Chapter 110: The Mark of Scath in View. Did Someone order a side order of Fire Minions of Scath?

The Road So Far…

(Demonic laughter sounds off; Music plays)

She was a fast machine
She kept her motor clean

“Prince Alvin: Prince Avery… We’re out of here. We have to get out of here now while we still can.  *Looking at the wall and then contacting Watchtower* Tess, issue a Emergency operation. The Wall bearing the Mark of Scath is alive and has just opened… It’s opened up and has now unleashed Demons. We need to get word out. Immediately.

Prince Avery: Raven is the major block. She’s the Major key to the Demon coming.

Bobby: We got a problem and it’s got the words: “Hell on Earth” written all over it. Not only that… we’ve got Demonic corruption leaving a stain on everyone Building upon itself a massive army of Damned souls. Tainting the innocent at their very cores.”

She was the best damn woman that I ever seen
She had the sightless eyes

“Sam: Who’s the Head Demon?

Bobby: An Entity who is said to be a Galactic Tyrant. A Demonic being known as Trigon. Scath.”

Tellin’ me no lies
Knockin’ me out with those American thighs
Takin’ more than her share
Had me fighting for air

“Casstiel: they’re Following a Demon Conqueror. Trigon the Terrible. He is ruthless and is the sanctity of Evil and satanic embrace. He will seek out a way to bust onto the planet and turn this planet into a wasteland. There will be nothing left in his wake. Scath will see to that. the only thing that stops him is a portal. A Gem that was born and construed from the evil’s fire. Created to unleash him upon the Earth to Rule. The Gem is the only thing that stops him. 

Dean: I guess that since you decided to put it that way… I say we still go and we raise ourselves a little hell. What do you say to that?”

She told me to come but I was already there
‘Cause the walls start shaking
The earth was quakin’
My mind was achin’
And we were makin’ it and you –

“Chloe: He’s the demon from the Mystic Land known as Azarath. He is also the Demonic Conqueror and a Tyrant. He was sent into Azarathian Limbo after he Impregnated a Holy mother on Azarath.  A daughter was created. One who is half human and Half Demon. She’s known as Raven. However… she came with a Prophecy. That on her 17th birthday… she would become the portal that would grant him passage to ascend to Earth…”

Shook me all night long
Yeah you shook me all night long

Workin’ double time
On the seduction line

“Dean: (About the Devil’s trap) it’s a trap that is made by a circle with an Incantation and words of magic. Magic symbols. And the Center of it is a Pentagram. If a Demon steps into the center of the trap… or anyone who possessed by one steps into it… they are stuck. they can’t get out. A Invisible forcefield that only they can see surrounds them. But if the trap is destroyed in any way whatsoever… They can get out and the trap will be useless. it won’t be able to hold them.

Gabe: *As the Demon* The world of Mortals will fall. Trigon will fall from the heavens and transform the Earth into his own paradise. Time to face hell Mortals. *Walking over to Dean and aiming to attack* Trigon shall Rule this world. This world shall belong to TRIGON THE TERRIBLE!!!”

She was one of a kind, she’s just mine all mine
Wanted no applause
Just another course

“Sam: *Reading the Devil’s Spell* “Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus
omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio
infernalis adversarii, omnis legio,
omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.
Ergo draco maledicte
et omnis legio diabolica adjuramus te.
cessa decipere humanas creaturas,
eisque aeternae Perditionis venenum propinare.
Vade, Satana, inventor et magister
omnis fallaciae, hostis humanae salutis.
Humiliare sub potenti manu dei,
contremisce et effuge, invocato a
nobis sancto et terribili nomine,
quem inferi tremunt.
Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine.
Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus
omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio
infernalis adversarii,omnis legio,
omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.
Ergo draco maledicte
et omnis legio diabolica
adjuramus te.
Cessa decipere humanas creaturas,
eisque aeternae Perditionis venenum propinare.
Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire
te rogamus, audi nos.”

Made a meal out of me, and come back for more
Had to cool me down
To take another round

“Sam: There was a incident with 3 girls and a movement that wasn’t even a real Bill. The V.R.A. And the group called the Rhapsody Girls Z! Apparently they had a run in with a General Slade Stalin who is said to be a Wanted War criminal and guilty for holding unethical Interrogation methods.

Dean: You don’t say… What would a General of Domestic Security want with 3 girls like them?

Sam: Don’t know. But it says that a couple weeks ago. the same night General Slade Exposed the fact that he was after a young girl named Luna. But the young girl Luna is the said sister to the 3 girls who were close to meeting an end. As were two guys. Which were their cousins. At least two of the 4.

Dean: Does it say of their names?

Bobby: *Reading from the Papers* Yeah… Paige Cass Rhapsody, Pearl Lucy Rhapsody and Dinah Ellen Rhapsody Age 19  Dinah is said to be a mother. Became one at age 18…”

Now I’m back in the ring to take another swing

“Demon Possessed workers: *Chanting* The Gem was born of Evil’s fire. The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim… He comes to sire. The end of all things Mortal. Trigon shall rule this planet and conquer all. the resistance of his power is futile. There is no escape. No ESCAPE!”

Clippings of chapters 106-109 play for the rest of the music Introduction)

‘Cause the walls were shaking
The earth was quakin’
My mind was achin’
And we were makin’ it and you –

Shook me all night long
Yeah you shook me all night long
Knocked me out and then you
Shook me all night long
Then you were shakin’ and you
Shook me all night loooong
Yeah you shook me
Well, you took me

*Music Solo* …

You really took me and you
Shook me all night long
Oaaaaaahhhhhh you shook me all night long
Yeah yeah you
Shook me all… night… long
Ya really took me and you
Shook me all night long

Yeah you shook me, yeah you shook me
All night loooong”

Oct. 9th, 2027

After the brief warning from Beryl…

Night time…After hours…

In the Dorms…

Room #250…

Renee: What is it that the lady wanted?

Dinah: You mean Beryl?

Christie: Beryl is this person who just so happens to come from the Dark Kingdom. But you already know about that, Renee. Beryl was defeated and she was taken way down. Way down. But the fact that she’s back again… it’s a means for reason that we all have a problem.

Dinah: Plus she’s got Demonic powers… Special powers. Not just her own powers that are ones who didn’t pay their electric bill. But Demonic fire and that could only mean one thing…

Renee: What? What could it mean?

Dinah: That the big red bastard Scath is even closer and is gonna close in before long. He’s apparently getting more and more power. Scath is trying to break through to Earth and our Ally… Raven… I am starting to think that she has a major role in it that she’s being privy on telling us. She’s not saying what’s going on. Not that i could blame her… because whatever’s going on… She’s smacking the center of it head on and it’s serious.

Christie: Maybe. But it won’t mean that we’re not gonna try to get to the bottom of it. Will it?

Renee: If i were to say that i might have something more in me… some Ability…

Dinah: Then there is one person that can…be of some help.

Renee: Who?

Christie: A Wizard who is a Wizard, Demonologist and Necromancer.

Renee: i happen to be wise and insightful. But is there really such a person who is with that type of power? i just have the ability to read minds sometimes. But that’s all.

Dinah: Unless there is something more but you need some help getting it out.

Christie: *Looking out the window* if you and your sisters plan on doing something, Dinah. I think that doing it and quick would be of quick order. Literally

Dinah: Why’s that?

Christie: Come take a look…

Dinah only walked to the window where Christie was and saw a massive storm cloud…Image

Dinah: There’s an Evil storm coming.

Renee: What do you suppose it means? You suppose that it’s liable to bring trouble?

Christie: In this city’s track record for trouble. You better believe it.

Oct. 10th…

Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…


In Luna’s Room…

Luna: I don’t know what to do about Zeke and his avoidance of the Demon problem. I mean… *Sighs* I know that it’s terrifying. I am scared too… but seriously… We can’t turn a blind’s eye to it. I suppose that he has reached his limit. A person can only take so much of the mentioning of Demons before they just have to cut and declare it to be enough and request it to end.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at Luna* Luna, You can’t force someone to continue on being part of the situation. You can’t expect them to just stick to it. Some people can’t handle certain things. Demons… They’re not the usual kind of things that a person would expect to deal with. It’s supernatural and there are only so many things that a person can tolerate. and can only tolerate for so long before they reach that point.

Luna: I have been speaking to him and i think that i need to find out what is really bugging him about the demon issue other than the fact that he’s been mentioning that he’s been having nightmares.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Luna, no. Don’t press him with it. It’s gonna push him away and your sisters and Dinah’s husband have just reached the point where they really trust in him. Don’t do anything about it. Let it go. If Zeke isn’t comfortable with it. Then you should respect his wishes.

Luna: *Sighs* Okay.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Did you run into Martin?

Luna: No. I didn’t and i don’t think that i’d want to. Mom, I am not his friend anymore and he’s not mine. He and i are officially done. on the second of the month he and i met and he tried to once again blame Zeke for my delving into a habit for a brief time. which it wasn’t his fault. It’s mine because i should have known better. But the nightmares for a while after the abuse that grandma… Now Ex- Grandmother had done to me… they were so bad. I couldn’t sleep. I would wake up almost every night screaming. Crying because of the abuse.  But then when Zeke came… he had a habit and i caught him one day actually doing it. I just jumped along and asked to Join in on it. But Since that time till recent. It’s gotten so bad between Martin and i that nothing was changing. Nothing was working for our relationship He kept blaming Zeke. hating on him. Treating him bad. I helped Zeke Quit. and we quit together. However… Martin still hates him. I tried opening up to him in some way and tried to get him to open up to Zeke. But he just wouldn’t do it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Then it’s his loss. You did what you had to do by breaking from Martin. You just wanted people to get along and Martin was being stubborn. It’s his problem. Not yours. You only did what you had to do.

Luna: *Nods*

A Minute later…

Luna: Where’s Dinah?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: She’s at the Dorms. Why?

Luna: She’s usually here. It’s gotten really cold out. *Looking out her window* There are storm clouds in the sky. Dark storm clouds.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know. It started coming in during the night.

Luna: It looks a bit darker than it usually would.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: it sure does. But i’m sure that it’s nothing. It might mean that we’ll get some rain in this city. Needed rain.

Luna: I hope that it’s all that’ll come.

Luna got ready to go out to see her friends and tried to not think about why Zeke pulled away the way he had. She knew that he had his reasons… although, she felt that there was something else. She knew that she couldn’t go to talk to Martin. She and Martin were no longer friends. She was rather alone on finding some comfort. She knew that she could always talk to Pamela. She’d be there to listen as would Ted. Jake and Jennifer. Karen too. All her friends would. She Barely got to the living room and only looked to see what was on T.V… When something on T.V caught her attention…

Luna: *Looking at the T.V and seeing a symbol being broadcast* Uh…. Mom.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking out into the Kitchen* What’s the matter, Luna?

Luna: There is something on T.V.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What?

Luna: A Mark. A Mark of a demon…

T.V: *Reporting* Just an hour ago Local authorities and paranormal experts have captured this mark on the walls of the buildings. on the Luthorcorp building Eyewitnesses reported seeing a symbol draw itself upon the glass of the building. and then burn itself into flames.  There is now a Marshall law on all civilians. Anyone spotted near these buildings will be questioned. Spiritual leaders and Church prophets have a theory that these signs… May be the sign that this could be the very start… of the end of days.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Hearing the report* Oh dear… That’s terrible. This is awful news.

Luna’s Cell rings…

Luna: *Answering her phone* Hello?

Pamela: Luna.

Luna: Pamela.

Pamela: Oh god… did you see the broadcast?

Luna: Yeah. I did. Just now.

Pamela: That mark is now in view. It’s appearing everywhere in certain spots all over the city. It’s showing all over the city.

Luna: We got to get the others.

Pamela: How? Penelope is getting ready to head over to the Library. She just texted me a minute ago and said she’s gonna be tied up. She kept saying that she was looking into doing a paper and grab some extra credit. Beth is now seeing Martin and she’s not gonna be available. She’s text me saying that she was gonna be with Martin today and Probably gonna be hanging out going to see a movie together. innocently of course. The others are still out of town. Their parents had taken them out of town for the weekend and visiting family. Ted’s out. Karen’s out. Jake and Jennifer too. June is still around… We can get her… but that’s about all we can get. However… she’s probably already seen the news and is probably freaked out about it that she’s not wanting to step a foot out of her house.

Luna: Are you home?

Pamela: Uh, yeah. I’m home. I don’t plan to really go out anywhere. After seeing that mark on T.V… I am home bound.

Luna: I’ll come over there.

Pamela: Okay.

Luna: see you soon.

A Minute later…

Luna: *Walking over to the Kitchen and grabbing for a Piece of Coffee cake* Mom. I’m gonna go over to see Pamela. She’s seen the T.V broadcast and she’s scared.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Okay. But be careful out there. With the mark out there all over the city. there could be a number of things bound to happen.

Luna: I will… Besides. I think that being careful is something that i know to do.

Zeke’s place…

Zeke: *Getting changed and cleaned up* Another day. But i still feel pretty bad about saying that stuff to Luna. I know that i wanted to be honest with her. But i didn’t want to hurt her with it. I might have hurt her and she might not want to see me anymore. *Sighs* What a mess i made. *Looking at the T.V* There’s a storm out there. Not raining… but cold as a freezer.

Knock Knock…

Zeke: *Looking at the door* Hmm… Who’s that at the door? *Walking over to the door and opening it; wondering who it could be at the door* Who’d come visit me on a Sunday? It’s not exactly a good day for guests. Not after last night. I saw Luna and she was talking about our relationship. School. I think that she’s wanting to get serious with our relationship. Not to mention that she also taught me how to speak Japanese more. I guess that i can find some relief in that as i kinda felt that it would be really cool to learn how to speak the language.

A second later…

Zeke looked out his door and saw that no one was there and yet that some one had been there and just left something and took off again before the door opened.

Zeke: *Looking down and seeing an object on the ground and picking it up* Someone must have left this. Dropped it. Nice looking object. Why is it here though? *Looking at the object and catching a name* Vincent’s Will. Vincent’s will? *Trying to think what it is that he’s holding on to and unsure what to make of the object* This looks pretty advanced. Luna couldn’t have been here. Martin wouldn’t even step a foot near my place. It couldn’t have been Luna’s family or her mother. *Walking over to his bed and sighs; Confused* I don’t get it. What could this be? *Realizing something* Wait a minute… Wait a minute. Vincent. Vincent. It has to be that guy Vincent Van Graves. It’s him. Has to be. i only know one Vincent and it is Van Graves. This is his… Will. *Looking at the disc and wondering what it is inside the will* …

Zeke then felt that something was up about the mysterious surprise and figured that something was feeling a bit odd. He had a computer downstairs that his Landlord Mr. Ginelli let him use when he was in need of it. So he took the disc and made sure he was ready to go for the day and made his way down to the downstairs room. He had to know what was really on the disc. Zeke was not sure what Vincent had on it and why it was being given to him however he felt that he wouldn’t know exactly what it was that he was possessing till he took a look for himself…

Downstairs from Zeke’s place…

Zeke: *Looking to see Mr. Ginelli* Hey Mr. Ginelli. Mind if i use the computer for a few minutes?

Mr. Ginelli: Sure thing Kid. *Curious* Say… You hear about the Broadcast they had this morning?

Zeke: Not really. Why?

Mr. Ginelli: They had something about Marshall Law being in effect that anyone seen near buildings like the Luthorcorp Plaza would be questioned. As there was said to be some mysterious sign. They’re saying it happens to be… Don’t know. Demonic. But i don’t buy that. Not every mysterious sign is said to be Demonic. In the old country… signs like that would usually point off from evidence of there being Gypsies. Not demons.

Zeke: I think that i might have heard about the symbol. My girlfriend… Luna. She and her family are wrapped up in it as they got a friend who’s with Origins that aren’t what you’d like to call cheery. Mr. Ginelli, This might sound a tad weird to you. but do you believe in the possibility of there being like other worldly versions of… Limbo?

Mr. Ginelli: Limbo?! As in like… Hell. Purgatory?

Zeke: Hell. I heard a lot about there being hells. Like Moon Kingdom hell. Azarathian hell. Phantom Zone Hell. Limbo.

Mr. Ginelli: Not to my knowledge, capretto. But i guess that there is always room for speculation and ideas suggesting that there may be other worlds and several other versions of Limbo. *Looking at the disc that appears in Zeke’s hand* Say… What’s that you got in your hand there? Something a miss?

Zeke: *Looking at the disc and remembering what he came down for* Oh… this thing. Not sure. That’s what i need to use the computer to find out what it is. Did you happen to see anyone go up and knock on my door a moment ago?

Mr. Ginelli: I saw someone… but it looked like just a messenger. Would the guy be with a cane and a top hat?

Zeke: Yeah… *Gasps* I knew it… It was Vincent. Vincent Van Graves came to see me. He dropped something off and it turned out to be this disc.

Mr. Ginelli: Looks rather unique to be just a rather regular normal looking disc.

Zeke: I’m gonna take a look at it. See what’s on it. Something about the fact that he delivered this disc and just split before i opened the door and caught sight of the disc… It’s a tad fishy. I don’t know if i like it any.

Zeke then walked over to the Computer and got on it. He put the disc in to the Disc Drive and played it and saw something that he wouldn’t be liable to live down…

Vincent: *Speaking out his Will* I have lived a full life. I Lived through many things in my life and made a lifetime friend. Christopher Marco. who is the father to the dear boy named Martin. I lived for him. i was entrusted to the boy and watched him. Watched over him as he needed a person with strength to be there for him. Always caring for him. His well being. I also cared about the people he met. The girl that once had his heart as he had theirs. But so far in this upcoming year till now… i have dealt with demons. Evil Entities and spirits. Supernatural incidents that were beyond my control and understanding. I don’t know why… but i dealt with alot of bizarre moments in my life. many. I am not one who you would consider a usual growing man. I am not a common bread winner or one who’d be part of a fortune 500 company. I didn’t start off being a wizard. I was born in a quaint hospital in Munich Germany. I had parents that were aristocratic. but very well mannered. My parents were Gustav Harry Emmerich and Agatha Fiona Emmerich I was a quiet lad. minded my tongue and did what i was asked. I was obedient and straight. although… not many people would know this… Like Martin. I too… lost my parents at a young age. A very young age. I lost them when i was 5. I had to fend for myself the best way that i knew how. I was able to hold on for most of the time. i came to the states when i was 14. I before then went to the small school in Munich. They didn’t have that much to teach… their classes were minor and basic but they taught you the things that you needed. the beginning of what you needed to know. Education always came first. Always. But i was 14 when i came to the states. I didn’t know anyone. Till i met someone who happened to have Patriots for parents. but when i left from Munich, Germany and made right to Middle school. I had no desire to go into school. i wanted to teach myself. But the laws there were stating it be custom for all young citizens to go to school. At least in Munich. Even in this country the Laws state plainly that it is the law to be in school.  The School there in Munich was indeed very basic. it didn’t have much. but the education there was exquisite. I was only 14 when i came to this country where freedom flowed. The first person that i met was that of character. His mane was Christopher Marco. He was a teen and took me in. He was a great person too. He saw that i was a German… and then with the idea that the Germans were not so popular. It didn’t make things all that bright. He was unsure as to whether he could be around me… but yet he took me in. he didn’t care about race. Color. he cared for everyone. He was None other than a man of his own. He was all for the people. All for the people and none for thyself. He even to my surprise knew German. He even said this to me once… *Reciting the line by memory* “Trage mich auf offenen Winde und mein Licht. Vertrauen in mein Herz und meine Freundschaft zu akzeptieren, wie ich Sie auf meinen Flügeln in Anspruch nehmen will.” Which means: “Carry me upon open winds and be my light. trust in my heart and accept my friendship as i shall take you upon my wings.” Martin’s father was a caring man. If he were here he would be amazed at how his son turned out other than the moments where he delved down a dark path. he grew up with war minded parents. they were patriots. Fought to the end. And they won too. Although they retired a year later and saw that the Boy… Christopher… was harboring me. they didn’t want to be tried for treason. but they didn’t want to leave a poor boy like me. which at that time… i was poor. I had no money… No other place to go. they didn’t want to leave me hanging. so they took me in. His father and I… We grew to be best friends. I was also later at that time. maybe 15 years later… i started getting into wizardry… and Demonology. His father who at that time was still single… he got a little into it. but stayed neutral. It was a year after i started the wizardry that he met a dishy girl. Perfect and remarkable in every way. She was Renee Strauss… She was a brit. A little Compulsive. but she was very delicate. she loved to dance and always had a place for everything. She knew what she wished to have. Did you know that she wanted to have a daughter and a son one day? It is true. She did. She wanted a Son and a daughter. But the girl didn’t make it. Only the son did. Martin was the one who made it. His mother was gonna name the girl… Jeanette Carla Marco. His mother and father were wed on March 9th 2009. And had Martin on January 27 2014 at 3 in the morning Metropolis time. But their wedding was ever so special. it was the very best as it was they had an orchestra there playing their favorite songs… and they danced in remarkable bliss. a couple months before they were met with a tragic end… They told me that they were gonna leave Martin with me. to watch over him while they were gone. They wanted him to be with someone safe and someone who could protect him in every way. When they left for the Bahamas… they said that they were gonna make something for him to own… make a business chain for him. something that he could hold with pride. with strife and with strength. They saw the world in him. He could speak french and Italian. Even Russian. They taught him that. Did you know that he could also speak German and Irish? He could. He was taught the very best. Martin’s parents died on the 4th month of their trip. They were gonna be at the Bahamas for a year and were doing business. They were just gonna leave the Bahamas for that day to head to Seattle for a deal signing with a fortune 500 company. Luthorcorp was the name of the company. I know the name of the Company as i have seen some mention of the Company being evident. I never really like the Company Luthorcorp. Nothing but a bunch of bad business and trying to control and own everything they got their grips upon. His parents were gonna ante up with the business as they made their own. They knew nothing else. but to do all they could to make sure that Martin had a set livelihood for the future when he reached the age of 21. They wanted the best… And they had just finished writing the deal. sealing it for the joint league of the business. Their company was known for making better Wheelchairs for the elderly. they wanted to build better machines for the elderly. they cared for the Elderly… They also started a stock trade. A trade in stock to offer those who were in need of it. Bearer bonds. to all who were really in need of it. But on the wintry night of January 14th 2020 a week or two before his 6th birthday… they were on their way back to the Bahamas and were happy. But on that night… there was a very bad storm that night. and they were over the pacific when the plane lost control… there was no response… There was no one there to respond. they were unable to get through and before they could eject from the plane… the plane reached the edge of the Wakiki Coast at 1 AM on the 15th of 2020. I since that night have watched over Martin and couldn’t sire to do anything more. But this past year… i have been tried to the limit. I was pushed till i truly couldn’t anymore. Since the 28th of September of this year… 2027 i have been with a shortness of breath. It might be my time to depart from this world. If i do…i want it to be told by someone who i can trust will do right by me. I give my know how and secret possessions to a person who even though was abused in the most provocative way… endured and overcame. Zeke. I known for not too long a time but found that he’s got a honest nature to him. It just needs a chance to grow. Martin will have all my spell books. will be the next master wizard and Necromancer. To the Rhapsody girls… I give my thanks to for trusting in my services and my means of helping them in what they had going. I also give them my Books filled with Information on all things in the universe. Everything dangerous that they require to know. To Regina… The one i Gave my heart to… Martin’s well being. carrying on my promise that i made to his father on his father’s deathbed. I might die sometime soon as the end of days is upon us. This is my will… I shall hope that to those who watch this or see this that they honor my request.

Zeke: *Shaking his head* He’s talking like he’s dying.

Mr. Ginelli: Does he feel that there is something terribly wrong with him?

Zeke: I don’t know. He sounds so depressing.

Mr. Ginelli: He does.

Zeke: *Taking the disc and sighs* I am being put with all this trust. Something tells me that i am liable to fail somewhere.

Mr. Ginelli: You won’t. But just try to calm down and keep your focus… Just relax and don’t let it get to you. Zeke, Don’t forget that i need some help tonight with the storage. You gonna be around to help?

Zeke: Unless something comes up and i have to get with Luna and her family. You bet. I’m there. Just let me know when it’s time. I’ll be there.

Mr. Ginelli: Bless your heart, capretto. You’re a good kid. A really good kid.

Zeke: It’s not a problem. Besides i stay here for cheap rent. i don’t pay much as it was a deal made. But i don’t get it where it’s free. If i expect to stay where i am now… I work for it. It’s like they say. “You gotta sing for your supper.”

Mr. Ginelli: Hey… that’s something my Mama used to say. How’d you know that line?

Zeke: No idea. I guess that it just came to me. But it’s true. You gotta sing for your supper. You can’t expect a free ride at a drop of a hat. You gotta earn it before you get it. I’m gonna put this disc in my apartment room then head to the park for a little. Just to clear my head a bit.

Mr. Ginelli: Okay. You just be careful out there, Zeke. It’s not exactly safe as it usually is. Bad elements are in the works…

At the Metropolis University Dorms…

Room #250…

Dinah: *getting ready to head out for a relaxing gathering with her family* Classes are out for the day.

Christie: Same with mines. I didn’t even have any classes yesterday or the day before. None of us did.

Renee: I find that to be rather odd. Don’t you? Classes are usually never out like this. Ever. But our classes were all absent. I…

Dinah: You’re thinking that the times are changing and it’s coercing the University to change too, aren’t you?

Renee: I suppose.

Christie: I feel the same way. I think that whatever is going on… is finally catching up to the normal routine that the University follows. Alot of places are feeling the effects of what’s going on.

Dinah: The Demonic entities that are still rolling around? I believe it. But today my sisters and my cousins are putting on a day to just get away from everyone and everything and just breath. to try and pull away from the Demon issue. Just a little bit.

Christie: I don’t blame you for wanting to pull away from the dilemma that’s still here. circling us all in the city. I want to pull away from it too… It’s just been a really trying year. With Luna undergoing the habit and then breaking from it a couple months or two later… then we get the return of your mom. which that was a very welcomed moment. It brought you back to being your complete self. Then we got Beryl coming back and she’s with intent to go after Raven. Yeah… trying year. It’s been one long ride so far.

Dinah: And it’s not over yet.

Renee: It still continues.

Christie: Where exactly will your sisters and cousins go?

Dinah: To the fair grounds. They happen to have that Carnival again.

Renee: Do you think that it’d be open?

Dinah: Don’t see why it wouldn’t be. But there is also always the beach.

Christie: True. Renee and i will go to the movies and see a couple films. While you hang with your family. I am close… but Sometimes a little time away from things helps someone clear their minds and think about things more… clearly.

Renee: Right. Sometimes it is best. My Mum used to do that quite a bit before she and my father split and divorced.

Christie: She still does though, right?

Renee: Yeah. That still goes on.

While Dinah still prepares to head out and join her family…

Room #349…

Pearl: Star, did you hear about a new girl coming to the University?

Star: No. Not really. Why?

Pearl: I heard that she was gonna be coming in today and rumor has it that she’s gonna be bunking with a couple people. This room is a 2 people room, right?

Star: Of course. Why wouldn’t it be? We asked the Dorm manager way back in the beginning of the first school semester of the first college year. Actually a couple days before classes began. She said it was. You don’t think that something’s up about that… do you?

Pearl: No. Not at all. I was just hearing some people talk of it yesterday while walking around. It was almost as though they revered her or something because i heard alot of bad things about the new arrival. The new girl must have some bad reputation or something not right about her for people to just speak ill of her.

Star: Who? Does this girl have a name or something?

Pearl: I don’t know… I didn’t really ask what her name was… but i did hear a couple people speak of a possible name. Quinn Moore.

Star: Pearl… That name sounds a bit familiar.

Pearl: Why’s that?

Star: Remember that strange girl we had in our cooking class during senior year of high school. She wore this strange looking necklace. Black hair and was practically so silent that you could literally pin her as an invisible person… that she’d be there but you’d pretend that she wasn’t because you made like she wasn’t even around when in reality… she was.

Pearl: Wait… You’re not talking about the girl with that strange charm on her wrists that looked like pentagrams… are you?

Star: Yeah. I am. She is the one. That was Quinn Moore.

Pearl: Are you thinking that the things they were saying were true?

Star: Not sure… but i don’t think that we should blow it off… we should keep a watch on her.

Pearl: We need to find out what room she’s gonna be in. But i also have to get ready to go.

Star: Go? Go where?

Pearl: My sisters and My cousin’s and I are gonna be going out on an outing today to get away from it all… just for the day.

Star: …..

Pearl: It’s just to get a load off. With all the talk and the news about the Demon issue… We need to get a load off and just time to think of other things.

Star: But you’ll still be into fashion. Right?

Pearl: Does a duck Quack and flap its wings?

Star: I take that as a yes.

Pearl: There’s your answer. *Winks*

Star: Okay… Okay… I get what you mean.

Pearl had to get ready to go. it was gonna be time for her sisters and cousins and her to meet soon and she had to get ready. She however had some thoughts about that mysterious person. She didn’t know who the girl was… other than brief description and a name. She wondered who that girl was. But she was gonna find out before long. It was only a matter of time.

Room #330…

Paige: *With her bag packed* Alice, You okay?

Alice: I am… Prince Alvin and I are thinking about announcing when we plan to get wed. He thinks that we’re ready for to let everyone know.

Paige: Really? Okay. That’s cool. Prince Alvin’s asking for you to come along with us. He knows that it’s supposed to only be for just family… but he’s wanting you to come along. Shingo’s wanting to come too… although he’s got work and there is no way that he can pull away. Dinah was rooting for him to come along too. Figuring that he’d be in need of it or something. Says that he was looking a little overworked.

Alice: What about Reese? Wouldn’t he be wanting to come along?

Paige: Maybe. But i didn’t really tell him that we were planning to get away for a day.

Alice: Shouldn’t you tell him anyway? I mean… it is just a family thing… and it’s just so you and your family can get away for the day and unwind… but if he’s gonna be a part of your life as you want him to be… don’t you think that you at least owe it to him to be told about it?

Paige: You’re right. I do owe it to him and i should tell him.

Alice: I know that it’s for certain people and close family… but i am sure that it will make things right if you were to tell him. He might not want to come… but at least you tried to offer.

Paige: You’re right. I should call him.

Alice: Give him a call.

Paige: I will. I however have been thinking about what’s been goin on lately with the dilemma revolving the Demon mark and the issue going on with Raven.

Alice: Everyone’s gone through it. Everyone’s thinking about it. That’s probably why you and the others are planning a day off from the detail. to unwind and get a clear head.

Paige: That and there is something else also.

Alice: Like what?

Paige: This new girl that is rumored to come in today. Some of the passing Dorm Room inhabitants were saying that she’s some mysterious girl who favors the occult and has skills of a witch.

Alice: A Witch? That’s Quinn Moore. She happens to live a few houses away from where i used to live. She has only a mother as her father died when she was young. It messed her up really bad. Losing her father pushed her to thinking about Suicide. But that was till she was like 13 when she started getting into the occult. practicing Wicca or Witchcraft.

Paige: Is she a good person?

Alice: Yeah. Just really misunderstood. No one really likes her and she didn’t do anything to make them not like her. Although… She is just always so lonesome. No one at school really speaks to her. other than talk about her behind her back or do things to make her life really miserable. I actually thought about standing up for her because i knew what it was like to be misunderstood. But i didn’t. Because i really didn’t know all that was going on. But i felt so bad for her… Really bad.

Paige: You don’t think that she’s gonna come to our room though, do you?

Alice: I don’t know. Maybe. But we’ve already got a third person in here.

Paige: Who?

Alice: That guy… Finley.

Paige: You mean… the guy who is like a singing Bard. Irishman?

Alice: Yeah.

Paige: Where do you think he could be? He hasn’t been around in a while. He’s been gone for almost 9 months. More than that…

Room #320…

Prince Alvin: *Grabbing his Cell and Wallet and keys* I’m gonna be gone for the day.

Lenard: Where’re you gonna go? There’s a storm said to be coming. Tonight.

Russell: Not that kind of storm.

Prince Alvin: There is a storm said to come… but it’s not really gonna start till tomorrow sometime. But there are clouds in the sky and are preaching of a storm coming.

Lenard: That’s right. You sure that you want to go out there?

Russell: Where do you plan to go? There isn’t really anywhere to go. It’s all closed. I mean… Dude, Didn’t you catch the News Broadcasts this morning?

Prince Alvin: Not really. I didn’t even look at the morning paper this morning. I usually do… but this morning… i just passed on that. My brothers and Cousins and i are just taking a day away from the whole spectacle of demon presences and the details surrounding it. We just need a day to get away from it all. That way we can clear our heads and relieve some of the pressure. Stress. Stress is getting to us all and it’s making us a little irritable.

Lenard: Well… the demon talk usually does take that kind of effect on a person after a while. It’s just dangerous stuff…

Prince Alvin: You mean Nightmarish, Lenard. It’s all a nightmare. But the mess will all one day end.

T.V: *Reporting* This just in… we just got a break from the City Police department. Det. John Jones from the Metropolis Police Dept stated not but a few minutes ago… “The Engulfed marks pose no danger… but are thereby mysterious. If you come across any of these marks… don’t don’t anything with them. Just report them to us.” But hours ago… Local authorities and paranormal experts have captured this mark on the walls of the buildings. on the Luthorcorp building Eyewitnesses reported seeing a symbol draw itself upon the glass of the building. and then burn itself into flames. A Marshall law on all civilians was initiated. It remains in affect. Anyone spotted near these buildings will be questioned. Spiritual leaders and Church prophets have a theory that these signs… May be the sign that this could be the very start… of the end of days.

Prince Alvin: *Seeing the T.V and seeing the signs* The Demon Mark. It’s everywhere.

Lenard: We were trying to tell you of it, Man… This shit’s everywhere. It’s spreading all over like wild fire.

Prince Alvin: We’ll get at it tonight after i come back. But for now i need the break. Lenard… You and Russell know enough about what’s going on. Just look over some of the information and see what you can come up with on the mark. We’re gonna sail into it hard again tonight.

Lenard: *Nods*

It was the same with the others… The girls and the guys were all getting some things put together that they’d need for the day and got things all together… They were all gonna head to the fairgrounds for the day and enjoy the carnival that was said to be in town again.

An hour later…

At the Metropolis Fairgrounds…

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Well… Pearl… Dinah. We’re here and at the fairgrounds. But… there’s now something not right with the picture here.

Pearl: Don’t say it. Please don’t say it.

Dinah: Say what? That the Carnival is not opened.

Paige: Yeah. that is what is wrong. There is the carnival here… but there is no one around.

Prince Alvin: Stop it. There is no need to panic. If it’s not opened… we have a plan “B”. The Beach. It isn’t all for naught.

Prince Arnold: No one is panicking here, Brother. No one. We’re just seeing a dead carnival. No activity or people walking in or out of here. But we should go to the beach. The beach is never closed. Is it?

Prince Avery: I wouldn’t be sure about that. The news break on the Television this morning said something that a lot of places might be closing due to the signs being all over the city. Although what worries me and concerns me is that what Raven would do if she were to see the signs.

Prince Curtis: The signs that are popping all over the city are something that revolves her so… it wouldn’t be that much a surprise one way or the other if she were to see the Marks. Not like she’d tell us anyway about seeing them. She keeps a lot of that to herself.

Prince Arnold: Can you really blame her? The Demon daddy is not something to be open on telling. That kind of detail is bed news no matter who’s talking about it or who it revolves. It’s bad news all the way. period.

Prince Alvin: What do we do?

Prince Avery: We head to the beach.

Alice: *Groaning a little* Yeah. Let’s go to the beach. it’s more comfortable.

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at some of her work papers and checking the status of one of her clients* Nick?

Nick: *Looking at his files* What?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I’m looking at the one file i have here for Mrs. Sands and i notice that her files don’t match what her statement was. She said that she didn’t get busted for trafficking and being caught by her husband. But her files says that she had been busted 4 times in the last year of doing as such.

Nick: Trafficking? You’re kidding… Hmm… *Motioning to take a look at the file* Let me see that. We’ll have to see about that.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Handing the file over* It doesn’t make sense. Why would she say one thing and the file state the opposite of what she’s said?

Nick: She could be lying about something. Call her in tomorrow morning. We’ll have an interrogator there to press her for a confession. We’ll get her to sing.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Good. I am very sympathetic to mothers who just want to do what they can for their kids. Providing for them the best way that they know how. But Trafficking. I don’t follow. I won’t condone that.

Nick: *Looking at the file* Says here that she’s been frauding the Welfare system and applying for Welfare using false information and Trafficking Cocaine. Dealing it to Minors back in her previous town. Toledo, Ohio.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Set up a Court date for her. We’re taking her to trial. I’m gonna have a talk with the Judge and let her know about the situation.

Nick: I don’t see how you’ll be able to. The Judge is never usually in on Sunday. The best bet would be to leave a message on her phone. and have her call back when she gets it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Then that’s what i’ll do. *feeling like a fool believing a sob tale coming from a lying client* There is one thing that i don’t like… that’s people who lie to me and try to give me a sob tale to cover up their tracks and their crimes.

Nick: Welcome to the hard side of the Law. *Placing a hand on Rikku’s Shoulders* Look. Rikku, It’s gonna be alright. On Monday morning i’ll pull up some papers and get you a court order on Mrs. Sands. But you should know that these things will take time. Because there is gonna need setting up a court date. and a warrant on her. Requesting for her presence in court. it might take a week to get it all set. I’m good at Law and can get through just about any red tape that’s in the way. but… The Law isn’t what it once was. It’s changed a bit.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Sighs* okay. I can at least get the file started to get something going. The Judge needs to know about it. ASAP. Alot of things i can maybe deal with and just let it slide on a practicality. But when someone lies to me, by phone or to my face. That’s when i get serious and get hot under the collar. I don’t like getting lied to. I really don’t. I am serious with my work. But when someone lies to me… It’s gonna take alot to gain my trust again. If it can be won back.


Luna: *Walking in with her friend Pamela* Hey Mom. I’m back.

Pamela: *Feeling rather cold* Brr… It’s cold out there. Good thing that i was wearing a sweater. I would have really been in trouble.

Luna: I know. It’s gotten to be really cold. Icy.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Hey Luna. It’s cold out. You should stay in where it’s warm.

Luna: I plan to.

Pamela: I got to get back home soon.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Not in this cold. A person could very well catch a cold by walking out in the cold. You could get sick. I really don’t think that your parents would be too happy to know that you were sent home to be walking out in the cold and catching a chill.

Luna: Her parents don’t really notice her hardly. they don’t really pay any attention at all to her.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That still doesn’t make it right.

Luna: *Looking over to see someone next to her mom* Who’s that next to you?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: One of the colleagues that i work with at the Courthouse. Nick Harrison.

Nick: *Turning to see a young Asian girl in the room* You Must be Luna.

Luna: *Greeting Nick* Kon’nichiwa. Anata ni Harison-shi hajimemashite.

Nick: Amarini hajimemashite, Runa.

Luna: Anata wa nihongo ga rikai dekimasu ka?

Nick: Yeah. I took some training in Japanese Language in College. Started getting associated with certain languages as well as study Law and Justice practices. Besides… when conversing with Asians who mostly speak Asian Language… you got to know how to reply with them. Know how to understand them. It’s the right thing.

Luna: *Smiles*

Pamela: *Smiles* Hey.

Nick: Hey there. *Waves greeting*

At the Beach a half hour later…

Paige: *Looking towards the ocean and Sighs* Pretty silent out today.

Pearl: *Laying on a beach towel* Sure is. Peaceful. Very peaceful. But it is also really silent.

Dinah: I wouldn’t know about that. There are cars driving on the roads. Not sure as to how many are out though… it’s pretty quiet but there are at least some cars out strolling around the city.

Pearl: Really? i hadn’t really noticed. I am trying to keep my mind from thinking about the new girl who’s said to be coming to the dorms today.

Paige: You mean the mysterious girl who people peg as rather a silent warning?

Pearl: Quinn Moore… *Stopping to look towards Paige* Wait a minute… You know about her?

Dinah: Who do you mean?

Paige: I don’t know about the girl. But Alice does. She is with the guys and telling about how she knows about the mystery girl.

Pearl: I know about her too… but i just can’t figure out what is so bad about the girl.

Dinah: Uh… Do you mind telling me about what you two are gabbing about?

Paige: That girl… Quinn Moore.

Dinah: Quinn? She’s a seducer…

Pearl: A Seducer?

Paige: What? Are you kidding us? Dinah? How do you know about that? What makes you say that?

Dinah: How about you ease off the questions and tell me what i do not know. In Science class… Christie and i came across her a few times and she…

Pearl: *Skeptical* She What? What did she do?

Dinah: It’s not what she did. It’s what she said.

Paige: What did she say?

Dinah: She said that she was gonna make any guy love her. Even if it happened to be one that had abilities like… Frost. or fire.

Pearl: *Gasps* Oh no… No she didn’t just say that. She’s gonna try to get to my guy or Alice’s love. No way. Uh-uh. Not happening. Not gonna happen. Not one bit.

Dinah: It won’t. I don’t think that she’s planning to come after any of our guys.

Paige: She better not.

While they were resting and talking about anything except the dilemma that was still going on in the city and slowly plaguing the world little by little…

At the Metropolis Park…

Zeke: *Walking through the park* This whole City’s gone nuts. Everyone’s going on about the demon mess. I don’t know how much of it i can take. Plus that will… Why would Vincent give it to me? What’s really going on? *Shaking his head and trying to think* I really hope that something isn’t wrong with him…

At Vincent Van Graves…

In the study room…

Vincent: *resting and under the weather* I can’t muster the energy to get up today. I feel so weak…

Regina: *Looking at Vincent* Is there anything that i can do to help?

Vincent: Well… I need to have my Crystal ball near so i can at least keep watch of what’s going on in the city. I won’t be going out at all today. not even tomorrow either.

Regina: Using that strong of a spell to create those Anti-Demon charms… You must have placed some of your life force along with it.

Vincent: How is it that you know that? You aren’t a wizard or a Witch. Nor a Warlock.

Regina: I don’t have to be any of that to know that something happened to you as you made those Charms. You lost a little of your essence. Your life force. I might not know about the mystical powers. I probably don’t know much of what’s going on with the powers that be. the magic powers that you hold in you… or that the dear boy holds in… but i am not blind to know that something happened to you that day when you had to make the charms. Something happened to you.

Vincent: That’s a good enough answer. I just however don’t feel so hot.

Regina: You got to fight it. You have to hold on for the dear boy. He’s gonna need you.

Vincent: I don’t think that he’s in need of me. The last couple of weeks that passed showed me that he’s not in need of me. He’s grown up enough to not need me that much anymore.

Regina: Hey! That is not true.

Vincent: It is… Over the last two months… he’s hardly said a word one to me. Not a word. he hasn’t really spoken to me. He still blows me off.

Regina: It is because he’s changing. Maturing. He could have just had a phase.

Vincent: I guess. *Straining while sitting up* I haven’t seen him around all morning.

Regina: …

Vincent: *Looking at his Crystal ball and seeing something form* What’s that? *Looking further into the ball* Looks like fire. A Swarm of fire. Minions… At the city park.

Regina: What do you mean?

Vincent: Minions. Fire creatures that are made of fire. There is a swarm of them and they’re showing up at the park. There are a several minions of fire forming in the park.

Regina: How?

Vincent: I don’t know. but if they’re showing… That would mean just one thing. One thing.

Regina: What?

Vincent: The Demon is closer now.

Regina: *In fear* …

Back at the Metropolis Park…

Zeke was walking through the park and trying to get a clear head over what he saw in the will that he mysteriously got from Vincent. He didn’t understand what it was about or why it was coming to him. He couldn’t help but to wonder what was going on. He was wondering about Vincent and wondering if he was gonna be alright. He didn’t know what to do for Vincent and knew that by going to Vincent’s place that he’d have to deal with Martin. He wanted to have nothing to do with him. He couldn’t stand Martin. Martin was not a nice person. He also was thinking about how his Landlord knew or caught on to the fact that there were signs of demon sightings roaming the city. It was only a minute or two later as he was thinking that he started hearing sounds that didn’t sound quite right. He didn’t know what it was or where it could have been coming from but it was loud enough to catch his attention. He looked at the sides and didn’t see anything, but knew that there was something going on…

Zeke: What is going on here? *Suddenly catching a glow and catching something moving at a distance* Something’s going on over there. I don’t think it’s anything good. Something doesn’t seem right about this. Something’s wrong. I better go and have a look. It might be nothing… but it’s better to look because it’ll be when i don’t that something that might have been nothing to me could have been something and i’ll come to regret it as i could have warned someone about it. *Walking ahead and taking a look* Come on, Zeke. It’s time to get with it. You don’t like Demons anymore… but you have to tough it out. your girl is gonna need your help and support over this. She’s gonna need you.

Within minutes as he walked over to where the glow was coming from, he barely looked over down the small hill when he suddenly saw a massive swarm of fire minions. He was looking to see what was going on and saw a whole swarm of minions. They were all screeching. Moaning and groaning. Zeke knew that something was up yet he was trying to keep away from the situation revolving demons. or anything that brought about the big master demon. However…

Zeke: *Looking to see a swarm of Demonic fire Minions* Oh shit… I said that i wasn’t gonna be part of this demon mess… but if i don’t go and tell Luna and her family now… they’re not gonna be prepped in time for this maw of Minions. This is not good. Not good at all. *Spotting one looking towards him* Oh shit… One saw me… SHIT!!! *Turning to run away* Good thing that i have this Cloak that Vincent made me… I’m gonna need it.

Zeke started running off and knew that he didn’t have his bike this time. He walked all the way from his place to the park. Walked all the way. But now he had to run. As he ran he saw a teen or a girl that looked like a high schooler when it was clear that she was a college dweller…

Zeke: *To the girl* Hey… Don’t just stand there… Run. There is a mass swarm of demons coming. They’re coming and they’re hot on the trail.

Girl: What do you mean? What’s out there?

Zeke: *Pointing to the beings behind him while running* Them. Look at the beings not far behind me now. Those are what’s out there now.

Girl: *Looking to see a group of fire minions coming* Whoa! What the heck are those?

Zeke: Don’t ask. You don’t want to know. You really don’t want to know. Come on… We got to make a run for it. Run for it. Hurry.

Girl: Yeah. Okay. *Running suddenly along side Zeke* How is it that you know about those fire things?

Zeke: Been following up on the dilemma. And i got a girlfriend who’s got a family that is keeping a tab on the developments that hit as they relate to a massive Demon threatening to ascend to Earth. at the end of this year.

Girl: Got it. *Running*

Zeke: *Running to lose track of the fire minions*

As they were Running…

Zeke: Who are you? you’re a new one around these parts.

Girl: Quinn Moore. I was gonna be at the University Dorms. But decided to take a stroll through the park first. But given since you are being chased by something and we’re running. I think it’s turned out to be not much of a good idea.

Zeke: You are not just whistling a merry tune. It’s a nightmare. I got to go and inform the Rhapsody Girls and the Brothers. They’re gonna want to get a handle on this… fast. This is bad. really bad.

Quinn: It’s not so bad. It could be worse.

Zeke: How do you figure that?

Quinn: They could be setting fires. They’re not doing that.

Zeke: Good point. Although given as though they’re fire. it isn’t as if they can’t do it if they really wanted to. They could just swing their claws at something and light it. Let’s just hope that they don’t take the shot at figuring that one out.

Quinn: Where are they?

Zeke: Fairgrounds. I would think.

Quinn: It’s a long ways from here.

Zeke: I know. I got to get my Motorcycle and head over there. But first i’m gonna escort you to the Dorms. It’s probably a lot safer there than it is out in the city. You’re noticing that.

Quinn: I think that i am noticing that. Say… Who are you?

Zeke: Zeke. Zeke Mansfield. I’m a middle school student.

Quinn: Ah. Middle school. I can’t say as i miss those years.

Zeke: *seeing the fire minions looming closer* We’re about to become dinner for the fire Minions.

Quinn: Let’s not stay to feed them. I don’t do well with the being demon food bit.

Zeke: Don’t worry. we’re not gonna be sticking around for that.

Within seconds they made a run for it and Zeke had her stand on the corner and wait for him. He ran to where he lived and got to the side and grabbed his Motorcycle. He had to make a run for it. He took one look at the skies and saw that they were growing darker and more thicker with dread. He got on and Rode onto where Quinn was standing and had her get on. It was a moment later when he reached the Dorms and let her off.

Zeke: This is where you get off. Quinn… You’re now here and i think that you’re in need of a Dorm room. There is someone inside that can help. But make sure that you have your things all set inside there and get a Dorm room. Stay in it for a while. and whatever you do… Do not leave from there. Till later when the coast is clear. It’s better that way.

Quinn: Okay. Thanks for the ride, Zeke. I really do appreciate it.

Zeke: No problem. Just don’t tell anyone that it was me that did it. I got a girl already and i know she’s not the usual jealous type. But with the trying year she’s had… i don’t want to chance it.

Quinn: It’s okay. I will never tell. Who’d believe me? I am a mystery girl that people like forgetting existed.

Zeke: Like you are seen as damaged goods. I know the feeling. Been there. I really have been there and it didn’t feel so good. Not at all.

Quinn: Why’s that? *Curious*

Zeke: I was abused by my mother when i was really young. Abused in the worst way.

Quinn: Oh no… You okay?

Zeke: Well… not really, but i am pulling through each day. the best that i can. It’s not easy though. However i can rest easy knowing that i got a girl like Luna who will be there to lift me up when i need a boost.

Quinn: You must be a troubled teen. What happened to you that was so bad?

Zeke: I’m not sure whether i ought to say anything about it. I have more than likely forgotten all about it. but have you ever had a parent who was a cheater and not only cheat on their better half… but be so into having sex and selling their own body for sex to the highest payer… that they’d even resort to molesting their own son or Daughter? when they were asleep and have no remorse over doing it?

Quinn: No. No i haven’t.

Zeke: Well… I went through that. My step father would curse at me and push me all over like some tinker toy. He drank like a fish too. My mom would just sit there and watch. She wouldn’t even do a damn thing to stop it. Like she could care less. To her… i was just some mistake. Some mistake that she shouldn’t have had ever. My mother was a prostitute too… Although her to admit that is just one of those many things that would never ever happen. I am kinda a bit of what you’d call a punk. But… I never really made it a secret that i was a bit of a punk. Everyone happens to know it and see that i am. I am 13 and i happen to have had a bad habit. Yeah. I have had one. It’s not like it’s something that i just got myself into.  been into it since i was 7 years old. smoked since that time… but at first… it was just casual. Like one a month… then it came to one a week… Then it came to one a day… to a few. And since then… I just did it to just… do it. I don’t have loving parents. I emancipated myself from them. They were abusing me. They were abusing me… My stepfather was beating me… he was beating on me. they both were mentally and physically abusing me. I got the deep scars inside me to prove it. that’s why i had the habit. the nightmares and the haunting dreams. Flashbacks. i have them all. I was with a habit. My mother is a prostitute. She sells herself for sex. She must have had multiple people in her. My biological father died by a broken heart. when i was 4. I was broken because of it. The step father came in when i was 5. I thought that he’d be nice. but what he was… was anything but that. He was a total asshole. He would slap me. if i were to look at him a certain way… it would set him off. He was always drinking too. He always drank. he’d have 7 beers a day. Tall cans and bottles. the house would usually always smell of beer and Alcohol. But he would try to mask the smell. Then when i was 7. I started smoking. i learned how to sneak into a store and lie about who the smokes were for and i’d get them. I smoked while still being under the same roof as the son of a bitch… till Age 12. I got so fed up. I reached the point to where i was just so sick and so tired of him beating on me. hitting me. Treating me like shit. My mother would always be watching and she was so out of it from all the sex she’s got from all her usual paying clients who saw her as a sex tool that she didn’t even look aware of what was going on. Someone could tell her that the guy was trying to kill me and she’d just go: “Huh? someone call my name?” My own mother… She couldn’t give a fuck about me. She could only think about herself. and if i was needing something… it was automatically… “Oh well.”

Quinn: Oh god… That’s terrible. *feeling sympathetic* You poor boy. That’s just really wrong. to have a mother do such a thing to their own son or daughter. Terrible. Really dirty. I’m really sorry that you went through that kind of treatment.

Zeke: Thanks. It’s okay though. I’ve slowly forgotten about it. I mean… it’s hard to totally forget. But the thankful thing about it is that i don’t have the constant nagging nightmares about it anymore. haven’t for about maybe a month or two now. It’s gotten better. and just the other month. like the middle of May. I quit the habit that i had. So did my girlfriend Luna. She did the habit too in sympathy to me and what i was going through. She chose to do it though. It was her choice. I didn’t tell her to take it up. It costed her the guy she had before. Martin. She lost him but he did more of the losing as he was pushing her around and telling her who to be with and making her feel like she was an idiot or a total fool for being in any way with contact around me. Martin hates me. I didn’t do anything to him. He thinks that i was gonna take Luna from him at first. But i told him and her that i respected their relationship and wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt what they had. I didn’t either. Martin did most of the hurting. Luna did some. But she was trying to stand up for what she believed in.

Quinn: That Martin sounds like a real Jerk.

Zeke: He is.

Quinn: Is she around him anymore?

Zeke: No. on the second of the month she and Martin have exchanged their final conversation. They’re officially through. Not even friends either. Luna wants nothing of him. and he wants nothing of Luna.

Quinn: Hope that they stay apart. Luna deserves better than him.

Zeke: And she does. Me. Although i am not exactly innocent. I too have a few issues upon myself. I have issues. *Explaining* I am also with the abuse that was done on me. Mines was Sexual abuse. The worse type of abuse that a minor can ever endure. I took up a habit when i was only 7 because of the abuse that was done on me. It was never like this in the beginning. In the beginning it was all fine. I had a loving home… my parents were loving. they cared. it was just as it should have been. I was happy. then one day my mother started going out behind my fathers back with this sex pistol of a man. It wasn’t like i knew… but i just heard about him in just one line each time he was brought up She would avoid it. One afternoon something happened. She was just at home and getting ready for a date. with a friend. but the friend was that sex pistol. They hung out and just talked… but i to this day don’t really know how much talking was involved. I really don’t know who started the intimacy moment first. Her and the guy. My father god rest his ever innocent soul. He just happened to come walking in one afternoon and caught my mother in bed with another guy. It turned into a heated argument and my father left. never came back to my mother. She kept me away from him. but i couldn’t say anything. It was my word against hers. She however spent no time looking for someone else to be with. and did. that is where my Stepfather came in. and of course… my real father. the one that left… He died of a broken heart 5-6 months after leaving my mother. But no one knew. My mother never told me and i had to find out the hard way. My mother didn’t care. she didn’t care about him at all. Just about getting herself laid by all the men that wanted her body and lusted after her. There was no funeral. No service, at all for him. I lost the only parent that ever cared about me that day on the day that my father died. It was to get better from there as my mother said. So i was made to think it to be true and believe it. But it didn’t. It got worse. Because it was from there that  it got worse and the Abuse began. And i was 4-5 years old when one night… i was sleeping. Just Innocently and not thinking about anything except for peaceful things. like any young little kid would be thinking about. I was just sleeping. unaware that something was being done to me. I didn’t know about it at first because i didn’t feel it. I mean… why would i. I didn’t even understand what was going on. and i was asleep so i definitely wouldn’t know about what was going on. My mother was climbing on me and she did the one thing that would make any mother cringe and just puke their ever loving hearts out. My mother attempted to Molest me. She got on me and made moves. All the raunchy moves possible. and i didn’t even feel it. There is a thing about me that not even she knew and no one knows. I am a sound sleeper. If i were to fall asleep right now and i mean just Snooze. I wouldn’t be able to hear a thing. You could set off a nuclear bomb off and i’d never hear it. never. But if there was someone i happened to care alot about… and they were in trouble. i would wake up faster than a Jumping Jackrabbit. Well… Anyway… She tried to molest me. And would try it many times. but each time. failed as i had on strong pants that would be taking a bit to try to unzip. She got close many times. and there was one time when she actually penetrated and it was enough to tear away my innocence. i was violated and i didn’t know it. But i do remember crying when i woke up hours after it was all done. I cried and asked why it would have to be me that got it. I cried. But out of all that. I was also beaten too. By my stepfather. He would beat me. Beat me most of the time for no reason other than to just beat me. I would be left with marks all over my body. i have marks all over my body from the beatings. I would get beat. And it got so bad that by age 7… i took up a habit. I didn’t even like it. but i did it. to cover and mask all the pain that was done on me. But the nightmares still got to me. I did the habit since then and i still do it… well… at least till May of this year. I left the Prostitute Whore-monger mother of mine and the bastard of a Stepfather. I made sure that i left them by emancipating myself from them. I didn’t think twice. But it didn’t help. Each step i took away from them… i still felt them as they were still flowing through my mind. Still plaguing me with the nightmares… the memory of what they had done to me. All that they had done on me. But as i thought on what my father did when he caught my mother in bed with another guy… I got to really thinking that it was something else. Not exactly what i thought it was at first. But something else. My father… My real father… He came home one day from work. Early because he wanted to surprise my mom. Do something sweet with her that she’d always remember. But when he walked into the one room… he saw my mother with another guy in bed. They were as you’d have to see it as it was… having sex with him. my mother and another guy were having sex. and my father was devastated. he walked out and just walked off. Gone for days. He didn’t even say a word. he just left. came back a couple days later… and barely sat down and made as though he was gonna relax and watch something and before long… Zzzzzzt! he was out. he gasped his last breath and just keeled over. Died of a broken heart. My mother got everything. The house, the Life insurance. the cars. the money. and to her dismay… Me.

Quinn: Ouch. It’s all over now, right?

Zeke: *Nods* Yeah. I left them at age 12 and i am happy and better for it. *Looking at the time* Oh shit. Quinn, I got to go. the others have to be warned about what’s coming. You be sure to mind what i said. Stay inside for a while till it’s safe. It’s not safe out. You be careful.

Quinn: You too. You be careful too.

Zeke then without a minute to spare… Revved up his Motorcycle and Sped off to the beach in double haste. He had to sound off the alert to the girls and the brothers…

At the beach…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the brothers and Alice* Guys, there is something that i got to tell you. It’s something cheery so… don’t be thinking that something’s wrong.

Prince Avery: What’s up?

Prince Arnold: What’s up, Brother? Something getting you?

Prince Alvin: Alice and I are engaged as you may have already known… by now. But Alice and I decided to get married early next year. Maybe Jan 10th. so pretty soon we’re gonna be getting things done for the wedding. Going for the dress and Tux. The Corsage. The catering and the place to hold the wedding. The Invites. The works.

Prince Avery: Really? Well now, that is wonderful. Really wonderful.

Alice: *Feeling the babies Kicking* OW! Ohhh! I think that the babies heard that and they’re bopping around with thrill. I think they like the idea.

Prince Curtis: I think that the idea is a fine one. Although we can’t really do anything till after the mess with the you know what is all done. I mean… Weddings are nice. They’re romantic and peaceful. But… we have to face facts. the times are dark. But if you’re ready to prepare for the wedding that will come early next year. we’re there. No problem.

Prince Alvin: Thanks.

Prince Arnold: Well put there, Electric man. That was well put. Good telling it like it is. *Grins*

Zeke: *From the street close by* Hey. We got a problem and it’s fire minion all over. *Parking his Motorcycle and getting off the Motorcycle* … *Running over to the girls and the brothers* We got trouble and it’s the kind that sires terror.

Paige: *Looking to see Zeke running over to them* Zeke?! What the heck are you doing here?

Zeke: *In a bit of panic* What am i doing here other than trying to not have a panic attack and all while alerting you guys about something that just hit which spells creature trouble? You tell me. What could i be doing here?

Pearl: *Looking over towards Zeke* Creature trouble? Where? What are you talking about?

Suddenly screeching is heard from a distance…

Dinah: I think that something is coming and i don’t think we ought to be playing house and or blowing it off.

Paige: *Hearing the screeching* That must be the cars. A Car crash about to happen.

Pearl: Zeke. What are you talking about? What attack?

Zeke: It’s something that retorts the belief of the evil Demon. The Mark of Scath out in view and now… we have a hoard of Fire Minions. A Mass Hoard. I was at the park when i heard something like screeching. Groaning or growling. I didn’t know what the hell it was or where it was coming from exactly, but i went to see what it could have been. That’s when i started to see a little bit of a glow as i got closer to what it was. and as soon as i got close enough to where it was coming from i looked ahead and down the small slant of a hill in the park to see a massive monstrous maw of fire creatures. Minions. One of them happened to see me and i freaked. I turned and made a run for it. While making a run for it. I happened to run into some girl. A College girl. Dark black hair. She was wondering what i was screaming about as i ran nearly past her. I told her about there being monsters and a hoard of fire minions on my tail… and she kinda looked at me like i was nuts. What could i say? She might have been right. Because i really thought that i was thereby losing it. Although the very second that i looked back again… what do i see? the minions getting closer and closer yet. The College girl said that she had to be at the Metropolis University.

Paige: Who? Who was the girl?

Zeke: Quinn Moore. She said her name was Quinn Moore. She sounded really nice. Kind and sweet by the way she spoke. She was just enjoying a pleasant walk through the park. But when she saw the fire minions popping out and coming towards… She ran. Hightailed it out of the park. As did i. We ran as fast as our legs could carry us.

Pearl: I knew it. I knew that we were gonna be in for a surprise. We heard that Quinn was gonna be the new girl in our lives. I have belief that she is gonna be a roommate to me and Star. I don’t know if i would be right… but… i have that very nagging feeling that she could be.

Zeke: That one i wouldn’t know… but Pearl, You need to get to safety right now. Right now.

Dinah: Why?

Zeke: because… *Looking to the one side and seeing a hoard of fire Minions hovering over from the city* HERE THEY COME!!!!!

Prince Alvin: *Seeing Zeke* Zeke, What’s going on? What the heck are you doing here?

Zeke: I’m sounding off a 4 alarm.

Prince Avery: *Looking to see a mass of Minions* Capt. We got company.

Prince Alvin: *Seeing the minions* Shit! Everyone… TO ARMS! Zeke, Take Alice and Pearl and get them the hell out of here. NOW! We got trouble and they could get hurt. it will cost them the babies. Get them out of here. FAST!

Zeke: You got it, Flaming Soul… Don’t worry. they’re in good hands. Pearl, Alice… Let’s get you two over to safe harbor. I know exactly where to take you two. Come on.

Within Minutes…

Zeke got on his Motorcycle and had Alice along with Pearl get on and hold on tight. He sped on fast and made a jet stream trip over to Dinah’s and Shingo’s house. He knew that Luna was there as was the mother. He knew that if anyone could watch out for her and Alice. Mrs. Rhapsody could. So he thought…

Back at the beach…

Miss Love: *Looking at Dinah* Dinah… Ready to fire?

Thunder Mistress: You bet that i am. I am ready to go. These fire minions are treading where they don’t belong.

Miss Love: Then… Let’s do what we do best and trash these creeps.

Thunder Mistress: Right.

Prince Alvin: *Giving a battle cry* Brothers… CHARGE!

Paige and Dinah as well as the brothers charge up and rev up running fast towards the minions. Kicking at them with blasts of firepower.

Prince Alvin: *Charging up for a strong fire attack and aiming right for the fire Minions* Time for you creatures to taste the good fire. *Launching the attack* INFERNO BEAM!

Prince Arnold: These things came from Scath… The mark… This. Uh, Does this strike you with the cliche’ Did Someone order a side order of Fire Minions of Scath? *Creating a well and with both hands and bending water; creating a Pressure pocket of water* Time for these fire beings to be snuffed. But are they to be immune from being soaked from my water? *Tearing at the pocket with more water and causing it to rupture; launching the attack and firing water at the fire minions as the water from the ground pounds them* Hydro Burst!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at the fire minions and piercing the minions from the sides* Striking Plasma Flash!

Prince Curtis: *Emitting Balls of light and surging electricity through them* Time to get shocked with a shocker to remember. *Launching the attack* Electric Balls of Light!

Miss Love: *Jamming on the heart guitar* Love has risen. We’re gonna rise to it! *Launching an attack at the fire Minions* Love’s Aerial wave!

Thunder Mistress: *Raising her Thunder Gloves and Absorbing thunder from the sky and holding the power; Leading the thunder into her other weapon and tossing it back and forth charging up; Building up power and with full power; Launching the attack* Thundering Big-Bang!

Prince Alvin: *Seeing huge #’s of Fire Minions* More are coming. But… we got the upper hand. Let’s take care of business.

Prince Arnold: Right. *Creating a massive Rain storm cloud and charging it up with water pressure; surging with surplus water power as the cloud grows into a super storm rain cloud; At full power* Fire… Meet water. This is where fire gets waterlogged. *Launching the attack on the Fire Minions* Aquatic flood! and to lose all sense of direction for the Fire Minions. to see that they move blindly… *Creating a fog of precipitation* With a wet fog… there will be a great chance that these fire minions will fade off once they get touched by this fog. *Launching the attack at the Minions* Watery Fog!

Prince Avery: Nice work. A massive amount of the Minions are being snuffed out and torn apart.

Prince Curtis: Yeah… But more are coming and there is no end to them.

Jack: *Sliding down from the side* Wanna rephrase that last part?

Miss Love: *Surprised* Jack!

Jack: Hey Paige, Dinah. You guys seem to be in a spot of trouble.

Thunder Mistress: How could you tell? Not that it is beyond obvious as we’re being surrounded by mass hoards of fire minions and they’re coming by the dozen. And hundreds.

Jack: I see… I guess that we should take that as a yes then. Something’s going on and it’s not looking good for anyone. But that is what Ice is for. Frost. Come on… Let’s turn up the frost and put these fire starters in deep freeze.

Prince Alvin: Right. Water Lord. Spray out some water and Jack will freeze the water frost burning the fire minions into an arctic Nightmare.

However at Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Zeke: *Getting to the front door* Come on. Let’s get you inside. You’ll be safe in Dinah’s and Shingo’s house.

A Second later…

Zeke: *Knocking on the door* Hello?! Anyone home?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Answering the door* Yes? *Seeing Zeke* Zeke? This is a surprise. What’re you doing here? You here to see Luna?

Zeke: Well… yes and no. But it’s not only to see her. But to get these two in where it’s safe.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Seeing Pearl and Alice* Oh good heavens. What happened?

Zeke: They’re not hurt. But they were in the path of danger. Pearl was motioning to fight the trouble that just hit the beach. But that would come to only harm her babies. We need her to go inside where it is safe. Alice too. It’s not safe out there. I was not gonna be in on this Demon innuendo anymore. but now… i’m all in. I was at the park when the shit began. I saw a mass hoard. a Massive Nightmarish great Maw of Fire minions and they were all coming out from the ground. Popping up like a Push pop. I rushed as fast as i could to warn Paige, Pearl and Dinah… and the brothers that there was trouble coming to them and that it didn’t want to play nice.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Where are they now?

Zeke: They’re there still and are fighting off the fire minions. There is a mass hoard of them.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Let’s get them inside where it’s warm. Come on.

A Minute later…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I’ll make everyone some hot cocoa and that’ll be able to warm everyone up a bit. *To Zeke* Luna is in her room. She’s with Pamela. Been here for the last couple hours. But it’s really cold out that i think it’s gonna be wise that she stays the night. It’s really chilly out. She’d be liable to catch an Ammonia.

Zeke: I’ll go see her.

Pearl: *Shivering* God…. it’s really cold out there. But with the fire minions out there it just didn’t really seem to be all that cold. But i guess that they don’t affect the weather. It’s still the cold.

Alice: Yeah. It is still cold out and to think that it’s supposed to be still… warm. Or somewhat warm. *Shivers*

Zeke: *Heading over to Luna’s room*

Back at the Beach and fighting off the Minions…

Prince Alvin getting fierce

Prince Alvin: *Launching a Marathon of attacks at the Fire Minions* Fire Attack Marathon… Attack one: Fiery Flames Punch!

A second Later…

Prince Alvin: Fire Attack Marathon… Attack Two: Inferno Punch! Fire Attack Marathon… Attack Three: Scorching Fire wave! Fire Attack Marathon… Attack Four: Firing Pain! Fire Attack Marathon… Attack Five: Bellowing Fire Breath! Fire Attack Marathon… Attack Six: INFERNO BEAM! Fire Attack Marathon… Attack Seven: Fire’s Chain!

With each attack that Prince Alvin launched at the Minions it tore at them with fury and rage. He let loose at each one and tore at them. beating them up a cluster at a time. each attack made away with 10 to 20 of the Minions… from the weakest to the strongest.

Prince Arnold: Water Attack Marathon… Attack one: Water Bombs! Water Attack Marathon… Attack two: Watery blast! Water Attack Marathon… Attack Three: Aquatic flood! Water Attack Marathon… Attack Four: Watery Flash flood! Water Attack Marathon… Attack Five: Aquatic Mist! Water Attack Marathon… Attack Six: Watery fog! Water Attack Marathon… Attack Seven: Hydro Burst!

Prince Arnold busts in with his attacks at the fire Minions and tore into them with one attack after another. One by one. He didn’t let off. He put the pain into all the minions that he could aim towards. each release sent a big # of them back to the ether. The Minions were being trimmed back and trimmed hard. Each attack stronger than the one before the next.

Prince Avery: Plasma Attack Marathon… Attack one: Plasma Stinger! Plasma Attack Marathon… Attack two: Plasmatic Fury Swipe! Plasma Attack Marathon… Attack Three: Plasmatic sting Rapid fire! Plasma Attack Marathon… Attack Four: Plasma Cannon! Plasma Attack Marathon… Attack Five: Blades of Plasmatic fury! Plasma Attack Marathon… Attack Six: Thundering Plasma Explosion! Plasma Attack Marathon… Attack Seven: Striking Plasma Flash!

Prince Avery’s attacks went into the Minions and sparked them all with burns. Over Charging the Minions and causing them to explode. Some of them Imploded. But one after another the attacks kept landing. One by one… each one stronger than the last All of them Unique and each one of them just as forceful. The attacks knocked into the Minions and each one struck and wiped off a good size plenty of Minions. 30 at a time when aimed right on and dead center. The Minions were still coming faster than ever but the #’s were being trimming down to being less and less of a hoard.

Prince Curtis: Electric Attack Marathon… Attack one: Electric Rage Charge! Electric Attack Marathon… Attack Two: Electrical Chain of fury! Electric Attack Marathon… Attack Three: Megaton Electrical Explosion! Electric Attack Marathon… Attack Four: Electric Punch! Electric Attack Marathon… Attack Five: Shocking Electric blaster! Electric Attack Marathon… Attack Six: Electric Balls of Light! Electric Attack Marathon… Attack Seven: Raging Electrical surge!

Prince Curtis laid out the attacks and knocked through the Minions. One by one. each attack smacking hard against the Minions. All the Minions absorbed the attacks and took each hit as it came. Took them all and the electricity cracked and popped through the Minions. It took them all apart. Knocked out Clusters of Minions. 15 at a time and broke them all as the attacks went into each one and blew them away.

Jack was the next one that went. and blew at them with frost. Froze them up and as each one was frozen like ice, he broke through them and Watched as the Minions all screeched in pain as they were being wiped clean. The Next ones were Paige and Dinah. They used a set of attacks of their own and Pounded the Minions hard. Tearing at each and every one. The Great Maw was lowering it’s forces and the #’s. It was becoming the last round for the Minions. The Minions kept coming though… however as it stood; the Minions were starting to fall back. Although as the Minions were trying to come out and keep raising more to come… they were hitting them all. It knocked them all by the Groups…

That night…

After the major surprise attack from the Minions…

At Zeke’s place…

Zeke: *With Mr. Ginelli in the Storage room* Something really weird has been going on today.

Mr. Ginelli: What makes you say that?

Zeke: Well… The park. I was there and just trying to clear my head. But then suddenly i hear growling and moaning. Screeching. Of course i then go to check it out because it seemed pretty odd that there would be noises in the park. I mean… not like your normal casual every day kind of voices. But Like these voices that were monstrous. Creature like in some odd way. I saw what it was. There was like these Fire creatures. With fiery eyes. Red eyes. There had to have been like about 1000 of them. I looked to see and tried to be unseen by them when a couple of them looked up towards where i was and spotted me. I had to make a run for it. I Had to make a run for it and get the hell out of there as fast as i could. While making a run for it i ran across this girl. Quinn Moore. She was rather shy. But nice…

Mr. Ginelli: Really? *Intrigued* You don’t say. What was she like?

Zeke: She was really sweet. She had this charm on her though. One that had a Pentagram on it. It didn’t even look bad. Actually it looked rather like Wicca. Possibly.

Mr. Ginelli: Sounds like she was a real kind soul and then some. She wasn’t out there… was she?

Zeke: Nope. Not a chance. She was kind and sweet. I even got into a sensible Conversation with her. She seemed very concerning. *With a couple boxes and Transporting some crates around* I don’t know what to think about her. But she’s got nothing in her that seems to be a cause of warning. I don’t intend to tell Luna about her. I don’t know if she’ll be one to understand. I don’t want to strike any Jealous vibes from her.

Mr. Ginelli: It’s okay, Capretto. You’ll be okay. Just don’t let it get you down. You were just doing what you thought was right and were showing civility to another gal. Nothing bad came out from that. Your girl knows that. But on that Will that the guy gave you. It’s a good idea to go and express your concerns to him. Knowing that he’s not tied to you and is tied to that Boy who likes to ruffle your hairs. It’s still the right thing to do.

Zeke: You’re right. Maybe i’ll go over there tomorrow morning and leave a basket with a note to him. It’s a sign of showing that someone cares.

Mr. Ginelli: Good thinking kid. That’s how it’s done. There’ll be a basket here ready to be taken to Vincent’s in the morning. It’s almost time to turn in.

At the Dorms…

Room #349…

Pearl: *Resting* Today was a bit of a total bust. So much for getting away for a day. A Hoard of Minions came around to attack us all at the beach. The part that seems of relief is the part where Alice and I were escorted by Zeke to Dinah’s house for a safe spot to stay till after the fight that hit during the rest that was ended at the beach.

Star: I feel bad for you guys. Trying to rest and having it get ruined. However…  There is something else that you might want to catch.

Pearl: What? What do you mean that there is something else?

Star: You really didn’t notice that this room is a bit more cluttered… Pearl?

Pearl: No. Not really. Why?

Star: There is something or someone who is the cause for that.

Pearl: Who?

Star: *Pointing towards the third Roommate* Her.

Pearl: *Looking towards the side and seeing the new Roommate* Who’s that?

Star: One guess. Who is the mystery girl that everyone thought was a witch or someone who happened to be into Wicca?

Pearl: Star, Are you telling me what it is that i am thinking you’re telling me? Are you telling me that our new Roommate… Our New Roommate is… Quinn Moore?

Star: Yeah. That is precisely what i’m telling you. She is without a doubt… our new Roommate.

Pearl: She doesn’t talk much. Does she?

Star: You kidding me? She’s not open to talking. Not voluntarily. But the shit that we heard people say about her… It was all bullshit. She’s into the occult. as a pastime. But that’s all it is. She’s not a Seducer either. People were talking trash about her because she happened to have done something that pissed a couple people off. Nothing else.

Pearl: She’s not bad as people said she was.

Star: No. No way.

Pearl: I guess that we have nothing to worry then. We should open up to her a bit. Make her feel more at ease.

Star: Right. But there is more… About the dilemma that is still in play. You said that there were these Minions… How many were there? 100? 200? 500? 1000? 2000?

Pearl: 10,000. And each cluster was just as worse as the first batch. The guys had to tear at them then Paige and Dinah went at the Minions as well… However… while they were doing that… Alice and I were at Dinah’s house waiting and just keeping warm.

Star: Do you think that more was coming?

Pearl: I don’t know… But from what’s going on this far with the Demon situation… There is something that speaks of concern. There might be more trouble coming. This outbreak of Minions wasn’t the very end. More is coming and before the end of days arrives and finally approaches… We’re gonna be seeing a whole lot more than just a few signs and Minions a plenty.

Star: What will you plan to do about it?

Pearl: Till that day comes… Pray. Hard. Long and continuously.

From up high in the skies… 4 red eyes were watching the activity of the mortals and it was the demon Scath biding his time…

What was next for the fighters and the Allies? What was next to come for the fighters? Was more of Raven’s Prophecy gonna come to light? Was there gonna be more activity to come from the Demon master Trigon himself before the day of the end arrived? The end of the Days was on the way. It was getting more and more active as the days and weeks remaining passed on and flew through. What was the Will all about? Was Zeke gonna be with more responsibilities and be trusted with more tasks and possibly be sworn to care for the one person that hates him… which is Martin? How were the Rhapsody girls gonna prepare themselves for the hastily approaching End of days… The Day of Reckoning? Find out in the next upcoming chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Star: *Voice-Over* Here we go again with the demon express and the path leading to the very end of days. I am a very Religious girl. Woman Sorry. I grew up with a mother who spends every Sunday going to Church. Every Wednesday night she’d go to mass and every Thursday night she would pop over to Bible Study. So these things about Demons and the talk about them being in the same area as my mother and I. It’s not sitting comfortably and i don’t think it’s to be taken lightly. I am with this because i support my Girlfriend. My best Gal Pal Pearl. Supporting her family and their cause revolving the outbreak of the Demon creep that sires to come on to the Earth. Next time On the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Paige and Dinah… as well as the brothers and Jack head off on a lead to go after something known as the Gem. Which is said to grant the Ascension of Scath. Although what they don’t realize till later was that they had the gem and never even knew it. We all did and never realized it. It was our friend Raven. She was the Gem. But when they journey off to search for the Gem. Raven… goes to head for her home world of Azarath and is desperate for answers to find how to stop the Prophecy. No luck in that. Sadly. But there is also a surprise. Dinah and Luna? happened to have followed her over there. But they go and talk to someone who had to of been Raven’s Mother. Arella. She however tells Raven that the Prophecy was absolute. that it couldn’t be stopped. But the revelation to it was that Azarath wasn’t really there… it wasn’t as they thought. It was actually destroyed. and with the demonic laughter that sounded… It shook Raven terribly. As it does Luna and Dinah. Luna however had a theory behind the demon known as Scath. Which she heard from a old friend of hers. Artemis. Telling that the Demon was known through the Moon Kingdom as well. 1400 years ago. 250 years before the fabled Silver Millennium began. but all is not lost. Life is started. Alice Delivers 2 babies.  Prince Alvin is gonna be a father. and Alice is gonna be a mother.





What will the fate of the Newborns be after they get born? Where will they go? Raven also finally comes out with the fated truth and it takes each of the allies and the fighters and the team by storm. By a startling surprise and opens up a memorable question. “How Do we Stop him?” Will they be able to handle the terrifying truth behind what is really going on? Will they be ready to make the preparations for the end of days? High drama and thrills. plus more answers foretold as the saga continues… in The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 111: “Prophecy of Raven and a beam up to Azarath. Arella! “The Promise of one’s birth is Absolute.” Oct, 31st. 2027”

Arella: You’ve always had a home here my child. but help… we could not give.


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