’re like the forever leader of the brothers here… If there was a will… there would be a way.

Alvin: You could be right. What i meant was that my wife’s work has short Changed her and she’s lost on funds a little.

Arnold: How lost are we talking here?

Alvin: Lost as in a little bit in the hole.

Arnold: Ouch! You gonna be okay though in the long run, right?

Alvin: I don’t know. I would like to say yes… but i really don’t know. I really don’t know and i can’t ask my wife all the time about how much money she’s made each day. It’s gonna make it sound like a slave driver or a work monitor. It might get her mad. I don’t want that.

Arnold: Hey… If we all know Alice… She’ll never hold it against you for asking to make sure that things are looking up. It’ll probably make her think that you really are worried and want to help in some way.

Alvin: I would guess so. Maybe you’re right.

Arnold: Brother… It’s not so much about who’s right on this… It’s just that it is all common sense. It’s fact. The other year or so… you mentioned about having a little itch in fund depletion and it was practically with the same exact result. But you were able to bounce right on back from it. You even said as such. I mean… that you and i spoke about it a bit and got it solved.

Alvin: You got a point. I should just try to see where i can cut with the issue a–

Arnold: *Cutting off* Hold on… I have to get on the air again.

Arnold set the phone down and turns on the mike and speaks up…

Arnold: *On the air* Johnny Cash, the greatest cowboy of them all, was born on this day back in 1932. Cash’s advice on living life on the road: “Back in 1957, there was no Extra Crispy. Other than that, it’s the same.” When Cash first moved to Memphis, he enrolled in a radio class at Keegan’s School of Industry, hoping to become a DJ. The first time Cash met honky-tonk pioneer Ernest Tubb, Tubb advised Cash, “Just remember this, son. The higher up the ladder you get, the brighter your rear end shines.” At the Carter Family Fold, a mountain music concert hall in Virginia, Cash was the only artist allowed to use an amplifier. He met his first wife, Vivian Liberto, at a skating rink in San Antonio. *Pressing Play on the next track* During his time in the Air Force, Cash wrote all his letters to Vivian in green ink. After Johnny Carson moved to New York to start The Tonight Show, Cash bought Carson’s house in Encino. He was a very giving man. And one for the heartland. You don’t get many guys like him anymore. But he was one of the greats. Here’s a song done in ’56 and it was on the top 100 country hits of all time. Here’s Johnny cash Our favorite man in Black’s hit… “I Walk the line” Only here on MRHAP Metropolis. Playing the music that will never die…

Arnold and his brother continue to speak…

Back at Metropolis High School…

That afternoon…

Serena: *Looking at her cousins* Clint… Theodore, Annie, Daria. Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny. Spencer. You guys shouldn’t be talking about the hero personas that our family has. It is no one’s business. besides we are not with any power. Our parents are Retired from that and i think that if we were smart… we’d let them live a normal life. We admire them for what they had once done. That is not gonna be let go. But… They are done. I very well doubt that they will like us toying the strings of a life we know nothing about. Let it drop. Before you cause others to look at us like we belong in the wacky shack.

Clint: Come on… You can’t tell me or us that you don’t at least feel it.

Spencer: Call it out there… but there is something going on inside us. We don’t know it and can’t feel it yet. Because we happen to not believe. However… we know it’s there.

Theodore: Our parents can’t do the fighting anymore. That’s a fact. Our mom’s can’t press on the fighting anymore… but i very well doubt that they deny what’s going on.

Raven: As if you think they’ll confess. *Walking onwards*

Clint: They might. You never know.

Penny: That’s just it… We don’t want to know. We were said to be normal. I would rather that we stay as that. Why change what we are?

Amy: I really don’t get what you guys are talking about to tell you the truth. All i think we know about the issue is that for the last few weeks… we had these strange feelings. We know that it might be nothing… but then again… it might not be. However our parents have always taught us that if we feel that something is up… we don’t just sit on it. We go and find out what it is. We don’t just quit. The truth isn’t always just gonna come up and greet us. We have to go and find it.

Susie: Does it matter? I felt something about it too… but it won’t do us any good if our parents are just gonna cover it up.

Spencer: Speak for yourself. Our parents are doing it to protect us. They’re retired heroes. The girls of love grace and Fury. They’re retired but they are still who they are. What they were meant to be. We happen to have some traces of the power that they have.

Sapphire: *Scoffs* And how is it that you’d know that?

Raven: exactly. Why is it that you know?

Spencer: How would i know about that? It’s simple. We are from our parents. They were heroes… back then and were good. really good. They beat through all sorts of criminals and crooks. Super Villains too.

Clint: Really, uh… Spencer. As much as we love the wild theories and all… could you just get to the point? It is the afternoon and i would rather us get out of here and on our way home for the day.

A few seconds later…

Serena: *Sighs* I can’t go over to home just yet.

Raven: Why not?

Serena: Uncle Alvin text me just a moment ago. He wants me to go and pick up our cousins Sora, Carly and Blossom from school. Which is expected since someone’s got to pick up our sisters Hikaru and Sakura from school.

Sapphire: What about that kid… Zoey?

Amy: You have to pick them up? Why? What’s so wrong with our uncles and Aunts picking them up on their own?

Susie: No clue.

Spencer: Who knows… Maybe it’s a favor.

Penny: You think so… don’t you?

Clint: I think that our Uncle Alvin is being rather too busy and is forgetting about his kids. That’s… Never a… Good… sign.

Theodore: So… Who’s all going?

Serena: Just me.

Spencer: We all have to walk home anyway. Our mother is still at work. She’s not gonna get off work for another 4 hours and then for the rest of the day… It’ll be all for her partner to do the store.

Raven: You sure that you’re gonna be okay?

Serena: I will be fine. If i happen to run into any trouble… i will let off some fight power and clobber any attacker.

Sapphire: That’s good. As long as you have a mean to fight back. But it’s only the Elementary school. How bad can it really be?

Spencer: Good Question.

Annie: Come on you guys… School is out and you guys are just standing. We should get going.

Daria: *Nods* You’re right. Let’s go.

Raven: We’ll see you at the house, Serena.

Serena: you got it. We got homework to do and there is no way that we’re gonna not do it…

Within minutes they all walked on out of the school and made their way home. But Serena made her way over to the Elementary school to pick up their young cousins…

Back at the Metropolis Elementary school…

At the front gates…

Blossom: *With a throbbing pain* That bully was really mean… I had a headache since lunch time when that bully tried to beat me up. I fought back… But that really hurt. *Rubbing her head* Owwie!

Sora: Stop it. You still beat that big over grown meanie. That’s the main thing. You really think that the bully was gonna go easy on you? That guy was being really brutish.

Carly: Yeah. You’re lucky that the guy didn’t work you over. That kid is tough. They called him something like: “Captain Kill” Because when ever he starts to get into an attack position… He makes like he’s Captain Falcon. He is the most feared of all the kids here.

Zoey: Well… the next time he comes near us… it will be his biggest mistake.

Carly: And what do you plan to do, Zoey? You can’t let loose on that big kid. He’ll only stomp you.

Blossom: Okay… So… You’re gonna say that we’re to just allow for him to get away with what he did? *feeling her head*

Sora: No. But there is one thing that will get us all to fight him.

Zoey: *Curious* What’s that?

Carly: That’s if he were to go after Hikaru and Sakura.

Blossom: *Gasps* You are kidding, right? Are you kidding? That’s asking for trouble. Their sister Serena will pitch a literal fit over that.

“Ahhhhhh! Stop! Please stop. Leave us alone, Dwayne!”

“*Cries* Why’re you so mean?”

Zoey: *Looking at Carly* Carly… Something is wrong. You heard the screams… Right?

Sora: You don’t think that it could have been… A… Encounter with the bully… Do you?

Zoey: Maybe… but if it is and if it’s who we think it could be… There’s gonna be a fight.

Carly: What do you plan to do?

Blossom: Let’s see if it’s really who we think it is.

Sora: *Looking at Carly* This isn’t gonna come out so good. I think that we’re gonna see a fight. Serena is gonna be angry to see a fight here in the school. Aunt Dinah’s not gonna like this.

Carly: No… She won’t like it at all.

A few minutes later…

Serena: *Seeing Sora and Carly; Spotting Zoey and seeing Blossom* Hey guys… What’re you doing standing around. We should get you ho–?!?!?! *Not seeing Hikaru and Sakura* Uh… Wait a minute here. Something not right. Something wrong. Where’s Hikaru and Sakura?

Blossom: *Shrugs*

Carly: I think that they’re still inside is somewhere within the grounds still.

Serena: And you just happen to tell me and haven’t gone and try to get to the bottom of it? You guys are really oblivious. Aren’t you?

Blossom: No… We don’t even think that it is them. That scream could have come from anywhere.

Serena: Blossom, I know the way my little sisters are. Something could be up. get the heck in there and look. I’m going in too.

Zoey: *Worrying that what’s about to happen will draw out attention to them* 11 years of age and i am gonna risk being called worse than an outsider… *Sighs* … *To herself* Sorry mom. But… i’m gonna have to do something to help out our cousins.

Serena: *Running into the school and looking for her sisters*

Within minutes Serena ran in and went to find out where her young sisters were. She was supposed to pick them up at the front gate and as it was… all of them were there except for her sisters and she was wondering as to why that was so. She was not in the calmest of moods as she was hearing her older cousins talking about the hero days of their mothers and fathers. It wasn’t that she didn’t care. She did care and she was all the more for it however… She was wanting for them all to let the past rest and just allow for the memory of who the Rhapsody Girls Z! were and what they had done a graceful retirement. The more she thought about it… as she was running over to find her young sisters… the more it started to dawn on her that there was something there about the strange feelings that were coming over them all… However… if that was the case… why weren’t they all feeling it and not just a select few? As far as they all had believed… they were all normal. But their mothers and fathers were with the secret that they didn’t know about. A secret about what was really going on. Within them. Serena slowly started to wonder if her mother knew more about what was going on inside them than what she was letting on. She had to hear about it from her cousins and as she was hearing it… it got her to thinking that something was up. Sapphire was showing signs of going through the motions of undergoing a change. She had a suspicion that she was about to be next. The part about it that got her was that if Sapphire was going through the changes… and she was soon to be next. Who was the next after her to be undergoing the mysterious changes? Would it be Paige’s Kids? Pearl’s? Her sister Raven? Who? And when? Serena barely got to where her sister were when…

Hikaru: *On the ground in tears and crying*

Sakura: *Getting put into the wall* Owwie! Owww! Owww! *Getting pushed into the ground* … *Crying*

Serena: *Seeing her sisters on the ground crying and seeing the big kid Laughing* Hey… What the hell are you doing? Messing with two kids who happen to be shorter than you. What the hell is your glitch?

Bully: *Turning to the side* Nothing that concerns you. Why? Wanna make something of it?

Serena: Uh… Let me think about that one. Uh… Yeah… I think that i do. Those two girls that you just pushed down… Are my sisters.

Bully: Oh really? Wow! i didn’t know that. But maybe i can make it even and put you into the ground with them.

Serena: Wanna try it? If you even think about touching me… you’ll be asking for a black eye!

Bully: And you think that i’m afraid of a girl? No way. I am not scared of you. Girls are weak compared to boys.

Serena: *Laughs* Pfft! yeah… like that’s gonna work out for you. You really think that you’re can take on a girl like me? Boy… You’re really dimwitted. Aren’t you?

But before Serena could talk some sense into the bully. The Bully that was known as “Captain Kill” loomed on over to her and made as if he was gonna strike at her. But that was when…

Serena: *Emitting some Thunder* … *Looking down at her hands* Whoa… What the heck is going on? Did my burst of annoyance cause this?

Hikaru: *Crying* …

Bully: I knew it… You’re one of those freaks… aren’t you?

Serena: What are you talking about?

Bully: The Rhapsodies… You’re one of them.

Serena: Yeah. I am one of them and i am proud of that. My mother was “Danger Zone” Dinah. Thunder Mistress. I am proud to be related to her. a freak just like her. I am. You want to talk about my family… You’ll be eating those very words. *Charging at the bully and Landing blows at him*

Bully: *Dodging the blows and Making some hits of his own* You freak. Go back to the circus.

Serena: *Getting hit with the blows and flying backwards a few steps before lashing back and landing even harder hits*

Bully: *Taking the hits and getting slammed back into the nearby wall* Ahhh! Hey… Cut it out. Are you insane?

Serena: *Surprised and mocking the bully* Oh… Now you want me to stop and you also think that i am insane. Really. calling me Insane, and now you are wanting me to stop the beating…

Bully: Yes, I am. I am hoping that you’ll stop it.

Serena: Me? Uh… i think that you’re forgetting something. I am doing this to avenge my sisters and stand up for them. Plus… I think that my sisters want to see that they are defended. You hurt them… and no… I think that serving back some pain to you will be what should happen.

Bully: Sure… go for it. I dare you. Do it.

Serena: You really do want to be beaten to an inch of your life. I am tough like my mother. So… Watch what you pull around me. I will not show any mercy to you.

Bully: Sure you won’t. Sure. I will believe that when that happens. You really think that i am gonna be scared of you? Yeah right!

Serena: Maybe not… now. But You will be. *With her fists balled and set to fly*

Bully: What are you gonna do now… Produce a light show?

Serena: *Landing a punch at the bully* Take that, you creep! You wanna test me… Go right on and do so… I will be sure to feed you a few knuckle sandwiches for the road.

The Bully… The big kid loomed at Serena and started to come with blows but Serena evaded and used Kicks to the gut and Punched the Bully. Knocking him down and also putting some pain to the face. Punching the bully in the eyes and giving him a bloody nose. It was not long before the bully ran off screaming in defeat. The bully was from then… Terrified of the young girls. He would never come near the girls again. Ever. He knew that his life was gonna count on it.

Serena: *Pulling up her sisters Hikaru and Sakura* You two okay?

Hikaru: *Nods slowly while still in tears* I guess so. we just hurt is all…

Sakura: Serena, can we go home now?

Serena: *Panting and suddenly smiling at her young sisters* Yeah. Let’s go on home. We’ll see on getting those awful owwies cleaned up too. Just don’t let mom see those marks… She’ll throw a fit something awful.

Hikaru: *Giggles a little* That’s funny.

Sakura: *Standing up* …

But back over at where Pearl was…

She was just done cheering her sister up and was gonna go home when she then got a text or call from Star and was told that there was a mass swarm of customers and was being over ran by a large cluster of paying customers. and Fashion crazed shoppers. Pearl knew that she couldn’t leave her partner hanging. That was when she made the call on coming right back to the Fashion Emporium and helping with the rush. She didn’t even stop anywhere. She jet herself to the store quick…

Minutes later…

At the Metropolis fashion Emporium/Madame Pearl’s and Mystic Stars…

Pearl: *Walking in* What’s the matter?


Star: *Frantic* Oh god girl… You’re not gonna believe this. The shoppers have been coming here. Left and right and just kept coming constantly. It’s gone on since a few minutes after you left to tend to Paige. Amber has been cashing out to several people and checking them out as they came. We must have made another 1000 by now… but… the people are coming here from every direction.

Pearl: *Seeing the hoard of shoppers* Wow… We are gonna be here for a while. I think that maybe we ought to hire some extra help with this store. We can afford it. Wow… This is gonna be a real busy late afternoon. *Sighs and grabbing her Microphone and headset* Let’s get to it. Star… Tomorrow we’re gonna reach out and see on hiring some Employees to work for us. Honest ones.

Star: Whatever will help us with this… It is fine by me.  We need all the help that we can get with this. All the help that we can find.

Pearl: Right…

Although as for Alvin…

Metropolis Auto Shop…

Alvin was Working on another car and checking the O2 Meter and reading the codes on the car to find out what was wrong with it…

Mr. Klein: So… What’s wrong with my car, sir?

Alvin: Your transmission is running hot and on the risk of crashing. The Alternator is shot and the shocks are bad. You need to replace them. I can’t hold your car here. All i can tell you is to arrange for the car to be towed back to your place and keep it there. But till you get the new parts for the car… You’re better off just taking the bus or getting a ride to and from work till we can have another look and maybe fix it.

Mr. Klein: What am i supposed to do till then? My Career is depending on the car. Without the car… how am i supposed to work?

Alvin: I’m sorry sir. I really am. But this meter isn’t lying. It’s showing the issues and read the codes.

Mr. Klein: *Sighs*

Alvin: I’ll be willing to strike a discount just this once. Because i know how vital you car is to you. The labor is gonna be about maybe $650. But instead… It’s only half of that.. I’ll see what i can do on calling in for some of the parts needed for your car. But the shocks you’ll have to get. It’s the best that i can do.

Mr. Klein: I guess i’ll have to take it. It’s as good as it’s gonna get.

Alvin: Don’t worry. We’re gonna do whatever it might take to get your car back up and running like new.

Mr. Klein: *Looking to the side* I hope so. This car is like my pride and joy. I’ll have it taken to my house. As soon as you get the parts… let me know. I’ll have the garage opened most of the time.

Alvin: Will do…

A Moment later…

The Phone Rings…

Alvin: *Answering the phone* Hello? Metropolis Auto shop and repair.

Alice: *On the phone* Hey dear.

Alvin: *Grins* Hey Love… What’s up?

Alice: Not much… I’m taking a break right now from the Psychic reading. I just got done doing a session with Rikku Rhapsody. She came in and had me try to contact her sister Princess Aquamarine.

Alvin: *Stunned* What?! You’re kidding this man here… You are not seriously trying to tell me that she wanted you to conjure up the spirit of a departed soul that died of a broken heart… are you?

Alice: I wish that i was joking. I really do. But i don’t think that i am. I really don’t think that i am kidding you with this. I mean… she was asking me to contact her and channel her.

Alvin: You think that it could have been just that she was missing her? It’s been over 2 decades now and we’d be hoping that with enough time… that she would close that part up and she would be okay again.

Alice: She probably is okay. But it also could mean that she’s had a relapse of the memories. But if that was all it was… then why does it seem as though she was wanting to see her? Even if the issue that caused her death was avenged and put to rest?

Alvin: Maybe it’s the heart. Maybe Rikku was suffering from a few strange dreams and we never knew about it. Or it could be that she didn’t want us to know that she was having these apparent dreams and kept it to herself so it wouldn’t get us too worried about what she was going through.

Alice: I am just surprised that she didn’t seem to let Paige, Pearl or Dinah know about it. She knows that they care about her well-being. About how she is feeling. I Don’t know how she could just be in a remiss towards that. If we had anything like that happen to us… We’d let our kids know. Fast.

Alvin: I believe that we should have all the intention of letting them know about it. If we don’t and something really is going on with her… We’ll be wishing to god that we had…

Now as for Curtis…

The USGS Hub of Metropolis…

Curtis: *Looking at Lisa* Lisa, There are readings coming from the central region of Metropolis. *Looking at the computer screen and Pulling up the data* Lisa, Take a look… There are 4 fractures here Actually… 20.  But how they map out the geography of the city is mortifying. Look at the overlay. *Pulling up the overlay and showing the lines.  3 on the lower right. One on the lower left. 15 in the center leading to the top of the topography… 2 on the top.

Lisa: So… What are you thinking that it could be?

Curtis: I don’t know. Some of them are reading 700km. some reading less. But remember last month when we recorded a seismic event of a 6.7 but then another 3 days later of only a 4.6?

Lisa: Yeah. The Quakes were centered 17 miles outside of Metropolis. Why?

Curtis: Well… when i done some seismic field work for extra credit and went to the outskirts of the city. i was also in the plains Studying told locations where some ground degradation had occurred. I also went to the Yellowstone  Nat’l Park. Doing field work. I noticed some ground saturation. But last year when i was at the plains outside of the city. There i noticed something that leads me to suspect that there are stress points there as well but they all lead its way to Metropolis. Some of them happen to be deep. Really deep.

Lisa: How deep are we talking here, Curtis?

Curtis: Deeper than 700 Km.

Lisa: *Pauses and cough in disbelief* I can’t believe this… You think that it’s that deep. There isn’t anyway that a fault line can be deeper than 700 Km.

Curtis: It’s possibly deeper than what our equipment can measure.

Lisa: What do you mean deeper than what we can measure? Curtis… fault lines can’t possibly get any deeper than 700 Km.

Curtis: I’m convinced that somehow they can. I mean… Look at the results here. Look at the data. the readings. 6.7 then 3 days later but at the same time as the 6.7. Then a week later from then… a 7.9 located in Wichita. then a day later a 6.9 in Wichita on the north end of Wichita. Then since then… only minor shakers. silent tremors. 1.4, 1.7, 1.2, 1.9 and 1.3. but the minor shakers… were all here within this city.  Just because we can’t measure that deep with the current equipment doesn’t mean it’s not there… You should be one to know that.

Lisa: Curtis, It isn’t that i don’t know that… But you know that i can’t just run this by the head of the Seismology department here… He’s gonna want to know where this is coming from and what popped this idea into our heads.

Curtis: *Showing the data again for a clearer shot* Lisa… Look at the patterns… how they connect with one… then the other and to the next. Look at the pattern. What if i’m right? What if the quakes were building off one another and just getting more strength by each passing seismic event. 6.7. A 4.6… then a 7.9. What’s next?

Lisa: Okay… Let’s say for arguments sake that you’re right and there are faults or fracture points that reach deeper than what can commonly be measured. What do you think should be done in warning the others about the possibility that there could be something coming?

Curtis: I don’t know. Although i do know that the fault is deep and with the tremors that we’ve been having even if by just minor… It could move to release seismic activity again and the next point of activity could hurt the city. Rupturing underground power lines and water pipes which could saturate the ground and cause the ground to collapse and bring the city down. Over saturation can also cause for the faults to rupture and break open…

Lisa: *Sitting down* Wow… We have a problem. How do you think we can warn others about it?

Curtis: Not sure. But unless i can get more evidence about it and enough to support my theory… it won’t matter as we won’t have a leg to stand on with what i know and what i’ve gathered.

Lisa: *Wondering* Have you heard from any of your family? Like your brothers?

Curtis: I’ve heard from my brother Alvin the other day. He’s been doing a lot of car repairing and Maintenance on them. I also heard from my cousins Pearl and Dinah. Turns out that Paige has been struggling with the fact that she’d been a Divorcee for 4 years now. It’s made her feel rather dead inside ever since.

Lisa: Oh god… Is she gonna be alright?

Curtis: I wish i knew… I can’t say as i don’t know in how to relate to being a Divorcee. I never had been one before. Although i also have to worry about my daughter Blossom. She’s being bullied at school by some tough kids and i don’t know what else to do about that. Blossom was born of a special ability and can maybe use it… but i promised or she was made to promise that she’d never use it ever.

Lisa: Why not? If she has a means to fight back and defend herself… Shouldn’t she use it?

Curtis: She can’t. The people in the city have locked away the right for any new sort of hero or special powered citizen to come out… If she were to do that… it could bring unwanted attention to her and there would be talks of having her studied. I don’t want that.

Lisa: Good point. I guess you’re right. You told me about what your family had done in the past and what it was like. I guess that with the change of time… some things had to go.

Curtis: It’s just the way it had to be. Whether it be right or not…

Now… As for Luna, She was aiming to confront her Daughter Natasha about the truth she caught on that revolved her daughter and the habit that Luna herself once had back when she was a teen…

Luna’s and Zeke’s house…

Luna: *Walking out from the other room with a big black bag* NATASHA LORRAINE RHAPSODY! GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE! NOW!

Natasha: *Walking out of her room* What is it, Mom? What’s the big idea screaming?

Luna: Never mind that… I want some answers. and i want them, right now. I mean it. Right now.

Natasha: *Confused* Uh, Okay… You are really confusing me now. What are you talking about anyway? Because if it isn’t anything that i should know about… I’d like to just go back to my room and rest. I’m tired and i don’t feel all that hot.

Luna: Oh… Poor thing. Maybe you are out of shape. And if that’s the case… I think it’d have something to do with what’s in this bag i got in my hand here.

Natasha: And what would that be, might i ask?

Luna: You know damn well what it is… I can’t believe you. Natasha. Smoking?! In the girl’s restroom at school.

Natasha: How do you know what it was that i did?

Luna: I know because the school called me about it. they even told me who caught you and i am appalled. Just because your cousin Victoria… lord love her is a greaser and she smokes and i don’t know why Curtis and Megan would condone such a thing… Doesn’t mean that you should do it too.

Natasha: But i don’t do that stuff… What ever people said they saw me do… It was to put on an act. That’s all it was.

Luna: *Looking to see the others gone still and playing outside* … *Dumping the bag onto the floor*…

The cartons of Cigarettes were exposed and on the floor for all to see…

Natasha: Wow… I didn’t know that you were smoking again, Mom. I thought that you were all into being straight and cleaned. You are with all those cartons. I guess that you went backwards after all.

Luna: Are you quite done? These aren’t mine. These are yours. You wanna know how it is that i know?

Natasha: Color me with that curious vibe… How is it that you know that those cartons are mine?

Luna: Because they were in your room. I also found a lighter and an ashtray in the room too. I found it there and there were a few cigarette butts in the ashtray. I don’t know what it is that you do behind the closed doors… but I am very upset at you.

Natasha: *Scoffs in disbelief* You went into my room? I swear… is nothing personal or private in this family?

Luna: Not in this house when someone decides to do something so wreck less. You should have known better than this. I raised you out to be better than this. A whole lot better. In fact that Zoey looks up to you and not forgetting Rina. Zoey happens to look up to you and Rina. A Whole lot. But to see that you do this… How is she supposed to look up to you now?

Natasha: I don’t know. But mom, Don’t be acting all high and righteous. You were like this when you were still in school yourself.

Luna: Times were different, Natasha. It wasn’t like that and you know it. In high school… i was with Zeke and we never did that. In Middle school we did. Only for a short time. Like maybe 4 1/2 months. I can remember when i first snuck into a restroom at school to talk with Zeke. When i first started to get to know him… just a little bit…

Luna then flashes back to time when she had first opening up to Zeke and accepting him for who he was and not for who he was not…

“Luna: *Looking at Zeke* Why are we in the boy’s restroom like this? You know that i am a girl. I am not one that should be in here. It is unsanitary. plus it’s against a natural order.

Zeke: It’s because i wanted to talk to you in private. Personally… Alone. I couldn’t do it out there because too many people would be hearing what i am about to confide to you.

Luna: What do you mean? Is it something bad?

Zeke: It could be… if you think it to be so… which i think that it usually is when it’s a habit that revolves a product that is known to kill more people each year. 

Luna: Oh no… You’re not saying what it is that i think you’re saying… are you?

Zeke: Yes. I am sorry to say that i am a 13 year old smoker. I smoke. *Pulling out something from his pockets and showing it to Luna* I smoke Cigarettes, Luna. I know that i shouldn’t be telling this to you so soon and quick. But i had to tell someone. And if i can’t tell you. Who can i tell?

Luna: It’s okay that you are wanting to tell me. I just wish there was something that i could do to help you out with this. I Really wish i knew how.

Zeke: Luna, don’t. Don’t think that you are useless because you can’t help. You are not like that. You don’t know me so well and yet you know that i am in need. You got some strange extra sense in you there. 

Luna: Martin thinks so too. He says that it was one of the many things that he loved about me. Saying that he loved me for being me. never wanting me to change for any reason whatsoever.

Zeke: That is a good person. Because i feel the same. You should just be you. 

Luna: You know… We should trade #’s. So we can call each other whenever we want.

Zeke: That would be cool. I mean… It would be nice to be able to call one another as i feel that you’ll be my only friend as no one else is really opening up to me. You’re the only one who is. Are you sure that your boyfriend won’t get mad about you… you know. Calling me or talking to me so openly like this? i don’t want to ruin anything that you and him have with one another.

Luna: *Gasps* Zeke! That could never happen. You’d never ruin anything. and so you know… I am with a bit of a crush on you. But don’t show it or tell anyone… i want it to be a secret. I Love Martin. But I can always love you as a friend and someone really special. 

Zeke: Secret is safe with me. I will never tell of it to anyone. 

Luna: What’s your #?

Zeke: Mine… It’s 618- 458-8346.

Luna: Mine’s is… 618-477-9226.

Zeke: *Putting the # into his phone*

Luna: *Putting the # into her Phone*

Zeke: And i of course… should tell you that if you decide to you know… feel as though you are about to Veer. You can come and ask me for something. But i would have to implore you to never go down that road. Ever. Because once you do… it will be a tough thing to break.”

Luna: That was the earliest moment and i didn’t really think much about the fact that Zeke was into a habit that was indeed gonna ruin me. I just wanted to make him feel wanted. I didn’t want him to feel as though he was hated by all.

Natasha: Okay… What made you want to smoke at that age? What exactly were you thinking anyway when you first started to take up smoking, mom?

Luna: Natasha, you’re asking me things that i can’t really answer because there isn’t really much of an answer in order to give an explanation as to why… i did it or why i chose to do it. But i think that i was on the idea that smoking was a way to mask my Abuse. The Abuse that i was dealt by an Ex-Member of the family. But it was on the 7th of February of the year 2027…


At the Metropolis Park…

Zeke: *Setting out a Pack of Marlboro Reds next to him and waiting for Luna to show up* Today is the day where Luna is gonna make her decision. She’s been asking to do it. She wanted this. I really don’t feel comfortable in encouraging Luna to take up smoking. I rather wish that she didn’t. She’s wanting to help me… I am thankful that she’s wanting to help me possibly quit the habit. But with her… doing it and we just get into it all together.. It’s not the way to go about it. *Seeing Luna not too far away* Here she comes…  I hope that both she and I know what the heck it is that we’re doing.

Luna: *Arriving at where Zeke was waiting* Hey Zeke. I came. as expected. I don’t know why though as i am about to do something really stupid and it’s gonna only be harmful to me.  Kinda cold out today, isn’t it?

Zeke: It is. And i know that you’re taking a risk. I am unsure if allowing for you to do this is right. I mean… Are you sure that you want this?

Luna: I’m not sure. I would want this. But i am scared about what Martin would say. What my family would say. What my sister Dinah would say if she ever knew that i was gonna do this…

Zeke: Luna, You’re really pretty. Beautiful, and Amazing. I don’t want you to do anything that you’re not sure of. You got to decide. You have to decide and be up for the decision. I got to tell you that doing this move is a mistake. A real mistake. You need to tell me that you’re sure that you want to do this. 

Luna: ….

Zeke: I am being straight here. Once you’re in this… You’re in it. The habit is smoking and once you’re in this… You’re in till you make the decision that you want out and or that you and I quit the habit together.

Luna: *Unsure* Do i really want to do this? *Thinking about it* I don’t want to hurt my family. or Dinah… or my friends and Martin. I don’t want to hurt them. But i can’t keep dealing with the Nightmares. It’s hurting me so much. I just want the agony to stop. I just want to be without the memories of being abused. I hate having to remember the abuse that was done to me. I want it to stop. *Looking at Zeke* i… I’ll do it.  I want to do it.

Zeke: Luna… I I can’t bare to allow this. I want to be the one to say no. But i can’t say it as i also do it too… So being a hypocrite is something that i will only be if i were to say no to you and yet still do it myself. But can i at least ask you to be careful with doing this?

Luna: Uh-huh. I will be careful. I will take it slow and only have one when needed and keep it simple. 

Zeke: That’s good. I got your first pack with me here. 

Luna: Good. I want to do it. I’ve decided to take it up.

Zeke: *Nods* Okay. *Picking up the pack of Marlboro and the lighter and handing it to Luna* Here you go.  Go ahead and have your first light. It’s only right to do it now that you have the pack and are set on doing it. 

A Second later…

Luna: *Opening up her pack of Cigarettes and pulling out a Cigarette; Sticking the Cigarette on her lips* This is gonna feel rather awkward at first…

Zeke: *Pulling out his pack of Marlboro from his pockets and opening it; Pulling out a cigarette and placing it on his lips and suddenly flicking his cigarette lighter; lighting up and smoking* It’s gonna be weird at first for you. But if you happen to like the habit… it’ll get easier. Just a theory.

Luna:  *Flicking on her Cigarette lighter and Lighting up; Smoking her first cigarette* Wow, This feels really good. But why? This habit is the one that kills more people each year. 

Zeke: I would suppose that it does. But I done this since i was like 7 years old. It’s not an excuse that can be accepted. Kids are not supposed to be smoking. You’re only 13. as am i. Smoking should be Illegal for Teens to do. Anyone under 18. We can be in a whole lot of trouble. But i don’t really care much about the Law as it’s not all cut and Dry. 

Luna: The Laws are not supposed to be broken… but following the rules doesn’t really get a person anywhere as all it does is change on people when it they least expect it. Not very fair for all those who follow it. 

Zeke: *Watching Luna Smoke* How does it taste?

Luna: Smooth and refreshing. which is impossible as i am not prone to smoke. I am only just beginning and never done it before so… it should not be feeling this good. Not ever. *Suddenly feeling Green and a bit Queasy* Ugh! I think that something is wrong. I suddenly feel a little sick. Is this normal?

Zeke: For first timers who aren’t prone to it… Yes.

Luna: *Groans* Swell.” 

Natasha: What happened then?

Luna: What happened then was on the 14th of that same month… Before Martin showed up at the park to find me with Zeke. And back then i was with Martin but it gradually tore and destroyed the relationship i had with Martin. But Martin was the one who was tearing at Zeke. Nothing Zeke did was good enough. Zeke was being just as calm as can be and Martin just seeked to being with animosity. my school friends all were seeing it little by little and they were no fan of it. They didn’t like it at all. They all turned on Martin and went wight for Zeke. But on the 14th of that same month…


10:00 AM…

Metropolis park…

Luna: *Walking over to the fountain and spotting Zeke* Hey Zeke. I came when you text me to come over. You said that you wanted to work on something together. Some kind of project. History. *Standing before the fountain and getting a little closer to Zeke*

Zeke: Science, Luna. History is what you have with Martin. I don’t really know much of what you see in that guy. But he’s okay. Just as long as you’re happy with him. 

Luna: You’re right. I wanna someday break up from him… I don’t know if he’s the one. I Love him… but since the one day in that court room to send away that grandmother… i just didn’t really feel all that close to him like i used to. I just don’t know what to feel about him. I want to love him. But does he really feel the same about me?

Zeke: I can’t tell you about what you’re to feel Luna. I would like to say Break away from him. I would like you to be mine. But i am just happy with you being like my friend. My best friend. Someone i can just talk to and hang with. 

Luna: *Smiles* Oh Zeke. You and i will always be friends. The best of friends. I know. 

Zeke: *Suddenly pulling out his pack of cigarettes and setting them down on the side* Luna… Mind holding on to these for me? I can’t keep them in my pocket. My pocket is too tight and it’s squeezing them. 

Luna: Sure. I wouldn’t mind holding on to them. I just hope that my boyfriend doesn’t see me with them.

Zeke: He won’t. Just hide them well. It’ll be alright. 

Luna: Okay. *Looking to the side and smiles* Since we’re here and all. Want to…

Zeke: Care to have a cigarette?

Luna: Wow! You knew what i was gonna say?

Zeke: No. I just happened to feel that it’d be right to have a light. I am not reading your mind. But i am gonna be hoping that you are careful with the smoking. I really don’t want you to get yourself hurt. 

Luna: I won’t. I won’t get hurt. I’ve been smoking for about a week in secret. With you. I think that i can handle it by now. Right? I mean… It’s not the hard drugs. It’s only Cigarettes. How bad could it be?

Zeke: I guess that you can. *Wondering* Do you think that your boyfriend is gonna show up here to maybe tail you?

Luna: You mean… Lojack me?

Zeke: uh… yeah. *Disturbed a little and passing a bit of a grin* That guy’s really persistent on trying to come near you, isn’t he?

Luna: He sure is…

Zeke: I Notice that it’s usually as of late during the times when you don’t want to be close by him. 

Luna: It doesn’t make it all the more easy to just let it out to him that i have a secret. or a habit. I am 13 and i am smoking Cigarettes. I shouldn’t be doing this… but i just can’t help it. All i can do is hope that he never knows about it till it is time for me to let him know. I just hope that in time he’ll understand.

Zeke: *Rubbing Luna’s hand suddenly* I know. Luna, i know how you feel. I don’t want to be doing this habit either. I actually wish to quit this habit one day. Because to me… there is more to life than just bustling with the smoking reparte. 

Luna: I agree. We’ll both do it… together someday. We can do it. I know that we can. 

A second later…

Zeke: *Opening the pack and Pulling out a cigarette and then holding the pack in front of Luna; Motioning for Luna to take a cigarette from the pack*

Luna: *Taking a Cigarette out from the pack and placing it on her lips* 

Zeke: *Placing the cigarette in his mouth and placing the pack down; Picking up the lighter and getting ready to light up*

A few seconds later…

Luna: *Smoking* …

A Moment later…

Martin Arrives to the park…”

Luna: *To her Daughter Natasha* But i didn’t like it much. I mean… it was just the idea that i was trying to mask the abuse that was done on me. I didn’t want to be seen with the aura of be an Asian girl who’s been abused. I didn’t care about being judged. I didn’t. But i was just scared that it would be my new image. Asian girl who was abused. I didn’t want that. I don’t think that Zeke wanted to be with the image of someone who was abused either. That is why he did it too. He did it longer than i had anyway. So he’s had experience. I didn’t. I was just learning. But you see, Natasha. Smoking brought a bit of problems that i really didn’t want. I didn’t even ask for the issues either. I later then got a hackers cough. Yeah… that. That’s when i had to quit the habit. I had to. I didn’t even want to do it anymore.

Natasha: So… When did you quit?

Luna: Sometime in the middle of May. But then again… by that time… it was too late for me and Martin because he and i for the few months that he and i were at odds that we just had nothing to live for. nothing to relate with and it was the last conversation that me and Martin shared that marked the end. The very end of Martin and I.

“Martin: *Looking up and sighing* Or something else. But… i was dead? Good god. What if that were unable to bring me back?

Luna: *Walking in* Then there would would be one less person in the world. It would be a sad situation.

Martin: *Looking over to see Luna* Luna?! What are you doing here? I didn’t think that you’d come. After all the things you put me through and ignoring me for so long.

Luna: *Walking over and trying to keep calm* I didn’t come to be blamed for your misfortune. Martin, What you have done… you did to yourself. No one forced you to drink. No one. You chose to do it because you were angry at me. I am at fault for abandoning you. But…

Martin: You think that i was causing it?

Luna: Weren’t you the one that did it? You were hurting me. Contradicting every decision that i made. I chose to smoke. I made that choice on my own. I screwed up. But you making it all my fault is what pushed me away.

Martin: Bull… You were spending all your time with Zeke. I hardly got to see you. Ever. Ever since he came into the picture.

Luna: Look. I am not gonna stay for this. I am not letting you blame Zeke. You are always blaming Zeke for things that he didn’t even do.

Martin: *Angrily* That he didn’t even do… THAT HE DIDN’T EVEN DO?! He took you away from me. You smoke because of him. You were my girl. Not his. Mine. But you went to him.

Luna: Who’s fault is that? Not mine. I wasn’t the one pushing you away with the sour attitude. I wasn’t the one treating you like you never mattered. You were doing that to me. Making me feel as though i was worthless to you because i happened to lose my way a bit. because i what… What? Because i have a habit? Yeah… i have a habit. Teen Angst. I have that. So do you. But you made it to where if i had it… it was wrong. You were Drinking. I could smell it on you. I knew that you were doing so for a while. since the first day of March… but i truly thought that it was just my mind playing tricks on me. But… it was not some trick. You were drinking. I smelt it on you in class for weeks. Weeks, Martin.

Martin: And i caught you holding a pack of smokes in class too… But i didn’t say a word. I wasn’t even happy about it… but i wasn’t about to make a spectacle of it. I was not gonna Embarrass you or say something about it to humiliate you. I wasn’t gonna be like that. You know that i wasn’t. But you were smoking in the girls restroom with Pamela. She… isn’t a bad person… but with her dealing with parents who would hardly pay any attention to her… it was more expected. Plus also if she did anything… they wouldn’t look to pay any attention to her. She wasn’t being loved by them as she should be. She was ignored. Zeke is not like that… He is a Vagrant. He Was sexually abused. He has problems and instead of being smart about it and try to help him but see to it that his problems didn’t become yours… You got smacked into his issues. His issues became yours. Then you disregard my concerns for you. I was hard on you because i loved you and you needed a firm guide. I didn’t want to see you screw your life up even though you had already done that to yourself.

Luna: You were treating me like dirt. Karen saw it. So did Zeke. Pamela… Irene. Ted, Jake and Jennifer. They all saw. Irene moved to another school because of you and me. Tearing at one another. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her father Grigory saw the mess and got tired of it. He was tired of seeing it and took his daughter and put her in another school. I don’t blame him. Because of what you and i were doing to each other. We were hurting Irene and it was getting annoying. With the crap that we were doing to one another and what he was seeing that Irene was being subjected to… i wouldn’t blame him if he were to take her out of the school on the first of March. after seeing what was really going on.

Martin: Well… You were the one who started it. Seeing Zeke. You know how i feel about him. About the shit he was bringing to you and messing you up. You were unstable as it was because you were fearing the idea that you would be seen as the Abused Asian teenage girl. You were scared about that… if you happen to bother remembering. You remember how you were for a while after we all sent Grandmother Rikku to Jail for her abusing you and being… well… A Racist for starters. And A abuser. But… No… you went right for Zeke. Knowing he might have had more issues in him than you needed. You were unstable on the inside even though you were trying to hide it as best you could on the outside. You were Unstable. You should have been smart enough to stay the hell away from him… Not forever… but just for a while till you got yourself back to being stable and normal… back to being upbeat and being the person that you were meant to be. But… Did you. Did you stay away from him?

Luna: ….

Martin: No. You didn’t. You didn’t keep away from him. You instead went right for him and he had issues. but you decided: “Oh It’s okay. I am still unstable right now because of the ordeal i was just going through… Zeke’s probably got issues himself. his own set of dirty laundry. but i’ll just befriend him and allow his problems to become mines as well and just let it add to the problems that i already have.” You went right on to him. It didn’t matter what i felt about him. Hell… i could have had proof to you from multiple sources to tell you that there is a red flag on Zeke… and you would still walk right into the trap and become someone who was all good… into someone who just doesn’t have anything good about them anymore. You might try telling me that i am full of it. That i don’t know shit… But it is you who are truly naive. Your family doesn’t seem to like Zeke hardly. And you know what… Hoohaa to them. They are being smart. They know what the hell is going on. Alot more than you seem to.

Luna: Oh… yeah… that is right. Zeke’s a piece of shit loser of the public here… he’s no good and who gives a damn what i say. Right? I don’t know him at all… i know nothing. You know… this is why i went to him. You bash him. You just refuse to see the good in anyone like Zeke. You want to run him out of town. By all means… Here… *Pulling out a Note Pad; Putting it back in her pocket and taking out her Cellphone* Here. Call him right now and inform him that you are gonna lead a Lynch mob and run him right out of town. Tell him. Tell him.  Come on. *Seeing Martin backing off* Thought so.

They continue to fight and trade words till finally…

Vast’s “Don’t take your Love away” Plays in the background as the last blowout between Luna and Martin concludes…

Luna: You know what…? *Sighs and starts to walk off*

Martin: Where are you going?

Luna: Away.

Martin: Away… Away from who?

Luna: You. You are such a Jerk. I have had it… i can’t do this anymore. I came here to try and see on making things right again between us in some way. But now i see that coming here was the biggest mistake i could have made. The others are gonna be giving me a lecture about it. I’ll just have to take it. But You have just proven to me that there is nothing that can be saved of our relationship or love.

Martin: *Feeling hurt*

Luna: *Turning to face Martin one last time* Look… I can’t do this anymore. All we do is fight. You blame Zeke for everything. You dictate my life and tell me who i can see and when. How… I am tired. And i am done. I don’t tell you who it is that you are to see and when and how. There are some friends that you might have that i don’t like. But i never say a word about it. Not a word. But you do it to me. That’s not fair. Zeke is bad in your eyes. Fine. And so… you don’t like him. I thought that you would open up to him and befriend him. However… i think that i fooled myself for far enough time. I fooled myself thinking that you’d open up to him. Maybe even accept him and tolerate him at least if not liking him. But. You don’t even do that. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do it. I am tired of us fighting. You disrespect me… hurt me because of the guys and gals i hang with. Martin… we used to be so close. Best friends. Then as our friendship grew and became stronger…we started to get feelings for one another. I loved you and you loved me. We were meant to be… You and i were just always in love… together and you said that you would never hurt me. Ever. Then when we sent my Ex-Grandmother to prison… you were feeling as though you should have done more to protect me… You loved me and i did you. But then Zeke comes and you become threatened by him. Making him out to be the bad guy. I choose to befriend him. He was abused and i opened up to him because i felt his pain and saw that he needed at least one friend. You didn’t even bother with him. You battered him and made him feel like he deserved nothing but misfortune. That is mean. Martin… I am done with you… Done with us. *Feeling her heart breaking as she makes the hardest decision* We’re no longer together. I can’t do this anymore. I am tired of hurting. Tired of hitting a brick wall with you and coming at odds. You didn’t think that you would lose me. But you had. Zeke didn’t take me. I went to him and felt closer to him. You pushed me into his arms. Your attitude and your rotten treatment of me… of him. Everything that i say to you would just go right out the door. You would always question me. You were treating me like i was an idiot. A Fool. But no more. No more. I am a Human being. I have feelings and a heart. It hurts just the same when it is stepped on. *Seeing Martin Starting to shed tears knowing that he never knew what he had till he lost it and took it for granted* Martin. I know that might feel like you’ve lost a part of your heart again just like you felt when you lost your parents… But this… you did to yourself.  No one else. You. I don’t hate you. I won’t hate you. But i can’t love you anymore. I can’t do this anymore. I’ll always care about you… I also wish you the best. Hope that you find happiness again. With someone that will make you happy… Whoever it may be. But you and I? We’re done. It’s over. Goodbye, Martin.”

Natasha: That’s why you left him and stuck with Zeke. He’s our father… but you never mentioned to us that you used to be with Martin. And the smoking was your biggest mistake. Although you broke from it…

Luna: Yes. I did… I did break from it. There are days since that time where i felt as though i’d go back to doing the habit. But i didn’t. Because when i started having kids… you kids. I knew that if i had done so… it would harm you kids and i really could not bare to see that happen. I never went back to that habit. I just couldn’t do it. If i had done so… You’d all have health problems. Asthma attacks and i could never forgive myself over that. I could never bare to look at you kids suffering from that and know that i caused it to happen.

Natasha: You don’t plan to have any more kids… So you wouldn’t be hurting anyone.

Luna: I would too be hurting people. Myself most of all. You might think that smoking is all fun and games now. But wait till you start getting health issues. A Hackers cough. Shortened breath. Wheezing. You’ll be regretting the day that you even made the decision to pick up a Cigarette and light up. That is why i want you to stop the habit. I am not kidding about it, Natasha. I want you to quit the habit before any of that happens.

Natasha: What’ll i tell Victoria?

Luna: Tell her that i said that she is on her own on the habit. I have every mind to call her parents and inform them of the mess. Victoria Smoking is bad enough… but for her to smoke in the girls restroom and then get you to take up the habit. That is just going too far.

Natasha: What’ll i do with the carton’s of Cigarettes?

Luna: Nothing. I am gonna handle it. But don’t think that this is gonna be over. When your father gets home, he’s gonna be told about this. Natasha, You should have known better than to start smoking in school. I really am surprised at you. *With shock and disbelief*

As for Paige’s kids…

Paige’s house…

In the Living room…

Annie: *Looking at her homework* We got alot of homework tonight.

Daria: Where do you want to start?

Clint: Debate. History. English and Science. Physics.

Theodore: Oh great. If that’s what we got… we’re in trouble.

Annie: No. It’s astrophysics.

Daria: That’s what it was… wasn’t it? But i don’t remember us having that class. We don’t have that class.

Clint: Daria, If we don’t have that class, then what do you call this? Astro physics term paper Due in 3 weeks. We weren’t in the class just for laughs. It’s one of the classes.

Annie: *Not hearing their mother around* Where’s mom?

Theodore: What? *Pauses* What do you mean, where’s mom? She’s in her room. She did happen to greet us when we first got inside the front door. Although… She didn’t stick by the living room long. She went into the one room and hasn’t come back out since.

Daria: What do you suppose she does in there?

Annie: I’m not sure. You suppose that we should go and check on her? If something bugging her… we should find out and see what it is that we can do to help.

Clint: And what if she doesn’t want to tell us?

Annie: It’s her choice… but the least we can do is try to help her somehow. *Getting up and walking over to the hall; Walking over to the closed door*

Clint: *Getting up and following Annie* Annie, what the heck are you doing? If mom wants to be left alone… it’s best to just leave her be. What if she’s not in the mood to talk? Do you want to get her flyin’ off the handle? She could be having an off day and us bugging her would only get her snapping off. Not saying that she will… but i really don’t think that risking it would be the smart thing.

Annie: So? What are we to do? Just let mom sit in solitude and develop the mentality that her own kids… Us. don’t care enough to check up on her. She’s our mother. She might need to talk to someone. Like us.

Clint: You’re right. She should talk with someone and should try to just let out how she feels. But if she isn’t in the mood to do so… we can’t just go in and say: “Hey mom, Let’s talk about your feelings and probably make you feel more down than what you already do.” That is gonna be just as much putting the salt right on the wound. That will not help anyone and will only do more harm than good. She greeted us when we came through the front door, didn’t she? And she was showing the look that she was upset and very depressed and just didn’t really want to talk with anyone at the moment. That’s a clue and it is a dead giveaway that she was wishing to be left be.

Annie: Well… I care about mom too much to just sit by and let her remain depressed and with a sad sense of feeling. She’s sad about something. I don’t know… to me… she usually never gets this sad. So for her to be this sad… Something is going on and it’d be callous to not at least ask and find out. Maybe try to assure that someone’s there for her.

Clint: *Sighs* You’re right. You’re right, Sis. Maybe asking her would be a wise idea.

Annie: We should ask her what’s up.

Clint: Right.

A Minute later…

In the master bedroom…

Paige: *Looking at her daughter Annie and Son Clint* Hey sweethearts, you okay?

Annie: We’re fine. We just came to see if you’re okay. You haven’t been saying much as of late. You’ve been kinda quiet.

Clint: Really Quiet. It’s like you’re constantly mourning.

Paige: *Assuring her kids that she’s fine* You guys really are worried about me that much? Why? There’s nothing to worry about. I’m just having an off day is all.

Annie: We know. But why? Why are you so depressed?

Clint: Is it about dad?

Annie: He did say that he was gonna be back from vacation someday. that he was just gonna go somewhere. something to do with his career.

Paige: That’s one way of putting it, Annie. But you might already know the real reason why your father’s not here. You and Daria and Theodore left here on certain holidays to go see him. and during the summers too. for 4 years.

Clint: I think that i might know the real reasons why Dad isn’t here. But the girls are not so sure.

Paige: Well… it’s probably time to tell you officially the real deal. Your father and I are Divorced. Have been for 4 years. 4 years and yes… there are some days where it’s harder than most to endure and cope. But it is what it is.

Annie: *Looking in shock* So… Dad’s not ever gonna be back here.

Paige: No. He’s not. He thinks that i’m a cold heartless person. I called him a bastard and he also said that being married to me was his biggest mistake.

Annie: *Gasps* Oh god. So all this time i was living with the delusion of thinking that dad would come back one day. i was in a daydream when in reality… Dad left us. Left you. Saying that you spoiled us rotten.

Clint: Dad lies about that, Annie. Mom only provided us with the best because she loves us. Dad was the controlling one. Nothing we did could be enough for him. He was always criticizing mom. saying that she was being ignorant for depending so much on technology and that she was lazy. But he was the lazy one. He would not get up till noon sometimes. and most of the time he’d get up at the butt crack of dawn and god forbid if we didn’t follow suit to his schedule.

Annie: *With tears in her eyes* Okay… okay. I get it. I get it, Clint. I get it. Dad was a slave driver.

Paige: He was. And i have decided already to revoke his visitation rights. forbidding him from seeing you. You guys have been put though enough of his harsh views. You kids are not rotten. You never were and on the aspect that you don’t know the meaning of a honest hard day’s work… You do. You always had. He just didn’t bother to notice and would always watch during the times when you were resting. to say that you were all lazy and then take credit for the work you’ve done.

Clint: That’s right. That is by far the most cruel of an act. Dad shouldn’t be doing that. Treating us like that.

Annie: *Shedding a tear now knowing the real truth behind why her father wasn’t around for 4 years*

Paige: *Reaching for her daughter* Annie, come on. Don’t cry. It’s alright. You done well for 4 years while your father wasn’t around anymore. You matured well. Contrary to what your father might believe… You’re more adult and grown up than he ever will be.

Annie: *Sniffling*

Paige: *Hugging her daughter and comforting her* It’s gonna be alright. It will be alright. I just had a rather upsetting day for myself because i got to thinking about the things that you father was saying to me and what remarks he made. He might have been telling others something different than what the truth is… but we know. I know the truth. How he was being around you kids. I remembered all the things he would try to pull. making as though you kids were problem children. It was the worst kind of memory.

Clint: It was.

Paige: He even once called me a whore. or a total slut. Which was deeply hurting to me.

Annie: *Pauses* He what?

Clint: He called you a Whore?

Annie: That was really mean. Why would he do that?

Clint: Why else? He was an asshole and being really mean to mom.

Paige: Clint! Don’t be saying such words like that.

Clint: Why not? It’s true, isn’t it?

Annie: *Suddenly feeling fuzzy and warm* …

Clint: *Spotting a glow in Annie and then seeing the glow get brighter* What… the? Annie, You’re uh… Glowing.

Annie: I’m… *Pauses and Jumps in shock* I’m… What? What is this? What’s going on?

Paige: *Looking to the side and seeing a faint glow coming from the closet and seeing a flash* How is that even possible? *Thinking inside her mind and with concern* No… It couldn’t be. The powers of the Angel of Romance were made to be dormant. Miss Love is Retired. it couldn’t be the belt. It is impossible. It couldn’t be that. There is no way.

Paige was sure that it was nothing however as she was seeing her Daughter Annie glowing mysteriously and without warning; It got her to think that something was coming and whatever it was that was coming… her Kids were now being pulled in. She didn’t understand what was making her Daughter glow. What got it even more of a concern to her was that Annie wasn’t the only one. Within seconds Clint started to glow and emit some Mysterious energy. And the last ones to do it were Daria and Theodore. They also started to emit a strange glow. Paige started freaking out as she saw it go on. She didn’t recollect the part some of the power that was inside her… was put into her kids. Something was really unfolding and as it continued… Paige only froze and felt as if her past Alternate persona was now a part of her kids. Annie and Clint got shot with all the memories that their mother went through. As did Daria and Theodore. They also got the same. But it was in Chronological order… Annie to Clint to Daria to Theodore. But they were not the only ones, Because as for Pearl’s and Jack’s Kids; they were gonna be getting the official sensation of being ones Endowed with the powers of what their mother had before them… that night…

Pearl’s and Jack’s house…

Jack: *Doing some cleaning* Hey there sweet children. How was school today?

Amy: It was okay.

Susie: It was actually rather nice today. Although there was a small bit of commotion in one of the girl’s restrooms.

Christina: Yeah.

Jack: *Pauses and looking curious* Oh? How so?

Penny: That’s the thing though… we don’t know what it was about. However people were saying that cousin Natasha was caught in the girls restroom. Doing something. However no one would say what it was. They were all trying to cover it up.

Jack: You’re kidding. How is that possible though. Your cousin Natasha… caught in the girls restroom doing something… That’s odd and mundanely mysterious.

Penny: No kidding, Dad. It is really confusing. What really gets us is that one of the passing students… Schoolmates made a slip in mentioning that Natasha was caught with an illegal substance in her possession.

Spencer: I think that it might have something to do with whatever Aunt Luna did years ago. Didn’t you and Mom say once that she had rather dived down a dark path for a brief moment in time?

Jack: *Grinning and pondering a little* Yeah… I believe that we did mention that once. But we also had you kids forget all about that part. It was the past.

Spencer: If that is so… then what was the deal with cousin Natasha? What what her deal?

Amy: Yeah, dad… Plus… What was the big deal with Aunt Luna and her habit anyway? What made her do what she did to begin with?

Jack: I might as well tell you kids now so you don’t dig into something that you have no business getting into.

Their father then gets into what happened to their Aunt Luna back when they were all younger than what they were now currently…

Jack: *Looking out the window and sighs before sitting down* Your Aunt was abused by your great grandmother who is an Ex… to the family for abusing Luna. Sending her to bed without food for a few nights. Neglecting her. Emotionally and Mentally abusing her. Even Physically. We even went to a hearing to see that the woman that abused your Aunt Luna was put behind bars without the chance of seeking parole. No parole whatsoever. However it didn’t make the memory of it go away. It was gonna remain with her forever and there was nothing that any of us could do about it to take it all away. We couldn’t do anything. At first we thought that she was gonna beat it and over come it as she was strong. But the truth was that she was suffering from the nightmares. She was fearing the nightmares of the abuse that was done on her and it was said to get so bad… that with being at that time unstable in sense because of it… She took up smoking at age 13. Although it was only maybe a couple or so months later after that where she broke from it and quit the habit cold turkey. But so did the one who is her husband. She broke from the habit and got cleaned up.

Amy: She was abused? That’s awful. What did she do about it? Didn’t she try to fight it?

Spencer: I am thinking that she did try to fight it. But it just probably became too much and she couldn’t hold it back anymore. She reached her breaking point and it just got to that point where she had to lose herself a little in order to refind herself.

Penny: The Journey to darkness is not a Light switch, Spencer. It’s all done by Choice. It’s because she wanted to smoke at that time. She coulda said no.

Christina: I don’t think that she would have been able to since was unstable. When you are suffering from Instability, It can be hard to know or remember what’s what or what it is that you’re supposed to still remember. Sometimes Common sense… Normal common sense just happens to go out the window.

Jack: You’re right, Christina. Sometimes when suffering from instability… Common sense does go out the window. everything tends to change. However… your mom and Aunt Paige were none too happy about it. Not that i can say we’d be to blame them. I wasn’t happy about it either… but i couldn’t condemn Luna either. Neither could they. But it still didn’t make it right for her to just do the habit.

Susie: Then why did she?

Jack: No one really knows why she did it. I don’t think that anyone ever will know. It’s likely one of the very things that no one is meant to know. Your Aunt Luna will most likely never tell.

Amy: She’s got to tell someone. Because her Daughter Natasha. Our cousin is slipping into the same habit as she had and it’s almost as though the cycle is repeating.

Jack: I know. I know it is, dear. I know. We all know. *Looking at the time before getting up* It’ll be time for Dinner to be started soon. You should see on getting your homework done then start washing up for dinner. Your mother will be home in a couple hours from work.

Spencer: Okay…

Although even while no one said a word about it, they knew that there was something inside them that was gonna take effect and they’d be endowed with abilities.  Penny was okay about it. Spencer was as well. But Amy, Susie and Christina were not too comfortable knowing that they was something more to them than what they knew. Amy thought that they were all normal. and had been with the same state of mind telling her as much. Susie also felt that way. Christina on the other hand didn’t pay attention to the powers that be. To her… If it happened… It happened. But she wasn’t gonna worry about it. She figured that it wouldn’t change what was meant to happen. They also were thinking about what was going on in school and what their cousin Natasha was up to. They were suspicious about what made the school have a situation revolving their cousin. What was really going on with their cousin? Was their suspicion of their cousin diving down into a dark place. Were they right with what they heard the school say it was… or was it something else?

Of course…

Avery was now a MI6 agent. Summer was a famous Ice Skating star and a Teacher. Teaching fellow classes of girls who wanted to learn how to ice skate or figure skate. She taught them all moves she knew and helped them train and practice. Avery had a room made for him to have all his Agent artifacts and tools. High tech gadgetry and sonar. weapons and a security system that was indeed second to none. Avery only went to Britain when he was needed for training and assignment. But he checked in with the British Intelligence every other day for any further news on the assignments that he was on or when there was something going on that he was entitled to know…

Avery’s and Summer’s house…

In the Living Room…

Dan: *Looking at his Brother* Walter, You are being really dumb if you think that dad is gonna turn the other way about the detention that we’ve got. You stood up for yourself and that is what dad always taught us to do. Stand up for ourselves. But you instead were the one picking the fight. We got detention with Mr. Rubens… That guy is a hard ass. You knew that he was a hard ass from the first day of school. But you had to piss him off. You had to get on his bad side.

Walter: *Looking Down* Yeah… I know. I got on that guy’s bad side. But he was the one who started it. Barking the orders and cracking that damn whip. I wouldn’t be surprised if he managed to lose control of it and whip someone. He could have hurt someone with that whip.

Dan: Maybe he would have… but the conduct that you used to get at him over it was just really uncalled for. You’re lucky that detention was all you got. and because i was there to back you up like a brother should… i also got the detention. But just so you know… You will not be screwing around with that teacher. One detention is enough. He could have pulled the guns and suspended you. Actually suspended us. Both.

Walter: and you really think that i don’t know that? I think that i got that loud and clear. I guess that it’s our problem that the teacher is a real pain in the ass.

Dan: Yeah… that’s right. He is. So… What do you suggest be done about it. huh?

Walter: One of the usual pranks.

Dan: You’re not talking about that prank… are you?

Walter: Which one… The old switcheroo? That was done up last time. I’m talking about the other one. The Whoopie cushion and the old item hide. Sneak into the room before school starts getting more active for the day. Right before the teachers start showing up to prepare for class. We’ll sneak in and get the stuff set. He’ll never know what hit him.

Dan: *Snickers* Heh heh heh heh heh! You sneak. You’re a little prankster aren’t you?

Walter: Only when it’s for a good cause. But that’s a rare fix.

Dan: You bet that it is…

Inside the Garage…

Samantha: *Looking at her band* Come on… We got a song to practice. We have to get it right. The Auditions are this Friday.

Chris: Hey… We’re doing the best we can… These instruments are constantly being Chaffed. The Drums keep sounding off too loud. It’s producing too much of a boom.

Samantha: Lower the amp usage on it then. It’s probably got to be adjusted.

Veronica: This electronic synthesizer or Xylophone is wicked. It’s almost like playing in the style of DJ or Disc jockey.

Sandy: Let’s re-tune our stuff and try again.

Samantha: Right. 10 minute break and then we’ll try it again with one of the songs from that rock group. The Cure. Love Song. Practice with that one and try to keep up the tempo.

Chris: is there Drums to that track?

Samantha: No… but for our version… we can put a Drum Solo in the middle part for some flare. Kicking up the tempo a bit and get the energy going.

Veronica: I’m okay with that one. Who said that the song couldn’t be made with a different version to it? It’s open for experimentation.

Sandy: I agree.

Samantha: It’s settled then. 10 minute break and then we kick with that.

While they were taking a break…

Chris: *Looking at Samantha* Hey, Samantha… What’s your dad like?

Samantha: I don’t know… Why do you ask?

Chris: No reason. I was just wondering as i noticed there being a lot of high tech here. Gadgetry and such.

Veronica: That’s right. I noticed it too. and i really didn’t want to say anything about it although i can’t really help but notice that the tech that’s here… You don’t see stuff like this in a normal average home. What does he do?

Samantha: I can’t say. It’s top secret. But all i can say is that he works for the British Intelligence. That’s all i can tell you. I am not meant to say anything about that which he does.

Sandy: How come? Is it bad?

Samantha: No. I just can’t say what he does. It’s as he says a matter of “British Security” and that no one can ever know what he does. It’s just better that way if no one were to know. Even i don’t know. He says that the less people who know… it’ll keep the family out of harms way. Doing what he does… he’s got enemies out there that would use his family to get to him for leverage. That’s why he doesn’t want anyone to know about what he does. It’s for safety.

Veronica: Whoa! Really?

Samantha: Yeah.

Chris: Talk about heavy. What does your mom say about it?

Samantha: What can she say? There’s nothing that she can really say. I mean… she doesn’t really even know about what he does. It’s just better that way if no one knew.

Sandy: What about your cousins? The ones with the thunderous senses to them? Do they know?

Samantha: No. They’re just going through their own issues lately…

As for Avery…

Inside his private Room…

Agent M: *On screen* MI6 Rhapsody, It’s a pleasure as usual to hear from you. How’s the family?

Avery: They’re doing quite well… the oldest girl… the only girl in the family has an Audition for recognition this Friday at the Metropolis Music hall. Samantha’s calling her band “The Rhapsody Screamers” They’ve been practicing a bit each day. My oldest son is a Track runner. Running marathons and competing again next week.

Agent M: I hope it goes well on their ambitions. I am sure they’ll gonna be fine. You happened to have raised them really well. But there is a matter of a development forming in the French country city of Versailles. At the Versailles Orangerie.

Avery: *Curiously intrigued* Hmm… That’s something you’re not privy to hear about everyday. What’s the story with that place?

Agent M: At 4:00 AM this morning Sept. 9th A terrorist faction broke in and snatched 400 trees of Oranges. Overnight. Trafficking them away. to the center of Mosccow, Russia. at the Spasskaya Tower. The terrorist faction is being led by Ivan Levinson. A Class B-2 Terrorist Mastermind with the knack for high range explosives. Just last year a shipment of C4 was stolen.The shipment was enroute to Washington D. C at the Armory reserves when a mysterious boat snuck on board the Military Cargo ship carrying the Shipment of C4 from Italy as a sign of faith and a unified trust in future common relations for aid in future wars. it was reported stolen by the ship’s security team an hour after it happened…

Avery: Why did it take an hour for the security team to report it? Didn’t the Alarms alert them telling them that there was something going on? It’d be kinda redundant for them to have a security team there if a break-in was permitted to hit right from under their noses.

Agent M: That’s what the American F.B.I have been trying to unravel. But no leads have come to light for the hit. The officials have counted it as a count for terrorist activity. 4 months after the hit a National bank was hit and after the hit there was an estimated reported sum of 43 million missing from the Vault. Sources report it to be the work of the same Terrorist Faction that had just recently snatched and smuggled 400 trees of Oranges overnight.

Avery: Is there anything being done about it?

Agent M: In fact… There is. Agent Johnson has been dispatched and is on her way to Metropolis to Pick you up and then you’ll be on the next flight here for a standard briefing. You might want to expect being on duty for a while…

Avery: I see. I’ll have to let my family know that i’m on call again.

Agent M: *Patching in Agent Johnson* Agent Johnson… Meet your partner MI6 Secret Agent Avery Theodore Rhapsody.

Agent Johnson: *Looking to see Avery* Hmm… Not bad looking for a Agent. You definitely got style.

Avery: I could say the same about you… Agent Johnson. I hear that you’ve been working with the world renown Agent James Bond. “Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”.

Agent Johnson: Yeah… I’ve been with that guy. He had a lot of flare and flamboyant charm that could melt any fierce girls heart. He sure melted mines and i’m someone who doesn’t like getting tied down. Although the guy did try. and he was good at it too.

Avery: Well he always would say that he was sex for dinner and death for breakfast. But sounds like when he got going with it… he took that concept for face value.  Quality and Quantity. As they say in the spy business… What’s a good job without a little self action and a little lucky moment of intimate delight?

Agent Johnson: Touche! You’ve nailed that down… Maybe you’ll try to nail me down too…

Avery: Not really, Jinx. Besides… You’re too good to allow that to happen. You’re always on your feet. But who knows… Maybe a bit of a date or two will be won. Being a Jinx doesn’t always mean dates with you are access denied.

A Moment later…

Avery looked at his equipment and sighed. He knew that he was gonna be on the go again. He knew that he would have to let his kids know that he would have to head back to Britain and go on another case. Another Mission. It was time that he went on call and he had a feeling that he wasn’t gonna be making it back for a while. Meaning that he was gonna miss his Daughter Samantha’s Audition. He wanted to be there. But when duty called… he had to respond…

As for Dinah’s Kids…

Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

In the bathroom…

Serena: *With Hikaru and Sakura* I know that it hurts. Believe me… At your age i went through the same thing. The same predicament as you two just dealt with. But that was when i decided to start fighting back. Not letting the bullies or the bull-headed morons get the best of me. I fought back.  *Cleaning up the dirt on her sisters* It’s gonna be alright. I will show you some moves to use to fight back and thereby have a fighting chance.

Hikaru: really? You can fight?

Serena: Of course i can. I can be rather tough when need be. You two need to toughen up a little. Because the longer you allow for the bullies to push you around… The longer they’ll keep doing it and it will get to the point where they’ll own you because they think that you are gonna just sit and do nothing to stop it. Because you wouldn’t fight back. But unless you two learn to fight them back and show that you’re not a pushover to the bullies and let them know it… it’s just gonna keep going and it’s only gonna get worse instead of better.

Sakura: Is that what you did? Fight back to keep the bullies from getting to you. Standing your ground?

Serena: Yes. It was exactly what i’ve done. *Getting the last bit of dirt off of her sisters* Whenever a bully tries to mess with you. You just stand your ground. Take no bull from any bully. If they beat you… at first take the licks and just learn from them. Learn how to use the moves or the tricks against the bully. But always show no fear to the bully.

Sakura: No fear?

Serena: No fear. Because if you are afraid of them… they’ll smell it on you and will let you have it good. if you show fear… you’re dead meat as they’ll wail on you. Whatever you do… Do not show any fear. Look tough. Mean. Fierce. Plus we can pick on each other. that’s fine. Your cousins can too… But that’s because we’re family. If others do it. It’s Lights out.

Hikaru: *Nods*

Sakura: Okay. *Nods* No fear. No more letting the bullies push us around.

Serena: *Smiles* Come here you two… *Hugging her sisters* Oh… You two can be such pains in the butts sometimes… But I Love you girls regardless. I don’t know how anyone could ask for any other sibling besides you. *Hugging her sisters* I Love you two.

A Minute later…

In the Living Room…

Raven: *Seeing Serena with Hikaru and Sakura* Are they okay now?

Serena: Yeah. They’re okay now. A little beat… but no worse for the wear. They’ll live.

Sapphire: That’s good. Just as long as they’re okay. Mom would be serious on a good one for Rage if they weren’t.

Raven: I know. Mom’s scary when she gets mad. She sometimes scares me with her rage and hot temper.

Sapphire:  She scares all of us. Even Sora. The poor guy. He isn’t used to seeing mom when she is on her good ones. Seeing her when she is white hot mad and pissed off. He’s the same age as Hikaru and Sakura… but he’s more sensitive.

Serena: I know. Where is he anyway?

Raven: He’s outside playing ball with himself. Practicing on catching it.

Sapphire: What about the other kids? They make it home okay?

Serena: You bet. Blossom made it home on her own… I got half way to her place and she just suddenly insisted that she walked on her own. You know… For a young girl… She’s got a lot of courage. A lot of courage. Cousin Sora and Carly… Those two were reading the minds of everyone that walked on by. Then there’s Zoey. She was just peaceful. She Just kept to her thoughts and smiled. No fuss or anything.

Raven: Zoey must be very reserved and not very talkative.

Sapphire: Probably not.

Hikaru: That’s because she’s still a bit embarrassed over the mishap that happened today at school. She let loose with a show of transforming into this hero. She called herself Sailor Zoey.

Raven: *Pauses* Sailor Zoey? Wait a minute… Zoey’s Aunt Luna’s girl, Right?

Sapphire: Yeah. Why?

Serena: What’s the reason behind asking that, Raven? Something a miss?

Raven: No… It’s just that the fact that Zoey was able to transform into a hero… A senshi. But the part about that; That seems a little strange is that Didn’t Aunt Luna say that she used to be a being who was part Cat then wasn’t anymore. and then from the time she became all human till now… It seems odd. Didn’t she say that that part of her was gone forever and was not gonna come back ever?

Serena: I would suppose that she had mentioned it a couple times before. But she said that it was pushed to the very back recesses of her soul and to the far back of her being. So… If Zoey’s got that… that would have to only mean… that the powers or abilities of what Aunt Luna could do in the past copied itself from Aunt Luna’s DNA to Zoey. Carried over to Zoey.

Sakura: That would explain it… Zoey came to defend me during break time at school. I don’t know how she knew where exactly i was… but… she came and Stood up for me. She was amazing. Really. *Excited* Wow! She was just so cool.

Sapphire: You don’t say… I’ll have to see when she does it again.

Raven: So will I.

As they were talking…

Shingo: *Walking in through the front door and Setting his things up* Hey girls.

Raven: Hey dad.

Sapphire: Hey there pops. You home from work?

Shingo: Sure am. I just got off work. I am also on call to be the Private Driver for Mrs. Hudson. It’s really rewarding. But the last couple days… she wasn’t in need of my services… Maybe she was taking a break from things.

Serena: Maybe. It’s possible. *Looking at the time* When do you think mom’ll be home?

Shingo: Any time now. She’s called me about 10 minutes ago saying that she was about to wrap things up for the day and be home right after.

Raven: *Doing her homework* That’s good.

Sapphire: If only she knew the day we had at school.

Shingo: Why’s that? Something happen?

Raven: Well… that would depend if you would believe it to be something striking good news. but there was a commotion revolving our Aunt Luna’s Daughter Natasha.

Sapphire: Oh yeah… That’s right. There was something definitely a miss going on revolving her. School Security were talking about the possibility that there was an illegal product concealed on school grounds and in Natasha’s possession.

Serena: It was said to be cancerous too…

Shingo: *Seeing Hikaru and Sakura* Hey there you two… How’re my two young little princesses?

Hikaru: We’re okay, daddy. A big kid at school tried to hurt us. but Serena gave that kid what for. She Knocked that bully out and came to our rescue.

Sakura: Yeah. She was amazing. Really tough. She gave us some pointers on how to fight back and not be afraid anymore of the bully.

Shingo: Really?! Well… How about that. Big sis defending her little sisters. Good work, Serena. I am betting that you let that big kid have it.

Serena: You’re darn right i did. These two can be pains sometimes… but no one messes with them and walks to tell the tale of it. They mess with these two… they’ll have to answer to me and i got two fists that wants to meet the ones who try to mess with these two girls.

Shingo: Serena… You *Chuckles* sound just like your mother when you talk like that. You know that? Your mom would usually speak just like that. One of the very things that i loved about her and still do and always will. Her determination and her ability to be fierce. But that is good. Your sisters can be sure to rest with ease knowing that you’ll be always sticking up for them. Hikaru, Sakura… Why not go out to the backyard and play for a few minutes while your big sisters and Daddy talk?

Hikaru: Okay. *Smiles*

Sakura and Hikaru run off to the backyard to play for a little…

Serena: *Grins* So… Where were we?

Shingo: I think that you were in the middle of telling me about what was going on at the school.

Raven: Yeah… That’s right. We were… The school security found Cousin Natasha with these things in her possession. Cancerous things too. Sapphire, You hear what it was?

Sapphire: No… I didn’t. Wish i had though. It didn’t sound good whatever it was. It was sure not a good relief. The Security people were getting after her about what she was doing.

Raven: I think that we did hear what it was… but it was just fuzzy because a lot of the other teens were watching and talking all Simultaneously. But i think the security said… Something Like Smokes. A Pack of them.

Serena: And this would get you how? Raven, Cousin Natasha was caught with Cousin Victoria and we heard that she was a bit like a greaser. a tough girl. And…

Sapphire: She has the habit of smoking. Cousin Victoria smokes.

Raven: How did you know about that?

Sapphire: Come on, Raven… How can a person not know about that? You think that she smells like smoke just for a fluke and that it’d be just someone playing some sort of game? Plus… There’s a class that we don’t have together. And it was one of the classes that i had which had Victoria in as well… I saw her on the first or second day of the school year and she was pulling out something from her pocket and putting them in her side pouch in her bag. backpack. She hid it fast before anyone could see. But i saw what it was. They were smokes and it was at first strange to see her with that till it hit that she was smoking. Age 14 or 15… But she was with the habit and was wearing attire that made her out to be a greaser. One of which gang that was said to have puffed out in the 1960’s. She would always hang in the bathroom… the restroom and light. In school no less. Aunt Megan and Uncle Curtis know and try to do something about it… but get nowhere.

Serena: And i guess that now… Cousin Natasha also does it.

Shingo: Natasha is Luna’s girl… Why would Luna allow for her daughter to do that? This is worse than when Luna did it for a brief time when she was that age. Age 13. We got after her about that too… *Sighs* History really does happen to repeat itself after all.

Sapphire: So a couple of them happen to have that habit… It’s not the end of the world. It’s their choice. Yeah… We are a little mad about it… we’re hurt. But what can we do? We can’t force them to quit.

Serena: Not even their mothers. Aunt Megan and Uncle Curtis tried to get on Victoria about it. But she does it anyway. It’s like she doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

Raven: And Cousin Natasha is likely to turn out just that way.

Sapphire: Looks like it could be just that way. Aunt Luna might try to support it if she fails at getting Natasha to break from it. Because pushing and getting her to forcefully quit… it’s just gonna lead to disaster.

Serena: Just hope that mom doesn’t hear about it. Mom will not like knowing about that.

Raven: No Kidding….

To be Continued in part 3…


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