Chapter 97: “Work that body, Dinah. Sweat off the pounds.”

Dinah: *Voice-over* This is the Chapter that counts down to the Wedding of Shingo and Me. It is getting close to the Wedding. I am getting nervous. I am soon gonna be a married woman. I just hope that i can hold on a little longer. The End of Beryl had come and gone. The world was safe. or so we had thought. But with Beryl gone… it gives us a bit of relaxing and a chance at peace. I also am gonna be working out.and losing the pounds. This is the last chapter of my being out of the hero front. the last one. The next chapter is where i finally come back and reopen the lineup of being the Thunderic Fury Thunder Mistress. It is workout time… the last mile of sitting out of the battling. The final mile. Get ready for Chapter 97: “Work that body, Dinah. Sweat off the pounds.”

Dec. 19th 2026…

At the Dorms…

7 AM.

In Room 250…

Dinah: *Waking up and Checking her phone* Another Morning closer to the big day. *Yawns trying to wake up* I feel Much better now. Yesterday was just no good for me.

Christie: *Looking at Dinah* Well… you were pretty sick. You had to have caught a bit of a cold yesterday. You didn’t feel too hot.

Dinah: I did however lose 25 pounds because of the sickness. i must have had it break up in me and i let it out.

Christie: You did. What was it that hit you anyway?

Dinah: A Sinus congestion. and Nausea. Even a headache too. But last night it wore me out. but now i feel fine. Like i was never even sick.

Christie: That is a by far miracle. Strange though, really strange. But hell… if it helped with the weight loss… i won’t knock it. Neither should you.

Dinah: Hey… don’t worry. *Chuckles* I won’t. I won’t complain. I’ll take anything that helps… at this point. i’ll take anything.

Christie: Where’s Luna though… I got up before you did and didn’t see Luna anywhere.

Dinah: She’s spending the day with my Fiance Shingo. Helping him prepare surprises for the Wedding that is coming up. It’s gonna be the 25th in 5-6 days. It’s gotten down to the wire.

Christie: You have his mom’s Blessing, Right?

Dinah: Don’t know… don’t care. Neither does he. He’s doing what’s in his heart. His mother was gonna try to send him to Tokyo U and get him away from me. His mom is a real Bitch. Ask Shingo… he knows. He came and overheard some of the shit that Mrs. Tsukino was saying about me. right to me. He Emancipated himself from her. And of course My Grandmother who was gonna be at the wedding and is now not gonna be at the Wedding… Luna is Emancipated from her… and free.

Christie: Right on… It’s been a couple days since the big brutal battle. How are your sisters faring?

Dinah: They’re doing fine. They’re doing really well considering. They never been happier to be done with the mayhem.

Christie: How about the others?

Dinah: They should be okay now… the moment that the terror was over… Prince Alvin and his girlfriend Alice got together and went on an all night rendezvous. Slept on the beach and under the stars. Blissfully. Prince Arnold however was not the happy one. He was at his dorm at central Kansas and Just watched a bit of the T.V. Movies. Anything to keep his mind at ease. The poor guy. He really misses Terra and loved her. Prince Avery and Summer had themselves a Dinner date and watched a movie. Prince Curtis and Megan went to see a show and then went dancing.

Christie: Wow! I guess that the fighting days are all over for them now…

Dinah: Not really. The fighting days are far from over… But with Beryl Dead and gone… things have calmed way down. It’s not so hyped up anymore.

Christie: *Looking at the time* Speaking of calm… you do realize that you have to be at the Gym soon. To workout.

Dinah: i know. I’ve lost a lot of weight since going there… i’ve gone there and spent at least 5 hours a piece each time. Every couple days… on days when i didn’t have class… the free days… i went there and worked out like no tomorrow.

Christie: On the Treadmill and on the bike.

Dinah: On the weights also…

Room #312…

Reese: Jack, What is the problem with you… You feeling okay?

Jack: I feel okay. I am just feeling rather tingly because it’s close to Dinah’s wedding and it’s gonna be full of romance. I fear as though i might over act and make a move on Pearl before it’s time…

Reese: Huh?! *Pauses* Are you kidding, Jack? You’re gonna make the move on her on Dinah’s day of exchanging the sacred Vows?

Jack: No. Not on that day… i just fear it is all. I mean that Pearl and i have been together for 2 to 3 years now… i think that the time speaks for itself. Plus… i did happen to save up the money for a ring.

Reese: *Choked up* Whoa… Dude. Jack, Man… seriously… You need to cool off. Ice down your Marbs a bit on that. The 25th is Dinah’s day. Her day. We can’t let anything get in between that. Not on Dinah’s count.

Jack: I know. It’s just that ever since the big battle that we all revolved ourselves with and were all in terror that we might have lost the girls that we gave our hearts to… You know…

Reese: Don’t remind me about that. I am still shaking off the news that came when it was assumed that Paige and Pearl were dead.

Jack: Shaking off the news is one thing… but feeling as though you were literally part of the situation. Involved in it. That’s what will leave some fine mark on you… It’s dangerous.

Reese: It won’t matter much now. Beryl is gone and the city is safe as can be from her.

Jack: Yeah… At a sheer cost of a girl. one being used by Beryl… All for kicks.

Reese: You and Pearl have any lovey plans tonight?

Jack: Not really. But she and Star I’ve heard are gonna be taking part in a Gala that is said to be going on tonight. The Metropolis Live center.

Reese: You thinking about tagging along with her and checking out the digs they got at the Gala?

Jack: Nah! It’s Pearl’s passion. I know when to give a girl space. If she wants me to join… i’ll do so. If she doesn’t… I’ll respect it. I don’t want to push her.

Reese: You’ll make a good future hubby for her. You sure have devotion and consideration for her… Actually… i think that she just liked you… for being… well… you. But the fact that you have Devotion and Consideration… plus the compassion. That’s a fundamental big helper.

Jack: *Nods*

In Room #330…

Paige: *Looking at Alice and getting changed* You’re Awfully quiet this morning, Alice. You alright?

Alice: Yeah. *Getting ready for the shower* I’m okay… Just got a lot on my mind about the ordeal that everyone went through. I feel just terrible that the visions that i suffered came true. I didn’t want any of the Visions to come true. at least… not ones like those.

Paige: What? the Visions showing the ordeal?! Pfft! *Laughing a little* You mean those Visions? Get serious… Those Visions came true. They happened. but we over came them. *Calming down* Besides that… it’s not like you could help having those Visions. You were the one that kept saying that it just hits and you don’t always know how to control it. You kept saying that it sometimes would get triggered by possible spike in feeling.

Alice: I know. But the fact that my Vision of Luna getting Abducted… the Vision of you and the guys getting nearly killed and beat… I didn’t want those Visions to be true. I didn’t want them to coming true. But they did. Luna was lucky to not have been killed. as were you and the others. The worse part is that if the cards were not all laid out on how things would have turned out… You guys would have been dead. *Sighs* Sometimes i find where i have moments where i wish that i never had any of these Visions…

Paige: Oh really?! You sure about that? You have a Gift. It’s a gift and a curse. But it’s something that makes you unique.

Finley: Alas the trouble be pouring in as rain. If the gift be troubling you it be… find way to there by enduring and taking thine control.  *Looking at the girls* I hear many tales be of the hero and the battles of who faced the moment of sacrifice.

Paige: *Looking at the Irish Roommate* That’s charming… You know about the situation so much… why not tell us what you think should be done?

Finley: Dear Lass… i can not. i would have to alas living a mile upon ones shoes to be able to tell of what one can do in situation such as hers. But if i were to step to think abroad… i would travel with the heart and follow what the heart feels. being true to it and listen to it’s feelings. trusting it to tell what a heart feels.

Paige: So… You mean… she should follow her heart and just listen to what it wants…

Finley: yes. A soul can only live their dream if they follow their heart and listen to what their heart feels… to what it wants.

Alice: *Not understanding* …

Paige: Alice, you should call your boyfriend… see if he wants to hang out and spend some time easing your mind.

Alice: You’re right. I should try to not think about what happened the other day… It came… it happened. Best thing to do now is just live for here on…Otherwise i will go nuts.

Finley: That is the best idea. Live for the now… the visions that you had… let them go. you had them… they came true. all you can do is live in the now… live for the future.

Paige: It’s a free day. I should call on Reese and see what he’s up to.

Alice: Right.

Finley: *Springing a tune as he heads out for a while* Carry me upon the sheltered wings… let me be your window to heaven as the sun beams upon your back to greet you… a life for you and a life for your hearts be true… fly free and fly far into the sky… Let thy wings carry on to a whole new world…

A Minute later…

Paige: Precarious guy, isn’t he?

Alice: He sure was. He had a lot of good points. But he then never had the visions… he isn’t a Psychic. It’s okay… i’m sure it’s nothing. Besides… He’s harmless. But that song or that tune… What did he mean? “Carry me upon the sheltered wings… Let me be your window to heaven as the sun beams upon your back to greet you.” Isn’t that a old Irish Prayer?

Paige: *Shrugs* Not sure. Maybe…

On the road…

Shingo: *Driving* Luna, Are you okay?

Luna: Yeah. i am. I am just a little nervous about when they’re gonna send a notification to Dinah and you about the Grand Hearing that revolves the case against Grandma Rikku. You know that she’s gonna try to fight it. because she thinks in her mind that she’s not wrong. and that she’s being accused. What if she wins and gets out of Jail? She could try to hurt me for trying to send her to Jail. Either me or Vincent. I was the one that got Vincent to make the call… although he took the preemptive strike to issue the call. But i mentioned of it to him and got him to think on doing it. and he did.

Shingo: *Sighs* Luna… You shouldn’t be ashamed to do what you did. It might have been a little brash of you to get Grandma thrown in Jail… but You did what you had to do. My mother bashed your sister and called her a harlot. a bad Influence on me… but I Stood up and defended her… against my mother. You’re my sister in Law by marriage to your sister Dinah. I will defend you just as boldly and firmly as i did Dinah. I Love Dinah. She can be a bit of a thorn on the side when she has her moments of jumping the guns and acting too tough-toned. But i still love her. I don’t care how bad she can get… I would love her no matter what.

Luna: Do you think that things will be okay when we go to the hearing? I don’t want anything to ruin the marriage you and Dinah will be having. I don’t want anything to go wrong for anyone.

Shingo: Things do happen to go wrong every now and then. You can’t just be fearing over things that could possibly go wrong. Things happen in life that you just can’t control. It’s life. But you know that i will do my damn-est job to see that nothing happens to you and so will Dinah. You’re Gonna be alright.

Luna: *Tries to smile* Okay.

A few minutes later…

Shingo: *Looking for a a house to rent to own* This is it… There should be a house to rent…

Luna: *Looking for the best house* The house has to be really cute… but strong. big for you and Dinah. You two have 3 girls… who are my Nieces. It has to look really good.

Shingo: You’re really making a list for what to look for in a house. Aren’t you?

Luna: Not really. I am just thinking that a house has to look nice… something that a happy couple could be proud of. Because i can see it if we were looking in terms of it only being a house that was for you and Dinah. But it’s a house for you and Dinah… and the 3 gems… and now with me in the mix which of course wouldn’t be that if Grandma Rikku wasn’t being so cruel… However… it is what it is and granted that the situation could have gone differently than it had… You find that you do what you have to do. Even if none of the options look that good.

Shingo: You are surely one strange Asian girl… but I have seen alot stranger than you are… well… Stranger acting or sounding than you are. I have a hefty knack for the strange at times… but you’re one unique girl. You got a very unique talent in you… I don’t know what it is… but you are special. Normal… but special.

Luna: I know. But Why does everyone keep saying that i’m Unique? I am just normal now. Sailor Luna is gone… There is no sailor Luna. Shingo… you are sounding like you see me as still this person who can be Sailor Luna. But i am not her… Sailor Luna is dead. I am just Luna. No one else…

Shingo: *Confused* What are you talking about? We are talking about a house for Dinah and I and the 3 little girls and plus you… Where did the talk of Sailor Luna come into play? Luna, What is going on here? Did the mishap that occurred in the last couple days scatter you?

Luna: Yes. it did… *Shaking her head and shaking off that split second unstable train of thought* Let’s think about the house… please. The house has to be big… but not too big. it has to be fit for a family. Which is what you and Dinah shall be with the 3 little ones.

Shingo: Right. And Luna… If you feel like you’re about to let loose a moment of wigging out… Please ignore it. Shake it off… I know that a part of the wigging out is because you’re scared as hell about Grandma Rikku and her trying to pull a trick and see that she gets her presence near you. Don’t let her.

Luna: Okay…

It started to get confusing with Shingo and Luna. One minute they were talking about looking for a house… the next minute… they were mentioning about her being Unique. Then out came the tell all of her still with the sights to being the senshi again. Then about her being rattled. People have had moments of Deja Vu before… Luna had them and knew them a bit too well. As did the girls. But Shingo was seeing one for the first time and it spun him out of a straight line of reality for that moment… But it was not but a moment later when they got their minds set again… Luna could not remember the outburst. It was like it never happened.  Shingo and Luna kept looking for the perfect house and barely got to the last side neighborhood… when they suddenly saw it. Luna spotted it and recognized it as the one house that her sister Dinah told her about once. Mentioned that it was the dream house that the Late Princess Rikku once mentioned about having. Mentioned about living in and owning…

Luna:  This is the house… It’s a little like a fantasy… but it’s perfect. It’s got spacious rooms too.

Shingo: Let’s take a look at it.


Luna: What do you think? Do you think that Dinah will like the house when it comes time for the huge surprise?

Shingo: I am sure that she will. I know that she is in the know that i am pulling all the stops to surprise her… But this is something that you had a hand in. I already got the Tux and the rings too. I already lined up the best men and the flower girls. Dinah’s sisters are all in line to take the offer on being the flower girls. You and your Boyfriend… Martin will be the Ring-bearers. The Priest… that will be the Father Tanner…. He’s agreed to be the priest that will do the honors of pronouncing the unity.

Luna: You planned alot of it?

Shingo: Yeah. But just between you and me… the whole arrangement making and the planning… Let’s just say that i’m gonna have to pull a billion shifts to see to it that we can keep things here afloat.

Luna: Huh? Are you saying that you’re deep in the hole?

Shingo: You’re one intelligent girl. You can already tell. But yes. i am. This is the big one.

Luna: Dinah would never ask for you to put yourself in debt.

Shingo: Luna… that is not the point. The point is that i do it because i want her to have all the happiness that could ever be had. When you find love and find the one that will spend all that kind of money for you… you feel like you’re #1. It isn’t that you’re being spoiled. It’s because you’re being loved. It’s like gravity… When you meet that special someone that you know and feel you should be with and you feel your heart race because you know you found that special someone that is your match… your Eternal match… you find that you’d do anything for her or him. be there for them. be anything they need. You’d do anything for them. Money wouldn’t even be an object. You would maybe have a few moments where you gripe of it. because it seems like a lot in the beginning. But when the chips are down… You would never worry about the $. You’d be satisfied and full of bliss because you did the move that was the move to preserve your hearts feelings.

Luna: That’s really deep. I’m 13 and too young yet to know about something that deep. But that was very Romantic. You are lucky to have Dinah…The Marriage will be just perfect.

Shingo: You’re gonna be living with us.

Luna: I know. I’d like that. It is sad however that the Rhapsody house is being put on the market. I just hope that Vincent hurries on putting my things into a secret compartment for a while till we get the new house. I just worry about where Raven will be. We don’t have anywhere she can stay.

Shingo: We’ll have to figure that all out. It’ll take time to figure out though. But we’ll give Raven a home at the house we’ll be living in. That’s like a huge Wedding present for Dinah. You’re part of it as you’ve had a hand in picking it out.

Luna: Really?

Shingo: That’s right. you were part of all this. So you are part of it all.

Luna: *Smiles*

At Metropolis Clock tower…

Oliver: *Exercising and Practicing some Yoga techniques* …..

Minutes later as Oliver was working out…

Vincent: *knocking on the dumbwaiter door* Hello?! Anyone here?

Oliver: *Jumping to his feet to walk over to the Dumbwaiter* Who could that be on a Saturday? It’s a peaceful day and everyone’s supposed to be suiting up for the wedding that is about to start in 5-6 days. *Opening the door and spotting a man inside* Hello there? You are looking for a costume party i’m guessing.  I don’t know if you have noticed… but for a costume party… you’re coming to the wrong place. There is no party here.

Vincent: *Confused* I do beg your pardon, My good man… But this is not a costume. I am a Wizard. and a Demonologist. Part-time Necromancer Vincent Van Graves.

Oliver: Oh yeah… Well… it’s good to be meeting you in the flesh. What brings you up to the clock tower other than the skyline view?

Vincent: I’m here to see on talking about one of the girls.

Oliver: Really? *Opening the door and leading over to the couch* Who’s the girl that you want to speak about?

Vincent: Luna.

Oliver: *Grinning* Luna? She is just a normal girl living the normal life beat. Why?

Vincent: It’s come to my attention that she’s been targeted by several dangers thus far since she turned all human. She’s got no self protection.

Oliver: Wait a minute… You’re talking about Luna being Vulnerable to dangers now she’s normal… aren’t you?

Vincent: That’s right.

A Minute later…

Vincent: *Sitting down* I know that it goes against the wishes that the girls have… But they are most definitely vulnerable to a demonic force. I am a Demonologist. I know the signs of a demonic presence being in play. It is no surprise that they can sense it. But are not acting accordingly. They have to also be very cautious all the more. Because the Demons will not rest. Luna is normal. It is her wish. But she’s without knowing placed herself in utter danger.

Oliver: It’s almost the Wedding of Dinah and Shingo. I would like to follow along with this. It sounds like a dark threat that reckons to start breaking out. But i can’t see to just get the concern to be top of the food chain. Plus i also got these papers from the girls revolving their Cars… and School Tuition. I am taking control of that.

Vincent: It’s all lead from the awful treatment that befell on Luna because of their Grandmother. Luna told me about it on the same day that two of her sisters and all 4 boys came close to meeting an untinely end. The same day that Luna was for a time… Abducted and taken hostage. Put in a Mansion.

Oliver: A Mansion, huh? At least Luna would have met a sense of Luxury.

Vincent: Not exactly. She was in the basement of the Luthor Mansion. I heard that from my boy Martin’s friend’s Karen, Irene, Jake and Jennifer.

Oliver: So Luna was encountered by Mercy, wasn’t she?

Vincent: Merci? It’s pronounced Merci.

Oliver: I know that. But Mercy is the nickname i refer a woman by. The woman is Tess Mercer.

Vincent: Sounds like you have a history with her. You seem reluctant to speak that of her…

Oliver: It is a bit personal to speak of her… i mean… she and i did split on insurmountable odds.

Vincent: How bad did it get?

Oliver: Well… Let’s just say that if love was ever a factor to be lost between two people… I’d win the top prize for walking away. I am a bit of a playboy and i was with her for a time… but i was caught with a cocktail waitress. or a dime store floozy. It got to her and she instead of trying to punish me… she took it too personal… even after knowing that i had a flaw in me… which was that. Yeah… the truth was that i was actually scared of her…

Oliver flashes back…

“Oliver: Mercy? We got dinner reservations at Hobbs Bay in just under an hour.

Tess: I like to work up an appetite.  You used to be better at this.

Oliver: What happened to not being interested in revenge?

Tess: [ Chuckles ] This is not revenge. This is just practice. Weak men like you make me stronger.

[ Both breathing heavily ]

Tess: So, you learn that Lionel kills your parents, and what do you do? You drink yourself onto the society page for, what, like a month?

Oliver: Well, you know me.  I like to keep myself busy.

Tess: You still can’t take anything seriously, can you? Just like our relationship.

Oliver: Unh! You know how much you meant to me.

Tess: Yeah, that became clear when I caught you with the waitress. Or was she a hostess?

Oliver: How many times do I have to apologize?

Tess: I don’t want an apology! I want an explanation. What the hell were you so afraid of?

Oliver: You.”

Oliver: I was scared of her. Because i saw her become someone who was in fact… ruthless. I could have taken it… sure. I’m a playboy. i like to act like a player when the cards are played out right. But as for the victim… I never took the bait. i didn’t bite it when it was right there in front of me. It could have been a carrot to me as a Rabbit and i would miss it.

Vincent: Oh dear… that’s a shame. Did the lady ever know how much she meant to you?

Oliver: I wouldn’t know. It is not of importance now… She went her way and i went my own way. However she did try to buy this place out from under me. But i managed to get it back. Not easy though… it cost me about a couple million in funds. But i made it all back.

Vincent: We will need to get at Luna and get her to be back into the fighting. She can’t be left to be normal. Not like this. It’s dreadful. She almost got killed in the last ordeal… even though it was one Ordeal since she’s become normal… but if that were to happen just by being normal… imagine as to how much worse it could have gone for her if she were Exposed as a normal person… Like Beryl. She was after Luna. No one knows this and i implore that you never speak about this to anyone. because this could be pegged as hearsay to any non-believer. I looked into the history and the personal file of Beryl and of all the people who were from the Moon. I came across the Text that came from Beryl saying that if she were ever to return… she would come after the Advisers to the Queen of the Moon Kingdom. one way or another.

Oliver: How is this possible that you learned this? is the Crystal ball of yours some intergalactic token that spews off all knowledge and drops you a pretty tell all cocktail from the drop of a hat?

Vincent: *Sighs* It’s quite more than that i’m afraid, Mr. Queen. I would call you Oliver… but that right now wouldn’t be in due seen appropriate. But it is true as to what i’ve mentioned. I have seen much in my crystal ball and it showed me things that are utterly dreadful. I was there on the day that Poor Luna was Abducted. The girl hovering on the rock said that Beryl had a Bounty on Luna and wanted her dead. When i heard that… i thought to look into it. But i had to tend to my boy Martin for that moment because he was getting thrashed by Terra. After Luna was Abducted… Martin of course threw a fit… Not that i would blame the poor boy. He saw his best friend… Girlfriend get snatched into the air. I believe that i’d be the same way myself. But it was when Martin went off to gather his friends… who were also associated to Luna and made to start working to get a team set to go find Luna… and rescue her. that was when…

Oliver: It’s okay on the formalities… Besides this isn’t like a major briefing… not with many people here… just us. but… you were saying… that as soon as Martin Marco left to gather his friends…

Vincent: I looked into the History and worked on the Crystal ball and it showed me the history about Beryl… She was into this Prince… a Man Named Prince Endymion. She was into him as he in her eyes had it all… The Wealth, the power, The eccentricity and the sensitivity. But the Prince was in Love with a Princess of the Moon. One by the Name of Serenity. The Daughter to Queen Serenity. The Princess and Prince’s Love was Ill fated and a bad Omen. At least that is what Beryl was making the people of the Earth believe. It was then that she unleashed a Great Evil. Queen Metaria. She was what got the planet into a complete Disarray. And it said to have Enraged Beryl about the Romance that she saw that the Prince had with the Princess that she felt hurt. as any woman would. or man. But She didn’t like the idea and she one day infiltrated the Sacred Moon Temple on the Moon Kingdom. Stole power that was not hers to have. Which as the History lead on… The Prince and the Princess were on the Moon. in the Moon Kingdom’s courtyard. Kissing and just being a happy couple. Although the laws on the Moon and the Earth were very straight. That the people from the Moon were not to courtship with the people of the Earth. and the People of the Earth were not to be in courtship with the people of the Moon. They were to keep to themselves and the people of the Earth would follow suit. Doing the same. Keeping the peace. Both Kingdoms were to flourish and be brimming with grace and serenity. It had done so till Beryl snuck into the sacred Moon Temple and stole forbidden power. which formed the Great Evil. Queen Metaria. It destroyed everything. The Princess and the Prince’s relationship were Ill-fated and that was said to be the precursor to the downfall of both kingdoms. Their love brought forth Calamity and that brought forth more Calamity. Calamity on top of Calamity. Both the Kingdom of the Moon and the Kingdom of the Earth fought amongst one another. Fought and cast destruction which was along with the ravages of Queen Metaria. With the destroyed Kingdoms… On that day it was said to be over… It was endearingly dreadful. It got so devastating that with both kingdoms in turmoil and utter war… The Prince and Princess tried to seal their love… it was when the guards came and fought with the prince. failed. Then when the Prince wasn’t looking… someone stabbed him in the back and killed him. The Princess saw him dead and with a deep sadness…She let out a Wail that pierced into the Moon. Covered the Moon with blinding light and drove it into the Earth… Finishing the Kingdoms off. It drove the Queen of the Kingdom to use the power of the Silver Crystal. The Mystical Silver Crystal. She sent her Daughter… and her royal court to the Earth. A 1000 years later…

Oliver: Nice history lesson, man. That is a great tale. Is this part of story time?

Vincent: You shouldn’t joke around with a lore such as this. This all took place 1000 years before our time… It took place and was believed to be long since finished. the ones being involved in the ordeal being free from having to relive it again. But it turned out that they had to relive it. When a Cat… By the name of Luna. Came out of the sky and landed on a girl’s head. The Girl was Usagi. She was the first one that was awakened or brought back into the plight. She got the power to transform into Sailor Moon. The next one was Sailor Mercury. That one was Ami Mizuno. Then it was Rei Hino. The Shrine Maiden. Usagi met Ami in class. and hung with her at first… Ami thought that she was being really nice. But when the truth came out that she was trying to get her to be a soldier… she pulled away. She didn’t want to. However once she was met by trouble… she changed her mind. She knew that it was something she had to do. She had to go through reluctance with Rei too. But she was more in tune with it. Then later there was Makoto Kino… The tough girl who was seen to be really Boyish. and she was known to be kicked out from her previous school for fighting. Starting a fight. Rei Lost her mother at a young age… and has an estranged father. not the best close relationship with him. Makoto lost her parents when she was young. But Rei was the 3rd Soldier. Mars. Makoto was Jupiter. the one Named Venus… She is unknown to have parents. No one knows who her parents are or where they’re from. It’s…

Oliver: Like she could have just dropped from osmosis and no one would ever know the wiser for it because everyone loves her and likes her music so much that it just is not relevant to know or dig in to where she originally came from.

Vincent: Exactly… However… it turns out that they were dealing with the same threat over again… dealing with the past life. But they had help. Hence given… the delightful girls we know… My boy Martin’s Girlfriend’s sisters or girls who became her sisters… Paige, Pearl and Dinah. The one who’s getting married in a few days.  They joined in and helped with the cause. They took them in and so did the 4 guys as well. But they also went against the Queen. Beryl.  I read in the ball as there was more to it than that. When Beryl’s Kingdom crumbled before her and buried her within it… She said: “You May have beaten me… but mark my words of vengeance… If i rise again… i will vow to destroy all those who toiled with my ambitions….” She said along with it… And it was Aimed right at Luna… Even though she was not there before the Kingdom of Beryl’s started to crumble.  Beryl’s Dying words were: “Rhapsody Family… You will meet your end. I will ensure your utter destruction if i happen to rise again… That is a Promise. You will meet your Doom!”

Oliver: What are you trying to pull here? Are you trying to tell me that the Rhapsody Girls Z! were marked for death for doing the right thing and helping the 5 girls take down Beryl and do the right thing. Stop her Evil reign the first time?

Vincent: i wouldn’t be using those terms to better describe it, but yes. That is exactly what it was i’m afraid. It’s awfully nasty and dreadfully literally absurd in every way.

Oliver: I am blown away by the fact that you know about all that. I mean… that Crystal ball must be with the mystical powers that just provide anything you ask for to know… But you do realize that the situation with Beryl is over with, right? Luna is normal. There is nothing that can make her shift to want to fight again. You can maybe try to explain to her how vital it may be for her to fight back and become one of the heroes again… but Luna Rhapsody is a full bred Human. Normal. If she were to have any hero blood in her… it’d be a long shot.

Vincent: It would be quite so a long shot to get her into the path of fighting. But she must fight. It was in her blood before. It still is…

Although as for Dinah…

She was now at the New You Gym and working out. She was heading on her way to the Steam room when suddenly Christie called her…

Christie: *Running over to Dinah* Dinah, Wait up!

Dinah: *Turning to see Christie* Christie, What’s going on? Why’re you running?

Christie: It might depend on what i just heard on the Radio…

Dinah: what are you talking about? You were in the car a moment ago because you weren’t feeling so good. You were gonna to try to sleep it off. What happened?

Christie: One guess. I just heard on the Radio… That a woman broke out of Jail.

Dinah:  That’s nothing to worry about. Who is it?

Christie: One clue as to who it may be. What’s Child Abuser, one who was arrested by the cops plus one who we’re all gonna see get the sentence of 25 to life?

Dinah: *gasps* What the hell?! Are you kidding me? Grandmother Rikku broke out of Jail?

Christie: Yes. She did. She has broken out and there is no word of where she could be. but the Radio was saying that she broke out. There is a Manhunt for her right now…

Dinah: She might try to come after Luna. Christie, see if you can reach My fiance. I can’t reach him right now. I Turned my phone off the minute i walked into the Gym. I can’t make any calls. Call him and tell him to keep Luna by him where ever he goes. Till he returns to the Dorms. Let him know of the situation. He might have already heard. but just get a hold of him. *Worried about Luna suddenly*

Christie: *Feeling worried about Luna and seeing the fearing look on Dinah’s face* Dinah, You alright?

Dinah: I don’t know… *concerned about Luna* Luna will be afraid of her. we all know how Grandma Rikku is towards her. She might hurt her if she gets to her.

Christie: I know. I feel it too. I know how it is that you’re feeling. but you can’t let this get you down. Not this much. Luna will be okay. Shingo is sure to take care of her while he’s got her with him, isn’t he?

Dinah: Sure. I am sure that he is gonna take care of her. It’s just that Luna is sensitive now. She has no experience in taking care of problems like these.

Christie: They’re gonna get her. Besides that if she has broken out of Prison, She will try to go to the first place that comes to mind. She’ll be trying to hit back for the house. She’ll try going back home.

Dinah: That’s if there is a home. Didn’t we hear yesterday that the house was going on the market for Purchase.

Christie: that doesn’t matter. She will still try to hit for the house. It’s like home for her. She’s gonna try to head there and maybe hide.

Dinah: Christie, Just go and get a hold of Shingo. please. I got to finish my workout. I’ve done everything else that i was supposed to do. All i need is a Steam. Just call Shingo and get him to take Luna to safety.

Christie: Right. *Sighs* Man… all this bull… Just a few days before your Wedding. Can’t that woman ever back off?

Dinah: I Don’t think so. At least… it doesn’t seem to look that way anymore…

At the Dorms…

In the hall outside of Room #320…

Alice: *Knocking on the door* Prince Alvin?!

Prince Alvin: *Opening the door* Yes… *Seeing Alice* Alice.

Alice: *Looking past and into the room* Is this a bad time?

Prince Alvin: Of course not. It’s a free day so the guys are hanging out in here to play on their game system. They got some RPG Game called Final Fantasy 12. I’ve been working out a little. What’s up? You okay?

Alice: not sure. I’ve been feeling really off for the last couple of days.

Prince Alvin: Why’s that? Was it because of last night?

Alice: No. Last night was the best. it was just romantic. It’s just that i keep thinking back to the Visions that i had. The fact that they’ve come true. I feel guilty for it because the visions of Luna being Abducted and then of you and the guys facing an end. Those came true and the fact that i even thought about those Visions or that i have had them upsets me. Because during the whole time that you and the others were gone…i kept freaking because i was terrified over the possibility that i might never see you again.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* You were suffering from the post-incident trauma…

Alice: Yes.

Prince Alvin: Why wouldn’t you say anything before?

Alice: Because i was trying to not let it get to me… but i can’t help it… i can’t seem to block it out. Because… what if the worst happened? What if you guys really met your end? I would be alone and i would never be the same.

Prince Alvin: Alice, It would never come to that. I am too tough to allow for it to just happen. You know that. *Looking down* Alice… *Sighs and Going back inside the room to grab a shirt and Pick up his Cell, Wallet and Keys* Guys… I’m going out for a little bit.

Lenard: You’re going out? On a Saturday? Why? Nothing is really going on. The City is still trying to pick up the slack as repairs are made from what happened the other day. The City is pretty dead.

Russell: *Seeing Alice at the Door* Whoa! Who’s the lady friend? She’s a doll. A Real Looker.

Prince Alvin: Guys… come on. Cool it. That’s my girlfriend there. I’m gonna go out for a little bit and hang with her. She’s feeling troubled by something and it’s not something that you’d want to know about. Unless Visions are your Forte.

Lenard: Visions? You mean like something close to a Psychic Twinkle?

Prince Alvin: Close… but Yeah. Kinda like that.

Alice: *Shaking her head*

A Couple Minutes later…

On the Road…

Prince Alvin: *Riding on the Motorcycle* Alice, Why are you having these Visions? The Visions that you had are already done. it happened. You shouldn’t be so worried about what happened. It’s scary to know that yes. fine… i almost met an end. as did my brothers. and of course Paige and Pearl. Not to mention Raven. She almost met her end too. But You need to realize that there was nothing you could have done to prevent what was said to happen. Alice, Things happen. Things we can’t prevent… Predict. things that we can’t see. But the fact is that things happen for a reason. Alice, I almost did die. However i should say that if nothing other than a down right miracle, there is one thing that helped me pull through and hold on. Your heart. When a hero… that is like me… goes into battle. They find that they’re alone most of the time because the girls would never understand. But the ones who would still be with them… no matter what. That is what makes it different. Beryl sent Terra to end us. We almost did die. We were close. But just as i fell i heard a voice… yours…

Alice: Mine… How?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know… But it is just that as i fell… i heard a Voice.  it said: “Don’t leave me. I don’t want to lose you….” It even said my name… like it knew me. The thing that gave it away was that when it said those words… it sounded like someone in agony. And sounded just like you. You are the reason that i held on.

Alice: What about the others? Didn’t they have the same thing happen to them?

Prince Alvin: Yes. My Brothers mentioned having the very same thing happen to them. The Voices saved us. You should be happy about that. You brought us home. Your heart reached me and gave that reason to keep hanging on.

Alice: I am happy to know that. I didn’t know about that. I really didn’t know that i was the reason that you pulled through. I was too devastated over the idea that you were possibly gone that i couldn’t think of anything other than whether i would ever see you again.

Prince Alvin: You were also thinking about Luna too. Worrying about the fact that she was Abducted and you were wishing that it wasn’t so. You were wishing that it wasn’t happening. You felt like you were inadvertently trying to see the end of someone. It isn’t like that at all. You see what the visions show. You can’t control what the visions are not showing you. There is no way that you could have been able to see what was not shown in the Vision. You have the Psychic Foresight. You are treating the gift like a curse. Feeling sorry for yourself. There is no way that you could have known. Alice…You’re not thinking that you wished you never had the Psychic abilities… Are you?

Alice: *Sighs* No. I’m not. I am not thinking about that at all… But these Visions are out of control… I even… *Feeling a sharp pain in her head and seeing a Vision* OUCH! Shit, what the hell was that?

Prince Alvin: *Pauses and curious* What was what? What’s wrong?

Alice: *Seeing a Vision*

The Vision…

“I’m gonna kill you, You damn Asian. You ruined me. Ruined the family with just Existing… You called the cops on me. I lost everything BECAUSE OF YOU!!! YOU ROTTEN LITTLE BITCH!

No!  *Screaming* Help!

Lady… Don’t you even think about touching Luna. If you even touch her… I will make you sorry. 

Ooh Scary! Like i am really shaking. NOT! That Little Bitch called the cops on me. I lost everything because of her. She took away my life. I have nothing left. I lost my Job. Both Jobs. There is nothing left for me. You all back her like she’s a sweet angel. She’s nothing but a Dirty JAP! She has no respect. Blamed me for Abusing her. I didn’t do anything of the sort. I only lectured her. Maybe more than i should have. But that’s all i did. and yes… I did send her to bed a few nights without supper. She deserved it. She was backtalking me. I would be telling her something and she’d just start mouthing me. smart talking me like she was little miss cock of the walk and her shit didn’t stink. Well… *Looking at Luna in Rage* NEWSFLASH: IT DOES STINK! YOU’RE A FUCKING CHILD. YOUR ROLE IS TO DO AS YOU’RE TOLD. NOT SMARTMOUTH AND BACKTALK YOUR ELDERS! So… YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED!”

Alice: *Concerned* Prince Alvin… we got a problem.

Prince Alvin: We have another problem? What? What’s wrong?

Alice: It’s Luna. She’s in trouble. She’s With Shingo and they’re at some Store. But there is a problem… Who do we know that has something against Luna?

Prince Alvin: The Grandmother. We heard that she was taken to Jail. and has been there since.

Alice: She Was. Was. but not now. She broke out of there and is somewhere in the City. She’s in the City and i just had a Vision about her confronting Luna. Shingo was there too. He was the one obviously saying for her to not think about touching Luna.

Prince Alvin: Where were they when that happened? Did you see a store?

Alice: Yeah. It was a Jewelry store.

Prince Alvin: The only Jewelry store that is best in the City is the one that resides on 716 East 5th Street.

Alice: That’s not far from here. That is only a few blocks away. west of here… but that’s at the east side of the Promenade.

Prince Alvin: Let’s go. Hold on! Next Stop… Jewelry store. *Revving up and speeding over to the Jewelry store* …

Back at the Gym…

In the Steam Room…

Dinah: *Steaming* Whoa… this is getting really unbearable now.

Zoey: *Walking in* Time’s up for the Steam Room, Dinah. You’ve been there an hour. that’s long enough for the Steam. You’re gonna wind up being truly dehydrated if you stay in there any longer than you have already.

Dinah: Good point. Where’s the Beverage? Gatorade. 3 of them. I’ll need 3 to keep from being worn out. The Steam has gotten to me a bit. I am gonna need it.

Zoey: Okay. *Next to the machine and pressing the power button on it* The box should turn off just seconds after the power to the box is off.

Dinah: *Nods*

A Minute later…

Dinah: *In the Hall and walking to the main room; Looking at the time* I feel good. Worn out… but i feel wonderful.

Zoey: Don’t think that so soon The Pricing will get you. I worked here for 8 years… and i’ve seen how the cheapest package for working out tears at a person. It may sound Cheap. but it’s nothing like that at all. They all say it is because they want your confidence. and your business. But what they really want is to make you bleed out cash. That’s what they do. It may be cheap… but if that won’t get you… the Interest will.

Dinah: It better not be that expensive. I can’t afford all that money. I don’t even have a Job. So if i can’t pay… what’s gonna happen? I’m gonna have a Lynch mob on my butt hounding me for the Money i obviously don’t have? *Grins*

Zoey: *Laughing* What? Are you nuts? Not on your life. Not even close. All that will happen is just plastering a late fee… 20 bucks every two months that it’s late getting in. But the Lynch mob? Not likely. Not at all.

White Goodman: *On P.A* Power ball drills at 0400. Fat Detox at 0300.

Zoey: Just between you and me… I’m gonna secretly lessen the cost and make him think that you paid the high cost. I Have seen him mess with a whole lot of people… but to see him messing with a good customer who’s about to be a Newly wed… No. That is just not right. I am not gonna prance around and just allow for it to continue.

Dinah:  *Grins* You’re sure about that?

Zoey: Hey. Why not? You are gonna be a Newly Wed soon. Why make you go through hell if it’s not necessary?

Dinah: Good point….

At the Jewelry store…



Shingo: *Looking at the Rings* Now these Rings are nice. What are they again? Authentic?

Jeweler: Yes. They’re top of the line. Especially the center one. The 50 kt Gold ring with the Pearly diamonds. That one is a part of the Princess Collection. It’s said to have belonged to a Princess Mia Thermopolis Rinaldi before her due to become a Queen of Genovia.

Luna: Really? Was she nice?

Jeweler: of course. She was the fairest one yet. She gave to the kids. Did the Charity work for the kids and built prosperity for the country. She was fair to all. She started all this the moment she had the Coronation Ceremony where she was Crowned and made the next Queen.

Shingo: It’s all Movie talk… Isn’t it?

Jeweler: No. It’s not just a Movie. It was a real Country.  But it is a real twist turner as Princess Mia’s Mother married to a man named Rupert Rinaldi. Who just so turned out to be one of Royal Blood. Prince Rupert Rinaldi of Genovia whose mother was Queen Clarice of Genovia.

Luna: She Must have been so beautiful.

Jeweler: Oh yeah, she was. She was. Very Beautiful in every way. Fair and sincere just the very same.

Shingo: Any chance that we’d get to meet this wonderful Queen?

Jeweler: Not so easily, I’m afraid. I do believe that if you want to meet her… you’re gonna have to see about finding a way over to Genovia. Because she won’t come here. Hasn’t in years. It’s been like that for almost 2 decades. It’s not gonna even change anytime soon since she’s dealing with a shake-up within the Parliament. But these Jewels here are the best in all the world. Right from her Vault. She is someone who doesn’t care about Riches. She cares all about the land and it’s well being.  About the people and being for the people who inhabit the land. That’s all she sees to be of dire importance.

Shingo: Now that is a good down to earth person. Caring about the land more than about the riches and the status. She’s Royalty and that is good as she can make lots of changes. Alot of good take root.

Luna: That’s right.


A woman came into the store and started to look around. It wasn’t but a minute later when… Luna started to look on the other side of the Store. She wanted to see all the Rings and see what was there. She was into looking for the perfect Ring for Dinah. And she wanted to look for the perfect one for her and Martin…  She was way too young yet to get married. But she wasn’t that young to start dreaming and thinking about what her future might bring. She was so in focus with looking at the Rings that she didn’t see the woman that constantly was abusing her. Without end. But she was just strolling back to the side where Shingo was when…


Grandma Rikku: *Glaring at Luna* I’m gonna kill you, You damn Asian. You ruined me. Ruined the family with just Existing… You called the cops on me. I lost everything BECAUSE OF YOU!!! YOU ROTTEN LITTLE BITCH!

Luna: No!  *Screaming* Help!

Shingo: *Spotting Grandma Rikku* Lady… Don’t you even think about touching Luna. If you even touch her… I will make you sorry.

Grandma Rikku: Ooh Scary! Like i am really shaking. NOT! That Little Bitch called the cops on me. I lost everything because of her. She took away my life. I have nothing left. I lost my Job. Both Jobs. There is nothing left for me. You all back her like she’s a sweet angel. She’s nothing but a Dirty JAP! She has no respect. Blamed me for Abusing her. I didn’t do anything of the sort. I only lectured her. Maybe more than i should have. But that’s all i did. and yes… I did send her to bed a few nights without supper. She deserved it. She was backtalking me. I would be telling her something and she’d just start mouthing me. smart talking me like she was little miss cock of the walk and her shit didn’t stink. Well… *Looking at Luna in Rage* NEWSFLASH: IT DOES STINK! YOU’RE A FUCKING CHILD. YOUR ROLE IS TO DO AS YOU’RE TOLD. NOT SMARTMOUTH AND BACKTALK YOUR ELDERS! So… YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED!”

Luna: *Suddenly Snapping* That’s it. You know what? Grandma, You’re a Bitch. and a Racist. and I hate you. You are so rotten that it makes me sick looking at you. You’re pissed at me because i called the cops on you. Well that is just too bad. You were abusing me. Emotionally and Mentally. I was never good enough for you. Even if i did whatever that i was supposed to do… you never accepted me. You looked at me like i was a freak. Like i was just a Nobody. I have done nothing wrong except stand up for myself. But even that isn’t good enough for you. Nothing ever was. Child abuse is a serious offense no matter what the cause or who’s doing it and why. You were abusing me. So yeah… the cops were called. and i’d do it again on you. You want to be a Racist… Fine. be one. But don’t expect any love from me or any of us. And just so you know… the cops were called on you. But i didn’t make the call. someone else did. I had Martin’s Guardian to make the call. He did the call. But i was the one making the complaint against you. You hurt me and think that you have all the right to do so. You think that your reasoning is Justified as to why you Abused me? I got news for you. It’s no Excuse. I costed you everything?! NO! You did. You Costed yourself everything when you decided to start abusing me. Thinking it to be alright to do. Not right and you know it…

Shingo: *Calling the cops*

Grandma Rikku:  I am not your grandmother anymore. I am the Grandmother to only Betty and Angel. You’re nothing but an Ignorant Jap. You’re pathetic and a waste of time. the others are wasting their time with you. You are not good for anything. You’ll never cut it to do anything.

Luna: *Out of Impulse; Grabbing a display case and swinging it at Grandma Rikku; Hitting her with it and knocking her out* You Racist! I Hope that they give you the Chair.

A Minute later…

Prince Alvin: *Pulling up to the Curb; With Alice* Come on. Let’s go.

Alice: *Getting off and running inside*

Prince Alvin: *Getting off the bike and Marching into the Jewel store* This lady needs to be taught a lesson.

Alice: Who’s gonna hit her. I don’t think that anyone can get to her.

Prince Alvin: Something has to knock this woman out.

Inside the Jewelry Store…

Grandma Rikku was on the floor and out cold…

A moment or so later…

Luna: *Looking at her Ex-Grandmother* She’s still out cold. I just knocked her out… i didn’t aim to hit her that hard. Is she really out cold?

Grandma Rikku:  *Suddenly Stirring and Moaning from the knock out*

Luna: She’s coming to. I don’t think that i want to be around here near her.  She mean and very Cruel.

Shingo: That’s clearly what it is… She’s a Racist. The cops should be on their way soon…

Det. Jones: Or here right now. I just got the call while booking the looters on the south side of the Terrace just outside the Promenade.

Luna: *Looking to see John Jones* John Jones?

John Jones: Yes. *Looking to see an Asian girl nearby* I see that you know me but i don’t recall meeting you.

Shingo: That’s Luna. She’s just Different is all.

John Jones: Different? How different are we talking here? I remember seeing this Blue haired girl with the cat tail. But she isn’t here. Is this the same Luna?

Shingo: Yes. it is. and She is scared for her life because of this woman here. It’s her grandmother Rikku. She’s been abused by Grandma Rikku. Emotionally and Mentally.

John Jones: Child Abuse is a serious crime. To harm a child is unforgivable. It was even a blasphemousy act for any to subject upon another on Mars.

Shingo: Take her to Jail.

John Jones: Immediately. *Picking up the woman and Escorting her to Jail*

But as he was escorting her to the squad car and taking her to Jail…

Grandma Rikku: *Breaking away and looming back towards Luna and grabbing her* Come here…

Luna: *Crying* Let me go! LET ME GO!

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at Luna* Why? Why should i let you go? You have already done all the damage to me that you could. Why would you want to be free from me? Don’t you want to destroy me anymore? Come on. Destroy me more, You good for nothing Jap. You can do it. Besides… isn’t that what your kind do to us hard working proud Americans? Destroy us because we’re doing something that you know that you people have not the talent for? Isn’t it? You’re a Child but you yet think that you can do what you wish and think that you’re better than us all. Isn’t that it? Huh? *Seeing the cop and Seeing Prince Alvin and Alice trying to come over to her* ….. *Turning Luna around and Placing her arm around Luna’s neck* Back off. Come any closer and this Bitch dies. I will Choke her till she passes out from the loss of breath. Come near me and she’s dead. *Looking at the surrounding people* I am leaving now. She’s coming with me. If anyone follows me… i will kill her. and there will be blood on your hands. because you tried to be the hero and save her. Back off.

Prince Alvin: You Bitch… How could you hurt a Child? You have no shame. Do you?

Grandma Rikku: No. Not really. I just hate Japs. To me… The Japs should all be eradicated and destroyed. But that’s just me.

Prince Alvin: *Growling* We’re gonna get you. You can bet that, Bitch.

Grandma Rikku: Ohhh! Prince Alvin, You should be respectful to your Elders…

Prince Alvin: Be nice to you?! I don’t fucking think so. You only move to hurt Luna. She’s done nothing to you except put you in your place. You were abusing her. And you think that you can just do whatever it is that you please… You are wrong. Child Abuse is not and will not be Tolerated.

Grandma Rikku: Oh cut the sanctimonious crap, Prince Alvin. Just admit it. You Hate this Jap too. You even said that none of you could trust her… i know because i heard you guys say it upon each other once. You all wished that this Jap would just either die or go back to the freak Kingdom that she came from. Admit it. Admit it and i will release her.

Prince Alvin: I will not admit to things that we never had said.

Alice: they never had said it. You are trying to make that poor girl wish she was dead. STOP IT!

Grandma Rikku: No! I won’t. She destroyed me… now i shall return the favor. An Eye for an Eye. She wants to be a Little Bitch… Well she’s gonna find out that she is over her league. I am the biggest one there is.

But as they were talking…

John: *Walking into the Jewelry store* Hey. What’s going on here?

Prince Alvin: *Looking to see his gramps* Grandpa John, What’re you doing here?

John: What am i doing here? That is a good question… I guess that i am here to look at the Rings and see what i can do to surprise a certain Niece of mines. I heard that our very own “Danger Zone” Dinah is getting wed within a few days or so.

Shingo: That’s right. She is. I’m her Fiance.

John: Ah! So you’re the Fiance they call Shingo. Well… *Grins* It’s nice to finally have the sights and the chance to meet the one who’s gonna be married to my Niece.

Shingo: You must be Dinah’s Uncle John.

John: That’s right. i am. I also came back from Germany because they found a new staff to work the Hub of the Daily Planet in Germany. Finally. It took them long enough i’d say. and even if they hadn’t found one yet… I would have still come back here. There is no way in god’s green earth that i was gonna miss seeing my Niece getting married.

Grandma Rikku: Brother, What’re you doing here? This doesn’t concern you.

Alice: *Confused* What is going on? I am now lost here…

Prince Alvin: Gramps, Grandma Rikku is trying to kill Luna. She was sent to Jail for Child Abuse. She was Emotionally Abusing Luna and also Mentally. She was treating Luna poorly because she has something against Luna.

John: *Shocked* Oh my god… That is terrible. Just terrible. *Looking at his sister* Sis, Why? Rikku, Why would you do such a thing? This is not like you to be doing such a thing. Why did you do it?

Grandma Rikku: I don’t have anything to say. I Don’t like this girl… She is a conniving little Snot. She continually back talks me… She smart mouths… Everytime i tell her something… she would reply with a snotty remark like: “I Am a hero… i am the reason you have a normal life… the reason why you have the peace you have… if it weren’t for me… you’d be dead because there would no hero like me to protect others… like you. ” Like as though she was the cock of the walk. And Prince Alvin… You can shut your shitty excuses. the case is closed. I am sick and tired of heroes thinking they can do what they wish and not feel as though they should abide by the rules of normal life. Society has rules. But it’s not like i care about the fellow men and people anymore. I have nothing to care for. I lost everything. Luna fucked my life up so much that no one will hire me because they all think i really abused her when i know for a fact that I ONLY DONE TO HER WHAT SHE DESERVED!!!

Prince Alvin: *Getting up and Screams* That DOES IT!! NO MORE PEACE! *Angry* I’m gonna put you right into the wall. Gramps… i am sorry. But even though she’s a woman and she’s your sister… She’s gone too far now. She’s now dead. *Getting up and getting behind Rikku without being seen and Grabbing her*… *Punching Rikku and Then Grabbing her and Teleporting with her to the Quarry and Knocking her into the cave wall a dozen times before coming back with her and Dropping her* Warning to you. Touch Luna again and the next time we meet… One of us will Die. That’s a fucking promise. Rikku, You are from this time forward… No longer a Rhapsody. You are a Nothing… A Nobody. Get up… and get back to Jail where you belong and Die. You can rot there for the rest of your life. GET OUT!

Grandma Rikku: The hell with you all. You can all burn in hell! Prince Alvin… I curse you to live unhappily for the rest of your days. I curse Luna to die by a freak accident. and i hope it’s painful to the very end. I curse the Entire family to eternal hell. May they never know peace.

John Jones: *Grabbing Rikku and Subduing her harder with Authority* That is Enough from you. You hate that girl… That is fine. But to abuse her and harm her… that is Malicious. I’m charging you with Attempted Murder and Assault and Battery.

Grandma Rikku: I’m okay with that. And if i get out… i will be sure to do more and get it higher. Because i don’t care about anyone anymore. Losing my livelihood and my careers turned me cold. I don’t care about anyone or anything. So hey… If i get killed in Jail… I’ll just take it and Enjoy it. Because i would rather Die than to live in a world knowing that a Pathetic Little Jap Bitch like her exists.

A Moment later…

John: *Shaking his head and sighs* I don’t know what happened to my sister… But i can’t believe that this is what has become of her. This is such a nightmare.

Prince Alvin: Gramps, It’s not your problem anymore. She’s not worth it. You can’t prevent her from turning into a bitch. She chose it. Luna is the innocent one. She never done a thing to make her hate Luna… However… she hates Luna.

Luna: *in a Corner; Crying* Why does she hate me so much? I never did anything to her. Nothing. I never hurt her. Never back talked her or anything. But… She hates me. Maybe she’s got a point. I got nothing good about me. Maybe i should just run away and never return. I should have never turned normal… i should have stayed a freak and died. All i got since i turned Normal was pain and Abuse and means of hate. I Thought that Grandma would love me. But… there is no Love for me from her… She wishes i was dead. *Getting up and Running out of the Store in tears; Crying*

John: *Looking at Luna Running out of the store* Uh, Okay… She feels like she is just some Vagrant and pretty worthless as said by my sister now Regrettably deemed Ex-Sister Rikku, But was that really Necessary?

Prince Alvin: Alice, Run after Luna and tend to her. She’s in need of a girl’s touch. I don’t have the Feminine side that a girl has… i’m a guy. I mean… i can be sympathetic and caring and down right sensitive to the feelings which are that of a female… a Girl. But to get down and deep into a girls heart and cheer them from Girl to girl… that is not me. Alice… you have that more than i do. better even.

Alice: Prince Alvin… *Blushes* You’re making me blush with that talk. Stop it. I’ll go and find her and talk to her. It’ll be alright.

John: It’s best if i stay here and keep the lucky fella Shingo here company… He’s gonna need it as this is now deemed as a very depressing moment. He’s depressed and it’s noticeable that if anything were to happen to Luna… Something tells me that the girl he loves will be ill mannered to him and will not like him quite so much anymore.

Shingo: *Sighs and looking down at the Rings; unwilling to say a word* …

At Vincent Van Graves house…

Martin: *On the Phone with Karen* Hey… I haven’t heard from Luna all day.

Karen: *On the Phone* I know… i haven’t heard from her since last night when we all chatted with her. I don’t know what her deal is lately though… She’s been so timid and shy. Afraid to do anything that is risky. She seemed to have turned Wimpy. You notice that?

Martin: A little bit. But, really… come on. She has been through alot. She’s Matured into a Full Human… She’s since then been attacked by a couple Villains. She’s almost been killed. She was Abducted. then rescued. By us. Plus not only that… She’s also been Abused Mentally and Emotionally by her Grandmother. Karen, Cut her some slack. She’s trying to get with the flow again. She’s still trying to get used to things. It’s taking time because her being a senshi and part cat and everything all the while being somewhat human was all that she knew. It was all she  came to know. Now she’s just a Normal regular human surrounded by sisters and Cousins and members of her family who have super powers. Abilities.

Karen: Her life is really confusing.

Martin: Not as confusing as the City of Metropolis’s. Plus Even with the Queen of Dark Kingdom gone… This City’s gone to the dark Abyss. I am doubting that it’ll ever come out from the dark. It’s Christmas and by this time till the 26th… the city’d be bustling with activity over the Holiday season and the merriment. But this year… Nothing. It’s like the whole city went dead as a door.

Irene: *Calling in* Ve should make own fun for holiday. Dis es Christmas and it should ve happy. not sad. Ve should go look for Luna.

Martin: That’s a good idea. Where are you guys?

Karen: I’m at the park.

Irene: YA v restorane s papoy. Vhere shall we meet?

Martin: At the beach.

Karen: See you there…

At the New You Gym…

Christie: Your Fiance has it all taken care of… Doesn’t he?

Dinah: Maybe so… I don’t know. I haven’t heard from him at all since this morning and i don’t know where he could be. Or where Luna could be.

Christie: You think that maybe we should go and find him? I mean that you are pretty much done here. You’ve done all the Exercises that you were wanting to do. There is nothing else that you can do now…

Dinah: Yeah. I suppose that i should get out of this Gym Outfit. They probably need to be washed because of the sweat that i’ve got on it.

Christie: Yeah. After you’re back in normal looking clothes… we can jet out and make way to go find out where your Fiance is. and find out where Luna is. We know that she’s close by Shingo and is not leaving his side. But since this morning we have not seen or heard from him. or from Luna. That is not good. Something is up. With the news saying that your bitch Grandmother broke out of Jail… there could be just about a good size # of things that could have happened.

Dinah: Don’t go there. I don’t even want to think of all the bad things that could have gone on with that Bitch out and loose. I swear it though that if she even touches a sheer thread of hair on Luna’s head… she will wish to god that she was dead. Luna was taken from her and is under my sole custody. If anything happens to her… it will look bad on me. but if Grandma “Bitch” Rikku has got to her and has done any harm on her… She better hope that i don’t see her. because if i do… Let’s just say that her Merry Christmas this year… won’t be all that pretty.

Christie: Amen. Go and get yourself Changed so we can book it out of here.

A few minutes later…

On the Road…

Dinah: *Driving* Where do you suppose Shingo and Luna could be?

Christie: I can’t say… But they should be close by in the City.

Dinah: Should be? i better hope that they are. Because i don’t want to make a road trip just to tail him.

Christie: How come? It’s half the fun.

Dinah: To you, Maybe. but not me.

Christie: *Looking ahead* What is that?

Dinah: I don’t know. *Looking ahead and seeing the traffic* Damn… This is not gonna be good. There is a traffic Jam and it’s backed up for 3 blocks… Solid.

Christie: What the hell do you suppose could be going on up there?

Dinah: How the crap should i know? I’m not a traffic cop… All i do know is that with this traffic and the back up… We’re gonna be slowly moving for a little bit. That’s for sure…

Christie: Which means that by time we get to where ever your Fiance is… it’ll be too late…

Back at the Dorms…

In Room #349…

Pearl: *Looking at the Dress* This Dress will match well with the Ocean Blue Earrings.

Star: I don’t have any good looking Dresses to wear for tonight.

Pearl: You don’t?  Hmm… That’s terrible. *Thinking* … *Walking over to the closet and looking through her dresses and seeing a sailor outfit in the Closet* Oh… I remember wearing this Dress. I remember wearing this. the second Threat was beat and defeated. And Dinah was getting set for her first Date with Shingo that same night.

Star: What’re you talking about?

Pearl: This’ll be a wonderful dress. *Looking at star* Star, Take a look at this Dress.

Star: *Walking over from the Desk* What Dress are you talking about?

Pearl: This one. The Sailor outfit. I wore this once. It was actually a pretty look on me.

Star: That Sailor Outfit is seen to people as Vintage. But as for us… we’re different. Let’s see it. *Looking at the outfit* Whoa. Talk about an… *Snorts out a shot of laughter* A ridiculous overkill of Blue. There must be blue everywhere on it. Is there any white on it? Red? *Chuckles* You must be kidding me.

Pearl: You think it’s an overkill of Blue? Not really. But it might look good on you. Let’s see how it  will look on you.

A minute later…

Star: *Looking at herself in the Blue Sailor Outfit* Whoa! Uh, I look like a real sailor Bartender. “Just call me Brandy”

Pearl: *Laughs* Yeah. Right. *Looking at Star and seeing the Sailor outfit on her* Oh my god… You look better in it than i did when i wore it. Ohhh! I am soooo Jealous. *Laughing* I am so insanely jealous. But it’s a good Jealous. It’s good. You look so good in it. You’re gonna be working a wonder in that.

Star: What about you? What are you wearing?

Pearl: This Blue Frilly dress. I got it in a wonderful Bargain. It was a good price and it was new too. never been touched. till me. It’s even matched with my Ocean Blue Earrings. Wonderful.

Star: So we’re going in Blue…  I sure hope that people will have their Kleenex with them. They’re gonna just be cryin’.

Pearl: We’re a couple of heart-breakers aren’t we?

Star: Yes we are.

Pearl: It’s been pretty Quiet here today. College is still out.

Star: Will be for a while. It’s still trying to get back into gear with the classes. The attack that came the other day or so… it did a real # on things. People are still spooked and are scared to hell about even being in the college and then having to Evacuate again because of the mayhem. I know that i would.

Pearl: Classes are however said to resume by the 2nd of next month. Jan 2nd of 2027.

Star: Till then… we’re free. What are we gonna do for the rest of the year?

Pearl: Come up with more designs of course. See which will work… and which will not.

Star: *Looking at the T.V* I think that we better think twice about rolling phat with the happy bit. You’re not gonna believe this.

Pearl: Why? What’s wr— *Looking towards the T.V* Uh… What the sam bells is that?

Star: I don’t know… but i think it’s about granny. Grandma Rikku Broke out of Jail and is saying that she was just rebooked into Jail after being caught. She was seen at a Jewelry store. and there was said to be a confrontation there. between a guy. a 13 year old girl and then sometime during that… another guy and Girl popped in. You’re gonna shit when you hear who the people are…

Pearl: The Screen is listing the names off now. Shingo, Luna… Prince Alvin and Alice. Also John. Uncle King John’s Father.

Star: What the hell?! You messin’ with me here, aren’t you? What the crap were they doing there?

Pearl: Beats me… We don’t have to be ready for the Gala till 6 tonight because it isn’t till 7:30 when it starts. We should go and check it out.

Star: And do what, Exactly? Add to the problem? You know them and so do i. But going out there and getting in the middle of something that doesn’t happen to concern us is just asking for trouble. Luna is one cool girl. So is Alice… We know that. Prince Alvin was there… surely he tried to handle the heap of trouble while there before the masses of the Media and the Newspaper brigade got their piece of the sweet fame pie.

Pearl: We need to see though. That Granny is gonna try to hurt Luna. Luna is family… She’s liable to get hurt. We have to go and tend to her. Shingo is there… but he doesn’t know Luna like we do… Not close. He’s not in our house 24/7 to know Luna like we do… He only knows about her by what’s relayed to him and what he sees.

Star: *Sighs* Shit! Then a trip to go and catch sights of Luna and Shingo… is what we’re gonna do.

Pearl: *Nods* Let’s go.

Star: *Nods* …. *Shaking her head* I sure hope that you’re sure about this…

At the Metropolis beach An hour later…

Martin: *Walking with Karen and Irene* What’ll we do about Luna? She’s my best friend and i love her. But seeing her like this is killing me. I wish that she would have just stayed the same with Blue hair and the tail and with powers. I know she saw herself as a freak. But she was never one with me. I never thought that at all.

Karen: Neither have i. But her life is so utterly confusing. I mean… I enjoy her company. I think that she’s amazing on how she’s just with a mind that knows what it wants. But, with the constant confusion that she’s letting off. it’s getting really out there. I love weirdness and the Bizarre. I am with some Psychic ability and got the power to move things and can fight back. But that is with Telekinesis. I don’t know how that’s gonna do us any good against the Demon presence that is near. We know it is near.

Irene:  Yeah. I am Russian and know to believe in other side of reality. The Spirits and Unholy. We religious as ever. I know it be so. I no Psychic but know that there es a presence. In Quarry. It es there.

Martin: Even with Beryl Gone this City’s driven itself to the dark. Luna is not one of the fighters anymore… She can’t fight. But she sure remembers some of the ordeal that is going on.

Jake: *Running over with Jennifer* Hey… HEY! Guys… What’s going on?

Jennifer: You guys are missing the details…

Martin: *Looking to see Jake and Jennifer* What… are you two doing here?

Jennifer: Uh, We’re here to join in on you guys… DUH!!!

Jake: And to tell you about a New guy coming into town sometime soon. They say that he Rides a Motorcycle and he’s only 12 years old. He goes by the name Renegade River… but his name… Get this…  his name is Zeke Mansfield. He’s said to have a very bad habit. Smoking from what they refer it. But the habit he has is that he goes to bars posing as teen or an Adult. Like Age 21+. He’s not a bad bad dude… but on a scale of one to 10 of who’s the baddest person in Teendom… I would say he’d rank a 9. the least case of worrying. But i would not recommend that you get Luna near him.

Karen: Why’s that? He that bad?

Jake: No… but with the way Luna’s been feeling and acting lately… She’s vulnerable as a shot up kitty. She’d be sure to twitch and take up the habit the guy has in a flash.

Martin: Jake, Take that Back. Luna would never do that… Not ever.

Jake: Hey… Calm down… i didn’t say she would. I said that she might be sure to do it… but i never said that it was a guarantee. It could be just the thought or the paranoia. but With Luna acting the way she has been… you can’t begin to deny it and say as though she’d never stoop towards experimentation. Not so fast, mind you.

Jennifer: Jake, That is a crock of Squash and scallops… It is not like that at all. The guy is just going through a real tough Emancipation. He Emancipated from his Mother who’s a Hooking scum from how his last statement read in from what we heard… His father is dead and the man in his mother’s life is so neanderthal in nature that he makes up the most vulgar excuses that if you were to just imagine what he was saying… It’s enough to make a saint bleed to death in agony and with loss of Virginity in the ears. The guy is sick. really sick in mind. The boy must be just long since itching to bust out. If i had parents like his… i’d just hang myself and i am not lying either.

Martin: We’ll be sure to steer clear of that guy for the time being.

Jake: No worry on him. He’s not gonna be in the city for about another 3 weeks. But he’s sure a helluva guy. Wild too.

Irene: What should ve do about Luna though?

Martin: I don’t know… But i am worried about my best friend. I am really worried. Let’s get out of here and head to search for her. She’s said to be with her sister Dinah’s Fiance.

Karen: let’s go.

At the Metropolis Clock Tower…

Vincent: What’ll we do?

Oliver: *Sighs* I don’t know.

Vincent: We need to persuade Luna to returning to being a fighter. It is in her blood. She May be normal now… but sooner or later even with the Senshi days behind her… she will be feeling the need to fight.  With the Major threat still out there… she will be needed. The only way we can do it is by putting her into a situation where she will have to fight.

Oliver: We can do that… but we are forgetting about one thing. Dinah. She is a loose wire when it comes to someone trying to push her and someone close to her into something against their will or wishes. She not gonna be happy about the idea that we’re pushing her into it. It has to up to Luna what she wants to do. Luna is normal… It’s just how she wants to live.

Vincent: Martin misses the hero part of her… but Loves her for who she is. He just loves her.

Oliver: We really shouldn’t be focused on whether we can get Luna back into the action. I think that we should just let her be her and let her live normal. Live how she wants.

Vincent: *Gasps* You surely can’t be serious, Mr. Queen. You can’t be serious about just letting Luna live normally as there is a Threat out there and is closing in gradually.

Oliver: It’s what she wants. She chose to be Normal as it was a way for her to live. If she stayed as the girl with Blue hair and with the tail and tendencies of a cat… she would have died. She wanted to live. She knew that it was the only way for her to stay alive.

Vincent: I wish i could agree and abide. I really do… But with the Main threat still closing in and coming closer to our world… Letting the idea that Luna is Normal roll on is gonna put her life in Jeopardy. It will put the lives of her sisters in jeopardy.  She’s taking a big risk.

Oliver: I should agree. The Big red demon that we only know little about is gonna come. The only one who knows most about him is unwilling to break out with the details.

Vincent: Then what ever is it that we should do?

Oliver: I don’t know… The wedding that is being held for Dinah and Shingo is in less than a week and there is a bit of preparation that needs to be done.

Vincent: Quite right. I also should get ready for the grand occasion that draws near. It is being held on Christmas and this city is feeling pretty dark… But there is no need for the wedding to be just the same. Nor should Christmas. I haven’t even done the diligent thing and done any Christmas shopping for my dear boy Martin. He’s gonna be needing a Christmas most of all. It’s supposed to be deemed a happy time.

Oliver: Exactly. We should focus on the Holiday season and on the Wedding. Besides to worry about sweet little Asian girl Luna is not necessary. Luna will see her way on making a life for herself. Her sisters will see that she’s safe. The fighting days ought to be over for her. Good and honest Martin wouldn’t want to see her back into the fray and seeing her unhappy.

Vincent: No he wouldn’t. Although with City being as dark as it has been as of late… i don’t see as though many of us have the choice to say whether it’s right or not right to be out of the fighting. The Ordeal that the Girls had gone through put them all through a mess. A Dreadful mess. They almost didn’t make it. But somehow… had.

Oliver: Yes. What should we call these times? Darkened Holidays?

Vincent: The beginning of possible unhappy times…

That Late Afternoon…

at the Metropolis Catering Company…

Shingo: *Looking at Luna* You feeling better now, Luna?

Luna: I guess… I still feel pretty shaken and hurt because of that woman. Rikku was being mean. She was being a mean hateful woman. Hurting me. She was gonna kill me.

Shingo: It had me panicking the whole time. I didn’t know what to do. If i tried to come at her… She would have killed you and wouldn’t lose a bit of sleep over it.

Luna: I Sure hope that Dinah don’t hear about this… I know that this would make her mad. I don’t want to make her mad.

Shingo: She won’t be mad at you. She’ll most definitely be mad at your Ex-Grandmother.

Luna: I am mad at her too… i am hoping that they give her the Chair.

Shingo: I think that we all do… but as it turns out… we might not get that lucky. We still have to worry about that Grand hearing… Of Course… the last thing that Dinah needs to know and worry over is that Grand hearing. It is freaking her out. She’s been through quite alot herself while taking care of you and claiming Sole Custody of you. I myself feel that all this could have been done another way… however… your sister did what she had to do. Whether it be easy or not. I know that i for one was all for what she decided to do. Because it was to get you out from the harm that was being done by your now Ex-Grandmother.

Luna: *Nods* …

Shingo: You shouldn’t worry so much about it though. that vengeful lady is gone. There is no way she’ll break out. This time they’re putting her in chains. Chaining her up.

Luna: Treating her like an Animal?

Shingo: Depending on how you look at it, yes.

Luna: *Sighs* Uh, Where’s the Caterer? Kinda weird to be at a catering company and finding no Caterer in sight.

Shingo: I wouldn’t know. I never been here before. but it is weird, Luna. It is very weird. There might be one in the back. But there should be one around here from somewhere.

Luna: *Looking around* Do you think that Dinah will find us and see what’s going on ahead of time? You did want to surprise her. Didn’t you?

Shingo: I don’t think that she’ll come and spy. She has faith. We’ll just have to be sure that she doesn’t see us.

Luna: Kinda hard with the Limo parked out front. It is as you’d say… a giveaway.

Shingo: *Blushes a little* Oh… yeah. I forgot that we came here with the Limo.

Luna: *Spotting a shadow* I think that someone’s coming…

Shingo: About time… All this planning is wearing me down to the last thread.

Although a little ways down the road…


Martin: *Looking for Luna* Luna should be around here somewhere… We must have traveled this street for a good 8 blocks.


Karen: Well… wasn’t she said to be with her Sister Dinah’s Fiance Shingo today?

Martin: Yeah… Why?

Irene: Vasn’t he driving Limo?

Martin: Actually…  You know what… yeah, he was. He drives the Limo. Luna told me as it was something that was part of the Job Shingo had. He drives Limos. He’s a Limo Driver.

Jake: Well… uh, i think that we may have spotted one up ahead. There is a Black one up there. and it’s got something that Luna said was Shingo’s. A Golden picture of his Girlfriend/Fiance and soon to be wife.

Martin: Where’s it parked in front of?


Jennifer: A building with some sign showing lists of Wedding arrangements. *Looking at the sign* The Metropolis Food Catering company. Never heard of a company like that… Maybe because none of us are dealing with getting married. But If the Limo is there… then that must also mean that Shingo and Luna are there.

Martin: *Seeing ahead and noticing a car pulling up on the side and parking* What…

Karen: Something a miss, Martin?

Martin: No… But there is a car that just pulled up just a second ago. *Looking ahead and watching*

Irene: Let’s go and see.

Inside the Catering company Building…

Shingo: how much is it gonna cost us for the Wedding reception?

Luna: My sister Dinah and he are getting married on the 25th. they want it be perfect.

Shingo: ……



Pearl: *Walking into the building* Shingo… Where is that two-timing bitch Ex-grandmother Rikku?

Shingo: She’s been taken back to Jail and is being Chained up now. She did some damage to Luna and left a mark on her around the neck. But she’s no worse for the wear. She’s gonna survive. Luna is still shaken up by it though.

Star: Ugh! Boy, that is messed up. that lady did some damage and you didn’t even get a shot at her?

Shingo: How could i? she was watching everyone in sight… i couldn’t even get a shot in. i couldn’t even sneak around and sneak behind her to hit the woman.

Pearl: Where is she now? Where is she now?

Shingo: County Lockup.

Star: That’s on Courthouse Drive and it’s before the 7 mile road leading to the Interchange that separates Metropolis City, Kansas City and Wichita.

Pearl: Star, Want to come along with me to settle a score with the bitch grandmother in all her bitchiness?

Star: You mean return some Karma comeback? Hell yeah. Luna’s an innocent girl. She doesn’t deserve to be made a fool by Grandma Rikku’s bitch ass. Let’s knock her out.

Pearl: Let’s go. Luna… we’re gonna take care of the woman…. She wants to hurt you. She’s dead meat.

Shingo: No! Pearl… don’t do it. Don’t stoop to that woman’s level. That is what she would be expecting. Don’t play into it.

Pearl: *Barks* Shingo… Stop! It is not up for debate. We protect our own. Grandma or now Ex-Grandmother Rikku has attacked and did it malice-ful to Luna… Now it is time to pay our dues to her and make her wish she never laid eyes on us or on Luna.

Just as Pearl and Star dart off back to the car and head off to the County Lockup…

Martin: *Walking in with Karen, Irene, Jake and Jennifer* Luna.

Luna: *Seeing Martin and trying to cover the fact that she had been crying earlier* Hey Martin. I was wondering when i was gonna see you again.

Martin: I know. I was really worried about you. I could tell over the phone when we spoke last night that something was really bugging you.

Luna: It still is, Martin. I was Just feeling out of because of everything going on. My now Ex-Grandmother tried to attack me. She broke out of Jail and found me at the Jewelry store where Shingo and i were looking for the perfect Wedding ring for Dinah and for him. But that woman… Rikku. She tried to kill me. Almost did. She even said that i was nothing by a worthless and pathetic Jap. It hurts alot. My conscience is hurt. i don’t know hardly anything anymore. That woman was mean… but must have been right. I haven’t been the least bit of any good to anyone since i became all normal.

Martin: That is not true, Luna. You should know that it isn’t true. You’re the smartest girl i know when it came to the threats that were coming… You told me about alot of it. You knew the players… the plot… the scene… who the Villain was… where the Villain was coming from… How. You knew all that. If you were apparently dumb as you are calling yourself which is hurtful… i might add… How would you be able to know what it is that you know? Ignorant people wouldn’t know the things you know… wouldn’t know about the return of the Evil Queen. Where she was coming from. what she was planning or about any of the threat she was posing. You knew about her more than we did. You’re nothing like someone who is worthless. You know who’s worthless?

Luna: Yeah. Me.

Martin: No. Not you. You’re anything but that. The one who’s Worthless is that Evil Woman. Your Grandmother who is your Ex-Grandmother Rikku. She’s the one who’s worthless.

Karen: Luna, we’re your friends. we love you. We don’t care about what that woman said… You’re Cool and sweet. We Love you. You’re a wonderful person.

Irene: My father vould agree. He see you and he like you lot. You are no Ugly to him. You are a sweet person. It is people like your Ex Grandmother who are ugly. they are the terrible ones. Not you. You’re not Ugly. Not at all.

Luna: Why do you guys say that? You should have been there to hear what she was saying to me. She hates me. She is set on doing worse to me if she were to ever get out of Prison again.

Martin: Not with me around. Luna… You’re my best friend. I love you. before these girls and Jake came into the picture… you were my only friend. we hung out all the time… we were spending time with each other and i know that a couple times i happened to weird you out. Because i was coming out with what i caught the wind of… what you were into… what your sisters and cousins were into. But i kept staying close to you. because i wanted to see that you were safe… that you were okay. I am serious about this, Luna. You are not gonna be alone. If that grandmother wants to get to you… she’ll have to get through me first and i am not moving.

Irene: That vas sentimental. Martin, that vas so sincere.

Jake: I think that if i were a girl right now… I would just cry.

Jennifer: Awwww! What’s wrong, Jakester? Afraid to let out your feminine side? Water back-up?

Jake: Shut up, Jennifer. It’s not like that at all. You know that it’s not like that. I am just saying that if i were a girl… I’d be crying over the sentimentality. I never said that i wished that i was one.

Luna: Martin, I…. I…. I’m sorry. I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you worry like that. It’s just that the woman acted so mean… said all those things and made me believe that i was just worthless. I kinda thought that i ought to be. I can’t even fight. I am normal. I want to be normal… but now since i am… i can’t do anything. i can’t even defend myself. I’m more likely pathetic.

Karen: You are not like that, Luna. Stop saying that. You are worth more than that woman ever was.

Jake: The lady is full of crap. You’re not.

Martin: Plus… before we got to this spot… we saw what looked like your sister Pearl and her friend Star Marching out of here in a bit of fury.

Jennifer: Hey… That’s right. we did. We saw. What the hell was that all about? What the heck happened?

Luna: Well from what was said… Pearl and Star were in here. My sister Pearl and her friend Star were in here and saw me and Shingo. They were asking if Grandma Rikku tried confronting me and of course we said yes. Pearl got mad and started burning up about it. She is on her way to the County lockup now to face the woman and tangle with her. But i have a very awful feeling that Pearl’s gonna be aiming to do something that she’d regret. I know that she wants to give her some pain for how that woman treated me… but this is gonna just wind up blowing up in her face. in our faces. It’s wrong. I can’t let her do it. Martin, I can’t go out to where Pearl is and do anything to stop her… Shingo is with guardianship of me till later when i get back to the Dorm Room where Dinah and Christie are. I can’t go…

Martin: It’s okay. I’ll go and speak on for your behalf and Try to see on getting Pearl to refrain from doing it. To save her from risking herself by landing punches and attacking the Vengeful woman.

Karen: I’ll stay with Luna and keep her company.

Jennifer: Same here. Irene…

Irene: I will stay as well.

Jake: I’ll join in on the trip. We can’t let Pearl ruin her life and attack at the grandmother. She’s got too much at stake. The Fashion business. It will just plummet if she is caught in a scandal with the woman and nailed in a shot of her trying to attack an older person. One Like Grandmother Rikku.

Martin: I have the power items to transform and that will get us able to teleport over there in a hurry. Time is dreadfully short and there isn’t a second to lose.

Luna: *Looking at Martin* Martin, Please be careful. I know that Grandma Rikku wouldn’t think to hurt you. but given that you are part of my life and she hates me so much… she will try to get to you and just hurt you. She’ll get you just to get to me. to hurt me.

Martin: No worries. I’ll be careful. If she tries anything… I’ll shock her with an electric attack or Ice her to a Sub-Zero temperature with an Ice attack. *Winks*

Luna: *Laughs* That’s funny. Good one. But really… Be careful. Please.

Martin: You got it. *Kissing Luna on the Lips* Love you, Luna.

Luna: Love you too.  *Kissing Martin on the lips back*

A second later…

Martin: *transforming* Tuxedo Power…….Power Up!! *transforms into Tuxedo Martin Amazing;  With a top hat and Cape appearing as the normal look gets surrounded and covered in White light; Replaced with a Tuxedo and Black shoes. a Scepter being placed in his hand and With a Arm brace with Stars on it appearing on his right arm; poses* I am the Warrior of the innocent Tuxedo Martin Amazing!

Jake: Let’s go.

Luna: *Sighs*

Within seconds Martin vanished with Jake and went on the way to the County Lockup to see on defusing a possible situation that was feared to bust out…

Shingo: *Standing there confused* Do i even want to know what just happened now?

Karen: Not really. But You did say that you were into some things of weirdness, so… it might be just what you’re familiar with. You just saw a couple people just Vanish.

Shingo: Oh really? That’s nice.  Well… I guess that would explain it. They Vanish and just flee. Where did they go though? Where are they going?

Jennifer: Where do you think?

Irene: To the county Lockup to try and defuse problem in risk of starting.

Shingo: Are you kidding? Oh god. Whatever is going on now… better not do anything to hamper the swift preparations for the Wedding.

Luna: That’s an agreement….

At the Metropolis County Lockup…

Grandma Rikku: *In a Holding cell and Chained* This is Ridiculous… I am being mistreated for putting a little Bitch in her place. This is some Justice. DAMN IT! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

Holding Officer: *Punching Rikku in the stomach and jabbing her in the face* Shut up. You are here because you abused a child. You’re an Abuser. When the word comes of your Execution… i will see to it that i am there to watch as you’re Electrocuted to death. Child Abuse is a serious Crime and if you abuse a Child… You are sentenced to die.

Pearl: No. *Walking in and Glaring at Grandma Rikku* Let me beat the crap out of her. She’s needing her ass kicked.

Holding Officer: *Looking to see a Visitor* Who are you? Are you here to see this woman?

Pearl: Yes. I am. But it’s only to send my last regards to her and to let her know that the rest of the family send their regards and that also the one she Abused sends her regards. in Spades…

Star: I’m here to help her. The Bitch abused Luna and Now we’re gonna let the white-bred bitch abuser have it. She’s gonna be sorry that she ever laid her eyes on any of us.

Pearl: Let’s get her.

Pearl and Star suddenly move in and start to wail on her. They beat her senseless and made certain that they knocked her into the wall. Kicking her and pounding her.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Running into the room with Jake* Pearl… Stop.

Jake: What are you trying to do to her? Kill her? She’s not worth it. You are right now doing the very thing that she is wanting to have happen to her. You’re giving her what she is wanting to see happen to her. Don’t cater to her. She’s not worth it. By you attacking her… it will just give her something to use against you and the others. Luna will be taken away from you guys if the law sees that you had initiated the attack on your grandmother. They’ll see her as the Victim and not the suspect that she clearly is because of what she’s done. Don’t give in to her. Don’t feed her the Ammunition to use against you.

Pearl: *Looking to see Martin and Jake standing closeby* You guys are not supposed to be here.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Neither are you. You are here and are risking everything. You’re giving this woman the very thing that she has been expecting. You can see how she is just smiling. She’s enjoying it all because she’s receiving something that can be used against you and your sisters. You could lose Luna to the state if they see and find a reason to believe that Luna isn’t safe with you guys. You need to just let this woman go. She is not worth it. All you are doing is stirring up the pot for trouble by punching her and Kicking her… hitting her. Attacking her so she can make like she’s the Victim. It’s exactly what she is wanting. You’re only hurting your chances on seeing this woman get the chair for her crime.

Star: Hey, Someone’s got to beat the crap outta her. Who’s gonna do it if we don’t?

Jake: Let the Inmates here do it. They can more likely do it and get away with doing it. They’ll only cost themselves the chance of seeking Eventual Parole if there is any for them. But that’s about it. They haven’t much to lose. you two do. Your lives. the Fashion Business. Luna. Everything. You want to stand up and defend Luna. I get that. we get that. we do. But doing this is not gonna best benefit her. If you really want to benefit her. Do the right thing. Let this woman be. Let the hands of Justice handle her.

Pearl: And what if they allow her to walk? They might just let her go and we’ll have to worry about her coming near Luna every second of every day.

Star: Besides… who’s to say if they’ll even be able to permanently keep this woman locked up? All they have to do is compromise just one shred of evidence or the testimony of one of the Witnesses and it’ll throw the case and it’ll throw the whole hearing off. they’ll just release her and say that it was all a technicality.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: You can’t think that. It won’t be thrown out. But if you attack this woman… it will only make you look bad. not her. She is the suspect. but by you attacking her… it will only make her out to be the Victim. Luna is the Victim. Not her. Don’t make her the Victim. Let the Law handle her.

Pearl: If the Law lets her go… I will have not faith in the law. ever again. *Looking at the Ex-Rhapsody member* You Lady… Are Rotten. We are not gonna even waste any more time on you. You are dead to us. When we see you at the Grand hearing… the next time we meet face to face… You will be seeing us cheering to the sound of your end. You are going to rot in jail. Because if they let you go… you can bet your ass that we will be going Godfather on you. We’ll make you wish that they locked your ass up. THAT’S A PROMISE!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Firing a shot at the woman as a goodbye present* Electric Hammer!

Jake: Whoa! Good shot. That hit her on contact. Nice work.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Winks* That was for free. But just as a gift from Luna…

Grandma Rikku was knocked out and barely lucid to hear what was said. She was beaten up good and knocked down. Pearl and Star looked at one another and sighed at the woman and left. They were wishing to deal the woman more pain… but after the voice of reason that came from Martin and Jake, They decided it be best if they left and just let the woman rot.

Dinah on the other hand was on her way to find Shingo although… With it getting late… She decided it be better to just get a little more of a workout in before it got too dark outside in the City. Shingo and Luna were done with all the preparations for the Wedding that was taking place on the 25th. Christmas was also on the same day as the Wedding. Paige knew that there was was no presents for any of them and wondered what could be done about there being no presents. She was not aware that Oliver was optioned to surprise them… Although none of them knew it. They didn’t know. Alice and Prince Alvin were on an outing still and decided to scout out for a Job. A Part-time Job working their professions. Prince Alvin working as a Mechanic and Alice found a Paranormal team to aide in for experience. They needed Money and wanted to get with thinking of the future. It was only their first year in College and yet they were thinking about a Job. Dinah was home at her Dorm by 7: 10 and brought in some Takeout food for the night.

As For Vincent…

At the Metropolis Mall…

Vincent: *Walking around and looking at the nifty Gadgets within the store* Hmm… Martin might like this. *Looking at the strange looking item closeby and suddenly picking it up* This is a Voice controlled Journal i think. By the look of it… this could be beneficial to Martin. Putting entries inside it. Poems. Sonnets or Spells that he can maybe conjure up on his own… Not really the life i’d say he would enjoy when he happened to get older than what he is now… but it might open a door for him.  I should Surprise him with a couple games and maybe a new game system. *Walking onward and looking for all the Entertainment gadgets and Gaming Equipment* Lets see… What’s the newest game out that he liked. It had to be something like an RPG. I recall hearing him talk about something like that. *Thinking and figuring out* Ah! that’s right. A Final Fantasy Game. He said something about that and wanted to play the game. There is also The game called Baten Kaitos. Eternal Wings and the lost ocean. That was the one. That is a Game Cube game though. Hmm… The Dear Boy should have a wonderful Christmas. I’m gonna see that he does. Dark times or not.

Store Worker: *Walking over to Vincent* Excuse me, Sir. Are you looking for something? How can i be of assistance?

Vincent: *Turning to see the worker* Ah! greetings. I am just here to do some Christmas shopping for my dear boy Martin.

Store Worker: Ah! yes, that is the thing that all parents want for their kids. to make the Christmas a bright and cheerful time and with peace of mind. Not to mention the serenity of spending it with the ones you love.

Vincent: Precisely. That is quite right. However i am not the Parent to Martin. I am His Guardian. although i am the closest person he’s got to a parent. His mother and father met a dreadful end. Died in a plane crash. a week before the poor boy turned 6. It was very much traumatic for him. it took him about a couple months to cheer up quite a bit from the mourning.

Store Worker: I would imagine. The poor guy. He’s gonna be okay though. He has you. You’re watching over him and guiding him. But since it’s Christmas… Let’s perk him up this season and give him a real good treat. You’re looking for something that holds an entertaining value to the growing mind. Something that all teens like. A Game system. We got the Nintendo Game cube. With wonderful games. One Being Zelda. Twilight Princess. What about Baten Kaitos? We got a Preview of the Game playing on the T.V over on the side there.

Vincent: *Grins and seeming intrigued* I should take a look at this…

A second later…

T. V Screen: *Sounding off a Preview of a game* “A long long time ago, it was. Before people began to dwell in the sky… a Terrible war was waged between us humans and a wicked god. After the horrendous battle, our ancestors entombed the wicked god and left the polluted and barren earth to find a future in the sky.

Kalas: In this world… there are things that people mustn’t touch. Who Cares?!

Xelha: *Running off and then flying off into the air*

Queen Corellia: The god of demise and destruction, The cursed power of Malpercio.

Emperor Geldoblame: *Acting innocent* The End Magnus? Never heard of that before.

A couple seconds later…

Gibari: *Balling up a fist in Anger* Damn! The Bastards!

Lyude: *In an Outrage* It’s unthinkable! To act against the Empire?!

Mizuti: Us Heroes, We have so much to do!

Savyna: I’ve been Waiting.

Emperor Geldoblame: *Walking in Anger* Kill Him. If left alone, He will prove a threat to my Empire.

At the Campfire…

Xelha: Let us trust the young…

Queen Cornellia: …Who hold the spirit within them.

Fortune teller: The Struggle alone will fill a great emptiness within you and ease your pain.

Xelha: How long have you known?

Savyna: *Running for safety* C’mon Gibari!

Gibari: Go Away!

“Our only hope is the Long, Lost Ocean”

Emperor Geldoblame: *Summoning* AWAKEN, ANCIENT GOD OF DESTRUCTION!!

Fortune teller: Now…. Be what you’ve always Dreamed to be!

A second or so later…

Fortune Teller: Someday you will know… Who you really are.”

Vincent: Oh dear. This game looks too graphical for one to play. I really don’t think that Martin would be too open about a game such as this. Dreadful. Just utterly dreadful.

Store worker: I know. That game is a little graphic and a bit intense. But It is a fulfilling game. over 80 hours of gameplay. or less. depending on the player. But it’s a game for anyone to just dive into.

Vincent: I think that it’s most unpleasant to have a game like that. An Ancient god that wreaks destruction. It’s terrible. I really don’t think that Martin ought to know about such a game like that. But i guess that all Teens need their way of growing and Maturing. Having fun. I’ll get it for him. I want to see that he has a wonderful Christmas….

At the Dorms…

Room #330…

Paige:  *Watching a Movie* I haven’t seen Reese all day. He hasn’t even bothered to come see me. I spent all day watching movies and being just bored. I bet that everyone else had a wonderful time.

Finley: Oh… it isn’t like that i’m sure. It’s just been a rather slow day for us all. There have been no sessions of class for anyone today. It was as silent as a sleeping city. *Singing a tune* It’s been a cold silent day in the city. the life in the city took pity as the atmosphere laid asleep in its slumber. the lights were dim and the city that never slept sunk a silent descent and fell forever to sleep.

Paige: You noticed the quietness that had hit the city too huh?

Finley: It is a hard thing to miss when the evidence is there in sight. The city is still rather dead since that other day when the city was under peril by some evil walking talking set of trouble.

Paige: How did you know about that?

Finley: Paige… Lass. there are a lot of things that i heard from time to time and some of the things that i hear are very much considered to be hearsay half of the time.  The other half…i don’t know if saying whether i would believe in it… or whether if i don’t. But believe me when i say that i have heard o’ much about the Evil Queen. Beryl was it? She is not a lore, Lass. She’s not a mystery at all. I am not part of your supposed cause. I know very little of what is really going on and what it is that you are going through. but i do know that what ever it is that is going on… it’s affecting the city… the school.

Paige: I think that i noticed that. It’s gone totally dark in this city. hardly anyone’s out. I should be one to know as i was hoping to see my guy… Reese. But i didn’t. He didn’t even show up.

Finley: Reese? *Curious* Who is this Reese? I don’t suppose that i know of him… At least not yet. Have i met him?

Paige:  Reese Wilkerson. He is the second oldest of the Wilkerson brothers. He’s got a younger brother named Malcolm. Then a even younger brother named Dewey. Their mother has problems and would literally come at them with punishments almost all the time and much of the time without cause. Reese used to be a troublemaker or he was one that seemed to be a bit under trouble… But when i met him… he started becoming a really responsible person. He even started becoming a Gentleman. Reese and i are in a relationship.

Finley: How is it that you two met?

Paige: *groans playfully* All these questions. Oh dear… He and i met in Debate class during the beginning of the senior year. We both had to deal with the debate teacher there. Mr. Dalton… He was such an asshole. He blamed my sisters and me for the death of a teacher and i have to admit that it was one of the things that managed to piss us all off. But when we officially met and that was out of class that same day that it happened… things kinda clicked.

Finley: So… It was like love at first sight, Right?

Paige:  Pretty much. Yeah. It wasn’t anything else but that. I mean… at first i didn’t know what to think of him. But he even started off by saying that i was rather dishy. Beautiful. I was touched. Really touched. I actually kinda liked him at first before i officially met him and really spoke to him. Once we first spoke… It just was like we already knew each other. But the strange thing is that before that moment… we never really spoke. We never really met or knew about one another. It was like we were both just meager faces in the crowd.

Finley: How so? I would find that a bit hard to believe. If you two were meant to be together… then it wouldn’t be like you were just faces in the crowd. You two just happened to cross paths and it clicked from there. It must have been fate.

Paige: Fate?

Finley: Oh yes, Lass… Fate. How else would you explain it? How else would you explain as to how you and Reese meeting out of the blue and just so it be in class and becoming close on a mutual standing. the loathing of a cruel teacher. But then from there the feelings grew and you two just grew enticed with love. It was indeed fate.

Paige: The Wedding of my sister is in a few days… i have no idea as to where we should take my sister Dinah for her Bachelorette party. the 24th will be the final day before the big wedding. It’s gonna be busy.

Finley: A wedding on Christmas day is a glorious surprise.

Paige: It is. I am really proud for my sister Dinah. She’s the tough one and for the longest time it was bound to seem as though she’d never have a chance to get herself wed. because of her toughness. But from all that has happened for her and gone on with her… she meets a guy… they are with a couple or so years under their belt with the relationship, they become engaged and of course have 3 kids. all girls. Now this. This has been a long road for her up to this point and the thing of it all is that it’s not over. There is still more to come. The next possible one to get the Engagement for the wedding is Possibly Pearl. That’s about all. Possibly My cousin Prince Curtis. He’s far enough into his relationship and it wouldn’t be that far of a stretch. At least not to me. I am sure or aware that his girlfriend has had a few thoughts revolving that traveling around her mind a bit. I have. but my relationship is only 1 year and maybe 3 months in. the Relationship is still way way too young.

Finley: In time it’ll grow. it just needs time to grow and gain experience. That’s all. All relationships do. Maybe after a few more dates… things will start to develop more.

Paige: Irishmen sure know how to work a relationship.

Finley: No… No we don’t deary… We just tell as it is.

Paige: *Grins*

An hour later…

Heading home from the Metropolis Mall…

Vincent: *Riding on his carpet with the presents he bought for Martin* My dear boy Martin is gonna be getting a wonderful Christmas. I know that it’s not the same as last year because of all that happened since last year… But Anything is better than nothing i do say. I even bought him a pet too. A Dog. bulldog. Loyal and playful. But i won’t name the dog. I’ll let Martin name the dog. It’s something that Martin will love doing. Giving it a wonderful name…

Woman: *Walking home from the University and pulling her traveling suitcase* I can’t believe that i had to stay in that room all day. Hardly nothing to do all day since everyone went out and were still absent from the city. *Sighs* The city sure has taken a swift kick in the butt with the chaos that happened the other day or two. I did manage to finish organizing the books back up to where they belonged. The Room wasn’t attack. the University was untouched. but the scare just shook everyone up. and with the incident that hit… it let off a bit of a shaker.

A second later…

Woman: It’s a wonderful night out though. Peaceful. Too peaceful. But at least there is no trouble being stirred.

Vincent: *Flying suddenly beside the woman* Evening dear woman. Is everything quite alright with you?

Woman: *Jumps* Huh?! *Turning to see Vincent on the carpet flying in Mid-air* dear heavens, You startled the beating life out of me.  What are you doing on that carpet?

Vincent: Flying. It’s how i get from place to place in a hurry. I’m known as a wizard.

Woman: A wizard you say? that is quite impressive to know. I never seen or heard about many wizards being in the city and i have been in this city all my life. You ought to be the first one i’ve heard about in a long time. only since because it is considered to be uncommon or not all that normal to know about a Wizard being in the same exact city as the normal living mortals.

Vincent: I would beg to differ on that ma’am. I am a Wizard. but i am also deemed as one who is discreet on what they can do. I have Powers of a Wizard. I am a master Wizard. But i really must warn you that some of the powers that i got are not at all pleasant.

Bulldog: *Barks once as if cheering*

Woman: I see. *Sighs feeling worn out* I am so worn out and i have to walk 30 blocks to where my house resides. Although i don’t really have much of a house since it’s being renovated. i probably am making it more than it really is because i’m just really worn out. i feel tired. I’ve been at the University all day organizing the books that got knocked onto the floor because of the mysterious tremors that hit the other day due to the chaos that happened.

Vincent: Everyone’s been taking a squander of a hit from the ordeal that the city had to endure. It’s gonna be a while before everything gets back to the way it used to be. But I am not gonna allow for it to prevent my dear boy Martin from having a good Christmas.

Woman: You have a son? *Curious*

Vincent: Well… yes and no. You see, i am his guardian and the protector. His parents are both dead. Died in a plane crash off the coast of Wakiki. A week before his 6th birthday.

Woman: Oh my… *Gasps and saddened* That is terrible. It is a awful ordeal to be put through. It is a terrible thing. It is of course none of my business… but what all happened?

Vincent: It isn’t best to let it out. Martin would not like knowing that others knew of it. Even though he heard about it and was told the truth… he’s a little rattled still about it. It took him for a ride i’d say. But he’s learned to mend each passing day.

Woman: That’s good. At least he’s doing that.

Vincent: I do happen to have the letter or a copy of the letter that his father written to be given to him when he came to age. but it was not to be shown to him till age 18 or 21. but i showed it to him the same day he graduated from Elementary school. I figured that it was time and that he had that right to know. He was bound to ask about his parents eventually and seeing him feeling hurt still even though he was as happy as he could have ever had been… I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let the dear boy stew in self despair any longer. I had to show him the letter. give him back his piece of mind.

Woman: I would have done the same thing. I’d also give someone back their piece of mind. It’s the right thing to do.

Vincent: *Pulling out the Letter and showing it to the woman* This is the letter.

Woman: *Fixing her glasses up and focusing on the letter; reading it*….

The woman reads the letter…

Dear Martin,

By the time you read this… it will be that time when you’re about to embark on your teen years… Wondering where your parents were and why they may have abandoned you. But we never did. We were always there. even though we can no longer be. There is a point in life that makes a person wise up to loss and pain but find his own strength that you have… Your mother and i both have thought about you ever since we left for the Bahamas and always had the love for you. Fate is funny i think as it always plays on your life. you never know where it will hit. how. and when… I envisioned a life for you to flourish… and hoped that when that time came that you would break loose and see the world… through your eyes and mine. that you would understand much… and that we’d see you. We were with prayers to see you one day grow up as being the respected man that people would love. as we have always seen in you. We were hoping that you’d be the ruling Founder of our Family Company… but you’ll have to take life on without us. be one without us. The paths you choose will always be scary. it will be hard. But i know you can do it. Martin, Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. in your life… you will deal with much… hardship and pain… but life and love. Beauty. and success. The idea is to take the journey to live your life… be your own man. the man that i know… you are and can be. all you have to do make that trip. My dearest Son… Martin… i may not be there with you as a father should… and neither will your mother. But we will be up in the heavens watching you… and holding you in our Embrace. All my Love…

Your father,
Christopher Jack Marco.”

Woman: *Gasps* Oh god… That poor boy. that poor poor boy. The boy needs a mother figure and a father figure. I can see that you’re doing all that you can.

Vincent: Quite right. I have. Although… it was not the least bit easy. However… it proved to be rewarding because he grew up just fine. It is not the same as he’d feel as though his parents should still be around for him. but He knows by that letter that they’re up in the heavens watching over him from up there. He feels them which is what helps him get by. I am sure that his parents are proud of the person he is becoming.

Woman: That’s splendid.

Vincent: I… *Looking at the time* Oh dear… I really must be heading home. i got to wrap these presents up and hide them before Martin comes back home for the night. It’s almost time for him to be back home.

Woman: I could carry a helping hand in getting the presents wrapped in quick order. I am as one would know a compulsive organizer. i am really into being straight and organized.

Vincent: Okay. Hop along… *Pauses* Wait a minute… I didn’t quite catch your name. Who are you?

Woman: Regina Starling. It’s a pleasure to meet you…

Vincent: The Name’s Vincent Van Graves. I am a Wizard. A Demonologist. and a Necromancer.

Regina: Oh? A Necromancer… Really? How surprising to know that. I didn’t know or realize that you were with more to you than the average twinkle of mystic power. How does the Necromancy work? Is it hard to russle with?

Vincent: It can be. It does have its moments. Why don’t we get to my place and get these things wrapped and put the dog in Martin’s room… then i can show you a sample of what it is that i can do on that.

Regina: Okie dokie… let’s get on the way.

Vincent: Hop on… we’re off. *Lowering down for Regina* Your Ride, M’lady.

Within minutes…

Vincent was off and on the way back to the house with the presents that he bought for Martin and he also got a pet for him too… it was a good night. a surprising night for him and would soon be for Martin as well. It was a long day. For Luna and Shingo… it was eventful. Dinah and Christie were back at the Dorms by time they showed up. It was a long day. Dinah was not saying much as she was writing her Vows and practicing them with her heart. She was getting set for that big day that was coming in for the final landing pattern. on the last thread. Pearl and Star were at the Gala and there was nothing but peace there… it was just as silent. Silent as can be. but there was also bustling as all the observant people and the big men and women of the fashion industry. All that hype was keeping them on the go. It was a eventful night for Pearl and Star. All they could do was smile and blush. They met with the two who were interested with the designs that they were making. It was the perfect setting. None of them knew that it was gonna be the 25th in only days.

At Vincent Van Graves house…

2 hours later…

In Martin’s Room…


Martin: *Walking into the Room* I sure hope that Luna’s gonna be alright. I am sure that she’s fine now. She’s with her sister Dinah and Christie now. There is no way that anything will happen to her now. Not with them there. *Catching sight of a Bulldog on his bed* Uh-oh! What’s this? A Dog? *Walking over to the bed and picking up the dog* What exactly are you? A Bull dog? How did you get here? *Looking at the dog still and wondering where its owner could be* I wonder where this pup’s owner is. Why would someone just abandon such a wonderful looking dog? This dog is shy and playful. I can’t say that i should keep this puppy. What if it has an owner and the owner just so happens to decide that he or she or they want the pup back?

Seconds later…

Martin: *Noticing a note on the Table* Hmm?! A note. Could it have come with the dog? *walking over to the stand and picking up the note; reading the note* “Martin, it has been a depressing and trying end for the year this year for you. In hopes to brighten up your spirits a bit. This Dog was bought for you. She’s a playful dog and is Loyal. She will also be obedient too with some training. A Dog is said to be a man’s best friend and this one will be the one for you. This is just one of the presents that you’re bound to receive this year for Christmas to put some Cheer into you. Merry Christmas My dear boy. Yours truly, Vincent Van Graves.” *Smiles* That’s thoughtful. *Looking at the Bulldog and sighs happily* I guess that i’m your owner, girl. You look like a Starlight. Yeah. A Starlight. That name suits you. Starlight Amazing Marco. I wonder if i can get Vincent to give you a Voice.

Starlight: *Yips in happiness*

Martin: I’ll bet that you’re hungry, aren’t you? Starlight, You hungry?

Starlight: *Panting before standing on her hind legs and pointing her paws down looking needy*

Martin: I guess that i will take that as a yes. *Laughs* You’re such a riot. I love how you’re just so playful.


In the Study room…


Regina: *Sitting in the Chair* I am sure that Martin’s a nice boy. He sounds really sweet from what you had told me about him. It is just sad that his biological parents are gone.

Vincent: True. But Martin knows that he go and visit their graves anytime he likes. He and i go there once a week to spend some time to visit the parents of the dear boy.

Regina: It must be hard for you to talk about it. Otherwise it wouldn’t be all this hard to mention.

Vincent: It is. It is. For you see, Martin’s father was like my best friend. a very close wonderful friend. He helped me get a livelihood in this country when i was like this 14 year old teen I originally came from Munich, Germany. I practically self taught myself and learned the way of the world in a succumbing but sophisticated way.

Regina: Is that how you taught yourself how to do the Wizardry and the Demonology as well as the Necromancy?

Vincent: Yeah. In a way… but for much of that i did have to learn under a master. But i picked up with ease. I learned fast and quite well. *Sighs* But Mr. Marco,  Martin’s father was my best friend. Losing him was what hurt. He was the one that helped me out in this country. If it weren’t for him… i would have possibly been deported back to Germany years ago. Either that or shot because back then…Germans were not all that welcomed in this country and were seen as infiltrators. Christopher Marco got me in with his family and took me in. Risked alot to take me in. But it was something that he was more than willing to do it. He wanted to do it.

Regina: That’s why you’re so Entwined to Martin… because of the courtesy that was shown to you back at that time.

Vincent: No. It was more than that. he Listed me as like the Trusted Guardian to Martin and set it to where if anything were to happen to him and Martin’s mother… i would be with full responsibility of him. It isn’t what i was looking for… but i took it because… i just couldn’t bare to see the poor boy without a parent or Guardian. I Loved the dear boy. He was so sweet and serene. I loved him ever since i laid eyes on him. He is smart and wonderful. Respectful and kind hearted. He doesn’t even give any fuss over anything. I never even thought i would say this as it is like a exaggeration to some… but seeing him reminds me of his father. Christopher. i see a bit of him in Martin. Because Christopher was the same as Martin is now… Kind and outgoing. Risking all just to do what was right. what he believed in. Martin is doing the same as his father when he is standing up for his best friend Luna. who is also his girlfriend. Protecting her when he can. no matter what it took.

Regina: Sounds like a real gifted Boy.

Vincent: that he is. *Suddenly seeing Martin coming down the hall and towards the door* Ah! Seems that Martin’s come home and has found the surprise that was left in his room.

Martin: *Walking in with his Dog following behind* Hey Vincent… Great surprise you left me in my room. A Dog. Completely surprising. Not what i was expecting… but a complete shocker. How were you able to get the dog. There were no Kennels in this City open. There weren’t even any pet shops either. At least none that i could see. I was out today with Karen, Irene, Jake and Jennifer. on the way to find Luna when the news broke out that the woman that abused Luna got out of Jail. we had to go and find Luna and protect her. but found that we were too late. the Grandmother got to her and made her feel like she was worthless.

Vincent: Oh no…

Regina: That is terrible. Is the poor girl alright?

Martin: Yeah. she is. A little scathed by the grasp of the grandmother who is now disowned and no longer one of them… but she’s okay. Her pride and her mentality is however with a bit of a scar to them… Although with her sister Dinah, Christie and of course Shingo… She’ll be okay. I of course had to zip a step to the County Lockup to stop Pearl from sinking to the same level as that Grandmother. I seemed to defuse it and convince her. As did Jake. He tagged along with me to talk some sense into Pearl. It got her to stop.

Vincent: You didn’t do anything to the woman, did you?

Martin: Nah! i didn’t. Well… Maybe i let off an electric attack and fired it at the woman. But i didn’t do it for me. I did it for Luna. She was being abused and hurt by the woman… and i just issued a little payback. But land physical hits on her… No. I didn’t step to that level. The Grandmother is chained up though. they got her chained up and they don’t plan to turn her loose at any point of time.

Regina: Attacking a woman is not right. But you did what you knew had to be done.

Martin: That’s right. I will do anything it takes to protect Luna from the likes of that woman… *Stops to see a unfamiliar face in the Study* wha— huh… Who are you? Vincent, who’s the lady? Is she new?

Vincent: Yes she is. *Introducing the woman* This is Regina Starling. She’s a Law Professor at the Metropolis University.

Martin: No kidding? *Thinking* A Law Professor, huh? Okay… So you teach Law at the university. I wouldn’t bet that you’d have someone in your class by the name Christie Powers. Would you?

Regina: Hmm? Christie Powers… I can’t say as though i’d know that name. I don’t have my role sheet with me, dear. But i do believe that i might have her on it somewhere in the middle or on the bottom. It’s a big list as the class is rather large. A lot of pupils have signed up for the class and are taking it. It’s the course of Law Concepts and procedures. Regulations and Protocols. It’s a huge class. But i do suppose that i have her in that class. Why?

Martin: Nothing really. I was just wondering if it would possible for a Child abusing woman like Grandmother Rikku to be able to seek Parole from Prison.

Regina: That i wouldn’t know… but from the Law in Kansas…  It depends on what kind of Child Abuse it was. Either it was physical, Mental, Emotional or Sexual. For Physical Child abuse…

Common Physical Indicators…

Bruises, welts, or bite marks
Different colors or in various stages of healing
Back, buttocks & back of legs
Defense wounds to back of arms and hands
Shape of bruise ie: shape of an object
Scald and immersion burns
Splash burns
Contact burns
Lacerations to the backside of the body
Series or groups of straight line lacerations
or welts
Head trauma
Black eyes
Split lips or loose teeth
Lumps on the head
Facial bruises, or bruising behind the ear.

Common Behavioral Indicators…

Demonstrating behavioral extremes, including
very aggressive or demanding conduct
Appearing frightened of the parent or
Being full of rage, passive or withdrawn
Being extremely hyperactive, distractible or
Demonstrating disorganized thinking, self
injuries or suicidal behavior which could be one of the things that be seen when it revolves a child. Because a Child can only deal with so much hurt before he or she cracks and breaks down. shutting down all their senses.
Running away from home or engaging in
illegal behavior such as drug abuse, gang activity or cult activity. There have been word of kids doing that. cases of Kids being abused by their parents or relatives so deeply that they just want an out or a release. It is sad to know of that… but if Kids get abused long enough… the rebellion will just flare up and the Child would sire to take up habits that are either wrong, dastardly or unhealthy. But any of those are bad… Displaying severe depression, flashbacks

Sleep problems including nightmares
Cannot recall how injuries occurred.

For Emotional Abuse…

the Common Physical Indicators are…

Daytime anxiety and unrealistic fears
Irrational and persistent fears, dreads,
or hatreds
Sleep problems, nightmares
Behavioral extremes
Substance abuse
Fire starting
Loss of interest
Sudden grade changes
Changes in behavior, personality or

Martin: Some of the signs are noticed. Sadly. Her grades aren’t looking good at all. She even shown them to me… No idea why she’d show them to me because i can’t do anything to change it. She might have been afraid to show the grades to Dinah and the others. Which would explain the reason… but Dinah loves her… why would she be afraid to show her the grades is what i don’t understand. She had a little loss of interest of things. That was sadly seen. But the girls and i have been building back up her interests and her love for life again. Or are trying to. Cutting… no. Fire Starting… no. we didn’t see that. neither have her sisters. Substance Abuse… don’t know. I never saw that. Sleeping problems and Nightmares i know. She tells me about that. the first one… no. neither is the last one. there is no change in any of that.

Martin: Luna mentioned about her now Ex-grandmother trying to belittle her and make her feel as though she couldn’t do anything Right at all. telling as how the woman would only pay attention to her when she happened to do something wrong and not care about her otherwise. Would terrorize Luna over things that were for a short time happening to Luna. making her feel bad for allowing it to happen when she didn’t have any sort of control. She would isolate Luna. She didn’t even care about Luna to even motion on isolating her from others. There was no corrupting. She did give confusing messages alot. Luna was always feeling as though nothing she did was making any difference. The last one… no.

Regina then went on with telling about the signs pointing to Mental and or emotion Child abuse. listing off the signs and Martin recalled that he saw a couple of the signs from that. but the luck of the description as it was being listed… there were no cases of Physical Child Abuse. there was no evidence of there being physical other than a little bruising on the Arm and the wrists. a couple marks on the face. but nothing more than minimal contact… However it was clear that as it was being discussed and they were all going over it from the very beginning… it became apparent that there was more to it than what they thought. Luna was possibly being morally abused by the now Ex-family member to the clan. the only question to that was… how long did it go on for? Luna would never tell because of fear of having to be strip searched for further signs of abuse. Even though Luna was abundantly free from the cruel woman who once was her grandmother… She was still scared about what would happen to her if the woman ever got another shot at her. That was the part that scared her ever so much. Who could blame her as When Child Abuse hits… and it hits any kid… at any time… that it doesn’t only scar the Child… but it ruins their existence. they turn out bad because of the pain that was dealt them and they just couldn’t let go. Some kids get lucky and over come it and get stronger… they train themselves to be stronger. But for many others… they would not be able to escape its nightmare…

Regina: There is a file to look at online discussing the matter in detail…

Regina then tells what the file is…


Martin: I read a little bit of it in the Library and the part where the Child may be put in custody to a relative… Luna was granted Custody to Dinah. Dinah’s got custody of her. Luna is safe with Dinah. Dinah would never Abuse her. Ever. But with the Abuse that Grandma Rikku had done upon Luna. I believe that i’ve seen a few of the signs. I noticed some of the marks on her… but in honest opinion the marks looked like Dirt. Nothing else. Emotional… She has mentioned to me about the Nightmares that came from the Abuse that Grandma Rikku had done on her. Her changes in the grades… were another sign or Emotional and Mental Abuse. I noticed that in her. I am not a parent. I’m her best friend/boyfriend. I didn’t report it because i didn’t know who to tell… or where to go to report it. Plus Luna begged me not to say anything. She was scared about what was gonna happen to her and terrified over what it would do to her family. She didn’t want to leave them. She was afraid that she would be pulled away from the rest of the family. The ones who were not Abusing her in any way.

Starlight: *Whines a little for food*

Martin: Vincent, Do we have any Dog chow for Starlight here? She’s hungry and i didn’t see any dog food in the room when i caught sight of her. She’s hungry.

Vincent: Starlight?!

Martin: Yeah. Starlight. I named her Starlight Amazing Marco. She looks like a Starlight. Shiny coat and she is also very frisky. Playful.

Vincent: That’s a wonderful name. Lovely name. I think that we do have some Dog food around here somewhere… i can conjure up some with a spell. It’ll have all the nice and beefy taste that a dog would just enjoy. The Beef, Chicken and Pork too. Savory to the very last bite.

Martin: That’s gonna beat having to worry about how to get the food for Starlight. She won’t be made to go hungry. At all. *Kneeling down to pet his dog* You’re gonna get the best of care. That you are… You’re gonna get the best of love and care. *Smiling* It’s gonna be alright girl. Tomorrow i’m gonna take you to see my girlfriend Luna. You’ll like her. She’s really beautiful and pretty. Lovely. I just know that she’s gonna love you. Because i already adore you, Starlight. You’re an amazing dog.

Martin then thinks about something and brings up a suggestion to Vincent…

Martin: Hey, Uh… Vincent… do you know a spell that will work permanently and give an Animal the power of Speech?

Vincent: Martin, My dear boy… i am bewildered by that line and by the sheer thought that you believe that i can possess that kind of power. I am a Master Wizard. Not a God or a High sorcerer. It isn’t like i can pull it off so easily. But i do feel honored to know that you think so highly of me. I can do it… But i need to warn you that this is not a parlor trick… i can not do this on cue.

Regina: What is going on? Are you meaning to cast a spell on the sweet dog?

Martin: This spell shouldn’t hurt. Besides… i’m granting the dog a wonderful gift. Something that all the other Dog owners could only dream of providing for their dog. Starlight should get the best of luck. and the best of care.

Vincent: *Grabbing a spell book and Looking for the Animal with Human Speech spell* I don’t think that there is a spell for it… but… *Finding a page with a spell on it* here it is. Martin… Starlight is your dog. this is something that a Master has to say to the pet it owns.  Martin, Place Starlight on the Stool over there and make sure that she’s sitting still looking right at you.

Martin: Okay. *Picking up Starlight and setting her on the Pedestal and petting it to ensure that she stays still* Got it.

Vincent: This is important. Very much important. Tap the dog on the head 3 times. Put the sign of the cross on the head.

Martin: Not too hard i hope. I don’t want to hurt the sweet puppy. Starlight, Hold still… This is gonna be quick. but simple… Oh man… i am no Wizard. But to be doing a spell such as this… This is gonna be truly weird for me. Sure hope i know what it is that i’m doing. *Tapping the dog’s head 3 times and then putting the sign of the cross on the dog* Done.

Vincent: Now… Say this spell over and over again… as i relay and say it right to the dog. Repeatedly till it works. This is a spell. It is said to most likely be permanent.

Martin: Right. I’m ready to do it.

Vincent: *Relaying the spell off to Martin* “Gods of Fire, Water, Air,  Grass and Every other power that be… Let this dog Understand me.”

Martin: *Repeating the spell and Chanting it to the Dog* “Gods of Fire, Water, Air,  Grass and Every other power that be… Let this dog Understand me.” “Gods of Fire, Water, Air,  Grass and Every other power that be… Let this dog Understand me.” “Gods of Fire, Water, Air,  Grass and Every other power that be… Let this dog Understand me.” “Gods of Fire, Water, Air,  Grass and Every other power that be… Let this dog Understand me.” “Gods of Fire, Water, Air,  Grass and Every other power that be… Let this dog Understand me.” “Gods of Fire, Water, Air,  Grass and Every other power that be… Let this dog Understand me.” 

Starlight: *Confused and tilting her head to the side trying to figure out what her master was trying to say* …

Martin: Nothing happened.

Vincent: Something went wrong somewhere. You did and said exactly what it said to do. There is no reason why it couldn’t have worked. I am afraid that the spell is a tad defective on this dog. It is just not gonna work. I’m terribly sorry, Martin.

Regina: It is probably for the best i am sure. It is just uncommon and unnatural for an animal to speak in a human like manner. It would make you into a Doctor Dolittle. And you are not like that at all.

Martin: I guess that you’re right. Let’s get this sweet puppy something to eat. she’s hungry.

Vincent: *Conjuring up some Dog food for Martin’s Dog* A big bowl of Kibble coming right up.

However as soon as the dog was done Eating the dog food…

Martin: It’s probably time for bed.

Vincent: i would say so. You are usually in bed by now and would have been asleep for almost a couple hours.

Martin: You could say that again. I’m gonna hit the sack and call it a night. Besides… the city is silent and there is no activity going on.

A moment later…

Martin was back in his room and getting set for bed. He was more worried about Luna and what was gonna happen when the grand hearing arrived. He knew that Luna was scared as ever about it because it was to the deciding fate of where she was gonna end up and or who was gonna be winning the case. Everyone knew that the case could get thrown out just as easily as it was formed. Martin tried to not let it get to him for the night and just let it all go. He wasn’t the only one who was worried. Dinah and Christie were also worried about what was gonna happen at the hearing. They were afraid that Luna was gonna be just taken away. But there was also the idea of the wedding. It was nearing them and it was now the 20th of December and they were all asleep. Shingo and Dinah were sleeping in the same bed and were cuddled. it was a rather cold night. There was said to be snow falling during the night. It was a wonderful night… Even thought the City was still mostly dead… It was starting to pick up a little bit. The only thing about that was just the fact that it was slow going. Martin had a new Dog. He had a pet. He was even wanting it to talk. It was to no avail. Or was it? Martin was bound to find out. Because his Pet Bulldog Starlight didn’t only gain the gift of human speech. But also intelligence and Expanded Brain span. Martin didn’t know till the next morning…

Martin’s Room…

Martin: *Sleeping and still trying to stir*

Starlight: *Pulling out a pair of Pants for Martin and a shirt from the Dresser; Setting them on the Chair on the side of Dresser separated from the Bed; Suddenly with her Hind legs leaping onto the bed and walking to the beginning of the covers and Gently Tugging on them with her teeth* Come on master. It’s time to meet the day. Wake up.

Martin: *Groans* Vincent, It’s Sunday. There is nothing needing to be done this morning. *Opening his eyes and Looking to see Vincent not in the room* Huh?! Vincent isn’t in the room… But then… who was… that… that just… said something? *Looking slowly to see his Bulldog* Morning Starlight. Sleep well, girl?

Starlight: *Barks once in happiness and with an energetic tone* Yes. I sure did, Martin. But i could sense that you were having a bit of a bad dream…

Martin: *Shooting up and freaking out a little by the outburst* Whoa! Uh… Did you just speak?

Starlight: yes i did. I can speak Quite well actually. I even looked at the strange ball on the Table and saw pictures of all these people. They had to have been really nice. Unfamiliar though.

Martin: The spell… It worked. Oh my god… How… How did it seem possible for it to work? I did the spell and chanted that one line several times and couldn’t get it to work.

Starlight: *Shaking her head* I see that it’s having a slow process in getting through to you. Master… for a human, you sure do pick up things a bit slower. It must be a really slow morning for you.

Martin: Not slow… Just really startling. I mean… Last night, you weren’t talking and i was shooting to get you to be able to talk in the way of a human. But it didn’t work last night when it should have. But now this morning… You’re… Well… Listen to yourself. You’re talking. You’re a Dog and you are talking like a human.

Starlight: It was the whole idea. Master, You know by now that nothing is an exact science. Somethings don’t work right away. Sometimes it takes a little time for it to kick in. But i am now a talking dog. I think that it’s perfect since now that we can better understand each other. It would be really sad for you to have to resort to having to try and speak dog and hope to maybe be able to understand me as i try to understand you without the human voice and the Smarts of a human and the Expanded brain span.

Martin: So you’re smart as well. That’s almost like a added bonus. Alright! *Stirring and getting up* Okay… I’m up. I’m up. It’s another glorious day to live and take part in. City still feels pretty dead. But since it’s a Sunday and there isn’t anything to do… wanna go to the park and play a little bit. I believe that i have a frisbee that we can play catch with.

Starlight: *Barks happily*

Martin: okay. Let’s get changed first and grab some chow. We’re gonna need it. we’re also gonna go and see Luna and her family. You’ll like her. She’s a beautiful girl. Sweet too.

Starlight: *Hopping off the bed and walking over to the door; stepping into the hall and panting a little*

At the Dorms…

In the Dorm Lounge…

Paige: Pearl, Alice, Star, Christie, Megan, Summer… We got to think of a place to go to take Dinah for her Bachelorette party. We need to think.

Pearl: We could always surprise her.

Star: Uh, Pearl… that’s exactly why we’re here talking about this now. to plan something special for her.

Christie: It’s got to be something that she would never forget. Something that she would remember for a long time. There is a night Club. The Ace of Clubs. The only problem is that none of us are 21. and they won’t allow anyone there who are not at least 21.

Summer: We can try that coffee place. The Metro Coffee stop. They might allow for us to hang there and get drunk on Caffeine.

Alice: Do we know anyone who works there?

Paige: yes we do. Shanna. Our sister.

Pearl: *remembering* Hey. Yeah. that’s right. Shanna works there still. She might be able to cop up a deal or something.

Megan: What do you mean that she can cop out a deal for us? Are you saying that the might not be willing or might not be able to do it?

Paige: No. That is not what she is saying. The thing is that Shanna and us haven’t seen each other for a while. It’s been a while since she and us were together.

Alice: Do you think that she will allow us to be there to hang out and hold the gathering there?

Pearl: I don’t know. Wait… Maybe there is a place we could go to…

Megan: Where’s that?

Paige: *Looking at Pearl while sitting down* Pearl… There is something that you’re not telling us. isn’t there? You’re thinking about something, Aren’t you?

Pearl: Yes. What i am thinking is that… remember the woman that we dealt with once. For maybe a short time?

Star: Uh, i don’t know what you’re getting at, Pearl… none of us do. but whatever it is… can you please just get with it and tell us?

Megan: I don’t think that i am gonna enjoy the suspense here.

Pearl: The woman… Kent. Martha Kent.

Star: *Scoffs in shock* Uh, What?! Are you whacked? Who the heck is that?

Paige: She’s known as the Red Queen. The White Queen Amanda Waller revered her as someone who was indeed feared. Checkmate Quaked and were intimidated by the mere mention of her. I mean… think about it. Red Queen… Revered Adversary to the Government Agency Checkmate. The one that the White Queen reveres and fears dearly… Hello.

Pearl: Do you think that she might allow for us to hold a party or a gathering there at the Farm and celebrate the last moment for Dinah being a single girl and soon to become a Married woman?

Christie: I am sure that Dinah will love anything we do for her. All she wants is a wonderful night and to have fun. Have fun with her friends and family. all of us. Except for the boys since they’re all gonna be having a Bachelor party.

Megan: How about the Karaoke Lounge at the promenade? They take all sorts of requests.

Star: Are you insane? We can’t take her to a Karaoke Lounge. This is a Bachelorette party. Not a Singing competition.

Alice: Then where?

Pearl: *Sighs* I don’t know.

Star: Come on guys… we’ve got to do something for her. There has to be something that we can do for her for a bachelorette party.

Summer: How about we throw her a party here… on the 24th. A Bachelorette party. Yeah…

Christie: That’s a wonderful idea. We can have music here and dance here too… Dinah will have the best time. You think that the Dorm Manager will lend us a hand with it?

Star: We can always ask.

Megan: The worst that she could say is that it’s a Negatory.

Paige: Where’s Dinah?

Christie: She’s at the Gym or is heading off to the Gym. Will be there for 6 hours today. after the Gym… She’s gonna be back and she’s getting changed. She’s going to find a Bridal shop and search for a wedding dress. She wants you and Pearl with her. it’s an important moment for her and she wants to do it with her sisters. Luna is in the room and is sleeping still. She isn’t feeling so hot this morning. She woke up with a stuffy nose and a touch of Nausea.

Pearl: What about Shingo?

Christie: He’s at work. He had to pull another shift as he got a call from his boss and was told that his boss was a man short.

Alice: Luna’s all alone in that room. Someone should tend to her and take care of her. It’s not right for her to be left all alone. I’m gonna see if there is any Chicken noodle soup and take her some. It’s Jewish Penicillin. Penicillin to the great unwashed. whatever that means…

With things winding down and looming off the coast towards the wedding… there was little left to worry about wedding wise. There was not so much to worry about revolving the grand hearing. They all had the Evidence. The Evidence was gonna speak through in keys and in Volumes. There was Luna’s road to self loss. feeling unsure and alone. The Abuse that she was going through due to Ex- Grandmother Rikku was the stand that broke her. Luna felt useless and worthless. More than she thought. But her friends and her sisters all convinced her that she was never worthless. It was only the Mental Abuse that took a hit and was torn to shreds by the words that were spoken to her. None of them knew that the Abuse went much further than what they all believed it to be. The Grand Hearing was gonna put that woman to shame. But there was also a new woman in town. Regina Starling was the new woman in town and there was also now a pet in Martin’s life. A Bulldog. plus it talked as well. It had the voice of a human, Smarts and the Expanded brain span. The Wedding was near… it was close and it only would mean the sacred bond of Matrimony for two people. For Shingo and Dinah. What was their life gonna be like as a married couple? Was it all a dream come true? Was there gonna be peace among all the happiness of wedlock? Would there be trouble in the midst of the most special of times? Was Luna’s grand hearing gonna mean the end of Luna being a Rhapsody? Would the law take her away from them over evidence of Luna being abused by an Ex-member of the family? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Dinah: *With tears in her eyes* I’m finally gonna get married. Oh my god!


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