Chapter 94: “Oh Sweet gods” Luna’s coming to teen years Full speed ahead.

Alice: *Voice-over* This is the coming of age for the youngest fighter. Luna. She has now reached the breaking out moment. This is her shining moment of embracing the teen years of her life. She’s part cat so this will hit her differently. But this is her moment. She stays with us as we rally up to help her. But it seems that i am gonna be the only one who can. Paige and the others are unable to… but the signs that show… are the same ones i showed when i hit that moment years earlier. Luna is scared. She’s gonna need help. Sure hope that i can help her. and make things better for her. For everyone. Paige and her sisters Pearl and Dinah can’t do much to help. i just wonder if i’ll be able to help where the others couldn’t… Here is Chapter 94: “Oh Sweet gods” Luna’s coming to teen years Full speed ahead.

Dec 3rd. 2026…

During the night…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In Luna’s Room…

Luna: *Tossing and Turning* Ugh! Ah! Uh… No. Terra… Don’t hurt us. We are not the enemy that Beryl is making you think that we are. we’re not. Please don’t hurt us. *Waking up screaming* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raven: *Walking into the room* Luna, What’s the problem?

Luna: I just had a nightmare about that girl again. The one that happened to have had betrayed us. I feared that she was gonna hurt us. It was so real and it was as though we were all there. All there and enduring it. I saw everyone get defeated. You, the 4 guys. Paige, Pearl and Dinah… but she didn’t get most of the beating. There was also me. I also felt it too. it was terrible. It felt so real. So real…

Raven: Relax. Terra is not gonna be back. She is gone and with Beryl. She isn’t gonna come back to get any of us. And to be direct… *Using Empathy on Luna* You’re a Human who is originally from another world… but you’ve been made to be complete human as far as emotions and and senses are concerned. You’re not a Complete human. You’re hitting the moment of coming into your teen years as a human.

Luna: What does that mean though? Why am i feeling like this? I don’t understand. I don’t understand why it has to happen now.

Raven: A Normal human being… A Human girl like you. hit the Puberty part of life between ages 11 and 15. you’re 13 now. You’re not Entirely human. You’re from the Moon as you’ve said. You’ve adapted to the actions of a Human. the emotions and the form. But the development is different. Much different. Your insides are not of a human. Neither are mine…I am half Demon. Which is depressing as hell to confess. but i too develop different. My Mother was human. A Holy Mother. My father is the Demon. The one who will get here through a portal. Which is undeniably… me.

Luna: I wish i knew how to control this.

Raven: You need more perspective on all this… This is a major life change for you.

Luna: *Scared* Who will be able to help me with this?

Raven: The person you would be least expect…


At the Dorms…

In Room #320…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Lenard and Russell Palmer* You guys are gonna be late for class.

Lenard: we know… We are just trying to get our books together for class… We have Science class.

Prince Alvin: Yes. i heard. You guys are going for the career of Biochemist.

Russell: Pfft! Come on. You make it sound like it’s a bad thing. Biochemistry is a good field. They make a very hefty contribution in the better awareness of how much a chemical compound of unknown origins can either harm… be lethal or help. Running it to see if it can be deadly if by chance it gets used as a threat. Like Anthrax, Risen. Radioactive material. Nuclear waste. Toxic waste.

Prince Alvin: So going into that… you’ll be getting some knowhow on Chemicals like those that are said to be Lethal.

Lenard: It’s not that we’re gonna get the knowhow… it’s just the field we’re both in. Besides… that’s not the only thing we are into. We’re into the field of Criminal Justice. Probably becoming CSI’s or something. That is a positive step up.

Prince Alvin: That’s good. I am relieved that you two are into things that are clean. Not into Illicit stuff.

Russell: What are you talking about? *Curious and oddly confused* i don’t think that we quite follow.

Prince Alvin: It’s nothing. It’s just that the Roommate that i had in here before you was into Illicit stuff. Even looking at Kiddie Porn. I Blew the whistle on him and he’s been blackballed from here. forever.

Russell: You’re serious… the guy was doing that stuff here? Why didn’t the University run a background check on the guy? The guy is twisted.

Prince Alvin: I would agree. He is. But i happen to wonder if that might have been that guy’s sick perverted way of crying out for help.

Lenard: That isn’t any cry for help. Anyone who looks up stuff like that is a known Pedophile.

Prince Alvin: Hey, I am not making any light of the idea. There is just a side that may have just been overlooked.

Russell: No. There is nothing to overlook. Imagine if he were still around here and continued that. he could have tried to sometime lure a kid into a room and with no one around to see or catch on to the activity going on… He could have tried to Molest the kid. Imagine what would happen if that were to happen. It wouldn’t only just make the one who did it look shitty. It’d make the whole University look just the same. because someone like that is no good. someone like him would only be trouble.

Lenard: *With the bags all set to go and starting to walk to the door* You should just try to let it all lie with the rest of the bone pile. It’s not worth a licking thought. it’s the past now. The guy is gone. You’re not having to worry about him anymore. No one is. And i think that we all can agree that with him gone and probably in jail… Any innocent kid that he was gonna try to get to… are safe.

Russell: Oh yeah. That is true… That is something we can all feel relief towards. All of us. Even you too, Prince Alvin. You should feel that way too. the sick maniac is gone… never gonna darken this pla–

Prince Alvin’s Cell then goes off…

Prince Alvin: *Answering it* Hello?

Raven: *Speaking* Prince Alvin, We’ve got a bit of a problem…

Prince Alvin: Why? What’s wrong?

Raven: It’s Luna.

Prince Alvin: *Shoots up with Exasperation* What do you mean? What’s wrong with Luna?

Raven: She’s uh…  You might want to come and have a look. I don’t think it’s something that can be said over the phone. But in terms… It looks as though Luna is showing signs of reaching the process that humans go through…

Prince Alvin: damn. Hold on. I’ll be on my way.

As Prince Alvin gets up and makes his way out…

Lenard: *curious* What’s the fuzz, Prince Al?

Prince Alvin: It’s my Cousin Luna. She’s having her time of reaching that moment where humans mature and change. Grow.

Russell: Should that be a problem?

Prince Alvin: No. It shouldn’t be a problem. It should not be one at all. But Luna is… *Stops and sighs* Not Exactly what you would call human. Even though… by the first glance you’d get of her… you would never be able to tell that she wasn’t all human because she’d be with the physical appearance of one. She however has something that points out the obvious.

Russell: Which would be…

Prince Alvin: A cat tail sticking out from her behind. Yeah… But as it turns out… if she is hitting human like Puberty now… that tail could very well Vanish and she could become all human. She’d still be with the capability of transforming into her hero form. She would also be able to call upon the Queen of the fallen Kingdom of the Moon. But as for having cat like tendencies… Those would be gone.

Lenard: That is classed as a freak. Not saying that she is. But most of the time… people would see that from someone and just call it a reason to be considered one.

Prince Alvin: Hey! Watch it! She might not be Originally human. But she’s still family. She’s one of my family members.

Russell: Dude, Seriously… he was not meaning for it to come out that way. He was just saying that Society has a thing about you having to look just right and look a certain way. It’s been like that for years. If you look just a smidge abnormal… or a little off. the public and the mass populace would just eat you alive. Your cousin, Luna… was it? She’s got a cat tail. that isn’t normal… but the fact that if she is changing and is about to lose that tail… She might lose her Mojo. Her go-go power to do the Transformation thing she does when she gets into her hero phase that you said that she had. You were telling us about it… Weren’t you? I myself think of it as a little towards a sideshow… but then again… i don’t really know the whole tale. the whole story behind her. But… Man, What you have told us… It’s a real Mind twister.

Prince Alvin: It isn’t anything like that. But it is a means for concern.

Russell: Hey… It’s okay. we know. Family comes first. You just go to her and help her. You tell her to hold on tight and hold on tough. She’ll make it.

Prince Alvin then jets out to the side and reaches the Parking lot. He got onto his Motorcycle and made way fast to Grandma Rikku’s house. He was lost on what was going on with Luna. But he knew that it was a call to family…

In Room #349…

Pearl: *Looking at Star* The meet with Anne Hathaway and Raven Symone went well… A couple weeks late but well worth it.

Star: I know. The designs that they saw were wonderful in their eyes. I mean… seriously… Did you see the look Raven gave when she happened to see our designs? She fainted in shock over the designs. Literally glowed. I think that she’s gonna have us doing a bit of her designs from now on. We’re in the club now.

Pearl: Anne was also loving the designs… when she saw the designs we had done… Her eyes glittered and shined like diamonds.

Star: If we get paid for doing this for them… we could literally make enough to open up our very own Fashion store.

Pearl: Sure. i will be just waiting to see that happen. I can just see it now… Madame Pearl and Glamour Star’s Fashion Wonderland.

Star: *Intrigued* Ohhh! I like that; that’s a wonderful name for our store. We need a motto for it though. Something like: “we sell the best and strive to please.  One moment with us and you’ll look like a star itching to break out.”

Pearl: That is wonderful. That will work. We’re gonna need to start having all of it set and ready. Because if we get that place… we’re gonna need to work that place in shifts and factor in Class time… rest time. factor in My hero assignments. hire eventual workers. Maybe a trusted guard. We also need to start working on a book. to keep records of our expenses and funds.

Star: Oh yeah… we are gonna need a bit of help with that. we met some people in our fashion classes… They had some knowledge about how to rack up on the books and keeping records of the expenditures and all that. They aren’t siring to open up a store of their own… but they are studying law and Tax theories. Along side fashion. I think that they mentioned that they’d slip us some pointers and definite knowhow on the matter when we happened to need it.

Pearl: Right. *Looking at her phone and then out the Dorm Window* We have a lot of work to do. We also have to worry about class in a couple hours. That’s what we are gonna need to think about and soon. We got a couple of tests to do. We studied. but the professor might have the questions on the tests… Exams all switched around a bit.

Star: Well… It is College after all.

Pearl: I just wonder how the others are doing…

Star: What do you mean?

Pearl: Just that… i haven’t heard from them in like days. Since the last month when they and i had dealt with Betrayal in the fold… we have heard a bit less from one another.

Star: You told me about that. Terra betrayed you and was working with that Queen bitch-faced Beryl the whole time but was making as if she never even heard of the witch. Beryls now unfortunately with a vice grip on your necks and butts. You’re her prey now and it’s gonna be never ending. Beryl… the Queen bitch has you locked on tar—

Pearl’s phone then rings…

Pearl: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Prince Alvin: *On the phone* Pearl, are you open?

Pearl: Do i have plans? No. not right now. Got class in a couple hours… but that’s about it. i’m open all day. Why?

Prince Alvin: We got a problem…

Pearl: Why do you say that?

Prince Alvin: guess. the youngest member of the team here… and is part cat.

Pearl: Luna? What’s about her? What’s wrong?

Prince Alvin: She’s had her breaking out moment. the coming of age.

Pearl: *Shoots up* WHAT?! Oh shit…

Star: *Overhearing* What’s up?

Pearl: *motioning for a pause*

Star: *Scoffs* ugh! girl… come on… what’s the issue now?

Pearl: *On the Phone* Luna is facing the coming of age and maturing? But how can that be if she isn’t all that human except for the physical appearance and the habits. The mannerisms and such. But her insides are nothing like a human. She Matures differently. A lot differently than how we had.

Prince Alvin: I figured that. But you really should get on over here as soon as you can.

Pearl: You got it. Luna is in need. I’ll be on my way soon. *Sighs* Oh dear…

The call ended…

Pearl: *Sitting on her bed and sighs* Damn it. This is not my day. Of all possible days for this to happen. Today had to be the day that the coming of Age approached. It had to be today.

Star: *Looking at Pearl* What’s the fuzz now girl? Is something wrong?

Pearl: Is something wrong? Um, yeah… That’s one way of putting it. Star, Luna… is now maturing.

Star: Maturing?! As in… Like hitting the Puberty segment of the life-cycle?

Pearl: that’s the basic idea. But yes. Luna is hitting it and she is of course that she isn’t human technically.

Star: But…

Pearl: Something tells me or is shaking me to believe that she is going to be having the same symptoms that a human would have when going through puberty. However… given that since she’s not like a human on the inside… it’s gonna hurt her. She’s gonna be in a mess load of pain.

Star: Don’t be selling me that line… i am all in league with your sister here… Your sister is in Luna Prism trouble… in Luna Prism pain. Let’s see about helping her… *Grabbing her car keys and marching out the door* Come on. Lock up… we’ll take my truck.

Pearl: Right. Let’s go.

In room #250…

Dinah: *Writing in her Journal and Thinking* … *Voice* I have been giving it some thought and i feel as though it might be best if i came back to fighting again. I don’t have a fulfilling life as i thought that i’d have. I have a nice career that i am aiming towards. I have a Fiance. I have 3 lovely girls. a wonderful family. i close best friend. But my life feels unusually empty. Emptier than it ought to be. I could try to maybe change my image a little. give myself a whole new look and a makeover even though that for a very long time till now… i was always the toughest girl. the loose cannon. the one who had a sharp tongue and a mouth. I don’t think that i ever thought that i’d say this… but it isn’t enough. it’s still hard to even consider.  I don’t know if i should go for the hero business again and be at risk of reopening the old ways that i used to be. being the one who was too tough for my own good. I am a hero and i loved what i did for a profession. I took to it and i have no regrets. But do i really want to go back into doing the hero work? Doing the tough girl act and getting into dangers that risk my life and wind up taking me away from my kids. I don’t want to think about what it would do to my kids if i were not around. taking that right away from them is not an option. I know that they may understand someday… why i do what i do. but i will not leave them motherless. That is not what i will do. I have been with thoughts of going dark a bit. maybe dive into habits. But that’s only because i have been with stress. Between losing my kids… sending them off to another planet for safe keeping out of harms way… then worrying about whether or not i’ll make it in college or if i’ll burn out. I never thought that i’d be feeling this kind of stress. The type that a mother would never have to feel unless it has happened before. But no mother in the world had to deal with the very things that i dealt with. The being a hero and then having 3 kids and be dealing with a threat that sired to end the world and all that meant something to them. ending life as the mortals knew it. Ending it all. No mother had to handle that. So this was gonna be hard to swallow for any mother. Even me. Maybe being a hero is the only thing that completes me. Makes me feel as if i was alive. That making my fiance… what exactly? just a space filler? No. he means the whole world to me. the whole entire world. Decisions… decisions… what to do. What to do..

Christie: *Walking into the room* Law bites… it totally does.

Dinah: *Looking up at Christie in the room suddenly* Hello to you too…

Christie: Sorry. It’s just that the professor was getting rather egotistical. he was being rather much like a total prick.

Dinah: Reminds me of me when i was young. I was a loose wire and a hot head.

Christie: And you still are like one. But you also have more reasons to be one. One being as that you’re a mother and you know that you have to; to ward off danger from the little ones. It’s part of being a good parent. a responsible and caring parent. Being there for your kids no matter what. the second one being that you’ve  had to deal with all kinda of shit for years and you’re letting out the fact that you’ve gone tired of the bull that was being done. Which however is no different than if it were me. I’d be the same way too. There is only so much crap that i can handle before i reach the limit.

Dinah: Christie… *stunned* What are you even saying?

Christie: I am not one to stutter. Dinah… what i am trying to tell you is that i too used to be a tough girl. And i still am. i grew up being just one who took crap from no one and just was all in someone’s face. I cared for all my friends and would be there to back them up. if anyone messed with my friends… they’d wish to god that they never crossed me. I don’t show that part of me around you because you were trying to be better and find reasons to calm down and be a bit looser. If i was showing the tough girl part of me around you when you were still feeling tough and acting like a loose cannon… What would that have done you? It would have pointed out that there was no reason to be calmer and more looser. You would have been still someone who would just fire off and not give warning. That’s not a life you’d want.

Dinah: You know me too well… *Grins and curious* Are you with a shrine of me somewhere?

Christie: *Chuckles* No… No. i don’t have one of those. that is not me at all… but i do know that being the tough girl is a good feeling. the power of being tough. but also the fact that it not only makes you tough… and strong. It also makes you sort of  hard to be around. not many people can tolerate that.

Dinah: And the fact that you can…

Christie: It is down right awkward.

Dinah: Awkward… but almost if someone was trying to see me as their idol.

Christie: An Idol. No. You are nothing close to an Idol. But you are a very unique woman. You’re a role model for all those who don’t know how to back themselves up and gather the strength to be tough and be firm as they feel that they need be.

Dinah: Nice one. I am a woman who isn’t an Idol but is unique. It is fine to be just Unique. I don’t cater to my Ego and sire on being anyone’s Idol. I am happy to just be me.

Christie: Prestigious… Very much so… But If you’re not an Idol, then tell that to your Fiance. He Idolizes you like you are a shrine of jewels within his eyes. He even serenaded to you sometimes. Once being last night. He must have woken up the whole dorm doing so. Because he was singing something rather tender and yet… it got so catchy that everyone had to settle with one another to merrily carry a tune. Your fiance certainly knows ways to romance a girl or two and get a gal all giddy with the love.

Dinah: He’s all heart.

Christie: True. He is a real gentle—

Dinah’s Phone then rings…

Dinah: *Answering her phone* Hello?

A minute later…

Dinah: *Walking out of the room* Christie… i’ll be back. I got to go to my grandmother’s house.

Christie: What about?

Dinah: Luna… She’s coming to age and Maturing. Like a human would be doing but Luna isn’t human at all. She’s just one on the outside. the Appearance and the with the mannerisms. the emotions as well… but the insides are not of a human. She is maturing out to be like one… She’s showing signs of it. Hot flashes and slight cases of being disoriented. feeling lost. She’s also had a episode of bleeding. from the place that is sacred to all women. She’s also felt her tail disintegrate The other day as it was told… but only by a fraction as it were…

Christie: What the f**k does that mean? Does that mean that since she’s originally from the moon and has lived on Earth for almost 5 years… maybe more and now that she is maturing… She’s turning into a full human and is gonna be all human but with possible senshi powers… which are in realms of being tolerable to that of a human? A human and none more than that?

Dinah: If Luna is Maturing like one… that’s exactly what it could be like. Exactly what it could be like and no more than just what we will see.

Christie: Let’s go. Let’s get on over there and find out what the hell is going on. Start the truck… I’ll lock things up here and meet you out front in a minute. Your sister Luna is gonna need a mess of support.

At Grandma Rikku’s house…


Luna: *feeling scared and terrified* I am bleeding all over the place and i don’t know how to make it stop… it won’t stop. I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i am gonna d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-die. If the bleeding doesn’t s-s-s-s-s-s-stop soon. I am gonna be in trouble… I don’t wanna die. I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i don’t want to die. I don’t want to reach the end… I’m too y-y-y-y-y-y-y-young.

Paige: *Looking at Luna and seeing blood running all over her lower half* Luna, Please calm down. It’s gonna be alright. we’re gonna get it to stop somehow. You are gonna be fine. Luna, You’re our sister. We know that you’re not biological. But you are our sister. It’s not gonna matter what happens… because we are gonna go through it together. You’re young and are scared about what is going on with your body. We hit the stage before and we know what it’s like. We know what it’s like. How it feels and it hurts when we don’t know how to cope with the changes that our body makes. The Maturing that happens. You’re changing and… *Seeing the tail shrinking a bit* Uh… Oh shit… i really don’t like the look of this. This isn’t good at all.

Luna: *Looking up and confused; Looking at Paige not understanding* Paige, What are you talking about?

Paige: Your tail. It is shrinking and is going away little by little.

Luna: I know… i felt it start to fade and or deteriorate since the middle of last week. But it was only a spec at a time. Why?

Paige: It’s fading a little more. It’s gone away a bit. Luna… Your tail is vanishing.

Luna: *Freaks out* What?! But… B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but it can’t… That’s what makes me able to transform into the sailor senshi. If i lose that… I lose my Senshi powers. i won’t be able to even reach the Queen. anymore. I can’t lose it… *Breaking in tears in devastation* Please… Paige… Stop my tail from going away. Stop it from vanishing. Please. I don’t want to be normal human… not like this. I can’t. I am not all human… but i can’t be expected to be made human… not by this. I can’t. *Shaking in terror* No… It can’t go away. It can’t leave me. It just can’t.

Paige: Luna… Please. Stop. It’s not gonna go away. we won’t let it.

Luna: *Terrified*

Paige: *Worried and deeply concerned*

Paige then stepped out for a few minutes to pull herself together. She was terrified for Luna. She wasn’t with a bit of Moon Inhabitant Origin and was not of the moon like Luna was… no one was. She was unable to help. She knew the human realm behind the coming of age. The Human part was what she knew… But the other part… She was lost and didn’t know anyone who could help her with it… Raven couldn’t. She was not from the moon. She was from another dimension. Another time. She was half demon. But it wasn’t but a few minutes later… where Paige took off and just started thinking of things… anything that could help. But that was when Luna got more frightened and Took off. She was with hot flashes… with a case of feeling disoriented. Voice cracking. hyperactive working hormones. It was coming at her all at once like a mach truck and it was coming in the speed of a bullet train. leading on a one way trip to teenager central. Luna was in risk of bleeding out and draining to death because of the signs that she’s never thought that she’d have to deal with.

As soon as the others got to the house and saw that Luna was missing. it became clear that Luna was running scared. She was in fear that she was losing the very part of her that made her her… she feared that she was indeed losing her essence. the very core of who she was. She was in fear that she was gonna lose the part that made Martin fall for her. It got her upset and the more she had that thought play out through her mind… the more she knew that she was losing a big part of herself. the part that made her…  her.

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

In Luna’s Room…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the others and not seeing Luna in the room* Where is Luna?

Raven: *Shrugs* …

Prince Avery: didn’t you even keep an eye on her. Luna is scared. She’s running off in fear because of the Maturing that she’s undergoing.

Raven: I used Empathy on her and she was showing signs of maturing in the way of a Human. She was maturing like a human would when she is originally not from Earth. As well as i. I am not from Earth… i am not even whole human. I am only half. If i were to stay…  What help would i be to her. I could have watched her… but do what exactly. Just stand and watch as she was enduring the pain?

Pearl: That doesn’t matter. The way she’s maturing… she’s gonna wind up dead if she is bleeding to death. She is with the insides that are not that of a human. You know that. She’s an Alien. She’s not human. But we see her as one because she acts and has the mannerisms and even the emotions. plus the physical appearance. But the insides are not human… But if she is facing the same signs of Maturing as a human would… this will be the start of pain for her… at least for right now… it’s going to happen fast. Fast and with a flash.

Dinah: *Looking at Paige* Paige… You were here first with Luna… Why the hell weren’t you watching her?

Alice: I’m gonna go see if i can find Luna… She’s probably still here. I’ll be back with her if i can find her.

Prince Alvin: Very well… but just be careful. She’s scared and knowing her when she’s scared… She is more liable to come out clawing. Just be careful. She’s scared. Really scared. The Maturing is hurting her…

Alice: *Nods*

Prince Curtis: What do you think will happen to Luna anyway? I mean… where the hell is Aunt Rikku? She should be here to try and console with Luna and try to be around for her. But we’re here… So… here’s the puzzler. Where’s Aunt Rikku?

Paige: Who knows?! She’s been distancing herself from us and it’s like she is unwilling to be within a few feet of us.

Star: I get the idea that she is being a hard ass on your sister Luna. Didn’t Luna the other day call us and tell us about how the lady was being a total Pardon my language… “Cock-smith”? She was being harsh to Luna. Plus trying to initiate the one night of no supper act on her. Terrible treatment i’d say.

Pearl: We heard about that. But that happened about a month or so ago… It still sucked though…  it happened a couple or so times after that. Didn’t it?

Star: At least that is what we heard. But your Grandma Rikku was being so cruel to her. Very mean. I am close to my mother and i take parental Abuse very seriously. i don’t like it at all and hearing how Luna was being treated… That is what pisses someone like me off.

Dinah: The hell with Grandma Rikku. She wants to be that way to Luna… then the hell with her. as soon as Shingo and I get a house of our own once he locates one and gets one that will fit us and our kids… and a couple others. Luna will live with me and Shingo. There is no way i’m gonna tolerate the idea that Grandma is being unfair to her.

Raven: I was in my room and heard the conversation going on between Luna and Grandma Rikku and from what i have heard… Luna skipped her classes at school that day. 2 days after the babies were sent to another planet. for protection. Luna took it hard. She as you guy are aware… the youngest Aunt to the babies. the only youngest Aunt. But she isn’t Human either. The fact that she had to endure seeing the little ones get sent to Vulcan. it hurt her… she understood as an Aunt would… but her heart and mind did not. She was conflicted. but it got her to mess up and miss a whole day of school. She was at school but not in class. Grandma Rikku yelled at her…

Raven Flashes back…

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at Luna* Luna!

Luna: *Looking at Grandma Rikku* Yes?

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at Luna with a stern glare* What is the meaning of your missing class today?

Luna: Huh?

Grandma Rikku: You heard me. What is the meaning of your missing class today. I got a call from the school saying that you were not in class today. and that is not possible. You were at school. But to be reported absent? What is the meaning of this? Why were you absent?


Luna: *Nervous* I… Uh… uh…


Grandma Rikku: *Feeling sour* You better tell me. Luna, I’m not even playing. I got enough nonsense to deal with revolving the bills around here. I have also had a terrible turnout doing Dance lessons and teaching during the last week and this week has been nothing more than an annoyance. You better tell me. Don’t get me pissed off. I am not in a good mood and i don’t want the bullshit tales… i want the truth. Now. Why were you absent from school?

Luna: *Scared* I sadly cut class. All day.

Grandma Rikku: *Shoots out* YOU WHAT?!

Luna: I Cut Class…

Grandma Rikku: Oh that is it… I have had it. First i allow for you to continue to do your hero work. Knowing that it’s who you are. Then you start back-talking me… Then defy me. Now you cut class and get marked Absent. I have Had it, Luna. I’m done with it. I know that i am not like your adoptive mother. I am not Princess Rikku. I am your grandmother. But No matter what i do… you keep fighting me. You keep fighting me. It is like you and the rest don’t want me around. Well… I am sorry that i am a constant Burden on you all. I only want what’s best for you girls… but you all see it as my being a control freak.


Luna: *Looking suddenly cross at her grandmother* Grandma Rikku,That is enough. Enough. You are being really cruel and self-centered. You’re the Adult. Not a Child. Act it. I missed class. You think i did it on purpose. don’t you? Wrong! I was with stress on my mind. i was stressed out. You are not the youngest Aunt that had to see her Nieces get taken to another planet. The 3 babies… Little Sapphire, Raven and Serena are gone.  There is no telling as to when or if we’ll see them again when the threat is all over. The threat with Scath is gonna be coming in the future.

Grandma Rikku: I didn’t know about that… but the fact that you were as of recent… back talking me and being rather defiant. that has me feeling like all i do is constantly get in everyone’s way. But if it weren’t for me taking you all in. You’d all be on the streets. When your mother died… i took you all in because if i didn’t do so… You would all be with different families. You would never be Rhapsodies again. Your new families would have very well seen to that. I sure as hell was not one to let that happen. You know that.

Luna: *A Little sarcastic* Gee, What a sharp tongue you’ve got there, Grandma.

Grandma Rikku: *Pointing upstairs* Go to your room. Stay there. I hate doing this… i really do. But maybe a night without supper will sharpen your obedience. I am tired of being back talked. I really am tired of being treated like i am not needed. You are always back talking me. Do you seem to hate me? Is that it?

Luna: No. I don’t. I am just beyond tired of being controlled like a robot. But you want to control me like one… Fine. *Going Monotone and speaking without feeling* Whatever you wish, Herr Master.”

Raven: Grandma Rikku was being hard on her. Luna missed class all day that day. She was stressed out and feeling devastated. There is nothing more worse than being an aunt… the youngest one to be exact and seeing your 3 Nieces being shipped to a different world. and not only that… expected to deal with it and not wind up losing it. Because it’s not so easy on her as she is not of Earth. Neither am I. I also heard her the night after try to contact someone. It was someone by the name of Serenity. Queen Serenity.

Christie: I have heard about that… Dinah told me about that once… i think.

Dinah: i Must have been delirious when that happened. But i sincerely don’t remember mentioning about that.

Christie: The Pregnancy must have had you knocked way out of sorts.

Dinah: Apparently. But with Luna being treated poorly by Grandma Rikku. That is just totally f**king heinous. An utter outrage. Disgraceful.

Christie: That is obviously the case. I think that your grandmother is being a totally senile and overbearing… controlling… unfair… inconsiderate… Bitch.

Pearl: Christie! Enough. Grandma Rikku is being mean… but she’s still our family.

Christie: Family, My ass… Pearl. That woman is being totally oblivious. She wouldn’t know what the hell was going on if you were to draw her a damn road map. She knows about the crap that is going on. The terror. Beryl and then the bull with intergalactic bad ass. She was told about the mess that was going on… you told her… Star… you told her, Right?

Star: I believe i did. But i didn’t even know about any of it at first till home girl Pearl here transformed in front of me and introduced to the deal that was busting out into the open. But as soon as Pearl broke out with the shock shock surprise surprise of the century. It got me to be aware that something fishy was up. and when she broke out in some detail of what the hell was going on… that was when i was sworn to be a supporter of the cause. Because to be honest… if this was all fake and this was just normal life and not threats like the demon or that Queen was in play and things were regular… If Pearl and you girls and guys were just normal beings… i’d still be around to be like a friend. a devoted gal pal. But you don’t seem to get that we’re all in on this. I got told of this and some of still to this day freaks me out.

Christie: That’s the point here… we all know the deal here… But apparently as proven again and again… Your dumbshit Grandmother doesn’t get it. She doesn’t get it that there is a bloody war going on. You were all knocked out for a loop by that Blondie girl Terra. She’s had bad blood in her. It’s like the Kid Chris Chambers in the Movie Stand by me. Chris Chambers was seen as though he’d turn bad. because of how his family was. who they were… It’s the same damn thing. The same thing. You know it for a fact. Terra blew you guys away and won. but aside from that… You all told that lady what was going on. All of it. Even the Slickest Blonde you call Watchtower. She told. and your grandmother in all her bravado relentlessly stuck with the card of “Village Idiot” Being firmly in play. I am going over the line… i know it. but i am sorry. I am. Your Grandmother is nothing more than a total bloody idiot. She’s so stupid that if you were to tell her that you were crapping out a rainbow… she’d look at you and be trying to figure out if you were trying to tell her that you were gay as shit. She’d be thinking that it was just a tacky line or a Quirk.

Prince Alvin: We understand. Aunt Rikku is not always the sharpest tool in the shed. but she tries. I mean… in places where she is not bright. she makes up for in others. It’s a pain in the ass most of the time… that is not a lie. It’s a certifiable nightmare. But She does try.

Christie: I guess. But her ignorant nature towards what is really going on… it’s gonna fuck everything up for you.

Prince Avery: I could not have been one to say it better.

Pearl: *Looking at Star* Oh no… Star. Class begins in a half hour. A Half Hour. Our Fashion class is the 5 hour class. We need to go. We’re gonna be late.

Dinah: What about Luna? She needs our help.

Pearl: I know that, Dinah. Don’t you think that i don’t know that? I really know that she needs help. But i got class. I can’t miss class. I’m gonna have my phone on the whole time. The whole time. As will Star. If anything happens here… and something goes wrong. Call me. I don’t care what the class might think. or if they have a fit about my bailing. i’ll be on my way to assist. I’ll even come running like a loose turkey who just had its head chopped off running psycho my way back here if i gotta.

Star: How touching for that just coming from your pretty lips, girlfriend. But it’s a date. Let’s book it.

Down in the Den…

Luna: *Shaking and Freaking out about her breaking loose with the coming of Age* I am so scared… I am not all human… but i am suffering the very things that a human would be.


Alice: Luna… Sweetie… Stop. It’s okay. Just calm down. Just try to explain when and where the symptoms began and how it started. Where you were when it first started.


Luna: *Nods while shaking and trying to keep from crying* Well… It all started about 2 weeks ago… i guess. I don’t know. I am so lost and confused as to what to expect to come from the signs that are coming over me. It was just a couple days after my Birthday that i just began feeling rather hot. Really hot. like i was steaming inside. Feeling the hot flashes. but it at first only came at night. Just during the night. that’s where it got more common. It only got more and more frequent as i started having signs during the day. Martin even noticed it going on. During the second period… i was just talking to Martin and the others. the girls when all of a sudden i began to feel funny. It didn’t feel too bad… but the hot flashes were enough to gain the attention of my friends Jennifer, Karen, Irene and Jake. They were ones to notice.  They grabbed the attention of the teacher and asked if i could be excused. They got me out of there fast as they could. I was having hot flashes and even feeling overheated and it wasn’t even hot out. It was cool and very comforting weather. So i thought. but it didn’t feel like it to me because my body was all hot. What freaked me out was that i was the only one that was going through the change. I was going through the changes… starting to. *Shaking her head and trying to block out the vision* It then got worse because a couple days later… I was feeling lost and just not remembering where i was. I felt disoriented and confused. Very confused. I was feeling brief moments where i was seeing that i was at school… but it smelt like a smoky room. full of smoke. However… when i snapped out of it. I saw that i was really in a bar. When i knew it was not possible. I was in school… but when i woke up… i saw a smoky bar and people puffing. I didn’t know how i got there… i didn’t know where i was. i was so frightened that i didn’t even wait for someone to notice me. I ran out scared. Scared of being caught and seen. Scared of being grabbed by one of the men inside there. I also had a moment of being lost and disoriented where i thought that i was here… home when i was inside that tall building. Luthorcorp Plaza… I even caught a sighting of that woman who was part of the Evil or shady Government agency…

Alice: *Confused* A Government Agency?

Luna: *Nodding while trying to hold on from breaking down* Uh-huh. The shady Government Agency… Checkmate. I saw sightings of Tess Mercer. But she unfortunately… saw me. She walked over to me and demanded to know what i was doing inside. I almost cried in fear because i was being confronted for no reason. I ran off and ran as fast as my legs could just carry me. i ran and just didn’t stop. I made my way as fast as i could back here and made like i was here the whole time. But it was so frightening that i was nearly afraid to even leave the house because i didn’t even know if i’d ever be able to find my way back again. I am also going through the bleeding. It hurt so much. i feel so bad about the pain… I don’t even understand why i am feeling like this if i am not even human. I am not human. but i am going through these signs.

Alice: they seem familiar. very familiar…  Were there other signs that you were feeling?

Luna: I don’t know… I suppose that there was a bit of the moodiness. Mood swings.

Alice: Mood swings? how do they hit you?

Luna: I don’t know… They just come out of nowhere… i mean… one moment i’d be all pleasant… then the next i’ll be all down in the dumps. then weepy… sad. angry. despair. joyful. Giddy. Hyper. I can never decide on what feeling i’d want to stay with or keep. It’s as though i don’t know what to feel. What my heart or body wants to feel. i don’t know. It can’t tell and i am scared that if i don’t control my moods. it will be beyond control. *Feeling wet again and feeling as though she is having another outbreak of the coming of age hitting her* Oh no… *panicking and freaking out* h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-here it c-c-c-c-c-c-comes… It h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-happening again. Alice, It’s happening again. *Freaking out*

Alice: Luna… calm down. It’s gonna be okay. just stay calm and keep your mind off of the subject. think about something else. Like dancing… something that you like doing. Something that makes you happy.

Luna: *suffering from another mood swing* Like i know what that would be… I am bleeding damn it. how am i to know what to expect next? how am i think about what would make me happy when every move i make hurts? I hurt all over. I don’t even feel anything in my arms. i lost feeling in my arms. somewhat… i am losing feeling in parts of my body. I am going numb now because i have lost so much blood. I am b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bleeding to death. I don’t know how to stop it.

Luna then got up and felt so lost and confused plus scared and broken that she wanted to cry. She couldn’t go to grandma Rikku because since the last month… she and Grandma Rikku were not on the very best of terms. they didn’t even see much of one another at all since that time and She knew that Alice was trying to help… but with Luna feeling the way she was… it was hard. All it was doing was making Luna feel worse. Before she could stop Luna from taking off… She saw Luna speed off and split away and run off terrified. She wanted to see her boyfriend Martin but her boyfriend was also going through the maturing phases… He too was maturing and it was changing him too… He was losing his need for glasses… which was a start…. But with the way she was feeling… it was not the best option to just drop in and see him. She didn’t know where to go…

Pearl and Star were already gone by that time and back at the university in their class. As soon as Alice got back upstairs to meet back with the others and inform them of the situation…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Alice* Where’s Luna?

Alice: I’m not sure… she was here… and i found her. she was in the Den and she was shaking like a leaf. She was shaking and in fear. petrified. She is scared about bleeding to death and dying. She’s in risk of dying. She’s having hot flashes and Mood swings. Uneasiness and Disoriented senses. She was also Bleeding again too. She is not gonna make it if she keeps going the way she has been.

Paige: What’re we gonna do? *Concerned* Luna is out in public now…. and that is not the safest place for her… not in the condition that she is feeling.

Dinah: What the hell are we gonna do about her though? There is nothing that we can really do. We are not from the moon. They Mature differently.

Prince Arnold: What about Artemis?

Prince Curtis: No. he’s not gonna be able to help. we managed to pick up the piece where Artemis was going through the maturing changes himself. His Tail was vanishing and fading out. Luna’s met the same fate.

Prince Alvin: We need to help her somehow…

Prince Avery: Like we can really trust ourselves to help her? What the hell? You really think that she’d be wanting to allow us to help?

Paige: Luna is not gonna want for us to help her. she won’t trust us.

Dinah: And who’s fault is that… Remember the Betrayal that befell us because of Terra? That is still in our minds. it is still fresh. It stole Luna’s trust of us away.

Prince Arnold: What we need to do is go and look for her and bring her back. take turns in keeping watch of her. watching over her in the best way possible.

Prince Avery: And how do you suppose that we do such an act? We don’t even know where the hell she went. She could have gone anywhere.

Prince Curtis: Does that matter? We can’t just sit and lay around praying that she’d come back.

Christie: All the yelling about it won’t help us… We need to go and search for Luna. Luna needs our help.

Paige: Luna is our sister. We should be making the choice to help her.

Dinah: Alice, What all was Luna saying?

Alice: What do you think she was saying…  She was explaining about her symptoms. the signs that she was showing. She was having hot flashes in school. She even had a couple moments of being lost. Knowing that she was in school and then when she came back to senses… she saw that she was in a Bar. Don’t ask to have that one figured out. I don’t know. She was just so frightened. Then there was the one moment where she thought that she was here and believed it. but then she came to her senses and or snapped out of it and saw that she was inside that huge building. The Plaza. Luthorcorp. She got confronted by this woman there when she was caught there… A Tess. Tess Mercer. She was staring at her and came to her demanding that she explained how she got into the building. Luna was about to cry.  But she ran. Ran as fast as her legs could possibly carry her. But then she started to bleed. She freaked out and before i could try and stop her… she just up and split. There is no telling as to where she’d be heading to right now. there is no way we’ll be able to find her. Not easily.

Prince Avery: Great. now what the hell do we do?

Prince Curtis: Don’t look at me. Look at the Alpha Male of the team here… he’s probably got a bit of an idea as to what should be done.

Prince Alvin: What the crap is that supposed to mean?

Prince Arnold: Nothing…. it is just tension.

Prince Curtis: Tension my ass. He knows what to do… he keeps making like he’s the big boss. Like he’s the captain. Let’s hear his Intel. What does he have to say?

Prince Alvin: You think that i know what to think about this? I don’t. I am ignorant as shit about what to do about Luna’s issues that are playing her. I am lost and ignorant as hell. You think i know it all? HERE is a little eye opener for you, Brother. I DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER TO LUNA’S PROBLEMS!

Paige: The signs are different than from what ours were. We were never disoriented. Not like that. If only our mother was alive. She’d be able to tell us what we could do for Luna.

Raven: What about the Queen? The Queen of the Moon?

Dinah: The Moon Kingdom’s Queen Serenity? What about her? It isn’t like she might know of what Luna is going through? She hasn’t been doing much talking to the Queen. It’s been a far and few between.

Alice: You guys need to just back off from each other. Luna Is going through her break out party. She’s hit the Big “P”. She’s going through it the same way i had. I know the signs better than any of you. So… Just back off.


Martin: *Bursting into the room* Hey… Have you guys seen Luna anywhere?

Dinah: *Turning to see Martin* Hey Martin. No… we haven’t seen Luna.

Paige: She was here a minute or so ago and when we barely turned our backs… she just up and vanished. We don’t know where she’s gone off to. Why?

Martin: I am looking for her because she has vanished from school for the last week. she never came to school and i am really worried about her. I’m a little young still to consider her to be seen as my girl. but she’s my girl. I am really worried about her. She’s been really distant too. She won’t return my calls… She won’t return my messages. She hasn’t spoken to me since the other week and it is not like her.

Alice: Oh dear. That’s terrible.

Dinah: We are dealing with more than a fading tail and a Maturing girl who is half cat turning all human. This is gonna be more to deal with.

Martin: Vanishing tail? *Confused* Uh, what are you talking about… a Vanishing tail?

Paige: Trust me. You do not want to know.

Martin: Uh… yeah. I would not want to know. but i think that i already do. I witnessed Luna having some of the hot flashes. and noticed something very off about her tail. but i didn’t say anything because i thought that it was just my mind playing a trick on me. I noticed it. I know what it’s like. Jennifer, Karen, Irene and i all went and evacuated Luna out of the classroom when she began having the flashes. we ran out as fast as we could. We didn’t stop either. but Luna is like my girlfriend. She’s my best friend. if you know where she is… tell me. I need to know…

But while they were talking…

At the top of the Luthorcorp Plaza and Crying her eyes out in terror and loneliness…

Luna: *Crying* I feel so bad… this pain is killing me. I am afraid that i am gonna die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to lose my love. My heart. My family. *Sniffling and bawling into her Knees* i can’t take this pain much longer. I am gonna wind up bleeding to death and there won’t be anything to save of me. I don’t know why i am going through this type of change though… I am not even human. I just look it. but in whole… i am a freak. I must be fooling myself to ever think that i could just be a human. I exist as a freak… i lived like a freak… i will only die as one. There is nothing different about me. Nothing at all. I am still a hero… but if i do choose to be human… it will be all non-existent. there will be no memory of there ever being an identity to my being Sailor Luna…

But while she was there on top of the building…

She didn’t catch the fact that there was someone there with her. She didn’t want to stay there on the roof of the building. She wanted to just hide away somewhere. She went to the park and hoped that no one would notice her changing into a complete human all the way… She was not close to being human… but the pains were there… the Hot flashes were there also. She started feeling over heated again.

At the Metropolis park…


Luna: *Sitting on a bench scared* I feel like a total mess. I can’t seem to think straight. I don’t even know what to do. Where will i go if i can’t control this… I am jittery and completely wigged out. This is not normal… This is abnormal. I am feeling so weird….

As she was sitting there…

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: I am gonna head back to the Dorms… This constant standing around and waiting for Luna to come back is getting us nowhere.

Dinah: Ugh! That’s a rather crappy thing to say. What the hell is the matter with you anyway, Paige? Luna is out there. You are getting to be a real pisser.

Alice: I think i might know where Luna might be… I’ll go and get to her and bring her back to us… i know the signs of what she is going through… she’s dealing with it worse at 3 times the case as of what i went through when i was that age. She’s going through it in the style of a cat like human and a being from the moon.

Prince Alvin: I’ll come with you.

Alice: No… Hon, you can’t. This is something that must be done by someone who’s gone through the signs like what Luna is dealing with. I am the only one that had the signs that are the same as her. You are her cousin… i understand that. i do. But the way she is feeling now… if she sees you or any of you with me… she will get rattled and run off. She will run. There won’t be anything we can do if she runs again. She can only go so far in running before vanishing.

Prince Avery: We’re still going along. There are people out there who could catch sight of Luna looking the way she does now and if they see her in her current predicament… they will peg her as a freak and will mock her. they will knock her down with the ridicule. In the current situation that she’s in… Luna will break down and cry and be devastated. it will bring forth more pain and if she gets pissed all while being in her current state… she will be liable to hurt someone… or more probable… herself.

Prince Curtis: We will go along… but we will be at a far distance. so Luna won’t see us… but we’ll see her. So if things do turn south while Alice is talking to Luna and trying to get through to her. We’ll be there to ice it or neutralize it. Either way that seems fast and quick and with less mess. Luna is vulnerable.

Christie: That is a no brainer… Dinah and i will stay here for as long as we can and keep watch. I just hope that we don’t run into the grandmother. Because right now… i still want to have words with her and tear her a new ass for how she is treating Luna.

Prince Alvin: I’m gonna head on over to Pop’s place and let him know of the situation. He’s gonna be none too happy to hear of it T.V if anything does slip through the T.V. and the News.

Prince Arnold: I’ll hit Watchtower and let Chloe know of the infraction that is stirring. She’s gonna be none too happy about this.

Paige: I’ll go back to the dorms and keep watch for Luna. If she is out there … she might try to seek a hiding spot and seek to foster refuge in the Dorms. somewhere.

Shingo: *Walking in* What the hell in blue guns is going on? I just saw sighting of a blue haired girl at the park and i almost didn’t recognize her because the tail was over half way gone… but she looked like someone worked her over and she looked like she was wobbly and spacing out plus there was blood all over her. dried blood and she is still bleeding. I didn’t stop her. i didn’t even know what the hell was going on…  *Looking at Dinah* Dinah, You okay.?

Dinah: Yeah… i’m fine… But did you really see Luna?

Shingo: I think i did… But the way she seemed. I couldn’t tell. She looked so different than what she usually would.

Dinah: It is because she’s maturing and evolving into a normal human… She’s been on here longer than she was supposed to and it’s affecting her in with triple the pain. Triple the hell… the whole thing has her literally screwed up and uh… Can we talk in private for a minute?

Shingo: I don’t have much time to stop and chat. I got 3 clients back to back in less than an hour. One happens to be Mr. Goodman. the other two are Dean Stockwell and someone named Greg Strickland. But we can talk about it. brief for right now.

Dinah: Okay.

Dinah and Shingo step out of the room and head to the den to talk…

In the Den…

Dinah: Shingo… When we get a house of our own… We’re having Luna live with us.

Shingo: *Sensing something wrong* Uh-oh… what’s wrong? What happened?

Dinah: Not what. Who… It’s Grandma Rikku. She’s been nothing but cruel to Luna. Luna has been struggling with the decision of our sending our babies to Planet Vulcan.

Shingo: Honey… Stop. We both made that choice. we did what we had to do. It still pains me too. I sneak a few minutes when i can and let loose with the tears over it because it breaks my heart to know that we had to do what was necessary as in sending our little ones to another planet. Luna is gonna have to try and hold on tough as best as she can. just like us. It hurts… but there is nothing we can do about it. If we bring the little ones back here… they’ll possibly die since the Demonic presence is probably still in the atmosphere. Somewhere.

Dinah: But Shingo… Sweetie, She’s been stressed out. Depressed. Upset. Moody. Plus with the fact that she’s maturing into a normal human and is originally not human at all other than the appearance and the mannerisms and the emotions. Plus Luna has missed or skipped a few days of class. She’s messed up a bit. But Grandma Rikku was being so unreasoning and made Luna go a few nights without dinner. A couple nights that it happened… Luna bounced to our place. our Dorm room and pleaded to be allowed to stay. She didn’t want to stick to being around Grandma Rikku. I almost got in trouble with the Dorm Manager because of it. Having people around after hours is a serious mess. I had to hide Luna each time the dorm manager was said to walk on by on her rounds. I didn’t want to kick Luna out. and i didn’t want to get caught with her in the room so i made her look like a life sized doll during the times of the manager doing her rounds. to keep her safe.

Shingo: Grandma Rikku was being uncivil to Luna. *Disgusted* That is just mean and a load of crap and then some. I’ve got a few possible offers for a house. As soon as Luna is okay… Since she’s the Aunt. the youngest one… i’m gonna bring her to pick out the best one. I think that having her live with us is gonna be the right medicine for her. I heard about the treatment that Luna was getting from Grandma Rikku… and heard from Raven. The Dark powered girl. Yeah… she came to me the other night and told me and i was more than livid hearing about it. I really don’t appreciate the fact that Luna was being treated like that. she still is. i am not pleased. As soon as we get that house… she will be living with us.

Dinah: That is another thing… we don’t know where she is. She kinda took off a moment ago. She just up and split in fear. She is scared about her maturing into a teen. in the ways of a human. She isn’t even Human. But she’s maturing as one. It’s creepy and very devastating. She might not make it through the process. She’s different than that.

Shingo: It is sad. i feel really sorry for her. She is in need of help of what’s going on through her body. *Looking at the time* I gotta get back to work. Honey, Just try to calm down and not worry so much about Luna. I am sure that where ever she is… she is trying to get herself some help. If god is on our side… Luna will come back alright as she ought to be. i’ll try to get home tonight and we’ll do something together. Just keep calm. *Kissing Dinah on the lips* Love you. You stay safe… don’t do anything outrageous… It won’t help Luna any. The best thing to do to help her is to just let her find the answers on her own. it’s got to run its course.

Dinah: Okay. *Kissing Shingo on the lips back*

A Moment later…

At King John’s house…

Prince Alvin: Hey… Pops, You home?

King John: *Walking in from the Kitchen* Yeah. What is it? *Looking to see Prince Alvin* Hey there, Son. What brings you here today? Something up, Son?

Prince Alvin: It’s not something which is up that should be mentioned or brought into center stage… It’s more as to who that someone is. That someone is Luna. She’s gone missing and she’s embracing her Coming to stage and it’s hit her with full impeding force. She’s taken off and we don’t know as to where the hell she’s at.

King John: What do you mean by the fact that she’s gone? What do you mean gone? Gone where?

Prince Alvin: We don’t know, dad. that’s the thing. We don’t know. I just was in my Dorm room with my new roommates. and they were talking about the classes of theirs. then i get a hefty wake-up call from Raven saying that sweet young Luna is gone and flown the coop which was not the case at that time… this morning. She was still there. Just not in the room. She was in the Den. we didn’t know. Alice did. She saw Luna and tried talking to her. Got the knowhow and lowdown on what is bugging Luna. Luna is having her puberty stage flash her like a movie screen. The Hot flashes… the slight feeling of being Disoriented and then the bleeding. plus the mood swings. The signs are that of what Alice… dealt with when she was 13…

King John: *Confused and holding his hand up* Wait… Wait a cotton pickin’ minute there son… What do you mean that she’s feeling the same signs as your girlfriend had when she was 13? I thought that it wasn’t in any possible reality possible for Luna to reach Puberty. Whatever she would call it on the Moon at the Kingdom. I thought that Moon Kingdom inhabitants couldn’t feel such things.

Prince Alvin: *Shrugs* That’s what i’d like to know. But it’s just as it manages to sound that Luna is and since she’s not human and has been on Earth longer than what she was supposed to and is how we’d see it… Evolving… She’s being affected by the maturing effects and the cycle as us humans. But it’s hitting her much more intensely. She’s having triple the effect. Triple the process… triple the pain… and triple the hell. She’s got a triple whammy. a Marathon run and lineup of 3.

King John: That doesn’t make it seem any less out there. Son… You need to go and find her and keep her under heavy watch. The way she ought to be feeling now… if the wrong type of people see her and notice her feeling and looking the way she’s looking. they could get the idea that she’s mature or whatever and do something that is nasty or vulgar. You forget that there has been reports that for the last two weeks some Slum inhabitants from Suicide Slums had been skulking about in the general public. Real cutthroats. that’s more than i would care to bring about. There is nothing but a hock full of shit coming from them. Even those secret gangs that no one bothers mention about. I also heard about the Apex Suits too… They’re back and they have gangs that are really gutter slime. the meanest bunch in the metropolitan area. If they see her… they’ll kill her or worse. You better get over to finding her or we’re gonna be unfortunately hearing about her body being found dead somewhere and it being plastered across every news station and newspaper for all to gander and gaze upon.

Prince Alvin: I know… i’m gonna work at spotting her. the girls are all on high watch for her. Alice is out searching the parks for Luna now. Prince Arnold is heading to the Watchtower to see what Chloe can do to track Luna and locate her… to help us find her before something out of our hands hits. Paige is going back to the Dorms. To keep watch for Luna in case she comes a callin’ on over to the dorms.

King John: What about the others?

Prince Alvin: Dinah and Christie are staying at the house to keep an eye in case if Luna manages to come pulling on back to the homefront. Pearl is with Star at their class. But Paige happened to give her a call and they’re on their way to join in with Dinah and Christie. Prince Avery and Prince Curtis are following suit with Alice to hit the park to see if she’s there.

King John: I’ll keep an eye out here too. Just incase the youngun comes bursting through here… but i don’t have a female’s perspective on the case… if Luna comes a callin on back here… you know that it’ll be a more harm than good on the situation. She’ll be in more pain here… i mean i can try to prop her up and see to it that she’s comfortable till i get a hold of her Grandma Rikku. And i very well doubt that she’ll be able to mosey in with the sleight of hand. Plus the thing is too that she and Luna i heard don’t have the best of respect for one another.

Prince Alvin: How’d you gather on that?

King John: How’d you think i got it? Her Grandma came over the other day and basically crashed down and bawled.

Prince Alvin: Dad, Come on… didn’t you even hear on how she treated Luna?

King John: Not exactly… Why?

Prince Alvin: She sent Luna to bed without dinner a few nights. I heard about it and it got me postal. That is child abuse. Luna had a few days of a bad patch… She was with mood swings and was also struggling with the part that the 3 kids were sent to another planet. Luna was stressing out. She is the youngest Aunt in the family. The youngest… Seeing that the little babies were sent to the Planet Vulcan. IT hurt her. It made her upset. It’s not like they were her babies… but she felt as though it was close to them being very much so.

King John: Was that more the reason to cut the class and ditch it?

Prince Alvin: No. But… with her apparent case of the stress and the depression plus the emotional war that she’s been going through… it was not gonna be so wise to allow her to be in class and have herself get unwanted attention if she started to bawl and bust out in an emotional strife.

King John: I see… I guess that with people from the moon feeling the emotions… it would be a total bummer to just keep her in the class and force her to get in the class and sit… with the emotional strife… then as she is still feeling the emotional breakdown… the next thing they all hear and witness is here comes the flood.

Minutes later…

Prince Alvin said his good-byes and made way out. He had to get on the road…

As for Dinah and Christie…

Dinah: *In Luna’s Room* We are gonna be facing a terrible loss if Luna isn’t found. Soon. she’s bleeding to death and she’s in risk of dying. We need to pray that Luna comes back.

Christie: *Sighs and walks over to Dinah by the window looking out* I know how it must feel. It just sucks to know that Luna is facing hell with the coming to age… She is in so much pain. *Placing her arm around Dinah’s shoulders and lending a round of support* Don’t you worry, Dinah. You have me. We’re gonna get through this… Dinah…

Dinah: *Sighs and looking out for her sister* Please hold on, Luna… Where ever you are…

Christie: *hugging her friend and Looking out the window*

At the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Watching over the screens and getting readings within the city* What’s going on out there?

Oliver: I don’t know. The girls have been dialing down on the hero work.

Chloe: It is because they have college life now… their classes are very demanding.

Oliver: We need to get them back in play. Somehow… there is a threat out there that is coming closer and it’s showing more and more danger…

Chloe: We all can see that, Oliver. But there is nothing that we can do… their grandmother is holding the restrictions.

Oliver: Restrictions… That is hurting them more than it is helping them. Besides we need to meet with them and get them in the line for the threat that is still in the line. Beryl…

Black Canary: *Walking in* That is nothing compared to what just strolled in.

Chloe: Oh? Who?

Black Canary: One of the 4 men. Prince Arnold. There is a problem within the ranks of the family that popped in. one of their girl power members have flown the coops and hit the one hit… K-O!

Oliver: Do we get to guess as to who the girl is?

Chloe: I don’t suppose that it could be Pearl. Could it?

Black Canary: No… It’s Miss Meow in a cute human package.

Chloe: What?! Luna? Luna Rhapsody is the one with the problems? what problems are we talking about?

Prince Arnold: *Walking over from the entrance* I can fill you in with the sparky details. Luna has hit the Big “P”. She’s been Bleeding all over the place. she is literally bleeding to death and unless it is stopped. She will be dead. She’s been getting hot flashes… cases or episodes of being lost. Disoriented. Plus… to top that off… She’s suffering through the mood swings. And if that isn’t enough to throw you. Her tail is also deteriorating.


Chloe: Oh my god… We have to find her and get her detained.  With her bleeding that much… she’s gonna be vulnerable to diseases and infections. We need to get a team out to locate her and bring her here. Detain her.


Prince Arnold: There is one problem… Chloe. No one seems to know where she is or where she could have run off to. She was for a while at Grandma Rikku’s house. But that was before she just buzzed off and ran for the hills. Her boyfriend Martin hasn’t even heard from her for all the length of 2 weeks. He called her and she didn’t return the calls. or his messages. She’s been really moody and distant. Grandma Rikku has also been treating her terribly too. A few nights without supper. That is also not factoring in the part where She was having mood swings. She’s in emotional distress.

Chloe: Prince Arnold, it’s sad to know that… but she’s got to be found. She’s in critical danger being out there. In her current condition as you’ve described… she’s vulnerable.

Oliver: Is there anyone going out to search for her now?

Prince Arnold: Yes. Alice Cross.

Black Canary: Her?  Does she intend to succeed in locating her. Even if she finds her… will she be able to recognize her if the girl is losing her tail?

Prince Arnold: That is a mystery upon itself. It seems uncertain at the moment.

Oliver: *Heading out to gather his gear and head off to the city*

Prince Arnold: There is possibly more to it than that. There is talks of the cut-throats from Suicide Slums who have been pulling into the city. The men in the Apex  suits… they’re back.

Chloe: They’re the Chinese group who are known to take control of Luthorcorp. But Lex Luthor managed to put a stop to it… with a legal or sneak side arm from his father Lionel…

They all go on the case to search for Luna who they knew was running scared… It was a long search and they were going to every location where they thought Luna would be. Oliver Queen and the Black Canary rappelled from the buildings and searched the tops and the bottoms of the buildings. The girls all looked for Luna too. and had nothing but bad luck in trying to locate Luna. Luna as they were searching for her had been on the run. She looked for a hiding place to go to and hid there . she didn’t want to be seen by anyone. She was scared already and she was also in pain. She knew that she was gonna be near out of time before she passed out unconscious from the loss of all that blood. Paige was at the Dorms and keeping watch for Luna. There was not a certainty that Luna would have shown up there, but with the way they were feeling about what Luna was gonna be capable of doing and with the way Luna was running and acting… there was a chance that she would have popped up anywhere. At any given time. Prince Alvin was on the road and searched the roads. Searched through the Promenade in favor that there may be a chance that Luna would have popped up at the Promenade. But it was not likely… No one knew where she was…


At the Brownstone…

Carter: *Looking at his artifact and keeping guard on the Museum* It’s been really quiet around here… *getting an eerie vibe* too quiet. Something is going on out there in the city…

Luna: *Secretly walking in and hiding under a table and Trying to keep still*

Carter: *hearing voices and sounds of scraping and rattling* Who’s there? *calling out to the unknown intruder* Who’s there? If you are here and are without an invitation… i would suggest that whoever you are… get out and go back to where ever it is that you came from. *Looking for the source of the voice*

Luna: *Shaking with fear*


Carter: *Walking over to the table displaying the ninja Stars and Maces* Who is there? *Seeing a Blue-haired girl and with a tail* What… *Recognizing the Girl* Oh man… Luna? Luna Rhapsody…? What’re you doing under the table?

Luna: *Shaking in terror and scared* Bleeding. I am dying. I am also Evolving from a girl who’s a Senshi to a normal girl… i have been on Earth for far too long and the way i am now… i can never go home. I don’t see myself belonging back at the Moon Kingdom… i don’t belong with a good family… they’d never really accept me looking like this. I don’t belong anywhere anymore. I am bleeding. If i don’t get this to stop…soon. I’ll be dead.

Carter: Nonsense, Luna. That is nonsense and you know it. You’ve always belonged. You are changing from within because it is what your body is allowing. You are not from the moon in whole if your body is changing into a complete human. A half human can never be all human. But your body is maturing into one. Making you out to be one of the first. *Looking at his Mace* You done great things for your family. helped destroy the ruling of a tyrant known as Zod. You are one of the girls… Feeling despair is not the way to live. My wife Shayera never lived in despair when she faced hard times and problems from within. she dealt with them. She and i were mated. We fell in love and never knew end. We fought side by side and didn’t quit. the people we saved were from the sky. we were the highest warriors. but our lives were cursed. an arch Villain placed a curse on my wife and i. a Curse that forced us to live and lose each other… Again and again. Lifetime after lifetime. i was forced to live only to face losing my wife Shayera again and again… Lifetime after lifetime. had for 1000 years… I lived… only to hope on dying to be with my wife once again.

Luna: W-w-w-w-w-w-w-why a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-are you t-t-t-t-t-t-t-telling me this when it might not matter to me anymore? It won’t mean anything if i die… I am bleeding to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-death.

Carter: *Shaking his head* You are losing your senses, Luna. You’re not gonna die.  You’re gonna be just fine. *Nods*

Luna: No i’m not… i am gonna die and there is nothing that i can do to stop it. I can’t stop the bleeding. I can’t ever dare to show my face to my family or to my boyfriend. He won’t want to see me like this. Why would he? *Crying* I am in pain and losing blood. it is gonna be the end for me. I’m gonna lose everything. my heart. My love… my life. Everything. It’s all over for me…

Carter didn’t buy that… He got himself on over to his Hawkman Outfit and suited up. He was gonna do something that he knew or didn’t believe that he’d ever be able to do… With his helmet on and his wings getting ready to spread out and take flight…

Hawkman: *Grabbing onto Luna and Carrying her in his arms* Hold on tight, Luna… i might not be able to stop the Maturing process because once it starts… it can’t be stopped. But… with the flight… and the speed. The Bleeding will be able to stop.

Luna: *Sniffling* Okay.

Two days later…

With all the searching that had been done… the 4 boys had been stretched to their limit. They were up for over 48 hours straight. With no signs of resting. Dinah and Christie stationed at the house and slept in Luna’s room. Waiting for her to come back. Pearl and Star were also in the room. They knew that Luna was gonna be back… they had some kind of feeling or sense that it was gonna only be a matter of time before Luna returned. They believed that Luna would be alright. they could feel it. Pearl knew it most of all. Paige was at the Dorms and watching out for Luna there. The thing about that was just that Luna was not anywhere near the University. She was Running through the park and heading right for the Fairgrounds. She knew that it was wide open and that people would notice her. But she didn’t care anymore. She didn’t have much of a tail anymore. She had a little stub sticking out but that was about all it was. Just a stub and even that was shrinking. What she didn’t catch on to was that she was being followed. Alice was close behind…. and at a distance behind her were Prince Avery and Prince Curtis…

Alice: *Spotting Luna up ahead and seeing her looking more and more disformed as the evolution progressed and the hair started to turn dark* Luna?!

Luna: *Up ahead and hearing her name be called; turning to see Alice close by* Oh… god.  Alice? Alice-Chan… what’re you doing here?

Alice: What do you mean, what am i doing here? What are you doing here? You are looking disformed and are still bleeding… You’re dying in public here. You can’t be here… not like this. Plus… i am here to take you back to your family and friends. They are all tired and are endearingly upset. They miss you so much.

Luna: *Scared* I can’t. I can’t go back… i am different to them now. They’re heroes. They are popular. I have no true place with them now. i am of no use. Plus i have no powers… i can’t fight. my Tail is gone… it’s mainly a Stub now… it’s gone. I have no useful part in me. I am useless. They should just forget all about me.  I love them… i truly do love them so much. But i am not like them anymore… all i’ll wind up doing is get in their way.

Alice: That is not true… you would never be getting in their way. they love you.  Since you left, Paige… Pearl and Dinah have been up keeping an eye out for you.  they even sat around in your room waiting for you to come home.  They sang the song from an old movie… i think that it was a Disney. Pete’s Dragon. A song called “Candle on the Water”. Paige was at the Dorms… Pearl was in her car. Star was there too… Dinah was in her truck and Christie was there…

Luna: Wait a minute… You just said that they were at the house in my room waiting for me to return. Then you say that Paige was in the Dorms. Pearl and Star were in Pearl’s car and Dinah was in her truck with Christie. What is it?

Alice: They spent most of their time in the room and some of the time elsewhere. Dinah literally cried and i hardly ever saw her cry. not even once since i met any of the family. You as well. I never saw her cry. but she did. Christie has also cried. Pearl snuck out into her car and cried. When she returned… she smelt like smoke. I don’t know if it was just barbecue smoke that came close to her and just attached some to her… but she smelt like smoke. Star looked at Pearl and saw that she smelt different. Star even asked her what her deal was and did not even want to talk about it. She felt so bad that she didn’t really say much. Paige was saddened. But they last night were in their spots. Paige at the Dorms… Pearl and Star in Pearl’s car. Dinah and Christie in Dinah’s truck. and that was when it happened…

Alice Flashed back…

“In Room #330…

“Paige: *Speaking through the phone* You guys ready?

In Dorm Room #312…

Reese: *Speaking into the phone* we’re all ready. Just say the command.

Jack: We are ready. I feel bad about Luna running away. She must be so confused. She is so lost. We have to bring her back home. But so far… nothing is working.

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In Raven’s Room…

Raven: *Speaking into the phone* We’ll get her back. We must. Luna is in danger for each moment that she’s out there… in the condition that she’s in. She’s in danger. Beryl could try to take the advantage and launch an attack at her and with Luna in the current condition that she is in… Luna will die. She has no defenses.

In Pearl’s Car…

Pearl: *Sniffing* Let’s just do this. I just want Luna back with us. She’s our sister.

Star: You all better move to relocate. Pearl is starting to cry with fits. 

In Dinah’s truck…

Dinah: Well… tell her that she’s not the only one… we all are doing the same thing… but also trying to hold strong… just for the sake of Luna.

Christie: Ditto.

At The Parking lot of the Restaurant…

Prince Alvin: *With Alice* We’re here and set. It’s time to bring Luna home. She’s got to come home. We can’t take anymore of her missing. it’s hurting us. We want her back.

Alice: The Song is Candle on the Water… I think. Right?

Prince Alvin: That’s right.

At Central Kansas…

Prince Arnold: *Speaking into the phone* Nice song. I just hope to god in sunny Jesus that it reaches out to her and gets her back to us…

At the Beach…

Prince Avery: *With Summer* We’re all ready.

At The Fairgrounds…

On a Date…

Prince Curtis: *With Megan* Let’s bring Luna Rhapsody… our beloved family member home… we don’t care what she looks like… we love her no matter. we haven’t stopped. and we never will.

At the Dorms…

In Room #330…

Paige: Okay here we go… A 1… A 2…. A 1, 2, 3!

A Second later…

Paige: *With all; Singing towards the sky and carrying their voices out in hopes for their sister Luna to hear them* “I’ll be your candle on the water
My love for you will always burn
I know you’re lost and drifting
But the clouds are lifting
Don’t give up you have somewhere to turn

I’ll be your candle on the water
‘Till ev’ry wave is warm and bright
My soul is there beside you
Let this candle guide you
Soon you’ll see a golden stream of light

A cold and friendless tide has found you
Don’t let the stormy darkness pull you down
I’ll paint a ray of hope around you
Circling in the air
Lighted by a prayer

I’ll be your candle on the water
This flame inside of me will grow
Keep holding on you’ll make it
Here’s my hand so take it
Look for me reaching out to show
As sure as rivers flow
I’ll never let you go
I’ll never let you go
I’ll never let you go…”

Luna then ran off… She felt even worse because she heard the explanation and caught on that she’s caused more pain than ever… and that was what made her feel like she was putting everyone down… hurting others with her problems… Alice ran after her… and tried to talk sense into her… She was not about to just throw in the towel. It was a moment later when Luna stopped and bolted down with sobs… She was hurt…

Alice: *Calling out to Luna* Luna… Sweetie. Stop. It’s okay. I know what you’re feeling. You feel upset and hurt because you’re hitting the time of Puberty and you are not whole human… you never dealt with it and are scared. I know. I am not a cat. or with any tendency of one. so i might not believe that cat half human girls go through it differently. But the signs you’re showing. They’re the same as mine. I felt that same way. I know what it’s like. To be with Raging hormones and not knowing how to control them better. not knowing how to shut them off. I Felt that too. I had to learn that on my own… but i got the hang of it. My mother was not there for me to go through it. I know this requires a mother’s touch. but please… Let me help you. I can help you. But if you don’t let me… there won’t be anything that i can do. Luna… Please. Let me help you.

Luna: *Looking up at Alice* What do you know about my condition? I am not Part cat anymore… i lost the tail. I am just a Nothing. Look at me. I have nothing left of me… My Tail is probably still there… but is so thin that if you didn’t see it or didn’t brush past it… You’d never know it to be there at all. It shrunk to near nothing.

Alice: You have not lost yourself. Luna, You’re still alive and still you. You’re just Changing. It’s gonna be okay. You just need to take it one step at a time… I know that i might not know what it’s like to live your life. Knowing how life is for you in your eyes. But you are not gonna die. You lost your tail and you feel scared as hell over what it is that you’re going through… but it’s not that bad.  It could have gone alot worse than what it already had. You are still alive. You got a family who loves you so much. You have a family who misses you. What about your boyfriend? Martin. He loves you. since you took off… He’s been in tears. Vincent called us and asked about whether you had come home yet. Martin was told to have locked himself in his room and refuses to come out. He is hurt and he misses you.

Luna: I can’t bare to know that he’s upset. Please stop telling me this. I don’t want to hear about it. It is hurting me too much. I feel terrible for abandoning him like i had… I only feel as though i should just die because i’ve hurt him most of all. It hurts me. I have been feeling so lost and unable to move without bleeding all over. It’s like i’ve been bleeding non-stop. I can’t stop it. I can’t do anything to make it quit running. It’s been like this for 2 days now. Maybe 3. I should be dead by now with all the bleeding i’ve done. I should not even be living.

Alice: *Barks a little* Hey! Don’t speak off like that. You should never say such things. Never. You are alive. You should be thankful that you weren’t lifeless. You ought to know better than that.

Luna: How’s that? How do i know if i am even alive? I might be dead and not know it because of the blood that i’ve lost. I feel weak and very drained. Plus i still have the hot flashes too. Those won’t ever go away. at least… not now. *Getting up and Running off* Alice, You are trying to help. I am grateful that you’re still trying. But you have to just cut your losses. I am not worth it. There is nothing you or anyone can do to help. Unless you are the Queen…

Luna was still in pain and still in need of help. She knew that she couldn’t go back home yet. She was not ready to be seen in the state that she was in. She wasn’t ready. But she knew that she was in need of help… she knew that the only kind of help she’d be looking to get would be coming from the Queen. the Queen of the Moon Kingdom… She was far away from Alice and by the Abandoned Quarry when she then decided to call up to Queen Serenity for help. She did it at the Quarry because with it now beyond repair and with no chance of being fixed up. plus that since it was destroyed… it was seen that practically no one ever went near it or traveled along side it. They all steered clear of it. Luna stopped there and saw that it’d be the best spot to contact the Queen even if it’d be the last time she’d be able to…


Luna: *Looking up at the moon* Queen Serenity, Are you there? I need to talk to you. I am Maturing as a Human. Even though my insides are nothing of the sort. I am scared. I need your guidance… I know that by my Maturing in the way of an Earthling. A Normal human is forbidden by the code of the Moon. But it’s happening and i don’t know how to stop it. I can’t. and i feel as though i have been here on Earth too long and it’s now affecting me. Please… Your Majesty. Help me. Please. *With Tears in her eyes; Pleading* Please Help me. Please!

Suddenly with a beam of light…  A figure formed and came out from the light. The light. that came from the moon.  It was Queen Serenity…

Queen Serenity: *Hearing Luna’s plea* Luna, why risk yourself of being a human? you are perfect the way you are in every way. If you become all human… you will lose your ability to be able to help your sisters. Your family who are in need of help more than ever now. They were betrayed by someone they had trusted. They need all the help available. Queen Beryl has the girl you knew as Terra as an apprentice and her aim is to destroy the family. bring down the Rhapsody family from the weakest member to the strongest.

Luna: But i am maturing in the form of a human. Your majesty… the last couple weeks i have been getting hot flashes and each day… it was getting worse and worse. It was getting more frequent. i’d have moments where i would get disoriented and would know that i was in the right place… but when i woke up or snap back to my senses… i catch myself being somewhere else. i am getting disoriented more and more. Who’s to know as to where i will wind up next and not know it…

Queen Serenity: That is saddening to hear of your plight. going through the signs of maturing in the ways of a human. You are not one of them even though you look like one of them. act and feel like them. But you are not one of them. However… You got sisters who took you in and cared for you and accepted you no matter what you were… or how you looked to them. Human or not.

Luna: *Nods and trying to keep from crying* I Know… and i love them. As you cared for me as i was a wonderful Adviser to you. But lately i have been maturing. in the ways of a Human. Hot Flashes… Being disoriented. Feeling lost at times. Light headed. Hormones raging and hyper-acting. My insides have not been like a human. Ever… but i got the Emotions… the Mannerisms and the appearance of one. I have that… But my Tail… has started to Deteriorate a little at a time… I have been also bleeding and being like what humans go through. I am scared that i might bleed to death… I know that i can’t be a human. but i want to be all human. I want the pain to stop. Please… Isn’t there anything you can do? Anything? Please, Help me! *With tears flowing from her eyes*

Queen Serenity: I can not allow for this to be unless you were willing to relinquish your powers… the power of the senshi.

Luna: I want to still be a hero… but can’t i be all human and still be a senshi too? *Desperate*

Queen Serenity: I’m afraid that is not possible to be human and still be a senshi too… If you wish to be human, I will not stand in your way. This is a decision that you’re making and it is one that can not be reversed. Once you take this path… there will be no way to undo it. *Hugging the little girl* I will always be around when you need me and i will continue to protect you, but there is nothing to be done about the pain.

Luna: How can i ever reach you if i am no longer a senshi? Isn’t contacting you one of the things that a Senshi can do? *Feeling the hug* By the stroke of my being all Human… i will no longer be a Senshi. Will i ever be a hero again if i am not a Senshi anymore? *Worried*

Queen Serenity: Sadly no. Once this transformation is complete… you will be a normal Mortal. An Earthling. You will feel the pain of an Earthling. Will be hurt like one. feeling the exact feelings of a human. Your temptations will be that of a human. A Mortal. you will have a Mortality. *Sighs and smiles at Luna* don’t worry about me my child… i will always be with you as i always have been. if you are in need of help. i will be there for you… I am proud of you, Luna. You are growing up into a young woman. You’re becoming strong and mature. This has to have been a decision that took some time thinking over and thinking clearly towards.

Luna: I know… I just don’t want to lose you. But i also don’t want to lose my love Martin. He is my love on Earth. He loves me even knowing that i was a senshi. Will he still love me when i lose the Senshi powers? Does this mean that my Senshi days are over? I was strong as a Senshi… Will i still be Sailor Luna if i lose the Cat tail and be all human?

Queen Serenity: You will never lose me.. *Sighs and shakes her head* if this human boy you speak of really loves you he will never leave you. Love… True love is forever. He will always be there for you.

Luna: I really hope so. Because i don’t want to lose him. Is there something in your power to endow me with the powers of a Senshi… once i become all Human? You have the Silver Crystal… It’s like the source of all the power that the Royal Bloodline of the Moon Kingdom possesses. I Love the Rhapsody family… and i also love my boyfriend. I even love my Lineage. the Identity i had as a Senshi…. I love every part of who i am. I don’t want to ever lose any of that. It’s all a part of me. my existence. *Sincerely proclaiming* But if the loss of my powers is the price to be paid for being a normal human… A mortal living with the humans… i am ready to accept that price.

Queen Serenity: I will transform you into a Normal human. but just remember that once this happens. There is no reverses to the process. Are you sure that this is the life you want to endure?

Luna: yes.

Queen Serenity: Very well… *revealing her wand and raising it up into the air* It shall be done… *Enchanting the power; transforming Luna into a human* Moon Cosmic… EVOLUTION!

A moment later…

Luna: I am a full Human now. I am a Rhapsody… but i am also an Adviser to you. Proud to be one… I am proud to be a Human all the way. A fighter too. *Nods* I don’t want to ever lose any part of me. I lost my senshi powers. I may have lost the ability to contact you. but for being one to serve you… i will never forget.


Queen Serenity: *Smiles back* Enjoy your new life as a human… It is done. You are always gonna be my most loyal Adviser. I am so proud of you for making the sacrifice. This took alot of courage.

Luna: I understand. But i will see to find a way to be both… Mutually. I believe in the code that we Moon people had and never forgot. Never give up on what we want. If there is a way to have both a life as someone who is normal and then one as a hero both… find it. and take it. Don’t give up. You used to foster that. I even as the Adviser took it to heart because it is one of the major things that we preached. We never forgot about that. Ever. I remember all that you have fostered in teaching. Your wisdom. All of it. I will not ever forget what you taught. I will not give up. Your teachings will not be made to be put to shame. I will never let that be.

Queen Serenity: I admire that in you Luna. You always remained true to the teachings that we had on the moon. The Moon Kingdom still lives in memory and lives on. It has gathered data on all things living and immortal. But as a human… the teachings will not do any good for you. You have to make a life for yourself on Earth. You can do it. You’re strong. But you can not be a senshi since you are human… A normal human. You have to find your own way. Your own path…

Luna: And i will never forget you. Queen Serenity. You were the best Queen i ever knew and ever will know. I know that my being a complete human comes at a price. but it’s a price i am willing to pay if it means to be a full human and live… exist and mature as one. I will live with the loss of my powers if i must. I want to follow my heart. Which is the heart i always had. I love Martin. I want to be his and he be mine. As i was yours. Being by your side. You trusted me to guard your daughter till the day came that she no longer needed it. that day came and i know that you watch her. She’s grown up magnificently because of your guidance and because of my teaching her as you have and passed it through me and me to her. I can do this… i can make you proud while being a complete human. I enjoyed being yours… and i will live life as a human and never forget all that you have given me. I am the youngest Aunt to Dinah’s kids. i want to be there for them and give them the power… the strength as you gave me through out the years. *Bowing down with a smile and yet a heavy heart while knowing on making a huge sacrifice*

Queen Serenity: Farewell, dear Luna… until the day comes that we will meet again.. *Smiles, knowing Luna wanted a normal life* I know you will do me proud and that you will make my daughter proud as well… i will continue to watch over you. *Vanishes back to the moon kingdom*

Luna: *Nods and watches as the Queen fades away; Breaking down in tears fearing as to whether she was making a mistake* This is the life i wanted… but now i have no powers. What if Martin doesn’t like me anymore because of it? *Looking at the picture of her boyfriend and with a tear in her eyes* Please Like me, Martin.

Luna then headed back home… She wanted to experience a Teenage life. It was the start of a new life… She only hoped that it would stay happy…

She got back into her room and got all her hero stuff from her past identity and packed it into a box.

“Luna: I’m gonna miss you, Sailor Luna. You were the best hero in my heart. But i had to let you go. But you’ll be treasured eternally. *Sealing the box and putting it away in her closet* I feel so fuzzy all of a sudden and it’s getting more and more warmer. I am feeling strange. Really strange.

Luna then turned on the Radio and heard something catchy to her…

Luna: *Impressed; With Japanese Accent* That sounds good. Really catchy. I think that i recognize that song. Dinah used to listen to them… One Republic. i never got into them before. But i think that i could get into them… That Lead Vocalist whoever he is… He’s probably a total “Babe”. *Pauses* … *Giggles* Wow! i can’t believe i said that. I feel like a real human now… i’m feeling exactly what normal human teens feel when they are 13. *Blushing* Oh my….

Radio: *Playing the song*

Luna: *Singing along to the Radio* “This town is colder now, I think it’s sick of us
It’s time to make our move, I’m shaking off the rust
I’ve got my heart set on anywhere but here
I’m staring down myself, counting up the years
Steady hands, just take the wheel…
And every glance is killing me
Time to make one last appeal… for the life I lead

Stop and stare
I think I’m moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I’ve become what I can’t be, oh
Stop and stare
You start to wonder why you’re here not there
And you’d give anything to get what’s fair
But fair ain’t what you really need
Oh, can you see what I see

They’re trying to come back, all my senses push
Untie the weight bags, I never thought I could…
Steady feet, don’t fail me now
Imma run till you can’t walk
Something pulls my focus out
And I’m standing down…

Stop and stare
I think I’m moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I’ve become what I can’t be, oh
Stop and stare
You start to wonder why you’re here not there
And you’d give anything to get what’s fair
But fair ain’t what you really need
Oh, you don’t need

What you need, what you need…

Stop and stare
I think I’m moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I’ve become what I can’t be
Oh, do you see what I see…”


Raven: *Looking into the room and seeing an Asian black haired girl in the room* What…

Luna: *Turning to see Raven at the door; Speaking Japanese* Kon’nichiwa Raven. Sore wa anata ni futatabi o mite īdesu. Dō shita no? (English Translation: Hello Raven. It’s nice to see you again. What’s up?)

Raven: I don’t think i know anymore. who are you?

Luna: Raven, It’s me. Luna. I am still the same as i always was. Don’t you recognize me?

Raven: No. I don’t. You are… uh, Different.

Luna: *With Japanese Accent* Raven, It’s me. Luna. Luna Rhapsody. I am just All human now. I was turned into this by the Queen. I am not with the pain anymore… but i do feel somewhat fuzzy and with the hormones that come with the maturity of humans…. i’m all human.

Raven: *In Disbelief* That’s a Lie.

Luna: Why, Don’t you believe me?

Raven: No. I don’t think that i do believe you. Because i know Luna and Luna would not sound like you do.

Luna: Okay… I suppose that i need to prove that i am Luna. Ask me something… ask me something that you would think i would not know about. Anything at all, Raven. I look different. but i believe that i still remember.

Raven: Who are the heroes?

Luna: Eiyū… Peijirapusodimisu ai. Kanojo wa ren’ai ni aru monodesu. Kanojo no kokoro ni ai o motte imasu. Okashi ga daisuki. Pārurapusodibaburumeiden. Kanojo wa subete no mono no fasshon o aishite iru fasshon toritsukare on’nanokodesu. Kanojo wa yūmeina fasshondezainā ni naritai. Dainarapusodisandāmisutoresu. Kanojo no yūkan’na taido ga gen’in de, ” kiken zōn” daina demo iku. Kanojo wa hahaoyadashi, Shingo Tsukino ni mōsugu kekkon suru koto ni, sugu ni ware rapusodi ni naru unmei. 3-Ri no kodomo o motte imasu. On’nanoko. Safaiajodirapusodi, reivunmeredisurapusodi to serenatinadainarapusodi. Daina wa, subete no mono supōtsu o shuyūgyū tafuna on’nanokodesu. Jissai ni settei suru hitsuyō ga nai baai demo, kanojo wa tafuna kōdō to omoimasu. Peiji, shinju to daina ai, megumi to fu~yūrī no on’nanokodesu. Rapusodigāruzu Z! Rapusodiburazāzu…. Purinsuarubinronarudorapusodi. Kare wa 4-ri no chīmu ni arufa danseidesu. Kare wa tamashī o furēmingu to shite shira rete iru. Kare wa saikikkumaindokontorōru to settoku no nōryoku o motte iru gārufurendo o motte iru. Bijonarī senken. Purinsuānorudokōrīrapusodi… Mizu kyō. Kare wa koko ni kazoku zen’in o uragitta on’nanoko no tame ni ochita monoda… Kare wa mata, kare ni kuchi no bitto o motte imasu. Purinsueiburīseodoarapusodipurazumakoa. Kare wa kesshō tenpā de hitotsuda. Kare wa mata, himitsu ējentodearu koto ni muchūdesu. Purinsukātisumākurapusodi. Denki reiji. Kare wa sore ga tenshi ni yotte hora reta yō ni mieru kao o sonaeta monodesu. Nado kōtaku to sū hyaku man-doru no egao to onajide egao. Rengō kuni wa sutāhōrudearu. Kurisutīpawāzu. Watashi no bōifurendodearu mātinmaruko. Monominotō to shite shira rete iru Kuroe ga arimasu. Oribā joō/ gurīn’arō ga arimasu. Dainaransujasutisu denpa no burakku/ kanarī no burakkuhōku no kotoba. Āsā· karī/ akuaman. Bikutāsutōn/ saibōgu. Beriru nado no kyōi ga arimasu. Kanojo wa dākukingudamu no joō to warui joseidesu. Sekai o hikitsugu. Shikashi, sorezore no jikan o teishi sa rete iru. Kanojo wa chikyū ni kita no wa hajimete… Sore wa idaina aku o mezame saseru kotodeatta. Konkai wa kanōna nin’i no hōhō de rapusodi no kazoku o korosu tame ni soreda. Sorera o torikowasu tame ni. To atode wasurerarenai yogen o motte iru hito o tāgetto ni. Rapusodi no on’nanoko wa kinguaraiguma ni taishite itte kimashita. Joō beriru hajimete. Tsugini omona iya. Dare ga [zenpan iya ni narimashita. Ima, karera wa futatabi, shōrai no beriru ni chokumen shite imasu… Ginga akuma gyakkō. Yō arīhāfu akuma no on’nanokodesu. Anata. Sore wa dōdesu ka? (English Translation: Heroes… Paige Rhapsody Miss Love. She is the one who is into the romance. Has love in her heart. Loves sweets. Pearl Rhapsody Bubble Maiden. She is the Fashion obsessed girl who loves all things fashion. She wants to be a famous Fashion designer. Dinah Rhapsody Thunder Mistress. Goes also by “Danger Zone” Dinah due to her gutsy attitude. she’s a mother and destined to be married soon to Shingo Tsukino and soon to be Shingo Rhapsody. Has 3 kids. Girls. Sapphire Jodie Rhapsody, Raven Meredith Rhapsody and Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody. Dinah is the tough girl who sires all things sports. she’d act tough even when there is no real need.  Paige, pearl and Dinah are the girls of Love, Grace and Fury. The Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody Brothers…. Prince Alvin Ronald Rhapsody. He’s the Alpha male to the team of 4 men. He’s known as Flaming Soul. He’s got a girlfriend who’s got the ability of Psychic mind control and Persuasion. Visionary foresight. Prince Arnold Corey Rhapsody… Water Lord. he’s the one who has fallen for the girl that betrayed the entire family here… he also has a bit of a mouth on him. Prince Avery Theodore Rhapsody Plasma Core. He’s the one with the Plasmatic Temper. he is also the one obsessed with being a secret Agent. Prince Curtis Mark Rhapsody. Electric Rage. He is the one with the face that looks like it were carved by angels. and a smile that is so shiny and the same as a million dollar smile. The Allies are Star Hall. Christie Powers. Martin Marco who is my boyfriend. There is Chloe who is known as Watchtower. There is Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Dinah Lance The word of Justice The Black hawk of the Airwaves/Black Canary. Arthur Curry/Aquaman. Victor Stone/Cyborg. There is the threats like Beryl. She is the queen of Dark Kingdom and a bad lady. taking over the world. But has been stopped each time. First time she came to the Earth… it was to awaken a Great Evil. this time it’s to kill the Rhapsody family in any way possible. to tear them down. and later to target someone who’s got a haunting prophecy. The Rhapsody girls went against King Lotor. Queen Beryl the first time. then Major Zod. who then became General Zod. now they are facing Beryl again and in the future… going against an intergalactic Demon. The Ally for that is the Half Demon girl. You. How’s that? *Grins*)

Raven: Not bad. That’s good. You know about them and had them in detail… but are you saying that because you really know them or is it because you’ve heard about them and are just regurgitating what you’ve heard?

Luna: You still don’t believe me? Why? It isn’t like i’m lying.  It’s the truth.

Raven: I don’t trust any outsider. after the betrayal from Terra… my ability to openly trust others has gone.

Luna: That’s sad. But don’t be taking it out on me.

Raven: *Suspicious* …


Paige, Pearl and Dinah walk in and see an Asian black haired girl in the room and before they could say anything…

Luna: *Turning to see Paige, Pearl and Dinah but not recognizing them at first* Anata dare? Are you Friendly?

Paige: It depends. But who are you? Do we know you?

Pearl: Where did you come from?

Dinah: This is Luna’s Room. She’s our sister. You’re not Luna. You sure don’t look like her. No blue hair… No Tail. No mannerisms of a cat. Who are you?

Paige: What’s your name? *Concerned and curious*

Luna: *A bit timid and nervous* My name is Luna. Luna Rhapsody. I am looking for the sisters of mine. But i don’t know if i am in the right place. I came back after being turned into a human… Whole Human by the Queen of the Moon.

Paige: *Gasps and freaks*  Oh my god… no. It couldn’t be. It would not be possible. Our sister turned into… Into… you. Are you really, Luna?

Luna: -uh-huh. i am. *Speaking in Accent* I Am Luna. Your sister. I look different because i am now normal.

Dinah: Oh my god… It happened. Our sister who was like a cat and all Jittery has finally gone polar. Normal and plain as day. We thought that this was all some joke and that you’d mature and come back still being the hero. You’re now… that. A Black haired Asian girl. Are you still with the memories of the senshi? You know… Still know of us and about the cause… Do you still have the memories? *Praying* Please say that you still have them…

Pearl: You haven’t forgotten, Have you?

Luna: *Giggles* You girls are sure funny for older sisters. You’re really silly. Yes. It’s me. Luna. I have become a complete human by the hands and power of the Queen. Queen Serenity turned me into this Human. I made the choice to be a human. I sacrificed my hero Identity and powers. I no longer transform. I am normal. A Mortal. *Walking over to the closet and pulling out the box that had her heroic past inside* This no joke. I am no longer Sailor Luna. Watashi wa ima, eien ni tada runatinarapusodidesu. Oba… Shisutā. To itoko. Sore ga subetedesu. Watashi wa mada gen’in o tasukeru koto ga dekimasu…(English Translation: I am now and forever just Luna Tina Rhapsody. Aunt… Sister. and cousin. that’s all. I can still help out with the cause…)

Pearl: *In devastation* B-but… Luna. That is gonna be hard to endure. You’ll be hurt more… you’ll be in pain more. You’re more vulnerable now.

Luna: *Nods* I know. But i had to make jump. It was either that or die. I didn’t want die. I didn’t want to lose you guys.

Dinah: Are you gonna be okay though, Luna? Sis, You’re gonna be very vulnerable now.

Luna: I don’t know. But my Hormones are raging now and it’s really freaky. I don’t understand why they’re raging and what means to have hormones over re-acting.

Paige: Luna… there is something about the human element that you’re gonna need to know about. The feeling you are having now is the Raging hormones and the Sex Drive. It happens to many teens. all teens for that matter when they reach that age. It’s where the teen during and a little after the coming to age moment happens when the Teen will look at any guy or girl and want to get into the person’s pants. they’d want sex. it’s the sex drive. Some have it hit differently than others.

Luna: Is that what’s gonna happen to me?

Dinah: yes. it’s what all normal human beings go through when they reach the very years of the teenage life-cycle. they start getting the lust and the drives for sex. the hormones will be raging. in practically a close form of an explosion. a surge of the spark. like the flower blooming within and opening up.

Luna: Okay… *feeling a bit started* You’re kinda grossing me out with that stuff. I mean… guys, I barely just started beginning the life as a normal human being. a Mortal. Regular in more better terms. I don’t want to know that stuff just yet.

Paige: We’re not about to just sugar coat it for you, Luna. This is the real world. not the sweet and fancy free world you were probably hoping to find. There is no real peace in this world. this is a world that if you want peace… you have to work for it. Fight for it. It’s not something that’s gonna just be granted to you on a silver platter.

Pearl: *Scoffs* Ugh! Great work, Paige. Really subtle. You’re supposed to be calm and discreet to her. not all up in the face. Luna is new to being part of the normal all human… All Mortal Persuasion. She needs to be informed about the stuff gently. not just have it all put to her in a fast shot.

Paige: It’s not like she won’t hear it from someone else. besides… i would believe that we would rather it be us telling her about that than someone else. I don’t want our sister Luna hearing about it from someone else. Like the teachers in school. It’s not their place to be telling our sister what that stuff is.  it should be either mom or Grandma Rikku. but since mom is gone. has been dead for about a couple or so years now… she is out of the question to talk about it. and as for Grandma Rikku. The way she’s been towards Luna… i don’t want it to be heard by the likes of her.

Luna: Grandma Rikku-san is rude and mean. I don’t want to see her. I might not be part cat anymore and might not be someone who can detect a person’s real thought. but i not stupid. i know how she was treating me. I don’t want to see her. I don’t even care if i were to see her again. She might be our grandmother… but it doesn’t mean i have to like her and deal with her. She wasn’t being very nice to me at all. I for a little had been dealing with an emotional war inside. Raging emotions inside me that i didn’t know or understand. Plus dealing with fact that little babies have been sent to different planet for protection. I miss them. But the sour treatment from grandma… makes coping with the heartache harder.*Looking at the box* This is my hero stuff. This is what i used to be. But i’m not anymore. I don’t have any powers. You guys are facing battles and dangers and it’s gonna be hard because Sailor Luna is caput. She’s gone.



Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Asian black haired girl and seeing her trying to look like Luna* Uh, Okay… I’m gonna bite. i’m gonna take the bite on this and ask who the girl is and where exactly she came from.

Luna: *Looking at Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin-san… i am Luna.  Your cousin. I Just look different because i was turned into what you see here by Queen Serenity.

Prince Alvin: What in the—? Are you kidding me? *Looking at the girls and Dumbstruck* Are you meaning to tell me that this Asian black haired girl is Luna? Our Cousin Luna. The one that had all the knowhow on the threats that we were all facing?

Paige: I’m afraid so.

Prince Avery: This new girl here is our cousin, Luna… Well, I’ll be…  that is gonna take some time to get used to. I am so used to seeing the young and bouncing Blue haired girl with the cat tail and felt so hyper that she could play all day and never get tired.

Prince Curtis: I don’t know about that, brother. She could probably whip you at a game of cards.

Luna: You mean, Gambling? Betting? I don’t think so. that will not be what i’ll get into. I am not one to gamble. in fact that it’s practically illegal to gamble under the age of 18. and it’s a bad offense to coerce someone to gamble who’s a minor. It could get the Adult in trouble. and the only adult in the house is Grandma Rikku. But i don’t think i am gonna worry about what she’ll do. Besides she and i are on terrible terms.

Christie: She didn’t come home yet.

Star: Do you think that she could be biding her time and just trying to avoid coming here… just to steer clear of you guys?

Dinah: Who knows… She could be up to something. but the whole point to that is just… Christie and i got a few bones to pick with her for her mistreatment of Luna.

Prince Arnold: I think that we all would like to have a piece of her butt.

Luna: *Waving her hands and shaking them frantically* No… Don’t. Don’t start in on her over me. I don’t want to make things worse. Grandma Rikku-san already doesn’t like me too much.  Making them worse is not gonna help anyone with anything. i don’t want to cause any more trouble.

Pearl: Luna, we’ve got to do something about it though. You’re being treated poorly. it’s not right. You know that it’s not right for her to be treating you in such a cruel way. Sending you to bed without any dinner. Without Nourishment. That’s child Abuse. If someone on the outside were to see that and saw that you were being mistreated and neglected like you have been. They’d blow the whistle and call it in. You’d be taken and put in a foster home. You’re identity as a Rhapsody would be non-existent. Grandma rikku would lose everything. Now as much as we are sick of her cruelty towards you and everything… she doesn’t deserve having someone on the outside calling it in and stirring the pot for trouble. It’s the last thing she’d need as well as the rest of us. If we get at her and take care of it internally. It will still stir something… but at least that way… it’s still kept within the family. Nowhere else. It’d be kept to ourselves. That’s the best place for it to be.

Luna: You’re thinking about that one philosophical line… Aren’t you?

Star: Line… What line? What are you talking about? What line?

Dinah: “What happens on the mile… Stays on the Mile.”

Christie: What’ll we do? How do we go about letting Grandma Rikku have a real confrontation?

Paige: No idea.”

But at Watchtower…


Chloe: *Seeing the Screen go dark and losing the lock on Luna* Oh no…  Luna’s  tracker has gone. It’s gone.

Black Canary: *Rappelling in from the roof* It’s worse. Worse than that, We couldn’t find Luna anywhere. She’s vanished from the public. There was only one sighting of her… one. It was that of a girl who had dark dark blue hair and had only a very thin line sticking out from behind her for a tail. She didn’t even look like Luna whatsoever.

Chloe: What about the girls?

Black Canary: I think that they know. I saw one of them… A girl named Alice talking to someone who she still recognized as Luna. It was the same girl that we caught only one sight of that had the dark dark Blue hair. it was more black than Blue. Plus a hair line tail.

Chloe: So Luna is now… What, Exactly?

Black Canary: Normal Human. She’s got no special power within her anymore… no Senshi Magic. No ability to transform whatsoever. Nothing. There is nothing left of it. What is seen of her now… if we’ll be seeing her again… it’s all that we get. She’s normal.

Chloe: Where is she now?

Black Canary: we don’t know. a good guess would be that she’s likely to be back home where their grandma resides.

Chloe: I might be able to send a signal to Re-position the satellite to see where Luna is… or who she is now and if she is the same Luna that we knew.

Oliver: That would help. Because my attempts of searching and finding her have bared no luck. The girl must have just up and vanished like a one hit wonder. A strange feeling though about that is the trail of Blood she left behind. It just vanished and so did the girl. I didn’t find a trace of her anywhere…

Seconds later…

Chloe: *sending in a command to the Orbiter to re-position and locate Luna* I’m sending a command to the Orbiter to lock on to the location where Luna could be. If Luna is in the City… the pulse will pick up her signal. The Orbiter uses each person’s binary code… like an SSI Number. A Human tracking ID. Power sources as well. Luna’s power has faded and vanished… but she hasn’t. If she is out there… the Orbiter will find her and pick up her scent. *Suddenly getting a reading from the Orbiter and spotting something on screen* I think that we found her… But on the claim that she’s different. You’re right. She’s Very Different. This is what she looks like now…

Chloe then pulls up a Photo that synced through the Feed…

Chloe: That is what she looks like now.

Black Canary: That Asian girl. She’s the one who’s their sister now? That’s Luna?

Chloe: Yes. It is. That is her. She’s 13 and she’s now Normal. She is All human. Her Transponder just Vanished and disconnected from the servers here an hour ago. Sailor Luna is Offline.

Oliver: Now that is a new development. She is now a Normal girl… The Rhapsody girls are now gonna be a man or a fighter short. They can’t dump it all on the other one. the one they call Tuxedo Martin Amazing. He can’t be expected to do it all alone. They’re gonna need a lot of help.

Chloe: I agree. They’re gonna need help from someone. But from who? Who’s gonna help them?

Black Canary: What of those 3 sailors? What of them? Can’t they help?

Oliver: They can… but with the limited opening for gathering troops in the fight… there is little to no chance that it will be enough. All we got to worry about is Beryl. And of course… Terra. But that’s just the start of it all. We are not keeping the mind in factoring the part where they all have to someday in the future go up against the forces of the Demonic being known as Trigon. He is the Ultimate danger for this go round. The main event in all its glorious splendor rendering the bells of hell, Pain and Apocalyptic playground.

Chloe: We’re gonna need to pray for the girls. because if Trigon comes… there will be hell on Earth. the future is showing him in the midst. He’s coming… but when… That’s the Mystery…

A couple days later…

at Grandma Rikku’s house…


In Luna’s Room…

Luna: *Feeling happy and Singing to the radio Imagining her boyfriend being in the room with her*

Martin: *Voice; Singing* “She walks in and I’m suddenly a hero
I’m taken in my hopes begin to rise…

Luna: “Look at me can’t you tell I’d be so
Thrilled to see the message in your eyes…

Martin: “You make it seem I’m so close to my dream
And then suddenly it’s all there…

Luna: *With Martin as Voice* “Suddenly the wheels are in motion
And I, I’m ready to sail any ocean
Suddenly I don’t need the answers
Cos I, I’m ready to take all my chances with you…

Martin: *Voice* “How can I feel you’re all that matters
I’d rely on anything you say…

Luna: *Singing* “I’ll take care that no illusions shatter
If you dare to say what you should say…

Martin: *Voice* “You make it seem I’m so close to my dream
And then suddenly it’s all there…

Luna: *With Martin as Voice* “Suddenly the wheels are in motion
And I, I’m ready to sail any ocean
Suddenly I don’t need the answers
Cos I, I’m ready to take all my chances with you…

Martin: *Voice* “Why do I feel so alive when you’re near
There’s no way any hurt can get thru…

Luna: *With Martin as Voice* “Longing to spend every moment of the day with you…

Luna: *With Martin as Voice* “Suddenly the wheels are in motion
And I, I’m ready to sail any ocean
Suddenly I don’t need the answers
Cos I, I’m ready to take all my chances with you…”

Grandma Rikku: *Walking by and seeing Luna; unable to recognize her* …. What are you doing in Luna’s Room? Who the hell do you think you are? Are you belonging in her room?

Luna: *Jumps and turns to see Grandma Rikku* Huh?! I’m … uh… Uh… Um… *Apologizing before Running out and going out to call her sister Pearl* Gomen’nasai.

Dinah: *Walking in from the hall over hearing the commotion* What the hell is going on?

Grandma Rikku: I’ll tell you what’s going on. This Asian girl is in here in Luna’s room riffling through things that don’t belong to her… I’m two seconds away from calling the police.

Dinah: *Angrily and Landing a hard Punch at the door Jam leading to Luna’s Room* Grandma, God damn it… Shut the hell up. Right now. I have heard enough of your shit. Treating Luna like shit. This girl is Luna. She’s different now and without the Hero Aura. She’s a regular human being. She’s told us about you sending her to bed without dinner a few nights and i as well as Pearl, Christie, Star, Paige, Prince Alvin and the guys… we’re all beyond sick of your ass. You’re constantly up Luna’s ass. pushing her about. She’s 13 fucking years old. she’s a Teen but still a minor. Your abusing her. Lecturing her more than you ought to. You’re not her mother. You’re her grandmother. our grandmother. Not our fucking Warden.

Grandma Rikku: *Staring at Dinah* You better mind your mouth. You forget that i paid for the colleges… i can pull the plug just as fast.

Dinah: You’re gonna use that card? Aren’t you? Fine! Here’s a little 411 for you. we’re all done with you. we’ll find a way to pay for our own college education. and for our cars too.  Better yet… give them over to Oliver Queen. He’s our Professor. And as for what’s to be done with Luna… You are gonna find out that you fucked with her for the last time. As soon as Shingo and i get a house… Luna is living with us. I’m Putting it to where Luna is under my Custody. and being with me and Shingo till she’s 18. then she can do her life in her own way. But as for her staying here… That will happen over my dead body. I’ll also tell you this too. if you have a problem with it… you better step your ass up. Right now. Because as soon as i take Luna out of here… and file for legal Custody over her and you just so much as touch her or come anywhere near her… I swear to Fucking god and sunny Jesus and swear upon all that is Holy and spiritual that i will have your ass arrested and thrown in jail so fast… that the next time you see freedom… it’ll be when you’re about to gasp your last damn breath. Straight up. No lie. *Looking at Luna* Luna, Honey… Sis, Grab some clothes together and some of your things as well. Enough to last a couple weeks and we’ll set up a spot for you to stick at the Dorm room with me and Christie.

Luna: *Nodding and feeling upset; Trying not to cry* Okay.

Grandma Rikku: *Barks* NO! You can not do that. The legal age… is 21. You’re only 18.

Dinah: Enough Grandma… That’s far enough. It’s done. You are gonna find that you screwed up. It’s all done. And on the part where you think that i can’t claim custody… Watch me. You wanted me to be more responsible with life and with taking care of things… Well You’re about to find out what i can do.

Luna: *Packing up some of her things and getting a couple bags filled up with Clothes and items she’d need* Grandma Rikku-san is so mean. How anyone could call her a grandparent… is way beyond capacity. The Japanese would be saying… Ignorance is Bliss when it comes to a time like this. And of course… I am an Asian… So yeah. Ignorance is Bliss.

A Minute later… Grandma Rikku Walked off and went to her room. She stormed to her room and Slammed the door hard. She was pissed because she was being back talked. Luna began to cry. She couldn’t help it. She wanted to be with her sisters and be with her boyfriend Martin too. She felt bad because everyone was tearing at each other because of her. It was not her fault, Even though she was feeling as if it were. As soon as Luna was with a couple bags packed… She and Dinah took off to Dinah’s truck. It was not a good night. But they did what they had to do. Luna was being shown hatred from Grandma Rikku and it hurt.

On the Road heading back to the Dorms…


Dinah: *On the Phone putting it on speaker; Driving* Hey Christie, What up? You still awake?

Christie: *On Phone* well… yeah. I am still up. i got some studying to do. I got test to study for tomorrow. Why?

Dinah: Well you’re not gonna believe this. but i got my sister Luna with me. She’s just been nearly verbal slammed by Grandma Bitch in all the glory.

Christie: *Scoffs* Again?! What the fuck is that woman’s glitch?

Dinah: I don’t know… But i am done with the bitch. i am so done. As soon as i can… i’m gonna see about how i can file for custody of a Sibling and get Luna under my sole care. Anything to get her away from that Bitch Grandmother. You should have been there, Christie. Damn… i let her have it good.

Christie: I am sure that you did. You are one who doesn’t fuck around. If you know something’s going wrong and it’s causing bullshit… you stand up and knock it back. You don’t take shit from anybody. Not even grandma.

Dinah: I never did. But Luna sure takes it. Especially when shouldn’t have to. She’s too nice. She needs a backbone.

Christie: I agree. But What’ll we do about the old bag?

Dinah: Who knows. But Do me a favor… see online and see where we can get the papers to file for Custody of Luna. seeing where it’s allowed for a sister to Win sole Custody of another sister.

Christie: I don’t know where there will be any info on how to get the papers for it. I’ll see what i can pull up though.

Luna: *Sniffling* Mean Grandmother. Why does she hate me so?

Christie: *Overhearing the comment* hey there Kiddo. Don’t you worry. Us home girls will take care of you. you can count on that.


Luna: *Feeling upset* Arigato.

Dinah: Did Shingo stop by there?

Christie: Yeah. he did. He’s actually here now and he’s overhearing the conversation. He’s not happy. He is all for going to file for Custody of Luna. For you. He’s really sad for Luna. I think that it could all become a legal battle if your Grandmother happens to step up to prevent it.

Dinah: *Getting a Text on her phone* Hold on… I’m getting a text on my phone. *Reading the text and seeing it from the grandmother* It’s from the Bitch.  The Text Says… “I’m done with the girl. You want Custody of her… she’s all yours. I’ll file the papers and she can be yours. Have a fun life. Enjoy having troubles with her. Luna was never grateful for what i’ve done. She never was happy. You want her… she’s yours. I never want to see her again. Or you. Any of you. As of this moment… I consider myself with only 2 grandkids. Betty and Angel. Have fun being on your own. Goodbye. in a week… Luna will be all yours officially. under your care and will be your responsibility. Hope you’re happy.” *Under her breath* Bitch. That grandmother is a real tool. She is trying to make herself the target… playing the Victim.

Christie: She’s the Victim of shit. Your grandmother should be put behind bars. Child Abuse. Emotional Neglect… Mental pain. What kind of mother was she? I wonder if that was why your Mother Princess Rikku was fucked with all her life… Because she happened to have a mother like Grandma Rikku.

Dinah: I am beginning to wonder that myself.

Luna: *Through her tears* Stop it… okay. Just stop it. I am crushed and devastated enough due to the fact that my grandmother hates me. It’s bad enough. I don’t even want to hear about her. All it is doing is hurting me more than it needs to.

Dinah: Calm down… Luna. It’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna be alright. somehow. Grandma disowned us. It’s fine. I was tired of her bullshit anyway. hell… on the first day of College… when i was able to get out of there… i took it. i only tolerated her because of you, Luna. Because i knew that if nothing more than that… that you should have some sort of mother figure. Grandma Rikku was as close to one as you would get because our real mother was killed. But then she pulls her shit with you. treating you like like your just some bastard that shouldn’t even be among us… which was so ignorant for her to do. But now i see how Pearl got so defensive towards her. She’s a real bitch. Now i see what Pearl meant by Grandma being such a gestapo.

Christie: You weren’t to know… Dinah. It’s not your fault. How were you to know that she’d be such a bitch? *To Luna* Luna… let it go… don’t worry about the mean bitch grandmother. Your new family is your sisters Dinah, Pearl and Paige. Prince Alvin and the boys and their girls. and us. Forget about Grandma Rikku. She’s not worth it. She’s far from worth it.

Dinah: You’re right.

As soon as they reached the Dorms…


Luna: *Getting out of the truck and Looking up at the building* Holy Mackrel. I have been here before… haven’t i?

Dinah: Yes… you have.

Luna: When was this?

Dinah: You truly don’t remember… do you?

Luna: Nah-uh. i don’t. i can’t seem to remember much of the past. Except that i remember mama being killed by tyrant named Zod. I know about the heroes. but the rest… is a blank. I don’t really remember that much at all. *Lowering her head* I’m sorry.

Dinah: Hey… it’s okay. You’ll remember in time. It’s just gonna take some time. That’s all. Grab your things and close the door. Make sure it’s locked.

Luna: Okay.

A minute later… Walking into the Dorm Building, Luna looked at the #’s on the doors and saw that there were just multiple rooms on both sides. She didn’t know where she was to go. Dinah however lead the way, but that was before she saw the Dorm Manager…

Dinah: *Gasps* Luna, get behind me. don’t let her see you.

Luna: Why? Is she bad?

Dinah: no. But she is strict.

Luna: *Quickly hiding behind her sister*

Michelle: *Seeing a young Asian girl close by* Excuse me, Young soldier… What’re you doing here?

Dinah: She’s my sister. I am keeping her here for a while. I know it’s against the rules here. But i just dealt with a real Bitch of a grandmother. Her grandmother was Emotionally and Mentally Abusing her. I overheard the remarks tonight when i was there looking after Luna as she was just trying to recover from hitting her coming to age moment.

Michelle: The young one was in danger? Her life and well being was at risk… by the grandmother. Very well… she can stay. But one move of disruption by her doing… she’s code red outta here. We got to keep this place Righty- Tighty. The outside is dangerous.

Luna: *Speaking softly and nervous* Gomen’nasai. Watashi wa toraburu ni naru wakede wa arimasen.

Dinah: That’s my sister Luna for you. She’s shy. plus she’s a little scared. She’s been through a lot throughout the last 3 and a half weeks. She’s been on a ongoing roller coaster.

Michelle: i see. Very well… She can stay. Just make sure that she’s safe here. keep her with you here at all times. Where she goes… you go. Okay?

Dinah: Of course.

Luna: Arigato.

Michelle: Head on over to your Dorm Room. It’s almost time for Lockdown.

In Room #250…

A few minutes later…

Christie: *Looking at Shingo* Don’t worry. I am sure that she’ll be here anytime now. She’s probably comforting Luna a little bit is all. Luna is going it rough as of late. She had a lot of emotional issues going on with her. it’s been hard. I know how it must feel. I had emotional issues a bit when i was her age. It was hell.

Shingo: I feel bad for Luna. She didn’t deserve to be treated like that by Grandma Rikku. I don’t think that i want to see Grandma Rikku at the wedding. she’s on the black list. If she comes… she’ll be thrown out.

Christie: Don’t worry. that lady will not be able to step within a hundred klicks of the wedding. We won’t allow for it to happen.

Shingo:  I don’t like being like that. i happen to know how much it’d mean to Dinah to have either her mother or Grandmother there to share the moment with her. She’s family. But after learning of how she was treating Luna… I don’t know. I don’t want to have anything there to invite trouble.

Christie: hey… I don’t blame you, Shingo. That would be the last thing that any of us would want. but… after all that’s happened. Do you really want to risk there being problems?

Shingo: No. It would hurt Dinah if the wedding were to get ruined. That’d be the last thing that i’d ever want. I am getting married to her. I want things to be better for her… for us. For everybody.

Dinah: *Walking into the room with Luna right behind her* Hey Christie. Shingo. I brought Luna with me.

Shingo: It’s okay. She’s more than welcome to stay. It’s better than allowing for her grandmother to tend to her. All that would happen is that she’d get more abuse.

Luna: *Walking in* …

Christie: *Seeing Luna walking into the room* Hey there sweetie… You okay?

Luna: *Nods* i guess so.  I just feel really bad that i am being brought here… I almost got Dinah in trouble with the Lady. The Dorm Manager. Plus you guys are risking so much letting me stay here.

Christie: Nonsense… we’re happy to do it. Luna, we are doing the right thing by having you here away from Grandma Rikku. She’s been treating you unfairly. You deserve better than that. You’re a very beautiful girl. Very Beautiful. Grandma Rikku just has no brains to see how lovely you really are. You’ve done nothing wrong. nothing to make her hate you. She’s just a bitch and an ignorant waste of space. She’s probably been unable to care for you and your sisters for a long time.  just didn’t even know it. But Luna… Seriously. Look at me. You’ve done nothing wrong. Okay? You are innocent. in every way.  You are Innocent.

Luna: *Smiles* Thank you, Christie.

Dinah: Luna, tomorrow I’ll take you to school and do some papers to transfer the info and address. sending it here for the time being till we find a house. But you’re gonna be alright. I won’t allow for it to be any other way.

Shingo: Same here Luna… You’re gonna be right as rain.

They all set things up for Luna and prepared a nice spot for her. made sure that it was all comfortable to her. Luna was scared being away from the house. but she was also more scared to be around Grandma Rikku as she was unsure as to what was gonna happen if she were to stay at the house under the same ruling as her. It was hard for Luna to adjust. She was broken about it. She was also in the back of her mind thinking about her boyfriend Martin. however with everything that she’s dealt with for the last couple weeks, it was less than a priority for her to think about that. She loved him… but with everything that she’s been dealing with, She could not bring herself to think about her boyfriend. She didn’t want to bring him in on the issue that was now hitting with her. But she got changed into her nightie and got to her spot and laid down. She fell asleep within minutes.  How was this gonna factor in with her friends when they were to see her again? Would things still be the same? Would Martin recognize her? What about the threats that were still in play? Where they gonna come at Luna with a target pinned on her? Will Grandma Rikku face the Judge for charges of evidential Child Abuse? With the Evil Queen still out there… Were the girls all gonna be in trouble? Was Terra gonna return? Whose team was she gonna be on? Would this be the start of the girls undoing? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

Chapter 95: Seismic Nightmares Part 1


Chapter 96: Seismic Nightmares Part 2


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