Trigon Reigns Part 4

So far in Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Raven:  *Voice* The ancient order used the name “Scath” to protect the true identity of their master. We know him as Trigon. Trigon is coming. The way he gets here… is through me. Trigon………… Is my father. *Walking with her friends as the Eclipse begins; Falls*

Dinah: RAVEN!

Flashing to another point…

Raven: I’m not just a person… I’m a portal.

Flashing to another point…

Beryl: *Standing before Raven and with a line of fire behind her* The Portal Must be opened! *Leaping ahead and grabbing Raven’s Wrist; Inserting the inscriptions in more*

Another flash…






Trigon: *Turning to look down at the Mortals* The Earth… Is… MINE!

Flashing to another point…

Dinah: I know what we saw, but I still can’t believe it. It just doesn’t feel like Raven’s really gone. She just can’t be gone. It’s not possible. It can’t be.

Beryl: *Voice* That’s because she isn’t gone.

Beryl: Just so you can rest on ease… Your friend, Raven can still be saved.

Flash to the next…

Dinah: *Nods* I’ll Bring Raven back… Promise!”

Out on the surface…

“Get up! GET… UP”

Paige in seen in the center of a crater that rested in between some ruined buildings and sights of the river were in sight. The Sky’s were looking even redder and were now a little darker than before. She groaned and looked around her as she sat up slowly…

Paige: *Looking dazed* Uh… What the hell was that?

As she continued to look around her and trying to come to…

Dark Miss Love: *Crouching down and looking over the one slab of ground at Paige* Why must you feel the need to rise up? We both know that the end has just arrived.

Paige’s Dark counterpart then fired a shot at her and blasted her…

Paige: *Gasps*


On the surface…

Prince Arnold was being pummeled by his dark half. Blasted by his Dark half… Dark Prince Arnold continued to shoot water blasts at him and knocked him into the nearby rocks and boulders. They were fighting at each other with one shot after another. Prince Arnold tried to evade the shots that came at him and unfortunately got hit by a couple strong blasts…

Prince Arnold: *Hitting the ground* OWWW!

But that was when Prince Arnold started to get up and look at his Doppelganger… He was aimed to fight back. He aimed at his dark counterpart and blasted Multiple shots at him and fired dead center at his dark half…

As for Pearl…

She was being put into the walls and into the ground. Her dark counterpart fired at her with dark bubbles and soaked her… Grabbed at pearl with force and Smashed her into the other side of the walls… the ruined buildings all cracked from the impact. Each hit stronger and more intense.

Bubble Maiden: *Growling* What the heck are you trying to do? Demolish the place any more than it has been already? You need to chill out.

Dark Bubble Maiden: Not likely. First… you have to go. *Punching Pearl in the gut before sending her into the nearby poles* Say goodbye. *Firing a major blast at Pearl and knocking her into the poles again harder*

But Where Paige was…

Her Dark half Knocked her from the sky and into a crater. Paige fell into the crater and slammed the ground hard. She started to get back up but felt a lot of pain in trying as the fall took alot from her. She tried to get up and she knew that she would have to. They all needed to in order to keep Trigon distracted so it wouldn’t be found out that Dinah and Prince Alvin were going to get Raven…

Dark Miss Love: *Laughing at Paige in a mocking tone* Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I laugh at your pain! Ending your existence is so endearing! I love it.

Miss Love: *Getting pissed and Turning back to face her dark counterpart* THIS IS NOT THE END! BACK OFF! *Lounging at her dark counterpart and driving a hard shot of hearts at her dark half*

But it was then that her dark half retaliated and Shot back with a deadly shot. Knocking her down. It didn’t kill her, although it did manage to Sting her. Big time. Paige laid on the ground and Looked back to see her dark half coming closer…

from the stone throne…


Trigon: How Amusing indeed. You Mortals provide excellent entertainment. However fighting for your lives is rather sporting but yet seemingly pointless. The Ring of Azar may very well shield you from my wrath… for now. But you’re soon to be defeated by your own personal demons.

Miss Love: *gasps while seeing her dark counterpart aiming to fire a mortal blow at her*

Shanna: *Walking in through a portal of fire* Hey… Trigon… Do someone a lovely favor and shut the hell up. You are showing your ignorance.

Trigon: You have no power over me, Mortal.

Shanna: Wanna bet? *Using telekinesis on Trigon* Freeze. Stun… Numb.

Trigon: *Shaking off the attack* Pitiful Mortal.

Pearl and her counterpart went on beating one another up. Sending shots of bubbles at one another. Pearl was looking more beat-up than her counterpart was. But she couldn’t give up. She had to fight for her life. Fight for her kids. Jack was close and he was squaring off with his Counterpart. He was however winning. Which was a plus. He was the only one winning against his counterpart…

Prince Arnold was still fighting his dark side. Knocking him back and forth. Kicking into him… But his counterpart was also doing the attacking. Sending waves of dark water at him. It was starting to look completely hopeless for him. It was only a second later that his dark half came to him and pummeled him and then grabbed him before trying to subdue him while then trying to push and force Prince Arnold’s head into the molten rock. He pushed back and retaliated with a hard punch and sent him flying back several feet…

Paige pressed on trying to fight back with her counterpart and flew around and attempted to try and evade the shots that were coming from her counterpart. But her counterpart then aimed a direct shot at her and got her. Paige crashed and smacked into the ground. Prince Arnold walked on over and tried to blast back at his counterpart which was near a waste. he got blasted and knocked out. But only got up seconds later and Shook off the attacks.

Pearl was also pounded into the ground and kicked hard…

Dark Bubble Maiden: You lose. *About to aim and fire at Pearl* Too bad momma ain’t here to kiss your boo-boo and make it all better.

Prince Arnold: I really hate to let that bastard have his heyday… I hate to say it, but four-eyes has a point. My butt can’t take much more kicking. Not like this… I would love a good brawl anytime against a villain. But this is far from what i wanted in a fight. This is a Violent bloodbath.

Miss Love: It can take more… and it will. You and the rest are not gonna quit. It’s not an option. We need to do everything we can to keep Trigon occupied.

Bubble Maiden: *Walking over while feeling a bit banged up* As long as his mind and all-seeing eyes are focused on us… He won’t be looking for our sister Dinah and Prince Alvin. *Suddenly being blasted in the back* Ahhhh!

Dark Bubble Maiden: Wanna bet on that one, rag doll?

Dark Miss Love: *Flying up over to Trigon*

Miss Love: No! NO!!!!

A second later…

Dark Miss Love: *Whispering into Trigon’s ears* They are trying to keep you occupied so that…

Trigon: I know.

Prince Arnold: He knows?

Bubble Maiden: He knows… He’s just been toying with us the whole damn time. pulling a village idiot act to make us think that he didn’t know.

Trigon: I was aware of this rescue mission of yours before your minds could even conceive it in your heads. And therefore known from the beginning that your plan was of no threat to me.  You happen to fail with comprehending the depth of my power. You fail to understand the departure of your friend.  Some remnant of my daughter may yet exist, but the Raven you knew is lost forever.

Miss Love: Trigon, Why don’t you stuff it? You never have been and never will be Raven’s father. Raven hated you. Everyone hates your ass… You’re nothing but an Evil son of a Bitch. Your Evil is nothing. But our power is something you’ll never beat. This is our world.

Bubble Maiden: And I myself am a mother now… You are about to face a pissed off mother. You are all Evil? Get the hell over yourself. You’re nothing. Get out of our world, Trigon. Get out or i swear as a mother battering anything that seeks to threaten her offspring that you will regret it. I don’t care how tough you are. You get out… or we’ll force you out. What’s it gonna be?!

Trigon: You have no power over me, Mortal… As i know my daughter… i also know the life that she tried in vain to keep. I know about you, Paige… Pearl. You may try to withstand my wrath as many others have tried. And failed upon doing as much. But the power you have is of no worry to me.

On the Enterprise…

On the Bridge…

Kirk: *Monitoring the main controls of the ship*

Uhura: Capt! I think that we got something coming in…

Kirk: What is it?

Uhura: Trigon. He’s known about the rescue attempt that the girls were plotting. He was only toying with them and making like he hadn’t known about the plan when he actually already knew.

Sulu: He’s been playing them?

McCoy: Well… Trigon is the Inter-dimensional demon.

Spock: The girls found Raven… but there is a bit of a problem. One that seems saddening for them. The Raven they had found is a young girl. A child.

Sulu: But it’s still the same Raven that they knew, right?

Spock: No. This girl that they found is without a memory of them. She is clearly with no memory of who they are.

McCoy: You mean that they searched for the Raven that they thought was there and got a young girl instead of their Raven?

Uhura: It’s the same one. The girl’s got the gem on her forehead. The same one that the Raven they knew had.

Sulu: Then why doesn’t she remember them?

Spock: I think that in her subconscious mind she might remember who they are… but she’s likely to be so scared that her mind is telling her to panic. and remain in fear.

Uhura: Well… What ever they intend to do… they better do it fast. The girls down there are losing. Their dark halves are over taking them and they might not make it for much longer.

McCoy: At least we now have the two girls beamed up where it’s safe.

Kirk: Precisely.

In Besaid…

Wakka: Things are starting to look up for the girls. ya. They found their friend Raven.

Lulu: Yeah. But don’t you think that there is something way off about the girl right now?

Wakka: What do you mean, Lu?

Lulu: What i mean is doesn’t the girl look rather…. Young?

Wakka: *Looking at the sphere* She does look rather young. What do ya’ suppose happened to her, eh? Why is she looking like that?

Lulu: It must be from the after effect of her becoming the portal and fulfilling the Prophecy of her Birth. Since she’s fulfilled it and released Trigon… The after effect of her fulfilling the prophecy… is her being reverted back to a young girl. Although it won’t help the girls. Raven is without a memory of who the girls are.

Wakka: You think that it’s the doing of Trigon the Terrible?

Lulu: It could be… one of the 3 girls have got her as does their cousin. But the girl doesn’t seem to remember them. She’s scared… and terrified.

Wakka: What do ya suppose they’ll do, eh?

Lulu: I don’t know. However… they should think about hurrying. Because the rest of them will not hold out for much longer…

Back on Earth…

somewhere in the underworld of Trigon’s world…

Dinah: *Walking closer to Raven* It’s okay… I’ve come to take you back. back to where you belong. With us. Your friends.

Young Raven: *Turning away and running off. Crawling through the foxhole and fleeing*

Dinah: *Running after Raven* Raven… Come back. Don’t go. *Going into the hole and chasing after Raven* Don’t be scared. We’re your friends. It’s me… Dinah!

Young Raven: *Running away*

Dinah: *Running closer to Raven and catching up to her* Hold on… i’m not gonna hurt you. *Sliding down on the slope ahead trying to remain close by Raven… trying to catch up*

Young Raven continued to run off and got into a small crack in the nearby wall and stayed there. Dinah saw where Raven went and moved over to her and tried to reach out her hand…

The End III

Young Raven: *In a Scared position and frightened; Raising her one foot up and Kicks Dinah back* Agh! *Grabbing her robe and running off*

Young Raven ran off and tried to get away. She started to make way to go deeper into the cavern. but lost her footing and nearly fell to her doom…

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in mid air within the cavern to catch Raven*

Young Raven: *Falling to her doom* AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Dinah: *Cries out* NO! RAVEN!!!!!!

Prince Alvin: *Extending his arms out and his hands Catching hold of Raven* Gotcha!

Young Raven: *Shaking in fear* Who are you? You caught me… How— how could you do that?

As soon as Prince Alvin made it back to the trail and got to where Dinah still was… Watching, Prince Alvin put Raven down on the ground. gently…

But as for Beryl…

Down deeper where it was a little hotter than the rest of the Underworld…

Beryl Made her way down deeper and descended further on down to the end of the path till she reached a chamber. She fell a few times and had to fix her face… but she was bound and determined to regain her flesh and blood back…

A few short seconds later…

In the Chamber…

Guard: The hollowed journey of your fated vessel ends here. What you seek cannot be reclaimed.

Beryl: Perhaps… *Fixing her face* but it’s not like I have anything left to lose. this is all that’s left of me.

It was seconds later when the Guard swung it’s death Axe and knocked Beryl down… The battle for her Flesh and Blood began…

Back on top at the surface…

Bubble Maiden: *Crashing from the sky and Falling hard into the ground which her fall creates a crater* Ahhh!


Pearl tried to get back up and slowly crippling while trying ached as she crawled a little out of the crater only to seconds later get confronted by her Dark half…

Dark Bubble Maiden: *Aiming at Pearl and prepared to do a finishing shot* My dear girl… This is the final shot you’ll ever see.

Bubble Maiden: *Exerting herself and suddenly grabbing at her dark half* Alright. You Vengeful son of a bitch… you want to really fight? You got it… You’re gonna find that you just pissed off a Mother and you’re gonna regret every moment that you saw of me. *Flying up and With fury Punching at her dark half in the face… repeatedly; In the Air and levitating; Spinning around and around with her Dark half and seconds later tossing her into the rocks*

Pearl was now pissed. She has had enough and was now gonna let loose on her dark half. Her Dark half was seen hitting the rocks and crashing hard. She got up just barely when pearl suddenly came and looked at her face to face…

Bubble Maiden: *Facing her dark half* You are tougher than me… you beat me enough… and saw that i was out of it but still kept going… now it’s my turn. Unlike you… i have light. and i care about people. I might have issues like you claim… but unlike you… i don’t fuckin’ dwell on them. You however do. That’s what makes you literally nothing like me. I can always come to see the bright side of things. no matter how grim or devastating or grotesque it might be. I am also a mother. I have a reason to keep going. There are 3 girls i have that are gonna need me… Need their mother. That’s why… Dark half… That is why i will keep fighting and keep going. You can never beat the power of a mother. Ever. Nor the power of Love. and the power of a family. My kids need me and i am gonna be there for them. To guide them and raise them. To provide for them in every way possible. You will never beat me… I won’t let you.

Dark Bubble Maiden: *In defeat* Okay… Okay… You win. You win. I give. *Falling to the ground*

Pearl’s Dark half then turned to light and shot into the sky before sky rocketing back down and smacking into Pearl. Pearl beat her Dark half…

Prince Curtis: *Getting Battered by his dark half* Ouch… *Throwing Electricity at his dark counterpart and smacking into him hard* GO AWAY!

Dark Electric Rage: Make me. Make me go away…

As for Paige…

She was flying up and evading each of shots that were coming from her Doppelganger and believed to make it away in order to land a few shots at her dark half when out of nowhere her dark half came looking at her and grabbed her…

Dark Miss Love: *Looking at Paige* Today is the day that you were destroyed. Your Love can’t save you. Your mother ain’t here to come to you… to protect you. *With a hand aimed to shoot at Paige* Say goodbye! *Firing a semi-fatal shot at Paige head on*

The shot hit her head on and sent her crashing into the ground at a Mach speed…

Prince Curtis: *Seeing Paige hitting the ground hard and battered* … *Gasps* Paige!

Prince Arnold: *On the ground and Throbbing in pain* DAMN! I knew that i was tough… But not this tough.

Prince Curtis: You’re not. I could kick your butt any day of the – *Gasps*

Paige: *Getting up a moment later and walking over with a likely solution* If we cannot defeat ourselves, perhaps we can defeat each other.

Prince Curtis: Are you serious? Beat each other’s Doppelganger?

Prince Arnold: Why not? If we can’t beat our own and they have the same power we do… Then we should attack each other’s Doppelganger. beating it with the element they can’t take. Prince Curtis… You’re Electric. I’m water… and…

Prince Curtis: And water is the worst foe to Electricity…

Jack: *Walking over* You thinking what Paige is getting at?

They all share a nod and grin. Leaving their Doppelgangers in shock. Guess what… The tables have turned on them now… Go fighters. GO!

Prince Arnold: *With Prince Curtis, Paige and Jack* SWITCH!

Prince Curtis: *Looming at Dark Water Lord* Come and try me water bug. I’ll show you a reason to have shock protection!

Dark Water Lord: *Lashing out at Prince Curtis; trying to fight back*

Prince Curtis: *Snickers* Nice try… You’re now a soaked mess. But electrified. *Shooting Electricity right at Dark water lord*

Dark Water Lord: *Electrocuted and falling to the ground out for the count*

Prince Arnold: *Taunting Dark Electric Rage* Come and get me… Come on.

Dark Electric Rage: *Launching himself fast towards Prince Arnold*

Prince Arnold: *Ready for the impact* Oh yeah… oh yeah… Come and get it… Come on. Allow me a glimpse of your thousand watt smile.

Within seconds Dark Electric Rage came at him and made a shot at him with Electricity only to get shocked and shorted out by Prince Arnold… It paralyzed him and sent him crashing to the ground…

Paige and Jack went at their Doppelgangers and nailed them hard. Jack nailed Paige’s Doppelganger and Paige Nailed at Jack’s… It sent them both down for the count and with no more strength coming from them to fight back and make another strike… they laid there in defeat. Seconds later… the Doppelgangers all turned to red lights and energy and shot up fast into the sky and combined before changing into 4 streams of light and shooting right into the fighters one by one. The brutal brawl with the dark counterparts was over… Won.

Prince Arnold: See? That’s all it takes… fighting power with power. There’s always a way. *Winks*


Trigon started walking over…

Prince Curtis: *Seeing Trigon looming over to them* Um, he’s coming over here! I really don’t like that he’s coming over here! I think that we’re about to be in some deep deep shit. We’re gonna be in really deep shit.

Trigon: You’re Victory is with no meaning… *Furious* You have merely prolonged your suffering. The world of Mortals has ended…  The World belong to… *Bringing his left claw down and digging at the ground; opening up a fissure/chasm* ME!

Prince Arnold: *Scoffs* Uh… really… Trigon? Temper tantrum much?

Trigon: You Mortals don’t stand a chance against the might of TRIGON THE TERRIBLE!

Miss Love: You sure about that…? You just keep telling yourself that. You’ll actually sooner than later have it hit you… that you might be the one that goes bump in the night. But only to see that we are the ones who’ll bump right back.

Jack: *Looking down and seeing a nightmarish swarm of minions coming up and forming; flying up* Uh… Guys… I think that we better run. NOW!

Prince Arnold: You don’t have to tell me twice. I’m outta here. *Running off; flying away fast and making a run for it*

It was seconds later that the fighters all turned the other way and ran and flew off. They were being chased… RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!

Still halfway down within the caverns…

Prince Alvin:*With Dinah* Raven, You can still fight. It’s not over. We can bring you back. You don’t have to give up hope.

Dinah: Raven, Don’t you remember us? It’s me, Dinah and Prince Alvin. We’ve come to take you back.

Young Raven: *Afraid* I’m scared. I’m lost.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs and smiles to ensure Raven that everything is gonna be alright again* we know. We’re scared too. It’s the end of the world. and your father is out in the world… wreaking havoc. But we found you again.

Dinah: *Looking at Raven* Come on. Grab my hand… *Holding out her hand towards Raven* It’s gonna be okay. We promise… we are not giving up and we won’t let anything happen to you… We can help you… but you have to let us. so we can help. we can’t help if you don’t let us.

Young Raven: *Nods while feeling terrified*

Dinah and Prince Alvin then look around and Find a Small boat close by to use to get to a cliff that can be easily climbed and leading to the outside… Back to the whole gang…. As soon as they docked on the side only a short distance away…

Dinah: *Getting out with Prince Alvin and Reaching for Raven’s hand*

A minute later…

Prince Alvin: *With Raven holding onto his back* How about a story to pass the time. *Telling Raven a Story* This is a story of Raven. She was a strong and powerful fighter. A great friend. She was even brave. She was the friend to the Whole Rhapsody Family… to the Rhapsody girls and to the Watchtower. We fought monsters and Villains and kept the city of Metropolis safe. standing up for all the innocent people. being there. But even though she was doing good for the city and doing the right things and being a hero. there was something inside her. inside her telling that she was destined to do bad things. unspeakable things upon the world. From the day that she was born… She was told that in the future something bad was supposed to happen…

but as he was telling the tale… a Chasm opened up and released a hoard of fire demons. and creatures that suddenly rose up. Prince Alvin looked up and saw the rocks above were coming loose and blowing out. Dinah was sliding down as she was losing her grip… but with her wings…as she was still in her hero form somewhat… Prince Alvin saw as a few rocks came down and he regained his grip on the rocks just barely but Raven lost her grip of him and suddenly fell down to her doom… she started falling…

Young Raven: *Falling down* Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Dinah: *Gasps and panics* RAVEN!!!!!

Young Raven: *Continuing to fall* Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Dinah: Cousin… Teleport to the cliff over on the other side of this Chasm… i’ll get Raven. She’s not gonna die. i’ll meet you over on the cliff across from here… *Calling over to Raven* Hold on Raven… I’m coming! *Letting go of the cliff and Diving down as fast as her wings can glide and grabbing for Raven; Grabbing at Raven* I’m coming! *Snatching Raven and holding on to her* I gotcha… it’s okay. It’s gonna be alright. I promise… it’s fine now. *Flying high and making it fast over to the Cliff a few feet away*

To be continued…


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