Trigon Reigns Part 5


Continued from where Part 4 of Trigon Reigns left off…

A Minute later on the cliff and With Prince Alvin… waiting…

Dinah: *Looking at Raven and and concerned* Are you okay?

Young Raven: *Nods and looking sadly at Dinah* Dinah, Prince Alvin… Why are you guys doing this?

Dinah: You do remember… Don’t you?

Young Raven Nods and turns away…

Young Raven: That story that you were telling… i saw pieces of it. like it was coming together. as though it were really happening. You two… my friends… My father. Like it was all a dream that was happening. Whatever it was… it’s all over now.

Dinah: Raven… There might still be a way to stop hi—

Young Raven: No one can stop Trigon… i remember that.

Dinah: ….

Prince Alvin: I don’t buy that. There is a way. We are not gonna give up. Neither are you.

Young Raven: You came down here for nothing.

Prince Alvin: *stepping up closer to Raven* We came here for you. only you.

Young Raven: *Turning to face Prince Alvin and Dinah* Why? I can’t even help you anymore. My powers came from him and now that he’s done with me… I don’t have them anymore… it’s all over. Dinah. i don’t have anything left. I can’t provide any help. *Getting down on her knees* There was a Prophecy. It came true. It is all over now.

Prince Alvin: *Getting on bended knee and next to Raven* Yeah it is.. But so what? We’ve dealt with scenarios like this before. *With Raven still looking at him* With King Lotor… Beryl… General Zod… now Trigon. But we’re still here… Still fighting. Still friends. That has not died. Never will.

The End III

Young Raven: *With tears Running down her face and getting up* How can you say that? There isn’t anything that i can do… Look at me, Dinah… Prince Alvin. There is nothing i can do… *Looking Down in sadness and defeat* There isn’t any hope.

Dinah: *With Prince Alvin* Then i guess that we’re gonna have to have enough Hope for the three of us… *Grabbing Young Raven’s hand Gently and getting her on the back; Having her hold on tight*

Within seconds… Prince Alvin, Dinah were making their way again… leading off to the surface to join back with the rest of the gang…

As for Beryl…

Down back where it was hotter…

Beryl was fighting against the guard for the fate of her existence. She used what power she had and blasted at the guard with the purple mist. Dark mist covering the guard… It was to give her the Advantage. But the guard kept coming. Swinging his Axe at her. It knocked her down and her head was dangerously close to the molten rock. but that was when Beryl pulled a fast one and shot Purple mist at the guard with a strong blast and sent him shooting into the ceiling and then crashing into the molten rock.

Beryl: *Walking over to the door* Now to claim… what is mine. This is it. I’m about to get my flesh and blood back where it should be. With me.

But she was barely at the door when suddenly the Guard got back up and came lounging at her. Beryl tried to block him although the power of the guard put pressure and caused one of her bones to splinter. She felt it and felt her one hand burn off. it exposed skeletal bones. Fingers and a bony hand.

Guard: Your days have long since ended, mortal. Time to lie down with the rest of the bones.

Beryl: Why don’t you follow by example and volunteer to go first? *Levitating and evading the guards attacks*

Beryl kept on firing at the guard and got a few good shots in… But the guard charged up and seconds later his one side of the Axe became engulfed in flames and he fast and hard sliced it against Beryl and cutting her. Revealing her rib…

Guard: *Guarding the door* You cannot hope to defeat pure evil.

Beryl: Actually, I’m not such a nice woman as you’d think i’d be. *Trips detonator in front of door and destroys guard*

Beryl secretly had pulled a fast one on the guard and created a detonator out of her purple mist and blew the detonator which Blown up the door and within seconds streams of white light shot out… one hitting into Beryl head on and with force. Smacked into her and it within seconds rejuvenated her. filled her back with her flesh and blood. She was at last complete. With her own soul and back to being what she was before. Although she knew that before she could return to her kingdom… she had to help the fighters in the ultimate fight against Trigon and reclaim Earth as their own. She was not one for the heroes… but for this… she’d have to be. She took one look at the remains of the guard and smirked.

Beryl: Don’t get up. I’ll let myself out. Thanks for the fight EXP. I needed that. *With the double Axe and walking out; heading back to the surface* Now to help those Rhapsody Girls take down that red demon defiant sorry excuse of a conqueror. This might be their world… but my world is part of their world. So this… this is my fight too. Trigon, Look out. Prepare yourself for Queen Beryl of Dark Kingdom.

Back on top on the surface…

Paige and Pearl, Jack, Prince Arnold, Prince Avery, Prince Curtis and Shanna are fleeing from the swarm of Demonic Fire creatures while in air…

Pearl: *Flying ahead and looking behind her at the fire demons* Yeah! Screech and scowl all you like, you ugly bastards… This is from a mother to you. Time for a time out. *Firing Aquatic Bubbles at the fire Minions* You think that we’re going down that fast. That is where you’re wrong.  Chase us all you want. we can do this all day long or for as long as it takes. It won’t make it any easier for you to catch us. We’re not ones who’re about to give up.

Prince Curtis: *Looking at Pearl* Don’t antagonize them… Just fire at them as much as you can… FIRE!

Prince Avery: *Firing at the creatures* Have some Plasma! Plasma-Core sends his duly regards.

The girls, brothers and allies all attack. But before they could see that the creatures were still coming… A couple of side attacks came from close by…

“Thundering Cataclysmic ATOMIC-FORCE!”

“Fiery Blades!”

The crew all turned and saw Dinah and Prince Alvin.

Paige: Dinah!… Prince Alvin!

Prince Arnold: *Gasps* Brother! You’ve come back.

Prince Avery: Thank heavens that you’re back. We just had to fight our evil selves and then flee from the Creatures again. But all the while we were getting ourselves torn up by our evil selves. Trigon… That bloody bastard was laughing about it. Enjoying it. It amused him. The only thing good about it is that i was able to overcome my dark side. Pearl was able to as well… She used the card of being a mother. It worked though… because she was able to out beat her dark side from that.

They all run up to Dinah and Prince Alvin when suddenly a little girl comes out from behind Prince Alvin… It was Raven. She looked at the crew nervous and scared…

Pearl: Raven?!

However in the middle of the pool of Lava…Leaning against the Rocky stony remains of the tall Tower that once was the Watchtower… Trigon was resting… Breathing slowly and all while Lightning was striking down from the sky… every few seconds in between. Trigon soon looked up and Looked ahead. He raised his hand and with his one nail… Opened a rip into the sky and saw space…

Several upon several upon several upon several fire demons flew up and into the rip into space….

Trigon: *Commanding his Minions* Go forth and conquer. One by one, worlds shall fall, until every being in this entire dimension bows down to worship Trigon the Terrible!

The Rip closes…

Back on the main land closeby…

Shanna: *Looking to see Raven hiding behind a slab of Debris* You Mean that her powers are gone? She can’t help?

Prince Alvin: She can’t help us. There is not really anything she can do… but watch.

Jack: Well… At least we still got the Ring of Azar so Trigon can’t hurt us…

Paige: *Looking Down and opening her hand to reveal a broken ring of Azar and watching it fall to the ground*

Prince Arnold: Oh Crud! Now what’ll we do.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the crew* This is it. *Balling up his fist* This is our world…. we’re gonna go at Trigon again. One last time… One final attack. It’s now time to decide. It’s either him or us. All or nothing.

Prince Curtis: That’s right. Time to send that bastard to hell and see to it that he stays there.

Prince Arnold: *Growling* That Big red freak has vowed to stay here long enough. Long enough and done enough damage. I love to live on this planet and That Slime head intergalactic demon isn’t welcome to be here. Either he leaves willingly… or we force him to. Either way… he’s going.

Raven backs away and feels frightened.

Dinah: *Looking back and walking over to Raven and kneeling down in front of her* Raven… This is your story. Your life. You have to face it. we don’t know exactly what is meant to be or what is meant to happen next… It may seem like it’s all hopeless now. But don’t lose hope. i know and believe… that when the time is right… you’ll know what to do and what must happen. It’ll be very clear to you and you’ll see what you’ve got to do. *Smiles*

Suddenly Trigon was near and raised the rock…

Trigon: *Grins* What Strange Vermin is this which find it amusing to cower beneath my rocks…

Paige: *To Trigon* Go to hell you 4 eyed bag of Demon waste of space! *Looking at her sisters* Girls! Now! Scatter and fire at him from all directions.

Pearl and Dinah: Right!

Prince Alvin: Brothers! Execute the attack!

Brothers: Right! Attack Pattern: Blitzkrieg!

Plasma-Core: *Speeding up and Running around with raging velocity; Heating up the atmosphere surrounding Trigon and Unleashing a Storm of Burning Rain* Plasma Acid Rain storm!

Electric Rage: *Appearing into the Air above Trigon and drawing friction creating a Massive size Explosion of Thunder; Launching it on Trigon* Thunder Megaton Explosion!

Water Lord: *Shooting a Water blast at Trigon* Ancient Storm!

Flaming Soul: *Blasting Trigon With Fire* Volcanic Fire Scorcher!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Blasting Trigon With a group attack* Psychic Beams BLAST!

The Girls then came back and at the spots on multiple sides… Attacked!

Miss Love: Trigon… Love is the enemy of Hate. As long as we have Love… there is nothing that you can do to hurt us. we have Love. What do you have? WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE?! *Launching an attack at Trigon* Vortex of Love!

Bubble Maiden: Trigon… Hon, You are not of Peace. You don’t have any cares for anyone you hurt. You even use your own Child. Raven is more beautiful than you. more peace loving than you and the idea that she has you for a father is the worst reality she’s ever to know. You are a Bastard. No wonder she never mentioned you even once to us. Plus Who’d want to know you? You unfeeling sack of Demon scum. FEEL MY BUBBLE POWER! *Launching an attack at Trigon* Bubble’s Worldly beam of LIGHT!

Thunder Mistress: Trigon… You say that we’re to worship Trigon the Terrible. WRONGO! IT is you who shall Worship the RHAPSODY GIRLS Z! WORSHIP ME!!! The Thunderic Fury of the Rhapsody girls Z! Thunder Mistress! TASTE MY LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE, TRIGON! *Launching an attack at Trigon* THUNDERIC KAMIKAZE RAGING KNOCKOUT!!! TASTE THIS TRIGON!!! EAT IT AND CHOKE ON IT!

Trigon: *Rising up and Looking at the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers* I Have Endured your existence long enough! *Firing a Ray at the Rhapsody Girls and Rhapsody Brothers with his Demonic Eyes*

The Brothers and the Girls were placed in a Demonic orb which was shocking them from within…

Rhapsody Girls and Brothers: AHHHH!!!!!!

Shanna: *Using her Mind to force Trigon to pause and freeze* IMMOBILIZE!!!

Trigon: The World has ended… Your time has—

Beryl: *From the air; Levitating down towards Trigon* Yoohoo! Trigon… Time to see the tables turning on you… *With The double sided/Double ended Ax; Chopping the Left Antler off of Trigon and Landing on the ground as the Antler crashes upon the ground*

Trigon Scowls and growls in pain from the attack and while in short temporary pain it released the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers from the force field that Trigon had them in…

Miss Love: *Commanding her sisters as the Chance to attack is open* RHAPSODY GIRLS GO!

Flaming Soul: *Commanding his Brothers as the Chance to attack is open* RHAPSODY BROTHERS… ATTACK!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at Trigon* Love’s CROSS!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Trigon* Bubbling WIPE-OUT!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at Trigon* THUNDERING DRAGON!

Flaming Soul: *Launching an attack at Trigon* FLAMING RAPID STRIKE!

Water Lord: *Launching an attack at Trigon* WATER BOMBS DOWNPOUR

Plasma-Core: *Launching an attack at Trigon* PLASMATIC- CLINGING STING!

Electric Rage: *Launching an attack at Trigon* ELECTRIC CHAIN REACTION!

Jack:*Launching an attack at Trigon’s Eyes* ICED PUNCH!!!

Shanna: *Launching an attack at Trigon* …. *Summoning for Molten Rock to come gushing out from the ground* …. *Using her mind to turn the Air Surrounding Trigon into a hellish Inferno; Chanting a spell* “Magmatic Power… Hear my cry… unleash your merciless fury, that can not die… Let the burning rage that lies within… come out… and Rain forth inescapable Pain” *Using her mind to bring the Molten Rock to the sky and create a hell Storm*… *Unleashing the Massive Downpour of Hell’s fire at Trigon* Magmatic HELL STORM DOWNPOUR!!!

The attack knocked Trigon back a bit and knocked him down… IT got him to growl in pain and Hiss with agony!!! While they attacked Trigon… Trigon tried to strike back and tried to fire his heat beams at the Rhapsody girls and the Rhapsody Brothers plus the Allies and was getting bombarded by each attack. one by one as it came…

Raven: *at a distance looking over* I don’t believe it… They’re actually hurting him.

Beryl: *With the Double ended Axe now Flaming* Trigon, For the Record. I am the Queen of the Dark Kingdom. I am NOBODY’S SERVANT… EVER! YOU DON’T RULE ME! EVER! *Tossing the Axe at Trigon and Chopping off his Right Antler or Horn*

Trigon began grabbing his head in pain and Backing away a little towards the molten Rock and Screeching in Agony…. The girls all landed and so did the Brothers beside Beryl and hoped that Trigon would cower back… but Suddenly Trigon changed his move…

Trigon: *Growling in Anger* ENOUGH!! *Firing his Eye beams at Beryl Knocking her back*

Raven: *gasps and panics* No!

Trigon then fired the beam of his eyes at the Girls and the Brothers and Prince Alvin tried to run away and miss the beams… but it got them all… Within seconds the scene was with all the fighters on the ground knocked out…

Raven: *Looking scared and running towards Dinah and Prince Alvin* Oh No… NO!!!!
*Suddenly Beside Dinah and Prince Alvin* Dinah… DINAH!!! Prince Alvin… Please… *trying to shake Dinah and Prince Alvin awake* Please… Get up! Don’t leave me… Please Get up. PLEASE!!!

Trigon: *Walking over towards Raven and Looking down at her* Farewell Dear Daughter. *Angrily firing his beam at his own daughter*

As the Beam came down… It was thought that it would be the end for Raven… but that was when something happened and within a fast mystical flash… a white forcefield surrounded Raven and Raven miraculously gained some of Trigon’s power. White energy…

Raven: *Looking at her hand and gasps shocked* What?! How?…

Trigon: *Looking at Raven* You may have retained some of my power, Dear Daughter… But you can never hope to defeat me… You are still no threat to me, Little girl. *Bowing down a little* I am your creator… Your master… You live to serve only me. You only have survived till now because i Allowed it to be so… Seriously… What hopes does a mere child like you think that you can even muster or digest in defeating your all-powerful FATHER?!

Raven *Looking Down and suddenly with anger; Glowing by her eyes* You may have created me Trigon… *Now back in her Mature form; in a white Cloak* But you were never my father! *Angry and serious; Fires a beam of White Light straight at Trigon*

Trigon was knocked back by it and Raven started to fight back… beating him back all while doing so… The Girls all got up and so did the brothers and Looked at Raven in Shock…

Pearl: *Gasps*

Trigon: *Turning back and facing Raven* You retched Insignificant little girl! *Getting blasted by Raven’s White Beams of Light*

Raven: *Walking towards Trigon; Firing Blasts of White light as she walks towards Trigon and standing up to him*  Fathers Are Kind,  Fathers protect you… Fathers Raise you. *Watching Trigon screech in agony*  I was protected by the monks of Azarath… I was raised by my friends. The Rhapsody Girls Z! Their family… They are my family… This is my home… And YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!!!  *Rising up as she absorbed the power from them and with her Gem Blindingly glowing white, her hair lifting up on the sides…and her cloak levitating in mid air around her; In the Air and facing Trigon; Launching the Attack Sending Trigon Away* Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!!!

Raven then became a White Raven and with blinding hot light… smeared Trigon and Vanquished him into nothing. as he vanished… the Earth was returned to how it once was. It was returned to normal and renewed back to how it once was previously. The lively color came and there was life throughout the planet. reversing all that Trigon done….

Once done, Raven came back down Gently and smiled…

Raven: *Landing and Standing on the ground* …

Paige: *Stunned and in awe* Raven, that was…

Prince Avery: … Unbelievable!

White Raven: No, it wasn’t. *Hugs Dinah* Somebody believed.

Dinah: *Smiles* Welcome back.

It was a day later when the city came bustling back to life as it once was.

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Dinah: *Kissing Shingo* Shingo… I so missed you. You have no idea how much i missed you.

Luna: Well… Don’t forget me. I was worried sick about you guys. I couldn’t sleep or think without worrying that something happened to you.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: And also what the hell was the big idea working with that evil witch Beryl? She can’t be trusted and yet… you were partnering with her. WHY?!

Dinah: It was the only way. She was with enough Intel on what Trigon was doing or was planning to do. I had to take my chances. I know that she’s a snake and can’t be trusted… but if it wasn’t for her… We’d still be in hell. this what you see here would still be gone. Hate her still as we like. but if nothing else… we have to give her kudos for that. she helped lead me to where Raven was. and i got Raven back. Brought her back to us all.

Luna: I suppose. I just don’t trust her. Beryl’s always got an alterior motive to all that she does. You know that better than anyone. I know that. always had. For god’s sake Dinah… She tried to kill you and your little ones 4 times. 4! You almost died once because of her. I don’t know about you… but i wouldn’t trust her at all.

Dinah: I get that. The circumstances have changed though. It’s not what it was before. Beryl… Let’s just say that for the first time… she’s become a Villain that has showed morals and presented restraints.

Shingo: That’s good. I’m rather shocked to hear that. But impressed.

Prince Arnold: *Cheers* Alright… Four eyes is gone to the great beyond of hell… His evil minions are history… and… We have just saved this world and the whole doggone universe in the process.

Prince Curtis: There’s only one thing left to do now…

Pearl: And that’s… What, Exactly?

Prince Alvin: What do we usually do after we win a big feat like the one that just got had… We Throw a party…

Dinah: …

Raven: *Walking out into the room* You know what… For the first time… i am up for a party… let’s have it somewhere. Anywhere.

Dinah: I know… I know exactly where we can have it.

Paige: Where’s that?

Dinah: On top of the Daily planet. The rooftop of the planet. It’s got a spacious view.

Pearl: Well… If that’s where we’re having it… we better prepare and make some party food for the occasion.

Star: Yes. I so totally agree.

Christie: This is gonna be a wonderful party.

In the backyard…

Zeke: *Sighs* The ordeal is all over.

Martin: Yeah. It sure is. It gave us all a run for the drama. Didn’t it?

Zeke: Yeah. It did.

Martin: You know… After dealing with a massive event like the one that we all just endured… you kinda get a better look at your life. Zeke… I know that for most of this ride… i’ve been giving you a whole lot of shit. Lots of it and attacking you Verbally. Physically and even with making you feel like you would never belong. I should be the one who didn’t really belong with anyone… I was in love for the first time when i saw Luna. Something about her just made me feel as though i was seeing beauty. I never really liked girls that much till her. She and I were wonderful… we started as best friends… Well… Close friends… then best friends… then loving couple. A Girlfriend and boyfriend material. It was just perfect. But then she started slipping and met you. You and your habit at that time and it got her into it at that time till a few months later… Yeah. I know how dumb it is to hound over it. I know… But i was so malicious around you because i thought you were just some vagrant at first looking for someone to be with him in the habit and ruin them only to leave them all hang alone. That’s what i felt for the longest time… but i guess that it took something like this just barely past ordeal to shake me loose and get me to realize that life is fragile and valuable. Spending it hating a person for just an insecure feeling and be threatened by a person who is just like me in a way other than the idea that he’s been abused in the worse way… it makes a person feel pathetic. Luna loves you and left me… I pushed her away. I know that it’s gonna take a long time before she can forgive me in any way.

Zeke: Hey… it’s all in the past. We should just start anew with all this. That mess came… it happened. it ran its course. Don’t worry about it. It’s fine. You were being a total ass to Luna. That’s why she still has no fondness of you. But in time things will be healed. Just take some time at a distance. Let time do it’s thing.

Pamela: You guys should know that starting the next week… things will be more alive again. Things will be back to normal. and we’ll be busy with school again. Right?

Penelope: I already am thinking on 4 book reports to do and make a run in getting high grades.

Ted: I am thinking about doing some writing myself. Maybe write on my expertise of being a seer. Experiences and such.

Karen: That’d be a good idea. Why not? You have alot of useful data to use as you’ve been through it just the same as we have.

June: It’d be kinda cool to read that. I know that i’d read that.

Jake: Where’s Luna?

Jennifer: I don’t know… I think that she’s still inside with her sisters.

Jake: And i think that she’s been doing that habit again.

Jennifer: What are you talking about? The habit? Says who?

Jake: I don’t know… but when we came back from the Enterprise… she smelt a bit off.

Jennifer: Well… Spend some time on the Enterprise and see there being no tub or shower on that ship… it being a few days or so without cleaning oneself… and see how you’d be.

Jake: Good point.

It was only a couple hours later when things were set and they all left for the huge party… The party was large and hopping. Or was gonna soon be…

On the rooftop of the Daily Planet…

The Rhapsody girls and the Rhapsody Brothers, Jack, Luna, Their friends and Allies all were there… It was a hopping party. Although Dinah was at the one far side for a while and looked onwards into the city…

Dinah: *Sighs*

Raven: From the look on your face… i take it that Beryl slipped away again.

Dinah: Yeah. She did. But if she ever shows her face again… we’ll be ready. Although when me and her spoke… while she lead me to where i could rescue you and find you again… I made it clear that she can do anything she wished… whatever she wished to me and us… but if she came near my Daughters for any reason… she’d be living to regret it.

Raven: One thing i don’t seem to have all figured…

Dinah: What do you mean?

Raven: How do you do it?

Dinah: *Looking at Raven* Do what?

Raven: After everything that happened, everything I did, how did you still manage to hope it could all work out?

Dinah: Because of you. You don’t realize it, Raven, but you’re actually the most hopeful and responsive person I’ve ever crossed and come to know. From the day you were born, they said you that you were evil intent and that every fiber of you was walking talking evil, that you were created and sired to do unspeakable things… Horrendous things. But you proved them all different… You wished for more. You dared to hope that you could be a hero. A real hero. A proud one.

Raven: To be honest… i kinda thought that it was all over. But… Now…

Dinah: You have your whole entire life ahead of you now. You can shape your own destiny. Your own fate. deciding what it is that you’re wishing to do with your life.

Raven: *Smiles feeling assured* I guess… When it gets down to it… in the end… There really isn’t an end. Just Brand new Beginnings.

A second later…

Raven: *Heading over to the others* So… Are we having a party here or what?

It was then that the festivities began. They all hung out and just spoke about a multitude of things. Their lives and where they were bound to go from where they were now. Spoke about the wild ride that they all had been through for the past year. The many things they spoke about was the Habit Luna had… the Abuse she was subjected to… the friends she made. The friends that they all made throughout the ride. The Allies they had join them. The Villains that they went head to head against. The girls all laughed about it. The guys all nodded and smiled. Paige spoke of what her future was gonna be like. What she planned to do. Pearl didn’t speak about hers as she already had it set and planned out. Christie did too. As did Renee. Prince Alvin on his part announced that he’d be from now on Just Alvin. Alvin Ronald Rhapsody. Which was fine to them… as they were thinking that it was a time to change. Prince Avery became Avery. Prince Arnold became Arnold. Prince Curtis became Curtis. Luna on the other hand thought about her future and thought about how many kids she wanted to have and the type of career that she was shooting for. Each of the girls spoke about it. What they planned. Also the fate of Raven. What she was gonna plan on doing in the future. She was part of the family… but they knew that someday… they would have to let her go. Of course… they had some musical #’s to play and the girls they had joining the party were moved to do the music #. Raven also secretly provided a J-Pop band and the famous band Protozoa. They were there too…

A Minute later…

Minako: *Singing* “I Love you Baby Baby
RAITO keshite
Baby Baby Kiss wo shite
Baby Baby
Romance kizuite
HORA kakuretenaide
HORA hajimaru wa

Kyou wa otenki na no
Mado utsuru anata
Koi wo kizandeku DAIARII
Demo nanika sukoshi kyori kanjiteru wa
Anata watashi no mune ni
Kagi wo kakete shimau wa
Deaeta kiseki wa
Guuzen ja nai no ni
Dakiai hada ni shigekiteki
I Need you Baby Baby
RAITO keshite
Baby Baby Kiss wo shite
Baby Baby
Romance kizuite
Baby Baby hoho wo yosete
Baby Baby kimagure ne
Baby Baby
Sore de mo tanoshii
HORA kibou ga mieru
HORA kagayaku ne!

Nee kikoeru desho
Haru iro no kaze ga
Koi wo ai ni kaeru toki ga
Yatte kita no
Mou jirettai no yo
Soko ga suki da kedo
Anata watashi no mune no naka de
Dakishimechau wa
BIKKURI na anata ni
Ufufu tokimeki to
Mou tomerarenai no yo
I love you Baby Baby
RAITO tsukete
Baby Baby Kiss wo shite
Baby Baby
Romance hajiketa
Baby Baby kizuita no ne
Baby Baby tawamure yo
Baby Baby
Anata ga soba ni iru
HORA kane ga kikoeru
DAARIN dakishimete
Sora RIBON iro

I Need you Baby Baby
Baby Baby kuchibiru ga
Baby Baby
Romance furueru
Baby Baby hoho wo yosete
Baby Baby kimagure ne
Baby Baby
Sore de mo shiawase
HORA kibou ga mieru
HORA kagayaku no
HORA hajimaru wa!”


Minako: *Singing* “Yoake mae no
Kumo ni kinsei
Anata to futari
Mitsuketa ne

Himitsu no koi
Dare ni mo iezu
Sotto sora ni
Kieteku ka na

Toiki de kaze ga kawaru
Kimochi wo hoshi ni tobasu

Tsutanaku hakanage na
Konna omoi mo
Mirai de umarekawaru

Asa no hodou itsu made mo
Te wo tsunaida yo ne
Wasurenai kara ne
Itsuka wa dakishimete ne
Zutto zutto suki da kara
Namida wa misenai
Atarashii koi dekiru ka na
Kinsei mitete

Madogiwa ni yoku
Suwatte ita
Kanojo ga iru koto

Katagoshi kusa no nioi
Kimochi wo nigirishimete

Setsunaku modokashii
Konna kimochi mo
Itsuka wa hana ni kawaru

Yuugure made kakete yuku
Kagayaki no egao
Tsuite yuku kara ne
Ashita mo mata waratte
Zutto zutto kurushikute
Namida wa kieta no
Atarashii koi mitsukeru wa
Kinsei mitete

Tsutanaku hakanage na
Konna omoi mo
Mirai de umarekawaru

Asa no hodou itsu made mo
Te wo tsunaida yo ne
Wasurenai kara ne
Itsuka wa dakishimete ne
Zutto zutto suki da kara
Namida wa misenai
Atarashii koi dekiru ka na
Kinsei mitete”


Rei: *Singing* “Hin’yari hanabira wo nigirishimeteru
Eien ga tsuzuku you na kumo no kirema
Mieta ki ga shita no 

Futatsu no yume
Fureru yubisaki
Namida mau haru no hi
Riyuu nanka mitsukaranai
Sugu tachidomaru
Tsuyoku nareru no?
Itsuka wa

Zutto sagasu shiroi tenshi no sugata
Kitto futte kuru
Atarashii watashi kureru hane

Kazahana tsuretette maboroshi no EDEN made
Koko de nara sukoshi dake wa
Sunao ni nareru ka mo ne

Kamisama nante inai
Dakedo dareka shinjitai
Ima wa mada otona ni naritakunai
Sakura fubuki hisoka ni

Murasaki RAIRAKKU kaoru koro ni wa
Tooi yuki no kioku wa
Massara ni sarasara nagareteku

Zutto ou wa
Kono fukai mori no mukou
Kitto matte iru
Issho ni aruite kureru hito

Toori ame yo yande
Yozora ga mite mitai no
Koko de nara toki ga tomaru
Shoujo no mama de itai

Kamisama nante inai
Dakedo nanika shinjitai
Sonna koto omou
Oborozuki yo
Sakura fubuki toketeku

Kamisama nante inai
Dakedo dareka shinjitai
Ima wa mada toki wo tomete
Otona ni narenai kara

Kamisama nante inai
Dakedo nanika shinjitai
Sonna koto omou
Sakura fubuki toketeku”


Protozoa: *Singing* “Zoom Zoom Zoom
Zoom Zoom Zoom

Stargazing mega fact you hit me like an cosmic blast
Giving me a technicolor world
Putting me in overdrive speed of light I’m so alive
Could you be my super nova girl?

Instant planetary Mega Stellar Hydro static
Theres no gravity between us 
Our love is automatic

Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl
Zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom 
My super nova girl
zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl
zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl

Visions of your pretty face
Send me into hyper space
Caught up in a Planetary world
Breathing in your give me air
I’m living off your solar flare
Could you be my super nova girl

Instant planetary Mega Stellar Hydro static
Theres no gravity between us 
Our love is automatic

Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl
Zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom 
My super nova girl
zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl
zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Instant planetary Mega Stellar Hydro static
Theres no gravity between us 
Our love is automatic

Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl
Zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom 
My super nova girl
zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl
zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl”


Perfume: *Singing* “make a night flight
have a nice flight
make a night flight
have a nice flight

chicchai haguruma mawashite
kurukuru kamiau futari wa
3 2 1 de (3 2 1 de)
take off from the base (take off from the base)

dandan chikadzuku no sunrise
motamota suru to okureruwa
3 2 1 de (3 2 1 de)
take off from the base (take off from the base)

itsumoto chigau kakudo kara mita
kono keshiki ga fushigi de
mado ni kao chikadzukete
atashi no koto sasou no
tobikonde ii no kana
parashuuto no tsukaenai
kimi to no koi wa shigekiteki de amaiwa

make a night flight sora ga kirakira
have a nice flight yume janainda ne
make a night flight wakuwaku suruwa
have a nice flight mukau saki ni wa
make a night flight kumo yori takaku
have a nice flight nani ga mieru kana
make a night flight asu ni tsunagaru
have a nice flight hoshizora o koete

okkii puropera mawashite
kurukuru sora tobu enerugii
3 2 1 de (3 2 1 de)
take off from the base (take off from the base)

dandan chikadzuku no sunrise
motamota suru to okureruwa
3 2 1 de (3 2 1 de)
take off from the base (take off from the base)

itsumoto chigau kakudo kara miru
kimi wa nandaka suteki
sukoshi kao chikadzukete
tobitatsu no naito furaito
ano ko ni wa makenaiwa
parashuuto no tsukaenai
kimi to no koi wa shigekiteki de amaiwa

make a night flight sora ga kirakira
have a nice flight yume janainda ne
make a night flight wakuwaku suruwa
have a nice flight mukau saki ni wa
make a night flight kumo yori takaku
have a nice flight nani ga mieru kana
make a night flight asu ni tsunagaru
have a nice flight hoshizora o koete

make a night flight

make a night flight sora ga kirakira
have a nice flight yume janainda ne
make a night flight wakuwaku suruwa
have a nice flight mukau saki ni wa
make a night flight kumo yori takaku
have a nice flight nani ga mieru kana
make a night flight asu ni tsunagaru
have a nice flight hoshizora o koete” *Music fades*

Was it the end? Or was it just the beginning of a new chapter in the ever growing life of the Rhapsody Girls Z! The Adventures were gonna go on… The world was renewed and the Evil Tyrant Trigon was vanquished. There was nowhere to go for them… nowhere but up. Up… Up and away. What was the future gonna be like for them? Was it destined to be happy? Or was there gonna be Drama that would cause a rift within their clan? What new Adventures were there in store for the Rhapsody Clan? The Rhapsody Girls Z!? Find out what new Excitement is in store for them in the next adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

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