Chapter 107: The Turn of Demonic Prophecy. Raven of Azarath’s Victimized Ascent.

August 30th 2027…

At the Metropolis Water and power…

Dr. Illumination was out and draining the power from the Electrical current which were pulsing through the pipes…

Dr. Illumination: *Pulsing the power from the Pipes* This is soon to be my rising moment. Once i have drained the power and electricity from the power company… I shall drown this city with never-ending Daylight!

Suddenly a blast of hearts and Lightning lash at Dr. Illumination from the side and knock him down. But It didn’t keep him down. He got back up and looked to see where it was coming from when…

Dr. Illumination: *Growls* Who did that?!

Thunderic Bliss: *To Dr. Illumination* we did. and there is more where that came from.

Prince Alvin: You never learned from last time… Next time you want to steal power away from the city. Do it while we’re asleep.

Prince Avery: Or better yet. why not think on not doing it at all unless you want to get burned by us…

Prince Curtis: Good thing that we don’t get violent on your sorry butt. Because… if we did… you’d be begging that we put you out of your misery.

Raven: *Ready to fire*

Dr. Illumination: Well… I… Uh… *Firing a blast of light at the fighters* Take that!

Thunderic Bliss: *Dodging* Whoa! *As Thunder Mistress* That guy’s gone totally schitzo.

Prince Curtis: *Facing Dr. Illumination* You think that your power is good. Try out a taste of my power, Lightning bug! *Launching an attack* ELECTRIC WHIPLASH!

Dr. Illumination: *Firing at Prince Curtis and knocking him into the Air*

Prince Avery: *Looking up* Whoa. That’s good air.

Prince Curtis: *Landing into the ocean a feet of the coast* AHHHHHH!


Prince Alvin: *Firing Fire blasts at Dr. Illumination* Take that. Eat my fire. Maybe some heart burn will put a pause in your light show.

Dr. Illumination: *Chuckling and snickering with a sinister tone* Heh heh heh heh heh! *Looking at Prince Alvin and Firing a blast from the center light on his Torso* HA!

Prince Alvin goes flying into the air…

Thunderic Bliss: *Thinking* Come on… We have to draw his fire. Draw out his fire. Make him come at you. Lure him. Distract him.

Prince Arnold: Right! *Calling out to Dr. Illumination* Hey… Lightning Bug… Do you have any insurance for having a power shortage?

Dr. Illumination: *Turning to face Prince Arnold and Launching a blast at him*

Prince Arnold: *Evading the attack and getting behind Dr. Illumination; Launching a strong water attack at Dr. Illumination* Herald’s Water of life. *Shorting out Dr. Illumination* BLACK OUT, YOU SACK OF SLIME!

Dr. Illumination was shorted out by the attack and it spiked him a bit. But it was only less than a minute that he got up and Fired aimlessly at everyone….

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at Dr. Illumination* THUNDERING DRAGONS! *Lashing at Dr. Illumination and landing blows at him*

But the Villain lashed right back with the whip and was pushing Dinah back. forcing her to step back while she was trying to knock him down.  Luckily it opened for a sneak attack to be done by Paige and she fired at him with her Love’s Musical Storm… It knocked him down and sent him down to the lower level of the power company’s core. it dazed him for a little bit but he suddenly got up and Looked at the fighters angrily…

Dr. Illumination: No one gets the better of the power of Dr. Illumination… NO ONE!

Raven: *Appearing behind Dr. Illumination and with glowing eyes and Tentacles of darkness shooting out of her* Remember me?!

Dr. Illumination: *Turning to see Raven and pausing in fear; Terrified* I think that I would like to be sent to Jail please.

Prince Curtis came back into the scene and shook off the fall to the ocean… He took a look around and Grinned…

Prince Alvin: Alright… The bad guy is beat… it’s almost midnight and we’re free from classes for a while. Let’s go and get a Pizza and hang out…

Raven: *Turning away and starting to head off back to the house* I’ll meet you guys back at Dinah’s and Shingo’s.

Paige: *Not understanding* But Raven…

Dinah: Don’t you want to hang out and unwind a bit? You need some down time too, You know?

Raven: *Looking back* I just want to get back to the house before tomorrow arrives…

Raven flies off and gets on her way back to the house…

Prince Arnold: Talk about weird. What’s so special about tomorrow?

Jack: *Confused* Are we missing something here?

Down underground and within the catacombs…

It was cold and dark and murky. The air was like ice and it was chilly. Chilly and enough to freeze the bones off someone but the deeper you were to go… it would reverse and get hotter and hotter. It was Quiet when suddenly a hole broke open in the ground and a hand was seen reaching up.  Within seconds lights were blasting and shooting all over the cave.

Beryl: *Rising up from the hole and Looking towards the exit* The day has finally begun…

At the Pizza place…

Paige: What do you think is eating at Raven?

Dinah: I don’t know. She was in such a hurry to head back home to the house.

Paige: Do you think that there is something wrong with her again?

Prince Alvin: She sure did sound as though she was freaked out about something.

Jack: *Pauses* I thought that you guys said that she couldn’t afford to show her emotions for it could cause her to lose control of her powers?

Dinah: We did say that. But this is something else. Something else is bugging her.

Prince Avery: Question is… what is it? and why?

Prince Curtis: We should do something about it…  I mean cheer her up somehow.

Prince Alvin: Tomorrow seems to be something rather special to her or something that she is to be fearing….

The next Night…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

In Raven’s room…

Raven was sitting on the edge of her bed and holding her clock in her hands. Watching for it to pass time. She was dreading something… She was begging for the day to be over. Wanting it to end.

Raven: *Laying back and sighs* 6 more hours left. 6 PM. Just six more hours to go. *Sighs*

Although seconds later Raven heard a thumping noise sound off nearby…

Raven: *Calling out* Hello? … *Hearing no reply* Who’s out there?

Given that the house was usually quiet around that time… it didn’t really make much sense for Raven to be calling out for anyone to respond. It was quiet. But She heard something and she being rather suspicious about it wanted to know what was going on so… she went to check out the whole house…

But it was a minute or so later when she opened the door at the end of the hall and saw that there was darkness. but she was hearing quiet sounds of whispers. She barely looked to see that it was silent when out the blue…

The lights flicked on and the room was with a feast…

There was a cake and a boombox on the far side with dance music beating and jamming. to the beat… There was a Banner hanging overhead saying “Happy Birthday, Raven!” It took her by surprise. Plus the house was equipped with some high-tech gadgetry. High tech merchandise.


Raven: *Jumps in a startled manner* AHHHHH! *Falls backwards in shock*

Luna: *Concerned* Raven? Dō shita no?

Paige: It’s just us… your friends and comrades who are here to be with you in celebrating the very day of your birth.

Prince Alvin: I should have known that a surprise party would be an unwise idea.

Luna: Aidea wa, saisho wa tanoshimi no yō ni kikoeta…

Raven: *Overhearing the remarks and forming suddenly behind Jack* How did you know that it was my birthday?

Jack: *Jumps and moves back from Raven and gets close to the others* …

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Please… Raven, Calm down. It’s gonna be okay.

Pearl: Well… remember how yesterday when you happened to make that big deal about tomorrow and you were dreading even talking about it?

Star: We didn’t really understand what it was that you were getting at about tomorrow and how it could be all so bad… So…

Christie: We did some snooping around and looked up some of the secret files and We kinda stumbled upon the part where it had your Birthday on it.

Prince Arnold: We have been preparing for your celebration ever since then.

Dinah: *Standing beside Raven and pointing up towards the ceiling* We placed up a whole mess of decorations.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I helped on the decorations. It was to be just right. for you, Raven.

Shingo: Dinah and I went along and done up a 7 foot in diameter, 7 foot tall Cake with Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint and Peanut Butter. Even Cherry and Fudge…With Grape frosting. The best there is. With your face on the front of it as the highlight.

Paige: Reese and I went and got 6 tubs of Ice cream. one of each basic flavor. All in its beauty. the best Ice cream there can ever be.

Dinah: We hope that it’s okay. we were wishing to—

Raven: *Cuts off* No. It’s not. Look… i truly appreciate what you’ve all done to set this up. And for me in fact. But i am not Interested.

As Raven starts to head back out of the room…

Prince Curtis: *Getting in front of Raven’s path* But there will be Ice Cream and dancing celebratory music.

Jack: Plus games too. There’s even a Pinata made to look like one of the villains we fought in the past.

Prince Arnold: Yeah. You can’t deny that you’re wanting to send a blast of dark energy at it and let it feel the pain.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Prince Arnold… Be nice.

Raven: *Sternly* I said no…

Luna: But Raven… come on. it’s your birthday. You got to have at least some fun. You can’t let the day just end without having at least some—

Raven: *Looking back Angrily and with a bit of telekinesis turning the banner to shreds and the party into a disaster zone; Marching with haste into the hallway*

Prince Alvin: I knew that this idea of having a surprised party was gonna be a bad idea…

Dinah: Prince Alvin, We know what happened. So… Please. Don’t go there. Spare us the dramatics. *Walking towards the Hallway and going after Raven*

Shingo: Let’s get this all cleaned… It’s almost time for me to head to work anyway… My boss is providing me with more shifts. as many as i need to make some extra money in case if the world does go to heck in a hand basket.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Shingo… stop. there is no need for the theatrical. We don’t know what’s to come at the end of this year. Anything can happen…

In the hall…

Raven was walking silently back to her room and dismayed…

Dinah: *Coming into the hall and Calling over to Raven* Raven… *Walking quick over to Raven* What’s the matter with you? What was that outburst back there for?

Raven: *Looking down* I just don’t like parties.

Dinah: Don’t go with that one… There is something else… Isn’t there? Raven… you can fool anyone… no one would think to ask. But you can’t fool me. We happen to have a bond, Remember? You’ve been in my mind. Could read what i was thinking. And discovered that i was pregnant. and it got me to start thinking better of my life. Let me inside yours…

Raven: *Looking back a little* Dinah, You are the tough girl. A Danger Zone when the time comes for it. You at times don’t really think and just do. But you are also one who knows me better than others that there are places in my mind that you don’t go… Where no one should ever go.

Dinah: I’m willing to at least try.

Raven: You can’t.

Dinah: Raven, Please… let me try to help.

Raven: *Walking on over to her room* Dinah, Just trust me. If you knew anything about the day of my birth… You’d know that there is absolutely nothing to celebrate.

Back  in the Kitchen and Dining room…

Luna: *Sighs* Something about parties upsets Raven.

Zeke: You think so? I think she’s temperamental. She thrashed the spread. I know we surprised her and kinda took her by shock. But really? Did she have to do that?

Paige: Zeke… Back off. You don’t know Raven the way we do. Something is rattling her. Something about her Birthday. Whenever her birthday is mentioned… she happens to just Cringe and double back.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Paige! Don’t snap at him. He has a right to ask. I happen to agree with him on that. Raven didn’t have to do that to the party. I know that we spooked her a little. That is not a mystery. But the idea that she had to do what she did… That was being really awful.

Pearl: I know. I just don’t get it. What is it about the Birthday that just sets her off? Is there something going on that she’s not telling us?

Jack: *Looking at Pearl* And what would you suppose that could be? Pearl, Raven has Birthday merriment Jitters.

Pearl: If only we could help her.

Jack: *Walking over and hugging Pearl* I know. I know. I think that we all wish that we could help her… Although you should be resting. You’re carrying 3 kids in you…

Prince Avery: 3? What?

Prince Alvin: That’s just like what Dinah did. She was carrying 3 too…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Pearl’s got 3 just like Dinah. When are you due?

Pearl: I’m due on Nov. 15th… but depending on the condition of my little ones and the progression of my babies… it might be sooner… or later. Not really sure. Dinah had hers a day before it was time… on the 6th cresting on the final hour before the 7th that she went into labor.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: 3 babies? My heavens… That is gonna be hard on you. You’re gonna be highly dilated when that day comes and on Delivery. I was lucky to not be with that issue when i had you 3 girls. I was lucky. And that was pushing. Pearl, Are you gonna be okay?

Pearl: I am positive that things will be fine. They’d have to be. I have to tough it out. If Dinah was able to do it… as hard as it must have been on her. I should be able to as well… Right?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Each person is different, sweetie. But i do have faith that things will be okay in the end. Just think positive.

Shingo: 3 Angels. But if you have them… They’ll have to be sent to another world… somewhere safe.

Pearl: Bu—!

Shingo: I am not kidding, Pearl. You want your loves subjected to the shit that is about to come upon us in 4 months from now? Do you? Because if you keep them here… that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. You think that the monster that is said to come at the stroke of New Years is gonna spare their lives? You are foolish if you happen to think that it will.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *In disbelief; not getting the grasp of what’s been said* Monster? What are you guys talking about? What monster?…

In Raven’s Room…

Raven was sitting back in the middle of her bed and watching the clock on her bed tick the time away slowly…

Raven: *Annoyed and frustrated* Ugh! I just want this day to be over. Why can’t this clock go faster and speed up past this day? *Sighs* Relax. Just a couple more hours to go. It might not even happen.

A second later…

Raven: *Calm* Focus. Meditate. This day will be over before you know it… *Meditating* Azarath Metrion Zinthos… Azarath Metrion Zinthos.. *Coughs* Azarath—- *Coughs a couple more times*

Within seconds… The whole room was engulfed in flames. and the room looked like hell but it was still in Raven’s room. from the window… to the door it was fiery lines and flames spewing everywhere.

Although seconds later…

Voice: *As Trigon* What you have concealed you shall become… You have no other choice. Your destiny will be fulfilled. The Portal… Must be opened!

Raven: *Cries out* NOOO!!!!

The room goes back to normal and Raven is sitting Panting in trying to catch her breath. She had sweat drops falling from her forehead. But stopped seconds later. Although she didn’t get to gather her thoughts much as a couple of seconds or so later There was a Knock on the door…

Raven: *Walking to the door and answering; opening the door* Yes?

Dinah: I heard you scream a–.


The Alarm goes off…

P.A: *Overhead* Trouble sighted at Metropolis Bottling plant. All Available units respond.


Raven: *Still calming down* Trouble.

In the Living Room…

Luna: I’ll stay here with Zeke.

Prince Alvin: No you won’t. Not alone. *Calling Vincent* Vincent?

A second later…

Vincent: *Voice through phone* Yes?

Prince Alvin: we need a solid.

Vincent: Name it.

Prince Alvin: There is trouble at the Bottling Plant and we can’t go and leave Luna and Zeke alone. Plus we need a place to leave Pearl and my Fiance Alice. where they’re safe. Not to mention Renee and Christie.

Vincent: No problem. I’ll keep watch and see that they’re safe. I’m on my way.

Prince Alvin: Thanks. See you in a moment.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I’ll stay here with her too.

Pearl: We’ll be fine. You guys go on and do what you must…

At the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at Dinah Lance* Dinah, we have just detected stress patterns coming from Metropolis. originating from Dinah and Shingo’s house.

Dinah Lance: You’re serious about that?

Chloe: Wish I wasn’t.

Dinah Lance: who was distressed?

Chloe: Raven.

Dinah Lance: When is the Prophecy supposed to arrive?

Chloe: In 4 months.

Dean: *On Screen* Hey… Anyone there?

Chloe: *Looking to the screen* Yes? Dean… How’s the progress on the Demon hunting?

Dean: Bad.

Chloe: How bad?

Dean: Let’s just say that if hell was repetition… we just got it.

Chloe: Why? What happened?

Dean: Ever heard of the dead coming back from the graves and possibly pulling off a Thriller Chiller feature act?

Chloe: I have. But I kind of find that to be hard to believe.

Dean: Well… you might want to start believing. We just got a lead that there was a suspicious person coming out from the ground. in the catacombs. Bobby and Casstiel are there now… and you ever heard of the concept: “All Hell has broken loose”?

Chloe: Yeah. multiple times. Once was when we all dealt with Major Zod. He threatened to Raze the Earth. Why?

Dean: Because Hell is just about to break loose. We got a physical presence roaming around and the being was wearing all purple. with a few other things on it.

Chloe: A Being coming out of the ground from the catacombs…. The Catacombs are under the City hall building. That’s where Beryl met her end…

Dean: I don’t know who Beryl is… but I can tell you that whoever was buried there underground in the Catacombs and underneath the City Hall. they’re not there now.

Chloe: This is bad.

Dinah Lance: Want me to go and see if the undead can be spotted?

Chloe: No. Stand down. If this is what I’m thinking it is… there won’t be anything anyone can do to stop Beryl. Demon powers… and back from the dead? It can only lead to trouble. Clark might be unable to go at Beryl…

A Moment later…

At the Metropolis Bottling Plant…

Miss Love: *Walking through the door* Trouble… Here? Who’d want to start any trouble here?

Thunder Mistress: No idea. But i sure would like to get some answers as to why we were told to come here…

Prince Alvin: We all would.

Prince Arnold: Okay… So, Who’s the grandstand Villain of the hour this time? Can’t be Zod. We trashed him. Could it be Mad Sam? Dr. Illumination Again? Waller?

Prince Curtis: It’s likely to be anyone…

Jack: You’re kidding, right? Anyone?

Thunder Mistress: Well… Who ever it is… We’re totally gonna kick their sorry cans. *Bumping into Prince Alvin suddenly as he stops and gasps at who’s in the shadows*

Prince Alvin: *Gasps* No!

Beryl: *Looking down at the fighters* It’s been a rather long time, Rhapsody Girls Z! Rhapsody Brothers. How long has it been since the last time we crossed paths? A Month? A year maybe… Far too long for my taste anyway. I was starting to wonder when or if I would ever get to see your smiling faces ever again.

Prince Curtis: How the hell? How the hell did you survive?

Prince Arnold: Terra took your ass down. Way down to hell. How is it that you’re Still Alive, You hell ridden Wench?

Thunder Mistress: Beryl! We have no idea of where you’ve been… But you shouldn’t have come back. We’re still ready for you.

Beryl: How Utterly touching for you to say that, Dinah. But i didn’t exactly come back for you guys.

Suddenly Beryl Emits fire from her hands and combines it into a big ball…

Beryl: *Firing the stream of Fire at the girls* Errrrraaaaahhhhh!

Miss Love: *Looking at the others* Scatter!

Raven: *Up in the air and seeing the trail of fire; recognizing it as demonic power* …. *Gasps*

Raven suddenly turns into her shadowy raven form and flies off and runs for safety evading the attack…

The girls all run from the fire coming from Beryl…

Thunder Mistress: What is Beryl trying to do… Light a mass sized bonfire?

Miss Love: Uh, Dinah… Would you stop with the running taglines?  This is no time for that. Beryl’s with demon power…Those powers are just unnatural.

Beryl: *Releasing fire from her hands* Don’t you see that it’s one of those days where you are jubilant for being alive?

Prince Alvin: My fire will have no luck on her. Not this time.

Jack: Well… How about Ice?! *Firing some Snowballs at Beryl from the side* Snowball Rapid fire!

Beryl: *Taking the hits and Smacking the attack back at Jack*

Jack: *Creating a path of ice and Sliding off; Evading the attack*

A Minute later…

Miss Love: *standing with the rest* God… What the hell gives?

Prince Arnold: Since when can Beryl do that?

Prince Avery: No idea. But if she thinks that she’s gonna get a grandstand… she’s seriously messed up.

Thunder Mistress: Let’s go and Wrap up her show!

Miss Love: GET HER!

Jack: *Firing Ice from his staff and aiming right at Beryl*

Prince Alvin: *Evading and Teleporting to the one side and tossing some Fire balls at Beryl*

Prince Arnold: *Blasting Water at Beryl and Soaking her up like a water-logged rat*

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Voice* I am not part of Luna’s life anymore… Her decision. But i can still help. So… look out for Tuxedo Martin Amazing and his dog Starlight the Wonder!

A second later…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Showing up and Firing an Ice attack at Beryl; Encasing her in Ice* ICE BARRAGE!

Starlight: *Barking loud and Creating a Sonic Boom; Firing it at Beryl*

Beryl was encased in ice for about a moment… But it didn’t hold her. the ice shook and broke into multiple shards of ice. crashing into the ground all over. Nearly hitting Starlight and Tuxedo Martin Amazing…

Raven: *Using TeleKinesis to move and control the Ice Shards; Surrounding them with Dark energy and firing the shards right at Beryl*

Beryl: *Evading the hits and dodging them one by one*

Miss Love: *Aiming her Heart Guitar at Beryl and Firing a blast of Musical notes and Hearts at Beryl*

Beryl: *Jumping out-of-the-way and Dodging the attack*

Prince Avery: *Emitting Plasma from both his hands and Firing right at Beryl* Plasma-tic STINGER!!!!

Beryl however took the shot and with her new demonic fire power… Created a Magnetic field and absorbed the attack and sent it right back at Prince Avery. Knocking him down…

Thunder Mistress: *Grabbing a Ladder that was nearby and Swinging it at Beryl*

Beryl: *Making her whole body into an Engulfed fire being and Burning right through the Ladder*

Thunder Mistress: *Pauses as she sees that Beryl burned right through the Ladder* Whoa! How the hell were you able to do that?

Beryl: *Looking at Dinah* Is that it? Is that all you can say? What? No clever clichés or little tough girl outbursts? *Taunting* I was actually looking quite forward to that.

Thunder Mistress: You’re about to regret that request… *Marching over to attack at Beryl* … *Throwing shots at Beryl and trying to hit her*

Beryl: *Dodging the blows and Grabbing Dinah’s arm*

Thunder Mistress: *Gasps*

Beryl then held her one finger and pressed it onto her thumb. She held it right at Dinah’s face and within seconds… released a fast pulse of fire power which was a second long and sent Dinah flying backwards and flying into Raven. Beryl Rose up and got on the walk way over head.

Jack: *Riding on the ice and getting on the walk way* Beryl! Why don’t you just give up?

Beryl: And call it a day? No. I’m here to just deliver a message to someone.

Miss Love: *Overhearing* A Message to who? No one here wants anything from you.

Prince Alvin: You are not making this any easier, Beryl. You’re just asking for trouble… Aren’t you?

Beryl: Not at all. The only trouble that will be had is what’s coming to you… Where was I? Hmm… Oh yes…  *Putting her hand down on the ground and melting it; causing the overhead walk way to give out and collapse from under Jack*

Jack: *Falling* Ahhhhh!

Prince Alvin: *Forming a fire Sword from his hands and holding it; Teleporting to the upper levels to face Beryl*

Beryl: *Forming a Metal rod and Emitting fire from it*

Prince Alvin Looked for Beryl and was unfortunately taken by shock when she came out from behind him…

Beryl: You know… Flaming Soul. You might have fire coercing from your body and flowing through you… but you should take it from me. You shouldn’t be playing with fire. *With the Fire Rod; Smacking it against Prince Alvin and knocking him down into the mid level onto one of the rotating gears*

Prince Alvin: *Out cold; feeling the burn*

Beryl: It is such an honor to be meeting you all again for a reunion.

Down on the ground level…

Raven: *Looking at Dinah* I Just want this day to end.

Beryl: *To Raven* I think that we both know that this day is far from over… *Leaping down and Landing on the ground near Raven*

Raven: *Gasps and Looking towards Beryl*

Beryl: *Hovering in the Air and looking down at Raven* Well hello there dear Birthday pet… Shall you be ready for your dear blessing? It’s a message from your lineage.

Raven: *Seeing the sign on Beryl’s forehead and Aiming to launch an attack at Beryl*

With a sharp blast Raven sent a blast at Beryl and sent her flying into the air and against the gears up high on the 3rd level. The dark blast was with claws and it drove into Beryl with force… Raven rose up to see that Beryl was down… it seemed as though she was… Raven only took a quick breath when suddenly Beryl walked through the smoke and looked right at Raven…

Beryl: I have a Message for you, Pet. It is something that you deserve to have… *Grabbing Raven’s wrists and glowing red*

Raven: *Feeling the burn and the sting* Agh! *Crashing into the mid level of the Bottling plant*

Raven then got up seconds later and looked at her arm.  Saw her wrists and saw that it had a marking on her. The mark of scath.

Beryl: It has begun…. *Sending shock waves into the gears and the pipes nearby and causing the place to start falling apart*

Prince Arnold and Prince Avery were on the ground and Prince Alvin was on the one gear. he barely came to just in time to see that the place was crumbling and falling to pieces…  Paige and Dinah were Standing from a Daze and saw that there was danger and that the place was falling to pieces.  Debris was falling all over the place and pieces of the tiles from the roof fell down. Light fixtures broke and came twirling down to the ground… and almost konked Martin and his dog on the heads… they were just mere inches from being hit… Raven was seeing the devastation and saw as Paige and Dinah were about to be crushed as a machine started to collapse on its side…


Raven: *In Desperation* no… *Cries out* STOP!!!!

Within mere seconds… Raven stopped time and saw that Paige and Dinah were mere inches or so from being crushed… She saw that the plant was in shambles and saw that the one path was at a slant and looked as though it was going on… Jack was stuck in a vat of liquid and was trying to get out… Prince Alvin and the rest were in the pose of trying to make a run for it.

Raven: *Seeing everything frozen in place and seeing that time had stopped* …..

She looked up and saw that she even stopped Beryl. Or had she?

Raven: *Looking at her hands; Confused and unsure* H-how did i.
Beryl: *Speaking while still standing in position where she stood while she had been sending shock waves into the machinery and causing the place to crumble and fall apart* You Didn’t.
Raven: *Gasps* Uh… *Looking up to the one side and seeing a faint glow*

Beryl: *Looking down slightly at Raven* You might be able to stop time, birthday girl… but you can’t stop me. I can’t be stopped. Not really. I would believe that the girls should have laid out that piece of knowledge to you. You can’t stop any of it to be honest. I have to say this for you, pet. Raven. When I found out the truth about you. The glorious truth about you and what you were capable of doing… I was truly impressed. All this time…

While Raven was backing away and starting to make a run for it…

Beryl: I had no idea that you would have all that power lurking within your very core. inside your veins. The Glorious and illustrious destiny that awaits for you to adhere to. *Thinking* It seems that it happens with all the quiet ones… doesn’t it? It’s always the quiet ones… wouldn’t you agree?

Raven: *Shaking off the visions and the thoughts that Beryl was trying to reveal to her; Running off*

Beryl: Honestly Raven… *Walking down onto the solid surface from mid-air* Did you really think that you could just as easily… deny that you had a birthday… that you could look at this day of your birth and maybe blow out all the candles on the cake and just wish it all away? Why don’t you accept it? This is the day that it all begins… You practically have known this your whole life. Whether you want it to… or not. It is going to happen. No matter what you wish… No matter where you go… No matter how you happen to Squirm and crawl your way out… There is nothing you can do… to stop it.

Raven: *Angrily*… *Turning into a shadow and going through the wall; Coming out the other side as a raven and flying; Turning back into her human form; Reaching where Paige and Dinah are; Putting her hand on Dinah; unfreezing her*

Thunder Mistress: *Gasps* Raven…

Raven within seconds created a force field and teleported out from the Plant. She flew as a bird out and into the city…


The whole city was frozen. People were frozen. Cars. Everything. Raven finally stopped and landed when she reached the Metropolis University… the street that lead to the university and didn’t seem so far from the Church…

Raven: *Releasing Dinah*

Thunder Mistress: *Looking around and freaked* Okay… I am really feeling the freak out vibe now. *Looking at Raven* Raven… what the hell is going on here? *Standing up* Why is everything frozen? Where did Beryl get those powers? Why is Beryl Back? How on earth were you even able to stop time?

Raven: *Looking at her hands* …. *Shaking her head and not understanding* I’m not sure. *looking down and holding her hand* I never meant for any of this to happen. When it did… I don’t know… I guess that i just wanted for it to be over. to stop. I guess that I wound up getting what it was that I wished for.

Thunder Mistress: *Walking over to Raven* What is happening, Raven? What is really going on here?

Raven: *Looking at Dinah* It’s my Birthday.

Beryl: *Arriving on top of the building next to them; Jumping off the building*

A second later…

Beryl: *Standing before Raven and Dinah*

Raven: *Gasps*

Thunder Mistress: *Looking at Raven* Raven… Run.

Raven: What about you?

Thunder Mistress: Don’t worry about that. We can’t let Beryl get to you. Get out of here. Go! I’ll handle this broad. Just get to safety.

Raven: *Nods and running off*

Thunder Mistress: *Facing off against Beryl* Okay, you hell ridden Nut Job. You want Raven… Come through me. If you can. *Jumping and Kicking Beryl in the head and Grabbing her; spinning and throwing her into the building down the street*

Beryl: *Looming over back at Dinah and landing; reshaping her body and Looking straight without much of a scratch*

Thunder Mistress: *Jumps back and freaking* What the… hell are you? Are you like some creature now?

Beryl: *Forming a couple of fireballs and combining them into one big one and lashing it at Dinah*

Thunder Mistress: *Spazzing out and freaked* Uh… Oh shit.

The fireball blasts into Dinah and knocks her back. Sending her flying into a car and both her and the car travel to the one side of the street nearby with a couple of plumes of flames nearby. Raven came down and looked to see where Dinah was and couldn’t find her. She landed and started to think where Dinah could have gone… there was a wall of fire only a few feet from her and she barely looked to the side where the fire was when Beryl walked from the fire….

Beryl: *Stern* I have a message for you pet… and it will be delivered to you whether you accept it or not.

As Raven tries to use her abilities to hold Beryl back and constrict her… which goes unsuccessful…

Beryl: Skies will burn, flesh will turn to stone, the sun will set on your world, never to rise again.

But within seconds Beryl Vanished and it left Raven in a frantic state as she turned around and looked all around for where Beryl vanished off to. However while she wasn’t looking and her back was turned. Beryl came back and was behind her. She barely turned around to see that Beryl was there and was grabbed on the arms. Being stung and put with more of the inscription on her.

Raven flew back and felt the sting a bit. But only got up a second later and looked at her arms… there were a couple more marks on her…

Beryl: Time won’t wait forever, pet. You better start realizing that you can’t run from who you are.

Raven: *Looking back in anger* I can try. *Using her Telekinesis to create two boulders which sandwiched together and crushed Beryl*

But for how long?

Raven: *Running to look for Dinah* Dinah! *going to each pile of rubble and using her telekinesis to shove away the piles while looking for Dinah*

Raven looked around and saw a rock move only to see it fall over and reveal Dinah…

Raven: *Running over to Dinah* Dinah. You okay?

Thunder Mistress: Is that a trick question there, Raven? *groaning in a little pain* You’re lucky that i am Danger Zone and that i can take beatings like this… because if I wasn’t… I’d be out for the count. *Trying to get up* Ah! I can’t get up.

Raven: Come on… *Helping Dinah up and taking her to the nearby church; Hoping that they’d be safe there* Let’s get out of here.

Thunder Mistress: Yeah. Thanks, Raven. *Hissing a little in pain* god… that really hurts.

A Moment later…

At the Metropolis Church…

Raven had Dinah lying down gently in front of the altar and healing her injuries while Dinah Rested…

Raven: *While holding Dinah’s head gently* I didn’t want to drag you into any of this. Any of you.. But sadly… you’re in. All of you are in. So I’ve got to tell you. I have no choice. This is my birthday. the day of my birth. When I happened to look into my future. on this day. the anniversary of my birth. it was told that something was supposed to happen. Something terrible. It was why I didn’t want to celebrate. But just because you don’t have a party… doesn’t mean that it isn’t your birthday.

Thunder Mistress: *Coming to and getting back up carefully* Ugh… my head is swimmy a bit. But… *Looking at Raven* That symbol… on Beryl’s scuzzy forehead. What on earth does it mean?


The Church doors blew open and When the smoke cleared… Beryl was there and she didn’t say a word. she held her hands together and Drew a line of fire aiming right at Raven and Dinah… Beryl as the flames came close to Raven and Dinah spread her arms out and made the fire knock them on to separate sides of the line of fire…

Raven: *In fear*

Beryl: *Crouching down while standing on one of the seats; Looking at Raven* I don’t think your friend looks too hot. Although… you aren’t being much of a friend to her and her family. not telling them what you really are. But can’t say as i blame you, kid. You didn’t want to scare them off. However… don’t you know that you’re killing yourself and not knowing it because you’re denying the very thing that you really are?

A brief minute later…

Raven was seen bolting out of Church through the side doors. it lead a big boom and Beryl came out and looked to see Raven running off…

Beryl: Good thing the master is providing me a service and I’m getting something out of this. this girl is making things harder than it needs to be. *Calling out to Raven* You know, Pet… You’re making this alot harder than it really needs to be.  *Blocking Ravens path with a wall of fire*

Raven: Ah…

Beryl: *Walking over to Raven* The message must be delivered…

Raven then turned and turned into a shadowy bird as she flew off… fleeing from Beryl… But suddenly out of shock and surprise Beryl levitated and flew up into the sky and chased after Raven… The chase was on. Raven went through all over the city and moved to try to get away from Beryl. She was desperately trying to get away. She knew that symbol and wasn’t sure what was gonna happen if she was caught by her again. She flew off and tried to get away… As she flew she used Telekinesis on the cars down below and with the Telekinesis Threw them at Beryl. Trying to slow her off and keep her back but Beryl continued to come… The hits didn’t seem to phase her whatsoever. she cut through them like they were nothing to her at all. Raven kept flying and trying to get away. She knew that she had to get away from Beryl in any way possible. Beryl then shot out two streams of fire that suddenly turned into claws and the claws tried to grab Raven. Raven jumped out-of-the-way and shot at them. keeping them back. They still kept coming till they hit the building ahead. it got the claws to puff out although it didn’t stop Beryl. She loomed closer and was suddenly glowing with a ring of red. Raven got desperate and made one final attempt to keep Beryl back…

Raven: *Chanting in Desperation* Azarath Metrion… ZINTHOS!!!!!!

Raven got out-of-the-way just in time as the two buildings scrunched up and smashed Beryl…

Raven looked back and watched to see that it was over and it was… She sighed in relief just briefly when suddenly something broke out from the buildings and within seconds… Beryl came and flew hard into Raven and Speared her up onto the roof of Luthorcorp Plaza….

Through the smoke Raven tried to make a run for it… tried to get away….  But then Beryl walked out from the smoke and grab at Raven only to get a hold of her robe and tear it off…

Beryl: *Stating* What you have Concealed… you shall become..

*Looking at Raven* You have no other Choice.

Raven tried to lounge at Beryl and attack in Fury. But Beryl grabbed her arms and…

Beryl: *Grabbing Raven’s arms and holding them* The Message is going to be delivered. Your destiny shall be fulfilled…

Raven: *Suddenly being infected with the Prophecy* No!!!!

As the rest of the message was finally in place… Raven’s hair started to grow and the lights shined from her eyes… the Mark of Scath formed on her forehead. and she groaned in agony as she felt the sting of the message and the prophecy Coercing through her… She knew that it was gonna be the very beginning of her end… In the trip to the future. The days and nights whizzed by with swift pace and passed by one by one.  The bottom of her torso. the lower half was exposed and with the marks on there too.

A moment later Raven knelt down and was on her knees. She looked at her hands and saw that she was with the fated inscription all over her…  She looked at the view and it was red. Red skies… The buildings and the people down below were all stone and the river was all lava. Molten rock. The crows… Ravens were everywhere and with four red Eyes…beady eyes. They were cawing all eerily.

The City was dead. the whole planet was a desolate wasteland. Raven could see the people down there all frozen in place and in stone. She recognized some of them as her friends. She saw The Rhapsody Girls… Rhapsody brothers. Vincent, Martin. Luna and Zeke. Jack, The Allies to them and close friends to her and the girls. All stone. Petrified…

Raven: *Panics in terror* No!

Beryl: Oh… yes. Yes. *Walking over to Raven and looking at the View* Just devour the vision. Drink it all in. Behold the world that you’re destined to create…

Raven looks on and sees the view and looks over. looking from her left… over to her right. Slowly… Suddenly seeing it close…

Scath: *Roars*

Raven: No… I Won’t do it. I will not do it. This is all just a Vision. It can’t be real. It’s not possible.

Beryl: But it is possible. This is the future. *Grabbing Raven’s Arms* Your future. It all began and was foretold on the day you were born. Nothing you can do will stop it. *Moving her head over to Raven’s ear and speaking into it* This will all come to pass. I am gonna make sure that it does. You… My pet… are gonna destroy the world. You’re gonna end the whole world, Raven… It’s clearly written… All over your face.

Raven: *Bellowing out* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Within seconds a Shadowy raven rose up from Raven and Cawed loud and screeched. as the cry happened… Things started going in reverse back to the present day of August 30th of 2027. Before the Prophecy was said to happen. It got time to unfreeze and returned everyone to normal… It brought life to everything and set things back to the way they were.  It was as soon as things were back to normal Raven looked down and felt drained…  She still had the marks on her and Beryl was still holding her by the arms. Seconds later the marks vanished and yet… were still there. Just hidden. Beryl let go and Raven started plummeting down to the ground…

Beryl: We’ll be in touch… Oh… And in case I didn’t wish you something… Happy Birthday, pet.

Raven went down further and further but it almost seemed as though she would go smacking hard into the ground below when…

Thunder Mistress: *Flying in view and Diving in under Raven and Catching her* Gotcha!

Jack: *Close by and creating a path of Ice* Just Slide on the Ice, Dinah. It’ll lead to the Daily planet’s roof. Just follow it up there.

Thunder Mistress: Thanks Jack. *Looking at Raven while sliding and skating the path to the roof of the Daily planet* You sure have a lot going for you, Raven. You must be downright exhausted and worn out to the limit.

Raven: *Moaning softly and trying to come out of the spell she’s in* Uh…

On the roof of the Daily planet…

Raven: *Waking up from the ordeal; Looking at Dinah who has her in her lap* Dinah…

Thunder Mistress: It’s okay. Raven it’s all over. the mess is done and it’s fine now.

Raven: How did you find me here?

Thunder Mistress: How did I not? I was out cold… but you forget that i know the city in multiple ways. I’ve been here for years. and as high as you were falling from and from the distance… I knew that the Luthorcorp building was one of the tallest buildings around. with the prophetic view or what ever it was that was going on… you’d likely be up high with a view to die for a cinema-scope shot. Plus it was not as though I’d let you fall. falls like that would kill anyone no matter who they were or what they were. Plus also… that’s what friends do. They are there to catch each other when they happen to fall.

Raven: *Smiles and Looks at the view* Where are we now?

Thunder Mistress: On the roof of the Daily planet.

Raven: What about the others?

Thunder Mistress: They’re safe. they’re all at the pizza place having a chill out moment. Waiting for me to come back with you. What do you say we hit for home and get you back to looking normal? Because no offense… but you kinda look like a stripper dancer. Although after the mess you just dealt with… it would beg to reason how you got to looking like this. Let’s get you home.

Raven: Okay…

A moment later…

at Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

In Raven’s room…

Raven cut her hair and got it back to looking normal again. She was back to looking normal and with her cloak. She Looked in the mirror and saw that the marks were gone but knew that they were there still. Just Hidden. She looked at the room and sighed knowing that soon her fate would come out and it would be over. Time was now starting to chomp at the bit as it was gonna get closer to the moment to prophecy before long. But at that time… it was normal… peaceful. Serene. A minute or so later… She looked again in the Mirror and was sure that it was gonna be okay. But for how long… Who would know?

While she was getting back to normal look. The girls and the guys all came into the house and got things set up. Revised the party and set things up again. Raven then heard a knock sounding from the other room and once again… as curious as she was… she decided to take a look. Walked out her door and went in the hall. Looked and saw that there were arrows leading the way to the kitchen and Dining room. The living room. She followed it over and reached the door… leading out to the Kitchen/Dining room and Living room.

A minute later…

Lights flickered on and party whistles sounded off. Raven looked to see everyone there and that they had the cake and Ice Cream. Music was playing.

Luna: Sur-prise.

Zeke: *Sighs*

Prince Alvin: *Looking to the side* Look. We know that you don’t want to have a party. But after all that had happened.

Shingo: We kinda were hoping that you’d change your mind. Maybe reconsider.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: We care about you. Raven. Issues and all. Nothing would ever change that.

Zeke: *Getting close to Raven* You might not like your Birthday… But we’re all thankful and pleased and Jubilant that you were born.

Luna: That was really awkward but yet… deeply touching, Zeke. You’re gonna be lucky to not have her bust a seam tearing up.

Raven: *Looking cross for a second thinking about it then still and calm* We’re gonna need soda.

Paige: We’ll go fetch the Soda.

Luna: We’ll get the music and crank it.

While the rest all get things set and laid out again…

Dinah: You sure you’re okay?

Raven: I will be. I guess. *Walking over to Dinah*

Dinah: What you told me about your destiny… What it was like. That something… Bad was supposed to happen. I am guessing that it had. I feel really bad that I couldn’t help stop it.

Raven: … *Looking down in concern* No one could. It was just how it was foretold.

Dinah: *Punching her hand with a fist* We will find Beryl. We’ll figure out how she did what she did and why she was after you. We’ll get her back for what she had done. But right now… *Placing a hand on Raven’s shoulder* You’re safe. In safe harbor…

As Dinah and Raven look at the others celebrating…

Dinah: You’re here with friends and it’s all peaceful again. As it should be. It’s all over.

Dinah walks over to the others and Raven stands there… Looking.

Raven: *Looking at her hands and seeing a couple marks appearing in the palm of her hands* No… This was just the beginning.

Down in the Catacombs…

Beryl: *Standing on the Platform; Having an audience with someone* The first task is complete… master. The message has now been sent to her to heed. The inscriptions are in place, she knows now of what it is that she must do. The Prophecy will be fulfilled.

Trigon: *Voice; from a Burning Mark of Scath high on the wall* Then the world of mortals shall soon be ended.

What was gonna happen next to Raven? Was the Prophecy gonna come early? With Raven’s Destiny being shown to her and she getting an introduction to the very thing that she was said to become… would that be her undoing? When the end did arrive… would the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers, Martin, Vincent and Jack be able to survive the Apocalyptic future that was said to come at the stroke of Midnight reeling in the Start of 2028? Who was the true Protector of Raven? With the strong bond that Raven and Dinah Shared as very close friends… Would the truth come out that Dinah was the actual protector? Who was Scath? Was Raven the Portal that would be the gate which is told to let him out? Plus the road to the day of Prophecy was fast coming. With Pearl and Alice being Pregnant and said to deliver just a short time before the end comes… What would the fate be for Both Alice and Pearl’s kids? Where were they to go? Find out as the path to the final moments of Mortal life on Earth continues… Find out what happens next in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…




7 thoughts on “Chapter 107: The Turn of Demonic Prophecy. Raven of Azarath’s Victimized Ascent.”

  1. The best part I like is all the fighting and action.All that talking doesn’t bother me at all though just like watching a movie. 🙂

    1. Like watching a movie, huh? Wow! That’s a good one. We girls always strive to do our best with it… But really? A Movie? Wow! That actually sounds really cool. I think that it makes us girls feel so good inside.

  2. Yeah I am a movie person as well for watching movies at the theaters when I am off from work.You girls did very well. 🙂

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