Chapter 93: A Revisit with the Psychologist and a Terrible secret about Terra.

Dinah: *Voice-Over* I feel so empty without my kids… But it was for the best to send them for the time being till after the Threat with Trigon was over… to the Planet Vulcan. I don’t want my babies to ever have to face the terror of Scath. I can handle all the things in the world. but not seeing my kids as Stone. No. There is no way that i am liable to sit through that. i Just pray to god that they are safe on that planet. Dr. Spock’s parents better take good care of my babies. because if anything happens to my little ones… if people saw me being a bitch at times in the past. Just be on watch. because they won’t want to see me when i get really really Pissed. That’s not a lie. I love my kids. I love my Fiance. But the last thing i’ll put up with is seeing anything happen to my babies. Prince Alvin helped take them to Planet Vulcan with The crew from the Starship Enterprise. But the fact that i had to send my babies away after only being with them for about 6 weeks. It is a hard choice. But i did made it clear that if any danger befell Vulcan that the babies were to be sent to stay with a friend that my late mother knew. I meant it too. Shingo agreed. But now… this is what happens to the family. We all have to face the possible betrayal of one of our friends. Not a step up in the right direction if you ask me. It also gets a little closer to the wedding of Shingo and i. I will be Wed this Dec.25th at noon. This is the road to married life. Married and a couple with 3 kids. Even if for right now the kids are with A Vulcan and a Human on Planet Vulcan. That will be later. right now… i am coping with the decision with sending my kids away somewhere that is safe. Plus Paige has a Revisit with the Psychologist. Dr. Walters. This is another turn for things to come. This is chapter 93: “A Revisit with the Psychologist and a Terrible secret about Terra.”

2 days later…

In Dorm room #250…

The song “Pioneer to the falls” By Interpol plays…

Christie wasn’t out of class yet and Dinah was the only one in the room for the moment…

Dinah: *Crying into her Pillow* I Miss my girls. I want my girls back.

Christie: *Walking in a minute later* Damn. Class was really busy today. I need to rest. *Seeing Dinah on the bed and facing down* Dinah, Are you alright? You’re not trying to suffocate yourself are you?

Dinah: *Sniffs while having her face buried into her pillow; Muffled* Does it matter? I just endured having my daughters taken to a different planet. They’re on Vulcan now and it came to this because of the Intergalactic Demon being near. The Demon is out there. in the god damn wall inside the tunnel. He’s the reason why i had to rip my damn… *Getting up and Looking towards Christie; Trying to keep from exploding* My damn heart out. Christie, I had to let the Crew take my kids to Vulcan and send them off somewhere that was far away from here. I lost them. Who’s to say if i will ever get them back? There is no idea as to whether we can even destroy that Demon. Sending him back to hell where he belongs.

Christie: What do you mean? Are you doubting the ability that your sisters and cousins have in going against the demon?

Dinah: No. I am not Doubting anything. I just feel so damn empty. Christie, I just want my babies back. I just want them back and i want to be able to hold them in my arms.

Christie: I know how you feel, Dinah. You know that we understand how you feel. Pearl even cried a bit over the fact that we all had to send the little ones away.

Dinah: What about Prince Alvin? Paige? How are they taking it?

Christie: How do you think they’re taking it? Since that night after the crew left… They haven’t really said much about anything to anyone. they didn’t even feel like speaking to anyone. the fact that they had to say farewell to the babies… till further notice and till after Trigon was taken out. It hurt them.

Dinah: I just wonder how Luna is taking it.

Christie: She isn’t happy. She’s broken up about it and i don’t think we can hold that against her. She’s the youngest Aunt to the babies and she’s really upset.

Dinah: I don’t know how i’m gonna be able to endure the fact that they’re gone. I feel so empty.

Christie: I feel it too. i don’t like the idea that they’re gone. But it was for the best. unfortunately.

Dinah: *Wiping her eyes dry from the tears and heading to grab her books* I got class. I’ll be back after class. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. The more i mention it… the more upset i’ll get and it will only piss me off and drive me to do something that i won’t like doing and i don’t want to go there…

Down on the first floor…

Inside the Dorm Manager’s office…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Dorm Manager* I got a problem with the roommate i have in Room #320 That seems to be my room. i have been spending a couple nights with my girlfriend and my cousin Paige who share a room together. I spent a couple nights with them to get some peace away from the Roommate that i have.

Michelle: *Looking Stern and curiously at Prince Alvin* Can i ask why it was that you felt it right to sleep in a room that was with a couple girls after hours?

Prince Alvin: It is because that the roommate that i have in my room… He is a Drug dealing scumbag watching Rated X Videos on the computer. I think that it might be the illegal stuff. Child X rated videos.

Michelle: Child Pornography. Videos of it? *Getting up and heading to the phone on wall* That is a big code red. That move is not tolerated. We will not tolerate it. Pornography is one thing. It is vulgar. and rather explicit. but Child Porn. That is a move for Eviction from the School grounds. I should have made the rules clear as crystal when i was introducing the rules to the congregation. Anyone with that faces a Code red on their record. a Black mark. any and all possessions they have will be confiscated and the guilty party will be put under investigation. possibly Jail time and black balled from every University in the country. But since there has been a failure to comprehend the Rules and the laws here in this Dorm… in the Barracks. I see that things are really clear now. aren’t they? Seeing what must be done now. having to cast Exile on a young soul and deny him his cut on the American Dream that everyone is battling for.

Prince Alvin: Will he be kicked out now? Because i am not going back in there till he is gone. He keeps me up half the night with the noises that he makes. He is also rude. He makes all these exotic sounds that are vulgar. I almost came close to jumping up and attacking him for it because he was being so inconsiderate.

Michelle: Don’t worry there, Private. He’ll be taken out of this place momentarily. By time we’re done with him… He won’t be allowed to step anywhere within a hundred klicks of this place.

Prince Alvin: If it is fine by you… can i have the room to myself?

Michelle: It has to have 2-3 people in the room with you. But i’ll tell you what… I’ll let you pick them… the best ones that appeal for you… but you have only a couple weeks to find them. or i’ll have to choose. I’m doing a favor to you in siding to rid you of the roommate that is doing Explicit things online during the late hours. You are not gonna have him around. But there is always a price… Sometimes in this world… things do go unfairly. You may have known that for years growing up and learning the lessons that good ole’ poppa and momma taught you. Sometimes you got to know when to take the licks of defeat and just say “Uncle”.

Prince Alvin: I can’t afford to know when to say that. It’s not for me to say. I can cry uncle when i’m dead. but that is a long time from now. I have a life to live. You never knew that i am a hero by blood. Did you?

Michelle: I know about the hero life you lead. You’re not some mystery to be unraveled. Incredible feats… horrific battles. Deep battles with threats of terrorist nature and with the thrills to eat you alive. But You never had to see real terror. I was a foot soldier to the Marines back in the heyday. *Pointing to the picture on the wall* See that? That’s my battalion. the 4167… the Silent hit men we were called. I was the only Woman in that Battalion… But i was taken in with stride and Pride. We would go and do the jobs that the normal soldiers in the army could not. If the Army had a mission that they could not Execute… they called upon us to go in and do it. We were the tip of the brass. We were also young and very naive as we thought that War could be avoided by just having motions for peace talk. The real truth is… the enemy would only give you two options. Fight and kill the killer who poses a threat. or let the enemy take you and send you to your maker. I Lost my family on 9-11. My Fiance and possible husband was in the south tower rolling with business when the first plane hit the first tower. He was on the 100th floor. and when i got the call… i was at fort Dix doing drills. I lost my son and daughter that day too… they were on the top floor with my mother on that day and when the tower came down… Life for me was non-existent. I of course got the wind of it after the call came. the whole team had to make a fast critical trip over to the area and i tell you now… that when we got there. There was hell on earth. The New york Skyline went from a pristine and strong plus a proud sight for all to a Warzone that covered the area where the towers were. Covering it like a Veil. shielding us from what we were not meant to see. *Looking out the window* you think that the things you face are bad… Try seeing your whole world crumble when your proud homeland falls under attack by a Terrorist network. That’s real hell. One mean brutal bush. Seeing your homeland under attack is the equivalent to seeing someone coming to you with a ak-47 and popping a few rounds into you and shooting you dead where you stood.

Prince Alvin: I know about that day… My Aunts dealt with that day and they were not feeling good about it. They saw something that they all wished that they could change.

Michelle: That there is the fabled woe of human guilt. Wishing that the pain and the tragedy could be reversed and taken back. But it was a long since coming. It was a sucker punch to the side and it caught us on unawares. It’s a brave new world out there of fear and unfair certainty. Battling these evil forces… entities and sinister beings… that won’t cut it. the dangers you tangle with are not the only evils out there. there are a whole mess of those out there… factions… Terrorist networks… Radicals, Extremists. Even Sleeper Cells. If you think that the forces of Evil base themselves down to just Evil super beings like A General Zod. Queen Beryl or the Demon Trigon. you better soup up your Intel and look outside that box. There are more dangers out there that you can’t fend off. A Nuclear Winter… being one of them.

Prince Alvin: That is for the Military to handle. But my brothers, Cousins and our Allies can take care of the Evils of Beryl, Trigon… Zod. which we already beat. We’ve beaten Beryl once before and several times already. We will keep doing so.

Room #330…

Alice: *showering* I sure hope that Paige is okay… She’s at the Psychologist today and with a session to release her feelings… get things out into the open. She is missing classes though… I just hope that she knows as to what she is doing. Was she even at the Psychologist before?

A few minutes later…

Alice: *With her bag and heading out* Class will be starting soon. Another Paranormal class to attend. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in 2 days… It’s like he’s being distant and i don’t blame him for that… the fact that we had to send the babies away to a different planet. It is a decision that we’re all having to live with. I just hope that it doesn’t move to shatter the love that Dinah and Shingo have for one another. *Suddenly getting a feeling coming over her* …… *seeing the future of the babies*

Although for Paige…

At the Psychologist’s office…

The song “Stoned” By Dido plays…

Dr. Walters: Last time we left off… You mentioned on what part you have of your late mother. But what about the Hero life you deal with? What is that consisting of Exactly?

Paige: *Laying on the Couch* It’s just as it is… A life of super beings and Super Villains. Beryl, Trigon. my sisters and Cousins have gone through alot. But with the new threat… Beryl who is a returning threat. She’s been on the high end trying to kill my sister Dinah. Kill the babies too. She had already tried to Abduct the little ones once. But we thwarted the attempt. we knocked her back. Luckily.  But we also had to deal with sending the little ones to a far away place. Planet Vulcan.

Dr. Walters: Why there?

Paige: For dire protection. To be spared of being in the path of Scath’s ascent. Trigon the Terrible is coming. He will be coming soon. Not for about a year… but the presence of his is near.

Dr. Walters: What about the rest of the crew?

Paige: They’re all shaken up about the threat and the fact that we had to resort to sending the little babies of Dinah’s. Pearl is the Aunt/Godmother. I’m an Aunt. Prince Alvin is an Uncle/Godfather. The babies are with multiple Aunts and Uncles… it’s like a whole brood of family just waiting for them. I don’t think that it makes the choice easy on anyone to know that sending the little ones would be the only way to ensure that they would live. Keeping them here would leave them with the same fate as the Mortals on the planet.

Dr. Walters: Are you saying that the threat that comes to the planet… will end the world?

Paige: Yes. That is what the Demon, Trigon will sire to do. He will end the world. Turn it into a world of fire and Brimstone. He is a Tyrant that cares nothing about the human world. He would use anyone… Even his own flesh and Blood to get his objective done.

Dr. Walters: What about your sisters?

Paige: They  are all stressing about the outcome of the threat arriving on Earth. They have heard as have i that the way the threat will reach Earth is by coming through a Portal. Which is his Daughter Raven… who is Half-Demon. She becomes the portal by inchanting the spell: “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire… The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim… he comes to sire… the end of all things Mortal.” but doing it at the Alter that is specifically made and built plus prepped up for her to use to allow for Trigon’s Ascent. Luna My younger sister is Maturing a little and she too is an Aunt. the Youngest Aunt ever in the entire family. No other young one was ever made Aunt. Ever. She is the first one in any family’s existence to be the youngest Aunt. I couldn’t be any more surprised if i were her and became the young Aunt. The other day… we got a wind of there being an attack at the school. The University. I to now… never could figure out how Beryl know where we were and that we weren’t at home anymore. How it was that she could follow our trail and figure out that we were in the University. That is nothing compared to the summer when she sent a small but effective Swarm of Mecha Youma Drill worms to Circle around our house. over the house and then 3 underneath the ground… Under the house to pierce the ground to bring down the house. Of course… we were able to stop it. With help from two girls who were at first not so close as friends and then were friends. Yeah… i know… It takes a near end of a home and a sense of saving it to cause for them to be friends. However… it didn’t begin like that… We at first didn’t know if we could trust the girl that could move and or control the Earth. We saw her a little before that when she came and she had nearly no control of her powers. She the first time around managed to destroy a Youma all on her own. No help at all. But she did it. The thing of it was that she couldn’t keep control of her powers. She destroyed the Metropolis Fountain. then she was made to train with my sisters and me… Minus Dinah as she at that time was still Pregnant. But the Earth powered girl trained and literally wrecked the training course that we had done up and went through. We even had the offer handed to us by a Wizard named Vincent Van Graves to help train the girl. But what we didn’t know was that The girl took off and disappeared from view. She was not seen for a while… then a couple days after Graduation… she came back and asked to be one of the girls… but the idea was that we didn’t trust her. I mean… after what happened the first time… how could we? We couldn’t trust her. but after the situation with the Drill worms which she helped us tear away and blast apart… we came to trust her. Of course with all the dilemma that went on from that… there was more to consider.

Dr. Walter: And what would that be?

Paige: Our two sisters… Betty and Angel. They had a falling out with us over the fact that we had a Half-Demon girl who wasn’t all Evil. and had countless times… sired to do good for the world… for the City. The innocent. But Betty and Angel were not seeing it. They only saw the bad and darkness coming from her. That’s all they saw in her. Saw that she was the one who’d join the Intergalactic Demon and or be just like him Which she isn’t. That’s what doesn’t sound fair. Her being judged because of her origins. Where she came from. Almost like here… us Judging people who are not American… Calling them ignorant. Worthless… Dirty. Pathetic. It is one thing if they were like that… and were doing nothing but harm to the country. But alot of them are innocent. They’re just scared over what very few chances they have here in this country. Then to Judge them and make them feel like as though they’re not worth a dime. Judging ones who are Muslim. Arab… Indian, Armenian, Russian, Italian, French. Japanese… Calling them Dirty stinkin’ Japs. Or making fun of the Armenians and telling them that the Genocide never happened and that it was all make believe. It’s the same thing. Betty and Angel were Judging the Half Demon girl Named Raven for having half demon Tendencies. Having Dark powers. Which is not right at all. Not right what so ever.

Dr. Walters: I think that the perception comes in nice and clear. But Paige… like last time here… nothing you say here will leave this room. It stays right here.

Paige: I Thank you… some of this is very confidential and i promised Raven that nothing about her would leak to the outside… But i believe that something should be said.

Dr. Walters: So… you know about the Half Demon girl… and what she’s like. What can you discuss about her?

Paige: What i can tell you is… *Sighs and Getting up; Walking to the window* Have you ever believed in the idea of a Birthmark being shown on you… saying that you had a previous life?

Dr. Walters: No. I don’t believe in that kind of thing… I am a fair and simple believer that you live one life… you live only once and you can’t go wasting it on things that will never happen or come true. You just live for the now and make best of the life you’ve been given.

Paige: Neither have i to be honest… At least that is what i thought… However… the Half Demon girl. Raven. She is the center of all things that speak on Demonic. This is her tale… She was born of Evil’s fire. By the breeding of Trigon’s Influence. She is also the Daughter of a holy mother of Azarath. Arella Roth. She’s the Daughter of Trigon. Scath. Scath was the name of the master of the Ancient Order on Azarath. Raven was given a Promised Prophecy that was Absolute. and it can’t be changed… It was promised and foretold that by her 16th year that she would become the Portal. which would open and grant Trigon’s ascent. She would have to be at the Alter… the specific one that would activate once Raven were to chant that one seance.

Dr. Walters: What’s the seance? *Curious*

Paige: I don’t wish to say it… it is a haunting incantation. The worst to even recite. Anyone who says it will be just saying the last line that seals the end for the Mortal world.

Dr. Walters: It’s okay. You can let it out. I will pretend that i didn’t hear it.

Paige: *Turning to see the Psychologist* I think that i might have told you a moment ago what the seance was. But please… saying it once a day is more than enough to get freaked out by the meaning of it. I don’t even like to consider the fact that it’s a spell that is also the fated Prophecy and is said by Raven on her day of reckoning. It’s terrible enough to know that it’s something that comes from a book. one of Raven’s Books. I never saw it… but hearing it and having to say that line is bad enough.

Dr. Walters: It’s not as bad as saying the Seance for that Elizabeth Bathory. “Come to me Clouds… May you rise as an Evil Storm born to rip them open…”  It isn’t a tall tale. it’s a real Seance. there is a place in Louisiana… known as the Garouge Plantation. They even made a game called Stay Alive basing on that legend. But enough about that… Tell me more about the Falling out that you and your sisters Pearl and Dinah had with Betty and Angel.

Paige: It wasn’t just them and me… It was also Luna… my youngest sister. She too had a falling out. from them… From Betty and Angel. The Falling out is more like a Blaming game that is going on from Betty. She slowly let the past creep up to her revolving the Death of a man name Pidge Stroker. My Late mother’s first and sadly only constant flame. The death was something out of our hands. given since the man was selling damaging Info on us to someone by the name of Raymond Sacks. Corrupt D.A. What happened was that we had to stop him. he was bashing our mother… and us. but also it was hurting Betty. Although… with the news of it coming out… She slowly grew to be distant and hate us. We don’t know why… But the last moments of his life… were the most shocking. We killed him. Not by choice… but by vengeance for our family. He was investigating us and to be quite honest… i don’t think that it was all his doing. It was more of him being the puppet on a string and yet… we didn’t see it when we had the chance. We were so much in anger that you could tell us that he was only playing the role of the bastard in arms… and we would look at you and say that you were trying to cover it up like a deal gone wrong. Although at that time… we were with the guise that a Woman named Tess Mercer had turned over a new leaf. and was suddenly right on our good graces… Yeah. Right. Good graces only to later be with a hand in almost getting our mother killed by a shady Government Agency Called Checkmate. later infiltrated a Tower called Watchtower. which is in a new location. But Tess infiltrated it and brought in a transmitting bug that was underneath her skin and of course was synced to the host’s biorhythms… hers. and it was syphoning info from the tower and sending it all to Amanda Waller. Chloe had to stop her heart in order to kill the bug and then brought her back.  With a Warning. But we weren’t gonna just sit and trust her again Ever. Tess messed up big time. However… as for the guy… Stroker. He was selling off deep secrets involving us to shady District attorney’s. shady people who are supposed to do what is right but don’t do it unless it suits their cause. We had to protect our family. So we did what had to be done. We did what we knew had to be done. We killed him. It’s something that will haunt us for the rest of our lives. We know that. Dinah was the one who dealt the final blow to him. But we all played a part in it. It was what got us the guilt trip for a while from Clark. He was being a Jerk and a few times i got so mad that i nearly came close to lashing at him. Blasting at him. He made us all so mad. Dinah even got on him… I remember one of them so well… i wanted to just laugh because i was loving how Clark was being put in his place for a change…

Paige flashes back…

“Paige: *coming to* Ohhhh. What happened?

Pearl: *coming to* Are we home?

Dinah: *coming to* Huh? Is this a dream? Did we make it out?

Bart: Yep pretty eyes. You girls made it out alive.

Pearl: What a relief.

Paige: I’ll say.

Oliver: Are you girls alright?

Dinah: Now we are. I guess.

Pearl: Yeah.

Paige: I think we are. Pretty much.

Dinah: *Rubbing her head a little* Ugh! What the hell were we doing in the Phantom Zone anyway?

Pearl: All we did was look at the crystals that we got for our birthdays. we weren’t even messing with them at all. and out of nowhere… one of them glowed and started acting all psycho on us and before we knew what the hell was going on… we got placed into a window… a portal leading to the phantom Zone.

Clark: You girls should have been more careful. Was there anything else that happened before that?

Paige: Not much. just the windows shaking rather violently.

Oliver: Clark, Why are you asking them about what happened? Can’t you back off? They just got back from a alternative world that was an eternal hell for your people. They almost died there. and all you can do is tell them that they should have been more careful? *Scoffs* You know, if i didn’t know any better… i’d just as much believe that you gave them the crystals to torture them with it.

Pearl: That’s not all. General Zod’s Spirit has a nasty temper and he knows about  us. we kinda coughed out our names while standing up to him. That guy had us fighting till the death. we had to fight for our lives. And we actually took the life of a couple of refugees.

Dinah: It was kill or be killed.

Clark: You took a life again? What will it take for you 3 to understand? YOU DON’T TAKE A LIFE! Heroes Don’t KILL! EVER!

Dinah: *Shoving Clark back* Back the hell off. You are being all righteous and won’t do what the hell is necessary. *Blowing her top* Well newsflash, Kal-el. Earth Customs are this. Survival. Protect your own life by all means when you are being threatened and are backed into a corner. We were backed into a fuckin’ corner, Dumb ass. What the hell do you think we were to do? Just let those refugees and wraiths kill us and turn us into vessels… Shadows? Huh?! You want to be a wuss and not take a life when it came to the point where it was either you or the one trying to kill you… be our guest. But us… We got better things to worry about like staying out of the grip of death… and STAYING ALIVE!

Paige: Dinah, Stop it! You’re getting worked up over this. The Phantom Zone was a certifiable hell. but getting worked up about it isn’t exactly helping things.  Now calm down before you have a heart attack at an early age.

Dinah: *Pauses and Sighs* Fine. I’m just not really in the best of moods right now. That damn Zone was a eternal hell. a moment longer and we would’ve been with the same fate as those Refugees. The whole damn thing has got me all bent out of shape.

Dinah Lance: We noticed. but if you keep blowing fuses like that. you’re gonna wind up shorting out and will wind up electrocuting yourself every time you use your thunder power.

Pearl: That’s another thing. we couldn’t transform in the phantom Zone. we tried twice and our power buckles practically went dead there. If we didn’t at least try to fight while being in the Phantom Zone… we’d be dead now. we wouldn’t even be here…

Paige: It’s got the same effects as the Dark forest of Dark Kingdom. Remember when we were in the dark forest last year?

Pearl: Yeah. we remember.

Paige: when we got there to rescue Usagi from the forest after she taken by Kuroki Mio to see a duel between Mamoru and Kunzite. that was when we found that our powers weren’t working. we tried to transform and couldn’t. although we were able to inside the chambers of Queen Beryl.

Dinah: *Scoffs* That’s a laugh… Metaria and all her glory. we fight her and then have to fight the Moon princess. she destroys the world all for the sake of being with Endymion. but while she started releasing the power of the Mystical silver crystal… Pearl’s bubble harp reacted and matched the power tune by tune and created a reversal. it caused the effects to only reach this city and not the whole world. but then… it gets renewed and made like no one had a memory of what happened. That’s old news. Paige. we all know what the heck happened. besides. comparing the Phantom Zone to Dark Kingdom? it’s nuts.

Pearl: Amen! *Walking over to the window and looking out to see the view* We better get home… we need to rest.

Bart: Good idea.

Oliver: you girls go on home and get some rest. we’ll all regroup and focus on smacking Zod back to the curbs tomorrow.

Paige: good idea.”

Paige: That’s a part of Dinah that scared me. And i never was able to admit that. In fact… i kept that to myself because it was just me feeling literally surprised by the outburst that Dinah laid on towards the guy. I have seen her snap a few times, Every so often. But that was just Mortifying and startling. She used to be like that. However when she became a mother… She changed. she became more looser than that. Her whole way of acting changed. She is still a loose cannon and a tempered person… but now it is more with reason and she’s got something to aim it for… To protect her young. Her daughters who we all had to face the hardest decision and send away to another planet for safety till after the threat revolving the Intergalactic Demon was all done and over with.

Dr. Walters: I see… but you mentioned about the part where your sister Betty had a falling out with you and your sisters Pearl and Dinah… When you said that you had to make a choice to take the life of your Ex-Professor. What did that do between you and your sister Betty?

Paige: She hated us for it. She at first didn’t know what was going on and what all happened… but as time went on, She apparently did some sneaking around and started sniffing for answers… Answers as to what really happened to her Biological father. You See… Pidge Stroker was her Biological father and the old Flame of my Late mother. My mother was with the belief that she could never get pregnant. But a little time before my mother and he broke up… they had a fling and a little time later… which must have been a little time after she and he broke apart and went different ways. She started getting weighty and Pregnant. Which soon out came Betty and Angel. But then a little time… a day or so after that… Me and my sisters Pearl and Dinah came. which led to the life that was led with them and me for 8 years. But because we did what we did and because Betty found out… and knew that we were behind it… the Death of the guy… she gradually came to just hate us. I don’t know how we will ever be liable to Reconcile with that.

As she describes the ordeal…

At the Talon apartment….

Paige: *Voice-Over* What we had done was wrong… Nothing we do can ever make it right for what it is that we had done. It is something that Pearl, Dinah and i have to deal with for the rest of our lives. I am sure that someday in the future…. maybe in a decade or two… the differences and the Quarreling… the Falling out will subside and fade away. But as it is right now… the way it is now. It will not happen. There is too much regret and too much anger being felt between them and us…

Back at the Psychologist’s office…

Paige: It is over with them and us… We will always care about them and love them. but as for having them around… Never. We love our friends and just because they have Holy powers doesn’t give them the right to tell us who we can and or can not have for friends. We are not gonna be listening to them. I remember how when the guy we were forced to exterminate started his betrayal how Betty kept saying that she would never forgive him and want to see him again if he ever did anything to hurt our mother or us. But with how she acted… She’s had a very loose definition of  “Hurt our mother or us”. You can peg that as hatred if you wish to. But after the things and the way that Betty acted towards us… there is no way that we will ever accept her. Not now or ever again.

Dr. Walters: What about the rest of it… so far you told me all kinds of stories and facts. but you never got to the part of how you coped with the loss of your mother. Last session you got into what the first 8 years of life were like. with your sisters. about your mother being in danger. about what it was like to be hero at first. mentioned how your sisters coped with the loss. How your Grandmother endured it. But you never got into how you endured it… what it made you feel in whole. Some of your feelings and the stories you’ve told are all part of what you went through… but they are also your evidence that you are holding back a memory of how you endured the loss…

Paige: I… *Looking out the window* Don’t want to talk about that. It is a memory that i would like to keep buried because it’s something that i don’t want to live with. i can’t.

Dr. Walters: You will never be cured of your inner demons unless you speak of it. You’ve told about your history… your sisters and all that you were going through… But not about how the death of your mother affected you.

Paige: *Snapping* Look! I told you that i don’t want to discuss it. it is a dead memory. I got more worries to mangle and one being the fact that i had to endure the babies being sent to another planet. I don’t have time to mosey around memory lane and relive the moments where i lost my mother. I already told what i knew. I don’t know anymore than that. Okay… I don’t know. I only remember what it is that i told you. I lost her to a Murder and it was never the same after that. My mother was Avenged. That’s all that should matter damn it. The day after the Memorial service was sad and depressing. I had a bit of a rough time trying to live with the fact that my mother was gone. It was hard. I spent the whole day out of the house and took time away. to be alone. I was hurt. which i already broke out to you that it hurt me. It hurt my sister Pearl. She was more than sensitive. She for a moment or so… was wearing all black. All black. she had no love for anything during that time. It was not something that we felt good about. None of it was pleasant. You want to have me rip my guts out telling about it… You wasted your time. There is nothing to tell. And there are no inner personal demons to let out. Period…

Dr. Walters: *Sighs* ……

That afternoon…

At the Dorms…

Room #250…

Dinah: I had a busy class.

Christie:  Did you?

Dinah: yes. The Professor in the Math class… Learning about what… Statistics and trigonometry… I was supposed to have Algebra. But it’s teaching about the other mostly and none of the Algebra. None of the figures. How am i gonna learn any of this stuff? The Professor is constantly going in multiple different directions.

Christie: Maybe it’s part of the class.

Dinah: *Sighs* Maybe. But… It doesn’t make it any more comforting to know that the professor is teaching you one thing and then somewhere in the middle… shifting to something else.

Christie: *Grins and noticing something not right going on with Dinah* Okay… Out with it, Girl. What is bugging you?

Dinah: Nothing. I am just trying to cope with the choice that i had to make with ensuring that my little ones were protected.

Christie: That would be something for a mother to be coping with. the fact that a choice was made that was not easy at all. If i were a mother… I might just be the same way as you are now. Trying to cope with the idea that i had to send my little one or little ones to another planet for safety. and to ensure survival. It leaves a big gaping hole in your chest.

Dinah: I Miss them so much, Christie. I don’t know as to how i ever allowed myself to even think that it might be the best option. I should have just kept the babies here and then when the Prophecy of Ravens did indeed happen… some of her power could get into them and save them from Scath’s Wrath. It wouldn’t give them much of a chance to stay in safe peace… but at least i’d get to see them and it wouldn’t be so bad.

Christie: Dinah, *Sighs* Girl… You need to stop thinking like that. Really. You’re only gonna drive yourself out of sanity.

Dinah: I don’t think that it matters anymore. i will never get to see my girls again. You think that it is so understandable… to cope with the fact that you… as a mother had to face the decision to send your babies… your flesh and blood to another planet. It’s not. Nowhere close. At all. Not even close. *Serious and with a momentary glare towards Christie* Don’t even dare tell me that you wouldn’t feel the same way about it if it was your kids being sent off to another planet because of some threat that was said to come and destroy the world. Ending it. You have no idea how hurt i feel. As a Mother… i am shattered beyond comparison.

Christie: You really believe that i wouldn’t know… Dinah, you don’t see it. Do you? I know what it is like. I know about it because of my mother. She had the same worries. None of the decisions that you had to face making… but a mother’s greatest fear is having to face sending her kids away to a far away place to be saved when their homeland is sired to face imminent danger or if there is something bad foretold to happen. No mother in the whole kingdom of Motherhood can bare to face that choice. It is the worst thing that a mother can ever stomach.

Dinah: Then why is it that i feel so broken all the time and feel so depressed?

Christie: It’s because you miss your kids and you want them back… it is understandable. You miss your kids. They have only been gone two days and you already feel like it’s been an eternity.

Dinah: This is a moment where i wish that i would be able to freeze time so it wouldn’t be like an eternity.

Christie: I wish that i could relate… but no one can freeze time. Other than Father time. Even he can’t hope to freeze time that easily.

Dinah: Oh yeah.

At Metropolis Middle school…

At the front gates…

Luna: *Sitting down Waiting for her ride home* I miss my Nieces… *Sighs sadly* Why did they have to go?

Martin: *Walking over from the side* Luna…

Luna: *Looking to the side and seeing Martin* Hey Martin.

Martin: I didn’t see you in class today. Is everything okay?

Luna: Does it matter, Martin? I am not okay. Not the least bit okay. I have been like this for the last 2 days since hearing the fact that Dinah had to send the kids to planet Vulcan. Planet Vulcan. A place where Dr. Spock came from.

Martin: Why there? What happened?

Luna: The babies were almost abducted by Beryl, That’s what happened. Martin, You were there. You saw.

Martin: I did.

Karen: *Walking over with Irene, Jake and Jennifer* as did we… We were there and we feel bad about the idea that the young ones had to be taken to a far away place till after the Threat with the Demon is over and done with.

Irene: It is sad.

Jake: Luna, The teacher was asking for you all day. We know how you feel about the fact that the 3 little girls were sent off to another planet, but you’re letting it affect your school work too…

Jennifer: You know that you could have come to us and shared your feelings to us. Besides… What do you think friends are for? To be there for each other. someone for a person to lean on when they’re in need of a bit of support.

Luna: I never saw the connection. I never saw it coming either… I have been given the rank of Aunt. i am the youngest Aunt in the family and i had to see and bare witness to the babies that i am Aunt to get taken to another planet. You’d think that by now i would be used to Human pain. i was a human for about what? 5 years perhaps?

Jennifer: That i wouldn’t know. You are always a human. that’s what you are… a side from having that tail.

Karen: true.

Martin: You missed class today, Luna. i don’t know if reminding you is the right thing to do… but you can’t be missing classes. I don’t want to see you falling behind. I don’t want that to happen.

Luna: I know. Martin, i know i have missed class. But after seeing my Nieces gone and taken to another planet… how could i dare bare the idea of  being in the same room as everyone. Seeing them happy when i was not?

Martin:  Please… don’t say that. Please don’t beat yourself up like that.

Luna: I can’t help it. Dinah had to send the little ones away. She’s mentally and Emotionally damaged. I am barely holding together for the sake of the little ones.

Irene: *Looking at Karen* Luna has it bad.

Karen: She sure does… I sure wish that there was something that we could do to cheer her up.

Irene: I think we need time to come up with way to cheer Luna up.

Karen: yes. Quite so.


Vincent Van Graves: *Walking over to Martin and Luna from the side* Martin, My dear boy… what’s seems to be the holdup? I was over by the side waiting and you didn’t come.

Martin: *Chuckles Nervously* Yeah… Sorry about that. I just got with talking to Luna and the girls here. There is something that has been going on since the other day.

Vincent Van Graves: Really? It wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with the fact that 3 babies were sent to a different planet for safety and to be spared from the Dangers of the Intergalactic Demon.

Luna: *With tears in her eyes* Yes. I never had to endure getting my heart ripped out in such a way. It never happened to me before and now that it has… All i can do is think of ways to make it stop. But there isn’t. There is no way to make it stop hurting so much. I also feel so bad for Dinah. Dinah had to see her 3 little ones get sent to a different planet. to a place far away. It hurts. *Hugging her knees and Rocking back and forth*

Martin: *Looking at Vincent* Vincent, We got to do something to ease her pain… i can’t bare to see Luna like this… She’s hurting and she’s in agony. It’s terrible. Isn’t there something we could do about this?

Vincent Van Graves: There isn’t anything that can be done. I could create a portal linking the planet to here and make it so that it’d be easy to go between and have that chance to see the little ones from time to time. It won’t be the same as having them back with their mother. But at least one can have the opportunity to check on them each time. whenever they can….

Luna: *Silent*

Karen: *Wondering* who’s gonna start on the Portal?

Vincent Van Graves: that would be me.

Martin: It might take some time to do it though, Right?

Vincent Van Graves: That would be right. It isn’t exactly the most simple to do. it’s quite difficult to fill in with the portal. The Portal is gonna be hard.

Luna: ….

Jake: Luna, You have alot of catching up to do. The class had a bunch of work to do. You are gonna need a bit of help.

Jennifer: We can help you. I am a book worm after all.

Luna: Okay.

At The Daily Planet…

King John: *Looking at Perry* Where is my father?

Perry: He’s Still in Germany. As far as i am concerned… they have still been unable to find a new set of reporters for the planet over there… But they’re still searching for new workers. they’re looking for interns. it’s gonna be a while before they find the new ones… It’s taking more time than what they’re hoping it’d take them.

King John: Can’t they find them?

Perry: I don’t know. All i can tell you is that they’re trying. I will keep checking on their progress. but i am being frank here… they are trying.

King John: Well they better hurry. Because my father belongs here. I know that he went there for a cause. but i do believe that he has been there long enough and he has family here. he has family here who miss him. My 4 sons would like to see him from time to time, but can’t if he’s gonna be stuck there in Germany. I know that it’s for a cause. i know. I just want him back. that’s all…

At the Metropolis Dorms…

In Room #320…

Prince Alvin: A room to myself. I am gonna need to find a couple of good roommates. But who?

Suddenly there is a knock on the door and Prince Alvin walked over to answer it…

A minute later…

Alice: *Sitting next to her boyfriend* How’s the room for you since you got it all to yourself for the moment?

Prince Alvin: It’s lonesome. But at least it’ll be peaceful… No nasty sounds of a rude roommate. The Roommate was watching Kiddie Porn. and whacking off to videos of them. I didn’t know what it was at first. because it was always during the night when the bastard would be watching them. My eyes would be blurred for a moment as i was stirring to all that noise. I would be looking towards the sick prick and would turn to see the screen of his laptop. glancing at what the hell it was that he was watching. I thought that it was just Adults dressing as kids and doing it or the fact that it was adults… but they were kids. He was even watching the other things about kids and looking for Exotic and vulgar pics of them. I waited too long to blow the whistle on him. Who the hell knows who he might have hurt? He may have dome something to a kid. and it’s gonna be on my ass because i saw or caught on to the Vids. I feel terrible. that i didn’t blow his cover the very moment that i noticed. I even snuck on to his computer on the 6th day and looked for what it was that he had been looking at. You know what the shittiest thing about it is… Do you?

Alice: What?

Prince Alvin: It’s the fact that i know it’s there but couldn’t prove it. i don’t even know if the dorm Manager will be able to find anything. The bastard roommate now Ex-Roommate had probably wiped off all traces of it so he’d squeak away clean. For the rest of my life…i will be living with the fear of whether or not he did anything to a kid and the fact that i could have squealed on him the very second i caught on to what he was doing… but didn’t. I will have nightmares about it for a long time. I could have stopped it. the minute i saw it. but no… No… I instead waited. There could be a kid out there. dead… violated. because of him. I’ll never be able to take it back.

Alice: I think that what you saw was awful and you should have told someone the very second that you came across it.

Prince Alvin: You think that i don’t know that… Alice? I know that. The part that hurts the most is that i kept quiet. i knew that if i were to say anything about it to the Manager… He would have gotten rattled and tried to put a password encryption on it and try to cover it up with the tale that he was doing undercover work… But i went to Michelle today and told of it all. It was eating at me that he could be trying to hide the fact that he was into that sick stuff and was leaning to harm a kid or violate one with that stuff. I had to say something.

Alice: How did the Manager take it?

Prince Alvin: She’s Issuing a code red on the detail.

Alice: What? What kind of person is this Dorm Manager that we have?

Prince Alvin: An Ex-Marine.

Alice: An Ex-Marine… A Colonel, perhaps?

Prince Alvin: more than likely, yes. That’s what she is. She speaks alot about the old days. about the ideas that the world on the outside is practically dangerous.

Alice: She know about the world outside so much… Then why is she not out fighting for uncle Sam? Fighting the good fight for our country here.

Prince Alvin: And do what? What can she do? She is too old to be out fighting. She has served 4 tours. Commandeered 3 and Orchestrated 5. She’s got a Purple heart. 4 of those. 5 Silver stars. A Star marking for Valor. 3 times. 5 Victory medals back to back. She told about the time when she was training and doing drills at Fort Dix.

Alice: Huh?! You are gonna have to relay that part by me again. Did you just say, Fort Dix? The Fort Dix?

Prince Alvin: Yes.

Alice: Wasn’t she at Boot Camp? That place was a known Boot Camp.

Prince Alvin: I know. Mrs. Swan knows it. She knows it.

Alice: I guess that when she was lecturing us all on the first night starting the school year… She was talking like a Marine.  Talking with the attitude that sticks to a person even when the man or woman is no longer in the military.

Prince Alvin: That’s right. I have this room all to myself. for now, but i have to find a couple of new Roommates to stay in here with me. Per what she said. as a deal. i have till next week to find someone before she did it.

Alice: Do you have an idea on who you’re gonna ask?

Prince Alvin: No. Not really. I would ask her if she’d allow for us to be in the same room. But i don’t think that it would be wise.

Alice: Paige would probably get mad. I forgot to tell you that Paige and i found out that we are in a room that has the room for 3 people. The Dorm Manager came in our room and told us that the New Room mate is a Musician and someone who could be sought out as a Bard. He Sings tales… Which is something that comes off as interesting.

Prince Alvin: You looking forward to it?

Alice: Paige is, But i am not sure. I don’t know if i sit through numerous tales and musical tales… I don’t think that i’d be able to stomach it.

Prince Alvin: Well… since that i have this room to myself for the night till tomorrow when i have to find Roommates for this room. Want to Sleep in here tonight?

Alice: You mean…

Prince Alvin: Only if you’re up to it. I Just want to have a night with you.

Alice: We should set the mood then…

A Moment later…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

The Song “In this Life” By Chantal Kreviazuk Plays…

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at Luna* Luna!

Luna: *Looking at Grandma Rikku* Yes?

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at Luna with a stern glare* What is the meaning of your missing class today?

Luna: Huh?

Grandma Rikku: You heard me. What is the meaning of your missing class today. I got a call from the school saying that you were not in class today. and that is not possible. You were at school. But to be reported absent? What is the meaning of this? Why were you absent?

Luna: *Nervous* I… Uh… uh…

Grandma Rikku: *Feeling sour* You better tell me. Luna, I’m not even playing. I got enough nonsense to deal with revolving the bills around here. I have also had a terrible turnout doing Dance lessons and teaching during the last week and this week has been nothing more than an annoyance. You better tell me. Don’t get me pissed off. I am not in a good mood and i don’t want the bullshit tales… i want the truth. Now. Why were you absent from school?

Luna: *Scared* I sadly cut class. All day.

Grandma Rikku: *Shoots out* YOU WHAT?!

Luna: I Cut Class…

Grandma Rikku: Oh that is it… I have had it. First i allow for you to continue to do your hero work. Knowing that it’s who you are. Then you start back-talking me… Then defy me. Now you cut class and get marked Absent. I have Had it, Luna. I’m done with it. I know that i am not like your adoptive mother. I am not Princess Rikku. I am your grandmother. But No matter what i do… you keep fighting me. You keep fighting me. It is like you and the rest don’t want me around. Well… I am sorry that i am a constant Burden on you all. I only want what’s best for you girls… but you all see it as my being a control freak.

Luna: *Looking suddenly cross at her grandmother* Grandma Rikku,That is enough. Enough. You are being really cruel and self-centered. You’re the Adult. Not a Child. Act it. I missed class. You think i did it on purpose. don’t you? Wrong! I was with stress on my mind. i was stressed out. You are not the youngest Aunt that had to see her Nieces get taken to another planet. The 3 babies… Little Sapphire, Raven and Serena are gone.  There is no telling as to when or if we’ll see them again when the threat is all over. The threat with Scath is gonna be coming in the future.

Grandma Rikku: I didn’t know about that… but the fact that you were as of recent… back talking me and being rather defiant. that has me feeling like all i do is constantly get in everyone’s way. But if it weren’t for me taking you all in. You’d all be on the streets. When your mother died… i took you all in because if i didn’t do so… You would all be with different families. You would never be Rhapsodies again. Your new families would have very well seen to that. I sure as hell was not one to let that happen. You know that.

Luna: *A Little sarcastic* Gee, What a sharp tongue you’ve got there, Grandma.

Grandma Rikku: *Pointing upstairs* Go to your room. Stay there. I hate doing this… i really do. But maybe a night without supper will sharpen your obedience. I am tired of being back talked. I really am tired of being treated like i am not needed. You are always back talking me. Do you seem to hate me? Is that it?

Luna: No. I don’t. I am just beyond tired of being controlled like a robot. But you want to control me like one… Fine. *Going Monotone and speaking without feeling* Whatever you wish, Herr Master.

Luna then Stormed off to her room and with anger, she screamed with fury. She was upset and angry. She got to her room and got onto her bed and kicked and screamed. She managed to calm down enough to plan to sneak out. She was sick of her grandmother trying to rule her like some slave driver. it was old and she was gonna head away from that. She got up and with a zip to her step… she hopped out her window and made way over to her boyfriend Martin’s place. She knew that he’d treat her right. Luna was tired of her grandmother being the over controlling creep in her side. She was done… Prince Alvin and Alice were having their moment of Romantic Fling. It was their time…. Prince Avery was also having his moment too. Prince Curtis also had his moment with his Girlfriend Megan. It was a done deal… But they were all using the little thing called protection. They wanted to be safe. It was a calm night for them. As calm as it could ever be…

Although the Enjoyment was not gonna last as much as they would all wish it would… something was about to happen to them that would shake them and rattle their trust…

5 weeks later…

Oct. 29th 2026…

At the Metropolis Oil Refinery…

A group of Dark Kingdom soldiers were carrying out Canisters of Oil…

An attack befalls one of the Soldiers from the side taking off part of it’s face… With the attack, it got the soldier’s attention and they glared right at the fighters…

Miss Love: *To the Soldiers* Tell Beryl that the ones she’s trying to constantly kill have a message for her…

Terra: *Tossing Rocks at the Soldiers* Eat Dirt… CHOKE ON IT!!!

Miss Love: *Looking at the girls and Brothers* Girls… Attack! *Firing Hearts at the Soldiers*

Dark Kingdom Soldiers: *Firing Laser guns at

Bubble Maiden: *Firing at the Soldiers* These soldiers are getting to be real pains in the ass. I am tired of them… Beryl too.

Luna: Why can’t Beryl take the hint and learn to just go to hell? *Firing at the Soldiers and Blasting them with moon power*

Prince Alvin: *Going at the Soldiers with Fire*

Prince Arnold: Attacking the soldiers with Fire isn’t gonna do much of any use… What these guys need is a nice washout. *Drawing in Water and Firing it at the Soldiers* Bath Time Menacing freaks! Take a Bath and wash that Evil existence away.

Prince Avery: *Firing Plasma at the Soldiers and blasting hole into each of them one by one*

Prince Curtis: *Firing Electricity at the Soldiers and sparking a shock wave at them*

Terra: *Firing at the Soldiers with Rocks* Eat Dirt… A full course meal… Just waiting for you. *Shooting Rocks at the Dark Kingdom Soldiers*

Raven: *With Dark Energy and a bit of power; Pulling up a huge massive sized rock* Uhhh! *Sending it over to Terra* Terra… Catch!

Terra: *Seeing the rock and with her Earth controlling ability, taking control of the rock and Hurling the Rock at the Soldiers and Crushing a Handful of soldiers*


Terra: *Lowering near the ground; To Raven* Thanks a ton.

Raven: Actually that was about 3 tons.

Raven and Terra then get blasted down. However just as the Soldiers were about to surround Terra…

Prince Arnold: *Growling and Grabbing a couple of soldiers; Spinning and using them to slam a handful of soldiers and send them flying; Releasing the soldiers and tossing them, Sending them flying off*

A second later…

Prince Arnold: *Grabbing Terra and carrying her in his arms*

Terra: That was awesome.

Prince Arnold: Aw, Shucks ma’am. It was nothing.

Terra: Uh… Prince Arnold, You could put me down now.

Prince Arnold: *Chuckles* Oh… yeah… Uh, Sorry. *Puts Terra down*

The battle goes on and as it does…

None of them knew that they were being recorded by Queen Beryl.

Moments later…

In Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: *Looking at all the Items and Data collected on the Rhapsody girls and Rhapsody Brothers; The Data on Luna, Raven* Excellent. Splendid work, Apprentice. Endearingly fine work. All that work you have done is seen to soon pay off in your favor. With the Data that we have gathered. Tonight is the night we will strike. and by the next morning… The Rhapsody Girls Z! and their pathetic existence of a family will be annihilated.

in the Shadows there is a shot of an eye… ???

That night…

The Rhapsody Girls and the Rhapsody Brothers as well as Terra and Raven, Plus Luna were in the throws of commemorating the excellent job that Terra had done with smashing the Soldiers to pieces. Although none of them were in the know that there was a terrible secret about Terra that was en route to be brought to light…. They had a order of Pizza. 4 large pizza’s with everything on it…. However…

Paige: *Spinning the last box with the last slice of Pizza* Okay… Round and round it goes… like a spinning top… all around the world it soars… where it stops, No one knows. Who shall win the last savory slice?

The Pizza stopped in between Terra and Luna…

Dinah: *Looking at the her sisters and the others then at the pizza* It’s pointing to the middle. in between Terra and Luna… It’s a large piece… Why not split into two?

Pearl: Really? Okay. that’s fair. Who’s gonna cut it?

Raven: *using a small undetectable amount of energy to slice the Pizza in two* You guys should look down at the pizza. it’s been cut.

Terra: *Grins*

Dinah: *getting into the occasion and speaking as a Ring announcer* Terra, you began a rookie and now won the cheese Pizza Trophy… Tell us… The world wants to know…  how does it feel?

Terra:  Good. It’s smooth and Kinda Greasy.

Pearl: Way to go Terra.

Prince Alvin: It’s great to have you on the team.

Luna: It is also wonderful to have you as a very wonderful friend. *Happy*

Raven: *At a pause of what all to say* Uh, What they said…

Terra: *Smiles and feeling flattered* You guys… Really, It isn’t a big deal. I was just doing my duty. I mean that it is nice that you all are praising me and cheering for me and everything, but it really isn’t all that much of a big deal.

Prince Arnold: Maybe so… but it’s a big deal to us.

Paige: That’s right. Besides Good close friends don’t come around on a person’s doorstep on a daily basis. it happens by just luck.

A few minutes later…

Paige: You know… I was thinking about something. What do you say that we do a #? for old time sake.

Pearl: I’m all for it.

Dinah: I wouldn’t mind it either… i would have sang my little ones to sleep right about now.

Luna: You usually do. I Happen to listen to Soundtracks when i get over worked and need something to calm me down… something about the soundtracks just calm me down.

Raven: *Dryly* I don’t sing. I never sing.

Dinah: Not true, Raven… you do. I heard you do it once. We did it together once in my truck on our way here from the Burger Joint that we stopped at. Remember?

Raven: *Realizing something* I think you’re right. i guess that we did do that. but i happened to nearly forget as i don’t do singing hardly at all. Not even once. Other than that time in the truck. The was one of the few times.

A Minute later…

Paige: *Singing; With Pearl and Dinah joining in unison* “Super Trouper beams are gonna blind me
But I won’t feel blue
Like I always do
‘Cause somewhere in the crowd there’s you
I was sick and tired of everything
When I called you last night from Glasgow
All I do is eat and sleep and sing
Wishing every show was the last show
(Wishing every show was the last show)
So imagine I was glad to hear you’re coming
(Glad to hear you’re coming)
Suddenly I feel all right
(And suddenly it’s gonna be)
And it’s gonna be so different
When I’m on the stage tonight
Tonight the
Super Trouper lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Smiling, having fun
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Feeling like a number one
Tonight the
Super Trouper beams are gonna blind me
But I won’t feel blue
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Like I always do
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
‘Cause somewhere in the crowd there’s you
Facing twenty thousand of your friends
How can anyone be so lonely
Part of a success that never ends
Still I’m thinking about you only
(Still I’m thinking about you only)
There are moments when I think I’m going crazy
(Think I’m going crazy)
But it’s gonna be alright
(You’ll soon be changing everything)
Everything will be so different
When I’m on the stage tonight
Tonight the
Super Trouper lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Smiling, having fun
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Feeling like a number one
Tonight the
Super Trouper beams are gonna blind me
But I won’t feel blue
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Like I always do
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
‘Cause somewhere in the crowd there’s you
So I’ll be there when you arrive
The sight of you will prove to me I’m still alive
And when you take me in your arms
And hold me tight
I know it’s gonna mean so much tonight
Tonight the
Super Trouper lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Smiling, having fun
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Feeling like a number one
Tonight the
Super Trouper beams are gonna blind me
But I won’t feel blue
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Like I always do
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
‘Cause somewhere in the crowd there’s you”

Terra: *Smiles* That was nice. You girls can sing like that? Since when?

Pearl: It’s nothing major… I mean… we just sing every once in a while. It is better to do it on occasion and not all the time. We wouldn’t want to over do it.

Dinah: I agree. I however just don’t sing freely with the crew. I usually do with myself. When i’m alone. It’s better that way.

Luna: Well… At least we know now as to how you spend your time alone for yourself.

Raven: A Singing Night n’ gale with a secretive way of chiming… how original.

Prince Alvin: Well… Since we’re testing our voices for singing… and it’s a peaceful night. At least as far as we’re concerned… I guess that the brothers and i will jump in and do one too…

Prince Arnold: I’ll start it… i have a sing song voice at times… Maybe that is why i am entrusted with the element of water… Water and Grace… the source where life is said to begin.

Prince Avery: Prince Arnold… the serene Music player.

A second later…

Prince Arnold: *Singing* “I can still recall
Our last summer
I still see it all
Walks along the Seine
Laughing in the rain
Our last summer
Memories that remain

We made our way along the river
And we sat down in the grass by the Eiffel tower
I was so happy we had met
It was the age of no regret
Oh, yes
Those crazy years
That was the time of the flower-power
But underneath
We had a fear of flying
Of growing old
A fear of slowly dying
We took our chance
Like we were dancing our last dance

Prince Arnold & Pearl: I can still recall Our last summer I still see it all

Prince Alvin:
In the tourist jam

Round the Notre Dame

Prince Arnold and Pearl: Our last summer Walking hand in hand

Paris restaurants

Prince Arnold and Pearl:
Our last summer

Prince Arnold:
Morning croissants

Prince Arnold and Pearl:
Living for the day
Worries far away
Our last summer
We could laugh and play

And now you’re working in a bank
The family man, a football fan
And your name is Harry

Prince Arnold:
How dull it seems

Yet, you were the hero of my dreams

Prince Arnold and Pearl:
I can still recall
Our last summer
I still see it all
Walks along the Seine
Laughing in the rain
Our last summer
Memories that remain”

Terra: ….

Prince Alvin: Now that was a good tune. I am glad that you did that one. It’s timeless. But it’s just for fun. Fun Plus… if your Boyfriend Jack was here… If he was here and you were let’s say 10 years older… maybe 20. it would fit. But the song… Timeless nonetheless.

Prince Curtis: That is logical. Leave it to the captain to make it sound like a song ahead of it’s time… *Chuckles* And just to think that he couldn’t resist.

But by time it reached close to midnight…

Paige: We’ve got to start shutting down. It’s getting late. I Have my sleeping bag with me and i think that we should be able to find a spot for ourselves to sleep for the night.

Pearl: Same here… Let’s grab our sleeping bags from our cars and set them up.

Dinah: How are the allies of ours?

Pearl: Star is okay with being alone for a night. She’s working on her own Designs tonight and wants to do it then have it seen by me when it’s done. But she’s wanting to do it with it being just her in the room. She can hold the fort for one night. She’s okay with it.

Dinah: Same with Christie… She’s okay with the idea of being in the room with just her. It’s not the best idea given what’s still out there… But she felt that a little time apart would do some good.

Paige: That we know… The last couple days for you haven’t been the most brightest and most happy.

Dinah: What would make you say that?

Prince Alvin: How could we not? *Looking at Dinah* Dinah, for the last couple of days since the night that you made the painful decision to send the babies off to another place and to ensure their survival as they couldn’t be here… you’ve been really down and depressed.

Prince Avery: It isn’t a mystery that the choice you made took alot of consideration and a lot of planning. But however as you were making the choice that night… You sounded rather hesitant as you were unsure if it’d be the best decision. Even your Fiance was feeling a tad unsure.

Paige: *Turning off the screens and shutting down the monitors; Putting them on Standby* Rhapsody Girls Z! Tower is shut down for the night. it’s gonna be on standby but the security is on full.

Prince Alvin: we’re all gonna need rest for tomorrow. We’re gonna need to track the location of Beryl and get at her. Beryl is up to no good and it’s gonna be a long shot in derailing her from her ambitions. That bitch is gonna learn that it’s high time she backed off and learned to mind. *Catching a little bit of a cold* …. *Sneezing* Achoo!

A Moment later…

Terra: *In her room; Sighing*

In the Den…

Prince Arnold: *Creating something with his waterbending* Let’s see… A heart for luck. a mirror to show the shining beauty.  The aquatic hue on the box. This will be a perfect gift for her. *Putting pressure on the box and stabilizing it*

A second later…

Prince Arnold: Done. *Smiles*

In Terra’s Room…

Terra: *On her mini computer; Sending something through Email*

Suddenly A knock on the door is heard and Terra answers it to find Prince Arnold standing there…

Prince Arnold: *Chuckles Nervously* Hi…

They stand there and Terra casts her eyes to the side and then to the other…

Terra: Uh, *feeling awkward* okay… *Turning back and going back into her room*

Prince Arnold: *gasps and sputters in a sense of desperation* Wha- wha… wait!

Prince Arnold then reveals a gift wrapped in paper and holds in front of him. It however grabs Terra’s attention and she comes back to look. She stepped right out of the room and Looked curiously at Prince Arnold.

Prince Arnold: I uh… Made you something…

Terra: *Surprised* You did?

Prince Arnold: I kinda went a little much with the glue to wrap the present up and everything… but…

Terra: *Opening the present and seeing the shine of the box. the Aquatic Blue Hue and the shape of a heart; Opening up the box and looking at it* … Oh… *Touched and feeling thankful* Prince Arnold… I don’t know what to say…

Prince Arnold: You could maybe say yes. All because i am about to ask if you’d like to go out. on a date…

Terra: *A little frantic* I Uh…

Prince Arnold: So… Uh, Tomorrow night?

Terra: *A Little nervous and backtracks* I uh, I can’t…

Prince Arnold: But…

Terra: I’m sorry, Prince Arnold… i really can’t. *Retreating back into her room and closing the door*

Prince Arnold: *With his mouth wide open and Jaw to the ground* What?…

When he got back into the Den…

Prince Arnold: *Sighs* Damn… how the hell could i have been so stupid? I should have been more discreet and yet more suave. Calm. I panicked. i could have said anything… Done anything like… *In a Cool punk attitude* “Hey Terra, Want to take a ride on my motorcycle?” *in a Muscle buffed pose* “Terra, I want to take you out tonight.” *In a french ascent* “My fine Mademoiselle… Please allow me this night to take you out on a date” *In a Begging tone* “Pleeeaaaassseee!” Anything would have worked… but no! i had to be a total spaz and just stand there like a total dumb shit and just give her a box with a Mirror.

As he was talking…

Terra: *Lowering down* hmm…

Prince Arnold: *Turning to see Terra* Uh… How long were you standing there? I suppose that you heard my moment of Lamenting… right?

Terra: Wanna go out?

Prince Arnold: Huh?! Tonight?! Yeah… Sure. But why didn’t you just come down on feet?

Terra: *Holding her hand out* Prince Arnold, do you trust me?

Prince Arnold: Of course. You’re the most amazing girl that i had ever met in my life. *Taking the hand; being pulled up on to the rock* So… where are going?  Somewhere Scenic?

Within seconds Terra and Prince Arnold jet their way out going on the road…

Back inside Grandma Rikku’s house…

Pearl: *Walking over to the Kitchen* I should have never let that last slice of pizza go to Terra and Luna. I should have grabbed it. *Feeling her stomach grumble* darn it… My stomach is growling like crazy. I feel like i should eaten more than a couple pieces. I am sure regretting it now. I can’t call Star. She’s busy and it’s after hours. no one is allowed out of there after hours.

In the Kitchen a minute or two later…

Pearl: *Opening up the refrigerator and pulling out a pre-made sandwhich* Now this will help the spot and fill me up…

But the second that she looked up…

Pearl: *Looking up and seeing a large swarm of Dark Kingdom Soldiers* What?! *Gasps; in surprise* No!

At the Pier a few feet from the coast line of Metropolis…

Prince Arnold: You know… Terra. I have to admit that the View is pretty far out and drop dead amazing… But when you said that you wanted to go out… You never said that it was out of the city… out of the town.

Terra: well… i kinda find it that leaving the city and looking at the city from the outside makes you really appreciate it and what it offers… what it has for a person.  It makes you appreciate what you have. *Looking into the city then looking slightly to Prince Arnold* Hungry?

Prince Arnold: Am i Ever… The Pizza was good. but for a very off reason… it wasn’t as filling as it usually would be…

A Moment later…

At Gregory’s Truck stop Tavern…

It was a truck stop and there were a few truckers playing a game or two of Pool. A couple were with their trucker girlfriends and eating a little road side meal before pressing on another shift of being on the road… It wasn’t really a peaceful place. But there wasn’t any trouble going on there. The worst trouble that would ever hit a bar is a drunken fight every once in a while.

Terra: *Walking into the Tavern; Walking over to the Bar counter and Sitting down; Smiles*

Prince Arnold: *Walking in and looking around before seeing Terra on the one side and Sitting on a Stool at the counter* Well…uh, This is pretty new. A Truck stop. Something tells me that She’s seen alot of stuff on the road… but none as memorable as the Rhapsody house. I Think that she likes this place. or places like these.

A Minute later…

Terra: *Sitting down and Looking at the menu*

Prince Arnold: *Picking up a Menu and Looking at the Hot dogs* Hmm… The Hot dogs look good. Do they come with Mustard and a little Sauerkraut? i’ve always been a roller with the Mustard and Sauerkraut. Call it nuts… But i’ve always liked it. I have the element of water… but i like that. A Little Spice will not hurt a bit.

Terra: *Looking at Prince Arnold with an Awkward expression* Uh, Prince Arnold… Sauerkraut isn’t spicy. It’s got a little bit of a crunch… But nothing like Spicey. Now… If you were to have Jalapeno’s on it… That’s spicy. unless you’ve got a Cast Iron stomach. then not even that will phase even the sensitive of eaters.

Prince Arnold: I stand with correction. Good call.

Waitress: *Standing and waiting to take the order*

Terra: *To the Waitress* We’ll have the usual, Cheryl.

Prince Arnold: I take it that you’ve been here times and times before. Isn’t that right? You clearly do get around a lot and covered many miles.

Terra: Of course i did. I’ve been to alot of places several times. before becoming a Rhapsody girl. It’s been the best thing that has ever happened to me. the best.

Prince Arnold: Okay… And now that being exposed… What’s the most favorite place that you’ve ever been to?

Terra: *Looking a little sad* I don’t know. i wish i knew for sure what my favorite place was… but i guess that it’s The Rhapsody Girls house. *Perking up* But hey… There’s alot of cool places to check out. Maybe i’ll give you the tour.

It was but a minute later when the Pie came and they dug in… Prince Arnold took one bite and was stunned at the sweet smooth taste that came from the pie.

Terra: There is this place that is 200 miles away that serve the greatest Pumpkin pie and the Apple Cinnamon short cake is literally…

*Suddenly seeing a reflection of Beryl in the mirror* Huh?! *Panics and looking back really fast seeing nobody there*

Terra then in a panic lays out the change to pay for the pies and runs out. But Prince Arnold took one look and felt confused…

Prince Arnold: Terra, Where are you going?

Terra: we got to go… the night is young and there is alot to see…

Prince Arnold: *Lost and confused* Uh, Am i missing something here? We just got here and barely tasted any of the pie… now you are wanting to go? Are you feeling okay?

Terra: *Grabbing Prince Arnold* Come on…

But with the quick Exit that Prince Arnold and Terra made… Prince Arnold unknowingly Dropped his Communicator…

Prince Alvin: *Through communicator* Prince Arnold… Come in… Prince Arnold, do you read me? Where are you?

Back at Grandma Rikku’s house…

Prince Alvin and Pearl were the only ones being fired at as by that time the rest of the crew were hiding behind a tall stand in the shadows trying to fire shots at the Soldiers. Prince Alvin and Pearl were running for cover and heading for a clearing to fire back at the Soldiers. The Dark Kingdom Soldiers continued to fire rapidly at Prince Alvin and Pearl…

A few Seconds later…

Prince Alvin: *With the others* It is no use… There is something wrong. I can’t reach Prince Arnold and he’s isn’t responding to my call.

Raven: *Shadowing in* Well… you can add the part where Terra isn’t in her room to the list.

Paige: *Firing back at the Dark Kingdom soldiers* Would someone care to explain to me how these bastards from Dark Kingdom were able to get past our Security systems and Infiltrate this house? The Security field was at high rank and there was nothing that could disable them.

Luna: Someone must have given them the code…

Dinah: *Terrified*

Prince Avery: Whoever gave up our security codes must have left a trace somewhere. There must be a feed somewhere recording the last Transmission of Info or Data to an outside source.

Prince Curtis: *Looking at the team* Let’s nail these soldiers. Nail them to the wall, NOW!


Chloe: *Voice from the Communicator* guys… Come in… Are you there?

Prince Alvin: *Responding* We read you, Chloe. But i think that you’re catching us at a terrible time. We are under attack and it’s from one person.

Chloe: Yes. I Know. It’s due to Terra. She’s behind all this.

Paige: What?! *Looking at the Dark Kingdom Soldiers and firing at them Shooting them down*

Chloe: It is hard to believe this… but she is the one responsible for this secret attack that has now hit you. Before it happened which was a moment ago. She sent a transmission or a Data message. to someone. It was a message to Queen Beryl. I did some back tracking and she’s sent Beryl… Everything on you. Your Flaws, Weaknesses and Abilities. All of it.

Luna: *Looking at the others while firing back at the Dark Kingdom Soldiers* How can we fight these things off? They’re too many of them.

Paige: *To Chloe* Chloe, Can you hack back in and reset the Security systems here?

Chloe: Yeah. I can try… It’s gonna take some time though… but if i can sneak into the systems and undo what was done by Terra and Beryl… It’ll help get everything with a leg up.

Prince Alvin: Okay. do what you can, Chloe. We’re gonna keep fighting these things off for as long as we can.

Within seconds the feed ended and it left the team in the crossfires…

Prince Avery: Where could Prince Arnold be?

Prince Alvin: Oh, i think we can find that if Prince Arnold is gone and so along with Terra, Then it’d beg to concur that They are together.

Paige: Does anyone have a plan on how to knock these soldiers back?

Prince Alvin: No… but there is one thing that we are not gonna stand for. That’s retreat. This is Aunt Rikku’s place… your house… We’re not gonna give this house up without a fight. Let these soldiers come. We’ll fight them.

Luna: Come on, ATTACK! *Firing at the Dark Kingdom Soldiers*

As they were fighting off the Soldiers… a few of them tried to pile up on Luna and on Pearl… Luna got heated up and began revealing her sharp nails… She Screeched and Hissed at all of them. Firing and clawing at each and every one of the soldiers that were piling up on her. Raven shot off some blasts of Dark Energy and fired at the swarm. She saw a few of them bursting out of her room…

Raven: *Growls* That’s My Room! Nobody ever goes into my room and escapes to tell about it. *Using Dark Energy Constructs to form a huge block; Knocking a large # of soldiers out cold and dismantling them by the Dark Energy*

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting fast and blasting fire at the soldiers* Burn! Fry! You bastards all serve Beryl. We got a message for her. GIVE UP! The only way she’s gonna get us to surrender is if she comes to kill us herself… That’s if she has the guts.

Dinah: Prince Alvin, Knock that off. Don’t be giving that unstable woman any ideas.

Prince Avery: *Blasting Plasma at the Soldiers*

Pearl: *Going up ahead and Seeing a Soldier arming up a Bomb* Oh… No! No you don’t! *Jumping up and Drop kicking the Soldier; Busting the soldier to pieces* No Bomb making for you. Bomb making 101 is cancelled. Permanently!

At the Kansas City Fairgrounds…

Kansas City Carnival…

Terra and Prince Arnold were having a wonderful time… A time away from the city of Metropolis. It was a peaceful time for them but what was really going on was that Terra had a terrible secret and was unable to tell… She couldn’t bring herself to tell Prince Arnold that the reason why they’re out was because she disabled the security systems in the Rhapsody Girls Z! Tower and wanted to leave the house with him while the rest were all being Annihilated…  They rode the Roller coaster and cheered with excite. At least Prince Arnold did…

A moment later…

By the concessions cart not far from the Roller coaster…

Prince Arnold: Oh man… i may be an adult now and sneaking into a closed park after hours like this is screaming for a Misdemeanor charge… maybe two… But That was most definitely the best.

Terra: I’m glad that you like it. *Looking a little depressed* I had a lot of memories here… This place was one of the closest places i ever had for a home. Only because i was always on the road alot and this is the place i’d always come back to.

Prince Arnold: *Leaning down and looking at Terra with a warm smile* You mean besides the Rhapsody Girls Z! tower?

Terra: *Feeling Guilty but trying to shake it off* So… You wanna ride the Bumper cars or… The Ferris Wheel?

Prince Arnold: *Noticing something bothering Terra* Are you alright?

Terra: You bet…  What makes you ask that?

Prince Arnold: I’m just wondering because i myself am having a wonderful time… I want you to have a wonderful time… But if you’re not with me on this…

Terra: *Shoots up with Cheer* Oh come on, Prince Arnold… You’re my Definition of Entertainment… *Getting up and heading to another ride* come on, Let’s go and ride some rides.

Terra and Prince Arnold ran off to ride the Bumper cars and drove them all over the ride… Bumping into each other and chasing after one another. Laughing. They got on the gravitron and felt it spin them all around in a fast motion. At a Mach 5 speed. Prince Arnold nearly felt as though his guts would become puree as the spinning kept going. Next they went and had some Snapshots taken. Prince Arnold made several poses. As did Terra. They laughed through it all and then went right for the Tunnel of horrors. Prince Arnold was a little spooked, But he enjoyed it all throughout the ride. He loved it.  Terra and Prince Arnold played some Carnival games… Prince Arnold had a sharp throw. Hit the target every time. It was a wondrous time for both Prince Arnold and Terra. Terra grabbed onto Prince Arnold’s arm and held onto him closely. Smiling as she did it. She was really happy to be with him and he was pleased and full of bliss to be with her.

On the Huge Ferris Wheel…

Prince Arnold: So… What was it that changed your mind?

Terra: *Confused* Huh?! Come again?

Prince Arnold: Going out with me… It was my Charismatic charms, wasn’t it? A ton of girls kinda go for that. They just love the Charisma that i let out… Although i never was lucky with the girl kingdom… not many girls would stick to me other than those in my family… Awkward, yet sad. Very sad to be quite honest.

Terra: Actually honestly… it’s because i happened to realize that out of all the things i could have done to spend the night… i wanted most to spend time with you.

Prince Arnold: I suppose that it’s a lucky thing that you didn’t happen to have other plans going on. but then again… during the night with there not being much to really have planned… what else could you have really done?

Terra: *Feeling hesitant and guilty* Uh, Prince Arnold… If you knew that there was something bad about me… Would you still be my friend?

Prince Arnold: What?! Hold up… what’s this about if i knew that there was something bad about you? What could be bad about you? Plus… about the friend thing… Do you even have to ask? You know that i would. I however thought that we were more than that. I actually came to well… Love you. So that is a no brainer. We’d always be friends…

Terra: What i mean is that if we were really friends… i could tell you just about anything. Even if it happened to be something really bad… you’d still like me, Right?

Prince Arnold: Terra, Please stop. There is nothing that could happen to make me not want to be your friend. Really. I Promise you…

Beryl: *From the shadows* Hello there, Terra.

Terra: *Looking to see Beryl* … *Gasps*

Beryl: Remember me?! *Getting up and Walking over to Terra*

As for the Allies…

In Room #330…

Alice: *Seeing Beryl and Prince Arnold in the cross hairs, Seeing Terra* Terra and Prince Arnold are being confronted by Beryl. What does Beryl want with Terra? *Seeing Terra going with Beryl* No… No! that isn’t true… It can’t be true…

She then calls Prince Alvin…

Alice: *On the phone* Honey, We got a problem…

Prince Alvin: *On the Phone* Why?

Alice: I just sensed something and suffered a Vision. And What i saw is disturbing. Terra… She’s gone with Beryl. She’s going with Beryl. I had a live Vision and there is a battle going on. Between Prince Arnold and Beryl… Terra is the prize at the end…

Prince Alvin: Where did you see them? Did you happen to catch anything that stood out telling where they were?

Alice: Not really. I did see a Ferris Wheel, but the only thing is that i don’t know where that is… there is no Carnival in this City. Won’t be for at least another couple months.

Prince Alvin: Look, Sweetheart… Don’t worry. Just keep focusing on that and try to see if you can pick up anything more on the location of where you saw that Ferris wheel and saw Terra and Prince Arnold. Don’t panic. It’s gonna be okay. We are under attack here… just got done taking out a whole mass of Soldiers here… A surprise attack. By Beryl happened. and from the Vision you saw and the devastating truth of what we learned here… it’s not far of a stretch to see that it was all set by Terra.

Alice: What?! Terra did all that?

Prince Alvin: That’s not all she done… She’s also sent a message to Beryl containing our abilities, All our flaws and weaknesses. All of it. She also disabled the security systems and then took off with Prince Arnold. They’re gone… It is over.

Alice: That Snake… Terra. How the hell could she do this to us? How could she have been so foolish? What the hell was she thinking in doing that? Sending the info on you guys to Beryl? Why was she doing that?

Prince Alvin: We don’t know. Alice, We don’t know how or why… but the fact is that she did… The fight is still going on here… But Stay there. I’ll come get you as soon as the fighting is over here.

Alice: Be careful, Darling.

Prince Alvin: No problem. It’s gonna be alright. I can guarantee it.

When the call ended…

Alice: *Sitting down on her bed and thinking* How could Terra do this? Why? *Sighs* This doesn’t make any sense at all. *Growls thinking about how Terra could just Blatantly betray them all* Damn that Snake… We Trusted her. We took her in. The girls made her one of their own. Made her one of them. All so she could do this to them… Crap!

In Room #349…

Star: *Working on her Fashion design* I sure hope that my girl Pearl is alright. She’s probably having a wonderful time with the family. A night of peace. *Watching a Movie while working on her Fashion design* I should at least call and check up on her…

In Room #250…

Christie: *Thinking about Dinah* Dinah’s been feeling lonely without her little babies. But being with her family… It had to of made her feel a little better. Having people who she could feel close to. I just wish that i could help. *Looking at the time and sighs* i ought to call her… She did leave her Portable Ipad here. Maybe i can work that thing and make a call over to her and the others.

Back at the Kansas City fair grounds…

Beryl: *Grabbing Prince Arnold and tossing him into the other door and causing him to wind up hanging onto the edge; Looking at Terra* Did you really come to the illusion or the idea that you could grab your boyfriend and run off… hiding from me… Hoping that i would never find you and catch onto you?

Prince Arnold: *Teleporting back into the cart and Glaring at Beryl* Let her GO!

Beryl: No! *Firing at Prince Arnold* You can Die, Rhapsody Brat!

Prince Arnold: *Evading the blast and Grabbing Beryl* Fuck you, Bitch. You are taking Terra when i’m dead. and there is something you can take to the bank… WE WILL NOT GIVE UP! *Firing at Beryl* Eat some Water shots… Choke on them. ALL OF IT!!!

Beryl: *Moving back*

Prince Arnold: What’s the matter Beryl? You afraid of a little water… Is that it?

Terra: *Gasps* Prince Arnold?!

A second later…

Prince Arnold: *Pining Beryl to the roof of the cart* You’re gonna learn your place Beryl. One way or the other.

Beryl: Not till you Rhapsody Brats are dead. I hate you. You Rhapsodies are abominations. I won’t rest till the whole lot of you are EXTERMINATED!

Prince Arnold: Fuck off and Die, Bitch. You’re the abomination. You’re just pissed because we beat you every time and won’t let you to rule the world. Get the fuck over yourself. You’re not the ruler… and you never will be. Get used to it! *To Terra* Terra, Run!

Beryl: Stay right where you are, Child.

Prince Arnold: What the hell do you even want with her?

Beryl: *Snickers* Do you mean to say that you don’t know? Didn’t she tell you her little dark secret? And for a moment there… i thought that you and her were like very close. Like swell friends.

Prince Arnold: What the shit are you talking about, you space Bitch Psycho Queen?

Beryl: Terra has been working for me. The whole time. She was just masquerading as one of you… buying your trust. Lowering your guard.

Prince Arnold: And i think that you forgot to have Daffy Duck whack you on the head with the nuttyville Mallet to knock the cobwebs in your frickin’ head loose. Why the hell would she ever work for you? You’re just a Bitch who cares not of who you hurt.

Prince Arnold and Beryl fight and Exchange shots at one another. Beryl Blasted Prince Arnold and sent him flying… but Prince Arnold teleported back and Fired several shots of Water at Beryl…

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Oceanic suffocation! *Launching another attack at Beryl* Deep Sea Terror! *Launching a third attack at Beryl* Aquatic Downpour!

Beryl: *falling down off the roof of the cart*

Prince Arnold: *Teleporting off after Beryl and Cornering her*

Beryl and Prince Arnold continued to square off. Battling with each other and yet meeting at odds. Prince Arnold Got onto another cart and happened to see that Beryl was not there… Although it was a second later when…

Beryl: *Shooting Purple mist at Prince Arnold and suddenly getting behind him; Grabbing Prince Arnold* Why don’t you give it up? You think that you know who she really is? Do you? You are an ignorant Rhapsody… You don’t know her at all. Besides, She didn’t even really like you. She was only playing you.

Prince Arnold blew up and Shook with fury. He threw Furious waves of Water and added intensity to it. He was getting beyond pissed at Beryl and was about to unleash the side of him that he hadn’t done let out in a long time… But Terra was high up looking at the fight. She was seeing Prince Arnold fighting off Beryl and saw that he was getting backed into a corner.

Terra: Prince Arnold… Teleport… Make a run for it.

Prince Arnold: *Teleporting and escaping from Beryl’s hands*

Terra: *Spreading her hands and arms out wide and causing the ground to split open under the Wheel*

Beryl: Terra! No!

A second or two later…

Prince Arnold: *Teleporting to the ground and looking at the Ferris Wheel before grabbing Terra and making a run for it*

Seconds later…

Prince Arnold and Terra ran into the House of Mirrors and tried to get away from Beryl. They got deep inside the Tunnel and looked to see that they were trapped in the middle. Prince Arnold saw for a fact that they met a dead end.

Prince Arnold: *Checking for his Communicator* Oh no! … My Communicator! It’s gone. I must have dropped it somewhere. Damn it! How could i lose it? *Looking at Terra* Quick, Terra… hand me yours.

Terra: I don’t have it.

Prince Arnold: Then we have to go back to the tower. We have to tell the others that Beryl is back and is here.

Terra: Prince Arnold… I can’t. I’m not going back.

Prince Arnold: Why not? You’re a Rhapsody Girl… you can’t just not ever go back to them… Why can’t you go back to them?

Beryl: *Voice* Because she’s not your friend. She never was. *Appearing behind Terra* She’s My Apprentice. It is truly Pathetic as to how you never figured it out.

Terra then Vanished.

Prince Arnold: Terra?! Terra!

Beryl: You truly don’t get it… Do you? The girl you knew was all just a fantasy.  A Pipe Dream. An Illusion. In reality… Terra has been working for me. As My Apprentice.

Prince Arnold: *Punching the Mirrors in Rage* That’s a Lie! She would never do that. She’d never serve an deranged Psychopath like you. You’re spewing bull. That’s what you’re doing… You’re nothing but a liar.

Beryl: I found her… I trained her… i helped her control the Impressive powers that she possessed.

Prince Arnold: You’re a Liar. A liar.

Beryl: That was then… that i… Queen Beryl sent her to destroy the Rhapsody Girls Z! and the Rhapsody Brothers… From the inside… out.

Prince Arnold: I don’t believe you… Beryl, You’re just trying to stir up bull. stirring up trouble like always. That’s the only good thing you’re good for. it’s all you. So do a favor to everyone. SHUT UP!!! *Punching out all the Mirrors in Rage* Shut up! STOP YOUR DAMN LIES!

Beryl: Tonight, her orders were to strike. But perhaps she wanted to take pity on you. Make you her little underling as she was one to me. But despite this minor infraction as you may call it. i Call it a waste of time to have a Rhapsody as an underling. You would never cut it. You don’t know the meaning of being Evil and menacing. However there is one thing good that came from all this. She was kind enough to disable the Security systems at the Rhapsody Girls Z! Tower. Your pathetic Brethren are being Annihilated… As we speak words right now.

Prince Arnold: NO!!!! YOU LIE! LIAR! LIAR!!!

Terra: *Appearing with Beryl behind her* Prince Arnold… It’s true.

Prince Arnold: *Gasps and with devastation; with a hurt tone* Terra, Why?

Beryl: Because you could never give her what she needs…

Prince Arnold then getting enraged and in fury… Makes way with attacking Beryl. But Beryl blasted a direct shot at Prince Arnold… knocking him out. She was about fire again when…

Terra: *Balling up her fists* No! I won’t allow for you to hurt my friend.

Beryl: My dear… You don’t have any friends… You should know that by now.

Prince Arnold then got up and lashed out at Beryl within seconds… He was gonna thrash on Beryl and laying her out… He was so pissed that he turned into the form that he had not used in such a long time. He had energy pulsing all around him and as he stared at Beryl… He fired at her with multiple shots and multiple blasts. making certain that each one hit. Terra freaked out and ran off even deeper and reached a dead end a minute later… She looked at all the Mirrors and saw herself as a monster. Betrayal A ugly person… someone that she didn’t recognize anymore…

Terra: *Kneeling down and sobbing* Prince Arnold… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I truly didn’t mean for any of this to happen.

Prince Arnold: *Walking over to Terra; Angrily and in normal form* Then Why the hell did you let it go on like it did? WHY?!

Terra: *Getting up and afraid* I don’t know. I don’t know, Okay? Beryl saved me from myself… Said that i happened to have owed it to her.

Prince Arnold: *Pissed off and in a Irate tone* So you used me at my damn Expense? You knew what was gonna happen and didn’t want to be around the house when the truth came out. So you brought me out here… Miles from fucking home. Away from my brothers. Away from my family. While the Dark Kingdom assholes… sent by beryl crashed into the house attempting to annihilate them all easily with the part that the security system was disabled. By you. I Loved you. I Fucking loved you, Terra. I was in admiration of you. Would have died for you. YOU!  but to know this… about you. I can’t even believe that i fell for you.

Terra: *Reaching out* But you said that we would always be friends…. remember?

Prince Arnold: Friends with someone who betrayed my family… ME?! Someone who had nearly sentenced my family’s DEATHS?! No way. Beryl was right on one thing even though she and us are mortal enemies and she wants us dead as we also want to see her dead. we agree on her last line. You don’t have any friends. None. at all.

Beryl: *Commanding Terra to come to her* Apprentice… Come. We must take our leave. There has been a change in plans…

Terra: Beryl… you can do what you wish… but i unlike you sire to make amends with the Rhapsody family. I still want to see them as my friends even though you want me to serve you…

Prince Arnold turned his back and stormed out. He teleported off back to the place where he dropped his Communicator and then back home… to his brothers….

The aftermath of the surprise sneak attack sent by Beryl…


In the aftermath of this last surprise attack the team is stunned at the magnitude of evil and violence that was in it.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Screens and checking the Security systems* It’s done… Chloe redid the security systems and the access codes. The ordeal is all over.

Raven: I should have known that it was a mistake to trust her. It was a big mistake. We never should have trusted her.

Luna: Raven, you are angry… it’s okay. we understand. but we’re more angry. Hurt and betrayed than you can imagine.

Alice: *Looking at the girls* That is nothing compared to the reality that she didn’t just betray you… she gave Beryl… more than your possible deaths…

Prince Avery: She gave Beryl, Us. All that we could do. Our Flaws… the Achilles heels that we seem to have. the weaknesses that we have. She knows them all now.

How could something so good go so wrong so fast? Did they put their trust in the wrong person? Why would anyone want to hurt another just out of plain meanness? The team sat and discussed what they thought was a wonderful friendship and their trust.

Paige: We never should have trusted her. Ever. But we did. We all did. and We must pay for it. We can never come back from this. It’s gonna make it hard for us to ever trust anyone on the outside so freely. This is the worst that has ever happened to us.

Pearl: All the monsters and Villains that we’ve faced in the past… we beat them all. defeated them in every way we could. But…

Dinah: How could you dream to go after one of our own? Terra was our friend.

Luna: She isn’t our friend, Dinah. She betrayed us.

Dinah: *Feeling terrible and broken hearted* How could she…  How could she? How could she do this to us? Where we not her friends?

Prince Curtis: Apparently not since she did this. Beryl now has all that she’d ever need on us. How she can beat us and stop us from doing our duties. She’s got it all. We can no longer be the heroes that we were meant to be. She’s got us by the iron balls and the promised land of the women… the thing between the legs. She’s got us tight.

Raven: Just like the two girls that hate me… and despise the 3 of you. Betty and Angel will be just itching to peg it all on me.

With Scath a real threat still Dinah has sent her children away to a safe place as long as he is in the realm of their current reality. Dinah is contemplating the real possibility she may never be able to bring home her children now. As a mother this tears at her very soul, yet, she also knows that if there is any hope of being reunited with them she must stay focused and recuperate so she can pull her own weight to protect the earth from any and all possible threats.

Dinah: I can’t do anything to fight back that Queen. I can’t even go and batter that betraying girl… *With Tears in her eyes* I don’t know if i can even trust anyone here… We’ve all been hurting each other. Hurting ourselves. Being betrayed from someone who was an outsider. not of the family. We were betrayed. I can’t ever believe that my kids will be able to come back. Not to this.

Pearl: How can you say that, Dinah? Terra had hurt us. She came and sent our info to Beryl. Beryl has finally gotten to us and the only way we can fight back is to fight as one. Family trusts family… Remember?

Prince Arnold: Oh, Knock it off Pearl. Give it a damn rest. We don’t have a strong family. We trusted the wrong people. It makes me wonder if we can even trust our allies that are helping us… Whether they’re really siring to help us because they believe in the same things that we do… or if they’re doing it to better serve their own desires.

Prince Alvin: *Barks* Water lord… Brother, That is ENOUGH!

Prince Arnold: *Scoffs* Oh yeah! And what if i don’t stop? *Disgusted* What are you gonna do to me that Beryl hasn’t already done herself. *Blows up in hurt anger* She exposed the real Terra to me and Literally ripped my fucking heart out, You Ignorant son of a bitch. My fucking heart got ripped from my chest. I loved Terra. Loved her. All for what… To have my heart torn? Is that it?

It wasn’t that none of them saw it coming… It was just that in all their lives and with everything that they knew… they just couldn’t believe that this would be their undoing. Not a single one of them saw it coming from within their own ranks. Prince Arnold was hurt and felt broken.  He had his heart ripped from his body and obliterated. But the others all saw the terror that came upon them. The mayhem that struck them. They all stopped to think… Asking themselves the one Question…  How could they all be so blind and let their guards down where Terra was concerned?

Alice: We didn’t know that this was gonna happen? None of you guys did. You trusted her. You always followed the teachings where hate was left at the door and only love reigned.

Paige: Alot of good it does us now… We had our Love for one another and she used it against us. She saw that to be our weakness. Destroyed us from within.

She knew how and where to bring them down. Giving Beryl the open door she has been seeking. Beryl is a queen of a dark kingdom  and used Terra to attack them as her own insecurities and mistrust of anyone plays along with her own self centered heart and greed. The fact she was always seemingly to be on their side has left a bad taste in the mouths of the team. Terra was so straight forward and above board with where her loyalties were then this attack giving Beryl their most hated enemy who from the very beginning has used her dark kingdom forces to try to bring the team down, Rocking them to their very soul with trying to infiltrate the team, separate the team, make the team hated in the public eye, and up till now, has failed miserably.

Prince Avery: The City will most likely catch on to this at any time and hammer us for it. Beryl ruined us. Terra has to be innocent in some sense as she would never do this willingly. She could never have done this all by the power of her own free will. When President Roosevelt gave that speech to Congress asking them to declare a state of war… It wasn’t Just an act of Freedom avenging and the issuing a motion for war… it was an act of freewill. He wanted to prove that even though the country was attacked and the Pacific Fleet was thereby annihilated by Enemy forces… there was still people in the world who were good and wanted to fight back and stand up for their families… their Homeland. Avenge it in every possible way they could. They didn’t just sit down and give up. Neither can we… We can never trust Terra again. for was she did. Serving a dark master… A Dark Queen.

Prince Curtis: Brother, Terra has torn us all down. we have no faith in the goodness of people on the outside. There is no room for trust.

Luna: What hurts is that we can’t even trust the young ones like Martin, Karen, Irene, Jake and Jennifer anymore. We can’t trust the crew from the Enterprise. Our faith in trusting others… Is gone.

Alice: It’s not gone… Luna. The trust you have in other outside of the family… in each other. it’s not gone. It may be broken and shattered plus ravaged by an an Evil act of an Evil Queen. But it’s not gone… if it was… you would all be flying the coop and not here with each other now.

Pearl: That’s true. She’s got a point there. Our trust is Broken apart to pieces… But it’s not gone. Plus… this family is stronger than that…

Terra has done what she could not. Beryl knew she put her dark faith in the right one once she saw how jealous Terra was of the closeness and love the team had for each other. Yes, it’s true, they all have their differences and own way of wanting to do things or seeing things, yet when chips are down, they are always there for each other and Terra’s envy of this is Beryl’s ticket in and she seized it. . The depth of Terra’s betrayal, her completely evil act just came at such a surprise it truly rocked them to their core.

Prince Alvin: We still have a problem. What do we do about Terra?

Prince Arnold: Who cares? *Pissed* I don’t give a damn what is done about her. I don’t even care what happens to us. I’m done. You want to stay tight and stay with the idea that we’re still a tight family after we take in someone like Terra and from the inside out get destroyed by someone we trusted… you go ahead and do so… But as for me… I’m done. *Sighs and Looking at Prince Alvin; starting to make his way out* You can continue the Rhapsody Brothers line if you wish, Brother. I don’t want you to stop. Because this is something that you’ve held close and it should take a whole lot more than this to make you resign. But as for me… I’m done. I quit the hero work. I’m gonna dive into my studies in being a Law Professor and stick to the normal lines… it’s over. *Saying a few last lines before leaving* I Love you guys. I have not stopped and i won’t stop. Ever. But i can never go on being one of the crew… Not for a long time… for right now… this is how i see it. Maybe with a little time passing, I’ll reconsider and come back to being a hero again like the rest here. But for now… I can’t. I feel betrayed. I Fell for Terra. i Loved her and would have gladly died for her. No questions… but now that i found that she betrayed us all and was behind the sneak attack that hit here tonight. I can’t bare to stick around to endure the pain that is left here. I can’t. And to expect me to… that is the most terrible thing in the world to ever hope for and depend on. It is too much.

Prince Arnold leaves the house and goes back to the College Dorms…

Raven: Terra better not come around here… Because i won’t be so peaceful if she steps into this house…

She knows their abilities and weaknesses what will tear them to the core and destroy them and she now is a formidable foe, one they never dreamed they would need to face. This information is now in Beryl’s hands which along with Terra has put the team and whole world in jeopardy.  How will the team ever recover? Will they ever be able to trust each other or anyone else again? How will this affect their abilities to protect the world and themselves?…

Suddenly Terra came back into the house… In hopes that she could try to at least make amends with them. She didn’t want to lose them too… But when they all saw sight of her….

Pearl: *Storming over to Terra and With a fast Jab and hard punch… Punching Terra in the face*

Terra: *Falling back; Taking the hit*

Pearl: Traitor! TRAITOR!

Alice: *Looking at Terra; Pointing a Sword towards Terra* Don’t you move! You Betraying Snake… You joined us… and we Trusted you… But then you go behind our backs and give info to Beryl. Our Flaws… our weaknesses and our abilities. All the Info on us… you gave her. You Sold us out. You Sold all of us out. You Two-timing SNAKE!

Prince Avery: You opened the door to our demise. We were nearly destroyed because of those Dark Kingdom Soldiers who managed the break into the house here. This shelter from the storm. You disabled the Security systems to this place.

Terra: No… I didn’t mean for this to happen. Honest. You’ve got to believe me. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.

Paige: You didn’t mean for it to happen, huh… You didn’t mean for it to happen? What the hell did you think was gonna happen? You literally gave us off to Beryl. Selling off our Info… Abilities, Flaws and Weaknesses. It’s the same as if you were to physically hand deliver us over to her on a buffet line.

Terra: But when i was training… before coming back. i was crossed by Beryl. She offered to help me get better. I kinda owed it to her.

Prince Alvin: You owed it to her… Yeah Right. You should have had better sense than that. You should have known better. Beryl was Evil. You should have caught on the very second that you heard a line about her. But you allowed her to seduce you into the dark side. Beryl is one of those who once they have their claws into you… They will not let go. They will not release you without a price to be paid.

Luna: Terra, We put up with alot of crap. A whole lot of crap. Everyday. We get up and immediately worry that someone out there has been forming a Lynch mob with our names on it. Just waiting for us to show our faces so that they could all sharpen up their pitchforks and chasing us out of the City and into EXILE! There are still people out there who hate Us Rhapsodies. And there always will be. Like Karen’s mother. She hated us. Paige’s Debate Teacher Mr. Dalton. and a few others that we came across that lest we don’t recall the names… They hated us. Wanted nothing more than to see us all DEAD! But You… We Trusted you. we came to trust you when you tried to save our home… This house here… You helped save it… Only to then betray us and sell off our Info and Data… a record of all our Flaws and Weaknesses and our Abilities. Everything that we can do… you Sold it off to BERYL! Our ARCH-ENEMY!!! Now she’s got us right where she was wanting to have us for a long time.

Raven: *Barking at Terra* GET OUT! GET OUT OF HERE! Get out and never… Never come back. *Hovering back to her room and Slamming the door hard*

Within seconds… they all turned their backs on Terra and looked away from her. They didn’t want nothing to do with her and knew that they eventually would be living to regret pushing her away and turning her to join the dark side completely. But they were so hurt and were with hurt pride that it didn’t matter them at that time… however… it was a move that was gonna sometime soon come back to bite them in the ass. Terra felt that she lost everyone that she made as a friend and knew that there was only one place to go… To the Darkside. It was the only direction to go.

After Terra left…

Alice: *Disgusted* It makes me sick to know that the Queen is now gonna be one step ahead of us all. That Terra Betrayed us. We trusted her. We trusted her and she betrayed us. All of us. What’s worse is that she also knows how to beat down Raven. Raven won’t be able to fend her off… Terra will push Raven to lose control of her emotions and Raven will be unable to focus. Damn it!

Dinah: You guys have got to stop this. Please. This is no way for us to act.  Things are bad… There is nothing that we can do about it. We can’t go back and undo the things that happened. If we can’t stop and learn to look past this… how will we be able to protect our kids in the future? Paige, Pearl… you two don’t have kids yet. but who is to say that you won’t in the future? If you two act like this now… it will only instill the fact that in this world… you can’t trust anyone. Is that something you want to teach your kids? IS IT?!

Paige: No, Dinah it isn’t what we would want. We would not want to teach our kids that. Not ever. But Right now… We got to face facts. We were taken off guard and by surprise. We were attacked by Beryl’s forces. She wanted to destroy us from within. She did. Our kids are not here now… won’t be for a long time. Dinah, Your kids are on a different planet for sole protection. It’s a sting in the side. We have been caught off the guard and didn’t seem to realize that something wasn’t right.

Dinah’s real dilemma is this, how will she ever get to be with her children if she can not trust those who have been her rock all her life? She has relied and depended on them for everything. They are her friends, her family and she had entrusted them with the safety of her children in the event that something happens to her. Realistically, it is a fact she knew she had to face once she became a mother. Her reckless abandon days are over, she has 3 lives she is responsible for and her choices no matter how great or small effect them too. These people are all she has ever known, now, will she be able to trust them to care truly for her children in the chance that one day she does not survive an attack? Will any of them survive now?

Dinah: What hurts is that i feel that with what has been done to us here tonight and seeing that our trust has been shaken… how can we expect to trust each other? How do we have each other’s backs after all this? I want to trust you girls. You’ve been with me ever since this pregnancy began. and all till now. i trusted you all… and i know that i should not let that go… But after the deceitful move that was done upon the team here… being betrayed by someone who we put our trust in. made to be like one of our own. I ought to be pissed solely at her… because she was supposed to pick up the slack for my not being part of the team at the time due to my at first being pregnant to now me still re-cooperating from delivering and still trying to get back to the shape i once was and could be again. I still got a long way to go… another 3-4 months.

Pearl: What the hell do you want us to do, Dinah? Just openly come up and forgive and forget all the pain that Terra has caused on us?

Prince Alvin: Hey! Hey… HEY!!! *Snapping* That’s enough! From all of you. I got a little something to tell you all… You think our being betrayed is bad… you should see people being tortured over seas. They got it worse than we do. Alot worse. You think that our Being betrayed is the worst. How about being in a country that deals with gunfire and bombings… Wars. Constant war. You think that there is a hell? If so, You might want to go there for some R&R. Terra Betraying us is what we dealt with and are undergoing. We were caught on unawares because we didn’t see it coming. We didn’t foresee it coming. None of us did. But fighting with one another isn’t gonna help anything. We were screwed and sold out… There is nothing that can be done about it. There is nothing we can do about it. you hear me? NOTHING! Terra is not the Enemy… The Enemy is Beryl. She used Terra to tear us down… But there is nothing about Terra that we can call a lost cause.

Prince Avery: Brother, That is not the point there at all. You know that. Terra Gave Beryl everything that we could do. She Gave her… Us. Literally handed us to Beryl all on a silver platter. You really think that it won’t matter much to us that we were downright played? Do you?

Everyone is so mad and destroyed they don’t see the reality of the situation. Instead of being at odds with one another for trusting Terra, they don’t know that this is exactly what Beryl wants, hate, mistrust, disassembling in ranks. Making them even more vulnerable. The real question is how do they get back to where they were? How do they regain the inner strength? Time heals but with real threats to them, their family and earth time is not a luxury they have now. Maybe the voice of reason, a mother reason may help them see their inner strengths, help them be what they always have been strong and true human beings, Real defenders of the earth and all that inhabit it. A team is as strong as their weakest link. So together they are strong, apart, although personalities are strong, they each have something that allows them to be better, to bring out the best in each other and it is that strength, that light that will bring them back together in unity, back to where they once were, a strong force of people who’s commonality are that of the love of the earth and everyone in it. It’s this hope that drives Dinah to continue her quest to protect the earth. A future for her children and their children.

Dinah: *Sighs* Look you guys, This is new to me and i never gave advice from a mother’s perspective before. So, Do the mind and just bare with me. You guys are all hot under the collar because you were betrayed by someone that you saw as a friend. But by doing this… the fighting and the yelling plus the raised tension that you are all doing now… it is the same as letting the Evil Queen win. Letting her take the leap. You are all letting her win. But think about yourselves a bit. You all have love inside you. Plus not only that, Think on towards the future. About your babies. In the future when you have kids. If you tear at each other now… at yourselves and lose the trust that you still hold onto… What do you think that it would show to the kids? It would show them that the world is a place full of hate… pain and suffering. Is that what you guys want? Your kids future. Think about their futures and how they would feel to see you… Their parents acting like this. We got to worry and consider them. They are what we live for now… I have kids. You guys don’t. Not now… but will in the future. If you are fighting among each other…. What do you think it’ll do to them? What will they think? Us being betrayed… is shitty. heinous and how one would say… some very mean Bush. All you had done… Everything we had done to keep the peace in the world has been in Vain if we begin the next parts of our life with an act of anger, Hate and distrust. What will we all tell our children? What will they tell theirs? Now! Think about it, Is this what we would want?

They all took to heart what Dinah was saying. She was shaking it a bit, but she was getting her point across to them. All they could do was sit and sigh. The Betrayal shook them and they were all at risks to losing it altogether. Paige, Pearl and the rest of the girls all felt the same. It was a side-armed attack. Terra took them all for a ride and broke their spirits. Prince Alvin was however one of the ones who had a feeling that their pushing Terra away the way they did was gonna only result in it turning to be a very bad mistake. They gave up way too easily on her. they didn’t fight harder for her. They pushed her away and sent her to the throws of the dark side. To side with Beryl. It was one day gonna make them wish that they stuck it out and kept trying and hope to god that they broke her completely away from Beryl’s slimy Evil control. What were they gonna do when Terra came back to meet them? Was she gonna be coming to reconcile with them? Were the rhapsody clan gonna be in for a fight when that time came? What was gonna happen to Luna? Luna’s Hormones were acting up and working in overtime. What was that gonna mean for the team? Were the Rhapsody girls gonna be able to handle the moment of breaking out coming from Luna? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Chapter 94: “Oh Sweet gods” Luna’s coming to teen years Full speed ahead.

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