Chapter 105: “Cry, Little sister.” Luna and Zeke’s Romantic Light. Zeke’s last attempt to reach out to Martin. Dinah’s big break.

June 1st 2027…


At the Metropolis Dorms…

Room #320…

Prince Alvin: The car is all done. All i have to do is give it the final touch and make sure it’s running smoothly. see that it passes smog and Voila… The car is ready for driving. But now i have to work at getting an Engagement ring for Alice.

Lenard: *Gasps in surprise* You’re kidding? You’re all done with the car?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. I am all done. I completed it just the other day.

Lenard: All those hours. and you are with a car to show for it.

Prince Alvin: It’s for Alice.

Lenard: That i know. You worked yourself to death on the car.  Do you think that she’ll like it?

Prince Alvin: I am sure that she’ll be in love with it. I just know it.

Russell: *Walking in; Back from class* What’s going on with the older guy being in the Dorms?

Prince Alvin: *Looking to see Russell* What older guy?

Russell: The one that looks like he’s a bit drunk.

Prince Alvin: That’d probably be my father. King John.

Lenard: *Looks at Prince Alvin and shrieks a little* Your father?

Russell: What? Why would your father be here?

Prince Alvin: He’s here just for a while. He just got Divorced only a few weeks ago and he’s been taking it pretty hard.

Lenard: You mean the woman left him?

Russell: He’s all by his lonesome i guess. Isn’t that right?

Prince Alvin: Well… what do you think it is? I mean… you try getting yourself divorced and see how lonely you be getting.

Lenard: Good point. That would rather suck.

Russell: I heard that there were these Demon hunters in the City.

Prince Alvin: Demon Hunters? What would Demon hunters be doing in the city?

Lenard: Who the heck knows?

Russell: That’s another thing about it too… they had this book with them. This so called Book with a Pentagram on the cover.

Prince Alvin: I guess that someone’s gonna have to check it out and find out who they are.

Lenard: What about the young girl Luna?

Prince Alvin: She’s fine. She’s quit that habit and the Teen Angst is finally over. But she’s also no longer with the teen Martin Marco.

Lenard: Congrats on the habit quitting. Plus the Teen Angst phase. I’ll bet that her sisters are all in good spirits again over that.

Prince Alvin: Yeah. They are in good spirits over that. Better spirits than they were throughout the last couple months.

Russell: I think that we all are. Because no offense… We were all getting rather tired of the Teen Angst run.

Prince Alvin: Tell that to my Cousins. Paige, Pearl and Dinah. Imagine as to how they feel about it. or how they felt about the whole thing.

Lenard: I am sure that they were feeling just tired over it. Waiting for it to be over. But now that it’s over… Things can return back to normal.

Prince Alvin: hopefully.

Russell: *Looking at the others* Why’s that?

Lenard: Yeah. *Looking at Prince Alvin and curious* Something up?

Prince Alvin: Not really. Other than Luna is going out with Zeke. None of us can really stand Zeke too much. But he’s been nothing other than a wonderful pillar of strength for Luna. In some odd way.

Russell: Whoa. What happened to Martin and Luna?

Prince Alvin: Luna Broke up with him. She called it quits on him.

Lenard: Huh? How did this happen?

Prince Alvin: It happened because Luna was tired of being poorly treated by Martin. Dinah was noticing it and so was Pearl. Shingo, Dinah’s husband also caught on to how Luna was being treated by Martin and even he was not all that happy. Actually he wasn’t the least bit happy.

Lenard: Would you think that Luna and Zeke are gonna be a better couple?

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* I don’t know. I would like to think that they would be. But i don’t know. I think that the Jury is still out on that Zeke boy.

Russell: Still feeling unsure about him?

Lenard: You should try to reach out to him. Maybe get to know him a little. Sure that he can’t be all that bad or a rush for concern.

Prince Alvin: Maybe you’re right…

Room #205…

Prince Curtis: *Looking at his Geology textbook and doing some reading* What a night. *Yawns* I can’t believe that i was up all night studying. I need to get some rest. I can’t seem to focus on anything. I am exhausted. *Feeling like he’s about to pass out* Ugh! I need some sleep.

Prince Avery: How do you think i bloody feel? Dad’s been keeping us both up with his needing to talk about the break up he went through. Not like we don’t mind it… We feel his pain. It bloody blows big time. But there isn’t a whole lot that can be done. He just needs to get back into the swing of things again. That’s all.

Prince Curtis: I know. I just feel bad for the guy. He really felt happy with her. I mean… what could he have done to make her want to leave? Why did she leave to begin with. He married that Tamaranian girl and she just ups and leaves him high and dry like old wood.

Prince Avery: It hurts and it’s a shame. We need to get him something that will make him forget about the loss and just mend. The heartache he’s feeling is liable to be the death of him yet if he’s not careful.

Prince Curtis: I agree. *sighs* I got a Test tomorrow in Geology class.

Prince Avery: Another one?

Prince Curtis: Of course i do. You know that Finals are coming. They’re scheduled to start next week. It’s a 2 and a half week session.

Prince Avery: I should not be surprised as i too have tests coming up. I didn’t even get to go for my swim this morning. I was too tired. Still am.

Prince Curtis: *Looking at the time and feeling up to some coffee and Espresso* You know… they happen to have an Espresso machine down there in the lounge. I’m gonna go and get some coffee. Maybe some coffee will wake me up.

Prince Avery: Wake us both up.

Prince Curtis: *Walking over to the door* I’ll be back.

In Room #349…

Pearl: *Sighs* I feel bad for Luna… She hasn’t really been the same since she and Martin officially broke up and that was on the same day that we all found out that Martin was in the hospital.

Star: *Feeling bad for Luna* Do you think that she’s gonna be alright?

Pearl: I don’t know. The only thing that is positive right now is that she’s no longer in the habit. She is not with Teen Angst anymore. She’s back to being the sweet person that she once upon a time had been.

Star: I wonder what your sister Dinah will do.

Pearl:  I don’t know. She hasn’t really spoken about it to anyone. Not even her husband knows what will come of Luna.

Star: What about the others?

Pearl: I wish that i knew. We were so wrapped up in our fashion that we just didn’t even notice that things were shaky.

Star: It was the way we chose to be because we didn’t know what else to do to help her. Your sister Luna has been diving down such a dark line and it got to where we had to be distant from her. We didn’t want to. We really didn’t want to. But we didn’t know how well to help her.

Pearl: No one did. Prince Alvin tried lecturing her and getting through to her and it didn’t work. It just got to be worse than it had been when it first started.

Star: Plus the Fashion designing classes are almost over. After the finals… we have to choose new classes.

Pearl: Yeah. I don’t know what classes i’m gonna go for though.

Star: *Thinking* Weren’t you thinking about going for a little bit of Choir and take a little taste in maybe singing?

Pearl: I think so. But i really don’t know if i should. You do realize that it’s 6 months away from the Prophecy to be into play. If i were to go for the singing career… It could contradict or interfere with the duties i have with the situation revolving Raven. and her supposed Demon bad ass father. If you can even consider that Demon to be a father at all.

Star: That’s true. What’re you gonna do?

Pearl: Well… Until that time comes when it becomes that point where we have to deal with the Demon and the last points of remaining mortal world existence… Pray hard and long.

Star: But there is also the fact about Luna…

Pearl: It’s back to normal for her. Well… somewhat normal. But Luna hasn’t really said anything to anyone. She’s back to speaking Japanese and just not saying a whole lot. I think that her heart is broken… But that was for the first two weeks that she was quiet. She just last week started seeing Zeke again and Changed her ways. A whole lot.

Star: How much would you say?

Pearl: Oh… well let’s say that if she changed anymore… You wouldn’t even think that it was Luna at all anymore even if by looking at her.

Star: That’d be a big change. *Looking at the designs* Any idea as to how we’re gonna get these done?

Pearl: *Looking to the side and seeing the designs and thinking* Hmm… Not exactly. The professor said that we had to make Elizabethan like attire. Dresses.  Almost like Aristocratic.

Star: We’re gonna need to make a run to the store for that. We’re gonna need some specific material for the dresses.

Pearl: Let’s take a look. *Looking at the list* Says here that we’re in need of some material that can be used for sash. Possibly Taffeta. The dresses back then looked like ones you’d wear at a debutante ball.

Star: Debutante ball? *Pauses and looking at Pearl* Really? You mean that you’re likely creating Debutante ball Dresses that are Elizabethan?

Pearl: Seems to be.

James Carrington’s “Ache” Plays in the background…

At Vincent Van Graves…

In Martin’s Room…

Martin: *Playing catch with Starlight* Having fun, Starlight?

Starlight: Only if you are.

Martin: I am. *Sighs* But i just can’t stop thinking about Luna.

Starlight: Why? You two did break up and i don’t like kicking my dear master to the curb when he’s down… but you did happen to do it to yourself.

Martin: I know. I drank. I feel like hell too. I barely got out of the hospital about a couple weeks ago. Although… I feel as if i lost my reason to care or be happy as i ought to be. I pushed Luna away. I saw the bad in Zeke. None of the good. I wonder how long i stayed that way.

Starlight: Master, you are not a bad person. You just were making some awful decisions and were hating Zeke. Not loving. I know you feel terrible. But it’s too late to change. Luna is gone. She doesn’t even want to talk to you much. In fact it’s of no strangeness to believe that she hasn’t spoken to anyone since that night she came here to tell Vincent what you were really doing. I heard it all. But i didn’t want to get in the middle.

Martin: I see. But that’s my fault. I got myself pissed off and i know that i must have scared you a bit of something terrible.

Starlight: *Jumps onto the bed and cuddling next to Martin* It’s okay. I’m not mad. I know that you didn’t mean it. You were just in agony.

Martin: I still feel bad about it though. I should have had at least some control. Something. anything.

Starlight: What about Luna? You’re gonna see her at school tomorrow. You don’t think that you’ll get those old feelings back, do you?

Martin: I don’t know. I am kinda debating on whether i should even risk going back to school and the feelings just hit me. Or if i should excuse myself from going back at all.

Starlight: It can’t be that bad. You do need school. If you do happen to see her… You could maybe just reach out and be a friend to her…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

In Luna’s room…

Luna was sitting down and writing her paper. She was sniffling as she was doing her homework. She knew that she didn’t have anyone to call her own and it was her doing. She blamed Martin for pushing her away. It was his fault. But ever since she walked from him… She couldn’t stop thinking about him. Although the loss was what had to happen. She Just sat there and didn’t say a word. She just did her homework and kept to herself. She didn’t really speak to anyone about anything. She was afraid to. The teachers at school still didn’t like her even though she had shown that she was a better person. She didn’t speak much to the others. to her friends. She was afraid to. As she was doing her homework… Raven came in and detected sadness coming from Luna. She wasn’t a whole human but her human side was feeling Luna’s sadness. Luna wasn’t feeling so good and she woke up feeling rather stuffed up and was coughing…

Raven: *Walking in to check on Luna* You okay?

Luna: *Nods* Yeah.

Raven: You’re awfully quiet this morning.

Luna: I know. *In a Japanese accent* I don’t want to discuss anything right now. I don’t feel like pouring my heart out. I ripped it out 2 weeks ago and i just don’t want to be hurt anymore.

Raven: No one is gonna hurt you, Luna. No one ever had. You weren’t exactly acting all pleasant either. You should know that people here were avoiding you. Even me. But it is my nature to not be too social because i am just that way. But i was staying away from you. You weren’t yourself. It happens. It is human nature. Teen Angst for that matter.

Luna: Like you know about human nature, Raven? You have been here for almost 2 years But that doesn’t make you expert material. *Sighs* Sorry. I am still going through withdrawals and i am just a little cranky is all.

Raven: Well the habit that you were doing was practically unhealthy. Everyone tried to get you to see that. But you thought that they were trying to fool you.

Luna: Maybe they are trying to fool me. I don’t know anymore. *Looking at Raven* I quit the habit. But i just feel so empty. 2 weeks without having a love. It’s like my heart’s been taken from me. Zeke and i have been seeing more of each other but he doesn’t make me as happy as i thought that he would. Or maybe he does and i am just not able to feel it because i feel as though i lost my heart.

Raven: You’ve still got a heart. It’s just hurt is all. It’s hurt and after being with a break-up… it will likely be hurt a while.

Luna: *Shaking her head* I don’t understand. Why do i have to feel hurt?

Raven: It’s a normal human feeling. It’s bad. but it’s part of living.

Luna: I know. I just feel so alone in my heart. I am 13 and i feel so alone. I got a family. friends who would stand by me and ones i can really truly trust. Have faith in. *Speaking Japanese* Watashinokazoku wa ōkīdesushi, soko ni iru hitobito no ton o motte imasu… Shikashi, watashi wa sonoyōni ushinawa reta kanji. Watashi wa watashi ga mātin o ushinatta tokida to omoimasu. Watashi wa watashi no sekai o ushinatta. Watashi wa watashinojinsei de jīku ga arimasu. Shikashi, kare wa hontōni watashi ga hoshī nodesu ka? Watashi wa kare ga yatta yōna shūkan o motte itanode, matawa kare ga watashidake o shitai nodesu ka? Kare wa hontōni watashi o ki ni shite imasu ka? *English Translating* “I think that when i lost Martin. I lost my world. I have Zeke in my life. But does he really want me? Or did he only want me because  i had a habit just like he did? Does he really care about me?”

Raven: I don’t know, Luna. I can’t say that he would… i can’t say that he wouldn’t. But the only thing that can be said about it is that… if you really want to know… You should call him and ask him. The best thing to do is just ask him what he really thinks about you. how he feels about you. Be subtle.

Luna: *Nods slowly as if understanding*

Although that afternoon…

Luna: *On the phone* Zeke, How are you?

Zeke: *On the phone and Sneezing* I’m fine. Just have a bit of a sneeze going on. Quitting the habit isn’t as what it’s cracked up to be. Done the habit since age 7 and now that i have quit the habit… i feel violated… Not really all that Violated. But it’s now viewable. Like a trailer park reject who feels like he’s trash.

Luna: I think that i feel the same way to be honest. I know that the habit is what masked it all… But we had to stop it. We had to quit it. We were getting a hacker’s cough. We were also getting short of breath too.

Zeke: I guess.  But wouldn’t the others be asking why?

Luna: Others? Like who? Pamela? She’s quit too. At least that’s what i’ve heard. She had to have quit the habit.

Zeke: But do you think that the rest will be open to our change? They’re gonna be asking why the big change.

Luna: Let them ask. Let them ask. It’s just the choice that we’ve made. I was actually willing to stop it.

Zeke: You were?

Luna: Yeah. I was. I have and i am glad.

Zeke: What about the loss with Martin?

Luna: *Sighs* I don’t know. I do know that i miss him. You and I did say that we loved each other… But i think that we were seeing it as more of a friend friend thing. Right?

Zeke: Well… Yeah. Yeah, it was. It was like that. But i kinda… hoped that it would be more than that. I saw how Martin was treating you, Luna. I can’t say that you’ve forgot to try and make some peace with Martin. You tried. Right?

Luna: I think that i had. I don’t really know if i really got through to him. I mean. He won’t even talk to me. I broke his heart. I really crushed him.

Zeke: He’s liable to forgive you… Isn’t he?

Luna: *Starting to get a bit emotional* How can he? I broke up with him while he was on the Hospital bed. He was lying there and in need of someone to make him feel better. I could have caused him to die of a broken heart because i literally broke his heart. I am terrible.

Zeke: You’re not terrible. You were just standing up for yourself. How is that a bad thing?

Luna: How is it a good thing if all it leaves you is regret because you wind up hurting someone in the end because of it?

Zeke: Sometimes being good is doing the hardest thing that you know must be done. You were suffocating yourself with Martin. I mean… i know that he wasn’t exactly a whiz-kid and he wasn’t all that sweet when you were diving into smoking and diving into… being well in a dark path. But he was your first love. A first target of the heart. Luna. He was like your best friend.

Luna: Yeah. A best friend that was bashing you. I was constantly defending you.

Zeke: And i am thankful for that. But it costed you a love. Destroyed your love life.

Luna: Then maybe the love between me and him wasn’t meant to survive all things.


As for the Demon Hunters…

At the Metropolis Motel…

Dean and Sam were tracking for Demon sightings. Checking for any strange pop ups of demons or presences…

Dean: *Looking at the papers* I can’t believe that the demons are taking good cover. *Looking through the papers and seeing as though the demon break out was increasing* Sam, Were you able to find any new signs of the Demons.

Sam: *Looking at the Computer* Not really. But i did manage to find a case that is related to the demons that broke out into the city. *Looking at the data on the screen* There is a haunted well in the promenade part of the city. Sources are saying that there have been some strange things going on by the well. A few people have reported seeing apparitions come out from the well and walking into the public. But when they would blink their eyes to see that they were seeing as such… the Spirits would just disappear. Without a trace. No warning. No signs… Nothing.

Dean: So the spirits would just appear one minute and expose their presence then the next after they start walking into the open clearing and through the crowd… they vanish off into the ether without a trace or a sign that they walked upon the earth.

Sam: There has been reports of there being some kind of magnetic pull. Energy drainage. A few people said that they walked into the building at the one end of the Promenade and as soon as they would walk back out of the place… they’d feel drained and come close to collapsing onto the ground.

Dean: An Energy drainage?

Sam: That’s not the only thing that is weird about it.

Dean: Why’s that?

Sam: What do you mean by that, Dean? Why is it weird? Well… What’s making it weird is that they in their latent trans all chanted a Incantation. A Prophetic message.

Dean: A Message? What kind of Prophetic Message are we talking here?

Casstiel: *Appearing in the room* The same one that revolves a girl who is not just a girl… but also a Demon. From a Mystical place that is known by Heaven. Azarath. The Prophecy. “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire. The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim… He comes to sire. The end of all things Mortal.”

Sam: The girl again. I think that the name is on the data here. A girl named Raven. Last name… is… Some say Roth. some say Azar… some source say that it’s unknown.

Dean: Do you think that it would actually matter what her name was?

Casstiel: We need to find her and see if she poses a threat. Gabriel and Raphael are gonna be requesting that the girl gets destroyed.

Sam: We’re gonna have no choice but to find the girl too…

Bobby: We also have to worry about the girls. They’re with her. they’re in league with her and will protect her. They don’t know the threat that the girl could pose upon the world.

Dean: Sam, We need to set up a meet with the Rhapsody Clan.

Sam: That’s what i was thinking.

Bobby: Where do you Idgets plan to go to find them though? It’s not like they have an official address.

Sam: Where are they?

Casstiel: They’re at the Metropolis University.

Dean: Then that’s where we need to go to meet them…


A phone rings and a call comes in…

Bobby: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Voice: *As Charlie* Bobster…

Bobby: Charlie. What’s going on?

Charlie: Something that your boys will want to get a taste of. listen up… I’m at the industrial district right now and you’re not gonna believe what’s going on over here.

Bobby: What’s the scoop?

Charlie: *On the Phone* Listen to this… *Holding the phone towards the direction where the Demons are*

Demon Possessed workers: *Chanting* The Gem was born of Evil’s fire. The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim… He comes to sire. The end of all things Mortal. Trigon shall rule this planet and conquer all. the resistance of his power is futile. There is no escape. No ESCAPE!

Charlie: Hear that? This is huge. You might want to find a place that is close by here and set up a massive Devil’s trap. Maybe two of them. To send these demons out and get them back to where they must go. They’re gonna be out for blood.

Bobby: Charlie… Get your fanny out of there. Don’t let those demons see you. If they’re out for Blood… they’re gonna look for anyone to grab and turn into demon food.

Charlie: Don’t worry. Just get your guys with the Colt and the Devil’s trap dagger over here and soon. The uprising is gonna happen pretty quick unless these demons are purged and ASAP…

At Pamela’s House…

Pamela was in her room and cleaning out things. She was no longer with a habit and she was happy. She looked at the phone and saw that she had a Text. It was Penelope and from Beth. She went over to her phone and grabbed it.

A second later…

Pamela: *On the phone* Hey, Penelope… You called?

Penelope: *On the phone* Uh, yeah… I did call you. What’s going on with Luna and Martin?

Pamela: What do you mean?

Penelope: Come on… you mean that you didn’t hear about the break up that they had the other week. we all didn’t catch it till just yesterday.

Pamela: I must have missed it. Why? Because Martin was being a total ass to Luna. We all heard the reasons for it… we all heard it and yet… i don’t buy Martin’s reasons. I don’t like him. What he did to Luna. I don’t like what Luna had to do either to break from him. Breaking his heart like she felt had to be done. But Martin’s a Jerk. I am Glad that she broke from him.

Penelope: That was the other week. I heard that someone just saw Martin a few minutes ago walking his dog and he looked like he was distraught.

Pamela: That’s just some act. He is just upset because Luna put him right in his place and he don’t like it. Luna’s back to being a sweet person again. She also knows that Martin’s not in her life anymore. She’s back to being happy again as she once was.

Penelope: I noticed. But don’t you find it kinda odd as to how apart they are from everyone? Luna won’t really say too much about it and won’t talk about it to anyone. She’s also afraid to talk to us because she’s afraid that we might get at her over it.

Pamela: That part does sound pretty strange. Really strange to be in fact honest. There is a feeling that she fears that we will be angry at her for breaking up with Martin… even though she did do it while he was in the hospital.

Penelope: She did however say that she was gonna make things right. The only thing about that is when she said that she was gonna be making things right between her and Martin… she didn’t say that it was gonna be by just saying goodbye to him. We didn’t think that she was gonna go all on the heartbreak. I thought that she was just gonna just explain how she felt and why she was feeling the way she was feeling. Hoping that Martin would understand and maybe get him to lighten up. Lighten up in some way… if at all.

Pamela: We should go and see Luna sometime today and get her to realize that we are not mad at her for doing what she had to do.

Penelope: I think that we should get together somewhere and get her to come out to meet and just tell her… that we are not angry at her for what she did. Dumping Martin. Yes… we’re a little hurt. It’s expected. but we’re not upset and or angry. We understand. If we were in her shoes… we’d be rather doing the very same thing she had done.

Pamela: Think that we should call the others and ask them out to meet for a group gathering?

Penelope: Yeah.

Pamela: Okay. let’s call them. We’ll all have them meet at the Metropolis Park. Late afternoon.

Penelope: Okay. See you then.

At Vincent Van Graves…

In the Study…

Vincent: *Reading through some of his spells and creating something for Luna’s new love interest* Something protective. Resistant to burns and freezing. Shock resistant. I can’t make anything that will give him powers. Not without a consent from the girl. *Looking at a spell and reading it off* This is Swahili. Maybe they’re with stronger blood for this spell. *Chanting the spells and creating a Resistance robe* “Katika kutia ya mambo i ruzuku juu yako. nguvu hizi kwamba kuwa. Upinzani wa mambo wingi. Moto na Ice. Radi na maji. Psychic na nyasi. Giza waliobeba. mwanga na ulinzi. kuchanganya nguvu yako na kutoa upinzani na mambo yaliyotokea. kuwa makazi yako na mlinzi wako.” (English Translation: In the thrust of the elements i grant upon thee. these powers that be. The resistance of the elements abound. Fire and Ice. Thunder and water. Psychic and grass. Darkness wielding. be the light and the guard. combine your power and provide the resistance to the elements unfold. be thine shelter and thy protector.)

In seconds a Robe was formed and had a small strip of each element on it but with the strength to protect the wearer of any and all elements from dangerous elements and beings. Demons and creatures.  Vincent didn’t want to go behind Martin’s back and go see Zeke. But he knew that something had to be done. Someone had to open up to Zeke and he knew that Martin was never gonna do it. He had to protect the dear boy as a promise to his best friend. But the way Martin was being to Zeke… he was not appreciative of it. He thought about punishing Martin over it… He sat and thought about it about a dozen times. Maybe more… Maybe less. But he just couldn’t rise to the point to do so. Vincent within moments got up and made his way over to where Zeke resided and did what he set out to do…

At Zeke’s place…

Zeke: *Watching a movie and Eating a burger that he got from a burger Joint a moment prior* Luna is one girl that i love. It’s a shame that she only saw me as a friend though. But i can’t be that hurt. She was with Martin but isn’t anymore and since then… we’ve been together. Alot.

Suddenly a knock sounds on the door…

Zeke: *Looking over to the door and wondering who it was; Getting up and Walking over to the door* Who could that be? Not many people know that i live here. I didn’t tell anyone other than Luna that i live here.

Vincent: *From outside the door* Zeke?! It’s Vincent.

Zeke: *scoffs and feeling annoyed* Great. I got the guardian of the loser who hates me coming to me.  Lovely. *Opening the door* What is it that you want, huh? Did that creep Martin send you? Because if so… you can just jump on a train and split with him. I’ve been hurt by him… bashed and mocked by him. I went through it with him… I won’t go through it with you too.

Vincent: *Holding up a finger* Tut-tut. That’s not very civil. I am not like Martin. Martin is my responsibility and i will guard him against anyone and anything. But when he is in the wrong… i won’t condone what he does. I know that Martin hurt you and you are the possible reason for Luna and Martin’s breakup. But how Martin was being towards you should have caused the breakup a while earlier than what it had. What i can see is that You must be the new interest in Luna’s life… But Luna and her family are in the midst of the demon uprising. The Inter-dimensional demon that is still foretold to come.

Zeke: What are you getting at, Mr. Guardian? What does this thing about demons have to do with me? I am just into Luna. That’s all.

Vincent: But there is more to being with her than you will realize. There is in fact a demon in the midst coming to this world. And her family is said to be pulled into fighting the beast on that day that will come when the clock strikes Midnight on the night of New Years Eve. Marking the new Year of 2028.  You will be part of it as you’re in Luna’s life now.

Zeke: Yeah… okay. Prove it. Where is this Demon thing then?

Vincent: *Pulling out a Crystal ball and showing a viewing of the Demon prophesied to arrive* Look into the ball and you shall see what the demon is.

Zeke then looks into the ball and sees a picture form… He did not know what it was… or who it could have been… but as he looked a form started to come into focus. It was not long before he looked into the ball closer than he did at first and saw 4 red eyes. and a grimace of a face that looked red and dark. Demonic and Evilly terrifying.

Zeke: *Ecstatic and Emotionally unhinged with outrage and disbelief* What the hell?! What the hell is this? Are you trying to frickin’ give me the damn nightmares with this shit? No wonder Martin’s so fucked up. Because he’s got you showing him things like a demon with 4 red evil eyes that would no less kill you before looking at you straight in the eyes. You’re frickin’ psycho. You know that? You are totally a walking mental case nut job. Demons and beasts… Villains and super beings… That has got to be either the most mundane thing you’d ever come up with… or that it’s so ridiculous… that it must be true and i am just living in a nightmare and have yet to wake up.

Vincent: It is quite a scare… but it is as you would expect. It is what’s really happening as you’ve seen it. In the ball… you saw a face of the beast that is said to come later. at the very end of this year. Scath. He shall come and his rapture shall be upon us all.

Zeke: *Scoffs* Yeah. And Next you’ll tell me that i am gonna be in on all this. I should be used to hearing things like this. Luna told me about it and yet… i was sitting around thinking that it was a story that you could close the book on and just go back to read more of it later. But it’s really happening… isn’t it? I am not just sitting around and dreaming of it, am i?

Vincent: I would believe not. You must see it as it is… this is no game… Not at all. This is going on. There is a demon in the path of Earth… I am not a seer. I am not a psychic. I am just a Wizard… i can only see what is and i know what i know from what i can see.

Zeke: Okay… So… You’re saying that Luna’s family is dealing with this so called Demon. It’s all true. What’s to say that i were to believe it? Really believe it and that i were to jump all into it… What would that do for anyone now if i got no idea as to… Well… Protect Luna when i am with her and these so called demons or minions of that beast happen to show themselves? I can’t very well fight with my looks now… can I?

Vincent: That will be quite enough, lad. Quite enough. You don’t like Martin… and think that this is all some trick. But i assure you that it’s no trick. Martin doesn’t know that i’ve come here to see you and i shall be hoping that it is kept that way. At least for now. If anyone will tell Martin that i came here… that i’ve come to see you… I’ll be the one to tell him in due time. But given that you’re with Luna… You’re gonna be needing something to protect you from the elements. It will help ward off any element that come from creatures or Villains. Evil maniacal entities.

Zeke: And that would be… What exactly?

Vincent: This… *Pulling out a Blue Cloak with a strip of every element on it symbolizing a strong enough resistance against the danger* It’s a cloak. It will be able to protect you from any element of danger that might come at you. It’s just like the one that a certain girl wears. it’s also resistant against bullets. but not against knives and tears. Although… it has the power in itself to fix itself and repair on it’s own.

Zeke: You’re not kidding over this, are you? *Coughs with a release of a bit of a laugh* You’re serious about this, aren’t you? *Chuckling and sighs* Well… i guess that Luna wasn’t kidding when she said that you were a wizard and were rather eccentric after all. I thought for sure that she was kidding. But seeing you here and with the cloak and it with these elemental resistances and being impervious to bullets… it’s finally hit home. You’re really serious with this.

A second later…

Zeke: Look… *Sighs* I appreciate the gesture that you’ve made to create this Cloak. I really do. I know all about Martin… Files about him were online some time ago and i read all i needed to know about him. I also know that he drank himself into a stupor because he practically wanted to be with his parents. He was hurting. He’s not a loser. Just really fucked up inside because he sees people with parents and people all happy. and while knowing that he isn’t… it’s got him to come off as an asshole to Luna. Luna would never say it to his face. I would. He lost her on his own… He didn’t even think to go that extra step to tell her that he was hurting inside… that he missed his parents. Wanted them back. When Martin was somewhat civil to me… he did manage to slip that he saw you as this Special guardian. that he knew would be there for him no matter what might happen. But when it came to seeing it as having parents… It wouldn’t be the same.

Vincent: I know. It’s been really hard on him this year because he’s coming of age gradually but swift and he’s lost. he doesn’t have his father with him and his mother. To be there and guide him as he should be. I try the best to be there and be the strength he might need. But i come to realize that no matter what it is that i might do… or try. I will never be able to fill that ever loving emptiness that is inside him.

Zeke: You can only do what you can for him. But Martin’s matured into a real ass. Alot of people in school rather hate him or not like him hardly because of how he is towards Luna. Granted that Luna wasn’t being too subtle with her change. And i wasn’t either. She was with a habit and so was i. But not anymore. Some Luna did by her actions and made him become one. but Martin was the one who went the extra mile and started drinking and then bashing her… for being with me. Treating her like trash and then treating me like i was some misfit. I don’t know why i’m thinking about doing this… but i’ll think on giving one last try on reaching out to him. But if he still doesn’t change… it’s just gonna be the way it is now.

Vincent: It should sound fair. I have to see on making Martin face some hard punishment for the stunt that he pulled and nearly costed him his life. I care about the dear boy. I’m always gonna be there for him… but the act he did and how he was blaming you and Luna for his being in the hospital… i simply can not condone it. I shall not let that go without justly punishment.

Zeke: And you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t allow for him to be an ass to people. One of these days… he’s gonna be one to the wrong person and he’s gonna get himself into a world of hurt…

Metropolis Dorms…

Room #250…

Dinah: *Frantic and really jazzed* Oh my god. Oh my god… Christie… You’re not gonna believe this. But guess what?

Christie: What?

Dinah: it is a real shock… i am still trying to come to accepting the idea that i was offered this.

Christie: Come on, Dinah. Out with it. What’s the matter? What happened?

Dinah: Guess who got accepted to tag along for the next College football game… Being the asst. Coach for the Metropolis Sharks?

Christie: Who?

Dinah: Me.

Christie: You? *Gasps* What… the? Oh my god… Are you serious? You’re not kidding, are you? Really?

Dinah: Oh yeah. And the whole thing is gonna give me experience in coaching. So in about maybe 3 years… i will be taking over for the team and coaching the team. It’s like my big break.

Renee: Are you sure that it really is a big break for you and not some form of luck?

Dinah: What do you mean, Renee? You saying that it was Luck?

Renee: It had to be. Because for them to pick you… just like that. it had to be a random pick. There are a whole bunch of others who would have been more likely picked. But it came out to being you who got picked.  That was luck. You have got luck working for you.

Christie: Luck has nothing to do with it, Renee. This was like a big break for Dinah. She’s been hoping for something like this to happen to her. A big break like this. When’s the next game Dinah?

Dinah: This friday. And they’re going to Kansas City. We’re playing against the Jayhawks. I think they said. It’s gonna be warm there. So i don’t think that any Coats or jackets’ll be needed.

Christie: That’s pretty cool. *Looking out the window* How’s your sister Luna doing?

Dinah: She’s fine. Taking it each day right now as it comes. She’s still trying to detox herself from the habit. It’s hard… but she’s now mostly cured. Just the guilt of it and her feeling shame for doing it and causing herself to lose the one person who knew the real her.

Christie: What does that make Zeke?

Dinah: I don’t know. I really don’t know… But i know that he’s been nothing but a wonderful friend to Luna. Close and also very helping around the house. The other day when i was home and doing some cleaning… Zeke came over and was asking for Luna. But saw that i was cleaning up the house a little. He without being asked to help… just came and helped out. he did the dusting. I didn’t even ask for him to do it. He just came and grabbed the duster and just dusted things off.

Christie: You suppose that he was just trying to butter you up and buy your trust in him?

Dinah: Not sure. He did seem rather sincere. It was like…

Dinah flashes back…

“May 29th 2027…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Living Room…

Dinah: *Spraying some glass cleaner on the windows and mirrors; Cleaning them up* Luna’s here and she doesn’t really do anything. She’s still detoxing. Although she’s with Shingo and taking a day away from the house. to clear her mind.


Knock Knock Knock!…

Dinah: Come in… Paige.

Zeke: *Opening the door* Hello?!

Dinah: Is that you Paige?

Zeke: No. It’s uh… Zeke.

Dinah: Zeke?! What are you doing here?

Zeke: I’m not sure. I was kinda looking for Luna.

Dinah: Why? You trying to get her into that habit again? If that’s the case… You better just turn back. I know that you’re a good kid and are troubled. But you’re with a habit and i don’t want my young sister to be backtracked into the habit again. We were finally able to get her out of the habit and we want her to stay cleaned.

Zeke: No no no… it’s nothing like that. I have cleaned up. I no longer do the habit. the last one was 4 days ago and since then… I have not done one more of the habit. I did a heavy detox and it has made me better for it all the more.

Dinah: It has, has it?

Zeke: *Nods* You bet. I have cleaned up the act. I know that Luna has too and i love her… I don’t think that it would make much difference to know that she and i are together… have been seeing alot of one another. Not gross. No. Just as a friend. a good honest friend who even though is troubled… been nothing but straight with her. I don’t know if you would believe this… but Luna’s been seeing me more than she had Martin.

Dinah: Yeah… I know. That we all know. You helped her pull away from Martin. Who knew the real her. Although… for the way that Martin was being around her and not allowing her to help you… *Turning to head to the door and greet Zeke; walking over to where Zeke is* It is no surprise on how she still stayed with him. and not go to you easily. till the tenth of this month. She broke up with him and i don’t think that it’s all her that did it. You pushed her to do it. That’s fine. You were honest with her… been there for her and were her strength. But Since Luna’s with you in her life now… That’ll have to be alright with me.

Zeke: I know that you guys don’t like me all that much because of all that went on with Luna. Her teen Angst and her habit made you not like me so much. But i swear that i never got luna to be like she was when she had the habit. I asked her if she was sure and she said that she was. I was not gonna push her into making any choice that she did not want to make. I love her. More than Martin ever did. He made her feel like an idiot for choosing for herself. making her own mind. Luna also would tell me that you and the rest never made her feel like an idiot. Not ever. But Martin… Martin… the one who had Luna’s heart. The one that Luna had loved… the one who promised to never hurt her. Hurts her. treats her like dirt. Makes her feel like an idiot for every choice that she makes. for every decision that she decides on. He treats her like dirt because i am around and she wants to make me a better person. You’re gutsy… but no dunce… You wouldn’t let Luna keep Martin around after seeing the crap that he was putting her through. Telling her who to have in her life and making her feel guilty because she’s choosing to have me around. Granted that she choose to be around me more. But she was being her own person. That’s what i wanted her to be. Don’t be a poser. Be your own person. Be who you wish to be. Be you. That’s all i wanted her to do… Just be herself. Be whatever makes her happy.

Dinah: *Shaking her head* You said all that to her? That’s what you were asking for of her?

Zeke: yes. I promise you. Dinah… I would never hurt her. I may have issues. I may even be troubled… But i swear it… I swear on it… I would hurt myself before i would ever hurt her. Ever.

Dinah: You’re right… You’re right. We might not be all that opened to you… But you are right. If we were seeing that Martin for ourselves and seeing how Luna was being treated by him… we’d be upset and angry. I know what you mean… Zeke. We know… Look… Come on inside. I suppose that you could stick around awhile. I’m gonna be here a while doing some cleaning as it’s got to be done.

Zeke: I know what you mean. I do the dusting every 4 days where i happen to live. I even clean the place too. Vacuum and wipe off the glass that is inside the place. I am quite handy with the cleaning. It’s only me living at the place… But i have to do what i can.

Dinah: You live on your own?

Zeke: Yeah. I do. had done so since i first came to metropolis. It’s not like i could live with anyone or bunk with someone from school. I can’t stay with anyone… It just wouldn’t work. I love my freedom. At least what there is of it.

Dinah: I know the feeling. I know how you feel. But you might be rather lonesome living all on your own.

Zeke: You could be right. i could be pretty lonely. Maybe i can get myself adopted by someone if it’s not too late. Maybe by a friend. I would like to be a part of Luna’s family…but if that happened… i couldn’t date her. because it would be like being incest… It’s best to live on my own… Chances would be more better that way. I can hold up the fort on my own.

Dinah: *Grins* You seem to be self preserved. You know exactly what you want and how. *Looking at Zeke suddenly and smiles* Okay… If you really want to be with Luna… there is nothing that i can do to say no. You seem sincere. I don’t know how the others would take to you… But… I on the other hand find you to be interesting.”

Dinah: That was when i got back to cleaning and before i could double back and look over… i heard Zeke humming something and just dusting things off. He just started Dusting. I didn’t even tell him to do it. It was as though he took the Initiative to just start dusting things. I didn’t even say a word. I was just surprised as anyone would be.

Christie: It seems as though he was being really straight forward with you.

Dinah: Seems that way.

Renee: Maybe he’s not as bad as you may have thought. If he was being honest with you and being truthful… I would suppose that he was being considerate. He may have sounded nice and really responsible in what he was.

Dinah: Being a responsible person and being someone that Luna could hold on to.

Christie: Right. A girl needs that more than ever…

At the Metropolis Park…

Luna was taking a walk through the park and she was just minding her own business. She still didn’t want to see anyone really. She just wasn’t ready yet. Although with the things that she had gone through… she knew that she had to talk to someone. Luna didn’t even think to realize that she was gonna be confronted by her friends and spoken to about Martin and her. Plus about her and Zeke. She didn’t want to talk about it… Not really, however she knew that if she didn’t get it out there soon… chances were that she never would. She walked through the park and tried to clear her head. There were a bit of things that she had to think about. It was also rather warm that early evening. She had school the next day and it was a school night. She knew that any minute from then she’d be met by Raven as it was Raven who was gonna be watching her for the night…

Luna: What am i doing here? I don’t want to be seen by anyone. not like this. *Sighs* this will hurt. I can tell that my friends are gonna want to talk to me… I just don’t know what to say to them about the issue between Martin and me or the one concerning Zeke and me. They should all know what happened. They were following it all and it’s been on the T.V what happened to Martin. What more could they be wanting from me anyway? *Walking and trying to think*


June: *Looking to see Luna walking by* Luna?!

Luna: *Pauses and turns to see June and the others* June? Where did you come from? The park was just rather silent a minute ago.

June: It’s not that quiet. There’s activity in the park. people playing around and playing with their friends. More than we do as of recent.

Luna: Why’s that?

June: Can’t you tell? You have been avoiding us for the last week. Afraid to speak to us.

Pamela: *Walking over from behind the tree close by* You made us feel like you thought that we would all jump to Martin and wail on you. How could you be thinking that?

Luna: I didn’t think anything like that… Not literally.

Pamela: But you did. It makes us feel terrible and more guilty than we do already. We know how much you cared and loved Martin. How it was hard on you to let him go because you were tired of the pain and the hurt that you were feeling from him.

Luna: I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to let it go. I know that it’s paranoia but when word of Martin and my breakup came out… you guys might have been wanting to come at me with questions and sound outraged over it. Mostly at Martin. but also at me.

Pamela: Of course we were gonna be a bit outraged… but that was because of the shock we were feeling over the entire situation. You don’t even realize that we would stand by you. more than we would have Martin. You were treated wrongly by him. You were treated like dirt by him.

Ted: The night that it all happened. Karen and i saw him go into that house. We saw it. But we couldn’t do anything because if we did anything about it… Martin would have felt that we were after him and making him the suspect. He was one too… But with how Martin was looking… He wouldn’t think on listening to us. He wouldn’t have bothered to take notice of us if we were to go and confront him.

Luna: What would make you think that he wouldn’t?

Ted: He was angry. Pissed off. We could have confronted him and then what? Pray that there’d be something we could do to stop him from drinking himself to a stupor?

Luna: *Scoffs* Well… Anything’s better than the outcome.

Ted: We know. however given the outcome of the matter… the way you and Martin have been splitting up and pulling apart… Would anything be stopping him from doing what he did?

Luna: He did it also because he was hurting and wanted to see his parents again. That is something that i managed to figure on my own. Otherwise… why would he bother to do such a thing like drink him to a fatal toxicological level?

Karen: See? that is it… You and Zeke being together may have aggravated him to doing it. he might have been thinking on doing it for a while before that night. but hearing of you and Zeke going on that date was what really set it off.

Luna: That’s what got me to either fish and just go all in on what the heck was his problem… or cut bait and just bail. I was getting tired of his being jealous over Zeke. Zeke isn’t the monster that he sets him to be. Martin was treating him like dirt and i was tired of it. Martin knew that i loved him… Alot and i would do anything for him. But when Martin was treating him like dirt and then taking it out on me for the fact that Zeke was around… That’s what pushed me away. It got me to thinking. I began to think: “why was i constantly trying to tear myself apart for someone who i thought would always love me but then go and batter me and make me feel like an idiot and shoot down each decision that i make and tear me down because i happen to let someone that is different into my life that he doesn’t seem to approve of at all? Why was i allowing myself to be torn by him? What for?”

Karen: We understand all that. We do. But you were thinking that we were all mad at you and angry as well. I mean… upset and shocked. Yeah. We are a little like that. But Mad and angry? No. We weren’t anything like that. We understand why you did what you did. you had to do what made you happy. That should never be a crime or something that is wrong to do.

Luna: I just feel so bad over it though. Zeke knows how i feel. And of course he and i quit the habit. since last week. It’s been like a detox motion for me and for him. Pamela… you also done it too, haven’t you?

Pamela: Yeah. i have. I stopped the habit. It was the right move to have made.

Luna: And that is exactly what i had done. i quit it. Zeke did too. We literally quit about the same time. Zeke quit a couple days after i did.

Penelope: We heard. June told us about it… You didn’t think that anyone would be watching. June was watching. Remember last friday… You were alone and yet… June was close by as she swore to have overheard you saying that you have turned clean. You were as she said in a form of sadness and regret. plus… self loathing of yourself because of what you felt that you had done.

Luna: And i kinda still feel like that. because i not only broke his heart… i crushed him. It was bad enough that i had planned to break up with him… but i was at first only visiting him in the hospital to try to set the record straight. But then he started to yell at me or get on me about Zeke. Immediately blaming me and Zeke for his troubles. That was what got me to lash back. It got worse and worse. That was when i finally after a moment… decided to break up with him. But what i didn’t think about was where i was when i broke his heart. I was in the hospital visiting him. He was hooked to machines. A heart Monitor. the EKG machine. I upset him and he could have died of a broken heart. It would have been all my fault. Because the next day… i called and checked and the records showed that i was the only visitor that Martin saw. So if he were to die on that day… i would be the one responsible.

Jake: Sometimes that is life. You can’t be blaming yourself for what might have been. You didn’t do anything wrong. You got to believe that. You have to.

Jennifer: Yeah… because if you don’t… we’ll have to stop believing it too.

Luna: *Sighs* okay. I just wish that i could have made it easier on Martin and on Zeke. Zeke feels bad but doesn’t seem to like Martin at all. But Martin was being so hurtful to Zeke.

But as they were talking…

Woman: *Walking over from the fountain not far away from the patch of grass where they resided* Excuse me… What are you kids doing out in the park? You should all get back to your homes right this instant.

Karen: *Looking to the side and seeing a woman walking over* Who are you?

Pamela: Where did you come from?

Woman: The name’s Mrs. Paige Forester. I am a Psycho-therapist. Plus a Para-Normalist. There have been a high count of Demon presences in the city. There could be demons out in the city and they could be anywhere.

Jennifer: Are you sure? How is it that you know this?

Jake: Demons are in the city? How could that be possible?

Karen: I wish i knew about that. But the only thing is how could demons be in this city? Where did they come from?

Luna: They could have broken out from somewhere.

Karen: *Gasps* Wait a minute. I think we know where they could have come from… Luna, Didn’t you and Martin first discover and come across a secret tunnel or passageway in the caverns within the now abandoned Quarry? The one that had 4 red eyes and a Sinister mark?

Luna: Huh? *Wondering what Karen was thinking and within a moment having what Karen was bringing back into mention dawn on her* Wait… i think i know what you’re talking about… I don’t have any way of protection. So it’ll be dangerous. But i know where it is… we can go there… but we are to go there together and then leave together…


That night…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Luna and Zeke were in Luna’s room and they were getting ready to have a deep conversation. It wasn’t anything intimate as they were so not ready for that stage. There was none of that. But the conversation they had was deep and romantic. The first official romantic conversation that would start something huge for them as time went on. It was a cool night. Not warm… not hot. Not Too Icy… But it was cool enough to shell up some frost…

Luna: *Sitting on her bed and sitting next to Zeke* Zeke, I have been thinking about things.

Zeke: What kind of things, Luna?

Luna: About us. I gave it thought and i think that i am ready to move on from blaming myself over what happened to Martin.

Zeke: I think that you should move on from what happened to him. Martin might try to blame you still… but you should ignore it. It isn’t your fault. It never was.

Luna: I wish i could have believed that. I do. Although for a while i at first blamed myself. I was afraid to talk to anyone and i mostly would talk to you. But no one else. I was scared to talk to the others as i was afraid that they might never have understood the reason why i left Martin. Although in some way which is relieving to know that i managed to find solace in Raven. Her input even though she’s a half breed. She was able to calm me down and get me to see some reason. Got me to face facts and understand that some things… i couldn’t control. No matter how much i’d want to.

Zeke: I know. It’s the same way with my reputation. Everyone sees me as being troubled because i was abused in the worst most sickening way ever to a child. I grew up with problems. I was also beat by my step father too. many times and some times it would be in public. other people would see it and he’d come up with an excuse or a lie and say that i was being a smart mouth. which isn’t true at all. It was the nightmare that i had to live. That’s what got me to take up the habit. It was not like i had much of any choice. I was young and pretty well… stupid. But i knew that for sure i was sick and tired of being kicked around… because by age 12… i was to the point where i had to just either emancipate myself or roll around and deal with the torment of my slut mother and her piece of garbage hubby and their bullshit treatment. I lived on my own for about a year… before coming to Metropolis. Then i came here and met you… Life for me just changed. I saw that i would maybe get a second chance at being happy.

Luna: You deserve to be happy. I believe that you should always get that chance to find happiness. Martin never gave you that chance. But i sure did. I cared to do that. I opened up to you. More than Martin ever did or would. the others all opened up to you gradually. But they all were set to give you a fair chance and saw that you were earning it. That you were entitled to being with at least some people. Even if only a couple of them and or me…

Suddenly Zeke started to get in the lines of Romance…

the song: “One night at a time” plays in the background…

“I’m not yours and baby you’re not mine.
We’ve got something that sure is fine.
Let’s take our love one night at a time.

There’s one thing that we both agree.
I like you and baby you like me.
Let’s take our love one night at a time.

All night, love all night, practice makes perfect, gonna get it right
Gonna get it right, one night at a time. x2

Oh I think about you all day long.
It feels so good, it can’t be wrong.
I got my fingers crossed that this goes on and on.

Tomorrow well that’s another day.
Come on baby, now whatta you say.
Let’s take our love one night at a time.

All night, love all night, practice makes perfect, gonna get it right
Gonna get it right, one night at a time. x2

Oh I think about you all day long.
It feels so good, it can’t be wrong.
I got my fingers crossed that this goes on and on.

All night, love all night, practice makes perfect, gonna get it right
Gonna get it right, one night at a time. x2

Zeke: Luna… I have felt this for a while now. I at first thought that you were only into me for a way to change your looks and image a little. You happened to lose yourself along the way till you suddenly found your way back. found your way back from being lost. But all this time… I had a crush on you. And i happened to feel more towards you. Being 13. doesn’t cut it. But i want to tell you something…

Luna: What? *Suddenly in a bit of suspense and feeling the rush of anticipation* What is it?

Zeke: I love you. you are like my best friend that i could come to. You’re Beautiful. Martin doesn’t know what he lost. You confided in me and you really didn’t even know me at first except what you knew from what you been told of. Some of the things you were told aren’t true. I don’t drink. i don’t go to bars under age. I was abused… and neglected. but that’s all… i also ride a Motorcycle and that’s at a young age… taught myself how at age 9. It’s not so bad. I mean that… i got good. Like really good. great even.

Luna: *Blushes* You… You Love me?

Zeke: Yeah. I do. I really love you. I have to confess that i loved you at first sight but when i first saw you… you were with your love Martin who is now your Ex-Boyfriend. But you’re stunning and pretty. Beautiful. and i love you. You were my only friend at first here and gave me a chance when no one else even wanted to know me… wanted anything to do with me.

Luna: I felt that to be sad… Seeing that you were all alone. You and i even had secret phone conversations too… I honestly felt the sadness that you were feeling. I felt bad for that. Seeing you being all alone.

But before they were about to prepare to kiss…

“A last fire will rise behind those eyes
Black house will rock, blind boys don’t lie
Immortal fear, that voice so clear
Through broken walls, that scream I hear

Cry, little sister – Thou shall not fall
Come to your brother – Thou shall not die
Unchain me, sister – Thou shall not fear
Love is with your brother – Thou shall not kill

Blue masquerade, strangers look on
When will they learn this loneliness?
Temptation heat beats like a drum
Deep in your veins, I will not lie

Little sister – Thou shall not fall
Come to your brother – Thou shall not die
Unchain me, sister – Thou shall not fear
Love is with your brother – Thou shall not kill

My Shangri-Las
I can’t forget
Why you were mine
I need you now

Cry, little sister – Thou shall not fall
Come to your brother – Thou shall not die
Unchain me, sister – Thou shall not fear
Love is with your brother – Thou shall not kill”

Zeke: But i’ll never have to be alone again. knowing that you’re with me.

Luna: And i will never leave you… Zeke. You’re my best friend.

Within seconds Luna and Zeke Shared a Romantic Kiss…

Luna: *Kissing Zeke on the lips*

Zeke: *Kissing Luna on the Lips*

At the Metropolis Motel…

Dean: *Sighs* The demon count is going down a bit. That was a mass hoard of demons. How many would you say that was? 30… 40. 50.

Sam: Try 70.

Dean: 70? *Whistles* That’s alot. Where do you suppose they’re all going?

Sam: To one place. The wall that they came from. The wall with the mark of the demon that sources know as Scath. We need to still meet with the Rhapsody Clan.

Dean: We’re gonna meet with them tomorrow.

Sam: Plus we took care of the two occurrences that hit the promenade.

Dean: Unfortunate news is that couldn’t really do anything to help. We couldn’t find where the apparitions were coming from.

Bobby: That’s because there wasn’t any to begin with.

Dean: Oh yeah… great. Great Bobby. nice of you to tell us now… after the fact that we went to check it out. We asked people around the location where the Fountain… or well was and got nowhere. No one knew… And they weren’t saying anything about it.

Sam: There was a cover-up.

Dean: Yeah… and we’re right in the center of it all. Demon Uprisings and the start of the beginning to the grand stage of them all. The Apocalypse.

Bobby: Well… What do plan to do, Dean? Go out half-cocked and swing at any demon blindly without a lead to where to go for the demon?

Dean: Not sure. But it’s better than allowing the demon to just waltz around like he can own any planet that he ascends to.

Sam: It’s probably best to go swingin’ Because waiting for the demons to come to us… it’s gonna long stretch the mess and by time we get to the demons that need to be taken care of. It’d be too late because the waiting would have left a big enough window of time for more of those beasts to come busting through.

Bobby: There is one thing that we’ll need to do then… get resources.

Casstiel: *Popping in* Went to the Catacombs underneath the cityhall…

The next Morning At Metropolis Middle School…

Luna: *Walking over to class with Zeke* It’s great that we’re together, Zeke. I like it. Want to come over after school? There’s a couple movies that we can watch.

Zeke: Sure. I would like that. Do you think that Martin would be around through?

Luna: No. Not really. He’s been rather avoiding of me since the other week. But i don’t know… He might try something and try to flirt with me. Get me to go back to him.

Zeke: He would not dare. He knows that he lost. If you ask me… i think he should not bother trying to flirt with you. Because you choose to walk from him. You made that choice. It was what you felt to be right in your heart. He should do the smart thing and just accept it.

Luna: I don’t trust him.

Zeke: I don’t either. But i think that if we were smart… we’d keep our guard up and eyes open.

Luna: *Seeing the restroom up ahead* I gotta use the girl’s room. I’ll be back.

Zeke: Okay. If Martin shows up close by and tries to flirt. Let me know. I’ll get him to back off.

Luna: No… No. it’s okay. I’ll get him to back off. I might not be with him and that’s his choice. he made it clear when he did what he had. But i can still be his friend at least.

Zeke: Alright. I trust you… But i just don’t trust him.

Zeke went on to class and waited for Luna to come inside and join…

But inside the girl’s restroom a minute later…

Luna: *Crying*

Beth: *Walking into the Bathroom and hearing someone crying* Who’s in here? Anyone in here?

Luna: *Crying* What do you want?

Beth: Luna?

Luna: ….

Beth: *Looking in one of the stalls and seeing Luna with tears falling down her face* Luna, what’s the matter? Are you okay?

Luna: Yeah. *Nods* I am just a little weepy because yesterday night Zeke professed his love for me. He’s in love with me and became my boyfriend. But i feel as though i still haven’t gotten over Martin. He might be around somewhere and i am scared to see him and have feelings that i thought were gone all come back.

Beth: Luna, It’s gonna be alright. I am sure that Martin has forgotten all about it.

Luna: and what if he hasn’t? What if he comes at me with the idea that he wants to get back with me?

Beth: We’ll take care of it. It’s gonna be okay. Cheer up.

Luna: *Sniffles and nods* ….

Luna then walked out of the stall and went over to wash her face a little bit. wiping the tears away from her face. She didn’t want Zeke to see that she was crying. Although she barely walked out of the bathroom when out of nowhere Martin happened to walk by…

Luna: Martin?

Martin: Luna. Typical to see you here after you and I broke up. Seeing you is the last thing i’d expect.

Luna: *Feeling a little hurt* What is that supposed to mean?

Martin: You know exactly what it is supposed to mean. You know. You broke my heart. In the hospital i almost died and the doctors almost were unable to bring me back. You hurt me and then break up with me.

Luna: I’m sorry. I just did what i thought that i had to do. I was tired of hurting. You and i would always fight. I know that you would always get tired of fighting too… What was i to do? Hold on to something that we both saw was falling apart.

Martin: No… you could have left that piece of trash Zeke. He is a loser and you rather kiss his ass. You would rather be with him…

Luna: But i still love you. As a friend.

Martin: Yeah… But you Love Zeke more. I heard all about it. So why should i stay with someone who doesn’t even feel the love for me like they say they do? Huh? Answer me that… Why?

Luna: i really didn’t mean for any of this to happen. i wanted us to all be together. but it all just fell apart. But i fell in love with him. I’m sorry. I still care about you, Martin. I always will. But a heart wants what a heart wants. I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to fight with you anymore. I was tired. You were tired. And you were being mean to Zeke. You were unkind to him and he never done anything to hurt you.

Martin: *Pissed and fuming* Like hell he didn’t. He took you from me. That’s what he did. He Fuckin’ came into our lives. He should have stayed back where he came from. He should have stayed in Wichita. But no… He came here. To fuck my life over. to take you away from me. You were my girl. Mine. Not his. You love him now… That’s just great. What about us? Huh? I was your only friend. When you were the blue haired girl… you were called a freak. a loser. But of all the people that did that… i was the only one that stood up for you. Got people to back the fuck off. I got people to leave you alone and quit tearing at you.  I was the one that stood by you when no one else wanted to even know you. I befriended you. Gave you alot. I Even gave you my whole world. I saw you as a wonderful friend. But you obviously don’t care about that at all. You acting like you are now… You’re now proving that you couldn’t give a damn about me whatsoever. And to add salt into the fucking wound… you’re going with Zeke. So… you want to be a Loser and be with Zeke so badly. throw away what we had for one another. Fine. Just get out of here. I never want to see you… speak to you or hear from you again. You betrayed me. and i will never forgive you for that. Ever. *Walking off in a hurt manner; Betrayed and crushed*

Martin then came back a second later just for a brief second and said this to her…

Martin: And get this. I will never stand up for you again. I won’t call you. I won’t even acknowledge you. You and i are done. I don’t even want to be your friend. You are a loser. A loser lover and a waste of time. I am 14. and now without a love. You were my world. I loved you. But i am now a bit wiser for the wear that i suddenly realize that you wouldn’t know love if it came to bite you. And You can count me to be your enemy. You made the wrong enemy. I hate you, Luna Rhapsody. After the school year is over… i am asking for classes that don’t have you in them. I don’t even want to see the others. They can all go to hell. And you can tell Pamela the Bitch wannabe that if she wants to talk smack about me… she can come and get me. I’ll be waiting. I got all fuckin’ day. My whole teen life to wait for it. She knows where to find me. Plus… you tell your new lover that if i see him. He’s a dead man. I will pound him till he’s nothing but a broken up pile of Bones. Goodbye, Luna. Goodbye and burn in hell. *Walking back off away from Luna*

Luna Stood there and just cried for about a minute in heartbreak. She knew that she lost Martin and had broke up with him… but she still wanted to care about him as a friend would. She wanted to be there for him as a friend. However… as she heard what he said before he walked from her… it made her feel devastated. She felt numb. She didn’t even want to go to class. Not like she was now… she was upset and knew that if she were to see Zeke now… she’d just break down in sobs. She was really hurt. She knew that Martin was hurt because of her and the break up that hit. But to be like that to her… it was the worst yet. Luna wanted to just dig a hole and bury herself. She didn’t even want to exist. She made a call to her sister Dinah and hoped for something to happen. to lift her.

Luna: *On the phone; Crying* Dinah…?

Dinah: *On the phone* Luna, what’s the matter?

Luna: Can you come and get me… please.

Dinah: Why. what happened, Luna?

Luna: It was… Martin.

Dinah: Oh no… what happened? Did he do something to you?

Luna: No. But he hates me. He just left me. I am with Zeke as a boyfriend and he’s confessed his love to me… he loves me. But i barely came out from the girls restroom when i happened to run into Martin. He hates me. And he’s gonna beat up my boyfriend Zeke. I’m scared Dinah… Please… come get me. I don’t want to be here around Martin. Anywhere near him. Please get me. Please.

Dinah: Alright. Hold on, Luna. i’ll be on my way. I’m on my way right now. I’m calling the cops and i’m also calling Vincent and telling him to keep Martin the hell away from you…

As for Zeke…

Zeke was sitting in class and waiting for Luna to come into the room. He was starting to worry. But it was just when he suddenly started getting up to go and see what was taking Luna so long when…

Martin: *Bumping into Zeke* Hey… Watch where you’re going, freak.

Zeke: Excuse me?!

Martin: *Turning to see Zeke* …. *Snarls* YOU! You’re the reason behind my life being fucked over. Luna was this sweet girl and she was mine. Before you came around and screwed everything up… She and i would have had a perfect life. Everything was great till you came into our lives.

Zeke: Luna was planning to leave you anyway. She already left you. You pushed her away. You are doing it to yourself.

Martin: No you did it. I’m gonna make you pay for that.

Zeke: Oh yeah… Do something about it.

Martin: I will.

Zeke: *Ready to fight* Come on then…

Within seconds Martin and Zeke got into it. Martin and Zeke fought each other and pounded each other in the Jaw. Punching and Jabbing into the sides. Zeke grabbed Martin and Swung him into the wall and then into the poles. knocking him out… But Martin kept coming back till he couldn’t fight anymore. He was a bloody mess… But so was Zeke… Zeke was bleeding from his nose and jaw which hurt him like hell. But he lived to tell the tale… Martin on the other hand also lived… but he also got suspended from school for a week and was requested to come for summer school. He was in deep water. The Counselor and the Dean all looked at Martin and put a black mark upon his permanent record. for Fighting and warned him that if he were to come near Zeke again… he would be kicked out of school and transferred into a different school. Zeke walked into the Nurses office and got himself tended to. He felt the welts and the stings and it throbbed. But he managed to get the pain to go away. He texted Luna and told her that he and Martin got into a fight. But that Martin was the one in trouble as he was caught making the blows. Luna replied. “LOL! Served him right. He will now think twice about being a Jerk.” She also said Martin was a real monster in Japanese….

A Moment later…

On the Road…

Dinah: Luna… I don’t want you to ever see Martin again. Not ever again. If he even comes near you again… or bothers you. I will file for a act of grievance against him. and Vincent… will probably take a hit over it… but it’s done. Done.

Luna: I don’t even want to talk about it. *Still upset* I can’t believe that i ever felt anything for that guy. Martin is the worst person that ever lived.

Dinah: He is. The very nerve of him and the idea that he was trying to get at you for leaving him.

Luna: Watashi ga ikite iru ma wa futatabi mātin o mitai to omotta koto ga nai.

Dinah: I am finding that i like Zeke a whole lot better than i do Martin. I might not know Zeke as well as i would Martin… but i don’t think that having Martin around would be of good spirits.

Luna: *With a Japanese Accent* What’ll you guys do when he is ever needed to lend a hand? That Jerk is a hero. Tuxedo Martin Amazing. He is a hero. With abilities.

Dinah: No matter. If he comes… fine. if not. Fine.

Luna: …

Dinah: Where’s Zeke?

Luna: He’s still at school. At least… that is what i got when he texted me. Raven can heal him, right?

Dinah: I am sure that she can. But we’re gonna need to ask her. She won’t do it just on call for anyone.

Luna: I know…

That night at the Metropolis fairgrounds…

Luna: *With Zeke* I’m sorry about what happened at school.

Zeke: Hey. Don’t even mention it. It’s no sweat. I’d be willing to do it for you any day.

Luna: It is my fault that you got hurt. Martin hurt you and could have done a whole lot worse than what he did.

Zeke: Yes. I get that. But really. I stood up and defended myself. I was not gonna allow for anyone to hurt you. Not even Martin. He was just Jealous that you were with me. He was also gonna try to make as though i was the attacker. but the Dean and the Counselor caught it and nailed him. Let’s just say that if he tries to come at you or me in any way… He’s gonna be suspended. They already have him suited up summer school.

Luna: They do?

Zeke: you bet that they do. I was eavesdropping on the whole thing and let me just leave it at where if there was anymore bad fortune on Martin… There would be a pot luck on his soul. He’s on probation. I don’t even think that it could have been possible for anyone to be on probation for the altercation that happened. But… sure enough. It did.

Luna: I can only hope that they do more to him. He deserves it for what he did to you. Someone should tell him that violence and vengeance solves nothing.

Zeke:  I think that his mom and dad forgot to teach him that. He’s probably so screwed up that he wouldn’t know what was the right thing to do or how to act the right way towards people.

Luna: Hey… i know that we don’t like him for all he had done to us. But be nice about his parents. It’s not their fault that he is the way he is. Martin just choose to be that way.

Zeke: *Sighs* You’re right. You’re so right, Luna. If anyone’s got the shitty parents. It’s me… My mother is a whore and my step father is a bastard. I left them and it was the wisest thing i could have ever done.

Luna: true. *Thinking* How would you like to be in on my family and the details that are gonna happen soon around them?

Zeke: You’re kidding, right? Really? Are you asking me to be a part of the supposed Demon encounter?

Luna: Well… yeah. I mean… you’re part of my life and the thing is that my family is gonna be needing all the allies that they can get. I know that it sounds rather fishy and it may even sound rather suspicious. but it’s happening. There is something coming to this planet and we’re all gonna be put into the situation someday sometime. Soon.

Zeke: I guess. I don’t think that i ever told you about yesterday… have I?

Luna: No. not yet. Why?

Zeke: *Stopping to looking at Luna and grinning* i was visited by Martin’s guardian. Vincent.

Luna: *Gasps* Vincent? You’re kidding… aren’t you? He visited you?

Zeke: Oh yeah and the things that he was saying… Oh man… I never thought that he would be that ripped over what he was telling me. He was also showing me this crystal ball and it showed that demon’s face. four red eyes…

Luna: You saw Scath.

Zeke: Yeah… i di- *Wigged out and coming out of calm voice; confused* What? Who?

Luna: Scath. The intergalactic Demon. You have seen it through the ball. Martin also saw it and at first… he was freaking out. He was spooked about it. I don’t think that i would have blamed him for being scared. I kinda was as well. But then again… what did you expect? I was 12.

Zeke: I suppose that i should know the feeling.

Luna: What was your real father like?

Zeke: He was really cool. He was the best guy. Whenever he was around. There was peace. He treated everyone like family. It was just like he saw all the tension that managed to come over him and my mother and just get it to dissolve. Like it was nothing. You see… My father. My Biological father was a man like no other. He was serious to a fault. Loving and caring. He showed respect to everyone and everything. Took nothing for granted.

Luna: That was the kind of father you had? What happened to him?

Zeke: I kinda already told you about that part. He came home one day from work. Early because he wanted to surprise my mom. Do something sweet with her that she’d always remember. But when he walked into the one room… he saw my mother with another guy in bed. They were as you’d have to see it as it was… having sex with him. my mother and another guy were having sex. and my father was devastated. he walked out and just walked off. Gone for days. He didn’t even say a word. he just left. came back a couple days later… and barely sat down and made as though he was gonna relax and watch something and before long… Zzzzzzt! he was out. he gasped his last breath and just keeled over. Died of a broken heart. My mother got everything. The house, the Life insurance. the cars. the money. and to her dismay… Me.

Luna: Ouch. *Looking down* Zeke i am so sorry.

Zeke:  Don’t be. It’s not you who caused it to happen to begin with.

Luna:  It still is terrible. it shouldn’t have ever happened to you. Your father didn’t deserve to have that happen to him.

Zeke: Hey… I’m not arguing with you on that part. I agree. He didn’t deserve to have something like that happen… But the thing is… it did.

Luna: I know. It kinda makes you wonder if there is such a thing as a happy clean and loving family where no one in the family could ever cheat on one another.

Zeke: Well… What about your sister and Your brother-in-law? Does he have moments?

Luna: No. Not ever. He’s faithful.

Zeke: He never had any close calls?

Luna: No. Never.

Luna and Zeke continued to talk as they walked through the Metropolis fairgrounds enjoying a romantic walk…


At the Metropolis Dorms Lounge…

Dinah: *Looking at her sisters and the guys* You guys… we have a serious problem with Martin.

Pearl: What do you mean?

Dinah: Martin has threatened Luna and also threatened her friends and the new person in her life.

Paige: *Scoffs and outraged* Martin threatened our sister? What the hell did he do that for?

Dinah: I don’t know… But Luna is scared to go to school now for fear that Martin might hurt her.

Pearl: That is really wrong for Martin to threaten Luna. He has some nerve. I want to make him pay for what he did to Luna.

Prince Alvin: Who’s the new person in Luna’s life?

Dinah: Zeke. Zeke Mansfield. He is the new one in her life. She loves him and he admitted that he loved her too…

Prince Avery: What? You mean that the troubled teen is gonna be around her and our mess from now on? I don’t bloody think so. The only one we trust to know of our problem leading from the demon that is near… is Martin.

Prince Alvin: Dinah, Zeke is just trouble… Luna never started the habit till he came into her life. If he never came… she wouldn’t have done anything like that. Ever.

Dinah: So… you are saying that Luna’s to stay with Martin? The one who just managed to threaten her and make her feel unsafe to be in school? You want her unhappy?

Prince Curtis: It isn’t like that and you know it. But we are gonna see that she and Martin bury the hatchet and get back together. Luna’s love is to be Martin. We all took him in gradually and accepted him. Zeke was the reason behind Luna’s habit.

Dinah: That isn’t true. You know it isn’t true.

Paige: Dinah, Sis… it’s done. Tomorrow we are gonna work to get Martin and Luna to be back together.

Dinah: No… She is happy and that is what we want. Isn’t it?

Prince Alvin: Sometimes happiness has to be sacrificed for the greater good. Zeke is not with any means of protection. If anything were to happen and he was around… he’d only prove to get in the way.

Dinah: You don’t know that. You don’t know if that will be the reason to worry. Prince Alvin, You and the others are being rather unkind about Zeke being in the picture. He has been said to no longer do the habit. Neither does their friend… Pamela. They don’t do the habit anymore. Luna has quit the habit. You guys should all know that since you were told of it when it finally happened. She quit the habit and this morning… of course she was just hoping to get a steady new start. Return to being the sweet person that she once was. Being kind. Much kinder. Although with Martin… threatening her and her new love… She’s scared shitless and afraid to be in the same school as Martin. Martin’s vowed to make her life a living nightmare.

Paige: Well… Zeke is to blame. We don’t care what the reason behind it is… He is to be sent away from Luna. She is not to see him.

Dinah: Forget it. Zeke is troubled… but he isn’t a bad kid. I am willing to grant him a chance or two. Everyone deserves a chance. No matter who they may be.

Pearl: If Martin really did threaten Luna… we should have him put in Juvey.

Dinah: No need. I am sure that whatever punishment that he’s getting from the school is a start. He’s got bad marks on his permanent record. He’s messed up for life.

Paige: Fine… Just tell us one thing. Can we really trust him to not spread our situation to others other than to ones who are within the circle that Luna has of friends? Can we trust him?

Dinah: I am putting all my faith in it that i can. I myself don’t know all that much about him… but when he told me that he wouldn’t ever do a thing to hurt Luna… he was being sincere and i could tell… I may be the tough one here and you all know that… known for years. but just because i am a tough person and with a high guard… doesn’t mean that i look the other way and overlook the idea when someone is being truly sincere. Zeke was being sincere. and some of the things he said… they were heartfelt. As far as i am concerned… that’s good enough for me.

Prince Alvin: Okay… You met him first and you are the one that tests them… we accept anyone… but since Luna is living under your roof and you have to cater to her well being most of all… you have to make the decision that revolves who should be with Luna… be in where they are involved with what we’re going through. So… if you think that he’s okay. It’s gonna be okay the same with us as well…

Prince Avery: Not very likely… but i guess that with Martin being out of the lineup and with the news that he’s thereby threatened Luna and turned vicious… we have no choice but to consider the whole thing that Luna and Martin once had is thereby over. Zeke is now part of our life… But… we’re gonna keep an eye on him for a while till further notice. If he messes up in anything throughout our dilemma… he is gonna be kicked off the ship.

Prince Curtis: I think that maybe we should just welcome Zeke into the crew. Dinah thinks that the teen isn’t all that bad and has necessarily changed his ways a bit… So… Why don’t we just take him in? It isn’t as such that we’re gonna be made to regret it. What could the dude do to hurt our efforts?

Paige: He has a point.

Pearl: I suppose that he does… and Dinah is adamant in suggesting that Zeke is a decent person. So… we’ll take him in. Out with Martin… In with Ze–


Dean: *Walking in with Sam* Sam, those girls are here somewhere. Let’s keep the eyes open.

Sam: Right. But i think that those girls over there might be them. And those guys might be part of their clan.

Dean: You sure?

Sam: i’m quite positive. *Pulling out the phone and showing the pictures*



Dean: Those are them? The Rhapsody girls are those 3 ladies?

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: Well… This makes it a whole lot easier to track. *Looking at the group* Wow! They sure are lively… aren’t they?

Sam: Yes they are. But they are also with a bit of tension over the uprising of Demons in the city.

Dean: They must have a lot to work with… I wonder if they know about big bad and demon walking sin?

Sam: They might know of the Demon… But that’s  for them to tell us. Not us assuming that they may know.

Paige: *Overlooking to see a couple of guys walking over to them* Who are those guys?

Pearl: *Looking to see where Paige is looking at and seeing the guys* Uh, I don’t know… but i think that we are about to find out.

Dinah: I guess.

A second later…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the guys standing before them* Who are you?

Dean: I’m Dean. and this guy next to me is my brother Sam Winchester. We’re Demon and monster hunters.

Sam: We heard that you guys are going after this huge demon that is said to bust loose onto the Earth.

Prince Alvin: How did you hear about that?

Dean: We heard and read up about the details. preventing the Apocalypse and stopping big bad and fire side demon daddy from stepping onto the Mortal world and taking this planet on a one way ticket to hell.

Paige: You read on that. And read on us?

Sam: Actually… no. I did the reading and read about the history behind you guys.

Paige: And you probably read about the loss we went through too…

Pearl: Paige. don’t bring that up. I want to forget about the loss. Okay… i want to forget all about it.

Dean: We have and it’s not a thing to be worried over. It’s nothing. We are not gonna ask about that. but we would ask about the Demons and where they’re coming from.

Prince Avery: They’re coming from a wall that is located within a secret tunnel within the Abandoned Quarry that is on the far end of the city… by the outskirts a ways. I’ve done some staking out at that particular location and saw some bizarre activity going on with the wall that has the Demonic Mark.


Sam: You’d have to be one they call in hero Name Plasma-Core. You said that you’ve been there… right?

Prince Avery: Yes. that’s right. I have.

Sam: could you be willing to show us where it is exactly. It could give a break as to where these Demons are coming from and see on finding out how it is that we’re to close the gates leading to hell.

Dean: Would you be willing to show us?

Prince Alvin: Wait… this isn’t a trip for a vacation. We’ve seen that mark act up… It’s not gonna be just some simple check out… That mark is possibly still active. What if it lets loose again and all hell busts on out again?

Prince Curtis: We’ll have to risk it.


Dean: When do you want to do it?

Prince Avery: at the beginning of next month… on the first light of the next month. Early morning at Dawn.

It was an official meet and they were finally talking over things about the Demon outbreak in the city and where it started. how it began and where the wall was that outright was the sure cause of all the uprising Demons that were pouring into the city. Dinah didn’t really say much as she was a little hurt over how her sisters were regarding on Zeke. She was trusting him. they weren’t. Not really. The guys weren’t either. Although things were gonna start to cut down to the wire. The girls and the brothers finally got met by the Demon hunters and were now in line with working hand and hand with them and they were about on doing the same. They had their sources and so did the girls. It was gonna become a win-win situation. But were there gonna be more dangers that threatened to come into the open on the city soon? What was gonna happen to Martin? To Zeke? Was Luna gonna be accepted over being with Zeke in her life? And what’s this… A warning that an old enemy may very well return? Will Martin have faced a punishment from Vincent and if so… how severe is it? And a thought to think about… Could the events where a loss in the family occurred be undone? Is there a warning of an old enemy preparing to chime? Who could it be that might return from the dead? Beryl? Zod? The Drule? Waller? Who? What’s next for the Rhapsody Girls as it begins getting a little closer still to the fateful moment of the End of all things Mortal? When will the countdown begin… and how? Who will be the cause of the end? Find out all of it in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-Over* Okay… So here is the scoop that we’re facing on the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!… We start getting the eerie vibes that an enemy that we thought to be gone for good might return. We don’t even think that it’s a funny bit of data. The sisters and i all panic a few times over a premonition that hits us over the fear. It is a premonition that comes from Luna’s friend Ted. A Young Seer. It is not good either.

Pearl: *Voice-over* We also consider doing something to go back in time to save someone we lost. to undo fate… but question is: Will it alter the events that are unfolding now? We know what’s coming and the more we think of it… the more we fear of it. Plus… the issue behind that is if an old enemy comes back… who will the target of choice be? Where will the first attack be? Not to mention that now since we got the demon hunters in play and on the field to help crunch down the amount of demons sprinting all over the city. hopefully sending sometime soon all the demons back to where they ought to be and have the gates closed for good.

Dinah: *Voice-over* We also have to worry about Luna and the idea that her Ex might try to stir up some trouble for her. Oh… and by the way… Summer is now here… the weather is warm… Hot maybe humid. And also the proposing between Prince Alvin and Alice. How will he be able to propose to her with the concern of a possible old enemy being in the top of the mind. The Worrying and fear growing. We got alot of work to do yet and it’s not getting any simpler.

Luna: *Voice-over* I Hate Martin. He has been punished but i can’t even go out as he’s out and walking through the neighborhood and chances are that he’s just looking forward to seeing that i am never with any peace around Martin. He’s become my enemy and my friends can’t always be there to come to my aid. What am i gonna do about it? Plus Vincent gets wind of the actions that were being done by Martin and a painful decision gets made by him. Does Martin get disowned or sent to Juvenile hall or to the detention center for some straightening up? Martin is making his life out to be a total mess.

Zeke: *Voice-over* the premonition of an enemy plagues the clan… Luna scared to go anywhere with Martin on the loose. Plus a helping hand with the Demons. Also Alice and Prince Alvin share a private but romantic moment with each other and Alice gets asked the destined question. Then we have the possibility that the girls are gonna undo some events that happened a few years back and bring someone they know back. Premonitions… A Proposition to a love. The possible maybe return of the mother of the 3 girls. Emotions rise and the Demons get their cans kicked by the demon hunters. Thrills and spills on the next Chapter… Chapter 106: “Hark, Woe-laden Child.” The Possible return of Beryl Dares to thrive Imminent.

“Beryl: *Looking down at the fighters* It’s been a rather long time, Rhapsody Girls Z! Rhapsody Brothers. How long has it been since the last time we crossed paths? A Month? A year maybe… Far too long for my taste anyway. I was starting to wonder when or if I would ever get to see your smiling faces ever again.” 


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