Chapter 109: The turn of the century. Battle field Earth or Trigon’s Delighted Presence.

Sept. 27th 2027…

(Time till the Day of Raven’s moment of fulfilling Prophecy/Scath’s arrival

3 Months, 5 days, 1 hour, 6 minutes and 45 seconds)

At the Dorms…

Room #349…

Pearl: *Having a bit of trouble getting up* How am i expected to go to class if i can’t even get up with out hurting. This is gonna be a bad day. Possibly a very bad week.

Star: It won’t be a bad week. You just need to take it easy is all.

Pearl: I wish that i could… but i can’t. I have to be with my sisters when the time comes to fight that beast. He’s coming.

Star: Yeah. I know that he is coming. We saw signs of him all over the city. The only one who hasn’t seen the signs yet is Raven. She has yet to see them and i really don’t think that she wants to. It’s not something she wants to see.

Pearl: Raven happens to hiding something. Or scared to tell us of it. She senses that something isn’t right.

Star: I don’t blame her. It’s bad news.

Pearl: You mean almost like that day when we were into the catacombs to get some answers on the Demon? I remember that we came back terrified. We didn’t want to leave our rooms for the rest of that week. We didn’t even speak to the others. I think that Jack even got spooked when i told him what it was that we saw.

Star: No Duh! Why the heck wouldn’t he get startled or scared? That Demon is not with any good news. That demon means trouble and you know it.

Pearl: *Feeling the babies kicking inside* Ouch… I love these babies… but if they don’t stop kicking… i am gonna wind up balling into a fetal position. The pain is flaring and it’s hurting.

Star: There is some ice in the fridge. You suppose that Ice may freeze the flare up and get the pain to go down?

Pearl: Anything is worth a try. *Thinking about how Dinah pulled it off with the Pregnancy* Dinah never had this much trouble with her Pregnancy. But…

Star: She wouldn’t stay out of danger. she kept trying to run out and join in on the battles. Even when you all told her that she couldn’t… She even got me suckered into letting her go. I let her go that one time and all i could do was literally panic about it because if she got hurt… i’d be the one at fault because i was the one who let her go out to fight to begin with.

Pearl: I can’t bare to have the babies in a world where there is a Inter-dimensional demon siring to ascend and arrive upon the earth. He’s gonna kill my babies. I don’t want them to die by his hands. *With tears in her eyes*

Star: I don’t think that anyone wants that to happen, Pearl. We won’t allow it to happen. We won’t.

Pearl: You don’t know that. I know i sound like a total wuss… but i have moments where i wished that i never got myself pregnant. Damn it… Why didn’t i wait till after the threat was done and finished? Why couldn’t i just wait? Jack wanted to wait too… but no… i just had to spread out like a spring Chicken…

At The Watchtower…

Tess: Black Canary… what’s going on with the Demon front?

Black Canary: Ask Dean and Sam… they got the pull. The last i heard of them… They were still moving on watching Martin Marco. Sam mentioned that something was wrong with Martin and that he was really possessed by a demon. However that the demon really was destructive intent. Martin even was seen scaring his dog. His dog… Starlight i think that the name was… She can talk… and as Sam had said. he could hear someone saying… “MASTER! NO! STOP!” It was then that he went to ask Vincent what all the screaming was about and sure enough… It was the dog. The dog was screaming.

Tess: The demons are becoming more violent.

Black Canary: We need help.

Casstiel: *Blinking into the room* There is nothing that can be done to push the demons back. The Mark known as Scath’s calling card is pushing more and more demons out faster than Sam and Dean can put them back into the gates of hell… *Walking over to the computer and pulling up some Intel*

A few seconds later…

Casstiel: The Gates of hell… It was first documented in the Ancient underground of Rome. Underneath the City of Vatican. The Vatican City doesn’t even know of it… but they believe in it. Raphael and Gabriel… Two Angels that i commune with brought word of it opening. Something has pulled it open and broke the seal. We can’t seal it without the Demon girl’s assistance.

Tess: Why not? You and the Angels have the key to lock it. Can’t you seal it?

Casstiel: No. In order to re-seal the gates of hell… We need the Pamphlet that has the inscription. The Gate of hell… that particular gate is the one that leads to Limbo… Azaratian Limbo. The demons that are coming from there are from Earth… but also from the Azarathian Limbo… Their Purgatory and also… a place that we read on and it leads to the dilemma that you all lived through before… The Phantom Zone. This door Links those two… and our hell together… the seals that are still intact… are the ones of Earth itself… and of the Phantom Zone. But the Azarathian Limbo is broken. the seal is broken and the doors are open. The two seals that are still together… are being worn and torn apart by the gates of Hell that is opened due to the one seal. The only way to close it is with that Inscription from the Pamphlet that the girl with Demon Blood holds. She’s the only one that can close it. It can only be closed by one from Azaratian blood. by someone from the Bloodline of Azarath.

Black Canary: So… what’ll we do? We can’t seem to get a hold of Raven. the girl isn’t responding to anything. She has been out of contact since the very first day of the month here.

Tess: We have to keep trying.

Casstiel: Where is she?

Black Canary: She’s at Dinah’s and Shingo’s house. That’s where she resides.

Casstiel: I’ll see on getting a hold of her. I’m gonna go and touch bases with Gabriel and Raphael. See where we can go from here. Find out what our options are. But i urge you to do what you can to purge what Demons you can from the People. We need that door closed. before the 5th day of October… If it’s not closed by then… the other seals will release and there will be no way to stop it. Earth will not be Earth. It will be hell. Once that happens. Heaven will no longer exist. There won’t be any power left of heaven and with no power of Heaven… The Demon… Scath. could come through… and won’t need the portal…

The next morning…

Sept 28th 2027…

(Time till the Day of Raven’s moment of fulfilling Prophecy/Scath’s arrival

3 Months, 4 days, 16 hours, 12 minutes and 6 seconds)

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Luna’s Room…

Luna: *On the phone* Pamela, When do you want to meet?

Pamela: *On the phone* Meet for what?

Luna: The group. We’re still gonna be meeting for the Resistance, Right?

Pamela: Of course…

Luna: We need to contact Ted and the others.

Penelope: *Joining in the call* We got it. We’ll meet at school and discuss the topic at break.

Luna: I haven’t heard from Beth lately.

Pamela: No one has… No one seems to know what happened to her.

Penelope: maybe we’ll see her at the school, But with the amount of time that she’s been absent… i wouldn’t hold out any red carpets for her return. She’s been distant from us.

Luna: I know. I tried calling her the other day… I seemed to get through but all i got was sounds of crying.

Pamela: Crying? *curious and concerned* Do you believe that it may have been Beth?

Luna: I’m not sure. But i just hope that she’s okay. Where ever she is.

Pamela: Same here. Luna, See you at school?

Luna: Of course. See you then…

A couple minutes later…

In the Living room…

Luna: *Looking at her bag and seeing that she has everything set to go* Everything seems to be in the bag. I don’t know if i have my homework though. I should have asked my mom where i put my homework. I did do it… but i set it down somewhere and haven’t been able to find it.


The monitor comes on and a call comes through…

Capt. Kirk: *On Screen* Hello. Anyone there?

Luna: *Jumps in fright before turning* What… Who said that? *Looking to see the screen* Hello, Who’re you? *Recognizing suddenly the face* Capt. Kirk?!

Capt. Kirk: *Not Recognizing the girl* Yes… It is I. Capt. Kirk. but who are you?

Luna: Don’t you recognize me? It’s Luna. Luna Rhapsody. The one who used to be the blue haired senshi.

Capt. Kirk: Ah! So it is you, Luna. You look different.

Luna: It’s because i had to become all human. It’s the effects of being a Moon Inhabitant. it hits only certain people and cats of the Moon. I however was with the burden. I started to change from that… to this. Because i was on Earth longer than what i was supposed to. I was maturing like a human and i wasn’t all that human. I was not all human. I was bleeding to death and it was getting to the point where i either had to sacrifice my entire Moon Kingdom Lineage  and be a full on human. from the tip of my hair to… my feet. or stay as i was and end up dead. It was the greatest sacrifice that i ever had to make… but the life i have here… i am happy for. i don’t regret it. I’m however… Still beautiful, aren’t i?

Capt. Kirk: Always were.

Luna: What’s wrong though?

Kirk: What’s wrong is that we just got word that a gate of Hell was opened and was shooting massive amounts of Demons out into the open to come on to Earth.

Luna: Where did you hear that?

Spock: *On screen* I don’t know if it should matter where it was that we heard of it. but there is strong belief that the gates of hell on Earth has been broken and is opened. but worse. This gate… Links Earth’s Limbo…Purgatory to the very one that follows Azarathian Limbo and plus… the Eternal Galactic hell that was built by a deceased Scientist that was killed when the planet known as Krypton was destroyed. The Phantom Zone. The gate links to those realms. as well as our Hell… Earth’s hell…

Luna: *Gasps and freaking out* No… No. It couldn’t be… It’s not true… Is it… Is it true?

Kirk: We don’t know… That’s why we’re asking if you knew about it.

Luna: No. I didn’t. I can’t have any Intel from that. I lost all that ESP and the powers to sense things when i became all human. I don’t know. Plus… i got to head off to school. My mom Rikku will be upset if i am late to school.

Kirk: We understand. But while out… And i am sure hoping that your sisters also stay on alert as well… Stay safe and be careful. If any demons come out… Run. Don’t try to fight them off. Run. Run as fast as you can to safety and don’t look back. No matter what.

Luna: That’s what my Cousin Prince Alvin would say usually. And so would my sister Dinah. They’d say that too… It’s nice to hear from you guys though. You be sure to call more often, okay? We miss hearing from you guys.

Spock: *Nods; holds up the farewell sign in peace* We will call again soon. Until then… Live Long and Prosper.

The call ends and Luna then with a thought coming over her… she then remembered as to where she set her homework and dashed over to grab it fast and then stuck it in her bag. She within the next few minutes had everything all locked up and ready. She got her set of house keys and bolted right out the door. Making her way to school…

At the Courthouse Liaison’s office…


Rikku L. Rhapsody: *On the phone* Okay… Look. I know that the Divorce is hard and you want to see your kids, Ma’am. I am a mother and i know how it is when you know that you got your kids pulled away from you. I know it hurts. I can’t say from experience. because it has never happened to me… but i can tell you that i know the feeling. It is as though you have had your heart ripped out from your very stomach. Out from your chest. Mrs. Sands… I can tell you this. The only way to get the visitation rights back… You need to comply with the courts. You need a Steady job. A good paying job. I am here 5 days a week. Every week except for holidays. You can come in anytime from 9 to 5 and we can have this worked out. I can’t help you if you won’t try to make the effort to change and fix the situation. I want to help you so you can see your kids. But that is only if you are willing to work with me here…

A Moment later…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking down the hall* I have a couple meetings today and i really don’t want to do them. Seeing mothers getting their kids taken away and having to see their pain… I don’t know how to not let it get to me. It breaks my heart.


Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Accidentally bumping into someone* Uh! *Backing up and looking at the person* Oh my god… I’m so sorry.

Man: *Dusting himself off a little* No… It’s okay. I’m the one who should be sorry. I wasn’t watching and didn’t see anyone coming this way in this direction.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Same here… I’ve been on the phones for the last 40 minutes and i feel as though my heart has been just ripped out.

Man: Another Divorce settlement case with a Distraught client?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yes. Each one seems to be the worst one yet. I mean… because each one that i handle… i can’t help but put myself in the position of the client. Knowing as to how they’d feel and then imagining as to how i would be if i were ever in their predicament.

Man: I see… but sometimes we can’t concern ourselves with that. It’s our job to make sure that Justice is done for all. Even for a child. It might hurt the mother or father… but we got to think of what’s right for everyone. Sometimes it means we do the hardest thing. The only thing that can be done. As much as we would not wish to… we have to.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s just not right. Alot of the families have children who are just in no control of the situation. Alot don’t really happen to understand what’s happening to their family and why. It isn’t fair to pull them away and tell them that they can never see their parents again. Alot of Parents don’t have any violent backgrounds or any means for causing themselves to lose their kids.

Man: I agree. It’s just not right. Although… when on the Job… you can’t let that element of thought get in the way. You can’t afford for any personal sentiments to be involved in it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Wouldn’t that make us… seem, well… you know…… Heartless?

Man: It could. It could. But we really have not all that much choice but to take that kind of risk…

Metropolis Dorms…

Rm# 330…

Paige: *Sighs* I got Mostly Math and History this semester.

Alice: I have a lot of history and Literature this semester. I got some Foreign languages for next semester. French, Portuguese, German and Irish. Also Spanish too.

Paige: Alot of Languages. I got 2 Languages lined up for next semester. Spanish and Armenian. Italian possibly.

Alice: Italian? You’re kidding? for your career track?

Paige: Yeah, Why?

Alice: No reason… i am just curious as to what idea there would have been for you to have an Italian Language class for your Career track. Romance Novelist. For Romance… i would usually suspect it on being French. France does have a knack for romance after all.

Paige: That one i didn’t really gather. but that’s something to take in to heart. It isn’t too late to change it to French for next semester.

Alice: Of course. *Feeling a kick inside her stomach* Whoa. I think that the baby kicked. I think the baby is liking what we’re saying. *Giggles*

Paige: It is? Well… i guess that it’s liking our voices or something. I wonder if it’ll like your soon to be Husband’s voice.

Alice: I am sure that it will. Or i am sure that they will. I happen to be carrying two inside.

Paige: I sure wish that Reese and i would have the opportunity to have had the Sex. I can’t seem to commit anything because of the Demon mess that is going on.

Alice: Frustration?

Paige: I suppose it was… i don’t really know. I am just tired of all the battling. I just want it to stop. But bad news abounds. If we don’t work at it and handle the situation while there is a chance at knocking it down a few pegs… It’s just gonna get worse and then no one will be safe.

Alice: It’s something that you might be used to. You did say that you and your sisters had to deal with these types of problems before and at times it got to be a little too much. But when the chips were down… You worked through it all.

Paige: Yeah… But it costed me a love life. I can’t seem to have any time to settle down. I got the element of love when in that hero form… but i sure can’t express it on a normal life perspective. I know that i sound like a pisser talking like this… but i can’t help it. Reese is only gonna be patient for so long then he’s gonna give up and walk. I’ll wind up losing him unless i do something about this and soon.

Alice:  Something as in… what exactly?

Paige: Handing over the Role of being Leader and Captain of the Rhapsody Girls Z! to either Pearl or Dinah. Let them have the burden for a while. from now on.

Alice:  Why do you say that, Paige? Are you saying that you are quitting the team?

Paige: No. *Sighs* I am just frustrated with the Demon situation. It’s like nothing that we do gets the demons to lessen on the count. During the last couple days… Maybe weeks. We must have beaten a good 40 demons and we are still back where we were before we managed to make any dent in reversing the Demon uprising.

Alice: *Thinking* Paige, You might have a point behind that. I noticed that the demons were coming out and into the city faster than you and your sisters and the brothers were able to beat them and send them right back to where they belonged.

Paige: See? That’s what i mean… Exactly what it is that i mean… We got that… and now classes. Again. people expect us to concentrate on College when there is a massive increase in Demon beings. I would like to know how that is. Wouldn’t you?

Alice: Yes. I would.

Paige:  I got class in 3 hours and they’re two classes back to back. each one about 2 hours a piece.

Alice: Sounds like my classes… but i only have one a day… It’s a little easier. however… the length they go to… i wouldn’t be too open to. Because i have to make sure to remain in a certain position so that the babies won’t feel too pinched.

Paige: Ouch. You have it rough. You gonna be alright though?

Alice: Alright as in not in pain? no… Alright as in Alive? Yeah. I would love to hope that i’ll live with this Pregnancy. I don’t have pain like Dinah did through her pregnancy. But i do sometimes have a little bit of Muscle strain.

Paige: That isn’t so bad. You don’t get many of those. Do you?

Alice: No. No i don’t.

Paige: Why not lay down till you really have to head to class? You don’t want to find yourself over doing it.

Alice: No kidding. I don’t want that to happen. *Hearing screeching from outside* What the heck is that noise outside?

Paige: What noise?

Alice: *Scoffs* Are you kidding me, Paige? Are you meaning to tell me that you honestly don’t hear that noise?

Paige: *Hearing screeching noises going on outside* Okay… That Screeching noise is not Normal at all. Not the least bit normal.

Alice: Do you think that the others heard that noise?

Paige: I don’t know. We can ask them.

Alice: Call them and ask. Find out.

Paige: I plan to. That noise was just sudden. it came from out of nowhere. It came out of nowhere and just sudden.

Alice: *Laying down and resting*

Paige: *Calling up her sisters Pearl and Dinah* Sure hope that they answer. This is not good… The second or third week of the 3rd semester and the whole world is starting to tingle like someone is trying to electrocute it to death.

Alice: How redundant of you to use that for a relevance terminology.

Paige: Believe me, Alice… This is only the very beginning. And if this is the beginning of the Demonic presence… i will definitely tell you that… we’re gonna be needing safeguards all around…

Rm # 312…

Jack: *Covering his ears* Ahhhhh! What the snow’s frosty hell is that?

Reese: *Covering his ears* I don’t know… but i am gonna go on a leap here. It’s definitely bad news.

Jack: I don’t think that this is good. I think that we have just caught a first shot of redness out there… It’s faint. but it’s starting.

Reese: What do you mean starting? What’s starting?

Jack: Here’s the clue… Armageddon… The End is near. In other words. Apocalypse… Come shine your light of destruction.

Reese: Uh… okay. I think i get it now. I think that i get it loud and clear. But just ease up on the red flag. I have religion… but i am not one to go all psycho.

Jack: That screeching is still going on… but it’s died down now.

Reese: That’s a relief.

Jack: *Looking outside the window and seeing the sky looking a little pinkish* Reese, come over here and take a look at this. You’re not gonna believe this.

Reese: *Walking over* What’s up? Something going on outside?

Jack: You tell me. Look at the sky. What does it look like to you?

Reese: *Looking up at the sky and seeing a pinkish hue to it* Uh, Okay. I definitely am seeing that the stream of normality has broken loose. and it’s definitely been whacked good. A Pinkish sky. Are the skies trying to set itself on fire or is that a sign that the end of days are indeed here?

Jack: And this comes from one who isn’t all that highly religious…

Reese: Jack… Come on. You don’t need to always be on the Religious front to know that Hell is on the tip of breaking right on loose.

Jack: Well… that is fine and well… but sadly to say… it seems as though we’re the only ones that are paying the least bit of attention to it all.

Reese: No one else is seeing it… yet. But that is all soon to change.

Jack: You Wilkerson… talk like you’re a country man from the heartland.

Reese: Hey… My brothers Malcolm and Dewey never understood my reasoning. i was a bit of a trouble maker back in the day… but Those days are long time done. I came to change my whole style of living. I am with you and the others on this Demon stuff… but the Super natural element has to be cut at some time. You know that it has to have an off switch somewhere.

Jack: It does… But right now… you might want to try and explain that to the big bad and ugly demon. He’s coming when it’s time for the end to strike it’s final chime…

Metropolis Middle School…

8:25 AM…

1st. Period…

Luna: *Looking at Zeke and the others* Didn’t you guys see the sky go kinda pinkish?

Zeke: I did. I don’t think that i am liking the idea of the skies going red.

Penelope: The sky is not going red yet.

Pamela: You guys are not getting it… You are being blind. There is something awfully wrong going on outside. Luna, You came to me first this morning about a strange call that came out of nowhere.

Luna: I did. It was from this crew. From the U.S.S Enterprise.

Zeke: From the U.S.S Enterprise? Luna, How are you getting calls from them? They don’t call anyone. They don’t get in contact with anyone on Earth.

Luna: Well… they do with my family. They happen to still respect my family. Even after the total disbandment of having a tie to a Red head named Larmina.

Pamela: Who’s Larmina?

Luna: An Ex-Family friend. She was overheard Slandering us at a Galactic Bar sometime ago and it was caught by this guy who she clearly had the hots for. He left her and told the others what she said and she was taken to a holding cell. She’s been given a court-martial and sent off for prison. She’s been heard slandering us.

Penelope: But why would they know about you?

Luna: Because my family has once done some work for them… for a short time… We helped them out on a problem aboard their ship.

Zeke: In space?

Luna: Surprised, Zeke?

Zeke: yeah. I think that i am surprised.

Penelope: As am I.

Pamela: I think that it’s a total trip. But that is only me talking. We’d be okay to meet them.

Luna: They’re joining our efforts with the details of this current threat. The Demon. Scath.

Mr. Bellman: *Clearing his throat and stopping the class; Listening to the conversation* Gee, Am i that boring to you guys that you must feel it’s right to talk during my lectures?

Pamela: No… Not that at all.

Mr. Bellman: Then i suggest you keep silent and don’t interrupt the lesson again.

Luna: *Feeling the harshness coming from the teacher* sounds like  someone’s getting a little tough on us.

Mr. Bellman: No. It’s called having a lively conversation in class is being disruptive.

Pamela: *Looking at the window* It sure has gotten ugly out.

Penelope: *Nods* something is coming.

Luna: *Getting back to work; concerned about the predicament*

9:00 AM…

(Time till the Day of Raven’s moment of fulfilling Prophecy/Scath’s arrival

3 Months, 4 days, 14 hours, 10 minutes)

Metropolis University…


Alice: *Writing in her book* …. *Feeling a few kicks inside her stomach* Ohhhh! Agh! *Feeling pain* Ouch!

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Working with her brother John and Kris* The whole city is going right to hell. we can feel it.

Kris: I can’t feel much of the change… but since the city’s started being over run by these beasts… the whole metropolitan city populace has gone Psychotic.

John: It’s worse than that. *Looking at the screen* Take a look at this. I done some digging around and barely caught on to this data. But… look. this is from Watchtower. It’s an Encrypted file that my grandson gave me as he found out about it just a few minutes ago. He’s not telling his brothers or the 3 girls about it till later in the day here. But… This is what he sent me…

A second later…

John: The Gates of hell… It was first documented in the Ancient underground of Rome. Underneath the City of Vatican. The Vatican City doesn’t even know of it… but they believe in it. Something has pulled it open and broke the seal. It can’t seal it without the Demon girl’s assistance. In order to re-seal the gates of hell… The fighters are gonna need the Pamphlet that has the inscription. The Gate of hell… that particular gate is the one that leads to Limbo… Azaratian Limbo. The demons that are coming from there are from Earth… but also from the Azarathian Limbo… Their Purgatory and also… a place that we read on and it might lead to the dilemma that the girls and my grandsons have all battled against in the past… The Phantom Zone Meaning Phantom Wraiths and spirits. This door Links those two… and our hell together… the seals that are still intact… are the ones of Earth itself… and of the Phantom Zone. But the Azarathian Limbo is broken. the seal is broken and the doors are open. The two seals that are still together… are being worn and torn apart by the gates of Hell that is opened due to the one seal. The only way to close it is with that Inscription from the Pamphlet that the girl with Demon Blood holds. She’s the only one that can close it. It can only be closed by one from Azaratian blood. by someone from the Bloodline of Azarath.

Kris: How did he get that? Is that seriously under the Vatican? The Vatican is like the most holiest place in the whole world. All faiths and bases of religion center from that city. It’s the focal point in all Religion. Ancient and Modern.

Trixie: The world is going to hell. But the worst thing about it is that the City here is getting the sharp ends of the blow. The forensic side arms.

Perry: *Coming out of the office and walking over* It’s time to go… we need a couple of reporters over at the docks… 20 casualties just hit and i need a reporter at the nearby coffee shop. a Robbery hit and a couple of people are with a story to tell of it. John… you take the Coffee shop angle… Trixie. You and Kris go to the docks. We need the story and it has to out stock the Inquisitor. You can bet that a couple of reporters from the Inquirer and the Inquisitor are both there chomping on the meaty parts of the story there and seek to just do what they can to sensationalize it. We need the truth… not the rambling of something that is not meant for pure glorification. But straight and honest truth.

Trixie: Right. *Looking at Kris* Well, Kris… Ready to over achieve and knock this story right to the front pages of the Daily planet?

Kris: And you really had to ask that how? Of course i’m ready. born ready. Let’s go.

John: *Grabbing his pad and camera; His Cell and Jacket* …News never sleeps. I wonder how T.V reporters ever get their shine or piece of the News pie?

Trixie: Brother… They get it as we do. Sometimes it comes out of spontaneity. Spontaneous and rarely from the blind side.

John: Which brings it back to us… going to get the news. to provide the public…

At the Tsukino household…

Mrs. Tsukino: *Speaking to her daughter* It’s been a very long time since you came to see me, Usagi. I missed you.

Usagi: I missed you too, Mom. it’s been quite a while. But i can’t say coming back to this city was a pleasant idea. I think you know why as it’s all over the city.

Mrs. Tsukino: The monsters and demons that happen to be running amok all over the city. Yeah. i know. I think it’s scary and dangerous. Disastrous.

Usagi: I know. I went to Shingo’s wedding on Christmas day last year and it got ruined a little due to a mass swarm of Fire Minions and Shadow creatures. It was upsetting. Although something happened during the fight. There were 3 unknown girls there that came to the aide. Helping Dinah-chan. She seemed to have known them. Called them Sapphire, Raven and Serena.

Mrs. Tsukino: What? *In shock* I don’t understand. How is that possible? Dinah came to see me finally the other month and we finally made amends with one another. She told me that she sent them to another planet. Some planet Called Vulcan.

Usagi: That might be the case… but i swear that i saw 3 girls there and she called them her daughters. Same names. Really. The same exact names…

Mrs. Tsukino: Strange. Very strange indeed.

Usagi: Even so… i went to the wedding and creatures were there to break into the wedding. devastating things. Dinah saw that Shingo got nearly hurt and he almost didn’t make it. but was out for a while… You should have seen her. You should have seen her lose it. She was pissed.

Usagi tells her mother verbatim of what happened on the Wedding day of Dinah and Shingo…

Shingo: *Looking up at the fray and feeling upset and boiling hot mad* Alright… That is it… I have just about had all that i am gonna take from these damn creatures. They are crashing here… They’re not welcome here… we didn’t tell them to show up. It’s about time that they leave! *Grabbing a Chair and With a aggravated composure charges at the Demonic Creatures* You Damn creatures can get the hell out of here. We don’t want you… we don’t need you. You’re not welcome here.

Dinah: *Running after Shingo* Shingo! Get back here… What the heck are you? Are you insane? You are not no Indiana Jones going on the crusade. You’ll get trampled by those things. They don’t play fair at all.

Shingo: It’s nothing that a normal person can’t do. I mean… really. You did it. before the pregnancy came about and you got a bit beat. but you still prevailed. This is nothing different than that.

Dinah: *Looking to see some creatures closing in* You’re gonna be asking for trouble. You’re gonna be asking for a real Throw down.

Within seconds…

Shingo: *Getting attacked and being beat by a handful of shadow creatures* Agh! AHHHHH!!!!

Dinah: *Freaking out* NOOOO!!!! SHINGO!!!!!!

Demonic Creatures: *Lashing out with fire Whips and inflicting flames on the girls and then on Shingo and Dinah* Scath will one day come upon this world and rule. The World of Mortals belongs to TRIGON!!!!

As the creatures were closing in…

Prince Alvin: Brothers… we got a mess to clean out. Let’s do it!

Prince Arnold: You got it!

Prince Avery: A ruined Wedding is not what we’ll tolerate. not one bit.

Prince Curtis: Let’s get’em.

A few seconds later…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking at one another*…  *Launching an attack at the Demonic Creatures* Elemental Marathon! Wave 1: Flash INFERNO!

Demonic Creatures: *Screeching* Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Rhapsody Brothers: Elemental Marathon! Wave 2: Watery LIQUIDATION!

Demonic Creatures: *Screeching* Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at the Demonic Creatures* Elemental Marathon! Wave 3: Plasma’s Burning Nuclear BEAMS!

Demonic Creatures: *Screeching* Screeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccccchhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at the Demonic Creatures* Elemental Marathon! Wave 4: Electrical Short-Circuit ELECTROCUTION!

Demonic Creatures: The Gem was born of Evil’s fire… The Gem shall be his portal…

Dinah: *Growling* Shut up! SHUT UP!!!

Raven: *Hearing the fated words* The words… They’re the words of the prophecy. They’re speaking it. But it’s too soon. Trigon isn’t here yet. What is going on?!

Paige: *Waking up and trying to gain her footing* Ugh! What the heck is going with the creatures. These brutes are tough.

Pearl: *Slowly getting up and Shaking off the dust* Strong… Tough?! Are you seriously trying to bullshit the entire gang here? Sensitive girl here needs to have a rain check with the pain and the tear jerk surprise… I was almost lifeless.

Paige: Oh?! And i wasn’t? Uh, Excuse me, Pearl… I do think that i was with more scrapes than you. I mean… HELLO! LOOK AT ME! TAKE A GOOD LOOK! Do i look like i am having any enjoyment out of this? Do I? Because if so… I would be so pleased to be enlightened. Please just let me know.

Pearl: Knock it off Paige. You’re not the only one here that is practically getting their ass kicked. Don’t forget that we got allies here that are fighting alongside us. Do i need to tell you who they are? Vincent, Martin… Raven… i think… There are also the 4 guys doing the fighting too… But even they are with not much luck as for each Cluster of creatures they vanquish… another cluster sparks off in their place.  I don’t even see my boyfriend Jack around.

Jack: Wanna bet, Dear? You are seeing me… Open those eyes and you’ll see me. *Facing the Demonic Creatures and Firing a forceful blast* You things are of fire… Fire. But Ice in all logical scientific wisdom and knowledge has been foretold to be your worst enemy. Meet ICE! ICE RAY! Thy name is Frost. JACK FROST!!! I Command for you Fire seekers to DIE!!! FREEZE AND BUG OUT!

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* Shingo?! Wake up! Wake up Shingo, dear Husband… wake up those eyes. Come on. Wake up… Get up!

Shingo: *raspy breathing and unresponsive*

Dinah: Shingo?! *Desperate* Please Shingo! *Shaking her husband awake* Get up! Don’t die on me. I can’t lose you. Don’t Die on me… Please. Wake up! Get up for me. Dinah… your wife loves you. she doesn’t want to lose you. Come on… *Shaking her husband and trying to get him to respond* Please! *Suddenly feeling her eyes beginning to well up and feeling the sense of loss* Please God… No! Don’t take my love away! Please! I can’t lose him. Not today. Not now! Of all days… Not on our wedding day. Not today. I can’t lose him… *Shaking her husband’s still looking body more and getting no response* No.  No! No! NOOOOOOO! *Crying into her husband’s Chest and sobbing in agony* SHINGO!!!!!!

“Have you heard
Have you tried to understand
It’s all right
It gets easier with time

How are you
Are you ever coming back
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my Love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

I’m getting through
I wish you felt the way I do
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

I was wrong
I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d do anything for one more day with you

I’d do anything for one more day with you
I’d give anything for one more day with you”

But as they were struggling with the creatures…

Mamoru: *Walking in and seeing the devastation* The damage. These Evil entities are attacking the innocent. *Walking further and changing into the Prince of the Earth* You Devilish Creatures are not welcome here.

Jadeite: *With Nephrite, Kunzite and Zoicite* Hold on master…. We shall join you.

Dinah was still crying in her husband’s chest as she was unable to get through to him and get him to respond. She Only looked up to see that her sisters were getting torn apart by the Fire Demons… She panicked and freaked out but was more upset than anything else to react. She was torn and the sadness and the upset sense… that was coming over to Dinah… soon turned to Anger…

Dinah: *Seeing her friends getting attacked and seeing a couple of the fire creatures going towards Martin and bashing him with force*

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Screaming in pain* AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Dinah: *Seeing Vincent getting knocked backwards* No! Vincent! *Seeing the guys getting knocked down and battered into the ground* NO!!!


Dinah: That DOES IT!… *Seeing her friends and family hurt and plastered onto the ground; Growing angrier and starting to feel rage building* You no good demons… have ruined my Wedding. I have been waiting for this day to come… The day that i would get to enjoy life as a married woman. But you Ruined it. You have hurt my family. My friends. You have hurt them all.You hurt a young kid. Martin is only 13.  He is only 13. You bastards hurt a elderly man. Vincent is an elderly man and yet can still fight. But you hurt him. You have hurt my family. My Sisters… *Growing more angrier and with more Rage* Damn you Monsters… You Evil Demonic Creatures… You hurt my friends… You attacked my HUSBAND!!!! I Loved him. He was my better half and you Rotten Creeps… You… Killed… Him! *Growling with More Fury and feeling herself burning up with Rage* You No good… Cruel… Evil… Heartless, sadistic… wretched… Bastards! You came here to start something… You wanted to start trouble. Well.. I got news for you. You want to pick on someone… You want to hurt an Innocent Teen. A family. You want to Fuck with someone? Well… Come and mess with me. YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! Scath can go Fuck himself. You want to do his work… Then come on… Do it! TAKE ME ON! TAKE ME ON!!! NOW! *Seeing her sisters beaten; Seeing her friends slammed* You hurt my friends… You… Have hurt my sisters… You hurt my husband… This was my Wedding day and YOU RUINED IT!!!! YOU FIRE DEMONS ARE DEAD!!!!!! DEAD!!!!

Dinah was growling and with Rage. She was Burning Seething and as it went… She got even more enflared with Burning rage. She was pissed off and what happened next was something of a mind trick… or a mesmerizing miracle…

Out of nowhere…

Sapphire: Mom?

Raven: Mom!

Serena: *Looking at her mother* Uh, Seriously. Mom, as much as we are quite used to your explosive temper… You really need to calm down before you give yourself an unstable heart. You got married today and it was ruined by these beasts… You were out of the front lines.

Dinah: Because i was pregnant with you girls. I couldn’t risk doing anything that would harm you girls. *Upset* But this day has been ruined by these fire demons who keep talking about this Demon named Scath.

Raven: Scath?! You are talking about the incarnation of All Evil and the bad entity who has the kicks for turning the world into a hellish playground… aren’t you?

Sapphire: I think that there is only one Demon that is all big, bad and Ugly that she could be referring to, Raven. And the Ally mom has is someone who is the Gem… The portal that lets sir walking nightmare on to our world here. We should stay. To help with the fight here. Stay to help with beating down Scath the Nightmare freak.

Raven: Of course.  We can help our Aunts and our mom. Come on… Let’s help out mom!

Serena: Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!

Sapphire: Right. Let’s do it. This is for our mom…

A second later…

Sapphire: *With Raven and Serena; Posing for transformation* … *Transforming* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!… Electrify!

Within seconds the appearances changed and replaced the attire with Thunderic charged suits. The Boots were with Thundering energy… Each step was with Thunderic power. The Gloves were with Thunder and lightning. Their weapons were the Thunder Solar Discs. The Jet propelled Lightning Shooter. The Seismic Thunder Boomerangs. They had independent names. Sapphire was Miss Thunder… Raven was Thunderic Wonder… and Serena was Thunder Star.

Miss Thunder: *Facing the Demonic Fire Creatures* This is for hurting our mom and our father. You hurt the innocent and want to cast your evil upon the earth like you own it. Not on your life. You’re leaving this place.

Thunderic Wonder: Do you know about a hero named Thunder Mistress? Because the lady you see behind us… That’s our mother. “Danger Zone” Dinah. Thunder Mistress. Miss Lightning in a Bottle herself. You screw with us… You’ll be signing your own death warrants. Evil Demonic creatures or not.

Thunder Star: We can see your stank from miles away… so don’t even try to mess with us.

Demonic Creatures: *Launching Fire whips at the girls* Silence!

But before they were to make contact…

Thunder Mistress: *Looking Cross at the Demonic Creatures* …*Grabbing the Fire Whips and Growling* You leave my daughters alone. *Looking at the girls* Don’t worry. Momma’s back in the fray. Let’s trash these Creatures…

Pearl: *Looking to the side to see Dinah and 3 girls* Dinah?!

Paige: Oh my god… Dinah’s back to the fighting. She’s back. Thunder Mistress has come back. But who are those 3 girls who are with her?

Pearl: I don’t know… *On the floor and still unable to move much* But whoever they are… They seem to be on our side.

Raven: *Looking to see the girls* Those 3 girls are Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Dinah’s kids. It’s them from the future.

Pearl: Huh?!

Paige: Are you sure it’s them?

Raven: You have doubt? it’s them… it’s them.

Thunder Mistress: *Fighting the creatures* Yeah. I am back and i got news for these bastard creatures… They wanted trouble… But now… they got it.  *To the creatures* You creatures wanted trouble… well… Guess who’s back. It’s not just “Danger Zone” Dinah. It’s Also Thunder Mistress. Miss Lightning in a Bottle. Say your prayers.

Miss Thunder: No more talk… Time to trash the Fire Demons.

Thunderic Wonder: Say the word. *Poised to strike*

Thunder Star: Oh yeah… Fire demons… it’s so gonna be your end. Just you wait and see.

Miss Thunder: Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! FIRE! *Launching her weapon* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Launching her weapon* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder star: *Launching her weapon* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Thunder Mistress: *Watching the attacks hit the Demonic Fire Creatures and jumping off to  strike the Shadow Creatures* Yeah! That’s the ticket girls… My Babies are wonderful. *Launching a Thundering critical Hit at the Demonic Creatures* THUNDERING DRAGONS!!!!

Pearl: *Cheering* Alright! Way to go, Dinah. That’s showing those Demonic Creatures a thing or two. That’ll learn them quick.

Luna: *Running in* Paige, Pearl… Here… Your power belts… Put them on. Hurry! *Tossing the power belts over to Paige and Pearl*

Paige: *Confused* Huh?!

Pearl: Luna, Where did you get these?

Luna: It doesn’t matter where i got them… i got them and brought them to you. You girls need to get up and fight. The Demonic Creatures are ruining everything here… As are the Shadow creatures. You two need to get up and fight. Put these on… Hurry!

Thunder Mistress: *Looking to see Luna with the belts* Luna? Where did you get those belts?

Luna: I went to the Dorms and went into the rooms to get them… I can’t fight… But just because i can’t fight. Doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. I won’t let you girls go down without a fight. It won’t happen. Seeing you in your hero form even without the belt is a surprise and then some. But these belts should be worn.

Paige: Luna… You did surprising work… Good. Pearl… Let’s get ready to fight!

Pearl: Rhapsody Girls Z! Time?

Paige: Rhapsody Girls Z! Time.

Pearl: Dinah, come out of the form… We’re all gonna transform as one… This is to mark your return to the team.

Miss Thunder: Go for it Mom. Doing it with your sisters is important to you.

Thunderic Wonder: After this… we have to go back to the Future. But this is your time. We’re with you, Mom.

Thunder Star: Yeah. You’re “Danger Zone” Dinah… you can kick a lot of asses and take plenty of names… Even though we’re gonna be back in our own time… in the future… We’re always gonna be with you.. Forget what people say that family have issues. Family is Eternal.

Thunder Mistress: *Nods*

A second later…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Miss Love: *Looking at Dinah* Welcome back to the team, Dinah. It’s good to have you back.

Thunder Mistress: Thanks… It’s great to be back and fighting the good fight again. *Nods and Smiles*

Miss Love: The team is back. We’re complete once again.

Bubble Maiden: Let’s go!

Miss Thunder: We’ll help. Raven, Serena… Let’s hit it!

Thunderic Wonder: You got it, Sis. Let’s hit it. Thunder Power times 4

Thunder Star: Oh yeah!  Thunder and Lightning with extra sides of pain for the Evil Creatures…

Miss Love:  Sisters… Nieces! Ready…. Aim…. FIRE! ATTACK!

Seconds later…

Miss Love: This is for our sister and her husband… You spread Hate… Well Meet your worst Enemy… Hate.  Eat the Power of LOVE!!! *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* Love’s Rocking EMBRACE!!! *Watching a swarm of Hearts in the shape of a rockband flow at the creatures and Squeeze them; Suffocating them with Positive Energy and pulsing Love*

Bubble Maiden: This is where you Minions of Scath get off. Say Bon Voyage! *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* BUBBLES STORMING CONCERTO!!!

Thunder Mistress: Time to Taste the Kick of Thunder! *Running towards the Fire creatures and Lifting her leg up and Charging up for the attack* Time to Roll! *Stomping her right foot on the ground*

Miss Love: This is it… Dinah’s Sweet Chin Thunder! Girls… Count up with us…  Your Mom’s about to Unleash the attack…

Miss Thunder: *Gasps* What?! That’s got to be the famous Sweet Chin Thunder!

Thunderic Wonder: It is…

Thunder Star: *Cheering* Oh Damn! Way to Go Mom!  Yeah! Nail those demons… Nail them good. Let those Fire freaks Feel it!

A second later…

Miss Love: *with Bubble Maiden, Miss Thunder, Thunderic Wonder and Thunder Star* 1…… 2…… 3…… 4…… 5… 6… 7… 8!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* SWEET CHIN THUNDER! *Driving her foot up into the cluster of Demonic Fire Demons*

Miss Thunder: Way to go, Mom! You’re Terrific! *Looking at the creatures* That was our mom. You mess with her… you’re asking for hell. *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: Plus… our pain that we give to you Fire freaks is just a present. Something that you deserve. If our mom doesn’t happen to feed you the pain… You can count on it that we will. *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: No more games, Fire bugs. It’s time to have you all snuffed out  *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Raven: *Firing a heavy blast of Dark Energy at the Demonic Creatures* Begone from this place. You don’t have any right being here. This is not your place.”

Usagi: That is what happened. I was there. I heard and saw it happen, Mom. I know it sounds all far fetch’d and seems so warped… but it’s happened. Dinah almost lost Shingo. we all saw that we almost did lose him. But the miracle of it all was that he didn’t die. he was just knocked out cold for a little bit. But The 3 girls that were there… they were the future forms of the 3 babies that Dinah and Shingo have made together. The future forms of Sapphire, Raven and Serena.

Mrs. Tsukino: On a Wedding day… if someone’s day were to get ruined… for any reason. It would bring all the more reason for someone to be upset and pissed. I would be too… Having a little bit of Drama is normal… Family Drama. But the things like monsters and super natural beings that are Evil intent… It isn’t normal. So, Yeah. It would leave all the more reason for a person to be pissed and literally upset.

Usagi: But mother… this wasn’t your normal idea of being pissed. This was like white hot… Loose cannon, rage. It was really bad. Dinah is a loose cannon. You seen that. But this was worse than that.

Mrs. Tsukino: Usagi-chan… you need to stop thinking that Dinah’s that loose wired. She’s loose wired for her family. she will protect anyone in her family. You know that better than anyone. You’d do the same for your guy, wouldn’t you?

Usagi: Yeah. It is all to protect her family and stand up for her husband and her kids. But to imagine what that would be like if they were here now. and She saw that her kids were gonna be in danger. It’s not good.

Mrs. Tsukino: Nothing ever is, Usagi. You of all people should know that. Dinah is yes… sometimes unruly. But her mother knows her better than we do. Knows that she has no faults. Just a drive to be tough… and with strength. with no desire to just lie down and quit. Her temper is past the normal level of rage… and anger… but before she had that to put up a wall to guard her heart from being hurt. and to be tough for her sisters as they need it when times are bad for them. She’s now got it because she needs it so she can keep her young ones safe from any and all harm. That’s what all mothers seek upon doing.

Usagi: What about the demons? the creatures that are in the city… there are way too many. And i can’t do anything…

Mrs. Tsukino: *Confused* Uh… okay. i’m confused… What do you mean by saying that there is nothing you can do?

Usagi: What i mean is that i can’t help them. I don’t know how. I’d only get in the way.

Mrs. Tsukino: What will the girls do about those things?

Usagi: *Sighs* I don’t know. I really don’t know…

At the Luthor Mansion…

Tess was there at the mansion and getting ready to head off for a conference meeting with the board of directors…

Tess: The company’s going to hell and this might be the last thread. the last source of redemption for the company. But i got to save it. Somehow. Because it’s not just mine… it’s also Oliver’s and some of his funding to keep helping the girls and building stronger equipment for them… comes from the Luthorcorp funding. But if the company goes under and bankrupt… Everyone’ll be out of work. *Sighs*

Security guard: *Walking into the room* The chopper is ready and waiting for you, Ms. Mercer.

Tess: Thank you, Stanley.

Secretary: Are you sure that you should be flying so soon?

Tess: No. I’m not sure. but i don’t seem to have much choice. Luthorcorp’s share holders are planning to cut bait and liquidize all it’s assets and subsidiaries. stating that the leadership is incompetent. If i don’t produce a viable reason to keep the company in good marks… The board will disband and the company will flounder and 500,000 jobs will be gone. and the company will be dead. If that happens… I won’t be able to fund Mr. Queen’s professor extra curricular activities. His company will be lucky to be holding on by a thread.

Secretary: What about Cadmus Labs?

Tess: What about it?

Secretary: Well… can’t you corner off a deal to keep the company on the level by trading off and selling off Cadmus Labs? It’s got enough stocks to taper off and put somewhere else and fortify the company… Doesn’t it?

Tess: No. It went out of business a few years ago. Lionel and Lex both liquidized the stocks and the lab before they both vanished from the Radars.

Secretary: There must be something you can do about the company. although… i don’t think it’d be safe to fly out today. The skies aren’t looking so good.

Tess: I know. There is signs of demons busting out from the gates of hell and there is little to no chance in stopping it…

A moment later…

In the Air heading over to Luthorcorp Plaza…

Pilot: There’s a pinkish hue in the sky, Ma’am. We might hit some rough air.

Tess: It’s okay… just get us to the building fast.

Pilot: Yes Ma’am…


At Metropolis Middle School…


Luna: *At the Table on the far end of the eating area outside the Cafeteria; Looking at her friends* Guys, we need to talk.

Ted: I know. And we all know why we’re here. Right?

Penelope: I do.

Pamela: Same here.

June: As do I.

Beth: *Walking over* Hey guys…

Jake: Hey Beth. Good to see you back.

Jennifer: You okay? You’ve been rather distant for a while.

Beth: It’s nothing to worry about. I was just with a lot on my mind. My parents are divorcing and i just didn’t want to be around anyone and drag you guys into my problems. My parents are talking about taking me out of this school and putting me in another school. Moving to another city.

Pamela: What? Why?

Beth: Because of the Supernatural element and the fact that i have friends who consist of a Seer, An Ex- Senshi, A troubled Teen. They don’t want me being around that. They’re judgmental.

Penelope: Your parents are judgmental. Are you able to find if you can Emancipate yourself from them?

Beth: I can… I would have to find where they happen to have Emancipation papers.

Penelope: Find the papers and bring them to my parents. They’re looking to Adopt a kid… 13-14 years old. A girl. You’ll be a Walden… but at least you will be able to keep your life here… and not be tossed around like some throw down doll.

Luna: I would agree. Beth, i don’t want you to leave us. You’re a good friend.

Ted: Amen. But… Even though we are expressing our concern and care for you, Beth; We got to get down to the brass tax of the issue that is circling us all.

Pamela: That’s right. we got something to discuss. Actually 3 somethings. one is the strange call that Luna said she got from the Enterprise and how she knows of them. 2. The Demons that are in the city and 3. the resistance group against the Demons that are in the city.

Luna: Okay. So let’s think… What do we know so far?

Penelope: The Demon front. It’s been advancing for the last couple months and it’s been getting more and more active and more latent in its Advances.

Jake: My father has been called into the Military compound multiple times over the last 3 1/2 Months due to the Demon outbreak. From what i heard him say or tell his Commander. The demons have been moving in to highly populated locations and meshing in with the humans. the normal beings. Making it near impossible for them to get a lock on the ones who were actual demons and who were possessed by one.

June: My mother was training with her swimming ability and mentioned that she a few times she sworn to have swam next to someone who was normal… but then again… not as normal as we usually come across. The guy was… secretive and rather dark. He also was talking in this strange tongue. Ancient. She let slip out the other day when i asked. Telling me that the guy said…

The Sky started going another shade of red…

Karen: Go on… Tell us what was said.

June: The guy said… The Gem is our master’s link to Earth. His portal. She will one day release him and there is nothing she can do to stop it. I sired her so i could rule and i will see to it that i ascend to Earth and turn it into a desolate wasteland. The end of the world of Mortals will soon come to pass.

Luna: *Gasps* The guy said that?

Jake: That is nothing… My father had to handle some demon influencing. He came across a whole cluster of them the other week and he nearly came home with a dog gone heart attack. It freaked him out. My dad is one who can settle with a lot of things. Many things. But when it would come to things revolving the supernatural… he just goes into a panic. because he has no idea as to how to react. he doesn’t figure to know as to whether the being is Evil… or good. Friendly. Violent. No idea. He just finds himself standing and watching the unknown being… not knowing what to do. I don’t blame him because i wouldn’t know either. The other day or so… i was at the park and i was just minding my own business. Just taking a walk. Jennifer was with me.

Jennifer: That’s true. i was. I was with Jake and the thing that really was weird; had been just that we didn’t even know where it came from. This creature just came out of nowhere and at first it didn’t even see us. Didn’t even spot us. We were just walking along… then out of nowhere it whizzed right by us and got ahead of us by maybe a couple of meters. Feet probably. It just hit so fast. The creature stopped and stood there for at least maybe a minute or two. It just stalled. Then all of a sudden it raised its head and looked right at us. we can tell you for sure and with no fooling around. It looked at us and we saw its eyes. The eyes were demonic looking. They were also red beady eyes too. Red eyes and demon like. Just like hell had spawned it from its belly and the deepest bowels. Literally. it had red eyes. 4. Each one was just as evil and sinister looking.

Luna: What about you, Pamela? You see any?

Pamela: Me? Luna, are you crazy? i haven’t seen any. Maybe because i just managed to hit it lucky. that’s probably why.

Luna: You mean that you had nothing odd strike past you?

Pamela: Weird? Yeah. A few things were odd. But nothing really demonic. Just rather bizarre. I mean literally bizarre. Without a doubt.

Beth: That’s one good fortune to look upon. But that doesn’t meant that we all were fortunate to be spared of Demonic possession.

Ted: *Pauses and curious* Huh? Beth… What are you getting at?

Beth: Martin is possessed by one.

Luna: Martin?!

Zeke: Pfft! Right! That loser? He’s not possessed. No one can possess an ass and turn him into anymore of one than what he already was. Martin’s actions were ones of his own making.

Karen: That’s a really good point. Martin can’t be forced to be something that he already had become.

Luna: Beth… how do you believe that he is possessed?

Beth: Because of the way he was talking to me just the other week. He was… rather silent. and then he’d go into this trans. Not sure as to what it was that he was saying… but he was speaking latin. He said something that sounded dark and Evil. Satanic. But from what he was saying… This line stuck. he said: “Mortales animae tibi.” Meaning… “The souls of the Mortals will fall. ”

Luna: Huh? Are you sure that it was for a fact him and not just your mind making you believe that he’d speak in that sort of way?

Beth: I wish that i was dreaming it or imagining it all. But i am afraid that i’m not. Sorry, Luna.

Zeke: *Skeptic* Right. I don’t think that i buy that in the very least. I truly don’t buy that at all. I mean that i am sorry that he’s been possessed but… After the crap he pulled. I don’t think i have any concern for him. If we were smart. We would forget about him.

Karen: Zeke… That isn’t exactly nice. but i don’t blame you for how you feel. none of us do. You tried to reach out to Martin and be like a friend to him and he kept shunning you on like you didn’t even matter to him. I thought that it was rather mean. It is mean. But Martin’s being possessed by a demon. As much as we don’t like the guy… we have to be there to help him. Because being possessed by a demon is something we would not wish on anyone. No one deserves that. Not you, Luna… me. Pamela, Penelope, Jake or Jennifer. Ted. no one.

Pamela: What about the Resistance?

Luna: Good question. What are we to do about the resistance? We need to form a resistance towards the Demons that are in the city.

Ted: Yes. What we need is to get a hold of Anti-Demon charms. To ward off any Demons that come. The only problem is that we don’t know where to go to find any. We don’t know where to go to get them. We don’t know at all who might have them.

Penelope: Well… we got to do something to ward them off… or otherwise we’ll be just possible soon to be victims of Demonic Possession.

Jake: There is something that we might consider doing. But that means we’re gonna have to be in the same spot or location as Martin. We might not want to be around him. But if it was a choice or a go between being protected from the Demons and not get scarred for life. or not doing it and letting the Demons take us all one by one. or two by two. I would think that taking that risk and at least be protected. Give ourselves a fighting chance.

Luna: We have to wait till we can get Vincent alone and far from Martin. Just long enough to get what we need.

Zeke: That’s right. How do we do it?

Ted: We will have to work it out the minute school lets out for the day. But we’re gonna need to get that means of protection.

June: After that… we all meet at Luna’s place. to discuss about the call she said that she’s got from the Enterprise.

Luna: Right. I like that plan.

12:00 Noon

At the Metropolis Krispy Creme Donut shop…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking in and ordering a coffee and couple donuts* Excuse me… Can i have a medium Coffee and a couple of Glazed Chocolate donuts?

Baker: Coming right up. and the coffee is with cream and sugar, Right?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: yes.


Man: *Walking in and coming towards the counter* …

Rikku L. Rhapsody: ……

Man: The still new Court Liaison. We meet again. Today seems like one of those days where we keep crossing paths.


Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking to see the man from earlier walking over* I Would say the same about you. You following me, Sir? *Grinning with a smile*

Man: *Chuckles* Guilty. But i guess that it’s because i am rather intrigued by your professional delicacy. Being a Liaison and taking heart of your clients. The case subjects. Not easy on you although you’re handling it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s like you said… when on the Job… you can’t let that element of thought get in the way. You can’t afford for any personal sentiments to be involved in it. When dealing with cases that involve innocent kids.

Man: Okay… okay. You got me dead to rights. I know that i said that and i will admit that i can be a bit abrasive in the Judicial system and enforcing the laws of Justice. But it’s pretty much all i know. I done it for many years. Started it all when i was only 19 years old.  I worked as a rookie Lawyer when i first started and just worked up to where i am now.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: And that would be?

Man: The Metropolis New District Attorney. Been the new District Attorney for almost 8 months now.

Cashier: *Ringing up the charge and handing Mrs. Rhapsody the order* Here’s your coffee and the donuts, Mrs. Rhapsody.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at the Cashier* Thank you. *Taking the Order* … *Looking back at the man* Ah… That’s why you’re so Dedicated and strong armed with the Law.

Man: *Sticking out a hand in means of introducing himself* Nick Harrison.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Nods and extending her hand and shaking Nick’s Hand* Rikku Rhapsody. Mother of 5 Daughters and 2 Adopted Girls who i Love very much.

Cashier: That’ll be 5 dollars.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Oh… okay. *Pulling out her wallet*

Nick: No… No. Allow me. The men at the station have me grabbing a few dozen Donuts for them. I’ll pick up the tab on that one too.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Are you sure?

Nick: Oh yeah. It’s not a problem.

Rikku: Thank you. That’s really kind of you.

A minute later Nick and Rikku resume the conversation…

Nick: Nice. I guess that you’re getting the career to support your kids. That’s one way of working. Providing for the kids. Making a living for yourself too. I don’t have any kids. Nor am i Married. I’m not really seeing anyone. Except my Job.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Same here. I’m single. I once was seeing a guy. years and years ago. Back when i was considered to be with the Title “Princess” But the thing was that i kinda got teased and mocked and trampled by people calling me nicknames. I don’t know if i ever would find a suitable guy. The guy… my first love was the professor to my 3 girls Paige, Pearl and Dinah. And before he was the professor. He was a Pilot for the Garrison and helped… as you may say… form a mighty robot. don’t ask how it is i know that though. My family… or my girls… they have been going through so much and have been fighting danger and busting up beasts and creeps for a long time.

Nick: What about now?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: They still are fighting crime. but they are also going to the university. Metropolis University.

Nick: They go there. Wow… How are they affording to go there? I mean that University isn’t cheap. It is really pricey.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It is… but here’s the thing and i don’t know if its for you to know. No offense of course. But the one paying for it is the CEO of Queen Industries.

Nick: I don’t think that i’ve met the guy. I don’t know who that guy is. Is he like a friend of theirs?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Oh… Well… You could say that. You could say that he is like a friend of theirs. But… he is also the Professor to them. The previous one died in a lab explosion. Awful too.  Nick, There is something that you might not have guessed.

Nick: Really? Why’s that? *Curious*

Rikku L. Rhapsody: The girls are heroes. They have a secret that the whole city knows of…

Nick: You don’t say. Interesting. I won’t ask what that is unless you’re open to spill out that part. But what ever the secret is… You’re a strong woman for trying to keep the secret silent around someone like me.

They press on with talking. But as the day went on the sky got a few more shades of Pink and it was gonna start to look red soon as the shades were starting to get darker than the ones before…


1:00 PM…

(Time till the Day of Raven’s moment of fulfilling Prophecy/Scath’s arrival

3 Months, 4 days, 10 hours)

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s House…

In Raven’s Room…

Raven: *Meditating* Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Azarath Metrion Zinthos! *Hearing voices* Get out of my mind, Father. I know you’re there. Leave!

As she was Meditating…

Bright white light billowed into the room and Stung the powers of darkness with its power…

Raven: Ah! *Putting up a dark shield and shielding herself from the light* Who’s doing that?

Casstiel: *Voice* It’s an angel of god. An angel of the Lord.

Raven: Show yourself. What are you doing in my room? This is my room. No one ever goes into my room.

Casstiel: *Appearing before Raven* You’re the one who is said to be the being that releases the Tyrant who is equivalent to our Lucifer?

Raven: How can you tell?

Casstiel: Don’t play me, Raven of Azarath. I know about you.

Raven: *Suspicious* How do you know about me?

Casstiel: I am an Angel of the Lord. I am Casstiel.

Thunder Booms within the room and quick flash of light flickers to show Casstiel’s wings…

Raven: *Cross*

A second later…

Raven:  *With a look of Anger* What business do you have here in my room?

Casstiel: I have come here to bring a problem by you. It is a matter of great importance and it is one that means the sanctity of the humans on this planet.

Raven: *Raising an eyebrow in Curiosity* Okay… You have my attention…

A minute passes…

Casstiel: I can not release too much information. But there is something that you need to know. There is a gate of hell underneath the holy catholic city. The Vatican City… It is the known focal point. The center of all religions and faiths. beliefs. Mormons, Christians, Buddhists, Monks, Islamic, Hebrew, Catholic. It’s the home of the Vicar of Christ. The Pope. underneath the city… Under Saint Peter’s Square is Necropolis. The Catholic’s city of the dead. But underneath that. deep down under… is a location called the Gate of hell. Lucifer’s world. His playground. He is as you may refer to him the Equivalent to your Demonic Father. Scath. Trigon the Terrible.

Raven: *Stepping back in shock* How do you know that name?

Casstiel: The lord knows. and as i am one of his top disciples. I too know that name. I am normally not as you may see here before you. I look different in actual Angel form. Although to come upon Earth and walk as one of the humans… it was said to be almost impossible as i had to find a vessel. A human that would be strong enough and durable to withstand the powers of a god. An Angel.

Raven: Interesting. But what does it have to do with me?

Casstiel: Everything. You play a center role in the coming apocalypse. It will come at the end of this year. You will be said to fulfill the role you were meant to play. But This gate of hell is one that not only links Earth’s version of hell… but also ties and leads to a Galactic Desolate paradise. One that houses and holds the worst criminals within the 28 known galaxies; The Phantom Zone. It also leads to Azarathian Limbo. and right to where Scath resides.

Raven: What of this Gate? What’s the matter with it?

Casstiel: It’s opened. The Azarathian seal on it is broken and holding the door open.

Raven: And the other seals?

Casstiel: They’re still intact. They haven’t been broken. But the Door being open and the power that it’s let out releasing the demons and the spirits. It’s slowly tearing at the two remaining seals. If the door isn’t closed soon. The other two seals will break and thereby turning this world into hell. There will be no power left in Heaven.


Gabriel: *Popping in* Casstiel.

Casstiel: Gabriel. What’s the situation with the door?

Gabriel: Not good. The second seal… The Seal leading to Phantom Zone is about to rupture. We need that Pamphlet with the Azarathian inscription now. If the Phantom Zone seal breaks… it will break the Earth’s seal. It won’t hold on much longer.

Casstiel: How long before it breaks?

Gabriel: 4 days… but the intensity that it’s giving out… it’s down to 1- 1 1/2 at most.

Casstiel: What’s Raphael doing about it?

Gabriel: He’s holding it as long as he can. But we both know that he’s got an alterior motive to keeping the Gate closed. Besides that he’s the guy you’d want to keep on the leash. He’s the blow up a storm and sound the dance of chaos in waiting. however the hell that is at risk of coming to reality… he doesn’t wish on anyone. We need that girl. She is the only one that can—

Raven: *Pauses and lost* Uh…. Should i even ask what it is that you two are talking about?

Gabriel: *Turning to see the girl and catching the Demon mark on the forehead* The daughter of the Benevolent one. Scath. Oh… Well… now this gets to be a whole lot interesting. Demons on earth. We angels go crazy looking for the one with Azarathian blood and also demon blood. But… we get Surprise… surprise and behold the shock of many. You.

Casstiel: Gabriel, This girl is Azarathian. Meet Raven. Raven… Meet Gabriel he’s another Angel from heaven. He’s also known by the masses as the Trickster.

Gabriel: ….

Raven: Great meeting you. But mind telling me what this is about.

Gabriel: *Snapping his finger and putting the silence veil over Raven for the moment* Hold on to the Demon pie there, Darkie. There is something that is going on that you are smacking the lips of world’s extinction with. The Gates of toasty pools of molten rock.  sweet scents of sulfur and paths of luscious brimstone. Demons in waiting and the premier of sir daddy-kins in the flesh. I Love to tell you more… but doing that would tempt you to sound off the Mortal’s end Chimes. You don’t want that. Trust this sexy looking angel… you don’t want it.

Casstiel: Gabriel, help Raphael with the gate. Try to keep the gate stable.

Gabriel: Easier said than accomplished. The Gate is trouble central. If it keeps busting open and breaks the remaining seals on it… Big bad daddy scath will want to throw a hell party and we’ll have to roll up the red carpet leading him out from his chains of confinement. We need that Inscription. soon. Time grows short my friend. *Snapping his finger and removing the silence on Raven* Sorry to silence you with that trick, Demon half-breed. But it was best you heard it. Hard as it may be… you had to hear it with both ears on the focus.

Raven: Why is it coming on me? I don’t want to be the portal. I don’t want to be a part of the prophecy. I am trying to get out of having to fulfill it.

Gabriel: Casstiel, Angel hands… your turn. Let her know what we are getting at. She’s seeming to be a really tough cookie and she’s not willing to break. But get through to her. Don’t have Raphael do it. He will only vaporize her as he sees half-demons as just as troublesome as full fledged demons. She’s posing great importance than what she thinks. Keep your eyes on her. This demon girl who is half human in the mix… She’s tricky. but one of a kind. *Looking at Raven one more time before popping out* Been a wonderful time passing the moment with a fond Half-Breed girl like you. But the angels of destruction are harking to end the world. If the gates don’t close soon and that seal isn’t placed back in fortification to the gate… we’re looking for the employment of big bad and tyranny. Ciao! *Popping out*

Casstiel: *Looking at Raven* The Prophecy you were given is absolute. It can’t be abolished. But unless you help us seal that gate. The King Demon Scath will break loose into the world… on the mortal world and won’t need you to release him… But the hell that he sires for this world is not something you will want.

Raven: *Groans and sighs in frustration* What do you want from me? What is it that you need me to do?

Casstiel: You are with both Demon and Azarathian blood. Human by mother Arella. Demon by the Tyrant you know as Trigon. But we for Earth’s standard know as Scath. But as you are the only one left of Azarath. You are the only one that would be able to read the Inscription. To seal the Gate of hell. You are the only one who can. It is an inscription that can only be read by someone who is with Azarathian blood. It’s something that gets passed upon to every heir of every Azarathian family. You might not have thought of it. But you had the Inscription for the gates… all along. As your mother may have entrusted to you. plus the Top monk in the Temple of Azar.

Raven: Azar the 3rd. She helped teach me how to control my powers and informed me of my parentage. who my parents were. The truth of my powers where i got them from. If i have the Inscription… It’ll be in one of my darker books. Ancient lore and history. Give me till tomorrow morning. I have a ton of books. it’s gonna be a few hours to find it.

Casstiel: Very well… But Raven. I ask that you hurry. Time is not of the essence and it does grow short.

3:00 PM…

(Time till the Day of Raven’s moment of fulfilling Prophecy/Scath’s arrival

3 Months, 4 days, 8 hours)

At Metropolis University…

Room #201…

Megan: *Looking at Summer* Have you noticed something odd about the skies today?

Summer: Something odd? What do you mean?

Megan: Well… it looked rather pinkish this morning and now it’s looking more like… Red.

Summer: *Pauses* Red? Red… red as in… Devilish? Bloody?

Megan: Yeah. *Hearing demonic laughter all over* And i think that i am going rather looney.

Summer: You? Uh, Megan… are you feeling alright?

Megan: No idea. Why?

Summer: You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.

Megan: Not seen. Heard.

Summer: Heard? What did you hear?

Megan: Demonic Laughter. in the air.

Summer: Huh? What was that? *Startled and stammering a bit* D-d-d-did you just s-s-s-say… d-d-demonic Laughter?

Megan: Yeah. Wait a minute… You’re not scared of Demonic Laughter… are you, Summer?

Summer: What do you think i am? Do i look like i am not scared? Megan, Demons scare me to death. I never told Prince Avery this when he asked sometime ago when these Demons first started to show themselves to the common eyes.

Megan: Demons are scary. But they are not just gonna come out to attack people.

Summer: *Scoffs* are you sure about that? You don’t know what these Demons will attempt on doing. For all you know… they could be flying around and looking for someone to grab or possess. Take over their body and control everything that the person does.

Megan: *Looking out the window suddenly* Well the sky looks a little more red now. You might want to come and take a look at the sky and see for yourself.

Summer: I rather not… If it’s no nevermind to you, Megan.

Megan: Why not?

Summer: Why do you think? I mean… for the whole day thus far… the sky went from normal and very beautiful. the pleasant and utterly crystal clear… to Pinkish… to shades of red and getting redder as it goes on. I mean… come on, Megan. Wake up and pull the head out from your backside porthole. This is Demonic atmosphere. Demonic. This is not just a case of Euuuuuuuuu! Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! WOW! This is unsafe. Dark and Evil. Sadist and fiendish plus Maniacal.

Megan:  What’s gotten into you?

Summer: Nothing. I am just scared of these Demons okay? I am terrified and i think that if you have even bothered to notice… I haven’t slept worth shit for the last few weeks because of the Demons breaking their way into the city.

Megan: Look. Summer… I am scared too. I am scared just the same as you are. I don’t know what i am to do about being there for my boyfriend as far as these Demons are concerned. I don’t even know what the hell i am to do to be of any use. I am scared. Like you are. This is the same scared as i felt when i thought that i was gonna lose Prince Curtis that time when he was practically banged up good by Major/General Zod. I didn’t even know what i could do for him. I didn’t know. As it is… i still don’t. Not when it comes to something like this. Not like this. I am scared for him. I am scared for all of them and the more it goes on with the terror coming from these Demons… the more i am freaked out. I am already freaked. But i yet… try not to think about it. You know why? It’s because that the more i even bother or try to think about it… the more upset and terrified it makes me. I try to make like it doesn’t get me because i am trying to be strong. for Prince Curtis. But You have to understand that it’s not as easy as it seems. You might think it is. But it’s not…

Room #205…

Prince Avery: *Reading more on the training of becoming a Secret Agent* After this threat… i’m gonna go for the job offer of being a secret Agent. Working for the British Intelligence.

Prince Curtis: You thought the whole thing through?

Prince Avery: Yes. I have. I think that it’s time that i found a life away from all this. Summer and I are thinking about moving to Merry old England.

Prince Curtis: England. Summer and you planned all this… When?

Prince Avery: The other week or so. She is getting tired of all the fighting and the supernatural hoopla and to be quite honest. So am i.

Prince Curtis: Oh That’s a wonderful thing to say. So… you’re saying that you’re sick of serving for a great cause. Protecting the ones who can’t protect themselves?

Prince Avery: *Looking towards Prince Curtis* Brother, it is not like that and you know it. But come on… Aren’t we getting old for this stuff now? Really. Think about it a bit. Since we were like what… 11. we have gone through a Drule’s terror. Keeping that being on the ropes. Knocking him down. taking him out of the lineup and ending him. Then 3 years later… we deal with the Past life dilemma of the 5 girls. The Sailor Senshi ordeal. We deal with those evil entities. Like the Great Evil. we bash down Round one of Beryl. Then have to fight one of our own. Princess Serenity. The world somehow revitalizes itself only to then have itself put up with the deal with Major Zod. We beat him. Then in comes a new set of terror. We deal with Minions. Fire beasts. Creatures. An Earth powered girl. we deal with Beryl Round 2. Beat her down… send her to hell. but lose Terra in the process as she had to sacrifice herself and turn herself to stone. by stopping the Volcanic activity she triggered. time goes by and now Beryl is back for round 3. But this time… with Demonic fire powers. And we also have the Intergalactic Demon to mess with. So Yeah… I think it’s past time we started growing up and actually work to get a normal normal life. Start a family and raise kids. Make a better living. Don’t you?

Prince Curtis: I do. It’s something that i’d love to actually do. But our work is demanding. Sometimes we don’t get to choose what we want. Sometimes we don’t have a choice. Prince Alvin told us that a few times throughout the years. Haven’t you even accepted that fact at all?

Prince Avery: I have. But, To cut the line down. Enough is enough. Besides, How long do we intend to keep doing this? Till we are all old bloody geezers and can’t control our facilities as good anymore?

Prince Curtis: I don’t really know how else to respond to that.

Prince Avery: We got to still worry about the Demon activity though… The Activity’s only gotten worse and not better. The Demon count is at a severe level. Level orange and fast pacing to level red.

Prince Curtis: What are we to do though? There is little to nothing to be done to stop the demons from advancing. They’re all over the city.

Prince Avery: *Sighs* I don’t know what there is that can be done now… The Abandoned Quarry is now engulfed in flaming symbols of that Tyrant. It’s got the burning marks all over. and a piece of the wall is now missing.

Prince Curtis: I am beginning to wonder if that demon is trying to find another way out.

Prince Avery: How is it hoping to do that? The only way is by getting through someone who happens to be the portal.

Prince Curtis: The Gem. But who has it?

Prince Avery: No idea. But… *Seeing the red lights blaring into the room from the window* Okay… I think that we got more to now worry about.

Prince Curtis: *Looking out the window* The sky has been doing that all day now… most of the day has been with the sky getting more and more dark. Sinister.

Prince Avery: Call the others. We might have an early meet with big bad and demonic.

Prince Curtis: *Shaking his head* This is gonna be a certified nightmare.

Rm #320…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his roommates* Guys, Did you two just hear that Demonic laugh just now?

Lenard: I think that i have heard that laugh… but where is it coming from?

Russell: We should check it out.

Prince Alvin: If the Sky is Red and looking Evil. Demonic. It means that the Demon might show itself. Now.

A couple minutes later…

Lenard: What did your brothers say?

Russell: How bad is it?

Prince Alvin: Very bad. They all heard the Demonic laugh. They heard it and a couple of them are freaking out. Megan and Summer called them and they are petrified.

Lenard: *Shaking his head* And can anyone blame them?

Russell: Let’s go.

A Moment later…

outside of the Dorms…

Prince Alvin: Yeah. We got a problem. A huge bonafide problem.

Lenard: Where are the others?

Russell: *Seeing Rick and Carl* Hey… Guys, over here.

Rick: *With Carl; Walking over to Prince Alvin, Lenard and Russell* Hey guys. What’s going on with the sky, man? The Sky’s gone totally blood bath. It’s like the heavens are Bleeding.

Carl: Bleeding or just crying with Blood for tears?

Prince Alvin:  What’s the difference? It’s still the same. The Sky is red and is with Evil in the atmosphere.

Lenard: *Spotting Reese, Jack, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis* We got more company.

Russell: Who?

Prince Avery: *Looking at the sky* Have you guys seen the sky lately?

Prince Curtis: The Sky is bloody and a mess.

Prince Alvin: It’s getting worse.

Jack: *Grinning* Too bad i can’t at least blow some snow up at the sky and freeze some of the redness.

Reese: You can do that?

Jack: Reese, I can do that. You should have known by now and for a very long time that i am the king of frost. I am Jack frost. Wizard of Blizzard.

Rick: Good lord, dude. If you can do that… Do so.

Carl: Who else do we know that can freeze some of the red in the sky?

Prince Avery: There is a couple. But one for sure is… one person in our family. One Known as Arctic Mind. I think that we know who that is.

Prince Curtis: Princess Charlene.

Lenard: Go find her then and get her on the chains to blow freeze this red sky.

Russell: Where is she anyway?

Prince Alvin: She’s usually at home and taking care of her son Prince Richie. Or should i say Richard?

Reese: I don’t know what we’re planning here… but if you guys wouldn’t mind on cutting the sitting and panicking over who’s gonna go and handle this red sky and see on getting it back to normal… I think that it’d be most appreciated.

Jack: Reese, What is wrong with you?

Lenard: Yeah man, You are sounding like a total sour grouch.

Russell: You feeling angry about something?

Reese: No. It’s not that. But if i do sound rather Grouchy… you will have to bear with me. Demonic Atmospheres tend to make a salt of the earth kind of guy predominately agitated or with unease.

Prince Alvin: Reese, we all get the gravity of the situation. But your dramatics are not helping. So… please stop.

Jack: We might have more of a problem.

Lenard: Why’s that?

Russell: Something else going on that we ought to know about?

Prince Alvin: *Looking out in to the distance suddenly and seeing a shadow of a being* Wait a minute… What the “hell” is that?

Prince Avery: Uh, would you care to insist with telling us what is going on, Captain?

Prince Alvin: No snide remarks please… but i think there is about to be a problem. A huge problem and i really don’t think that we’re only seeing things. I think it’s the real deal. If only a shadow of him.

Lenard: A shadow of who?

Jack: *Looking up and seeing what Prince Alvin is seeing* Well… consider me mortified and paralyzed with utter fear.

Russell: Join the club…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s House…

Living Room…

Luna: We got the Charms and are safe.

Zeke: We almost lost Vincent to that spell he did though… He looked as though he was being drained of his life in that spell.

Pamela: Yeah. That was really freaky. Luna, We are not ever gonna ask Vincent for something like that again. It’s really unsafe.

Penelope: Right. And i don’t think that we’re that safe.

Ted: *Slipping into a trans* … *As Scath* “The Earth is MINE!” *Commanding his Minions* Go forth and conquer. One by one, worlds shall fall, until every being in this entire dimension bows down to worship Trigon the Terrible!

Beth: *Jumps and freaks out by Ted’s outburst* What the heck…?

Karen: *Looking at Ted* Ted?

Luna: *Looking at Ted and seeing him under a trans* Ted?! Ted… What’s going on? What’re you saying?

Zeke: He’s got a screw loose or something. *Looking at the others* I really don’t think that he looks so good. He’s been having these trans for a few weeks now. He’s losing it. I don’t like thinking about it like this… but i think that his cheese might have slipped right off his cracker.

Pamela: You saying that he’s cracked?

Luna: I don’t think that is what’s going on with him. He’s under a trans or something. He’s not Catatonic. Because… if he was, he wouldn’t be able to speak.

Ted: *Coming out of the trans* What was that? Was i under a trans again?

Zeke: I think that you were. You were sounding like you were slipping under a Hypnotic spell. we almost didn’t get through to you. You alright, Ted?

Ted: Yeah. I’m okay. I just am with shock. I don’t know where that episode came from.

Penelope: You’re not the only one who thinks that. We were just starting to get into a discussion. Asking about the Enterprise. But then you go into a fit. You undergo a Trans and sound like you’re talking like some being. You were having a bit of a Psychotic episode.

Pamela: *Seeing the Screens going fuzzy and turning different colors* Luna, Is there something wrong with your T.V?

Luna: No. Why?

Karen: What she’s meaning is that your T.V is going batty and having a fit of something.

Luna: It is good that we at least have these Charms. It’ll help keep us safe from any Demon Possession.


Kirk: *On Screen* Hello. Anyone there?

Luna: *Pauses* Wh–

Pamela: *Looking at the screen and then at Luna* Luna, What’s that? Who is that guy on your screen? Do you know that guy?

Penelope: What’s with the Starfleet outfit? Is he on his way to a party?

Luna: No. Guys… This guy is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise.

Kirk: New faces with you, Luna?

Luna: Yes sir. My friends that came after we had to send my sister Dinah’s babies to Vulcan. Capt. Kirk… and crew. My friends. Pamela Marigold. She happened to start being my friend or befriended me a couple months before i broke from my dark spell. She had the same habit as i had. But she quit it and so have i. Zeke too. He’s my new boyfriend. Zeke Mansfield was abused in the worst way. worse than me.

A moment later after Luna Explained the details…

Luna: That’s what happened. My friends that i also have are Penelope Walden, Ted Callahan. A young Seer. June Mitchell. Beth Timberland.

Jake: Hey there, Capt. Long time since we seen you around.

Jennifer: What’s with the sudden call? You guys alright there?

Spock: Yes. I must say that we’re quite alright up here. But we’ve been getting readings and indicators of darkness befalling the planet.

Luna: You have. And sadly… it’s gotten worse. There is a red sky out now.

Spock: That is Profoundly what we discovered from up here. And we have unfortunately detected some Demonic entity appearing on Earth.

Pamela: Are you sure? Where? When was this?

June: Who are you?

Luna: That’s Science office Dr. Spock. Mr. Spock from the Planet Vulcan.

Ted: Wow! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Dr. McCoy: I am sure that meeting and getting to know your friends is honorable, Luna. But there is something… A Matter of great Concern.

Luna: The Demon dilemma. I know and the demons that are roaming the city.

Spock: That is predominantly the case. However there is signs of the Demon on the Earth. The gate underneath the highly religious city has opened and another seal is said to have begun to rupture.

Beth: *Confused* Gate? What Gate? I don’t think we’re getting what you’re trying to tell us. What gate are you talking about?

Uhura: It’s the Gate of Hell, hon. The Gates of Hell. One of the Main Gates leading right to hell has been opened. The seals locking the Limbo tied to Azarath and The door leading to the Phantom Zone have been broken. The last one is said to break soon. unless the seals get redone and fixed. But we don’t know who would have the means to fix the seals and reseal them.

Zeke: *Feeling suddenly uneased* ……

Luna: *Lost* We don’t know if there is anyone who can. We don’t know anyone that could do that…

Raven: *Popping into the room* Unless it turned out to be me who could do it.

June: *Turning to see a girl with a Cloak on* Uh, Who are you? Luna, Who is she?

Karen: June. Meet Raven. She’s the dark powered girl who is half Human and Half of the other.

June: Other? What do you mean other? What other are you talking about?

Jake: Demon.

Jennifer: She’s got a Demon side to her.

June: What?! She’s Half Demon? She’s not Evil… is she? I happen to freak over Demons. I can’t even watch a scary movie that happens to have any sort of demons in it. I freak out every time. The last time i watched one… That was last month sometime… i was so terrified that i was afraid to even speak to anyone. I didn’t know who could be good or Evil or someone who had an Evil mind.

Beth: June, It’s not like that. She’s not Evil. She’s got a good mind. Raven is friendly.

Raven: *Nods*

Sulu: There isn’t really any reason to fear her. She’s not Evil. Her Origins may have evidence of her being Evil… But she’s nothing of the sort. She fights for the right reason. The right side. She’s a good person. Evil May have sired her. Evil may have left its mark on her but it doesn’t rule her.

Luna: That is correct.

Dinah: *Coming in the front door* Luna, I’m home.

Zeke: We’re in here, Dinah.

Luna: My sister’s home…

Kirk: Your sister? Dinah?

Luna: Yes.

McCoy: What about the others?

Luna: They’re still at the University. This is my sister Dinah’s house. Her’s and her husband Shingo’s. My Brother-in-Law.

Kirk: She’s Married now?

Spock: Kirk, I do believe that we’ve caught word of her and Shingo getting married. It was said or spoken by her that she and her now Husband had planned to be wed on Christmas day of last year.

Dinah: *Walking into the Living room and catching the screen on and seeing a familiar face* Uh… What in the world… Capt. Kirk? Dr. Spock? Dr. McCoy? Lt. Uhura? Helms man Sulu?

Kirk: *Looking to see Dinah walking over* Dinah. It’s been a while since the last time we crossed paths.

Dinah: It sure has been. How are my 3 daughters?

Spock: They’re doing quite well… They did have moments of being with what Humans would logically call a Temper Tantrum. But they calmed down immediately after they heard your voice. In their heart. My father detected their hearts reacting and heard their minds thinking. Their mind was filled with your voice and They calmed down.

Dinah: I know… The poor dears. I miss them too… I would give anything for them to be back here on Earth. But it’s just not safe here for them. I can’t risk them being here and winding up with the same exact fate as the rest of the world. I couldn’t bare it.

Spock: There has been a few minor incidents of minor Danger. But it was resolved with diligence and logic. No Casualties were ever reported.

Dinah: *Grins* Are you sure? You’re not hiding something from me, are you Spock?

Spock: No Ma’am. I’m not. They’re also being taught Logic and doing quite well. It’s progressing well with them.

Luna: *Nods* I am glad to hear that. I want my nieces to be safe at all times.

Beth: Nieces?

Luna: Yeah… didn’t you guys know that i am An Aunt now? The youngest one to be an Aunt of anyone’s kids.

Zeke: I think that i knew about it already. Just by how you and your sister were talking when you managed to refer to 3 little babies. It crossed my mind a bit.

June: Well… It didn’t cross mine. this came as a shock to me.

Jake: Jennifer and i knew.

Jennifer: Yeah. We knew about it.

Karen: same here.

Ted: I think that i kinda knew.

Kirk: we knew. we granted safe harbor for the 3 little ones to go to Vulcan. That was when we had a member of our crew. One who was once a member of the family. Acting Ensign… Tactical Officer Larmina. She was on the ship and listened in as we came to Earth and assisted in standing up to a being who called herself Queen Beryl.

Dinah: Whatever happened to Larmina? Not that i’d care much about her since she was overheard slandering us.

Dr. McCoy: She’s been Exiled on Planet Delta Phoenix 9 Where we first found her 3 years ago. Chekov left the Enterprise and vanished from Starfleet. No one knows where he is. He last was reported being seen on planet Quinn at a local bar. But his whereabouts are hidden as the inhabitants that reside on that planet refuse to disclose any detail of Chekov’s disappearance.

Pamela: *Confused*

Kirk: We have been getting alot of readings from Earth since this morning early. Dangerous activity. a gate of Hell was opened and was shooting massive amounts of Demons out into the open to come on to Earth. the gates of hell on Earth has been broken and is opened. but worse. This gate… Links Earth’s Limbo…Purgatory to the very one that follows Azarathian Limbo and plus… the Eternal Galactic hell that was built by a deceased Scientist that was killed when the planet known as Krypton was destroyed. The Phantom Zone. The gate links to those realms. as well as our Hell… Earth’s hell…

Dinah: You are obviously joking here. The gates can’t open. No one has ever thought on touching the Gates. They’re opened?

Spock: Yes. To our knowledge, it’s open and if it isn’t closed soon. there will be no Earth. Just hell.

Dinah: What opened it?

Kirk: we don’t know. We really don’t know.

Luna: How are we gonna close it?

Zeke: Beats me. We don’t know a thing about the gate… but if it’s that much a problem… we’re gonna need to seek help from a couple people.

Karen: Who? *Suspicious* I hope that you’re not thinking on asking someone… Like me. I’m not going near there. It’s suicide and i could be attacked by a hell hound or two. or possessed or worse than that. No way. I am not stepping a single foot inside that location. No.

Pamela: No. Not you Karen. Don’t be ridiculous. We wouldn’t send you there. You’ll only be a demon’s new dish of Mortal stew.

Betty: *Popping in with Angel* Hey guys. What’s up?

Dinah: Not a lot. But Betty. You and Angel have been gone and now all of a sudden show up… I take that you must have heard about the Demon dilemma and of course about the Gate of hell being opened and that, Right?

Angel: The Gate of hell? We heard something about that. But we didn’t know what to believe… we didn’t know if it was true or if it were just rumor. But it’s true?

Betty: I think that we can stop playing the card of denial. Something Evil is among us and it’s huge. Red. with massive Demonic powers. And there is also a half demon here. Still to me. A Threat. I don’t see anything good from that. But seeing her become something that she sires not to be is worse than that. she doesn’t want to release her father. Is trying to fight it. That should be proof enough that she’s with the means of being for the side of good.

Dinah: So… You finally came around.

Betty: Dinah. I have let your loud mouth over stepping your position in the family back then… last year slide and i have forgiven. But i didn’t forget. So don’t push it. I am older than you. I however sided with you guys over putting Ex-Grandmother Rikku to Jail. For Abusing Luna the way she had. But don’t push your luck. Mom might not be around anymore. or Grandmother. But don’t think i won’t give you what for?

Dinah: You are acting like you’re the boss. That’s what got me pissed off. Betty, You’re not mom. Nothing you do will make you out to be like her. She once upon a time was this hero. one that you are now. But just because you’re one. doesn’t mean you’re Mom or like her. I couldn’t throwdown last time because i was pregnant. But now that i can. I will. You’re family. I have to love you for better or worse because that’s what family does. But i don’t have to tolerate you or like you.

Betty: Feeling is Mutual. But, It’s fine. Now… about the mess that’s going on… What’s the problem?

Kirk, Spock, Dinah and McCoy all break out with the details and bring up to speed with the situation. Raven by that time… had shadowed off and secretly made her way with the book that had that inscription inside it. While they all spoke and caught up to speed with everything that has gone on since the last time that the crew from the Enterprise stepped foot on Earth, The Demon hunters were out and trying to Exorcise a mass of Demons. Sending them all off back to hell. It was a long battle. But it wasn’t till that night that they finally got the demons mostly… Finally down to a minimum level. Dean and Sam had already Exorcised Martin a week or so prior. But… The Demons were at that time still at a nightmarish growing rate. The battle and the struggle was going on since then for them… Although, for the Demon encounters and the Demon in waiting. The many swarms and great Maws of Minions of Scath. Demons that all served Scath. Trigon… that was only gonna continue even if the other demons were all gone… Scath was still gonna influence. The members of the Enterprise knew that it was not gonna just stop over night. In fact… It was gonna still journey on. But While they were all speaking and getting the update of all they had missed since the last they all met with one another. The Clan and the Crew from the Enterprise… Raven was on her way to the Vatican City. to handle the Door. She knew that this was something that she was required to do. She had to do it…

By 6:00 that Evening and almost night time…

At The University…

The Dorms…

Outside and facing in the direction of the shadow towering over the buildings and Stepping closer to them…

Prince Alvin: That is Scath’s Shadow. It’s a Physical shadow. No time to talk and think about it. Attack.

Jack: This Demon needs to be put on the ice and frozen into ice cubes. *Gathering cold air and with a big hearty blow; Blowing the cold icy air at the Shadow resembling Scath* Sub-Zero Ice Frost! Hello to being put under the ice and stocked in deep freeze our demonic pal. You need to be iced down and chilled.

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at the shadow* Plasma Cannon! *Releasing a Big ball of Plasma energy at the shadow*

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at the shadow* Electric Balls of Light! *Firing balls of Electric Light and sparks of lightning*

Lenard: You guys really think that the Shadow is gonna feel any of that and trample itself on back to whence it came from?

Russell: Lenard. Dude. Chill out. The guys are trying to do something. they’re trying to push back the shadow and at this point… the way it is looking. I think that they would rather try something and possibly fail than to just stand and do nothing only to see as the situation motioned to get worse than what it already had.

Carl: I agree. I would rather it be that. i would rather us fight.

Rick: That’s the only way to see it. Fight for our right to live. To go on. We are not letting this Demon have way. Not a chance.

Lenard: *Nods*

As they kept fighting…

“Loose talk costs lives
People like to play
We’re basically the same
We never lie
Loose talk costs lives

Don’t look at me as if you don’t remember me at all
There was laughter, there was pain
But I won’t make the same mistakes I made
You are too beautiful to me
I hide my tears inside the rain

Am I the soul you cast your spell upon
I had control and now it’s gone
Or are you someone who controls my heart and mind
And I will never say a word
And I will never say goodbye

Loose talk costs lives
People like to play
We’re basically the same
We never lie
Loose talk costs lives

I can see that someone hung a sign around your heart
And it reads “do not return”
And there is so much trouble I could cause
Someone as beautiful as you
You can feel my candle burn

And I still recall some starry night
We had it all, we held on tight
I promised I would come to you and catch you if you fall
And they will never know about us
For just one moment you were mine

Loose talk costs lives
People like to play
We’re basically the same
We never lie
Loose talk costs lives

For just one moment, just one moment, you were mine
Loose talk costs lives
(Our moment held in time)
People like to play
We’re basically the same
We never lie
Loose talk costs lives

Loose talk costs lives
People like to play
We’re basically the same
We never lie
Loose talk costs lives”

Miss Love: *Flying in* Hey guys… Need some Hearts?!

Prince Alvin: *Looking up to see Paige coming into the scene* Hey Paige. Good to have you here now… This Demon is Scath. Only a Shadow of the real deal… but with each passing moment that comes and goes… It’s starting to show more and more of a solid manifestation of him and if it reaches full. We might have hell on Earth for reality. We have to stop this… and we have to do it soon.

Prince Avery: Easier said than done. But we’re gonna do it. We have to.

Jack: *Blowing snow and frost at the Shadow*

Back at Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Dinah: *Looking at her mother* Mom… Remember Betty and Angel?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. I do. Why would i not remember them? They’re my babies too as well as you, Pearl and Paige are. Luna and Shanna too. Adopted… but loved just the same. No child should be with out love.

Dinah: *Smiles* That is really sweet. However, You, Betty and Angel didn’t get to speak. So… I think that it’s high time that you caught up to speed with them.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You sure?

Dinah: Yes. It’s for the best that you do as such. You should catch up with them. I am sure that it would do you best if you had.

A Minute later…

Outback in the backyard of Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Betty: It’s great that you’re back Mom. It is… And the fact that it was Raven. The Half demon girl that brought you back and saved you from being killed. erased that from history. It’s something that i will have to thank her for. Not sure why. But it’s a huge act of kindness.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It is. I am glad. But Dinah has told me about you for a time giving her and the others a hard time. I want to know what that was about.

Betty: It’s about her being disobedient to your mother… our grandmother. One who is now an Ex. and has been since the beginning of December of last year. Dinah has a mouth on her. I know that she gets it from you. She gets it from you because you figured that if anyone could make that temper part of you work… it’d be her. But she’s been back talking Grandma. Grandma was gonna put Luna in school because that was where Luna belonged during the day as it was the law. Dinah saw it as an unfair ruling and starting to backtalk her with an act of. “You can’t do this. You can’t do that. This is Wrong. It’s supposed to be like this…”

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Scoffs* Betty. I didn’t raise you to be a hard core bore. So back off that. I know you like being good and following all the rules. But sometimes you have to know when to bend and stray. Just a little. Luna before my thought to be apparent end… was with blue hair. A cat’s tail sticking out from behind her and she could turn into a hero. Sailor Luna if you remember. But now i see her and she’s… She’s so normal. Different to where… i have to tell myself that i am still seeing Luna. Because she’s become so different. But the whole bossing your sisters around. that is not gonna go on. You don’t like when they try telling you what to do and boss you around, do you?

Betty: So… You’re condoning what they do? Mom… They killed my father. Even though you and he were having issues and all… he was still my father. I will never get to see him again. Ever.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Betty. Don’t you mention that man’s name. Ever. I know that he was your father. And your sisters didn’t kill him. They told me exactly what happened. after it happened and as soon as they were ready and when they were calmed down. The tapes might have showed that they killed him. But the real story was and the tape that showed it… It was a Lab Accident. It was a lab Accident that did it.

Betty: Wanna bet? Tell that to Clark.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Who?

Betty: Clark Kent. He was there with them and what he saw was different than what really happened. He saw that they killed him. *Outraged and acting out all high and mighty* You gonna call him a liar? Paige, Pearl and Dinah are Murderer’s. They Killed Pidge Stroker. Yes. I will say his name. Time to grow a pair. You want to have issues with him. Fine. Do it. But don’t cover up their guilt. They are guilty. They Killed my father, Mom. And on the front on the grandmother. She’s an Elder. You don’t fuckin’ back talk your elders. I don’t give a shit if the elderly person happened to be wrong and it was proven. You don’t back talk them and act defiant. They had been around longer than the new aged living people had. So they know. they’ve seen the world a lot longer than the younger ones had. Your mother was doing the best she could and it was never enough for Paige, Pearl and Dinah as they felt that they had to talk back to her. Challenge her every time. Of course when she started abusing Luna… that was when i pulled back from grandmother Rikku. I was all for the others. I know that Luna was acting up a bit too… But she didn’t deserve to be treated the way that she did get treated. It was not right. Not right at all. I’ll never forgive her for abusing Luna like that and neglecting her.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Your sisters are not guilty of anything. They had to do what they did. Clark was gonna be a pussy and send the guy to the Phantom Zone. Like that’s anyway to handle a problem. “Oh… Killing is wrong so i’ll just send him to the Zone and leave him there.” And I got a copy of the secret info that he was gonna sell off to the District D.A. The Corrupt one and ruin the lives of your sisters. They didn’t have a choice. He possibly had some info on you. if they left him alive… he would have not hesitated to sell that off too. Murder is wrong no matter the reason. It’s always wrong. But… what would you have done? The police wouldn’t have been able to contain him. Nor would they be able to find anything on him as he would have covered it up.

Betty: So… my father was this egotistical bastard? I want to see the tape for myself. i want to see for myself. What really happened. I deserve the truth and i will have it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You already know the truth. You know the truth. It was what had to be done. Remember when back a few years ago… a week after. A day after your sisters turned 15 and it was said that we all thought that Tess was having them Investigated?

Betty: Yeah. I remember. they were having fits over it and went to give Tess a real piece of their mind. Why?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It was because she was given a copy of all the details. Info and blueprints and clippings of the girls. All of it. So they thought that she was doing the Investigating. Getting behind how your sisters vanished that Evening of their birthday without a trace and then came right on back with no upfront memory of where they were. They didn’t tell of where they were till a little later. Pearl came and spoke about it somewhat the next morning. But we all thought that Tess was Investigating. It wasn’t her. It came to light that it wasn’t her who was investigating them. But one person was…

Betty: My Father?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I may have been out from everyone’s lives for a couple years. But i assure you. I have not forgotten about it. I am not stupid, Betty. Yes. It was him. Why do you think that when i tried to press into him over the phone a couple times about it when it first came out that he was the one doing the Investigating that it came to light that he was being in denial and defending himself and trying to place the blame on Tess when it wasn’t her doing it to begin with? He was the one doing it. He was the one investigating the girls. Then making threats to come and hurt them or send that Corrupt D.A. Sacks after them. If Oliver didn’t make the notion to have them brought over to his place. the Clock tower… They would or could have been caught and dead.

Betty: But what would he get from doing that? My father wouldn’t ever do that. He couldn’t.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: he could… and he was intent on doing as such. Your father was a bastard. The only good thing about him was that i got you. He is mainly forgotten and he can burn in hell for all i care… I regret ever loving him. for anything. Hurting me by trying to hurt the girls. Then to make it more of a mess… he also hurt his supposed wife “Tammy Garland.” Tammy Stroker. She told him off because he was being cruel to us. She didn’t like it. And he just kept on doing what he was doing.

Betty: …

The talk was stressing their mother out. Betty was being really harsh and it was breaking their mother’s heart. Raven however was even though far away now and nearing the Vatican City heard what was really going on. She knew that she would have to fix the family rift. It was then that she decided that after she took care of the Seal… She would go back in time and undo that one event that put a tarnish on the entire family…

Betty: So… How was work? I heard that you had a Job now… How was your day there?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It was okay. Had a few cases to deal with. Plus the fact that tomorrow i have a couple of appointments. Checking the living conditions of a couple clients and case subjects. Not gonna be so easy. But i will handle it the best i can.

Betty: What’s the Job you have?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Court Liaison. For a Judge Samantha Greensburg.

Betty: Oh Really? That’s impressive. Really. Is it something that you enjoy doing?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Well… It seems to be what i like to do. I mean… i get to help people and it serves me on a personal level. Because it got me thinking about how hard i might have had it trying to parent 5 amazing daughters. How hard it really was. Single parent and even though i had the help and support from the rest of the family… Deep down personally… i was all alone. I had to raise you and your sisters on my own. The best that i knew how. Some of these cases that i had… made me think back to how hard i had it being a parent. Especially since before i became a parent. I was told that i couldn’t even conceive. I couldn’t even get pregnant. Then i all of sudden after that one fling with the man you called your father. which i once loved till be became just some total prick. one of the ones who sired to just hurt me because i was different. He hurt my trust in him. And then when i found out that he was the father… to you because of some of the chromosomes that you and he happened to have shared…I was shocked. touched. Till i learned of some of the shit he was trying to do. Then that shocked and touched feeling i had turned to disgust and discontent.

Betty: I get it. He was rotten. But was killing him the best alternative? I mean… Really. Was it?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: No. it wasn’t. But with little to none of any of the choices looking any good at all. It was either fish and do it. or cut bait and let the situation get worse. Sending him to Jail once didn’t do any good. And heaven forbid if sending him back to jail would have made a bit of any difference. He had damaging info on your sisters. Paige and her over loving. Pearl and her fear of delving into a habit. Dinah and her fear of losing someone close to her. or hurting her by hurting the person she cares about the most. Those were blackmailing things for any criminal or villain or evil hearted soul to use against your sisters. Your father was gonna sell it off to people and sting them in the process.

Betty: I take it that you want me to forget all about him, right?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: IT would be nice if you had. Keeping him alive ain’t gonna do you a speck of good. It sounds heartless to put it like that. But it’s just the way it is.

A Moment later after the hard stuff was all told and heard…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I happened to meet a guy while at work today.

Betty: You did?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah.

Betty: Who?

Rikku L. Rhapsody told of who the guy was that she met. It didn’t take much to give her daughter the impression that she had a crush on him as to how she was talking about him. It didn’t mean that she was one who would admit that she had a crush on the new D.A. She was blushing over the though of the new D.A. She knew that she barely had met the guy and didn’t really know all that much about him. She barely got into any sort of personal or Idle conversation with him. talking about her family and what they were like or he talking about his. However she couldn’t hide the fact that there was indeed something about him that she just couldn’t help but have a crush over. Was it his smile? His Voice? His physical build? She didn’t really know. All she knew was that she was smitten by the appearance of the D.A. But she spoke with her daughter a bit more before it was caught up to what all she had missed since she was said to be dead till current…

At Vincent Van Grave’s…

Vincent: *Trying to catch his breath* That took a lot of Energy. A mess of energy. dreadfully a little too much power.

Regina: Are you gonna be okay?

Vincent: I will be. I will be. In time. But the whole thing was a bit much. I had to make these things for Luna and her friends.

Regina: What?

Vincent: A bunch of Anti-Demon charms to protect the wearer from any demons. or from being attack and or Possessed by one.

Regina: Why would they need those things? Were they at risk of being encountered by a demon?

Vincent: They were in a panic. If that’s that you’re thinking.

Regina: Aren’t we all? There are demons still out roaming the whole city.

Vincent: That is why you are here and not there. It is just dreadfully unsafe out there. terribly.

Regina: And the red sky to prove it…

At Vatican City…

Deep Underneath the Vatican City’s St. Peter’s Square…. Underneath Necropolis…

Raphael: *Holding the gate and starting to lose grip* Gabriel, We need that girl. Now. Where is she?

Gabriel: I have not a clue. Casstiel was supposed to talk to her and get through to her.

Raphael: If he did… she would have been here. The time is growing short. We’re running out of time.

The door was starting to shake and moved to open a little more… getting on the verge of busting all the way open and thereby slamming the whole world into Hell world. It was on the final moments before reaching that point. It was said that there would be 4 days left. But then it lowered to a day and a half tops… to now… just mere moments. It was gonna seem near all hell’s reign. However just when they were about to lose hope…

Raven: *Shadowing into the chambers and looking at the Angels* Okay… Let’s get this door closed. You two stand back. Get out… Now. *Pulling out the book she brought with her and opening it; revealing the Pamphlet and reading it*…

As she read the Inscription a Seal appeared and spread all across the gate and rebuilt the other two seals. Rebuilt them back to full strength and it was within moments later after the seals were re-instated that the skies were reversed back to the way they were. The Shadowed form of Trigon was lessening. It was a massive break as it came to pass that before Raven got to where the gate was… Trigon was starting to show his Physical form more and more. Alot more and it got to where only his lower legs were still in shadow form. The guys and Paige were trying to fight him and Trigon was Swiping at them and nearly nailed them as the fight went on. It was getting worse.  Jack was showing that he was about to be on his last burst of power. He happened to have used all of his snow and frost power and was almost on empty. Paige was struggling from getting winded and was almost spent. As was Prince Alvin… and the brothers. But they somehow fortunately got the upper hand when Vincent came and as worn out as he was… he came and lent a hand. Raised an army of Golems and Undead soldiers. But even that wasn’t doing all that much of any good. If this was to be of any indication at all whatsoever of the real fight. They were gonna be dead where they stood and they knew it. But It was just a moment after Raven read and chanted the Incantation. the Inscription on the Pamphlet when the demon Scath vanished and the skies returned back to normal… But for how long?

4 days later…

Oct. 2nd, 2027…

Luna got a call from Martin and was pleaded for a meeting. She agreed to meet him at the local Burger Joint…

At the Metropolis Burger Shack…

Luna: *Sighs* what could Martin want from me now? i just hope that he isn’t expecting for me to come back to him. Being 13 is really more of a problem than i thought it’d be. I was abused by someone who is now not part of the family. I have nightmares… which have vanished over time. I for the brief time underwent a habit and then sometime later. a couple or so months later… broke loose from it. came clean. But now… this?

A Minute later…

Martin: *Walking over to Luna* Hey Luna. You’re here. I’m glad you came.

Luna: I almost didn’t. And you know why that is.

Martin: What do you mean? I don’t know why.

Luna: Yes you do. You were battering me and were trashing Zeke.

Martin: Ugh! Zeke again? Can’t you ever let that guy go? What is it about him?

Luna: *scoff* See? That’s what i am talking about. You don’t respect my choice of being around Zeke.

Martin: I’m sorry. I just don’t see what’s so good about him. Okay. I don’t know why i don’t like him. I just don’t want anything to do with him. I wanted to meet to make amends with you. To at least get some of the old times. the good times back again.

Luna: What good times? Those times are gone. Martin, I’ve tried to be calm around you… even when we were straining from one another. I even stayed away from you because i was so angry at you for how you were treating Zeke that i was afraid that I was gonna just lash out at you again. I don’t think it’s fair to me to be the one who has to come at you all the time. You too were coming at me. I didn’t deserve that at all.

Martin: I don’t think that i remember any of that.

Luna: Of course you do. You were right there when it happened. You started battering me because i allowed myself to slip and take up a habit. you didn’t even try to console me or try to help me cope. heal. You just made me feel like i was at fault. Then you went after Zeke. Accusing him of getting me to smoke. When it was all me. i made that choice. But you didn’t even care to stop and think about that. It was automatically “It’s all Zeke’s fault. It is because of him you’re like this. He should have never come into our lives.” That hurts. And you know that.

Martin: I did it because i saw what he was possibly after from you. He was trying to take you away from me. I was scared. Plus seeing you with a pack of those things. It made me feel so bad. I was feeling really bad as it got me feeling that i lost you. Lost you to this habit. I even started drinking for a while because i was in pain. I Loved you. I still do. Although i realize i lost you.

Luna: I don’t want the guilt trip. You made your bed. Martin. I don’t hate you. I told you that. I don’t love you anymore. and that was your doing. Your actions. What you choose to do. But i don’t hate you. I have to go. *Unable to have to strength to be around Martin; turning to leave*

Martin: Luna, Wait. Where are you going?

Luna: Away. I can’t do this. I can’t do it anymore.

Martin: Don’t go. Please. Don’t go.

Suddenly Luna stops and briefly looks at Martin only to say something that would hit home…

Luna: *Looking serious at Martin* Martin, What do you want? There is nothing for us to talk about. We’re not even friends anymore. You still don’t like Zeke… Zeke’s tired of trying to open up to you. He’s done. So am i. And… by the way… Don’t bother going to the others… They don’t want to hear it. They feel the same as i do.

Without another word, Luna walked off and didn’t look back. She was hoping that the meet would at last close the book on her times with Martin. She still cared about him. She wished him well and hoped that he’d be alright. But she just didn’t love him. She wasn’t even his friend anymore. it was his doing and even though she knew that it was harsh to come to terms with. It was also her doing as well…

That afternoon…

At the park…

Luna: *Walking with Zeke* Zeke, I want to apologize for the last couple of days. It must have been really hard on you. It was also hard on me too. Although i knew that i had to be strong.

Zeke: Oh… Forget about it. It’s no problem. Luna. These demons were the worst to come. The worst. I am sure that the red skies didn’t exactly look like it was making anything better. only worse.

Luna: I know. But still… you didn’t have to be put through all that. Not like that.

Zeke: It’s Life. Although the idea of it was really out there. I almost felt like i was gonna run off screaming. That would have made things a whole lot worse.

Luna: I don’t blame you. I think that alot of us were feeling rather terrified. But we all pulled through as best we could. with what we had. We didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter. We couldn’t be afraid. we had to be brave.

Zeke: Even though it was hard.

Luna: *Sighs* Yeah. Zeke, I got to tell you something.

Zeke: What’s the matter?

Luna: It’s about Martin.

Zeke: Uh, okay. What’s he doing now?

Luna: It’s not really what he’s doing now… as to more of what he’s done.

Zeke: Okay… what did he do?

Luna: He called me to meet him somewhere and said that he wanted to see me. I went to see him where he asked me to come. But it was more like a mistake. He tried to make as if he didn’t do anything. he apologized for it though and wanted to make some sort of amends with me. maybe get some of the good times back.

Zeke: You’re kidding. You’re not thinking about going back to him, are you?

Luna: No. He was also still blaming you for getting me to take up that one habit that you and i both had quit. Saying that i did it when you walked on into my life. saying that i allowed it. I once again told him that i made the choices. I defended you… but then i didn’t. I told him the truth. I was the one making the choice. He confessed that he took up drinking for a while and he tried to tell me that he was scared for me or something.

Zeke: Pfft! Come on, Luna. He was trying to just sucker you. You told me that he was trying to make you regret being with me as he made you feel like hell. Make you feel guilty for doing what you felt in your heart to be right. I have issues but i also know common sense well enough to know that you don’t do things unless you knew it was the right thing to do. Even if it turns out to be hard at times to do.

Luna: That’s what i would have guessed too. But now… i don’t know what to think about him. I really don’t know. He seemed as though he really felt ashamed of what he’d done. The damage was done. but we already knew that. We all seen the change in him. Pamela… Karen, Beth, Penelope, Ted, Jake and Jennifer. June also saw it… but Martin… I swear to you… Just looked so so guilty.

Zeke: He felt bad? *Wondering* I wonder why he feels it now. after it’s too late and after he knew that he’d already lost us. Lost your care of him. your love for him. I mean… he lost your friendship and that was on him. You can’t feel sorry for someone who knew what they were doing. Were warned to stop and yet… still did it.

Luna: I feel bad for anyone. I can’t help it. I just do.

Zeke: I see. That’s what makes you vulnerable to being used. There are alot of people out in the world who are just unkind. mean. Vile and plain old nasty. You need to guard your heart from those who are not deserving of it. You should be you… but just be careful of how much of your heart you decide to give. People will see to use that against you. Martin just so happened to be one of those people.

Luna: *Nods*


Luna started to make notice of the events that were going on as of late and then began mentioning about the events that were said to come…

Luna: My sisters are gonna be in for a real fight with these Demons. The demons are all but gone. There are still some left… but there might be fire minions just itching to creep through the cracks.

Zeke: I wish that i knew what to say about that. You got the help from them. They’re gonna beat those fire minions. But…

Luna: But what?

Zeke then let loose and let out that he couldn’t do it anymore. Not with the Demon issue and the fighting. He just couldn’t do it anymore…

Zeke: *Sighs* Luna, We don’t have to worry about any demons… We have each other. That’s all we should worry about. You and i are together. Raven is okay. You can go and help her if you want… but i can’t. All this Demon mentioning… I can’t do it. I want to be with you. I really do… but as long as this is going on… i got to stay away. I am having nightmares and they’re getting worse instead of better. I got to go. I’ll be with you whenever you need me. Whenever you are in need. If your family needs me… i’ll come. But not for this Demon situation. I can’t do it. I just can’t.

Luna: What do you mean?

Zeke: I’m sorry, Luna. But till this demon situation is over… it’s probably best that we spend a little time apart. I want you and i love you. But i can’t do this demon stuff anymore. I am having these Nightmares and i can’t take it anymore… i have been having them for a couple weeks now. I tried to shake it off… I tried. But i just can’t do it. You’re digging into the Demon situation and are helping the others and Raven. That’s thoughtful of you to do. But i can’t do this. It’s so nightmarish and frightening.

Zeke didn’t say anything more about it. He didn’t want to hurt Luna and by him saying what he’s been saying just now to her… it made him out to be someone who would only hurt and not help. It made him numb. Zeke couldn’t think of another thing to say. He just had felt that he had to get out of there. He gave Luna a Kiss before jetting. He was just unable to handle the demon talk anymore…

As for Dean and Sam… They picked up a lead coming from the open road and by the point leading into 4 different directions. It was known as the Crossroads…

Dean and Sam made their way there and hoped to have some way to close the gates of hell once and for all. But knew that they would have to call out to the remaining demons and lure them there as best as they knew how. It was just a few minutes later after they got at the crossroads that they then created a huge pentagram. A huge pentagram where the intersection was. Hope was being tested…

Would the Demon Uprising be over? What was next for the Rhapsody Girls Z!? Were they gonna be ready for the rest of the journey to the End of days as more and more of Raven’s Prophecy threatened to come out to the light and sing out a fated song of annihilation? Was Beryl gonna be back? What about Zeke… Would he be with a change of heart and come back to hang with Luna and the others through the rest of the final moments before the end was on just days away from being upon them all? Would Martin try to get with one of the other girls and flirt with them? What was gonna happen next for Rikku Rhapsody and her path to reconnect with the world that had pressed on without her for a little over 3 years? Was she gonna have her next chance at getting romance and truly shake all her romance failure in the past off for good? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Zeke: *Voice-Over* Holy crap! Get me the hell out of this nightmare. Fire Minions and all hellbent on spreading marks of the beast said to come on the day of reckoning. It is coming… and i told Luna that i didn’t want to be in with this Demon stuff. I was having nightmares about it although… this is not what i had in mind when i said i didn’t want to be in on the Demon stuff anymore. On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! things were calm or at a stand still till they get met by a great maw of fire minions. All while the girls were enjoying a time away at the fair grounds. It was the time of the year where the holiday Carnival was in the mind… but The enjoyment gets placed under the ice when they get the word by me to look out for a great maw of Fire minions and their threat of spreading fires through the city. The girls will have to put out that fire and fast. Plus Rikku Rhapsody gets a bit closer to the new D.A and finds a chance at rekindling the romance realm in her life again. getting another possible shot at it. Then we have the situation with Vincent. It seems that the spell he cast to make those Anti-Demon charms has weakened him… But with his determination… he pulls through. and secretly leaves me his will. In case he happened to not make it. Okay… I barely really know the guy. I don’t really know all there is about him and he doesn’t really know me much and he’s trusting me with his will… I have got to be missing something here. It’s Demonic Fire Minions in sight and more preparing for the still imminent End of days on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 110: “The Mark of Scath in View. Did Someone order a side order of Fire Minions of Scath?”

Trigon: “Some remnant of my daughter may yet exist, but the Raven you knew is lost forever.”

Miss Love: Trigon, Why don’t you stuff it? You never have been and never will be Raven’s father. Raven hated you. Everyone hates your ass… You’re nothing but an Evil son of a Bitch. Your Evil is nothing. But our power is something you’ll never beat. This is our world.

Bubble Maiden: And I myself am a mother now… You are about to face a pissed off mother. You are all Evil? Get the hell over yourself. You’re nothing. Get out of our world, Trigon. Get out or i swear as a mother battering anything that seeks to threaten her offspring that you will regret it. I don’t care how tough you are. You get out… or we’ll force you out. What’s it gonna be?!


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