Chapter 115-119 Trigon Reigns. Part 1.

Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers were all getting the last minute loose ends all squared and tied off. They were batting down the last moments before the day of Prophecy took on the Earth. It was the 31st of December and it began as the most quiet of days. But it soon turned into a final battle to prevent the end from being as it was. The end was coming but the fighters were not gonna take it sitting down. they were on the front lines fighting. Beryl came and tried to come and take the girl. But The Rhapsody girls and the Rhapsody Brothers… plus their allies all aimed to fight the minions off and beat Beryl down. They were not about to allow for Raven to be taken… However the fight was at a loss as Raven… RAVEN! Came out from the Chambers that they built to protect her and to keep Trigon away from her. Which was a fail as Even though Beryl couldn’t… Trigon could. Through the mind. got through to her and pressed her to succumb to her fate. by saying that the more she hesitated to fulfill her Prophecy, it would be her friends who’d be paying for her defiance. The Rhapsody girls and the Brothers. plus what allies that they had with them to help in the fight to out do Beryl. But they were beat by the minions. And Beryl was about to deliver the fatal blow to Dinah… but that was when Raven bellowed for her to stop. She decided to go along with her, but leaving a part of her powers with them. Giving them a fighting chance to go against Trigon. Although… doing that meant saying goodbye to Raven and they weren’t about do that. The End has finally come and Trigon was not gonna hold off through the portal. He came and it was all over. Now it was Trigon’s world. His Reign has begun and the world is at a ruin… Rhapsody Girls… Rhapsody Brothers… where are you guys? The world is gonna need you. The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Starts the Journey through hell and go against many dangers to claim back their world.  Starting with the aftermath of their friend Raven… becoming the Portal…

Raven: It has already begun. *Removing her hood from her head, pulling it down* And there is no stopping what was meant to be.

Prince Avery: You’re willing to give up everything? All because of some Prophecy you heard as a young child?

Thunder Mistress: *Not understanding* What if it’s all Wrong?

Raven: Dinah, I know what i know.

Thunder Mistress: We don’t buy that one. You can take control. You have the power to make it not happen. It doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t let it be like this. Raven… you have us… Your friends. I am your protector. I am not one to just let you go so easily.

Raven: I’ve known my whole life that this day was gonna come to pass. All about the Evil that was inside me. I tried to do good things… wonderful things. defeating crime and saving the day along with everyone. In hopes that it would make up for the act that i would one day be destined to perform.

Thunder Mistress: But Raven, No one knows their destiny. There are just things that one can’t possibly know about. No one knows for sure what their destiny is or what it could bring.

Raven: Dinah… There are some things that i didn’t know… One being as how i could make some wonderful friends. I still remember the first time that we met. that night. Halloween. You were on your way home from a Halloween party. when we first met. You thought it was the bewitching hour.

Thunder Mistress: I remember. That was a hell of a night.

Raven: The first time that i happened to meet you 4 guys. Prince Alvin, at first you thought that i was possibly a mean for danger… Which i still feel that you were right. but i just couldn’t confess. But you were right. There were some things about me that were not normal as you’d feel.

Prince Alvin: I know. I didn’t seem to give you a benefit of a doubt at first and it didn’t make you feel welcomed. nor did it seem to make me out to be the most gracious of hosts. I felt bad over that for a long time.

Raven: Don’t feel bad. The half Demon part of me is unpredictable. There is no telling as to what i would have been liable to do if i allowed that part out. at any time. That’s why i didn’t want to be too open. or let anyone into my world. My mind and see what i really was all about. I couldn’t bare having anyone knowing. None would understand. All i wanted to do was make your last day memorable. But instead… You all spent it worrying about me.

Thunder Mistress: because that’s what friends do. That’s what friends do. Remember that this morning i said that friends worry about their friends no matter what. the good, the bad and the down-right Down-trotted… It stands as it is… We are not letting you leave us… not like this. There has to be another way. There must be another way to do this. You can’t just let it take you.

Raven: *Feeling regret* I know. But i have to do this. It must be done. And as my friends… You need to let me go.

Thunder Mistress: *Desperate and suddenly taking Raven’s hand; With tears in her eyes* Raven No! You’re our friend. I can’t bare to see you give yourself up. Not like this. Not this way. I know that it’s the prophecy that’s calling this. I know that now… But… *Trying to not break down* I don’t give a damn about the Prophecy. it can go to hell… It shouldn’t have a say in what you must do. We don’t want you to go. We don’t want to lose you, Raven. If you go along with it… You’ll possibly die. You might not make it out of there and be able to come back. *About to cry as she then Pulls Raven close and hugging her* You’re like family. A part of the family… We’re not gonna give you up. You can’t go. You can’t go. Please… I beg you. Please… Don’t do this.

Raven: *Pulling away gently* Dinah, i’m sorry. I have to. I’ll never forget you girls. Ever. neither will i forget you guys… and our other friends. No matter what happens. You and the entire team… will always be remembered. No matter where i end up or what happens to me. I won’t ever forget all the times that we had together.

seconds later, Raven put up a Dark powered Barrier to block them and yet to keep them safe from the massive blast that was gonna come from the portal opening up…  Platforms rose up and lead the way for Raven to lead on to the center and align to perform the Prophecy. Fulfilling it.

Thunder Mistress: *Calling out* RAVEN!!! STOP!!!

Jack: let’s get through… We have to break through. Somehow…

Miss Love: *Firing blasts of hearts at the barrier and trying to break through*

Bubble Maiden: *Firing blasts of Bubbles at the barrier and trying to break through*

Prince Alvin: *Firing blasts of Flames at the barrier and trying to break through*

Prince Arnold: *Firing blasts of Water at the barrier and trying to break through*

Prince Avery: *Firing blasts of Plasma at the barrier and trying to break through*

Prince Curtis: *Firing blasts of Electricity at the barrier and trying to break through*

Sailor Mercury: *With Mars, Venus and Artemis; Firing at the Barrier*

Raven: *in the Center of the Hand; Chanting the Incantation and becoming the Portal* “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire…  The Gem shall be his portal… He comes to claim…  He comes to Sire… The end of all things Mortal”

Dinah: *Calling out* RAVEN! NO!!!!!

Rhapsody Brothers: *With the Rhapsody Girls; Trying to Break through the Dark Powered Barrier to stop Raven; Unable to break through*

A big boom goes off as the portal opens and the gate is wide open… With Trigon not far inside but near the gate and reaching up!

Prince Alvin: Here he comes…Hold on!

Trigon: *Turning to look down at the Mortals* The Earth… Is… MINE!”

Raven:  *Chanting* The Gem was born of Evil’s fire… The Gem shall be his portal…  *Joined by Trigon* He comes to claim… He comes to sire… The end of all things Mortal.

A big boom goes off as the portal opens and the gate is wide open… With Trigon not far inside but near the gate and reaching up!

Prince Alvin: Here he comes…Hold on!

Trigon: *Turning to look down at the Mortals* The Earth… Is… MINE!


On the Enterprise…

Uhura: *On the comm* We lost communications with the Watchtower, Sir.

Sulu: The location of Earth is gone.

Kirk: Keep trying. We need to get through.

Spock: Jim, I believe that’s gonna be distinctly and scientifically impossible to accomplish. The planet is now a desolate wasteland. There is no contact from the Watchtower.

McCoy: The Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers are gone from view.

Sulu: It’s now Trigon’s world.

Uhura: If the Rhapsody clan is still down there… They’re gonna be on their own.

Kirk: unfortunately.

Spock: ……

In the rec room…

Luna: *Sighs* The crew out there are not telling us anything.

Zeke: Maybe they know what happened and are not saying what exactly has hit because they don’t want us to freak out.

Regina: Whatever has happened out there… Doesn’t sound good.

Pamela: Do you think that the girls down there are okay?

Karen: I don’t know.

Alice: *Having a Vision coming over her* Yeah… They’re okay. I can see them. Paige, Pearl and Dinah. Prince Alvin. Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis. Jack. Ami, Rei and Minako. They’ve made it. But… There are casualties… Dean and Sam. Betty, Angel… They didn’t make it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking down* Are you sure that they didn’t make it?

Alice: I’m afraid so. I can’t seem to vision them.

Ted: *Seeing the Earth through his eyes and looking to see where Betty and Angel could be* They are on Earth. Hell now. but there is no sight of them so far. They’re probably hiding.

June: That’s probably the best thing for them to do now… Trigon has come onto the Earth and there is nothing left of Earth. Earth is now a ball of fire. It’s fire, Brimstone and no life whatsoever.

Reese: Wait a minute… Are you meaning to tell me that somewhere down there the demon is roaming around and perching himself on a Throne, Ruling the planet?

Jake: That’s More likely what’s being done down there. probably. But right now we don’t know as to what’s going on. The crew from the Enterprise isn’t saying.

Christie: Dinah is a tough person. She’s gonna be making it.

Renee: As will the others. Right?

Luna: They have to make it. They have no distractions.

Zeke: Yeah. The little ones are all safe.

Shingo: That they are. They’re all safe. They’re on Besaid Isle. Dinah’s gonna be alright. She’s got to be. They’re all gonna make it. I know it. It’s the only way that i can see it.

Star: It’s the only way any of us can see it, Shingo. We can’t see it any other way. It’s hell down there. so if they die… it’s over. there are no comebacks. They’re gonna have to be careful down there.

Martin: As if that’ll be easy for them to do. The world is shit now.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Scoffs* Hey! What your mouth. That is not something for you to say.

Luna: *Looking out the window and seeing a world of fire* I sure hope that they’re okay down there. Where ever they are…

On Earth…

In Metropolis…

The city was in ruins and the skies were red as blood. Red as Sinister and Evil. The ground was petrified. so were the people. On a slab of ground that was sticking up a Small bump of Dark energy showed and only seconds later revealed Dinah. Dinah was slowly moving as she was put in a daze for a moment. It didn’t take long for her to come to and look around to see the world in ruin…

Dinah: What the hell happened? *Rubbing her head and feeling the pain a little* Ugh! That was a real bad ride. *Looking to the sides and seeing things in ruin* This can’t be happening. Where is everybody?

It was only seconds later that Dinah got up and decided to walk on. She needed to know what happened even though the view she was seeing said it all. She looked around and felt in disbelief of what became of the planet. The world was dead…

Dinah: *Walking around the city and looking at the devastation* What are we gonna do? Shit… This is a nightmare. It’s all my fault. I could have done something. We all could have done more. Alot more than what we had done. *Looking onwards and seeing a group of people standing as stone* …. *Walking through and sighs* All these Innocent people. They never stood a chance. They didn’t even know what was coming. Not like this.

Dinah walked on and tried to listen for any traces of her sisters. and or her cousins. Or the 3 girls. But she didn’t hear anything. At least, not from any of her sisters or her cousins…

Dinah: *Hearing sounds* Hello? Anyone there? *Hearing moans* Who’s there?

She then turned around and looked for any other signs of life. But she had her back turned when a black Raven landed on a rock behind her. Dinah felt something behind her. She turned and saw a black raven. It sat there… Just looking at her curiously. Dinah thought that it might have been Raven which it could have been as it seemed to recognize her. Dinah came over to it right when it suddenly flew off. Although… Dinah, Being the one who wanted to get to the bottom of the situation followed it…

Dinah: Raven… Wait. *Following the raven believing it to be their friend Raven* … *Running after the Raven*

Dinah ran after it and wound up close to the tall building that looked exactly like the Luthorcorp building but only now was a ruin… She didn’t have her powers at the moment so she had to do the next best thing… Run and then climb. She climbed up to the top of the building and looked to see that the Raven left or vanished without a trace. She stood on the edge and looked on.

Dinah: *Worried* Raven… Where are you? Why can’t i seem to find you? *Sighs* Damn it… where could she have gone to? *kneeling down in a loss*

But before she could get up and walk to the other side… the edge of the roof collapsed and Dinah started to descend…

Dinah: *Falling* Ahhhhhhhh!

Jack: *Throwing some ice down under Dinah to break her fall*

Pearl: *Catching Dinah* Whoa! Don’t panic. I got you sis. I got you.

A second later or so as soon as they were all on the roof of the Ruined remains of the Luthorcorp building…

Prince Alvin: Good to see you alive, Dinah.

Paige: *Hugging Dinah* Oh Dear heavens… you’re alive and here. We thought that we may have lost you.

As soon as they all gathered…

Dinah: I saw something out there. In the city, it led me here. to the top of this building here.

Prince Arnold: It led all of us here. Almost all of us. All except one. but all without the assistance of Watchtower.

Dinah: *A Bit lost* Without Watchtower? What do you mean? What happened to Watchtower?

Jack: Watchtower’s gone.

Minako: It’s been desecrated and taken apart. it’s gone. Chloe, Victor Stone, Clark, Arthur Curry, Black Canary, Oliver Queen. Gone… They’re all gone.

Pearl: and there is something else too… Shanna and Betty are also gone… we couldn’t seem to find them anywhere.

Prince Alvin: This makes our capability of surviving this screwed up version of Jesus’s second coming damn near impossible.

Prince Arnold: We’re the only ones left.

Pearl: But how is this possible? How have we survived? We were like the rest of the Mortals… but the only difference was that we had powers. however the fact is that our power could not be immune from the Deadly devastating power of that Demon.

Ami: Well… If that’s the case… Then what was it that did it?

Prince Arnold: It was Raven. She saved us. I don’t know how, but she did. It’s the only other explanation that we can count on.

Dinah: Back at the Watchtower, in front of the Watchtower when Raven knocked us out, the last thing I heard was her voice. It said, “be safe.” She said it to all of us. But somehow… there was more to it than that. She did something, something that protected us from Trigon. shielding us from suffering the same fate as all the innocent people down there.

Prince Avery: As if it matters. Look around, there’s nothing left. What’s the point? There is just us. What can we hope to do about any of this?

Jack: Don’t think like that. There’s got to be something we can do.

Rei: Like what? What point is there?

Dinah: Hope. That’s the point. As long as we’re still here, we all still have a chance at taking control. And that’s why we’re all going to keep fighting and hanging on. For Raven!

The Rhapsody girls and Rhapsody Brothers… The 3 girls and Jack all put their hands in the center…

Pearl: For Raven!

Prince Avery: For Raven!

Prince Arnold: For Raven!

Paige: For Raven!

Prince Alvin: For Raven!

Prince Curtis: For Raven!

Ami: Reivun no tame ni!

Rei: Reivun no tame ni!

Minako: Reivun no tame ni!

Jack: For Raven!

However… as soon as their hands united, Raven’s power activated, knocking all of them back a few steps…

Prince Avery: *Feeling awkward* Okay, that felt weird. That felt jolly weird…

Dinah: *Looking at the girls and her sisters and then her cousins* Raven might not have been able to stop what was coming as she had planned from the start. Stopped Trigon from ascending to Earth. *Holding up her hand and showing a plume of dark energy being emitted from her hand* But she gave us something. She gave us all a way to fight back.  Some of her power.

Pearl: *Stepping forward feeling hopeful and feeling there being a lucky break* And it grows stronger when we all stand as one.

Dinah: Let’s go.

Within seconds after they made the choice to go against Trigon, The girls transformed and then the Rhapsody Girls transformed into their hero forms. They all took flight and made way over to where Trigon was…

in the center of the mass River of Lava… There was an old ruined Building The girls never saw it and didn’t recognize it. But on it… Trigon was sitting in the middle of it and resting. Sleeping. As he was sleeping his hooves grew… as did his hands and arms. The limbs all started to gain more in size…

“Thundering Dragons”

“Love’s Blinding Heart BLAST! *Firing a hard pulse of blinding hearts and creating a swarm of Love dust surrounding the hearts; On contact Releasing a multitude of Flashes and burning brands of Love and Bliss*”

“ICE RAY! *Firing a strong blast of ice at Trigon*”

“Inferno Flaming Blaster! *Holding his hands together then with one hand facing down against the molten rock and the other facing towards Trigon; Firing At Trigon*”

“Herald’s Water of Life! *Emitting Water and having it cover him while spinning till charged up; Launching the attack at Trigon*”

“Plasmatic Fury Swipe! *Swinging his one hand and releasing a fast shot of Nails of pain induced with pure Plasma at Trigon; Swinging the other hand and releasing more nails filled with Concentrated Pure Plasma at Trigon*”

“Electrical Chain FURY! *Firing a heavy blast of Electricity and watching it turn into a swarm of Electric balls that sound off a Sonic Boom on Contact*” 

Each attack hit Trigon head on… as did the attacks from the 3 girls. They all laid it on him. The four men were able to levitate in mid air and launch strikes at Trigon. But Jack and the girls couldn’t. Although, Jack created a path in mid air for them to stand on in order for them to perform an attack at Trigon. They wailed on him with force.

Suddenly… as the attacks stopped and they saw the dust clear and caught that they grabbed his attention.

Dinah: *Commanding* Trigon! You red devil sorry sack of shit! Get your ass up and FIGHT!

Trigon: (Unphased) Insignificant insects. Pathetic.

They landed on one of the rocky platforms and Looked to see Trigon just sitting there and resting.

Dinah: Alright everyone… I think that it’s about time we really let him have it and have it good. Let’s lay it to him hard.

Prince Arnold: We’re not gonna end up barbecuing our minds and our brains, are we?

Pearl: I had possessed Raven’s Powers once. Back a year ago before Dinah had her moment of giving birth to 3 girls. When we faced a mad rogue Magician that tried to switch our bodies around like toys. I was switched to being in Raven’s body… and she was in mine. I had to control her powers. And she controlled mines. Her powers… which we know… They are controlled by emotions… The more emotion that we happen to feel… The more energy gets released.

Prince Arnold: In other words… Get ANGRY! EXPLOSIVE!

Dinah: Hold hands. Let’s do it. This is for our friend Raven.

One by one they joined hands and held tight which with each hand connection, they glowed and sparks of Dark energy surrounded their hands. and within seconds after that… A large ring of Dark energy surrounded them and with a wall of dark energy around to protect them… shooting up.

Rhapsody Girls Z!, Rhapsody Brothers, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jack: *Charging up and letting their emotions grow into a critical level of anger and fury; Getting Angry and growling* AHHHHHHHHHH! ERRRRRRRRRRRRR! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

As soon as they reached the peak of Emotion and get angry enough to unleash… the looked up and with the Dark energy popping out around them lifting them up in a flash bringing them up high in the air and prepared to Fire…

Rhapsody Girls Z!, Rhapsody Brothers, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jack: *Chanting in memory* Azarath Metrion… ZINTHOS! *Sending a huge ball and stream of Dark Energy at Trigon*

Trigon: *Getting shocked by the attack and in agony* AHHHHHHHHHH!

A Moment later…

Trigon: *After being attacked by the Rhapsody Girls and Rhapsody Brothers and Jack* You may think it wise to attack me while I gather my strength, but as you can see, not even a farewell blessing from my daughter can help you. Be gone. *Blasts the Rhapsody fighters away with ease*

Paige: *With her sisters and Cousins; With Jack* Agh! *Hitting the ground hard* AHHHHHHH! OHHHH!

After being blasted away, at the old, destroyed library…

Prince Avery: *Getting up and shaking off the dust* Guess that wasn’t angry enough.

Jack: And this would put a bit of shock upon you in exactly what way, Plasma-head? *Dusting off the dirt* Ugh! I’ve had better days falling into the ice and snow. Not into the cold petrified ground.

Pearl: *In despair* Of all the places to crash and burn, why’d it have to be here?

Ami: *Pleading* Please, I wish to leave.

Prince Avery: Yeah? Ami, you wish to leave here that much? Okay. And could i bloody ask where you’ll plan on going? The whole world is toast in case no one noticed, and the only person who’d know what to do is… *Pause* We could really use her help right now.

Dinah: *Walking up to the top of the ruined stairs close-by and at the edge looking all around* You guys, I don’t really know what to believe… I feel that we’ve lost and we were trying to give that big red freak a real beating.

Paige: We all tried, Dinah. we did what we knew how to do. It just wasn’t enough. Raven gave us a piece of her… to help us hold on and fight on. As we were meant to. But then she just vanished. Became the portal.

Dinah: That’s just it though. Is she really gone? I’ve been thinking about it and trying to picture it inside my head. *Denying the fact that Raven was gone; Looking down towards the spiral path leading down to the bottom* I know what we saw, but I still can’t believe it. It just doesn’t feel like Raven’s really gone. She just can’t be gone. It’s not possible. It can’t be.

Beryl: *Voice* That’s because she isn’t gone.

Beryl then walks out from the shadows and the fighters look on to see where the voice was coming from only to see Beryl walking into View…

Dinah: *Looking to see Beryl; Glaring at Beryl* Beryl…

Without hesitating, Dinah charged and Loomed at Beryl…

Dinah: *Landing blows at Beryl and pounding her* You Unfeeling… Cold-hearted bitch. It’s your fault that Raven’s gone. She didn’t need to be the portal. She could have fought it. But no… You took her and helped take her away from us. She was part of the family. Our family. You heartless BITCH! *Changing into her Hero form and Lashing with Strikes of thunder* Thundering STORM!!!  *Blasting a Storm of Thunder and Lightning at Beryl*

Prince Alvin: *Charging into Beryl and Driving his fists into her hard*

Dinah and Prince Alvin Grabbed at Beryl and held onto her leg and swung her around. Spinning her around and around fast then within seconds letting go and watch her go flying into the wall on the side not far from where they stood.

Beryl: *Hitting the wall and trying to hold herself up; panting while catching her breath* Ah… heh… heh… heh… heh!

Dinah: What’s the matter, Mrs. Psycho Queen Beryl? Giving up already? Is that all you got to let out? Where’s that tough attitude you had before? The personality of one who wanted to be ambitious and rule in any way possible… What happened? Did you decide to roll over and play dead on that?

Beryl: *Getting up suddenly and gaining some of her footing back* The nerve of knocking down a Queen. Good thing i’m not the Queen mother or otherwise You’d be known all over the world as a threat. And for that outburst… I’d have to lend my apologies in saying that i’m Sorry to disappoint you. But Dinah, I’m not here to fight. I’m in fact… here to help out with this ordeal.

Prince Arnold: *Snarling* We don’t need your damn help!

Beryl: Yeah… of course you don’t Prince Arnold. None of you need it. You very well seem to have everything here wrapped and under total control. But just so you can rest on ease… Your friend, Raven can still be saved.

Paige as her hero form Loomed straight at Beryl and pinned her against the wall hard…

Paige: *Angry and with a hand set to release a blast of hearts at Beryl* If you knew what was in any way good for you. You’d think twice on dishonoring our dear friend Raven with your foul game playing. This seems like some fun gag to you. But you’re in for a surprise. because it’s not. Nowhere near being a funny joke.

Prince Curtis: *With a hand aimed towards Beryl; prepared to fire* Whatever your selling there in that bag of tricks, we’re not buying. So, Don’t even go there.

Beryl: *To the fighters* Think of me as you like. But what Trigon has done to this world… i would never wish for this to be its fate.

Prince Curtis: It’s a little late for “I’m sorry.” Way too late. You should have backed away from the Demon bastard while the going was good. But… Oh no, You had to sell out and serve him. Just like when you were hellbent on conquest 5-6 years ago. Yeah… we still remember. And no. We are still not forgetting it either. Your actions and your demeanor is just the same now as it was then.

Beryl: You happen to enjoy seeing that you could mistake my generosity for regret, Prince Curtis. I only offer my assistance because it suits me and my specific needs.

Ami: But we saw Raven become the portal, she was destroyed.

Beryl: Mercury, Let me spin the fact to you… Your friend Raven has fulfilled the prophecy of her birth. It was deemed Absolute and couldn’t be prevented. Even though you Rhapsody members saw to keep trying to stop it. Failing at it in the end. because what you tried to stop from coming to pass still came. She fulfilled that part of her life. so that half of her is concluded, but another part of her yet still remains… at least for the moment.

Dinah: *Finding it hard to buy* Why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?

Beryl: My reasons are my own. *Walking past the girls and the brothers* Do you want your friend back… or not?

Prince Arnold: Enough with the puzzles and riddles. Just tell us where the hell she is and we will take it from there.

Beryl: *Stopping* There will be no we, Prince Arnold. *Turning her head and looking back* This is a trip that only one or two of you may take.

Prince Alvin: I don’t think so.

Paige: Yeah… She’s a friend to all of us. We are all going.

Rei: That’s right.

Jack: It’s all of us. Or None!

Beryl: You Rhapsody Brats will never seem to change. You always have to have all or nothing. It’s never a compromise with you, is it? But if that’s how you wish it to be… Your friend’s gonna be doomed to oblivion. You all obviously fail to understand. Trigon is all seeing. His mind can be at any place he decides. at any given time.  For us to succeed… Trigon’s attention must be occupied.

Prince Alvin: Yeah. Right. And how exactly is it that you’d expect for us to do that? Huh? We already tried fighting him and Look at where that got us. We got knocked down for the count back here.

Pearl: That’s right. We gave it all we knew that we had.

Beryl: It is the end of the world… Prince Alvin, All of you… Stop and try to think about it for a little.  did any of you really think that this would be easy? As it looks right now… I don’t expect you to win. I don’t even expect you to live. Only to endure what is.

Dinah: *Sighs and makes the choice to step forward* I’ll go with you.

Jack: What?!

Pearl: Dinah, No. Don’t do it.

Dinah: Guys… look. Beryl is a psycho Queen. None of us trust her. But since she’s been serving Trigon till now. and knows the inside somewhat on what Trigon’s planning and what the fate of Raven might be… And if there is even the slightest chance that Raven’s still alive. and down there waiting for to be rescued… What choice do we really have?

Paige: If only our sisters Shanna and Betty were around… They’d be able to help with the fight and it wouldn’t be so hopeless.

Pearl: We know. But they didn’t make it. Only we did.

Beryl: After all the trouble i caused… i’m going on a limb. But here is something to keep in mind. This trip to Earth that Trigon just took… has indeed taken a lot of his power. so it’ll be a while before Trigon will be able to be of anyway able to fight.  With this… You might be able to survive.*Holding out her hand with a fist made at first before opening it to reveal a ring*  It’s a ring of Azar. Forged by the very order that has helped imprison Trigon. I know… from Experience… that it works.

Dinah: *Hugging her sisters before heading off with Beryl* I know that you guys can do it. I’m the tough girl… but you two are Love and Grace… it’s the worst enemy of Hate and terror. Trigon is one of hate as he’s a demon. Most demons are hateful. your love and grace will counter his hate. It’s the best thing to use.

Jack: It may get ugly out there. But don’t worry. We’ll be sure to keep that red sack of Demon spawning Cesspool of Evil well occupied.

Prince Arnold: Yeah… Just wait till he gets a taste of Water Lord’s Hydro blaster right in the head.

Dinah: He’ll never know what hit him.

Beryl: *Feigns feeling touched by the expressed Sentiments that the fighters share* Your goodbye’s are truly touching and mesmerizing. But… *Walking over to the start of the path leading down* We’ve got a job to do.

Dinah: *Stopping to look at her sisters* …

Ami: *Sighs*

Rei: *Nods*

Beryl: *Looking back* Dinah. Come on.

Dinah walks towards the path and barely gets to the beginning when she stops and turns to look at her sisters one last time…

Dinah: *Nods* I’ll Bring Raven back… Promise! Give that Demon something to remember.

Where were Betty and Angel and Shanna? Were they really hiding and alive? Would the fighters be able to handle Trigon without Dinah there with them? With Dinah having to partner with Beryl and go in search of Raven… It was seen as though all hell really was breaking loose. Was Raven really alive or was it unfortunately a tall tale? How were the fighters gonna endure Trigon’s power? Would the Ring of Azar be of any use to them and be able to protect them from the wrath of Trigon the Terrible? Find out in Part 2 of the 5 part series “Trigon Reigns” on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

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