Chapter 96: Seismic Nightmares Part 2

Terra comes out from the Shadows…

Terra: *Voice-over* My name is Terra… and i have done horrible things.

I have sworn allegiance to an Evil Queen. Committing crimes and evil deeds under her name.

(A army of shadow creatures and evil beings are shown storming the city streets; the remnance of a Gift that was made by Prince Arnold and given to Terra appears and slowly falls down to the ground, Soon crumbling into pieces and then breaking into two shards with one of the shards crumbling and one standing showing the left side of Terra’s face; the Army presses on and Terra is seen riding on a piece of Earth over them.)

I have destroyed everyone who used to be my friends…


One by one… I have destroyed the girls of Love, Grace and fury… The Rhapsody Girls Z! The Enforcers of Justice… The Rhapsody Brothers. And with no one left to stop me… I have brought an entire city to it’s knees.

*A Music Interlude as a last vision of the Rhapsody Girls Z! and Rhapsody Brothers are seen falling to their deaths*

The March of Dark Kingdom soldiers carries on…

The Army presses by the Daily Planet…

The Dark Kingdom soldiers press past the Metropolis University…

They March past the Metropolis Gen.

Past the Police Dept.


By the City Hall…

My Name is Terra… I have done horrible things and i have absolutely… No Regrets…

Chapter 96: Seismic Nightmares Part 2.

2 days later…


The aftermath of the defeat of the Rhapsody Girls Z! and the Rhapsody Brothers…

The streets were silent and bare… the cars were still and cold. the sky was overcast and there was fog all over. Creepy as the City was laid Baron by the hands of Terra and Beryl. The streets by the Daily Planet, Luthorcorp Plaza, Metropolis U, Met Gen, all the streets were silent.  A couple Clusters of Dark Kingdom Soldiers were storming the streets and Marching on…

Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: A World without the Pathetic and Annoying Rhapsodies… To think that i would never get to see the day where it becomes reality. But at long last… the city is ours and Victory is mine to be had. The Rhapsody Family is gone… May they never rest in peace…

Back in the City of Metropolis…

Terra is riding through the fog and patrolling the city…

Beryl: *Through the Earpiece* Splendid and very astounding work, my dear Apprentice. You’ve done me very proud.

Terra: Thanks. It’s been fun.

Terra presses on and has a Flashback of the fun times she had with the Rhapsody Girls Z! and the Rhapsody Brothers… She sees herself laughing happily with them… But as she snaps out of it… She sees the city still Baron and empty…

Terra: Sector 4 cleared… Pretty quiet and still since now all the people and the innocent civilians cleared out. *Pressing onwards*

Beryl: Get used to it, My Dear Apprentice. This is all ours to control… This city is just the first of many others. It’ll be easy and swift since we no longer have the Rhapsody family around to stop us.

Terra: I know.

Terra pressed on and while pressing along and patrolling more of the City… She withstood more flashbacks… One of her foiling a Jewelry store heist. Seconds later one of her and Prince Arnold walking through the park… It started to haunt her and get to her a little but she knew that it was too late to take back what she had done… She barely got to the one street and over saw Grandma Rikku’s house… and the Robots were on the streets too. keeping watch of the Neighborhood… Terra took one look and saw no activity going on…

Terra: We did it… it’s Actually a reality. They’re really gone. There is none of them left to stand in our way…

Suddenly… a Flash of dark Energy whipped in and took one of the Dark Soldier robots and swiped it and destroyed it. Seconds later… two more Robots were blasted and blown up. but that time by Bubbles and Hearts. It knocked Terra down and she landed on her butt once and spun to where she was face down. She got up and gasped as she looked back to see Shadows… one shadow. She Also heard Growling too…

Beryl: Apprentice… Report! What’s going on out there?

Terra:  I don’t kn– *Seeing two forms in the fog* …. *Gasps* No! I destroyed you.

Beryl: Terra, Attack this instant. Right now!

Terra then attacks and causes a car to topple upside down. She stood up and looked both ways and glanced repeatedly back and forth. She didn’t see a shadow coming at her from behind and Pounding her. That shadow was Prince Alvin. But only a shadow was seen. nothing more. It knocked Terra down and sent her bouncing off to the side and she barely got up when she got blasted by a shot of Plasma. Blasting her into the nearby car. She got up and saw shadows of the ones she destroyed. She tried getting up and flying off on a piece of rock… But a shot of Hearts and Electric energy shot at the rock crumbling it and Terra fell back down to the ground. She however managed to gain her footing… A Shadow then loomed at her and Leaped at her which before contact could be made… she managed to put up a barrier of rock to block it. But she was attacked from the side by a blast of fire… Knocking her down….

Beryl: Get up and fight, Apprentice. Now!

Terra: … *Struggling to get up*

Beryl: Your suit’s Neuro-interface allows me to assist you in the thrusts of Combat. But i can only be of help… if you get up and Fight!

Terra: *Standing up suddenly and Looking ahead at what’s lurking*

Suddenly a Shadow came at her and made like it was gonna strike her. Terra then flared up and tried to summon rocks to fire back at the shadow… But when she wasn’t looking, a Black shadowed Ravenous bird Rose from the Ground and formed a Claw and grabbed her. Holding her up high. But she used her Earth power to bust free from its grip. Tried flying away on a piece of Rock but got knocked back down and into the fog. She crashed onto the ground. Seconds later… she got up and looked ahead and saw a shadow… She knew who the shadow was that time…

Terra: Prince Arnold?! *Seeing Prince Arnold’s shadow stepping closer and with rage* Prince Arnold, Stop! Aren’t you gonna even talk to me?

Seconds later…

Electric Rage: *Stepping in* We’ve got nothing to fucking say to you.

Bubble Maiden: You attempted to Annihilate us… Annihilate us after everything we had ever done for you.

Miss Love: We took you in and then you repay by Betraying us.

Raven: Did you really think that we wouldn’t take it Personally?

Flaming Soul: IT’S OVER TERRA! OVER! You understand us… IT IS OVER, YOU BETRAYING BITCH!

Terra looked at each of the shadows and felt startled. With fear overrunning her, she summoned a slab of rock and got out of the fog… Riding off scared.

Stepping out of the shadows …

Miss Love and Bubble Maiden: She seemed Scared.

Raven: Scared is not the same as being Sorry.

Flaming Soul: *Angry and Pissed* I don’t give a flying fucking shit one what she feels. She’s a dangerous criminal now… She’s got to be stopped.

Water Lord: *Serious and dead set* She will be. I’m gonna make damn fucking sure of that.

Pearl: *Looking at her communicator and looking at the GPS Tracker* We got a Lock on her… Looks like she’s heading straight and East…

Terra kept running off and got far enough to where she could hide on the side.

Terra: *Panting* …..

Beryl: Where do you think you’re going off to, My pet?

Terra: Anywhere but here… I was getting thrashed and side attacked. Constantly… I had to make a break for it.  i was getting ambushed.

Beryl: NO! *Slamming her fist down* I will not allow for you to run away Terra. That is not how i expect you to be, Terra. You will go back there… You will stay… and You will fight. And you will Win! DESTROY THE RHAPSODIES NOW!!! DESTROY THEM!

Terra then cautiously went and looked out… She only got met by a hard Punch by Prince Alvin and got sent to the other side of the road… Hitting hard. Raven Pulled off a big piece of Rock and prepared to used it to nail her. She Threw it at Terra and before it hit, Terra formed up a big rock and flew up… But Was attacked by the girls and the brothers. Attacked by Paige, Pearl, Raven, Prince Alvin and the brothers… She could only try to slow them down and knock them back the best way she knew how to, Creating Barriers of rock and Mud… But they kept coming…

Terra: *Making a Run for it* Beryl, I need Help… I can’t do this alone.

Beryl: Oh my dear dear Apprentice. You are never alone. Help is on the way.

Seconds later…

After Terra was out of sight…

The ground opened up a Big crater and shined out a huge light revealing Cinderblock, Plasmus and Overload standing side by side…  within seconds… the 3 began to rise and the girls watched as the 3 spun around and started to fused into one big beast. Plasmus covered most of the body of the beast… there was the feet that was that of Cinderblock and there was also Electricity sparking on the one shoulder and on the back…  Some on the High legs. and a little on the arms. There was signs of Stone on the Arms and on the stomach. There was no way that there was gonna be an easy break for them… the Girls and the brothers were gonna be in for a real fight. Beryl wasn’t gonna let them take back the City. But they were not gonna quit. They had a set mind. “This is our city, Bitch. don’t like it?! TOUGH SHIT!” They were not gonna back down from Beryl’s relentless and constant failure to learn when to give up. Ever again.

The fused Creature then came into View and started coming at them…

Bubble Maiden: Ugh! What the hell is that thing? What did Beryl do? Attempt to toy with us and make a Frankenstein monster?

Plasma-Core: *Looking at the creature* We were kinda thinking that it was ugly before. But this? This is an Science experiment gone totally wrong.

Electric Rage: I don’t think that the Electric shots i have will short this menace out.

Water Lord: That’s why we have the Water to do it. Pearl and i have the Water… Remember?

Miss Love: Right. Let’s fire at this sorry waste. Then when done… we can focus on Terra and Beryl. Take them both out.

Dark Kingdom…

Terra: *Running into the Chambers* Beryl! I made it… Alive. I so can not believe that they almost beat me.

Beryl: *Turning to fire Purple Mist at Terra* That is nothing compared to what i shall do to you…

but what the girls didn’t know was that Luna was still abducted… tied up…

in the Luthor Mansion…

The Basement…

Luna: *Finally getting ungagged as the gag gets really loose* Uh… Uh… Finally! I’m gonna be able to call for help. Just wish that there would have been someone that would hear me. I’ve been here for two days and I smell… I am tired, Hungry and thirsty. *Trying to wiggle herself loose from the straps holding her down* Being normal sure sucks… if only i had a hero persona… This is gonna be not my start of a normal life. Even being Normal… i get met with danger.

Unfortunately as she was trying to wiggle her way out of the chair… the chair lost its balance and  toppled over. it made a Thud on the floor and Luna hit her head…

Luna: *Knocked out*

From upstairs…

Tess: *In the hall; overhearing a thud closeby* What was that?

Security guard: *Looking at Tess* We don’t know, Mrs. Mercer. the thud sounded as though it came from the center and leading over to the basement.

Tess: Go check it out.

Security guard: Yes Mrs. Mercer.

A few Minutes later…

Security guard: *Calling up from the basement* Mrs. Mercer… You might want to get down here.

Tess: *Marching down the stairs into the basement* What’s the problem?

A few seconds later…

Tess: *Looking to see a girl on the floor* Who is that? What is she doing here?

Security Guard: Not sure. *Checking the girl out* We don’t know who she is… but she is breathing rather raspy.

Tess: Find out who she is.

Security guard: right away.

Luna: *starting to stir and trying to wake up from the fall* Ugh! Sore wa dare ga hanashite iru! *Looking to her side and seeing a tall woman; recognizing the woman* Tess Mercer?! *Huffs* What are you doing here?

Tess: I see that the little girl here recognizes me and knows who i am… But the real Question is… Who are you? What are you doing here?

Luna: *Unhappy* No yō ni anata wa watashi ga dareda ka wakaranai. Watashi wa runarapusodida. Watashi wa kōki purinsesuryukku ni yōjodesu. Anata ga tasuketa mono wa korosu… Satsujin. ZOD wa kanojo o koroshi, anata wa kare o bakkuappu shite ita. Dōyō ni anata wa chekkumeito to wa nani no kankei mo arimasendeshita. Amandau~ōrā. Kanojo o oboete imasu ka? Anata wa kanojo ga watashi no yōbo o yūkai shi, watashi no shimai o shutoku shi, chekkumeito no shujutsu wa watashi no yōbo o utta to shite, watashi wa dochira ka no kanojo no gen’in ya tokei o teikyō shiyou to shita shien ni te o motte ita. Watashitachi wa kanojo o teishi shimashita. Shikashi, sonogo, wareware wa anata ga zenbu ni te o motte ita koto ga hanmei… (Eng. Trans: Like you don’t know who i am. I’m Luna Rhapsody. I am the adopted daughter to the Late Princess Rikku. the one that you helped kill… Murder. Zod killed her and you were backing him up. Like you had nothing to do with Checkmate. Amanda Waller. Remember her? You had a hand in helping her abduct my Adoptive mother and tried to get my sisters and me to either serve her cause or watch as the Checkmate Operatives shot my adoptive mother. We stopped her. But then we found out that you had a hand in the whole thing… )

Tess: *Clearing her throat* It’s nice to know that you still remember the endearing highlights of what i was like before… but i am not like that anymore. If you forgotten already the likes of Zod are gone… And Checkmate is gone. The Castle is destroyed. There are maybe a few small tiny factions left of Checkmate… but the Shady government agency that you knew as Checkmate… is gone. there is nothing left. As for the fact of being pinned for having a hand in the operative to threaten to kill the mother unless you and your sisters joined the cause. That was not done by me. I had no part of doing that.

Luna: *Looking Down*

Tess: How did you get down here to begin with, Luna?

Luna: I was brought here. By Terra.

Tess: Terra?

Security Guard: I believe that she means The Earth Riding girl, Mrs. Mercer.

Tess: I heard of her in the reports. She was seen at a Maximum Security Prison. Breaking out 3 high level threats.

Luna: How did you hear about that?

Tess: It’s been all on the News. It’s surprising that you didn’t catch the news reels .

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: That’s because with being in a basement that possibly has no T.V. There would be no chance of her seeing what was going on.

Karen: *With Irene, Jake and Jennifer* But we have and we know all about it.

A Minute later…

Karen: *Untying Luna* Luna, what are you doing in the basement of a Rival to your sisters and Cousins? This is not a place for you to be in.

Luna: I don’t know why i am here… I was Abducted. Terra brought me here…

Irene: *Looking at the Asian girl* I don’t recognize her…

Jake: Neither do I.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: She’s Luna, Girls. She’s just normal now because… She Matured into being all human. She had to make a sacrifice in order to be allowed to live.

Jennifer: So… *Grins* The facts are true. You really are just an Average Joe now… *Chuckles* Well… i guess that you are a Human in every sense… You better be sure it’s what you want. You were more souped up as a girl with blue hair. and a cat tail. I to be honest was looking forward to calling you Mrs. Whiskers. or furry kitty.

Luna: *Shaking her head* Anata wa ni tsuite nani o hanashite iru?

Tess: *Confused* What is the meaning of this?

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Luna, you okay now?

Luna: *Getting up and running over to Martin* Yeah. It’s a good thing that you saved me from here… I didn’t know if that girl was gonna be back to finish me off or if she was truly done with me.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I know. It’s okay now. You’re gonna be alright. The civil thing to do is to at least thank Mrs. Mercer for at least trying to tend to you before we arrived.

Karen: We got to go. There is a situation going on in the city.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: What do you mean, Psychic Star?

Jake: Martin, Dude… have you missed the newsbreak? there is an uprising going on in the city.

Tess: You guys are talking about the city being runned now by this Evil Queen. Beryl.

Luna: *Gasps* You know of her?

Tess: The name has come up a few times and she once tried to infiltrate my office and take over the Plaza. But yes. I have heard of her.

Jennifer: What is it that you know of her?

Tess: Just this. Beryl controls the city. She strolled into City hall yesterday morning after she got a weird call from the Blonde-haired girl… Obviously it was Terra. Only because people reported seeing a girl riding on the Earth. Riding through the city on a piece of Rock. She was seen talking to a Queen on the phone and saying that she got rid of the Rhapsody Girls Z! and the Rhapsody Brothers for her and what was heard next was nothing but a sinister laugh. Beryl appeared and took control of City hall. Turned it into her castle keep. Of course… she is in the Catacombs that is said to be underneath it. 20 feet below the City hall… There is said to be an Active Volcano somewhere within there. With The girl’s powers… she could trigger it if she were to use just enough power. But i believe… that if you were planning to go inside there… You’re gonna need protection.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I’ll be fine. I won’t need protection as much as Terra will when i get my hands on her.

Tess: You’re going on a fool’s mission. The Catacombs are dangerous. You will never make it. Besides… You’re a Kid. if you go down there, you’ll only get yourself killed.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: It’ll be worth it. Because i find that if i go… Luna won’t go and risk herself. Call me a sucker for the romantic reparte… but i always had a thing for the guys being the ones who go and rescue the Damsels in distress or goes out to fight a battle just to see that the trouble stays away from the girl in the man’s heart.

Jake: *Whistles* We got a heartthrob in the midst here…

Luna: If my sisters are in trouble… i want to go too. I want to do something to be of help.

Karen: Luna, You can’t. You are normal. you have no powers. If you go out there… you’ll die.

Luna: But i don’t want any of you to go out there. You’ll get hurt. Martin, Please don’t go out there. Please.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I have to. You should stay where it’s safe.

Tess: She can stay here. I know that her sisters would not be thrilled to know that she was here and that i had a hand in protecting her. I can’t go to Chloe…She doesn’t trust me. I don’t blame her as i had done nothing to earn it.

Irene: The rest of us should go to Vincent Van Graves. He’s got a refuge there. doesn’t he?

Karen: that’s right. he’s got one.

Jake: Let’s go.

Jennifer: Right.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Luna, Are you gonna be alright?

Luna: I don’t know. I’ll try to be. But i’ll be worried for you. Please do come back safely.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Don’t worry… I will be. I got a girl worth fighting for. I love you Luna. You stay here and be safe. Look through the Crystal ball and keep an eye om things through that.

Luna: Okay…  I’ll see you again.

Martin and Luna then share a romantic Kiss before parting to head off to face the battle stirring in Metropolis. Luna stayed at the Mansion… while the others went to Vincent’s for refuge and Martin went to the City to assist in the Battle…

At the Watchtower…

Dinah: *Looking at Alice, Christie, Star, Reese, Jack, Summer,and Megan* We haven’t been able to locate Luna… and the guys are gone.  We haven’t been able to locate them at all. there is no sign of them anywhere.

Alice: So… The Rhapsody Brothers are really dead, aren’t they?

Dinah: Yes. They are. Alice, I am sorry to be saying this… but the Rhapsody Brothers are dead. So are my sisters, Paige and Pearl. They too are dead. Raven… i don’t know. She’s not all human and there is no confirmation that she even made it. But the rest are all gone.

Star: Shit, What the fuck are we gonna do now? How the fuck are we or any of us gonna be able to defeat the big read bastard that is seen to come in the near future?

Christie: What’ll we do? we can’t fight. We got nothing. Pearl was into fashion… She and Star were in league to start a fashion business in the future.

Star: Pfft! Yeah right. as if i’d ever do Fashion without her? Pearl was my girl. my partner in all of it. as far as i am concerned… with her dead… the fashion career is dead.

Megan: *Breaking down in tears* Prince Curtis… Why did you have to die? WHY?!

Dinah: He was murdered by Terra.

Alice: I’ll never get to see Prince Alvin again. Will i?

Jack: I’ll never get to see Pearl again. She was my first girlfriend. probably my only one. Who’d ever like a icy looking guy like me anyway?

Summer: Hey! Come on. Don’t think like that. We can’t lose hope. They’re out there. somewhere. We can’t just think them dead. What if they are still alive somewhere and are just… Lost? Would that really be the right thing for our hearts to just consider them all dead. We can’t find them… but i think that if we were wise… we’d stay and allow for them to find us.

Megan: What’s the point? My heart can’t feel him anywhere near.

Star: My mind and the heart here feels the very same. Pearl is gone. She’s gone… Fuck! FUCK! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! DAMN IT! What the fuck are we gonna do without them? Scath is inactive but is still within the wall.. he’s gonna bust out. someday and now since that the fighters are gone… we’re all damned. we’re screwed. We got bumpkiss.

Chloe: Star… Calm down. Stop it. It’s gonna be fine. I’m still gonna keep trying to realign with their communicators. i know that they are out there somewhere. I am not giving up. They’re out there and we are not gonna rest till they’re brought back home.

Alice: *Devastated* The Brothers are gone… Prince Alvin is gone too… What if i never see him again. What if we never see the girls and the others again?

Chloe: Alice, stop… we will see them again. As long as i still live and breathe and can still hack my way into any satellite and or frequency to get a fix on something… we will find them. We’re not gonna give up. Okay? Don’t worry so much about it. It’s gonna be fine.

King John: *Entering through a portal of Electricity and thunder* Wanna bet? My boys have been taken out. I just got the news… i heard it through the wires and i am more than pissed. *flared up and Seething* My sons have busted their asses for you and worked hard at trying to save the world on top of trying to make a normal life for themselves. Now because you didn’t arm them well enough… they have no life. They’re DEAD! MY SONS ARE DEAD! I Swear to god that if you don’t find out what the fuck happened to my sons… i swear that i will dismantle the whole work of this place and tell the world of this location… Losing my sons because of not arming them better will be the least of your damn worries.  now… find my sons… FIND THEM… NOW! RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!!

Dinah: Uncle King John… Stop it! Stop it right now. It is not her fault. It is no one’s fault. It was just fate. it just was a bad hand of luck. I should be pissed just as you are. but i am not like that because i know that all it’ll do is make things worse than what they already are. You’re devastated… i know. I feel it too. I do. But this is just something that none of us saw coming. we didn’t know that this was gonna happen. Not like this.

King John: I don’t want to hear any side tales… It’s bad enough to know that my sons are dead… but it’s even worse and more painful when a parent… Namely me has to hear of it all over the T.V. All over the News and having to read it in the Newspapers. Plus… What the hell is this about your Grandmother Rikku being in Jail?

Dinah: *Pauses* What?

King John: You heard me, Dinah. What the fuck is the meaning of your Grandmother Rikku being in Jail? What the hell is this shit i am hearing about her being put in Jail?

Dinah: *Coming off sounding Dramatic and Emotional* I think that you already know the reason why… You know why? She was abusing Luna. Yeah. that’s right. She was emotionally and Mentally abusing Luna. Making her feel as though she was a worthless piece of gutter filth. She was also a Racist too. Did you even hear half of the shit she was saying to Luna? after the 2nd time Luna came to me crying her eyes out from Grandma’s verbal slashing episode… I secretly had a Tape recorder inside the living room and recording everything that was said from Grandma Rikku. I actually brought the recording with me and Had Chloe put it on the Audio and I am also gonna be at the grand hearing on the case speaking in behalf of Luna and the acts of Child Abuse. Grandma Rikku was being cruel to Luna and if you stand up for grandma Rikku… You’re no better than she is. Being a Racist is one thing… It’s annoying and downright cruel and there is nothing much you can do about that. It sucks… but hey… It’s life. But Child Abuse? ……… CHILD ABUSE?! Are you truly fucking kidding me? Are you really trying to shit me on that? You are gonna try telling me that it’s not as big as we think it is… News Flash… It is. And the way that she was… i am wondering if that was why my mother… her daughter… the favorite cousin of yours was really fucked up all her life. Why she was mocked and torn down… no matter what the hell she did. no matter what she said… Do you have any idea as to how fucked up that is… to go through life thinking that your grandmother was a total fucking saint… then you grow up and know there was something wrong about her and never really knew what the hell it was and go off to College while your youngest sister or brother is stuck there at home and having to deal with a grandmother or grandfather only to see the unshaken truth that the person was a racist? Do you have any literal fucking idea how totally fucked up that is? DO YOU?!

King John: No i don’t know how screwed up that is. I really don’t. But if you are to think that i condone such an act… then you should be damn ashamed of yourself. Our family would never condone such an act like Child abuse. Child Abuse is not what we tolerate in the least. We turn vengeful and sour over that. You know that we do. I never thought that your grandmother… my father’s sister was a racist and was thereby abusing Luna. I didn’t know. I only heard the part where your grandmother was taken to Jail. That was all. *Suddenly recalling something that was told to him not too long ago* Wait a minute… Wait just a minute… I think that i was told of the mistreating that Luna was having done on her. Prince Alvin… told me about it not long ago. about a week or two ago now. He told me about how Luna was being mistreated and being Judged because she was… Asian. That is wrong. A person has no right to judge another over the race that they are. or their color. that is not right for them to do. Not right at all. The fact that i had to read about her being Jailed… in the newspaper… that is just what pisses the likes of me off. But not only that… we also have to face the fact that my 4 sons are dead and the fact that your 2 sisters are dead too. That is so wrong in several untold ways. Wrong and degrading.

Dinah: It’s gonna be alright. You didn’t know and no one expected for you to know… Not so openly. You were told about it by Prince Alvin. A little bit. About the Abusive acts of Grandma Rikku. Not the Jailing. That part even shocked us… we haven’t heard of it till now. Plus the part that gets me is Who called in for the report? I didn’t.

Chloe: It was Vincent. He called it in and turned her in to the police. On behalf of Luna. Luna got him to call it in. I think that it was retribution. She wanted to get back at the grandmother for what she had done. It’s a serious move she pulled… but she made Grandma Rikku Pay. Although i never really thought that Grandma Rikku was that bad. She seemed really calm and caring for the family. she didn’t even turn out to be a Racist.

Christie: Yeah… well some people are seldom who we think they are.

Star: Are you kidding me? We’re not gonna start turning on one another now, are we?

Jack: I’m not.

Reese: Neither am I. Paige would be upset if i turned up being that person.

Summer: *With tears in her eyes thinking about her love*

Megan: Will we ever see the guys again?

Star: No idea. But it’d help if we knew if some good news was in foreplay. I mean… i don’t know how much more bad fortune shit this girl here can take.

Alice: *Feeling broken over missing Prince Alvin* …. Amen.

Back in the City…

The big huge beast combined of 3 creatures continued to attack. It got after Pearl and Prince Avery. Shocking them with a pulse of Electricity… Raven was close by and made her move…

Raven: *using a bit of Dark Energy and sending it to surround a car nearby* Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos! *Firing the car at the beast full force and knocking it back*

The smoke cleared and the beast came back at them, But that was when…

Flaming Soul: Brothers… Let’s nail this beast… Rhapsody Brothers Style.

Water Lord: Right!

Plasma-Core: Ready to fire.

Electric Rage: I’m ready to roll. Shock and lock! Let’s toast this carcass…

A few seconds later…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking at one another*…  *Launching an attack at Ternion* Elemental Marathon! Wave 1: Flash INFERNO!

Ternion: *Screeching* Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Rhapsody Brothers: Elemental Marathon! Wave 2: Watery LIQUIDATION!

Ternion: *Screeching* Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at Ternion* Elemental Marathon! Wave 3: Plasma’s Burning Nuclear BEAMS!

Ternion: *Screeching* Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccccccchhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at Ternion* Elemental Marathon! Wave 4: Electrical Short-Circuit ELECTROCUTION!

Ternion: *Turning to attack the brothers*

Bubble Maiden: *Firing shots of bubbles at the beast* Don’t you even think about it. You are not touching them. You came from Beryl… She wants this City. Well… Beryl… If you can hear this… then learn it and learn it well… “FUCK OFF! THIS IS OUR CITY… WHY DON’T YOU GET YOUR OWN CITY AND LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE, BITCH?” *Firing shots of Bubbles and Launching attacks in Rage* BUBBLES STORMING CONCERTO!!! *Attacking again* Melodious Bubbles! *Attacking again* Bubbling SPLASH. *Attacking one more Time* Bubbling SYMPHONY!


Miss Love: It’s because we’ve dealt with alot of crap… since we began this at age 11. we’ve become stronger for it. Anything you throw at us… we can handle. And we know something that you don’t. It’s Love. And it is the TRUTH! You can try to Annihilate us… hurt us… batter us. But you will never get rid of us. We won’t yield to the likes of you. EVER!

Pearl then went to lash out at the creature and got thrown back… Suddenly Prince Avery tried it and was chucked right at the wall. He crashed down to the ground and barely got up and dusted off a bit when he barely saw a Dark Soldier Robot coming towards him… Raven was firing shots of dark magic at the huge monstrous beast which knocked it back. The girls continued to fire at it and knock it down. Holding none of the punches back.  it knocked the monster down and could have lead to an easy break… But seconds later a Swarm of Dark Kingdom Drones showed up and began firing at them. Prince Avery saw one of the robots and Fired at it. Blowing it up to a mess. he was about to go and join the others and help fire back at the drones… Soldiers when a Robot grabbed him and chucked him to the wall and with the grip still on Prince Avery’s Neck. held him up and started to power up and set up to attack him….

Plasma-Core: *Gasps and panicking* Oh Shit… i think that i am about to fucking die… Plasma-Core’s end… Brought on by a big evil intent robot with a serious mean laser with death in its nature….  Uh! *Looking at the girls* girls… Raven… could you spares a little of your Voodoo magic and help me here… i would fire at it myself… but Right now… i am in a tight fix and in 2 seconds… you’re gonna be seeing me being 1/3 less of the person i used to be.

Water Lord: *With Rage; Coming at the Robot and grabbing at it; firing at it and dismembering it*

A second later…

Water Lord: *In Rage and pissed to his limit* Where the Fuck is Terra?

Plasma-Core: What… a swarm of Dark Kingdom Floozies and a big franken-creature Not good enough for you?

Water Lord: I don’t Give a damn about them… I want Terra. I want her RIGHT NOW! *Growls and Screams with Rage and total Seething; Grabbing at another Robot and with a strong massive burst of power… Spun the robot around and Chucked it into the air, Teleported to the skies and grabbed it, got on top of it and sped up while driving the robot to the ground* GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Prince Arnold took off in a fury and went right for the Underground Cavern where Terra and Beryl was said to reside… But unfortunately… they were in Dark Kingdom… underneath the City Hall… was the Catacombs and Dark Kingdom.

At Dark Kingdom…

Terra: *Getting tossed around and rolling on the ground being beaten or in other words Punished by Beryl for not seeing that the Rhapsody Family were killed*

Beryl: *Walking over to Terra* You have pained me by your failure… You were supposed to kill the Rhapsody Girls Z! And the Rhapsody Brothers. Yet… THEY LIVE! I commanded you… Demanded you to FIGHT! You instead of fighting them… RAN!!!

Terra: *Getting up and struggling to stand* You can’t just treat me like this…

Beryl: Oh?! Can’t i now? Why not? Huh, Why not?! *Firing Purple Mist at Terra*

Terra: *Flying back into the wall and then smacking hard into the ground*

Beryl: Who else would have you now? You had done horrible things… Unspeakable… Unimaginable things. Unforgivable things. There are people out there who deem to lock you up somewhere in throw away the key. Where else could you possibly go? No one is gonna want you. No one’s gonna take you in. Really, my Pet… Where do you plan to go to now?!

Terra: *Stops and turns to look at Beryl* Anywhere but here… *Turning to Beryl and suddenly marching in outrage to Beryl* I am so fed up with fighting… and i am beyond sick and tired of YOU! *Trying to get the suit off of her; Trying to tear it off of her with no Avail* Uh… Ugh… Uh… Ah!

Beryl: I do think that you valiantly are wasting your time with trying to take that suit off. The Neuro-Interface is integrated into your nervous system… into your Skin. It is now part of you… and to your delighted surprise…So am I.

Terra: *Gasps in Dread* No! It’s not possible…

Beryl: It’s too late to change your mind, Terra. Way far too late. You Choose this life. asked for it.

Terra: Maybe so… But it’s not too late for me to walk out that door.

Beryl: *Grins* Oh… i do see you believe that you have a way out… But You… My dear pet… don’t have a say in the matter…

Suddenly the suit starts to short and Terra unable to fight it…  Turned around to face Beryl and walk over to her… against her will.

As Soon as Terra was standing back before Beryl…

Beryl: You swore your loyalty to me. Promised to serve me and that is a promise that i intend to make sure that you keep.

Back outside in the City…

Miss Love: We still have all these Soldiers to handle… and the Big over freaky looking beast.

Bubble Maiden: What’ll we do… We’re all we got. We can’t call for help as everyone is probably with belief that we’re dead. We’re on our own…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Voice* Don’t think so… this is not over yet. You are not gonna be beat yet.

Miss Love: *Voice* Who’s there?

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Voice* the Warrior of the innocent Tuxedo Martin Amazing! But you know me by another name. as the love target of a young girl you know. She’s safe. Alive. I know where she is. But if you want to know, You have to first get through this. Don’t give up. if you throw in the towel now… you’ll be seen as what the Evil Stain Beryl claims you to be. Don’t let her description be who you are… You’re fighters. Don’t back down from the situation… Fight back. FIGHT!!! Beryl has no one to fight for her Except for Terra. But in the end… she’s just one person. You are many. Millions Strong. Because you have Love, Grace… The Fury… The Drive and the determination. Beryl has none. You have the things you’ve built on. That’s how you can win… Don’t give up. Raven… You’re with Dark Powers. But you’re one of us. You fight for what is right despite of what your other half believes… You fight to protect the city. The Innocent. Help the cause… Drive the fear into the Evil Queen. She is Evil… But you have the source of the true meaning of Evil. You can use it against her. USE IT AGAINST HER!!!!

Suddenly the Dark Kingdom soldiers pressed in further and surrounded them…

Miss Love: *Looking at the others* This is it. It’s now either fight or die. What’s it gonna be?

Flaming Soul: I’m giving my decision as of right now… WE FIGHT!!!! *Feeling overheated and Suddenly Breathing fire from within and Shooting it at the Dark Kingdom Soldiers*

Plasma Core: *Emitting Plasma and Blinding the soldiers* See the Blinding burn of the Plasma… This is Plasma… BURN IN PAIN, YOU BLOODY BASTARDS!

Electric Rage: *Turning his body into a Electric rod pulsing and surrounding with Electricity* Who wants to get shocked?! Come on… Any takers?! Willing and waiting and i am not afraid to use it. Come on. Give me your worst!

Bubble Maiden: Feel my Music from my heart… Beryl is a Bitch… and she will fall by the hands of the Rhapsody Girls Z! She wants to fuck with us… Guess what? Now it’s our turn to fuck with her! PAYBACK TIME! *Singing in the Style of Eminem and singing with grace and strength* “Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy,
There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti,
He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready,
To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgetting,
What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud,
He opens his mouth, but the words won’t come out
He’s choking how, everybody’s joking now
The clock’s run out, time’s up over, blaow!
Snaps back to reality, ope! There goes gravity,
Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked,
He’s so mad, but he won’t give up that easy,
No, he won’t have it, he knows his whole back’s to these ropes,
It don’t matter, he’s dope,
He knows that, but he’s broke,
He’s so stagnant that he knows,
When he goes back to his mobile home, that’s when it’s,
Back to the lab again yo,
This this whole rhapsody,
He better go capture this moment and hope it don’t pass him.

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment,
You own it, you better never let it go,
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow,
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo!

The soul’s escaping, through this hole that it’s gaping,
This world is mine for the taking,
Make me king, as we move toward a new world order,
A normal life is boring, but superstardom’s
Close to post mortem it only grows harder, only grows hotter,
He blows us all over, these hoes is all on him
Coast to coast shows, he’s know as the globetrotter,
Lonely roads, God only knows,
He’s grown farther from home, he’s no father,
He goes home and barely knows his own daughter,
But hold your nose ’cause here goes the cold water,
His hoes don’t want him no more, he’s cold product,
They moved on to the next schmoe who flows,
He nose dove and sold nada,
So the soap opera is told and unfolds,
I suppose it’s old partner but the beat goes on,
Da da dum da dum da da

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment,
You own it, you better never let it go,
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow,
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo!

No more games, I’ma change what you call rage,
Tear this motherfucking roof off like 2 dogs caged.
I was playing in the beginning, the mood all changed,
I been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage,
But I kept rhyming and step right in the next cipher,
Best believe somebody’s paying the pied piper,
All the pain inside amplified by the fact,
That I can’t get by with my 9 to 5,
And I can’t provide the right type of life for my family,
Cause man, these goddam food stamps don’t buy diapers,
And it’s no movie, there’s no Mekhi Phifer, this is my life,
And these times are so hard and it’s getting even harder,
Trying to feed and water my seed, plus,
Teeter totter caught up between being a father and a prima donna,
Baby mama drama’s screaming on and,
Too much for me to wanna,
Stay in one spot, another day of monotony,
Has gotten me to the point, I’m like a snail,
I’ve got to formulate a plot or I end up in jail or shot,
Success is my only motherfucking option, failure’s not,
Mom, I love you, but this trailer’s got to go,
I cannot grow old in Salem’s lot,
So here I go it’s my shot,
Feet fail me not cause maybe the only opportunity that I got!

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment,
You own it, you better never let it go,
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow,
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo!

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment,
You own it, you better never let it go,
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow,
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo!

You can do anything you set your mind to, man” *Launching the attack at the Dark Kingdom soldiers* BUBBLING… DEADLY… SCREAM! *Releasing a Piercing Scream of Bubbles and music notes made of high pitched tones; High enough to shatter glass and eardrums within a 1000 yards*

They fight back the soldiers and knock them all out with their forceful strength… they were tearing themselves to the limit. But more were coming… That was when Paige thought of something…

Miss Love: *Pressing something on her belt and pulling out a ball* This ball is possibly a flash bang ball… Raven, When i give the signal… you put up a Barrier shield covering us so the flash won’t hurt us… just the drones coming in to surround us. Okay?

Raven: *Nods*

A second Later…

Miss Love: Raven! Barrier. NOW! GO! *Tossing the Flash Bang ball up High and watching it go off*

Raven: *Putting up a Barrier with her Dark Energy and Shielding the team*

The blast blew away the Dark Powered soldiers and Drones and Obliterated them all… It also Blinded the hell out of the big creature that was made from 3 single beings…

The creature came out and covered his eyes… but with the creature unable to see… it left it open for an attack by the girls and the brothers… a Final Onslaught.  However they were gonna get help…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Voice* Don’t fear… A helping hand is on the way…

A second later…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I’m here… I heard on the news that you guys were dead. But there is enough relief to go around knowing that you are not dead. Just very much worn out.

Miss Love: Martin?! Oh my god… What are you doing here? It’s not safe…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I came to help out. You guys sure need it. this is a battle that has torn you up. How much more do you girls and brothers have left?

Flaming Soul: As much as it takes. We’re not stopping. It’s high past time that the Bitch Beryl got the living fuck beat out of her.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Prince Alvin, Stop it. You’re angry… it is understood. But Anger won’t help you with getting the job done… Showing too much Anger will only prove to hurt you.

Bubble Maiden: *Seeing the creature coming over towards them* Shit! LOOK OUT!!!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: No problem! Here we go!

A second later…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Summoning a Star and Hopping on it; Riding it in formation before twirling  around until a shape of a star is seen and is 20 feet in size/Diameter; then the star glows golden* Starlight Beam Radiation Swirl…ATTACK!! *Launching the attack at The Electric/Sludge/Stone creature*

The creature shorted out and collapsed as the attack hit it head on… Within seconds… the creature was out for the count…

Raven: *sounding cynical* We’re gonna need a bigger jail.

Miss Love: No kidding. But where will we find one?

Plasma Core: Let’s just send it to the ocean. feed it to the sharks and see it become shark bait.

Bubble Maiden: Not a bad idea. However… this creature might be a bit tough for the sharks to digest.

Flaming Soul: Better them than us.

Miss Love: *Not Seeing Prince Arnold* Wait a minute… Where is Prince Arnold?

Raven: *Suddenly looking at her communicator and checking the GPS tracker* City Hall… 700 meters below the surface…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I think i know how to get there… You’re not gonna like this. But for now Spare the dramatics…


Electric Rage: Cut to the Chase, pal… just come on with it.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I heard about it from a Lady. Tess Mercer. She heard about Beryl too. Said that Beryl Made a contact with Terra two days ago… that is obviously the same night when you all met or supposedly had faced your end. which however never happened because here you are. Tess was in the Lobby as she made a motion of the fact that she saw the battle between Prince Alvin… and Terra. Yes. She saw it. and heard that she got rid of the girls and the brothers… You guys. She heard it. Saw the Queen appear too… Luna heard what she knew. Luna is at the Luthor Mansion. She’s safe there… It happened fast and the others are at Vincent’s for Refuge. Luna is with Tess for now… But she’s safe. I know about the rivalry you have with Tess. because of what she done before… but right now… that is unimportant. Right now… You need to focus on getting to Terra and Beryl. Taking them out. If they live… this all will happen again…

Flaming Soul: we’re not happy about Luna being around Tess because of what happened in the past… But Martin, you’re right. right now… Terra and Beryl are the primary concern.

Miss Love: Let’s go.

At Vincent Van Graves Residence…

Vincent: Where’s Luna?

Karen: She’s safe. She’s at the Luthor Mansion. She’s safe there. we saw her.

Irene: ve don’t truly like Tess. But She did vie to look after Luna for a little bit till Martin returned with her sisters. and cousins.

Jake: It’s not the best choice. But even i am impressed with the way that the Mansion looked. It must have had a ton of things that were worth loads of money.

Jennifer: Yeah. But with all that money… it don’t make a person happy. A person with all that money may feel as though they’re all happy as can be. But deep down… they’re as empty as hell. trying to make like they’re happy when in honest opinion… they’re miserable as dirt.

Vincent: Where is Martin Exactly?

Karen: There is one good answer to that and i think that by looking into the Crystal ball… you’ll know. You’ll see it.

Jake: Oh… come on, Just tell the dude. He’s bound to know anyway because Martin will pop the beans and drop a tell all. Martin’s gone to join in the big bad battle. He’s aiding in the fight to take back the City from the Whack job Queen.

Vincent: he’s gone to fight off the Evil Queen? But he’s all alone. Why isn’t Luna with him?

Jennifer: it’s because she’s not a hero anymore. She’s normal.

Irene: She’s got no Senshi Mojo anymore. it’s all gone.

Vincent: I heard about that… but it surprises me that she would give up a marvelous part of herself in all means to be normal.

Karen: We are not used to seeing her looking so normal. But it is what she is now. But she’s still the same Luna we know.

Jennifer: Even though i was looking into calling her Mrs. Whiskers. As like a Joke.

Jake: Right.

Vincent: But Luna is fine, Right?

Irene: of course. We vould never leave her at Mansion if Mansion wasn’t safe.

Vincent: Martin is facing danger though… My dear boy is in danger.

Jake: …

At The Watchtower…

Chloe: *Getting a fix suddenly on the Communicators* Alright… I think we just located the guys. They’re in the City and are heading to City Hall… *suddenly Syncing back up with the Rhapsody Team*

Dinah: We got it. Thank god.

Jack: You mean that they’re alive?

Alice: That means that Prince Alvin is alive too. Doesn’t it?

Chloe: yes. The Orbiter has finally located them and was able to reconnect with them. It’s back in business now…

P.A: *Chiming*

Miss Love… Online.

Bubble Maiden… Online…

Flaming Soul… Online…

Water Lord… Online…

Plasma-Core… Online…


Electric Rage… Online…

Raven of Azarath… Online…

King John: *Sighs in relief* Thank heavens that they’re okay. Knowing that they’re gonna be okay … that is what brings me relief.

Dinah: Knowing that Paige and Pearl are okay… that’s also a relief.

Star: Where are they at exactly?

Christie: They’re being safe… where ever they are, Aren’t they?

Chloe: Yes. they are okay. They’re going into the Catacombs that are said to be underneath the City Hall. 700 meters below the surface.

Jack: What’s down there exactly?

Reese: *Grins* Do you really dare ask that question… knowing the dangers that they’re still in?

Dinah: That’s the way that hits for the Dark Kingdom.

Star: You’re kidding? Seriously? Why would any of you go there?

Dinah: We’ve been there before, Star. We know what it’s like.

Christie: Well… we’re still waiting to get a Audio transmission from the Muscles out there… So… we have time. Tell us. What was it like?

Dinah: It’s gonna be a wild one. I remember where i was when we all had gone to the Dark Kingdom. It was a rather overcast day. But calm… cool and well… normal. Or should i say somewhat normal. But if you were having to deal with An Evil Queen and then a Entity named Metaria. then having to face the terror of going against the Princess of the Moon… That would be the very things that made it more than just calm. It made it less than serene. My sisters and i were at our professor’s house. Not the guy we have now… but the one we had before. the apparent old flame of my late mother. His name was Stroker. First name will not be mentioned. So don’t ask. We were at his place and being shown new gadgets for our cause. our hero work that we do when we got the call saying that a friend of ours was taken. Usagi Tsukino. The sister to my Fiance Shingo Tsukino. She was taken by a girl who was a mirror copy of Beryl herself.

Dinah Flashes back…

“At the School Yard…

Pearl: What are we gonna do?

Paige: No idea…

Suddenly as they walked through the School yard, They barely looked to their right and saw someone familiar…

Pearl: *Gasps* Huh?

Usagi: *Looking up suddenly and seeing Mamoru* Mamoru? *Suddenly feeling herself getting upset and trying to hide it*

Pearl: Mamoru?!

Paige: Mamoru?!

Dinah: *Shooting out* What the?! How did he get here…

Click to view full size image

Mamoru: *Looking to see Usagi and the Rhapsody Girls Z!* Usagi! Paige… Pearl… Dinah! I heard about Venus. *Walking over to them fast and Hugging them* Fools! you Idiots… Cry. Cry. As long as i’m here… you don’t have to hold it in. Let it out.

Usagi: *Crying and sobbing*

Rhapsody Girls Z!: *Sobbing and crying into Mamoru’s Arms* Waaaaaa!”


When our friend was taken by the girl…

Mio: *Smiles* Konnichiwa… Is Usagi-Chan home?

Shingo: Uh, she’s barely out of school. she hasn’t come home yet. *Gasps* Wait a minute… I think i know you. You’re… Kuroki Mio-Chan… aren’t you? How do you know my sister?

Mio: I’m a friend of hers from school.

Shingo: *Secretly pressing a button on his side calling out for Dinah* Strange. I don’t remember her mentioning about you. *Spotting Usagi Close-By suddenly* Oh… There’s Usagi. she’s coming now.

Mio: Oh… Thank you. *Smiles* Oh… You wanted a autograph… Oh my… i’m sorry. how rude of me to forget. *Signing her name on Shingo*

Mio then Vanishes in a breeze of Dark petals With Usagi-Chan as a passenger to Dark Kingdom…

Princess Rikku: *Walking over to Shingo* Shingo… Who was that at the door?

Shingo: *Suddenly lifting up his shirt and revealing a Signature* Kuroki…. Mio.

Luna: *Collapsing in pain* Ohhhh Noooo! Usagi-Chan! *Contacting everyone* Usagi-Chan’s been taken.

Artemis: *Feeling sharp pain* Ohhhh!

At the Shrine…

Rei: *Looking up and gasps with a wide eye* Usagi?!

At the hang out…

Ami: *hearing Luna’s call* Oh no…

Makoto: Where… Where was she taken?

Luna: *Voice* To the Enemy… i think. For a Duel between Mamoru and the Shitennou. It’s bad… Girls… Hurry, On the double… i can’t go… i won’t be of any use there in the dark kingdom. neither will Artemis.

Artemis: *Voice* We’ll still be here rooting and praying hard for you girls.”

But then later after that…

In Beryl’s Chambers…

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Beryl: *watching Mamoru through a vision and seeing the change in him* It’s as i would have expected. Metaria is making her move. it’s as i had predicted. Her power is moving. It can no longer be stopped. or prevented. It’s over. Endymion can never be saved…

Sailor Mars: *Running in with Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Dark Mercury, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto* Queen Beryl?

Beryl: *Turning to see the sailor Soldiers* Sailor Senshi, What reason could there be for you to come here now?

Sailor Uranus: We’ve come to retrieve Princess Serenity. You will release her. Immediately.

Beryl: I don’t know what you’re on… but i don’t have her. if she is here… she must have come on her own free will. i had no hand in it. besides the Princess matters not… anymore. there is no need to protect her any more. the planet is as you might realize now is gonna end very soon.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in with his brothers* Rhapsody Brothers reporting for duty.

Beryl: i don’t recall requesting for an Audience with any of you Rhapsodies… You have been meddling in my affairs constantly… what? You want to take my kingdom away now too? Go for it. i don’t have anything left to save. i have no power to stop you… or attack. i have nothing.

Sailor Mars: What do you mean? What are you saying that the world is about to end? What did you do?

Prince Avery: Don’t try to sell us that sob tale of: “Oh Woes is me… what ever shall i do? My powers are gone… i am a broken down… Etc, etc etc” Because we are not buying it. You caused nothing but harm to Earth. tried to break the heart of the princess all for you own sick amusement. You think that we’re bound to feel any amount of sympathy for you… you’re sadly mistaken.

But as they were talking…

Rhapsody Girls: *Hovering in with their new hover cruisers* Guess who?

Beryl: *Grins* Ah! The Rhapsody Girls Z! Miss Love, Bubble Maiden and Thunder Mistress. what pleasure it should be that you’ve dared to come to my Dark Kingdom…

Dinah: *Looking at Beryl* Nice dark place you got here, dark lady? Did you bother to pay your Electric bill yet? or do you fancy living in the dark?

Beryl: *Shoots out* How dare you speak to me that way?

Dinah: Oh put a sock in it. You’re just a old bag who’s got no better use of her time than to make all those around you just as miserable as you are… to do your bidding. I bet that Princess Sailor Moon’s words just did nothing but fall upon deaf ears.  Do you even recall what she said to you on that day when you tried to Take Endymion away from her? Do you? if you don’t… we’ll be happy to refresh your memory.

Beryl: *scoffs* What reason could there be that i should prove or recall what that infernal princess has said? There is nothing more to prove. Endymion has taken Metaria within himself.

Senshis: *Gasps* What?!

Beryl: Like the Princess’s Mystical Silver Crystal… nothing you do will return him… She will destroy the planet. Perhaps… it is as it seems… Everything is over. it’s all over.

Pearl: *Shooting out a blast at Beryl* Melodious Bubbles! *Glaring at Beryl* Shut up with that talk, Beryl! You are the cause for all this to happen. you constantly take things away from the princess. all you do is take, take take… You’re the reason why we all had to go through this… you are the Evil one. The princess may have caused the moon to plunge into the Earth… but you’re the reason why the earth was in disarray. You broke into the Moon temple and took power that didn’t even belong to you… that you had no right taking to begin with and unleashed Metaria the first time. A 1000 years later and you haven’t changed your ways. you created the same mess AGAIN!

Dinah: *Jumps back a little* What in the world? Pearl… you’re showing alot of anger… you should be letting me get that way… You’re supposed to be the bubbly one.

Pearl: *Pauses and rolls back* Whoops! Sorry. *Giggles* I guess that i over did it and started Channeling you, Dinah.

Dinah: i know… but try not to channel me. it’s starting to confuse me.

Paige: same here.

Click to view full size image

Beryl: *Rolling her eyes* i swear… Are all Rhapsody clan members like this? you 3 girls are utterly annoying.

Sailor Neptune: *Scoffs* Afraid to face the truth of the very errors that you’ve committed. Typical.

Dinah: You think that we’re annoying now… Just wait to see what else we will lay upon you. You are of Evil intentions lady. There is nothing good about you. Never was… never will be.”

Dinah: We got there a little after the senshi did… They got there to follow the trail of Mio. we were at the professor’s place when we we got the call… I mean… we were just barely departing from the Professor’s house when all of a sudden we got a Psychic telepathic distress call from Luna. The same girl who is our sister and is now normal. She called and told us to get to the Metropolis park Fountain and there would be a force field there or something. We took it and it led us right to Beryl’s chambers. It took us right to her and we saw that the others have had already been there and were still there handling her… confronting her. We got there to hear the last remarks that were coming from Beryl. She may have been a real bitch back them and was all with the Evil intentions… but she was not lying off her ass when she said that the world was gonna come to an end. We were there when she said these line…

“Endymion has taken Metaria within himself.”

“Like the Princess’s Mystical Silver Crystal… nothing you do will return him… She will destroy the planet. Perhaps… it is as it seems… Everything is over. it’s all over.”

Dinah: We were there and when she said those words… Pearl’s jaw literally dropped to the ground in shock. She could hardly bring herself to believe what she heard come from the Queen’s mouth… None of us could believe it. The senshi’s couldn’t believe it either. They were closer to the past life than we were and they too were finding it to be that much of a shock. We all had to battle the Evil entity… but the problem was… the being was our friend Chiba Mamoru. He was the believed Prince of the Earth. He wanted to do something to suppress the Great Evil. He did and it caused him to pay a price. He became the thing that he was trying to suppress. It took his body and turned him into Dark Endymion. Evil. Dark and sinister in all sides. We all had to fight him… Sailor Moon… Usagi had to face him and did the one thing that caused her to break. She had pardon my french lost all sense of reality. She wouldn’t respond to her name being called… she wouldn’t respond to anything. To nothing. But when the words saying that she killed Endymion rang out… She started to crack. She became under the guise that she was the one that killed the Prince. But then again… What was she to do? She had to do something and it was that one thing that caused her to snap. She became the Princess and went totally apeshit. She aimed to end the whole world because she claimed that the events of the Past life were not changing and took it to heart. She made way to the Alter. The Sacrificial Chambers. We chased her to there. But Beryl… She stayed where she was and got buried by her falling Kingdom. Beryl was said to be dead… however… she came back… meaner… and vengeful. You might say that we are facing the same Queen Beryl that was faced the last time… but make no doubt about it… The Queen is just the same as she was last time. The only difference is that the Great Evil is not around.

Star: *gasps* You mean that the Queen we’re all having to settle with is the same one you and your sisters faced last time? *In shock* Damn… She must have come back to settle on for round 2.

Christie: Girl… that lady has a bad obsession in her… driving her like a disease.

Jack: Why did she come back to life though? That’s the biggest mystery all in itself. There was nothing that could bring her back.

Reese: Unless…

Alice: She was never really dead to begin with.

Megan: No… She had to have been dead and just came back to life by some force. Besides that if a person had a Kingdom fall and crumble on top of them… it would most definitely kill them. there would be no chance that a person could just very well survive.

Summer: You thinking… Demon influence?

Megan: Not sure if it would be that… but it is definitely not normal in the least. That’s for sure…

At the Luthor Mansion…

Inside the office…

Luna: *Thinking to herself* Okay. Come on Luna, think. You are not a hero anymore… you can’t fight. But your sisters are in trouble. they’re in need of help but it can’t come from you. What are you to do? What can you do? Obviously you’re gonna be spoken to by Vincent and he’s gonna be asking you to get back to fighting. be a fighter again. But you don’t want to. you can’t. You got no senshi powers left in you. You’re normal now. You’re normal and yet have met a bit of danger already. Being almost killed. Abducted. held captive. that is not how you live normal life. *sighs*  what am i gonna do? I haven’t seen anyone outside doing anything. It’s been so quiet. I wonder where my sisters are…

A second later…

Tess: *Walking into the room* You’re awfully quiet. You sure are not like the other kids that we’ve helped out. They were all noisy. But it’s odd that you’re not. You okay?

Luna: Uh-huh. I just am missing my sisters is all. I miss them. It’s only been a couple days… but it’s been like an eternity. being down in the basement for two days really was scary. i had no way out. nothing to eat or drink.

Tess: For 2 days? how is that even possible? If you were there for two days and were going without any food or drink… that means that you were nearly dying. You must be dehydrated beyond normal… You’re lucky to not be passing out by now from dehydration.

Luna: That’s nothing. I was sent to bed without anything to eat for a few nights. All by the hands of Grandma Rikku herself. she was mentally and emotionally abusing me. Plus she was treating me poorly because i was Asian.

Tess: That is not acceptable of her being like that to you. You should not have to put up with it. I was Kinda a self teaching girl. A girl who taught herself to read in a Louisiana swamp house, got into Harvard at 15, went deep-sea diving in her spare time. I don’t suppose that you’d be intrigued that the party boy your sisters have as a professor doing the Samaritan and bondage regime… he and i have had a bit of a history.

Luna: You mean Oliver-san?

Tess: yes.

Luna: What type of history did you have?

Tess: In a word… Shaky. But at first it was flamboyant and pretty impressive. He was always ready to party but he was a real character… but he and i were of 2 different worlds. He was the son to Mr. and Mrs. Queen. but lost his parents at a young age. I was by time he and i met… a Marine Biologist. But he however got attacked by a Toxin and it was by the same guy that i knew from back when he and i first met…  but he and i met when he was cured and it got pretty flamed up…

Tess Flashes back…

“Oliver: Really?

Tess: Whatever happened to the party boy hanging up his beer bong so that he could do good for the world?

Oliver: Well, I’m not the guy in that article anymore.

Tess: Of course you’re not. You’re Oliver Queen, world-famous Samaritan. And I was his first save.

Oliver: Excuse me, you, um… You know you were much more than that.

Tess: I’m glad you’re okay, Oliver. After all, I need the chief of Queen Industries alive and well if LuthorCorp is gonna keep its competitive edge.

Oliver: I’m happy to help. This is great. A few pay grades up from your days studying jellyfish and protesting whaler ships, huh?

Tess: You’re not the first person to wonder how I arrived at the helm of the Luthor dynasty.

Oliver: Well, what’s to wonder? You play to win. I found out how ruthless you were long time ago.

Tess: After what you did to me, did you really expect me to just sit around and eat ice cream?

Oliver: No. You’d rather work for my greatest enemy, and then, just when I think the knife can’t twist any farther, you take over his entire company.

Tess: Oh, so that’s what you do when you’re not writing checks and grinning for the cameras. You sit around pondering ways that I’ve dedicated my life to your downfall. I’m sorry to break it to you, Oliver, but everything I did, I did for me.

Oliver: Well, then I guess our past is behind us.

Tess: It has been since the day that you said goodbye. Oh, wait. You never actually did, did you?

Oliver: Is that why you called me here? Hmm? Because it’s on the tip of my tongue.

Tess: No. I called you to give you this. I realize that Lionel Luthor is dead and buried, but maybe this will help you sleep at night.” 

Luna: How come it got so bad between you two?

Tess: I don’t know. But with the sour presence that we unfortunately have between one another… i don’t suppose that the Million Dollar Playboy will be taking the lady fair of the Luthorcorp Dynasty to the grand ball for a night of bliss and wonder.

Luna: Would there be a reason for you two to at least be friends?

Tess: I wouldn’t know about that… But i would believe that if he and i never met that one time back when we crossed onto the island and i was one treating him for his toxic misadventure… I would never know who he was. but it would never have worked. He and i were of two different worlds. i grew up teaching myself. i wasn’t rich… He however was a pampered pretty boy who was rich because of how his parents were and the company they had. the Heirlooms and the stocks that he holds like a Quiver in his pretty little arsenal of tools. Even his splashy sense of style. He is one of those who could blind a girl with his shiny teeth and his angel carved body and face…

A Minute later…

Luna: *Feeling her Stomach growling a bit*

Tess: You must be hungry. I can have the cooking crew fix something up for you if you wish. i can believe that being down in the basement tied up for 2 days and with no food all courtesy of the Earth rider… didn’t make you feel all that perky.

Luna: I wouldn’t want to intrude. But maybe a couple sandwiches would be nice.  Anything to get my stomach to stop growling so much. It’s starting to make me feel really sick.

Tess: I know the feeling. I’ll have someone bring up the sandwiches. I would stay… but i unfortunately have a business meeting to go to in Kansas City. In case i don’t see you when i come back from the trip… I hope that everything works out for you.

Luna: *Smiles friendly* Arigato!

Back in the City…

Prince Arnold was in the City Hall Building and heading his way to the Catacombs… He was pissed. But more focused on getting to Terra than anything else. He didn’t take long to reach the path that happened to lead on to the Catacombs… Prince Arnold got down and leaped from rock ledge to rock ledge. It was dark and murky. Creepy all the same too. Prince Arnold  got down and reached the door suddenly. He saw that it was a steel door and that it was bolted shut. It was stuck closed. However Prince Arnold was able to put enough power into his fist which as soon as built up the power… He released the pressure and busted a huge gaping hole into the door and stormed into the chambers and looked up to see a small motion camera… It was moving around and catching sights of everything. Prince Arnold didn’t want to be detected before he could sneak in and start looking around. He blasted a shot of water at it and shorted it out. He busted it and saw that it was broken before he pressed on ahead. He pressed on and listened for noises and also voices that would come from Either Beryl… Terra. Or both. He was most definitely in the Catacombs which was possibly part of Dark Kingdom. He looked around and kept searching when he suddenly heard sounds of someone sobbing… Crying…

Prince Arnold: *Following the sound of a person crying* Hmm…

A few seconds later he saw a girl with a metal like suit on and with Purple on her…

Prince Arnold: *Gasps* Terra?… *Walking over* Terra, are you okay?

Terra: Destroy me… Kill me. Quick.

Prince Arnold: *shocked and stunned in mortification* What?

Terra: *Looking up at Prince Arnold with tears in her eyes; with tears running down her face* Come on… Isn’t that what you have come down here for? Isn’t it? I tried killing you and your family… Abducted the girl Luna and took her to a place that you’d never step close to. I hurt you guys and did awful terrible things to you and others… Come on… Destroy me Prince Arnold. Destroy me. Now. Do it! What are you waiting for?! Huh?! Don’t you want to destroy me?

Before they could break with any more words… Terra started to show a surge of Electrical charges and Purple mist Pulsating all over her body and taking control of her… she suddenly raised her hand and with a brush of Geothermal power… sent Prince Arnold into the nearby side of the chambers and into the wall… He made a smack into the wall and came crashing on down…

Beryl: *Stepping into view* You really must see to forgive my Apprentice. She just happens to find that she can’t get the hang of her own body…  *as she sees Terra trying to break from her control and unable to* So… with your permission… I’ll be controlling her each and every move.

Within seconds Terra was started working her powers and began to fire at Prince Arnold…

Prince Arnold: Oh crap… *Teleporting and trying to steer clear of being hit by Terra’s attack*

Beryl: Give it up, Rhapsody. As long as i live… you will be made to lose. I will reign and you pathetic Rhapsodies will deal with it. You’ll learn your place. because until you do… You’ll be facing more times like this.

Prince Arnold Responded with a heavy blast of water and shot it right at Beryl. “Fuck off, Bitch!” he uttered as he tried to escape the direct blasts coming from Terra and he barely steered clear but the last shot hit Prince Arnold and Knocked him down.  It first knocked him into a wall and then down to the ground. hard. He groaned as he shook off the fall and looked at Queen Beryl with irritation…  but that was not till after the smoke cleared and he saw Terra coming into View…

Prince Arnold: *Growling at Beryl* What the fuck did you do to her, you two-timing bitch? Talk… RIGHT NOW!!! *Firing a blast of water at Beryl* You better speak. The next shot is going right for the heart. TALK! NOW!

Beryl: My my… You are so Violent. Can’t you ever be Civil? I of course didn’t do anything to Terra that she didn’t allow. She came to me seeking control. That’s what i have granted her… My control… Her Body.

Prince Arnold: That’s a crock of shit, you Evil sack of space garbage… You’re an Evil Queen. What good could ever come from your ass? She told us that she trained herself… why would she have ever gone to you anyway? You’re an Evil Queen with a bullshit excuse for living. All you do is talk bull. nothing better.

Beryl: Say what you will. but it will matter not. I think that you will come to find that i’ve made far better and productive use of Terra’s powers and abilities… What do you think?

Terra then started to attack again… but it was evident that it wasn’t all her doing it. It was Beryl. But Terra was forced to attack. She couldn’t stop it and all Prince Arnold could do was evade. and block each attack. the best he could. He fired shots of water at the rocks coming at him and kept tearing it up. he couldn’t stop to catch a breath. The attacks were coming from multiple angles. He could only try to out beat it…

Beryl: Now that is more like it. That’s being obedient to my commands, my pet. See? I knew that you’d see things in my perspective…

But Prince Arnold suddenly saw a chance to strike at Terra and pin her down… He took it. Pinned her down and tried to stop her from making another move…

Terra: *Pinned; Looking up at Prince Arnold; Pleading* Please Prince Arnold… You need to stop me… I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to fight anymore.

Prince Arnold: Then Stop being so empty-minded and letting Beryl control you. These are your powers. Not hers. She’s not entitled to them. YOU ARE! Stop letting her control you.

Terra: I can’t… i don’t have any other choice.

Prince Arnold: That is bullshit, Terra. Bullshit. Is that what you tell yourself to help ease your mind? Is it?! It’s all bullshit. You always had a Choice.

Beryl made a move and motioned a stance and Terra reacted to it and sent Prince Arnold flying hard into the Wall again…  Prince Arnold crashed onto the ground and didn’t get up till a few seconds later and growled… He was getting irritated at Terra and it was gonna turn brutal…

Prince Arnold: It’s all been your choice… You chose to work for Beryl… You chose to betray us… the ones who took you in and made you one of us. We made you out to be one of the family. but you chose to just toss it all away like it never meant anything to you…. *Growling in hurt Pride* Now you’ve Chosen to give Beryl the Control… SHE’S NOT DOING ANY OF THIS, TERRA! YOU ARE! YOU’RE DOING THIS! WAKE UP!!! FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE… TAKE CONTROL AND FIGHT BACK! BERYL IS NOT CAUSING THIS TO HAPPEN! YOU ARE! DAMN IT!!! WAKE UP!

Terra: NO! *Using her power to Push Prince Arnold back*

Prince Arnold and Terra had another round and he tried to fight back… he tried to break through to her. But saw that she was pulling more rocks and toppled the ground… Prince Arnold tried to get out of the way and make a break for it. But before he could… A slab of ground fell on his left foot and he couldn’t break loose…

Terra: *Gasps* ….

Beryl: *Motioning to force Terra to end Prince Arnold’s life* Now… My dear Pet… Care to finish the pest off?

Terra struggled and tried to fight the fact she was being forced or controlled to walk up to Prince Arnold and setting to finish him off… She at that moment didn’t want to kill anyone… in fact that she never had wanted to take a life intentionally. It was all the doing of Beryl. However from everything that they were seeing of her… they believed it to be her. they didn’t know that Beryl had been controlling Terra’s every move. Terra got over to where Prince Arnold was and was with a rock all prepped to strike him…

Prince Arnold: *Looking up at Terra and gasping* Terra, No!

Terra: *Getting ready to do the finishing blow but struggles over trying to pull away and not go through with the act* She’s too powerful… I can’t… I Can’t Stop her…

Prince Arnold: *Trying to break free and unable to* Don’t give me that… you can… You can do it… It may have gone too far and you been down this dark path for a while… but it isn’t too late, Terra. It’s Not too late. You can do the Right thing… you can Still do the right thing… It’s still your power. Not Beryl’s. Not hers… Yours. She knows it. if the chips were down… She would be fearing you. but hides it by running you with Authority. Because she knows that if you turned on her… She’d be screwed. She knows it. This is your power, Terra. Yours. You can still do the right thing…

Terra: It’s too late…

The rock then formed over Prince Arnold’s head and was set to go. Ready to be fired when suddenly…

Prince Alvin: *With Prince Avery and Prince Curtis; Teleporting in; Commanding* Terra! STOP! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM… NOW!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: You attack the Rhapsody family… you will pay! that’s a promise.

Terra: *Turning to see Prince Alvin and the rest of the brothers* ….

Beryl: Stop the stalling… Apprentice. Strike him dead. NOW!

Prince Avery: Terra, No! Don’t!

Raven: *Stepping in from the shadows with both hands Emitting Dark energy ready to fire at Terra* It’ll be the last thing you’ll ever do. You kill him… you will regret it. Count on it.

Paige and Pearl: *Flying in* Terra! No! STOP! Don’t do it Terra.

Beryl: *Barking a command at Terra* I Gave you a command. Do it, NOW! Don’t you dare Disobey me.

Terra: *Looking at all the fighters and then at Prince Arnold; listening to others* …

Pearl: Please Terra… don’t do this… Don’t do it.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Don’t plan on coming back to us if you do it. I still want to make you pay for almost killing Luna.

Prince Avery: *Aiming at Terra* Don’t do it… Don’t… Do it!

“Don’t Listen to her Terra”

“You’re still our friend. we still see you as a friend… Don’t be like Beryl”

“Don’t you dare do it!”

Prince Arnold: *Looking up at Terra* It’s your life… Terra. It is never too late to change. Your body… Your choice. You have your own free will.

Terra: *Nods and apologizing* I’m Sorry, Prince Arnold… For all the harm i’ve caused upon you and your family.

A Second later…

Terra: *Balling her fist and taking control of the rock and her powers; Sending the rock over at Beryl; Attacking Beryl with the rock* Rrrrrrr—-AAAAAHHHHHH! *Forming a Rock and getting on the rock; Heading for Beryl and taking on Beryl*

Terra Knocks Beryl down and sends her sliding backwards a little. Terra went at Beryl and attacked her. She caused the ground under Beryl to collapse… However Beryl was able to levitate and and hop from the nearby rock to the wood frame leading on to Dark Kingdom… But Terra caused it to collapse and fall. Beryl Leaped off and got on to the ground…

Prince Alvin: *Running over to Prince Arnold and grabbing at the rocks and debris that were pinning Prince Arnold’s feet… Burying it* Hold on, Brother. I got you. What were you doing coming down here all on your own anyway? I thought that the wreckless and high moves were part of the Alpha Male’s dept. What were you trying to do? Copy my moves and be just like me?

Prince Arnold: Now’s not the time… but if you wish to know… i did what i had to do. I was pissed and over heated. i was unable to think clearly. But i wanted to take measures into my own hands this time.

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* Brother, I know that you want to prove that you can be independent when you feel like you must. But just because i make reckless moves and act over tough… Doesn’t mean that you should do it too. Some of the things i do would normally get a person killed. or into a bit of hot water. You could be hurt if you were to do the same things as i did. Don’t be reckless like me. Live your life how you see it. Your way. Not like me. Just because i am reckless… Doesn’t mean that you have to.

a second or so later…

Prince Arnold:  *freed from the rocks and debris*

The Rock underneath Beryl and Terra rise up to mid-air and Beryl suddenly looks at Terra with a Smirk and a disgusted Sneer…

Beryl: *Growls* Why… You ungrateful little backstabbing servant!!! I Ought to! *Looming right at Terra*

Terra: Grrr! *Summoning up rocks and with a fast arm Throwing the rocks at Beryl one at a time; pushing Beryl back*

Beryl was being hit by the rocks and as she kept being hit she soon reached the ledge and before she could catch herself… she fell. Terra saw Beryl fall down and thought that it was over. She lowered herself down to take a look… but before she could get a good look and see that Beryl was gone…

Beryl: *Zooming up and Shooting a strong blast of Purple Mist at Terra; Knocking her back before stamping towards her and grabbing her*

Terra: *Being held up and suddenly coming to; With her eyes yellow and looking at Beryl before getting angrily at Beryl* You… Can’t… control me… ANYMORE!

The Power that Terra Emitted released Beryl’s grip on her and knocked Beryl down into the Abyss. Terra landed down and collapsed in a worn out sigh…

But seconds later…

Shots of Molten rock started shooting up from the sides and popping up…

Prince Alvin: Terra’s power… it has activated a Volcano…

Paige: Big enough to take out the entire city of Metropolis and blow us all up sky high. It’s way too big to stop. We’ve got to go… NOW!

Raven: *Shielding the others from a burst of Lava shooting up* We’ve got to get out of here… Now! It’s not safe….

Pearl: *Looking at the others* Let’s go. Let’s get out of here while we can. before we all die.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Terra* Terra, come on… we’ve got to go.

Terra: *after hovering on the rock over to the edge where the others were* I have to stay.

Prince Arnold: *Gasps* What the hell… Why? What for? Are you crazy… You can’t… You’ll die!

Terra: I’m the only one that can stop this…

Prince Arnold: But it’s too late, Terra. There is nothing that any of us can do. There is nothing that can be done. This thing is gonna pop like a gigantic skillet on a sidewalk.

Terra: *Looking up and Smiling at Prince Arnold* It’s never too late.

Terra knew what she had to do… it was gonna sacrifice her life. but she knew that she had no choice but to do it. Before she pulled back and went back to the center, and up on the rise…

Terra: *Hugging Prince Arnold with a goodbye tear running down her face* You were the best friend… and the sweetest guy… that i ever had.

Within seconds Terra pulled away and went to the center… Lifting up on a high rise and preparing to make the sacrifice… She knew that it was the last thing left to do. Prince Arnold knew that this was gonna be the last he would see of Terra. He took off and caught up with the others as the others had already left… As it went on… the walls started to bulge and spit out molten rock. The bottom was filling up with lava. it covered the bottom with the Molten rock with ease and through the Lava… a Glimpse of the Evil Queen was seen being covered by the Lava. She was covered by the Lava and the last to be covered was her head. Beryl was burned and buried alive with the Lava. It was over… Beryl was gone. for the Rhapsody girls…and the Rhapsody Brothers… they could only hope that Beryl would be forever dead… Terra glowed and within seconds a bright golden beam of light and it was surrounding her pulsing the slab of rock she stood on. She gritted her teeth and held on tight before she let loose on a final burst of energy…

Terra: *Releasing the final burst of power stopping the molten rock from flowing* Errrrrr ——— AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Moment later as soon as the blinding white light faded and dissipated to normal… the Catacombs were dark… Silent and still and by time it was done…  a View was seen of the whole cave… the entire catacomb. A Path was laid out…  and at the end of the Path… was a Stone statue… Of Terra. She was of Stone. Standing there in a final pose…

Prince Arnold: *Voice-over* Her name was Terra… She was gifted with tremendous power… but cursed with it just the same… she was the most dangerous of enemies. and she was the best friend that i ever knew. None of us will ever forget her. the time we have had with her will be held close to us forever.

A day later after the terror was over and things were rolling back to normal…

The Rhapsody girls and the Rhapsody brothers walked down the path and went over to Terra’s statue. The final resting place of Terra…

Luna: *Laying down a bouquet of roses*  Watashitachiha, tera anata o nogashite shimau. Heiwa, tera de yasumu.

Raven: We’ll be looking for a way to reverse the process on her and bring her back.

Pearl: We’ll Bring her back…

Prince Avery: Someday.

Prince Arnold: *Laying down a Plaque on the foot of Terra’s statue* I’ll Never forget you Terra. None of us will.

Martin: Come on… Let’s get out of here. It’s not safe here….

The Reign of Beryl was over… but yet it came at a price. a fighter had to die. A fighter had to sacrifice themselves to stop a natural disaster from popping out and wiping off the whole city….

The Wedding of Shingo and Dinah was looming even closer. Much closer… The 25th of Dec. was practically among them all. Just about shy of a week away… But Dinah still had a little more training to do… a Bit more of the workout… To get her body back into shape… Time was counting down to the day of where Dinah and Shingo were to exchange their vows and become married. But the Ordeal that they went through… with Terra. Going against Beryl… Would never be forgotten… It was the battle that cost them An ally.

What was next for the family and the allies? What was next to come their way? Find out in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…


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