Chapter 101: Red Alert at Met U! Criminal Minds Meets the Rhapsody Clan.

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February 25th 2027


Metropolis University Dorms…

Michelle: *Over P.A* Lockdown in Process…

In Room #349…

Pearl: Finals are over.

Star: We’re on break. We’re with a bit of relief for a couple weeks.

Pearl: Until March 12th. Then classes begin again for Spring session. Any ideas what classes you plan to take? We are probably gonna be having all different classes. The Fashion classes though are 2-4 semesters long. It’ll give us more time to do our fashion training.

Star: *Scoffs* Training?! Pfft! We don’t need much more training. We are rather fine. At least now. I mean… with the designs that we’ve been doing… and the outfits that we’ve been making. We got enough training in to be working with blindfolds.

Pearl: Don’t Exaggerate. We are not that far yet.

Star: Don’t you be trying to hold us back. We have the chance to take our skills to a new high.

Pearl: Yes. we do… but if we really want to get there… we take it slow. I am not gonna risk reaching too high and causing something to go wrong. “When Icarus soared up to the heavens where he didn’t belong. he got too close to the sun and fell to his death into the sea and drowned” 

Star: What is that about?

Pearl: You mean that you don’t know?

Star: Are you trying to sound philosophical?

Pearl: No. Just trying to see that you know that if you reach too high… You’ll fly too high and end up where you don’t belong and wind up falling to your demise. If we want to make it… we should take it slow. Plus the fact behind that is just we have two Endorsers and they’re supporting us. But it doesn’t mean that we should bite off more than what we can handle.

Star: You sure are selfless. Aren’t you?

Pearl: No. Just cautious.

Star: We are free for a while from classes. So… Since it’s late at night and there is nothing on… Think that we can catch a Movie?

Pearl: I guess… There should be one on the Movie channels the T.V.

Star: You’d think so…. *Checking the T.V*

In Room #250…

Dinah: *Watching a Movie and Looking out the Window briefly* Classes are over.

Christie: For now. But new ones will begin in about a couple weeks or so,

Dinah: There’s gonna be a writing class. I am thinking about taking it. As well as a Journalism class. There is even a Law course as well as a couple of Media courses that i can take for this semester.

Christie: That’s about 15 credits in one shot.

Dinah: Yes it is. It is like that. But i don’t want to prolong the College life anymore than i need to. I am sure that you wouldn’t either. Besides, Can you really see yourself being here for 4 years? I know that it’s a part of life for young adults. Like us. but… Really. Do you really want that? You’d want to finish quick and embrace life while it’s all good.

Christie: Oh yeah. But even if we still have to do 4 years. At least we’ll have each other in here to go through it all. I myself am taking up alot of Law classes and a few Language courses.  I am also taking a couple English classes and a Media course or two. Including Math. Algebra, Physics. Not all in one semester of course. But with all those classes picked out… it’s being spaced into two semesters. You should pick your classes for the fall too. That way you don’t have to go through the hell of having to look for classes to take for the career that you’re aiming for.

Dinah: I already have some experience in Coaching. Maybe it will someday pay off.

Christie: Maybe… you never know. Some things do mean to come out as a surprise.

Dinah: I hear that.

In Room #201…

Megan: *Catching the breaking news on T.V* Summer, you got to see this. This is so unreal.

Summer: What is?

Megan: *Pointing to the T.V* Look at the T.V.

T.V. *Reporting* The V.R.A ‘s top Supporter General Slade Stalin makes his way in today as the vanguard host for the Bill that will finally ensure the city that it’s ridding itself of the Vigilantes like Green Arrow, Black Canary, Victor Stone, And also the world famous city known hero… The Blur. It will be a new era of normal and a more dignified reputation for the city without the Rhapsody girls Z! The Rhapsody Brothers and also one girl who gave up her hero lifestyle. the sailor senshi of Love and everything little. We have been patient with the heroes… but now… it’s time to rid the city of them. in times like these… it is us normal working honest living People of Metropolis who must be our own heroes. There has been a mark going on through the city. There may be some who believe that the end of days are to be upon us. That the world will be consumed by a demonic presence.  But to all who are listening to this… There is no End of Days. No Demon threatening to come our way. So… Rhapsody Girls. Rhapsody Brothers. Wake up. next time you will be apprehended and locked up. ———– In other news it’s been day 5 of the disappearance of 10 year old Mark Laning. He’s the son to local football legend Carl Laning of the Metropolis Bulldogs. Carl Laning was a high ranking star of the team until a fatal shooting at a dance club he went to on an Anniversary with his wife Rose Laning. He is survived by his 10 year old son Mark and his widowed wife Rose. 10 year old Mark was last seen at his friend Ted Callahan’s house and sources say that Mark was just walking his way home from his friend’s house when a red 4 door Ford SUV Mini-van pulled up and an unknown man grabbed him and took him captive. No initial sighting of the suspects car and or the 10 year old boy has been reported.”

Summer: Well… that is a fine one for you. the City is in denial of the Demon being out there.

Megan: It’s the V.R.A and the Anti-hero movement. plus that specific mark that’s doing it. It’s shifting their minds into a frenzy. Making them all turn against the fighters.

Summer: That is one. But also the fact that a innocent 10 year old boy has been taken and Abducted. no one saw it happen. It happened on a residential street. There is no way that you can even tell me that no one saw it happen. that no one saw the boy get plucked.

Megan: No idea. but it’s a real nightmare… A Dark era is here and people are supporting the wrong side.

Summer: It’s a real mess. A real bad mess.

Megan: Don’t we know it.

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Luna was in her room sleeping and trying to shake off the nightmares she was having of the Abuse that still tormented her due to the pain she had happen to her by the hands of Ex-Grandmother Rikku. Shingo was home and he was asleep when he suddenly got up to a scream… he didn’t know what it was but he felt that he had to see where it was from. He knew that Raven wouldn’t scream. Raven couldn’t show it as she could not risk losing control of her powers. He got up and walked on over to where the scream was coming from and ended up being in Luna’s room. Luna was up… Crying.

Luna: *Crying* That woman was so awful to me…  She hurt me bad… *Sobbing*

Shingo: *Walking over to Luna’s bed and sitting on the side of the bed* Luna… calm down… it’s gonna be alright.  No one is gonna hurt you.

Luna: Yes she is. Grandma Rikku is gonna hurt me. She’s coming to hurt me. *Terrified* Please… don’t let her get me. I don’t want to die. She’s gonna kill me. *Screams in terror and shakes feeling scared*

Shingo: Luna… *Grabbing Luna and hugging her* Settle down. It’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be okay. Grandma Rikku is in Jail. she’s in prison for a very long time. She’s been given life without Parole. You won’t be hurt by her. She’s not gonna get you. You know that no one will let her get to you. The Prison has her under tight watch. Heavy lockdown. She is not ever gonna come at you. Never. Never.

Luna: *Crying with fear* But the nightmare was so real., It was as though she was right here in the room. Looking right at me. Looking right at me and watching me.

Shingo: I know. It’s the fear of her. i know. After all that she’s done to you… it’s quite normal to have nightmares about it. She abused you. Mentally, Emotionally and somewhat physically.. It’s hurt you… I know. Dinah knows too. She came and pulled you away from that woman’s grasp. She rescued you. And we were right here for you. We always are. Pearl and Paige are. They all feel your pain. and are there for you. To comfort you.

Luna: *Sniffing*  Uh-huh.  *Hugging brother-in-law*

Shingo: There there… it’s gonna be okay. It will. *Drying Luna’s tears and Nods* Try to get back to sleep. Block out all the visions of that woman. You’ll be okay.

Luna: Okay.

Luna then Lays back down and drifts off back to sleep. She knows that the nightmares were always gonna be there. Within minutes the house was silent again. But it was an hour later when Luna got up and felt thirsty. She didn’t know why as she was supposed to be asleep but she got up and walked to the Kitchen to get something to drink. It was so quiet that she could hear every sound in the house. While she was in the Kitchen getting something to drink… An unknown figure came in and snuck in to the house. It was a man according to the build of the shadow of the unknown figure. She barely turned to see a dark shadow staring at her before knocking her out and Grabbing her. Within seconds Luna was gone and all that was left was a note. Raven overheard the noise and came out of her room to investigate. and checked everywhere that she could…. All the rooms were peaceful and she then looked to see if Luna was alright and barely looked into the room and saw that Luna was not around. She looked all over the house for her and didn’t find her. All that was found was a note. She knew that something was not right. that something happened. She went right on to waking Shingo.

Shingo: *Jumping ten feet out of his skin* Agh! Raven, What’s the big idea scaring me? What’re you trying to do? Give this young man a heart attack?

Raven: Sorry. But there is something that you might want to know.

Shingo: Whatever it is… it should wait till morning when i’m more lucid. I am mostly asleep right now.

Raven: It’s about Luna.

Shingo: What? *Perks up a bit* What about Luna?!

Raven: Luna’s gone.

Shingo: What do you mean gone? How can she be gone? I just had her in bed barely an hour ago.

Raven: Well she is gone. I heard the screams and came out to check what it was and found nothing but this. A note.

Shingo: Oh shit! We better find her. Dinah’s gonna be really upset if she hears that Luna is missing.

Raven: I’ll check the neighborhood. But start around the outside of the house…

Shingo: Get on it. I’m gonna call the police and report it. Get them on it also.

Raven: Okay.

An hour later…

At the Metropolis University…

At the Dorms….

Inside the hall…

Prince Alvin was seen heading back to his room after seeing Alice. He was smiling at the idea that he was gonna be a father in the near future. But what didn’t cross his mind was that there has been Crimes and Kidnapping occurrences for the last week. He barely got to his Dorm room when he saw on the Bulletin showing on T.V that a young 13 year old had been abducted. His heart dropped when he saw the picture. It was Luna.

Prince Alvin: *Exclaims out loud* WHAT THE HE–! Shit!

Where Luna was…

At a place that turned out to be a Manor Abandoned but seized by a greedy man…

Luna: *Knocked out cold*

Man: *Walking into the room and Looking at Luna* Ah… The young hero is asleep. Asleep like a little baby. Shocking that the young hero don’t fight. Look different than from being girl with blue hair, cat tail and the charm. Why? Maybe to fool people? Maybe… to trick pursuers who want her?

Suddenly the phone rings and the man answers it…

Man: *Answering the phone* yes? …… Yes. I have the girl. I got 500,000,000 dollars waiting for me in Brazil. As soon as girl wakes… i will push her to show me her ability. which i know that she have. when i see her power. i take trip to Brazil to pick up my guaranteed payment. The girl is my ticket to striking it rich…. Don’t worry General. you shall get remains of girl. after i get my payment. you shall get girl.

General Slade: *On Phone* Very good work  Mr. Rubis… good luck on your path to riches. With one of the Vigilantes down… others will fall soon after. You have done your country a great service. When the Vigilantes are all gone. and are killed off. you shall be considered as one of the fair supporters of the American way. the start of a world without Anarchy.

Mr. Rubis: Thank you sir. It be pleasure doing business….

Chapter 101: Red Alert at Met U! Criminal Minds Meets the Rhapsody Clan.

4 days later…

At the F.B.I BAU Headquarters….

At the desks…

A group of agents were walking by and getting started on another day of work. It was another day and they were having briefings on another case.

Special Agent David Rossi: Hotch, These Unsubs are posing a real problem. There has been a serial killer on the loose and we’re here just briefing…. Briefing when we could all be out putting an end to his reign of Terror. You remember Foyet? He was the grandstand for the Reaper. You know it better than anyone. He killed Hallie… With you hearing the gunshots over the phone.

Team Captain Special Agent Aaron Hotchner: Yes. But Dave… we don’t have a right to interfere with the law of the city. They call us… we assist in the best way we can. We can only do so much before it reaches the edge and we overstep our bounds.

Special Agent Emily Prentiss: What do you mean? we have a rise in crime. there has been a multitude of Unsubs just wanting to come out clawing. Spencer’s been put on the line by a couple of them. Tobias Hinkel was an unsub who was in fact a victim. plagued by his father’s own branding and torture. Torment and being instructed by a Prophetic voice who called himself Raphael.

FBI Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia: That was uber scary and this pretty fox don’t do scary. point of fact… Baylor. He shot me and i almost died. It was a most terrifying time of my life because as i laid there after being shot. My life started to flash before me and it got me so freaked out that i couldn’t stop panicking even though i was coherently out cold. I thought for that time… that i was dead.

FBI Behavorial Analyst Unit Communications Liason Jennifer Jareau: We all remember that, Garcia. We all were afraid that you wouldn’t make it. but you did. only because god was on your side.

BAU Special Agent Derek Morgan: And plus you know that i’d have done whatever it took to see that you were saved and kept from dying. You’re a part of a family here, baby girl… you ain’t gonna be let off to die. Not as long as i got word to say about it. You can believe that.

BAU special agent Spencer Reid: Actually death is more like a release from all the pain that you go through. “Death is the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a particular living organism. Phenomena which commonly bring about death include biological aging (senescence), predation, malnutrition, disease, suicide, murder and accidents or trauma resulting in terminal injury.[1] Bodies of living organisms begin to decompose shortly after death. In human societies, the nature of death and humanity’s awareness of its own mortality has for millennia been a concern of the world’s religious traditions and of philosophical inquiry. This includes belief in resurrection (associated with Abrahamic religions), reincarnation or rebirth (associated with Dharmic religions), or that consciousness permanently ceases to exist, known as oblivion.”

Rossi: Okay… I think that we can square off the Google search engine. Before he shorts out.

A moment later… Penelope got up and walked out to the hall to find a coffee machine and get a fix on Caffeine…

Emily:  *Looking at J.J* Can you believe that there is a Bill out now?

Jennifer: What do you mean? The V.R.A? I heard about that. Just last week i was contacted by someone who goes by the code-name “Red Queen”

Rossi: *Raises an Eyebrow in curiosity* The Red Queen?

Hotch: The Red Queen is the code-name of someone who is a known United States Senator. Martha Kent.

Rossi: Martha Kent? You’re kidding? Isn’t she the wife of farmer and honest salt of the earth countryman Jonathan Kent?

Emily: What would she be knowing in the V.R.A?

Derek: It sounds like the woman is a Farmer converted politician. She is the type who helps those who need it and doesn’t lie, Cheat and or steal.

Spencer: I wonder why she’s not in Washington now? She’s been missing for the last couple weeks from her post. I think that we had all heard about her. She’s passed multiple bills and helped alot of people in the work that she does. Each Bill of Legislation that she passes helps the people who are in need of assistance. She passed several for Education. A bunch with Bills done for Legislation.

Rossi: She must be a formidable adversary. one who can incite change and positive influence.

As the day goes on that day the 28th of Februrary…

Derek: *Walking with Emily* There’s a Jamaican festival going on downtown.

Emily: There is. Sounds like fun. I always did like the shows that they perform there. The shows that they do are so alive and very culturally biased as they actually live in the way they perform here. Their attire is their actual style in Jamaica.

Derek: They also happen to have a fair there… they have games there. I heard that the band 3 days Grace and one Republic is gonna be perform there too as a live musical performance. It’s all night long.

Emily: *Walking along and grabbing for the door* It’s a plan. I wouldn’t mind going to one of those festivals. Just as long as i don’t have to wear those Dreadlocks that they have to wear. I will do anything else there. but a Dreadlock girl is not about to be one of those things.,

A minute later…

Jennifer Jareau: *Walking by with a copy of a briefing* Emily… Morgan… let’s go. We’re expected in the Briefing room. Hotch says that we might have a real case on our hands and not one of the usual kind.

Emily: Sorry boy… Jamaican festivities are on the back side of the list.

Derek: Well… it’s for two weeks. so… you can believe that we’re gonna try it again.

Emily: Oh yeah. All the Mai tai’s and the festivities. Party.

Jennifer: You’re not thinking about the Jamaican festival are you?

Emily: Are you gonna kid a kidder?

Jennifer: do i dare ask?

Emily: Trust me… you don’t want to know what he’s cooking up.

Derek: You know that you want a part in the fun. besides… who knows. You could win a chance to make a hook up with someone.

Emily: A Love connection and possible hook-up at a Jamican festival…

Inside the Briefing room…

Emily and Derek sit down at the table along with Spencer, Hotch and Rossi. Jareau also sits down and they all have a copy of the case file in front of them…

Penelope Garcia walked in and conducted the Briefing within seconds…

Rossi: *Looking at the case* An Abduction case of a young 13 year old girl.

Spencer: Abductions happen every other day as a factor of many reasons. for ransom, torture, vengeance, Retaliation, retribution, Blackmail or for greed. Each average kid that gets abducted are with about a fraction of them getting victimized by pedophiles or Child trafficking. another fraction takes the kids and holds them in captivity for slavery and/or for the dubious deeds of the Abductor.

Emily: That’s just wrong. Abducting a kid or young teen for possible sick pleasure. You know… Young girls are the ones getting it the most. they get abducted more than boys and are more vulnerable in being targeted by predators.

Penelope: Well… that could be a possibility for this case. but i don’t think it is quite like that. *Placing the pictures on the overhead and showing the screen to the team* Here.

This is the pic of the girl. The girl’s name is Luna Tina Rhapsody. age 13. She has or had an adoptive mother. and she is the taken in sister of 3 girls Paige Cass Rhapsody, Pearl Lucy Rhapsody and Dinah Ellen Rhapsody. Dinah is a married woman now and is married to

Shingo Toshiro Rhapsody. They have 3 kids. all girls. Luna is living with both Dinah and Shingo due to being abused by a woman that is related to them and is the mother to the mother of Paige, Pearl and Dinah. They call her Grandma Rikku. who is now an Ex as she’s been cast away for abusing Luna for a time and is in Prison. No sight for Parole. Which of course… The woman was also a coming out of the closet Racist. Luna is Asian and the woman didn’t like Asians. Sent the girl to bed a few nights without food to eat. Would mentally abuse her. and make her feel stupid. Unattractive. Low-down and really pathetic. She was also put under Emotional Abuse as well. Was made to cry and have all the more hurt feelings. But she was saved and put under the sole custody of her sister Dinah. The Abusive scars were deemed to be permanent…

Derek: I’ve seen what happens to kids who are abused by their parents. they wind up growing up repeating the cycle and letting their hurt become someone else’s hurt. hurting them as they’ve been hurt. Because they don’t know any better because they were under such abuse back when they were kids that they feel as though they can’t break from the cycle. The memory of what happened to them only gets set to continue on. from one generation… to the next… to the next and so on. until the cycle suddenly breaks. or till someone down that line breaks that chain. severing it from being able to go on.

Rossi: I had a case that lasted 20 years… 20 years before… 3 kids lost their parents. and lived the nightmare of losing the ones who meant the world to them. 20 years later… the 3 kids were plagued by receiving gifts from the unsub that was responsible for murdering their parents 20 years ago. leaving them to be all alone. I felt bad for them. and aimed to help them the best way i could. to let them know when the nightmare was gonna finally be over.

Hotch: What happened to the girl?

Penelope: She was abducted. It was done in the early early morning of the 25th of February. when it happened it was barely a little after 1 in the morning. that night. when Luna was reported to be getting up from sleeping and just walking to the kitchen to get something to drink. when a shadowing figure came and just grabbed her. Grabbed her and taken her. The shadow was a man. the noise was heard by a resident living with them. She went to investigate and saw only a note. The note read: “If you wish to see your precious girl again you will confess that you have abilities… Turn yourselves over to the V.R.A” They have pushed influence with the Metropolis P.D and had no leads from them. Luna’s sister Dinah took spare time when she could… as much as she could… and would search for her sister. Dinah, Pearl and Paige all took shifts in searching for Luna. All over Metropolis. Going to all the possible locations that they know Luna would be. However had no luck. Luna’s friends Jake Powell, Jennifer Bakeman, Beth Timberland, Karen Copeland, and new friend Ted Callahan… They all went and printed fliers and posted them all over. all over the city. But to their misfortune… no one could give them the whereabouts of where the girl was or info about the abductor.

Rossi: What about the Metropolis PD?

Penelope: Uh, Actually… that’s the thing. They also tried spreading a net and making a few out going calls for some help in locating the Abducted 13 year old Luna.

Emily: The poor girl. She must be so scared and terrified.

Hotchner: Do they know about the unsub? about the Identity of him. We need to know all there is about the Unsub. *Getting up and grabbing the files and looking at the team* Everyone, get your stuff and get ready to go. We’re going to Metropolis. Wheels up in 30.

Rossi: We need to get to Metropolis and find that girl. She is gonna be trying to test the patience of the Unsub and The Unsub…. if he or she happens to be with a sadistic Intention or with a sick agenda in mind… the girl could be in alot of trouble. The unsub could get physical with her. Inflict harm on the victim.

Derek: That’s gonna ruin the girl for life. Even if she was already abused by the Ex-Grandmother… sent to bed without food. Being emotionally hurt and mentally abused almost on a constant daily basis. All that and now to being subjected to beatings and untold torture.  She is gonna wake up someday and think that abuse is the right thing and will inflict it on others as it’s been done to her. for so long.

Penelope: *Shaking her head* Uh-uh. not gonna happen beefy… we’re gonna find a way to stop it

Emily: What about the family? They must be stressed out and devastated about the abduction.

Rossi: I’m sure that they are. Luna seems to be a very special girl to them and they are looking forward to having her back in their arms again.

Within minutes they grabbed their stuff and made way to the government Jet and journeyed over to  Metropolis…

In Metropolis…

At the Metropolis University…

At the Metropolis Dorms…

Room: #250…

Dinah: *With tears in her eyes* Where could Luna have been taken to? Why couldn’t we find her?

Christie: I don’t have any idea. I really wish that i knew where we could look next. It kills me that we have nowhere else to look. We’ve looked everywhere we could think of to see if we could locate her…

Dinah: I don’t care… i want luna back. She’s young. But she is still strong. however… i still want her back. I want my young sister back.

Christie: Dinah, Stop. There is nothing more we can do… we have searched far and wide in the city. we have searched top and bottom of all possible spots where she could be. There has been no sign at all. There is nothing we can do. Luna’s young friends even tried to put up Fliers with her picture and posted it all over the City. They went everywhere they could. hit all the marks… all the spots where Luna could have most likely have been. There’s been no sign…

Dinah: …… But.

Christie: *Barks a little and being serious but sincere* Dinah… The fact is… that whoever took Luna, Doesn’t want us to find her. The person who did it… is a supporter of the V.R.A. This could all be just some maniacal trick or plot to lure you and your sisters Paige and Pearl to the open and be forced to expose your Identity. Dinah. Your Husband has done all the searching he could do since it first happened. He went all over. Driving and putting miles on his Limousine that he technically shouldn’t have done. Paige and Pearl also have gone and searched. Jack… Prince Alvin and Alice… Star… Reese… Prince Avery, Prince Arnold and Prince Curtis… Oliver. Chloe. Victor Stone… Black Canary. Everyone. They have searched all the spots. done all that they can do. There is nothing more that they can do. Nothing more. Same as you. There is nothing more that can be done.

Dinah: *Sighs and looking at her sister Luna’s picture* Damn it. All Luna seems to get as of late is Abuse or pain. no wonder she’s all messed up and lost on how she’s to feel.  She’s been having little fights with Martin and she never did that before. Zeke is a good person from what Luna and the others had told us. Martin doesn’t think so… but he’s not saying more as he feels that no one will listen. I don’t know what it is about him hating Zeke. But he and Martin will need to put aside their differences if they will be siring to see Luna again.

Christie: Well Martin needs to wake up. Zeke is with some troubles. he’s got a troubled background. Mentally abused. Physically and Sexually.

Dinah: Yeah. But Martin thinks it’s all crap. Luna is also trying to get him to ease off… but had no success with it. Martin is also being a bit of a womanizer. I know the signs of it. I think that it’s a little young for a person to become one… but Martin… i noticed has started to treat Luna like he owns her heart and has a pink slip to it.

Christie: If that’s the way he’s fixing to treat her… then i say that you should find ways to break them up. Luna deserves better than to be treated as though she’s property…

Room #330…

Paige: *Upset* Poor Luna.

Alice: What do you think will happen to her?

Paige: Her Abductor will most likely torture her and subject her to showing that she has some sort of power.

Alice: We all know that she doesn’t. We were there when she was coming to age and changing.

Paige: I know. Luna must be so damn terrified. We must have searched high and low for her. Looking everywhere. but Luna was unable to be found.

Alice: She could be anywhere…

Alice then suffers a Vision and sees Luna.

Alice: *Gasps* Luna!

Paige: What? Where? Where do you see her?

Alice: She’s in a room. But the room is hazy. But there is a Chair… A Table. I can make out a few lights. but that’s about it. I don’t see anyone else in there. but Luna is there and she’s being shocked. Tortured.

Paige: That’s so awful. Cruel. We have to keep searching for her before she is subjected to anymore pain.

Alice: How… How can we do that? That room could be from anywhere. and the place it’s in that Luna’s being held at could be anywhere. We don’t know where. All we know is that could be out of the City.

Paige: Well… we’ve got to do something. She’s my sister. Luna is being tortured. There is no way that she can hold out much longer.

Alice: What are we to do? We looked and looked and searched. There is no sign of her. Anywhere. She could be in the basement of someone’s house and just being subjected to some disturbed man or woman.

Paige: That Vision could mean just about anything.

Alice: Well… it’s at this time… the only clue we have. It’s all we have to go by.

Paige: Everyone is resting for a few hours and then we’re all going out again in shifts to redo the search for Luna.

Alice: Sounds like a plan…

At Luthorcorp plaza…

In Tess’s office…

Tess: Any word on the whereabouts of the girl Luna?

Oliver: No. There’s little to none on any word for where Luna could be. The girls are at a state of depression and are worried sick about Luna.

Tess: I believe that we all are. The Authorities have had no leads.

Oliver:  The young girl must be so scared. I can probably bet that she’s trying to break free from where she is being held right now… Unless….

Tess: She could still be tied up. We need to widen the net and dive in with a heavier dose of a search.

Oliver: I tried reaching the girls and they wouldn’t answer.

Tess: It’s the Devastation. They’re devastated.

Oliver: I can tell… I don’t have a sister. I was the only child. so i wouldn’t know what it is like to have a Sister or Brother who’s missing. But i do know how painful it can get… It is close to having someone rip your heart out.

Sandy: *Over Intercom* Mrs. Mercer… There is a team of F.B.I Agents looking for you.

Tess: *Pressing a button on the Intercom* Who’re they?

Sandy: They’re from the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Oliver: The B.A.U?

Sandy: Yes. Agents Rossi, Hotchner, Morgan, Prentiss, Jareau, Garcia and Reid.

Tess: I’ll be right there. 5 minutes…

Sandy: Yes ma’am. I’ll let them know that you’re coming.

Oliver: What would they be doing here?

Tess: It has to be something to do with the case of Luna Missing.

Oliver: If only we knew what they hoped to do here in Metropolis and knew about the whereabouts of Luna. Where she could be.

Tess and Oliver soon walked on over to the Lobby to meet up with the F.B.I’s BAU…

However… As for Luna…

At the Abandoned Manor…

Luna: *Waking up and Looking around at the room* W-where am I?

Man: *Looking to see the girl Stirring* Ah. So the little hero decide to wake. You are hero, no?

Luna: I don’t think so. Where am i?

Man: You’re in an Abandoned Manor. You’re gonna be my ticket to riches. You have powers… and i’m gonna be going to Brazil to show my payers that you have powers.

Luna: I don’t have any powers. I lost them.

Man: I don’t believe that for a minute. You’re a Super freak. With Cat tail…Blue hair. A Sailor Senshi. A Vigilante. You no fool me to believe that you got no powers.

Luna: But it’s true… I don’t. I used to… but i don’t have them anymore. I don’t have them. I grew out of it and matured out of it. I could try to transform but it wouldn’t stick as the power of the Senshi is gone. There isn’t anything there.

Man: *Barks; growls* Lies! That is a lie. You do have them. General Slade believes that anyone who use to be hero… would still have a remnant of the hero power. I want to know about it.

Luna: Well then it is all a waste. Because i don’t have any power. *Trying the break loose*

Man: Stop! You won’t be breaking loose from that chair. Those Ropes are tightly on. You’re not leaving till i see power.

Luna: Let me out you Psycho weirdo… I don’t have any powers. You keeping me here like this. You’re lucky that i don’t have a phone on me. because if i do… and if i break loose. I will use it to call the cops on you. You Abducting me all for the sake of getting the big bucks and getting rich by doing something that resorts to a felony. That is just pathetic. Really pathetic.

Man: Shut up you Brat! *Whacking Luna along the side of her head and knocking her out* I want my money… stupid obstinate girl. *Irritated* I’m gonna shock it out of her… No Vigilante freak is gonna keep me from making money.

A few minutes later…

Man: *With a shock box and Taser* Let’s see that hero come out.

Within seconds the man sparked up the Taser and contacted it with Luna’s side. It woke her up and she started screaming in pain…

Luna: *Screaming and pleading* AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Stop it… STOP IT!!!! PLEASE STOP IT!!!!



The Shock goes on…


Moments later…

At the Metropolis Police Dept…

Det. Jones: Officer Kendrick, Burke, Jennings, Koestler, Lee, Rodriguez, Stein, Hamilton. We need to keep on the search for Luna Rhapsody. Her life is at risk. Each minute we waste… is another minute that the girl is enduring potential harm.


Team Captain Aaron Hotchner: *With his team and walking in* Excuse me… Det. Jones?

Det. John Jones:  *Turning to see a Group of Agents walking in* Yes? Can i help you?

Hotchner: Yes. We’re from the BAU. Special Agent Aaron Hotchner and these are my team member… *Turning to introduce his team* Special Agents David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Jennifer Jareau, Spencer Reid… and this is our Tech Analyst Penelope Garcia.

Det. Jones: It’s great to meet you guys, i’m sure. We’ve been following on this Abduction case for the last couple days. We haven’t been able to get any leads, No offense to you guys… but i really don’t know if you can be with any lead way on how to assist with finding the girl. We’ve tapped into the phone lines and got one name. Augustus Rabis. But that’s it. From what the sources were to give out to us was that he’s a power seeker. Hungry for control and for anyone with abilities. The ones that read from young teens. 13 years of age to 14. Possibly some 15’s.

Derek: We’re here to lend out help in any way. we are all for helping with finding the 13 year old Luna.

Spencer: Is there a way to reach her Next of Kin?

Det. Jones: There’s Paige, Pearl and Dinah Rhapsody. And there is also the 4 boys. Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis. Prince Alvin’s on his way over as a favor to Dinah and Shingo Rhapsody.

J.J: What’s the situation on the Abducted girl Luna?

Det. Jones:  We just got a report of two more teens being abducted. 13 year old Martin Marco. and 13 year old Karen Copeland. They were last seen at the Metropolis Middle School. They were at the side gate hanging and minding their own business when a 40 year old man came and lured them over. Knocked them out and Took them.

Rossi: The Unsub is probably gonna plan on trafficking them. Guys like this Particular one is trying to gather as many kids of a certain mentality that he can get a hold of. Abused kids, Kids with abilities. anything that would spark a fancy to him.

Prince Alvin: *Walking into the room* That would be a dire Understatement if there ever was one.

Emily: *Turning to see a young adult walking in* Hello, Are you one of the officers?

Det. Jones: *Looking to see Prince Alvin walking in* Ah… Flaming Soul.

Spencer: Flaming Soul? Isn’t that the name of a creature who is said to light a soul on fire by just a brief release of breath?

Prince Alvin: *Chuckles* You must be someone who is with the nose in just one too many comic books.

Rossi: You’ve got to forgive Spencer… He’s our own walking talking Search Engine. Just don’t ask how much of a search Engine he really is. He will be giving you a workout of facts. Your ears will tire.

Prince Alvin: I’ll keep that in mind.

Det. Jones: Prince Alvin, How are the others?

Prince Alvin: They’re holding in there. Trying to hold their own while setting over to start another search for Luna.

Hotch:  You’re Prince Alvin?

Prince Alvin: The one and only. that’s me. But who’re you?

Det. Jones: They’re F.B.I Agents. From the BAU. The Behavioral Analyst Unit. Special Agent Team Captain Aaron Hotchner, Special Agent David Rossi, Special Agent Emily Prentiss, Special Agent Derek Morgan, Communications Liason Jennifer Jareau, Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia and Special Agent Spencer Reid. Dr. Spencer Reid. Agents… That’s Prince Alvin Rhapsody. Alpha Male and Team captain of the Rhapsody Brothers.

Agent Hotchner: We need to get to the bottom of this case and find the Missing Girls and Martin.

Prince Alvin: Martin? Him too?

Det. Jones: Yes. Didn’t you know?

Prince Alvin: Uh, Det. Jones… i think that this was the first i have heard about it. So i wouldn’t be so sure to have heard about Martin missing now too. And who else?

Det. Jones: Karen Copeland.

Prince Alvin: WHAT?! Her too?! Shit! It’s bad enough that Luna was Abducted and being held captive somewhere by some Jack off. But now Martin and Karen too are captive… *Sighs* Damn it.

Agent Hotchner: We need a computer and Internet Access. access to all the files you might have on the database pertaining to the Unsub.

Prince Alvin: I think that it might safe to trust you guys with the location of a place that has superfast Internet connection and capabilities. Plus it has real Time Satellite. It can tap into cell phones and record Audio conversations.

Det. Jones: Prince Alvin, You know where to lead them. Take them to the Watchtower.

Prince Alvin: You got it. Agents… Follow me. in your cars. Garcia, ever ridden on a Motorcycle?

Penelope: G.: oh god… no. i never had before. But i always wanted to ride on one.

Rossi: We’ll follow you.

Prince Alvin: Try and keep up. I sometimes Speed up.

Seconds later…

Prince Alvin: *Answering his phone* Yes, Alice?

Alice: *On the Phone* Prince Alvin, Are you busy?

Prince Alvin: Yes. Kinda. Why?

Alice: We got a problem… I just had a Vision of Luna and it’s bad.

Prince Alvin: How bad are we talking? In the Vision…. what did you see?

Alice: Electro-shock torment. The captor has Electro-shocked Luna. It knocked her out… I saw in the Vision that the Captor knocked her out with the Taser and has also two more captives. Martin and a friend of Luna’s.

Prince Alvin: How are they?

Alice: I don’t know. The Vision is mostly focusing on Luna. But the Vision… It’s bad. If there is any extra help… they better hurry.

Prince Alvin: You got it. They’re on it. In fact… The F.B.I are here.

Alice: Good. Luna is in danger. It will be a matter of time before Luna gets hurt worse than she already has.  Luna has been shocked. Martin and the friend of theirs… could very well be next.

Prince Alvin Suddenly placed the call on Speaker and…

Alice: *On Speaker* Luna was also seen screaming.

Spencer: *Cutting in* Excuse me… Uh, Alice…

Alice: *Pausing* Yes? Who’s this? Prince Alvin, who’s that?

Prince Alvin: That was a Special Agent Spencer Reid from the F.B.I’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. Spencer, That girl is my girlfriend Alice Cross… A real gem to a guy’s heart.

Spencer: It’s nice to meet you. Alice… you said you saw them in a Vision… I am guessing that you are Psychic and have premonition capabilities.

Alice: It’s more like Vision Foresight… but yeah.

Spencer: Do you remember as to what you saw?

Alice: Yeah. I saw a room. Lights… a chair. several chairs… but there seemed to be lights coming from something other than the lights in a room. Florescent lights. Artificial pouring in from the right side. and from the top.

Rossi: *Listening*

Alice: There was also a what seemed to be a Shock Generator. A Mobile one that a person can carry. But i can’t seem to make out anything else. But the captives that i can see there inside the room. They’re scared and are being held for ransom.

Spencer: thank you.

Prince Alvin: *Taking it off speaker* Thanks, Alice. It helps.

Alice: Of course. I just hope that Luna and the others are found… and soon. there is no telling what’s about to happen. Luna might be getting more torture coming. But that is only speculating.

Prince Alvin: True. I’ll be over shortly. You and i got scouting to do.

Alice: Okay. See you soon. Love you.

Prince Alvin: Same to you. the lady of my life.

A minute later…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Agents* Come on… time to jet and save someone. And… to serve a bad guy… something we all like to call a wonderful friend. Justice.

Emily: *Nods* Someone who believes in actual Justice….

Metropolis Middle School…

History Class…

Penelope W,: Luna has been abducted. But now Martin and Karen. Something is going on. It’s gotta be the V.R.A. It has to be them doing it. The Anti-hero movement is also behind it.

Irene: Vhat do you think we ought to do about it?

Jake: I don’t know. But I think that my father might know what we can do to derail the movement a bit.

Jennifer: When do you want to do it?

Penelope: After school.

Jake: If we can derail the Anti-hero movement and wipe their minds of hating the Heroes… The V.R.A will lose support.

Jennifer: Can your father find a way to pull an act to wipe their minds?

Jake: No… But he can still try.

Irene: Trying’s better than nothing.

Beth: I agree. Martin and I have been seeing each other. only 2 times, Hanging out. He says that Luna’s been ignoring him most of the time as of late. He has been trying to get through to her but she keeps shining him on.

Ted: That’s not true. That isn’t true. Luna and i did speak a couple times ourselves. Martin’s been doing the ignoring.

Jennifer: It doesn’t matter who has been doing what. What matters is that we find Luna, Martin and Karen. Rescue them. That’s all that should matter. nothing else.

Jake: That’s right.

Penelope: After school. we meet and make a game plan.

Jake: Right. It’s agreed….

But as for Shingo…

Metropolis Limousine Depot…

He has been torn on what to do. He wanted to be out searching for Luna… but he also had a job to do. He was stuck in between. He was not sure if his boss knew about what was going on… but he had to let him know in case he had to split and bail to resume the search for Luna…

Shingo: *Looking at the Client list for the day* Oh Damn… i got alot of driving to do today.

Mr. Willard: *Walking over* Yes you do. You have been doing remarkable driving up till now and i think that between you and I… It is high time we up the Ante… Just a little bit. You’re the best driver there is.

Shingo: Well… that’s highly generous of you, Mr. Willard. But… there is a personal family situation going on…

Mr. Willard: A Situation? What kind?

Shingo: It’s gonna sound a bit out there for a worker to have a heart to heart with his boss… but… uh, Can we talk?

Mr. Willard: Okay… Ace. You got something to get out to the bare winds… Let’s take it to my office. My office is more private. we won’t want the others overhearing the conversation.

Shingo: Of course.

Mr. Willard: You look like you’re panicking and if you start panicking… you’re gonna be one whose head isn’t in the game.

A minute later…

Inside Mr. Willard’s office…

Mr. Willard: *Sighs and sitting down* So… What’s on your mind, Rhapsody?

Shingo: I got to possibly take some time off.

Mr. Willard: *Gasps and in shock* You’re kidding me. What’s the deal?

Shingo: There has been an abduction in my family. My Wife’s sister Luna was Abducted 3 days ago… during the night and i have been running out and doing the job here and also burning the midnight oil Looking for my Wife’s sister Luna. Luna is missing. We don’t know who has her or why. But i am with a torn psyche right now. I want to do my job. But i also want to help in finding Luna.

Mr. Willard: You say that your Sister-in-Law’s missing. Your Wife’s sister Luna. Missing?

Shingo: Yes. She’s been gone since the morning of the 25th of this month. She was abducted during the late night and early morning. i was asleep and deep sleeping… i seriously didn’t hear anything at all. I really didn’t and now as i think about it… i should have heard something. Anything. I hate the fact that she’s gone.

Mr. Willard: I know how you’re feeling, son. I would be in the same exact boat as you are now if it were me and i did what you did. I would feel it as well… i know. it’s just that you got alot of driving to do. There is alot of people asking for you…

Shingo: I know. I’ll do it. But i really do need to check out with my Wife and her sisters. Her cousins.

Mr. Willard: You got a job to be doing. that has to come first. nothing else. Family is always fundamental. but without the job to lock down your family’s well being…  What’re you gonna do? be on the welfare checks?

Shingo: *Sighs* Look! I am sorry. okay? You might think that my job is gonna be more demanding. but as far as it goes… I love my wife. I love her family and i am not gonna just choose something over them. I know that this is my Job. That there are things that i have to be expected to do… But this is my family. They are important.

Mr. Willard: I am sorry too. I know that i am being pushy… I understand.

Shingo: Obviously not as much as i’d have hoped. *Getting up and Looking at the time* Sir… Right now i got a wife who is tearing her heart out for Luna’s return. I will do the job. i’ll do the work. I’ll take care of the work that should be done. Pick up the clients and drive them where ever. But if my wife or my In-Laws call… for anything… I’m gone. I’m gonna go to them. I don’t care. You can fire me if you feel that you should. or demote me. I don’t care. But i am gone. I got a Sister-in-Law who is out and in danger. and you’re making me choose between having a locked down career and taking care of my family as they’re in need. I really don’t appreciate it. *Getting up and heading out*

Mr. Willard: *Confused* Am i missing something here?

On the road heading to Smallville…. Heading to the Sullivan residence…

Prince Alvin: *Riding on the Motorcycle* How are you hanging there Penelope?

Penelope: I’m hanging in there… Kinda Breezy though…

Prince Alvin: That’s the wind. Plus i am practically going at a 100 easy on this Motorcycle. But we’ll be there soon. *Pressing on the earpiece* Hold on. I’m gonna make a direct call.

Penelope: To who?

Prince Alvin: The slickest blonde my family knows. Watchtower herself. *Hearing the line pick up* Chloe?

Chloe: Speaking.

Prince Alvin: Chloe… i need you to grant on clearance for some people.

Chloe: Prince Alvin. I can’t open this place up to just anyone. It’s for the safety of everyone who works here and come here.

Prince Alvin: Chloe… this is different than that. The ones i need you to grant Clearance for are F.B.I. They’re from the Behavioral Analysis unit.

Chloe: The B.A.U? From Quantico, Virginia?

Prince Alvin: Yes. Agents Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Jennifer Jareau, Penelope Garcia who is right behind me and a Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid. They are coming along to the Watchtower. There is real time satellite and Audio tapping capabilities there, right?

Chloe: Does a Duck Waddle? Yes. it does. so yes. we have the capability for it. Watchtower has all that and it’s own satellite. An Orbiter.

Prince Alvin: I know. But be sure to have Watchtower give clearance. I’m on my way with them now…

in one of the Patrol cruisers only a feet behind…

Derek: Where exactly are we going? Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that to get to a location that will help us find information on the unsub… we have to travel to a place called Smallville?

Emily: *On Speaker* I wouldn’t know. But apparently Prince Alvin and Det. Jones seems to believe it to be so and they believe in this Watchtower.

Rossi: *On Speaker* It does seem rather peculiar though that we’re going to a town that is 3 hours from Metropolis. To gain the capabilities of getting the resources that will help get a handle on this Unsub.

Hotchner: *On Speaker* Whatever the reason… we are to inform the person there of the situation and make certain that we are there seeking aid on getting to the bottom of the Unsub’s plans and to help find the 13 year old girl Luna. Not to take command and seize the place. we’re there as guests only.

J.J: Where is this town Smallville?

Reid: *On Speaker* “Smallville is a small rural town in Lowell County, Kansas. It was founded in 1831 by Ezra Small. Smallville is located within driving distance of Metropolis. 425 miles from Hub City, and near Granville. The current population is 45,001. The local newspaper is the Smallville Ledger. The local radio station is called KROC. A fertilizer production branch of LuthorCorp is located in Smallville, known as LuthorCorp Fertilizer Plant Number Three. Smallville was proud of its status as the Creamed Corn Capital of the World until 1989 when it became the Meteor Capital of the World. Life is centered on Main Street, as it has been for two hundred years. Generation after generation has used the same bank, gas station, and library. There are many family-owned farms and acres of cornfields. The town borders Morley Reservoir.”

Rossi: Good historical fact, Reid. I am more curious as to what the Watchtower is exactly.

Derek: We’ll find out when we get there.

At the Daily Planet….

John: *Walking in with a couple Sandwiches* Today is gonna be a long day. Morning has already passed and we have already done 2 articles.

Trixie: No Duh. Plus… we also are keeping track on the Abducted teens. there has been 3 of them. and that’s just for starters. There’s bound to be more. There has been a report of some guy going around collecting or abducting teens or young people who happen to have abilities.

John: We happen to know one of the Abducted. Luna.

Trixie: You’re kidding? Luna?  why? She’s not even a super anymore.

John: Apparently that didn’t even convince the Abductor. We heard about it the other day when it first happened. but we both were trying to play it off. We didn’t want to believe it. But… the truth is… we felt that it’d be a matter of time before something like this happened. With the V.R.A out and gaining a bit more power… It was liable to happen before long.

Trixie: Your Son came in yesterday and told us. He saw it on the news and was also informed of it by his sons.

John: The Police have had no leads to where Luna could be. We hit dead ends.

Trixie: *Looking down* The other thing is that the woman who sits over on the other side of the room… by the door is smiling about it because she knows that she’s won with the Anti-hero movement. She’s probably dancing a whorish dance of glee over it.

John: We’re gonna dismantle it. one way or the other. It’s gonna be alright. Kris may be dancing happily now… but everyone knows that things have a fond way of changing. That they do.

Trixie: I hope so. Because we know or were told that Luna was Abducted. and the one who’s got her is a sole member or supporter of the V.R.A. There is no telling what is gonna happen to Luna. or to the other two that the Abductor now has…

John: Let’s not worry about it for now, sis. It’s gonna be alright. it’s gonna fix itself. We just have to have faith in the Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers. People may have lost their faith in them. but we haven’t. Them being family doesn’t count. we know that they can out do the Anti-hero regime and the V.R.A. We Just have to trust in them.

Dinah Lance: *Walking in* Hey you two… *Looking at Clark beside her* Look at who came back from a haitus.

Trixie: *Looking to see Clark* Clark?!

John: *Looking up over his glasses and seeing Clark; Gasps* Clark… Well… this is certainly a surprise. It’s good to see you back to the Bullpen. Where have you been all this time? Laying back in the easy-Chair? Probably needed it. After the ordeal of almost being forever dead by getting stabbed by a blade of Blue Kryptonite. I would literally need a bit of a hiatus too. I am not Kryptonian. but with a stab from that… I am human… i would die. You on the other hand… you have a source of life. You can heal up fast like a immortal human. It wouldn’t kill you. You’d take a Hiatus and get on the fast track on healing fully. Mind and body. But Lying down with the dogs? That… No offense… submitting to the drums of defeat would never suit you. You’re nothing like the kind of guy who would just roll over and sail the S.S Depression. You’re the get up and go kind.

Clark: Kryptonians are not susceptible to depression.

Dinah Lance: I guess it is settled then… Welcome back to the newspaper world.

Trixie: We should talk…

Dinah Lance: Talk? About what… Trixie, we’re reporters. We talk about alot of issues here. This is a newspaper building. where gossip, facts and news stories get written and then seen in newspapers all over the city and all over the world.

John: I think we all know about what it is that we need to discuss. Something to revolve around Luna. the Abducted teens with abilities. Luna and two others.

Trixie: The police have no leads Sometime between 2 and 3 in the morning of the 25th of this month… Luna was abducted inside the home of Dinah and Shingo. then just this morning… Martin Marco and Karen Copeland. Two teens one morning. No one knows who the guy is. The Abductor doesn’t leave a calling card. No obvious M.O. there is no leads of where he resides.

Clark: What about the teens? Luna? She must have screamed or let out a smoke signal.

Dinah Lance: What about using your super hearing? That could pick up their voices.

Clark: i could do that… but no. this is strictly pro-bono. With the V.R.A out there and on watch over everything us heroes do… it is best to not give them anything to use against us.

John: Till we know how to go on with our cause… we go silent here on the hero front. we stick to current events. War, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Business, the world news, Local, Weather. all the normal.

Trixie: *Looking to the side and seeing Kris smirking* Yeah… we see your ass smiling about all this, Bitch. Yeah…  You, Kris. We know that you’re behind the V.R.A and the Anti-Hero Movement, We’re going silent and dark for a while. But it’s not to suit your ass. because you’re nothing to us. We’ll come back on top. You can just see on that. Count on it.

Kris: No you’re not. The so called Vigilantes are gonna follow the law. and they’re gonna go normal and stay normal whether you like it or not. The Vigilantes have had their way for way too long. Now it’s time for the honest normal hard working people to get their due. and have a stable footing in this community without the stench of those Vigilantes taking away any opportunity that could have gone for the regular honest people and yet go for the Vigilantes. Why? What makes those rotten Vigilantes so damn special? I’m posting a petition tomorrow to have the entire Clan of Rhapsody removed from Metropolis. All the problems that happened was never here till the Rhapsody Family came along. Like you two. John. Trixie. I know about you and your loser family. all you do is cause trouble. and bring pain and unrest. thinking that everything is yours for the taking. that there are no rules. News flash: There are Rules! Because of the Rhapsody Girls Z! and their ways… because of the Rhapsody Brothers… and their ways… things are worse than ever!

Reporters: Yeah! Tell the Rhapsody family to get the hell out of Metropolis.

Dinah Lance: *Looking at Trixie* Don’t worry. It’s just the anger. But there is something we can do to put a little scare into Kris. Come on, Let’s talk.

A few minutes later…

At Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at the Screens* Let’s see… The Mark should have moved. There is a mark at the Quarry. Cyborg, Try to look up data on Scath. find out if there is any new data on the Mark of Scath. We need to remain on top of the mark. we’re 10 months away from D-Day. 10 months away and so far it’s passed with a Great Maw on Christmas. The same day as Dinah’s and Shingo’s wedding day. and now it’s infected people with its mark. the Mark has corrupted people with its influence. The V.R.A is here in Metropolis.

Victor Stone: Don’t worry. I’m on it.

Arthur Curry: We also have the Missing teens. We have to find them. Where ever they are… they’re being subjected to torture.

Chloe: We need more Evidence of that mark.

Victor Stone: Shouldn’t we get one of the brothers to go and survey the Quarry?

Chloe: We can’t. You’re more discreet right now with going over there right now. With the V.R.A out there and gaining more upper handing and with the Anti-hero movement chomping at the bit to tear them down… which is exactly what it’s doing mostly to them. as to any of the other super powered persuasion cast and crew… they’re trying to keep a stiff upper hand in keeping a down low. Which they’re struggling as Luna is missing and not to mention Martin Marco and Karen Copeland. Vincent Van Graves is also frantic. Which i can’t say as i blame him.

Arthur Curry: We can’t. We’d be the same way if it were someone deeply close to us. we know the idea. Martin and Vincent go deep and way back… to when Martin was only a 5-6 year old boy. That’s Years of a starting relationship and closeness that none can measure.


A group of Agents walked in the door…

P.A: *Chiming* Welcome to Watchtower Agents Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Jennifer Jareau, Penelope Garcia. Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid.

Emily: *Jumps and laughs* What was that? Penelope, Was that you?

Penelope: No. I don’t have that skill. I am a technical analyst. not a Ventriloquist.

Derek: No way. You would be anything but that.

Spencer: This room is a lot of tech. enough to power up a city,

Chloe: *Overhearing and walking over* It’s also leading to a good cause to locate any trouble that pops up and we stop it in its tracks. You guys must be…. The BAU. Prince Alvin called and said that he was leading you guys here.

Hotch: That’s correct ma’am. *Showing off the badge and I.D* Special Agent Aaron Hotchner of the BAU. And these are my team members. Special Agents David Rossi, Derek Morgan, Emily Prentiss, Spencer Reid. a Doctor in his field. Special Agent Jennifer Jareau She’s our communications Liason, And Penelope Garcia. She’s our Tech Analyst.

Rossi: Who are you?

Chloe: Chloe Sullivan. I am also known as Watchtower. I am a hacker. but i do it to help the team out and get what it is that they need when they need it.

Derek: You run all this?

Victor Stone: *Adding in* You better believe it. Chloe is the top at this stuff. She might not be able to dish out the heavy firepower in fist and busting a bad guy with super strength or Magical elements… but when it comes to hacking into systems and hacking around getting the info needed to help the team and to provide the help for the people who need it. You can rest easy, Big man. Chloe is the Slickest blonde that you’ll ever meet.

J.J: intriguing.

Hotch: what’s the progress on locating the missing Teens?

Chloe: The Missing teens… Luna, Martin and Karen. Well… the situation is not changing. it’s still the same. Still as it was since this morning. Luna is still missing and we don’t know a thing about the Abductor. We don’t know who he or she is. I’ve been using the Watchtower Orbiter and we tried to get a fix on where the Abducted teens were being held.  But there are 3 spots to search for any answers or get info on where Luna, Martin and Karen are to be held captive. one… being The Metropolis Dorms… Asking any of the members of Luna’s family. friends of theirs too. Another spot would be The home of Vincent Van Graves. The Demonologist/Necromancer/Wizard. He is the Guardian of Martin. Then there is the house of Dinah and Shingo. That’s the last place Luna was when she was Abducted.

Derek: Do you think that that the others would know of her whereabouts? They are her family and close friends.

Emily: They must know something about who might have taken her.

Chloe: Well… what we might know is that the Abductor is Lithuanian. And unfortunately a very hard supporter of the V.R.A. But where he is hiding and keeping the captives under lock and key… we don’t know. We’ve been trying to lock on to any breaks as to where the abductor could be.

Spencer: How do we respond, Hotch?

Hotch: Rossi and Emily will go to Dinah and Shingo’s house.

Chloe: 1458 Charity Lane…  But the thing is that every so often… the Address changes.

Derek: Spencer and i will go to the Dorms to speak with the family and their friends.

JJ: I’ll go and see Vincent Van Graves.

Hotch: I will head back to the police station and keep a watch on the progress of the search for the teens. They might have a lead or two that might have popped in. Penelope… You set up here and work with Chloe. Look for anything on whereabouts of the missing teens. clues of the abductor and any audio recordings of the missing. from moments before they went missing. Anything that will help in finding them.

Penelope: Right.

Chloe: Okay… Penelope… Let’s get you hooked up to Watchtower’s systems.

Penelope: Right. Like they say in doing the good work… serving the people. Time waits for nobody.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Agents* Looks like you guys are set.

Hotch: uh, Okay… Prince… Alvin. I need to get back to the station to set up head there. They’re gonna be heading out and expanding the perimeter for the search.

Prince Alvin: You got it. Mind giving me a lift. My Motorcycle is almost out of gas and from here to the City of Metropolis… my Motorcycle will be empty before we even hit the main street. heading to the route leading to the City.

Hotch: Of course. The rest of you… good luck, call here if you find anything. or to inform of what you found or didn’t find. Inform the Law enforcement too.

Moments later…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Living room…

Raven: *Looking at Dinah* Dinah, Luna is gonna be okay. Where ever she is. She’s gonna come out of it. She’s strong. She’ll get through it somehow. The best thing to do now is to believe in her and believe that she will be okay and will be able to make it.

Dinah: That’s the problem… i don’t know if she will be.  She’s been hurt by people and hurt for being abused. She’s been having nightmares. They’re getting worse and worse everyday. She’s had nights where she’s even afraid to go to sleep for the fear that something bad might happen to her. Like our Ex-Grandmother Rikku coming to hurt her or worse.

Raven: And you’re thinking that… there might be no chance that she will be able to withhold anything or to hold out much longer… Right?

Dinah: What else am i to think, Raven? What do you expect me to think? The police have been searching everywhere possible for Luna, Martin and Karen. All the usual spots. Places where Luna would usually be hanging at. Karen was nowhere to be found. Neither was Martin. Luna has been gone longer than Martin and Karen. The only thing we know is that Luna was last seen here. in the Kitchen. There was no other sign but that. The one who took her… left no calling card. no Evidence. Nothing. Luna was heard screaming… But it was said to be muffled by something. Shingo heard it and tried to get to where Luna was when she was being Abducted. Saw nothing and found nothing.

Raven: What about Pearl and Paige? What have they found out?

Dinah: The same. They don’t know what to think. All they were able to find out was that The Anti-hero movement was now suiting up to help the V.R.A get after the heroes or Vigilantes. Abducting them and possibly killing them.

Raven: But Luna’s got no powers anymore. if she had any powers still i’d detect it. and i’d be able to tell. But there is nothing in her. So why would she be taken anyway?

Dinah: I don’t know. I could be shooting for an extrapolation or something… but i’m gonna shoot for the angle of Luna being abducted to lure us to our demise.

Raven: You think this to be some Conspiracy?

Dinah: *Worried and with no other options* I don’t know…. But I’ve got to think something, Raven. *Looking at Raven* Raven, You’re a Half-breed. Half and half. But have abilities. Powers. If the V.R.A find out about you… you could be their next target.  You should stay here for a while and not go anywhere. For your own safety. If they know you’re here. They’ll catch you and will use anything to get to you. Even your weakness.

Raven: I’ll be careful.

Dinah then got up and went to fix herself another cup of coffee and thought about what to do next. She knew that Luna was alive still… but was scared for what could happen to Luna. She got some Coffee and then grabbed her cell and Wallet and made way to go and start another search for Luna or any signs of Luna’s Abductor or where Luna could have been taken. Raven stayed and kept watch of the house in case if Luna managed to pop back into the house. only difference was… she didn’t.

That afternoon…

At the Metropolis Dorms…

Room #312…

Jack: This is a nightmare. I barely propose to Pearl… a week and a half ago or 2 weeks and what happens? This. Luna gets abducted. She gets taken and held for possible ransom.

Reese: I know. I can hardly believe it myself. Paige isn’t really saying much about it. She’s distraught. Distraught and upset.

Jack: Yeah…  and who could blame her? It’s not like she can do anything else. There is nothing that can be done. We all have searched deep in the city. we searched and looked in every spot that we could… hoping to find her. Luna was abducted… but we still looked at all her spots that she’d go to. All of them. we found nothing.

Reese: I sure wish that we could have fortune in finding her. she’s had to be somewhere… You think that for some reason there would be suspicion where she could be taken and held inside a Manor?

Jack: a Manor? You’re not serous about that one… are you?

Reese: I don’t know… but at this point… we’ve got nothing left. We got to take a chance. Paige and her sisters are missing her terribly.

Jack: We all are…

Reese: And the girls are feeling the Collateral Damage. The loss. Luna is alive. But as to being unharmed… That is unknown.

Room #349…

Pearl: *Sighs and looking out the window* Star, Do we have any plans tonight?

Star: Not that i know of, why? We do happen to have a Fashion meet with two new supporters Emma Roberts and Sara Paxton They caught on to what we were doing and are seeking to support us as well. Not to mention Lady Gaga, Cher, Queen Latiifah and Michelle Pheiffer. Plus even Brittany Snow. They are thinking on giving donations to our fashion line. the designs that we’ve done. Drew and submitted.

Pearl: When?

Star: Tomorrow night.

Pearl: cancel it. we are not doing it. not for a while… until Luna is back and safe. everything else is non-existent. I mean everything. Luna is 13 years old. She’s scared as hell by the Abductor. She’s probably in a whole lot of pain from the torture that the Abductor is doing onto her.

Star: We can’t cancel. It’s set in the list. We have a whole week or two planned.

Pearl: What’s more important? Fashion… Or getting my sister back to us? I want fashion to be the top… but right now… there is a young girl out there who is possibly scared to hell about what’s gonna happen to her. When?

Star: I know. But, Pearl… What else are we to do about it? We have been searching for Luna and searching every part of the city. every place that we would think that we’d find Luna. Just for the off chance that Luna might have ran away. We know that she was abducted. but we were just pulling straws. We looked and search everywhere we could think of. We found nothing.

Pearl: Well… i am not giving up. Neither should you. It’s the moment that we give up the search for Luna when it hits that Luna is forever gone. She’s my sister and i am not about to just quit on looking for her.

Star: That’s fine. but where else are you gonna look for her? For as much as we know… She could be anywhere. She could be inside a manor or a mansion. A building. A Lab. Another state. City, County. Country. Anywhere.

Pearl: I don’t know… Okay? I don’t frickin’ know where else to look. I don’t. But all i know is that i can’t just let it go. I can’t and i won’t…


A Knock on the door is heard… 

Pearl: *Looking at Star* Who do you suppose that could be?

Star: No clue. We didn’t order anything and we weren’t exactly expecting anyone. Were we?

Pearl: Not that i know of. *Walking over to the door and answering it* Maybe it’s Paige or one of the boys… Maybe.

A second later…

Derek: *Looking at Pearl* Excuse me, Pearl….

Pearl: Yes? Who are you?

Derek: *Showing his Badge and I.D* I’m Special Agent Derek Morgan and this is Dr. Spencer Reid from the B.A.U. We’re here about the missing 13 year olds Luna Rhapsody, Martin Marco and Karen Copeland.

Star: The B.A.U? What the…

Spencer: Yes. We came to ask a couple questions about the Abduction. If you happen to know anything about it.

Pearl: I can’t really say what i know about it. I don’t know much about it. But come on inside. *Looking at the room a bit* Sorry about the mess. Star and i are working on opening up our own Fashion store in a couple or so years. This is just our first year of college. We’re half way done with the first year. We’ve been just clacking away with the designs and the stitching. plus sewing and the measuring. Plus been out trying to get supplies for it and also search for my sister Luna.

Derek: It’s okay. It’s a passion that you are shooting for. Sometimes it does get a bit messy because things get in the way. It’s normal.

Spencer: What kind of Fashion do you intend to do?

Star: Well… we’re originally shooting for Fashion for all… but as it turns out… The attraction for Celebrity fashion is in right now. It’s the new craze. but we’re trying to keep a stiffly open mind on all fields. We are also in plans to create a couple or so Exotic Fashion outfits. For the Adult entertainment sector. It’s a stretch though because as the tastes change… so do the things that they’re in. Tastes and Craves change every so often and it just is unknown as to where it will go. and what will be in on fashion the most and or what will work and what won’t.

Derek: What about the name of the Store?

Pearl: I was thinking about Madame Pearl’s and Mystic Star’s. But we’re still debating on the official name.

A second later…

Derek: What about your sister… Luna? When did you know about her Abduction?

Pearl: It was hours after it happened. The Abduction happened way early in the morning as we know… but the thing was that when it was taking place. Star and I were here watching a Movie and just unwinding from Spending the day with my boyfriend now Fiance.

Derek: Congratulations.

Pearl: Thank you…. Star was with her mother for the day and we were just unwinding when it happened. We were not aware of it till we woke up a few hours later when we got up and started to head out to get some more minor material for our designs. We were just coming back from getting the stuff when we got the call and heard the news on the Radio. I think that we were listening to KNX 1070…

Star: No… Come on, Girl. It was heard on KFWB News 980. It was also playing on a couple of Music stations too. Like the Rock station. Pop Station, Country, R&B station. Oldie station, Jazz and even the Gospel station where they have Gospel shows playing

Pearl: That’s right. We heard it on those stations and we didn’t know what to think… but we were barely on our way back from getting some stuff when it came and blared on the Air waves. we barely heard it as we were having a discussion about what classes we were gonna go for; for the spring semester. Session. i almost totaled the car of mine when i heard of it. If Star didn’t calm me down… I don’t know what would have happened to me.

Derek: How did it all go down?

Pearl: It went down like this…

Pearl flashes back….to the mid morning of the 25th…

“On the road heading back to the Metropolis University and back to the Dorms…

Pearl: *Driving* We have a couple of things that we got to have made. Those two Exotic Lingerie’s that we said that we’d do. We should focus on that as well as get a couple more designs made and done for the meet with Raven-Symone and Anne Hathaway. They are looking for a couple more designs to put for the Spring break collection that they’re building for the Fashion depraved and underprivileged.

Star: We got our work cut out for us today… don’t we?

Pearl: I suppose so. there are some days where we’ll be busier than the normal. then there’ll be some days where we will just be free and not know what all to do with our free time.

Star: Tell that to my mother. She’s been asking me to join her in the career of being a Missionary or a Pastor. to help her with the church. I can sing. but Fashion is my true passion. She knows that. I think she’s feeling the sense of loneliness in her old age. She’s in her mid 50’s now. But i think that she’s just looking for someone to continue her line of work when she gets to the point where she no longer can.

Pearl: Do you want to?

Star: Not really. i mean that i do feel rather sorry for her. i actually feel bad for her. I noticed that she’s been having slight minor cases of Memory loss. Alzheimer’s. She is starting to forget things. little things.

Pearl: Is it bad?

Star: No. But it’s about to get there because it’s been happening more and more as of late. I don’t know if it’s me… but i think that she’s getting early stages of Dementia.

Pearl: But that one night… i think last year it was… She seemed rather fine.

Star: It started happening just last month. It was so weird though… i mean… you were in class and it was on a day when i had no class meeting. i called her and asked her how she was. She said that she was okay. But…

Pearl: Something was telling you that there was something not exactly right going on with her.

Star: Yeah. It was odd. I asked her if she was fine and she said that she was…

Pearl: What do you plan to do if it happens to get worse instead of better?

Star: The hardest thing. Mental institution or a nursing home or something. I want to help her… but how can i expect to help her keep her memory and keep from losing it if it’s already taking its course? I mean… What if it’s somehow Hereditary? I could get that way when i’m her age.

Pearl: No… No you won’t. You can’t think like that. You won’t get like that. It might be hereditary… but you can beat it. You can.

Star: *Sighs* You’re right.

A second later…

Pearl: Class starts up again in a couple weeks.

Star: I know. It’s with another semester of Fashion designing. You have a Literature class. A History class. Math. Art. Even a couple of classes like French and then there’s Drama. I got An Athletic class. English, History, Journalism. I think that i am also taking French and Italian.  But i think it’s spanned between two semesters back to back.

Pearl: we have other classes that we might want to look into. Like Science classes. Meteorology, Geology, Astrology, Astronomy, Seismology. Geography, Environmental Science.

Star: Is that to be our minor?

Pearl: It could be. I could always go for Media.

Star: Yeah…. Go for Media. You can sing. I heard you singing in the shower a few times. I know that you can do it. I think that you’d be wonderful. I know that you can be. Don’t you even think about selling yourself short. You can do it if you really wanted that for yourself. because we both know that with all the Bravado we have with the Fashion career track. Which is wonderful. We have made a name for ourselves and are still working out the details for it. We are still getting things all set for it. But we all have to face facts that it could still flop. So if we ever happen to face that… we’re gonna need a fail safe. You got singing. Me? I don’t know what i got. But i’m gonna find something.

Pearl: *Sighs and grins* You know… You might be right about that. You know that? You might be right about that idea. Singing is probably something that i could fallback on.

Star: It’s better than having nothing. You at least got something. It’s not like a high paying job… i don’t think, but you still at least have something. Me? I don’t. All i got is fash—

Suddenly the Radio is heard…

Radio: *Broadcasting the breaking news* “This is KFWB News 980. You give us 22 minutes… we’ll give you the world.” A family is torn as a 13 year old girl was found abducted from her home. on 1458 Charity Lane. In the early morning. The Metropolis police have received calls from the house barely a moment after it occurred. Home owners Dinah and Shingo Rhapsody were the first to respond as screams were heard…

Pearl: *freaking out* Oh my god… Oh my god… Luna. No! How can it be? She’s been abducted by someone.  *Losing control of the car and panicking* Oh no… I… we got to get a hold of the others. We have to let them know about it. They need to know.

Star: *Feeling the car swerve out of control* Pearl, What are you doing? *Seeing the car almost hit another car* PEARL! What the hell?! Are you trying to get us both killed. I don’t do death. i am not good at dying. *Grabbing the wheel and steering it to a safe spot* Oh shit… oh shit. oh my god. This is some scary ass shit. We’re gonna die.

A minute or so later…

Pearl and Star were parked and Star started to shake Pearl back to her senses…

Star: Pearl… *Shaking Pearl to her senses* Pearl, Girl… snap out of it. Come on. stop the panic attack. It’s not gonna be that bad. it’s gonna be alright. we’ll just need to call and get some answers and find out what’s what. That’s all. Nothing to it.

Pearl: *Devastated* I don’t want to even talk about it… I got to get ahold of the others. I gotta make some calls and find out what the hell is going on. I need to get to the bottom of this. Dinah’s the one who’s got the house… Luna was there last. So was Shingo. He’s the first to be called. 

Star: Okay… okay… Calm down. Settle down. You call some and i will too… we’ll get some answers. just take it easy. it’s gonna be okay….”

Pearl: Dinah was the first person i called. Because she was with Luna under her custody. she was Luna’s legal Guardian as granted by the courts and by the case when we all put Granny Rikku in Jail. We asked her if she knew about the Abduction or knew that Luna was. but she didn’t know and she started to freak out. Which made the mess worse.

Derek: Where was she when this all happened? If she was the guardian of Luna, she should have been there.  Sometime ago one of our teammates was killed by a guy who just so happened to be a modern day type of Angel of Death. A James Colby Baylor. I thought that something was way off about him when Penelope Garcia mentioned about him and what he was like. There was something not right. i was suspecting of it. But Penelope went and saw him anyway… It was all wrapped with a case of a missing woman… Bridgewater, Florida. Local girl, Abbey Kelton, nineteen, left her parents’ home to go to the local junior college. She never came home. Three days later, joggers found her – part of her – in a nearby park. Bridgewater’s off of I-75, which is often referred to as “Alligator Alley”, for reasons that are now apparent. Everything below the waist had been eaten.  Also about Feylinn. but no one even saw it coming from Baylor. He shot Penelope in cold blood. in the chest. She almost died and when that happened. as it happened. I was in church praying. Praying hard. not be doomed to relive the nightmares of what Carl Buford did to me. what he had done to me. But Penelope got shot. I should have been there. i could have stopped it. but i asked her to go out. She was so pissed at me that she blew me off. I ended up in church. “On one hand, if she’d gone out with me, she would have never got shot. On the other hand… what are the odds that the first time I pray in twenty years, she’s on the table?” That’s what it was like… I should have been there for her. and because i wasn’t there…  She was open to getting shot. She almost died. Luna is in the same boat. Abducted. Alone. Even though she’s got two friends who were abducted with her. She is alone.and with the effects of the Abduction even if she gets found. the memory of what happened and the pain that she was inflicted with… it’s gonna haunt her for years. She’s gonna have these nightmares build up and even though she is young and as what the detective John Jones had said about Luna. being strong. and strong willed. There’s only gonna be so much pressure from the memory of the Abduction and the abuse that was done on her that she’s gonna take before she cracks and breaks from all sense. All of it will go out the window.

Star: So… What the hell do we do? We looked for her everywhere. She’s nowhere to be found. Nowhere to be spotted. Plus when we got the news coming from the Radio… It was terrifying. Pearl almost crashed the car and wrecked it… because the news put her in a panic. If i didn’t grab that wheel when i had…  Pearl and i would have been the newest members of the deceased on the Obit. We would have been dead and then not only would there be the devastation of Luna being Abducted… with Martin and Karen. but there would also be the deaths of Pearl and me. That wouldn’t help anyone. It would only add to the problems. not help anything.

As soon as the interview was over… the Agents graciously thanked them for their time and went to then talk with a few others…. Prince Alvin wasn’t one of the ones they spoke to. But Jack and Reese were and they were with just about the same story. they didn’t know about the Abduction till late morning. But they were able to get something from Dinah…

A Couple hours later

Outside the Metropolis Dorms…

Derek: *On the phone calling Hotch* Hotch, we reached a odd twist in the case. we asked each of the Brothers that still were within the Dorms. and each of the Rhapsody Girls. they didn’t know about the Abduction till late morning on the day that it happened. Pearl heard of the news while on her way back from the Fashion Store. down by the Promenade. But the news when it came… Pearl was sent into a panic. Almost totaled her car and thankfully She had her friend Star with her to steer her away from being hamburger meat. Prince Avery and Prince Curtis were at the University Library and were reading up for their next semester of classes. Prince Avery said something about reading the morning paper and seeing something about a missing girl. but didn’t find any names mentioned. Only that it said Local Teen Abducted. Prince Curtis… Didn’t hear about it till the T.V broke out with the Bulletin. Paige didn’t get into any details. She was too devastated about it. So was Alice. Paige was working on a book that she said that she was writing when the news broke. She said that she tried to call her sisters and the boys and the rest of the crew and get to the bottom of the matter. find out what was going on and said that as she was trying to call… she kept getting a busy signal as the calls were jammed. Megan and Summer were asleep and not feeling too hot that day when the news broke. Dinah Was in the shower when the news broke and came in. She just got out of the shower and getting dried off and dressed; suited up to head out to her house to fix things up for Luna when she saw the T.V presenting her picture and breaking with the broadcast. She told us that she got a call from her husband a day before saying that he was suspecting something going on with Luna and didn’t know what it was. That he mentioned something. Said that Luna was seeming not as normal as she was before. That she looked like she was starting to sound tough and a bit overly mature. Serious. Said that her husband said that Luna had even got on the phone and spoke to her boyfriend Martin and They spoke about something. About Zeke. Arguing about him being around and about trusting him.

Hotch: did she mention anything further?

Derek: No. there didn’t seem to be anything other than that. But from what the details point out… It’s deeply concerning. The Abduction was a Key in the Young love Quarrel. So if Luna and Martin are in the same room together… they’re gonna feel at insurmountable odds.

Hotch: That’s why we’ve got to get a shot at finding them. Any clue on who the Abductor is?

Derek: No. You?

Hotch: No. The authorities are still stuck. Trying to get a sketch artist to get someone to provide a possible description of the Abductor.

As for Spencer…

Spencer: *On the Phone* Garcia… we need you to tap into the phone of Luna Rhapsody. 618-477-9226 We need to find the Phone records and the Audio recordings of the last few days before the abduction. Who they were speaking with.

Penelope: You got it Google Wonder… Should have the Audio recordings soon.

Spencer: Thanks Garcia.

A Minute later…

Derek: What’ll we do now? We’re no closer to getting closer to finding the Abductor.

Spencer: What about the brother we didn’t speak with?

Derek: What do you mean?

Spencer: There were 4 brothers. But we only spoke to 2 of them officially and about what it was that they knew and We only spoke to Prince Alvin just briefly. and during the time we were with him… he has not given us anything about where he was before the news of the Abduction struck and where he was when the news came.

Derek: What about Prince… Arnold? We haven’t spoken to him and we were under the guise that he was also here.

Spencer: But he’s not.

As they were walking back to their van…

Derek: It doesn’t make sense…  What could Prince Alvin be hiding?

Spencer: Or what is he not letting out?

Derek: Don’t know. But we’re gonna need to get his statement and find out what he was doing and where he was before and as the news broke of the Abduction…

Spencer: Him and Prince Arnold.


Prince Alvin: *Walking his Motorcycle to the Parking lot and heading out to another shift on searching for Luna* Damn it. All this searching and there has been no breaks in locating Luna at all. Damn it! How hard can it be in finding her? She’s 13 and she’s scared. There can’t be just a brick wall in this…

Derek: *Spotting Prince Alvin Walking by* Uh, Excuse me…

Prince Alvin: *Stopping and turning towards the side to see Agents Morgan and Reid* Yes? Can i help you?

Derek: We need to talk. It’s gonna sound persistent. but we need to talk.

Prince Alvin: Whatever it is… it’s gonna need to wait. I’m on my way out to try and search for Luna again. I am not giving up. No one is…


At Vincent Van Graves…

In the Study…

Vincent: *Looking at the Spell books and Reading the Inscription* This should remove the marks from the foreheads of the innocent people. This should do it. I think. I never done this before and this spell is a tad rusty. Had to pay a big sum to grab this type of spell. A huge book that have Symbol removers…Barrier cancelers. Creature summons and Conjuring. This seems to be a little more than what i ordered.

The Radio plays…

“I never meant to be so bad to you
One thing I said that I would never do
A look from you and I would fall from grace
And that would wipe the smile right from my face

Do you remember when we used to dance
And incidents arose from circumstance
One thing led to another we were young
And we would scream together songs unsung

It was the heat of the moment
Telling me what my heart meant
The heat of the moment showed in your eyes

And now you find yourself in ’82
The disco hot spots hold no charm for you
You can concern yourself with bigger things
You catch a pearl and ride the dragon’s wings

‘Cause it’s the heat of the moment
The heat of the moment
The heat of the moment
The heat of the moment showed in your eyes

And when your looks are gone and you’re alone
How many nights you sit beside the phone
What were the things you wanted for yourself
Teenage ambitions you remember well

It was the heat of the moment
Telling me what your heart meant
The heat of the moment showed in your eyes

It was the heat of the moment
The heat of the moment
The heat of the moment showed in your eyes

Heat of the moment
Heat of the moment
Heat of the moment
Heat of the moment…”

Vincent: What on earth is that playing on the Radio? I don’t remember turning on the Radio. Good heavens…. What would the Radio be doing on without being touched?

Scath: *Voice* Vincent Van Graves… the Insignificant Wizard/Demonologist/Necromancer… What chance do you think to have on getting me to fall before a Pathetic Mortal?

Vincent: You must be Scath. I think that we all heard of you. We know all about you. It’s such a shame to know that you’re the equivalent to our Satan. Lucifer.

Scath: And you think it be a terrible thing, why? I am the Being known as Trigon the Terrible. I am Terrible for a reason. I care not for the Mortals. I never did. Demons are careless and unfeeling. I am gonna come to Earth soon through the portal… My Gem. the being i sired so i can rule.

Vincent: You can’t get on this planet if no one lets you. And by your decree… i should guess that you are the one behind the people being stained by your mark.

Scath: *Laughing sinisterly* Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh! You claim it to be me behind the Mortals being stained by the Mark of me? I have no involvement in Your Mortals getting stained with my mark. I don’t need the mark to control insignificant Mortals such as you. I can enter any body at any time.

Vincent: Then who is behind the tainting marks on the Innocent people?

Scath: A General Slade Stalin. He is Deeply marked. He’s got Influence that i doth not. He is a Rogue and Ruthless. But He serves not I. I have a follower of my choosing and very soon… my Follower will arise and take command.

Vincent: Oh dear… this is not pleasant. Who is this someone you speak of?

Scath: You might think it wise to remember who it was that the mere foot soldiers of light send down to the darkest pit of the Abyss?

The Voice fades…

Vincent: That was an out of element moment. But… that Voice. The Demon. I don’t quite buy the “whole Follower of his Choosing” Idea. He sounded too Egotistical. Something is up. That Demon sounded way too sneaky. I don’t like the sound of what he was say in the very least. *Putting his Book of Spells for Summoning away* I’ll have to see about looking into it.

Seconds later…

There was a Knock on the Door…

Vincent: Who in the heavens could that be at the door? It better not be the Abductor. Because i know he’s got Martin and if it’s him at the door. he better have Insurance. *Walking over to the door and answering it* Hello?

Jennifer Jareau: Mr. Graves?

Vincent: Yes? Can i help you, dear lady?

Jennifer: *Showing her badge* Jennifer Jareau. FBI Communications Liason for the Behavorial Analyst Unit. I am here in solving the case of the abducted  13 year olds Luna, Martin and Karen.

Vincent: Oh dear heavens… it’s quite a bit chilly. You standing with the cold air brushing on you. Oh my. That’ll never do. Please do come on in where it’s warm. I think having this chat would be better in the Study room. It seems to be more quiet there and more comforting.

A minute later…

Vincent: So…You’re here and are looking for answers or any info on finding Martin? Well… that is a reprieve that i ought to welcome. I tried looking for him and asking around. found nothing. To my dismay i failed in finding him. I used my crystal ball in hopes in finding him. maybe get a fix on where he could have been taken… but no such luck i’m afraid.

Jennifer: *Lost* Your Crystal Ball?

Vincent: Yes. You heard right. I know how you might think it sounds out there, But i am a Wizard… Also a Demonologist and a Necromancer. It’s considered the Dark arts of Witchcraft and Wizardry. but i nary use that. Ever. It’s too dangerous and unpredictable to the average Wizard or Witch. If you ever get into this stuff… i strongly warn you. Don’t you ever attempt the Necromancy unless you are with experience and know what it is that you are doing. because all it takes is one slip and you could invoke an Invite for Lucifer to come right on in to Dinner. Or in our case for this threat that looms like a death bell. Scath. Trigon the Terrible.  And if you ever do it… You better be sure you know as to what it is that you happen to be dealing with. Because if you don’t…  You might say that for all in intents and Purposes… it will be your maker. Not saying to scare. just to warn. It’s very risky stuff.

Jennifer. I’ll keep that in mind.

Vincent: Now… I used the Crystal Ball to look for any signs of Martin. I will admit that i did go out and search for him as well… I searched for him in a multitude of spots for him and Also… Starlight. She also went and searched too… Martin went missing on the 25th… the same day as Luna went missing. No one knows where she went. Nor do they know where The Abductor is located. No one knows who he is… or where to go to find him. Or what he wants.

Jennifer: Well there is a theory that he is after young adolescents who have powers or had once possessed powers. Abilities that were that beyond a normal person. The Police came up with a possible name. Augustus Rubis. Although they know nothing further of him. Do you know anything that can help us look or find your son Martin?

Vincent: Martin’s not really my Biological Son. But he’s like a son to me as he was left with me by his parents. His Father Christopher was my best friend. Martin looks a bit like him and it is showing more and more. Martin lost his parents when he was 5 years old.  But i think that there might be something that could help.

Jennifer: Would it be okay if i were to look in his room? There could be something that could help with his Abduction. Help in finding a clue as to why he would have been taken by the Abductor, He wouldn’t have any… thing about him that would attract the Abductor in any way… would he?

Vincent: I don’t think so. He’s just a normal Boy. A bit eccentric in his own way. but he is very outgoing and always willing to help those who are in need.

In Martin’s Room…

Starlight: *Hearing Voices coming from down stairs and Whines in Curiosity* What is going on down stairs? Who is Vincent speaking to? Could it be that lady Regina? *Getting up and walking down stairs*

Back in the Study room…

Jennifer: Who do you think Martin usually hangs with?

Vincent: No one in particular. Just his best friend and Girlfriend Luna. Although lately the dear boy has been alone and hardly speaking with anyone. He doesn’t have anyone come over. I happened to ask him once and he could only say…

Vincent flashes back to the day before the Abductions take place…

“Vincent: Martin… Why don’t you call one of your friends to come over?

Martin: Friends? What friends would that be? Vincent, i don’t have any friends. they’re all more Luna’s friends and they’re all condoning the fact that she’s With Zeke. They refuse to see him for the fake and the fraud that he really is. They are all so into kissing his butt. Plus I might as well just not think to remain in a relationship since i can’t even spend time with Luna without Zeke being there to butt in.

Vincent: Martin, My dear boy… Why do you feel such anger over Zeke that much?

Martin: *Scoffs in disgust* Do you even have to ask? DO YOU?! Why the hell do you think i hate Zeke that much? 

Vincent: I don’t know. But i know that your parents if they were alive… they would be not the least bit happy to know that you got hate in your heart over someone. 

Martin: What does it matter what they think about it? They’re dead. I am never gonna get to see them ever again. It’s all over. I miss them every day. Every day. Since i was 6 i felt so alone. Because knowing that i’d never get to know them… i mean really know them on a grander scale… that is hell in itself. Hell in the most provocative ways. It’s not even the slightest of being funny or amusing. All i have of them is whatever memories that you have of them and you. Which i’d never replace regardless. I wouldn’t replace it. But it doesn’t make it any less hurting. I miss them. I Also miss the good days that i had with Luna. She and i were like best friends…

Vincent: *Nods* I know. It was as though you and her could be conjoined. You and her were so close as one that there would be nary a moment where you two weren’t. I mean… as it is… you are seeing the winds of change and are threatened solely by it because you see that there is a means for change and you’re unable to catch up with it. 

Martin: The Winds of change… Yeah. Vincent, Are you huffing on that Magic dust? There is nothing like that going on. You know that… It’s that Zeke. That damn rotten pest and two-timing vagrant. He is trying to take my Luna. She now is with signs of that habit and she never did that before he came along into her life. Ever since he came… she’s been changing. I hate him. I HATE HIM!

Vincent: *Sighs* Martin… This really is saddening to see… Seeing you feeling like this.”

Vincent: I never seen Martin so upset like that before. Not like that. Ever. The dear boy was feeling dreadful hatred over Zeke. I spotted Zeke the other week and happened to hear him speak. He was saying kind things to Luna. and said that he respected the thing that was between her and Martin. But Martin was reading it as something of treachery and deception.

Jennifer: Who is this Zeke?

Vincent: Zeke Mansfield… He is this young lad that was abused at a young age and has this habit to mask it…

Starlight: *Walking in and Whining*

Vincent: *Looking to see Starlight walking in* What’s the matter, Starlight? You hungry? Thirsty?

Starlight: Uh-uh. I miss Martin.

Vincent: I know girl… i miss the dear boy too. I miss him too. *Walking over to Starlight* Come here girl… Come here… *Massaging Starlight’s head and rubbing behind her ears* Yeah… Not having Martin around has made it really lonely here, hasn’t it? It’s gonna be alright though. we’ll find him somehow. We’ll get him back.

Starlight: *Whining and saddened*

A Minute later Jennifer was lead up to Martin’s room and she took a look around to look for anything to help in the case of finding Martin and getting closer to the Abductor and why the captor would want Martin… As it was… things were starting to add up but a few things were still a mystery… Although as she was looking…

Jennifer: *Looking at something and seeing something of concern* What is this…? *reading the notes and writing; reading what in the notepad* This teen has a real case of targeted hatred towards the guy Zeke…

Vincent: *Walking into the room and catching the Agent going through some private things of Martin’s* What the heavens are you doing in Martin’s personal and most private journal? That’s his private book. No one goes in there but him. and he hardly goes in there but for a minute.

Jennifer: I’m sorry. But i think that this is something that you might need to know about. I think that Martin is slipping into a phase of death. Or Spells for causing death to someone… Is he into anything dark?

Vincent: No. he’s not. He couldn’t be. He’s just going through teenage angst and dealing with teenage territory. Keeping the girl and being threatened by any other guy who tries to come between them and their girl that they love. it’s just a part of growing up. *Walking over and reading the note* A spell of death can be cast by saying the name of the person you want to die and then chanting the words as follows. *Gasps* Oh dear me… Good heavens… That is not a spell that he came up with. That’s from one of my books that he’s got it from. He must have seen it and memorized it.

Jennifer: This is important… Vincent. Where did he see this? Where?

Vincent: from one of my books… from a spellbook that i nary use. Ever.

Jennifer: This is evidence that might help. Because the person who has your young one… he is after anyone who has sources of power. or sources of abilities. Like the Anti-hero movement. They are backing up the V.R.A. This might be something that could help. It’s a spell… but still power. The Abductor… The Unsub might have taken him due to Martin’s keen knowledge of this… Magic or because he might have abilities.

Jennifer then gets on the phone and calls Penelope…

At Watchtower,,,

Computer Screen: *beeping*

P.A: *Chiming* Incoming Transmission from Communications Liason Jennifer Jareau,

Penelope: *Answering the phone and speaking* Godmother of all knowhow… ask me and i shall respond with the answer you desire.

Jennifer: *On the phone* Penelope,, I’m at the house of Vincent Van Graves. I just found a journal with writing that was written by the missing 13 year old Boy Martin. It’s a spell. A death spell.

Penelope: A death spell… that is not usually a forte… but maybe it could point us somewhere. What could it be?

Jennifer: It’s in german,,, *Reading it off* “Cast thy death upon the winds… Let the wings of the death angel come upon the target  with the touch of death. Oh sweet eternal lasting death… break thy soul from the body and relinquish the life of the one in sight or in mind.”

Penelope: I’ll look into it and see if any hits get attained.

Jennifer: Thanks. Also pull up any records of phone conversations between Martin and Luna. All within the last week to the last call before the Abduction.

Penelope: Already in the middle of that one. Spencer called and asked for the records and we’re extrapolating the Audio….

Jennifer: Thanks.

Penelope: Anytime… I live to serve my angels…


At the Abandoned Mansion…

Karen: *Looking at Martin and Luna* Come on you two… This is no way to act. You have issues about Zeke. Who wouldn’t? Zeke is not the bad guy here. The Abductor is.

Martin: Zeke is to Blame… Blame for my heart to feel like it’s been ripped out. I am stuck here with a girl who i thought would care about how i feel about Zeke. She sees him anyway. She even smokes too. I smell it on her.

Karen: Martin! What the hell is your problem? Luna has a problem… okay? We all know that she conceals those things. but we’re playing the card of head dumbass because we care about her happiness at the same time we care that she’s killing herself. It’s a battle between the happy and the healthy. And i think we know that she’s doing it to pull Zeke out of the habit and heal him as best she can of the pain that he’s under because he was abused. You will never believe it. You still have something against Zeke.

Martin: *Snaps* Yeah. I Do have something against him. Ever since he came around… God forbid i get any damn time for being with her. She’s always with him. It has reached the point to where i have to come by and surprise her in order to get any time at all with her.

But while they were speaking…. The Abductor came in and snuck Luna away and took her upstairs. Although she was screaming the whole time… Screaming to be let loose. Karen and Martin were demanding for the Abductor to let Luna go. To release her. but he kept going. ignoring them.

a minute later…

Martin: It takes for something like this to happen in order for me to have any time with her…

Karen: Why do you say that?

Martin: Why do you think i would say something like that? Just for the fun of it?

Karen: What is your problem? Martin, Why are you having such a temper over Luna being with Zeke… helping him out?

Martin: Because… that’s all she seems to be doing. She never has any time for me anymore. She and i used to hang out. Talk. Chat about things. spend time together. but ever since Zeke came around… All she ever wants to do is help him. Babying him. It’s like i got to sneak a surprise with her in order to just get the chance to be with her… for even a little bit. I’m tired it. It was not like this till Zeke came. Ever since Zeke came… it’s gotten where she’d rather be with him than with me.

Karen: Oh yeah… and who’s fault is that? Hers? Try it being your fault. If you haven’t been so damn vengeful minded towards Zeke… you and Luna would remain all lovey-dovey. But all you do is tear him down. and i don’t think you even notice… but Luna and her family are all feeling the pain of losing someone close to them. Someone who they felt was their friend. but isn’t anymore. The last couple months… Luna had a brief mention or two about them Losing a person named Larmina. I think you might even know her as well… they came here to Earth last year. 2 weeks after Dinah Delivered her little tykes and then had to send them off to be safe from the Demon with the bad ass charm of the end. The USS Enterprise. They came except for Larmina. But since then… they heard Squat from her. and it is as though she’s turned Cannibal on any mention of Rhapsody. Turned against them. They are in a bit of anguish from that… even though it’s on the very back burner. the far back burner of their psyche and Conscience. Right now there are other things going on. And they should be more of vital concern than your Achy-Breaky heart.

Martin: Oh… So i am supposed to just sit pretty and content acting as though i’m living a Mary sue- Gary Stu Norman Rockwell “Apple Pie” mind set? No. I want life to be where there was no Zeke. He is making Luna turn out to be a… a… *Feeling unable to say it*

Karen: Say it. Say it. She’s a What?

Martin: You want me to say it?

Karen: You might as well…  You’re clearly thinking about it. So go ahead and say it.

Martin: With Luna near?

Karen: Luna isn’t near right now. She’s been taken upstairs and from what i can hear… She’s been stripped bare by the Abductor. She’s Exposed and She’s being propped for more torture.  The last thing she needs now is you being a little egotistical prick and make as though you own her.

Martin: Then tell me why it is that i can’t even get her to be close to me as she once was?

Karen: You want answers, Martin?

Martin: I think that i am entitled to have some answers. because i feel as though i am losing Luna and it is driving me up the damn wall. I can’t Frickin’ take it. Okay? I can’t. So yes. I want answers.

Karen: You want answers?

Martin: I want the truth! Damn it, Karen. Quit jumping on the Kiss Zeke’s Ass Bandwagon. Tell me the truth!

Karen: *Slapping Martin in the face* You are a mean person. Luna is trying to hold on… She’s in agony. She’s not Sailor Luna anymore… hasn’t been since the beginning of December… You know this. She’s got no damn powers at all. NOTHING! All you can do is make her feel like shit. You Want the TRUTH! I guess i will point out that …. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!  You are being unfair to Luna and to Zeke. You know that Zeke has been abused.

Martin: *Grabbing Karen’s hand and Pushing her back* Karen. You are an idiot. Zeke is a faker. He is pulling off a sob tale and you are all falling for it like he has you wrapped around his faker finger.

Karen: You are an asshole…

What Martin didn’t notice was that as they were talking… Karen was breaking loose from the ropes and before they knew it… She got loose enough to pull off the ropes and make a run for it. She didn’t stop to untie Martin and let Luna loose from the ties. She had to go for help. Karen knew that if she could get help… it could end this Abduction. Question was… How would she sneak out without being caught? She had to think fast and sneak out very quietly…


At the Local Cafe…

Zeke: *Drinking a Coke* … *Sighs* Where could Luna be? She was supposed to meet me today and she skipped it.

Waitress: *Walking over to Zeke* … *Stopping in front of Zeke* what’s the matter, huh? Why are you so sad?

Zeke: It’s nothing. I’m just waiting for a friend. I was supposed to be meeting someone and they haven’t showed up yet.

Waitress: A friend? Who?

Zeke: Luna Rhapsody. She is my friend. She’s an Abused Asian girl and she came to me on my first day of school since coming to this city.

Waitress: You here with your parents?

Zeke: No. I live on my own. I make ends meet with little jobs helping out when i can at the place i’m staying at. The guy is very understanding and accommodating. I Emancipated myself from them before i left them.

Waitress: You don’t say… How old are you?

Zeke: 13.

Waitress: And you’re living on your own?

Zeke: Obviously. I can’t be living with anyone. I can’t just look for a friend. I don’t really have a friend except for Luna. And i haven’t seen her at all today. I can’t go and speak to Martin… Luna’s love. he hates me and thinks of me as nothing more than a piece of walking crap.

Waitress: Oh no… You’re the Abused Teen. Aren’t you?

Zeke: Uh, yeah. *Pauses and alert* Waiting a minute… how is it that you know about that?

Waitress: Because i was abused too when i was your age. Yeah… i know. not the most comforting thing for a waitress to be talking about with a customer. but it’s true. I was abused.

Zeke: What happened?

Waitress: 5 minutes. I’m on break then and will be with the rest of the day off…

A Moment later Zeke got into a conversation and was able to reflect on the abuse that he was given. He was able to relate. It was sad and yet a comfort. What he didn’t know was that he wasn’t the only one that had been abused in such a scale as he was. But it wasn’t as though others would graciously admit their plight. However Zeke wasn’t aware that the reason why he couldn’t get a hold of Luna or why Luna wasn’t around… was because she’s been abducted.

At the Watchtower…

Penelope: *Pulling up the Audio file and Putting it on screens* Got it. Finally. Had to go through a dozen firewalls to get to it. Hotch is still at the station. And the rest of the team are still out and interviewing people and getting some insight on what happened when the girl Luna was Abducted as well as 2 others. Sometimes these machines can be a real pain. Technology is supposed to be easy… but every time it evolves… it comes with more and more bugs.  Glitches.

Chloe: Ah yes… Technological issues abounds… The very issues that is Technology. Let’s see on getting this Audio Authenticated and ready for presentation…

A minute later…

Penelope: *On the phone and speaking through the Earpiece* Guys… I’ve done some digging through the cyber realm of all things Cellphone membrane and Phone archives and found a Phone Conversation between Luna and Martin. The day before they were abducted. only a few hours before Luna was taken and almost 24 hours  just shy of maybe 5 hours… when Martin was Literally snatched, along with a girl none other than Karen Copeland. from the school grounds of Metropolis Middle. take a listen to this. You’re not gonna believe it…

P.A,: *Chiming* Watchtower now processing Cellphone audio archive postdated February 24th 2027 at 4:25 PM…

“Martin: You are slipping and it’s because of Zeke.

Luna: It is not. How can you even say that it is all because of Zeke. He is not the reason why i am slipping.

Martin: Like the hell he’s not… On Valentines day… i saw you with Zeke and i never mentioned that i saw the pack that he gave you. 

Luna: What pack?

Martin: Don’t play stupid with me, Luna. You know what pack i am talking about. you know what it is. Don’t try to snow me. It’s not gonna work with me.

Luna: You are being so paranoid Martin and i am getting rather sick of it. You hear me? Sick of it. 

Martin: Well… you can blame Zeke. Ever since he came around. you couldn’t even be bothered to be with me. It’s like all you seem to care about is him. And if it’s not him… it’s what he seems to be doing. Where he’s going… What he says. It’s gotten to where i don’t get to see you. You’re my girlfriend. not his. He should get a life and leave you the hell alone. He’s a frickin’ loser. He smokes and now you are starting to do it too. just like his damn ass. 

Luna: *Snaps* Martin, Shut the hell up. Right now. Zeke is not a Loser and i am getting tired of you bagging on him.

Martin: Oh my… Excuse me for saying how i feel. You are proving to me that you don’t even care about me. I know you have that pack. You promised me that you’d never do that again. So much for keeping a sole promise.

Luna: I never promised that i’d never do it again.

Martin: Yes you did. You promised me that you’d stop. You told me on the 15th… of this month… which is almost over now that you would never do it. Ever and if you had done it already by that time that you would never do it again. and however… you still have that pack. So that right there tells me that you’ve lied. You lied right to my face and told me that you would stop hanging with Zeke and would not do that habit again at all. Ever. You lied to me.

Luna: *Irritated and getting boiling mad* But if i hadn’t done it. I wouldn’t. And if i had… i would not confess it to you because lately everything i say to you… you get all bent out of shape and start yelling and acting all high like you’re Mr. good and can do no wrong. You treat me like an idiot. Before we sent my Ex Grandmother away to Jail. You were so sweet and caring for me. You Loved me and would never hurt me… After we sent her away and she was in jail. After we had that Court Date to testify against that woman… You were controlling me. Telling me how to live my life. who to be friends with. Who to talk to. Zeke came around and all you do is batter him. So you don’t believe that he was abused. Sexually, Mentally and Physically. Woohoo! You want to tell me that i too was faking and making it all up? Do you? Go ahead. Do it.

Martin: That is it with you… you keep trying to make as though you’re right. You’re not. How the fuck do you know about Zeke? For all you know… he could have just made all that up… just to make you fall for him. And don’t you dare say that he’d never do that. Because he does. Yet… you just are so into him and into “Helping him” that you refuse to see it.

Luna: You are being paranoid…

Martin: Am I? You are timid and unsure about anyone. Even our friends. The others all were able to tell that something was not so right with you… That you were bugged about something. Then Zeke comes and you’re all hand on deck. You look at him like he’s the Golden spear of right. He says something and you… What do you do? You fall right into him like he’s the ham to your cheese. The Peanut Butter to your Jelly. I swear to god, Luna… You were the timid girl who was so scared to hell of having that woman known as Grandmother Rikku coming back to hurt you. We all were going psycho for you. FOR YOU! I even stayed half the night since the 19th of December of last year to the 8th of January of this year… i stayed up. Pacing and fighting the urge of going over to where that woman was and striking her for what the hell she did to you. Neglecting you. Abusing you. Sending you to bed with no food. Punishing you for most of the time… for no reason at all. Targeting you as a target for her racial tendencies. I stayed up and Why? WHY?! Because i frickin’ cared about you. i was scared for you. I Loved you and vowed to even sell my life to make sure you were never hurt by her or anyone like her again. Before we sent her away… you were terrified.  Then Zeke comes in and All you do is hang with him. Like i am a past that you’d wish to wipe off and make as though it didn’t even happen or that i didn’t even Exist. 

Luna: No. You are trying to make it to where i am the evil one. Why don’t you go off and cry to your mom and dad? Maybe they can be there for you in a way that i can’t. because obviously… i am too ignorant in your eyes. I am unworthy. Oh… wait. that’s right. I forgot. They’re dead. All you have is that Wizard. Vincent. that really nice and sweet guy. who at least more than you. know how to be fair and dignified. Something that you have no capacity on being. 

Martin: You’re falling for a loser. Zeke’s a Loser. Always was… Always has and It is all he will EVER BE! 

Luna: You know what, Martin? You’re the loser. Treating another person like crap because you don’t like them… it doesn’t equal being a winner and a love in my eyes. Why don’t you just STUFF IT! *Angrily Hanging up the phone* JERK! ASSHOLE!

Martin: Stuck up Brat and Loser Lover! *Hanging up the phone Pissed*”

Penelope: That was one call that would put a young love in very harmful waters.

Derek: *On Speaker; On Screen* That is something else besides what also doesn’t make sense at all. We all spoke with the family of Luna’s at the Dorm and none of them knew about the Abduction till the late morning the same day that it took place. The only ones that knew was Shingo and this mystery girl. Someone they call Raven. But Dinah didn’t know… nor did the others. Pearl and Star. Paige and Alice. Megan and Summer. Prince Avery and Prince Curtis. Reese and Jack. None of them knew. Neither had Prince Alvin’s room mates known that Luna was Abducted. Till late morning.

Rossi: *On Speaker and on Screen* I spoke to Shingo. He was sounding belligerent or morally distraught. He seemed as though he was unable to bring it up. I think that even though he mentioned that he was not blood… he referred Luna as being like an actual sister. And knowing that she was gone… hurt him. Immensely.

Emily: *On Screen* You see… that is the problem. Raven mentioned that she was asleep when she heard screams that night. She said that she saw a shadow and was able to make out what the shadow was and could read the mind of the shadowed figure. Said that it was thinking about capturing certain people who hold abilities and or powers and sell them off for a whole lot of money. Like Billions. A few hundred billions. But what doesn’t make sense is that how could she hear what the shadowed figure was thinking or figure what the shadowed person was planning? She had to of been psychic or with telepathic perception.

Spencer: *On Screen* Not exactly… Some psychics as they happen to be have a thing called Empathy. Where the person who is psychic and can hone that type of ability use it to get a keen sense on what the person’s thinking. feeling. more intentively hear the person’s every waking thought or what it is that they’re thinking upon that very moment. Some would likely call or refer it as a form of ESP.

Jennifer: *On Screen* And on the Martin angle… there is some serious hatred going around. Martin Marco… the 13 year old boy hates Zeke a lot. a whole lot. When i was talking to the guy who is apparently his guardian Vincent. He said that Martin was missing on the same day as Luna was but he didn’t even mention that he knew that Luna was missing. He was fixated on Martin. When i did some looking around in Martin’s room… i couldn’t really find anything. But what i did find was that there was a Notebook. A Private Journal with something in it. A death spell. Almost like Ancient Voodoo. Vincent walked in and caught the book in my hand. He caught sight of the spell and was shocked and bewildered about the whole thing. He didn’t even know that Martin was with a Death spell in his possession. But he saw it and recognized the writing right away. He noticed what it was and felt concerned for what Martin was trying to do. what he was up to.

Rossi:  What about the girl that is also missing… Karen?

Emily: That’s right. No one has been out looking for her.

Spencer: *Thinking*

Derek: Wait a minute. None of them knew or heard of the Abduction or the Kidnapping taking place? Didn’t see it? The Authorities never got the word out till hours after it went down. So by time the alert went out… Luna and Martin could have been hurt. They could have been tortured and harmed by the one who’s got them under agonizing duress.

Rossi: I remember seeing a newspaper… called the Daily Planet. it was sitting on the counter separating the Kitchen and the Dining room and living room.

Chloe: They’re the Major Newspaper distributors of Metropolis. they issue newspapers all over the world. there are hubs of Daily Planet headquarters all over the world. London. New York, Japan, Germany, Italy. China. Canada, Mexico.

Rossi: I asked Shingo about the paper and he said that the Newspaper was plead to not do the story till a couple days after the Abduction had happened. As if he didn’t want anyone to know about it.

Jennifer: He had to have been scared about having people all over reading about it.

Rossi: He mentioned about his mother being one who looked for ways to gloat to him that he joined a faulty family.

Emily: *disturbed* Sounds like she is a Anti-family lover. She doesn’t seem to love them at all.

Spencer: someone’s gotta go over to the Daily Planet and talk with the Editor in Chief. See what he knows about the Abduction.

Hotch: *On Screen* Right. Spencer… You and Jennifer head on over to the Daily planet and talk with the Editor in chief. Derek. You and Rossi go over to find Mr. Queen. Emily you go and see what you can find on the Abductor. We need to find out all there is about him. We need to find out why the story didn’t break from the newspaper on the same day as the Abduction struck. Also The Authorities believe that Mr. Queen was seen orchestrating the story to keep it silent till the 3rd to 4th day.  after the Abduction occurred. We also need to find out what we can about the Abductor.

Penelope: *Gasps; Looking at the screen* Oh my god… My good little chicks… I almost forgot… other than the Cell conversation between Luna and Martin… There was a conversation that happened between two unknown sources. I think that one of them is the Abductor…

Penelope plays the audio…

P.A.*Chiming* Watchtower now processing Cellphone audio archive postdated February 25th 2027 at 3:49 AM…

“Man: *Answering the phone* yes? …… Yes. I have the girl. I got 500,000,000 dollars waiting for me in Brazil. As soon as girl wakes… i will push her to show me her ability. which i know that she have. when i see her power. i take trip to Brazil to pick up my guaranteed payment. The girl is my ticket to striking it rich…. Don’t worry General. you shall get remains of girl. after i get my payment. you shall get girl.

General Slade: *On Phone* Very good work  Mr. Rubis… good luck on your path to riches. With one of the Vigilantes down… others will fall soon after. You have done your country a great service. When the Vigilantes are all gone. and are killed off. you shall be considered as one of the fair supporters of the American way. the start of a world without Anarchy.

Mr. Rubis: Thank you sir. It be pleasure doing business. The Suicide Squad has been seeking to rally up a resistance against the V.R,A. But the block on them are firmly in place.

General Slade: And soon the Vigilantes will fall. We got the Girl who is a moon Inhabitant. She claims to be human… but she’s not with Earth Blood. Neither is the boy with the magic powers.

Mr. Rubis: Don’t worry sir. I shall see on Extracting power from girl and from the boy.

General Slade: I know you will not fail me. You’ve been a devout follower and always delivered.

Mr. Rubis: And i always will see to it to deliver goods.”

Penelope: That was the call between A General and the Abductor. however… we don’t know where the call Originated.

Chloe: Actually… to tell the truth… we can. The Watchtower’s Orbiter can lock on to the signal and lock on the location where the call originated.

Emily: H-how can it do that?

Spencer: It’s  Like GPS Tracking. All the new age cellphones have that capability…

Chloe: Exactly… So all we have to do is position the Orbiter and lock on to the location of where that call originated and it’ll provide the fuse to ignite a result. giving out a place to check out.

Hotch: How long will that take?

Chloe: It shouldn’t take long… but it will take a while as the Orbiter only re-positions itself once every half hour. However if we can get it to lock on to the proximity… We can lock on at least the part of the city where the call Originated from and it will likely suffocate the Abductor from branching out because the Orbiter will pick up any and all cell transmissions.

Derek: That’ll help.

Rossi: Spencer and i will head over to the Daily planet and find out what the Editor in Chief knows…

Derek: Jennifer and i will head to find Mr. Queen. Find out why he orchestrated the story to be kept silent for the 1st couple days. Even if there were reasons behind why he helped them cover the details up.

Chloe: The story was not a cover up. With all due respect. It was to keep it from being sensationalized. The V.R.A is trying to clamp down on the Heroes and anyone who has any ties to them or has/had any type of power. Anyone who is a part of the hero team. They had to filter it and keep it on silent till they knew that they could let it out. The family all love Luna and miss her. They want her back more that you could ever know. If they were to let it out as it happened. It would draw in fire and sensationalize what they’re going through. You should know that. If you had a Kid or a sister that was let’s say young and she was Abducted… Would you want it sensationalized and put out there for people to point fingers and speculate?

Derek: We know how the family might be feeling. I know too… 7 years ago i was on a case that revolved my cousin Cindi. She went into hiding then to evade the stalker known as John Hitchens. who had been killed 2 weeks after she disappeared. We were on a case and we tried to search for her. while also on another case. and found remains of a body. it looked like Cindi’s remains. but that was where i was wrong. however i had to tell my Aunt Desiree that Cindi was dead. in to bring closure. But Last year… Desiree was on the road and stopped at a light when a car rolled up next to her and in the passenger’s window was someone who looked a lot like Cindi. Alot like her. in every way. She tried to get her attention and the car sped off. She tried to catch up to it and got into a accident. I got the call and came over back to Chicago to find out what happened. and that’s when i got the realization that Cindi… wasn’t dead. I called the team over really fast and told them that Cindi wasn’t dead after all. My other sister overheard and was upset with me for lying about Cindi’s death. making them all think that she was dead… when the truth was that she wasn’t. The team and I got on to the case and as we went on… we found a  high powered gun that was for a overkill suicide attempt was not belonging to Hitchens. but to a man named Malcolm ford. As it went on… we found that Cindi was being controlled by something called the company. the clue that broke the case and solved it was the can of stew from the convenient store. She said that it was for her husband, but the truth was… that it wasn’t. it was for her kid. it was also the same brand of stew that she and i would eat as kids. We found her and got her safe again. Lying about someone missing or being dead is not the right thing to do… you might do it to provide yourself some closure if possible. but at what cost? Shingo and Dinah both had the story or the news kept silent and it was because they didn’t want it spread and made into something else. The news was tragic enough. but what they did was without knowing it placed Luna in more harm. giving the Abductor more time and more of a chance to harm Luna. That girl must be out there where ever the Abductor is and scared for her life because she doesn’t know if either she’s gonna be let left alone to live or to be harmed till her body and her heart gives out and then thereby being left for dead. Even though they didn’t mean to put Luna’s life in danger… they did. It’s been 3 days. there is no telling of what the Abductor could have done to the girl during all this time that’s passed.

Chloe: You make a very solid point there, Agent Morgan. You’re right.

Hotch: He knows what it’s like, Ma’sm. it’s something he can relate to… A personal case like that gets him easily.

A minute or two later…

The calls ended…

Penelope: We sure got our work cut out for us, don’t we?

Chloe: I believe so.  But this is nothing. You should be here trying to lead a team of superpowered fighters. That gets to be a little stressful sometimes. Sometimes it can take you to the edge and put you at risk of reaching the edge of sanity.

Penelope: Ouch. That wouldn’t sound good. Not at all…

At the Police Station…

Hotch: Any change in the process of locating the Unsub?

Det. Jones: No. However we did manage to pick up some word that a civilian reported seeing a man walking into a Liquor store and buying Beer. The person that saw him is on his way to give out a description and it’ll provide a better sketch or look at who we might be looking for.

Hotch: Good. Get a clear shot of the sketch.


Karen: *Running in* Help… Help!

Hotch: *Looking to see a teen running in to the room* Who’s that?

Det. Jones: *Looking to see the teen and recognizing who the teen is* Karen!

Karen: *Running in and grabbing a seat* I got out of that place as fast as i could. The guy almost caught me. I actually think that he might have spotted me. The only thing was that he wouldn’t step any further or closer to this station. Although the whole time i was there… He kept talking about having us being his golden ticket for riches… He was obsessed with exposing our powers.  He is dead set on forcing Luna to reveal that she has the powers. But nothing was coming out. Before i snuck out of the Abandoned Manor… i was able to silently sneak into the room where Luna was being held and saw that she was strapped to a table. And with Wires put on her. Hooked to a shock machine. He’s gonna plan to kill her before long because he keeps trying to extract powers out of Luna and she kept telling that the powers were all gone. The guy wouldn’t believe it. He was not buying it. Luna looked as though she’s been drained and mutilated to the point where she’s becoming a Eunich.

Det. Jones: Where is the Abductor?

Karen: I don’t know. I think that he’s gone back to the manor. The abandoned one. There are several others besides that one i was in. But the man was kinda big. Wavy silvery ash like hair.Eyebrows were like a tad thick. had weight on him. But was still skinny and was Medium build. i think.

Hotch: Get a Sketch artist working on the details…

Early That evening…

At the Metropolis Clocktower…

Oliver: *Meditating and Doing some Yoga* …. *Balancing* Oh…

Suddenly the Dumbwaiter Elevator opened…

Derek: Is this the place?

Rossi: Could be. Authorities did say that Mr. Queen resided here.

Derek: *Walking in out from the Elevator* ……

Secretary: *Calling out* Excuse me… You can’t go in there.

Derek: *Showing off the Federal badge* Actually, we can. F.B.I. We’re from the BAU.

Secretary: *Walking in and getting Oliver’s attention* Mr. Queen, We got a couple of Agents here. They weren’t requested to be here.

Oliver: *Looking towards his secretary* Do we now… Hmm… *Landing on his feet and Looking towards the Elevator* Oh… Those guys? It’s okay. send them in, I already know what it’s about.  They’re okay to come in here.

Secretary: Yes sir.

Oliver: But thanks for the warning Jessie. That’ll be all.

A Minute later…

Derek: Mr. Queen?

Oliver: Yes?

Derek: *Showing off the Badge* Special Agent Derek Morgan. and this next to me is Special Agent David Rossi of the F.B.I’s Behavorial Analyst Unit.

Oliver: I can tell that you two are here to pass a few rounds of questions my way… Let me guess… It’s about my taxes? Am i in trouble for being late on my taxes? I did send them in. I could call up the tax board. *Looking at Rossi and seeing the strange expression on his face* Oh… Okay. I get it. You’re here about the case of Missing girl Luna.

Rossi: That’s correct, Mr. Queen.

Oliver: Nice formality there… but please… Just call on me as Oliver.

Derek: That’s fine.

Rossi: What happened on the day that Luna got abducted?

Oliver: Well… what happened on that morning was that Luna was said to have been getting up as Dinah’s husband Shingo told me. He happened to have called me and said what happened. I asked him what happened. He responded with the story that he just got done calming Luna down an hour before. She was freaking out about her Ex-Grandmother. the one that we all saw get put into Jail. She was under fear of her coming to hurt her again. It was no later than an hour after that when a scream was heard and he said that he was sound asleep. he didn’t hear anything. and said that if it wasn’t for Raven. the Dark powered half-Demon girl coming in to inform him… he would never have known that she was abducted till he after he got up later that morning. he made a call to the authorities and gave out the story. but then called me to have it covered up from public ears and eyes. He didn’t want it being made into something more than what it was. An upset. I worked it to get it kept quiet. in favor of him and Dinah. And the family.

Derek: That explains the reason why it was covered. but why would you go through with it. Luna is a young 13 year old girl. She is vulnerable to the Abductor. The Abductor probably has her tied up somewhere and is seeking to harm her in every possible way as he believes that she’s got something that he wants.

Oliver: That’s the thing. We don’t know that. As what we know of the Abductor… he is a sole proprietor of the V.R.A that is being passed into popular stands.

Rossi: But we just saw Shingo… he mentioned that he didn’t even know that Luna was gone till Raven came and told him of it. Raven pulled me to the side however while we were there and told me that Luna was going through a phase and that if we were to see Luna the way that she was… we would not be ready for what we might see. She said something about Luna having a habit and that we should take warn of it when we happen to see her.

Oliver: A habit? You mean that she has a case of Teenage Angst running with no restraint? Luna’s gone from frisky kitty with the hero charm and the witty energetic bouncy personality to a regular normal teen with the sparky but casual case of Emotional moments of angst. Rebellion. timidness. shy  hesitancy and Cautious demeanor. She’s a little of everything now with the normal life living. Maybe a normal life is overly rated.

Derek: yes. Normal living is rather over rated. but Even though you were trying to help the family from having their story turned into something more than what it was… You allowed the unsub more time to do harm on the vic. the Victim. A 13 year old girl. She’s young and she is strong. she is gonna hold in… but with the previous types of abuse that she’s been dealt and not this. She is gonna be with more inflicting scars of the memory she has of the abuse which was done on her.

Rossi: The sisters to Luna. Paige, Pearl and Dinah. They didn’t want the news out and being made into a travesty. But this unsub. the one who’s got her. He is likely gonna be seeking to mutilate her. doing anything he can to get whatever it is that he is after from the girl.

Derek: You didn’t mean it… but by orchestrating the story and literally having it covered up a bit. You made the girl a possible permanent target for harm.

Oliver: I get it now… I was only doing them a favor as they requested. They were gonna get the story out. but with the Anti-hero regime and the V.R.A. They just didn’t want the story out about one of their own being abducted. It would only leave them open for mockery. They didn’t want one of the headlines being: “Local family of heroes unable to hold their own without losing sight of a member in the family.” I’m all for family and i know what it’s like to have something go wrong in the family. I happen to sometimes Envy the idea that they at least have a family. Parents or had parents. I never did… not since i was like what… 6? I went to a prep school, A Private school like Excelsior Prep.

Derek: Who Killed them?

Oliver: Lionel Luthor. He had them killed. it had something to do with a secret astrological society known as Veritas. My mother and father…The Teagues, Genevieve and Edward. Virgil Swann the Multi-Millionaire. and Lionel Luthor. They were formed to pave the way for the traveler. to guard him. whoever it may be. But Lionel has them all killed. He wanted to have the Traveler all to himself.

Rossi: That is terrible.But so is the fact that the young girl is out there and being tortured. We need to know what it was that you told the Authorities on the day that the 13 year old Girl Luna was abducted. And why you gave out that instead of the real story.

Derek: The girl is could be dead by now because of all the pain she’s been given. Her body is gonna only give out before taking anymore pain that the Abductor is doing on her… The family should have acted out on finding her the minute that they knew she was abducted. And that goes for Martin’s guardian too. He should have went out to look for him immediately. but they all waited. They sat and waited before going out to look for the teens.

Rossi: But the questions is that why would the Abductor want young teens? Even if the teens had powers but don’t anymore? Whatever the unsub is doing to them… they can’t be expected to hold off from the pain much longer than what they have. They can’t hold. The pain is killing them…


At the Daily Planet…

Spencer and Jennifer were inside the office of the Editor in Chief Perry White…

Perry: I wish that i could help you two good agents out on this. but there isn’t much to be exposed. I didn’t even get the scoop on the missing teens. I do feel bad about the poor young kids getting taken and abducted. I really do. You see. When there is a new scoop to be had. It comes to me. i get the call and depending on who’s available to go out and get the story or who wants it… i send a reporter to get it. getting the Who, What, where, when and Why. It’s the bread and butter of Journalism and getting the scoop. I don’t send the reporters out blind. Lately… we’ve been covering the movement of the V.R.A. Following them. What their progress is. It is growing to be a big problem.  My two reporters. Trixie and John Rhapsody had to request a temporary leave of absence. The fellow reporters were giving them a real bad run due to the V.R.A clamping down on everything. Plus a few other states are going with it too. Same with a couple of other countries. Although… since you two are in the avenue of getting the scoop on the missing Teens. I should break it to you… See what you can do with it. We never put it in the paper as we were in the drivers seat on sitting on it and keeping it all hush-hush. *Walking to the file cabinet and pulling out the only copy he had of the details of Luna and Martin missing*

Jennifer: Which was by favor of the married couple Dinah and Shingo. But we need to know why it was sat on till now. Why was now different than the very moment that it happened?

Perry: That is something i’d like to know. Things like these articles on Missing people. That’s something that should be selling. Not the V.R.A hoopla. But that is all that the popular demand want. The V.R.A and all it’s Vigilante hating venom stew. You got to come to thinking that with all the Vigilantes in hiding and a new reporter like Kris Langley… She’s the cavalier kind of reporter that is sired to put a zip-in-step to the Vigilante derailment. She’s prime in the work and she’s got the other reporters all in a tissy that you mention Vigilante… and they all go mad with the fits of all mother anger. She’s gotten people to attack John and Trixie. they left here an hour or two ago and are with the idea that unless the V.R.A is taken down… they don’t plan on returning. What’s even worse is that we also lost track of the Lady Justice. the Right wing hawk of the airwaves. The Word of Justice herself… Dinah Lance. Even she… sorry to say flew the coop. There is no sign of her in here at all. They left with her.

Spencer: Do you believe that this Abduction story that was kept quiet till today was something that revolved the Vigilante Registration Act?

Perry: For a smart guy… you sure don’t know to take hints of subtlety very well… do you? You know as much as i do about the mess. It’s a black spot on the reporters mettle. and on the heroes. I am a fond believer in the superhero schtick that i would be all for the heroes coming back to shake something loose on the world. The Abduction however… *Handing over to show a copy of the news story* As you can see… I had the story. i was gonna print it. But i didn’t. I couldn’t do it. The family was still trying to cope with the fact that they were trying to rebuild young Luna’s mental state. build her confidence back up. So if i were to put it out there for the public to see… it would just stew and there would questions asked. Little tiny things that would sire to make things all the more complicated for all those involved. Putting something like that out… is almost like exploiting the dark moment in a person’s life. or a family. You couldn’t say that you’d live with yourself. Being a reporter and a Editor in chief that is enough work for anyone. But to risk things by putting out a article that could hurt people. Anyone at all… it’s what i will not do. This is the Daily Planet. Not the Inquisitor. publishing articles that could hurt others… is not what we’re about.

Jennifer: Sounds like you care about the paper and everyone working here.

Perry: Like they were my own flesh and blood.

Spencer: But why didn’t you just get it out there? The public has that right to know and draw up their own conclusions as to what really was going on inside the article. what the story was trying to tell them.

Perry: At what Expense, kid? The Rhapsody family’s well-being and sanity? their reputations…?  They were still reeling in from putting a rogue member of their family away to jail for a long time. Plus they were also trying to get Luna back to a normal level of stability. doing that… would have stained them deeper. They had enough pressure. This was not about to help them if the story was put out there. You think that they’d recover? Forget about it being about the truth and the people out there having the right to know. This is about a family. If they say or make a plea to not post or publish something about them… you make sure to mind and listen. You respect their request.

Jennifer: Didn’t it strike you as though there was something more to it than what they were letting off to you? Respecting a family is one thing. but You’re the Editor in Chief. It’s the responsibility of the Editor in chief to post and put the articles in the paper when they come. Any article… you see to it that it gets out there.

Perry: And invade the privacy of those involved?


As for Agent Prentiss…

City Hall…

She met with the head representative of the City laws and it’s legislation to find out anything she could about the Suspect known as Mr. Augustus Rubis. She didn’t really get much from City Hall but from what she did get… it helped on the case and with the process of getting to the bottom of the Abductor and to get a step closer to finding the Abductor and rescuing the missing teens.  While she was getting the details and the facts revolving they all got a call from someone who turned out to be the Abductor himself. The Abductor made a warning to them before hanging up. “You Agents are here in Metropolis. To come and rescue girl. to steal my payload from me. i don’t think so. Back away now… pursue me any further and girl meets maker.”

An hour later…

The Metropolis Police Station…

A couple hours later…

Hotch: We got a description of the man who has the missing teens Luna and Martin. He’s in his 40’s. Mr. Augustus Rubis. Lithuanian. has a scar on the top of his right eyebrow. Tall and slender. Thin. Not muscular. His personality and demeanor tells that he’s a power hungry zealot. he risks big for big bucks.

Rossi: He also looks for anyone with power. Abilities not to mention that he is a voucher for the V.R.A. going after all the Vigilantes. Going after anyone with power and uses any method possible to obtain whatever power he can to make the big pay. He’s got expensive tastes but hides it with a veil by residing and staking out in Abandoned spots. anything that may look like it’s untouched and spankin’ new. but deceives by looking presentable but beaten and rundown on the inside. Looking by far… Condemned.

Spencer: The Family wants her back. and are looking to close the ordeal.  This unsub is a Vigilante eradicator who is bent towards seeing the end of weekend warriors that they consider as nuisances in their eyes.

Emily: He is a detester of the law. he follows anyone with the big bucks with sires to see what he can get from the one with the money. possibly carries firearms and has skills of sniping at any forms of the law. F.B.I. Local and county sheriff. Any one with a Badge he will fire at.

Jennifer: he’s hungry for money. So he will get it anyway that he can. His outlet is a general by the name of Slade Stalin. but the man is a mystery.

Hotch: Also… The Missing teens that are captive. One’s with a habit… Teenage Angst. the other is against her choices and detests her being with a troubled boy named Zeke. There will be animosity between them. The girl is an abused Asian. 13. She was abused by her once Grandmother now Ex-Grandmother. Her sisters all watch out for her and safe guard her. as much as they can. The boy is a normal teen but with elemental firepower. given and granted by his Guardian Vincent. He hates Zeke and is tearing at Luna… his girlfriend over it. He also holds a death spell. any mention of Zeke will push him to use it and see to it that Zeke is harmed.

The cops were all listening and taking notes as the F.B.I were describing the details of the case. But from down the hall…

Dinah: *Walking over to the briefing room; On the phone* You let my sister go, you son of a bitch. You hurt her… you’ll be wishing to god that you never met me.

Rubis: *On the Phone* I don’t care. You Vigilantes are going down. Your sister Luna is gonna be mine. She’s still with power. That power will be mine. You want stop… Come clean and confess you have power. Turn yourself to V.R.A. Register under VRA. and she’ll be let go.

Dinah: Fuck you, You bastard. The V.R.A is a death trap and if you think we’re gonna bow down… you can go get yourself a nice blow up the ass. IT won’t happen. You touch Luna again and you’re dead where you stand.

Prince Alvin: *Grabbing the phone* hold on… *Speaking on the phone* We know where you are. We’re coming to get your ass. You’re about to find out that you messed with the wrong clan. You can tell that shit faced General that you and him are gonna find that it’s time that you all received payback. Pain. He may be all big and bad now… but in this City… The Police and us fighters are the shark. You want to play? So be it!

Rubis: *Growls* Say good bye to Girl. You have just signed Luna’s Death wish.

Dinah: We’ll see about that.

Call ends…

Prince Alvin: Dinah, Don’t worry. We’ll get Luna back. She’s gonna be okay. We’ll make sure of that.

Dinah: *Speaking Angrily through her tears* We’re gonna nail that bastard. He’s hurt Luna. He hurt her and he’s wanting us to come out and register into the V.R.A. He wants us to be under a microscope and be mocked for what we do.

Prince Alvin: He can go and snuff himself out…

inside the Briefing room a minute later…

Hotch: Remember… Use caution while going after him.

Prince Alvin: Use Caution. Let us handle the son of a bitch. The guy will meet his pain by our hands.

Rossi: Meeting Violence with Violence is not gonna help things. This Unsub will retaliate and with all the things we know about him now and how he detests any forms of authority… If he is pushed… he will open fire.

Dinah: *Angrily and in agony* Let him. He’s not gonna get away with hurting my sister. Luna is 13 fucking years old. 13! That bastard just asked for a fight. and guess what? “Danger Zone” Dinah… Accepts it. He wants a fight. He’s got a fight. Thunder power against him… He’s gonna lose.

Prince Alvin: Agents… Hand me one of those vests. I’m going in the manor with you.

Emily: How? You don’t have any field training.

Prince Alvin: I’ll learn on the way. Luna is my cousin. Dinah is Luna’s sister. Dinah will bust in with the hero part and bash the Abductor to pieces, I will join in with the team here… You cover my flank… i’ll cover yours. As soon as we get there… we’ll fan out and work a plan of how to enter the manor… and once we have an opening… we go in. and rescue the 2 teens and beat the Abductor. we all go home happy.

Rossi: Morgan, You lead in with him.

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Raven: *Meditating* Azarath Metrion Zinthos… Azarath Metrion Zinthos…

Knock… Knock… Knock!

Raven: *Sighs* Who is it now? *Getting up and Walking over to the door to answer it*

Shingo: *Seeing Raven heading to the door* Raven. Don’t worry. I’ll get it. Get on back to meditating. You haven’t done much of that lately and it’s gotten you out of comfort. It’ll help you to get back in normal routine.

A minute later…

Shanna: *At the door and sighs* Hey.

Shingo: Hey there, Shanna. Long time no see. What’s up?

Shanna: Not a lot. I just heard after all this time that this Abduction happened that Luna was taken. I didn’t get a chance to hear the news of it till just an hour ago. I asked around and heard from one of the customers that they heard on the AP Wire that Luna was Abducted.

Shingo: How busy were you?

Shanna: Trust me… you don’t want to know. You will be best to not know how busy i was. I had to work 5 shifts straight. and then i had to cover the shift of a couple others. I worked till i literally was seconds away from passing out. i Tired myself out.

Shingo: Well… Dinah isn’t gonna be back for a while and she’s taking the shift on going off to search for Luna. likely to bring her back safe and in one piece. Why not come on in? Take a load off.  You’re gonna need it. Can’t say as i will be here much longer. I Got to go back to work soon and pull an all-nighter. Two new cases called and every driver is swamped with people to drive. I finished my Client list for the day… but more people are pouring in. and i got to hit it. It’s gonna mean more pay. and more $. But it’s getting to be too much.

Shanna: Ouch! Does Dinah know about it?

Shingo: No. I haven’t told her yet. I barely found out about the calls.

Shanna: What’re you gonna do?

Shingo: Till i actually have to go and head back to work…… pray.

Raven: *Meditating*

On the Road to the Abandoned Manor…

Chloe: *On Speaker* Hotch…  The Manor is within a small villa of Mansions and Manors not far from where you are now. It’s on a street called Pebbler Lane… It’s a Villa inside of the Residential district of Metropolis. If you want to get him by surprise… you have to go on silent.  The Address is 8332 Pebbler Lane. Penelope is gonna send you the GPS Frequency and the pinpoint location of the Manor.

Hotch: Thanks Chloe.

A second later…

Hotch: *On Speaker; To the following officers and his team* This is a tactical alert. All units head over to 8332 Pebbler Lane. The Abductor was reported to be spotted there. Chloe just traced the call made by the Abductor and followed the feed to the address. Penelope is gonna be sending us the GPS Frequency and the location of the Abandoned Manor.

Derek: *On Speaker* Right. We’re on our way. We’re following the guy Prince Alvin and Dinah. They’re leading the way for us. so we’ll get there in no time.

Rossi: Hopefully the girl is okay.

Emily: Being there for 3-4 days… That is enough to make any teen feel famished and dehydrated. She’s gonna be needing a whole lot of beverages and a whole lot of therapy.

Jennifer: The poor girl. *Worried*

At the Watchtower…

Chloe: Penelope, send off the GPS Frequency and the pinpoint location of where the manor is located. they’re en route to the spot now…

Penelope: You got it, Chloe. I’m on it. Sending it now. *Transferring the info over to the team* Let’s get those Teens rescued and delivered back to where they belong. With their pretty ol’ Loved ones…

Chloe: *Nods*

At Luthorcorp Plaza…

Tess: *Doing some paperwork and setting up to head over to the Watchtower* We gotta get ahead of the V.R.A. The girls are losing. The crew is losing and if they don’t get a leg up somewhere… Watchtower will be the lynchpin to the V.R.A. they’ll catch on to the location of Watchtower and it’ll all be over. *Working*

A moment later…

At the Abandoned Manor…


Prince Alvin: *Looking at Derek* So… Agent Morgan. How do you want to do this?

Hotch: Prince Alvin… We have to wait for an opening first. There’s a procedure and certain way to do this. When you go out there… alone. You’re placing yourself at risk and also putting your team mates in danger as well… When going into a location and closing in on a possible hostile target you have to consider your team also. You need to have their back as they must have yours. If they don’t have yours… or you not having theirs… there will be problems in the team. you or one of your team members could get hurt or worse. Killed.

Rossi: *Looking at the portable phone and seeing information coming in* We got incoming.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Phone* It’s the blueprints of the Manor. *Sighs* Way to go Chloe.

Chloe: *on Speaker* Thank Penelope. She pulled up a file while looking for the address of the Manor and came across the schematics and the blueprints for the Manor. Showing the entryways and back doors too.

Hotch: You bet. Tell Penelope Wonderful work. And Wonderful work on your part too. If you didn’t do what you’ve done… we wouldn’t be this far.

A second later…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the prints and working with Agents Morgan, Prentiss and Rossi* Okay. If the Abductor is inside the middle of the Manor… He’s…

Derek: He’s gonna be watching all sides. listening for anything to come at him from any direction. He’s gonna feel threatened by anyone coming to him and threatening to take away his assurance for making the money he’s demanding.

Emily: The Blueprints indicate that there is a tunnel underneath the Manor. there is a side latch on the right side of the Manor. It’s not locked. So if we go in there… and get to the Manor from underneath.

Prince Alvin: Let’s go. Remember. We cover each other… I cover your flanks and you cover mine. Let’s go in.

Prince Avery: *From inside the gate* Hey… You need a hand there, brother?

Prince Alvin: *Pauses and looking to see Prince Avery* Plasma-Core! What are you doing here?

Prince Avery: Following you to make sure you’re okay. You’re my captain… and brother. and the Alpha Male. But you haven’t been around the Dorms for most of the day… The others are worried sick about you. Pulling all the shifts and never taking a breather. Plus your girlfriend Alice has been looking for you for the last 4 and a half hours. She’s worried to death about you and not only that… She’s Pregnant.  Are you trying to give her a literal scare?

Prince Alvin: No. But this is an operation to rescue Luna.

Prince Avery: What are you talking about? Luna isn’t in there. I snuck in just now and looked for her. She’s gone.

Prince Alvin: Then where is she?

Prince Avery: Beats me. I wish i knew.

Prince Alvin: We’ll still go in and take a look. Luna’s getting rescued. Now.

Prince Avery: That’s gonna be hard. the guy in there… He’s watching the area like a fort guard. You won’t be able to get one step in there without him even knowing about it. He’ll know.

Prince Alvin: We’re going in anyway…. *Looking at the Agents* Morgan, Prentiss, Rossi, Reid. Let’s go. Shoot any hostiles. top priority is to rescue Luna and Martin. If the Abductor tries to return hostile. We shoot first. Ask questions later. The guy is possibly dangerous. Probably won’t hesitate to open fire at us. given since he is a hero hater and a renegade who detests any sign of law official.

Prince Avery: I’ll go in and locate where the suspect is. Let’s take this case home and put a wrap to it.

Within minutes…

The Agents and Prince Alvin moved in and made way into the Manor. Prince Avery looked for the Abductor and kept a watch on the Abductor. Luna however was in one of the rooms and strapped. but this time fully clothed. but Momentarily Catatonic and unresponsive. It was confidentially due to the torture she was enduring. Martin was in the other room In a bad mood about Luna being with any closeness to Zeke…

From down the Corridors…

Prince Alvin: *With his fire element Armed* …… *Looking both ways and glancing through the rooms along the way* … It’s clear. Morgan, Rossi. Prentiss. you’re up.

Agent Morgan: *Moving in and pressing into the door down the hall/Corridor*

Dinah: *Running into the room from the other side and Seeing Luna being Subdued into a choke-hold* Let her go! NOW!

Rubis: No. *Firing at Dinah* Die, Vigilante. You Vigilante are like scum. Making rules. telling other how to live. what to do. You are nuisance. General Slade Stalin make rule now. you either register into V.R.A and serve General… Or you and your kind get hunted down and Exterminated.

Prince Alvin: *Secretly getting behind and Suddenly grabbing at the Abductor* It’s time that you learned to shut up with that V.R.A bullshit. The V.R.A is going down. We’ll find a way to shut it down. When we do… You and those slap happy bastards who are aiming to destroy everything that heroes have done for the public for so long… will be wishing that you never heard of us. That you never crossed us. *Getting the Abductor into a Choke hold and Then Grabbing at the Abductor and Swinging him into the Shelves standing beside the wall* Leave Luna alone, you foul ass son of a bitch. Stay the hell away from her.

Dinah: *Going at the Abductor* This is for the pain that you’ve done on my sister. *Grabbing the Abductor and Punching him. Kicking him in the stomach* You’re a cruel… evil son of a bitch. Hurting a 13 year old girl all for your sick pleasure. all for Money. You Arrogant… Greedy, slimy… low-down two-bit Money grubbing SHIT! *Punching the Abductor in the face; Jaw, eyes, nose and sides of the face* You Dirtbag. *Grabbing the Abductor* Come here. *Dragging him over to Luna and forcing him to look at Luna and see what he had done to her* Take a good look. That damage is what you’ve done. YOU! She’s gonna be with the nightmares and the memories of it. Because of you. You ruined her life. Because you think that she had powers that are no longer there. You destroyed her. She’s gonna be lucky to be back to normal in anyway with time passing. *Grabbing the man and forcing him to look at her* I suggest that you acknowledge that i made myself clear. If you or any of those V.R.A Sons of Bitches Ever…. EVER… come near my family or my friends… or near Luna again. and i even have to hear of it. I swear to fucking god that right be damned. I will so fucking kill you. and that piece of shit General Slade. By time i’m done with you… and or him. You’ll be begging that i showed you mercy. DO I MAKE MYSELF ABSOLUTELY FUCKING CLEAR?! DO I?!

Rubis: *Shaking in his pants and terrified; begging to be arrested* Yes! *Looking at agents* Take me… Take me. Take me away. get me away from that mad woman. that Vigilante has gone mad… she’s gonna kill me. Please… Take me away from here. Please.

Rossi: *Nods*

Prince Alvin: You guys got your suspect. he’s all yours. do with him what ever you like. We’ll take the rescuing part from here.

Derek: *Nods* Okay. Good work on the operation. You guys stop by the B.A,U sometime. We’ll provide a tour and show you around, Being in Virginia has some pretty sweet perks.

As soon as the Agents were gone…

Luna: *Coming to and Looking at her sister* D-dinah?! Is that you?

Dinah: *Looking at Luna* Yes, Luna. It’s me. I’ve come to take you home. Are you okay?

Luna: I am now. Now that you’re here. It’s good that you guys came when you did. The awful man was about to motion to dismember me and cut off pieces of my skin. parts of my body. He was gonna kill me.

Prince Alvin: Don’t worry about him anymore. he’s gone now. The Agents took him away and are getting him to Jail. It’s all done. it’s over.

Luna: *Suddenly breaking down into tears* I hurt so bad… *Sobbing*

Dinah: It’s okay. *Hugging Luna* Sis, It will be alright. We’re here. We are gonna be okay. We’ll get you out of here.

Luna: It’s not just that. It’s Martin. He is hating on me all because i care for Zeke. *Upset*

Dinah: He is?

Luna: Yeah. Martin just hates Zeke so much that every time i happen to mention Zeke to him. He just loses it. He gets so mad and starts talking down to me. I think that he’s starting to even hate me because of it all. It hurts me so much because i love Martin. But how can i love someone who will never accept the fact that i care about Zeke?

Dinah: I don’t know. but if he keeps on hurting you for you caring for Zeke…. i’m gonna have a talk with Vincent and demand that he deal with Martin and put him in his place. Martin doesn’t have a right to tell you who to be around. His controlling you is gonna stop,

Luna: *With tears in her eyes* How? Martin won’t back off from hating Zeke. It is as if he he threatened by anything that goes on between me and Zeke. Zeke’s my friend and he’s set on making sure i am miserable unless i leave Zeke. It’s rude, Cruel and distasteful. plus… awful

Prince Alvin: We’ll take care of it. Don’t worry. Martin Loves you Luna. He’s probably just scared to hell for you because he doesn’t see Zeke as being one who’d have your best interests at heart. Not saying that Zeke’s bad. he’s not. maybe with some issues. but that’s all. he’s just in need of a helping hand. that’s all.

Luna: Sure wish that Martin would feel that way.

Dinah: Let’s go home.

Luna: Okay….

On the Road back to the Watchtower…

The Agents were on their way to pick up Penelope before preparing to hit the airport and jet on back to Quantico Virginia… They were with thoughts on how the 13 year old girl was doing. Rossi was concerned about Luna most of all. as was Derek. But it was late at night and they had to get back to Virginia.

At the Metropolis Clock tower…

Oliver was doing up some research for the girls and looking for ways to help them get rid of the stains of corruption from the people. But also getting a hand in making more better stuff for them…

Music plays in the background….

“When you try your best, but you don’t succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

And high up above or down below
When you’re too in love to let it go
But if you never try you’ll never know
Just what you’re worth

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tears stream down on your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down on your face
And I…

Tears stream down on your face
I promise you that I will learn from mistakes.
Tears stream down on your face
And I…

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you”

At the Luthor Mansion…

Tess: *Reading the letter online* Luna is safe and back home with her family. Martin is back and safe with Vincent. *Sighs* good.

In the Residential District…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Luna’s Room…

Luna: *Looking at her phone* …

Raven: *Walking in to check on Luna* What’s up, Luna? You okay?

Luna: *Looking up and sighs* Yeah. I’m okay. Just trying to shake off the multi-moments of electroshock torture done by that nutcase Abductor.

Raven: You still hurt?

Luna: yeah. but i am trying to keep from letting it get to me. Although, the pain is hard to ignore.

Raven: You weren’t alone in that. Martin was there too. wasn’t he?

Luna: *Frowns* I don’t want to hear Martin’s name mentioned.  as far as i am concerned right now… i don’t care what happens to him. Karen Escaped. and even though i was out of it… i heard about what Martin was saying about Zeke. When i see him tomorrow. The first thing i am gonna do is Slap him hard in the face in front of everyone. Let him have it.

Raven: Why? What all was Martin saying?

Luna: *scoffs with erratic discomfort* Uh-ha ha! What did he say? Uh, It’s more like what didn’t he say? “Ever since he came around… God forbid i get any damn time for being with her. She’s always with him. It has reached the point to where i have to come by and surprise her in order to get any time at all with her.” and “She never has any time for me anymore. She and i used to hang out. Talk. Chat about things. spend time together. but ever since Zeke came around… All she ever wants to do is help him. Babying him. It’s like i got to sneak a surprise with her in order to just get the chance to be with her… for even a little bit. I’m tired it. It was not like this till Zeke came. Ever since Zeke came… it’s gotten where she’d rather be with him than with me.” How about this… “Quit jumping on the Kiss Zeke’s Ass Bandwagon” Martin hates Zeke. And was about to call me a Bitch. Karen heard it all and she told me. I don’t think that i want to be with Martin much anymore. I don’t even think that i like him either. Not after hearing of the things that he’s said about me… about Zeke. Karen slapped him in the face and told him off. Martin grabbed her arm and pushed her onto the ground. the floor. I find it to be mean.

Raven: Luna, calm your emotions. You’re upset about how Martin is treating you and this… Zeke. But letting it get to you… it’s allowing for Martin to win. Don’t let him win. If you believe in something that much. don’t stop. See it through.

Luna: I plan to. With or without Martin.

Raven: *Walking over to Provide some healing on Luna* That’s the spirit. You don’t need to be put down all the time by him. However… he is your boyfriend. He’s probably gonna want to speak to you. So… You should go ahead and give him a call.

Luna: Why? Let him tell me or force me to leave Zeke whether i want to or not? No. I will call him. But if anyone thinks that this 13 year old is gonna let him push me around… keep dreaming. It’s not gonna happen.

Raven: *Nods* I agree. *Using Empathy on Luna’s side and healing her* Go ahead and give him a call… Sometimes just talking and seeing on meeting half way will help. It might be what’s best.

Luna: I suppose you’re right. I got to at least call and try to make an attempt on setting things somewhat normal again. If at all possible.

Raven: Just keep calm though. You’ve been through alot. It’s gonna be a long ride for you. You’re going through teenage angst. One of the things you’ve yet to go through is Rebellion. I know what teenage rebellion is like. I had it when i left Azarath and came here. In hopes to escape my father and his influence. He was starting to take control of me and i didn’t want to be along side him. So i bolted and ran as fast as i could.

Luna: Do you think i’ll have that happen to me? The teenage rebellion?

Raven: It’s possible and it’s common in Teens. Teens are said to have it. Any average teen would have it by time they were… 13 or 14.

Luna: *A little worried*

As soon as Raven left Luna made a call to Zeke… She was not gonna call Martin. She refused. Zeke was not the bad one. Martin was only being a Jerk in Luna’s eyes and she was not pleased by it at all…

At Zeke’s place…

Music plays in the background as Zeke Looks at his phone and sighs…

Zeke: *Sighs* Luna… Where the hell did you go? you’re back safe… but why were you captured or Abducted if you didn’t have any powers anymore? Why was the guy so persistent in Abducting you? For Kicks? *Lighting up* I haven’t heard from Luna since she was found and it’s beginning to seem as though i might never see her ever again…

“He wants to dream like a young man
With the wisdom of an old man
He wants his home and security
He wants to live like a sailor at sea

Beautiful loser
Where you gonna fall?
When you realize, you just can’t have it all

He’s your oldest and your best friend
If you need him, he’ll be there again
He’s always willing to be second-best
A perfect lodger, a perfect guest

Beautiful loser
Read it on the wall
And realize
You just can’t have it all

You just can’t have it all
You just can’t have it all
Ohh, ohh, can’t have it all

You can try, you can try, but you can’t have it all
oh yeah

He’ll never make any enemies, enemies, no
He won’t complain if he’s caught in a freeze
He’ll always ask, he’ll always say please

Beautiful loser
Never take it all
‘Cause it’s easier
And faster when you fall

You just don’t need it all
You just don’t need it all
You just don’t need it all
Just don’t need it all”

The Phone Rings….

Zeke: *In Tears* …. *Answering it* Hello?

Luna: *On the Phone* Zeke…

Luna was recuperating from the ordeal that she was under. the Abduction broke her quite a lot and she was stuck with Martin and Karen. Karen and Martin got into it about Zeke and she was standing up for Luna and her rights. Martin was hating on Zeke. Luna didn’t like it one bit and she detested the whole thing. She was also worried about Zeke and She knew that Zeke was worried about her just as much if not more. He was thinking about her. Luna’s family were with a lot of stress and sleep deprivation due to the fact that they were wanting Luna back. they stayed up and looked for her and never quit till she was back. It was the most defining moment of Luna as if whether she was gonna be back to being sweet and loving or if it was gonna change her into a somewhat bitter person. She was gonna be for her family and friends. but for those outside… it was different. Paige, and her sisters Pearl and Dinah were gonna be starting classes in less than 4 weeks and it was gonna be complicated. They were all also in the line of fire of the V.R.A Even though Dinah bashed up one of the supporters. there were gonna be more to follow unless they found a way to stop it. and end it. The Rhapsody Clan was in danger… Pearl was also starting to show that she was pregnant. It was getting serious and Paige caught on to the suspicion that she was glowing a little. She knew about it. Paige then saw that she had to step up and fast. What was she gonna do? Plus The situation with the Intergalactic Demon was gonna get more out there. And on top of the part where Romance was gonna bloom. some complications and a Quarrel of Young love. Luna and Martin were nearing a crossroads of the relationship. They didn’t know if the fights that they were having were just gonna fizzle out or if there was gonna be more fights and then leading to the big blowout that would push them to call it quits. Were they gonna hold out? Would Luna’s secret and her habit be exposed to all? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


Prince Alvin: We’re facing the Apocalypse…. If Scath gets unleashed. there will be nothing left. The Portal will open at Midnight on New Years Eve.

Prince Avery: Time is Running out.

Pearl: *Looking at her sisters* What’re we gonna do? We can’t Stop Raven. She’s gonna be set on Fulfilling her Prophecy.

Dean: Don’t worry. We’re gonna destroy any Rogue Demons that come out from the pit of hell. The big ugly demon will come out. but he’s not gonna take this world without a fight.

Sam: We know these Demons and they are tough.

Casstiel: The Prophecy sired upon Raven’s Birth is absolute. we can’t stop it. All we can do is beat all the demons we can and send them back to hell where they belong.

Dean: Let’s go and raise a little hell of our own.

Raven: *in the Center of the Hand; Chanting the Incantation and becoming the Portal* “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire… The Gem shall be his portal… He comes to claim… He comes to Sire… The end of all things Mortal”

Dinah: *Calling out* RAVEN! NO!!!!!

Rhapsody Brothers: *With the Rhapsody Girls; Trying to Break through the Dark Powered Barrier to stop Raven; Unable to break through*

Scath: *Turning to look down at the Mortals* The Earth… Is… MINE!


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