Chapter 99: Welcome to the house of Dinah and Shingo Rhapsody. One night of Bliss Equals a fight with trouble against Mad Sam Holmes.


Dinah: *Voice-over* This is the house that my mother or my late mother had once wanted to have for herself. But now it’s a house for me and Shingo. We are now married and Luna is living with us. Shes’ got her own room and we however had long since convinced the Realtor who was trying to Market out My Biological home… to grant us at least till the middle of the 4th month… there was stuff that belonged to Luna and i didn’t want her to lose it. Shingo and i are happy and also on our honeymoon. I am now Married. Will Life be happy for my Husband Shingo and I? I hope on that. Luna had settled into her new home and To celebrate it… She plans to have a sleepover. Which i allow. Life for everyone is sweeter. But an attack by a British Renegade.. is no Joke. But we can take him. Another case for the Rhapsody Girls Z! and another moment to go and save the day. I am now back as a hero now… Thunder Mistress Has returned. It Feels so Soothing… Welcome back to the Bullpen. Here’s Chapter 99: Welcome to the house of Dinah and Shingo Rhapsody. One night of Bliss Equals a fight with trouble against Mad Sam Holmes.

January 8th 2027…

10:00 AM…

Metropolis courthouse


Luna: I am scared. Really scared.

Dinah: Don’t worry. It’s gonna be alright. We’re gonna be here and were gonna see to it that Rikku Nothing is put to death row. Hurting you and attacking out of racial tendencies… That is inexcusable.

Shingo: We got pictures of all the marks that she had done on you. Luna, We’re not gonna allow for the woman to walk. It’s gonna be alright. we promise.

Dinah: Good thing is that this is not a Grand hearing, But a Settlement and a case to issue a Verdict and sentencing. Sending the woman to jail. serving 25 to life. without Parole.

Martin: *With Karen, Irene, Jake and Jennifer* We’re right behind you Luna. For support. We’re here.

Karen: that’s right.

Paige: *Walking into the room and grabbing a seat behind Dinah and Shingo* Pearl and Star are here. they’re here too…

Reese: *With the crew* We all are.

Prince Alvin: *With the brothers* as are we.

Bailiff: *Summoning* All Rise… For the honorable Judge Samantha Greensburg Presiding….

A few seconds later…

Judge: *Taking a seat in her chair behind the Podium; Overlooking the courtroom* Okay. you may be seated now.

A second later…

Judge: We are here to proceed with the case of One Luna Tina Rhapsody Vs. Rikku Marie Rhapsody Docket # 99311870 The Charges of accused and Guilty party… 20 counts of Child Abuse. 12 counts of Emotional neglect and Mental Harm. Charges of Physical Abuse. Attempted Murder of Minor. Evading the Law and Escaping from Jail. *Looking ahead and seeing Luna* Mrs. Rhapsody, Are you fully aware of the Charges that you are pressing against Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody?

Luna: *Nods nervously* Yes. I am. I press full Charges against her. Because it’s to also protect all the other kids. Like me. If i were to drop the charges on her and she was allowed to walk free. She could seek to harm another kid. Out of Racist Tendencies.

Judge: So you’re not doing this for only you… the said Victim of Child Abuse?

Luna: Yes. I have a few Witnesses who have testimonial statements of the Abuse that i was subjected to by Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody.

Judge: This is a hearing… Not a Trial, Mrs. Rhapsody.

Luna: I know, Your honor. But i plead that the truth comes out and you hear testimony of the evidence. The Eyewitness accounts of those who noticed the Abuse inflicted on me.

Judge: Very well… this will be going to trial. which will be thorough and incisively done. We will take a 10 minute recess and as soon as a Jury steps into the Box and all parties are ready to begin… we shall proceed.

Vincent: *Shaking his head in concern*

As soon as the Judge stepped back into the chambers…

Martin: *Walking over to Luna* Luna, are you okay?

Luna: *Shaking with terror* I don’t know. I feel as though i might mess all this up and cause the Judge to see that i should be taken away from everyone here. I don’t know what to do…  Martin, I am so scared. I never done this. i don’t know how to do any of this.

Martin: Well there is a prosecutor and all of our names… and the info is with him…

Shingo: The Prosecutor is kinda hard-nosed.  But he’s never lost a case. Ever.

Ron Larson.

Luna: Do you think that we’ll be able to pass with him on the case? *Scared*

Dinah: We should be able to…

Vincent: And i also got some Evidence too. I don’t know if it would be any help. A Wizard’s testimony usually wouldn’t mean as much.

Luna: It’d mean something to me… I want it out there. It will help in seeing that they give Rikku the Chair. She’s deserving of the Chair. The Electric Chair.

Pearl: Be nice, Luna… we know that Ex-Grandmother Rikku is a Bitch and that she abused you and made you feel as though you are unworthy. but she deserves at least maybe a fraction of respect. or civility.

Paige: I think that is gonna be a bit hard… Since that now the case is going to trial… They’re bringing the woman in here and She is liable to lash out… As soon as they bring her in here… we cover Luna. Disguise her. Whatever…

Jack: I know. But how are we gonna disguise her?

Vincent: don’t worry. the Ex-grandmother is with racist thoughts against Asians. So… to nullify a possible endeared mess in the courtroom… we change her into a Blonde American. A Blonde American who knows Japanese and has its very culture. It will confuse her that way.

Seconds later…

Luna: I don’t feel any different. I don’t see how this will fool that woman. She’s not stupid. She’s a racist… but she’s not stupid. I am kinda nervous still about the whole case.

Prince Alvin: Be careful… She’s coming.

Prince Avery: Don’t worry about her… She’s here but chained. they have her in shackles. *Looking to see the woman being escorted into the room by a prison guard* Oh yeah… She’s a real threat alright. She’s tame and looking rather loopy.

Prince Alvin: Are you sure that she’s looking Loopy.

Prince Curtis: She looks like as though she been drugged with ludes and tranqs. if you were to drug her anymore than she already has…. You might as well hook her up to a drug tank. She’s literally fried.

Star: I wouldn’t doubt it since she has a lot of reasons to be the way she is now… fried. She’s been abusive to Luna.

Christie: The Prosecutor has all the info and all the records.

Paige: That’s right.

Prince Alvin: It’s almost time for the courtroom to be back in session. The Judge did say 10 minutes and it’s now 9 minutes in…

Before they could get back to their seats, the Judge returned and there was already by that time a Jury all present in the Jury box and all were accounted for.

Bailiff: All Rise!

A Minute later…

Judge: *Looking at the Prosecutor* Mr. Larson, You may start the proceedings. With an opening statement.

Prosecutor: Ladies and Gentleman… Members of the Jury. We are here to base the facts in the case of one young girl Named Luna and a Elderly woman named Rikku Rhapsody who has been disbanded and Cast away from the family for her malicious acts of Abuse towards the young 13 year old girl. Emotional stress… Strife and  Mental Neglect. There is also the dire testimony of several people who have had irrefutable evidence against the Accused.  We also have a Tape recording two of them… done and produced by the sister the 13 year old girl Luna. The Evidence and facts proclaimed by the works by Mrs. Dinah Rhapsody… the sister of Luna. We also have sworn testimony of the Husband of Mrs. Rhapsody. His sworn statements of the Abuse done by Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody. The Viable close testimony of One Martin Marco who is the said boyfriend to Luna. The Testimony of Prince Alvin, Star Hall… Christie Powers… Michelle Swan. Paige and Pearl and including Dinah… the provider of the Said tape recording of the Evidence. Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury we are here to not condemn the Accused…. but to serve justice and do that duty to see the guilty punished for what they had done. Acts of Child abuse is serious. The bare truth of the matter is that when it posts the matter of the abuse of a child… the Child is automatically innocent. No child is guilty unless proven as such. These Testimonial Eyewitness accounts that you’re about to hear will be biased… but will tell their story and what they saw and witnessed of said abuse towards 13 year old Luna Tina Rhapsody. I ask you to examine the Evidence provided to you and come to your conclusion… piecing the puzzle to the story. What really happened in the house of the Late Princess Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody? Where did the Abuse officially begin and how? Was there a item used as a weapon? Was it by the hand? You decide. But you will be hearing the Testimony of each Eyewitness. and from there… discuss and declare what your verdict will be.

Judge: First Witness.

Prosecutor: I call the Sister to Luna. Mrs. Dinah Rhapsody to the stand…

Dinah then gets up and walks over to the Witnesses stand  and Stands as the Bailiff officer walks to her…

Bailiff:  *in front of Dinah* Mrs. Rhapsody, Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you god?

Dinah: *Nods* Yes. I do not come with Lies.  I just want Justice done for my sister and served to the woman who abused my sister.

Judge: You may sit down, Mrs. Rhapsody.

Dinah sits in the seat. She was the first Witness on the trial.

Dinah: *Sighs*

Prosecutor Larson: *Walking over to the Witness Stand and Standing before Dinah* Mrs. Rhapsody, You’re the sister of Luna, Correct?

Dinah: Yes. i am. One of the sisters. There is also Paige and Pearl who are also her sisters. We just graduated High school last year. First year of College Currently.

Prosecutor Larson: Yes. You and your sisters and Cousin who i believe are in the Audience but are also Witnesses all attend the Metropolis University.

Dinah: yes, we do.

Prosecutor Larson: Now… let me ask you something… How are you able to afford a University with such a high stature?

Dinah: It’s because it’s being paid for by a grateful Benefactor and i do apologize to not cooperating on divulging the identity of the Benefactor, but he asked us to keep his name out of any legal infractions and keep his involvement a secret. I suppose that you might say that it can be respected.

Prosecutor Larson: *Chuckles* Ahhh! See, Your Honor… this is gonna be rather amusing. I like this one. She’s good.

Judge: I can see. Very nice. Please continue Mr. Larson.

Prosecutor Larson: You moved out of the house that was owned by your late mother Princess Rikku. on 1593 Merigold Ave. for about 18 years,  on Sept. 5th of last year. 2026. But while in your absence… Your sister was being Abused and hurt by your Grandmother. When did you start to notice the Abuse being done on Luna?

Dinah: I noticed it on Oct. 20th… My sisters and i turned 19 and it was on that day that i noticed something a tad wrong with Luna. I didn’t happen to ask what it was. i didn’t even figure that there was any Abuse going on at that time. But Luna was showing some out of normality signs that were odd. She was acting rather Quiet. Shy. She also moved a little slow. Not like it was too much for concern. She assured me that it was nothing. Just a little sore. That she got up on the wrong side of her bed that morning and it was just a rather slow day for her. I didn’t press any further.

Prosecutor Larson: If you saw it then… in the beginning. Why didn’t you say anything to an official? It could have been prevented.

Dinah: It’s not like we didn’t figure out that something should have been done. It’s just that we didn’t have enough to go on. Luna was Sore. But it wasn’t showing marks on her at all. It was as though nothing was there. I guess i figured that if there was nothing there in view and the signs weren’t showing that she was abused. But there was another time… which by then i started to notice it a bit more closely. First off… I am also known as “Danger Zone” I have a fiery temper towards any injustices being done on anyone. or to my family. if any harm comes to them i would come out with claws and fight…

Prosecutor Larson: For the benefit of the case and testimony… please have that last line be put on record.

Dinah: Look! I Love my sisters. they do kinda get on the nerves. but i slide with it because no matter how mad i would get… when the chips were down… i would be there for them and back them up. No questions. No questions whatsoever. The second occurrence that hit was on Nov. 5th. from then on… i had a tape recorder planted in the home in several spots.  With help from a friend my sisters and i know. Chloe Sullivan. she provided the Tape recorders and i had them record. each incident. I am sure that you’ve got all the tapes there by the tape player…

Prosecutor Larson: Yes. it is in chronological order…

Dinah: play them.

Prosecutor Larson: *Walking over to the table and to the stack of tapes and the tape player* Your Honor… if it pleases the court… i would like to play the first tape of audio evidence of the afflicted Abuse done upon Mrs. Luna Rhapsody.

Judge: Proceed Counselor. Do it.

Prosecutor Larson: *Placing the tape into the player and Pressing Play*

The Tape recording then plays…

“Grandma Rikku: Luna, i am going to work. You are to stay here till i get back. I don’t want you going anywhere..

Luna: Why? Why must i stay here? I was looking forward to seeing Martin. He is my boyfriend, you know? He also happens to be my best friend.

Grandma Rikku: I don’t see how that is relevant to me. You have been acting out in school lately and i have gotten calls from them stating that you are becoming a disciplinary problem. 

Luna: That is not true. I am not a problem. You try being the Aunt who is young and having to see her Nieces get sent to another planet for protection because of the Intergalactic Demon being said to embark on the Earth on the day that the Prophecy is said to take place. It’s not easy for me to handle. I am not a mother. Dinah’s the mother. If the fact that the babies were sent to planet Vulcan were tearing me apart. What the heck do you think it’s doing to her, Grandma? Huh? Think about it. You were a Mother… Put yourself in Dinah’s shoes…  If you were a mother and had to send your kids somewhere to another planet because Earth was not safe and you wanted to protect them as you couldn’t bare to see them endure a unspeakable fate… What would you do? What would you have done?

Grandma Rikku: That is enough. You are not getting out of this. You miss School… you get punished. I told you that there was to be no excuses. I meant it.  Keep it up and you’ll be sent to bed without supper. Do i make myself clear? 

Luna: *Angry* Why are you being so mean to me? Do you seem to hate me that much?

Grandma Rikku: No. I don’t hate you. But i am so sick of your back talking me. it’s starting to feel as though you’ve become ungrateful.

Luna: I haven’t been ungrateful. I am just tired of being punished over everything. I am always wrong. You treat me like i am just some fool. If anyone is the fool… it’s you. You are hardly ever around for me. there were times when i would be needing you. You couldn’t even be bothered. I had to go to Paige, Pearl or Dinah… and expect them to do your job of being the parent or Adult. Because you couldn’t be bothered… They had to do their part and be caring sisters as they are. and then play the Adult and care for me in any way that they knew how. You couldn’t be bothered to show any care to me. They had to do it which is unfair to them to be doing their jobs and then your part in caring for me. They shouldn’t be having to do it all. It’s not fair to them and if nothing else… i feel bad for them a whole lot more than i feel bad for you. You don’t do anything. They go out and save the day… they also handle school… have to care for me as well as get their things together… then to take care or your duties in tending to me… That is unfair to them.

Sounds of Footsteps and a hard slap being heard in the background…

Grandma Rikku:  *Smacking Luna in the face* Shut up! How dare you speak to me in that tone…

Luna: *Feeling the sting and suddenly crying* 

Grandma Rikku: I am the Adult. You’re the Fucking Child. Your role is to do as you’re told. Not Smart Mouth like a little bitch. And just for that… there will be no dinner for you. i am eating out and leaving you here. You want something… You can either make it yourself or Starve. I’m not doing it. I won’t cook for Little Bitches. 

Luna: *Crying and through her tears* Go away, Grandma… You’re the meanest person. I HATE YOU!

Grandma Rikku: Well same to you, You ignorant Jap!”

Rikku: *Overhearing the tape* That is Bullshit. I never said that. That tape must have been fabricated to make that stupid Jap look good.

Judge: *Pounding her Gavel hammer on the podium* Rikku Rhapsody… That will be enough. You have already several accounts of Child abuse against you. So if i were you dear lady… i would watch that Tongue of yours unless you are seeking to be placed in contempt of the court.

Prosecutor Larson: Your honor… i would like to play the next two tapes for the court to state Evidence against the Accused and guilty party.

Judge: Proceed…

The Prosecutor then plays the next tape…

” (Music is heard)… “

Luna: For the record… that was Katy Perry’s song “Teenage Dream” playing. I was listening to that song that afternoon. it was the 7th of November…

Prosecutor Larson: Your honor… i would like to have put on record.

“Grandma Rikku: *Voice* Turn that nonsense off… You’re not a teeny bopper. You’re a Child. Stop acting like a wannabe. 

Luna: It’s what i am into. It is not a crime to like Katy Perry. She happens to act like she’s What Bi. but i just listen to her music. Some of her music. That’s all. I am not gonna be dressing like her. or acting like her.

Grandma Rikku: What? You are into that Harlot? No Grand Child of mines is gonna be into music sang by a Harlot. I don’t care if it’s what’s in. You’re not gonna listen to it. Turn that crap off or you will be slapped. 

Luna: I can listen to it if i want. I’m not hurting anyone with it. I’m not dressing like her or acting like her. I’m not out being like her. I’m not doing anything wrong.

Grandma Rikku: You got a choice. Either you turn it off… or i will and if i do it. I will take the disc and break it. Then i will back hand you for back talking me and trying to defy me. Plus… why would you want to try to fit in? You’re a Jap. A freak. Why would anyone ever accept you? You’re never gonna be attractive. I kinda wonder as to how that charming boy Martin ever felt anything for you. You know he probably looks at other girls because he just can’t stand the mere sight of you. 

Luna: That is mean. You must hate me or something.

Grandma Rikku: Oh please… that is so not it. I just don’t think that you’re the least bit attractive at all. In fact… i wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see as the boy Martin left you. 

Luna: Shut up! 

(Sounds of a Door Slamming is heard)” 

Prosecutor Larson: There is more to it than that. But from the Audio Testimony that you’ve just heard. The Abuse that came from Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody is clearly blatant acts of child abuse.. There is one last tape that tells about a mellow conversation… but the end result was still Neglecting intentions.

The Prosecutor then plays off the last tape on the tape player…

“Grandma Rikku: *Looking at Luna* Luna!

Luna: *Looking at Grandma Rikku* Yes?

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at Luna with a stern glare* What is the meaning of your missing class today?

Luna: Huh?

Grandma Rikku: You heard me. What is the meaning of your missing class today. I got a call from the school saying that you were not in class today. and that is not possible. You were at school. But to be reported absent? What is the meaning of this? Why were you absent?

Luna: *Nervous* I… Uh… uh…

Grandma Rikku: *Feeling sour* You better tell me. Luna, I’m not even playing. I got enough nonsense to deal with revolving the bills around here. I have also had a terrible turnout doing Dance lessons and teaching during the last week and this week has been nothing more than an annoyance. You better tell me. Don’t get me pissed off. I am not in a good mood and i don’t want the bullshit tales… i want the truth. Now. Why were you absent from school?

Luna: *Scared* I sadly cut class. All day.

Grandma Rikku: *Shoots out* YOU WHAT?!

Luna: I Cut Class…

Grandma Rikku: Oh that is it… I have had it. First i allow for you to continue to do your hero work. Knowing that it’s who you are. Then you start back-talking me… Then defy me. Now you cut class and get marked Absent. I have Had it, Luna. I’m done with it. I know that i am not like your adoptive mother. I am not Princess Rikku. I am your grandmother. But No matter what i do… you keep fighting me. You keep fighting me. It is like you and the rest don’t want me around. Well… I am sorry that i am a constant Burden on you all. I only want what’s best for you girls… but you all see it as my being a control freak.

Luna: *Looking suddenly cross at her grandmother* Grandma Rikku,That is enough. Enough. You are being really cruel and self-centered. You’re the Adult. Not a Child. Act it. I missed class. You think i did it on purpose. don’t you? Wrong! I was with stress on my mind. i was stressed out. You are not the youngest Aunt that had to see her Nieces get taken to another planet. The 3 babies… Little Sapphire, Raven and Serena are gone.  There is no telling as to when or if we’ll see them again when the threat is all over. The threat with Scath is gonna be coming in the future.

Grandma Rikku: I didn’t know about that… but the fact that you were as of recent… back talking me and being rather defiant. that has me feeling like all i do is constantly get in everyone’s way. But if it weren’t for me taking you all in. You’d all be on the streets. When your mother died… i took you all in because if i didn’t do so… You would all be with different families. You would never be Rhapsodies again. Your new families would have very well seen to that. I sure as hell was not one to let that happen. You know that.

Luna: *A Little sarcastic* Gee, What a sharp tongue you’ve got there, Grandma.

Grandma Rikku: *Pointing upstairs* Go to your room. Stay there. I hate doing this… i really do. But maybe a night without supper will sharpen your obedience. I am tired of being back talked. I really am tired of being treated like i am not needed. You are always back talking me. Do you seem to hate me? Is that it?

Luna: No. I don’t. I am just beyond tired of being controlled like a robot. But you want to control me like one… Fine. *Going Monotone and speaking without feeling* Whatever you wish, Herr Master.”

Dinah: What really happened at that time was that Luna was going through a rough patch. She was with a rough patch in her life and that was about the time when she started to Mature so all her senses would have been out of whack anyway. But With the Abuse that came from Grandma Rikku who is now a nobody to us. It was as though something about Luna was setting her off.  Luna was missing school alot. because she was conflicted. She was maturing and she was also dealing with the part that the 3 little ones had to be sent to another world for protection from Scath’s Wrath. It was hard on her.

Judge: So you say that you condone the missing of school?

Dinah: no. I am not saying that i condone it. I am saying that i am sympathetic and understanding of why she did it. I might have thought about doing the same thing too a couple times. I mean in that age when you’re about to go through Puberty and are feeling somewhat lost and unsure what you’re feeling. conflicted. all messed up with the emotions and the Hormones at that time would just go off the track. It would be much like a disaster if you were to send a girl in heat to school and pray all the while that she didn’t act out in such out of normal behavior. Luna has been trying to catch up with all her work though. It’s not as easy though.

Prosecutor Larson: So, it would be right to say that the Abuse that came from Mrs Rikku Rhapsody was directed at Luna out of Malice and discontent. The Testimony points that Luna was the target of Mrs. Rhapsody’s rage and disturbing attitude. Not out of trying to keep the Minor in understanding of who had which role. But out of Hatred and disrespect. Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody pointed her hatred and attempts of Abuse towards Young Luna Tina Rhapsody. I acquire that this was not just a meager punishment which could have been understood if not condoned.. Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury. The Defense rests on the Testimony that without cause… Without the thought of understanding the situation as any parent or grandparent would be prone to do when a Minor is with confliction…Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody plainly produced Neglect and Abusing nature upon the 13 year old girl.

Judge: Mrs. Rhapsody, You may step down now…

Dinah then steps down from the Witness stand and goes back to her seat…

A Few seconds later…

Judge: The courtroom calls Mr. Dinah Rhapsody to the stand.

A minute later…

Shingo: *Sighs*

Bailiff: Please Raise your right hand.

A second later…

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god.

Shingo: Yes. I do. I will not lie about the Testimony. I come with the truth. And that is all i’m saying. That is all i am gonna tell.

Judge: You can be seated now, Mr. Rhapsody.

Seconds later…

Prosecutor Larson: So… Mr. Rhapsody. You’re a married man?

Shingo: Uh, yeah. i would say that i am. Married to the most lovely woman in the entire world.

Prosecutor Larson: You are part of a clan now and it’s one where there has been Abuse being committed upon a Minor. A 13 year old girl. in the Written statement… you said that Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody tried to perform an attempted murder on Luna. If it would please the Jurors and the Audience listening. Would you please Explain to the court… the alleged incident that took place. when the Attempted Murder was performed…

Shingo: certainly. It was on the 19th of Dec. of last year. The same day that there was belief that Rikku Rhapsody had been said to bust out of Jail. I didn’t hear much about that because in the news… you hear alot of things and at times… you shine them off as untrue. The Media would just say anything to sell a juicy bit. I didn’t realize that there was something going on. that somewhere in the City… that woman… *Pointing to the Disowned member of the Clan* Right there. She is the one who almost Killed Luna that day. I was there when it happened. I spent the rest of the day that day kicking myself in the ass because i was unable to sneak a shot at her to break Luna from that woman’s grip. It was a overcast day. Clouds were covering the sky as though it was gonna start snowing . But thing was that there was no snow. No snow in the forecast…

Prosecutor Larson: It was a Christmas that didn’t happen to feel like Christmas that year. It was a sad time for everyone as the City was still trying to get back into the drivers seat again and regain its productive stature. Go on…

Shingo: Well… Anyway… I was in my Limo as i am a Limo Driver for The Metropolis Limousine depot. and Luna was with me for most of the day. It was the morning hours when i noticed that she was seeming a little mixed up and had a little change in personality… She seemed rather timid and frantic both at the same time. Also Excited about the plans for the Wedding. But the way she was moving. The body language of how she was saying it… It was as though she was afraid to really open up to me about what she really felt. wouldn’t bring anything about that up. She was rather nervous and Jumpy most of the time and hardly ever calm. She sounded as though she was… but the way she was moving… not calm at all. Plus when she and i were at the Jewelry store to pick out Wedding Rings for Dinah and i… It was then that something happened. I was looking at one side of the store at some of the rings and she was looking at the other side of the store of the rings that were displayed over on that side. The oddest thing was that while we were looking at the rings. Neither she or I noticed that a woman strolled in. and also didn’t realize that it was the Convicted woman. Rikku Rhapsody. She didn’t know. Neither did i. I mean. it seemed as though it was just yet another customer. Although what happened next took Both Luna… and i by shock and utter fright.

Shingo then flashes back as he relay’s the scene of what went down that day at the Jewelry store…

Grandma Rikku: *Glaring at Luna* I’m gonna kill you, You damn Asian. You ruined me. Ruined the family with just Existing… You called the cops on me. I lost everything BECAUSE OF YOU!!! YOU ROTTEN LITTLE BITCH!

Luna: No!  *Screaming* Help!

Shingo: *Spotting Grandma Rikku* Lady… Don’t you even think about touching Luna. If you even touch her… I will make you sorry.

Grandma Rikku: Ooh Scary! Like i am really shaking. NOT! That Little Bitch called the cops on me. I lost everything because of her. She took away my life. I have nothing left. I lost my Job. Both Jobs. There is nothing left for me. You all back her like she’s a sweet angel. She’s nothing but a Dirty JAP! She has no respect. Blamed me for Abusing her. I didn’t do anything of the sort. I only lectured her. Maybe more than i should have. But that’s all i did. and yes… I did send her to bed a few nights without supper. She deserved it. She was back talking me. I would be telling her something and she’d just start mouthing me. smart talking me like she was little miss cock of the walk and her shit didn’t stink. Well… *Looking at Luna in Rage* NEWSFLASH: IT DOES STINK! YOU’RE A FUCKING CHILD. YOUR ROLE IS TO DO AS YOU’RE TOLD. NOT SMART MOUTH AND BACKTALK YOUR ELDERS! So… YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED!”

Luna: *Suddenly Snapping* That’s it. You know what? Grandma, You’re a Bitch. and a Racist. and I hate you. You are so rotten that it makes me sick looking at you. You’re pissed at me because i called the cops on you. Well that is just too bad. You were abusing me. Emotionally and Mentally. I was never good enough for you. Even if i did whatever that i was supposed to do… you never accepted me. You looked at me like i was a freak. Like i was just a Nobody. I have done nothing wrong except stand up for myself. But even that isn’t good enough for you. Nothing ever was. Child abuse is a serious offense no matter what the cause or who’s doing it and why. You were abusing me. So yeah… the cops were called. and i’d do it again on you. You want to be a Racist… Fine. be one. But don’t expect any love from me or any of us. And just so you know… the cops were called on you. But i didn’t make the call. someone else did. I had Martin’s Guardian to make the call. He did the call. But i was the one making the complaint against you. You hurt me and think that you have all the right to do so. You think that your reasoning is Justified as to why you Abused me? I got news for you. It’s no Excuse. I costed you everything?! NO! You did. You Costed yourself everything when you decided to start abusing me. Thinking it to be alright to do. It’s Not right and you know it…

Shingo: *Calling the cops*

Grandma Rikku:  I am not your grandmother anymore. I am the Grandmother to only Betty and Angel. You’re nothing but an Ignorant Jap. You’re pathetic and a waste of time. the others are wasting their time with you. You are not good for anything. You’ll never cut it to do anything.

Luna: *Out of Impulse; Grabbing a display case and swinging it at Grandma Rikku; Hitting her with it and knocking her out* You Racist! I Hope that they give you the Chair.”

Prosecutor Larson: So Luna… the young girl had her Boyfriend’s Guardian A Vincent Van Graves make the first call… Is that right?

Shingo: yes.

Prosecutor Larson:: And do you see him sitting in this courtroom?

Shingo: yes.

Prosecutor Larson: Can you point him out for the courtroom please?

Shingo: Certainly… He’s right over there by the young friends of Luna and Martin. *Points over towards where Vincent is sitting*

Prosecutor Larson: *to the Jury and to the Judge* You Honor, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury… Let the record reflect that the Witness has Identified Vincent Van Graves.

Shingo: There is more to it than that… What happened after that…

Shingo goes on with the incident and continues relaying it…

A Minute later…

Prince Alvin: *Pulling up to the Curb; With Alice* Come on. Let’s go.

Alice: *Getting off and running inside*

Prince Alvin: *Getting off the bike and Marching into the Jewel store* This lady needs to be taught a lesson.

Alice: Who’s gonna hit her. I don’t think that anyone can get to her.

Prince Alvin: Something has to knock this woman out.

Inside the Jewelry Store…

Grandma Rikku was on the floor and out cold…

A moment or so later…

Luna: *Looking at her Ex-Grandmother* She’s still out cold. I just knocked her out… i didn’t aim to hit her that hard. Is she really out cold?

Grandma Rikku:  *Suddenly Stirring and Moaning from the knock out*

Luna: She’s coming to. I don’t think that i want to be around here near her.  She mean and very Cruel.

Shingo: That’s clearly what it is… She’s a Racist. The cops should be on their way soon…

Det. Jones: Or here right now. I just got the call while booking the looters on the south side of the Terrace just outside the Promenade.

Luna: *Looking to see John Jones* John Jones?

John Jones: Yes. *Looking to see an Asian girl nearby* I see that you know me but i don’t recall meeting you.

Shingo: That’s Luna. She’s just Different is all.

John Jones: Different? How different are we talking here? I remember seeing this Blue haired girl with the cat tail. But she isn’t here. Is this the same Luna?

Shingo: Yes. it is. and She is scared for her life because of this woman here. It’s her grandmother Rikku. She’s been abused by Grandma Rikku. Emotionally and Mentally.

John Jones: Child Abuse is a serious crime. To harm a child is unforgivable. It was even a blasphemousy act for any to subject upon another on Mars.

Shingo: Take her to Jail.

John Jones: Immediately. *Picking up the woman and Escorting her to Jail*”

Prosecutor Larson: Det. John Jones. Of the Metropolis Police force. He was the one who responded to the call. He is also the one who noticed the girl looking different than from how he once remembered her. What did he mean by that?

Shingo: Uh… well…

Suddenly there was a beam of light peeking through the ceiling and it touched down upon the ground…  Within seconds, the voice spoke out and it sounded like a Queen’s voice…

Voice: Luna was always human. There was never any other form but from what you see before you. She is Luna Tina Rhapsody and she is indeed… all human. As human as one can get.

But for Luna… She saw the face and saw that it was Queen Serenity… She nodded and smiled knowing that the Queen took up the attempt to cover Luna’s identity.

Within seconds The Voice vanished and the beam of light faded away…

Prosecutor Larson: Ladies and gentleman of the Jury… let the record reflect on the clarification that Luna is only human and nothing more.

Shingo: *Sighs*

Prosecutor Larson: in the Statement… you said that; that was also the very time that your now In-law Prince Alvin showed up. Do you see him in the Courtroom today?

Shingo: yes.

Prosecutor Larson: Could you point him out for the courtroom please?

Shingo: *Pointing to the end of the 4th row in the center*

Prosecutor Larson: Let the record reflect that the Witness has identified the Witness Prince Alvin Rhapsody.

Shingo: The next thing that happened was that as the detective was Escorting Rikku Rhapsody out in cuffs. Or just tried to escort her out. i don’t recall ever seeing the women in Handcuffs. Maybe she was and it wasn’t secure. But what happened then…

Grandma Rikku: *Breaking away and looming back towards Luna and grabbing her* Come here…

Luna: *Crying* Let me go! LET ME GO!

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at Luna* Why? Why should i let you go? You have already done all the damage to me that you could. Why would you want to be free from me? Don’t you want to destroy me anymore? Come on. Destroy me more, You good for nothing Jap. You can do it. Besides… isn’t that what your kind do to us hard working proud Americans? Destroy us because we’re doing something that you know that you people have not the talent for? Isn’t it? You’re a Child but you yet think that you can do what you wish and think that you’re better than us all. Isn’t that it? Huh? *Seeing the cop and Seeing Prince Alvin and Alice trying to come over to her* …*Turning Luna around and Placing her arm around Luna’s neck* Back off. Come any closer and this Bitch dies. I will Choke her till she passes out from the loss of breath. Come near me and she’s dead. *Looking at the surrounding people* I am leaving now. She’s coming with me. If anyone follows me… i will kill her. and there will be blood on your hands. because you tried to be the hero and save her. Back off.

Prince Alvin: You Bitch… How could you hurt a Child? You have no shame. Do you?

Grandma Rikku: No. Not really. I just hate Japs. To me… The Japs should all be eradicated and destroyed. But that’s just me.

Prince Alvin: *Growling* We’re gonna get you. You can bet that, Bitch.

Grandma Rikku: Ohhh! Prince Alvin, You should be respectful to your Elders…

Prince Alvin: Be nice to you?! I don’t fucking think so. You only move to hurt Luna. She’s done nothing to you except put you in your place. You were abusing her. And you think that you can just do whatever it is that you please… You are wrong. Child Abuse is not and will not be Tolerated.

Grandma Rikku: Oh cut the sanctimonious crap, Prince Alvin. Just admit it. You Hate this Jap too. You even said that none of you could trust her… i know because i heard you guys say it upon each other once. You all wished that this Jap would just either die or go back to the freak Kingdom that she came from. Admit it. Admit it and i will release her.

Prince Alvin: I will not admit to things that we never had said.

Alice: they never had said it. You are trying to make that poor girl wish she was dead. STOP IT!

Grandma Rikku: No! I won’t. She destroyed me… now i shall return the favor. An Eye for an Eye. She wants to be a Little Bitch… Well she’s gonna find out that she is over her league. I am the biggest one there is.

But as they were talking…

John: *Walking into the Jewelry store* Hey. What’s going on here?

Prince Alvin: *Looking to see his gramps* Grandpa John, What’re you doing here?

John: What am i doing here? That is a good question… I guess that i am here to look at the Rings and see what i can do to surprise a certain Niece of mines. I heard that our very own “Danger Zone” Dinah is getting wed within a few days or so.

Shingo: That’s right. She is. I’m her Fiance.

John: Ah! So you’re the Fiance they call Shingo. Well… *Grins* It’s nice to finally have the sights and the chance to meet the one who’s gonna be married to my Niece.

Shingo: You must be Dinah’s Uncle John.

John: That’s right. i am. I also came back from Germany because they found a new staff to work the Hub of the Daily Planet in Germany. Finally. It took them long enough i’d say. and even if they hadn’t found one yet… I would have still come back here. There is no way in god’s green earth that i was gonna miss seeing my Niece getting married.

Grandma Rikku: Brother, What’re you doing here? This doesn’t concern you.

Alice: *Confused* What is going on? I am now lost here…

Prince Alvin: Gramps, Grandma Rikku is trying to kill Luna. She was sent to Jail for Child Abuse. She was Emotionally Abusing Luna and also Mentally. She was treating Luna poorly because she has something against Luna.

John: *Shocked* Oh my god… That is terrible. Just terrible. *Looking at his sister* Sis, Why? Rikku, Why would you do such a thing? This is not like you to be doing such a thing. Why did you do it?

Grandma Rikku: I don’t have anything to say. I Don’t like this girl… She is a conniving little Snot. She continually back talks me… She smart mouths… Everytime i tell her something… she would reply with a snotty remark like: “I Am a hero… i am the reason you have a normal life… the reason why you have the peace you have… if it weren’t for me… you’d be dead because there would no hero like me to protect others… like you. ” Like as though she was the cock of the walk. And Prince Alvin… You can shut your shitty excuses. the case is closed. I am sick and tired of heroes thinking they can do what they wish and not feel as though they should abide by the rules of normal life. Society has rules. But it’s not like i care about the fellow men and people anymore. I have nothing to care for. I lost everything. Luna fucked my life up so much that no one will hire me because they all think i really abused her when i know for a fact that I ONLY DONE TO HER WHAT SHE DESERVED!!!

Prince Alvin: *Getting up and Screams* That DOES IT!! NO MORE PEACE! *Angry* I’m gonna put you right into the wall. Gramps… i am sorry. But even though she’s a woman and she’s your sister… She’s gone too far now. She’s now dead. *Getting up and getting behind Rikku without being seen and Grabbing her*… *Punching Rikku and Then Grabbing her and Teleporting with her to the Quarry and Knocking her into the cave wall a dozen times before coming back with her and Dropping her* Warning to you. Touch Luna again and the next time we meet… One of us will Die. That’s a fucking promise. Rikku, You are from this time forward… No longer a Rhapsody. You are a Nothing… A Nobody. Get up… and get back to Jail where you belong and Die. You can rot there for the rest of your life. GET OUT!

Grandma Rikku: The hell with you all. You can all burn in hell! Prince Alvin… I curse you to live unhappily for the rest of your days. I curse Luna to die by a freak accident. and i hope it’s painful to the very end. I curse the Entire family to eternal hell. May they never know peace.

John Jones: *Grabbing Rikku and Subduing her harder with Authority* That is Enough from you. You hate that girl… That is fine. But to abuse her and harm her… that is Malicious. I’m charging you with Attempted Murder and Assault and Battery.

Grandma Rikku: I’m okay with that. And if i get out… i will be sure to do more and get it higher. Because i don’t care about anyone anymore. Losing my livelihood and my careers turned me cold. I don’t care about anyone or anything. So hey… If i get killed in Jail… I’ll just take it and Enjoy it. Because i would rather Die than to live in a world knowing that a Pathetic Little Jap Bitch like her exists.”

Shingo: That’s what happened. All of what happened. And what was said.

Prosecutor Larson: Please refresh the courts memory and tell us what Prince Alvin Meant by the words… “Warning to you. Touch Luna again and the next time we meet… One of us will Die.”?

Shingo:  What he meant by that was just as it says. Not a threat. Most definitely not a threat. But a promise. A automatic promise. Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody was gonna kill Luna. She had her arm around Luna’s Neck. As Rikku… the Ex-Member of the Rhapsody Clan had said that she would have no problems killing Luna. She was gonna do so. Luna was being the target of the anger and the rage coming from Rikku Rhapsody. I am a part of the family. Not by blood. but by Marriage. but i know that an attack on one member of the family… is an attack on all the members of the family. It’s like the proud New Yorkers. “You mess with one of us… You mess with all of us.”

Paige and Pearl: *Cheers* That’s right. That is doggone right.

Prosecutor Larson: With the Abuse that was initiated by Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody it begs to reason that she had a racial appetite against Luna. Hated anyone who were Japanese decent.  I have no further Questions your Honor…

Judge: You may be excused from the Stand now, Mr. Rhapsody.

A Minute later…

Judge: Next Witness…

Prosecutor: The Defense of the court now calls for the Boyfriend of Luna… Martin Marco to the Witness Stand.

A minute later…

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god?

Martin: Yes.

Judge: You may be seated.

Prosecutor Larson: *Walking over towards Martin* Don’t be nervous. You’re not the guilty party. You’re just giving a statement or testimony on what you know about the case here… Now, You’re the Best friend and the Boyfriend to Luna Rhapsody? Right?

Martin: Yeah. We started as friends and then got closer… Hung out more and more and then one day or on the night of the 4th month and 6th day last year… She and i became official and became Boyfriend girlfriend… it just clicked. It was just something that was meant to be, How it came out was…

Martin flashes back to the time when he first confessed his true feeling to Luna…

“Martin: *Thinking about telling Luna how he feels about her; Nervous* Luna…

Luna: *Looking at Martin as she hears him calling her* Yes, Martin?

Martin: Can we go outside and talk? *A Little unsure how to let out how he feels about his friend*

Luna: Okay. But Martin, Are you feeling okay?

Martin: Yeah. It’s just something that i have on my mind is all.

Luna: *Feeling a little disturbed* Uh… okay. I think that maybe we should go outside and talk in private.

Martin: That’d be better.

Outside a minute later…

Martin: *Looking at Luna* Luna… I have been thinking about how close we’re getting.

Luna: How Close?

Martin: We have confided in each other for about a few months now. since Halloween last year. So far we’ve gone through a lot. We’ve been going through a lot. You told me about things that i know weren’t easy to let out. You might have even thought that i saw you as possibly either a freak or a Mutant that needed to be locked up. But i never thought like that. i couldn’t begin to think such a thing. Besides. even if we weren’t like close friends. I’d never think that. That’s just not me. Luna… I have been thinking about our relationship…

Luna: You have? What did you think about?

Martin: Luna… *Leaving a long pause* I like you. Actually… *Feeling attracted to his best friend* I… Love… you.

Luna: *Pauses and feeling stunned by the outburst* Huh?! You… Y-y-y-you l-l-l-l-love me?!

Martin: *Looking at Luna with a sentimental expression* I am serious and being truthful. I love you. I have never met anyone like you. There is no one quite like you. You have the knowledge of 3 identities. You’re like the greatest friend. The best girl i ever met.

Luna: Are you sure that you are in love… with me? What if i’m not the one for you?

Martin: You are the one for me. Luna… I didn’t want to say anything because i was afraid that it would ruin our status of being like best friends. but i just like you alot. I love you, Luna. I don’t know how i could not. You and i talk about everything. we understand each other. I could practically tell you anything and you’d believe me and or understand. Even my Guardian likes you. He adores you alot. He adores you quite alot. To him you could be like a Daughter he never knew but wants to know.

Luna: *Feeling touched* That’s actually the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me… You’re the best friend i ever had, Martin. *Suddenly Giving her friend a Kiss on the side and then out of surprise kissing her friend on the lips* Mwah!

Martin: *feeling the ticking sensation* That tickles. But that felt so good. i loved that kiss. Luna, You’re really beautiful.

Luna: Awwww! *Blushes*

Luna: I remember that. It was the sweetest night. I remembered going to bed feeling so happy that night.

Prosecutor Larson: *Feeling a bit touched* Awwwww! See? Young love. It is remarkable. *Looking at the Jury then looking towards Martin* Now… Martin, You go to the Metropolis Middle School as does Luna, Not to forget Irene Nordinsky, Karen Copeland, Jake Powell and Jennifer Bakeman. Right?


Penelope: *Busting through the door* Hello… Is this the case Revolving Luna vs. Rikku the Abuser?

Judge: *Looking towards the door* Uh, Excuse me. But who are you?

Penelope: Penelope Walden. I am a friend of Luna’s.

Luna: *Looking to see Penelope* Penelope?!

Penelope: Yeah. I came. I apologize for being late. I had trouble finding this room and the personnel that work here are so useless that they couldn’t direct me to the right room without some guide. if this was a theme park… they’d be the last set of people that i’d ever go to for assistance. *Walking over to grab a seat and Observe the trial*

Martin: She goes to our school too. but yes. we all go to that school.

Prosecutor Larson: Same classes?

Martin: Pretty much. Yeah. we have the same classes. we have been in the same classes since elementary. 5th grade. And it’s just gotten further from there. We have been together constantly. We are just really close.

Prosecutor Larson: Well on the written statement… You mentioned that you had multiple days with her at school with marks on her. Discoloration on her arms and hands but only in a few spots. Saw it on her legs. and on her face. For the record… please tell the court when it first started and how it began.

Martin: How it began was that on Oct. 29th… two nights before Halloween of 2026… She came to school feeling rather off. not lost. but just well… Distracted and with a disinterest of things. She didn’t seem to really be all there and as the day went on during that day… That was when i saw marks on her. I didn’t even know what they were. I am like her best friend and even i couldn’t spot any marks on her. But the way it seemed was that it supposedly turned out to be just a first time offense. There was nothing else going on. But that was when she begun missing her classes and started failing her classes. On Oct. 31st. Halloween last year. the signs of Abuse were really showing. She started coming with mentions of Sleeping trouble. Nightmares of some sort.  There would be marks on her… She’d be undergoing Behavioral Extremes. expressing things that she’s never expressed before. It was harmful. Very Harmful. She would be full of Rage and she was absolutely Passive. I noticed it big time when one afternoon Vincent came and showed up at the school.  She took one look at Vince and turned rather still and nervous. Scared and Nervous.  I never saw anything like that. But she was really afraid. I asked her what it was and she wouldn’t tell me. She clearly was scared to talk about it. But that was before she began going through her Maturing stage. as had i. When she started going through the stages… it was 4 days before her Birthday. The Abuse Symptoms and signs were more noticeable. She was with bruises.  Like a shape of a fist. showing on the Arms. But the only difference was that they were morally faint. Faint. Although you could see that she was being physically abused. I Saw the marks but didn’t want to say anything in light of the fact that i felt that if i had… it would scare her. She was already off the tracks a bit due to the nightmares she was having. The bad terrible dreams.

Prosecutor Larson: What were the dreams like?

Martin: Oh… um, i don’t know… it was a mixture of multiple things. Multiple subjects i suppose. About An intergalactic Demon coming to inflict the end of the world on us… which is pretty farfetch’d but is more common with the heroes because they’re all suited up to monitor the signs of Scath showing up and rear its walking talking nightmare of an existence. She’s been having nightmares about her never overcoming the Abuse and diving into a habit. She’s been having dreams of seeing her family all gone. Which is a terrible fear as she knows that they’d never leave her. Not ever. She would have dreams of her being abducted and killed. Which is a fear that any person Child or young teen could have. I was with the same dreams… but out of sympathy because i felt the hurt that she was feeling and i was feeling terrible for i didn’t know what all to do about it or how to make it go away. Luna is the type of girl that when she feels something… and suffers something… she suffers it. She is the kind of girl that is sweet and kind and always looking to the bright side of things. Even if she saw and knew for a fact that the whole world’s gone to pot. Caring for others more than for herself. She wouldn’t care much what happened to her. That’s why there are people like the woman sitting in the Defendant’s section of the room. who are using the chance to attack because she’s so kind and sweet that she would never fight back. She would not resort to violence or for any self defense. In her views… there would nary be a need for it. I Admire her for seeing the good in people. Even for those who don’t happen to deserve it. with the Abuse that Grandma Rikku had done upon Luna. I believe that i’ve seen a few of the signs. I noticed some of the marks on her… but in honest opinion the marks looked like Dirt. Nothing else. Emotional… She has mentioned to me about the Nightmares that came from the Abuse that Grandma Rikku had done on her. Her changes in the grades… were another sign or Emotional and Mental Abuse. I noticed that in her. I am not a parent. I’m her best friend/boyfriend. I didn’t report it because i didn’t know who to tell… or where to go to report it. Plus Luna begged me not to say anything. She was scared about what was gonna happen to her and terrified over what it would do to her family. She didn’t want to leave them. She was afraid that she would be pulled away from the rest of the family. The ones who were not Abusing her in any way. It was just that simple. She loves her family. She loves her sisters. Her cousins.

Prosecutor Larson: In your honest view… would you consider Luna being safe being with the family? You love her and want her to be happy as a best friend would consider. as well as a Relationship better half, Would you be prone to see reason that Luna would be safe with the family even with the accused outcasted and sentenced to serve life in prison?

Martin: I don’t believe that she wouldn’t be safe. I think that she is safe with them. They love her. They all love her and would do anything for her. as well as each other. They are caring people. Much caring. I don’t vision any danger of Luna being with them. The one who casts danger on Luna is none other than Rikku Rhapsody. The Ex-Grandmother. The Ex-Member of their family. You have no idea as to how many days during school that i had to calm Luna down because of that women. I along with our friends who are in the courtroom…. we all had to build up her confidence. her Pride and her interest on life. We had to build it up. I don’t know who you’re trying to shift the blame for the reason behind Luna getting into danger and being put in danger… but It is not the family.  Let me tell you why. There is Paige… She is all in herself and more hard on everyone but harder on herself because she is with the job of being the Leader of the Rhapsody Girls Z!. She doesn’t expect more from others than what she expects of herself. She expects much to come from Luna but also loves Luna because she knows Luna has that potential to be the best. Because she is the best. Paige knows this. Pearl… She is the over sensitive crying heart. She is soft and light. the Fashionably insane and inclined with all things with glitz and fab. She is intelligent. brilliant. She expresses herself in a multitude of ways and wears her personality like pride. She’s also Caring about all those around her. All those who hold a permanent place in her heart. She fights to keep the evils of the world back. She also cares and loves Luna. She sees Luna like a Daughter from another life. She sees Luna as someone who can do wonderful things. or things that she is passionate about. She is Driven to do what she loves and inspires Luna to follow suit and do whatever she is in. Following her dreams. Dinah. She is the known all around loud mouth…. fire cracker. She can get in a person’s face and push people to react back in retaliation because of her fiery attitude. but it’s because she isn’t afraid to look the source of all things bull right in the eye and tell it where to go and how it’s gonna be. She is also the tough one. Hot tempered. She goes for what she knows and follows her heart. She’s also a mother so that follows in like a hard-wired feature in the programming of her psyche. She believes that everything is possible if you want it. if you are willing to fight for it. She is even though seen as a real tough person… she also shows that it is useful in times when you are backing someone up and having someone’s back. Sticking up for your friends and family. For the people you care about no matter how hard the situation. She’s known as the Lightning in a bottle. She will snap at anyone trying to hurt the ones she cares greatly about. Fights for the cause of family… and for all that is right. She also has Sole Guardianship and custody of Luna. She protects her and fights for her. Keeps her safe and protected without end. Dinah has the belief instilled in Luna that anything that you want more than anything is worth fighting for… no matter what the end result sires to be. Shows that you can fight for what you believe and follow your heart. Not letting anyone talk you down and force your hand to let go of what you want. Prince Alvin is the Muscle and the Alpha Male of the Rhapsody Brothers. He is the Captain of the Brothers. He trains and trains. Leads his brothers in the throws of Victory. He has the most pressure on him because he is with Most strength in leadership. he also has a fiery temper too… his skills of leading and being on top makes him the most responsible for the team. making sure that the team moves and succeeds in whatever move they make. If he moves. the brothers move. He also is a sympathetic person. He cares for those around him. when he hears of someone being mistreated. he lets out how he feels and acts out. he cares for the innocent. Cares for everyone. He longs to protect his family. Luna has the protection from him. Prince Alvin may get over the top with the temper and the letting loose of his restraints and unleashes. he cares for family. But with what he does… it gives Luna something to look up to. He is the type of guy that if you were to tell him something that would set him off or get him enraged… you would have to pray on your soul… that he doesn’t come a swingin’ It isn’t like he would do it literally to anyone who enraged him. But only to those who cater to the hook and line and the sinker and make a snide and offensive line, Remark, comment about anyone he cares about. and or anyone in his family. If you were to say anything to him in those terms… word to the wise. don’t look back. Don’t stop. Run. Just run. His brothers on the other hand could all attest to it. because they have seen it for as long as they can remember. Luna is cared about by him and given the life lesson. that when you feel down… and are being challenged. don’t submit. push back. don’t let others bring you down for believing in what you know is right. If there is being an injustice… Fix it. Don’t let others tell you no. Nothing will get better if you submit to being told no. Prince Arnold… he’s the loose lips and the slippery one. He shoots and caters to his belief that people in the world can be Jerks, Ass’s, stuck-up, over-Zealous, Conceited. But don’t let them get to him. he follows suit with the captain as do the others. If he is given an order. he follows. He also pushes to be the best at what he does. Being a fighter. being someone to those who don’t have the courage to stand up and fight and shoot for what they hold dear… can look up to. He’s got a watery personality and loves to use it. He spends everyday trying to convince himself that he won’t crack. But sometimes he does because of his watery nature. He is symbolic and serene to people that know him best. but to those who he never met before… he is the loose mouth. he will shoot off his sides and what he thinks. following his gut to what he feels. You could tell him something that he doesn’t agree with and he’d question you. He is also caring for Luna. There has never been a time where he wasn’t. He would fight to protect her and anyone in the family. Anyone. Prince Avery… He spends his days being the secret Agent. living the personality as one. He tells people only what they they need to hear and what they should. He is fair and honest about what he does. He stakes out places when there is a case. Like sometime ago…The Metropolis fountain… He would spend all his days staking it out for any out of the normal sightings. Energy spikes. heat anomalies. he stays to see and make sure that nothing pops out. Caters to making sure it’s safe for not only the fighters but for the Civilians… to all the people who walk through the park and enjoy its splendor. He then did the stake out on the Quarry. in a secret tunnel. That Tunnel was discovered by Luna and i. We found it. It had the Mark of Scath. Four red evil eyes. Sinister and benign in all it’s glory. Prince Avery staked it out. to find out if there was cause for concern. Danger. He stakes out places and sees that there is no danger going on. no Evil intent Activity. he spends his spare time caring for his fellow family. all his family. When he goes out and serves the city. and fights crime… he makes sure that the innocent are safe first. He cares about people around him. He may be having  moments where he’s all for the Secret Agent. But he enjoys the thrill most. But he never goes in where it’s a trap. He at times puts himself in certain danger. but he doesn’t have it hit him as he is able to handle it. When Luna was in danger 6 weeks ago… got near danger and it happened to be right at the park. She was just minding her own business when some street Thug. Mangy and rather slimy. He had a cold and also had drugs on him. He was gonna try to pop Luna with them… But that’s when by the luck of god… Prince Avery came by and grabbed the guy and Slammed him into the pole and sent him Flying. Luna was fortunate that he was there. If not… she would have been drugged up. Luna is cared for by him and is guided too. Then there is Prince Curtis… He is a unique one. He spends his days studying and living life working towards his dream. His electric charm is second to none. when he is out with his brothers… he brings in the electric pain. and he sees on slipping in a few lines of humor. He is an enjoyment… He is also one who pushes himself to be organized. he likes to keep things in working just right. He is dependable in what he knows and in what does. He works to make sure that the people are safe. He’s one of the heroes who see it where if your life isn’t about being there for the people… being there to ensure that they are safe and that they are protected… then what is the point of living? What is the point of living for a normal life and living to see yourself become successful in what ever chosen field you’re into? or the point of even seeing another day knowing that you could have done something to ensure that people were saved from harm… doing the same duty that the rest of your heroic family do every day without end… without strife… without pain or anguish? he is like the captain in that field. He sees a failure as a failure in himself. seeing that if only he could have done better things would have come out better than they had. You see Mr. Larson… I know the family. They would give their own soul to see that Luna was protected. to see to it that she was safe. No matter what it took.

Prosecutor Larson: Oh my god… that was sincere and truthful. With a Testimony like that… we don’t need to even contest against Luna being unsafe with the family. She is with a family that would bust themselves to see that she was protected. Making sure that her well being was top priority.

Judge: Yes.

Moments later…

after all the Testimonial statements were heard and weighed towards the abuse done to Luna by the Ex-Grandmother Rikku…

Judge: Prosecutor Larson, You may proceed with the closing statements.

Prosecutor Larson: As the defense rests… the testimonies all point out with the end result. That Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody now Exiled member of the Rhapsody Clan had belligerently and without remorse… Abused young Luna Tuna Rhapsody. An innocent child. a Minor.The Evidence of the marks shown to the court state that the physical abuse done upon the 13 year old girl are gonna be permanent reminders of the Abuse that had been done upon her. We have heard the Testimonies from The sister of Luna… the Audio tapes of the sworn Testimony of the event that were inflicted upon Luna. Luna was sent to bed multiple nights without dinner. Without food. Being made to have gone off to bed hungry. Being the target of Racial indecision. A target of Malice and discontent. In the Wizard’s testimony… Luna had marks on her exposed and saw that she was lost. and disoriented with reality. not because of maturing and the Coming to Age moment that all people around her age endure… but the marks of Abuse. Done without regret. by the hands of Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody. You also heard of the times… and the very said date in the testimonies of what happened to the 13 year old girl. Who was involved. Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury in a moment you will be put in the back room. a room where you will discuss the case. and decide Verdict on the Accused and the one at fault. As you discuss the case and the facts of the case. Consider that a young girl’s safety and cry for sanity is at stake. the profound well being and right mind of Luna Tina Rhapsody is at stake. We don’t know what’s gonna happen in there. But know this… The sweet girl that you see in this court room is the Victim of uncallous Abuse. Mental… Emotional and Physical. Neglect and harmful intent. Imagine yourself being put in that room for the rest of your life. and it being locked. because you may have done something wrong, There is no room for any doubt.

Judge: Court is Adjourned. We will meet back in moments. as soon as the Jurors have reached a Verdict.

A minute later…

The Jury went to the back room and to the Chambers. to the Jury Room and Discussed the facts on the case…

4 hours later…

Everyone was inside the Courtroom waiting for the Judge to come in. It was time for the Verdict to be said….

Judge: Regarding the case of Luna Tina Rhapsody Vs. Rikku Rhapsody.  Jury, What say you?

Jury Foreman: In the case of Luna Tina Rhapsody Vs. Rikku Rhapsody… We find the defendant Rikku Marie Rhapsody Guilty. on all Charges. On 20 counts of Child Abuse. 12 counts of Emotional neglect and Mental Harm. Charges of Physical Abuse. Attempted Murder of Minor. Evading the Law and Escaping from Jail. Guilty.

Luna: *Crying in happiness*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Cheering* Yeah! Rikku Rhapsody is gonna get the Chair. She’s guilty for life.

Judge: Rikku Rhapsody… you are cold and careless. Without any thought whatsoever. Having you in my presence and show us your careless personality towards a young child. It Chills my blood just to look at you.. By the power of the Courts and within the state of Kansas You are hearby sentenced to serve 25 years to life in the Kansas State penitentiary. Bailiff… Take her away.

That night at Dinah and Shingo’s house…

In Luna’s room…

Luna: *Getting ready for bed* I’m so tired.

Dinah: I know. You had a long day. It was a long trial and thankfully it took only one day.

Shingo: That’s right. Luna, you did wonderful in that courtroom.

Dinah: We’re very proud of you. Very. You were excellent in there Luna. We know that it was hard on you. being in the same room as that woman. We know that it was hard on us also. It took every inch of my being to not jump on that woman and punch her lights out. It took alot to keep from doing that. The thing that kept me from doing so was the thought that if i did… it’d make us the guilty ones and would cost us… you. and would cost us seeing the woman get sentenced to life in Prison.

Luna: I know. It took alot out of Martin too. He wanted to land a shot at the woman also. I don’t blame him.

Shingo: Neither do we, Luna. Neither do we. Being there in the same room as her was taking a toll on us all. We all were close to losing it. But the fact of the matter is that we held on. even though it was the hardest thing we ever could do when that woman is concerned. What she had done to you. It was so Unforgivable. Her almost killing you that day. *Sighs* I can’t begin to imagine what would have happened if she actually had succeeded in doing what she was set on doing. I felt crappy inside as it happened due to not being able to do anything to break the attempt. I felt as though i was failing in protecting you from that woman.

Luna: Shingo, It’s okay. There was nothing that you could have done. The only saving grace was Prince Alvin coming when he did. I don’t know how he knew to come to the store. but he did. You were trying to help but the evil woman was watching everyone and was not about to let her guard down to be side attacked. Prince Alvin got a shot in by luck. If he didn’t do it… i would be dead.

Dinah: it’s over now. The Effects and the remnant signs of the Abuse will be permanent. but in time it’ll be mostly forgotten. Should be anyway. *Looking at the time* it’s almost Midnight. You get some sleep and try to have some good dreams. You start School again on Monday. It’s gonna be alright. If you need anything… during the night. you let Raven know… she’s agreed to be here during the night for a while till you are strong enough to handle being on your own. If you need anything. Anything at all. You call us. it can be in the middle of the night at 2 in the morning. Doesn’t matter. you call. Either me and Shingo will bust on back for you.

Luna: *Nods; In bed* Okay.

Shingo: On Sunday… i’ll see about getting you a Cellphone. A better one than the one you have now. But you got the phone next to you. and there is also T.V on. we put on the movie Journey 2 The Mysterious Isle. Auto Repeat. so if you happen to get up or can’t sleep you can watch this till you fall back to sleep.

Dinah: Get some sleep.

Luna: Okay.

Dinah: *Hugging Luna and Kissing her goodnight* Mmm! Love you.

Shingo: *Hugging Luna* Love you, Luna.

Luna: Love you too!

As for Martin….

He was asleep and in his sleep had thoughts about Luna and felt happy for her that she got the Abusive woman sent off to be sentenced to Prison without the shot of seeking parole. He was happy as he thought about it. But he then started thinking about what might happen to Luna if she was to come across someone with a bad image while she was still trying to heal, It got him worried.,,,

Down in the Study…

Vincent was concocting a few Experiments but had the visions of what happened in the Courtroom play through his mind. He was satisfied with how it all turned out. but felt that the shock and the thought of Luna being forever plagued by the memory of the Abuse that she went though would drive her to do something that wasn’t her.

At the Dorms…

In room #320…

Prince Alvin: *Sitting on his bed and thinking* …

In room #250…

12: 30 AM

Christie: *Looking at Dinah* How’s Luna holding up?

Dinah: She’s okay. She’s just tired and worn out from what’s gone on in the courtroom today. She’s really wiped out. But she’s fine. She’s got her phone. Shingo put on a Knock out for her to listen to during the night. To help her calm down. Shingo gone back to work. He had to work the Night shift again.

Christie: So, Luna’s there all alone?

Dinah: No. She’s not alone. Are you kidding? I wouldn’t leave her all alone without someone there. Raven’s there. She’s living under the same roof as Shingo, Luna and i. I am gonna be here most of the time. but Sometimes i will be there at the house. Shingo will be there more than me till after i am done with College.

Christie: Raven? She’s there?

Dinah: Yeah. You know Raven, don’t you? She’s the Half-Demon girl. I know it makes you think of my Daughter as one of my girls has the same first name as her. but. no…. It’s Raven.  She’s there and is gonna check on Luna Periodically through the night just to see that she’s alright.

Christie: Good.

Dinah: *Sighs* So… How are the Law classes coming?

Christie: They’re going okay. Some days stressing than others. and of course i told you about the Professor right?

Dinah: I think so. You’re not meaning Mrs. Starling… are you?

Christie: Yeah. Why? You know her?

Dinah: Know her? No. Not quite. I just know the name and the description of her. Luna was talking to Martin about it. she spoke a bit to him after the court case was over. Something she said happened to stick out. She said that Martin told her about the woman. That Regina… whoever she must be…  was a compulsive organizer. That she was obsessed with being neat and organized.

Christie: I have her. But she never mentions a thing about being around us. Around Martin or Luna. or Vincent. She plays as though she never met them.

Dinah: But you think that she’s hiding something, don’t you?

Christie: Er, well… uh, the thought had managed to cross my mind.

Dinah: I got some homework to do. Some reading and some history homework to finish.

Christie: Need any help?

Dinah: Yeah. Please. It would help. I have been so occupied with getting things set for the hearing. I happened to get myself lost in that and put off my homework. I need to finish it or i’ll wind up failing the semester. it’s gonna be sad if i were to fail.

Christie: Tsk! Yeah. No shit. You are gonna wind up failing. But there is no way that we’re gonna let that happen. Not in the least.

Dinah: *Nods*

In Room #349…

Star: *Looking at the designs* Okay. Let’s see. This one design is the one that we used for Christmas. Pearl, where is the one we used for Thanksgiving? We need a few more ideas for fashion class? The designer is gonna be coming next week. She’s looking for the best designs. We need to get with it.

Pearl: i know. *Looking at the Designs* This one here…. the Brown and beige with the red taffeta sash. and the orange trimming.

Star: The Designs are almost done. We just need to figure out how to finish off the sketching. We have it done. but there is something missing. Something is missing.

Pearl: Like what? What could be missing?

Star: Not sure… for this one… we were going with the Irish ensemble. With the Green trimming and the Lake green colored floral decorations. Remember that one message we got the other day from that Irish woman. She asked us if we could do up a sketch of a dress that would be stunning and Sophisticated. She wants it to look like a dream.

Pearl: Yeah. I know. *Working on the Designs; Thinking about Luna* We should get this done if we work hard and get the designs all together.

Star: Right. Let’s get to it. You do the sketching and i’ll do the designing. with your knowhow on designs and how to draw them out… Envisioning them as it comes to your mind… You have good memory on that. I seen it.

Pearl: It’s a date. However there is something that i have been thinking about.

Star: What’s that?

Pearl: Luna. What she’s going through and how she’s gonna cope with the scars that she’s permanently gonna feel the effects from.

Star: That i don’t know. But if we were smart… We’d try to not get into something that will only drive us crazy… trying to get all the answers to what’s gonna come at her.

Pearl: I am not one to think about it. But i feel as though Luna’s the one who’s gonna suffer most.

Star: And what about the Innocent people? You know that someone’s gonna need to see that they don’t suffer as it’s getting close to that time when red demon nightmare presence comes bellowing in. That guy is looming close. If you start worrying about Luna now… you’re gonna wind up worrying about her more than about keeping that big red beast from coming.

Pearl: How can you say that?

Star: How can i not? Pearl, Honestly.. you need to think in track of the so called Prophecy coming along. Luna has been through alot. She’s your sister and you worry about her. i know. but She’s gotta be able to swing her own way. One day god forbid we were gone. What she gonna do if she depends on us all the time? She’s gonna be lost and with no where to go if we happen to die and aren’t there for her… since we all were constantly going to her.

Pearl: You know… that was rather cold.

Star: But it is true. Think about it. Luna is 13. we’re 18 and 19 years of age. So in age difference… who’s gonna live longer. Her or us? We won’t be around forever. I will be with you in loving Luna. Being there for her. but we also got to do what’s best. to know when to cut the thread.

Pearl: *Sighs* I can’t do that. Family sticks together. Even if something were to happen to us… i could never find rest unless i knew or felt that Luna was safe and well protected. It’s just the way it is. She’s my sister. My young sister. I can’t say that the ties should be cut. if i do that… to her. I’d have to do that to the others too. It’s just that way.

Star: I suppose that it’s true after all what they say. When it comes to family… Some families are together and some are thicker than water. It’s in the blood.

Pearl: She must have scared though in the courtroom.

Star: I would bet. Being 13 years of age and having to be in the same room as the one you’re putting away to Jail. That’s spooky. I would be quakin’ just thinking about it.

Pearl: Let’s pray for her as she goes back to school on Monday.

Star: We’re gonna need to do more than that. She’s gonna need to be doused in Holy water to cultivate a shield. Warding off Ridicule and mockery. You know how Middle school is. the kids there… They’ll smell out the instinct. They smell the scent of an Abused Minor. Remember when we were in the Middle school years? How tough it was to remain in the somewhat decent social public stature?

Pearl: A Little. It’s been a few years. My sisters and i were seen as somewhat abnormal or a tad out there. People knew what we were and knew that we were like… you know? You saw it yourself. Saw that we were heroes. Remember that i showed you the hero form.

Star. Yeah. i do. I kinda thought that it was trippy. But i was also all for it. because you were like… with a calling.

Pearl: True. But the kids in that time… they were just in their own little worlds mostly. strange ones too. But that was just part of the problem. We were into normal lives. but also zapped right along the hero work. I was also the most sensitive. I still can recall the time when i literally cried my heart out with agony. in front of my sisters and the group of girls. But even then… it was sad. Middle school was pretty much like a school ground of nightmare and social standing. If you didn’t look a certain way…. forget it. you would never be accepted. Ever. Or if you were a Victim of abuse… you’d be pegged as someone who would only have many issues when you were of age and were an adult. We’re adults now… But… *Gasp* Oh no. Luna is gonna be going through the same mess as we had when we went through school….

Monday January 11th 2027…

Metropolis Middle School…

Shingo: *Dropping Luna and Martin off* Luna, you be careful. okay?

Luna: Okay. I will. *Nods*

Shingo: Martin, You be careful too. Knowing the kids in school. they might not have heard about the court case of ours and about the fact that Luna was abused by the woman we all sent to rot in Prison. But they might sniff out details. If it gets too bad in there… give Either Dinah or i a call. or one of the others. We’ll handle it. Don’t take it upon yourself to fix it. Kids are mean… they can be mean. we’ve been there and we know their game.

Martin: You got it. Any problems, we’ll call.

Shingo: Vincent is also gonna be on call. he agreed on it. and No offense. He is getting a little weird and bizarre. Even for his line of work.

Martin: That i noticed…. I noticed it since the wedding. He helped me with something. to help me suit up and produce a surprise for the wedding. Luna and the others were on stage. In the forefront. But even they started to wonder about Vincent. Strange if you were to ask me. But he’s my Guardian. He may be a bit on the weird and zany… a tad out there with his spells and all… but whenever i was in need of something. he was there. Always. So… it’s a stipulation. But well worth it.

Luna: *Looking out the Window before getting out* I sure hope that no one finds out about my problems. I don’t want my new tag to be “Abused Asian girl”.

Martin: Don’t worry, Luna. It won’t be. i won’t let it. I will never let them tag you as one. i Promise. You were Abused… but you can get back to the top again. You should never doubt that you can. You’re smart and you have a iron lock Memory. You can remember everything you hear. i know. It’s gonna be okay.

Luna: *Nods slowly and yet feeling nervous*

Shingo: You got the money to buy food with right?

Luna: Uh-huh.

A Minute later…

Inside the front gate…

Luna: Martin, Would the others still feel the same about me as you do?

Martin: I am sure that they will.  They are your friends… our friends. Karen was the first one we met. She took to you and me easily. Of course she also had an ability herself. but she was open to you. and me. Then when you turned into well… Asian. she didn’t care. She still accepted you. She was a bit startled at first because she didn’t seem to recognize you at first. but she still stood by you. Irene has also stood by you. Jake and Jennifer too. They’d never leave you.

Luna: And Penelope…?

Martin: Her too. She’d stick around.


Jake: *Running over to Luna and Martin* You guys…. We got something going on.

Luna: Really? What?

Jake: Someone’s coming… It’s that troubled guy. It might be Zeke.

Jennifer: I think it is… we saw him up the street. He’s coming. today. Today is his first day at school and he’s coming… Now.

Martin: Should we be ready?

Jake: i would say so.

“All Summer long” Plays in the background…

“It was 1989, my thoughts were short my hair was long
Caught somewhere between a boy and man
She was seventeen and she was far from in-between
It was summertime in Northern Michigan
Ahh Ahh Ahh
Ahh Ahh Ahh

Splashing through the sand bar
Talking by the campfire
It’s the simple things in life, like when and where
We didn’t have no internet
But man I never will forget
The way the moonlight shined upon her hair…”

A Motorcycle comes rollin’ in and comes to a pause right by the parking lot  of the school which was in view of the front gate. Luna and Martin stood and watched as the new school mate got off the bike and grabbed his bag before coming into the front gates….

Jake: That’s Zeke. He’s the new guy. He might look good now. but he’s with a habit. Don’t you let him fool you.

Martin: He’s not that bad. He looks like he could be pretty intriguing. He might be the opposite of what we heard about him.

Jake: Here he comes… He’s coming this way.

Zeke: *Walking by and grinning* Hey. What’s up? You guys like standing and waiting for someone?

Martin: No. Not really. Just waiting for the bell to ring for class to begin.

Luna: *Smiles* Kon’nichiwa, jīku.

Zeke: Kon’nichi— what? *Pauses* What was that?

Jake: Oh… That’s her saying Hello in Japanese. She’s Asian.

Zeke: oh. Cool. I am cool with Asians. They’re creative and very domesticated. They’re attractive also.

Jennifer: They are.

Zeke: Who are you guys?

Martin: Oh. I’m Martin. Martin Marco. This is my Girlfriend and best friend Luna Rhapsody. They are Jake Powell and Jennifer Bakeman,

Penelope: *Walking over and seeing the new Guy* Who’s the Biker teen?

Martin: Oh… that’s Zeke Mansfield. He’s the new attendee to this school Just came in about a minute ago.

Penelope: Really? Let me guess… he is a biker teen who travels the road and is the country man.

Zeke: You mean a Highwayman? No. I am not like that at all. I am just a troubled person who is living on his own and by himself.

Jennifer: *Under her breath* That’s what we thought.

Martin: Do you know where your class is?

Zeke: It’s by the other side of the Library. I think. It’s not all that far. Not sure why though, but i’ve got a map of the school.

Penelope: You don’t mean that you get lost easily, do you?

Zeke: New place… new city. New Area. What do you think?

Martin: it’s not bad to admit if your lost. New places can be pretty… well… Scary.

Luna: Yeah. Pretty scary. One could get lost if they didn’t happen to know where it was that they were going.

Jake: *Rolling his eyes to the side*

Luna was already attracted to Zeke and it wasn’t caught that she was attracted to him till later,.. But she only smiled at him and didn’t really say much. Zeke Smiled back and saw Martin looking at Luna oddly…

Martin: Luna, Don’t you think that we ought to get to class? it’s gonna begin soon.

Luna: *Snaps out of the daydream* Oh… yeah. Gomen’nasai. let’s go to class. we don’t want to be late.

Zeke: *Chuckles* I’ll see you guys later. Maybe after class. At break.

Luna: Okay. *Smiles*

A minute later…

Inside the classroom…

Teacher: *Looking to see Luna in the room* hmm… Are we gonna have any more outbursts of being undisciplined?

Martin: Mr. Hoover. She’s not acting up. She never had.

Teacher: That is a lousy Excuse and you know it, Mr. Marco. That is a lame excuse. She’s been acting out in class and back talking. It makes me wonder if she’s even showing much effort on doing the work or if she’s just slacking off. She isn’t passing the class. The Semester is almost over and her work has been less than exceptional.

Luna: It has not. I turned in my work. You just didn’t see it. or didn’t even bother to see it. I was being treated poorly by my grandmother. so i couldn’t really focus. But i was trying to do the best that i could with the material. If you think i’m slacking…. then i would like to know how that is possible.

Martin: Mr. Hoover. Luna has been dealing with some things and it’s got her clouded. But she’s a good person. She’s responsible. Just ask around. Ask her sisters. They know that she’s responsible.

Teacher: Well… be that as it may. I don’t believe it. I in the beginning of the school year saw that she was a good student. i would have sworn on it that she was good too. but with her poorly done work the last couple months… i am just not so sure anymore. I don’t think that she is a bad kid. i don’t see bad being in her. But her grades don’t lie. They state that she is either slacking, Not paying attention or is just refusing to put much of any effort at all into the work that’s given. I should be telling her Grandmother this. not you, Mr. Marco. You’re not her legal representative. But it’s just how it is. Her grades are poor. If she doesn’t find some way to bring them up. and fast. She will fail the class and i do not want to fail her. I want her to pass. but i don’t know what else to do… I don’t know.

Luna: I will do better. I can do that. I want to do that.

Teacher: Then that is settled. The best way to pass this class now… For History… Is to do a 4 page Essay on the War on Terror. talking about 9/11/01. Giving an unbiased thought to the event. The facts. but tell it as though you’re there. Put yourself in the Essay. As if it’s about you.

Luna: You’ll have it.

Martin: Hmm… Well that was a bit unexpected…

Luna: *Looking at Martin; Shrugs*

At Metropolis University…


Prince Alvin: *Walking the scenic trail outside the Main building; With Alice* Alice, We’ve been together for about a year… A year and a half. Right?

Alice: Yeah. A proud year and a half. Why?

Prince Alvin: I was thinking… We should do something special. A Romantic Rendeavouz.

Alice: Are you talking about Sex?

Prince Alvin: *Looking away a bit and clearing his throat a little* Uh, yeah.

Alice: Oh my god, Prince Alvin. I don’t know what to say about that. I am so Touched. I didn’t even realize that you were thinking of that.

Prince Alvin: Of course…. i have to set things up for it. to make it special for us. *Thinking* I will need to get some Condoms. And you’ll need some things too. I want to make this perfect.

Alice: So do i. But what brought this all up?

Prince Alvin: Nothing. It is just something that i have considered for a week now and i wanted to just get it out there. I think that we’ve gained that level in our lives.

Alice: I guess. Will we have that time though? We will be on the go from here on in.

Prince Alvin: I’ll have that covered.

Alice: Can we do it by the weekend?

Prince Alvin: I plan on it. You have nothing to worry. I Love you, Alice. I do. You’re amazing. and are like a saint. You have been putting up with more than enough monster sightings and constant dangers that pop up that i have to go through with my Brothers and the girls. You were just so patient. It’s as though nothing gets you down.

Alice: No. Nothing. I understand. I do. Because it’s who you are. I am not gonna be one to make you decide on who you should be. I am not gonna be one who happens to just control your life. I won’t do that.

Prince Alvin: I got to hit the Gym for P.E in a few minutes. Got that to handle today.

Alice: And of course i got English and History to sit through today. The History class is talking about Desert Storm. Yeah… I know. It’s leading to the wars that befallen this country since then. It seems like this country thinks it’s a superpower. But when we were almost with the sorry S.O.B Osama in our grasps and about to close in on him… we pulled back and went to Iraq. Took out Hussein and his regime. Now we have them on our backs… or did till a few years later… Then we get Obama and he does the one thing that scum sack Bush didn’t do. Kill Osama. Took him out.

Prince Alvin: That was in 2010 i think.  but i wasn’t around then… or i believe that i was a bit too young to even understand.

Alice: I think that we all were. But i got a paper to do on that. It’s got to be 5 pages long and with a cover sheet. So tonight i’ll probably be burning the Midnight oil and typing it up.

Prince Alvin: That’s nothing considering the fact that i got to go to Gym and then after that… I got Math. Algebra. I know… Math. tough subject for the usual Mathematically inclined.

Alice: What are you doing tomorrow? Any idea?

Prince Alvin: *Walking ahead and sitting on the bench* I don’t know. I wish i had one though…

Alice: Do you think that it’ll be warmer tomorrow?

Prince Alvin: maybe…

Alice: *Walking over to the bench and sitting down next to Prince Alvin* I hope so. It’s really cold out today.

Prince Alvin: Not too cold. But then again… it is winter time and the cold frigid air is rather biting with an arctic freeze.

Alice: I’d bet. *Rubbing her arms*

Over by the Science lab…

Prince Curtis: *Looking at his homework* I worked on this all weekend. I have no idea how this sounds… I was supposed to write a report on the Sedimentary rocks and the types there are of Sedimentary rocks. But i am now wondering if it was supposed to be that Metamorphic Rocks. Maybe it was both. *Looking at the paper again and Sighs* I should just turn it in. The worst that can happen is that it gets marked down.

But at the Metropolis University Gym….

Prince Avery: *Swimming in the pool and going through a morning swim* Awwww! Nothing like a nice swim to ease up the muscles. A few more rounds of this should do the old boy good.

A moment later….

Prince Avery: *Rising up from the water after going one last time around in the pool* Ah! That’s better….


MI6: *Walking over to Prince Avery* Excuse me… I’m looking for Prince Avery.

Prince Avery: *Getting out of the pool and Drying off with a Towel* Yeah, Who’s asking? *Looking to see an Agent standing near*

MI6: I’m here as a matter of British Intelligence security. It is of great importance that we speak.

Prince Avery: About what? I don’t even know what this is about. I am merely a college attendee and a hero who is part of the Rhapsody Brothers. Plus i am also late for Political Science 101.

MI6: I understand the dire confusion as it were. but i was in Washington D.C with the American Intelligence about something that was coming near earth. I was at the summit meeting when i was given specific instructions. “Find Prince Avery T. Rhapsody as it’s a matter of great Urgency” *Showing off a picture of a Red creature with white hair and 4 red eyes* …

Prince Avery: *Recognizing the picture and pauses* huh… *Looking up at the Agent* This has to be some joke. You really are not one to be falling into the same threat as us. My cousins Paige, Pearl and Dinah are all looking to face it when the time comes… but why are you following up on the Intergalactic Demon? Isn’t this a little bit out of your Jurisdiction?

MI6: yes. it must seem to be. but the British Intelligence has been picking up word of a demonic force being conjured up in the world. it just hit the country of Wales.

Prince Avery: That’s a country said to be part of the United Kingdom’s Jurisdiction. and Great Britain. bordered by England to its east and the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea to its west. It had a population in 2011 of 3,063,456, and has a total area of 20,779 km2 (8,023 sq mi). Wales has over 1,200 km (750 mi) of coastline, and is largely mountainous, with its highest peaks in the north and central areas, including Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa), its highest summit. The country lies within the north temperate zone, and has a changeable, maritime climate.

MI6: Astounding. You know about the geography of Wales. But be that as it should be said i regretfully confess… there has been threatening signs of a Beast. Monstrous.. But at this time Dormant and in quakening slumber.

Prince Avery: Then what would the problem be?

MI6: that’s the problem… there seems to be a stand still from it. But for a few weeks we’ve been getting blips of a Symbol. A mark that is clouded by Enigma. Agent M. notified me and told me to find her a young one. Someone with the viable resources to put some Intellectual light into the situation.

Prince Avery: Agent M? *Pauses* Uh, okay… I am putting a pause on this little meet here…. You want me to be more open… then i would suggest if i am allowed to say… that you be more straight with me here. Who are you and Who is Agent M?

MI6: Agent M is my boss. and the name’s Bond. James Bond. Agent 007 James Bond.

Prince Avery: You’re the Legendary Agent. People have been hearing about you quite alot.

MI6: I would figure that they would have made mention of me. I do happen to get myself into explosive situations.

Prince Avery: You are one who is more seen where ever the action happens to be. Do you ever take it easy?

MI6: In my field of work… when you go under cover. there is no such thing as taking it easy. there are cases that involve rather tight situations. the ones that you pray that you don’t get but wind up always getting anyway.

Prince Avery: what was the most dangerous one that you been on that you can recall?

MI6: The one mission where i was supposed to run interference and stop the real Mr. Van Bierk and take a case of African Conflict diamonds to Colonel Moon. But a Terrorist named Zao Exposed my cover as a British Spy. Yeah… i was set up. By Zao. I however killed Zao by shooting down an ice Chandelier and it crashing onto him.  I was tortured by General Moon’s crew for a time.  and he also interrogated me to get info from me. but i didn’t tell him much.

“General Moon: *Facing Bond* My son had an ally in the West. For the last time, who was it? Who made him betray his country and his name?

Bond:The same person who betrayed me”

Prince Avery: I don’t get it… If that was the case… then why didn’t your boss say anything or inform you about something like that?

MI6: i got traded for Zao. While i was being put under such unfair accommodations by Agent M… Zao was getting to see the Sunnier side of the demilitarized Base.

“Bond: Morning.

Agent M: Welcome back.

Bond: Such hospitality. You don`t seem too pleased to see me.

Agent M: If I`d had my way, you`d still be in North Korea. 
Your freedom came at too high a price.

Bond: Zao.

Agent M: He tried to blow up a summit between South Korea and China.
Took out three Chinese agents before he was caught. And now he`s free.

Bond: I never asked to be traded. I`d rather die in prison than let him loose.

Agent M: You had your cyanide. Threw it away years ago.

Bond: What the hell is this about?

Agent M: The top US agent in the North Korean High Command was executed last week.
The Americans intercepted a signal from your prison naming him.

Bond: And they think it`s me?

Agent M: You were the only inmate. They concluded you cracked 
and were hemorrhaging information. We had to get you out.

Bond: And what do you think?

Agent M: With drugs, you wouldn`t know
what you did or didn`t say.

Bond: I know the rules.

Agent M: And number one is no deals. Get caught and you`re given up.
The mission was compromised.

Bond: Moon got a call exposing me. He had a partner in the West.
Even his father knew about it.

Agent M: Whether that`s true or not, it`s irrelevant.

Bond: No, it isn`t. The same person who set me up then
has just set me up again to get Zao out. So I`m going after him.

Agent M: The only place you`re going is our evaluation center in the Falklands.
Double-O status rescinded.

Bond: Along with my freedom?

Agent M: For as long as I deem necessary, yes. You’re no use to anyone now.”

MI6: However… that changed. later. I came across Gustav graves and got some Intel on him. Told it to Agent M and became useful again.

Prince Avery: Yes… sometimes you have to take a shade of risk to reprove your worth when worth of what you are known to do goes out the door.

MI6: that’s spring of life. You take it as it comes. Risks and all.

Prince Avery: Now… what about the situation revolving the symbol… Or mark?

Mi6: Ever heard of the Mark of the Desolate one. Scath?

Prince Avery: Come again? Did you say Scath? Scath… as in the Demon. The Desolate being also conjured as an equivalent to Satan himself.

MI6: That’s right. Agent M…. Moneypenny has requested to see you. personally. We have received Intel of files. Data Gathered by you on one Metropolis Fountain. Gateway leading to One Dark Kingdom.

Prince Avery: So… you’ve heard about it?

MI6: Yes. we have. And… I am also ordered to give you this. *Pulls out a Passport and open ended Airline Ticket* It’s a Passport and also an induction notice. valid for whenever you decide to embellish the offer to set off to Britain. The Open ended Ticket is good for whenever you decide to accept the offer.

Although as for Paige…

In Lit Class…

Paige: *Writing in her Journal and working on her personal story* Let’s see… Chapter 3, It was a cold dark night that night as Marcus sat and listened to the radio. He was thinking about the woman… the one he caught a sight of. He couldn’t get her out of his mind as to him… she was a vision in elegance. But he was a greaser. and a lowly man. There was no way that she’d ever go for him. But he did not let it get to him. He tried to take his mind off her. Thinking about… *Stopping for a minute and thinking hard about the book she is writing* What would Marcus be thinking of? He just met a wonderful girl. A Remarkable woman. but knows that he’d never get her. and it’d be near impossible to get her. But What would he be thinking of that would obviously take his mind off of a woman that he would never stand chance in getting? What would a guy like him think about? *Thinking more on the current chapter of her book that she’s writing* He’s a Greaser… He is 17. He’s also one who has a habit. She doesn’t do it often. But he’s also a Dancer. and an Actor. He has a golden voice for singing. But he hides it with such bravado. He uses his toughness to cover it and hide it off well….

Paige was thinking on the story that she was writing. She was making up names… and all of them resembling her sisters and family in some way. But she was also doing her classwork too. Writing and paying much attention to what the instructor was saying. She while in class was thinking about how Luna was doing. She didn’t figure that Luna would be diving into a bit of darkness. But as far as she knew or as Pearl knew… it was innocent. Luna barely even knew the new kid. She barely spoke to him at first…

As for Pearl…

She and Star were in their Fashion Designing class and putting together a design. There was one design almost complete as they were working for the last couple days on it and getting the designs all put together…

Pearl: Hey… Star, How much more do you think we need of the sash? We do have quite alot already cut and laid out. If we were to cut any more sash…. there’ll be more sash than Dress. We also have done a Skirt and a Blouse. But the Material is so thin that if you were to pull it just slightly… it’d tear apart.

Star: You didn’t make the Material too thin, did you girl?

Pearl: No. I didn’t. I was equal on it. I didn’t make any of it too thin.

Star: Then why would you say it’s too thin?

Pearl: *Pulling up the Dress* Star, the Material is tearing too easily and it’s way too thin. You can practically see through it. if we were to make this for little girls… it’d inspire Lust and would pursue for the sex offenders to target the little girls and there’d be alot of premature pregnancy. We got to stitch together another layer of material… otherwise we have to scrap this one. It can’t be used or turned in. it just can’t be made like this.

Star: What the heck do you suggest we do then, girl? we don’t have anything to add to it….

Pearl: Well… we’ve got to think of something. We can’t use this. the way it looks now… it’s gonna look like we were trying to make little kids look like adults who were trying to get some action. We’d be adding fuel to the sex offenders. We can’t allow that to happen. we need to fix it. *Looking for more Material* Come on. We can fix this. We just have to find the material that will best match what we have right now for this dress. Anything that will match it.

Star: *Sighs* Okay… let’s look for some Extra Material to add to this Dress that will keep it from tearing so easily. We didn’t do all this work on this dress just to have it fall apart on us. No way.

Pearl: Yeah. Let’s do it.

A Moment later…

Pearl: *Putting the Dress on the Mannequin; Working on it* Let’s see where we can add to more to the dress and make it more presentable.

Star: No kidding. We should have been done by now. but with a set back like this… we’re a little late on the deadline. Good thing we are not working on a timed project. we’d never make it.  *Sighs and gets to work on the Material and setting it up to be placed on the dress* This dress is all green. Let’s hope that this dark green does the trick.

Pearl: It will. *Looking at the time* Fashion is pain. But sometimes… we got to have a little pain to go with it.

Star: *Working on the Material* Question. How do you suppose Luna is doing? Didn’t your sister Dinah drop by our door before we all set off to class to tell us that Luna was back in school again?

Pearl: Yeah. She did. Luna seemed pretty shook up about it. Although, she wasn’t too bad off than she would have been if it were only her first day in school to begin with.

Star: From what Dinah told us as she heard from her husband. Luna was quite nervous and unsure if she could bare show herself in school again. Fearing that the other kids…. Teens would catch on that she was Abused and they’d all mock her. Tease her.

Pearl: It’s a brave new world for her. Luna is gonna have to handle it the best she can. I just hope that the other teens are well… rather Gentle about it.

Star: Not too Gentle. We don’t want her to turn into a wimp. She’s not a Wimp to begin with… but if they’re too soft… She’ll be like putty. Goop.

Pearl: Martin was with her.

Star: Do you think that he’s holding up the fort and keeping Luna safe from the Ridicule okay?

Pearl: I suppose so. Why wouldn’t he be able to hold up the ground anyway? He is all for protecting Luna.

Star: True.

Pearl: I mean that it’s not like it would be as though he would just stand and watch Luna get trampled by the snide comments and the rumors that are going around. Martin knows not to do that.

Star: We should find out what’s going on with Luna and Martin. How they’re holding up. But the only thing about that is that we can’t get out for another 3 hours. This Fashion designing class is a 5 hours a pop for each meet.

Pearl: We can at least text.

Star: that we can do. *Looking at the Dress* Let’s get back to work. This Dress isn’t gonna work on itself…

At Metropolis Middle school…

Science class…

Luna: *Looking at Zeke* Hey Zeke.

Zeke: *Gasps* Luna?! What are you doing here? Don’t you have classes all with the guy. Martin.

Luna: Yeah. i do. but this is one class that i don’t have with him and the others. Of all classes. Science had to be the one that was without Martin being with me. I don’t mind it. not really. i mean… it kinda of gives it time  apart. Not like we’d never see one another again.

Zeke: *Grins* Oh… i see. Well… it’s a surprise to see you in the same class as me. At least i’ll have someone to speak to. I don’t really know anyone here and no one is really speaking to me.

Luna: Maybe it’s the bad boy image that you have about you. Rumors are going around that you are troubled. I don’t believe it. i don’t seem to catch that about you.

Zeke: That’s nice. At least you don’t. Everyone else does. It’s like no one wants me here. When they look at me… they only see a loner from Wichita.

Luna: Wichita?

Zeke: Yeah. that’s where i’m from originally. i ran away from there and emancipated myself from my parents. I had to.

Luna: Why? What did they do to you?

Zeke: They abused me.

Luna: Abused you? Oh no… that’s terrible.

Zeke: My step father would curse at me and push me all over like some tinker toy. He drank like a fish too. My mom would just sit there and watch. She wouldn’t even do a damn thing to stop it. Like she could care less. To her… i was just some mistake. Some mistake that she shouldn’t have had ever.

Luna: *Shaking her head* That’s so not nice. I believe that i can relate. I was Abused too. By my Ex-Grandmother Rikku.

Zeke: You were Abused too? How’s that? You’re a lovely looking Asian girl. Spunk and you also have the sweet smile. Welcoming. Why would she give you the abuse? Does she not like you?

Luna: No. she doesn’t. She was a Racist. She hated me because i was Asian. Because i was Japanese. I am a Japanese girl. But Grandma Rikku didn’t like it. She thought that i was talking back to her which i kinda was… but it wasn’t all me… because i normally wouldn’t do that. not ever. I just was going through a tough time. A Rough patch. I missed a few days of school. while still being in school.,,

Zeke: *A Little confused* how is that possible to be in school while not actually being in school?

Luna: I was in school but wasn’t in class. I wasn’t in the classes and of course my grades are all depleting.

Zeke: Wow! So you’re like flunking heavily on all classes. how will you keep from truly failing the classes? You’re a smart girl. at least from what i can tell. You are being like straight with me and you don’t even know me much. I got to admit that i admire it. I really do. But you really don’t know me. You know nothing about me. So why are you even trusting me with this stuff? No offense. but you’re with a bit of blind trust. Trusting me. I could be a bad guy with a bad habit. I could also be like some predator. Not that i am… but you really should get that insight sharpened. that not everyone you meet is with the purest intentions. I have secrets that i don’t want out. and i am sure that you have secrets too and don’t want them out.

Luna: *Speaking Japanese; feeling rather hurt* Mōshiwake arimasen. Watashi wa chōdo anata ga yūjin o sukidarou to omotta. Shikashi, watashi wa chōdo anata ga narimashou yo. Anata o ki ni shite iru koto ga mōshiwake arimasen. (English trans: Sorry. I just thought that you would like a friend. But i’ll just let you be. Sorry to have bothered you.)

Luna then moved away and sighed feeling hurt. Zeke felt bad about how he came out with his reply. He did not mean for it to come out rude. He sighed and looked away from Luna and was about to walk away when he heard her sobbing and with tears. Zeke didn’t know her so well and he didn’t want to let anything about himself out. However he heard her crying just then and felt terrible. He did the honest thing and walked over to her.

Zeke: Luna… I’m sorry. *hugging Luna suddenly reaching out* I didn’t mean it. I am just really guarded with talking about myself like a person on trial. I kinda felt that and it’s usually when i shut off my civility and go all cloak and dagger with the pushing and rejecting. It’s not you. It’s a little of everyone. Besides… usually when people know too much about me they all would hit the pavement and just want to jet out as fast as their feet could do a two step and blast off away from me. Treating me as though i was a disease. I’m sorry that i made you cry. *Releases from the hug and sighs* I am guessing that you must think that i am an asshole for just speaking to you the way i did when you were only trying to be a friend to me.

Luna: *Shaking her head in tears* No… No. It’s not that. It’s just when you said what you said…. it made me think of my first day of starting school here. I was called a freak and some sort of mutant. It’s just a bad memory. It’s not you. Zeke, I am sorry about taking out my hurt on you… but with being abused by my grandmother and being neglected. plus unloved by her… it just slowly took a toll on me. It’s okay.

Zeke: No… It’s not alright. You should not have been abused like you had. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that. Luna, you deserved better than that. What were you even doing staying around a woman like that anyway?

Luna: Because i had nowhere else to go. But one night she got on me and my sister heard it. She jumped on grandma’s case and told her off. I remember crying a little bit because i was so hurt. being hated by my own grandmother. I stay with my sister Dinah in her Dorm for a while till after she got wed and there was a house to reside in. But the abuse is always gonna remain. the memory will go on. because everyday since the Abuse stopped… i woke up fearing that it was gonna just keep building up. Every morning. I would feel it. Every night… before i go to bed i have to think in my mind that maybe things would change and get better and things would go back to the way that they used to be, Where things were not so terrible. But even though my sisters and my brother in law whose the husband to my sister Dinah…. assure me that things would be alright. I know that things will never be. Zeke, My grandmother Rikku is the mother of my adoptive mother. She is my Ex Grandmother and is the Exiled member to the family. She Abused me. that woman abused me… Zeke. There would be nights where i would be sent to bed without anything to eat. No dinner. and she’d just forget about me… To her i was just Baggage. You would not believe as to how many nights i would go to bed hungry because of her. I would come to school in pain over starvation. Martin would automatically be asking why but after the 3rd time… he knew that there was something not right and would try to do whatever he could to help me replace some food that i went to bed without in my stomach. He was growing concerned for me… So was his guardian and even my sisters. He felt terrible.

Zeke: With all that Abuse done on you… you’re lucky… real lucky that you’re not a basket case.

Luna: I think that i already am. I just feel so lost. at least when it comes to what it is that i should be feeling.

Zeke: I Wish that knew what to say about that. but I think that you have already said it plainly. You are a Asian girl… with sensitive feelings. You want to be loved… but get met with cruelty. You were abused by a awful woman. she sends you to bed without dinner and you are in the drivers seat for the abuse. She abuses you and what? You reacted by…

Luna: Sending her to Jail. My family and my love Martin sent her to Jail. they had the Court date and the woman was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Zeke: *Looking to the side a little* I would love to know what that is like, to be able to send someone to jail for committing Child abuse. Child abuse.. I guess that you’re lucky then. You were able to derail it. Your Ex- Grandmother is in jail. My parents are probably replacing my room with a new Child. Adopted a kid who was better than me. They hated me. so… it’s no big loss. My mother was a prostitute too… Although her to admit that is just one of those many things that would never ever happen.

Luna: But You emancipated yourself from her. you’re free from her… aren’t you?

Zeke: Yeah. but the memory of it is gonna be forever there.

Luna: *Sighs*

That afternoon…

After school…

Martin:  *Looking at Penelope* Have you seen Luna anywhere? She wasn’t with us during Lunch and she usually hits with us and talks with us about things to do with what she knows about the current threat. She has been gone since after break.

Penelope: I don’t know. but where ever she is… she’s obviously gone off with the new guy.

Martin: Are you talking about Zeke?

Penelope: There is only one guy we now figure who rides a Motorcycle. is clearly a Highwayman Wannabe. I only wonder who he is trying to impersonate with his flamboyance and wit. Either a Johnny Cash, A Waylon Jennings, A Kris Kristofferson or a Willie Nelson. But the facade that he’s trying to poster in the public… infact… Where do you think that Zeke the rider from the boondocks went?

Martin: I have no idea. But do you suppose that Luna could be with him?

Penelope: Luna? With him? I wouldn’t vouch for that to happen. If she befriends him… there could be something a tad rotten stirring.

Martin: in the Social studies class… we came across a new girl… Someone with the name Timberland.

Penelope: Not really sure about that girl. But she is rather… gloomy. Not many people talk to her.

Jake: *Running over from the side* Martin… Thank the relief that i found you.

Martin: Jake… what’s up?

Jake: One guess… Who’s your girlfriend and who’s the guy that we all met this morning?

Martin: Luna and Zeke.

Jake: Luna and Zeke. I just saw Zeke going into the boys restroom. He had Luna with him. and i followed them inside… Zeke was talking to Luna about something to do about a habit.

Martin: A habit? Uh, Jake… did you hear anything other than that?

Jake: Not really. but i did hear the exchange of #’s. Cellphone #’s and also Zeke had something in his hand. A small box.

Penelope: He had a Small box in his hands. I think that we all know what it could be. He was concealing Drugs. Tobacco products. In other words Cigarettes.

Martin: Did Luna and Zeke see you there?

Jake: No. they weren’t watching and weren’t even paying much attention to anything around them. they were too into a conversation.

Jennifer: *Walking over* And there is more to it than that. i was there and over heard Luna saying to Zeke: “Name a time and place and we’ll meet. I think that getting to know you would be pretty cool. I might even ask to join in on the habit. Maybe. because of the stress of the Abuse and the constant eyes of people staring at you…. knowing that there is something going on with you and are just waiting for you to crack. and believe that you will crack under stress and pressure if you came across someone who happened to push hard enough on you to make you lose it.” It’s bad.  I don’t know if it was just a joke or a humor line… but She’s set to Zeke.

Martin: *Motioning for Jake and Jennifer to keep quiet* Shh! Quiet. Here they come… Pretend that you don’t know. Keep the peace for now.

Jake: Right. Play stupid and pretend that we saw nothing. Yeah…

A second later…,

Luna: Hey Martin… *Kissing Martin on the Lips* Sorry i was late. Zeke and i were just talking about Exchanging #’s. He and i are friends now… more like Close friends. He’s a nice guy.

Martin: *Thinking in his mind* Yeah… A nice guy who’s got a nasty habit of smoking and is trying to sucker punch the habit to you. You are trusting him and are being fooled. *Smiles* It’s okay. It’s good that you’re here… Your Ride should be here anytime now.

Zeke: *Looking at the others and then at Martin* Hey Martin, You help Luna escape from the Abusive woman?

Martin: Yeah. I did. When she was sent to bed without anything to eat a few times… i made sure that she had something to eat. as did her sisters. Her sisters also had her back. we all did.

Zeke: Cool. Luna told me about what all happened to her and how you were like there for her and everything. I might not be the best person for her to be around… but if you need someone to help her form a little bit of a bad Image to help boost her Morale and her Confidence… You can count on me.

Jennifer: We don’t want Luna to be anything that isn’t her. She is a nice person. She should follow her heart. Not the path of someone who wants to turn her into a Tough girl wannabe, She can be tough in her own way, thank you very much.

Penelope: Besides we know who her sisters are. They’d never stand for her to be turning into something that is not her.

Luna: Hey… be nice. Zeke is trying to reach out for a friend. Am i gonna be the only friend he wins…. makes?

Martin: No. We want to be his friend. At least that i want to try to be a friend to him…

Penelope: That is one idea that won’t be sold. I don’t go for a guy who lives on his own and is under age… and has a habit too. I know enough about him to know that he is bad news.

Luna: That is being mean and hurtful, Penelope.

Penelope: Maybe so. But i am not gonna open to him. he’s gonna have to prove that he’s worthy to be around us. At least around me.

Jennifer: Let’s not talk about the heavy. Let’s talk about something else.

Luna: Yeah. I want to talk about the paper.

Martin: The Paper? You mean the Essay that you have to write to bring your grades up? Yeah. We can go to the Library and look up some books on the material.

Luna: Okay. That would be nice. I just want to get it all done and get a good grade for the class. I don’t want to have Summer School. I want to be free to be spending time with my friends and you. and be with my sisters when they need me.

Jake: I agree.

Jennifer: Same here. I too… agree. Summer school is no fun. Really.

Luna: *Thinking about something* Hey… I was wondering if you’d all like to have a sleepover this Friday night.

Jennifer: Aren’t those little gatherings girls only?

Luna: We can have it for us girls and Boys too. I’ll have to ask my sister Dinah if it’s okay.

Jennifer: I’d like that idea. I think that it’s a cool idea.

Jake: Same here…


Raven: *Standing before them* Luna, Martin… Come on. Time to go home.

Luna: *Looking to see Raven* Hey Raven.

Martin: Hey Raven. It’s been a while since we last seen you out and about. What’s up?

Zeke: *Looking at Raven* Whoa! Who’s that?

Luna: That’s a good friend. Raven. Raven from a place known of Azarath. She’s half Human and Half Demon. She’s really Amazing. Just don’t get her angry and in Rage… It won’t look so good. Just so you know.

Zeke: Wow! And she lives with you and your family. and your friends? Impressive. It is quite intriguing.

Raven: Yes… But if you were to know who my father was and know that i was the Gem…. You would be backing away. So to spare yourself with the sanity… please don’t ask so much about what i am.

Zeke: I’ll be sure to keep that in mind till it is that i am ready to know everything about you. But i’m sure that Luna and i will talk and she’ll relay the details to me from time to time. A Little bit.

Luna: *Nods* But discreetly.

Raven: Luna… come on. we should get you home. Dinah’s gonna be there in an hour or two to make Dinner for you. But she’s wanting you home.

Luna: Okay. I’ll catch you later, Zeke.

Zeke: *Smiles* okay.

Zeke and Luna share a friendly kiss and a hug farewell before parting ways for the rest of the day. Martin was shocked at what he saw and asked what that was about. He didn’t understand what was going on. But Luna wasn’t gonna get into it. She was just with the intention that Zeke was only a friend. Nothing other than that. Luna then kissed him passionately and romantically to prove it. Martin looked  thrilled. by the kiss. Martin was dropped off at his place first. Then it was Luna.

A Moment later…

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Luna: *Smiling over the idea that she met a new friend* Zeke is so cool. He is rather alone though. I feel so bad for him because he’s been abused by his parents and he’s got to live with the memory of it. Also a Habit. He’s 13 and smokes. He Admitted to it. I think that he even is love with me… but seems to not want to push because he sees that my heart is with Martin and doesn’t want to ruin that.

Raven: That’s nice. But you should be careful as to how close you get with this new guy. You should give it time before you hang with him so much. It’s still too early to be with feelings for Zeke if you happen to have certain feelings for him.

Luna: *Gasps* How did you know that i had certain feelings for him?

Raven: Uh, Luna… Remember… the Gem…. you’re conversing with someone who’s got the ability of Empathy and Astral Projection. I can read your thoughts. I heard what you were thinking. I know about it. But it’s okay. You don’t need to think about it too much right now. Just try to tell yourself that you’re seeing him as no more than a friend. Just keep your mind clear of him. Martin is your love. Hurting him would be like hurting your heart’s right to be happy.

Luna: You’re sure insightful. Raven… but, you’re right. i should just keep it as just Zeke being a very close friend. To think of him as any more than just a friend would be too complicated.

Raven: very. But they do say that sometimes Love is blind and at times… Rather complicated.

Luna: Don’t i know it. I am only 13 and it’s already feeling like i have a heart that is feeling for 2 people all at the same time. it will get pretty difficult to just choose one or the other. Not when the new guy that you meet is somehow a total dream. it’s like your heart goes into overdrive. to where you don’t know whether you’re either overheating and full of bliss or if you’re in actual perpetual love and you just want to hug and kiss the person your heart is yearning for…

Raven: *Tilting her head to the side* Eh…….

Luna: I have a paper to do. An Essay. About the War on Terror. An Event called 9/11/01. Talking about it like i was there at those times. I don’t know why i have to put it to where i was actually living it. the history books all were saying how it was said to be a day of Infamy and or great sadness. the country was attacked. People were killed. almost 3,000 lives were wiped from the face of the planet. It just got taken out.

Raven: That would be a hard one. But maybe you could get online and do some research on the subject.

Luna: Good idea.

An hour later…

Dinah: *Opening up the door and coming in* I’m home.

Luna: Hey sis. How was class?

Dinah: Class was very strenuous today. Two classes and both were jammed with lecture after lecture. I am already looking towards another all nighter to get the work done.

Luna: Is that something that you should be doing? You do need sleep.

Dinah: I know that, Luna. I know. But with all the lecturing that was being done… there was literally no time to really do any of the work. it was all lectures. All lecturing. Plus… with the Finals coming up soon. there is gonna be more of those days to be expected to hit. Finals are about to start. in 5 1/2 weeks, It’s gonna be hell.

Luna: That’s sad… Sis. Is there anything that i can do?

Dinah: Well… unless you have some secret ability to make the work do itself and lessen itself by a fraction so it won’t be so much of a stress-out. No. there isn’t anything that you can do i’m afraid.

Luna: I’m sorry.

Dinah: Why’re you sorry. I don’t know why you’d be sorry. It’s not like you could have done anything about it. You sure didn’t cause it.

Luna: but i am still sorry.

Dinah: Well… Thank you. *Hugging Luna* How was School? Was there any issues at school? Anyone mock you or try to tease you?

Luna: *Shaking her head* Uh-uh. But i made a new friend… As did the others but they’re not taking to him as much as i am.

Dinah: A new friend, huh? You must be pretty lucky then. You got a lucky break. Who’s the new friend?

Raven: Zeke Mansfield.

Dinah: Zeke Mansfield? That’s a odd name. What’s he like?

Luna: Well… He’s 13. the same age as Martin and I am. But there is also a couple things that are not so assuring. He has a bad habit. plus he is also another Abuse victim. His mother Abused him and so did his step father. His Mother is a prostitute. His step father on the other hand is said to be a real bastard.

Dinah: Luna! What’s with the language?

Luna: Nothing. But it’s the truth. His Stepfather was an asshole. in Zeke’s own words… the guy was an asshole. Zeke may have been sexually abused too. but he isn’t saying. and he doesn’t recall anything that happened in that nature. But he has been physically abused and also mentally. Emotionally… not so certain. I don’t know. I just feel so bad for him. He is a troubled guy. Very troubled. He even seems so lost. But what hurts is that Martin, Jake, Jennifer, Penelope…. don’t seem to want a thing to do with him. I feel as though i am his only friend and he has a habit too. I Might join him in on it. I want to be there for him. But i just don’t know how. If i push… he’ll just pull away and be distant. if i don’t push… he’ll think that i don’t care.

Dinah: Luna, there is no right answer to this. But… I don’t want you joining Zeke in his bad habit… I really don’t want you to sink to a low level. But if you do… i want you to be careful and don’t over do your attempts of trying to reach out to him. He is your friend. but you need to consider on doing the right thing. Comfort him and reassure him that you’re gonna be there for him. No habit. just be there for him and keep things clear. Right now… Zeke is gonna need someone who can level with him and express that there is someone who cares for them. Luna, you’re doing the right thing being his friend. showing that you care. that’s what he needs.

Luna: Would that mean that i go against Martin and the others?

Dinah: If that is what it takes. Yes. You should not be made to choose who you can help or be with. If Martin is gonna be having a problem with that… then maybe he ought to rethink on keeping you as his girlfriend. He is supposed to be understanding of you. He is your boyfriend… Martin needs to understand that you have a close relation to Zeke. That Zeke is a victim just like you are to Child Abuse. The things that happened to you. You were abused by Grandma Rikku. the Mean woman. Zeke was abused by his parents. He has a habit. But Martin and the others are telling you to stay away from him. Don’t. They’re gonna have to learn that everyone deserves a chance. anyone is worthy of a chance. no matter who they are.

Luna: You’re right. I should see that Martin and the others all understand how it is… and that if they were my friends they would listen to how i feel about Zeke and understand…. respect the situation.

Dinah: Right. That is right.

Luna: *Thinking about something* Dinah, i was thinking about holding a Sleepover this Friday.

Dinah: A Sleepover? Sure. i can’t see as to why you shouldn’t have one. You should have the same experiences as the other girls and guys in school. You should be with the same things as them. or some of the same things. But yes, You should get to have an experience like that.

Luna: *Smiles* Thank you.

Dinah: *Looking at Raven* Raven… You’re on watch for that night. nothing is to interfere with it.

Luna: …

Raven: You believe that there would be danger coming that night? I don’t know if there is anything to worry about as the sinister presence is nowhere in sight and won’t be coming to the open for a while. It’s Dormant. For now. But i’ll be on watch. there will be nothing coming over to Hurt Luna or her friends.


At the Kansas State Penitentiary….

Mad Sam: *Busting out of Prison* Ah! The sweet Poignant air of Kansas. I find it quite refreshing and yet intoxicating. It’s quite fresh.  *Looking at the outside of the penitentiary before walking off* I was defeated by those girls before. but i will have my heyday with them soon enough. I won’t let it happen again. But the time to attack will wait. First… it’s onwards to Metropolis. To bide my time.. before i make my move… The Quaint sensibility of attacking the fine lasses. *Thinking* What were their names again? Ah yes… Miss Love. Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress. Also that little girl too. that young kitty Lass. Sailor Luna. There is also the 4 boys too. didn’t meet them whatsoever. but i know that they are gonna try to thwart my ambitions.

Mad Sam then heads off towards Metropolis to bide his time…

At the Metropolis University…

At the Dorms…

Room #349…

Pearl: *Laying down* What a day in that designer room… All that work we did. Well worth it. but lord… it sure takes a lot outta you.

Star: I know. You look rather drained of energy. You seemed to have put a little too much work into it.

Pearl: I know. But when you’re passionate about something… you don’t settle for second rate. you put in all you can of it. All of yourself into it.

Star: Maybe so… but it’s not like you should just work yourself to death.

Pearl: Do we really have that choice?

Star: Uh, yeah… we do. our passion for fashion is one thing. it’s something that we both adhere to and wish to fulfill. We had a dream to be in the fashion business. to create a store and work it side by side. but not even that is worth our working ourselves to death. It isn’t worth it. You know it’s not. we always have a Choice, Pearl. We never did find that there wasn’t a choice. we had a choice. Always.

Pearl: So… what’re we to do?

Star: Nothing much… just take it easy. Your sisters will be none too happy to know that you were working to the point where you were about to keel over and croak on the silver dollar dream called fashion. Working to death and wasting yourself away.

Pearl: You’re right. It’s gonna not be so rewarding to work oneself to death. It will be rather let’s say… Foolhardy

Star: Amen.

Pearl: I wonder how Luna is doing. Dinah mentioned that she was gonna be heading home to her place to take care of Luna for a little bit before trekking back to the University here.

Star: Ever wonder on how Luna was doing? Dinah will probably be giving us a feasible update on what’s going on with Luna. How she’s doing an everything. This is her first day back to school after being in that Courtroom all day on the case of sending that woman to prison for a very long time and with no parole. Luna is probably feeling as though people are looking at her with the eyes of rumor and damaged goods. pegging her as little miss Abused Asian girl of the 21st century.

Pearl: Star!

Star: What? It’s true. remember the other night we spoke about this… remember. how kids were like that when we were like that age? People looking at you… expecting you to be a certain way… look and act a certain way and if you tried to be someone that they didn’t approve of. you were like a constable in the pot of outcast city.

Pearl: Star, back off with that. Okay? Just back the hell off. Luna is not damaged goods. She is just really shattered due to the fact that she just had to spend a full on 8 hours in a court room. with that women. the mother of my late mother Princess Rikku. Princess Rikku loved Luna. Thought of Luna as like a Daughter that she wished that she gave birth to. because she was so beautiful. Grandma rikku didn’t love Luna. she only tolerated her because we were around. and once we were out of the house and all… Luna being alone. Grandma Rikku… the Bitch… went opened season on Luna like it Luna hunting season. You really think that Luna had much of a choice being in that same room as that woman?

Star: *Gasps and steps back in shock* Whoa! What is your problem today, girl? You’re jumpy and growling like an insomniac in need of a strong rejuvenation.

Pearl: It’s nothing like that, okay? I just got a bit of stuff on my mind is all. Luna and her trying to re-fit into the school’s hierarchy… her trying to keep it where the others in school don’t ever catch on to the fact that that she was abused by her grandmother. Plus… the down right fear that our time going through the Fashion world of glamour…. will flop and fail. Prince Alvin and Alice… They’re finally gonna  make the plan to seal the deal of romance. It’s alot to take in account here… Luna however being the main one as she is unstable. There is no telling what she’s liable to do if pushed just enough while still trying to regain her psyche and place it in the right line as it once was…

Star: Well… you didn’t need to snap at me about it. Besides… what do you think i am supposed to do if i don’t know what the heck’s bothering you.

Pearl: I don’t know… I am just so stressed out. Plus with the Finals that are looming just around the corner…  I am with so much pressure. You have no idea. It’s enough to push me to start puffing.  *Sighs* Sorry. I’m just really concerned about Luna. She is young… almost like a baby still.

Star: I know. I know how you feel. If i had a sister and it was the same circumstances… i’d be literally spazzed out and going frantic myself. I know.It is not easy to do… but you have to let it go… let whatever happens. happen.

Pearl: I can’t bare to let it go.

Star: There is nothing you can do now. All we can do is be there for her. that’s about it. There is nothing else that can be done. Seriously. You need to let it go.

Pearl: I can only try. but it’s not like it’s gonna be easy to just turn off the worry and the concern. It’s always gonna be trouble. Because it’s not like anything other. It’s revolving a member of the family…

At Vincent Van Graves…

Martin’s Room…

Martin: *Feeling annoyed* I can’t believe that guy… Zeke. He’s moving in on my girl like he sees her being a free agent. and was trying to flirt with her.

Starlight: What do you mean? Flirt with her?

Martin: He was trying to put the moves on her, Starlight. He was trying to flirt and act like she was single and looking for fresh meat. Luna Rhapsody is my girl. Not that punk.

Starlight: Zeke’s been trying to flirt with your girlfriend?

Martin: yes. he was.

Starlight: How can you be so sure? I mean… was she allowing for it to happen?

Martin: Well… she sure wasn’t stopping it. It kinda hurt knowing she was happily letting it go on. She even spoke to him. And there was talk of Zeke concealing a pack of drugs. Showing them to Luna. In the boys restroom. I am concerned about her being with him. I don’t trust him. What if she takes up the habit as that guy does?

Starlight: Martin… Master… Are you assuming that Luna, the girl you love is gonna go rounds with the guy and possibly take up the habit of smoking?

Martin: I don’t know. I can’t be sure… but if that wasn’t the case… then why would she be with him… talking to him and hanging with him. Getting the guy’s digits?

Starlight: What is there to know about the guy? Is he really that much of a threat to you? Luna loves you. there is no possible chance that she’d fall for him. If she even were to try the habit with this… Zeke. Do you really think that she’d be dropping a tell all about it?

Martin: Uh…

Starlight: Master, think about it. Zeke is not your enemy… your paranoia of him is… Zeke may have flirted with her. He might have even tried making a move on her… but if Luna accepted it. and took it as a friendly gesture. There is nothing to fear. but if there just as so happens to be more to it than that… then, maybe… Just maybe there is a right for concern. But if he wasn’t moving in with her… or getting with her… You should be relieved. It’s probably nothing.

Martin: Maybe not. But before we all parted ways from each other She kissed him on the lips. Kissed him. That was supposed to be our kiss. not his. *Looking at his crystal ball and looking into it; gazing into the ball and searching for Zeke* I don’t trust him. I want to know what he’s up to.

Friday afternoon…


After school…

Zeke: *Looking at Luna* Luna… i was wondering about something.

Luna: Really? What?

Zeke: That maybe instead of the sleepover you and i can hang out and talk. Besides… i don’t want to be alone.

Luna: I want to. But i already have all the invites out. Karen, Irene, Jennifer and the new girl… Beth are coming to the Sleepover tonight. Plus… Martin’s kinda giving me some sort of frown on the whole idea that i am with you. But i am not letting him tell me who to be friends with. I’ll tell you what. Tomorrow all day we can hang out. I am your friend. If the others won’t accept you. That’s their problem. not mine. Jake and Martin are gonna be there too. It is a bit pithy to have guys there with girls at a sleepover party made all for girls. This is something that i need to have. to get my mind all straight. But Zeke… I love you. As a very special and sympathetic lover/friend. You’re sweet and caring.

Zeke: I am glad that you think that. I think the same of you. You’re a wonderful person. I wouldn’t know if i would ever make it if i never met you. On Monday when i first came here… i thought for some reason that you were just talking to me because you felt sorry for me. but as i happened to stop and think more about it. the more i came to understand that out of everyone that could befriend someone like me. You befriended me because you wanted to be with me. My friend. *Sighs* You happen to be my only friend. No one else seems to want a thing to do with me.

Luna: I know. I feel terrible about that because they’re treating you like you’re nothing other than a vagrant and just some outsider. I am beginning to think that they don’t really respect me for allowing you to be around me or them in any way. To be quite honest… i don’t find it nice. i actually find it cruel and mean. You should be with friends too.

Zeke: It’s not a problem… I don’t really mind it. I never really made it a secret that i was a bit of a punk. Everyone happens to know it and see that i am. I am 13 and i happen to have a bad habit. Yeah. I have one. It’s not like it’s something that i just got myself into.  been into it since i was 7 years old. smoked since that time… but at first… it was just casual. Like one a month… then it came to one a week… Then it came to one a day… to a few. And since then… I just did it to just… do it. *Looking at Luna* Luna, I am not gonna feel rejected by you wanting to stick this sleep over party you’re having tonight through… I mean… it’s something you like. apparently. Martin is probably gonna be bagging on you from the get go because you were speaking with me and speaking to me. or just in all… hanging out with me. Martin seems to be intimidated by you being with me.

Luna: I didn’t really notice much of that… but if he hurts you… he and i will be through. No one’s gonna be hurting my friend. You’re not a bad person. Just a bit troubled. I like you, Zeke. I like you. You’re a wonderful person. contrary to what the others are telling me. You’re a nice guy. You are sweet. I know that it’s cheesy. but I really enjoy being with you. I feel that you can understand what it’s like to be a victim of abuse. you seem to understand what it’s like and how it’s all painful… but you’re able to provide comfort.

Zeke: *Trying to hide the fact that he’s smiling*

Martin: *Coming over from the side* Luna…. It’s time to go. Your sister is supposed to be here within a minute or two. And you sure won’t be able to meet her at the pick up spot if you’re here… will you?

Luna: Martin, what’re you talking about? My sister is having Shingo pick me up. Dinah is stuck at the University. She’s got a lot of work to do. Alot of school assignments to get done. Tonight. She did say that she was gonna have Raven at the house overseeing the party. making sure that everything went well at the party.

Martin: Then when is he supposed to get here?

Luna: He is gonna be a little late. but he is coming. He was in the middle of another job.

Martin: Well… that is fine… but Luna… you need to come to where the pick up spot is and stay there.

Luna: Martin, What’s gotten into you?

Martin: Nothing. i just want to be where Shingo will be when he arrives to pick you up. Besides that it’s more like a bit late to be here on the school grounds and hanging right by the classrooms after classes are all done for the day.

Zeke: Martin. Calm down. Chill. We’re here and we’re not hurting anyone with being here after classes have dismissed for the rest of the day. Plus… who ever died and made you the big boss of the school? Luna can stick by here if she wants to. She’s not hurting anyone.

Luna: Martin, What’s gotten into you lately? It’s almost like you’re annoyed with the fact that Zeke is around.

Martin: It has nothing to do with that. I am just saying that we should get to where the front gate is. I don’t know about you… but i don’t want to be here past time. i don’t want to be caught where i don’t belong.

Zeke: Well… No one is forcing you to be here. You came out of sheer free will. You are here for Luna’s sake.

Martin: Yeah. i am… But i am also here to get her away from you. You are with a habit. We all know about the habit. We are not stupid.

Zeke: Alright…  That’s it…  You wanna have an out with me. Fine. but i am gonna tell you… What i have and don’t have is none of your fucking business, Marco! Yeah… while you were learning about me… i was learning about you. You’re the Orphaned boy who was taken in by a Bachelor named Vincent. Don’t know him… don’t really care at this point. You used to act or tried to impersonate the character from an animated cartoon revolving Duel monsters. Yeah… i know. And i am gonna also go on a leap here… I know that you lost your parents at a young age. I also read about the letter that was done for you to read when you came of age. as the back research said… I can read it. If you think that i am bullshitting you. Here… *Pulling out some secret papers from his back pack* I got it right here…

Zeke then reads the letter…

Dear Martin,

By the time you read this… it will be that time when you’re about to embark on your teen years… Wondering where your parents were and why they may have abandoned you. But we never did. We were always there. even though we can no longer be. There is a point in life that makes a person wise up to loss and pain but find his own strength that you have… Your mother and i both have thought about you ever since we left for the Bahamas and always had the love for you. Fate is funny i think as it always plays on your life. you never know where it will hit. how. and when… I envisioned a life for you to flourish… and hoped that when that time came that you would break loose and see the world… through your eyes and mine. that you would understand much… and that we’d see you. We were with prayers to see you one day grow up as being the respected man that people would love. as we have always seen in you. We were hoping that you’d be the ruling Founder of our Family Company… but you’ll have to take life on without us. be one without us. The paths you choose will always be scary. it will be hard. But i know you can do it. Martin, Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. in your life… you will deal with much… hardship and pain… but life and love. Beauty. and success. The idea is to take the journey to live your life… be your own man. the man that i know… you are and can be. all you have to do make that trip. My dearest Son… Martin… i may not be there with you as a father should… and neither will your mother. But we will be up in the heavens watching you… and holding you in our Embrace. All my Love…

Your father,
Christopher Jack Marco.”

Zeke: You have had loving parents… You should be grateful. I don’t have loving parents. I emancipated myself from them. They were abusing me. okay? Dipshit! They were abusing me… My stepfather was beating me… he was beating on me. they both were mentally and physically abusing me. I got the deep scars inside me to prove it. that’s why i have the habit. the nightmares and the haunting dreams. Flashbacks. i have them all. I am with a habit. If Luna does the habit which you might blame her… or me since you’re so good at looking at me with hate and distrust. It is because of the Abuse she’s undergone. She was abused. She told me that you protected her. but with you telling her that she’s forbidden to see me. it’s making me believe that you are controlling her. i don’t like it. at all. You are not her master. You’re her lover. And i told her already that i wasn’t gonna do anything to come between you and her. But if you think that i’m gonna back off and watch as you are possibly controlling her and telling her who to have in her life… You’re wrong. I’ll protect her from anyone… Even you if i must. Luna is too loving and trusting for her own good. Seeing you as someone who is trustful and loving even when you act like… Let’s just say as it is… An asshole. You and Luna have strong love. She loves you. And i for one respect the hell out of it. I do. But i am not backing off from Luna. Whether you like it or not… She needs both you and… she needs me.

Martin: We shall see. But you better not make moves on her. *Looking Zeke in the eye* Because mark my words… Abused or not… Habit or not… if you do.,.. Heaven be damned. Life be damned…. you and i will have a go. That’s not a threat. That’s a promise. I gave Luna my heart. I refuse to lose her to you. If you corrupt her. You will regret it. I promise you.

Zeke: *Grins* Now we’re all tough… good. *Backing away from Martin and sighs* Luna… I’ll see you later. I am obviously not wanted around. So I’m gonna just jet.

Luna: Okay. You be careful. Call me later…

Zeke: you bet.

A minute later…

Luna: *Looking at Martin; Angry and upset* You were being so mean to Zeke, Martin. You pushed him away. He was trying to be nice and be civil with you even though you have a thing against him. but you had to push him away. You pushed him away. He’s gonna be feeling distant now. You better hope that he doesn’t disappear.

Martin: Why? What is so good about him? You don’t know him. You don’t know a damn thing about him, Luna. So… Do a favor and wake up from the soap opera playing in your head. He is a riffraff. Do you know that he goes to bars posing as a 21+ year old adult. He smokes in the bar. He doesn’t have any control. I am serious. He is bad news. Do you really want to ruin your life being with him? He is gonna suck you in to what he does. You can’t deny it.

Luna: He will not. You don’t know all there is about Zeke. He does have problems… he does. but What do you care? You don’t seem to care about his abuse. He had abuse being done on him. Physical and mental… You should know that by now. we knew him for about a week. I know him more. unlike you.

Martin: I don’t know about him being abused.  I think it is all still a ruse. I know you were abused… because i noticed the signs… and plus i was there for a good part of it so i know that it is all presentable. i was there seeing it and if you happen to remember… i also once… or twice made the comment that You were being mistreated and were getting attacked out of racial tendencies…  Or did you happen to forget that? You were the one being attacked out of a racist kind of situation. I was there. If i didn’t catch that… you would have had it much worse than that.

Luna: Maybe you’re right… but i am not giving up on him. You can tell me all you like, Martin. But i am not gonna give up on him. I wouldn’t expect you to give up on the new girl with her issues if there were any.

Martin: That is DIFFERENT, Luna!

Luna: No it’s not. It is not even any different. He is not a bad person. Not even close. He is just misunderstood. Wondering about what kind of chances that he’s got in the world. He has no chance to be on his own right now. He is living on his own but he is in need of a friend. He needs a friend. At least one friend. If you’re not gonna be it. Then i will…

Martin: *Sighs* Let’s just go and meet the others at the Pickup spot. They’re waiting for us.

Luna: Okay. Besides that i don’t want to talk about it anymore. All it will do is get me pissed off now and even more upset. You’re being a Jerk about Zeke being in my life and i really don’t appreciate it. I really find it to be like the act of a real son of a bitch who just gets the kicks off of controlling his or her partner.  And no… the Language that you just heard me use is not like me to use… but since you got me pissed off…  I am slipping. Martin… From now on… don’t talk to me about Zeke. Because you know how i feel about it and i will not change. You’re my Boyfriend. and Usually i would be kissing you. But for the things you’ve said… There won’t be any kisses.

A minute later…

Jake: *Looking at Luna and Martin* What the heck took you guys so long?

Martin: Why not ask Luna? She’s the one who was with that street rat Zeke.

Luna: No comment. I will not talk ill of Zeke. and Martin. You have a choice… Either you stop trying to bash Zeke. or you and i will be through.

Martin: ….

Jennifer: Luna. You are with Martin. You love him. Why are you so into being in any ties to Zeke? Zeke isn’t as innocent as you think he is. He has a bad habit. Plus he defaces things. Why do you think we are all in disdain over him being around?  He has no respect for anything. You’re gonna get pissed at me for saying it… but it’s best you hear it from us… than from someone else you don’t know. Zeke has been going out the last couple nights defacing walls. I saw him last night at the Alley which was behind the market. I saw him just standing there. I didn’t approach him or say anything. I just watched him. He had a can of spray paint in his hand… He was spraying the wall and it had multi-colors. I would think that if you looked at him enough… you’d see that he had a tiny string of multi-colors…

Luna: I do look at him and there is no stream of multi colors on him. Anywhere. I know. And how would you know what he does unless you follow him. You were probably spying on him. weren’t you?

Jennifer: No… i just happened to walk by when i spotted him.

Jake: *sighs*

Beth: I don’t know who this Zeke is… but i don’t think he’s bad at all. he looked pretty nice. You guys are all picking on Zeke for no reason. it’s mean.

Karen: We don’t know Much about Zeke except that he smokes and he’s a loner. that’s about it. He’s also been abused too. That is also sad. but as far as i am concerned. He doesn’t seem all that bad. just troubled. that’s about all..

Irene: same here. der’ es nothing bad about Zeke. other than habit. he es just troubled is all.

Martin: Well… i don’t trust him. I am not gonna open to him unless he deserves it. As it stands right now. he doesn’t deserve it.

Luna: *Glaring at Martin* Stop talking ill of Zeke, Martin.

At the Daily Planet

Perry: Where is that Article on the British Renegade?

John: Why?

Perry: I was supposed to be in by today. The deadline is in less than 2 hours.

John: We’re working on it. It’s coming… we’re just trying to wrap it up and proof read it.

Perry: Well… get a step to it. the time is getting short and there is no time for stalling. no time to rest.

Trixie. We know that. We have been stressing it all since yesterday. Ever since word came that the British Renegade Mad Sam Holmes broke out of prison. I remember the last time that he struck. He hit City Hall and was working to turn this whole city into a British Paradise… at least to start.

John: Yeah. that was fun. But more pain than enjoyment.

Perry: That was last time… this time he is with the target sighted on the Plaza. Luthorcorp Plaza. If you two have even seen the News bulletins lately… you’d see that. He is coming… That’s if he hasn’t already struck.

John: Maybe he didn’t. If he had… we’d know of it by now. But what we’d like to know is what would he want with the Luthorcorp plaza? It isn’t like he’s gonna have much coming from there.

Trixie: Brother.. Luthorcorp Plaza is the head of Luthorcorp. there is no end. If you take over that… you take over the entire enterprise. the whole Enterprise. that’s where all the office procedure and meets. the conferences and all the planning hits. All the deal making. All the power resides there… you seize that. you can seize the power.

Perry: What would he want with the Luthorcorp Company. The Empire? What would he do with it?

Trixie: What wouldn’t he do with it? He’s liable to do what ever the hell he wishes.

John: If he has that Cane or Rod with him. with that hinky red Gem on the tip, He can over run it and come right at the company and over power the control. Seize it.

Trixie: You better believe it.

Perry: Right.


Reporter: *Running in* The Luthorcorp Plaza has been hit. it’s under attack.

John: Looks like the show has just begun.

Trixie: And we didn’t even think about making any popcorn.

Perry: John, You got the fast track over to Luthorcorp. Hit on over to Luthorcorp. Cover the article. They’re gonna need the reporters there to get the story as it breaks. Trixie, Finish that article… we are running on crunch time now. there is no time to think.

Trixie: You got it chief. Consider it done.

At Luthorcorp Plaza…

Tess: *Speaking into the Intercom* Sandy… What’s going on outside?

Sandy: *On Intercom* I don’t know Mrs. Mercer. But there is a group of Police and reporters standing outside the building. New Crews are outside the Building.

Tess: Is there something going on outside that would bring a news crew here? There wasn’t a news conference scheduled today. There is nothing to announce.

Sandy: I don’t know, Ma’am. I’ll find out. *Calling down to the security watch down in the Lobby*

A minute later…

Sandy: *On the Intercom* Mrs. Mercer… We got a problem… There is news that a British Renegade has broken out of Prison and has made his way here. They say that he could be in the building right now.

Tess: Notify security. Lockdown the building. No one gets in or out.

Sandy: Right. On it.

But it was only a minute later when…

Mad Sam: *Walking through the door* Alas… it is quite long since time that management changed hands.

Tess: Excuse me! Who are you?

Mad Sam: The name is Mad Sam Holmes. I am a Brit from Britain.  I am here to seize control and fulfill my dream of turning this country into a British Paradise.

Tess: And how are you to do that? What power do you really have here?

Mad Sam: Oh… but you misunderstand. I have all the power i need. i have this Rod and with just one blast… I can change things into British. This will become British Territory.

Tess: I would like to see you even try. I’m Calling Security.

Mad Sam: Not so fast, Lass… Not so Fast. The Security Systems are under my control now.

Tess: There is one thing that you didn’t count on.

Mad Sam: What would that be, Lass?

Tess: There is 3 girls that are about to kick you into the Jail cell.

Mad Sam: Oh Really? You mean that you have Contact with the Rhapsody Girls Z!?

Tess: No. But i know that they would be liable to come where there is trouble and bust it up.

Mad Sam: Sure. Why not call them if you can. That’s if the Phones can still call out.

Tess: *Getting up from her desk and walking over to Mad Sam*

Mad Sam: *Looking at Tess*

Tess: Look. I don’t know who you think you are… but You better get out before you are Summarily removed.

Mad Sam: *Fires a Blast of Antimatter at Tess* I don’t think so.

Tess: Wanna bet?! *Grabbing for her gun and Firing a shot at Mad Sam* You are Trespassing on private property.

Mad Sam: *From the side* Oh Lass. You missed me. That was a Hologram that you fired at. Nice try though. You did try your best, My dear fine ducky. You did try your very best. But… it just wasn’t good enough.

Tess: *Gasps* …

a couple hours later…

At the Metropolis University…

At the Dorms…


Dinah: Christie, how was class?

Christie: It was fine. It was rather lengthy though. Mostly lectures. But there was some work being done… but alot of homework. I got a report to do about Laws of the Government. About the laws of the Court system… for this country. How it works…. I also have a report to do on the Branches of the Government.

Dinah: Ouch. That sucks. Any idea as to how long it’s got to be?

Christie: I think that it’s been said to be expected as a 10 page Report. 2 reports. 10 pages each.

Dinah: 10 pages. That is either a feat… or a nightmare just itching to pop.

Christie: Well… Finals are coming up in a few weeks. maybe 5 or 6 weeks.

Dinah: I noticed. 6 weeks left and then it’s gonna be a time for break and setting up for the next semester of classes.

Christie: What kind of classes will you be planning to take for the next semester?

Dinah: Track… Math. a couple English classes and possibly a History class. I didn’t do too hot with the Spanish. I mean… i am told that i am getting a C+ Maybe a B-. But nothing higher than that. I am passing it though. Just not with the high marks that i’d expect.

Christie: Mr. Holden saw that we were working hard and were making the effort in learning the Material. The Spanish is not the easiest thing to learn. You have to learn the dialect.

Dinah: That’s nothing… everyday that we’re in there … that guy Robertson keeps eyeing you like you were a Swim suit model. He keep looking at you with such Goo goo eyes. It’s like he’s never seen a girl before.

Christie: That is because he usually goes for guys. The first day of College he came waltzing in here and he had a male partner with him. Remember? He came in here with him and at first we thought that they were just close friends and close pals. But then we saw them kissing and grabbing each other in the ass. They were even talking about making love as soon as they got inside their dorm room. Robertson was into Roping and Branding. Pretty much so that he was as you can summarize into chaps in Chaps.

Dinah: Uh… Okay… *Grossed out* Okay, Now this has gone from a tad disturbing to completely nauseating.

Christie: I agree. But now… you know about the guy… he is gay. and there is no way that he could come and be anywhere close to attraction with me. I mean, Dinah… He’s not even within my orbit. I don’t go for threesomes. Not even jokingly.

Dinah: *Grins* I get it. I get it.


Paige: *Walking in with Pearl* Dinah… Oh my god… thank Sam hell’s that we found you.

Pearl: Exactly. Especially since there is something going on out at the Plaza…

Dinah: What do you mean going on? What’s going on at the Plaza?

Paige: *Walking over to the T.V and turning it on just in time for the news bulletin to play* Look at this. You are not gonna believe this.

Dinah: *Turning to see the T.V* What?

T.V: *Announcing* There is situation within this building you see behind us here… There has been a sighting of a man with a rod with a Gem up on top of it. at the tip. A British Renegade has been reported to be within the Luthorcorp plaza. Just moments ago an alarm within the building sounded off. The suspect is known as a Mad Sam Holmes…

Dinah: What the fu**? What the hell would he be doing there?

Paige: Good question… but the last time we dealt with him… he was trying to seize City hall and try to turn this country into a British Wonderland.

Dinah: And this was before i was Pregnant. Wasn’t it?

Pearl: Good memory. Good memory, Dinah. But this time. he is obviously inside the building… Luthorcorp plaza. But Why? What business would he have being in there?

Paige: Well… if he’s tried to make this American soil his British Utopia… last time and failed… and now that he’s here and inside a building of importance. You may want to lay down the card of British Invasion returning.

Dinah: If that was the case… then… we know what we must do.

Christie: I think that you do know what to do… Dinah. You’re a hero. You are gonna need to ice and fry that sack of slime British glory hound…

Prince Alvin: *Coming in* Paige, Pearl… Dinah. We got to go. Suit up. Wheels up in 20 minutes… we got to go out and handle a mess at the Luthorcorp Plaza. Fast. Because the situation has just now turned from seriously rough… to Lethal and downright disturbing.

Prince Avery: And things are gonna get even more nutty. Something happened to me earlier this week that i really don’t think it’s anything enlightening… At least not from the normal standpoint.

Prince Arnold: There is something going on in the city. I think that the drop a tell-all-a-thon can wait. It can wait. Because right now there is a hostage inside the building and she’s in trouble. The weirdo with the cantankerous  ego trip and the rod that has enough wattage to possibly vaporize a few blocks if he wished to act out with the finale is stirring his batch of trouble.

Prince Alvin: No kidding. The Victim is however someone that we never figured that we’d have to come to the rescue of.

Paige: Who?

Prince Avery: Tess Mercer.

Pearl: *Stops and pauses* Uh.. Huh? Are you kidding us? You mean that the queen of the Luthorcorp Dynasty is in need of saving? Why? Doesn’t she like… have an army of body guards and security Guards in her arsenal to percolate with the protection instincts?

Dinah: Can’t she fight? She’s got her own set of claws… doesn’t she?

Prince Alvin: She does. Her scales are sharp. We’ve seen the layers of skin peel from her lying hide. but you can’t deny that she’s got a real fettish of sticking in for the Damsel in Distress brigade. She has the high heels and the sassy thrills of double meaning to confirm it. She’s not gonna be just getting rescued and then thanking you without some alterior motive being firmly planted in place.

Prince Avery: I agree.

Paige: Let’s get to it. It’s not gonna get settled all by its pretty little lonesome.

Pearl: Right.

Christie: Good luck girls. Go do your thing…

A Minute later…


Paige: Here we go…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…

Shingo: *Setting up the Drinks and the snacks* Dinah’s at College still.

Luna: I know. Lot of work to be done. Homework and reading.

Shingo: I know… your sister… My wife gave me the heads up about it.

Luna: The girls and boys will be here soon.

Shingo: Boys? Uh, Luna… I don’t think that sleep overs are for boys. I mean… i know that you want to give it a go and have a sleepover with the girls here. have something like a normal person. But having it with boys…That’s a little off the ball here. Not saying that it isn’t a bad idea. Just not all that much a best idea that is justly sound.

Luna: I know. But i got to confess that i think that i might be falling in love with Zeke. I don’t know why… but he’s been so sweet to me. More than Martin has as of late. I don’t know what he’s up to anymore. Lately… he’s been so controlling and since the first day that Zeke came around… Martin has been showing disapproval of him. It’s like Martin hates Zeke.

Shingo: Well… that is too bad. Zeke being not liked by Martin. Who is this Zeke? Is he new?

Luna: Yeah. He came to the school on Monday and it’s now Friday.

Shingo: Who is he though?

Luna: He’s like a bike rider. However… he’s been abused too. By his parents. He Emancipated himself from them by time he was 12. he’s 13 now. He also has a bad habit. A 13 year old who smokes. He has a bad boy image too.

Shingo: supposedly that’s what got Martin to not like Zeke.

Luna: Yeah. He doesn’t seem to like Zeke at all and Zeke’s done nothing to him but be nice. He was even Civil to him as well. Zeke has been nothing but civil to Martin. But Martin keeps pushing him away like some unworthy person.

Shingo: Are you sure that it’s an act? Zeke is with a bad Image. You just said. I was just thinking about it a bit and as you are talking about Zeke. If Zeke is with a bad boy image… maybe it’s natural for Martin to regard him as someone not worthy. Martin is just scared that he might lose you. Like me… when i found that i for a time… lost Dinah because of the loss of her mother Princess Rikku. It got me scared because i love her and for some reason… i had the idea that she might be falling out of love with me. It scared me. I was petrified. So i know the feeling. i do. Luna… when you’re in love. In love with someone… you don’t just discard your love like a hand-me-down. You guard it. Protect it. You stand by it. Luna… *Looking at Luna with sincerity* Martin is your love. If you are not willing to listen to his heart and be his… as he is yours. if you’re not completely in love with him as you used to be… Let him go. I know you care about him… But leading him on is only gonna hurt him. then you. because if he were to know that you were gonna play him or lead him on… he’s gonna only hate you. That is not the best thing to expect.

Luna: It isn’t like i am leading him on… I love him. I do. But Shingo… How can i love someone who is just willing to treat a person who even though has a bad image… a habit. but is just troubled while being a sweet considering guy like he’s worthless? He’s hurting Zeke in social standard. It isn’t right. Not right at all. You really think that Zeke is bad? Zeke isn’t. He’s just been abused.

Shingo: That… I don’t know. But Luna… really. You’re only 13. You are young  You’re gonna have a lot of time to be thinking of the bad boy soft core…. Lovey-dovey goo goo doll blues. But for now… just keep it in simple taste. Don’t bark up the romantic lane of forbidden territory. Not till you’re a little older. You’re 13. There is gonna be a time and place for the re-enactment of thinking about Love on all shots of the heart.

Luna: So… What do i do? I can’t pretend to not notice what Martin is doing to Zeke. or how he’s treating him. It would have to make me out to be blind to remiss that part. Zeke doesn’t deserve that sort of treatment.

Shingo: I agree. But Luna… you have to understand… that once a person make up their mind… It is usually near impossible to get a person to change it since they feel a certain way.

Luna: *Looking out the window and seeing a group of people walking by the house coming over*  I think that they’re here…

Shingo: The food is all set and so are the drinks. Of course there are also a set of movies. Pretty in Pink… 13 going on 30. Ever After, Robots… Grease. Guess Who…

Raven: A Couple of those movies are a bit mature. A little too mature. Don’t you think, Shingo?

Shingo: i know… but in a family like this… there is a saying… that if by now… you haven’t seen it… then chances are pretty high that you’ll never see it.

Raven: Maybe… Maybe not. But Luna is 13. With the stability of her sanity at risk because of what she’s been through. There could be a chance that she might slip.

Luna: That isn’t true. It isn’t like that. I would never slip. Ever. I might have a few close calls… or a minor minute or two of weakness. but that would be about it.

Suddenly, A Knock on the door rings out…

Luna: *Answering the door and seeing her friends* You guys made it.

Karen: Yeah. We did. We almost got sidetracked and lost.

Irene: This house es really pretty.

Jake: Like a Fairy tale… but i kinda thought that Fairy tales were beyond Passe’.

Jennifer: Passe’? I would thing that you’d at least pick a house that was more 31 one flavors and not just Bubble Gum Ecstasy, Cherry lollipop and Grape burpilicious…

Penelope: Well… at least the house looks homey and comforting.

Martin: It looks really Bright.

Luna: Come on in.

A minute later…

Beth: *Smiles* Nice place… I like how the house looks. It’s beautiful.

Karen: Oh yeah.

Luna and her friends made way over to the Dining room to grab some snacks and a couple drinks before going to Luna’s room and starting on the Party… It was the weekend and she was having a nice time… But She received a few Texts from  Zeke.

Luna’s Phone: *Reading* “Luna, I hope to see you again. I am in love with you and i am scared to tell you because of the idea that it could hurt you and drive you to pull away from Martin. I meant what i said at school when he tried to confront me. and pull you away from me. I Respect the relationship between you and Martin. I don’t want to ruin that. But i love you. You’re the only person who cares about me. I can’t bare to think of losing you. I know that Martin is probably with you and reading this… he is probably thinking that i should just go away because i happen to be no good to be around. He might even want to punch me till i was black and blue. I don’t blame him as i would do so to him if you were my girl and he was the one that had my life… came in and tried to make moves with you. I don’t blame him. I hope to see you again. Either tomorrow or Monday. Just know that i’ll wait forever for you as you’re worth the wait.”

Luna: *Looking at her friends* What do you want to do first?

Karen: What about Sing?

Luna: You want to sing?

Karen: I guess. Why not? It’s not like i can’t do it. I just don’t do so in public.

Irene: Sounds like plan. What do we sing?

Luna: I got alot of CD’s here… we can just play a song and Sing to it.

Jake: *Looking to see A couple CD’s and one being John Mayer* Hey… Let’s try a John Mayer. I kinda like him. Actually i think he is a rocker. I like his music. it’s catchy and moving.

Luna: Let’s put it on. I’ll go get the CD. I don’t know exactly how good the CD player is. The other day… i played a CD and it kinda skipped. I think that it took a rather hard beating from when my Ex-grandmother Rikku marched up to my room at the Rhapsody Tower and took up the Player and Slammed it hard against the Wood of the Bed frame. making sure that the CD Skipped. The Player might skip… but i’ll play it anyway… I’ll play it. I was playing a CD of Katy Perry and she didn’t like it. she thought that i was trying to be like some sort of Teeny Bopper. A young teenage girl, who follows adolescent trends in music, fashion and culture.

Jennifer: *Laughs* You’re joking… aren’t you? A Teeny Booper? You do realize that the Term Teeny Bopper and the entire concepts of Teeny Bopper went out in the late 2000’s. Don’t you? It is so passe’ that it’s like a moment in time that came and went. it was around in the 50’s and the 60’s and even the 70’s It went all the 80’s, 90’s and through most of the 2000’s till it got to late 2000’s. That’s when it stopped. You don’t see that term living on anymore. No one does it anymore.

Penelope: That’s so right. That term is like so passe’ that it is not even livable anymore. People are more into the futuristic atmosphere.

Luna: Well… Tell that to the Grandmother Rogue. Rikku the Grandmother Rogue hound. She thought that i was being a poser to the teeny bopper mystique.

Beth:  Would you think that it’d be true. Because if it is… you shouldn’t have to apologize for it. and if it isn’t… you don’t have anything to worry about.

Penelope: Good point.

Martin: Now that is something i can believe.

Luna: *Grabbing her CD Player and putting it on the stand* Here we go. Let’s hope it works.

Luna then Plays the CD…

CD Player: *Playing the CD* ……

Jake: *Singing* “I’ve these dreams of
Walking home
Home where it used to be
And everything is
As it was
Frozen in front of me

Here I stand
6 feet small
romanticizing years ago
but it’s a bitter sweet feeling hearing
“Wrapped Around Your Finger” on the radio

and these days
I wish I was 6 again
Oh make me a red cape
I wanna be Superman

Oh, if only my life was more like 1983
all these things would be more like they
were at the start of me
had it made in 83

thinking bout my brother Ben
I miss him every day
He looks just like his brother John
But on an 18 month delay

Here I stand
6 feet small
and smiling cause I’m scared as hell
kind of like my life is like a sequel to a movie
where the actor’s names have changed
oh well

well these days
I wish I was 6 again
Oh make me a red cape
I wanna be Superman

Oh, if only my life was more like 1983
all these things would be more like they
were at the start of me
If my life was more like 1983
plot a course to the source of the
purest little part of me

and most my memories
have escaped me
or confused themselves within dreams
if heaven’s all we want it to be
send your prayers to me
care of 1983

you can paint that house a rainbow of colors
rip out the floorboards
replace the shutters but
that’s my plastic in the dirt

whatever happened to my
whatever happened to my
whatever happened to my lunchbox
when came the day that it got
thrown away and don’t you think I should have had some say
in that decision

If only my life (repeated till fade)”

Martin: That was good. I think that i’d like to try that.

Jennifer: Uh-oh! I think that we got the singing bug in the atmosphere now.

Karen: I think that we do. I am beginning to feel it.

Irene: so am i. I feel it too.

Penelope: Tell ourselves that we’ve all lost it. we can just start there.

Martin: Let’s do it.

CD Player: *Playing another Track*

Martin: *Singing* “I think I’m gonna stay home
Have myself a home life
Sitting in the slow-mo
And listening to the daylight
I am not a nomad
I am not a rocket man
I was born a house cat
By the sleight of my mother’s hand

I think I’m gonna stay home

I want to live in the center of a circle
I want to live on the side of a square
I used to be in my M-too scene
You’ll never find me cause my name isn’t there

Home life
Been holding out for a home life
My whole life

I want to see the end game
I want to learn her last name
Finish on a Friday
And sit in traffic on the highway
See, I refuse to believe
That my life’s gonna be
Just some string of incompletes
Never to lead me to anything remotely close to home life

Been holding out for a home life
My whole life

I can tell you this much
I will marry just once
And if it doesn’t work out
Give her half of my stuff
It’s fine with me
We said eternity
And I will go to my grave
With the life that I gave
Not just some melody line
On a radio wave
It dissipates
And soon evaporates
But home life doesn’t change

I want to live in the center of a circle
I want to live on the side of a square
I’d love to walk to where we both can talk but
I’ve got to leave you cause my ride is here

Home life
You take the home life
You keep the home life
I’ll come back for the home life
I promise”

Karen: I don’t really do John Mayer… but I think that i can do one.

Luna: Okay…

A minute later…

CD Player: *Playing another Track*

Karen: *Singing* “”Welcome to the real world”, she said to me
Take a seat
Take your life
Plot it out in black and white
Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings
And the drama queens
I’d like to think the best of me
Is still hiding
Up my sleeve

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
That something’s better
On the other side

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
just a lie you’ve got to rise above

So the good boys and girls take the so called right track
Faded white hats
Grabbing credits
Maybe transfers
They read all the books but they can’t find the answers
And all of our parents
They’re getting older
I wonder if they’ve wished for anything better
While in their memories
Tiny tragedies

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something’s better
On the other side

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you got to rise above

I am invincible (x3)
As long as I’m alive

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you’ve got to rise above

I just can’t wait til my 10 year reunion
I’m gonna bust down the double doors
And when I stand on these tables before you
You will know what all this time was for”

As they were getting into a sing song mentality, They were thinking about what to do about the new guy. Martin didn’t think about Zeke because he didn’t care at all about him. To Him Zeke was nothing but trouble and he didn’t really care if it ticked Luna off. His opinions on Zeke were not gonna change. But even though they didn’t say out his name or verbally expressed their issues about him. They all had thoughts about what to make of him… Was he bad? Or was he just a bit too shady?

As for Paige, Pearl and Dinah…

At Luthorcorp Plaza…

Mad Sam: *Firing at the girls* You dear yanks are starting to get on this brit’s last nerve.

Thunder Mistress: Oh yeah! And you’re about a few seconds from getting a fist in the face and Hard. You come and try to take over the Country because you don’t like seeing a country that is free. Well hasn’t anyone bothered to tell you that we overthrown your Government’s laws back then fair and square… It’s not our problem that you’re so drunk with ignorance that you can’t see it. You may be a Brit and your laws and lifestyle as well as the economy and health as well as government that is possibly second to none… But if you think that you’re taking this country for a spin down British Invasion repression…  You’re seriously with a few loose screws.

Bubble Maiden: Mad Sam… What is it with you and the need to take over this country and turn it into a country that’s practically stuck up with its own laws and lifestyle and not happy unless they get their way with policing the world. forcing their way of life down out throats and god forbid we say anything about it? Why are you trying to take over the world like that? Are you that unhappy with your life that you have to make others suffer and feel the same as you do about life?

Miss Love: It doesn’t matter. Let’s just beat this creep and toss his sorry ass back in prison where he belongs.

Prince Alvin: *Launching an attack at Mad Sam; Burning him* Fire’s Massacre!

Prince Arnold; *Launching an attack at Mad Sam; Drenching him* Aquatic Rupture!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at Mad Sam; Burning him* Plasmatic Force!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at Mad Sam; Shocking him* Electric Whiplash!

Mad Sam: *Taking the hits and falling* Ouch! You Fine Blokes sure do know how to fight and how to defend. I Must be as mad as a hatter to be coming back here… but if you think this ends here… you have a surprise coming… This will not stop. I Will make this country submit to British Common law. This land was British until that stinking knave Washington helped this country remove itself from our laws. Well… i am not gonna stop till this fine country is under control of Mother Great Britain.

Raven: *Suddenly appearing behind Mad Sam and rising to a ten foot figure and with tendrils and tentacles flapping out* Mad Sam…

Mad Sam: *Turning to see where the voice was coming from and seeing Raven in the form that spooked him last time* Uh…. *Petrified and looking at the fighters in Mortification* I think that i’d like to go to Jail now please…

Raven then left and went on back to where Luna was…

A Moment later…

Tess: *Wiping the dirt off of her* Thank you for the save.

Miss Love: Don’t be thanking us. It’s just what we were meant to do. that’s all. Nothing more.

Thunder Mistress: It makes us sick that we had to come and come to your rescue and save you. Mrs. First lady of Luthorcorp… the master of Alterior Motives. You know… we still have a belief that you might have had a hand in our mother’s death.

Bubble Maiden: *Gasps* What? Are you seriously trying to kid us?

Miss Love: Yeah. Where did this little assumption pop in?

Thunder Mistress: I just have been running it in the back of my mind here… and it’s just brought it all back when we got here… and saw Tess again. She was with Zod. Remember tall, dark and Power hungry Krypto hell-hound? Zod. He was at our mother’s house while we were dealing with Tess after we caught her trying to seize Watchtower. And if you also remember… i wanted to nuke her ass. give her a hurtful pain hemlock. but you all stopped me. We had to destroy the Watchtower in order to escape. because if not… Shady government agent Miss White Schitzo Queen Amanda Waller would have gotten to us. While that was going on… Zod was at our house. Our home… He killed our mother. But there is more. You know what the Bitch of it all is? Tess covered it up and tried to cover his tracks. but at the same time was trying to exploit him. She may have not killed our mother…but she may have had a hand in her death since She was covering for the freak nightmare Zod.

Bubble Maiden: Are you really about to trek through the proverbial closets of dark secrets and weird little conspiracies about our mothers death? She died. she was murdered by Zod. We avenged her. Case Closed Dinah. So just let it go, Dinah.

Thunder Mistress: Why? She had a hand in what happened to our mother. She wasn’t the one who killed her… but she was sure in bed with the son of a bitch who did.

Tess: Dinah, I suggest you stop your wild extrapolations before you malfunction your brain and cause your mouth to short-circuit. You are over assuming things and it’s gonna land you in a world of trouble and shove you with a lot of unwanted attention.  You really think that i had anything to do with the Murder of your mother Princess Rikku?

Thunder Mistress: You might as well have been behind it. How else do you explain why Zod came to our house and seek to kill us. but when he didn’t find us… he took out the one person we loved more than anything. How the blue shits can you explain that. huh?  how? how is it that he was able to kill our mother and yet cover up his tracks from the law? You covered his tracks? You forget that we were all in the Watchtower. You remember that, Right? Big… tall… and considered a Beacon of hope for heroes and for anyone who were feeling as though they were lost and needed something to show them the way.  Yeah. That. You were trying to take it over so you could hand it to Checkmate. The shady Government agency. You were covering the tracks of Zod. Trying to get all the data Watchtower had on the Stinkin’ Kandorians. Giving them leadway. possibly to just hand them the world on a silver platter.

Tess: That is because they were gonna cause a war. Zod was starting a war. He wasn’t gonna stop… even if i didn’t cover his tracks. Zod proved that by killing your mother. He wanted to cripple you. which is not what i had a hand in. I didn’t instigate it. nor did i lay out the welcoming mat for him to make a move and kill your mother. He and Basqat his right hand lackey… acted on their own. I had no mark in that action. He came in to kill your mother after he got an anonymous call from someone who had an agenda in bringing you 3 down to your proverbial knees. Telling him to see that you 3 were crippled and subdued to obey Authority in which you seem to lack in bitter sense. or so the voice of the unanimous caller who happened to get a reach of Major Zod. asking him to kill her believed.

Bubble Maiden: Tess… Are you trying to feed us a trauma pill? What the hell are you even talking about?

Miss Love: You’re seriously over-reaching.

Prince Alvin: This kind of talk needs something more of the following… Some sappy ambient Music… Maybe some popcorn and possibly a considerable selection of beverages. Not so much in that order.

Prince Curtis: You are seriously over-reaching on the theory… aren’t you?

Tess: *Scoffs and Questioning* Am I? You really suspect that i’d be making all this up? You forget that Luthorcorp and Queen Industries are partnered. and the satellites circle the Orbit. It managed to tap into a few Cell towers. You want to take the seat for a viewing or would you rather we skip the Bravado and get right to the Audition.  *Walking to the Office Vault and revealing a Computer* … *Working on the Computer* This conversation was May 1st 2024 3 years ago. Noon. It was a woman’s voice and i had Tech analysts decode and cipher the identity of the woman. It is someone you might know as a renegade family member to your little happy merry family. Princess Rebecca. Redundant name for a woman… but she was the one who called…

Audio Recording…

“Princess Rebecca: Hello… Major Zod…

Major Zod: Yes? Who is this? Tess?

Princess Rebecca: Pfft! You would wish it were Tess. But… No. i think that you’re speaking to a mystery woman… or not so much a mystery as the last name of this Mystery woman is the same as the 3 girls you may know about who happen to constantly get in your way and proven as petty annoyances.

Major Zod: Okay… I’m Listening. Go on. Tell me who you are and how you were able to get a hold of my #. and contact me. The only one who i have ties to is Tess Mercer. How exactly did you gather thought on attaining my #?

Princess Rebecca: Oh… I have my ways. But surely… you don’t expect me to just reveal all my little tricks in one hand… Do you, Major Zod?

Major Zod: *Chuckles* Heh heh heh! No… i wouldn’t figure that you’d be showing your hand so quickly and without a little insurance to protect your… Identification. 

Princess Rebecca: I had a little proposition for you. If you’re interested… that is. 

Major Zod: Perhaps i would be. If i knew what it was.

Princess Rebecca: I know a way to cripple the 3 girls… The Rhapsody Girls Z! I know how to Cripple them and make where they won’t be able to bounce back from… 

Major Zod: Which would be? 

Princess Rebecca: Murder. Murdering their mother Princess Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody. The Pink Haired freak who is unworthy and unfit to be a mother. 

Major Zod: You are asking me to take the life of one of your own… A Rhapsody… Just like you. This means that you are in league to betray your own kind. 

Princess Rebecca: It doesn’t matter. I consider my mother one who would just cover up the fact that Princess Rikku is an unfit mother. The rest of the family are more then oblivious to how unfit she was as a mother. She was so much like a total freak. A Loser and so were those girls. They were unruly and always talked back to Adults. Had no respect for any Elder at all. They even would smart mouth me and i was much older than they are. I am 40… and i am gone to college. Well i was till i had a slip and just did things that i wasn’t proud on doing. 

Major Zod: I see. And when do you favor for it to be done?

Princess Rebecca: That is up to you. I don’t follow the Kandorian itinerary or the schedule. You seem to be one who does things on your own terms and follow your own selfish convictions. I am just a human with a suggestion to take a person out of the picture all together.

Major Zod: I see. Well… i was already planning to take them out of the picture… Crippling them from pressing on with their meddling ambitions.

Princess Rebecca: It’s a pleasure doing business.”

Tess: The call originated from a cell tower located within 5 miles east of Route 40 outside of Smallville.

Prince Alvin: So… she hated Princess Rikku that much that she had nothing but a wish of death on her. Hmm… well she’s been made happy for a while. like 3 years over almost 4. There is obviously nothing that can be done about her now. No one even knows where she is or if she even is alive. No one has heard from her for 4 years now and it’s not gonna change.

Prince Avery: I don’t figure that anyone would want to see her.

Thunder Mistress: Well… She was a bitch anyway and i don’t miss her at all.

Tess: That’s fine and good… but i can assure you that she’s not planning on coming back anytime soon. When she made that call… She was tracked. It was an hour later when we located her in Oklahoma City.  In the part that they know as the Village. It has no name. But she was seen at a hospital. But She is not gonna be back here. That was 4 years ago now. Since then… She’s been looking to gather some influence. It’s been in the pending phase… but even though she’s got no experience… no knowhow… She is Breaking wind with a General Slade Stalin. He’s got more Stars than a modern age army brat. He wears the Military Jacket like it is all pride. Pride and Ego. He is also a War-Criminal. Known for illegal manuvers and Over Zealous Interrogations. Not to mention Torture.

Prince Alvin:  And this is all leading to what exactly?

Tess: The V.R.A…

Prince Avery: The V.R.A? What is that?

Tess: The Vigilante Registration Act.

Miss Love: What?! *Pauses* Would you like to sat that just one more time?

Tess: …

Thunder Mistress: Did you just say the Vigilante Registration act? What is that?

Bubble Maiden: We’re gonna have to ask Chloe to fill us in on that part. That is gonna be a really titanic sized pill to be swallowed.

Prince Curtis: Well… I don’t think that this will make a big change… but that act is not gonna be a concern. People will never fall for it. Everyone loves the fact that we’re out there. The day that the act gets people to take it… it’s gonna be a beginning of the second coming and for hell to be just busting it’s time through the doors of obscurity.

Prince Alvin: Nicely put. Very nicely put.

Miss Love: *Looking at Tess* We still don’t trust you. But we’re gonna see about running this data with Chloe and see what she can make out from the Tell all. You might be right. We don’t know… but as far as the trust goes… That is Questionable.

Thunder Mistress: Because… As far as things stand… we don’t know as to who’s team you’re running on still. We still see Checkmate every time we hear your name mentioned or every time we happen to see you. We know that Waller met her fate that same night that we had a freak snow storm in the city. Plus… You are not doing much of convincing in saying to you’ve changed….

As for Luna…

Luna: *Watching the movie* The poor woman is living a life that she thought she had wanted. But she comes to find out that the one person she cared about and wanted… was with a life that was not with her. She’s got to find a way to reconnect with the one she knew back when she was 13. Although she is 13… but because of being with the Magic dust falling on her… she is slapped into a life where she is 30, Finding out that she was a member of a clique called the six Chicks.

Karen: I feel sorry for her. I really do… but i think that she wanted that life in the beginning. She kept saying that wanted to be 30. What was it again… 30, flirty and thriving.

Irene: But if it’s the life she’s wanted… Why is she trying to fight it?

Jennifer: It is probably because she wakes to find that she had gotten all that she really wanted… but the one thing that meant the most to her… she didn’t get. She wished for much more… but at the cost of losing the one person who was her friend… no matter what. One who’d never expect her to change. She wanted to be thriving. big. Important. be popular… but at that request… she risked her heart. She lost the one person that she knew from her young teen years.

Jake: This is something for girls to be watching… but i do agree. I find it to be sad and rather upstaging. I mean… The girl… Jenna Rink. She’s this 13 year old girl who is so displeased with being just herself. she feels that she has to find ways to be better. Perfect. but doesn’t seem to figure that she is already perfect. She is being who she was set to be. Herself. Nothing like a wannabe. She’s seeking to be in the clique lead by some girl named Lucy Wyman…

Penelope: Uh… that would mean only one thing… Even in a school… Cliques can lure the sweetest person and the one who is already perfect just being who they are.

Beth: We’re sort of a clique… Aren’t we?

Karen: No… We are just a team. a Group of friends just living life each day. I don’t have a normal life… not like i should have. I have a power. Psychic power. Telekinesis. Just don’t ask me to exploit it and just reveal it on cue. I only use it when needed. Not on demand. no way.

As they were talking… the phone rang. Luna went to check the phone of hers and saw that it was Zeke. She suddenly made an excuse to step outside to the backyard of the house so she could take the call. She knew that she couldn’t let Martin or the others hear her talking to Zeke. She knew that none of them would understand or be the least bit happy about it. She told them that she had to go outside and get some fresh air… It worked and they happened to buy the excuse, however Martin was feeling as though something was not right…

The backyard,,,

Luna: *Answering the phone and talking* Hello?

Zeke: *On the phone* Luna…

Luna: Zeke?

Zeke: Is it safe to call you?

Luna: Not really. I am with the girls… But i am also with Jake and Martin. They too are here. I am risking it by being out here talking to you and it will be only a matter of seconds before Martin catches on and spots me talking to you. Martin doesn’t like you. I can’t make him… which is unfortunate. But i like you and i think that i love you.

Zeke: That is rather refreshing to know. But i thought that we were just friends and gonna be close to one another.

Luna: I know… That is what i wanted. I still do. But you’re much nicer than that. Martin is my boyfriend. I love him. i do. I love him alot and want him. I also want you. Martin will not want me to be with you… but i believe that if he cares about me… he’d let me make my own decisions.

Zeke: That is right… but Luna… i think that we should both stop kidding ourselves on who is gonna start on getting Martin’s good graces on trusting me. He is never gonna like me. It is early. Way too early to think about it… but the attitude that he gives… is rude. You love him… but you don’t truly love the attitude… do you?

Luna: No. I don’t. But call it crazy. call it a risk of being trapped in a possibly controlling relationship. But Martin is even though controlling. and a maturing Womanizer in some twisted way… He is also the one that can make a girl whole. complete. He is part of me. I Love him… even when he is lately showing signs of reasons as to why i shouldn’t be into him.

Zeke: Luna… i know that you know your heart. I know that you are in love with him. But how are you gonna be able to stay with him if he is gonna start telling you who it is that you can be with. He isn’t your master. he’s your lover. I don’t have much experience being with you… and don’t feel that much experienced with me. But the thing that brings us together is the fact that we were abused.

Luna: I really don’t want to be reminded about the fact that i was abused. although it’s a memory that will never go away. It’s always gonna remain.

Zeke: That is so not true… It can’t remain if you don’t let it.  The memories will always be there sure… but… the part of succumbing to it. That is all by choice. You don’t have to let it take you if you don’t want to be trapped by it.

Luna: Can you come over?

Zeke: Sure.. But wouldn’t it risk your party being stopped by the others if they were to see me there with you. They already don’t like me much. I couldn’t live with myself if i were to do anything that ruined your night with them. This night is important to you.

Luna: Then i’ll come on over there.

Zeke: No. Luna. I know how much you want to just see me… but you need to think about your friends. About how much they mean to you. I don’t want you to risk losing them. I don’t want to be the cause of that.

Luna: Aren’t you lonely over there?

Zeke: Yeah. But just hearing your voice helps keep it from being so lonesome here.

Luna: I know. Can we see each other tomorrow?

Zeke: Of course. Tomorrow. all day even.

Luna: Okay. There is something that i’d like to ask you. but it can wait till tomorrow. I don’t want to get into it right now.

Zeke: It’s okay. you and i can talk tomorrow about things and hang out. We better end this for now before your love… Martin catches you on the phone with me and throws a fit.

Luna: Right. I almost came close to slugging him this afternoon for how he was treating you and speaking to you. I don’t want to have anything to make me do that to him.

Zeke: Good decision. Besides… you’re not like that. It’s gonna be okay. Just enjoy your Sleepover party. It’s gonna be alright. I’ll see you tomorrow. it’ll be okay.

As soon as Luna was off the phone, She went back inside and joined up with the party. She didn’t think to realize that the others all were suspecting that she was on the phone with Zeke. She didn’t even tell them who she spoke to. She wanted to have a nice night and didn’t want to say anything that would cause trouble.

Martin: You sure were out there long enough. You okay, Luna?

Luna: Yeah. I’m fine. I just needed a few minutes of fresh air and had something on my mind is all. I just needed a few minutes to think. I’m okay though. i’m okay.

Jennifer: You sure? You were on the phone though. We were about to come and check on you and see if you were okay.

Jake: I know… You were acting rather quiet about being on the phone.

Raven: *Walking in and checking up on the girls and Luna* How are you girls? You girls okay?

Karen: Yeah. Were’re great. We’re just getting ready for the next movie. 13 going on 30 is just about to go off. It’s got like about 10 minutes left.

Irene: It’s a wonderful movie… Kinda sad though for the most part because the girl in the movie is so unhappy with who she is and how she looks that she wants to be older. she begs to be older and be thriving. She wants to be a 6 chick and of course because she wants that… she get it. but something happens and she lives a life as a 30 year old girl who works for a Magazine company. Although with the happy life she thought that sh wanted… she felt that it wasn’t enough. She had everything… but the one thing that she didn’t have… was her friend from school. back when she was 13. It’s a struggle as she tries to reconnect with what all happened and how she and her friend from when she was 13 could fall out of connection with one another. She of course saw that she lost him as she finds out that he was getting married. at the end of the movie she wakes up back as a 13 year old and redoes things. and right before the credits begin… It shows.,.. her and her love married. and living happy ever after.

Raven: Sounds like a interesting movie.

Jennifer: It sure does. It has a bit of romance. it’s like a fight for Romance. A journey to get the Romance that you wanted. but find that you made a mistake and asked to be older and saw that you lost the target of your heart. and in the Vision… you have to work to find answers to what went wrong and see as how you can fix it. But the problem is that the one you’re in love with and the one you knew in school had moved on. The good thing is that the girl wakes up and sees that she’s still 13 and is given the chance to redo it and live happily ever after.

Beth: The ending was so sweet.

Raven: So… What’s next?

Karen: Well… the next movie is Ever After.

Irene: That sounds like a interesting movie. It’s a Cinderella story. getting the prince. I Love fairy tale romances… I always did vant to see fairy-tale romance. But papa never let me do it. Keeps having me stay traditional. I never minded it. But i do wish that i could enjoy a moment of American customs every once in a while.

Beth: That is why we’re here. I am usually alone at home. I am mostly gloomy at home and my parents don’t seem to really get me. It isn’t like they don’t want to… but it’s just that they don’t know how to relate to me… they don’t know how to reach out to me. I am like part Goth.

Jake: Not many people are open to that Goth stuff… But we’re not judging. We’re all for expressing yourself.

Jennifer: I am a Bookworm. I am very crafty for being one.

Irene: I don’t have any special abilities… anything that i am good at for myself.

Luna: Well… we should change that. We need to find a talent for you. Something that you can do.

Martin: What about cooking?

Luna: *Thinking about something* I think that i know what we can do….  there was a movie that i watched the other day. Sleepover. They made Deep fried Twinkies. on a stick. It is provocative. But i am beginning to wonder if it would actually taste good.

Karen: What? Luna? Are you really serious about trying that. No one has thought about that. It’s rather nuts and looney.

Jennifer: Let’s try it anyway. It couldn’t hurt to just try it.

Raven: You girls go ahead and fix those up… I’ll straighten this room up and prepare the next movie… It’ll be okay.

Luna: *Nods* Okay. Come on girls.

Luna and the girls all head to the kitchen and make some Deep fried Twinkies. It was a different kind of treat for them… they never had it before and didn’t know that there was such a thing as a Deep fried Twinkie. They made it within 10 minutes.  But as soon as they finished them… they felt like a song. Luna was having such a wonderful time. She didn’t want it to end.

Martin: What next?

Luna: *Smiles* I know.

Luna then walks over to the stereo and plays a CD. The tune that played was something that the girls all knew…

Luna: …

Karen: That’s the Spice Girls. i know them… i heard about the music that they had done… That’s Saturday night Divas. That is my favorite song.

Luna: It is?

Jennifer: Oh god. That is my favorite song too… i love that song. i secretly sing that song in my sleep. I love that song. i groove to it. I may be a bookworm… but  i know style when i hear it.

Luna: Then you two can lead. *Smiles*

A Second later…

Karen and Jennifer: *Singing* “Get down, get deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down;
Saturday night [Slight Echo…].
Get down, deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down;
Saturday night (Hey).

Get down, get deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down (Okay);
Saturday night.
Get down, deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down.

I’m not alone. Now, you’re not in my mind (Oh).
You were the victim of your crime [Slight Laughter…]; I left you behind.
Boy, you were a fool to treat me that way.
Not gonna let you, I’m gonna forget you; there’s nothing to say, ehehhey.

You’re a twisted lover,
Kiss and telling on a superstar;
That’s what you are.
Well, it was Saturday night [Very, Very Slight Echo…],
I know the feeling was right [Very Slight Echo…];
I didn’t know we’d get so far.

(Hey) Get down, get deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down (Okay);
Saturday night.
Get down, deeper [Luna and Irene Giggling…] and down,
Get down, get deeper and down;
Saturday night (Hey).

Get down, get deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down (Okay);
Saturday night.
Get down, deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down.

Take it from me; you know I mean what I’m saying (Oh).
Better watch out, you’d better wise up to mind games he’s playing.
He may have the looks, he may have the charms (Yeah),
But where does he go, what does he do, when he’s not in your arms?

Keep your head (Keep your head up high…) up high;
Don’t you know you are the “Superfly”?
And that ain’t no lie,
Because it’s Saturday night [Very Slight Echo…],
We got a feeling, it’s right [Very, Very Slight Echo…].
Don’t you know we’ll get so high?

(Hey) Get down, get deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down (Okay);
Saturday night.
Get down, deeper [Luna and Irene Giggling…] and down (Saturday night…),
Get down, get deeper and down;
Saturday night (Hey).

Get down, get deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down (Okay);
Saturday night.
Get down, deeper and down,
Get (Get down Saturday night) down, get deeper and down (Hey).

Mh, mh, mh, mh, mh, mhh [Luna and Irene Giggling…]…
(Yeah) Mh, mh, mh, mh, mh, mhh…

You’re a (Nah, nah, nahh… Nah, nahhh…) twisted lover,
Kiss and telling on a superstar;
That’s what you are.
Well, it was Saturday night [Very, Very Slight Echo…],
I know the feeling was right [Very Slight Echo…];
I didn’t know we’d get so far.

(Hey) Get down, get deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down (Okay);
Saturday night (Get down Saturday night).
Get down, deeper [Luna and Irene Giggling…] and down,
Get down, get deeper and down;
Saturday night (Hey).

Get down, get deeper and down (Hohohh, hohohh…),
Get down, get deeper and down (Okay);
Saturday night.
Get down, deeper [Luna and Irene Giggling…] and down (Saturday night!),
Get down, get deeper and down.

Wanna get down, wanna get down,
Wanna get down Saturday night [Slight Echo…].
Wanna get down, wanna get down,
Wanna get down Saturday night (Hey).

Wanna get down, wanna get down,
Wanna get down Saturday (Oh) night.
Wanna get down, wanna [Luna and Irene Giggling…] get down,
Wanna get down Saturday night (Hey).

Get down, get deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down (Okay) (Saturday night…).
Get down, deeper [Luna and Irene Giggling…] and down,
Get (Get down Saturday night) down, get deeper and down (Hey).

(Yeah, heh, Saturday night) Get down, get deeper and down,
(Get down on Saturday night) Get down, get deeper and down (Okay);
Saturday night (Get down Saturday night).
Get down, deeper [Luna and Irene Giggling…] and down,
Get down, get deeper and down;
Saturday night (Hey).

Get down, get deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down (Okay);
Saturday night.
Get down, deeper [Luna and Irene Giggling…] and down,
Get down, get deeper and down;
Saturday night (Hey).

Get down, get deeper and down,
Get down, get deeper and down (Okay);
Saturday night.
Get down, deeper [Slight Luna and Irene Giggling…] and down…”

Martin:  *Hearing a familiar song play out* I know that song. I heard it play 6 years ago. It was in a Anniversary to someone named Andy Gibb.

Jake: What?! Martin, Are you telling us that you know who that was?

Martin: I sure didn’t stutter. I actually was born to that song.

Jennifer: That was your song of Birth?

Beth: Wow! I must stop and try to remember what song i got born to. That is gonna be like a soul search.

Martin: *Singing the # in the style as how his father sang it to his mother* “I’ve been here all your life watching your crying game
You were the heaven in my lonely world
And he was your sun and your rain
I was losing you before I ever held you tight
Before you ever held me in your arms
And I won’t make you blue
And maybe an everlasting love will do

Ah, we got an everlasting love 
So tall, so wide, so high above the rumble of thunder down below
It’s your love I need, it’s the only show
And it’s you want an everlasting dream

can take us anywhere are the tears of yesterday 
We killed the pain , we blew away the memories of the tears we cried
And an everlasting love will never die

Take me out of the cold
Give me what I’ve hungered for
If it’s the pleasure of taking my heart that you need
Then it only makes me love you more
I was yours before the stars were born and you were mine
I could have saved you all the pain you knew
And I won’t make you cry
And maybe an everlasting love can try

Ah, we got an everlasting love 
So tall , so wide, so high above the rumble of thunder down below
It’s your love I need, it’s the only show
And it’s you want an everlasting dream
can take us anywhere are the tears are yesterday
We killed the pain , we blew away the memories of the tears we cried
And an everlasting love will never die.” (2x)

Luna: *With tears in her eyes* That was really beautiful. Martin, that was so moving. You were so wonderful. You made me want to cry because it was so strong. How were you able to remember that?

Martin: I had to search deep and remember as to how my father once sang it to my mother when she gave me life. I was told of it when i was 5 years old. My father caught me looking at some books. I was curious and just wanted to learn things. know things. So anyway… he was in the other room cleaning the Kitchen and i was in the living room. I was just watching my cartoons. like a good boy. I wasn’t gonna do anything else but just watch my cartoons. I however one day… got to thinking that it’d be nice to expand my thinking and read things. teach some stuff to myself. so i went to the one side of the T.V that was in the living room of our house. i used to live in Topeka. Yeah… i was a 5 year old in Topeka. It wasn’t all that big a house Maybe about 3 stories. but the 3rd story was the attic. It was a medium sized Living room. just enough to fit us… and maybe a couple guests. but that was all. I was in the living room and just going through some books as i wanted to read a little something. When i came across a CD of some sort. It was obviously a Music CD. It had a couple of songs on there that kinda rang out to me. One being the one i just did. and another one was Night Fever… No… it was Sherry, By the 4 seasons. I liked that song. I saw the CD and started to look at all the songs that were on it when i spotted another CD and it was blank one but it had a song on it. I didn’t even know that it was a Video CD and it was done by my father. I played it and it was showing my father. Singing. I watched it and it was showing him singing to my mother. I didn’t know it at first though. I did not know. I really didn’t know. I mean… how was i? I was just a kid and was just looking through things. Just looking for things to read. To expand my mind. the I.Q capacity a little bit. He came out and see me watching the CD and smiled a bit. He was a bit shocked and embarrassed by seeing me watching a CD of him singing. He didn’t want to be reminded of it… because even though it was memorable… and he was happy about it… he didn’t want it brought up constantly. But he saw me watching it and the way it got him to feel… it was just as though someone kissed his heart then kissed him for the 1st time and he was made to blush. I remember vaguely as to what his exact response was when he saw me looking at it. He said… “That was the month before your mother went into labor with you. She was so lovely. I sang that to her to show that i was proud to know her and have her in my life. that to have any other… i wouldn’t be wishing to live because she was my life. my whole world. I didn’t want any other but her. When i met her… i knew that she was the one because things between her and i just clicked. We were so close to one another that we could say anything and we would know exactly what the other was gonna say before they were to utter the words from their lips. It was as though we were destined to meet. Smart boy… Martin… When you meet that special someone… You know that it’s the one you’re meant to be with. Because in that instant when the right one walks into your line of sight. Your body will do the Fandango… Your heart will beat fast like a 10 speed… 30 horsepower Engine. Your pores will sweat. Palms will sweat. the skin will start getting hot flashes and you’ll feel as though your mind and your whole world shifts to just that one girl. that one person is your whole world. nothing else matters but that one girl. It will be as though the whole world could fall but all you’ll think about is that one girl. that one target that captured your heart. Nothing else matters but her. That’s when you know that you’ve found the right one. the Girl of your dreams.” He was that direct. That passionate. He loved my mother. My parents loved each other. so much that they’d spend their nights watching their wedding Video. they’d watch it and would kiss so passionately. They Just loved each other. they were their whole world.

Karen: That was really romantic. I wonder if i’ll ever find a guy that will see me like that. I wish my parents were like that. but my mother has vanished. she’s been missing since last summer. She went out somewhere to spread more of how much she hated Heroes… namely the 3 girls of Love, Grace and Fury. She hated them. not giving them a fair shake. Can’t really say as though i’d miss her. because i don’t miss her. I don’t miss her at all. She was very controlling. I think that she was a sole member of the Anti-hero movement. Or someone who is all for the V.R.A. The Vigilante Registration Act.

Beth: The V.R.A Doesn’t exist, Karen. That bill never passed because no one cashed in for it to get much influence.

Jennifer: I would beg to differ. It is in pending status. There have been rallies being held for it.

Martin: If there is a bill like that out… We’re gonna have to keep our eyes and ears out and open for any word breaking wind on it.

An hour later…

At Watchtower….

Chloe: It sure took you girls long enough to get here. I was beginning to suspect that i was being replaced.

Paige: No… That is never gonna happen. You’re never gonna be replaced. Besides… You’re like a member of our team. Replacing you is so out of the question.

Dinah: Question… What do you know about the VRA Bill?

Chloe: The Vigilante Registration Act (or VRA) is a legislation promoted by the United States Department of Domestic Security that requires vigilantes to register themselves with the U.S. federal government. It has been passed on by a few people in the government. But there isn’t enough influence. The supporters of the bill are General Slade Stalin. Lt. Pratt. Kris Langley. She works for the Daily planet too… but she’s solely low key.

Pearl: Well… we didn’t know about it till we got through rescuing Tess Mercer. And we got to talk. Is it true that Queen Industries can hone in on Cell sites and record signals and calls between people?

Chloe: Yeah. Why? *Sensing something off* Pearl… What’s this about?

Dinah: What it’s about is that after we rescued Tess… we had a memory hit us revolving the reason out mother was killed and She said that both Luthorcorp and Queen Industries… were surveying the Cell sites and she revealed to us that the Murder was a hit ordered by our rogue Aunt Princess Rebecca and it was a call conversation that apparently was between her and Major Zod.  made on the same day that our mother was killed by that son of a bitch Zod. But what don’t get is that weren’t Queen Industries with Satellites circling in orbit with the Watchtower Orbiter?

Chloe: Well… of course they were. You know that. we went over it before… haven’t we?

Dinah: Yeah… i suppose that we had been over it. But if it’s true… then you heard the conversation between them.

Chloe: I did. Watchtower screens everything. Calls… Video Surveillance. Audio feeds. the works. Even GPS tracking.

Paige: Can Watchtower respond to Voice commands?

Chloe: Yeah. By all members of Watchtower.

Dinah: Then Watchtower has a Archive of calls that get caught or picked up. *Giving a Voice command to Watchtower* Watchtower… access Cell conversation made on May 1st 2024. at Noon.

P,A.: *Responding* Voice command acknowledged, Miss Rhapsody. Now Accessing Archive files of May 1st 2024. Watchtower Files May 8th Cell Conversation of Princess Rebecca Starling Rhapsody and Major Zod.

The Watchtower Monitors then display the Audio file and plays the recording…

“Princess Rebecca: Hello… Major Zod…

Major Zod: Yes? Who is this? Tess?

Princess Rebecca: Pfft! You would wish it were Tess. But… No. i think that you’re speaking to a mystery woman… or not so much a mystery as the last name of this Mystery woman is the same as the 3 girls you may know about who happen to constantly get in your way and proven as petty annoyances.

Major Zod: Okay… I’m Listening. Go on. Tell me who you are and how you were able to get a hold of my #. and contact me. The only one who i have ties to is Tess Mercer. How exactly did you gather thought on attaining my #?

Princess Rebecca: Oh… I have my ways. But surely… you don’t expect me to just reveal all my little tricks in one hand… Do you, Major Zod?

Major Zod: *Chuckles* Heh heh heh! No… i wouldn’t figure that you’d be showing your hand so quickly and without a little insurance to protect your… Identification. 

Princess Rebecca: I had a little proposition for you. If you’re interested… that is. 

Major Zod: Perhaps i would be. If i knew what it was.

Princess Rebecca: I know a way to cripple the 3 girls… The Rhapsody Girls Z! I know how to Cripple them and make where they won’t be able to bounce back from… 

Major Zod: Which would be? 

Princess Rebecca: Murder. Murdering their mother Princess Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody. The Pink Haired freak who is unworthy and unfit to be a mother. 

Major Zod: You are asking me to take the life of one of your own… A Rhapsody… Just like you. This means that you are in league to betray your own kind. 

Princess Rebecca: It doesn’t matter. I consider my mother one who would just cover up the fact that Princess Rikku is an unfit mother. The rest of the family are more then oblivious to how unfit she was as a mother. She was so much like a total freak. A Loser and so were those girls. They were unruly and always talked back to Adults. Had no respect for any Elder at all. They even would smart mouth me and i was much older than they are. I am 40… and i am gone to college. Well i was till i had a slip and just did things that i wasn’t proud on doing. 

Major Zod: I see. And when do you favor for it to be done?

Princess Rebecca: That is up to you. I don’t follow the Kandorian itinerary or the schedule. You seem to be one who does things on your own terms and follow your own selfish convictions. I am just a human with a suggestion to take a person out of the picture all together.

Major Zod: I see. Well… i was already planning to take them out of the picture… Crippling them from pressing on with their meddling ambitions.

Princess Rebecca: It’s a pleasure doing business.”

Chloe: that file came in on that day… but i didn’t know about it because that was the same moment or the same time that Watchtower’s systems were Updating. But even if i heard it… i wouldn’t have told you. Only because… if i had and you girls went after Zod in Rage and with a clouded mind. He would kill you. Zod is a soldier. He knows how to fight and know how to expect a sneak attack. If he knew that you were gonna strike him then and there… he would not hesitate to end you. you 3 are with a destiny to protect earth. As much as it hurts to be unable to stop any pain from hitting your family… You can’t focus on protecting people if you are allowing your minds to be clouded by Rage. There was a reason why you 3 were chosen to be the heroes that you are. A reason why the beams hit you on that day when you were only 11. It was Fate. you were gifted with a calling. Sometimes that includes making sacrifices to ensure that the people around you are protected. and saved. Even if it meant the loss of one of your own. Sometimes being the hero means making the hardest choice. Saying goodbye to one of your own.

Dinah didn’t feel too good about the fact that she was a hero anymore… Her being brought to light on the truth of what she was to expect due to being a hero. She didn’t like knowing the fact that she would have to endure the loss of their mother. She was sick to her stomach and the more that she had it race through her mind, the more she started to get irritated. She was itching to go find the Rogue Princess and beat the hell out of her. She couldn’t believe that the 3 years of grief everyone went through was all because of a planned hit suggested by Princess Rebecca. It was clear that even though she wanted to beat and possibly kill Princess Rebecca. nothing would bring her mother back. Her mother Princess Rikku was forever gone. Dinah wanted to scream but also knew that it would do no good. Luna was still at the house and she was having a great time with her friends. She even made a separate spot for Jake and Martin. There was a rule that boys could not sleep in the same exact room as the girls. It was for a reason.  Luna however thinking about Zeke and wanted to go out and find him. be with him. The only thing stopping her was the fact that her friends would notice and figure that something was indeed up. She didn’t want them catching on. So she stayed and just enjoyed the party.

But at 12 Midnight that night…

At Metropolis University…

Room #330…

The room was quiet and there was no one in there other than Alice and Prince Alvin… It was Friday night and it was peaceful. Prince Alvin was with things set and had the Bottle of Wine. Ice. The Condoms and rose petals leading from Alice’s bed to the door… It was a magical moment just waiting to happen.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Alice* Alice, i think that we are ready to seal what we have and are ready to seal our love. But question is… Are you ready? Are you prepared to do it?

Alice: Yes, I am. I an ready. I love you, Prince Alvin. I really love you. I loved you ever since we net. Because you were just sweet. You saw me for me… saw me as a somebody. You cared for me. I know that at first you didn’t feel much because you were scared and fighting and training was all you knew. You were scared. But were also afraid.that i would run away if i knew what you could do.I don’t blame you… I don’t blame you. You’ve felt Judged so many times that you wondered if you’d ever find happiness.  Wondered if you would keep any girl with you without her eventually running away and breaking your heart. Betraying you. But i’m not. I am here and i love you. I always had and i always will. I have been with you for almost a year and a half and we’ve been through so much together. I had a couple moments where i wanted to run. But i didn’t because i knew that it would hurt you and i knew that if i had done so… i could never live with myself because i left someone who was honest and caring. I stayed because i was not gonna be one to walk out on you. Ever. You are my love. I was not about to walk out from that.

Prince Alvin: I know. I felt it too. We have dealt with so much that it was not making it easy for us to go the extra mile and stick it out. So much trouble and complications. I had felt as though something was gonna break us… because of the things that were happening. The constant fighting. the battles and the Haunting reality that there was gonna be a big war going on. As it is… there still might be one. I know it is not gonna get easier. but what matter now is that we’re here. We are here and willing to face it. Alice, You are the one i want to spend my whole life with. You’re the one who i see as the queen of my heart.  and i am the king of yours.

Prince Alvin and Alice then felt the passion rise in them and before they could stop and just begin with making out… they grabbed each other and Kissed each other on the lips. Kissed and hugged one another.  They felt the tension rise and started to take each others clothes off. Prince Alvin and Alice were only minutes later down to their Boxers and Panties. Prince Alvin was in his boxers and Alice down to her panties She took one look at Prince Alvin… and Purred like a kitten. Purred and then growled playfully like a Wild cat  Prince Alvin looked at Alice and Howled like a wold. He was getting really over heated by just the sight of her. Prince Alvin put on romantic music to consummate the mood. It made everything feel so right. it was as if it would all fall into place. Prince Alvin and Alice then grabbed at each others drawers and pulled down. Revealing the tool and the promised land. It was making them feel rather tingly as the cool air was hitting their personal spots. it was like it was tickling them. But Prince Alvin and Alice connected and made love. They let their passion flow through them and they grinded against one another as it went. feeling the friction coming from them as the momentum gained speed. It went on and it kept getting more intense as it got more heavy. Panting and feeling the pleasure just rising up. It was getting more active. It was then that Prince Alvin reached the peak and as did Alice. He unfortunately felt so hot and saw that Alice was feeling it to that he forgot to wear a Condom. He released  The love cocktail and Alice Squealed. It was Romance in Bloom.  Would it lead to Alice being Pregnant? What was it gonna do for him and Alice? What was gonna happen between Luna and Martin Now that Zeke was in the picture? Would Luna be falling out of love with him? Zeke had a habit. Would Luna be suckered into taking it up given to her being rather shaken yet still from the Abuse she endured from her Ex-Grandmother Rikku? What would it do for her and Martin? It was also gonna be time for some new Romance to take the stage… What was gonna be the fate of Pearl and Jack? Will Jack Frost… Pearl’s love be the next one to ask the universal Question of Love: “Will you Marry Me?” What about what they are learning about the V.R.A? Would that be a new twist to the still current dilemma of the Intergalactic Demon… Scath coming in for the proverbial landing? And What’s this? Tess… changed and accepted as one of the members of Watchtower? What’s next for the girls as things get more and more filled with twists and odds? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Luna: *Voice-over* Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! I am seen being with Zeke and it’s heard that i’ve been with him more than i’ve been with Martin for the last couple weeks. It is discovered that i am ditching Martin which i never do. but with the Memories of the Abuse becoming more and more out there and more frequent… Is it the very thing that pushes me to a habit that i will come to regret doing? Will it push my friends and Push Martin away? I don’t want to lose my love and lose my friends. But i also don’t want to lose Zeke either. He was abused too… he was even sexually abused. What can i do to get them to ever understand and just accept him? he isn’t a bad person. He is just misunderstood.

Prince Alvin: *Voice-over* There is also complications in life as i now deal with a pregnant girlfriend. I have to work extra hard for both her and me. and it’s all because of the intimate moment her and i had. This is gonna make the situation revolving the possible end of the world more difficult to contain.

Zeke: *Voice-over* Luna a day after the sleep over… came to me and asked me if she could join me in the habit. I as a friend and because i care about her.,.. refused to let her do it. I did the right move but how long will i be able to get her to refrain from doing it?

Pearl: *Voice-over* Jack is gonna propose to me. I think that i am gonna die of shock. I swear to life itself… i am gonna just faint. What about Paige? Where is her happy moment gonna come from? When? I don’t like the idea of Paige being left out. Reese… where are your priorities? You need to step up and make your move. Paige will only wait for so long.

Tess: *Voice-over* I am also back into the fold once again. I am finally trusted. I also prove to be with alot of Intel. A lot of Data that will be valuable to the Heroic Team. It will come in handy when we get more word on the V.R.A being with another hand in power. There is Romance in Bloom… Romantic moments. A proposing chance for a couple. The Love Bubble between Martin Marco and Luna Rhapsody. Zeke being the focus behind it. The Invisible Hand of the V.R.A being with a bit of a break-out. And with also a sighting of the Suicide Squad being close behind. It will get interesting. I believe that things will get more meaty now as the heroes get one step closer to the Prophecy of Raven being sprung to the open… Find out what happens in Chapter 100: The Ice and the Bubbles Kiss and Announce the Engagement. Pearl Rhapsody and Jack Frost on the fast track due to be upon their way to Wedding Bliss.


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