Trigon Reigns part 3


In the underworld…

Beryl and Dinah were now a little further in the Underworld and deeper within… they were walking a narrow path when all of a sudden a part of the path fell from under them and sent them both down to the lower level Which was where they were needing to be… Beryl fell and nearly banged her one arm. But she only got back up a few seconds later…

Beryl: *Holding her arm as she turns to face Dinah* You know… it must seem to appear as though you find this amusing… seeing me weak… Desperate… Vulnerable. It must overjoy you, Dinah.

Thunder Mistress: *Looking Cross* I came here to save Raven and bring her back to those who cared so much about her and still do.  I didn’t come here to pity you and baby you. Now… which way.

Beryl: I believe that this is to be where we shall part company and go our own different ways… You’ll find what you seek behind those doors over there. *Pointing to the doors not far up ahead* It’s along that path.

Thunder Mistress: What about you?

Beryl: What i seek happens to be residing in a somewhat hotter place.

Thunder Mistress: That’s it? No double cross? No cryptic threat of some kind?

Beryl: I kept my word as i swore that i would. How about a little gratitude? Dinah, I may be a Villain… but i happen to know when to be somewhat lenient when the situation arrives.

Thunder Mistress: This won’t change anything. But i will go easy on you for the time being since you managed to lead me to at least here. And i’ll be fair. But in the future… you can try what you like. Whatever you like. anytime. But… I will warn you that if you come near my kids for any reason and i hear of it… All subtleties will cease and it will be you who’s gonna have an issue.

Beryl: I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

Thunder Mistress: *Sighs* I’m gonna deny that i ever did this… But… *Shaking hands* Thanks for your help. I couldn’t have gotten to here or to this point without you. Where ever it is that you go… You be careful. Don’t get into too much danger.

Beryl: You too…

Within seconds they parted ways and Dinah made her way up the path that would lead to possibly finding Raven. It was when she was a little ways down the path that she started to get a strange sense that something else was in the area. besides her. She was by herself… or was she? She started to walk past the few columns of  stone poles when suddenly she saw or heard noises go on behind her…

Thunder Mistress: What’s that? Who’s there? *Looking around her for any noises besides her* ….

Seconds later…

A few fire minions formed from out of the stone poles and loomed over…

Thunder Mistress: *Using her Thunder Weapon and using it as Thunder Blades* Alright… I think that we have had just about enough of you guys. You guys must multiply like rabbits. each time we vanquish you… more of you just happen to sprint up out from the ether. *Lodging her Thunder knives into the fire minions; cutting and slicing into each them with the knives*

But as she was cutting them down and tearing through them…

Prince Alvin: *Close by* …

It was only a few seconds later when Dinah got done nailing away the minions when she heard voices nearby. She thought that it was some other creature and was about to attack when…

Thunder Mistress: *Knocking into a shadow; Not knowing it was Prince Alvin*

Prince Alvin: *Speaking out* Dinah… Wait… It’s me. Stop!

Thunder Mistress: *Pauses* Huh?! Prince Alvin?

Prince Alvin: Yeah.

Thunder Mistress: *Getting up and backing up a little* Oh god… What the hell are you doing here?

Prince Alvin: Following you, of course. *Getting up and shaking off the dirt* Dinah, what’s the big idea knocking me down? Didn’t you happen to see me coming?

Thunder Mistress: No. I didn’t see you coming. The last time i saw you… you were with the others and you guys were all moving to go at Trigon the terrible again.

Prince Alvin: Uh… the others are… but there is something else that you might not have heard yet… but will.

Thunder Mistress: What?

Prince Alvin: They’re right now facing their Doppelgangers.

Thunder Mistress: What? What do you mean by that? They’re fighting their…

Prince Alvin: They’re facing their dark sides. Trigon’s done it. He did something that electrocuted them and something came out from them… Dark counterparts to them. Trigon’s been sitting and watching. Watching the torture.

Thunder Mistress: *Sighs* Damn it.

Prince Alvin: We need to find Raven. She’s got to be here somewhere…

Thunder Mistress: this is the end of the line here… that building over there is the end of the line. If Raven’s not there… it’s over.

Prince Alvin: That means just that we lost her and there’ll be no way out of this hell.

Thunder Mistress: And we’ll never see our kids again. That’s not gonna happen. We’re gonna find Raven. We’re not giving up. Even if it takes till doomsday or till hell freeze’s over. We’re gonna find her.

Dinah presses on and search the path for signs of Raven. Prince Alvin follows along side. They soon reached the end of the path and came across a ruined church.

Prince Alvin: What’s this church doing here? Is this church meant to be here?

Thunder Mistress: I don’t know… But i think that we might find what we’re looking for inside.

Prince Alvin: So we happen to hope. *Not seeing Beryl around* Say… Where’s Beryl? Isn’t she supposed to be here?

Thunder Mistress: Yes. But she gone to a place that is a bit more hotter. What we did was not just get Raven back… But to also save her.

Prince Alvin: Talk about reading the fine print in the agreement.

Thunder Mistress: There isn’t much that we can do now about it… all we can do is just hope that things go well for her. That’s all. But now that we’re here… we might as well do what we came here to do. Find Raven…

Prince Alvin: Exactly.

Inside the ruined church…

Thunder Mistress: *Looking around* Where do we start?

Prince Alvin: We start from the one side… and then to another side. work our way to the middle.

Thunder Mistress: You do that… I’m gonna start at the center. There is signs that someone’s been here.

Prince Alvin: But who? This place looks like it’s been abandoned for ages.

Dinah looks on and sees that there is debris up ahead and sees that the roof caved in from that spot ages past.  She walked on and listened to any signs of life being inside the building. Besides her and Prince Alvin. She only walked a little further when she heard footsteps running…

Thunder Mistress: *Calling out to whoever was inside with them* Hello? Who’s there?

Suddenly Dinah caught glimpse of a robed figure running by. Whizzing on by…  Dinah didn’t know what it was that she saw but she knew that it was possibly something that they’d be looking for.

Thunder Mistress: *Following after the robed figure* Wait! *catching sight of the robed person down through the cracks*

Dinah followed the robed person and watched as the figure Jumped down another step and just then stopped. Dinah got close and pulled up the Robe off the figure to reveal…

Thunder Mistress: *Gasps* Oh my god…  *Calling over to Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin… Get your cantankerous behind over here… You’re not gonna believe who it is that i just found…

Prince Alvin: *Running over* What… what did you… *Catching sight of a young girl with a Gem on her forehead and looking just like Raven* find? What the…? What…. W-w-w-w-w-who is that?

Thunder Mistress: Raven?

Young Raven: *scared* W-w-w-who are you?

Thunder Mistress: I don’t think she recognizes us… *Looking at Prince Alvin* When Raven became the portal… she reverted to this little girl. She is so scared. Trigon must have really screwed with her mind so much that she’s scared of every human… everything.

Prince Alvin: Maybe he did… Maybe he didn’t. I don’t know what he might have done to her… or not have done. But she’s not running. I think that she’s… *Looking at the young girl* I think that she’s trying to remember us or trying to figure out who we are.

Thunder Mistress: I don’t know if she happens to be the same Raven we knew… she’s so young… Scared. The poor thing is literally terrified.

Prince Alvin: So? what’ll we do?

Thunder Mistress: We should watch what she does and see if she remembers us. We believe that she may remember us… However… i don’t think that it’s gonna be easy on her. I think…

Prince Alvin: You think what?

Thunder Mistress: I think that she might just remember us but is right now so full of fear. and terror and is so scared to death that it’s blocking her sense to remember who we are. or what anything is.

Prince Alvin: What do you suggest we do about it? Stay here till she does seem to come out with what she remembers of us? We can’t very well stay here. The others are still on the surface facing their Doppelgangers and are probably getting knocked senseless. And they’re expecting us to come back. Soon. I don’t know how much longer it’ll be before they reach the end of the line. But if we don’t hurry… there’ll be nothing left of them to go back to.

Thunder Mistress: Raven… It’s us. Your friends. Dinah and Prince Alvin. We’ve come to take you back….

On the Enterprise…

In the Rec Room…

Luna: *Walking in to see the Headlines popping in* She found Raven. Dinah’s found Raven.

Zeke: You serious? Awesome. That’s out “Danger Zone”. We knew that she’d find her. We just knew it. We were just trying to hold on to the belief. But she’s done it.

Alice: They found Raven. But the thing is that they didn’t really find her. The Raven they found is the younger version. A Young girl who looks like Raven. But isn’t the one we all know.

Karen: What do you mean? Is she… or isn’t she, Raven?

Alice: Um…

Ted: *In a trans and having a Vision* It is Raven. But the only thing is that the girl is driven in fear and terror where it’s preventing her from remembering them or anyone.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Concerned* What do you think is gonna happen now? Are they gonna be alright?

Pamela: I don’t know. None of us do.

Penelope: What do you think will happen now to them since they got Raven back even though… She’s not exactly looking like she usually would?

June: We’re not so sure of what to think. Maybe, Penelope… they’ll try to remind her of all the things that she did and what she was about. How she made a difference in everyone’s lives.

Karen: That’s right. Some of us… or all of us had met her. She’s a really wonderful friend. I remember the one time that we were talking and just for the first time wondering about the new guy. *Looking at Zeke* You… Zeke. When Raven came and…

Karen Flashes back…

“Raven: *Standing before them* Luna, Martin… Come on. Time to go home.

Luna: *Looking to see Raven* Hey Raven.

Martin: Hey Raven. It’s been a while since we last seen you out and about. What’s up?

Zeke: *Looking at Raven* Whoa! Who’s that?

Luna: That’s a good friend. Raven. Raven from a place known of Azarath. She’s half Human and Half Demon. She’s really Amazing. Just don’t get her angry and in Rage… It won’t look so good. Just so you know.

Zeke: Wow! And she lives with you and your family. and your friends? Impressive. It is quite intriguing.

Raven: Yes… But if you were to know who my father was and know that i was the Gem…. You would be backing away. So to spare yourself with the sanity… please don’t ask so much about what i am.

Zeke: I’ll be sure to keep that in mind till it is that i am ready to know everything about you. But i’m sure that Luna and i will talk and she’ll relay the details to me from time to time. A Little bit.

Luna: *Nods* But discreetly.

Raven: Luna… come on. we should get you home. Dinah’s gonna be there in an hour or two to make Dinner for you. But she’s wanting you home.

Luna: Okay. I’ll catch you later, Zeke.

Zeke: *Smiles* okay.”

Martin: Don’t remind me… i know that moment. It was before your trip down dark path Alley and our slow or step by step relationship destruction. But i remember that… We were all talking about Zeke… Zeke was there with us all too. He was being all subtle. And was surprised at seeing Raven.

Zeke: I sure was. The moment i saw her… I believed her to be like some wonder. She was really cool.

Luna: Plus that afternoon after i got home that day after I first met Zeke and spoke to him and about Martin and everything…

Luna flashes back…

“Luna: *Smiling over the idea that she met a new friend* Zeke is so cool. He is rather alone though. I feel so bad for him because he’s been abused by his parents and he’s got to live with the memory of it. Also a Habit. He’s 13 and smokes. He Admitted to it. I think that he even is in love with me… but seems to not want to push because he sees that my heart is with Martin and doesn’t want to ruin that.

Raven: That’s nice. But you should be careful as to how close you get with this new guy. You should give it time before you hang with him so much. It’s still too early to be with feelings for Zeke if you happen to have certain feelings for him.

Luna: *Gasps* How did you know that i had certain feelings for him?

Raven: Uh, Luna… Remember… the Gem…. you’re conversing with someone who’s got the ability of Empathy and Astral Projection. I can read your thoughts. I heard what you were thinking. I know about it. But it’s okay. You don’t need to think about it too much right now. Just try to tell yourself that you’re seeing him as no more than a friend. Just keep your mind clear of him. Martin is your love. Hurting him would be like hurting your heart’s right to be happy.

Luna: You’re sure insightful. Raven… but, you’re right. i should just keep it as just Zeke being a very close friend. To think of him as any more than just a friend would be too complicated.

Raven: very. But they do say that sometimes Love is blind and at times… Rather complicated.

Luna: Don’t i know it. I am only 13 and it’s already feeling like i have a heart that is feeling for 2 people all at the same time. it will get pretty difficult to just choose one or the other. Not when the new guy that you meet is somehow a total dream. it’s like your heart goes into overdrive. to where you don’t know whether you’re either overheating and full of bliss or if you’re in actual perpetual love and you just want to hug and kiss the person your heart is yearning for…

Raven: *Tilting her head to the side* Eh……”

Luna: That was at first and before the change. She grew to liking Zeke more over time. And Martin and i pulled apart. because why… He just didn’t have any liking for Zeke.

Zeke: I know… It’s amazing as to how she just read your mind like she could tell right off that you were thinking of something. She also did it to also let you know what you were liable to risk at the time and friendly warn you. Raven’s done so much… How anyone can forget that… is beyond me. Raven may forget or not seem to remember now… but i bet that in her mind… she knows. and can recall.

Christie: *Worried about the girls. Sure hope that the girls are alright.

Star: Same here…

Back on Earth…The fighters were still beating back their dark sides… But were getting closer to reaching their last stretch of strength. But now with Raven found… things would be looking up. But there was a problem… Raven had been reverted to a young girl. With no memory of who they were. Would Dinah and Prince Alvin be able to get her to remember her life and remember who her friends were? Would Raven be able to come back to how she once was? Find out in part 4 of the 5 part series “Trigon Reigns” Of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…



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