Chapter 113: “To Besaid Isle with the babies.” Dinah’s Law is Firmly Decreed.


In Room #250…

Kirk: *Looking at the girls* We do apologize for leaving like this. But we need to get back. We’ve been on the planet longer than we should have.

Dinah: we know. Will you guys be alright?

Spock: we should be. There is no need to worry, Dinah. we’ll be fine. we are members of the Enterprise. and our mission is to boldly go where no man has ever gone before.

Sulu: Your babies will be safe. We’ll be keeping ties to the planet and let you know how they’re progressing.

Uhura: Any danger… we’ll let you know. and see to handle it. Your little ones will be safe. we promise you…

Paige: You guys have a safe trip back.

Raven: And don’t worry about the planet here… we got it under control.

Kirk: *Calling up to Scotty* Scotty, We’re ready. Beam us up.

Scotty: *Voice* Energizing now!

Scene Shift…

Dinah: *Walking into the Living room and catching the screen on and seeing a familiar face* Uh… What in the world… Capt. Kirk? Dr. Spock? Dr. McCoy? Lt. Uhura? Helms man Sulu?

Kirk: *Looking to see Dinah walking over* Dinah. It’s been a while since the last time we crossed paths.

Dinah: It sure has been. How are my 3 daughters?

Spock: They’re doing quite well… They did have moments of being with what Humans would logically call a Temper Tantrum. But they calmed down immediately after they heard your voice. In their heart. My father detected their hearts reacting and heard their minds thinking. Their mind was filled with your voice and They calmed down.

Dinah: I know… The poor dears. I miss them too… I would give anything for them to be back here on Earth. But it’s just not safe here for them. I can’t risk them being here and winding up with the same exact fate as the rest of the world. I couldn’t bare it.

Spock: There has been a few minor incidents of minor Danger. But it was resolved with diligence and logic. No Casualties were ever reported.

Dinah: *Grins* Are you sure? You’re not hiding something from me, are you Spock?

Spock: No Ma’am. I’m not. They’re also being taught Logic and doing quite well. It’s progressing well with them.

Luna: *Nods* I am glad to hear that. I want my nieces to be safe at all times.

Beth: Nieces?

Luna: Yeah… didn’t you guys know that i am An Aunt now? The youngest one to be an Aunt of anyone’s kids.

Zeke: I think that i knew about it already. Just by how you and your sister were talking when you managed to refer to 3 little babies. It crossed my mind a bit.

June: Well… It didn’t cross mine. this came as a shock to me.

Jake: Jennifer and i knew.

Jennifer: Yeah. We knew about it.

Karen: same here.

Ted: I think that i kinda knew.

Kirk: we knew. we granted safe harbor for the 3 little ones to go to Vulcan.

scene shift…

Alice: *Catching her breath* Is it over?

Prince Alvin: *Nods* It’s all over. It’s over. The Nurse is with them now and getting them cleaned up nice for you.

Alice: *Calming down* We did it, Sweetheart… We did it. You’re now a father. I’m a mother.

Prince Alvin: We sure did. *Kissing Alice on the Lips* But you know that we’re gonna have to send to another location… At least till the ordeal with the Demon is all over. Till he’s gone. they can’t stay here. As much as we’d like them to.

Alice: Where do we send them?

Prince Alvin: We can send them to the same planet where Dinah’s kids are… Unless it’s getting dangerous over there and you want to send them Somewhere else?

Alice: Where? Where can we send them?

Prince Alvin: Why not… Hmm… It’s a long shot. But. There is always the Isle of Besaid. Spira. Paige, Pearl and Dinah’s mother happened to know this guy. Wakka. He might take care of them… and Also care for Pearl’s kids as well… When she does go into Labor and has them.

Alice: I guess. I just want our little ones safe. I don’t want that rotten Demon to get his grubby hands on them. Not on any of them.

Prince Alvin: It’s okay. We’re not gonna allow for that to happen. Not ever…

scene shift…

Pearl: *Sighs* I don’t know what it is that we’re supposed to do. Jack, we’re sunk. What’ll we do about getting a job to care for the babies? We don’t know where to look. No one is hiring. We’re also still in College. What the hell are we gonna do?

Jack: I don’t know, Pearl. I really don’t know. But you have just bolted from your sisters house. Your mom is worried about you. Raven is getting suspicious of what you’ve been doing as of late.

Pearl: What makes you say that?

Jack: Why do you think? Pearl, Since you got out from the hospital… you felt rather distant from people. You won’t talk to anyone.

Pearl: What are you talking about?

Jack: Since you got out from the hospital… you have been so quiet that you wouldn’t move. you were just sitting on the couch for i don’t know how long. You barely got up to used the restroom. Or to eat. Otherwise… you were on the couch. Your mom is worried that you might have started slipping into being… well… Catatonic. or like… a deaf mute.

Pearl: I know… I’m sorry. *Looking at Jack* I am just not thinking straight. I am just scared about our kids, Jack. I really am.

Jack: And I’m not? Sweetheart, I am also scared for them. We have no job and the Job market isn’t exactly swingin’ with the happy dance. it’s got no openings anywhere. The Employment agency is dead right now. But we can’t keep them here either. Pearl, Till this thing with the demon is over… we got to think about how we’re gonna fight it on the day that it is said to come. We also have to do what’s best for the little ones.

Pearl: I’m scared though. That’s what getting me feeling against sending them away. Dinah sent hers away to Vulcan. Alice sent her kids there too… Now it’s our turn. But we don’t know what is going on over there on Vulcan. We don’t even know if it’s gonna be safe there for our kids. Plus… after the era of Trigon… will we be able to get the kids back? Will they be able to come back?

Jack: Okay… So, What? You just want to keep them here? What if they die here? Could we be able to over come the loss if we were to keep them here and they were hurt by what is still said to come?

Pearl: No… i don’t want to keep them here and have them at risk. But what if the Vulcans don’t accept them? They’re nice people i’m sure as Spock’s a Human/Vulcan Hybrid. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll accept them.

Jack: What do you suppose we are to do then?

Pearl: I don’t know. We could still send them there… but will they really be safe?

Jack: I don’t know. Your Sister’s 3 little ones are there and they’ve been kept safe. I don’t know why ours would be different.

Pearl: What about the guys though? They’re all back to watching the cave walls and keep a watch over things there. *Sighs and groans* I don’t know as to how much more of the demon being coming… i can take. How much more we can take of it.

Jack: *Looking to the side and then back at Pearl* I see what you mean. We can’t even rest and think on other things. do things that are normal because the demon situation has now caused for the whole city to be now affected. Nothing is happening. The city is practically dying.

Pearl: Curse this Demon. I hate him.

Jack: we all do. Pearl, we all hate Trigon. Scath. We all very much would rather despise him than to acknowledge him. But your recent change has got everyone growing more concerned about what you’re feeling or going through. Raven has even come close to make an attempt to read your mind and get a close look at what you were thinking. how you were feeling but didn’t press any further as your mom got her to refrain from doing so. The Pregnancy changed you and made you into someone different.

Pearl: It has. I feel bad for putting her and Raven and my sisters plus my cousins through all that. I am so sensitive that things get me easily. I hate the idea that i had let the Demon problem just get to me like it has.

Jack: It’s not your fault. Not all of it is your fault. Alot of it is the demon that still begs to come closer and is reaching closer yet to Earth.

It was only minutes later as they were talking that the Radio turned itself on and played something. It was enough to calm Pearl’s mind and put her at ease…

“Hiding out, all alone,
Laughter in my fear.
Only you, see right through,
Make it look so clear.

A vibrate over, 
Rolling over,
Blasting in to space,

A blazing comet, 
With spots upon it,
With a scary face.

Wake me up, Shake me up, Race me to the stars,
So much to know so far to go the galaxy is ours. 
The Galaxy is Ours my girl
The Galaxy is Ours.”

It was only a day later… the 20th when they got a call from the Enterprise to prepare for the 3 new ones to be beamed up and taken to Vulcan. Pearl and Jack were not wanting it to happen… but they both knew that it was for the safety of their little ones. They were parents and knew that having to say goodbye for even a little while was gonna be too much to bare for their heart. The problem behind that was just the part where it was either that or the babies get met with the same fate as the rest of the world. Pearl being a sensitive person as she was always being and something that everyone in the city knew well and could never forget… took it harder than anyone could measure. She didn’t dive down to being one with a habit… But she was however gonna feel emotionally numb or dead for a little bit. At least they figured it’d be as that till a few days later when Pearl had some time to cool down and just accept that it had to be just that way. What got her to come to and to be back to active. to be back to being lively was the fact that she would see them again the moment that the dilemma with the demon Known as Trigon was over and finished.”

On Planet Vulcan…

Vulcan High Command #1/High Priestess T’Pau: We must issue War with the neighboring populace Tat’Sahr. They have become testing and grow wearisome of our sake of peace. They are bred of war and conquest. We held back as much as we could… But they won’t stand down. They are gonna attack tonight and it’s gonna be decimated. And i have done all i could to influence them to cease the move for issuing war. But it is absolute. They seek war and it can’t be stopped.

High Command #2: What about Shi’Kar, Your Lordship? The Capital City. That’s where Sarek and Amanda reside. They are not ready for war. Never had been. That city’s been made into a stock of Peace abiding followers.

High Command #3: They will have to be ready and alert for what’s said to come. Tat’Sahr’s high command already sent in a decree of action. They’re gonna attack Tonight. We won’t have time to come with an alternate means of hope for continued peace.

Vulcan High Command #1/High Priestess T’Pau: La’tahr is right. we

High Command #4: There are already talks of political stand-offs in the flatlands. The Viltan Flats. That’s just outside the Tat’Sahr Village. The Populace of Tat’Sahr’s Military has already sent the War tanks and launched them. They’re said to be en-route to the nearest neighboring cities and villages. Shir’Kar is on the far side of the 5th populated area on their path. Tat’Sahr’s planning to blast this area in approximately…

High Command #5: 6 hours Earth time.

Vulcan High Command #1/High Priestess T’Pau: Time is running out…


Explosions are heard at a distance and dust from the remains of the destroyed cities cover the High city on Vulcan. The Wars have begun…

In Shi’Kar…

In the Residence of Spock’s parents Sarek and Amanda…

Amanda: Dear… We can’t keep them here. They must go back to their mother. Their mother Dinah Ellen Rhapsody and their father… Shingo. They’re heartbroken over having to send their darling young off.

Sarek: But here is where they must remain for now. We are at war. The high command has just breached to me that Tat’Sahr issued war. Traveling and Transportation is forbidden in the city tonight. The Married couple knew the risks of sending them here… Spock our son told of this to them and they managed to understand the wit of their intelligence. the weight of their choice by having them come here. Young Sapphire, Raven and Serena can never go back to Earth. It’s too soon. Not safe.

Amanda: there has to be some way to transport them back. Send them somewhere else that’s safe.

Sarek: But to where, Amanda? the entire planet is sired to be at war. Soon there won’t be anyplace for us to be to guard the young. The young offspring of Alice Cross and Prince Alvin Ronald Rhapsody… and the Offspring of Pearl Lucy Rhapsody and Jack Frost… her Fiance… they too are also here. We must also valor and vouch for them. They too must also go if Dinah’s kids go. Dinah’s kids have been with us the longest and have grown a little in logic and understanding. But the others are still young beyond their humble start.

Amanda: How can we keep them here Sarek? Keeping them here to witness the possible and imminent end of the peace that we had harbored for so many a lifetime… it will ail them with deep sorrow and profound grief. It is too saddening to inflict them with that kind of Vision. They will only see death in their eyes and see that death is the way of life for any and all life. even for their own kind.

Sarek: It must be as it shall be. we can not abolish the laws that we followed for so long a lifetime. The grief of losing a child is too great for one to understand. but to lose your home… is to lose such heart to where all your life resides. the spot where you lived to call your haven and bred for so many a time and breathed your breath… Endured the touch of life. It is great sadness that their mother and father miss them so. But the laws can not be changed. Young Sapphire, Raven and Serena must remain upon this world for this time being. The young ones have grown to be a year old in Earth time… but 6 years in Vulcan Time.

Amanda: *Looking at the young sleeping babies* It is so unfair to see young innocent little ones who have no theory of what’s going on to be swayed and sent afar through time… and space to one place from another and then to another.

Sarek: Sad… But logically the way it needs to be now. The young ones might not understand… but they one day will. The young ones have gained enough Logic to know what is and what must be. They might need a little more of passing of time before they fully see the meaning of what has come to pass.

But as they were relenting and talking… Explosions were being heard on the far far side of the the city… it was faint to them… but close to the babies. the babies heard it and were shaking in fear of the noises. They didn’t know what it was or where it was coming from…

Planet Earth…

Dec.12th 2027…

“Out where the river broke
The blood wood and the desert oak
Holden wrecks and boiling diesels
Steam in forty five degrees

The time has come
To say fair’s fair
To pay the rent
To pay our share

The time has come
A fact’s a fact
It belongs to them
Let’s give it back

How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep while our beds are burning
How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep while our beds are burning

The time has come
To say fair’s fair
To pay the rent, now
To pay our share

Four wheels scare the cockatoos
From Kintore East to Yuendemu
The western desert lives and breathes
In forty five degrees

The time has come
To say fair’s fair
To pay the rent
To pay our share
The time has come
A fact’s a fact
It belongs to them
Let’s give it back

How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep while our beds are burning
How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep while our beds are burning

The time has come
To say fair’s fair
To pay the rent, now
To pay our share
The time has come
A fact’s a fact
It belongs to them
We’re gonna give it back

How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep while our beds are burning

Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…


Living room…

Luna: *Watching T.V and Hanging out with her boyfriend Zeke and her friend Pamela* The world’s gone even more out of control.

Pamela: It sure has. My parents for the first time took time to notice me and even cared enough about me to know that something was bugging me. as it was also bugging us for the longest time.

Zeke: You’re kidding! They finally got off their butts and decided to actually give a shit for more than just one second and check on you?

Pamela: Yeah. They sure did. It’s weird though… Having them all of a sudden care.

Luna: It must be… but then again… it’s good that they finally do. It’s good that they finally care enough about you, Pamela.

Zeke: I agree. At least they have the capacity to finally start caring. Which is more than what i can say about a certain someone.

Luna: Who do you mean?

Pamela: What’re you talking about?

Zeke: I have been taking care of Martin’s dog. alot as of late. Martin’s been really avoidable to the poor pooch. She’s missing his attention and missing his time where he would care for her and take her out on walks.

Luna: Oh my god… is she gonna be alright?

Zeke: Yeah. She will be. Not that Martin cares. Beth knows as she’s with him and sees what he’s been doing. She’s not a fan of it either.

Pamela: I don’t blame her. I am no fan of that myself. Martin’s an ass. I never liked him to begin with.

Luna: *Looking at Pamela and Zeke* Let’s go to my room. We can watch some movies in there and dance. Hang out too.

Pamela: Okay. *Thinking of something* Hey… I heard that the News was doing a special on what was going on in the city and apparently all over the world as of late.

Luna: I wouldn’t know about that. My mom is trying to clamp down on how much of the news i watch as some of it kinda gave me a bit of a nightmare. So she says.

Zeke: Well… The real world is scary. But you know it has to be faced sooner or later. Right?

Pamela: Don’t we know it?

Luna: However tonight me and My sister’s Pearl and Dinah Plus also Alice plan to maybe share a vision of what our futures are gonna be like. What we’ll be doing for a career and how we’ll be living.

Zeke: I think that i know how i will live… I’m gonna be married to a lovely girl. a wonderful woman. She and I will be giving life to 5 kids. 3 girls and 2 boys. I’ll probably be a Bar owner since i had a rough childhood. But you know what? At this point… I will make anything work. Because i know that i have the love of a wonderful person.

Pamela: And that would be?

Zeke: Who else would it be? Luna. She’s the one that i Love and she’s given me her heart as i had given her mine.

Luna: *Blushes* Awwww!

A Minute later…

Shingo was tidying up the living room as he just came out from taking a shower before going out to do work on the yard…

Shingo: *Cleaning up the coffee table and the straightening up the couch* There has been no assignments. No work… Nothing. Dinah’s been out looking for work but there is just nothing out there for anyone. Pearl and Jack are looking… Finding nothing. Alice has been looking too. So has Prince Alvin and the guys. Paige… Reese. Everyone. The city’s really gone to the gutters. I wouldn’t be surprised that people started to take on looting. Not that i’d condemn them. No work… No money. No food. No Bread for the pockets to buy the things that are depended on to live each passing day. *Looking to the other chairs and pillows* Geez! Lord love my sister-in-laws… but they are really sloppy. Would it kill them to tidy up after themselves?

As he was cleaning…

The Screen for the monitor came on and in popped a face. It was Spock…

Spock: *On Screen* Hello. Is this the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dinah Ellen Rhapsody?

Shingo: *Stops and pauses* Uh… Who just said that, just now? *Turning slowly to see the screen on and seeing Spock* what in the…? Mr. Spock. Science First Officer Spock…

Spock: *Nods* Salutations, Shingo. Is Dinah home there with you at this time?

Shingo: No. No, she isn’t. She’s out looking for work. The City here has just gone to the grave yards and fell apart. There are no schools. No Law Enforcement. No Transportation. Nothing. But the girls are out searching anyway to see what is still out there. We are still on the path for the Big Demon Fiend himself to bust through. But as it is… no one knows when it’ll happen. It could be later sometime after the 31st of this month and sometime early next year… it could be early and come within a day or two. No one knows. But we’re watching out. Why?

Spock: There is something that i must disclose to you and Dinah… plus to the others. Immediately.

Shingo: *Stopping what he was doing and sitting down on the couch; Looking at the screen* Why… Spock, What’s wrong? What’s going on?

Spock: In Vulcan time 5 days ago 24 hours your time… There were reports of an attack on Planet Vulcan. one of the native cities Tat’Sahr… Had called forth an attack on a portion of Vulcan Decimating the neighboring villages, Towns, Cities and populated areas on Vulcan. Explosions were heard from several cities and a path of devastation was left in their wake.

Shingo: Did it hit near our young ones?

Spock: It got close… but your young ones are in the center of the city Shi’Kar. where my father and mother reside and live. the attacks are on the outskirts of the city but slowly creeping up to reach the center.

Shingo: How bad is it expecting to get?

Spock: Grave.

Shingo: Are our kids gonna be at risk of getting hurt by the attacks?

Spock: No. Neither will the other young ones we have here. The two kids of Alice and the 3 kids of Pearl’s… are also here. they’re being kept safe.

Shingo: I see. They must be kept safe. If anything were to happen to them… Dinah would go literally postal.

Spock: I proclaim to understand the grief and the heartache it should bring to her if she were to know that her young ones were indeed in danger. including Pearl’s and Alice’s. I must go now… But i felt that i should tell you and inform you of the break.

Shingo: They will be back tonight. I’ll be sure to tell my wife tonight. I don’t know how she’s gonna take it. but i’ll tell her. and have her relay it to her sister Pearl and Alice.

Spock: Very well. I do value for an apology for having to be telling this kind of news.

Shingo: It’s okay. It’s not your fault. You did what you had to do because it was something that needed to be said. I don’t blame you. I am sure that Dinah wouldn’t either… but it was best for it be said and informed. than to not be told and hear it from a stranger or two and feel hurt over the idea that we had to hear it for one who wasn’t closely connected to the problem. or the situation. But you did the right thing.

Spock: You are very wise. You speak good logic. I shall go now. I will hope that things go in peace for you and the family. Until then… *holding up a sign of gratitude* Live long and Prosper…

Once the call ended, Shingo sat there and sighed. He knew that he’d have to tell his wife about what he was told and he knew that it was likely gonna be a mess of dramatics. He was dreading the fact that he’d have to tell her. Dinah was not gonna be the least bit thrilled or moved. But what he didn’t know was that Luna overheard the conversation and couldn’t help but freak out about what was going on.

Luna: *Busting out into the living room and getting hysterical* Shingo! What in the world is going on? Is it true what Spock said? Are they in danger? Sapphire, Raven, Serena, Amy, Susie, Christina and Crystal are my Nieces. Paul is my Nephew. If there is any means of Danger on Vulcan. I want to know about it. I am rather young. And being 14… i still have a little bit of maturing to do yet before i understand what the deal is on what is going around. But i am not admissible to be kept out of knowing what’s going on with my Nieces. I want to know. What happened on Vulcan? What is going on?

Shingo: Luna, Calm down… on a day like today… with what i was just told. What i just got informed of by someone we know from the ship in space… Your hysterics are the last thing i will want right now okay?

Luna: Why? What happened?

Shingo: …

Luna: Are my Nieces alright?

Shingo: …

Luna: *Bellows* ARE THEY ALRIGHT?!

Shingo: *Snaps and fumes a little* SHUT UP!  Can’t you shut up for a second? I am trying to figure out how the hell i’m gonna tell Dinah about the news. She’s gonna be ballistic. And you know what? I Can’t Blame her being so unhinged. You are the Aunt. But She is the mother. She is gonna go totally nuclear and i am terrified that i won’t be able to keep it iced down from flooding. And your Screaming about it… to me… ISN’T HELPING ANYTHING!!!

Luna: Well… Excuse me. I am just now worried sick about my nieces, okay? It isn’t like we can beam our butts over there and grab the little ones and just bring them back. We are stuck. Dinah’s gonna find out anyway. It’s just gonna be a matter of time before she gets wind of it.

Shingo: *Scoffs* Oh Really?! And this now hits you in what way exactly?

Luna: It doesn’t. It’s the truth and you know it. She’s gonna be back home soon and she’s gonna ask what went on. You’re her husband. As much as it is said that i have no room to tell you what the heck to do as i am still Shockingly… A Minor. It is up to you to know what to do and man up. So… Swallow that Ego… Set aside that Pride and Just tell her. Because if you don’t tell her and someone else tells her before you. and it comes that you knew and didn’t tell her when you should have and had that chance in doing so… She will come unhinged on you. On everyone. So… If i were you… I’d tell her. ASAP!

Shingo: Uh, Okay… for a 14 year old girl… You are really sounding persuasive. and straight. Luna, i think that with the sudden change you’ve been going through… We’re gonna need to have ourselves a little talk. At least bring this outburst by your mom. What you said was way too mature. Logic. and over confident. I mean… we always did tell you to stand up for what you believe was right. But not overdo it. You however… just over reached.

However it was a couple hours later when Zeke and Pamela had to head back to their homes. It was getting late and Zeke wanted to stick around but the problem was that he felt that what ever was starting to stir… he didn’t want to be in the crossfires. He was somehow sensing that the tension was climbing. It was climbing up to a terror level. Level orange in the Hostility. And Shingo only stood there. Dreading what was destined to bust open when Dinah finally got told about the news that came in….

At a half hour before 7 that night…

T.V: *Reporting the headlines of the night; As Brian Williams* Tonight on The Nightly News…The world Dying… The End of days Imminent and the religious leaders in Turmoil. Total City Infrastructure of Metropolis, Illinois shutdown. The People in the Dark seek to pillage for survival. Local Family and Allies Buckling under pressure and reaching the breaking point. Internal Family trauma… Rhapsody Clan Preparing for the End of Days and Struggling to keep going. Tonight’s Report… Countdown to the World’s final Cry… *As the announcer* Live and from the NBC Headquarters in New York. This is the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams… *As Brian Williams* Good Evening America and to all the Viewers. I’m Brian Willaims. Tonight we take a look on the Progress of the world as it appears. Since the beginning of June 1st of this year, the world has shown signs of the beginning of the end. World leaders were preparing for what was said to come being the end of days. It has been a struggle ever since as the known leaders of neighboring allies in the countries within the middle east and Europe, England and Russia. Moscow. prepared for what was said to be the end of the world. In Aug. at the crest of the 31st day… The world’s leaders have expressed concerns of the world dying and started to initiate secret underground bunkers through the caves of the Middle east. In Jerusalem and in Afghanistan. A Mutual treaty formed to allow american refugees in. To prepare for what the Religious leaders insist to be the beginning of the end. The Lord’s rapture.  In Metropolis the City is on a severe alarm Shutdown as the infrastructure fell apart. Collapsing. It has all begun on the 1st of September. at 3:45 AM. It was a slow process as it first started with the Entertainment Industry of Metropolis. Talent Agencies. started closing up and initiating a shutdown on taking in any new talents. The Filming crew were slowly crippled and dissected as the City wide shut down pressed on deeper shutdowns with laying off dozens of high ranking Celebrities. Stars. Few of them being on the clock and locked to make 4 movies back to back. Actors Nicholas Cage, Brendan Fraser and Jim Carrey to name a few. And with many more layoffs… the growing process and the hope for the future becomes grim and at a all time low. The Infrastructure since then has only worsened from there as the shutdown reached the local Emergency resources and began fracturing it from within. Depleting resources from local firemen… Policemen and Paramedics and Medical personnel. Laying off a mass of workers. The Local Law Enforcement slammed to a halt. Steadily declining. Crime at its all time highest since 4 years ago when the city was ravaged by the Intergalactic forces of General Zod. With the streets jammed and the roads at a standstill… Many people… Many many people are not happy. With the city dying and the Local law enforcements at a decline… People have started reverting to motions of looting for survival. In Other News… A Local family’s been on the forefront to stop the chaos and the onslaught of the supernatural presence covering the whole city. The process has been going on since the very end of the reign of a Drule King. and pressed on through the Threat of a hellbent Queen. Then through a grueling fight against the Intergalactic Extra-terrestrial Army of General Zod and Then Zod himself. Only to then having themselves running course with the Hellbent Queen again and the minions that draw in her very path. but now… they are going against a Demon that Religious leaders across the globe refer to as Lucifer/Satan. But their tolerance and patience has started to grow to a dangerous low. Sources say that they are on the verge of losing it. With the tension and internal family trauma… on display and exposed, the family will be struggling to prevail at keeping the world… from coming to an end. When we come back… we’ll hear from Cardinal Strauss. on the Religious impact of the final hours till the end of days…

Luna: *Shaking her head* The whole world is suffering from the presence of the Demon. It’s getting worse. Alot more worse and terrible.

Shingo: That’s nothing. Compared to what is gonna happen in the day of Raven’s Prophecy. She’s gonna be pinned to become the portal. She’s gonna be driven to be the gate that opens up and lets the Beast on through. But right now… we got another worry to think about. Dinah. What she’s liable to do and how she’s bound to respond when she hears about the attack on Vulcan. She’s gonna be pissed. And i am gonna be in the hot seat.

Luna: What do you plan to do though? She’s gonna need to know about it. Hiding it from her won’t help things. It’ll just make things worse. Plus not only that… What would you do if Dinah were to already know but just was being rather silent about it all along?

Shingo: If she were to already know… and i managed to just tell her… it would reconfirm what it was that she may have already known and just send her way off the deep end. She will be just unstable. No one will be able to calm her.

Luna: And what do you think Pearl would do if she were to know? She’d likely be no different than Dinah. Losing it. Going into a frenzy. And then there is Alice. Prince Alvin… He’s now a father and he is also gonna be a married man in the near future. He is gonna be postal over hearing about the attack on Vul— *Seeing a shadow* I think that there is someone here.

Shingo: What? Who? Who could be here? Well… Besides us, i mean.

Dinah: *Walking in the front door with her sisters Pearl and Paige; With Alice and the guys* There is nothing out there. No jobs anywhere. The Unemployment rate is just rising up even higher.

Pearl: No kidding. *walking in and sighs* I just can’t believe how bad everything’s gotten. It’s reached an all time Nightmare fatal frame level of high.

Paige: I don’t think that it’s gonna stop sinking further down the hole. You guys should take the licks and let it hit you. it’s all over. The city is totally dead. the only thing good left about this city is that there is no more worrying about bills and that’s all it is… but there is now questions about food and necessities. How much of it is there in the city and how long before it runs out?

Alice: That is none of our concern. Not anymore. With a dead city… we have nothing to lose.

Prince Alvin: At least we still have each other. That’s not stopping. Is it?

Prince Arnold: Yeah. That we got. But as in a City to call home? No. I would say that we don’t have that. All we got is each other. All we can do is hope that our shelter doesn’t falter along with it.

Prince Avery: Don’t say stuff like that. That is not right for you to say such things. You know better than to say that.

Prince Curtis: What exactly is he to say? Look around in the city. There are no jobs… No Employment. No School. Transportation is literally shot.

Prince Avery: I bloody know about that. But would it really hurt for there to be at least a shred of hope?

Prince Curtis: And this comes from someone who thinks that we’re getting too old for this super natural run.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Hey… it’s the young man’s game now… the younger ones should belly up for the career. You guys have done more than your fair share. the kids you’ll all have… some might be heroes… the rest… will be normal. But whatever happens… it’s their play now. the ball is gonna be in their court now. Nothing stays the same forever. You guys all know that by now.

Dinah: We know that, Mom. We know. *Seeing that hardly any lights are on in the house* Why is it so dark in here? *Not hearing any noise* Shingo?! Luna?! Are You two here?

Shingo: *Calling out from the Living Room* We’re in here, Dear. In the living room.

Dinah: *Following the sound of the voice to the living room* I can believe that one… but why is it so dark in here? Didn’t you think to turn on any of the lights?

Shingo: I forgot. *Sighs* Sorry.

Dinah heard her husband talk and from the last statement that she heard him speak, she immediately caught that something was up. She knew how Shingo got when something happened and brought him into a veil of regret, depression and despair. She knew that when Shingo sounded like he was feeling down… that something was definitely up…

Dinah: *Walking further towards the Living Room and flipping on some lights to lighten it up inside* Shingo… What’s the matter with you? Why were you sitting in the dark? There’s only a T.V on and no other lights. You never do this unless there was something really wrong going on and you were shifted to Defcon 1 on the depression and you hardly ever get moments like that. So… What’s with the Lights out act? You tryin’ to mature into one who’s got transparent eyelids?

Shingo: Dinah, Instead of making punchlines and posers… Why don’t you sit down and relax. I have to tell you something and as it is… there’s no easy way of telling it. There is no easy way to break it to you and just cough it up.

Dinah: *Feeling the dreaded impressions coming over her suddenly* Something tells me that i am not gonna like this.

Shingo: If it has something to do with 3 little girls… our daughters. I don’t think that you’re gonna squeak with glee after hearing this. But… You know about our decision to send our daughters to another planet. to spare them from being hurt by the intense power of one Trigon the Terrible?

Dinah: Yeah. I believe that i remember that bit. and i also remember that it was what got Luna into a dark patch for a time and then being abused by the Exiled member of the family. the one who was a racist and literally treated Luna like shit. Which is Why Luna was under yours and my care for a time. before we got the surprise of my mother coming back. But… Yes. I recall that we had to make that decision to send them to safety. And…

Shingo: I get that too… You were with a heavy heart for a little bit after it was done… but knew deep down most of all that it was for the best and for the greater good and to ensure that the girls would be saved from any and all harm that was said to come when Trigon embarked on the planet here.

Dinah: Point being…? Want to get to the path of dropping a tell all? I know that something’s bugging you. But just come out with it, Shingo. Just tell me.

Shingo then gulps and begins spilling the news to Dinah and hoped that it would not cause a fury…

Shingo: Spock called here earlier today while you and the others were out… And what he said was… In Vulcan time 5 days ago 24 hours our time… There were reports of an attack on Planet Vulcan. one of the native cities Tat’Sahr… Had called forth an attack on a portion of Vulcan Decimating the neighboring villages, Towns, Cities and populated areas on Vulcan. Explosions were heard from several cities and a path of devastation was left in their wake.

Dinah: *Gasps* What? How the hell did that happen? The planet was supposed to be full of peace loving natives. All devout on Peace.

Shingo: That’s something Spock would have figured as well… but from what he told me… it wasn’t like that at all.

Dinah: It didn’t get close to the little ones… did it?

Shingo: It got close… but he assured me that our young ones were in the center of the city Shi’Kar. where his father and mother reside and live. the attacks were on the outskirts of the city but however were slowly creeping up to reach the center.

Dinah: Did he say as to how bad it was expecting to get?

Shingo: Yes. He did. He said that it would get Grave.

Dinah: Are our kids gonna be at risk of getting hurt by the attacks?

Shingo: No. Neither will the other young ones they have here. The two kids of Alice and the 3 kids of Pearl’s… are also there. they’re being kept safe. Safe and sound… the best they can be.

Dinah: …

However… from what Dinah just heard… she allowed for it to marinate inside for a moment and before long… Something in her blew. The Motherly Instincts took over and she lost it. She knew that Spock’s parents were trusting and very dependable… but the part of not knowing whether it was gonna be safe for them or not. Got to her. It got her steamed and It was what Shingo was dreading to have happen. But like predicted… it happened…

Dinah: *Huffing and fuming* That’s it… I want our kids back… and taken to Besaid for the time being. Now!

Shingo: But Dinah… we don’t know for sure that anything took place on planet Vulcan. We don’t know what happened.

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo; In a direct bad mood and serious* I am not playing Shingo… I will take a lot. i’ll take whatever. But not lose our babies on a planet where we were sworn and promised that nothing was gonna happen near our babies… Nothing will get me to calm down about that. Nothing.

Shingo: But… Honey!

Dinah: NO! No… Don’t you But Honey me… Shingo. Don’t. Before i delivered the babies and gave birth to them we chose Vulcan because we thought and were assured that it’d be the safest. The SAFEST PLACE for our little ones. Then now to hear that there was an attack near the capital city on Vulcan where our babies are… I’m supposed to calm the hell down?! I am the one that has to back down from being god damn HYSTERICAL?!

Shingo: Dinah…

Dinah: No. Enough. Enough. I made my decision. The discussion is closed. I made my decision. Either you make that call… or i will… But our kids are going to Besaid. ASAP! I don’t care how it happens… i don’t give a damn what has to be done. But Our babies are on the next Red eye to Besaid. PERIOD!

Shingo: *Sighs; Lowering his head in defeat* Yes dear.

Unfortunately, the tension and the dramatics were about to rise even more…

Pearl: *Walking over to Shingo* What the hell is the big idea telling us that Vulcan was under attack and that it struck near where our babies were staying? What the hell is this? A blatant attempt at a motion to give us all a god forsaken heart attack?

Jack: Shingo… No more excuses… no side steps… Get the Enterprise on the dial. Right now. Right now.

Shingo: Why is everyone coming at me about this? What the heck is it that you expect from me? I can only tell you what i have been told. I don’t know exactly the full story of what happened on Vulcan. I don’t know. All i know is from what i told you. That is it.

Pearl: We are still demanding for you to make the call. We’re not playing games here. We know that you’re just going by what you’ve been told. We understand that… but with everything falling apart in the city and the fact that we have to keep in mind that we have pray to keep hope that our babies are alive and safe… it’s putting a buckle on everyone. making us Edgy. But we’re serious. Make that call. Now!

Jack: This is an outrage. An outrage to be told of an attack on Vulcan. We just sent our little ones there not too long ago. 3 weeks ago now. and we get what… This mention of an attack on Vulcan. You have to be thinking that we’re truly oblivious to all this. Because this is really pathetic. Really.

Alice: *Feeling sorrow and upset*

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his Fiance* It’s gonna be alright. We’ll get through this. *Knocking into Shingo out of a uncontrolled burst of anger and fury* DAMN IT! Shingo, WHAT THE HELL IS THE BIG IDEA TELLING US OF AN ATTACK ON VULCAN?! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THAT YOU’RE TRYING TO PULL? DID SPOCK REALLY CALL OR ARE YOU TRYING TO DRIVE US UP THE FUCKING WALL WITH A SCARE?! We’re dealing with the whole damn city falling to hell. it’s dead. We have no city to protect. We got nothing. Pretty soon… we’re gonna be dealing with looters. which we have already seen looters in the city. Taking things. Breaking into stores and possibly shooting at any law official. The whole city’s gone barbaric. Now we hear that our babies are in danger. *Pissed and Glaring at Shingo* Get on the call and get a hold of the Enterprise right now. You better hope that our babies are still safe. Because i swear it… If they’re not safe and if anything’s happened to them… You will wish to god that i didn’t come at you. You’re here all day and get the call. You wait till we get back to tell us. You should have told us the moment that you heard about it. The very moment that you heard it… you should have told us. You should have called us the second you were done being told of the news. But you wait… Till NOW TO TELL US! They could be dead up there by now if the attack really got to where our babies were placed.

Shingo started freaking for a moment and then before he could catch himself… Something in him lit and blew…

Shingo: *Grabbing Prince Alvin and Punching him in the gut and then the Jaw* BACK OFF! I have had it with everyone coming on to me. I get told the news and i am the one who’s the heavy. Like it’s all on me to be the one to hold the burden of being the teller of bad news. I am tired of it. I hear it from my wife. which she’s got all the right to. The babies are half hers as they are mine too… But then i have to hear it from… *Nodding over towards Pearl and Jack* Then You. I know what the hell it is like to be worrying about the kids. I am a father too… In case you managed to have it escape your mind and attention. When i heard the news… if you care to know… i went numb and my guts felt as though they were going through a damn Blender. I was near puking my damn guts out over the idea that i could have been hearing it get worse than from what Spock let out to me. Do you think that it’s really fuckin’ easy on me to hear this? Do you? Because if so… You are in need of a damn wake-up call. Plus are long since due to a total reality check. Several times over.

Prince Alvin: *Gasps* …

Shingo: *Getting Emotional and in agony* Yeah… that’s right. You think that you’re the only one who’s got it going rough due to being a parent and constantly under the burden of having to worry about young lives that you helped to procreate? I got word on that to spin and Rap in your direction. You’re not the only one. Pearl and Jack… Alice and you… Dinah and I… We’re parents. We all share the same damn burden. This Demon bullshit… has made us send our reasons to live to another planet for safety. And Dinah might attest to this as i may have told her that there are days where i spend my break during work hours… in my Fuckin’ Limo Sobbing and crying in Agony. Missing the hell out of Sapphire, Raven and Serena. I miss them every damn day that they’re not here. You have not been a parent long enough to know what the fuck that’s like. Not saying that you don’t have the right to feel the way you’re feeling now… but in honest opinion… *Scowling and Snapping* YOU HAVE NO IDEA ON WHAT IT’S LIKE TO LIVE EACH DAY WORRYING YOURSELF SICK ABOUT THE YOUNG KIDS THAT YOU HAVE HAD PART IN GIVING LIFE TO!

The Tension went on and it got to the point that if something didn’t happen that would ice the flaring tension it was gonna get into a fight and one of them would wind up doing something that they’d regret and the way it appeared by them… the Tension was only growing and on the very edge. It was about to blow up and Explode…

It took a moment to cool everyone down and to ice down the tension as it got so tense that it got the attention of Raven. She overheard the dramatic moment that was going on and had enough of the yelling. It was a thankful and appreciated job that she did. It was a surprise seeing her do that. but it had to be done. She knocked out Shingo… Prince Alvin and Jack. put them to sleep for a bit to cool down the tension that was stirring it’s violent cesspool of frustration and anguish.

At the Watchtower…

An hour later…

Chloe: *Getting the report from the Enterprise* What’s the status of Vulcan?

Kirk: *Voice* It’s dismal.

McCoy: The attacks are getting worse now and from our source on Vulcan. Sarek. Spock’s father. the Ambassador… The attacks are now starting to surround the residence of theirs. We’re getting set to pick the babies back up. and beam them back aboard the enterprise… We should be there within the next hour.

Sulu: *Voice* The attacks just hit and are premeditated.

Uhura: *From the comm.* Capt. We’re getting a Transmission…

Kirk: From who? Is it from the Rhapsody clan?

Uhura: I don’t think so… this is coming from a place called Besaid Isle. in a world… Known as… Spira.

Kirk: Put that on hold… Patch a transmission signal to the Rhapsody Clan. Stat.

Uhura: *Nods* Aye, Capt. Right away. *Patching in the call through to the Residence of Dinah and Shingo Rhapsody*

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* Shingo, are you okay?

Shingo: Yeah. I’m fine. What was that though? Was i fighting with the others?

Dinah: Yeah… you were. You gave Prince Alvin a nice Welt on the Jaw and Jack is tending to it. freezing it so the pain wouldn’t be so bad. But I think that Prince Alvin will live. He is more shocked, stunned and Impressed than Pissed and hurt. *Whistles* Good heavens dear… Where did you learn to fight like that?

Shingo: From you. I watched some of the old archives of how you fought and just took it from there.

Dinah: Well… it sure got you with the know how on how to fight. I am astonished and impressed. and proud. You always could fight when push came to shove… You always had. You think that you’re a weakling. You’re not. You’re stronger than what you think you are. You came out with the claws aimed to scratch. Sometimes when you are backed into a corner… you have to come out with both fists a flyin’. It doesn’t solve anything most of the time. Actually… it never does. But there are times when you just come to realize that you have to do what you know is the only way. even if it happens to feel wrong.

Shingo: *Sighs* I am guessing that you’re right about that. I just feel as though i might have driven people away.

Dinah: You didn’t. You only did what you had to do… I however got on you too… So i should be feeling a bit of the guilt as well as anyone. But when you mentioned about the news of an attack on Vulcan. I don’t know. I kinda just lost it.

Shingo: You didn’t just kinda lost it. You did lose it. And i am not mad about that as i happen to understand the reason. If i were you… and were informed of that type of news and i was well… A member of the Female persuasion… i’d have been the same exact way as you were a moment ago.

Dinah: Wow. You really do know about the difference between the anger of a man and the Anger from a woman.

Shingo: Of course i know. Who wouldn’t? It’s common knowledge… I’d think.


Kirk: *On Screen* Hello?

Dinah: *Looking at the screen* Yes? *Seeing Kirk* Kirk!

Kirk: We’re En Route to Vulcan now… We’re gonna go and get the babies and beam them up to the Enterprise. Once we do… we’re gonna bring them back to Earth.

Shingo: No… Don’t bring them back here. It’s not safe. Take them somewhere else…

McCoy: But… where to?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: To Besaid. Besaid Isle. I’m on the Video phone with a friend from years ago.

Kirk: Does the friend have a name?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Wakka.

Spock: Is he still on? Is the feed still active?

Uhura: I’m detecting Audio waves coming from a secondary line. from their residence. It’s hot.

Kirk: Patch it through.

Uhura: Aye sir. *Patching it through*

Kirk: *Seeing a Red haired muscle man on Screen* … *To the man on screen* Hello!

Wakka: *Responding* Who’s that speaking through the screen there, Eh?

Kirk: *Stating his Identity* This is Capt. James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise. To who are we speaking to?

Wakka: *On Screen* Where you callin’ from, eh? How come i can’t see you? I hear you speaking but i can’t see you.

A second later…

Wakka: *Getting a better picture of the one on Screen* Well now… that’s just great. I can see you now. Sure makes talking with you more easier, ya?

Kirk: Yes. It does. Are you a friend to the Rhapsody Family?

Wakka: Long time friend, Bruddah. A Long time friend. Knew Princess Rikku for a long time. Knew her since she stayed here with her sister Princess Aquamarine almost 2 decades ago. Been 20 years, ya. Almost 20 years and she’s been a close friend ever since. The lady i speak to now… may say that she’s the same… and sound the same… but her pink hair is gone and she’s not Princess anymore. She’s looking alot different now. But she’s still with the same sense as before.

Kirk: It was a surprise to see that she came back from the dead… but a friend of theirs went back in time and brought her back.

Wakka: Must have been a very strong friend in doing that, ya?

Kirk: yes.

Wakka: As you might see… this here is Besaid Isle. And i’m a native here. Lived here for as long as i can remember. I’m Wakka. Coach and Captain of the Besaid Aurochs, Brudda.

Spock: Greetings fellow Native. It is a pleasure to make your Acquaintance.

Wakka: Hey… Who in Yevon’s name are you?

Spock: I am Science first officer Spock. We have a request from them to inform you about.

Wakka: The family has a request, eh?

Spock: That is correct, sir.

Wakka: What do they need?

Kirk: They are in need of a place to send their young kids. to ensure their safety for the time being till after the threat with the Intergalactic Demon known as Scath is defeated.

Wakka: The dark beast, ya? They need their young kiddos looked after, eh? Till after the threat with the demon is over. Of course. They can have the little ones sent here, ya. Lu and I will keep a good eye on them. How many are we talking here?

Kirk: 8. Dinah’s 3. Pearl’s 3 and Then there is 2 kids that belong Alice and Prince Alvin.

Wakka: Wow. 8 kids. and 6 of them are from Pearl and Dinah. 3 kids from each of them. then 2 from Alice. Bring them kiddos over. They’ll be fine here. Lu and I’ll watch over the little ones. They’ll be safe. The Temple here on the island’ll be a safe haven for them.

McCoy: Then it’s all set.

Kirk: Sulu…as soon as we beam up the babies from Vulcan and they’re all here and safe… Set a course for Spira. Besaid Isle.

Sulu: You got it, Capt.

On Earth…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

In the Living Room…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Wakka, It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you. A very long time. I look so much different to you than what i used to be… don’t I?

Wakka: You sure do, Rikku. You sure do look rather different.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know. But i just felt that it was high time to give myself a makeover.

Wakka: You weren’t kidding. It looks good though. Those guys up there in that space craft… they’re gonna be getting the little ones from that Bizarre planet.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That is a relief. Even though my daughters Dinah and Pearl are listening in to what’s going on… They are still freaking out and are panicking. I am also panicking too. Although there is not much that we can do.

Wakka: Hey… Don’t worry so much, ya. if those little ones are anything like their mother and father… they’ll be okay. They’ll make it. Because they come from strong parents. Strong breeding. Plus those 3 girls came from you. They’re tough.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know… It is just that i feel so bad for them. The little ones. They’re so helpless. They can’t fight or defend themselves. Nor take care of themselves. They can’t do any of that. Maybe it’ll all work out in the end. The guys from that ship will be able to fix the problem.

Wakka: I am sure that they will…

An hour or two later…

Kirk: *On Screen* We got the babies. They’re on the ship and we’re en route to Spira. We should be there in about 50 hours… but maybe 4 by light speed.

Dinah: *With Pearl, Alice and Luna* Thank you. Please… get them to safety.

It was a day later when they got news that the babies were about to be beamed to Besaid Isle.

On the USS Enterprise…

Kirk: *With Spock, McCoy and Sulu* Let’s go. Spock, Sulu… Grab the babies. We’re gonna beam down there to Besaid Isle. *Calling to Scotty* Prepare the Teleportation pad.

Scotty: You got it, Capt.

Spock: *Carrying Dinah’s kids and walking over to the pad* Jim, If i may boldly speak about what we’re about to do. Placing the kids on an Isle within a world that is uncharted. The probability that we can retrieve them back from the island and back to their parents when the current crisis with Scath is done… is very slim.

Kirk: Yes. Although this is our only option. it is the wish of the clan. they seem to trust Wakka with the kids and believe that their babies will be safe there.

McCoy: *Walking to the Teleport Pad; Carrying Pearl’s Kids* How well do they know this Wakka?

Kirk: They have some sort of history with him. from years back. A couple decades ago. It’s been 20 years almost 21-22 years.

Sulu: What if we send the babies to Besaid and fail to bring them back? What’ll we tell the clan? They’re gonna want to know why we didn’t get them back.

Spock: The Atmosphere on Spira is dense and tropical. Will the babies be able to adapt to the gravitational pull and the Atmosphere that is down there?

McCoy: For the time being… they’ll have to be able to adapt. We have to do what it right for the little ones and for the Rhapsody clan. This is something that they request. we can’t deny them this.

Sulu: I agree.

At the teleportation pad…

Scotty: *At the controls for the teleportation pad* Prepare to energize!

Kirk: Ready.

Spock: It’s time.

McCoy: Energize!


Besaid Isle…

In Besaid Village…

Wakka: *Looking at Lulu* Lu, we’re gonna be taking care of a few babies for a while.

Lulu: Really? How many?

Wakka: 8. 3 of them are the babies to the thunder girl. The Daughter of the friend we know from way back.

Lulu: Who do you mean? You’re not talking about the woman… Princess Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody again, are you… Wakka?

Wakka: Yeah. She’s the mother to the 3 girls. The Rhapsody Girls Z! We’ve heard it through the Sphere. Remember, Lu?

Lulu: I seem to remember about them. But it’s been a while since you’ve last spoken of them. Why?

Wakka: They’re all having to face a intergalactic Demon. something called Scath.

Lulu: Scath?! That is a blasphemous name even here. How could you speak of that name. If the temple Priest hears word of that name being uttered. He won’t be happy. They might call Maester Mika. You know for a fact that he won’t be happy to know that the name Scath was mentioned.

Wakka: I know. But they’re going through with fighting him sometime soon and don’t want their babies being on Earth and on the mortal world while it happens. They want their little ones safe.

Lulu: How can we protect them here? The Temple can provide some blessing for them. But that’s about it.


Jassu: *Looking at Lulu and Wakka* That’s not true. The Temple will shelter them. Yevon never denies anyone sanctuary.

Lulu: When are they gonna get here?

Wakka: Soon. We’re gonna have to provide shelter for Dinah’s and her husband’s kids Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Pearl and Jack’s 3 kids Amy, Susie and Christina. Alice and Prince Alvin’s 2 kids. Paul and Crystal.

Lulu: Who’s told to be bringing them?

Wakka: A couple guys from the space craft called the USS Enterprise. But the 3 girls. Paige, Pearl and Dinah. They’re the heroic team of Metropolis, Lu. They’re the Rhapsody Girls Z!. They have cousins. who are with them in literally every threat that hit their city and impacted their way of life since the end of the era of a drule king.


Botta: They must be pretty strong.

Wakka: They are. Prince Alvin… Flaming Soul. Prince Arnold… Water Lord. Prince Avery… Plasma-Core. Prince Curtis… Electric Rage.

Lulu: And to think that two of the 3 girls are with kids and are sending them here for protection against the wrath of the intergalactic Demon. How do they plan to beat the demon? He is said to be all powerful.

Wakka: We can pray for them and keep them in our thoughts, ya.


at the entrance of the Village…

Kirk: *Walking through the Village looking for Wakka* McCoy, Sulu You take the right side… Spock and i’ll take the left. Wakka’s got to be in this Village somewhere.

McCoy: Right. Let’s get to searching.

Sulu: This Village sure is peaceful. Serene and Quiet. *Starting to look for Wakka*

As they searched…

Natives: *Looking at the strange visitors* …..

Spock: *Looking to the side; Seeing a Medium sized Hut* Jim… There seems to be a large hut up ahead. There might be a slight possibility that Wakka is likely to be within the hut.

Kirk: Check it out. if he’s in there… contact the others.

Spock: affirmative.

Inside the Crusader’s Lodge…

A minute later…

Crusader: *Looking at the maps* The fiends are restless and it’s starting to grow into a means of concern. This is not good.

Spock: *Walking in with babies in his hands* …

Crusader: *Looking to see someone with pointed ears and carrying a couple of small kids* Excuse me… Who are you?

Spock: *holding up his hand and giving the Vulcan form for greeting* I have come in peace. I am in search of a man by the name of Wakka.

Crusader: And who might be wanting to know where to find him?

Spock: Dr. Spock. Science First officer of the Space shuttle the USS Enterprise.

Crusader: Ah. Well You’re a visitor here. and you’re looking for Capt. Wakka. The captain of the Blitzball team known as the Besaid Aurochs. What business might you have with Capt. Wakka?

Spock: Fulfilling the duty of tending and protecting the young life forms that belong to the Rhapsody Clan. Pearl’s and Dinah’s Kids. And the life forms of Alice and Prince Alvin.

Crusader: Very well. He’s in the middle Hut on the other side of the Village. *Introducing himself* I am Capt. Luzzu and this is my fellow rookie Sir Gatta.


Gatta: Welcome to Besaid.


Luzzu: I trust that you have everything in order. If you happen to walk through the paths outside the Village… be on guard. There are fiends out today. They seem to be getting a tad restless. It would be a shame if anything were to happen to you out there.

Spock: I’ll be sure to keep on watch.

Luzzu: If we don’t see you again… we hope everything turns out okay for you. *Giving off a Yevon’s prayer* May Yevon be with you.

Spock: *Nods* …. Thank you. And until we meet again… *Holding up the Vulcan sign for living long and Prosper* Live long and Prosper.

Although a moment later…

On the other side of the Village…

In the middle Hut…

Wakka: *Seeing the guys Stepping in with the young babies* Hey… You guys made it. *Giving a Yevon bow* Praise be to Yevon. What happened on the other planet?

Spock: There were means of Political unrest and enraged native village who sired for Anarchy and chaos. It was coming from a native Village. A Large Village called Tat’Sahr. the girls heard of it and went off with anger and an elevated level of emotions.

Lulu: If it’s all because their Newborns were in danger. It would explain why they were with high tempers.

Wakka: No Kidding, ya. The little ones’ll be safe here. We’ll watch over them. As will the temple.

Wakka: *Seeing Lulu checking on the little ones* Lu, You better watch out… the little one on the end where Dinah’s babies are is Serena. She’s got a strong grip. She’s tough. I think she’s got her mother’s strength.

Lulu: *Looking to see a little spark of lightning coming from the babies* They’re sparkling.

Sulu: *Gasps* What?!

Wakka: Dinah’s little ones are sparking?! Whoa whoa whoa! That’s not possible. How could they be sparking?

They all took a minute to relish in the outburst of the surprise that has come from the little ones that thereby belonged to Dinah…

Spock: If i may provide a scientific proclamation…. I would say that it’s the DNA within them that is causing them to emit an Electric discharge from their physical bodies. And given that their mother is a fighter with the element of thunder. some of element that came from her Ka’ transfused and copied onto them giving them some of the Ka’ from their mother.

McCoy: You mean… Some of their mother’s spirit copied into them?

Spock: That’s correct. I was able to detect some growing power within them. It was the power of thunder.

A few minutes later…

As soon as things were set and situated with Wakka, Lulu and Yuna. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Sulu made out back to the spot they began from when they first stepped foot on Besaid and got back to the Enterprise…

Back on Earth…

In Metropolis…

The next morning…

Dinah: *Sighs* What’s going on? We should have heard from them by now.

Shingo: I am sure that we’ll hear from them soon.

Dinah: I hope so. All this waiting is driving me bats.

Pearl: It’s doing the same to me. I really don’t like it. I just wish that we knew what was going on and whether or not our babies made it to the island.

Dinah: I am sure that they must have by now… Although we don’t really know one way or the other.

Alice: They better call soon.


Rikku L. Rhapsody: The city is still dead. So there is no work for anyone. The courts have no power. *Suddenly catching the screen glowing and a call about to come in* I think that we’re about to get a call.

Dinah: We are?

Pearl: from who?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: No idea.

Shingo: It could be the guys from the ship or possibly the guy you know from the Isle.

Alice: Don’t second guess it… Answer it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Okay. Calm down. *Answering the incoming call* Hello?

Wakka: Hey there, guys. Good news. The little ones are here on the Island. In the Village. They’re being protected by the temple. The Priest… He’s providing them with shelter. They got a whole lot of protection coming to them, ya. A whole lot. Lulu and I are keeping an eye on them too. Making sure that the little ones are happy.

Dinah: *Sighs and with a whole load of relief* Thank you. Thank you.

Wakka: *Seeing Dinah feeling relieved* Hey Dinah… You got some gifted kids, eh?

Dinah: Too soon to tell… they’re still just babies.

Wakka: Nah… Nah. Besides that. The guys from that ship… brought them to the Island and the little ones were only on the island for maybe a moment or two when out of nowhere… they started to spark. Emitting some Element of Thunder, ya.

Dinah: *With Shingo* What?! That’s not possible.

Wakka: It didn’t make any since to me either. But that was when that guy… the one with the pointed ears made a theory that it was the DNA within them that is causing the babies to emit an Electric discharge from their physical bodies. And given that their mother who obviously is you… is a fighter with the element of thunder. some of element that came from the Ka’ as he worded it transfused and copied onto them giving them some of the Ka’ from their mother… you.

Dinah: That wouldn’t mean what i think it’d mean… would it?

Shingo: No idea. Why?

Dinah: Well… If some of my thunder power did manage to copy itself into the kids… and they’re showing some signs of emitting a little spark. That’d mean… that our babies are gonna be endowed with Thunder power.

Shingo: Well now… How about that? We created heroes, Dinah. We have created possible future heroes.

Dinah: And with them 3 together… i think that we know exactly what we plan to call them.

Shingo: I would think that we would know.

Pearl: What about Jack and my 3 kids?

Wakka: They’re as normal as can be. but Lu happened to catch some flash of water and bubbles coming from them. Even… Some Ice too, ya. They’ll likely be with that type of power when they are grown up a bit.

Alice: And my two kids?

Wakka: Nothing out of the ordinary coming from them. They’re just as normal as can be.

Prince Alvin: That’s okay. As long as they’re there and that they’re okay.

It was a close call for them all but the relief was now there with them again. Their babies were safe again. taken from being caught in the crossfires on Vulcan. It was a lucky break for them all and with the tensions that was rising for a few mere moments almost did them in. Shingo was getting the crosshairs and it wasn’t the least fair on him  But After the blow out that was needed… they all gathered their senses and stopped from getting into a major fist fight. But the City was still in Chaos and there were now looters. No Jobs… the City’s Infrastructure had collapsed from stable to unstable. It was getting worse and it was dead ahead to the very last day of the world of Mortals. Raven’s Prophecy was on the fast track and there was no stopping it. No stopping the inevitable. With the Day of reckoning for the world of mortals only a group of days away from taking center stage… What were the Rhapsody girls gonna do? Would they be able to stop it on their final day on Earth? What was Raven gonna do? Was she gonna truly become the very portal that unleashed the Intergalactic Demon known as Trigon the Terrible on the world? With the clock running out and ticking away the minutes… hours and remaining days that were steadily depleting… How were they gonna stop the end of the world from coming? Were they gonna be able to prevent the end of days? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Sage Continues…

“Raven: *Reciting the Prophecy* The Gem was born of Evil’s Fire, The Gem Shall be his Portal… He comes to claim, He comes to sire… The end of all things Mortal!”

Dinah: *Calling out to Raven* RAVEN! NO! DON’T DO IT! STOP! *Voice-Over* On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It finally comes. The DAY OF PROPHECY! It is all hell breaking loose on the last day of life. Nice day for an ending, Right? Not  quite how we wanted it to end… Because we end up losing the battle for keeping the world from ending. It all starts with Raven wanting to make our day… our last day a most enjoyable one. But things were to change. We of course worried about her. Friends do that for one another. The time then draws close for her to become the portal and she gets slammed with the marks. The Eclipse starts and Raven is affected. She’s affected by it. From then till the moment where all hope is lost… we scramble and race head against time to produce one last fight against the end of days. One final fight. Shingo… My husband, Along with Luna, My mother, and our friends that we made throughout this entire hellish ride get beamed up to the Enterprise and watch the final moments unfold. and what’s worse is that Beryl comes for Raven. We fight her but wind off failing we get knocked out by the Fire Minions. and then By Raven. Although she did it to spare us the terror of what she had to do. She induces us with a bit of her power and prays us to be safe. But i am not one to give up without a fight. Not without a fight. We reach where Raven was and beg for her to stop. I happen to get emotional a little. But after all that has happened. Would anyone blame me for that? However… The Prophecy still happens and Raven becomes the portal. It’s over. Trigon the Terrible is on his way and he’s not coming to say hello. The end has come and we’re all with front row tickets to what we’ve dreaded for a long while… On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 114: “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire, The Gem shall be his portal… He comes to Claim… He comes to sire…the end of all things Mortal.” The End of the World on the Fast Track. Dec. 31st. 2027.”


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