Chapter 102: Trouble on Young love Alley.

March 25th 2027…


At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Luna was just getting up for another day of school. She was also with her pack by her bed. She Thought about pulling out a smoke and lighting up… but she didn’t want to do it in the house. She left the pack there and got up. She walked over to her dresser and got a change of clothes…

Luna: *Sighs* I promised myself that i would quit this habit. but i can’t. Zeke and i are in it. Plus. it’s not like i have a reason to stop. It doesn’t look as though i have Martin. He’s been staying away from me. I think that he’s probably seeing someone else. But what hurts… is that i can not prove it. and he won’t tell. I can’t go to Vincent. He won’t tell me. *Changing her shirt, Pants, Panties and socks* Maybe it’s because he doesn’t know.

Pamela: *Shaking her head; Waking up* What do you mean by that, Luna? Vincent is just a Wizard. Eccentric too. What could he possibly know about Martin and you? You did tell me that he spends his days with a nose buried into those books… didn’t you? Plus… Smoking? Are you sure that you’re with the Right set mind by doing that? You got a house full of people here who might just catch you in the act. They’re not gonna be too open to see you with cigarettes in your possession, Luna. They don’t know about it. But You think that your Brother in law and your sister might turn stupid and never figure it out?

Luna: I don’t know. But Martin has lost me. At least lost the lovey-dovey acts of romance. He trashes Zeke almost every single day and it makes me so mad that he does that and doesn’t seem to care about how i feel about him doing that to Zeke.

Pamela: Martin’s an ass anyway. you don’t need him. He hasn’t been so caring to you for a long time. I never mentioned it but i… i happen to be in the same class as Martin is in when you are in a class on your own with Zeke. I hear half the stuff that he says about you and Zeke to the others.

Luna: Really? *Pauses and looking at her friend* Like what? What did he say?

Pamela: Well… for starters. he says that you and Zeke are probably so close that you two probably are getting some Freakish love. Which is not the case as you are still with Martin. He also says that Zeke is probably gonna be with you long enough till he gets himself tired of you and will just fall for someone else. Ted Callahan even got into it and warned Martin to back off of Luna and stop battering her with trash talk Meaning Told Martin to stop bashing and battering you with the crappy rumors.

Luna: Is that all?

Pamela: Just the highlights. but yeah. The rest is just wind talk and not too much for worry.

Luna: Martin is gonna get another sock in the face for saying that. What Zeke and i do is none of his damn business. i may be 13…but i am not weak minded or slow or a Moron. I can fight some. He wants me to come with blows… he’s gonna wish that he was silent about his feeling towards Zeke. Zeke wants to beat him till he’s bloody. but i convinced him to not do it. however each time Martin acts up with his attitude. it pushes me to just give up on him and let Zeke just go on and beat him till he was bruised.

Pamela: No… No, Luna. It is not the answer. no matter how pissed you get at him… Hitting him and fighting him won’t solve anything. At the rate it’s going… doing that will only add to how he already sees the situation. It’s only gonna make him hate Zeke more and then come out hating you in the end.

Luna: Then what am i to do? I can’t just stand and keep to the side and watch as Martin batters Zeke with his hatred.

Pamela: Hey. Don’t worry about it alright. Your friends Karen, Irene, Jennifer, Beth, Jake, Ted… They are there and are gonna be there for you. They all side with you more than they do Martin.

Luna: That’s true. They don’t seem to like Martin much at all. They only tolerate him because of me. If i were to turn on him… They would somehow follow right along. *Looking at Pamela* I don’t care how angry i seem to get at Martin or if i were to turn on him or anything. I’d never cause him to lose friends. I am not gonna be mean. Not like that.

Pamela: Does your sister know that you and Martin are having issues?

Luna: i guess. i mean that… she suspects and has a feeling that something is up. I even told her when she and Prince Alvin rescued me from that Abductor last month. She was not happy about it. I was crying because of it too. but also in tears over the idea that i was tortured. 4 days. it got to be bad.

Pamela: You mentioned that. i heard about it and it really sounded… horrible. Seriously.

Luna: I was Electro-shocked by some Abductor. he was after power that i didn’t have. Thinking that i was a hero, I am not a hero. I am just myself.

Pamela: Why would the guy take you then? Why?

Luna: I don’t know. Pamela, let’s hurry and get to school. I need a you know what and i can’t have it here. My sister and my Brother in law will never understand the idea that i happen to do it.

Pamela: It’s alright. We’ll light up in the girls bathroom at school before class begins for the day, It’ll be fine. Just don’t spread it around. Besides my parents don’t know what i do. and i don’t care anymore what they may say. because what’s the point? My parent’s don’t take any time noticing me hardly… so i could be having sex and they’d never know of it.

Luna: *Gasps* Pamela… You’re so bad.

Pamela: *Giggles* Kidding. I’m Kidding on that part. But seriously… it’s gonna be okay.

Luna then got ready for school and made sure that she had what she needed before she left for school. She had Pamela with her.

This is the story behind Pamela. She’s 13 and comes from a family where her parents are never around. She also has a bit of teenage Angst but hers is centered from having parents who are never around half the time and being the only child. When she’s at home… they’re at work and never show up from work till sometime during the night. One might think that it’s possibly another Alice Cross background. but the only difference is that Alice had lost her mother at a young age. Pamela didn’t. Alice is with Psychic abilities… Pamela isn’t. Alice had an abusive father or a neglectful father. One who was hardly ever there or couldn’t care one bit about her. and once tried to soil her. Pamela had parents who both smoked… and were both out at work. hardly home to be with her. and would not notice her much. But wouldn’t soil on her. never. and they would never abuse her in any way like she never mattered. But they’d hardly ever be home. Which usually left her to be all alone. with nary a person to talk to at home. Pamela also since being all alone and developing teenage rebellion and Angst smoked. But she didn’t do it in public. Just snuck one in the bathroom of the school. She never told Luna about it though but she was in the bathroom at school a couple times and caught her smoking with another girl who looked just like a guy. Luna never knew. but Pamela wasn’t one to just expose her little tell all…

Luna and her new friend Pamela then made their way to school. Walking their way there…

But still at Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Shingo: *Smelling smoke* What is that smell?

Raven: *Looking around* I’m not sure. It’s not coming from any of the rooms here. I’ve checked every room. All but one.

Shingo: Which room would that be?

Raven: Luna’s.

Shingo: Luna’s? Why would there be anything in her room that would make the room smell like smoke?

Raven: I don’t know. *Sighs* I’m gonna take a look in her room and see if there is anything in there that has smoke coming from it. The smoke smells rather pungent like…

Shingo: Almost like Tobacco. But there is nothing in the house that would have that smell. So why is it that we’re smelling it?

Raven: It might be Luna.

Shingo: Say that again… Did you just say Luna? How could it be Luna? She doesn’t do anything with anything that smells like Tobacco.

Raven: *with an eyebrow raised* Are you certain about that? I don’t expose a person’s flaw unless there was something seriously wrong. But i’m gonna take a look…

A minute or two later…

Raven: *In Dismay* I found the source. There was a half empty pack of something and it had something that read:… Filtered on it.

Shingo: Thank you, Raven. I suggest that we keep it quiet. I’ll bring it up with Dinah soon. and get her take on it. Luna is her sister. So If there is something going on with Luna… Dinah should be told.

Raven: When do you plan to tell her?

Shingo: I wish i knew.

Raven: When you tell her…Just tell her straight. But tell her soon. The longer you wait… the harder it’ll be to come out with it.

Shingo: And what about the others? What do i tell them?

Raven: Nothing. You let Dinah tell them. You can console her and give her support and be her strength. But this is a battle Dinah has to face. She has to tell the others as you tell her.

Shingo only looks to the side and feels conflicted on what to do…

Shingo: *In his mind; thinking* Luna, what is going on with you… Please don’t let this be true. Please.

An hour later…

At Metropolis Middle School…

Luna: *Walking over to Martin* Martin…?

Martin: Yes… Luna?

Luna: *Slugging Martin in the face* That is for talking trash about Me and Zeke. making crappy untrue garbage saying that Zeke and i might be having sex. Because first off… *Angrily* Zeke and i don’t see each other that way. We are just close… really close.

Martin: Yeah right. You two hang out so much that it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if you two did get jiggy with each other. You two hang out together. All the time… i don’t even think i know whether you smoke or not. and i am not one to buy it that you do. You wouldn’t do that. Not unless Zeke was around and i know that Zeke ain’t all that close to you because if he was… he’d be here right now guarding you from me… when it is supposed to be me doing that for you. Guarding you. You’re my girlfriend but you seem to not even want me around you half the time. So… You really want to go down that road? as you wish. I Love you, Luna. but i am tired of being a nice person to someone who won’t even see what is and see that Zeke is bad news from the upchuck. You’re brave now… full of spark and know what it is that you want. But Then out of nowhere… you blast it all just to be with Zeke. like he’s the hottest guy in your secret little girl fantasy. You are so much better than that. I can’t even stand to be looking at you much anymore because you have changed so much that it just hurts me to know that i am losing you and i can’t seem to do jack about it. Everyone happens to be on your side. i don’t like Zeke. You can hate me for it. but i don’t like him. i still believe that he’s hiding something. i can feel it.

Luna: Why would you say such a thing like that? You hate Zeke that much that you savvy yourself on making as such that he is miserable. That is just rude… cruel and Malicious. Pamela has a habit too… but i don’t see you hating on her. Although she doesn’t seem to like you because of how you act and the way you treat Zeke. Making up things.

Martin: She is not the issue. Zeke is. He is a con man. He smokes… Drinks too. i’ve seen him at a bar several times. Several times, Luna. Saw him drinking. I mean… *Scoffs* for gods sake Luna… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to know that something is not right. You really think that Zeke is gonna just say to you… “Luna… I confess to you that i not only smoke… but i also Drink too… I am sorry. Please don’t hate me.”? Think about it. Zeke is not trusting you. There are probably things about him that you don’t even know about. things that maybe you’re wishing to never find out. Do you really suggest that you put yourself in the middle of it all? Letting his issues become yours?

Luna: That is not the point. Martin. Zeke isn’t like that. He keeps some things private. and i can respect that. because… you know that i respect other people’s privacy. If he doesn’t want to tell me. then… i am not about to just force him. I will not force someone to tell me something that they don’t feel comfortable telling. It’s unkind and not right. You of all people should know that.

Martin: Luna, It isn’t gonna be getting me to like Zeke any. I am sorry. I am. I just can’t put any kind of trust into him. He’s done nothing to earn it or deserve it. You are changing and it hasn’t been like this till you and he met. Ever since you met him… it’s like i have seen whole different side of you. And to be quite honest. I am not a fan of it. Not at all.

Luna: If that’s how you feel… I should just look up to the reality that it could be only moments before we just decide to possibly break up. Maybe some time apart from one another… will put you in perspective. And maybe me as well.

Martin: You’re right. because if we keep fighting like this… it’s just gonna ruin any of the good sweet feelings that we have left of each other.

Pamela: *Stepping in* Martin. Just be glad that Luna wants to even talk to you anymore. She’s still loving you. but i believe that she’s only wasting her time. You control her like she’s just some robot. I don’t find it funny at all.

Martin: Ugh! Excuse me, Pamela the lonesome drifter… Back off. This is none of your business. This is a issue that concerns Luna and me. So… shut the hell up.

Pamela: *Standing in front of Martin and staring at him face to face; Looking him in the eyes* I’m gonna start making it my business. You got something to say… You say it to me. Luna loves you… the sweet person that you used to be. not this persona of Asshole city. She didn’t fall in love with a womanizer. She fell for a Gentleman. So… if you’re unwilling to be a Gentleman about her decisions and how she decides to live… You better just go ahead and back off then. and leave her. She doesn’t need the crap. She wants you to love her and respect her. Not control her and put her down because she is in love with Zeke.

Martin and Pamela got into it a little and it took Jake and Jennifer plus Penelope to break them off and ice them down. It only caused a friction between Luna and Martin. They stayed away from one another throughout the whole day.

Metropolis Clock Tower…

Oliver: *Having his tech guys working on new upgrades*


Chloe: *Walking in* Oliver?

Oliver: *Turning to see Chloe walking in from the Elevator* Chloe. It’s a surprise to see you here. You haven’t been here since we all suited up to rescue Bart from Lex at the Ridge Facility. Which was said to house the mainframe for the project of 33.1. *Grins curiously* So… What brings you up here after all this time?

Chloe: I figured that since you have not come to the Watchtower as of late… i’d come here and see what’s up. You have been rather distant of the tower as of late.

Oliver: It’s not like i really was distant. I am pulling long hours at having all the research done to present the girls. They’re gonna need it for the big change-up that is about to happen. You know about Scath the intergalactic Demon… Right?

Chloe: Who wouldn’t know about the demon? We have a good amount of sources pulling on the Demon. And just the other day… There have been 30 Heat spikes coming from the Abandoned Quarry. where Luna and Martin had originally found the secret tunnel and saw sight of the Mark of Scath right on the wall…

Oliver: How’s the new member of Watchtower?

Chloe: Tess? She’s working well and providing connections on what she knows about the V.R.A and the Suicide Squad. There is a lot that she knows that can keep us ahead.

Oliver: Has she come up with anything?

Chloe: There is something that she found from one of Checkmate’s top agents. Assassins. A Interpol who is considered to be pegged as the F.B.I’s most wanted of 5.

Oliver: What about him?

Chloe: Not much except that they called the guy “Sniping death” Checkmate called him that as they could not I.D him.  The guy makes a kill with Gatling gun that shoot 5 shots with dead aim hitting the target with fatal precision. Marking them. With direct precision and the hit tags the location of the major organs The Lungs… Heart, Liver and Spleen. one aim and five shots a barrel.

Oliver: Sounds like a dose of trouble and just more to add to the problems on normal frontier. The Love brigade dilemma between Luna and Martin. as told by the girls. Paige came to me the other day expressing concerns. Plus also Dinah and even Prince Alvin.

Chloe: How bad do you think it looks?

Oliver: *Shaking his head unsure what to say about the issue* I guess that if looks could kill from what they saw of Luna and her changing since the first of this month till now… or a couple days ago… Lets just say that it’s something that puts the Kill in overkill of the psyche and the sanity. They were seeing signs of angst in Luna and they didn’t know what to call it… what to make of it. Prince Avery came and made a theory that Luna was into the habit of smoking per what he managed to catch sight oh her and a Guy named Zeke at the park sometime back. the 14th of last month. He caught her or caught sight of something in Luna’s hands. He told Prince Alvin and they tried to hold off and play it out seeing if there were anymore occurrences done by it. They are worried about her.

Chloe: Ouch. I think that we’d all be worried. Should we suggest for there to be a trip to Rehab for minors to cleanse Luna up.

Oliver: No… Not without the consent of the girls. Luna’s their sister. They want to make that move when it comes time… if it does come time. We can offer help where needed. but it’s gotta be their call. Luna is going through a change right now and it’s gonna be a while before she is matured a little more in her life.

Chloe: Something tells me that isn’t all that is going on with them… is it?

Oliver: No… it’s not all i’m afraid. Only because… There is also the part where they are now in classes again. A new Semester started. So they are are gonna be strapped at least till summer. Summer break is a 3 month break. For a recession with the University. It’s gonna be hard on them to cut any breaks till then. Also… If that’s not the least bit of worry on their pretty plates of stress and anxiety… they lost connection with the Enterprise and lost the girl that they call Larmina. She turned on them. The Enterprise however hasn’t. but now with the severing ties… with hers… they have to pray that they have a way to get in touch with them and get a hold of them and still reach Dinah’s little ones if needed.

Chloe: They must be taking it really hard,

Oliver: I am sure that they are. And why on earth wouldn’t they?

Chloe: Will they be able to get a hold of the space crew? Watchtower hasn’t been able to get a reach of them as of late…

Oliver: No idea. but what we do know is that they need to get a hold of them somehow. Because… it means Dinah’s little ones.

Chloe: I’ll see if Tess can amp up some Juice into the control and see on getting a transmission over to the Enterprise and find out what’s going on…

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Looking at Kris* Kris, We need to talk… professionally.

Kris: You are with a family and they are hated. being torn down and i Rally with the ones who want to chase them out. But you want to talk with me? I ought to ask… what for? Since you might have figured as though my views and thoughts are not apt to change.

Trixie: I am not gonna motion for you to change your views. Not if you have such high belief in what you’re holding on to. But If anything is gonna get better. Even if by maybe a fraction. the best thing to do is talk it out.

Kris: *Grins* Okay… I guess that you got me with that logic. Okay, Lunch is in about an hour. We can talk then. There’s a place at the Promenade that i go to once a week. for their Beef stew and Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas. They make Primo food there.

Trixie: Sounds like a plan. John might not like our meeting. but this is for the best. To see how to cast the hate and discontent aside for once. Because you and i could both see what it’s doing to each other and how it’s hurting others around us. It’s wrong.

Kris: I guess you’re right. The V.R.A has ruined alot of people and made people all hate one another.

Trixie: It’s only getting worse when we fight and add fuel for more and more hatred to come out and lash at others.

Kris: People have that right. That’s what makes the public what they are. Society lives on freedom of choice and a right to feel how they wish. *Sighs* But you’re right. Adding more fuel to the fire is unprofessional and very unsporting. I very well doubt that you’ll be able to put it out. as well as those goody goody fighters. Vigilantes are what they are. The Public sees them as that. i was part of that. But i kinda had a wake up call the other week about it. got met by a Blondie with kicks for sharp knives and with the fetish for the fishnets.

Trixie: *Pretending to know nothing about what happened to Kris* What? What happened?

Kris: Well I guess that i can tell you. Although i don’t know if you’d think it was intentional of what that blondie was trying to pull.

Trixie: It might make some difference. But… I am willing to gather an opened mind.

Kris: Well…

Kris Explains what happened and where she was when it happened…

“Kris: *in her house on the balcony* Who’s there? Is someone there?

Sounds of someone repelling down the side of the house and landing on the ledge of the Balcony…

Black Canary: My my… aren’t we the pampered poison prophetic pen with the unending Itch…

Kris: *Turning around to see a woman in black with fishnets and knives* You’re one of the Vigilantes? Aren’t you?

Black Canary: *Landing off the ledge and walking around Kris* I happen to be one of the fighters for something called Justice. Something that you’re morally oblivious to.

Kris: I could say the same about you Vigilantes. You all act like you are fighting for us. but you clearly have an alterior motive and secret Agenda. 

Black Canary: Is that what those Anti-hero fanatics have been feeding you? No wonder you’re totally on the blind side of the fight for Justice and the thrill of fighting with the honest  intentions.

Kris:  What do you want?

Black Canary: Not much… It’s not about what i want. It’s about settling the score. You seem to have a lot of leverage on battering the good name of those who work to ensure that the city is safe. If it weren’t for a group of people dealing off with a Evil Queen… This City would be a cesspool of darkness and Dark Kingdom would have reigned throughout. I very much doubt that you would have been left unharmed by the likes of her.

Kris: Her who?

Black Canary: Queen Beryl.

Kris: That still doesn’t give you Vigilantes freedom to come and go as you please. 

Black Canary: Who’s to say that we do or don’t? We follow our own rules. but we respect the law. Of course that happens to be big talk for someone who’s living the rich life. You work at the Daily planet to cover that you’re rich. 

Kris: Like you have any reason to know a thing about me.

Black Canary: Oh but you must know a bit about us heroes. And the girls of Love, Grace and Fury. The Sacrifices that the young fighters made to see that this city was kept safe from intergalactic threat and peril.

Kris: *Grabbing a gun and Aiming at the Vigilante* Don’t you dare move from there.

Black Canary: If you plan to shoot. You might want to think about loading it first. You’re with an unloaded gun.

Kris: How do you know it’s unloaded?

Black Canary: Because if it was loaded… you would have fired the gun the second you picked it up. But you barely grabbed it and are just holding it. 

Kris: I think Lady Justice has been going off the lucid edge of reality. That’s not my only gun. There is another one inside.

Black Canary: This is a dangerous city at night. You should have been more prepared. *With a knife aimed to shoot* You should think twice about trying to spread rumors about the heroes without proof.

Kris: And you should…. *Darting quickly into the bedroom and going for her gun* … *Grabbing her gun and quickly turning to aim at the Black Canary* know when to say game over. *Firing a shot at the Black Canary* 

Black Canary: *Jumping to avoid the shot and Moving in to grab Kris* 

A minute or two later… 

Kris: *Hanging from the balcony* Whoa… Uh… get me down. Get me down from here. Are you totally insane? Is this how you Vigilantes act towards anyone who happens to not like you and are out to get you?

Black Canary: Not really. We do have other methods in showing the ones trying to crucify what for, You  might keep in mind that without us heroes… the world would fall apart. The threats that come here… they’re tougher than the power of the good guys and gals in Uniform.”

Kris: That was my wake up call. If it wasn’t for that blonde woman doing what she did… i’d still be following the side of the V.R.A.

Trixie: Well… it’s a good thing that you’re okay now. I mean… There was a mean to put a scare,,, but to have you nearly hanging for dear life. That’s over stepping on the scare factor wake up call.

Kris: Yes. It is…  But… We’ll talk about it over lunch.

Trixie: You’re on.

Metropolis Dorms…

Room #330…

Alice: *Feeling frisky and on Edge* Prince Alvin is Out. He’s gone out for a while with his brothers to survey again the Abandoned Quarry. At least that is what is supposed to happen. I don’t know if i can hold the urge to go and find him. I need to see him now… Week 9 and i got a heightened sex Drive that is driving me totally bats. *Shaking the idea off her mind* There was no class today.

Paige: Well i have class in about an hour. It’s one of those writing classes. I have 3 chapters that i got to get written and i so far have only a little of the one chapter done. There are 2 more chapters that i need to get done. However i… am reaching a Writers cramp.

Alice: A Writer’s Cramp? How do you get those coming over you?

Paige: I have no clue. But i have been getting them quite a lot. It’s really weird. I know that i have a solid idea of how i want my chapters to go. My book that i am writing is a 40 chapter long book. But so far i only have 7 chapters done. The teacher wants 22 chapters done by time the semester is done. I am gonna need alot of time to do it and get it done.

Alice: What about your other classes?

Paige: Heh! Are you seriously asking me that question and hoping that i’d know how they’re going?

Alice: Of course. I got 2 classes back to back to sit through. They’re Languages and History. Spanish or french. Not sure what it is though. Perhaps Italian.

Paige: It might be. *Looking at Alice*  Hey. You okay?

Alice: *Nods* Yeah. I’m okay. I just have a bit of the sore skin. on the sides and by where the breasts are. It’s rather tender.

Paige: You should be careful though. Really. You’re nearing Month 3 heading to 4. Pearl is Month 2 working towards 3. This is gonna be a very busy year’s end.

Alice: Not only that… We all have the Intergalactic Demon to tangle with at the stroke of the new year.

Paige: I really don’t want You or Pearl to be bring kids into this world until after the Demon is gone. I don’t think it could be bared to see them brought into a world that is gonna end by Scath’s presence.

Alice: I know what you mean. I can’t bare it. But i can’t go for an abortion. It’s too late for it now. Way too late. I think.

Paige: So, What’re you gonna do?

Alice: Pray for a miracle. That’s about all that i can do.

Paige: I wish we knew what to do.

Alice: Same here. Prince Alvin has been trying his best to keep me feeling comfortable. but… there is nothing much more that he can really do. I mean… he’s not a woman. He can’t just take the pain away and reverse it.

Paige: It’s a Woman’s Dilemma. for women and women alone.

Alice: *Looking at the T.V* Now i know what Dinah meant by Pregnancy being a total bugger at times. It’s a real eyesore. She was right.

Paige: It can be,,, It can be…

At the Metropolis Middle School…

That afternoon… Usually Luna and Martin would be walking together and hanging out. But that afternoon it changed for them as he learned during the school day that day and was told by Penelope Walden that Luna was in the girls bathroom During break with Pamela Marigold and another girl who was Actually Zeke in Disguise. Saw her Smoking. Martin found herself unable to believe it. Felt sore about it because he realized that he was lied to by Luna who told him earlier that month… that she wouldn’t be smoking again. Although he still didn’t know that Luna had been doing since the week before Valentines Day… Martin made Luna promise that she would never try it again and Just that moment he found that she lied to his face when saying that she’d never do it again. Luna was smoking even behind her sister’s back and they never knew. Not even Dinah who had Luna living with her and Shingo. Luna even was concealing them in her room and no one knew. Dinah didn’t. Not Even Raven.  At School that afternoon Martin was seen with Karen, Jake, Jennifer, and Penelope. They were with mixed feelings on Luna’s habit and were not sure what to think… Each had mixed feelings. Karen Although was standing mainly for Luna. She felt that Luna was being torn down and saw it to be unfair for her to be torn down by Martin all because she was with Zeke. It was with mixed feelings and Martin was yet again expressing discontent and distrust over Zeke…

Martin: I can’t believe her. all she’s been doing is hanging around that jerk and she doesn’t have any time left for me.. It’s all Zeke’s doing. I swear to god that i so hate him. I so hate him. He is lying to Luna and Luna’s being so stupid to even fall for Zeke. That damn Loser.

Penelope: I can’t believe she’d do something like that. She never did that before. did she?

Martin: No. But i heard that she smokes the same brand that Zeke does. I even caught sight of the pack in her hand, But she hid them before i could say word about it.

Penelope: She has some nerve though to toss you aside like you mean nothing to her anymore. *Feeling angry about it* I would like to shake her. but i would also like to shake you for being mean to Zeke. Zeke is troubled… I actually read up on him and it turns out that he was abused. Sexually. by his own mother. That’s why he smokes. But… the idea that he’s got Luna to do it… It’s Like he’s Putting his pain on everyone.  Luna sees it differently though. Not sure as to why that is though.

Karen: *Feeling angry about it too* I don’t like it either. But i think that we’re all being unfair to both her and Zeke. Martin, Luna deserves better than that. You are just not giving it to her.

Martin: I am so… I am trying the best that i know how… I am just giving her a hard time because Luna possibly smoking is not Luna being the best she can be. She can do better than that. I know it seems like i am battering her because she’s with Zeke. But Zeke will never give her the thing she really needs. The hard push. Zeke isn’t doing that for her. I am. I hate Zeke for the fact that he’s hurting Luna and not even seeing it. I am hating on Luna a bit because she’s hurting herself and doesn’t seem to care that she is doing it. This was never the issue till Zeke came and got into her life.

Jake: Zeke’s a bit of a Jerk..  But he’s got a lot of reasons to be… and the right to be as such. He’s been hurt. by his mother… His Stepfather would beat on him. I spoke to Zeke last week and got to the bottom of it all. It’s terrible. Why he would really tell me about it is beyond me.

Karen: Well… that’s because he knows that you won’t Judge him. Unlike Martin.

Martin: *Scoffs in disgust* What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Karen: You know quite well what it means. It’s not a game Martin. You treat Zeke like Dirt. It’s no wonder how Luna is being distant from you… You of all people should know better than to tear down an abused teen and make him or her feel lesser than a person. It is downright mean and hurtful.

However as for Luna…

Luna was walking with Zeke and didn’t see Martin anywhere… Pamela was with them. Luna was wondering why Martin was not wishing to walk with her. She knew that she made a mess up on things and was caught smoking in the girls bathroom. She didn’t figure that it would be by Penelope. She happened to catch her and yet… did not utter a word to her about it. She was with Zeke and with Pamela looking for Martin and didn’t happen to see him or did she happen to see the others…

Luna: Where’s Martin?

Zeke: I don’t know. We usually see him around. I hope that he didn’t find out that you were smoking. You have only done it one time. As far as he knows. You only had done it once. But no one knows that. Except you and me.

Pamela: And so do i. I know. Luna kinda told me while she and i were in the girls bathroom. We didn’t have a light. But we talked in private and she told me about it.

Luna: I know how it sounds. I feel rather strange about it though. I don’t want to hurt Martin. I love him. But he’s not seeing anything good in you. He thinks still that you’re faking the whole thing of being abused even though he knows that you were abused. It is like nothing is getting through to him.

Zeke: The whole school knows. They have it on file. And of course they know now about you being abused. They know all about it. Word got out. *Looking at Luna* You hid your pack of smokes in your pocket right? no one can see them, right?

Luna: Yes. i got them hidden. But i think that Martin knows for sure that i now… you know. I need to find Martin. I got to at least try to Talk it out with him somehow… I just hope that i don’t let the anger of how he treats you get to me and cause me to lash at him. I’ve done enough of that. I don’t want to do anymore of that.

Zeke: Let’s both see about finding him.

Pamela: Are you sure that you would like to find him? What if Martin starts his bull and tries to… you know? Bash you, Zeke?

Zeke: I don’t know. But we have to do something. Let’s go.

Luna: Okay.

Pamela: *Sighs* I sure hope we know what we’re doing.

Zeke: Come on. He couldn’t have gotten far. Let’s search for him.

Luna and Zeke start the search for Martin. In hopes that they can locate him…

But where Martin was… Waiting for Vincent…

(They were more Luna’s friend than they were Martin’s)

Martin: *Walking with his and Luna’s friends* But will she listen to me if i tell her my feelings about her smoking and hanging with Zeke?

Karen: You can always try. no one can tell you how you should feel about a certain thing but you need to still be calm about it. *Tries to help Martin and not wanting to be mean about it* Don’t be bossy. Just tell her straight out how it is that you feel about the situation. But don’t push her around. All it will do is make you the Jerk and you are already on danger’s path in the relationship and near having her dump you like a rotten batch of eggs.

Penelope: *Agreeing* Yeah.. if you can’t talk things over in a relationship then that isn’t gonna be of any good. You don’t like Zeke… Too bad. Man up and take charge. Tell Luna how it is.

Jake: Luna loves you Martin.. Zeke is just a friend of hers. But the more you act out in your paranoia of him being around her and tell her who she’s to be with and when… the more it’ll make her hate you. She doesn’t hate you. You know that she swore to never do that… but the more you make headwind to hurt Zeke because you don’t like him… the more it’ll make her shift and wind up hating you for it. If that happens… You’ll be having to work more extreme to win her love again. That’s not going to be easy… Once you lose someone’s love… let’s just say that it’s near impossible to regain it. and once it’s gone… it’s gone for good.

Martin listened to them and knew that he had to take all of that into consideration. Although he just didn’t know how. He needed some time to think. A Moment later…

Luna: *Looking to see Martin nowhere close and worried* He’s not anywhere to be seen. He must have gone to the pickup spot to wait for Vincent. Vincent usually always picks him up there and most of the time he’s right on time.

Zeke: Who is this Vincent? *Curious* You keep mentioning about him. But i don’t know who he is. Who is he?

Luna: Vincent. Vincent Van Graves is a Wizard, Demonologist and a Necromancer. He is the sole Guardian of Martin. He carries a promise that he made to Martin’s father that he’d watch over Martin. Protect him and be there for him till he no longer could. It is sad though because his parents were really nice as he described.

Zeke: I can imagine. Sure wish that my parents were like that.

Luna: I know. I am sorry that you have rotten parents. I wish things were better for you.

Zeke: Do you like me?

Luna: Yeah. I like you. I actually like you alot. But honestly… i rather happen to Love you. I know that i have Martin. But i happen to love you too. Martin’s my love. but you’re like my sympathizer. You understand what abuse is like.

Zeke: I do. Do you think that Martin would love hearing you say that you are in love with me? He might get Jealous.

Luna: So? Martin knows that i love him. If he can’t take a little competition… then i don’t know why we’re going out to begin with. I mean… i can understand him being a little uneased about me being with you. but the Over Jealousy? I don’t think i like that. Even though i don’t really care if he likes me being with you. You’re my friend too.

Pamela: And mines as well. You’re a pretty tight person. Zeke… If Martin can’t accept you. Then… That’s his problem. Not yours. You’re not to answer to him. You have the same rights as he does. It’s not his right to tell you otherwise. I don’t like how he treats you.

Zeke: Me neither. But then i never had a relationship before. I don’t even know if Jealousy can be possible.

Luna: Zeke, If Martin and i happen to you know… Break up and just leave each other. Would you like to be my Boyfriend?

Zeke: *Surprised* Really?

Luna: Uh-huh.

Zeke: Uh, I… I… Uh… Sure. I’d love to. If that is what you would like. *Smiling on the inside and Feeling happy*

By time she got to the Pick-up spot with Zeke and Pamela…

Luna: *Not seeing Martin; Looking down* Martin’s gone. I think that he’s avoiding me. i am beginning to wonder as to how much he found out. I know that i slipped and made a mistake or two… but does her really have to avoid me like that.

Zeke: Well… that’s nothing. I think that he left a note… *Picking off a note from the fence* Here… You are not gonna believe it.

Luna reads the note and panics…

Zeke: *Seeing the look on Luna’s face* Luna? Luna, what’s wrong?

Pamela: Is something wrong, Luna.

Luna: Martin. He knows. He knows about my habit. I don’t know how he knows… but he knows. He’s angry.

Luna was then scared of what Martin was bound to say to her about what he knew… When he saw Luna with Zeke…

Martin: *Angry about Luna taking up the bad habit* I have to tell her but what if she just shrugs it off like it means nothing to her? *Says to himself and nervous about telling her*

Unfortunately Martin saw her from a distance… or so it seemed… Luna didn’t see Martin anywhere and began to wonder where he went. She then realized after the note was read that Martin was already on his way home.

Luna: I missed him.

Zeke: I’m sorry. I know that you wanted to see him before everyone departed for home. But he knows your secret now… he knows. What do you think he’s gonna say?

Luna: Over the phone or when i meet him again?

Zeke: Either one. He is liable to call your house or call your sisters and tell them that you smoke. Martin’s not the Asshole Dejour in doing that. But… With the fact that you were seen in class with a pack of Marlboro Cigarettes and he just happened to see the pack. He could be sure to do something about it. If he plans to do anything at all.

Luna: I don’t have a clue. But i am my own person. I won’t allow for him to make me feel like i am guilty. But i am kinda guilty already since i felt that i had to hide the secret from him. This makes me feel really guilty. and the idea that he saw them in my possession. Or that the class caught a glance of something in my hand… but didn’t make out what it was… I think that i am gonna be risking it having the stuff in school.

Zeke: True. True. Do you have a ride coming to pick you up?

Luna: Not today. I have to walk home. Shingo is at work and can’t step from it today. Dinah’s in Class and the others are all in class or out busy doing things. Also doing some recon work over the dilemma of a Galactic Demon. It’s alot. So… i have to walk home. Bummer.

Zeke: Want a ride?

Pamela: I don’t have a ride either. Is there room on the Bike there…

Zeke: I think so. It’s gonna be a rather tight Squeeze though.

Luna: Can we take the long way home? I just need time to think about what i’m gonna say to Martin if i see him or what he’s liable to say to me. Just thinking about it is scaring me. because i am afraid that he’s gonna do something.

Zeke: You bet. We can take the long way home. Some time to think would do us all good. I know that i got some thinking to do.

Zeke, Luna and Pamela made way to Zeke’s motorcycle and got on it. She was in despair about the note. It was a minute later when they were on the road… During that time… They hardly spoke. All they could think about was that Note. Luna was distraught about it. Zeke could tell.

At Metropolis University…

In Laws and Concepts 102…

Professor Starling: *Lecturing the class* The laws in Florida are precise and are with key. Like for Alcoholic beverages… For those of you who drink. Beers and Wine Coolers. You might want to be warned of their laws. Just so you don’t do anything reckless… In Dade City… Hours of sale… “No alcoholic or intoxicating beverages may be sold, consumed, served or permitted to be served or consumed in any place holding a license from the state within the corporate limits of the city between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. of the same date. No intoxicating beverages may be sold, served or permitted to be served or consumed in any place holding a license from the state within the corporate limits of the city between 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning and 11:00 a.m. the same day.” So, For you drinkers in here… If you are gonna sell Booze. You better abide by their law. Whether it be here or Florida… The law is the law. You break it… you do the time for it. Penalty wise and or by a fine. If you’re a Vendor… The law is as follows… Sec 10-3: “No license shall be issued to any vendor of alcoholic or intoxicating beverages nor shall the sale, serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages or intoxicating beverages be licensed for any place within 200 feet of any established school or church, which distance shall be measured by following the shortest route of ordinary pedestrian travel along the public thoroughfare from the nearest point of such place of business to the nearest point of the church; in the case of a school, to the nearest point of the school grounds in use as part of the school facilities.” That law was made to keep the Youth from getting the idea that Beer or Alcohol is easy to get. Easy to buy with a little blingage or cash if they got it. The fault for that would ensue with seeing teens buying it fast and then driving while drinking. You are looking at a death range of dozens… It will grow to be a cancerous growth. But You students won’t be doing anything like that. You are mature and very well civilized. I know that this university has a few minors attending here who are super intelligent and have excelled in all their Test scores and have large GPA’s. But there are laws about Minors. Section 62-52:

“A minor may not be or remain in a public place or establishment between the hours of 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. of the following day, Sunday through Thursday, except in the case of a legal holiday.” Meaning that if if you’re inside a public place… and are a Minor. You are to be out of there before that time and till 5 in the morning the next day. On those days.

“A minor may not be or remain in a public place or establishment between the hours of 12:01 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. on Friday, Saturday and legal holidays.” Same rules apply. So… even though you’re a minor and are higher learning than the rest… You still have to abide.

“A minor who has been suspended or expelled from school may not be or remain in a public place, or in any establishment, or within 1,000 feet of a school during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. during any school day.”

“A minor who violates this section shall receive a written warning for his first violation. A minor who violates this section after having received a prior written warning, is guilty of a class IV civil infraction, pursuant to the city uniform fine schedule.”

“If a minor violates a curfew and is taken into custody, the minor shall be transported to a police station or to a facility operated by a religious, charitable, or civic organization that conducts a curfew program in cooperation with a local law enforcement agency. The police station or organization shall attempt to contact the parent of the minor and, if successful, shall request that the parent take custody of the minor and release the minor to the parent. If the law enforcement agency is not able to contact the minor’s parent within two hours after the minor is taken into custody, or if the parent refuses to take custody of the minor, the law enforcement agency may transport the minor to his residence or proceed as authorized under F.S. ch. 39, pt. III.” So… Minors. *Looking to see 4 minors in the room* Yeah… You. Don’t be stupid or play the: “Oh. i can just cheat the system and pull a fast one on the law.” You’ll wind up looking stupid. Laws are what keep the society in line and with stability. Without Laws… there would be Anarchy. Laws are made for a reason.

Dinah: *Looking at Christie; Whispering* How much more is she gonna tell? Doesn’t she ever stop?

Christie: I don’t know. But i think that she is in need of a sleeping pill.

Dinah: Make that two.

Christie: She’s telling too much of the law… Class is over in 10 minutes and she’s going on like time means very little to her.

Dinah: Well… In ten minutes i got to go and head to my house. Luna is gonna be home soon and i have to at least check up on her. See how she’s doing.

Christie: How is she doing these days?

Dinah: She’s doing okay. But i think that Shingo is noticing something off about her. I don’t know what it is and he is not willing to tell me. I think he’s afraid of what i might think. Which is kinda retentive since Luna is my sister. 13 at that.

Christie: What do you think could be wrong with her?

Dinah: Not sure. I really don’t know. But what ever it is… it’s not good. Because… if it was… It wouldn’t be all that hard for my husband to spill out.

Christie: *Grins* Good point.

As for Martin…

At Vincent Van Graves house…

Martin made it home and was conflicted about what to do about Luna..

Martin: *Unsure how to handle the situatation* What the heck am i gonna do about Luna? what do i even say to her?

Vincent: *Hears Martin say something and looks at him* What’s the deal that’s going on, Martin?

Martin: It’s Luna. she’s been hanging around that jerk Zeke.. i barely even get to see her anymore and i heard from a few of our friends that she had taken up smoking now as well. She and Zeke are always hanging out. It’s got to the point where i don’t even recognize her like i once had in the beginning.

Vincent: *Looks surprised* Smoking? But why? she always seemed like a sweet girl who would never take up the habit of smoking.

Martin: *Shakes his head* I don’t know why she took it up. all i know is she’s probably been doing it ever since Zeke came into the picture.. but her and i are going to have a serious talk about it. Tonight. And i don’t think i will have anything to do with the others. All they are doing is trying to stick up for Luna and Zeke. I feel as though i am the odd person being cast aside.

Vincent: *Nods his head* She should be told about how you feel about all this. if there is anything sweet left in her she will listen to what you have to say. and if she still is in love with you she will feel bad about hurting you.I am sure that she’s still the sweet person we know. She always will be. She is just changing. It might not be into the person we’d like to see in her… but she is changing. You might have to change along with her. Find a balance somewhere.

Martin: *Looks at Vincent* I hope you’re right. i just hope she hasn’t fallen out of love with me because of Zeke.

Vincent: *Looking back at Martin* If her heart is still yours she won’t have fallen out of love with you.. but just make sure that you are careful and handle it the right way.

Martin: I will.

Vincent: All you can do is try to be understanding of her decisions. Just don’t blame it all on Zeke. Zeke might persuade her… or maybe Encourage it in some way. But in all honesty. At the end of the day… It is her decision that she made… herself.

A moment later..

Martin: *Finally deciding to call Luna up as he picks up the phone and rings her number* I sure hope she’s home and not at Zeke’s place with him.. I can’t stand Zeke. But i can’t just cast Luna away like she’s nothing. That will only make the issue worse than what it already is…

At The Watchtower…

Tess: *Picking up readings on Symbols of Death and demonic marks* This is not right… it can’t be. The Suicide Squads mark is spreading. *Walking over to the other computer and checking the scanner* Checkmate Rises again. Sniping Death. That’s his mark.

Victor Stone: What do you mean that Checkmate’s back?

Tess: *Putting the shot on screen and pointing out the symbol for The White Queen* This Symbol is the calling card for the Suicide Squad. The use this Symbol. They’re a subsidiary of the Government agency. Known as Checkmate. Checkmate is run by the White Queen Amanda Waller. If the Suicide Squad is in play… She’s not far behind.

Victor Stone:  Tess… Waller is dead. She died in the castle as it burned down.

Tess: She was thought to have died. but as it just so happens…She is alive. I’ve used the Watchtower’s orbiter to get a lock on the source where the base of the Suicide squad was stationed. It’s Waller. She’s there.

Victor Stone: You’re seriously over reaching on the wild theories.

Tess: Am I? Take a look at the read out and you tell me. Am i Fooling around with the Theories? The V.R.A is looking to recruit anyone with an ability to help their cause… then as soon as that person’s fulfilled that purpose. that Victim will be exterminated. Checkmate”s behind it.

Victor Stone: Waller is calling back to play… Sending people to help the V.R.A take lead and put a stop to the heroic fighters?

Tess: Sniping Death is one of the Top Rogue Agents of the Suicide Squad.

Victor Stone: You don’t think that she’ll try to pop back. Do you?

Tess: She’s Alive and underneath the remains of the Castle.

Victor Stone: That’s nothing compared to the readings we’re just now picking up from the abandoned Quarry.

Tess: What readings? *Looking at the readings coming from the Quarry* There seems to be Activity going on there. *Having the Watchtower’s Orbiter lock onto the position of the Quarry* Victor,  get a hold of Plasma-Core. Inform him of the activity forming at the Quarry. I’ll contact Courtney and Carter. Have them look into the Possible evidence of Waller being back alive.

Victor Stone: You got it.

At Central A&M Kansas…

In Broadcasting 3

Professor Flint: *Lecturing on Broadcasting Equipment and the Radio functions*

Prince Arnold: *Listening to the Professor; Oblivious of what’s going on outside*

At Dinah and Shingo’s place…

Luna and Zeke had just pulled up the driveway of Dinah and Shingo’s house with Pamela right along with them…

Luna: Here we are. *Sighs* What a day though.

Zeke: *Whistles* This your place?

Luna: Sure is. It’s one that i helped pick out for Dinah and Shingo. i helped Shingo pick it out for a nice wedding present for my sister Dinah. It was well worth it as Dinah fell in love with it the moment she laid eyes on it.

Zeke: Nice pick. Kinda over girly… but the color is good. It’s got great colors. Bright. Vibrant and soothing.

Pamela: I Kinda thought so also… but i actually do like the way the house was built. It’s well insulated and has that feel of love.

Zeke: That’s usually the best kind of house to have. Although my Biological mother was about anything other than Love. I can’t begin to tell how fucked up my mother was. She was a total whore.

Pamela: Why’s that?

Zeke: My mom… My biological mother Molested me when i was like 4 or 5 years old. and i was asleep when it happened. I didn’t even know it happened. *Feeling Violated over the mentioning of what his mother had done to him* But the idea that a mother would molest their own kid. If you even try to tell me to not let it get to me… i’ll lash at you. I swear to god. I pulled away from my mother and step father at age 12. i am gone from her and happy about it. That man she’s with is a real piece of shit. my mom has the fetish for sex. Porn and the whole sick charade.

Pamela: What? Your biological mother did that to you? *Feeling sickened about knowing of what happened to Zeke* Zeke, I’m really sorry to hear that. You deserved better than that. Alot better than that.

Zeke: Thank you, Pamela. That’s spirited and thoughtful of you to say.

Luna: Want to come in and hang out for a little bit?

Zeke: Are you sure? You think it’d be okay with your sister and her husband if i… came in. i mean… i don’t want to intrude where i’m not welcomed.

Luna: It’s okay. Shingo’s at work. Dinah’s at the University and Raven… the Dark powered Ally we know… She’s out patrolling the City. So… it’ll be just us. Come on.

Pamela: Besides that, Her sister’s pretty cool. Kinda tough and hot tempered sometimes… as Luna happened to tell me. But her sister is by far really a caring person. She Loves sociable people.

Luna then pulls out her keys and unlocks the door and walks in. Zeke came in after her and looked into the house. He was really with peace inside the house. He felt nothing but love in the house. It felt so warm and full of love….

Luna: Want to go outside in the back yard? We got a backyard. Not all that big but it’s got some walking room out there. We can enjoy the fresh air out there.

Zeke: You’re thinking about us having a light out there, aren’t you?

Pamela: Luna, Do you really want to light up? What if your sister comes back home and catches us. Catches you doing it?

Luna: If you want. but i was thinking on refraining from that. And i wouldn’t be so worried. I mean… i’ve been smoking for about a month and a half. My sister and Shingo don’t even know. I hid it from them because i didn’t want to hurt them by having them find out about it. I don’t want to have them catch on. It is not something that i’d want them to know.

Zeke: We can do it. It’s only us. Who’s gonna notice?

Pamela: I guess that we can do it. It’s only one light. I just hope that you are sure about doing it. Having a Cigarette in the back yard of your sister’s house, and Hoping that no one will catch you.

Zeke and Luna then head to the back yard and take a breath before they did anything more. Pamela followed along with them and Joined in. She wanted to have a light. but she didn’t want to get Luna in trouble with her sister if her sister happened to come into the house,

Luna: *Pulling out her pack of Marlboro from her pockets and opening it; Pulling out a cigarette and placing it on her lips and suddenly flicking her cigarette lighter; lighting up and smoking*

Zeke: *Pulling out his pack of Marlboro from his pockets and opening it; Pulling out a cigarette and placing it on his lips and suddenly flicking his cigarette lighter; lighting up and smoking*

Pamela: *Pulling out her pack of Virginia Slims from her pockets and opening it; Pulling out a cigarette and placing it on her lips and suddenly flicking her cigarette lighter; lighting up and smoking*

Luna: That burns… *Smiles while smoking* It’s good.

Zeke: This is not supposed to be too easy for you to do. Luna, You’re Smoking and it’s because of me. You’ll be telling Martin that you chose to do it. Chose to take it up. But it’s because of me. You felt Obligated to ask me for a pack of Cigarettes.

Pamela: Luna. You and Zeke got to quit the habit before anyone catches on that you really do smoke. Your sister might catch on to it and will not be the least bit happy knowing that you smoke Cigarettes at 13. I do it because i don’t have a loving family like you do… I have a mother and father who are hardly ever home and when they are… they hardly pay any attention to me whatsoever. I am a lost cause. At least to them. You and Zeke are like my only friends. I don’t have anything other than that.

Luna: I know. I do feel rather weird though… The taste of this feels rather Strange, And Pamela… You have other friends. Karen, Irene, Jake, Jennifer, Beth, Ted. Penelope. They’re also friends too. They’ll accept you. Really. They will…

Suddenly voices were heard and Luna paused to listen. She turned to see her sister Dinah in the house but she was on the phone and didn’t really notice that Luna was out in the yard and smoking. Dinah was on the phone with her Roommate Christie and talking about their classes. But Luna went ahead and finished her smoke before going back inside the house. Zeke followed suit…

The phone then rang and it was a call coming in. It wasn’t long before the Answering machine kicked in. It was a message from Martin…. Martin was asking Luna to answer the phone and was just about to expose her secret when she picked up the phone and answered it…

Martin: *Hears Luna’s voice on the other end* Luna. i was wondering if we can talk about something. Without the Open air commentary from Pamela the Drifter.

Luna: *On the phone* Sure. What about, Martin? And FYI! Pamela is not a Drifter. She’s got feelings. You want to hurt her… you get through me first.

Martin: *Sighs* I know about your veering into the habit Luna. our friends told me and i don’t like that you never spend any time with me anymore cause you’re always hanging around with Zeke.

Luna: That is crazy talk, Martin. I spend alot of time with you. But You’re not the only one i care about… I also care about Zeke. I am spending a lot of time with him because he’s in need of a friend. He can’t turn to you since you still don’t like him. Martin. It doesn’t matter how much time i spend or don’t spend with you… the thing that matters is the strength of my love for you. How strong it is. I still have my heart set for you. You know that… don’t you? I am sure that you know that to be so.But you have been nothing but mean to Zeke. He wants to be your friend. But he has started to just give up trying to be like a friend to you. Considers you to be an ass. because… I mean… Look at how you treat him. Look at how you treat him. You think that he’s gonna want a friend who does that to him constantly every day?

Martin: This is stupid Luna.. you take up the habit all because you met that jerk and because he smokes too. you used to be so kind, caring and pure which was why i love you and care about you. but now you’re trying to do harm to yourself and kill yourself. i don’t like the fact that you now smoke or the fact that Zeke is always around you and i only get a minute or two with you. Zeke gets hours and hours with you and you have to admit, it’s not fair on me is it? imagine if i threw you off for another girl and i just tossed you aside like you meant nothing to me. how the heck would that make you feel? not very loved would it? The positive things about you were you never used to think about taking up a bad habit and you used to confide in me when you needed help on something and you trusted me to help you through the bad times. But then Zeke comes along and even if you are just being a friend to him you still spend all your time with him.. and you even smoke now too. why do you have to try and kill yourself? i know the abuse that was done on you by Rikku was bad but you could have come to me for support and i would’ve helped you the best way i knew how to.

Luna: That is not fair to be coming down on me. I love you. But I have a habit. I come to you for support. but how can i ever expect you to understand what it’s like. You never were abused. You never had to deal with the abuse being done on you by someone who you thought would never hurt you. A grandmother. She abused me. But You are always bagging on Zeke. You never trust him. The positive side i know about you and that i like about you is that you happened to be kind. Caring. A real Gentleman. were always by my side. When i was with blue hair… you heard me being mocked and teased. You were there for me to have a shoulder to cry on. to lean on. You were so romantic too. Kissing me everyday saying that you loved me. it made me dance and spin with glee… But then Zeke came and i saw the negative side of you… you trying to keep me from him… in some way. You telling me things that would hurt me because i was helping Zeke out. You were even accusing him of forcing me to smoke when i chose to. I made a choice. Wrong or not. It was still a choice. You were accusing him of stealing me away from you. Zeke even saw you act as though you owned me like property. So… yes. he spoke up. And i agree with him. You lately have been treating me like i was just property. I really don’t appreciate it. I know that you are just concerned about me. That you don’t want me being hurt. But you are seeing it as if you don’t trust me to make my own choices on my own. like i need a man to do it for me all the time. I Love you, Martin… but i am not property. I gave my heart to you… i didn’t just let you take it. You know that. If i didn’t love you… would i have even given you my heart and swear that it would never leave you… Ever? Think about it. Zeke is my Best friend. And so are you. You’re my love. but if you keep hating on Zeke… i’m gonna have to break it off. Because… seeing you and him go at each other over me and you hating on him all the time. It’s hurting me and there is only so much i can deal with. I can’t bare to see you hurt. I would be broken if you were hurt. but seeing you be hurtful to Zeke is just as cruel. Just as mean.

Martin: I am sorry that it is this way… but you know how i feel.

Luna: And another thing… You never told me that you knew about my habit. Not officially. How did you find out about it anyway?

Martin: He’s bad news Luna and you know it. he wasn’t abused by his parents. he used to do it to his mother. she cries for him every day but you would rather believe his lies than the truth? Plus… I found out from Penelope. She told me about you smoking in the girls restroom.

Luna: How would you know what he did to his mother? you weren’t there. And i know the truth. I know the truth. He didn’t abuse his mother. His mother abused him. Sexually. Mentally and his stepfather would physically beat him. Punch him. He showed me the marks. They are there. His biological father died of a broken heart because his father… caught his mother in bed with another man. Playing around. That broke him. You read the hearsay version. The real tale is online. Zeke isn’t stupid. he took pictures of all the marks made on him. and everything that happened. I am not believing any lie. i believe the truth. nothing else other than the truth. Martin, You want to think he is lying… go ahead. But… until you see the marks on him for yourself… you’ll never know for sure and will always be living by the lie you read online about him. And as for Penelope… She and i will have a talk tonight about her snitching like she did. Of course she found out my secret. but then again… it wasn’t even her secret to tell… Was it?

Martin: Fine. you want to believe a lie from Zeke go ahead.. he’s a jerk and nothing will make me change my mind about him. And No… but I told you to tell me if there was anything going on between you and Zeke. You said that you would. after telling me and Lying to my damn face with: “I Promise… There’s nothing going on between me and Zeke”. Yeah right. You see him most of the time… You hang with him. You talk to him. you possibly even call him. Now… you smoke with him. Yeah… way to go. I had to find out that you were lighting up from Penelope. She told me something that you were supposed to tell me. something that you said that you would. So much for your promise.

Luna: What the hell is your problem? You want to have an out right now… Fine. You can look forward to less time with me. We are together… but i will not allow for you to treat him like trash. In fact… I’m coming over with Zeke. and we’re gonna show you the marks… and so you can talk trash about him to his face to see if you have the balls to do so or if you’re a viable example of All talk and no action. *Slams the phone down and Growls in frustration* Asshole. I am 13 and i am dealing with the issues that a 17-18 year old deals with. What the hell?

At Vincent Van Graves…

Martin’s Room…

Martin: *Angry and hangs up the phone* What is her problem? why can’t she believe the truth and why can’t she see that Zeke is lying to her?

Back at Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Luna: *Looking at Zeke* Zeke, Let’s go to Martin’s house. It’s time to give him a real wake up call.

Pamela: *Looking at Luna and concerned* Luna, What’s wrong?

Zeke: Uh, let’s not. Luna… i like you okay. I love you… but if there is one thing that i will not do is be the tug-o-war prize in the love bubble. Besides… What is going on with you and him fighting about me anyway? Isn’t he supposed to be trying to ease up… or was that all a ruse?

Luna: It was obviously a ruse because he still thinks that you’re lying off your butt about being abused.

Zeke: *Growls* Damn it! What the fuck is his problem? Why can’t he ever ease up? You know what… He wants to fight. Fine. We’ll fight. Let’s get out and head there. Right now.

Pamela: *Looking up and with concern* Luna… what is going on? What did Martin do or say this time?

Luna: Nothing but means of bashing Zeke AGAIN! *Wanting to scream* I am getting to the point where i Hate Martin. I hate how he’s speaking to me about Zeke. I hate it.

Pamela: You want me to come along and provide some fight to him to knock his ass down a peg for you? I’ll do it if you want.

Luna: Okay. Sure. I would love that. But try to be somewhat Gentle with him. I still love him even though i am truly upset and Angry at him for his bashing and battering at Zeke.

Dinah: *Walking out of the bathroom with a towel over her head* What’s going on?

Luna: Nothing, sis. it’s nothing major.

Dinah: Really? What was all the yelling about?

Luna: Oh that… Uh, well… it seems that my boyfriend Martin and i were having a bit of a misunderstanding about something… Zeke and i were gonna go over there to try and reason with him…

Dinah: Zeke? *Looking at the boy* You must be the guy that Luna is falling for somewhat. Well… from the things we’ve heard about you… It’s great to see that we now have a face to go with the name and description.

Zeke: You must be Luna’s sister, Dinah. What’s up Moms? How are you? *Speaking sweetly*

Dinah: This guy’s a real character. *Grins* I think i like this one. He’s got guts.

Luna: He’s sweet. But Martin doesn’t think so… Martin still hates him.

Dinah: Ahhh! that’s terrible. Is it gonna be okay?

Luna: We hope so. That’s why we’re going to meet with Martin.

Dinah: Okay. You go and see Martin. I got to head back to the university to get on to class. You be careful, okay?

Luna: I will.

Dinah and Luna then Hug. before Dinah heads out. Dinah was sure to welcome Zeke to the house…

At Luthorcorp…

Oliver: *Working on some paperwork* The reports are all showing negative. How can that be?

Lt. Pratt: *Walking in* That would be because we’re taking it over.

Oliver: *Looking up and seeing the woman* Excuse me. But who are you?

Lt. Pratt: Lt. Pratt. I work under General Slade.

Oliver: General Slade? So… that guy has finally made his presence seen in Metropolis… Wonderful. That’s great. What’s he looking for? a Parade?

Lt. Pratt: Not Necessarily. He is looking for 3 girls and a girl who happens to be half Demon.

Oliver: What would he want with them? They won’t cater to tickling his fancy plug.

Lt. Pratt: Be that as it may… but that is for him to decide. They go by the names of Paige, Pearl and Dinah. General Slade wants them. And he will do anything in his power to get them.

Oliver: Like hell he will. He doesn’t have any right to go after the girls. They’re not to be touched. So… If you are looking to start some trouble… just try going after them.

Lt. Pratt: Have it your way…

Oliver watched as the Lady left and waited till she was gone before making an Emergency call to the girls. He First called Paige and got her in the know of what just hit him in his office and what was about to happen. He called them all and informed them about the surprise visit that he got…

At the Talon…

Betty: *Looking at Angel* It’s been a while since we last spoken to our sisters. Paige, Pearl and Dinah.

Angel: I know.  But it was our choice to move away from them and distance ourselves from them. We were the ones who were putting up a stink about Raven. We should have known better than that.

Betty: You think that we should give them a call. We did say that would at least try to get in tough with them from time to time. Even though they are the ones who killed my biological father… i should believe that we ought to forgive them.

Angel: We seen the tapes… Your father made the first move. They only reacted back. You said once yourself that your father was being a bastard to our mother. Remember? You even made a gesture that you felt that he got exactly what was coming to him. Death was a little extreme. but All ruling aside… didn’t he make the first move to begin with?

Betty: *Sorting out her books for class* Yeah. he did. But the part that hurts is that i never got to say goodbye. That’s what hurts. I don’t care about the rest anymore. it happened and it hurts… but it was just the way it was… It came and passed. Paige, Pearl and Dinah did what it was that they had to do… That’s all. but it’s just the part of not being able to say goodbye. That’s what’s gotten me all upset and angry at them. hating them a little. just for that. But It was not like they knew that it was gonna happen. as if they knew that my father would die just like a flash by them beating him senseless and battering him.

Angel: Plus… It’s not just that… that’s got you all out of sorts with being rational. It’s the Half-Demon girl… Isn’t it?

Betty: Yeah. It is. It is that. Also the fact that… i really feel that there is not one thing good about that Demon half blood. I really don’t know. How can a person who is half demon be willing to go against their own father who is a full fledged Demon. She’s of Evil’s fire. There is no way that any good would come from that. Ever. Her father is the Demon… Scath. What ever or whoever it is. I don’t know. All i know is that something about that is just not right. Not right at all. It possibly is just me… or maybe it’s not. But all i do know is that there is something just not right going on with that girl.

Angel: *Suddenly Looking at the T.V* What the…?

Betty: *Looking up at Angel* What? What is it?

Angel: Come and take a look at this. *Concerned and worried* You’re not gonna believe this.

Betty: Why’s that? What’s wrong? *Walking over to where her sister is sitting and looking at the T.V* What the heck is that?

Angel: I don’t know. It just came up though… It’s saying that there is a General aiming to take control. He’s being stationed at Luthorcorp plaza.

Betty: Luthorcorp Plaza? why there?

Angel: How should i know? All i know is that whatever is going on… it’s not good. The General is gonna be speaking soon… He’s after our sisters.

Betty: How does he plan to go after them? They Evade him and have won against him thus far.

Angel: We need to go and help them.

Betty: *Silent*

Angel: Betty, God bless it! Say something. Do something… They’re our sisters. They could be in trouble. I don’t give one shit and a half if there are still issues going on about them… and you. Resolve it. Swallow that damn pride and help them. They’re our sisters. They did something that was inexcusable. we can be mad at them all we like… but if we don’t go and attend to their rescue when they’re in need of it. We’re gonna be kicking ourselves in the ass for it till the day we die. You feel bad still now… Well if we lose our sisters and don’t do anything to help them… You…Betty are gonna be the one feeling the worst yet. You know that.

Betty: Okay… Okay. Let’s get to thinking about how we can help them.

Angel: See? Now that’s more like it.

At the Secret Tunnel within the Abandoned Quarry…

Prince Avery: *Staking out the Tunnel and Scanning the wall* The Mark was giving off UHF and UV Rays. Radiation.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Prince Avery; Scanning the walls for a reading* Ultra Violet Heat? You were reading it off right, weren’t you?

Prince Avery: Not just me. Tess as well. She called me while i was in Gym and informed me about the uprising. The break in heat signatures that were popping up from the Wall here.

Prince Alvin: You’re not suggesting that the wall is coming alive all on its own and shooting out creatures.. are you?

Prince Avery: No… Not Creatures. Demons. Demons that are like hell and from our own underworld of hell. Demons in waiting.

Prince Alvin: We need to seal this mark. Now…  Go and find some sheet metal. Anything that will help cover this Mark and possibly suppress the progression of the Mark and or Scath’s influence.

Prince Avery: You think it’ll work?

Prince Alvin: It has to work. It’s got to work.


Prince Avery: *Seeing a faint glow come from the sign* Capt. We got a problem that is about to pop out from the wall… It’s…

Prince Alvin: What?

Prince Avery: The Wall.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the wall* Shit… *Spotting the faint glow coming from the Wall* …

It didn’t stop there. The wall started to glow a bit more and then glowed brighter than before… The wall was starting to open and it only was a few seconds later when it started to release black streams of smoke. Which were all demons. one of them was the demon himself. But the Demon however… didn’t come through. He was blocked by a Barrier of the mind. The portal for him to physically and officially come through was closed yet and it kept him locked in his hellish prison….

Prince Alvin: Prince Avery… We’re out of here. We have to get out of here now while we still can.  *Looking at the wall and then contacting Watchtower* Tess, issue a Emergency operation. The Wall bearing the Mark of Scath is alive and has just opened… It’s opened up and has now unleashed Demons. We need to get word out. Immediately.

Tess:  *Through Earpiece* I’m showing readings of Demons being in the City… biding their time. I can Put up a stand-by warning. but that’s all. People will likely panic at the mention of there being demons in the city living among them. Just as much as they would freak if they knew that your friend Raven… the Dark powered marauder was with Demon like blood in her and was indeed part Demon. People will freak. You don’t want that. With the V.R.A out and striking a manhunt on all Vigilantes and eradicating them, The Suicide Squad busting out and the possibility of Amanda Waller returning and with the fact that there is something on the normal front that is internal… Like a member of the family of yours slipping into possible Teenage Angst. You have enough to settle for. The last thing you guys need is certain Chaos going citywide. I’m gonna initiate a News feed from here to the Churches and the Radio stations. To give them a heads up and a alert.But no more than that. If the outside populace catch wind of it… there will be a certain flood of panic that we won’t be able to contain and keep under control.

Prince Alvin: Fair Enough. start it. Let Watchtower know about it as well… so she can seek to update the systems from where ever she’s at right now. We need to get this kept silent as much as we can.

Prince Avery: We’re gonna be coming back to the tower. Classes for us are done for the rest of the day. We’re on our way.

Prince Alvin: I’m gonna be there a little after. I got to check on my girlfriend Alice to see how she’s doing. But i’ll be there momentarily…

Prince Avery: Capt. You be careful. The Situation’s gone from bad to worse on the wall here… Raven is the major block. She’s the Major key to the Demon coming. We have to see that she is never harmed by the outcome of this Demon Encounter.

Prince Avery then took his leave and went on his way to the Watchtower… There was evidence that the Wall was acting and releasing Demons. The Mark was radiating. The Mark was reacting and producing Activity. Time was getting close to where before long Raven was gonna be brought into the centerfold of the problem. Whether she wanted in on it or not. The Prophecy was about her and None of them knew that Even though Luna was normal and with no fight power in her. No super powers… She was having haunting dreams about the Demon. The Intergalactic Demon. However no one even knew that she had a habit. No one did. But soon they were gonna catch on…

At Vincent Van Graves…

Martin’s room…

Martin was waiting for Luna to come over with Zeke to let her prove to him how wrong he was about Zeke..

Vincent: *Coming to check up on Martin* Is everything ok Martin?

Martin: *Looks over at Vincent* No. she wouldn’t fucking believe me about Zeke and wants to keep on believing his lies.. *Sighs* She said she’s coming over with him to try and prove me wrong that Zeke isn’t lying.

Vincent: You know.. you should really try to ease up on Zeke. he’s Luna’s friend and it would mean a great deal to her if you and Zeke also became friends.

Martin: *Shoots out* I will not be friends with a lying jerk. Luna’s just going to have to accept that whether she wants to or not. i do not like Zeke and i never will.


On the Road…

Zeke and Luna were on the Motorcycle a minute later as well as Pamela and were on their way to Martin’s house. Luna and Zeke didn’t stop to realize that they left their packs of smokes on the table in the backyard and in plain sight Pamela didn’t realize it either. Good thing was that Dinah was already driving off back to the University. She didn’t even notice. But that didn’t mean that Shingo wouldn’t notice…

Luna: Zeke, I think that i’m gonna just break up with Martin if this doesn’t work.

Pamela: *Curious* Really? You’re thinking about breaking up with Martin?

Zeke: *Riding on the Motorcycle* Why’s that?

Luna: Well… because he’s not changing his ways about you, Zeke. Martin sees you as some type of bastard despite what we get him to believe. He just keeps bashing you. as if he doesn’t care that he’s even hurting you.

Zeke: I know. But i don’t really know why it should bug you. An asshole is an asshole. Martin is being one. I’ve gotten used to it since my stepfather was one and my mother was more of a whore than a real mother. I’ve been judged all my life. It’s nothing new to me. I mean… yeah. it hurts. but it is clear that Martin will never change his attitude. And neither will you. You are you. Just as straight as you always were. You’re fair. More than what Martin was.

Luna: I don’t care. Either he starts treating you with respect. or it’s gonna be the beginning of the end between me and him.

Zeke: *Chuckles* You’re sounding like an activist. Wow… Now this is the side of Luna that i don’t think anyone’s seen come out before.

Luna: I know. I kinda like it. Heh heh heh!

Pamela: *Jokingly* Ladies and gentlemen… Luna the Activist.

Zeke: *Chuckles*

Minutes later…

As soon as they made it to Vincent Van Graves house…

Zeke: So… this is the place that the Wizard dude resides. Not bad for a place. It’s more like a Mansion than a house. Is this guy like Rich?

Pamela: Is he really some Wizard that has these mystical powers?

Luna: Kinda. but he doesn’t flaunt it. And yes, Pamela. he does. I have seen him use the powers. before… it’s quite effective.

Zeke: Maybe… but the house is doing that for him. He is nice… or friendly… right?

Luna: Of course. *Getting off the Motorcycle and Walking up the walkway to the front door* Come on. Let’s go. Time to get this settled. Pamela, Remember… if it comes to it. Mess him over a bit. but be gentle I don’t want too much damage done. I still Love Martin. Call me crazy to be loving someone who has been just mean to Zeke and someone who lives to tell me who i am to be with,,, but i still love him. I however am losing the love i have for him each time he bashes Zeke. I don’t know… but i think that with the anger he has me feeling for his trying to control my way of thinking and trying to tell me who to be with. The more he does it… the more love i lose for him.

Zeke: Okay. *Suddenly following Luna up the walkway*

Pamela: Luna, I don’t like Martin being mean to you for you being with Zeke. He treats Zeke like crap and makes Zeke feel as though he’s nothing but a waste of Existence. But i will not beat at Martin unless he asks for it and he makes you cry. That is something that i will not let slide. You deserve alot better than Martin since all he can do is see on controlling you and telling you how you should be.

Luna: I know. I don’t like it either. But i can’t just be all mean to him. I am not tough and can’t fight that good. If i were to throwdown… He’d win because he’s probably stronger than i am and he would only throw me down to the floor.

Zeke: *Not saying anything about that*

Inside the house…

Martin: *Hears the doorbell ring and knowing it was Luna as he goes to answer the door*

Luna: *Looking a little Cross* Hello.

Zeke: You up to settling this repetitive disagreement and senseless War?

Pamela: And no bull from you buster. I’m here with them. You even make them cry at all and my knuckles and your nose will be mates.

Martin: *Glaring at Zeke* Luna may not believe the truth about you.. but i know you weren’t really abused by your parents. *Looking at Luna* OK fine. you can show me these so called scars that Zeke has. *Letting them come inside* And Pamela… You lay a hand on me… You’ll be made to regret it.

Pamela: You’re gonna take it and deal with it. You might try to hurt Luna for some crappy reason. But if you do it around me. You’ll be in for a surprise.

A few seconds later,,,

Zeke: *Looking at Martin in a cross but sore manner* I was Abused, you ignorant son of a bitch. What the hell do you call this marks… *Pulling up his shirt and showing raw marks; scars of the marks obviously with evidence of impact by a human hand and marks of fist prints all over his torso* Chicken marks… These were marks done to me. My asshole Stepfather who is nothing more than a chronic Drunk. i would be the target of his drunken Rage… i’d be minding my own business and out of nowhere… he’d just come and POW! Knock a hit into me. Punching me till i was bruised. The marks are mostly gone… but the Discoloration that you see there… That is from where all the marks were inflicted.

Luna: Wanna say that he’s full of shit now? Go ahead. This time if you say it… You and i can just say goodbye. because we’ll break up. I am done with dancing to the intimidation. It ends… here. and now!

Pamela: *Standing there and listening*

Pamela was wanting to speak up and tell Martin what for and she would have done so too. but She swore to Luna that she’d keep to the side unless necessary for jumping in to get involved and knock Martin down. She wanted to do something but for the moment watched and listened to all that was being said.

Martin: *Angry and looking at Luna* You know what Luna? you smoke and you don’t give a shit about anyone cause if you did you’d quit the habit! you want to believe a lying jerk go ahead! if you don’t start caring about other people’s feelings other than just your own. You and i will be over.

Zeke: Question, Martin. I was wondering… Are you always this much of an asshole or are you just doing what you’re doing to seize control of the situation? Did you even bother to look at the marks on me… or were you too busy being a Macho Wannabe? *Annoyed* Wish to answer that?

Luna: *Starting to get upset and irritated*

Martin: *Glaring at Zeke again* How do i know those marks weren’t because your step father got pissed off at you for abusing your mother? Huh? For all we know… you could have been nothing but some unruly Child who didn’t know when to do as you were told by your mother and step father and they just decided to Drill sergeant you to start obeying. *With a look on Animosity aimed at Zeke*

Zeke: Oh yeah… that’s right… I forgot. I abused my mother while i was sleeping and she was trying to secretly molest me… Yeah… Me… a 5 year old… or 6 year old kid… innocent just being serene and asleep Abused my mother in his sleep while being Molested. You know what, Martin. You’re a fucking Loser and a total fucking retard. Why don’t you get your head out of your ass and smell the foul stench you’re shoveling?

Luna: *On the Verge of Crying*

Martin: *Not being able to hold back anymore as he punches Zeke and giving him a black eye*

Zeke: *Returning the punch and Pounding Martin in the head and motioning to knock him senseless* You will never believe me… i got evidence with me… with my stepfather’s DNA extracted from my body where he punched me. and bruised me. And a Bile sample of my mother when she tried to Molest me. I got samples… as proof. But… showing you would be useless because even if i showed you… you’d still see me being a liar.

Pamela: *Waltzing over and grabbing Martin and Punching him in the eye* You Asshole. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re so low. Making Luna cry. What the hell is the matter with you anyway? Why do you have to be such a prick to Zeke? *Knocking Martin into a wall* I swear that if you ever come to hurt Luna again and i see or hear of it… You will be in for a mess of trouble. That’s a promise.

Martin only got up and Growled at Pamela and warned her to back off. She only starred at him with anger as the blowout started to press on and Zeke was about to make another shot at Martin when…

Luna: *Crying* Stop it… Please Stop it! Can’t any of you just get along? Is that too hard for you to do?

Martin: *Grabs Zeke’s fist and pushes him back* Then why the fuck does your mother cry over you Zeke?! Huh?! why?

Zeke: Why the hell would i know that? She’s obvious doing it to make like she’s the victim so people won’t ever know what she had done to me. I was stripped of my innocence. I was molested by my own mother. You have any idea what its like to live one day being innocent and good natured… then waking up the next being seen as damaged goods not knowing why. Or how. but soon coming to find that your own parent… your own mother. the one that birthed you had without a second thought…. taken your innocence away. Making you wish to god that you were dead. because you feel as if living a life as someone who got molested as a child by your own mother? Do you? It’s fucking sick. Degrading. I smoke to shield it. because it’s the only thing that masks it. because otherwise… the presence is out there for all to see. for all to glance at with full disclosure. Literally doing a full Monty. Martin, if you were me… and your mother had done that shit to you. Steal your damn innocence away…. What the fuck would you do? Huh? What the fuck would that make you think?

Luna: Martin… *Crying and speaking through her tears* Please… listen. He is telling the truth… Why would he lie about himself being Sexually abused? There is no reason to lie about it because you can’t. You’ve just got to believe him. He’s telling the truth. Please… Listen to him. Please.

Martin: *Looking at Luna* I have no reason to believe a liar like Zeke.. he’s trying to make himself look like the victim so others feel sorry for him. well sorry. not buying into his sob story.

Zeke then pulled out his phone and started to make a call. it was a call that he really didn’t want to make. but he was pushed to do it. He was gonna call for the detective…

Luna: Fine! Then this is the end for us… Better yet. If you won’t believe me… or Zeke. the source of the tale… Then there is someone you might believe. A Detective that Zeke found to look into the case. You know Det. John Jones… Don’t you?

Martin: Yeah. i think i know him.

Luna: Well… Zeke got him to look into the case and he’s been working it. Zeke had it hushed last week since it was thought to be all settled and it was to be quiet. But since you refuse to believe anything Zeke says and you’re acting like such a womanizer. Zeke’s calling him now to come over and provide the police blotter and once and for all prove to you that it’s the truth.

Zeke: Yeah. because we tried reasoning… begging. Pleading. even showing the marks and nothing is working. Nothing is getting through to you. So this is the only option left.

Pamela: You guys are wasting time trying to get through to Martin. It is apparent that he’s never gonna get the idea. He will never change…

Luna: Pamela, Please. Stop. Martin is not coming over to lash out. He isn’t doing anything to hurt me.

Pamela: Well… he’s doing something to hurt Zeke and he is trying to question Zeke… it’s hurting you. Luna… you need to stand up to Martin and demand that he stops his bull. He’s only gonna keep doing it if you don’t put him in his place. Martin is trying to make you feel as though you should be apologizing. It’s stupid. You are the Victim here. Not the one who’s guilty. Next he’s gonna start trying to bash you and treat you like dirt.

Luna: He’ll never do that. I won’t allow for him to do that.

Pamela: You really think that he’ll stop. He told a few people that you and Zeke were having sex.

Martin: *Snaps at Pamela* Shut up Pamela. That is none of your concern. None of your business. You don’t even know what the hell it is that you’re saying.

Pamela: Oh yeah… Then why is that that for two solid weeks after Luna came back to school I had to hear in Science class. The same class that you are in… Yeah. you and i share that class you little dipshit. I heard you talking to Penelope Walden and Ted Callahan saying that Luna was hanging around with Zeke so much because there was a possibility that She and Zeke were having sex. Meaningful sex. He was envisioning this…

Pamela was describing the illusion…

Martin: *Walking over to Pamela and Pushing her against the wall* SHUT UP!

Pamela: Make me, Womanizer. You are a control freak. That is all you’ll ever be. You don’t deserve to be around Luna. She’s nice. And the thought that she even knows or is with any feelings for someone like you at all… It’s a Literal spit in the damn eye. It’s retarded.

Luna: *Feeling Crushed over the exposing truth*

A few minutes later…

Luna: *Seeing a Man walking towards them* Here he is…

Zeke: Det. Jones. It’s good of you to come.

John Jones: Yes. I have come and i brought the case files as you’ve asked. I usually need a court order to reopen the file and case. But now that i brought them… What’s the reason behind it?

Luna: My boyfriend being a hard ass and won’t believe Zeke’s explanation of the abuse he went through. Thinks that he’s been making it up.

Zeke: Not for long. Martin… Look at these… This is the official case file. the truth. Is this what you would call a Lie?

Zeke then takes the case and shows it to Martin… stating that what he was saying… was the truth. the official report…

Martin: *Drops the files and marches off to his room locking the door and refusing to come out, then realizes he had been wrong the whole time and had made a whole lot of unneeded arguments for no reason*

Luna: Zeke, do you think that he’s finally gonna be convinced?

Zeke: I hope so. That was the last source of truth. If this doesn’t work. It’s over. Nothing will get to him.

Pamela: He’s probably gonna try to come up with new ways to bash you two. I wouldn’t trust him if i were you. I don’t trust him. I need to cool off. *Stepping outside* I’m gonna have a light. I need to mellow out. When he comes out… let me know. I want to be there to see what he does. If he starts any shit… I’ll deck him one…

Luna: I know. But still. Go easy.

Pamela: I can’t be easy on him. Being easy on him would mean letting him slide with what he has been saying. And doing. Luna, I know that that you trust your heart more than anything… but your heart is your weakness. You got to be assertive with the authority. You are already risking alot by trying to keep your sister from finding out that you smoke. It isn’t like Martin’s gonna be giving you any breaks. Why would he? He still hates Zeke. Zeke never did anything to make Martin hate him. Except for the part where you and Zeke got close and it got to the point where it annoyed Martin and he couldn’t take it.

Luna: *Emotional* But I can’t bare to hurt Martin. Just as well as that i can’t bare to hurt Zeke. I am in love with them both. I can’t just hurt any of them. I can’t. Not without hurting me as well…

Pamela: Then what should we do about him? How do we make Martin stop targeting Zeke?

Luna: *Sighs sadly* I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Later that evening..

Martin was with a different mind set as he allowed the real truth on Zeke sink in. He was with pain in his heart for all his pain that he was placing on Luna all because he was paranoid about Zeke coming around Luna. He was for weeks with disdain over Zeke and threatened by all things Zeke was saying. doing and each time that Zeke was around Luna… Martin was intimidated. But now that Martin was able to allow everything that he read in the report that concerned Zeke. It was supposed to get better. Or so it seemed…

Martin: *Finally comes out of his room to apologize to Luna and Zeke* OK i’m convinced now.. i realize i should have listened to you. i’m sorry.

Zeke: *Turning around and with his back turned* It’s somewhat a little late for i’m sorry. You were pretty damn hurtful with me. You were calling me a liar and saying that i was abusing my mother which is pretty much bullshit. because the DNA from my Whore of a mother is still on me. It’s still gonna be on me on parts of my leg. And DNA from my Stepfather is still remnant on the marks of discoloration on my entire torso. You didn’t just hurt me… You made me start to wish as though i were dead. I don’t think forgiving you over that is gonna be easy. As though you’ve noticed. You’re not the only one who had feelings hurt. I did too. I was hurt by the things you were saying about me. Luna told me about what you were saying about me. That i was unruly. A bad Egg… A Reject. That hurts. How would you like it if i were to say that about you if you were me? It would hurt. Wouldn’t it? It would hurt.

Luna: And i can’t forgive you either… Not so fast. Easily. You made me cry several times during the Accusations and the arguments about Zeke and his well being. You hurt my feelings and called me stupid. Plus thought i was being Ignorant for believing in Zeke Despite what you were believing about Zeke which were all lies that he abused his parents when the marks on him proved otherwise. He got on his knees and even worked up tears telling the truth. and What were you doing a moment or so ago? You were leading the lynch mob of running Zeke out of town like he was some unruly bastard. You were just so into feeding him to the wolves like he was just a slab of beef on the chuck wagon. I might’ve forgiven it if it were only a minor misunderstanding. But This is huge. Almost as huge as if you were… Cheating on me. And we’re not even married. But this… this is just as big or right along the last two steps before it.

Zeke: Right along Gauchos and just before the Flashdance phase.

Luna: I still Love you, Martin… but for a few days… we are not to see each other. Because right now the only thing that’s keeping me from wailing on you because of all the unnecessary pain you had caused Zeke and me… is the fact that you’re my love and that i still love you. *With tears in her eyes and looking at Zeke and then at Martin feeling on the verge of crying* Even though you’re now sorry… How could you be so mean to Zeke? All he ever wanted was to try and be your friend. He tried everything to reach out to you and you shined him on like he was nothing to you. That was beyond hurtful Martin. Hurtful. *Suddenly breaking down in tears and crying*

Martin: *Feeling sad that they hadn’t accepted his apology, he felt like he was having to deal with an issue that a guy that was older than him had to go through* Well how was i supposed to know if Zeke was telling the truth Luna? you said yourself.. i wasn’t there. why am i suddenly the bad guy for trying to protect you?

Luna: You were trying to protect me… but you never trusted me enough to let me make my own decisions and take a risk once in a while… you were always trying to keep me from finding out things on my own. Remember when i used to be with blue hair and had powers and was also part Cat? Remember that?

Martin: You took up smoking like Zeke.. and yeah. i do remember you when you were also part cat.

Luna: Well… when i was that… you allowed to be strong and be able to make choices without feeling that i had made a wrong move. You let me be me. I know that i took up smoking. But it’s not all him. I was the one that first asked him for a pack. I asked him. He was asking me as to whether i was sure that i wanted to do it. and i sheepishly said yes. but in asking that… i was also nervous and scared that it would get to you and hurt you. I don’t know how many times i may have said that i look back and wonder if what i choose to do was the right thing. I am not sure that i did the right move. But i now am smoking. I smoke even the same brand that Zeke does… I should possibly confess. That on the day… Valentines day. When we were fighting or arguing over Zeke. I got up and was about to land a blow because i was angry something came out of my pocket. A Pack of Cigarettes came out and i told you that they were Zeke’s and that he gave them to me to hold on to and forgot to ask for the pack back. But… here’s the thing… *Hoping that Martin doesn’t expose it before she gathers the courage to let it out herself* …

Martin: You decided to take up the habit. *Finishes Luna’s sentence for her*

Luna: The Pack was mine. Zeke Bought them for me and paid him for it. And when you confronted me and Zeke at the park on the 14th of February 2027… You said or asked if i thought about taking it up too. But the thing was that i started smoking and Started smoking cigarettes a week by that time. *Wanting to die right there for suddenly confessing the real truth*

Pamela: It’s true, Martin. Luna told me about it and was gonna see on telling you. but with the way you were treating her and being a bastard to her… there was no way that she could tell you. she felt as though you were just itching to Judge her and then tell her that she was not to be around Zeke and tell her who she was to be around or be with. That is by far cruel. Mean. Treating Luna like that. Is that how you show that you love her? By controlling her?

Vincent: *Comes along and listens to the conversation as he tries to work out what was going on as he over hears some of it but at first doesn’t say anything*

Martin: *Feeling broken hearted from hearing the painful truth from Luna, hugging her and crying in her arms* Why Luna? why did you do it?

Luna: Because i wanted a bad girl image. not too bad of one. just one that was different. Plus to mask the abuse i endured. I know you would have been there for me. But the truth is… I can’t expect you to be there 24/7 to just heal me… It would not be fair to you as you would get the sense of feeling like you were having to be my mother or father and parent me. I wasn’t gonna make you do that. You’re my love… and i love you… but i am not gonna make to where you have to be my love slave… I don’t want it to be like that. It’s not right. not at all. I am so sorry that i made you upset over this. I really am sorry. I wish i could take back the pain… but it’s too late. i am too far in. You still love me though, right?

Zeke: Let’s not worry about the sadness. Why don’t we all just go to the park and just hang out? We can just Talk things over and maybe have a bit of fun. There shouldn’t be a need to be so sad… Not like this. Right?

Pamela: I agree. There shouldn’t be any reason to be all upset or be all hurt. This is a sad issue, but we can all be mature and talk about it. That’s why we’re here.

But then Martin pulled away and looked at Luna with a look of betrayal. Almost like he was betrayed by Luna. Luna wanted to be able to come out with it when it first started. but with all the hurt that Martin was pulling on Luna… it was not like Luna could confess. Making things even more deeper than what they had already been.

Martin: *Looking at Luna with tears in his eyes* You hurt me Luna.. you out of all people. all i did was try to love you and comfort you like a boyfriend would for his girlfriend. i still love you but it’s gonna take some time to forgive you if at all i do.

Luna: I know… i hurt you and that was the last thing that i’d ever want to do. I feel that all i did by doing what i confessed on doing was hurt you. I think that i should just go. I feel as though i’ve disgraced you. *Turning away and starting to leave feeling humiliated*

Zeke: *Looking to see Luna walking out* Luna?! Luna… Hey… wait a minute. Where are you going?

Luna: Does it matter anymore? I Smoke and i just hurt Martin. I might really lose him now. I am addicted to smoking and can’t quit it. but now because of it… he is hurt. I should just go away and never come back. I broke his heart and it all my fault. I feel so pathetic. *Walking away and making her way back home feeling humiliated and devastated*

Martin: *Feeling broken hearted still, not realizing Vincent was there runs past him and to his room*

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Shingo walked through the house and took some time to relax but barely leaned back in the couch when he turned his head to the side and looked towards the outside to the backyard. He saw something lying on the grass and didn’t know what it was.

Shingo: *Looking to the outside and seeing what was out on the grass in the backyard* What the heck is that? *Getting up and walking towards the outside* Did Dinah forget her books again? Dinah’s gotta stop doing that. She’s gonna wind up losing things very valuable one day if she’s not careful. *Looking closely and seeing the object up close* Uh, Something is not right here… Not right.

Shingo then opened the door and walked out  He picked up the object from the floor and looked at it. He could only gasp at the sight of them…

Shingo: *Gasps* Filtered Cigarettes. What the hell is this? Why are these here? No one in this house smokes. I don’t. Dinah doesn’t. I know that Raven doesn’t. So… *thinking for a minute* If no one else has the habit and yet they’re still here… that means… Luna’s in possession of them. One pack says  Marlboro red 100’s and one Says Virginia Slims reds. What is going on here?

Shingo couldn’t hold back the urge to make a call to his Wife Dinah. It was something that got him startled. Luna, Zeke and Pamela were still out at Vincent’s But he didn’t know that Luna was out with Pamela and Zeke. As for Luna… She couldn’t stop to think that her secret was being told and grabbing the attention of some crowd. But the reality now is that the secret that Luna was bearing was coming out.

At Dinah and Shingo’s…

Shingo: *On the Phone* Dinah, hon. We’ve got a problem. I don’t know if you caught wind of it yet… but there is something you got to know.

Dinah: *On the Phone* Why? What’s wrong?

Shingo: I just got home a half hour ago… and i barely started to rest a little. But all i did was turn to look to the side and saw something on the grass in the backyard. You’re not gonna believe what was there.

Dinah: Why? What was it?

Shingo: Actually There is something on top that you need to know. What i found outside in the back were a couple packs of Cigarettes. One said Marlboro… one said Virginia Slims. I think that it’s Luna. I think that she’s smoking. This morning after she left for school and of course she had a friend spend the night here. Someone named Pamela. I never really met her much. except for a few minutes. and Luna was with her. But this morning when she left… i smelt smoke. Tobacco smoke. Raven went to check the rooms and found nothing. However when she checked Luna’s room. She found a half opened pack of Cigarettes in the room. with an Ashtray and lighter.

Dinah: Oh god. No. No… Not Luna. Anyone but her.

Shingo: She’s under the influence of it. I happened to have known of it for a couple weeks but was trying to give it a benefit of a doubt that it couldn’t be that. that it was just my mind playing some sort of trick on me. But i kinda first noticed it on Valentines day. Luna and Martin were talking about something and a couple lines stuck. like Smoking and underage. Zeke… Martin thinks that Zeke was the one who got Luna in on it. But… I don’t know.

Dinah: What do you believe we should do? She’s my sister, Shingo. but if you think that we should do something about it… we will. Only thing is that what can we do?

Shingo: We confront her. We just give it a couple days and then when the moment is right… We’ll confront her about it. We’ll get through it. She’s your sister and you might have to intervene immediately on the matter. but just be sure to be here on time. We’re gonna get this.

Dinah: What i don’t understand is why would Luna start smoking? What made her do it to begin with?

Shingo: Remember the Abuse she went through and then the nightmares that came from it. the memories of it. Then to add to the pain. her Abduction and the torture she must have went through? Dinah, You know about that.

Dinah: Yeah. I know that i do. I know all about it. The Abuse she went through she didn’t deserve to have it done on her.

Shingo: I agree. She didn’t. But Smoking is something that we can not condone. We understand her hurt… we do. but the best thing we can do is pretend and act as though we don’t know. Then in a few days… when we’re both home… in the morning. We talk more about it… and bring it out to her.

Dinah: Where is she now?

Shingo: I don’t know. She should have been home by now.

Dinah: She’s probably still at Martin’s Talking with him and resolving something that is between them.

Shingo: Want me to go and get her home?

Dinah: No. Let her come home… if you happen to show up where she is now… and all of a sudden pick her up… she’ll suspect that something is off.

Shingo: What’ll we do?

Dinah: We wait.

Suddenly the home phone rang and rang a few times… It was about a minute later when a Message came in…

Ted: *On Answering Machine* “Luna, I heard from Penelope about your habit and heard about the situation between you and Martin. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you to endure a major fight with the person you love. but if you ever need a friend… I’m there for you. So will Penelope. Take it easy, Luna. See you at school tomorrow.”

But it was a minute later after that when another call came in and this time it was Luna’s friend Beth Timberland…

Beth: *On Answering Machine* “Luna, I heard about you being with Pamela Marigold. She’s a good person and she’s got tough attitude. But she’s also a bit of trouble. She also smokes as a form of teenage Angst. She’s probably gotten you into doing it and doing it in the Girls restroom at school since you never did it before her coming into your life. our Lives.  I know how much you care about people. and care about everyone. But You’re also letting their problems become yours and with the fact that you have been Abused by your Grandmother and then tortured by a overgrown man seeking power… it doesn’t help anything at all.. I know that i am not supposed to speak out of line here… but you are falling apart with things, Luna. I want to be there for you. So… When you get this… Text me… or i’ll see you tomorrow, But just know that… whatever happens. I’ll be there for you.”

Shingo: Luna’s got support in her friends who want to be there for her.

Dinah: That is fortunate. But what about her habit? We surely can’t condone it. I for one will not condone it. Not ever.

Shingo: Didn’t Shanna smoke for a time? You told me about that.

Dinah: I can’t recall, hon. I might have mentioned something about that. But i don’t think that she remembers how she was able to quit it. She just one day decided to quit it and never lit up again. She literally quit Cold Turkey.

Shingo: *Sighs* …

At the Luthor Mansion…

Tess: *Looking at the files* The Suicide Squad is growing. two new members…

Security Guard: Mrs. Mercer, Is there anything else needed?

Tess: No. Just recheck the perimeter of the grounds here and see that it’s secure. The Suicide Squad is coming out more and more and there is belief that their leader Waller… is not too far behind them.

Security Guard: There were reports that someone saw her about 3 hours ago in the City.

Tess: do they have her?

Security Guard: No. But they are keeping tabs on her and following her every move.

Tess: Well be sure to stay on her. Lose her and the next paycheck will be coming from a ragtag taco stand.

Security Guard: Of course, Mrs. Mercer. they are trying.

Back at Vincent Van Graves…

In Martin’s Room…

Vincent: *Feels like something is deeply wrong, as he goes to Martin’s room to talk to him* What’s wrong Martin? what was all that about?

Martin: *Crying* Luna just revealed the painful truth to me.. she wanted to take up smoking to get a bad girl image to endure the abuse she went through.. she feels like she can’t rely on me to be there for her when she needs me and she also said it wasn’t fair to me.

Vincent: *Looks at Martin and sits down beside him* And how does that make you feel about her thinking that? You know that she was just letting out her frustration. It’s teenage Angst. Teens your age have it. they get it anywhere from age 13 to age 17. I know. I had a little touch of it around that age. It can also vary from personality… Appearance… Habits. It all depends on the person really.

Martin: *Breaks into sobs* How could she do this to me?! have i done something that made her want to be smoking? I was there for her through the hard time but that wasn’t good enough for her was it?

Vincent: I’m sorry that this has hurt you a lot. *Feeling bad and wishing he could take Martin’s pain away*

Martin: I think i should break it off with her. i mean.. she’s now with a bad girl image and she smokes and won’t care enough to try and stop. She probably does want to stop… but she is not showing much tolerance. She’s enjoying that she’s smoking.

Vincent: I can’t tell you what you should do Martin. it’s up to you.. but are you really thinking you and Luna need to say your goodbyes to each other?

Martin: *Sighs* If she keeps this up.. yes. i don’t want to hurt anymore.. i want this hurt to stop.

Vincent: *Nods his head* If that is what you wish.. but you should let her know if you truly do decide to break it off with her. However… if you do. it’ll be over between you and her. So before you think about doing so… just think about it really hard.

Martin: I will tell her.

Vincent: I will be here for you to help you cope. Just know that if you break up with her… you’re gonna cause her to have reasons to hate you…

Outside and sitting on the curb… crying in heartache…

Luna: *Crying* What have i done to him? Zeke, I took up the habit. i made the choice… but how come when i make a decision it somehow comes off being wrong?

Zeke: I don’t know. I can’t believe that Martin would be like that. I had no idea that he’d just let loose. Just like that.

Pamela: He’s really mysterious. First he treats you two like dirt. Then you show him the truth and he changes into a mellow and sappy plus a wet sopping mess. I think that Marco is a total loony basket case.

Zeke: No kidding. But the whole presto change-o act he had pulled. That is really out there. Seriously out there. He snapped and that isn’t like him to do that. You only told the truth… How was he to know that it would only come to hurt him?

Luna: How did you think he was gonna act, Zeke? He is hurt. I asked you for a pack of Cigarettes. I asked. I made the decision. But it only hurt Martin.

Zeke: Well… you wanted the bad girl Image. I didn’t seduce you to go for it. You’re the one who wanted it. I respect you and i care about you Luna. A lot. *Sitting down beside Luna* If only i knew what to do to take the pain all away. Take the pain and make it stop. You’re my best friend, Luna. I think that maybe a few days away from everyone will help him and you get a clear mind. to decide what is best. I know that it’s gonna sound like i am taking advantage… but for the few days… you’re away from Martin… You and i can hang at your place and just talk. Comforting each other. Martin still loves you. You still love him. But with what happened tonight… I think that it shook him and you. You most of all.

Pamela: *Shaking her head and waving her hand in concern* Hey… Don’t look at me about Martin. Martin. We were just being really forward with the habit. the truth. You know that he could sense that we had the smokes with us. But he sure never brought it up.

Luna: I don’t know how to make him love me like he used to. The smoking broke him. It broke him and it’s just gonna cause him to only now hate me.

Pamela: Luna… Why would you care if he hated you? Martin’s the one with serious issues.

Luna: Because i love him. The love that is there between me and him is much deeper. It all began with my first day beginning school. the year before last. on Halloween. He and i met officially and clicked. He was my only friend back then. he saw me for me and not as someone who was a freak. But the real me. *In tears* He soon revealed that he had feelings for me and told me that he loved me. i hurt him. I broke his heart with my habit.

Zeke: Not a chance. He’d never hate you.

Pamela: Oh man… Luna, I didn’t know that it was that deep.

Luna: It’s okay. Pamela. You couldn’t have know. no one could.

Zeke: Martin would never hate you, Luna. Not possible.

Luna: Yeah… and how would you know that?

Zeke: Let’s just say that i know enough about the relationship between you and him… that i know right off. that if he were gonna Dump you or break up with you… He would have done so. But he didn’t. even when you could see that he was on the thought of doing as such… he didn’t. He was gonna just test you. See what you’d do. So to make everyone happy. only do the habit when you’re alone with me and somewhere private. Then when you’re with him… you’re clean and just like you used to be. Voila… all the people in the party wins. It doesn’t all have to be bad. Maybe a bad situation… but not bad karma… because if there was bad Karma… there would be just more following. because it’d be like a brash disease.

Luna: *Nods while still looking down* I guess so. *Sighs*

A Minute later…

Luna: *Sitting and thinking*

Zeke: *Looking up and Sighs* It is sure a nice night but it isn’t pleasant for us as we both were put through the emotional rip cords.

Luna: I’ll say.

Pamela: It’s cold out. but it’s really beautiful out.

Suddenly a girl comes walking by. it was a Teen who appeared to be around their age…

Zeke: *Looking at the unfamiliar girl walking over* Uh, Okay… I will just ask who the girl is.

Pamela: Girl… What girl?

Zeke: *Pointing to the side* That girl… she’s walking by. Does she look like someone we know?

Luna: *Looking to see who Zeke is looking at* I don’t know her. But she might be someone who goes to our school.

Pamela: Who? *About the girl* Her? I wouldn’t know. we never seen her before. we don’t even know her.

Girl: *Stopping close and looking at them* What’re you guys doing out on a cold night like this? You guys expecting to catch a cold or something?

Luna: *Sighs and depressed* You could say that. We’re just sitting here and talking. Hanging out. We just got done with having a huge major blowout with my boyfriend who might be soon to be my Ex-Boyfriend Martin Marco.

Girl: Martin?!

Pamela: Yeah, Why? You know him?

Girl: Know him? Not really. but i have heard of him… some people were talking about him and how he was seen Drinking a Beer with some bad teens the other day. He was seen drinking.

Luna: What? *Gasps* He was drinking?

Girl: Yeah. He was. It was a MGD. Miller Genuine Draft.

Pamela: Uh… okay. Who are you? And how is it that you know about that?

Girl: Sam. Sam Puckett. I’m usually with my close friend Carly Shay and Freddie Benson The tech geek. the 3 of us run a Webcast show called iCarly.

Zeke: iCarly? You’re kidding.

Sam: No. Not on your life man. Why?

Zeke: I watch it on my T.V. They show the already aired episodes. It helps me keep calm when i am by myself.

Luna: You watch that?

Zeke: Guilty.

Sam: That’s cool. You must be familiar with it then.

Pamela: Yeah. That’s wonderful. But what did you mean by Martin being a Drinker? Why was he drinking?

Sam: stress or possibly relationship troubles.

Luna: *Feeling Angry* I don’t believe that i am hearing this. I can’t believe it. Martin gets on my ass about me being with Zeke and then he stresses me out over it causing me to slip and start smoking. J smoke as he pushed me to it. But while he was getting on my case about it… he was out drinking. *Growling* That asshole. I am 13 and being controlled by a fucking hypocrite,

Pamela: *Looking at Luna* Luna? You okay?

Luna: Yeah. I’m just fine. I’m just fine that i now learned that Martin was being a hypocrite to me and telling me to not do anything harmful while at the same time of being on me about my smoking… he was out drinking. *Pissed*It isn’t like i could just fucking help it. The Nightmares just got so bad. I could not even shake them off. I was hardly getting any sleep because of it. Then the constant pushing around done by Martin because i happened to hang with Zeke more than him really pushed it. Martin pushed me to it. I didn’t. The nightmares didn’t help any… sure. I would believe that. it’s true. But if Martin didn’t stress me out so much… i wouldn’t be doing this smoking habit. He just had to keep pushing it… Pressuring me. getting me so upset and tense all the time. So… this is the result of his own making. He pushed it. Not me. I asked for a pack… but it was a choice. i wanted a bad girl image. A bit of teenage Angst. But to be like this? This is not what i wanted. *Angry*

Zeke: I would be pissed too. But we can’t go back to his house. His Guardian Vincent would only wonder what’s going on. He’d figure that something was up and people call it as being rather suspicious. He could call your place Luna. telling what you do.

Pamela: Yeah…. on top of what she went through tonight… she now will have that to eat at her. No thanks. Luna has enough bull going on in her life. She doesn’t need anymore bull stirring. As it is… Luna is fighting the urge to go over and beat him into chewed meat.

Sam: You know… Smoking is bad for you guys. Although with the teenage Angst and the fact that you are all dealing with the love mishap… It’s a swell excuse. You don’t do it in school though, right?

Luna: *Shaking her head as if lying* No. No we don’t. We do it outside of school. anywhere else but that. Besides… Smoking in school is wrong. We don’t do that.

Sam: That’s good. Because… i would see it being bad enough that Martin has been drinking.

Luna: Please… Sam. Stop with the Martin Drinking stuff… I don’t want to hear it. It’s bad enough that i just had a stinkin’ blowout with him. Zeke… Innocent and everything… being collateral Damage. being the target for all the pain that Martin was giving me because i was with Zeke and showing sympathy.

Pamela: *feeling bad for Luna*

Zeke: Luna, You’re gonna be alright. I know it’s bad now… but to be really honest with it. It can’t get any worse than what has already.

Luna: How can it really get any worse than this? That’s what i’d like to know.

Pamela: You don’t want that question answered… do you?

Sam: Hey… I don’t do this for most people. But You 3 seem to be having a rather tough time and are struggling. So… I’ll see on making sure that no one comes at you guys over what you guys are doing… the habit and all. I don’t know if it can be sworn that it be a guarantee. because… you have to consider. there are people at school who will still try to speak rumors about you guys. Martin started the first set of Rumors. But there is no certainty that it won’t go on or get worse. He may have planned to spread some about you *Looking at Pamela* Martin’s a Jerk. I think that he’s a real bastard for how he treats girls. Example… how he treats your friend Luna there. i overheard a bunch of it. But stayed out of it.

Zeke: It’s okay. Thanks. Whatever you can do is fine.

Luna: *Nods*

A few minutes later…

Zeke: *Looking at Luna* Need a ride home?

Luna: Yeah.

Zeke: Come on. I’ll drive you home and we can hang a little.

Pamela: Same here. I would go home to my place… but it’s so silent there that i’d go nuts being there all alone.

Luna: Okay.

Zeke: Want me to spend to night with you? Just to make sure that you’re okay.

Luna: That’d be nice. Thank you.

Pamela: Not sure how Luna’s sister and the husband of her sister is gonna take it. But it’s better than being alone. That’s for sure.

Zeke: I agree. Let’s go.

Within minutes they said their goodbyes to Sam and Thanked her for her support in their time of need. Luna was feeling as though something was up. She could sense that her secret was now in the open. She could tell if she was sensing it or if it was only a feeling. but something was giving her a startling feeling. It was near 11 at night when they all said their farewells for the night. Zeke took Luna and Pamela home and barely got to the house when suddenly they saw Shingo standing there on the front lawn Watching as Luna got off the Motorcycle with Zeke and Pamela…

At the Metropolis Dorms…

Room #250…

Dinah: *Working on her paper and trying to shake off the possible terror of learning about Luna’s Habit* I can’t believe that i got a young sister who has taken up a habit.

Christie: What’re you talking about?

Dinah: Luna. That’s what. Something is going on with Luna and it’s unfortunately been going on since last month. but no one’s noticed the warning signs till just recently…

Christie: Why? What’s Luna been doing?

Dinah: One guess. What’s the habit that smells like smoke?

Christie: No idea… it wouldn’t be… *Seeing Dinah Nod hesitantly* no. Not that. Not that…

Dinah: Yes. I’m afraid so. Luna. My 13 year old sister is with the habit of smoking Cigarettes. and she’s been with a little Teenage Angst too.

Christie: Oh no. Dinah… I’m so sorry.

Dinah: Don’t be. It’s not like there is anything that can really be done about it. Not much anyway. in a couple days i’m gonna be going to my house and staying the night there then the next day… Shingo and i plan to confront her about it.

Christie: Right on. Good for you, Dinah. Something’s got to shake that habit loose from her.

Dinah: I agree. however… i am not so sure that it’s gonna work. I really don’t think that it will do much good.

Christie: Well the point is that you’re making an attempt to solve the matter before it gets out of hand or worse than what might already be. That’s the main thing. All you can do is really try. That’s about it.

Dinah: I just can’t believe that Luna would be smoking. and the thing about that is… Shingo’s got a couple calls coming from the school saying that she’s been with signs of a disciplinary problem… Snappy. Talking back every so often. Plus a couple calls saying that she was possibly concealing something illegal in school. on School grounds. but had no proof of it.

Christie: *Sighs* Oh man… What do you plan to do about it?

Dinah: *Blows up Accidentally* I DON’T KNOW!!!! *Sighs and lets out a deep breath* Sorry. I am just stressing over the whole thing. I don’t know what the hell i’m gonna do about her. Luna never acted this way before. I mean… she usually would be all sweet and content. With not a problem in the world other than the sense of being someone who’s been abused. by a grandmother. My late mother’s Mother. The Prosecutor’s one statement that day said that the marks and the memories of the abuse would be permanent. Maybe this is the sign. If Luna really changing to this new kind of girl… i really don’t think that i want to have much to do with it. It’s just too deep for me to settle with.

Christie: *Scoffs* Ugh! What the hell? So… you’re just gonna abandon her in her time of need? That’s really sisterly of you. She’s changing… she’s 13 and she’s been abused. but she’s needing your support. I am not saying that you should condone her smoking. if that’s what she’s doing. But… that is not open for discussion. You’re gonna help her. no matter how hard it is. Dinah… i am the only child in my family… i don’t know what it’d be like to have a younger sibling who would go through the teenage Angst and be all in over the head. I know nothing about it… And i may not know crap from Jericho about how you’re feeling about Luna. But the whole thing is insane. You are strong enough to handle it. What the hell do you think you got me for? For a symbol meaning Arm candy? You bring her here if you gotta. I’ll help you shake the habit out of her. one way or another.

Dinah: *Smiles briefly and nods with calm* Thank you. I’ll be sure to remember that.

The others didn’t know about the Change in Luna… Or did they?

A few days later…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

In Luna’s Room…

Luna woke up from her bed and felt her throat getting a bit dry. She Didn’t know that her sister and Shingo were in the Kitchen talking about her and what they were gonna do about the fact that she had concealed a habit… She got up from bed and got changed. She grabbed her Cellphone and also her wallet. She also took her pack with her and made sure that it wasn’t obvious that she had them…

In the Kitchen/Dining room…

Dinah: *Sighs* I can’t believe that Luna is smoking. She’s only 13. She is too young to be doing such a thing. And the fact that she’s with that boy Zeke… I don’t know.

Shingo: Zeke is a little Egotistic and rather… i don’t know. Over feeling. I caught him yesterday here Kissing Luna passionately. Luna didn’t even break from it. I had to break them up before it got too far. She wasn’t getting heavy. But the excessive kissing. That was a little over doing it. That could have lead to Something that i don’t think she’s mature enough for. She’s 13 and she’s been changing into something i don’t know what to make of it. I think that your sister is having an identity crisis.

Dinah: No. It’s not that. But this habit is not right. i don’t think that we can force her to quit. We can talk to her… but i really don’t think that it’s gonna do much. Prince Alvin tried to get at her 3 weeks ago about it and She made like she understood. She made like she heard it and agreed. I Love Luna. I love my sister. but i can’t bare to see her doing it. But she is breaking herself up with it. It’s like she’s become so different.

Shingo: Martin hasn’t come over to see her anymore.

Dinah: Do you think something happened between them?

Shingo: I don’t know. *Drinks down his cup of coffee* But i am just hoping that Luna and he are alright.

Dinah: I am quite certain that they are alright. I like Martin a whole lot more than i seem to like Zeke. But i can’t say as i can’t give Zeke due process and open up to the boy. He does have lots of respect for Luna. Luna likes him. A lot. I don’t know how they are with each other. I would just be sure to suspect that Zeke cares about Luna. A few day ago when i came home from the university to just check and see how things were,.. I saw Luna and Zeke together. They were talking and hugging… One of the things i heard between them was: “I will be with you no matter what, Luna, I Care about you so much. You’re my best friend Luna Rhapsody. I love you.” She blushed. Which i knew that she would. It was so flattering to hear that being said.

Shingo: I know… It kinda takes us back to our speaking like that. when we first began and started going out with each other.

Dinah: *Sighs happily and drinking her cup of coffee* Memories. It sure does take you back, doesn’t it? Back to the days where things were all so so simple.

Shingo: Where the worst known fear to feel was if getting rejected by the one you are with a crush on. I mean… Rejection can be a real bitch and you know for one thing that you wouldn’t have to give her roofies. But… That back then was one of the fears that any guy would have. and You were taken off guard by my confessing my love to you. I felt bad for scaring you about it. but on the inside i could not help but laugh a little on the inside. because you ran so fast i was betting that you were gonna run till you passed out. You ran so quick that it was only seconds later… when i looked and you were gone. You had to have been running at a 130 easy,. Because you were just riding the wind.

Dinah: I sure must have had the skins scared out of me to be running that fast, Ouch.

Dinah and Shingo Share a kiss…

Shingo: That’s one of the things that i found loving about you. You were so quick and just itching to run and tackle life. Nothing barred you from it. You were that tough.

Dinah: And i still am. But we’re gonna get at Luna about her habit. This is serious. If we don’t do it… we will regret it later.

Luna: *Walking out into the Kitchen* Morning sis. Shingo.

Shingo: *Looking to see Luna* Morning Luna.

Dinah: Sleep well?

Luna: Yeah. I slept rather well… I did however have this strange dream last night.

Dinah: You did? About what?

Luna: Not sure… it was just so weird. I have been having dreams about the demon again. I don’t know why as there is nothing i can do. I am just a normal girl with a not so good secret.

Shingo: The secret? That we know. We know about the habit. I am not happy about it. Dinah’s not happy either. But if nothing else… we’re gonna keep it hushed up. Unless you decide to come out with it. But We want you to at least try to fix it. Somehow.

Dinah: What do you mean that you were having dreams about the Demon? You talking about Scath again… aren’t you?

Luna: Yeah… him. I have been having the dreams about him. I don’t know why. but i  have had these dreams about him. I haven’t told Zeke about the dreams because it’s too early to get him involved with it. He’s not ready and i don’t think that it’s fair to have him in on the issues of ours just yet. I don’t want to go through the same treatment i got from everyone when it came out that i Brought Martin into the situation.

But a second later… Dinah shifted into being hard-Nosed and opened up the one Drawer reaching in and pulling out two packs.  Dinah was disgusted and sore about the idea that her young sister was smoking. Dinah Slammed them on the counter and looked silent at Luna. demanding an explanation.

Luna: *Looking at the packs* What are these? Where did you get them?

Dinah: Oh don’t be playing the dumb card. Sis, I want to know where these came from. Actually i know where. They came from your friend Pamela and the boy Zeke. But i would guess that they belong to you. Don’t they?

Luna: *Sarcastically* Well… The red one does. but the other one… doesn’t. That’s Pamela’s. And it’s true. I took up smoking. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to start it. I was pushed to doing it… I don’t know what came over me. I really don’t.

Dinah: You’re sorry?! SORRY?! That’s not a good enough answer. I want to know what would make you screw yourself up so much. Taking up smoking Cigarettes at age 13. What would make you do that? Don’t you even dare tell me it’s peer pressure from school. Because i never had that happen back then to me. I never had moments like that. Ever. But… You do? Why?

Luna: I don’t know. How do i know? It isn’t like i love the habit.

Shingo: Well… you must love it since you won’t stop it. I know you do it. I placed the pieces together on Valentines day when you had mentioned to Martin that you had a pack of Marlboro. i saw the pack fall out of your pocket. I heard that you also said that they were Zeke’s. I am sure that he smokes. but then you tell Martin that you were holding the pack of Cigarettes for Zeke and didn’t even know that they were in your pocket. When something is in the pocket… you’d know because you would feel it.

Luna: What am i? On trial?

Dinah: *Disappointed* No. You’re not on trial here. But we are very angry with you. We don’t hate you… but we are really not happy. Plus… What is this about you acting out in school?

Luna: *Looking confused and Shocked* What? What are you talking about? I never acted out in school.

Shingo: Wrong. You were acting out in school How do we know? We got calls from the school stating as such. Luna… we got enough to handle. Plus your sisters and the fighters all have a Demon to put out of production at the end of the year here. The V.R.A and other things. they have class. Plus i have work. We can’t be sticking close to you 24/7.

Dinah: Plus… we got calls stating that you were concealing Illegal products in school. Concealing Cigarettes in school. Luna, I maybe just a sister. Not a Mother. to you. but on the front of sisterly love and being a parent… herself to 3 girls. Time for some tough love…

Luna: Why are you blaming me? It’s not like i planned that this would happen.

Dinah: Then Why? Why did it?

Luna: Martin.

Dinah: What about him?

Luna: I don’t know. Things between me and him have gone not so good. Terrible even. But lately… since the middle of last month. he and i have been reaching odds. About Zeke. Ever since i started to help Zeke get a footing in school. Get him friends. and yes. I am gonna admit that i ran into him at the park the next morning after the sleepover and saw that he was smoking.

Shingo: You should have been smart, Luna. You should have taken that as a sign to stay away from him when he’s doing his habit. Not let it rub off on you and you go asking him for a pack.

Luna: Then i guess that’s my problem now… Isn’t it? You have any idea how much sleep i get a night. Every night? Do you?

Dinah: You get plenty of sleep. So don’t go there.

Luna: You would think that i would get alot of sleep… wouldn’t you? Nice thought. I wish it were true. but the truth is that… i don’t.

Shingo: How is that?

Luna: It is because as soon as i start to go into a deep sleep and i just try to get a good night’s sleep. the nightmares of the Ex-Grandmother would start coming in. That’s why. It happens every night. I don’t get the sleep that i need because of it. I toss and turn every night. Fearing that the woman would only threaten to come back. It got to be too much one night and on the night of the Sleepover… I made a decision to change my ways of thinking however i could. I the next morning… found Zeke and saw him smoking a Cigarette. he stopped the minute he saw me. I made him stop. just for that moment. I even asked him for a pack of Marlboro. He was reluctant. But did it in the end.

Dinah: So because of the nightmares… you just happened to go for the habit. You ruined your life. You do know that, right?

Luna: I get that. I messed up. I of course do it to push Martin. away.

Shingo: Why? Why would you do that to him? He loved you.

Luna: I was with nightmares of the Abuse and couldn’t sleep. I asked Zeke for a pack. He did the right thing. He told me to sleep on it and be sure it was what i wanted.

Dinah: And that’s what you should have done. You should have had better sense.

Shingo: That’s right. You should have been more responsible and just thought twice about it. But you went and done it anyway.

Luna: The 14th of February was when i had been smoking for about a week. Martin suspected it at the time but didn’t know till i finally told him the other night. He didn’t take to it well at all. I hurt him with the truth. It was a huge blowout between me, him, Zeke and Pamela. Pamela was not happy with Martin at all for how he was treating Zeke. She wanted to beat him up. I got her to stop. Martin i found out also drinks too.

Shingo: He does?

Luna: Yes. He does. Vincent doesn’t know about it. I didn’t tell him.

Dinah: Why not?

Luna: Because he’s been through enough with the fact that Martin’s broken by the fact that i have a habit. I didn’t want to add to the mess and tell Vincent that Martin’s drinking Alcohol. There is only so much drama and mess and pain a person can deal before they crack. I wasn’t gonna put more on his plate.

Shingo: What else is there?

Dinah: There’s more…. isn’t there?

Luna: Yes… There is. Several people have caught him drinking… Even a girl… Someone named Sam Puckett. She caught sight of him Drinking. Which gets me really mad because Here Martin gets on my case because i happen to smoke. and all the while telling me that he would never do anything to hurt me. He goes out and starts Drinking. Like it’s okay for him. But if i were to do it… It’s wrong. He treats me like dirt too.

Dinah: And…?

Luna: I think that i may be falling out of love with Martin.

Shingo: You are?

Dinah: When did this start going on?

Luna: after i was rescued from the Abductor. These feelings started forming and i just grew to stop feeling much for him. I can’t bother to love him when all he’s done lately since the 15th of January this year… was control me. tell me to stop being around Zeke. Telling me how to live… how to feel. who i should be with. who i should have as friends. He’s become a Womanizer and i can’t take it anymore.

Dinah: Martin, was Womanizing you? Controlling you? This is terrible. Is this the same Martin who’s also a hero… and goes to the same school as you do?

Luna: Yes. it is.

Shingo: If you’ve fallen out of love with him, Luna… You should tell him that you’re gonna break up with him. Not lead him on and think that things are still all peachy. Not leaving him wondering and let him think that things are gonna be okay again and that things will be back to how they once were. If you are wanting to break up with him. Do so… don’t play with his heart. because that’s what a Bitch would do to a guy. How bad has it really gotten between you and Martin?

Luna: Enough where we can’t stand to be in the same place together for long periods of time. That’s how bad it has gotten.

Dinah: It is probably because he sees that you’re self destructing and is trying to help you. But you don’t seem to care. And on the part where you don’t act out in class… I got news for you, Sis. You do act up. You know how i know… i got a couple calls on my cell. Stating as such. Two of them went off while i was in class during a Lecture that my professor was giving. I almost got kicked out of the class because of it. *Opening her cellphone and getting into the Voicemail; Playing the Voicemail and setting it to Speaker*

Dinah’s VoiceMail: *Playing the Message* Message from (618) 524-2645 on March 2nd at 11: 39 AM.: “This is Mr, Wallsberg, Luna’s Science teacher. I am calling on regards to your Daughter’s behavior in class. She’s been coming in the last week wearing make-up and distracting the class with her constant interruptions. She’s been cussing and refusing to listen to the instructions. She got one of the fellow students here feeling hurt by her attitude. I don’t know what has gotten into her. But whatever it is… I suggest it gets dealt with As soon as possible. Thank you.”

Dinah: This one…

Dinah’s Voicemail: *Playing the message* Message from (618) 524-2645 on March 5th at 12:50 P.M.: “Yes, Mrs. Rhapsody. this is Mrs. Wolf. Luna’s Math teacher. I don’t know how to say this without stepping over bounds as this will hurt… but your Daughter is a Disciplinary problem. She comes in fine and ready to work. but the moment she sits down in class… she starts making snide comments on everything that is said. I don’t know what’s gotten into her. But if she keeps it up we will have to meet and take disciplinary actions about it.”

Dinah: There is more than that. But those are just some of the calls we got. Luna, It wouldn’t hurt so bad if we were to be told about it… But we had to find out about your Smoking by seeing the packs laying on the ground in the backyard.

Luna: *Feeling ashamed and starting to get upset* I’m sorry Dinah. I didn’t mean to let this out. I didn’t mean to hide anything or lie.

Dinah: Well… you did. *Angry and hurt* You lied to us. You said that everything would be fine and that you’d never stoop down to taking up a habit like this. That you’d be strong willed. YOU LIED! To me. To everyone.

Luna: But… Dinah. It’s not like that. *Quivering and upset* I’m sorry.

Dinah: Sorry is not gonna cut it. You are messing up and it’s getting us to believe that there isn’t a good person left inside you anymore. Luna, You’re turning into someone we do not recognize anymore. It hurts us because we are seeing it and it is changing how we see you. You’re not like the sweet girl we knew before. You’ve changed. You’re still family. Family is forever… but we can no longer look at you the same way again. Ever.

Luna: *Looking at Dinah as tears start welling up in her eyes and begins to break down* Yeah. that’s right. I get battered by Martin because i help Zeke and he’s the good guy. I crack because of the nightmares and end up smoking because of it… i explain the reasons and i am the bad one. I am always being targeted by everyone. Martin probably hates me and is possibly cheating on me. but he’s the good guy. *Crying* You’re supposed to be my sister. Be there to take away the pain. My Issues that i am going through. *Grabbing her pack and looking at it* So much getting sympathy and understanding. I might as well just continue smoking. since i don’t have the reason to quit. *Running out and taking off to the park* Thanks a lot!

Dinah: *Walking out after Luna and calling out to her* LUNA!!!!!

Shingo: *Running out and coming over to Dinah* Dinah! What’s going on? Where’s Luna running off to?

Dinah: I don’t know. But i think that she’s really broken up now. I just hurt her pride and her psyche. She’s now gonna be forever smoking. and there won’t be anything that either i or you or anyone can do about it. *Devastated*

Shingo: There will be something to be done about it. Don’t worry. *Hugging Dinah and Holding her close* It’s gonna be okay. The Tension is gone now. it’ll be okay again.

Dinah: I don’t know if there will be anything to help now. It’s all over. Luna has run off. I think that she believes that we really meant those cruel and hurtful things.

Shingo: We better hope that she comes back.

Dinah: *Worried; Being hugged by her husband* …. Shingo? Do you think that we might have been a little too hard on her?

Shingo: I think that we did the right thing. as hard as it was on us. I really hated being so forceful with the brash truth and the seriousness. but *Sighs* Dinah, Luna’s given us little to no choice. If we didn’t do it like we did… She would have gotten worse than she already has.

Dinah: I just feel that we might have pushed her. She must think that we hate her. Shingo: Pah! Nonsense, Sweets. We could never hate her. Not ever. We’re not necessarily all that thrilled about her.behavior. and the change in her attitude. I mean… that is just a bit way out there for even the average parent to handle. We’re with 3 kids. But they’re on Planet Vulcan now till the threat with the Demon is all over. We can’t handle Luna’s self-Destruct express as well. I think that she’ll be fine. A few seconds pass…

Shingo: *Sighs* You think that we should go after Luna and try to get through to her somehow. Dinah: *Nods* Let’s go I’ll drive. We got to see on patching things up with her.

Shingo: What about Christie? Dinah: She’s fine. She is expecting me to let her know how things went with our talk with Luna. Shingo: *Sighs* You know… As much as i am thankful that she’s so protective of our relationship and Marriage.. all that. But she doesn’t really need to know all the nitty gritty details of our lives. Does she?

Dinah: Don’t worry. She’s able to keep it PG. Sometimes she upgrades it to PG-13. We can trust her. She keeps it low key.

A Minute later… they were on the road. Dinah was Driving…

At Pamela’s house…

Pamela’s Room…

Pamela: *Watching T.V.* This is such a boring show. I didn’t hear from Luna since yesterday. I sure hope that she’s okay. *Checking the time* Maybe i should see about heading over to her place and see how she is. *Nods* Yeah. that’s what i’ll do.

Suddenly Pamela’s cellphone Chimed…

Pamela: *Answering the phone* Yes?

Penelope: Pamela?

Pamela: Yeah. Who’s this?

Penelope: It’s Penelope.

Pamela: Oh… hey. I didn’t recognize who this was at first.

Penelope: Slow day?

Pamela: Not really. I just got up about a half hour ago. I’m worried about Luna though. Her sister Dinah and the husband of Dinah’s… Shingo were both home yesterday at Luna’s house and they were looking right at Luna as though they suspected that something was up. I didn’t stay because i didn’t want to be around in case the sparks flew.

Penelope: I know. I feel the same. But then again… i am not the one who’s being suspected of turning Luna to being a smoker and a Disciplinary issue. Not placing Blame. But You can somehow bet that Luna’s sister Dinah and Shingo are. Looking to point some fingers.

Pamela: Why are they looking to blame someone for the way Luna has turned out? Luna is the one that chose to be that way. It was her. Luna isn’t as innocent as they all believe. Zeke thinks of it that way too. But his way about it is that Luna made the choice. She was with the dreams of the abuse she endured. I wasn’t in the court room where it all went. where she and her family sent the abusive woman to Prison. You were there. Is there anything that you know that can maybe heal the rift?

Penelope: Not that i know of. I am ambitious but i am not a textbook. However… we might be able to heal the Rift between them. The Rift that is between Luna, Dinah and Dinah’s husband.

Pamela: Let’s meet.

Penelope: Where do you want to meet?

Pamela: Can you stand a little smoke?

Penelope: I can… I got a touch of asthma. But it’s okay. A little smoke won’t hurt.

Pamela: In the Tunnel at the park. I know about the tunnel because i stumbled across it once. We can meet there.

Penelope: Sounds good. See you there in 20.

Pamela: You got it. On my way.

At Vincent Van Graves…

Regina: *Looking at Vincent* How are things?

Vincent: I wish that i could say,

Regina: Why’s that?

Vincent: I don’t know what’s going on with Martin. The other night he was having a major blowout with his girlfriend Luna and also having an out with two others. Zeke and someone named Pamela.

Regina: what did it sound like?

Vincent: Dreadful. Utterly dreadful. It was a blowout that i was not expecting to see happen between two people. Martin was screaming and Then so was Luna.

Regina: It must have been about the love of theirs going sour and they were growing frustrated over it. Disagreements.

Vincent: No. It was about their views on Zeke.

Regina: On Zeke? *Thinking* Something tells me that the dear boy needs a parent figure. Someone to guide him. But who?

Vincent: I don’t know. I could always take him in… but that would only enrage Martin and also put a stain on the relationship that is between Me and him. It’s for the common good of things. but that dear poor boy needs a parental figure.

Regina: Suppose in time we might find someone who will be willing to take care of the dear. Guide him to be better than what he is now. Whoever Zeke is… He is acting out in pain from something that happened to him when he was a little younger than he is now. You said that from what you got from Martin was that the boy was with the belief or the story that he was abused. But truth is…Zeke was abused. Why would Martin see otherwise?

Vincent: It’s hard to tell because Zeke hasn’t done anything to hurt Martin. But Obviously there is something about Zeke that just rubbed Martin the wrong way and managed to just tick him off. Tick him off and or piss him off in the worst way.

Regina: What do you wish to do?

Vincent: Can’t say. but i think that looking for a suitable family for Zeke Mansfield is in order.

Regina: I agree. With the two of us making calls and looking for a family that will take Zeke in and Adopt him… Something good will be sure to come.

Vincent: Quite right. He is living on his own from what Martin said as he was told by Luna. But that is only something minor… given since that Martin truly doesn’t like the boy.

At the park..

Luna: *Sitting on a bench at the park thinking* God. What on earth have i done? I’ve hurt my best friend and boyfriend.. i didn’t mean for it to happen and i didn’t mean for my habit of smoking to hurt him so much.. honest. i didn’t.. *Pulls out her pack of Marlboro red 100’s and pulls out a cigarette, then lighting up and smoking*

Martin came around and almost didn’t stop after the fight that they had just days earlier…

Martin: *Deciding to go and talk to Luna*

Luna: *Sees Martin coming, trying not to cry again* Martin i am so sorry for the other day… i know i hurt you but i honestly had no intention of hurting you because of the fact that i smoke. I should not have even started it. I just lost touch with my common sense and just didn’t think. I messed up so much.

Martin: *Looking at Luna* I’m really hurt about the fact that you smoke Luna.. i mean. you went from this sweet girl who would never do anything to harm herself into a smoking girl. And because of Zeke. I know that he is the reason why you Smoke now, Luna. I blame him alot more than i would blame anything else. You would never smoke unless pushed to doing it. It may have been a Choice. but you still had the ability to say no. You are Damaged good, Luna. But out of all else… I still love you. Even though a part of me is telling me not to. I still love you and don’t want to let go without fighting to keep you close to me.

Luna: *Upset and feeling hurt* You really think that i did this on purpose? You see me as damaged goods. Don’t you? Well don’t bother flattering yourself. I don’t do it for anyone’s benefit but my own. I am a sweet girl. But you have nothing to complain about. You weren’t abused. You don’t have the nightmares coming at you and threatening to hurt you. *With Tears in her eyes* I Have this habit. But it’s not like i am loving it. I have it to mask that i was abused. But you want to know what else… *Sniffling*

Martin: What?

Luna: My sister Dinah’s Husband Shingo knows about my habit. He and Raven have figured it all out. Dinah happens to know too. I overheard them talking this morning as i was walking out of my room and to the Kitchen. I overheard them talking and the part that gets me really hurt is that when i walked in the room… they went mostly silent. It was as though they were disgusted with me. I felt as they were really upset and with the idea that they knew… Martin, they know that i smoke. I was trying to hide it from them. i didn’t want to shame them… but they knew about it. and there is nothing i can do to hide it. *Starting to bawl a little* Actually no… Dinah and Shingo confronted me and scolded me. They yelled at me and said that they had calls from school saying that i was acting out or becoming a Disciplinary problem in class.

Martin: *Starting to feel a little bad* Well.. it was only going to be a matter of time before they found out. but now you know that i’m not the only one who’s upset about it. Now you know what happens when you try to play the fool, Luna. It hurts. I am sorry that you had this happen to you. You were the one who just wanted to go with the habit. You even hang out with Zeke who is a smoker. You should have known that his habit was gonna just rub off on you.

Luna: You don’t get it… I didn’t want them to even know about it. I didn’t want to pull them into my nightmare. I wanted them to be kept oblivious to it all. *Crying into her hands* But now that they know… it is all over. I feel as though they will try to avoid me and seek to have hardly a thing to do with me other than the idea that i am under the same roof as they are. Raven won’t say much about it to me. But she’s trying to keep a level head. But Dinah is Devastated. Shingo is torn on what to do about it as he doesn’t want to overstep and hurt Dinah for making a decision on what to do about my habit. *Sobbing into her hands and heartbroken*

Martin: *Sighs* Well you live under the same roof as Dinah and Shingo.. it’s not easy hiding things from someone if you live with them.

Luna: *Sniffles and suddenly looking up* Maybe… but it sure doesn’t help that you and i are at odds. We keep fighting and disagreeing on things. It’s like we can no longer stand to be in the same spot for a few minutes without us fighting and itching to tear ourselves apart. I feel as though you started to… to… To hate me and you know what? I can’t even begin to imagine why as i should be doing that as you were tearing Zeke down. You tried to chip away and make him feel like nothing. You didn’t even want to get to know the real him… *Putting out her smoke and putting away her pack* I feel so terrible. i don’t even know why i show myself. You hate Zeke. I can tell. You also hate me too possibly. Dinah and Shingo are now giving me a bit of silent treatment. *Looking through her tears* … *Sniffles* What’s the point in even being happy about anything anymore. I messed everything up. The way that Dinah ans Shingo spoke to me… i can already bet you that they’re gonna be thinking about pressing on with life and make as if i was not even there.

Martin: *Wondering* Have you and Zeke had sex with each other?

Luna: What?

Martin: Have you and Zeke had sex with each other?

Luna: *Pauses and feeling stunned suddenly; Outraged* Martin… that is none of your business. for one. For two… He and i haven’t known each other that long. You and i have. So if anyone is getting that. It’s you and me. But i am scared that i’ll lose the last part of the sweet girl that i still have inside me. *Wiping her tears away* You never really answered my last outburst. Do you happen to hate me? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. I mean… i did happen to ruin your reasons to still feel anything for me other than that. *Looking at Martin and hurting inside from the fact that her life’s changed a bit and she doesn’t seem to know how to prevent it from getting any worse than it had already*

Martin didn’t know what Luna was trying to get at but he knew that she was beating herself up over what happened between them a few nights ago. Martin suddenly felt that he had to let out a confession which would be an impossible one since it’s only been a few days since they last spoke. But… as he stood there. He knew that he had to come clean with the truth…

Martin: Well i have a bit of a confession to make. *Looks at Luna*. Luna: And what would that be? It can’t be any worse… than what I’ve been doing. Or… *Sensing discomfort* can it?

Luna was even though upset and in tears… she knew when something not good was gonna come out and be spilled out into the open… she sat there and listened…

Martin: It is. I’ve been seeing Beth Timberland a bit. *Looking at Luna, feeling guilty about it*

Luna: How is that bad? She’s our friend and she doesn’t really have all that much a social life. How is that bad? Unless there is more to it than that… Is there?

Martin: During the time we were apart.. i did some romance with Beth and i also made out with her a little bit.

Luna: *gasps* How far did it get? *Dreading the mention of what he is exposing to her*

Martin: It didn’t go any further than that. *Feeling guilty*

Luna: Are you sure that it wasn’t anything else? You and Beth didn’t happen to sleep with one another, did you? I mean… you and i have been apart for a few days… but there is no way that it’s gotten that bad between us that you’d… you know… sleep with her. Especially since we’re only like 13.

Martin: All i did was make out with her and do romance with her.. and maybe slept with her once.

Luna’s Mouth suddenly dropped open in shock. She was unable to believe what it was that she was hearing coming from Martin’s mouth…

Luna: You slept with her? When was this? Martin, you’re 13 and so am i. How could you sleep with her? *With a mortified look on her face* I will be regretting on asking this… but you and Beth. You two didn’t… uh, have sex. Did you?

Martin: It was during the time we were apart. *Shakes his head* No. i didn’t have sex with her though.

Luna: Are you sure? Because even though nothing happened… All it takes is one quick moment and a girl could get pregnant.

Martin: I didn’t have sex with her.

Luna: After the fight we had and the blowout we had… i must find that to be hard to believe. Does Beth remember anything that happened between you and her? She doesn’t think it got to the part of sex…does she? *Fearing to know the truth*

Suddenly as they were talking…

Beth: *Comes along and sees Martin, feeling like something had happened between her and Martin* I feel weird.. maybe something really did happen between me and Martin. *Looks at Luna* Martin tried to get with me. before i was ready he insisted on it a bit when i tried to say that i was a little too young.

Martin: *Looks at Beth*

Beth: *Looks back at Martin* HOW COULD YOU?! you tried taking advantage of me! and for what? cause you and Luna were fighting?! *Slaps him* Do you realize i could be pregnant from you now? i’m too young to be pregnant. I’ve been with the case of morning sickness!!

Luna: *Listens and feeling shocked by what she learned* What? Martin… Is this true? Did you really do it?

Martin: Beth.. i didn’t have sex with you. *Looks at Beth*

Beth: *Angry* You did so! how else do you explain my morning sickness. *With anger*

Luna: How could you do it, Martin? How? You’re too young still. As am i. We are only 13. *Feeling like she’s about to cry again*

Luna still had her pack with her but at that point… she didn’t seem to really care. She was hearing the fateful truth coming from Beth. She was with shock.

Martin: I did not have sex with you! i never took advantage of you. *Getting a little angry and looking at Beth* You are not even my caliber. Luna is. All you and i did was kiss. that is all that we did. nothing more.

Beth: *Explodes with anger* Did you not hear me?! I’M PREGNANT FROM WHEN WE SLEPT WITH EACH OTHER! don’t try to tell me that you didn’t have anything to do with my morning sickness! You’re a jerk Martin! You tried to have Sex with me. I know what Sex is… Any Idiot could figure out what Sex is.

Martin: All we did was kiss and make out with each other! it never got to us having sex! *Shouts back at Beth*

Beth: *Slaps him again* DON’T LIE!

Martin: *Feels her slap him* What was that for?

Beth: You know what it was for! i’m too freaking young to be pregnant! Ugh! why did you have to do such a thing to me?


Beth: Then why is it that i have Morning sickness? Huh? Answer me that. Why do i have that? Martin: I don’t know. How am i supposed to know? I don’t have a clue. Luna: *Feeling her heart break*

At the Tunnel within the Park…

Pamela: *Looking to the side and seeing Penelope walking over* Penelope, Over here.

Penelope: *Looking over to see Pamela standing in the tunnel and lighting up* I would have figured that you’d be smoking. Teenage Angst really grabbed you good.

Pamela: It’s grabbing alot of teens. But a whole lot of them are going with it another way.

Penelope: With sex or with the idea that wearing revealing clothes are what’s in now.

Pamela: That’s for the girls… and the guys… Sex. Sex appeal and the lusting of women. and men.

Penelope: There is a lot of corruption in the air and it’s growing.

Pamela: *Smoking* We got to talk though. About Luna and the rift that is obviously going on between her and her sister Dinah and Shingo.

Penelope: that’s right. We need to help them mend it somehow. I was with Luna and the rest of the others. her family… When they made the call or the outcome stating that Luna’s marks would be permanent and that her memories would be deep. But her sister Dinah happened to tell her that she could overcome the Abuse and beat it somehow. That there would be no need to let it win.

Pamela: How do we convince her though? Her sister and husband are not gonna let her see anyone. They are trying to eliminate the cause for Luna to take up smoking. They are not condoning it and are refusing to put up with it… But the thing is that i am not sure how that will hold out. Luna was combating against it the whole time.

Penelope: We got to try anyway. Pamela, We got to get them to ease up on Luna. Teenage Angst is not permanent. It’s just for maybe a couple years.

Pamela: Tell that to Dinah and her husband. They’re on a trip to end the Teen Angst

Penelope: That is preposterous. You can’t stop Teen Angst. It’s not a thing that can be stopped. It’s a State of Mind. Let’s go and find Luna and her sister Dinah and Shingo.

Pamela: *Finishing her smoke and running out with Penelope* Let’s go.

Back outside and in the general part of Metropolis Park…

Beth: *Looking at Martin* You better hope that i am not pregnant. Because i swear that if i am… and at 13. You will be the father and i will make you pay for it.

Martin: It’s not like you’ll get pregnant. We only made out by kissing. That’s all. Nothing more. All we did was kiss and smooch and hug and maybe a little caressing. That’s about it. There was no sex. I am not like that. I am not a Player. I’m not a Pimp either.

Beth: *Skeptic and refraining from saying anything*

Luna: *Lighting up another smoke and trying to calm down* I hate how my life turned out. I got people mad at me. School thinks that i’m a problem. Dinah and Shingo yell at me and would rather put me with blame. My boyfriend is not happy with me and has possibly done something with another girl who’s also a friend to me. Smoking is only getting me more and more lost. But being so deep into it… *Sighs* I don’t know…

Martin: I don’t know what to tell you, Luna. You screwed up. It is up to you to fix the problem. people can tell you to quit the habit. but you have to choose. You have to be the one who wants to quit it.

A couple minutes later…

Martin sat with Luna and apologized to her for the way he was acting with her and how he was treating her. Beth left and took her leave back to her house. She didn’t want to be anywhere near Martin. It wasn’t but a minute later after that when…

Prince Alvin: *Walking by and Looking at Luna* Luna? What’re you doing here?

Luna: *Smirks* What do you think it looks like that i’m doing? I’m ruining my life. I got a habit that is bad. I know that you told me that i should stop. Begged that i would…

Prince Alvin: Say goodbye to your boyfriend. You’re coming with me. We are gonna have a talk.

Luna: *Sighs* Alright. Let’s go. I got to face it sooner or later. Surprising that the whole family hasn’t caught on.

Prince Alvin: They know and they’re not happy. they are hurt knowing about what you’re doing, Luna. We really need to talk about this… This is serious.

Luna: Do i want to know what this is about? *Getting up and walking over to her cousin* What do you want? Prince Alvin, Why are you here looking for me? Why don’t you just go back to the University and let me be? You should know that i am not in the mood to talk. I just got lectured by Dinah and Shingo about my habit. About my possible being a Disciplinary problem. And of course a Boyfriend who is not happy with me and is just now trying to make some kind of Amends with me. Not that i deserve it. I mean… I screwed up. I am lost and also ashamed of what i have become. I’m a Loser now… I am worthless.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* You’re not worthless. You never were. And you are not a loser. Don’t you even talk like that. It isn’t true and you know it.

Luna: Oh yeah… And how would you know? You’re not with a habit. You were never a Disciplinary issue in school. But i am… I acted up in school and i don’t even know how to make it stop. I am trying to quit it from getting ahead. But…

Prince Alvin: It’s not gonna be bad forever. You Messed up. But you can fix it if you work hard at it. Come on, Let’s go. We can talk about it somewhere else.

Luna: *Nods* alright.

But before they could leave…

Dinah: *With Shingo* Luna?! Where are you going now?

Luna: With Prince Alvin. Why?

Shingo: We got to talk.

Luna: Why? You and Dinah already said your piece. You two think i’m being a problem. And you know what? It hurts. You Dinah were supposed to be my sister and take my pain away. Telling me it’d be okay. Not kissing up and covering it up… but try to comfort me and help me so i’d be able to like beat the habit and maybe find reason and will to quit. Instead… you cracked down on me and made me feel like i was being the worst sister in the world. Making me feel like i was nothing but trouble. *Sore*

Shingo: We’re sorry.

Dinah: Sis, We’re sorry that we said what we said to you. We were just frustrated and Didn’t know what to say to get through to you.

Shingo: I knew that you were smoking a week before Valentines day but when you said that it was for a play… i didn’t think so much of it. I thought that it would have to be convincing for the play that you said was for school. Even though the school mentioned nothing of the sort about a play. But i went by that in hopes that you’d break from the habit… if it came to that. I didn’t know that it was gonna get this bad. That you’d get this far with it. Luna, Smoking is a bad habit. It may seem like such a cool way to express yourself in the Teen Angst that is most certainly taking over your senses… but you could be addicted to the habit. It isn’t what you want. You can do better than this. Much better.

Luna: Why should i do better when there is nothing for me to be better? You both yelled at me. In fact… I found out a moment ago that my boyfriend Martin was seen or spending time with Beth. My friend Beth. Even though there is Denial… There is thought that Martin may have had sex with her. If that is true… Martin could go to her as she might be pregnant and he could be with kids. Beth thinks she’s pregnant. Martin is denying it. What hurts is the fact that i had to know of it. *Upset* That’s what hurts. I had to know about it. Plus the school thinks that i am a problem. They might option to kick me out. There is nothing that i can do about it either. Even if i were to change and be better… a couple people in school… in class saw that i had a pack of Cigarettes in my possession. they saw it. They’ll talk. It’ll spread. My normal happy life is over. I ruined it. It is ruined. *Wanting to break down and cry again* I messed up and it’s all my fault. Zeke didn’t cause it. I did. I asked him for a pack. I met with him and smoked Cigarettes with him. I did it all. I did it. *Suddenly crying into her hands*

Dinah: *Grabbing onto Luna and hugging her* Okay… Okay… Stop the water works. It’s gonna be alright. You can remain with the habit if it’s part of you now… But just be careful to not get too deep into it. We want you to stop the habit. But on your own terms. No one else’s Martin is not to tell you to change without your consent. Neither is Zeke or your other friends. Not even Pamela. just one thing… Zeke and or Pamela are to supply the packs and Cartons and you can not have the pack in school to do it in school. Anywhere but there. Okay? Please. We don’t want you to be thrown out of school and or Expelled. You need School. Without school. there is no Job out there waiting for you to win.

Luna: *With tears rolling down her face*

It was only minutes later when Prince Alvin stepped in and offered to have a talk with Luna. He wanted to understand the reasons behind Luna’s sudden change. He felt that there was something more. He of course didn’t tell his Girlfriend Alice about it. He didn’t want to worry her about what’s been happening with Luna. But what he didn’t know that she already knew about it. She caught it in a Vision. Prince Avery and Prince Curtis didn’t hear of the change and Prince Alvin wanted to keep it that way for the time being. He walked over to where his Motorcycle was and Had Luna get on. Prince Alvin rode off with Luna and took her to talk with her. He wanted to talk with her and just get to know what’s got her to change from a sweet girl to someone who’s considered the opposite.

Hardees Restaurant…

516 Market St…

1:15 P.M

Prince Alvin: *Ordering up a couple Cheeseburgers and fries with Large Drinks* Luna, We’re gonna talk. I want to get to the bottom of what’s got you to dive down this path of yours.

Luna: *Feeling shaken and upset still; trying to cheer up a bit* What do you mean, Prince Alvin? What path am i taking? The one i chose to take to let out my Teenage Angst. feeling a certain way.

Prince Alvin: Feeling the way you do… it is not like you to be with a nasty habit. Not at 13. People who smoke as Adults are those who have started at age 13. even 14. You are thinking that it’s cool because others are doing it. You hang with Zeke and he smokes. You are wanting to help him. No one is telling you that you shouldn’t. But really… Luna. Smoking? *Shaking his head* You are 13 years old.

Luna: I wish people would stop saying that. I know about being 13. You don’t think that i know that.

Prince Alvin: Do you, Luna? Do you really know that? Because i don’t know if you realize that you’re killing yourself doing the habit. I am not gonna force you to quit. I will not force you to stop. But You need to get the hint and stop the habit. on your terms obviously. Jest because Zeke does it… doesn’t mean you should. If he was doing crack… Would you want to do it too?

Luna: Prince Alvin, You’re Exaggerating on that part. Zeke is 13… Just like i am and he wouldn’t do that. He may be An abused person… Teen. A troubled Teen. But that doesn’t mean he’s gonna be that dumb to take up smoking crack and sniffing Cocaine. Whatever that is.

Prince Alvin: That’s right. That is so right. He only smokes those cancerous things. Cigarettes at 13. He then gets you suckered in and you start on doing it.

Luna: Cousin… I love you to death… but if you start trying to blame Zeke for my habit… i will come at you and snap. I told Martin this… and now i will tell you. Zeke didn’t get me to do it. I CHOSE TO DO IT! IT WAS A CHOICE! I decided to do it. I know that i messed up. I am lost and a bit broken, but i am not Stupid.

Prince Alvin: I don’t think that you’re stupid. You might be just lost. but not stupid. You’re a smart person. Just making some very bad choices is all. Bad calls. You have to stop the habit though… It is killing you.

Luna: How do you know this?

Prince Alvin: It’s not the fact of whether i know it or not… It’s the fact that it is reality. it is a habit that kills. You know that it will kill you. Yellow Teeth. Yellow nails. It will make your clothes smell terrible. You’ll wind up with a hackers cough and will get winded easily. making it hard to do the things you love doing.. You’ll tire out easily. Making it hard to run. You know that there is an Intergalactic threat in the works, Right?

Luna: Yeah, And? I am a normal teen, Prince Alvin. I have no business with the powers and the super powered…reparte anymore. I have the smarts for it… needed to maybe help when it’s time. But i am a normal girl now. With a habit. i got normal things to worry about. Like Relationship problems. Intimacy as well. habits. School. my friends. Working for a normal career. Like Modeling. I want to be a Model.

Prince Alvin: Aha! See? That’s using your devotion for something better.

Luna: It is. But what i want to know is why everyone is so against my expressing teen angst. Other teens do it. although how they do it is different than how i let it out… but… it still happens. Some smoke… Drink. Some cough up attitudes and their personality changes. Some change their tastes in clothes. Some are rude. Some end up with a hightened Sex Drive and seek to cry out for attention to their teen Angst by having sex and getting it from anyone. I am not like that… The only thing i have is a bit of the attitude and smoking. I don’t drink and i won’t do drugs. I am not even gonna be having sex till at least Age 14 may be age 15 before that. I have limits. I won’t be going half-cocked.

A minute later…

Prince Alvin: *Sitting and chatting with Luna* Luna, I don’t know what’s gotten into you as of late. But You’re like a different person with Zeke. What is it about him that has you so enticed to him? What about Martin? Your boyfriend… Don’t you remember him? He is with you. But if you keep doing what you’re doing… You’re gonna only lose him. He’s gonna eventually grow tired of your shifting act and leave you. I know that you’re wanting to help Zeke become a better person. A cleaned human being. But the habit… it’s not right. You know that it’s not right. I am not saying that you should stop helping him… But not that Habit. Please. Luna, You’re a lovely girl. Don’t do this. Don’t ruin your life with this. I beg you.

Luna: I am sorry that i have this habit. I never should have asked Zeke for a pack. I should have just continued to endure the nightmares. I chose to do it. I made the decision. I know that i am asking for alot of trouble for it. I know what the dangers are. I guess that i have to live with the outcome.

Prince Alvin: No you don’t. You can get out of it if you really wanted to. You can get out of it.

Luna: *Scoffs and in disbelief* Oh yeah… And how am i to do that?

Prince Alvin: Will yourself to do it. that’s how. You’re not dumb. You can do it.

Luna: I’ll do it. Just give me a couple years.

Prince Alvin: *Scoffs and feeling Disgusted briefly* That’s a Joke. A Sick Joke. Please… Luna. Tell me… Tell me that you’re not that foolish to just joke around like that.

Luna: What i am saying is that it is not for anyone to change. I got to make that change. No one else can. I will decide. On my terms. You are trying to help… but i… it’s my problem. I got to live with it.

Prince Alvin: You were not like this before. When did you start getting this way?

Luna: it was after the Court hearing. I was scared and knew that i was with the memories and was gonna be having to live with them for the rest of my life. But on the side of the matter. I deep down had two choices. I could either let it consume me… or i could fight back. Well… i knew that i couldn’t just fight it. It was gonna happen sooner or later. I met Zeke on the first day back to school and learned of his being abused and things… Just Clicked. It just made somewhat of sense. I felt bad for him and happened to relate to him in sense as i too was abused. It just seemed to sound familiar. One afternoon we traded #’s and made plans to meet. However the meets would be innocent. We would just talk and hang out. The habit was not there then… however… a week before Valentines day… we met. It was… I think a cloudy day. At least it seemed to be a cloudy day. It looked really cloudy. As though it was gonna rain. But it didn’t…

Luna Flashes back…


At the Metropolis Park…

Zeke: *Setting out a Pack of Marlboro Reds next to him and waiting for Luna to show up* Today is the day where Luna is gonna make her decision. She’s been asking to do it. She wanted this. I really don’t feel comfortable in encouraging Luna to take up smoking. I rather wish that she didn’t. She’s wanting to help me… I am thankful that she’s wanting to help me possibly quit the habit. But with her… doing it and we just get into it all together.. It’s not the way to go about it. *Seeing Luna not too far away* Here she comes…  I hope that both she and I know what the heck it is that we’re doing.

Luna: *Arriving at where Zeke was waiting* Hey Zeke. I came. as expected. I don’t know why though as i am about to do something really stupid and it’s gonna only be harmful to me.  Kinda cold out today, isn’t it?

Zeke: It is. And i know that you’re taking a risk. I am unsure if allowing for you to do this is right. I mean… Are you sure that you want this?

Luna: I’m not sure. I would want this. But i am scared about what Martin would say. What my family would say. What my sister Dinah would say if she ever knew that i was gonna do this…

Zeke: Luna, You’re really pretty. Beautiful, and Amazing. I don’t want you to do anything that you’re not sure of. You got to decide. You have to decide and be up for the decision. I got to tell you that doing this move is a mistake. A real mistake. You need to tell me that you’re sure that you want to do this. 

Luna: ….

Zeke: I am being straight here. Once you’re in this… You’re in it. The habit is smoking and once you’re in this… You’re in till you make the decision that you want out and or that you and I quit the habit together.

Luna: *Unsure* Do i really want to do this? *Thinking about it* I don’t want to hurt my family. or Dinah… or my friends and Martin. I don’t want to hurt them. But i can’t keep dealing with the Nightmares. It’s hurting me so much. I just want the agony to stop. I just want to be without the memories of being abused. I hate having to remember the abuse that was done to me. I want it to stop. *Looking at Zeke* i… I’ll do it.  I want to do it.

Zeke: Luna… I I can’t bare to allow this. I want to be the one to say no. But i can’t say it as i also do it too… So being a hypocrite is something that i will only be if i were to say no to you and yet still do it myself. But can i at least ask you to be careful with doing this?

Luna: Uh-huh. I will be careful. I will take it slow and only have one when needed and keep it simple. 

Zeke: That’s good. I got your first pack with me here. 

Luna: Good. I want to do it. I’ve decided to take it up.

Zeke: *Nods* Okay. *Picking up the pack of Marlboro and the lighter and handing it to Luna* Here you go.  Go ahead and have your first light. It’s only right to do it now that you have the pack and are set on doing it. 

A Second later…

Luna: *Opening up her pack of Cigarettes and pulling out a Cigarette; Sticking the Cigarette on her lips* This is gonna feel rather awkward at first…

Zeke: *Pulling out his pack of Marlboro from his pockets and opening it; Pulling out a cigarette and placing it on his lips and suddenly flicking his cigarette lighter; lighting up and smoking* It’s gonna be weird at first for you. But if you happen to like the habit… it’ll get easier. Just a theory.

Luna:  *Flicking on her Cigarette lighter and Lighting up; Smoking her first cigarette* Wow, This feels really good. But why? This habit is the one that kills more people each year. 

Zeke: I would suppose that it does. But I done this since i was like 7 years old. It’s not an excuse that can be accepted. Kids are not supposed to be smoking. You’re only 13. as am i. Smoking should be Illegal for Teens to do. Anyone under 18. We can be in a whole lot of trouble. But i don’t really care much about the Law as it’s not all cut and Dry. 

Luna: The Laws are not supposed to be broken… but following the rules doesn’t really get a person anywhere as all it does is change on people when it they least expect it. Not very fair for all those who follow it. 

Zeke: *Watching Luna Smoke* How does it taste?

Luna: Smooth and refreshing. which is impossible as i am not prone to smoke. I am only just beginning and never done it before so… it should not be feeling this good. Not ever. *Suddenly feeling Green and a bit Queasy* Ugh! I think that something is wrong. I suddenly feel a little sick. Is this normal?

Zeke: For first timers who aren’t prone to it… Yes.

Luna: *Groans* Swell.” 

Luna: That is how it began. I met him. asked him for a pack and he had one waiting for me. he lit up and then i Lit up. Smoking my first. I had my first one there. He was feeling reluctant about allowing me take up smoking. I was feeling the same about. I felt the same… but i couldn’t refrain. The Nightmares of the Abuse that was done on me by Grandma Rikku who is now the Ex- Grandmother. It is stupid to be harping on it. but the memories won’t die. I can’t make them die. I tried. I tried thinking happy thoughts. tried thinking about things that were peaceful and serene…  Watching things that brought off something happy. Sleeping it off. Talking about things that didn’t relate to being abused. Nothing worked.

Prince Alvin: *With an Eyebrow raised* and you’re thinking that Smoking will be what works?

Luna: *Looking out the window and sighs* … *Looking back at Prince Alvin* I don’t know. I really don’t know. But i do know that i have got to at least do something.

Prince Alvin: Luna… *Sighs and exhaling sharply* I really feel sorry for you over this. Smoking is not the answer. It is a means to an end. But if only there was some other way for you to forget about the pain that came from the abuse and the memories.

Luna: What am i gonna do?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know. I don’t know what all you can do. The only thing that i can do or tell you is to find a way to quit the habit. Before it’s too late. You need to stop the nasty habit somehow. Anything.

Luna: I also found out that Martin has started Drinking. But to me… it is just a rumor. Because i know that it isn’t like him to take up Drinking Alcohol. He would never do that. Not ever.

Prince Alvin: Martin might have pushed you to be so stressed out that you would just wind up taking up the habit of Smoking. and at the same time… He probably got so stressed over trying to get through to you to quit the habit that he decided to take up Drinking. It’s an Equal line. You know that.

Luna and Prince Alvin finally got their food and ate up. They spoke more about the matter and Luna couldn’t help but feel the urge to light up. Although… She didn’t. Not inside where there were other people close. But as they were talking… Luna started having a freezing sensation and saw images of the grandmother in her mind trying to abuse her again. But it got replaced within seconds with images of the Demon. She started shaking and freaking out. Prince Alvin didn’t catch that unfortunately. He was Obviously distraught by the fact and the reality that Luna was with a harmful habit…

An hour later…

At an Alley…

Man: *Drinking a beer and Thinking about finding a steady job* Life sucks. really sucks. You know… i must have tried looking for several kinds of Jobs and none wanted to hire. Saying that i was as they’d say… an “Underqualified*

Martin: *Looking at the guy* Who are you?

Man: Paul. Paul Landsbury. But who are you?

Martin: Martin. Martin Marco. You have trouble looking for work?

Paul: That’s about the size of it. I came from California 5 months ago and hoped to find a Job to escape the California hell. I lost my girlfriend Candice Marsh to a big shot money man who clearly had the sweeter pot of opportunities than i did. She didn’t even say goodbye. She up and left. Left me like a bad Omen with a Seismo-cam predicting the forecast of devastation. That guy wasn’t even all that charming. He was just some Pimp who was all for the Lust and the control that he could get from any woman.

Martin: Did you happen to love her that much?

Paul: *Groaning thinking about it* What do you think, Kid? Why else would i be here drinking and in despair over being here with no job and no girl?

Martin: I don’t know. But don’t you think that the self-pity is a little over melo-dramatic?

Paul: Not when you’re dealing with heart break, Kid. Heartbreak is nothing to just pretend never happened. Heartbreak is something that hits when you get dumped or left. When you find that the one you have your heart set for has cheated on you. Playing you. or trying to make you feel as if things were better or were said to get better between you and the one you were in love with.. when you know or feel that it’s just gonna get worse and not better.

Martin: *Looking down* Wow! You sound like me. I feel the same way myself.

Paul: *Intrigued but not getting why he’s being confided in* That’s insightful. Why are you feeling like that?

Martin: I feel like that because i feel as though i am fighting to keep something that is a lost cause. My girlfriend Luna Rhapsody is lately hanging with this guy so much that it is all she sees. She doesn’t see me much anymore and i don’t get to see her. however… it feels like she and this guy are seeing each other more than normal. But she won’t admit that there is more to it than that. Plus She also smokes too. She smokes Marlboro Cigarettes and she’s 13. the guy is 13 too. I think that they are seeing each other and that she might be falling out of love with me. I don’t know how to prevent that from happening.

Paul: Does she know how you feel about her and what you believe?

Martin: I don’t know. *Sighs* I have told her. But she is just so into that guy. It’s starting to sound as though she wants him as as her lover and will do all that she can to see that he is.

Paul: She’s probably using you to make you hate the guy.

Martin: I somehow begin to wonder that same thing and if it’s what she’s trying to do… i should be the one who dumps her before she gets that chance. however… if i dump her… it will take away her reason to eventually quit Smoking and She might even try Drinking and maybe harder stuff. Not that she will… but if her will to hold on strong goes away or if she gets her heart broken enough… it could just as well happen.

Paul: I don’t even know who the guy is that you’re talking about. i never heard of his name.

Martin: Zeke. Zeke Mansfield.

Paul: You’re kidding? Your girlfriend is into a guy like him? What is she? A Renegade?

Martin: no. She’s not. I don’t think.

Paul: the not knowing is enough to drive a person to drink.

Martin: The thought does come close to mind.

Paul: *Pulling out a can of beer from the pack of Budweiser Beer* care for a Beer?

Martin: Drinking underage is kinda illegal. But it’s not like there is much a reason to refrain from taking up Drinking. Sure.

Paul: *Tossing a can over to Martin* Drink up, man. have some time to relax.

Martin: *Nods* Of course. *Opening the can of Beer*

Paul: *Going for another can of Beer; Opening the can and Drinking the Beer*

Martin: *Drinking his first can of Beer*

That night in Luna’s room…

Luna: *Lighting up*

At Vincent Van Graves…

Martin’s Room…

Martin: *Opening up a conjured up can of Beer and Drinking it*

The Adventures of Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 102: Trouble on Young love Alley.

“Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end

Sitting pretty, uptightly
The knots, keep you at my side
Upstairs in corners
Eyes blink for the call

Up and out, my beacon,
Will choke if yours is taken
I’d have four more lines
Four more lines

Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end

Harder thoughts, mosquito
Right down my fickle hands
Machine surprises
Meant for me

Up and out, my beacon
Will choke, if yours is taken
I’d have four more lines
Four more lines

Sellotape an end to
(In this Falkland way)
Sellotape an end to
(Turning on the pictures first)
Sellotape an end to
Sellotape an end

Sellotape an end to
Stormy letters hide me, Over
Silent sorrows, breaks it

Swirls with every tear drop
Pulls my fighting dear across
Sellotape an end to this”

Martin was now a Drinker… Luna a Smoker and their secrets were exposed. But everyone knew Luna’s secret. Knew about what she was doing. But not what Martin was doing. No one really knew except for a few people. A few Select people. Vincent didn’t know but was gonna be figuring it all out soon enough. Martin Officially knew Luna’s secret. Luna Confessed to it and was with Zeke as it was being confessed. it was the moment of truth for her. There was trouble on Love Alley. Tensions were high. Stress was running rampant. It was an upset. An Upset. However that wasn’t the only issue going on… There was rumors and belief that The White Queen was back… but in hiding. Also there were possible movements coming from General Slade Stalin and he was rising further to power in Metropolis. Plus the Drama at the daily planet was over. Kris and Trixie made amends and became formidable friends. Alice was also nearing to be 3 months pregnant. Pearl going for two months in. Things were changing and complicated. Plus it was looming close to the moment where they all would have to baton down the hatches and steer on in for Raven’s Prophecy to unfold. and the unleash of Trigon. It was gonna be demonic hell. But with Luna and her habit… How much of the threat were they all gonna be prone to focus on? Tess was a new valued member to Watchtower… Oliver was also working on another upgrade for the girls too… What could it be? How much stronger could it get? Plus… the Young love issues press on. Teen Angst and also College going for a new semester. What were the Rhapsody Girls gonna do when General Slade really did decide to call in and make his move? Would they also be able to handle the Demon storm that was coming from the Wall with the Mark of Scath? Would it get more and more complicated? Alice’s Pregnancy was gonna get complicated before Pearl’s would. And When Alice finally Delivers… How many kids would it be and would they possess gifts from her and Prince Alvin?  What was next in the Love woes of young teen love? And what was next for the cause? Plus… What’s this… Demon Hunters such as the Winchesters coming to crack down on the Demons that are released from the wall…When will they come? All this and more on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 103: Beth and Martin Hang out and Rumors fly… Martin and Luna go on a date for Danger. General Slade Stalin Leads off the heavy V.R.A firepower…

Luna: *Voice-Over* On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! My secret is still out and the gals at school all pull in to cover for me. They all start turning on Martin a little as they detect that he was Drinking and starting to get drunk and be enraged a little at a time. What has been really going on with Martin as of late.

Zeke: *Voice-Over* Also we try to sneak out of school a couple times and sneak a few lights. Luna and I. But it might come at a cost. If we were to sneak out. Luna and Martin go on another Date and it is one leading for a scrap of Danger. Danger rises. And there starts talks of someone coming to me and Adopting me. Making me a Son and i get taken into a family… What is this? What could have started all this?

Pamela: *Voice-Over* Plus i get accepted by Luna’s friends. I feel as though everything is in place. Luna’s with her secret out and everyone is changing. But Martin is being left in the cold sidelines. It was gonna be lonely. Plus Luna’s sister Dinah was open to what was going on but she also learns that i was without a caring family. She makes the moves to Adopt me. Me! Out of all the possible kids/Teens. She claims me and it’s a legal battle between Marigold and Rhapsody.

Prince Alvin: *Voice-Over* The Situation going on with The Mark of Scath being more Active Flares up more and stains more and more people with the Mark.  General Slade Makes his first promising move. Time to take countermeasures as the girls could be in serious trouble.  Where is the Needed help when it’s in desperate dependency? Rhapsody in Danger… General Slade Fires an attack.

Alice: *Voice-Over* 3rd month of pregnancy and the issues start coming. I Need my Love Prince Alvin with me. But he can’t be out doing what needs to be done to save the day and be with me and then be at his classes at the same time… But some of the Pregnancy Pains are just a pain in the ass. I just wonder how many kids i will have. That’s what i would like to know. Pearl is in the same boat. She’s also gonna be dealing with Labor pains too… Pregnancy pains. Ouch!

Dinah: *Voice-Over* Shingo and i start seeing Luna lighting up in her room and it breaks our hearts. I want to blame Zeke… but it’s not his fault. It was all by choice. Choice alone. Plus with the Teen Angst coming out more and more… Luna also gets rumors coming to her that Martin was seen with their friend Beth and there was more to it than an honest innocent meeting. They only hung out… but With the rumors going around… Luna takes to heart and starts rebutting with going out with Zeke. But Martin Begs her to go out on a date with him. I intervene but only briefly. Seeing Luna hurt is not what i want happening.

Dean: *Voice-Over* Sam and i are in Forks, Washington taking care of a monster issue when we get a call from Bobby saying that hell is coming to spread it’s dark blanket over the city of Metropolis. But also that the Demons come from a Wall that is located within a tunnel inside the Abandoned Quarry on the outskirts of Metropolis. and leaving a trail of mayhem in their wake… Looks like Sammy and I got some Ganking to do… Demons to bust apart.  On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 103: Beth and Martin Hang out and Rumors fly… Martin and Luna go on a date for Danger. General Slade Stalin Leads off the heavy V.R.A firepower…

Recaps of Chapter 102…

Luna: *Voice-Over* Smoking is bad to do and so is Drinking Alcohol at 13 and getting into it. It can become an addiction. People may make excuses about why they do it… but it still makes it not right. There is nothing good that come from it. If you know someone who is young and is smoking. Do the Honorable thing and help them quit. Encourage them to quit. All it takes is a friend and person to never quit on them and believe in them.  Be a friend to them. All it takes is a caring person and or a friend to help start getting them to quit the habit. Till next time… This is Luna saying… See you later. *Winks*


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