Chapter 111: Prophecy of Raven and a beam up to Azarath. Arella! “The Promise of one’s birth is Absolute.” Oct, 31st. 2027

Oct. 31st 2027…

At Watchtower…

Prince Alvin: Freeze. Rewind that feed and play it again…

Chloe: Okay.

Dinah: Prince Alvin, we’ve been watching this feed for hours. There is nothing there.

Prince Alvin: Yes. But we need to know for certain. It’s been a deep concern since the last time we dealt with Beryl and her coming after Raven. There is something there. There has to be.

Pearl: *With pain* Does it matter? What matters is how we’re gonna get after her and stop her.

Paige: More importantly… Protect Raven. Beryl is after her. Whoever Beryl is serving… She’s being used as a henchman. as a messenger mail deliverer.

Dinah: Pearl and Alice can’t get involved in this.

Pearl: Says who?

Dinah: Says the Voice of reason here. You and Alice are pregnant. Going into this with the babies inside you will kill you and the babies. Is that what you want? Is it? Sis, You are gonna wind up killing yourself. if you go on this. You will wind up dying.

Paige: I am the leader here. Dinah… But since you know more of what to do here… You can be leader from now on.

Dinah: Paige! That is enough… i am not trying to steal your thunder. i say that loosely. I am just going by feel here. Hello, This is serious. Remember how i wanted to be so involved in the fight against Beryl the first time since this ordeal started. When i was pregnant. You and Pearl were so damn adamant in keeping it where i wouldn’t and that i would be safe. Protected. that my babies would be safe. I am just returning the sentimental and common sense act and seeing that Pearl is kept out of being in risk of getting hurt. Losing her babies. Same for Alice. I am Doing the right thing.

Paige: I was meaning that as a compliment. Not an insult. You happen to be the one with the drive for this. More than i am. I should be with the drive… more. but you are with more of a feel over it than i am. So… Miss Love is no longer the leader. From this time forward… Thunder Mistress is now Captain… and leader of the Rhapsody Girls Z! I trust the power in you, Dinah. You’ve been doing nothing but proving yourself as perfect Captain and Leader Material. You don’t need to do that anymore. You’re granted that responsibility.

Dinah: *Gasps* Paige… You can’t be serious. Oh god… Paige. I don’t even know what to say about that. I thank you. I will lead as you would. You’re the original leader. So… I am gonna do it in the way that you would. decisive and precise.

Prince Alvin: Well… That’s all sweet. Really, Dinah. Congrats… But being the leader isn’t as easy as it looks.

Chloe: And on the mark… We have been studying it for months… and we don’t know what to make of it. The other month. July. Our systems has suffered a memory loss… Lost all files that could relate or coincide with the mark. *Calling out to Dinah Lance and Victor Stone* Canary… Cyborg! Anything?

Black Canary: *Walking over from the side computers and with the results of the research* We’ve counter referenced all archival Symbols that we had in the systems. Kryptonian, Aztec, Egyptian… Arusian or even Holy.

Chloe: And?

Victor Stone: Nothing. Whatever it is… We can tell you one thing is for sure. One thing is most certain and undeniable. It’s not from Earth.

Dinah: *Sighs* Damn it… Cryptic threats. Targeting Raven with these mysterious messages. Beryl’s hit an all time low. She’s playing a whole new game. This Symbol is the key.

The Screen in front of them freeze with a close up on Beryl’s head…

Dinah: We Will find out what it means?

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

In Raven’s Room…

Raven is succumbing to an illusion or haunting prophecy… in a state of mind standing on the edge of the Cliff and looking ahead to the other side and seeing the Mark of Scath Deeply Chiseled into the boulder and surrounded by a Moat of Molten Rock.

The Prophecy

Queen Beryl: *Hopping from rooftop to rooftop and taunting Raven* Tick Tock Raven, My dear dear outsider. Time before the moment of the end is near. Time to confess to the Rhapsody Girls about your role in the coming apocalypse.

Raven: Back off Witch… *warding off the Queen* I am not afraid of you.

Queen Beryl: Silly girl… I’m not the one you should be fearing. If there is someone you’re meant to fear… it’s your dear dear Daddy Trigon. You are his daughter after all. his very mean to enter earth.

Beryl Vanishes and there is lightning striking close. following a fire ball storm of demonic fire.

Scath: *Voice* What you have concealed… you shall become!”

Fire surrounds Raven and covers her… but she with her Dark energy busts out and the fire breaks to just surrounding her…

The Prophecy

Raven: This is a lie. You can stuff it, Father. i maybe part of you… but you are not gonna get me to open up and let you in. releasing you to come on Earth. My friends are on Earth. There is a way to stop this prophecy… I’ll find it and find a way to stop you.

Queen Beryl: *Walking through the fire* Your optimism is practically warming and utterly adorable. I admire that in you in some way. But you… My dear are forgetting one thing. a very important thing.

The Prophecy

*Showing Raven Visions of a world of fire and brimstone, people turned to stone and a hellish sky. The water appearing as Lava* this is what you are destined to do. what you were Born to commit. You were sent here. to bring the Earth down to its knees and see its embracing of the Apocalypse…

The scene turns purple and evil and Raven looks down just suddenly to see a reflection of herself before the 4 red eyes show up…

The Prophecy

Scath: *Voice* Your destiny will be fulfilled. The Portal Must be OPENED!

Raven is seen in her room and with the markings on her and the mark of scath on her forehead. Scared of the Vision… she pants in terror and fright…

(Theme for The Rhapsody Girls Z! Plays out and Shows the girls fighting against Beryl and going against Trigon the Terrible)

“When there’s trouble, you know who to call
Rhapsody Girls Z!
*Viewing Of Dinah’s House* From their tower, they can see it all
Rhapsody Girls Z!
*Clips of Enemy presence plaguing the City* When there’s evil on the attack
You can rest knowing they got your back
‘Cause when Metropolis needs heroes on patrol *Viewing of the girls and the Rhapsody Brothers attacking the Evil doers and Kicking their cans*
Rhapsody Girls Z, Go!

*View of the Rhapsody Girls and Rhapsody Brothers taking flight* With their super powers, they unite
Rhapsody Girls Z!
Never met a villian that they liked
Rhapsody Girls Z!
They got the bad guys on the run
They never stop ’till the job gets done
‘Cause when Metropolis is losing all control
Rhapsody Girls Z, Go!

1, 2, 3, 4, go! (Rhapsody Girls Z!)

At the Metropolis Motel…

Dean: *Looking at Sam* Sam… Let’s go. There’s a demon out there with our name on it. We got to handle it. This Demon is a possible follower of the big red daddy demon dearest Trigon. We don’t know who Trigon really is… what he really is. But if this demon that we’re after… happens to know where to go to get to this demon… we’re gonna put the interrogation griplock on it.

Sam: Right. The one the Rhapsody Girls call Queen Beryl of Dark Kingdom… She’s said to be the one who knows the demon…

Dean: and the identity of who the big bad demon daddy is. If we get to her… we’ll get to the demon.

Bobby: Wait a doggone minute there Idgets. What do you intend to do to red head demon server Beryl? If she sees you… she’ll fricassee you and turn into demon food.

Dean: We’ve got to do something though. The girls all seem to think that Beryl is the link. If we don’t go at her… we lose the lead.

Sam: That’s why we got Casstiel. If Beryl tries anything…

Dean: We’ll summon Casstiel and he’ll smite her and send her on a one way ticket back to hell.

Bobby: *Sighs* Okay. But be warned… You’re both about to be playing with fire and the fire is gonna burn you into next year’s Charcoal.

Dean: And we got the Colt. With Devil Trap Bullets. One move and it’s bye bye Demon Lady. Sam… Let’s go.

Sam: Right. Let’s go.

Within a minute after, Dean and Sam made off to look for Beryl…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

In Raven’s Room…

Raven was looking through all her books. Floating in mid air and levitating. The books were doing the same and she had 4 books at a time opened.

Raven: *using telekinesis to flip the pages of the books around her* This is my destiny. There’s got to be a way to stop it. to change it. I just need a little help in finding it. I can’t let this be my fate. I don’t want to let him out. I can’t let this happen. I won’t let it.

She suddenly flips a few more pages in one of her books and find the Mark of Scath inside it with the Prophecy written inside and stating that she is to become the key to allow Trigon passage onto Earth….

Raven: *Gasps* No… This has to be wrong. It must be.

Knock Knock Knock!

Dinah: *From the other side of the door* Raven? You okay?

Raven: Yes. *Shaking her head and With telekinesis putting her books away and hiding the book with the Prophecy inside it under her bed*

Dinah: Any luck in locating the Symbol?

Raven: No… It’s not in any of the books i have. *Walking over to her door and putting her hood up*

A second later…

Raven: *Opening the Door*…

Dinah: *Noticing a look of distress in Raven* Raven, Are you sure that you’re alright? You’re looking a little paler than you normally would.

Raven: It’s Nothing, Dinah. I just haven’t been able to Meditate much as of late is all. Just got alot on my mind.

Luna: *Walking by and overhearing the mention about the mark* Dinah… Raven… You two are not talking about the mark and the scare that Beryl must have done… are you?

Dinah: We are. We’re trying to get to the bottom of what Beryl was trying to pull.

Raven: …. Yeah.

Dinah: Look… Raven, I know that Beryl scared you rather harshly… But we’re gonna find out why she was after you. and what she is trying to pull.

Raven: Beryl Doesn’t concern me.

Luna: Well… if it’s got anything to do with that mark… It does unfortunately concern you. Beryl is after you. I agree with Dinah… Whatever the reason is for Beryl to be after you and coming to plague you… we’re all gonna stop at nothing to find out the reasons behind what she was pulling and why? But there is something else…

Dinah: What else is there, Luna?

Luna: Zeke.

Dinah: What about Zeke?

Raven: What does Zeke happen to know about my problem?

Luna: Zeke knows. About me. All about me. And all about our dilemma here. He knows all there is to know. I also was able to contact Minako. It’s been a long long time since i could and asked her what she knew about the predicament.

Dinah: What did she have to say?

Luna: it’s not so much as to what she said… as to more of how she said it. She said that in the old archives of the Moon Kingdom… other than the great Evil Queen Metaria. There was a myth about a Demon that resided even in Moon Kingdom Limbo. Not just Azarathian Limbo. the Hell that Azarath knew and believed in. She said that from what she got from Artemis who still contacts the Queen. Queen Serenity. that The beast was even with the same mark that you all saw on Beryl’s forehead. that they even used that mark to hide his true name because they feared it so. feared the terror that he would bring upon the planet if he broke loose.

Raven: How does she know about the mark?

Luna: I can’t say… There are some things that even i don’t know about and i used to know… but when i became this… i left that life and when i did… the knowledge that i might have had access to from the Moon Kingdom… went with it.

Raven: What all did your source say about it?

Luna: She said that she read from Artemis about the demon… that there was someone similar to the demon that spelled apocalyptic nightmare and despair. It was said that maybe 14oo years ago… before the Princess of the Moon was even born… There was a time of mystery. Darkness to come.  A Man… one who wasn’t really much of a man. But was well… Out of the usual that Moon Kingdom inhabitants are used to seeing. they get them from time to time. Sometimes more than just a few. However this man was different. He wore a robe. Kinda like yours, Raven. Although he was more… morose and he was lonesome. He was very quiet and had a quiet nature to him. But it was said that he during this time being there… He tried to court with a Princess of the planet Jupiter. Tried to… but the princess back then… was already seeing someone and gently told the man in plain detail that she wasn’t interested. Although the part that spoke out about the man was that he didn’t take rejection well. He would come back each day and try… Try and try again. But each day… each time… he’d fail. It wasn’t till the last day that he tried that he looked way different than he first did. He had not a normal cloak… the one that we see Raven with. But different. It was red and the man barely looked up when he suddenly turned. Transformed into this massive beast. Antlers. red skin and 4 red eyes. he ravaged the Kingdom with his power. His power was indeed without limit. It took the forces of the Kingdom to beat him. Although it didn’t hold him back. In the end of that… The Queen of that time had her heirloom. The Mystical Silver Crystal. Even in those times… it was in existence. The Heirloom is something that gets passed to the next in line. and when the Queen passes on… it goes to the Princess who is to become the next queen. who passes it on to the next and it goes down the line. to the next… and to the next. But The queen at that time… Before the time of Princess Serenity. Used the Crystal to beat the demon. She didn’t defeat him completely but she managed to lock him away in a secret hell. Moon Kingdom Limbo. Purgatory for the Evilest of beings and deities. But the only problem is that the Limbo that the Moon Kingdom had… had doors that lead to other dimensions. Worlds. It is possible that this Deity… whoever… whatever he is or it… must have found one of those doors and took it and it managed to coincide with your world, Raven. The one you are from.

Raven: This comes from your source?

Luna: Yes. I don’t have the info… But Artemis does. He is the one who still ties to the Moon Kingdom… If there is anything that is needed to be said that the Kingdom knows… Either Minako or him would know…

Dinah: When did you hear of this?

Luna: While you and the others were at the watchtower. I wanted to do something to help. Anything to shed some light on the issue. Which i’m not so sure that i had done that.

Alarms then start sounding off and grabs their attention.

Raven: Trouble.

Dinah: Let’s go see what it is…

Luna: I’ll be here. I’ll keep the place under watch…

Dinah: You sure?

Luna: Yeah. Besides… i’m not the hero. you guys are. i can’t come along. I’d only get in the way and put you guys at risk.

Raven: *Hovering to the other room to see what the danger is*

A minute later…

Dinah: *Looking at the screen and Pinpointing the location of the situation* It’s at the abandoned Library…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking out from the hall* What in the world is going on here? What was that noise?

Dinah: It’s nothing mom. It’s just late night jitters plus just hero detail.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Hero detail? At this hour? Why? It’s late at night. *Looking at the clock on the wall and seeing the time* It’s 12 Midnight. almost. No… it’s 10:00. It’s also cold out.

Dinah: We know. But this is just something that we’ve got to do.

Raven: It’s got something to do with me… Although i am hoping… hoping that i’m wrong.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Okay… Okay. i’ll bite. What’s the dilemma here?

Raven: Possibly another eerie sighting of Queen Beryl.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Queen Beryl? Why? Wait. Dinah… I thought that you and your sisters… Your cousins and Allies at that time a few years ago… took care of her. What is she doing back?

Raven: Mrs. Rhapsody, They did. But she came back. While you were gone… Beryl came back once before. Tried to harm your 3 girls and hurt Dinah. Hurt her 3 kids. once was when the 3 little ones were still inside Dinah. She was gonna try to kill her little ones and her along with it. But Dinah fought back. She fought back and told Beryl off. It was a good thing that she did fight beryl off. It took an Earth powered girl named Terra. to send Beryl plummeting into the abyss. However the power triggered a Volcanic disaster. Terra had to sacrifice herself to stop it…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: How did it come to that? I really would like to be filled in with the details. I know i might not understand it… but i’d like to know. I can’t help but to wonder if it’s got something to relate to one of the past issues that my daughters might have gone through.

Raven then uses Astral Projection to take Rikku L. Rhapsody Back to Dec. 14th 2026. To show her the final battle between Terra and Prince Arnold and the part where Terra went at Beryl; defeating her and sending her to her end…

Prince Arnold was in the City Hall Building and heading his way to the Catacombs… He was pissed. But more focused on getting to Terra than anything else. He didn’t take long to reach the path that happened to lead on to the Catacombs… Prince Arnold got down and leaped from rock ledge to rock ledge. It was dark and murky. Creepy all the same too. Prince Arnold  got down and reached the door suddenly. He saw that it was a steel door and that it was bolted shut. It was stuck closed. However Prince Arnold was able to put enough power into his fist which as soon as built up the power… He released the pressure and busted a huge gaping hole into the door and stormed into the chambers and looked up to see a small motion camera… It was moving around and catching sights of everything. Prince Arnold didn’t want to be detected before he could sneak in and start looking around. He blasted a shot of water at it and shorted it out. He busted it and saw that it was broken before he pressed on ahead. He pressed on and listened for noises and also voices that would come from Either Beryl… Terra. Or both. He was most definitely in the Catacombs which was possibly part of Dark Kingdom. He looked around and kept searching when he suddenly heard sounds of someone sobbing… Crying…

Prince Arnold: *Following the sound of a person crying* Hmm…

A few seconds later he saw a girl with a metal like suit on and with Purple on her…

Prince Arnold: *Gasps* Terra?… *Walking over* Terra, are you okay?

Terra: Destroy me… Kill me. Quick.

Prince Arnold: *shocked and stunned in mortification* What?

Terra: *Looking up at Prince Arnold with tears in her eyes; with tears running down her face* Come on… Isn’t that what you have come down here for? Isn’t it? I tried killing you and your family… Abducted the girl Luna and took her to a place that you’d never step close to. I hurt you guys and did awful terrible things to you and others… Come on… Destroy me Prince Arnold. Destroy me. Now. Do it! What are you waiting for?! Huh?! Don’t you want to destroy me?

Before they could break with any more words… Terra started to show a surge of Electrical charges and Purple mist Pulsating all over her body and taking control of her… she suddenly raised her hand and with a brush of Geothermal power… sent Prince Arnold into the nearby side of the chambers and into the wall… He made a smack into the wall and came crashing on down…

Beryl: *Stepping into view* You really must see to forgive my Apprentice. She just happens to find that she can’t get the hang of her own body…  *as she sees Terra trying to break from her control and unable to* So… with your permission… I’ll be controlling her each and every move.

Within seconds Terra was started working her powers and began to fire at Prince Arnold…

Prince Arnold: Oh crap… *Teleporting and trying to steer clear of being hit by Terra’s attack*

Beryl: Give it up, Rhapsody. As long as i live… you will be made to lose. I will reign and you pathetic Rhapsodies will deal with it. You’ll learn your place. because until you do… You’ll be facing more times like this.

Prince Arnold Responded with a heavy blast of water and shot it right at Beryl. “Fuck off, Bitch!” he uttered as he tried to escape the direct blasts coming from Terra and he barely steered clear but the last shot hit Prince Arnold and Knocked him down.  It first knocked him into a wall and then down to the ground. hard. He groaned as he shook off the fall and looked at Queen Beryl with irritation…  but that was not till after the smoke cleared and he saw Terra coming into View…

Prince Arnold: *Growling at Beryl* What the fuck did you do to her, you two-timing bitch? Talk… RIGHT NOW!!! *Firing a blast of water at Beryl* You better speak. The next shot is going right for the heart. TALK! NOW!

Beryl: My my… You are so Violent. Can’t you ever be Civil? I of course didn’t do anything to Terra that she didn’t allow. She came to me seeking control. That’s what i have granted her… My control… Her Body.

Prince Arnold: That’s a crock of shit, you Evil sack of space garbage… You’re an Evil Queen. What good could ever come from your ass? She told us that she trained herself… why would she have ever gone to you anyway? You’re an Evil Queen with a bullshit excuse for living. All you do is talk bull. nothing better.

Beryl: Say what you will. but it will matter not. I think that you will come to find that i’ve made far better and productive use of Terra’s powers and abilities… What do you think?

Terra then started to attack again… but it was evident that it wasn’t all her doing it. It was Beryl. But Terra was forced to attack. She couldn’t stop it and all Prince Arnold could do was evade. and block each attack. the best he could. He fired shots of water at the rocks coming at him and kept tearing it up. he couldn’t stop to catch a breath. The attacks were coming from multiple angles. He could only try to out beat it…

Beryl: Now that is more like it. That’s being obedient to my commands, my pet. See? I knew that you’d see things in my perspective…

But Prince Arnold suddenly saw a chance to strike at Terra and pin her down… He took it. Pinned her down and tried to stop her from making another move…

Terra: *Pinned; Looking up at Prince Arnold; Pleading* Please Prince Arnold… You need to stop me… I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to fight anymore.

Prince Arnold: Then Stop being so empty-minded and letting Beryl control you. These are your powers. Not hers. She’s not entitled to them. YOU ARE! Stop letting her control you.

Terra: I can’t… i don’t have any other choice.

Prince Arnold: That is bullshit, Terra. Bullshit. Is that what you tell yourself to help ease your mind? Is it?! It’s all bullshit. You always had a Choice.

Beryl made a move and motioned a stance and Terra reacted to it and sent Prince Arnold flying hard into the Wall again…  Prince Arnold crashed onto the ground and didn’t get up till a few seconds later and growled… He was getting irritated at Terra and it was gonna turn brutal…

Prince Arnold: It’s all been your choice… You chose to work for Beryl… You chose to betray us… the ones who took you in and made you one of us. We made you out to be one of the family. but you chose to just toss it all away like it never meant anything to you…. *Growling in hurt Pride* Now you’ve Chosen to give Beryl the Control… SHE’S NOT DOING ANY OF THIS, TERRA! YOU ARE! YOU’RE DOING THIS! WAKE UP!!! FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE… TAKE CONTROL AND FIGHT BACK! BERYL IS NOT CAUSING THIS TO HAPPEN! YOU ARE! DAMN IT!!! WAKE UP!

Terra: NO! *Using her power to Push Prince Arnold back*

Prince Arnold and Terra had another round and he tried to fight back… he tried to break through to her. But saw that she was pulling more rocks and toppled the ground… Prince Arnold tried to get out of the way and make a break for it. But before he could… A slab of ground fell on his left foot and he couldn’t break loose…

Terra: *Gasps* ….

Beryl: *Motioning to force Terra to end Prince Arnold’s life* Now… My dear Pet… Care to finish the pest off?

Terra struggled and tried to fight the fact she was being forced or controlled to walk up to Prince Arnold and setting to finish him off… She at that moment didn’t want to kill anyone… in fact that she never had wanted to take a life intentionally. It was all the doing of Beryl. However from everything that they were seeing of her… they believed it to be her. they didn’t know that Beryl had been controlling Terra’s every move. Terra got over to where Prince Arnold was and was with a rock all prepped to strike him…

Prince Arnold: *Looking up at Terra and gasping* Terra, No!

Terra: *Getting ready to do the finishing blow but struggles over trying to pull away and not go through with the act* She’s too powerful… I can’t… I Can’t Stop her…

Prince Arnold: *Trying to break free and unable to* Don’t give me that… you can… You can do it… It may have gone too far and you been down this dark path for a while… but it isn’t too late, Terra. It’s Not too late. You can do the Right thing… you can Still do the right thing… It’s still your power. Not Beryl’s. Not hers… Yours. She knows it. if the chips were down… She would be fearing you. but hides it by running you with Authority. Because she knows that if you turned on her… She’d be screwed. She knows it. This is your power, Terra. Yours. You can still do the right thing…

Terra: It’s too late…

The rock then formed over Prince Arnold’s head and was set to go. Ready to be fired when suddenly…

Prince Alvin: *With Prince Avery and Prince Curtis; Teleporting in; Commanding* Terra! STOP! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM… NOW!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: You attack the Rhapsody family… you will pay! that’s a promise.

Terra: *Turning to see Prince Alvin and the rest of the brothers* ….

Beryl: Stop the stalling… Apprentice. Strike him dead. NOW!

Prince Avery: Terra, No! Don’t!

Raven: *Stepping in from the shadows with both hands Emitting Dark energy ready to fire at Terra* It’ll be the last thing you’ll ever do. You kill him… you will regret it. Count on it.

Paige and Pearl: *Flying in* Terra! No! STOP! Don’t do it Terra.

Beryl: *Barking a command at Terra* I Gave you a command. Do it, NOW! Don’t you dare Disobey me.

Terra: *Looking at all the fighters and then at Prince Arnold; listening to others* …

Pearl: Please Terra… don’t do this… Don’t do it.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Don’t plan on coming back to us if you do it. I still want to make you pay for almost killing Luna.

Prince Avery: *Aiming at Terra* Don’t do it… Don’t… Do it!

“Don’t Listen to her Terra”

“You’re still our friend. we still see you as a friend… Don’t be like Beryl”

“Don’t you dare do it!”

Prince Arnold: *Looking up at Terra* It’s your life… Terra. It is never too late to change. Your body… Your choice. You have your own free will.

Terra: *Nods and apologizing* I’m Sorry, Prince Arnold… For all the harm i’ve caused upon you and your family.

A Second later…

Terra: *Balling her fist and taking control of the rock and her powers; Sending the rock over at Beryl; Attacking Beryl with the rock* Rrrrrrr—-AAAAAHHHHHH! *Forming a Rock and getting on the rock; Heading for Beryl and taking on Beryl*

Terra Knocks Beryl down and sends her sliding backwards a little. Terra went at Beryl and attacked her. She caused the ground under Beryl to collapse… However Beryl was able to levitate and and hop from the nearby rock to the wood frame leading on to Dark Kingdom… But Terra caused it to collapse and fall. Beryl Leaped off and got on to the ground…

Prince Alvin: *Running over to Prince Arnold and grabbing at the rocks and debris that were pinning Prince Arnold’s feet… Burying it* Hold on, Brother. I got you. What were you doing coming down here all on your own anyway? I thought that the wreckless and high moves were part of the Alpha Male’s dept. What were you trying to do? Copy my moves and be just like me?

Prince Arnold: Now’s not the time… but if you wish to know… i did what i had to do. I was pissed and over heated. i was unable to think clearly. But i wanted to take measures into my own hands this time.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* Brother, I know that you want to prove that you can be independent when you feel like you must. But just because i make reckless moves and act over tough… Doesn’t mean that you should do it too. Some of the things i do would normally get a person killed. or into a bit of hot water. You could be hurt if you were to do the same things as i did. Don’t be reckless like me. Live your life how you see it. Your way. Not like me. Just because i am reckless… Doesn’t mean that you have to.

a second or so later…

Prince Arnold:  *freed from the rocks and debris*

The Rock underneath Beryl and Terra rise up to mid-air and Beryl suddenly looks at Terra with a Smirk and a disgusted Sneer…

Beryl: *Growls* Why… You ungrateful little backstabbing servant!!! I Ought to! *Looming right at Terra*

Terra: Grrr! *Summoning up rocks and with a fast arm Throwing the rocks at Beryl one at a time; pushing Beryl back*

Beryl was being hit by the rocks and as she kept being hit she soon reached the ledge and before she could catch herself… she fell. Terra saw Beryl fall down and thought that it was over. She lowered herself down to take a look… but before she could get a good look and see that Beryl was gone…

Beryl: *Zooming up and Shooting a strong blast of Purple Mist at Terra; Knocking her back before stamping towards her and grabbing her*

Terra: *Being held up and suddenly coming to; With her eyes yellow and looking at Beryl before getting angrily at Beryl* You… Can’t… control me… ANYMORE!

The Power that Terra Emitted released Beryl’s grip on her and knocked Beryl down into the Abyss. Terra landed down and collapsed in a worn out sigh…

But seconds later…

Shots of Molten rock started shooting up from the sides and popping up…

Prince Alvin: Terra’s power… it has activated a Volcano…

Paige: Big enough to take out the entire city of Metropolis and blow us all up sky high. It’s way too big to stop. We’ve got to go… NOW!

Raven: *Shielding the others from a burst of Lava shooting up* We’ve got to get out of here… Now! It’s not safe….

Pearl: *Looking at the others* Let’s go. Let’s get out of here while we can. before we all die.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Terra* Terra, come on… we’ve got to go.

Terra: *after hovering on the rock over to the edge where the others were* I have to stay.

Prince Arnold: *Gasps* What the hell… Why? What for? Are you crazy… You can’t… You’ll die!

Terra: I’m the only one that can stop this…

Prince Arnold: But it’s too late, Terra. There is nothing that any of us can do. There is nothing that can be done. This thing is gonna pop like a gigantic skillet on a sidewalk.

Terra: *Looking up and Smiling at Prince Arnold* It’s never too late.

Terra knew what she had to do… it was gonna sacrifice her life. but she knew that she had no choice but to do it. Before she pulled back and went back to the center, and up on the rise…

Terra: *Hugging Prince Arnold with a goodbye tear running down her face* You were the best friend… and the sweetest guy… that i ever had.

Within seconds Terra pulled away and went to the center… Lifting up on a high rise and preparing to make the sacrifice… She knew that it was the last thing left to do. Prince Arnold knew that this was gonna be the last he would see of Terra. He took off and caught up with the others as the others had already left… As it went on… the walls started to bulge and spit out molten rock. The bottom was filling up with lava. it covered the bottom with the Molten rock with ease and through the Lava… a Glimpse of the Evil Queen was seen being covered by the Lava. She was covered by the Lava and the last to be covered was her head. Beryl was burned and buried alive with the Lava. It was over… Beryl was gone. for the Rhapsody girls…and the Rhapsody Brothers… they could only hope that Beryl would be forever dead… Terra glowed and within seconds a bright golden beam of light and it was surrounding her pulsing the slab of rock she stood on. She gritted her teeth and held on tight before she let loose on a final burst of energy…

Terra: *Releasing the final burst of power stopping the molten rock from flowing* Errrrrr ——— AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Moment later as soon as the blinding white light faded and dissipated to normal… the Catacombs were dark… Silent and still and by time it was done…  a View was seen of the whole cave… the entire catacomb. A Path was laid out…  and at the end of the Path… was a Stone statue… Of Terra. She was of Stone. Standing there in a final pose…”

Rikku L. Rhapsody stood and watched as she saw the incident. She didn’t know what was going on… and didn’t know that Terra was part of the family for a brief short time. She was at a loss. She didn’t know what to say… do and or believe. She looked at Raven and Raven read her mind. Read the blown away expression that was laid across Rikku’s face. She nodded at Rikku and with no sound coming from her… mouthed the words: “It’s true. While you were still gone… this was one of the things that happened.” She looked at the incident and watched as it unraveled but before it reached the last part…

Raven: *Looking to Rikku* We have to get out of here. it’s not safe here anymore. I showed you all i can. But if we don’t go now… we’ll be stuck here. in the past. We have to get out of here.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Nods* You’re right. I have seen all i needed. Now i know what happened. Thank you for showing me. Thank you.

Within seconds… Raven used Astral Projection and returned with Rikku over to the present…

Once Rikku was up to speed on what happened to the girl named Terra and the fact that Beryl was back… when in her mind… and belief thought that Beryl was dead and not coming back from the dead in any way. It passed many thoughts inside her mind. But it also answered some of the main questions that she really had to have answered. She knew that her daughters were gonna be still with the Details of being heroes… She didn’t feel that she could question it. So as a mother who now dived into supporting the cause in what ever way she could… She nodded and asked Dinah who was still at the monitors to pull up what came in and show what the deal was…

Dinah Puts the picture on the screen…

Dinah: It is showing that it was demolished long ago.  Although… it hasn’t been seen or heard of in decades. Lived here a long time. A Long time in this city and there has been no mention of any abandoned Library. Paige and Pearl are on their way here…  They just got the call here.

Luna: How?

Dinah: This tech here must have sent a pulse over to them and buzzed them. Pearl is still gonna sit it out… but Paige is still in for the count.

Raven: What about the Brothers and that teen?

Dinah: Martin… He comes and goes. So… i don’t know if he’ll come. But, the others might.

Luna: It shows that someone’s there at that spot.

Dinah: *Looking at the screen and seeing the Symbol* Beryl.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at Luna* Luna, You’re supposed to be in bed. It’s late and you got school in 9 hours. You’re never gonna make it tomorrow. 10:30 and you should sleep. okay?

Luna: Okay. I don’t know if i can really sleep though. There’s just too much on my mind.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Try. Tell you what… While they’re gone doing their duty… You and i can talk. How does a cup of hot cocoa sound?

Luna: *Smiles* Okay. Sure. Sounds nice, Mom.

Within moments Paige and Pearl showed up and asked on the situation. Dinah filled them in and they made the move to go. Pearl stayed here and Jack came around to be with her while Paige and Dinah left to head to the location. But what really happened was that Jack wound up going along with Paige and Dinah. He knew that there was gonna be trouble and believed that Paige and Dinah were gonna need help. As well as the guys. Raven went along with them. She knew that something was going on and that it meant possible trouble for her as there was a suspicion that Beryl was trying to lure Raven into a trap.

A Moment later…

At the Abandoned Library…

Dean and Sam were there meeting with Beryl…

Dean: Okay. What is your deal here? What’s the big idea in burning this place to the ground? Are you trying to Renovate?

Sam: Who are you working for?

Beryl: *Giving a wry grin and looking to the sides* I wish i could tell you about who the Demon is… but i don’t think it’ll matter as you won’t be around long enough to get that opportunity.

Sam: And what do you plan to do about it, Beryl? Yeah. we know who you are. We read the stinkin’ file on you. and we also got all we needed to know about you from the Rhapsody Girls. You might know of them from the way it seems. You are the one who can’t stop spreading Mayhem.

Beryl: I’m not spreading anything. But it’s gonna hurt to destroy you two.

Dean: *Aiming the Colt at Beryl* Uh-huh! Sure. No funny talk. One move and this Colt will fire and it’ll be adios Demon Bimbo. You’re spewing Apocalyptic nonsense. One move and you are extinct. Now… from the top. Who is the demon that you are serving?

Beryl: This. *Firing a stream of fire at Dean and Sam*

They barely scatter and make a run for it when the fire passed by them and it started to create a path and start on drawing a sign in the ground. It was going in different directions and Beryl was wrecking the area… The fire was shooting at things and causing explosions all over. She walked through the path of fire. and moved to draw out more of the Symbol when…

“Thundering Dragons”

“Love’s Blinding Heart BLAST!”


“Inferno Flaming Blaster!”

“Herald’s Water of Life!”

“Plasmatic Fury Swipe!”

“Electrical Chain FURY!”

“Azarath Metrion Zinthos!”

Beryl: *Stops and turns* …

Thunder Mistress: *Standing with the team and leading* You know, Beryl… Destruction… Vandalism? I’d say that you’ve reached an entirely new level of low.

Beryl: The Rhapsody Girls Z! Rhapsody Brothers and friends. How rewarding. But as you can see… I’m in the middle of a little something festive. I’ll be sure to deal with you dears in a moment.

Thunder Mistress: No. That is where you’re wrong. We’ll deal with you now.

Beryl: *Looking at the fighters* You should realize that you can’t always get what you want, Dinah. *Sending a Line of fire towards Dinah and the others*

Thunder Mistress: Scatter, And Attack her. Now!

Within seconds they made their move to get after Beryl. They spread out in several spots and tried to get at Beryl… Beryl was jumping all over and causing more damage and wrecking things left and right.

Prince Curtis: *Seeing Debris falling all over the place* Doesn’t Beryl know that this place was already slated for demolition? What is she trying to do?

Prince Arnold: Since when did Beryl need to request an excuse to demolish property? *Running over and Firing water shots at Beryl*

Beryl was shooting fire in more spots and drawing more of a symbol.  But she was about to press on to another spot when…

Thunder Mistress: *Jumping up and Grabbing Beryl; Swinging her back into a pile of rusted metal oil canisters* HIYA!

Beryl: *Getting back up and Looking right at Dinah*

Thunder Mistress: *Facing Beryl* Why the hell did you come back? Didn’t you learn the first time that you were going to lose no matter what? When Princess Serenity caused Dark Kingdom to crumble… You could have cowered and ran… but no… Oh no. You stayed. Went down with the ship. That should have been your cue to just die and not return. because you were finally gonna be going to a good place. because you accepted your fate for what you’ve tried to do. Then just after we destroy or feed Zod’s hairy egotistical but back to him for lunch. You come back and rise off to try and kill me. and my kids. Bad mistake. Bad move, Nut job. We beat you multiple times and took you down. Then what sent you away was Terra sacrificing herself to send you down. Right to where big bad demon Lucifer resided. Where you should have stayed. But then you come back. You come back and go after one of my friends… Are you absolutely frickin’ mental? Where the hell did you even get those powers? Huh, Where?

Beryl: *Chuckles* You sure have a knack for holding an age old grudge. But… You’re wanting to know all about this right here, *Pointing to the Mark on her forehead* aren’t you? *Walking a little over to Dinah leaving a little trail of fire* Tell me, Mrs. Rhapsody… if that is what you’d like to go by from now on. Tell me exactly how many sleepless nights did you have trying to unravel the secrets of this mark… trying to understand what it is and what it could mean? *Grins* Well… Allow me to grant you a reprieve and put your mind on ease. It’s called the Mark of Scath and it’s about to get truly popular. Taking this city by storm for starters.

Thunder Mistress: *Demanding* What are you planning, Beryl?

Beryl: I’m not planning anything. *Drawing the Mark of of Scath in the air and creating a big fire ball* I’m just providing a valuable public service.  *Raising the ball up before Launching it at Dinah* Illumination! *Throwing at Dinah*

Thunder Mistress: *Getting blown back and knocked to the ground* Crap! This is gonna be ruining my entire week. This broad is really starting to tweak my ass and my bosoms in a way that is starting to really PISS ME OFF! *Getting Angry and suddenly getting up and preparing to charge at Beryl* Okay… Now… it’s on, Bitch. It is so on… You want to fuck with Danger Zone… Come on. Let’s see what you got. I took you down once. I will be glad to do it again. Come on.

Beryl: You’re begging me to blow you up? Dinah… You are just suicidal.

Thunder Mistress: No… Just determined to take you out of the equation.

Jack: *Flying over and Firing Ice at Beryl* Yo! Sour fire dipstick… Leave my sister-in-law the hell alone. Touch her and you’ll get Ice up where the sun doesn’t ever shine.

Beryl: *Leaping up and breaking the lever holding the rope with the Wrecking Ball*

The Wrecking ball falls and swings to the side and hits Jack on the side and knocking him into the air…

As for Prince Alvin and Prince Avery… They were firing at Beryl as she came at them… Blasting them…

Prince Avery: *Aiming at Beryl and making a dead aim at Beryl* He shoots… and… STRIKE!

Prince Alvin: *firing at Beryl* INFERNO BEAM!

But Beryl pulled a fast one and knocked Prince Alvin into the nearby pile of rocks and debris and went after Prince Avery next. Prince Avery went under the rubble where there was a opening and was about to go in when a screech sounded. Prince Avery looked up and saw that there was a White Raven, A Hawk, A Monkey and a Dog. The birds flew in and the Monkey and Dog ran in. The White Raven was Crystal. she whistled loud and came in to distract Beryl and As did the hawk. It was the pets of the 4 guys. Their pets came to help out their masters. Within a minute, Prince Alvin busted himself out from the pile of rocks and Aimed a shot at Beryl. Hitting her head on.

Beryl: *Running off*

Prince Avery: Yeah… That’s right. You better run. Because there is more where that came from if you don’t.

Prince Curtis and Prince Arnold both were trying to put out the fires and stop the fire from getting anymore fuel to burn into…

At the one side of the demolished Property…

Beryl was making a run for it or going inside the old building ahead when Raven appeared as a shadow and then formed into View. She looked stern and annoyed at Beryl…

Raven: What is it that you want, Beryl?

Beryl: What any messenger would seek. For the message to be told and heard. It’s all that should matter to a messenger. Just to have the message told.  and to have it realized, Pet. It’s time that your friends learned the truth. And if you don’t tell them… I will.

Raven: Leave them out of this.

Beryl: Raven… Pet. I didn’t bring them into any of this. the one that did that is you. You got them into this mess on the very day when you dropped into their lives. *Backing away and preparing to Vanish off again* Tick-tock, Raven. The time grows short. Time is as you’d say… running on short supply.

In a flash and whirlpool of demonic fire, Beryl Vanished and disappeared. But unfortunately… she would be back again. As she left Raven had to put up a Dark wall to block the fire as it was hopping all over the place and she was about to get herself burned if she didn’t put up a block.

Thunder Mistress: *Calling up to the others* Everyone… Report! What’s the status?

Paige: I can’t see anyone… There is too much debris and fire. There’s too much smoke. *Coughing*

Jack: *Reporting in* I am in the air now… i can see you all. But unfortunately… i can also see something else… The Evil Mark…


At Zeke’s house…

Zeke: *Watching T.V and resting* Something is going on. I don’t like it at all. Luna’s told me all about her and it really got me taken by surprise. I guess that there were things about her that i wouldn’t believe if i were to hear it. I should have believed her when she said that i was gonna be taken by surprise. I should have listened…

At Vincent’s house…

Vincent: Regina, we got a demonic war looming closer…

Regina: A Demonic War?

Vincent: Very much so.

Regina: What do you plan to do?

Vincent: What can anyone do, Regina? There is nothing that can be done. The girls and the brothers are going after Beryl. She’s back and they’re after her. Beryl’s after Raven.

Regina: Oh dear. Why?

Vincent: No one knows why. It is unknown as to why she’d be after Raven. Targeting her. But from what Martin told me and overheard Luna talk about with Zeke… He said that Luna was going on about Raven and the part of a prophecy.

Regina: *Looking up at Vincent* A Prophecy?

Vincent: Yes. A Prophecy that doesn’t sound the least bit good. Not at all.

Regina: What is the Prophecy?

Vincent: *Walking to the other room and looking for a book that has a copy of all the text from Raven’s books* … It should be here somewhere. Now… Where did i put that book? Where are the books that have the copies of all the text and spells from Raven’s books? *Searching for the books* I have it here… I not long ago… maybe last year before Martin and Luna graduated from Elementary school… Martin and Luna went and snuck into Raven’s room and took pictures of every book and every page. Martin was able to create a spell that duplicated every book of Raven’s Every page. Even the one with the Mark. With the Prophecy tied inside.

Regina: They went into her room? Wasn’t it dangerous for them to do so?

Vincent: No. not then. But before that time… it was just Luna and couple of her sisters. and the 4 guys. they went in and got dragged into Raven’s Mind which in the end helped Raven out. But also exposed the secret that Dinah was pregnant. Raven read her mind.

Regina: What do you suppose is wrong with Raven? I mean… this time.

Vincent: Like i mentioned before. The Prophecy. *Looking at the next set of books and seeing the book that looked a bit dark sticking out a little* Ah… Here it is. This is the book. *Grabbing the book and Bringing it over to Regina* Read this. The Prophecy and the one mark is in there. You might find that it’s more serious than what you might think. You don’t believe in it… I don’t blame you. There are times where i wish that i didn’t either. But… sadly. It is just how it seems.

Regina: *Gently taking the book and looking inside it; Taking a look at all the pages and then reading the page that had the mark alongside it* … *Gasps* Oh good lord… This is dreadful. *Reading the prophecy* “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire. The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim… he comes to sire… the end of all things Mortal.” This is dreadful. Vincent, How did you get this? Why do you have this? This is real Evil Material. Satanic groups would just kill for something like this. I don’t know of any… but they are out there and they are not ones who follow the law. They don’t follow the law.

Vincent: The girls are gonna be in alot of danger. Utter and undeniable danger. Regina, I am a Wizard as you might know… so… I must go and assist the girls. I simply must. What they’re facing is real Evil. Sinister. Martin is upstairs asleep. His Dog is also asleep. But just keep an eye on things. I shall be back in due time.

Regina: You should be careful.

Vincent: I know. Don’t worry, love. I shall be back. I will be careful. I am very experienced in what it is that i do.

Although for Karen…

Karen: *On the Phone* Luna…

Back at the abandoned part of the city

Thunder Mistress: Everything within a 3 and a half block radius is gone. All except for this building. Beryl could have also wrecked this building as well. But didn’t. She left it standing still for a reason.

Prince Avery: *Looking at his documents on the City* Well according to the city’s master building plans. This is the original city library. But it unfortunately has been abandoned for years. Decades possibly.

Prince Arnold: No Wonder… I mean have you even bothered to look at the way this building looks. It’s a dump. It’s also deserted. What i don’t get is that why hasn’t the city torn this place down? if this place is so run down, why keep it up? *Kick the one side pillar and causing the sign to fall down and crumble* Ahhh!

The sign falls down and breaks into pieces. letting out a plume of smoke. Once it cleared they looked ahead and saw something… It was the same symbol that they managed to see on Beryl’s forehead. Dinah knew right away what it was…

Thunder Mistress: The Mark of Scath.  *Looking a little towards Raven* Beryl told me the name.

As they motioned to the door to open it…

Raven: No. Wait! It could be a trap. It might be dangerous.

Miss Love: Raven… You’re talking to Danger Zone Dinah there. She’s the new leader of the girls here… Have a little faith. She knows what she’s doing.

Thunder Mistress: This also might be our only lead. We’re gonna have no other choice but to chance it.

Jack: *Freezing the door and turning into an ice cube* Freeze the door and then with our strength… we’ll be able to shatter it and get inside.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* Good plan, Jack. Really good plan. We’ll get in; in no time.

Prince Curtis: Right.

Although as soon as they broke down the door and started going in…

Miss Love: I don’t know if you guys might have figured this yet… but do you guys sense that something feels way off?

Prince Arnold: No way. Not a chance.


Thunder Mistress: *Leading the way* Electric Rage… emit some of that Electricity. Light the way a little.

Prince Curtis: One Night light coming up.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at both sides* You know… I know that libraries that are old and ancient are supposed to feel a little on the creepy side… but seriously… I am so not digging this place.

Thunder Mistress: *Sighs* Damn it… A Dead end. What now?

Raven: Nothing here… may we go now?

But within seconds…

The Mark of Scath appeared on Raven’s forehead for a brief second and it opened a secret passage on the side wall. The passage was a set of steps that went down into a secret room… but they stood there to check to see if the passage was safe.

Miss Love: Okay… That’s new. A Secret passage.

Prince Alvin: Any idea where it goes to?

Prince Curtis: No idea. But i think that for sake of getting some logical answers…

Prince Avery: You suggesting that we go down there?

Prince Curtis: Well… we can’t very well stay up here and expect the answers to come to us.

Miss Love: Life doesn’t go like that. But I say we go and check it out.

Thunder Mistress:  Prince Curtis, Lead on. Any sign of danger… we fall back.

Prince Arnold: I couldn’t agree more than if i were the one to say that.

They go down and step into the secret path that was down the stairs and they slowly started to shine the lights on the statues…

Jack: *Seeing the statues* Wow! I have seen weird statues before in my time… possibly hideous ones as well… But never ones like these. I didn’t realize that Libraries would house such creepy and hideous looking statues.

Prince Avery: That’s just it… they don’t. *With a copy of the city’s master plan. the Original* I found these plans just this afternoon… for a hunch. and the plans don’t show this room ever being done. This room is old… really Old. Ancient. possibly before the city was even bustling with over active life.

They all walked in further and looked around the room. Looking to see if there was a way past the room. Seeing where it went. Raven was the last one to step all into the room. When she did…

The Mark of Scath on Raven’s forehead came out and glowed… it lit the room with the prophecy and it activated the statues. Within seconds… the statues came alive and the spirits come out from it proclaiming a Prophecy…

Spirits of the Ancient Order:  *Chanting* The Gem was born of Evil’s Fire. The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim. He comes to sire. The end of all things Mortal.

But as they were saying the Prophecy… The Marks were appearing on Raven’s Body and acting up.  Glowing. Raven started to back away when Dinah Looked back and saw that Raven was freaking out about it….

Thunder Mistress: Raven?

Raven: *Heading up the steps* oh.. *Looking back and looking down to see as that she’s got the marks showing on her* … *Gasps* … *Turning to run off further*

Thunder Mistress: *Running up after Raven* Raven! Wait! Are you okay?

Raven: *Turning to face Dinah* This place… I shouldn’t be here. It’s all wrong.

Thunder Mistress:  What is going on? Raven, What aren’t you telling us? Is there something going on that you are not telling us?

Raven: *As she starts Turning into a shadow* I can’t explain… I need to leave. I can’t go back in there… *Turns into a Shadowed Raven and flies out*

Thunder Mistress: Wait!

Still in the room…

Prince Avery: *Playing the message back on his Cell which captured the Voice and the Video*

Cell: *Relaying the message* The Gem was born of Evil’s Fire. The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim. He comes to sire. The end of all things Mortal.

Miss Love: It appears to be like some kind of Ancient prophecy. Something bad, from the way it sounds.

Prince Avery: That’s one way of putting it. Because whatever it is… it most definitely doesn’t sound good. I don’t think this is gonna sound in any way uplifting.

Prince Arnold: I think that i am convinced on this truth… This is seriously one hell of a mad dose of serious demonic Evil. Sinister. Serious Evil. Even for Beryl.

Thunder Mistress: *Walking into the room* Not Beryl. For whoever she is serving. Working for.

Jack: Scath.

Miss Love: …

Thunder Mistress: The Gem shall be his portal… *Walking to the end of the Room* Scath is coming. And the gem is how he intends to get here. In order to stop Scath from coming… we have to find the Gem and destroy it. *Kicking at the wall and knocking it down revealing another passage* There we are…

Miss Love: *Looking back and not seeing Raven around* Dinah, Where’s Raven?

Thunder Mistress: She’s not coming. and I don’t think i will either. You guys will go on without me… I’m gonna go after Raven. She seemed rather terrified and i think i know why.

Prince Alvin: I’ll lead them on. Dinah. You go do what it is that you must.

Prince Avery: We’ll get the Gem and bring it back.

Jack: We better go. The gem ain’t gonna come to us by us just standing here.

It was then that They had to press on. Dinah went back to go after Raven. The rest went on further to go after the Gem…

At the front of the abandoned library…

Vincent: *Looking in* This place is sure a mess. *Walking in and looking around* This place is awfully dark and deeply creepy….

At the Metropolis Limousine depot…

Shingo: *Looking at the cases and Clientele list for the night* I still have 5 more people to pick up and deliver and then pick up and take home. *Sighs*

Mr. Willard: *Walking out of his office and looking at Shingo* How’s the life treatin’ you kid?

Shingo: It’s fine. Just worried about my wife and my sister-in-laws. Luna is no longer with a habit… But she’s now with Zeke. Has been for 5 months almost 6. My sister-in-law Pearl is pregnant and it’s getting ever so close to her time of conceiving. Alice before her. But my wife is a hero. She and her sisters Paige and Pearl are dealing with the mess of a threat known as Scath.

Mr. Willard: Scath? Who’s he? Your hired mortician?

Shingo: Ha ha ha! Very comical. But no. Nothing of the sort. You see… He’s said to be an intergalactic tyrant. Demon.

Mr. Willard: A Demon? How bad of one are we talking here?

Shingo: In a word… Apocalyptic hell.

Mr. Willard: Where are you coming off with this?

Shingo: Trust me. You don’t want to know. All i do know is that whatever my wife and sister in laws are up to… I just hope that they know what it is that they’re doing…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

In the Living Room…

Alice and Pearl were resting and were asleep. They were trying to keep still and not think about the end of the world fastly coming. Pearl’s babies were inside. Conscious and listening to every sound… word and note of music. everything.

Inside Pearl’s stomach; inside the Womb…

Baby # 1: Ugh! What is this talk about the end of the world?

Baby #2: I don’t know. but i think that i’ve heard more about it than what i can tolerate.

Baby #3: Yeah. I mean… what is mom dealing with anyway? Apocalypse? Armageddon?

Baby #1: no idea. But whatever it is… it doesn’t sound good. I think that we heard someone speak of a prophecy. Some Evil Prophecy and something ancient.

Baby #2: Ancient? How ancient are we talking here?

Baby #1: In a word… Decades. Possibly a century or two.

Baby #3: Whatever it is… i sure hope that our mom can handle it.

Baby #1: Are you seriously trying to tell me that you don’t know who our mom is? She’s one of the heroes. Bubble Maiden. She’s the angel of grace and serenity.

Baby #2: Amy, Are you Daft? Our Mom is a normal person. She is normal and sweet and kind. Outgoing and caring. Heroes are not real. Not in the real world.

Baby #3: Susie… Stop. Our mom is a hero. She’s one of the Rhapsody Girls Z! She’s a fighter. We got part of her memory. We know what it is. who she is. You do too. Think.

Baby #1: Christina, She knows… She’s just probably a little cranky is all. I think that we all are given that we are awake and overhearing all this chatter from the outside.

In the hall…

Raven was walking over to her room in a fast pace… She was now desperate in finding a way to not let the Prophecy happen…

A minute later…

Dinah: *Walking over to Raven* Raven. Where are you going?

Raven: *Turning to see Dinah* I am leaving. To Azarath. I am gonna see someone there that might be able to undo this prophecy. I am not gonna let this thing happen.

Dinah: What Prophecy? I don’t understand.

Raven: It’s the promise that was given upon the very Birth of me. The Prophecy that i would have to one day perform. Becoming something to let an Evil beast out. It’s not what i want. But unless i can find a way to prevent it… it’s gonna happen.

Dinah: Oh god. So this whole thing is about a prophecy that concerns you. and you are what? A… A…

Raven: A Portal. Dinah… Until i am ready… to tell everyone. Promise me… that you won’t tell anyone else about it.

Dinah: Of course. I won’t tell anyone about it. If you want to let people know… you can. but i will not expose your secret.

Raven: Thanks. I have to chant up a spell to leave through a portal and over to Azarath. I can’t take anyone with me. It will only work for the one casting the spell. unless… i can cast it and it takes me into the portal leaving over to Azarath and just before it closes… You jump in.

Dinah: Time traveling… Whoa! That’s something that i’ll be needing to try. Risky… but could still be new. First time for everything. I just hope that my kids don’t ever ask about my time traveling adventures. I don’t think they’d understand.

Within seconds…

The Candles in Raven’s room light themselves up and a fire is seen on them. The door then opens and raven walks in to look at the books stacked on the floor. She was annoyed and was dead set in finding a way for the Prophecy to be broken…

Raven: *With dark Energy being sent to the books and surrounding them; Sending them to the side back to the shelf* You might have stopped me from Meditating… But I got news for you, father dear… You won’t stop me from trying to leave. *With Telekinesis bringing the special magic powder over to her and creating a magic Circle; With a book and Sitting down on the floor with her legs crossed* ….  The Prophecy*Placing her hand on the book and chanting a portal spell* Azarath Metrion Zinthos Karazon Racashaus Endere.… *With her head suddenly looking up and her eyes Glowing bright white as a portal opens up* …Vaserex Endrion Azarath! Azarath! Azarath!

The portal sucks her up into the portal… it pulls her and She makes her way to Azarath. Hoping in her mind that it was still there. Praying that it was still there… But what she didn’t know was that Dinah was beside her… or was she?

Back at the Abandoned Library…

In the room past the room with the creepy looking statues…

Prince Alvin: *Looking down the center into the winding tower stairs* That’s a long way down. Looks Deep. How far do you suppose it goes?

Prince Arnold: There’s only one obvious way to find out. *Emitting some water and Tossing it into the center*

Prince Avery: *Listening for the water to reach and hit the bottom*

A Minute later…


Miss Love: Wow! *Whistles* That’s deep. A long way down… A very long way down.

Jack: We better get started.

Prince Alvin: I’m willing to bet that the Gem is somewhere down there.

Prince Curtis: Yeah… But what else is there with it.

Prince Arnold: That’s something which we’ll have to find out.

Miss Love: the Gem is down there… And if we face some danger… we’ll have to just press along as best we can.

As for Raven…

She was traveling through the portal leading back to Azarath. She was set on going over and find a way to not become the portal… But as she rose up and flew on her way over… a group of phantom ghost reapers whizzed past her and she looked to see that they were heading off to Earth. possibly to protect the path leading to the chamber where the Gem was said to be… and they went through the fire. which suddenly flared and rose up to catch up to Raven… She tried to speed up and out run it… Although the fire sped up just as fast and nearly covered her. Burying her in it…

Back at the spiraling path…

Prince Alvin: *Walking down the stairs and making his way down with the others* Come on.


Prince Avery: *Hearing something* Did you guys hear something?

Prince Curtis: No. Why?

Prince Arnold: *Looking down the center* Well… Don’t look now… but there is a light shining down there and i think that we’re about to have company.

Miss Love: *Looking down and seeing the light grow bigger and notice that it wasn’t light. but ghosts and apparitions*

Jack: *Creeped out* Whoa. Uh… That is truly freaky.

All: *seeing the light coming up towards them* AHHH!!!

Vincent: *Walking in and blasting at the phantoms* SONIC CHARGE!!!

Within seconds… they were all surrounded by the Phantoms. They only looked on as the phantoms moved around and swarmed all over.

Miss Love: Everybody… Run! Now!

Prince Avery: *Swinging at the phantoms* Get away from us, you bloody buggers!

Prince Arnold: *Jumping and trying to miss the Phantoms* Whoa!

But the Phantoms then began to attack and swing their sickles at them. Paige and the guys tried to hit them and wound up missing…

Prince Alvin: *Getting knocked down by the phantoms* Damn!

Prince Avery: We can’t hit these damn buggers.

Jack: Yeah… But they sure can hit us.

Miss Love: Let’s try to fire at them anyway… We have to break through.

They start breaking into the Phantoms. Firing at them with what they could. Paige fired her hearts at them and it seemed to blow off some of the phantoms…  But more Phantoms came in their place. It was getting to be hopeless although that’s when Paige Pulled out a gadget that came from her power buckle. It created a Loves flash burn and knocked out a cluster of the reapers… but also part of the stairs too…

Prince Alvin: Way to go Paige… It knocked out some of the stairs… But it at least took out some of the Phantoms. Good.

Jack: Let’s figure a way down there… Now.

More Phantoms were coming in. There were more and more coming. The center of the stairwell was swarming with phantoms in every spot. It was already gonna turn into a blood bath. But that’s when Paige Thought of something…

Miss Love: *Looking to the side and facing the center* Follow me! *Running off and leaping into the center; Flying down*

Prince Alvin: *Looking down towards Paige* Uh, Paige… Haven’t you noticed the little news flash? Us guys can’t fly.

Jack: Don’t worry… I’ll create a path and they can glide down following you.

Miss Love: *Falling down and looking at the wall; Spotting the Mark of Scath on a piece of movable piece of the wall siding* Must get to that wall… *Flying over to the spot in front of the mark* Ah!

It was moments later…

Paige pulled out a gadget from her belt and dug into the movable slab and pulled hard. which removed the slab and thereby opening a passage. She looked inside and waited for the others… when they all reached the spot. It had to be quick as the Phantoms were all hot on their trail. Prince Alvin and the guys slid their way there on the Ice laid out by Jack. He paved the way and once they reached the opening… they Leaped in and made a run for it…

Prince Alvin Shot back at the Phantoms with a Flaming Soul Flash flame inferno. Which blew the phantoms back… Lessened them for just about maybe a moment. Although they reached suddenly a fork in the path…

Prince Avery: *Looking at the paths* Hmm… This is gonna be a little mess. Paige… Which way. 3 paths… Which one do we take?

Miss Love: *Looking to the side and seeing the Mark of Scath Engraved above the side path* The mark. Follow it. Follow the mark.

Jack: Well… Here we go again!

They made a run for it again and went down the path with the mark on top but as they ran down the path and followed it down… Phantoms were chasing them. Paige Fought them off as much as she could and kept them back at a distance…

A few seconds later…

Prince Arnold: Uh… Now what? *Seeing the paths and seeing no mark on any of them* Paige… Any suggestions? There’s no mark.

Prince Alvin: We’re gonna have no choice but to wing it. Just pick a path… Any path. We need to get through to the Gem. We need to get that Gem. Before it’s too late.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at the paths and thinking* Eeeny Meeny Miney… Mo! *Going down the path in front of him* …

A few seconds later…

Prince Arnold: *Running back from the path and screaming* Not Mo! NOT MO! AHHHHH!!!!

Prince Alvin and the rest of the guys were blasting at the Phantoms and sending them away one by one… trying to shred them back. Paige looked at the paths and saw the one next to the path that Prince Arnold came running back from…

Miss Love: *Running into the path one tunnel over from the path Prince Arnold came from* THIS WAY!

Prince Alvin: Everyone… GET IN THERE!


As for Raven…

She was still in the path that was leading to Azarath. She was still also inside the ball of fire. But she had finally been able to fight her way out of it. with a few lines of Dark energy… she caused the ball to fade and vanish. It was gone and out from it… Emerged Raven. She first appeared as a black shadowy Raven…

Raven soon reverted to her human normal form and flew onwards to the end of the portal and reached the end where she was met by a barrier. Seal of Azarath. that was strong enough to keep any unwanted visitors out. Even the intergalactic Demon…

Raven: *Facing a gate blocking with a barrier* I must get in…   *With the Mantra… the Chakra Gem on her forehead Glowing bright* LET ME IN!!!!

Back at the tunnels lead from the Abandoned Library…

Miss Love: *Seeing all paths blocked* Great. We can’t get out now. We’re now stuck. here.

Prince Alvin: At least they won’t be able to get in here.

Prince Avery: *At the side and looking at another room; catching sight of more statues* Uh… Guys. You’re gonna want to see this.

Jack: Yeah. This is gonna seem like Deja Vu.

Prince Arnold: *Following with Prince Alvin, Prince Curtis and Paige* Why’s that?

They all reach the edge and see the room. it was a chamber of some sort and in the center of the room was a tall Pillar with a hand facing up. and in the very center of that was a beam of light which would originally be thought to have the Gem sitting there. But The Gem was gone. It was nowhere to be found. The Statues looked really familiar and like someone they all recognized.

Prince Alvin: Okay… I am getting a very awkward feeling now. Something rather strange is going on here.

Miss Love: There is a major sense of Deja Vu going on here…

Prince Avery: Not only that… but what are these statues starting to look like.

Jack: *Rising up and Looking at the statue and placing the face to the statues* Oh man…I think we do know who those statues look like.

Miss Love: Raven!

They all go on down to the room and head up to the palm of the hand and look for the Gem. But…

Prince Alvin: The Gem… It’s gone.

Beryl: *From the tip of one of the fingers* You must be profoundly disappointed.

Prince Avery: *Looking up and seeing Beryl* Beryl!

Miss Love: Where is it? Where is the Gem, Beryl? What did you do with it?

Beryl: Not here. But it’s alot closer to you than you would agree on. What i done with it is nothing. But what i did is see that she came to hear the message and accept her fate. Accept what  she is said to do.

Prince Alvin: Enough games. Where’s Scath? Who the hell are you working for?

Beryl: Hmm… Well… i’d be loving to tell you however… it doesn’t look like you’ll be living long enough to get your dues in meeting him. *Holding out her hands and Glowing with red at the fighters*

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Alice: *Waking up in pain and groaning* Ow! Ohhhh! Ahhh! Oh my god… OW!!!

Pearl: *Waking up fast and Looking at Alice* Alice?

Alice: *Wincing and suffering through labor pains* Pearl… We need to get me to a hospital. Now…

Pearl: Why?

Alice: I think that the babies are coming. Twins. They’re coming.

Pearl:  Oh… okay. Just hold it in as best you can. *thinking about what Alice was talking about and suddenly gasping* WHAT?! Oh my god… Oh my god. *Getting up and calling for a ride* Star is at home for a week to spend time with her mother. She’s probably there now. I’ll see if she can give us a ride over to the Hospital.

Alice: Okay. But…. Pearl?

Pearl: Yeah?

Alice: Hurry!

Pearl: I’m working on it. *Hearing ringing* Hopefully she’s awake.

Alice: *going through another Contraction* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Pearl: Hold on. Just try to stay still. It’s gonna be okay. *Hearing clicking* Oh thank god… she’s up. Thank you!

Star: *Voice* Yes?

Pearl: *on the phone* Star?

Star: Pearl? Pearl, what’s going on?

Pearl: Star… we’ve got a problem. A big one.

Star: Why? Are you in trouble?

Pearl: No. But Alice is… She’s in Labor.

Star: Labor? *Gasps* What? Oh my god… Really?

Pearl: Yes. We need to get her over there. However… we need to get a hold of her fiance Prince Alvin. The problem is that they’re going after the Gem to prevent the Demon known as Scath from coming to Earth. We can’t reach him. I can’t even reach my sisters. They’re there with them too.

Star: Oh shit. What about your car?

Pearl: I can’t drive too much… Pregnancy pains and as it is… Paige had to bring me in her car. I laid down in the back seat.

Star: Okay… Hold on. I’m on my way.

Pearl: Okay.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking out and checking out the room curious of what’s going on* What’s going on now? Pearl, What’s the matter now?

Pearl: Alice.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What do you mean? What’s the matter with Alice?

Pearl: She’s in Labor.

Alice: *Hissing and in agony*

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What? Oh my god… Call for an ambulance. Quick. Pearl… call for an ambulance. *Panicking* Where’s Prince Alvin? He’s gonna be worried to death about his Fiance. Alice is gonna need him for Strength. Where is he?

Pearl: He’s with the others at the Library looking for something called the Gem. The Abandoned Library.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That’s where Dinah and Paige are. Oh god…

Pearl: Mom, Calm down. It’s gonna be alright. I already called Star. She’s gonna be here any time now.  Alice… Just keep calm. Just take your mind to a happy time… think of something happy. Anything that makes you happy. Think upon that.

Alice: Okay….

As for Raven…

Raven: *Resting and Looking at the land* …. *Suddenly standing* Azarath. My last hope.

Thunder Mistress: *Suddenly landing and trying to catch her breath* Oh… man. That was one hell of a ride. *Panting for breath* Cappuccino. anyone?

Raven: *Turning to see Dinah close by her* Dinah?!

Thunder Mistress: Yeah. I’m here with you… On Azarath. And yet… i don’t know a thing about what we’re really doing here or what it is that we plan to do here.

Luna: *Falling down onto the ground* Whoa! Ouch! *Shaking her head and looking at the buildings ahead* Huh? What am i doing here?

Raven: Luna! What are you doing here? This place isn’t for vacation. This land is where i am from.

Luna: Okay… But what is it? Where is here?

Thunder Mistress: Luna… Behold. The Mystical land. Majestic. Azarath.

Luna: This is Azarath?! *Looking at the land and with wide eyes* Oh wow… It’s beautiful. This place is really pretty.

Raven: It’s also the very home that i come from. This is my place of origin.

Thunder Mistress: It’s really lovely, Raven. Really. let’s take a look around. This place is just really remarkable. Amazing as well…

Back in the Chamber where the Gem should have been…

Beryl: *Firing streams of fire at the fighters and seeking to burn them*

The guys and Jack all duck. Paige got hit a little by the fire however the fire didn’t seem to burn her. Just make her rather hot…

They all tried to evade the attacks and struck the ground. Beryl on the other hand sent a wave of fire at them and sent them down to the ground below. Paige was knocked down and Jack went to rescue her from nearly being blown away by Beryl.

Jack: *Carrying Paige over his Shoulders*

Beryl: *Walking close to Jack and Paige from behind* You know… What you are attempting on pulling… is only delaying the inevitable. You can’t stop what’s told to happen. *Grabbing Jack and Tossing him aside along with Paige*

Prince Alvin: *Facing Beryl* We’re not leaving without the Gem.

Beryl: I’m afraid that you’re only gonna be at a let down as… You’re not gonna be leaving at all.

Prince Arnold: *Grabbing Beryl and Spraying water all over her* We Interrupt your fire side chat with this important reminder… Only you can stop forest fires! *Launching an attack right on Beryl* Hydro Burst!

Beryl: *Flying to the ceiling and then smacking hard into the ground*

Jack: *Blasting Ice at the statue above Beryl and then beating the ice apart and causing the Statue to break off and Fall onto her*

Jack then saw that the statue was on top of Beryl and crushing her. He went to go check it out and saw that there was no movement coming. Although all he did was look up and out of nowhere… he saw Beryl and she shot a forceful blast of fire at him Knocking him out. He was about to be shot with a fatal blow when Paige came and Launched an attack called Love’s Jamming hearts! It Knocked Beryl back a bit. But Beryl came back and tried to make a move. Jack got up and tried to shoot blasts at Beryl. Beryl however was jumping and avoiding the shots. Prince Alvin then tried to go at her only to miss and Beryl grabbed him, Swung him into the nearby wall. She then throws Prince Alvin across the room. Prince Curtis tried to get at her and Beryl threw a couple of shots at him and then Put her hand on the ground and caused a column of fire to burst out and send him flying back and into Prince Arnold and Prince Avery.

Jack: *Firing a blast of Ice at Beryl* Ice Frost Beam!

Beryl: *Creating a fireball to absorb the Ice and sending it back to Jack and sending him flying  into the wall*

Paige saw that one of her gadgets was on the ground and she had been on the ground as she has been knocked down. She tried to reach out for it and before she could… Beryl came and Stomped on it and destroyed it.

Beryl: *Looking down at Paige* You know, Rhapsody… Even though i’m seen as an Evil Queen… i have to admit that i enjoy being permitted to pass my services to a greater cause. It allows for me to be a little more hands on… *Flashing Fire at her*

On the way to the Hospital…

Pearl: I’m sorry to be calling you this late.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s nice of you to do this for us. It of course is pretty late at night.

Star: It’s not a problem, Mrs. Rhapsody. I am happy to do it.

Pearl: You were trying to spend time with your mother. I just didn’t know who else to call.

Star: Hey… You didn’t do anything wrong. I am actually glad that you called me, Pearl. I seriously need to talk to you. It’s about the fashion deal that we have been going into.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Fashion deal?

Pearl: Yeah. Mom… Me and Star are gonna be in the Fashion business. Opening a Fashion store. Dresses designs. Jewelry and Accessories. We already landed a few sponsors.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You’re kidding! Really?

Pearl: Yeah.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Wow. Pearl, I am really proud of you. I really am. What are you planning to call it?

Star: Well… we had a name for it. we were originally gonna call it… The Rhapsody Fashion Star Emporium. But we’re now thinking of something more divine to call it. We’re still getting the ideas tossed around a little and thinking a little more on an official title or name of the Business.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I’m sure that you’re gonna be okay.

Pearl: We sure will be.

Star: What would you say if i were to tell you that the fashion business was about to get its Jet fuel and take off?

Pearl: I’d be thrilled to hear it as it’s been rather like a dream for us to have the business.

Star: That’s good. Because it’s happening. I got a call from the head construction worker. the foreman. He’s found a spot to build up the Fashion Emporium.  It’s gonna be built starting sometime next year. But it’s in a scenic spot. Water… trees and also grass too. It’s a huge lot also.

Alice: *Groaning* That’s all nice and i am happy for the both of you. But can you please be quiet and just get me to the hospital. These babies are threatening to come out before the doctors can get their hands in gear.

Pearl: How far are the contractions?

Alice: Still between 10 to 10 and a half minutes.

Star: What? Pearl… Call the hospital. She’s gonna let loose in the car… The Contractions are getting closer and closer together. She won’t make it at this rate… not like this. Call for a doctor… To meet us close by, Now. NOW! Alice is liable to hemorrhage.

Pearl: Star… Floor it. We have to get there… right away. *On the Phone* Hello. I need a doctor to meet us by the Daily Planet… We’re driving by and we have a problem. We got a pregnant woman in our truck here. Patient’s name is one Alice Josie Cross. Age 19. She’s pregnant with two kids. Contractions are 10 to 10 and a half minutes apart. We are in need of medical attention for her. Now. Right away.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: No… don’t stop. There’s the hospital. It’s up ahead. see that sign… Focus on that. think of nothing but getting there. Get there fast. *Nods*

Star: I am so gonna get a ticket for this one… but Everyone… Hold on. Hold on tight! *Flooring it*

As for Raven…

On Azarath…

Raven: *Walking around and through the city*

Thunder Mistress: *Looking around* This city sure is huge. Are there any small buildings anywhere?

Luna: A person could get really Dizzy just by looking up all the time at all the tall buildings. They’re like skyscrapers. Bigger than the ones in Metropolis.

Thunder Mistress: No kidding, Luna. There is absolutely no small buildings anywhere.

Raven: *Walking ahead and further inside the city* It’s quiet here.

Thunder Mistress: Raven, Do you think that the one we’re looking for is gonna be able to help you get rid of the prophetic destiny that you truly wish not to be?

Raven: I don’t know. But the only one that i know that can possibly do it. is either Azar. or the one holy mother. Arella.

Luna: Arella? *Confused* uh… i… i don’t follow. Who’s Arella?

Raven: The Holy Mother of Azarath. She’s known well by the high council of Azarath. part of the Council who got the Ancient order to intervene and send the Demon into Limbo. Scath is what they’d call him. or it. he was known to be a Tyrant. He’s considered to be the close replicant of your planet Earth’s Lucifer. Satan.

Thunder Mistress: Oh man… that’s some serious Evil.

Raven: You don’t know the half of it.

Luna: You mentioned Arella. But who else is she…

As they made way deeper and closing in on a small clearing…

It was quiet all over the city. There was no one around.

Raven: Hello?! *Looking to the sides* It’s not like i was expecting for a parade to come through.

Thunder Mistress: *Looking at the side and not seeing anything* What do you think happened here? Why did everyone leave?

Luna: Where did everyone go?

Raven: I wish i knew. But i don’t see anyone here…

Suddenly they went further in and were about to consider it to be for nothing. When out of nowhere…

Luna: *Looking to see a white Dove close by* Raven… What’s that?

Raven: What? *Looking to see a Dove near and wondering where it came from* Where did the Dove come from? We don’t have many doves in Azarath. And the only one that was said to have them… is none other than…

Thunder Mistress: What? Who?

Raven: I’m not sure. but i might have an idea. *Running off and chasing after the white Dove*

Luna: *Looking at Dinah* What should we do? Follow her?

Thunder Mistress: I think so. It’s either that or lose sight of her and lose our way back to where we belong. We don’t belong here.  Raven is our ticket back. We can’t go back on our own… Not like this…

Luna: *Running after Raven* Raven… Hey. Raven. Wait up!

Thunder Mistress: *Chasing after Luna and going after Raven*

But when Raven finally stopped…

Raven: *Looking up and suddenly seeing the dove go up to the top of the tall gigantic tower that had an Angel on it* …

Thunder Mistress: Is that the place?

Raven: It is… it has to be. *Flying up after the bird and following it over to the top*

At the top and on the Ledge looking over all over Azarath…

Raven: *sees Arella in the tower and flies up to her* Arella! No, wait! I’ve come back. Mother, please help me.

Arella: You always had a home here, my child. But help, we could not give.

Thunder Mistress: *Landing on the ledge and Setting Luna down* Wow! This is really high up. 

Luna: *Seeing a white robed person by the wall that looked like a door* Who’s that?

Arella: *Seeing two people nearby* Who are you?

Raven: Mother. They’re my friends.

Luna: Are you the one they call Arella?

Arella: Yes. I am Arella. The Holy mother of the land. Azarath. I would welcome you to the city… but as you can see… there isn’t much of the city left to be seen.

Thunder Mistress: Why? What happened?

Arella: A demon… who we know as Trigon ravaged the land and destroyed the land to nothing. There were no survivors of his last onslaught.

Raven: *pulling out her book* The prophecy. It’s happening. You have to tell me how to stop it.

Arella: Nothing could be done. The promise of your birth was absolute.

Thunder Mistress: What promise? What do you mean that you can’t help her? Mother Arella… I don’t know what your customs are here… but Raven is your daughter. You should be able to find some way to help her. It’s not that hard to do. Do something. Don’t let her be this key to let that Big bad demon tyrant out. 

Arella: We can’t. It was a promise given to her as she was born. She was sired by the demon who impregnated me to one day let him out and let him sire to rule the world. The High Council wanted me to kill her. but i could not. Even though she was said to be with Demon blood in her and power within her… she also was a human. A hybrid of both Human and Demon. I could not bare to see her killed. I kept her. She is my daughter. I tried in vain to help her, child. But help… i couldn’t give. The promise of her Birth was absolute… Nothing could be done to stop it.

Raven: I don’t believe you! There has to be a way! I don’t want to be this. I don’t want to help him. Mother, I’m afraid.

Luna: There has to be a way that she wouldn’t have to become the gate that allows the Demon out.

Thunder Mistress: So… the Prophecy? It’s all true. it’s gonna happen at the end of the year 2027. Which is this year. *Shaking her head* this is a total nightmare. *To Arella* Raven’s our friend. we don’t want her becoming the thing that lets that son of a jackass out. He’s gonna destroy everything. I have 3 babies. 3 girls. I don’t want them to die in this. Raven doesn’t want the Demon to come out. She doesn’t want to do it. I am a mother. of 3 girls. If my daughters were going through something and needed help. I would bend over backwards for them. I wouldn’t feed them the line that there was nothing that could be done. I would help them.

Raven: *Looking at her mother desperately* Mother… Please… Please! I don’t want to be the cause for Earth to end. I don’t want to be this. letting him out.

Luna: We don’t want to die either.

Arella: You forever had the love of your people, Raven. Even knowing what you would become and what that would bring.

A few seconds later…

Arella: It was too late for Earth… Just as it was too late for Azarath…

Within seconds… there was a flash of light and it blinded them for a second till the light cleared and they saw what Azarath really was.  everything was burned. the buildings were all burnt down and all that was left was burnt remains. fires were burning everywhere. Nothing remained. Raven looked to see what Azarath really had become and was in despair. She was shocked and devastated over the sight of her home world. Seeing it as it really was…

Thunder Mistress: What happened here? *Seeing a flowing stream of molten rock*

Luna: oh god… What could have done this?

Thunder Mistress: Who? I don’t know who could have done this… but whoever it was… surely was merciless. and unfeeling.

Raven: My home… It’s gone…

But seconds later… Sinister demonic Laughter was heard…

Thunder Mistress: Uh… What the hell was that? Who’s there?

Luna: *Looking up and seeing 4 red eyes* Uh… Uh…. *Screaming in terror* AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thunder Mistress: What’s the matter Luna?!

Luna: *Pointing up at the 4 red demonic looking eyes pearing down from the sky* THAT!

Thunder Mistress: *Looking up and seeing the eyes* What the hell?! Holy shit… What the hell is that?! What is that?

Raven: That’s Scath. Trigon.

Luna: Trigon?

Thunder Mistress: Oh god… No way. You must be having a fit or something. Is that really the Demon himself. Those eyes are from him?

Raven: Yes… We got to go. now. We must get back to earth. Your sister Paige and the 4 guys and Jack are there… they might be in terrible danger… *To Luna* Luna… I’ll take you back home to your room at the house. *To Dinah* Dinah… you and I are gonna be going back to where the guys are. we’re gonna help them. Their lives are in danger.

Thunder Mistress: You got it. Raven… We’re in this together. I’ll take the lead and you follow in right dead on tight behind… let’s do it.

At the Chamber where the Gem was said to be and wasn’t…

Beryl was holding the guys up and also holding Paige up with a stream of fire holding in mid air and with hands of fire putting a Vice Grip on them all…

Beryl: Struggling only makes it worse… and i really do hate seeing you all suffer like this. *Preparing a fire blast to aim at the guys and Paige; set to release a fatal blow* This won’t hurt a Bit.

Thunder Mistress: *Voice* Wanna bet on that, Beryl?! WANNA FUCKIN’ BET ON IT?!

Suddenly a slab of rock surrounded by dark energy comes flying over at fast velocity and slams Beryl into the wall. It also got Paige, The guys and Jack freed from the grip that Beryl had on them… They all looked up and saw Raven standing on top of one of the fingers of the stone hand that centered the room.

Raven: *Looking down at Beryl; Pissed and with angry violent Rage*

But seconds later the slab blew up and Beryl came back out walking… without a mark on her…

Raven: I thought that i told you… To Leave them… OUT OF THIS!

Beryl: Wow! How forceful. But then it’s also sweet seeing that you’ve come back to rescue your friends. Save them. But you’re only delaying their pain… and Yours. *About to fire at Raven*

Raven: *Walking in anger and with a challenging tone in her voice over to Beryl* Well… Then… What’re you waiting for? Aren’t you gonna attack? Reduce me to ashes? Or did your master forbid you from hurting me? What? Did he order for you to see that his Gem was safe?

Jack: Wait a minute… Wait… Raven has the Gem.

Miss Love: No… Guys. Raven is the Gem. She’s the Gem.

Prince Arnold: Come again? Are you meaning to say that Raven. our friend is the Gem that we were supposed to look for?

Prince Curtis: This is unbelievable. I can’t believe that after all this time. All this time of not knowing. we were tearing ourselves apart looking for the gem. All when we didn’t need to. We didn’t need to because… the revelation news is that without even realizing… we had the Gem this whole time and didn’t even know it.

Raven: *Angrily facing Beryl*

Beryl: *Starting to leave by ways of sinking into the ground vanishing* I’ll be sure to see that i give my master your dearest regards.

Beryl was barely under ground and about to be all the way gone when…

Raven: *Walking angrily over to the spot where Beryl was and kneeling down* I didn’t say that i was done… Did I?!

Raven Pulling her Villain back and forcing the Villain to fight back.

Raven had the marks on her glowing bright and she was angry. Pissed off. We all know how Dinah would get when she got pissed. She would be like a train wreck just asking to erupt. But this anger that was being produced… was worse than that. Way worse… Raven Pulled Beryl out of the ground and covered Beryl with Dark Energy…

Raven: This time… i have a message for you. *Holding Beryl up and in mid-air*


Raven slammed Beryl back into the wall and then up high…  then Slammed her hard into the ground… before…

With an Angry toss using Telekinesis… Tossing Beryl with force to the other side of the room and snarling long and good as she did it…

Raven: *Hovering over to Beryl with both fists flaring with dark Energy* You tell your master… that he will have to come and destroy me before i help him.

Beryl: *Standing up* You my dear pet should be willing to tell him that on your own. The Hour draws near for you to open and pave the way for him to ascend.

Within seconds…



Raven was letting Beryl have it. Throwing her in many directions and adding the intensity. The force of the hits. She was letting Beryl have it with fury and with aimed rage. Raven Used Telekinesis to grab up a bunch of rocks to encase Beryl in Mid-air and constrict her. Binding her with pain before letting Beryl Drop…

seconds later…

Raven Let loose a Soul self attack and sent it right at Beryl… Causing a bright boom of light and fire to erupt. Knowing that it got Beryl near dead… It bashed her hard and with no easing up. Paige and Dinah watched and could only gasp at what Raven was doing…

Beryl got up and cracked her neck and restored her pose before looking as Raven came at her sounding a decree.

Raven: *Looming over at Beryl* I’m not afraid of you… Anymore.

Beryl: Well well… aren’t we touchy? No matter. You might not be afraid of me… But Pet… do a good favor and take a look at who’s afraid of you.

Raven then looks at Paige and Dinah and at the guys who all started to back away in fear…

Jack: *in fear* R-Raven?

Raven: *Looking away; Looking down* ….

As soon as they got back to Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Dinah: *Looking to see Luna in bed asleep* She’s asleep. Good. She’s been through alot and seen a little bit of what she may not have been ready for. But sleep will do her good. She’s got school in the morning.

Paige: *Running from the side and with a concerned look on her face* Dinah… *Whispering* Dinah, we’ve got a problem. Pearl and Alice are gone.

Dinah: *Looking at her sister and with a wide-eyed expression* Gone?! *Whispering* what do you mean gone? She’s not gone… she’s in the living room with Alice. Isn’t she?

Paige: No. She’s not. Both of them are gone. They’re both gone from the Living room.

Dinah: Where are they?

Paige: I don’t know… But there’s also something else…

Dinah: What?

Paige: There was a few drops of what looked like Placenta fluid. Right by where Alice was laying.

Dinah: Come at me again with that… Did you say Placenta fluid?

Paige: Yes. And we both know that Placenta fluid is from someone who is about to give birth. So… either someone’s about to give Birth… or already had.

Dinah: But that’s not possible… Pearl wouldn’t be ready for that yet. She’s got a couple weeks left before she’s due to deliver. It couldn’t be Alice. Or could it?

Paige: I believe that it night be her. It might be her.

Dinah: Does Prince Alvin know about it yet?

Paige: I don’t know. I don’t think that he knows of it yet.

Dinah: Shouldn’t we tell him? If it’s Alice… then we should tell him. They were set to get wed early next year. She’s his soon to be wife.

Paige: We should tell him.

Dinah: Is he still here?

Paige: Yeah. He’s with the others and they’re all waiting. I think that Raven is beating herself up for putting a scare in us over that display that we saw her do against Beryl.

Dinah: Do you think she’ll tell us about what’s really going on?

Paige: I don’t know. But i think finding out… would be better.

Dinah: Yeah. I guess. Although i should think that waiting till we’re all in the room… would be better. This is something that we’re all gonna need to be hearing. It doesn’t just apply to the few of us. But to all of us. Luna’s friends. new guy in her life. Martin. Vincent and his lady friend. our friends too. The guys at the Watchtower. Dean and Sam. Casstiel. Bobby. Everyone.

Paige: We should hold a mass gathering Tomorrow night.

Dinah: Yes. Tomorrow night.

It wasn’t till a moment later when word came that Alice was taken to the hospital and Prince Alvin was seconds away from being a father. Someone had to stay with Luna and get her to school so Raven did the kind thing and stayed to watch over Luna. Dinah felt bad for Raven because after everything they’ve seen… they knew that Raven was with the heaviest of Burden. She knew that Raven was gonna have to become the key for a Demon’s descent. to grant the demon Access. She didn’t want to do it… but she did know that it was gonna happen. A Moment later…

At the Metropolis General Hospital…

Prince Alvin: *Calling out for his Fiancee* ALICE!!!

Orderly: *Walking out to meet him* Excuse me… You can’t be in here.

Prince Alvin: Uh… I beg to differ. My Fiancee Alice is here. I just got the word that she was taken here and is here now. About to give Birth.

Orderly: Who’re you?

Prince Alvin: I’m her soon to be husband. Where is Alice? Where?

Orderly: This way… I’ll take you over to see her. She’s just about to deliver. I think that seeing you will make her happy.

Prince Alvin: *Following*

In the Delivery room…

Alice: *Groaning in pain* Owww! god… the pain. Please make it stop. Please… Please! Just make it go away!

Prince Alvin: *Suddenly walking in* Alice, are you okay?

Alice: *With tears in her eyes* I don’t know. I tried to hold it till you got back from what you had to do… I really did. But it just was too strong.

Prince Alvin: It’s okay, Alice. Sweetheart. it’s gonna be okay. When it’s time to deliver… I’ll be here. with you every step of the way. I won’t let you go through this all alone.

Alice: *Crying in pain* It hurts so bad though… It just hurts so much. Why won’t it stop hurting?

Prince Alvin: *Hugging Alice and sharing her pain* It’s nothing like almost being killed by a psycho demon supporter. But i feel so bad that you had to be here and be alone in this while i was away. I’m so sorry.

Alice: I know. Pearl, Star and Mrs. Rhapsody brought me here… i was just resting. Sleeping and comfortable when suddenly a sharp pain hit. I was with pain all over. It hurt that badly… I tried to get it to go down… i tried to make it stop… but it didn’t. I stood and tried to see on walking it off. But i barely took one step when my water broke and i just froze in fear… I thought that i was gonna end up having the babies in Dinah’s living room. Star and Pearl got me here and they had to floor it. I was dangerously close to having no option but to have the kids in Star’s car.

Prince Alvin: *Worried* Do you think that the babies will be okay?

Alice: I don’t know. I am hoping that they will be. I am thinking that it’s twins. But i don’t know. I don’t know.

Prince Alvin: *Thinking*

It was a minute later when Prince Alvin looked to the side and sighed. He had to tell her that something was going on with Raven… He didn’t know how she was gonna take it. But he knew that she would have to know.

Alice: Okay… I am in pain… but i can tell when something’s bugging you, Darling. What’s wrong?

Prince Alvin: It’s Raven. There’s something going on with her that you’re gonna want to know. Although… it might freak you out.

Alice: You kidding me? What can you ever say that would freak me out so badly?

Prince Alvin: Well… Let’s just say that Raven is the Gem that we were looking for all this time we had the Gem all this time. we found that out while we were all in that one chamber that was underneath the Abandoned Library. There was this one room that had these weird statues. They were all dark… But suddenly the room lit up with these symbols. and one of them was the mark of Scath. Raven took off because it freaked her out. The statues came alive and these ghosts or Spirits spoke of a Prophecy. “The Gem was Born of Evil’s fire, The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim. he comes to sire. The end of all things Mortal.” we went through and had to face these phantoms. we couldn’t hit these things. I mean… we were knocking at them left and right. but we couldn’t hurt them. we finally reached the chamber where the Gem was supposed to be. but wasn’t. But that room had statues which looked just like Raven. It was like Deja vu all over again. because it looked like Raven’s room in a sense. In the center of the room was a pillar which had a hand with the palm facing up. and in the center of the palm was where the Gem should have been. We got there and Got met by Beryl. She was about to kill us when suddenly Raven came back. and Knocked Beryl into the wall. which freed us. But She was pissed. She even had these marks on her. One of the marks was the Mark of Scath. On her forehead. It came out that She was the Gem. The whole time… She was the Gem that we were looking for but didn’t even know that we had. She had these marks on her and she was tearing at Beryl. With Rage. I mean… Beryl was asking for it and deserved to be thrashed. But this wasn’t just a beat down… this was a total source of complete and unmistakable rage. She was that pissed. It made Dinah’s past flare ups and fits seem like just grunts and minor bursts.

Alice: Oh god… Oh my dear heavens… Do you think that she’s been hiding something from you guys?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like she would be… but it was so bad… i don’t think that she is wanting to talk much about it because it’s that terrible. She’s afraid that it’ll make us send her away.

Alice: What do the girls think?

Prince Alvin: They don’t know what to think. But Dinah’s kinda thinking about getting to the bottom of it all and looking for answers. Probably doing some research on the mess and figure out what to do and where to go from there.

Alice: What about you?

Prince Alvin: Not sure. What can i really do? All i can do is the same as the brothers. Just play it by ear. Prince Avery is probably gonna try to stake out the secret tunnel that is with the mark. in the Abandoned Quarry. Not so sure as to what he’ll find there anymore. I mean… i think that we’ve all seen just about all that the wall is planning to do.

Alice: *Nods*

A Moment later…

Orderly: *Walking in* It’s time.

Alice Gulped and nodded and held Prince Alvin’s hand as they began. It was time to deliver. The Contractions were close and closing in… they were now every minute and that meant only one thing… One thing alone. Alice was ready to go. Ready to get the babies born. Alice was instructed to Push… and give deep Deep long breaths. Long breaths and not think about the pain. Think about the babies… Think about how they’d look once they were to come out and greet the world for the very first time… They got the first one out and it was a Boy. 7 lbs. and 10 ounces. Alice named him Paul Charles Alvin Rhapsody. It had Alice’s eyes. Prince Alvin’s nose and ears. Alice’s hands and feet and was the most prettiest bouncing baby boy in the world. It was a couple minutes till the other one was pushing to break out…

In the Waiting Room…

Prince Avery: Any idea as to what that baby will be?

Prince Curtis: No idea. But i am sure it’ll look like a champ. Just like daddy. and a Jewel like the Mommy.

Paige: The Miracle of Birth. Gotta love it.

Pearl: Remember when it was Dinah?

Prince Avery: We remember. It’s like we’re going through Deja Vu again… But this kind… we’ll take any day or night.

Dinah: I know the feeling. Giving Birth. And no… I don’t miss the labor pains. I don’t envy Alice any of that. I feel that it sucks that she’s got it… But… It’s gonna be wonderful to be a mother. Just as long as it has nothing of her father. That’s for certain.

Pearl: You better believe it, sis.

Prince Alvin: *Dashing out and dancing with Glee* Alright… Yeah! It’s a Boy… It’s a boy. I’ve got a Son!

Paige: What? A Son? What’s he like?

Prince Avery: Yeah, Brother. Tell us. What’s he like?

Prince Alvin: He’s been named Paul Charles Alvin Rhapsody. He’s 7 lbs. 10 ounces. He has Alice’s Eyes. My nose and ears. and her hands and feet. It’s a bouncing baby boy.

Dinah: Congrats, Cousin. We’re all happy for you. We’re proud. How’s it feel to be a father?

Prince Alvin: Not sure. I’m kinda drunk with joy and thrills. But it feels great. I got to go in and be with her for the other one.

Pearl: Good Luck.

A minute or two later…

The second Baby came and it was a girl. Alice Named her Crystal Diamond Pearl Rhapsody. the baby was 8 lbs and 5 ounces. It had Prince Alvin’s eyes and face. Alice’s ears and mouth. The baby started cooing with a jig. It was bouncing in a happy fit. Full of life and full of energy.

Alice: *Catching her breath* Is it over?

Prince Alvin: *Nods* It’s all over. It’s over. The Nurse is with them now and getting them cleaned up nice for you.

Alice: *Calming down* We did it, Sweetheart… We did it. You’re now a father. I’m a mother.

Prince Alvin: We sure did. *Kissing Alice on the Lips* But you know that we’re gonna have to send to another location… At least till the ordeal with the Demon is all over. Till he’s gone. they can’t stay here. As much as we’d like them to.

Alice: Where do we send them?

Prince Alvin: We can send them to the same planet where Dinah’s kids are… Unless it’s getting dangerous over there and you want to send them Somewhere else?

Alice: Where? Where can we send them?

Prince Alvin: Why not… Hmm… It’s a long shot. But. There is always the Isle of Besaid. Spira. Paige, Pearl and Dinah’s mother happened to know this guy. Wakka. He might take care of them… and Also care for Pearl’s kids as well… When she does go into Labor and has them.

Alice: I guess. I just want our little ones safe. I don’t want that rotten Demon to get his grubby hands on them. Not on any of them.

Prince Alvin: It’s okay. We’re not gonna allow for that to happen. Not ever…

But it was a minute later when everyone came in and welcomed the new babies into the world. Prince Alvin saw that the babies were coming back and coming to be put in Alice’s arms. Alice took one look at them and shed a tear because she was so happy… The Baby girl giggled but the boy cried a little…

Prince Alvin: Awwww! *calming the baby down* Paul… calm down. It’s okay. It’s okay. Daddy’s here. so is your momma.

Prince Avery: Music might calm down the little ones, Captain.

Alice: I like that idea.

Paige: So do i. Let’s sing something.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the others* This is something new… so let’s do it together. Okay?

Dinah: Okay.

Prince Alvin: And a 1… and a 2… and a 1… 2… 3!

All: *Singing to the babies* “Who can turn the world on with her smile? 
Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? 
Well it’s you girl, and you should know it 
With each glance and every little movement you show it 

Love is all around, no need to waste it 
You can have a town, why don’t you take it 
You’re gonna make it after all 
You’re gonna make it after all”

 Prince Alvin: *Singing to Alice and to the babies with tears of Joy* Well it’s you girl, and you should know it With each glance and every little movement you show it “

Alice: *Joining in and with tears of happiness; Singing* Love is all around, no need to waste it 
You can have a town, why don’t you take it”

All: “You’re gonna make it after all…”

Paige: “You’re gonna make it after all.”

That night…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

It was a full day that passed and yet even though they were all tired and running on very little sleep as they were all in jubilation over the welcoming of two new Babies in the family. Paul and Crystal. They were all meeting in the Living room. Renee Locksley… Christie Powers… Star Hall, Martin Marco who was Luna’s Ex-boyfriend. Zeke Mansfield. Jack Frost, Vincent, Regina, Jennifer, Ted, June, Jake, Pamela, Penelope, Karen, Beth, Carl and Rick, Lenard, Russell, Reese. Luna. Dean and Sam, Bobby, Casstiel. Chloe. Dinah Lance. Victor Stone, Arthur Curry. Everyone was there. Everyone. Raven saw that the girls were also there too as well as Jack. and Alice. Prince Alvin kept the babies in the back and kept them calm and made sure that they had their Bottles and were happy before joining in the group.

A second later…

Paige: Raven, Yesterday was a complete fear fest and then some. We almost died. And because we were looking for the Gem that was said to being the key to allow Scath who or whatever he is onto this world.

Prince Avery: You’re somehow initially connected to the events that we all went through yesterday at that Abandoned Library. Hearing of a prophecy.

Prince Curtis: Yeah… What we are all wondering is what in the world does any of it have to do with you? What’s really going on here that you aren’t telling us?

Pearl: Please… Raven. Just tell us.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking in from work* What is going on here?

Dinah: *Looking to see their mother* Mom, You’re just in time. Raven’s about to let out the details of what’s really going on. Telling us what we should know.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Is it more to do with the Demon that is out there still?

Paige: Yes.

Luna: This is not gonna sound good. Yesterday was a time traveling thrill. But… This is gonna be one for the nightmare book. *Shivers*

Alice: Don’t go there. Luna, My little ones are too young to hear this.

Prince Alvin: Don’t worry. They won’t hear it. They’re at rest and with a peaceful pose. I made sure that were read to and put with a happy story. If they hear it… it’ll be only minor. They’re happy as kittens.

Alice: *Nods*

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Sighs* the traffic was a nightmare.

Dinah: How bad was it?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Don’t ask. You don’t even want to know. Nick dropped me off and he was annoyed with the traffic. he wanted to just scream.

A second later…

Things were all focused on Raven… She had something to tell and everyone had gathered to listen in….

Raven: *Knowing that there is no easy way of telling it; Knowing that everyone is filled with anticipation* I am not as you all would see. Not normally. But the gem that was born of Evil’s fire. Is me. Because a man in a Robe. A Mysterious man who was really a Demon came onto Azarath and courted with the Holy mother. My Mother Arella. She was impregnated by the man and by time she found out who he really was and what he really was… it was too late. Upon that… I was given a Prophecy that was absolute. A Promise of my birth. It couldn’t be changed. That one day… i would become the gate that opens and lets that Demon out.  I was unfortunately born of Evil’s fire. The product offspring of one Inter-dimensional demon and a Holy mother of Azarath. Her name was Arella. She was my mother. My father was a Demon. But for his transgressions on Azarath. he was banished into Limbo. by an Ancient order. who forged the ring that helped Imprison him and helped shield themselves from the Demon’s presence and power. on the Ring was the Ring of Azar. on the ring was the mark that covered the true Identity of the Master. The Evil being himself. They used the name Scath to hide the Identity of who he was. A Demonic Conqueror that cared not for who he hurt or tormented. We knew who he was. but the Ancient order tried to cover up his name because his name was the harbinger of all that was Evil… Demonic. The ancient order used the name “Scath” to protect the true identity of their master. We know him as Trigon.

Renee: Is that the same demon that sires to spread destruction?

Raven: Yes.

Dean: So… it’s true. You’re the dark powered wielder of all things Evil and are the gateway for big bad and ugly to take the center stage in the apocalypse?

Jack: You’re kidding, right? Trigon? He’s the one we’re all up against?

Alice: That’s just not possible.

Pearl: i don’t get it… What would he want with you?

Raven: to allow him passage for him to rule. That’s what he does.

Zeke: Okay… So, What are those marks on you that seem to make you become your own personal night light?

Raven: It’s a Warning. It means that Trigon is coming. The way he gets here… is through me.

Luna: Really? How?

Raven: Because there is something about me that you didn’t know. I’m Not just a person. I’m a Portal.

Dinah: *Sitting close to Raven* But… Raven. It doesn’t make sense…. Why you?

Prince Alvin: Please don’t tell me that there is something more going on over this.

Prince Arnold: Are you trying to tell us that this Demon is coming here… using you as a Vessel. the Key?

Paige: Raven… Why is it said to be you? Why must it be you?

Raven: *Sighs and looking down* Because… Trigon………… Is my father.

All: *Gasp*

Raven: *Getting up and Walking over to the window looking out to the backyard* Bad things are gonna happen soon. Really bad things. And it’s gonna be all my fault. I thought that i would be able to handle this all alone. I tried… I mean… I really really tried. But… I was wrong.

Paige: *Walking over and sighs while placing a hand on Raven’s shoulders* I don’t think that you were wrong. You were trying to find a way out. You didn’t want to get us in the middle of it because you didn’t want us getting hurt. But you told us. For Confiding in us… we’re most Humbled by the gesture.

Prince Alvin: I only have one question. How do we stop him?

Vincent: How do you think that we can beat him?

Raven: we don’t. We can’t.

Prince Avery: That doesn’t mean that we still can’t try to break him down.

At the underground and by the Moat of molten Rock…

Summoning Scath…

Beryl: *Looking up* The Prophecy has been revealed as you requested… The portal has finally accepted her fate. Accepted what it is that she is destined to do. Letting you onto the Earth.

Scath: *Looking down* You have served me well, Beryl. Continue to please me and i shall honor our deal. I will return to you what you have lost.

Beryl: I am counting on it…

With the Truth known now as it was just exposed by Raven… What were they gonna do to prepare for the end of days that was said to fast approach? How would they help Raven and protect her from the demon and his influence of getting to her? What about the babies that were newly born Kids to Alice and Prince Alvin… Were they gonna be in need of a trip over to Vulcan in order to escape the wrath that is Scath? How would they prepare for the end of the world? The preparations were gonna be underway in building something to hold Raven. to shield her as much as possible from getting contacted by Scath. But question was… Would it be enough to guard her? What were they gonna do to prepare themselves for the fight of their lives… The fight to take back their world if Scath really did come? Would Raven really be able to stop her Prophecy from coming to pass? Will she close up and not become the portal? All these Questions and more will be answered as the countdown to the end of the World of Mortals goes on… Find out on the next Chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Trigon: *Finally on Earth* THE EARTH IS MINE!!!!

Dinah: I’ll Bring Raven back… Promise!

Pearl: I had possessed Raven’s Powers once. They are controlled by emotions… The more we feel… The more energy gets released. 

Prince Arnold: In other words… Get ANGRY! EXPLOSIVE!

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