Chapter 103: Beth and Martin Hang out and Rumors fly… Martin and Luna go on a date for Danger. General Slade Stalin Leads off the heavy V.R.A firepower

March 25th…

“At the Secret Tunnel within the Abandoned Quarry…

Prince Avery: *Staking out the Tunnel and Scanning the wall* The Mark was giving off UHF and UV Rays. Radiation.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Prince Avery; Scanning the walls for a reading* Ultra Violet Heat? You were reading it off right, weren’t you?

Prince Avery: Not just me. Tess as well. She called me while i was in Gym and informed me about the uprising. The break in heat signatures that were popping up from the Wall here.

Prince Alvin: You’re not suggesting that the wall is coming alive all on its own and shooting out creatures.. are you?

Prince Avery: No… Not Creatures. Demons. Demons that are like hell and from our own underworld of hell. Demons in waiting.

Prince Alvin: We need to seal this mark. Now…  Go and find some sheet metal. Anything that will help cover this Mark and possibly suppress the progression of the Mark and or Scath’s influence.

Prince Avery: You think it’ll work?

Prince Alvin: It has to work. It’s got to work.


Prince Avery: *Seeing a faint glow come from the sign* Capt. We got a problem that is about to pop out from the wall… It’s…

Prince Alvin: What?

Prince Avery: The Wall.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the wall* Shit… *Spotting the faint glow coming from the Wall* …

It didn’t stop there. The wall started to glow a bit more and then glowed brighter than before… The wall was starting to open and it only was a few seconds later when it started to release black streams of smoke. Which were all demons. one of them was the demon himself. But the Demon however… didn’t come through. He was blocked by a Barrier of the mind. The portal for him to physically and officially come through was closed yet and it kept him locked in his hellish prison….”


2 AM…

In Smallville…

At Gabe Sullivan’s house…

Gabe: *Looking up into the sky after hearing a loud roar going off not far from Smallville* What is going out here…


Gabe: *Lost and Mystified* Howling… at this hour?! Something strange is going on here. I don’t think i like it much.

Mr. Sullivan just barely started looking back down and was about to head back in when suddenly whistles and rumbles started to loom closer in the sky and Gabe couldn’t help but stop and look again only that time to see…

Gabe: Oh dear heavens… What is this? What on earth are those things? *Seeing one of the black streams billowing down and dive over to his direction* …. This is not good. *Turning and Running away while he had the chance*

But within seconds he was knocked down and Barely turned to see on getting up when one of the Black streams of smoke came down and Entering Gabe… Within seconds… his eyes were black.

3 weeks later…


In Forks, Washington…

8:00 AM

Outside of the local Diner…

Dean: *On the phone with his brother Sam* Sam, Any more blip on our suspect creature with the knack sack for blood?

Sam: *On the Phone* Not really. But i’ve been doing some looking and found that these creatures Vampiros are vulnerable to Rock salt, Garlic and Electric charges.

Dean: Electric Charges? Vampires are susceptible to Electricity. Wouldn’t it just electrocute the Blood sucker with the Thirst for Human blood? Where can we even get anything with an electric charge to take down our resident schitzo Vamp?

Sam: From a battery. Car battery… To a Laptop… to a Mobile device. One touch and it starts to shrivel. It’s just the same as if you were to douse it in holy water or bathe it in sunlight. It would  Shrivel and start to burn their skin because no matter what kind of Vampire creature it is. Put it in sunlight and it’s automatically Insta-death.

Dean: Well it’s daytime now… and that means the Vamp-Drone is hiding and waiting for the night time to rise up again.

Sam: Unfortunately… we can’t wait that till it comes out. This town is on for course and the Vampiro is set to feast on it’s prey. It’s tasty treat is Children. There are reports of 6 kids. 5girls and on boy mutilated and drained of their blood. All within the last 4 days.

Dean: This Vampiro is starting to sound a bit like that Lady of Blood. The Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory.

Sam: The Methods that the Vampiro uses to Suck the blood out of young kids… it finds similarities.  and it’s close….

In Metropolis…

At Metropolis Middle school…


Luna: *Walking with Zeke, Pamela, Penelope and Ted* It’s been 3 weeks since i last heard from Martin. He’s been in class but he won’t talk to me.

Ted: I don’t know what his problem is with you… But you two did attempt to make amends. I mean… Didn’t you?

Pamela: She did. But that night… when she tried to call him. she couldn’t get through.

Luna: Exactly. Vincent answered the phone and asked if i would stop calling for a while till things were cooled down some.

Penelope: Cooled Down? What do you mean? I thought that things would sire to get better. Did something happen?

Ted: Not that we heard… But we haven’t seen Beth lately… She’s been missing alot of school. Probably because she’s caught a bug.

Luna: A Bug? *Worried about Beth* I hope it’s just that.

Pamela: I am sure that it is…

Ted: How did your sister and family take to your habit, Luna?

Luna: *In disbelief and letting off a short laugh* How did they take it? Heh! Ha ha! Ted, how do you think that they took it, Ted? They are all upset at me. Even though they understood and felt bad about my relationship woes and about the nightmares that i was still suffering… But the habit? They all lectured me and told me that i was being completely stupid in a sense as i should have fought harder and kept myself from doing it. None of them are exactly speaking to me much right now.

Penelope: It was 3 weeks though. Shouldn’t it have gotten better or at least calmer?

Luna: Calmer, How Penelope? Huh? How can it get like that? There is nothing that can be done. They made their decisions. Plus they’re with the thought that soon a battle with some General will ensue.

Pamela: *Confused* A General?

Ted: This General wouldn’t be Slade Stalin… would it?

Luna: I don’t know. I don’t follow much of the super powered fighting anymore. I might still have some Selective knowledge on the matter. but that’s all i have. I don’t have ESP. I can’t sense anything. I am just regular.

Penelope: I haven’t seen you as a hero before. so… i don’t really know what you’re talking about in terms of being heroic.

Luna: I have a couple tapes or so of what i was in the past… before i became… well *Looking at herself and Shrugs* This. Normal.

Ted: Being normal… it is vastly overrated, Luna. You can take it from us. Normal is so overrated that it’s down right pathetic.

Luna: You guys are normal and straight. happy too. It works well for you.

Pamela: Luna, It works well… because we make it work. We are all normal. But some of us are gifted. I can fight. Zeke can too… I think. He just never shows that he can. Plus with the treatment that he was getting from Martin for a while or two… he was keeping it all bottled up. But when we had that out with Martin almost 4 weeks ago… Zeke let loose. Penelope is very fast and ambitious in her endeavors. She aims to be on top of things. Works for more…

Ted: And me. I am What you would call a seer. I can predict things.

Luna: You can?

Ted: I sure can. I mean… i kinda knew since i was like 7 or 8. My parents didn’t really know what to make of it. They just thought that i was very… well… Sophisticated as i could see what was coming and i was able to see what was to come. Good or bad. Seeing people. what they will become and what they’d change into. Places too.

Pamela: *Looking to see the people walking to their classes and barely catching sight of Zeke Riding in as the first bell starts ringing* Zeke’s here.

Ted: *Looking to the side* Kinda running behind schedule a bit… isn’t he?

Penelope: I don’t know. But he’s lucky to get here before the teacher caught sight of his being late. The teachers here don’t like it.

Karen: *Walking over with Beth* Well… at least he’s here. Unlike Martin. We haven’t seen him come in yet. He’s really late. It’s almost 8 in the morning.

Beth: 8 in the morning. Why would Martin think to show? Other than to stir up a bit of drama. He seeks on tearing down Zeke.

A second later….

Jake: *Walking over* And Martin has been Drinking too.


Jennifer: It is true… He has been Drinking. Martin has been spotted with some guy named Paul Landsbury. At least that’s the name we heard a couple times.

Luna: *Pauses* Are you sure?

Jennifer: I am not one who’s lying. I….

Mr. Hoover: *Looking at Luna* Mrs. Rhapsody… I will be watching you very closely. I heard from Mrs. Wolf just the other day and you were said to be mouthing off. You have become a very terrible person in the eyes of the school, Luna. I lost my very optic sense of faith in seeing any good in you. You might be in my class and are learning things here. But i will have none of your tomfoolery.

Luna: Whatever you say, Gramps. It’s no sweat from me. I am a good girl gone bad. But I guess that one mistake i make… makes me the bastard of the school as far as the teachers are concerned. I am hated by teachers here… So… You can enjoy as it comes right back. *Walking on feeling insulted* Hmph!

Ted: *Looking at Jake and Jennifer; Shrugs* …

At Metropolis University…

At the Metropolis Dorms…

Room #349…

Pearl: *Drawing another Design* This one is not coming out so right.

Star: What do you mean? Are you trying to Envision a new-age design?

Pearl: Well… Yes and no. Just thought that i would redraw the one Design we had done a couple weeks ago and maybe do up a 3.0 of it. The first one was without sparkles… Jewels.

Star: So this one… You thought would be best in suit… for Jewels… Am i right?

Pearl: *Nods* Of course. However… it’s a long shot.

Star: Long shot i am sure… But you’re not doing so swiftly as you ought to be… Why?

Pearl: Star… *Sighs* I don’t want to get into it. If it’s about my sister Luna… Drop it. Now. I am pissed as it is at her for doing something so damn stupid. Luna is smoking and You have no fucking idea how low and down-trotting it is.

Star: Hey… I am not the one bringing it up. You’re the one warping about it.

Pearl: Bull. Star… for 3 weeks you have been striking the posture of the hourly reparte of lecture central about Luna and her habit and why we didn’t see the signs that something was not right while we had the chance. Talking of it to me. Making me feel so damn terrible about it. I feel sick of it as it is and i have been unable to focus on anything other than that. because it’s so upsetting.

Star: What’s gotten into you?

Pearl: *Growls* Nothing. It is nothing. Can we please… for the love of pete and sweet peace… drop it? I don’t want to talk about it.

Star: Pearl… You are trying to kid this home girl here… You can’t just hide it. You’re being in denial about it. I know that you’re trying to keep it all silent. Something happened to you in the past obviously… Otherwise you wouldn’t be so irate about the fact that Luna… your young sister… not Biological needless to say is now with the habit of smoking. Pearl… I am not gonna tell a soul of it… I will take this to my final resting place. I swear it. Just tell me. Come on, Girl. Tell me what’s the matter? I want it out. Don’t let it just fester inside you.

Pearl: *Sighs* Okay… Alright. I’ll tell you. But just understand this. I will only bring this up one time… and that’s all. *Sitting back and sighs a little before turning to face Star and confiding something to Star* When i was 12… i was looking at something on T.V… and i didn’t even think that it would be influential… however… My mother caught me looking at it. it was a Documentary on HBO Family. Smoke Alarm: The UnFiltered Truth about Cigarettes. I was just expanding the mind of everything… My mom walked in and caught me watching it. She Scolded me. I never thought that i would be in utterly a whole bunch of trouble. Paige and Dinah were out seeing something with Prince Alvin and Prince Curtis. I was home and watching T.V and watched that program. I was in trouble. My mother looked at me. Said: “Pearl… you are expanding your mind and learning something new. but i will warn you… and i swear it to god. If you ever think to experiment on smoking… I will ground you till the very day you leave for College. I am not even playing.” I was hurt by that… out of Teen rebellion which only lasted about maybe a day… I found a shot to sneak away from my sisters and cousins and found out of sheer dumb luck… a pack of smokes and attempted to maybe try just one. I did and you know what? I hated it. I loathed it so much that i took the pack and destroyed it in the most swiftest way known. I Stomped the pack and battered it. I took it to the trash and tossed it in and never looked back. I cursed the moment that i ever tried it. Luna over stepped. Seeing her do it is like i am seeing myself do it in a most provocative way all on its own. I don’t appreciate it in the least.

Star: None of us do. Luna has gone and done something completely irresponsible. She is young and bound to make mistakes. but this… Smoking at 13?

Pearl: That is why i rather just forget about Luna. Forget all about her for the time being. I Just don’t know how i can stomach the idea that she’s doing it. I still care about her. I do… but i can’t bare to think of Luna being the way she is.

Star: No one can, Pearl. Even i think it’s rotten of her…Really rotten of her. She should know better.

Pearl: Yes. She should. That’s why… until she gets her head back to a right thought… We steer clear from her.

A minute later…

Star: *Looking at the Designs* Is that the design we did the other week?

Pearl: I think so. I remember that it is like that green one that we had done not too long ago. I think that it was last month the last i could recall us doing this design.

Star: I think that i remember. You’re working on the design for the 3.0 Edition of that design. Aren’t you?

Pearl: Yes. I am.

Room #330…

Paige: *Writing more of her book* Alice, This afternoon my sisters Pearl and Dinah have to split and meet up with Oliver Queen.

Alice: Oliver Queen? What for?

Paige: He’s got something for my sisters and me.

Alice: *Curious* Something for you and your sisters? I don’t think that i get it… What would a Multi-Billionaire CEO of a huge fortune 500 company want with you and your sisters, Paige? Is there something about him that strikes you curious and drawn to him? or him to you guys?

Paige: He happens to be our professor as well as the Emerald Archer Green Arrow.

Alice: Paige, Please don’t be feeling offended by my asking this… but how did he become your… Professor?

Paige: Well… he stepped up to being our professor Sometime… before we destroyed or done away with a Professor… Or late Ex-professor Pidge Stroker.

Alice: Why? What did he do to make you leave or… destroy him?

Paige: Oh… You mean Kill him? Oh… we killed him when he had attempted to have me and my sisters Investigated. He seemed to have been following us… not in the way he normally would. But had us investigated in secret. He kept things about us that we didn’t know about. He had our most deepest flaws. and deepest weaknesses which now would be trivial as we more matured alot since during that time. He was bringing back memories about our family. Old Dormant memories of what our family was seeming to be like back then in the day. Decades ago i would suppose. But it was ruled as a Lab Accident which technically it was. Because we had to defeat him in a lab. A Lab and he made the first move. It was taken care of and kept covered. Practically to protect our family and to protect all who were involved in the cover-up. Everyone. It was for the best to have it done that way. Not the most swiftest… but it was what had to be done.

Alice: And it was after that when Oliver Queen became your professor. How did you and your sisters get your powers in the beginning?

Paige: It was a freak accident to be quite so frank on it. It wasn’t even meant to happen at all. But when it did… we at first didn’t want to be in any part of it… however we were dragged into it. Put into the world of supers and being fighters. we couldn’t really break from it… even if we were to try… It was just hard to cope with at first… But as time went on and progressed thoroughly as it did… We just got used to it. It just stuck. It took some time… but i think that it was by the beginning of the third threat… where i started to unlock the skills of being like a leader to the Rhapsody Girls Z!.

Paige Flashes back…

Paige:  What are you talking about? We didn’t meet with him. he… as well as you came from that orb that we found. You guys are beings from that orb. If we are guilty of anything… it’s the idea that we thought that we were saving this world from destruction. We have done our part already… saving this world and this galaxy as well as the Denubian Galaxy from King Lotor of Planet Doom. Saving this world from the great evil that threatened to destroy this world if she were to ever get to power. and if she had been allowed to run rampant. But when we released the Major… we thought that it would be the answer to this world’s prayers.

Basqat: There were hundreds of us… we have up to now only found a few dozen and no more than that. Where are the others?

Paige: It doesn’t matter. We were only doing what we figured to be the right thing to do… we thought that we were gonna be saving a civilization. We are not just regular civilians… You all can notice the power belts that my sisters Pearl, Dinah and i are wearing. We are Supers. *With a stern voice and Standing up to Basqat* Do you really truly think that we 3 would team up with one man who happens to be as clueless as you are about what it is that you’re doing here? If you want the answers that should have been given to you… Why don’t you ask the one man that came with you all in that Orb for explanations… The one man who has kept you all in the dark… This ENTIRE TIME!!!”

Alice: It just took off from there?

Paige: more likely. There is said that there isn’t anywhere left to go from there… but up.

Alice: *Feeling a little throbbing in her stomach* Ah!

Paige: *Looking up and over at Alice* You alright, Alice?

Alice: *Holding her stomach a bit till the sharp pain resides and dims down* Yeah. I’m okay. Just a sharp pain.

Paige: Do have any classes today?

Alice: No. Not today… I think that it’s a free day today. but i am just rather feeling a bit of achy tingling.

Paige: Will it pass?

Alice: I think that it will. *Looking at the book that was sitting in front of Paige* You working on a book?

Paige: Yeah… I am.

Alice: How’s that coming?

Paige: It’s going well. It’s on the 7th chapter. Not bad for a first book creation, right?

Alice: Not bad at all. It’s really good. I am quite sure that you’re bound to become a wonderful Author someday. It’s gonna happen.

Paige: *Looking at the time* Oh god… I’m gonna be late for class. I gotta jet. *Concerned about Alice* But what about you, Alice? Will you be alright?

Alice: oh yeah. I should be. If i happen to need anything… I’ll lend out a call. Just wonder what my Boyfriend is doing today?

Paige: *Shrugs*

That afternoon…

At the Metropolis Clock Tower…

Oliver: *Looking at the files and the research* The girls are progressing. Hard year… difficult time in their lives. But the dangers are changing. They have gone up against multiple Villains. Threats. 3 threats. several villains. a few bands of crooks and bad guys. But each time had to use their hero powers… To round them up. In times like these… They have to be secretive in what they do. With that general out and gunning for them… hiding is not gonna be as easy as they might feel. These fighter forms are simple. Or Advanced. they have options of being any kind of form they choose… in this form… but in their Original Hero form… they are the same as always were.

A few minutes later…

The Elevator doors opened…

Oliver: *Looking up to see the girls walking in* It’s a surprise to see you girls here. Given since that you had some family dilemma with someone veering off.


Paige: *Nods* It is already done. We dealt with it. We’ve got after Luna about her habit and set off a rule on her. We still see her as our sister. we love her. but till she gets her act in line and gives up the habit… we don’t want to favor in having anything to necessarily do with her. Other than be there for her when she’s in need and in danger. Protecting her. But to be around on a close and personal basis… sense. No. Not till she is without the habit.


Pearl: I would rather us not talk about Luna. Knowing that we have her around and Smoking… i would rather us not think or pass any thought about that. Luna’s our sister… But her smoking is not what i will sit around with. I will not.


Dinah: Okay… Okay… Pearl, Heel! You are upset about Luna’s habit. we get it. Okay. We get it. But it’s not something anyone can change. Luna has made her decision and she is smart enough to know to pay for her mistake. She’s feeling bad about it. You and the others have all chewed her out and yelled at her so much that she’s gonna be afraid of you for a long time. Raven didn’t even go to her… She’s not mad either. But she’s keeping a watch on everything. Watching for any more signs of Luna changing… Hoping that things will not get worse… but be getting better. You Yelling about it… Is not gonna help anyone. Or anything.

Pearl: I think that i know that by now, Dinah. But how the hell can you condone it? Luna is only 13 years old. 13!

Dinah: And your point to that would be… What exactly? I don’t like her smoking. I even scolded her. Shingo did too… But the best move for now is to ride it out and let it blow itself over. The more we try to push and get her… stressed. The more she will do it and then if that happens… we’ll never get her to break from it. We need to let her come out of it. She will do it. I am upset at her just as much as you are. I even found that she was becoming a Discipline problem at school. Her behavior as of late has really been atrocious to say the utter least.

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Pearl, Dinah… let it stop now… We’re here to find out what Oliver’s got for us… see what’s new. Not talk about a family Dilemma that we during this time can’t necessarily do much about.

Oliver: That’s right. Things will work out in time. You just got to have some patience. *Looking at the Belts* You 3 have your belts with you… Right?

Paige: Of course we do. I got mines. Wearing it.

Pearl: same here.

Dinah: Ditto for me. I also am wearing the belt.

Oliver: Okay. Those belts are gonna be upgraded. To these… These have the same transformation sequences that those belts do… but with something advanced. The tech Analysts and Engineers worked and came up with other forms for you 3. customized to fit your personalities. Your physical stats. Paige, You can fight… And are Primarily a Leader. So… I had the tech give you the form of a Charlie’s Angel. In that form… You are Lt. Brooke Love. Your Theme… is this. *Playing the track*

Oliver: That is what will play. You transform into that by saying “Rhapsody Girls Angel… Roll Call!”

Paige: This is what the team came up with. Turning me into a Charlies Angel? You really need to get out more. I watch the show… I seen the show. But i don’t know jack about being a cop or even pretending to be one… A Leader… that i can do because i’ve earned it. i fought for it. did so since what… Age 12?

Pearl: She’s got a point there, Oliver. She had to earn her stripe. Just like the rest of us… Although most of my stripes were that of a casual over feeling… Over-sensitive… seen to be weak and very timid plus submissive baby. Dinah… She went from being the girl who hated skirts… to Miss tough girl of the city. From that she lead to being “Danger Zone” Dinah which must i add… she earned the title with severity and dedication. Fought hard and grew the mentality for it. And then evolved into Miss Lightning in a bottle. Which became a part of being Danger Zone Dinah.

Dinah: Proud to be it. But now that i am a married woman and a mother… it has dialed down but gained more power in the center because it’s now aimed in the mentality of doing what i must to protect my Daughters. That’s what it is. It’s been localized and Domesticated. Aimed and laid out.

Oliver: Yes… but with the V.R.A on the ass of every hero… this was done to produce a cover…In the guise that you’re still a hero… but this will provide some cover. Plus… it’s got some features that can help you use it to your Advantage in ways… Like if you were out fighting and busting up crime… and suddenly had to get into the superhero form to stop a creature or a monster… whatever danger that hits… you Just say: “Rhapsody Love Change to Miss Love”…

Paige: Wow!

Oliver: *Looking at Pearl* Pearl… You got the power of fighting and grace. You would usually be the baby of the team. But you also grew up and matured to be very dedicated and fierce in your fight… With Grace and Serenity. The tech have done up something for you… You are a ChP Woman… Rhonda Marsden… Your theme is… This. *Playing the track*

Oliver: That is what will play. You transform into it by saying: “Rhapsody CHP Angel… Report!”

Pearl: Being a CHP… Is not fun. But it might as well be very sporting. I Just hope that i don’t have to pose as one while wearing 4 inch high heels with such savage kicks.

Oliver: Amusing, isn’t it? Amusing and very ironic for an answer like that to come from you, Pearl. But with that… You will be able to have some cover from the V.R.A. and they wouldn’t think twice of you because they won’t be able to tell that you’re part of the super powered persuasion. When you’re in the form of a cop… the belt will camouflage into your outfit. Hiding the fact that you’re as they deem fit… A Vigilante. To get into the Superhero form… You just say: “Rhapsody Bubble Change up and Transform to Bubble Maiden.”


Pearl: Now that i like the sound of.

Oliver: Dinah… You are tough and usually fight aimlessly. But you are effective in landing hits on your targets. But now that you’re a mother and have more than likely Aimed it. We gave you the form of a Crime lab Analyst and P.I. Jenny Cornell P.I And the theme that the tech team picked out… is. *Playing the Track*

Oliver: To Transform into that… you say: “Rhapsody Private Eye Angel… on Duty”. While in that form… you’ll be able to cover the identity up and stay low on radar of the V.R.A. they will never suspect. And if you happen to spot creatures and super Villains… you Change into the Original form by saying: “Rhapsody P.I shift and Electrify to Miss Lightning in a Bottle Thunder Mistress.”


Paige: *Looking at Pearl and Dinah; Looking at the belts and Looking at each other* So? What do you guys think?

Pearl: I well.. Uh… Sure. It is a change-up. I wouldn’t mind it at all. Just as long as the outfit doesn’t appear as a fashion disaster. I will hide from the V.R.A. That is fine. but it’s not like i will suffer for it. Beauty is pain. It’s hell. But if it means keeping safe from dangers… I will take whatever comes.

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Luna: *In her room with her friends* Ted, Penelope, Pamela, Karen. Irene. Beth. Jake. Jennifer. Zeke… What i’m about to show you… Are a couple of tapes of what i once was… what i used to be but not anymore.

Ted: Are you really trying to tell us that you used to be someone else?

Luna: In simpler but straight terms… yes.

Penelope: What is going on? What were you back then?

Karen: I think that Luna is trying to tell us or show us…

Irene: She’s got a couple tapes.

Beth: I wonder what the Tapes are like.

A second or so later…

Luna pulled out the tapes that had the best battles of her when she used to be the hero…

Tape 1:

“Outside in the middle of the street…

Paige: Raven… behold. this is what we become. *To Pearl and Dinah* Girls, Transform.

Pearl & Dinah: *Nods* you got it.

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lighttning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spining with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Raven: *Startled* Aghhhh! I Finally get to see the hero forms. You 3 are the Rhapsody girls Z!. *Calming down* Great transformation.

Luna: My turn….

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* … *Doing her Pose*

Shanna: *Posing* Molten Mind… Power-up! *Shrouded by a veil of fire and Psychic Beams of light; her uniform forming on her piece by piece and forming wings of Fire and Passion* … *With a Bracelet on her and glowing Purple* … *Summoning Molten Rock and using her mind to cause the ground to shake; Leaping up and flying through rings of Molten rocks and Shooting Psychic beams into the air and at the ground; using her mind to telepathically communicate with the target* … *Landing onto the ground*

Raven: *Using her Psychic energy to place her hood back up covering her head* Nice. Kinda bright though. I’m sensitive to the light a bit…

Miss Love: *Looking at her sisters* Bubble Maiden, Thunder Mistress… Let’s go.  Raven, You set to roll into action for the first time here?

Raven: Looking for trouble… not my style. Stopping the trouble… Let’s go. I’ll take us there.

Within seconds… Raven turned into a Shadowy Raven and Spread her wings out to Cover Paige, Pearl and Dinah. She within that moment vanished and left to the scene of the situation that was brewing… Betty and Angel Turned into white and Black Raven’s and Teleported Shanna and Luna over to the scene. It was getting a little cold by that time so they had to hurry. 

At the Metropolis fairgrounds…

People were running off in fear as the swarm of fire creatures and the Stony Nightmare ran in a rampaging manner all through the fairground. It was only seconds later when Raven and the Rhapsody girls arrived… Raven appeared first as a shadowed Raven and landed on the ground and shifted back into her Human form seconds later releasing Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Miss Love: *Smiles* That was a good ride. Is that just one of the things that you can do?

Raven: Yeah… it is.

Bubble Maiden: That must be teleportation.

Thunder Mistress: Teleportation? *Gasps* What? She’s got that type of power… All just by her Cloak and that Gem? Whoa! Now that is impressive.

Bubble Maiden: That is prodigiously impressive. Teleportation in a human is like using energy of one’s element and going through portals of that type of element and going from one place to another. Even to another point of Origin—


Raven: *Looking at the girls and then with her guard up* Talk later… trouble comes.

Betty and Angel then arrive with Shanna and Luna…

Betty: Where’s the trouble?

Angel: *detecting energy nearby* I am picking up something. it’s up ahead. Over by the fountains… 10 feet away.

Shanna: Let’s go.

Sailor Luna: *Bouncing over to the battle*

Cinderblock: *Grabbing a bench and Throwing it with force*

Sailor Luna:  *Confronting the monster* You are a mean monster… hurting all these people. causing damage. You’re terrible and are not gonna get away with it… *Posing*  Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

Shanna: *Taunting* Hey… Brick brain… Over here… Want to try your worst… I’m here to play. Not! *Posing* The Molten fire of fury… the Rocky Magnitude of Strength…The Psychic Mind of the Rhapsody Girls Z! My Telepathic Mind of Justice calls forth flames and power. The forceful hitman of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Molten Mind has Come… With my telepathic Mind and the Molten Rocks; the Magmatic power of Justice… Those who embark on Evil’s Power Will feel the true meaning of Pain… Molten Mind shall show no Mercy!

Betty and Angel: *Poising* The light and Darkness of Heaven… Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand. To the Unholy… The lord will send his regards as you’re sent to hell.

Miss Love: *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Bubble Maiden: *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evill will be washed with grace and light!

Thunder Mistress: *Posing* The Thunderous Flight of justice… The sparking charge of the Rhapsody Girls Thunder Mistress… By the hands of Thunder and Lightning, The presence of Evil will feel the Thunderic fury of The Rhapsody Girls!


Raven: *Looking to see Cinderblock Grabbing something and motioning to attack the girls with it* Rhapsody Girls… Be careful.

Miss Love: *Seeing the tent coming at her* Whoa! *Dodging the attack*

Bubble Maiden: *Not seeing it in time and getting knocked into the sky* AHHHHHHHH!

Raven: *Gasps* Pearl! *Focusing her energy* Azarath Metrion… Zinthos! *Shooting some dark Energy in the form of a Rope to catch Pearl and bring her back to the ground* Gotcha!

Bubble Maiden: *Landing on the ground; Shaking her head and shaking off the attack* That stone head is really a grouch… *Looking at Raven* Thanks for the save there, Raven. I owe you one for that.

Raven: Not a problem. Don’t mention it.

Thunder Mistress: *Looking at the Stone freak* You want to hurt someone… you hurt my sister… You’re gonna regret that. That is a bad mistake. You’ll be in big trouble now. *Launching an attack at CinderBlock* Thunderic FISTS OF FURY!!! Feel my Lightning in a bottle, You Stone freak!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at CinderBlock*  VORTEX OF LOVE!!!!

Bubble Maiden:  *Launching an attack at CinderBlock* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!!!!

Molten Mind: *Launching an attack at Cinderblock* …. *Summoning for Molten Rock to come gushing out from the ground* …. *Using her mind to turn the Air Surrounding Cinderblock into a hellish Inferno; Chanting a spell* “Magmatic Power… Hear my cry… unleash your merciless fury, that can not die… Let the burning rage that lies within… come out… and Rain forth inescapable Pain” *Using her mind to bring the Molten Rock to the sky and create a hell Storm*… *Unleashing the Massive Downpour of Hell’s fire at CinderBlock* Magmatic HELL STORM DOWNPOUR!!!

A second later…

Molten Mind: *Using her mind; Sending a telepathic wave at Cinderblock* Break… destroy… Crush… damage… Petrify… Pound… Freeze.

Raven: *Staring at Shanna* How were you able to do that?

Molten Mind: It’s just one of the things that i can do. I got the powers of Psychic and Molten rock. Ground too… of course my first battle was really unstable… i almost caused a seismic Event to occur. Not my proudest moment in the least. It was a real embarrassing point in my life. not being able to control what i could do.

Raven: Well… you were able to control it now. Maybe if you could Focus your center… it’d help. it would prove to benefit you most in the end.

Molten Mind: I’ll remember that one. Thank you. *Nods*

Sailor Luna: *Seeing Cinderblock out cold* He’s out. *Toying with the Fire creatures* Teehee! Come and catch me…

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at the fire creatures* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at the fire creatures* Thunderic FISTS OF FURY!!!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at the fire creatures*  VORTEX OF LOVE!!!!

Raven: *Aiming at the Fire Creatures* Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos! *Firing Dark Energy at the fire Creatures*

Sailor Luna: *Not catching sight of a fire creature going for a sneak attack* What?!

a Second later…

Sailor Luna: *Caught* Agh! Let me go… Let go! HELP!!!

Betty: *Seeing Luna caught in the grip of one of the fire creatures* Luna!

Angel: *Going in and breaking Luna from the grip of the fire creatures* … Hold still Luna. I’ll get you loose. *Launching an attack at the fire creature* DARK THUNDER!

Betty: *Chanting a spell* “Freeze this Evil being with your frosty heaven’s Touch!” *Launching an attack at the fire creature* Angelic Icestorm!

Sailor Luna: *Breaking free from the creatures* Yes… I’m free. *Catching her breath* Thank you Betty… Angel.

Betty: You’re welcome.

Miss Love: You okay, Luna?

Sailor Luna: I am now. *relieved to be out from the grips of the fire creatures*

Bubble Maiden: Let’s get at these creatures… It’s time to wrap this us and bring it on back home…

Sailor Luna: *Getting out her wand* I got this shot…

Thunder Mistress: Go for it, Luna. Give it a good shot. Give it a good size heart attack.

A Second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugar hearts… Beam… ATTACK!!!

Raven: *Feeling the radiation from the attack* Ahhh!

Betty: Raven… you’re sensitive to light. Cover your eyes and shield yourself… These attacks are gonna be really blinding.  Girls… you too. Shield your eyes.

A Second later, Betty moved in for the attack and made with finishing the fire creatures off…

Betty: *Gathering Psychic Energy and rising up into the sky; Closing
her mind and Eyes (chanting the beginning of the incantation)
“Mitares meus anima…” and charging up with a purple aura;
Releasing her spirit and flying into the mind of the Target;
infecting the target’s mind with Holy Light; Flying back out
and returning to the body of the summoner; opening her mind
and Eyes (Finishing the incantation) “liberare”; Glowing with
Purple light and releasing the light; Launching the attack at
(Demonic Fire Creatures) Burning the target’s eyes* PSYCHIC FLASH!!! *Going again* … *Gathering Energy and building up Spiritual power and letting the light pour into her; Heating up and reaching Critical mass; Rising up and foring large massive Angelic Wings; getting up high in the sky and with her Massive Angelic Wings Blocking out the sun; casting darkness upon the land below while the suns rays flow into her; Chanting a spell in German* Herr der Sonne … der Gott der Sonne … Herr des Himmels blinde diese bösen Wesen … brennen Sie es mit Ihrem Zorn und lassen Sie das Licht des Herrn zu ertränken ihn mit seiner Liebe *With her Wings at full strength and ready to fire; Uncovering the sun and Launching the attack at (Demonic Fire Creatures) Blinding the Evil with the Holy Light of god* SPIRITUAL SOLAR FLARE!!!

Raven: *Seeing a few more fire creatures coming and spotting one of them attack Paige, Pearl and Dinah* Girls… Look out!

Miss Love: *Getting hit and Knocked into the Sky* AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Bubble Maiden: *Getting hit and Knocked into the Sky* AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Getting hit and Knocked into the Sky* AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Raven: *Panics* Paige… Pearl… Dinah! *Getting angry and Exploding with Rage at the fire creatures* You want to see Evil power… *Growing taller and showing red eyes and fangs* ….. *In a Demonic Voice* What’s the matter… Afraid?! *Launching one of her dark tentacles at the fire Creatures* Come and see what Darkness and Evil really feels like! *Grabbing the rest of  the fire creatures and covering them in darkness*

The creatures then vanished as they screamed in terror. They were scared stiff. Raven felt the girls staring at her and snapped out of her spell and regained her normal human form. She barely turned to see Paige, Pearl and Dinah leaning against the wall closeby and ran over to them…

Raven: Paige… Pearl… Dinah. *Kneeling beside them and Checking on them* Are you girls okay?

Miss Love: *Coming to* Yeah… we’re okay. i guess… *Feeling pain and Rubbing her head* Ugh! What was that? Those creatures are really getting tough… Way too tough. Maybe we’re just losing our touch… *Struggling to get up* Ouch!

Bubble Maiden: *Coming to* did someone get the # on that truck? I think that i just got hit by a semi.

Thunder Mistress: *In pain* Oh god… That hurts… someone… for the love of pete, Make it stop hurting!

Raven: It’s okay. hold still. *Using Empathy and healing Paige, Pearl and Dinah*  Those beings were not normal. they aren’t supposed to be here. They’re gone now… but i have a feeling that they’ll be back again. something had to have drawn them in…

Thunder Mistress: *Groans* Well… that is duly noted. Whatever these things are… there are for a certifiable fact not… Kandorian…or Drules… or Youmas… They’re minions of some bad deity.

Miss Love: Ugh! isn’t that a fact?! *trying to get up again* Raven, What are those things anyway?”

tape 2:

Metropolis City Hall…

Mad Sam: *Walking around with his staff and Smiling at his successful win of City Hall* Aha! The win of City Hall. I wouldn’t have thought that i’d be to win these Blokes over with a little persuasion. I got this place eating from the palm of my hand. Soon, My word will be law.

Minako: *Looking at Mad Sam* You will never win. The Rhapsody Girls Z! Will stop you.

Mad Sam: *Moving his finger back and forth in front of Minako* Tut tut! I don’t think so, My valiant ducky… i don’t think so at all. They can’t hope to stop me. What can they do to stop me, My lass?

Miss Love: *Flying in; Landing* Wouldn’t you like to know? I hear that you’ve been causing trouble here. I don’t think it’s funny. not one bit. *Looking at the girl on the ground* Minako?! You okay?

Bubble Maiden: *Flying in; Landing* You are a British obsessed Maniac. You need to just surrender.

Mad Sam: *Looking at the girls* Who are you?

Thunder Mistress: *Busting into the room* Don’t be worrying about who we are. Who you’re gonna be is beaten and put in Jail. Jail food… gotta love it. it’s gonna taste a whole lot better than a Knuckle sandwich.

Mad Sam: 3 girls talking rudely to an elder. Tsk tsk. That is unsporting of you to do. You have no manners.

Raven: *Hovering in*

Sailor Luna: *Poised ready to fight*

Tuxedo Artemis: *Looking at the man* For a man… You’re not much to look at. You are a Brit with a Rod that you hold off like a protective charm. Do you have no better use for your time than to make trouble?

Mad Sam: Why of course, My fine gent. i’ll surrender… only if you can bow down to British Law. Besides This is supposed to be British land. You filthy Americans and your sense for freedom. poppycock and rubbish i dare say. The idea of  living under such false beliefs… Shame… Shame My dear fair duckies. For shame. You know better than that.

Miss Love: It is none of your concern as to how we got this country. You were not even alive back in those times. Neither were we. But if you think that we’ll be just letting you run your garbage beliefs on how we should live… You are just totally blind and belligerent.

Bubble Maiden: Besides that… we love our country. You don’t even have a green card. How did you really get here? Did you hijack a plane?

Thunder Mistress: You came here illegally. As wise and or as arrogant as you sound… You must be just steaming in a large pot of bologna.

Sailor Luna: Why don’t you either surrender or fight. Nothing you can say will change the fact that you’re a bad guy.

Mad Sam: Oh… Really, My dear lass. You really think that i am a bad guy? Well… i guess that you might want to rethink your pretty words, Little girl. *Firing his Rod at the girls* How does a taste of my British power grab you?

Miss Love: *Dodging* Whoa!

Bubble Maiden: This guy is becoming a pain.

Thunder Mistress: You know… I *Groans* am about there and getting close to firing some brutal Thunder at this guy. Maybe something that is sneaky. *Charging at Mad Sam and Trying to land some punches towards Mad Sam*

Tuxedo Artemis: *Leaping up and Landing a drop kick at Mad Sam* Hiya! Take that British Reject. Time that you came to realize that you’ve missed the decade revolving the British Invasion.

Sailor Luna: *Running over to Mad Sam and Clawing at him* Meow!

Mad Sam: *Falling backwards and then leaping back up before bouncing from one spot to another* … *Standing behind the girls* Bravo for show my fairest doves. Piping good show from you all. But i got news for you. There is gonna be a change in plans. I did mention that the American Revolution was a sham… it still is. You fair dove lever really learned your history. The Americans didn’t win the Revolution by fair trade. It won be default. by a lack of skills other than cheating it’s way through the tides. It was the british that won. It wasn’t bagels… It was…. Biscuits…

Thunder Mistress: *Growls* Biscuits huh? I’ll give you Biscuits. Right in the chops. *Leaning to the side and raising her left leg before Stomping it on the floor*

Miss Love: *With Bubble Maiden* 1…. 2…. 3…. 4… 5… 6!

Thunder Mistress: *Hopping on her right foot over to Mad Sam and then Raising her left foot Kicking him in the Chops and releasing Thunder energy into  Mad Sam* Sweet Chin Thunder!

Mad Sam: *Flying into the ceiling and crashing into the wall*

Mad Mod

The scene was being formed into a hypnosis background and things were not as they’d appear. The Girls had to be straight and Vigilant…

Sailor Luna: *Watching the Villain crashing into the wall* Wow! Good shot.

Raven: *Sensing Mad Sam coming back over* The British is coming back…

Miss Love: *Sighs* here we go again!

They suddenly brace themselves for a fight from Mad Sam. Paige went into fight him and tried shooting her Hearts and Love at Mad Sam… But Mad Sam Raised his Rod and aimed it at Paige. Knocked her out with a blast from the red beam coming from the Rod. Pearl was next as she tried to go at Mad Sam and almost got him when he hypnotized her to cause her to stop and freeze. Mad Sam then used his Rod to fire a shot of Anti-Matter at Pearl and sent her Flying into the Air.  Pearl went down to the floor and smacked it hard. Dinah snuck behind the Villain and tried to get him into a hurt lock. She tried to used a move on him. It was a signature move that she remembered the dead man using and made it her own. made her version of it calling it Tombstone Thunder Pile-driver  It worked but only for a short short moment. Mad Sam got on up again and fired the rod at her…

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at Mad Sam* LUNA SUGAR DRILL!!!!

Minako: Luna… That is a good shot. Keep fighting him. *Looking at Raven* Raven… You’re in need to help. You’ve got to step in and help them.

Raven: *Looking at the girl* … Who are you? *Looking at the girl still and figuring her out* You used to be one of the fighters.

Minako: Yeah. But i am not a fighter anymore. I am just a regular person who is a pop star and yet i can still sense things. Auras and presences.

Raven: *Seeing her friends getting attacked one by one* Paige…. Pearl… Dinah! *Growls* That’s it… we’ve just had about enough of him. *Hovering over and with Telekinesis moving things; Sending them at Mad Sam* Leave my friends alone.

Mad Sam: *Firing at the things that Raven was throwing at him* Tut Tut! I don’t think so. You are not fighting fairly. *Firing Anti-Matter at Raven*

Raven: *getting knocked back after being hit by the blast*

Sailor Luna: I think that it’s my turn.  This Villain wants to play rough… let’s play.

A second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at Mad Sam* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugar hearts… Beam… ATTACK!!!

Raven: *Getting back up and Hovering back over; Firing a Blast of Dark Energy at Mad Sam* Azarath Metrion—-

Mad Sam:  *Firing his Ruby tipped staff at Raven and sending her flying* When shall you ever learn Dear lass. You shouldn’t be defying your elders. *Walking over to Raven*

Raven: *On the ground Struggling to get up; feeling herself losing control of her dark side*

Mad Sam: *Walking closer to Raven* I am sorry to be this way with you, My Duckies… but the British Law must be obeyed…

Paige: *Voice-over* The British law as the Villain was squawking about just began to be made reality… Mad Sam was about to Vanquish us. Knock Raven’s Lights out. But what we didn’t know was that something from within Raven had gotten loose. Was it really gonna be the new law and we all be following Mad Sam’s British law. His British Invasion… Or was it gonna be the very moment where the tables would turn on Mad Sam?

Pearl: *Voice-over* Plus it was getting short on time before Dinah’s fling of Romance begun… Duty was still active but Dinah’s night was really important to her… We had to do something to wrap it up. Unless something happened to help us out…

Raven: *In a Demonic Voice* Don’t come any closer!

Mad Sam: What’s the matter? *Mocking Raven* Are you afraid of this fine Gentleman’s British Law? Alas, you find them not to your liking?




Raven then Suddenly lost it and her Eyes went red. 2 red Eyes and she stood up and looked right at Mad Sam before growing into a 10 foot being With her cloak flowing in the air and dark tentacles came bellowing out in multiple sides.

Mad Sam: *Stunned and petrified* What the blimey is this? What is going on?

Miss Love: *Slowly Stirring* Eh… Ugh! What the hell was that?

Bubble Maiden: *Slowly Stirring* What… what was that… *Looking to her side just slightly* R-raven?!

Thunder Mistress: Was i just tossed around like a bag of fruit? i think that my brains were just scrambled. *sitting up and rubbing her head* Ugh…

Raven: *In a Demonic Voice* Come into the darkness… see what fear really is. *Launching her tentacles out at Mad Sam; Grabbing the legs and Pulling him in*

Mad Sam: *Being dragged in by Raven’s Dark Tentacles* Don’t… Please. Don’t. I’m sorry. Let me go…. Bloody Evil being.

Raven: *With red eyes and Tall; With a cloak blowing in the wind and Tentacles loosely flapping in the air; With a Demonic Voice* What’s the Matter, Mad Sam? AFRAID OF THE DARK?!

Mad Sam: *Screaming in terror as he is being pulled in and dragged* Please… No. DON’T. PLEASE!!! SOMEONE… HELP ME!!!!

As Mad Sam was about to be covered by Raven’s cloak and surrounded by darkness…

Bubble Maiden: *Looking at Raven and getting up* Oh… No! *Calling over to Raven and getting through to her* RAVEN! *Running over to Raven* Raven… Stop! Stop it.

Raven: *Snapping out of it and shrinking back to normal* …..

Thunder Mistress: *Running over to Mad Sam after Raven released him all shaken and terrified* Hold on… It’s gonna be okay.

Sailor Luna: Raven, *Looking at Raven with her back turned* What have you done? How could you do that to him? He’s a Villain, but you didn’t need to do that to him.

Raven: *Turning and still Moody; Not able to control her emotions; Hisses at Luna while with her eyes Red*

Tuxedo Artemis: …..

Mad Sam: *Shaking in terror* S-s-s-s-s-so d-d-d-d-d-d-dark. The darkness… it was so terrifying. S-s-s-s-s-s-so tragic. So d-d-d-d-d-d-d-damning. c-c-c-c-c-c-creepy.

Thunder Mistress: I know that you’re a Villain and are British scathing psycho… but you didn’t need to be put through that. *Tending to Mad Sam*

Minako: *Running over to the girls* It’s okay… Artemis and i’ll escort him to Jail. You girls go on home. You girls won’t want to deal with the press. They’re gonna be on their way soon.

Miss Love: *Nods* You got it. Girls, Let’s go. our work here is done…

Raven: *Walking off and Vanishing into the shadows and heading back to the house through the shadows*”

Tape 3:

“Beryl: *Laughing* Ahahahahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Let’s see those Rhapsody Brats try to stop me now…

The Youmas were scouring the grounds and chasing the people. The people were screaming in terror at the sight of the monsters. All the civilians that happened to be at the Fairgrounds saw the monsters and with fear Ran for safety. They wanted to get away from the danger as fast as they could. It spooked each and every one of them and to some of the people… they feared that they were gonna die…

Beryl: Causing terror is entertaining. Since i couldn’t shift their minds to side with me… Scaring them will maybe get them to change their allegiance. Scaring them will be fun. Those Rhapsody girls can’t hope to beat me and stop these Youma at the same time.

Miss Love: *Diving down with Bubble Maiden* Wanna bet, You Psychotic walking Dark Kingdom Nightmare! You’re gonna be busted.

Bubble Maiden: we’re gonna make you sorry. You can count on it.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in with his brothers* Beryl, You’re one lady who just can’t learn to admit defeat. You’re not gonna have your success on our watch.

Prince Arnold: That is right. We blasted you before… We will do so again.

Prince Avery: You don’t want to mess with us. You’ll be sorry for it.

Prince Curtis: Let’s see you test us. We’re your end.

Beryl: *Growls* Who do you think you are speaking upon me in that tone? Do you value your lives?

Sailor Luna: *Bouncing in; Standing up to Beryl* We don’t care who you are Beryl. You don’t belong here… Get out!

Prince Alvin: *Commanding his brothers* Brothers… Sound off.

Brothers: *Nodding* Right!

Prince Alvin: We’re the speed. *Emitting fire*

Prince Arnold: We’re the power. *Emitting Water*

Prince Avery: We’re the Skill. *Emitting Plasma*

Prince Curtis: The forces of Nature and the enforcers of Justice! *Emitting Electricity*

Rhapsody Brothers: *Together* WE’RE THE RHAPSODY BROTHERS! Evil beings… Say GOODNIGHT! Time to face punishment BERYL!

Miss Love: That’s right. We’ll take down these Youma and then you will feel the same treatment. You’re gonna see that Love out matches your Evil. *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Bubble Maiden: The grace from my bubble power will wipe you away. Your Evil won’t work here. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Sailor Luna: You’re a mean woman, Beryl. You Hate the Rhapsody Family… Why? Because we’ve derailed your plans and won’t allow for you to do what you will? Get used to it. You were bad then… and you always will be.

*Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

Beryl: *Firing purple Mist at Luna* Silence!

Sailor Mercury: *Running in* Stop right there, Beryl-Sama!

Sailor Mars: *Running in* We’re back! we’re gonna burn you.

Sailor Venus: *Running in* You are to leave the Rhapsody family alone!

Beryl: *Gasps* Sailor Senshi! You’re back from slumber once again. You side with the Rhapsody Family?

Sailor Venus: Yes. that is right. we side with them. They are the best family. They care about the world. They have a whole family of people who care for the world and will fight to protect it from beings like you. *Posing* The soldier of beauty and Love… Sailor Venus… In the Name of Venus, I’ll Punish you!

Sailor Mercury: You have no idea how great the family is. How wonderful the girls are. You think that you have the girls under the same guise as before. They went through a loss and avenged their Mother… They know about pain. You don’t know a thing about loss. *Posing* Soldier of Water and Wisdom, Sailor Mercury, In the name of Mercury… I’ll Punish you!

Sailor Mars:  All you do is inflict harm on others and scorn others because they have the love that you wish that you had but know that you never will. There is no one who will love a woman like you who sires to harm others for your own sick pleasure. *Posing* The Soldier of Flame and Passion, Sailor Mars… In the name of Mars… I’ll Punish you!

Miss Love: You don’t know about Love at all… You in the past tried to steal the Prince of the Earth–

Beryl: *Snaps* Endymion should have been mine!

Bubble Maiden: Beryl, You were in love with the Prince… But the love that the Prince and Princess had was meant to be. It was that strong. You were rejected… It hurts. But you thought that your way of dealing with rejection by destroying the Moon and then the Earth… was the right way because of your hurt. You were acting like a Child. Rejection is a part of life. Paige and i went through it before. We had a guy that fell for us. but on the same day that we battled Zod one final time… They dumped us. by a note on the door. We were dumped. Rejected. It isn’t a mystery, Beryl. You were rejected. Get the heck over yourself.

Beryl: You know all about rejection? You should know that it hurts. I should not have been ignored. That was not right nor was it fair… If i can’t live happily… or live at all… Neither can *Firing a Blast of Purple Mist at the girls* you!

Miss Love: *Looking at the girls* Scatter!

Sailor Venus: *Dodging the attacks and Circling around the Youmas with Mars and Mercury* We got to knock these things down. Beryl must not get to Dinah… Dinah’s containing the 4th generation of the Rhapsody family. She’s the first to begin the 4th generation. We got to push Beryl back.

Sailor Mars: *Nods* …*Landing Punches towards the Youmas and Kicking them down* We got to stop Beryl! We must prevent her from getting to her target.

Sailor Mercury: *Pushing the Youmas and Kicking them down* Right! Dinah-Chan must be protected.

Sailor Luna: Ami-Chan… You, Venus  and Mars Gather up and take the Youma… Use any move possible on them. But knock them back. I’ll be there right behind you.

Sailor Venus, Mars and Mercury: *Looking at Luna* Right!

Within Minutes…

Miss Love: *Looking At Beryl* Time to face off! Beryl… Las time… you were counting on the henchmen to do your dirty work. The 4 generals that belonged to Endymion. But this time… you don’t have them. This time… you’re all alone. You don’t have henchmen. The security guards that you took control of… They don’t have the needed power to do what you were expecting. what you would need to beat us easily… It’s time to fight. With your own power. Get your own hands dirty. Come on…

Bubble Maiden: Paige… That is Dinah’s line of work. Taunts. You’re taking Dinah’s Job.

Miss Love: *To her sister as she remains facing Beryl* I know that, Pearl. But it’s better us that get the hurt than her. Because she is not able to fight. We are all we got. The brothers feel it just the same as we… They know. We are all we got left of the Original Rhapsody Girls Z! Right now. We’re gonna have to both take the turns of being like Dinah. We have to see that she never has to risk her health and her babies. Because if she fights and gets hurt… her babies could die. and then she will die right after. We can’t let that happen. So… as much as we are taking Dinah’s lines… we don’t have a choice. Because it’s either this… or… Dinah will wind up Dead. Beryl is gonna stop at nothing to see to it that she’s dead. then us.

Bubble Maiden: What are we to do? We can’t do this without Dinah. Dinah’s the Danger Zone Fury of Thunder. The one woman wrecking machine. Without her… we’re just a couple of fighters with a light show. I’m not doubting our powers. I’m not. But Dinah was the powerhouse. She was the seismic swing. *Shaking her head* We better get with this… Because the longer we wait… Beryl’ll take the front and will get right at Dinah.

Prince Alvin: Enough talk. Let’s get with the fire power.

Miss Love: Let’s get her!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Giving out a battle cry* For DINAH!!!!

Miss Love & Bubble Maiden: *Giving out a battle cry* For SISTER!!!

The Attacks began…

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at Beryl* VORTEX OF LOVE!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Beryl* BUBBLING WHIRLPOOL OF LIGHT!

Prince Arnold: *Using Water from the condensation in the air and drawing it to him* Let’s see what we got here. *Moving his hands around and creating a Water barrier* Water’s grace… force of nature. Water’s essence of life. Breathe long and provide the burn to the wicked intent. *Firing the Water at Beryl* Water Barrier Coral! Bind her up… Compress her into a constricted trapped evil soul… Soak her up nice and slippery.

Prince Alvin: *Drawing fire from the nearby heat sources and bending the fire into a flash fire pit and Sending it to go under Beryl* Beryl may be of Dark Kingdom … But my fire is her realm of personal pain… Let’s see her sustain THIS! She can send us a bit of shadows as a added bonus to make it harder… but she is only adding to the carnage. *Using his mind to cause the fire to increase and burn hotter* Come on fire… Burn hotter. tear at our Dark majesty Queen Beryl. Let’s see how she likes the pain coming to her for a change. Make her feel the might of the Fires wrath. *Unleashing the attack* Fiery Grill of Justice! Feel the Fire of Truth. Burn!

A few seconds later…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking at one another*…  *Launching an attack at Beryl* Elemental Marathon! Wave 1: Flash INFERNO!

Beryl: *Taking the Hit* Ahhhhhh!

Rhapsody Brothers: Elemental Marathon! Wave 2: Watery LIQUIDATION!

Beryl: *Falling into the ground* Agh! Curse You Rhapsody Brats!

Beryl didn’t stay down for long though… She got back up within a minute and Shot out more blasts of Purple Mist. She was seeing to it that she didn’t give in to defeat. The Rhapsody Girls were noticing that Beryl was bent on seeing that it was them who were taken down and not her. But the Rhapsody Brothers were not about to give up. They were gonna keep attacking…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Elemental Marathon! Wave 3: Plasma’s Burning Nuclear BEAMS!

Betty: *Orbing in; Chanting a spell* “Freeze this Evil being with your frosty heaven’s Touch!”  *Launching the attack at Beryl* Angelic Icestorm!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Elemental Marathon! Wave 4: Electrical Short-Circuit ELECTROCUTION!

Betty: I heard that there was a battle going on here and since you guys need that boost. i’m gonna help.

As for the Senshi…

Sailor Mercury: *Launching an attack at the Youmas* Shine Aqua Illusion!

Sailor Mars: *Launching an attack at the Youmas* Akiyou…… Taisan!

Sailor Venus: *Launching an attack at the Youmas* Venus… Love’s BEAM!!!! *Looking at Luna* Sailor Luna… You’re up! Go!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the Youmas* Luna SUGARDRILL!!!!

Sailor Venus: That’s a direct hit… Luna. Good work.

Sailor Mars: *Looking at Luna* Luna… Your Wand. It’s different. How come?!

Sailor Luna: It’s because i have gotten stronger. I am not a cat anymore. I lost that cat form years ago and it’s not coming back. Queen Serenity likes seeing me just this way. She was happy with me when i spoke with her and got you your powers back. She Told me of things that you may never believe. She knows of the intergalactic Demon. Scath. She knew about the Martian Manhunter. Who came from the same planet as you did Mars. You’re a Princess of Mars. The Martian Manhunter comes from the same planet. as you. He did some work for a renown Scientist named Jor-el of Planet Krypton. The destroyed planet that was wiped out because of one General Zod.  But you are a Princess of that planet. Mars. Mercury is the Princess of Planet Mercury. And Venus… You’re the Princess of Planet Venus.

Sailor Venus: Queen Serenity. She told you this?

Sailor Luna: That’s right. She did. You have all your senshi abilities. Use them as they come. But Beryl is not the only one that is our problem. The girls are going against the Intergalactic Demon… He is gonna come through a Portal. Don’t know when… Don’t know how… But he is gonna come in the future.

Sailor Mercury: So… we are all gonna be dealing with the Demon? Any ties to the Demon?

Sailor Luna: Yes. One.

Sailor Mars: I already know. Through the fires… i saw a Face. With a name.


Sailor Luna: Raven of a place called Azarath. Raven is Half-Human…Half-Demon. She is the Daughter of Trigon the Terrible. But unlike her father… She is with a human dimension. She cares for the innocent.

Sailor Mercury: So we have not only Beryl… but Trigon. The girls have to face that Threat most of all. Don’t they?

Sailor Venus: Yes. they do. This is their fight.

Sailor Luna: *Seeing the Youma starting to make an attack pattern* The Youma are trying to attack again… We better knock them back. Hurry.

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Sailor Mars: *Nods* Yeah… Let’s do it!

Sailor Mercury: These Youma are still rounded up. They should take less effort to defeat.

Sailor Venus: Agreed.

Sailor Luna: ATTACK!

Sailor Mercury: *Launching an attack at the Youmas* Mercury Aqua… CYCLONE!!!

Sailor Mars: *Drawing fire from the air and getting into a pose; preparing to build up fire;  With the Gen on her glowing Brightly; Launching an attack at the Youmas* Youma….. TAISAN! *Firing a Hot stream of Fire at the Youmas*

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Sailor Venus: *Making a Heart Shape with her hands and Drawing a Heart in the air in front of her; Launching an attack at the Youmas* Rolling Hearts Vibration!

Sailor Luna: My turn…

A second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the targets* Luna…. Cosmic…Sugar hearts *Launching the attack* … Beam… ATTACK!!!

Sailor Mercury: It hit… *Seeing the Youma’s all gone* How did you do that, Luna?

Sailor Luna: I unlocked a new attack. That was one that you have never seen before…

Sailor Mars: Well it was a good one. Wonderful move. Let’s go and deal with Beryl.

Back where the Rhapsody Brothers and the Rhapsody Girls were…

Miss Love: *Trying to Dodge the Attacks coming from Beryl* Agh! Ahh… ahh… ahh… Agh!

Bubble Maiden: *Trying to dodge the attacks coming from Beryl* She’s really being mean… I sure don’t like the way she’s fighting. She’s being incredibly unfair.

Prince Alvin: She’s not meant to be fair, Pearl. You should know better than to expect that of her. She’s not fair playing. Never was.  Remember last time when we went against her… Stood up to her…

Prince Alvin Flashes back…

“Rhapsody Girls: *Hovering in with their new hover cruisers* Guess who?

Beryl: *Grins* Ah! The Rhapsody Girls Z! Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress. what pleasure it should be that you’ve dared to come to my Dark Kingdom…

Dinah: *Looking at Beryl* Nice dark place you got here, dark lady? Did you bother to pay your Electric bill yet? or do you fancy living in the dark?

Beryl: *Shoots out* How dare you speak to me that way?

Dinah: Oh put a sock in it. You’re just a old bag who’s got no better use of her time than to make all those around you just as miserable as you are… to do your bidding. I bet that Princess Sailor Moon’s words just did nothing but fall upon deaf ears.  Do you even recall what she said to you on that day when you tried to Take Endymion away from her? Do you? if you don’t… we’ll be happy to refresh your memory.

Beryl: *scoffs* What reason could there be that i should prove or recall what that infernal princess has said? There is nothing more to prove. Endymion has taken Metaria within himself.

Senshis: *Gasps* What?!

Beryl: Like the Princess’s Mystical Silver Crystal… nothing you do will return him… She will destroy the planet. Perhaps… it is as it seems… Everything is over. it’s all over.

Pearl: *Shooting out a blast at Beryl* Melodious Bubbles! *Glaring at Beryl* Shut up with that talk, Beryl! You are the cause for all this to happen. you constantly take things away from the princess. all you do is take, take take… You’re the reason why we all had to go through this… you are the Evil one. The princess may have caused the moon to plunge into the Earth… but you’re the reason why the earth was in disarray. You broke into the Moon temple and took power that didn’t even belong to you… that you had no right taking to begin with and unleashed Metaria the first time. A 1000 years later and you haven’t changed your ways. you created the same mess AGAIN!

Dinah: *Jumps back a little* What in the world? Pearl… you’re showing alot of anger… you should be letting me get that way… You’re supposed to be the bubbly one.

Pearl: *Pauses and rolls back* Whoops! Sorry. *Giggles* I guess that i over did it and started Channeling you, Dinah.

Dinah: i know… but try not to channel me. it’s starting to confuse me.

Paige: same here.

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Beryl: *Rolling her eyes* i swear… Are all Rhapsody clan members like this? you 3 girls are utterly annoying.

Sailor Neptune: *Scoffs* Afraid to face the truth of the very errors that you’ve committed. Typical.

Dinah: You think that we’re annoying now… Just wait to see what else we will lay upon you. You are of Evil intentions lady. There is nothing good about you. Never was… never will be.”

Prince Avery: we all remember. Brother… we were there. But this isn’t like last time. This is way different. Last time we had Dinah with us to fight Back Beryl. But this time… it’s different as she is dry docked. Pregnant.

Prince Curtis: So… now we hear the 64,000,000,000 Question. How do we Push Beryl back… without pushing for Dinah to come out and fight her and all the while risk her health and possibly her babies?

Prince Arnold: That’s the question. How do we?

Miss Love: We don’t. All we can do is inflict much damage on her as we can… Beat Beryl as much as we can and hope that it might knock better sense in her to not try anything foolish. She knows now that it’s not like last time. This is different. We are not ones to bow down to her. She knows it. That is Why Beryl is being the way she is now… It is because… if she were to ever know that we were turning on her and that we were not afraid of her… She’d have no lead way with us.

Bubble Maiden: We need someone who has the capability of inflicting fear into Beryl. Deep fear.

Prince Alvin: Raven is not Available right now… She’s spending time with the Titans. She left yesterday. She won’t be back for a week. She never clarified why she was going to them or as to how she knew them… But she knows them. Her room is still here… But she’s gone to Jump City. Where ever that is. She however sent us her regards.

Prince Avery: How do you know this, Captain.

Prince Alvin: Because a couple days…

Prince Alvin Flashes back…

“Prince Alvin: Raven, Where are you going?

Raven: To Jump City.

Prince Alvin: Why there? What’s there to see? Is there something going on?

Raven: No… But i what you could also see am a Titan. Teen Titan. I live and am staying with your cousins. Pearl is close to me and understands me. Dinah does too. But there are a group of people. Heroes that are Teens. with Abilities and skills. I won’t be gone but a week. But when i first came here i flew past the tower. I recognized it. I didn’t stop there when i first came to Earth. But it’s a place i must see and meet the people there. I won’t stay there. I just want to check it out. That’s all. 

Prince Alvin: What will i tell the girls? They’re gonna want to know where you went.

Raven: Just tell them that i had to head out somewhere and that i plan to be back as soon as i can. I only plan to be gone a week. If not more or less. 

Prince Alvin: Will you be alright?

Raven: Yes. I will be. I can use Astral Projection to get there and then back with no problem. However… if i am gone longer than a week. I will send off a flash informing of the predicament. It’s gonna be fine. 

Prince Alvin: Okay. But you be careful out there. With Beryl out in the forefront… She could be anywhere watching our every move. I don’t trust her. Neither should you. You’d be best to know and realize that. Beryl is untrustworthy. she could pull off any trick possible.

Raven: don’t worry. It’ll be okay. I’ll keep an eye out.”

Miss Love: So for about a week… we don’t have her? Great…. That’s just wonderful. We need her power now and she’s nowhere to be seen. Good thing we’re not in deep shit now… otherwise… we’d be lost.

Prince Avery: Let’s just do the best we can.

The Battle then restarted and Beryl let loose multiple shots of Purple Mist at the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers. But the Senshi stepped in and joined back in the fight against Beryl. Trying to push her back. But the Queen was pulling off some sneak attacks that the girls were not expecting. The Brothers were not expecting it either.  The girls and the Rhapsody Brothers were fighting off Beryl, but even with the 3 re-instated Senshi’s… it still wasn’t enough… Beryl was still trying to win over the Rhapsody girls… They were about to be defeated when suddenly…

Dinah: *Showing up to see the carnage* Oh god… *Seeing her sisters Paige and Pearl on the ground out cold; Seeing her Cousins on the ground Struggling to get back up and seeing her friends Rei, Minako and her in-home Doctor Ami* Rei?! Minako?!… Ami?! Oh no… *Seeing Luna* Luna… *Running over to her sisters* Paige… Pearl… Luna?! Are you girls alright! *Tending to them* Girls… Please get up. Please… Don’t die on me… No. Don’t die.

Sailor Luna: *faintly whispering* Dinah… What are you doing here?! You are risking your life being here in the open. Get home. You shouldn’t be here. Not in your condition… *Zoning out again*

Beryl: *Looking at Dinah* So… You’re here to fight me as just a normal girl. How tragic it’ll be to see you dead in their eyes after i take you out. You want to try against the Queen of the Dark Kingdom?

Dinah: *Seeing her sisters out cold and starting to come to* No… No… *Thinking in her mind* Paige… Pearl… Luna… My sisters. My friends… *Looking at her cousins; Thinking in her mind* My cousins… *Feeling upset and feeling her blood boil* That’s it… I… have… *Explodes* HAD IT!!!! *Without her power Belt; With a enraged tone and feeling fury* Beryl, You no good Dark Queen. *Angrily and in Seething* I’ll Never Forgive FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!

Before Paige and Pearl could stop her as they suddenly stirred back awake again and saw Dinah there. Risking her life. Saw that their sister was there and knew that even though she didn’t have her power belt with her watched as she then Transformed and changed into her Hero form and Poised to fight…

Dinah/Thunder Mistress: *Gathering power and feeling the Thunder Strike her as her spirit begins summoning it* For the safety of my babies… I call upon the forces of Thunder and lightning, Wind and Raging fire! *Glowing and surrounding herself with Thunder and Lightning; Forming a Cannon and a Glove of Thunder; Emitting a Charge of Thunder* Time to Feel my pain! *Launching the Attack; releasing the Energy towards Beryl* Thunderic DEADLY SCREAM!!! *Attacking again; Dashing over to Beryl and Grabbing her; Running ahead and Driving Beryl into the guard rails of the Ferris Wheel and then Swinging and Spinning Beryl Around before Tossing her into the Wall nearby* Beryl… I am Not messing with you anymore… I’m now gonna hurt you till you can’t take it… You wish to hurt me… Try HARDER… TRY IT HARDER. I DARE YOU… YOU want to Kill me…. KILL ME. You’d be wanting to do me a Favor to take the Pain away and it’d be nothing better. You’d even enjoy it. But you’re never gonna know when it’s enough… You’ll want to kill me again and again but know that you can only kill someone once. Want to hurt me now… i would love it. Come on. Step up to the plate. it’s the bottom of the 8th and you’ve got two outs… but what’s this… “Danger Zone” Dinah is stepping in and going for the Pitch. She’s gonna hit… *Darting fast over to Beryl and then Grabbing her; Holding back a Fist and with a fast Jab releasing Thunder into Beryl* She Hits… and *Sending Beryl Flying into the Skies* SHE’S OUTTA THERE!

Beryl Flies into the Air and Vanishes into thin Air…

Dinah: *Collapses* Ohhhhh…..

Betty: *Gasps* Dinah!

Paige: *Normal and slowly trying to move and gather back her bearings* What Is Dinah Doing here? She should not be here… She should not be out here in the open.

Pearl: *Looking at Ami* Ami, What the heck is Dinah doing here? You told us that she was safely set at home and with things to keep her occupied. What is she doing here? How did she get here?

Ami: I don’t know. I didn’t bring her here. She was at home the last i saw her. When i left the house… She was just barely starting to stir. She was watching T.V and reading. But when i was at the store to get something Dinah was asking for due to her sweet tooth. I ran into a girl names Star… She mentioned about being a friend to you guys and said that she had something to give to you as well, Pearl. She was talking about some Fashion Material. And saw me in a bit of a bind. She took the stuff with her and left for your place before i came here…From there… i don’t know as to what happened. I came here.

Prince Alvin: This is a mess. A real fine mess.

Luna: We got to get her home… Let’s go and take her back home. fast. While the chance is good. Beryl is gone. But for how long… We don’t know.

Rei: We should keep tabs on Beryl’s whereabouts. We need to stay a step ahead of her.

Minako: That’s right. Do you guys have a means of monitoring the activity in the City?

Paige:  yeah. Our house has practically become the Rhapsody Tower. Anything that happens. we know about it.

Pearl: We would use our elements and read into them… to see what’s going on in the City. But we haven’t had much practice with that trick.

Paige: We should get Dinah back home first… Then take you three over to a place we know. Watchtower. To meet a few good friends of ours.

Minako: Paige, Pearl… This is no time to mention a meet and greet. This is serious. Beryl is gone now… but is gonna be back. She’s not done yet. She’s far from done.

Prince Alvin: This is not a meet and greet. At least not as you’d think it’d be. This is a place that is the house for a great deal of information and know how.

Prince Avery: There is a lady there that has the Intel. You’ll be glad that you’ve met her.

Prince Curtis: But first. We need to get Dinah home.

Ami: Right…”

Penelope: *With her Jaw dropped open* What in the world? That was you?! That Blue-haired girl with the cat tail and the ears and the cat like charm… was you?

Jennifer: Oh my god… That is so awesome. Wait! I was there. Jake and i were there. Weren’t we?

Luna: Not really, Jennifer. These happened before Martin and I as well as Karen, Irene and Jake and You met.

Jake: *Whistles* Wow! That’s pretty heavy. Where did the fireworks vanish to?

Jennifer: Yeah. That was really cool.

Ted: This is the first that i ever heard or knew about these things … But seeing that you were this blue-haired wonder. That’s just totally Rad.

Karen: It had some great battles.

Pamela: I wouldn’t mind seeing them again. Those moves were really far out.

Ted: They were… weren’t they?

Jennifer: I can’t believe that we weren’t there to see that. It would have been so amazing to see it.

Pamela: I agree.

Penelope: This is really nice. I used to be not so much a people person because people would consider me really scary.

Beth: And you are… but you are just going for what you want in life. You’re not one who backs down.

Zeke: The look that you had in the Videos, Luna… I am so shocked. I had no idea that you once were part of the Super powered persuasion.

Luna: It was because that was a life that i closed the door to. I left it and just became normal. Just like this.

A second later…

Luna: *Looking at Zeke and Pamela* It is surprising that we haven’t seen Martin all day today.

Pamela: He missed school today.

Zeke: You think that something might have happened to him?

Beth: What do you mean? Martin is sick Personally/ He has possibly stayed at home today because he figured that we would all be on his case for how he was always treating Zeke and giving Luna a hard time. He probably has me feeling pregnant. Not sure though… i just feel really really strange…

Luna: Pamela, Zeke… want to join me for a light.

Pamela: Now?!

Zeke: Here?

Luna: Yes.

Ted: We really don’t wish to see that. We’ll go into the other room and wait till you guys are done. We know about the habit… But we rather not watch.

Luna: *Nods*

That night…

At Luthorcorp Plaza…

Lt. Pratt: *Walking into the top office* General… we got sighting of the 3 girls.

General Slade: That is grand news to hear Lt. We are closing in on them now and our grip on them is growing even tighter. The heroes of the world Stalin, Adolf Hitler. Benito Mussolini, Ghandi… they rose to the top and lead their people to great things. but they soon became too cavalier with their endeavors for power. They became Tyrants. These heroes who call themselves the Rhapsody Girls Z! They disrupt the American way and bring about Anarchy and tyranny. It is as it seems. We must capture them and take them down.

Lt. Pratt: Sir, word has it that the girls reside in a University Dorm. But one of them Jumps from there to being in a house and back. The one they call “Danger Zone” Dinah. Miss Lightning in a Bottle Thunder Mistress. She Lives in a house located on 1458 Charity Lane.

General: Does she now? That is a breakthrough.

Lt. Pratt: do you want me to initiate a siege and Obtain her?

General: No. That won’t be necessary for the time being. But there is a plan in place to capture them. Catching their youngest member.

Lt. Pratt: Who? Luna Tina Rhapsody? But sir, Didn’t we have a plan before to capture her and torture her… but ended up failing to win her over and have her locked down?

General: the plan did back fire… But the Art of War is never cower in defeat when one plan fails. You just have to Re-structure your offense.

Lt. Pratt: So… When do you want to initiate the attack?

General: *Walking over to the window and Looking out into the City* in the silent of the city… when there is assumed tranquility and serenity in the wake… execute a sneak attack. Blind shot them.

Lt. Pratt: I’ll scrap up a team of soldiers to prepare an attack by your command sir. Immediately.

In Forks, Washington…

Sam: *Looking at Dean* Dean… You got the Rock salt pellets?

Dean: Oh yeah… I got this Vampiro Reject in the corners. Let’s Salt down this Vampiro turkey.

Sam: *Running in with the gun* Go… *Firing the gun at the creature and hunting it down*

Dean: *Firing at the Vampiro and blowing the Vamp away* Sam… Watch out for it’s fangs… It’s gonna come with its Venom.

Sam: No kidding. The Venom that it injects into the victim Stops their heart within 2 minutes after penetration.

Dean: So i guess we know how the kids got their insta-death wish by creating a death wish and seeking out a Vampiro who get the kicks off of going after young kids who love playing innocent cheesy pranks on one another. This blood-sucker got them and pulled an Elizabeth Bathory on them. But the thing that makes it not the same is that she did it to stay looking young. This Vamp did it to satisfy its Next fix for Blood. It’s a Junkie. *Firing at the creature* Let’s blow this thing off the brink of existence. *Firing more at the Vampire* Sorry Vampiro… But the buffet line has just been taken off the line-up.

The next day In Metropolis…

At Metropolis Middle school…

Luna: *Walking with Pamela* I had this weird dream last night.

Pamela: Weird Dream? What about?

Luna: Not sure. I can’t seem to make any head or tails of it.

Pamela: Why? Is the dream… bad?

Luna: It depends on what you consider to be bad. I would not consider it to be bad… i don’t think. I dreamt that i was 16 and with Zeke. Plus the part that seems a bit out there is that we were having sex. I was also Pregnant with 3 kids coming too… I don’t know what the heck it was. It didn’t make sense at all… but it was nothing much… But… *Sighs and looking away feeling unable to mention anymore of the dream*

Pamela: What’s wrong, Luna? You okay?

Luna: I don’t know. *Looking at Pamela* What would you say if i were to say that i was having dreams about a demon?

Pamela: A Demon? I uh… I don’t know. I would guess that i would be saying that it would freak me out. Why?

Luna: I had a dream about a Demon. Some demon… coming through a portal and turning… well… this whole world into a desolate wasteland of fire and Brimstone.

Pamela: Egads! Luna! What the blazes are you doing thinking of dreams like that? Are you trying to give yourself a complete memory break?

Luna: No. I am not. I was not trying to think of dreams like that. But i had that dream just hit me. What do you think Ted will see out of the dream… He said that he had the power and the ability of Divination. Predicting things.

Pamela: We should ask him. If he has any way to look into the future… It’ll tap into him. Maybe. But 3 weeks ago… this didn’t happen. Why now?

Luna: That is something that i do not know. I can’t explain it.

Pamela: What do you think your aspiring boyfriend Martin will say about it? You know that he’s gonna spout some doubts over it.

Luna: He believes whatever he likes… But he also has a opened mind on things and knows me and my mannerisms enough to know that when i have something disturb me… he pays attention and takes notice of it. He’s alert.

Pamela: How alert is he now since he’s been rumored to drink?

Luna: Kare wa sakenomide wa arimasen. Watashi wa kare ga sore o okonaudarou to wa kangaete inai. Watashi wa hontōni shinaide kudasai. (He is not a drinker. I don’t believe that he would do that. i really don’t.)


Martin: *Walking over from the side feeling out of it* Hey Luna.

Luna: *Looking to see Martin* Martin! What happened to you? What happened to you yesterday?

Martin: What do you mean, what happened to me yesterday… I was here yesterday. You guys just didn’t see me and i didn’t want to be seen. I was not in the right mind yesterday and i sure as hell didn’t want to see you guys and have something escalate. I Still don’t like Zeke… but i now can’t call him a liar as i now believe in the fact that he was the Abused. not the abuser. However… the habit that he has… dragged you in. You never did it till he came around, Luna.

Luna: Stop Accusing him. Zeke didn’t get me to do it… I asked him for a pack.

Martin: Luna, Enough of that crap. Enough. You are a smart person… you know so much better than to do that, Damn it. WAY BETTER! You never got into smoking till Zeke came into our lives. *Seeing Luna motioning to speak* No! I don’t want to hear it… I will not buy any excuse. The Nightmares and the bad dreams didn’t push you to smoke. Neither did i. It was Zeke. His problems are slowly becoming yours.

Luna: That is not true. I was the one that asked him for a pack. I asked him if i could Join. It was me. Zeke didn’t make the choice for me. I am not controlled like a Robot. I made the decision. Me. Not him… Not anyone. it was all me. The nightmares did do it. How would you know what they did or didn’t do. You don’t know… If you were at wits end and had nightmares that were just like mines and were unable to contain them… What the hell is it that you’d do? Huh?

Martin: *Shrugs* I don’t know. But i know for a fact though that i wouldn’t smoke. That’s for sure.

Luna: You don’t know that. Teenage Angst can hit in many different ways. Many. Smoking is just one that i went with. And yes… i will say it… i will continue to say it. I don’t like it. Not one bit. You want to crucify me? Go for it. I nearly given up asking for your support. Because Unlike most… You don’t care about me like you say that you do. You are just Judging me. Just like the teachers. They are letting one mistake define me and who i am. To them… i am nothing but trouble. My reputation as a good person here… I am a bad girl now… I got what i wanted to have… and what did it cost me? My good nature in the eyes of the school.

Martin: Stop trying to get people to feel sorry for you, Luna. You screwed up. You have to deal with it. If you don’t like the punishment… you should have thought about it before you decided to start smoking and pulling a Disciplinary problem act.

Pamela: *Coughs* Yeah. Right. Martin you act like you’re so above it all. What about your recently discovered secret that you have started Drinking? What about that? Huh? What? Oh that’s right. Little puny punk Marco can never do wrong… He’d never do that. Yeah right. We found out about that from Jennifer and Jake. Karen too. And no… they weren’t following your sorry backside. nor where they spying. They were walking around and just minding their own business when they managed to catch you doing it. With some guy. We know. All about it. Luna doesn’t believe that you’d do it. She still loves you. But loving you would be a waste of her time since all you do is try to control her and tell her how she’s supposed to be and who she can have for friends. Womanizer.

Martin: It is none of your business what i do.

Pamela: Well… the tables are about to change. Because i am making it my business. You hurt Luna in any way… you and i will have a go. And you’ll be with the black eye and bloody nose. Got it?!

Martin: *Looking at Pamela* You’re lucky that you’re not a guy. Because if you were… I would so lay into you and knock your ass out.

Pamela: *Mocking and tauntingly* Ohhhh! I am so scared. Wow… Hey everyone listen to this loser. Marco’s gonna try to pick a fight with me.

Crowd: *Gasping and Awing*

Luna: *In shock*

Martin: *Growls and Walking away in a disgusted manner*

It was a couple minutes later when Luna decided to go after Martin and try to talk to him like a civilized person would. The only problem was that Martin walked off and seemed to have left from sight. He walked into the first class and just sat there… alone.

Luna felt bad and she knew that she was only gonna lose him more and more… How much more was she gonna go before she sunk to a lower level? It was already bad for Luna as she lost her good girl nature.

At the Metropolis University…

At the Automotive department…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the car and fixing the lights* The lights should work. The Connections are sparking and connecting. *Plugging in the last lines and hooking it to the Engine* It’s almost done…

Rick: *Walking over from the middle of the shop* Hey man… How’s the car building coming along?

Carl: You haven’t been talking much lately for the last couple weeks. You seemed like you were rather out of it. You alright?

Prince Alvin: What i do and don’t is of no one’s concern.  I am not in the middle of talking about my problems. *Stopping and looking at the guys* … *Sighs* Sorry. I just rather not talk about it. I am not too happy about the situation and i would rather not brag about it.

Rick: About what?

Prince Alvin: About my cousin. Luna. *Looking at the list closeby* Let’s see… I need spark plugs and a Battery. *Shaking his head; Sighing* I’m gonna need to work and earn some money for that one.  But i’ll get it. Somehow. Side Mirrors. A Windshield and rear Window. I’ll have to cut glass for that. Side windows… Getting the doors working electronically. So much to do… But it ought to pretty minor. Building Alice a car is a lot of work.

 … A Toyota Prius Coupe.

Rick: That’s gonna be some car when it’s all done. You’re building that for Alice?

Prince Alvin: Of course. It’s gonna be a while before it will be all made for her. There is still a ton of work to be done on it. But when this is done…. I am gonna be giving this to her and proposing to her as well… i have it all set.

Rick & Carl: WHAT?! Propose!

Prince Alvin: Shh! Keep it quiet. It’s supposed to be a secret. I have been thinking of it for a while and since i now have a pregnant girlfriend… I have to do the proposing part. A Child needs a mother and a father.

Rick: Says who? A Child doesn’t always need both. There are families that have children who only have a mother… some with only a father. Some with two fathers and some with two mothers. It isn’t always traditional. You know that.

Prince Alvin: I would know that if it were of any relation to me. I am gonna do this right. I will do this all the right way. I Love Alice. Hurting her in any way… is not the option. I will not do it. No.

Carl: You sound frantic about things and it’s got something to do with someone in the family.

Prince Alvin: Carl! Lay off. I don’t want to talk about it. The only thing i want to focus on is this. and my girl. that’s all.

Rick: We read you enough like a story book to know that you got something going on in the family and it’s revolving someone by the name of Luna. Right? We ain’t bragging. We’re not gonna spread it around… but some Intel would be quite appreciated.

Prince Alvin: Alright. Luna’s taken up a habit. All having to do with Teen Angst.

Carl: Teen Angst?! It can’t be that bad.  Or… Can it?

Prince Alvin: Would you think that Smoking at age 13 was not in any way… bad? Trust it… and believe it. It is bad.

Rick: Oh man… that must totally be sad. But Damn man… didn’t you do anything about it? Aren’t you gonna do anything about it?

Prince Alvin: *Huffs a little and growling in frustration* And what the hell do you suppose we do about it, huh? Dinah… She spoke to Luna. Got on her case about it. Shingo did too. Pearl did too. Paige. My brothers as well… We all told her. some 3 times… some twice… And a couple of us did it multiple times… nothing got through. Luna still did it.

Carl: Ever thought of Rehab?

Prince Alvin: *Scoffs* What the hell?! Are you out of your damn mind, Carl? Rehab? Are you possibly trying to shit me with that? Put my 13 year old cousin… Luna… In Rehab. You have really barked on the wrong lane there… Luna has fucked up some in life right now. She messed up. But to put her in Rehab? That will destroy what little of her sweet nature there might still be that is left.

Rick: You want her to get worse. Rehab is the only option… It’s too soon to think of that option however… if you don’t catch it early… it will get worse and if it gets too much more deeper than… her smoking… You might have a 13 year old prostitute or a corrupt minded girl for a cousin. She is slipping and you’re being blind to just stand and make like you don’t see it when it’s right there and staring you right between those baby greens.

Carl: Flamers… He’s got a point. Even though he can be a little over-reaching with the theories… he’s got a point. We know how you love your cousin and don’t want to do anything to overstep and hurt her… or cause a mess with the rest of your crew… but you really have to face the piper and make an act of action.

Prince Alvin: Ruining her is out… She’s ruined herself enough. I will not help the process of her turning out more ruined than what she already is.

However at the Metropolis University Gym…

Prince Avery was in the pool strolling and exercising throughout the water. Getting the muscles working. But the only thing that he could focus on was the fact that Luna was delving into a dark path… But with the way things were going in the city… and how the times were now dark… It wasn’t that far of a stretch. But after he was done with the swim… he got out and dried off but that was when he heard his cell go off… It was his girlfriend Summer…

Prince Avery: *Answering the phone* Hey there, Summer.

Summer: Hey.

Prince Avery: What’s wrong?

Summer: I don’t know…But i can’t stop thinking about the girl.

Prince Avery: Who?

Summer: Luna. Her habit. How she’s obviously ruining herself.

Prince Avery: Bad luck be had over that. Prince Alvin spoke to her almost 5 times… and nothing worked. It is just bad news to be had all around to be quite honest. tragic news to say the least and it doesn’t make our worries any less tragic.

Summer: Tragic Nothing… It is downright heinous. Plus… not only that… Martin Marco is Drinking Alcohol.

Prince Avery: *Pauses and expressing dire intrigued and curiosity* Well now… There’s something that you don’t manage to catch wind of everyday. Where did you figure that in?

Summer: It’s gone around. Martin was seen a few days ago with a man in the late 20’s early 30’s and he was drinking.

Prince Avery: That’s the same as if Luna was there and smoking. We know about it. But it was because you caught wind of it. Bringing it to our attention.

Summer: What’re we gonna do?

Prince Avery: Do? What can we do? There isn’t much of anything that we can do, I’m afraid.

Summer: It’s not gonna be any better for anyone. Plus You still got the V.R.A to worry yourself over.  We all do. Now with that General being into a rise towards power… there is gonna be less chance of hiding and keeping out from the guy’s radar.

Prince Avery: That’s what i was afraid of. Where are you?

Summer: I’m at the nursery. Enjoying the scent of the flowers. The Jasmine fragrance.

Prince Avery: You alright though?

Summer: Of course. Plus my Room Mate is at the Library doing some research. Checking for some books on a report for one of her classes.

Prince Avery: Same with my brother Prince Curtis. He’s there too or was said to be there to get some books for his one Science class. Geology.

Summer: Again? But i thought that he already had that class.

Prince Avery: He did. But this is Geology 3. he took Geology 1. this is 3 now that he’s taking.

Summer: Is he looking towards being a Scientist in the future when the college years are done and over?

Prince Avery:  Yeah. At least that’s what his plan is.

Summer: What about you?

Prince Avery: When the college is all over for me… or after the major Threat is done and over with… I’m going to Britain and enlist in the British Intelligence.

Prince Avery then revealed the job offer he got from a couple months earlier and explained how the threat was recognized and heard about by the British Intelligence. Summer couldn’t believe what she was hearing. But even though she was finding it hard to believe and hard to understand… She was proud of him for he was being recognized for his skills and what he could do…

At the Watchtower…

Carter: *Looking at the files on the Table and then at the screens* Tess, You’re not talking about the Suicide Squad… are you?

Tess: Yes… I am. Their Mark is out and spreading. You should know… You’ve been marked by the mark of Sniping Death. Remember when you had that Rinky Excursion in Kenya to obtain the Artifacts of The goddess of the underworld Queen Isis. A freelancing agent that followed you. A female… She tainted the water and you didn’t notice. Which is exactly how the Suicide Squad wanted it to be. You touched the water and as soon as you sprayed or splashed the water on your face… it marked you. You’re on the Radar. Carter.

Carter: What about this rumor that there is a woman who was said to be dead. Waller. What of her?

Tess: There has been sighting of her… however there is nothing else going on from her.

Carter: Where are the girls?

Tess: They’re at Metropolis University right now…

Carter: The V.R.A is starting to get restless. We need to get them here now.

Tess: We can’t.

Carter: Why?

Tess: Their transponders are off. They are going silent alarm. General Slade wants them. He knows about them.

Carter: How? How does he know about them?

Tess: Word of Mouth… Word spread fast and it got to be too much. The right people told the wrong ears about them and now… Slade is wanting them. I don’t know how he figured out about them…  and who it was that told him. But someone had told him and now… he’s seeking to go after them.

Carter: Shouldn’t we warn them?

Tess: We should send out a Silent alert to them… but the signals are being bugged and with any transmission… General Slade could very easily pick it up and find them.

Carter: Which makes it all the more a reason to find them. Bring them here. If they die… there will be no defense against the big red demon.

Tess: I can’t. Not without the consent of Watchtower herself….

At the Daily Planet…

Kris: *Handing over the reports* Here are the reports you asked for, Trixie. Be sure to have it done by the deadline. It’s a busy day today and Mr, White is in need of the news articles being done for the paper. The V.R.A is on the top of the list again.

Trixie: I heard. There’s this General out seeking power again.

Kris: He’s after 3 girls. It’s all over the news. the General is setting up a hunt for the girls. telling anyone that captures the girls to bring them to him.

Trixie: They’re on the hit list.

Kris: Yeah. I was hoping to tell you before the heap of articles came along. but by time everyone got in… it was so busy that we couldn’t spare to take a breather.

John: Tell that to someone who hasn’t heard about it yet. I caught the Radio news break and I haven’t been able to stop worrying over my Grandsons.

Kris: Your Grandsons?

John: Yes. My Grandsons. The Rhapsody Brothers. The other 4 that you used to join in on the bandwagon of people who sire to bash heroes and including my family as well… It hasn’t changed… i still worry about the and i think that i always will.

That night…

At the Metropolis park…

Paige: *Walking over towards the University* … I can’t figure out how to help Alice. She’s not looking all that hot. *Sighs* Damn it… I can only try to make her as comfortable as i can… But i can’t play doctor. *Thinking* Think… How did we help Dinah through her pregnancy? How? *Thinking about Alice and then about Luna’s dive into a habit* Shit.

Civilian #1: *Spotting Paige* Hey! What the hell do you want now. You stinkin’ Vigilante? Haven’t you and your kind done enough damage?

Civilian #2: That’s right. Why don’t you get the hell out of our city? Beat it…

Civilian #3: Yeah. Down with the Vigilante’s. We don’t need the Rhapsody Girls Z!. We don’t need the Rhapsody Brothers either.

Paige: What the hell is your problem? We have been the ones helping you… Who got rid of the Threats like that Drule… Or the Evil Queen Beryl? What about Zod? Huh? What about him? If it weren’t for us… you would all be dead by now.

Civilian #4: *Outraged* They only came because you brought them with you… you came with them… IT’S YOUR FAULT THAT WE HAD THE DANGERS AND THE DEVASTATION TO BEGIN WITH!

Paige: It isn’t our fault. You can snuff that piece of fiction out.

Civilian #1: Enough! GET HER!

Suddenly the group of Civilians gathered around and began to move closer to Paige and make out with the physical blows. Paige was a sitting duck. But as much as she was hurt by the way they were turning on her and the others… who were there to protect them… She had to fight back… She wasn’t there alone though…

Betty: *Appearing as a white Raven and Getting next to Paige* Paige! What’s going on?

Paige: *Pauses and seeing Betty* Betty?!

Betty: Paige, What happened here?

Paige: What does it look like? These people who we had valued to protect are turning on us. They’re about to reach us and attack. I would have tried to bust through… but there are people surrounding me… us. We’d never make it.

Betty: I know. i along with Angel have been watching the news breaks and thought that you 3 were so sure of yourselves that you could just take this to the hilt and handle it. But now… with the V.R.A and the Anti-hero movement… And now with the release of Demon entities that came from the one wall… plus now with our young sister Luna with the habit… Smoking… You guys are seen to be in need of help.

Paige: Excuse me?!

Betty:  It’s the truth and you know it, Paige… You’re the obvious leader of you, Pearl and Dinah. You’re the one who’s supposed to be sure of most of the stuff that forms and be one to lead the team. Just like Prince Alvin does for his team. But look around you… You got Demons scouring the City. You got the V.R.A on our ass and yes… i know that i got powers of the lord in a sense and i am not supposed to cuss or use such language… but it is what it is… You have all that. not to mention Luna Smoking and having Teen Angst running wild. Demons that don’t belong on this world but are. You think that you’re so capable to deal with them… But you dear… need a reality check. You can not handle anything that is like this. The Demons… You don’t have the knowhow to deal with Demons. You’ve dealt with a drule… An Evil Queen… Twice. A Kandorian army… and the leader Zod. You went against an evil Entity known as Metaria… Went against Terra. But not this. Not a mass band of Demons and The V.R.A plus the Anti-hero movement plus the threat of General Slade and his cohorts. Not that. You need help.

Civilian #2: *Looming closer* Give it up… No one can help you. You Rhapsody Clan members are done… This is our city. It’s your fault that we’re having all these problems… YOURS!

Betty: These people have lost their foresight and it will bring regret to us for a long time… but this has to be done… *Gathering Psychic Energy and rising up into the sky; Closing her mind and Eyes (chanting the beginning of the incantation) “Mitares meus anima…” and charging up with a purple aura; Releasing her spirit and flying into the mind of the Target; infecting the target’s mind with Holy Light; Flying back out and returning to the body of the summoner; opening her mind and Eyes (Finishing the incantation) “liberare”; Glowing with Purple light and releasing the light; Launching the attack at (The Civilians) Burning the target’s eyes* PSYCHIC FLASH!!!

Civilians: *Screaming in pain* AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Betty: Paige, Grab on… let’s get you back to the Dorms where you are to stay and lock yourself in your Dorm room for awhile. It’s safe that way. Better. Just till the heap dies down a little. Like a couple days at most.

A Minute later…

Back at Metropolis University…

The Metropolis Dorms…

Room #330

Alice: *Watching a Movie on T.V* I have class tomorrow. but how on earth am i gonna be able to move around when i feel so Queasy all the time. Black-outs… Morning sickness every day… sometimes at night. *Sighs* This is so boring. having to lay here like this.


Paige: *Shining into the room by a flash of Light*

Alice: *Jumps and feeling startled* What in the world?

Paige: *Falls over and landing on her bed* Ugh!

Betty: The people have turned on you and the rest of the heroes… General Slade has infected their minds with the idea that you and all the other heroes who have been serving the City and protecting them are the ones who solemnly promote crime and destruction… Devastation and anarchy. All the things that happen to be wrong with the world. He’s got them to believe in that and is seeing it as a step in wiping out all that is Vigilante. Us.

Paige: Like as if i never gathered that. I know they have… and the more we get attacked by the V.R.A and it’s Venom bastardizing our cause. The more it gets to the point where we are better off just not going out to protect the City. They think that we’re responsible for all the dangers that happened here… All the damage and devastation. It’s like we’re the ones being pegged as bad Omens.

Betty: These are dark times. Paige. It’s not supposed to be easy. it’s hard. Plus with Luna smoking… you got internal and External affairs to wrestle with.

Alice: *Seeing Paige looking rather wiped out* What happened to you?

Paige: Don’t ask. For the value of sanity and calm relief… don’t ask.

Alice: That bad, huh?

Paige: Yeah. And you’re not able to provide any visionary insight.

Alice: I know… lately i have been rather lax in that field. It’s almost as though i lost foresight on the ability.

Betty: Don’t worry about it… I am sure there there will be some help coming our way soon.

Paige: Who?

Betty:  No idea… But if luck serves us… they’ll be able to help us… and will take care of these Demons.

Paige: I hope…


At Singer Salvage Yard in Sioux Falls, South Dakota…

A man was standing in the living room of his Home which was in the center of the Salvage yard, He just got done with chatting with a friend of his who stumped him with a revelation revolving the break out of Demons…

The man was Bobby Singer…

Within moments after speaking over the phone with a close friend he got on the phone and called two guys Dean and Sam…

Dean: *Voice* Bobby, What’s up?

Bobby: We got a problem and it’s got the words: “Hell on Earth” written all over it. Not only that… we’ve got Demonic corruption leaving a stain on everyone Building upon itself a massive army of Damned souls. Tainting the innocent at their very cores.

Dean: Where?

Bobby: How the hell should i know… all i know is that it’s in a City known as Metropolis. In Kansas.

Dean: Hell on Earth? In Metropolis?

Bobby: That’s what i just said Dean. And it happened almost 3 and a half weeks ago. It claimed or possessed a father of one. Gabe Sullivan. A father to a woman named Chloe Sullivan.  She’s came home from where she works… which is from the backyard of her father’s house and came in to spend some time with him when she noticed something odd about her father. The Father started speaking in Latin. and saying things backwards. She tried to call for a Demonologist. but before she could… the Demon that has possessed her father grabbed the phone and yanked it off the phone cords. The woman… Chloe was devastated and scared to her limit that she freaked out. Ran out of there and flashed right over to her hideout… the Watchtower as she called it.

Dean: *Putting it on Speaker* So… this is in Metropolis?

Bobby:  No…actually… She and her father live in a town called Smallville.

Sam: Smallville? Smallville Kansas?

Bobby: Yeah. And There is also a team of super fighters in the ranks there as well… But they all live in Metropolis.

Sam: Who are they?

Bobby: I must be drunk or something because when i was told the name of who they were… i thought that i was hallucinating or just imagining things. but They’re known as the Rhapsody Family.

Sam: *Surprised and astonished* The Rhapsody Family? You’re not serious… are you?

Dean: What are they? A band of Wonder prodigies?

Bobby: Not necessarily. Try… super fighters. Heroes. But with the V.R.A in the line-up… There is a block on their hero activities.

Sam: How bad is the situation there?

Bobby: Is that a theoretical question there? The situation is steps away from Nightmare state.

Dean: Someone needs to get a hold of them and inform them of the reality that hell may have broken loose on Earth dwelling in Metropolis.

Bobby: Don’t worry. You’ve got the Demon spell book and the spell to trap those Dark Sinister entities and send them back to where they ought to be. You also have the Monster book that belonged to your father. It should be well in use. I’m gonna head over to Metropolis myself and see on getting some Rock Salt. It’ll help trap the Demons. But… get in gear and head over to Metropolis.

Dean: Right. If Demons are busting out and living in the City… There’s gonna be possessions popping in left and right in the City and the people are gonna be overrun by Demons.

Sam: Who’s the Head Demon?

Bobby: An Entity who is said to be a Galactic Tyrant. A Demonic being known as Trigon. Scath. But Mr. Sullivan isn’t the only Collateral Damage that the Demons Possessed. It’s also got touch with The Marigolds. Percy and Rosanne Marigold. The parents of Pamela Marigold. The Callahan’s Terence and Winifred. They too were Claimed with Possession. And the Demons which Possess them are agile and rather Violent. They haven’t attacked anyone thus far. Although… it doesn’t mean that they won’t still try.

Dean: Any idea where they came from?

Bobby: Some source says that they came busting out from a wall in an Abandoned Quarry within a secret tunnel. In Metropolis. the Outskirts of Metropolis…

as soon as the call was done…

Dean: Okay… so Metropolis is with the gates of hell busting loose and the head of it all is a Intergalactic Demon formally known as Scath. Metropolis is like a 4 day drive from here. But we should be able to get there in less than that. maybe.

Sam: We should be able to. But Dean, Metropolis is swarming with those V.R.A Goons. Plus… we don’t know anyone there who will help us out with the Demon Exorcising. We have Mr. Sullivan, The Marigolds and the Callahans. But possibly more since then.

Dean: Well… those Demons may be coming and might try to take over… unleashing their hell hounds to take territory over the area and attack any human that the demon might see fit to attack.

Sam: We still have the Colt, right?

Dean: With the Colt and Devil’s trap Bullets made to send those Demon sleaze heads back to hell.

Sam: We still don’t know who Bobby meant by when he said The Rhapsody family. He didn’t even give us a name of who they were exactly. The name of the members to that family. Whoever they were said to be.

Dean: That’s what we’ll have to find out and if they are who Bobby described… we’re gonna need to stick around there till all the Demons are gone. Even master of Disaster himself Scath.

Casstiel: *Popping in behind and sitting in the back seat* You guys are heading to Metropolis?

Sam: *Sighs* Yes. We have to.

Casstiel: There is something that you should know about the demons that have come from the gates of hell.

Dean: Oh yeah… and what would that be?

Casstiel: They’re not just the spirits of all the Evil Tyrants of the past. The Evil at heart and the benign at best. They are also the sworn followers of the intergalactic Demon. The Ruthless master that they refer to as our Lucifer… but in their eyes… they’re Following a Demon Conqueror. Trigon the Terrible. He is ruthless and is the sanctity of Evil and satanic embrace. He will seek out a way to bust onto the planet and turn this planet into a wasteland. There will be nothing left in his wake. Scath will see to that.

Sam: So… These Demons… They’re the vanguard for the Big boss Scath?

Casstiel: Yes. The other Angels all believe so as well. Gabriel and Raphael… Rufus and Ezekiel. they sensed that the end of days would ensue if Scath ever neared. But the only thing that stops him is a portal. A Gem that was born and construed from the evil’s fire. Created to unleash him upon the Earth to Rule. The Gem is the only thing that stops him. Nothing else does.

Dean: I guess that since you decided to put it that way… I say we still go and we raise ourselves a little hell. What do you say to that?

Sam: Let’s go.

Casstiel: Be careful. The Demons haven’t made much progress in attacking and have yet to make any detectable movements. but if you provoke them… they will lash out. Don’t underestimate them.

A couple Days later…


Metropolis Middle School…

At Break…

Jake: *Looking at Jennifer and Pamela; Looking at Ted and Penelope* Did you hear about Martin and Beth?

Jennifer: No. What?

Pamela: They were hanging out for the last couple days and were also… Kissing.

Ted: You’re not serious about that are you?

Pamela: Does it look like i am Joking around with that? They were kissing. We just saw them in the Cafeteria and they were kissing. and talking. Martin was talking about dumping Luna in the future and going for her.. But Beth was saying that she couldn’t bare to hurt Luna in anyway.

Jennifer: Martin was gonna try to hurt Luna?

Jake: That guy’s got problems… Luna’s smoking but she’s not doing any major damage to anyone. Only to herself. We know that and we are accepting it. But we are still having trouble to just sit and believe that Luna would just do that and not know that it is a health risk.

Pamela: Shouldn’t we tell Luna about what we saw Martin do?

Ted: And do what? Crush her and be the ones to break her heart? Luna is gonna be crushed and hurt over it. We can’t just let loose the news that we saw Martin and Beth Kissing. They were kissing. You guys saw it and haven’t said a word about it to anyone. But the whole school is talking about it. They know and if Luna gets the news of it… She’ll be broken.

Jake: That’s if she’s not broken already. She’s already damaged goods as she is now seen as the bad egg of the whole school. The teachers all revere her. Luna’s our friend. We have to be there for her. We have to be there for her. However… what can we do? What can we do for her to help her heal? The news is gonna break her. There is nothing that we can do about it.


A few minutes later…

Luna: *Walking over with Martin* Hey guys… Martin and i were talking. He and i are gonna go out on a Date tonight.

Pamela: A Date?

Ted: Where to? The whole city has been put under a lockdown. That General is Aiming to go after all the heroes and it’s not a stretch as the Civilians have all turned on them. Why do you think that we don’t see them around anymore and they’re all susceptible to hiding and remaining underground? Why do you think that we don’t see any miraculous saves anymore done by them and that this city is more commonly seen as a rather dark place to be lately?

Jennifer: The V.R.A is to blame for that. You know that as much as anyone.

Pamela: Who doesn’t? Although i am not really seeing how this concerns me much. I don’t get much of what is going on with this super stuff.

Penelope: Pamela… You’re not alone… but i still don’t believe that there is a thing such as Magic. Besides… everyone knows that Magic doesn’t not exist. Not to the average human. like us. It is just something that people try to use to gain an audience because they know how to get the spectacle.

Martin: That is not it. Although… how can we ever expect for you to get it? You never will.

Penelope: Why?

Martin: It is real. You just are one who would rather close their heart and not see what really is there.

Jake: What about the Date?

Luna: He’s taking me to the Movies. And i had to promise him something.

Jennifer: Really? What?

Luna: i was to not bring along my pack of Marlboro. i was not to have one smoke.

Martin: It’s a fair deal. And the same with me and my secret. I Live by my promise and the deals that i make.

Jake: *Thinking in his mind* Yeah right. You’re just trying to do what ever it is that you can to control Luna. We’re not stupid. We know what you’re pulling.

Jennifer: *Sighs*

Ted: Not only that… but Luna?

Luna: Yes?

Ted: Does your sister and Brother in Law know about it?

Luna: Know about what?

Pamela: The Date?

Luna: No. I didn’t tell them. Besides that this Date offer was just a moment ago. Plus… i’m in school. I can’t just very well dial and call them.

Jennifer: She’s got a point.

Penelope: That’s right. I guess that you will have to wait till the afternoon to tell them of it.

Luna: Plus… Not only that… Since they all were informed of my habit… none of them really want to hear anything about me or what i do. I don’t think that any of them want to see me again. So i might soon just run away. Or just stay somewhere else for a while.

Ted: Is that what comes of 13 year olds who feel that their life has become a train wreck? Is that what it is?

Penelope: Not that i know of. But that is the thing with this Generation of teens. We are all acting out with angst and when things don’t go the way we plan them to go… we resort to talking of running away. Possibly making life even more hard for ourselves and for those around us. playing the Eddie Munster version: “You must like Boris better than me. You pay more attention to him and punish me. It’s not fair. I’m gonna run away from home. I am not wanted here and am being unwanted and not needed.” act. Like the whole world revolves around us when it doesn’t. It revolves everyone. Them and everyone… all those around him or her.

But that evening…

At the Watchtower…

Tess: *Looking at the T.V and in dismay* This is bad…

Victor Stone: How so?

Tess: The General is on T.V and is issuing a marshall law manhunt on all Vigilantes… Heroes.

Arthur Curry: That would only mean that The girls are gonna be seized. The General’s flunkies Want them. his Arm candy Lt. Pratt is mocking up the efforts to go after the young sister.

Tess: We need to find her…

T.V: *As General Slade* Like so many of you, I am a victim of a vigilante attack. And while I was lucky enough to survive the explosion caused by Oliver Queen, it came at a cost. Too many civilians have been left feeling unsafe in their own homes. Too many people have suffered while too few vigilantes have been brought to justice. It’s time these terrorists paid for their crimes. It’s time he paid for his.”

Tess: The Explosion at that base 2 weeks ago…

Victor Stone: You don’t think…

Arthur Curry: The General is After the girls. He wants them and it’s possibly a lure to get after either The Dark powered Half-Breed or the Ex-Sailor Senshi Luna. The girl who is all normal and with not a whiff of super powers left in her.

Tess: The girls must be on alert.

Dinah Lance: That’s if they’re not on alert already. Just about an hour ago… I was doing my rounds and caught sight of one of the girls going into the Luthorcorp Plaza. There is also word of a couple of Demon hunters nearing the City of Metropolis.

Tess: Any word on who they are?

Dinah Lance: No. None. I had to sneak into the Daily Planet and get an up close and personal peek at the archives and find out. Nothing showed.

At the Metropolis Shrine…

Rei: *Reading through the fires and seeing Evil at work again* There are Demons in the City… A General after the girls. Paige, Pearl and Dinah in danger. Luna also with a habit and… Smoking?! I got to tell the others. Minako and Ami should know about this. I Wonder if Makoto knows about it.

At Metropolis General…

Ami: *Reading the charts* Well… Mr. Crowley… You seem to be okay. The only thing i’d suggest is to keep yourself under a regimented Diet.

Minutes later…

Ami received a call from Rei and got told of what what was going on. But when she was told about what Luna was doing… She freaked out and asked if she saw Luna at all. Ami was Mortified about what was being told and immediately decided to go and look for Luna. She was not happy about what was going on and she was gonna shake some sense into her. Ami, Rei, Minako, Makoto and Even Usagi got wind of the news and all were looking to get at her over it. Teen Angst in their eyes was not any excuse. None whatsoever…

At Metropolis University…

At the Dorms in Room #320

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the homework and Working on the assignments*

Lenard: What’s up with you tonight?

Prince Alvin: Nothing much. Just got alot of homework to do and a History paper to do.

Lenard: What’s it on?

Prince Alvin: The French Revolution and Also i have to do one on the American Revolution. Then one on the Civil War. 3 papers that are due by the end of next week. However… the rest of the homework and assignments i won’t be having much trouble on. The papers are what’s gonna be giving me the stress. Plus i still have to do more on the car that i’m building my girlfriend. I am doing up a Toyota Prius Coupe. Metallic Green Chrome color. It’s her favorite color. So…

Lenard: So you’re doing that for her. But Will the papers be much trouble?

Prince Alvin: I wish that i could tell. But as it is right now… i just barely started on one of them and so far it’s going alright. I was able to find some information on the first paper and wrote down the key points and the dates when every incident hit during that time…

Lenard: You got all that?

Prince Alvin: I did. I am gonna be doing the work the right way. I’m not gonna take the easy way out.

Lenard: Doing things the hard way… sometimes gives out the best rewards.

Prince Alvin: True. I’ve been thinking about it too.


Prince Avery: *Knocking on the door*

Lenard: *Looking towards the door* Who could that be?

Prince Alvin: No idea.

Lenard: I’ll go see. We weren’t really expecting anyone. not tonight.

Prince Alvin: Plus with the whole city turning on the heroes… i am just dry docking the hero half.

Lenard: That must be hard on you to do…

A few seconds later…

Prince Avery: *At the door* Lenard… Is the captain in?

Lenard: Yeah. He is… but he’s doing his Papers. He’s got 3 of them to do.

Prince Avery: Would it possible to come in? I must see him. It’s important.

Lenard: I don’t see why not. It’s been a while since you and him spoke. 3 weeks. Ever since the incident that must have hit. Come on in…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

In Luna’s Room…

Luna: *Getting ready for the date* He’s gonna be here any minute now. I have to be ready. I just hope that i look okay. *Walking over to the Mirror and looking at herself through the mirror* I need some Make-up. Or at least some Lipstick. That would help if i were to have some lipstick and a touch of make-up. Even some Perfume. *Looking at her phone for a second and seeing a text coming in* Oh. A Text. Who’s it from?

Luna then checks her phone and sees that it was from Zeke.

Zeke: *Text* “Luna, i am in love with you… but ever since we got together… your life has gotten ruined by me being in it. I know that you know what you’re doing. As do i. But i can’t keep hanging around and hoping that you’ll be able to keep it from getting any worse. I practically ruined your life and it wound up where your family avoids you… and the teachers at school revere you. That wasn’t what i wanted for you. I know Martin is gonna hate me and nothing will make him ever take to me… or accept me. I can’t make him. But i will be with you for as long as you want me to be… However i don’t want to influence you into anymore. Please don’t dive deeper into anymore bad habits. You now have a bad habit because of me… you might deny it… I might also be in denial of it… but we both know that it wasn’t like this for you till i came around. It is my fault that you’re smoking. My fault that your life is messed up. I am so sorry, Luna. I know that nothing i do will make it better because there is no way that one can bounce back from having their life ruined the way that yours has been. I am truly sorry. I am in love with you. You are all i think about. All that i see. But you’re with Martin. I don’t want to take you from him. It wouldn’t be fair to you since you’ve already been hurt as it is. I don’t want to see it get worse than it already has.  I Hope that everything is okay. Call me later.”

Luna: *Looking down and sighs* Zeke feels so guilty and i am better that Martin got a text from him too and saw that he was blaming himself. Martin must be loving it. *Under her breath* Jerk.

Luna finished getting ready for her date and was just about done when she saw the time and figured that since she was a few minutes early… that she would have a light. She walked over to the back yard and made sure that no one was watching and that no one was around or home and lit up. She didn’t care about her good nature anymore since she knew that she’d never get it back. She had her smoke and sighed while thinking about Zeke and imagining the guilt that he must have been feeling. She knew that she couldn’t tell her sister because her sister would only think that Zeke was a bad influence. She was alone. But She barely finished her light when the doorbell rang and she figured that by that time Martin would have arrived.  She went to the door and saw him standing there and he wasn’t drinking. She smiled and sighed in relief.

Martin: *Standing and looking at Luna* Now you look wonderful. I like the skirt you’re wearing. Is it the one with the frilly taffeta layers on it?

Luna: Yes. it is. I however can see that you’re wearing a Sporting T-shirt and styling shorts. You look like you’re waiting to date me. You ready to go?

Martin: I am. I wouldn’t be here if i wasn’t. Besides this is a date that we’re going on. *Looking at the neighborhood and seeing a group of men coming towards the house from afar* Did something happen that we should know about?

Luna: No. Why?

Martin: Well… i don’t know why i am bringing this up… but i think that there is something going on. We have a group of Military soldiers coming this way and a woman leading them. I don’t know who it is and i can’t make out who it could be. But i think… we have a problem.

Luna: Let’s get out of here before they really do catch sight of us. It’s those V.R.A Goons. They are probably trying to capture me again thinking that i still have powers and abilities. You’re with the powers. not me… but those V.R.A clowns are with the idea that i too have them.

Martin: What do you think we should do? Fight them off?

Luna: Can you? You don’t happen to have your Transformation Buckle… do you?

Martin: I do… but i keep it hidden… Just to avoid the hype of those V.R.A Goons sniffing.

Luna: Let’s go… i don’t want you to fight unless it’s really needed.

Martin: Okay. But if that’s what it will be… then i suggest we make a run for it and head for the Theater while we have that opening. Otherwise… I won’t have a choice but to come fighting with the firepower.

Luna: *Nods*

As For Paige…

Inside Luthorcorp Plaza…

on the top floor…

Paige: *In her Charlie’s Angel form* Where is that guy? he’s here somewhere. *Looking around* That General is here somewhere. I know it… But what could he be up to? I don’t trust him. Whatever he’s planning… it’s not gonna pass.

Voice: *Speaking through the Voice box up high on the wall* That’s where you’re wrong… Rhapsody. That is where you shall be wrong. You and your Vigilante kind spread Anarchy. Anarchy is like a disease… It breeds just as deadly as chaos. You’re not the heroes that you think you are. the citizens of this city believe in Justice. As do i. You think that you serve a cause… All you and the rest of the Vigilantes promote is crime… corruption and disaster.

Paige: *Looking up* Piss off General Slade. I know it’s you. You’re the one who promotes the crime. We heroes never promoted that. We were here to protect the people as they should have been protected. They know it. But are only following you because you happen to have them wrapped around your finger. Well… it’s not gonna continue.

Voice: Oh… But that’s where you’re wrong. It will. This is the new age. The extermination of you and your kind. We’re gonna find you…

Paige: Not a chance. We’re gonna find you first.

Soldiers: *quickly crowding around Paige* General Slade says for you Vigilantes to die. You will die.

Soldier #1: *Instructing the troops* Prepare to fire on command.

Paige: *Suddenly turning pale*

Bubble Maiden: *Firing a shot at the soldiers* Bubbling Light Force! *Giving out fighting words* You leave my sister Alone, General. Touch her and you’ll wish to god that you never heard of us. You think that we’re Vigilantes now… Just wait… You’ll be praying that you never crossed us.

Thunder Mistress: *Gathering power and feeling the Thunder Strike her as her spirit begins summoning it* For the Honor of the heroes and what they stand for… I call upon the forces of Thunder and lightning, Wind and Raging fire! *Glowing and surrounding herself with Thunder and Lightning; Forming a Cannon and a Glove of Thunder; Emitting a Charge of Thunder* Time to Feel my pain! *Launching the Attack; releasing the Energy towards the soldiers* Thunderic DEADLY SCREAM!!!

Soldiers: *Screaming in pain from the hit* AHHHHHHH!

Thunder Mistress: *Busting through the soldiers and heading fast towards the General* Look out General… Because… here i come. You want to screw with us… You’re about to live to regret it.

As Dinah runs off heading to face the General, Paige Changes into her super hero form…

Within seconds later…

Bubble Maiden: *Looking to see where Dinah was running off to* There goes Dinah and her loose temper. She’s gonna be asking for untold trouble.

Miss Love: And us? What about us? Huh? What about us and our problem? Pearl… even if we happen to take down the general… It wouldn’t make anything better. All it will do is get rid of the huge part of the V.R.A. But we still have to take down all the rest of the goons and with the people falling for it. There will be a lot of struggling to get the Bill derailed. *Thinking about how to destroy the Bill* We’ve just got to find a way to get it taken down. Let’s see. General Slade is the biggest supporter of the Bill. But who else do we know that is a supporter of it?

Bubble Maiden: Who knows? I don’t really know who else would hold up the bill? It’s not like it would do us much good.

Miss Love: What about our young sister?

Bubble Maiden: Luna? I was kinda wondering when you’d bring her up again. I forgot about Luna. She’s family but when it comes to thinking about her and trying to pretend that we don’t see her smoking… Forget it. That is not about to happen.

Miss Love: That’s too bad, Pearl. *Sighs* Look, I know that you have a bit of an issue with her and you are not all that pleased with her since she’s… making a terrible choice. but She’s your sister. our sister. As mad as we seem to be at her over her habit… and at a young age… we have to remember that Luna used to be with abilities. But that was all once upon a time. She’s normal now and the fact is that… well… even though she’s not with the powers anymore… the goons from the V.R.A and the Anti-hero movement… they will still be looking at her over the idea that they’re not convinced that she has no powers or abilities of any kind. They won’t buy it. To them… A freak is a freak.

Bubble Maiden: Alright. Okay… I get the picture…

Miss Love: The Soldiers here are down. But more will be coming. if we plan to go after the General… we better do it while there is an opening. Because… if we wait… we’ll lose our only shot.

Bubble Maiden: You’re the leader. Let’s go.

Inside General Slade Stalin’s office…

Thunder Mistress: *Looking at a man standing by the window* Okay… So Let me get this straight and clear… Slade. I know you’re the General… There is only one kind of freak here who would get the city all goosed up on destroying the heroes and all that they stand for. And that’s you.

General Slade: *Turning around and looking to see Dinah* Ah! So you’re the one they call “Danger Zone” Dinah Ellen Rhapsody? Fiesty young girl aren’t you? Acting so tough and brave. But not smart enough to know that you’ve gone and come right into uncharted territory.

Thunder Mistress: Oh yeah… How fiesty i can get is to be none for your concern. You can stuff that bravado and that psycho nonsense down the esophagus and choke on it. Because when i get done with you… you’ll be singing Soprano, Alto and Falsetto. with your last remaining gasps of breath.

General Slade: I can’t say how awfully rude you’re sounding as i’m afraid that this is the final moment of Miss Lightning in a bottle. You’ve come to play the hero but you forget the #1 rule. Never Underestimate your Opponent. You might be with a few protectors but… they won’t be able to come in time to get in between you and a Bullet. *With a Gun and Cocking it as it’s pointed at Dinah’s head and Holding it against her forehead*

Thunder Mistress: *Growls* Shut up. You’re such a bastard. I would bet that my husband will get a whiff of what’s going on and come here after you. Well… he’d rescue me.

General Slade: *With a Raised Eyebrow; Holding his position* Your Husband? You’re a married Vigilante?

Thunder Mistress: Yeah. I am a wife and also a mother to 3 girls…

General Slade: Then i guess he too shall meet a fate just as you’ll meet. And 3 girls will be living a life without a mother and a father. one who’s got a secret that she doesn’t want out to the public. and a father who’s a Limo driver and a sympathizer of Vigilantes. ones who think that the rule of law don’t apply to them.  One thing before i pull the trigger. You should know that in the throws of battle… someone always loses in the end. no matter how superior they might be.

Thunder Mistress: I’ll keep that in mind when i get seen by the Psychiatrist for a Catscan after i kick your sorry butt. *Driving her foot into the General’s gut* HIYA!

General Slade: *Grabbing the ankle and holding it* But they never learn to refrain from being too Confident and realize that not all battles are Just! *Shoving Dinah backwards and Sending her to the floor*

Thunder Mistress: *Landing on the floor* You’re acting like a real prick. But that is expected when coming from someone who sees all heroes as Vigilantes…

General Slade: That’s because all Vigilantes are… are just rejects who sire to spark Anarchy. Chaos and disorder.

Thunder Mistress: And What Rock did you come out from? Can you even hear the bullshit you’re spreading around? I mean… General… Wake the hell up. Vigilantes are not the bad ones… They are heroes. You don’t see because you don’t want to. But open your eyes. Open them. Have any one of them done anything to hurt you? Have they? Why don’t you think about it? Huh? Think about it. What would heroes ever do to you to make you just hate them so much that you’d have no greater pleasure than to see them all go down with the ship that they sail?

General Slade: It’s not what they do… it’s what they become. They become Power hungry and make faith serve them and they rule the people with an Ironed fist.

Thunder Mistress: That’s not what they do… You think that i am an example of it. I am not like that. Granted that i will admit as i used to be unstable and just a hot-head waiting and ready to pop and erupt. But i’m not anymore… I had two near deaths in my life and i came back  stronger than ever.

General Slade: You are not human… are you?

Thunder Mistress: I sure am human… i am just a little different than what you’d see as average and or normal. By your standards. Not anyone else’s. Because… otherwise. Why would i be here? If you were gonna kill me. I think that you’d do it by now and save yourself grief and the time listening to any reason. You’re cruel. A bastard… but You’re not one to just up and leave and kill any hostiles. Plus… It’s not your style.

General Slade: The art is war states that sometimes a soldier has to consider his or her opponent and shoot first. Ask later. I would be expecting to be having the cute kitty Girl known as the senshi of love and everything little.

Thunder Mistress: *Pauses* Huh?

General Slade: What? You don’t know her? She’s clearly not of this world. She’s from the moon. You should know. I was in Prison during the second threat of yours and while i sat boasting and roosting in a prison… I heard of your exploits towards going against a Queen. Fighting along side 5 girls. The Senshi. Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus… Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako… Ami Mizuno who is now a Doctor and no longer a senshi… But is from the moon in another life. Rei… A High Priestess Maiden at the Shrine… Minako… A Pop Idol. Makoto… A Chef. I was there in prison hearing of your feats. Going into battle and coming out victorious in the Endeavor.

Thunder Mistress: *Gasps* Wait! Now i know you. You’re General Slade Stalin. Wanted War Criminal and one who was wanted for inhumanely interrogating people. and Torturing people beyond measure and in any way possible. *Getting up slowly and looking at the General; Cross* So you’re the one behind the abduction of Luna. You orchestrated it! *In Outrage* You Monster! YOU MONSTER! SHE’S ONLY 13 FUCKING YEARS OLD!

General Slade: She’s 13 and she’s not human. She doesn’t age as you do… She is not normal.

Thunder Mistress: *Angrily and itching to strike*


At the Metropolis Dorms…

Room #320…

Prince Alvin: *Sighs*

Prince Avery: What’ll we do?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know… but there is one thing that we should do… Get ourselves over there and lend out a hand.

Prince Avery: What about your Class homework?

Prince Alvin: That can wait… Family is first. I know that they might be able to handle things from where they are and keep fighting… but if they’re fighting the General… They’re gonna need a bit of extra help with that.

Prince Avery: What about Our brothers Prince Arnold and Prince Curtis? They should be one to help too… Don’t you think?

Prince Alvin: That is what i would think too… But we can’t get a hold of them… At least not Prince Arnold. Water Lord is incognito with the communication bit. The last thing i heard from him was that he was gonna be diving solely into Broadcasting and put aside the hero bit. He was done with it for a while… I can’t convince him to return. I can’t condemn him or just toss him into Exile.

Prince Avery: Capt! You can’t be serious. We can’t just go on and be without him in our reach… We need him and he needs us.

Prince Alvin: Apparently he doesn’t seem to think so as he is refusing to answer any of our calls. the last couple times that he was with us… he was showing less interest in being around us.

Prince Avery: You don’t think it has a spot to do with the loss of Terra. Do you?

Prince Alvin: That could be the reason… but there could also be a number of other reasons why he is staying at a considerable distance away from us.

Lenard: Flamers… Come on… Just because one of your members is playing the avoidance dance… doesn’t mean that you’re all broken… It’s just changing. That is all. Just accept what is and roll with it the best way that you can… You can’t let it get you down, man. You got more to life than just letting a little break-up of the ranks getting you down in the dumps. Your cousins… Paige, Pearl and Dinah are obviously in need of help. You should focus on them and on the young girl Luna. You might have a few little or rather discomforting issues with her… but you should still be focusing on the ones that are close by. not the ones who are being… Distant.

Prince Alvin: You’re right. *Looking at Prince Avery* Plasma-Core… I’m gonna head over to where the girls are and give them a hand. do a perimeter run as well… You cover the flank?

Prince Avery: Does it ever pay to say no? I wouldn’t think so. You got it. Wherever you go… I’ll follow. We’re in this together. Let’s go Capt. Lead on. *Nods*

Prince Alvin: *Nods*

Back at Luthorcorp Plaza…

“make a night flight
have a nice flight
make a night flight
have a nice flight

chicchai haguruma mawashite
kurukuru kamiau futari wa
3 2 1 de (3 2 1 de)
take off from the base (take off from the base)

dandan chikadzuku no sunrise
motamota suru to okureruwa
3 2 1 de (3 2 1 de)
take off from the base (take off from the base)

itsumoto chigau kakudo kara mita
kono keshiki ga fushigi de
mado ni kao chikadzukete
atashi no koto sasou no
tobikonde ii no kana
parashuuto no tsukaenai
kimi to no koi wa shigekiteki de amaiwa

make a night flight sora ga kirakira
have a nice flight yume janainda ne
make a night flight wakuwaku suruwa
have a nice flight mukau saki ni wa
make a night flight kumo yori takaku
have a nice flight nani ga mieru kana
make a night flight asu ni tsunagaru
have a nice flight hoshizora o koete

okkii puropera mawashite
kurukuru sora tobu enerugii
3 2 1 de (3 2 1 de)
take off from the base (take off from the base)

dandan chikadzuku no sunrise
motamota suru to okureruwa
3 2 1 de (3 2 1 de)
take off from the base (take off from the base)

itsumoto chigau kakudo kara miru
kimi wa nandaka suteki
sukoshi kao chikadzukete
tobitatsu no naito furaito
ano ko ni wa makenaiwa
parashuuto no tsukaenai
kimi to no koi wa shigekiteki de amaiwa

make a night flight sora ga kirakira
have a nice flight yume janainda ne
make a night flight wakuwaku suruwa
have a nice flight mukau saki ni wa
make a night flight kumo yori takaku
have a nice flight nani ga mieru kana
make a night flight asu ni tsunagaru
have a nice flight hoshizora o koete

make a night flight

make a night flight sora ga kirakira
have a nice flight yume janainda ne
make a night flight wakuwaku suruwa
have a nice flight mukau saki ni wa
make a night flight kumo yori takaku
have a nice flight nani ga mieru kana
make a night flight asu ni tsunagaru
have a nice flight hoshizora o koete”

Miss Love: *Firing at General Slade* Crimson LOVE!!!!

Bubble Maiden: *Firing at General Slade* Tempest BUBBLES CHARM!

Thunder Mistress: And this is a new attack that i will lay on the floor for you, General Psycho! I have been watching some Anime as of late to ease my mind… and saw a digital Creature use this attack… “Grisly Wing” But… i am gonna use my style for the attack… With Lightning precision!*Opening her arms and spreading them out wide; Releasing a nightmarish swarm of lightning at the target* Grisly Lightning wing!

General Slade: *Taking the hits and sliding back into the wall hard* Agh!

It seemed to have worked and buy them a upper hand on the Victory… But that was when it changed the hands and General Slade Stalin came at them with a sword and swung at them. Paige and Pearl tried to fight back and Evade the blows which was a success… Although the General was proving to be a bit well trained and started to use a sword on the girls…

Miss Love: *Looking at her sisters* Looks like this is the end of the Rhapsody girls Z! Their final moment. *Gulps*

Bubble Maiden: It’s been nice knowing you.

Thunder Mistress: Same here… It would have been nice to live on and maybe just live regularly… but it looks as though… we’re never gonna get that chance. So much for our dreams for the future.

Thunder Mistress: *Looking to see Hawkman busting in through the window and into the room* Hawkman… What are you doing here? You nuts? This guy will kill you too… he’s already got his grip at us… Are you trying to sign up for a death wish?

Hawkman: It’s my time to face a possible death. It’ll mean that i will get to see my wife Shayera again.

Bubble Maiden: Leave it to Feather factory to get all sentimental at a time like this…

General Slade: *Looking to see another Vigilante* A Man with wings… Another Vigilante coming to meet their maker…

Hawkman: *Rising up and looking at the General; Looking serious as he has his wings go away*

Hawkman: You must be the one who’s after the girls of Love, Grace and Fury. Not much to look at except for your apparent need for power and control and not caring how it is that you get the power. I Thought that Uncle Sam was all about protecting the countrymen and serving them… not wasting time on going after some young Heroes who still are learning to tie their own boot straps.

General Slade: So says the Vigilante that soared in on the wings of a foolish soldier who doesn’t know how to study the rules of battle.

Hawkman: Big talk for a General with just one eye. What happened? Did one of your pets get tired of your cruelty and stage a revolt on you?

General Slade: War has casualties and mines came at a cost. I was attacked by one of you.

Miss Love: That is a lie. We would never hurt you without a reason. You’re trying to make like the heroes are Violent. Not true… we’re not like that… no matter what you try to sell people. Your Venom is contagious and it’s got to be put to a halt.

Hawkman: *Drawing out his Mace*

Hawkman: *Looking at General Slade Stalin* Time to Bleed.

Thunder Mistress: *Standing by the window and Watching as Hawkman and the General start dueling and landing blows*

Things were swung and thrown plus hit. One of the hits nailed the rows of pipes that were in the room and releasing hot steam plus a lamp then fell and sparked a little. Hawkman nailed Slade in the back and kicked him forward to the ground. It was a direct hit. Unfortunately… Hawkman only turned his back for a second when the General got up and snuck an attack at him. Stabbing Hawkman with the sword.  The sword went all the way through and skewered him.

Hawkman: *Gasps*

Thunder Mistress: *Panics* No! Hawkman! NO!!!

Bubble Maiden: Oh no… Hawkman got stabbed. We have to do something…

Miss Love: And what do you suppose we do about it? The General has us by the wings and the only thing we can do is maybe try to break loose. We are in trouble…

Prince Alvin: *Running into the room* No you’re not.

Prince Avery: We’re here.

Prince Alvin: *With a Flaming fist forming* General Slade… You leave our cousins alone. You touch them… You’ll be made to regret it.

Thunder Mistress: No… Don’t fire. Prince Alvin… don’t do it. There is steam billowing in here and there are sparks going off… this room could turn out to be an ignited room if you do.

Although… as they were talking…

Miss Love: *Seeing Sparks starting to shoot off* Oh god… Uh… Girls… If you’re able to fly off and make a run for it… Do it. Now.

Bubble Maiden: *Nods*

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Prince Avery* Plasma-Core… you go to the other side of the General and grab that sword. We can’t let him use it again. He will aim it right for the girls if he gets that chance. Pearl is closest to his reach and will get it if we don’t steal that sword.

Prince Avery: You got it. On it.

Prince Alvin: *Drawing the General’s attention* Hey… Mr. Walking talking cyclops… Want a Vigilante who’s flamin’ hot? Then come and get me… I am right here and not moving. Come on and get me. You know that you want me…

General Slade: Flaming Soul… How potent of you to come here looking for a fight. A soldier can’t fight his target if he’s blind and iced.

Prince Alvin: What the hell are you talking about, Sir? Are you talking more Corruption bullshit? If you are… You better have the galls to know that you’re treading on violent waters.

General Slade: *Not seeing Prince Avery grabbing at the sword*

The girls all flew out but the only one that stayed was Dinah. She stayed and Kept herself in the room… She was too weak to go in the air. She used a bit more energy than she should have and was having a hard time trying to stand up. Paige and Pearl were out and were about to make it out when they got shot down… Pearl was risking her life and didn’t know that it was gonna hurt the babies inside her. She was 2 months in and she already was near carrying to term. It was a risk. The ones on the ground level… were Lt. Pratt and her group of Soldiers waiting to seize the girls…

But Prince Alvin and Prince Avery were there back in the room going at the General and nearly had him cornered when the sparks were about to Ignite… They had to make a choice and it wasn’t one that they were willing to make… but they knew that if they were to die… there would be less people to help in the fight against the Intergalactic Demon. So they as much as they didn’t want to… Evacuated… Dinah was still there and could not move. Prince Alvin and Prince Avery didn’t stop… they had to evacuate and fast. Dinah wouldn’t go anyway… and It was clear that the General wanted her… But The General took off and ran out. He wasn’t one to go down so fast and in a fire explosion in an office…

Thunder Mistress: *Falling out of the office and out the window* Ahhhhh! I think that this is the last moment of life i’ll ever see.  Would anyone care to save me while the going’s good?

Hawkman: *Flying fast down after Dinah* Hold on… Dinah… Hold on. I’m coming…

But at the ground level…

Walking out of the building and making a getaway…

General Slade: *Rubbing his right Shoulder* Damn Vigilante…

Raven: *Coming into view from the shadows* Hello General…

General Slade: *Turning to see a shadow powered Vigilante* Who are you?

Raven: Your worst nightmare.

General Slade: I don’t think so… You should realize that the grim reaper can swing his sickle at me all he likes… but… I am beyond “Death’s stroke” now.

Raven: After what i will do to you… that will be a welcomed fate.

General Slade: And who might you be to do anything to me?

Raven: *Looking at the General* I am a Half Demon… And What you’re about to find out is that i stand by the clan that you are seeking to kill and destroy.

General Slade: The Rhapsody Girls Z! are Just the Lure. I’m actually after that young girl who’s known as the Senshi of Love and everything Little. I am after her. She’s got pure power that will help our cause towards wiping off the Vigilantes and along side their supporters.


Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Standing in the center after appearing on scene* Hey… General Slade Dipstick! Want to shut that pie hole?

General Slade: Who are you?

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I’m the Warrior of the innocent Tuxedo Martin Amazing! In the name of the Innocent, On behalf of my friends and all the people of the Universe, Justice will be served!!

General Slade: You’re another Vigilante.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Not quite. Try Avenger.

Luna: I too am here to prove to you that i am not a hero anymore… and that i’ve been all human. nothing else.

General Slade: I was wondering how long you’d hide and let your friends take the fall.

Luna: Well… I was on a Date when i heard the Explosion. I am not a hero anymore and i have been all human all along. but i still came because i wanted to see what was going on. Only problem was that i couldn’t just run here… it was a ways from the theater. Martin had to bring me over… He is what you would call a hero.

General Slade: I was also in the Explosion. But yet… here i am. Standing still.

Luna: Where are my sisters Paige, Pearl and Dinah?

General Slade: Your problem is that you happen to think that other people define your life, but the truth is they just get in the way.

Luna: I don’t think that you would just openly believe that. Plus… What about your family? Didn’t you have a family before?

General Slade: A soldier can fight for others, but he cannot afford to love them.

Luna: One can’t press on without Love. Love is essential. Everyone knows that.

General Slade: You and I don’t need to be fighting one another, Luna. Just come clean with your powers… Just show them. Let the rest go. Come and join me. We can put all this to an end. The War and Anarchy… We can end it.

Luna: Never. I will never join a deranged maniac like you. I don’t have any powers… i keep trying to tell you and anyone else… i don’t have powers anymore.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: She speaks the truth. You had better just heed the truth… she is being with the truth. She’s got no powers anymore. She’s Normal as one can ever be… Might we now be Convinced?

Raven: *Constructing a Dark box and having the box open and close on the General* Maybe some time in a box will bring you to terms.

Luna: *Tilting her head* …

General Slade: *Not showing any signs of fear* This is how a soldier completes their mission…  Ruthless and with dead on precision.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: This guy is so War crazed and sees a war that’s not even there.

Luna: And he wants me… I think that there is something about him that is just way way off.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Maybe so… but i say we ice him.

Luna: do it.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Conjuring up water and then with a twirl of his scepter; freezing the water and turning it to ice; molding the ice into Ice shards and sending them up into the sky making them hover right over the General; Locking on before launching* Get ready for an Icy dose of pain. Here comes the Ice Sting! *Launching the attack at the General* Arctic Ice Blades Storm!

However before the attack could hit the General…

Clark: *Taking the hit* …

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Gasps* What in the…?

Luna: *Scoffs* Of all the nerve. Clark… Why did you do that? We had the General pinned. Martin was about to take the General out for good. You literally saved the guy who was behind the V.R.A Brigade.

Raven: Plus also behind the cause for Luna being Abducted. I used Empathy on the General and read his thoughts. heard what he was saying. He was after Luna the whole time. The Rhapsody girls Z! were just the Consolation prize for him to claim. As well as the Rhapsody Brothers. He was after Luna the whole time. Martin had him meeting an end… You ruined it.

Clark: I told the girls this… i will tell you. Heroes Don’t KILL! EVER! If Martin is gonna be a real hero… he will learn that rule. Heroes… Do not Kill. Ever. Not ever. There is always another way to handle a Villain. Death is not the only option. Killing is not the only way…

A second later…

Clark: *Busting Slade out of the box*

When the General was out…

General Slade: A soldier can fight for others, but he cannot afford to love them. Clark… Luna is the one i was after… the whole time. but you and i… We don’t have to fight. Let them all go. Come and Join me… Fight by my side. We can end all this pain… All this carnage and anarchistic chaos. you and i will make this all better. A New World Order…

Clark: I will never Join you. I believe in Justice. doing what is right. for the right reasons… You only care about Justice when it fulfills your purpose.

General Slade: You know, when I named this operation “Annihilate Rhapsody,” it was because I believed that the fall of their strongest would ultimately come from their faith in their own Strong Bond as a clan… Strong and Unbreakable. . But then… to see or learn that a young member of their family who is from the moon just relinquish their Moon powers and their Origins… becoming a full Human. Plus in a fight against the girls… a Man with Hawk like Wings and only minutes later…  To actually see a man with burning wings… Plummet from the sky… God… I do enjoy the irony.

Luna: What did you do to them? WHERE ARE THEY SLADE?!

General Slade: They’re dead. Killed them with my bare hands. A Soldier will do anything to come out a victor.

Luna: *Gasps* No!

General Slade: …

Luna: *On the Verge of breaking down in tears* I loved them. They were my sisters. Even though we had lately fought because of my bad habit… I still loved them and they loved me. They were also gonna get ahead in life. Pearl was Expecting… Dinah’s a mother. Paige was a devoted worker… How could you kill them? WHY DID YOU KILL THEM?! THEY WERE INNOCENT! *Screaming in agony and heartache* THEY WERE INNOCENT AND HONEST HUMAN BEINGS. HOW COULD YOU?! HOW COULD YOU?! *Breaking down in tears*

General Slade: …..

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: You’re a Lying son of a bitch, General. You know that? A real scumbag.

General Slade: You know that I’m not, because a true soldier does whatever it takes to finish the mission. No matter how small or large. They carry out till their mission is done.

Clark: Then consider this finished. *Holding out his Kryptonian Father’s Crystal and Sending the General to the Phantom Zone*

Luna: *Pissed and in agony* …

A second or so later…

Martin: Luna, Are you alright?

Luna: Who gives a shit if i am? I don’t care anymore. I lose my good nature… I become the Bastard of the school and the teachers all hate me now. thinking that i am nothing but a real menace. Then i have my family all harping me because of my habit… they get on me about it… I then find out that you drink. and that you might have had sex with Beth Timberland. Now… NOW i lose my SISTERS AND COUSINS… I LOST THEM. I HAVE NO FAMILY!

Luna then walks off and makes way back home in a hurt manner. She didn’t stop to look. She was upset and angry. What she didn’t gather was that her sisters and cousins weren’t dead at all… Although… the way she was feeling… nothing would get her to stop to think about the possibility that the deaths weren’t as so as the General may have stated…

But on the roads nearby The Daily Planet…

Shingo: *Driving his Client to the Promenade* Something feels wrong…

Mr. Muniz: Why do you think that, Sir?

Shingo: There is something that you don’t know… Namely… what’s been flowing around as of late.

Mr. Muniz: You mean the V.R.A Nonsense? Pfft. Yeah. i heard of it. I have been hearing about it for weeks. almost 3 months to be quite frank. And to be straight… I am a partial follower of them. But after seeing the latest acts that the V.R.A is trying to pull off… I am not a fan of… i wouldn’t wish it on anyone. No one deserves that. That Guy… General Slade… He has been issuing a Marshall order to Rid the City of All fighters with the Name Rhapsody attached to it. Calling it operation: “Annihilate Rhapsody”. Killing all Rhapsody Clan fighters.

Shingo: How is it that you know about that? You’re not in their actual circle of intel… So… i don’t know as to why you’d know about it.

Mr. Muniz: I know about it because i can hack into their systems and leak out information about what they’re up to and what it is that they may be planning… but the one operation that i just copped out and exposed… i don’t support it. I left the V.R.A since last week. I refused to be a part of it. I know that the General is gonna try to trial me for treason. but i don’t care. I am actually looking for a New job. Profession. The money i gave to pay for this ride here… is just Severance pay for whatever service i had done for the V.R.A. and the General. But i left them. I have no delight in going back.

Shingo: Who is General Slade anyway?

Mr. Muniz: He’s this guy that is highly feared and respected in the Department of Domestic Security. When he came in and promised to lead the country to something better… they put him on the top of the crop. He was the with the Nickname “Death’s Cloud” His past name was Deathstroke but when he proved to see it be something more… they switched it. He came in to the Department like about a year and a half ago now…

Shingo: So the whole ball was set in motion since that time?

Mr. Muniz: I believe so… And The General was Blaming the countries issues on the reality that the heroes… or Vigilantes as he would call it… Existed. He made a vow to rid the world of all heroes. Vigilantes and Menaceful mutants. anyone who he would deem to be a threat to national security and the world. Plainly… as i would see it. He just didn’t like them at all.

Shingo: You need a Job?

Mr. Muniz: Yeah. anything better than the one i had. As far as i am concerned… it can be robust or Grotesque. As long as it’s honest and pays.

Shingo: Right. Well… You seem to be honest and are wanting to change for the better. Leaving the bull of the V.R.A that was going after all the heroes. So… When we reach the Promenade… I will see about calling my Boss… Mr. Willard and see if there is a Job opening. He is looking to expand his work force about 15%. So there is about a couple openings. At least… there ought to be.



Shingo: *Looking at his phone beeping and flashing with a message*

Shingo’s Cellphone: *Text as Carter Hall* Shingo, Come to the front of Luthorcorp Plaza. There is someone here for you.

Shingo: *Confused* This is from Dinah’s phone. But why would she be saying to come to the front of the Luthorcorp Plaza?

Mr. Muniz: Is something going on?

Shingo: I don’t know. *Driving over to Luthorcorp Plaza* I do apologize for the Detour…

Mr. Muniz: No… No. It’s okay. I understand. Family is in need. Your Wife is in need.

Shingo: How did you know that i was married?

Mr. Muniz: Well… that wedding ring is nice giveaway on the fact. I mean… you don’t wear a wedding Ring on your Ring finger unless you were married to someone. or are. It would be kinda stupid to wear it if you weren’t married. Plus Married people are the only ones you’d see wearing it.

Shingo: You’re right.

A Minute or two later…

On the ground not far from the Luthorcorp Plaza’s front Entrance…

Carter: *Breathing raspy* Dinah? Are you… okay?

Dinah: *Stirring from the fall and gasping for air* Yeah… I think so… Are you alright?

Carter: I am okay… because it’s my time. My time to pass on has come and it’s time that i leave and reunite with Shayera.

Dinah: What the heck are you saying? You’re wanting to die? Carter… You got stabbed. from the back and it went through you… there is still hope that we can save you. Don’t give up now.

Carter: Dinah… It’s my time. Before this night… i was seeing Shayera in every mirror. seeing manifestations and hearing her voice. Hearing her. Seeing her. I’ve been with her a 1000 years. and that is several lifetimes. Your Marriage is fresh and it is young. But if it is one that can stand the test of time… and last a lifetime… it was meant to be. I had many lifetimes with Shayera. Each one the same… i loved her… only to lose her again and again. You haven’t had that happen to you. and you should pray that it never does. The one you love. You hold on to them. Never let go. Never let go.

Dinah: It might be your night. But we’re not gonna give you up without a fight.

Carter: I know. But you’ve done all that you could. You’ve done alot of good for the world. as had your sisters. That is more than anyone can do. With the sacrifices that you and your sisters made. it has made the world a much better place.

Dinah: But what about the Intergalactic Demon?

Carter: I am sorry that i won’t be able to help to beat back the Intergalactic Demon… But… You and your sisters… The Rhapsody Brothers have all the help you’ll need.

Shingo: *from a short Distance* Dinah?!

Carter: Dinah… That’s sounding like your…

Dinah: My husband.

Carter: *Panting and trying to hold on a little longer* Hold on.

Dinah: I thought that it was supposed to be me telling you that.

Carter: Sorry.

Shingo: Dinah… *Seeing Carter lying on the ground mortally wounded* Carter?! What the heck is going on? What happened here?

Carter: The General was after the girls… but it turns out that he was only after them as the consolation prize. He was really after someone by the name of Luna.

Shingo: What?!

Carter: It is true. He was. and i got there before much damage could be done to the girls. however… i paid the price for it and got stabbed for it.

Shingo: Where’s my wife?

Carter: Don’t worry. she’s okay. In fact i think that there is someone here that wants to meet you. *Lifting his left wing and opening up the wing to reveal Dinah*

Shingo: Dinah!

Dinah: *Getting up and hugging her husband* Shingo! Oh god… I can’t believe that i almost died. Carter saved me. broke my fall. If he didn’t break my fall the way he had… I would have been dead. But there is something else. The General creep with the one steel plated eye stabbed him and Carter’s dying.

Shingo: What about the others?

Dinah: I don’t know. They flew off and tried to get away before the room blew up. But where they went after… i don’t know. I don’t know if the guys are alive. Prince Alvin and Prince Avery came and lent off a hand… but as the room started to become engulfed… i don’t know. I didn’t get to catch where they went. So there is no telling if they’re alive or dead or just out cold somewhere.

Shingo: *Looking at Carter* What the heck’s gonna happen to you now?

Carter: I’m meeting my end and gonna be seeing my wife Shayera again. Being with her again.

Shingo: But you can’t leave us now… We are gonna need all the help that we can get. A Demon is coming and we’re gonna need all the best fighters. Allies and members… We’re gonna need you too.

Carter: I know. But Shingo… Your wife and her sisters and the 4 guys have all the help that they’d ever need. It’s gonna be okay. Just promise me these things.

Dinah: What? What are they, Carter? Tell us.

Carter: That you two will hold on to each other and never let go. which goes for the others too with the ones they hold close to their hearts. Never let each other go.  That you’ll all keep going and never stop the fight. Keep on fighting for the safety and for the light to remain in the world. Making it better for others and your kids. That you’ll Keep on trying to help the young girl Luna re-find herself. That you will no matter what… Stop the Evil that come into the world and try to take over the world. No matter what it takes.

Dinah: We Promise. I’ll fight for those promises to be kept.

Shingo: We both will. We’ll help Luna re-find herself. Keep fighting the good fight and not give up. We’ll keep ourselves close and not let go. We’ll hold on to each other.

Carter: Dinah, You and your sisters have the power to change the world for the better. Doing what you do everyday gets people to rise and believe in the future. To believe that anything is possible. Luna has that capability to inspire love. as she is still young and with innocence. She just lost her way. Helping her find the love inside herself and to remember what she’s meant to do… it will bring her back to being the good girl again. It will take time… but if you keep believing in her… she will have the power to change. Shingo… The unity that you and Dinah have as a married couple is young… It is only beginning. But it’s been planted and is the same as the love that Shayera and i shared. Timeless and Legend. Your love that you have will be Timeless and forever. The Darkness is still out there and will be devouring everything unless stopped. You and your sisters have the ability to send the Darkness away. But The Darkness have been here before… many times. I lived through multiple moments of Darkness. Seeing it spread.

Dinah: What do you mean?

Carter: The Civil War… The Spanish Inquisition. The Third Reich. Darkness has been around before… But just when the Darkness was at it’s most strongest yet. a sliver of hope formed and overthrown the darkness. forcing it back to whence it came. The Darkness that came for you guys… Beryl. The Evil Drule. Zod. You shined your light on them and over powered them. out done them. But my time… here is done. I have accepted my fate.

Dinah: *Dreading the fact that Carter is about to pass on* I don’t want you to go.

But a minute later…

Carter was no more. he gasped his final breath and passed on. There was nothing left of him. It was a still body and lifeless. As for Paige and Pearl… They were strung up in a warehouse and Tied to a wall. But they weren’t alone. Prince Alvin and Prince Avery were there with them. They were being Interrogated by Lt. Pratt and she was not taking any bull from any of them…

Lt. Pratt: *Walking over to Paige, Pearl, Prince Alvin and Prince Avery* You Vigilantes have been very evasive and defiant in the law. The V.R.A was designed to get rid of heroes and yet… here you pests stand.

Paige: Who are you?

Pearl: *Stirring and coming to* Ugh! Would someone tell her to shut up. I got a headache.

Prince Alvin: *Tied up and trying to break free* Damn. What is the meaning of this?

Lt. Pratt: This is the part where you Vigilantes are finally where you belong and should have been put a while now.

Prince Avery: Says who? You?

Lt. Pratt: You know who i speak for. I do this on orders from General Slade and by orders of the President of the united states.

Paige: The President sent you? You’re full of it. There is no way that the president will get off his E-Z chair and issue for Vigilantes to be taken out. It’s not even on his to do list.

Prince Alvin: *Straining*

Lt. Pratt: *Punches Paige in the face* Silence! Vigilante. *Looking at Prince Alvin* Don’t even think about it, Flaming Soul. That rope is element proof. It won’t burn. It can withstand fire hotter than 200 degrees.

Prince Avery: Look lady. Why don’t we spare ourselves the unpleasantries and get to the real deal here… What is it that you want from us? What is it and why?

Lt. Pratt: There is a young girl in your ranks that can turn into a senshi by the name of Love and everything little. Where is she?

Prince Alvin: Luna?! What the hell do you want with her? She’s got no business with you… you don’t have any with her either.

Prince Avery: Why do you want a young girl so much? What the hell are you after?

Lt. Pratt: The end of all heroes. Vigilantes.

Pearl: And you just so happen to need our young sister Luna to do it? Uh… Lady? Are you cracked or something? Luna is a normal person. She’s got no powers whatsoever in her. So if you did all this in order to get a hold of her… You’ve just wasted all your time for nothing.

Lt. Pratt: Not exactly. She’s been spotted not far from here and we’re gonna get her. She will be ours.


Molten Mind: *Busting in and motioning for the ground to open up under the lady* Wanna bet? *Unleashing an attack at the woman* Seismic Crumble!

Lt. Pratt: *Turning to see another Vigilante* You Vigilantes are like roaches… Always coming out with another member.

Molten Mind: *Sending a mind pulse towards the woman and Controlling her mind* Freeze… pause…twist… lock… stop.

Lt. Pratt: *Feeling her mind shatter a little* What have you done to me?

Molten Mind: Nothing that you didn’t deserve.

Lt. Pratt: This isn’t over.

Molten Mind: It is over. You come near any of us again… Next time i will open up the ground and let the ground have you. You can count on it.

Later that night…

Luna: *Laying down on her bed and sulking* I get hated by my school because of my habit. I almost get myself in complete danger while on a date. Then i learn that i lost my family and that my sisters and cousins are dead. Just great. I’m really batting a thousand. *Looking to her side and looking at her pack on the stand next to her* I am almost tempted to just run away and never come back. I have made a life here and it was what i thought i’d want. But all i got out of it so far was pain and disappointments. My sisters and Cousins are angry at me and are not looking at me. that is also the part where they’re not talking to me. None of them are. The School hates me. They all think that i am a bad person. All because i smoke. Just because i happen to smoke doesn’t mean that i am a bad person. Martin Drinks. But no one says anything about it. It’s as though he can do what ever… no matter. he gets cleared. I do it… i am at fault. Because… I’m a Rhapsody. I am beginning to feel as though being a Rhapsody is nothing but a mistake. I am always the target. I’ve had it. *Grabbing her pack and sighs* What have i done to myself anyway? All i have done is get myself scarred for life and hurt by people. The teachers all now hate me. My family here don’t seem to have much admiration for me.

Luna continued to lay there on the bed and just continued to think about what she was gonna do. She still didn’t know that her sisters weren’t dead as she had first learned. But while she was there just wondering about them and hoping that their deaths were not real. It was silent in her room.

A couple days later…


Outside Smallville…

Dean: *Looking at Sam* Well… we finally have made it to Smallville.

Sam: The Creamed corn capital of the world…

Dean: Not exactly. Try The Meteor rock capital of the world.

Sam: Where do we hit first?

Dean: The Sullivan household. That is the first place we have to handle. We just have to hope that the Demons aren’t planning to take control of anyone else.

Sam: We should have heard from Bobby by now… Think that he got to Metropolis by now?

Dean: I think that if we know Bobby at all… he’s probably in Metropolis just waiting for us to show up.

Sam: We were told about Chloe’s father and his being possessed by a demon. A hell spawn.

Dean: How do we go at the demon? you’d think that the Nightmare creatures from the underworld are gonna just open the red carpet and say “Here we are… come and get us.” Sam?

Sam: Well i don’t know what else there is that we can do to take out the Demons. We got the Colt.

Dean: What say we go and do some ganking and relish off the Demons… Let’s get ourselves a Demon and send it’s hellish demon ass back to hell.

Sam: Right.

Moments later…

At The Sullivan Household…

Dean: *Walking over to the front door* No telling what that Demon will do or what will happen. but Sammy. Keep on guard. Demons can sense fear. So… what ever you do… show no fear.

Sam: There is no room for fear. We just have to focus on Exorcising Mr. Sullivan.

Dean: Well Bobby did say that this was where the first Demon Possession occurred and happened. But question is… where did these Demons come from? What caused for these Demons to bust out into the world here. onto the surface?

Sam: No idea. but we were told from what Bobby said that he was told… Sullivan isn’t the only one that is Possessed and with a Demon inside him. Controlling him. There’s the Marigolds and the Callahan’s. They too are also possessed.

Dean: Makes it seem like Hell on Earth just came and started.

Sam: We will need alot of help.

Dean: *Knocking on the Front Door* Better hope that we came in time. Because if we didn’t… We’re gonna have to go along and —–

The Door Opens…

Chloe: *Opening the door and Answering it* Yes? Can i help you?

Dean: *Holding up a Badge* Frank Tanner. Demon Hunter and this is… *Shifting his eyes to his Brother Sam* Spencer Carmichael. Paranormal Seer.

Sam: We’re here to handle the Demon situation that is here. our office got a call from here saying something about a demon being spotted within the town here and that it was here.

Chloe: *Grins* Well it’s nice that someone showed up. I have been trying to get a hold of someone to handle this kind of problem… I tried everyone that i could think of to call and get some help. But no one wanted to help. I was about to call a Friend of mines who’s a Demonologist. Vincent Van Graves. I haven’t been able to do any work at the Watchtower because i was terrified of what my father would do to himself or others while being possessed by this Entity.

Dean: Where is he now?

Chloe: He’s upstairs right now asleep. But i don’t know for how long. He’s been sleeping on and off for the last week and a half.

Sam: Has he done anything? Said anything?

Chloe: nothing much… Just this same line over and over again… “The World of Mortals shall soon be ended. Master Trigon will conquer the Earth”

Dean: Master Trigon? Who is that?

Sam: Trigon the Terrible. A being known as Scath.

Dean: how do you know that, Spencer?

Sam: Read something about him. Research on him when the news of the Demon storm came around and began.

Dean: And next you’re probably gonna tell me that this Trigon’s an all around die-hard Demonic Tyrant.

Chloe: Actually… yes. he is. This is what he looks like…

Chloe then puts up the picture from her Portable Ipad…

Chloe: This is Trigon. Known as Scath. He is known as the Intergalactic Demon. But the thing is that he’s not a Demon from here… He’s the demon from the Mystic Land known as Azarath. He is also the Demonic Conqueror and a Tyrant. He was sent into Azarathian Limbo after he Impregnated a Holy mother on Azarath.

Sam: Did something happen?

Chloe: Unfortunately… yes. A daughter was created. One who is half human and Half Demon. She’s known as Raven. However… she came with a Prophecy. That on her 17th birthday… she would become the portal that would grant him passage to ascend to Earth…

Dean: So this demon… The Big red Tyrant with Demon type abilities and sadistic Nature… He’s coming over… through this supposed girl. She’s the Gem and or portal?

Chloe: She was Also born of Evil’s fire.

Sam: Where is she?

Chloe: She’s residing in the Home of Dinah and Shingo Rhapsody. Why?

Dean: Where is that?

Chloe: In Metropolis, Why?

Dean: Because we’re gonna go and Gank her before she can unleash him.

Chloe: No. You can’t. She’s not Evil. She’s using her powers for good. Plus… she isn’t into letting her father out. She doesn’t want to release him out. But sadly… her Prophecy is absolute. it can’t be abolished or changed. It can’t be stopped.

Dean: That is why we will have to take her out. She can’t help it… and even though she doesn’t want to… it will more than likely happen on the day of her said Prophecy. What ever that is.

Chloe: It’s the promise that was made on the day of her Birth. It was made by the monks. It was also unbreakable. It was said that she was made and born to live and come to Earth so one day she would thereby become the portal and release him onto the Earth so Trigon could Rule.

Sam: What’s the Prophecy?

Chloe: *Reciting the Prophecy* “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire, The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim, He comes to sire. The end of all things Mortal.”

Dean: Is that supposed to be an Enlightenment? So far the score is Hunter’s reasons to off her: 4 and Understanding her to be a person of good: 0. Unless we see her do actual good and convince us that she’s good and with Good Intent. But first… We take care of the Demon that is Possessing your father.

Sam: We need a spot to set up a Devil’s trap.

Chloe: A Devil’s Trap?

Dean: Yes. it’s a trap that is made by a circle with an Incantation and words of magic. Magic symbols. And the Center of it is a Pentagram. If a Demon steps into the center of the trap… or anyone who possessed by one steps into it… they are stuck. they can’t get out. A Invisible forcefield that only they can see surrounds them. But if the trap is destroyed in any way whatsoever… They can get out and the trap will be useless. it won’t be able to hold them.

Chloe: So… if the trap is destroyed… it will be rendered powerless. This trap is meant to hold and infact Ensnare the Demon. Constricting them and preventing them from busting out.

Sam: In Logical terms… yes. that is what it does.

Chloe: I tried to keep my father out of the Watchtower as he would most likely never understand what i am truly into. But we can set up in there. I’ll have to fortify the security precautions. There are people in there working on checking for any issues showing off in the city.

Dean: What’s going on in there?

Sam: Something serving the community?

Chloe: in secret. but it’s by doing what we do… that without the public knowing that has kept the people safe and not knowing about where we’re coming from. or of how we’re getting to place so fast.

Dean: That’s enough to have us bought. You must have your own set of operations or something.

Sam: *Grins*

It was during that time when Chloe saw them for who they really were. Demon hunters. The fake names and Identities were not holding. Chloe Right then realized who they were…

To be Continued…

Will the Demons that were out… finally gonna meet their match and be sent back to where it was that they came from? What about Luna? Will she and Martin ever mend the rift that is still going on between them or will it forever grow and continue to take it’s toll and get only worse and not better? Will there be a beginning of Zeke and Luna’s relationship going more and more into the Romance? Will the girls ever get back to normal after the huge near end moment that they all went through? As the situation went on between Martin and Luna… Martin was only facing more of a reason to shield from her. Not as though it was a surprise as it was clear that Luna was changing and was no longer the sweet girl that everyone knew. Paige and Pearl were in their Dorms and in a bit of pain. But Pearl was in more of it than Paige was. Pearl was the one who was pregnant. Alice was 3 months in and closing into being 4 months in and Pearl working on 3. The V.R.A was slowly being dismantled as General Slade Stalin was gone from the city. Sent to the Phantom Zone by Clark’s Crystal. This was gonna only lead to the end of days as the events unfolded. Love’s changed and one person harms themselves in heartache. Raven’s Prophecy was gonna one day be played… it was getting closer to that moment. Much closer. the Prophecy was scheduled to hit on the 30th of August of 2027. It was May. or closing in on May. but there was still June and July to get through. then August. But with the V.R.A being at last on the beginning of crumbling down. losing strength and the heroes being put on peace again… It was gonna start getting back to calmer living. or so they had thought. It was since that night when they all faced near death… that they knew that things were gonna change. Luna and Martin went on a couple more dates… since that night. But the last one they went on was the worst one… Martin without realizing what he was doing… laid a hand or two on Luna. Which he didn’t mean to… but it was enough to make her scared and afraid to be around him or near him anymore. Life of young love was altering and changing… Maturing. Demon Hunting… Love Brigade. Martin diving further into drinking. Intoxication at 13. Is this the way teens act? Heartbreak… doesn’t equal Intoxicated mess. Will Dean and Sam also still decide towards going at Raven? Will the Wall with the Mark of Scath begin to open itself up? What will happen with the Rhapsody girls as they all near the Possible start of the Prophecy of Raven? Will they be ready when it finally starts? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Next Chapter…

Chapter 104: “intoxicated and Over Liquored” Martin faces possible death. Luna’s Avoidance of Martin begins. Zeke and Luna get closer to each other under Love and Romance.

Officer Stan Mertz: *With a group of cops* Okay… Okay… Break it up. Party time is over. There is witnesses saying that a Minor is here and Drinking under age. There better not be any Minor here drinking under age.  Because if there is… you’re all gonna be taken in for questioning. And i don’t mean the taking it easy and just be sweet about it. There will be charges put on you. So… you better hope for your sake that there isn’t any Minors here.

Dean: Hey Demon… You’re trapped. We know that you’re working for your master… big red and beastie… but you’ve just walked into a little surprise.

Gabe: *As the Demon; Looking Up* Huh? What’s that? What’s the meaning of this? You really think that this will hold me?

Sam: That’s what it is said to do. It’s a Demon trap. You’ve walked right into it. So whoever you are… You’re about to leave Mr. Sullivan’s body.

Dean: Sam… Now! do it.

Gabe: *Demon Voice; Laughing sinisterly* Yeah… right. Like you can really stop me. it will never work. But if you think you got me beat. do it. see what happens. I’d love to watch.

Sam: *Reading the Devil’s Spell* “Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus
omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio
infernalis adversarii, omnis legio,
omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.
Ergo draco maledicte
et omnis legio diabolica adjuramus te.
cessa decipere humanas creaturas,
eisque aeternae Perditionis venenum propinare.
Vade, Satana, inventor et magister
omnis fallaciae, hostis humanae salutis.
Humiliare sub potenti manu dei,
contremisce et effuge, invocato a
nobis sancto et terribili nomine,
quem inferi tremunt.
Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine.
Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus
omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio
infernalis adversarii,omnis legio,
omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.
Ergo draco maledicte
et omnis legio diabolica
adjuramus te.
Cessa decipere humanas creaturas,
eisque aeternae Perditionis venenum propinare.
Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire
te rogamus, audi nos.”

Gabe: *Releasing the Demon from inside and being purged from the possession*


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