Chapter 112: Preparation Alley… Anti-Chamber Construction.

Nov. 3rd 2027…

Two days after the inescapable truth was told Chloe went to the Watchtower and called in all the fighters to come in shifts to help set up an Anti-chamber. a special room to hold Raven and shield her from Trigon’s wrath. It was getting nearer and closer to the moment where the end of days was said to come. Trigon… Was coming. He was on the course to Earth and he was getting nearer and closer still. On the extra time when the girls were on break, they would come and put in some time getting the parts put in. and the guys were ones who pulled in all Night runs. Prince Alvin on the other hand had to spend some time taking care of his kids. Alice took shifts as well caring and raising the kids. But they knew that by the 20th of the month they would have to be sent to a different place. Vulcan or Besaid. Anywhere that wasn’t on Earth during the End of days where Trigon was in presence and showing his face. Each day… Paige. Dinah. Prince Alvin. Prince Arnold. Prince Avery and Prince Curtis… took shifts in building the Chamber for Raven. They were getting ready for him to show. Zeke was also there to lend a hand as he wanted to do his part in ensuring Raven’s protection. Seeing to her wellbeing. He wanted to lend a hand. Black Canary, Victor Stone, Arthur Curry. Clark. Dean and Sam even came in to help with the build. It was all getting close to the time where Pearl was about to Deliver too… she was lying down in her Dorm room in pain. The Chamber was gonna take time to build and it was gonna take time to activate it and have it set just in case. This was the preparation for the end…

Nov. 15th 2027…

After School…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Luna’s Room…

Luna: *Looking at Zeke* Zeke, My sisters have been working on something called an Anti-Chamber. What do you think it was made for?

Zeke: It was made to hold Raven and ensure that she never fulfills that Prophecy on the day that she is said to do it.

Luna: Do you think it’ll work? I don’t think we’re realizing this… but Raven’s father. if you can even call that Demon a father… he’s still able to telepathically reach Raven. and alter her train of thought. get to her through the mind.

Zeke: That i didn’t know. Do you think that it might be a lost cause to have the Chambers built?

Luna: I don’t know. I hope not though.


Luna’s phone rings…

Luna: *Answering her phone* Hello?

Penelope: *On the phone* Luna, Something’s going on in the city.

Luna: What do you mean?

Penelope: You didn’t catch the Radio broadcast just now… did you?

Luna: No. Why?

Penelope: There are talks of possible infrastructure shutdowns. I think that whatever is said to come… is starting to take effect on the city.

Luna: Are you sure? Do they know how bad it’s gonna get?

Penelope: Not sure if they know. But what they just said… It’s bad. It’s a nightmare waiting to erupt. This whole city literally gone to hell, Luna. And the fact that really makes it more sad and ironic is that we’re being caught in the middle. the people are going along for the ride.

Luna: I noticed. There were not too many people at school today.

Penelope: No. and what’s worse is that in the next few days… There won’t be any school. They’re also closing.

Luna: Huh?!

Zeke: *Overhearing the conversation* What? What’s up?

Luna: Hold on…

A second later…

Luna: *With the phone on speaker* Say that part again…

Penelope: The schools are closing up in the next few days. The City is closing up the schools. Next will be the post office. The Transportation soon after. But that might be not till mid of next Month. But the city’s infrastructure is falling to pieces. It is all crumbling.

Zeke: Is that even possible?

Penelope: Zeke, You don’t seem to be hear so clear… The City is going to shit. Okay? It’s all shit. The City is breaking down and it’s gonna only get worse. Not better.

Zeke: Hey… I hear you enough, Penelope. You don’t need to sound so high strung.

Luna: Is there any way to stop it?

Penelope: No. There isn’t anything that can be done. Nothing can be done to prevent what’s already in place. Nothing can stop it.

Luna: Do the others know about it?

Penelope: They’re hearing it on the Radios. Beth has emancipated herself from her parents and is now living with my family and I. She even heard the news broadcast on the Radio and she’s freaking out.

Zeke: What about Jake and Jennifer? Do they know?

Penelope: No. I don’t think they heard yet. But i think Jake will get it straight from his father. Col. Paul. If his father heard and found out about it… There will be a definite bet that he’d know it too. And by the way it sounds… It’s not sitting too well with Jake. Nor his father. i am sure that he heard about it by now and it’s a drive for concern.

As they were talking…

Zeke: *Hearing knocking on the door* That’s probably the front door. I’ll go get it.

Luna: Okay.

Zeke then made way to go and check the door and see who was there…

Penelope: Luna, what’re we gonna do if the city suffers a total city Infrastructure shutdown?

Luna: I don’t know. But my sisters are gonna need help with fighting the creatures that are still in the city.

Penelope: How do we help them?

Luna: I don’t know if there is anything that can be done to help them. We can’t just join in on their battles and fight too… we need abilities. Magic powers. Elemental powers. It just seems terrible to know that they’re going through all this and we can’t seem to even help them out at all. It just hurts way too  much.

As soon as Zeke came back from answering the door…

Zeke: *Walking in with Ted and Karen* This is terrible.

Ted: It is not terrible, Zeke. It is a nightmare. That’s exactly what it is… A nightmare. The whole city is going down. Law enforcement is struggling to keep the law intact.

Karen: We need to pray that it doesn’t get worse.

Luna: We won’t let it.

Ted: There is something else about it too… There is more. But last night i did some reading on what’s been going on in the city. The Newspaper online was talking about the Entertainment Industry. The fashion Industry too. Talking about how the Entertainment industry is laying off a group of performers. The list of people they cut from the Industry are Jennifer Garner, Alexis Bledel. America Ferrera, Lauren Graham, Steve Carell, Tim McGraw, Cassidy Freeman, Nicholas Cage, Adrien Brody, Jack Black, Mark Raffalo, Taylor Lautner, David Spade, Joe Mantegna and Brendan Fraser. The Fashion Industry is also being full of layoffs. there is nothing left. The Industry has literally shut down.

Karen: That’s the worst hit since before our time. 9/11. That shut down everything. The docks. the Ports. The Airports. All flights were like stopped. Grounded. The F.A.A went under lock down.

Penelope: You’re kidding, Right? 9/11 didn’t even skim the surface of this outbreak. This is worse than that. Way worse. Try… Demon persuasion and hell on the fast lane.  This was not part of 9/11/01. That day was an attack on America. This period is an attack on the very existence of all things that spells Mortal. All things mortal is at risk.

But as they were talking, something came to mind. They were all wondering about the Chamber being built for Raven. Luna was wondering more and more about it.

Penelope: What of the Chamber?

Ted: The one built or being built for Raven?

Luna: It’s coming out fine. my sisters have been going there in shifts. At least Paige and Dinah have been. As was the Rhapsody Brothers. They too went in shifts and joined some of the Watchtower crew in building the Chambers. Zeke and i did some assisting. It’s gonna take some time… but the chamber is near done. It’s just in need of the control room being built and synced with the Watchtower’s Camera Systems and the Orbiter. Plus sync in with the chambers. getting the Chambers to connect it’s systems and work side by side with the control room and the watchtower’s power grid.

Zeke: It’s taking some work… But Tess Mercer… She’s getting some Biotech read-outs brought into to monitor and scan the biorhythms and Vitals. to monitor the responses and the activity of anyone in there. So if there is anything coming over Raven… the Biotech will pick up on it and send out a signal of distress.

Penelope: You suppose that it’ll work?

Zeke: It’s gotta. It has to work. The Rhapsody girls and Rhapsody Brothers have been placing all their time and energy into it. All that they have. Plus on the off shoot that it doesn’t work out… we can use a Devil’s trap. But that is a fate that would not help Raven… but just come to hurt her. That’s gonna be more of a problem and won’t do anyone any good.

Gabriel: *Popping in* You shouldn’t be so worried about Mrs. Demon Pie with the dark fettish. You guys know that she’s gonna fight hard to see as though the Prophecy won’t be fulfilled. It’ll be fine.

Luna: That’s what we are thinking. but there are just multiple things that could still threaten to go wrong.

Karen: Nothing is an exact science. there is always something that can go wrong. But we can’t let that get in the way. There is no room on making a mistake. Because in a month and a half… the world will be on the path to Extinction.

Ted: Right.

Gabriel: Don’t throw in the towel just yet. It isn’t gonna be over till the fat Angels sing. Plus… It’s only Red and lusty Trigon the Terrible we’re preparing to see bust in and step on Earth. He’s nothing to worry about. The angels will handle him when time comes. It’s gonna be okay. Just live for the right now. leave the stress load of the Head demon on his thrones and obsession to end the world to us angels. pulling a few fast ones on the demon is gonna be rather enlightening. Ciao! *Popping out*

As for Dinah…

at the Metropolis Dorms…

Room #250…

Dinah: *Looking through her book* One moment life is all fine… the next… we happen to deal with more of the city shutting itself down.

Christie: It is starting to unravel itself more and more and it is getting closer to the day of Raven’s destined Prophecy. The City is feeling the effects of whatever it is that we’re going through.

Renee: What do you think will happen now with the city?

Dinah: *Looking up and sighs* That’s what i would like to know. I would like to know what will be liable to happen. But the only problem is that no one knows what might happen. What ever has happened so far to the city… has already happened and is gonna only grow to be more and more extreme.

Christie:  I profanely don’t know if i would believe that this city could get any of the least bit worse. It’s done just about all that it will do to get worse.

Renee: What about the others? What do you think they’ll do about the fact that the city has gone to pieces?

Dinah: Renee, I can’t tell you. I don’t know. The others don’t know either. They’re just as stumped as i am about what is going on with the city. The guys are lost.

Christie: Even i am lost and i am trying to keep in line with what’s going on. The city has been falling apart since the other Month. Little by little and for a while… Things weren’t getting that bad.

Renee: What changed?

Dinah: The Demon outbreak changed. Remember the end of September?

Christie: Yeah. I remember. I remember that and i recall that you left here in a hurry to get to your house. You were really spooked about something. Really spooked.

Renee: Was it the red Skies?

Dinah:  It was. But with the city going to hell and falling apart… I don’t know what might be next. The Schools are said to be closing.

Christie: Closing? You’re not seriously thinking that every school in this city will be shutting down, do you?

Renee: Can they do that?

Dinah:  Yes they can. If the city is shutting down a little at a time… then it’s gonna stand to be logical on saying that it is what’s happening. Luna’s school is liable to shut down right away. It’ll be the first one to do it.

Christie: The first one? What about the universities or colleges?

Renee: Are those also affected?

Dinah: Yeah. it has even affected here too…

Christie: What’re we gonna do?

Renee: Is there anything that can be done?

Dinah: No. This is a too big of a Job for a hero or two to just up and change.

Christie: I guess that means that pretty soon even this place is gonna be getting the axe.

Renee: It’s sad. I can’t lose this place. I got no where else to go.

Dinah: Neither does my sisters Pearl and Paige. The guys don’t either. I am sure that we can probably still stay here… but there just won’t be any use for us here. Except for storage and a place to unwind. Till the ordeal is all over.

Christie: If it would just end at all.

Renee: I should hope that things will just go back to normal… As they should go.

Dinah: I agree. But You guys should know that it’s not always that simple. It’s not like it could just all go away just as fast as it came. This has been around for a couple months or so now. It’s not gonna just reverse and stop over night.

Suddenly Dinah’s cell went off…

Dinah answered it and got a call that she wouldn’t believe…

Dinah: *On the phone* Paige, What the hell are you talking about? What do you mean Pearl’s in the hospital? What the hell happened?

Paige: Pearl is in the hospital. She’s just gone into Labor and she’s expected to have her little ones sometime soon.

Dinah: When did it start?

Paige: It started an hour ago. I would have thought that you’d know of it by now.

Dinah: Well… nice to assume that. but i didn’t know. I didn’t know till now. No one called me about it till you. And Plus… Last night when i called. You said that Pearl was fine. Just that she was resting and trying to take it easy till it was the day that she’d have to deliver. You said that she was fine and that is what i went by. Now you tell me that she’s gone into Labor and is in the hospital.  *Sighs and Irritated* Damn it, Paige. We are supposed to be together on this. Remember the code on family. “We Stick close as one through it all. Whether it be good or bad. Happy or sad. Exciting or depressing.” Remember? You do remember that, right?

Paige: I do… Look, We’ll get with all that later… Just do what you can and get here as soon as you can. Pearl wants us all here… Mom is at work and she’s on her way to get Luna from your place and then rush over fast to the Hospital. Raven’s on her way as well. I am just under pressure today. I published my first book now… Just an hour ago and i am with pressure as the Publishers want a cover shot. A Photo. An official photo for the book and i am literally lost on what the hell i am gonna do to find one for the book. It’s a definite seller… but without the Cover and the official photo for the front cover… It won’t do so hot on wholesale.

Dinah: Shit… Paige, I’m sorry. Calm down alright. We’ll take care of it. It’ll be alright. Think about where your book takes place. Where does the story reside? The location? Where it resides… Just use a key point from that location that stands out… that relates to what your tale is about. It’s a romance novel, right?

Paige: Yes.

Dinah: So there is an answer. Find a key point that relates to the romantic appeal of what your tale is about and find a picture of it. a Still picture. Voila. There is your official picture.

Paige: Right. Thanks. Get here to the hospital soon. Pearl is expecting us all there.

Dinah: I’m on my way.

A Minute later…

Christie: *Looking at Dinah* What’s the call about, What happened?

Dinah: *Frantically getting a couple things put together* Cell Phone, Wallet. Power belt. Just in case if anything god forbid happens while there… Money. Something to eat to tie over while there.

Renee: Do you need help, Dinah?

Dinah: What i need and what i’d want are two different things, Renee. I need to get to the hospital. I just got a call from Paige. Pearl’s gone into labor and she’s gonna deliver soon.

Christie: *Gasps* What?! Oh god. When do you think it  could be that she’d deliver?

Dinah: Not sure. No one knows. It could be just a matter of time. Could be in the next few minutes… an hour from now… 2 to 4 hours. We don’t know. Pearl is expecting everyone there. to be there for her.

Renee: We should all go then, right?

Christie: It would be the wisest idea.

Dinah: *Trying to get her stuff set*

Christie: What do you think is gonna happen with Pearl?

Dinah: Pearl is the most sensitive.

Renee: Why’s that?

Christie: Renee… You don’t want to go there… Do you?

Dinah: Christie, It’s alright. It’s best if she knew. *Looking at Renee* Pearl was seen as the baby of the trio and even though she sometimes got on my nerves with her over sensitivity… when the chips were down… i was always there for her. When we were 12 years old… She had a broken arm. it broke in two places. She was trying to play something extreme and she was doing fine. But she barely put her arm up when out of nowhere a fast ball hit her and smacked into her arm. cracking the bone. Betty’s love Dennis was showing her how to play Baseball. Playing Catch a little. Dennis didn’t mean for the ball to fly out of his hand and slam into Pearl… but he was prepping to throw another when it just went flying out of his hand. It cracked her bone in two spots. I never seen her cry so bad… but she did and i felt like shit over it. I felt really bad. I never am with a motherly instinct. At least… i wasn’t back then… however i was kindly like one to Pearl. I didn’t care how i looked. I put up with having to carry her. I Ran over to her and Picked her up… Had her arm Propped up and in a nature made Sling and Ran as fast as i could over to the hospital. You should have seen though how upset she was and how hurt she felt. She had never been so scared in all her life.

Christie: Wow! And all that till now… she matured into a woman who’s ambitious and head set into the Fashion world.

Renee: That’s amazing…

An hour later…

At the Hospital…

In the waiting room…

Prince Alvin: *On the phone* Dean… We can’t do anything right now with the Demons. There hasn’t been any outbreak in the last 6 days. It’s been dead. Plus… i can’t do anything right now. I am at the hospital.

Dean: *On the phone* Why? What’s going on?

Prince Alvin: Pearl is scheduled to soon give birth. She’s gone into Labor.

Dean: What? You sure that she’s delivering?

Prince Alvin: Yes. She is gonna be delivering. Today is that day.

Dean: Is she gonna be alright?

Prince Alvin: We don’t know… Right now she’s in the operating room and being kept on monitor. Monitoring the vital signs on her. Where are you?

Dean: Plymouth, Indiana… Bobby and I got a call last night on a Demon Minion of big bad and Deadly sighted in the area. Sam is still there in Metropolis. He’s with Casstiel at the catacombs. Checking out for more activity.

Prince Alvin: Why? There isn’t anything more going on there.

Dean: Maybe not… but trust the demon hunter here… we’ve been around awhile and know what it means when the activity of demons dies down a mass amount. but still with some small side gates of hell still being opened. It’s not over. They’re planning something.

Prince Alvin: What do you think they could be up to?

Dean: Retribution. A possible act on a renaissance. The demons are not gonna just take their licks and just roll over… then die out. They find another way to take over the human world. One Demon… who is the keeper of Purgatory. Crowley. He’s gonna want new victims and damned souls just ready for the plucking as if it’s Soul hunting season.

Prince Alvin: Okay. Let Sam know about possible demons still being on the rebound and have him keep his eyes open. As soon as we take care of Pearl here and her newborns are born… we’ll get her situated and make sure that she’s okay. Then once she’s okay and comfortable… we’ll help with the activity and keep watch. It’ll be alright. But for right now… just keep the eyes open and the ears on alert.

Dean: Okay. You make sure to tell Pearl to hang in there. She’s gonna make it.

Prince Alvin: You bet.

A second later…

Luna: *Walking in*

Rikku L. Rhapsody: How is she?

Prince Alvin: The doctors don’t know. They’re keeping a watch on her and making sure that the vitals are stable.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Do they know what will come of the little ones?

Star: Yeah. The doctors say that she’s gonna be okay. That she’s not far from delivering. The contractions are between 6-9 minutes now.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That means that there isn’t gonna be much time left before it reaches the moment of delivery.

Prince Arnold: It’s gonna be not long now… but so far… Pearl’s holding up the best that she can.

Paige: I just wonder what they’re gonna be? Whether it’ll be a boy or a girl. Girls or boys.

Luna: It doesn’t matter. I bet that her lovely little ones will be just as lovely. Just like their mother and father.

Raven: She’s gonna need some healing. *Hovering in to the walls and going to the delivery room*

Prince Curtis: *Looking at the others* Where do you suppose she’s going?

Prince Alvin: To where Pearl is… where else? But there is something else that came up.

Prince Avery: Which would be… What, Prince Alvin?

Prince Alvin: Dean called… He said that we still have a demon problem… It’s not as huge. Not as big as it originally was. But that the small gates leading to hell are still opened. Have yet to be closed.

Paige: On a day like this… You really dare bring that up? We got the whole city falling to the gutters. it is crumbling to the ground. College is falling to the ground as well… I just published my first book and under pressure about that. We also have the pregnancy of Pearl’s coming to a close. And you bring up the talk of demons? Prince Alvin… Are you suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia? This is Pearl’s day. She is literally scared to death and you’re talking about the demon bit… You need a reality check. Pearl’s the top of list. She’s top priority.

Dinah: Paige! Knock it off. We have enough to worry about right now. Jack might be going totally postal with figuring out about how to raise the kids. None of them have jobs. In case you didn’t seem to notice. None of us do.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Okay… okay. You girls shouldn’t fight. This is a busy time for us. Pearl is gonna be needing you two to be there for her.

Dinah: Who’s fighting? I didn’t even know that Pearl was here till Paige called me. And she calls me an hour after Pearl was already brought on over. Then she expects me to have known about Pearl going into Labor. Pearl was fine last night when i saw her. She was just resting. Then today… i get a call saying that she went into Labor. Paige tells me that i should have known. Like as if i could have known. I didn’t know. I granted the idea that i should have guessed it that it would have happened since it was about that time where Pearl would have gone into labor.

Luna: *Looking at the time* Do you think it’s almost time for Pearl to deliver?

Dinah: Maybe.

A Moment later…

Jack: *Coming out from the back* It’s time… She’s about to Deliver. I’m going back in there and help with the Delivery.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Does she want me in there too?

Jack: Yes. Raven is still in there and using Empathy on her to heal her and provide a soothing calm effect on her. Keeping her feeling at peace.

Once inside…

It was then time to start the procedure and the delivery. The doctor knew that this was the second one of her friends that she was handling on the delivery of Newborns. She was okay with doing it for strangers or other patients. but the part where she had to do it for a friend scared her because she feared that something could go wrong and she didn’t want to see anything going wrong and have to look at her friend’s faces and see the hurt in their eyes. It would be the same with anyone… but with the Rhapsody Clan… the Doctor. Dr. Mizuno had a bit of history with. So this was gonna affect her. However… She knew that she had to help with the delivery and therefore… She got on a pair of Latex Gloves and Prepped to start…

Doctor: It’s time, Pearl. I am going to need you to push okay?

Pearl nodded and reached out for her Fiance’s hand and held it. and had Raven provide healing for her. it was seconds later that the time had come and the process of giving Birth was underway. 3 new lives were about to be born…

Doctor: *With the hands in position* Okay… Pearl. You can do it… give it a good push. Come on. Time to grant life to the newborns.

Pearl began to Push…

Pearl: *In Pain and Pushing out the 1st one* OKAY!!!! OOOOOOWWWWW!!!!! GET IT OUT OF ME!! GET IT OUT OF ME!!! Please… get it out of ME!

Raven: Calm your emotions, Pearl. Just push. let it all come out.

Dr. Mizuno: That’s it, Pearl…You are doing great…Push again for me. Pearl… Push. I can see the head now… I see the head, its almost here…ready?  PUSH PEARL!! PUSH!! One big Push!

Pearl: *screaming* …..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OH….GOD… GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT… I can’t take it anymore… It hurts.

Dr. Mizuno: That’s it…Pearl…you have a beautiful little girl….She’s so beautiful. *handing baby to nurse to clean up to give back to Pearl*

The 1st baby was out. it was out and being cleaned up nice and gently.

Pearl screams again…as the second of her babies crowns… She was giving Birth to her 3 babies. They were gonna be beautiful. Jack was beside her the whole time and held her hand Providing comfort through the entire thing…

Dr. Mizuno: Here we go Pearl….Push…Push as hard as you can….1…2….3…. PUSH!!!!


Dr. Mizuno: THAT’S IT!!! GOT HER… Pearl…it’s a girl!!! A beautiful little healthy girl!!! *handing baby number two to nurse to clean up for Pearl to hold*

At the tables nurses are working on babies clipping umbilical cords, checking vitals, measuring, weighing, cleaning up and wrapping them in little pink blankets, placing them in hospital baby cradles…

Pearl named the first two that came out Amy Star Rhapsody and Susie Kate Rhapsody… Both weighed at 6 lbs and 11 ounces. They each had features of both their mom and dad.  Beautiful as the bliss sea of stars. Both glistening with delight.

The third one on the other hand almost didn’t make it. Pearl was having a related problem that Dinah had with her 3rd one. But the 3rd one was nearly being choked to death. There was little to no choice other than having Pearl be put to sleep and in so doing have her be put to sleep which preordained either life or death of the 3rd baby. Jack was terrified that Pearl wouldn’t make it and virtually got close to causing a uproar. Raven had no alternative but to put him to sleep as well… to alleviate him down. It was only gonna make things all the more worse if he were to essentially cause a commotion. There was no other way to look at it. The doctors had to do a C-section on Pearl. Rikku Rhapsody… the mother of the girls Paige, Pearl and Dinah panicked and Paced around back and forth. She was freaking out that Pearl could have died during it. She watched as the operation happened. The operation took about a couple hours and it was risky. But with a little patience… the Operation went off without a hitch. It was turning to be fast and easy. The doctors got to the baby and it was yet another girl. The Doctor was Dr. Mizuno. Which of course happened to be the only doctor other than Dr. Hamilton that they could come to trust. The only ones that they would trust. Only because of that one undeniable memory that they had many many years ago. But Dr. Mizuno was there overseeing the procedure and she had the Surgeon cut the cord and then clean up the baby. But Stitched and sewed up Pearl where they made the cut. She had to hurry so Pearl would not wind up bleeding to death. But it was minutes later when Pearl was stitched back up and back together. as she was originally was a moment earlier…

That night as soon as Pearl was awake…

Pearl was placed in a room for that night. For monitoring. It was a close call. Pearl had almost died and the baby had almost choked to death by the Umbilical cord. Which would not only kill the baby… but also… her. Her death would enthrall or massacre the state of mind of Paige, Dinah… her mother. and all those around her who had known her and came to consider her as their family. She was seen as the sweetest one to everyone in the city. Pearl wasn’t only a Rhapsody… But was part of the heart of the whole entire city…

At the Watchtower…

Chloe and Tess were keeping watch on the monitors for any new threats of danger coming. Plus manning the operation of the build revolving the Anti-Chamber.

Tess: *Looking at the monitors* I had scheduled for there to be a mandatory Retina scan of everyone here.

Chloe: For clearance though, right?

Tess: Yes. In times like these… it is needed most of all. We need to know who can be trusted.

Chloe: I know. The risks are too high.

Tess: Chloe, this is no time to dive deep into sticking to the tower. You still have to live a little.

Chloe: I wish that i could. But the world is gonna end in less than a month and a half. So… To be in truth and very straight about it… As much as i would love to live a little… I’d have to decline that idea. We don’t have the luxury. None of us have that sort of luxury.

Tess: It’s due to the ongoing situation with the End of days veering closer and closer to us all. A Month and a half to go before it approaches.

Chloe: It’s 2 days before another birthday.

Tess: Who’s? Luna’s, Right?

Chloe: Yes. But given that this year’s gonna end with the day of Prophecy chiming before us all… She isn’t looking towards a party. She isn’t really asking for one.

Tess: No one is. But we all have to still live a little.


Victor Stone: *Bringing in more parts for the Anti-Chamber; to continue putting together the control room for the Anti-Chamber* Got more parts for the control room.

Chloe: Good. The Control room is getting near completion. We still need to sync it up to the controls from the Watchtower’s systems. Sync it with the Orbiter. Not to mention run a test run on it. Ensuring that it works.

Tess: Yeah… Time is growing short.

The P.A System then Buzzes…


(Time till the Day of Raven’s moment of fulfilling Prophecy/Scath’s arrival

1 Month, 15 days, 2 hours)

Chloe: That’s 14 days, Watchtower.

Tess: We have a lot to do to prepare. The heavy parts of building the Preparation room and the Anti-chamber has been completed. But we have more to do. Much more to do and we have less than 2 months do it.

Chloe: Victor, go ahead and get to work.

Victor Stone: You got it.

Black Canary: *On Screen* Canary reporting in… Metropolis is silent.

Chloe: Excellent. Good work, Canary.

Black Canary: Well… thanks… but don’t think on popping the cork of a job well done just yet. It’s not as good as you’d think it is down here in Metropolis.

Chloe: Why? What happened?

Black Canary: Not what happened. It’s what’s been happening. And we might have more of a problem than just the usual unrest and crime. Infrastructure shutdowns and parts of the city doing under. The Entertainment Industry… Down. The Fashion Industry… Down. Transportation… Down. Law Enforcement… literally taking a leap into the whirlpool and going down with the ship.

Chloe: You mean… the Infrastructure is collapsing?

Black Canary: Yeah… it’s going down for the count and will unfortunately go belly up.

Chloe: Thank you for the detail… We’ll be looking into that, right now.

Tess: You keep a watch on the streets. Just keep us posted.

Black Canary: You got it. Canary out…

A minute later…

Chloe: *Checking on the monitors and pulling up data on the screens* This city’s falling apart. If Metropolis is falling apart… That will lead to Smallville following suit as it has a bit of dependence of Metropolis Business. The Smallville Savings and Loan gets its cash shipment from Metropolis which get it from the federal gov’t. So… If Metropolis is going down asunder in lamen terms… Smallville will wind up being Bankrupt.

Tess: We haven’t heard from the team all day. The girls haven’t checked in yet. Neither have the guys…

At the Hospital…

Room 353…

Pearl: *Groans while coming to* Ugh! Where am i? Am i okay? Did i make it?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. You made it, Pearl.

Paige: You’re okay.

Dinah: Yeah. But Damn… you gave us a hell of a scare.

Star: You better not do that again. You had us so worried. We were freaking out and scared to death that you were…

Pearl: What… Dead?

Prince Alvin: to put it plainly… yes. that.

Pearl: That is not possible. Not at all. I couldn’t have been dead. maybe in a deep sleep or a momentary Coma… but that’s about it. But Geez! I sure as hell feel weak. *Looking to see her Fiance and Raven* Jack, You’re shaking. Why?

Jack: I am shaking over the possibility that you could have been dead. I was afraid that i had lost you.

Pearl: I know. In the back of my mind while i was out… i was afraid that i might not be able to come out of the deep sleep that i went under. I had thoughts about that.

Jack: I know. I got really afraid that you would not make it. Raven had to use her Empathy to put me to sleep. For my own good. Because if she hadn’t done so… i would have been causing a scene and it would make things upsetting for you. For everyone.

Pearl: You’re okay now. That’s what matters. I too am alright. Just with a little bit of a headache. All that pushing and giving Birth just takes a tremendous amount of strength out of you. I kinda pity the next one to get pregnant. Knowing that they’ll probably be going through this as well… Maybe more… Or less.

Jack: Don’t say that, Pearl. The Pregnancy can happen in many ways. it could have gone a different direction. This could have been worse than what it had been. I could have lost you.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You’re too special to be just lost. We weren’t gonna be able to let it go if we lost you.

Paige: yeah. You sure had given us one fine scare.

Prince Avery: Where are the little ones? Didn’t they give you a chance to hold them?

Pearl: I think that they were gonna do that. But the only issue was that they didn’t want my babies to see me cut open and likely bleeding. It would scar the kids for life and i don’t think that i would savvy the idea that my being cut open being the very thing that would appease the little ones.

Luna: No. It wouldn’t appease them. And now knowing that i’m an Aunt again… Or all over again. Wow! I’m gonna be having to get a job some time soon so i can do what Aunts are supposed to do.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Just give it about 4 years, Luna. You’ll get to that age.

All: *Laughing*

It was 4 days later when Pearl was discharged from the hospital and her babies were brought home with her. She couldn’t take it to the Dorms with her and therefore she had to see to ask Raven to watch over and be there for them. Although as it looked and the way it was as of late… there was no class and School was out. The City was still falling apart. Falling to pieces. Pearl came and went and spent a few days at home and then a few at the Dorms. The guys all went their own way and had to keep a watch on the activity. The City was still going down hill and there was little to no chance in stopping it. There was nothing that could have been done even though they were not just gonna give up without trying. It was the 18th of November and a few days after giving birth to 3 kids. 3 days after. Pearl was feeling a little towards depression. She was happy to be a mother. she loved the idea. She felt touched over being a mother. But she didn’t have a job. She didn’t know how to provide for them as there was no job. No job for her or Jack. Her mother Rikku Rhapsody didn’t mind helping out with raising them. She was on board for raising kids. She did a profound job at raising Betty and Angel. and Paige as well as Dinah. She raised them and Pearl throughout the years… So it wasn’t that bad off. She accepted the idea on helping out. With that… it helped alleviate some of the pressure but it didn’t make it all the more better. It was still a means for concern as she still worried about getting a job and she knew that she would need one. fast. Jack… her soon to be Husband… was also gonna need one. But She didn’t know where to look. Neither did Jack. They didn’t know what they were to do and at that time… they were all still in College. University. It was on the 19th when Pearl started getting a bit stir crazy and needed some time out. Jack saw that she was going out and followed her.

A Moment later…

At the beach…

Pearl: *Sighs* I don’t know what it is that we’re supposed to do. Jack, we’re sunk. What’ll we do about getting a job to care for the babies? We don’t know where to look. No one is hiring. We’re also still in College. What the hell are we gonna do?

Jack: I don’t know, Pearl. I really don’t know. But you have just bolted from your sisters house. Your mom is worried about you. Raven is getting suspicious of what you’ve been doing as of late.

Pearl: What makes you say that?

Jack: Why do you think? Pearl, Since you got out from the hospital… you felt rather distant from people. You won’t talk to anyone.

Pearl: What are you talking about?

Jack: Since you got out from the hospital… you have been so quiet that you wouldn’t move. you were just sitting on the couch for i don’t know how long. You barely got up to used the restroom. Or to eat. Otherwise… you were on the couch. Your mom is worried that you might have started slipping into being… well… Catatonic. or like… a deaf mute.

Pearl: I know… I’m sorry. *Looking at Jack* I am just not thinking straight. I am just scared about our kids, Jack. I really am.

Jack: And I’m not? Sweetheart, I am also scared for them. We have no job and the Job market isn’t exactly swingin’ with the happy dance. it’s got no openings anywhere. The Employment agency is dead right now. But we can’t keep them here either. Pearl, Till this thing with the demon is over… we got to think about how we’re gonna fight it on the day that it is said to come. We also have to do what’s best for the little ones.

Pearl: I’m scared though. That’s what getting me feeling against sending them away. Dinah sent hers away to Vulcan. Alice sent her kids there too… Now it’s our turn. But we don’t know what is going on over there on Vulcan. We don’t even know if it’s gonna be safe there for our kids. Plus… after the era of Trigon… will we be able to get the kids back? Will they be able to come back?

Jack: Okay… So, What? You just want to keep them here? What if they die here? Could we be able to over come the loss if we were to keep them here and they were hurt by what is still said to come?

Pearl: No… i don’t want to keep them here and have them at risk. But what if the Vulcans don’t accept them? They’re nice people i’m sure as Spock’s a Human/Vulcan Hybrid. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll accept them.

Jack: What do you suppose we are to do then?

Pearl: I don’t know. We could still send them there… but will they really be safe?

Jack: I don’t know. Your Sister’s 3 little ones are there and they’ve been kept safe. I don’t know why ours would be different.

Pearl: What about the guys though? They’re all back to watching the cave walls and keep a watch over things there. *Sighs and groans* I don’t know as to how much more of the demon being coming… i can take. How much more we can take of it.

Jack: *Looking to the side and then back at Pearl* I see what you mean. We can’t even rest and think on other things. do things that are normal because the demon situation has now caused for the whole city to be now affected. Nothing is happening. The city is practically dying.

Pearl: Curse this Demon. I hate him.

Jack: we all do. Pearl, we all hate Trigon. Scath. We all very much would rather despise him than to acknowledge him. But your recent change has got everyone growing more concerned about what you’re feeling or going through. Raven has even come close to make an attempt to read your mind and get a close look at what you were thinking. how you were feeling but didn’t press any further as your mom got her to refrain from doing so. The Pregnancy changed you and made you into someone different.

Pearl: It has. I feel bad for putting her and Raven and my sisters plus my cousins through all that. I am so sensitive that things get me easily. I hate the idea that i had let the Demon problem just get to me like it has.

Jack: It’s not your fault. Not all of it is your fault. Alot of it is the demon that still begs to come closer and is reaching closer yet to Earth.

It was only minutes later as they were talking that the Radio turned itself on and played something. It was enough to calm Pearl’s mind and put her at ease…

“Hiding out, all alone,
Laughter in my fear.
Only you, see right through,
Make it look so clear.

A vibrate over,
Rolling over,
Blasting in to space,

A blazing comet,
With spots upon it,
With a scary face.

Wake me up, Shake me up, Race me to the stars,
So much to know so far to go the galaxy is ours.
The Galaxy is Ours my girl
The Galaxy is Ours.”

It was only a day later… the 20th when they got a call from the Enterprise to prepare for the 3 new ones to be beamed up and taken to Vulcan. Pearl and Jack were not wanting it to happen… but they both knew that it was for the safety of their little ones. They were parents and knew that having to say goodbye for even a little while was gonna be too much to bare for their heart. The problem behind that was just the part where it was either that or the babies get met with the same fate as the rest of the world. Pearl being a sensitive person as she was always being and something that everyone in the city knew well and could never forget… took it harder than anyone could measure. She didn’t dive down to being one with a habit… But she was however gonna feel emotionally numb or dead for a little bit. At least they figured it’d be as that till a few days later when Pearl had some time to cool down and just accept that it had to be just that way. What got her to come to and to be back to active. to be back to being lively was the fact that she would see them again the moment that the dilemma with the demon Known as Trigon was over and finished. The guys were all at the cave in shifts. at the Catacombs and then at the Watchtower… all in shifts. to help keep things on tight guard. However the one thing that they couldn’t let slip was the idea that they had a Anti-chamber made and it getting to Raven that something was built for her… before it was time to tell her. They wanted to leave that as a secret. A Secret defense to fall on. It was getting closer to the end. Much closer and there was little less time to prepare. It was crunching down to the wire… Way down to the wire and it gonna become even more evident for time to be pressed and limited. What were the girls gonna do? What was the next move for the girls? Being on another planet… was that gonna be enough to protect the young offspring of not only Dinah’s and Shingo’s 3 daughters… and Alice and Prince Alvin’s Son and Daughter… but now Pearl’s and Jack’s 3 girls from the throws of danger? Was Vulcan guaranteed to be the safe haven for the newborns? How much more could the city take of its infrastructure to be falling apart and shutting down before the fine people of Metropolis crash and reverse in evolution and turn to being barbaric and initiate Looting for necessities and required items to ensure survival? Find out whats next in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues!

Dinah: *Huffing and fuming* That’s it… I want our kids back… and taken to Besaid for the time being. Now!

Shingo: But Dinah… we don’t know for sure that anything took place on planet Vulcan. We don’t know what happened.

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo; In a direct bad mood and serious* I am not playing Shingo… I will take a lot. i’ll take whatever. But not lose our babies on a planet where we were sworn and promised that nothing was gonna happen near our babies… Nothing will get me to calm down about that. Nothing.

Shingo: But… Honey!

Dinah: NO! No… Don’t you But Honey me… Shingo. Don’t. Before i delivered the babies and gave birth to them we chose Vulcan because we thought and were assured that it’d be the safest. The SAFEST PLACE for our little ones. Then now to hear that there was an attack near the capital city on Vulcan where our babies are… I’m supposed to calm the hell down?! I am the one that has to back down from being god damn HYSTERICAL?!

Shingo: Dinah…

Dinah: No. Enough. Enough. I made my decision. The discussion is closed. I made my decision. Either you make that call… or i will… But our kids are going to Besaid. ASAP! I don’t care how it happens… i don’t give a damn what has to be done. But Our babies are on the next Red eye to Besaid. PERIOD!

Shingo: *Sighs; Lowering his head in defeat* Yes dear.

Shingo: *Voice-over* Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Tensions rise… Dramatic moments are ensuing to stir and more dark times befalls the city while the last final preparations are done for the Anti-Chamber that is done up for Raven. Word breaks out that there was a political and Civil war unrest on Planet Vulcan… The Enterprise reaches us and at that time it comes in… i hear of it and then i have to go and tell my wife and she goes ballistic and literally ape-shit over the news. Alice and Prince Alvin also panic and freak out. Then we have Pearl and Jack… The Newest parents get the word of something not calming and hear that their kids are also in danger as well on Vulcan and they barely got there. They go hysterical and freak out. Raven is Also distant and hardly speaks as she dreads what’s said to still come. Everyone is on Edge. Tensions skyrocket to a close encounter and a possible blowout. Between us and the Enterprise. Can it be defused before it gets that far? We all pull the babies out of Vulcan and send them on a direct trip to Besaid. In Spira… Oh god… Are we expecting too much? Will the guy they know there… Wakka… Will he be willing to watch over them for the time being? We should be counting our lucky stars and pray that we have a lucky break through out this moment that befalls us. Find out what the verdict and the decree has resulted in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! in Chapter 113: “To Besaid Isle with the babies.” Dinah’s Law is Firmly Decreed.


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