Chapter 108: Aftermath of Beryl’s Personal attack. Start the Countdown to trouble on Intergalactic Descent.

August 31st. 2027…

At the Watchtower…

Paige: *Noticing something showing up on Beryl’s forehead* Stop. Stop right there. The Mark. The mark is glowing right there… It looks Demonic.

Pearl: What is Beryl doing with the Mark?

Dinah: How did she get it and where did those fire burning Demon powers come from… I mean… I used to say that she needed better powers and ones that would have paid the electric bill. but that type of power was not what i meant when i said that she needed better power.

Paige: I don’t think that anyone did, Dinah. This is just so unreal. I am usually the one with some kind of explanation. but this one… Sadly… I’m stumped.

Pearl: I think that we all are… I don’t think that we’re gonna be able to protect Raven in the way that we were hoping. Whoever this Scath Demon is… He/she/it whatever seems to be dead set in getting a hold of her in some way. However it is that he deems fit to get at her.

Dinah: It’s not gonna sound so good. Knowing that Raven’s gonna be with nightmares of that demon coming and using her to make reach of the world. Our world.

Paige: It never is good. Not over something like this. This is much bigger than that. A mass load bigger than that.

Chloe: Where are the guys?

Pearl: They’re not coming this time… They’re at the university and Prince Arnold is back at Central Kansas… at the Dorms that they have there and is resting. We just got done with the surprise party for Raven a couple hours ago… So… She’s asleep and the others are all asleep too… They’re spent. But knowing Prince Alvin… He’s probably gonna be up still just thinking about how Beryl could have done what it was that she did.

Chloe: That’s natural for him. He never lies down on the job. You girls don’t either. But on the day when we had those guys from the B.A.U coming around… He single handedly brought them over… No tag along. nothing he came and brought them right over. Reid, Jareau, Prentiss, Morgan, Garcia, Rossi and Hotchner.

Dinah: He was all for helping in getting Luna rescued. That’s what he does… He’s a very dedicated guy.

Chloe: There is something else… How is it that your mother is back?

Paige: Raven. She went back in time and brought her back here.

Tess:  That’s admirable. But… Really. You realize that you disrupted time…

Dinah: Time is still the same… Raven didn’t upset anything. all she did was stop a death and nothing else.

Paige: Check the history… everything is the same and the only thing that has been altered and changed was the fact that our mother was killed. Technically she was… but the one Zod got was the Replica. He’s got no idea that he didn’t get the real one.

Tess: Sneaky. Sounds like there’s a little twinkle of sneakiness behind those beaming dark blue eyes after all. Clever girl.

Dinah: Well it is par for the course after all.


(Time till the Day of Raven’s moment of fulfilling Prophecy/Scath’s arrival

3 Months, 30 days, 16 hours, 40 minutes and 36 seconds)

The next morning…

Sept. 1st…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Living room…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Watching a little bit of the headlines on the T.V* I gotta get a job.

Dinah: You sure about that, Mom? What do you plan on doing? You can’t go back to your old ways. The times… if you may have witnessed are not what they were before. it’s changed.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Well… I got to do something. Because i don’t have a place of my own. I am here with you. I know that you said that you didn’t mind. But i do… I am overcrowding your house and it’s not fair to you or your loving husband. I don’t want to remain a burden. I’m supposed to be your mom. Not your moocher. where i happen to mooch off you. It’s not fair to you.

Dinah: I get that. But i don’t care if you happen to do it every now and then… I am fine with it. Family takes care of their own. Always had. If you really want to find a job… I’ll help you. Just tell what it is you need. Classes don’t start for another week… so we’ll send out for resumes and get some bites in employment for you.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Okay. *Getting up and walking over to grab a cup of coffee* Now i need coffee. But that’s a good idea. I should have started finding a job on the 4th day that i returned… but i stalled. Although… there is something that i was meaning to ask you. Something that you guys were all talking about during the first attempt of throwing Raven a Party and she had a slight outburst.

Dinah: Really? What?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *In the Kitchen fixing up a cup of coffee; and breaking out with the question* What was all the talk about the end of the world and the Apocalyptic predictions? What was that about?

Dinah: I wish that you would not have asked about that… It’s something that you won’t want to know. Unless many sleepless nights is your cup of tea. But since you asked… I’ll tell you about it. Tonight. i’ll lay it straight. But mom, i’m gonna have to warn you. You’re not gonna like what it is that you hear.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What would make you say that?

Dinah: Let’s just leave it for now as: “It’s something dark and sinister and alot worse than the Zod Dilemma.”

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Okay. Just go easy on me with that name… i still cringe at the mention of the name Zod. I still have nightmares about that awful brutish man. Phantom… Menace whatever he is.

Dinah: Don’t worry. We trashed that guy. He’s not gonna be coming back anytime soon. I think that the Krypto man is gonna see to that.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: He better. Because… i swear if that guy comes back… I will scream. *Shivers just thinking about the Evil Kandorian man*

Luna: *Walking out into the Kitchen and getting a drink* Morning Dinah, Morning Mom.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Morning sweetie… How was your sleep?

Luna: It was okay. I just kept thinking about the events that went on last night. The party. How Raven was acting and what was going on. I feel bad for her. I just wish that there was something that could be done to help her. I don’t like the idea that she has a secret that she has to fear letting out because of how we might… well… you know… take it.

Dinah: We all feel it, Luna. We all do. But… We’re gonna get to the bottom of it. Somehow… Prince Alvin’s looking into it. As is Prince Avery. I am gonna see about looking into it myself. Because something that was said during the ordeal that Raven was going through… doesn’t add up. It was something that she slipped and let out.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You all ready for school though, Luna? It starts a new year in less than 5 days.

Luna: *Sighs* I wish that you would not remind me… Ever since the brutal verbal fight with Martin… i would rather be home schooled.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Why? Don’t you love School?

Luna: Well… i did not want to go in the first place… because i felt that i would never belong. That was when i was the girl with the Blue hair and the cat like appearance but seen as a human girl. Your mom… sent me to school knowing that i was scared. that i was terrified. She didn’t care about how i felt. She was just wanting me in school so she make like she was so good. She abused me. Physically. Mentally. and Emotionally. Neglected me too… I was teased on my first day of school. I however a few days later made a friend who just so happened to be Eventually my boyfriend. I even loved him. Then when i Matured… into this… things changed a little but he and i were still okay. Other than my being abused and he had to handle it somehow. Dinah told grandma off that one night too… I was glad. She got what she deserved. Dinah let her have it. We all sent her to Jail for her abusive behavior and for her being so prejudiced and racist. She was the meanest. But that was when i met Zeke… 3 days later after she was sent to Prison. Zeke was Abused in the worst way. The worst way that you can imagine… I was the only one being a friend to him at first. then gradually others opened to him. But Martin hated him and didn’t like him. He was always looking for ways or reasons to tear at him. He and i throughout that time grown apart. Although one of the last Conversations that Martin and i had was the worst. The worst one yet.

Luna flashes back…

Martin: *Looking up and sighing* Or something else. But… i was dead? Good god. What if they were unable to bring me back?

Luna: *Walking in* Then there would be one less person in the world. It would be a sad situation.

Martin: *Looking over to see Luna* Luna?! What are you doing here? I didn’t think that you’d come. After all the things you put me through and ignoring me for so long.

Luna: *Walking over and trying to keep calm* I didn’t come to be blamed for your misfortune. Martin, What you have done… you did to yourself. No one forced you to drink. No one. You chose to do it because you were angry at me. I am at fault for abandoning you. But…

Martin: You think that i was causing it?

Luna: Weren’t you the one that did it? You were hurting me. Contradicting every decision that i made. I chose to smoke. I made that choice on my own. I screwed up. But you making it all my fault is what pushed me away.

Martin: Bull… You were spending all your time with Zeke. I hardly got to see you. Ever. Ever since he came into the picture.

Luna: Look. I am not gonna stay for this. I am not letting you blame Zeke. You are always blaming Zeke for things that he didn’t even do.

Martin: *Angrily* That he didn’t even do… THAT HE DIDN’T EVEN DO?! He took you away from me. You smoke because of him. You were my girl. Not his. Mine. But you went to him.

Luna: Who’s fault is that? Not mine. I wasn’t the one pushing you away with the sour attitude. I wasn’t the one treating you like you never mattered. You were doing that to me. Making me feel as though i was worthless to you because i happened to lose my way a bit. because i what… What? Because i have a habit? Yeah… i have a habit. Teen Angst. I have that. So do you. But you made it to where if i had it… it was wrong. You were Drinking. I could smell it on you. I knew that you were doing so for a while. since the first day of March… but i truly thought that it was just my mind playing tricks on me. But… it was not some trick. You were drinking. I smelt it on you in class for weeks. Weeks, Martin.

Martin: And i caught you holding a pack of smokes in class too… But i didn’t say a word. I wasn’t even happy about it… but i wasn’t about to make a spectacle of it. I was not gonna Embarrass you or say something about it to humiliate you. I wasn’t gonna be like that. You know that i wasn’t. But you were smoking in the girls restroom with Pamela. She… isn’t a bad person… but with her dealing with parents who would hardly pay any attention to her… it was more expected. Plus also if she did anything… they wouldn’t look to pay any attention to her. She wasn’t being loved by them as she should be. She was ignored. Zeke is not like that… He is a Vagrant. He Was sexually abused. He has problems and instead of being smart about it and try to help him but see to it that his problems didn’t become yours… You got smacked into his issues. His issues became yours. Then you disregard my concerns for you. I was hard on you because i loved you and you needed a firm guide. I didn’t want to see you screw your life up even though you had already done that to yourself.

Luna: You were treating me like dirt. Karen saw it. So did Zeke. Pamela… Irene. Ted, Jake and Jennifer. They all saw. Irene moved to another school because of you and me. Tearing at one another. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her father Grigory saw the mess and got tired of it. He was tired of seeing it and took his daughter and put her in another school. I don’t blame him. Because of what you and i were doing to each other. We were hurting Irene and it was getting annoying. With the crap that we were doing to one another and what he was seeing that Irene was being subjected to… i wouldn’t blame him if he were to take her out of the school on the first of March. after seeing what was really going on.

Martin: Well… You were the one who started it. Seeing Zeke. You know how i feel about him. About the shit he was bringing to you and messing you up. You were unstable as it was because you were fearing the idea that you would be seen as the Abused Asian teenage girl. You were scared about that… if you happen to bother remembering. You remember how you were for a while after we all sent Grandmother Rikku to Jail for her abusing you and being… well… A Racist for starters. And A abuser. But… No… you went right for Zeke. Knowing he might have had more issues in him than you needed. You were unstable on the inside even though you were trying to hide it as best you could on the outside. You were Unstable. You should have been smart enough to stay the hell away from him… Not forever… but just for a while till you got yourself back to being stable and normal… back to being upbeat and being the person that you were meant to be. But… Did you. Did you stay away from him?

Luna: ….

Martin: No. You didn’t. You didn’t keep away from him. You instead went right for him and he had issues. but you decided: “Oh It’s okay. I am still unstable right now because of the ordeal i was just going through… Zeke’s probably got issues himself. his own set of dirty laundry. but i’ll just befriend him and allow his problems to become mines as well and just let it add to the problems that i already have.” You went right on to him. It didn’t matter what i felt about him. Hell… i could have had proof to you from multiple sources to tell you that there is a red flag on Zeke… and you would still walk right into the trap and become someone who was all good… into someone who just doesn’t have anything good about them anymore. You might try telling me that i am full of it. That i don’t know shit… But it is you who are truly naive. Your family doesn’t seem to like Zeke hardly. And you know what… Hoohaa to them. They are being smart. They know what the hell is going on. Alot more than you seem to.

Luna: Oh… yeah… that is right. Zeke’s a piece of shit loser of the public here… he’s no good and who gives a damn what i say. Right? I don’t know him at all… i know nothing. You know… this is why i went to him. You bash him. You just refuse to see the good in anyone like Zeke. You want to run him out of town. By all means… Here… *Pulling out a Note Pad; Putting it back in her pocket and taking out her Cellphone* Here. Call him right now and inform him that you are gonna lead a Lynch mob and run him right out of town. Tell him. Tell him.  Come on. *Seeing Martin backing off* Thought so.

They continue to fight and trade words till finally…

Vast’s “Don’t take your Love away” Plays in the background as the last blowout between Luna and Martin concludes…

Luna: You know what…? *Sighs and starts to walk off*

Martin: Where are you going?

Luna: Away.

Martin: Away… Away from who?

Luna: You. You are such a Jerk. I have had it… i can’t do this anymore. I came here to try and see on making things right again between us in some way. But now i see that coming here was the biggest mistake i could have made. The others are gonna be giving me a lecture about it. I’ll just have to take it. But You have just proven to me that there is nothing that can be saved of our relationship or love.

Martin: *Feeling hurt*

Luna: *Turning to face Martin one last time* Look… I can’t do this anymore. All we do is fight. You blame Zeke for everything. You dictate my life and tell me who i can see and when. How… I am tired. And i am done. I don’t tell you who it is that you are to see and when and how. There are some friends that you might have that i don’t like. But i never say a word about it. Not a word. But you do it to me. That’s not fair. Zeke is bad in your eyes. Fine. And so… you don’t like him. I thought that you would open up to him and befriend him. However… i think that i fooled myself for far enough time. I fooled myself thinking that you’d open up to him. Maybe even accept him and tolerate him at least if not liking him. But. You don’t even do that. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do it. I am tired of us fighting. You disrespect me… hurt me because of the guys and gals i hang with. Martin… we used to be so close. Best friends. Then as our friendship grew and became stronger…we started to get feelings for one another. I loved you and you loved me. We were meant to be… You and i were just always in love… together and you said that you would never hurt me. Ever. Then when we sent my Ex-Grandmother to prison… you were feeling as though you should have done more to protect me… You loved me and i did you. But then Zeke comes and you become threatened by him. Making him out to be the bad guy. I choose to befriend him. He was abused and i opened up to him because i felt his pain and saw that he needed at least one friend. You didn’t even bother with him. You battered him and made him feel like he deserved nothing but misfortune. That is mean. Martin… I am done with you… Done with us. *Feeling her heart breaking as she makes the hardest decision* We’re no longer together. I can’t do this anymore. I am tired of hurting. Tired of hitting a brick wall with you and coming at odds. You didn’t think that you would lose me. But you had. Zeke didn’t take me. I went to him and felt closer to him. You pushed me into his arms. Your attitude and your rotten treatment of me… of him. Everything that i say to you would just go right out the door. You would always question me. You were treating me like i was an idiot. A Fool. But no more. No more. I am a Human being. I have feelings and a heart. It hurts just the same when it is stepped on. *Seeing Martin Starting to shed tears knowing that he never knew what he had till he lost it and took it for granted* Martin. I know that it might feel like you’ve lost a part of your heart again just like you felt when you lost your parents… But this… you did to yourself.  No one else. You. I don’t hate you. I won’t hate you. But i can’t love you anymore. I can’t do this anymore. I’ll always care about you… I also wish you the best. Hope that you find happiness again. With someone that will make you happy… Whoever it may be. But you and I? We’re done. It’s over. Goodbye, Martin.”

Rikku L. Rhapsody: The worst one indeed… I am really sorry, Luna. I really am sorry. You should not have had to be put through that pain. But it’s gonna be alright. You’re still going to school. If he comes to you and starts anything with you… You come and tell me. It’s gonna be alright.

Luna: Okay. *Nods*

At the Metropolis University…

The Dorms…

Room #349…

Pearl: *Sighs* That night was a total nightmare inside a fun one.

Star: Yeah… You can tell me about that if you like. Because i sure wasn’t invited to it.

Pearl: I know… i should have told you about it… But you were busy with the designs… you were so in the middle of the fashion prepping that i couldn’t just pull you away. You were obviously working on a couple of wonderful designs.

Star: I would have been okay with taking a break. I wouldn’t have minded doing so.

Pearl: I get that now… I am sorry. Look… To make up for not inviting you to the party… I’m making you a godmother to one of my kids. when that day comes that i deliver. I know that i should have asked you if you’d like to come and be a part of the fun. It would have been better for both of us.

Star: Okay… Okay… i forgive you. I forgive you… I still am hurt… but i’ll get over it. It happened. So… what all happened last night?

Pearl: Well… Just so you know… My mother… the one i told you got murdered by the Kandorian menace… She’s back.

Star: Hold up… Hold up on that one… Say what? Your mother is back from the dead? What did she do? Pull a thriller night act? Dead people can’t come back from the dead, Pearl. You know that better than anyone. Dead is dead. There is no coming back from the dead, Pearl. there never had been any attempts of coming back from the dead before. Not ever. Unless there was something more to it than what you’re letting off.

Pearl: ….

Star: There is… Isn’t there? Isn’t there? *Seeing the expression festering upon Pearl’s face* Yeah… I would have thought so. Okay girl, spill it. What’s the real deal here behind her Encore appearance and sudden rise from the ether?

Pearl: One person. It’s the one that we know with the dark powers and is with the ability obviously to go back in time.

Star: You’re not talking about that girl, Raven… are you girl?

Pearl: Yeah… that’s the one i am talking about. her. She went back in time to May 1st, 2024 to the moments before my mother was killed. Said to have warned her and watched as the Events were about to hit again… but then before it could… she created a Mirror Image copy of her… that had her memories… moves, Looks… attitude and voice. The works. She made that and brought the real one with her back to this time. So Zod thought that he would be killing the real one… but in reality… it was just the Decoy that looked exactly like the real one in every sense. But wasn’t.

Star: Raven did that?

Pearl: You bet she did.

Star: That’s really trippy. So… let me guess… That your mother is… Alive and well… She’s here and she’s here to stay. But… Wait… If she’s back… Wouldn’t that mean that the one that you said that you and your sisters had to dispose of… may be back as well?

Pearl: No… That one was months before my mother’s moment of said death. that never happened. The guy that i will not speak of… he’s forever lost to the sands of time. He is forever gone.

Star: Okay… so now we know that your mother is back… but what about… last night. At the party… what happened?

Pearl: It was a great party… once it happened. But the First attempt wasn’t so… good. I mean… we had 6 big tubs of Ice Cream. A 7 Layer cake. Wide and with purple frosting. Like Grape in that matter. It was Grape. and had Raven’s face in the front of it. I think that i brought a couple pieces back with me… It should be in the fridge there… Try some. It’s really silky smooth. Sinfully rich. But oh… so so good. But we surprised her. however… the first time… she wasn’t too open to it and just didn’t want it.

Star: She didn’t? Why not? If it were me… I’d be all for a party. No matter what the heck it was. Alot of parties happen to really kick and groove.

Pearl: Maybe so… but Raven was not the type who valued a party.

Star: Okay… And the Clincher would be…?

Pearl: Something about her birthday really got her in despair. Terror. We asked Dinah what that was about after the party ended last night. She said that Raven made a remark. where…”There are places in my mind where you don’t go… Where no one should ever go.” and “Trust me, If you knew anything about the day of my birth… You’d know that there is nothing to celebrate.”

Star: What? She said that?! What do you think she was getting at with that remark or saying such things like that?

Pearl: How should i know? But she’s got this huge burden over her now… She’s got a lot on her mind and even though i can’t fight… I am Pregnant… I am certain to tell you that something is definitely wrong. Wrong in the most possible way. Something got to her. And if we were smart… we’d find out what it was that got to her.

Star: When do you want to start?

Pearl: *Looking at the designs and trying to think* As soon as we possibly can. Class doesn’t start till next week. we still have a week left of freedom to relax and take care of what we need to. So… as much as we can… this week. We get ourselves some answers.

In Room #250…

Christie: Renee, Something doesn’t feel right.

Renee: What do you mean?

Christie: Dinah just called last night after midnight. and you and i both listened to what she had to say… but i was thinking about it during the night and something about what she said… I don’t know.

Renee: You think something’s up?

Christie: yeah. Dinah sounded rather different than she usually did. She sounded way different. Fierce. tough and more forceful sounding. She said that something was going on with Raven. The Dark powered girl. Something was happening to her.

Renee: What do you think it was?

Christie: Well… What Dinah said as you heard… it was something sinister. Dark. Fire everywhere.

Renee: Fire?

Christie: Fire… but the only difference was that it was not your average kind of fire. This was demonic fire. Demonic fire and Raven was being targeted.

Renee: By who?

Christie: God… Renee, you really are new. We have got to break you in with the presence of the supernatural and bizarre. The one that was targeting Raven was an Enemy… a Villain that they all had to face multiple times in the past. Many times… Ever heard of the Dark Kingdom?

Renee: No. I haven’t.

Christie: Well… i have. only in some detail though. It is a alternate dimension. An Alternate realm that has a dark kingdom. A Dark forest as well… the one that resides inside the Dark Kingdom is none other than Queen Beryl of Dark Kingdom. She back in the heyday… like lets say 3-4 years ago… 5 years just about… she was the one that sired to reawaken the Great Evil Queen Metaria. She had these 4 henchmen or warriors who were these soldiers who once served the Prince of the Earth… Someone named Endymion. Not sure. Dinah didn’t really get too into the nitty gritty details of him. But he lives. Resurrected in the form of a College student.  Now… Beryl used those 4 men… to do her work. And as you know since Dinah came out with the whole truth of what all went in this city. the stuff that this city’s been through for so long. She and her sisters had to battle her forces many times during that time… many many times. It was endless. Endless and with no breaks… because every day… there would be a new attack done by Beryl and/or her men… Dinah told of their names… Jadeite, Nephrite, Kunzite and Zoicite. Nephrite during that time went away… Went and stripped of his powers. but the memories still festered. Zoicite got killed by a Youma of their own making… sometime after that. Then Kunzite got himself killed by Jadeite who meant to kill Endymion as he had the Great Evil in him. He got it in him and tried to suppress it. But it took him. He became Dark Endymion. Evil. But was driven by Metaria. They had to deal with him… then the Princess of the moon who was in love with the Prince… She was gonna destroy the whole world… unless things changed. but the past life still happened. in the same way that it happened 1000 years before that. The 3 girls that we know… had to work hand in hand with 5 girls. Luna as well… Even 4 others. They all had to work and take back control… Although it was not that way in the end. The world ended… but then got revitalized. By the power of an Heirloom from the Moon Kingdom. the Mystical Silver Crystal. Beryl went down with her kingdom… Or so we thought… She came back… and wrecked havoc and came right for Dinah and her unborn babies at that time… last year… most of last year… Stating that killing Dinah and the unborn… would be the end of the Rhapsody Family and their future. Ending it with Dinah.  It was down the road during that time when they all had to beat a Earth bound girl named Terra who had been brainwashed by Beryl. Terra broke free from her control and Sent Beryl to her demise. Beryl fell to her death… but Terra’s power triggered a Volcano and therefore she had to sacrifice herself to stop it… Beryl was said to be dead. Or so we thought…

Renee: So this Beryl… She’s the same one that Dinah was talking about… the same one that is back and after Raven?

Christie: Yes.

Renee: What’ll we do?

Christie: There isn’t anything that we can do… the only thing that can be done is just to be there for them and for Raven. to help her the best way that we can.

Renee: I don’t understand though… why is this happening to them? Why? Their mother is back and they barely have had much time to reconnect with her and helping her rejoin the world that went under the impression that she was dead but then wasn’t dead as they all thought. What’ll they do?

Christie: Renee… You and I are in the same boat. The same boat. There is nothing that can be done… other than be there for the girls when they need it…

At Vincent Van Graves…

Vincent: I don’t know what to do anymore, Regina. I don’t know. I feel as though i failed as a companion to Martin.

Regina: *Shaking her head* No no no… Vincent. Don’t say that. Don’t be saying that. You didn’t fail. The dear boy has failed you. You’ve given him nothing but love and care. I know… i have seen the things you’ve done for him. He is just being rather spoiled.

Vincent: *Not feeling happy* How do you figure that one, Regina? The dear boy won’t even talk to me. He still hates Zeke and won’t open up to him for anything. And he is also ignoring me. i tried to tell him something. the other day and he just walked on without even looking back at me. He refused to look at me.

Regina: You need to do something about that.

Vincent: What though? *Seeing the expression on Regina’s face* No… no. Not gonna happen. I am not gonna send him to Military school. And Magically forcing him to listen to me and control him like he’s a mindless slave. I won’t do that.

Regina: Vincent… You have to do something. Military school could be the only thing that will work for Martin. I know that i am not with any right to tell you how to raise him… But from what you have told me thus far… I don’t think that there is gonna be much of an option… or Alternative. if any.

Vincent: I guess. I’m just scared though. The dear boy is my responsibility. I was supposed to care and watch over him. But i don’t know how it is that i’m supposed to do it now. He won’t even speak to me. It’s been like that since last month. he came home and it was supposed to be a peaceful afternoon. But…

Vincent Flashes back…

“Vincent: How was school?

Martin: *Scoffs and heads to get a snack* Like you care…

Vincent: What’s with the tone, Dear boy? All i asked was how School was. And you know that i care.

Martin: Yeah right. You don’t care. You care about Zeke the piece of shit Mansfield though. You care about him. more than you do me… I know the truth about him… i know what he is… but no… i am the crazy one. I am the one that is full of it.

Vincent: What are you talking about? There is nothing about Zeke that we don’t already know. He quit whatever habit that you said he had. Luna has quit it too. They quit it together. You just didn’t want to see it. You hate Zeke that much that you would wish for him to never exist.

Martin: Yeah. There you go. Now you got the clue. Zeke should never have come to Metropolis. Luna was my girl. I was her guy. I loved her. i wanted to even Marry her when it came to the time where i was 20 or 21. But Zeke came into her life and Screwed up the whole plan. I loved Luna. I loved her deeply. However… that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone. Because Zeke comes around and everyone’s all hands on deck for him. Everyone seems to just love him and Enjoy him being around. I don’t… but it doesn’t matter. I don’t matter.

Vincent: You better cease on accusing Zeke for your troubles. You are the only one who can change your life for the better. You’re the one that decided to Drink yourself into a deep Coma. And then you were blaming it on Zeke and Luna. I know. Luna came that night after she said to have visited you and told me that you were holding her and Zeke responsible. 

Martin: It is his fault. No matter what you or Luna says… or what anyone says. It will always be Zeke’s fault. He is a loser and an ass. He should have just stayed in Wichita where he came from.

Vincent: That’s it… My dear boy… I am grounding you for 6 months. 

Martin: What? *Steamed* Oh yeah… that’s it… Punish me because i refuse to like Zeke. Well Eat shit! I don’t like ZEKE AND YOU ARE NOT GONNA FUCKIN’ MAKE ME! *Storming up to his room and Slamming the Door hard with force*

Vincent: Then… you’re gonna be expecting the same lecture, dear boy. Either way… you will respect Zeke. He has not made your life miserable. You did it upon yourself. It’s high time you realize that. You’ll be better off if you did. That’s a promise.

Martin: *From upstairs* Oh shut up! I don’t care what you try to use on me. My mind is made up and you’re not gonna change it. SO DROP IT!”

Vincent: That was when something made me lose it. I did what i wished to have never done to him. I went up to his room and with a direct forced move… i Grabbed him and placed him right on my lap and Spanked his behind… about a dozen times at once. I was hurt by his disobedience and upset by how he was being that i just lost it. I didn’t think of what it was that i was doing… till after it was done.

Regina: Oh no…

Vincent: What happened then was just awful. He sat there crying in pain after the punishment and with one look at me… briefly. He said: “I am never gonna speak to you again. Ever. I hate you. Go find Zeke and stay with him. I’ll take my parents and my letter that i got from them… I will live here Miserably till i am 18. Then i’m leaving. And i am never coming back. Go to Zeke. Be with the asshole. If i ever reverse back to being the way i was before and not like i am now… it will never be the same for you. You can be sure of that. Leave me alone. Never come near me again. Ever!”

Regina: Are you sure that it wasn’t the anger talking?

Vincent: I’m sure. He hasn’t spoken to me since. I tried opening up to him. surprising him with things and he blew them all off.

Regina: You don’t think that he might be…

Vincent: Might be what?

Regina: I don’t know… But i have been reading something a little while ago about possible possessions. Someone being possessed by a sprite and gradually forming a change of personality. Attitude.

Vincent: Where did you find this book?

Regina: It’s a book that i gazed upon once in the University Library. I heard about the book in the Local Library. A Book called “Strength for his People: A Ministry for Families of the Mentally Ill” Done by a Pastor Steven Waterhouse. He did studies on Demon Possession and had helped families with issues of Possession or Schizophrenia. I would recommend that you find the book and look at it. Studying it a little and watching Martin’s activity for the time being. Maybe about a week or so. If by then… there is no change and or it gets worse than it is now with him not talking to you… and showing disregard. Anger and avoidance. Hate.  You’ll know that there is without a doubt… a problem.

Vincent: I’ll do what i must. But… if nothing more… I’d be hoping that you’ll be around for this… because i do have Clergy power as i am also a Demonologist. as well as a wizard. and i also am a Necromancer.

Regina: Of course.

Vincent: Wait… There was word out in the city that there were these two Demon Hunters. Winchesters. Dean and Sam i think their names were.

Regina: You think that they’ll be able to detect a Demon nearby or inside the dear boy?

Vincent: It’s worth a shot. Regina… with the mention of the book that could help… and then the news of the brothers who happen to be Demon hunters… i gotta try something. Anything…

11:00 AM…

At Zeke’s place…

Zeke: *On the phone* Luna, Another school year nears. But with the things that we’ve heard about. Things about a Demon bent on Galactic Conquest coming to Earth… Do you think that it’s gonna be worth going to school since the world is said to be ending at the end of this year?

Luna: I don’t know. But i know that my mom is gonna have me go anyway. She says that i need it. Dinah also says it. I however don’t want to go because i don’t want to deal with possibly seeing Martin. I can’t stand him at all. The last time that i saw him… was the last time that i’d wish to see him. I Don’t hate him… but i can’t say that i would value in seeing him again.

Zeke: I don’t think that i would want to see him again either. I don’t like how he treats people. how he treats you… or how he did treat you.

Luna: it hurts knowing that i ever fell for him. When i first started school… he was my only friend. The only one who wanted to be my friend at the time. Although as it went… i got friends come in… Like Karen, Irene, Jake and Jennifer… Pamela, Penelope, Beth, Ted and June. Plus you. Although Irene left and got pulled out. she’s in a different school and city now because of the mess that was between Martin and me… because i was sticking up for you and he didn’t like it.

Zeke: Martin’s an asshole anyway Luna. You know that. He might not have been one at first… but he sure has turned into one over time. How did you ever put up with him for so long anyway… when he started becoming an ass?

Luna: I don’t know. I don’t know how it happened. But i don’t want to even speak of him.

Zeke: I don’t blame you. Where’s your mom?

Luna: She’s with my sister Dinah. Dinah’s helping her look for a Job and possibly get one. A good paying one that is high paying. Something.

Zeke: Where do you think she’ll work?

Luna: I don’t know. Maybe somewhere good.

Zeke: I hope so… She needs it. and i am sure that you’ll be there for her.

Luna: Of course i would. She’s my mother. I Love her.

Zeke: I sure wish that i had a mother that i could love. But the only mother i knew… tried to molest me when i was a little kid. like 5. I still have the nightmares of it every so often. it’s gotten to be where i get them twice a week. if no more than that now.

Luna: Well… it is getting better then. because for a while at first when you and i first met… you said that you would have those bad nightmares from that ordeal… every night. 4 times a night and that a couple nights where you would be screaming in fear.

Zeke: That’s what i told you… but i didn’t really get into that… not as deep as you just described. But yes… it’s practically as i told you.

Luna: Why not come over for a while?

Zeke: You sure? What about your sister and mother?

Luna: They’re gonna be gone for a while more. They called about 10 minutes ago saying that they were still looking for a Job for my mother.

Zeke: Okay. I’ll be over soon. Love you.

Luna: Love you too…

Although on the Road…

Dinah: *Driving* We’ve searched 4 places so far and none had an opening. Mom, I know that you are looking to get a job and you want to contribute… But there isn’t anything much you can do if there are no openings anywhere. You can’t just beg for a job to come out and say… “Take me, I’m yours.”

Rikku L. Rhapsody: There’s got to be somewhere that i can find a job that will be good for me… I got my degrees and everything. I know that you had to pull strings on getting my stuff out of storage. Personal effects and things that meant something to me in some way. But… if i don’t find a job… i’m gonna be just on the street. because, Dinah. you’re my daughter. Not my personal doormat. I know family takes care of their own. But i am not gonna milk that idea for every drop it has. No. I am not gonna use you like that.

Dinah: Mom, It is not like that and you know that. I am doing this because it’s what family does for one another. Plus because i Love you. No matter what. You’ve gotten me a little steamed… a couple times… but i put up with it because you’re my mother and you’re family. I’d be unwilling to have it any other way. *Looking to the side; Catching something coming on through her phone* Whoa… Well well well… What do we got here…  They have an opening at the Police department for an interrogator. You might like that. Great benefits. Guaranteed insurance coverage. and access to the Credit Union too… But don’t let them know that you are wanting the job for that one reason. they’ll be suspicious. There is also one as a liaison. for the Judge. Samantha Greensburg. She needs a New Liaison. You could do great with that…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I am okay with Law. I always did like ensuring that Justice got done. I may be a mother… but i do have a interest in preserving Law.

Dinah: Let’s try those two out… First we’ll try the Police department. Whichever job takes you in… will be your means of employment.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Okay. *Pulling out her papers* Good thing that we went and made copies of all my skills and qualities… That’ll help. They might ask for that.

Dinah: That’s true. They might just do that. Nice planning ahead mom.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: hey… so old habits of being too prepared die hard. I just like being sure that i am with what i need to get the job that i might enjoy. Where i can put my talents to use and provide a service to those who need it.

Dinah: All this change and so fast… You’re definitely ready for a job like Court Liaison or Interrogator.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I learned how to be determined for something from my mother. The one that i cast away for what she did to Luna. Luna is a sweet girl. She didn’t deserve to have that type of treatment done on to her.

Dinah: I know. I stood up to that Ex-Grandmother though. I told her off.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That you did. You always did have a mouth on you. You kinda got that from me. I had a mouth on me too… but with the sad ass childhood that i’ve had… It didn’t get me anywhere. But i should be relieved over the idea that i can find solace in the fact that you can put that part of me to good use and get some change made. Better than i could have. *Chuckles*

Dinah: Careful on that, Mom. You’re starting to sound as though you’re trying to flatter me.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know… but you got to admit it’s true. *Spotting the Police Department up ahead* Isn’t that the police department up ahead?

Dinah: Yeah. It is… *Noticing an attack going on inside* What’s going on? What the hell is this mess? An attack on the police station?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What’ll we do?

Dinah: You can’t… But I can… *Parking the truck and Looking at her mother* Mom… I want you to stay here. I’ll handle this. You don’t need to see this. You don’t need to see the carnage. It’s better if you don’t see it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: But you’ll be hurt. Don’t go.

Dinah: Mom, I’m still a fighter. Remember? You talking to your Daughter who’s known as “Danger Zone” Dinah here… I got this. I’ll be right back. I Promise. I will be right back.

Dinah got out and Marched over to the station…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Worried* Oh… Please do be careful, Dinah. Please…

Inside the Police Station…

Gunmen #1: Don’t move, Copper. Don’t you move. One move and this gun is gonna pop you full of lead.

Thunder Mistress: *From the side* Hey… Dirt bag. Don’t you know that you’re in the wrong place to commit a crime? You’re in a police station and you know… the minute that you let your guard down… those cops are gonna be subduing you.

Gunmen #2: Hey… Boss lady… We got a problem. We got company.

Gunmen #1: What do you mean that we got company? It’s just us here.

Gunmen #2: Wanna bet on that, boss? Take a look over there by the door… We have a problem…

Gunmen #1: *Barking* Well… don’t just stand there… take care of it!

Gunmen #2:  But… it’s… It’s one of the girls of Love, Grace and Fury…

Gunmen #1: So? Put a bullet into her head.

Gunmen #2: B-b-but…

Gunmen #1: DO IT!

Thunder Mistress: Okay… Now this is getting sad. *Firing a shot of Thunder at the Gunmen* Thunder Shot! *Charging up and with strength building up; With both hands out and facing the gunmen* This is where your time concludes… Your attempt to rise and take control… ends here… and now…  *About to launch* How many points will this be, huh? 2… maybe 3. You guys ever get desperate enough to try and go for the long shot?

Gunmen #2: *Firing some shots at Dinah* Don’t you ever shut up?

Thunder Mistress: Yeah… I would have guessed. You guys are desperate. You go for the long shot. *Evading; Launching the attack at the Gunmen* THUNDERING DRAGONS!!!

A Moment later…

Officer Shirley: *Looking at Dinah* Thanks again there, Thunder Mistress. We sure are glad that you came when you did.

Thunder Mistress: Not a problem. It is all in a day’s work. Just remember… Staying Vigilant and being tough… keeping alert at all times. it’s the difference between life and death. Always keep the strength and have faith in one another. You’ll have all the power needed to serve and protect. Courage, Vigilance and trust in both yourselves and each other. Always remember that.

Back outside by the truck a minute later…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: How did it go in there?

Dinah: No sweat. Problem is out of the picture. I handled it. Ready to go in and apply for a job?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. I’m ready. I although was still worried about you. I know that i should be used to the fact that you are with certain responsibilities as a hero. but i still worry about you. I worry about you, Paige, Pearl, Luna… Shanna, Betty and Angel. I haven’t seen them yet… but i worry about all my babies. Always had. Always will.

Dinah: And that… That is what makes you a very good mother. The best mother.

Back inside the station a minute later…

Dinah: *Walking inside and heading to find the watch Commander* Come on. There has to be someone here that can help.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You know… for the job of Interrogator… the one that hires for one is usually the Chief. Or the Lieutenant. Usually.

Dinah: That’s what i’m thinking.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Following along*

As for Paige and Alice…

At the Metropolis Dorms…

Room #330…

Paige:  *Thinking* What was that witch Beryl Trying to pull with Raven? Why was she even after her?

Alice: I don’t know. Was there something more to Beryl’s return?

Paige: That’s what i am trying to figure out. I am trying to figure that out and i am hitting a brick wall… I know that for sure it scared Raven. She was spooked. I think that we all noticed it at the party. She was startled about what happened to her because of Beryl. But she wouldn’t talk about it.

Alice: There is also something else about that too… Where did Beryl come from anyway?

Paige: She came from the Catacombs that were underneath the City Hall… but it was said to have been abandoned.

Alice: Maybe… But if there was said to be no one there… Then why would Beryl be back and be coming from there when there was said to be no sign of life at all coming from within the Catacombs?

Paige: She was possibly brought back from the dead. That’s what it is beginning to sound like.

Alice: But… by who? or What? Who’d bring her back from the dead? Why?

Paige: Good question. That’s what we need to know. we have to find out who brought her back and why. And if it happens to be who i think it could be that brought her back… we have to find out what his or her itinerary is and stop it. before there is much damage done.

Alice: What about your sisters? Wouldn’t they be trying to figure out what Beryl was doing back from the dead?

At the Metropolis Motel…

Dean: Something came out from the ground within the catacombs.

Sam: Something bad. Whatever it was… it sure had no trouble getting out.

Dean: There must have been a weak spot somewhere in the ground and whatever it was that got out… found it and came right on through.

Sam: But who?

Dean: or what?

Bobby: Well… on the normal Demon hunt front… there is a case for you two Idgets. While you two were out digging on for some answers and also looking for any traces of the being that managed to bust out from the ground within the catacombs… a call came in. From a Demonologist. One who is also a Wizard and Necromancer by trade.

Dean: A Demonologist? You’re kidding us, right Bobby? A Demonologist has called and is in need of our help?

Sam: What did he ask for in help?

Bobby: Concerns over a dear boy of his. someone he was sworn to protect. Someone by the name of Martin Marco.

Dean: A Boy.

Bobby: Age 14.

Sam: What seems to be wrong with him?

Dean: is it a case of demonic acting?

Bobby: No… Try Demonic Possession. Possible Demonic Possession.

Sam: Come again…

Dean: Bobby, You’ve been probably drinking way too much of that wonder booze. You flipped out on something. A 14 year old teen being possibly possessed by a Demon?

Sam: Any idea how this happened?

Bobby: How any Demonic Possession would happen. A demon flew into him and took control of him. Controlling his emotions and actions.

Dean: *Not believing it* Sure… Sure it is. So if it’s a Demon possession… Then when did it start? It doesn’t change the person over night. Not that quick.

Bobby: I Don’t know what to tell you, Dean. Other than it happened and it’s not a mistake. This isn’t a joke. And to be honest… this is one of those times where i wish that i was Drunk.

Sam: When does he want us to do this Exorcism?

Bobby: As soon as possible. But don’t make yourself conspicuous about it. Don’t let that boy know that you’re on to him.

Sam: Okay.

At the Buffet bar at the Metropolis University Dorm Lounge…

Reese: I can’t believe that Paige is diving into some mess revolving an intergalactic being. *grabbing a few things of food*

Jack: Reese, Come on now… you know that it isn’t new to know that Paige is concerned about the threat that is still alive and getting closer still… You known this for a while now. We all had. I was at the Party yesterday for Raven. You were there too… You heard about the issue that threatened to enter Earth. We don’t know much about it other than it is bad. and leads for concern.

Reese: You are right with that stuff. Not me. I don’t understand it. I mean… Yeah, i support Paige in it because i know how it is with her and having to be with the Burden of being the captain and Leader of the Rhapsody Girls Z! She’s got pressure up the back side. But it’s just a bit over excessive. What does she plan to do about the threat anyway if it comes?

Jack: Fight it. Beat it in any way that she can. As well as her sisters and The 4 guys. They’re gonna be beating it. Same goes for me… and the Now recent enemy of the family. Martin Marco. But also and possibly Vincent is gonna be in on it too.

Reese: That’s what i’m afraid of. We are all worried about the threat. it’s nothing new. But I just am a little worn on the whole Demon issue. We heard about these so called Monsters. Demons and Fire Minions. But what i am really wanting to know about is just this… What exactly are we dealing with?

Jack: In a word: Evil and Benign.

Reese: That was 3 words there… but for arguments sake… i’ll take your word on it. Paige and her sisters are really ringing in with the Demon that they said was Scath… whoever that is. Raven’s the one that has all the Demon knowhow… Why didn’t she just tell us that there was something going on?

Jack: Reese, My fine lad… Raven can’t bring us into her world. I think that Dinah made a mention to her sisters after the party was all done and Raven turned in for the night. And when Luna went to bed… Dinah sat down with the 4 guys, her husband, and her sisters. We were already gone i think. Actually i stayed and you went and came back to the Dorms. I stayed and listened. And i heard her say what Raven said when she and Raven spoke right after she thrashed the spread the first time…  Two things really stuck out… and it got me thinking. I got to thinking. But Dinah said… as she was told by Raven: “There are places in my mind where you don’t go… Where no one should ever go.” and “Trust me, If you knew anything about the day of my birth… You’d know that there is nothing to celebrate.”

Reese: So… that would mean just as it says… That her birthday is speaking of something terrible. What could be so bad about a birthday?

Jack: I don’t know… but given that since Dinah is the evidential Protector of Raven… i would say that asking her is gonna be right up that alley of yours….

Reese: *Suspecting something* Wait… Something sounds a bit off about that… I thought that your girl Pearl was to be the said protector or guardian of Raven and her well-being.

Jack: That’s what i thought too… now that you happen to mention it… i also thought about it and i also came to realize that something was off on that piece… because everytime for the longest time up till now since all this began… Raven was always with Pearl in multiple ways… But as of late… like the last couple months or so… We were seeing Raven being around Dinah most of all. It kinda makes one wonder if Paige is gonna be remaining as the captain of the Rhapsody Girls Z! of if the role of Captain and or Leader is gonna change hands and go right for Dinah.

Reese: I happened to be with that suspicion. It didn’t make that much sense to me at first… but the more i thought a bit about it all… the more it got me to thinking that it is possible that Paige is considering stepping down from being the Leader and turning over the role and rights… and the Privilege of being the Leader and Captain… to Dinah.

Jack: *Grabbing his tray of food and heading to the Tables* Reese, that is a plausible certainty that it might just as well be that.

Reese: And if that is the case… Then what of the cause we’re all in. The discovery of the Intergalactic threat. Scath. Whatever the threat is… What of that?

Jack: What do you mean?

Reese: You know… Would it complicate the situation that seems to be growing by the day and the moment?

Jack: No idea. But… I trust Pearl. She’s working with something. On top of her other obligations that she’s got going in her life. Perhaps… It’s about time you start having a bit more trust in your Girl Paige.

Reese: Hmmmmm…….

At the Metropolis Clock Tower…

Oliver: *On the phone with Chloe* What do you mean that Beryl’s back?

Chloe: *On the phone* Just what i said… Beryl is back and she’s with a whole attitude. With one target in mind.

Oliver: What do you mean? She’s after just one person? Who’s she after?

Chloe: Raven.

Oliver: Raven? Why is she after Raven? What does she want with her?

Chloe: No one knows. The girls don’t know either. They’re at a loss themselves and they were there with Raven when they were all battling with Beryl. Beryl was after Raven and The part that gets me is that Raven was able to stop time… But thanks to the Watchtower Orbiter… It still went on and caught what was going on. The things that it picked up… You’re not gonna believe. You might want to come down and take a look. You’re not gonna believe it when you see it.

Oliver: Why’s that?

Chloe: Let’s just say that if you were wanting to see something that gave a freak out factor… You won’t be needing to look any further after seeing this on screen.

Oliver: If it is anything to do with the Demon that sires to come onto the earth soon… I can tell you that i am spooked. I have been working on a bit of something new for the girls. However it’s gonna be some time before it is ready.

Chloe: Okay. You should show the girls what you have so far though. They might like to see it.

Oliver: That’s if i can get a hold of them.

Chloe: You’re kidding… They won’t return your calls? Why?

Oliver: I don’t know… it’s been 3 weeks or more since the last i spoke to them myself and they said that they had a bit of things on their mind… Mainly revolving the Demon that is coming to this world.

Chloe: They were here last night though… they never mentioned that you tried calling them.

Oliver: You don’t think that they could be avoiding me, do you Chloe?

Chloe: I hope not. But with the Inter-Dimensional Demon in the works… it’s got alot of people rattled.

Oliver: They’re not the only ones that’re rattled. I am also feeling it.

Chloe: What’s worse is that Beryl is back.

Oliver: How did she spring back to life? The dead aren’t supposed to be popping up like fresh spring flowers.

Chloe: Someone must have brought her back.

Oliver: Someone… or something.

Chloe: It’s giving the suspicion that if Beryl’s back… and this time with the Demonic Mark… and she’s now with Demonic fire powers and abilities. It may beg to reason that she didn’t come back all by her lonesome. Something helped her. Something demonic.

Oliver: What’re you thinking?

Chloe: I’m thinking that if Beryl’s back… it means that the Demon Scath brought her back from the dead. Resurrected her from the dark Abyss of hell and gave her a new life. or so it appeared.

Oliver: Looks like we’re gonna have a lot to deal with now… if that’s the case.

Chloe: It is. It is what’s happening. Beryl’s risen from the dead and she’s come to get after Raven… and with the events that went on yesterday and pulling the Rhapsody Girls and Rhapsody Brothers in the smack middle of it all… it’s more than just a Coincidence that she was resurrected by the Demon that threatens to step onto the Mortal world.

Oliver: Don’t shoot the messenger…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Luna: Zeke, I was wondering if you were wanting to kiss me.

Zeke:  Only if it’s okay with you. I wouldn’t want to invade your personal space if you’re not ready.

Luna: Come on… Kiss me. I think that i am ready to have another shot at a relationship. A real one. You never had a girl before. but now… You do. Martin lost me and it’s on him. You are nicer than he ever was.

Zeke: Remember when we first met… I made a mention that you can’t always assume that everyone you meet is a nice person. Some could be rather terrible… Mean and cruel. Some could be with issues that are not so pleasant. I have issues too… But the only thing about me is that i have become a better person because you gave me that chance to change. I changed because of you and your having faith in me.

Luna: You already are my new boyfriend. But now it’s official. and more real now… Zeke, Kiss me.

Zeke: *Kissing Luna on the Lips and Hugging her* What is with the Kissing and hugging obsession all of a sudden?

Luna: Because i wanted to kiss. I may be only 13. but in a couple months I’m gonna be 14 and i am maturing.

Zeke: I think that we both are… November 2nd is when i’ll be 14. You’re on the 17th.

Luna: So… we’re gonna both be 14 almost at the same time… but just a couple weeks difference.

Zeke: Yeah.

Luna: *Thinking about her mom* I just wonder how my mom is doing… Whether she’s landed a Job.

Zeke: I’m sure that she has… But something tells me… and this is just a speculation here… Something tells me that you’ll know very soon.

Luna: You’re right. I Hope that it goes well with her. Dinah’s helping her.

Zeke: How’s Raven?

Luna: She’s in her room and trying to Meditate. She has been quiet nearly all morning. Actually… She’s been silent. She hasn’t even come out from her room at all. Whatever happened to her yesterday… stunned and shook her terribly.

Zeke: Tough breaks for her, huh? *Thinking* But there is something that i noticed coming from Raven during the second attempt at giving her a party. I didn’t want to say anything and i know that i have my own issues and am the last person to judge. But Raven looked like she was catatonic for a part of the party. She hardly said a word to anyone… She even uttered a few words… I couldn’t make it out… but i noticed and Luna… It didn’t look good.

Luna: What makes you say that?

Zeke: I have no clue… but from the moment that Vincent showed me that vision in the berserk-o-matic crystal ball of his that he had with him and saw the face of that crooked Demon… I have been having all these damn psycho visions or nightmares about the girl Raven being the portal or whatever it is that she might be and serving side by side with that demon nut bag Scath or whatever that damn demon’s name is.

Luna: You have nightmares about the demon?

Zeke: Uh, Yeah. Luna… didn’t i just get done saying that i have? I have nightmares of her… But it’s nightmares like those that make me grateful that i had nightmares of the abuse i had done to me. because i would like to not have any kind of nightmares. Although… given since i do still have my own nightmares to live with… i’d take the nightmares of the abuse over the Nightmares of that Demon anyday… or night.

Luna: I was thinking about something just now… I am An Asian. You can tell that i am… but… I was wondering. Would you like to learn how to speak Japanese?

Zeke: Say what? You are asking me if i would what? Like to Learn how to speak Japanese? Why? You gonna teach me how to speak that language, Luna?

Luna: Sure. It could be fun to learn how…

That afternoon…


(Time till the Day of Raven’s moment of fulfilling Prophecy/Scath’s arrival

3 Months, 30 days, 9 hours, 22 minutes and 19 seconds)

At the Lowell County Courthouse… Metropolis.

Judge Greensburg: Well… Mrs. Rhapsody. You seem to be a seriously dedicated person and are willing to be a devoted Liaison to me… When needed for settling Custody disputes and kids… You care about the wellbeing of helping those in need meet the requirements of their recovery. recovering the marriage of families who are in need of assistance.  So… You can have the Job. I believe in giving the job to those who deserve and are up to the task. You… My fair lady… are up to the job and duties of being a Liaison. So… Congrats. The Job… Is yours. The Liaison wing of the courthouse is on the otherside. Come on in Monday morning… There will be a desk opened for you. You will be assigned to handle any and all cases i get concerning Custody battles and legal dilemmas.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Thank you… Thank you. I’ll be sure to be a wonderful Liaison.

Dinah: *Grins while standing by the door* Looks like you got a Job now… You’re a Court Liaison.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yes i do. and i am a Liaison. I’m with a job now. My first paycheck is gonna go to you for the expenses that i used till now. It’s just the way it is… but now… i can contribute to the house and not just get a free ride. It’s done. I am now a working woman again.

Dinah: Good for you, Mom. You deserve it. You’re good at what you do…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Right.

A few minutes later…

On the road back to the house…

Dinah: *Driving* A Long day of looking for a job for you. Well worth it. It only took one day. I guess that when it comes to looking for a job that suits your qualities… You still got the touch.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. Well… who ever said that your mother couldn’t get herself back into the swing of things?

Dinah: not me. that is who. I knew that something good was gonna come. I had faith.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That’s sweet. But too bad that i didn’t get an advance… It’s not about the money though. I can work hard for it. It’s gonna be wonderful.

Dinah: I wonder how Luna’s holding up. She’s been left alone all day or for most of the day and Raven probably hasn’t come out from her room at all… Yesterday must have really messed her over a good one.

The phone then rings…

Dinah: It’s Shingo. *Answering the Phone and putting it on Speaker phone* Hey honey, What’s up?

Shingo: *On the phone* Not much. I just got a huge Job assigned to me while i am still waiting for the Job of being the private Driver for Mrs. Hudson.

Dinah: A huge Assignment? What do you mean… Huge? How huge are we talking here?

Shingo: It’s big enough to where i can tell you that it’s got me having to be away from home for a few days.

Dinah: Why? Where’s your boss sending you?

Shingo: Topeka. I got to go to Topeka for a few days.

Dinah: What? No… What about Luna and Raven? Raven is gonna need to be supervised. Luna’s gonna need someone there at night to make sure that she’s okay.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I can watch Luna and take care of her.

Shingo: Raven can watch over herself. Dinah… i know that it’s a little hard since yesterday we all saw how she was being pinned with a terror and given that since it was from Beryl and beryl had a mark on her that Raven failed to not recognize… it was what scared her… and it also scared you a bit too… however, Raven is the only one that can make heads or tails with what’s going on with her predicament. She’s the one with the knowhow. We can be there to lend help and support to her where needed. but that’s about all we can do.

Dinah: I know… I also have Classes starting again next week.

Shingo: Your mother can handle it… And of course so can my mother. I called her today finally and made amends with her. She’s willing to make amends too… She wants to be there for you and I in raising our little ones… I told her about the part where the babies were sent to another planet till after the Threat with the Demon said to come is dealt with and defeated.

Dinah: What? Oh honey… Honey… You didn’t.

Shingo: *Sighs* I did. I had to tell her, Dinah. She was gonna find out eventually. Because it is gonna be a dead giveaway that they are mine and yours… when the little ones start to grow. She’ll notice a little bit of me in them if she god forbid sees them walking around in the neighborhood one day in the future. Years in the future. My mother happened to be a real sour hag towards you and giving you the kick to the side on the Ego and making you feel hated by her. She since the last time you two crossed the paths… Eased up a monstrous bit and she’s peaceful. She’s even thankful that i called. She wants to see you sometime.

Dinah: *Sighs; Shaking her head in disbelief* Okay… When?

Shingo: That’s the other thing… *Dreading the pained reaction that’s gonna come* I kinda told her that you’d be coming over today. This afternoon sometime… I want us to all be like a happy family. Dinah, I want us all to be one big family. I know that what my mom thought of you in the past might still sting… but i really think that it’s time that we got past the hurt. Don’t you?

Dinah: I guess. Okay. Shingo because this is something that will mean a lot to you… I’ll do it. But only because you ask.

Shingo: Thank you, Darling. I know this is a lot to ask of you because you made up your mind that you wanted no ties to her because of how she acted towards you. how she treated you. But i promise… i’ll make it up to you. I promise.

Dinah: *Sighs* Okay… *Looking at her mother then driving on* There is something else too… My mother now has a Job.

Shingo: She does? When? Now?

Dinah: Yeah. She’s got the job of Court Liaison. A Correspondent to Judge Samantha Greensburg.  She starts on Monday.

Shingo: Really. Wow! Way to go on landing a good job. Nicely done. I am sure that she’ll do fine with the job.

Dinah: I am sure that she will be. She’s tough… i got the will to be tough and her temper…. So if i am okay doing what it is that i do… I am quite sure that she is most definitely capable of being perfect for the job.

Shingo: Luna starts school on Monday too…

Dinah: She sure does. *Looking at the time on her radio; Feeling a little out of it* Listen I got to go… there is a couple things that i still got to do. But I’ll talk to you tonight. before you have to head out for that assignment.

Shingo: Okay. Love. You be careful out there on the road. There are a whole bunch of crazy drivers out today. The Roads are a certified mess.

Dinah: I will. Love you, Sweetheart.

Shingo: I love you too, Star of my life.

Call then ends and within a minute…

Dinah: *On the phone; On Speaker phone* Hey Christie… What’s up?

Christie: *On the phone* Nothing really. Just prepping for another semester of College courses. What about you, girl? You got your classes all set for another semester? It starts up again on Monday.

Dinah: I do. I already have a list of what classes i’m gonna be taking. But i am also with things on my mind too…

Christie: The Demon thing… Yeah. I know that. I’ve just spent hours in getting Renee up into the fray of knowing about the Psycho bitch named Beryl the Undead bag of badass trouble.

Dinah: how’d that go?

Christie: Heh! How’d it go… How’d it go? Take a good guess at how it went. Renee walked off a moment later after i told her all about Beryl and the crap that Beryl’s been pulling and she’s veering off into being this… God… Kill me now. But… She’s veered into being this Wizard. She thinks that she’s an offshoot of being the Wizard from the Harry Potter Saga. Luna Lovegood.

Dinah: So i take it that she’d flipped her ever loving mind.

Christie: No Duh, Girl. What did you think she was gonna do? She wasn’t really getting it before. But now… She’s got it and she’s lost it. My only hope is that it’s all just an act and she didn’t really go and become a Wizard.

Dinah: Like as if she’d have a psychotic break.

Christie: *Scoffs* Well Yeah… That would be a reason for a silent alarm.

Dinah: I’m gonna be at my place for the rest of the week and for the weekend.

Christie: You are. Want me to stop by tonight?

Dinah: Sure. Why not? The Dorm Lounge is usually closed during remission between semesters. And the fridge there is mostly with snacks. I can cook. But i won’t be home for another 4 hours as i got something personal to do. It’s something that my husband wants me to do and i really don’t want to. Although since i promised him that i would… I’m gonna do it.

Christie: Do what?

Dinah: see the one person i never wanted to see again… The one who thought i was a bad influence for Shingo.

Christie: *Gasps* You mean…

Dinah: Yeah. I do. I have to go see his mother.

Christie: Oh man… Girl, I feel sorry for you. You gonna be okay?

Dinah: I’ll need to get back to you on that one there… i have no idea. But there is something else and i don’t want you to freak about it… I know that i should have told you a lot sooner. but… There is something that you need to know.

Christie: What… What’s up?

Dinah: My mother… Is Alive.

Christie: You’re joking right? Your mother is alive? How… How is that even possible? You said that she was killed a few years ago by the rotten crooked hands of a being known as… Zod. As you’ve mentioned. How is it that she’s alive… not that i am questioning the idea of a miracle being done… but how could that happen?

Dinah: Raven.

Christie: Raven, what does she have to do with any of it?

Dinah: Well… She went back in time…  Using Astral Projection and just beamed back to the moment before my mother got extinguished and brought her back here. She’s back.

Christie: Whoa! Okay… Girl, You better give some major props to Raven for that. That’s really far out of her to do that trick messing with time like that.

Dinah: Tell me about it. but i am truly happy that she’s back though. My mom is like the world to me… I mean… i got along without her… because i had to. But it’s because of her that i am the way i am. She’s like the whole world.

Christie: Hey… i get it. I do… If it’s what makes you happy. I am okay with it. I am sure that i’ll meet her tonight.

Dinah: Okay. See you about 6:30?

Christie: You bet.

Dinah: see you then.

Call ends seconds later…

A couple minutes later…

Dinah: *Driving to Shingo’s Mother’s place* I really don’t want to see that woman. I really don’t.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What do you mean, Dinah? What’s wrong with seeing his mother? Your husband Shingo and you have kids… Shingo is still her son. meaning that your Daughters are her Grandkids. It is gonna be hard but she’s got that right to see them too…

Dinah: You’re right. But She hates me. Called me a tramp and said that i was never gonna be good enough for Shingo. She even tried to work at taking Shingo away from me and sending him away to Japan.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What? She did that to you?

Dinah: Tried to. But Shingo stood up to her and so did i a couple of times. One of those times was on the same day that Shingo and i were gonna get together that night and Have Sex. As we were ready…

Dinah Flashes back…

“Dinah: *Sighs* Here we go. *Knocking on the Door*

The door opens…

Mrs. Tsukino: *Looking to see Dinah* Well hello there, Dinah. I see that you come to spend time with Shingo and his new girlfriend.

Dinah: *Shoots up* What?!

Mrs. Tsukino: You heard what i said. New Girlfriend. I found him here with a new girl.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Yeah… one that you set him up with. Because why? Because you don’t like me? You know what… i have had it with you. You are always trying to control his life. He loves me. You can’t accept that. CAN YOU?!

Mrs. Tsukino: No. I can’t. You’re not someone that i would want with my son. You are a couple years older than he is. You are also a loose wire. I heard about your tantrums too… Just because things don’t go how you like. You have no self control at all.

Dinah: Excuse me! You want to tell me that again. I don’t have self control. You know what… You are totally senile and oblivious to what i am like. I am not some undesirable to be thrown away. Shingo loves me. He wants me.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Standing up to Dinah* That is why i am sending him away to Tokyo U. To get him away from you. You are not worthy to be with my son. He is actually all for going to Tokyo U. I am his Mother. You are only just some girl he met.

Dinah: Yeah right! He still wants to be with me. he doesn’t want to be away. he doesn’t want to go to some School Over Seas.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Growls* He’s not sure what he wants. You had to have seduced him. And despite what you might think… he does want to go to Tokyo U.

Dinah: That’s not what he told me.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Growling even more; Barking* He’s not sure what he wants.

Dinah: *Butting heads with Shingo’s mother* You really know what he really wants from his heart? You really think that he wants that kind of life? To be taken from his life here and away from someone… who loves him. and wants to have a life with him… You really want to strip him from that gift? So be it… have at it. But if you truly think that he is wanting to go to Tokyo U… Let me give you a more obvious clue: wait for him to say the words.

Mrs. Tsukino: Fine. And i can promise you that he will.

Shingo: *Walking out to see Dinah* Dinah, You’re here early. I heard about what my mom said to you. and i’m done. I’m gonna save up all the money i have and i’m moving from here.

Mrs. Tsukino: What?!

Shingo: You heard me, mom. i am tired of you trying to hurt my girl Dinah. She is my girlfriend whether you like it or not. I am gonna be filing for Emancipation. You’ve stepped in for the last time.. You may be my mother and i Love you to death. But if you think that i’m gonna let you have a say in my matters of the heart. You’re wrong. She didn’t seduce me. i was in love with her before i even met her as i kept hearing Usagi talk about her and her sisters. i was in love with Dinah before i laid actual eyes on her. How do you explain that one… Huh? How? Oh… that’s right. You can’t. My sister is happy because she is out and married with the one she loves. that’s all fine and swell. i am happy for her. But now it’s my turn to be happy. You can’t even be happy for me. That is really crappy. You know that? Really Crappy.

Dinah: Where will you live though Shingo?

Shingo: There is a back secret room at a place nearby that i heard about. I can make a deal with the one who rents it out and stay there. and for the record, Mom. I am 16. You can’t even get the age right.——-“

Dinah: It was almost as though she hated me with every single fiber of her being. And i had never done a thing to her to make her hate me. Although Shingo tells me now that she has loosened up and shaped up her views of things.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: So… What do you intend to do?

Dinah: I intend to just go over there and handle it. Get it over with. The sooner i see her and hear her piece… the sooner i can leave and not ever go back to seeing her again.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You really don’t like her at all. She seemed sweet around me.

Dinah: Well then… Mom, i guess that i must be defective around her as all i seem to get from her is discontent and disregard and a sour attitude.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Ouch. *Sighs* Don’t worry about it so much, Princess… I’m gonna be right there with you. It’s gonna be just fine. You’ll see…

At the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Sighs* These Demons are still coming. What could those Winchester brothers be doing?

Tess: *Checking the monitors* There are Demons popping into 4 sectors. Sectors 1… 3… 4… and 6.

Chloe: We need to get Vincent to lend a hand.

Tess: Vincent?

Chloe: Yeah… Why?

Tess: He’s issues for a case on exorcising Martin of a possible Demon Possession.

Chloe: When was this?

Tess: *Checking the Time log on the Audio Transmissions* At 11: 35 this morning…

Chloe: That doesn’t make sense though… we were tracking all the activity and there was no sign of a Demon heading to Vincent’s house and going into Martin.

Tess: *Checking on the Video Feed spanning over the last couple months* Hmmm…

As they were checking for any signs of a demon possession that they might have overlooked…

Oliver: *Walking in* What’s going on? What was so vital that you had to tell me that i had to see to believe it?

Chloe: It depends on what you call a Vital part… It’s about the issue that took place yesterday… Surrounding Raven.

Oliver: I get that. we felt the vibes from all over. the city felt it… some of the equipment at the clock tower. Last night i was in works with that guy who is in ties with the Pop Idol. Minako.

Chloe: Who? Artemis?

Oliver: The Moon Kingdom humaniod with all the stretch and pull of both worlds.

Chloe: What’s he saying about the dilemma?

Oliver: Not what he’s saying… It’s how he is saying it. What he says is that the Demon Dilemma is a reference to an old old Ancient tale of the Moon Kingdom’s dark Dark demonic days. That there was some mystery man roaming the palace grounds 1400 years ago… It was 250 years before the era of the Silver Millennium and the time of Princess Serenity as he worded it. But he said that there was a Evil man roaming. But at first the man was lonesome and appeared as some peasant. lost. White Robe and looks almost the same as the one that Raven wears. The very same as her robe actually. But He was one who seemed innocent. It was said that he there was with the same intent that the demon daddy that embarked on Azarath had. Looking to create an heir to let him out. to release him. He wanted an heir. He attempted to court with a Princess from one of the neighboring planets… But was rejected each time. Each and every time. On the final day that he tried… he was not a man… but a towering beast. Red with 4 red eyes. and white hair. Antlers also. It took the Queen of the moon during that time to use an Heirloom known as the Mystical Silver Crystal. I don’t follow on any of that. usually… but with the demon dilemma. Any kind of intel will do. It took that Crystal to send the Intergalactic Demon into Limbo.

Chloe: Ah… Then this is gonna be a good time to present a freak out factor 19 and this is by far… the most terrifying freak out vibe yet to come thus far. But Remember when i said that this was gonna be the worst vision known. And the most Evilest of them all? Get this… The Watchtower Orbiter caught all of that was going on with Raven yesterday at her party… and the dilemma that met her. The return of Beryl and a Message being given to Raven… As Beryl had said as we caught the Audio… “A Message from your Lineage.” Several points came into the open… But this one… Stuck out and really boomed with a demonic knock and rang with the demon vibes. Take a look…

Chloe then plays the Clip…

“Raven: *Panics in terror* No!

Beryl: Oh… yes. Yes. *Walking over to Raven and looking at the View* Just devour the vision. Drink it all in. Behold the world that you’re destined to create…

Raven looks on and sees the view and looks over. looking from her left… over to her right. Slowly… Suddenly seeing it close…

Scath: *Roars*

Raven: No… I Won’t do it. I will not do it. This is all just a Vision. It can’t be real. It’s not possible.

Beryl: But it is possible. This is the future. *Grabbing Raven’s Arms* Your future. It all began and was foretold on the day you were born. Nothing you can do will stop it. *Moving her head over to Raven’s ear and speaking into it* This will all come to pass. I am gonna make sure that it does. You… My pet… are gonna destroy the world. You’re gonna end the whole world, Raven… It’s clearly written… All over your face.

Raven: *Bellowing out* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver: So… Beryl came back to tell Raven all this and she is now with the markings that align for the Mystical Portal that lets out Demon daddy dearest onto the mortal world. Great. That is gonna be ruining the rest of our year. How do we compete with that? It isn’t like we can just jam the portal closed.

Chloe: No one knows if Raven will become the portal… although the inscriptions are in place and the message was sent. Raven heard it… by force. Whether she likes it or not… it’s part of her.

Tess: That is gonna be hard on the girls. They have to also handle their mother too… She is not only their most influential person… but one that might wind up holding them back.

Oliver: What do you mean, Mercy?

Tess: What i mean is take a look at their track record. Since the time that their mother was said to be gone and supposed to be… Dead. They’ve been on the very top. When an incident hit… they stopped it cold. Each time that something happened. They were there to clean up the mess. The disaster that drew out. It came one after another. But then here comes their mother. Sweet as can be… Influential and with the unshakable bond. She comes and they go soft… Not soft as in weak. But Soft as in loose and Maternal. The girls can’t afford to be loose. Not with the Demon reaching the last clusters of Dimensional gates opening the doors to leap upon Earth…

Chloe: There are 400 gates… and so far he’s broken through 25 of them. 25 out of 400. making it to being only 375 gates left before he beats his way through and the portal flares. Raven is with the Prophecy. She’s gonna be destined to become that portal on that day of reckoning.

Black Canary: *Looking down at Chloe from above* What’ll we do?

Tess: Prepare…

At The Tsukino household…

Dinah: *Knocking on the door and gulping at the idea that she’s really going through with seeing Shingo’s mother* Here goes.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’ll be okay. I am sure that things will be fine.

A second later…

The door Opens…

Mrs. Tsukino: *Opening the door and Looking to see who’s at the door* Well hello there, Dinah. Long time no see. It’s been a long time since we last met. It’s good to see you again. Especially since… well… you married my son and he married you. A breathtaking surprise really. *Smiles and pleasant* Won’t you come in? Can’t expect for you and i to touch bases again with you just being made to stand, right?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I most certainly agree.

Dinah: *Stunned at the pleasantries being passed on by her husband’s mother* … *Stepping inside with her mother and walking to the living room*

A minute later…

In the Living room of the Tsukino household…

Mrs. Tsukino: I usually never reconcile once a mind is made and a mother cuts the thread from her Children who walk from her.

Dinah:  Something tells me that i might have been too hopeful on seeing as though you’ve changed. *Starting to feel regret*

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Dinah… Please… She’s trying to make amends somehow… let her finish.

Mrs. Tsukino: But… i came to the conclusion that holding on to petty disagreements and seeing nothing but bad in the one in my son’s life and the person that i really thought as to which that i don’t really like all that much. I however felt bad since that moment when Shingo Emancipated himself from me. Because i lost my only son. and because i pushed you away.

Dinah: Well… you know that it was gonna happen eventually since you were being truly mean. Even though i don’t show it… i was really upset and hurt. I felt terrible. Knowing that my husband now had a mother who hated my guts and wished me to just go away and never show around again.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Nods* I know and i know that a lot of time will need to be passed before i could be forgiven by you for what happened. Dinah… I know that you must still hate me for all the things i have said to you. You have all the right to be. I was just scared about my son going with you… because I knew that he loved you… and you loved him. but i was just scared that you loved him just for status… and would possibly down the line… hurt him. I was scared.

Dinah: I wouldn’t ever hurt him. I never hurt those i love. Not intentionally. I really love your son. I even said that. I meant it. I really meant it.

Mrs. Tsukino: I know… I know you meant it, Dinah. I always have known. But i was scared to come to terms that my son was really in love and gonna get wed. *Feeling emotional and numb* When i heard that he got married to you… I went out of town for a couple months and went to Japan. I went to where i once took Shingo when he was a little boy. when he was 6. Seeing how he would dance and just play on the swings at the park and be a darling little boy. I sat there through rain and shine and must have sat there… For hours. I sat and cried. I cried over him getting married. I knew that when it hit home that it would mean just that he fated and eternally in love with you. that he loved you more than anything at all. But i didn’t know that he made his mind that you were the one he wanted.  I Just wanted him to be happy. I cried and looked on as i realized that my son wasn’t a little kid anymore. that he was now a man. a big man. *Looking at Dinah with tears* I just didn’t know how to let him go. *Breaking down in tears* I didn’t know how to let him go.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Moving over to hug Shingo’s mother* Hey… It’s okay… It’s okay. You didn’t lose your son. You just gained a Daughter-in-law. I know what it’s like to see your children all growing up. You try to keep them back a little because you don’t want to see them go. But they eventually do. I love my daughters so much that i sometimes are scared about letting them move on and leave… making their own lives for themselves. But then i have to bring myself to realize that it is time that i let them go… that they have to take their flight into life and spread their wings. It’s what a mother has to do when her kids reach that age.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Looking to the side and Nods while Drying her eyes*

Dinah: I love him. We love each other. we are so very happy with each other. He makes me really happy. We have 3 lovely daughters out of it all.

Mrs. Tsukino: I heard. Shingo told me and it made me feel really touched inside knowing that i got grand daughters. I just know that they’re the most beautiful little babies ever and they look just like their mother and father.

Dinah: It almost killed me while giving birth to them… i almost lost my life giving birth to the third one. Serena. She almost killed me because to get her out… they had to stick their elbow far in and pull before the Cervix closed too far. The doctors almost had to do a c-section to get her out of me… But when she came… i was truly the happiest woman in the whole world.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Pregnancies are hard and then the delivering of the babies into the world. That’s hard on the female. It takes a lot out of you.

Dinah: It sure does. It makes me finally realize that pregnant women have it the hardest. Not just me. I had it tough only because i wanted to go out and join my sisters in the fighting that was going om. but everyone kept having me sit it out because i was pregnant. They didn’t want me to get hurt and lose the little ones that i had inside me. They didn’t want to see me hurt. Which i understood. But i just was unwilling to just sit around and not do anything. I was the get up and go kind of girl… i didn’t want to just sit out. Although… i didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That is right. That is right, Dinah. You never go out and do something extreme while being pregnant. You could very easily hurt your little ones inside you and they could come out with brain damage or might not make it.

Mrs. Tsukino: That is true… Many things can happen to the babies inside you when you are active or do something just right. It could harm them. You might never know it… but when you’re pregnant… a variety of things could happen.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: There is another thing about it too… Shingo mentioned that you were told about some issue going on and that the babies were sent to another planet. What was that about?

Dinah: I don’t think we should talk about that.

Mrs. Tsukino: I can’t speak about that. I don’t understand much about what Shingo told me concerning the intergalactic being. Shingo told me to not bring it up… Given that in the past he and I and you… Dinah have had our share of disagreements and fights and arguments… i am gonna keep it silent.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Scoffs* Has everyone gone totally schizo here? What is this Monster or demon that you speak of?

Dinah: Mom… Please don’t press it. Don’t. I’ll tell you all about it tonight. But for now… don’t pay much mind to the mention of a demon or being getting mentioned. Please. Just don’t worry about it till tonight.

Mrs. Tsukino: So… What are the names of the babies?

Dinah: Sapphire Jodie Rhapsody, Raven Meredith Rhapsody and Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody. Shingo and i are planning to try on having another kid in a few months or so.

Mrs. Tsukino: Really? How many kids do you plan to have?

Dinah: 4… Maybe 5 or 6. If Shingo allows it. But with 3 daughters now… it’s gonna be a really busy household. One might have soccer… One might have Cheerleading… and one might have Wrestling. I don’t know. But that is years from now. And if more are added. there will be a need for more money to come in. More everything.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: And don’t forget that your sister Pearl is Expecting too. She’s gonna have 3 kids. It’s gonna be really tough on her.

Mrs.  Tsukino: What about a son?

Dinah: 2 sons… Maybe. But Maybe i will ask Shingo about that… He might have had a idea on that. But with the dilemma that is in the air… He’s holding off… but i would guess that it has in fact crossed his mind a time or two… Well… before the mess that we’re all in now currently really kicked in.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I am gonna be expecting a whole lot of grand kids.

Dinah: Our family is gonna be growing with a whole new attitude in the future. This is just scratching the surface. There is a whole lot to look into when kids are concerned.

Mrs. Tsukino: Any of your kids gonna have Asian names? Just Curious.

Dinah: Maybe so… Maybe Shingo and i will get lucky. We don’t… really know.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I don’t think anyone does, Dinah. It’s all a hand of chance. Luck and fortune. Sometimes you get the lucky break… Sometimes… You don’t.

As they were visiting…

At Vincent Van Graves…

Dean: *Looking at Vincent* Sam and I will be stationed outside in the car. in shifts. We’re gonna be keeping a watch on every speck of activity coming from Martin. If we see that he starts to pull an reparte of the Exorcist… We’ll be advising you to put up a Devil’s trap and trap Martin in it. rendering the demon in him powerless.  We’ll then recite the Incantation and send that Demon back to whence it came. Sending it back to the gates of hell.

Vincent: Okay. Please do see that we get this demon out though. It’s turning the dear boy into a monster.

Sam: It’s gonna be alright. We’ll deal with that demon. No problem.

6:00 P.M

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Luna was watching a Movie with Zeke and Innocently kissing… Talking and Luna was teaching him how to speak Japanese…

Luna: Frost Covered Trees is… Furosuto juhyō. To use it in a sentence is say this… Watashi wa anata ni kigi ni wa kanari no kōri o shimesu koto ga dekitanoni. The Translation in English is: “I wish I could show you the pretty ice on the trees.”

Zeke: Okay… i get that. But what about the simple things like hello and goodbye and of course Romantic words. What of those?

Luna: Those… Hello in Japanese is Kon’nichiwa.

Zeke: *Trying to say it*

Luna: No no no… Just repeat it as i do… Kon’

Zeke: Kon’

Luna: nich…

Zeke: nich…

Luna: iwa.

Zeke: iwa.

Luna: Kon’nichiwa.

Zeke: Kon’nichiwa. Whoa… I got it. That’s pretty cool.

Luna: It gets better…

Zeke:  How so, Luna? *Grinning and curious*

Luna: Goodbye.

Zeke: What?

Luna: Goodbye. And if you were to speak Japanese… it would be: “Sayōnara”

Zeke: Sayonara. Almost the same as saying Hasta la Vista, Baby. Right?

Luna: Yeah. Almost like that. I think that it hits close to that catch phrase. It’s like saying farewell.

Zeke: So… if i said Farewell.

Luna: In Japanese… You’d say: “Wakare”

Zeke: See you later.

Luna: Mataatode.

Zeke: What about words or a phrase like: “I Love you.”

Luna: Aishiteimasu.

Zeke:  Kiss my Butt.

Luna: Kiku-mon ni kisu.

Zeke: Care for a light?

Luna: Raito no sewa?

Zeke: How about… “Do you Love me?”

Luna: Anata wa watashi o aishiteimasu ka?

Zeke: Wow… You must have like an arsenal of Japanese words and translations up your sleeve.

Luna: No… it’s just language that i know how to speak. i am Asian. Asian American to be quite honest. It’s part of me.

Zeke: That i can see. I like that. I don’t mind that you speak it… And the fact that i am starting to get the thrust of it… It’s rather Exhilarating.

Luna: You’ll find that it can be rather rewarding.

Zeke: I believe it.

Luna: *Smiles*

Zeke: Where’s your sister Dinah?

Luna: She should be here by now…She’s been gone all day.

Zeke: Do you think that something happened?

Luna: No idea. But i think that i should call her and find out where she is at. She should have been home by now… i mean… it’s almost 7.

Zeke: *Hearing the door click* I think that someone’s at the door.

Luna: Who?

Zeke: No idea. But the door is opening and i see a shadow now.


Christie: *With Renee* Renee… this is Dinah’s and Shingo’s house. It’s a wonderful house.

Renee: It sure is… The outside sure has a lot of pink though. But also a little purple too…

Christie: That’s what i thought too… Although there is a lot of love in this house. Dinah’s got love flowing all over the house.

Renee: That’s the best feeling to have in a home.

Luna: *Looking to see Christie* Christie? What’re you doing here?

Christie: I came over. Your sister Dinah kinda invited me over for Dinner tonight.

Luna: Oh… Okay. I didn’t know. But my sister isn’t home right now. She’s still out.

Christie: I know. She called me and said to go on in. She is still at her mother-in-laws house… Visiting.

Luna: What? Why?

Christie: Because it seems that Shingo begged and asked her to make amends with his mother.

Luna: She should have said no. I don’t like Shingo’s mother. For how she spoke to Dinah before. That was downright mean and cruel. It was really uncalled for.

Christie: I agree. It was. but unfortunately… it’s something that she feels must be done.

Renee: What’s that on T.V?

Luna: The Game plan Starring Dwayne Johnson. He’s a really good actor.

Renee: Cool. I wanted to see that movie for a while.

Luna: Sure. Make yourself at home and rest your feet.

Christie: *Seeing Zeke in the room* Who’s your friend?

Luna: He’s my Boyfriend. Zeke.

Zeke: *Grins and smiles* What’s up, girl? Nice to meet you.

Christie: Nice to meet you too. You’re the one that had that habit once, aren’t you?

Zeke: *Chuckles* yeah… that was me. What i used to do actually. But i cleaned my act up and i don’t do that anymore. I haven’t done it for almost 3- 4 months now. It’s made me a better person for it.

Christie: That’s good. Dinah usually tells me about what goes on here… aside from College life and then the Current dilemma that is circling the family here.

Zeke: You mean… the Demon bone head. Yeah. That is what i keep being told. Luna told me about him. As did Vincent Van Graves. That guy showed me the Crystal ball and showed me what that Demon was. Gotta tell you that it spooked me deeply.

Luna: It startled him. And it still gives me the shakes.

Zeke: Amen.

Christie: *Getting a text from Dinah* Dinah’s on her way. She’s just left from Shingo’s mother’s house. She’s on her way and will be here in less than 15 minutes.

Luna: Okay.

Zeke: I’m learning to speak Japanese. Luna’s been teaching me how to speak it a bit.

Christie: Seriously? How’s that coming out for you?

Zeke: It’s not too bad. i could do better than i have now. But it’s not so bad. I am getting a hang of it.

Christie: Good. Luna’s a good teacher for you. What’s better is that she’s able to speak the language and able to teach you what to say… Maybe even carry on a conversation with someone in Japanese.

A Moment later…

They all waited as they heard a car pull up the driveway. They didn’t know who it was and if it happened to be Dinah… or if it turned out to be Shingo. But as they stood waiting, Luna and Zeke heard Voices and recognized the Voice to be Dinah’s and her mom. She and Zeke stood there and watched as the door then opened and within seconds of it opening Dinah and her mom walked into the house and saw Luna and Zeke close together and then looked to see Christie and Renee. But didn’t see Shingo. Although Shingo came in a minute or so after she did. As she was barely coming into the house… He was pulling up the Driveway…

Living Room…

Luna: How was it out there, Dinah?

Dinah: It was great. Mom got a Job.

Luna: She did? What kind of Job is it?

Dinah: You’re now looking at the new Court Liaison for Judge Samantha Greensburg. She’s associated to her and every case that revolves a family issue or dilemma… she’ll get it and Mom is gonna be there to work with the Victims. The Defendant.

Zeke: That’s really cool. Way to go.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Now i can actually contribute. It’s a high paying job so i can help around more here.

Dinah: It’s something that she’s wanting to do.

Christie: *Smiles* Hey Dinah. You made it.

Dinah: I know. It’s a little later than 6:00 as i originally wanted to be here by.

Luna: You alright?

Dinah: Yeah. I’m okay. Just shaken from having to talk to someone that i would have done well to not see again.

Luna: I heard. I’m sorry that you had to deal with that.

Dinah: Me too. But the surprising thing is that she was so pleasant. Nice too. She changed from a hard ass to a sweet person. She even apologized for how she spoke to me months and months ago. Almost a year and 3 months ago.

Zeke: Don’t sweat it none. You’ll be fine. If that mother of his has the sharp head on her shoulders… it will be easy living. Whatever she might have said… i am sure that she’ s sorry for and more.

Dinah: Zeke, You don’t know Shingo’s mother. But you do have a good point. She’s probably sorry as ever for all the things that she had said in the past. and she is. She showed it and expressed it. That’s the thing that won me over. But it helped that she was nice about it all too… At first it seemed like she was gonna fake it. But as she went on… it was so sincere that she nearly went into fits over the matter.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: She seemed nice… at least to me. I think that she respects what i do for a living. And she also asked about Dinah’s girls too… curiously asking if there was gonna be anymore or one with an Asian name or that. It was rather cute.

Luna: Awwww!

Dinah: I’m gonna start cooking.

Christie: Want some help?

Dinah: Sure.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I’ll help too.

Dinah: I got a couple bags of that Orange Chicken. We’ll cook that and a whole box of Rice. all 4 boil in bags in one box. Zeke, I know that you don’t have much food back at where you stay and are living… So, You’re welcome to stay if you like. You can’t be going without something to eat.

Zeke: Thanks. *Grins*

Shingo walked in and hung his coat up and his hat, Placed his keys in the container on the nearby endtable that was standing next to the rack. He was in need of catching a breath. He was worn out. It was a long day and he had to be on his way over to Topeka in 4 hours. He had to get packed up with enough stuff to last 5 days and nights. Dinah saw him walk into the Dining room and smiled. He smiled back and looked to see that she was cooking Dinner. He smelled the aroma and started to salivate over it. It was a moment later when the Food was done cooking and Dinner was ready.

At the Dining room table…

Dinah: *Sitting down at the table and having everyone Sit up close to the table* Okay. Now… we got Chopsticks. The best way to eat this type of dish. Meal.

Shingo: Right. Now who’s gonna say grace?

Luna: Can Zeke and i say it?

Dinah: If you want to.

Zeke: I don’t do so good with prayers… but i’ll wing it. Plus… i think that it’s better to show that you’re thankful for something in your life.

Dinah: I couldn’t have said it any better than that.

Shingo: Same here.

Luna: I’ll translate in Japanese for anyone who wants to hear Japanese spoken.

A Few seconds later…

Zeke:  *Holding his hands together and crossing his fingers across the hands; With his eyes closed and speaking from the heart* Dear Lord, Bless the food that we are about to eat. and hope it fills us as we all head out to where we need to go… see that where we go… we are protected. kept warm and out of danger where ever it is that we go. Watch over the other half as he goes away for a few days to fulfill a job and make a living for the family. watch over him. also watch over our friends… and close allies as they face whatever threat or danger that threatens to come our way. We ask this in your son’s strong and holy name… Amen.

Luna: *Translating in Japanese* Shin’ainaru omo yo, watashitachi ga taberu shiyō to shite iru shokuhin o shukufuku. Soshite, wareware wa subete, wareware ga iku hitsuyō ga doko ni mukau yō ni, sore ga watashitachi o ume negatte… Wareware wa doko ni iku koto ga wakari… Wareware wa, hogo sa rete imasu. Hokan sore wa wareware ga iku koto o koko de imamade atatakaku, kiken ga fusoku shite imasu. Kare wa shigoto o hatashi, kazoku no tame ni seikeiwotateru tame ni sūjitsukan hanarete iku yō ni, nokori no hanbun o mimamoru. Kare o mimamoru. Mata, watashitachi no yūjin o mimamoru… Karera wa wareware no hōhō o kite odokasu arayuru kyōi ya kiken ni chokumen shite iru kagiri chikai dōmeikuni. Watashitachi wa anata no musuko no tsuyoi seinaru namae de kore o tanomu ​​… Āmen.

After dinner…

Zeke: *Carrying the plates over to the sink and Cleaning them*

Dinah: Zeke,  You don’t have to do that.

Zeke: I know. But i want to. It’s kinda like my way of showing thanks for letting me stay for supper and everything. It’s the right thing to do. Troubled teen doesn’t equal ingrate or a greedy vagrant in my book. I do what i say i’ll do. at first i was all about me… because i didn’t know who to trust. or confide in. But…i opened up to everyone here. Luna should be thanked for that. She told me about the issues she had and what she went through and still helped me out and made me a better person. She didn’t have to. She could have been just like me. Be all about herself for a while because of the pain she was given. But she didn’t. she went out of her way to help me… Sure it costed her the love of Martin Marco… her first love and he was to be someone to understand her demeanor… her very way of thinking. But he bashed her and treated her like a fool and tried to chase me off. That was what got her to pull from him. But my being this helpful and caring… despite my issues. You need to thank Luna. She changed me and as far as i am concerned… She’s my guardian angel in disguise.

Christie: Whoa! That was really deep.

Renee: Luna did all that for him?

Christie: She sure did. Even with the problems that she had in her. She still did it for Zeke… helped someone who was in need of it.

Dinah: Luna is stronger than we thought she was. Alot stronger. She had a bad patch in school though and was slipping and in class being said to be a disciplinary problem… but she pulled herself back together and got herself back on track.

Shingo: *Looking at the time* Honey, I got to get packed to head out to Topeka soon. I’ll be sure to leave about a couple hundred or so on the notepad in the drawer of the Endtable. In case you are in need of something. Zeke… We need a man of the house… Granted that you keep saying that you have a few issues or so… but can i count upon you to be a man of the house?

Zeke: You are kidding, right? Me? A Man of the House? Uh… Yeah. Sure. I’d be okay to do that. I won’t steal anything. I know better than that.

Dinah: What about me, Dear? I can watch the house… So can Raven. We haven’t seen her all day today. But she’s capable to watch the house. She does have the power to do so.

Shingo: I know… But we need a man to be here. I know that you can do it, Dinah. You’re strong. tough and with a strong resolve. You’ve proved it. But we need a man here. You’re gonna be in classes next week and Luna’s got school. Your mother has work starting Monday. Luna’s gonna be here all alone after school here. Raven is around… to protect the house if it is ever needed. But we need a man. for Morale. The Job assignment i am going on… might be only a couple days or a week. maybe a couple weeks. But for the mean time… we need a man.

Dinah: Okay. I just want to be sure about how it will work out. Because we can’t leave the house unattended.

Shingo: We won’t. it won’t be unattended to. Before Martin became a real pain in the butt… i would say let him be the man of the house… but Zeke here has been nothing but trustworthy. dependable and really mature. He is nicer. Has been really polite and honest too… So… I can’t think of a better man than him.

Christie: After hearing all that. Neither can i.

Renee: I think that he can be trusted. He’s done nothing wrong around you guys that would make him untrustworthy.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You have to admit, sweetie. Those are strong evidentual facts that puts a strong light on Zeke. I think the facts and the positive testimony speaks for itself…

Dinah: Right. Then it’s settled. Zeke. You’re the man of the house.

At the Dorms…

Room #320…

Prince Alvin: *Trying to study the pictures and the evidence gathered at the Catacombs* Damn… How the hell could Beryl come back from the dead like that? There has to be a reason behind it. She couldn’t break out that easily. Not without help. How the hell could she do it?

Lenard: *Walking into the room* Hey Flamers… What’s up?

Russell: You okay there, man?

Prince Alvin: Not really. I’ve been at the catacombs for a part of the day. I gathered the Evidence of what i could from the Catacombs underneath the City Hall. but there is not much to really go on.

Lenard: Why’s that, man? What did you find?

Prince Alvin: *Looking further at the pictures* These pictures are not the same as the Catacombs that i saw under Cityhall. The pictures show that it’s lighter than it normally is. but… *Suddenly catching something* Wait… Wait… Wait a minute. What is that shadow in the far side of the catacombs?

Lenard: What do you mean… *Glancing at the picture* Uh… Wow. Okay… that’s really trippy, man. Really. That shadow looks like… *Spotting a faint weak glow of red* eyes. 4 of them. 4 of them.

Russell: You’re kidding, right? There is a shadow in the picture. And there are 4 red eyes… there as well. But that would mean… what exactly?

Prince Alvin: It means that we might have a real problem… A big one and it’s about to bust itself wide open. See that cave though… It’s the Catacombs that were supposed to be dark. Really bone-chilling cold. However… it’s clearly alot brighter than it usually is. Alot brighter. Way brighter. But there is something more… You see how bright the walls are…that has to be the entrance to the cave… but why would the entrance to the catacombs be that bright? there is no light source. Nothing there of power. So…

Lenard: What’re you thinking?

Prince Alvin: It means that the demon is inside the catacombs… in some minor form and staying in shadow. staying as a camouflage. he/she/it is inside the wall…

Russell: What about your Brother Prince Avery? What did he gather from there?

Prince Alvin: Not sure… But he’s planning more stake outs. He’s suspecting something. Something doesn’t sound right to him. And i happen to show the same or feel the same thing. Something seems a bit peculiar.

Russell: Want to plan for a Recon?

Prince Alvin: We might need to…

Room #349…

Pearl: *freaking out* That cave was really terrifying. I never want to go back there again. Not ever. My kids are not gonna be in on any of this. None of it. *Shaking on her bed*

Star: *Numb* I can’t even think… i can’t even believe that there is a demon presence inside that cave. It’s like hell. Deep level of hell… Girl, i am a very religious person and by seeing that wall in that cave and seeing that eerie shadow. I am gonna need a psyche ward. I need a psyche ward. That was freak factor #35. i don’t think it goes that high… but it’s certainly a fear fest.

Pearl: I agree. *Terrified*

For the rest of that night… Pearl and Star didn’t do much moving. They were afraid to. Plus… after that day being in the caves and looking for answers behind the activity that happened inside the cave. The Cave showed demonic activity…

10: 00 PM…


(Time till the Day of Raven’s moment of fulfilling Prophecy/Scath’s arrival

3 Months, 30 days, 2 hours, 59 minutes and 10 seconds)

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…


Dinah: *Drinking her cup of tea* Eventful day, huh?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. It sure was an eventful day. Zeke’s gonna be the Man of the house for the time being.

Dinah: Shingo’s putting alot of trust in the young boy.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: He sure is.

Dinah: I know that it’s a nice gesture. he shows that he is wanting to open up to him alot more and trust in him even stronger. But…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What?

Dinah: I don’t know. I just think that we got to take it slow with the Teen.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: How slow are you talking?

Dinah: Not too slow. but just at slow normal pace. I don’t want anything to fluff the ego of his. Some people with a fluffed ego tend to think that they can be trusted and only come and wind up expecting it and demanding it just like it’s a right.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Oh. You mean like that guy in the Movie Deep Blue Sea?

Dinah: Exactly.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I think that i get it now…


Rikku L. Rhapsody: Now it’s been a whole day and you said that you’d be telling me about the dilemma revolving a Demonic being coming to this world. What did you and the others mean by there being a monster?

Dinah: *Sighs* Mom… Okay. I will tell you. But i warn you, you’re not gonna like the way it will sound. I am serious. You’re not gonna like it one bit. But sit down and Listen well… You’re gonna be needing to hear this since you want to know.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Of course. I want to know what you and the others are going against. It doesn’t matter how old you and your sisters get… Dinah. You, Paige and Pearl are always gonna be my babies. That’s not gonna end just because you’re now near adulthood. You’re actually close to that now… but it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re my babies.

Within the next few minutes, Dinah got the papers with the data and the info… the pictures and sat down with her mother and told her all that there was to tell…

Dinah: Mom… From everything that you went through during the multiple years and multiple threats that Paige, Pearl and i went through and all that we had to deal with… on top of trying to deal with a normal life. How much do you remember about our heroic life so far?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: There’s the Drule from planet Doom. You went against him and defeated him. Vanquishing him as he should have been taken out long ago before you and the girls had to. You and your sisters went against Queen Beryl 3 years later and you also teamed up with 5 or 6 girls. Luna being one of them and she is now your sister and has been for a while. Years to be exact. maybe 4… I think. Just about. but with the reality that she’s now a full human as you and your sisters had told me… It’s almost as though she’s always been my daughter and i never even knew it. You girls went against Beryl… Had to go against one of the girls for a time. Not the most enjoyable parts. but you all did what it was that you had to do. When it was expected. Fighting against the 4 men nearly on a daily basis. But then you had to face the great Evil which was inside that guy. he tried to suppress that power of her and it took him. He in the end got killed by the leader of the girls and she broke. turning in that one princess and moved to destroy the world. But Pearl’s weapon weakened that power and it only took Metropolis… but it felt like the whole entire world. After the threat of the Great Evil was done and finished… It was  5 month later when the dilemma with Zod began. At first it was not all bad… and he wasn’t a tyrant. but as time grew… he turned into one and thought that the whole world had to bow to him. This is just from what i remember and how i managed to see it. But that’s what i remember. but i don’t know much from then on other than what you’ve all told me as i originally was killed by Zod and his supposed right wing man.

Dinah: That’s close and pretty good. That explains what we went through all up till now. This one though is worse than all that combined. Way worse. Worse than all the evil forces and bad men that we’ve faced before. This is 20 times worse. *Sliding the picture of a mark* It was after the end of Zod. We were with normal lives and a normal living. You could be just truly proud of us. We stuck it out and held strong. But before we were told of any of this… Chloe Sullivan. The one you might know as Watchtower. And Oliver Queen both had their run down with getting the details of something landing to a reality near us.  They had started the research and found this. The Mark of Scath. This is no coincidence that after we were told of this… things started to unravel itself in more than one way. More than normal. I snaked a copy of the Audio that came in before Raven officially first popped into our lives…

Dinah then pulls out the recorder and plays the Audio…

Voice: Rage shall consume you… You can not escape! 

Transmission feed: *On Screen* Hello… This is Raven… i am requesting assistance… Time is short. Someone is after me. my Father. Trigon. He is after me. I have managed to Knock him back. but time is running out. He is destined to come back. after me. I am his key to enter Earth. he is gonna stop at nothing to get me. I don’t know if anyone can hear this… but to whoever reads this… please help. *Reading the Satellite’s mind* Rhapsody Girls… Please. Help…”

Dinah: *Seeing the shocked look on her mother’s face* Mom… I know how that sounds. I too was freaked out. Well… Not really… but it sure took me by surprise. Literally. Raven knew about us before we even met her face to face. She knew about us or found out about us.  To this day… it still seems like a mystery. But there was also this Audio clip that stuck and it happened to really pierce the audio waves in a level… that… i got to tell you mom. the level… It’s really creepy.

Dinah plays the Audio…

Voice: *From Space* What you have concealed… you shall become. There is no other choice… there is no escape. Your Destiny will be fulfilled… THE PORTAL MUST BE OPENED!”

Dinah: That rang out loud. It scared the shit out of Luna when she first heard it. Not that we could really blame her… It was really Sinister intent.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You sure about that? Was that all? *Stopping to let it stir in her mind* Uh, Wait. This Demon is an Intergalactic Demon. Isn’t it? How big are we talking here in size wise of the beast?

Dinah: Monstrously big. Massive. I am not fudging this… It’s a huge demon. Big, bad and demonic. Red and with 4 red eyes of Evil incarnate. Evil. Satanist to boot. But at first… alot of this stuff was just the basic. Now on Halloween… Paige, Pearl and i… as well as the guys… all had the rumors that the girl was in the area. We were all watching for her. All of us. It was a whole day that was spent on alert. But it was after the Halloween party that night… I was on my way home… to the house that was yours till you passed and we lived that. then it went to your mother who turned out to be a Racist a little down the line… it was after we left for College that it finally busted loosed and Luna got the whole grand standing ovation of it. Anyway… Halloween night. I was on my way home and Paige… Pearl and the rest were already home. they were all home. Paige and Pearl were home waiting for me. I was just done dropping off my Husband… who was only my boyfriend at that time and resuming my trip towards home when…

Dinah Flashes back to Halloween night After 12 Midnight…

In the back of her truck. in the bed of her truck, The black Raven shifted its form and turned into a human form…

Raven: *Sighs* Good to know that i am not noticed. for a hero… someone sure seems really high strung. *Looking up and looking through the window a little* This thing moves. i couldn’t be making this thing move. I am not using any power.

Dinah: *Looking at her rear view mirror and seeing a face looking in* What the…? HOLY HELL!!!! *Pulling over fast and turning to look at the mysterious person; freaking out* What… Who… W-w-w-w-w-who are you?

Raven: *Calm* Don’t fret… I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m not. I’m a friend.

Dinah: *Puzzled* Huh?! Uh… Okay. *Getting out of her truck and Walking to the side of the truck* I am feeling totally creep-ed out now. Halloween just passed. The Bewitching hour is supposed to be now. and if you are what they meant by the term… Bewitching hour. I got the white flag for that. i am sold on it. I just had a deep conversation with my boyfriend. He wants to have an intimate relation with me. that is a shock. romantic. but totally surprising none better. I also have to deal with my sisters and my cousins the Rhapsody Brothers… they are going on about the mysterious Ally and i now find you in the back of my truck. What are you… You’re not a Witch are you? You’re not gonna perform some hocus pocus on me… are you? *Looking at the Girl* You’re definitely not from here… that i can gather. but if you are about to do something… let me know. I’ll call for help. there is no way that i am gonna stick for a fight.

Raven: I am not gonna fight. i wouldn’t attack for no reason. From the Outburst you gave and the loose wire personality… You must be Dinah.

Dinah: *Pauses* What the heck… How did you know who i was? Are you psychic?

Raven: Actually. yes. i am. How i caught on to learning your name was that i read the mind of that satellite that was in space just outside the atmosphere of Earth. And to confirm that you were exactly as i discovered from the satellite’s memory. i kinda used the technique Astral Projection.

Dinah: Astral Projection? traversing through dimensional boundaries, transporting yourself and four others over vast distances. among other things. I have heard about that. Actually my sister Pearl had. she’s the sensitive one and she can be really sensitive. Smart too.

Raven: *Grins* fascinating. That is nice.

Dinah: *In her mind* Okay… Get it together Dinah… You’re just dreaming. This isn’t happening. When you wake up tomorrow… you’ll see that none of this happened.

Raven: *Speaking into Dinah’s Mind* Don’t think so. I can hear you, you know?

Dinah: *Shaking her head* Wh—- *Snaps a little* Get the heck outta my head. I got some private and personal thoughts in there you know. my mind is not your own personal Labyrinth.

Raven: That was another part of Astral Projection.

Dinah: *Shaking her head* Okay… *Disturbed* I need to find a psych ward. i think that i have just lost my mind. i lost my mind in a place where it can not be found. *trying to calm down* Okay… calm down Dinah .. just calm down. it’s gonna be alright. just think of something tough. vision doing something tough. that usually calms you down…

A Minute later…

Dinah: *Sighs* Okay… It’s the Bewitching hour. i have definitely had my share of surprises.

Raven: I see.

Dinah: It’s not me to leave you hanging and alone on the streets. But i’m gonna do the good Samaritan thing. Besides… you’re definitely not from around here and if the wrong people saw you… it might push you to do things you wouldn’t want to do. not that you’d mean it… i don’t think. but you are sure to be someone who wouldn’t want to chance it. And given that at first that i was freaked out by the idea that you were able to read my mind. You’re not bad. I always did have a secret soft spot for the weird and bizarre. I like it. it’s actually pretty cool. Once you get past the freak out factor. I’m Dinah. Dinah Rhapsody.

Raven: Dinah. That’s a nice name. Nice to meet you. I’m Raven.

Dinah: “So says the Raven… Nevermore” That’s a famous line. I came from a party. they ended it with us all reciting the famous poem done by Edgar Allan Poe.

Raven: I’ve heard of him. He’s a good poet. A excellent poet.

Dinah: No kidding. Wow. You’ve heard of him? That’s a total trip. I read a book of his once. something full of all his poems. The Raven one is my utmost favorite. i don’t know why… but it happens to reap serious volumes. I have the book… i think. but i haven’t really read it much since last year when my mother died. she was murdered by a total creep.

Raven: Murdered?

Dinah: Yeah. You know when someone intentionally acts out in malice and violence and takes another person’s life. But the one that did it had inhumane powers. Powers that were Alien. Kandorian in lamen description.

Raven: Kandorian? Would you mean someone by the name General Zod?

Dinah: Yes. But for all sake and purposes… don’t mention that sack of garbage’s name around me. I still want to tear that sorry freak a new ass. but… he’s gone. we sent him to the Phantom Zone.

Raven: Sorry.

Dinah: It’s okay.

Raven: …

Dinah: Let’s go home.

Raven: Home?

Dinah: yeah. My place… Actually it’s my grandmothers place since my mom died. She owned the place and when she passed on… it went to my grandmother and she became sole proprietor of the house. it was the legal thing to do. Hop inside the truck. We’ll hit the way to home.

Raven: Okay. *Hovering out from the back of the truck* … *Getting in the truck on the passenger’s side*”

Dinah: It was then on that things got to unravel. Raven went into my mind and found that i was pregnant. And it was that same night that she read my mind to find out that i was… I had to tell the others and i was scared. Really scared. From then on… we received little signs that something was not so good. Beryl returned first and she tried to kill me. But failed. Then a couple or so weeks before Graduation from high school. Luna. And Martin. Luna’s Ex-Love found this…

A secret Tunnel that was within the Abandoned Quarry. 4 red eyes and the Evil Mark. It had that on the side of the wall. There was sinister laugh too. On 4/27/26 There was this…

Dinah plays the small clip of info revolving the matter about the mark…

“Chloe: *On Screen* Hello?! Anyone there?

Dinah: Who is that? Is there someone in the room with us, Christie?

Christie: I think so… but i don’t see them.

Dinah: *Looking to the side and seeing the Screen* Huh?! Chloe?!

Chloe: *On Screen* Hello Dinah. How’s the pregnancy going?

Dinah: *snorts a little* Ha! how else is it gonna be? I’m wheelchair bound. Wheelchair Entwined and only going out because i am agreeing to being in a wheelchair. *Sensing the mention of school* Oh no… don’t mention school. I am not going back there again. i did once or tried to tough it out almost a couple months ago now… and the one day that i tried… i was mocked and teased. I’m not going through the hell again. *Sighs* Sorry. I just had to get that out.

Chloe: I know. I think that someone was there and saw what happened. It was someone that we know. Bart. He was watching and seeing the incident as it happened. He came and told me. But the only part that is wrong about that is just he didn’t stay long. He wouldn’t even talk much other than telling what he saw. and tell me what was going on. But when he showed up… he didn’t have his gear on with him. He was in normal clothing. Leaving a note. stating: “I am not coming back to be on call. Impulse has quit. I have made no difference in anyone’s lives. I fell in love with a girl with pink hair. Pink hair and a good set of girls. But losing her was the thing that broke me. I can not look at the girls again knowing that i will see the one i lost. It hurts and i don’t ever want to see them… i can’t see them as it will just remind me of her and will remind me of what i lost. I don’t think they’re unworthy to be seen by me… i am unworthy to be seen by them. The one parent they lost is something they’re going through everyday. It hurts me as it hurts them. but it must hurt them most as it was their only parent. They never had a father. So their mother was their Mother and father too. both parents combined. I am not coming back to being a hero. It’s a side long and forever dead. You can say that i walked away and walked out from my duty all you may like. But i can not expect anyone to understand my pain.”

Dinah: He left us all… Why should he feel any remorse? He could have been there for us all when we dealt with the loss. He could have stayed. But he choose to leave. He Betrayed us. Left. I don’t even want to know him. none of us do.

Chloe: I get that. That’s why i’m not pushing the issue about it. but there are about 2 issues that need to be brought open… 1 is the Mysterious voice that rang out. It sparked through to all the screens here at Watchtower. Noon. all the screens came and Buzzed with one symbol… one Symbol.  *Showing the Symbol*

The Mark of Scath… It was showing on all the screens and since then there has been several reports that all T.V screens throughout Metropolis. all over Smallville and onwards throughout the country. There were multiple reports of the same thing happening in the Vancouver… Seattle. Screens literally went haywire. Computer screens. Monitors and Cellphones. went under a dark cloak of activity. short circuiting. In Salt Lake Utah… reports of people going into seizures of fear and dread. In Detroit Michigan… Hospitals lost power and the automotive industry reported losing power and had to shut down their entire production line. They had to shut down for almost 5 hours… because the symbol was so piercing… that it caused multiple shorts. Short circuits all over the factory. close to a Railroad track losing control. Losing control. In Cleveland… Traffic pileups as far as the eye can see. lights were blinking and flashing. In Los Angeles and San Francisco… ATM’s went berserk… spewing out money on cue. without being touched. every ATM machine went off the track and kept saying that all ATM cards were invalid. Several people called into the authorities and stated that they barely touched the machine when all of a sudden the screens blacked out and the machine Jammed up. before they could turn away… they all mentioned the sign. the Symbol. The Mark of Scath. That’s not even the worst of it… It even hit the Pentagon. The Pentagon’s supercomputer picked it up and the FBI plus the C.I.A are declaring it to be a form of Terrorist attack. From the Al Queda. But the two operatives that the Government caught 10 years ago all pined with the same line Verbatim. “If it was us… You’d know. The Jihad will never end. Just like you and your knack and constant need for democracy… for freedom. An Infection in our eyes that only Infidels could hold on to like security blanket. The Mark of Scath is not our doing. We know not of that symbol. But it’s just like you to come to Al Queda and blame us for the occurrence of that insignificant symbol.” But that is not the   worst of it. This mark has been seen in other countries. In Munich, Germany. In Paris, France. London, England. Ireland… Scotland. Rio De Janero. Brazil. Egypt. Japan. China. Tokyo. Italy… Rome. Even in the sacred place… The Vatican. Vatican City. It even reached the Pope.

Dinah: Whoa! that’s Major. Is the Pope alright?

Chloe: He’s fine. After it happened… they had reports of the Carmelengo and the Swiss Guard putting him in a safe house till the scare was gone. It was a dark Symbol and was in belief of being a attack attempt of the Illuminati bringing down the Vatican city. Knocking it down. But as soon as the Symbol went away… They let the pope out and warned for him to be in close watch. Just in case another sighting of the symbol coming back again.

Dinah: That’s good. At least he’ll be safe then. That’s what matters. But what about the voice?

Chloe: The Voice was Dark and Sinister. Demonic as it was… It was Sinister. The Voice said something such as: “Daddy’s little girl. One day soon you’ll be Releasing me from this Hellish Prison. The World of Mortals shall soon be ended!”

Dinah: Mom… That is all that has happened since then… but since that time… we’ve been gathering intel on the Demon mark. It was later when i had my 3 babies… your Grand Daughters when it came out that i had to send them to another planet. Vulcan. Planet Vulcan. Where they’d be safe. They’re there now. they’re safe and well protected. It was a mother’s choice. I had to do what was needed to be done.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: So… this Demon is coming. What does he sire to do?

Dinah: To end the world of Mortals. There is a prophecy. Raven’s prophecy. But i can’t tell you it for now. What i can tell you though is that it’s a Prophecy that is the grade “A” ticket to the Apocalypse.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Gasps* You girls are going against that being?

Dinah: Yes. I am. I know how it sounds, mom. I think that Paige and Pearl know too… The guys also know. But if we don’t handle it now… It will never be done. We have to stop that demon from coming onto the world. We can’t let this Demon… Scath get onto the Earth. If he gets on it… He will end it…. Turning it into a desolate wasteland of fire and brimstone. Hellfire and Brimstone.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That’s bad. Terrible. How will you girls go at taking him down?

Dinah: That’s the part that still lies a mystery. We don’t know.

The mother of the 3 girls was now in the know of the Demon known as Scath. She was told of the incident’s beginning and told of the points of how it led to where it was now… The works. It was not a mystery to know that the mother regretted asking. But she knew that she had to know. She was scared for her girls. Although now that she knew… she had to batten down the deck and try to support her girls as best as she knew how… The best that she could. It was now starting the countdown for the Arrival of Scath. The Countdown began. Zeke was being brought into it and he was taking to it slowly. so it appeared. The Rhapsody Brothers were doing Recons on the mark’s activity. The wall. Investigating and getting behind the possibility that Beryl didn’t have the ability to break out of the ground on her own and come back alive and with powers. Demonic powers. That she had help and it wasn’t from a friendly face. But from the Demon himself. The lore behind the Demon was also coming out. Little by little and Raven… their Dark powered friend had center stage of the show. She was the center piece. The crescendo of the Apocalypse. The Key that harbored the Demon known as Scath. The Mystery of Scath deepened even further. Will they find out his true name before long? What were the girls gonna do? How were they gonna prepare for the end of days? Where were they bound to go from their now current position? What about the mother of the Rhapsody Girls? Was she gonna get a shot at Romance soon? What was her Job gonna be Like? And what about Martin? Would it come to pass that if his attitude and Violent behavior was because he was Possessed by a Demon and he were to get Exorcised… Would he revert to being the sweet person that he used to be once upon a time? Find out all this and more on the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Voice-over* Okay… here we go with more of this Danger and it coming to smack into my darling girls. On the next Installment of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Paige, Pearl and Dinah all are in classes again. for semester 3. Luna is in school and I have a Job. I am the Court Liaison. It gets even closer yet to come for my Daughter Pearl’s moment of delivery. But Alice’s will most likely be first. The City is at Peace… or is it. Because there comes a brief moment of red Skies and a glimpse of Scath. He doesn’t really show… but the brief show of Scath gets the whole city and or should i say the world in complete panic and frenzy. they all begin to panic and it takes a few days for them all to settle down. Plus… i happen to come across this guy who happens to be the new County D.A. for Metropolis. He seems to find me really attractive and he tries to strike a conversation with me. What are my girls gonna do? Would Luna’s friends and Zeke plan to get together and form a Resistance towards the Demonic presence? I just worry about them all… This Demon is gonna ruin us… Ruin the world and then some. Although there is a chance that Zeke will pull away from the Demon Dilemma as it starts to be too much for him. He worries for Luna… but can’t handle the Dilemma revolving the demon. What will my girls do? What will any of them do? The Countdown goes on… The Demon breaks in even further and closer to Earth on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 109: “The turn of the century. Battle field Earth or Trigon’s Delighted Presence.”

Raven: Trust me, If you knew anything about the day of my Birth… You’d know that there is nothing to celebrate.

Scath: *Voice* Your destiny will be fulfilled. The Portal Must be OPENED!

Beryl: *Walking a little over to Dinah leaving a little trail of fire* Tell me, Mrs. Rhapsody… if that is what you’d like to go by from now on. Tell me exactly how many sleepless nights did you have trying to unravel the secrets of this mark… trying to understand what it is and what it could mean? *Grins* Well… Allow me to grant you a reprieve and put your mind on ease. It’s called the Mark of Scath and it’s about to get truly popular. Taking this city by storm for starters.

Raven: *With dark Energy being sent to the books and surrounding them; Sending them to the side back to the shelf* You might have stopped me from Meditating… But I got news for you, father dear… You won’t stop me from trying to leave. *With Telekinesis bringing the special magic powder over to her and creating a magic Circle; With a book and Sitting down on the floor with her legs crossed* ….  The Prophecy*Placing her hand on the book and chanting a portal spell* Azarath Metrion Zinthos Karazon Racashaus Endere.… *With her head suddenly looking up and her eyes Glowing bright white as a portal opens up* …Vaserex Endrion Azarath! Azarath! Azarath!

Arella: You always had a home here, my child. But help, we could not give.

Raven: The ancient order used the name “Scath” to protect the true identity of their master. We know him as Trigon.

Zeke: Okay… So, What are those marks on you that seem to make you become your own personal night light?

Raven: It’s a Warning. It means that Trigon is coming. The way he gets here… is through me.

Raven: Because there is something about me that you didn’t know. I’m Not just a person. I’m a Portal.

Raven: *Sighs and looking down* Because… Trigon………… Is my father.

Raven: I thought that i would be able to handle this all alone. I tried… I mean… I really really tried. But… I was wrong.

One thought on “Chapter 108: Aftermath of Beryl’s Personal attack. Start the Countdown to trouble on Intergalactic Descent.”

  1. This is a wonderful chapter. Absolutely wonderful. I am gonna keep reading and see what’s next. There’s a lot of thrills coming along following this chapter. I can feel it. *Itching for more*

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