Trigon Reigns Part 2


On the Enterprise…

In the Rec Room…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: The girls are down there and they’re losing… aren’t they? My Daughters Paige, Pearl and Dinah are down there and are being beat by Trigon.

Luna: That’s not all that’s going on down there, Mom. There is also the Villain that had a hand in all that’s gone on.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Luna, Stop i don’t want to even hear of that woman’s name. I know that she’s there. I would so much wish that i had a way to attack and really let her have it.

Luna: Same here. But what can i do? I am normal. There isn’t anything that i can do. I am a normal girl and those days of me being this senshi… are long gone and are all over.

Zeke: Luna, you’re not gonna go down there. You’ll die. As it is… we still don’t know what happened yet down there. We see that the world down there is of fire. But that’s about it. We know that there are a few survivors. Of course that is only a spot on guess. What could be really on down there is hell. If you go down there… You’ll die. They’re your sisters and you want to help them. You’re worried. But there is nothing we can do.

Pamela: And this is news to us, why? Zeke, we have no involvement with what’s going on down there anymore. The people out on the Bridge are not telling us a thing about what’s happening. we could guess all we like. But we don’t know jack. We are lost and with no clue.

Shingo: Dinah’s down there… and there is something else. *Reading the Marquee* She’s partnering with Beryl to search for Raven.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Shoots up and Shrieks* WHAT?!

Shingo: I am not kidding. It is happening. Dinah is following Beryl to go look for Raven.

Luna: What would she do that for? Looking for Raven is okay… but why would she go and do it with Beryl? Is she losing it?

Karen: I don’t think she’d lose it. I think that she’s with no other alternative. We’re reading the headlines that are being read from Earth and from what is being told… I think that she’s doing the only thing that can be done. It’s to get Raven back.

Christie: Dinah has to be kidding herself if she thinks that Beryl can ever be trusted. Beryl is not to be trusted.

Star: Like we don’t know that? Come on. Christie, you’re talking about something that we all have known. we all know about Beryl. She made 4 to 5 attack attempts on Dinah. trying to kill her unborn kids and her.  She tried to kill and there was this one time where i felt like shit because when Dinah was supposed to be sitting out of the one battle that her sisters and cousins were dealing with revolving Beryl. Dinah pulled a sob tale… which worked me over and i caved and just let her go. Dinah could have gotten herself killed and gotten her babies killed. Thankfully… she didn’t. She made it and pulled a good enough display of Anger and fury and beat back Beryl. But the fact of the matter is… that she could have been killed. And if that were the case… it would have been my fault. All my fault.

Christie: Star… stop. It wouldn’t be your fault. You and i… we… we all know what Dinah is like when she gets up to the wall with rage and fury. Every time that something got to her and made her really mad… She would come out with her claws aimed at the target. She’d nail the one who got her pissed.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You might want to fault me for that part then. Because her temper… She got from me. Although… she used it in better ways than i ever could. Way better than i ever could.

Luna: I’m gonna walk the halls and think about the girls down there fighting Trigon. They’re in need of help… There has to be someone who can help them. Someone’s got to know what to do about that Demon and send him back to where he came.

In the Bridge…

McCoy: So… What’ll we do? We can’t just tell the passengers about the situation yet. The way that the mother looks over it all now… it’ll send her off the edge.

Kirk: I know… but the problem has only gotten worse down there. We just got in contact with Watchtower’s orbiter. And the view that it’s receiving… isn’t good.

Sulu: Dinah has gone to partner with a Villain. Beryl.

Uhura: We’ve picked up Audio from the Orbiter and it seems that Watchtower on Earth… is gone. It’s been desecrated.

Spock: Although there are life forms down there still. 3 surprise life forms that were thought to be exterminated by the attack from Trigon. There are 3 sisters to the girls. Betty, Angel… and Shanna.

Kirk: If they’re there… they are gonna be lucky that The Demon doesn’t catch them.

McCoy: But what can they do? Didn’t we get told the last time we were on Earth that Betty and Angel were the Angels of Heaven and represented the light and dark of Heaven?

Sulu: I would believe that we were told of that and that the 3 girls explained that to us.

Spock: We should beam them up, Jim. If they are down there and alive… those two will only be casualties as they have no power.

McCoy: *Looking towards Spock* How might you know this?

Spock: It is not how i know this, McCoy. It is a factual Scientific Hypothesis. Both Betty and Angel are with the powers of Heaven itself. Betty is the light of heaven and Angel is the Darkness of heaven. Two sides. But now that since Heaven is pretty far dead… They have no power. In a not so scientific deduction plus to speak in cliche… They’re right now sitting ducks.

Kirk: We have to locate them and beam them up. Sulu, try to locate and get a fix on the location of Betty and Angel. We need to beam them up. Now.

Sulu: Right away, Captain…

On Earth…

Beryl was leading the way and leading Dinah on the trip to rescue Raven… But soon would come to a door…

At the Huge Stone door with the Mark of Scath on it.

Beryl: *Stopping and Looking towards Dinah* Before we press on further, Mrs. Rhapsody. A Warning. If we manage to succeed which i will not guarantee that we will. But if we make it. I can’t honestly swear that you’ll come to like what you find.

Dinah: *Stern and serious* I will take my chances. I don’t care what happens at this point. As long as we find Raven… that’s all that will matter at this point.

Beryl: As you wish. But don’t say that i didn’t do the decent thing and try to warn you. *Turning to the door and starting to push against it*

Dinah: *Walking over and helping with opening the door* This door is gonna be a tough one to budge. Looks like we need power to open this door.

Beryl: And you’ll be suggesting what exactly?

Dinah: That we use our power to open the door.

Beryl: You’ll need your hero form in order to do this.

Dinah: Right.

A second later…

Dinah changed into her hero form and Nodded…

Thunder Mistress: Okay. You and I have to blast right at the door. Hit it with a strong blast.

Beryl: A Strong blast. Okay. On three?

Thunder Mistress: On three. I got to say that i haven’t really practiced my Partial Japanese in a while…

Beryl: *Grins*

within seconds…

Thunder Mistress & Beryl: Ichi… Ni… Mittsu! *Firing a strong blast at the door*

The Door then blew open and revealed a chasm. a river of molten lava. Streams of Molten rock pouring down the sides of the rocky walls of the cavern. Beryl and Dinah walked in stopped at the ledge looking onwards…

Out by the ruins miles away from where they all fell after the first failed attempt at going at Trigon…

Betty: *Moaning in pain* Ohhhh…. the pain… That hurt.

Shanna: *Barely Moving* What’s going on?

Angel: *Getting up* Not sure. But if you were wondering what’s going on with the world right now… I’d say that Casstiel and Gabriel. they lost. It’s over. The portal opened and The demon is out. we were trying to see to prevent it. Or at least the girls were. they all tried and it failed.

Betty: So what? There isn’t anything that we can do… Powers of heaven are gone. there is no heaven anymore. It’s hell. My obvious powers… They don’t work. With no heaven… there is no Angelic Raven. Nor is there any Angelic Darkhand. It’s over for us, Angel.

Shanna: *Slowly stirring* why are you being so damn grouchy?

Betty: Because it helps, Okay? Plus… i have an Atom splitting headache.

Shanna: The only thing keeping us living is the fact that the Demon doesn’t know that we exist. If he knew… We would be dead. We are right now where he can’t see us. or find us. That’s our out. that is how we are gonna stay alive.

Betty: What about the others? They’re gonna need help.

Angel: We can’t help… can we?

Betty: Without the Heaven’s influence. we are useless. We’d just be two examples of collateral damage. Nothing more than that.

Shanna: I can still fight though. I have powers of rock… Fiery molten rock… and Psychic Telepathy.

Betty: That means that you can stay… but we can not. we have to leave. We can not stay here. We’ll only be in the way if we stay here…

As for the fighters…

The 3 girls stayed behind on the main land to fight off the rogue Fire minions while the Rhapsody Girls, Rhapsody Brothers and Jack went at Trigon. Prince Arnold teleported to the side of Trigon’s head and Unleashed a mass blast of water into Trigon’s ear and added pressure as he sprayed into the ear.

Trigon: *Yowling and bellowing out in Agonizing pain*

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Paige* Ready?!

Miss Love: *Nods* Ready. Do it.

Prince Avery: Paige… Pearl… we’re gonna Grab you and spin you fast and make to toss you in towards Trigon… Once you get close enough… You Blast him hard and blast him fast. You let him have it hard. Okay?

Pearl: Got it.

Prince Avery: Let’s do it, Brother. Time to knock the demon down on his bloody arse!

Jack: *Blowing frost at Trigon’s eyes and freezing them over*

Within seconds, Prince Alvin and Prince Avery grabbed Paige and Pearl and spun them fast like lightning and got more speed in spinning till it was at a high charge. Within seconds they reached top speed in spinning Paige and Pearl and it was then that they Tossed them right at Trigon…

Miss Love: *With her sister; Flying fast at mach speed towards Trigon; At a close enough range and stopping to a halt before Blasting Hearts at Trigon with Force* LOVE’S FORCE!!!

Bubble Maiden: *With her sister; Flying fast at mach speed towards Trigon; At a close enough range and stopping to a halt before Blasting Bubbles at Trigon with Force* BUBBLES STRIKING CANNON!!!!

Prince Curtis: *Firing Electricity at Trigon* Hey Trigon… Merry Christmas. Here’s some love from your local friendly Electric Man. Electric Rage says… He’s gonna put a shock to your system. *Firing at Trigon* ELECTRIC WHIPLASH!

But as they were firing at Trigon, Trigon managed to fire back and send them down to the platform below them…

Jack: It seems that we now have gained his full attention…

Prince Arnold teleported back and felt a little slimy as some of the earwax that came out of Trigon’s ears… splashed on him and it was rather gross.

Prince Arnold: Kindly remind me to never do that again… I don’t care if it’s to get a big beast’s attention. Demon Earwax is by far truly sickening and disgusting… *Still shaking off the Earwax* God… This stuff is really vile and unsanitary…

Trigon: *Glaring at the fighters with disgust and anger*

Miss Love: *With her sister and cousins plus Jack* …. *Turning around with her sister and Cousins… plus Jack* …*Smiling up at Trigon* Hello. Miss us?

Trigon was pissed and within seconds of him staring at the fighters in fury, Fired a mass stream of Molten rock at the fighters and it was said to get them… or did it? When the smoke cleared… there appeared a red force field shielding them and protecting them from Trigon’s power. It was the power of the Ring. The Ring of Azar. Sitting on Paige’s one finger. It caught Trigon’s attention and got him rather shocked for only a brief second before…

Trigon: *Intrigued; With a furious sneer* You carry a ring of Azar. No doubt a relic from a former minion. *Sitting back down on his throne* It matters not. Fighting you is beneath me.

Trigon with a whisp of an eyelash and a blink Created a Mark of scath to form from under the fighters and shocking them with red lightning. It extracted the dark side from them and pulled out a dark half from them one at a time… The only one it didn’t do it to was Prince Alvin. He was spared of the pain. He made a plan on going to find Dinah and Beryl. he was gonna go find where they were and tend to them…

It was then seconds when the smoke cleared that the brothers and the Rhapsody Girls looked to see themselves. But the ones who looked like them were dark. They had darker colors on them and all were grinning sinister.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at his Doppelganger* Uh… I think that i could have looked a little more fuller than that.

Prince Avery: My Dark half looks like a Brit that just lost his zest.

Prince Curtis: My dark counter part doesn’t look bad. He’s even got the same smile as i do.

Miss Love: My dark half looks like a slut. Is that what my dark side really is like?

Bubble Maiden: My dark side looks like a snob. She is so snooty.

Jack: And my dark half looks like a real sadistic imitation.

Trigon: *Laughs and cackling* Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha heh heh heh heh heh heh heh! *Looking at the fighters* I may be the source of all darkness, but you are your own worst enemies!

Dark Bubble Maiden: *Flying over to Pearl and looking her in the eyes* You know… dear rag doll… Your friend Raven… She wasn’t the only one who had a dark side. *Blasting at Pearl and shooting her up into the air*

Dark Miss Love: *Facing Paige and grins* …. *With energy pulsing through her hands and ready to attack*

Prince Avery: *getting ready to fight* we don’t have time for this… *To his dark side* but since you are out… wanting to fight. then let’s bloody get with it.

Prince Avery’s Dark half took to it and made off with charging towards him and poised to strike…

On the Enterprise…

Sulu: We found them. Betty and Angel are by the Ruins of the Metropolis University…

Kirk: We can’t teleport to them… but maybe we can send a signal that they’ll recognize.

Spock: That might work.

But as they were talking…

Luna: *Coming into the bridge* What is going on down there on Earth, guys?

McCoy: Nothing much… Except that we still can’t get in touch with your beacon of hope… The Watchtower.

Uhura: what ever has happened down there… took out everything. there is no signs of life anywhere.

Spock: The only life forms down there are your sisters, Paige, Pearl and Dinah. The Rhapsody Brothers, Jack, Beryl… sadly. Then there is Trigon. But 3 other life forms too that seemed to have at first eluded us. But now… we detected them. Betty, Angel and Shanna. Shanna can still fight as her abilities still work. But Betty’s and Angel’s Do not.

Kirk: That is why we are planning to beam them up here. Where it is safe. If they get spotted by the demon… they will be in danger from the demon.

Luna: They come… I’ll go to earth.

McCoy: No. You are staying here. too… You are not going down there. there is nothing that you can do down there.

Luna: If i were still a fighter. A hero. I would be able to do something. However since i became human. All human… I am powerless to do anything to help. That means… i have to sit and watch as my sisters possibly get killed off. That is really awful. This is one of those times where i wish that i still had means of fighting back.

Uhura: We know. You used to be able to fight. but now can’t. You had to make a very large sacrifice. But this is just how it is now. There is nothing that you can do. If you go down there… you’ll be hurt. in Danger. The girls down there now are fighting for their lives right now. They may be at risk of dying.

Sulu: *seeing the details coming in from the data given from the Orbiter* I think we might have a problem, Capt.

Kirk: What? What’s the situation?

Sulu: There are more signs of life on Earth now… but it’s not good. the new signs of life on Earth are the same as the original.

Spock: Two of each fighter.

Luna: Any way to get a fix on it and get a shot to show on screen?

Uhura: We can try.

McCoy: Whatever is going on down there is not good. It’s not looking good down there, Jim.

Kirk: It’s getting only worse down there.

Sulu: And given that since there is two of each fighter and they look literally identical and the same… It’s gonna be impossible to tell each one apart.

McCoy: let’s beam up both Betty and Angel. Before it’s too late.

Luna: *Worried about her sisters* I can’t take not knowing what’s gonna happen to the girls down there…

Although in Spira…

On Besaid…

Wakka: *Watching the sphere* Oh boy… the clan is in big big trouble.

Lulu: What are they gonna do about that big red Demon?

Wakka: What are they to do about that Demon, eh? They have no idea as to how they can beat up that big beastie.

Lulu: They can’t just be done for. They got their little ones to think of here. Their little ones are gonna need them.

Wakka: It’s looking bad over there. Now they have to fight not only that demon who is refusing to fight… but now also their dark sides. It’s a nightmare, ya.

Suddenly the young ones start to cry as they feel something wrong going on with their parents. Baby Serena started getting fussy and throwing a temper tantrum. She was sensing that something was going on with their mother Dinah. She sensed it. Baby Raven only cried over the mention that her mother was partnering with a Villain. She could sense it and wasn’t happy.

It took an hour to calm them down and it was when the little ones were calmed down that they’d been rocked to sleep.

As for Dinah…

Back on Earth…

Within the cavern leading to the underworld…

Thunder Mistress: *Getting into the boat with Beryl* So why did you do it, Beryl? Was it for the money? Although with being underground serving that bastard out there… i can’t see as to what you’d need the money for. Maybe you did it for the Status? Could it be for those dark powers?

As they were sailing and Beryl rowing the boat…

Beryl: Not everything is so… cut-and-dry, Dinah. I would figure that someone like you would have the sense in knowing that.

Thunder Mistress: Oh really? The whole ordeal with going after Raven to make her succumb to the Prophecy. Taking away from her… Everything that happened to mean alot to her. Then above all… You… Selling out our world for your own personal sick gain seems rather much pretty cut-and-dry to me.

Beryl: Dinah, Not everything that happens in Metropolis is all me… I am not the only Villain out there. You got Mad Sam… Dr. Illumination… You have other well known Villains that are just as Vile and hellbent on Conquest or ruling. Besides that… There’s also this With or without me, there was no stopping this.

Thunder Mistress: But you still played a part. And just like everything else you’ve ever done before this. It’s made people suffer.

Beryl: *Looking back at Dinah for a second before looking back ahead* It’s what I do best. Dinah, i am made to make people suffer. Mostly you and your sisters and cousins. The Ambitions that i had… I warned you to stay out of it. But you and the rest kept getting involved. The Ordeal with the past lives and the Moon Kingdom. Was to be between me and the senshi. Not you and your family.

Thunder Mistress: You are mad about that? Can’t you let that go? Beryl. You’re to me no more than one who’s got powers that didn’t pay the electric bill. But you should know that we didn’t think to get into the ordeal. We were pulled into it. They pulled us in… as it was also affecting us namely because it was a creature sighting. Obviously a Youma…one of your very creations… i would gather… but we didn’t know what was really going on. All we knew… was that there was trouble. That’s all. We didn’t know anything else.

Beryl: The curse of the hero… Having to answer a call to action whether they want to or not.

Thunder Mistress: That’s the burden that we have. We always have had that. Since the very beginning when we first got the powers, Beryl. Look. You are not all that bad as i might have originally thought for the longest of time. But You definitely have quite a lot of issues.

Beryl: I should be offended. I should find that rather insulting. But you’re right. I am with quite alot of issues. That Prince should have been mine. But that girl took him. I to this day shall never be over that. You might say that i have had a lot of abandonment issues. I was always trying to look my best. None better. But it seemed in the end that no matter what it was that i managed to do… i’d never get the prince. He would always go right for that Princess. All i wanted was to be loved. I don’t think that it was so much to ask. I just wanted to be loved.

Suddenly sounds are heard and before they could get a look at where the sounds of moaning were coming from…

Thunder Mistress: *Seeing a swarm of fire demons coming out and swarming* Looks like we got ourselves some company.

Beryl: These are Trigon’s disciples… If they get out… they’ll breach to Trigon that we’re here.

Thunder Mistress: Oh yeah. Well… we can’t have that, now… can we?

Beryl: No.

Thunder Mistress: Okay then.

Dinah and Beryl begin to attack the fire demons. Hitting them and Blowing them away quick and with ease…

Beryl: *Blasting Purple mist and Levitating in mid-air*

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack using her Thunder Discs* Thunder Explosions!

Beryl Flipped around and jumped from one rock to the other back and forth firing and Dinah did the same. Dinah kicked at some of the Minions and sent them flying into the wall which caused them to explode into charred remains. Beryl however was able to mysteriously get creative and create a Metal purple rod imbued with dark energy and used it at the minions. She bashed them with force and evasive skill.





But more and more kept coming as Beryl and Dinah Pounded into the cluster of Fire Demons… They were backed right on to a huge rock that was stuck on mid-air. Sticking up. Dinah looked on and saw a swarm of Minions moving closer…

Thunder Mistress: Beryl, You’re the Villain Dejour…Usually. Any ideas on how to flash by these minions?

Beryl: No. I don’t. But this is getting Gruesome.

Thunder Mistress: Do tell… Do Tell!

The Minions were coming closer…

Beryl: *After being confronted by fire demons* This happens to be just what i’d see as only a minor set back. Nothing two old friends can’t handle. Right?

Thunder Mistress: You are making a very blind assumption. I am not your friend. So don’t think that this puts us on equal footing. This is just a Mutual Partnership.


The Minions began attacking for another round…

Thunder Mistress: Here we go again. *Looking at Beryl* Beryl, I don’t work with Villains. I beat them. But since we’re in this rift together. What do you say we put the issues of the past on ice and give these things a good time. Our way?

Beryl: *Impressed* Well now… That sounds like good old “Danger Zone” Dinah has become delegated and dead set on a cause. Setting boundries. You know… if we weren’t enemies normally. I’d be dancing with glee. But it sounds like a plan… Let’s teach these vile Minions a lesson!

Thunder Mistress: *Nods* … *Attacking at the Minions* AH! *Launching an attack at the Minions* Thunder Strike! *Glowing and surrounding herself with Thunder and Lightning; Forming a Cannon and a Glove of Thunder; Emitting a Charge of Thunder* Time to Feel my pain! *Launching the Attack; releasing the Energy towards The fire demons* Thunderic DEADLY SCREAM!!!

Beryl: I know that attack. You used it on me once. That really packed a punch! *Firing at the Fire Demons*





Beryl and Dinah Evaded each of the demons and knocked into them. Sliced them. Pounding them. Dinah performed the moves that she remembered from the wrestling she loved to watch after a long day in classes. She grabbed one of the demons and performed the move called the F. U.

Thunder Mistress: *Performing the attack* This Beryl is from a wrestler. I’m gonna call it… the F.U THUNDER! *Grabbing a Fire Demon and issuing another attack* The LAST THUNDER!!!

Beryl: *Nods; blasting purple mist at the fire minions*

Dinah and Beryl Hopped forward letting off somersaults and Spins. Kicks and jumps. Placing high kicks into the fire demons that were coming and swarming from both sides.


Beryl got on one rock and tried to smash into one of the minions. With her Dark powered Imbued Rod and the demon pulled on it and she could feel herself slipping towards the molten rock. Dinah looked to see and came to the rescue…

Thunder Mistress: *Flying over and Driving a fist and a kick towards the fire Minion* Okay… Fire demon… Back off! AHHHHH!


Beryl and Dinah performed Back flips and sent shots of thunder and dark energy at the minions. Pounding them with one strike after another. Beryl then came with an idea…

Beryl: *Grabbing Dinah and swinging her directly at the minions* … *Seeing the cluster of minions burst into charred clumps*

Thunder Mistress: Beryl, you took a risk and it battered a bit of the fire creeps. Great toss. Wonderful work. *Grabbing one of the fire minions left and kicking it hard into the last cluster of Fire Demons*

A minute later…

Beryl and Dinah were on the one rocky Ledge and looking out for any rogue minions to come out…

Thunder Mistress: *looking to see any more demons* Anything?

Beryl: No.

But out of nowhere a fire minion came out and loomed up towards them. Beryl Ducked and Dinah had to bash it fast.

A second or so later…

Thunder Mistress: *Grins and feeling in disbelief* I could have thought that we were to have a deal. No double crossing.

Beryl: We did. But Dinah, You know that of all things that i am a Villain. And as they say… old habit seem to die hard.

But then another one of the rogue minions came and socked into Beryl Knocking her face off. the skin off the front of her face. Dinah rammed her fist into the minion and tore it apart. It was a second later Beryl turned and looked at Dinah. Dinah took a look at her and cringed.

A minute later…

Beryl: *Getting herself fixed up a little* I really would have hoped that you’d never have to see that. It really is just a rather slight flaw in how i look. compared to how i’d originally look. A temporary condition if it suits you to see it as such.

Thunder Mistress: *Facing Beryl* What are you?

Beryl: Someone who’s at the very moment… incomplete. *Walking onwards* Time is growing short. It’d be best if we kept going.

Dinah: *Looking cross and feeling like something is up* No way. Beryl, You’re not sliding from this one. Something is not right here. and not looking so good with you. You now… trying to hide it from me… and walk off like it’s nothing? I don’t think so.  Unless you tell me what’s really going on here… You’re without a doubt… on your own.

Silence passes for a moment before…

Beryl: *Sighs and then looking at Dinah* Dinah, I don’t think it has any bars or limit over what what my luck was. I don’t have luck. Never did. It so far till now… remained the very same… my luck with apprentices is most unfortunate. *Narrating over flashbacks* Terra’s betrayal should’ve been my demise. But I to my surprise found myself with a lucky break. Someone was looking out for me that day.

Trigon: Be in my command and I will return what you have lost.

Beryl: It was rather a simple little ole’ arrangement, actually. Do a few chores and I get back my flesh and blood. However… I must admit, *A shot of her capturing the fighters and putting the pain on them* the fringe benefits were most enjoyable. A pity things didn’t work out as planned. *Showing a view of what happened to her* ….. *Setting shifts back to the present* The moral of this story? Never make a deal with an interdimensional demon without a little protection.

By that time… they were further in and closer to where they were heading to…

Dinah: You didn’t bring me down here just to save Raven. I’m also here to help save you.

Beryl: I don’t make any of the rules on this arrangement. But… A deal’s a deal.


Out on the surface…

Prince Arnold: *Running after his Dark Side* Come back here… *Firing water at his Dark Side* Stop right there, You Chicken!

Dark Water Lord: *Running on* You should talk. You’re the one running from your dark side. You really think that you had an easy time with that blonde girl Terra? She left you because you weren’t taking the initiative to fight harder for her. You couldn’t protect her like you were supposed to. Leaving her most of the time…

Prince Arnold: *Remembering what it was like when he lost Terra to Beryl and then seeing Terra turned to stone* Terra… *Growling* You take that back, you son of a bitch! You don’t know a thing about her. You are wrong. Terra was being manipulated.

Dark Water Lord: Is that what you really believe? My god you are pathetic. No Wonder TERRA DUMPED YOU! *Turning to stick his tongue out at Prince Arnold* Nya, Nya, Nya!

Prince Arnold took that to heart and exploded with anger and then before he saw what came… He let loose at his dark side.

Dark Water Lord: *Taunting Prince Arnold* Awwww! Did i happen to hurt your poor old feelings?!

Over by the dock ruins a little up the coast…

Prince Avery and his dark side plummeted into a column of crates and trailers…

Prince Avery: *Crashing into the column and then falling with force* Agh! *Getting up* Fine Bloody mess I’m gonna have. Side attacked by the darkness in me… Who would think that i’d have to fight it… Geez!

Prince Avery’s Dark side was no softie… he came within seconds from the tip of the column of crates that they crashed from and punched into Prince Avery. Knocking him back. Prince Avery got a few hits back although his dark side was able to strike at him and pull an uppercut at him sending him flying back and right into the stone canisters.

Prince Avery: *Smacking into the stone canisters and landing face down on the ground* Ahhhh! Ow! That is it… i am not gonna underestimate my dark side anymore.

Dark Plasma-Core: *Smirking* You sure are easy to beat. Where is that tough guy attitude now?

Prince Avery: *Looking up* I’ll get back to you on that piece. Right now… I am feeling the sting. I think that you over did that power. What did they feed you? Super pills? *Getting up and trying to gather his footing* Ah… *Standing and feeling the slight ache in his left arm*

Dark Plasma-Core: 28. That’s how many flaws and/or weak spots you have. That one was #21. *Motioning for Prince Avery to bring it on* Bring it.

Prince Avery: You know… I think that you’re acting a bit too tough for your own good. Don’t you think that it’s up to Prince Alvin to be tough. He’s the one that leads the Rhapsody Brothers. Not you… Or me. Although that sometimes i wish i was the tough one. or the main one of the team.  *Running over to his dark side and making off with an attack*

They fight on and land blows towards each other but Prince Avery’s Dark side happened to do the most lands of punches or blows. Prince Avery happened to be thrown a few feet back and into the broken ground. He laid there for a minute trying to shake off the blows being done to him…

Prince Avery: *Getting up and holding his stomach* God… That was not what i was expecting. Internal injuries are not what i looked into getting. My dark side is tough. But to be this tough… is just like fighting a god.  *Looking to see his Dark side making off with a taunting gesture*

But As for Paige…

Miss Love: *Firing at her Dark side* You are a real skank. You’re nothing like me.

Dark Miss Love: Oh… But i am… You are deep down… A Slut. You grew up in love with guys that were twice your age. It is a shame that your mother never knew that you were fantasizing about getting in bed with older men. You have a mind that thinks that sex is free reign.

Miss Love: *Growling* You are really a total bitch and a liar. The only slut here is you. I would never act like that. Ever. You think that you would know me… You don’t know a damn thing. *Firing a blast of hearts at her Dark Side*

Dark Miss Love: Yeah… Yeah… i don’t know you… but you sure like to hide the truth. That’s what you do, isn’t it? Just confess. You secretly want your sisters gone. Dead as you can’t stand them and their trying to steal your light. You hate them.  You are a slut and a glory hound. You will never be a clean girl. You’re a hater of your sisters Pearl and Dinah. You will never admit what you know is the truth. You’ll only hide from it like a coward. *Firing an attack at her light counter part*

They fight and fire at one another. Paige tried to fire at her Dark Side and nail her down. She knew that even though her Dark half was saying alot of bogus things… She had to realize that she couldn’t hide her real feelings. She was all about her and all for her. It got to the fact that she had to face her inner Demon. She had negative feelings about her sisters. And about her mother that she never got out. Her inner demon knew her dark thoughts. Every single last one of them. It hurt her and she couldn’t deny what was. It was not something that she could deny. There was no denying what was in her heart of hearts. Trigon was watching the fights and growing more excited. He was loving what he was seeing…

Trigon: Seeing your Misery and seeing your dark sides tearing you down to scraps is deeply amusing.  This is what’s within you. Evil. the Dark side in you pests know the real you. your flaw, weak spots and deep feelings. the dark thoughts that you hesitate on telling and bringing to the light. As i said… I may be the source of all darkness… But you yourselves are indeed your own worst enemies.

Miss Love: *Fighting back and firing hearts at her dark side*

She kept firing even though most of the shots were missing. But that was when she attempted to make a direct shot and aim dead center at her dark side. It nailed her and she looked down to see where she went but didn’t see her dark half anywhere. She landed onto the ground and looked to see a plume of smoke covering one of the pieces of rock sticking up with a small ledge… It was thought that she nailed her good when out of the smoke came her dark half…

Dark Miss Love: *getting into the good one’s head* Are you worried about your sister Dinah that much? Should i go ahead and end your worries and tell the master… Trigon where your sister is?

Miss Love: *With an angry and outraged tone* You’ll do no such thing… you big pain in the ass! *Lifting up*

They start looming in the air and flying into one another and pounding one another. Hitting each other with one blast after another…

Although still for Prince Avery…

Prince Avery was still fighting his dark half. He flew shots of Plasma at his dark half. but his dark half Grabbed at him and Kicked him high into the air and sent him plummeting into the ground. Smacking it hard. He got up and tried to attack but that was when his dark side teleported fast over to him and piledrove him into the wall of the nearest building. Prince Avery pushed him back and Sent him flying into the crater that was close to the residential portion of the ruined city of Metropolis… Prince Avery collapsed.

Dark Plasma-Core: *Teasing* That’s right… Go home cryin’ Go cry to your Momma. *Pauses* Wait… that’s right… You don’t have a mom.

Prince Avery: Neither do you. You are part of me… Remember? We have the same blood. So we’re both the same. Two sides of the same coin.

Dark Plasma-Core: Any idea as to what happened to our mother?

Prince Avery: No. But then you should know as much as i do. We never met our mother.

Dark Plasma-Core: We probably don’t even remember who she is or what it is that she was.

Prince Avery: We do have a father. King John Rhapsody. he’s been there for us and has been like a mother and a father for us. Being there for us in all the ways that a parent should. Never letting us down.

Dark Plasma-Core: *Walking over suddenly calling a truce* Why don’t we call it a truce? We can’t fight each other. Not like this. We both have issues. But our trying to beat down on each other is not gonna help anyone. It’s just gonna make things worse.

Prince Avery: I agree.

Within seconds Prince Avery’s Dark side turned into lights and Shot into Prince Avery. Eliminating one Dark side.

But for Paige…

She and her Dark Side battled and clashed heads. Firing at one another. The dark side fired at Paige with hearts of darkness. Lust hearts. Paige fired back with her Love’s Storm. She fired just as the dark side fired at her…

It wasn’t but a moment later that her Dark side snuck behind her and tried to subdue her…

Miss Love: You fire and fight just like my sister Dinah does… but you’re still like a slut. something i’d never be. Not ever.

Dark Miss Love: Thank you. *Holding on to Paige’s arms behind her and putting pressure on her; declaring* You know… With you out of the way… that guy… Reese. He’ll be all mine!

Miss Love: *Growls* He… Will Not!

Paige broke free and Grabbed at her Dark counter part and Threw her into the ground hard. with force…

Although… for Pearl…

She was having a fashion competition with her competition. She was losing. Her dark side was being rather snooty and unfair.

Bubble Maiden: What is your problem?

Dark Bubble Maiden: There is none. I just don’t think that anyone of a lower stature can be entitled to touch such wonderful outfits.

Bubble Maiden: Says you. Who are you to decide as to who is to have any right to touch such new and expensive material? Everyone’s got that right. Even me… I made a bunch of the designs. So i say… it’s everyone’s right to get a shot at getting it.

Dark Bubble Maiden: You are also snobbish too… Deep down inside… you might be still as sensitive and still overly dramatic. But you’re also Cold. Heartless, Cruel and selfish. You’re gonna be over-priced with your fashion and be sucking the people dry. You made the designs to make yourself look good. Admit it to yourself. You are not gonna cover it up. So… do one self a favor. Stop trying.

Bubble Maiden: SHUT UP! *Firing a blast of bubbles at her dark side* Bubbling wipe-out!

Dark Bubble Maiden: *Countering* Bubbling SIN!

Pearl and her dark side come to blows… They Grab at one another and Toss one another into the buildings and tear into one another. Pearl was fearing that her Dark side was bringing to light the darkness that was inside all along. Pearl had to fight it as much as she could. She saw her darkness but had to face it and beat it. If she didn’t beat it… it would become her…

Prince Curtis had the same trouble with his dark side. He also had to face it and was coming to beat his… but had to face his darkness. The Darkness that was within him. He came to blows towards his dark side. As did his dark side coming to blows towards him. Each blow came with a stronger punch. It was getting brutal between them all… The Dark sides of all the fighters were showing off the darkness that has been within them the whole time… Cultivating and stewing inside them since they were young. Stewing and growing…

As for the 3 sailors…

Sailor Mercury: *Firing an attack at the fire Minions* Shine Aqua… Illusion!

Sailor Mars: *Firing an attack at the fire Minions* Burning… Mandala!

Sailor Venus: **Firing an attack at the fire Minions* Rolling Hearts… Vibration!

Smacking into each of the Fire minions and dodging each attack that came their way, the 3 girls fired at the minions and beat them one after another. Knocked them out. What were the fighters gonna do about their Doppelgangers? How were they hoping to beat the dark side that lived inside them harboring their deep dark thoughts and secrets? Was Dinah ever gonna be able to find Raven? Where was Prince Alvin? Was he close by where Dinah and Beryl were and close to aiding in the rescue and recovery of their friend Raven? What was the fate of Raven bound to be? With Luna wanting to help… Was there gonna be a glimmer of hope for the fighters or are the fighters gonna be forever in peril? Was Trigon ever gonna make a move? Find out what happens next as the Rhapsody girls and the Rhapsody Brother go tooth and nail and with fists a flyin’ at their worst enemies, Fight against Trigon the Terrible and Take Back their world as the 5 part series of “Trigon Reigns” in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Next chapter in the 5 part series… Trigon Reigns Part 3- Deeper into the underworld of Trigon’s world and RAVEN IS FOUND IN THE FORM OF A YOUNG GIRL.


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