Chapter 98: Dinah Rolls up with the Grand Return… Thunder Mistress’s Standing Ovation.

Luna: *Voice-over* This is it… The Chapter where Dinah’s heyday of being the Thunderic Fury of the team gets reawakened and renewed. this is where it begins. It’s a long time waiting. What they face is a great Maw of creatures… Shadow creatures and the faint touch of demonic encountering. The team faces up to the moment of Dinah being now a Married Woman. It’s the 25th of December now… It is the day of the Wedding and things were said to be perfect. But a sighting of creatures puts a pause on the happy moment of Dinah’s and Shingo’s day. Dinah sees it as a deliberate attempt to ruin her blessed day and she unleashes her heroic nature. She unleashes the burning rage and fury and let loose. If only i were a hero still… it would not scare me. But being normal… I am scared. However i am proud of her. I’m so happy for her. Will Paige and Pearl be able to hold out with the Fury of Dinah’s fierce return… Find out in Chapter 98: Dinah Rolls up with the Grand Return… Thunder Mistress’s Standing Ovation.

Pearl: *Voice-over* the Wedding is not a wedding without a Bachelor/Bachelorette party. It was the day before the wedding… and we were all setting up for the Bachelorette party for Dinah. I can’t seem to believe that of all the people to get the luck. It had to be her. She was the tough one and yet she has the happy moments coming to her. It is a role reversal. But she’s been wanting a reason to calm down a bit… This is her way of doing so. Paige and i were getting it all set in the Dorm Lounge. The Dorm Manager Michelle Swan allowed it. She was open to the idea. She had to do a little clearance before the party… but it was set. Michelle Swan was a little hard on the rules… but she was also fair… It was that night when the excitement took place. Although while we were all hyped up about the last night of single living. Luna was that night with her best friend. Boyfriend Martin. For their own form of merriment and fun…

Dec. 24th 2026…

6:30 P.M…

Metropolis University Dorms…

Dorm Lounge…

Dinah: *With her eyes covered walking in and awaiting the surprise* Okay… where is the surprise? I got a weird message saying to come to the Lounge at this time. But what for? There is no one here. Nothing here. Plus no one has been cooking tonight. *Feeling her stomach grumbling a little* Oh man… i’m hungry. I need to eat something before i pass out.

Suddenly the lights turned on and a crowd of people all cheered…

Crowd: SURPRISE!!!

Paige: Welcome to the party Dinah.

Pearl: It’s so wonderful to see you here.

Dinah: What’s this? *Looking at her sisters*

Paige: Uh, Dinah… It’s your Bachelorette party. This is the moment that marks the final point of time of your being Single. Tomorrow, you’re gonna be married. A Married woman.

Pearl: Does Shingo know what name he’s gonna be taking in?

Dinah: He’s gonna be taking the name Shingo Toshiro Rhapsody. He’s already made up his mind. Weeks ago. He wants to be one of the clan.

Paige: *Touched* Awwww! That’s so sweet of him to do that.

Dinah: Yeah. it is. It’s sweet for him to do this but i think that he could have just thought about it a little. He still has his sister Usagi to think about… He’s got to think about her. I know that she’s been thinking about him. they’re family.

Usagi: *Walking over from the side* Did someone say my name?

Dinah: *Pauses* Huh?! *Turning to see Usagi* Oh my god… Usagi? Oh god… What are you doing here? how did you get here?

Usagi: Mamoru brought me here… he is here too. He came with the 4 men Jadeite… Nephrite… Kunzite and Zoicite. They’re better this time. Not like last time. Mamoru brought them here in motion to see that they lay out an grand apology for tormenting you like they did on count of the Great Evil from way back when.

Pearl: Oh… it’s alright. It’s all water under the bridge. besides that Beryl came back… but we sent her away for good. Or actually Terra did. Buried her in Lava.

Usagi: Still… it’s the right thing to do. Even though they have forgotten about the past. they deep down feel guilty and terrible that they even did what they did.

Pearl: It doesn’t matter. We don’t even seem to remember it much. It’s nothing to worry over. besides. they’re not like they were before and are better than they used to be. that’s all that matters. Besides. Life is too short to worry over something that happens to be profoundly trivial.

Paige: Besides. this is a celebration. Dinah’s getting married tomorrow.

Star: *Walking over to Pearl* Yo! Tell Asian girl… to ice the past guilt stuff… this is a party. We should be shakin’ our asses on the dance floor and just doing the Boogaloo. Besides The soon to be hitched girl is supposed to be dancing and maybe plastering herself a little with a fun drink. Long Island Iced tea. A Midnight Margarita, A Mai Tai. A Virgin Daiquiri, A Bloody Mary, A Virgin cherry Shirley Temple, A Fuzzy Navel, A Sex on the beach. Not dive into memory depression. Tomorrow after the vows… it’s all downhill. Honeydews and obligations. all part of the married life package.

The stereo then plays “Wake Up” By Hilary Duff…

Paige: That’s not a Dance #.

Christie: Change that track… please before our ears bleed from being lamed out by a lame track that should be blown halfway to hell.

Alice: *Walking over to the Stereo and pressing skip on the Stereo* With pleasure…

Within seconds…

On the floor Prod. by RedOne Sung by Jennifer Lopez Plays…

Megan: Oh right… Time to dance.

Dinah: Come on sisters… let’s dance.

Pearl: *Running to the middle of the floor and starting to dance* This is the best night.

Dinah: It’s the best night. It’s only just begun.

Summer: Let’s Dance. Getting drunk is all part of the experience as it’s a party. It’s a Bachelorette party and it only comes once in a lifetime for someone.

Of course for Shingo…

At Laverne’s Pub…

Frankie: *Looking at Shingo and the guys* Drink up Shin-man… It’s the Bachelor party that will be memorable. You’re gonna get plastered a bit and have the best of fun. You’re getting married tomorrow.

Shingo: *Drinking the Glass down* Alcohol and me don’t mix. But A guy’s got to know when to party.

Frankie: Plus… The lady of your dreams isn’t gonna have much to fuss about. You’ve given her so much as it is. So… you can afford to splurge and maybe have a couple lights with the boys here.

Shingo: Frankie, I don’t Smoke. That’s a fond rule that i hold strong to. I’ll slip a few drinks here and there. but i promised Dinah that i wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. I meant it. It’s a Bachelor party… But i do know my limits.

Brad: *Grins* Come on… It’s just one night to do it… Besides… We’re not gonna tell anyone. You make the bacon… you make the greens for yourself and Dinah as well as the little tykes… Don’t you?

Shingo: Yeah.

Davy: Then you can have at least one moment of freedom and just kick it with the home boys. Besides that… You hardly ever have a guys night. All you seem to do when your shift is over is go home to your lovely lady. and Cuddle with her. You never take any time for yourself to unwind and just have you time. Your lady in waiting obviously has. But you never do. That isn’t fair. It’s the man’s role to call the shots and tell how it’s gonna be. You make the money. you should be the one who decides on what will happen and what will not.

Richard: We’re not saying that you have to be like a tough guy and start man handling things. and controlling your now set to be Wife. We’re just saying to stop and think about the role here. You’re making the money. She’s not. She doesn’t even have a Job. You might have her out as being a Stay at home maiden. a Housewife.

Shingo: Guys please. It is not like that at all. I do what i do for her because i Love her. She makes some of the rules too. I delegate and give equal amount for both her and me. It isn’t like she controls. She never does. I am a guy. I know how to act tough when need to be. But i won’t man handle her. That is not me.

Frankie: You’re right. We should have guessed that. You are one of a kind.

Shingo: Come on. Let’s throw this party and act like men… not caring about our responsibilities for a while. Let’s do this while we can. 3 Rounds… on me. Round one…

Brad: Who’s gonna start?

Davy: It’s Shingo’s night. Let him kick it off.

Richard: Shingo, you’re the man of the hour. start it.

A second later…

Shingo: *Plastered a bit; Singing under a drunk pretense* “Monday had a sad child

Frankie: *Drunk; Singing* Always feeling low down,

Brad: *Drunk; Singing* Tuesday had a dream child
She’s always on the go

Richard: *Drunk and Singing* Now I’m in love with Saturday’s child
She drives me wild

Davy: Gonna spend my time
Makin’ sure that Saturday’s child is mine.

All the guys: *Drunk and Dizzy; Singing* If you love a Wednesday
You’ll live your life apart now
And if you love a Thursday
She’s gonna break your heart,
So I’m in love with Saturday’s child
She drives me wild
Gonna spend my time
Makin’ sure that Saturday’s child is mine.

Seven days of the week made to choose from
But only one is right for me
I know that Saturday’s got what it takes, babe.
I can tell by the way she looks at me

Friday likes the good life
She’ll take you for a ride now
And Sunday makes a good wife
But she wants to be a bride
So I’m in love with Saturday’s child
She drives me wild
Gonna spend my time
Makin’ sure that Saturday’s child is mine.”

Shingo: *Drunk* If a girl was here right now… i’d make out with her and make her squeal.

Frankie: That’s the beer talking. The Alcohol… because otherwise i wouldn’t be able to believe that you’d say something like that.

Davy: That’s right. That was really dirty.

All: *Laughing*

Shingo: *Drunk; Sitting down with a dizzy look* You know… sitting here and thinking about the wedding. It’s got me to thinking about how i fell for the most wonderful girl in the entire world. She back then moved with her tough girl power house attitude that it just drove me crazy. But it was not like i’d admit it. I was just a young guy. I didn’t even understand what i was feeling. Although the First time seeing Dinah around…. It was enough to send me into a spell of Ecstasy.

Davy: Whoa… Easy there, Tiger. Don’t get too flustered with the love Juice. You’re in love with her… but don’t be discharging the cocktail of love just yet. You’re not wed to her yet. there is always still room for doubts. You know that.

Shingo: Who’s to say? Besides… after drinking that one Beer. i am feeling rather… Lusty. Oh man… Now i know what the women get all hot and bothered over. The sexy taste of a man who looks so damn hot that they can’t help but feel the rush of a thing they call Horny sensation… I am now wanting to have hot lasting meaningful sex with her. But i already won 3 Girls out of her. She’s a Mother and i am a father. What exactly is it that i need now that i have a happy life. *Burps a little* Whoa! I better settle. I’m getting too plastered and i only had one Beer.

Frankie: one Round of beer and Shin-man is all high with the drunken passion.

Davy: Better him than us… Because if it were me… I’d most definitely be into sisters about now and that is a very scary thought.

Although at the Beach…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his brothers* So much for a Bachelor party with the Groom. He was supposed to be here an hour ago.

Prince Arnold: I agree. Where the hell could he have gone? He was supposed to be here by now.

Prince Avery: Should we go out and see what the heck happened to him? He supposedly squandered off somewhere and lost his way here… He is a smart man… and he’s marrying our cousin as it seems… but if he’s lost now… he’s gonna be feeling pretty bloody foolish as a married man. The chap knows how to get here… he might have lost a sensible track of the time and is not ready yet.

Prince Curtis: I’m all for it. Driving up a search for him. *Drinking a Wine Cooler* I couldn’t really care less if he comes or not. I mean… we do all this for him and he just bails on us? Talk about being snuffed. I thought that he wouldn’t be like that.

Jack: Oh come on… It’s not like he intended to just blow us all off. It just happened.

Reese: Bailing on your pals don’t just happen unless you happen to just make it happen. *Feeling hurt over being Bailed on*

Russell: Let’s just have the party on ourselves. no point in seeing all this going to waste, right?

Lenard: I Agree.

Rick: Let’s Party.

Carl: We got the Music playing here.

No Such thing By John Mayer Plays On the Portable Boombox…

Prince Alvin: *Grabbing for another Wine Cooler* Let’s just enjoy the party… We can’t force Shingo to take part in this if he doesn’t want to.

Prince Curtis: We all got the Invitation to the Wedding. We’re still going. But only for the sake of Dinah. Shingo is part of the family of ours now. But if he thinks that we’re gonna tolerate being Dissed and bailed on. There is something that he is deeply forgetting.

Reese: Hey… that is enough. He is the soon husband to your Cousin Dinah. Shingo probably got Invited to go somewhere with some people from where he ought to work and is having a Bachelor party with them. It’s not like Shingo did it on deliberation.

Prince Arnold: He may not have done it by deliberation… but he sure did leave us hanging.

Jack: I think that our talking about him like we are… is getting really awful and it’s like we’re all now turning on him. Being like this is gonna hurt Dinah. I don’t think that it is something i’d want to be part of. Have you learned nothing from the past when you deal with Dinah? You should know about it as she is your cousin…

Prince Curtis: Uh, Frosty… is there a point to this?

Jack: My point is this… “It’s gonna be almost difficult to stop her. When you get her riled up… she can get really fired up and on the fast track. Imagine the firing squad of 20 thousand generators of Electric thunderic power. and that won’t even count a close shot at how hellish it can become when you piss Dinah off. “ The thing is that Paige and Pearl know Dinah like a story and a half… Dinah is very loose and explosive when you piss her off. She is the type of person that if you were to take her and drop her off in the center of the wilderness… she’d come back double time and return on your back door with a hammering fist of fury and a Welcoming committee that speaks vengeance in a tight little hefty package waiting to be unwrapped. She’ll feed you your innards as a dietary supplement. I ought to know because Pearl told me all about her on one of our dates… told about some of the things that Dinah possessed when she got angry and high on fury. It was enough to get me shakin’ in my frost attire. i know about how Dinah can get… by the details. You should know about it as much as they do… You’re her cousins. You should be all over it more than me.

Reese: *Looking at the guys* I think that what he’s getting at is that if we are gonna get at Shingo for bailing on us… we should take warn to not anger Dinah. Only for fear of what she’d be liable to do.

Rick: From what i gather on this… from what you’re saying about Dinah… It’s that if you were to piss her off… you’d be wishing that you were nowhere near her.

Prince Alvin: She’s supposed to be calmer… but with everything that has been going on… She’s not calm. She’s short tempered. But tonight is just a night to wind down and party as a single woman. Tomorrow is where it all begins. the start of the Married life.

Carl: Let’s just hope that nothing happens tonight to get her pissed then, eh?

Prince Avery: Hear hear! *Grabbing for a Wine Cooler* Let’s Enjoy the night. To Shingo and Dinah… May they have many glorious moments together.

All: *Grabbing a Wine Cooler and joining the toast* To Shingo and Dinah.

As they were all enjoying the night and kicking it with one another…

Luna was out at the park with her boyfriend Martin. They were with their friends Karen, Irene, Jake and Jennifer. Enjoying the night. It was cold but calm. There was just peace throughout the city and it was quiet….

Metropolis Park…

O Holy Night

The stars are brightly shining

It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth

Long lay the world in sin and error pining

Till he appeared

And the soul felt it’s worth

The thrill of hope…”

O holy night plays on in the background…
Luna: *Looking at Martin* It’s so nice out tonight. I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s gonna be so so happy. Dinah is finally getting married.

Martin: Yeah. To Shingo. They are so perfect for one another. Seeing as how they love each other so much… It kinda makes a person want to just cry with blessed Joy.

Luna: You can always cry on my shoulders. I know that i’ll be doing much of the crying. because when it’s so romantic and enchanting… just like the Wedding of dreams… i’d be so sensitive.

Karen: We’re all going to the Wedding. I am one of the Flower girls… I think that Dinah said for me to be one.

Jennifer: And me. Don’t forget that. Besides that, i got to be home soon because my brother Jordan has something going on and needs someone at the house so he can go out…

Irene: How old is he?

Jennifer: 22. He’s a dealer in arms… He works for the Military. For the Special-ops unit.

Jake: Wow! Talk about a worrisome job. Does he meet every night?

Jennifer: No. He just meets whenever he gets the call. He doesn’t go unless called since he’s one of the heads of the special ops… He started studying for the drills of the Special-ops at 12. Since then he followed the laws… studied about the team… did research. Trained. He’s on 22. but he is good. They accepted him at 18 and from then, he worked himself up to being one of the heads because of his apparent knowhow.

Irene: He is safe, isn’t he?

Jennifer: He usually is… he never goes into Danger. Ever. Unless the need is called for it and they have a war going on and it ends up with them being needed to move out and join in on the operation.

Starlight: *Barking playfully*

Martin: Starlight… Be careful. don’t go off too far.

Starlight: Not to worry. I’ll be okay. i’m still close by. Just by the tree. Just that i am hiding to take care of some dog business. Yeah. Gross. but When nature calls… you’ve got to heed that call.

Martin: I don’t have a bag with me.

Starlight: Don’t freak… it’s #1. not #2. I’m just marking territory. that’s all.

Luna: Martin, It is still a bit bizarre for a dog to talk. Cute though. She’s so expressive.

Martin: Well… For a Bulldog, she can be quite a charmer. I was really stunned and surprised at first when she first spoke… but i rather got used to it.

Jake: That is surprising… but to adhere to the idea that a dog can talk and talk quite like a human. That is like a breakthrough. At least… for scientific purposes.

Karen: Yes. I agree.

Martin: it’s okay.

Luna: I believe you, Martin. She is a very lovely dog.

Jennifer: What about the wedding tomorrow? We’re all gonna need to be getting ready for the wedding. It’s tomorrow and we were all told that it was gonna start at 11:00 in the morning.

Luna: Dinah wants me to be the seat guide… I think that she sees me as someone who can organize each of the side. The friends and Allies to the family… and the members of the family.

Martin: i am part of it… right?

Luna: You’re part of my life. So that is good enough for me. The rest is gonna be on one side… but all will be there. Dinah wouldn’t have it any other way.

Martin: Dinah may change her mind and change how she wants the seating to go.

Irene: That is true.


Grigory: *Walking over from the side* Irene! Vat are you doing out this night… dear Daughter? Dis’ is not a good night to be out. City not safe.

Irene: Papa! City is safe. No danger has come. it es safe.

Jennifer: We’re with a good watch on everything.

Martin: You have nothing to fear. one of the heroes may be gone from this group here… but i’m still here and i can fight.

Grigory: Good… That is good. The city is in shambles still but yet there is vedding being done tomorrow. Who is getting married on rozhdestvo?

Karen: *Confused* Huh?

Martin: He means Christmas. rozhdestvo is Russian for Christmas. It’s just how they say it.

Grigory: *Looking at Martin* You know Russian?

Martin: You betcha.

Grigory: How is your Russian?

Martin: *Testing his Russian* Eto dovol’no khorosho , uchityvaya, chto ya ne govoryu eto mnogo. YA znayu drugiye yazyki. Kak vy mozhete videt’ , chto russkiy yazyk ne yedinstvennyy yazyk ya znayu. YA znayu paru drugikh. YA mogu skazat’ , yesli vy khotite.

Grigory: It is quite well considering that i don’t speak it much. I know other languages as well. As you can see that Russian is not the only language i know. i know a couple others. I can tell if you’d like. *Impressed* Very Sophisticated. Honest and clear.

Martin: I also know German… and Italian. Even French.

Grigory: Having languages is not enough though… there also ought to be culture. you have a bit of culture in you.

Martin: Yes i do. *Speaking German* Morgen ist der Hochzeit meiner Freundinnen Schwester Dinah. Wenn es nur mich und Luna heiraten. Es würde die ganze Welt um mich als i Luna Liebe. Aber es ist traurig zu bekennen, als ob ich jung bin und stiill so ist Luna. Obwohl … Ich will sie in die Zukunft zu heiraten. Sie ist alles, und alles, was ich je in ein Mädchen fragen konnte. (English Translation: Tomorrow is the Wedding of my girlfriends sister Dinah. If only it were me and Luna getting married. It would mean the whole world to me as i Love Luna. But it is sad to confess as though i am young stiill and so is Luna. Although… i do want to Marry her in the future. She’s everything and all that i could ever ask for in a girl.)

Grigory: Wow! Now this is vonderful. You are smart for young teen. very smart.

Karen: I know some Spanish. I also know some Italian. I think. But i didn’t really do much practice with those so… it’s kinda poor translation…

“Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of the year

Snowflakes in the air
Carols everywhere
Olden times and ancient rhymes
Of love and dreams to share

Sleigh bells in the air
Beauty everywhere
Yuletide by the fireside
And joyful memories there

Christmas time is here
We’ll be drawing near
Oh, that we could always see
Such spirit through the year
Oh, that we could always see
Such spirit through the year…”

a Moment later, Jennifer took her leave and made way off to her house. She had to get back home. Jake also had to get back home as it was getting late and his father was expecting him home. It was the night that marked the very final night of being Single. Dinah was having a wonderful time. However at the Park… Luna and Martin were having a wonderful time with Karen. And with Irene. But it wasn’t but a short time before she had to head home with her father. It was near 9 and Even though she was young… she was accustomed to foster a way of life where she wouldn’t be out after 9. Her way of life would change in the years after… the tastes would change. Karen was the only one left out… But Martin and Luna made due with her. It was all they had left. Irene and her father gracefully wished them a good night and vowed to see them the next day at the wedding.

Martin: *Looking to see his dog running around and then back towards him* Starlight, Come here girl. Come here…  *Kneeling down*

Starlight: *Running over to Martin and Jumping into his arms* Arf Arf! *Panting happily*

Luna: She is happy. She’s having a wonderful time.

Martin: I got a wonderful dog. And a Wonderful Girlfriend.

Luna: What about Vincent?

Martin: He’s just recently begun seeing this lady. Luna… Do you know who Regina Starling is?

Luna: Uh-uh. I don’t know her. Why?

Martin: This is gonna sound really strange… but she’s a Law Professor teaching at the Metropolis University.

Luna: *Thinking* I don’t know who that is… but i think that i might have heard Christie talk about who her Professor was. once. That the professor was a very thorough person and that she was endearingly a compulsive Organizer. She happened to mention that the teacher was also a neat obsessed woman. Everything was clean and she would always demand that all her things were kept neat.

Martin: That has to be Regina Starling. She was the same way. Obsessed with being organized.

Luna: That must mean that she’s the one that Christie was talking about.

Martin: Has to be.

Luna: That means that Vincent is seeing her. Seeing Regina.

Martin: Tell me about it. I think that she’s a little too neat for Vincent’s taste. He likes things a certain way. I mean… what if she tries to take control of his life?

Karen: You already don’t have much tolerance of the new lady in your Guardians life? Why?

Martin: Why do you think? I mean… don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate the woman. i don’t disdain the lady… i don’t. I just don’t know if i can flat out trust her. What if things change between me and Vincent?

Starlight: Oh don’t be so worried about that, Master. It’ll be alright. besides. You did say this morning that you wouldn’t mind so much having a mother figure around. Regina could be the one you are looking for in a mother figure. She did say that she loved kids. I wasn’t with the human speech at the time it was said… but i heard and understood it.

Martin: Do you think that she’ll be the right one? Because there is only one mother in my life and the mother i know is my biological one. She’s gone. Vincent’s my only parent. He raised me from the little kid to what i am now. He’s more of a parent than anyone i might know. I think that i should spend some time at the grave site the day after tomorrow. ask my mother what i should do.

Starlight: That’s a wonderful idea. I think that would be the best idea. Master, you should not be so bent out of shape over the lady. She’s not that bad. You don’t have much trust for the lady… but if you just gave it time… it would be better in no time. You might even come to like her. She doesn’t seem to have a mean bone and Your guardian must seem to feel comfortable with her.

Karen: *Feeling cold* Is it me… or has it become really cold all of a sudden?

Luna: I think that you’re right. it has become really cold.

Karen: Let’s go someplace warm.

Martin: Right…

Back at the Dorms at Metropolis University…

In the Dorm Lounge…

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, yule tide carols being sung by a choir, and folks dressed up like Eskimos. Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright. Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight.”
Paige: *Dancing* This night is completely magnificent. What a night.

Dinah: *Drinking down a glass of Long Island Iced Tea* Wow! Good thing we’re here in the Dorms or otherwise i’d be up the creek. I am so Tipsy that i don’t know if i’d be able to get home. I feel so Drunk.

Pearl: No way… I’m the one who’s drunk.

Star: Wrong. I am so tipsy that if you were to tap me even by a hair… i’d topple over like a demolished wall. I am so buzzed.

Alice: You are all drunk. You guys have no self control… I only had 3 drinks and then stopped the drinking. I know my limit.


“A massive Swarm of creatures form and come over from the east side of the Church…

Martin: Luna… Run… Now. Take Starlight and get yourself to safety. Take cover.

Luna: What about you? 

Martin: Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. I am with your sisters and the brothers. we’ll handle things from here. Go… Now. HURRY!

Shingo: *Getting attacked and being beat by a handful of shadow creatures* Agh! AHHHHH!!!!

Dinah: *Freaking out* NOOOO!!!! SHINGO!!!!!!

Demonic Creatures: *Lashing out with fire Whips and inflicting flames on the girls and then on Shingo and Dinah* Scath will one day come upon this world and rule. The World of Mortals belongs to TRIGON!!!!

Prince Alvin: Brothers… we got a mess to clean out. Let’s do it!

Prince Arnold: You got it!

Prince Avery: A ruined Wedding is not what we’ll tolerate. not one bit.

Prince Curtis: Let’s get’em.

Demonic Creatures: The Gem was born of Evil’s fire… The Gem shall be his portal…

Dinah: *Growling* Shut up! SHUT UP!!!”

Alice: *Ignoring the Vision* I didn’t see it. I am not going to see a vision of an attack striking tomorrow. No. I refuse to see any Visions of danger… NO!

Star: Alice, what the heck is your trip? Are you seriously trying to roll on trippin’?

Alice: No. i am not gonna mention it. Tomorrow is gonna be a happy day for Dinah and Shingo. I will not bring up mention of any Dangers.

The Radio then plays Rock Your Body By Justin Timberlake on the Stereo…

Megan: *Dancing and drinking a Mai Tai* This is one party that i don’t ever want to see end.

Summer: *Drinking a Shirley Temple* You know… Drinking Wine and alcoholic beverages like this. It’s a dream.

Michelle: *steering for a Margarita* You guys should start to wrap things up soon. It’s almost 11. You all need to gather some Z’s for the Wedding that is tomorrow. It’s gonna be a busy day and you’re never gonna make it tomorrow if you don’t gather some slumber. I allowed for the Bachelorette party to be held in here for tonight. The agreement happened to be that things would end and conclude at 11. But there is enough time for a couple more #’s before it’ll be time to wrap things up and pack things away.

Paige: *Dancing; Nodding* It’s okay. we got it.

Dinah: *Seeing Shingo coming past the room* Looks like my soon to be Hubby is back from his bachelor’s party. He’s looking drained.

Pearl: Huh?! Shingo is back… Already?

Star: Did he cut his party time short. Guys always party till midnight. girls too. But Shingo is back before it was time.

Christie: He must not be in a very party hardy mood. Or he must have partied too much and he’s just really out of it now.

Dinah: *Seeing Shingo coming in* Shingo? You alright?

Shingo: *Shaking his head* Yeah. I’m okay. I am just feeling a bit ashamed…

Dinah: Why?

Shingo: The guys i deal with at work… they took me to a strip bar. And i of course was playing along. But i got so drunk that i didn’t know what was happening. Saying things that i usually would never ever say. But one of the strippers happened to overhear and lured me to a back room. The stripper tried to start suckering me up to get with her… I almost did but i knew that if i did… i’d hate myself for the rest of my life. knowing that i could have stopped… but didn’t. She was about to strip me. I sat there but snapped out of it and realized what the hell was going on… The guys were trying to get me drunk. get me laid by a stripper to thereby get where it’d hurt you. I broke out of there. The Stripper looked at me confused and rather disgusted…

Shingo relays what happened at the Strip bar…

“Stripper: *Scoffs Disgusted* What the hell? What is your problem, Player? Why are you pulling away from me? What… Am i not making you hot… Horny and really wet?

Shingo: Yeah… i would say that you were… but there is a problem. I am Engaged.

Stripper: And? What would that mean to me? I am Married myself… but it isn’t like i want you to impregnate me. What do you take me for? A Slut? I am a stripper. I happen to have restraints myself.

Shingo: That’s fine. But I have a woman that i am about to be wed to. Tomorrow. I would love to try you.

Stripper: If you’d love to try me… then stop trying to back away. Just let yourself go a little.

Shingo: But it would only hurt the one i love if i had.

Stripper: How is she gonna know? I won’t say anything if you don’t. Besides if she happened to be a real woman… she would have put a leash on you and kept you with her. But she’s not here… is she? You’re here and looking to have a good time.

Shingo: That is not the point. It might be all fun and like a sexual release. I’d try any girl on a night like this… Anyone. Even you. but it doesn’t matter. I gave my heart to one girl… one woman and she is out waiting for me to come back. I will not splurge and have a one night stand with a Stripper only to push away the very woman that i love and cherish. No offense to you. You’re doing your job. what you get paid to do. But i am getting married. If i hurt her… i would rather not live.

Stripper: You’re too sanctimonious for me… You need to tone your senses down and just release that ooze. You feel it. The girl you love wouldn’t know Love and Passion. True Love and Passion if it came to smack right into her.

Shingo: She knows True love and Passion. She knows more than you ever will… I should know. I am a father as well. I have 3 kids with her. 3 girls and i will not hurt them or the woman i love and get with you. *Leaves the room and Marching out of the Bar* I am going home. Some enjoyful night this was… I come and drink a few with guys from work… for the Bachelor party… Hold a few beers. I get drunk and then nearly get seduced. I practically get talked into blowing off my In-laws. Just great. Some night.” 

Shingo: I just Drove back here… of course i had to make sure that i had a couple big sandwiches and a huge order of those Curly Onion rings to delude a lot of the Alcohol. I wasn’t gonna be able to drive back home if i didn’t.

Dinah: You almost broke your senses and went with the Stripper. But pulled away. I wouldn’t get mad if it happened. Just as long as you were… you know. Careful. It’s just that you are better than that. Whatever those guys were trying to pull with you. You didn’t bite all the way.

Shingo: That’s true. I will tell you one thing though. I am never having a guys night with them again. Ever. I didn’t even Invite them to the wedding. After what they almost caused me to go through because they got me to be really drunk… I don’t want them anywhere near our wedding.

Dinah: Don’t worry. We won’t let them in…

At the Metropolis Beach…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the time* It’s getting late. We should pack up and head back to the Dorms.

Prince Arnold: I should probably get back to Central Kansas. I am sure that the Security guard at the Dorm Wing of the College is gonna be going gestapo on anyone not in their rooms by a certain time. I almost got busted twice already by the guy. If i don’t get back soon… i might be in direct sight of him. because it’s around this time when he starts heading to the north side of the building. That’s where i go in for my Dorm.

Prince Avery: Well… Prince Curtis and i share a room so we beat the odds a little.

Lenard: Russell and I are in the same room as your Captain… He’s in good hands with us. Besides we have Roommate honor and respect.

Rick: Just the same as Carl and I. We are close.

Reese: Jack and I are close too. It is getting late. We should go. But just to do it right… Let’s have one last Cooler and bask in one final toast for the night.

Jack: *Chuckles* You never seem to stop with the Alcohol… do you, Reese? You’re hooked on the Wine coolers. But i suppose that one might tell you only this… There isn’t gonna be any wine Coolers or Beer bongs or anything in that nature at the wedding reception. The head of the Wedding. Dinah. She made the ruling. Luna also made the rule too.

Reese: that’s why we’re having our licks now. because tomorrow… It’s all for Dinah and Shingo.

Prince Alvin: That’s right. Let’s go along with the idea and have one last Wine Cooler and savor one final toast for the night before heading off back to the Dorms.

A minute later…

All: *Gathered around in a close Circle; Clinking the tip of the glass against one another with ease; giving a toast to Both Dinah and Shingo* To Dinah and Shingo!

Metropolis Residential district…

By the time Martin and Luna got back to the residential district of the City, Karen had to go home. She had to get back to her house and get some rest. All for the next day. But now that left only Martin and Luna walking the neighborhood…

Martin: *Walking home with Starlight and Luna* The neighborhood looks silent. But there are at least some lights.

Luna: Yes. I don’t know what tomorrow will be like though. Other than the wedding. there isn’t gonna be much of anything going on. It’s pretty dead still. My sisters and i don’t have gifts for one another. It’s a dark Christmas for my sisters. Sad as well. But the Wedding is what’ll help lift them up. Seeing Dinah getting wed.

Martin: Of course. I noticed that some of the people have gone missing since the other day…

Luna: Missing?

Martin: You didn’t hear about it… did you?

Luna: Not really. The T.V Never made any mention about missing people. It’s been slow.

Martin: It’s not that they are gone. It’s just that since the ordeal with that Queen. People have been slowly coming back… but were just sneaking in… Afraid to be seen. Alot of the people are all afraid of the possibility that another attack from her could come. They don’t know that she’s dead. so till it gets out there that she is dead. People are gonna be scared to come out into the open.

Luna: It’s sad.

Martin: You think that’s sad. Try seeing a Wizard make like he is Von Casanova and try desperately to impress a lady like Regina Starling. That’s sad. I mean. given that i will have to try and give that lady a chance. That’s one thing. But seriously. Vincent is head over heels about her. I didn’t say much about any of this around the others. But i can tell you, Luna. If Vincent gets anymore out there for her… he’s gonna wind-up cracking.

Luna: You think that his sanity is in jeopardy?

Martin: What do you think, Luna? Imagine a guy who lived most of his life as a Bachelor. Single. Alone. only to then have a Kid who now is a teen to raise in honor of a couple that were killed. A man who is eccentric in his profession in every sense of the word. He’s a Wizard. A Demonologist. plus a Necromancer. then to mix that all in with the now affection that he has for the lady. He’s gonna have a psychotic break. I don’t deny him the chance to have a relationship. I really don’t. But if the relationship between them goes south and at times… it literally fails and just blows up. It’s gonna just make Vincent even more eccentric.

Luna: You’re saying that when it comes to relationships… he’s failing in every field? That’s kinda mean, Martin. He might be struggling with the Relationships. but he still deserves a chance. It might all work out.

Martin: i understand that, Luna. I do. I am just not sure about that Lady. We never met her before and if nothing else… wouldn’t you be finding it rather odd that this lady shows up and it coincides with the jailing of your now Ex-Grandmother? We barely settle with seeing Rikku nothing… being kept in County Lockup. The next thing we know… the lady Regina Starling shows up. I find it rather odd and it’s suggesting that the lady could be the same lady we placed in Jail… in disguise.

Luna: Martin, *Nervous* You’re starting to scare me with that. Are you trying to tell me that Regina could be my grandmother in disguise?

Martin: I am not saying that it could be that… i am just saying that it doesn’t make much sense. Your grandmother now Ex-Grandmother who is now a nobody goes to jail. Is in lockup. For abusing a girl… Case in point… You. Then that same night hours after seeing that she is in jail for trying to hurt you again as she broke out the first time. I get home to my house. My room. To find the wonderful dog. Starlight. I go downstairs to the study to see Vincent. Guess who i find with him. Regina. All in just one day… just a couple hours apart.

Luna: *Thinking* That does sound a bit odd. Martin, That sounds a bit odd. Really odd. i don’t think that we should let Vincent see the woman anymore… if your suspicions are right. There could be something seriously wrong.

Teen: Not really. The only way that a person could be the same… is if they cloned themselves.

Luna: Cloning? Is that possible? That my grandmother or shall i be saying Ex-Grandmother went and cloned herself… but made it to where the close would look different and have a different name plus act the opposite of being Abusive and cruel. Not to mention being Racist. Could it be that obvious?

Martin: *Looking to the side and seeing a girl on the side Text-ing and also studying by her Portable Ipad phone* W-who are you?

Teen: Penelope Walden. I don’t think it’s civil or intelligent to be bashing apart a woman. A woman happens to have feelings too. You know… that’s the problem with male figures. Whenever a highly moral female comes around… they all covert to the “Look at me… I’m so threatened by the more successful and need to find suitable reasons to place fault in them” act. Men just can’t cater to the success of a female. it’s heinous to even believe that men see women as just stay at home maidens who aren’t meant to be self sustaining and well applied.

Martin: Uh, I don’t think that we met you before and you don’t even know us. Or that you know me. I am hoping that you weren’t aiming that line at me.

Penelope: No. I wasn’t, Martin. Yeah… I know who you are. I seen you running around with the girl next to you. I know about you. in just detail. I happen to go to the same school as you two do. You’re Martin Marco. the Orphan who lost his parents at age 5. I know about what happened. You are the only son to the Marcos. They were with this company called American Marcos Wheelchairs… But then they bite the dust and leave you like a stranded traveler with nowhere to go. You get deprived of both the mother unit and father figure. I know all about it. Trendy Marcos… the father growing up befriending a German native. A mother who was a compulsive organizer and just was too ambitious for one’s own good.

Martin: How are you knowing all that?

Penelope: Look, how is it that i not know about it? No one here plays the fool. the people at the Middle school know about it. It’s in the records. I have sources. Plus anyone who has the Internet can search the records and get a shot at it.

Luna: I wonder if my records are there too…

Penelope: Of course. What do you think the internet is for. Public records are all over the Internet. The records are also copied and sent to Homeland Security.

Luna: *Feeling a little scared* oh…

Penelope: Who’re you guys? I have seen you two with a couple of other teens and marching around all over the school. Talking about threats like Demons and Evil Entities.

Martin: I’m Martin. Which you already know by now.

Luna: I’m Luna Rhapsody. I’m his girlfriend.

Penelope: *Pauses* Luna Rhapsody? You wouldn’t happen to know 3 girls who are said to be the girls of Love, Grace and Fury… would you?

Luna: Why they’re my sisters. Paige, Pearl and Dinah. Dinah’s a mother and she’s also getting married. Tomorrow. I’m an Aunt to her kids. the youngest Aunt. there are other Aunts to her kids. Plus Prince Alvin… My cousin… he’s the Godfather to the 3 little girls of my sister Dinah.

Penelope: You’re kidding, Aren’t you… There’s a wedding tomorrow?

Luna: Yes. there sure is.

Penelope: You know… i’m not much of a people person… I am considered to rather testy and a bit scary. But would it be okay if i were to check it out?

Martin: Sure.

It was minutes later when Prince Alvin managed to ride by and pull over to the side…

Prince Alvin: *With the motorcycle still running* Luna… come on. Let’s go. It’s late and Dinah’s asking for you to come home. Tomorrow’s a big day for her and she’s frantic enough about the ceremony tomorrow. the Wedding is a huge deal for her.

Luna: Okay. I’m coming, Prince Alvin. *Looking at Martin* I gotta go. But i’ll see you tomorrow at the Wedding.

Martin: You bet. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Penelope: Same.

Luna: *Kissing Martin on the lips* Love you. Good night, My best friend.

Martin: Night. My Love. *Kissing Luna on the lips*

Penelope: The Romance is enough to give a person a insulin shock and put someone in a diabetic coma. The way you two kissed… It’s almost like seeing Romeo and Juliet in Modern times trying to serenade.

Starlight: *Barking happily*

Without another word on either side… they all made their way back home. Martin went on to his house and turned in for the rest of the night. It was still before midnight. He got in his room only moments later and changed into something more comfortable. It was only just a couple minutes later when he was in bed…

Martin: It was a pleasant night. I just can’t help but to wonder about that new girl though… Penelope Walden…. I never heard of her before. but somehow… she knows me. Knows alot about me. In detail.

Starlight: *Laying down on the floor; Yawning* It is strange how she knew about you… you didn’t know about her. but she did sound friendly enough. She seemed pleasant. She also knew about your girlfriend Luna. She said something about the info that is public record… is also seen through Homeland Security. they see it and screen all the records. Kinda makes all privacy go right out the door.

Martin: it sure does. It made Luna seem a bit a startled by the mention of it. Especially since she’s originally from the moon Kingdom. but is now all Earthbound because she’s now all human. But if Homeland Security starts screening her records and find out that she’s not human originally and is from the moon. There might be more to worry about than just her having to sacrifice her powers to become all human and be able to live.

Starlight: The poor girl. She’s got constant worries all the time.

Martin: She sure does.

Starlight: Well… we better get some sleep. Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day.

Martin: *Yawns* You’re right. *Dozing off to sleep* Night, Starlight.

At the Dorms…

In Room #250…

Dinah: *Laying down* Where’s Luna?

Shingo: I don’t know… but she should be here soon.

Christie: She will be here soon.

Dinah: I feel really tipsy… Good thing i am laying down. I don’t think that i could stand right now.

Christie: It’ll be alright. Just try to rest it off. You’re getting married in less than 12 hours. It’s gonna be a hell of a busy day for you and Shingo. You two must have found a hou– *Seeing Shingo motioning to keep the surprise quiet*

Shingo: don’t mention about the Surprise… that’s not till later…

Christie: Sorry. My bad.


Luna: *Walking in* …

Shingo: Hey there Luna. Did you have a good time tonight?

Luna: Sure did. Before Prince Alvin strolled by to pick me up and bring me back here… Martin and I came across a new friend. She happens to go to the same school as Martin and I do. Someone named Penelope Walden. She had a bit of a hot tempered tone or high strung voice.

Shingo: She goes to the same School as you and Martin, huh. You’re making new friends. It’s nice knowing that you’re making wonderful friends.

Luna: That’s not the only thing… She happened to know all about Martin. said something about our information and documentation being copied and sent on over to a place called Homeland Security.

Dinah: Homeland Security?! Would that include Birth Certificates and Marriage licenses?

Luna: I think it’s all implied.

Christie: You say that the new girl you met said this?

Luna: Of course. What did you think i said? She was holding this Ipad Phone. and managed to pull up Info about Martin. She even spilled out that she heard Martin and i talk about Evil Entities and Demons and Villains as well.

Dinah: Sounds like she was Eavesdropping.

Luna: Maybe. But i think that she is just in search of a friend or two.

Shingo: Everyone could use a friend or two. It would make them feel not so alone. *Seeing Prince Alvin Standing at the door* Hey Prince Alvin. Nice work on bringing Luna home. Picking her up.

Prince Alvin: No problem. *Sighs*

Shingo: I know that i blew off the Bachelor party that you and the brothers and the gang put together for me. i got talked into going on a Guys night or Bachelor party with the guys from where i work. I should have let you and the others know. firsthand about what the heck was going on… To spare you from having to worry where i was. I almost got seduced by a Stripper and strung up for a one night stand. Those guys that i work with… were trying to get me drunk so i would be too out of it to pull away from being taken advantage of by that Stripper. I Pulled away before it got too far. I pulled away. but the near damage was already done. If i didn’t pull away… i’d be stripped down by her and i’d be gone for good because there would be no way i could allow for that one night stand to happen and be able to look into the eyes of everyone here… hoping that i’d be looked at the same way again.

Prince Alvin: Oh god. Are you alright?

Shingo: Yeah. I’m okay. Just rather a bit shaken… but i’ll be alright.

Prince Alvin: Hey. It’s alright now. You’re safe and are here with the one you’re about to be wed to… It’s not gonna be a lie that the brothers feel hurt that you bailed on the party. But knowing that you were in a tight situation and managed to barely get away from the possible sexual encounter of a over happy Stripper. That is a perfect alibi for bailing. Seeing that you’re shaken up by the ordeal… that’s more pain than one can tolerate. You’re Okay now. That’s the only thing that matters. Just forget about the ordeal. It’s done. You went through it… beat it… escaped the possible permanent pain and got here a bit shaken… but no worse for wear. It’s okay now.

Luna: That’s right. If worse came to worse… it could have gone much further than what it had. But you broke from it in time. That’s your safe ticket.

Shingo: Of course. However… i want to do right. Prince Alvin… it’s Gonna sound corny or a bit awkward to appoint or make someone my best man… even with the fact that he is a Godfather to the 3 girls of mines and Dinah’s… But…

Prince Alvin: You’re asking me to be that best man?

Shingo: Yeah.

Prince Alvin: You bet.

The next morning…

Dec. 25th 2026…

7 AM…

In Room #349…

Pearl: *Looking at Star then at the Mirror* Today’s the day. Dinah’s Getting Married.

Star: This is her day. It’s all on her. She’s gonna be the woman of the day… the host of the whole celebration. *Putting on her Make-up and Perfume* Girl, I have to thank you for this dress. This dress looks really vintage Awesome that it’s the total shit. The Silky red with the Green streams of sash. If anyone told you that this dress was pathetic… they are the ones who are really pathetic because they know nothing of fashion. This is anything but pathetic. It’s divine.

Pearl: It’s no problem. Besides… if anyone could benefit from it… it’s obviously you. i mean… i wore that thing once… i looked so good that i was just crashing the Fashion atmosphere all around me… but it just wasn’t hot. I couldn’t make it work. But you… you are making it work. It works well for you. better than it did me. Makes me wonder if i have the body for dresses or if i am just better off with doing Skirts and Blouses.

Star: No way. You’re pretty attractive just as you are… you’re sure to make anything work.

Room #312…

Reese: *Looking for his Tux* Where the heck is my Tux? I know that i had it in the Closet and in plain sight. But it’s gone. Where the hell did it go?

Jack: *Looking at his Tux* I have mines already. I got it out last night. Are you sure that you had yours in the closet? You sure that you didn’t pull it out last night before we hit the sack?

Reese: I am sure of it. But i am trying to find it. It’s not here.

Jack: Let’s both search. Two sets of eyes are better than one and will have more chance in finding it.

Reese: Thanks man.

Jack: No sweat.

In Room #305…

Prince Avery: Today is that day. the day of the moment of Bliss for Dinah. *Watching The Top headlines on the T.V* Dinah is probably getting rather frantic.

Prince Curtis: She has all the rights to being frantic. This is a most important day for her. She’s getting wed. This isn’t like when she was inducted into the Wrestling Club in middle school before the founder of the club changed course and rejected her. This is a Marriage. She’s getting married and if she’s not frantic and going bats now… there is most definitely something quite wrong with her.

Prince Avery: Come now… Don’t be so melancholy. Dinah needs all the leverage that is available. We need to show her the most support possible.

Prince Curtis: I know. Kinda hard to really get into the celebratory mood with the City still looking pretty silent.

Prince Avery: Yes… The city is rather dead… isn’t it? I noticed it last night as had our Captain, Prince Alvin. He too noticed it. But didn’t mention one word of it to anyone. but we know him well to know that he was feeling something. Sensing something that was not the least bit comforting.

Prince Curtis: I’ve been studying with my Geological textbook and i noticed that some of the rocks by the rocky parts of the beach… they’re altered in some way.

Prince Avery: *Pauses and curious* Altered? How?

Prince Curtis: Well… some of the rocks looked as though they were sharp and kinda glassy.

Prince Avery: Obsidian. It has a Glassy type of texture and it’s smoother than any other rock in the world. In fact that it’s so smooth… it at times got itself mistaken for Jewelry of somekind. Emerald. Gemstone. Sharp Edges… but Smooth glassy texture. Sand is also Glassy or can be gathered to make glass when placed in extreme heat. A Furnace. Glass can be made that way.

Prince Curtis: Well Be that as it may… there has been a whole bunch of rocks by the rocky parts of the beach that had rocks that just didn’t look as though they were in the right place. they looked out of place. Plus The beach also looked off too. The only difference was that the tide was coming in normal. as if it were covering the evidence that something was not right.

Prince Avery: We’ll have plenty of time and such to worry about that after the Wedding. The Wedding is today. We all got to be at the Church Chapel by a certain time. The way you’re telling the detail… it sounds like you’re leading it to something in relation to the Demon presence. Thinking as though Scath is the cause of it. he’s here and stirring… but from underneath the surface. possibly within a fiery cavern underneath us… in a hellish Prison that we can’t get to. But at the same time… He can send trouble from there and aim it at the innocent people. at the humans. Us.

Prince Curtis: *Shaking his head* Oh man… now I’ve the shivers.

Prince Avery: Come on… *Finishing preparing to head off to the church* We got to get on our way. It’s gonna be time to start with the Wedding pre-show… the greetings before the wedding.

Prince Curtis: Ah, Well… if this was a skit for being the ghost with the most and amping up to perform a show or two… i guess it’d be right to say… It’s Showtime.

Within minutes Prince Avery and Prince Curtis left and made way over to the Church. It was that day. That one day in their lives where Dinah was gonna be getting a happy ever after. the surprise that would be the top of all else. They were all prepped and set to go.

In Room #320…

Prince Alvin: *Looking in the Mirror and Sighs happily thinking about Dinah and Shingo* This is it. Today is that day. Dinah Rhapsody and Shingo become one.

Lenard: *Dressing into his Tux* You’re the Godfather to her kids… This is gonna be a huge upbringing for you.

Russell: *Dressing into dress uniform* Family ties… They just keep on coming, don’t they?

Prince Alvin: More than you’d know. But this is just like when Dinah first met Shingo… when they first laid eye upon each other. The only difference was that it appeared that Shingo was a couple years younger than she was. I don’t know. The Age differential is totally haywire. But the way that they see each other and the way they are with one another. It’s not at all a surprise that they could be this close and that much in love.

Lenard: You’d think that they’d have at least a little bit of restraint. unfortunately though… it’s different than that.

Russell: Different? Their romance? *Scoffs* get serious, would you? The romance between Dinah and Shingo is so up there with the stars that all you would have to do is stick them in the butt-crack middle of the Desert and make certain that there were no light anywhere near them and because of their love being so bright… they’d provide enough light to cover a whole City.

Prince Alvin: *Laughs* Ha ha ha! That’s a good one. But for all relevance to my Cousin… Watch it. She can still knock a few on their butts if pushed.

Lenard: *Shaking his hand and motioning to assure for no offense intended* Hey. It’s okay, Prince Alvin… Really. We’re just saying. It’s just that it isn’t everyday that you get to see a loving pair such as Dinah and Shingo. I mean… they’re so together.

Russell: It has to be fate. There is just no other way to possibly look at it.

Lenard: Man, face it. when they hit her with the fate Stick… they hit her real good. They hit her and Whacked Shingo with a Mallet making like he was Daffy Duck. *Imitating Daffy* “You’re Despicable”

Russell: *Imitating Bugs Bunny* Eh, What’s up, Doc?!

In Room #330

Paige: *Looking at herself in the mirror and sighs* It’s the day that Dinah gets married. It’s finally here.

Alice: I agree. *Looking at herself in the mirror* Do i look okay to you?

Paige: You’re perfect. *Looking at Alice* You’re looking fine. We have to look our best for Dinah’s wedding. We got to be careful though… Finley’s still asleep. We don’t want to wake him. For an Irish Bard… he sure gets cranky when woken up so abruptly.

Alice: I know. like yesterday morning. He woke up early and was so grouchy… it was like he looked as though he was gonna swear up a storm.

Paige: We’re almost ready to make our way over to the Church, Right?

Alice: Yeah. I got my cell. Wallet and Purse. I should be looking a little better than this… but i don’t think that overdoing it will help things.

Paige: You could be right. I nearly overdid it myself. Good thing i stopped while i was ahead.

Alice: right.

Paige: Let’s get going…

Within moments… they all were on their way to the Metropolis Church to prepare for the big day…

At Vincent Van Graves house…

In Vincent’s Study Room…

Vincent Van Graves: *Working on a quick spell* Let’s see… A Little bit of heart… A little bit of passion. Some beauty. A Thimble of Lust. Some sugar… a little holy magic. Let’s see. We will need a little bit of Sacred trust… Power. Music song of Virtue… That should do it. This should create a Musical Atmosphere… With the proper words… it could be used to lay the entire location with music. It will create a Musical replication of a Musical group. The best atmosphere for the wedding.

In Martin’s Room…

An hour later…

Starlight: *Looking at the clothes in the chair* I suppose that would be all that is needed for the day. Martin’s gonna need that. It is a shame that it’s the only Tux he’s got. Something tells me and i am only guessing as a Dog. That Tuxedo’s never really took to him much, have they? *Sighs* Well… i suppose that it would be time to wake my master. Can’t let him over sleep. He’s gonna miss the start of Dinah’s Wedding. I don’t believe that his girlfriend would be happy about that either. Plus he’s gotta shower or get cleaned up. No offense on the stench, but he’s a little ripe under the gills. *Jumping onto the bed with her hind legs and Howling in tune* Master… Time to get up. It’s morning and it is time to get up. We got a Wedding to go to and You’re supposed to be set and ready to go.

Martin: *Waking up* Is it really morning? *Looking to his side and seeing a the clock* What… the… Oh god. I over slept. I wanted to get up at 7 o’clock. It’s 8:30. I am so late… *Looking at Starlight* Starlight, you managed to get my Tux. It’s the move of a very Smart Dog. I’ll get up. I will get up right now. I got to get ready. i have to see that i pick up the others while heading over to the Church.

Starlight: Right. Should i come with you?

Martin: Well… of course. I am not about to just leave you here by yourself. Besides, you need to get out just as much as i do. The only thing that i can’t do is take you to school with me. that is just something that i can’t do. School won’t allow for it.

Starlight: *Panting a bit* …

Martin: You must be thirsty. We should get you some nice fresh water to drink.

Starlight: *Barks feeling happy*

Within minutes, Martin got his Tux and started getting cleaned up. He went right for the shower and cleaned himself up. It was fast and yet thorough. But it only took a moment for him to get into his tux…

However Martin barely got downstairs when there was a knock at the door…

Starlight: *Whining and whimpering a little sensing something* There’s someone at the door, Master. There is someone at the door.

Martin: At this time of the morning. Kinda early for a visitor. *Looking at Starlight* I’m sure that there is nothing to worry about.

Starlight: *Standing in position*

Martin: *Opening the door* Stay calm, Starlight. Stay calm. It’s gonna be alright.

A second later…

Penelope: *With a formal outfit in her hand and some make-up and perfume* I hope that i am not intruding on the trip to Breakfast on Sophistication Alley.

Martin: You’re not. I am a little behind on time. overslept.

Penelope: Must have been a sad tearful realization for you. I got a problem. I just went all gung-ho on the whole Wedding prepping since it’s probably one of the possible many weddings that i am jumping ship to experience by choice and by interest.

Martin: You’ve been to weddings before?

Penelope: yeah. But none were by choice. the last 5 i have been to were rather lowly and pathetic. The last one was seeing my Aunt Jolie get wed to this philandering rock star who happens to be a Reject from the decade that died. a Flower child heroine trafficker. He never did any of it… just dealt it to people. He was also drunk and kept puking to the tune of Kid Rock’s version of Sweet Home Alabama. Spent it puking his guts out then before they could cut the cake… he made like a mental nutjob and went head first into the cake like a serenading drunken karate man trying to chop a fruitcake. It took 4 hours to get his pathetic existence sober because of his over intoxication.

Martin: Ouch.

Penelope: don’t lay on your sympathies. The guy was a booze hound with the I.Q of a sack of rags.

Martin: Geez! Moody much?!

Starlight: Question if i were allowed to ask…

Penelope: Uh… *Startled* Who said that?

Starlight: *Barks for attention* That’d be me.

Penelope: *Looking down slightly to see a Bull dog* Uh, Martin… did that dog just speak?

Martin: *Looking down at Starlight* She’s a special dog.

Starlight: I didn’t really talk till a few days ago. I was put under a permanent spell. I can talk and i have the Expanded brain span and Even Advanced Intelligence. Obedience beyond the very years. But i am loyal and concise all the same.

Penelope: *Stunned and disturbed* Martin, dogs that talk are usually ones who are part of a circus act and are with controlled freedom and are expected to do cheesy circus tricks by the blow of the whistle and or the crack of the whip. Or they’re put in a lab and treated as the next season’s Lab-rat/ Experiment. You may have caught that point.

Martin: I believe that i have. But i always thought that a talking dog would be quite amusing and really cool. But about the outfit…

Penelope: Yeah… that. I don’t know what to do with it. It is the only thing i got left and it doesn’t even look like it would be fitting for a Wedding. The last wedding i went to was that revolving Aunt Jolie. And that was 2 years ago. I don’t even know if this fits anymore.

Martin: I would imagine. I am all ready to go to the Church. But you’re definitely in need of help. I know the person who might just help with the outfit. It’s not the same as modernizing the outfit and making altercations. but there is something that can be done. *Looking at Starlight and winking before walking over to the back* Hey Vincent… There is a very odd request about to be asked and it isn’t easy to ask.

Vincent: *Walking out of the Study room and seeing Martin* What’s the matter, Dear boy?

Martin: It would depend on what you’d consider wrong. but it’s not wrong at all. How are you at Altering an outfit?

Vincent: That depends… This seems to sound such like fashion… doesn’t it?

Martin: I would believe that it does sound like Fashion. And it’s not for me…

Vincent: Is it for Luna?

Martin: *A bit at a loss* Uh…

Vincent: My dear boy, are you quite alright?

Penelope: *Walking over from the front door* Excuse me… there is no time to chit chat on the front. *Smelling something odd nearby* What’s that hearty but awkward vintage smell?

Martin: Oh… That would be magic.

Penelope: Magic? as in the old Hocus Pocus Voodoo, Mystical witch doctor act? You know… maybe i should slip into a coma and make like i am in a different realm and all that exists is the possibility that Magic can fix anything. There is no such thing as Magic. There isn’t anything that is Magic. If there was… it would have to be an alternative world.

Vincent: Oh dear… Oh dear me… we have a non-believer. I guess that we should prove that Magic does exist.

Martin: I would believe that it would better help if i were to prove it myself too as i too possess it in some manor.

Penelope: Has everyone gone to the deep end of insanity?

Vincent: Insanity… No. Magic influenza… Very much so, I’m afraid dear girl. Martin, Please do show her. A little taste of Magic should be quite what the doctor ordered.

A second later…

Martin: *transforming* Tuxedo Power…….Power Up!! *transforms into Tuxedo Martin Amazing; With a top hat and Cape appearing as the normal look gets surrounded and covered in White light; Replaced with a Tuxedo and Black shoes. a Scepter being placed in his hand and With a Arm brace with Stars on it appearing on his right arm; poses* I am the Warrior of the innocent Tuxedo Martin Amazing! In the name of the Innocent, On behalf of my friends and all the people of the Universe, Justice will be served!!

Penelope: Magic… Come on… there must have been wires or trick mirrors somewhere… This is almost like the Wizard of Oz where this hologram is appearing to be all scary… even intimidating to the weak at heart. But only to come find that there is a man on the side behind the curtain who is working the controls and speaking into some Microphone making his voice sound booming.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Summoning a Star and Hopping on it; Riding it in formation before twirling around until a shape of a star is seen and is 20 feet in size/Diameter; then the star glows golden* Starlight Beam Radiation Swirl…ATTACK!!

A second later…

Martin: Does that look like it’s all tricks?

Penelope: Mad as the red Queen. Off with their heads.

Vincent: But you must believe it now, Don’t you dear girl?

Penelope: Believing in the insanity has me more than disturbed. But seeing some of it with my own peepers and issue of being one to believe in anything of the supernatural… I find little reason to not believe it.

Vincent: That would be right.

Martin: She has an Outfit that she brought over to wear for the wedding. But it’s the only one she has and she doesn’t seem to think that it fits her anymore. Plus it doesn’t look too good.

Penelope: Yeah. Plus i had to tell my mother about where i was going and why.

Vincent: If that was the case, Dear child… why didn’t you go to her for a way to fix this outfit and handle the issue? You trust her, don’t you, Dear child?

Penelope: I don’t know. She has her own thing and she knows now about the Wedding that is being held today. *Coming off a little Hysterical* the going to a wedding and making some possible friends thing she gets. The whole going to a wedding of someone you don’t know but were briefly told about and informed about and not going to the wedding looking possibly ridiculous and taking the attention away from the one who’s the host of the wedding without meaning to thing while nearly looking like a complete Idiot… That… she don’t get.

Vincent: Martin… you really feel as though i can fix this for her with a quick flash of Magic and a simple spell?

Martin: You’re a master Wizard. it can’t be hard.

Vincent: I suppose. let’s see the outfit and see what can be done…

Minutes later…

The Outfit that Penelope brought over was fixed and made like new. Martin was a bit in disbelief that he had to show off his work. But it was that or interrogation…

At the Metropolis Church of the Lord….

Inside the Chapel…

9:45 AM…

Prince Alvin: *Talking with his Girlfriend* Alice, You feeling alright?

Alice: Yeah. Why?

Prince Alvin: Just wondering. A moment ago when we all got here and started congregating with the attendees for Dinah’s Wedding… You were looking as though you were disturbed about something.

Alice: I guess. But it was really nothing of much worry.

Prince Alvin: I can read your mind a little. I would rather it not come to that. You know that you can tell me anything, Love. You know that… *Looking at Alice sincerely* Don’t you?

Alice: I know that i can. But i really would rather it not be discussed. I don’t want anything to ruin Dinah’s day. This is her day. I don’t think that we could bare to live with ourselves if anything were to ruin that. I know that Dinah would be certainly upset.

Prince Alvin: If it’s about the vision that you have received… I know about it. I know. It is gonna happen today. But the question is when. Where… and how?

Alice: You read my mind.

Prince Alvin: No. Alice, I just guessed. Either way, It’s nothing that we can do. All we can do is be alert but till it happens… Not worry about what is said to happen. Just Enjoy this day. As it should be enjoyed.

Star: *Walking over from the side* What’s all this about a Vision? You know better than that to bring up worry of there being a hint of danger. This is a peaceful day. Wedding day romance.

Alice: I know. Where is Dinah at?

Star: She’s upstairs in the one classroom the church has when they hold their sessions for Sunday school. Why?

Prince Alvin: How does she look?

Star: I don’t know. She’s got Christie up there with her and helping her get fixed up. I came down here to check on all who walked into the Chapel here.

Paige: *Walking from the side* Dinah is nervous as a tick though. You should have seen her before she went up there to get herself into the Wedding Gown and changed. She is nervous.

Prince Avery: *Close-by* She’s got the pre-coronation Jitters. it’s gonna be time for the wedding soon. Not everyone is here yet.

Prince Alvin: What are you talking about? Who are we missing?

Prince Avery: We’re Missing Vincent. Raven. We’re missing the young team involved with Luna. Karen, Irene who is gonna be bringing her father, Jake and Jennifer. Martin Luna’s Boyfriend. That Lady that Luna said Martin’s Guardian is seeing. Our father. Aunts… Grandfather. Our cousins too. the ones that we don’t know about. Prince Alvin… your Room mates are here… aren’t they?

Prince Alvin: Of course.

Prince Avery: Reese and Jack are here. They’ve already grabbed a seat and are talking amongst themselves over classes picking up and talking about plans of their own.

Star: Such as?

Prince Avery: Who knows? They’re just being rather silent. Probably a lot on their minds is what i’d figure. Jack didn’t really say a whole lot to Pearl.

Prince Alvin: Heavy mind?

Alice: Maybe he’s thinking about something and just doesn’t wish to be interrupted with the distractions. He’s probably just thinking. Nothing to worry.

Prince Avery: You took the words right out of my mouth…


in the one room looking at herself in the mirror and getting prepped for the big ceremony that was now only an hour away…

Dinah: *Looking at the dress and sighing* I can’t believe that this is really happening. It’s really happening.

Christie: You’re getting a happy ever after. That is what you always wanted. Dinah, You’re always gonna be a tough girl. but seeing you happy. it makes more sense than you’d realize.

Dinah: Why’s that?

Christie: Why do you think? *Scoffs* Dinah, You’re for the longest time been so uptight and all in someone’s face. You were this tough person who never got the idea that you should be calm and not always lose your top. You had the high temper and at times it got people either annoyed or scared of you. But to untold some… you are like an inspiration to people. to ones who don’t know how to be tough. You inspired people. That is a feat. But seeing you happy and being with a person who truly loves you and would practically just die for you. You found him and been with him since then. Love is a find. You have it. and you have Shingo. He’s gonna always love you no matter what. Why wouldn’t he?

Dinah: Because life without love is not a life at all. just an empty and hollow existence that one thinks they’re living a full life but deep down… they’re just only half of who they are.

Christie: You’re getting soft again, Dinah.

Dinah: Can’t help it. The whole idea that i am getting married has just made me feel so fuzzy and happy. I don’t even know whether i should be crying or laughing… or screaming. Even fainting in shock. I just feel so mixed up with what i’m to feel.

Christie: That’s the thing about weddings. When you’re a woman getting married. you are filled almost on cue with all these emotions. Not sure how you are to feel and how to let it out. It just comes in bursts. Weddings are supposed to be magical… not tearful.

Dinah: i think that i’d take a little of everything at this moment.

Christie: That’s what i thought.


John: *Knocking on the side of the door and Looking in to see Dinah* Now there’s our precious “Danger Zone”.  Why the sad sappy face, Pretty lady? Don’t you know that you’re supposed to be filled with Joy not sorrow?

Dinah: *Turning to see her Uncle* … *Gasps* Uncle John?!

John: *Walking in to hug and kiss Dinah on the side* Hey there beautiful. Heard that it was your Wedding. Been here since the 19th and was able to come back to Metropolis. Germany found themselves a new batch of poor suckers to push. Trixie and I were sent back here. But even if they didn’t… I would still come. I don’t give a rat’s patoot about the Journalism bush… i wouldn’t miss my Fiery hot tempered Lightning in a bottle Niece’s Wedding for anything in the world. Not for even a second.

Christie: *Touched* Awwww!

Dinah: *Looking at her uncle* It’s great to see you here. I don’t think that it would be all that awkward if i were to tell you that i am with massive Butterflies in my stomach and that i am over Nervous… would it?

John: I know the feeling. When i got married to Clarissa Porter. I was nervous too. I was sweating it because it was the happiest moment of my life. I didn’t even realize it at first but when i got to the Alter and had finally said my Vows. the “I Do” line. I felt faint as i was met with shock. Weddings are not all happy and with peace. It can have it moments of Drama. I remember that on the wedding day of Clarissa and Me… I must have been caught off guard because this man came right over to me and started to curse at me. Yelling at me at possibly the worst of tones you’d ever imagine. He blamed me for taking his girl away from him and that i was all his girl would talk about. It hit me right then that the man was the girl’s father. It took several people to pull him away because he was so Irate that he wanted to kill me. He was gonna do so too. *Looking to see Dinah getting a little disturbed* Now… you are getting married to someone who probably has a parent who might just despise you in every way. Mother or father. It doesn’t matter. It really has no limit to what can happen. But bottom line is that every Wedding is not complete without its own set of drama. Without its own set of issues. Family issues. Whatever. I had to deal with Clarissa’s Father. You might have an encounter with the lucky guy’s mother or father. But nothing can get to you unless you allow it to. Because it’s your moment. Your time. You are getting wed to a wonderful man. Someone who cares and is willing to write the rest of his life with you. Everything he is and all he feels.

Christie: Weddings are full of everything. Even Excitement. But also trouble. It’s gonna be alright though. It’s just that With weddings… anything is possible because it’s all about the romance. And the Joining of two lives two people from two separate worlds coming together and in union connecting and fusing as one. becoming one. complete.

However as they were talking…

Raven: *Shadowing into the room* So… is there a Wedding or a funeral being held?

Dinah: *gasps* Raven?!

Raven: I didn’t know that the wedding was today. It’s a good thing that i was out and doing some patrolling in the city otherwise i never would have known. I nearly ran into the young crew. Luna’s Boyfriend and a group of young teens.

Dinah: Martin and the others aren’t here yet. They should be here soon. Luna is outside keeping an eye out for him and the others.

Christie: It’s gonna be a very happy day… Luna is rather nervous too. She’s not the one getting wed today, but she is so frantic with excitement and thrill that it’s gotten her riled up.

John: It’s gonna be alright. The others will be coming soon. Charlene, Julie, Trixie, Jan, Jennifer. They’re all gonna be here. In fact that they were just pulling up as i happened to barely step into the Chapel. They’re here. Knowing the crew… they might have already grabbed a seat and are waiting for the ceremony to take way.

Dinah: I am nervous. But knowing that i got my family and my friends here with me… it’s making it feel easy. If only my mother were here.

Christie: Your mother?

Dinah: Yeah.

Christie: Why? Where is she? This is a happy day for you. She should be here too. Why wouldn’t she be here?

Dinah: That’d be because she’s dead. She was killed the other year by someone. A Tyrant. I don’t even want to discuss it. It’s just terrible.

John: I know. I barely arrived in the City to gather a life here when it first was heard that she was killed. I almost wrecked my car as it broke all over the News and was being plastered all though the airwaves.

Christie: I wasn’t around for that. i don’t think. Was i?

Dinah: No. You weren’t. This was before you and i met, Christie. It’s a good thing too… because back then when it all went down… i was so angry that i was liable and deadset on attacking everyone and everything. I was that pissed and also… Hurting. I mean… i just lost my mother and then had to give an Eulogy at the Memorial service. Seeing my mother in that casket. It hurt like hell. Then that night after getting back home… I hear that the loss was all done due to Murder. and found out that it was that General… *Sighs and shaking her head in disbelief that she’s having to make mention of the painful memory* Zod. He attacked us. Crippled us from that act. Killing my mother. You have no idea how much i wanted to break off in rage and just go after the son of a bitch. i wanted to tear him to shreds. However… i couldn’t do it. because it was just gonna be me and a whole swarm of Super powered Kandorians. Plus the Scum bucket Zod. I would have been dead if i had. But i however pulled myself away from going off and letting loose. The others couldn’t bare to go through another death. A Loss of a mother was enough to break them apart and crush them endearingly… but to have another death to add to the pile of personal and maternal grief… that would just be the tick that killed them. It was enough to cause my health and blood pressure to shoot up because i was so angry and so mad that all you would have to do is just say something that was rather minor but enough to take into offense and i’d come undone. That’s how bad i was. It was like that for maybe a couple months. Then maybe a couple months after we all torched Zod good. But the rest of that was just the heavy heart and the grief that was gradually dissipating.

Christie: That must have been terrible. having all that anguish inside of you and having to let it out in such a way. I don’t know how as though anyone could just Endure that and not crack and be set on keeping sane as others watch and have to feel the pain of seeing one of their own just hurting in such a painful way.

Raven: That was the past though. there is no need to worry about what happened in the past.

Dinah: Raven’s right. Plus it is almost time for the ceremony to begin. I am sure that by now everyone who’s been invited and or been told of the Wedding is in the Chapel now. Waiting for the ceremony to begin and make way. I am gonna need to be ready.

John: It’s gonna be alright. We’re gonna be with you.


In the Reverend’s office…

Reverend Tanner: *Grabbing his Bible and Holy Water*

Shingo: *Knocking on the Door*

Reverend Tanner: *Voice* Just a second. Be right out.

Shingo: *Waiting*

A second later…

Reverend Tanner: *Opening the door* Hello?

Shingo: Reverend Tanner?!

Reverend Tanner: Yes? Have we met?

Shingo: I believe so. We happened to have spoken on the phone about the wedding procedure.

Reverend Tanner: Yes… Oh… You’re the guy. Shingo, was it?

Shingo: Yeah. That’d be me.

Reverend Tanner: It’s good to finally meet you in person. I almost started to wonder if you were gonna be just a Voice in a box. I was practically expecting you an hour ago. But It’s okay. It looks as though everyone’s here.

Shingo: Well… Just about. We’re missing Luna and Martin.

Reverend Tanner: Would they be the Ring bearers?

Shingo: Nominated and Chosen by Dinah, My soon to be wife and I. yes. Prince Alvin… my soon to be official In-Law. He’s one of them anyway. He’s gonna be the best man. He’s also the godfather of my 3 girls. Which Dinah is the mother of the 3 girls. Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Me being the father.

Reverend Tanner: You are getting wed because you have kids with her?

Shingo: Yes… but it’s fundamentally because of Love. Love and devotion and compassion.

Reverend Tanner: Now that is the right reason to wed someone… Love. Not to be in a loveless Marriage. Those never work out. I mean… one can try and they can take steps in making sure it works out for the benefit of the kids that are involved. but can lead and aim for different lives. while they try to stay mutually together all for the kids that they created.

Shingo: Of course.

Reverend Tanner: *Looking at the time* It’s just about time to start. just 5 more minutes.

Shingo: I’ll of course wait at the Altar.

Reverend: I’ll be behind the Podium waiting for the ceremony to take place.

By the entrance…

Luna: *Looking at Martin* Martin, You’re late. What happened?

Martin: Over slept. I wanted to be up by 7. Maybe 7:30 the latest. But i just over slept a little and ran behind schedule. Then Penelope came over and had an issue with her one dress or outfit and i had to help her. It was the right thing to do and you know that i am all for doing what’s right and try to help people. Good thing is that the rest of the crew were ready and had not a problem. Vincent’s also here. He’s sneaking off to the side to do something. A Spell or something. He said something about creating a Musical Atmosphere with a Spell. Don’t know What it is.

Luna: What do you mean by Spell… Of Music? What is he planning to do?

Karen: It’s a surprise. It’s got something to do with creating a special something for the Ceremony.

Luna: I think that Dinah’ll love it.

Irene: I am sure that she vill.

Jake: Exactly. I got to be the one to say that this is the memorable day. If This doesn’t top Dinah’s happy heart moments… i don’t think that anything will.

Jennifer: I second that. I second that entirely. This is the highest moment of happiness that any person can have. A person can’t be any happier than this. They can’t. This is just as highest as one can get.

Penelope: What do you suppose we should do for her and the guy that she’s getting into wedlock with? What can top their Wedding?

Martin: I Don’t know. But i think that there can be something that we might try.

Jake: Which would be?

Luna: A Song, Perhaps.

Martin: *Nods* Right. A song. From all of us.

Karen: Yeah. That’d be wonderful. *Looking at the time* It’s time to get seated… the Ceremony is gonna start in about a minute. We got to get inside.

Martin: Vincent’s coming. He’s by the door.

Inside the Chapel seconds later…

Vincent: *Looking at Martin* Don’t worry. the Surprise will happen. It’s set to strike on cue.

Within seconds the music started to flow in. Into the whole Chapel. Dinah was before anyone could shrug and ask as to where she was… standing at the entry of the room. Luna walked through first and threw flowers all over at both sides. Both sides were met with flowers. It was a wonderful moment that was about to take hold. Paige, Pearl and Star were the Maidens… they were there to stand aside with poise as Dinah was said to be wed to Shingo. On Shingo’s side… there was Prince Alvin… Preparing to hold the ring to give to Shingo when that time came… Dinah Walked slowly and with Grace. The Walkway was long. The path was long but there was beauty everywhere. John was walking beside her…

Dinah: *Smiling and feeling endearingly fulfilled; Walking down the aisle* This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. *Feeling like she’s about to cry*

John: I know. But you’re gonna be okay. This is your day, Dinah. It belongs to you. You’re gonna be alright. You got a guy who is just so in love with you… I know you are feeling really tingly and nervous as heck about it all… but you shouldn’t be. Honest. You’re gonna be great. Your whole family is here. They love you. Your Husband to be… he’s at the Altar and is waiting to win your hand in Matrimony.

Dinah: *Nods*

At the Bride’s side of the Altar…

Pearl: *Holding her small Bouquet of flowers; With a little bit of tears* Our sister is getting wed. She’s getting wed. She’s…  She’s so Beautiful…. *Crying into her sister’s Arms* She’s so beautiful. I am so happy. Our sister Dinah… the tough girl is getting her Happily ever after…

Star: *With Kleenex* Pearl… Stop it. You’re gonna make me want to start crying.

Paige: *Shedding tears* Too late. *Hugging Pearl* There there… It’s gonna be okay sis. Really. Dinah looks wonderful. Very pretty. But i don’t think that she’d want us to be blubbering the whole time and cry all through the ceremony…

Pearl: I can’t help it. *Sniffling*

Shingo was at the altar waiting for Dinah as they are about to become married at last…

Dinah was walking down the Aisle with her uncle John… King John’s father side by side… the Uncle was giving her over to Shingo. Dinah was fighting back the tears as she knew that she was finally getting married. Her eternal wish was coming true and she could not think of anything other than to shed tears for joy and happiness. Shingo smiled happily as his soon to be wife was coming to him. They were finally becoming married. The Reverend was standing behind the podium and Watching Dinah come to the Alter. As soon as Dinah was next to Shingo… The ceremony began. Prince Alvin was close by as the chosen best man to Shingo as planned and accepted. Luna was close by Dinah as the head flower girl. The Maidens were Paige, Pearl and Star and Christie. They were close by. With tears for sheer blessed happiness for Dinah. The Reverend was Reverend Kenny Tanner. Shingo was watching as Dinah has finally approached the altar. He looked Dinah face to face as they were about to become husband and wife.  Prince Alvin was holding the rings for the signal to present the rings to Dinah and Shingo and grant

as they exchanged their Vows…

Reverend Tanner: My fellow Brethren of god. We are gathered here today to bear witness to two people… The love of eternal bliss and romance. The fates are funny. Sometimes Fate rejects the purest of heart and unheard circumstances break apart the bond. But the Love that these two have for one another is greater than anything Fate can serve. The Love Between This Woman… Dinah. And this man Shingo is proven to be much grander… greater than anything in the world. For those who have great cause that these two loving and wholesome people…should not be wed on this day… The very day that in history is the birth of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Speak now and be heard of or alas… remain silent and thereby forever hold your peace. *Looking at Shingo* Shingo. Do you take Dinah to be your lawfully wedded wife, To live together in the holy state of Matrimony? Will you, Love her, Comfort her, Honor her and keep her in sickness and health. Forsaking all others Keeping yourself only unto her… For as long as you shall live?

Shingo: Yes. I do.

Reverend Tanner: *Looking at Dinah* Dinah. Do you take Shingo to be your lawfully wedded husband, To live together in the holy state of Matrimony? Will you, Love him, Comfort him, Honor him and keep him in sickness and health. Forsaking all others Keeping yourself only unto him… For as long as you shall live?

Dinah: I do. With all my heart and soul.

Reverend Tanner: *Reciting a passage* “Love is patient; love is kind.
Love is not envious or boastful
or arrogant or rude.
It does not insist on its own way:
it is not irritable or resentful;
it does not rejoice in wrong doing,
but rejoices in truth.
Love bears all things,
believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.
And now faith, hope, and love abide, and the greatest of these is love.”

A second later…

Reverend Tanner: *Looking at the couple* Dinah and Shingo may this be the love that you bring into this relationship and may its essence touch all those with whom you come in contact. Love enriches each part of life and marriage enriches love. Your lives, shared in love, can hold more fulfillment and happiness than either life alone. Love is the reason this day was chosen by you to begin your lives together and love is the reason you will give with all your hearts for the good of each other. Love is the reason that together you will become one; one in hope; one in believing; one in sharing the coming years. This is the beginning of your eternal Journey. the path that not all are with the strong heart and the passion to embark. But given since you are here… today with one another. It points that you two are strong in mind, heart and soul and are devoted and dedicated to one another. Fatefully Entwined in one common cause to be together… as one.

Dinah: Yes. I do.

Reverend Tanner: May i have the rings? We shall do the Exchanging of the Rings and Vows.

Prince Alvin: *handing the Rings to Shingo and Nods* ……

Shingo: *receives the rings and gives Dinah her ring* Here you go my love.

Dinah: *Smiles*

Reverend Tanner: Shingo, Place your ring on Dinah’s finger.

Shingo: *places the ring on Dinah’s finger*

Reverend Tanner: As you place the ring on her finger… Repeat after me. “I Shingo, Place this Ring on the owner of my heart. I make this Vow to honor and respect her. Obey her and be true only to her as she is the soul mate that i give my whole heart and soul to. Proclaim to only love her and be hers forever… till death do us part. I forever give my heart and reasons to live… unto her.”

Shingo: I Shingo, Place this Ring on the owner of my heart. I make this Vow to honor and respect her. Obey her and be true only to her as she is the soul mate that i give my whole heart and soul to. Proclaim to only love her and be hers forever… till death do us part. I forever give my heart and reasons to live… unto her.

Reverend Tanner: Dinah, Place your ring on Shingo’s finger.

Dinah: *Placing the ring on Shingo’s finger*

Reverend Tanner: Repeat after me… “I Dinah, Place this Ring on the owner of my heart. I make this Vow to honor and respect him. Obey him and be true only to him as he is the soul mate that i give my whole heart and soul to. Proclaim to only love him and be his forever… till death do us part. I forever give my heart and reasons to live… unto him.”

Dinah: *Repeating* I Dinah, Place this Ring on the owner of my heart. I make this Vow to honor and respect him. Obey him and be true only to him as he is the soul mate that i give my whole heart and soul to. Proclaim to only love him and be his forever… till death do us part. I forever give my heart and reasons to live… unto him.

Reverend Tanner: Shingo… Dinah… With the sacred trust of your love and the union of that love for one another. You have Down poured us with the Embrace of your love. Promising each other the joy and the honor of all your days. for the rest of your lives. Done it before God and upon this Company. It gives me great honor and serves this Congregation eternally well as i now with the power invested unto me… to pronounce you… Husband and Wife. *to the Congregation* Ladies and Gentleman… I now present to you… the newly wedded couple. Give a standing ovation to Mr. and Mrs. Dinah Ellen Rhapsody.

Shingo kisses Dinah as they are both now officially married.

Shingo: I love you Dinah.

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* And i love you, Shingo. With all of my heart. *Smiling and Kissing Shingo on the lips*…

Reverend Tanner: Now without a moment more to spare. In Honor of the Newly wed… we have the Catering company that supplied the food for the reception.

Shingo: Let’s go to the Reception hall. There is a Buffet for all to feast upon.

A Moment later… inside the Reception hall…

Paige: *Meeting with Dinah* Congrats on the Marriage, Dinah. You are one lucky person.

Dinah: Am I? I am not Lucky. I am just fortunate. I am with a Wonderful Husband. 3 beautiful girls. And a wonderful company of friends and family. Why would i even need luck, for that?

Paige: What else could it be? You are tough and most of the time… we all know that tough people hardly ever get the happy ever after that they were aiming to get a slice of. But you managed to beat that and won it. It’s also fate. It was like it was meant to be you.

Prince Richie: *Walking over* You are a really amazing person, Cousin. You know that? You really are.

Dinah: I am just the same person i have always been, Cousin. You know that better than anyone.

Pearl: I don’t buy that. Dinah, You’re a married woman now. You are gonna be living like a Married woman. With a family and everything.

Dinah: With Shingo. Luna is gonna be living under the same roof as Shingo and I. But… it’s all gonna work out. It’s gonna work out for everyone.

on the other side of the hall…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Shingo and at the guys* You’re one lucky man, Shingo. Dinah is gonna be keeping you busy. But she’s one of a kind. You’ll never be bored. That is certain. With the love and trust that you two have for one another… It’s gonna be a romantic and peaceful life for you and Dinah. No trouble at all.

Shingo: I get that. I am just with a complete heart knowing that i won the most lovely woman in all the  city.

Prince Avery: It’s a sign that things are truly complete for you now, Shingo. You are now a married man.  How does it feel to be part of the Married flock of the human race?

Shingo: I don’t know. I need to catch my breath and just take a minute to let it all sink in.

Prince Arnold: Don’t let it sink in too much… The way you look due to the fact that you’ve just got married… you look like you’re about to sink into the floor like putty. You’re with all sorts of mixed feelings and they’re just hitting you like a seismic tremor.

Reese: Don’t say that. He’s gonna be fine. He just needs some Air to gather his thoughts and gather his composure.

Jack: He’s gonna be okay. It’s just the shock. Besides that this is the beginning of a new life for him.  Marital pain, Romance, Trials, Issues, complications… Pleasure. Love, Sadness, bad times… Good times, heartache, Misery, Arguments, Disagreements, Peace, serenity, Closeness. That all factors in. But Shingo is gonna be okay now. He’s gonna make it. The best thing to do is to take it all a step at a time. Let life come to him at its leisure.

Prince Curtis: Hear hear!

King John: *Walking over with their grandfather* Hey guys. What’s going on?

Prince Alvin: Not much. Just keeping cool and taking a breeze. Shingo’s a married man and he’s feeling a little shook by it. I suppose that if i were married… i’d be the same way. It’s a lot to take on. Because given that it’s the beginning of a new life. Anything can happen. Anything could start.

John: That is true. That’s what i told your father when he got wed and then separated sometime down the road is that there are marriages that begin so well… then the second that it is believed that it’s gonna remain perfect… something will be apt to change. It always does. It’s just the way marriages go. But the memorable ones… are those that last and are the very ones that are strong and eternal.

Jack: Kinda makes me wonder about what it’d be like to marry Pearl someday… I would so love to make her my wife. She’s looks so magnificent. Each time i look at her… i have to remind myself that She’s a free spirit that wants to wait till the time is right to propose and then seek to begin preparing for a wedding.

Oliver: *Walking into the reception hall* A Little late… but i am not bound to miss out on seeing Dinah as a married woman. She’s married. *Looking to see Dinah nearby* And there she is.

Chloe: We have gifts for her too.

Dinah Lance: *With Victor Stone and Arthur Curry* I think that it’s a wonderful surprise for Dinah. Her getting married to her one true love. She’s obviously the most happiest woman in the city… in the world.

Victor Stone: yes. And you would guess that there usually would be danger near trying to put a stain into it. but it’s all peace today.

Arthur Curry: Let’s hope for it to remain that way.

Dinah: *Looking over to see Oliver, Chloe, Victor and Arthur* Hey guys… great that you could make it.

Chloe: Of course. Why wouldn’t we? This is a special day for you. and you’re like part of the team still even though you’re not a fighter currently. You’re still part of the team and we take concern of all those in the Team. Like a part of the Family.

Dinah: Well Everyone is just hanging out and sitting together for conversation and visiting. Cake won’t be cut for about an hour.

Dinah Lance: It’s okay. We came to mainly visit and share in this happy moment with you.

Victor Stone: How does it feel being a married Woman?

Dinah: It feels Exhilarating, It is all a dream coming true. I can’t even begin to think of anything else i’d ask for other than this. Shingo is now my husband.  He’s the most wonderful man.

Oliver: Where is the lucky man?

Dinah: He’s over there with Prince Alvin, and the guys. Talking guy talk. Men to men. Luna and her friends are over there by the refreshments having some Soda and Fruit Punch. The other girls are all hanging out with one another and talking. Some are talking about Alice’s Apparent Vision. Something that she apparently experienced… seeing. I don’t know what it is. She wouldn’t tell me. None of them wanted me to know. Must be something that i am not meant to know.

Victor: That is something else… What is with Alice having all these Visions? Are we sure that she’s not a seer?

Dinah: Seer? What do you mean by Seer? What the heck is that?

Chloe: A seer is:

1. a person who sees; observer.
2. a person who prophesies future events; prophet.
3. a person endowed with moral and spiritual insight or knowledge.
4. a person reputed to have powers of divination, as a crystal gazer.

Dinah: *Laughs* Aha! Yeah right…. come on. Alice? A Seer? You’re kidding, Right? Alice is no Prophet. She’s got Psychic Foresight. and has Visionary Persuasion. Plus sometimes read minds and also speak to people through the mind. that is all. There is nothing else other than that.

Oliver: Are you sure? The Visions that Alice tends to have usually come true almost on cue and at will. Every time she thinks or suffers a Vision saying that something will happen… at a certain time… either an hour after the current minute that she has that Vision. A day… a week… A Month. It happens on cue. Right on Cue.

Chloe: He’s got a point there, Dinah. Alice is with very useful abilities, but still Dinah, You gotta admit that she can foresee things alot faster than your average Prophet.

Dinah: Okay, you know what i think about it all? I think it’s nuts. It is insane. truly insane. Alice is not a Prophet. You of all people should know that. She told us that she can’t always control her Visions. That sometimes the Visions come and go. they even sometimes hit her out of nowhere. But that does not mean she’s a Prophet.

Over by the Refreshment Table… Luna was with her boyfriend and their friends talking. They were deciding on what to sing for Dinah and Shingo. They saw a stage and a microphone…

Luna: *Looking at Martin; Drinking her cup of soda* I am so happy for my sister. She’s Married. I just am so glad that she’s with a happy ever after. She’s so deserving of it. She always looked to have that happy ever after.

Martin: I know. She’s one tough girl.

Jake: She’s got some serious body karate going on….

Jennifer: What?!

Luna: Jake! That’s my sister you’re talking about. You’re talking about her like she was an Exotic dancer. She’s 18. you are like what 12? Plus… she is married. Ew! Ew!

Jake: Whoa… Whoa… Chill out. I didn’t mean it like that. I meant that she’s just so attractive. She’s a mother… A fighter… A Wife to a lucky guy. It is wonderful  I was not trying to come off as being vulgar. Sick. No. The whole idea that she’s no longer single.

Martin: I guess that we can see it like that.

Luna: Now… About the song…

Penelope: That’s right. we need one that has class. What do we know that can be done?

Irene: Vho’s famous for our time?

Karen: I don’t know… Wait a minute.

Martin: I think i know… Hold on… *Running off to find Vincent*

Luna: *Gasps* Martin… where’re you going?

Martin: I got an idea.

Starlight: *Walking around and Panting happily*

On the side towards the door…

Vincent: *Looking at the crowd and sighs* Regina, I lived alot of years. I seen alot of things… but never did i see something just like this. A Wedding to top everything else that i’ve done. I have produced the Musical Atmosphere. But in all my years… I never really appreciated the gift. Never really found that reason to be completely fulfilled. Seeing Dinah Rhapsody happy should mean a blessing. But i never really knew how happy life could be. The fact that i have Martin… He’s like a Son to me. Even if it’s not Biological. But the heart… this Wizard’s personal heart within feels ever so empty. It’s truly Dreadful.

Regina: Vincent, You are not relationship depraved. You’re just different. You should be entitled to be with someone just as much as the rest of them. You are not a reject. I only can tell that i met and knew you for only a couple days. I can already tell from what i know about you this far… that you are like a happy bachelor. One who is happy being who you are. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

Vincent: It’s not that i am ashamed. But with all i had done through out all these years… It’s gotten to the part where i feel as though i had not had a full life. Regina, I am a Wizard. A Master Wizard. Not many people have much tolerance to them or do they have any patience for them. That’s why when i am out… i try to keep that part hidden and stick to being a Demonologist. At least then i would not feel as though i don’t belong.

Regina: I guess that i might relate to that as i too feel as though i nearly don’t belong to most places. When i was like a very young teen… 13. I used to be like a complete freak. hell… no one liked me much at all. I for a spell wanted a friend to call my own. someone to talk to. hang with. Someone who would… you know… Understand me. But no one did. Although because of my smarts… in all things revealing Law. I got into a Clique. These Teens who were 3 years older than me… They smoked. and yes… because i wanted to fit in… wanted a friend so much that i’d do anything to win one… i started doing it. Smoked. for about a year. When i was 14… i still did it. but one morning i just woke up and looked in the mirror and saw someone who was turning into someone that wasn’t being themselves. I left the Clique and just stopped being near them. Stopped the habit too. Refused them. I of course got myself trashed and tossed into the Dumpster for turning away from them. I got stuffed in my locker. But that was years ago. 20 years ago. The point is that i was seen as someone who didn’t belong. But i didn’t care. Even though deep down i did feel so alone. I didn’t really care if i was alone. I didn’t care because i knew that as long as i was me and i had faith and believed in myself and in what i was into… believed that i could make it no matter if i had a someone or not… It would not get me to feel sad. Being alone is not a uncommon thing. You are you. If people don’t want to accept you. it’s them who’re missing out. You’re a great person, Vincent. Thoughtful and you’re a wonderful father figure. A wonderful father figure to the Boy Martin. He’s talented. And completely self driven. Knows as to what he wants in life.

Vincent: He’s one of the fortunate ones. The Dear boy is very mature. He is still young but he is handling life so well… He has a girlfriend. He does well in school. He’s a hero. he has a big heart. He is just like his father. His father was caring. Caring for those around him.

A second later…

Martin: *Looking at Vincent* Vincent?

Vincent: Martin, Dear boy… you okay?

Martin: Yeah. I am okay. I just came to ask if you knew a spell to make a person’s voice sound deep and masculine.

Vincent: I should know a spell like that. But must i be one to ask on why you are asking if i know a spell like that?

Martin: It’s because Luna and the others are thinking about a # to do for a surprise for the newly wed couple.

Vincent: Ahhh! Okay… I believe that i have a portable journal with spells with me… i usually never bring into the open for others to see. Occupational hazard for a Wizard like me. one who has the thought as though he doesn’t belong. But for something just like this… I can… How old are you talking here… Martin… How deep?

Martin: Well… um… Like a Mixture of between Tim Curry, Leonard Cohen, Tim McGraw and Toby Keith.

Vincent: I can do that. With the spell i can possibly have it turn you to look like one of them. but it’s temporary… i can’t do permanent. That is something i can’t do. You are not ready for the permanent one… but this one will last for about 10 minutes a pop. No more. once it hits the 10 minute mark… The spell will wear off and you’ll be sounding the normal and back to being your normal self.

A minute later…

Vincent: *Outside Chanting a spell for the Mature singing voice* “Music in heart and deep as the soul… flight and soaring flow… Kiss of thunder and melodic touch. transform the voice of normality into voice of singing wonder”

As soon as Martin was with the spell instilled to him he walked back into the Reception hall and he looked like a country star and had the Voice of an Actor. A Mixture of Tim Curry, Leonard Cohen and Tim McGraw.

Luna: *Looking at Martin and gasps* Oh my god… Martin… Is that you?

Karen: What on earth is that on your face? Why the heck do you look like that?

Martin: *With a Deep Voice* What do you mean? I am just looking rather new. It’s not permanent.

Penelope: *Sighs* Is it that magic again?

Martin: Of course. Why would it be anything else?

Penelope: Do you feel that intent on relying on the Magic on everything?

Martin: Not everything. Just on things that could maybe help. That’s all. Besides Magic is not all that bad. It’s just something that some people don’t understand.

Irene: I’m guilty on that. I don’t truly understand it much. but i try to…

Martin: Let’s get on the stage and get this party going. Shall we?

Penelope: sure. no time better than the present to get the ball rollin’.

On Stage a second or so later…

Martin: *Looking at everyone* This is for the newlyweds…

Music starts…

Martin: *Singing and While dancing with Luna along side him* “Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin 
Dance me through the panic ’til I’m gathered safely in 
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove 
Dance me to the end of love 
Dance me to the end of love 
Oh let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone 
Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon 
Show me slowly what I only know the limits of 
Dance me to the end of love 
Dance me to the end of love 

Karen, Irene, Jake and Jennifer Plus Penelope dance to the tune…

Dance me to the wedding now, dance me on and on 
Dance me very tenderly and dance me very long 
We’re both of us beneath our love, we’re both of us above 
Dance me to the end of love 
Dance me to the end of love 

Dance me to the children who are asking to be born 
Dance me through the curtains that our kisses have outworn 
Raise a tent of shelter now, though every thread is torn 
Dance me to the end of love 

Music Interlude as Martin and Luna Dance the Tango and Theatrical…

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin 
Dance me through the panic till I’m gathered safely in 
Touch me with your naked hand or touch me with your glove 
Dance me to the end of love 
Dance me to the end of love 
Dance me to the end of love”

Luna: Martin, didn’t we do a song for Larmina’s and Chekov’s wedding when they had their wedding day?

Martin: I think so. Why?

Luna: I was thinking… Let’s do that.

Irene: Okay… We’ll watch.

Penelope: That song was good. Very Sophisticated. I think that the voice was very serene and deep. with element. Something that a song should always have.

A second later…

The Music begins again…

Martin: *Singing* “Baby when I met you there was peace unknown
I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb.
I was soft inside there was something going on

Martin & Luna: you do something to me that I can’t explain
Hold me closer and i feel no pain ev’ry beat of my heart
We got something going on

Martin: Tender love is blind
It requires a dedication 

Martin & Luna: All this love we feel needs no conversation
we ride it together 
ah ah
making love to one another 
ah ah

Islands in the stream
That is whatwe are
No one in be-tween how can we be wrong
Sail away with me to another world 
And we re-ly on each other uh huh 
From one lover to another uh huh

Luna: I can’t live without you if the love is gone 
Ev’rything is nothing if you got no one
And you did walk in the night
Slowly losin sight of the real thing

Luna & Martin: but that won’t happen to us and we got no doubt
Too deep in love and we got no way out 
And the messages is clear this could be the year
for the real thing

Luna: No more will you cry baby I will hurt you never

Luna & Martin: We start and end as one in love forever
we can ride it together uh huh
makin’love with each other uh huh

Islands in the stream
That is what we are
No one in be-tween how can we be wrong
Sail away with me to another world 
And we re-ly on each other uh huh 
From one lover to another uh huh

Interlude – – – – –

Islands in the stream
That is what we are
No one in be-tween how can we be wrong
Sail away with me to another world 
And we re-ly on each other uh huh 
From one lover to another uh huh

Islands in the stream
That is what we are
No one in be-tween how can we be wrong
Sail away with me to another world 
And we re-ly on each other uh huh 
From one lover to another uh huh”

Dinah: I remember that… That was from Larmina’s Wedding. Luna and Martin sang that at the Wedding for Larmina and Chekov.

However as they were all enjoying the festivities and the wedding that was going on… The wedding was complete… but now it was the festivities and the partying. The celebrating of the beginning for the Newlyweds… But that was when things started to turn dark… Which took a slow start… But what got them all frozen and paused with fright… When Starlight…. Martin’s Dog made off with the Growling and the whining. Sensing that something was not right…

Prince Alvin: *Speaking to Alice through Mind* Something is coming.

Alice: *Speaking back by the mind* See? I knew that something was not right. I knew that something was gonna happen. I was just trying to block it out because i didn’t want Dinah’s day to be ruined. This day meant alot to Dinah. But now it’s ruined.

Prince Alvin: You stay here and get everyone to take cover. Tell them to run. I got to go and gather my brothers and the girls and get them all set to attack whatever is coming.

Alice: Please be careful.

Prince Alvin: In this profession i am in… *Scoffs with a laugh* When do i have that luxury? I’ll be careful though. but when you’re in a profession like mines… there is nearly no chance to be in a battle and then coming back from one unscathed.

Prince Avery: *Running over to Prince Alvin* Captain… there is a massive swarm of fire creatures and Shadow beings coming this way…

Prince Alvin: From what direction?

Prince Avery: from scoping out the perimeter just now… It’s surrounding this place. from every direction.

Prince Alvin: *Nods and Looking at Prince Avery* Okay… Plasma, go and find the others and get them to prepare to fight. Something is about to happen. We’re about to be attacked.

From the side by the Tables…

Paige: *Feeling something wrong* Is it just me or is there something about to happen that we don’t like?

Pearl: I don’t know… but whatever it is… it’s not something that will hark the start of a happy moment. *Smelling fire suddenly* uh… i think that we’re in trouble.

Paige: Trouble? *Suddenly seeing her element coming alive* Uh-oh… I think that you’re right. There is trouble… There is trouble and it’s in the size of a massive Swarm of creatures. A great Maw!

Pearl: Dinah’s gonna be so pissed.

Paige: I think that it’s too late… I think that she has already noticed that something was going on.

Prince Richie: I brought the Helmet of Nabu… It speaks…

Pearl: You thinking about Dr. Fate?

Paige: Might as well… the peace has already been interrupted. There is a wave of danger on the way.

Raven: *Sighs* Peaceful days never last… do they? No wonder there is no breaks.

Dinah: *Looking angry and annoyed* What the hell is going on now? Why is there trouble coming to ruin my happy moment? Is it too much to ask for one happy moment?

Pearl: You have no idea on what’s about to happen… do you?

Vincent: *Looking for Martin* Where’s Martin… Where did he go?

Luna: I don’t know… but i think that he’s gonna do something. he is looking for his dog and the others are seeking refuge.

Vincent: Luna… i must be sounding like a bother… but you’re gonna need to get back into the fighting. You’re gonna need to return to fighting. The fighters need you.

Luna: *Gasps* What? Vincent? what are you trying to pull? I don’t have any powers. I am normal. When i gave them up… i gave them up for good. It’s permanent. There is nothing i can do to get them back. It’s gone.

Vincent: But it can not be. You can’t leave behind what you are and what you’re meant to be. There is danger coming. Your sisters are in gonna need the senshi. They’re in need of the hand of Sailor Luna. You must Fight.

Luna: *Looking at Vincent* I can’t fight. Sailor Luna is gone. Sensei Graves… What do you want with me? I can’t fight anymore. i gave that all up. I want to be normal. I worry about Martin too… I don’t want him in on the fight. i don’t want to lose him.

Vincent: Martin will need your help.

Luna: Vincent, Stop it. I am not gonna return to the fighting. I can’t. I don’t have any connections to the Moon Kingdom anymore. They’re all gone now. They’re all gone. it’s over. There is nothing left. I can’t fight. even if i wanted to fight. there is nothing i can do. I have no power. No power whatsoever.

They didn’t get to talk much more about it as The danger was now only inches away…

Prince Alvin: *Looking to the brothers* Brothers… To Battle. Fan out… Eyes open… Stay alert.

Prince Arnold: Don’t worry. We’re on it.

Shadow Creatures: *Busting in and firing dark wisps at people Inflicting harm on them*

Fire Creatures: *Brushing in and setting things on fire*

Martin: *Running in and seeing Starlight getting spooked by the attacks* Oh… no. Not this. *Seeing Luna surrounded by Shadow creatures* LUNA!!!!

Vincent: *Looking at the fire Creatures* You Demonic Creatures… back off… You leave my Dear child alone!

Fire Creatures: *Looking Evilly at Vincent* You don’t have any right to bark an order at the creatures of hell. We follow Scath. TRIGON THE TERRIBLE! YOU Will Bow to him… or DIE!

Vincent: *Summoning for a swarm of Ice Creatures* Ice and Snow… Soldiers of the Arctic frontier… your frosty touch and frigid breath… breathe out your Icy power and Ice the fires which shall not belong. Ice Soldiers… Brethren of the Arctic snow and the frosty Domain…. AWAKE!

Within seconds a Swarm of Ice Soldiers came into play to unleash their power against the Fire Creatures…. But they were taken out by the shadow creatures. The Fire Creatures were moving out to attack all of the innocent. Even the young Teens…

Martin: *Looking at his girlfriend and their friends* Luna… Run… Now. Take Starlight and get yourself to safety. Take cover. Penelope… there is no time to debate against this. You need to just trust in what you are seeing here… You don’t want to believe that there is such a thing like Magic. but the stuff you’re seeing now… it is really happening. It’s happening. You make the rest of the team leave… You make them leave.

Penelope: Right.

Luna: I will lead them off. But…

Martin: But what, Luna?

Luna: What about you?

Martin: Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. I am with your sisters and the brothers. we’ll handle things from here. Go… Now. HURRY!

Luna: *Shaking her head* Not without knowing that you’re gonna be okay. I don’t want to lose you.

Martin: You won’t lose me. I will never let that happen.

Starlight: *Barks* Master. Don’t do this… It’s unsafe. Let the others do the fighting.

Martin: I have to do this… i am one of the fighters. I have to join in.

Luna: *Kissing Martin Romantically begging for him to not stay and fight* Please… Be careful.

Martin: *Kissing Luna On the Lips back* I will…

Within seconds…

Luna Grabbed the Dog and shed tears as she ran… she didn’t want to leave Martin there to fight off the fire creatures… but she realized that she had no choice. She couldn’t fight. so she couldn’t stay and be of any help. She would have only been a distraction and she knew that it would only cost Martin the battle as well as it would cost the others the same thing. As soon as they were gone and to safety away from the fight…

Martin: *transforming* Tuxedo Power……..Power Up!! *transforms into Tuxedo Martin Amazing; With a top hat and Cape appearing as the normal look gets surrounded and covered in White light; Replaced with a Tuxedo and Black shoes. a Scepter being placed in his hand and With a Arm brace with Stars on it appearing on his right arm; poses* I am the Warrior of the innocent Tuxedo Martin Amazing! In the name of the Innocent, On behalf of my friends and all the people of the Universe, Justice will be served!!

As for Paige and Pearl…

Paige: *Getting grabbed and thrown into the wall by the fire creatures* Ohhhh!

Pearl: *Pinned down and unable to move* Ahhhh!

Dinah: *Gasps in terror* Paige! PEARL!!!! *In Panic* NO!!!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Looking at the fallen and then at Dinah* Dinah, Run… don’t just stand there. This is not safe for you. Get to where it is safe. You don’t have that power to fight yet. You’re not with the power still. They’ll kill you if you stay. You’re a married woman. You need to go now. If you stay and they get you… you’ll become a dead Married woman.

Dinah: What about you and the others? Prince Alvin and the guys?

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: They’re fine… Go. Now, Dinah. I am younger and should be the one running. But a guy’s got to know when it’s time to man up and take responsibility.

Dinah: *Nods*

Dinah then runs off in a rush of anger, fear, dread, terror, Shock, Devastation, mortification and fury all in one. She was also upset to see that her wonderful moment was being ruined. She wanted to scream.

Star: *By the door leading to the cellar of the Church* Dinah… Come on. Let’s get going. Let the muscle men handle those devilish creatures.

Christie: Exactly… Your Uncle is down there already. As are your Aunts and the rest of your family. They’re there.

Princess Charlene: I’m staying. This is our world. Not theirs. If we don’t fight them off… no one will because the local people won’t be able to. We’re the only ones who can.

Mrs. Stroker: That’s right. I can use my water moves on those fire creatures. I would use the fire… but given since the creatures that we’re having to tangle with are fire… Fire and Fire won’t provide much of a break against them at all.

King John: That’s why… we have electric and Psychic to pick up the slack.

Princess Charlene: and don’t forget about the Ice and Psychic. Those can pull in some help also.

Star: You guys can go and fight if you wish… but you better be careful. We have a couple of people down already… we don’t need anymore of our fighters made to be fallen.

Christie: I second that. Let’s get the hell outta here while the chances speak in our favor.

Star: After you. Let’s get out of here. This is starting to get really stank.

Back in the center of the Reception hall…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Chanting an Ice spell* Ice and snow… gather your howling winds… pierce the firing abominations of fire’s touch and ice them with your strength. With your growing power of Ice and Snow… i bring forth the arctic power… *Launching the attack at the demonic creatures* ICY MOUNTAIN CAVE-IN!

Demonic creatures: *Growling in pain before blowing up* Curse you! CURSES!!!!

Although there were more Demonic Creatures Billowing in… They were veering in and looming closer in.

Shingo tried to grab for something and beat at a few of the demonic creatures. He was not about to sit and watch as the creatures came and saw to it that the wedding got ruined. He was gonna nail some of them. Luna and the others were outside afraid….

Jennifer: What is going on? What are those things?

Jake: I don’t know… but they look really demonic. Bad. Luna… What are those things?

Luna: Those things are the Minions of Scath. They are beings that sire to serve under a Evil Intergalactic threat. Trigon. I don’t have the powers anymore and or the abilities anymore, but i still have the smarts. I can still tell what’s happening. Not that i want to. because i’d wish to be normal. but i would rather remain normal.

Penelope: Normal is not that bad. Alot of people make considerable convenient living being normal. You could be with the body of a model and make tons of income being one. You got the look and the smarts. The Charms of one too. They’re intelligent. Some Models are also Actors and or bookies they are quite resourceful too.

Karen: That’s a good idea. I like that. I am a Psychic. But when i grow up… i might be into opening up my very own Psychic profession.

Princess Charlene: *From inside the building; To the Demonic Creatures* … “*clashes her hands together and moves them up forming blue energy and then aims the attack at the target, trapping them into ice* ICE HURRICANE!!”

Irene: *Jumps in a startled response* V-v-v-v-v-v-vhat v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-vas that? What’s going on in there…

Penelope: I don’t know. Are you sure that they’re not just rough housing and trying to show off their macho Ego’s?

Luna: Penelope. It’s not like that. It’s nothing like that at all.

Penelope: What about roping each other with a rope and tying them up?

Karen: Not even close.

Jake: I don’t think that we are gonna be safe here. The fight sounds like it could bust out to the outside and we… from standing where we are right now… we could wind up in the cross hairs.

Jennifer: We should do something.

Penelope: Oh yeah… Like what? What are we to do?

Luna: There is one thing that we can do. The Girls… Their belts are in their rooms. #Room 330 is Paige’s belt. Room #250 is Dinah’s belt. In Room #349 is Pearl’s belt. We need to split up… and get those belts. That is the only way to save the girls. To save Dinah. They need them.

Karen: Why can’t you fight?

Luna: *Frustrated over the obsessed need of her fellow friends trying to get her to return to fighting* Ugh! Karen…

Mrs. Stroker: *From inside; Attacking the Fire Demons* … “*blue energy comes out from all ten tips of the fingers which form larger as it comes for the target* AQUA KAME BLAST!! *hitting the target in a huge wave of water and in full blast*”

Luna: *Annoyed suddenly* Ugh! I can’t believe that you’re still with the guise that i can still fight. What is it gonna take for you all to understand. Sailor Luna… the Sailor Senshi of love and everything little is gone. I have no powers. None. All there is that’s left is the Intel. the Intellect that is mostly because i am Asian and can remember things. But the transforming and the super hero fighting form is gone. Example… the Blue hair. The cat like tendencies… the Cat Tail. It’s all gone. I do not have it. at all. Nothing. You are sounding like Vincent-san. He was also trying to get me to return to the fighting. I told him that i couldn’t. There was no way that i could. I don’t even have any contact with Queen Serenity. Her link to me… is gone. Alright? Gone. I am telling you the same thing. I can’t fight. There is nothing i can do to fight. It is over…

Irene: Let’s just go and get belts for girls and provide them with bit of fighting chance.

Jake: I’m all for it.

Jennifer: Let’s go.

Luna: *Running off towards the University Dorms*

A moment later…

At the Metropolis University Dorm Building…

Luna: *Running over to the first room* The first one is Paige’s belt. We need that Belt. We need Paige’s belt. Pearl’s Belt. Then last but not least… Dinah’s.

Michelle: *Walking out of her office* What is going on here?

Luna: *Stopping and turning to see Michelle Standing in the hall* Mrs. Swan??

Michelle: Freeze there Rookie… Where do you think you’re heading off to in such a hurry? Isn’t today your sister’s Wedding?

Luna: Yes it is. Today is that day… but there is something going on. The Reception hall is under attack by a Great Maw of Demonic Creatures and shadow beings. Paige and Pearl have already been hit. If we don’t do something to help them… they will die.The demonic creatures will kill them. Dinah is unable to fight… but you know or can tell that she’s wanting to. I felt it in her somehow… She wants to come out and fight. But has no way to do it. She’s upset and pissed because her Wedding had just been ruined by the monsters. They have their belts in their rooms. They need them… or they’ll die.

Michelle: Luna, in battle… there will always be casualties. It’s the common rule of the game. Someone always dies. If they meet their makers… it will mean that they went with Valor.

Luna: *Screams with frustration* I don’t believe this… My sisters are being attacked and they could die but what you’re saying is that death is part of life and that Casualties are expected in battles? What the hell are you? Don’t you even care? I thought that you were gonna be all for protecting them.

Jake: Luna, Calm down. Getting mad isn’t gonna help anyone. this is not a time to get mad. You know that there is a perfect reason for everything that happens. Even though we don’t happen to believe it.

Luna: *Angry* I am not gonna let my sisters die. I don’t care if it’s part of life. I am not gonna be stripped of my sisters. If you want to follow the guise that Casualties are part of the sense of fighting… you go on ahead and believe it. But i’m not. i won’t. You can’t make me. I am gonna help my sisters somehow… with or without you guys. *Running off to the first room to get the belt*

Penelope: *Shocked* She is really high strung… She’s gonna pass out if she doesn’t try to calm down.

Jake: Let’s follow her and help. She’s gonna need some help.

Jennifer: Right. Guys… let’s go. *Running off ahead to catch up to Luna* Luna, Wait up…

Starlight: *panting fast* This is getting serious. Luna can’t fight and she’s yet still trying to help. She’s still so involved. *running fast after Luna and following her*

Although while they were at the Dorms…

Back at the Reception hall…

Vincent: *Launching ice attacks at the Fire Creatures* Where are you creatures coming from? You vile dreadful Fire demons don’t belong here.

Demonic Creatures: It is you who doesn’t belong on this world. This world shall belong to Trigon. You will fall.

Prince Arnold: *Firing Water directly at the face of the Demonic Creatures* Go to hell you bastards. You are barging in unwelcomed.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Summoning Wind and blowing it at the Fire Demons*

Shadow Creatures: *Throwing punches at Martin and Vincent*

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Evading the attacks and Countering it with another* Eat this, You rotten creeps. This is for ruining the Wedding of Dinah and Shingo. They deserved this happy day. this was their day and you beasts ruined it. Now… you will pay!

A Second later…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Summoning a Star and Hopping on it; Riding it in formation before twirling around until a shape of a star is seen and is 20 feet in size/Diameter; then the star glows golden* Starlight Beam Radiation Swirl…ATTACK!! *Launching it at the shadow creatures*

With one hit… the Shadow creatures vanished. A huge # of Shadow creatures were evaporated and taken out. But there was more moving in…

Dinah was watching from the side and was getting close to her breaking point. She was on the verge of screaming in fury. The devastation was driving her to the very last thread of stability. She was losing it as it was her day… the day that would make everything fall into place. The kids, the proposing… the delivering… the trials of Pregnancy. The Emotions that co-existed by it. Then the Wedding ceremony and exchanging of Vows. It was to all fall into place. But as she looked on… she felt herself get really Pissed… It was the same kind of pissed off rage that she had when she stood up to the now Ex-Grandmother Rikku…

Dinah Flashes back…

Luna: *Feeling happy and Singing to the radio Imagining her boyfriend being in the room with her*

Martin: *Voice; Singing* “She walks in and I’m suddenly a hero
I’m taken in my hopes begin to rise…

Luna: “Look at me can’t you tell I’d be so
Thrilled to see the message in your eyes…

Martin: “You make it seem I’m so close to my dream
And then suddenly it’s all there…

Luna: *With Martin as Voice* “Suddenly the wheels are in motion
And I, I’m ready to sail any ocean
Suddenly I don’t need the answers
Cos I, I’m ready to take all my chances with you…

Martin: *Voice* “How can I feel you’re all that matters
I’d rely on anything you say…

Luna: *Singing* “I’ll take care that no illusions shatter
If you dare to say what you should say…

Martin: *Voice* “You make it seem I’m so close to my dream
And then suddenly it’s all there…

Luna: *With Martin as Voice* “Suddenly the wheels are in motion
And I, I’m ready to sail any ocean
Suddenly I don’t need the answers
Cos I, I’m ready to take all my chances with you…

Martin: *Voice* “Why do I feel so alive when you’re near
There’s no way any hurt can get thru…

Luna: *With Martin as Voice* “Longing to spend every moment of the day with you…

Luna: *With Martin as Voice* “Suddenly the wheels are in motion
And I, I’m ready to sail any ocean
Suddenly I don’t need the answers
Cos I, I’m ready to take all my chances with you…”

Grandma Rikku: *Walking by and seeing Luna; unable to recognize her* …. What are you doing in Luna’s Room? Who the hell do you think you are? Are you belonging in her room?

Luna: *Jumps and turns to see Grandma Rikku* Huh?! I’m … uh… Uh… Um… *Apologizing before Running out and going out to call her sister Pearl* Gomen’nasai.

Dinah: *Walking in from the hall over hearing the commotion* What the hell is going on?

Grandma Rikku: I’ll tell you what’s going on. This Asian girl is in here in Luna’s room riffling through things that don’t belong to her… I’m two seconds away from calling the police.

Dinah: *Angrily and Landing a hard Punch at the door Jam leading to Luna’s Room* Grandma, God damn it… Shut the hell up. Right now. I have heard enough of your shit. Treating Luna like shit. This girl is Luna. She’s different now and without the Hero Aura. She’s a regular human being. She’s told us about you sending her to bed without dinner a few nights and i as well as Pearl, Christie, Star, Paige, Prince Alvin and the guys… we’re all beyond sick of your ass. You’re constantly up Luna’s ass. pushing her about. She’s 13 fucking years old. she’s a Teen but still a minor. Your abusing her. Lecturing her more than you ought to. You’re not her mother. You’re her grandmother. our grandmother. Not our fucking Warden.

Grandma Rikku: *Staring at Dinah* You better mind your mouth. You forget that i paid for the colleges… i can pull the plug just as fast.

Dinah: You’re gonna use that card? Aren’t you? Fine! Here’s a little 411 for you. we’re all done with you. we’ll find a way to pay for our own college education. and for our cars too.  Better yet… give them over to Oliver Queen. He’s our Professor. And as for what’s to be done with Luna… You are gonna find out that you fucked with her for the last time. As soon as Shingo and i get a house… Luna is living with us. I’m Putting it to where Luna is under my Custody. and being with me and Shingo till she’s 18. then she can do her life in her own way. But as for her staying here… That will happen over my dead body. I’ll also tell you this too. if you have a problem with it… you better step your ass up. Right now. Because as soon as i take Luna out of here… and file for legal Custody over her and you just so much as touch her or come anywhere near her… I swear to Fucking god and sunny Jesus and swear upon all that is Holy and spiritual that i will have your ass arrested and thrown in jail so fast… that the next time you see freedom… it’ll be when you’re about to gasp your last damn breath. Straight up. No lie. *Looking at Luna* Luna, Honey… Sis, Grab some clothes together and some of your things as well. Enough to last a couple weeks and we’ll set up a spot for you to stick at the Dorm room with me and Christie.

Luna: *Nodding and feeling upset; Trying not to cry* Okay.

Grandma Rikku: *Barks* NO! You can not do that. The legal age… is 21. You’re only 18.

Dinah: Enough Grandma… That’s far enough. It’s done. You are gonna find that you screwed up. It’s all done. And on the part where you think that i can’t claim custody… Watch me. You wanted me to be more responsible with life and with taking care of things… Well You’re about to find out what i can do…………”

Dinah felt more pissed than that… More pissed. It was on verge of getting out of control…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Suddenly grabbed and Tossed to the tables*

Demonic Creatures: The Children of the innocent are not innocent in heart. They have sin within… You Young insignificant pests have no chance to beat us. The Demon Will come to this world at the stroke of Midnight ending the year of 2027… The Prophecy will be done. There is nothing you pathetic humans can do about it. Your attempts are futile.

King John: FUCK YOU! DEMONIC CREATURES… FRY IN HELL!!! *Looking at the Demonic Fire creatures* … “*Gathering his power and letting the lightning strike him; absorbing the power and building up friction; Launching it at (Demonic Fire Creatures) covering a 5 foot radius* Lightning seismic wave!”

Shingo: *Looking up at the fray and feeling upset and boiling hot mad* Alright… That is it… I have just about had all that i am gonna take from these damn creatures. They are crashing here… They’re not welcome here… we didn’t tell them to show up. It’s about time that they leave! *Grabbing a Chair and With a aggravated composure charges at the Demonic Creatures* You Damn creatures can get the hell out of here. We don’t want you… we don’t need you. You’re not welcome here.

Dinah: *Running after Shingo* Shingo! Get back here… What the heck are you? Are you insane? You are not no Indiana Jones going on the crusade. You’ll get trampled by those things. They don’t play fair at all.

Shingo: It’s nothing that a normal person can’t do. I mean… really. You did it. before the pregnancy came about and you got a bit beat. but you still prevailed. This is nothing different than that.

Dinah: *Looking to see some creatures closing in* You’re gonna be asking for trouble. You’re gonna be asking for a real Throw down.

Within seconds…

Shingo: *Getting attacked and being beat by a handful of shadow creatures* Agh! AHHHHH!!!!

Dinah: *Freaking out* NOOOO!!!! SHINGO!!!!!!

Demonic Creatures: *Lashing out with fire Whips and inflicting flames on the girls and then on Shingo and Dinah* Scath will one day come upon this world and rule. The World of Mortals belongs to TRIGON!!!!

As the creatures were closing in…

Prince Alvin: Brothers… we got a mess to clean out. Let’s do it!

Prince Arnold: You got it!

Prince Avery: A ruined Wedding is not what we’ll tolerate. not one bit.

Prince Curtis: Let’s get’em.

A few seconds later…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking at one another*… *Launching an attack at the Demonic Creatures* Elemental Marathon! Wave 1: Flash INFERNO!

Demonic Creatures: *Screeching* Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Rhapsody Brothers: Elemental Marathon! Wave 2: Watery LIQUIDATION!

Demonic Creatures: *Screeching* Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at the Demonic Creatures* Elemental Marathon! Wave 3: Plasma’s Burning Nuclear BEAMS!

Demonic Creatures: *Screeching* Screeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccccchhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at the Demonic Creatures* Elemental Marathon! Wave 4: Electrical Short-Circuit ELECTROCUTION!

Demonic Creatures: The Gem was born of Evil’s fire… The Gem shall be his portal…

Dinah: *Growling* Shut up! SHUT UP!!!

Raven: *Hearing the fated words* The words… They’re the words of the prophecy. They’re speaking it. But it’s too soon. Trigon isn’t here yet. What is going on?!

Paige: *Waking up and trying to gain her footing* Ugh! What the heck is going with the creatures. These brutes are tough.

Pearl: *Slowly getting up and Shaking off the dust* Strong… Tough?! Are you seriously trying to bullshit the entire gang here? Sensitive girl here needs to have a rain check with the pain and the tear jerk surprise… I was almost lifeless.

Paige: Oh?! And i wasn’t? Uh, Excuse me, Pearl… I do think that i was with more scrapes than you. I mean… HELLO! LOOK AT ME! TAKE A GOOD LOOK! Do i look like i am having any enjoyment out of this? Do I? Because if so… I would be so pleased to be enlightened. Please just let me know.

Pearl: Knock it off Paige. You’re not the only one here that is practically getting their ass kicked. Don’t forget that we got allies here that are fighting alongside us. Do i need to tell you who they are? Vincent, Martin… Raven… i think… There are also the 4 guys doing the fighting too… But even they are with not much luck as for each Cluster of creatures they vanquish… another cluster sparks off in their place. I don’t even see my boyfriend Jack around.

Jack: Wanna bet, Dear? You are seeing me… Open those eyes and you’ll see me. *Facing the Demonic Creatures and Firing a forceful blast* You things are of fire… Fire. But Ice in all logical scientific wisdom and knowledge has been foretold to be your worst enemy. Meet ICE! ICE RAY! Thy name is Frost. JACK FROST!!! I Command for you Fire seekers to DIE!!! FREEZE AND BUG OUT!

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* Shingo?! Wake up! Wake up Shingo, dear Husband… wake up those eyes. Come on. Wake up… Get up!

Shingo: *raspy breathing and unresponsive*

Dinah: Shingo?! *Desperate* Please Shingo! *Shaking her husband awake* Get up! Don’t die on me. I can’t lose you. Don’t Die on me… Please. Wake up! Get up for me. Dinah… your wife loves you. she doesn’t want to lose you. Come on… *Shaking her husband and trying to get him to respond* Please! *Suddenly feeling her eyes beginning to well up and feeling the sense of loss* Please God… No! Don’t take my love away! Please! I can’t lose him. Not today. Not now! Of all days… Not on our wedding day. Not today. I can’t lose him… *Shaking her husband’s still looking body more and getting no response* No. No! No! NOOOOOOO! *Crying into her husband’s Chest and sobbing in agony* SHINGO!!!!!!

“Have you heard
Have you tried to understand
It’s all right
It gets easier with time

How are you
Are you ever coming back
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my Love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

I’m getting through
I wish you felt the way I do
I have changed
And I’ve realized I was wrong

I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d give anything for one more day with you

I was wrong
I was wrong
Now I’ll never see your face anymore
Oh my love
I’d do anything for one more day with you

I’d do anything for one more day with you
I’d give anything for one more day with you”

But as they were struggling with the creatures…

Mamoru: *Walking in and seeing the devastation* The damage. These Evil entities are attacking the innocent. *Walking further and changing into the Prince of the Earth* You Devilish Creatures are not welcome here.

Jadeite: *With Nephrite, Kunzite and Zoicite* Hold on master…. We shall join you.

Dinah was still crying in her husband’s chest as she was unable to get through to him and get him to respond. She Only looked up to see that her sisters were getting torn apart by the Fire Demons… She panicked and freaked out but was more upset than anything else to react. She was torn and the sadness and the upset sense… that was coming over to Dinah… soon turned to Anger…

Dinah: *Seeing her friends getting attacked and seeing a couple of the fire creatures going towards Martin and bashing him with force*

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Screaming in pain* AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Dinah: *Seeing Vincent getting knocked backwards* No! Vincent! *Seeing the guys getting knocked down and battered into the ground* NO!!!


Dinah: That DOES IT!… *Seeing her friends and family hurt and plastered onto the ground; Growing angrier and starting to feel rage building* You no good demons… have ruined my Wedding. I have been waiting for this day to come… The day that i would get to enjoy life as a married woman. But you Ruined it. You have hurt my family. My friends. You have hurt them all.You hurt a young kid. Martin is only 13.  He is only 13. You bastards hurt a elderly man. Vincent is an elderly man and yet can still fight. But you hurt him. You have hurt my family. My Sisters… *Growing more angrier and with more Rage* Damn you Monsters… You Evil Demonic Creatures… You hurt my friends… You attacked my HUSBAND!!!! I Loved him. He was my better half and you Rotten Creeps… You… Killed… Him! *Growling with More Fury and feeling herself burning up with Rage* You No good… Cruel… Evil… Heartless, sadistic… wretched… Bastards! You came here to start something… You wanted to start trouble. Well.. I got news for you. You want to pick on someone… You want to hurt an Innocent Teen. A family. You want to Fuck with someone? Well… Come and mess with me. YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! Scath can go Fuck himself. You want to do his work… Then come on… Do it! TAKE ME ON! TAKE ME ON!!! NOW! *Seeing her sisters beaten; Seeing her friends slammed* You hurt my friends… You… Have hurt my sisters… You hurt my husband… This was my Wedding day and YOU RUINED IT!!!! YOU FIRE DEMONS ARE DEAD!!!!!! DEAD!!!!

Dinah was growling and with Rage. She was Burning Seething and as it went… She got even more enflared with Burning rage. She was pissed off and what happened next was something of a mind trick… or a mesmerizing miracle…

Out of nowhere…

Sapphire: Mom?

Raven: Mom!

Serena: *Looking at her mother* Uh, Seriously. Mom, as much as we are quite used to your explosive temper… You really need to calm down before you give yourself an unstable heart. You got married today and it was ruined by these beasts… You were out of the front lines.

Dinah: Because i was pregnant with you girls. I couldn’t risk doing anything that would harm you girls. *Upset* But this day has been ruined by these fire demons who keep talking about this Demon named Scath.

Raven: Scath?! You are talking about the incarnation of All Evil and the bad entity who has the kicks for turning the world into a hellish playground… aren’t you?

Sapphire: I think that there is only one Demon that is all big, bad and Ugly that she could be referring to, Raven. And the Ally mom has is someone who is the Gem… The portal that lets sir walking nightmare on to our world here. We should stay. To help with the fight here. Stay to help with beating down Scath the Nightmare freak.

Raven: Of course.  We can help our Aunts and our mom. Come on… Let’s help out mom!

Serena: Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!

Sapphire: Right. Let’s do it. This is for our mom…

A second later…

Sapphire: *With Raven and Serena; Posing for transformation* … *Transforming* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!… Electrify!

Within seconds the appearances changed and replaced the attire with Thunderic charged suits. The Boots were with Thundering energy… Each step was with Thunderic power. The Gloves were with Thunder and lightning. Their weapons were the Thunder Solar Discs. The Jet propelled Lightning Shooter. The Seismic Thunder Boomerangs. They had independent names. Sapphire was Miss Thunder… Raven was Thunderic Wonder… and Serena was Thunder Star.

Miss Thunder: *Facing the Demonic Fire Creatures* This is for hurting our mom and our father. You hurt the innocent and want to cast your evil upon the earth like you own it. Not on your life. You’re leaving this place.

Thunderic Wonder: Do you know about a hero named Thunder Mistress? Because the lady you see behind us… That’s our mother. “Danger Zone” Dinah. Thunder Mistress. Miss Lightning in a Bottle herself. You screw with us… You’ll be signing your own death warrants. Evil Demonic creatures or not.

Thunder Star: We can see your stank from miles away… so don’t even try to mess with us.

Demonic Creatures: *Launching Fire whips at the girls* Silence!

But before they were to make contact…

Thunder Mistress: *Looking Cross at the Demonic Creatures* …*Grabbing the Fire Whips and Growling* You leave my daughters alone. *Looking at the girls* Don’t worry. Momma’s back in the fray. Let’s trash these Creatures…

Pearl: *Looking to the side to see Dinah and 3 girls* Dinah?!

Paige: Oh my god… Dinah’s back to the fighting. She’s back. Thunder Mistress has come back. But who are those 3 girls who are with her?

Pearl: I don’t know… *On the floor and still unable to move much* But whoever they are… They seem to be on our side.

Raven: *Looking to see the girls* Those 3 girls are Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Dinah’s kids. It’s them from the future.

Pearl: Huh?!

Paige: Are you sure it’s them?

Raven: You have doubt? it’s them… it’s them.

Thunder Mistress: *Fighting the creatures* Yeah. I am back and i got news for these bastard creatures… They wanted trouble… But now… they got it.  *To the creatures* You creatures wanted trouble… well… Guess who’s back. It’s not just “Danger Zone” Dinah. It’s Also Thunder Mistress. Miss Lightning in a Bottle. Say your prayers.

Miss Thunder: No more talk… Time to trash the Fire Demons.

Thunderic Wonder: Say the word. *Poised to strike*

Thunder Star: Oh yeah… Fire demons… it’s so gonna be your end. Just you wait and see.

Miss Thunder: Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! FIRE! *Launching her weapon* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: *Launching her weapon* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder star: *Launching her weapon* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Thunder Mistress: *Watching the attacks hit the Demonic Fire Creatures and jumping off to  strike the Shadow Creatures* Yeah! That’s the ticket girls… My Babies are wonderful. *Launching a Thundering critical Hit at the Demonic Creatures* THUNDERING DRAGONS!!!!

Pearl: *Cheering* Alright! Way to go, Dinah. That’s showing those Demonic Creatures a thing or two. That’ll learn them quick.

Luna: *Running in* Paige, Pearl… Here… Your power belts… Put them on. Hurry! *Tossing the power belts over to Paige and Pearl*

Paige: *Confused* Huh?!

Pearl: Luna, Where did you get these?

Luna: It doesn’t matter where i got them… i got them and brought them to you. You girls need to get up and fight. The Demonic Creatures are ruining everything here… As are the Shadow creatures. You two need to get up and fight. Put these on… Hurry!

Thunder Mistress: *Looking to see Luna with the belts* Luna? Where did you get those belts?

Luna: I went to the Dorms and went into the rooms to get them… I can’t fight… But just because i can’t fight. Doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. I won’t let you girls go down without a fight. It won’t happen. Seeing you in your hero form even without the belt is a surprise and then some. But these belts should be worn.

Paige: Luna… You did surprising work… Good. Pearl… Let’s get ready to fight!

Pearl: Rhapsody Girls Z! Time?

Paige: Rhapsody Girls Z! Time.

Pearl: Dinah, come out of the form… We’re all gonna transform as one… This is to mark your return to the team.

Miss Thunder: Go for it Mom. Doing it with your sisters is important to you.

Thunderic Wonder: After this… we have to go back to the Future. But this is your time. We’re with you, Mom.

Thunder Star: Yeah. You’re “Danger Zone” Dinah… you can kick a lot of asses and take plenty of names… Even though we’re gonna be back in our own time… in the future… We’re always gonna be with you.. Forget what people say that family have issues. Family is Eternal.

Thunder Mistress: *Nods*

A second later…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around; Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around; Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around; Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Miss Love: *Looking at Dinah* Welcome back to the team, Dinah. It’s good to have you back.

Thunder Mistress: Thanks… It’s great to be back and fighting the good fight again. *Nods and Smiles*

Miss Love: The team is back. We’re complete once again.

Bubble Maiden: Let’s go!

Miss Thunder: We’ll help. Raven, Serena… Let’s hit it!

Thunderic Wonder: You got it, Sis. Let’s hit it. Thunder Power times 4

Thunder Star: Oh yeah! Thunder and Lightning with extra sides of pain for the Evil Creatures…

Miss Love: Sisters… Nieces! Ready…. Aim…. FIRE! ATTACK!

Seconds later…

Miss Love: This is for our sister and her husband… You spread Hate… Well Meet your worst Enemy… Hate. Eat the Power of LOVE!!! *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* Love’s Rocking EMBRACE!!! *Watching a swarm of Hearts in the shape of a rockband flow at the creatures and Squeeze them; Suffocating them with Positive Energy and pulsing Love*

Bubble Maiden: This is where you Minions of Scath get off. Say Bon Voyage! *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* BUBBLES STORMING CONCERTO!!!

Thunder Mistress: Time to Taste the Kick of Thunder! *Running towards the Fire creatures and Lifting her leg up and Charging up for the attack* Time to Roll! *Stomping her right foot on the ground*

Miss Love: This is it… Dinah’s Sweet Chin Thunder! Girls… Count up with us… Your Mom’s about to Unleash the attack…

Miss Thunder: *Gasps* What?! That’s got to be the famous Sweet Chin Thunder!

Thunderic Wonder: It is…

Thunder Star: *Cheering* Oh Damn! Way to Go Mom! Yeah! Nail those demons… Nail them good. Let those Fire freaks Feel it!

A second later…

Miss Love: *with Bubble Maiden, Miss Thunder, Thunderic Wonder and Thunder Star* 1…… 2…… 3…… 4…… 5… 6… 7… 8!

Thunder Mistress: *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* SWEET CHIN THUNDER! *Driving her foot up into the cluster of Demonic Fire Demons*

Miss Thunder: Way to go, Mom! You’re Terrific! *Looking at the creatures* That was our mom. You mess with her… you’re asking for hell. *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* Thundering Solar SCREAMERS!

Thunderic Wonder: Plus… our pain that we give to you Fire freaks is just a present. Something that you deserve. If our mom doesn’t happen to feed you the pain… You can count on it that we will. *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* Lightning Rapid STORM!

Thunder Star: No more games, Fire bugs. It’s time to have you all snuffed out *Launching an attack at the Demonic Fire Creatures* Seismic Thunder Howler!

Raven: *Firing a heavy blast of Dark Energy at the Demonic Creatures* Begone from this place. You don’t have any right being here. This is not your place.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Now it’s my turn,,, *Getting up and Marching over to the creatures* Time to send these things away…

A second later…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Summoning a Star and Hopping on it; Riding it in formation before twirling around until a shape of a star is seen and is 20 feet in size/Diameter; then the star glows golden* Starlight Beam Radiation Swirl…ATTACK!! *Launching it at the shadow creatures*

Within moments the Shadow creatures were all gone and wiped from the room. They were all eviscerated. The Demonic Fire creatures were taken out and blown to bits. But as they vanished… the Mark of Scath came into View for about a brief second before fading into the air but with a Haunting laugh. It was now Evident that Scath was behind the sending of the great Maw of Shadow Creatures and Demonic Fire Minions. As soon as the Battle was over… they all dusted themselves off and took stock of all that occurred throughout the battle. It was the least that could be done. The place was a disaster in several places and they had to clean it up. Shingo suddenly began to come to reality and woke up from being knocked out. He looked at Dinah and with a sigh of relief and a thankful rush of calm… He ran over to Dinah.

As for Luna and her boyfriend Martin… they went outside and spoke about what just went on inside and Martin could only sigh. He didn’t know. They weren’t alone. Jake and Jennifer also were in a loss for words as they too didn’t know. But Jennifer was gonna study into it.

Raven Came out to the outside to talk to Luna…

Raven: Luna, Something happened in there. You’re normal… but you have an idea to what just took place.

Luna: I don’t know. I wish i did know though. But the beings came out of nowhere. They just showed up and flushed into the building. But i think that we might have a bigger problem than we originally anticipated.

Raven: How’s that?

Luna: The creatures were sent by a Hellish being. i think that you may know of him who should not be named. The Mark of Scath. is the calling card of one being. One Entity.

Raven: My father… Trigon.

Martin: *Jumps into the discussion* Wait a minute. Are you trying to tell us that your father is the Evil Entity.? We know this… but we are still out to lunch with that bit. How is this even possible?

Raven: It’s because i am his daughter. I am half Demon as well as half human. The only stipulation to it is because of that… my powers are controlled by emotions. the more i feel… the more of my power i unleash. If i lose control… the other half may come out.

Luna: The Creatures that we all saw was indeed sent by him. He sent them out to nail us. Paige and Pearl almost Died. But for a lucky break… they were spared and are fine. As is Shingo. He almost Died. But the part that saved him was the heartfelt plea of Dinah. Something that came from Dinah saved him.

Martin: Uh, yeah. like her Undying love for him. He was her husband.

Jake: That’s right. What about the 3 girls that were there with them? Who were they?

Luna: My Niece. The future selves of my Nieces. Sapphire Jodie Rhapsody, Raven Meredith Rhapsody and Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody. They are Dinah’s Daughters.

Raven: They looked rather nice. Pretty just as well too.

Prince Alvin: *Walking out of the Reception Building and approaching Luna* Luna, your sister Dinah’s asking for you.

Luna: She is?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. She wants to see you. You should come inside anyway. The 3 girls… Her daughters and your Nieces are inside with her and they are wanting to see you. They aren’t gonna be here much longer. They are gonna be heading back to the future to their time in just a bit. But they are wanting to see you first.

Luna: If that is the case… then i will be sure to have Martin with me. He is gonna be part of their lives as he is part of mine and will be my better half when we get wed in the future. like in 8 years. 8 Years.

Martin: Anything my best friend wants.

Inside by what’s left of the buffet line…

Sapphire: *Trying a piece of Pie* Mmm! Oh my god. this pie is so good. I haven’t even had pie that was this good. In 10 years… You better have Cooking skills like this, Mom. This pie is wonderful. What is it?

Raven: I think that it’s Pineapple pie.

Serena: *Savoring a piece of Chocolate Cheesecake* The food sure tastes good. The people in these times have such sweet food. This has to be rich. Mmm! I could probably eat this all day and not gain any weight whatsoever.

Dinah: Well… in the future when all is said and done… when all the Dangers are through… i will see to make some of this stuff… I am a tough person… but i could cook too. I’ll have to learn some skills though. But it’s nothing that i can’t handle.

Shingo: And i’ll be helping out with that too on my days off. Your father is a limo Driver. It’s about time i did some cooking myself. Although with the Limo Driving career that i have… it will be possibly impossible.

Serena: Hey. It’s no bigs… You got to do what you can. Right?

Raven: I just hope that our guest isn’t someone that is uber creepy. I do lots of things and i tolerate plenty. but i don’t do creepy. This girl is with a limit around that.

Dinah: Raven… There is a girl who is half Demon. Half human. Her name is Raven. Of a place called Azarath.

Sapphire: Huh?! *Pause* You’re kidding us, mom. Tell us that you’re only kidding us. You’re surely not meaning to kid us. Raven of Azarath? She’s not Evil… is she?

Dinah: Well… it’s a bit of a toss on that. You see… she’s half and half. Her Demon side is. But her human side isn’t. The 4 red eyes are a trait that she’s got from a Demon known as Scath. Who unfortunately is her father.

Serena: Are you kidding? Oh… Damn. That’s pretty twisted. How did she come to your world here?

Dinah: Well… It was last Halloween when she came to our world. Halloween night and it was just barely after the stroke of 12 Midnight…. I just got done dropping off Shingo and of course that was the beginning of the issues coming from his mother trying to break him and me up. If she succeeded in doing so… you 3 would have never been a twinkle in the eyes. There would have been no you. at all. Anyway… I just got done dropping your father at home at his mother’s place and on my way back home to the house that is no longer mine and my sisters…Estranged story there. But on my way there…

Dinah Flashes back…

“Dinah: *Driving To Shingo’s house* Shingo, We have to talk.

Shingo: About what i was talking about… revolving us.

Dinah: Yes. that. *Coughs a little while focusing on the road* What were you trying to say?

Shingo: I was thinking that we need to take our relationship to the next level. I think that our relationship has grown up enough and matured. It’s about time we thought more seriously about where we’re going with our trust and our love.  in a year or two… i am gonna think about proposing to you.

Dinah: *At a loss for words* Uh! Wow! I don’t even know how to reply to that. I am speechless.

Shingo: It is a little early yet to even think about it. but i think that it’s near time that we did some serious planning for the future. I’m thinking about getting myself a job too. to save up for getting us a place. Hey. I’m only 16 and i am looking into the future.

Dinah: I would love to know what the hell the future would be like for me, Shingo, But unlike you… i can’t depend on the future. You’re now forever normal… you let the power go… Me… i can’t. i tried to and i can’t. The hero life has it claws too damn deep into me. i can’t pull out. I want a future with you, Shingo. I would give my soul for it. You know i would… if it meant that i had a choice between being alone and being a hero all my life. having no alternative. to tossing my hero life away and remain normal. remain regular and have a life with you I would toss the hero half in a second. no fooling. but there is something coming… Something Demonic. Evil in all corners. in every sense of the word and if he is released…. there won’t be any need to have a normal life. or a life with you… without you. whatever. Earth will be dead. and turned to a world of hellish fire and brimstone.

Shingo: *In shock* Dinah… What the hell are you talking about?

Dinah: Scath. Trigon the Terrible. He is the Intergalactic Demon. If he comes… We are damned. flat out.

Shingo: *Worried for Dinah* Dinah… i am sorry to know that you’re having to face that. i really am. I wish that i could tell you that it’d be alright. I wish that i could. It’d be great to see as though you’re fine. I lost the power to help after the last threat was done. but i am still gonna help. i just wish that i knew how. Dinah, you’ll be okay. Just think about us a little. Give it some thought.

Dinah: I will. I just need some time. The party just ended and it’s already a bizarre night. Because there is belief that a mystery girl is supposed to make a shift to Earth. Arrive to Earth and the more i think about it… the more uneased i am becoming. My sisters don’t even know as to whether or not the mystery girl is a force for good or the beginning of all things to end. *Sighs* I’m sorry, Shingo. i am getting really high strung on it all, aren’t i?

Shingo: Yeah… You are. It’s okay. You’re just with a lot on your mind right now and it is normal. Focusing on a normal life… things that you are after for yourself. Thinking about the hero lifestyle. about the threat that is said to be coming…

Dinah: …and the Ally that is said to be teetering on the line of whether she is Evil or if she is good. I don’t know what she is…or what she isn’t. But whatever she is… i just hope that she isn’t an Evil person. because if i have to see to defeat her… i am gonna hate myself because in my opinion… she sounds like she’s just another pawn in a dilemma that she can’t help being part of it or being some pawn in the obvious case of Good Vs. Evil.

Shingo: I don’t know about that. but you know that i’ll try to help wherever i can… if there is something that i can do.

Dinah: I know. But on the normal front… i guess that we can focus a bit on the relationship. i been thinking about things on that too. and you’re right. i think that going the next step will be right. *Looking at Shingo* When do you think will be the right time to do it?

Shingo: i don’t know. I want it to be fair. so we’ll think a little more about it and set a time and date.

Dinah: *Nods* Agreed. *Smiles and Leaning over really quick to Kiss her boyfriend on the lips*

Shingo: *Kissing back*

A Minute later…

Dinah reached the front of Shingo’s house and dropped him off. but Kissed him goodnight before heading off to her house…

In the back of her truck. in the bed of her truck, The black Raven shifted its form and turned into a human form…

Raven: *Sighs* Good to know that i am not noticed. for a hero… someone sure seems really high strung. *Looking up and looking through the window a little* This thing moves. i couldn’t be making this thing move. I am not using any power.

Dinah: *Looking at her rear view mirror and seeing a face looking in* What the…? HOLY HELL!!!! *Pulling over fast and turning to look at the mysterious person; freaking out* What… Who… W-w-w-w-w-who are you?

Raven: *Calm* Don’t fret… I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m not. I’m a friend.

Dinah: *Puzzled* Huh?! Uh… Okay. *Getting out of her truck and Walking to the side of the truck* I am feeling totally creep-ed out now. Halloween just passed. The Bewitching hour is supposed to be now. and if you are what they meant by the term… Bewitching hour. I got the white flag for that. i am sold on it. I just had a deep conversation with my boyfriend. He wants to have an intimate relation with me. that is a shock. romantic. but totally surprising none better. I also have to deal with my sisters and my cousins the Rhapsody Brothers… they are going on about the mysterious Ally and i now find you in the back of my truck. What are you… You’re not a Witch are you? You’re not gonna perform some hocus pocus on me… are you? *Looking at the Girl* You’re definitely not from here… that i can gather. but if you are about to do something… let me know. I’ll call for help. there is no way that i am gonna stick for a fight.

Raven: I am not gonna fight. i wouldn’t attack for no reason. From the Outburst you gave and the loose wire personality… You must be Dinah.

Dinah: *Pauses* What the heck… How did you know who i was? Are you psychic?

Raven: Actually. yes. i am. How i caught on to learning your name was that i read the mind of that satellite that was in space just outside the atmosphere of Earth. And to confirm that you were exactly as i discovered from the satellite’s memory. i kinda used the technique Astral Projection.

Dinah: Astral Projection? traversing through dimensional boundaries, transporting yourself and four others over vast distances. among other things. I have heard about that. Actually my sister Pearl had. she’s the sensitive one and she can be really sensitive. Smart too.

Raven: *Grins* fascinating. That is nice.

Dinah: *In her mind* Okay… Get it together Dinah… You’re just dreaming. This isn’t happening. When you wake up tomorrow… you’ll see that none of this happened.

Raven: *Speaking into Dinah’s Mind* Don’t think so. I can hear you, you know?

Dinah: *Shaking her head* Wh—- *Snaps a little* Get the heck outta my head. I got some private and personal thoughts in there you know. my mind is not your own personal Labyrinth.

Raven: That was another part of Astral Projection.

Dinah: *Shaking her head* Okay… *Disturbed* I need to find a psych ward. i think that i have just lost my mind. i lost my mind in a place where it can not be found. *trying to calm down* Okay… calm down Dinah .. just calm down. it’s gonna be alright. just think of something tough. vision doing something tough. that usually calms you down…

A Minute later…

Dinah: *Sighs* Okay… It’s the Bewitching hour. i have definitely had my share of surprises.

Raven: I see.

Dinah: It’s not me to leave you hanging and alone on the streets. But i’m gonna do the good Samaritan thing. Besides… you’re definitely not from around here and if the wrong people saw you… it might push you to do things you wouldn’t want to do. not that you’d mean it… i don’t think. but you are sure to be someone who wouldn’t want to chance it. And given that at first that i was freaked out by the idea that you were able to read my mind. You’re not bad. I always did have a secret soft spot for the weird and bizarre. I like it. it’s actually pretty cool. Once you get past the freak out factor. I’m Dinah. Dinah Rhapsody.

Raven: Dinah. That’s a nice name. Nice to meet you. I’m Raven.

Dinah: “So says the Raven… Nevermore” That’s a famous line. I came from a party. they ended it with us all reciting the famous poem done by Edgar Allan Poe.

Raven: I’ve heard of him. He’s a good poet. A excellent poet.

Dinah: No kidding. Wow. You’ve heard of him? That’s a total trip. I read a book of his once. something full of all his poems. The Raven one is my utmost favorite. i don’t know why… but it happens to reap serious volumes. I have the book… i think. but i haven’t really read it much since last year when my mother died. she was murdered by a total creep.

Raven: Murdered?

Dinah: Yeah. You know when someone intentionally acts out in malice and violence and takes another person’s life. But the one that did it had inhumane powers. Powers that were Alien. Kandorian in lamen description.

Raven: Kandorian? Would you mean someone by the name General Zod?

Dinah: Yes. But for all sake and purposes… don’t mention that sack of garbage’s name around me. I still want to tear that sorry freak a new ass. but… he’s gone. we sent him to the Phantom Zone.

Raven: Sorry.

Dinah: It’s okay.

Raven: …

Dinah: Let’s go home.

Raven: Home?

Dinah: yeah. My place… Actually it’s my grandmothers place since my mom died. She owned the place and when she passed on… it went to my grandmother and she became sole proprietor of the house. it was the legal thing to do. Hop inside the truck. We’ll hit the way to home.

Raven: Okay. *Hovering out from the back of the truck* … *Getting in the truck on the passenger’s side*

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Girl’s room…

Paige: *Cleaning off the make-up* Where the heck is Dinah? She was supposed to be here already. All she was doing was taking Shingo home.

Pearl: I don’t know. She is sure taking alot of time. I don’t know why she’s being slow. But if Grandma comes in here and doesn’t see her in here… she is gonna be ballistic. As it is… She didn’t even see us when we came in. She’s already in bed.

Paige: I really am tired and want to get some sleep. but can’t till we see Dinah walking in. that way we can cover for her. hopefully.

Pearl: I am hoping that she gets here soon.

Paige: I don’t know. But i do know that the party was a total excite. All that dancing… but *Feeling her stomach ache a little* I think that i may have ate too many sweets.

Pearl: Too many sweets. I wouldn’t even know what that meant. i drank too many of those soft drinks that if i had the manners of a barn yard animal… *Pauses* Please don’t make me finish that remark. Please.

Paige: Don’t worry. i’ll never tell.

Pearl: *Smiles*

Paige: Prince Alvin though… He had good feelings about there being a sighting of that mystery girl. Raven. He said that his girlfriend had sensed her. or has some kind of vision of her. I don’t know what that means… but he was so adamantly sure that the girl was near that he could almost see her. Dinah also made a mention of seeing the girl too. a shadow or something. even glowing eyes in the wall. but the oddest thing is that we never seen her. once.

Pearl: When i was talking to Jack. He was feeling something not right. but he didn’t see any shadows. nothing. he didn’t see a wisp of shadow. Alice has given us alot of insight on where the girl was… or where she was spotted. She said something about the girl being spotted in the parking lot.

Paige: I know. I can’t figure out how it’s possible that we didn’t hear much of her all night. I mean we were at the same location… same place as the guys were. they saw her and kept their guards up. saw or felt her. but we couldn’t. Didn’t you notice that, Pearl?

Pearl: *Thinking* Actually i did notice that… but the reason why we didn’t notice any energy anomaly’s was because of the Intensity of the music and the crowd. there was a lot of noise for us. and it was so loud that we couldn’t really decipher between the noise and the mysterious energy that was within close range.

Paige: We’re heroes. we would have sensed it if she was near.

Pearl: *Scoffs while getting into her nightgown* Uh, Paige… She was near. the thing that gets me is that with all our know how and all our abilities… we couldn’t catch any trace of the mystery girl. Dinah couldn’t even pick up the energy aura. we didn’t pick it up either.

Paige: *Yawns while suddenly getting on her nightgown* Well besides that… the party was a total smash. i almost didn’t want it to end… but i was starting to get really wiped out. This weekend i got a book report to do about the book or play script that the teacher gave us. in lit class. It’s on Hamlet. I never could understand Shakespeare. i don’t think that i’m gonna be doing so good with that one.

Pearl: Paige, we both got the same teacher… remember? i got the same report to do. If you really need help… we’ll do it together. it’s not a big deal. we’ll go to the library and Type it up. we’ll do it.

Paige: That’d help.

Pearl: *Hearing voices* uh… Paige… are you hearing what i’m hearing?

Paige: *Pauses* Yeah. I am. I don’t know what it is. but it sounds like…

Pearl: Dinah. Does Dinah really sound like that?

Paige: *Listening in* Who’s she talking to?

Pearl: I don’t know…

Paige: *Seeing a couple of shadows* What… the? Two shadows? Dinah’s got two shadows?

Pearl: Unless… that could be a friend. But… at this hour?

A minute later…

Dinah: *Walking into the room* Uh… Paige, Pearl… there is something that you should know. you are never gonna believe who i came across on my way home from dropping Shingo off at his place… You’re not ever gonna believe what happened.

Pearl: Why… What happened? Is it something bad? Was there an attack?

Dinah: No… it’s someone we heard a bit about.

Paige: What? Who?

Pearl: *Curious* Who is it? Come on, sis. tell us. Tell us who it is.

Dinah: You know the girl that Alice had seen in several visions?

Pearl: You mean the flying girl with the Robe or the Cloak?

Paige: The one with the Gem?

Dinah: Yeah… that’s the one. There is a surprise for you. She’s here. i ran into her. or she came into my car or was found in the back of my truck. and i didn’t seem to have noticed that she was there till i looked through my rear view and saw her… looking in. She is here now…

A second later…

Raven: *Hovering in* Hey.

Paige: I knew it. I should have known that it was her. It’s about time we finally met the mysterious girl.

Pearl: *Gasps* You must be the one with the flight. Wow! We have been just waiting for you for a while.

Paige: that’s right. Our cousins… they have been with their guards up and keeping watch for signs of you.

Pearl: Someone we know… had Visions of you. multiple times.

Paige: oh yeah, That’s right. You’re the one. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Paige… Paige Rhapsody. and this is my sister Pearl..

Pearl: Hey there, Raven. I’m Pearl. It’s a wonderful surprise to meet you.

Raven: Same here. I am glad to meet you.

Paige: Likewise. You’re sure new. But… you’re a whole lot better than having to deal with an undesirable. I still have recurring nightmares sometimes about being tagged by that betraying woman.

Pearl: *Looking at Paige in confusion* Who are you talking about, Paige? You referring to that Woman who decided to be Zod’s little sleazeball and help him cover his tracks?

Paige: Tess Mercer. The Slimy Snake herself… I could have gone without hearing that woman’s name. She also costed our mother her life once before our mom’s life was taken by Zod.

Raven: *Shoots up* Calm down… there is no need for the emotions to be raised.

Dinah: Sorry. We’re just a little moody. It’s been a very trying couple of years for us. we lost our mother the other year and even though we’ve avenged her and moved on… and closed the book on the grieving and allowed our mother to cross over… it’s still a very trying time. because even though it’s been a couple of years… the wounds are a tad new still and we miss her.

Raven: I see. I understand the reasons. I lost my mother when i lost my home…  It’s a long story. Something that i’ll save for later. it’s best if you didn’t know now…

Pearl: *Nods*

Paige: *Yawning* It’s getting really late. it’s almost half hour till two in the morning. You know… Raven… it’s gonna sound awkward to be sleeping here in the same room as us… till things get settled in. but…

Dinah: i’ll clear a spot for the night.”

Raven: What?! Oh god… you had her in the same room as you and your sisters. Our Aunts? Wow!

Serena: That’s ripped. So… She’s this voodoo girl who is with a dark half? Not bad. I bet that she comes with her own bag of tricks.

Sapphire: You could say that. Yeah.

Dinah: Sapphire. that was supposed to be my line. But… you’re right. it is like that.


Luna: *Walking in with her boyfriend Martin* Hey there. Now there’s my Nieces.

Serena: *Looking to see an Asian girl* Uh… Am i seeing things here or am i really seeing an Asian girl?

Raven: Is that our Aunt? She just called us her Nieces…

Dinah: That’s because, She is… Raven, Honey. That’s your Aunt Luna. I think that i may have told you about her.

Sapphire: Oh yeah… She is the one who used to be this Senshi girl and with the powers of the moon. That’s pretty thrilling. But would this girl be the same person? The same girl?

Dinah: yeah.

Luna: I’m your Aunt. *Looking to see Sapphire, Raven and Serena* You 3 look really beautiful.

Martin: *Nods* I think that i know now about you 3. You 3 are the ones who are just as strong as Dinah. It’s nice to meet you 3.

Raven: Who’re you?

Luna: That’s my boyfriend Martin. He’s the love of my life.

Sapphire: You’re dating him?

Raven: You’re like 12. aren’t you?

Dinah: She’s 13. She’s the youngest Aunt. The youngest one.

Serena: Seriously?

Dinah: You got it.

Martin: You sound shocked?

Serena: I think that it’s more of a psyched. Psyched expression.

Sapphire: *Pauses* Wait a minute… I think that we know you now… You are the one who fought and won ownership of American Marcos Wheelchairs… Studied Business and Law before then and are the one who opened several average sized outlets of the company store. Making hundreds and also handle bearer bonds. But you changed your last name to Rhapsody at age 20 when you and Luna get married. You’re our Uncle. Oh god… So… all this is set in stone.

Martin: You know that about me already. Wow! You’re smart. You are most definitely a whiz.

Raven: And Luna’s a Model. She gets into Modeling and does photo shoots. for Modeling Companies.

Serena: Hey… come on, Raven. Don’t be spoiling the future for them… they are unsure where their future lies. Right now… they’re Oblivious to what their future should be. It’s better if it stays that way. Because from now till that time… things could change.

Sapphire: And you would know this… how?

Serena: because it’s viable wisdom. Nothing in life is apt to be written in stone. Things have ways of changing. For all we know… that for some reason beyond their control… they could have a parting of ways and Luna could dive into things that are not good. or she could change her profession. Martin could also decide to not fight for his biological parents company. he could decide to be an Actor or a Construction worker. Maybe a County worker. The Future is not clear… We know their future because we are from the future. But they’re here in this time.

Luna: Dinah, They’re really smart.. You raised them well. Very well… you’re gonna raise them well… This shows that you raised them well… and their gonna be really smart in 10 years.

Raven: Well… it wasn’t all her. We did spend time on a weird planet. A place called Planet Vulcan. But sometime during our stay… an attack hit and even though it was far from us… it was enough for us to be demanded to be sent to some Isle. Besaid… i think that it was. So… With some Vulcan Knowledge… Some Islander wisdom… we got culture. You’ll know as time comes…

Martin: I suppose that we will…

Shingo: Yes. we will… We do live it after all.

Dinah: With all the loving possible….

An hour later…

Sapphire: We better get back to the future and Help you with the cleaning and sprucing.

Raven: Plus… i hear that the Dark powered girl is pretty persuasive in getting us to lend a bit of a hand when she’s out patrolling and is need of Thunder power as you in the future declare to be mostly retired from the fighting. *Chuckles*

Serena: Yeah… Mom’s a career woman now and she’s a Sports Announcer. No… She’s a Coach. For the Metropolis Surfers… The Football Team. From what we heard back in the future in our time… they were formed 2 years after the threat with big, bad and Demonic was done and over with. The City Revitalized and just threw up the big staking guns and formed the team. The team won practically 90% of the time and till the current day… in our time… they are the quickest men with a ball. Mom is hired to be their coach 5 years later after they were officially formed. And still works for them. With them and leading the team on for the victory. every chance she is spotting.

Shingo: That’s why she’s the best. She sees any chance to win and to give it all she’s got and she takes it. She’s no quitter.

As soon as the good-byes were over and the girls were back in their own time… it became silent and peaceful. It was one long day. The day was full of thrill and romance… but then some disaster. danger and devastation. Plus a first shot of What Dinah’s Future was gonna be like. What Luna’s and Martin’s life was gonna be like. It was a Glimpse of the future for them. Prince Alvin and the brothers all finished picking the place up as Shingo and Dinah started to say their good-byes before leaving on a 3 day honeymoon to the McDougal Inn. A peaceful 3 day stay at the Inn. Just the two of them.

It was very serene and quaint. However that was not the only surprise that Shingo had for Dinah. The big hitter was a House. It was the house that Dinah wanted. That her mother spoke of once and it brought back memories of her mother to the front. Happy times and right away… she fell in love with the house. She Loved it. Although she was gonna have to work things out with her Roommate and schedule a time to have her stuff and things brought to her house. She also spoke with Raven and Raven Agreed to it Since the Rhapsody Girls house that was part of the Childhood of the girls were no longer theirs to have… Raven had to pack up her things from that house and Bring it to the house that Dinah and Shingo now owned. Made a new room for herself there and Then with a surprise went back to the house where Luna’s stuff was and packed it up and brought it to the new house. the house that was Dinah’s and Shingo’s new home….. Luna had all her things set up within an hour and saw the house looking pretty. It was a wonderful house and Luna smiled at her new room. She however was gonna be the only one there mostly as Dinah was at the University most of the time and only have certain things at the house…

It was Dec. 31st… 2026…

With Dinah a Married woman and now with a house… with Luna living under the roof of the same house as Dinah and Shingo… What was life gonna be like for her? There was a new beginning just waiting to start. Dinah and Shingo were now gonna be working to build up a wonderful house. a wonderful home. What they didn’t know was that they were gonna be met with a surprise. They didn’t know that their friend Oliver was gonna front the surprise to stock their house with everything they needed. Things for the Kitchen. . Utensils, Pots, Pans, Plates, Cups, Bowls, Food. Stocked full in several cabinets. Every room had things that were needed. Even spares of blankets and quilts. Sheets. Towels. Things for the Living room. A couch. A couple or so Chairs. It costed Oliver 20,000 dollars for it all. But he didn’t put a string to it. No strings. and he was secretive about it too… When he was done… he left a note on the door of the house for Dinah and Shingo to read.

The Note Read:

“Dinah, Shingo… here begins the happy home life for you and your Children. It’s for you. No strings attached. No return Favors. This is for the new life that you and yours are about to start. It is a slow start. but with your house set… your new living can begin. Enjoy the equipment and good luck. Remember. A united and bright clean home is a happy and pleasant home. Signed, A generous Benefactor and Trusted friend.”

What was gonna happen for the girls next? What new Dangers were they to face in the future? With the Great Maw that they had faced on Christmas and it being the first strike coming from the Intergalactic Demon Known as Scath… What was Scath… Trigon gonna have in store for the heroes? What was next for Prince Alvin and Alice? Were they next to meet the path of Pregnancy? Would Prince Avery be confronted by a Special Agent. The well known Mi6 Agent? What about Pearl and Jack… Would Jack gather up the perfect moment to propose to Pearl and ask the virtuous question: “Will you Marry Me?” What about Paige? Would her Relationship go any further with her Boyfriend Reese? Who was the new rider coming into the Middle School? Was he a possible new interest for Luna? What about Martin? Was it gonna create a Love issue between her and Martin eventually when Luna managed to officially meet the new guy attending the School? Was there gonna be more attacks coming their way? It was gonna be the year that lead to the foretold coming of the end of days and the Grand arrival of Scath. Were they gonna be ready when that time finally came? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Pearl: I think that Jack is gonna propose to me sometime soon. He’s been talking about planning something special for both me and him.

Paige: Are you sure?

Pearl: I don’t know. I am confused and surprised and about a million other things. I don’t even know if he’s planning it. He isn’t saying. But tonight he wants to take me out on a date.

Paige: What about Star? What does she think about Jack’s secretive act?

Pearl: She’s not sure. She can’t figure out what’s yanking on Jack’s mind. But she believes that Jack is up to something. She’s wanting to tail him. But hasn’t because i made her promise that she wouldn’t follow him. But i can feel that she wants to. She really wants to.

Raven: *Shadowing in* The City’s clear. Did a sweep of the Downtown and central sectors of the city. Didn’t see any disturbance anywhere.,

Paige: Good work, Raven. *Nods*

Chapter 99: Welcome to the house of Dinah and Shingo Rhapsody. One night of Bliss Equals a fight with trouble against Mad Sam Holmes.


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