Chapter 95: Seismic Nightmares Part 1

A week later…

At the underground Cavern…

Beryl: *Looking at Terra* You have been running all your life. Haven’t you?

Terra: Yes.

Beryl: You’ve done awful things. That is all in the past.

Terra: It is.

Beryl: *Looking at Terra* You know what you need to do?

Terra: Yes. I do.

Beryl: The Rhapsody Brothers and the Rhapsody Girls are constantly in my way to rule. But with my new plans in place. They will not be able to stop me. You’re my new foot soldier. Serving me will best suit you. You’ll go far and succeed in being with complete control. Will you serve me?

Terra: Yes.

Beryl: Will you obey my every command? Fighting by my side?

Terra: Yes. I will

Beryl: Will you help destroy the Rhapsody Girls Z!?

Terra: I thought that you’d never ask. *Nods* Yes, i will. it’ll be an honor to crush the Rhapsody clan. They will fall.

Beryl: We attack at Dawn… You know what you must do?

Terra: Yes.

Beryl: Good. This Marks the end of the Rhapsody Clan… THE END OF THE RHAPSODY GIRLS Z!

Terra: *With Beryl; Laughing* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


On the Road…

Paige and the team were on their way towards an outing. It was weeks since they were all able to relax as it was difficult due to the fact that they were faced with a Betrayal and then a little after their youngest fighter reached their moment of busting to Teenage hood.

Paige: *Driving* Reese, Jack, Pearl, Dinah, Luna, guys… We’re gonna be heading to Kansas city for the day. They have the Carnival there and there is said to be a Live performance by ELO.


Raven: ELO?! *Reading her book* Fascinating.


Dinah: Don’t be so cold, Raven. This is an outing that we all need. We’ve been so cooped up in our own little bubbles that we aren’t really living free. My kids are on a different planet. But it’s for the best. for now… I was so down in the dumps that i just didn’t have it dawn on me till the other day that i have been just so focused on the sadness and the hardship that was endured… i wasn’t really living for the now. Living for the best of what life laid out. I have to also live and keep going for Luna. She can’t depend on the grandmother. Grandma hates her. but screwed up when she did what she did to Luna.

Luna: And i am a Teen now and My voice is coming and going… Cracking into a more mature voice. started happening yesterday.

Dinah: That’s right. You’re growing up into a fine young lady, Luna. It’s gonna be okay. You’re free from Grandma Rikku. The Custody was made official this yesterday. You’ll be fine. You’re our girl, Sis. You’re gonna be wonderful.

Jack: Pearl?

Pearl: Yeah, Jack.

Jack: Are you feeling okay?

Pearl: Of course. Why wouldn’t i be okay? I am with my family… i have my guy with me… my friends… What else do i need?

Radio: *Announcing on the Air* Tonight at the Kansas City Fairgrounds… see the well famous band of the 80’s. see them tonight as they sing their greatest Hits. “Mr. Blue Sky, Turn to stone, Strange Magic, Whenever you’re away from me From the Musical Xanadu, Evil Woman, I’m Alive, The Fall, Don’t walk away,  Sweet talkin’ woman, All over the World… The best of the greats. Tonight at 7. 7 tonight… see Electric Light Orchestra… Laser lights… and Firework show as the grand finale… Be there tonight. at the Kansas City Fairgrounds…

Paige: That sounds like a lot of fun. Don’t you think so…

Dinah: I think so. I wouldn’t mind seeing them. It’s a change of life. Seeing a live concert and just enjoying the life a little.

Luna: That’s what we all need to be doing. I just don’t know why i couldn’t Bring Martin along.

Paige: We already told you before, Luna. He is Maturing a little faster than you are. You barely had your coming out moment. which was a little over a week ago. the moment all people have when they hit that point in their life. The Puberty. You Hormones are right now still trying to get in key and motion to calm down. You’re only 13, Luna… Martin is a guy. You’re a girl. Raging hormones… Sex. What do you think that guys want each time they reach their peak, Huh? What? Caressing and suave serenading? No. They want to put the Jewels in the woman’s Promised land. I am not saying that it will happen. I am just saying that it’s best to take precautions.

Luna: *Sighs* …

Pearl: Paige, That is the most uncanny statement we have heard you say so far this morning.

Reese: That is true though. When i was thirteen, i had a few moments where i was wanting to get Jiggy. it’s a flush of nature…

Pearl: *Hearing a song on the Radio* Oh… They’re playing one of the great ones…


Pearl: Let’s sing this one…

Jack: Pearl… Hon, I don’t know this one… i never heard of it. But i guess that for you… i’ll wing and try…

Pearl: *Smiles*

Jack: *Singing along to the Radio; Fantasizing about dancing in the stars with Pearl* No other face could take you off my mind
You’re so refined

Pearl: *Joining in and singing on key* You’re much too kind
I have to warn you I’m never gonna set you free
‘Cause I was born to love you for eternity

Jack and Pearl: *Singing* Whenever you’re away from me
Wherever you go
You’re never far away from me
I want you to know
I only have to close my eyes dear
And suddenly I’m where you are
You better never stray
‘Cos I’ll never be far away

Jack: *Singing* On every breeze I seem to hear your name
My heart’s aflame

Pearl: *Singing* I feel the same
I’d fall apart dear
If you let the feelin’ end
Don’t break a heart dear 
Nobody else could mend

Jack and Pearl: Whenever you’re away from me
Wherever you go
You’re never far away from me
I want you to know
I only have to close my eyes dear
And suddenly I’m where you are
You better never stray
‘Cos I’ll never be far away

An instrumental Pause…

Jack and Pearl: Whenever you’re away from me
Wherever you go
You’re never far away from me
I want you to know
I only have to close my eyes dear
And suddenly I’m where you are
You better never stray
‘Cos I’ll never be far away

Pearl: *Singing* You better never stray, 
‘Cos I’ll never be far away.”

Luna: Romanchikku. It was a nice song. Sing another one…

Paige:  Luna likes that song.

Reese: I can tell. She’s growing up to be a real diamond. Ever since she was pulled away from Grandma Rikku. She’s been able to blossom and be her own person. She’s gonna be just fine.

Jack: What song next?

Prince Alvin: *Riding along side Paige* Where are we going… Didn’t we miss the turn off for Kansas City back there?

Paige: No… Why?

Prince Alvin: Because there is a sign there saying Wichita.

Paige: *Looking at the sign* Oh no… Damn it. We missed the turn off. We missed it. Damn it.

Dinah: Hey… watch it… Luna is sensitive to that…

Paige: *Looking at Dinah* It isn’t like she hasn’t heard it before. She’s 13… not 5.  Besides… we heard her say things like Crap, Ass, Shit. we heard it. She doesn’t remember… but we do.

Reese: That may be true, Paige. But you have to be gentle around Luna. She’s been through so much.

Jack: She’s still recovering from the coming to moment. It all but passed now. It’ll be fine soon. But you really need to take it down a notch.

Pearl: I agree.

Dinah: Shingo’s at work. but tomorrow Luna and he are gonna look for a house together.


A Big Rock came flying from the side and knocked the Van aside and caused it to spin. It spun around and fell in a small ravine. it wasn’t deep… but got the Van on the dirt and unable to move. It knocked Prince Alvin to the side too. He went flying a foot from the road…

Luna: *Feeling pain in her arm and Shaking her head* Owwww! That hurts. What was that for?

Paige: It wasn’t me that did it. I was on the road. The road Must have had something slippery on it.

Raven: *Sensing something* Quiet. something is coming…

Luna: *Looking at Raven* Sore wa dō iu kotodesu ka? Nanika ga kite iru… Doko?

Raven: From the side…

They turned to see a veil of dust and smoke reveal a form standing behind it and watched as it gradually dissipated and revealed a figure…

Paige: Who is that?

Prince Arnold: I don’t think that i like the look of this…

Pearl: *seeing another attack being prepared to hit* Everyone… Scatter. Get out now…

Luna: *Grabbing the handle trying to open the door* I can’t. It’s stuck. that side attack hit the Van and bashed the door in. it’s jammed.

Dinah: how do we get out now?

Paige: There is one way to do it and i don’t think that we’re gonna like it. Not one bit.

Pearl: Oh god… we can’t. Not in here. Luna might see.

Paige: We have no choice. She knows who we are. She used to be able to have the power to do it too. She’s already knowing what we are.

Luna: *Trying to get the door to open* What’re we gonna do. Please. someone do something. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to be trapped in here…

Dinah: *Looking at the Window next to Luna* Luna, Sweetie… Cover your eyes. Paige, you’re about to be mad about this… but. *Punching the window out and breaking it; Getting all the glass off* Hold on Luna. We’re gonna get you out of here. hold on. *getting the last piece of glass broken off and cleared off* There… Luna… Climb out through the window… run to safety.

Luna: *Gasps* Shikashi… Anata wa? Daina, watashi wa chōdo koko ni kimitachi o nokoshitakunai.

Dinah: Luna, You must. You can’t be here for this… i’ll be right behind you. But you got to go. You are normal… you have no powers. You’ll be killed if you stay here and get caught in the crossfires.

Luna: But i don’t want to just leave you guys here. Is there anything i can do? There must be something that i can do.

Pearl: There’s not.

Raven: Luna… we know that you have no powers and are yet wanting to still help. We appreciate it. We do… but you’re with no defense… If you stay here… you’ll be caught in the crossfire… You must go… Hurry!

Luna: Okay. But you guys better come back alive. I lost enough… i don’t want to lose anymore.

Luna climbed out the window and started to make a run for it. She ran for safety. at least tried to, But before she could very far…

The form came out and revealed as Terra.

Terra: *Looking at Luna running off and using telekinetic power to lift the piece of ground from under Luna and sending it for a ride* Hey there Kitty kitty. Where were you running off to? Don’t you want to face me?

Luna: *Not understanding* Nani? ! Dō na~tsu teru no? Dō shimashita ka? *Looking to the side and seeing Terra* Terra, What are you doing? I don’t have any abilities anymore. Stop it!

Terra: Why? You didn’t stop from sending me off to Exile?

Dinah: *Hearing the Voice* who’s that?

Raven: *Using her power and with a strong blast blasting the door out to open a means of escape*

As soon as they all got out and looked around, They glanced and saw someone riding on the Earth… It was Terra. They witnessed Terra on the ground within seconds and saw that she was aiming at someone… They saw Luna in the Air Scared.

Luna: *In the air; Scared* Oh my god… get me off this thing. Get me off. Please…  *Speaking Japanese in a frantic* Watashi o kono koto oriru… Onegaishimasu. Watashi wa shinitakunai. Kore wa waraigotode wanaidesu. Watashi wa kowagatte, ima kowagatte imasu. Tera wa watashi o kōgeki shite iruto watashi wa don’na chikara o motte imasen. Watashi wa futsū no on’nanokodesu. Watashi wa tada, Runadesu. Sērāruna ga nakunatte imasu… Darekaga watashi wa mō Runa ga sērā orimasen koto o terakotta o oshietekudasaimasu ka. Onegaishimasu.  (English: Get me off this thing… please. i don’t want to die. This is not funny. i am scared and terrified now. Terra is attacking me and i don’t have any powers. I am a normal girl. I am Just Luna. Sailor Luna is gone… Would someone please Tell Terra that i am not Sailor Luna anymore. Please. )

A second later…

Luna: *Looking down towards Dinah* Someone help! Get me down from here… PLEASE!

Terra: Stop your Whining, You pest. God… Are all Rhapsody girls this whiny?

Dinah: *Looking at Terra* Terra, Let Luna down now. She’s an innocent person. Let her down. She’s innocent. You’re hurting her.

Terra: There are no innocent Rhapsody. *Turning to see the rest of the clan and Smirking with a grin* Hey Guys! Miss me?! *Firing rocks at the Rhapsody Girls and Rhapsody Brothers* Uwah! *Flying towards them*

Paige: Girls, I think that we just faced our nightmare. It’s terrible.

Pearl: *Scowls a little* Say that again, Paige… just one more time. This is not our nightmare. This is something that we done to ourselves. We gave up on her… so we’re gonna be getting what is coming to us. But if we are to fight back. It will be to protect Luna.

Paige: Enough of this… Let’s do this.

A second later…

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around; Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around; Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

Dinah: *Running over to where Luna is; Seeing that Luna was on the ground* Luna, Honey… hold on. Sister’s coming.

Luna: *With an Injury* Owww! I think that i sprained my ankle… Owww! *Crying* It hurts!

Dinah: *Kneeling down beside Luna a second later and Tending to Luna* Stay still. It’s gonna be okay. Try to see if you can move your foot up and down… See if you can work it off. Take it slow though. just take it slow. One at a time. up then down.

Luna: *Nods* Okay. *Trying to move her foot up and then down* It hurts. But i can do it.  I was about to freak because i thought my ankle was broken.

Dinah: It’s not that at all. You didn’t break it. You’ll be fine. I promise. *Getting up and Bending down to pick Luna up* Come on. Let’s find a pay phone and call for a ride back to the Dorm.

Luna: Okay. I’m really scared about that girl Terra. She just attacked me. She didn’t even say anything. she just attacked and sent me flying into the air. If you didn’t call to her to stop… i would have been up higher and then sent to crash right into the nearby building.

Dinah: Thankfully it didn’t get to that.

Jack: *Calling out to Dinah and Luna* Hey… Where’re you two going?

Dinah: *Looking back* We’re going back to the Dorms. Where it’s safe. The trip is scrubbed and Terra is here… Attacking us. She is the top priority now. Luna is scared. It’s just best if we went home.

Reese: I’m gonna head back too. i don’t have any room here. i don’t have powers to even fight back. So… Dinah, Wait up.

Prince Alvin: *Getting up from the ground;  Looking up to see Terra making moves to attack* What the…?

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Prince Avery and Prince Curtis* You guys… looks like we got a real bad problem… Terra’s come back. She is attacking us. She tried to attack Luna.

Prince Alvin: *Snaps up* What?! She did what?!

Prince Avery: She was trying to attack Luna?!

Prince Curtis: Attacking an innocent person is means for some pain. Let’s get her.

Prince Alvin: *Getting up and facing towards Terra* Brothers! CHARGE!!!

Prince Arnold: You got it! *Running towards Terra and Firing water shots at her*

Miss Love: *Looking at Pearl* Move out. let’s stop her before she wrecks the area here…

Bubble Maiden: Right. Let’s get her.

Paige and Pearl make way and run at Terra. Going at her… They were set to beat her down and knock some sense into her. But as Terra rose up and started hovering on a piece of ground, and with her power caused for the ground to open up some… Dinah and Luna were making a run for it and spilling away back to the Dorms. But on their way there…


Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Appearing before Dinah and Luna* I’m here. I made it. *Seeing an Asian girl* Uh, okay… you’re new. Have we met before?

Dinah: Martin. There is something that you need to know. It’s gonna shock you.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Shock me? You are pushing the reality button here, Dinah… what’s the shock? What could possibly shock me other than seeing my friends getting side-swiped by a Betraying renegade? Unless there is more that i ought to know about and you’re being neglectful in briefing…

Luna: *Looking at Martin; With a Japanese Accent* Martin. You don’t recognize your girlfriend. It’s me. Luna. Luna Rhapsody.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: You want to run that by me one more time? Did you just say that you were Luna.

Luna: Yes. it’s me.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: That’s impossible. My girlfriend has blue hair, A cat tail and is a hero. She was seeing herself as a freak. but i saw her as a very beautiful girl. one that was the most prettiest. She didn’t change because of the ridicule. She stayed proud to do what she thought to be right.

Luna: But i am Luna. Do you remember when on the 21st of September… we just met two new friends. Jake and Jennifer and we were suspicious of them because they were able to tell us what they knew about us and knew about Beryl… Scath before we were to tell them? They also knew about me and you. Karen and Irene. They knew about us all before we told them a word. They even were able to recall a couple things that they experienced. They spoke about it. Jake was the one saying he was the son to one Col. Paul Powell. Jennifer being the resident young hacking bookworm Prodigy.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Okay… I think i remember… i was there. So was Irene.  Karen was also there. But if you know that… Then… *Looking closer and recognizing the Majestic Twinkle shining in Luna’s Eyes* Luna? Is that you? Really you?

Luna: Yes.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Stunned: in shock* Oh my god… what in god’s name happened to you? What happened to your Blue hair?

Luna: I lost it. I lost my Tail… which was first. then it was the hair. then the cat tendencies. I lost all of it. i lost the power to transform. i had to sacrifice the powers in order to be a normal human. I was dying. i was bleeding all over the place. Bleeding to death.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: What? How is that possible? How can that be possible for you to just give up the very thing that made you… you. and unique? I am still Happy to see you. thrilled even. but i am more likely shocked and in disbelief because you look so different than the fighter that i knew. You were so full of fight power. You gave up all your powers?

Luna: *nods sadly* Watashi wa totemo kowai. Sērāruna ga nakunatte imasu. Subete kiete.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: You don’t have even a little power in you? At all? Nothing? *sighs* Oh… Luna. *Feeling sad for Luna and out of impulse hugging her* I am sorry that you had to give that part of you up. I wish that i could have power to give you your power back. But i don’t have that type of power. Neither does Vincent. He doesn’t have that type of power either.

Luna: You still like me?

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Yeah. Of course i do. You know that i do. I love you, Luna. I still Love you. I am just in a bit of shock because i am seeing you as just a normal person. with no powers… I love you no matter. But how will you be able to survive the threats that sire to come? There is Beryl. Scath. and possibly future ones after that too. You are Vulnerable now. What’re you gonna do?

Luna: *Shaking her head in a loss* i don’t know. I want to be normal. But i also want to be of some help to everyone. I had to be all Human. I was gonna die if i hadn’t. I didn’t have any other choice.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: i’ve been trying to call you for the last couple weeks.

Luna: I know. I just didn’t want to really talk to anyone. I was too mixed up and confused. I didn’t know what to feel while going through the changes. I was really moody. I didn’t want to have you near in case i had an accident and let a outburst of the mood swing out. I didn’t want to hurt you.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: You were protecting me from the outbursts?

Luna: yeah. I missed you the whole time. i wanted to see you too.  but last week just when i was about ready to get back to seeing my friends. and seeing you again… something happened.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: What happened? *Suspecting something more is going on* What happened that i don’t know about?

Luna: *Looking down and feeling shame thinking about it* It’s something that revolves my grandmother…

Dinah: Luna, No. Don’t talk about it. It’s not something that is a happy moment. it was something that had to be done.

Luna: It’s okay, sis. he should know about it. It is bound to hit the newspapers eventually anyway…

But as for the 3 Allies with the powers of the senshi…

At the Metropolis Beach…

Rei: *Looking at Ami and Minako* We have a problem… I don’t know if it’s good. or bad. But it’s a problem.

Ami: *looks over at Rei; still feeling sad* Rei-chan? What are you saying?

Rei: 3 months ago… i was visited by this Man who clearly was not from Earth. He was with a Symbol on his shirt. A Starfleet emblem. He mentioned that he knew about the Evil Demon that was foreseen to appear on Earth in the future. But this is before not long ago… a week ago i read through the fires. We have lost a Soldier of our own. The Soldier Matured and Evolved into a complete Human. It worries me to know this.

Minako: Ami’s cousin Hikaru works with Starfleet. *pauses* A Soldier of our own? What are you implying?

Rei: One clue… “Luna Prism Power”… *Sighs in dismay*

Ami: *shocked* Luna!! Wha…how?! How is that even possible?!!

Minako: Luna is not a soldier anymore. She’s a human. All human.

Rei: She matured and started going through the same processes as a human would when they come to age and mature to Teens. She had some signs of where she was going through human transformations… and then a couple where it was not of a Human. But she was enduring Emotional Strife… Triple the Process… Triple the pain… Triple the hell. Hot Flashes. Bleeding all over and predominantly Bleeding to death. Plus Mood Swings that were out of control. Oh… and also a few cases of being Disoriented… where she would not know where she was. or how she got there.

Ami: I could not imagine going three times all that drama going to your teens. I can’t even imagine being in her shoes!!

Minako: Neither could I. *looks over at Ami* Ami chan. You seem bothered. What’s wrong?

Ami: Well….three weeks ago I was told about some turmoil that has hit on the Planet Arus not too long ago.

Rei: It must be worse than our losing one of our own…. or otherwise you’d be not this distraught and upset about it. What’s going on?

Ami: Our friend Larmina was with my cousin, her fiance and their friend and she told me what happened. It turns out that you’d be right about Allura, Rei. She betrayed Planet Arus and left Keith and she broke his heart. Keith died of a broken heart.

Minako: Allura pulled that insane stunt? BAKA! Who did she leave Keith for? It couldn’t be Lotor because he is already dead. Long dead to be exact.

Ami: It’s not Lotor she left Keith for, but it’s some evil prince that has a lot of traits of Lotor.

Rei: I had no intention to be right about that. i didn’t want it to be true. But it was… However with the things going on in this city… It’s best to keep that hidden. Luna is normal… but if there is still any remnant part of the senshi inside her… that part will set her off. She’s sensitive. So No matter what we know… Luna can never know. ever.

Ami: Right.

Minako: Agreed. *Sighs*

A minute later after the issue was brought up…

Rei: Has anyone seen Luna since the last time we had to help the girls out?

Ami: Not really.

Minako: I haven’t either.

Rei: do we know where to find her? Can we find her?

Ami: I think that she might be at school.

Rei: Then that is where we shall go.


Back over at the interchange between Metropolis, Kansas City and Wichita.

Terra: *firing rocks at the girls and shooting rocks at the 4 guys* You guys are done.

Prince Arnold: *Getting up on the rock that Terra is riding on; Standing before her* Terra, What the hell is your problem? Why the hell are you doing this? We’re your friends, Terra. Don’t you remember us? Any of us?

Terra: *Poising to land an uppercut to Prince Arnold* What friends? i don’t have any friends, remember? Isn’t that what you last told me? Remember? I don’t have any other friend… there is no friends for me. I reached out to you… tried to apologize and reach out for help. But you instead of helping… You threw me to the cold. Tossed me off like i didn’t even Matter. Yeah… You’re my friends… my friends who sent me to Exile. With friends like you…. i won’t need any enemies. That’s the thing i realized about you Rhapsodies… you don’t have any true friends. You only have people who you can use to get what you want… then when they served their purpose. You toss them out. I don’t know what it was that i ever saw in someone like you. or your pathetic family… *Landing an uppercut at Prince Arnold sending him Flying*

Jack: *Tossing some Ice at Prince Arnold and providing a quick save* gotcha!

Prince Arnold: *Landing* Thanks for the save there, Jack. That was quick thinking.

Jack: No sweat. It was the least i could do. Besides… it was that or Splat! and you’re too good to being splat against the pavement.

Miss Love: *Shooting an attack at Terra* Hearts of Soul and bliss!

Bubble Maiden: *Shooting an attack at Terra* Bubbling Crescendo!

Terra: *Falling off the rock* Ahhh!

Terra was not going down for the count. She was gonna fight back…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Facing Terra* Hey! Earth Rider!

Terra: *Looking to the side and seeing a weird teen in a suit* Who are you?

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Tuxedo Martin Amazing is my name… and thumping the Evil doers is my game… You’re following the wrong side. and since you want to attack my friends… i will show no rest. You tried to hurt my girlfriend Luna. That was a bad move.

Terra: *Taunting* What are you gonna do? whine at me to death? Why not just save it. it’s not gonna fly.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Wanna bet? This is for my girl! *Launching an attack at Terra* Fire bomb Massacre! *Sending the fire bombs right at Terra with full force* Eat it! You are a bastard. Terra, you were trusted by us. by us all and you then betray us. which then to add salt to the injured wound… You come groveling to us and beg for forgiveness and expect things to be all fine. then now you come back and attack us. You could have killed Luna. and here i thought that you had some self control. Some self control. Why’d you come back? Did you come back to see if you could hurt them some more?

Terra: *Controlling a piece of earth and launching it fast at Martin* Shut up!

Raven: *Using Telekinesis to try and gain control of the rocks* Don’t you make me hurt you.

Terra: *Scoffs and mocking* “Don’t you make me hurt you.” Don’t make me laugh! *Sending a Rock towards Raven; Knocking her back*

Miss Love: *Getting up and Landing Punches at Terra*

Prince Alvin: *Landing punches at Terra and Socking her*

Terra: *Fending off the attacks and ducking each hit* Wanna play that way, do ya? Well… that is fine.  i can roll just the same. You’re not the only ones who can land punches. You Rhapsody brats should just lie down and say uncle.

Terra then created a wall of rocky spikes. shooting up and blocking Paige and Prince Alvin. separating them…But Paige happened to pull a fast one and Pulled out something that acted as a detonator and blew a good sized opening in the wall…

Miss Love: *Looking at Prince Alvin* Flaming Soul, Do it. Let her have it.

Prince Alvin: *Holding a hand out towards Terra and getting ready to fire* Sorry young friend. But it’s the way it has to be…

However before they could make the move, Terra summoned for the ground to glow a line and it traveled in two directions… right at Paige and Prince Alvin. It sent them flying into the air and it sent them crashing into the buildings close by. Paige in the building on one side. Prince Alvin in the building on the other. Crashing and feeling Dazed off a bit. As for the rest of the fighters… they kept on fighting off Terra. Landing punches and kicks. Firing shots at her. Raven however was about to be a Squashed bug…. But someone came to lend a hand…

It was Victor Stone and Black Canary. Victor Stone grabbed onto the Big boulder. and Chucked it right at Terra. Pearl and Jack fired their artillery and blew the rock up. Blowing it into pieces. Black Canary snuck away and secretly got behind Terra and then watched as the girls and the men regrouped. Raven regrouped right beside them and seconds later Paige returned and ran out to join them. As well as Prince Alvin.  Terra looked at them and suddenly built up a bit of a charge up to her power and caused the cracks to glow and suddenly before they were able to blink…

A couple of rocky creatures formed and turned out to be like muscles….

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Stunned and in disbelief* That’s something new. How is she able to do that? She must have been eating her multi-grains or something.

Terra: *Looking ahead at the creatures and seeing the group of heroes; looking at her hands* What happened? How exactly did i…

Beryl: *Speaking through the Earpiece* It wasn’t you who did it, My Apprentice pet… It was Moi. I did it. What i didn’t manage to tell you about the new suit… was that it’s much more than just some fashion statement. It’s a Highly sophisticated Neuro-interface that gives me direct access to your nervous system. My dear pet. you and i are one now. My Strength is your Strength. Your power is my power. We are connected as one team. a Pair. Master and Apprentice. We… My dear…. Fight as one. the same wavelength. the same body. one body. One Mind and soul.

Beryl: *Pulling her arms up and then making one big fist motioning to Pummel the ground* RAAAAAA

Terra: *Motioning to Pummel the ground and within seconds strikes it; Sending shock waves through the cracks of the ground and shaking the street underneath the Rhapsody Brothers, Paige and Pearl, Jack, Martin, Victor Stone, Raven and Black Canary* AHHHHHH

Prince Avery: *Feeling the ground rumble a little under the feet* Whoa.

Prince Curtis: What the hell is going on here… A side show hitting the town?

The Rocky creatures then vanished and went underground and snuck to the sides and behind the girls and the guys and started attacking… But that was when it got even more out there…. Raven started fighting back. The Rock Creatures came up from underground and got behind Pearl and Jack. Went for them first. Then went right for Prince Avery… Knocking him back. Prince Alvin got side-swiped and before being able to evade and dodge the attack… Victor Stone got sent flyin’ into the air…

Miss Love: *Firing hearts at the creatures*

Bubble Maiden: *Firing Bubbles and water at the Creatures*

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Looking up to see Victor Stone in the air flyin’* Hold on Robo-man… i’ll save you. *Pointing his Scepter at Victor Stone and Encasing him in a force field and Pulling him down Gently; placing him down on the ground and seeing that he landed upon his feet* Saved by the bell.

Black Canary: *Getting Terra’s attention* Hey miss Flying rock Blondie… Over here…

Terra: *Looking to see Black Canary* Who are you? What do you want?

Black Canary: I’m one that people close… call the deadly siren. The Silent alarm. But you can just call me the high pitched screamer… Black Canary.  But you on the other hand… can just consider yourself playing on the wrong team. Kinda makes it seem as though you lend your soul to the highest bidder and to whomever has the Juiciest cut of Excitement. Pretty Blondie needs a lesson on who has the side that wins and who always falls.

Terra: *Scoffs sarcastically* Like that will scare me much. *Pulling up more rocks and firing at the Black Canary*

Black Canary: *Emitting a siren and Shattering the rocks coming at her; Aiming the Siren right at Terra and knocking out her ears and the earphone sitting in Terra’s ears*

Terra: *Crouching down; Covering her ears in pain* Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Stop it! Stop!

As for the others…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Getting clobbered from behind and sent flyin’ into the cars nearby* AHHHHHHH!!! Omph!

Raven: *getting attacked and using Dark constructs with her power to shield most of the attacks and ward the hits off* Do we have a plan here?

Prince Avery: *Fighting the rock creatures* Does it look like we do, Raven? We don’t know of a plan. these things are not making it a tad bit easy on us. We can’t keep fending them off. We’re gonna need to do something.

Miss Love: *Pulling out a small ball with lights from her Belt. It had the Words Love saves and blesses all* Everyone… Fall Back!

Bubble Maiden: *Trying to fight the creatures off* What?! But, Paige… we can’t fall back. we need to beat these creatures. we need to stop them.

Jack: *Firing Ice rays at the creatures*

Miss Love: *Throwing the ball in the center of the street creating a smokescreen of love and bliss. Hearts and Sparkles* You heard me… I said… Fallback!

They all within seconds retreated into the smoke screen and through that, Terra was unable to see where they went. Where they left off to. It was a good cover. It helped them escape. They got away… But the last one to run into the smoke screen was Prince Arnold. He stopped for a second and looked at Terra who was then a couple feet or so off the ground. Looking down to see where the heroes all went to. But only saw Prince Arnold. She let out a sigh and then started to watch where he went. watched as he ran into the smokescreen…  Prince Arnold sighed and felt defeat as he ran. He could not believe that they had to fight against Terra. He felt terrible about it…

The outing that they were all looking forward to having was ruined… it went from peaceful… to a possible living warzone in only moments…

That afternoon…

At The new Watchtower…

Paige: *Looking at the Screens and trying to re-coop*

Pearl: *Trying to calm down*

Victor Stone: *Sighs; Dusting off all the pebbles from his arms and chest* I should have thrown her…

Prince Alvin: I should have blasted her when i had the chance. The Blonde nightmare was able to sidearm us.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I should have blasted Terra with a stronger attack. But i went easy on her. How could i?! How could i have been so damn stupid?

Pearl: Terra tried to also make like she was out cold and then when i got close… She blasted me with a sneak attack. How could i let my love for befriending people be used against me? I should have been paying attention.


Raven: I should have struck at her with everything that i had. with all the power that i had to put out… i should have used it… give everything i got.

Paige: Why couldn’t we beat her like any other criminal?

Prince Arnold: Because she wasn’t just another criminal. She was our friend. A hero. A Rhapsody girl. We took her in. she was one of us.

Raven: *Looking cross and stern as well as deadpan at Prince Arnold* She was never our friend, Prince Arnold. She was here to destroy us. sent by Beryl to take you guys all down. She’s Evil. Always has been… Always will be.

Prince Arnold: *Growls* You have no idea what the bloody hell you’re even saying, Raven. You have no idea what you’re saying about her. She has made some serious mistakes. but she’s not—

Paige: She trashed my car. My Car is toast. Crunched to nothing.


Dinah: *With Luna with her* And don’t forget that she nearly killed Luna.

Luna: that’s right i was scared. I thought that i was gonna die because of Terra. Terra could have killed me.

Prince Arnold: *Grabbing a chair and Tossing it right at the wall; Growling a little* This isn’t a joke, Damn it. I knew her better than any of you guys. *Looking  at the ground and sighs* I know about all terrible things she has done. and i know exactly how messed up she is… But she’s not Evil.

Paige: Prince Arnold, She’s working for Beryl. She is following under Beryl…

Prince Alvin: Brother… She is dangerous. She’s a threat now.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Prince Alvin and Paige* When Ami Mizuno was seduced to the dark side that one year… Did we give up on her? did we cast her aside like old scraps of junk… to be forgotten and pinned as a lost cause? Did we?! No. we kept trying and trying till we broke her free from the Evil Spell. The dark spell.

Pearl: *Sighs* guys… as much as we should be more than pissed at Terra. and devastated. He’s Right.

Luna: I think that i remember that time. We also had to deal with that Warrior too. I actually thought that it was funny when you guys gave him a Sword up the behind.

Prince Alvin: You remember that?!

Luna: Yeah. Remember, i was there.

Dinah: that’s true. she was there and she was with us. She saw it and i saw it. i laughed at the guy getting his sword shoved up his butt. It had to have hurt him.

Luna: But what are you gonna do? Terra is not like she used to be. She’s got more power in her now. I saw the outfit that she had on as she was holding me in the air and nearly tried killing me. It had shoulder pads that were like steel. Bandages and the gloves she had on were with more power in them. There was also the Emblem on her chest too. don’t know what it was… but it didn’t look good. It looked dark. Evil too.

Prince Alvin: …

But as they were talking…

Alice: *Walking in* I finally made it. God… that was a trip and then some.

Prince Alvin: *Turning to see Alice* Alice, how did you get here?

Alice: How did i get here? Well… let’s see. I walked. No actually… i took a cab here. It wasn’t easy as it took an hour for one to come… then it took a couple hours to get here. The fortunate thing is that the whole ride was only 5 bucks. But i got here because i figured that you’d be here…

Prince Alvin: I am sorry that i left you hanging, Alice. But you said that you had  class today and you had to study. You mentioned about a test for one of your paranormal classes that you had to study for. If i had known that you wanted to come along instead… i would have had you join. But it’s a good thing that i didn’t as we were attacked by Terra. If anything were to happen to you… i would not know what to do. I wasn’t gonna just allow for you to get in harm’s way. i don’t want you getting hurt by the attacks.

Alice: I appreciate the gesture, Prince Alvin. But you know that it’s a bit late for that. You know that the minute i started getting involved with the cause… i got some dangers coming at me… I don’t regret it as it comes with the territory due to what’s expected to happen from time to time.

Prince Alvin: I understand. I should have asked you and made sure you were busy or whether you wanted to come along. I’m sorry. But the main thing that concerns me is that you’re safe. that’s all that ought to matter. Are you okay though otherwise?

Alice: Well… yes and then no.

Prince Alvin: Why do you say that?

Alice: While you and everyone here were on a joyride to Kansas City… i was still at the Dorms. I was there. And Yeah… i suffered a massive 4 hour Vision. which blanked me out for 5 hours. because it took an hour after the 4 hour long Vision ended before i could come to reality. i was out of it. I saw Terra in the Vision several times. Multiple times. Saw that she was gonna try to kill one of us. Under Beryl’s ruling. The one with a Bulls-eye on them is Cue the Devastating music. But Luna is the target. Beryl is wanting Luna dead. Terra however was about to kill her when someone stopped her and snapped her out from doing so. Dinah… You were seen to be the one that got her to stop. However that was not the only Vision i got…

Prince Alvin: Why’s that? What was the other Vision that you got?

Alice: Visions… 3 More Visions… One being with Luna being abducted by Terra and taken to a hideout. Which is a place that i am gonna hate to speak of… but It’s the basement of the Luthor Mansion. Terra is planning to abduct her…

Alice describes the vision and sees it coming to where as she is describing it… it’s visioned as…

Alice: That is where she’ll get taken… It will be likely to happen. Soon. Because the Vision was in place of the late afternoon. Early Evening. The next Vision is of someone being arrested. Don’t know who it will be. i did not see a face. but from what the vision showed… it was an older woman. working at a Publishing company. The last Vision was of… *Shaking her head trying to forget that the vision came to her* I can’t even say it… it’s just heartbreaking. I practically cried seeing it. It was of you guys being taken out by Terra’s hands and Beryl taking total control of the City celebrating the demise of you guys.

Paige: WHAT?!!!!

Alice: Why do you think that i didn’t want to say it? It was too horrible.

Pearl: On the part of giving Terra a Chance. She’s gonna get that. but she only gets one last chance. One.

Prince Alvin: Right. We’ve got to break Beryl’s hold on her.

Alice: we can’t very well just give up on her. Terra is obviously being controlled.

Prince Avery: I would beg to differ on that one. we both know that it’s not the truth. Terra had perfect control. She was in total control. She almost Killed Luna.

Pearl: Attacking her… An innocent girl. That was the wrong move. You know that… Attack us heroes…. Fine. we can take it. It’s part of the territory. But to attack someone who isn’t a hero… someone who is innocent in every way… No that is not about to fly.

Alice: Chloe…. Do you have the recording of the last attack wave of Terra’s?

Chloe: Yes.

Alice: Let’s see it.

Chloe: *Sighs* okay. There isn’t gonna be anything there that will pull you from feeling the obvious.

Chloe puts up the feed and seconds later…

Alice: Stop. Pause it and pose a hard copy of it.

Prince Alvin: Alice, What are you trying to do?

Alice: Point out that something is not sounding entirely right.

Paige: *Looking at the screens and seeing the still frame of Terra and seeing something different on her* Wait a minute… What is that?

Alice: That there is Purple on her… Purple attire on her and it’s also built on her skin too… It looks as though it’s been fully integrated.

Pearl: That should not be making a difference. She attacked Luna. If Dinah didn’t get her to stop attacking Luna when she did… Luna would be dead.

Luna: *Nods sadly* I was really scared.

Chloe: *Looking at Luna* Don’t worry. we’re gonna make sure that you’re safe.

Pearl: Terra has crossed a line. She knows that attacking an innocent is never permitted. She had attempted to do so. That’s almost the same as actually doing it.

Alice: That isn’t right. Terra is seen as the one who betrayed us all. But how much of it was her own doing? How would we figure that it wasn’t all Beryl and that it wasn’t Beryl trying to seduce her to the dark side. to pull her into the dark and use the jealousy and the envy to justify her means to do what she did?

Pearl: That is besides the point. Look at Luna. See how scared she is. She’s defenseless. She’s got no powers, Alice. Okay? You get that… She’s got no power. Sailor Luna is dead. She’s gone. No more. Luna… as we see her now is all there is of the senshi… there is no senshi anymore. It’s gone. Terra doesn’t know that. Neither does Beryl. But you don’t seem to get that they don’t care. Beryl wants us all dead. She in the beginning of this was going after Dinah. But she failed at it… Miserably. Then there was the babies. She tried to go after them. Failed to get them. Came close to getting them 2 times. but still failed and now that the little ones are on a different planet… she will never get to them. But now she’ll be trying to come after Luna. Luna is in danger. Beryl is not gonna stop. Terra attacked Luna. She’s serving Beryl. That is right there a dead giveaway that Beryl is going any route she can just to see that she kills us. Either one at a time or all at once.

Alice: *In Outrage* You really think that matters now? Do you… You’re not getting the idea that Beryl is controlling Terra. That isn’t Terra. See the Suit on her… The Video recording on Terra’s first wave of an attack… showed a Veil of purple. A huge Veil of purple. We think it’s Terra doing it. Only because it’s what we are seeing. but Terra’s actions aren’t her own… That suit. i am not into fashion much. you, Pearl.. can see that i’m not. But that suit is all a by product of Beryl. Beryl is using her for her own sick pleasure. for kicks. Terra might be trying to fight back… but she is right now too far in to where she can’t break loose.

Dinah: Then what do you suppose should be done about it?

Paige: Whatever possible…

They all looked at each other and sighed. Dinah was afraid for Luna’s safety. but she was gonna protect her in any way possible. The Girls and the crew all made off to the Dorm and rest. Prince Alvin needed time to think. they all did. It was not looking good for them at all. Luna went over to her boyfriend’s place to hang out a little bit. She wanted to just spend some time with Martin. It’s been a while since she seen him and it was like she practically cut off the one person that meant so much to her. She wanted to make up for that. Somehow…

At Vincent Van Graves house a moment later…

Luna: *Looking at Martin* How have things been since the last time i was here?

Martin: How have they been? Well… they’ve been okay. Actually they’ve been quite wonderful. But i was missing you like crazy the whole time. When i tried calling you and didn’t get a call back. It made me feel like i lost my best friend. My girlfriend.

Luna:  I know. I feel bad about that too. I didn’t mean to blow you off like that. *Looking down* But with how i was feeling… i couldn’t tell you about it. I was scared that if you knew that i was changing and turning into a complete human like i am now… i was afraid that you would hate me.

Martin: That’s nonsense. I could never do that. Luna. You’re my best friend. I would never sire to leave your side.  Not ever.

Luna: It feels so different being all human. I feel really fuzzy and it’s like… i don’t know. almost like attraction. but that’s not it because i am already close to you. We love each other. We became close.

Martin: I know the feeling. Vincent even caught me feeling hot and a bit over heated. He thought that i was showing signs of being with Lust. Young lust. But that’s supposed to be a normal human sensation. I mean… we’re teens now. things like this are bound to happen eventually as we start to grow up.

Luna: I guess. It’s just really new for me because i was never all human before and now that i am a complete human… it’s just conflicting as i don’t know as to what or how i am supposed to be feeling. *Looking at the house* How’s Vincent?

Martin: He’s good. He’s actually been anxious to see you again. He misses you. He’d be pleased to see you again.

Luna: Do you think that he’ll recognize me?

Martin: There is only one way to find out.

A minute later…

Inside the house…

Martin: It’s been really quiet here since the other week. nearly no activity going on with the Evil forces. Other than today at that interchange… How did Terra learn to do what she did?

Luna: I don’t know. But, Martin… I am scared. i am really scared about what Terra will do. She’s gonna try to come and get me.


Vincent Van Graves: *Walking out and seeing an Asian girl* Oh… Hello there. You must be a friend to my boy Martin. A rather splendid one to be quite frank. Who are you?

Luna: …

Martin: Vincent, there is something that you should know. This girl… is Luna.

Vincent Van Graves: Huh?! Is she really Luna?

Luna: *Nodding* Vu~insento kon’nichiwa. hello.

Vincent: I keep imagining that you’d be still the same girl with the blue hair and the heroic spark.

Luna: I get told that from everybody so far. Everyone, have been feeling a bit off seeing me being all human. But i am now all human. I used to be a Senshi. But i had to sacrifice it in order to be all human.

Vincent: i see. But no matter… You are still Luna. I can somehow sense… just by the way you speak and how you present yourself… You’re still you. It’s good that we haven’t lost the beautiful and most loving girl in the world. You’re always a welcomed guest here. Martin, don’t you let her go away from you. She’s a really lovely girl. I don’t even know if anyone told her this… but she looks just like the Japanese Actress/Model Rina. if i didn’t even know any better… i would swear on it that she was her. but Looks can be endearingly deceiving.

Martin: i noticed. *Sighs and chuckles a little trying to keep a straight mind* But to be honest… i almost didn’t recognize her.  That’s how different she looked to me. It was really shocking to see her looking so different. I will get used to it as it is something that makes her happy. I just want her to do what makes her happy and making her happy in her heart.

Vincent: That is what makes you a gentleman. Martin, Luna is looking different. but she’s still the same.

Luna: I still know about the threats that come. I also heard a fear of vision that Terra. the girl that betrayed my family is planning to abduct me. Today. It’s not far of a stretch since she tried to kill me and nearly succeeded in doing so. If Dinah didn’t snap her out of it…. she would have done it and i wouldn’t be here now.

Vincent: *Gasps* That is dreadful.

Luna: That’s not the only thing that has me feeling mixed up… I was also abused mentally and Emotionally by my Grandmother Rikku Rhapsody. She was treating me poorly. She Lectured me and made me feel worthless. I was sent to bed without anything to eat several times.

Vincent: Oh dear… *Shaking his head* That is Child endangerment and Neglect. Didn’t you call it in?

Luna: No. Dinah didn’t either. She got me out of there and won Custody of me. I don’t have to worry about Grandma Rikku anymore… But You are right… *Nods* It is Child Abuse and endangerment what she’s doing and what she’s done to me. That is awful. If she’s doing it to me… just wonder what she’s liable to do to other kids if given that chance…

Vincent: Oh no no no!… That can’t be allowed to go on. It must be called in.

Luna: I know. I just haven’t pressed because the rest of the family wouldn’t understand. They might all hate me. I love my family. i don’t want them to hate me. But if i don’t do something to protect the other kids who may have crossed her… they could get hurt by her abusive ways and make things even more difficult.

Martin: I agree. It’s a sad reality to throw a grandmother in Jail. But if she’s abusing kids… and had Abused you… it’s what must be done. *Looking at Luna* Luna, When you were getting the abuse… when it first began coming from her… You should have said something. You should have came forward with it. She could have done something else to you and you not know it.

Luna: *Speaking with Accent* You’re right, Martin. I should have her reported to the cops. It’s the right thing to do.

Martin: *hugging his girlfriend in sympathy* It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.

Vincent then made the call to the police and explained the situation to them as it was told to him by Luna…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

An hour later…

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at the book that she has just written and published* This one’s wonderful… Of course it don’t matter none. Nothing i did mattered to the little Trashy Jap. That little girl was ungrateful. All she ever did was backtalk me. She was constantly being defiant. *Sighs* Where did i go wrong in taking her in and keeping her around anyway? Keeping her around must have been a real mistake. I don’t know what my Daughter ever saw in that Japanese girl. And no… I am not a Racist either. That girl was nothing but trouble. Nothing but trouble from the word start.

Shanna: Grandma, Stop it. You are being really mean. Luna is a lovely person. She’s sweet. A mind of her own and very devoted to who she wants to be. You are being a Racist. It’s getting really old.

Grandma Rikku: I am not a Racist. I just am sick of that girl getting all the pampering like she’s the fucking queen. That little bitch is rotten.

Shanna: Grandma, Shut up. That is Awful. You are speaking in hate about the girl. You Hate her that much that you’re not happy or fulfilled till you’ve torn her down. You are the most cruelest person ever. *Storming off in anger* You must have screwed with Princess Rikku all her life. No wonder people hate this family… Because of you. You are the magnet drawing for hate to befall this family. I am beginning to wonder… *Stopping to suddenly look at Grandma Rikku* That when a death hit this family… it should have been you who got the hand of death. Not her. You are nothing but a hateful person. I have a little Japanese in me. Yeah… i do. What? You’re gonna hate me now too? You gonna start neglecting me and abusing me now too? Go for it. It’s not like anything can hurt me. Besides that i am just adopted. I am not really Biological. good thing too… because if i was and knew that i was related to you… I would just literally hang myself. Because anyone related to you would be just fucked up for life.

Grandma Rikku: *Getting up and with Rage Grabbing for a Knife and motioning to stab* I am gonna kill you if you don’t shut up. I swear to god. Luna is a bad person. She’s with no good in her. You are all ignorant to even think that there is anything good in that girl. That girl looks like that Actress Rina from Japan. She is stuck up.

Shanna: Ugh! EXCUSE ME! That is bullshit. That is most definitely nothing but bullshit. Hypocritical BULLSHIT! You don’t know a thing about her… Luna is not stuck up, You dumb fuck. She is nothing of that kind. You are so blood thirsty vengeful and it is really getting to be the last straw.

A Knock then sounds on the door…

Grandma Rikku: Whoever it is… get the hell off my property.

Officer Malone: *From Outside* Rikku Marie Rhapsody?! This is the Police.

Shanna: The Police?! *Confused* What in the—?

Grandma Rikku: What the hell is this shit? I can’t get any peace at work… now none at home either. What the hell do i have to do to get some peace… *Walking over to the door and opening it* What do you want?

Officer Malone: Can you please step out of the house please?

Grandma Rikku: *Opening the door* What is the problem officer? What is it that you want? I am trying to have a bit of time to rest and relax. I had a very rough day at work. So if there is nothing of serious implication… Can you please just go? I am tired. and i got a little bit of a headache.

Officer Malone: Rikku Rhapsody Please turn around and put your hands behind your head.

Grandma Rikku: What the hell is this about?

Officer Malone: Put your bands behind your head… Now!

Grandma Rikku: And if i don’t?

Officer Malone: You’ll be forcefully handcuffed.

Grandma Rikku: Handcuffed? What? What is this about?

Officer Malone: *Pulling out his handcuffs and then grabbing Grandma Rikku’s hands; Handcuffing the wrists and Reading the rights* Rikku Rhapsody, you’re under arrest for the Child Endangerment of Luna Tina Rhapsody. You have the right to remain Silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you. You have the right to an Attorney. If you can’t afford one… One will be appointed to you.

Grandma Rikku: Who made this call and said that i was doing such things?

Officer Malone: We got a call from a Vincent Van Graves and it was on behalf of Luna Rhapsody herself. She’s a smart girl. She was upset somewhat about the Abuse she went through by you… But she told us every nitty gritty detail. from the top to end. All the things that you’ve done to her. Said to her. Sending the poor girl to bed a few nights without a morsel of food to munch or eat. You know… if i was off duty… i would beat you to an inch of your life. Abusing your child like that. You have a whole lot of nerve doing something like that. You know that? You really have some Nerve.

Grandma Rikku: I did it to sharpen the girls Obedience. She was back talking me.

Officer Malone: that is no excuse to do what you had done to the girl. It is a good thing that the girl has bounced back and regained her spunk. She’s talented too. She even could Tell about the heroes that she knew. You tried to harm her. Make her feel stupid. She told us about the whole thing. You’re going to Jail… for a long time. Child abuse is a serious offense and since you want to abuse a child. Especially An Asian girl like Luna. You can spend the rest of your days or till the courts decide what best to handle someone like you rotting in a prison cell. *Dragging Grandma Rikku to the car and putting her into the back* Get in there.

Shanna: *Grinning while watching Grandma Rikku getting taken away by the cops*

At the Dorms…

In room #312…

Jack: That was a nightmare and very much a freak accident just from the left field. I can’t believe that they were almost taken out by that girl Terra.

Reese: Paige is also lucky. That one Rock Creature had it’s sights on her… Terra was gonna nail her and slam her hard.

Jack: What about Pearl? She was struggling much well on her own. But That dark powered girl… Raven. She was literally able to block most of the strikes done upon her.

Reese: Something tells me that Raven and Terra are gonna be having daggers for one another. there is a whole bit of Anger between them.

Jack: We better hope that it never reaches that.

Reese: That’s the best thing we have on our deck…

In Room #320…

Prince Alvin: *Sighs* Damn it… The blonde woman nailed us… Caught us on unawares. That attack came out of nowhere. How could Terra just attack us like that? And so Blatantly… It was like it was fun for her.

Lenard: What do you suppose that you ought to do about the problem?

Russell: You planning on going out there and nailing her to the walls? If you are planning on it. You’re gonna need a lot of protection. You made wind of the fact that she’s got the swift flow of the Earth. She can out roll the lot of you and your brethren.

Prince Alvin: I have my fire power. That can do me fine. But i don’t know if that’s gonna knock.

Russell: *Thinking about something* You know… Lenard and i have Bio-chemistry class together… We actually came up with something. Found a way to create a serum that works as a toxic Gas. It is something to knock out your enemies and put them under submission for a short time. But the thing that makes it complex is that it has to be shot… Right at the target and bounce off just slightly before hitting the ground breaking and releasing into air surrounding her. I think that if she were to breathe that in on contact… She’d fall to sleep

Lenard: However, you have to get her guard down. Although with the source of power that she’s letting loose… it’s gonna be almost downright impossible.

Prince Alvin: That’s really reassuring.

Lenard: it’s not like that at all. We’re just saying that for a fight like this… you have to figure on watching your every move. If Terra is siring to use the Earth on any of you and your crew… You’re gonna need to know what to expect.

Prince Alvin: Good Theory…

In Room #349…

Dinah: That was a nightmare. Terra almost killed Luna. If i didn’t call out to Terra and snap her out of it… She would have killed her and it’d be the end of her.

Christie: What were you doing taking Luna along anyway? You know that it’s not safe for her to be where the action is…

Dinah: Why the hell are you looking at me with that look? It isn’t like i knew that the attack was gonna happen. It just did. it came out of nowhere. None of us knew that it was gonna happen. It just hit outta nowhere. It just came and crashed right into us from left field.

Christie: There is no common thing as a side attack coming out of nowhere. It would have to be almost like a premeditated assault and that is what we know to not be Terra’s style. Neither is it Beryl’s. She’s not even capable of a maneuver like that.

Dinah: Beryl is making a move. She has Terra working for her. Terra almost killed Luna…

Christie: Almost… but failed.

Dinah: because i snapped Terra out of it. If i hadn’t… Luna would have been dead.

Christie: What do you think your sisters will try to do about Terra?

Dinah: They’re thinking on providing one last chance to Terra and will possibly try to break Terra From Beryl’s grip. However, Raven won’t want a thing to do with Terra…

In Room #201…

Summer: *Walking into the room* Hey Megan, did you hear about the incident that happened on the Interchange this morning?

Megan: No. Why?

Summer: There was an attack at the Interchange. A group of heroes… ones we know about and are close to… were there. They were attacked by a Girl with the ability of riding the Earth.

Megan: Where did you hear this?

Summer: It’s all over the T.V and the Radio. There are a whole bunch of people in the Dorm Lounge talking about it. The crew that we know… were swiped and from what the reports on the T.V were saying… One of them almost got killed. Almost was killed. Would have been but it’s not the end for the girl. The Girl was spared.

Megan: Who was the girl?

Summer: Who would you think it’d be? Who used to be a hero and now is just a normal person?

Megan: Luna. *Gasps* You mean to say that Luna was there?

Summer: Yeah. She was there alright. She was there and she nearly got killed. But she survived. By the hand of luck.

Megan: Is she okay?

Summer: Not sure if she’s okay… I mean… She lived. That’s for certain.

Megan: The ones there… Were they including the 4 men?

Summer: You mean… The Famous Rhapsody Brothers? Yeah. they were there. Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis. all the men. they were all there. going against Terra. So was Jack Frost. the frosty touch Ice blaster boyfriend to Pearl.  He was there too. as well as Raven. Plus not to forget… a surprise addition to the team… a teen fighter by the name of Tuxedo Martin Amazing.  He was seen or reported to be there too.

Megan: Did they make it out alive?

Summer: Oh yeah. They were able to leave without being fully Roughed up…

But while they were talking…

outside of the Dorm Building…

Back in the Neighborhood…

Luna: My Grandmother is on her way to Jail now. *Sighs* Who’s gonna keep the house or keep it going now that she’s in Jail?


Martin: I don’t know.  I suppose that the house will be sold to who ever wants to buy it. But if nothing more other than that… we should see about getting your stuff out of there and put somewhere safe.

Luna: That’s right. I don’t want to lose any of my belongings. I wonder if my sisters know about it yet.

Martin: not sure. But i have a feeling that they will once it catches the News. They’ll catch wind of it.

Luna: *Suddenly hearing something* Did you hear that, Martin?

Martin: *Looking at Luna suddenly and feeling strangely confused* What do you mean?

Luna: *Seeing a shadow coming in from the side* Look out!

Martin: *Looking to see something coming in fast* Whoa! What is that?!

Seconds later…

Martin: *Ducking* Yikes! Where did she come from?

Luna: i don’t know. But that had to be Terra.

Terra: You’ll be Beryl’s prey soon, Kitty. Just wait.

Martin: *Overhearing the remark and growling* No! NO! *Getting up and looking pissed at Terra* You Leave my Girlfriend alone! You will not touch Luna.

Terra: Oh yeah! what are you gonna do about it, huh?

Martin: Why not just wait and see what it is that will happen if you even try to lay a finger on Luna. You don’t touch my best friend… My Love. EVER!

Luna: *Ducking for cover* Leave me alone, Terra. I don’t have any powers. i am normal… Want me to prove it? I will… But i don’t have any powers anymore. I am normal. There is nothing left.

Terra: It don’t matter whether you got the powers or not. Beryl is with a bounty on your head. She wants you dead, Kitty. She wants you dead. She doesn’t care how… just as long as you are disposed of.

Luna: So Alice’s Vision was true. I was gonna be targeted by you doing Beryl’s handy work. I was gonna be abducted.

Terra: I don’t make the rules… i just follow them. If beryl Wants your head on a stick. i give it. If she says to beat the living breath out of the Rhapsody girls… so be it.

Luna: *Getting up and Running for safety* Beryl can get lost. She can’t have me. You can just forget about taking me. It’s not gonna happen.

Martin: Terra. You wanna fight? Fight me. It will be a long time before i let you snatch Luna away. She doesn’t belong to Beryl. She’s staying here.

A second later…

Martin: *transforming* Tuxedo Power…….Power Up!! *transforms into Tuxedo Martin Amazing;  With a top hat and Cape appearing as the normal look gets surrounded and covered in White light; Replaced with a Tuxedo and Black shoes. a Scepter being placed in his hand and With a Arm brace with Stars on it appearing on his right arm; poses* I am the Warrior of the innocent Tuxedo Martin Amazing!

Terra: You’re the one that tried to fight me earlier. I should have known that a weak little kid would try to test me.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: A Little kid? Boy are you blind, Blondie. The only one who is weak… is you. You have weak willpower. You should have stayed away from Beryl. But now… You’re just damaged goods since she’s had you.

Terra: Shut up and fight if you’re gonna fight. Otherwise, get out of my way. I got plans to carry out to flush out the pathetic Rhapsody family from hiding in their holes.

Luna: *Overhearing* No! You leave my family Alone! Leave them alone!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Looking at Luna* Luna… stay there where it’s safe. don’t come out. Stay away. Stay where it is safe.

Luna: Shinchō mātin naru. Kanojo o shin’yō shite wa ikemasen.

Terra then started to Launch an attack…

Terra: *Causing the ground to shake a little underneath Martin*

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Attacking Terra with an attack* Mad wolf Air blaster! Eat the air. You May control the Earth, But when it comes to the Elements… You are a few spaces too late.

Luna: *Afraid and watching*

Terra: *Pulling up some rocks and Firing at Martin*

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Firing a rock attack at Terra* Rocky Storm Swarm!

Terra: *With her eyes glowing yellow; Controlling the rocks* Nice try. You are not one to toy with me. You should just give up. Beryl will never back off and you can never make her.

Vincent Van Graves: *With his cane coming out and walking into the scene* Wanna bet? *Looking at Terra* You can leave my boy Martin and the sweet young girl Luna alone! *Chanting a spell for a fire attack* Feuer Schnapper … Fire Hitze … Burning Desire und Flammen. Pierce das Fleisch mit Ketzer verbrennt … Versengen und trüben die Schönheit … setzen Sie ihn in Brand mit einem Hauch von der Hand …. lassen Sie das Feuer gesetzt den Gottlosen zu verbrennen! (Eng. Translation: “Fire snapper… Fire’s heat… Burning desire and flames. Pierce the flesh with heretic burns… Scorch and tarnish the beauty… set it aflame with a touch of the hand…. let the fires set the wicked to burn!” *Launching the attack at Terra* Rolling Fiery Ropes of pain! *Wrapping the fiery rope of pain around Terra and Burning her* You leave my Boy alone! This is a message you can take to Beryl. If she comes near my boy again or any of his friends… coming near Luna ever again… There will be a bit of terror coming her way.

Terra: *Collapsing onto the ground and falling hard onto the ground smacking it* Ahhh!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Looking at Terra* you don’t mess with us. I am a part Wizard… but Vincent here is an Expert Wizard. You mess with him… You will pay for it.

Terra: *Gasps as she gets up slowly and Looks at the two* I am not scared by the likes of you… But just because you got the better of me this time… doesn’t mean that it’s over… You two are so stupid… You created a diversion. While you and boy wonder were having at me… a Shadow soldier snuck in and Abducted the girl. Luna Rhapsody is history. She’s been taken. You’re lost now.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: NO!!! *Screaming in fury* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUNA!!!!!!!!!

Terra: *Pulling up a Piece of Earth and Flying away; Laughing with satisfaction* Ahahahahahahaha!

A Moment later…

Martin: *Angry and Kicking the Bush* Damn it! God doggone Rotten luck. I can’t believe this… Damn Terra.  DAMN HER! She Got the upper hand again. Luna is gone. She’s probably as good as dead now. Damn it!

Vincent Van Graves: Martin, my boy… calm down. There is no need to get upset. We’ll get her back. You’re gonna just need a team to be put together.

Martin: That’s right. *With a serious look on his face and pissed tone* and i know who to get too… I maybe 13… but i will not be made a fool. i will not be made to give up either. Ever. Terra wants to play… Game on.

Vincent Van Graves: head on out. But be careful out there, dear boy. Be careful. With Terra still in the vicinity… she could pop off another attack.

But it was not gonna end there… Luna was abducted and taken to a hideout. But as for the others… Non of them knew about her abduction. None of them knew of it. It was the Evening hours when there was about to be an onslaught of attacks. in 3 places…

At the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at the screens and watching over the City* Luna was just Abducted. Terra came and Snatched her from Vincent Van Graves place… 2 hours ago. We need a Team to go and rescue Luna. Find out where she got taken to and break her out of there.

Oliver: You got it.

Arthur Curry: I’ll come along. It might be at a place with no water… but i can still fight and provide a bit of firepower. in case if it was needed while trying to bust Luna out from where she was taken and placed in captivity.

Oliver: Question is where… Where was she taken and why?

Suddenly the Alarms blare out and sound off…

Chloe: *Seeing a huge reading coming on the screens* Oh god… We got a big big problem and it’s got danger and lethal tied to it.

Victor Stone: What is it…

At the Metropolis City’s High Containment facility…

Terra: *Riding into the Security center and With a burst of energy busting open a Hole in 3 places Releasing Cinderblock, Plasmus and Overload* Okay guys… time to do your pay for Beryl. Beryl’s got some work for you to do. the major reward is the end of the Rhapsody Girls Z! and the Rhapsody Brothers. *Tossing a Power Disc on Plasmus… Cinderblock and Overload*

Overload: *Roars* Arrrrrrgh! 

Cinderblock: *Roaring* Raaaaaaaaawwwwwrrrrr!

Plasmus: *Screeching*

In Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: *Watching on screen* Excellent, My Dear Pet. The Telekinetic remotes are online, Overload, Cinderblock and Plasmus are under my command. Everything is under control. Time to lure the Pathetic Rhapsodies out and take them down. Did you take care of the young Girl Luna and lock her away somewhere undetected?

Terra: Yes. She’s in the basement of the Mansion that Tess Mercer resides in. the Pathetic Rhapsody Family and her are bitter rivals. So they’ll never search there for her. Luna will be forever gone to them.

Beryl: Excellent! As soon we get rid of the Rhapsody Girls Z! and the Rhapsody Brothers… she’ll be the last to go.

Terra: with them gone… the city will be yours to be had as it belongs being. We’ll also take out Luna’s love toy Martin Marco… and then their little merry band of friends. Including Alice Cross… Star Hall, Christie Powers… Summer French and Megan Hart. Then we take down their secret base of Intel… Watchtower.

Beryl: You’re doing a far excellent job, Apprentice. Astounding. Get to it. Keep up the remarkable work and you’ll be Master someday fighting side by side with me. which is even more power than an Apprentice.

Terra: Sounds rewarding…

At the Dorms…

In the parking Lot Preparing to start on heading out to the locations…

Prince Alvin: We got 3 high threat Criminals infiltrating 3 locations.

Paige: We don’t know what Beryl is planning… But whatever it is… we have to find out and stop the plan. Whatever it takes.

Pearl: Raven and I will take the Electric Psych-ward Overload.

Prince Arnold: Prince Avery, Prince Curtis and i will take Plasmus.

Prince Alvin: Paige and i will take on Sir Block brains.

Paige: Yeah. My Love and hearts will make it sick.

Raven: Right. Let’s go. What about Terra though?

Prince Alvin: We’ll have to deal with her when the time comes.

Prince Avery: Do we move to show her any mercy?

Prince Arnold: We can try. But this is unfortunately her last chance.

Paige: Let’s do it.

A second later…

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around; Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Love and beating heart of Bliss, the Winged angel of Romance… Miss Love… with the powers of Love and sweet eternal hearts…the souls and presence of Evil will be silenced by the embrace of Love’s Might!

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around; Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing and screaming with Fury* …. *Posing* The Bubbly Angel of serenity, The gentle touch of water Bubble Maiden… With the power of Bubbles Might and the sincere heart of Water’s Embrace… the existence of Evil will be washed with grace and light!

In the Air…

Miss Love: *Heading to the Docks* Flaming Soul… The Docks… What would Cinderblock the Cement brained dimwit want from there?

Flaming Soul: I have no idea. But if there is anything there that is required of Beryl… We got to make certain that he doesn’t get it.

Miss Love: Like that’s gonna happen… If The Blockhead is there already… What’s the chance that it hasn’t already gotten to it by now?

Flaming Soul: Look up… and don’t be thinking so Negative. We’ll stop that Brick-Muncher.

In the inner Chamber of the Metropolis Power Company…

The Room was being heavily guarded with Armed Men poised to aim and fire at any trespasser who broke in without authorization. But they weren’t prepared for what came into the room…

Sparks started to form and shot through the whole room… It went to the backs and to the sides before climbing to the ceiling of the room and Shot towards the center. It then shot from the center and sparked through the center and shoot into the center well that was pulsing with an Electric Current…

Within seconds… a being came out into the open and in View. Came to stir trouble. The Guards began firing at him… At Overload who came into View and Shot Electricity all over… But they didn’t get many shots at him as he got mad and emitted a Magnetic pulse Pulling the Weapons… to him and made as though he was about to attack. But the Guards Turned and Split with the Doors closing behind them. Overload Turned and started to make a move when the Center Pole suddenly got covered by Dark Energy…


Raven: *Appearing into the room alongside Pearl* Hello Overload.

Bubble Maiden: Care to ask for mercy from the Angel of Darkness and the Bubbly Winged Angel of Serenity?

Raven: *Looking at Pearl* Pearl… Try to short circuit him. I’ll provide a block to his attack.

Bubble Maiden: You got it. *Going to the side and Launching an attack at Overload* BUBBLY GEM FLASH!!!!*Launching again* BUBBLES STORMING CONCERTO!

Raven: *Looking satisfied* Good move, Pearl. Good. It short-circuited him a bit.  He’s weakened.

Raven saw that Overload was about to attack and wielded a Dark Shield to block the attack as much as she could although the Charge was stronger and pushed her back… Sending her flying back.

Bubble Maiden: *Gasps* Raven! Hold on… I’ll save you. *Throwing some bubbles behind Raven and catching her in it; Saving her*

Raven: *Bouncing back from the Bubbles and coming right at the Creature* Thanks for the save Pearl. That was a good save.

Bubble Maiden: No prob. Friends back each other up…

At the Daily Planet Locking Docks…

Prince Arnold: *Walking with Prince Avery and Prince Curtis* Seems quiet in here.

Prince Avery: It usually is, Brother. No one comes down here other than the loading people and even they wouldn’t come down here unless needed. It is really bone chilling silent in here. It usually is for a good reason as no one is supposed to be down here.

Prince Curtis: If that is the case… then why are we here? Aren’t we breaking the rules of the little guideline stating that this place is to be steer cleared from?

Prince Arnold: You’re not scared, are you?

Prince Curtis: *Scoffs* What? Are you off your deep end here? No. I am not scared. What on earth ever gave you that suggestion?

Prince Arnold: Well… For a minute there…you were sounding as though you were scared. That was why i was asking.

Prince Curtis: Well don’t be so worried. I am not scared of this place. Just a bit anxious to get out of here before we meet an unnecessary end.

Suddenly sounds were heard and they listened in as they looked around for where the sound was coming from. They couldn’t see anything but they knew something was there as there were sounds going off in the room. Prince Arnold listened in and took close attention to where the sound was coming from… They searched and searched and saw nothing… But just when they were about to make their way back out…

Plasmus: *Bursting out of  the nearby canister closeby* Screeeeeeeeeeeccchhhhhhhhhh!

Prince Avery: *Turning really fast and seeing Plasmus* Look out. We have just won some bad company.

Prince Arnold: Let’s attack it.

Prince Curtis: Do we have a choice?

Prince Avery: Yeah. We do. It’s called… We do… or we die.

Plasmus suddenly spewed out Green liquid and it splashed the nearby stack of canisters and burned through them like paper. It was Acid. The Canisters toppled over and the guys had to make a quick evasive run to move out of the path of the blast.

Prince Avery: *Scoffs* You’ve got to be kidding me. It shoots out Acid now. That’s lovely… Any other new tricks it might have up its pretty sleeves?

Prince Curtis: Good Question… Why not ask it? I am sure that it’d be willing to spill its own guts out to you.

Prince Arnold: Would you two please stop the cynic’s circle? Let’s Just get this over with… Okay?

The guys then make the moves and start firing at Plasmus. They teleported and flashed by with speed and fired shots at Plasmus. Prince Curtis went through and fired a blast of Electricity at Plasmus and the guys zoomed through the middle and Charged up and aimed to mortally wound it. But they all turned and saw that it caught on to Prince Arnold and Prince Arnold was seen in one of Plasmus’s eyes and he fired a massive shot of water and caused the eye to bubble Busting out and Crashing onto the floor…

Prince Arnold: *Hitting the floor* Ohhhh! That was a unneeded fall. That’s gonna hurt.

Plasmus: *Screeching* Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

At the Docks…

Cinderblock: *Growling as it then picks up a heavy trailer; Throwing it*

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting out of the way* Watch out!

Miss Love: *Soaring up into the sky and dodging the attack* Missed me. Just barely.

Flaming Soul: *Firing blasts of fire at Cinderblock* Dealing with these would be something of a breeze if only we still had the Senshi of everything Little on the field.

Miss Love: I know. But she’s gone. We’re gonna have to just do the best we can. *Firing a wave of hearts at cinderblock* HAAAAA! HYAH!

Flaming Soul: *Firing more fire at Cinderblock; Knocking it back*

Cinderblock: *Getting Knocked back* ….  *Shaking itself off and Starting to Loom at Paige and Prince Alvin*

Miss Love: *Firing a shot of hearts at Cinderblock head on* Love’s Blasting Beams!

Flaming Soul: *Firing at Cinderblock and then seconds later Landing a Drop Kick towards Cinderblocks face* Back off! You should learn to lie down and know when you’ve lost.

The two keep firing and Landing punches at the Blockhead. Cinder Block kept coming but they knocked him back into the side of the Trailers. The thud was big enough to cause a tremor through the trailers above the one Cinderblock went head first into and smacked hard. the Trailers came crashing and fell on him Knocking him down again… Paige used something from her Belt and created a flashing heart explosion which blinded Cinderblock a bit in order to land a hard Kick towards Cinderblocks upper Torso…

But Cinderblock still kept coming. the beast was refusing to quit…

Miss Love: Uh, Cousin… Is it just me or does this Blockhead seem to be completely off the deep end and with no right mind to give up?

Flaming Soul: I have no idea… but there is nothing here… there’s nothing to steal here. nothing of importance here…

Miss Love: If so, then why would Beryl send him here?

Flaming Soul: How can you tell that they’re all “He’s”?

Miss Love: How can you not tell? CinderBlock screeches like a man would when it’s in heat. Plasmus is just a Human tested humaniod gone totally wrong and is only normal human when asleep. When awake… he’s a walking living nightmare.  and then we got the electric Junkie who’s constantly on fits of power Withdrawals.  Hence… he’s a male. He’s got an Obvious sex and it’s Male. Male Envy. I mean… Come on… is it that far of a fluff piece?

Back at the Inner Chamber of the Power company…

Bubble Maiden: *Looking at Raven* Keep attacking Overload… I’m gonna Pulse this freak with Water…

Raven: Okay.

Bubble Maiden: *Glowing bright blue and gathering energy; Feeling her wings go white and emitting Light from the Oceans and the water; Launching An Attack at Overload* Bubbling… Angels… Watery… EMBRACE! *Firing Water from all directions from every corner*

The Water Drenched Overload and shorted him out little by little till he was just a Chip that only looked Waterlogged…. It was said to be over… but it wasn’t over yet…


Raven: *Looking at Pearl* This was easy… Almost too Easy. But it doesn’t make sense at all. *Looking at the Chip which is all that remains of Overload* What is your Objective? Why are you—

Bubble Maiden: *With Raven; Getting Splattered with Mud and knocked into the wall* Ohhh! *Hitting the floor*

Bubble Maiden: Who’s trying to make trouble this time? Whoever it is… better quit it.

Terra: *Voice* Hello… does the Word Decoy mean anything to you at all?

Bubble Maiden: *Looking up to see Terra* Oh… my.

Raven: *Looking at the center and spotting Terra*

Terra: We had to do something to coax you cowards out from hiding. Especially You pathetic Rhapsodies…Beryl tried to destroy you and you keep popping out like rabbits.


Raven & Pearl: Terra.

​’Terra: Raven and Pearl.

Raven & Pearl: Traitor.

Terra: Witch. And Pathetic Excuse.





Pearl and Raven Fought back at Terra and tried to nail her. Although Terra had Earth to use to be able to over power Pearl and Raven. Pearl tried to get a few shots in and Tried to Kick Terra down into the ground hard. Which worked… for a minute but Terra used the Mud and vanished where she could not be seen and got to the back of both Pearl and Raven and Nailed them with a Mud sledgehammer and knocked them fast and hard to the ground…

Bubble Maiden: *Getting up and Looking at Terra* What the hell is your problem anyway, Terra? We take you and then you Betray us… then attack us. For what? Kicks? Attraction?

Terra: What does it matter on why i attacked you and your pathetic family? I of course Abducted your sweet little sister Luna. Luna is captured. But won’t be for long. After we’ve gotten rid of you pests… Sweet Young Luna will be the next to go.

Bubble Maiden: You monster…  MONSTER! After all we’ve done for you… After everything we’ve done for you… How could you?! HOW COULD YOU?!

Terra: You know… I guess that now is that time to say what should been said. I never really like you Rhapsodies. I was just using you all for a free room and board. *To Raven* You know Raven… I never really liked you.

Raven: *Angry* I never even wanted to know you. You may have fooled the others… but i knew from the very beginning that you were nothing but a liar.

Terra: *Taunts* Oh Really? Is that so? Is that why you let me into your house and steal all of your secrets and…

Bubble Maiden: SHUT UP! TERRA, STOP IT!

Beryl: *Voice* Pearl’s Weakness… her sensitivity… Exploit it. make it come out.

Terra: Pearl, I was thinking… Why are you so sensitive? Is it because you know that you have a big heart and feel too much for a world who could care less about you and what you felt? Was it because there were others who were like you but were able to grow a backbone? Or was it really because deep down… you thought that you could actually be the one thing that you’ll never be… A actual strong minded and Strong willed human being?

Bubble Maiden: *Growls* Shut the hell up, Terra. You are being a rotten person. It’s just the worst. You were just as sensitive as we were… You had doubts and fears just like we did. Luna sensed it coming from you. We saw it. We gave you a place to stay. We could not just stand to let you travel the road alone anymore. We all bought the tale that you never had a home… a place to call home. We took you in.

Terra Shot a rock at Pearl and Knocked her down. She clearly wasn’t the least bit interested in hearing the sappy response that she was hearing come out of Pearl… She then saw Raven and saw that Raven was getting really mad…

Beryl: *Voice* You know her weakness… Exploit it.

Terra: You’re not getting mad, are you, Rae? Oh, better be careful. Prince Arnold has told me all about your temper tantrums. How you show up having your fits.

Raven: Anger is pointless. My emotions are under control.

Terra: (mockingly) Myah, myah, myah. Anger is pointless. And you’re calling me a liar?


Terra: Come on, Raven. What stinks the most? That I tricked you? That I nearly wiped out your team? That everyone liked me better than you?

Raven: Stop it! *Not looking up; Trying to keep from snapping and losing it*

Bubble Maiden: Damn you, Terra. Stop it! LEAVE RAVEN ALONE!!! STOP IT!

Terra: Or is it that deep down inside you really believed I was your friend?



Terra then stood back and gasped at the Rage and the Anger that she saw come out… But she didn’t stop there… She used the Earth to form hands to come out of the ground and Grab Pearl and Raven and Pull them down. Bringing them down into the Mud and drowning them… Within seconds Raven and Pearl were taken out. They were gone. But Pearl tried to hang on as long as she could… Only to sputter and cough… Choking before being buried underneath the Mud…

Terra: Now who’s in control? You or me?

At the Docks…

Miss Love: *Looking at Prince Alvin* One more time… we finally beat this block head. Now we just slam it hard and fast and Knock it out for the count.

Flaming Soul: Right! Let’s hit it!

Miss Love: *Glowing* Hearts!

Flaming Soul: *Glowing* Flames!

Miss Love: *With Flaming Soul* FIRE! *Blasting at Cinderblock with a strong forced attack of Hearts and Flames*

Cinderblock got slammed with the attack and flew back into the bottom of the hole surrounded by Creates and Machines…Cinderblock was knocked out cold…

Miss Love: *Sighs* Thank god that’s all over.

Flaming Soul: Now we go for Terra…

Suddenly a Flash of light came and knocked into them… Prince Alvin got out of the way just in time but Paige got knocked off and sent plummeting into the waters below. Prince Alvin went and looked down…

Flaming Soul: *Calling out in Panic* PAIGE!!!!!

Terra: *Flying back up into the sky; Carrying Cinderblock up as cargo into the skies with her; Laughing* Ahahahahahahaha!

At the Daily Planet Loading Docks…

Plasmus was on its knees and and with its hands on the ground holding itself up panting and heaving… It was beaten brutally and harshly. Prince Arnold Looked at the others and motioned for them to Fire again and take it out, but before they could make that shot… the ground opened up under them and took them… But they teleported out just barely only to get knocked down into the hole… Prince Arnold however held on as best he could and looked up to see Terra Standing before him…

Terra: *Looking at Prince Arnold and watching him struggle* I hope that you’re not about to expect to get a goodbye Kiss coming your way.

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Terra* Terra, you wouldn’t… You couldn’t…

Terra: *With her eyes glowing yellow* Wanna bet?! *Causing the ground to close up sealing Prince Arnold inside*

At Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: *Looking at the screens* Excellent! Finally the plans are working. Finally the world is Rid of the Rhapsody Girls Z! and the Rhapsody Brothers. Those Pathetic Do-good-ers are gone… I couldn’t have done it without you, My pet. You’ve made your master more than proud. But the Conquest is not done yet…

Outside of the Daily Planet and in front of the Luthorcorp Plaza…

Terra: *Talking to Beryl Walking in search for the Captain of the Rhapsody Brothers* I know. 2 of the Rhapsody girls Z! wiped out… 3 Rhapsody Brothers eliminated… one more left to go. Dinah is still alive… but she’s incapacitated and can’t fight. She’s clear… So is that little 13 year old girl Luna. She’s clear. she’s captured and didn’t even try to fight back like she usually does.

Beryl: Are my ears deceiving me? are you reporting upon me to say that Luna the little Brat from the moon is powerless. and is Normal now. That she has become all human to mesh with the normal people… Is that what i am hearing from you Apprentice?

Terra: hey… I am just telling you what i gathered. That’s what i know…

Suddenly… A Motorcycle comes and Leaps into the air and within seconds Prince Alvin came down and Leaped on Terra. He Pounced on her with force…

Prince Alvin: *Holding Terra down and keeping her Subdued* Don’t you move, You Blonde haired shit! Don’t you fucking move. You move… i burn you. Period…

Terra: *Snarls* What’s the matter Prince Alvin, upset because i did away with your cousins and your brothers?

Prince Alvin: They were your friends too, you little snot nosed Bitch. They took you in… they trusted you. We Trusted you.

Terra: I Don’t need any friends.

Prince Alvin: *Still with Terra Subdued and suddenly leaning in* What the hell did we do to make you hate us to begin with? What made you hate us?

Terra: The fact that you were born… That’s a good explanation for it.

Terra causes the ground under them to burst and pop… Knocking Terra back a few feet and knocking Prince Alvin back a couple feet from the opened spot in that ground…

Prince Alvin: My Brother Prince Arnold… the one that loved you… and felt Love for you convinced me and the rest of us to grant you one more chance…*Pointing down* This is it! This is without a doubt… your last chance. *Starts to loom at Terra and attack*

Terra and Prince Alvin made with the fight. Prince Alvin made with Kicks and Punches… But Terra also came with Punches and kicks all of her own. She Gave a Kick to Prince Alvin and Prince Alvin Blocked it. But the Kick was Intense enough to cause his lower and upper arms to throb and tingle. But kept on going with Punches and Kicks. Terra suddenly tried to Loom at him and with a quick thinking move… he ducked and waited till she wasn’t looking and got behind her, Grabbed her hands, held them behind her and Subduing her…

Prince Alvin: *Forcing Terra to look at herself through the reflection in the window* Look at yourself Terra… TAKE A GOOD HARD DAMN LOOK AT YOURSELF! See yourself for WHAT YOU’RE TURNING INTO!!! IS THAT WHAT WHAT YOU WANT TO BE?! IS IT?!

Terra: *Breaking Loose and reversing the subduing; Turning it against Prince Alvin* I am never gonna be good enough for any of you… Am i?

Prince Alvin: Shut up with that Terra. You were good enough. We saw you coming as a weak meager girl. Looking for a place to crash. A Place to call home. Somewhere to belong. We took you in. You not good enough… Bullshit. That is Bullshit and you know it!

Terra Then used a little power and raised up high… suddenly chasing after Prince Alvin and Prince Alvin ran off trying to get away… He had to think fast and with a Quick release Fired a Ball of fire at the high Rise that Terra was on causing it to crumble and forcing Terra to collapse back to the ground. Terra then started to pull up some rocks and create a swarm of them to start sending them at Prince Alvin…

Prince Alvin: You don’t belong with Beryl, Terra. She’s just using you. She is using you to do her dirty work. She doesn’t really care about you at all.

Terra: You don’t know a thing about me at all. You are all talk. You know nothing about Beryl! *Firing the rocks at Prince Alvin*

Prince Alvin dodged them and Teleported fast from rock to rock and then just seconds later Leaped at Terra Knocking her Down. She fell down and spun away a few steps and Sputtered as she tried to move and get up…

Prince Alvin: *With a Foot against Terra’s chest; Holding her down* It doesn’t have to be like this, Terra. It doesn’t. You don’t have to live like this… In the Darkness. Our friend Ami Mizuno got seduced into the Darkside once… she got out… we brought her to her senses…  She broke loose of it. So can you. You too can come out of it.

Terra: I don’t need you to save me…

Prince Alvin: You can only save yourself.

Terra: *Growls and Yells* I Don’t need Saving!

A second or two later…

Terra: *Sending Prince Alvin flying a few feet back As she starts marching over to him but causing the ground to become bumpy and unstable* I am not just some sad little waif in need of a big strong protector. I wanted to be this way… I was more than happy to go with Queen Beryl-sama Of Dark Kingdom. I was truly all for annihilating you and your pathetic BRETHREN! *Sending a Rock to knock Prince Alvin down; Still coming over to him as she sees him panting and catching his breath;  Sending another rock at him with force knocking him down*

Prince Alvin: *On the ground; Panting and trying to catch his breath; Struggling while Terra steps close and is only a couple steps away from him*

Terra: *Preparing to crushing Prince Alvin with a Rock* And now… for the last time… DIE. I never want to see your face or any of your pathetic clan… AGAIN! *With her power… Sending the Rock to Drop on Prince Alvin; Taking him out*

All that was left was just an insignia of Prince Alvin. The Fighters were all gone. The City was now all for Beryl and Terra…

In the Neighborhood within the Residential sector of Metropolis…

Martin: *Looking at Karen* Luna is captured by Terra. She’s gone. We need to find her.

Karen: I am sorry to hear that. Do you know where she might have been taken?

Martin: No. I don’t. But she’s still alive. I know it. I have to believe it.

Irene: Doesn’t she have any way to escape? She’s a senshi… isn’t she? *Sensing the pause in the conversation* Isn’t she?


Jake: Martin, You are looking for Luna… aren’t you?

Martin: yes.


Jennifer: We can get her. Let’s follow the scent where Luna was taken.

Irene: You think that there is a trail where Luna was taken?

Jennifer: There has to be. *Looking at Martin* Where was Luna standing exactly when she was taken?


Karen: You’re on to something… Aren’t you, Jennifer?

Jennifer: Kinda. But it’s a logical proclamation. If you are looking for someone… you sometimes have to start at the first spot. the last known spot they were seen before they were taken. you follow it from there. Because even though it’s been a while since the Kidnapping or Abduction took place… a trace of the scent of the Victim could still Linger.

Martin: That is true. But the sneak attack just happened all too fast.

Jake: Okay… just tell us what all happened. From the beginning. What happened?

Martin: It was nothing major. however Luna was for a time being Abused by her grandmother. She came out with it and Vincent called the cops and issued a report on the Grandmother… Child neglect. Abuse in other words. Emotionally and Mentally as Luna has been saying. It was proven though that she had been abused. Lectured more than required. Sent to bed a few nights without Dinner. But Vincent made the call and Grandma Rikku is in Jail. Has been taken to Jail sometime in the Afternoon. *Looking to the side and Walking back and forth a little trying to keep from thinking the worst that might have happened to Luna* With the Grandma in Jail… there is no more fears of Child Endangerment. It’s safe now. Plus she was a Racist too. Treated Luna like dirt because she happened to be Asian. Grandma Rikku will lose her jobs and lose her livelihood. The Rhapsody Girls Z! House will be sold on the market unless someone were to step up and take controlling shares of it.

Irene: You think that anyone will try to step up and take control of it? It had to be the house that they knew. the only house that they could really call home. They can’t just lose it yet.

Martin: I don’t know if there will be anyone who may step and oversee control of it. But Luna is safe from the abuse now. That’s the main thing. She’s safe. But it won’t matter since she was taken. By Terra. Let’s go to my house… i’ll be able to show where she was when Terra took her…

At the Dorms…

In Room #312…

Reese: Jack… Do you feel like something is wrong?

Jack: I don’t know… but something sure doesn’t seem right.

Reese: Where do you think Paige and Pearl are?

Jack: Who knows. I can’t say where they are. Pearl was saying something about going after Terra. but that was hours ago. do you think that something may have happened to them?

Reese: thinking about that… Yeah… It most certainly feels as though something is wrong.

Jack: There is someone who might know something and know where to locate them.

Reese: Who?

Jack: Watchtower.

Reese: Huh? *Pauses* Are you serious? Did you just say the Watchtower?

Jack: Yes i Did. Why?

Reese: What do you mean… The Watchtower? What is that? Isn’t that the place tagging the Jehovah Witnesses.

Jack: Not the one i’m speaking of… but they do have a Watchtower. but i think theirs is more seen as Kingdom Hall.

Reese: Is there someone close by that might be able to tell us what happened to the girls.

In Room #330…


Alice: *Losing her Visions of the girls and the Rhapsody Brothers* Something’s wrong. Something is wrong. Prince Alvin and his brothers were out fighting the creatures… then Terra. They beat the creatures and were gonna hit for Terra. But… Something happened… Terra came and had the ground open up and swallow them. Sealing them… It must have been that. It had to be that… But it’s impossible. The guys were all careful. They had to have been careful… I know that they had to be careful… I have to go see Chloe. She might have some answers behind this. I just know it. She must know something.

In Room #250…

Dinah: *Feeling strange* Christie, Do you feel Somewhat off?

Christie: Not really, But i do feel a little anxious…

Dinah: Yeah… that’s what i am also feeling. I too am feeling a tad off somehow and i can’t figure out why.

Christie: Where do you suppose Luna is?

Dinah: I don’t know. She’s supposed to be back by now. I allowed for her to spend some time with her little boyfriend since she wanted to… you know, catch up with him and hang out.

Christie: Do you think that something might have happened to her?

Dinah: I’m not sure. But i am now beginning to get worried. Truly worried.

Christie: Do you think that we ought to go and check out where Luna could be? If she is still at her boyfriend’s place… then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. But if she’s not there and it’s just her boyfriend… we might have a problem and will have to look for her. Maybe pull an all night run.

Dinah: That might be what we will need to consider doing. Luna should have called… Not expectantly… But just to let us know how she was doing. Something…

Knock… Knock… Knock!

Christie: *Answering the door* Yes?

Alice: *Feeling afraid* Hey, Christie… Dinah.

Dinah: Alice, Is something the matter?

Alice: I think so. I lost the Visions. I can’t see the Visions of Paige, Pearl, The Guys or Raven. I can’t sense them anywhere.

Christie: What do you mean? You mean that you lost sights or Foresighted visions of them?

Alice: Yes. I lost them and when you have Psychic Foresight of  someone or something… there are only 2 known ways to lose that connection of someone… That’s if they’re either undergoing a Life Altering change… and it’s enough to change who they are or if they’re dead. Their lives ended.

Dinah: You’re not saying what it is that i think you’re saying… Are you? Please say that it’s not so. Please tell me that it isn’t so.

Alice: I don’t know… I really don’t know. I can’t feel any definite connection between them.

Christie: What are we gonna do?

Dinah: I don’t know…  however, i know that we’ve got to do something and we got to do it now. Luna is out there and she may be hurt. But if my sisters and Cousins have met their end… You can visit me in a Psych ward. I will end up going nuts.

Christie: Dinah, Stop that. You’re not gonna end up in a Psych ward. Come on… Let’s go.

Alice: Where are we going?

Dinah: Well… to Look for Luna… and to also see if we can find the others. Namely my sisters and Cousins.

Christie: If we plan to do it… we better do it before Lockdown happens. Because once that happens… we won’t be able to leave from here till Morning and by then it’ll be a little too late to do anything.

Alice: *Nods* I sure hope that we find them and soon. there is no telling what might happen to them. They could be all beaten and battered up…

Unfortunately for Luna… Where she was being held captive at…

Luna: *Gagged and tied up* … *Scared* Where am I? What am i doing here?

She didn’t know where she was and it was gonna be uncertain as for what was gonna happen to her. She was in the basement of a Mansion. It was the Luthor Mansion and it was late at night. There was no one around and there would no one around to hear her cry out for help. Not till Morning. Luna however was able to loosen the ties But she was still strapped to the chair somewhat. She looked around and saw that she was in a basement. She didn’t know why she was taken there… but she was surely scared in every way.

In the office upstairs…

Tess: *Looking at the files from the office* What was that slimy son of a bitch sparky doing with the files? All these files are encrypted. What was he trying to do?

With all the quietness in the Mansion… it was to no surprise that Tess couldn’t hear moans or noises coming from the basement.


Back in the Residential Neighborhood of Metropolis…

Martin: *Sighs* So… this is where she was. She was right here when that sneak attack from Terra happened. She was standing here. Shaking… I would figure. She was scared. I would have been the same way too as if i were with no powers and no way of fighting back. She was with no form of fighting back. I can’t even begin to tell you how terrified she was. But she was here. and then Terra came and she ran over to the spot on the side. She ran there to the side and watched as i tried to handle the attack. I tried to fend Terra off. Vincent tried on getting a hand in too busting up Terra’s sneak attack. But during the attack… Luna was taken. She was taken captive and i don’t even know where to as it was done by air. They took her into the sky. Luna was here though. She was here.

Jake: She was here and when taken… she was taken into the sky and transported somewhere. Any Clue as to which direction she may have been taken to?

Martin: No. I can say that i have not a clue whatsoever. I have no idea as which direction she was heading. She was just snatched into the air.

Karen: How do we find her then? Martin, Unless you give a clear idea of where Luna was headed when she was taken… we can’t do anything. All that will happen is that we’d get lost and be on a total wild Goose Chase.

Jennifer: Not quite. Remember when i said that to find someone… you have to start on the first spot… which is the last spot the Abducted party was seen. Remember? This here is the first marker. The first marker. What we need to do now is get all the Intel on her. Like all the places she’s been. or her sisters. Anything related.

Irene: *Lost* How do we do that?

Martin: I think that i might know…

Irene: We’re all ears. So if you have an idea… telling us of it would be very lifting.

Martin: We have to sneak into her arrested Grandmother’s house which is soon to be put on the market. Search everything…

Karen: *Gasps* You mean… Go through her things?

Martin: I don’t like doing such a thing like that… but we have to find out anything that will help us find Luna. I don’t know about you guys… But i am not gonna give up on her…

At the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Seeing Rhapsody offline* This can’t be right… Why aren’t the Responders responding? *Checking the systems again*

P.A System: *Chiming* Miss Love… Offline, Bubble Maiden… Off line, Flaming Soul… Off line, Water lord… Off line, Plasma Core… Off line, Electric Rage… Offline, Raven of Azarath… Off line.

Chloe: This is not possible. They couldn’t have just vanished from the grid.

Victor Stone: *Watching the News on the T.V* I can’t believe this… A Swarm of Dark Kingdom soldiers are reported to storm the streets of Metropolis.

Chloe: I know… I know, Victor. *Frantically trying to re-activate the transponders of the Rhapsody Team* But i can’t seem to reconnect the commlink syncing the Rhapsody Girls Z! and or the Rhapsody Brothers. The Transponders are not responding and i don’t know what else to do regain communication with them… I can’t reverse this Kind of Black-out.  It’s like it’s become the Techno reparte of D-Day.

Victor Stone: Chloe, you need to settle down before you blow a fuse. You’re beginning to sound like Alpha 5.

Chloe: *Frustrated and Looking at Victor* Well… Thanks for the Comparison on that bit… but i very well doubt that the Alpha 5 had moments like this and had to worry over losing contact with a team and having trouble with the responders both at once… and i very well doubt that it had a place called the Watchtower like this.

Victor Stone: Something tells me that the Battle of the Bulge Techno Style never seemed to take off with you, Did it?

Chloe: How could you tell?

Victor Stone: The girls are gone… the City is under siege. Paige and Pearl are gone. Dinah is the Only Rhapsody Girls Z! member left and she is right now incapacitated right at the moment… The Rhapsody Brothers are all gone and so is Raven. Luna’s been captured and there is no way to reach her. There is nothing that anyone can do.  Martin and Jack can do some of the fighting… but there is only so much a person like him can do.

Chloe: This doesn’t make sense though… Where could they be?

In an Underground Cavern…

The Rhapsody Girls and Rhapsody Brothers were swearing Vengeance against Terra…

Paige: No more chances…

Pearl: No more Trust…

Raven: No more mercy…

Prince Arnold: She’s just another Criminal…

Prince Alvin: *Angrily* And we’re gonna stop that Bitch… and that Queen, Beryl. No matter what it may take us…

To be Continued…


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