Chapter 104: “intoxicated and Over Liquored” Martin faces possible death. Luna’s Avoidance of Martin begins. Zeke and Luna get closer to each other under Love and Romance.


Inside the Watchtower…

Sam: *Looking at the Monster book* Okay… We need to have the Devil’s trap in the center… and on the ceiling. Where would the center be?

Dean: Chloe, Where’s the center of the Watchtower?

Chloe: Over here. *Leading to the main room and stepping to the center; Stopping in the middle of the room and looking up* This is the center. The spot here is the center. It’ll be more effective here.

Sam: *Looking up* That’s pretty high up. We’re gonna need a little help prepping the Devil’s trap.

Chloe: I think that we have you set.

Chloe then gets a hold of Clark…

Chloe: *On the phone* Hey Clark… we need you to stop by here… All other forces are out busting up crime… I need your help with something.

Clark: *Voice* Be right there.

Seconds later…

Clark: *Speeding into the room* What the situation Chloe.

Dean: *Turns and sees someone walking in after just being heard on the phone only seconds before* What’s going on? How did he get here so fast?

Chloe: Long story… Right now… we got to get the trap set. *Looking at Clark* Clark, care to do the honors of creating a Devil’s trap?

Clark: A Devil’s trap?

Sam: Yes. It’s a Mystical trap that traps Demons. Hell Spawn.

Dean: once demon steps into the center of it… it traps them and they can’t break from it. Mr. Sullivan is Possessed. This is the only thing we can do… without facing having to gank him and kill the Demon and him in the process. This trap is the worst nightmare for Devil’s. You get them in there… it’s automatic Doorway to purgatory.

Clark: *Looking up and with a flash of heat vision Creating a Devil’s trap; Burning one on the ceiling*

Sam: All we need now is to lure the Demon in here…

Dean: We need a decoy… someone to act as bait to draw Mr. Sullivan over and get him into the Devil’s trap.

Sam: Who’s gonna do it?

Chloe: It’s my father… so i’ll do it.

Sam: Are you sure?

Chloe: My father doesn’t know who you two are… He knows me… if there is any part of my father left in that demon… he’ll listen to me and will recognize me.

Dean: *Giving Chloe the Devil’s trap Knife* Take this… Just in case you have no other choice. If you face any danger and the demon has fully possessed your father and your father is all lost… As much as you don’t want to do it. Gank him. It’s the only way. because if the demon has taken all control of him… it’ll either be you ganking him or he Ganking you. Turning you into a Eunich.

Chloe: *Nods*

Chloe walks out and heads back to her house and goes to see her father. She wasn’t sure if she was making a wise move in going to face her father… all the while knowing that her father was possessed by a demon. She couldn’t just sit and not do anything… She had to lure the demon to the devil trap. But she then figured that she would have to make a diversion in order for her father to follow her. The normal father… Human part would follow and be curios about what was going on. But the Demon part… wouldn’t. Sensing it to be a trap…

Inside the Sullivan household…

Gabe: *Creating a chalice and draining some blood into it* Must contact the master. He must know about the outsiders.

But while he was contacting the Demon Trigon…

Chloe: *Walking in through the front door and treading quietly into the house and looking for her father* I hope that the demon didn’t fully take over my father. I really don’t want to take him out. I can’t even think to do it.

Gabe: *From upstairs; coming out of the demon’s hold on him* Chloe… Chloe, Is that you?

Chloe: Father, Where are you?

Gabe: Up stairs.

Chloe: *Walking upstairs from the living room* Dad… We got to get you help…

Gabe: What?

Chloe: We need to get you help. You’ve been acting rather off. Way off than what you usually would.

Gabe: Chloe, What on earth are you talking about? I’m fine. I’m still able to function myself. I am in control of my facilities. I haven’t lost any unnecessary weight. in fact… i think that i might have gained some.

Chloe: *Walking into the room* Dad, You might not have noticed… but for the last couple weeks… You haven’t been completely yourself.

Gabe: And what would make you say that?

Chloe: Well… It’s because you have a Demon inside you. a Demonic entity inside you. Possessing you.

Gabe: Chloe, Are you trying to clown me?

Chloe: No. I’m not. I wish that i was… but unfortunately… It’s not like that at all.

Gabe: Okay… now i’m lost. What is this talk about me having a Demon inside me? What the heck is going on here?

Chloe: there is a threat looming to this planet. A Demonic threat. we might know him as Scath and is the Equal to our Modern day Lucifer.

Gabe: Who is this Scath?

Chloe: He is known as an Intergalactic Demon. From Azarath. the Azarathian Limbo. After he destroyed Azarath… the monks of Azarath… forged a ring known as the Ring of Azar. which would help Imprison Scath.

Gabe: But that doesn’t seem to explain what it has to do with me.

Chloe: Trust me… you don’t want to know. believe me. You just need to trust me. It’s serious. You have a Demon inside of you. You need to come with me so we can Erradicate it from you. Before it tries to take you over again…

Gabe: *Wincing in a bit of pain feeling pressure in his mind and shifting to being possessed* Oh god… Chloe… RUN!!! GET OUT NOW!!! *Growling* ARRRRRR!

Chloe: *Taunting the Demon* Okay… Come on you Demonic entity. Come on and get me. Come on… *Luring the demon to come after her* ………

But waiting in the Watchtower…

Dean: *On the phone* Bobby, We’re here at the Sullivan’s. Chloe is with her father now and is seeing on luring him… with the Demon inside him inside the Watchtower. and into the trap. The trap is set.

Bobby: *On the phone* You need to get inside the house now and get the girl away from him. These Demons are not stable. he might be acting normal now… but the Demon will bust out and take over again… She’s in the path of the demon. One of you better get over to the house and run interference.

Sam: *Looking a bit confused* What’s he saying?

Dean: I think that Bobby is trying to warn us about the Demon possibly working to lash out. Sam… Stay here… i’m gonna go and run a bit of a detour on the demon. But we have to get the the demon into the devil’s trap.

Chloe: *Screaming from a Distance* Help… Oh god… Someone help me… *Voice getting louder* …

Sam: I think she’s got the Demon’s attention.

Dean: Good. Open the doors… It sounds like they’re coming in….

Sam: *Running over to open the doors and armed with Holy water to use on the demon* If the demon tries anything… it’s gonna get a nice splash of this holy water.

Bobby: *On the phone* Well… Don’t just stand there waiting for an invite, Idgets… Handle that demon. trap it in that Devil’s trap and Send that demon back to hell where it came from. Hope that it doesn’t have any other plans either. Because if it does… You’re gonna need a bit more than just the spell.

Dean: Don’t worry, Bobby. We’re on it.

Sam: *At the door and opening it; Prepared for any sneaky trick coming from the Demon*

Before they could get a shot in… the Demon that was possessing Gabe lashed out and screeched. It shattered the windows and sent a high pitched hum to their ears. But fortunately… Dean was on the other side of the Devil’s trap and the demon somehow sensed that the weapon that could kill the demons was on him and stormed over…

Gabe: *As the Demon* The world of Mortals will fall. Trigon will fall from the heavens and transform the Earth into his own paradise. Time to face hell Mortals. *Walking over to Dean and aiming to attack* Trigon shall Rule this world. This world shall belong to TRIGON THE TERRIBLE!!!

Dean: As if you’ll stay for that to begin.

Gabe: *Growling Demonically*

The Demon possessed Gabe lodged on towards Dean not knowing that Dean was expecting it and that a trap was all set to grab hold of the demon… The Demon got into the middle of the devil’s trap and didn’t happen to look up. The Demon tried to press ahead and get closer to Dean who was standing on the other side of the trap. Grinning at the demon…

Gabe: *As the Demon* You think that you can stop me? That the Intergalactic Demon… Trigon the terrible can be stopped? You think wrong. He is coming… His rapture is destined to start. You can not stop it.

Dean: Hey Demon… You’re trapped. We know that you’re working for your master… big red and beastie… but you’ve just walked into a little surprise.

Gabe: *As the Demon; Looking Up* Huh? What’s that? What’s the meaning of this? You really think that this will hold me?

Sam: That’s what it is said to do. It’s a Demon trap. You’ve walked right into it. So whoever you are… You’re about to leave Mr. Sullivan’s body.

Dean: Sam… Now! do it.

Gabe: *Demon Voice; Laughing sinisterly* Yeah… right. Like you can really stop me. it will never work. But if you think you got me beat. do it. see what happens. I’d love to watch.

Sam: *Reading the Devil’s Spell* “Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus
omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio
infernalis adversarii, omnis legio,
omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.
Ergo draco maledicte
et omnis legio diabolica adjuramus te.
cessa decipere humanas creaturas,
eisque aeternae Perditionis venenum propinare.
Vade, Satana, inventor et magister
omnis fallaciae, hostis humanae salutis.
Humiliare sub potenti manu dei,
contremisce et effuge, invocato a
nobis sancto et terribili nomine,
quem inferi tremunt.
Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine.
Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus
omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio
infernalis adversarii,omnis legio,
omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.
Ergo draco maledicte
et omnis legio diabolica
adjuramus te.
Cessa decipere humanas creaturas,
eisque aeternae Perditionis venenum propinare.
Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire
te rogamus, audi nos.”

Gabe: *Releasing the Demon from inside and being purged from the possession*

As soon as the Demon was Purged from Gabe…

Gabe: *Coming to* What… what’s going on? Where am i?

Chloe: Dad, You’re in the Watchtower. The base for the team of heroes. The two guys there are Sam and Dean Winchester. They’re Demon hunters.

Gabe: Chloe, Uh… It’s nice to be meeting them… and having that demon out of me… But I kinda think that we need to talk about this… This place and the fact that you have it here.

Chloe: it’s not causing any trouble. We are making a difference doing what we do here.

Sam: *Looking at Dean* Dean, we should go… there are other Demons that we have to take care of.

Dean: You got a point.

Sam: Let’s go.

Dean: next stop… Metropolis…

Within minutes Dean and Sam have just said and done their adieus and prepared to head on off to Metropolis….

May 9th 2027….

At Vincent Van Graves…

In Martin’s room…


Martin: *On the Phone* But Beth… I thought that we would have had a thing together. I mean… Luna and I are not getting into it and you are well… Available. Luna shot me down. But You were more willing to get with me… Be with me in ways that Luna wasn’t and hasn’t been in nearly 4 months now.


Beth: *On the phone* Martin, i want to be with you… but you are seeing me as a rebound girl to make up for the social interaction that you’re not getting with Luna. I don’t think i should be with you because of your being still in love with Luna. Plus… you’ve been unkind to her. You Drink too.

Martin: It’s nothing worse than what Luna’s been doing. She’s been smoking. That’s got to be worse than my drinking.

Beth: Smoking… Drinking the same thing. You need to stop looking back at Luna’s habit. You’re the one making the mistake. Luna smokes. So? You’re nothing better than she is. You’re drinking beer at 13.

Martin: Actually… I’m 14.

Beth: Doesn’t matter.  It is still wrong. Plus You’re still being a Jerk to Zeke.

Martin: You all rather kiss his butt.

Beth: See? That is why you never get to hang with Luna like you used to before. Listen to how you talk. Your attitude. Your attitude is atrocious and it’s a key reason as to why Luna wants hardly a thing to do with you. I don’t think that any girl would want to be around you when you’re like you are now… You think that we’re all kissing Zeke’s butt. But you’d be wrong. Penelope still has a bit of doubt on Zeke. But she’s opening up to him. We all are. All except you. It is almost like you don’t care how many of us come to like Zeke. You just still refuse to open up to him.

Martin: Oh… Yeah. He takes my girl… Wins her over with his bullshit charm that is pathetic and she falls for him. But i’m supposed to be the calm one. I’m supposed to be the one who’s open to him, Right? No. I say forget it. It isn’t gonna happen.

Beth: Then… look at losing Luna all the way and completely.

Martin: It isn’t like it’s a big loss to me. Because i don’t know why i’d love Luna anymore anyway. She always ignores me. She blows off how i’m feeling. She doesn’t seem to care that i’m not open to Zeke. She refuses to spend any time with me. It’s gotten to where i had to sneak around and catch her by surprise before i would ever get a shot at being with her.

Beth: That’s nothing… I heard that she and Zeke were going out on a date tonight. She’s gone out with him 3 times already. She told us. But she would have also told you. the only reason why she didn’t was because you were being a jerk to her.

Martin: Well… It is my right to be a Jerk. Besides that… If i remember right. She has a huge family who will be there for her. All i have is Vincent. He’s been nothing but the best there ever was to me. He guided me and kept me protected. Safe even. But no matter how hard he tries… try and try as he might… He will never be able to fill the empty spot that is my mom and dad. I don’t have parents. All i have is a guardian. That’s all i have. Nothing else. Luna’s got a family. I don’t. So yeah… being a Jerk is one of the only things that i have left to hold on to.

Beth: It is sad… but that doesn’t make it okay for you to be treating others like dirt. You’re gonna wind up having no friends if you keep doing what you’re doing now.

Martin: I don’t care anymore. Besides, why should i? You’re all sticking for Luna. I don’t matter anymore apparently.

Beth: You do too… But your attitude is what’s keeping everyone away. You just refuse to change.

Martin: *Scoffs* So in order to get people to care about me or be around me more again… I have to be nice to Zeke? I have to be nice and kind to the one who has come and literally stolen the heart of the one i love? Not everyone has to love Zeke. or like him. He’s not God. He’s a loser. He smokes. Drinks probably. He hangs around bars. and also commits little misdemeanors. And you all like that?

Beth: ……

Martin: You know what i am starting to think? I am starting to think that you all need a massive Cat Scan.

Beth: What is it that you want, Martin? To treat the guy like crap to suit you and make you happy? Make him miserable just to benefit you?

Martin: See? That is exactly what i mean… Exactly what i mean. I say anything and tell what i think and what do you and the others do? Twist it around and make it sound as though i’m the bad one. that i’m the bad guy.

A minute later…

Beth: So… How’s Starlight doing?

Martin: She’s fine. She’s just roaming around the house. She does that a few times a day.

Beth: She is still lively, right?

Martin: of course.

Beth: Okay… I’ll think about going on a date with you. But… You need to cool your jets and lay off Zeke.

Martin: *Sighs* …

Beth: Okay?

Martin: Okay.

At the Metropolis Dorms…

At Room #312…

Jack: Classes are hard this year. Have been hard. Plus it’s not easy with a Pregnant girlfriend. or shall i say Fiance.

Reese: I know the feeling. I can’t seem to get Paige to commit to our relationship hardly. Maybe she’s afraid.

Jack: That can’t be it. Paige is probably with alot on her mind right now. She’s got alot on her plate.

Reese: Yeah? Like what? What does she have on her plate that isn’t the same as everyone else’s?

Jack: Let’s see… She’s got a young sister who is under the habit of… Let’s say. Smoking. She and her sisters Pearl and Dinah have still the worry of the Intergalactic Demon that is sired to come. It’s not time for it to happen. But it’s getting closer. You know that you can feel it. We got finals coming up soon too… That is also another factor. Plus the fact that there are demons roaming the city. It’s not easy on her. on anyone. Plus… not long ago… They were almost killed by the V.R.A. General Slade and then that one over-zealous Lt. Pratt whatever her name was… She’s dealt with alot. Pearl almost lost her life that night.

Reese: I don’t get it… What is it that Paige is afraid of in the relationship? She knows that i Love her… Doesn’t she?

Jack: She knows. I don’t think she’s forgotten of that. She knows that you love her. If you want to get Paige to notice you… You’re gonna need to get more creative. Maybe get her alone and offer on taking her out on a date.

Reese: A Date? Where to?

Jack: Anywhere. Anywhere peaceful and serene.

Reese: You think that i should go to her now?

Jack: I would. But that is depending if she’s there in her Dorm right now. She could still be in class.

Reese: Class on a Sunday?

Jack: Oh course. I got one today too. A History class. then tomorrow an English and Math class. two classes tomorrow.

Reese: *Looking at the computer and reading online* There’s a Movie tonight playing. I think that it’s one that Paige mentioned that she liked. A Musical… Phantom of the Opera. I think it was. It’s playing in the theaters again. I think that i’ll go and reserve a couple of tickets for that. It’ll be wonderful. Paige did say that she wanted to see a musical sometime ago… This would be a perfect surprise for her. I just hope that she’s gonna accept it.

Jack: I am sure that she will accept anything that comes from you. She loves you.

Reese: *Looking at the time and getting ready to head out* I’m gonna go get the tickets and surprise her with it.

Jack: That’s the ticket. I think that Paige will enjoy it.

Reese: How’s Pearl doing? You gone to see her recently?

Jack: Of course. She’s been having pains but that’s to be expected. She’s having 3 babies… Just like Dinah did… That’s not the half of it… there is a possibility that she could be with two more sometime down the road. Maybe a year from the day that the current ones come out.

Reese: Whoa? 5 kids?

Jack: Yeah.

Reese: Damn! That’s gonna be hard on you, isn’t it?

Jack: Don’t i know it?

Reese: *Whistles*

Of course…

In Room #349…

Pearl: *Wincing in a little pain* It’s closing in the 3rd month and i am feeling the pain of pregnancy already.

Star: *Concerned* Pearl, I think that you should go and see a doctor and find out what’s going on with your pregnancy. checking the process of your babies. You’ve been wincing in pain and groaning periodically for the last 4 weeks. it was not this bad at first, but now it’s gotten to where you’re barely able to function without hurting so much.

Pearl: I know. What am i gonna do? What if the babies have something terribly wrong with them?

Star: I wish i could say, Pearl. *Worried* Oh… girl. What can we do? *Sighs* We need to do something about this.

Pearl: We will… *Trying to sit up* What are we gonna do about the Fashion designing?

Star: It’s gonna be okay. There is a few designs that are in need of a look over before we send them off to our sponsors. Raven-Symone and Anne Hathaway are Expecting the designs by tomorrow. the latest. But i’ll handle it. You just need to rest. Your babies are gonna count on that.

Pearl: You can’t be doing all of it by yourself. You need some help. We are both in it.

Star: Yeah. that is true… but you’re in no condition to start anything right now.

Pearl: It’s not just me though… Jack, My Fiance feels the same as i do… he feels bad for me. seeing me in this kind of pain. He is wishing that he could take it all away.

Star: That’s one thing. But how about the dilemma that is still out there? The Intergalactic Demon. What about him? You and your sisters still have to handle that big red nightmare.

Pearl: *Cringing over the mention of the Intergalactic Demon* I don’t know why he has to be brought up. At this point… i don’t think that these savage heels will be able to do much of any fighting. I can’t even kick without pulling something and hurting in pain.

Star: What do you think your sister’s will do about fighting the big red bastard without you? You can’t very well be fighting if you’re in pain most of the time and are pregnant.

Pearl: Oh yeah? Like Dinah stayed down and kept under bed rest? She got up multiple times. against our warning. Her babies could have died. She fails to know that. because if she did that… she’d know that it was for a reason. You stopped her… but she talked you into letting her go. To face Beryl. She was able to withstand and able to pull it off. but still. She was risking it all.

Star: I know. we were all there… You and Paige and the guys were all there. But Dinah was stubborn and what helped her keep from getting in way too much risk was the fact that she was tough and self preserved and very determined. She wasn’t one to just give up and lie down without a fight. No matter what the risks were.

Pearl: That’s what Paige and i would have thought. Prince Alvin and the others also felt the same way. But there was something else…

Star: Which is… What exactly?

Pearl: The fact that she saw it as ensuring that her kids would be safe. that she was able to protect her kids in every way. She wanted to be their mother as a mother should.

Star: She already is a mother though… She’s got 3 kids now.

Pearl: That’s right. But there is a little problem. They’re on Planet Vulcan right now. for protection. It wasn’t safe here for them.

Star: No place is totally safe for long. You know that better than anyone.

Pearl: Not even here. But for now… I don’t know.

Star: Plus… you know that your love Jack would be not so happy about you trying to see on risking your health.

Pearl: I know that he wouldn’t. But there is just so much that needs to be done. I can’t just sit around and or lay around for that matter and not do anything.

Star: You might not have a choice. Although… now Dinah is with motherhood and soon in the near future… you will be too. As will Alice. Prince Alvin’s girl. Although with that in consideration… there is one who’s gotten nowhere with the romance vibe.

Pearl: Who?

Star: Who’s the one with that Reese Dude?

Pearl: Paige.

Star: She’s the one who’s not getting far with the romance. and it is kinda ironic somewhat since you said that she was all gaga crazy for boys and heroes in spandex. Chocolate and Romance. Have you ever noticed that of all the times that she was with Reese. Having dates here and there when there was some time to rest and relax and there wasn’t any classes Scheduled for the next day or so. But Paige has not made any passes to him. Not a one. Doesn’t that strike you as rather strange?

Pearl: *Thinking* I am in pain… i can’t do much thinking on anything without the pain blanketing my attention and taking me over… But i have noticed that Paige has yet to make that next leap on her relationship with Reese. She should have done something more with him by now. She’s still at the simple and beginning level of the relationship. She with all her bravado in being boy nutty should have at least been able to get at the next level with Reese.

Star: That’s what i would have thought too. But she hasn’t. She’s been stalling and keeping with her studies and refraining from even bothering to make that plunge. I think she’s scared to make that jump. I really think that she needs a little help on the romance angle.

Pearl: Maybe set up a secret date and get them to go on it.

Star: It is worth a shot… Besides… Paige should have her time to get her relationship to the next level.

It was sad for them to think on how one wasn’t getting their relationship to that next level while others were. Pearl suspected that Paige wasn’t getting much out of her relationship, although it wasn’t as though anything could be done to help it grow. Paige was in her work… Reese was struggling to get any romance from Paige. However it was getting to be more where he had to either dive in and take the risk or cut the line and cut bait.

At Room #250…

Dinah: *Working on her history paper* I’ve got a house nanny. Found her the other day and i’m supposed to be interviewing her. Today… Not sure when though because she’s supposed to come here.

Christie: When do you suppose she’ll get here, Dinah? You know that the Dorm Manager will spot her. Plus… i heard that this room was built for 3. You don’t think that she could also be our new Roommate… do you?

Dinah: *Looking up and sighs thinking about it* No. I don’t think so… I can’t be having her as a roommate to us and then also a House nanny.

Christie: Why not? It isn’t like it probably hasn’t been done by others before… Giving two roles and both having to perform them as best as possible. It’s not like it will be that much work… it’s just a little bit of a challenge. If i remember right… You used to like that?

Dinah: Yeah… When i was still a teen growing up. I am not that anymore. If you had forgotten about it… I’m a mother. I can’t be pushed for a challenge. Not ever. The girl is coming here soon and depending on who she is… She could be just a Nanny for hire.

Christie: Or she could be another attendee for the University here.

Dinah: *Looking at Christie oddly* Huh?

Christie: Well… She could.

Dinah: Let’s not even go there. Okay? *Looking at Christie and sighs* How’s that Law paper coming?

Christie: How’s it coming? How do you think it’s coming, Dinah… It’s only half way done and i am having a hard time with it. I have to write about the law of the country during the 1980’s. Thing is… i don’t even know a thing about that as none of us have been around during those times… I’m doing research on it now and getting key facts from that. *a little stressed* God… How am i gonna do this one?

Dinah: You’re stressing out on the paper… Christie, You are getting too worked over on it. Calm down. Just take it one step at a time. Besides that, when is the paper due?

Christie: The day after tomorrow.

Dinah: Have you checked out the Library for the books on it? Christie… this type of stress could take a person to consider drinking.

Christie: Drinking?! What the hell are you on, Dinah? This won’t lead to that. I am just panicking because this paper is a big one and i am already on the ropes of possibly bombing it. This means alot to me… Remember that i am shooting for a career in being a Law Attorney? A Divorce Attorney. Helping people settle things when they feel that their marriage is not working and want to seek divorce. A Divorce attorney helps them go through the appropriate legal statures. Divorces aren’t easy on people… but A Divorce Attorney tries to do what they can to help where possible. however they can.

Dinah: I know… but it’s not good for you to stress so much like you’re doing. Christie… You’ve busted your ass trying to keep me from losing it while i was pregnant with Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Trying to keep me as sane as possible in any possible way. Now… it’s my turn. *Getting up and Walking over to Christie* It’s my turn to do the same for you.

Christie: *Unable to reply to Dinah’s statement*

Dinah: *On her knees in front of Christie* Christie, You have got to calm down. You’re gonna give yourself a headache and end up with high blood pressure from stressing so much. Maybe even a Stroke. Christie… If you need help on getting the resources… or the information needed to do the paper. I’ll tell you what. When the girl gets here. we’ll handle that… then once she leaves or if it’s true that she’s got this room with us too… we’ll help her get settled in and Then i will see to head out and find anything that revolve around laws of the 1980’s. I’ll pull an all nighter if i must. But… *Looking at Christie* Look at me… Look at me. I Promise… I Swear on it. You are not gonna fail. I will not let it. I will do all that i can to help you. I will. You helped me… when i was in need the most. So… Now… i am gonna do the same for you.

Christie: *Sighs; nods* Okay.

Dinah: It’s gonna be alright. We will get through this like we have done with other things prior.

Christie: Like your Pregnancy… and the now dilemma of Luna delving down into a habit and prodding with a bad girl image? That… I know. I suppose that we have gone through worse things than failing a class… Even though failing a class still somewhat tops everything else.

Dinah: Hey. That’s life. Sometimes you have good fortune… sometimes… you just have to hope that you get lucky and something good comes from what life hands you…

Christie: Amen…

But in Room #205…

Prince Avery: *Sighs* Criminal Justice is not as easy as it feels. nor is it as easy as one would expect. It is hard work… unless you’re a natural. But with the training and the education that i obtained from it… i was able to finesse some back info from British Intelligence.

Prince Curtis: British Intelligence? What in gods name would you be contacting them for?

Prince Avery: Like it might matter to you? Where the hell were you anyway a couple weeks ago when Prince Alvin and I were in need of help? We were almost killed off by the over-zealous General Slade. Him and that Lt. Pratt. She and that General both were gonna kill us. That night it began with the 3 girls being taken. Well actually Paige and Pearl. Dinah got away But out of all that… we lost a fighter. Carter hall. Hawkman was killed. General Slade Stalin killed him. We needed you to be there… to lend a hand. but you weren’t anywhere to be found that day.

Prince Curtis: Oh… So his death is my fault, is it? IS IT?! *Getting up and staring at Prince Avery in the face* Look. I am in no mood to deal with an interrogation. I got alot on my fucking mind okay? i was on a Field assignment that night. somewhere in Idaho. Doing field work at Yellowstone. I am not a part of the USGS and yet the professor had me go over there and join in on the assignment. There was nothing that i could do, Okay? There was nothing that i could fuckin’ do. I couldn’t leave there. Even if it was for family and it was an emergency. I couldn’t leave without them wanting to know.

Prince Avery: You should have still been there. You know damn well that things have been falling apart. It has been falling apart for a little while now… Luna Smoking at a young age. Alice Pregnant and now Pearl…. She is also Pregnant. You already know that… But did you also happen to know that she almost died that night when we were attacked or put in the middle of the crossfire? She could have lost her babies and lost her life.

Prince Curtis: It is not my fault. There was nothing that i could have done to leave. They were monitoring everyone at the sight. If i were to leave there… i would be in trouble. You know… Just because you’re into being some secret Agent… doesn’t make you the one with the rights to lecture me… besides… when you were obviously met by a Brit who offered you a future with the British Intelligence… how long did you happen to wait till you decided to just pop out with the tell all? huh? How long? Almost a month and a half after you had that meet.

Prince Avery: *Snapping* Hey… I told you about that when i could… but i told Prince Alvin first as he’s the captain of our team. He is the one that leads us… What the hell do you do? Wait till someone comes to you with the trouble… You wait and sit in bliss while hell is stirring outside your doorstep.

Prince Curtis: And what about you? You’re only down right devoted when the damn chips are down. You stake out places and do watch overs on locations… making yourself look all so good. But then when you see someone else trying to come along on top… you do anything you can to tear them down.

Prince Avery: I do not.

Prince Curtis: *Annoyed* Oh yeah? Prove it. What are you trying to do to me right now? Huh, What? What are you trying to do? You know that i was on a field assignment that was awarded to me by my professor. You knew that this was a possibility. I even told you. I came to you and told you all about it and what you should be expecting to see.  However… What is it that you’re doing now. You are denying that i even told you and are giving some bullshit that i should have been around to help in that fight.

Prince Avery: You’re right. You were supposed to.

Prince Curtis: *Angrily* And how the hell was i to be there and on the field with the rest of the small team there was working on a geology assignment. on field? Was i somehow supposed to teleport and warp from there to Metropolis on a drop of a hat? Well… I am sorry to disappoint. It doesn’t work that way. I am not gonna let my future career go to shit because there happens to be a mess going on. I am sorry that Pearl got hurt. I am sorry even that you and Prince Alvin nearly got beat death by those V.R.A Goons and that we lost a fighter. I’m sorry about it all. But that doesn’t give you the right to badger me over it.

Prince Avery: …

Prince Curtis: *Irritated* Now either tell me what ever the hell it is that you were gonna tell me or just let me be so i can get my homework done.

Prince Avery: Whatever… What i finessed from the British Intelligence due to some of the skills i obtained so far from the Criminal Justice career track. Being an Agent… I managed to find out that there was no V.R.A… The Bill doesn’t exist. It’s a Phantom or a illusion. So the Mark of Scath and the Omega symbol… It’s not behind the V.R.A… it has no involvement with it at all. They’re only working for the red bastard. Trigon.

Prince Curtis: So… The V.R.A was a fake?

Prince Avery: Yes.

Prince Curtis: We have been tearing ourselves up for nothing over a bill that isn’t even fucking real?

Prince Avery: Afraid so.

Prince Curtis: What the hell?

Prince Avery: They also stated that there was also a possible sighting of a woman that was said to have been exterminated in the fire that was set to the Castle… the headquarters of Checkmate.

Prince Curtis: What? Uh… will you restate that one? Did you just say that there was a sighting of the White Queen?

Prince Avery: Yes. I am afraid that there was word that she has been sighted. the only problem is that she was only seen once and they can’t indicate whether or not it was really her.

Prince Curtis: But that doesn’t matter. they still caught sighting of her. That could mean that she’s alive somewhere. But it’s impossible… Zod burned down the castle. She went down with it. How could she survive the fire?

Prince Avery: That’s what i would like to know. I don’t even think that Prince Alvin knows about it. He might have found out by Alice as she has that ability of Psychic foresight. So if she knows… he will be sure to learn of it.

Prince Curtis: But with the Pregnancy… Alice hasn’t had many visions… or any in a couple months. She’s probably lost that part of her. *Sighs*

At Zeke’s place…

Zeke: *On the Phone* Luna, I was thinking that maybe we could have a dinner date here at my place. I happened to have made a deal with the guy i’m renting the place from. He’s a Chef and has offered to cook a good meal. Something that would hit the spot. I figure that it’s something different and your sister isn’t gonna really know that you’re coming here for a date. as far as she knows… you and i are just hanging out. Martin might already know different but the way that he’s been treating you… it doesn’t really matter what he’s got to say. It doesn’t have any concern to him.

Luna: *On the Phone* Really?

Zeke: Of course. It would be a surprise for you since i don’t think that you’ve ever been to my place yet. I’ve been to your place more than you’ve been to mine as far as who comes to who’s house. And this would make the official first time that you’ve come to my place for anything.

Luna: It is true… I haven’t. But it was because i was still more into Martin before… and i knew that if i were here more… he would not be happy and i couldn’t risk making him angry. I also didn’t want to make anything complicated for you. You didn’t deserve that. It wouldn’t have been right if i happened to do that. It would be mean.

Zeke: I know… But as of the last couple weeks Martin has been truly rude and unkind to you. I Swear… if you weren’t still somewhat if anything still attached or attracted to him… i would have just laid into him. Beat him up. Luna, He treats you like shit. That’s even worse than the treatment you’ve had from the Ex-Grandmother of yours. the one who abused you Emotionally, Mentally and Partially with Physical contact.

Luna: I know he does… And the more that he does treat me badly… the more i want to just dump him. The only thing wrong about that is the fact that my sisters and the others in my family… they wouldn’t be so open to my dumping Martin. Although… He is part of the hero team and he can fight. He can fight. If i were to break up with him and my sisters were to get word of it… they’d be asking why. I however can’t help but to ask… Why a Dinner date? Not that i’d mind. I actually think it’s sweet. I just don’t get what the reason for it could be.

Zeke: Nothing really. I just figured that it would be something different. Plus… Even if Martin knew of it… it would not be his concern. After what he’s done to you or treated you… he’s lost that right.

Luna: You’re right. He doesn’t have that right anymore. In fact… If i were to never see him again… it would be of no loss to me. I am a nice person. But i got my standards and my pride. I got feelings too. If he can’t treat me right. He should just get over the fact that he’s about to lose me.

Zeke: I know how you feel about him, Luna. I do. It is really shitty that Martin is being that way to you. You loved him. Wanted to grow up and eventually one day Marry him in the future. like in your very early 20’s… But it looks as if it will never happen in the way you’ve been hoping that it would happen. Martin Changed into a Womanizer and a prick. You of course… Lost that good girl Image and even though you won’t want to admit it… It’s because of me. I was the cause of it. I know you don’t want to believe it. But it is because of me.

Luna: *Feeling frustrated* Zeke… For the love of god… Would you stop trying to tear yourself down? You are not a terrible influence. You are not like that. I will never allow for anyone to get me to believe that you are nothing but a bad influence. I refuse to let myself be convinced over that. I won’t believe that Ever…

Zeke: It is true… Luna, You were a clean girl. No habits… No bad Images. Ever. No Smoking. Then all of a sudden… i come in and what happens? You gain a Bad girl Image. You smoke and the whole school as in Teachers… they all revere you.

Luna: I don’t think that makes it just. I Love you. I Love you more than i do Martin. Martin has been losing my love for a while now and if it wasn’t for that one small thread of love i still have for him…I would have dumped him. I would have left him. I am 13 and he is 14. But that doesn’t excuse his being a Jerk… He thinks that i am all for him. I am not. I am in love with you, Zeke. I don’t care if you got me to be bad. I made the choice. I chose to do it.

Zeke: Yeah. I know it.

Luna: What time do you want to have the date?

Zeke: 6:30 maybe.

Luna: Okay. I will be there by then. And I’ll bring my pack with me too…

Zeke: Okay. See you tonight. And Luna?

Luna: Yeah?

Zeke: I Love you.

Luna: And I love you too… See you tonight.

At Pamela’s House…

Pamela: *Reading a book and resting* I haven’t heard from Penelope. She must be busy with things and her parents must be having her do things for them. I should at least call her. She might be home and might be just as bored as i am. It is rather chilly out today. Although Summer is on the way. But… For summer being on its way… it sure is cold out today.

The Phone Rings…

Pamela: *Answering the phone* Hello? Penelope?

Beth: *On the phone* No… It’s Beth.

Pamela: Beth? Oh… Hey Beth. What’s up?

Beth: Nothing really. But i think that there is something that you might like to know… I don’t even know how to explain it.

Pamela: Why? What’s wrong?

Beth: Guess who asked me out on a Date.

Pamela: Who? It wasn’t Ted or Jake.

Beth: No. It wasn’t Ted. He doesn’t want to date anyone… he is into waiting till he’s 16. But Jake is tied to Jennifer. They’re like really close. too close. but that’s only because they’re real close best buds and have been through so much anyway.

Pamela: okay… so if it wasn’t Ted. and it wasn’t Jake… Then who was it?

Beth: Who do we know to be drinking and acting like a womanizer to our friend Luna?

Pamela: *gasps* Oh no… Please no… please don’t tell me that you’re going to be having a date with Martin. Please, Beth. Tell me that you’re not thinking about going out with that jerk.

Beth: I don’t know. I haven’t really decided on it yet as to whether or not i’ll go out with him tonight. I have till 6 tonight to decide. But i don’t want to go out with him. I have a feeling that he’s just gonna use me to hurt Luna and make her upset. I don’t want to do that.

Pamela: Then don’t return his call if he calls again. All he has done was treat Luna like crap and diss Zeke. Everyone’s grown sick and tired of it. Zeke is not entirely all that innocent either. but he’s not as bad as Martin’s made him out to be. Martin acts as though if he doesn’t like him… no one else should like him either. It is as though what he says is word.

Beth: I know. I don’t get it with him though. I really can’t stand the idea that if i go with him… he’ll try to inject that Zeke hating Venom in me. *Shivers*

Pamela: If you do go with him… make sure you call me or Penelope. and leave the call on active. i won’t say anything. but i’ll listen in. If he says anything about Zeke… I’ll come find you and we’ll let him have it.

Beth: Right. Okay.

Pamela: That is if you do go with him.

Beth: I just worry about Luna though. If i do go with him and she finds out. it will hurt her and will hurt us because we were rather behind it all.

Pamela: That is true… I haven’t heard from Penelope today… at least not yet. I tried to call her yesterday and couldn’t get through. She must have been busy or something. You think…

Beth: Think what…?

Pamela: That something happened to her?

Beth: Not sure. I think that i have her # here in my phone. But i don’t know if she’ll pick up to answer. I can try anyway. I’ll call again and let you know in a few.

Pamela: Okay. Thanks, Beth.

Beth: No problem…

That afternoon…

At the Metropolis Dorms

Room #250…

Dinah: *Cleaning up her things a little and Writing down what’s needed from the Store* Our Mini-fridge needs to be cleaned and restocked.

Christie: it does. But only because you keep eating from there.

Dinah: That was mostly because i was having hunger pains every couple hours. It’s still a lingering symptom of the pregnancy. I haven’t been pregnant since September of last year. But one of the doctors told me before it was time to give birth that i could expect to have the lingering hunger pains lasting up to a year after the delivery finishes.

Christie: For someone with a pregnancy that is different like yours. It makes sense… And Guilty. I too have had my little acquittals of hunger during the night sometimes too.

Dinah: The store i go to… is with plenty of discounts. I usually get 3o bucks worth of food and the food that i get is worth a budget of 100 dollars.

Christie: Now that’s a good deal.

Dinah: It sure is.

Suddenly a knock on the door sounds off…

Dinah: *Looking to the door* That must be the girl Renee.

Christie: *Walking over to answer the door* It’s about time… isn’t it? *Opening the Door* She must be… *Looking at the girl standing before her at the door* here now.

Renee: *A Little shy and with a kind tone in her voice* Yes. I was looking for Room 250. I was told that the room was a room made for 3 people.

Dinah: *Walking over to the door* Yes. That’s right. That’s what i found out too… but the Dorm Manager when she assigned the rooms and sorted people out… she forgot to inform us that this room was a 3 person room. *Looking at the girl suddenly* You must be Renee.

Renee: Yes. *Looking at Dinah* I hope that i’m not getting in between anyone here.

Dinah: No… you’re not. It’s fine. We were under the idea that we’d be the only ones in the room. But Having a 3rd person in here would be different.

Christie: Of course. It’s gonna seem a little crowded but We don’t take much room anyhow so… it’ll be fine.

Renee: *Smiles*

A few minutes later…

Renee: I am new to this College. My mum and i just moved here from Gloucester, England. United Kingdom. My Mum tried to get my app in a couple months or so ago and was a little late. I almost didn’t get in. However… my mum and i were also trying to look for a place in Metropolis to move to.

Dinah: You mean that you were trying to get into this University?

Renee: Yeah. i happened to have something called ESP. Telepathy. I Can hear what others think sometimes.

Dinah: Like Psychic perception, right?

Christie: You might be with similar abilities to a girl we know. Alice Cross. She’s got Psychic Foresight.

Renee: Ah. She must have had been gifted with it when she was really young. Not many people i know have it. At least not in Gloucester…

Dinah: You have your stuff with you, right… Renee?

Renee: Yeah. I got it right outside. My mum even bought me a car. I am usually okay with walking. it’s better to walk and exercise the muscles in the legs. I drove here because there was just a little too much to carry. I am literally bringing my entire life with me.

Dinah: Would you like some help in bringing the stuff in?

Renee: Not really. My Mum always said that doing things on your own helps a person be more responsible and honest. It’s good to feel as though you’ve accomplished something.

Christie: That’s true. However… you’re gonna be needing help. It’s okay to ask for help. Everyone’s entitled to some help.

Renee: *Nods* okay. You two are sure being nice. I might be lucky to know that i have friends like you.

Dinah: You’re a nice person and are new. It’ll help with getting settled in with friends.

Renee: Thank you.

Christie: Don’t mention. It’s kinda rather cool knowing that you’re in the same room as us.

Dinah: What are you working towards?

Renee: Business Management. I’m thinking about becoming a Hotel manager. My Mum says that i got the drive and the determination for it.

Christie: You could always study Law. They make alot of change. Impact lives. Do you like Science?

Renee: Science? Not really. I can’t say that i ever got all that into it. But i could give it a try.

Dinah: We can help you with it if you need it.

Renee: That’s rather nice of you guys to help. You know… there should be more people like you. Helping others out when needed. I would probably sense that you two are modern day heroes.

Dinah: *Thinking in her mind* She doesn’t seem to know the half of it. She doesn’t know that she’s really looking at one. and the same one who’s also a mother.

Renee: *Reading the mind* I don’t know the half of what? of there being an actual hero in this room. Who do you mean?

Christie: Let’s get into that later… First we got to get you settled in…

At the Metropolis Inn Motel…

In a Motel room…

“Johnny Angel” By Shelley Fabares plays in the background…

“Johnny Angel, how I love him.
He’s got something I can’t resist,
but he doesn’t even know that I exist.

Johnny Angel, how I want him.
How I tingle when he passes by.
Every time he says “Hello” my heart begins to fly.

I’m in Heaven. I get carried away.
I dream of him and me, and how it’s gonna be.

Other fellas call me up for a date,
but I just sit and wait, I’d rather concentrate …

… on Johnny Angel.
‘Cause I love him.
And I pray that someday he’ll love me.
And together we will see how lovely heaven will be.”

Dean: *To Sam* Did you find anything?

Sam: Not really. I did find that the a couple weeks ago… There was a incident with 3 girls and a movement that wasn’t even a real Bill. The V.R.A. And the group called the Rhapsody Girls Z! Apparently they had a run in with a General Slade Stalin who is said to be a Wanted War criminal and guilty for holding unethical Interrogation methods.

Dean: You don’t say… What would a General of Domestic Security want with 3 girls like them?

Sam: Don’t know. But it says that a couple weeks ago. the same night General Slade Exposed the fact that he was after a young girl named Luna. But the young girl Luna is the said sister to the 3 girls who were close to meeting an end. As were two guys. Which were their cousins. At least two of the 4.

Dean: Does it say of their names?

Bobby: *Reading from the Papers* Yeah… Paige Cass Rhapsody, Pearl Lucy Rhapsody and Dinah Ellen Rhapsody Age 19  Dinah is said to be a mother. Became one at age 18…

Sam: That would make them still High school students, wouldn’t it?

Bobby: I would guess that it could still make them as that. But in this case… It doesn’t. There were the case that when they were done with the 2nd threat… that they were under… they were in the ends of Middle school and throughout the 3rd threat. they were in high school… 9, 10 and 11. It says. But they just got out of high school last year. They must have…

Dean: Skipped a grade or two…

Sam: And it says that they’re also renown heroes as well. with a huge family. a bit of supers in their family. They have a member known as Prince Richie. he’s known under the hero Alias: “The New Dr. Fate”. There are also others. Like Princess Charlene. She’s known as the Arctic hero “Arctic Mind”. There’s King John Rhapsody Known as Lord Electric Mind. Princess Trixie who is now Queen Trixie. Not in status… but just in favor. She is a hero known as Aquatic Burn. There was also this other hero but her records were lost in time. One called Love Girl. She died as they said with a broken heart. But their mother. Mother to the 3 girls was murdered. 16-17 years after having them all. A Princess Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody. Mother of 5. Adopted mother of 2. Luna and Shanna. Luna was part of the foster system. Shanna was a biological sister to someone named Joe. She then gets put with a Princess Julie Beatrice Rhapsody. and then soon after gets Swung right over to Princess Rikku. Being part of her family. There was Betty and Angel. Paige, Pearl and Dinah. There was then Luna and Shanna. Luna is the youngest one of them all. She’s 13 soon to be 14. This year.

Bobby: Do any of them have any Normality?

Dean: Who knows what they have? They might be a circus family. Or maybe a group of Druids. But Druids can shapeshift. or they’re said that they can. but the family might be just the same.

Sam: Dean, Come on… this is not like them. With a family like theirs… they are pretty strong. gifted and passionate behind what they do.

Bobby: They meaning Paige, Pearl and Dinah… Plus Betty and Angel… they are all in College. Living in Dorms now. The cousins though are Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold, Prince Curtis and Prince Avery. Get this little morsel of info, Idgets. They too are heroes as well… Prince Alvin is Flaming Soul. Prince Arnold is Water Lord. Prince Avery is Plasma-Core. Prince Curtis is Electric Rage.

Dean: Talk about a festive bunch of family members to the name of Rhapsody Clan. What are they? The new Circus act.

Bobby: No. Try heroes. And don’t be making a joke of what they do. They could say the same thing about what we do. What you two do.

Sam: We need to find out where one of them live.

Bobby: There shouldn’t be any trouble in getting the information. It says that one of them lives at 1458 Charity Lane… But we’re gonna need to find the directions to that address.

Dean: You two do that… I’m gonna see on hustling up some $. We’re gonna need it. Staying in this city isn’t what we’d call cheap.

Sam: Dean, Be careful.

Bobby: Don’t do anything reckless out there. You and Sam are here to help with the Demon outbreak. You’re not gonna be of any use to anyone if you do something to get yourself kicked out of the city.

Dean Nods before leaving…

At Pamela’s house…

Pamela: *Lighting up and On the phone with Penelope* Beth hasn’t called back to give her decision on whether or not she’s gonna go ahead and go on the date with Martin.

Penelope: I hope that she decides to not go along with the date with Martin. She’s gonna get used by him. He’s gonna use her and harm her with his hatred for Zeke.

Pamela: How can we find her?

Penelope: She lives Nearby Jennifer. Call Jennifer and I’ll call Jake. We’re gonna Derail the date. Martin’s messed with one girl. He’s not gonna get a chance to do it to her too. Luna’s been hurt by him. Beth won’t be next.

Pamela: Right. Although i don’t know if we can keep Beth from doing it. She might go with him. And if she doesn’t… Martin’ll catch something and think that his night with a girl was sabotaged.

Penelope: He might. But it’s not like he’ll be one to prove it.

Pamela: Beth also said something about Martin thinking that we were all kissing Zeke’s butt and Dissing him while we were set on catering to Zeke.

Penelope: That isn’t the case. Martin is just not happy because we are Accepting Zeke and he can’t take it.

Pamela: That’s just too bad now… isn’t it?

Penelope: *Hearing her phone buzz* Hold on… I think that i got another call.

Pamela: Okay. I’m gonna head over to where Jennifer is and have her go to find Beth.

Penelope: Okay. Just don’t let it get to Martin that we’re trying to throw a curve into his attempts to date someone. He’s gonna only be liable to put up a stink and throw his frenzy of Hating Zeke around.

But when it came to being 6:30 that Evening…

Luna was wearing a parka as it was rather cold that evening and she made sure that she locked the door and had her pack with her. She knew that it was gonna be another date with Zeke… She made her way over to Zeke’s and felt rather nervous as she didn’t know what it was gonna be like there. She didn’t know what to expect. It was just a Dinner date. But She didn’t know what to think and She didn’t want to just back out. She knew that Martin and her were straining and knew that with the way things were going… that it wasn’t gonna get any better .

At Zeke’s Place…

Luna: *Looking at Zeke and Smiling* Hey Zeke.

Zeke: Hey Luna. Come on in. The Chef is just now making the food. It’ll be done soon.

The song “Unforgettable” By Last Amanda plays in the background…

“come down and take a look at the damage you have done
release the memories that i have kept since i was young
afraid of whats to come and the secrets that ive found
i take the easy way and the world starts spinning round round round


behind the pain im in theres a feeling of relief
i can look back with pride and enjoy what i achieved
i want to thank you all but my speech is without sound
the end is finally here and my bodys falling down down down




tell me why im here
give me life and ???
tell me why you care
take my life and end it here



7:00 pm…

At Vincent Van Grave’s house…

In the Living Room…

Martin: *Looking at the time* Where is she?

Beth: *Text from phone* Sorry. But i can’t go out with you, Martin. It wouldn’t be right and plus… i gave it some thought and i came to a decision that i can’t go out with you. Because something tells me that if i do… you’ll try to get me to turn against Luna. and turn against Zeke. I can’t do that to them. You and I can be friends. But we’re not gonna be anything more. I can’t be with someone who values in seeing ways to tear at Zeke. He’s done nothing to you. Luna chose to go to him due to you being really mean to her. You don’t see it because you don’t want to think that you are at fault for why Luna has been avoiding you. But it is your fault. Sorry.

Martin: *Looking Down and upset* I knew it. I lose Luna and my chance for love goes out the damn door.

It was only a moment later and it was then that Martin’s emotions went from sadness to depression right on to rage and anger. He growled and started fuming mad. But it caught the attention of his dog Starlight and Also Vincent.

Starlight: *Looking up at Martin* Master, What’s wrong with you? You feeling okay?

Martin: NO! It is not okay. I am not feeling okay and i don’t even want to hear any bull. I am pissed. I don’t get to see Luna. She ditches me and goes out with Zeke. Zeke is her new best bud. All she fucking does is go out with him hang with him. It’s all she cares about. *Punching the wall and then the Door a few times till his fists were throbbing in pain* I hate Zeke with a passion. Why can’t that no good worthless loser just fuck off?! DAMN HIM!!!

Vincent: *Looking to the side and facing Starlight* I think that the young master of yours is in need of a good snooze and maybe some time out so he can mellow. Maybe even Wallow…

Starlight: *Nods* Yeah. He’s scaring me with that rage of his. He’s liable to hurt himself real bad. I am really concerned about him.

Vincent: So am i. If the relationship between him and Luna doesn’t get back to being better again and the way it once was… the dear boy’s gonna only wind up being a bitter man with no measure of love whatsoever.

A Minute later…

Martin: Forget it. If Luna wants to be with that jerk. So be it. I’m outta here. Seems like no one wants me. No girl wants me. I’m alone and with no love at all. I’m going out for a little bit. to get a clear head and to think about some things.

Vincent: It’s school tomorrow. You’re gonna be needing rest soon. So don’t be gone too long.

Martin: Whatever. I’ll be back whenever i am ready. Just leave me alone. I am pissed off and any pressure will get me to only snap. Sorry. But for right now… Just let me be.

Martin then walked his way out into the neighborhood and just walked off. He didn’t care where he was going or what direction. He just didn’t even care what happened. He was upset and he knew that his friends at school have all turned on him. They were all suiting up to be with Zeke and be with Luna. It was then that he got a couple of texts. the first one said: “Martin, There is no way we’re gonna allow anyone to go out with you. You are rude. Mean and Obnoxious. I don’t care if this pisses you off. None of us do. You need a wake up call and i don’t think Vincent’s willing to do that. So here it is… YOU ARE NOT GONNA BE AROUND US TILL YOU GET YOUR ACT IN LINE. YOU HATE ZEKE. FINE! Hate him. But it doesn’t give you the right to tear him down because you don’t like him. How would you like it if we were to do that to you because we didn’t like you? Huh? How would that be? It would hurt, wouldn’t it? So how do you think Zeke feels when it’s done to him? You are hurting people with your attitude and it is getting really pathetic. Old and tiresome. Jake and Jennifer are willing to give you one last chance to get your act together. As is Ted and possibly me.  But You better get this straight. Zeke deserves better. Your actions and attitude is hurtful… Mean and nasty. No one deserves it. They are sick of it… and so are LUNA, ZEKE and THE GANG!”

Martin: Figures. Everyone is expecting me to like Zeke. Well… the hell with that. They want him so much. They can be his friend. I don’t need anyone like them. *Walking further off*

Martin was walking off and just not paying any attention to anything. He didn’t care what happened to him anymore. He was in devastation and in pain. But as he was walking… He saw a couple teens walking over to a house on the right and carrying a couple boxes of beer with them. There seemed to be a party going on and he knew that he was under age and couldn’t go to it. It was for Teens. Older Teens and Adults. But as he saw them going towards the house he felt like he could just take some risk and walk in. No one was even noticing him. But Martin didn’t know or catch on that someone saw him go into the house. Ted and Karen saw him from a distance and couldn’t figure on what Martin was thinking. But they didn’t think to say anything. To them… They didn’t even know if Martin was really aware on what he was doing.

Ted: *Looking at Karen* What could Martin be doing there?

Karen: No idea. We don’t even know if it really was him.

Ted: It was him though.

Karen: Or it could have been someone who just looked like him.

Ted: I couldn’t disagree with that one. It might have been someone else. But in all honesty… How many people do you know look exactly like someone in the Acting business. and with the same look as one Josh Hutchinson. That was Martin. He was right there and going into that house.

Karen: The house with all those teens. Older teens. There could be Drugs there. You sure that it wasn’t someone else?

Ted: I am sure. *Foreseeing what may come of Martin and what might come of Luna* I have a bad feeling that with the way that the fates are playing and the way they are living. The attitude and personality which were changing. Or should it be said… still is. Martin’s gonna grow up to be a bitter man. and Luna will be in the drug tank. Probably by time she reaches 18. She’ll be into more heavier drugs as she’s with a dark attitude. Martin and Luna are splitting up and are starting to hate each other. Martin’s been a womanizer to Luna. Luna’s with Zeke and she loves him. But she’s lost her way. She’s gonna become a real common girl who went from sweet to downright corrupt.

Karen: *Gasps* Ted! How can you say such a thing like that? That is so not nice.

Ted: It isn’t like i am meaning to say things such as that. But have you even noticed that for the last two and a half months… Luna and Martin had been pulling away from one another. Zeke and Luna get close and closer. Zeke and Martin are constantly at odds. Insurmountable odds. Plus…  Martin’s an ass.

Karen: That goes without saying.

Ted: But there is possible change in their future. If they ever seem to find their way again…  Their future won’t be quite so dark.

Karen: Like you would think that it is now…

Ted: *Nods*…

Karen: We should at least get the address and bust up this party. if there is a chance in Martin being in there…

Ted: Let’s just wait here and watch. for a little bit… there could be a huge misunderstanding.

Karen: Okay. Ted. Just on the off chance that you’re right. if this is all just a misunderstanding… we’ll let it go. We’ll stay here just watching till 9. If nothing changes and Martin… or the person who looked just like Martin doesn’t come out from there… The cops are called. Because if we don’t and something really does happen. We’d be just as guilty as it would be abetting to a major attempt at breaking the law.

Ted: Good point.


At the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at the screens* There is another outbreak of demons…

Tess: How can that be? Another Outbreak? That’s not possible. How many Demons can that wall push out?

Chloe: I don’t know… But the Wall’s Activity is getting worse. At the rate it is going… this whole country is gonna be overrun by Demons and the Walking Spawn of Satan and Scath… Combined.

Black Canary: *Walking in* So… Sounds like we got a meet with HellSpawn and the presence that it leaves in its wake.

Chloe: Yes. and the wall with the mark of Scath is the one doing it. Unleashing demons like a general sending its army out to spread and conquer.

Black Canary: Why can’t we just freeze them? They can’t stand Ice and snow, Right?

Tess: Usually Demons can’t as they are of fire. But these Demons are different. Stronger.

Black Canary: We can at least try. But what the bigger mystery is: what’s causing for the wall to become more active?

Chloe: We have no idea. But we’re gonna have to find out what it is.

Tess: There is an idea. Do we still have some of the reserves to force the Demons to slow down or persuade them to go back to where they belong?

Black Canary: There’s got to be.

Chloe: Wait. I think that there is. 2 people that might be able to get a handle on some of it. Actually we know just the ones that might get the job done…

At Zeke’s place…

Zeke: *Looking at Luna and Smiling* How was the food?

Luna: It was wonderful. Really wonderful. You have a great chef. Where did he learn to cook that good?

Zeke: He’s done it on and off for almost 20 years. He’s been just doing meals like the one done up tonight and has a couple of people that are wishing for him to do some cooking for them. He doesn’t mind it none. It gives him good practice. It also helps as i do some odd jobs for him when there is something to be done. It sometimes gets me paid 50 dollars. but usually under 30 and sometimes only 10. but the main thing is that i make some money while doing what i can for him. Making everyone on both sides win.

Luna: You don’t think that he’ll try to raise the rent for you, do you?

Zeke: What? Raise the Rent? Mr. Ginelli, Raising the rent on me so suddenly?  No way. He’s a fair guy. He only asks for a fair shake. That’s all.

Luna: I am betting that maybe you’ll get lucky and someone will… you know…

Zeke: Adopt me? What do you mean by that? Who’d adopt me? I am Emancipated. It’s kinda impossible for someone who’s Emancipated to get adopted. and i think that i’m a little too old.

Luna: And? What does that have to do with anything? Things like that have been known to happen before. It is a little uncanny. but it is likely.

Zeke: Did you hear about Martin though?

Luna: No. Why? what’s going on with him?

Zeke: Well… He’s been trying to get with Beth.

Luna: I heard. From what i have been hearing… She’s turned him down. She even called me today and told me that he tried to ask her out. She was wondering about whether or not she should actually go for it.

Zeke:  You think that she has?

Luna: Not sure. I think that she may have turned him down.

Zeke: You thinking about calling her to find out?

Luna: No. I’m sure that it’s nothing to worry about. Martin and Beth would only spell train wreck. She’s shy and partially goth. He’s a Womanizer and a Maturing Jerk plus Bully.

Zeke: You got a point. Those are undeniable odds.

Luna: But now that we think about it… i can’t seem to help myself to worry about her. or about Martin even though Martin’s been nothing more than a total Jerk.

Zeke: Let’s have a light and try to think on ways to better help Beth stay away from Martin.

Luna: What about me breaking up with Martin? That’s bound to happen eventually if things between me and him get any worse than what they’ve already had. Although… as far as things go… I don’t know how anything can get worse between me and him. There is nothing worse than losing someone’s love for you.

Zeke: Let’s just hope that you’ll never have to break up with him and quit loving him. Although as far it might look. It might not be such a bad alternative.

Luna: *Sighs* ….

Back at where the Teen party was at…

An hour later…

Ted: I think that we’ve been waiting long enough.

Karen: Let’s call it.

They make the call and find that it’s already been set to come bust the party…

A Moment later…

Captain Stan Mertz: *With a group of cops* Okay… Okay… Break it up. Party time is over. There is witnesses saying that a Minor is here and Drinking under age. There better not be any Minor here drinking under age.  Because if there is… you’re all gonna be taken in for questioning. And i don’t mean the taking it easy and just be sweet about it. There will be charges put on you. So… you better hope for your sake that there aren’t any Minors here. because it will mean trouble for you.

Officer #2: *Checking the living room* There’s nothing here. Just Beer and possibly a few Joints. But that’s about it.

Officer #3: Also some Pharmaceuticals. *Whistles* Now as a teen growing up… I never been getting that hooked. But i suppose with the change of the times… people have different ideas of toting the party bags of Teen adolescence.

Captain Mertz: *Looking at the officers on the side* Porter, Reed, Miller and Borgstein Check the upstairs and search all the rooms. Officer Rolands Check the basement and the garage.

Officer #3: *From the Bathroom Door* Captain Mertz! I think you might want to come and get a look at this. You’re not gonna believe it. We got a Code 390 in the bathroom here… There’s a Male teen here. Possibly 14. 15 maybe.

Captain Mertz: *Walking over to the bathroom* Check for a pulse, Officer Shirley.

Officer Shirley: *Checking for a pulse* Hmm… Sir, i don’t feel anything. I can’t find a pulse anywhere on him.  *Moving the fingers around the neck against the veins a little* Wait… I’m getting something. But its weak. really weak.

Captain Mertz: *Grabbing his Mic and sounding off the call* This is Captain Mertz calling a medical emergency. Issuing a 10-99. I got a 10-99 at 3225 Marlene way. We got a possible fatally intoxicated teen with a weak pulse. I need a paramedic here Immediately. I repeat… A fatally intoxicated teen with a weak pulse. All Available Medical units respond. Immediately.

A Second later…

Officer Shirley: *Looking at the empty cans of beer* Oh god… this guy’s really ripped on Beer. He’s drank about 4 to 5 6 packs. *Looking at the I.D on the Teen* Huh? Whoa! Sir, You better take a look at this. You’re not gonna believe this…

Captain Mertz: What is it?

Officer Shirley: *Handing over the I.D to the Captain and Showing him* Take a look.

Captain Mertz: *Looking at the I.D* Martin Julius Marco. Grade 6 age 14.

It was a moment later when the Ambulance arrived and bolted into the house and assessed the situation.

Paramedic #1: *Looking at the captain* What happened here?

Paramedic #2: *Getting the medical equipment out and starting to work on the victim* Cary… Open up his shirt. We need to Run an EKG on him and Run CPR!

Paramedic: #1: Right.

They got to work on Martin and tried to get him to respond. Checking the Neuro-pathways and the response in the eyes. a few minutes later The first Paramedic made the call and made the report…

Paramedic #2: *Calling it in* Medic Nick to Nurse’s station Met Gen. We got an Intoxicated Male teen. Martin Julius Marco age 14. Middle school student. Vitals: Blood pressure. 80/80 and slowly dropping. cresting to 78/80. Pulse under 80. Breathing is stalled. and body temperature is slightly chilled.

Nurse Julie Rhapsody: *Voice* See on Administering a dose of 40 cc’s and an I.V Drip. Check the Victim’s Airway. How’s the breathing?

Paramedic #2: Shallow. Weak.

Nurse Julie Rhapsody: Set him on the stretcher and transport him here. Emergency personnel is standing by.

Paramedic #2: on it. *Looking at Cary* Cary, let’s move him onto the Gurney. on the stretcher.

Paramedic #1: *On call to the Nurse’s station* Medical team in route. Standby.

The Paramedics worked on getting Martin on the Gurney and rushed him into the Ambulance. They made sure that he was prepped. The Ambulance rushed him to the hospital and made it a code 3 and got there within only minutes…

At the Metropolis General…

Paramedic #1: *Opening the back doors of the Ambulance* Move him.

Paramedic #2: Get him into the ER stat!

Dr. Mizuno: *Looking at the Victim* Oh god. That’s Martin Marco. He’s the boyfriend to Luna Rhapsody.

Paramedic #1: What? You mean that this Victim is the love of Sailor Luna?

Dr. Mizuno: The Ex-Sailor Luna.  The girl is normal now and under a rather dark path as of recent.

Paramedic #2: Okay… But who is this person?

Paramedic #1: You mean that you never heard about the young sleuth? Tuxedo Martin Amazing? Come on now, Nick. You must have heard some of the tale behind this guy. He is a young hero. And put with the power of elemental charm. He’s tied and involved with the now Ex-Sailor soldier. He was also given the powers by a Wizard. An eccentric man. Vincent Van Graves. He’s one of the most known Wizards ever.

Paramedic #2: You don’t say… Well now… him. I gotta meet.

Paramedic #1: I am sure that you will. Someone’s got to notify him.

They transported him right over to a hospital room and got him prepped up and situated. Had to strip him down and hook him to an I.V and an EKG. Just then they hooked him up to a Catheter… They covered him up to where only his head was showing…

At the Nurses station…

Ami: *Checking the Charts* The Vitals aren’t good. I don’t think that he’s gonna make it.

Dr. Julie Rhapsody: *Looking at the charts with Dr. Mizuno* No… Check it again. Those are too early to tell… We just barely admitted him. We need to be sure.

Dr. Julie Zuko: Mom, I think that we are as sure as we will ever be.

Ami: His Vitals are showing records of a fatal Alcohol count. a 0.46.

Dr. Zuko: That’s near definite fatal level.

Dr. Rhapsody: Well… his heart rate is showing anything of steady footing. It could collapse.

Ami: You mean… Fail?

Dr. Zuko: If the Vitals don’t get to a little bit of stability… it may just fail.

Ami: *Gasps* No.

Dr. Zuko: Only thing that gets me is What on earth was he doing at a teen’s party Where there were possibly drugs and possible illegal substances. Not just Beer? What would he have been trying to do to himself?

Dr. Rhapsody: That’s something that none of us know. I wonder if it had a little to do with the girl he was seeing?

Ami: You mean Luna? *Sighs* It seems that Luna has delved down into a habit such as smoking. She’s only 13. My close friends Rei and Minako. They sensed it from her too and none of them are at all happy. They’re actually sad and very concerned about her. I am too. However… she made that choice.

Emil: *Walking by and Looking at the charts for the patient he’s attending to*

Ami: *to the others* Does he have any relatives?

Dr. Rhapsody: No. His mother and father are deceased. have been since a week before the victim turned 6. He’s 14 now.

Dr. Zuko: *Looking at the medical file on the Charts* It says that he’s got a Guardian. A Vincent Van Graves. Age… Unknown and not listed.

Ami: We should notify him.

Dr. Rhapsody: Right.

Ami: I’ll do it.

At Vincent Van Graves…

In the Study…


Vincent: *Looking at the time* The dear boy should have been back by now, Starlight.

Starlight: I agree. You don’t suppose my master ran into a bit of trouble, do you?

Vincent: I don’t know. But i am starting to get really worried now.

Starlight: *Running out side through the doggie door* I’m gonna sniff and see on picking up his scent.

Vincent: Oh… Do be careful.

Starlight: No problem. i’m a tough dog. I will be okay. plus right now… the thing that is driving me is finding my master.

The Phone then Rings…

Vincent: *Looking at the phone and Wondering who could be calling on a Sunday night* Who’d be calling on a Sunday? It couldn’t be Regina. She’s Busy dealing with finals coming up at the University. I don’t think that it would be anyone calling for me. *Walking over to answer the phone* … *Answering the phone* Hello?

Dr. Mizuno: *Voice* Mr. Graves… This is Dr. Mizuno from the Metropolis General hospital. I am calling in regards to Martin Marco.

Vincent: *Pausing and suddenly alert* Come again? Did you just say Martin? What’s wrong with the dear boy? Is he okay?

Dr. Mizuno: He’s over Intoxicated. We checked the blood and he’s got an Alcohol count of a 0.46. That’s one shred away from death. He could die. Right now… he’s in a coma. And his breathing is erratic. But his pulse is weak and his heartbeat is a tad slow.

Vincent: *Panicking and with terror in his voice* I’m on my way… I want to see him.

Dr. Mizuno: It’s gonna be okay. We’re doing all we can for him. Everything that we can possibly do. We’re doing.

It wasn’t but a moment later that Vincent was locking things down and turning things off. He didn’t care if he had some work to do. Martin came first to him. He promised Christopher Marco and Renee that he would watch over and protect Martin for as long as he could. For as long as he lived. He was in a state of panic because he didn’t know what really happened and he was dreading the possibility that he could be given terrible news.

But at the house where the party was. The guilty party were being held there for questioning. They were gonna be pressed down over there being a Minor who was younger than they were held there. and Intoxicated. There was gonna be questioning. The one there conducting the Questioning was a hard nose. Officer Shirley questioned them one at a time and got on the first one. Made sure that each one was full of intimidation… It was bad enough that there was a party and it possibly had illegal substances… But to have a younger teen there. Their chances weren’t gonna look good on them.

At the Metropolis General hospital a moment later…

Vincent: *Walking in and looking for the doctor in charge* Excuse me… *Spotting a doctor* Excuse me kind sir… Do you know where i can find a Dr. Mizuno?

Emil: *Recognizing Vincent* Mr. Graves… What brings you here to the hospital? Is everything quite alright? What’s the matter?

Vincent: I’m dreadfully afraid that things are quite not alright. Not alright in the very least.

Emil: Aw… Were you looking for someone?

Vincent: Yes. A Dr. Mizuno. Is she in?

Emil: Dr. Mizuno? *Realizing what Vincent meant* Oh… Dr. Ami Mizuno. Yeah. she’s at the Nurse’s station. She’s been signed to the ICU Wing for Intensive care patients. She’s been assigned to overlook the conditions of Martin Marco.

Vincent: Take me to the ICU Post haste. I must go there right now.

Emil: Of course.

Vincent: Martin is my dear boy. He is my responsibility. I was sworn to protect and guard him. Be around for him.

Emil: you’re close to the boy?

Vincent: As per a promise i made for life to a dear friend. It’s a promise that i refuse to break. I promised his parents as they were on their death beds that i would watch and be there for Martin. Protect him and keep him safe till i could no longer do so.

Emil: You knew his parents?

Vincent: Yes. His father was my best friend. A wonderful guy. He took me in when i came to this country. Took me in when no one wanted to have a thing to do with me. He was part of a family who were patriots and they didn’t seem to like Germans much. But they valored to take me in. Christopher begged it and he helped me out. Helped me get a proof of citizenship that would be sanctioned and official.

Emil: That must have been a really nice thing for him to do. Must have been a hell of a risk though, right?

Vincent: It could have been. But it fortunately didn’t take all that much work. Now I was only 14 when i came to the country where freedom flowed. The first person that i met was that of character. his name was Christopher Marco. He was a teen and took me in. He was a great person too. He saw that i was a German… and then with the idea that the Germans were not so popular. It didn’t make things all that much bright. He was unsure as to whether he could be around me… It wasn’t personal… it was just that at that time… it was a bit of bad blood. People just hating one another and it sadly still goes on even today. but yet he took me in. he didn’t care about race. Color. he cared for everyone. No matter who it may be. Martin’s father was a man of his own. everything was all for the people… none for thyself. He even to my surprise knew German. He even said this to me once… *Reciting the line by memory* “Trage mich auf offenen Winde und mein Licht. Vertrauen in mein Herz und meine Freundschaft zu akzeptieren, wie ich Sie auf meinen Flügeln in Anspruch nehmen will.” Which means: “Carry me upon open winds and be my light. trust in my heart and accept my friendship as i shall take you upon my wings.”

Emil: He wasn’t part German… Was he?

Vincent: No. he wasn’t. But in secret he taught himself a little bit about the German Language and learned how to speak it. It wasn’t so easy. but he would do that in secret.

Emil: Wow. How about the line he said? Was that him?

Vincent: Yes. It was quite like him. It was sincere.

Emil: Martin’s father must have been really genuine.

Vincent: Quite the case. He was. he really was. His father was a very caring man. he grew up with war minded parents. they were patriots. Fought to the end. And they won too. Although they retired a year later and saw that the Boy… Christopher… was harboring me. they didn’t want to be tried for treason. but they didn’t want to leave a poor boy like me. which at that time… i was poor. I had no money… No other place to go. they didn’t want to leave me hanging. so they took me in. But His Father and i We grew to be best friends.

Emil: You don’t see that very often. Do you?

Vincent: Afraid not. I was also later at that time. maybe 15 years later… i started getting into wizardry… and Demonology. His father who at that time was still single… he got a little into it. but stayed neutral. It was a year after i started the wizardry that he met a dishy girl. Perfect and remarkable in every way. She was Renee Strauss… She was a brit. A little Compulsive. but she was very delicate. she loved to dance and always had a place for everything. She knew what she wished to have. She even wanted to have a Daughter and a Son. However… she never did. she only had a son. The Daughter died at Birth. She was gonna be named… Jeanette Carla Marco. a couple months before they were met with a tragic end… They told me that they were gonna leave him with me. to watch over him while they were gone. They wanted him to be with someone safe and someone who could protect him in every way. When they left for the Bahamas… they said that they were gonna make something for him to own… make a business chain for him. something that he could hold with pride. with strife and with strength. They saw the world in him. He could speak french and Italian. Even Russian. They taught him that. He could also speak German and Irish too.

Emil: All that huh? Wow. Sounds like he’s one of a kind.

Vincent: His parents…died on the 4th month of their trip. They were gonna be at the Bahamas for a year and were doing business. They were just gonna leave the Bahamas for that day to head to Seattle for a deal signing with a fortune 500 company. Luthorcorp was the name of the company. I know the name of the Company as i have seen some mention of the Company being evident. I never really liked the Company Luthorcorp. Nothing but a bunch of bad business and trying to control and own everything they got their grips upon. His parents were gonna ante up with the business as they made their own. They knew nothing else. but to do all they could to make sure that he had a set livelihood for the future when he reached the age of 21. They wanted the best… And they had just finished writing the deal. sealing it for the joint league of the business. Their company was known for making better Wheelchairs for the elderly. they wanted to build better machines for the elderly. they cared for the Elderly… They also started a stock trade. A trade in stock to offer those who were in need of it. Bearer bonds. to all who were really in need of it. But on the wintry night of January 14th 2020 a week or two before his 6th birthday… they were on their way back to the Bahamas and were happy. But on that night… there was a very bad storm that night. and they were over the pacific when the plane lost control.

Emil: That’s sad… The poor kid. *Nods* I see now how you were that involved with the teen. *Leading the way* Dr. Mizuno is at the ICU. This way. it’s on the 5th floor.

A moment later…

Vincent: *Looking at the Dr. in the ICU* Excuse me… Dr. Mizuno?

Dr. Mizuno: *Looking to see Vincent coming over* Mr. Graves. I am sorry that you had to hear upsetting news. And on a Sunday Evening. Now night time.

Vincent: Nothing is that upsetting more than the idea that if the dear boy dies… i will be devastated due to the fact that i would have broken the promise that i made his father and swore that i’d keep the promise. taking it to my grave. It is just dreadful to know that the dear boy is in here… How did this happen?

Captain Stan Mertz: *Walking over from the Nurses station* Excuse me… Mr. Graves?

Vincent: *Looking to see a Cop walking over* Yes? Do i happen to know you?

Captain Stan Mertz: Captain Stan Mertz of the Metropolis Police department. I was the one that arrived at the scene located at 3225 Marlene way. Called it in for the paramedics to run over to the scene and check it out. I found your son… on the floor. as did a few other officers. Drunk and passed out. from drinking all the Beer. there were 4-5 six packs of Budweiser Beer next to him and an opened can in his hand while he was passed out.

Vincent: Oh dear. Why was he there to begin with? He left the house earlier to get some air. He left and said that he’d be back in a bit.

Captain Mertz: Did he seem out of sorts or off in any way?

Vincent: Well… the dear boy was pretty angry and enraged. He was having a fit. A humongous fit over someone by the name of Zeke Mansfield. He was in hatred over him. Plus the fact that he feels that Zeke was trying to move on in and win Luna’s heart. Succeeding in it too.

Captain Mertz: Would you say that Zeke is the main contributing factor behind your Son’s death wish?

Vincent: *Stutters over the statement* W-w-w-w-what?! Martin’s dead? Are you saying that the dear boy’s dead?

Captain Mertz: No… he’s not. He’s alive. But he’s in a Coma. A deep Coma…

Vincent: What does that mean?

Captain Mertz: ….

Dr. Mizuno: Meaning that his Vitals are unstable. They are fluctuating back and forth. It is showing stable now… but if he doesn’t come out of the deep coma in the next 24 hours… He won’t make it. his Brainwaves are slowing down and his breathing is shallow.

Captain Mertz: If you want… i’ll station out here to watch over him.

Vincent: You sure?

Captain Mertz: Yeah. I can tell that the kid is an innocent person and was torturing himself because of someone or something. Feeling like he should be in fault when there wasn’t a need. Plus besides that… i’m off duty right now.

Dr. Mizuno: Mr. Graves, Martin’s in the room down the hall here. *Looking at Vincent and noticing him trying to keep a calm posture* It’s okay. It’s gonna be fine. Martin’ll be okay. The doctors are doing everything they can to help bring Martin out of the coma.

A minute later…

In Room #344…

Martin was laying in the bed and not moving. Vincent walked in and was barely able to hold it together even though he knew that breaking out in tears would only make things even more saddening and he even though felt really devastated to see Martin in such a state that he was in… He knew that he had to hold strong as much as he possibly could.

Dr. Mizuno: *Looking at the EKG and the Charts* Mr. Graves, The heart monitor here is showing the heartbeat ratio. His heartbeat is 50 beats a minute. It’s not good as it’s a bit fast than what it should be. It’s fast. but then it slows down to 20 beats a minute. then to 15.  it’s going up and down. His Blood pressure is 80/80 and the pulse is 40. The Alcohol levels are high. a 0.46. Mr. Graves… I don’t mean to sound out of sorts… but is there anything you know that could have pushed him to do this?

Vincent: No. I would most certainly say not. There is nothing other than what was said that could have done it. Martin is a good dear boy. He is not one to risk his health for no reason. The fact that he was truly upset and infuriated with the idea that the one he loved was with someone else and spending time with Zeke and not him. He was hurt over it. The last thing that he said before he left the house earlier was that he hated Zeke with a passion and wondered why Zeke couldn’t just die off.

Dr. Mizuno: When he was letting off that outburst… Why didn’t you stop him?

Vincent: I wanted to stop him from going out and possibly doing something utterly dreadful and something that he’d only regret doing… But at the rate he was letting off the anger… Stopping him would have only suppressed it for a short time. The point would be useless if i had done so. He would have let his anger out at someone else. At school and it escalate into something more. I never seen the dear boy act like that before. He was unpredictable. I truly didn’t have a clue as to what might have happened if i were to stop him…

During the night…

Ted and Karen spoke to the other girls and guys. called them all and informed them of what was going on…

At the Copelands…

In Karen’s room…

Karen: *On the phone with Penelope* Penelope… You’re not gonna believe this…

Penelope: *On the phone* What?

Karen: Martin’s in the hospital. He’s in the hospital and the paramedics have said that he’s in a Deep Coma. A Deep Coma. And that he’s Fatally Intoxicated.

Penelope: What? You’re kidding, right?

Karen: No. I’m afraid not. I wish that i was though. I really do.

Penelope: What do we do?

Karen: *Sighs* I don’t know. But we can’t tell Luna.

Penelope: Why not? He is her boyfriend even though they have been at odds for a while. She should be told about it. This is gonna be impossible to cover from her. and i have to admit that i have been mostly neutral. but felt at odds towards Luna and her smoking. She could have done much better. But to see someone get ripped out of her life like that is just something that i can’t stand.

Call Buzzes in…

Jake: *Joining in the call* What are we gonna do about Martin? He’s in the hospital.

Karen: It is past Visiting hours too.

Jake: Someone should tell Luna about this. This is terrible news.  Does Luna even know about it?

Karen: No. She doesn’t.

Jake: Are you guys sure that it’s even Martin that has gone to the hospital?

Ted: Trust us… it’s him. We were standing outside of the house he went in. Across the street from where the house was. We stood and we saw him there. We saw him go into the house.

Jennifer: *Joining into the call* You’ve got to be kidding? Is it true?

Karen: Yes. Martin is in the hospital and he is fatally intoxicated. He’s Dived right down to a deep coma.

Ted: It’s bad.

Beth: *Joining the conversation; Upset* It’s all my fault… It’s all my fault. I should have gone out with him. Just this once… Just once. hear him out. Luna leaves him high and dry and she goes to Zeke. He felt so alone and yeah… he was an ass. he treated luna like she was nothing… but i should have at least listened to him. Been there for him. As a friend.

Jennifer: Beth… no. it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. You didn’t know that this was gonna happen. You had no idea of knowing that this was said to happen. You didn’t know. None of us did.

Jake: Martin wasn’t thinking about what he was really doing. He was not thinking clearly…

Karen: Maybe not… but he sure was thinking as clear to be bashing Zeke Wasn’t he?

Ted: That’s true. he was.

Pamela: *Jumping into the conversation* I just got the news… They’re talking about it on the television. They’re talking about it. They’re even talking about seeking out Zeke and questioning him about Martin being in the hospital. They’re saying that he might be partially responsible for it. Pressure and the trigger for Martin’s trip to drinking himself up to a fatal level of Intoxication. They’re pointing fingers. I think there’s trouble. They’re not after him. but they are most definitely not happy.

Jennifer: You’re not gonna tell Luna this… are you?

Pamela: No. I can’t. I can’t even reach her. She’s not picking up her phone… I tried to text her about it and she hasn’t responded. Not to a single one of them.

Penelope: Good… Pray that she doesn’t hear of it. Not right now. It’s too soon.

Ted: So what’ll we do? We can’t just avoid her.

Jake: We’re gonna have no other choice but to… at least till tomorrow night and we know for sure that Martin is in the hospital… We all know what we saw. and heard. We even know that he is there. But Luna doesn’t. It is best that she doesn’t find out. Not till we’re sure as to what the heck is really going on…

The next morning…

May 10th 2027…

Monday morning…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

In Luna’s Room that morning. Luna was just waking up to another morning. She didn’t want to go to school. She wanted to stay home. But after all that she went through up till that morning. All that she put her sister Dinah through. She couldn’t have a truancy be added. She looked at her pack and wondered about having a light. Although she didn’t feel like opening the pack. She left it alone and just placed it in her pocket as soon as she was done getting showered and cleaned up. and Dressed for school. She didn’t know that during the night something had struck her boyfriend Martin or that something had happened. She spoke to him a little on saturday over the phone and talked about a possible break up if things between them didn’t get better and return to the way they had once upon a time been. But she started to wonder if she were a little harsh to him. She didn’t think so… She started to make sure that she had everything turned off and that things were done… cleaned.

She barely got out and locked the door when suddenly…

Girl: *Stopping and looking at Luna* Hey!

Luna: *Looking to see a girl standing on the sidewalk and looking towards her* Hey. Who are you?

Girl: Does it matter who i am? I heard on the news last night that some guy was fatally intoxicated. Someone named Martin. I don’t think it was a rumor though. Did you hear about the news last night?

Luna: No. I didn’t. I was with Zeke for a while last night.

Girl: Zeke? That kid? He’s a troubled teen. He even defaces private property.

Luna: No he doesn’t. he wouldn’t ever do that. I know him enough to know that he wouldn’t. Besides that he’d never do that. He couldn’t. He was with me last night and we were having a date.

Girl: What about Martin? You’re his girlfriend. Aren’t you?

Luna: Not for much longer. I am planning to soon break up with him. I can’t take his poor treatment of me.

Girl: Why? What’s he been doing?

Luna: Well… for one he treats me like dirt. He disrespects me and also makes snide remarks about Zeke. He is also a womanizer.

Girl: Oh god. That’s terrible.

Luna: Also… the fact is that Zeke smokes. and so do i. Zeke and i smoke to mask the fact that we were abused. Zeke was sexually abused by his mother. nearly molested by his mother. His stepfather would beat on him. Martin was told of this and you know what Martin did? He mocked him and made him feel as though he was worthless.

Girl: That’s mean. You saying that Martin did that?

Luna: Yes. he did. That is why i am planning to break up with him sometime soon.

Girl: Wow, I’m really sorry for getting on you about Martin. I didn’t know what he had done. It’s just that i use to see you and him together alot and saw how happy you guys were together. But for the last 4 months or so… You two have been so distant and just so alienated. It’s sad.

Luna: It at first was sad. to me. I was feeling empty about the fact that he and i were pulling apart from one another. Have been for a while and it’s just gotten so bad. Martin has been treating Zeke like dirt and he knows how i feel about that. Zeke’s been more of a good friend than he has for a very long time… well… since the 3rd day that i met Zeke.

Girl: When was this?

Luna: January 16th. I met him on the 11th of that month. I mean… at first… he was very guarded because of what he was going through. plus he also had a secret that he didn’t want anyone to know about. He was abused badly by his mother when he was a little kid. And beaten by his step father almost every other day. Started smoking at age 7 and then age 12 he left the mother. Emancipated himself from the two. It was what he had to do to get out from their grasp. He even told me about it all on the day after the 15th of January. I remember as i was just minding my own business and walking through the park… I saw him at the park. he was obviously smoking. He was just sitting there all by himself and thinking. He didn’t even feel like he belonged. Martin sure wasn’t gonna make it any easier.

Girl: You were doing the right thing. reaching out to him and trying to be a friend to him.

Luna: Yeah. I was doing that. But since then… Zeke and I have been getting closer and closer. Martin started pulling away from me while i was getting closer to Zeke. Only as a friend. But Martin just thought of him as something close to a threat. He just didn’t like Zeke. Nothing i said made him open up. The last time i tried to get him to see reason… me and him did happen to have a major fight. I never had a fight like that. Ever.

Girl: Ouch. Was that what made you and Martin become rather distant?

Luna: Yeah. IT was. I feel bad about it still and i don’t know why i ought to waste my time on him since ever since i have been opening up to Zeke and being with him. being like a friend that he can talk to and everything… Martin’s been being mean to me. Treating me like i was being a fool. An idiot for even having a thing to do with Zeke.

Girl: *Scoffs in outrage* Ugh! That was really shitty of him to say that about you or to be treating you like that. That is really awful.

Luna: It is… Really awful. But maybe if i were to just ease up on Martin and just… you know… try to understand him better. Maybe find another way to get him to open up to Zeke. Zeke’s not a bad person. Not as much as he’d think.

Girl: It is worth a try. Although if what you were saying about Martin doing those things to you and Zeke is true… Do you really want to risk it? What if he tries to blame you for what’s going on with him?

Luna: I’ll blow it off. What is happening to him is his fault. because i didn’t force him to play the avoidance act. He did. *Looking at her phone and seeing the time* It’s almost time for school to start.

Girl: Well… Yeah. I guess that we got to talking and lost track of time a little.

Luna: My sister Dinah will be unhappy if i get marked late for school.

Girl: So will my parents. Interested in walking to school together?

Luna: Yeah. Say… What’s your name?

Girl: June. June Mitchell.

Luna: Just like the Month June.

June: *Laughs a little* Yeah. Kinda silly though that i’m named after a Month. There are those who are also named after the 4th month of the year. Some named May. Some people name their daughters and sons after the name of a month. They also name their kids after constellations and things. It’s really weird.

Luna: Yeah. I don’t get it. *Laughs*

June: Who’re you?

Luna: Luna. Luna Rhapsody.

June: Now there’s a odd name. I Like it though. It’s new. *Gasps* Wait a minute… You’re the one i saw with those guys last year. Last May. You and those guys were doing something.

Luna: You mean that you saw me when i used to be this so called hero. A Senshi, Right?

June: Yeah. You and those guys and two girls. Plus i saw that you guys were fighting this strange looking woman in purple and with all this purple fashion fetish. She was giving off some UV Rays.

Luna: That was long ago… last year. I matured and changed. i am a normal person now. Not really the best way to live since that i am now more vulnerable and am an Asian girl… i mean… being how i am now… i would more likely wish to be an american. Asians get ridiculed alot and it is so damn sad. I can not begin to wonder why being Asian is so hard. living normal is just so hard. because you have to live the rules people give you and if you try to stand up against it all… you only live to see yourself getting knocked down for trying to stand up against rules that you feel are just wrong and unfair.

They were walking on their way to school…

June: Life can suck sometimes… I mean… my parents are competitors and are into being athletic. My dad is a Football coach. He coaches the High school football team. He is so into winning that he would do anything for it. Short of cheating. He may be a cantankerous ass sometimes but he’s just very competitive.  If he’s not competing. he just goes into a slump. My mom is a swim track star. she even races the other swimmers too… She would sometimes get out beat by the others… but that just makes her want to try harder. She doesn’t take any defeat. She just trains and competes.

Luna: Which would make you…

June: *Walking on towards school* Part of their plans of competing. They have me running for Baseball and or Soccer. Anything to see me being a competitor. However… all i want is to be free. Free to be me and not have to worry about needing to compete. I just want to compete in what i am into.

Luna: Like?

June: Drama. I want to be an actress. It’s kinda like my dream. I heard that this week they’re gonna hold Auditions for the Musical Grease. They’re gonna have a signup sheet. You could try out for the role of Nice Girl Sandy. Or be the Role of Betty Rizzo. and Zeke can be Kenickie. It would be pretty cool. You seem to have the creativeness for acting a little bit.

Luna: I might try that.

They barely got to school when Luna got met with a couple of Luna’s friends coming over…

Ted: *Walking over to Luna* Luna… It’s a relief that you decided to come to school after all.

Pamela: Despite of the news that hit last night.

Luna: *Confused* What do you mean? What news? Nothing happened other than my date with Zeke. That’s about all…

Ted: *Looking at Pamela* She didn’t hear about it.

Pamela: Guess not. I guess that it’s a good thing but she sure seems calm about it. For whatever it is that she doesn’t know.

Luna: What are you two talking about?

June: You’re talking about the news that happened last night. Something that happened to that kid Martin. Aren’t you?

Ted: *Pausing* Uh…

Pamela: What? No idea what you’re talking about. i don’t have an idea of what you’re talking about.

June: Don’t cover it up… The news was talking about it…

Luna: Okay. Now i’m confused…

However at the University…

At the Automotive department…

Prince Alvin: *Working on the car* I got the lights in and the mirrors in. I just need to work on the transmission and the Muffler.

Rick: *Looking at the car* You’re almost done with the car. You’re probably gonna be done with it in less than a month. At this rate.

Carl: Yeah. Damn… you’re with fast hands, Flamers…

Prince Alvin: I know… and i even spent some time with Alice yesterday.

Rick: Yeah?! And how is she doing?

Carl: She okay?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. She’s fine. She’s just taking the pregnancy one day at a time.

Rick: What month is she on now with the pregnancy?

Prince Alvin: Month 4. well… she’ll be cresting the 4th month within a couple days from now.

Carl: That’s 5 days away. isn’t it? You sure it’s the 4th month or the 5th month?

Prince Alvin: It shouldn’t be anyone’s business to know about my and Alice’s sex life. But we did it on the 15th of January this year. it’s now May. So… that would be how many months?

Rick: 4 months. No… that’s 5 months now. just about. And you got this car being dangerously near to being all done. Finished. You’re good at this… that is solely why this car is nearing completion. No… wait… Jan 15th to Feb. that’s 1. Feb to Mar, 2 Mar to Apr, 3. Apr to May, 4. It has only been 4 months.

Carl: Our cars are all halfway done and are getting good progress.

Prince Alvin: Doing this keeps me from worrying about my young cousin diving into a dark path as she has been doing. It is rather tiresome to worry about it. Luna is smoking and she is with that Zeke kid. She’s ditching Martin who knew the true her. the real her. inside. Luna is with Zeke. None of us like Zeke. He’s ruining Luna’s life and Luna’s not seeing it.

Rick: What do you mean about that?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know… I just can’t stand the fact that Luna is screwing up her life. The others all see it. Her sisters are seeing it and they are far from pleased. they are not happy at all. Not at all.

Rick: Hey! Flamers… take it easy on that kid. Teenage Angst is in the flow of human life. Everyone goes with it sometime in their adolescent life. Luna… your young cousin is no different. Zeke isn’t a bad kid. Troubled and a bit with a bad image. But he isn’t a bad seed. You and the rest need to give him some slack.

Prince Alvin: Forget it. Not happening. Luna was a sweet girl till he showed around. Remember the lovely girl who was into dancing and modeling… the one who had the nature of being so sweet that you’d go into a diabetic coma just by her presence?

Carl: Yeah? That was Luna. She was the sweetest gal in the whole city.

Prince Alvin: That’s right. She was.

Rick: So… What happened? Don’t tell us that you are putting the vice on the kid… Is he really at fault?

Prince Alvin: Is he really not? I don’t know. But we know that Luna wouldn’t even be like this…not this bad without being persuaded or coerced. Luna’s the good one… she lost her way when Zeke came along. Luna was abused. We all know the fact from that. We might even know that Zeke was abused. which i think that we do. but still… Something about that kid really irks us. i don’t know what it is.

Carl: Hmmm… You know… Now that you mention it… Something about that does sound rather fishy. But till we know for sure… just do yourself a favor. Sleep on it and try not to sweat it.

Rick: What about your cousin… Pearl? How is she faring?

Prince Alvin: She’s cresting to Month 4.

Carl: Wow…

At the University Pool…

Prince Avery: *Swimming a few laps around in the pool* …

A few minutes later…

Prince Avery: *Looking at the time* I got to head to class… I got to be in Criminal justice training within the next few minutes.  The teacher is gonna be throwing a bit of a fit if i don’t be careful.

But as he was making way to class once he was dried off and back into his outfit…

Summer: *Running over to Prince Avery* Hey… Prince Avery.

Prince Avery: *Noticing Summer running over in a panic* Summer? What is it? What’s wrong?

Summer: Something happened last night.

Prince Avery: What?

Summer: Martin Marco that teen is in the hospital. They’re saying that it’s Fatal Intoxication.

Prince Avery: Bloody hell… Are you sure?

Summer: I wish that it was bull and a ruse and not in any way true. But…

Prince Avery: You’re saying that it is so… Martin Marco is in the hospital due to being fatally Intoxicated. How in Sam’s hell is that possible?

Summer: I don’t know. I asked around and no one really said anything. No one knows. No one is saying.

Prince Avery: Someone’s bound to know something.

Summer: Who?

Prince Avery: One person. the one that Martin lives with everyday.

Summer: You’re not talking about Vincent Van Graves, are you Prince Avery?

Prince Avery: Yes. I am. That’s exactly who i am referring to.

Summer: What is he gonna tell us?

Prince Avery: Whatever there is to tell… *Looking at the time* Listen… we’ll get to it later. i have to jet to class before i am really late. The Professor will not be tolerant to anyone being late to class.

Summer: You have class?

Prince Avery: yes.

Summer: ‘kay. I will see you later… But we’ve got to deal with this. Luna’s boyfriend is in the hospital…

Prince Avery: Does Luna even know about it?

Summer: No idea. But i am sure that we’re all gonna find out sooner or later.

In Literature Class…

Paige: *Writing in her book and working on chapter 9* “Marcus was sitting with his friend Sandra and thinking about what to say to her as he was yet unable to confess his feelings to her as he knew that he felt something for her. He sat there puzzled and not sure if Sandra was gonna feel the same for him. Sandra sat there and wondered what he was gonna say to her. She knew that he had something to say to her and she came because he said that it was indeed something important. Something meaningful and now that she was there… She could only sit and wait and wonder what it could be that Marcus would say onto her. He Looked onto her a few minutes later and Gulped Long and hard and spoke out the 3 words that he wanted to say to her. But while saying it he felt the slivering numbness that was falling over him. He was afraid of being shut down. Afraid that he would say what he felt in his heart and not knowing… scaring Sandra away. It was the one thing that kept him from saying the very thing that he had felt in his heart. But he said it and Watched Sandra gasp with a pause and suddenly welling up with tears. She was not gonna cry… She was with tears of happiness and joy. She Replied with… “I Love you too, Marcus. I have been waiting for you to say those words to me… for a very very long time. Waiting for someone to finally utter those words to me.”. Marcus was full of warm fuzzy feelings for the first time that night. He was feeling for the first time complete and full of love. It wasn’t before a moment after that he realized that he was for the longest time allowing his fear and nervousness control him when in fact there was no need to be afraid to let out what he was feeling.”

As Paige was writing…

Classmate #1: *Speaking to the person next to her* Hey… did you guys hear on the news last night?

Classmate #2: No, What?

Classmate #3: Someone got sent to the hospital last night from getting themselves fatally Intoxicated.

Classmate #1: Yeah. Someone by the name Martin Marco. a Middle school student.

Classmate #2: That’s terrible.

Classmate #1: No duh… Of course it is. They’re saying that the teen was found at a Beer drinking shindig and wasn’t supposed to be there. Although when the police came to bust the party… they found him in the bathroom where he had been found with a can of beer in his hand. and 4-5 6 packs of beer nearby. He drank them all. Every can in those packs. Drank them down and didn’t even slow down.

Classmate #3: Do they know why he even did it?

Classmate #1: Oh yeah. It’s all over the news. They said that it was revolving a love life gone sour and in reverse. Like the girlfriend of his. some girl named… Luna. they are saying that she abandoned him for this biker troubled teen Zeke.

Classmate #2: What do you expect from the little whore monger? She probably picked up the habits from her family. They all realize that raising and teaching their younger siblings and relatives to cheat and play with the heart strings is the way to go. The girl probably is a slut. Like her sisters. Screwing their emotions up till they are broken down emotional wrecks. then when there is nothing left… go crying to others to get some sympathy. Get some sympathy from people who they feel will go with them and kiss up to them and the ground they walk on. Automatically it’s: “Oh my god… My life is all messed up. I feel so terrible. I don’t know what to do. I want to just die. Maybe i should just off myself and it’d make everyone happy.” But then if they were to actually stop and think. because they know that suicides go to hell. So they figure that Suicide is indeed passe and possible homicide is a more natural therapeutic message. and more acceptable of a way to deal with their meaningless ever mundane lives.

Classmate #3: Hey… Watch it… we got someone in our class who happens to be a Rhapsody. You could be invoking some hot tempers from them.

Classmate #2: And? Does that scare me? It is true. my younger brother Jake. He goes to middle school which is the same school that the whore monger goes to. that girl probably never really loved the Teen Martin and just played on the poor boys heart strings. It’s no mystery as to what happened to the teen boy Martin. He probably got drunk and tried to kill himself to get away from the neglect from the little whore Luna.

Classmate #1: Knock it off, Josie. You want to piss off the girl over there writing in her book? She’s listening to it all. You’re gonna be asking for it from her. She will be nailing you to the wall.

Paige: Let her say what she wants about my family. It won’t mean a thing. It’s her right. But just hope that she can back them up. If my sister Dinah were to hear her talk like that… She’d really be in for it. My sister Dinah is a mother. and if you were referring to her kids… you would be regretting it. She would have your head on a stick and then we too would. because my sister’s kids happen to be my Nieces…

Of course…

At Metropolis Gen…

5th floor Room #344.

Vincent: *Reading a Little bit of a story to Martin* “They murdered him. As he turned to take the ball, a dam burst against the side of his head and a hand grenade shattered his stomach. Engulfed by nausea, he pitched toward the grass. His mouth encountered gravel, and he spat frantically, afraid that some of his teeth had been knocked out. Rising to his feet, he saw the field through drifting gauze but held on until everything settled into place, like a lens focusing, making the world sharp again, with edges. The second play called for a pass. Fading back, he picked up a decent block and cocked his arm, searching for a receiver— maybe the tall kid they called The Goober. Suddenly, he was caught from behind and whirled violently, a toy boat caught in a whirlpool. Landing on his knees, hugging the ball, he urged himself to ignore the pain that gripped his groin, knowing that it was important to betray no sign of distress, remembering The Goober’s advice; “Coach is testing you, testing, and he’s looking for guts.” I’ve got guts, Jerry murmured, getting up by degrees, careful not to displace any of his bones or sinews. A telephone rang in his ears. Hello, hello, I’m still here. When he moved his lips, he tasted the acid of dirt and grass and gravel. He was aware of the other players around him, helmeted and grotesque, creatures from an unknown world. He had never felt so lonely in his life, abandoned, defenseless. On the third play, he was hit simultaneously by three of them: one, his knees; another, his stomach; a third, his head— the helmet no protection at all. His body seemed to telescope into itself but all the parts didn’t fit, and he was stunned by the knowledge that pain isn’t just one thing— it is cunning and various, sharp here and sickening there, burning here and clawing there. He clutched himself as he hit the ground. The ball squirted away. His breath went away, like the ball— a terrible stillness pervaded him— and then, at the onset of panic, his breath came back again. His lips sprayed wetness and he was grateful for the sweet cool air that filled his lungs. But when he tried to get up, his body mutinied against movement. He decided the hell with it. He’d go to sleep right here, right out on the fifty yard line, the hell with trying out for the team, screw everything, he was going to sleep, he didn’t care anymore… “Renault!” Ridiculous, someone calling his name. “Renault!” The coach’s voice scraped like sandpaper against his ears. He opened his eyes flutteringly. “I’m all right,” he said to nobody in particular, or to his father maybe. Or the coach. He was unwilling to abandon this lovely lassitude but he had to, of course. He was sorry to leave the earth, and he was vaguely curious about how he was going to get up, with both legs smashed and his skull battered in. He was astonished to find himself on his feet, intact, bobbing like one of those toy novelties dangling from car windows, but erect. “For Christ’s sake,” the coach bellowed, his voice juicy with contempt. A spurt of saliva hit Jerry’s cheek. Hey, coach, you spit on me, Jerry protested. Stop the spitting, coach. What he said aloud was, “I’m all right, coach,” because he was a coward about stuff like that, thinking one thing and saying another, planning one thing and doing another— he had been Peter a thousand times and a thousand cocks had crowed in his lifetime. “How tall are you, Renault?” “Five nine,” he gasped, still fighting for breath. “Weight?” “One forty-five,” he said, looking the coach straight in the eye. “Soaking wet, I’ll bet,” the coach said sourly. “What the hell you want to play football for? You need more meat on those bones. What the hell you trying to play quarterback for? You’d make a better end. Maybe.” The coach looked like an old gangster: broken nose, a scar on his cheek like a stitched shoestring. He needed a shave, his stubble like slivers of ice. He growled and swore and was merciless. But a helluva coach, they said. The coach stared at him now, the dark eyes probing, pondering. Jerry hung in there, trying not to sway, trying,not to faint. “All right,” the coach said in disgust. “Show up tomorrow. Three o’clock sharp or you’re through before you start.” Inhaling the sweet sharp apple air through his nostrils— he was afraid to open his mouth wide, wary of any movement that was not absolutely essential— he walked tentatively toward the sidelines, listening to the coach barking at the other guys. Suddenly, he loved that voice, “Show up tomorrow.” He trudged away from the field, blinking against the afternoon sun, toward the locker room at the gym. His knees were liquid and his body light as air, suddenly. Know what? he asked himself, a game he played sometimes. What? I’m going to make the team. Dreamer, dreamer. Not a dream: it’s the truth. As Jerry took another deep breath, a pain appeared, distant, small— a radar signal of distress. Bleep, I’m here. Pain. His feet scuffled through crazy cornflake leaves. A strange happiness invaded him. He knew he’d been massacred by the oncoming players, capsized and dumped humiliatingly on the ground. But he’d survived— he’d gotten to his feet. “You’d made a better end.” Was the Coach thinking he might try him at end? Any position, as long as he made the team. The bleep grew larger, localized now, between his ribs on the right side. He thought of his mother and how drugged she was at the end, not recognizing anyone, neither Jerry nor his father. The exhilaration of the moment vanished and he sought it in vain, like seeking ecstasy’s memory an instant after jacking off and encountering only shame and guilt. Nausea began to spread through his stomach, warm and oozy and evil. “Hey,” he called weakly. To nobody. Nobody there to listen. He managed to make it back to the school. By the time he had sprawled himself on the floor of the lavatory, his head hanging over the lip of the toilet bowl and the smell of disinfectant stinging his eyeballs, the nausea had passed and the bleep of pain had faded. Sweat moved like small moist bugs on his forehead. And then, without warning, he vomited.”

Martin’s Eyes flickered a little and some breathing was heard…

Dr. Mizuno: *Walking in and checking on the EKG Monitor* Some of his Vitals are improving. But… *Overhearing as Vincent was reading to Martin* …

Vincent: It’s the Chocolate War. The dear boy’s favorite.

Dr. Mizuno: Ah. *Sighs* Mr. Graves… I hope that you have given it some thought on pulling the plug on him.

Vincent: No… I will not end his life.

Dr. Mizuno: Sir, I am really sorry. But there is nothing more that can be done for him. The Vitals are showing minimal improvement. Martin may be out from a deep coma, but his toxicity levels are still way too high. He is lucky to be alive for doing what he did. he is lucky. But for the rest of his life if he makes it… He will be unable to speak. His Cognitive skills and Motor skills… will be severely impaired. He’s still with Positional Alcohol Nystagmus. his heart rate will be severely impaired. He won’t be able to speak and if he comes out of all the symptoms and receives a clean bill of health… It will be nothing short of a miracle.

Vincent: I understand what you’re saying. But, I am still not gonna give up on him. He is my responsibility. He is the dear son to someone i know and sworn a promise to that i would watch over him. If he dies… my reason to stay will be gone. I will have failed my friend.

Dr. Mizuno: Why not go home for a little while? Get some rest. Staying here is making you appear worn out.

Vincent: *Nods* You’re right. *sighs* Seeing the dear boy laying in a hospital bed like this is really saddening.

Dr. Mizuno: I know. Martin is too young to be dying. But… there is only so much that can be done. We are constantly trying.

Vincent then sighed and got up. He grabbed Martin’s hand and swore that he’d return to be by his side later on that day. He wasn’t gonna give up on anything. Vincent however was trying to not let the sight of Martin being in a hospital bed in such a condition get to him although it was hard on him to do because Martin even though was just a person he swore to protect. Which he knew… but Martin was like a Son to him and if anything happened to him… He would be totally devastated.

At the Metropolis Middle school…


Luna was in the bathroom and she had her pack with her. She was with Pamela and they were talking about what was said on the bulletin the previous night…

Luna: *Pulling out a cigarette and placing it in her mouth* What’s going on? I heard in class from a few other classmates inside that something happened and someone’s in the hospital.

Pamela: What do you mean about that? I heard about it but none of it makes any sense. *Pulling out a cigarette and placing it in her mouth*

Luna: *Flicking on the lighter and lighting up; Smoking* What doesn’t?

Pamela: How it could have happened. *Flicking on the lighter and lighting up; Smoking*

Luna: Are you really referring to Martin? People kept saying that he was taken to the hospital last night. he was sent to the hospital.

Pamela: I know that, Luna. I know that. But what makes little to no sense was that Beth was asked out by him for a Date. And it was because you kept being distant from him. He was tired of it as how Beth gathered. She was asked by him on going out. She said that she’d think about it. Although she called me and told me. I talked her out of it and made the decision of not going. But when we all heard about him going to the hospital… She started blaming herself. She’s been doing it ever since last night. Ever since last night she’s been doing it. Blaming herself for what happened to Martin. We told her that it wasn’t her fault. but she didn’t see it that way.

Luna: Why would she be Blaming herself for what happened to Martin? She knows… as well as everyone that what happened to Martin was because he did it to himself. He is the one that was treating Zeke like shit. You know… you were there. Remember the big blowout we had with him not long ago. Remember that night in March when we all had that blowout with him?

Pamela: I was trying to forget about that, but yes. I do.

Luna: Why do you think all the attention seems to be going on him? He’s trying to bring the attention to him. Making it all fall to him and he’s in the light. Making people feel sorry for him. Well… i know that i might sound like a bitch saying this. But… i don’t feel sorry for him. What he did… to himself is on him. He deserves it. Unless there is something else…

Pamela: Yes there is something else… but i can’t say. I can’t. Because if i were to tell you and it was something sad. You’d feel bad about it and it would just be… more of a problem. I can tell you that it’s stupid. There is word that he went because of fatal intoxication. Although… It still seems stupid.

Luna: *Smoking* You are hiding something from me… Aren’t you?

Pamela: No. The others all know about it. They all swore that you would never find out. They didn’t want you to freak out.

Luna: Who would freak out about it?

Pamela: You would. I mean that granted as though Martin and you were pulling apart from each other over the last couple months… and were at undeniable odds. He’s still your boyfriend. I mean… Don’t you even care?

Luna: I do care about him. But not as much as i usually would. I can’t. Not after the way he was talking crap about Zeke. Making Zeke feel like crap. like he should just die and that his coming here to have a better life was just some mistake and that he is unworthy of getting a better life.

Pamela: I know. What do you think will happen if the whole thing is true and Martin really is for sure in the hospital?

Luna: I don’t know. But who else knows about this?

Pamela: Everyone, i guess. Everyone’s been talking about it off and on. All morning.

Luna: *Finishing her light and then tossing it into the toilet* That’s what i’d figure. I need to quit the habit. This habit is getting costly and i woke up with a little bit of a hacker’s cough. I need to quit the habit. I think that later this year… i’ll be off the habit. I can’t do anymore.

Pamela: I feel ya, Luna. I am thinking about doing as such too. Maybe You, Zeke and I can quit it together. When we’re all ready.

Luna: Okay. Sounds like a plan.

Luna knew or felt that something was up. She knew that something was going on and people were covering it up on her. Something was wrong and she wanted to know what was going on and what they knew about Martin. She didn’t feel all that panicky over Martin… or had she felt like she truly cared about him. But she knew that inside she felt that she  still felt that Martin was still her friend. She did not know what made her change back… She Was starting to revert back to how she once was but it was known that she had gone too far into the habit and her dark path. Martin might not want anything to do with her. She was with all these thoughts in her head that her going for Zeke was the biggest mistake she could have made. Although she also knew that she was with Zeke alot already and she couldn’t abandon him.

She finished her light and made way to go find Penelope… Luna suspected that if there was anyone who’d know for sure what was going on and what happened to Martin. Penelope might. Penelope was at the far end of the cafeteria and sitting alone. Luna didn’t know how much she’d get out of Penelope on what happened to Martin. Although… No one else was telling her. She had to go and get to the bottom of what was going on. She needed to know…

Metropolis Middle School Cafeteria…

Penelope: *Sighs*

Luna: *Walking over from the side* Hey Penelope.

Penelope: Hey Luna. What’s going on?

Luna: You tell me. I hear that you know about Martin and what’s going on with him.

Penelope: I do. But i don’t know if i should tell you. You don’t really care about Martin. You only want to know so you can do something to alleviate your guilt of what’s happened to him.

Luna: *Gasps and offended* That’s not true.

Penelope: Oh? Really? Then why is it that Martin feels or felt that you didn’t want to have a thing to do with him most of the time? We know that it was because of how he was treating Zeke. That we get. We get that. But what we should ask is why were you avoiding him so much?

Luna: Because i am scared of what he might want in the future?

Penelope: And what would that be?

Luna: What do you think it would be? What do all boys want from girls? Especially when they reach their peak of being… well… You know. Sexually active and wanting to seal the deal.

Penelope: You think that Martin was gonna ask that?

Luna: well… It isn’t that far of an assumption or a speculation. You might have a boyfriend… wouldn’t your guy be asking or looking for that after so long? They can’t help it. It’s just them. It’s the thing of being a guy. They seek for it.

Penelope: Look. If you are scared about that… and if it really is the reason why you avoid him… then you should tell him. sit down with him and just get it out there with him… If he still doesn’t accept you and still is well enough pissed or done with you… you will know that you lost him. But while you have a shot. or a chance to fix it. Try to fix it. Do something to change it.

Luna: i Should try to…

Penelope: You should. I know that things will work out if you do the best you can to fix the mess that is happening. Especially since Martin could more likely die.

Luna then paused and couldn’t help but sit and listen to what Penelope was gonna say…

Luna: What? Come again on that one, Penelope?

Penelope: I said that Martin could die.

Luna: Penelope, What are you saying?

Penelope: Martin is in the hospital…

Luna: What?

Penelope: He is in the hospital. Apparently he found that you and Zeke were dating… even if it was a minor date and Beth kinda dropped the ball on him abandoning him because she felt that he was seeing her as a Rebound girl. He went and told Vincent that he was going for a walk… but instead he found someone who was heading to a gathering and followed. He snuck in and just snuck a few cans of Beer. Like 4 to 5 six-packs. Went to the restroom as the news goes… and drank them all down. One after another. Drank them Down. He is in the hospital and the doctors are trying to get the Alcohol levels down and having trouble. They’re saying that if it’s not down by the end of the day…

Luna: What?

Penelope: He won’t make it. He could die. I know that you are helping Zeke still… But Martin is struggling now… What do you plan to do?

Luna: I don’t know.

Penelope: Well… you better think of something. Martin’s your first love. If he dies… even though you and he have more likely strained… it will eat you up inside for the rest of your life.

Luna: I know. I’m gonna try to head over there after school. To see him. Tell Zeke that i’ll meet him later. If you see him before i do.

Penelope: You got it. Luna, Are you sure you know what you’re doing?

Luna: I wish i knew… but i’ll figure it out… I got a habit. but i am not gone yet. i am still being respectful to people. Penelope… I know that you and i have been in a couple odds over my being with Zeke so much. But… You are still looking out for me and martin and keeping a equal side to both. Thank you.

Penelope: It’s okay. I am a bit brash when it revolves people trying to throw their lives away. Seeing my friends torn and going through things. But if you need anything… i’m there. That’s what friends do. *Nods*

Luna: I just feel so terrible about Martin being in the hospital. Is Beth gonna be okay though? I heard that she’s been blaming herself over it. Saying that it’s all her fault.

Penelope: Where’d you hear that?

Luna: Pamela. I was in the girl’s restroom having a smoke when she told me about that. She told me what little she could tell me on a count of seeing that i am under a Information blackout. You and the others all have gotten me under the idea that i should not even know about what was going on with Martin. It’s my fault he is in there. He probably got himself into a drunken moment of suicide because he felt that no one cared about him. Thought that i would never ever have any care for him. I should be ashamed of what i done to him. caused him to do. I can’t even believe that i was so damn stupid that i didn’t catch it.

Penelope: *Placing her hands on to Luna’s hands on the table* Look, Luna… you’re not at fault. You were avoiding Martin and were sticking to Zeke. But you are not the cause for his going out and drinking himself into a Deep Coma. You’re not to blame for it. Not at all. You didn’t cause anything. Martin might not make it as per what the Guardian Vincent was saying. I talked to him a little just a while ago. He said that it was a factor of other things that pushed him into doing that. You may had a little part. But it was a set variety of other things.

Luna: *Sighs* I know… Thank you for that line of insight, Penelope.

Penelope: Don’t mention it.

Luna could only sit there and sigh. She took in what Penelope was saying and Smiled only a little bit but enough to show that she understood. It wasn’t but a couple minutes later when June, Ted and Karen walked over…

June: Hey Luna. Have you heard about Martin?

Luna: Yeah. I did and i feel like it’s all my fault. I am so guilty. I should have never abandoned him or left him to be all alone.

June: hey. It isn’t your fault that it happened. It just… did. It isn’t like you could foresee that it would have come to it being Martin winding up in the hospital. You had no idea or any way of knowing that this was gonna just be real. Martin’s situation isn’t your fault. You didn’t tell him to drink himself into a stupor. He did it consciously. At least that is what i think. because… really. Why would it be your fault?

Luna: I don’t know. But i do know that if i happened to just consider his feelings every once in a while… then maybe it wouldn’t have come to be this bad. Martin wouldn’t be in the hospital.

Ted: Luna… No. It isn’t your fault. It’s not your fault for what happened. You abandoning him and leaving him feeling like you didn’t care a bit about him like you should… it isn’t what caused him to do what he did. There were other things that were at play. he’s hurting. he must have been blaming you for ditching him and being with Zeke. Hating Zeke… seeing that he stopped at nothing to get everyone to hate Zeke. But the truth is… it’s because he is missing his parents. His mother and father.

Karen: What do you think we should do?

Luna: I don’t know… but this afternoon i am gonna go see Martin. If any of you see Zeke. Tell him that i had to go and see someone and that it was something personal. I know that he will not like my going to Martin due to all that has happened but i know that if i don’t go and see Martin… even if it might be my last time as he might die… i will regret it for the rest of my life because it means that i could have tried to make amends but didn’t.

June: What about the auditions? Signing up for the play. Don’t you want to try out for it?

Luna: I have till this Thursday to sign up for it. I will sign for it tomorrow. And just so everyone is up to speed on this… I haven’t even Avoided Martin this badly. I spent time with him every other day. He just doesn’t remember it. Because he’s probably with reasons on falling out of love with me… Because of my habit which that is my doing. But not because of Zeke. Zeke isn’t the reason that it’s been going on. No matter what he might get you all to believe…

Ted: Luna, you’re right. Zeke didn’t cause for Martin to Drink. Zeke doesn’t even drink. He smokes. but doesn’t drink.

That afternoon…

At Metropolis University…


Room #250…

Dinah: *Handing Christie the books that she found on the law for the report* These should help.

Christie: Actually… yeah. they do help. Renee also helped out a little as well. Went to the Library on the University grounds itself and found a couple books on Tax laws of the 1980’s. It helped knock that part out of the water and finished that part. but the parts that are missing are the ones that i need to worry about. These books are sure to help.

Renee: *Smiles quietly*

Dinah: I see. Seems like shes fitting in just fine.

Christie: Yeah. She’s been pretty quiet though. Maybe afraid of being over social. No idea why. This place is her place just as well as it is ours.

Dinah: True. *Looking at the time* There’s a class meeting for History class today. I have to attend. The Professor there is really a hard ass to people who happen to just not show.

Christie: What about your Literature class?

Dinah: That is something else. I did mention that i had a Science class… didn’t i?

Christie: You did. But i don’t think that you ever gone to your class. You skipped it.

Dinah: I went to the class every time that it met. But lately… the class has been out. The Professor has been missing alot of days. Way too many.

Christie: What’re you thinking?

Renee: I think that i know who you might be talking about. Professor Rolland. He’s teaching the class. Isn’t he?

Dinah: Yeah… that’s the one. But… Wait! *Looking at Renee* How did you know?

Renee: I got the same teacher too… I don’t know why since business Management doesn’t have any science class in the requirements.

Dinah: It doesn’t always have to go straight as planned, Renee. Sometimes spontaneity can be a good thing.

Christie: Yeah. But we try to keep things rather under the same schedule. Too much change tends to just through things out of whack.

Renee: *Reading and studying* Spontaneity is okay. Although too much Spontaneity will confuse and throw things off. *Looking up and catching the T.V Breaking with news* Oh my… Someone’s in the hospital…

Dinah: *Pauses* what?

Renee: There is someone in the hospital. Someone who goes to the Middle school. A Teen. Male. They’re giving a viewing of the picture of the teen who’s in the hospital.

Dinah: *Looking at the T.V and seeing the picture* What… the….?

Christie: What? Dinah, what the heck is going on?

A second later…

Christie: Wait a minute. Isn’t that Luna’s boyfriend Martin?

Dinah: That is Martin. It’s him. they’re saying that he’s in the hospital and in a deep Coma. Due to Fatal Intoxication.

Christie: *Gasps* Oh no… Oh dear. Does Luna know about it?

Dinah: I don’t know if she knows. but i think that she’s being told by her friends about it.

Christie: That’s if they even know.

Dinah: Oh… i am sure that they know. They do watch T.V.

Christie: I am wondering if the others know about it yet.

The Door then knocks and voices are heard on the outside.

Dinah: *Walking over to answer the door and opening it* Yeah…

Paige: *Looking at Dinah and giving off a outraged look* What the hell is the meaning of the news saying that Martin is in the hospital?

Pearl: Yeah. What the hell is going on here? What is going on with Martin and this news of him being in the hospital.

Prince Alvin: They’re saying that he was Fatally intoxicated. Is this some sort of sick joke? Because if it is… I got to tell you. That i’m not laughing.

Prince Arnold: Yeah. *Annoyed* I Just had to come from Central Kansas College and jet as fast as i could over here when i got the news of Martin being in the hospital. What the fuck is the bull about Martin?

Prince Curtis: Are we quite done with the brash outburst, Prince Arnold? Yelling isn’t helping anyone. But it’s fair to ask for some answers.

Prince Avery: Is there something going on that we should know?

Jack: *Looking at the others* Guys… Really? are you seriously hearing yourselves right now? Yelling at Dinah about Martin? You guys need some serious time out.

Paige: Yeah. I think that we do. But from one another.This is bullshit. Martin is in the hospital and we just have to hear of it from the news? Like we really enjoy hearing about Martin being in the hospital.

Pearl: Exactly. It’s all over the news and they’re even asking for any sources that might shed a bit of light on the matter.

Dinah: I don’t know what to tell you guys. I don’t know. Neither does Christie or Renee. None of us caught it till just now. I was out getting the information and the research to help Christie with her paper. Renee was Studying and also helping Christie out as well… We just caught on a minute or so ago.

Christie: *From the room* Yeah. So cool it with the angry tone. There was no way that we would have heard it if we just heard it on the news. It was only a minute or so ago. So we barely caught it.

Renee: *Listening in*

Inside the room…

Prince Alvin: We were hearing that Martin was sent to the hospital. Taken there as he was found at a house and with 5 six packs of beer.

Prince Arnold: That’s what i heard as well… and no. i am not back permanently. I am walking away from everyone here and going for a life of my own. I can’t do it being around anyone here.

Pearl: You’re not gonna just leave the family. Family stick together. Always. You know that they do. We are all we got. Our Aunts are all mostly incognito and Uncles King John and John are non-existent. We don’t even hear from them anymore. Aunt Trixie Rhapsody and Aunt Trixie Stroker are not speaking about us or trying to contact us. It’s as thought they’ve all fallen off the grid.

Prince Curtis: Actually… That’s not true. Our father called us. or Well… called me the other day and said that he was planning to come over in a couple weeks and visit us in our own domiciles. Spending some time with us. He sounded rather lonely.

Prince Avery: Lonely? how?

Prince Curtis: Well… Lonely as in… he sounded like he didn’t have anyone to talk to at the house.

Prince Arnold: What do you mean no one to talk to? He’s Got Starfire… Doesn’t he?

Prince Curtis: No. The thing about that is… She left him. Apparently there was a major fight about something like Living and customs and they just couldn’t agree and were fighting about other things which didn’t help at all…

Prince Avery: So…You’re saying that…

Prince Curtis: Dad’s a Divorcee and a wreck. He’s started Drinking. Lite. but still… taking the heartache painfully.

Paige: Ouch… Is there anything that can maybe cheer him up a bit?

Pearl: Yeah. There must be something.

Prince Alvin: not really. I think that if what we’ve suspected would happen… happened. I think that he’s done with trying to be happy with another woman.

Paige: Well… we still need to talk about the situation on Martin. What happened?

Pearl: How did he get into the hospital?

Dinah: No idea. But i think that if we are gonna get any answers… there is one person who we will have to ask. Vincent or Luna. Luna’s tied to him. Even though she and Martin have been pulling away… She and Martin are still together.

Prince Avery: You think that she’ll tell about it? Does she even know about it?

Prince Arnold: She must know about it by now. Why would she not know about it?

Prince Curtis: Her friends must have told her.

Prince Alvin: Sure. But still… Why is Martin in the hospital? How did it end up this way? Martin must have had something happen to him.

Christie: Yeah. Fatal Intoxication.

Dinah: That’s what the News said. We barely caught the news.

Renee: *Listening*

Pearl: So the reports say that he was found at a house and he went into where there was a Older teen party. Where there were drugs and Joints and pills. Beer. They found him with 5 six packs of beer and they were all drunken down. Empty. He had a Can in his hand. But why was he there? What made him go there to begin with?

Prince Alvin: Maybe it was because of his hurting over missing his parents. That could be a contributing factor behind why he just happened to drink himself to a stupor and wind himself in the hospital.

Jack: It could be because of Luna. One of you guys spilled out the news that Luna was seeing Zeke more than Martin. That she was ditching Martin almost consecutively. Every time we saw Luna… or heard about Luna… Zeke’s name would right off come into mention.

Dinah: That is likely. Luna has been smoking. Just the other day… I was at home with my husband Shingo for a little while and happened to just get up to go to the other room to look for something and i walked by Luna’s room. I don’t even know if she saw me. But i saw her in her room. Smoking.  I didn’t say a word. I didn’t even bother to say a word to her. As it was… i lectured her harshly not long ago and it apparently pushed her deeper into the habit.  I wouldn’t put it that far past her to be a reason why Martin did what it was that got him put in the hospital.

Paige: Oh… So we’re blaming Luna now? It is Her… but it is also Zeke. Ever since he came around, Luna’s been screwing herself up. Screwing up in every which way.

Pearl: It isn’t anyone’s fault. It was just bad rotten luck and Martin might have been consciously aware of what he was doing.

Prince Avery: That’s the thing. We don’t know the real deal. The only one who would have a clue is Vincent. He’s with Martin the most. Yes we see him and contact with him and things. But he is with Vincent by night and all through the night. He knows more than we would. It doesn’t matter what we know or don’t know. It’s Vincent who would know most.

Christie: You should go and see him and get the real story.

Renee: Might i say something? I think that that if you are wanting the whole story and the truth. You should ask the ones involved with the situation. Who were there at the scene of the matter.  Not just Vincent. If you only ask him for the story. you’ll only have half of the story.

Paige: *Looking to see a blonde haired girl* Who’s she?

Dinah: She’s our new Roommate. Renee Locksley. This room as it turns out happened to be a 3 person room. But that is just something that the Dorm Manager forgot to mention.

Christie: She’s friendly. Shy… but friendly. She’s also got ESP too. But just don’t ask her to expose it.

Pearl: Well… It’s nice to meet her. She looks kind.

Renee: *Softly* Thank you…


That afternoon At the Metropolis General Hospital…

Luna: *Walking down the hall over to the nearby Nurses station* I don’t know why i am even here. I know that i will be blamed for his being here. I just know it. But the only thing is that when it comes right down to it… It is my fault. I abandoned him. Left him all alone. Maybe he did what he did for a cry of saying that he wanted me back. *Sighs* I don’t know. I don’t know anymore. *Walking on to the Nurses Station* …………

A Minute later…

Luna: Excuse me… *Looking at the Nurses station* Where can i find Martin Marco?

Nurse: *Looking up and seeing Luna* Oh my god. You’re Luna. You’re the love interest to Martin. He’s your Boyfriend. You’re his girlfriend. Wow… I got his effects here.

Luna: What effects?

Nurse: *Grabbing the bag with the effects of Martin inside* Here you go…

Inside the bag was a Wallet, A Cellphone, Watch, A Mini Note Pad and a Picture of his parents. Luna looked at them and could barely hold herself as she started to think that he was dead. Because most of the time the next of Kin or the one who was close or deeply involved with the patient or victim if the person was dead or in a deep coma. But Luna stood there and was not sure what to say… or do. She took a moment to let it sink in and all crash into her. She couldn’t say anything for a moment as she was afraid that if she spoke then… she’d break down crying as she knew this was all her fault. She knew that she pushed him away. The one that knew her. The real her. Not the posing girl who would be assumed to be the person everyone would know. Although he was pushing her away. During that time… all she could do was make a pained decision. Either take the bait and try to reconnect with Martin. or Jump ship and cut the line with one last heartfelt meet with him. She knew that she couldn’t go on like she was anymore… She was tearing herself apart. Tearing him apart. He was tearing her down and battering Zeke. She couldn’t do it anymore. A Minute later after she was finally able to contain herself…

Luna: Where’s Martin?

Nurse: He’s on the 5th floor. He was put in the ICU Wing. after being admitted.

Luna: Thank you. *Smiles vaguely and heading to the 5th floor*.

On the 5th floor…

Room #344…

Martin: *Moaning and feeling groggy; Looking around and seeing the room he’s in* Where…. W-w-w-w-w-where am I? What the blue heck am i doing here? *Shaking his head slowly* I am such an idiot. I can’t believe i allowed myself to almost kill myself because of someone who just left me.  I should have just said enough is enough and end it. Stupid Martin. You’re truly remarkable when it comes to stupidity.

Dr. Mizuno: *Walking in and seeing Martin moving around* Martin, Calm down. You’re in the ICU at the Metropolis General. You were Fatally Intoxicated. You could have died. But you’re okay. You’re okay. It’s gonna be alright. It’s okay.

Martin: *Pauses and Looking at the Dr.* Wait… a minute. I know you from somewhere. Don’t i? I know you.

Dr. Mizuno: Uh… Yeah. I would believe that you would know me as i am your doctor, sweetie.

Martin: No. You’re not just a doctor. You’re a senshi. Aren’t you? You’re Mercury.

Dr. Mizuno: And you’re the hero Tuxedo Martin Amazing. But that is not important. You’re fatally intoxicated. You’re here because your Alcohol count is at 0.46. but the surprising part is that it went down to a 0.36 Which is a surprising step up in getting you back. We almost lost you an hour ago.

Martin: An Hour ago? What’re you talking about?

Dr. Mizuno: You had a minor moment of Flatlining. We had to Defib you with at least 350 volts. to jump start your heart.

Martin: *Turning pale as he hears that he was dead for a brief moment* …… Uh…. Oh god.

Dr. Mizuno: It’s okay though. We brought you back and that is what counts. You’re alive. You must have an angel looking out for you.

As soon as the Doctor left…

Martin: *Looking up and sighing* Or something else. But… i was dead? Good god. What if that were unable to bring me back?

Luna: *Walking in* Then there would would be one less person in the world. It would be a sad situation.

Martin: *Looking over to see Luna* Luna?! What are you doing here? I didn’t think that you’d come. After all the things you put me through and ignoring me for so long.

Luna: *Walking over and trying to keep calm* I didn’t come to be blamed for your misfortune. Martin, What you have done… you did to yourself. No one forced you to drink. No one. You chose to do it because you were angry at me. I am at fault for abandoning you. But…

Martin: You think that i was causing it?

Luna: Weren’t you the one that did it? You were hurting me. Contradicting ever decision that i made. I chose to smoke. I made that choice on my own. I screwed up. But you making it all my fault is what pushed me away.

Martin: Bull… You were spending all your time with Zeke. I hardly got to see you. Ever. Ever since he came into the picture.

Luna: Look. I am not gonna stay for this. I am not letting you blame Zeke. You are always blaming Zeke for things that he didn’t even do.

Martin: *Angrily* That he didn’t even do… THAT HE DIDN’T EVEN DO?! He took you away from me. You smoke because of him. You were my girl. Not his. Mine. But you went to him.

Luna: Who’s fault is that? Not mine. I wasn’t the one pushing you away with the sour attitude. I wasn’t the one treating you like you never mattered. You were doing that to me. Making me feel as though i was worthless to you because i happened to lose my way a bit. because i what… What? Because i have a habit? Yeah… i have a habit. Teen Angst. I have that. So do you. But you made it to where if i had it… it was wrong. You were Drinking. I could smell it on you. I knew that you were doing so for a while. since the first day of March… but i truly thought that it was just my mind playing tricks on me. But… it was not some trick. You were drinking. I smelt it on you in class for weeks. Weeks, Martin.

Martin: And i caught you holding a pack of smokes in class too… But i didn’t say a word. I wasn’t even happy about it… but i wasn’t about to make a spectacle of it. I was not gonna Embarrass you or say something about it to humiliate you. I wasn’t gonna be like that. You know that i wasn’t. But you were smoking in the girls restroom with Pamela. She… isn’t a bad person… but with her dealing with parents who would hardly pay any attention to her… it was more expected. Plus also if she did anything… they wouldn’t look to pay any attention to her. She wasn’t being loved by them as she should be. She was ignored. Zeke is not like that… He is a Vagrant. He Was sexually abused. He has problems and instead of being smart about it and try to help him but see to it that his problems didn’t become yours… You got smacked into his issues. His issues became yours. Then you disregard my concerns for you. I was hard on you because i loved you and you needed a firm guide. I didn’t want to see you screw your life up even though you had already done that to yourself.

Luna: You were treating me like dirt. Karen saw it. So did Zeke. Pamela… Irene. Ted, Jake and Jennifer. They all saw. Irene moved to another school because of you and me. Tearing at one another. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her father Grigory saw the mess and got tired of it. He was tired of seeing it and took his daughter and put her in another school. I don’t blame him. Because of what you and i were doing to each other. We were hurting Irene and it was getting annoying. With the crap that we were doing to one another and what he was seeing that Irene was being subjected to… i wouldn’t blame him if he were to take her out of the school on the first of March. after seeing what was really going on.

Martin: Well… You were the one who started it. Seeing Zeke. You know how i feel about him. About the shit he was bringing to you and messing you up. You were unstable as it was because you were fearing the idea that you would be seen as the Abused Asian teenage girl. You were scared about that… if you happen to bother remembering. You remember how you were for a while after we all sent Grandmother Rikku to Jail for her abusing you and being… well… A Racist for starters. And A abuser. But… No… you went right for Zeke. Knowing he might have had more issues in him than you needed. You were unstable on the inside even though you were trying to hide it as best you could on the outside. You were Unstable. You should have been smart enough to stay the hell away from him… Not forever… but just for a while till you got yourself back to being stable and normal… back to being upbeat and being the person that you were meant to be. But… Did you. Did you stay away from him?

Luna: ….

Martin: No. You didn’t. You didn’t keep away from him. You instead went right for him and he had issues. but you decided: “Oh It’s okay. I am still unstable right now because of the ordeal i was just going through… Zeke’s probably got issues himself. his own set of dirty laundry. but i’ll just befriend him and allow his problems to become mines as well and just let it add to the problems that i already have.” You went right on to him. It didn’t matter what i felt about him. Hell… i could have had proof to you from multiple sources to tell you that there is a red flag on Zeke… and you would still walk right into the trap and become someone who was all good… into someone who just doesn’t have anything good about them anymore. You might try telling me that i am full of it. That i don’t know shit… But it is you who are truly naive. Your family doesn’t seem to like Zeke hardly. And you know what… Hoohaa to them. They are being smart. They know what the hell is going on. Alot more than you seem to.

Luna: Oh… yeah… that is right. Zeke’s a piece of shit loser of the public here… he’s no good and who gives a damn what i say. Right? I don’t know him at all… i know nothing. You know… this is why i went to him. You bash him. You just refuse to see the good in anyone like Zeke. You want to run him out of town. By all means… Here… *Pulling out a Note Pad; Putting it back in her pocket and taking out her Cellphone* Here. Call him right now and inform him that you are gonna lead a Lynch mob and run him right out of town. Tell him. Tell him.  Come on. *Seeing Martin backing off* Thought so.

They continue to fight and trade words till finally…

Vast’s “Don’t take your Love away” Plays in the background as the last blowout between Luna and Martin concludes…

Luna: You know what…? *Sighs and starts to walk off*

Martin: Where are you going?

Luna: Away.

Martin: Away… Away from who?

Luna: You. You are such a Jerk. I have had it… i can’t do this anymore. I came here to try and see on making things right again between us in some way. But now i see that coming here was the biggest mistake i could have made. The others are gonna be giving me a lecture about it. I’ll just have to take it. But You have just proven to me that there is nothing that can be saved of our relationship or love.

Martin: *Feeling hurt*

Luna: *Turning to face Martin one last time* Look… I can’t do this anymore. All we do is fight. You blame Zeke for everything. You dictate my life and tell me who i can see and when. How… I am tired. And i am done. I don’t tell you who it is that you are to see and when and how. There are some friends that you might have that i don’t like. But i never say a word about it. Not a word. But you do it to me. That’s not fair. Zeke is bad in your eyes. Fine. And so… you don’t like him. I thought that you would open up to him and befriend him. However… i think that i fooled myself for far enough time. I fooled myself thinking that you’d open up to him. Maybe even accept him and tolerate him at least if not liking him. But. You don’t even do that. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do it. I am tired of us fighting. You disrespect me… hurt me because of the guys and gals i hang with. Martin… we used to be so close. Best friends. Then as our friendship grew and became stronger…we started to get feelings for one another. I loved you and you loved me. We were meant to be… You and i were just always in love… together and you said that you would never hurt me. Ever. Then when we sent my Ex-Grandmother to prison… you were feeling as though you should have done more to protect me… You loved me and i did you. But then Zeke comes and you become threatened by him. Making him out to be the bad guy. I choose to befriend him. He was abused and i opened up to him because i felt his pain and saw that he needed at least one friend. You didn’t even bother with him. You battered him and made him feel like he deserved nothing but misfortune. That is mean. Martin… I am done with you… Done with us. *Feeling her heart breaking as she makes the hardest decision* We’re no longer together. I can’t do this anymore. I am tired of hurting. Tired of hitting a brick wall with you and coming at odds. You didn’t think that you would lose me. But you had. Zeke didn’t take me. I went to him and felt closer to him. You pushed me into his arms. Your attitude and your rotten treatment of me… of him. Everything that i say to you would just go right out the door. You would always question me. You were treating me like i was an idiot. A Fool. But no more. No more. I am a Human being. I have feelings and a heart. It hurts just the same when it is stepped on. *Seeing Martin Starting to shed tears knowing that he never knew what he had till he lost it and took it for granted* Martin. I know that might feel like you’ve lost a part of your heart again just like you felt when you lost your parents… But this… you did to yourself.  No one else. You. I don’t hate you. I won’t hate you. But i can’t love you anymore. I can’t do this anymore. I’ll always care about you… I also wish you the best. Hope that you find happiness again. With someone that will make you happy… Whoever it may be. But you and I? We’re done. It’s over. Goodbye, Martin.

Martin is left there all alone and all he could do was shed tears… He at that moment realized that he had just lost the only girl that had his heart. All he could do was cry. But he cried to himself so no one would have to hear of his heartache.

That night… At Vincent’s house…

Luna: *Seeing Vincent* Vincent?

Vincent: *From the other room* Yes?

Luna: It’s me. Luna. You here?

Vincent: I’m in the Study, Come on in to the study…

Luna: *Walking into the Study and looking to see Vincent Standing there and Reading through his spell book* …

Vincent: *Sighs* I can’t seem to focus on anything except for Martin. I sure hope that the dear boy is okay. I don’t know what i’d do if anything were to happen to him.

Luna: Maybe you should just let go and live your life, Vincent. You are a very intelligent person. You can do alot. Don’t let Martin’s fate hold you down. What happened to him is a little of everyone’s doing. But he did what he did to himself. Although the one reason that he might have done what he did was because he was hurting. I think that from the tone in his voice this afternoon when i went to see him… He was in personal strife. He Misses his mom and dad. I don’t know how that would be anything to me… Because He and I have gotten into a trade of words and barked at one another.

Vincent: How bad did you and he get?

Luna: *Sighs* I can’t say. But the reason why i am here mostly is to let you know that Martin and I are no longer together. You’re his Guardian… and i could have told others about the news… But you are with him most and are watching over him and caring about his well-being. So i thought that you should be the first to know.

Vincent: *gasps and in disbelief; saddened and in dismay* Oh my god. No… you didn’t just break his heart… did you?

Luna: *Sighs and looking down sadly* Vincent, I’m sorry. I can’t be with Martin anymore. He and i have just grown apart for a while now and i tried to see on making amends with him in some way. I tried to even reason with him. But he’s blamed me for his being in the hospital. He was yet again being cruel about Zeke. To me… I tried to make it better. I tried to get him to see reason. I tried to get him to lighten up on his disregard towards Zeke. I can’t do it anymore. I am tired of hitting a brick wall with him. I am just tired of the hurt. the heartache.

Vincent: I see. This is just sad. I just can’t believe that you’d break up with him. You and he were so happy together… or that is what i had believed you two were.

Luna: Vincent… Martin and i have been pulling apart from one another for a while now. We were just going in two different directions. Becoming two different people. I don’t know if you even realized. Martin’s been drinking. He was at a house last night and people are talking about how he was fatally intoxicated. because he was found with 5 Six packs of Beer and had one in his hand. opened.

Vincent: But… That’s impossible. How could it be?

Luna: I know that you don’t want to believe it. I know that you want to think that he’s an innocent person. But he’s anything but innocent. I’m sorry.

Vincent: That is utterly dreadful news to be hearing come from you, Luna. Dreadful. I am shocked to know that it had to come to this. Martin’s parents would be deeply displeased over the news that their dear boy Martin is Drinking at 14 and being so cruel to girls. This is just shameful news. Luna, I am really sorry that you had to go through that. Having to be put through Martin’s unsettling treatment towards you. You didn’t deserve that. Luna, You did the right thing by telling me this. I can detect that you were having a hard time to tell about this… but you did what was right. in telling me. Your habit isn’t exactly making you the most innocent I’d dare say. But you are the one making the right move in telling about what you know and letting someone hear the truth.

Luna: I know… *Collapsing on the floor in sadness and in tears* I just can’t believe that i had to even see him in the hospital. I can’t believe that i even had any feeling for him. He hurt me. He treated me like dirt. Made me feel like i was an idiot. I loved him. I truly loved him. He was my first love. I thought that he and i would be the one. *Crying into her hands* I feel so stupid. I felt something for someone who didn’t even actually exist. I guess that there are no such people as nice guys. I guess that i am just destined to be alone and with no one to call my own.

Vincent: *Walking over to Luna and hugging her* There there Child. Don’t cry. It’s gonna be alright. You’ll find someone better. I know that Martin meant everything to you and you feel as thought you’ve lost him. But… It’s gonna be alright. I just know that you’ll be okay. I have to head on over to see the dear boy and see if there is any changes. But you just cheer up and don’t be worrying about Martin anymore. You’ll always be welcomed here. I am not gonna turn you away. You’re still with the sweet nature in you… I know that in time it’ll come back again. Just look in your heart. *Hugging Luna*

Vincent then looked at the time and knew that Luna would need to be back home to where she lived. So he did the casual thing and took her home back to her house. To Dinah’s and Shingo’s house and got her inside. It was a sad night for her and her now Ex-Love. A Moment later as soon as she was in her room alone. She cried herself to sleep. She felt so bad that she wanted to run away. She wanted to run away and never come back. Luna received Text from several people and just blew them all off. She didn’t care who called her or who was trying to reach her. She was giving up on everything because she just lost her heart even though she knew that she had to Jump ship and leave Martin.

What was she gonna do when her friends finally found out that she and Martin had finally broke up and were alone? What was Luna gonna do? Would she finally return to being the sweet girl that she had once been once upon a time? What about Paige, Pearl and Dinah? With the second semester nearing a close… What would they do when Summer came for them? Summer was on the way and that meant come June… It would mark being with 6 months left before the Prophecy of Raven took hold and Raven fulfilled her destiny. Plus… What’s this? Dinah gets a taste of a big break? Zeke… Quits smoking and Pamela quits the habit following suit? Zeke and Luna get together and start seeing one another more than before? It was leading to something that would only unravel the veil covering the near end for the Mortals as More Demons came into play… in the City. Plus will The Rhapsody Brothers and The Rhapsody Girls finally meet the Winchester Brothers? Find out in the Next fulfilling chapter as the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Continues… Find out more as the Saga continues…

Luna: *Voice-Over* Hey… Luna here. Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! I decide to break and go back to my beginning days where i was this sweet person. I know that i made too much of a mess being this girl with a bad image… but with things going the way that they had been… I can’t just let it go on anymore. I even quit the habit. Yeah… i stop the habit and from what i hear… So does Zeke. Pamela too. It all changes and i however become just shy and rather quiet. A big change from a Sweet girl to one with a habit… and now back to being the sweet one again. I just never know when to make up my mind… do I?

Dinah: *Voice-Over* Luna is finally back to her senses. Relief. Just when we have 6 months left before the Prophecy that befalls Raven comes and actually gets fulfilled.  It is a good break from the tension. But what happens now is that the uncomfortable feelings come between Martin and Luna as they are now just seeing one another as a face in the crowd of many. Zeke and Luna get closer and closer. They now become Girlfriend and Boyfriend. Zeke turns over a new leaf too. Surprise. Not only that… I get myself a break and get offered to come along with the Coach to the University football team. to a Football game. Yeah. Talk about a lucky break. That’s a real break.

Zeke: *Voice-Over* I become a better guy. A much better person than i was before. I know that it’s gonna be a hard road ahead and that things will not be all that easy. But i think with Luna… anything is likely to happen. She and i are together and the crew at school are all happy about it. Although Martin still is around and he moves to try and win Luna’s love back. Tough luck, Dude. You lost. Let it seep in and let it go. Luna never said that she didn’t want to be your friend. but as for the lover part. that ship had been dry docked and is out of date.

Prince Alvin:  *Voice-Over* Plus… the car i built for Alice is finally done. It’s all done and i make the plans to propose to her. It’s set and i think that with the fact that i am gonna be engaged. Things might even change. Although nothing is gonna be able to knock off the fact that there are demons in the city and that we still have big red and ugly to go against when that moment comes. Pearl also gets another month closer to her moment of Labor. It is still a ways… but closer than before.

June: *Voice-Over* the crew of ours are in a play. a Musical adaptation of Grease. That is gonna be new… but with Luna and Zeke no longer with the habit of smoking… I wonder how it will hold out for them. I don’t think that the new leaf will last for them… Not if they have a role that lights up. Even the idea that Summer is near and has practically begun. Days getting hotter. and more humid. Where’s the sun Tan lotion. Someone’s got to hit the beach. Changes come and are leading to even more change… in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 105: “Cry, Little sister.” Luna and Zeke’s Romantic Light. Zeke’s last attempt to reach out to Martin. Dinah’s big break.


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