Ch. 120. The New beginning. 14 years later…

Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z!

Raven: *Looking scared and running towards Dinah and Prince Alvin* Oh No… NO!!!! *Suddenly Beside Dinah and Prince Alvin* Dinah… DINAH!!! Prince Alvin… Please… *trying to shake Dinah and Prince Alvin awake* Please… Get up! Don’t leave me… Please Get up. PLEASE!!!

Trigon: *Walking over towards Raven and Looking down at her* Farewell Dear Daughter. *Angrily firing his beam at his own daughter*

As the Beam came down… It was thought that it would be the end for Raven… but that was when something happened and within a fast mystical flash… a white forcefield surrounded Raven and Raven miraculously gained some of Trigon’s power. White energy…

Raven: *Looking at her hand and gasps shocked* What?! How?…

Trigon: *Looking at Raven* You may have retained some of my power, Dear Daughter… But you can never hope to defeat me… You are still no threat to me, Little girl. *Bowing down a little* I am your creator… Your master… You live to serve only me. You only have survived till now because i Allowed it to be so… Seriously… What hopes does a mere child like you think that you can even muster or digest in defeating your all-powerful FATHER?!

Raven *Looking Down and suddenly with anger; Glowing by her eyes* You may have created me Trigon… *Now back in her Mature form; in a white Cloak* But you were never my father! *Angry and serious; Fires a beam of White Light straight at Trigon*

Trigon was knocked back by it and Raven started to fight back… beating him back all while doing so… The Girls all got up and so did the brothers and Looked at Raven in Shock…

Pearl: *Gasps*

Trigon: *Turning back and facing Raven* You retched Insignificant little girl! *Getting blasted by Raven’s White Beams of Light*

Raven: *Walking towards Trigon; Firing Blasts of White light as she walks towards Trigon and standing up to him*  Fathers Are Kind,   Fathers protect you… Fathers Raise you. *Watching Trigon screech in agony*  I was protected by the monks of Azarath… I was raised by my friends. The Rhapsody Girls Z! Their family… They are my family… This is my home… And YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!!!  *Rising up as she absorbed the power from them and with her Gem Blindingly glowing white, her hair lifting up on the sides…and her cloak levitating in mid air around her; In the Air and facing Trigon; Launching the Attack Sending Trigon Away* Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!!!

Raven then became a White Raven and with blinding hot light… smeared Trigon and Vanquished him into nothing. as he vanished… the Earth was returned to how it once was. It was returned to normal and renewed back to how it once was previously. The lively color came and there was life throughout the planet. reversing all that Trigon done…. Once done, Raven came back down Gently and smiled…

Raven: *Landing and Standing on the ground* …

Paige: *Stunned and in awe* Raven, that was…

Prince Avery: … Unbelievable!

White Raven: No, it wasn’t. *Hugs Dinah* Somebody believed.

Dinah: *Smiles* Welcome back.

Raven: in the end… There really isn’t an end. Just Brand new Beginnings.”

14 years later…

Sept. 8th 2042…

At Pearl and Jack’s House…

Pearl: Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny, Spencer. You guys ready to go? School starts in an hour.

Amy: *Walking out of her room* I’m ready, Mom. Stop getting so up tight. School isn’t all that far away.

Susie: *Walking out of her room* What a nice rest. I feel really good. *Not seeing her father* Mom, Where’s dad?

Christina: Did he leave already?

Pearl: Yeah. Your father’s gone. He has already left to the school. Gone to work. He wanted to get an early start.

Penny: *With her bag set*

Spencer: *Walking out and grabbing for Pop-tart* Mom, Not that i would be complaining or making a deal about breakfast. But what’s with our breakfast being pop-tarts?

Pearl: It’s quick. I would be loving to make you sweeties a fuller breakfast. I wish that i could… but this morning… i got a busy day. the Fashion store is holding a Clearance sale and it is gonna be taking part in a new movie… there is a lot of prepping to do. Alot of work. I have to get there in the next 40 minutes. That’s why i had you with a quick breakfast. *Looking at the time* We have to hurry though.

Penny: Are you okay?

Pearl: Of course. Of course i’m okay. Why do you ask?

Amy: Mom, I think that what Penny was kinda getting at was that you seemed a bit stressed. The last couple days… you seemed to be kinda stressed out.

Susie: You sure have alot of pressure on you with the fashion business.

Pearl: Tell me about it, Susie. I am so stressed. But this is something that i’ve wanted to do for since i was like 12. I just got more and more into it is all.

Spencer: An Adolescent ambition is a fantasy that one sole individual has fostered and gradually turned it into something real. You having this thrill since that time till now has become you. You’re a fashion-holic. It’s become something you crave and you find that you want more.

Penny: How is it that you know this, Spencer?

Spencer: I know it because it’s the truth…

It was minutes later when they were off to school. Walking their way over and their mother was starting to get on her way…

I need a ken doll pilot with a sexy smile in a flying limosine,to pick me up go the extra mile and deliver me to the scene.

Pearl: *Heading to work; wearing a frilly saffron dress* … *On the phone; on Speaker while driving* Hey Star… I’m on my way in now. Just got done sending my kids off to school.

Star: How are they doing?

Pearl: They’re doing great. They’re actually doing quite well. I do happen to worry about my son Spencer though. He’s always having to wear something on his head all the time. Even inside the house he’s having to have most of his skin covered. Good thing is that he and Penny are only a year younger than Amy, Susie and Christina. So he’s gonna be protected by his sisters and cousins from all the possible taunts.

Star: What about the summer months?

Pearl: I don’t know. I don’t even know if there is a cure to help fix it.

I need five more hours in the average day,

one to get the work done four to play,
be a devil and angel you know what i mean

At the Diner a couple minutes later…

Pearl: *Walking into the Diner* Morning Sid. How’re you?

Sid: *Looking to see Pearl* Morning Pearl. Another day for you and the fashion Biz, huh?

Pearl: Yeah. It’s another day. I know how it is though… it’s stressing.

Sid: *Nods* i know the feeling. Even with the idea that my wife Pamela is into making all these Chocolate pies.

Pearl: Pamela… Pamela Marigold. She’s your wife?

Sid: Yeah… didn’t you know? She’s my wife. Been married for 2 years next week. She wanted to elope but she had begged that her friend… Luna. and this guy… Zeke come to be the witnesses.

Pearl: Wow! Congrats on that one. I’m happy for you. How is it going being a married man?

Sid: *Pouring some coffee for Pearl* Well… I can’t say that i am one to complain. It mean it’s given me some marital responsibilities. Not bad… Not exactly what i’d tip for being the most favored. But it’s not bad. Pamela is a good wife. She’s a little clingy… but i don’t mind that. I have been alone for 10 years. *Remembering something* I heard that my wife mentioned that her friend Luna… i think it’s your sister. That’s the only Luna i’d know… but said that her friend Luna’s one kid… Zoey had some sense of power. Senshi power.

Pearl: Senshi… Power?

Sid: Yeah. Of all things. Pamela told me that Luna made a mention to her that Zoey was sometime ago… caught changing into something. That she overheard Zoey chanting something like: “Luna Prism Power… Make-up!” But instead… Saying Zoey Prism Power…

Pearl: That’s something that i didn’t know about. I sure hope that my sister Luna can keep her girl under wraps on that. She knows that we’ve all retired from that line of work. 14 years ago… we all dealt with a Demon Tyrant. That was our last bout. We had to grow up. It was time and i knew that i had to grow up from being the hero… i couldn’t be it anymore. The last one almost killed me. That’s when i had make the choice… i could continue doing the hero track and get myself in possible danger… and thereby doing so… risk being killed and never seeing my own kids grow up and make a life for themselves one day. Or i could retire and stick to normal. Thereby doing so… i’d get to raise my kids and be there for them as a parent should. I chose to be normal. It isn’t exactly my most common choice as being that hero was all i really knew as i was it since age 11. but in the end… it was for the best. the best move on my part and everyone else’s.

Sid: Sometimes you got to make the hardest choice. And sometimes the hard ones as ones that usually are the easiest. or most common. but hard on certain people as they are quitting or leaving the life of the only thing that they really knew. the part that made them… who they were.

Pearl: That’s sometimes what it is. It is hard. *Looking at the time* Whoa! I better head off to work. *Paying for the coffee’s and heading out with the coffee* Catch you later Sid. Give Pamela our care when you see her.

stand back,
out of my way
stand back,
your crowding my day
no time for good manners, do what I say
If your not here to help, then your just in the way

The road is littered with the faint of heart,
the fools who fell from stress
Its a fact of life that you can’t catch up,
better learn how to love the mess.

So i’ll just kick back ignore the noise,
have my way with the pretty boys
what i dream at night don’t even try to guess

stand back (stand back)
out of my way
stand back (stand back)
your crowding my day
now this is my time to step up to the mike,
like rock and roll lightening Im ready to strike

stand back (stand back)
stand back”

At 9:00 AM.

At the Metropolis Auto Yard…

Alvin: *Working on an Engine* Rick… Did you get the Torque Wrench i need? I need to fix this for Mr. Barnes. He wants it done by this evening.

Rick: Yeah man… I got it right here. *Handing over the wrench*

Alvin: Thanks. *Sighs* I need to make some cash and soon. My wife got short changed last week and we’re behind on the mortgage. If we don’t catch up soon… we’re gonna be on the damn streets and I am not gonna settle for that.

Carl: No one said that you had to man… You know that if anything got screwed on you… that you always have an out. Our place.

Alvin: Not only that… *Looking up and facing Rick and Carl* You guys… There is also the issue where that my two youngest daughters… Sora and Carly. They Just Started 5th grade. They’re showing signs of having ESP. Reading thoughts.

Rick: How is that a bad thing?

Alvin: It’s bad because people tend to peg those with special abilities that not many understand… as freaks. I don’t know how to shield them from that.

Carl: That is almost the same as when you had to shield Alice 15-16 years ago.

Alvin: That’s what i figured… But Now that the signs are there. There is little to no telling as to when they’ll start exposing it to the others.

Rick: Hopefully… that never comes to pass. They’ll be okay. Just do what you do best. Take it one step at a time. A day at a time.

At Metropolis High School…

In Debate class…

Sapphire: *Looking at the Teacher and listening to the lecture* …

Raven: *Rubbing her nose a little* …

Serena: *Sighs* School again…

After class… in the hall leading on to their next class…

Sapphire: *Looking at Serena; walking* What’s eating you, Serena? You okay?

Serena: Yeah. I just couldn’t focus in class was all. Debate is not my strong suit.

Sapphire: What do you mean? Of course it is… You lecture out our sisters and Brother sometimes.

Raven: You not talking about Hikaru, are you?

Serena: I think that she was…

Susie: Hey there Cousin’s… How’s it going?

Theodore: *Looking at Serena from across the hall* You guys must have had Mr. Rhodes for Debate.

Clint: That’s a real pisser. Don’t feel bad though. Not many people can handle the pressure of Debate class.

Penny: That’s not so bad. I heard that your mom… Aunt Paige had that class while she was in high school. What our mom Pearl said… was that before Mr. Rhodes was the Teacher of the class… it was a Mr. Dalton who was blaming our mothers for the death of a teacher. Someone named Mrs. McKinley.

Theodore: *Confused* What’re you talking about? Who do you mean by Mrs. McKinley?

Spencer: What she means is that back in the day… when our mothers were in high school… They had all these classes. But Aunt Paige was said to have this one guy for Debate class that happened to be a real mean guy. hating all things hero. Calling them Vigilantes. And blaming our moms for the death of a teacher which was callous. They never committed murder. The records state or thereby indicate that the teacher in question of being dead. Mrs. McKinley died of a heart attack. A Stroke that centered in her right shoulder to the central nerves system then right into her heart. But all through the high school years…There were all these things going on. An attack. During the high school years… they had to deal with the threat of one General Zod. Which it was during that point of time before another threat popped in… our mothers were being accused of killing an innocent person. But that was when the truth came and proved their innocence. Although it was the part where a year later… In came the threats of Queen Beryl. She came back. And our mothers and our Uncles. Alvin, Arnold, Avery and Curtis.  they all went against Beryl… But also had to go against an Earth powered girl. Terra. They all went at Beryl though or her forces. There was also another fighter there too. A dark powered girl. Raven…

Raven: *Pauses* Wha-?

Amy: Are you huffing, Spencer?

Susie: Where do you get this stuff?

Spencer: I know because i kinda sneaked a peek at some discs that had files on it. Video files of the feats that our mom went through… And in the battle there was this dark robed girl. with dark powers. She was named Raven. From a Mystical place. Azarath.

Amy: Our mom never would tell us this because she wanted us to be normal. It’s the right thing to be.

Christina: I think that we are all normal.

Sapphire: I wouldn’t be too sure about that one, Jelly bean. Didn’t you as of late… feel well… off?

Serena: Oh god… Not this again… what are you getting at?

Sapphire: What i am getting at is the fact that some of us have been feeling rather strange. To me… I like it. Because our family has always been weird. Always. Even with all this time passing… we were all seen as weird for a very long time. I myself grown not to really care much what people think. Our mom’s and fathers… well at least Uncle Jack… He has frost power. But no one smacks ridicule to him. They know better. Our dad Shingo… He’s a tolerant guy. He has been around our family line for so long that it’s like seeing powers coming from our family is the way to live.  We’re all in High school now… but what would make you think… that since our mother was this hero… Thunder Mistress…. What makes you think that we wouldn’t be having these odd sensations that something was not right?

Sapphire tells about the other night…

Sapphire: The other night. Raven was asleep and Serena… You were still up in the dining room helping Mom out with something. I was outside in the backyard and feeling rather overheated and just thinking about things. What mom was talking about when she said that she used to be… well… some hero that fought crime and villains. Plus thinking about school. also about whether there was something… Missing. I think that there was something missing. Have for years and to be honest i was only thinking that there was more purpose on living with a family that lead by a history of feats. fighting evil forces and saving the city almost on a daily basis. I didn’t think that anything would happen when suddenly i began to feel really hot. Steamy for almost no reason whatsoever. When out of nowhere i started glowing and… Let’s just say… I emitted Thunder. It came out of me and all i did was take a deep breath. It came out of me like as if i was… willing it. But it was not intentional. Not intended. I glowed brighter and then before i knew it… i was in this Thunderic Outfit that looked fushia and also with thunder bolts on the side. there were boots and gloves and earrings. and a Necklace.

Amy: Okay… So you’re saying that you began feeling these weird sensations and it suddenly just got to the point where… what? Where you just changed into this hero…

Christina: What do you think you’d call yourself if that were the case?

Sapphire: I don’t know… I was thinking that since i had the fushia color as well as thunder bolts all over it in certain spots…  I don’t know… Miss Thunder sounds kinda catchy.

Serena: That does sound rather catchy… but we’re all supposed to be normal. *Seeing Clint wanting to speak on it* Clint, Please. heroes don’t exist. Our parents are retired heroes. Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress are retired and we should do them a favor and let them keep that normal existence. I myself Love my mother’s Hero Mojo. her line of being Miss Lightning in a bottle. but She’s looking for a life. a normal one and one where she can raise her girls… Me, Sapphire and Raven into well respected civilians. I think that we should all honor that as much as we can. I mean… seriously… They gave up their hero Mojo to be parents who are always there for their kids. I respect that.

Raven: Whoa! Sis, *Stunned and impressed* That was hearty and strong. You really are head set on living normal. That’s a relief. Sapphire’s got onto the hero vibe. But you’re sticking to the normal seat.

Sapphire: Okay… That’s enough there on that, Jelly Beans. We’re gonna be late to the next class if we don’t book it over to the next class within the next 2 minutes.

Theodore: *Looking at the time* Whoa… I got Science class. I better book it fast. You guys keep straight. Catch you guys and gals later.

Without much more said… they head for class…

At Metropolis Elementary school…

Carly: *Looking at the other kids* Sis, i don’t think that they like us much.

Sora: How can you tell?

Carly: None of them are exactly talking to us. They just all happen to glance and then walk on like we weren’t even here.

Sora: It is probably because we’re different than most of the other kids here…

Carly: You maybe right. *Sighs*

Blossom: You guys shouldn’t worry about not being liked. Really… The kids here are just in their own little worlds. They probably like you but are just… not sure what to say. We do kinda look a little bit freakish to them… But we are more normal looking considering to others and they… well… they don’t know how to converse with us.

Sora: It’s not like we can help the fact that we have ESP. It’s just something that we were born with as it came from our mom.

Blossom: You mean Aunt Alice?

Carly: Yeah.

Sora: *Looking to see the other kids all staring at them with amazement* …

Zoey: I Feel like an outsider.

Blossom: Why do you say that, Zoey?

Zoey: Because it’s the truth. I am with abilities that most others shouldn’t have. ESP, Energy detection and Also… Senshi power. I know that it is Senshi power. My mom had it… and Even though she lost that ages ago… it still was in her somewhere. Now it’s in me. With me.

Sora: I don’t think so. It can’t be in you. Auntie Luna had Blue hair when she was a senshi… way back in the day as our dad Alvin told us. You don’t have blue hair, Zoey. You’re also not part… what was it again… Part Cat.

Carly: Come on now… Sora. That’s not right to say towards Zoey. Can’t you tell that she’s scared of the fact that she’s got it?

Blossom: It’s not a big deal. I think that it’s rather exciting. It’s actually cool. I secretly can draw electricity from any source of power and use it at any target. But… i don’t mention it because i… *Whispers so the surrounding kids won’t hear* Want to keep it a secret. The less they know… the better.

Carly: Wow… Do your parents know? Uncle Curtis and Aunt Megan don’t know that you do possess that power?

Sora: They don’t know… do they?

Zoey: Well… My Mom knows about mine. So does my Dad. My mom is a little freaked about it. My Dad is however… Shocked but is just coming out as though he’s more open to it. I’m not open to it. Not really. It’s like i’m a forever possible target of taunts.

Blossom: That’s the risk we take for being with parents who have had or possess powers that are not so normal to the general public. I’m 11 and i know this. You girls are only 9 and seem to know but don’t want to face it. You’re not ready. But in time… you will be. My sisters Mary and Victoria. They’re normal… But my brothers Perry and Marty? They’re into Exploring. Plus are into reporting and studying nature. They’re a little weird in the family. but it’s ones like us… who get the most targeted stares. People don’t hate us. They just don’t know how to talk to us because they might have figured that since we’re the kids to the Rhapsody Brothers and or say the Rhapsody Girls Z! Who are mostly retired now… it’s almost as if they’re afraid to speak to us and say something that would hurt us and come to hurt our parents because of us being hurt by the other school kids that are here. It’s complicated.

Carly: Are you kidding?

Blossom: No. I’m not. I’m not kidding at all.


Another girl walks over and recognizes them immediately…

Girl: *With Japanese accent* Hey there. Zoey, Carly…Sora. Blossom.

Zoey: *Jumps* Who are you?

Carly: Wait… *Seeing the girl* We know you… don’t we? You’re Hikaru Rika Rhapsody… You’re Aunt Dinah’s girl.

Hikaru: Yeah. That’s my mommy. What’re you guys doing?

Sora: Just talking. Trying to fit in mostly. Not many people here are noticing us. They’re probably afraid to talk to us.

Hikaru: They’re afraid to talk to me too. Sakura is around too. But she’s afraid to talk to anyone here.

Carly: Why?

Hikaru: I dunno. She won’t tell me. I think she scared of the other kids.

Blossom: We’re all scared. But we will never get anywhere if we don’t at least try to talk to someone. Anyone…

But that was where they were wrong. Because over by the ball courts and near the other kids…

School Bully: *Pushing the girl down* Why don’t you talk english, Jap? Don’t you speak English? Or know how to speak clearly?

Girl: *Falling down on the  ground* Ah! Ah-ha! Owwwww! *Crying*

School Bully: *Taunting the girl* Come on. Speak. Say something. Say something.

Girl: *Crying* Leave me alone.

Voice: *speaking* Leave her alone, you big overgrown bully.

School Bully: Who said that?

“I did.”

School Bully: *Looking to the side* Who’re you? A Creature from the looney bin?

Sailor Zoey: *Posing* I am the senshi of Love and Justice and the defender of the innocent, Sailor Zoey. In the name of the Rhapsody clan… The guilty at heart will be punished.

Sakura: *Gasps* Sailor… Sailor Z-z-z-Zoey?

Sailor Zoey: *Nods* Sakura, You alright?

Sakura: I think so. But i think that i got myself an Owwie! That bully pushed me.

Sailor Zoey: Don’t worry. You just nurse that bruise up. I’ll handle this bully.

Sakura: okay…

But the incident cause for a crowd to surround them…

The mysterious part of it all was how Zoey was able to get to where Sakura was that fast and or overhear or sense that something was going on. There was something not normal going on in Zoey. But the thing that didn’t leave it to make much of any sense is how it just came out of Zoey and if there really was anything more to Zoey and she had some super power of some kind… Why was it that it stayed predominantly silent till just that moment?

At the Metropolis Model Agency…

Photographer: *Taking pictures* That’s right, Mrs. Rhapsody. That’s perfect. Looking good. Come on… Show off more of that stature. More of that delicate softness. That fierceness.

Luna: *Posing* ….

As she was Posing…

Luna’s cell rang and buzzed…

Luna: *Stops and Suddenly pauses* Oh no… I’m so sorry, Mr. Hopewell. It’s my cell again. It’s probably my husband. I’ll be right back.

Mr. Hopewell: No No… it’s okay. Family is first. We can resume in a few minutes when you’re ready. It’s okay.

Luna walked over to grab her phone and picked it up. She took one look at the phone and looked at the screen to see it and caught that it was the school. The elementary school. She Automatically thought Zoey.

Luna: *Sighs* Zoey… What did you do? *Calling the school and getting a hold of the Principal*

A Moment later…

Luna: Oh my god… Oh my god… *Getting her things and Changing really fast; Grabbing her stuff* Mr. Hopewell… I’ll be back in an hour. I have to go…

Mr. Hopewell: Is everything okay?

Luna: I hope so. I really do.

As soon as she was changed and into normal clothes…

Luna: *Running out* …


As for Prince Curtis…

He was finally a Geologist and he was living his dream…

But for his Wife Megan…

She was a Reporter for Daily Planet. It was her very dream to be a reporter there and now… She was one. She was close by where John, Trixie and Kris were…

Trixie: *Looking at the reports* We got news coming from every part of the city.

John: *Drinking his cup of coffee* The city never rests. But at least Crime is at an all time low. Which is the best part. It took 5 years after the Ordeal with the Prophecy and end of days reparte for things to get back to normal… Although the city came back to full swing only 5 weeks after the End of days finished and things reverted back to how they were meant to be.

Kris: It’s a miracle. However that girl with the Prophecy did it… She undid all the wrong things that were going on in the city. reversed it.

John: Where do you suppose she went off to nowadays?

Megan: *Typing* She went to Japan… Or… Jump city. To be with a team of heroes. They called themselves the Teen Titans. or so Raven said… A couple years ago. My Husband was one of the last ones to see her before she departed her way there.

John: Are you sure that she’s… Gone?

Megan: I’m afraid so.

Trixie: She will come back someday… won’t she?

Megan: That’s up for her to decide. But she left because she felt that it was time. She still counts herself as a part of our family… but she saw that it was time for her to depart and go her own way. It was the right thing for everyone. You know for a fact that Dinah’s Middle daughter of the first set of 3… is named after her. Raven Meredith Rhapsody is the middle child of the first set of 3 that Dinah and Shingo gave life to.

Trixie: So… She really is gone.

Megan: Yeah.

John: Any idea on how Dinah is taking it? She was her protector after all.

Kris: Her protector? As in like Guardian?

Megan: Yeah.

John: Who knows?

Megan: It’s gonna be a long day….

Metropolis Middle School…

At Break…

Perry: *Walking to the Cafeteria* So… Marty, How do you think things are at home?

Marty: What do you mean?

Perry: What i mean is that… Have you ever noticed that Mom and dad are hardly ever around… and when they are… they’re dead tired. We’re guys and still young. But we have to raise Blossom, Mary and then there is Victoria. She’s able to fend for herself as she always does. She hangs around these guys at school. Greasers of the 21st century 2042…

Marty: What do you think we should do?

Perry: That is what i’m trying to figure out. Blossom and Mary are the youngest and we’re gonna need to help raise them. Blossom is the easy one as she’s someone who’ll eat just about anything. But Mary is a little tough. She’s Lactose intolerant and can’t have anything that has Dairy in it. We have to make sure there is something special made for her.

Marty: *Looking to the side* That’s gonna be kinda difficult to do as she’s always wanting something different. Anything different but yet still with no source of Dairy inside it.

Perry: We’ll think of something. If worse comes to worse… we can see about scrounging up some money to get her some Chicken. She likes Chicken. It’s got no dairy at all.

Marty: We could do that… But what if Mom and dad get mad if they found out that we went to get Chicken?

Perry: We’ll have to chance it. Dad’s out being the big guy in the Seismology department. He’s a Seismologist for the USGS.

Marty: It’s a demanding job.

Perry: *Sighs* How about that English paper?

Marty: The book report on the Shakespeare play Macbeth. We have to do it by this Friday.

Perry: I heard. But why would we have to do it on that? Couldn’t the teacher have chosen something better than that? Something like Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet. Maybe something like a Mid Summer night’s Dream or The Taming of the Shrew. Something like that.

Marty: What’s wrong with the Play MacBeth? It’s not that bad.

Perry: You kidding? It’s a crap shoot. I mean… it’s a play that sets in medieval like times and has sayings or phrases like: “Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair… Hover through the filthy air.” I mean… come on. What kind of play or tale would have that? It is in the 1800’s or before that even. But who’d say stuff like that now?

Marty: *Shrugs* British… I’d suppose. They talk like that.

Perry: Maybe. But to me… It seems like a whole bunch of hogwash. I guess… i just don’t see any good in that play. But that’s just me. *Suddenly Thinking* Say… You hear about the New Movie theater that the city’s building up?

Marty: Yeah. Why? I heard of it… but the city is still debating on it.

Perry: It’s said to be a Megaplex. with 200 Movie boxes.

Marty: How big are they planning to make the Theatre?

Perry: Not sure. But from the news that spoke about the proposition… It’s said to be at least 10 stories tall.

Marty: Wow! What’s gonna happen to the one still up?

Perry: Oh… That one? It’s gonna still exist. But won’t be able to hold business for much longer after the new one goes up. The new one is gonna have 200 Movie boxes and that’s many more than the one that’s still around. with only a limit of 20 Box office’s.

Marty: You know… Mom should do an article about that one. It might make a good piece.

Perry: Hey… yeah. She’s into doing Entertainment pieces. That could be something up her alley. *Grins and Smiles* Good thinking, brother. Good thinking…

However… as for the older kids…

At Metropolis High School…

In Science Class…

Mr. Nelson: *Giving a lecture towards the class* I know that it’s a little early to get you all thinking about a term paper. But this is Science and Astrophysics is as you know… a part of science. Astrology, Geology, Anything with “ology” in it is the science of what is… Geology is of the science of Earth. Earthquakes, Vulcanology, Seismology. the study of Earthquakes. the nature and the vast prediction of where an earthquake will strike. when and how big it can get. Magnitude and the aftermath. Damage and the loss of life it might cause. Astrology is of space and the planets. That’s why i’m gonna pose a topic. kinda like the same one that was used in the 2009 Movie known as “Knowing” Staring Nicholas Cage. You know the one. Or your parents may know it. Maybe your Grandpas and Grandmas. The subject of Randomness versus Determinism within the Universe. *Picking up a ball and looking at Raven* Mrs. Rhapsody… Raven? Would you like to jump in and start us off? *Tossing the ball towards Raven and motioning for her to catch*

Raven: *A little surprised; nods* Okay. Sure… In theory… Determinism says that occurrences in nature are causally decided by preceding events or natural laws, which that everything leading up to this point has been predicted to have happened for a specific reason.

Mr. Nelson: That is correct… Good answer, Raven. That’s what determinism clearly states. *Being given the ball back* … *Looking at Spencer* Spencer… *Chuckles* This seems just like the movie… But… *Tossing the ball; A Model of the sun to Spencer* Give us a word or two about the sun. What you know about the ball of fire that lies within the center of the universe…

Spencer: It’s hot.

All: *Laughing*

Mr. Nelson: Very funny. but very true. However… Please elaborate for us on how it’s hot.

Spencer: The sun on the surface has the temperature of 5800 K. But at the Core… within the Sun itself it’s 15,600,000 K.

Spencer Chucks the Model of the Sun back to the teacher…

Mr. Nelson: That’s an excellent answer to the question of the Sun. *Looking at Serena* Serena… Care to favor us in telling a little something about the Composition?

The Teacher Nods…

Serena: *Smirks with a grin* Yeah. Sure… Teach. The Sun is composed of Mostly hydrogen. Also helium with some carbon and nitrogen thrown in there.

Mr. Nelson: Excellent. Now, I want each of you to stop and think about a perfect set of circumstances that of which has thereby placed this celestial ball of fire that you all see sitting within my hand at this moment… Thinking about the set of circumstances that had managed to put a celestial ball of fire. which is the source of life on this planet to live on at just the correct distance. At just the right distance from our little blue planet for life to evolve and grow and be created… All thereby making it all possible for you to be sitting here in this room and listening to this rather riveting lecture. Listening to the sounds of my voice.

All: *Laughing*

Mr. Nelson: That’s a rather nice thought revolving that idea, isn’t it? Everything has its own purpose. An order to it… They’re Determined. But then there rests the other side of the argument. the theory of randomness, which says it’s all simply just sheer coincidence. The very fact that we exist is nothing more… but the result of a very complex yet an undeniably inevitable string of chemical accidents and biological mutations. Therefore… there is predominantly no grand meaning. There’s no purpose.

Sapphire: But what would that mean for you, Mr. Nelson?

Mr. Nelson: What do you mean?

Sapphire: What is it that you believe? What is it that you believe over it?

Mr. Nelson: I believe that Shit just happens. and usually. Commonly there’s morally nothing that one can do about it.

The Class looks at the instructor in silence. They couldn’t believe that their teacher would come out with such deep material. It made them all think upon other things so they wouldn’t feel all that disturbed by the lecture that the teacher just gave…

At the Metropolis Elementary school…

Principal’s office…

Mrs. Leviathan: *Greeting Luna* Mrs. Rhapsody… It’s been a while. But I’m sorry to have called you over here for something like this… But… Please. Have a seat.

Luna: *Sitting down* Okay.

A second later…

Luna: *Sighs* So…. What seems to be the problem? What’s wrong with my Daughter Zoey?

Mrs. Leviathan: Well… I don’t know where to start. Although… Your daughter is very bright. Terribly bright for her age. Smart. Top of her class in most fields. However… There is something that has happened. We get this kind of incident rather alot and most of the time from the alot of times that we get this happening… it’s minor and doesn’t really cause any issues with others. It’s solved in a timely manner and we all go home happy. But this time… it’s gained attention from most of the school.

Luna: *Curious* Why? What has she been doing that i should know about? Is she alright?

Mrs. Leviathan: Oh… yeah. She’s fine. She’s just now embarrassed and scared to come out of the girl’s restroom. After the altercation as you may or may not sire to call it. Consider it… i’d guess. She was said to have changed appearance and some were saying that she was calling herself… Something like… Sailor Zoey. It’s silly to some… but to most… it is a concern. Someone as smart as she is might gradually get the idea that being the way she was during the incident is normal.

Luna: Well… it is rather unique. I caught her going through some odd change. and she watched some of the Videos of what i did in the very distant past. I guess that it may have seeped into her sub-conscious. I However grew out of that and ventured right into being a normal person. I think that i had to; to be quite honest. It is just the way it had to be. It’s probably just a phase she is going through. But… I don’t know as to how bad it really is. or how much a concern it truly has become.

Mrs. Leviathan: It hasn’t been much of a problem right now… but it can become one. Zoey’s in the girl’s restroom and refuses to come out.

Luna: What all has she been doing?

Mrs. Leviathan: She feels like she’s an outsider and has been talking about herself being with… powers. and that heroes exist in the city. I know that she feels proud of what the powers that be have done in the past. But that is then… this is now and the current society of today… people don’t value to hear about heroes much anymore as they all believe that with the Retirement of the super team… The Rhapsody Girls Z! and the Enforcers of Justice… The Rhapsody Brothers. The heroes are all gone and things are back to common normal pace.

Luna: *Shoots up*  The Rhapsody Girls Z!? Why… They’re my sisters. Paige, Pearl and Dinah. The Rhapsody Brothers are my cousins.

Mrs. Leviathan: I Didn’t know. I guess that i should have had that in mind that you were… related to the illustrious heroes.  But it doesn’t lead away from the issue revolving your daughter Zoey. She’s been showing signs of acting out in producing a personality for being one with the heroes. Apparently what happened was that there was a bit of a scene on the opened field of the school. by the one side of the yard. The Apparatus… It seems that a few big kids were picking on a small kid. A Sakura Ayaka Rhapsody.

Luna: That’s the daughter of my sister Dinah and her husband Shingo.

Mrs. Leviathan: They’ve been called just a moment ago before you arrived.

Luna: I see… I’d like to go and find my daughter. This is one of those times where if she’ll feel any of the feelings that i once felt when i was like her… She’d be able to talk and i can talk with her. comfort her like a mother should.

Mrs. Leviathan: Very well. You can head over to where she is. But i don’t think she’ll come out. She’s deeply embarrassed.

Luna: I realize that. But i’m Zoey’s mother. I am probably the only one that she’ll listen to.

But as she started to head over to where her daughter Zoey was…

Dinah: *Walking in with a Serious look on her face* Alright. Where’s the Principal?

Mrs. Leviathan: *Walking over from the other room* Hello. *Walking over to Dinah* I take it that you must be Sakura’s mother, Dinah. *Greeting Dinah* I’m Mrs. Leviathan. The Principal here of this school. I’ve read alot about the feats that such heroes of the city had gone through. Love, Grace and Fury. Very unique. I’m as one would say… a rather die hard fan.

Dinah: *Trying not to blush as she was one of the heroes being mentioned* I see…

Mrs. Leviathan: Why don’t we have a talk in my office? we can talk inside my office. certainly you’d like to sit and rest your feet. Being on the go all day must be wearing and tearing at your feet.

Dinah: Yeah. *Sighs* I was just barely finished with running drills with the Metropolis University football team. I’m the coach of that team. Been for… what? 6 years.

Mrs. Leviathan: That must be a rewarding career. You always were the tough girl. The Principals before me all made mention of how you gave them a real run for their money. You were so fierce. Nothing would keep you down. There were days when you were so tough that it got near impossible to hold you down to calm you down so you didn’t black out from over doing it. But many years from then… till now. You’ve grown into a very fine and sporting woman. Tough… but fair. Peaceful but adamant. Firm but understanding and sympathetic. That’s a major step from the past. Huge, Isn’t it?

Dinah: In more than one way. In more ways than one.

Inside the Principal’s office…

Dinah: *Sitting down and Looking a little relaxed*

Mrs. Leviathan: *Sitting down at her desk and looking towards Dinah* First off… Let me just say that your daughters, Hikaru and Sakura are wonderful girls. They are very punctual and well-mannered to their peers. We are predominantly proud to have them here. Very proud.

Dinah: Thank you.

Mrs. Leviathan: Although saying that it’s a blessing to have them here… It leads me to mention something that i don’t think is so good. It’s a rather bit of a concern.

Dinah: Why? What’s the problem?

Mrs. Leviathan: Not sure. You see… We’re grateful they’re part of this school and that they are respectful. courteous and kind. But they are also standing out as targets for bullies. We got a couple of schoolyard ruffians who like stirring the poker for trouble. The schoolyard ruffian Tod Scrags and then there is the School troubled kid with the knack for pulling pranks. Ken Meridians. They’re both rough and bit of a troublesome duo.  They go around and pick on any kid they like. We do get after them and put them with detention and sent home with writing standards. But none of that helps. However… it just so happens that today… the two troubled kids decided to get at your daughter Sakura. Sakura is such a sweetie. She doesn’t return the fights. she faces the bullies with a strong will of Love. Refusing to return any fight. Which is dearly admirable. But… I recommend that you give her some endearing terms of empowerment and a lead to fight back. Stand up for herself as she should. You don’t have to get her to take on fights. But seeing what happened or getting word of what happened. It may have seemed to be subtle. and maybe innocent territory enacting… but as the kids grow older… it gets to be rather more of a concern. Mrs. Rhapsody… I know i have no say in how to raise that sweet young girl. But i am deeply concerned about her. As she gets older… she might think that she’s a joke for living as she keeps allowing for herself to not fight back and stand her ground when others try to hurt her or tease or make fun of her.

Dinah: I know. I’m thinking on putting her into some Karate and self defense classes. I’m gonna be speaking with her father… My husband tonight about it.

Mrs. Leviathan: That would help. That way you can decide where to go from there with the issue. Although the surprise of the matter was that your Niece… Zoey. She came to stand up for your daughter. However… she was apparently in a different form than others would expect. and called herself Sailor Zoey. *Chuckles* Yeah… Funny, right?

Dinah: That is what i didn’t catch or know about. But yeah…. that would be pretty funny. *Chuckles* Zoey was always just as sweet too… I babysat her once and saw her once roughhousing one of her stuffed animals. A Teddy bear that was like a 4 footer. A big one. It was really funny seeing that. I couldn’t begin to figure where she’d get that kind of inertia or spark. But she was sure an active little girl. She was what… 5 or 6 when that happened. So… You can imagine what she’s like now.

Mrs. Leviathan: I sure can. I’m a mother of two. a Boy and a girl. They’re both in pre-school. But they’re really entertaining. They never tire. When they do… they’d just pick a spot in our living room and with their blankies… cover up and take a nap or just go to sleep. They’re really cute.

Dinah: That’s familiar to what my daughters Serena and Raven would do. When they were like that age… they did just that. Although… they’d also compete at who gets a certain spot. Sapphire though would just lay down on the couch and snooze.

Mrs. Leviathan: Kids will be kids, won’t they?

Dinah: They sure will be… they sure will be.

At the girls restroom…

Luna: *Walking into the girls restroom and sitting in one of the stalls* Zoey? Are you in here? It’s me. your momma.

Zoey: What do you want? I bet that you heard of the Embarrassing incident that happened and are wanting to lecture me about it.

Luna: Honey, *sighs* Come on. It isn’t like that. You know that it’s not like that at all. I just don’t understand how you could allow for something like this to happen. I know that you feel as though something is going on inside you. But this is not what we had imagined or had in mind. What did you do?

Zoey: I turned into a sailor senshi. I don’t know how it happened. It just hit me like… right out of nowhere.

Luna: Did you sense anything before that?

Zoey: *Crying out* Why are you asking me that, Mom? I don’t know.

Luna: I am asking because i am suspecting that if you’re having powers of the soldier. Senshi power as it was… Then you’re with the part of my DNA that was said to be long dormant and non-existent.

Zoey: Which means… what?

Luna: It means that you are with hero blood inside you. Part of the Identity that i once had which granted me the ability or capability of reaching a place known as the Moon Kingdom. I haven’t mentioned that in many years as it’s been said to be part of my life that was long since over.

Zoey: Why is it happening to me though? I just let it out in the presence of the other kids and alot of them were all making weird faces. They all think that i am some kind of freak. What can i tell them? I am a freak. I am nothing but a freak. I don’t have any friends. Other than the ones who just so happen to be part of the same family. No outside friends.

Luna: I know… It does hurt. When i first started school when i was your age… I didn’t have any friends. I was alone. Made fun of because i didn’t happen to look right. Blue hair… A Cat Tail… but that was when i was only a humaniod. I was Human… but not exactly the kind that would be accepted by the other kids. It took an attack. A creature attack which i would find that to be the only time where i was thankful there was one. I showed the others what i was able to do and they all took to it. I also had to tell them about the Moon and the Kingdom as well… It is what i had to do… to get them to understand why i was the way i was. But… When i matured into a Normal Person… everything changed. I lost all that power. my look was different. This is what i was before i matured into a normal girl… *Showing the picture* That’s what i once was… I was that girl once upon a time. But not anymore. When i fully matured… i lost all that. But sometime after i lost that… I met… Your father. Zeke. He was with a habit and he was abused in the worst way when he was a little boy. He had the memories of it. Festering within him. He smoked too… Nasty habit. Very nasty habit and unhealthy. I was abused by your great grandmother Rikku. Not the mother of me… but the mother… of my mother. Rikku Marie Rhapsody. Now an Ex member of the clan. I had nightmares of the abuse… Therefore i also did the habit. Did i like it? No. I didn’t. I hated it. I truly hated it. but i think that it was only a couple or so months later… May. I’d think of the same year i did the habit… that i had quit it. I became better for it all the more… I became better for it and So did Zeke. He too became better for it in the very long run. He quit the habit and even though it exposed the fact that he was abused in the worst way… But he pressed on and was better for it. As was another friend of mines… Pamela. She too was well for it. and better. I think that she has a Daughter here. I saw her once before a year ago. Pamela made a mention then that she was gonna be marrying a Diner Owner. That she was dating him and within 2 years… Engaged. Married.

Zoey: I know. Mom, You told me about that once. that was after you came back from where ever the wedding was that had been held for her and the one she was getting married to.

Luna: She has a kid. If i can find the kid… i can maybe see on getting you at least one friend. It’s better than being all alone. You have friends who are family. But it’s not enough. I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I felt that same way too. I really did. It was not the most pleasant or was it favored. I want you to be happy. Always being happy. Happy and content. Nothing better than that. Nothing less.

Zoey: *Upset* I don’t know how that will be possible as everyone in this school must think that i’m some sort of weirdo.

Luna: Let them say what it is that they think. The only thing that should matter is what you think. how you feel. Zoey Honey… You shouldn’t feel like a freak. You’re not. You are not a freak. Nor are you a loser either. Nor an Outsider. You should never ever be made to feel like one. You’re nothing of those.

Zoey: But i am with hero Blood. I can transform into a senshi. How is that in any way… Normal? That’s not normal at all. Not even close. I don’t mind being the one thing that you were once upon a time. I don’t mind it whatsoever. I don’t. I just don’t like feeling alone. If it was just me in this school with powers… I would feel so alone. Blossom can draw power from any power source and use it to fire electricity at anyone and anything. anywhere where there is evidence of Electicity. No one even flinches at her. She never lets it out that she’s got that type of power. But the other kids are with an inkling of an assumption that she’s got a power. They’re okay with her. With Sora and Carly too… But with me? FREAK!

Luna: I see… But still what matters the most is what you think. Nothing else. People will say anything to make themselves look like the hippest dudes and gals in the crowd or area. They just have needs for being noticed too… at the end of each day… they’re no better than you or I. they’re just who they are. nothing more or less.

Zoey: Oh… So no one is better than one another?

Luna: No. No one. Not even a teacher. Politician. A member of the Clergy. No one. Not even the Pope. He’s got issues too. But no one speaks upon that as he’s the appointed Vicar of Christ and every religion looks to him. He’s the grand centerpiece of ever religion. bridging all sides as one. He will come to admit that he also… has issues. But in his position… it has to be kept secret for in his line of work… no one can know his faults other than god himself.

Zoey: That makes sense, mom. *Cheering up a little* I’m starting to feel better now hearing that. I still feel down over not having an outside friend. But i don’t feel so bad about what i had happen anymore. I guess that what you said just now… put things in perspective.

Luna: They sure did… It is true though. People Judge before they get to know a person. It is normal. It will happen off and on throughout your life as it will still happen to me too…

Zoey: Wow… Sounds like we have a bit to worry over.

Luna: No. We only worry over things that we allow to get to us. But if we try to hold strong and shrug off all the taunts… it won’t hurt as much. Pretty soon the taunts will become boring to the ones doing it as they see that it gets no response from you. or to the one… ones that they’re doing it to. *Smiles* Now that we’re here… and you might even have the means for transforming… Why not show me what you turn into… It’s okay. I’m here and no one will dare mock or tease while i am here.

Zoey: Okay. *Nods*

A few seconds later…

Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Prism Power… Make-up!

Within seconds Zoey changed from how she was a second earlier… to a Senshi. Her clothes turned into a senshi outfit. The pants became a skirt. the shoes became Shoes with high risen stockings with the crescent moon on them. A weapon formed in her hand but moved to clasp to her one side. Her hair became pink. Her hands were covered with gloves and earring appeared on her ears…. Once she was transformed…

Sailor Zoey: *Posing* I am the senshi of Love and Justice and the defender of the innocent, Sailor Zoey. In the name of the Rhapsody clan… The guilty at heart will be punished.

Luna: *With Shock* Wow!

Sailor Zoey: How do i look?

Luna: Zoey… I don’t know what to even say about this… I am stunned. But… You… You look really beautiful. Seriously. You look really lovely.

Sailor Zoey: I do?

Luna: You bet. I know that it is biased because i am your mother and i am supposed to be saying that… but it’s true. You look really lovely.

Sailor Zoey: Thank you. Now… if only we could get others to somehow open up to me being like this… it won’t feel so… how would you normally put it? Awkward and a bit out of place?

Luna: Yeah. But it’ll be fine. I assure you. Come on… Let’s go and see those kids. It’s gonna be okay. We’ll fix it.

Sailor Zoey: *Nods*

A Minute later…

Outside in the wide open yard of the school…

Luna: *Walking over to the other kids and smiles* Hey there. What’s the matter with accepting Zoey? She’s a pretty girl with a good heart. She’s different but should that matter?

School Kid #1: No. it should never matter if a person is different. But when she turned into a Senshi or different person… It shook us.

School Kid #2: Yeah. We don’t hate her.

School Kid #3: But she turned into someone who said that they were a hero… Who’d do that now in this generation?

School Kid #4: Heroes today don’t seem to belong anywhere. Senshi’s. Heroines and Super powered beings. They are just not belonging in the public anymore…

School Kid #5: Not that we don’t like them. We just don’t want to like them and get used to them and come to find that the city’s decided to chase them off.

School Kid #6: It’s not fair. When the Heroes of the past… The Rhapsody Girls Z! and those guys called the Rhapsody Brothers… When they left… They also chased away the Man of Steel. The Green Arrow, Black Canary and Cyborg. Even Aquaman… Arthur Curry. Now no hero can be out and in view.

Luna: Times have changed… But there is room for everyone in the world. We all can make the room. Because… in the end… Heroes are just living human beings. They can think. Communicate. Breathe. With life. No one should be opted out.

School Kid #4: How do you know about that?

Luna: Because i am the sister to the 3 girls who were the very team of heroes known as the Rhapsody Girls Z!.

School Kid #7- 16: *Walking over*

Luna: *Singing* “There’s room for everyone in this world
If everyone makes some room
Won’t you move over and share this world
Everyone make some room

Even a Hero deserves a place, a wide open space
With no reins, no chains
Heroes want to play games, dance with you
Give them a chance to sing their song
They only want to belong

There’s room for everyone in this world
Will everyone make some room
Spread out while they get uncurled
Fly on their backs and Zoom!

Luna and Zoey:
Rock Them, and ride Them, and line up beside them
You’ll see how quickly you blend

A hero is just one more stranger
In search of a friend

From an ant to a bird to a buffalo herd
Let them walk and fly and roam
Step aside, let them live, it’s simple to give
Like us, they just need a home

There’s room for everyone in this world
Back up and make some room
Let’s all move over and share this world
Everyone make some room

Just think how far out the ocean goes, the whirling wind blows 
Shore to shore, door to door.
Think of the valleys, the mountaintops, the Earth never stops. 
So deep so high, with miles of sky, we all have part of the pie.

There’s room for everyone in this world, 
Will everyone make some room. 
Love given freely can spare this world,
Let friendly feelings bloom!

Zoey and School kids:
Just give an inch, give a yard, never flinch 
When the time comes to offer a hand, 

So let’s all make sure we give everyone somewhere to stand, *With Zoey and the School kids*
Just the way God planned it, just the way God planned.”

The bell then rang and the kids all had to journey back to class. Luna saw that Zoey felt still a little down… but saw as though she would be okay. She looked at  Zoey and Hugged her.

Luna: Zoey, It’s gonna be alright. Just go back to class. You’ll be alright. I promise. I got my cell… and your father’s at work. If you happen to need anything at all for the remainder of the school day. Call. you call. We’ll come right on over. Okay?

Zoey: *Nods* okay…

At the Metropolis fashion Emporium/Madame Pearl’s and Mystic Stars…

Pearl: *Looking at the Dresses and Placing the poster boards with the prices for the clearance sale on the latch on the one side of the door* So far we’ve made 4,000 dollars. But all prices are final. Fair but final. *Looking towards Star* Star, How are the new item lines coming?

Star: They’re coming out fine. Just fine. We have the new Marquee dresses coming in next week. But we’re getting the Star studded Gem Bracelets coming in tomorrow. 5 shipments and each shipment is 1,000 bracelets a pop. For the rest of the week here we’re gonna be getting dresses that are like a tad Exotic. Tasteful and very stylish. They even have attachments that make them out to being a casual Blouse and Halter top then for the bottoms… a frilly dress or skirt with the strips… trimmings of Taffeta.

Pearl: *Surprised* You kidding?! Wow! When are those coming? The rest of the week?

Star: Yeah.

Pearl: When’s the first shipment?

Star: Tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM. Sharp. They’re coming from New York’s Burlesque dancing fashion line.

Pearl: Nice. *Looking at the Cashier* Amber, How’s the currency? Did we reach the quota for the Clearance sale?

Amber: *Looking to the side and running the tally on the estimated Quota* No. As of right now… we’re 3,000 behind. But if the store gets a cluster of adequate size and we make another 1, 500 in needed currency. We’ll be cutting close… real close but it’ll put you in with some comfort.  However… we’ve made 6,000. So… in the long run… you’re reaching the required Quota. it’s close. But you’re making progress. Good progress in the Clearance sale. Good.

Star: We’re gonna be cutting it close. Aren’t we?

Pearl: *Hoping for the best* Yeah. But hey… So far… we’ve made over half of the needed Quota.

Star: Madame Pearl, Don’t sweat it… Whatever we don’t get rid of today or sell… we’ll place it on the bargain shelf and just work it till we reach the expected Quota.

Amber: If i may be frank here… The Prices here are seeming to be a tad high.

Star: Don’t know about that. But we can always make deals and buy air time and sway in deals. Discounting some of the merchandise in the store. Making deals.

Pearl: That… now. we can do that. We can do that. I am fair. Always fair. Starting tomorrow we’ll set out to see on buying some Air time. Can that be done?

Amber: That can be done. You did hire me to be the Cashier/Accountant/Media representative. I can make some calls and see to get some Air time.

Star: Thank you, Amber. Please see what you can dig up.

Pearl: *Thinking about something* I wonder how my sister Paige is doing.

Star: What do you mean?

Pearl: What i mean is that she usually would be stopping by to buy something for her swim suit Modeling.

Star: *Thinking and suddenly realizing something* You know what… You are right. She usually does come and buy at least something or has someone come and buy something to take to her and i at least hear about her. Or of her. But for the last few days… We haven’t heard a thing from her. Her kids don’t see her hardly either. Annie came to see me yesterday of all things telling me that she was concerned about her mother. Saying that your sister was just down and unwilling to do anything. It has been 4 years since the Divorce of her and Reese. But she was telling me this… when she should have been telling you of it. You’re her Aunt. Not me.

Pearl: Maybe she misses him but is unwilling to confess to herself that she does. Although her kids are seeing it and they are not able to control their hurt. They’re hurt. Not that i can blame them. The Divorce was so hard on them. Having to spend certain time away from their father and then a little time away from their mother. It’s not fair.

Star: I agree. The poor kids. They’re teens now… but the fact that they are having to live with divorced parents… It really saddens me. I’m not married. I can’t seem to find the right guy for me. I’ve had multiple dates over the years. No one made me feel like i was gonna be happy.

Pearl: Maybe I should give her a call…

Star: Yeah. You should…

At Paige’s house…

In the master bedroom…

Paige: *Laying on the bed and Sighs thinking* Maybe i am a slut. My kids are lovely. But my husband who is now my Ex. He doesn’t want a thing with me. Other than his rights with the kids. Maybe that dark half was right. I am a slut. I am a sleaze.

The phone then rings…

Paige: *Answers the phone* Hello?

Pearl: *On the Phone; Voice* Hey sis. How are you?

Paige: I’m okay. I’m just depressed is all. But i’m fine.

Pearl: I know… The Divorce has hurt you. Is there anything that i can do to at least Cheer you up?

Paige: I don’t know if there is anything that will cheer me up.

Pearl: Well… there has got to be something that can cheer you up. Even though we don’t talk much like we used to back in the day and with everything that has happened… You’re still my sister. I’m not gonna let you go into a slump.

Paige: I am not in any Slump, Pearl. I am just hurting okay? I am hurt. I am a Divorcee and i have no man to call my own. Reese Left me 4 years ago and even though some time has passed… I am still hurt and i still feel the damn heartbreak, okay? I got 4 kids who are literally broken still about the idea that they have to go to a different location to see their father at certain times each year. For 4 years it was like that.

Pearl: I know, Sis. I know. I have a Husband… but knowing that you have no husband… It makes it seem like i am getting all the luck and you’re barely climbing. I feel so bad for you, Paige. Any idea as to what happened that got him to… hit the road and get off your express?

Paige: I don’t really want to talk about it… but i know that if i don’t tell someone… other than a shrink. I might lose it and become a total mental case. I am also a drunk too… Partial. But it’s to drown out the hurt. Not to go into a drinking binge.  However… You might want to come over so i can tell in person. I really don’t want to talk of it over the phone if i can avoid it. Please. Don’t make me talk of it over the phone. Just grant me that. Please.

Pearl: *Sighs* Okay. I’ll come over within the next half hour. And i am gonna feel like i might be putting a risk to my career here. But you’re family and i am not gonna allow for you to lose all it is that you’ve worked for. No. I don’t do this for just anyone… but till you get on your feet again… i’m gonna get you a Job. You’re with a Swim suit Modeling career. I’m gonna have you with a Job. Start advertising. I’ll see on pulling strings with a couple sponsors of mine and see what they can do. But you’re not gonna fall. I won’t allow it, Paige. You hear? I won’t. I am a little self absorbed… But when it comes to family… there’s nothing that i won’t do to come to the aid of my family.

Paige: *Smiles* That’s flattering to hear you speak like that. But you sound really adult now.

Pearl: I always had. been for 12 years. and climbing.

Paige: Will i see you soon?

Pearl: Yes. I’ll be on my way within the next half hour.

Paige: Okay.

Back At the Metropolis fashion Emporium/Madame Pearl’s and Mystic Stars…

Pearl: *Grabbing her stuff and heading off to her sisters* Star, I got to go and take care of my sister for a little bit. She’s sounding really bad off. Today has to be really a bad day for her. Do you mind manning up the fort here for the rest of the day?

Star: No. I don’t mind it. It’s your family… You gotta do what you gotta do. Go and take care of her. I’ll let you know what happens here throughout the rest of the day.

Pearl: Okay. I’m sorry about this. I really am.

Star: Hey. Don’t be sorry. Family comes first. That’s what we both agreed on. A thriving business is all good and it helps pay for our family’s needs and what we have… but Family is always top. at the end of the day… it’s the family we have that helps us keep going. I’ll hold the fort here. You have nothing to worry about.

Pearl: *Nods*

A Half hour later…

Back at Paige’s house…

Pearl: *Sitting in the living room chair and looking towards her sister* Paige. I Don’t know what to really say about how you are truly feeling except that the thing that you are feeling is grief and pain. Being a Divorcee is no picnic for anyone as all it leaves is a broken heart and a lifetime of hurt. Losing the happiness that they wished would never leave them… but only come to find that it has done as such. I never managed to understand it as it never came upon me. But what i am seeing as it has come to you. and you’re experiencing it. I can only sigh and weep in sadness for you, Paige. I want to take that pain from you. I wish that i could.

Paige: I know. It’s okay though, Pearl. It’s okay. You don’t have to understand. It isn’t something that you can fix. Divorce is Divorce. There is no other way to put it. I am a Divorcee. Single. With no love at all…

Pearl: It isn’t so easy. How are the young ones taking it?

Paige: *A little unstable* How do you think they’re taking it? They won’t really talk much to me… They are still hurt over it as far as i know… Whenever i see their faces… all i see is hurt. It’s as if they hate me for pushing their father away. But then i over hear them and catch that they are angry at their father for leaving and breaking up with me the way he had. Clint… He looks at me with an estranged look on his face as though he knows that i am still the same… but then at the same time while looking at me strangely… wants nothing to do with me hardly. Because of the hurt that he feels inside. Daria is more like a lone Girl. She just shines on and just makes like she couldn’t really care what happens although deep down…she Does.

Pearl: The poor dears… It’s gonna take a bit more time for them to ease up and mend their pains. It’s been 4 years… but this might be a wound that will take a bit longer to mend and heal. All you can do is try to be there for them. No matter how much it tends to hurt. Because… even though you’re hurt. The fact still sticks that they too are hurt. it’s the same thing. I am not a Divorcee. Neither was mom. But the facts will always point the same. The kids involved will also be hurt… but on the Minor angle in the divorce… The young members of the family. The kids will feel it the worse because in their minds… they feel like they’ve lost their father. feel as if they might have done something to make the father leave. Or the mother if it was the mother who was leaving. and they stayed with the father. And on the adult realm of it… It’s the one undergoing the divorce who endures the pain… but feels that they might have been the reason or the very ones that caused for it to happen. made it happen. Some cases… a Divorce happens due to cheating on the spouse. or irreconcilable differences. Or because they’ve come to give up on one another and feel as though nothing they do is working.

Paige: *With another glass of Wine* And how is it that you could know that? Pearl, You’re not the one who’s living a life as a Divorcee. Someone who thought that they’d have the perfect career for themselves. all with the perfect family. the perfect husband, the best kids who just turned to look at you funny because you couldn’t hold a guy. I lost my happiness. My kids are what make me happy. And i was also whole with my husband who i don’t have anymore and didn’t since 4… Almost 4 and a quart years ago. *Feeling unstable and about to lose it; Trying to maintain her calm posture*

Pearl: You’re right. I’ll never understand. but you can get that idea out of your head if you’re thinking to endure and handle this alone. It isn’t gonna happen. You are not alone. You got us to help you raise Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore. Just because you don’t have a husband anymore… it doesn’t mean that your life is all over. You can re-climb on top. You have done it before and can do it again. You’re not hopeless. We’ll all help you out with it.

Paige: Making my problem… yours too? Are you quite sure that you are wanting to take this all in? *Drinking her glass of Wine* If you do it… You’re all in on it.

Pearl: We can’t be taking it all in… But with the helping on raising the kids with you… and helping you get on your feet again and on the path to recovery… We’re with you. No questions. We’re with you.

Paige: *Nods*

Pearl: But what happened that resulted in the Divorce? *Seeing the uncomfortable look coming from Paige* Don’t worry. If you need to have a shoulder to cry on… Consider me the Kleenex box. *Smiles*

Paige: *Chuckles* Okay… Okay.

Paige then flashes back to 4 years earlier…

“Sept. 7th 2038…

At Paige’s and Reese’s house…

Paige: *Scoffs and with disgust* Reese, What the heck is your problem? There is nothing wrong with my lifestyle. I have been doing this Modeling for at least 5 years and you never had a problem with it. Why is it a problem now?

Reese: Call me a stubborn old fashioned person… But i don’t believe in a career where a woman has to be all dolled up and with so much high expense that they make as such that it is the most important thing in the world. That is what’s wrong with the people in this generation. All this high tech. You’ve gotten lazy and depend on all this high tech to do the work for you.

Paige: I have not!

Reese: Really? Is that so, Paige? Then why don’t you tell me how much work here you’ve done in the last 6 years since this Modeling career? I am figuring that you can’t because if you did… you’d see how much of a dependence you’ve attained with all this High tech gadgetry. There’s a Maid that you hire here that charges 40 dollars an hour. A gardener that charges 90 dollars an hour. Doing things that you could be doing yourself if you even bothered to give it any effort. Our Daughters Annie and Daria are also turning Lazy as well… Losing touch with good old fashioned work ethic. Forgetting the benefits of a good honest day’s work.

Paige: That is not the case. *Growling and with a cross face* Don’t you even dare bring the kids into this conversation. You are the only one having a fuss over all this. They have work ethic. Vacuuming when needed. They don’t even have to ask if it needs to be done. They see and they just do it. Clint does the organizing. And Theodore provides the music so they move in rhythm. 

Reese: *Scoffs in disbelief* Is that what you really believe they do? You really are naive, Paige. You lost touch with the real world so much that it is a complete eyesore. An irritation. You have no work ethic. working hard and honest for what would really matter in life. Dishes never get done. You have the dishwasher to do it for you. An on call maid to take care of the rest. The kids. Annie and Daria don’t even have decent people skills and are constantly texting with one another. They don’t even talk. You have given 4 10 ten year olds cellphones. All they do is play on those and talk on them. 

Paige: Like you know what Work Ethic is… Reese! You are talking a big game when you know the truth is that you used to be this lazy teen. You were the lazy one back then. Getting into trouble too. Then time goes by and you start shifting to being all with the responsibility shtick. I got more responsibility in my right arm than you have in your entire body. 

Reese: *Stern and Standing up; Talking with force and Authority towards Paige* I don’t think so. If anyone’s got more responsibility… it’s me. I am not like my biological brothers. Haven’t been for a long time. Not for a very long time. They changed their ways too. You have no reason to even bring that old issue back. You are trying to prove that what your lifestyle has become is the very thing that seems to be right. Even if it means trying to be something you’re not and not ever gonna be. You’re becoming a pitiful example of someone who’s turned into a shoulda woulda coulda. 

Paige: how would you know what i would become? You spend alot of time at the farm. in Smallville. You spend most of your days there trying to be mr. farmer. A Farmer John Wannabe. You are always bragging with complaints on how i am choosing to live. In college years… when i said i wanted to be a swimsuit model and or a Romance Novelist. You said and i Quote you: “What ever you want to do Paige, I will do anything i can to support you. Because i know it is something that means a lot to you and would make you happy.” What the hell happened to that? Huh? What happened to that?

Reese: I tried to support you. I even tried to alleviate some of the burden here for you so you could gather a stable footing with the career when you were first starting in the Modeling. You were so stressed and i even saw you getting more stressed. I even raised the kids while you were on the go trying to fulfill the details required for the Modeling and train. I spent a good amount of time trying to be there for you. All while hoping that you’d eventually be able to balance the career life with the life of being my Wife and a mother to the kids. Ones that were in need of their mother. during that time… they happened to have needed you. But were having to settle for me because you were out chasing the tail of the life of the rich and self-absorbed. All that time… and you never stopped to think that maybe the kids needed you too. That they’d want to see their mother sometimes… maybe to feel that their mother was there and that they were loved by her.  However… what it turned to become… was that Modeling was all you wanted to do. You hired a Nanny and a butler to fulfill your parental responsibilities. Did that so you could go out and play the act of being big when you were just a beginning Model. one who slowly became an Intermediate. All you cared about was you. Didn’t matter what the kids wanted. As long as you got what it was that you wanted. The high life. flashing your stuff all over like Dolled up Kupie Doll.

Paige: If that’s how you feel about me… Then why are you choosing to be still Married to me?

Reese: I don’t know. And it has become a part of my life i regret. I should have seen this coming from a mile away. I should have seen this coming. But i was the fool who got blinded by the power of bliss. You are not the woman i fell in love with. You’ve turned into a heartless person. 

Paige: And you’ve become a Judgmental bastard. All you do is complain. “The kids do this and the kids do that.” Or “the Kids said this and the kids said that.” You complain about everything that i do. Everywhere i go.

Reese: How would you know?

Paige: How would i not? I heard about some of the things you were saying. You forget that our friend Quinn is a gossip columnist and she was walking by the one coffee house where she a few times walked by and overheard you talking about me and the kids. Talking about how you thought that my choice of living was not right and that i was being lazy. Targeting the kids with your frustrations. One of the things she said to me after hearing you chatter to some of the people inside the coffee house… Stood out. “Paige is completely lazy. She goes to her modeling and forgets all about her family. Discards them as though they would not matter to her.” And… “My wife would not know a good honest hard day’s work if her life depended on it. All she does is leave it yo the Maid to do.”

Reese: And you would believe her pillow talk?

Paige: I can’t see as to how i am not to believe her after all the complaining about me that you were doing. What’s worse is that i had to hear a little of coming from a total stranger. Telling me about some of those things that you were saying. some of the things that you were saying about me and told me that you were pitching a fit. 

Reese: Paige, You have no concept of a good honest day’s work. You’re all too busy with the high life and our kids are starting to get just like you. Lazy and irresponsible. 

Paige: *On the breaking point and reaching her limit* That’s it… I’m done with this, Reese. I won’t do this anymore. I am done with this battle of who’s choice of living is best and what is acceptable for a career. I am tired of you dictating my life. Telling me that i can only do things you approve of. I’ve had it. I am done with it. Reese… We are always fighting and arguing. I can’t stomach anymore. I don’t even know how you can… but… *With a teary eye* Reese. I want a Divorce.

Reese: *Easing off and trying to make amends* Hey… we’ve hit some snags before and it never got to be this bad. We can work this out. We both are saying things that we’re coming to regret… but we can still work this out.


Reese: Can’t we?

Paige: *Looking away and trying not to break down in tears* I’m afraid not. You were saying things to me that hurt and i know that it’s gonna take time for me to fess up to how bad i’ve gotten with depending on the high tech and new aged gadgets to do the work for me. You’re probably more right than i would bare to admit. But i can’t remain married to someone who can’t me for me and not for who i am and what i am about. I don’t Hate you. But i can’t love you anymore. Reese, Goodbye. It’s over. 

Paige then runs off to the master bedroom and locks the door…”

Paige: It’s gotten that bad. He was telling me that i had no work ethic. That i wouldn’t even know the true real meaning of an honest Good day’s work.

Pearl: Maybe you don’t… Maybe you do know the meaning. But it’s for you to decide. Not him. Now on some of the things… Yeah. he’s got a little point in. 40 dollars an hour on the maid. 90 an hour for a Gardener. Giving 4 young kids… cellphones. turning them to be a little lazy. Although… i have seen worse than that. A lot worse than just those points made. Paige, You need better work ethic. What you should do is just stick to being a Novelist. You were more with work ethic when you did that. I’ll help you get another Job though on the side. A high paying job. Maybe a job at being a proof-reader. They pay excellent money and or also Surveys online. They manage to pay really really good. Quinn told me about this site that she went to that paid out wonderfully. It helped her out when she was just beginning on her career. It might help you out too. Just till you get on your feet again. You’ll have to sign up for a free account though.

Paige: But…

Pearl: It’s okay. Just think about it a little and when you’re ready… i’ll help you out. get it set and help you with starting it to help make ends meet where ever possible.

Paige: *Hugging her sister* …. *Sighs* Thank you so much, Pearl. This is gonna mean so much to me.

Pearl: I know… *Hugging her sister and Rubbing her back* I’m always gonna be there for you. we all are. We’re a family and it’s just like our mom used to say. “No matter what happens between each other that might tempt to break those ties that bind. In the sake of family loyalty… Family outranks all else. Family… is forever. whether it be good or bad. Family is Forever.”

Paige: *Smiles* …

Of course for Paige’s Ex-Husband…

Smallville Farms…

Reese was working on the farm pasture and plowing to create a crop for produce… raising the cattle and tending to the horses.

A moment later…

Inside the Barn house…

Reese: *Cutting up some wood and chopping some for the fireplace* ……

“Mr. Rhapsody?!”

Reese: *Looking up and seeing a woman walking in* Yeah… Can i help… *Recognizing the woman* Oh… It’s you, Mrs. Mercer. What brings you out here on a day like this? It’s branding season here, you know. So don’t take wrong… but i don’t really have the time to chat.

Tess: *Walking in* I know… But i won’t be staying long.

Reese: Is That a fact? I guess that you’re here for something.  *Standing up and looking at Tess* What can i do for you, Tess?

Tess: I came to see how things were with you. You haven’t left the farm here for almost a month. The Smallville Savings and Loan is looking to collect the $$ owed for the Mortgage. It’s not any of my business… although a broker from the Savings and Loan managed to come to me and ask about the mortgage.

Reese: Did they now… Well… I’ll be. *Scratching his head a little* I’ve been meaning to gather the payment to pay them. But with Branding season here… I was just literally swamped.

Tess: You seem to be alone here… For a man who used to have a whole family backing you up and with all the free reign. I can’t seem to understand… why someone of your obvious caliber would just up and give all that up.

Reese: It’s been 4 years and i wiped my hands of that family. I only have my farm and whatever rights there are to the 4 kids that my Ex-Wife and i created. That’s all i want. Nothing else.

Tess: So… because of what all happened 4 years ago… You’re gonna just forget about what you made with her?

Reese: Tess, I appreciate your concern..  I really do. But if you’re thinking that i should try to make any amends with my Ex- Wife… You might want to let it go. There is nothing for me to say to her. She and i had already said our pieces to one another. I don’t think anything less of the girl that i married or was once married to. But she wanted a Divorce. So… what could i do? Fight it? Going through legal battle after legal battle with her. Taking half of her property? What would that prove?

Tess: Nothing but a bit of satisfaction for you.

Reese: *Walking over to the stables* Maybe you’d think so… But not me. I am a simple person. Paige, wanted the high life. She’s not seeing that it’s all a facade. The high life is gonna only be the thing that undoes her in the end. The people with all that money will bring her up and then just when she’s on top of the world in the career… someone will spread a small rumor about her… as anyone out for the easy cash would do and it’d turn the tables on her and she’d lose everything. If that were to happen… what do you think is liable to happen to the kids? My daughters, Annie and Daria can’t handle being on the streets. Clint and Theodore can. They’re with the ethic to care for themselves if they had to.

Tess: It is not easy to support someone who’s wanting the easy life. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you walk out on them either. You could have done well with a file for separation.

Reese: *Stopping and turning to face Tess* You really think that i wanted to walk on them? You truly don’t know me that well… Do you? I walked because i was not gonna stand in the way of Paige’s Life. i was holding her back. As much as i try to deny that fact. I was holding her back and putting her down every time that chance came. I didn’t support her in the way that a husband should be there for his wife. I also will tell you this… I love my kids.  Always had and i always will. But I was tired of seeing as though they’d never develop the drive or the concept of a good honest days hard work. Building the backbone and learning that nothing ever comes free. There is always a price to pay for the things you think that you’re gonna get. but find that you never really earned it. You just were handed it on a silver platter. That’s not working for what really ought to matter. That’s called sitting and letting it just come to you and you doing nothing to earn it. or deserve it.

Tess: In case you didn’t realize… you were trying to force that on 4 ten year old kids. Good work ethic is very useful. But you have to face that fact… That they’re kids. There is always gonna be time for them to start thinking about their future’s. They’re 14- 15 now… so there is time for them to still learn that lesson. But to push it on 10 year old boys and girls… is like running a business using kids as cheap labor.

Reese: That is up to me… and their mother to decide. That wasn’t only the main reason… i also saw that the kids were with no real people skills. Paige was spoiling them. Rotten. And I got no tolerance towards that.

Tess: It’s the new age, Reese. Things change.

Reese: That’s what I am getting at,Tess. There’s no work ethic. The kids today are with no work ethic. No ability to work for what should really matter fundamentally.

Tess: That’s you. Not everyone is like you.

Reese: It isn’t about that and you ought to know that. It never was. It’s all about knowing when to work for something and when to expect it to come free. My kids were expecting things to come to them. And not everyone is like me. I don’t expect everyone to be like me. I just want people to understand that to get something and really accomplish something… You have to get out there and work for it. not just sit around and expect for it to just be handed to you.

Tess: ……

Reese: I do however miss those kids…

Of course…

Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Serving Shingo* Grilled ham sandwich without the crust. Cut in half and with Potato salad and a Medium coke. *Looking to the side* Busy day for you, isn’t it?

Shingo: Busy day how? Monday’s are always like this. Sometimes it’s more of a work load. Sometimes it seems to be a fraction less. However… it’s usually always bustling with clientele. Just this morning i had Lauren Graham. Then an hour later… Jon Heder… I got paid good. I wasn’t even charging much at all. just usual price. But they decided to over pay. It’s a nice offer but i really don’t think that it’s fair to accept more money than what i ought to make.

Sid: What does your Gut tell you?

Shingo: No idea. I wish i knew what to do. If i keep it. I feel as though i’m ripping them off and it would make the company and my boss look bad. But if i don’t take it… It’s like i am slapping away their good generosity.

Sid: What you should do in a predicament like this… Is look at the white… then the black. Weigh out the two options and then trip into the gray a little and follow your gut. trust your gut. Do what you think is the right thing to do for both you and your career and see where you go.

Shingo: Okay. *Sighs* i just happen to feel sorry for my wife, Dinah though.

Sid: Why? What’s up with her?

Shingo: Oh… It’s not her really. It’s her sister Paige. Dinah is feeling rather torn up by it. Wishing that there was something she could do for her sister.

Sid: What’s the deal with Paige?

Shingo: She’s Divorced. has been for about 4 and a quart years now and she’s going through another spell of despair. Feeling unloved. Her kids are feeling it most of all.

Sid: She’s Divorced?

Shingo: Yeah. Why?

Sid: No reason. I just didn’t know. Whenever your sister in law… Pearl came in here i’d ask her and all she would say is that Paige was just going through a rather hard time but will be sure to bounce on back. But Paige… A Divorcee?

Shingo: Afraid so.

Sid: *Sighs* I’m sorry to hear that. Is … she… Uh, Is She gonna be okay?

Shingo: No idea. I don’t know. I am hoping that she will be… but she has been feeling really broken and i can’t digest on putting any blame on her over it… But the one she was in love with… had been tearing her down and making her feel as though she was no good. It tore her down to the point where she had to cut loose. She couldn’t take anymore.

Sid: Her husband…?

Shingo: Yeah… Her husband. Why? Didn’t you know?

Sid: Of course i did… *Realizing something* Wait a minute… Her husband wouldn’t happen to be Reese. Would it?

Shingo: Yeah. It is. Although he’s now the Ex to Paige. She Divorced him 4 years ago.

Sid: 4 years. How are her kids handling it?

Shingo: I wish i knew. But however the kids are coping with it… they are most certainly not talking about it. I think that they’re still in shock and in denial. Can’t really say as it’s likely or common since it has been 4 years. But… Just between you and me… I think that Annie and Daria…  Paige’s two Daughters are living each day praying and hoping that their father and mother would get back together as one and be happy once more.

Sid: You think it’ll happen?

Shingo: Don’t think so. Not in any near future. We didn’t know about it even being done till a year after the ordeal.

Sid: How’s your wife taking it?

Shingo: She’s refusing to talk of it. But knowing Dinah… She is none too thrilled with the fact that Reese walked from his family. The fact is that Paige Asked for the Divorce. But Reese instead of sticking it out and try to get it deluded down to just a Mutual Separation… He walked out. Walked off and didn’t even try to stop and fight. It left Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore without a complete family household. An empty spot in their heart that will never fill.

Sid: *Sighs* I can somehow understand… Feeling a bit alone… Before i got married. I was alone and living as if i would always be alone. With no one to be with… It gets lonely after awhile.

Shingo: I am sure that it does get rather lonesome. But When you’re married and then a few years down the line… something happens and makes where nothing you do will prevent the inevitable from happening. *Looking at the time* I also have to start on being the Private On call driver for Mrs. Hudson. She’s gonna be calling on me soon. But I’ll be home for that.

Sid: That i heard. You’re a Limo Driver. You said that. and of course… i was told that by Luna the other year that you were a Limo Driver. That she was… related to you.

Shingo: She is. She’s my sister in law.

Sid: *Seeing a couple of Customers coming in* Well… I gotta get on back to the work.

Shingo: Okay. *In his mind* I wonder how Dinah is doing…

Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub…

Server #1: *Serving a customer a glass of Beer and a club Sandwich* There you go sir. A Miller Lite and a Club Swiss Sandwich.

Customer: Thank you.

Waitress #1: *Looking at the glasses and waiting for another customer’s order to be done*

On the one side of the counter by the one window…

Man #1: *Looking out the window* Looks like it’s another day. There’s supposed to be happy hour going on this Friday night. Actually we have it almost every day at a certain time.

Zeke: So i heard. not sure what we’re gonna do about it though as there aren’t many people coming in like before. Before the world went to hell… things were alright. At least for a while. But then faster than a train wreck… the City went to fast train express to hell.

Man #1: I’m aware of that. You forget that back at that time… i was attending the University of Metropolis. I Studied Business and Studied hard. This might be your place and all and you worked hard as hell to get it. Making it your own. But I am with the Business Degree and got more years in my league.  I’m here to help you out with this business, bud. You’re with a good honest working heart.

Zeke: You figured that out so soon. I thought that business was all you knew. You obviously have people skills after all. But then again… you’d have to. if you didn’t… we would be out of words.  and would be only passing around.

Man #1: You’re right.  But just remember who’s got your pretty #, pretty boy.

Zeke: *Chuckles* Yeah. Yeah. i know. *sighs* Worried about my wife’s sister Paige.

Man #1: Why’s that? You thinking that something’s a miss with your family tree there?

Zeke: *Scoffs* Would you stop with the witty Reparte? My Wife Luna. Her sister Paige is a Divorcee. Been one for 4 damn years. She’s a mess about it but is trying to keep it on the down low because she doesn’t want to create a certifiable stigma of being one who can’t keep a man in her life. Paige’s my sister in law. She’s got 4 kids. 2 girls and 2 boys. I met them once. They’re wonderful kids. Teens now.

Man #1: I am sure that they are. You told me about them. It’s been like 4 years since you made pardon on talking of them.

Zeke: It was per the wish of their mother Paige. She kept mostly to herself and hardly did anything for 4 years. She did do some books. Romance novellas. Like The one called Hoping for Romance. She did that one. There are other titles. Books like: “My name is The Bliss King.”, “A Night on the Vegas Strip” A Romance Novel. That one got turned into a Mini series. She made 90,000 dollars on that. There was a couple others such as “Island lovers Marmalade.” She dedicated that one to my wife. Luna. Because my wife is Japanese descent.

Man #1: No kidding. Really? A Japanese Descent woman?

Zeke: You bet. A Native Japanese girl. She’s my only love. Saw the good in me and fought for me when no one else could bother. We got 5 kids.The youngest one… is an 11 year old girl. Zoey. But my oldest daughter. Rina. She’s a High school Girl.

Man #1: You got a good life. And working hard for it too…

Zeke: Well… i did have a bit of help from a benefactor. or a good guy. Mr. Ginelli. I for a while when i first came to Metropolis… lived in an apartment. I however in return… Had to do a few odd jobs. favors for him. Which i didn’t mind. It was the way to pay back gratitude in being able to stay in the apartment. Luna helped me change into a better person. Which was a very huge risk for her. Because her life went a bit dark for a time… Till she climbed herself back up. All within a few months… from the start of her delving to a dark place… and then back up to where she was before she fell into the dark time.

Man #1: She must be a really admirable woman.

Zeke: She is. She really is, Gabe.

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Gabe: Sure. Of course.  You wouldn’t have been with her if she wasn’t, Would you?

Zeke: Not sure about that… i mean… she’s the only one i’ve been with. the only girl i loved in my life… Even though when i first met her… i was just unwilling to open up much. because i was like abused in the worst way by my own mother. But Luna was also Abused. and her nightmares were what got her to take up a habit of smoking for a little while. Age 13. I did it since age 7 till i was almost 14. Abuse and to mask the fact that i had the stigma of one who had been.

Zeke then has a flashback…

Luna: *Looking at Zeke* Hey Zeke.

Zeke: *Gasps* Luna?! What are you doing here? Don’t you have classes all with the guy. Martin.

Luna: Yeah. i do. but this is one class that i don’t have with him and the others. Of all classes. Science had to be the one that was without Martin being with me. I don’t mind it. not really. i mean… it kinda of gives it time  apart. Not like we’d never see one another again.

Zeke: *Grins* Oh… i see. Well… it’s a surprise to see you in the same class as me. At least i’ll have someone to speak to. I don’t really know anyone here and no one is really speaking to me.

Luna: Maybe it’s the bad boy image that you have about you. Rumors are going around that you are troubled. I don’t believe it. i don’t seem to catch that about you.

Zeke: That’s nice. At least you don’t. Everyone else does. It’s like no one wants me here. When they look at me… they only see a loner from Wichita.

Luna: Wichita?

Zeke: Yeah. that’s where i’m from originally. i ran away from there and emancipated myself from my parents. I had to.

Luna: Why? What did they do to you?

Zeke: They abused me.

Luna: Abused you? Oh no… that’s terrible.

Zeke: My step father would curse at me and push me all over like some tinker toy. He drank like a fish too. My mom would just sit there and watch. She wouldn’t even do a damn thing to stop it. Like she could care less. To her… i was just some mistake. Some mistake that she shouldn’t have had ever.

Luna: *Shaking her head* That’s so not nice. I believe that i can relate. I was Abused too. By my Ex-Grandmother Rikku.

Zeke: You were Abused too? How’s that? You’re a lovely looking Asian girl. Spunk and you also have the sweet smile. Welcoming. Why would she give you the abuse? Does she not like you?

Luna: No. she doesn’t. She was a Racist. She hated me because i was Asian. Because i was Japanese. I am a Japanese girl. But Grandma Rikku didn’t like it. She thought that i was talking back to her which i kinda was… but it wasn’t all me… because i normally wouldn’t do that. not ever. I just was going through a tough time. A Rough patch. I missed a few days of school. while still being in school.,,

Zeke: *A Little confused* how is that possible to be in school while not actually being in school?

Luna: I was in school but wasn’t in class. I wasn’t in the classes and of course my grades are all depleting.

Zeke: Wow! So you’re like flunking heavily on all classes. how will you keep from truly failing the classes? You’re a smart girl. at least from what i can tell. You are being like straight with me and you don’t even know me much. I got to admit that i admire it. I really do. But you really don’t know me. You know nothing about me. So why are you even trusting me with this stuff? No offense. but you’re with a bit of blind trust. Trusting me. I could be a bad guy with a bad habit. I could also be like some predator. Not that i am… but you really should get that insight sharpened. that not everyone you meet is with the purest intentions. I have secrets that i don’t want out. and i am sure that you have secrets too and don’t want them out.

Luna: *Speaking Japanese; feeling rather hurt* Mōshiwake arimasen. Watashi wa chōdo anata ga yūjin o sukidarou to omotta. Shikashi, watashi wa chōdo anata ga narimashou yo. Anata o ki ni shite iru koto ga mōshiwake arimasen. (English trans: Sorry. I just thought that you would like a friend. But i’ll just let you be. Sorry to have bothered you.)

Luna then moved away and sighed feeling hurt. Zeke felt bad about how he came out with his reply. He did not mean for it to come out rude. He sighed and looked away from Luna and was about to walk away when he heard her sobbing and with tears. Zeke didn’t know her so well and he didn’t want to let anything about himself out. However he heard her crying just then and felt terrible. He did the honest thing and walked over to her.

Zeke: Luna… I’m sorry. *hugging Luna suddenly reaching out* I didn’t mean it. I am just really guarded with talking about myself like a person on trial. I kinda felt that and it’s usually when i shut off my civility and go all cloak and dagger with the pushing and rejecting. It’s not you. It’s a little of everyone. Besides… usually when people know too much about me they all would hit the pavement and just want to jet out as fast as their feet could do a two step and blast off away from me. Treating me as though i was a disease. I’m sorry that i made you cry. *Releases from the hug and sighs* I am guessing that you must think that i am an asshole for just speaking to you the way i did when you were only trying to be a friend to me.

Luna: *Shaking her head in tears* No… No. It’s not that. It’s just when you said what you said…. it made me think of my first day of starting school here. I was called a freak and some sort of mutant. It’s just a bad memory. It’s not you. Zeke, I am sorry about taking out my hurt on you… but with being abused by my grandmother and being neglected. plus unloved by her… it just slowly took a toll on me. It’s okay.

Zeke: No… It’s not alright. You should not have been abused like you had. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that. Luna, you deserved better than that. What were you even doing staying around a woman like that anyway?

Luna: Because i had nowhere else to go. But one night she got on me and my sister heard it. She jumped on grandma’s case and told her off. I remember crying a little bit because i was so hurt. being hated by my own grandmother. I stay with my sister Dinah in her Dorm for a while till after she got wed and there was a house to reside in. But the abuse is always gonna remain. the memory will go on. because everyday since the Abuse stopped… i woke up fearing that it was gonna just keep building up. Every morning. I would feel it. Every night… before i go to bed i have to think in my mind that maybe things would change and get better and things would go back to the way that they used to be, Where things were not so terrible. But even though my sisters and my brother in law whose the husband to my sister Dinah…. assure me that things would be alright. I know that things will never be. Zeke, My grandmother Rikku is the mother of my adoptive mother. She is my Ex Grandmother and is the Exiled member to the family. She Abused me. that woman abused me… Zeke. There would be nights where i would be sent to bed without anything to eat. No dinner. and she’d just forget about me… To her i was just Baggage. You would not believe as to how many nights i would go to bed hungry because of her. I would come to school in pain over starvation. Martin would automatically be asking why but after the 3rd time… he knew that there was something not right and would try to do whatever he could to help me replace some food that i went to bed without in my stomach. He was growing concerned for me… So was his guardian and even my sisters. He felt terrible.

Zeke: With all that Abuse done on you… you’re lucky… real lucky that you’re not a basket case.

Luna: I think that i already am. I just feel so lost. at least when it comes to what it is that i should be feeling.

Zeke: I Wish that knew what to say about that. but I think that you have already said it plainly. You are a Asian girl… with sensitive feelings. You want to be loved… but get met with cruelty. You were abused by a awful woman. she sends you to bed without dinner and you are in the drivers seat for the abuse. She abuses you and what? You reacted by…

Luna: Sending her to Jail. My family and my love Martin sent her to Jail. they had the Court date and the woman was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Zeke: *Looking to the side a little* I would love to know what that is like, to be able to send someone to jail for committing Child abuse. Child abuse.. I guess that you’re lucky then. You were able to derail it. Your Ex- Grandmother is in jail. My parents are probably replacing my room with a new Child. Adopted a kid who was better than me. They hated me. so… it’s no big loss. My mother was a prostitute too… Although her to admit that is just one of those many things that would never ever happen.

Luna: But You emancipated yourself from her. you’re free from her… aren’t you?

Zeke: Yeah. but the memory of it is gonna be forever there.

Luna: *Sighs*”

Zeke: Sometime later… Maybe just a few days or so later…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Luna: Hey Zeke… *Hearing what Zeke is saying* You got the pack. Where do you want to meet? Are they the Brand that you use? Okay… I’ll meet you at the park. See you soon.

An hour later…

Zeke: *Seeing Luna and holding the pack of Newport in his hand* It’s about time you came. I was beginning to wonder if you were being tied up or something. You sure that your boyfriend Martin didn’t see you or catch you?

Luna: *Shaking her head* No… He didn’t follow me. I didn’t even tell him that i was gonna be with you. I Love him… but i am not his servant. i can make my own choices. You have the pack?

Zeke: Yeah. I do. You asked for a pack of Newport Red’s right?

Luna: Yeah. I did. I however don’t know if taking up the habit with you is right. It’s not gonna do any good in helping you quit. I am seeking to help you quit the habit. not give you the idea that it’s okay to continue smoking.

Zeke: I know… But this is gonna be just our secret. We won’t tell anyone. Come on. Let’s go to the Roof of the Daily planet and have a light. I can teach you how to provide yourself with a bad girl image. We can also play cards.

Luna: *Nods gently* Okay.

At the Daily Planet…

On the roof sitting in a spot where they can’t be seen…

Zeke: *Pulling out a Cigarette and placing it in his mouth before lighting it up* Open up the pack and have one. I got a light and you won’t have to worry. I can light it for you.

Luna: Okay. *Opening up the pack and pulling out a cigarette; Putting it on her lips suddenly and cautiously trying to hide that she likes the way it feels on her lips; Kneeling over and allowing Zeke to light it for her* … *Suddenly Smoking* This feels so strange to me. Is it easy to do?

Zeke: It can be. You can have the pack. But i think that i’d hide it from your friends and even your boyfriend.

Luna: *Smoking* It’s gonna be a risk having this with me. What if Dinah catches these in my room? She’s my sister and she sometimes does the surprise of refilling the drawers in my room. What if she finds them? I live under the same roof as she does.

Zeke: Choose your hiding spot well. If you really want to hide it… put it where only you know where it is but not anyone else.

Luna: Okay. I’ll try. *Smiles*

Zeke: *Pulling out a deck of cards and prepares to start a game* Want to play Some poker?

Luna: Sure. How do you play it?

Zeke then explains the way of the game…

Zeke: The Ranks of the hands you can get are:

“Straight Flush
Five consecutive cards of the same suit. Ace can be counted as high to make the highest type of Straight Flush, which is A-K-Q-J-10 of a suit, sometimes known as a Royal Flush. Ace can be low to make (5-4-3-2-A), but not high and low at the same time (for example 2-A-K-Q-J is not valid).
Four of a Kind
Four cards of the same rank and one other card, such as 9-9-9-9-Q. Four of a kind are sometimes known as quads or in some non-English speaking countries as a poker. The odd card – the queen in the example – is called the kicker.
Full House
Three cards of the same rank plus a pair of cards of another rank, such as 5-5-5-K-K, which would be described as “fives full of kings”. A full house is sometimes known as a boat.
A flush consists of five cards of the same suit (not all consecutive, otherwise it would be a straight flush).
Five cards of consecutive ranks, not all of the same suit. The highest is A-K-Q-J-10 and an Ace can instead be counted as low to make the lowest straight 5-4-3-2-A, which is sometimes called a wheel. An Ace cannot be in the interior of a straight – for example 4-3-2-A-K is not a straight.
Three of a Kind
Three cards of the same rank and two cards of different ranks – for example 7-7-7-10-6. This is sometimes known as a triplet or trips.
Two Pair
Two cards of one rank, two cards of a second rank and one card of a third rank (the kicker) – for example J-J-3-3-8.
Two cards of equal rank and three cards of different ranks – for example Q-Q-A-8-7.
A hand which does not fit any of the categories above, commonly known as High Card or sometimes No Pair. That is: five cards of different ranks, not all consecutive and not all the same suit.”

Luna: That’s the type of hands you can use to go out. To win.

Zeke: Yeah. That’s basically the types of hands you can have to go out. Those are sure wins. But if you really want to go out and be the winner… You can see to it that you get a Royal Flush. But you can’t have low to highest. But a Royal Flush can be the same suits. 10,J,Q,K,A of Space, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. Each hand is 5 cards. *Smoking*

Luna: *Smoking* Oh… Okay… I think that i’ll get it as i play. I’ll never know till i try, right?

Zeke: True. Of course being up here is rather romantic. the city lights. You got to admit that it brings the background of a city to life in every way possible. It just brightens the mood.

Suddenly Leaning in to Kiss Luna on the lips out of surprise…

Luna: *Surprised* What was that for? *Blushes*

Zeke: Well… i was kinda thinking about it since the other day and tried to hold off on the urge. But i figured that since we were here alone i would just kiss you and get it over with so we could remain close friends.

Luna: You mean that you like me?

Zeke: Of course. You’re like so pretty. Available and like uber smart. Of course that you know about things that i know nothing about. But You’re just so smart and have amazing wit.

Luna: *Smoking* That’s really nice of you to say that.

Zeke: *Smiles*

A Minute later…

Zeke: How was the smoke?

Luna: It was good. I just have to figure how to cover the smell so the others won’t find out.

Zeke: I got some Perfume in my bag. I kinda stole it from that mother of mines. She’s with the asshole that i am appalled to consider a stepfather. I Emancipated myself. It was something that i had to do. I Live on the road and stay at a rental place. Foods okay. and it’s cheap. But it’s clean and has peaceful atmosphere.

Luna: Oh… Do you want to show me sometime?

Zeke: Sure. I guess. That’s if you really would like to. I wouldn’t want to get you into any trouble with your boyfriend or your sisters. Or with your friends. Luna. I love you. As a friend. I don’t want to come between you and Martin. Tell you what. Till you decide that you don’t want the habit anymore… i’ll keep the pack with me and any time you want a light. you and i can hide somewhere and have one. at my place. It’ll be okay. I wouldn’t make you do anything that is uncomfortable to you.

A Moment later…

Luna: *Looking at the sky and Sighs* I might need to have another light before going home. Lately i’ve been having these nightmares that spook me. Dreams of the Intergalactic Demon. The part that gets me all freaked is the part that i didn’t make it in the aftermath of the seizing of the planet. I lost my powers. I used to be this hero, Zeke. I used to be able to have a way to be useful. I am scared that we will all die.

Zeke: Luna, What are you talking about? There is no Demon.

Luna: Yes there is. I know about the Demon because there is someone living with us… Someone who is half Demon. And is the Daughter to the Demon. The Demon Scath. The girl is the Portal. The Gem.

Zeke: Are you kidding? How is this?

Luna: Well… It’s something that can happen by releasing Trigon out of the hellish Prison. The seance goes like this… “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire, The Gem shall be his portal… He comes to claim, He comes to sire… The End of all things Mortal.”

Zeke: What does your boyfriend think about it?

Luna: He doesn’t even know what to make of it. He’s getting some research in about it. So is Vincent. But to be quite honest… i am getting sick of that guy. He constantly gets on me about re-joining the fighting. He doesn’t get it that i am not gonna do any more fighting. I am normal. But no matter what i do.. i just can’t get him to take that hint that i am not no hero anymore. I am not a senshi anymore. Sailor Luna… is dead. Gone. *Sighs and Looking down* Zeke… what am i gonna do?

Zeke: I don’t know. But You know that you got your friends with you. Me. I’m with you. Even though i am probably gonna be forbidden to be around you much when the others are concerned.

Luna: It doesn’t matter. If they want to be around me… they can accept you too. I will not allow for them to cast you out.

Zeke: It won’t matter if they do. I never really stood out in crowds anyway. Besides that because of my bad reputation as a vagrant or a run away. It’s given me a bad image to the public. You have no bad image. You’re lucky people don’t start walking all over you. Martin… he doesn’t. But it seems as though he expects a lot from you. Expecting you to be perfect. With no flaws.

Luna: I am not perfect. If he thinks that i am… he’s gonna start needing to rethink how he sees me.

Zeke: I Agree. You’re beautiful. You do make mistakes. everyone does.

Luna: *Nods*

Luna: I guess that another light would be needed.

Zeke: okay. Another Cigarette. *Pulling out another Cigarette from the pack and placing it on his lips and then lighting up*

Luna: *Pulling out another Cigarette and putting it in her mouth; Leaning forward to have it lit for her; Smoking* That feels much better. I guess that smoking does have a kick to it. I just hope that Martin or Raven don’t come here to catch me doing this.

Zeke: It doesn’t matter. Besides, as long as you cover the smell… it’ll be fine. They’ll never figure out. Besides… i won’t tell anyone.

Luna: I know. Zeke… i think that i maybe falling for you. Even though i am with Martin.

Zeke: *Surprised* You are?

Luna: Yeah.

Zeke: Well… i love you. But i don’t want to take you from Martin. i don’t want to be the reason for your heart to be broken…

Luna: You’re sweet. *Smiles*”

Zeke: I was at the park that night waiting for her and that is what should have happened. But didn’t. What really happened… was this:

Zeke tells what really happened…


At the Metropolis Park…

Zeke: *Setting out a Pack of Marlboro Reds next to him and waiting for Luna to show up* Today is the day where Luna is gonna make her decision. She’s been asking to do it. She wanted this. I really don’t feel comfortable in encouraging Luna to take up smoking. I rather wish that she didn’t. She’s wanting to help me… I am thankful that she’s wanting to help me possibly quit the habit. But with her… doing it and we just get into it all together.. It’s not the way to go about it. *Seeing Luna not too far away* Here she comes…  I hope that both she and I know what the heck it is that we’re doing.

Luna: *Arriving at where Zeke was waiting* Hey Zeke. I came. as expected. I don’t know why though as i am about to do something really stupid and it’s gonna only be harmful to me.  Kinda cold out today, isn’t it?

Zeke: It is. And i know that you’re taking a risk. I am unsure if allowing for you to do this is right. I mean… Are you sure that you want this?

Luna: I’m not sure. I would want this. But i am scared about what Martin would say. What my family would say. What my sister Dinah would say if she ever knew that i was gonna do this…

Zeke: Luna, You’re really pretty. Beautiful, and Amazing. I don’t want you to do anything that you’re not sure of. You got to decide. You have to decide and be up for the decision. I got to tell you that doing this move is a mistake. A real mistake. You need to tell me that you’re sure that you want to do this. 

Luna: ….

Zeke: I am being straight here. Once you’re in this… You’re in it. The habit is smoking and once you’re in this… You’re in till you make the decision that you want out and or that you and I quit the habit together.

Luna: *Unsure* Do i really want to do this? *Thinking about it* I don’t want to hurt my family. or Dinah… or my friends and Martin. I don’t want to hurt them. But i can’t keep dealing with the Nightmares. It’s hurting me so much. I just want the agony to stop. I just want to be without the memories of being abused. I hate having to remember the abuse that was done to me. I want it to stop. *Looking at Zeke* i… I’ll do it.  I want to do it.

Zeke: Luna… I I can’t bare to allow this. I want to be the one to say no. But i can’t say it as i also do it too… So being a hypocrite is something that i will only be if i were to say no to you and yet still do it myself. But can i at least ask you to be careful with doing this?

Luna: Uh-huh. I will be careful. I will take it slow and only have one when needed and keep it simple. 

Zeke: That’s good. I got your first pack with me here. 

Luna: Good. I want to do it. I’ve decided to take it up.

Zeke: *Nods* Okay. *Picking up the pack of Marlboro and the lighter and handing it to Luna* Here you go.  Go ahead and have your first light. It’s only right to do it now that you have the pack and are set on doing it. 

A Second later…

Luna: *Opening up her pack of Cigarettes and pulling out a Cigarette; Sticking the Cigarette on her lips* This is gonna feel rather awkward at first…

Zeke: *Pulling out his pack of Marlboro from his pockets and opening it; Pulling out a cigarette and placing it on his lips and suddenly flicking his cigarette lighter; lighting up and smoking* It’s gonna be weird at first for you. But if you happen to like the habit… it’ll get easier. Just a theory.

Luna:  *Flicking on her Cigarette lighter and Lighting up; Smoking her first cigarette* Wow, This feels really good. But why? This habit is the one that kills more people each year. 

Zeke: I would suppose that it does. But I done this since i was like 7 years old. It’s not an excuse that can be accepted. Kids are not supposed to be smoking. You’re only 13. as am i. Smoking should be Illegal for Teens to do. Anyone under 18. We can be in a whole lot of trouble. But i don’t really care much about the Law as it’s not all cut and Dry. 

Luna: The Laws are not supposed to be broken… but following the rules doesn’t really get a person anywhere as all it does is change on people when they least expect it. Not very fair for all those who follow it. 

Zeke: *Watching Luna Smoke* How does it taste?

Luna: Smooth and refreshing. which is impossible as i am not prone to smoke. I am only just beginning and never done it before so… it should not be feeling this good. Not ever. *Suddenly feeling Green and a bit Queasy* Ugh! I think that something is wrong. I suddenly feel a little sick. Is this normal?

Zeke: For first timers who aren’t prone to it… Yes.

Luna: *Groans* Swell.” 

Zeke: That’s what really happened.

Gabe: She was innocent and you changed her…

Zeke: No… She chose on it. I tried to talk her out of it because i didn’t want her to ruin her life the same that i was ruining mine. But… that didn’t fend her off. She was set on a cause. and if there was nothing i’d love about her except for one thing… It’d be her relentless and uncanny devotion to follow though on a cause. Even if it happens to be one that would cause her to lose things and or find it to be usually a lost cause. She’d do it anyway… It didn’t matter who told her no. She wouldn’t stop.

Gabe: But you Love her… Right?

Zeke: More than life itself. I would give my very life for her.

Gabe: Careful there. You’re starting to turn to putty on the floor.

Zeke: I know. But It’s just the idea that i have the most amazing woman in the world. It’s really a dream come true. Of course… it’s also fate.

Gabe: how did you get 5 kids and while still looking as young as you do?

Zeke: My wife and I however a couple months after the world was profoundly renewed… decided to get some action.

Gabe: Tell me the kinky details, man. Don’t hold out on me. I’ve been dying to hear something Juicy.

Zeke: Okay… I’ll tell you. But you are not to mention it to anyone…

Gabe: You got it. I’m not gonna tell anyone about it. Besides… if the other knew… they would try to sensationalize it and make it into something more than what it is. It would make it turn to be a smut tale and this is one of passion and lust… And All around deep romance. Love. Bliss. Nothing gross or sickening about it.

Zeke: Wise man. You’re right.

He then tells about that night and explained it in detail. It took about an hour to tell. There was a lot of detail in the story. Alot… But it was all understood as Zeke told about it. He didn’t tell though about the fact that Luna was not always the human that she was since she turned 13. She was before that time a Human who was part cat and with Blue hair. He left that part out as he didn’t want to make his wife out to be some kind of test experiment. He didn’t see her as that. He didn’t want anyone else to see her as that either. They didn’t want to know. nor did they care to ask. As far as any of them knew… it was human all the way with Zeke’s Wife. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing other than that. As Zeke was talking and telling about how his first kid was made… and what happened the first time that he and Luna did it… he had the Picture of her looking like: … Then he thought that his wife would look like: … Each picture of her in his mind got him a little aroused and it started to show. Zeke didn’t want anything to happen from him being aroused. He immediately changed the subject…


Click to view full size image

Man #3: *Answering the phone; With German Accent* Hello, Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub. Heinz Freudenberger Speaking. How can we be of service?

Luna: *Voice on the Phone* Hi. Is Zeke there?

Heinz: Yes he is. Who’s calling for him?

Luna: His Wife.

Heinz: Wife? Oh mein Gott. Es tut mir leid. Ich werde gehen und ihn holen. *Looking towards Zeke and calling over to him*  Yo … Boss. Sie bekam einen Anruf.

Zeke: *Looking over and seeing Heinz* What about? Who is it?

Heinz: Your wife. Woman.

Zeke: Luna? Oh… god. *Walking fast over to the other side of the counter and gently grabbing the phone from Heinz* Thank you Heinz. Thank you. I got it. I’ll take it from here. Go and check on Nikolai and Warren. They should have been done with restocking the back by now.

Heinz: You got it, Zeke. We have to all be ready for the nightly rush. Tonight’s gonna be busy Mein Liege.

Zeke: I know. But for part of the night i’m gonna be with my wife and kids. Just to see that they see their father home and not always gone and at work. They should get to see their father a little bit too as well as their mother.

Heinz: *Speaking in German; Agreeing* “That’s understandable. I agree. That’s the founding promise we made when you first began this Pub. “Family is the value of heart. Business can always wait in the night but the sanctity of family is the breadstone of the soul.”” *Walking over to the back and checking on the men*

Zeke: *On the Phone* Hi Honey. What’s up?

Luna: *On the phone* Not much. But i think that we have a little bit of a problem.

Zeke: Huh? Problem?! What kind of problem?

Luna: It’s got something to do with Zoey.

Zeke: *Listening carefully as Zoey’s name is mentioned* What’s the matter with our young sweet princess?

Luna: two words. Senshi power.

Zeke: Senshi power?! What? No… No. How could that be?

Luna: I don’t know. I really don’t know how it is possible… But for the last couple weeks I have caught little instances of Zoey undergoing a little bit of a change. She has been undergoing a rather radical change and it’s deeply concerning. Every night it happens more and more and it gets worse each time that it happens. Zeke…

Zeke: What? What’s the matter?

Luna: I’m scared for our daughter. I really am scared for her. What if people on the outside. On the outside of the school and the wrong people in the city get a wind of it. She could be targeted by some dangerous men…

Zeke: No… Don’t say that. She’ll be fine. We’re gonna protect her.

Luna: How are we gonna do that, Zeke?

Zeke: i do have a team here. They’re bartenders but are also good Gun men. If anyone comes near Zoey… They’ll be made to be living just to say their prayers.

Luna: I wish it would be that easy. Her mental state is gonna be in question. She had an incident in school.

Zeke: Really? When? Just now?

Luna: No. A couple hours ago. But i handled it. Zoey was found in the girls restroom and embarrassed over the incident. She also feels like she’s a freak because of what she can do.

Zeke: She’s Okay though, right?

Luna: Yeah. Now… But… i don’t know how long that’s gonna keep. I managed to ease off the tension a bit. But i don’t think that it’s gonna keep for all that much longer. It turns out that we also have a little bit of a rise in our young kids… I learned while there that Curtis’s girl. Blossom… She has abilities. Electro power. Drawing electrical currents from any power source and using it against a target. *Pauses* How did i know that?

Zeke: Good question. I think that it’s one that i should be wondering as you’re a normal person.

Luna: You’re right. But… what should we do about Zoey?

Zeke: We endure that as best we can. hold on. *Putting the call on speaker phone before pulling out a picture of Zoey from his pocket* Gabe… Nikolai, Warren… Heinz, Come over here.

Gabe: What’s up there, Pretty boy?

Nikolai: What’s up, boss?

Heinz: Something wrong?

Warren: You need something?

Zeke: *Posting up a picture of his Daughter Zoey on the billboard* See that girl on the Bill board?

Heinz: Yeah. *Looking at the Board* Who’s that?

Zeke: That’s my 10 year old Daughter Zoey Tina Rhapsody. She’s in need of protection and kept safe. You’re to watch her back and to be the eyes and ears of the city. If you see her and spot danger coming towards her… You stop it. If Zoey happens to turn into… a Super… All the more reason. But you’re her Protectors of the city. She won’t need that forever. But for now… It’s what’s for the best.

Gabe: You got it. *Nods* I always have my trusty side arm. The Russian assault rifle. The 2B-A40. It can send any of those brutes running.

Heinz: Well… I have my trusty Gun Speedy. It’s an Ak-47 Assault Rifle.

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Warren: A Colt M16 Assault Rifle. I got two licenses on it. Both in good mint condish,

Click to view full size image

Nikolai: Mauser M59 (Germany/Norway -Bolt Target/Sniper Rifle). I call my Gun… El Electro fire. Dead on Accurate aim too. The best way to blow away any slime ball.

Zeke: Good. Zoey is to be protected.

Gabe: You got it.

A minute later…

Zeke: *Back talking to his wife* It’s gonna be alright. Zoey’s got guaranteed protection.

Luna: There’s also something else… I… *Sighs* I can’t believe that i am gonna open up the issue again… But Our daughter… Natasha. She’s been caught. In School. Smoking in the girl’s restroom.

Zeke: Come again on that last part… Natasha’s been smoking? In school? Inside the girls restroom? *In shock* How the hell is that even possible, Luna? There is no way that she could do that. She doesn’t even do it at home and she doesn’t even smoke. We would not allow that. She knows that.

Luna: What do you want me to say? She’s doing it. She’s been caught and I am at the house now… I’m gonna search her room and look for any evidence to support the word i got from the school. They just called on the house phone here and She was apparently caught with a pack of smokes. Hanging with Victoria who is the Oldest Daughter of Curtis and Megan.

Zeke: I would have guessed. Victoria’s got a bit of a mouth on her and Even Curtis and Megan can’t seem to always control her and keep her in line. They try though. But she is so much a Greaser that no one can place her in traction. In the attitude department…

At Martin’s and Beth’s house…

Click to view full size image

Martin: *Looking at Beth* What a life we have… Great kids. Chris and Tara are Gymnasts. Lois and Ben are Writers. Cindy and James are Fashion trendy. Josh and Frenchy are Into Broadcasting. Then we have Earl and Ginger…

Beth: They’re Both Construction obsessed. Earl into real Construction and Ginger into Demolition. Bombs and blowing things up.

Martin: At least they don’t get into a habit like Some people.

Beth: What do you mean?

Martin: Nothing much… but i have a contact inside the high school. there was a teen caught smoking in the girls restroom.

Beth: What do you mean by that? Martin, What are you talking about?

Martin: Who have we not heard from in almost 8 years?

Beth: You haven’t. I have. Besides that Luna and I are friends. I have had lunch with her just the other week. And she’s told me about her possible suspicions of her one Daughter Zoey possibly having powers. Senshi power.

Martin: *Sarcastically chuckling* Oh yeah… This’ll be interesting to hear about.

Beth: You really have a thing against Luna after all these years, don’t you?

Martin: No i don’t. But i am just really skeptic about the idea that her one kid would have the very thing that she used to have. I mean… to me. It isn’t even the least bit possible. She turned all human and that meant all the power that she’d have… was taken out. She lost it. I really don’t think that if she turned all human and lost all her powers… that some of it would just copy or attach onto her and mix in with her very DNA and then she conceives and it just happens to be given to her kid. It wouldn’t go to her last. It’d go to her first Child and she’s got 5. So if anything… it would be her first one to get it. Not the last child.

Beth: And you know this… in what way exactly? The parents don’t pass on what they have to their first ones all the time… Sometimes it would happen to skip to one of the in betweens. Sometimes what they have… never gets put up into the offspring. Sometimes it dies off within the parent and just goes non-existent.

Martin: So it does. But i just don’t happen to see it. If nothing else… it would be usually one of the first. or the first one born that would get the genetic part of what the parents had. But maybe… Just maybe… some times parents have a part of these super powers or abilities and even years of it being dormant. in just some weird way… it has a slight of hand and gets transmitted into the newly born. when they happen to have kids. the Kids wind up with exactly what it was that the Parents before them had. or something else.

Beth: Kinda like you. Or what you had. You had the powers for a little while… haven’t you? Some of the powers DNA had to of gotten into you.

Martin: Well… you’d think that… Wouldn’t you? I would usually deny it… but this… i can not deny… although i do not find it as very likely. The only reason why is because even though i had the powers… i didn’t have it long enough for it to attach.

Beth: I guess that would explain it… but why would you be so sour about Luna’s kids. or at least one of them veering?

Martin: Why would you think? I mean… Come on… this is a whole new generation and our kids are supposed to be better. Plus the job of the parent or partial part of being a parent is to prevent the Child or children from making the exact same mistake that they and they meaning Parents made before them. To keep where the cycle wouldn’t repeat.

Beth: And you’re gonna tell me now… that Luna’s Daughter smokes.

Martin: I’m afraid so. Luna’s one Daughter… as it was… Natasha. She was the one caught smoking. in the girl’s restroom. Along with Victoria. Curtis and Megan’s girl.

Beth: Do you think that Luna would know about it?

Martin: Who knows what she’d know? She’ll just try to cover it up. Just like her husband Zeke.

Beth: What?

Martin: I know about where he works too. He works at the place that he built. He calls it: Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub. He runs it. with 4 other guys who are like gun crazy. I remember the time about 7 years ago when we were having a bit of a fight. You and I. That was just something that i regretted and never wish to have happen again.

Beth: Well… you were acting a bit of a Jerk. and were being truly unreasonable about my being in anyway involved or with any contact with Luna. Throughout high school There has been a short time where you even did the same habit that you bitched about Luna doing. You did. I even recalled smelling it on you. You however were into the idea that it was better to deny it and make as though i would never notice that you were smoking. You were like that back then.

Martin: I know. It was also at that time where i believe that one of us got so mad that we were about to say some things that we’d come to regret and wish that we never had done them. But i think that it was then when we were arguing that i just walked out and took off for a little bit to vent and cool off. I didn’t want to say anything that i’d come to regret in the end and i knew that if i stay around then… i would have done things that i’d never live down in a very very long time. That was when i ventured down to the nearest place. It turned out to be a pub and it was ran by none other than Zeke. But back then… he was just a beginner in owning the Pub. He was learning the ropes.

Beth: …

Martin: I was there to vent and some of the things that were said… I felt as though i was being rather stupid. I happened to still not like Zeke all that much and i don’t think that i ever will… but of all the things that got me shook as i told him what i told him and expressed my anger. And i guess that he too was angry. At me because he found out in some way that i was being an ass to Luna and you. Which… you were unintentional and Luna was intentional. Because she could have been the best with me. I would have seen to it in any way that i could. But all she could do was see Zeke. Zeke this… and Zeke that. What he said to me though was…

Martin then recites what he recalls being told by Zeke…

“Zeke: Well… What the hell do you plan to do about this, Martin? You’re the one who treated Luna like shit when we were all younger. Beth only went with you to get the truth from you. Something you have little experience in telling. But If you want to go down this direction… Fine. Vincent trusted me to watch over your ass. I couldn’t really give two shits about you for how you were to me years ago. I still remember. Yeah. You think that i’d forget the crap you put me through. and the shit you put Luna through. She was fuckin’ abused by her Grandmother Rikku. her mother’s mother. Neglected. And Yes. She smoked. Luna took up smoking for a while. and you being at that time her boyfriend… were supposed to support her. Love her. But… oh no. Oh no. You did not do that. Instead… What did you do? You battered her and bashed her. Made her feel like she was a piece of Garbage. Like that is being really loving. And of course she would talk about me. Be with me more because i was someone who understood her somehow because i too was abused. I was able to comfort her in ways that you should have… but never did. I mean, You knew of the shit she was going through. the abuse that she was dealt. How hard it was for her. But that didn’t matter to you. You just pushed the knife in deeper and put more pain on her making her feel like she was fucked up. Vincent made me swear to be around for your ass. But just know that i said it before and i will say it again. You fuck with Luna or my kids. You’re dead. Promise be damned. Are we clear? I dealt with your shit. because i didn’t want it coming back on Luna if anything were to happen to you. But i promise you. You do anything to her… and or hurt my kids. or even abuse and slander and mistreat Beth. and we hear it. or if i have to hear it. You will wish that you never met me. That’s not a threat. It’s a sworn promise.”

Martin: It shook me and i didn’t even know that he made some promise to Vincent. I never even knew. No one even bothered to tell me that Vincent and him made some sort of promise. As if it would have made any changes. But when he made the remark about me being unfaithful to Luna back then… That’s what got me really mad. Although i caught a glimpse of a picture that he had of Luna at that time and it was like he had her in the back of that Pub somewhere and they were having sex. Multitude ample amounts of sex. The picture was just like this…

Martin described the picture as he seemed to remember it…

Martin: Luna was also… smoking. The kids were with their grandmother for the day and Luna and Zeke were in the back of the pub from what i could gather that day. Having sex. Both Zeke and Luna were getting it on and The more i thought about it… it made me jealous and got me thinking of what would have been and what could have happened if Luna and i were still a pair.

Beth: Wow! That’s what you were thinking about there. Them having sex? Martin… You have no business on worrying as to whether or not they were having sex.  It was none of your business. There is no crime in them having that. It should not be something that they need your approval on. What Zeke might have said to you… or did say to you… i agree with. you were being really cruel to Luna. Not supporting her and being there for her when she was in need of it the most. Even though it’s all in the past, hon… It’s true. You were being completely unfair to her. Luna and i spoke the next day after you and I were at the park and she was smoking. I remember the day. You and Luna were talking…

To be Continued in Part 2…


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