Chapter 114: “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire, The Gem shall be his portal… He comes to Claim… He comes to sire…the end of all things Mortal.” The End of the World on the Fast Track. Dec. 31st. 2027.

Dec. 31st. 2027…

Early morning…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* Shingo, I don’t know what we’re gonna do about Raven.

Shingo: What do you mean?

Dinah: Not sure. But the whole issue with her and this Prophecy has really gotten out of control. Prince Alvin and the others have all tried to think of ways to get some help to ensure that the Prophecy won’t happen. But…

Shingo: You’re thinking that you have all failed, Dinah?

Dinah: I believe that we might have done just that. Nothing worked.Today is the 31st of December. At 12 Midnight. the end of the world is gonna come. We lost.

Shingo: You didn’t lose. Maybe you just have to approach it through another perspective. A different angle. *Scratches his head* It isn’t over. You still have today to fight. You still have this day to fight back. But till all this is over… I’m being beamed up to the Enterprise. At 5 this evening i am gonna be picked up. You won’t lose me. I’m guaranteed to be kept safe.

Dinah: *Sighs* Thank you for that. Because i’d be asking to die if you were turned to stone. I would be wanting to die.

Shingo: *Getting up and Walking over to the window* Dinah, this is our final day on Earth. Before Scath… Trigon comes to reality and this becomes his domain. his world. Let’s Make this day out to be the best. Nothing better. but a day to remember.

Dinah: Yeah… You’re right. Paige, Pearl and the rest are gonna be coming over this morning for breakfast. It’s the last day of the world. They all decided that if the world was gonna end. They’d want it to end with us all facing it as a big family. Together.

Shingo: That’s really sweet. *Smiles feeling downright touched*

Dinah: It’s the only way to go through it.

Shingo: I sure hope that you are able to pull out a miracle.

Dinah: So do I. Luna and Zeke are going with you. Zeke’s part of Luna’s life and Luna’s our family… She needs to be kept safe too.

Shingo: *Looking out the Window and seeing it starting to get light*

Although as they were talking, Things were already being prepared for the end. inside the chamber where the Alter was located and aligned for the portal to open and grant Trigon the capability for ascension…

The hand glowed and electricity was sparking around it powering it up. The sun was glistening and motioning as the start of the Eclipse was in play…

Scath: *sounding off the decree; while the scene lowers to the cavern underneath with the Mark of Scath surrounding the walls in a complete circle. all the way around the room and is seen looking at Beryl with eyes of obsession* The time has come at last. The Prophecy shall be fulfilled. At Dusk… Tonight on the stroke of Midnight when the planets align… the moment will finally arrive and the Portal will open. Releasing me from Fiery prison. The Earth Shall be mine.

Beryl: I will make sure that Raven realizes her destiny. And in return for bringing you your precious Gem. I expect you to keep your end of the bargain and return what is rightfully mine.

Scath: You bring me the Gem and you shall get what you deserve.

Beryl: Deal. *Standing up and Smiles* it is such a wonderful pleasant day for the end of the world.

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

In Raven’s room…

Raven was sleeping and resting. She was about to awaken for the day when she felt something glowing on her. She opened her eyes and saw that she was glowing with the Mark of Scath on her forehead and the Prophecy all over her body. The sun was also shining with streams through her bedroom window and she gasped at the sight of the marks… Knowing and having it hit her that it was the day of her fulfilling the prophecy…

Raven: *Sitting up and gasps* No! *Looking down*

A Moment later…

On the roof of Luthorcorp plaza…

Raven was standing on top of the Luthorcorp building and overlooking the city watching the sunrise but fearing it be the last one she’d ever get to see. She looked at the marks on her andfelt the worst agony as she knew that it was that day. She knew that it was gonna be time for it to happen on that day. It was the 31st… She stood there and sighed…


Dinah: *Walking over* What’re you doing up here by yourself? plus being up so early?

Raven: *Saddened* I could ask the same thing of you, Dinah.

Dinah: *Feeling good and peaceful* I kinda get up for the sunrise. Seeing it and knowing about the promise it tells chiming the beginning of a brand new day. You know… Anything is possible. Anything.

Raven: Are you always this cheerful?

Dinah: I try to be. But i just can’t help but to love the sunrise. How good it looks and feels.

Raven: Do the others know that you’re here?

Dinah: No. But i would bet that they’d be asking the same thing about you. I mean, I know that you’re wanting to see a sunrise but the last couple days you’ve been just silent and in dread.

Raven: How’d you guess?

Dinah: How could i not know? Luna and my mother told me about your activity and the feeling you were giving off. Raven, My mother is worried sick about you. As is Luna. Me as well. I too am concerned.

Raven: I know. I apologize. I’m just not feeling myself like i usually do. Something is not right and i didn’t want to drag them into it. Nor do i intend to drag you into it either. You’ve been through enough without having to worry about my moment of feeling forlorn and down almost all the time.

Dinah: Maybe so… but Raven. That’s the thing about friendship. You worry about your friends no matter what. the good, the bad and the downright down-trotted. I know that it don’t really equal to being in right to know about every little issue that a friend has… But showing that you care about them… Goes a long long way.

A few seconds later as Dinah and Raven were watching the sunrise cresting up a little higher…

Raven: So… Hungry?

Dinah: ravenously. *Smiles while watching the Sunrise*

At Vincent Van Graves…

Regina: *Tidying up the study and keeping the records in line* Vincent’s gone. died last month at the end of last month. I had to hold a funeral service for him.

Zeke: I know. He sent me a copy of his will which i saw the other month. I had a very terrible feeling that something was gonna happen. I however was just trying to deny it.

Regina: I think that we all were, Zeke. We all were. I now have to be the sole guardian of Martin. But i don’t know how it is that i am to raise him. Vincent didn’t exactly leave me with the knowledge of how it’s to be done.

Zeke: Martin doesn’t seem to like anyone hardly. He Likes Beth though. He’s hanging with Beth. We should ask Beth about what to do with Martin. I myself don’t care one way or the other what happens to Martin. Besides that the way he treated Luna for several months this year because i came around… I find it inexcusable.

Regina: ….

Zeke: I’ll show some care and be somewhat civil as it’s what i promised Vincent on his deathbed. But as for being Martin’s friend and totally open to him… that’s out. *Looking to see a dog coming down* That’s a dog. Who’s that?

Regina: That’s Starlight. You know Starlight, Right?

Zeke: Yeah. I do. Starlight actually likes me despite what Martin tries to feed her in tales of trash talk about me. She knows what’s what.

Regina: She’s a smart dog.

Starlight: Morning Zeke. *Panting happily*

Zeke: Morning Starlight. How’s the prettiest guard dog of the house?

Starlight: I’m well… I’m just looking for food. Martin’s not really paying much attention to me.

Zeke: I noticed. He wasn’t even at Vincent’s funeral. I would so much like to deck him for that. Vincent sacrificed everything for his ass and he repays his thanks by being an asshole. I’ll be civil and try to be somewhat warming as a promise to Vincent. But I’m not gonna take crap from Martin. He gets out of line and i’ll knock him out. Straight up.

Starlight: He needs it.

Back at Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Raven was in the Kitchen and was cooking. She didn’t really do much cooking before however she was bound to try… She was up to making Waffles. It wasn’t exactly what Waffles should have looked like but Raven was siring to do her best at making it. There were 6 at a time. being done. Raven used some of her telekinesis to help on flipping the waffles. She was gonna do it. As soon as they were done she tossed them and flew them at the others…

Paige: *Catching the Waffle* Whoa! Uh, How were you able to flip those like that? That was a really nice flip.

A minute later…

Raven: *Turning around with a plate of waffles for all* Waffles?

All: *Confused* wha—

Megan: This is nice… but what’s the occasion?

Raven: Can’t i do something nice for my friends?

Betty: Yeah… but from what i witnessed. you haven’t before.

Raven: *Looking Cross and with a piercing stare*

Betty: Okay… okay. I’m sorry. I should learn to watch how i speak around you.

Angel: Yeah… Betty. You’re being really mean to her and i don’t think it’s nice at all.

Dinah: That’s right. She did this from the kindness of her heart.

Luna: She was always sweet. At least i’d believe that she was.

As they were eating… They took a few bites and couldn’t help but to force it down. They didn’t like the taste but they just didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Once they were done eating, they drank a huge pitcher of water to drown out the funky taste in their mouths…

Raven couldn’t hide the fact that they didn’t really like the food. She turned and had a small storm forming above her…

Pearl: Isn’t is nice of Raven to make all of us breakfast.

Reese: *Lowering his head down and trying to cover his waffles with syrup* It would help if she knew how it was to cook.

Raven: *Turning and feeling hurt*

Paige: Reese. She can hear you, you know that.

Reese: *Snaps back out of it and produces a huge smile while eating the waffle* Did i say that out loud? I mean to say, Tasty. Really satisfying.

Jack: These have rather bad taste… but with a touch of frost… It’s a easy fix. A frozen treat for breakfast. Not usual for a breakfast delicacy. But it’s a little something different. so… as they say… Down the hatch. *Putting frost on the waffles and chucking the waffle into his mouth; devouring the waffle* Wow! That was chilly. But good.

Dinah: That’s the ticket.

It was only a couple minutes later as they were finishing eating and wrapping up breakfast…

Raven: *Planning for a fun day* So… I was thinking. You guys want to… uh, Do something?

Luna: Do something? *Lost*

Paige: Do something? As in… like what?

Prince Alvin: There’s always the mall. the mall should be open.

Jack: yeah. It wouldn’t be so bad.

Pearl: It’s a nice day out so going to the Mall is a relaxing idea just the same.

Suddenly the Monitor buzzes and spouts out trouble…

Dinah: *Getting up to check the monitors* Sounds like we got something coming. *Digging up a reading*


Dinah: Oh god. Looks like we got a slimy case on our hands.

Paige: And this would be apparent in what way Exactly?

Pearl: I think we’re about to find out… I need to get back into the swing of things and secretly i’ve been going for Jogs. I’m not gonna let my excess skin go to flab. I’m losing it. Bubble Maiden is not Bubble fat-ass.

Dinah: Provocative way of telling it. But point is taken.

Prince Alvin: It’s that beast again… Let’s go.

Seconds later out in the back yard…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Prince Alvin: Brothers… prepare to depart and make way. we’re on the job again.

Within seconds…

Thunder Mistress: Looks like down time to chill and relax will have to wait. Raven, let’s get with it. we got a bad ugly creep out there that needs a whupping.

Shingo: I’m off work today… So, I’ll keep the house in shape while you do your thing, Dinah. Go get’em.

Thunder Mistress: You got it, darling.

Luna: I’ll be here too.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I’ll help tidy up too… Can’t have a happy home if it’s looking like a mess, now can we?

Shingo: You better believe it.

At the Metropolis Shrine…

Rei: *holding a seance* Mystic fire of Mars. show me the view. What trouble threatens us?

A second later…

Rei: *Gasps* today is the end. It’s the day of the Prophecy. Raven’s Prophecy is today. Scath. He’s coming. tonight at Dusk. *grabbing her cell and dialing up for Minako and Ami* We need to help the girls. Now.

At Met Gen…

Ami: Slow day. *Filing some forms for the outgoing patients*

Nurse: It’s not that slow. There has been a few accidents and we got people coming in with broken legs and a few possible broken arms. There’s a bunch of people coming in. It’s slow now… but i can promise you that it’ll pick up.

Ami: I haven’t heard from the two doctors in almost a month.

Nurse: You mean Dr. Rhapsody and Dr. Julie Zuko? I don’t know. They’re usually always on the clock. Dr. Hamilton’s been missing alot too. Where is everyone?

Dr. Zuko: *Walking in with Dr. Rhapsody and Dr. Hamilton* We’re here. sorry to be late getting in. Traffic was a complete nightmare. there were traffic jams on several streets today. Plus the Radio transmissions reports were talking about today being the end of days beginning. that the Rapture was gonna be here at around dusk.

Dr. Rhapsody: I tell you… the whole world’s gone to hell and it’s not even a joke. It’s like a total spit in the eyes of normalcy.

Dr. Hamilton: Something of Evil comes. But we can’t let that get to us. We got patients to see.

Ami: yeah.


Ami’s cell goes off ringing and gets her attention…

Ami: *Checking her phone* Who’s this calling? *Seeing the name* It’s Rei-Chan. *Answering the phone* Hello? Rei-Chan?

Rei: *On the phone* Ami. Are you able to come over?

Ami: Why do you ask?

Rei: We got a problem. It’s a monstrous problem.

Ami: Yeah… we do. There are a mess of civilians coming into the hospital today and we’re swamped drastically.

Rei: That’s one Problem that seems like almost an everyday occurrence. But the problem that i am getting at is a thousand times worse.

Ami: *Listening in* Worse than this… Uh. What’s going on?

Rei: It’s the end. The End of days is today. Today is that day which Raven’s gonna be forced to fulfill her Prophecy.

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Ami: *Gasps* What? Raven’s Prophecy? It’s coming? What are the Rhapsody Girls gonna do?

Rei: We don’t know… we have no idea. But they’re gonna do anything that they can to prevent it. even if it comes out as being practically impossible.

Ami: We got to help them.

Rei: Agreed. we’re gonna help them anyway we can. You still got the Transformation bracelet?

Ami: Yes.

Rei: Find a way to sneak to a quiet room and transform. I’m gonna get ready as well and we’re gonna meet the girls. Minako is gonna be there as well… Today is the end of days. It’s gonna be all hands on deck.

Ami: Right.

Rei: See you soon.

The call then ended and Ami Made an excuse to go she had to assist in the fight. the day was the final day. The last moments of Mortal existence… As soon as she got to a quiet room and was cure that no one was there in the room with her…

Ami: *Posing to transform* Mercury Power…

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…… Make-Up! *Transforming*

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At the Metropolis Apartments…

Minako: *Looking at Artemis* Artemis… Let’s go.

Artemis: Right. Minako, Today is that day where the World of Mortals is said to end. We have to help Raven not become the portal. We can’t allow for it to happen. No matter what.

A second later…

Artemis: *Transforming* Tuxedo Moon Power! Make-Up!

A second later…

Minako: Minako: *Transforming* Venus Power…


On the streets of Metropolis…

Plasmus was out again and terrorizing the streets. He grabbed the nearby truck carrying a tank of Nuclear waste and Picked it up before tipping it up and drinking the waste. sucking the tank empty… The people were screaming as they ran off in terror. Paige and Pearl plus Dinah flew in formation and soared over to the spot where the monster was. the disturbance. The Rhapsody Brothers also teleported into position and locked in location. Arriving at the scene. They saw the explosion as they loomed in closer and were closing in on where the monster was. Jack was sliding in on a stream of Ice. He Followed in on the girls and the brothers.  As soon as they had the monster in view…

Miss Love: *Firing at Plasmus* Love’s Canon!

Thunder Mistress: *Firing at Plasmus* Thundering Beams!

Bubble Maiden: *Firing at Plasmus* Bubbles Blaster!

Prince Alvin: *Firing at Plasmus* Flaming Ray!

Prince Arnold: *Firing at Plasmus* Tidal Wave!

Prince Avery: *Firing at Plasmus* Plasma Strike!

Prince Curtis: *Firing at Plasmus* Electric Pulse!

Jack: *Firing at Plasmus* Frost Blanket!

They all flew in. Raven was right behind them…

Raven: *Seeing the Creature* It’s Plasmus. It’s only Plasmus. What a relief.

Plasmus: *Screeching; Lashing at Pearl and sending her back flying right into the building next to Raven*

Pearl: *Smacking into the building and falling onto the miniature ledge* Ugh! *Getting up again* Yeah. Raven, It is a relief and it’s good that it’s not the Demon BOZO! But this creature we’re going against here is still as ugly as ever. just more uglier than the normal. The regular sludge is bad enough and then once asleep he’s a human… but now it’s Sludge and that green stuff? Gross.

Plasmus: *grabbing the nearby tanker and holding it*

Thunder Mistress: *Flying towards Plasmus* Drop that tanker, you big towering sack of sludge and ooze factory. *Firing at Plasmus* Thundering Dragons! *Releasing two streams of Thunder which emit a roaring cry as they turn into dragons and with sharp fangs and claws; Biting and Electrocuting Plasmus*

Jack: *Blowing Frost at Plasmus and Freezing it*

Betty: *Launching an attack at Plasmus and shattering the creature* Heaven’s Rock Slide!

Angel: *Launching an attack* Mind Blast!

Plasmus shattered and broke apart. Pieces of him flew all over the place only to seconds later re-assemble themselves back into one piece. Plasmus Screeched and clawed at Dinah sending her flying.

Raven: *Gasps* Dinah! *Using Telekinesis and with dark energy firing it at Dinah to catch her and place her on the ground*

Thunder Mistress: *On the ground again* Thanks Raven. I’m gonna owe you big time. *Flying off at Plasmus*

Raven: *Feeling regret and despair over what was coming* Yeah… Sure.


Tuxedo Artemis: *Launching an attack at Plasmus* Cutting Moon Blades!

Miss Love: *Pauses* What was that?

Bubble Maiden: I don’t know… But if i am not mistaken on what that could have been… That had to have been a Moon Blade.

Jack: A Moon Blade? What would a Moon Blade be doing here?

Miss Love: Don’t know. But if that is here… then… that would mean…

A second or two later…

Tuxedo Artemis: *Posing with his Moon Blades* The Fury and graceful might of the Moon… Tuxedo Artemis. On behalf of the moon… You shall be brought to Justice!

Prince Alvin: *Looking over to see a old friend* Artemis!

Tuxedo Artemis: Yeah. It’s me. the end is near. You’re not fighting it alone. If you’re all in it. So are we.

Prince Arnold: Well… Great to have you along.

“*Firing at Plasmus* Mercury Aqua… Blizzard!”

“*Firing at Plasmus* Burning… Mandala!”

“*Firing at Plasmus* Rolling Hearts… Vibration!”

Bubble Maiden: *Looking for where the side attacks were coming from* What was that?

Prince Avery: Is there something going on here that we should know about?

Sailor Mercury: *Running into the scene* Hey guys. Did you guys happen to think that we were forever gone?

Sailor Mars: It’s been a long time. *Seeing Raven* Raven… You’re with the marks on you. I can detect that. You don’t have to worry. we’re gonna see that you don’t get stuck letting that big beast out.

Sailor Venus:  We’ve been following up on the demon development for some time. Oliver Queen managed to fill me in. We have to stop it from happening.

Miss Love: Ami. Rei. Minako. Oh my… it’s so good to see you guys again.

Prince Alvin: And I’m a father. Alice and I are Engaged.

Sailor Venus: *Smiles* Congrats. How’s it feel to be a parent?

Prince Alvin: It feels like a real rush. I like it. I am thinking about retiring too… Because the way it is… i won’t be able to raise and be around for my kids if i’m always out getting my butt kicked by these creatures and demons and fiends.

Prince Curtis: Amen to that. Alice would be ringing your neck over that. She’s a nice sweet girl and everything. But that doesn’t mean that she’d be all tickled over seeing you getting knocked half way to hell and back.

Thunder Mistress: Shingo isn’t like that. He knows and understands. He does want me to settle down on it a little but he understands that being this is what i am meant for.

Tuxedo Artemis: Way to go.

Sailor Mars: And you’re also a mother too… Huh, Pearl?

Bubble Maiden: A Mother of 3.

Sailor Mars: The start of Motherhood.

Jack: It’s a real start of being a family of our own. *Looking to see Plasmus still screeching and Drinking more Toxic waste* We still got a Monster situation here… I think that the sludge fiend isn’t looking too friendly.

Miss Love: That’s right. We can talk later. first… it’s time to batter down this Sludge creep.

Sailor Mercury: *Nods*

A second later…

Miss Love: *Attacking at Plasmus* Love’s Rocking Storm!

Bubble Maiden: *Attacking at Plasmus* Bubble Storm!

Thunder Mistress: *Preparing to perform an attack* Time for some Sweet Chin Thunder!

Jack: That has to be the signature move for you, Dinah. *Firing Frost at Plasmus*

Thunder Mistress: That’s right. It is and i am not afraid to let it out.

Sailor Mercury: What is she gonna do?

Miss Love: Ami, Rei, Minako… you might want to stand back and count along with us… and watch this… Dinah’s got this move and she’s used it a few times. She’s good. Real good.

A second later…

Thunder Mistress: *Stomping her foot; Charging up for the attack*

Miss Love: Alright guys… Here we go!

All: *Chanting the count* 1…… 2…… 3…… 4… 5… 6… 7.. 8.. 9..

Bubble Maiden: …. *Watching*

Thunder Mistress: *Hopping on one foot with the other in the air and with one big kick high in the chops; Driving the kick and releasing a strong blast of Thunder into Plasmus* Sweet Chin Thunder!

Prince Alvin: *Firing at Plasmus* Fire charging Punch!

Prince Arnold: *Firing at Plasmus* Herald’s Water of life!

Prince Avery: *Firing at Plasmus* Plasmatic Splash!

Prince Curtis: *Firing at Plasmus* Electric Black-out! *Sending a Power surge Blast at Plasmus*

The attack hit Plasmus head on and sent him flying into the buildings and into the distance where only a few feet away from where they were now and knocked Plasmus out into a coma… Or so they thought. Plasmus hit the ground with a thud and broke the ground. The girls and brothers plus the extra help all ran and flew over to where Plasmus landed and saw that it was a human again. But that was then when it woke up and turned right back into a Sludge creature.

Sailor Mercury: *Dodging the sludge*

Miss Love: *Firing at Plasmus and blasting it back*

Plasmus: *Covering up Pearl with the Sludge*

Bubble Maiden: *Struggling to get loose* What the heck is this? Wha- Oh god… Get this Sludge off me. Get it off me. Ewwww!

Thunder Mistress: *Firing at Plasmus* Hey… You let my sister go, You son of a bitch! Let me sister go. *Flying up and lifting up into the sky looking down at Plasmus; Soaring up before Diving down fast with aerial speed into Plasmus Firing at Plasmus while flying into the Sludge and piercing it. Coming out from the back of Plasmus and Flying a distance from Plasmus and covered in green slime. Along with Pearl* That was most unpleasant. Truly unsanitary also.

Tuxedo Artemis: *Launching an attack at Plasmus* Cutting Moon Blades!

Sailor Venus: *Firing at Plasmus* Venus… Love Me… Chain!

Sailor Mars: *Firing at Plasmus* Youma… Taisan!

Plasmus suddenly turned around made way with coming at Dinah and Pearl. Raven got in between and formed a Dark shield and blocked off Plasmus attempt at striking at Dinah and Pearl. But that was when Plasmus doubled back to grab another tanker to rip open and guzzle down a thing of toxic waste.

Miss Love: *Firing Hearts at Plasmus and poking holes into Plasmus*

Plasmus: *Growling and Screeching; Grabbing Paige and Scowling* … *Releasing goo at Paige and tossing back from the air released from the sneeze let out by Plasmus*

Miss Love: *Landing on the ground and laying back up looking at herself* What? Oh great… this is disgusting. really thoughtful. I got Sneezed on. Gross. I would believe that there is something worse than Goo…

Raven: *Flying by* Sneeze Goo.

Miss Love: Ewww! I think that i’m gonna need a bath after this. This is just really disgusting.

Raven looked to see as the others were firing back and trying to knock Plasmus down. Jack was about to be cornered as well as Tuxedo Artemis… It was enough and Raven Put up a block to shield them from the coming strike….

Raven: *With both fists flaring with Dark Energy* Okay… Enough is enough. We’ve had about enough of the Sludge reject. Let’s just wrap this up. *Levitating in mid-air and crossing her legs; folding them in front of her performing a Soul self attack* Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Within seconds Raven released her soul and with the soul soared into Plasmus. As she was inside… she made Plasmus inflate and explode into multiple pieces. The fighters all gathered around and saw that Plasmus was finally asleep. Raven was covered by the Sludge. She had it all over her. But all she did was smile…

Raven: *Looking at the others; Smiling* Who wants Pizza?

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at the Screen* I have to call Nick and tell him what’s going on. He’s gonna wonder why i’m not coming in next week.

Shingo: You can’t. He can’t be told about this. As it is… this is way too big for anyone outside our clan to know about it. Luna’s friends, Our Allies from the Watchtower. Our old friends. The ones from the Enterprise. They know because they are in league with us and not with that girl they had to Exile. Larmina. She’s betrayed us all and them. No one can be told about this Demon arrival. It’s not safe.

Luna: I think that we can tell the people anyway. They’re gonna find out anyway as if it gets us… they’ll be feeling the effects tenfold. No one is safe from knowing or not knowing. No one is. No one. Shingo… Zeke and I are going to be with you on the Enterprise. As is Mom. She’s gonna be there too…


Zeke: *Opening the door and coming in* Ohayō.

Luna: Ohayō. Hey Zeke. We were just going on about the arrangements so we can survive the end of the world that is said to hit at around Dusk or tonight.

Zeke: And there is something else that we’re gonna have to do. It’s something that i never mentioned but now have to get out.

Luna: What do you mean? What’s going on?

Zeke: You really want to know?

Luna: I guess. What is it?

Zeke: Martin. He’s gonna be coming with us. Him and Beth.

Luna: What? But… he can’t come with us.

Zeke: Watashi wa, Runa o shitte iru. Shikashi, anata ga shiru hitsuyō ga aru to watashi wa ima made anata ni itta koto ga nai mono ga aru. (Eng. Translation: “I know, Luna. But there is something that you need to know and i never told you till now.”)

Luna: What do you mean?

Zeke: I was sworn by Vincent’s last request to watch over Martin. To make sure that he stays out of trouble and stays straight. I am somewhat responsible for that piece of slime. I think that at least watching over him and just seeing to it that he remains safe is the least that can be done. Regina’s got the Honor of being there for him and being his sole guardian. She’s gonna be coming too… Beth. our friends are also gonna be coming along. The only problem is that there might be limited space on the Enterprise.

Luna: That means that i have to be in the presence of the very person that i can’t bare to be anywhere around. *Sighs*

Zeke: Don’t worry. I’ll see that he stays away from you. if he screws with you… He’s a dead man. Promise be cursed or damned.

Luna: I don’t care what happens to Martin. As long as he leaves me alone… I’m fine and peachy-keen.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know how you feel, Luna. But you should try to make the best of things. It’s gonna be hard on all of us to know that what’s said to come is gonna happen. It’s almost Noon now. in 5 to 6 hours… we’re gonna be beamed to the Enterprise.

Shingo: This is not gonna be easy to deal with as we’re gonna be leaving lot of lives behind…

At The Daily Planet…

Trixie: There is a whole mess of stories needing to be done and we got less than 5 hours to get them all done.

Kris: This is gonna be a stressing day.

Trixie: Don’t we know it. This will be a very Very long day. A stressful day if none better.

John: We need some serious R&R. When this is all done. I am taking a day off. I am running on fumes here. Have been for 5 days now and i feel like i am on the crash course for passing out from exhaustion.

Kris: What you need is a Power bar. Multiple of them. You need some serious means of recharge.

John: What i need is sleep. But at this point to keep me awake. Caffeine and lots of it… that will keep me buzzing through. This of course is to go without saying… Today is the herald’s harking the end of the world. Trixie, remember when i said: “if you were to put a whole bunch of military men aside from the heroes… like the ones we know… Black Canary, Impulse… A name i don’t want to bring up. Ever. Arthur Curry, Victor Stone, Green Arrow. and possible others… You align them as one line and as a forefront to face the Demon… such as Trigon as it were… You’re gonna have a whole mess of professional tough guys and gals turn back to their little kid like personalities all the while pissing and piddling in their pants and skirts.”?

Trixie: *Nods* I believe that i would. I believe that i would feel the same as i had then. I Just can’t believe that it is really happening now. That today is that end. But what’s causing it? Who?…

John: The Prophecy.

Trixie: *Gasps* Prophecy?

John: The Prophecy. That is what’s doing it. It’s a Prophecy that belongs to someone that my grandsons know.

Trixie: I think that we know who it is now… That girl who is Half-Human and Half-Demon.

John: Right. Her. Raven. They said that her name was Raven.

Trixie: What was the Prophecy again?

Kris: *Scoffs and confused* What are you two talking about? What is this about a prophecy?

John: It’s something that could be one which gets promised to a person on the very day of their Birth. It unfortunately is left to reason that Raven’s prophecy is one that was given to her on the very day of her birth. Promised to her. and is Absolute. It can’t be abolished.

Kris: Okay… and that would be… What?

John: *Reciting the Prophecy* “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire, The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim… He comes to sire. The end of all things Mortal.”

Kris: *Jumps* Huh?! What did you get it from?

John: It is something that i heard from my grandsons. From what they were saying.

Kris: And where did they get it from? The girl?

Trixie: Yeah. They got it from the girl and we got it from the 4 boys.

the day goes on…

At the Pizza Place…

Paige: Alright. Everyone dig in. Time to chow down on the Pizza. Courtesy of our friend Raven.

Pearl: *Going for a slice* I can’t believe it’s been so long since i last had the chance to taste the tangy sauce and the gooey Cheese. Mmm!

Dinah: The Pizza is good. It’s a wonderful treat that we’re having.

Ami: It’s good to see you guys again.

Rei: It’s been a long time. A very long time in fact.

Minako: We got to talk about what’s been going on.

Artemis: There are a few things that we have to get out and talk of… One being of the incident that’s been going on for nearly a couple months. Luna’s habit. the one that she had. since the 7th day of February. this year.

Paige: What?! How did you know about that?

Pearl: Were you spying on Luna?

Artemis: Not exactly spying on her… but just watching her from time to time and giving the report to none other than Queen Serenity. She’s not too thrilled that Luna did something that harmed her body.

Dinah: Luna did have a spell like that. But she got out from it. She came clean.

Prince Alvin: We had to put some tough love on her over it for a little. to shake her from it. However… she broke from it and that is all that mattered. During the time she was smoking. She was with this guy. Zeke. Whom is now her boyfriend. Martin isn’t hers anymore. Luna was abused by an Ex-family member of ours. Grandmother Rikku. She abused her. It was to the point where the scars were so bad that she had nightmares from it and some times she’d wake up screaming. Crying as she would be begging that the pain went away. The Abuse was so deep that on the 16th of January, she ran into the boy. Zeke. the one that she met and knew for about a week. by that time. He had a habit too. Smoking. Now… It isn’t a far stretch to know that she was enticed by the idea that maybe the habit was her way to cover the idea that she was abused. to mask it. like Zeke was doing for his abuse that he endured. Being practically molested as a young kid. by his own mother. It happened all the same. But Luna was at first hesitant on getting in to the habit. She didn’t want to do it. But the one that she was with before being all with Zeke. Martin was making her feel pressure. Made her question her sanity and intelligence because she was with Zeke and trying to sacrifice some of herself to make him a better person. Martin didn’t see it like that and felt that Zeke was trying to take Luna away from him. Martin was being rather harsh and totally vengeful.

Artemis: Who is Martin?

Prince Avery: Martin Marco. He is the guy who Luna was in love with for a time and started as best friends. But as soon as Zeke came into the picture… it all changed and Martin shifted to being a womanizer and a real bloody bastard in teen form. He hated Zeke. Zeke didn’t even do anything to make Martin hate him at all. Nothing. And granted that at first we didn’t like Zeke much either. But after seeing how he was being the strength for Luna and being like her Conduit for what it’s like being an abused minor because of being different and or rather unique. It came to be like he was trustful and we started to open up to him. It was sometime in May that Luna stopped the habit. as did Zeke. and their friend Pamela. They stopped it together and detoxed. It went well for them as it made them better for it. Better people all the better just as well.

Rei: That’s fine. But the fact that she even did it to begin with. What was she even thinking?

Prince Alvin: We don’t know. We didn’t seem to figure that part out for any reason whatsoever.

Prince Arnold: But that is something else. It’s been squared away.

Dinah: We are also still reeling in after the Loss of Vincent. Vincent Van Graves died early this month do to a heart attack. and the thing that is really hurtful is that after all that Vincent had done for Martin. Martin didn’t even show up to the funeral. He didn’t even bother show up.

Rei: I heard about what he was doing in town. Martin… was being rather rude to people. A group of people were making complaints about the way he was acting.

Minako: Martin was also trying to place the blame on Luna and on Zeke. Saying that they pushed him to do it.

Dinah: Martin’s become a real dirtbag teen. Luna wants nothing of him.

Ami: Good for her. It is sad that Martin has turned out to be like that. He used to be a good kid. He seemed to be really sweet last year when he came in every couple months for a checkup. He would be so caring and thoughtful. There was nothing wrong with him at all.

Jack: Well… Ami. That’s the thing about people. People seldom are what they appear to be. Pearl and I are parents now… We grown wiser and more familiar to people and their duplicity. What they’d be capable of.

Rei: What are your kids?

Pearl: All girls.

Minako: What are their names?

Pearl: Amy Star Rhapsody. Amy’s middle name is Star because it’s the name of my best friend Star Hall. and she’s the godmother to Amy. i made her the godmother to Amy to make up for not inviting her to come along for Raven’s Birthday party that was on August 31st. I made up for it by doing that. The other two i got so far are Susie Kate Rhapsody and Christina Sapphire Rhapsody.

Dinah: Shingo and i have 3 girls too. Sapphire Jodie Rhapsody, Raven Meredith Rhapsody and Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody. Serena was the one that almost killed me as they had to reach far in to get her out. The doctors had to pull fast before the cervix closed. They almost had to do a C-section on me to get her out.

Paige: Yeah. It was a very tearful time because when they said that Dinah died on the table… We all felt Ill. For we thought that she was truly gone. But thankfully… it wasn’t the case. Not the case at all.

Pearl: She came back to life and recovered enough to be coherent and was able to move and speak.

As they all ate the Pizza, Raven sat there and smiled. She didn’t say anything. She was just enjoying her peace and tranquility. They all ate the pizza and as they got to the last pieces… The girls all fought for it…

Paige: I think that i should be with the last one. I got sneezed on.

Pearl: I was covered in Goo. Slime.

Dinah: Well… that’s nothing to being one to fly through the slime.

Prince Alvin: We got sludged on.

Prince Curtis: Jack almost got himself covered to become the next Sludge Popsicle.

Prince Arnold: That would be something to remember. Jack Frost… the Sludge-Popsicle.

Jack: No… i wouldn’t dream of being turned into one.

Dinah: I still flew through the Goo. It’s a good thing that i didn’t have any sludge on me… but it still leaves me feeling Goo’ed up. *Slamming a fist down on the table* The Slice shall be mine…. But i’m gonna let it be cut into multiple slices and that way everyone can have a final taste of the Pizza.

Prince Avery: Good plan. As they say… Share and share alike.

Paige: *Looking at Raven* You’re awfully Quiet. You okay?

Raven: *Smiles* Just enjoying a great day with my friends.

An hour later…

At the Metropolis City Park…

The girls were all walking and so were the Brothers. Jack, Artemis, Ami, Rei and Minako were there as well… they were all walking happily and Raven was in front. She was not siring to telling them that the end was come. She wanted to see that everyone had a wonderful day. As they were walking…

Prince Arnold: *Watching the wind blow while walking* … *Suddenly seeing something* Well now… what the heck do we have here?

Raven: *Overhearing Prince Arnold Exclaiming and with suspicion of it being possible trouble turns to make as though she’d fire a blast of dark energy*

Prince Arnold: *Picking it up and seeing it being a lucky Dime* A Loner Dime. Heads up. It’s supposed to be find a penny, Pick it up And all day long you’ll have good luck. But… this is a Dime. So… i’ll have ten times the luck.

Jack: Prince Arnold… Don’t you know that you shouldn’t be depending on Lucky dimes or pennies to be bringing you the luck? You have to make your own luck. This isn’t doing it.

Dinah: So… Who’s up for a game of Football after Lunch?

Raven: Sure. Why not?

Pearl: *Shocked and gasps* But… Raven. You usually hate anything too Extreme.

Raven: *Looking back and smiles* Maybe i never really gave it a chance.

Rei: Raven, would you be willing to do some fire reading some time today?

Raven: Sounds like a lot of fun.

Dinah: *Chuckles* Okay, Raven… Waffles, Pizza, Football, Fire reading? Are you feeling like yourself?

Jack: And she hasn’t made anyone feel weary all day. Like her normal. Did someone manage to secretly replace our Raven with a Raven Fembot or something?

Raven: *Turning away and pressing on a few steps* I Just want everyone to have a good day today, Come on. We have a lot to do before the sun sets.

Suddenly a black ball moved up and covered the Sun. It was a fast Eclipse. The Moon covered the sun fast which turned the day into dusk. then a cloudy veil lifted and revealed the night time sky…

Seconds later…

Raven: *Having something come over her* Ugh! Agh! Uh!

Paige: What’s going on what Raven?

Minako: Is something wrong with her?

Artemis: Something’s wrong. I’m sensing Demonic symbols near…

Dinah: *In worry and panic* Raven!

Raven: *with the marks on her and the Mark of Scath on forehead* uh…. *Falling backwards on to the ground*

Dinah: *Walking quick over to Raven and kneeling down holding her head up* Why didn’t you tell us, Raven? How could you keep something like this from us? It’s happening though, Isn’t it? It’s happening.

Pearl: Please Raven, *Worried and concerned* Tell us… Today is the day. It’s the…

Raven: *With tears in her eyes; Ashamed* It’s the end of the world.

Artemis: Oh no…

Jack: This is the start of the end.

As they were taking a moment to let it sink in…

up in the sky high up above…

The eyes of Scath were watching and peering down looking down waiting for the portal to open…

Dinah: That’s it. Everyone to the house. Now. Prince Alvin, You carry Raven in your arms. We’re going to the house fast paced and Picking up Luna, Zeke and Shingo. As well as our mother. If this is the end… we’re all gonna be stationed at the Watchtower. Everyone… Move. Now. Let’s go. Ami, Rei, Minako… You’re coming with us. As are you, Artemis.

Artemis: Right.

A Moment later…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Dinah: *Looking for their mother* Mom?! Mom! Where are you?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *From the Kitchen* We’re in here. Why?

Dinah: Turn things off. Immediately. Now. We’re all going to the Watchtower.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Shrieks* What? The Watchtower? Why?

Pearl: Mom… Didn’t you happen to look outside?

Paige: It’s become Dusk. and we just had an Eclipse.

Luna: *Coming out from the Kitchen* I saw it. i saw that there was an Eclipse. What happened out… *Seeing Raven with the marks glowing on her* there? What’s the matter with Raven?

Zeke: *Coming out from the Kitchen* What’s up?

Seconds later…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Seeing a glow coming from Raven* What’s wrong with Raven? Is she alright?

Paige: Mom, No. She isn’t. Can’t you tell that something is not right? Raven’s with the marks on her showing. The Inscription for the portal is showing on her.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Gasps* But… That means…

Pearl: Yes. It’s the end of the world. It’s on the fast track of ending. With the Eclipse and now the marks and inscription for the portal showing on Raven… The next thing is that we’ll likely get a visit from Beryl the Demon serving lady in waiting.

Dinah: Pearl, Don’t even go there. Don’t even go there with that.

Ami: I think that she might be right. Beryl never did take to giving up so easily. She’ll be coming.

Rei: Come on… We got to go. Shut everything down.

Zeke: We also got our friends. Pamela, Penelope, Ted, June, Karen, Jake, Jennifer, Beth and to a dismay. Martin. He’s coming too. But so is Regina. We’ll need to call Watchtower or let Watchtower know about the extra company we are bringing.

Jack: Dean and Sam… Bobby and Cassiel are also coming.

Gabriel: *Popping in* Don’t forget about this Sexy Angel, Frosty. Sam and Dean are there at the tower already… As is Bobby and Casstiel. They too are there. I’m gonna make way there too… This is the beginning of the fight to take back good ole’ Earth. All hands on deck. Besides i got a few tricks under my sleeves…

Raven: What tricks?

Gabriel: That’s for me to know and you to stick around and find out, Demon Pie. But don’t worry. The best is yet to come. Ciao! *Popping out and out of sight*

Within Minutes… The girls and the brothers were all set to go to the Watchtower. the mother, Rei, Ami, Minako, Regina, Luna’s and Zeke’s friends, Shingo, Martin, Artemis and Raven… all were on the way to the Watchtower…

“I was a highwayman
Along the coach roads I did ride
With sword and pistol by my side
Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade
Many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade
The bastards hung me in the spring of twenty-five
But I am still alive

I was a sailor
I was born upon the tide
And with the sea I did abide
I sailed a schooner round the Horn to Mexico
I went aloft and furled the mainsail in a blow
And when the yards broke off they said that I got killed
But I am living still

I was a dam builder
Across the river deep and wide
Where steel and water did collide
A place called Boulder on the wild Colorado
I slipped and fell into the wet concrete below
They buried me in that great tomb that knows no sound
But I am still around
I’ll always be around, and around and around and around and around…

I’ll fly a starship
Across the Universe divide
And when I reach the other side
I’ll find a place to rest my spirit if I can
Perhaps I may become a highwayman again
Or I may simply be a single drop of rain
But I will remain
And I’ll be back again, and again and again and again and again…”

An hour later…

In front of the Sullivan Household…

Prince Alvin: *With Raven in his arms* Come on… Everyone… Just as we planned.

Raven: Where are you taking me?

Dinah: *To Raven; Leading ahead* You said that there was nothing that we could do to stop what was said to come… We didn’t agree, So we’ve been preparing for this day. Since Halloween. We set it up with Watchtower to build up an anti-Chamber.

A Minute later…

at the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at the Rhapsody Brothers and Rhapsody Girls* What’s going on? *Seeing Raven in Prince Alvin’s Arms and Seeing the Mark of Scath on Raven’s forehead faintly glowing* Oh… I see. It’s that day where the end is imminent… isn’t it?

Prince Avery: Afraid so, Chloe. This is the day where Trigon’s finally gonna be released. He’s trying to get to Raven.

Zeke: we’re here to prevent this from happening for as long as we can.

Megan: That’s not gonna be so easy…

Pamela: Whoa… This is the Watchtower? Oh geez. This is definitely a sign that the world’s gone to hell.

Luna: No. This is the place where all the information is gathered. it’s where all the heroes including my sisters and cousins. They all come here to get a fix on what’s going on in the City.

June: This place is huge. Really huge. What kind of stuff does it hold here?

Victor Stone: All the High tech equipment. This place can tap into any cell tower. Hack into nearly any system, We have an Orbiter too that can keep a watch on the planet. So… if there is a sign of trouble. We know about it.

Ted: *Undergoing a trans* …. *As Beryl* “It’s almost time for the moment of the Prophecy to be fulfilled. Time to go after the Gem. The Hour is near.

Scath: You had best perform, Beryl.

Beryl: I’ll do my job. But as per to our little agreement. you better have my payment ready for me when i come back. *Commanding for a massive Swarm of Fire Minions to rise* RISE!

A Swarm of Fire Minions start to bust out from the ground and rise up from the ether. The Fire Minions rose up one by one and screeched as they rose. Within seconds they stood side by side in formation…

Scath: Bring me the Portal!

Beryl: *Commanding the Army* Warriors… MARCH!” 

Seconds later…

Ted snapped out from the trans…

Alice then saw the same thing that Ted had seen and gasped at the vision. She sensed that something was on its way…

Rei: We’ll be monitoring things here as well…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Anything that i can do?

Zeke: Not really. We can’t really do anything here… We can only watch and ensure that things go well. That’s about all we can do.

Dinah: Chloe… The Anti-Chamber. Where is it? Is it ready?

Chloe: Yes. Follow me. Let’s get Raven inside that chamber. Trigon won’t get to Raven. Not as long as this slick Blonde’s got something to say about it.

Inside the Anti-Chamber…

Raven: *In Prince Alvin’s arms; Seeing the Chambers* You guys did all this… for me?

Dinah: *looking at Raven* We are all ready to go against Trigon. We are ready to fight him.

Raven: *Shaking her head in dismay* No… No you can’t be. Go. Just save yourselves. Don’t do this…

Dinah: Not doin’. not gonna happen. We are not giving up. You are not gonna give up either. Neither are you. *Looking at Raven* The plan we all have formed here is very simple. Clear and precise. Raven, You are the portal. Trigon needs you in order to take over. But if he can’t get to you…

Prince Avery: He can’t take over.

Luna: So all we have to do is prevent Trigon from getting to Raven.

Raven: You can’t. It’s not possible. There is no way you’ll be able to keep him away. He will find a way.

Prince Alvin: We will. We’re not stopping. That Red bastard is not touching you. The Rhapsody Brothers and the Rhapsody Girls will not allow it.

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Minako: Raven, You are to start having faith. You’re not to give up. We won’t allow for hope to be lost. We’re here and we’re not giving up without a fight.

Prince Alvin walked into the Chamber and let Raven down standing in the center…

Chloe: *Walking in* It’s all set. We have everything all prepped. I had Oliver and victor stone as well as Black Canary pitch in and install all the state of the art tech. all the security sensors and lasers. Nothing alive is getting in here. the girls and brothers also chipped in and pushed in some work on the construction.

Luna: *With Zeke* And Zeke as well as i took the Symbols and the markings from your books to provide a bit of extra Go-go juice. to amp up the protection. Martin and i once found a way in the room secretly that was last year sometime scanned a copy of all the text of all the books of yours to use one day for something useful. Vincent’s had a copy of the books as Martin gave it to him after the scans were made. Vincent gave them over to Zeke and Zeke and I provided it for this room to ensure that you had the highest protection here.

Raven: *Sighs* this is all great. But it is not gonna make much of a difference. It is no use. Today is the day. The Prophecy will be fulfilled. Trigon is coming. There is no stopping him.

Prince Arnold: Wanna bet?

Dinah: There hasn’t been a Villain that we couldn’t knock down. we can face this.

Raven: *Sighs* Dinah… You are not seeing it. Trigon isn’t a Villain. He is the Incarnation of Evil. The Master of all things that is dark. the Demon that brings unspeakable pain…

Paige: Okay… He’s a bad Creep with a serious Ego-trip. We get it.

Raven: *Exhales* No… You don’t. You don’t know Trigon.

Dinah: And Trigon doesn’t know the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Zeke: The Rhapsody clan will never give up.

Luna: We’re all in this together. till the end. Even beyond that.

Prince Alvin: The Rhapsody Brothers.

Prince Curtis: We’ll be in the main Room watching the whole Chambers. and the outside. We’ll be here if you need us. We’ll be here. We’re not giving up with a fight.

They all leave back to the main room But ensure that Raven is protected.

As soon as they were out of sight.

Raven: *Looking at the Good luck Charm that Luna gave her* All the Luck in the world won’t be able to stop Trigon. nor will it help us.



Beryl: It’s almost time for the moment of the Prophecy to be fulfilled. Time to go after the Gem. The Hour is near. The Minions of Fire are ready to march off on the mission.

Scath: You had best perform, Beryl.

Beryl: I’ll do my job. But as per to our little agreement. you better have my payment ready for me when i come back. *Commanding for a massive Swarm of Fire Minions to rise* RISE!

A Swarm of Fire Minions start to bust out from the ground and rise up from the ether. The Fire Minions rose up one by one and screeched as they rose. Within seconds they stood side by side in formation…

Scath: Bring me the Portal!

Beryl: *Commanding the Army* Warriors… MARCH!

Back at the Watchtower…

Inside the Command room…

Shingo: It’s time. The Enterprise is here to beam us up…

Dinah: *Nods* I see.  Shingo, You take care of Luna and Zeke.

Shingo: You bet, Love. I will see that they are kept safe. Nothing will get to them.

In the Enterprise…

Kirk: *Calling out to the Teleportation Room* Scotty, Prepare for passenger retrieval. We have a lot to take on the Enterprise.

Scotty: Aye sir. *Contacting the Watchtower* Enterprise to Watchtower… Come in.

Chloe: *Voice* Watchtower to Enterprise… we read you.

Scotty: The Teleportation pad is ready to Energize. To beam up the crew that are coming for refuge here.

Chloe: Right. They’re all ready to go. Prepare to Energize.

Scotty: Right away.

Zeke: Time to go.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at Paige, Pearl and Dinah* Girls…

A second later…

Paige: *With Pearl and Dinah; Hugging her mother*

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Hugging her girls* My darling girls… I’m gonna miss you 3 so much. We’ll be on the Enterprise and watching from there. I don’t know what’s gonna happen from here. But whatever happens and no matter what comes. You don’t give up the fight. You keep going. This is our world. If there is anything that you can do to prevent the end of the world from coming. Do so. Take any measure to stop it. any means at all. You girls have to hang on. All the others are gonna count on you. *Shedding a tear* I Love you girls. Momma’s gonna Miss you.

Zeke: *Looking up* Okay… Scotty. Beam us up!

Dinah: We’ll miss you too, Mom. Don’t worry about a thing. We’ll keep going. No matter what.

Pearl: That’s right.

As soon as the mother, Zeke, Luna, Alice, Reese, Dean, Sam, Luna’s friends and Martin, Regina, Starlight, Star, Christie and Renee, Lenard, Russell and Quinn were beamed up…

Dinah: *Watching over Raven through the window* …

Jack: Everything looks like it’s gonna be alright. It’s all clear.

Prince Curtis: Yeah. Just your Average normal Last day on Earth.

Dinah: Prince Curtis, Enough. It’s not anyone’s last day on Earth. No Demon will get through. We won’t allow for it to happen.

Pearl: Everything’s gonna be alright, isn’t it… Dinah?

Dinah: I Hope so. I really hope so.

Inside the Anti-Chamber…

Raven: *Meditating and thinking within her mind* The girls can’t stop him, The Brothers can’t stop him. No one can. Nothing can stop him. But they’re still willing to try to beat him. Willing to risk everything that they have to beat him. Maybe there is hope. If anyone could beat Trigon, The Rhapsody Girls and Rhapsody Brothers can.

Trigon: *Speaking into Raven’s Mind* You know better than to fill your head with such empty ideas.

Raven: *With her eyes open and hearing Trigon’s voice* You’re not here. You can’t be.

Trigon: I am always with you. You are part of me, Forever. You know that.

Raven: *Angrily* Get out!

Suddenly as she is in a state of mind… the room turns into a chamber and Trigon’s shadow is seen inside the cavern as well as Raven…

Scath: There is no stopping what’s meant to happen. This is why i sired you. You were born so i could rule the Earth.

Raven: *Standing up and turning to face her father* What if i don’t let you? What if i refuse to become the Portal that releases you? I may have been sired to release you. But if i choose to not let you out… You can’t do anything to make me.

Scath: *Bellows Out and Surrounds Raven with a Ball of Fire* It is not your place to tell me what to do. I am with all the power. I am the one who happens to control your destiny. You Do not HAVE A CHOICE!

Raven: *Firing back in retaliation*

Scath: You’ll always be Daddy’s little girl.

Raven: *Snaps and scoffs in disgust* I am Nothing like you Trigon. You’re just a Demon bastard who Killed Arella. You Killed my Mother. I am not Afraid of you. Nothing will make me fear the likes of you!

Raven suddenly exposed her 4 red eyes and covered her eyes and in terror turns and flies off a little… Trying to shake off the Evil Eyes.

Trigon: *As a Shadow; Walking towards Raven* You wanted to protect your friends. Keep them from knowing. But you can not hope to deny the Evil that’s within you. You’ll bring Destruction to everything and everyone. Like father… like Daughter.

Raven: *In fear* No!

Trigon: What do you think your friends… the ones you call your family will think once they see the real you… the true you… A Demon just like me; a being that sires to destroy everything in its path?

Raven: …….

Trigon: You can’t hope to hide from your destiny. What you are meant to do…

Outside the Anti-Chamber inside the control room…

Pearl: Trigon’s attempted to contact Raven. We’ve got to help her, Dinah. we got to do something.

Dinah: She’s safest if she remains inside the room.

Prince Alvin: Dinah’s right. *Looking on the screen and seeing trouble being detected* Besides… we’ve got company. Lots of company and they don’t look pleased.

Prince Arnold: They didn’t happen to bring any trinkets either.

Outside the Watchtower and in front of the Sullivan house…

Beryl: *Standing on the property and looking in* Hmmm…. *Walking ahead*


Miss Love: *With her sisters* Stop Right there and don’t even think about stepping a foot closer to the Watchtower.

Thunder Mistress: You come a step closer… You will wish that you hadn’t. That’s a guarantee… Beryl. We’re ready for you. You just try and get through.

Beryl: *As the Rhapsody Brothers were suddenly teleporting into the scene and baring Beryl’s path; Demanding* give me the girl.

Thunder Mistress: Not on your life. You’re not taking her anywhere.

Beryl: That’s where you are mistaken. Because, i am sorry to break it to you, Dinah. But you don’t have a say in the matter. I’m taking her.

Prince Arnold: Yeah? You and what Army, Demon reject?

Suddenly a mass of Fire minions rose up and surrounded them and Beryl was in the middle facing the girls and the brothers.

Jack: *Gasps*

Prince Arnold: *Screams in terror* AHHHHHHH!!!!

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Arnold* You had to over play the hand and ask, didn’t you?

Beryl: *Ordering the Minions to move in* ATTACK!

The Minions close in and Dinah Jumps in and Fires Thunder blasts at the minions… Firing at several and with a kick to the center, nails Beryl right in the gut and Knocks her back.

Thunder Mistress: *Firing at Beryl* Thundering Dragons! *Releasing two streams of Thunder which emit a roaring cry as they turn into dragons and with sharp fangs and claws; Biting and Electrocuting Beryl*

Beryl: *Still with two feet on the ground and leaned back before leaning forwards; Looking Dinah in the eye and then with a blast of Demonic Fire; Firing a shot at Dinah, Knocking her back*

Dinah still came back after Beryl but this time struck at the Minions Landing punches and blasts of thunder. Left and right. Shooting at several minions. taking them out one after another. But out of nowhere one of the Minions fired at her and pushed her back…

In the Enterprise…

Shingo: *Watching the fight and Praying for his Wife* Come on, Dinah… Don’t let those things beat you. Fight. You can do it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That Beryl is a real headache. Can’t someone evaporate her or give her at least what for?

Luna: I don’t think it’s possible. Beryl’s got these powers and she’s using every bit that she’s got. But i don’t think that Dinah’s gonna give up.

Zeke: Neither do i. She’s one tough woman. The girls can do it. They have to. They just have to.

Regina: I am sure that they will come out on top. Vincent had faith in them. He was sure that they’d come out from it. Winning the fight somehow.

Spock: Winning a fight against a band of fire Minions is highly unlikely. The Minions are not like the ones that they faced before. They’re ones which are more stronger and quite evasive. Plus they’re with a purpose which they’re gonna see through and not back off.

Ted: Do you mean that they could get killed?

McCoy: That’s what could happen. This isn’t a normal fight. It’s one that will decide the fate of the world. The mortal world is in Jeopardy.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Clearing her throat* Ahem! Those are my daughters that you’re talking about. They’re doing the best that they can. They don’t want the world to end. I don’t want it to end either. but the fact of the matter is… It is ending. They’re trying to ensure that it doesn’t. Prolong it as much as they can. Paige, Pearl and Dinah want the world to go on. Raven is being caught in the middle of it all as she’s being with the Prophecy that she can’t escape. She doesn’t want to have a thing to do with it. I don’t think i would blame her. i don’t want to have anything to do with the Prophecy either.

Uhura: Mrs. Rhapsody, Hon. That’s not what he was saying at all… What he meant was that the minions that the girls are going towards happen to be stronger than before. The Minions are tougher. The past outbreaks of Minions that occurred up till now have been able to be beat.  There was no real retaliation coming from the minions. But the ones that they’re going against now… they’re alot stronger and have more of a purpose. They’re after the Gem. They want the Gem and will do whatever it may take to get the Gem.

Sulu: The girls can beat them. They have to. They must.

Back on Earth…

Paige and Pearl were being pummeled by the Fire Minions. Prince Arnold and Jack fired back at the Minions and froze up a few of them. trying to trim them back. It seemed that the Ice was knocking them all out as they couldn’t withstand it.

Jack: *Seeing a line of Minions facing him* Okay… You hurt my Fiance… I think that returning that gesture is fair. *Emitting cold air and Firing a stream of ice at the Minions* Icy BEAMS!

Prince Alvin: *Producing a Flash Fire barrage attack at the Minions and deep frying the Minions* Explosive FLASH FLARE!

The Minions however Knocked Prince Alvin up into the third story of the Watchtower and started to make an advance to the tower when…

Black Canary: *Emitting a Silent Alarm and crossing the path of the Minions; Turning to see 3 girls moving into fight the Minions off*

Sailor Mercury: You Fire beings are not welcomed in the watchtower. *Launching an attack at the Fire Minions* Shine Aqua… Illusion!

Click to view full size image

Sailor Mars: You Fire creeps better back off. That is far enough. You step a inch closer and you’ll get burned by the power of Mars. *Launching an attack at the Fire Minions* Burning… Mandala!

Click to view full size image

Sailor Venus: *Firing at the Fire Minions* Venus BEAM!!!

Miss Love: Let’s all attack them at once…

Bubble Maiden: This is one of those times when we wish that our sister Betty was around…

Betty: *Appearing* What’s the problem now? *Seeing a swarm of fire Minions* Oh. That… um, Okay. I guess that we have a bit of a problem… This is gonna get really ugly. Fast.


Betty: Time to knock these things back. *Gathering Psychic Energy and rising up into the sky; Closing her mind and Eyes (chanting the beginning of the incantation) “Mitares meus anima…” and charging up with a purple aura; Releasing her spirit and flying into the mind of the Target; infecting the target’s mind with Holy Light; Flying back out and returning to the body of the summoner; opening her mind and Eyes (Finishing the incantation) “liberare”; Glowing with Purple light and releasing the light; Launching the attack at (Fire Minions and Beryl) Burning the target’s eyes* PSYCHIC FLASH!!! *Gathering Energy and building up Spiritual power and letting the light pour into her; Heating up and reaching Critical mass; Rising up and foring large massive Angelic Wings; getting up high in the sky and with her Massive Angelic Wings Blocking out the sun; casting darkness upon the land below while the suns rays flow into her; Chanting a spell in German* Herr der Sonne … der Gott der Sonne … Herr des Himmels blinde diese bösen Wesen … brennen Sie es mit Ihrem Zorn und lassen Sie das Licht des Herrn zu ertränken ihn mit seiner Liebe *With her Wings at full strength and ready to fire; Uncovering the sun and Launching the attack at (Fire minions and Beryl) Blinding the Evil with the Holy Light of god* SPIRITUAL SOLAR FLARE!!!

With a Huge blast of Holy Magic done up by Betty, It Obliterated all the Fire Minions and Gave Beryl a deep Burn. She looked as though she was gonna burst into flames. But she stood there and Cracked her neck and looked straight at the fighters.  Within seconds… More of the Fire Minions started to Rise up and it made the fighters and the girls all freeze with Mortification…

But in the Anti-Chamber…

Raven was down and out… Although in her state of mind…

Trigon: Your friends can not hope to stop the inevitable. Dear daughter, They are doomed. *Lifting Raven up on his shadow hand* Do you really sire to see their last day ending like this? Your human friends, The one who claims to be your protector. How can you allow for her to suffer the agony of fighting against what must be done? Do you really value to watch your friends suffer?

Raven: *Pleading and begging* Don’t hurt them.

Trigon: I’m Not the one who is hurting them. You are. You know what must be done.

Raven: But father… I don’t want to.

Trigon: You can’t hide from your destiny. It has to be as it was said to become. You are the portal. It is fate. You can not deny what you’re meant to be. *Closing his hand with Raven inside*

Back outside…

Miss Love: *Blasting hearts and Musical notes at the minions* Why can’t these things just Die?!

Bubble Maiden: *Fighting the Minions off* Don’t be asking any of us. Ask Beryl. or those Minions. They’ll tell you why. But that is gonna be hard as they can’t talk.

Prince Alvin: *Grabbing at a couple of the Minions and Tossing them across the field* Ha!

Prince Avery: Damn these Buggers!

Prince Curtis: I think that we’re about to get our asses kicked.

Sailor Mercury: *Firing Water at the Minions*

Jack: *Blowing frost at the Minions*

Thunder Mistress: *Jumping and Driving kicks at Beryl* Beryl, Leave this place. Get the hell lost.

Beryl: *Grabbing at Dinah’s one ankle and Swinging her back and forth a couple times*

On the Enterprise…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Gasps* No! *Freaking out at the sight* My Precious Daughters!

Spock: I do proclaim that the situation is starting to turn grim down there, Jim.

Kirk: All we can do is watch.

Sulu: Can’t we fire the Enterprise’s weapon once to blast at the Minions and the villain they’re fighting?

Luna: Can this ship actually do that?

Zeke: If it can… then do something. anything.

McCoy: I think that we might have to risk it a little, Jim. We need to provide a little help.

Kirk: We can’t. That would be going against Star fleet.

Alice: *Huffs and tempered* Star Fleet can go blow itself. My fiance is down there. I am not gonna allow for him to remain helpless down there. *Looking at Sulu* Sulu, Prepare to lock on… And fire!

Sulu: Aye! Locking on to target and attaining the firing solution.

Kirk: *Nods* Proceed with the firing. Fire the Photons at the locked position.

A few seconds later…

Kirk: *Commanding* FIRE!

within the next seconds the Enterprise fired 3 Photon Missiles at the locked position and blew away Beryl. It Obliterated the Minions. But it didn’t stop. The Minions kept coming. As did Beryl…

Back on Earth…

in front of the Watchtower…

The fighters were all still trying to fight back and were only pausing for a second to look on seeing more minions coming and racing to them. and before they could react… The Minions swung blows at the fighters and knocked them in multiple spots… Punching and kicking them with their fire whips. Landing blows on them from every direction…

The fight was looking very grim. it was getting devastatingly hopeless for them to overthrow the Minions and Beryl just the same…

A second or so later…

The fighters were all grabbed and held on to. They were in a very tight spot…

Beryl: *Walking over to face Dinah; Smirking* You know… this seems a tad too familiar and it reminds me of something. You and your sisters… the Brothers all kept on derailing my ambitions. The first time when the Great Evil was being reawakened. You and your sisters had to come and get involved with something that didn’t even concern you. But you defeated me and destroyed my Kingdom. Destroyed me. Took away my means of ruling the world. The first time. Then you find a way to suppress the Great Evil and not only take it… you take the Prince’s life as well. The next time we met and crossed paths… I had watched over the Blonde haired runaway. She was mine… But you got to her first before i could grab her. And had her as a part of your cozy family. Although her secret then came out that she was working for me the whole time when she returned from running off the first time. She came back and proved to be a great asset to you. you took her in and made her as one of your own. Never knowing that she was really playing you. Playing you and making you truly think that she had gotten better and was looking to be a good heroine. and yet you never knew that she that whole time… was serving as my Apprentice throughout that time. Then she turns on me. I come back and have these amazing powers with useful perks. Exacting my revenge on you brats while fulfilling my duties to a higher calling. Yet… it’s the end of the world… it is the end of all things Mortal now… The Prophecy is destined to happen. You are still trying to fight. Why do you want to keep fighting? It is pointless. Dinah… Paige, Pearl… Sailor Senshi, Rhapsody Brothers, Jack… Do you guys have a difficult time in just letting it all go?

Dinah: *Struggling to get loose* This is not our last day, you Witch!

Beryl: *Aiming to fire a fatal shot at Dinah*



The fire Minions all step aside and reveal Raven…

Prince Avery: Raven?!

Raven: *Walking over to the others; close to Beryl* I will go with you.

Dinah: *Standing in between Beryl and Raven; To Raven* No… Raven. We’re not allowing for Beryl to take you anywhere. You are not going with her. Are you like losing your edge? You can’t trust her.

Prince Alvin: Raven, You need to get yourself back inside the Chambers where it’s safe. We need to keep you away from Trigon. That bastard is gonna only kill you once you let him out. He’s gonna kill you. Are you Suicidal? You want to die by that bastards hands?

Sailor Mars: Please… Get back to where it’s safe. Get back into the Chamber. Get back in there. Now!

Raven: I can not hide from my destiny any longer.

Miss Love: No!

Dinah: *Desperate* No… Raven, You’re our friend. We’re not letting you go without a fight. You can’t do this… *Grabbing Raven’s hands* Raven, Please don’t do this. Don’t let this happen. Please… We can’t let you do this. This is not right.

Suddenly Raven released streams of dark energy and sent them into the girls and the brothers. Jack and the 3 sailors. Lifted them up and gently laid them down knocking them out…

Raven: *Looking at Dinah* Dinah, You’re my protector and kept me safe. Even knowing what i would regrettably do. I can’t ever expect to see you forgive me for what i must do. I’m sorry. But this is my destiny. It’s fate and i can’t ignore it anymore. I know that i am giving in to my fate and putting myself in harm’s way… But doing this means seeing that you’re all safe. I care about you guys. Some of my power is inside each of you now… Make a difference. I won’t be able to once i become the portal. But maybe you can still fight. Don’t give up. With a little bit of my power… you’ll feel me there with you. *to the others* Goodbye… be safe… *To Beryl* Let’s go. *Walking off with Beryl*

A Moment later…

Heading to the Chamber With Beryl…

Photo: This is Scath's Servant. I feel really bad for the girls. I really do. They just can't get rid of Beryl. No matter how many times they try to defeat her. She just won't go away.

Beryl: *Walking with Raven and with a few Minions behind following along* The Chamber has been prepared for you, My dear pet. Everything’s ready for Trigon’s ascent.

Raven: You are a fool. The girls are right. Figuring you all out is just too easy. Whatever my father promised you… You waste your time because he will never deliver.

Beryl: Dear child… you truly have no idea of what you’re saying, do you?

Raven: You telling me that i don’t happen to know my own father?

Beryl: You are merely a portal. An Insignificant pawn in Trigon’s ambitions. Nothing more. As soon as Trigon’s through the portal… he won’t be in need of you anymore.

Raven: I guess that makes us even. Because once he’s done with you and gets what it is that he wants… you too will be insignificant.

Beryl: *Growling at Raven with both fists a flaming* Shut your Mouth! *Suddenly getting grabbed and subdued by the Minions* Let go of me. Do as i command… Now!

As Beryl was being Subdued and held down, with her head being forced to look up at Raven…

Raven: Come to think of it, Beryl. You already are Insignificant. Even your own army won’t listen to you. The Rhapsody girls were right… You are just a lady with control issues.

Raven then starts walking away…

Raven: *Commanding the Minions* Leave her…

Beryl: *Panting and trying to catch her breath*

Back at the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Walking out and seeing the fighters on the ground passed out* What happened here?

Victor Stone: *Walking out and checking the fighters for Vitals* This is bad… Really bad.

Chloe: I know. Looks like they lost Raven. We were trying to keep Raven safe… But something got to her and now she’s gone… Where to… We need to find out.

Dinah: *Slowly Stirring and Getting up* Ugh! What the heck was that? Did we just get knocked out and stunned by Raven?

Pearl: *Slowly getting up and Shaking her head* God… That was pretentiously a really low move. Knocking us out like that. What was Raven’s possible glitch? We were only trying to help her.

Paige: *Getting up* Yeah… we help her and get our lives nearly tossed aside like we’re kiddie toys.

Jack: I don’t think we’re that bad off. But i’ll tell you this though… Raven’s got one heck of a mean hook on her.

Prince Alvin: No kidding. What the hell do we do now?

Ami: I fear that it’s too late to be of any help to her now.

Minako: Where did she go?

Casstiel: *Walking out from the Watchtower* We found her…

Dinah: *turning her head fast towards Casstiel* Where? Where is she?

Music then plays in the back ground..

Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?

Rei: we need to find her now…

Inside the Watchtower…

Dinah: *With the others Looking at the screen and seeing a fix on Raven*

Paige: She’s heading to the abandoned Library. That’s about 3 hours away. We’ll never make it in time.

Where’s the street-wise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?

Dinah: I don’t care… we’re going… Now. Right now. Everyone… get your tails in line now and move out. We have to stop Raven from fulfilling the Prophecy. We need to stop her. She’s about to make the biggest mistake that she might not be able to walk away from.

Artemis: How do we stop her?

Prince Arnold: Any means necessary.

Ami: Like?

Pearl: You’re not meaning… that we attack her, do you?

Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need

Prince Alvin: We might not have a choice. We don’t want to savor attacking her but if it means to ensure that the Prophecy doesn’t get filled… We will do what we must.

Prince Curtis: I really don’t like this… But if this is the part where we do the unthinkable… i’ll be living with the regret. but we will do what needs to be done.

I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
He’s gotta be strong, he’s gotta be fast
And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight

Within minutes they all made their way over to the Abandoned Library. Where the Chamber resided. It was almost time for the Prophecy to take a hold. and time was running out. Hurry Rhapsody girls… STOP RAVEN!!! NOW!

I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the morning light
He’s gotta be sure, he’s gotta be soon
And he’s gotta be larger than life, larger than life

(dada dada dada dada da)

Somewhere after midnight
In my wildest fantasies
Somewhere just beyond my reach

In the Enterprise…

Ted: Time is running out. It is getting short. Isn’t there anything that can be done?

Karen: I don’t think so. I really don’t think so. I don’t see there being anything that can be done.

Zeke: What do you think the world will be like when the Prophecy is fulfilled?

Luna: You don’t want to know.

Martin: I think that the world should just end and there end the nightmare of worrying about whether the end of days will happen or not. I mean… it’s already the end. Everyone has failed in preventing it. Everyone’s had a turn in trying to prevent it. The Demon outbreak didn’t really make things any lighter. It screwed everyone up.

Pamela: Oh… Like you happen to know what that’s like?

Jake: I don’t think that anyone knows what to say about it. The fact that the End of days is here… and the world is about to end… It’s not sitting so good with a lot of people. Hasn’t for a while and it has only driven people all over the world… or at the very least Metropolis into a frenzy. It hasn’t done anyone any good.

Luna: I don’t like the idea that the world has ended. I would rather it not end.

Penelope: Amen!

Uhura: I agree. But… *Suddenly getting a read out from Watchtower* I think that we might be too late. I think that the girl Raven is at the Chambers now and she’s about to fulfill the Prophecy.

Kirk: *Contacting Watchtower*…

Back on Earth…

There’s someone reaching back for me
Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat
Isn’t there a superman to sweep me off my feet?

Down underground in the fiery Lair…

Beryl: *To Trigon* The Portal Is approaching and the hour is nigh… Time for your end of the bargain. Time for my payment.

Trig0n: *Voice; with eyes looking at Beryl* Payment for what, Beryl? The portal returns by her own free will. You didn’t bring her… I did.

Beryl: *Sternly* We had a Deal, Trigon. The deal was that i bring you the Gem. place the Inscriptions on her and remind her of the Prophecy… get her to realize what it was that she was destined to do. I gave you the Gem… if i were to do that. You’d give me my flesh and blood. my original look.  We had a deal and i expect you to honor it.

Trigon: *Laughs sinisterly*

Beryl: *Growls* Why… You insolent Demonic Son of a bastard. Brat! *Firing blasts of fire at Trigon’s shadow* Agh! Ahh!

Trigon: *Annoyed and angered* I granted you these powers and i can take them away! *Levitating Beryl in Mid-air; Stripping her of the Demon powers that he gave her*

Within seconds, Beryl lost the Demonic fire powers and the Mark of Scath was removed from her forehead. Beryl no longer had an immortal life anymore. It was all gone. She was now her original self. or Only a shadow of what she once was…

Inside the Chamber where the Prophecy is about to be performed…

Raven: *Looking up to see the Eclipse setting down more* … *Looking down and seeing the Charm in her hand that Luna gave her* It’s time. *turning to face the Minions* The Prophecy shall be fulfilled. *Turning back to begin going up* …


I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
He’s gotta be strong, he’s gotta be fast

“Icy BEAMS!”

“Flash FLARE!”

“Shine Aqua… Illusion!”

“Burning… Mandala!”

“Rolling Hearts… Vibration!”

“Cutting Moon Blades!”

“Herald’s Water of life!”

“Plasmatic Splash!”

“Electric Black-out!”

“Love’s Canon!”

“Thundering Beams!”

“Bubbles Blaster!”

And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the morning light

The Rhapsody girls and the Rhapsody Brothers, the 3 sailors and Jack Plus Artemis all ran into the fray and through the minions. Trying to blast at them as they ran through and tried to get to Raven. They had to stop her… But that was when a mass of Minions all hopped to the side and grabbed them, Holding then in capture. Over powering them and not letting go…

Thunder Mistress: *Pleading* RAVEN!

He’s gotta be sure, he’s gotta be soon
And he’s gotta be larger than life
I need a hero…

Raven suddenly with a fast swipe sent the minions all away…

A second later…

Raven: It has already begun. *Removing her hood from her head, pulling it down* And there is no stopping what was meant to be.

Prince Avery: You’re willing to give up everything? All because of some Prophecy you heard as a young child?

Thunder Mistress: *Not understanding* What if it’s all Wrong?

Raven: Dinah, I know what i know.

Thunder Mistress: We don’t buy that one. You can take control. You have the power to make it not happen. It doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t let it be like this. Raven… you have us… Your friends. I am your protector. I am not one to just let you go so easily.

Raven: I’ve known my whole life that this day was gonna come to pass. All about the Evil that was inside me. I tried to do good things… wonderful things. defeating crime and saving the day along with everyone. In hopes that it would make up for the act that i would one day be destined to perform.

Thunder Mistress: But Raven, No one knows their destiny. There are just things that one can’t possibly know about. No one knows for sure what their destiny is or what it could bring.

Raven: Dinah… There are some things that i didn’t know… One being as how i could make some wonderful friends. I still remember the first time that we met. that night. Halloween. You were on your way home from a Halloween party. when we first met. You thought it was the bewitching hour.

Thunder Mistress: I remember. That was a hell of a night.

Raven: The first time that i happened to meet you 4 guys. Prince Alvin, at first you thought that i was possibly a mean for danger… Which i still feel that you were right. but i just couldn’t confess. But you were right. There were some things about me that were not normal as you’d feel.

Prince Alvin: I know. I didn’t seem to give you a benefit of a doubt at first and it didn’t make you feel welcomed. nor did it seem to make me out to be the most gracious of hosts. I felt bad over that for a long time.

Raven: Don’t feel bad. The half Demon part of me is unpredictable. There is no telling as to what i would have been liable to do if i allowed that part out. at any time. That’s why i didn’t want to be too open. or let anyone into my world. My mind and see what i really was all about. I couldn’t bare having anyone knowing. None would understand. All i wanted to do was make your last day memorable. But instead… You all spent it worrying about me.

Thunder Mistress: because that’s what friends do. That’s what friends do. Remember that this morning i said that friends worry about their friends no matter what. the good, the bad and the down-right Down-trotted… It stands as it is… We are not letting you leave us… not like this. There has to be another way. There must be another way to do this. You can’t just let it take you.

Raven: *Feeling regret* I know. But i have to do this. It must be done. And as my friends… You need to let me go.

Thunder Mistress: *Desperate and suddenly taking Raven’s hand; With tears in her eyes* Raven No! You’re our friend. I can’t bare to see you give yourself up. Not like this. Not this way. I know that it’s the prophecy that’s calling this. I know that now… But… *Trying to not break down* I don’t give a damn about the Prophecy. it can go to hell… It shouldn’t have a say in what you must do. We don’t want you to go. We don’t want to lose you, Raven. If you go along with it… You’ll possibly die. You might not make it out of there and be able to come back. *About to cry as she then Pulls Raven close and hugging her* You’re like family. A part of the family… We’re not gonna give you up. You can’t go. You can’t go. Please… I beg you. Please… Don’t do this.

Raven: *Pulling away gently* Dinah, i’m sorry. I have to. I’ll never forget you girls. Ever. neither will i forget you guys… and our other friends. No matter what happens. You and the entire team… will always be remembered. No matter where i end up or what happens to me. I won’t ever forget all the times that we had together.

seconds later, Raven put up a Dark powered Barrier to block them and yet to keep them safe from the massive blast that was gonna come from the portal opening up…  Platforms rose up and lead the way for Raven to lead on to the center and align to perform the Prophecy. Fulfilling it.

Thunder Mistress: *Calling out* RAVEN!!! STOP!!!

Jack: let’s get through… We have to break through. Somehow…

Miss Love: *Firing blasts of hearts at the barrier and trying to break through*

Bubble Maiden: *Firing blasts of Bubbles at the barrier and trying to break through*

Prince Alvin: *Firing blasts of Flames at the barrier and trying to break through*

Prince Arnold: *Firing blasts of Water at the barrier and trying to break through*

Prince Avery: *Firing blasts of Plasma at the barrier and trying to break through*

Prince Curtis: *Firing blasts of Electricity at the barrier and trying to break through*

Sailor Mercury: *With Mars, Venus and Artemis; Firing at the Barrier*

Raven: *in the Center of the Hand; Chanting the Incantation and becoming the Portal* “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire…  The Gem shall be his portal… He comes to claim…  He comes to Sire… The end of all things Mortal”

Dinah: *Calling out* RAVEN! NO!!!!!

Rhapsody Brothers: *With the Rhapsody Girls; Trying to Break through the Dark Powered Barrier to stop Raven; Unable to break through*

A big boom goes off as the portal opens and the gate is wide open… With Trigon not far inside but near the gate and reaching up!

Prince Alvin: Here he comes…Hold on!

Trigon: *Turning to look down at the Mortals* The Earth… Is… MINE!

The world has now ended… Find out what becomes of the world and how the fighters will press on; on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Dinah: *Walking around the city and looking at the devastation* What are we gonna do? Shit… This is a nightmare.

Beryl: *To the fighters* Think of me as you like. But what Trigon has done to this world… i would never wish for this to be its fate.

Beryl: It is the end of the world… Prince Alvin, Think about it for a little.  did any of you really think that this would be easy? As it looks right now… I don’t expect you to win. I don’t even expect you to live. Only to endure what is.


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