Chapter 100: The Ice and the Bubbles Kiss and Announce the Engagement. Pearl Rhapsody and Jack Frost on the fast track due to be upon their way to Wedding Bliss.

Metropolis University…

The Dorms…

Room #330..

Prince Alvin: *Drinking a glass of wine and toasting to Alice* Alice, this is the beginning of things to come.

Alice: *Smiles; Toasting* To the beginning of things to come…

Prince Alvin: *Sighs; thinking* Alice, there’s a wild theory going out about a Bill being passed.

Alice: What do you mean?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know. But it’s just that something came to my attention… a couple or so hours ago… The girls and my brothers and i… we had to handle a real nut job of a brit. the guy was seen inside the Luthorcorp Plaza… in the office of a lady that we didn’t think we’d ever see again because we… or should i say the girls had some kind of trust issue with the woman. Tess Mercer.

Alice: Tess Mercer? She’s the head of the Luthorcorp Dynasty. What the heck were you doing there?

Prince Alvin: tending to her rescue… obviously. Saving her from the grasps of the guy with the British fettish. Mad Sam Holmes. He was so obsessed with claiming this country back and making it under british laws again.

Alice: Was that what he was trying to do? Did he succeed?

Prince Alvin: No… Oh god hell no. Are you kidding? He failed at it again. we stopped him. He tried it once before and the first time… he was spotted at City Hall and tried to do it that way. But Raven spooked the living shit out of him. But this time… we beat him and all it took was for Raven to show up just once and loom over him just enough to scare him and he retreated back… he even pleaded to be put back in Jail.

Alice: Raven must have freaked him out.

Prince Alvin: She sure did. The guy was literally spooked.

Alice: He was taken back to Jail though… Right?

Prince Alvin: Of course. Of course he was. That was when Dinah opened up an old Skeleton and accused Tess of having a hand in the murder of their mother. But that was when Tess did a one up rebuttal. She had proof that she had no involvement with that. it came to the fact that it was a hit ordered to be done by a Rogue family member of ours. Dinah was not too thrilled about it. Neither was Pearl or Paige. Dinah wanted to go after her and nail her… but Paige and Pearl were able to manage to cool her down. But….

Alice: You don’t think that it’s gonna keep?

Prince Alvin: Oh…. well… if we happen to know Dinah… and i believe that we know her really well… i think that we can both bet that she’ll be obsessed with going after that woman and putting her through a hurt locker. There is more though…

Alice: How do you mean more?

Prince Alvin: Tess also mentioned something about a bill being done up. Something called the Vigilante Registration Act. She said that the Rogue member of the family… the one who obviously hated the mother to the girls. was trying to get some influence behind the bill. made some noise about it.

Alice: *Concerned* Do you think that it’s gonna go through? You don’t think that it’ll go through… do you?

Prince Alvin: *Drinking his wine* I don’t know, Alice. I honestly don’t know. I mean… i sure would hope that it doesn’t get passed. because if so… i won’t be able to use my fire abilities in the open anymore. My brothers will also feel grounded too. as will the girls. Martin… Vincent. Every hero will have to either register… or be held for treason.

Alice: Who’s coming up with the bill?

Prince Alvin: Someone named General Slade Stalin. Whoever he is… From what Tess coughed out. he is a known suspected War Criminal. due to Illegal methods of torture and Interrogation. Someone who wore his Military Jacket like his Ego. He never parts with it.

Alice: The way it sounds… by how you’re speaking of him… I am hoping that we never come to meet the likes of him. If he is said to be this War Criminal… i don’t think that it’d be anything close to smart meeting him.

Prince Alvin and Alice Kissed and finished their glass of Wine. It was gonna be a long day for them Saturday. It was late Friday night. Early Early Saturday morning. The 16th of January when they all wrapped up what they were doing. Prince Alvin and Alice got themselves dressed and clothed. They enjoyed the sexual release. It was a romantic gift for the both of them.

As For Luna and her friends…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Luna: *Smiles and Yawns* We should get some sleep. It’s getting late.

Raven: Jake and Martin will sleep in the living room.

Martin: Sounds like a plan. It wouldn’t be right for us to be sleeping in the same room as the girls. It’d be inappropriate for boys to be sleeping in the same exact room as the girls. The parents would get the wrong impression and i don’t think that we’d be willing to risk it.

Jake: True.

Raven: I’ll clean up the mess and put things away.

Luna: I’ll do most of it. I am the one that asked to have the party. It’s my responsibility.

Raven: It was you who asked for it. but you should get some sleep, Luna. You are gonna be wiped out as it is since it’s after midnight.

Luna: I know. But i have to take some responsibility in my life. I can’t be constantly depending on others to clean up after me. It’s not right for me to do that. I know you want to do it… you want to help. I am really thankful… i am. But it’s time that i got into the routine of being more responsible.

Penelope: *Smiling*

Luna: *Starting on grabbing things and cleaning things up a bit* …

The Next day Luna went to the park and walked around. She didn’t think that she’d see Zeke there. But she walked on through the park anyway just to enjoy the serene atmosphere. That’s when she started smelling something close by. She didn’t know what it was. But she was curious as to what it was that she was smelling and where it would be coming from.

Luna: *Smelling the smoke and wondering where it’s coming from*That smell has to be coming from somewhere. But… *Not spotting anyone* I can’t see where it’s coming from. It’s not coming from anyone. *Walking down further and suddenly seeing a 13 year old teen* Who’s that? *Walking over closer to the boy and seeing that he was puffing* …

It was Zeke…

Luna: *Gasps* Zeke?!

Zeke: *Pauses* Luna? *Looking up and still with the smoke lit and hanging from his mouth* Oh god… Luna. *Quickly putting out the light and hiding the stuff* Luna. I didn’t mean for you to see that.

Luna: Zeke, It’s okay. I am not shocked. You are just expressing your hurt over being… well… abused. You’re just hooked on that. it’s okay. *Understanding*

Zeke: You understand alot… don’t you?

Luna: Yes. I do. Zeke, how long have you been here? Did anyone catch you doing that?

Zeke: I haven’t been here long. but no one caught me doing this… Except you. Why?

Luna: I’ve been thinking. Would you be looking for a partner?

Zeke: Say what? *Looking at Luna with an awkward expression* Are you seriously asking me for a pack?

Luna: Yes. I am an abused girl. The marks i have from the abuse is never gonna fade. It has only been a week or a little over a week now since the day i spent in court seeing to it that the woman got sentenced to life. I thought that some of the pains that came from it would dissipate. or try to…  I wanted to think that it would start to loosen up a little and try on dissipating… but it’s not. I am so far in. I can’t go to Martin… because he’ll try to talk me out of what i am about to ask for and do. I can’t go to my sisters as they would never understand what i am really thinking deep down. They’re with their own lives and i am living as a normal person. I have no powers. I am not even a hero anymore. I am just regular Luna. poor young Abused Asian teenager who is lost in how to keep living and not think about the abuse that i went through. I don’t have the strength that everyone keeps saying i have. I don’t. I only have what they see on the outside. What’s on the inside is the feelings and thoughts of someone who will never truly fit in. I feel as though i am always an outcast. Even though i have a loving family… i feel my heart aching because it feels just… so alone.

Zeke: You’re not alone, Luna. You never were. Luna…. I love you. I am in love with you. I don’t want to see you get hurt. I don’t want you to take up the habit. Just because i do it. doesn’t mean that you should. I know that you feel the pain of the abuse that your Ex-Grand mother. I know how you feel. It’s the hurt and the betrayal. She betrayed you and hurt you. Made you feel as though she loved you and wouldn’t ever do a thing to hurt you or make you feel unsafe and unprotected. She took away your trust in family. your trust in confiding in those close to you. I know what it’s like to have that happen to you Luna. I do. I’ve been there with my parents. My mother is a prostitute. She sells herself for sex. She must have had multiple people in her. My biological father died by a broken heart. when i was 4. I was broken because of it. The step father came in when i was 5. I thought that he’d be nice. but what he was… was anything but that. He was a total asshole. He would slap me. if i were to look at him a certain way… it would set him off. He was always drinking too. He always drank. he’d have 7 beers a day. Tall cans and bottles. the house would usually always smell of beer and Alcohol. But he would try to mask the smell. Then when i was 7. I started smoking. i learned how to sneak into a store and lie about who the smokes were for and i’d get them. I smoked while still being under the same roof as the son of a bitch… till Age 12. I got so fed up. I reached the point to where i was just so sick and so tired of him beating on me. hitting me. Treating me like shit. My mother would always be watching and she was so out of it from all the sex she’s got from all her usual paying clients who saw her as a sex tool that she didn’t even look aware of what was going on. Someone could tell her that the guy was trying to kill me and she’d just go: “Huh? someone call my name?” My own mother… She could give a fuck about me. She could only think about herself. and if i was needing something… it was automatically… “Oh well.”

Luna: I feel so bad for you. I really wish that you could find some way to make the pain all go away. make it fade off. But you can’t. Just like me. I can’t even break from it. I kept having nightmares about the abuse i was subjected to. Nightmares and bad dreams. I Woke up before everyone else did and waited till they all left and then i got myself prepared to head out. I am here now… But i want to do it.

Zeke: Do you really want to do it? Take up smoking, i mean. Luna. Smoking is not a habit that you would want to get into. You won’t be able to break from so easily.

Luna: *nods* Buy me one. I get an allowance and i can save up and pay you for it.

Zeke: Okay. I’ll buy you one. the same brand that i do… but do me a favor. Just give it about maybe a week or two. and if by then… you still want to do it and you haven’t changed your mind about it… I’ll give the stuff to you and we can do it. together… However… we can have one right now. But let’s go to a place where we can hide and where no one can see us. I don’t want anyone to catch us and it getting back to the others or your sisters. As it is now… you’re asking to get addicted to nicotine. and are asking for health issues in the long run.

Luna: Okay. I kinda feel nervous about doing this behind my sisters back. I am afraid that it’d hurt them if they knew. That’s what is making me weary about truly going through with it.

February 14th 2027…

Metropolis City Park.

Playing in the background  but filling the air….

“Im not the sort of person who falls in and quickly out of love 
But to you, I gave my affection, right from the start. 
I have a lover who loves me – how could I break such a heart? 
Yet still you get my attention.

Why do you come here, when you know I’ve got troubles enough? 
Why do you call me, when you know I can’t answer the phone? 
Make me lie when I don’t want to, 
And make someone else some kind of an unknowing fool? 
You make me stay when I should not? 
Are you so strong or is all the weakness in me. 
Why do you come here, and pretend to be just passing by? 

I need to see you – I need to hold you – tighhhht-lyyy.

Feeling guilty, worried, waking from tormented sleep 
This old love has me bound, 
But the new love cuts deep. 
If I choose now, I’ll lose out; 
One of you has to fall… 
And I need you, and you …

Why do you come here, when you know Ive got troubles enough? 
Why do you call me, when you know I cant answer the phone? 
Make me lie I do not want to, 
And make someone else some kind of an unknowing fool? 
You make me stay when I should not
Are you so strong, resolve the weakness in me. 

Why do you come here, and pretend to be just passing by? 

I need to see you 
And I need to hold you – tighhhht-lyyy”

Luna was at the Park with Zeke and talking with him. She felt close to him and learned more about him as he learned more about her. Luna didn’t tell Martin that she had done something with Zeke. She was afraid to tell him. But as she was talking to Zeke…


Martin: *Walking over to Luna* Luna, What are you doing with Zeke? I know that you’re helping him. but ever since you’ve met him… it’s all you do. i never get to see you much anymore and when i do… it’s because i happen to get lucky and manage to bump into you,

Luna: It’s none of your business, Martin. Zeke is just hanging with me. He and i were working on something. He and i have a class together. You know that we have a class apart. Or do you not remember that? Zeke just so happened to be in the same class as me. It just clicked. Okay? But we’re only friends. that’s all. You met him on the first day. You know that we all met. and he was being… Nice. Good Impressions. Stop me when i am getting close to convincing you.

Zeke: Yeah. Dude. Chill out. You’re sounding like you think she’s a piece of property. She’s a human. Not a piece of property that you can own with a pink slip. She’s been telling me that you were trying to keep her mind busy with things so she’d be unable to see me. Even a little. That is acts of being a womanizer. You’re 13 and are being a womanizer. Do you even know what it is that you’re doing to her?

Martin: I don’t treat her like she’s property. I am just tired of not seeing her like i used to. She’s never with me. Every time i look back… She’s with you. I miss her. Plus… today is Valentines day. *Looking at Luna* Weren’t we supposed to be meeting at your place for a Romantic Girlfriend and Boyfriend Soda and Candy Date; Watching innocent romantic movies together?

Luna: *Starting to get angry* Martin, Zeke and i have nothing going on between us. He is just confiding in me to keep the little secret that he was deeply a young age. I am with him on that because of my being abused by my Ex- Grandmother. So… if you don’t mind. Back off. I am not cheating on you. I never had. My heart belongs to you. So stop the paranoia. It’s getting really old. Really fast. besides… You were and are my first and only, Martin. You should know that.

Martin: Hey! Calm Down Luna… i am not accusing you of anything… but lately you and Zeke have been inseparable. It’s not that i am forbidding you to be with him. Because you’re clearly trying to help him. I admire that. You being so helpful. But Really. What’s the deal with you and him? You know that you can tell me anything. I always listen to what you have to say… don’t i?

Luna: You do… but you and the others are always getting on his case. He has a bad habit. But it’s not hurting anyone. He’s done it since he was age 7. His being abused was what done it. But he left his parents. You are being unfair to him.

Martin: And you are thinking about doing it too, Aren’t you?

Luna: So what if i am? I am not hurting anyone.

Martin: Only yourself. Smoking is bad for you. You know that it is. I don’t know if you even bothered to notice that on the day after the sleepover… i was at the park and i was walking through. but i didn’t see you there. I saw Zeke there… however i didn’t walk over to him. i just watched for a minute and saw him light up. i was just a little ways away and Walking Starlight. when i heard you and Zeke talking. We didn’t move or anything. just listened and waited for the talk to stop before i walked off and just walked back towards the neighborhood.

Luna: You were Eavesdropping on my personal and private conversations? Just who the heck do you think you are, Martin. What is wrong with you? You… my love. 13 and supposed to be trusting and yet. you’re eavesdropping on me. Why?

Martin: Because i care about you. I don’t want you to get hurt. I really am concerned about you, Luna. Zeke is a smoking teen. He has a habit and it’s starting to pull you in. I don’t want to lose you. I am just tired and beyond fed up with the idea that you and Zeke are together more than we are. It’s like you rather be with him. Like he is better than me. I can’t see how as i don’t do that nasty habit like he does.

Zeke: I don’t think that i want to stick around for a lover’s spat. *Looking at Luna* Luna, I’ll catch you later.  and we’ll get the rest of this project done.

Luna: Okay. I’ll call you.

A Minute later…

Luna: *Growling and pissed off* Way to go Martin. You pushed him away. He was just looking for a friend. But no… You had to be a Jerk and push him away. You know… You are such a Jerk. Some kind love you are. If you were to meet another girl and she was in need. i wouldn’t tell you to not be around them or control who you see. But You do it to me? That is so mean. Zeke has been nothing but nice to you. He even tried to reach out to you. But ohhh nooo! You saw it as being a threat. Zeke is trying to leave his old life behind. Forget his biological parents even though the memories of the Abuse he got would never stop. He tried to befriend you and yet… You push him away.

Martin: I haven’t done anything. You did. You and i are together. But lately… i can’t get anywhere near you. It’s gotten to where god forbid i have one moment with you. if at all i get at least that.

Luna: You’re not the only one in the world that i talk to, Martin. I talk to boys all the time. Jake being one. What… Now you’re gonna forbid me from speaking to him too? What if i start speaking and hanging with him more? You gonna start pushing him away from me to?

Martin: No.

Luna: Oh yeah… that’s right. You’ll only do that to Zeke. Only Zeke will get the sour treatment.

Martin: Luna… it’s not like that. It’s not like that at all. You know that.

Luna: Then what the hell is it? Huh?! What the hell is it about Zeke that you just don’t like?

Martin: Hmm… Let’s see… One being that he smokes. Yeah. I know about that and i even copped out to it in front of him. Confessed that i knew about it  and had since before we met him for the first time face to face. we all knew it before you did. 3 weeks before he showed up… Jake and Jennifer told me, Irene and Karen about it. We know about him and what kind of parents he’s got. So… Yeah… let’s leave it there. The fact that he smokes and the fact that you’re always with him… it’s making me wonder if you do it too. plus… i can smell it on you somehow. I can smell it and i am not a fan of it.

Luna: *Gasps* What….  uh…. Uh….. OHHHHHH!!!!! *Smacking Martin in the face* How dare you say that? You know that i wouldn’t ever do that. not ever. You don’t think that i’d have the will to not do it? And with Zeke here a minute ago… I said that… if i did. it wouldn’t be wrong because i wasn’t hurting anyone.

Martin: Well… with the Abuse you went through… and then the court date… being in the same room as that Ex-Grandmother. Something about that would be enough to make a person crack. Being abused. You can’t tell me that you’d never notice that. I mean… Luna. Wake up. I was in that same room as you. *Feeling the sting* You aren’t the same as you used to be. I am accepting it. But you should stop and think about what it is that you’re doing.  I Love you, Luna. I want to be yours. but if there is something going on between you and Zeke. Just say it. Don’t hide it from me. Because if there is something going on between you and Zeke. I would rather it be from the girl i love. not from some stranger that i might not know. Not from one of our friends. I want to hear it from you.

Luna: Martin… What do i have to say to get you to understand? I am not having an affair with him. Zeke Mansfield is just a friend. And that’s all. If you don’t stop pushing me on it… Stressing me out. I will crack and possibly take up that one habit. I don’t want to go through this again. Now. Stop it. Martin. You are my love. I love you. My heart is with you. and you’re in mine.

Martin rubbed his face and felt rather sore… What Luna didn’t tell Martin was that she has been with the habit for the last week. She didn’t want to tell him about it. She was afraid of what he’d say and or do….

Martin: *Rubbing his face and feeling hurt* That hurt… Luna. That really hurt.

Luna: Sorry. But… *Looking down* You kinda had it coming. Giving me such a hard time about being with Zeke so much. *Walking over to the fountain* Let’s get some cold water on it. see if we can’t cool it off a little.

Martin: Okay. *Feeling bad* I’m sorry about giving you a hard time. I guess that i was just frustrated over the fact that i don’t get to see you much anymore… it’s gotten me… I don’t know… Jealous. Can you blame me for being Jealous?

Luna: No. I can’t. Mainly because i’d probably be the same way with you if you were with another girl.

Martin: I also have seen you the other day with Zeke… and wanted to see you. Or at least try to see you. But you and he were busy doing something. Hanging out or something.

Luna: What were we doing? *Thinking* What was i doing? Uh, Let’s see. Zeke wanted to spend time with someone from school. Someone to talk to as it were for due to the fact that after school… where ever he goes to. he hits and he sits there alone. He doesn’t have any friends  Other than me. obviously. He surely can’t confide in you. You apparently don’t like him. He can’t see the others as friends. because they all shine him on. Like he was not even there.

Martin: *Sighs* Okay… Alright. I’m sorry. okay. I’m sorry. I’ll try to be more open to him and give him a chance. I Don’t trust him. Probably never will…  But i guess that i ought to just take that chance and open up to him.

A few minutes later…

Luna: *Looking at Martin* Want to still have that Romantic moment?

Martin: Sure.

At Vincent Van Graves house…

Vincent: *Sighs* I can’t bare to tell Martin that Luna’s been with a bad habit. He’s gonna be so broken-hearted.

Regina: Not quite. Martin might not ever catch on to it. He loves her so much that there are things that he might see to remiss. Love has a way of blinding even the sharpest eyes. We don’t look because we don’t want to see. But once love has been stripped away, then we see the real issue clearly. The way it should be seen. Martin doesn’t know about Luna’s smoking. He doesn’t need to know. Not yet. There are other things that should be brought up into the center. or in Wizard terms… out from the Ether.

Vincent: Like what?

Regina: The suspicion of the V.R.A. Bill on verge of passing.

Vincent: That is something which i didn’t know about?

Regina: How so?

Vincent: Because the other day… i was doing some cleaning and with all things in consideration… Martin is concealing a secret too. I caught him with a pair of Thongs. Girl Panties. and making as though… oh dear heavens… i can’t dare to say it. it’s dreadful. I think he’s becoming a cross-dresser.

Regina: Is that what you saw… or is it what your mind is telling you so you wouldn’t be seeing that something may have been bugging him?

Vincent: I think that it’s a little bit of both. I don’t know if i would be one to come out with the idea that he’d be a cross-dresser. But it’s hard to think while knowing that things from him have not been the same,.. I think that he’s conflicted over what he’s going through with Luna. What he is dealing with. I think that he suspects the change in Luna. But he doesn’t know what it is. He doesn’t know what to think. He even asked me something the other day about what i thought he should do about Luna and whether or not he should remain with her since the other boy… Zeke came into her life.

Regina: You mentioned about him last time. What’s the story with him?

Vincent: I’m not sure and Martin won’t tell me. Everytime i speak Zeke’s name… he screams in anger. He really gets touchy about that person… boy. whoever it is.

Regina: He’s gonna be okay. isn’t he?

Vincent: I don’t know. But i wish that i knew for sure what was going on with him. He seems rather edgy about things lately. He won’t open up about much anymore and it’s like everything is so guarded with him.

Regina: The Love bubble should be the least of his worries. and yours too. There is matters of the V.R.A being passed. It’s gaining more lenders and more influence. There happens to be an Insurgence going on. a Rally at the side of the Promenade. The Terrace and there is someone there speaking and spreading propaganda around. Something about how this City… the Country is fine and don’t need superheroes… to come to the rescue. Vigilantes and/or Weekend warriors who are clearly with their own agenda. as the speaker says.

Vincent: Who’s the speaker?

Regina: A Patricia R. Loyd.

Vincent: I never heard of her.

Regina: Well that is what i’m in dismay… to say will be about to change. She’s building an Anti-hero Regime machine.

Vincent: What exactly will it mean for the heroes if the Bill passes?

Regina: well… if it passes. Anyone with abilities and powers. they’ll be captured and either forced to sign up and Register or be put in a special camp and killed off.

On the road… heading to the local Diner…

Prince Alvin: *Driving the Motorcycle* How’re you feeling Alice?

Alice: I’m feeling okay. Just a little Exhausted. Plus my breasts feel a little tender. I’ve been dealing with some Morning sickness as well… but it comes and goes.

Prince Alvin: Take it easy. You’re gonna be okay. The girls all agreed to watch after you during the times that i am swamped with work. I got to also go over to the Auto yard later today and get some parts for the car that i am building in Mechanic class. I have a bit of work to do. But i’m right now gonna spend time with my dear lovely girl. You right now are the only thing i am concerned about.

Alice: *Blushes* You’re flattering me with that. But you shouldn’t be so worried about me being in pain like this. Dinah went through it. And she’s got 3 kids out of it. And she’s also married to Shingo. It’s gonna be hard. to handle. but i’ll be alright. I had a strange vision last night though. About Luna. and i saw her doing something but the Vision was just so dark. and Luna appeared as nothing more than a silhouette. and what she was doing… the same.

Prince Alvin: I am sure that it had to of been nothing. It’s probably just a scare that came over you. It’s probably the Pregnancy Jitters that are rattling you.

Alice: You’re probably right. *Shaking it off*

Prince Alvin: I heard that they have the Metropolis Sonic Drive-in.

Alice: Yeah. It’s been around for years. 1403 East 5th Street. It’s in the commercial portion of the City. It’s usually always busy.

Prince Alvin: We also have to be around the Dorms later in time to take part on the moment when Jack proposes to Pearl. It’s gonna mean alot to her to have us all there. It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve seen them and us all together.

Alice: I know. with all the chaos revolving the suspicion of that one Bill being passed. or getting more recognition. Not that it’d really be favored by the largely populated cities or the country.

Prince Alvin: I think that it’s the scare of that bill. Ever since we learned of it being out there in the open. and that Tess even spoke of it. I really started to get the nervous sense that something was gonna come. And it doesn’t make it any easier knowing that at the end of this year… it’s gonna be D-Day and the moment when Scath is told to show his demonic presence.

Alice: i know. I haven’t really thought about that Demon for the last month and 2 weeks. The Wedding was when the Onslaught happened. The Great Maw. But since then… it’s been silent running from that Intergalactic Demon.

Prince Alvin: I know. *Sighs* We have so much to think about. and worry. The other thing we have to factor in is whether we can truly trust Tess Mercer. The Air was finally cleared between the girls and her. the truth behind who ordered the hit on their mother. and who had a hand in it… who didn’t. Who all were involved. how it went down and the reason as to why the call between the Rogue member of the family and Major Zod was even initiated.

Alice: Why?

Prince Alvin: Not sure. But i suppose that it was just hanging on them and or just hovering the air like toxic mist. A kind of disease that you wish would never fester or culminate. It finally came out and just broke the truth. Let it out and shined the real story as to who was with the hand in the Murder of Princess Rikku. who knew and who covered it up in order to protect the well-being of the parties involved.

Alice: *Feeling a bit of a Twinge in the left breast* Agh!

Prince Alvin: *Concerned and curious* What’s wrong?

Alice: Nothing really. Just a little bit of a sharp pain in the left breast is all.

Prince Alvin: Are you gonna be alright?

Alice: *Feeling the pain Subside* Yeah. i think so. But that pain sure hit right out of nowhere. I mean… one minute it was all normal. then Bam. it hits. But good thing is that it didn’t stick. It went away.

As soon as they reached the Drive-in

Sonic Drive-in Restaurant…

Prince Alvin: *Getting off the Motorcycle* It’s kinda chilly out. But it’s peaceful.

Alice: *Getting off the Motorcycle* yeah.

Prince Alvin: Plus alot of people are probably at home together with their loves and mates having a romantic moment or two with each other.

Alice: it’s a nice thought.

Prince Alvin: Alice? *coming off sincere*

Alice: Yeah?

Prince Alvin: Happy Valentines Day.

Alice: Thank you. Happy Valentines Day.


Prince Alvin: *Looking at the tables and Standing on the side* It’s been a long night last night. We were all getting things set up for finals. Finals are next week.

Alice: Not really. The Paranormal class actually doesn’t have a final. the Final… that they give out is not really a Final. But a Field Exam. Going to find a Haunted spot in the city. and Investigate. Using EMF Meters. EVP Recorders and Audio recorders. Video Recorders. Meters and such. Ghost Box Ovilus. Full Spectrum Camcorder. FLIR i3 Thermal Camera. Ghost Meter. Laser Grid Scope. Spirit Box SB7. However with my being Pregnant… i don’t know if it’s gonna be a wise idea to go searching for a haunted place to investigate.

Prince Alvin: Probably not. but if it’s for a final… you can’t very well escape from doing it.

Waitress: *Walking over to greet them* Hello there. Welcome to Sonic. How many are there? 2?

Alice: Yes. only the two of us.

Waitress: Okay. *grabbing two Menus and Walking to lead them to a table*

At The Fashion Gala…

Pearl: *Looking at the Dresses* Star, Tonight’s the night when Jack is gonna propose to me.

Star: I know. It’s gonna be wonderful to see you getting Engaged to Jack. He’s gonna be surprising you with something. I am sure that you can tell.

Pearl: I can.

Star: Especially with him looking and acting so nervous that he started to sweat like a overheated man who just went through running for 10 miles. He looked as though he was about to pass out.

Pearl: But despite that… he is so wanting to do this. He has certainly been thinking about it and preparing for this night.

Star: What do you think about the rumors of a bill being passed around and getting a bit of needed recognition?

Pearl: You mean the V.R.A?

Star: Yeah. We heard on the Radio last night that there is a bit of propaganda circling around that.

Pearl: I’m not too worried about it. Dinah and Paige aren’t either. Because the Bill isn’t gonna be passed. No way. Only reason why is that the truth is that if it was… there would be measures being taken to enforce or ensure it being made as Law.

Star: You might want to pray that it doesn’t. because… if it passes. It’s a good bet that it won’t be looking good for you. Not in the least. You’ll have to go into hiding. Your whole life will be interrupted.

Pearl: That is something i would not want to see happen. The Bill needs to be rejected. It’s gonna be a nightmare for every hero all over the country. Maybe even the world. if it passes and reaches Global recognition and gets passed by every country. Continent. Everywhere.

Star: That’s the fear talking.

Pearl: No… that’s the theory of what might happen.  I just hope that it doesn’t become a reality.

Star: Jack could be more in risk of being caught by their hands if it’s passed. The Government has no sweet calm sense of tolerating a Wintry Spirit. He will be abducted.

Pearl: *Concerned and panicking* That’s what i am afraid of. Tonight is the night when he and i will be Announcing our Engagement. he’s proposing to me tonight and everyone’s gonna be there to see it. The only thing that i don’t know is how he was able to afford a ring. An Engagement ring as it were.

Star: *Looking at Pearl and sensing something up* But… you believe that somethings rather fishy or doesn’t seem right.

Pearl: I don’t think so. But it’s leaving room to wonder.

Star: Oh no… don’t you start doubting him. Because… once you start doubting him… it’s just gonna lead on to more and more doubt and then before you know it… all there will be is doubt. Nothing other than that.

Pearl: I know. *Walking onwards to look at more of the Dresses and suddenly catching sight of a familiar Dress* What in the heavens…

Star: *Looking over at Pearl* What’s up, Pearl? You okay?

Pearl: Uh… Star. Am i seeing what it is that i think i am seeing?

Star: I can’t say… but is it something to do with a dress?

Pearl: Yes. A Dress. There is something familiar about it.

Star: Really? How so?

Pearl: It looks just like one of the ones we had done. Doesn’t it?

Star: Let’s take a look. It might just be one of the ones we’ve done.

At the Metropolis Dorms…

Room #312…

Jack: *Sighs* What am i gonna do? I am gonna be proposing to Pearl tonight. But what if it’s too soon? What if she says no?

Reese: What if she says yes? Are you really trying to tell me that you’re gonna get cold feet?

Jack: No. I am not getting cold feel. I am just feeling nervous. I never thought that i’d ever get this moment to come.

Reese: What would you think that way for? You mean that you were rather doubting yourself over it?

Jack: I suppose so. I mean… I never even thought that a Wintry spirit like me would even get lucky with a girl like Pearl. Pearl is like so free. Driven in what she wants to do. She’s fashion trendy. She’s obviously got so much going for her now. And me… i just got whatever i’m Majoring in and that’s it. She’s on the fast track. and i am just barely catching on.

Reese: Hey man. Don’t be selling yourself the short stick. You can do it. You have your heart in the right place. It’s feeling sure about Proposing to Pearl. Just follow your heart, dude. Just listen to it. What is it telling you?

Jack: That’s the thing… it doesn’t know. It never felt this way before.

Reese: You need a beer or a Wine Cooler. To just stir and let it marinate a little in your mind on what it is you should be feeling about tonight. It’s not a big scare. Not if you don’t let it.

Jack: I feel so nervous though… Maybe it’s normal for someone like me to feel nervous. I wouldn’t mind feeling calmer than this. but With the whole reality factor of a romantic moment. This is sure to be one moment that can make or break a person’s heart. If she just happens to Reject me… I’ll probably be liable to disappear for a while till i can regather myself and resume my life. Pearl is like everything i am not. I mean that she’s well reserved and she has the life that many would love to have but don’t. She’s Creative. Crafty. She has a lot to live for. I do not have much. Except what i am working towards in a career. and the fact that i can live.

Reese: It’s true. but you can do it. You can do it. It’s just like saying: “I Love you” But the only difference is that it’s on a little more larger scale.

Jack: *Looking at the Engagement rings and Sighs; Thinking* …

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Luna:  *Watching a Movie with Martin and Drinking a bottle of Soda* This is the best. Martin, I didn’t know that you had movies like this. Movies like Nim’s island. Big Daddy. Big Fat Liar. Actually… that one i have never seen before.

Martin: You’re kidding. Really?

Luna: No. i never had seen it before. It’s one of the ones that i had yet to see.

Martin: Well… we’re gonna be sure to watch it.

Luna: Okay.

Martin: I know that i’m gonna be shooting myself in the proverbial foot here asking this. But… I just can’t help but wonder about something. What is it about Zeke that has you so attracted to him?

Luna: Martin…Don’t push it with me on Zeke. You know where i stand.

Martin: And like you know where i stand?

Luna: *Looking to the side and staring at Martin* I already know where it is that you stand all from how you regard him and how you speak of him. How you treat him…

Martin: *Looking at Luna and refusing to yield* I’m sorry. But i am not gonna change how i feel about him. I don’t care if it’s gonna stress you. I Love you. and i care about you. but i will not show any love or respect to Zeke. Zeke is a bad egg and i won’t stop till you wake up and see it for yourself.

Luna: *Standing up and Looking at Martin; Screaming at him* HE IS NOT A BAD EGG! He is a good person. He is troubled is all. It is not like he does it for sake of doing it. You lost your parents when you were 5 years old. 5! But at least yours were loving. His weren’t. He didn’t have loving parents. the only parent that loved him and cared about his well-being and his life was his biological father. But when he died… Who the hell did he have? No one. He didn’t have anyone at all. His step father is just a bastard. Nothing more. His mother… His own mother tried to secretly molest him while he was sleeping. Yeah… he used that term. His own mother tried to seduce him. His mother was a slut. A whore. You think that he’s making it all up? Fine. Go and find his Biological mother right now. Go. and have it done on you… then tell me that it’s all a lie.

Martin: You are Being really stupid to believe that he was abused. He wasn’t ever abused. HE NEVER WAS! I read about him online… he’s a damn runaway. He is a defiant son to his mother. His mother made the report on him and wrote that he punched her before leaving and Emancipating from her and the stepfather. Did you know that? DID YOU?!

Luna: *Pauses and gasps* No. I didn’t.

Martin: No you didn’t. So why don’t you take that fluff piece and Stuff it. It’s not gonna work with me.

Luna Then got upset and wanted to just lash out at him… but she couldn’t. Because all it’d do was create an even bigger mess. She got up and Looked at Martin with eyes of defeat and sighed. She looked down and was about to dust herself off from the crumbs that she got on her when suddenly she felt something fall from her side pocket…

Martin: *Looking down on the floor and seeing a pack of some sort on the floor* What are those?

Luna: *Looking to see the pack on the floor* What the…? How did those get here? those don’t belong here. *Picking up the pack and trying to cover the fact that they’re hers* Filtered Cigarettes. Marlboro. Who’s are these?

Martin: I don’t know. But i would suggest that you get them out of here right away. Those things are bad. Dinah would be livid if she saw you with those in the house and that you even had them.

Luna: She would. I’ll get rid of them. Or just put them somewhere till later. Their Zeke’s. He probably gave them to me to hold on to for him and is probably realizing that he doesn’t have them. I’ll put them away and keep them. I’m gonna give them back to him when i see him.

Martin: Who cares if he lost them? He shouldn’t have given them to you to begin with.

Luna: It’s not like he meant to.

Martin: Yeah. Sure he didn’t. They just so happened to get there out of osmosis. Like one minute they weren’t in your pocket. then the next. Presto! there they are.

Luna didn’t tell him that they were hers. because the truth was… they were hers. She walked off into her room and placed them in a box that had her old items inside and she hid them. She was gonna wait till later to have one. She didn’t want one right that moment. She was pushed into it. Martin pushed her last button. She was not gonna be happy around him anymore openly. But she knew that she had to hide it. She put on a fake smile and made sure that it was convincing. She didn’t know how much more she was supposed to take of Martin’s total disregard towards Zeke. She had just about every right to call Zeke and head over to his place and Ditch Martin. But with the way things were… it was only gonna make things worse. She went back out there and resumed the Romantic Date. But barely spoke to each other…

At the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at Oliver* Did you know about the plan the girls made on making Tess a part of the Team here?

Oliver: They’re working hard in getting the extra help needed. If the V.R.A passes. we will be out of work on protecting the streets. As it is… people have already started to frown and turn on us.

Arthur Curry: *Walking in with his wife Mera* You can kick up the suspicions up to a whole new high. It’s just gotten more real. We just got back from blowing up an Oil Tanker that was rumored to house one of the sites for the Vigilantes… and there is about to be more to bust its shark sized Terror into the conspiracy. There was a Prison built just for the Rhapsody Girls. To nail Paige, Pearl and Dinah. A Cage of Water for Dinah, to short out her Thunder power. Which eventually will kill her. Acid Cage for Pearl. To deeply burn and deteriorate her. And a Cage of Hatred. Corrupting Paige and gradually killing her. There is also a Cage for Raven of Azarath. Holy Magic. The one fatal Weakness of our Dark powered Princess of the Darkness…

Oliver: So… the government’s Aiming to hunt us down and take us out? And they also happen to know all about the Dark Angel herself?

Mera: Exactly. Orin and I have done research on her. and found that Holy Magic is her Fatal plight. General Stalin is gathering Intel from all the viable databases and using each strip of Knowhow to use against us Super powered warriors.

Oliver: So we’re all on the fast track of Extinction?

Arthur Curry: That’s right Green Beret… the guy isn’t taking random potshots at victims like they were targets at shooting Gallery. He’s coming for us all. If he gets a whiff of this place. you can kiss the sweet aroma of making a difference in the world… Farewell. because he won’t stop. We almost ran into his top hand Lieutenant and she’s just as bad as he is… if not worse.

Oliver: How far is the V.R.A in their tracks?

Mera: Still weak. still planning and prepping. but it’s gonna change before long.

Chloe: *Looking at the screens* Well on the normal front. There seems to be a little of Love… and some Disagreement between a couple people.

Oliver: Like who?

Chloe: Our resident Ex-Sailor Senshi and her Heroic love. Martin.

Oliver: Luna? What about her?

Chloe: Not much except that she has met a new friend. a 13 year old named Zeke Mansfield. It says in the file that he was Abused by his biological mother. Physically, Mentally and…. Oh god. Sexually. His own mother tried to Molest him while he was sleeping. Failed each time while trying. He never felt it anyway. Ever. He was constantly abused by his mother and Step father. Lost his father at age 4. Since then… it’s been pain for him. He would get constantly beat by his stepfather. At age 7  because of the abuse that was being done on him… he took up smoking. Done it since then and at age 12… he took off from his Parents or from his mother. A Prostitute named  Harriet Mansfield. Sells her own body to the highest payer and gets the intimate connections that apply.

Oliver: Sounds like little miss hot legs can’t keep her hormones in a box.

Arthur Curry: And the young Teen was subjected into that Environment? That is enough to cause a Psychological breakdown.

Chloe: Due to the Abuse… that is where the habit came from. Luna met him. the Teen goes to the same School as she does. But unfortunately Zeke and Martin… Luna’s boyfriend are at constant Odds and Luna is unshakably caught in the center of it. Trying to play peacemaker. But all it is doing is… causing friction between him and Zeke and between her and Martin.

Mera: The poor girl… What is she gonna do?

Oliver: Someone should go and pay her a visit and see what the tale is with her. hearing about what Luna is going through and about the new guy in her life… there is something seeming to be terribly wrong.

Chloe: It’s Valentines day. I would love to stick close and get into this… but i’m unfortunately gonna be out for a little bit with my father. He has been asking to do something for all old time’s sake. We’re gonna be seeing some kind of show.

Oliver: Who’s gonna stand fort here?

Dinah Lance: I can stick around.

However outside in front of the Sullivan household…

Gabe: *Washing the car* This car sure has gotten dirty. Waxing this car would be perfect. I sure hope that Chloe is free for tonight. It’s been a while since the last time we done anything as a father and daughter.

Tess: *Walking up the Driveway* Uh, Excuse me…

Gabe: *Stopping to look over and seeing Tess* Hello there. Can i help you there, Ma’am?

Tess: I’m looking for the Watchtower.

Gabe: The Watchtower? Uh… I don’t think i know what you mean by that. Who are you?

Tess: Tess Mercer, CEO Of Luthorcorp. And said to be a new member of the Watchtower crew. Accepted by Oliver Queen. Also accepted by the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Gabe: You don’t say. Well… That changes everything then. I used to work for Luthorcorp. Till Lex dropped the Ax on me. by orders of his father Lionel.

Tess: I know. I read all of Lex’s files and i heard that Lionel blackballed you from every company and from any high paying corporate job. because Chloe refused to help him Expose the truth of her friend Clark. She got her payback. Uncovered a age old homicide case and got Lionel arrested for the crime. in Conspiracy of killing his parents. Lachlan and Eliza Luthor.

Gabe: I’m well aware of that. i was involved in the case taking him down. Had to be put under the witness protection program for a while.

Tess: That was in case if any of Lionel’s backers were around… they wouldn’t be able to get to you because you’d be protected.

Gabe: That was a few years ago now. Lionel is dead from what i heard and so is Lex. You’re apparently the head of the Company that i was booted out of. And no offense… i am much happier to be away from that company. It’s given me more time with my daughter and also it had given me the opening to start my own business. It’s thriving well. *Kneeling down to wipe down the wheels and tires* You were looking for the Watchtower, weren’t you?

Tess: Yes.

Gabe: It’s through the side and in the back.

Tess: Thank you.

Gabe: *resuming finishing the car while watching Tess walk through the side and heading to the back*

Back at Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Luna: Martin, Do you love me?

Martin: Do you really want to ask that question now? We just fought and i don’t think any Romance is showing. But if we weren’t just fighting a moment ago… You would know without a doubt that my answer would be yes.

Luna: Why did we fight anyway? *Concerned* Is that all there is between us now. Fights?

Martin: I don’t know. But i am not gonna lie to you. seeing you with that pack of Cigarettes… it’s shown a whole different side of you. I don’t even know if i recognize you anymore.

Shingo: *Overhearing the conversation* Luna had what in her hand?

Martin: It’s nothing. it’s just us rehearsing for a class play.

Luna: *Looking at Martin strangely* Huh?

Martin: Just go with it, Luna. If you want to save yourself from any unwanted lectures… just go with it. Besides that i don’t think that anyone would understand otherwise.

Luna: You don’t plan on telling anyone about it… do you?

Martin: I won’t tell anyone. It’s not worth the trouble. Besides that if they knew that the pack was yours… Not Zeke’s… you’d be in trouble. But no one knows and i’m not gonna tell anyone.

Luna: How did you know they were mine?

Martin: How could i not? Besides what gave it away was the fact that you felt that you had to take them to your room to hide them and make believe that the pack belonged to Zeke. For one…. even though he’s a bad seed. he would never just say to you: “Hold on to my pack for me” You should know that.

Luna: I know that. But they’re not mine. They’re not mine. They’re Zeke’s. He had me hold on to them for a little bit and must have forgot to ask for them back. That’s all. *Sighs* I should give him a call and let him know that i have them.

Martin: I really don’t like him. Luna… i can’t even grasp the concept behind the fact that you find him the least bit interesting. He is a reject. You can see that he is. He is also unruly too. He beat his own mother before taking off from there and leaving from home. I confide in you on everything. But you won’t even tell me what’s so great about Zeke. You are constantly backing him up and you don’t even really know him. You only know him after you crossed paths with him. I know him or about him more than you do. He goes to bars posing as a 21+ year old adult when he was nothing of the sort. He smokes and Probably drinks too. He goes to bars while underage. If anyone were to catch him in there underage and caught him drinking… asking him for an I.D and found out that he was underage. They’d lose their liquor license. They’d lose their business. He’s trouble Luna. Is that what you want? Do you want that to be part of who you are?

Luna: It won’t be like that. I am not stupid. I am beginning to wonder if you see me as someone who’d be that dumb and just take the plunge… doing things like Drink underage.

Martin: I would beg that you never do that. Ever.

Luna: I won’t do that. That isn’t me.

Martin: I feel like Zeke’s gonna try to win you over and you’ll fall for him. You’re already into him and that’s most of the time how it usually starts. Like that.

Luna: *Shaking her head and sighs* Martin… i really don’t want to talk about it anymore. Zeke is not a bad person. He is…

Martin: Just very troubled. I know… you keep saying that. But being troubled doesn’t give him all the lead-way to go to bars while underage and drink underage. There are rules, Luna.

Luna: Martin… Please drop it. I already make up my mind about Zeke.

Martin: Suit yourself. But you are to get rid of that pack. It’s nasty and gross. Okay?

Shingo: What are you two talking about?

Luna: Nothing. Just about Zeke. Martin is just having problems with just opening up to Zeke and i’m trying to convince him.

Martin: I don’t trust Zeke. I’m sorry.

Shingo: It’s okay, Martin. It’s okay. You don’t have to trust him if you have your reasons.

Luna: Are you both trying to tell me that i should stay away from Zeke?

Shingo: No. I am not trying to tell you that. I just want you to be careful. Don’t get so close to him. At least till you know that he’s safe.  I’ve made a couple calls the other day about him and they told me that he is a loner. That he is a victim of sexual Child abuse but the problem was that the courts couldn’t do anything about it because the Evidence wasn’t substantial. There was nothing solid to go on. Martin… i over heard the remark you made to Luna a moment ago… that Zeke was never abused. And where ever you got that information… it is wrong. Zeke is an Abused victim. There is a report about it in the police Database. Metropolis Police are looking into it.

Martin: He sure doesn’t act like an Abused victim. He seems pretty tame. and well aware of what he’s doing. Zeke is not innocent. The minute he started smoking and…. at a young age no doubt. That is when he lost the innocence.

Shingo: *Barks a little* Martin. that is enough. Some people are with rough backgrounds. It’s not easy for some people to resist the urge to dive into habits that aren’t healthy. Abuse is tough. It can do things to you that you would usually never suspect. Things that you’d never think could be possible. There is some backgrounds that cater to it. Like a bad family. A bad Neighborhood. Or hereditary. possibly even because the Kid saw his parents do it and learned to believe that it was okay to do it. It’s not no excuse. It’s sometimes a forced Lifestyle. all by impression and Encouragement.

Martin: So! It still doesn’t make it right. Because all it will do is make it seem as though smoking is condoned and allowed. that we’re all saying… Feeling abused? Smoke. Bad family life? Smoke. A bad background… It’s okay. Smoke. No… Smoking is bad. No matter how you paint it. It’s bad for a reason.

Shingo: No. Martin. It isn’t like that. It is all circumstantial. that’s all. Nothing else. We don’t condone it… but we are open minded to it. A Negative attitude towards it will not help anything. It will just make it more and more worse. There is no wrong or right. Just optimism.

Martin: I rest my case. *Sighs*

A couple hours later…

At Metropolis University…

At the Mechanic shop…

Prince Alvin: *Working on the car he’s building for Alice* This part is gonna be hard. The Cadillac Converter is not snapping into place like its supposed to. Shit. *Pulling up the converter and taking it to the side and fixing it a little more* It’s in one piece. The pieces are supposed to be all in the right spots. and the connections are matching… But the connections aren’t locking into place like it should.


Prince Avery: *Walking into the Automotive wing of the University* Hey, Brother… We need to talk. It’s about something that just been offered to me… which conclusively include the other two. to get a piece of the opportunity.

Prince Alvin: *Dropping his Tools and Looking to see Prince Avery* Brother, What are you doing here? What’s up? Your class out already?

Prince Avery: *Grins* Class met and it’s already done… There wasn’t much to do in class. Besides that it’s only Secret Agent detail. Skills and the sort. it’s nothing. Just training. But sometime during the class… or just as i was on my way to my next class… I got met by someone. Someone in a suit. A Secret Agent as it were. And this was while i was just barely finishing my swim in the pool.

Prince Alvin: *Pauses and looking Curiously at Prince Avery* Brother, Are you about to tell me that you’re being targeted by a Secret agent? Who’s this Agent? Does he have a name?

Prince Avery: Uh, You’re not about to believe this… but the Agent is none other than James Bond. He’s a Double 007 Agent. A British Spy. From the British Intelligence.

Prince Alvin: James Bond? You are seriously pulling the Captain’s Wonder ball here. I am the captain… Not a fool. You are telling me that James Bond. The one and only James Bond approached you?

Prince Avery: That’s right… Captain… James Bond Approached me. I mean, Seriously… Did you think i was gonna freeze and act dumbstruck and then Stutter? Are you Daft? Come on. He approached me and has offered me… a job. Yes. A job which i would be perfect for. but the only thing that stops me is my life here and Summer. you and the crew. I can’t Just leave all this behind.

Prince Alvin: I can’t. begin to understand as to why you’d take it.  I mean… did you really stop to think about it? At all? You have a life here. I know that you are wanting to expand the knowhow on what you have experience in doing. but there is a situation here that we all have to still keep focus on. Not only that… Alice is… Pregnant. I just found out about it just yesterday and She’s now gonna conceive. I got lots of work to do.

Prince Avery: You got Alice Pregnant? Captain! HOW?! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT? You are now gonna have to dial down and be with her most.

Prince Alvin: I was not going to. But it happened on the 15th of last month. Alice and i were ready to do it and were wanting to do it. We prepared for it a week in advance and just got into it. Getting down and All the things that you could think of… The next thing i know that came… was that she was fine. but a few days later… she started getting Morning Sickness. then yesterday she went to see a doctor and got the notice telling her that she was Pregnant. She is now Pregnant. She was fine for a while after it happened. but then last week… she started getting morning sickness… She’s Pregnant.

Prince Avery:  That means that you’re gonna be a father in the future.

Prince Alvin: I know, Damn it. I know. I am not ready to settle down for being a parent. But now i am stuck with the decision. I have to deal with it. I Love Alice. But now i put her in a spot that i don’t think that either of us were ready for in truth.

Prince Avery: What do you think will happen now?

Prince Alvin: Not sure. I don’t know. I don’t know what will happen. But i do know that it’s gonna be hard to keep that steady as we have to worry about the V.R.A being in the light. It’s coming into the works.

Prince Avery: What do you think we should do about it?

Prince Alvin: About what?

Prince Avery: The V.R.A.

Prince Alvin: I don’t know. It is also a side note as we also have to deal with the Demon in the end of the year. This is the year that marks it.  the end of days.

Prince Avery: Also there is the situation with Luna…

Prince Alvin: *Pauses and suddenly looking up at Prince Avery sharply* What do you mean a situation with Luna? What Situation?

Prince Avery: It’s come to attention that Luna was seen with this boy. Someone named Zeke. And Zeke was smoking. Luna was with him. But yet… she wasn’t doing it. Although… last week… Summer was out Jogging and going through the park. Going for a run when she suddenly saw Luna with a boy. She thought the hells that it was Martin. At least at first it appeared to be him. But that was when she saw Luna being given something. It wasn’t Candy. it was something else. and she saw as it went that the boy wasn’t Martin. It was Zeke. She heard the name Zeke. She heard things like smoking and being safe.

Prince Alvin: Are you telling me that you have belief that Luna is on the verge of taking up the habit? Did she see Zeke… give Luna the pack?

Prince Avery: No. but from what she heard… it was bad.

Prince Alvin: Did Luna see her?

Prince Avery: No.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* I guess that tomorrow I’m gonna have a surprise talk with Luna and find out what the deal is.

Prince Avery: Don’t get into it right now. You need to think about Alice. She’s gonna need you.

Prince Alvin: She’s back in her Dorm room resting. Getting ready for the special surprise tonight.

Prince Avery: The Proposing of Jack to Pearl. We’re all going to it right?

Prince Alvin: Well… as far as i know… we all are.

Prince Avery: Luna will be there too. You thinking about cornering her about the habit?

Prince Alvin: No. Not tonight. This night is Pearl’s.

Prince Avery: I suppose you’re right. *Seeing the Car pieces Lying around* What’s up with the car of dreams that you’re building for Alice?

Prince Alvin: Nothing. It’s just the Cadillac Converter. It’s just not going in where it needs to. the connections match. the outlets match and are working in order. but… it’s not clicking.

Prince Avery: Did you think about Tightening it on the sides?

Prince Alvin: I’m sure of it. I tried everything.

Prince Avery: Care for some help? It’d be better probably with 2 sets of hands to work it.

Prince Alvin: You sure?

Prince Avery: As sure as i had ever been. besides. Brothers help brothers. Remember?

Prince Alvin: *Nods* You’re right.

In the Dorms…

Room #250….

Dinah: *Laying down* Tonight is the night that Pearl is gonna have her first step towards a happy ever after.

Christie: I know. It’s a peaceful surprise. Compared to what’s out there today.

Dinah: Are you referring to the Anti-Hero movement?

Christie: Yeah. Why?

Dinah: Think twice on bringing that up. I have already had more than my fair share of hearing about it. I don’t think that i would like to hear more about it. As it is… the damn so called V.R.A is still on the low key… but it’s starting to get more influence and people are turning on the heroes.  This morning when i went shopping at the supermarket… I was made to wait an hour before i was served. It’s like everyone’s turned on the heroes and just made it as though heroes were undesired pieces of unwanted cargo.

Christie: With that being put in the foreplay… it’s gonna make protecting the city difficult.

Dinah: *Sarcastically* Oh no… really? Oh gee… i didn’t know that.

Christie: Okay… okay… i get it. i get it. you are well aware of the problem. But what are you gonna do?

Dinah: Do? DO?! *Sitting up and Looking at Christie* What exactly can i do? What the hell can any of us do? People have begun to turn on the heroes. It’s now become open season on all heroes. That means only one thing… If you are a hero… you are a target. flat out. You are a target.

Christie: Who’s been spewing the leads for the Anti-hero movement?

Dinah: I don’t know.

Christie: I’ll turn on the Radio and see if i can get anything pointing the leader of the Anti-hero Movement.

Dinah: You might want to hurry on that. In a little bit, we’ve got to go to the Talon. In Smallville. That’s where Pearl is holding the Engagement moment.

Christie: Proposing in a Coffee shop in Smallville. I do realize how out there this is sounding… Right?

Dinah: I didn’t make the plans. Pearl or Jack did.

Christie:  Well then… i guess that we have a gathering to attend. don’t we?

Dinah: Yes. we do.

At Luthorcorp plaza…

That evening…

Tess: Oliver, You should be out at the fundraiser.

Oliver: Don’t you mean at the press conference?

Tess: there is no Press Conference. There is a fundraiser being set up for Abused Minors. We need to find where the Teen Zeke Mansfield is and escort him to the fundraiser. It’s at the Ace of Clubs… But there is no Alcohol there. It’s only gonna have beverages like pop, Fruit drinks… Juices and Iced tea.

Oliver: There’s a few tax breaks that come from that, right?

Tess: There usually is but it’s for the common good. For those who were abused and are struggling to cope and heal from the abuse that they had endured. Luna Rhapsody was abused by her grandmother and Zeke was abused by his mother.

Oliver: I know where Luna is. But Zeke is a little bit of a mystery.

Tess: We’ll have to count on Luna then to lead us to where Zeke is and take both her and Zeke to the fundraiser because it’s a Fundraiser that is with them in mind.

Oliver: You’re hosting it. But i did reach into some valued deep pockets of some influential wealthy patrons and got them on board. they’re locked in to provide the fundraiser 2 million dollars a Piece. They are all for caring for the Abused Children and young teens. They’re all for it. Kids always win them over.

Tess: I would believe that anything that is for the well being of a child is an easy success. Besides Children are the scientists, businessmen Geologists, CEO’s, Politicians, Military men and women, Authors of tomorrow. They’ll be here longer than we are.

Oliver: Wow! Is it just me or did i just hear Mercy get philosophical just now?

Tess: Careful Oliver, You’re close to making me recall the flirting attempt i got when Major Zod tried to shave down my guard and make me fall into him.

Oliver: Really? That Kandorian Nut case was trying to do the flirt trick on you?

Tess recalls the moment…

“Tess: *Sighs* Yet another fond surprise… I see my crack security team is on the job.

Major Zod: Oh… is that so? Why won’t your valiant security team let me in? We are after all business partners now. I eagerly have just come to get a progress report on our search for the traitor… Jor-el. It’s been nearly a week since the last time we spoke. and that was before Mr. Stroker came waltzing into the room. He isn’t following up on us… but you… you are.

Tess: *Looking at Major Zod as she walks over to him with a grinning smirk; showing off the symbol to Major Zod* Let’s just say that the, um… the proverbial noose is getting ever tighter. This kind of satisfying news calls for a bit of a celebration.  *Seeing Major Zod picking up a wine glass* However… by the looks of it… it seems to me that you’ve already  been out celebrating.

Major Zod: *Chuckles* I just knew that despite the odds… you wouldn’t disappoint me. *Looking at the Wine Glass in his hand* This here is my most favorite discovery on your little planet. “The wine cup… “is the little silver well where truth… if truth there be, doth dwell.”

Tess: *Grins and intrigued* See, now I’m impressed You’ve bought my attention and got to my good graces. You’ve read up on your Shakespeare.

Major Zod: He’s amusing, but… I happen to find the pleasure that I tend to get from wine much more satisfying. With Each and Every sip… There reveals yet a new riddle… a new truth. Just like you, Tess. Every time that we’re together, I come to discover something new and I concur on the sense that i can’t wait to see what it might be that my next sip will reveal. Ah… The bitter truth.

Tess: Really? You don’t say… The bitter truth. and what might that bitter truth be? That I’m not interested? *Giving a sly grin as she walks over to the table* I’m sorry to drive a block on the idea of there being more to us than just business… but you and i… we’re keeping this partnership strictly professional.

Major Zod: The lady doth protest too much.

Tess: Whether she doth or not, I can guarantee she won’t be revealing any more… tonight.

Major Zod: Mm. *Sighs; heading out of the room then turns one more time to leave a confession* But i find there being no worry because while we were enjoying our savory drink, I had my people grab a little something much more valuable from your cellar. *Chuckles*”

Oliver: That’s rather Enlightening. Something tells me that i should have sat down and had popcorn and a few fuzzy drinks and watched the show…

Tess: Amusing.

Oliver: *Looking at the time* You know… As much as i like these moments of reminisce… It’s almost time to head over to the Ace of clubs for the Fundraiser.

Tess: You’re right.

Oliver: I’ll have someone head over to get Luna and Zeke…

At the Dorms of Metropolis University…

Room# 330…

Alice: *Getting ready for the gathering being held at the Talon* Paige, Do you think that i should be going to the gathering? I don’t really feel all that great. I am feeling rather weak and i’ve been feeling pain in my left breast off and on all day today.

Paige: I think that you ought to be just fine. Just take it slow and easy. If you need to lay down while we make way over there… the back seat is cushioned and comfortable. You can rest there and take it easy. Pearl… My sister would want you there. I know that i do, You’re part of the family here. And if you’re wondering where i am going with this… It’s that i know that you and Prince Alvin had the intimate moment. I am very proud of him and you. He’s gonna be a father. And you a mother. Dinah has gone through this. She knows what it’s like now. She’ll give you insight from what she knows. If there is anything you need to know… she can help with it. And hey… *Winks* You also got me. Sisterhood and the sorority.

Alice: I appreciate that, Paige. I really do. I really am grateful about that. But i really don’t want to go and wind up stealing from the spotlight that belongs to Pearl and Jack. This is their night. not mine. I don’t want to do anything to take away their moment. It’s not fair to them and i know that it would be unkind to even do. i would like to go. But not like this. It’s only the 4th week. I’ve been feeling rather exhausted and tender in the breast every so often most of the week. next week i have to go to the doctors and get a Prenatal Checkup and schedule a check up with the doctor. I have medical insurance. Because even though i don’t have any communication with my father… I have Insurance through him and the benefits he’s got from his Job at Luthorcorp. I still don’t see how you can trust Tess. But given that she’s now part of the team… i’ll have to deal with it the best i can. Even though thinking of Luthorcorp makes me think a bit about my father. And about the shit that he tried to do.

Paige: Ain’t that the truth… he tried soiling you. That’s just bad luck all around. You would think that some people would have better reserve and know not to do that type of stuff.

Alice: Exactly.  *Putting Make-up on and spraying on some perfume* Going to a gathering and to witness a wonderful moment… like someone proposing. A Woman has to keep at her best. to be dignified.

Paige: Well… Some girls are like Tomboys. Like Dinah. She for years hated dresses. Just hated the thought of being in one. But she eventually grew into them. grew to like them. It’s like she got used to the idea and just… well… started to wear them a bit. She’s still a Tomboy and she will still be tough. but that is more focused to be in consideration of protecting her young girls. But her young girls are at Planet Vulcan.

Alice: Why?

Paige: Uh, Is that a trick question? Why do you think?

Alice: Oh yeah… the Demon. He’s gonna destroy the world and gets here through Raven. the one we are sworn to protect.

Paige: Right. Although with the V.R.A threatening to come from abroad… she could very well be in danger.

Alice: I sure hope not.

Paige: That makes the two of us, Alice. For sure.

In Room #320…

Prince Alvin: *Getting cleaned up and suited for the night’s gathering*

Lenard: *Walking in with a couple Pizza’s and Drinks* Hey Flamers… What’s up?

Prince Alvin: Nothing much. Just getting set to head out. Got a gathering to go to.

Lenard: A gathering? When… Tonight?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. My Cousin Pearl is getting proposed to by Jack Frost and the entire family’s gonna be there.

Lenard: Whoa! You’re kidding? Really? That’s pretty sweet. I wish i could go. I got a Major inquisition to write up. About the battle of Troy. Hard subject. Got a feeling that it’s gonna be kicking my ass. and the tip of it is that it’s the Final.

Prince Alvin: Ouch. You’re gonna be alright though, right?

Lenard: Me? Yeah. My sanity and my mind… Uhhhh…. Hmmmm! Not sure. i’ll have to get back on that one. I got a part of it already mapped out and know how i want to start it. but it’s just the part of putting it all together. That’s the part that’s gonna kick my ass and then burn a bit.

Prince Alvin: Oh man…

Lenard: So… you’re heading out to the Gathering? I got a few Pizzas here. Russell is out at his Aunt’s house to help out with the upkeep of the place. He does Leisure work once every 2 months and plus he gets on the phone with her once a week and keeps in touch. You know that, Right?

Prince Alvin: of course. He mentioned it in brief detail. *Sighs a little*

Lenard: *wondering* Something wrong, man?

Prince Alvin: Not really. Unless you are with a girlfriend who’s pregnant.

Lenard: *Pauses* Huh? Come again… Did you Just say that your girlfriend is Pregnant?

Prince Alvin: I don’t think that i had stuttered that remark. But yeah… i did say that. She is pregnant.

Lenard: How is that possi— *Sensing the impression that Prince Alvin and Alice got lucky* Oh… Uh. Wow. That! So uh, You two finally sealed the deal and just got it going. That’s rad. I am happy for you, man. I really am. You’re gonna be a father soon in the future. in 9 months from when you had the intimate moment.

Prince Alvin: You’re right. I will be a father.

A few minutes later…

Prince Alvin: I gotta head off now.

Lenard: Okay man. You take it easy out there. With the Anti-hero Regime out there spew it’s toxic Venom it’s not all that safe for heroes. You’re one of the heroic fighters. You stay safe.

Prince Alvin: I will. Thanks Lenard.

Lenard: No problem. I’ll keep one of the Pizza’s warm for you. You’ll be needing it after a night out there in the open.

Prince Alvin: *Nods*

At the Metropolis Limousine Depot…

Shingo: *Looking at the clock and sighs* A long shift. I need to start heading out if i plan to make it to the gathering in time.

Mr. Willard: You’re still on the clock Rhapsody… But Don’t worry. It’s just another 5 minutes. You’ll  be let out of the corral before you know it. I promise. Just cool your jets.

Shingo: I can’t wait a moment more… I am pressed for time tonight. I am supposed to be meeting my wife and her sisters and cousins… my in-laws at the Talon tonight. In Smallville. My Sister-in-law Pearl is getting proposed to tonight. Tonight is the moment of Bended knee and asking the universal question. Pearl is getting proposed to by Jack Frost. I promised them that i’d be there to give support.

Mr. Willard: Okay… okay, Ace rider. You win. Go on and get yourself there. Moments like those don’t just happen on a daily basis. You should get there and have a swell time.

Shingo: Okay….

Minutes later…

Shingo: *Driving and heading off to Smallville, Kansas* It’s gonna be a wonderful night. For Pearl. I am guessing that she’s gonna be so nervous and yet Excited. I know that Dinah was when i proposed to her. She was just so radiant.

As for Luna and Martin…

Martin was leaving the house after just finishing the last Romantic movie. He knew that he had to get out of there before he said something else about Zeke that would set Luna off. He had already set her 3 times through out the day. He didn’t want to make a 4th time. Throughout the day they hardly spoke… they did speak about the movies as they watched them, giving commentary on them… They spoke a bit about school. A little bit on the progress of the Major threat that was still leaking the presence in the Atmosphere and into the air. It was felt by them both.


Martin: Luna, I don’t know how much more i can take of the whole You being with Zeke and you hanging with him thing… I don’t know. But i am not gonna say anything more about it. All i’m gonna tell you is to just watch yourself with him stay at a distance. I don’t trust him and i would suggest that you don’t either. *Seeing the glare coming from Luna* Look… I’m just saying it because i care. I am trying to protect you. but I don’t know what else to do. If you’re not gonna heed to what i am trying to tell you… Then there is nothing more i can say. I know that you’re gonna just back him up… no matter what it is that i tell you. I think that your sister and the guy… Shingo would both be telling you the same. I Love you Luna. But the person that you’re becoming… I am not a fan of. I really don’t tolerate your decision to be with Zeke. I know that you’re trying to help him. But i don’t trust him.  That’s all i’m gonna say about it.

Luna: I know that you’re only trying to protect me. but you’re being paranoid about him. I am really sorry that you are having a rather hard time opening up to Zeke. But he is a friend. He is my friend. To be quite honest. He has been more of a friend than you have been. You don’t seem to support me or back me up on anything i decide to do. Lately it’s been where if i make a decision around you… you have to find ways to talk me out of it. You never seem to trust me enough to make a choice for myself. Even if it’s the wrong one. Boyfriends are supposed to be caring and supportive. Not controlling. They’re supposed to be understanding.

Martin: And Best friends are supposed to confide in each other. But you don’t even tell me what you’re thinking.

Luna: How can i? Every time i try to explain how i feel about Zeke and what i am thinking… you don’t want to hear it. That’s why you and i don’t hang out much anymore. You don’t even care about Zeke. He is a part of my life now. and he is the same as you. He is caring. Honest in what he says. Just like you are. And yes… there are some brief moments where he comes off as being a bit of a Jerk. But he doesn’t build on that. he just does it to protect the fact that he’s been Abused. I know that you and Jake talk about him. and he’s been getting info about Zeke that is all hearsay that Zeke Abused his mother. I know that you are falling for that. Well… Don’t. because it’s not true.

Martin: How would you know?

Luna: Because Zeke said it wasn’t. Plus… when he spoke about it…  he was obviously very adamant about it. He was serious about it. But he would never get to the deep part of the subject. It’s like he was afraid to admit that there was something more to it than what he was telling me.

Martin: Yeah… because he’s probably trying to hide the fact that he’s the one who was doing the abusing. You know…. You keep making like you know him. You don’t know him. He’s obviously hiding something. You are just being rather blind about it. You don’t see it. Maybe it’s because you have the rose tinted glasses on too tight and are seeing the sweet side of Zeke and are just afraid to see the real Zeke. Zeke is not who you think he is and you know it. He smokes. What kind of 13 year old would smoke in school… hide about it and then be all sweet around a Naive girl like you so she wouldn’t know that he was in fact a bonafied liar and a complete ass?

Luna: I don’t know… But i am not Naive.

Martin: Oh yeah… Could have fooled me. Because right now you act like you’re so into him that he could say that he was the son to a rock star and you’d believe it. You’re so into him like a sugar rush. It’s like Excess with you.

Luna: What are you even talking about?

Martin: Nothing that you’d want to hear… of course.

Luna: Martin… I Love you… but this constant paranoid distrust of Zeke is getting rather annoying and repetitive.

Martin: Sorry. I’ll just take the hint that you want me to back off and not bring up Zeke again.

Luna: Thank you.

Martin: *Sighs* I’m going home. It’s almost night time and i am sure that Vincent’s gonna need me to help him out with stuff. Plus i have to walk Starlight. She’s gonna need an outing too.

Luna: How is she?

Martin: She’s fine. Just rather a smidge under the weather.

Luna: Oh no… is she gonna be okay?

Martin: I don’t know. I am hoping that she will be. I’m thinking about having Vincent take her to the Vet in a couple days to  get her checked out.

Luna: That’s good, She should be right as rain in no time.

Martin: Cross your paws on that. Metaphorically speaking.

Luna: *Giggles* That’s a good one. I like that one,

Martin: I’ll see you tomorrow, Luna.

Luna: Okay.

Even though they were with a lot of disagreement on their sides on Zeke. They had different sides and different Views. But they still loved each other. Before Martin started leaving… He and Luna kissed on the lips. Romantically…. It was a long emotional day on their end. They knew that it would be best for them to part for the night and just have time to calm down.

A moment later…

Oliver: *Pulling up the drive way and getting out of the car*

Luna: *Inside the house; going into her room and looking for her perfume* I smell a little gamey… I should shower. Maybe i can just get a change of clothes and get cleaned up. I need it.

Luna was about to get set for the shower when there was a knock on the door… Luna didn’t know who it was and knew that it couldn’t be Martin. Only because it had only been a few minutes that Martin was gone and heading on back to his place. She didn’t think that it could be Zeke. But she answered it  It was to her surprise… Oliver.

Luna: *Gasps with surprise* Oliver? What are you doing here?

Oliver: Luna. There is a fundraiser being held for the abused kids.

Luna: There is? When? Where?

Oliver: Tonight. At the Ace of Clubs. I came to come and take you to it. Both you and Zeke.

Luna: Zeke? *Pauses* How is it that you know about Zeke?

Oliver: Shoot the messenger if you like. but we got the details from Martin. He managed to sneak in and tell us a bit about him and what was going on between you and him.

Luna: It was not for him to tell. but now that you do. What do you think about Zeke?

Oliver: Not sure. haven’t really made my mind. neither has the others. They’re all on a neutral side. We don’t say that we trust the guy… but we don’t condemn him either. We see on providing everyone a chance. You know that. Just like when you told those 3 girls about the Watchtower. Rei, Ami and the Pop Idol. Minako. they were new. but Chloe took to them  You don’t hear from them much… do you?

Luna: No. They once again went under the radar and are in hiding. But they’ll be back. Probably to see what i am now. To see what it is that i have become.

Oliver: What do you mean?

Luna: I think you be Daft. Oliver, Take a good look at me. I am not a senshi anymore like they would turn into. I am a normal looking regular girl. I have no special abilities at all. I don’t even have ESP anymore. I am losing all the knowledge that i once had. Plus i am an abused girl. I was Abused. By a woman i thought would love me. But the awful part was that she was a racist. She hated me because i was Asian. Made me feel as though i should just die. She was put in prison and is gonna be there for a really long time. A real long time. But now i met Zeke… He has a habit and you know what… I think that i might be slipping into doing what he does. To mask the abuse i suffered. Zeke was abused and the sad part is that it’s the type you can’t reverse. there is no take backs. Sexual abuse is unable to be reversed. Zeke has the habit and he masks it the best way he knows how… because people would obviously Judge him and mock him if they were to know that he was sexually abused. He smokes. and the fact that i am with him… Hanging out and being there for him. Martin is beginning to wonder if i do it too. Which… i will say that i don’t. I don’t do that. But Martin doesn’t trust him and i don’t know what to do that will get him to open up to Zeke.

Oliver: You are so different than what you used to be. trying to gain a better life again. I get it. You want to be useful again. But you always were useful. Heck, if it weren’t for you… we would be lost to all things Beryl. We didn’t know a thing one about her royal darkness and benign. But you sure got us all up on the fast track to who Beryl was… what she was about. what she planned to do and what she was planning. You’re not losing your Intel. Besides that if you were… You’d be well… catatonic or Amnesiac.

Luna: *Nods* That’s right. i did have the Knowledge about that… didn’t i?

Oliver: Yep. You did.

Luna: You said that that Fundraiser was tonight?

Oliver: Yes. tonight at the Ace of clubs.

Luna: I got to get into something more comforting.

Oliver: Of course.

Luna realized that something was up and went inside to get changed into something clean and more presentable. She was wondering where the idea of a Fundraiser came from… She knew that Zeke would be wondering what was going on. She almost thought to call Martin and ask him if he heard… but she didn’t want to tell him about the Fundraiser and have him try to find a way to Humiliate Zeke anymore than he already had. She got into something bright and pretty. and was back down to the outside of the house a minute or so later.

Luna: I’m ready…

Oliver: You sure do look rather pretty. Innocent too.

Luna: Thank you.

An hour later…

At the Talon…

Paige: *Walking into the Talon* We’re here… It is kinda chilly out. Plus it’s raining outside too. I didn’t know that Smallville was to be expecting a Thunderstorm or two.

Dinah: Neither did i. And i don’t know if Luna will be coming. She didn’t seem to be in the right mood plus she was in the middle of her Valentines Day Date with Martin when Shingo left for work. Since then… i don’t know. She’s probably still with Martin.

Pearl: She’s probably having a wonderful time with her boyfriend.

Prince Alvin: *Walking in* It’s safe here at least.

Alice: *Overhearing the comment* Safe here? What do you mean? Is there something going on that i should know about, Dear?

Prince Alvin: Nothing that would be of too much Concern. Other than the fact that there is the Anti-Hero Movement being seen throughout the City…

Alice: The Anti-hero Movement?

Prince Avery: That’s what it is. That’s exactly what it is. It is getting more and more worse. A number of us came in two cars. Pearl’s and Dinah’s. On the road heading out of Metropolis to here… we got dissed by people… a Few people were with Signs that read: “Pop off and fade out Bubble Maiden… Go and blow your Bubble freak power somewhere else” “Mrs. Lightning in a Bottle… Fizz out and short-Circuit yourself.” “Plasma-Core, Burn out the walking talking Plasma Mutant” Just to name a few.

Alice: People are truly believing the corrupt Politicians…

Prince Curtis: It doesn’t even matter if they believe those Government officials. It’s not gonna change what we do. We’re gonna keep doing what we do whether they want us to or not. We have done it for nearly 9 years… and we are not about to stop now.

Paige: But how do we even protect the people if they don’t want it to come from us?

Pearl: Oh i don’t know… Maybe this is something that your Debate teacher in High school was all for. It could have been all a sign.

Prince Alvin: A Sign to what?

Prince Arnold: The end of Hero Acceptance.

Prince Avery: So the V.R.A is in fact in full swing. Isn’t it?

Christie: That is so not true… The people are just misguided is all. they are listening to all those Hero haters that they are forgetting about all the good that the heroes have done. for them… for their city. It’s not just as simple as them just turning on the heroes and casting them as Vigilantes. There is something more to it than that.

Paige: As in what exactly? The people are all going around and spray painting the rejecting symbol on all of our symbols.

Star: It’s only got worse than that.

Reese: And you think that it’s only gonna rise on from there and get even more messy?

Paige: From where we’re standing… That is exactly what is liable to happen. That’s if it hasn’t already started to get worse. The V.R. A is the worst. if it goes on… we’re gonna have to go underground.

Dinah: You mean… Go underground… as in Cower?

Pearl: What are we…? 11? Hiding is Profanely Immature. We were here longer than the V.R.A. If anyone should vanish from sight. It’s them. not us.

Star: There is someone who may help… I think.

Paige: No. No way. Not him. Not that self Righteous nut. Not the guy Clark. Not a chance. No. I don’t want his help. We don’t want his help. The last time we had his help… he got on our case about taking the life of someone. He didn’t even try to absolve it. he didn’t even try to help. He just tried to batter us for one mistake. We can call anyone for help. But Calling for Clark Kent… That’s out. We don’t want him… we don’t need him. He is not to be involved with this.

Dinah: That’s right. We didn’t even Invite him to my wedding. Because… of that one reason. It is not gonna be open for talk. The talk of him helping is out. He would try to tell us how to be heroes like it’s his way or nothing. Like who the hell died and made him the boss.

Prince Alvin: It’s not like that. Not anymore. Things have changed.

Pearl: Not for us.

Paige: You can trust him if you wish. But we’re not.

Prince Avery: We might not have all that much a choice. Because if the V.R.A is coming out… We’re gonna need some pretty big guns. We all will need the big guns and the only one we know to do that is Clark. We might not like him or trust him… but at this point… it’s the only option. The V.R.A is out… it’s getting more notice. because of the Anti-Hero movement. it’s giving the whole bill the heightened recognition.

Christie: That is what we were afraid of…

Raven: *Shadowing in* Jack is on his way… he’s on the road and using his Ice power to hover in mid-air making his way here.

A moment later…

Music started and began filling the room…

Shingo: *Walking into the Talon and drenched* That storm is the worst… i had to park a half mile down the road. There were no spots closer to the Talon at all.

Dinah: Where’s Luna?

Shingo: She’s at home… at least that is what i suspected . When i left the house and made way to work… she was.

Dinah: You didn’t happen to call and check?! Shingo… She may be normal now… but she used to be with Hero blood. In the eyes of the people who are all rallying up supporting the Anti-Hero Movement… that is all they’ll need to make a hit. That is all they’ll need.

Shingo: I’m sorry. You’re right. i should have done something, I should have called the house to see if she were home still…

“Listen to the ground: there is movement all around.
There is somethin’ goin’ down, and I can feel it.
On the waves of the air, there is dancin’ out there.
If it’s somethin’ we can share, we can steal it.

And that sweet city woman, she moves through the light,
Controlling my mind and my soul.
When you reach out for me, yeah, and the feelin’ is right,
The night fever, night fever: we know how to do it.
Gimme the night fever, night fever: we know how to show it.

Here I am, prayin’ for this moment to last,
Livin’ on the music so fine, borne on the wind,
Makin’ it mine.

The night fever, night fever: we know how to do it.
Gimme the night fever, night fever: we know how to show it.
In the heat of our love, don’t need no help for us to make it.
Gimme just enough takin’ us to the mornin’.
I got fire in my mind. I get higher in my walkin’,
And I’m glowin’ in the dark; I give you warnin’.

And that sweet city woman, she moves through the light,
Controlling my mind and my soul.
When you reach out for me, yeah, and the feelin’ is right,
The night fever, night fever: we know how to do it.
Gimme the night fever, night fever: we know how to show it.

Here I am, prayin’ for this moment to last,
Livin’ on the music so fine, borne on the wind,
Makin’ it mine.

Night fever, night fever: we know how to do it.
Gimme the night fever, night fever: we know how to show it.
Gimme the night fever, night fever: we know how to do it.
Gimme the night fever, night fever: we know how to show it.
Gimme the night fever, night fever: we know how to do it

Jack walked in smiled. In his hand was a small box. It held within it a Ring. It was made of gold. He had a jewel on the Ring. It was a 20 Kt. Ruby sheen Bright and Glistening. Sparkling like a magical twinkle. Jack came in and walked right over to Pearl. He was only a few steps away when he suddenly got on bended knee…

Jack: *On bended Knee* Pearl, I’ve always had the idea that love could be just pure and real… I never thought that it would mean any more or less than what the bond that two people have which is solid and tight. I never figured that Love could be so strong between two people who are of two different worlds. One person being a spirit. and the other being human… with love for the world and those around her. into fashion and into seeing the bright side of the people. Always believe in others more than giving up. I am not a normal person. I am just a wintry spirit  one who has Ice in his veins. who can fly but also maybe vanish just with one blink of an eye. But the thing that makes it so real is that i have the best of both worlds. Your world… and mine. The Spirit world and the Human realm. But in two worlds… one thing is Universal. Love. Devotion and Trust. Romantic Bliss. I never felt that i could ever find a mate. a partner that would be with a man like me. A wintry spirit. like me. But to see two people… two different people who are so different than the other. bonding and getting together. Being one and being so faithful to one another… It’s a sign that the love that is there between them is real and strong. Eternal and Right. *Suddenly opening the box to present the ring to Pearl* … *Holding the Ring in front of Pearl and holding it up* Pearl Lucy Rhapsody… Will you Marry me?

Pearl: *Accepting the Ring* Yes… Yes. Yes Jack Frost. I will marry you. I will marry you. *Placing the Ring on her Ring Finger and kissing Jack on the lips Romantically*

Paige: *With Dinah* Awwww!

Star: *Touched* …

Christie: That is just so romantic.

Prince Arnold: Romantic. And means for a total tooth ache. I think that it’s wonderful to see something like this. Pearl is one lucky person.

Jack: What about me? This wasn’t all easy. because if you were to know… i was sweating bullets the whole time. Or in my case. Ice cubes. I was sweating it a lot because there was always gonna be a slight chance of Rejection. Proposing is not easy. It’s serious business and takes heart and takes devotion. It is a measure that signifies the readiness of a person who is ready to take the lead and ready to find a mate and ready to find their place to settle down and have a family in the future with that special someone. The one who has won the person’s heart.

Prince Avery: *Smiles and Grins* Spoken like a true Von Casanova. But Don’t worry, Jack. You have done splendid. You spoke your heart and that is all one can ever ask for. You were sincere and honest.  Romance like that is a dine a dozen. but real love. True Love. When you feel it. You know it. and know it is there. Love is no lie when it comes right from the heart.

Prince Alvin: Well… we do need someone to make sure that we had all this recorded. To send to the rest of the family. They couldn’t come this time. Pops was down with the flu and was really out of it.  The others were so in the middle of their Cases and couldn’t get away. But they so wanted to be here. They wanted to be here for this. The least that we can do is Video record the event.

Christie: Yo! Flame patrol… you should be covered. there is security cameras here and they have captured this. they capture everything that happens here. and with that… you should go and visit the Watchtower and get Chloe or the new girl i mean… the new member. Tess. She could use Watchtower to tap into the security cameras of the Talon and get a copy of the moment here…

Dinah: Hey… that is right. Watchtower can do that.

Star: Well then what’re we waiting for. Let’s go.

Pearl: If you guys don’t mind it much. Me and Jack are gonna go back to the Dorms and watch a romantic movie together.

Paige: It’s okay by us. Besides it’s a peaceful night considering what the City is like now towards us.

Alice: I don’t like the idea that the people are treating you guys so poorly.

Prince Alvin: Same here. I agree.

Jack: Pearl, ready to head on over to the Dorms?

Pearl: Sure.

Prince Curtis: It’s settled them. Pearl and Jack will go back to the Dorms and spend some Romantic time in peace. with themselves. and the rest of us will head on over to the Watchtower…

Minutes later…

Pearl and Jack were heading on their way back to the Dorms. It was a cold night in Smallville and while Pearl and Jack were leaving Smallville to head back over to Metropolis and out of the Storm. The sisters and the guys got into their cars and Drove on over to The Watchtower…

In space…..

Aboard the USS Starship Enterprise…

In the Bridge…

Capt. Kirk: *Giving a Captain’s Log* Captain’s Log. Star-date 337712458: “We have Journeyed back from the Planet Vulcan after dealing with a Monster sighting on the farthest reaches of sector 14 where the Young offspring of Dinah Ellen Rhapsody reside in protection of Spock’s parental units. On our path back from Vulcan… we picked up radio transmissions from Planet Earth. About a Bill Known as the V.R.A  The Vigilante Registration Act. It seems to have stirred up a movement in the country known as the Anti-hero movement. We also gathered the concerning data of a possible break-up of Young Love. Luna and Martin have lately reached their crossroads and reached the possible beginning of the end of their relationship and with the cause being a 13 year old boy by the name of Zeke Mansfield. Luna is on Verge of taking up the same habit as Zeke. Also adding that now the girlfriend partner of the Captain of the Rhapsody Brothers is now with a secret of her own. Pregnancy. Things have started to unravel and it’s still in leads to the Intergalactic Demon thereby known as Scath. Trigon The terrible.”

Comm. Officer Uhura: There is no activity going on this far, Captain. But The dilemma that is forming on Earth… With The V.R.A… It’s not good. With the V.R.A in play… it will be complicated for the Rhapsody Girls to be out in the open with their powers. the people are turning against them and casting them out as long as The Anti-hero Movement is continually spreading their Propaganda.

Lt. Commander Sulu: Plus they now have to handle Prince Alvin’s dilemma. His girlfriend Alice is Pregnant.

Uhura: Wouldn’t that complicate things between them and their cause being thereby threatened by the Bill being passed or in process of being recognized and passed making it federal law?

Sulu: I don’t know. It might. They may just as well buckle.

Medical Officer McCoy: And what’s even more of a problem is that the young member of theirs. Luna. She has met this boy named Zeke who claims to have been abused. Which is deeply troubling to say the very least. But also the fact that Zeke has a habit. Smoking.

Uhura: And Luna is with the boy. That is terrible. Simply terrible. The poor girl must be so conflicted by the boy. Martin is trying to help her and she is just defending Zeke as though he can not do any wrong.

Dr. McCoy: If i remember correctly… When we first took in Ensign Larmina. She had the same habit. Smoking. All because of a terrible loss on Planet Arus and because of an insurrection orchestrated by a Betrayer named Allura. We had her in a Rehab Program.

Sulu: Do you think that Zeke is telling Luna the truth to best suit him or is it all factual.

Sci. Officer/First Officer Spock:  I don’t think that the boy is leading with the lie. It is uncommon to declare a person a Liar without knowing the boy. The young male might be speaking of the truth. If the boy was abused… he would talk to anyone with the heart and the mind that would listen to his background… the terrors that he may have gone through. Abuse is not a lore to hold for superstition. Abuse can leave internal scars on a Minor. Granted on the deep infliction that the Abuser had performed upon the Abused Victim. Luna is an Abused girl… This started viewing more 2 days after Luna transcended from being a girl that we all remember being part Cat. But morally human. She became a Human being. a Full human being with all the looks and feels and acts of a human. The Abuse that happened to her was deeper than that. a few weeks before her birthday when she turned 13. It was apparently spotted first her sister Dinah. The Now Mother. She noticed it first and was there on the night when Luna was just barely starting to get used to being completely human.

Uhura: We got the recording here of the Final night that Luna was under the same living roof as Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody. the one who was said to have done the Abuse…. Dinah as we know has a mouth on her and when she heard here sister being confronted by the woman…

Capt. Kirk: Let’s hear the recording…

A second later…

Grandma Rikku: *Walking by and seeing Luna; unable to recognize her* …. What are you doing in Luna’s Room? Who the hell do you think you are? Are you belonging in her room?

Luna: *Jumps and turns to see Grandma Rikku* Huh?! I’m … uh… Uh… Um… *Apologizing before Running out and going out to call her sister Pearl* Gomen’nasai.

Dinah: *Walking in from the hall over hearing the commotion* What the hell is going on?

Grandma Rikku: I’ll tell you what’s going on. This Asian girl is in here in Luna’s room riffling through things that don’t belong to her… I’m two seconds away from calling the police.

Dinah: *Angrily and Landing a hard Punch at the door Jam leading to Luna’s Room* Grandma, God damn it… Shut the hell up. Right now. I have heard enough of your shit. Treating Luna like shit. This girl is Luna. She’s different now and without the Hero Aura. She’s a regular human being. She’s told us about you sending her to bed without dinner a few nights and i as well as Pearl, Christie, Star, Paige, Prince Alvin and the guys… we’re all beyond sick of your ass. You’re constantly up Luna’s ass. pushing her about. She’s 13 fucking years old. she’s a Teen but still a minor. Your abusing her. Lecturing her more than you ought to. You’re not her mother. You’re her grandmother. our grandmother. Not our fucking Warden.

Grandma Rikku: *Staring at Dinah* You better mind your mouth. You forget that i paid for the colleges… i can pull the plug just as fast.

Dinah: You’re gonna use that card? Aren’t you? Fine! Here’s a little 411 for you. we’re all done with you. we’ll find a way to pay for our own college education. and for our cars too.  Better yet… give them over to Oliver Queen. He’s our Professor. And as for what’s to be done with Luna… You are gonna find out that you fucked with her for the last time. As soon as Shingo and i get a house… Luna is living with us. I’m Putting it to where Luna is under my Custody. and being with me and Shingo till she’s 18. then she can do her life in her own way. But as for her staying here… That will happen over my dead body. I’ll also tell you this too. if you have a problem with it… you better step your ass up. Right now. Because as soon as i take Luna out of here… and file for legal Custody over her and you just so much as touch her or come anywhere near her… I swear to Fucking god and sunny Jesus and swear upon all that is Holy and spiritual that i will have your ass arrested and thrown in jail so fast… that the next time you see freedom… it’ll be when you’re about to gasp your last damn breath. Straight up. No lie. *Looking at Luna* Luna, Honey… Sis, Grab some clothes together and some of your things as well. Enough to last a couple weeks and we’ll set up a spot for you to stick at the Dorm room with me and Christie.

Luna: *Nodding and feeling upset; Trying not to cry* Okay.

Grandma Rikku: *Barks* NO! You can not do that. The legal age… is 21. You’re only 18.

Dinah: Enough Grandma… That’s far enough. It’s done. You are gonna find that you screwed up. It’s all done. And on the part where you think that i can’t claim custody… Watch me. You wanted me to be more responsible with life and with taking care of things… Well You’re about to find out what i can do.

Luna: *Packing up some of her things and getting a couple bags filled up with Clothes and items she’d need* Grandma Rikku-san is so mean. How anyone could call her a grandparent… is way beyond capacity. The Japanese would be saying… Ignorance is Bliss when it comes to a time like this. And of course… I am an Asian… So yeah. Ignorance is Bliss.”

Spock: And the Abuse was deeply instilled into her. The nightmares of the abuse will saturate her gradually. She will lose all her senses and lose her strong mind. Speaking of Logical terms it is just by experience that with certain people and given to how deep the abuse is or what kind it was… how long it went on for. Each person who has been under the veil of abuse and has been abused by someone close to them or a relative… They expose the secret differently or cope with it differently. Some express it differently than most. Some don’t even remember or they keep telling themselves that it didn’t happen and go into denial. playing it off. Preparing their mind to believe that the abuse never happened.

Scotty: That is still terrible. Luna being abused. But what will she be liable to do because she was Abused? How would she even cope?


Lieutenant Chekov: It doesn’t sound so varming to know that she can be facing a possible identity crisis and not ever knowing Vho she es. If Luna does decide to take up habit… Vill der be way to get her to snap out of it?

Scotty: I don’t think so.

Uhura: There is also not only that… but the Pregnancy of Prince Alvin’s girlfriend. Alice Cross. She is now pregnant and that is gonna be making things somewhat complicated for them all. Given as to what they are all having to deal with. Don’t forget that they also have the Intergalactic Demon to face. That is one of the things that they’re gonna be facing. It’s not time for him to start manifesting into some form. Not yet.

Ensign Larmina: What about their Ally? Raven. She is said to become the Portal this year. There is that and now the V.R.A. If that thing passes. They’re all ruined. it’ll be over for them.  *Concerned* What are they thinking on doing about it if the bill passes? Their whole lives will be changed and they’d have to go underground. Leaving everything they knew and all that they were… behind.

Nurse Chapel: Larmina… Hon. We shouldn’t think about that. We shouldn’t think like that. The girls… and their allies will find a way out of it. You’ve just got to believe. It’s gonna be okay.

Spock: I would agree. The chances are great that they’d be able to overcome the Bill and get people that they never thought supported them to speak up and spread their admiration. With a rebuttal strong enough. anything that might harm others… will be sure to fall if enough people were to rise and speak out against it. Giving out their voice. Letting their voices be heard.

Sulu: I agree. If there were enough people standing up for what’s right… and defending the protectors. the heroes… they’d have no choice but to reject the bill and see that it doesn’t pass.

Kirk: All they can do is try to keep strong. If truth is on their side… they’ll be okay.

Larmina: What about Dinah’s little ones? If anything else happens on Vulcan in terms of Danger. Dinah will want to know and will demand for her little ones to be transferred to an Isle.

Sulu: We will worry of that when that time comes. if an attack ever does happen. Which we will all hope that it doesn’t…

Back on Earth…

In Smallville…

3 hours later…

At the Kent Farm….

Clark was sitting on the couch with Lois and also with his Mother who was also senator… Martha Kent.

Clark: The people are being mislead and being forced to hate heroes.

Lois: They’re even gonna go after the Blur. Derail and tear down everything he’s worked hard to build. Everything that he stands for. Unless someone stands up and stops it.

Clark: I have checked some of the people who are already being sucked in to the untrue rumors and propaganda that the Anti-Hero Movement supporters think is right. And i found this…

Clark then puts down a picture of the symbols…

Clark: It’s called the mark of Scath. It’s the sign of Sinister corruption. It preys on those who have even the slightest of doubt on the heroes. The fighters. It preys on them and feeds off of them. Feeds on their mistrust and their anger. Their hatred towards heroes. It places them with vulnerability of being turned Evil.

Martha: The mistrust, Anger and hatred? But why? Don’t they know that if they feed it. it will only get stronger and the Mistrust… Anger and Hatred will get worse.

Clark: That’s just it. They don’t realize that it’s there. they’re not aware of the fact that they have it. It’s A Lot worse than…


The Omega Symbol. The Symbol of Corruption.

Martha: Can it be removed?

Clark: I don’t think that it can be… It’s like a stain on a person’s soul. feeding on any negative feelings that they have but are unaware that it’s even there. It’s as if it reads their minds. and can tell what it is that the person is thinking and feeling.

Lois: But i don’t get it, Smallville… If it can do all that. then how are we to stop it?

Clark: We need to find a way to prevent it from spreading.

Martha: You could try to gain the help from those girls again?

Lois: What girls?

Martha: The ones who helped with taking care of Zod.

Clark: They took care of him but i sent him to the Phantom Zone. I am the one that had Jor-el’s crystal.

Lois: Are you talking about Paige, Pearl and Dinah?

Clark: That’s who we are referring to.

Lois: we’re gonna need to get some traction behind us on the matter of the mark of Scath.

Martha: That’s why we’re gonna need them. They might have something on this Mark. I made some calls to my connections in Washington. They were unable to get a handle on the mark. The Rhapsody Girls might be the ones who could have the answers that would shed some light on the mark. The people in Washington tried to find out about the mark and only came across an Incantation.

Lois: What incantation are you talking about?

Clark: Come on, Mom. There is no such thing as a incantation. There are no such things as an Incantation. Things like that don’t exist.

Lois: How would you know that, Clark? There is such things like that in the world. they exist.

Clark: Then i better hit the Watchtower then… There must be a hit or two on the mark. It must be somewhere in the Tower’s database.

Clark then super speeds off to the Watchtower…

Lois: *Sighs and looks at Martha*  Looks like we just got benched again. Do you ever get used to that?

Martha: No. No really. But Jonathan and i knew that Clark was different than most people. We used to keep him hidden a little because others would try to exploit him if they ever knew about him.

Lois: A mother’s protection…

While they were talking…

Prince Alvin: *Knocking on the door* Hello? Anyone home?

Martha: *From inside* … *Walking over to the front door* Who on earth could it be at this time of evening? *Opening the door and answering it* Hello, Can we… *Recognizing the visitor* Prince Alvin… What are you doing here?

Prince Alvin: I came here to ask for the guy with the 1000 yard stare. Is he around?

Martha: Clark? He just left about a moment ago.

Prince Alvin: What do you mean he isn’t here? Where could he be if he’s not here?

Martha: The Watchtower.

Prince Alvin: What? When did he leave for the tower?

Martha: He left about a moment ago.

Prince Alvin: That’s impossible. My brothers and i were just there at the Watchtower as were Paige and Dinah. Arthur Curry was there holding the fort for the night. We’ve been doing something there. and seeing about getting any more light on the V.R.A.

Martha: *Pauses and gasps* The V.R.A?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. Ever heard of it?

Martha: No. i haven’t heard much about it. Although i’ve been hearing about the Anti-Hero movement. The city and the entire country locking down on all the heroes and forcing them all to either unmask or leave. I’m afraid that it’s gotten a bit more worse. A General. that the officials in Washington had learned about. General Slade Stalin. He’s leading up the V.R.A. Gaining power and more influence.

Prince Alvin:  No offense Mrs. Kent… But you should be in Washington to do some prevention of the V.R.A. If that thing passes… My Brothers and I… My cousins Paige, Pearl and Dinah won’t be able to do anything. We’ll be captured and made to either register under the V.R.A or we’ll be dead. We won’t be able to protect anyone. And i’ll have to leave my life behind which is something that i can’t bare doing. My girlfriend Alice. Is Pregnant. I can’t leave her all alone.

Martha: Oh dear…That must be awful  I was in Washington just the other day and no one there knew about the V.R.A.  or they know but aren’t saying anything about it. I know that it would hurt Clark because it would mean that everything he had done was for absolutely nothing.

Prince Alvin: You can’t think that, Mrs. Kent. You can’t. Clark hasn’t done anything for nothing. he’s done it to preserve what is right in the world. Even though there are people who hadn’t seen it… he’s done alot of good. He’s gonna be doing a lot better and be doing greater things as time goes on. Just like my cousins… They have come a long way since they were 11 and first began the hero work. They’ve come very far. But this is gonna be something harder for them to handle. Maybe even impossible. Clark will even be unable to do anything to stop it if there isn’t any hope for anything to change.

Alice: *Walking over to the door from the Motorcycle* Prince Alvin… We got a problem.

Prince Alvin: *Looking to see his girlfriend Alice walking over* Alice, What’s the matter?

Alice: There is a broadcast on the Radio right now…  Someone named Patricia R. Loyd is speaking… She’s speaking more about the Anti-hero Movement. It’s getting worse…

Prince Alvin: That’s tragic. It just got trumped up to severe. Alice come on closer. I would like for you to meet someone. a very virtuous lady.

Alice: *Looking towards Martha curiously*

Prince Alvin: Alice, Meet Mrs. Martha Kent… United States Senator for Kansas A.K.A The Red Queen. Mrs. Kent. This wonderful girl here with me is my girlfriend Alice Cross.

Martha: Your girlfriend? Well… she looks really Nice. You found yourself a very wonderful girl.

Prince Alvin: She even knows what i am and what it is that i can do. and she’s not even scared of it.

Martha: She Accepts you for who you are. That’s what makes a relationship like yours work out. That she knows and accepts it.

Alice: I also have an ability myself.

Martha: An ability?

Prince Alvin: yeah.

Alice: i have Psychic Persuasion. Vision Foresight. I also have the gift of premonition.

Martha: That’s a very risky ability to have.

Prince Alvin: Not necessarily risky Mrs. Kent. She was able to keep us in the know of attacks that were said to come. There were multiple attacks that we were in the know of because she saw the attacks happen. 2-6 hours before it was said happen. Her Visions foresaw the attacks happening. and it gave us an edge.

Alice: Quite so. I also have Visions of people who are close to us. It’s like Psychic Vision.

Prince Alvin: I love her. She’s so understanding and completely devoted. Plus she’s…

Martha: Pregnant.

Alice: Yes. I am. Prince Alvin’s gonna be the father.

A second later…

Martha: Let’s go inside where it’s warm.

Prince Alvin: Sure. Thank you. It’s gotten truly bone chilling outside here all of a sudden.

A minute later…

inside the Kent Living room…

Martha: *Bringing in some hot Cocoa* Here’s some Hot Cocoa. It’ll help keep you two warm.

Prince Alvin: *Nods and grateful* Thank you. It is pretty cold out tonight. we got to get back to the Dorms pretty soon. I got 3 classes back to back tomorrow. It’s finals week and there is a lot of work to be done. *Grabbing the cup*

Alice: I have Paranormal class to fulfill tomorrow and i have yet to find a place that’s haunted. If i don’t find a place by this Wednesday… I’m gonna fail.

Prince Alvin: You won’t fail, Alice. I for one won’t let you fail. We’ll find a place for you. Honest. we will.

Alice: *grabbing a cup of hot Cocoa* Thank you…

Martha: So… how are you guys involved with what’s going on with the V.R.A?

Alice: We’re not. We actually are victims of the bill.

Prince Alvin: We are just hoping that it doesn’t pass.

Alice: If it does pass… we’re all out.

Martha: Well… Clark believes that something else is driving the people to turn on the heroes. Something that wouldn’t be easily spotted. and you wouldn’t know it unless you really looked. But Clark believes it has something to do with a mark.

Martha didn’t realize that the photos were still on the table and she only shifted her eyes slightly to the table and it was just enough to get Prince Alvin’s Attention. He barely looked towards the table… and saw something that put a chilling terror in him…

Prince Alvin: *Jumps up and Freezes before looking at Alice* Alice… we have a problem…

Alice: A Problem? What problem?

Prince Alvin: Look at the table and you’ll see what the problem is.

Alice: *Getting a strange impression coming from Prince Alvin* Something tells me that i’m not gonna like where this is going… am i?

Prince Alvin: Well… believe it, beauty… It’s not a refreshing pain killer for the psyche. It’s not good.

Alice: *Looking at the table* What’s… that… Oh my god…

Alice sees the pictures and felt her heart race and then drop….

Alice: *Gasps and panics* T-t-t-t-t-t-the mark of Scath! OH GOD!

Lois: What is the big deal? That mark is just a mark. There must be just an imitation of it somewhere.

Prince Alvin: Lois, It’s been a long time since we last seen one another. A year or two i guess… but you should know that the mark of scath is not just some poster sign for the darkened soul. It’s the mark that is the calling card of an Intergalactic Demon who’s followed by an ancient order of Monks from a place known as Azarath. The ancient order used—

Raven: *Flying in as a black Raven* … *Cawing in tune*

Lois: *Jumps at the sight of the Raven* Uh… What is a raven doing here?

Prince Alvin: What Raven?

Alice: Lois, are you seeing something in here?

Lois: I am seeing a Raven in here and Raven’s are known as creepy. They’re known as tricksters and are known to peck at carcasses of the deceased. going after lambs. They also mean death. I think that i would rather live and not die.

Martha: *Grabbing a candle stick holder* That type of bird is not supposed to be here… What ever it is doing here… it should be chased away. Jonathan would be chasing it away. *Going towards the bird and chasing it away* Shoo! Get away… get away from us.

Raven: *Speaking into the lady’s mind* Don’t fear me…  I won’t hurt you. I’m a friend. Why not let me prove it…

Martha: *Pauses* What? That bird just spoke in my head. How is it able to do that?

Prince Alvin: *Chuckles* Mrs. Kent… Calm down. It’s okay. That’s a friend. A good friend to be exact. Someone who might know about the mark and might shed some prospective light on the matter.

Raven: *Forming into her human form* …

A second later…

Raven: *Looking at Prince Alvin and Alice* Prince Alvin, What are you doing here? Your Brothers are looking for you.

Prince Alvin: I know. And i am sorry for taking off on them. But i was coming here to see if i could have tailed Clark. or by his Kryptonian Name… Kal-el. He might have had a lead as to what is causing people to turn on the heroes easier than by doing it by the idea of free will.

Alice: Raven… i think some knowhow is expected. There is a mark going around again and now even the very idea that Clark has come across it. it is now gaining more and more attention.

Raven: *Raising an Eyebrow and getting suspicious* Okay… And what would it be that you’d like to know?

Prince Alvin: This… *Picking up the pictures and showing them to Raven* This. Clark Kent has caught on to this… he has stumbled upon this. Raven… For god’s sake… How Influential is this Big red bastard Scath? How is it that a Kryptonian would know of such a Demonic figure like Scath. Mrs. Kent doesn’t seem to know Jack Squat about Scath except that there is a mark that happens to be the sadistically maniacal son of a bitch’s calling card. Who the hell are we messing with?

Raven: *Sighs* I will have to tell you now.

Martha: Tell us what? Who are you?

Prince Alvin: She’s Raven. A mystical being that is half human… half Demon. She’s got strong powers. Strong abilities. She’s from the mystical enchanted land of Azarath. She’s also with the Gem. the Gem on her forehead is like a portal to the mind. She Channels her emotions that way and by Meditating. Come… let’s all sit and let Raven tell about the mark.

As soon as they sat down…

Raven: Lois… Mrs. Kent… that mark is very common to where i am from. Because it bares a secret that is so dark and sinister that it’s blasphemy to speak of it. That mark… is The mark of Scath. I was unfortunately born of Evil’s fire. The product offspring of one Inter-dimensional demon and a Holy mother of Azarath. Her name was Arella. She was my mother. My father was a Demon. But for his transgressions on Azarath. he was banished into Limbo. by an Ancient order. who forged the ring that helped Imprison him and helped shield themselves from the Demon’s presence and power. on the Ring was the Ring of Azar. on the ring was the mark that covered the true Identity of the Master. The Evil being himself. They used the name Scath to hide the Identity of who he was. A Demonic Conqueror that cared not for who he hurt or tormented. We knew who he was. but the Ancient order tried to cover up his name because his name was the harbinger of all that was Evil… Demonic. The ancient order used the name “Scath” to protect the true identity of their master. We know him as Trigon. The marks that will be on me soon later this year… are a warning. It means Trigon is coming-and the way he gets here is through me. *Looking down briefly and then at Lois, Mrs. Kent* I’m not just a person. I’m a portal.

Lois: So… you’re like the spectacle for the grand standing of the apocalypse and the end of days?

Martha: So this Demon is the source of all the Evil that is on the way?

Lois: Of all the people… Of all the beings… Why? Why does it have to be you?

Raven: *Looking down and Grim while revealing the reason why* Because…Trigon…is my father.

Raven then gets up and heads to look out the window looking out to see the majority of the farm…

Raven: *In despair* Bad things are about to happen. Really bad things and it’s gonna be all my fault. There is gonna be nothing that can be done to prevent it. At the end of this year the 31st of December… the portal will be opened. And my father will be unleashed onto the earth. fulfilling the Prophecy. He will destroy this planet and turn it into a desolate wasteland. Just as he did other worlds. Other planets. all have turned out the same way. A Desolate Wasteland. Hellfire and brimstone which is what he’s planning to do to this world.

Alice: *Scared and terrified* I am now officially and without end… terrified.

As for Luna and Zeke…

At the Ace of Clubs…

Luna: *Looking at Zeke* Any idea what we’re doing here?

Zeke: No. No idea whatsoever. I was at home and watching some old shows…  One being: Legends of the hidden temple. It is weird that there were such shows made in the 90’s But in the 2000’s the T.V realm just went to hell in a hand basket.

Luna: I was just barely done with my romantic Valentines day date with Martin and was about to take a bath and just cleaned up for school the next day when Oliver came right to the door and said that there was a fundraiser. Being held. With us being hosts or something. But why would we host it. We’re not even holding the Fundraiser. we didn’t even call up for one.

Zeke: Maybe we’re the highlights of the event.

Luna: You think?

Zeke: It must be that. what else could it be?

Luna: I don’t know. But even though we’re here… i can’t get that fight out of my head. Martin is still being so cruel about you. He is saying things that are really hurtful.

Zeke: What kind of things is he saying?

Luna: He’s calling you a Reject. A Vagrant and possibly a loner.

Zeke: The hell with him. I am none of those. I may have a bad habit… but i am sure not a bad guy. That is not me. I got feelings just like he does. and i am quite sure that they’d just about feel the same when they get stepped on or tossed to the side. I would bet that if he was me and he was spoken to or spoken about like that… he’d be rather angry and pissed off and hurt just like me.

Luna: I kinda tune him off when he speaks about you being bad because i know bad when i see it. and if you were really as bad as they are constantly saying… i would have seen it. I used to have ESP and Psychic sense. I used to have blue hair and a cat tail. Plus tendencies of a cat.

Zeke: What do you mean?

Luna: I used to be a being from a Kingdom. The Moon Kingdom.

Zeke: So you used to be like what…. exactly? An Alien like humanoid who may look somewhat human and rather have most of the features of a human… but deep down and realistically be just an Alien? Like that?

Luna: Yeah… *Sighs* Like that. But i matured from that and am now this… what you see here.

Zeke: You mean that you used to be… seeing yourself as something close of being a freak of nature? Isn’t that right?

Luna: Yeah.

Zeke: You could never be a freak. I don’t think of you as one and if you were to have blue hair… I wouldn’t even call you one. Because it would take one to know one. You would never be a freak to me, Luna. You could for some reason happen to just look quite like the whore of babylon and i wouldn’t call you a freak. I’d understand anything you were to tell me. I might not always condone it. but i would understand it.

Luna: *A little stung but also grateful and touched by hearing Zeke’s sincerity* Thanks… I guess. That’s one way of expressing it. I didn’t really think of it like that. but you know… now knowing that i could have stayed as a blue haired girl and with powers. and looking like i was part cat. I believe that i made a mistake being asked to be all human. I know that you are in love with me. But i am with Martin. He might be treating you poorly. but You can’t ever pull from your first love.

Zeke: I know. You love Martin. But Question your heart and ask it… Does Martin love you as much as you love him if he is always questioning your loyalty and making you choose who to have as friends and not allowing you to make your own friends. Like me?

Luna: *Thinking a little* You know… you have a point. You have a point. I love Martin. I love him so much. But i have to start to wonder if he’s loving me as much as i do him if he is constantly trying to tell me how to be… telling me who to have as a friend. I don’t know why i don’t ponder about it. I mean that at the romantic date i had with Martin I had my pack with me. But i made him somehow think that they were yours. not mine. But I don’t think that he’s gonna buy it forever. He’s getting wise and i don’t know if he’s gonna say anything about it to anyone. I think that tomorrow…we should look for our own friends.

Zeke: What do you mean? You mean… Leave the ones like Penelope, Jake, Jennifer, Karen, Irene and Beth?  Luna, they are your friends. You surely can’t be implying that you ditch them. Can you?

Luna: No. But i don’t really know as if we can trust them. Who’s to know if Martin hasn’t already contacted the others and told them about the pack i have. They might put 2 and 2 together and well… you figure it out. what do you think they’d even think?

Zeke: They might not even think about it. There would be just a misunderstanding. Luna… I think that to set the record straight… you might want to think about telling them about what is going on.. They might not want to know at the time… but maybe they should be told that there is something going on between you and me. Not romance. not in this way… Not like this. I want this to be right. But if you happen to not tell them that you are possibly diving into the same habit as i have. If they were to find out all on their own… and come with their own theory… you really think that you will be able to cover it up. That pack of smokes are yours. I gave them to you. as you’ve asked. And you didn’t even have to pay. I did it as a favor. I am your friend. not a drug cartel.

Luna: I sure hope that no one overheard that.

Zeke: I am sure that no one did. They’re all preoccupied with their conversations and their own speeches.

A moment later…

Tess: *On Stage; Speaking to the guests* Good Evening… I’m Tess Mercer. The host of this Fundraiser. Heal The abused and damaged Minors. In a trying world we have all known the abused. They come from broken homes. Broken homes with broken dreams. Lost drive to go further because of the Abuse that they were given by the two most influential people in the Child’s life.Big small… fat or thin. Young or old. An abused Child has years of torment ahead because of the memories they have of the abuse. The abuse whether it be brief or ongoing. It is a remaining stain on them as they never forget it. But this Fundraiser is for the Abused minors. the ones who should have had love given and shown. although they weren’t. The heal the Abused and damaged Minors foundation. is all about giving the minors who were abused. Physically beaten… Emotionally scarred. Mentally hurt. and even the worst of all… the most incurable sort of abuse as it steals their innocence from them. leaving them to be never the same again… Sexual abuse. this foundation lives and exists to solely grant them a stepping stone to a new fresh start. A brighter path than the ones they were put on from the abuse. This is their moment. to be better. And we have two of the abused minors here tonight as the highlights of this Foundation. The cure will not happen over night. but will be gradual and a long path. With the generous and grateful donations to the Foundation…. we have made 19 million dollars. Our two highlights in the Audience… Give a warm heartfelt applause To 13 years olds… Luna Rhapsody and Zeke Mansfield.

The crowd grants out an applause. and suddenly within seconds the spotlight shines on Luna and Zeke. Luna looked at everyone and smiled. She was touched by the grand applause. It was coming from the fact that they all knew that she was abused. and she didn’t really like the idea that it part of the fundraiser to be put on the spot. However she was grateful that people were caring and seeking on doing the right thing. Zeke looked around and just grinned. he couldn’t get why he’d get a standing ovation for being an abused minor. He didn’t do anything that was either worthy to be accepted. But he didn’t let it get to his head. Luna and Zeke walked on up to the stage and looked at the crowd before grabbing gently the Microphone…

Luna: *Speaking to the crowd* Thank you. You’re all so kind. It is an honor to be here but also a risk as i am related to the family who have a lot of heroic members. Like Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress just to name a few. I used to be a hero too… but i matured and grew out of it. But i used to be a hero… a Sailor Senshi.

Man: *Remembering who she is* Hey! Sailor Luna… Over here! I was one of the ones you’ve saved in the past. I remember you. You and your sisters all saved me from that growling snarling creature.

Luna: *Blushes* Awwww! Why thank you for remembering that. That was one of my proudest moments. being able to save someone. Not just fight Evil all the time. But that was before. Now i am just as you see. An Abused Asian girl. I am just an abused girl. I was abused by a grandmother who i thought would love me and never hurt. me… but i came to find out that i was wrong about her.She did. The Abuser was none other than Grandma Rikku Rhapsody. She sent me to bed a few nights without supper. She would call me things like Stupid. Lame… a pathetic excuse. and an undesirable human being. It hurt me and made me feel as though i ought to be dead. I almost started to end it. But i didn’t. i remembered what my family had told me. to not let things like that get to me so much. I didn’t. i just refrained from doing it. plus because i had a love as well. Like a boy Named Martin Marco…

Woman: Martin Marco? That stuck up kid? He is judgmental to people. I remember last month when there was an attack going on in the City. I asked him for help. I thought that he would help. But he just went past me like he didn’t even see me.

Luna: Oh no! You poor thing. What’s your name?

Woman: Meredith Ginsberg. I am a worker for the Metropolis Public Library . I am one of the workers there.

Luna: It’s gonna be okay. I will set him straight. I promise.

Woman: Thank you Luna. You always were so kind and thoughtful. Even if you do change… you’re always gonna be very well loved by us..

Luna: Thank you. But it was the support and the love of my family and friends that helped me pull on through. I of course didn’t feel as though i would be able to live down the abuse. and i didn’t. I have nightmares of the abuse that i was subjected to. I was with the nightmares and they won’t stop.

Zeke: *Speaking* I am also with the abuse that was done on me. Mines was Sexual abuse. The worse type of abuse that a minor can ever endure. I took up a habit when i was only 7 because of the abuse that was done on me. It was never like this in the beginning. In the beginning it was all fine. I had a loving home… my parents were loving. they cared. it was just as it should have been. I was happy. then one day my mother started going out behind my fathers back with this sex pistol of a man. It wasn’t like i knew… but i just heard about him in just one line each time he was brought up She would avoid it. One afternoon something happened. She was just at home and getting ready for a date. with a friend. but the friend was that sex pistol. They hung out and just talked… but i to this day don’t really know how much talking was involved. I really don’t know who started the intimacy moment first. Her and the guy. My father god rest his ever innocent soul. He just happened to come walking in one afternoon and caught my mother in bed with another guy. It turned into a heated argument and my father left. never came back to my mother. She kept me away from him. but i couldn’t say anything. It was my word against hers. She however spent no time looking for someone else to be with. and did. that is where my Stepfather came in. and of course… my real father. the one that left… He died of a broken heart 5-6 months after leaving my mother. But no one knew. My mother never told me and i had to find out the hard way. My mother didn’t care. she didn’t care about him at all. Just about getting herself laid by all the men that wanted her body and lusted after her. There was no funeral. No service, at all for him. I lost the only parent that ever cared about me that day on the day that my father died. It was to get better from there as my mother said. So i was made to think it to be true and believe it. But it didn’t. It got worse. Because it was from there that  it got worse and the Abuse began. And i was 4-5 years old when one night… i was sleeping. Just Innocently and not thinking about anything except for peaceful things. like any young little kid would be thinking about. I was just sleeping. unaware that something was being done to me. I didn’t know about it at first because i didn’t feel it. I mean… why would i. I didn’t even understand what was going on. and i was asleep so i definitely wouldn’t know about what was going on. My mother was climbing on me and she did the one thing that would make any mother cringe and just puke their ever loving hearts out. My mother attempted to Molest me. She got on me and made moves. All the raunchy moves possible. and i didn’t even feel it. There is a thing about me that not even she knew and no one knows. I am a sound sleeper. If i were to fall asleep right now and i mean just Snooze. I wouldn’t be able to hear a thing. You could set off a nuclear bomb off and i’d never hear it. never. But if there was someone i happened to care alot about… and they were in trouble. i would wake up faster than a Jumping Jackrabbit. Well… Anyway… She tried to molest me. And would try it many times. but each time. failed as i had on strong pants that would be taking a bit to try to unzip. She got close many times. and there was one time when she actually penetrated and it was enough to tear away my innocence. i was violated and i didn’t know it. But i do remember crying when i woke up hours after it was all done. I cried and asked why it would have to be me that got it. I cried. But out of all that. I was also beaten too. By my stepfather. He would beat me. Beat me most of the time for no reason other than to just beat me. I would be left with marks all over my body. i have marks all over my body from the beatings. I would get beat. And it got so bad that by age 7… i took up a habit. I didn’t even like it. but i did it. to cover and mask all the pain that was done on me. But the nightmares still got to me. I did the habit since then and i still do it. I left the Prostitute Whore-monger mother of mine and the bastard of a Stepfather. I made sure that i left them by emancipating myself from them. I didn’t think twice. But it didn’t help. Each step i took away from them… i still felt them as they were still flowing through my mind. Still plaguing me with the nightmares… the memory of what they had done to me. All that they had done on me.

Zeke couldn’t finish the tale… he got off stage and walked out of the building and went out where there was no one watching. Luna followed along with him and felt rather terrible for him. She wanted to be there for him. but for the pain that he was feeling. There was nothing she could really do. She knew that she could speak to him… but that was an iffy.

But when the fundraiser was over, Luna ans Zeke were taken back home. Luna shockingly Kissed Zeke on the lips before he got out and he smiled and thanked her for a swell evening even though the mention of what he had done to him made it feel not so pleasant. Luna got to Dinah and Shingo’s house around Midnight and barely got in and changed into her Night gown when she heard the Answering machine go off and played the messages and it was Martin. Then Jake.

Martin: *On Answering machine* “I don’t know know what’s gotten into you as of late. but i am not about to just give up. I am still with you, Luna. I love you. And what i saw you with today and what they were… i am gonna pretend that i didn’t see them and that you don’t have them. I know that Zeke is making you do all this. I know that he’s trying to make you like him. I don’t care what he’s telling you. I don’t even want to know. But i will tell you this. Either you stop seeing him or your secret will be told to your sisters and you will never be allowed to see Zeke. I am not like that. I would never make you choose like that. But i will do what i have to in order to protect you and keep you safe from any harm. Even harm that comes from a boy that you don’t even know. I Love you Luna. I just want you happy. That’s all that matters to me is that you’re happy. Night.

Jake: *on Answering Machine* “Luna, I just heard from Martin. He told me about the situation and i can’t say as i will fault him for how he is acting towards you or how you’re being to him. But Zeke has got to go. We know that you’re trying to help him. we see it. but you are getting too wrapped into his world. We don’t like Zeke. We don’t necessarily hate him either. We will support your decision about keeping Zeke around. We understand. But in honest opinion… he has to be cut loose and let go before his problems become your problems. You got your own set of issues. Don’t allow for his problems to become yours. You got other things to worry about. Worrying about Zeke’s problems as well as your own is not helping you any better. it’s making things really complicated for you and you need better than that. You should be better than that. I Won’t say anything about it to anyone. Friends are close and there for one another. But You still need to heed warning about Zeke. For your own good and everyone else’s as well. You take it easy, Luna. Catch you at school tomorrow.. Remember… “Choose your battles wisely” 

Luna then went to her room and got to bed. She put on a movie and went right to sleep. She didn’t even check to see if her pack was in the one box that she had her old stuff inside.

At the Metropolis University…


Room #349…

Pearl and Jack were watching a movie and were just talking but that was after they just made the connection. They finally had their moment of Intimacy. It was a romantic night. Star didn’t even seem to mind it as she was all for it. It was a romantic night for Pearl and Jack. It was a night of bliss. Star focused more on her work and on the assignments that she had for her final. Pearl and Jack by that time were already done and were talking….

Pearl: Jack, Tonight has been the most Magical night ever. I can’t even begin to describe it. I just can’t get it in words because it was so romantic and like a total dream come true. It was a dream come true in ever way. Jack. For a wintry spirit…  You sure do move like a wild animal and were really ferocious.

Jack: I wanted tonight to be just perfect for you, Pearl. I Love you. i would not do anything like this if i didn’t. i love you. You are the woman of my life. My heart and soul.

Pearl: Awwww! *Kissing Jack on the lips* You are so wonderful. How is it that i was even worthy to have such a wonderful guy in my life. Someone like you. You’re so sweet.

Jack: I can be as sweet as you want me to be. We just had our moment and i think that the part where you could become pregnant. that’s what’s scaring me most of all. Not that i wouldn’t want to have a baby with you. Maybe 2- 3 or 5. I just don’t think it would be like right to have that happen now. At least till after the threat known as Trigon is all put to rest.

Pearl: Scath is making us put our lives on hold and focus on him almost all the time. I mean… what is it with him? He’s just some Demon who just so happens to get his kicks off of trying to turn the world into a cesspool of hell and brimstone. Jack… I want to retire from the fighting. and just be with you. I just want to be with you.

Jack: I know. And i want to be with you too… But we have a duty. But i’ll tell you what. After this threat. If you truly want to retire from the hero work… then we will no matter what. No questions. we’ll be done with it and settle for a normal life. and just focus on raising a family and being a just like normal souls.

Pearl: Really?

Jack: You bet. All i wish is that you remain happy. You are gonna be made happy. I won’t settle for anything less than that.

Star: *Overhearing and Texting secretly to Christie and Dinah* “Pearl thinking about quitting the team after current threat. What do you plan to do?”

Dinah: *By text* “If that is what she wants… then it is her choice.”

Star: *Replying* “But it can’t be right. IT can’t be right. There are more threats than just the Intergalactic Demon. Giving up is not something that any of you guys can afford. What about your kids? What would they think?”

Dinah: *Text* “It is about time that we all retire from the hero work ourselves. After this current threat. We’re all thinking on retiring the work and be normal.”

Star: *Text* “But why? Dinah… Scath isn’t the only dead pan out there. What are you gonna do if your kids get targeted by the evil forces? Are you gonna just sit and watch? You can’t be just giving it all up. Not just like that. Your kids would not want that. They’re gonna be proud of you being heroes. Dinah…  your kids are okay with it. We all saw their future selves. And they were all fine with it.”

Dinah: *Text* “I know, star. but it’s time.”

Star: *Text* “Time for what?”

Dinah: *Text* “It’s time to be with a normal livelihood. A person can only be a hero for so long before they have to think on giving it up and earn a normal livelihood. It’s not like we won’t miss it. We will… but it’s just time that we moved on and stepped into the future. Besides You and Pearl are planning up the Fashion store. That has to be your bread and butter. It’s the only thing that should matter. Nothing else. Star… Hero work is fun and it is a life of excitement. but we know that all good things must sadly eventually come to an end.”

Star continues to text while Pearl and Jack talk and discuss some ideas and some changes for the future… They knew that there was still the prospect of the Evil Demon being out and highly influential was still a big problem. An issue that was growing to be a huge mess. A complete mess that was just moving to get worse than what it already had.

Room #320…

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* Shit… What the hell are we gonna do? That red Demon is gonna come and the one we’re all seeking to keep under protection… Raven. She’s the frickin’ portal. She’s the one who’s gonna be letting that big red bastard out.

Lenard: I don’t really know what to tell you, Flamers… I wish that i had an idea to say or speak by you. I really do. but there is nothing that can be done.

Prince Alvin: But Raven is the portal. and that seance… that Incantation. the Prophecy. “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire. The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim… he comes to sire… the end of all things mortal.” That isn’t just a pick-up line.

Lenard: I know. It is enough to get anyone’s blood to curdle. It has mines Curdling and twinging in fear as well as dread.

Prince Alvin: Alice is terrified. She is afraid to sleep after hearing that Raven just explained the mark and told what it was about.

Lenard: What? She spoke of it?

Prince Alvin: What do you think? *Standing and walking over to the window; looking out and groans in frustration* Yes. Lenard. she spoke of it. Raven spoke of the end of the world possibility. She is the Gem. The portal that will unleash the big red bastard. Lenard… in a few weeks i am probably gonna be aiding another stake out at the Abandoned quarry inside that secret tunnel where my cousin Luna and her boyfriend Martin discovered the mark of scath for the 1st time. It is not a coincidence that the mark is there. It didn’t just happen out of nowhere.

Lenard: *Confused* What are you talking about, Man? Are you truly trying to get me to believe that there is something as bad as this guy… Scath? What would a mark be doing on this earth without a reason behind it?

Prince Alvin: *Looking back at Lenard* It isn’t like that and you know it. Scath isn’t a man. He’s a demon. An intergalactic Demon. he is said to be the equivalent to Satan himself. You know about Lucifer, Raphael… the Demonic spirits and Prophets. right?

Lenard: I think that everyone with a religious heart would know of their names and of the very idea that Demons such as Lucifer and Raphael and Damien… Exist. So yes. I know them… What’s the point?

Prince Alvin: Well… Scath is much worse. Much much worse than that.

Lenard: I have no clue on what the deal is… but i am officially convinced that you believe all of this craziness. I believe that you are in need of help. But i also think that you’re needing a consoling bud to listen and help you come to terms that it’s all a dream…

Voice: *As Scath* You Pitiful mortal… you will think it wise to believe that i am real. I am coming and the world of Mortals will be MINE!

Lenard: *Startled* What the hell was that? What the bloody hell was that?

Prince Alvin: That was Scath. The Intergalactic Demon in all the demonic glory. That was Scath. Trigon the Terrible.

Lenard: Oh god. that is it… I am freaking now. That is so twisted. I can’t believe that i just managed to hear the voice. That demonic Voice. What ever it was… I can’t believe that i had to hear that voice. That Voice was not normal. It was beyond that of being normal.

Prince Alvin: Tell that to my brothers and to the others. the girls all are fearing it. Paige, Pearl and Dinah all know about the voice and are aware of it. They heard about the Demon. We all did. We heard about it since last year when more of the clues behind Raven was being unraveled. But it was since that time when that Secret tunnel was discovered and that mark was first seen. That’s when it all started to become unraveled. It started to come to light and it just got more worse… There is more to it than just that. Remember when we were all at Dinah’s Wedding? Remember? That great Maw of creatures, Shadow Creatures and a mass Swarm of Demonic Fire creatures. Possible Minions of Scath? Remember that?

Lenard: I happen to remember that. It’s still very fresh because that attack came just out of nowhere.

Prince Alvin: Well… Those were real. They came. and they were the apparent beginning of a grand stand for Scath. Scath is getting closer. Closer.

Lenard: *Sighs* …. *Looking at Prince Alvin* Okay… Dude… I get the point. But let’s just say that for argumentative purposes that the demon does exist and he’s real. that he is said to show up sometime soon and start wreaking trouble throughout the 4 corners of the planet and turn it into a planetary wasteland that is nothing but stone… and hellfire… Then what? Let’s just say that for some odd reason… it comes right through here… right now as we’re talking. What then? Are you certain that it can be stopped? If it can be stopped at all.

Prince Alvin: That is what i don’t know. I don’t think that anyone can stop him. But i know that we have to try and do something. If there is a chance to stop him… we’re taking it.

A few minutes later…

Lenard: I kept one of the Pizza’s warm for you. It’s not all that hot as it should be. But it’s at least warm and has the fresh baked aroma…

Prince Alvin: Thanks for looking out. It’s been a very eventful night.

Lenard: It’s no problem. Besides… You had to of been starving and in need of something to eat. You sure seemed as though you didn’t even have dinner at all. I mean… passing Dinner time is one thing but going to bed without anything to eat and just going hungry… That’s something else.

However in Room #330…

Alice: That Prophecy is terrible.

Paige: What about the Anti-hero movement broadcast… The one we heard on the Radio.

Radio: *As Patricia R. Loyd* “These Vigilantes run the streets. In packs. They even breed with their own law and think our laws and rules don’t apply to them.  one of them bred and popped out 3 kids. the rest of them will make the attempt next and more of them will be flooding our proud city. We must take back our City streets. These Vigilantes like the Rhapsody Girls Z! Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress. The girls of Love, Grace and Fury. You wanna know what they really stand for… ? DISGRACE, MENACE AND NUISANCE! We have Vigilantes as well like to call them selves the Enforcers of Justice.. The Rhapsody Brothers. With their captain being their Alpha Male. Their leader. Prince Alvin. Earth to Prince Alvin. Lose the untrue title. You are not royalty. You’re just A FREAK! A Menace. A Leader of a team of freaks who think that they’re all above the law. If you’re the enforcers of Justice. then where is your Badge? Where is your SQUAD CAR? Your Handcuffs and 9MM gun and Night stick? Where? All you do is spread a web of anarchy and devastation. People… I know that these are dark times… and heroes are needed now more than ever. But that’s what we have the Police force for. The firemen. The Medical personnel and the Doctors. The Military men and women who serve our country for. We don’t need the Vigilantes. The super- powered freaks. We need to take a stand against them. Run them off and out of town. out of our fair proud city. Time to take back our city. Time to take back our city and exterminate the Vigilantes. This is Patricia R. Loyd. the Prophet of divination and the preserver of the American Dream reminding you to Stay strong and look up to the American dream. Believe in the power of the Red, White and Blue.”

Alice: *Scoffs and with Disgust* Great… Just wonderful. Now you and the others are all public menaces of the city. That’s just wonderful. How the hell are you gonna do your heroic duties now? Huh? Now you and the others will have to go into hiding. That is just fantastic. So much for human faith in the heroes who try to inspire hope,

Paige: Let it go, Alice. It’s done.They want to follow a hero hater. then you know what. That is their loss… I always did want to be a romance writer. So… I’ll just stick to writing romance novels. It’s not that bad. I wouldn’t be so worried. It’s not like i don’t have a fall back.

Alice: Oh… So you’re gonna cower because of one pathetic bitch on the Radio calling you out to be a Vigilante and trashing everything that you stand for? You and your sisters are ones who fought for what was right. If you give it up… then that will mean that you didn’t fight for what was right. You fought because you thought that it’d be wonderful to get the glory and the spectacle. Being a hero is not about that. And you know it. It’s about being the light for those who don’t know where to turn. What about your sister Luna, Huh? What about her? Since the lady has attacked you… and your sisters Pearl and Dinah and your cousins… Are you gonna just sit and hide in the shadows and watch as she possibly gets targeted by the people who are targeting you? Huh?

Paige: *Dramatic* No. But what do you expect us to do, Huh? What?! You heard that lady on the Radio. It’s all over. Lots of people all listen to her. They listen to her and are all for her word and her point of views. It’s over. It’s already fact that they don’t even want us around. They all turned on us.

Alice: Well… Do what you do best. Fight back. Fight back. Come out fighting and prove that you and your sisters aren’t the Vigilantes and that you are with the law. Show that woman off. Make her eat those words and lose her credibility.

Paige: How?

Alice: By going out there and getting back into the game.

Paige: I lost the passion of going out there and being a hero of the city. You want to resume the hero work. that’s fine. You can be their new leader. But i’m not. The Rhapsody Girls Z! can have a new Leader. Miss Love is forever civilian from this day forward. You can hate me for it. you can even disagree. But i am done. I am tired of tearing myself up for ungrateful people. I gave up my normal life and my dreams when i was 11. doing what the people all wanted. Heroes. A real hero. But as the Radio is doing is turning the people against us and you know the bitch of it? They’re all falling for it. Every last one of them.

Alice: You’re being so stubborn.

Paige: So what? You want to be wrapped in a losing battle? Go for it. I’m done. *Laying down and covering up* Good night. *Going to sleep*

At the Daily Planet…

Trixie: That woman was attacking my Nieces good name. making them out to be Vigilantes. The nerve of that woman. Who the hell does she even think she is? Some big shot who is just a low grade worker or radio blowhart who is trying anything to make a name for herself. Someone should send her sleeping with the fishes.

John: I agree. I really agree. That woman is just a Venom spreader. Her words are like poison and disease.

Kris: It’s music to my ears. This city is full of other issues. but all it ever wants to talk about are those Vigilantes who are making off like they own the city. It’s that Lois Lane that started it all two years ago. She and her whole brigade of supporting the Vigilantes. Well… that woman’s brigade is gonna stop. Patricia Loyd is gonna help us reclaim the streets and the city. Chase these vigilantes out of the city. Put them away and lock them up. Like rats.

Trixie: *Looking up and over at the reporter close by* Excuse me? The heroes are Vigilantes? Says who? You? That fuckin’ bitch Patricia Loyd?

Kris: Says everyone. We are all sick of these heroes. Namely those girls who call themselves the Rhapsody Girls Z! And the Rhapsody Brothers. These Vigilantes who think that they are so above the law and are working under their own Agenda. They say that they’re here to serve us… but what they are really trying to do is take over the City.

John: That is so not the truth. *Standing up to Kris* That bitch on the Radio is just a grubby glory hound. Nothing more. These heroes are what this city needs. Taking them away will only hurt the city. But with you supporting that bitch on the Radio and her spewing that bullshit. It just only comes to prove that you and her are too damn stupid to see the heroes for what they can do. and for what they have done for the city.  When this City was being attacked by creatures sent by a Drule. Who saved this City from those creatures and that Drule? The Military? EEEEHHHH! Wrong! It was the girls. they saved us. When we had an Evil Queen named Beryl trying to rewaken the Great Evil Metaria. and drive the world to hell… Who saved us? The Girls and the 4 boys. When we were being near ruled by Major/General Zod. Who was the one almost getting themselves killed and were near death while trying to defeat Zod? Was it it the precious Military? No. IT was the Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody Brothers and the included known heroes., Black Canary, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Stargirl, and a few others to join in on the fight. Where were the Military then? Huh? Where? I will tell you where they were. No where. those heroes are the reasons why you and everyone here are living safe and free. So you and that glory hound whore on the radio can go on doing whatever bullshit that you’re doing. So you want to spread that Vigilante bullshit. do it somewhere else. We don’t want to hear it. Say anymore of it and we’ll shove that spoon fed pile of happy horse shit down your throat so hard that by time we’re done… you’ll wish that you never heard of Vigilantes or heroes or anything about this City.

Kris: *Looking at John* You want to be a supporter of them? Fine. You’ll just be going down with them.

John: Wanna bet, Bitch? Just try it. *Standing up and getting in Kris’s face and looking her straight in the eye* You even try anything and it hurts my grandsons and son. or my family in any way. You and i will throw down. Job be damned. Woman be damned. and i will see to it that the Bitch you’re listening to takes this as a hint. You don’t fuck with people tougher and or stronger than you. Unless you want to be bruised to an inch of your life. Someone will only see to make you eat that bullshit that you are spewing.

Kris: *Storming off with anger and fury* This isn’t over. Those Vigilantes are going down. Anti-hero Movement will triumph.

Trixie: Oh yeah! We’ll just see about that lady…

The next Day….

Monday February 15th 2027…

Metropolis Middle School…

Front gate…

Luna: Hey Martin. *Smiles* Morning.


Martin: Morning Luna.

Luna: Cold Morning out isn’t it?

Martin: Not really.

Jake: Oh yeah. Sure it’s not. It was cold at my house this morning. It was terrible. The house took forever to heat up a little bit. I almost froze to death. So… not cold this morning. Try telling that to my house.

Martin: It isn’t that cold. It’s your body temperature. It’s just telling you that your body is trying to wake up completely and it’s cold because it’s still partially asleep.

Jake: That is nothing. Try being in a house that is ice cold. That is worse.

Martin: Vincent’s house is well insulated. But the heating systems do act up every so often.

Luna: Really? So does mine. I mean Dinah’s and Shingo’s house. I started noticing it when Dinah and Shingo held a house warming party for the house that we live in. but the strangest thing about that is just that i thought that it was just me. But Shingo was home last night. I don’t know what time he got in but when i got home… from this fundraiser… there was no one home at all. Just me. I was the only one home. But the problem was that he came out this morning shivering. He said that it was something to do with the heater in the house. How it wasn’t kicking on or something. It made me feel kinda relieved that he was feeling it and that it was not just me. I for a while thought that i was going crazy.

Jake: You’re not going crazy, Luna. Besides… if you were… you’d be drooling by now. You’re not drooling. At least not that i can see.

Martin: I am not crazy either.

Jake: There is also something else that we need to speak about.

Luna: *Curious but a little weary* There is?

Karen: *Walking over with Jennifer and Beth* You mean… like the Reaching Radio Broadcast? I know. I heard it and i am by far Outraged.

Jennifer: Same here. That lady on the Radio was bashing on the heroes. She thinks that the heroes are Vigilantes and should be chased right out of the city. I Really don’t find that the least bit funny. I really don’t.

Beth: I myself find it to be bad karma for the Vigilante Registration act to be even brought up. I don’t find it the least bit funny what so ever. It’s so much a Bill to cover a person’s fool and ignorance.

Luna: I agree. I just worry on what it will mean for my sisters and Cousins.

Karen: What do you mean?

Jake: What do you think it’d mean? My father is Right now in Washington and he’s been overhearing a couple people mention a name. Someone named Slade Stalin.

Martin: Huh? Who’s he?

Luna: Is he a Military type man?

Jake: uh, I can’t say. But from what my father tells me… he’s a Military man. but he is also rumored to be a Military War Criminal. That’s just going without saying. But there is a few people who refer him as a nickname. “Deathstroke”

Luna: I don’t think that i’d like to know about him or even hear that a person like him even exists.

Zeke: Yeah. *Walking over* I woke up this morning and on my way out to my Motorcycle… the guy that i am living above Provided me with a read of the daily paper. It had something about the General and from how it sounds… it’s not good…

Luna: *Smiles* Morning Zeke.

Zeke: Morning Luna. Martin. Karen, Jennifer, Jake. Beth.

Karen: Morning Zeke.

Zeke: *Looking around* Where is everyone? Is there even school today? it doesn’t seem to look as though anyone’s around.

Luna: *Looking around to see for herself* Hmm… that’s odd. There is hardly anyone around.  *Looking at Martin and Jake* Zeke’s got a bit of a point. There is no one here. I think there’s a little problem.

Martin: We’re a little too early i think. That’s what it is beginning to appear.It is pretty quiet here. too quiet.

Luna: Should we just go on ahead inside and see if there are signs of people?

Jake: I agree with Luna… Let’s go inside and check it out. Something doesn’t sound right.

Inside the school a few minutes later…

Penelope: *Sitting down and just reading on for class* It’s early. You guys are like early to rise. You guys aren’t trying to be over achievers are you?

Jake: No. We were out by the front gates and didn’t see anyone.

Penelope: That would explain the uncommon quietness that seems to be here today.  Or maybe it’s just a slow day.

Luna: Not too slow, i hope.

Zeke: If it does happen to be slower… there might be a bit of means to consider that there might just be no school today. But if that was the case. Wouldn’t the school have mentioned something about it to us last week?

Penelope: You know… For a bit of a loner… You’re on to something, Zeke. If there was to be no school today… it would have to be within the best interest of us… the students. and it would have to be with the obligations and the responsibility of the teachers to inform us as to whether or not there was to be no school on the 15th.  Maybe they figure that this is still the weekend. Which it can’t be. Because yesterday was the 14th and it was Sunday.

Karen: Okay… *Wondering and feeling like there is something odd* So… where are the others?

Teen: *Walking over from the side* It’s only 6:10 in the morning. You guy are seriously early. Way Early.

Beth: *Looking to see the Teen* Who’re you?

Teen: Ted Callahan. I am a movie fanatic. But i am also a philosophical speaker. Plus very devout on the prospect of what’s right and wrong.

Luna: You’re not a hard ball, are you?

Ted: Not really. I am just very responsible. And i know about you and Zeke. I’ve seen you two together. But i just pass it off as friends because you and he were doing things that good friends would do.

Zeke: *Skeptical* You didn’t just somehow think on spying on us… did you?

Ted: Me? No. I may be suspicious of people sometimes. but spying isn’t my cup of tea. I don’t fancy that at all.

Luna: *Smiles* That’s sweet.

Karen: Ted, Have you heard anything about the V.R.A?

Ted: Huh? The V.R.A? I haven’t really heard much about that. But i did hear that there was a Bill being made to put a vice grip on the heroes.

Beth: That would be the V.R.A dear.

Jake: That’s what the V.R.A is about. It’s a bill that is designed to force the Heroes to Register. Or they’ll get hunted. But also for the ones who do Register… they don’t know the real purpose of the V.R.A.  It’s to collect them and then kill them off one by one.

Jennifer: Something tells us that it’s better or a relief that Luna is no longer part of the heroic persuasion. Because if she were still part of that… She’d be targeted too.

Luna: Chances are that i still could be. because even though i am no longer one of the fighters… I can still be targeted because in the Eyes of the V.R.A  If you have ever had any ties to being a hero even for a brief time. You are still subject to being targeted. I could be spotted by any of those V.R.A Followers and supporters.

Martin: Well… we won’t let that happen. Not ever.

Zeke: Oh yeah… and what are you gonna do to stop them? Blast them to death with your Cynicism and wit?

Martin: Actually no. But with something else. Don’t worry. Just know that i will make sure that there is no one coming after Luna. None of the heroes that we know have a habit. That’ll save her for the time being even though i don’t like the habit.

Zeke: Martin… you are not making any sense whatsoever.

Penelope: No one is… Early morning and we got much on our minds. We need better focus.

Jake: *With Jennifer* Amen!

4 hours later…

at the Metropolis University….

Law Concepts and perceptions 3…

Prof. Starling: This week class is the final’s There will be a lot of work to be given and done this week. No lectures. Just a reminder that as you venture the waters of law and embark to understand the law and uphold it. Always remember that Laws can always be adhered to be corrupted by people to suit their needs and insist it to be for the common good of the people.

Tess: *walking in* I hope that Luthorcorp isn’t one of those that you speak of. It has changed its ways since the blunder of the Solar tower. It’s been two years since then and it’s steered itself into a more positive light.

Prof. Starling: *Looking over to see Tess* Ah… Mrs. Mercer. What brings you here to our happy sweet and hard working family?

Tess: Nothing too concerning really. But i do have to remind that talks of Luthorcorp is to be refrained from. Although… that isn’t the main reason that i have come here…

Prof. Starling: Oh? What was the official reason to this visit?

Tess: To inform that if there is any super powered students in here… they might want to hang up their power belts and assume a Civilian life for a while. There is City wide manhunt for the Vigilantes right now. It is not safe now for them. There is a General coming to Metropolis. It’s General Slade Stalin. He is coming to Metropolis and will be here by the end of this month. He isn’t said to act out with the first motion of lockdown on the heroes till the end of next month possibly no later than the beginning of the month after next.

Christie: *Overhearing the announcement and looking at Dinah* Dinah… *Talking quietly to Dinah* Dinah… we’re screwed. If that general is really coming to Metropolis… We’re screwed.He is gonna press harder and push the Envelope deeper than it has been pushed before.

Dinah: *Sighs* We can’t just give in to their demands. It won’t ever end there. it will only get worse. Not better. We have to fight it.

Christie: How? How are we gonna do that? That General is gonna be hard to take down. You know well enough that he’s probably got a crack shot team of protectors who would guard him and save him from any attack that might be done onto him. They’d see you try to attack before you could even loom a shot at him.

Dinah: What do i look like to you? A coward?

Christie: No. You sure don’t look like a coward. But you’re talking about going into enemy territory and going in to handle the General. That is a risky idea. General Slade will only move to kill you. He is a War Criminal.

Dinah: I am not gonna just sit and cower. If we don’t use our abilities to stand up to these Evil people and make things right as they should be… Then what is the point in having these abilities or powers? I am not a coward and i know for sure that if my kids were here… and they saw that their mother… Me. was cowering from the threat of a Tyrant such as the General. That War Criminal… What would that tell them. That when things are tough… Quit. and cower under the radar and let the wrong win? Not gonna happen.

Christie: How do you want to do it then?

Dinah: It’s simple… What we need to do first is…

In the English Literature section of the University…

English Literature 34…

Paige: *Writing more of her book and Thinking about giving up her ties to being one for the people* I am done being a hero. I bust my ass for them all. Did so since i was 11 and the people thank us by just listening to the bullshit Anti-Hero crap on the Radio. Making us the bad guys. The hell with the people. They want to believe bullshit. then they deserve whatever lost hope they get. *Thinking on about her book she’s writing*

Paige was giving up… She felt the betrayal of the people and felt how they turned on her and her sisters. her cousins and pinned them as the Vigilantes. She was not gonna be serving the people anymore.

An hour later…

At the Metropolis University Library…


Megan: *Looking at Summer* What have you heard about the Anti-hero Movement?

Summer: I haven’t been paying much attention to it. I don’t really believe in the Anti-hero movement because all it is; is just hot air. Nothing more. People are following it because they’re losing their way. It’s the talk of corruption and hatred… Mistrust and Anger guiding them into being against the sworn fighters of this City.

Megan: Summer, The fighters are our friends. The Rhapsody Brothers. The Rhapsody Girls Z! They are the fighters. They’re being attacked by the V.R.A. They have already broad-casted a Radio message last night.

Summer: Wait…  Now that you are bringing up the subject… Prince Alvin’s girl came to me this morning… about an hour and a half ago. She told me something about Paige quitting the hero business and vowing to stay Civilian from now on. Saying that she’s been betrayed by the people of the City and spat in her face by believing the untrue remarks that were coming from the Anti-hero propaganda speaker. After everything her and her sisters had done for them all. Since she and her sisters were 11. She felt betrayed.

Megan: Paige is letting that radio message get to her that bad and allowed it to push her into giving up the very thing that she had pride in doing? *Scoffs* Paige ought to know better than that. She can’t let something like that get to her that badly. It will just be making it all worse. She knows that the people are going for what the Anti-hero publicity hound is saying because it was grabbing and convincing. They knew when someone was saying something that would get their attention. The people have a little mistrust with the heroes… but it’s not really them who are at fault. They’ve been marked by some symbol. A Mark that was… well… Demonic.

Summer: That still doesn’t explain why Alice felt like she was losing closeness with Paige. When Paige said those things as Alice explained… It was as if  Paige was casting away everyone and everything that had to do with the hero work.

Megan: …

Summer: It was like…

Megan: Like she was rejecting a part of her that made her who she was meant to be.

Summer: That is not like Paige. we know her enough. Prince Avery tells me enough about her that i know when Paige is just really shook and conflicted. Paige is conflicted and is just imagining the people purposely betraying her. and the heroes by turning on them. I think that it’s gonna get even more out there before long.

Megan: Are you sure on that?

Summer: Either that or Paige is really done with the hero persona. She was sounding serious as ever from what Alice was telling me. I feel bad for her. I really do.

Megan: As do i.


Tess: *Walking by* Excuse me… Would you two know about what’s going on with the girls?

Summer: Not really. Only that Paige is vowing to quit being one of the heroes due to feeling betrayed by the people for their believing the words being spoken by that woman on the Radio last night.

Tess: That is not an option. Paige is not gonna quit it. She has too much staking on it. She and her sisters have too much on it. If they falter… it will be all over. The V.R.A is trying to tear them all apart aside from collecting them and then exterminating them one by one.

Megan: What exactly do you expect us to do about it? We can’t just very well force Paige to reconsider.

Summer: Alice is pretty upset over it. She went to bed in tears over it and then this morning spoke of it to me and was so confused that she just didn’t know what to do or what to really believe. She’s hurt.

Megan: Just hope that Prince Alvin doesn’t find out that Paige is quitting. He won’t be at all happy about it. That is something for certain.

Tess: We need to patch things up. Get Paige to reconsider on coming back to being what she was meant to be.

At the Metropolis Middle school…

At Break…

In the boy’s restroom…

Luna: *In a Stall With Zeke* Zeke, i can’t do this… Not here. Lighting in the boy’s restroom at school. What if someone sees us?

Zeke: No one will see us. I got it all covered. Besides that i got you this Wig that makes you look like a boy.  In here You’re Lawrence. Okay?

Luna: Nice cover.

Out at the field…

Penelope: Where’s Luna?

Martin: I don’t know. But something tells me that she’s with Zeke again and god only knows what she’s really doing with him.

Jake: I can see on looking for her and see if i can find out what she’s doing with Zeke.

Martin: Okay. but be casual. She might be doing something she shouldn’t be doing. if you startle her… she’ll try to hide it or deny it. The thing is to catch her in—

Jake: Catch her in the act.

Ted: Right. i am not gonna be one to spy on her. So…I’ll sit this one out.

Jake went off to go and find Luna and looked everywhere. He looked in one of the boys restrooms and listened for voices. He heard talking in one of the stalls and smelt smoke. He didn’t know who was there but he took a look and saw two guys. smoking. not knowing that one of them was really Luna. Luna however saw Jake and paused and just smiled before going on with what she was doing. She almost gave it away and even though she was able to cover it up… Jake was very suspicious of her. Not as though he didn’t trust her. But just very curious. He secretly watched as Zeke and Luna did what they were doing not knowing that one of them was really Luna…. As soon as Zeke and Lawrence were out of the restroom. Zeke took off the wig and Luna sighed with relief…

Luna: Zeke, doing what we just did in there… We almost got caught. I think that Jake saw me in there. He looked right at me and i looked right at him. But i played it to where i wasn’t who he was seeing. in there.

Zeke: You want to hang out after school. at my place?

Luna: sure.

Jake: *Overhearing what was being said and walking over* Luna, What were you doing in the boys restroom? You could have gotten caught and Expelled if it were a faculty member. A Janitor. You’re lucky. I won’t say a word. But… just be careful.

Luna: Jake, You’re being really nice about it. I just hope that you won’t tell the others that i have this habit.

Jake: Lips are sealed. I’ll keep it silent. Besides… i know what it’s like to hold a secret. I know how hard it can be.

Zeke: Thanks man. we are very thankful….

Jake: What would Martin say? I mean… that i am not ever gonna say a word of this to him. Ever. But Luna… if you really think that you can be in love and stay with Martin… and not tell him the truth about this… You’re seriously fooling yourself.

Luna: *Sighs* I know. I gotta find some way to tell him. I have to tell him somehow. But later. I am just too scared to confess to him that i happen to have a habit. I can’t let it out.

Jake: Hey. Don’t worry about it. I’ll help cover for you.

Back at the Metropolis University…

At the Dorms…

Room #330…..

Alice: *Watching T.V* Class was out today. There wa no one there.

Finley: You must be lucky. I have a couple classes today lass. i got to get ready to go pretty soon.

Alice: *Trying to not let the outburst of Paige’s get to her* I feel rather bored. *Sighs*

Finley: *Concerned and feeling curious* Hey… Are you okay there, Alice? Something seems to be troublin’ ya.. What’s the matter?

Alice: It’s nothing. It’s just something that Paige said last night.

Finley: Why do you say that, Alice? What was it that she said that got you all quiet and disturbingly silent?

Alice: she said that she was gonna give up being a hero and that she was calling it quits on caring for the people. That she was done with busting her ass for people who were ungrateful. She thinks that she was betrayed by the people because they’re all falling for what that woman on the radio said last night. Everyone went for it and Paige was not happy about it. She was actually fed up.

Finley: She loves being the hero. I think that last night might have just rattled her quite a lot.

Alice: Maybe… but she was so serious when she said that she was done. She said that she was done. her very words were: “Miss Love is done. She is going forever Civilian from now on. If you want to lead the Rhapsody Girls Z! You can. but i am done being the hero. I am not doing it anymore. I did this type of work since age 11. I sacrificed my dreams that i had when i was 11 to do the hero work. What did i get out of all of it? Nothing but betrayal from the very people that i busted myself protecting. Risking my life multiple times for them and the thanks i get for it is that they turn on me on us. Well… i’ve had it. No more. I’m done.” She was serious.

Finley: Do you think that she’s gonna reconsider coming back to the fighting that she does? I mean… don’t a get me wrong… But she’s meant to fight. Her sisters need her.

Alice: I don’t think that she is ever gonna step back in. She’s even locked her power belt away. She didn’t even want to see it.


Paige walks in…

Paige: *Sighs* Class was really long-winded. The teacher kept going on about the final. Like as if i didn’t already know about the final. I knew already. I don’t really sweat it. It’s not hard. It’s just an Essay on The Streetcar named Desire. How hard can it be to do?

Alice: How was class besides that?

Paige: Unproductive. But The teacher did leave us with an option… That we could do an Essay on whatever book from Literature that we wanted… as long as it was part of Literature.

Alice: No danger?

Paige: No… There was– *Pauses* Oh no… Not gonna get me with that side surprise. I meant what i said last night. I am not gonna be a hero anymore. I said i was done. I mean it. Alice. Drop the matter. It’s closed. I am no longer a hero and if you bring it up again… you can look for another roommate. I don’t want to hear about heroes again. I wasted 8 years of my life serving the people and gave up my dreams to make everyone happy. Last night… i realized that how i was being thanked… was by being betrayed. So… i’m done. It’s done.

Alice: Why are you being so violently rejecting towards being the hero that you are? What the hell happened to you last night?

Paige: The radio Broadcast spewing that shit that we heroes were nothing but nuisances and Menaces and the fact that the people were enjoying it and listening to it. believing it. That’s what the hell happened. You want to continue with it?

Alice: Paige! It is not open for debate. You’re a hero. You are getting back on that horse. Period. Your family didn’t raise you to be a damn quitter just because of some damn Radio Broadcast that just so happened to shatter your will to fight. *Walking up to Paige and regrettably Smacking her in the face hard* Wake up!

Paige: *Shaking her head and Groans with a sore* Owwww! What the hell?! Alice, What the hell was that? What the hell did you do that for?

Alice: Paige… Are you back to your senses?

Paige: What senses? The part of being slapped in the face like that?

Alice: *Sighs* You mean that you don’t remember your episode of being someone who has given up on being one of the fighters?

Paige: What do you mean? I was never a fighter.

Alice: Yes. You were. And still are. You’re the leader to your sisters team. Pearl and Dinah. are your sisters.

Paige: I know who they are. I never said that i was quitting with the hero duty. I don’t even remember that radio broadcast. I just feel rather sore from that slap. I don’t know what’s gotten into you. But that slap really hurt.

Alice: Well… you were in need of it. You were losing your calm and your senses. i had to do something. A slap was the only thing that i could think of. i couldn’t think of anything else that would have gotten you to snap out of the spell of yourself hating the people over one dumb Radio Broadcast that didn’t happen to mean a thing except someone trying to make a name for themselves.

Paige: That’s fine. but next time… shake me to my senses. That slap really stings. *Rubbing her face* Besides… where did you learn to hit like that anyway?

Alice: Prince Alvin. He taught me how to fight. and showed me some basic slap techniques. They work. I mean… i was able to be effective in using it to snap you out of your spell of self damning. You were sounding as though you were losing all hope inside.

Paige: I was. That has to be the absolute scariest to imagine.

Alice: You serious? it is the scariest. It most definitely isn’t a feeling that is relaxing.

Paige: What’re we gonna do if it tries to target Pearl or Dinah?

Alice: We’ll do the same for them. Smack it out of them.

Paige: We’re gonna need help with this. The Demon is now trying to toy with us… Seeing as to who it can turn the easiest.

Alice: Not if we don’t let it.

Finley: *Chiming a tune* “The demon walks alone but walks its fated walk. a soul for one is a soul for the grips of Evil to claim in its clutch… Where oh where shall the hope be to send the Evil back to the darkened pits where it shalt belong?”

The near self Damning spell that was coming over Paige was in the seat of taking her over. Changing her. But was driven away by a hard slap done by Alice. It was a close call. Although now with the scent of Self Damning in the air… it was evidence that the Intergalactic Demon was on the move… it was making its mark. but it already had done a move on the people by branding them. It was gonna take a mass dose of Holy magic to remove the stain from them. The only ones that they knew that could do that was their sisters Betty and Angel. But it’s been a while since the very last that they’ve seen them that it would almost awkward to ask them a favor in such a Magnitude as to remove a Demon Stain from the souls of the people. Paige was able to be brought out of it. But Question was… Would Pearl and Dinah have the same type of luck? What about Luna? Would her dive into a habit get more worse? Would Zeke and Luna get closer than they already were? How much longer would it be before her secret could be recognized? By who? Would it cause a strain between her and Martin? Will the V.R.A be getting more power? Was it true that the General Slade Stalin was indeed on his way to Metropolis? Was it gonna invite more trouble to the already terrible mess that revolved the Big Red Demon’s influence? Would Alice be Vulnerable to the influence of Scath? Would her Psychic abilities be Scath’s ticket into her? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues on..

Chapter 101: Red Alert at Met U! Criminal Minds Meets the Rhapsody Clan.


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