Chapter 106: “Hark, Woe-laden Child.” The Possible return of Beryl Dares to thrive Imminent.

July 14th 2027…

From the Underworld….

inside the Hellish Prison…

Beryl: *Moaning in despair; as a Damned soul*

Scath: *Looking into the pits of hell and spotting a useful candidate for serving him and his cause* Perfect.

Within a few seconds…

Beryl was brought back to life by Scath. He had used his demon power to grant Beryl abilities and powers from him to use to get her soon to be new career done…

Beryl: *Looking around and seeing a shadow* Who’s there?

Scath: It is the intergalactic Demon… Scath.

Beryl: What do you want with me?

Scath: I sired to resurrect you from your fiery pit of torment to offer you a service to me.

Beryl: A service to you? You’re a demon and a tyrant. and you’re offering me a job. Why?

Scath: Because of your track record against the mortals.

Beryl: I concur on that fact. I made several attempts on taking those mortals down… but they always managed to slip a feat over me.

Scath: Well… how would you like to get back at those who have sent you to this fiery pit?

Beryl: It would give me no greater pleasure than to be able to get back at them brats. I was on top and was in the midst of getting the whole city to fall to their knees and obey my commands.

Scath: They sent you here and you have spent a lifetime down here to wallow in misery. You’re just like the mortals. Insignificant. but maybe of great use to me and what i am after.

Beryl: Okay… you got me interested in your delirium. Tell me.

Scath: I am an intergalactic Demon. Known as Trigon the Terrible. But i was known as a Tyrant. A Galactic threat that cared not of who i tormented. I disguised myself as a man. A Man who lived on Azarath. Where i courted a Holy mother who seemed on being part of the high council of Azarath…

Beryl: What is this about Azarath?

Scath: A Mystical land. that i destroyed… after i got what it was that i wanted.

Beryl: Which was?

Scath: An Heir.

Beryl: You’re a father? Well… i guess that a congrats ought to be in dire order.

Scath: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh! yes… but the reward was not of happy endings for me. I want to rule galaxies and the cosmos. But i needed a offspring in order to do it. A Gem. A portal. That’s why i went to get one. I arrived on Azarath and met this woman. which turned out to be  a holy mother. the one they called Arella. I courted her and eventually mated with her. But as soon as i injected myself into her and impregnated her. my true look was exposed and they saw that i was a Demon. Not a man like they were. The Monks there banished me into Limbo for my transgressions. But i swore that my heir would soon release me from Limbo and i would have my revenge. I would get my heyday and rule. Rule the whole galaxy. but the ancient order used the identity of Scath… which they call me to hide my true identity. to hide who i really was. What i really appeared to be to them. the Ancient Order as well as a monk known as Azar all formed a Ring of Azar which was said to help imprison me. trap me in hell Limbo. A form of purgatory. But the child was still born. The people of Azarath thought of it to be a demon and with real Evil… But the mother saw the good part of the child. Knew that it was good deep down. But the Monks were gonna kill it. for fear that it would spread Evil. It was a Monk known as Azar the 3rd. the 3rd generation… She believed in peace and pacifism. She sensed that the child was with great power and with traces of Demon blood. It was a girl. Helped the girl control her emotions as they were what triggered her to lose control of her abilities. Juris, a magistrate of Azarath, attempted to cast the infant girl into Limbo, only to be destroyed himself. Azar, the spiritual leader of the temple, then took the young Girl under her personal tutelage, instructing her in the truth of her parentage, and in pacifism, meditation, and the submergence of her emotions to resist my vast influence on the child. while perfecting her powers of teleportation, astral projection, and empathic healing. Although she once defied her teachers and choose to confront me in Limbo. i valued to allow her and the mother to her to live. Although at 14 she sensed my power returning and fled to Earth to escape me. To get away from me as she was told that by adulthood… she would be serving me and ruling by my side. She fled to earth.

Beryl: And this person would be…?

Scath: The Gem. The portal. My Daughter Raven.

Beryl: Raven… Raven… Where did i hear that name before? *Thinking and suddenly realizing where she saw the girl* She’s the one that resides with those Rhapsody Brats. She’s the Gem?

Scath: She is the Gem that was sired so that i could rule Earth. She’s the portal… Her Prophecy is to become my portal. on the stroke of midnight. this years end.

Beryl: Why don’t you go and get her if you want her so bad? She is your daughter after all.

Scath: I can’t. She has to release me and can only do it by chanting that Prophecy. “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire, The Gem shall be his portal. he comes to claim. he comes to sire. the end of all things mortal.”

Beryl: What’s in it for me?

Scath: What is it that you seek to gain?

Beryl: My flesh and blood and my original powers back.

Scath: Name the deal and i shall honor it.

Beryl: I will serve under you and do your work… deliver the message, get the inscriptions in place and prep her in her role of the coming apocalypse. My payment in full is my powers… and my flesh and blood.

Scath: Very well… You shall be given the powers to get the work done… and till it is time… be put into a sleep induced trans…

On the Surface in the Mortal world…

Early Evening…

At the Metropolis Dorms…

Room #201…

“I’m willing to try this
But maybe you’re not (Maybe you’re not)
Maybe we’ll like it
Let’s give it a shot

But let’s throw ourselves in
And get soaking wet
Don’t just slip our toes in
Not yet

Don’t tell me that you’re kind of into me
‘Cause I just wanna be, wanna be, wanna be

I need to feel it, to know that you mean it
From the bottom of your soul
Let me know that I’m adored
It’s not enough for you simply to say it
Instead of telling me words and let me know
That your positively mine and
I’m positively yours for sure (For sure)
From the bottom of your heart
Let me know that I’m adored

I’m willing to show you
The thoughts in my mind (My mind)
I’m willing to cut loose
The ropes that I tied

So tell me you’re ready
To dig in the dirt
To show me the places
Where you haven’t heared

Don’t tell me that you’re kind of into me
‘Cause I just wanna be, wanna beeeee

I need to feel it, to know that you mean it
From the bottom of your soul
Let me know that I’m adored (Adored)
It’s not enough for you simply to say it
Instead of telling me words and let me know
That your positively mine and
I’m positively yours for sure (For sure)
From the bottom of your heart
Let me know that I’m adored

What’s the point that suddenly your less
(from the bottom of my heart)
What more wanna win and not for second best
(from the bottom of my heart)

So shattered my heart don’t matter now
because I wanna fall
for my own sickness don’t matter if I break
you’re gonna be adored, by me

Don’t tell me that you’re kind of into me
‘Cause I just wanna be, wanna be, wanna be….

I need to feel it, to know that you mean it
From the bottom of your soul
Let me know that I’m adored (Adored)
It’s not enough for you simply to say it
Instead of telling me words and let me know
That your positively mine and
I’m positively yours for sure (For sure)
From the bottom of your heart
Let me know that I’m adored

From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart

Megan: *Looking at Prince Curtis* Prince Curtis, Do you think that we’ll make it now that the V.R.A is taken down and people are back to how they were before the Bill got control of the minds of the public?

Prince Curtis: I guess so. Not really sure. But with the two Demon hunters… It should give us all a bit of an edge. But we haven’t been talking about that since the other month. that Bill has collapsed.  Although the fact should still remain we still got a big problem stewing. The demons are still coming and there is little chance of stopping them. Something is sending the demons out onto this world and it’s not that far of a stretch that…

Megan: What?

Prince Curtis: All hell has broken loose and we’re gonna be surrounded by demons in just a short time unless we find a way to purge them away.

Megan: And how will we do that?

Prince Curtis: I have no idea. The guys don’t seem to know exactly how to purge the demons away. We never really faced Demons before. The threats that were faced up till now… were that Drule. the Haggarium fueled beasts… The Youma and the Shittennou’s. The Evil Queen and the great Evil as well… Then the Kandorian army… Remember Zod?

Megan: Don’t i know it… i remember him and i really could have gone without you bringing him up. I really hated that time… i almost got my heart crushed as i thought that i would have lost you. That was not the happiest of times at all. not a bit.

Prince Curtis: Well… that is a segment of all the threats we faced up till now. Megan, I really don’t know how we’re to deal with the Demons and the threat that is getting closer than it already had.

Megan: You and the guys are gonna need a whole lot of help. Truly.

Prince Curtis: I know. *Sighs* …

A minute later…

Prince Curtis: *On the phone* Yeah.

Prince Avery: *On the phone* Hey. we got a little problem.

Prince Curtis: Oh god… now what?

Prince Avery: Well… i just went to check the wall in the secret tunnel that was with the activity going hot. Something happened. Something that i don’t think that you will believe.

Prince Curtis: If you’re telling me that the wall vanished away with the mark and the gates of hell closed…

Prince Avery: No… Not exactly.  It’s the sign. The Mark. It got itself engulfed in flames and spread itself throughout the entire tunnel. The whole tunnel is with the Mark. every piece of the wall in the tunnel and the ceiling… resides the mark. All engulfed in flames.

Prince Curtis: You’re kidding, Right?

Prince Avery: No. I wish that i was only kidding. but… sadly and to my dismay… I’m not.

Prince Curtis: do the others know?

Prince Avery: Not yet. but it’ll be a matter of time…


As for Martin…

At Vincent Van Graves…

In Martin’s room…

Martin: *Getting ready to go for a walk* I need some air. I got homework. It’s hard as well.

Starlight: Master, you need to finish your homework. Ditching it isn’t gonna make anything better and you know that.

Martin: I know that. I know that… I just need a break. I am with a bad enough life as it is because i got a rotten mark on my permanent record. I have to go to summer school. I can’t even relax and do any entertainment. *Looking at his dog* Starlight, this isn’t a joke. I am gonna be in summer school all summer. Which means that this month on the day that the City will be holding an fun gathering for people who have Dogs. I can’t go. we won’t be able to go. I will be lucky if i will have the time to take maybe a few breaths.

Starlight: Okay. But just please don’t be out too long. Okay? Vincent isn’t gonna be happy and he’s already got a couple calls from the school about you and he is profoundly upset.

Martin: I know…

Suddenly a Demonic laugh is heard…

Starlight: *Jumps* What was that?

Martin: *Pauses* I don’t know… But even though Luna and i hate each other and we are estranged from her and the family…

Starlight: You’re thinking that she could ask her sisters and see what they may think about it?

Martin: It’s a shot. But after the last explosive fight that Luna and i had and i slipped a threat at her and that butt munch Zeke. I am probably the least possible person that they’d believe.

Starlight: What do you plan to do about it?

Martin: I don’t know… but i am gonna do whatever it may take.

Starlight: *Barking feeling proud* Now that’s the spirit. Don’t give up the fight…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

In Luna’s Room…

Luna: Zeke, we got a problem… *Looking at her computer*

Zeke: What’s the mess?

Luna: Take a look. I don’t have powers… Abilities or any fight power… but i can get in through some places and provide some help to what’s going on… I have found something. See this? I found this just a minute or two ago.

Zeke: *Walking over to Luna and looking at the screen* What the heck is that?

Luna: It’s something that is Evil and rather… let’s just say that it is Demonic. That symbol is another way of saying that it’s Lucifer. But this one is way worse than that. This is not of Earth. Not from any Bible… Any religion. Old or new testament. Christians… Mormons. Catholics. Buddhists. Vaticans…  That mark is the mark of the beast that a race of people known as Azarathians called Scath. But they really knew him as Trigon the Terrible. He got on to the land of Azarath and fell in love with a woman. Arella. She was known as the holy mother… But the man was not a real man. He was truly in real form… a Demon. it was soon down the line that he and the woman… Arella got wed and courted. They made love and sealed the deal as some would say or describe it… But… *Looking to Zeke* Here’s the thing that really gets more in depth. Their courting and the intercourse was sired to create a child. an Heir to the demon. As soon as they were done… the man showed his true form and Arella got so terrified that she tried acts of Suicide. because she didn’t want to give birth to a Baby that was created from the Demon DNA that Trigon put in her. She wanted to. But the people of Azarath were that of peace and pacifism and they fostered a Violence free lifestyle.

Zeke: So… what happened from there was that a child was created. It happened to be part demon… had real evil inside the Blood. Running on Evil.

Luna: Yeah. But how did you figure that out?

Zeke: I didn’t… But it’s always the same old story. A Demon uses any little trick or maneuver to get with a holy person but in the beginning doesn’t know that it was as such… gets his groove on and impregnates the woman and it creates a baby. Then the community goes into a complete frenzy and not sure what the baby will be. if it will be a savior to them… just a normal baby with some touch of abnormality or if it would be the one we all call an Anti-christ. one who has the mark of the beast and will be a disciple of the Devil and bring about the reigns of hell on the world. They go nuts and sanction to kill it before it gets the shot. But the thing about that is just that the mother even though knows that the baby was born and created by a Demon and all… she will still protect the child as it is her own. Maternal Instinct kicks in and she becomes the protector of child. But for a baby that could be Evil in waiting… the Instinct just proves to be her undoing.

Luna: Be that as it’s said… the child of Trigon’s Breeding and Arella. from Azarath is none other than a girl who we might know about.

Zeke: Who?

Luna: Raven.

Zeke: Raven? She’s the possible Anti-Christ?! *Gasps* Oh my god…  So… what’ll we do if she really has… You know… Evil Blood?

Luna: Zeke… she’s only half. Half Demon and half human… but she’s been nothing more other than a complete help. She’s been a family friend. If she’s Demon… believe me when i say that she’s only half…

Although… there was about to be premonitions to befall them all. They just didn’t know of it just yet…

Pamela’s house…

In Pamela’s room…

Pamela: *On the phone* Penelope, What do you think happened to Beth?

Penelope: I don’t know… I can’t say as to what might have happened to her. All i can tell you is that from what we heard just the last few days or so… She’s been caught with a habit.

Pamela: What habit?

Penelope: The one that Luna and Zeke no longer do.

Pamela: What? You’re just joking, right? Are you sure?

Penelope: I would like to say that i was only making a slight joke on the idea. but I’m not sure that i am…

Pamela: What do you mean?

Penelope: Well… the other day i happened to walking by the park and actually talking to a guy. A kinda cute guy. same grade as us. He’s Italian. Vinnie Cicero. He goes to the school and yet… he’s so self driven. Ambitious to a degree. A romancer in song… But i was just walking with him when out of the blue… i saw Beth walking and she was blowing smoke from her mouth. I didn’t stay to look. I was kinda startled by the appearance that it could have been a Luna/Zeke/Martin scenario all over again.

Pamela: Hey! don’t go there, Penelope. We all let that go. It is all in the past.

Penelope: Is it… or is that what we would like to tell one another?

Pamela: I am sure that it is all the past. Luna and Zeke don’t do that anymore.

Penelope: How can we be sure though? Do we really believe that to be so… or is it because we are so close to Luna that we are to believe it?

Pamela: Penelope, Stop it. I was with Luna the other day… i checked her and she also checked me and Zeke. I also checked Zeke for any renegade packs and he was clean as a nightingale. Luna was as clean as a dove. There were no packs on her. None. same with Zeke. Me too. We’re cleaner than a set of preachers sheets.

Penelope: If that is the case… then we shouldn’t be too dominant in assuming that they were playing us. But Beth might be now doing it… The smoke could have been coffee aroma or the habit.

Pamela: Penelope, don’t panic. Don’t get yourself going insane with thinking about it. I am sure that it’s just her possibly drinking coffee. and the smoke was the steam from the coffee or the aroma from it. It’s probably nothing to worry about…

In the Neighborhood and close by Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Martin: I sure hope that Luna will be okay with me being near her… Even though we’re at odds. *Walking on over to the house* I know that her sister doesn’t seem to like me. i don’t think that anyone does. Not after the way i’ve been to everyone and all because of one person. Letting him get me angry or thinking on allowing myself to be angry because of him…

Metropolis Dorms…

Room #349…

Pearl: *Sleeping and dreaming*

Star: *Working on designs* Let’s see… This goes here and that piece would go over there… Uh, Wait. How did she make the design again? She drew it and put it on the stand… *Getting up and walking over to the stand* i better take a look at the designs again…

While she was working on the designs…

Pearl’s Dream…

Beryl: *Looking down at the fighters* It’s been a rather long time, Rhapsody Girls Z! Rhapsody Brothers. How long has it been since the last time we crossed paths? A Month? A year maybe… Far too long for my taste anyway. I was starting to wonder when or if I would ever get to see your smiling faces ever again.

Beryl: Skies will burn, flesh will turn to stone, the sun will set on your world, never to rise again.”

Pearl: *Waking up screaming* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! BERYL!!!!!

Star: *Jumping up out of her skin* What the heck… *Looking at Pearl and seeing her freaking out about something* Pearl, What’s the matter?

Pearl: *Panting and trying to catch her breath* Heh… heh… heh… heh… heh… heh! *Calming down a little bit* I just had a terrifying nightmare. About Beryl.

Star: Who?

Pearl: Beryl. The one that nearly killed my sisters and me the last time. Before she met her fate. Paige and i plus the guys. And of course Raven. we almost died by her hands.

Star: That psycho lady?! Pearl… Seriously. that broad is dead and out of sight. we all forgot about her… She’s history that is more grateful to be forgotten.

Pearl: I know. But it’s almost like she was right here… close by. She was right here. It was so real… You have no idea how real that was… No idea. I just wish and hope to sunny god himself that i am truly wrong about this… i really do. But something tells me that i might not be so wrong.

Star: I beg to differ on that. That witch is dead. the Earth bound gal knocked Beryl’s scaling butt down into the molten rock as the place was about to crumble to the ground. What was that girls name again? Terra. She sent that Witch to her death… the witch Beryl’s dead. you can’t come back from being dead. It’d be like the dead could just walk among us. mingling so well with the living and meshing in so perfectly that you’d never be able to tell the difference.

Pearl: I think that someone’s been watching a little too much of horror channel cinema special. You’re really sounding like a Prophet or something… That was a really out there statement that you just let loose.

Star: I know… *Chuckles and shaking her head a bit* I guess that is what i get for craving a scary flick every friday night. I am all into fashion… but i sometimes catch a good movie and just drift away. Sometimes my mind just dives right into it.

Pearl: I noticed. *Trying to shake off the dream and premonition* I am thinking about going to the Karaoke parlor tomorrow and maybe practice singing. I could write some songs and just practice them a little.

Star: So… you’re exploring your other options… just in case if the fashion thing smacks itself into a snag. That’s a wise idea.

Pearl: You think so?

Star: Why not… I am looking into being an actress. as a side line in case… the same thing happens. the fashion fizzles out.

Pearl: I just hope that another one of those dreams don’t happen to hit me. I wouldn’t know what to do… whether i should scream or just shake in terror. Probably both.

Star: Well… i’ll tell you one thing. If you get another one of those strange premonitions… we’ll see about figuring on what the heck it’s trying to tell you.

Voice: Hark Woe-laden Child… A time of Apocalyptic torment hath thus begun. The powers of a demon hath awakened. Each and all must pay the price. What will thou sacrifice?

Pearl: *Pauses* What was that just now?

Star: *Pauses* I don’t know… but i heard it too… Something is really rotten here. I don’t think that i am liking it.

Pearl: That Voice though… It sounded rather a bit deep and Angelic. but booming…

Star: The hell… That was a demonic voice of sorts… that was no sweet angelic voice. What kind of Angelic Voice would you suggest talks like that? God? Jesus? Because… you’re talking to someone who’s got a mother that is very devout in religious beliefs and living, girl. So don’t you be shitting me with that.

Pearl: It sounded Angelic to me… i can’t seem to explain it… but it sounded like an Angel. That and a mix of a demon… it’s a little of both.

Star: Girl… you are sure to be on a good one tonight…

At the Watchtower…

Chloe: Tess, What going on in the City?

Tess: Not sure. The city seems to be falling apart on itself. Demons have been moving into the city. The Law enforcement is slipping from the cracks.

Chloe: We need to purge out those demons and now… Otherwise we won’t have much of a city left. There will be nothing left for anyone.

Victor Stone: and there is a possible rumor that someone is thinking on going to the past and bringing back someone that was lost.

Chloe: Where did you get this?

Tess: *Looking at the files* Didn’t you mention that the girls were still feeling a bit empty over not having the mother despite the fact that they have been swamped with multiple other issues currently?

Victor Stone: I believe that it has been put into consideration.

Tess: Would you suggest that the girls could be thinking about doing something quite like that?

Chloe: No. It would be impossible to do without affecting the natural stream of time.

Victor Stone:  You might want to tell that to the girls if they really plan on attempting to go back and bring someone back.

Black Canary: The girls won’t do it. they don’t recall where the crystals are that they were given for their 15th birthday.

Chloe: That was when their mother was still alive. before Zod murdered her.

Tess: It’s their mother that they plan to bring back from the dead. How do they all plan to do it without the crystals? If they were able to find the crystals that they were given years ago and use the one to go back in time… there would be no promise that they’d be able to come back.

Chloe: Yeah… That’s right. But Tess… how did you know that?

Tess: How did i know that? Chloe… how were we to not know? Their mother… Princess Rikku was practically the most influential person in their life. They would risk everything to see that she would keep safe. They would not do anything till they knew that she was safe.

Chloe: That is according to the files that we have of them and research to use in ways to help them… make things for them that will help them in their fights. Make them stronger. Stronger weapons, Suits, Tougher hero mentality.

Victor Stone: We need to set up a deal with the Dorm Manager at the University to summon them over to send them all out for a case when it’s time… if they’re still inside the Dorms. But pretty soon we’re gonna need to get them suited up for a stronger outfit. A Stronger suit.

Black Canary: The only thing about that is just this… How can the suits get any stronger without making them nearby Immortal?

Victor Stone: Good point.

Tess: Well… whatever it is that we plan to do to aid them… we better do it fast and do it right away. Time isn’t gonna just sit and wait and just have itself a fresh cup of tea while we drag around deciding.

Chloe: That’s something Oliver would say. You must have been having him rub off of you a bit too much, Tess.

Tess: At least the time that i did have with him. But he’s with you now.

Oliver: *Walking in* We got a problem that has just arisen. A Big one.

Chloe: The Demon outbreak?! Yeah. that we know. We know about that.

Oliver: No… Not exactly. try the fact that we now have a Massive swarm of fire minions. They’ve been sighted in Oregon… California and New York. And it gets worse…

Tess: How worse?

Oliver: Well… Let’s just say that leading them is a monster… one in each spot. Cinderblock in Oregon… Plasmus in California. and Overload in New York.

Clark: *Speeding in* There’s also trouble on Main Street here.

Victor Stone: I’ll go and handle the situation on Main Street.

Courtney Whitmore: I’ll go along with him…

Oliver: boy Scout… you and i are going to California. To take care of the Swarm of fire Minions there.

Clark: Suit up. we’ll leave as soon as you’re ready. Where exactly is the Swarm in California.

Chloe: Let’s see…

Chloe then checks on the screen and gets a fix on one of the locations spouting with trouble…

Chloe: Here. *Putting the picture of the location on screen* Los Angeles. The second one is  Portland, Oregon. The third one… is  La Push Beach, Washington. That one kinda scampered in there. But the 4th one is  Lower Manhattan, New York. Victor… You go and take care of that as soon as the situation on Main Street is done. Courtney… You tag along with him. AC and Mera will go to La Push Beach and handle the swarm there…  We got a couple in reserves that i had rather not put into play unless we had no option… But we have the Heaven Twins… Betty and Angel will journey off to Oregon and take down the Swarm there…

Metropolis Motel…

Dean: *Eating some Take out while Drinking a beer and Watching a movie* the city’s gone to hell… We keep Exorcising the demons and purging them back to hell and 20 more come in their place.

Sam: *Sighs* I know. The Demons are coming out and it’s getting worse and worse yet.

Dean: It has become a job that only Casstiel can do… but the demon count is up there at the peak. Give it time and this city will be so full of demons… we’ll need to find a shovel to dig for any average human.

Sam: We should create a room and cover it with Devil’s traps all over the room. and inside put speakers in there that recite the Exorcism incantation and spray them with holy water from the small opening in the roof looking into the room. We lead a mass amount of Demon possessed people… civilians into it and then once in… we lock the door and trap them inside. the speakers will blare the incantation and exorcise the demons from the people trapped in the room and send a mass amount back to the gates of hell… where they belong.

Dean: *talking to the T.V* Come on Forest. Mess up that McGruber.

Sam: Uh, Ahem… Dean. Mind getting a clue and stay on the ball here?

Dean: I heard you… I am just watching the movie here… that Oil Tycoon Jennings is so ruthless and doesn’t care about the preventers being bad. He wants to screw the Eskimos out of their land. *Turning to look at Sam* Yeah. We ought to build a room and see about purging a bunch of the demons out.

Bobby: I’ll call in some favors and see about finding us a hefty sized room to use to make this happen.

Dean: ……

Sam: We’re gonna need Casstiel too. He can lure them into the trap.

Bobby: Right. Well… instead of gawking at one another and talking over the idea Idgets… go out there and see what you can do to ease up some of the tension of the demons. They sure ain’t gonna round off all by their pretty little selves now… are they?

Dean: He’s right. Sam… Let’s go…

However that night was the night that Prince Alvin was gonna finally propose to Alice. He was with the car all set. it passed Smog. It ran good and had great speed. everything worked like the crystal clear china… It sparkled like a sea of stars. It was at the restaurant that he met with Alice and swore to make certain that it was one night that she’d never forget.

At the Metropolis Restaurant…

Prince Alvin: *At the table and Looking at Alice* Alice, I have been thinking that since all this began… we’ve been through a lot. It hasn’t been easy on you most of all. Wanting to see me and i being with the constant busy schedule… fighting off these vile creatures. Keeping them away from you. Fixing up a car. Building it all for you. But winding up leaving you all alone… I have to confess that i am terrible at squeezing time in to see you like i ought to. But with the threat looming further in and risks growing to uncontrollable sizes. Seeing that you could be in risk of getting hurt… i have no choice. But seeing you hurt is what would pain me worse than the beatings i might get in the fights against the beings and creatures that are said to come…

Alice: Prince Alvin… You shouldn’t be having to explain yourself so much to me. I understand what you’re going through. Doing all that you’ve been doing to keep certain that i was not hurt… destroying the beings that came to the city. all the Evil that you could. Even going against the V.R.A Goons.

Prince Alvin: it’s true. but i have come to the conclusion that i would not care about what happened to the world unless you were in my life.

Alice: Prince Alvin, you’re really sweet.

Prince Alvin: *Looking out the window and sighs* I know. I just can’t help thinking that the world might not be here much longer. At least… not the one we’re so used to and have known as our home…

Alice: I know what you mean by that, you know. I feel it too. I felt it for a while. It’s been stewing since March of this year. It’s only getting worse.

Prince Alvin: You know about it?

Alice: Of course. Why wouldn’t i know of it?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know… You didn’t seem to have any Visions for a while.

Alice: Actually… i did… but they were of us… and our children… what they’d be like when they were finally born. I think that one of them is a boy.  Not sure though as it’s still a little ways away from the time of delivery. A few Months. I am pregnant with your loving kids you know. We’re gonna need to plan about what to do for them some time soon. It’s getting close to the wire and the last thread.

Prince Alvin: And i’m gonna do all i can to provide for them. I’ll work odd jobs and make some money on the side to put aside for the babies.

Alice: And as soon as i have these babies… i shall be doing the very same too… I am gonna be a mother in less than 4 months. I will be a mother. You’re gonna be a father. But right now… all we have is dreams and thoughts.

Prince Alvin: That is true. I want to see that you’re forever happy and i know that i can’t do that if i am taking it easy and always thinking that letting the world rot. I do the things i do to ensure that you keep from being harmed.

Alice: Have you heard from the others lately?

Prince Alvin: Not really. I mean… they are working towards their careers and some time ago… the guys and i made an agreement that we’d keep apart only at a certain distance till we were all needed to join up once again and lead off to fight against the dangers that may come.

Alice: And the girls?

Prince Alvin: Paige is working on her book and writing a Novella for new Romance lovers to enjoy. Pearl is with Star setting towards the fashion career.

Alice: And Dinah? What about her?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know… but the last i heard… She has been stressed about Raven and how Raven was being as of the last couple weeks at the house. Luna also sensing it just the same. But Dinah on the other hand is working towards being a Coach. She’s Driven towards being a Coach.

Alice: She’ll make it, right?

Prince Alvin: I believe that she will. She’s not one to just lie down and give up.

Alice: Good. She’s worked too hard to let it all go to waste.

Prince Alvin: I agree.

Alice: Word is out though that Martin and Luna are becoming estranged even further…

Prince Alvin: So i’ve hea–

Voice: Hark Woe-laden Child… A time of Apocalyptic torment hath thus begun. The powers of a demon Thou hath awakened. Each and all must pay the price. What will thou sacrifice?

Alice: *Pauses* What is that?

Prince Alvin: What’s what? Alice… Is something wrong?

Alice: I don’t know… But a voice just sounded. Didn’t you hear it just now?

Prince Alvin: I heard something. But i happened to believe that it was just our minds playing a game on us…

Voice: Hark Woe-laden Child… A time of Apocalyptic torment hath thus begun. The powers of a demon hath awakened. Each and all must pay the price. What will thou sacrifice?

Alice: There it is again…

Prince Alvin: I heard it that time. What was that?

Alice: I’m not sure. I think that we might have a big problem though.

Prince Alvin: You think that the others might have heard the same voice?

Alice: I am sure that they might have. the others in here have heard it and they are kinda getting freaked out by the suddenly chiming of the voice that just spoke.

Prince Alvin: I agree. Some answers might be in need. That voice has come for a reason… It might be a Prophecy or a premonition.

Alice: Whatever it is… it doesn’t sound good. at all.

Prince Alvin: We’re gonna meet with the guys tomorrow and see about finding us some answers to this sudden voice.

A few minutes later…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Alice and smiling; Nervous as he is pulling out a box from his pocket and feeling a little bit of sweat* Alice, There is something that i was meaning to do here tonight with you.

Alice: Really? I thought that this was what we were doing. This Date. This was what we were here for… Wasn’t it?

Prince Alvin: Well yeah… but there is something else too. Something more important.

Alice: Something more important… *Noticing Prince Alvin becoming rather nervous* Uh, What’s with the Nervousness? You okay? Prince Alvin, It’s just a date. That’s all it is. *Watching as Prince Alvin suddenly gets up and getting on bended knee in front of her with a box in his hand* Prince Alvin, What’re you doing? *Letting out a small Giggle* You’re being really silly. Get up from there silly.

Prince Alvin: But i must do this… This is something i have been wanting to do for the last 2 months as it was time… but i couldn’t. Not till i knew that it was the perfect time to ask this… Doing this and asking you that question that should be asked. *Sighs* I know that i am not that much a romantic usually. I happen to have barely any skills in that department. But then you and i met and i was rather afraid that you’d run from me after seeing what it is that i do. I really believed it too because of what i can do. Although… you even though could have ran… you probably wanted to. Not that i would blame you in your capacity to do it… you stayed. You stayed and wanted to be with me. You understood me like as if you knew me automatically. You showed no fear. None. My brothers were at first skeptic about our getting together… but they grew to accept it as you made me immediately happy. I was too. I have been as such ever since. even now. That’s why i have decided since the day after Dinah’s wedding that i wanted to sell my heart and give it to the one who had won it from the very start. That is why… i went and bought this… *Opening up the box and while still on bended knee*

Prince Alvin showed Alice the Engagement ring and smiled…

Alice: *Gasps* Is that…

Prince Alvin: This is a Symbol of my love for you… *Proposing* Alice Josie Cross… Will you Marry me?

Alice: *Shedding tears of happiness and suddenly hugging Prince Alvin* Oh yes… Yes. Yes i will. I will marry you. *Kissing Prince Alvin on the lips and smiles* I Love you. I will marry you.

Prince Alvin: *Returning the Kiss and Smiles*

It was a happy moment and romantic for them both… but they knew that the sentiment wasn’t gonna be one to last as they both knew and felt that there was trouble coming…

Because as they were having a night to remember…

At Ted Callahan’s house…

Ted: *In a deep trans; As Beryl* *Looking down at the fighters* It’s been a rather long time, Rhapsody Girls Z! Rhapsody Brothers. How long has it been since the last time we crossed paths? A Month? A year maybe… Far too long for my taste anyway. I was starting to wonder when or if I would ever get to see your smiling faces ever again. 

However he was not alone… he was heard by his parents…

Terrence: *Walking into the room and hearing Ted slip into a trans* Ted? Ted! You okay?

Ted: *In a deep trans; As Scath* Soon… very soon at the stroke of midnight of the 31st of December marking the dawn of the new year… The planets will align and the portal will activate; releasing me from this hellish prison. My daughter will then release me. What she has concealed… she shall become… THE PORTAL MUST BE OPENED! The world of Mortals shall soon be ended!

Terence: What are you talking about? *Calling for the boy’s mother* Winifred! Get in here… Hurry.

Winifred: *Running in from the other room and Looking at Terence and then Ted* What? What happened?

Terence: It’s Ted… he’s talking crazy talk. He was just talking in this voice. Sounded Demonic…

Winifred: What! What was he saying?

Terence: Let’s see if i remember… He said something like this… “Soon… very soon at the stroke of midnight of the 31st of December marking the dawn of the new year… The planets will align and the portal will activate; releasing me from this hellish prison. My daughter will then release me. What she has concealed… she shall become… THE PORTAL MUST BE OPENED! The world of Mortals shall soon be ended!”

Winifred: Oh god… he’s having one of those fits again. He’s having a seer moment.

Terence: What’ll we do?

Winifred: There’s nothing we can do… there is nothing that can be done.  All that we can do is wait and pray that he comes out of it.

Terence: He’s been saying things like Rhapsody Girls Z! and Rhapsody Brothers… It’s really mortifying.

A few minutes later…

Ted: *Snapping out of the trans and shaking it off* Whoa! That was weird. Did i just have some kind of en-visionary episode?

Terence: yes. this seer business is getting to be really really old. What’s this about Rhapsody Girls and Rhapsody Brothers? About a Portal and the end of the world of Mortals? What were you doing?

Ted: You heard all that?

Terence: I sure did. I heard it all and i am now wanting to know what the hell is going on?

Ted: Dad, Trust me… you don’t really want to know. you’re not gonna want to know about it. If you knew anything about it at all… You’ll be wanting to scream murder.

Terence: *Sighs*

Ted: If nothing else… i got to call Luna and tell her what i saw. She’s got to get her sisters and her cousins together. This is something that needs to be heard by their own ears.

Terence: No… Son. Not tonight. Call her tomorrow. it’s getting late at night and you need to get some sleep. Granted that School’s out now and it’s summer. You still need sleep otherwise you’ll be too pooped to function any decent during the day.

Winifred: Your father’s right, sweetheart. You need to get some rest. It’s better for you to just get some rest…

The next day…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Luna: *Waking up to a call on her cell* Ugh! What’s going on? *feeling out of it* who’s calling me at this hour? *reaching for her cell and looking to see a name* Ted. Ted… What’s he calling me about at this hour…so early in the morning? 7 in the morning… *Answering the phone* Hello?

Ted: Luna? It’s ted. You available?

Luna: Available as in Single? No. Awake? Yeah. Why?

Ted: There is something that you might want to be told about.

Luna: Such as?

Ted: Visions and Premonitions. Predictions.

Luna: About what?!

Ted: Try who?

Luna: Who?

Ted: Two who’s actually. Who is the old enemy that you mentioned that your sisters had to go against and face multiple times?

Luna: I don’t know… The Man known as Major Zod? Who? *Still trying to wake up*

Ted: No… Close. But no. Try Beryl. Dark Kingdom reject in her glory… Beryl.

Luna: *Waking up fully and suddenly alert* Do you want to repeat that last one? Did you just say Beryl?

Ted: Yeah… and that not the only one… a little down the road from there at the end of the year… There is gonna be a rising of the Demon… Scath.

Luna: Oh god… No. Not so soon. It can’t be.

Ted: It is. It is…Luna. It is Beryl. She is predicted to come back sometime soon. Don’t know when… but she’s coming back and right from the dead as your sisters might have declared. They did say that they saw Beryl fall down to the dark hole and into the hot material oozing all over the place down there where she met her end.

Luna: How did you see it all?

Ted: I kinda spaced out and went right into a trans. Got to admit though that i nearly scared my parents over the whole thing. They thought that i was somehow catatonic or something.

Luna: Why would it scare them? You said that you had the abilities of a seer. and that your parents knew about it but just didn’t know how it began.

Ted: That’s what i thought too… but sadly… it’s different than that. Not what i would have expected.

Luna: I’ll see about getting my sisters on board for a meet and you can relay what you’ve seen to them.

Ted: When do you plan to meet?

Luna: Tomorrow. It’s a open day tomorrow.

Ted: Okay. You got it…

A couple hours later…

At Vincent Van Graves…

Study room…

Vincent: I don’t know what to do about the dear boy. He’s been rebellious and entirely out of sorts lately. Ever since he lost Luna… He lost his heart and means to be obedient and well mannered. I’m beginning to wonder what there is left to do about his behavior. *Sighs* The dear boy will need to be punished. He tried to leave yesterday without my saying so. Where could he have been planning to run off to?

Regina: *Sitting down and sighs* I don’t know. But even though he is struggling… you shouldn’t be all that hard on the dear young man. He is going through a really tough time… his friends have possibly all changed and turned on him. He doesn’t seem to have a friend one to hang with. He’s got his dog Starlight. She’s his only friend to tell his problems and things to. He still comes to you for alot of things. Because he knows that you’re always gonna be there for him as you have always promised.

Vincent: I know… *Looking to the side and sighs; thinking about what Martin’s been going through* He has a black mark on his permanent record. He threatened the girl Luna and also tried to fight Zeke. He scared her. He just refuses to give Zeke a fair shot. It is as though he is threatened by the teen. He just won’t open up to him or accept him.

Regina: He was threatening the girl Luna? *Gasps* That is not mature and truly unkind of him to do that. I am not in the dear young man’s life… but if i were you… i would punish him and slap some tough love on him. However… be gentle on him. Growing up without a friend on the outside is hard.

Vincent: That maybe so… but that isn’t the only thing that is the issue. Luna’s sister Dinah has a restraining order on Martin. It’s serious. Now if Martin even steps anywhere near Luna or steps a foot in her direction and she knows or hears about it… Dinah will favor to file a report of grievance. on Martin. But since Martin is still young… i will be getting the report. Not him. That is why i am trying to keep him away from her in any way possible. Luna can still come and see me… but just not be in any reach of Martin. There are people in school who are gonna watch to see that Luna and Martin are separated.

Regina: It’s gotten that bad between them?

Vincent: Yes. The worse that it has ever gotten in a very long time… i never had anything like this happen. never. Never.

Regina: Hmm. That’s tragic. Is there anything that might change it?

Vincent: No.

Regina: Well… i study law… and i do teach it. You know that by now. Known since the first time you and i had met. I can tell you the laws for what is expected when there is a file of grievance placed in effect. But i don’t think that you’ll be liking it any.

Vincent: Why do you say that?

Regina: *Clearing her throat* Ahem… Let’s see… Grievance is not what’s being filed… It’s a restraining order… Persons violating restraining orders may be arrested. Once a person obtains a valid Restraining Order from the court, the court clerk will notify LAPD/MPD. The victim should also meet with the detectives of LAPD/MPD and provide them with a photo or description of the person who is the subject of the court order. It’s usually for domestic Violence and you hinted that the altercation between Martin Marco your dear boy and his now recent Ex-girlfriend Luna Rhapsody… was there by Violent… restraining orders can be used in these ways…

Regina lists them off…

Regina: *Listing the options off* 1. Direct the attacker to leave the household

2. Prevent the attacker from entering the residence, school, business, or place of employment of the victim

3. Award the victim or other parent custody of, visitation with, a minor child or children

4. Restrain the attacker from molesting or interfering with minor children in the custody of the victim

5. Direct the party not granted custody to pay support of minor children, if that party has a legal obligation to do so

6. Direct the defendant to make specified debit payments coming due while the order is in effect and/or

7. Direct that either or both parties participate in counseling. Meaning that if legal fees can be part of the package. But since your dear boy is not married and is still a minor. and doesn’t have kids… options 1, 3, 4 and 5. are not to be in any relevance to Martin. But options 2, 6 and 7 are. Martin can still attend the same school… but special orders can be made to where a protector can safe guard the Victim and ensure that the one who is the suspect doesn’t violate the conditions of the Restraining order.

Vincent: Martin is with a lot of terrible trouble coming at him. *Shaking his head* My dear god… what was the dear boy thinking… getting his situation to turn this bad?

Regina: Where’s Martin now?

Vincent: In school now… but it’s said to be an early day…

Martin wasn’t gonna be getting any punishment coming to him right away… but what he didn’t figure was that Vincent was having a few ideas of punishment in mind…


At the Metropolis Dorms…

Room #250…

Dinah: *Looking out the window* You guys… i got to tell you something and i don’t want any trouble… not today. It’s something that you both should know… Renee… since you’re now one of us… You’re to be brought to speed on all the details that are going on within this City.

Christie: I already know about it, Dinah… but a refresher course would be very helpful.

Renee: I wouldn’t mind knowing either. I have seen my fair share of strange things before. So… there isn’t really much you could tell me that could startle me that much.

Dinah: This city is in danger… There is an intergalactic Tyrant coming. But this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

Renee: Are you sure?

Dinah: I would not be lying over this. This is serious. and i am not gonna be recaping much of this… so you might want to listen good. Renee… You are in the room that has someone who is one of the heroes that you might have heard about a time or two. The Rhapsody Girls Z! The girls of Love, Grace and fury.  The Rhapsody brothers. Well… one of them is in the very room. *pointing to the belt with buttons and lights trimming it* That belt is a power belt. It’s what grants me the power to transform. I have to wear it or there is no hero power. However… there has been a couple of rare times where i was able to transform without it but only because of extreme emotion. Like Anger. Thunder and Anger and fury… It makes the reason more common. I in Hero form am what you’d call Miss Lightning in a Bottle. Thunder Mistress. I am this form with a fiery temper sometimes… but only as much as i deem needed. That makes me dangerous. “Danger Zone” Dinah. That’s what i am also seen as. but because of how i am… I have or had a mother who was with some anger… The temper i have and the wits… is from her… i got her anger and fury. My sister Pearl… got her softer side. The gentler side. full of grace and light. Paige got the love and the ability to embrace love and let it flow… The Romance and the memories of love… she got from our mother. Princess Rikku. She was our mother…

Dinah then shows off a picture…

Dinah: She was our mother. She was really beautiful. She was killed by someone by the name of Major Zod… That bastard killed our mother. Pearl took it the very hardest. i took it harder yet and was in agony because i was the one that was said to give her a very hard time sometimes. and when she was taken from us… it made things very hard. i felt terrible. I still do even though it’s gotten better. But i still remember her. I always will…

Renee: She looks really pretty. Why was she killed?

Dinah: To cripple me and my sisters. Zod wanted to rule the world and we were getting in his way. But that is because we learned the truth of what he really was like and sired to stop him. He didn’t like it so he attempted to do something to make us back off. He crippled us in a way where we were emotionally unhinged and unstable. He figured that if he was gonna get us to back off… he would have to kill and dispose of the one person who we saw as influential and practically our entire world. Our whole world… That was our mother. The problem was that we took it way harder than others would because when my sisters Paige, Pearl and i were born… we were kept away from our mother. before us… she had two kids. Betty and Angel. She had them and knew that she was done… thought that she was… but the truth was she still was pregnant. With 3 girls. and she delivered them… however she was told that they didn’t make it. that we didn’t make it. but we had. We were kept from her. The doctors made her believe that we were dead and she left without us… For 8 years… we were on the streets. and we had to house train ourselves. The best we could… The very best that we knew how. Had to find means of warmth, food. shelter, water… a place to sleep.

Renee: That is really sad, Dinah. Really sad.

Christie: Why are you bringing this out now?

Dinah: Because… it’s something that should be said…Because, Christie… Renee is now one of the crew… So… she needs to be told about all this. She must know of it. What happened from there was that as time went on… we heard little blips about people with powers. ones who were part of our family. We didn’t even know that we were Rhapsody girls. None of us girls knew. Paige, Pearl and i didn’t know. We didn’t know that we were. But we were. Paige was made the leader as she was strong willed and she knew what to do in a predicament that we were in at that time…  One day during that time… we saw someone flying in the air and we didn’t even know that it was our mother. We didn’t know. But it was… and it had been our mother. flying. Betty was the new hero sometime after that.  At age 8… we were just once more on the search for our mother when suddenly we crossed paths with someone who had the same look as the one in the picture. We didn’t know how to respond. We were with so many mixed feelings. But we were so relieved that we met her… we found out that the one flying in the air some time before… was our sister Betty. Betty was the hero that my mother was before her. We found out that we were Rhapsody Girls. We were Rhapsody members. And we had cousins too… The 4 guys that you see walking around… or 3 of the 4. one of them is at Central Kansas. but the guys you do see… they’re our cousins.

Renee: Really? Wow! This is the life behind you and your sisters… Where does the issues that had hit the city here up till now fit in?

Dinah: Well… that is something you’ll be needing to pay sharp attention to.

Christie: Dinah told me about most of this… so that’s how i know what when she says that there is something more to it than what she is saying now… It’s a pretty wise idea to pay close attention to and listen closely.

Renee: Oh. Okay.

Dinah: It was later… a Couple years later than that time when we were hit with this strange white beam of light. It shot all over the place. It hit Paige, Pearl… then lastly… Me. Although… it put me into a Skirt and i have to tell you this… back then… i was one who hated wearing skirts. hated them alot. You could not get me to like skirts. Dresses. I was all into shorts. Pants and that was it. Nothing girly. and if you were to say the line: “Dinah, You look Cute in a Skirt.” Watch out… I would get really mean and nasty and explode and really wail on you. Back then… i hated skirts. I would not wear them at all. I plainly refused to touch one.

Renee: You were pretty loose wired back then. Was it bad?

Dinah: Is that meant to be a trick question? Seriously? Was that meant to be in any way a shot at flattery? This is no joke… alot of the shit that has hit the city… was all surrounded and circling us. My sisters and i grew up in a hero family. You know about the heroes known as Aquatic Burn… Lord ElectricMind and Arctic Mind? Don’t you? Well… to be telling you the truth… they happen to be my Aunts and Uncle. Love Girl… is my deceased Aunt Princess Aquamarine. My mother was once Angelic Raven till she gave her powers to Betty. My Uncle King John is Lord ElectricMind. My Aunt Trixie Stroker is Aquatic Burn. My Aunt Princess Charlene is Arctic Mind. They were the second Generation of heroes in the family… But we were all normal. Paige, Pearl and i. we were all normal till one day… we were hit with this white light. And before we knew what the hell was going on… we were in this form with stronger strength than what we had in just casual normal form. We were heroes. The Rhapsody Girls Z! were born. Miss Love… Bubble Maiden and me. Thunder Mistress. At age 11… we had to deal with a Drule. By the name of King Lotor… Planet Doom. Yeah. I know. It is awkward. but we went head to head with him…

Dinah Flashes back…

Prince Alvin: *Seeing that the coast was clear* Guys… it’s time… Let’s do it!

Betty: *On the side by the Castle’s front gate; With Angel* We’re here…

Angel: Rhapsody Girls… Boys… go up there and do it.

Paige: *Nods* Right…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Flying up and getting beside Prince Alvin*

Prince Arnold: *With Prince Avery and Prince Curtis; Teleporting next to Prince Alvin* We’re here Captain… Let’s Do it.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* Right! Ready?!

Rhapsody Girls: Ready!

King Lotor: *Looking up and Seeing The Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers behind the Spirit Bomb ready to Launch it* WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!

Rhapsody Brothers & Rhapsody Girls: *Behind the Spirit bomb and ready to Launch it* This is for you King Lotor…. It’s from the people of PLANET EARTH, PLANET ARUS AND PLANET POLLUX…… SPIRIT BOMB! *Launching the Spirit Bomb*

The girls then head back to the sidelines and watch as do the Rhapsody Brothers. But Prince Alvin stayed in position….

King Lotor: *Freaking out* This is not possible. I’m The King of Doom. I can’t be defeated by the likes of them… Not me… CURSES!

The Bomb went at King Lotor with all it’s might… but as it went… the Evil King Lotor was able to gain control… he grabbed it and tried to push it back…

Prince Alvin: *Putting a little more strength in sending the ball at King Lotor* AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! *Noticing King Lotor grabbing at it and gaining control of the bomb* WHAT THE?!! NO WAY!

King Lotor: *Laughing and Pushing it back* MWAHAHAHAHA! You Lost!

Prince Alvin: *Holding his hands out* Evil King Lotor…i know that you are strong…; But This isn’t just my energy… it’s everyone’s… So i Can not… and will not LOSE!!! *Trying to hold on tough* Go… GO!!!!

King Lotor: *Walking over forward with the Spirit Bomb and Pushing it away Slowly* No one is gonna get the better hand of me. the Attempt is Futile…

Betty: *In panic* It’s not Strong enough… It’s not going… We need more energy… We under estimated his energy. he’s totally Drained…

Prince Avery: We need more energy. We got to call out to the people and beg for more energy….

Prince Alvin: *Trying to keep the Bomb from coming back and keeping it going towards the Evil King Lotor* Please! Not now! Please…. HOLD ON!!! *Losing strength*……*Suddenly Drained and unable to Push the Spirit Bomb against the Evil King Lotor* Darn it… I’m All OUT OF POWER!!!!

Prince Avery: We got to ask for more energy. we need to strengthen the spirit Bomb more… *In a Desperate state of mind*

King John: *Calling out from their home* No… Don’t do it…. Prince Avery… Son. don’t do it. The people can’t give out anymore energy. they’ve already given out all they could. the energy they have remaining is whatever they have to keep alive. if they give anymore… They’ll all DIE! Don’t Do it!

Prince Avery: *Speaking back* Enough Pops. you know that we don’t have any other choice. besides that if it wasn’t for us… Earth, Arus and Pollux would fall under captivity and control of King Lotor! *Suddenly gasping* Wait a minute… We Still Have a Wish left…. DONT WE?!

Shannon: Yes. we do… Shenron is still with us, Prince Avery and Shenron has been very patient.

Shenron: What is your 3rd wish… You have kept me waiting long enough…

Prince Avery: For the 3rd wish… we wish for Prince Alvin to have his Energy returned back to normal.

Shannon: Got it. *Speaking to Shenron* Shenron our 3rd Wish is to have Prince Alvin who is battling King Lotor on Planet Doom have his powers returned back to normal.

Shenron: Your wish Shall be Granted.

King Lotor: *Laughing* My turn! *Sending a Haggarium blast at the Bomb and Pushes it faster to Prince Alvin* Hehehe!

Prince Alvin: *Feeling drained* ohhh! Father… Voltron Force… Cousin’s Mother, Aunt Princess Rikku, Betty, Angel… Everyone… I’m sorry! i failed!

Shannon: *The power of the wish gives Prince Alvin his strength back in full restoration 100%*

Prince Alvin: *Suddenly feeling a Surge of power and feeling his power and Strength coming back*

Shannon: Thank you Shenron. *The Dragon disappears*

Prince Alvin: Whoa! Woohoo! My power… it’s back. Alright! Thank you guys… Thank you! *Turning to his Super Saiyan form* Ha! *Holding his one hand out to the Spirit Bomb; Grunting* aaaaaaaaaAHHHHHH!!!!! *Suddenly Throwing both hand in the air and then Down sending force to push the Bomb back to King Lotor with greater force* UUUUUUU AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH ahhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

King Lotor: *Struggling to stay in control; Losing power and trying to hold on till the end* Errrrr! NOOOO!

King John: SON!

John Rhapsody: GRANDSON!

Prince Alvin’s Brothers: BROTHER…CAPTAIN!!!

Prince Alvin’s Cousins: COUSIN!

Rhapsody Girls: PRINCE ALVIN!

Rikku Rhapsody: *With the Family*

Voltron Force: *With Sven, Princess Romelle, Prince Bandor and Prince Avok* DO IT!!!!

Prince Alvin: *Looking ahead and Holding his power and then putting it all in* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Dinah: We beat him though with something that was not in us to do… But we all made the bomb and slammed That Drule with it… But 3 years later… We had to go against an Evil Entity. The great Evil. Metaria…

Dinah then explained exactly what happened back then and described everything that happened in the final battle with Metaria. Everything that happened in that battle and how it ended. She even had to explain how she and her sisters had to go against the princess of the Moon and what happened. Renee was frozen with shock as she was being told of it… Although a minute or two later…

Dinah: 5 months later after that… was the mess with Major Zod and the Kandorians… But… at first… it wasn’t like a big deal . It was just slow… subtle and But… on the night or evening of May 1st… 2024…

“At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Getting into her house and getting things set to start dinner; Grabbing a pan and filing it with Water* Luna is one lucky girl. She’s now a member of the family. I just hope that things will be back to normal soon. My girls need some balance and i can’t keep reaping to them how important it is to have an Education. They turned in their Book reports and it was really expressive and they did wonderful. *Sighs* Dinah on the other hand was struggling with it. Maybe the book i had them do it on was a little much for her. She’s smart enough to do it. but it wasn’t one that she’d be into.

She suddenly started cooking…

Princess Rikku: *Playing Music on the Radio* Now this is a good song.

Radio: *Playing Music*

“I’ve driven round in circles for three hours
It was bound to happen that I’d end up at your
I temporarily forgot there’s better days to come
I thought that I would give it just one more chance

Cos’ I want, tonight, what I’ve been waiting for
But I found, tonight, what I’d been warned about

You think that you are complicated, deep mystery to all
Well it’s taken me a while to see, you’re not so special
All energy no meaning, with a lot of words
So paper thin that one real feeling, could knock you down

And I’ve seen, tonight, what I’d been warned about
I’m gonna leave, tonight, before I change my mind

So see you when your 40, lost and all alone
being comforted by strangers you’ll never need to know
not sad because you lost me
but sad because you thought it was cool to be sad

You think misery will make you stand apart from the crowd
well if you had walked past me today I wouldn’t have picked you out
I wouldn’t have picked you out

Now I’ve seen, tonight, how could I waste my time?
and I’ll be on my way, and I won’t be back
cos I’ve seen, tonight, what I’ve been warned about
your just a boy, not a man, and I’m not coming back”

Princess Rikku: I wonder who sings that one. It’s a good song. *Cooking*

Suddenly the light go out and the kitchen becomes dark…

Princess Rikku: *scoffs* What in the world is going on? The power went out. Don’t tell me that there is another power outage in the city. That makes the 3rd one this month. *Sighs* Bother… i better go out to the back and check the fuses. the fuse must have had another short in it somewhere. *Walking out of the Kitchen and heading to the living room* I can’t cook anything in the dark.

She started to make her way over to the back door heading to the fuse box when suddenly she saw two dark figures in the room other than herself… She didn’t know who they were at first.

Princess Rikku: Who are you? What are you doing here in my house?

Zod: Like it would matter as to why we’re inside your house?

Princess Rikku: *Recognizing the voice* Major Zod? Is that you? Why are you here in my house especially after you threatened my daughters? You have alot of nerve coming here.

Basqat: Silence, Pathetic human. You don’t back talk the General. Unless you want your blood spilled.

Princess Rikku: *Recognizing Basqat’s voice* You sir, had best shut your mouth. I still remember the last time i saw your presence here. You left a bruise on me that is all healed but with a nice scar remaining. You attack a woman like me… Have you no shame at all?

Basqat: It’s what i do. Kryptonians are the superior race and Krypton will be rising again by the Appraisal of a great leader… General Zod.

Princess Rikku: You’re truly delusional. My girls will beat you.

Zod: Not if we cripple them. and there is only one thing that will cripple them. something or someone who happens to be close to them. the one that they’d sell their own soul to make certain that no harm would come of the one close to them.

Princess Rikku: Why are you targeting my girls? How come you are so into vowing war? This world is not at war. it’s done nothing to you or your kind.

Basqat: You believe that your girls are innocent. they are guilty as sin. They destroyed the solar tower that would have given your pathetic kind all the renewable energy that it could ever need. it was self sustaining and they destroyed it. But you stand up for them?

Zod: You Aid them and that means you are against us. I would have only defeated them but spare your life. Now i will dispose of you along side of all the rest. and see you meeting an end right with the Rhapsody girls Z!

Princess Rikku: *Grabbing something* Alright. i think that i’ve heard about enough from you. You can either leave the easy way… or the hard way. but either way… you’re leaving my house. Beat it.

Basqat: *Not amused* Pathetic puny human.

Zod: *Moving his eyes over to look towards Basqat*  Let her try. Nothing can hurt us.

Princess Rikku then makes with trying to attack Zod and Basqat. But to her dismay… it only enraged the Kandorian and issued an attack done by them…

Zod: *Grabbing Princess Rikku and Staring at her* If you won’t kneel before Zod. You’ll just have to die then. Your girls have been living high and conceivable for a long time. Their existence is meaningless since they never had to endure pain and loss. never embellishing the meaning of losing something close to them. When Icarus flew to where he didn’t belong… he fell to his death from the heavens… When the girls released me from the orb… they freed me from confinement. They’re about to find out what it’s like to endure a loss. the pain of the Burn that they’re soon to receive…

Basqat: *grabbing the Mother and Tossing her into the wall; Crippling her and watching her life fade* Pathetic Human. *Suddenly Super speeding over to Princess Rikku and Punching her Gut Knocking the wind out of her*

Zod: *Burning his calling card onto the mother of the Rhapsody Girls*

Zod and Basqat then left and fled the house. leaving a message on the wall…

Message on wall: “You have lived in defiance and refused to Kneel before Zod. you flew in the skies and ventured to places where you didn’t belong… Now you’ve got burned. You are now without a parent and are crippled. One last warning. Next will be you. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!”

Dinah: While that was going on… we were trapped somewhere and couldn’t get out… But when we got out and got home that night…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Walking into the Dining Room* It’s really dark in here…

Pearl: I know. Who turned out the lights? It’s probably late and mom is asleep

Dinah: then… let’s do the civil thing and be silent. we don’t want to wake her up… do we?

Paige: Dinah, It’s not about that at all and you know it. *Smelling something burning* What’s that smell?

Pearl: I don’t know. but it isn’t good. Dinah, go check it out. See what it is.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Me?! Why the heck must it be me that does it? Don’t you know that i am with thunder power and if thunder and fire combine… there will be imminent danger?

Paige: Well… consider it a little punishment for what the heck happened in Watchtower. *Scoffs in disbelief and outrage* I mean… for god’s sake… Dinah. what the heck were you thinking? We know you were pissed at Tess and wanted to nail her. we all still do for her involvement with checkmate. but by you flying off the handle like that and firing at her… you nearly fried us and Watchtower. Chloe.

Dinah: Ugh! Figures. i let loose and dish some payback and i get the penalty for it. *Going to check if anything’s burning*

Paige: Something doesn’t seem right.

A second later…

Pearl: *Walking on and looking around to see a pair of feet* Huh?!

Paige: What’s wrong Pearl? *Walking over to where Pearl is and seeing a pair of feet* Who’s that?

Pearl: no idea. Who could it be?

Dinah: *overhearing the commotion* What are you talking about? Who could what be? *Seeing the feet* Whoa! that’s not supposed to be there. What happened here? A Brawl?

Pearl: *Checking for who the feet belongs to* Something doesn’t make sense here…

Dinah: *Following Pearl* Let’s check it out.

Paige: *Looking at Pearl* Who is it?

Pearl: come take a look. I don’t recognize it.

Paige comes to take a look at the body and doesn’t seem to recognize it at that moment. it was too dark to see the face and or recognize who it was but it was gonna be soon to change…

Pearl: Paige. Stay here with the Body. You’re the leader here… you guard the body. don’t let anything happen to it. Dinah. Don’t touch it. I’m gonna go and search for mom. She’s not gonna believe this.

Paige: You got it. Pearl. look all over the house and see if you can find mom.

Dinah: Don’t worry. I won’t touch it. Besides… i don’t want to be punished again for letting my Impulses over act.

Pearl: *Running off to find their mother* Mom?! Mom!

Dinah: *Putting on her shades and doing a thermal scan* I don’t think this sounds too subtle. it’s got to be a joke. However if this is someone’s idea of a Joke. I got news for them. i am not laughing. We barely get back from the Watchtower after being nearly sealed inside and done for… to find a dark house and a lifeless body. one that we don’t seem to recognize.

Paige: I see… that isn’t funny to me either. something happened here and we need to find out what it was. Who was here other than our mother? If mom was here… she should have heard all the commotion. She needs to be found. Now!

A moment later…

Pearl: *Bolting back into the room* Guys… call the cops.

Paige: Why?

Dinah: Did you find mom?

Pearl: No. I didn’t. she’s not anywhere. I looked in Shanna’s room. in the closet. in our room. The closet. in her room and the guest rooms. The closets. i even checked Betty’s room and Angel’s Room. The Closets there too. She’s nowhere to be found. i also checked the Garage and found nothing. *Shaking her head* She’s missing.

Paige: Where could she be though? *Worried* Where do you think she could be?

Dinah: *Going to get on a pair of gloves on* Let’s check the body. i want to know who the heck the lifeless body is.

Paige & Pearl: Dinah! Get away from the body. Don’t touch it.

Paige: We don’t know who it is and it’s obviously dead since it hasn’t made a move or sound. there is no movement coming from it. if we touch it and then call the cops and they come and see the body and god forbid do an autopsy on it. our DNA is gonna be on it and it’ll come back on us. We got enough to worry ourselves sick over. Like the Kandorians… Zod in all his egotistical and power hungered glory now as of a moment or so ago… the end of Watchtower. Watchtower is toast. it’s Over for the Database of Watchtower. it’s all gone. being pinned for the death of a dead body is not something that we’d want to deal with… You don’t want to be pinned with the accusation of the murder of whoever this body might be… DO YOU?

Pearl: I think that we should call one of our Aunts and or Uncle. See if they’ve seen her.

Paige: Who’ll make the call?

Dinah: Want me to do it?

Pearl: Yes.

Betty: *Shadowing in* It’s dark in here. Why?

Angel: *Shadowing in* We need some Light in here.

Paige: Betty… Angel? You two need to just stay out of this. we’re handling it. Dinah… Make the call.

Dinah gets on the communications Video Screen and make a call out to their Uncle King John…

King John: *On Screen* Who the heck is calling at this time of night?

Dinah: Uncle… Its us. Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Betty: As well as us.

King John: And i take it that your newest adopted sister Luna… is also there as well. right?

Paige: No. she’s not.

Pearl: *Shocked* Sister? Luna?!

King John: You mean… you don’t know of it yet?

Dinah: Uncle… How the hell can we know of it? We don’t know jack. Paige, Pearl and i were stuck inside Watchtower… nearly left to die for about 5 hours. and during the 5 hours… we had to deal with a woman by the name of Tess Mercer while trying to find a way out of Watchtower. we broke out. but in order to do that… we had to destroy Watchtower…

King John: *Shooting up an outburst* What do you mean? Gone?! How is it gone?

Dinah: Gone as in… Dead. the system is kaput. it’s toast.

King John: But that is not possible. is there any power left in it?

Paige: *Shaking her head*

Dinah: *Snaps* Uncle… CUT THE CRAP, WILL YOU?! Listen to what we’re saying. read my vibrant sparking lips. WATCHTOWER IS DEAD! IT’S GONE! All the files of Watchtower… The database. info about us. There was even Info on you. and the 4 boys. Info on our whole family. on the original members of the Justice League. All of it is GONE! As in Gone like the Wind… As total System Failure gone. Gone… All of it is history. It’ll be a miracle if Chloe can find a reserve copy of all the info. but on the reality of it all… everything there was in the Database of Watchtower… is Gone.

King John: Dinah, Watch your tone with me. i understand that you’re under duress because something is going on over there that is not right. but i am still like an Elder to you. So… come on. tell me what the heck is going on there.

Dinah: Our mom is missing. we can’t seem to find our mother anywhere.

King John: *Gasps* What do you mean missing? Where could she be?

Dinah: we don’t know. that is why we’re calling you and asking if you’ve seen her. You haven’t seen her… have you?

King John: Not since 5-6 hours ago. She came to my house to mention about Adopting Luna. and we got it all done here at my place. and we also talked a little too. She was wondering where the heck you 3 were today. You 3 were not in school. Again. You 3 are heroes. and that is not a oblivious result or reality. but you’re never gonna graduate if you keep missing school. but that’s not important right now. What she and i spoke about was if i had seen any signs of someone by the name of the Red Queen. i haven’t. And neither has she or that is what i was motioned to believe. i was unaware of anyone by that name. However… after we took care of the adoption process making Luna your new Adopted sister. She said something about going home and making something for dinner for you girls. all of you. although. like i said. that was 5-6 hours ago. i haven’t seen or heard from her since.

Pearl: Call the others. ask if they’ve seen her. we need to find her. we came home and found a dead body lying here in the living room and we don’t know who it is. There is little to no evidence that there was a struggle here… plus it is dark in here too. we are barely moving around because we can’t see a thing.

King John: *Nods and sighs* Look. Calm down. Let me go and i’ll make some calls and find out where your mother is at. if i find out anything… i will let you know immediately.

Paige: Okay. Please call us when you get word of where our mom is.

King John: Want me to send the boys over for the time being?

Pearl:  No. Not right now. There is a dead body here. it’s best if they don’t get themselves tied into it.

Dinah: it’s gonna be okay. We’re just scared or a bit startled by the whole thing. Watchtower being Kaput… A dead body in our house and us with no idea on who it is… That’s too much for one night.

King John: At least have your Grandma over there. someone should be there with you. Just to be playing it safe. it’s better that way.

Betty: We understand. Thanks again, Uncle.

As soon as the call ended… the girls went to check the body and were careful not to touch it. They looked closer and paused in terror seconds later…

Pearl: *Shaking her head in sadness and heartache* No…No… No no no no no!

Paige: *Looking at the Body and recognizing who it was* It’s…. MOM! No! NO!!!!!

Dinah: *Feeling Numb and in Agony* She’s dead. She’s dead. Our Mom is dead. *Looking at Betty and Angel* Who Killed her? WHO?!

Betty: We don’t know. *Upset and with tears*

Angel: *With a dark Veil over her; Saddened and with tears* I’m sad. this is not right. Why did this happen?

Paige: *Looking up and breaking down in tears; Crying* Mom!

Pearl: Our mom is dead… *Crying and with a broken heart* I want my mom! *Suddenly crying and hugging her dead mother* Mom!

Paige: *Walking over and picking up a glass and Throwing it at the wall and breaking it* AUGH!!!!

Dinah: *Grabbing the side of the Table and flipping it* Damn it. Damn it all to hell. this is just one more thing we need. the Kandorians… Zod and his Ego-trip… The Presence of the Red Queen being amongst us all… although since the afternoon we know now who the Red Queen is. The Watchtower being completely compromised and destroyed. Now our Mother dead. What’s next? A house explosion with us in it and barely getting out with our lives? *Screaming in Anger and then breaking down in tears* Why? This totally sucks. It’s not fair!

A Moment later…

Luna: *Bouncing in and seeing the devastation* What happened?

Pearl: Mom is dead. She’s been killed. *Crying*

Paige: Someone killed her and we’ll never see her smile and or feel her warmth ever again… *Crying into her hands*

Dinah: *Silent and with tears in her eyes*

“Have you heard
Have you tried to understand
It’s all right
It gets easier with time

Luna: How could this be though… She can’t die. She can’t be dead.

Betty: Well she is. *Crying in sobs* Our mom is dead. Why did she have to die?

Angel: It’s not fair… Why did she have to die? She didn’t deserve to die. She was innocent.

How are you
Are you ever coming back
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

Paige: *Crying and Suddenly looking down at her power belt* Just because of this hero duty… we lose our mother.

Pearl: *Crying in sadness and agony* I want my momma. MOMMA!

Dinah: *Crying and suddenly Looking at her mother’s picture* Mom, You were the best mom there was. I had given you a little bit of a hard time with my tough gutsy attitude at times… but i was just acting out. i don’t care what happens… I just want you back. *Screaming in Fury and heartbreak* AUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my Love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

Betty: *With an upset tone* What are we gonna do? We can’t afford this place.

Angel: Tomorrow we start packing up the house and find a cheaper place to live.

Luna: *Suddenly feeling the emotions come out and crying*

I’m getting through
I wish you felt the way I do
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

Paige: *Crying and holding their dead mother close*

Pearl:  *Crying* I want my mom!

Dinah: *in agony*

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

Betty: *Hearing the Doorbell ring* Who the hell is it now?!

Rikku: It’s your grandmother. Is everything alright in there?

Angel: No…

I was wrong
I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d do anything for one more day with you

I’d do anything for one more day with you
I’d give anything for one more day with you”

Rhapsody Girls: *Crying* WAAAAA!

Rikku: *Coming in through the front door and seeing her granddaughters crying* What’s going on… *Seeing a dead body in the living room and seeing the girls all around it* Who’s that?

Paige: *Crying* It’s our mom. She’s dead. She’s dead….

Rikku: *Suddenly feeling her heart drop and running over in a flash over to her deceased Daughter’s body* No! Not my baby. Not my sweet sweet baby. *Kneeling down beside her daughter and shaking her daughter* Honey… Wake up. Wake up. Please wake up!

No reaction…

Pearl: It’s no use. Grandma Rikku… She’s gone and there is no getting through to her. Betty even tried to emit some of her holy magic into her and even that didn’t work.

Rikku: *Crying suddenly and hugging her dead daughter* First i lose Princess Aquamarine and literally tear out my heart in sadness over her death… now i have to bury my most sensitive baby…

Paige: What’ll we do? Grandma, what’ll we do? Where will we live? we can’t stay here. there is no money and we can’t afford this place.

Rikku: *Looking at her granddaughter* I don’t know… We’ll figure that out later. I just want to just hold my baby for a while. I’ll take care of the legalities in a bit.

Pearl: I can’t believe this though… *with tears in her eyes* We deal with the meeting of the Red Queen. She was nice. then to set things off to a very tense and stressing part of the night… we get trapped inside the Watchtower. locked with the betrayer Tess who was behind our almost losing our mother before because of Checkmate. then we come home to a dark room and find our mother dead…

Dinah: That is my department to embellish on the dearly dramatic and the tough girl breakdown.

Luna: And i’m a newly adopted Daughter to Princess Rikku. But now she’s dead and i feel as though i lost a family again…

Rikku: you haven’t. You’ll be in the same family. i’m gonna take you and Shanna and my Daughter’s biological girls too. But just give it some time.

Paige: It’s not gonna be the same without mom. She was gonna be throwing a Halloween party later this year for us. Nothing big… but really special.

Dinah: Oh… like creepy monsters and spirits.

Pearl: It’s too sad a time right now to be thinking about that. Our mom is dead. there is no room for a celebration. i don’t think that i’ll ever be able to celebrate another thing for as long as i live. it will seem too hard to endure.

Betty: I just want to go to bed. probably cry myself to sleep.

Angel: Same here…”

Dinah: That night was the very night that our whole world fell apart. We lost our mother and things for a while were just so depressing, sad and painful for us. everything that happened… for a while after that time… made us depressed as it all reminded us of our mother. But Major Zod… who then became General. We had to go against him. but this wasn’t just for the whole world… it was for us too as it was personal. But when we finally avenged our mother when we finally sent that Kandorian bastard back to where he belonged and gave him a one way ticket to Nirvana. But to say our final goodbyes to her was the most hardest thing that we ever had to do. We felt the deepest pain. but we knew that it had to be done. It had to be done.

Renee: You must have been through so much. Although my mum once told me that things in life happen for a reason. Whether it be sad or happy and mad or hurtful. It just happens for a reason. But the best thing to do is cope with it and make the best of what life gives to you. Sometimes things happen that we don’t normally expect. But if we were to always stop living our life when something hurts us… we are not really living. We’re just drifting. Of course i do feel really bad about the loss you had to go through, Dinah. I kinda knew or suspected that there was something more to this city… and something more to you as how you were looking concerned for the city. worrying about it. I do feel really sorry that you suffered such a loss.

Dinah: Thank you, Renee. But what happened… happened. But now you know about me… what i really and what my family is like. Not what you expected to hear… is it?

Renee: Not really. But i do accept it. Sometimes Change can be a means for something positive…

Room #330…

Paige: *Looking at Alice and noticing how relaxed and at ease she seemed to be* You sure seem happy, Alice.

Alice: I am.

Paige: What happened last night? You went on that date with Prince Alvin last night. It had to have been special.

Alice: It was. It really was. Because Prince Alvin has asked me to marry him.

Paige: *Gasps* WHAT?! Oh my god… OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! He asked you to marry him? Wow! Congrats, Alice. I just knew that it was gonna happen sooner or later. You two were like just so close and were in complete love with each other.

Alice: And i am also carrying a couple of kids inside. He’s gonna be a father in the future.

Paige: I know.

Alice: However… there is something that happened last night that was not part of the romantic atmosphere. Something that seemed really terrifying.

Paige: Huh? What do you mean?

Alice: There was some voice that spoke.

Voice: Hark! Woe-laden Child… A time of Apocalyptic torment hath thus begun. The powers of a demon hath awakened. Each and all must pay the price. What will thou sacrifice?

Paige: What was that?

Alice: That was exactly what i heard twice yesterday night while on the Date with Prince Alvin. It sounded like a premonition. A Vision of some sort.

Paige: Do you think that something is gonna happen?

Alice: I don’t know… but I think that we should find out.

Paige: *nods* I think that you’re right. But the only part that gets me is that of all the times that a mysterious voice could just come from out of nowhere to just sound off with a decree… why did it choose to do it now? You know… Like last night. and now. What is it trying to say? Is it saying that we’re about to be facing hell on Earth? If so… what kind? How bad would it be?

Alice: I don’t know… but if it’s telling us of something soon said to come… it’s usually a very good idea to listen.

Paige: *Checking her phone and seeing a text* Luna’s just called Dinah and said something about us going over to see her friend Ted. A young Seer who has a couple of predictions and or Premonitions that might be of concern.

Alice: When?

Paige: Tomorrow.

Alice: Who’s all going?

Paige: Just Immediate family. But Since you’re in Prince Alvin’s life… that makes you practically family. Same goes for Jack Frost, Reese. Shingo as he is Dinah’s husband. Many of our Allies are gonna be needing to hear this…

But that Late afternoon…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Dinah thought long and hard about possibly going back to bring someone back. Someone that meant the whole world to her, Paige and Pearl. Although she didn’t think about it much as she knew that it could alter the whole course of time and make things seem not quite so normal. It could have messed everything up. But something else got her attention. The fact that she and Raven for the last couple weeks were meeting some odds and it wasn’t quite so calming to either her… or to Raven. Raven was not wanting to leave the house for good but she had to get out…

Dinah: Raven, i don’t care what the hell happens. But i do know that you and Luna are arguing about Zeke… Zeke is not the problem and neither is she. You are not the issue. Never were you the issue. You’re shutting things off before it happened to be time to turn off for the night. the last week… Luna made note that you were acting out in anger. You were having some fits. Not that you meant to… but you have. She and Zeke both oversaw the fact that you were having fits. I am practically scared of you right now and i shouldn’t for i happened to understand where you come from in some ways because i too have a few moments of anger that i let out at times… less and less as it seems but they’re still there. however you… doing those fits. I’m almost to the point where i don’t know if i would want for you to be around my daughters when they come back home after the current threat is all said and done and finished. Not when you’re like this. Not at all…

Raven: Look, i can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to fight with you anymore, Dinah. you’re the one who’s been providing the shelter for me… Providing for the house. You and your husband have been nothing but good to me. But it seems that lately i have been at odds with you and your sisters. You know that i got issues. Your sisters know that i do and you all saw that i have issues. Luna knows that i have these issues in me. She has seen them. witnessed some of them and that one day where i threw her into the wall the last year… it made things all the more upsetting. Because it made me feel bad for doing so. It could have hurt her internally. I know
that the real reason was because something in me got loose. but it was not an excuse for what i had done. I may be half human and half demon but i could see the contempt. the hurt in your eyes. her eyes. Luna’s friends all saw that i had issues. from what they happened to see of me. But i can’t do this anymore. All i have done was hurt your trust in me over the last couple weeks. I can’t do it anymore. Dinah, you’re the one who offered to replace my room and take it from one place… to here. You didn’t have to do that… but yet… you did it anyway. I got to get out of here for right now… i just now saw that i have hurt you and knowing that i hurt one of
my friends is what hurts me. i can’t stay to see anymore.

Within seconds Raven blinked out and just with a flash of astral Projection… went back in time.

May 1st 2024…

5:00 PM…

in the neighborhood of the Residential district of Metropolis…

Princess Rikku: *Walking home and sighs* What do i tell the girls? The red Queen is out there. There is no telling as to whether or not she can be trusted.

Raven: *Talking into the woman’s mind* That’s because she’s mysterious. it’s for a reason. the cause that she serves requires her to remain a mystery for if her cover was blown… everything that she was doing would have been for nothing.

Princess Rikku: *Jumps and chokes on some air* W-w-w-w-w-who said that? Who’s there?

Raven: *Appearing before the woman* Greetings.You must be the one they call Princess Rikku. Or Just Rikku Rhapsody.

Princess Rikku: Who are you? Do i know you?

Raven: *Raising an eyebrow in curiosity* Not really… but i know you. from a source. You’re Princess Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody and you are the mother of 5 girls. and 2 adopted girls. Shanna. And now Luna. You had a bad Childhood. were mocked and teased. given a vile nickname and had sadness since then. had two girls and then 3 more… but for 8 years of their life… they didn’t know where you were and you were in the belief that they didn’t exist. Although they existed. The Doctors were just trying to make you think that you were done.

Princess Rikku: Wait a minute… How is it that you know about me? How the hell do you know about me in that way? I don’t even know you. Or should i know you?

Raven: I’m a friend of your Daughters from the future. 3 years in the future…

Princess Rikku: My Daughters? Paige, Pearl and Dinah?

Raven: Yes.

Princess Rikku: You said that you came from the future? How is that even possible? You don’t have a time machine… Do you?

Raven: No. I don’t. I however used Astral Projection and beamed through time to find you to take you to the future. Something is said to happen today in less than an hour to you in your house.

Princess Rikku: What do you mean that something is supposed to happen? What’s supposed to happen?

Raven: In less than an hour… two men… distinctly Kandorian men… are gonna be in your living room and in the shadows and the power will go out inside your house. You are said to go check it out and barely get to the living room when you will happen to see them. They end up killing you to cripple Paige, Pearl and Dinah. leaving them all in anguish. You are gonna die in less than an hour. a few minutes less than an hour…

Princess Rikku: How do you know this?

Raven: Your Daughters told me of this. Said that a man named Zod was said to kill you. Take your life.

Princess Rikku: Oh god. No… no… No! This can’t be true. It can’t. I have to get home to prepare dinner for the girls. They’re gonna be hungry.

Raven: *Showing the vision to the mother of the girls* This isn’t a lie.

Princess Rikku watched and still felt that it was something she couldn’t believe. She looked at it and shook her head. She walked over to her house and went in… she wanted to know what was going on… She looked all over for the two guys and was determined to know what was said to come to her…

Raven however was there and watched as the event was about to take place. Although… what Raven then pulled and this was something that no one thought would ever happen. Not in reality or Virtual or Fantasy or make-believe…. She then created a decoy. one that had all the memories… all the looks and personalities of Princess Rikku herself. Created an identical image…

With the Decoy in place and with the same movements and all just like the original… Raven created a black shadowy veil and covered Princess Rikku up before taking off back into the future…

Through the time stream…

Princess Rikku: *Within the veil formed by Raven; Flying through the stream with her* So… What all has happened since that moment which we just left from?

Raven: A ton of things. For one… the girls mentioned that night that you were said to have been found dead. they cried and were in devastation. Pearl took to it the hardest. Dinah was filled with unfettered rage and agony because she blamed herself for giving you a hard time. A Tough time. But when they found out that you were murdered by Zod… Dinah let loose. She released a whole lot of rage. They did however send Zod back to where he belonged and got him sent right to the Phantom Zone…

Princess Rikku: The Phantom Zone?

Raven: Yeah… you know it?

Princess Rikku: Well only from brief description and from what Clark had one broke out over the subject. But the girls were put there once by mistake as they told me and they almost died. I almost lost them at that time…

Raven: That part… i didn’t know about.

Princess Rikku: That was one of the times which i wished to never see happen again. Ever.

Raven: You won’t have to worry. it doesn’t. It goes on from there… Pearl found a new love during that avenging fight. To a guy named Jack Frost. During the year of said peace… Prince Alvin met Alice Cross. Prince Avery met a Girl named Summer French. Prince Curtis met Megan Hart. which was before the final battle against Zod as they thought they were avenging you… They did. They showed me the clip and it was very emotional…

Raven shows the Vision to her to catch her up on some of the history…

“At the Crows nest…

Flaming Soul: *Beat down* You will never get me to Bow down to the likes of you. You are not welcome here.

Zod: It matters not what you may think. I have Won… You are nothing to the likes of a Kandorian.

Lord Electricmind: *Voice* “The balance between good and Evil has been shaken… the eternal mind is at risk of devastation… The thunders of Justice roars in anger for the ones being placed in danger’s path… from the Mind and from the Thunder of Justice… I am ElectricMind.”

Zod: *Standing on top of the Crows Nest; Hearing the mysterious Voice* Who is that? Appear Before Zod… I ORDER YOU!

King John: *Stepping out of a Portal* Gladly, You lowlife sack of Kandorian Scum.

Flaming Soul: *Looking up at his father* Pops… You’re here? *Passing out from a loss of energy*

King John: It’s okay now… Son. I’m here.

A Minute later…

Aquatic Burn: *Voice* “The Seal of Justice has been threatened… the seas and waters altered… From the Oceans and from the Fires of heaven. your need for justice has been summoned… I Am…. Aquatic Burn!”

Arctic Mind: *Voice* “The Arctic howls in sadness for the weak… the mind stands still in mourning for the brokenhearted… The Ice breaks for the hurt innocent people looking lost in a Baron land their cries for Justice and saving going unheard for many a millennium… from Deep within the Arctic and from the Piercing mind of Justice… Let the Cold Arctic wind, the Psychic mind and the devastation of the Ice and Snow guide you to Justice… I am… Arctic Mind!”

Princess Charlene then steps out of the Ice Portal and Mrs. Stroker Lands with a thud and changes into her human form…

Zod: *Growls* WHO ARE YOU?!

King John, Princess Charlene and Mrs. Stroker: We’re you worst nightmares… We are the Rhapsody Family… This is our planet. Our world. We’re here to tell you that we WANT YOU OUT!

Zod: You can’t force me to go. You’re not Kandorians and the only one that could was Kal-El and he is gone. As are the Rhapsody girls Z! The Rhapsody Brothers are also gone. Prince Curtis was beaten to an inch of his life and the little girl Luna is beaten to near death.

King John: She was only a Child, You son of a Bitch. Luna was only 11. You killed a child. You unfettered… uncaring… cold… heartless… no-good… two-bit… four-flushing sorry sack of scum.

Princess Charlene: You attack one of us… you attack all of us… *Ready to attack*

Mrs. Stroker: That’s right. You’re ours now. I’m gonna just Enjoy Frying your ass and then washing the remains away. Letting the sharks and the monsters of the ocean have their way with you.

Tuxedo Artemis: *Beat* Go get him guys…

Sailor Uranus: *Ready to fight again*

Sailor Neptune: No more talk.

Sailor Pluto: There can be only one side of winners here. and it’s the people of Earth.

Prince Avery: *Teleporting in and aimed to fight*

Betty and Angel then Orb in and stand off against Zod…

Within minutes everyone was on the Crow’s nest. But they weren’t the only ones there…

Miss Love: *Flying in and Entering the scene* Hey there… Zod! Did you miss us?!

Bubble Maiden: We sure didn’t miss you and we’re about to send you away to where you belong!

Thunder Mistress: Yeah! I am one who is really itching to knock you out… i got a couple of moves that i’d just love to try on you.

Shanna: *Nods*

Hawkman: *Landing* Time to go hunting and send you packing…

Stargirl: *Nods*

Jack: *Walking onto the Crows nest with Victor Stone*

Betty: Let’s do it!

Star Girl: *Blasting Zod with the star Rod*

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at Zod* VORTEX OF LOVE!!!!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Zod* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at Zod* Thunderic FISTS OF FURY!!! FEEL MY LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE ZOD!

Plasma-Core: *Launching an attack at Zod* PLASMA BLASTER!!!!

Molten Mind: *Launching an attack at Zod* …. *Summoning for Molten Rock to come gushing out from the ground* …. *Using her mind to turn the Air Surrounding Zod into a hellish Inferno; Chanting a spell* “Magmatic Power… Hear my cry… unleash your merciless fury, that can not die… Let the burning rage that lies within… come out… and Rain forth inescapable Pain” *Using her mind to bring the Molten Rock to the sky and create a hell Storm*… *Unleashing the Massive Downpour of Hell’s fire at Zod* Magmatic HELL STORM DOWNPOUR!!!

Betty: *Chanting a spell* ”Freeze this Evil being with your frosty heaven’s Touch!” *Launching the attack at Zod* Angelic Icestorm! *Going at it again* … *Forming a Bow and Arrow and emittng Holy energy into it; Chanting a spell: “Lord of the heavens, Hear my call rain a piercing rain of your wrath upon the souls of the wicked. Let the Evil that walk feel your piercing wrath” Shooting an arrow up into the sky and with her mind creating a dark stormy sky; Shooting up a blast of Holy energy at the arrow turning the arrow into a billion arrows of light; Launching the attack at (Zod)* Heaven’s PIERCING STORM! *Going one more time* … *Chanting a spell* “Quake of the souls of the heaven’s spirits…pound the ground and open it with your embrace… quake this Evil and send it packing” *Launching the attack at Zod* Angelic Quake!

Angel: *Chanting a spell* “Dark electricity… gather your power and consume the thunder… inflict it’s dark touch and cast a deadly shock upon the Evil intent” *Launching the Attack at Zod* DARK THUNDER!!! *Attacking again* … *Chanting a spell* ”Darkened glow of the fire, the Rage of Heaven’s violent rage… Let the Burns from the fire snare you with its inferno and the sparks of flames as it licks your flesh and sears it immensely” Flames of Darkness!

Lord ElectricMind: *forms electric from his hands and they form into one big electric ball and then a stream of thunder bolts* … *Launching at Zod* THUNDER BOLT STRIKE!! *Looking up into the sky* This one i do in your name Fuzzball. All for you. *Going again* … *Pointing his fingers out at the enemy and absorbing Psychic energy; Holding up his hands and suddenly pointing his fingers up in the sky; Firing up in the air and watching the Sky turn dark* With the power of mind and the force of nature… let this Psychic mist infect you with mind self-destruction. *Launching the Attack at (Zod)* Psychic Mind Poison Mist!

Arctic Mind: *Holding her hands up and Emitting both Arctic ice and Psychic Energy; creating wind; Combining them as one and Launching it at (Zod)* ARCTIC TRI-BEAM GALE FORCE!!!! *Attacking again* … *clashes her hands together and moves them up forming blue energy and then aims the attack at the target, trapping them into ice* ICE HURRICANE!! This is for the fallen member of our family… *Looking up* Princess Rikku… Hon, This one i do for you. *Facing Zod; Going one more time* … *Meditating and rising into the air; gathering the energy from the Arctic and holding her hands up; Chanting a spell that make the ground quake and open up spewing snow at a mach 5 speed “Ground quake with a mighty rumble… Arctic snow from the arctic mountains… fill the cracks and the ruptured ground with arctic peril and frosty hell unleash with your might an Arctic Hell”; aiming at the target; Launching the attack at(Zod) bombarding him/her with an Arctic hell* Arctic Apocalypse!

Aquatic Burn: *forms fireballs from her hands. Lifts up hands and the fireballs form into a big fireball* BLAZING WILDFIRE!! *the attack hits the target from where she’s standing* … *Going again* … *Focusing her power and making her eyes glow fiery red; creating fire from the air and forming it into a dragon; Chanting a spell turning herself into a dragon* “Dragon’s mind and spirit… transform me into a Dragon of fury and power… Let the Rage of the flames draw forth and gather strong” *binding herself into a suppressed state gathering fire from the volcanoes; Aiming at the target; Launching the Attack at (Zod)* Volcanic Inferno! … *Looking up* Cousin… this next one is for you… i do this for you. *Looking at everyone* Everyone get back… Now!

Hawkman: What are you up to?! We can’t waste time on any tricks. We have to see that Zod Bleeds and is sent back to where he belongs…

Miss Love: You might want to hold that line… Hawkman… you better just move back. trust us… when she says get back and sounds like that… she means something. she’s gonna turn into her Dragon form and is gonna attack…

Shanna: *Backing away* Enough said… Everyone get back! Back up now!!!

Aquatic Burn: *Turning into a Dragon as her Rage Builds up and bursts; Bellowing out with a Ferocious ear-pounding roar* RRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Rising up with speed and Soaring around gaining speed; Roaring loud while gathering up more Fire inside her; Looking down at the target and locking on before Speeding back down and with aerial speed Looms at the target and with a mighty release; Creates a Fire storm and begins using her wings to blow the fire at Zod* Scorching Fiery WindStorm! *Grabbing Zod and Taking off with him; Shooting up into the sky high and Digging her Claws into him Circling around and Spinning her Wings fast and with Aerial precision before point down and at a mach 5 speed diving and Tossing Zod down with Force* … *Shooting fire at Zod and burning him with rage* DRAGON’S HELL!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Gasps and stunned with shock* WHAT!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! Oh damn, That was brutal. She’s burned him Good!

Black Canary: *Rappelling in and giving off a Canary Siren and blasting it head on at Zod*

Cyborg: *Grabbing Zod and Tossing him into the wall with force*

Hawkman: *Swinging his Morning star Mace* Hawkman commands you to Bleed!

Jack: *Firing at Zod* SNOW SWARM!

Sailor Uranus: *Launching an attack At Zod* URANUS…. WORLD…. SHAKING!!!!

Sailor Neptune: *Launching an attack at Zod* NEPTUNE… DEEP… SUBMERGE!!!!!

Sailor Pluto: *Launching an attack at Zod* PLUTO… DEADLY… SCREAM!!!!

Hawkman: I think that it’s time for the Heaven twins to use their powers and form into one…

Betty: *Looking at her sister* Angelic Overlord time…

Angel: *Looking at her sister; Nods* Angelic Overlord time!

A second later…

Betty Rhapsody and Angel Rhapsody: *Together and getting in formation* Fu….Sion….. Haaaa! *Connecting their fingers together and Joining as one* From the hand of God… From his Love and righteous might… Combine Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand into one and become ANGELIC OVERLORD!!!!!

Angelic Overlord: Zod… You are the Unrighteous being who spreads Evil in your wake. All you value is to Rule. Ruling is in your nature… but for Ruling and for your actions… you’ve put innocent lives at risk. It ends now. For the Sake of all who’re innocent. You must go! *launching at attack at Zod* Alpha RAY’S OF HEAVEN! *Going again* … *Launching an attack at Zod* HEAVEN’S RAGING BLAST! *Preparing to go again* Everyone! Get away… Now! This one is gonna be huge! Distance away… 100 feet. HURRY!

The joining members of the Justice League, The Rhapsody Girls and Only Rhapsody brother in play… as well as Prince Alvin… They all made way fast to the roof of the Daily Planet and stayed there to stand safe. they were able to keep watch of the battle from there and waited as Betty and Angel while in their fused form on the Crows Nest began to move in for their one massive attack.

Angelic Overlord: *Focusing her energy and absorbing energy from the air and gaining power from the heavens; Absorbing the sun’s rays and absorbing all it’s power; Gathering all the power from all the elements of the planet and holding it in; Building it up to a massive flare; Launching it at Zod* HEAVEN’S UNIVERSAL CATACLYSMIC NOVA….EXPLOSION!!!!

Within seconds miles of distance and for a good length of 70 miles and for 8 minutes… the Sky was ripped with Blinding light and they all had to put on their shades and keep their eyes shielded as the light was burning hot. there was burning heat from the attack and the light. But as they watched it… they noticed that there was a a huge white Raven rising and at a size of a 1000 feet high and with massive wings. the Attack struck Zod dead center. and By time the light dimmed and the smoke cleared… Zod was nearly beat and his powers were Vanquished into nothing. The coast was clear and they all moved back into position and re-entered the scene and got back onto the Crows nest…

Miss Love: *Looking to see Zod near defeat* Whoa! That attack did it… Zod has got nothing left of him. he can’t fight back… But we’re not showing any mercy on him.

Bubble Maiden: He killed our mother and now… it’s his turn.

Thunder Mistress: *Nods* That’s right. Let’s get him!

Within seconds The Rhapsody girls got prepared to make a move…

Bubble Maiden: *Looking up at the heavens* This is for you mom. This is to avenge your death. once this is over… you’ll be able to cross over. So before we get rid of Zod… i just want to thank you for the time we have had with you. Thank you mom. We’ll never forget you.

Miss Love: Yeah. You were the best one there ever was. We love you, Mom. We will be missing you forever. and we will never forget you. Ever.

Thunder Mistress: Thanks for the Memories, Mom. You just take good care of your sister up there. Our Aunt Princess Aquamarine. She’s gonna need you and you need her too. Rest in peace mom. You deserve it. *With a bit of a heavy heart*

Miss Love: *Commanding her sisters* Bubble Maiden… Thunder Mistress. Engage your Weapons…

Bubble Maiden: *With her Bubble Microphone and Bubble Harp close to her mouth*

Thunder Mistress: *With her Thunder Glove and Thunder Discs held against her chest*

Miss Love: *With her Sonic Scepter of Bliss and Heart Guitar held close to her chest* Girls… It’s time for the Rhapsody Warhead. *Starting the sequence; Glowing* Love’s Essence of life… The Magical touch of Love’s Blissful Embrace… Guided by it’s eternal legacy…Take its form. make it one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Bubble Maiden: *Glowing* Bubble’s power… the flow of beauty and serenity. The Bubbles of grace and purity. Make it’s power… intensify with devoted heart. Produce the power of Bubbles delight. the cleanser of Evil’s staining soul. The music and the touch combine to unite as one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Thunder Mistress: *Glowing* Thunder Power… The Fury of the Air… the Skies induced Rage… the Chain-reaction force of the heart… Strike the air and grant your vengeance towards the Evil presence… The Power of the heart. the striking power of Fierce courage and might. Thunder’s strength… Intensify and unify into one… *Pointing her weapons towards Zod*

Rhapsody Girls: *Glowing Bright* Love… Grace… Fury! *Combining the weapons together; Posing during the attack* RHAPSODY….. WARHEAD…. ATTACK!!!! *Firing at Zod*

Zod: *Screaming in pain and Flying back into the wall* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Rhapsody Girls: *Exclaiming* GOODBYE GENERAL ZOD! Time to say BON VOYAGE!”

Princess Rikku: Oh my goodness… that was really heartfelt. Emotional too… They did all this… for me?

Raven: Yes. They did. They all loved you very much. They still do. and they always will… But there is more from that… Pearl also drives now. She Drives a A Toyota Camry 2011.

Princess Rikku: What about Dinah and Paige?

Raven: Dinah drives a truck. A Chevy truck. 2004 4 door chevy truck. Blue. Paige is driving a Van. Or she did at first then when it got destroyed… she had to get another car. which then up to now… she drives a Mini-van with 2 sliding doors and 2 normal doors. She’s practically a soccer mom just by the car she drives. Now Dinah and Shingo are married and they have 3 kids. All girls. Pearl is Pregnant. Prince Alvin’s Girlfriend is also pregnant and is expecting. Pearl is also doing the same… Pearl has 3 kids in her… Alice with two. inside. Pearl’s love Jack is the father.

Princess Rikku: What? You mean that i’m a grandmother?

Raven: That is correct. You are. You have 3 granddaughters Sapphire Jodie Rhapsody, Raven Meredith Rhapsody and Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody.

Princess Rikku: Oh my god… Precious. What else?

Raven: Luna is no longer the blue haired girl… she matured into a normal person and a regular Asian-American girl. and had a boyfriend named Martin Marco… although he was treating her wrongly and with the teen Angst took up a habit for a while. But she sometime later which is just recently… and about a month and 3 weeks now… She quit it. She’s with a troubled teen named Zeke Mansfield. He was abused… but in the worst way. Deeper and more scarring than Luna’s abuse scars. Luna was also abused too… By someone that you thought you knew so well but when light shines on their duplicity… you find that you don’t really know them at all. you just were living an illusion of who you thought the person was and or what that person wanted you to believe them to be.

Princess Rikku: Who are you talking about?

Raven: one person that you thought would be with love to all. Your mother.

Princess Rikku: My mother? What about her?

Raven: She’s matured into a Racist. A Racist against Asians…

Princess Rikku: *Not understanding* I don’t understand… You say that my mother is a racist and that she abused Luna?

Raven: That’s right.

Princess Rikku: Oh dear… that is awful… truly awful. How is Luna now?

Raven: She’s with the scars and the memory of it. The Abuse was what made Luna take up smoking for a brief period of time… since Februrary 7th this year till May 15th. Since then… till now… she’s been rather scared or a bit distant from people. She’s been abused by your mother. Sent to bed a few nights without anything to eat.

Princess Rikku: That is awful… the poor girl. And to hear that my mother was the one that did it to her. I can’t believe that she would hurt a child. that is just so mean. I should go to her and let her have it good. The nerve of her to abuse a child. The absolute nerve of her. *Angry* Some mother i got… After all this time that i thought that she’d be of love… She went and did the one thing that she could have sworn to never ever do. So much for her keeping her vow and word.

Raven: Well Dinah gave your mother a real piece of the mind…

“Dinah: *Angrily and Landing a hard Punch at the door Jam leading to Luna’s Room* Grandma, God damn it… Shut the hell up. Right now. I have heard enough of your shit. Treating Luna like shit. This girl is Luna. She’s different now and without the Hero Aura. She’s a regular human being. She’s told us about you sending her to bed without dinner a few nights and i as well as Pearl, Christie, Star, Paige, Prince Alvin and the guys… we’re all beyond sick of your ass. You’re constantly up Luna’s ass. pushing her about. She’s 13 fucking years old. she’s a Teen but still a minor. Your abusing her. Lecturing her more than you ought to. You’re not her mother. You’re her grandmother. our grandmother. Not our fucking Warden.

Grandma Rikku: *Staring at Dinah* You better mind your mouth. You forget that i paid for the colleges… i can pull the plug just as fast.

Dinah: You’re gonna use that card? Aren’t you? Fine! Here’s a little 411 for you. we’re all done with you. we’ll find a way to pay for our own college education. and for our cars too. Better yet… give them over to Oliver Queen. He’s our Professor. And as for what’s to be done with Luna… You are gonna find out that you fucked with her for the last time. As soon as Shingo and i get a house… Luna is living with us. I’m Putting it to where Luna is under my Custody. and being with me and Shingo till she’s 18. then she can do her life in her own way. But as for her staying here… That will happen over my dead body. I’ll also tell you this too. if you have a problem with it… you better step your ass up. Right now. Because as soon as i take Luna out of here… and file for legal Custody over her and you just so much as touch her or come anywhere near her… I swear to Fucking god and sunny Jesus and swear upon all that is Holy and spiritual that i will have your ass arrested and thrown in jail so fast… that the next time you see freedom… it’ll be when you’re about to gasp your last damn breath. Straight up. No lie. *Looking at Luna* Luna, Honey… Sis, Grab some clothes together and some of your things as well. Enough to last a couple weeks and we’ll set up a spot for you to stick at the Dorm room with me and Christie.

Luna: *Nodding and feeling upset; Trying not to cry* Okay.

Grandma Rikku: *Barks* NO! You can not do that. The legal age… is 21. You’re only 18.

Dinah: Enough Grandma… That’s far enough. It’s done. You are gonna find that you screwed up. It’s all done. And on the part where you think that i can’t claim custody… Watch me. You wanted me to be more responsible with life and with taking care of things… Well You’re about to find out what i can do.

Luna: *Packing up some of her things and getting a couple bags filled up with Clothes and items she’d need* Grandma Rikku-san is so mean. How anyone could call her a grandparent… is way beyond capacity. The Japanese would be saying… Ignorance is Bliss when it comes to a time like this. And of course… I am an Asian… So yeah. Ignorance is Bliss.”

Princess Rikku: *Gasps* good heavens… that is really unkind. Dinah was a little out of line doing that… It was for a good reason and she did right by standing up for her sister… but barking at her grandmother like that… that was a little out of line there.

Raven: They even took her to court and sent her to jail for the abuse too…

Princess Rikku: My mother is in Jail?

Raven: Federal prison.

Princess Rikku: From all the things that you have told me… I must say that i am at a complete shock. I really am shocked to know and hear this… I truly am at a loss for words here… I am proud of Dinah for standing up for her family’s dignity. But if anyone should have done it against my mother… i should have. Although i was dead then… so… i couldn’t really do much. in fact… i couldn’t do a thing. I was said to be a worm feast. *Shivers over the thought* after the 1st of May of 2024… i was dead. It must have hurt my babies so much.

Raven: Well… they did mention that it was hard for a while on them as they were all feeling devastated. Although your mother had Paige see a shrink. which she had twice already. but is in need of one more…

Princess Rikku: No… She doesn’t need to see one. She’s not in need of one. My mother sure is though. *Shaking her head*

But as soon as they reached the present time and were in front of Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Raven: Here we are.

Princess Rikku: This is the house that i was looking forward to someday having. This… This is Dinah’s house now? How? How did she get this?

Raven: Her husband. he works for the Metropolis Limousine depot.

Princess Rikku: Really? I guess that Dinah’s having good fortune. That’s good. I’m happy for her…

Inside the house…

Dinah: *In the Kitchen* I might have been a little hard on Raven. She is with some issues… but if i was her and had things going on inside. I would be with some attitude. *Cooking some dinner up for her and Luna* Luna must be hungry. Raven must be in need of nourishment as well… she sure has been gone for more than a couple hours… Where could she have gone?

Luna: *Walking out into the dining room* Dinah, Where’s Raven?

Dinah: No idea. But i feel rather bad about how it was that i spoke to her…

Luna: Well… we were rather harsh to her. You don’t think that we chased her away, do you Dinah?

Dinah: No. I wouldn’t think so… but i’d be wrong. Because she’s been gone from here for more than a couple hours.

A Minute later…

Once Dinner was done and prepared. Dinah and Luna sat down and ate… but they had to also wait for Raven. Of course that was when a knock sounded on the door and Luna asked who it was. There was no answer. They listened in and still heard nothing. Dinah was feeling as though something was up and she got up to check it out. See where the knocking was coming from…

“Come on, come out 
The weather is warm 
Come on, come out 
Said come on, come on 

A spot in the shade 
Where oranges fall 
A spot in the shade 
Away from it all 

Watching the sky 
Watching a painting coming to life 
Shaping and shifting 
Staying inside 
It all goes it all goes by 

A blanket unfolds 
A blanket tonight 
The pieces of gold 
They light up your eyes 
Now we’re alone 
Now we’re alive 

Watching the sky 
Watching the painting come to life 
Shifting and shaping 
Staying inside 
It all goes it all goes it all goes by 

Stopping the time 
Rushing, waiting 
Leave it behind 
Shifting and shaping 
Keep it inside 
It all goes it all goes it all goes by 
It all goes passing by 
It all goes passing by”

Dinah: *Going over to the one closet and opening it* What is going on… *Seeing a familiar face* here? Okay… Do i know you and what are you doing in the closet here?

Raven: *Shadowing into the room* …

Luna: *Looking at Raven* Raven, What did you do?

Raven: I did the one thing that would heal any wound. I was tired of the fighting. and i didn’t want anymore hurt to be done to anyone else. I for the last week have been out of line with you and i did the one thing that could heal the hurt i must have done you and your sisters.

Luna: What do you mean?

Dinah: *Looking at the person and trying to figure out who it is; flashing back to a few years earlier* ……………………………….. *Snapping back to reality and gasps* WHAT! MOM!!!!

Princess Rikku: Yes… It’s me. Dinah…It’s your mother. I’ve come back.

Dinah: *Unable to contain herself* Oh my god… *Quivering and about to lose it* H-h-h-h-h-h-how is this possible? You can’t be here… you were Murdered by that Kandorian bastard Zod and that Floozie Basquat. I know that it’s the past… but i still can recall that the house was dark that night when we saw lying on the ground lifeless and blood soaking your back. plus you had the Symbol of that bastard Zod burned on you. he carved you like a turkey….

Raven: It’s a surprise that i did for you, Dinah. i did it for you and the others. You all missed her and you did refer to it on several different occasions.

Dinah: You did this, Raven? How?

Raven: By going back in time.

Dinah: What? Why?

Raven: It was the best thing to do. You all missed her. Wanted her back. I did it as a surprise to you and the others.

Dinah: *At a loss for words* Well… i am thankful and at a loss for words…

Princess Rikku: Your friend explained to me about what was gonna happen before it happened. It was gonna be repeating again however she took me from there and left a look alike and matching replica of me… I never really died. I never got killed.

Dinah: Wouldn’t it affect the events that happened since that time?

Raven: No. It won’t. Everything that happened from then till now stayed the same. the only thing that is different is that your mother didn’t die or wasn’t killed. I saved her.

Princess Rikku: And No longer am i to be Princess… Dinah… you are a grown woman. tough and beautiful as you always were. We can be formal.

Dinah: *Nods* I Missed you.

Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody: I missed you too. I Missed all of you sweet girls. *Hugging her daughter* Dinah, I know that you were beating yourself up for how you were at times giving me a little bit of a hard time. But i never blamed you… I understood because i was like that when i was your age. I was just like that. You never had to blame yourself. Never.

Dinah: How did you know about that?

Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody: Dinah, You should be with the same prerogative… You’re a mother. A Mother always knows what their Children do and what they’re going through. A mother always knows. There’s something that you might have never been taught as you and your sisters Paige and Pearl grew up without a father. But you should know… Fathers mean fun… Mothers mean business.

Dinah: What about the others? They’re gonna want to see you.

Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody: Well… Luna’s here.

Luna: *Smiles* Yeah. i am…

Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody: *Looking to see a Black haired Raven girl* What… Who is that girl? Where’s Luna?

Dinah: That’s Luna. She just looks different because she’s matured into a full human.

Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody: How’s that possible?

Raven filled in the blanks towards that and within seconds she was caught up to speed on the details. Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody Nodded and understood the bizarre tale. She didn’t know how it was even the least bit possible for a person to go from being a blue haired girl to what the girl was now… She didn’t like the girl any less… but she was really taken by surprise. Dinah couldn’t get the shock to go down… She was in shock as she was now seeing her mother. She got on the dial and called Paige and Pearl. Got a hold of the guys as well.

At Vincent Van Grave’s…

Vincent: Martin, I have been subtle with this… But as i have been giving it serious thought for the last couple weeks… i have come to the decision that you are gonna be working at the local Library doing volunteer work. You’ve been really cruel to Zeke and i just got another call from him the other day stating that you have been going to places slandering him. You’ve been performing such an atrocious act towards him and i don’t know what else to do to get you to be civil to Zeke. That poor kind boy is troubled. but for all the times that i have seen him. i heard him speak nothing but high remarks about you. He had respect for you. Alot of respect for you and what you and Luna had. But you were seeing him as garbage. Making him feel terrible. I heard that blowout that was between you, Luna, Zeke and that girl… Pamela. I agree with them. You have been mean. and i dear boy have had about enough of that. way past far enough. You don’t like Zeke… He wanted to be your friend. He actually came to me a couple months ago and said that he wanted to be just like you. Positive, strong. caring and outgoing. Wanted to be just like that. You saw him as something else and hurt him.

Martin: It is my right, Vincent. Luna was my girl. Zeke should have never come to Metropolis. I don’t care how good he wanted to be. He’s still a loser. I don’t like him. He is hiding something from us… There is something about him that he is not telling. you are not wanting to see it. No one is… He can obviously snow even the likes of you. He’s got you suckered into his mess… So… You think he’s all that good again. Be his guardian. See if i care. *Walking away in disgust* I am so sick of that loser Zeke. He is making even my guardian fall for his crap. I hate that damn piece of shit Zeke. I wish that he was never even born. That loser is so worthless. and so are all the ones who are all for him.

Vincent: *Walking off back to his Study and slamming the door shut and locking it*

Martin: *Looking at the door and huffs* so much for having at least someone on my side. *Walking off and heading out to spend time seeing his parents at the cemetery* I don’t have to listen to the reparte of “Oh, You must be nice to Zeke. He’s been nothing but a nice person and has done nothing but try to be a friend to you.” and i’m not going to. I can choose to hate Zeke if i wish. If no one likes it. That’s too bad. I made my mind and it’s not about to change for anyone.

A Minute later…

Martin: *Walking on over to see his parents*

Back at Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Paige: *Walking into the house and seeing her mother* Mom?

Pearl: *Walking into the house and seeing her mother* Oh my god… How… how is this possible? Wasn’t she… Dead? Zod Murdered her.

Paige: She looks like she wasn’t even touched by Zod at all.

Pearl: Yeah.

Dinah: Trust me… what you see is not an illusion. It’s Mom. She’s back. and for thanks… you can thank Raven. She did the one thing that can’t be measured by anyone. She gone back in time to the moment before mom was killed by Zod and brought her back. to this time… She’s alive.

Prince Alvin: We’re gonna have to tell the others about this. They have to know. It’s gonna be too big of a secret to hide. We still got Watchtower. She’s gonna want to know. As will our family and the allies.

Prince Avery: When do we tell them?

Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody: When it’s time. But for now… let’s keep it our little secret, okay? They’ll know. Right now i want to catch up with my sweet daughters and my Nephews.

Prince Arnold: It’s nice that you’re back with us, Aunt Rikku. It really is… but what happened after your apparent death. we had to be the pillars of strength for the girls. Pearl was so broken that she for almost a whole month… wore black. She felt really crushed. She didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere. she didn’t really speak to anyone because of her hurt.

Prince Curtis: and on the night after the funeral Pearl tried to break or sneak into the one room in school. the one that you were teaching in for a while to get something… but was let go. Grandma Rikku got her and so did i. But it was hard on them all… Dinah was in fury. Prince Avery had to go and bring her back home. before she wound up doing something pretty stupid.

Prince Alvin: that’s right. Sometime after that… we had to get right back into the work and handle seeing the bastard Zod kill his wife Faora and his unborn kid. What good it did us… Zod turned it to where it was the humans… us who killed her and the unborn. He waged war on the globe. Leaving his mark on every monument. in every country. All over the world.

Prince Arnold: And right before the battle or war with Zod… those two guys… Peter and Johnny left and dumped Paige and Pearl. However… that is where Jack came in. He has been around since then and he’s staying.

Prince Avery: That’s true. During the battle… Prince Curtis was nearly beaten and had his insides all scrambled.  But with a miracle and hope… it reverted back to normal…

Prince Curtis: And Luna almost didn’t make it either. She was beaten and was holding to life by a short thread. Plus Prince Alvin literally went nuts and used that one form that he wasn’t supposed to use. He used it and broke lucky that he didn’t lose his life over it…

Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody: Wait a minute… Are you meaning to tell me that Prince Alvin still has that SSj3 part in him and it takes his life whenever he tries to use it?

Prince Avery: Yes. That is correct. Because he’s not of Saiyan blood. and anyone who isn’t of saiyan blood trying to use it will cause their life to go away.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Oh my god. Prince Alvin… You better not use that part again. I don’t care if life depended on it. You will not use that form again. Am i clear on that? I might have been out for a couple years and am a little behind on things. But to hear that… I never want you to do that again. Ever. Not ever.

Prince Curtis: He hasn’t since then. there was a couple close calls… since then… but he’s given up that part.  he doesn’t do it any more.

Paige: I of course have since that time to now… found a boyfriend and still do have one. He’s sweet too…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That’s really sweet. I am happy for you, Paige. You shouldn’t be without a guy to have as your own.

Pearl: And i am also Engaged to Jack Frost. We haven’t really set a wedding date… yet. But we’re taking the moment one step at a time. he’s thinking sometime early next year. at the very latest. But he’s not sure exactly when.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Sometimes Engagement can be long. It takes two people to be both ready and sure that they know what it is that they want.

Dinah: Of course.

As they were all talking and catching up on things… they were all with the belief that there was something else that they would have to tell their mother. Paige, Pearl and Dinah knew that they would have to tell their mother that Dinah’s 3 little ones were sent to another planet for protection from the upcoming apocalypse. Dinah had to be the one to tell her as it was coming from her. and something that a woman would have to tell From a mother to a mother. They all had to come out with the details of what was going on as of late. The situation with a Inter-dimensional demon that was threatening to roll on in… Paige, Pearl and Dinah all sat their mother down and told her about the demon that was destined to come. Their mother didn’t take it quite so well… but she knew that they had to deal with it…

The next day they all met with the young seer and were told of the predictions that were foretold to come.  it was morning when they all met with him…

At the Park…

Ted: You guys all came. That’s good. But the news that i have is not good. These premonitions are disturbing to say the least.

Paige: Why’s that?

Ted: There is a prediction that a villain that was taken down some time ago. sent into the abyss by a heroine that sacrificed herself to send the villain down into the pit.

Pearl: Terra.

Dinah: No… it’s not possible. It can’t be.

Pearl: Beryl.

Dinah: It can’t be her… She was destroyed.

Paige: How could she be coming back?

Ted: *Facing to the side and suddenly getting hit with a prediction again* …… *In a deep trans; As Beryl* “*Looking down at the fighters* It’s been a rather long time, Rhapsody Girls Z! Rhapsody Brothers. How long has it been since the last time we crossed paths? A Month? A year maybe… Far too long for my taste anyway. I was starting to wonder when or if I would ever get to see your smiling faces ever again. “ ……. *with another Prediction hitting him* … *In a deep trans; As Scath* Soon… very soon at the stroke of midnight of the 31st of December marking the dawn of the new year… The planets will align and the portal will activate; releasing me from this hellish prison. My daughter will then release me. What she has concealed… she shall become… THE PORTAL MUST BE OPENED! The world of Mortals shall soon be ended!”

Prince Alvin: What the hell do you mean by that? Are you saying that there is something coming? We know that something is on the way… But are you trying to tell us that it’s even closer than it was before?

Prince Avery: How much closer is it? How were you able to channel it?

Ted: I can not say. I can only tell what it is that i saw. That’s all i can tell.

Prince Arnold: That’s just great… So now we got a whole mess of demon prophecies to deal with and the old broad with the purple powers coming back from the dead to fuck us over. AGAIN!

Prince Curtis: We don’t know that for sure… we don’t know. All we know now is that it is a prediction. It might happen… and then… there is a chance that it might not. We don’t know…

Dinah: We might need to find a bigger house or something. Work towards it. I’m gonna have a talk with my husband tonight on searching for a bigger house to fit him and me… Raven, Luna, and our mother. Plus my little babies when the threat is all over and we took it right to the cleaners.

Paige: Why not get the city to allow for you and Shingo to put or build a couple more rooms to the house? You and Shingo did say that you owned it right, Didn’t you?

Pearl: It’s a whole lot better than to just having to up and heave ho to another house and a bigger house and stress over having the $$$$ to pay for it.

Dinah: There is one problem though…

Paige: What’s that?

Dinah: He doesn’t know that our mom is back from the dead and has been brought back and that she escaped death. Raven made the Journey back. For a surprise. But… That’s all… He doesn’t know about it yet. I didn’t tell him. I didn’t get the chance to.

Prince Alvin: Don’t you think that you should tell him? He’s gonna just find out eventually.

Dinah: I’ll tell him tonight. He’s off from work tonight. So tonight i’ll drop the bombshell on my husband. Tell him about what we were told by Ted who i think that has just Vanished from sight and about mom. He needs to know the truth.

Prince Curtis: ……

That night…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Dinah was cleaning up the Kitchen a little while still keeping her husband’s dinner warm in the microwave…

Dinah: *Cleaning up the counter and getting the dishes done* I can’t believe that i have to tell my husband about my mom being back. I should have told him last night when he came home… What the hell was i thinking, keeping this from him?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Drinking Some Coffee* Dinah, It’s gonna be okay. You were just not ready to tell him last night is all… You were still trying to process the shock that you got seeing me back… Not many people can be brought from the dead like i was and made to look like i wasn’t… extinguished. in normal standing… that Bastard Zod killed me. You coped in ways of lashing out at people… and flying off in fury. But… You did what you had to do, Sweetie. You did what you had to do. Shingo will understand.

Dinah: I know that, Mom. I know. But what you don’t understand is that i tell my husband everything… usually. At least things like this. Because the last time i didn’t… Let’s just say that we spent a day not speaking because we were hurt. We always come clean about everything. That’s one of the commitments that he and i made when he and i said our Vows. at the Alter. We swore to god and to ourselves that there would under any circumstance… be no secrets kept from one another. That we would tell each other… Everything that happens. Everything.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That’s just a Marriage that is gonna only fail… Sweetie. There is no marriage that is based on telling every single secret that one has. There are just some things that people keep to themselves. People have dark secrets that they don’t wish to tell… You know that. I know that you feel bad for not telling him about this. It is a normal response. It is. But you have to under stand… Sometimes it’s best to have a few things… kept to yourself. Like say… that you have a mean streak sometimes where you might say things that are not right… Would you be wanting for Shingo to know about that? It would hurt him.

Dinah: *Looking towards her mother and sighs* I wish that i could accept that, Mom. I really do… But I know Shingo enough to know that if he found out that there was any secret kept from him… He would not be too happy. That is the last thing i would expect to have happen. Plus… the fact that we’re still all relishing the part that you were brought from the past and to this current time. It’s something really new to me… I mean… that if you were brought back… that could mean that so was that Ex-Professor.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: No… he died or was killed in a lab explosion. that was a while back before my supposed death. months before.

Dinah: You sure?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yes. I am sure. I am positive. If he were to be brought back… i would not allow for him to come within a foot near you. I would never allow it. Ever.

A Minute later…

Dinah: There is also something else too… Luna’s got a love of her own and at 13.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I heard. Raven filled me in on that detail. She told me a whole bunch about the details that happened from the time i was said to have been killed till currently. What’s the boy Zeke like? You met him?

Dinah: Yeah. I did. I met him a few times when he came over to hang with Luna. He is very civil and respectful. Although Martin was like that too… till he changed. That was when Zeke came into Luna’s life. Martin kept trashing Zeke. Before Luna did the wisest thing and break up with him… She would come home and be in tears… While she was for a time with a habit. She would be coming home in tears… I felt bad for her. I really felt terrible for her to be going through relationship woes like that. It was upsetting. Martin was treating her like an idiot.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Who’s this Martin?

Dinah: Martin Marco. He’s Luna’s first love. but one that turned out to be a total nightmare.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Where does he live?

Dinah: At a Wizard’s house. Vincent Van Graves. He’s the kid’s guardian.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Where’re his parents?

Dinah: They’re dead. they died in a plane crash a week before he turned 6.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Oh no… That’s terrible. How did he cope with the loss?

Dinah: Not sure. But he’s sure not being the type of person that his parents would be proud of. Being womanizing to her. making her feel like she was a complete Idiot.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: How did they die though? A place crash. from where? Where was the crash?

Dinah: It was off the coast of Wakiki beach. There was even a letter left for Martin to read and hold on to from his parents.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It must have been sad for him to lose his parents at a young age. The poor guy. However… i don’t think it’d excuse his behavior towards Luna. For the longest time… you had to be like the mother and a sister to Luna. Shanna was fine. She held her own. She was able to self sustain her own in a way. But Luna needed a guide. Since i was gone till now… You had to be her mother and sister. But you don’t have to be like her mother anymore… I am back now… I can take over. I have no problem doing so.  *Looking at the time* Your husband is running late… Isn’t he supposed to be here already?

Dinah: I think so. But till he is home and settled down a little… You might want to go into the other room. I want to surprise him… Sometimes when i tell him things… i kinda put a little bit of surprise to it. Shingo seems to like that sometimes. But… no matter what. I intend to tell him and see that the two of you meet.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Okay. *Finishing her cup of coffee and setting the cup down* That was pretty good coffee. What blend is it?

Dinah: Colombian. We sometimes get the Hazelnut blend. Those two Shingo loves. He would have 3 cups. large cups of the coffee every morning when we have that blend.

A couple minutes later…

Shingo: *Opening the front door and coming inside* … Dinah… I’m home.

Dinah: *Walking over from the Kitchen and greeting her husband; Kissing him on the lips and offering to take his coat and hang it on the rack by the wall* How was it out there?

Shingo: *Kissing his wife back on the lips and then on the side* Oh it was fine. It was rather peaceful coming home. The traffic was light. Considering on how it usually gets. even on Rush hour.

Dinah: I would figure.  I would believe it too… Traffic from the University was really light.  More so than it was in the past weeks.

Shingo: Strange though, isn’t it? Not that we’re complaining. It’s a nice change. But… it still leaves a person to wonder.

Dinah: Ain’t that the truth and then some.

Shingo: And i was off work for about an hour. I would have been here a half hour ago… But I was kept a few minutes more tonight. Mr. Willard has this new clientele system where for the ones that pay good… he gives me the chance to pick 4 of them for the day on top of the usual customers that we get that pay only the usual.

Dinah: That man treats you like a second son to him or something. He just treats you like a Ace. That’s good. It’s also a Job that you love doing. To be honest with it all… when you first drove my truck a few times as i was pregnant and couldn’t very well drive… I was kinda a tad scared because i had a suspicion that you might have had bad driving… But when you really got in and started to drive… You were good. You knew the laws and knew what to do… where and how.

Shingo: You were scared?!

Dinah: A little. But it was mainly my feeling a tad off because i felt as though our little ones were doing the bounce maneuver and maybe twisting. It made me feel a little queasy.

Shingo: I remember. You nearly turned Green a couple times. I was certain that you were gonna puke up a storm. Anyways… Remember when i said that one of the Clients was gonna think on offering me the job of being their private Driver?

Dinah: I believe so… It has been a while since you mentioned it. But yes. i do seem to remember you making note of it.

Shingo: Well… that woman… Hudson. Kate Hudson. She’s hired me to be her personal… Private Driver. Paying me $1000 straight. It’s gonna be great pay.

Dinah: Oh my… That’s wonderful… where does she live though?

Shingo: She’s in L.A. California. But she’s moved out to here. The move isn’t finalized yet… but it’s insured that once it becomes official… that’s when i can expect the job to be there. That means that i’ll be home more… but on call for her. so when she calls and needs a ride. I go and do my thing.

Dinah: Ah… Now i am happy for you, Sweetheart. I’m proud of you. I just had a hunch that something good was gonna happen and that the big guy in the sky was gonna be smiling on you… I had faith. And it came through.

Shingo: It sure did. What’s for dinner, darling? I’m deeply famished tonight. Long day of work. I didn’t even have Lunch. I was on the go all day.

Dinah: We had Pork Chops. Green beans and Baked Potatoes…  I have yours in the microwave… to be heated up for you to chow down. You’re gonna need a warm meal. You look like you’re freezing a bit.

Shingo: It’s not that bad… It usually is warm on nights like this. Although it’s gotten a little nippy out the last couple evenings. Strange weather.

Dinah: Very…

Dinah then heads to the kitchen to heat up the plate she set for her husband and made sure that it was nice and hot… sprinkled some salt and pepper and brought it to the table; setting it for him to grab a seat and eat. She had a glass of Iced Tea placed next to the plate…

Dinah: *Sitting down across from Shingo and talking with him* Darling, There is something that i should tell you.

Shingo: Really? Like what? Something happen?

Dinah: Eh… you could say that. But it depends on what you mean by… Something. The thing is though… You know about… my mother, Right?

Shingo: *Grins* What kind of question is that? Do i know your mother…. Of course i know her. You do recall that i did meet her a couple times… with you and stayed at the house back a few years ago during the brief time that we all thought you were… you know… Dead when you tried to take Tin Can Reject Metallic youma head out of commission. But you came back. And while you were with your sisters and a group of others beating that evil being. the Great Evil menace. Metaria… I know her. I know her. Why?

Dinah: Uh… well My mother was killed by that Tyrant Zod… and you remember how we were all grieving over it. My sisters and I. My whole family. I was the one in Anguish and feeling unstable. You had to have felt bad about it… which is like sympathy because you felt terrible seeing me lose the only parent that i ever knew.

“Let me show you what I’m made of
Good intentions are not enough
To get me though today and this life.
You’re in the basement watching the TV,
I’m on the second floor watching the ceiling.
We sleep underneath the same big sky at night.
I dream the same dream we can fly
You can run from me
You can hide form me
But I am right beside you
In this life.
Let me tell you who you really are
You’re my comfort
You’re not a superstar
I can reach up and bring you back down to the ground
And give you everything you dream about
You can run from me
You can hide from me
But I am right beside you
In this life.
I’ll give you all the things that I never get
Give you all I have and have no regret
Take you to the places that I’ve never been
Forgive you all the things that you cant forget
Take away the pain with my healing hands
Wash away your sins and set your spirit free
You can run from me
You can hide from me
But I am right beside you
In this life.
Let me show you what I’m made of”

Shingo: I sure did. I even wanted to cry for you because it was really heartbreaking. Losing a parent is really hard. I Can’t say that i would feel the same about my mother… Although i know that eventually i’ll have to reconcile with her and make amends. You’ll have to open up to her too…

Dinah: *Sternly* I’ll chew that kind of meat when i must. But if she isn’t gonna attempt to try and meet half way… neither will i. But I’ll do whatever you think should be done. Although about my mother… There is something that i have to tell you.

Shingo: What?

Dinah: Promise me that you won’t freak out…

Shingo: Who’s gonna freak out? I won’t freak out. I promise… There isn’t a thing that you could tell me that would make me freak out.

Dinah: *Sighs and Gulps a little before telling* My mother didn’t really die. Not like we thought. She did get killed… but something happened recently that you will not believe. Raven… She was for the last week acting out of sorts in some way. Yesterday… she and I had a little bit of an outburst. She left… but then again… didn’t leave. She instead… went back in time a few years. To the moment before my mother was killed. Murdered by Zod. She went to find my mother and get her to take warn in her life… That it was in danger. Raven watched as the events went on… But before the action of the loss of life could happen… Raven Created a Clone… A Mirror Image Replica of my Mother… and brought the real deal back with her. back here to the present.

Shingo: Come again? You want to say that one part again? Did you just say that Raven… the Dark powered friend of ours… went back in time and brought back your mother and snatched her from the grips of death? You’re saying that your mother… Princess Rikku… Is here. Now.

Dinah: Yes. She is… *Calling out to the hall way* You can come out now…

A few seconds later…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking out and coming towards the table* Hey you… You must be the husband to my darling Daughter. It’s nice to meet you again.

Shingo: *Turning to see Mrs. Rhapsody walking over* Whoa! You’re looking well… It’s nice to meet you again too. I heard about you being brought back from the past and brought to the present. But as far as i am concerned… you’ve always been here… Just silent. That’s all… *Finishing his dinner and Drinking down his tea Swallowing his food well and with a straight clear cough…Clearing his throat* It’s nice to see you again.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I Know that you’ll be making my daughter really happy. Seeing her happy makes me happy. and knowing that she’s happy with you and you being the one who has her heart. it’s the best thing that a mother could ever ask for. for her daughters. That they meet someone who they can truly give their whole heart to and be happy for it. Welcome to the family, Shingo… It’s a little late… but better late than never, right? *Smiles*

Shingo: Right. *Chuckles* Better late than never.

The Predictions were heard and known and Now the mother to the 3 girls was back. She was brought back from the past and saved from being forever wiped from history. Raven saved her… in many ways that a person can be saved. But it would be putting the most pain upon her as she would have to witness the countdown to the end of the world. The end of all things Mortal. The Predictions were in threat of coming to pass. The girls were gonna soon be up to their toes with the end of days being upon them. It was only a matter of time… What were they gonna do about the predictions? were they gonna come to pass? What about the mother to the Rhapsody Girls? Was she gonna be able to reconnect with the world that went on without her around? Was she gonna be able to reinstate how she lived before she was said to have been Murdered on May 1st 2024? Would Martin and Vincent become at odds a little more after the punishment that Vincent laid down on Martin? Would Martin Dive down into a path of darkness? What about The Rhapsody Brothers? Would they be able to live with the new reality of the member of their family being back alive and back upon their lives? Alice’s pregnancy was getting closer to it’s day of end. the day she would deliver… Would she be able to wait that long? She was getting antsy over the pregnancy. How much more was she expected to take? Was the Predictions and the Prophetic vision about Raven? Find out in the next Chapter of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Voice-over* Wow… It’s great to be back… I missed everybody. I know that i was killed 40 chapters ago… but… this is my comeback… I am back. On the Next installment of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It is a day that was supposed to be a blessing. But turns out… It’s not. Raven, our good friend with the Dark powers… She’s with a dark secret about her Birthday and it turns out that her day of Birth is nothing to celebrate. The team as in my 3 babies, Paige, Pearl and Dinah. The Rhapsody Brothers have to answer a disturbance at a Bottling plant and find that the Prediction they were told of… was Right. It was Beryl. The one they beat many many times before. You know… I getting really sick of that Beryl. My babies beat her… So… she should just stay dead. Not likely… because she’s back and this time round… She’s with a mark on her forehead and Raven fails on not recognizing it. Beryl has come for her and it’s about a Message. A Prophecy of her Birth… Plus we got the Winchester brothers and their gang checking the Catacombs that were said to be underneath City Hall… Yeah… It’s true… Beryl’s back and she’s got Demonic powers… And she’s after Raven. I guess that some people weren’t meant to have a Happy Birthday. Beryl tells her and makes her see what her future will be like… Some peace offering. It’s time to be there for Raven and be her strength on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 107: “The Turn of Demonic Prophecy. Raven of Azarath’s Victimized Ascent.”

“Dinah: Don’t go with that one… There is something else… Isn’t there? Raven… you can fool anyone… no one would think to ask. But you can’t fool me. We happen to have a bond, Remember? You’ve been in my mind. Could read what i was thinking. And discovered that i was pregnant. and it got me to start thinking better of my life. Let me inside yours…

Raven: *Looking back a little* Dinah, You are the tough girl. A Danger Zone when the time comes for it. You at times don’t really think and just do. But you are also one who knows me better than others that there are places in my mind that you don’t go… Where no one should ever go.

Dinah: I’m willing to at least try.

Raven: You can’t.

Dinah: Raven, Please… let me try to help.

Raven: *Walking on over to her room* Dinah, Just trust me. If you knew anything about the day of my birth… You’d know that there is absolutely nothing to celebrate.”

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