Chapter 92: A Final Frontier with the Enterprise and a Mother’s Choice for Preservation of her young.

In space…

In the USS Enterprise…

The Bridge…

Kirk: *Looking at Scotty* Scotty… we’re making the trek to Earth… set up the teleporters and sync them with the Coordinates for Metropolis. The Rhapsody girls are in trouble and as favor to our member Ensign Larmina… we’re gonna assist the girls.

Spock: *Looking at Kirk* Jim, Who’s all going?

Kirk: Spock, You, Sulu, Chekov, Uhura and McCoy are coming.

Scotty: I’ll stay here…

Kirk: *Nods* Let’s go.

Spock: *Looking at Larmina* The girls are your relatives… Are you sure that you would want to sit out?

Larmina: I’m sure.

Dr. McCoy: It’s okay, Larmina… We’ll let you know what happens while we’re there. As soon as we get the briefing from their grandmother.

A Minute later…

At the teleport Pod…

Scotty: *Pressing the button and setting the coordinates for Metropolis* Teleportation Energize!

At Metropolis University Dorm Building…

Terra: *Looking at Raven* We should take this outside. People are gonna get hurt if we keep this within the building.

Raven: *Looking at Dinah and Shingo* Dinah’s sustained some marks and Shingo’s unscathed. But as for Christie… She’s been untouched.

Sailor Luna: Let’s take this outside to the clearing.

Raven: *Nods*

A second later…

Beryl: *Looking at Luna, Terra and Raven* What on earth are you brats up to?

Sailor Luna: *Looking at Beryl; Snaps* You know what, Beryl? 1. Shut the hell up. You are just the same as you were last time. You were a bitch last time and were trying to get Earth to form a manhunt on the Sailor Soldiers and the Moon Princess. You remember Princess Serenity? The one that you still claim to be no more than a little girl? Well she’s dormant now. But i’m not. I have gotten stronger and more tougher since the last time we all dealt with you. Since this mess began and we are going over the trouble with a Demon being unleashed onto the world… You came around and have been nothing but trouble. You stir trouble and try to make like you’re innocent. Nice try though. it’s not gonna work. You can’t Snow me. You forget that you are not with the powers of that Evil Entity Metaria anymore. You have no real power here. And Targeting the Rhapsody Family is just you showing your insecurity. That is all it is.

Beryl: The Rhapsody family are inconsiderate… They got involved with a dilemma that didn’t concern them at all. The Great Evil problem was to be between you sailor Senshi… and I. Not them. They got involved and stuck their noses in our business. IT WAS NOT THEIR PLACE!!!!

Sailor Luna: So… because they got involved… you’re back to hurt them and tear them down? Why? Because they loved this city and were not about to allow for someone like you to come and destroy it with your ambitions?  *Unimpressed* Ugh! do you even hear yourself speaking that bull. I am only 12 and not even a full human and yet i as a human can see the rotten rumor mill that you spew and enjoy stirring just to suit your evil heartless needs. You, Beryl are just a real rotten bitch. You were never nice or kind. You for the longest time acted out in anger and malice because no one would kiss the ground you walked on… or kiss your butt. because they didn’t come to you and love you. Who the hell would show you any love when you… have not earned it… or done anything to deserve it?  Answer that… since you want to continually hurt others around you as you see as though their feelings mean nothing to you whatsoever.

Terra: Luna, I don’t know what you’re trying to point out here at Beryl… But i don’t think that you’re helping the situation by lecturing her. You’re seemingly only set to tick Beryl off something awful.

Luna: Maybe so… But Beryl is trying to hurt the Rhapsody family. She’s been constantly riding on the family’s coattails for a long time… ever since the threat with the great Evil began and ended… which was a couple years ago. And then… with this current predicament that has started and with the belief of a Demon said to come to earth…

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting into the room* Luna, Stop. It’s enough. Let’s take it to the outside and away from Dinah and her Fiance. Away from Christie too.

Raven: *Shadowing and forming a black veil surrounding Terra, Luna and Prince Alvin* Beryl… If you want to fight. we’ll have it outside. If you have any willpower or any sense… you’ll start the attack on the outside.

Beryl: What nerve of you to order me around… *fading out to the outside*

A minute later…

Outside of the Dorm Building and in the opened clearing…

Beryl: *Firing an attack of purple mist at the fighters*

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Launching a shielding attack reflecting the purple mist* Elemental shield!

Sailor Luna: *Looking to see Martin* Martin, you came.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Not just me… But i brought the troops in along with me…

Jake: *With Jennifer* So that broad must be Beryl… She sure ain’t much to look at.

Jennifer: Let’s fire at Beryl. She’s got a weak spot. Expose it.

Karen: *Looking at Beryl* Beryl… I am a psychic. i can move things with my mind and i can see a person’s fate… What i see about you and how this will end if you don’t back off…. You won’t survive this.

Beryl: And neither will the Rhapsody family… I will see upon that.

Miss Love: *Coming into the scene* Wanna bet, Bitch?!

Bubble Maiden: Beryl, so help us… you will back off from us and if Taking you down… is the only way to make you do it… SO BE IT!

Prince Curtis: *Appearing on the side* Let’s get to it.

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Alvin before facing Beryl* Brother, give the word and Beryl will be blasted with a heavy dose of Plasma. Attacking or attempting to attack the little ones is a grave mistake.

Prince Arnold: She wants to attack the little ones… she’s gonna die for it. Let us know the plan and we’ll attack.

Prince Alvin: guys… Pick a side. We’re gonna attack Beryl on all sides.

Sailor Luna: Martin, Karen… Attack her.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Icy fog Panic!

Karen: *Raising her hand and gaining control of Beryl* Say Beryl… i’m just a kid… not really a teen yet. But i am curious to know if you ever had a moment to say your prayers… before getting beat by a kid with special abilities. You are probably thinking: “I should see about disposing this young one before it becomes my undoing.” Am i right about that? I would bet that i am close to that… aren’t i? It is what you do. But do you think that Killing is what we will do to you? No… we won’t kill. Maybe we’d just Maim you. but Kill. No. Because unlike you and your Evil kind… we preserve life. not destroy unless there happened to be no other choice.

Irene: Ve’re gonna put you in your place Beryl. Ve don’t like you and Ve don’t want you here.

Beryl: *attempting to break loose from the grip* …

Karen: *Catching Beryl trying to break free* Uh-uh… I don’t think so.*Holding on To Beryl tighter* You stay. We’re deciding on what to do with you.

Prince Alvin: Beryl’s trapped and unable to move. Karen’s got her… Brothers… ATTACK!

The Brothers counter and move to each side. surrounding Beryl and then with an Order to Fire at will towards Beryl…

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Watery Tomb!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Plasmatic Strike!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Electric Whiplash!

Miss Love: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Love’s Jamming Rhapsody!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Bubbles Storming Concerto!

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the target* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugarhearts… Beam… *Launching the Attack at (Queen Beryl)* ATTACK!!!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Summoning a Star and Hopping on it; Riding it in formation before twirling around until a shape of a star is seen and is 20 feet in size/Diameter; then the star glows golden* Starlight Beam Radiation Swirl…ATTACK!! *Launching the attack at Queen Beryl*

Beryl: *Taking the attacks; Breaking loose only seconds later and Firing Purple Mist at the girls and the Brothers; Pushing the Psychic attack back at the young fighters* Cease… Brats!


A group of people appeared onto the College grounds…

Kirk: *Facing Beryl* Beryl!

Beryl: *Turning to see an unknown man standing before her* Who are you?

Kirk: I am Capt. James T. Kirk. Captain of the USS Enterprise. I am here to aid the family you are trying to defeat.

Spock: I am Dr. Spock. Vulcan Science officer.

Dr. McCoy:  I am Dr. McCoy, Chief Medical Officer.

Uhura: Lt. Nyota Uhura. Comm. Officer.

Sulu: Lt. Commander Hikaru Sulu… Helms man.

Chekov: Lt. Pavelle Chekov.

Kirk: What is the meaning of inflicting harm on the Rhapsody family?

Beryl: I am taking them out of the picture. They constantly get in my way of world domination. They foiled my plans to awaken a Great Evil and seize control of this planet… and since then… They constantly got in my way and tried to ruin my ambitions.

Spock: Ones Ambitions never bear fruit unless they were of good intent. Ambitions of one with an Evil Heart always sires reason to fail. The girls fight for what they believe in and fight the good fight to preserve the lives that mean most to them and value much worth. they protect everyone who needs it.

Sulu: And i will admit that at first i didn’t think much about them. But i came around. I was made convinced of the wondrous things that they had done.

Beryl: I don’t tolerate the idea that they live and are glorified while i am made to live in darkness.

Sailor Luna: It’s because you tried to destroy the Moon Kingdom. You tried to steal power that didn’t belong to you. You tried to turn Earth against all Moon inhabitants. You think that we’d ease up on you after all that. Is it just me, Or are you truly ignorant, Beryl?

Beryl: *Firing a shot of Purple mist at Luna* Silence!

Kirk: *Commanding the crew* McCoy, Spock, Sulu, Chekov… set the Phasers to Stun.

Spock: *Nods*

A second later the Crew Fired the Phasers at Beryl and Stunning her. However what they didn’t realize was that Beryl had a plan already set in motion… While they were all out there and fighting her off… Beryl had a couple of Shadow Creatures scouring the building for the babies and found them. The Shadow creatures grabbed them and took off taking them over to where Beryl was at and Snickered…

Sailor Luna: *Getting up and Exploding with Anger towards Beryl* CURSE YOU, BERYL!!!! LEAVE THE BABIES ALONE!!!! *Running right at Beryl and Clawing her* You leave the Babies alone. They don’t belong to you. They’re the babies to Dinah… She gave them life… hurting them is like hurting us. You rotten snake.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Launching an attack at Beryl* 7/10 Thunder Rumble!

Miss Love: *Getting up and Shaking off the attack* Oy! That was a course of bad luck… What the hell was in that attack anyway? Knock-out serum?

Bubble Maiden: *Getting up and Shaking off the attack* That lady has serious anger issues and she’s really starting to get on our last nerve too. She keeps trying to kill us. Can’t she give it up?

Miss Love: I don’t think so… But i don’t think that i am gonna wait to find out.

Bubble Maiden: What are you suggesting?

Miss Love: Simultaneous attack. Aiming at the center of Beryl…

Bubble Maiden: Should we get the others into it too?

Miss Love: you got it…

Prince Alvin: *Looking to see the babies nearby Beryl* If the babies… are here… That means. *Gasps* Alice!

Prince Alvin then with panic teleports to where Alice was and gets to the room only seconds later…

Prince Alvin: *Looking to see Alice; Knocked out* Alice?! Alice! *Tending to Alice and trying to wake her up* Alice, Wake up…

Alice: *Slowly stirring and looking up* What… What’s going on?

A second later…

Alice: *Jumps a little and scared* What just happened? Prince Alvin, What happened?

Prince Alvin: *Shaking his head feeling unsure* I don’t know. But it looks like you were just attacked by a couple of Shadow creatures and they sidelined you good. Beryl has the babies now… those Shadow creatures got the babies and brought them to her.

Alice: Which doesn’t make any sense since i was watching the babies. i didn’t even take my eyes off them for even a minute. Not once. *Getting up and dusting herself off* What the hell is that witch’s problem anyway? Why the hell is she doing this?

Prince Alvin: Because she wants to see my family dead. She’s hell bent on seeing that my family is dead. What she’s got in plan for the babies is uncertain. I don’t know. No one does. but if we don’t nab them back and prevent them from being abducted by Beryl. Dinah is gonna throw a fit and there is gonna be nothing we can do to ice the blowout she’ll dish out. Alice… I got to go back out there and do what i can with the brothers to knock Beryl back and get the babies to a safe spot till this mess is over… but Not before i know that you’re okay.

Alice: It’s okay. I’m gonna be okay. once i get myself to calm down and not be freaking out. You go and show Beryl… a thing or two. Get those little ones away from her. *Shaking a little*

Prince Alvin: don’t worry. i’m planning on it. *Kissing Alice on the lips* Stay here… calm down. I’ll be back. Promise. Love you.

Back outside…

Prince Avery: Beryl’s wearing down… I think that we got her now…

Prince Curtis: Just a little more.

Sailor Luna: Let’s get her. *Launching an attack at Beryl* Luna Silver Moon FLASH!!!!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Flaming fire sling-shot!

Bubble Maiden: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Bubbling Whirlpool of LIGHT!

Raven: *Aiming at Beryl* Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos! *Firing Dark Energy at Beryl*

Terra: *Lifting some Rocks and Sending them fast and with mach speed towards Beryl; Slamming into her*

Beryl: *Flying backwards with a flash of speed* I’ll be back. I am not stopping. Those babies will be mine. You Rhapsody brats will die. I promise that…

Prince Arnold: Fat chance, broad. You keep coming back… we’ll keep knocking you down. You’re gonna learn that you are not taking this planet. You’re not gonna rule. Get used to it. Come back, Beryl… Just try to come back and you’ll be getting more where that came from.

The babies were saved and even though the save was quick… The babies began to cry…

Sailor Luna: *Saddened* Awwww! The poor little babies… The commotion scared them and upset them. *Walking over to the babies and getting them to calm down* Come on… Calm down little ones. the Mean lady is all gone. It’s all gone. She is all gone. *Kneeling beside the babies and Cradling them to sleep* Calm down… Please calm down. It’s gonna be alright.

A Moment Later…

In Room #250…

Dinah: *Waking up from the attack* Ugh! god… What the hell was that; That just happened? That wasn’t happening… was it? Was that Evil witch really in this room and was she really trying to come after my little ones?

Shingo: *Stirring and Looking at Dinah slightly* Dinah? Are you alright?

Dinah: *Shaking her head* yeah. I’m fine. But i feel as though i was attacked. Do i have anything on me?

Shingo: *Looking to see Dinah a little bruised* Yeah… you do. but from what? There is nothing here that could have done it. Unless… *Suspecting* I don’t think i’m gonna like this… but it’s a possibility that the Evil lady. Beryl… i suppose her name was; was in here… Those marks look like purple mist residue. She was in here…

Dinah: *In despair* Oh great… Beryl comes back to try and off me. She probably tried to successfully abduct our little ones too. I just hope that the girls nabbed the babies back and sent that Evil Rotten Witch packin’…

The next morning…


Alice: *Walking to the main building* Prince Alvin, Last night was a fear fest. Watching the babies and then seeing them get swiped from the room by shadow creatures. then getting hit by one of them… i am still trying to shake that off. Where were they even coming from anyway?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know. I don’t know where they were coming from really. They did however make the move to bring the babies over to Beryl. but they were so fast that i didn’t even see them. at all.

Alice: I didn’t even see where they came from either…

Prince Alvin: It’s strange how the Shadow creatures just came out of nowhere and happened to know exactly where the babies were being kept.

Alice: Beryl had to have sent them. She must have sent them over to abduct the babies. We were all able to snatch them back.

Prince Alvin: That was by luck. just by luck alone.

Alice: *Seeing a group of men and a woman walking around* Who’re they?

Prince Alvin: Who’s what? *Taking a look at the group* I think i know who they are. We know them…We might have met them sometime ago. Right? They are *Seeing the Star fleet symbol on the shirts* The Enterprise…

Alice: The Enterprise? *Confused* What do you mean by that? *Thinking and suddenly remembering something* Wait… The Enterprise… We once had a date sometime ago. during the summer i think it was… when they came. No… It was a couple months before the summer occurred and They came to fully Emancipate Larmina from that Queen Allura. Kirk as we heard was with Spock and they were at Star fleet academy. to present the case of your now adopted Aunt Larmina. to An Admiral. But while they were there… Uhura, Scotty, Larmina, McCoy, Chekov and i believe that Sulu was there too.  wasn’t he?

Prince Alvin: No. he wasn’t. During the whole visit… Raven didn’t even pop in for a spell.

A Flashback…

Martin: Hey. *looks at Luna* What’s new Luna?

Luna: Hey Martin. It’s good seeing you. What’s going on with Vincent? Is he okay?

Paige: I wonder the same thing… He’s been really distant as of late. Disturbed. Was it about what he saw in the Crystal ball? About Scath?

Prince Alvin: We got to also worry about the Arrival of Terra. We don’t even know where she came from.

Pearl and Star walk off to discuss about Fashion. Christie goes up to Visit Dinah…

Paige: Lively here… Isn’t it? *Chuckles* It’s getting lively now.

Martin: Well, he did see Scath alright. It was something about him being released onto the mortal world. It’s kinda disturbing if you ask me.

Uhura: It was?

Chekov: Really?

Scotty: How so?

Larmina: If it wasn’t for our duty, we would help you.

Martin: Well. He was in the mortal world facing off against us after Raven released him.

Prince Alvin: Raven is releasing him only because she is not only a person… She’s also a Portal. Trigon is her father. She can only release him by reciting the Incantation… “The Gem was born of Evil’s fire. The Gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim. He comes to sire. The end of all things Mortal.” Unless she says that line… it can not be done. We can’t allow for her to say it.

Luna: No kidding.

Paige: If she releases him… It’s over. it will be all over. And the worst thing is that it is the promise of her Birth. it can’t be changed. She’s got no way out of it. sadly.

Martin: Is there a way out of this?

Luna: No. Raven is the Portal. There is no way out of it. But the fortunate thing is that we have a bit of time left before we all have to worry through that part. Right now… Beryl is the key concern. Plus Dinah’s pregnancy… After she conceives on that day of delivery… We will need to have the babies sent off of Earth. Till after the threat is done. Because if Scath comes… Earth will not be safe for them. It won’t be safe.

Prince Alvin: I agree. Where can we send the babies to protect them till after the threat is all done? Thoughts are welcome.

Chekov, Uhura, Larmina and Scotty discuss this momentarily before looking at the others.

Larmina: Well. Starfleet is having Sulu’s daughter Melana and Chekov’s daughter Tatianna over to Space Station Nebula 14. It’s outside Earth and the babies should be safe there.

Luna: We could send them to an alternate dimension.Safe… Isn’t there someone that we know… Didn’t Princess Rikku once know a person named Wakka of Besaid Isle. in Spira? What about him?

Paige: When we were 10… Mom mentioned about him. We never heard from him for years. He might step up to care for them if we were to ask.

Prince Alvin: That’s Option 2.

Uhura: I would suggest our ship, but Dr. McCoy would go insane if we harbor the babies there. I mean with duty, with all that we’re dealing with on our end would not be the best environment for the babies.

Prince Alvin: That’s option 3. 4th one… anyone?

Paige: I don’t know.

Luna: Well… I can always contact the Queen again and ask if she can watch over the babies for the time being.

Larmina: That’s Option 4. What about Option 5?

Prince Alvin: Not sure. Anyone for ideas… Anyone at all? We need options. 2 more options. 2 more.

Larmina: What about Spock’s home planet of Vulcan? Spock’s parents especially his mother Amanda would be willing to look after the babies until the dangers is over.

Uhura: If the captain authorizes it, that would make a great option.

Prince Alvin: 1 more left. Who’s gonna shoot for it?

Larmina: I will. There’s this planet I was at for awhile which is called Delta Phoenix 9. Minister Kenneth took good care of me there. That could be one.

Luna: That was 6. 6 options. All we need now is to present the options to Dinah. Whatever option she chooses… we will respect. because this is a decision that took alot of thinking over.

Prince Alvin: I will go with Luna and one of you members of the crew. Remember… we can persuade… but in the end… It’s Dinah’s decision and what she says goes… She’s the mother. So she has final say. other than Shingo who is the father to the babies. Agreed?

Luna: I agree with that. *Nods*

Uhura: *raises hand* I’ll go.

Prince Alvin: Uhura. You want to step up? Okay. Luna, you and i will do the honors…

Luna: Let’s go…

Uhura: Sure thing.”

Prince Alvin: I remember that we made the option of having Dinah decide on where to send the babies to better protect them from Scath’s ascent when that day finally did come.

Alice: That part… i didn’t know about. What happened on that day?

Prince Alvin: Nothing out of the ordinary. It was just another day. well it seemed to be other than Beryl being on the loose and landing attacks as we went through one last night. The brothers were also keeping the forces at a cut number. However that was when i came by and saw Luna… Paige and Pearl standing out front with a crew. Uhura, McCoy, Scotty, Larmina and Chekov. They were all conversing and then within minutes…Star and Christie arrive. Christie goes her way to stick with Dinah. Star talks with Pearl and brings over more of the Fashion ideas that she and her were working on no less. They were also talking about the Emancipation from Allura and That Grandma Rikku… who is my Aunt. She had to go and fill it out and take care of it. Which she did the next day. It was that night that you and i were together. I stayed at your place.

Alice: *Realizing* Oh… That’s right. We were Sleeping together. Watching a Movie called Avatar. We spoke about seeing it and were in the middle of seeing it when you had to head out to tend to your Adopted Aunt’s Fiance at the time Chekov. I suppose his name had to of been. Handling a Nightmare. Luna was the one that came and got you to head off to handle it.

Prince Alvin: What a night that was… That was a memorable night and then some.  i then had to handle a ruffled feather of theirs. Landon. Yeoman Martha Landon. i never hit women. never in a million years. But i hit her and let that lady have it.

Alice: That i remember… You told me that on our day time outing the next day and i was rather shocked. This guy… Scotty was with Your cousin, Luna and With Martin too. Martin mentioned a little bit about his parents. a line about his parents. however… he didn’t get too far into it. Not till later. So your Cousin Luna mentioned. from what she was telling us… i think that i was there too… or was told. You told me after the Enterprise crew left the first time. That Martin didn’t get too into it as it was just way too painful to mention. All he would say was that it was caused by a Plane crash.

Prince Alvin: Of course. These guys are the same ones. the same guys.

From a Distance…

Uhura: The Evil lady that they girls faced last night. That was Beryl… Wasn’t it?

Kirk: Yes. that was.

Uhura: What was she doing here?

Spock: She was here to do away with everything that revolved Rhapsody. She clearly has a distaste against them. Everything about them sets her off in a most uncanny way.

Sulu: She also was determined to kill the little babies that were brought to her. 3 little ones. All girls from the way they seemed.

McCoy: That’s a Close deduction. But those babies were Dinah’s. Obviously. The last time we were here Dinah was still pregnant. But now she’s gave Birth to the the little ones and they’re living.

Uhura: I’ll bet that they’re lovely as Eden in the beautiful garden.

Prince Alvin: *Walking over Overhearing the compliment* You better believe that they are. My God Daughters are very beautiful. Dinah made me the Godfather to them and i am darn proud to be it.

Kirk: *Turning to see one of the Rhapsody Brothers* You must be the Captain of the 4 boys. Now men. Prince Alvin, Right?

Prince Alvin: That’s right. I am. I am the Captain and the Alpha male to the Brothers too. The leader.

Kirk: It’s a pleasure to meet you. I heard of the things that you had done. Helping Chekov snap out of the nightmare he was having because of Martha Landon.

Prince Alvin: *Grins* Hey… It’s like i told Larmina before when i done it… it’s no big deal. It was a pleasure to do it. It was the least i could do for her. Larmina Loved him and wanted to help him in whatever way possible. She didn’t want to shake him. so… it was up to me… all because my sense of skill and considerable amount of knowhow. I’ve had to do it for my brothers a few times over the years. One of those times were…

Prince Alvin Flashes back…

King John: *Looking at the 4 boys* Boys, For a while… you’re gonna be staying with Your cousins. They are gonna be in need of extra strength and protection. These next few weeks will be their worst to come. Your Aunt Princess Rikku is dead. They’re gonna need strength and protection now more than ever. They Got Shanna, Luna and the Heaven twins… their sisters Betty and Angel there too to guard them and protect them. but it won’t be enough. they’ll need you.

Prince Alvin: You got it, Pops. We’re on it. We’re gonna protect them.

Prince Arnold: That’s right. They are hurt and with the Emotions and the Anguish they feel still… it’s gonna be almost a long time before they allow it to subside. It hurts them most because it was their mother. we must be their pillars of Strength.

Prince Avery: Their boyfriends are supposed to be their pillars. but this is a blood family matter. We need to be there for them as they would be there for us. *Feeling terrible for the girls* I can’t believe that Aunt Princess Rikku is dead though. Why would she be dead? how could someone kill her? Their mother was an angel. She may have been a bit odd. but she was with a extravagant heart. Her life was ended by something. someone. and if it really was someone that did it. they might be still out there and intend to come back to go after the girls.

Prince Alvin: *Barks* Plasma-core! Enough. That is enough from you. Don’t be harping on it. We all know who was behind it now as it was evident courtesy of Chloe. She matched the scan to the archived markings of Zod. Zod was the one that did it. And when that time comes… and it will… Zod shall find out what pain really means.

King John: *Holding up his hand and demanding an Explanation* Hold on… Are you trying to tell me that Zod was the one who killed My Cousin, Your Aunt and their mother Princess Rikku?

Prince Curtis: Way to go, Captain… he wasn’t supposed to know yet.

Prince Arnold: Well Blame Plasma-Core here for bringing it up. it was supposed to be kept quiet till it was right to spill it out. Leave it to him to be a total BIG MOUTH!

Prince Avery: *Snaps up a little* Hey, Dad has a right to know about it too. He is tied to this too, you know. maybe you guys want to keep things in the dark. but i don’t and it’s not right for you to expect me to keep it silent. We’re all in on this. Zod has killed one of our own. vowed war and vengeance on the Girls. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are in devastation now. They’re in pain. *With Anguish* Pearl was crying the whole damn time at the Memorial. she was barely holding it during the memorial feast that happened after the burial. it was breaking her. Dinah… she is the toughest person we know of the girls. the toughest. almost nothing could get her to crack and break down. Nothing. but the loss of her mother… and seeing that it hurt her sister Pearl and the others as well as us… it broke her. It broke her and she busted down with Anguish. You really think that it’s gonna be just so easy to ease the pain that they’re feeling. It won’t be easy. You guys damn well know it won’t.

Prince Alvin: *Stepping over to Prince Avery and Putting a hand on his shoulder* It’s okay, Brother. it’s okay. we know. we do. I understand your heart and how you feel. we feel it too. But breaking down like this is not helping. We can mourn and mope over it all we like. but it won’t help us get after the killer. it won’t help the girls and it won’t make things better. We got to be the pillars of strength for the girls. and we can’t do that if we show any emotions and cracks of being unstable. You got to cheer up.

Prince Avery: *Quivering a bit* how can i do that, Brother? It’s just painful to know as to how Zod got away with killing Aunt Princess Rikku. Princess Rikku is gone and there is nothing that we can do to bring her back.

Prince Arnold: That’s why we’re gonna avenge her. Avenging her death is to pay respect and tribute to a life lost. The attack was a callous maneuver done by the likes of Zod. But his time is coming. he’s soon gonna be made sorry for crossing this family.

Prince Curtis: Let’s grab some change of clothes and some things that are necessary for us. Our new place is their place for a while.

Prince Alvin: Let’s go.

King John: You boys be careful and protect those girls. they’re extremely important. Zod might come at them next. you’re not to let him have that chance.

Prince Alvin: Don’t worry. we won’t give him that opportunity.”

Prince Alvin: That was when we all had to bury Princess Rikku. The Daughter to Aunt Rikku. Princess Rikku was an Aunt to us too… but losing her was painful for not only the girls… but for Aunt Princess Rikku’s mother as Princess Rikku was Aunt Rikku’s Daughter. As she considers it… Princess Rikku was Aunt Rikku’s Most sensitive Daughter. Most sensitive Baby. Which if you had walked in her shoes… just for a little while and lived a portion of her life… You’d see the pain she endured. How Princess Rikku’s life growing up and the struggle she dealt with.

Spock: Painful memories are that of one’s subconscious mind. it is a recurring vision that one relives when they face a point of time that refers to that memory. All it is; is a memory of a time that was lived and endured.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Spock* I can tell that with the Logic speaking from you… you must be the Vulcan they call Dr. Spock…

Spock: That is correct. I am Spock.

Prince Alvin: *Motioning for his girlfriend to come over and meet them* Alice… Come and meet the crew from the Enterprise.

Alice:  *Walking over* Okay. *Looking at the men from the Enterprise* You guys must be the ones that my boyfriend and his family kept whistling about. It’s good to finally have a face to the names i kept hearing. i usually hear odd names. But you guys are definitely not from around here… Are you?  *Chuckles* i would have figured that you guys wouldn’t be from around here. I’m as you can tell the girlfriend to the captain here…

Prince Alvin: She’s expressive… isn’t she?

Sulu: I’ll give her that. She’s very Expressive.

Uhura: She’s very nice.

Alice: I am Nice… but if anyone were to mention about my scumbag father… They’d be getting a nice rebuttal. Because as far as i am concerned… he’s dead to me.

Chekov: don’t vorry. Ve von’t ask you about your father. I don’t like talking of mine either. My father wasn’t very nice.

Alice: Let me guess… Your father was considerably a bastard just like mines is. Right?

Chekov: in Simpler terms… yes. he vas…

Alice: Well at least your father didn’t come home drunker than a Skunk and out of being drunk… Soiled on you and urinated on you. My father had done that and i tried to scream at him and snap him out of it… but he kept doing it. Which of course for the longest time he could not be bothered to see me and be with me. He wouldn’t talk to me. this all started when i lost my mother. lost her to a car crash when i was 6. and since then… My father and i just grew apart and just stopped being close. it got worse by time i was 11 and for a long time i tried to get through to him and kept failing. By 13… i just gave up. Because i tried to even get into a little trouble… he wouldn’t notice me. I tried to start trouble and toss a few things nearly breaking them. He wouldn’t budge. Stayed up late one night when i shouldn’t hoping that he would get on me about it… Nothing. I just gave up. i never got to see him and when i did see him… it was for about maybe a minute and that was about it. He works at the Luthorcorp fertilizer processing plant. He would always just come home smelling to high heaven of Manure. and every time he did come home… i was always asleep or out at school. And if it was the weekend that he was home… i would sneak and make like i was going out when i was thinking about staying home… He would evade and make any excuse to go back to work so he wouldn’t have to see me. *Feeling a little angry just thinking about her estranged father*

McCoy: That’s sad. And we do lay out our sympathy that you had to deal with a situation like that.

Alice: It’s okay. *Sighs* there is nothing that anyone could have done about it anyway. I am sure that my father hated me for the longest time but never had the guts to just come out and say it. He’d just take the cowards way of showing it. Evading me every chance that he got. Soiling on me. Ignoring me. Blowing me like i was nothing but a piece of trash to him.

Prince Alvin: Alice however was in dire affection with me a year before she and i met… which you guys didn’t know about. You guys never really figured to ask about that.

Kirk: No. we didn’t.

Uhura: What was that like? When you met her for the first time.

Prince Alvin: It was… almost like i was losing it. Because before i met Alice… i was so wound up with being strong and forceful… so much like a leader that i didn’t feel anything for romance. I knew that i had it in me… but a huge part of me was just scared that i’d mess up with any girl that i got with. or that they’d run from me if they were to see the things that i could do… that my family could do… It was… difficult to let my feelings out at first because i didn’t think that i’d win the heart of a girl. Any girl for that matter… But that night… Things changed…

Prince Alvin Flashes back…

“Prince Alvin: *Sighs* What the hell am i doing here? I am here waiting on someone that i don’t even know. I was just Eyeing her like she had the Aura of Lady Liberty. but it wasn’t like i was trying to flirt with her. Now i am here waiting to meet a girl that i was only staring at… only to wind up getting her hopes up and crush her heart and make myself sound and look like a total fool. *Stressing out* ….

Alice: *Walking over from the corner a few minutes later* Where is he? He’s supposed to be here. Wearing a Jacket and red shirt. A pair of Airs Sneakers and jeans. *Looking to the side and seeing Someone with the description* There. *Calling over to Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin…

Prince Alvin: *Looking to see someone coming over*

A second later…

Alice: *Smiles Shyly* Hi… You must be Prince Alvin.

Prince Alvin: Alice?!

Alice: Yeah.

Prince Alvin: I actually wanted to meet and explain what the real deal was… My Brother Prince Avery came to you and asked for your #. I was gonna come to speak to you or something. but the thing was… well… i was hesitant because i 2-3 years saw a girl that was really… well… smart. i was kinda feeling something for her and yet. i never went for it because i was unsure if the girl would feel something as i had. I never went for it. i kinda regret it but it’s too late because that time has come and gone. My brother however caught me scoping or eyeing you. not like stalking or anything. but just like being rather really interesting. I didn’t plan to even flirt or call. only because of fear that it’d be the same incident that happened 2-3 years ago and i’d wind up being only foolish. i really didn’t even think that you’d even… well… like me as i would you.

Alice: *Gasps and feeling at a loss for words* What… You… Like…. uh….. Um… You like me?

Prince Alvin: Yeah. I actually like you. I know it sounds stupid of me. especially since we had never even met till now. officially…

Alice: *Blushes* I Don’t even know what to say. Prince Alvin, You shouldn’t be afraid of opening up to me. I am a shy girl… but i will always understand. Prince Alvin… If you have feelings for me… you can say it. it’s okay. we barely even know each other. but don’t be denying your heart.

Prince Alvin: We should hang out more. I want to get to know you. get to know you better than what i’ve been told. What i was told about you is that you have no mother. just a father who works for Luthorcorp and that he’s making as though you don’t even exist. That is sad and not right. You are all alone at school. no one talks to you much. I don’t tolerate that at all. You’re with feelings too. and it hurts you just the same when people walk all over you.

Alice: I got used to it. I can’t make people like me. If they hate me… what can i do? Buy their respect? I am not like that. Never have been.

Prince Alvin: *Scoffs* Alice, that is not the point. You should not be left to be hated by people. You are not supposed to be alone. If your father isn’t gonna notice you… then what good is he? A father should be there for his son or daughter. You’re all alone. I won’t stand by and allow that to continue. I don’t know what i feel about you yet. but i know that what i am feeling now is pain for you seeing that you are being without any friends. without a father that would care and notice you. or speak to you. It makes me sick knowing that a nice person like you is going through life all alone. with no one to talk to.

Alice: I had no idea that you felt so deep about human nature and family relations. You don’t really know me much except for what you just mentioned and you sounded so passionate and so inclined to stand up for family. Namely mine. *Shocked and with no words to express how she felt* I don’t get it… Prince Alvin. You shouldn’t be so worried about how people treat each other. People in this city have issues. You can’t just take it upon yourself to fix the issues. All you’ll do is get people really annoyed and i can already tell that you really care. You care about everyone more than yourself. Why would you sacrifice your own feelings and your heart just to please the people around you and cause yourself to be without?

Prince Alvin: You can tell what i am like already… you can tell what i feel. I have the impression that there are things about me that are pulling you in. We don’t even know each other Alice. we know nothing of each other. before today… i didn’t even know that there was someone like you in the world. someone who was so alone. and so sad. but only to meet someone like me… face to face and already feel what i am really like. to see what i am really like… inside. *Looking to the side then back at Alice* Alice, i’ll tell you something about me that might sound a little much. but you can’t tell anyone.

Alice: You shouldn’t worry about me telling anyone about what you can do. Who’ll believe me anyway? No one really talks to me. i don’t have anyone in school as a friend.”

Prince Alvin: However a moment or so later…

Prince Alvin goes on…

Prince Alvin: *Showing off his ability to Alice* This is what i am… Alice. Look at me. I am the Captain of 4 boys. the guys you see me with most of the time are my brothers. Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis. They and i are together… The Rhapsody Brothers. I am a fighter. that’s all i know how to be. I have feelings for you. but they are having trouble coming out. I don’t know how to release my feelings. I can’t do it… Alice. You’re a special person. but how can i expect you to tolerate someone like me? I am not what you might think. I can’t romance a girl. I never was able to. I am a fighter by blood. By sweat. Like my father before me. like his father before him. *Releasing fire from his hands and tossing it at the bushes and then Running to grab water; putting out the fire* See that? That’s what i have. Fire. i am with the element that destroys….  the element that not only lead to modernization to what continues to fuel the planet. to fuel up the engines inside the cruise ships. to weld the buildings together. the metal for the frames that fortify the buildings. it also kills. destroys. Burns.

Alice: It doesn’t scare me. I am a little weird myself. so i know what it’s like to be different.

Prince Alvin: That’s Just it though… you haven’t met me before and we have never met face to face. you never been aware of the world i am part of… Everything for as long as i can remember would ward people off. Every girl outside of the family… would run and remain timid. but… *Growls a little and not sure what it is he’s supposed to feel around Alice* No… not you. It is like everything about me… seems to draw you in. My powers… my face… my aura… My alter persona… even my existence…. *Blasting fire at the nearby bench and blowing it up* It’s like you think that there is still a chance for you to resist me… what i am and what i can do.

Alice: *Pleading* Prince Alvin… stop. I understand. *Emotional* But that’s why i am here talking with you. I am not afraid. i understand. What it’s like to be alone… having to live life alone… without a better half to guide you and be there for you. not having any friends. i know. I lived that life for as long as i can remember. Ever since i was 6. i was seen as a freak. someone that would never know what love was. i had no friend. no one would ever talk to me. i was made to be alone. My father was always away at work. i never saw him. never even speaking to him. he avoids me. it hurts being left alone. being without a friend. someone to talk to. no one to hear you cry. No one to help you talk about what hurts you or what you’re feeling. I had no one with me.

Prince Alvin: *Looking down suddenly* it’s not fair to go through life all alone. Being made to feel like you’re a nobody in the eyes of the public. being made to feel like you’re just another person without a face. I am made known through the papers because of my family. What they are… What they can do. None of that means anything to the public. all they see is either freak… or outcast unless the person could bring something to the tables. something that would make a difference.

Alice: *Looking at Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin, Do you like me?

Prince Alvin: Yes. i do. i really do. Alice… I like you. i have feelings for you too. I just want to be someone you can trust. someone you can talk to. i know what you are going through as i have gone through it too. when it comes to the friend  part of it. My father and i are really close. We’re very close. there is nothing better than a relationship with your father. something that all boys and girls should have.  Going through life without that. that is what makes life so hard to bare. knowing that you’re all alone. *Grabbing Alice’s hand* Alice… Feel that? That’s warmth. Devotion and trust. you and i are not there at the point of being in a relationship yet. but from what you know of me now… and from what i now know of you. we are closer. You’re here with me. and i am here with you.

Alice: *Holding Prince Alvin’s hand* I know. i am happy to know that you’re here. *Smiles*”

Alice: *Holding her Boyfriend close to her and hugging him; Kissing him* And being part of your life is the best thing i’ve ever done. I Loved you for a year before we met and love you even still.

Prince Alvin: *Kissing Alice back* And you never will have to be alone again. Ever. I won’t ever allow for that to happen. Ever.

Chekov: That reminds me of what it was like when i first saw Larmina. I was attracted to her and it was as though she was the one that would love me. It was a time to remember… Loving her is what makes my whole life worth living.

While they were talking…

Inside the Dorm Building…

Room #349…

Pearl: *Getting up and getting her stuff together* Last night was a pain. That Queen really has a whole lot of issues of Anger.

Star: You’re kidding me, Right? Last night? I didn’t even know about the attack. No one told me a thing about it. I know for fact that you never mentioned it to me.

Pearl: I shouldn’t be feeling too left out. I didn’t hear about it till the last minute myself. Paige came to me and got me in on it as it happened. With the transforming i done… it is surprising that you didn’t hear me transforming and leaping out to fight some Evil.

Star: *Yawning and trying to wake up fully* No… i didn’t even hear it. I was sound asleep. I usually am at night when i sleep. A Car alarm would go off and i’d never hear it. A lot of times when i sleep. I am like a slumbering pussycat.

Pearl: Beryl tried taking the babies.

Star: Come again with that… Did you just mean to tell me that Beryl… the queen bitch Envy in all her glory tried to take the babies?

Pearl: Yeah. She did. it is a good thing that we were able to bust Beryl down. or we would have lost the babies to her and she would have killed them. Killed them and then go right for Dinah and kill her then work at killing us.

Star: What is her problem again? *Yawning* Does she always have to be so Sadistic and cruel?

Pearl: Yes. She does. She lives for it. I mentioned once that Beryl was the one that tried to unleash the great Evil before…. Right?

Star: I think that you mentioned it to me before. You said something about you having to go against a lost Prince that was with the Great Evil inside him and had to kill him. in order to kill the great Evil. That was something that you told me. i however don’t get why the Evil Queen Beryl would be back. She was dead and she comes back for a souped up case of the revenge and the sense of trying to kill a family… Yours. She aims to kill your family and kill you. Why?

Pearl: it’s because she is pissed at us for our foiling her plans the last time we all dealt with her. We ruined her plans. Now she is wanting retribution and how she’s planning to get it… by annihilating the entire family.

Star: You really think that she’s gonna just sneak in and just kill off everyone of you guys and put them all on a stake and serve your flesh on a silver plate. Beryl isn’t that clever.

Pearl: She isn’t that clever… but she’s not what you’d call an idiot either.

Star: Those were your sisters words that you just used you know…

Pearl: I know… but i am seeing as she is seeing it. But the very difference from that is just as such… Dinah’s a Mother. I’m not.

Star: *Getting ready for class* We have class today again… But it’s only one class today and it’s fashion Design. Associate in Applied science degree which is what we’re going for. We have 2 classes on Thursday. English and history. English is easy. History on the other hand is gonna be a little rough. It won’t be like High school.

Pearl: It should be pretty easy for us then. But today is Fashion design and it’s a 5 hour class. once a week. We are gonna be working on a wonderful design today.

Star: We have the designs all made and know exactly how it’s gonna look too. In a couple weeks we got a meet with Raven-Symone and Anne Hathaway. They want to hear some of our ideas.

Pearl: *Gasps* What?! They want to hear about our ideas a bit more.

Star: You better believe it.

Pearl: Oh my god… I am gonna faint. I swear.

Star: Easy there, Girl. Easy. Don’t go all freaky on me now… We don’t know how it’s gonna turn out till we actually meet them. Right now it’s a thought and a promising offer by them. But from now till then… it could all change. It could change into something else. But the possibility is good. From the way it sounds.

Pearl: Agh! Don’t kill the good feeling. we need this feeling. anything to keep our minds off of the fact that we got a big issue with an intergalactic Demon that is just itching to bust on out.

Star: *Feeling a little unnerved* Ugh! Girl, Really… Did you really have to bring that red freakish walking talking nightmare up?

Pearl: Sorry.

Star: It’s okay. I know how you feel. The whole family is dealing with College issues and Dinah’s babies needing protection. Dinah’s soon to be wedding this December and now the Intergalactic Demon along with it. It’s a real mess.

Pearl: *Looking at her phone* We should hurry up and get to class. it’s gonna start soon. it’s at 10 AM.

Star: We should Grab something to eat first. we’re gonna need some food. We didn’t really have much last night in the Lounge. There wasn’t really all that great a selection of food.

Pearl: *Feeling her stomach grumble* Yeah… you’re right. We should see on grabbing some food. I am getting rather famished myself. We should see on getting a Mini-fridge in here and stock it with some food. so we don’t end up starving.

Star: I’m with you.

As for Raven and Terra…

Later that morning…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Raven: *Looking at the Screen* Beryl failed at grabbing the babies. She failed. But she’s gonna try another attack soon.

Terra: Where will she strike though? Almost everywhere she appears… she fails and the girls all beat her down.

Raven: That is clearly what happens when Beryl comes out into the open. But she is attacking the family. The Rhapsody Family is in need of help. And there isn’t enough forces to keep Beryl at Bay on a constant basis.

Terra: We need to go out and investigate where Beryl resides and learn her moves. We need to stop her before she attacks again. No offense… but your power ain’t gonna cut it. You have dark energy. She’s got Dark power too. If you and her were to go head to head… the powers would cancel each other out because they’re both the same. Yours are for good. hers aren’t. But the fact of the matter is that they’re the same. You need to have someone who’s got light powers in them. *Thinking* Now who do we know that has that kind of power?

Raven: I think we know. Two girls who are known as the heaven Twins. Betty and Angel.

Terra: The Heaven Twins? *A Little lost* You’re not talking about Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand… Are you?

Raven: Yes. That’s who they are.

Terra: Where are they? They know that their sisters are in need of help and are in need of them to aid in the fight, don’t they?

Raven: They do. But they moved out after graduation because of me and my dark powers and they don’t seem to see any good in me. at all.

Terra: That still doesn’t explain why they’d move out of the house here.

Raven: I really don’t want to get into it. All you should know is that Betty and Angel were not all that comfortable with me being here… and apparently a week before graduation… from the High school. Betty and Angel came to them with what they knew about me and of course without me hearing what was going on… they met somewhere secluded and spoke about the issue. it had to revolve me but they wouldn’t say. But what Luna said to me when i pulled her over and demanded to know what was said…

Raven tells about the discussion…

“Raven: *Looking at Luna* Luna, No more with the hiding info… what was the secret meeting for? What were you all talking about that you didn’t want me to hear? 

Luna: It was about you. Betty and Angel informed us that you were this Evil being. This portal. That when the time came… you’d become just like Trigon and take out the whole world. at his side.

Raven: That is not true. I would never sacrifice the world for my demonic father. Ever. I would never allow for him to take over Earth. Not Willingly.

Luna: Well… Betty and Angel don’t believe that. We tried to tell them that you’re not ever gonna become your father and they wouldn’t listen. Dinah got on them about it and yelled at them. Telling them the back off in a rather hard tone. I even got on their cases too. Because they were being really unfair to you.

Raven: They don’t like me. they think that i’m bad. don’t they?

Luna: Sadly… yes they do. we got into a fight with them and it got ugly. They are moving out in a couple days. It’s over with them. *Feeling angry* I don’t ever want to see them again. Ever. You are not this bad person that they assume that you are. We see both the good and the bad. not just the bad. But it’s quite clear to me that they do just see the bad. The bad and none of the good. My sisters don’t ever want to see them again. Ever!”

Terra: Wow! a Fight like that and the whole sisterly unit just breaks right in two… I just hope that i don’t do anything that will set them off. That couldn’t have been a happy moment.

Raven: It wasn’t.

Terra: We’re gonna need to go after Beryl though and get ahead of her. somehow.

Raven: Yes. But we’re in need of them. If they want to continually hate me… i’ll have to live with that. But they’re needed. Betty has the light powers that will drown out the Dark power that Beryl has.

Terra: Are you sure that you want to stir up trouble with Betty and Angel. They already don’t like you and if you were to go to them and get them angry… you might only be regretting it.

Raven: There is no other choice. I have to go to them.

Terra: *Sighs* Alright. let’s get going… but don’t say as i didn’t warn you…  I don’t know much about them… in fact, i don’t know them at all. But from what you told me about them… i can tell that going over to meet them and see them will only be a big mistake.

Minutes later…

They left the house and went to get some assistance. But it was only a minute after they left that Grandma Rikku came in and barely got situated to rest when…

Grandma Rikku: *Looking to the side and looking at the door* Who could that be at the door? *Sighs* Oh bother… Just when i thought that i would be able to relax a little bit. I am all alone as it is in here… There is no one left other than Raven and Terra and they are doing their own thing. Raven Meditates… Terra does whatever it is that she does and Luna is as of recent back talking me and it’s like i am just constantly in everyone’s way… *Walking over to the door; Answering it a minute later* Hello?! Can i Help you?

Kirk: Greetings. You must be the one that the Alpha Male of 4 men call Aunt Rikku. I’m Capt. James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise.

Grandma Rikku: Oh my… *Gasps* You’re the one who is the Captain of the crew.  My adopted Niece… Daughter… Larmina said that you were the captain of the crew. i had to handle the Emancipation papers for her to get away from Allura who was the one responsible for the death of King Keith. *Surprised* Come on in. don’t just stand there… Come on in.

Spock: *Looking at Kirk* Kirk. I do believe that she remembers us… even though she clearly had only met McCoy, Uhura, Scotty and Chekov.

Sulu: She hasn’t met me i don’t think.

Grandma Rikku: No. I don’t believe that i have. But i would believe that you are part of the crew here as well.

Kirk: That’s right. That’s Hikaru Sulu. He’s our Lt. Commander Helms man on the USS Enterprise.

Grandma Rikku: *Seeing McCoy, Chekov, Uhura* I can see that you guys are back. It’s good to see you all again. Uhura… Looking just as bright and lovely. And Good ole’ Dr. McCoy. How’s the life treating you since the last time you were around these parts?  And Chekov… You’re looking better. Have you gotten better with forgetting all about that Harlot Landon?

Uhura: *Smiles* it’s good to see you again too, dear.

McCoy: *Nods* It’s going quite well. I do trust that Dinah’s delivery was a entrusted success…

Grandma Rikku: It sure was. However on the 3rd one… the Doctor had to reach in and up to the Elbow to pull it out as the Cervix began to close a little too fast. She also died for about a moment. But she was brought back. All by the grace and luck of god. Although when it first happened… the others took to it mighty hard. they thought that they lost her. It was sad.

McCoy: But She did survive it…

Grandma Rikku: Yes. She did. She pulled through and it took about 3-4 days for her to get enough strength for the hospital to Discharge her and release her.

Chekov: That’s good. As long as she is healthy and able to get back to her life again. With her sisters.

Grandma Rikku: I wouldn’t know about that. But i do believe that she’s alot better than she was and she’s relieved that she’s not pregnant anymore. But how  about you? Are the nightmares about that two-timing harlot all gone?

Chekov: Very much so… Knowing that Landon will soon be in galactic prison… that is what makes it all the more better for me. Knowing that she won’t be able to hurt anyone else. Larmina Still wants to tear at her for Vhat she has done to me… But knowing that Landon is gonna be tried heavily for her crimes is retribution enough…

A Minute later…

Inside the Living room…

Kirk: *Sitting down and Looking at the crew before looking at the screen* We have been following the progression of the Intergalactic Demon known as Scath.

Grandma Rikku: The intergalactic Demon… That’s a name that i would not care to hear be spoken here… I know only a little bit of the Demon and not more than that. The girls… Paige, Pearl and Dinah have been following it more thoroughly. More likely the others. Dinah on the other hand stayed out for a good part of it due to the pregnancy that she was undergoing. However… she isn’t Pregnant anymore.

Uhura: We know that as we saw the babies last night.

Sulu: We teleported into it last night.

Chekov: It is a good thing that ve had. Those babies would have been taken away by that Evil woman.

Grandma Rikku: An Evil Woman? As in who?

McCoy: That would Queen Beryl of Dark Kingdom, Ma’am. She was at the scene aiming to attack Dinah and the Babies. Although the other girls came and dealt with her. Luna and her young team as it were… 3 girls and 2 boys. Paige and Pearl… The 4 men. The Half Demon girl and the girl who rides on the Earth.

Grandma Rikku: The names are Raven and Terra. Raven is yes… the Half- Demon girl. She is strange… but she does pull her weight around. More than often. Terra is very laid back, But she is also quite dependable. She is eager to prove a worth to stick around as she still yet feels like an outsider.

Uhura: But her powers… her Lineage… doesn’t that frighten you at all?

Grandma Rikku: Are you kidding, Uhura? I am utterly terrified. But i am not one to harp upon the Eerie Heritage that she possesses. I am not gonna let it reign out. It is scary to know that she is to become this Portal… Whatever it is. I know that she doesn’t want to become it… i even can feel that she is scared to sheer death over it. It isn’t anything to let slide by.

Chekov: You surely ken not be serious. It would be suicide. Letting the girl remain here… You seem to trust her. But Vhat makes you think that she von’t turn evil and unleash the demon side in her?

Kirk: That is something that we’ll have to witness for our own eyes, Chekov. We can’t declare for the Woman… Kind and peaceful to let out all the details yet.

Spock: That is Quite illogical to assimilate, Jim. What she knows about the girl and what we have discovered are two different sides in itself. the only thing to conclude our theories about the girl who is half-Demon Half-Human…the same one who is destined to release the intergalactic Demon known as Scath is to meet her.

Sulu: I agree. I would believe that a meeting with her would better put all that we know about her to rest.

McCoy: We of course can’t allow for her to know that we know all about her.

Kirk: That’s right. It could jeopardize everything that we know about her thus far…

However… At the Talon apartment…

Betty: *Studying the religious templates* It’s been a couple months since we left the house… Moved out. But those girls are so darn ignorant. putting trust in a girl who is with a demonic heritage. She is no good for anyone.

Angel: They trust her and see the good and the bad when they know that anyone with Demonic Blood is all but good.

Betty: Hey. It’s not our problem anymore. They want to live with the Half-Demon girl and get themselves condemned by the demonic Girl’s presence. That’s fine. But we’re not gonna be a part of that. We told them what we knew and how we felt. All that sister of ours Dinah could do was back talk us… Yell like a little Bitch. I Don’t know what mom ever saw in her. Maybe the fact that Mom is dead is a good thing so she could spare herself from being in the same place as that sister of ours. Dinah. I can’t stand that conniving Snot. and her 3 girls are gonna wind up being just like her. Little bitches just like her. *Huffs*

Angel: I can still recall how she spoke to you…

Angel flashes back…

“Dinah: *Snapping and Looking at Betty while trying to keep still for her babies sake* Betty, I have had it with you being Judgmental… All you do is pass Judgement and curse anything that has a bit of bad blood in them. Raven is not this bad girl who sires to destroy the world. She doesn’t want to be that. You know that she doesn’t. But all you see is reasons to hate her and Judge her. I for one have had it. You are rude and uncaring. You’re just like that bastard Ex-Professor. You and he are just alike. Judge people who are not looking just right in your eyes. And You call yourself a hero who proclaims and carries out god’s will. doing his work. Preaching his words… But the real truth is that you only do it to suit your ass. Betty, You and Angel are our sisters. and you know damn well that we’d go to hell and back for you… no matter what the hell you two commit. Family protects family. But if you even think that we’re gonna put up with you being judgmental and considering Raven…a person who is also to our dismay a Portal… but still a fellow person who is in need of our help a lesser than… then we don’t care to ever see or even look at you. Raven has issues with her father. She is his Gem… But that doesn’t make her Evil Incarnate… Either you believe it or you can get the hell out of our lives and never come back till you learn to have a more civil head and learn to show better love. God is about love. “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Book of Matthew. Chapter 7 Verse 1. Either you take that to heart or you give up your Godly powers and give them to someone who will keep those lessons true. Shape up or GET THE HELL OUT! Because contrary to what you will say… GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY! nor… DOES HE FAVOR THOSE WHO SPEAK ILL OF THY BRETHREN!”

Angel: Remember that? Dinah said that right to your face and you could have blasted her.

Betty: And do what… kill her and possibly kill the babies inside her? Making me, What? a Killer. A killer of my own family. No. As much as i can’t stand that Conniving little bitch… Killing her is not something i am about to tolerate. Not at all. Besides the fact is that Even if that Bitch sister… Dinah is right… and i am pissed and sick of her… the one commandment in God’s will is “Thou shall not kill.”

Angel: What do we do about the girl Raven? She’s got Evil Blood. But the girls… our sisters are gonna defend her to the hilt. No matter what we may say or think. They won’t see reason.

Betty: We’ll have to destroy her ourselves. Raven has dark powers and is of Trigon’s breeding. What is the one thing that Devilish beings can’t stand… Whether they be only half Demon, Part Demon or all?

Angel: Holy Magic.

Betty: That is right.

Angel: You’re not thinking about killing Raven of Azarath, Are you… Betty?

Betty: If that’s what must be done to save us from dealing with Trigon and suffer through Trigon breaking out into the Earth… through the portal… So be it.

Angel: I’m sorry… but i don’t think that i can settle with taking a life. Even if it has to be the will of the Lord himself. He would not cater to his children committing a Murder. I can’t do it. I can progress with all the dark arts and know of his Rage and Vengeance… but to thereby taking a life of another? It’s insane… Mundane and conspicuous…

Betty: What do you suppose we do then? If Raven lives… we die. She’s of Evil breeding.

Angel: You’re being really sadist. That is rotten. Literally rotten…


Raven: *shadowing in* You are not happy to see me… i’ll live with that. But this isn’t about me… or about you. Your sisters are being targeted. Beryl is gonna come after you eventually too… She hates the whole Rhapsody family… I am not one of you… but i do this because i care for the innocent.

Betty: *Scoffs* Really?! Boy are you full of it. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are not innocent. They took a life. The Guy Stroker. Pidge Stroker was murdered by them. Because why? They were getting too high up and thinking that they were all good as gold and he just wanted to bring them down and remind them that they weren’t the only ones out there fighting the good fight and doing the things that were needed to be done for the fellow man. They took his life. because he had stuff on them that they didn’t want out. The death was covered up… but i know. I am a product of my father’s breeding. I hated him for what he tried to do to my mother. and hurting them to hurt her. But killing him… i will never get to see him again. Ever. They killed my father. So deep down… i rather hate them for it. even though they did what had to be done. to protect them and the family. They could have spared his life. Maybe put him in a maximum security prison. But they instead killed him. They MURDERED MY FATHER! when i figured it out… i pulled away more and more from them. Then with them defending you… when there is no part of you that is good. That’s what really did it, Raven. But yeah… i am the kook. i am the Bitch in their eyes. They take a life and then they dare speak to me about the Commandment of God: “Thou shalt not kill.” They should Practice what they preached. I know what they have Done Raven… you have been with my family for about just about a full year only shy of a month away?

Terra: Uh….

Betty: As far as i am concerned… you can talk all you like about them… standing up for them and make them look like innocent girls… but in all truth… and if truth be fucking told… You don’t know a DAMN THING ABOUT THEM! You think you know my sisters and what they’ve done? Well Earth to being from another Dimension… “You Don’t know Shit!”  you hear me? You don’t know shit about my family other than what your little Gem on the forehead tells you, Raven. *Sighs* Now… What is it that you need? You want my help… you got it. But don’t be getting me to back off from my sisters who don’t deserve respect. because they’re anything but that…

At the Metropolis University…

In the Automotive room…

Classmate #1: *Looking at Prince Alvin* What are you planning to do with the car that you’re building, Muscle brains?

Prince Alvin: Watch it with the tone… You know who i am building it for. I am building it for the girl i love.

Classmate #2: You talking about the girl Alice? Aren’t you? You heard that her father tried molesting her once, Didn’t you?

Prince Alvin: That didn’t happen. Alice was just soiled on by her father. that’s all. nothing else than that.  Alice doesn’t like to talk about it because even now… it gives her a uneased sensation in her mind.

Classmate #1: I hear you. i know the feeling about having a parent who does vile shit to their own children. It happens all the time to families in this country man. I know. my mom tried to undergo attempting to have a relation with my sister. But it was stopped and my mom is in federal prison for it. But i can tell you that it’s enough to send a person to therapy for a long time. It messes them up and makes them damaged goods as word gets around. people look at you differently.

Prince Alvin: Well… that’s not the only thing. She’s also Psychic and has Foresight.

Classmate #2: Are you kidding? That’s a awesome power to have. the best power to have. But did she use it to foresee the vile thing that was committed to her?

Prince Alvin: No. She never saw it coming. She didn’t even expect it. see it or think that it could happen. But as she told me… *Sighs while grabbing for some tools before walking back to the car* I don’t know why i am even talking about it as it would likely upset her. But she told me that she was just in her room sleeping one night when all of a sudden… there was sounds of a door opening up. It was obviously the front door to her house. It opened and she listened for voices. She didn’t even think that her father would be home as she never gets to see him and he constantly ignores her and blows her off like she’s nothing at all. But she didn’t know who it was and she listened for anything to sound off. Alarms and dogs barking. Anything out of the normal. She at first didn’t know it was her father…  she stayed still and listened and barely turned to see a shadow forming and seeing the shadow form. it came closer to her… and the next thing she knew she started smelling a mixture of Whiskey and Riesling White Wine. Even some Merlot. He was drunker than a Skunk. The way he seemed… If he were any more drunk… He would pass out from intoxication. It was that strong.   She called out to him to see on getting him to snap out of the spell that he had to be under. She tried and he would not answer. He was out of it. before she knew it… she felt wet all over and saw that she was being soiled on. She could only scream and feel sickened. She got told me that after she was soiled on and wasn’t even sure if he was done trying to soil her… She got up and ran to the bathroom and locked the door. She wouldn’t come out of there for anything. She was terrified and felt practically Violated and or defiled.  Her father did that to her and it only got worse for her… not better. She had to take several hours just trying to get the smell off of her. She had to try 3 bubble baths. 2 showers and 4 bottles of perfume to drown out the smell. She felt violated. When i was told of this… I wanted to Scream and growl with anger. I was pissed and must have turned 15 shades of red. It was how much i was pissed after hearing of it. Hearing that Alice was being treated in such a terrible way by her own father. She was being treated so awful by her father. for the rest of the School year of High school… She spent with me at my dad’s place. in the same bed. She and i were in the same bed. We didn’t do anything. We just slept there. But she was so scared of her father and so hurt… that she even felt disgusted. she hated him for what he had done to her.  *Looking at the parts and checking to see if he’s got the right ones* I don’t want this getting out. But She would not feel any remorse towards him being taken out. For what he did to her… I wouldn’t feel any remorse. She was ignored by him since age 6. it was like she was not even his daughter. He ignored her and blew her off.  He didn’t even spend any time with her. When she was home… he was gone. When she was asleep… he was around and then left for work before she could get to even see him. He’d come home most of the time smelling up to high hell of Manure and Fertilizer…

Classmate #1: The poor gal… *Sighs in despair* That is just terrible for a girl to be just tossed to the bloody hounds and to the cold of night by her own father. I take it that a father’s love never got rewarded to her…

Prince Alvin: Her father was a bastard.

Classmate #2: No debates on that. We hear you, man. That guy must have been the total definition to rotten menace of the reigns of parenthood. He would give  all the poor bastards who could only wish to be fathers only to just come and fail pathetically a real run to their course.

Classmate #1: You’re working on a car for the girl. Working for a degree on Machines. We’re doing the same. You know… You got a mess load of guts doing this stuff all for a girl. Usually you’d figure that it’d be for the person building it as that’s how most people in the class here usually see it to be. they wouldn’t build it for anyone else… But that’s probably because they don’t have anyone special to build it for other than themselves.

Prince Alvin: That is true… Although… i should as of late and been for almost a year now believe that there is a someone out there for everyone. Just have to be patient and keep your eyes and ears open.

Classmate #1: Good Medicine. *Introducing himself* Name’s Rick Dunesberry. The guy next to me is my Brother and close partner in all cases of Mechanics and Machine mayhem Carl Dunesberry.

Prince Alvin: Nice names. So i guess with your Thrills of all Machinery i ought to call you the Machine Double Duos… Nice ring to it. The name here is Alvin. Prince Alvin. But the Prince is just an addition. Not a term or direct link of royalty.

Rick: It’s cool. Even if you had Royal blood. You’re still one of the crew. We wouldn’t embellish it unless it was allowed or permitted to.

Carl: That’s true. *Looking at the time* We better get back to work.  The Big boss in the office over there is gonna get on us like a gestapo if we don’t scurry on back to being with our work again.

Rick: The teacher is okay. His bark don’t scare us… but his bite?  That is a little bit of concern. It’s not the most happy feeling. that i can tell you. But seriously dude… if you ever need a heads up on anything in the mechanic field line and the knowhow on Machines… just holler. we’ll patch you with the breed.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* You got it.

At Metropolis Middle School…

Luna: *Walking with Martin, Karen, Irene, Jake and Jennifer* That Queen gets me so mad… Plus the fact that Grandma Rikku is riding my life like it’s something to control. I am so tired of it. It’s bad enough that we have the Evil Queen to deal with. That is a pain and a total annoyance. But to now deal with my grandmother trying to control me. It’s making me really edgy and it’s annoying.

Jake: Grandmothers can be a pain. Mines was… but she was also just being very reprimanding. She just wanted to be a part of my life… Although my father and mother saw through the guise. They didn’t trust her. Can’t say as i blame them. But if i were in your shoes… I’d Embellish it. Grandmothers are not bad. Yours is probably just trying to shoot with what they know and trying to give you a bit of a normal upbringing. That there is not a crime… Although with her being Overzealous with it… that is a little over Excessive. Even for her standards… if she even has any.

Martin: I should feel rather Envious towards this… I can’t feel anything like that about my grandmother because i don’t even know who she is… I can’t say as though i’d feel the same towards them for being over acting on the involving one with the lives of the offspring. My parents are dead. So i’ll never know what it would be like.

Jennifer: When it comes to Teenage Angst… trust me… Luna… you’re not missing much. It’s nothing of a pretty sight or feeling. It’s a pain in the ass. and that is just lack of better choosing. However… it is as it sounds. A pain in the padded butt.

Irene: *Shaking her head* But Vhat about the Evil Queen? She won’t give up without fight. She want Dinah and her babies. she will keep coming and we don’t know how to make her stop…

Karen: There is one way to make her stop.

Luna: *Looking at the others* that is something which i would normally say. But i am getting an idea of where you’re going with this… There is a person who can do it… That’s my sister Betty. She’s got Holy Powers. However… she and Dinah… Paige and Pearl practically don’t like each other. They had a rather heartening falling out.

Martin: What… You’re not kidding, Are you? *Looking at Luna* Luna, What do you mean that they were with a falling out? What happened?

Luna: It’s all having to do with Raven. Betty and Angel had some startling details about Raven and didn’t even think that Raven was the good person that we all saw her to be. They saw her as just this Evil being. This Evil threat… and nothing more. They told Paige, Pearl and Dinah what they thought and believed and it just turned into a fight. A huge fight and no more than that. It almost came to blows… But What happened was that each of them gave Betty a taste of what for… Paige and Pearl… weren’t as strong as Dinah was. and Honestly… i want to be like Dinah… tough like her… Because she was putting an end to the bull. I want to have that power too.

Martin: You already do, Luna… I’ve seen it. You’re well devoted to what you do. You know more about the Evil Queen than any of us as you’ve dealt with her once before as it was mentioned countless upon countless times. Plus… i don’t think that you should change… I think that you should stay just the way you are. You’re already special.

Luna: *Touched* Awwww! You’re really sweet saying that, Martin.

Karen: But go on with the details… Why did they fall out?

Luna: Because they didn’t like Raven being around and Paige, Pearl and Dinah did. Betty and Angel are so controlling too. They run around acting like Gestapo’s. I am just by far tired of it. Dinah put Betty in her place though…

Luna Flashes back…

“Dinah: *Snapping and Looking at Betty while trying to keep still for her babies sake* Betty, I have had it with you being Judgmental… All you do is pass Judgement and curse anything that has a bit of bad blood in them. Raven is not this bad girl who sires to destroy the world. She doesn’t want to be that. You know that she doesn’t. But all you see is reasons to hate her and Judge her. I for one have had it. You are rude and uncaring. You’re just like that bastard Ex-Professor. You and he are just alike. Judge people who are not looking just right in your eyes. And You call yourself a hero who proclaims and carries out god’s will. doing his work. Preaching his words… But the real truth is that you only do it to suit your ass. Betty, You and Angel are our sisters. and you know damn well that we’d go to hell and back for you… no matter what the hell you two commit. Family protects family. But if you even think that we’re gonna put up with you being judgmental and considering Raven…a person who is also to our dismay a Portal… but still a fellow person who is in need of our help a lesser than… then we don’t care to ever see or even look at you. Raven has issues with her father. She is his Gem… But that doesn’t make her Evil Incarnate… Either you believe it or you can get the hell out of our lives and never come back till you learn to have a more civil head and learn to show better love. God is about love. “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Book of Matthew. Chapter 7 Verse 1. Either you take that to heart or you give up your Godly powers and give them to someone who will keep those lessons true. Shape up or GET THE HELL OUT! Because contrary to what you will say… GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY! nor… DOES HE FAVOR THOSE WHO SPEAK ILL OF THY BRETHREN!”

Luna: Dinah really let her have it.

Irene: That is not right of her being like that to sister. Betty was being mean to them.

Luna: That’s not the worst of it. She also blames them for killing or disposing of a person who was selling damaging info on them. Which would hurt their family. My family… They had to do what had to be done. Betty however now feels hate towards Paige, Pearl and Dinah. She hates them and there is nothing that can be done to reconcile with them. Dinah won’t budge and when Dinah was on her day of delivery… Betty and Angel were called… but they never came.

Karen: That’s so cruel of Betty to be like that. I never met her… But after hear that… i don’t think that i’d want to.

Martin: We should forget about her and Angel… If they want to hurt their own family… they’re not worth it.

Luna: You’re right.

A Minute later…

Jake: Let’s think about how to deal with Beryl… She’s the Witch with Dark powers. She got powers like that Purple Mist she sprays at her targets.

Jennifer: How do we tap into that and use it against her?

Jake: No idea. Who do we know that can Manipulate a person’s powers?

Martin: There is one person that we know who can do that…

Luna: Raven. She can do that… We should get her to do it. So we can use the powers against Beryl.

Jake: Can’t really do anything about it right now though… School’s in session and i very well doubt that we will be able to sneak past the guards.

Jennifer: If only we could slip a little spell of teleportation and well… you know… Give the guards the slip.

Karen: *Sighs* now what…

That afternoon…

at the Metropolis University Dorms…

Room #250…

Dinah: I feel really tired. All that writing wore me out. The English work that i had to do… The Professor. Mr. Ravencroft. with all his lecturing… i was beginning to wonder when he’d ever quit. Journal Entries, Readings, Book reports.

Christie: Well… that’s nothing. Try having Spanish class. Senor Professor Mrs. Guerrero. Her lectures are trouble central. I know that i am going for Law… but to go for Spanish class? It’s got to be worth it. Hell… I think that i got a bit of a handle on it already. *Trying a little spanish* ¿Cómo está mi querido amigo?

Dinah: What on earth does that mean?

Christie: It means: “How are you my dear friend?” That’s what it means. Don’t you even practice any Spanish?

Dinah: I do… I am just not getting it. I am not getting it so well. But i have been doing some of it… Privately. I just want to do it in private till i know that i got it right. Because i don’t want to sound like a total Idiot with it when we have to give a presentation… or do a exercise in spanish. I don’t want to mess it up.

Christie: Hey… say no more. I get it. You want to just practice. Make sure that you have it right. I understand. Really. The last thing that anyone would sire to do is fail at a class in college. In High school… if you failed the class… you had summer school. But in College. if you fail the class… you would have to pay to retake it. They would not give you a second chance. the class would have to be repaid for and would start from the very beginning.

Dinah: That’s why i can’t afford to fail. None of us can.

Christie: No way… and if that Evil Queen has her way… you might have more to worry about. More than just the fear of failing a class or two. I am a sound sleeper. I didn’t even hear the screaming that went on last night… but i will say that i am none the least bit happy to know that the Evil Queen was in here trying to start a ruckus. *Noticing some marks on Dinah* Uh, girl… I don’t know if you were to look at yourself yet today… but… You look like you have been in a brawl.

Dinah: A Brawl? How is that?

Christie: walk right into the bathroom and take a look. You’ll see.

A minute later…

Dinah: *Screaming* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! What the hell is that on me? What is that? I look like crap with this stuff… Am i contaminated?

Christie: No… you’re not. You’re gonna be fine. We just need to see about getting that stuff off of you. that’s all.


At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Kirk: *Looking at Luna* Luna… You and Martin have mentioned that you found a secret path… within the tunnel residing in the Abandoned Quarry. Right?

Luna: Right. Capt. Kirk. That is where we first found the Tunnel. We stumbled upon it by accident. When we were caved in inside the tunnel at the Quarry a couple months ago… we were trying to look for a way out of the tunnels. another way out of the Quarry and get out of there in one piece. I Stumbled across the secret path and was hoping it would lead or take us to the outside. It did the opposite. It took us deeper inside the tunnel and were about to just turn back when we saw light up ahead. Martin however went up ahead…

Martin: That’s right. I went up ahead and checked out what it was and that was when i saw it. I saw the Mark of the Intergalactic Demon himself and i even saw the sight of 4 red eyes looking right at me… There was also a Voice. A Demonic voice at that. It had such a dark and ever sinister tone.

Karen: I’d believe them, Sir. They’re not lying. They’re speaking truth.

Spock: *Looking at Kirk and then at Luna; Looking at Martin a second later* Jim, I believe that the Girl and her friends are right on the description and the details. We have had reports come out to us about the tunnel’s unveiling. The mark of Scath is there and we should take a look. It is the most Logical notion to proclaim.

Chekov: I agree with Spock. We must check it out.

Kirk: We shall do so. We also need to locate the place they call Watchtower. That is an Objective as well as spreading out and gathering info on the babies of Dinah. and about the Girl they know as Raven. One of us will have to see about speaking to the Maiden at the Shrine…

Luna: I think that we should be the ones to join on that. The person at the Shrine is a friend of mine. A dear friend…

McCoy: That’s understood.

Martin: We can show you the Tunnel where Luna and i first saw the Mark of Scath.

Kirk: Right. Spock, Sulu… you go with Luna and Martin and investigate the tunnel. Uhura, You and Chekov head to find the Watchtower. And i will Investigate the Fountain and then meet up with Spock and Sulu as well as the girls. Dr. McCoy, You’ll go and check out where Dinah is and find out about the babies…

Irene: I shall come along too and see Mark for myself. I Vant to see dis Mark and know Vhat is going on and see how big a problem it shall cause for us.

Chekov: You were speaking with a Russian dialect. Do you know a bit of Russian too?

Irene: of course. I am Russian. *Speaking Russian* Я доброжелательная девушка. Я, в основном стесняюсь, и я на самом деле не было друзей, кроме Луны, Мартин, Карен, Джейк и Дженнифер. Но я люблю общаться с людьми. English Translation: I am a friendly girl. I am mostly shy and i don’t really have any friends other than Luna, Martin, Karen, Jake and Jennifer. But i do like speaking to people.

Chekov: That’s pretty good for a young one. Good Russian.

Jake: We don’t have time to exchange Lines of Russian dialect. We got matters at hand to handle and tend to.

Jennifer: That’s right. Let’s get a crackin’.

At the Metropolis Limousine Depot…

Mr. Willard: *Looking at Shingo* You’ve been doing wonderful work, kid. Wonderful work. With the jobs you took and the driving you possess. You’ve made a lot of people happy. We are banking big time… I believe that you… My dear lad are in line for a promotion. And a $40 dollar Raise in pay. You’re However gonna be needed to work a few night shifts… Not all at once. And by lucky stance… the first one rings in tomorrow night. But you’re gonna be getting rich. in no time at all. You’re with a ton of money already… but that is with the tips you’ve made and the usual pay. But now you’re gonna make even more cash.

Shingo: I don’t do it just to get rich. I do it for my Wife to be. and for my Daughters. They are entitled to this money more than i am. I just make it to create a lifestyle for them. But as long as they’re well cared for… that’s all that matters.

Mr. Willard: Your Daughters?! *Remembering* Oh yeah… that’s right. Your Fiance had the babies and delivered them. You’re a father of 3 now. I almost had the detail slip my mind for a moment there. It’s a blessed event. You’re a father now. I will just bet that you’re happier than a wily old coot who has been just given a new leash of life… a start of  a family. That’s good.

Shingo: It’s not as easy though. Last night… My Fiance was kinda swiped by a evil lady. One that i would not care to bring up.

Mr. Willard: If it’s my Ex- Girlfriend… you have my deepest sympathy. dealing with her is a pain fest and then some. My Ex-Girlfriend is a slimy moocher in every straight.

Shingo: I wouldn’t be one to tell you how to pick your ladies… but i think that the one you chased was just bad all along and you were probably just so in love with her that you didn’t see it till after you dated her and got with her… Then when the Rose-tinted glasses came off… that was when you saw it for what it really was. Sometimes you never know who the person you fall for will be like till you actually get with them. Learning a little bit about them. What they’re like. how they really are.

Mr. Willard: That’s the problem with dames… like her. You give them an inch of love… and try to tell them how you feel… they automatically think: “Welcome to the bank.”

Shingo: It’s one of those occurrences where…  they think No means yes… and the words “I Love you” Means “I’m your sugar daddy.”

Mr. Willard: *Chuckles* Aha! that is a laugh and then some. You’re quite a card with that little line there. You’re really hysterical saying that. But you’re right. it was just like that. None better nor worse than. But the peach of a girl you got… just keep eyes on her. She’s perfect. But if you start sniffing her scent for using just to get a handle on your Cha-ching… Cash. You better pull out. Because in my experience…  When girls get enough surprises… they get hooked to it like cocaine in a bottle and will just want it like Dope to a drug cartel. I am not saying that yours will… but i’m just saying to watch your hide kid. Don’t let it fog your head.

Shingo: It’s not a problem. Dinah is not like that. She’s better than that. You know that. Besides that i was with her since i was like 14… I had people for a while tell me that i was 12… 8… 13… But i was the same age as she was. however… with the part of me looking younger than i should… It makes people really think that i am. But it’s not true. I am as i am now.

Mr. Willard: I believe that. Otherwise i’d have to let you go… And i really don’t want to do that. You’re a fine idle driver. i wouldn’t even know how to run without you. the other drivers are good. they’re top dogs… but you’re the caviar kind. You’re the freshest one on the line here. Your driving skills are practically that of an Ace.

Shingo: *Smiles* I get it.

Mr. Willard: Don’t forget. Tomorrow night is the start of a few night shifts.

Shingo: No sweat.

An hour later…

At the Dorm rooms…

Room #201…

Summer: You know… I can’t begin to wonder why i got into theater… I’ve had nothing but bad luck the whole time. I didn’t have any luck whatsoever.

Megan: Your acting career is all over. isn’t it?

Summer: If i don’t pull up something good soon… It will be.

Megan: Any idea what you plan to do to keep it from falling completely?

Summer: No. I have no idea whatsoever. i wish that i did though. But this next project that i am being given… i got to make it come out good. If i don’t… i will be finished.

Megan: Not possible. This is only week 3 to be quite frank. How could you be failing so soon. So fast?

Summer: How the hell should i know? I have been rehearsing and studying the lines and doing the reading. I practiced hard and kept at it. But every time i go to class and put my studying to the test… i fail. It’s almost like my acting is not reaching the right people. Either that or the teacher is not grading the work fairly.

Megan: You should see about finding out. Because you have done the work that was needed and expected of you… You so far had scenes from Shakespeare… The taming of the Shrew. You read and rehearsed the lines till your voice pooped out.

Summer: Like i don’t know that… I’ve done almost nothing but rehearse. I did it the second i got up almost every morning. You should know… you were there… You saw. Didn’t you?

Megan: Saw it? More like heard it. *Studying Music* I heard it almost nonstop. I don’t mind the Shakespeare most of the time. I find myself as one who’d find his work to be deeply moving. But after awhile… hearing it almost multiple times a day without end… it kinda starts to wear at you and cause one to get a bit tired of it.

Summer: I kinda did get really over the top with the rehearsing the lines… didn’t i?

Megan: *Nods* Yeah. But it is something that revolves your passion. Something that you want to do. Just because it might get annoying to others at times… doesn’t mean that you should give it up. It’s something that makes you happy.

Summer: *Placing her Theatre books down* i need a break. If i read on anymore of the Play here… i am gonna pass out from over-exertion.

Megan: Let’s go get something to eat. I’m starving like crazy.

Summer: You said it. Let’s go. They should have a Lounge somewhere on the first floor. Hopefully they got a good selection of food to choose from for Dinner. It is almost dinner time anyway.

Megan: *Looking at the time* 4:50 in the afternoon. It is ten minutes to Dinner hour and by time we get there… there will be food all prepared to be served.

Summer: Let’s go.

A minute later…

In the hall…

Megan: *Walking beside Summer* I am betting that they made Lasagna. It has been a while since they last made it.

Summer: Lasagna? No… it was the other week. the first day that we were here… It must be something else. Chicken. Maybe Dumplings. You forget that i am a bit of a country living gal. I am a French Native by Breed. but i am a Country soul in many ways. I just adapt to the city. But when it comes to Dumplings… You can rest assure that i am quite frugal. Country means pride.

Megan: You’re really silly. But i like the idea of the country bit. I always did like the country appeal.

At the front of the Sullivan Household…


Uhura: *Looking at Chekov* I think that this is the place.


Chekov: Kirk had said that the Watchtower vould be a tower. a Beacon. But i don’t see no beacon. no tall tower. Just a house with a rather huge 3 story storage shack. It must be it though… Although it sure doesn’t look like much to me.

Uhura: *Calling to Kirk* Uhura to Kirk… Come in.

Kirk: *Through the Communicator* This is Kirk…I read you, Uhura. What’s the status? Have you found the Watchtower?

Uhura: Well… that’s the thing. Yes we did. but then again… No we didn’t. We made it in front of a household that is clearly the Sullivan household… but we don’t see the Watchtower. We see a 3 story Storage Facility.  Are you sure that this is the place where the Watchtower is supposed to reside?

Kirk: I would believe that it could be the place. But it might be best to press on ahead to find out.

Chekov: Okay. We’ll check it out.

Uhura: We’re gonna head in and check it out. We’ll let you know if there is anything else… Uhura out.

A minute later…

Inside the Watchtower…

Chloe: *Looking at the data coming in from the latest attack at the University* Beryl was there and she was attacking the girls. Also trying to abduct the babies and kill off Dinah. But failed at doing so. *Sighs* We’ve got to start getting a step ahead of her. Beryl is getting too far ahead. We need to knock her down a peg. maybe two or 3 pegs.

Black Canary: It’s not like we can track her every move. the Evil queen can vanish herself at a blink of an eye.

Oliver: Shows a bit on what you know about that Queen, Black bird. that Queen Beryl has more dirty deeds in her than a dirty cop orchestrating a rescue from a disaster she planned and began.

Chloe: That’s why we need to stay a head of her so when beryl attacks… we will know where she is and stop her.

Victor Stone: How do we do that? Beryl clearly busts out of the Fountain that links Dark Kingdom to this realm.



*Chiming* Incoming arrivals. Unidentified…

Chloe: *Looking over at the door and seeing two unknown arrivals* Excuse me. Can we help you?

Uhura: We are sorry to arrive unannounced… But we’ve been looking for this place since we got here. we arrived on Earth last night. Kirk sent us o—

Chloe: *Pauses and cuts in* Wait a minute… Did you just say Kirk?

Uhura: Yes i did. Why?

Chloe: Would that be Kirk. The Captain Kirk of the space shuttle The USS Enterprise?

Uhura: Yes. It is. I’m one of his crew members. Lt. Nyota Uhura. Communications Officer.

Chekov: And i am Pavelle Chekov. I am the fiance to Ensign Larmina.

Uhura: We came here to gather for what info there was on the girl who is on Earth. The Half-Demon girl by the name of Raven. I believe that this is where most of the info resides. This place does happen to be the Watchtower… Right?

Chloe: That’s right. This place is the Watchtower. It is known as the beacon of hope and the headquarters for all the league. Watchtower downloads what amounts to the Library of Congress every 3 seconds.

Chekov: That’s got to be infinite information right at finger tips.

Chloe: That’s right. It is.

Uhura: What do you have on the info revolving Raven?

Chloe: Not much. a few weeks ago… something happened and caused a memory wipe on the systems here. It lost most of the info on the Intergalactic Demon. But we managed to salvage some of it. Like this…

Chloe puts the only remaining piece of date on screen…

Chloe: There is an Ancient Artifact that Raven knows about. It’s the Ring that happened to be forged by an Ancient Order on the home world Raven is From Azarath. It is a Sacred ring that was forged by the Ancient order that was said to Imprison Trigon. sending him into Limbo. It also provides the wearer of the ring protection from Trigon’s Wrath. The Ring of Azar. “In the inter-dimensional world Known As Azarath, Raven, Arella’s daughter by Trigon, was born. Fearing that the child would bring evil among them, Juris, a magistrate of Azarath, attempted to cast the infant Raven into Limbo, only to be destroyed himself. Azar, the spiritual leader of the temple, then took the young Raven under her personal tutelage, instructing her in the truth of her parentage, and in pacifism, meditation, and the submergence of her emotions to resist Trigon’s influence, while perfecting her powers of teleportation, astral projection, and empathic healing. Later, after Azar’s death (in which she entered another plane of existence), when Raven was plagued by prophetic dreams of Trigon and, defying her teachers, she confronted her demon father in Limbo at his bidding. Trigon spared her and Arella after satisfying himself that, upon his return when she reached adulthood, he could seduce Raven into becoming his ally. When Raven turned fourteen, she sensed Trigon’s power returning and fled to Earth.” That is what i got now. Everything got wiped the other week and took out all of the other info lavishing about the intergalactic Demon. But there is also the part where the Prophecy is seen. It’s been seen. We have a contact with a Wizard. A Vincent Van Graves. He’s got some of the Intel too.

Chekov: We know. we met him once before and he followed up on that as he heard about it from Martin who we know from Luna…

At the Abandoned Quarry…

Luna: *Leading the way to the tunnel and heading to where she and Martin first found the mark* This is the place where we found it. The Mark was dark but fiery. But what we also found was 4 red eyes… and a demonic voice.

Martin: The voice was of Trigon. Scath… but the part that gets us is that the voice was from the wall. which is weird because it was coming right from the sign. the Symbol.

Sulu: It doesn’t make all that much sense for a voice to come from a wall. Are you sure that it’s from a Wall?

Spock: I protest that the symbol is active. It might still be emitting some energy.

Karen: That i wouldn’t know… But something does feel very off.

Irene: *With Jake and Jennifer* I don’t think i will like sound of what’s ahead here.

Jake: Neither will i.

Minutes later…

Luna: *Near the wall with the Mark* See? That is where we first saw it. right there.

Spock: *Walking over and checking out the mark on the wall* The mark should giving off some signs of activity. Being around as long as it has.

Luna: Not really. The symbol has only been here about just a couple months. 4 months to be exact. It hasn’t been showing much of any activity. Maybe a few flareups and a couple of Voice occurrences of that intergalactic Demon. But nothing really that major. It’s been almost dead.

Sulu: We should see on getting a sample of this stuff. Analyze it.

Spock: Precisely, Sulu. Whatever created this mark… it’s astronomically uncommon. It’s demonic in all sense.

Martin: But you believe it… right? That mark just came out of nowhere on that night when we first discovered this Tunnel. It had also 4 red eyes. And a Demon voice.

Suddenly a moan starts to sound off and get their attention…

Irene: *Jumps* Vhat was that?

Karen: I don’t think that i would like to know. That didn’t sound good.

Jake: Where is that sound coming from?

The Wall with the Mark began to form 4 red eyes and demonic looking as well.

Spock: This is not good. The wall is coming alive. I am picking up a life force coming from the wall. From the Mark.

Voice: *As Scath* What vile Vermin do i sense in my presence?

Sulu: *Looking to see the 4 red eyes staring off* What the! The Wall is speaking.

Luna: It’s the demon.

Spock: *Curiously asking for the demon to identify itself* We are humbled to know as to who you are?

Voice: I am Trigon the Terrible. The Intergalactic Demon of hell and intergalactic torture. in What way does it suit you to ask of the name of the very threat who sires to conquer the Earth and end the Mortal world?

Spock: I am second in Command to Capt. Kirk of the USS Starship Enterprise. I am a Human as you may see wise to declare. But i am also half Vulcan from the Planet Vulcan.

Voice: I have not heard of such a planet like that. But you should not be involved with my siring to control the world of Mortals… as i intend to end it.  You are not like the normal humans.

Sulu: Why are you so obsessed with killing people? Destroying worlds? Why?

Martin: You can forget about trying to rule this planet. We won’t allow it. We will stop you.

Voice: *Bellowing* It is not your place to tell me what to do! It will matter not what you do. I am a Demon who cares not for the whims of a mortal. I will end the world of Mortals and all will bow down to Worship TRIGON THE TERRIBLE!!! Begone!!!

Before they could brace themselves… the Wall glowed and presented sight of the Mark of Scath and it radiated with a glow. then seconds later… releases a blast of radiated Demonic Beams at Spock, Sulu and the girls. Vaporizing them and sending them back to the outside of the Quarry…

An hour later…

Kirk: *Walking over to see Spock and Sulu down and barely stirring*

Luna: *Waking up from the attack* That hurts. We are gonna be in a mess load of trouble. Scath is gonna be hell to beat

Martin: We’ll beat him, Luna. When that time comes. We still have a year left to go before we sire to worry of him.

Karen: *Barely Breathing and feeling like she Choking* Ah! agh! Agh! ah! *Coughing forcefully* The attack really packed a wallop.

Jake: It sure did.

Jennifer: I feel really weak. Please tell me that we are not gonna be going back in there again… Please. I don’t think that i will be able to refrain from turning dark. That stuff got in me and has messed me up. I am right now seeing blood and death in every direction and it’s not good. it’s terrible.

Kirk: *Tending to Sulu and Spock* Sulu, Spock… Are you alright?

Spock: *Groans and getting up slowly* I believe that i should be, Jim. It’s just a bit of a bruise. But it’s not considerably that bad. compared to what it could have been… it was possibly liable to be more than what it should have been. The Wall was alive and spoke. It clearly is the Demonic threat that is said to enter the planet when the day comes for the Prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sulu: It isn’t gonna be easy or as simple as that… not from the way it sounded in that tunnel.

Luna: The Tunnel is spewing activity and it’s gonna get worse. alot worse.

Martin: The 64 Million dollar question is When? where and how big it is believed to get?

Irene: *Shaking herself off* Like we really need know when that shall be. I don’t think father will like knowing of my getting deep into situation such as this.

At the Metropolis Dorms…


Dinah: *Sitting at the table and Eating her dinner* I got to feed the babies soon. they’re gonna need me. Good thing that i brought them with us. last time… they almost got abducted. I know that my sister Paige and Prince Alvin watched and tried to protect them well and keep them in safe harbor… but i can’t take that chance.

Christie: No one can, girl. You know that batter than anyone… I am learning the laws in this city. this State. Kansas. Like the Laws on Divorce… Did you know that: “The divorce petition should be filed with the district court in the county where either spouse resides.”?

Dinah: I didn’t know that. i really didn’t know that. but i am not into Law. however… no one should worry over that. I would never divorce my love. Ever. No matter what. When i Marry him. It’s for an eternity. Nothing will destroy it. I won’t let it.

Christie: Well that is good. I am happy to hear that, Girl. I am. However the laws state that either the husband or wife can file for it if:


A failure to perform a material marital duty or obligation.

Established mental illness or mental incapacity of one or both spouses.

Based on Kansas Statutes 60-16-1601

Dinah: Why are you reading about Divorces? Are you trying to give me a stinkin’ heart attack?

Christie: I am not aiming to do that. I am just going over it because that’s what i’m gonna be. A Divorce Attorney. That will be what i shall go for. i Might even be a Judge for Divorce court. When all this is over.

Dinah: I wouldn’t know what i’d be wanting to do… but with the Sports i do… I’d learn all the wrestlers and their history. their background and maybe become a Ring announcer or a Wrestler. A Ring announcer makes a whole lot of money. I can maybe think on being a Gymnast. I can run pretty fast with training. I can run fast and hard. Maybe i can look to being a coach. Learn football moves and plays. Be a Coach to a Football team. I can do that. I am a really good coach. i can learn to do that and earn the ropes.

Christie: If you have trouble figuring out what you want to do with the sports… Why not go into something like Media. Or Geology. Seismology. Like doing field work… they are very good at what they do. striving to be the best at what they do.

Dinah: That’s what i might be liable to do if i can’t figure out what i want to do with the Sports field. I need to get my head in the right direction.

Christie: Hey… don’t say that. You’ll get there one day. You are a mother. and a good person. You can pull through.

Dinah: I really hope so.

As they were about to finish their dinner…

Dr. McCoy: *walking in and looking for Dinah* Where is she? She’s here. But i don’t see her. *Looking to see Dinah close-by* Hmmm…

Dinah: *Looking to see a familiar face* Uh, Christie… do you recognize who that guy is?

Christie: What do you mean? Who? Who’re you talking about?

Dinah: Look behind you, Christie. You’ll see.

Christie: *Sighs* If you say so… *turning around to see someone*

Dr. McCoy: *Looking at Christie and spotting Dinah* Hey you two.

Dinah: *Looking to see Dr. McCoy* What the? Hey… Christie, It’s Dr. McCoy. he’s back.

Christie: Huh? Are you serious?

Dinah: What do you mean by that? I’m not lying. It’s him.

Christie: *Seeing McCoy* Okay… i guess that i shall stand corrected. But it doesn’t make much sense… What’s he doing here? When he and the guys from the Enterprise were here the first time… They said that they have had other cases to handle. and it was liable to be that they wouldn’t be anywhere near Earth for at least 50 space years and at least 200 years of this planet’s time.

Dinah: They must have had a change in plans. How else? It’s just surprising that they’d be back h—.

Dr. McCoy: *Arriving at the table where Dinah and Christie sat* It’s good to see you again Dinah. And you too Christie. It has been a while since we last met. The last time we met it was to handle the Emancipation for Larmina. But now we’re here to gather news on the developing situation revolving the Demon. and i’ve also come back to see how things were with you. You’re no longer with the Pregnancy. *Seeing the 3 Little newborns* Those must be the new babies.

Dinah: Yes they are. Sapphire, Raven and Serena.

Christie: The babies got tied into being nearly abducted last night. By Beryl.

Dr. McCoy: we know. Kirk, me and the crew nearly got in the crossfires. we came into the scene and noticed that the babies were being brought over to Beryl by a few shadow creatures.

Dinah: My Babies were almost Abducted last night and it is a good thing that the girls got Beryl to back off from them. However… i don’t know as to how long she will be able to hold her off. She is very determined to go after them and try killing me. Paige, Pearl and Prince Alvin can’t do all the protecting. Neither can Luna and i am not in the very right mind to be back into the fighting and battling yet. i am not ready. it will be a while before i ever am ready again. A Long time to be exact. I want to protect my little ones. i can’t bare to lose them… but how can i protect them unless i return to my hero persona and fight back the Queen? I can’t do anything. My Fiance can’t do the fighting either. There is nothing that he can really do.

Dr. McCoy: We’re gonna need to do something about that.

Christie: Hey, If we are gonna talk about that… we should do the diligent thing and take it to the room. for privacy. too many listeners are here and they might not ever understand.

Dinah: That’s for sure. Let’s get back to the room. I can’t eat anymore anyway. They stuffed the food with lots of filling and eating just half of it got me feeling really stuffed. I can’t eat anymore. If i eat anymore food… i will just wind up popping.

Christie: Same here… It was good though. that fried Chicken dinner was pretty damn good.

Dinah: *Scoffs* AH! Christie, Watch your mouth. Watch it, the babies are here…  they could hear the language.

Dr. McCoy: That is true. At a prime age, the newborn’s mind is like a sponge. they absorb everything and anything. And won’t learn to speak till the minimal age of 2.

Dinah: Let’s pray that the little ones never hear that one word. I don’t want them to hear of that.

At the Metropolis Limousine Depot…

Shingo: *Getting ready to clock out* I gotta meet my Fiance. Last night was not that good. She got nearly cornered by that Queen. I got to go and see if she’s okay. *With his stuff all cleaned up and put away* There. I got it all done now. Time to go and see my darling fiance. I want to just kiss her. *Walking towards the Clock and clocking out* Time to go home. *Looking at the mirror next to it* Shingo, you good fine man… you’re with a Fiance and 3 young little gals. You’re with a family of your own. And yet your mom keeps saying that you’d fail life by sticking with Dinah… you sure proved her wrong, didn’t you? Yes you did. You showed her and made her eat those words. You got 3 girls. beautiful just like your lovely lady and a good paying Job. The Job is working for you. You are making the big time with the Limo Biz…

Frankie: *Walking by* See you tomorrow, Shin-man. You’re driving like an Ace. Blowing us away. You’re sure a fine catch. don’t you start sucking on the driving. You’re a value to this team here. one of the family here. If you start sucking… it makes us suck too.

Shingo: *Looking back at Frankie* Not to worry… I won’t ever stop pulling off the moves. I can’t afford to. I got a Fiance that i am gonna say my vows to this December and make my wife. I also have 3 little girls. Daughters. They’re gonna need lots of caring.

Frankie: 3 kids?! *Shocked* You?! Damn… i believe that you mentioned about that to Mr. Willard. but i truly thought that you were just joking and pulling the legs there… but you… you’re serious. You got 3 kids. That must make you a father… Huh?

Shingo: you better believe it. I am a proud father of 3.

Frankie: AIIIII! You lucky dog you. Way to go champ. Sure wish i had that kind of luck. If you’re open tonight… Why not come on over to Laverne’s pub and pass on a few good glasses of beer? besides, You’re a working man. You should take a bit of you time. The girl you got waiting for you will understand you being on the front and relaxing a little. Besides. She knows that you love her and all that. One Beer. maybe two won’t kill you.

Shingo: *Sighs* okay… Okay…. you win. One beer then i got to get my behind of to see Dinah. Till i get her and me a new house. A Home… I’m staying some nights when i can at her Dorm. Sticking close there. Besides i can’t go to my mother’s place. She’d be trying to pin me into going to Tokyo U and dump my love like a hot cake. My mother hates Dinah. I overheard the one conversation that broke my closeness to my mother and confirmed that if i didn’t step up… i’d lose my love and be unhappy for the rest of my life…

Shingo Flashes back…

Mrs. Tsukino: *Looking to see Dinah* Well hello there, Dinah. I see that you come to spend time with Shingo and his new girlfriend.

Dinah: *Shoots up* What?!

Mrs. Tsukino: You heard what i said. New Girlfriend. I found him here with a new girl.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Yeah… one that you set him up with. Because why? Because you don’t like me? You know what… i have had it with you. You are always trying to control his life. He loves me. You can’t accept that. CAN YOU?!

Mrs. Tsukino: No. I can’t. You’re not someone that i would want with my son. You are a couple years older than he is. You are also a loose wire. I heard about your tantrums too… Just because things don’t go how you like. You have no self control at all.

Dinah: Excuse me! You want to tell me that again. I don’t have self control. You know what… You are totally senile and oblivious to what i am like. I am not some undesirable to be thrown away. Shingo loves me. He wants me.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Standing up to Dinah* That is why i am sending him away to Tokyo U. To get him away from you. You are not worthy to be with my son. He is actually all for going to Tokyo U. I am his Mother. You are only just some girl he met.

Dinah: Yeah right! He still wants to be with me. he doesn’t want to be away. he doesn’t want to go to some School Over Seas.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Growls* He’s not sure what he wants. He’s only 15. You had to have seduced him. And despite what you might think… he does want to go to Tokyo U.

Dinah: That’s not what he told me.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Growling even more; Barking* He’s not sure what he wants.

Dinah: *Butting heads with Shingo’s mother* You really know what he really wants from his heart? You really think that he wants that kind of life? To be taken from his life here and away from someone… who loves him. and wants to have a life with him… You really want to strip him from that gift? So be it… have at it. But if you truly think that he is wanting to go to Tokyo U… Let me give you a more obvious clue: wait for him to say the words.

Mrs. Tsukino: Fine. And i can promise you that he will.

Shingo: *Walking out to see Dinah* Dinah, You’re here early. I heard about what my mom said to you. and i’m done. I’m gonna save up all the money i have and i’m moving from here.”

Frankie: That is Harsh… She hates your girl because you girl is not how she is expecting? That is being Judgmental. I don’t like the idea that she is hating on your girl. Your girl has a mouth on her… you said that once before. But to be hating on her all the way…? That is just rotten. I mean… Your girl is unique and your mother is all for tearing her down. Sorry to say this as i know that you still care for a Battle-ax like her… but she is the most uncaring and unloving lady there ever was. She is a slimy snake who needs to be filleted and cut up like a gutted worm on a hook.

Shingo: i agree. It’s okay to talk about her like that. I am okay. Besides that i am used to it by now. My Fiance doesn’t have much of any love for my mother. After the way my mother was speaking to her and how she was treating her… that was what got my fiance to throw in the towel and just issue all war on her.  As it is… my soon to be wife denied my mother from knowing she has grandkids. My mom messed up big time.

Frankie: I hear that. She sure did man… I’d never treat my girl like that. that’s for sure. If i had a girl… She would get love and nothing more than that. Nothing else but love and care and all the respect possible. That ain’t no lie.

Shingo: What about you? Do you have one now?

Frankie: No. But i mean it… if i had one… there would be no demeaning of her. No Backtalking of her or treating her like she’s nothing but a receptacle… That is not gonna happen.

But a couple hours later…

In room #250…

Paige: We’ve got a issue to discuss.

Pearl: yes. We do. We have a big dilemma to discuss. Beryl was unable to be found with a weakness no Achilles heel at all. We can’t keep the babies here..

Prince Alvin: I don’t know how we’re gonna better protect them here. Beryl is wanting them and wanting to kill us as well as them. we’re in deep hell here.

Prince Avery: How Deep do you want to peg it?

Prince Curtis: Depends on how far you are wanting to take it.

Paige: Dinah and Shingo are in need of our input and know what we’re gonna decide. But we didn’t know that it was gonna be like this… so soon.

Alice: *Looking at the crew* Girls… we can possibly send the babies to Watchtower.

Prince Alvin: Alice… No. we can’t send the babies over to watchtower. Chloe won’t be able to situate them. if Trigon one day comes and destroys this planet. and ends the mortal world… the Watchtower… even though it’s with high Intel and protection up the Wazoo…  that too will be no more. it’ll be gone and we will not be able to use that for a refuge. it will be of no good and no use to any of us and it won’t be able to protect the girls. Little Sapphire, Raven and Serena need safe harbor.

Prince Avery: What’ll we do then? We need to do something. Anything.

Prince Curtis: I agree.

Raven: *Shadowing in* We send them to another place. Another planet for the time being. it’s the only option.

Kirk: *Looking to see Raven and Terra Right behind* You must be Raven.

Raven: *Looking to her side and seeing a man with a Starfleet sign on the shirt* Who are you?

Kirk: Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise.

Spock: I am Second in command Dr. Spock. Science Medical officer.

Dr. McCoy: I am Dr. McCoy. Medical officer for the USS Enterprise.

Uhura: I’m Lt. Nyota Uhura. Communications Officer for the USS Enterprise.

Sulu: Hikaru Sulu. Helms man and Engineer officer for the USS Enterprise.

Chekov: I am Lt. Pavelle Chekov.

Raven: Pleasure to meet you. *Dryly* Thrilled.

Terra: Oh Raven… don’t be so dry about it. It’s not like they know about you or me… Other than our names.

Raven: Clearly.

Dinah: Where did we say we’d send the little ones for protection till after the threat with Scath is over and done with. Where were we gonna send them…

Kirk: That is a decision that you and your soon to be husband will have to make.

Shingo: *Nods* Dinah, They’re right. We have to choose where the babies will go till after Trigon is beat… when that time does come.

Dinah: Okay. Shingo, Let’s head to a spot where it’s quiet. We need to talk about this and decide before we ship our little babies off to a unknown world.

Spock: *Looking at Kirk* I believe that the decisions that they make will be needed to hurry. We are running out of time before we have to return back to the Enterprise.

Sulu: We can’t rush. We can’t push them to make a decision without talking it out between the two of them. This is their family… the babies are theirs and it’s up to them to divulge and and keep in consideration their well being.

McCoy: That is correct.

A Moment later…

In Dinah’s Truck…

Dinah: *Looking up and laying back part way* We got to think about where we can send the little ones. *Feeling a little terrified over having to say good-bye to her young* Shingo, I really don’t want to send our little darlings away. I don’t want to see them go.

Shingo: *Sighs; Laying back and looking towards Dinah* Neither do i, Love. Neither do i. But your sisters and Cousin’s are right. Something has to be done about their safety. I don’t like the idea that we have to consider the outcome that if they stay here and the end of the world of Mortals does happen… i mean really happen. The babies could be victims of the same fate as all the rest of the mortals. Us. We can’t risk anything else now. We have to think of them. What would the babies want?

Dinah: They’d want their mother and father. that is what they would want. But it is not like they can speak and say what it is that they would want. we have to follow our hearts. My heart is telling me to do what should be done to preserve and guarantee the survival of the little ones.  Send then to a different place. a different world that is not their own. I don’t care if it’s the only way… i don’t even care if it’s what we are faced to do. I really don’t even care about the idea that we are doing this because it’s what right. My heart… knows it must be done to save them. My brain and the common sense that i feel to voice… is telling me that i am a mother and yet i do what i must to protect my young… but by doing so in such a drastic measure such as sending our loving babies to another planet and make it as though they will never know their parents (us) till they reach age 2. maybe 3 is ignorant and downright foolhardy in every sense of the term.

Shingo: I should be feeling the exact same way. I should be feeling the same as you. Which i guess i do. This is huge and it is major for us to consider. We don’t even know if we’ll even survive the onslaught of Trigon when that fated day arrives. But in fairness, Dinah… Honey. We have to decide. It’s the only way… i hate having to face it as much as you do.

Dinah: *Breaking down into tears* I can’t… I can’t let them go, Shingo. I can’t bare to lose my babies. our babies… Our babies. I can’t bare it. *Crying into her hands*

Shingo: *Reaching out to Dinah* Come on honey… Please don’t cry. Don’t cry. It’s gonna be alright. I don’t like the idea either honey. i truly wish that this was gonna be easier and not so complicated. If only we waited to have kids… we wouldn’t be feeling this conflicted. But we do and this is where we stand. We have to do the right thing. We have to do the right thing for the little ones.

Dinah: *Sniffling* A couple months ago when the Enterprise crew was around and we made a decision… This was when i was still pregnant… Where did we decide to originally send them?

Shingo: To a planet called Vulcan.

Dinah: *With tears in her eyes* Vulcan?! The planet that Spock came from.

Shingo: Yes. We should send them there. It is the best option. The only option.

Dinah: Let’s have them sent there then… But i want it to be understood. If there is any trouble on that planet… the girls are to be sent to the Island of Besaid. We  know where.

Shingo: Yeah. You told me about that place. You and your sisters told me times and time before that your mother knew someone from there… Someone named Wakka.

Dinah: that’s right. If anyone would be the right person to watch the little ones… it’s him. he is learning as he goes. but he’s getting a hang of it. he learned as he did it. But not only that… there is a whole island full of people who would watch over the girls and protect them. Not letting any harm come upon them…

Suddenly for a minute a sighting of 3 girls showed up…

Shingo: *Looking out the window suddenly and seeing 3 girls standing close to the truck and staring at them* Who are these girls?

Dinah: Who?

Shingo: the girls. there are 3 girls outside and they’re looking at us.

Dinah: *Looking to see 3 girls* Who are they?

Shingo: That’s what i’d like to know. I would love to know who they are. They’re not like anyone we’ve ever seen before.

Dinah: same here. I never seen them in any of the classes i’ve had so far this year.

Shingo: You think that we should see and find out who they are.

Dinah: It would help. Besides… the way that they look… they could be just looking at us all night.

Shingo: I don’t think that i’d enjoy being watched all night like that.

A Minute later…

Girl #1: Mom, it’s us. Sapphire, Raven and Serena.

Girl #2: You don’t recognize us… but we know who you are. You’re our mother. and Shingo, You’re our father. We know about the hero that you happen to be. You’re Thunder Mistress. You’re Also “Danger Zone” Dinah. we heard about that for a very long time. And we’re excited and happy to know that about you.

Girl #3: You’re our mother. We love you no matter what. We’re from the future. 10 years from now. After the threat of Trigon is over. We know that as were now… Babies… we need to be protected and we as babies would never understand. but we would grow up to understand that you had to do what was needed to ensure our survival. You don’t have to be afraid to send us off. We understand and know that it was to best spare us from the same fate as the rest of the human race. Mom, You and dad are doing what any loving parent would do even if it were to pain your heart to see that we had to be sent away for a while because of a threat that meant the end of everything Mortal. when we were inside you… we heard the talk about Trigon the Terrible. The talk about Beryl. We know and we under stand. You will feel upset and feel like your heart’s been ripped out. But don’t. We swear to you that it’s okay. We know. Make the call… send us up to safety. If we die here… there’ll be no future for us.

Sapphire: That’s right. You’re raising us right. Doing what needs to be done. That is not wrong. Just Follow your hearts. Everything will work out. We’re proud of you and Dad. We love you guys. So much.

Within minutes the 3 girls who were by surprise the grown up looks of Sapphire, Raven and Serena came and hugged Dinah and Shingo. They loved them and said as much and hugged to remind them that they would see each other again. It was not the end…

Dinah and Shingo both looked to each other and looked really confused as to what they saw just then. They also were unsure how to react to what they had seen. but when they heard the names… and heard that they were the daughters to them… it was as though they were seeing their children. It was a heartfelt moment. Dinah suddenly got up the realization that it was either send her babies to a different planet and thereby ensuring their future or keep them on Earth and they end up with the same fate as the world when the Demon appeared on Earth. She wanted her children to be happy and to be safe. So she as hard as it was on her… made the decision.

Minutes later…

Back in the Dorm Room…

Room #250…

Dinah: I have made my decision… As has Shingo. *Feeling her heart break*

Kirk: We understand how hard it is for you…

Spock: Dinah, I do not seem to measure as how much this choice pains you. But you are doing the very thing that will ensure the hope for a future for your 3 girls. If they were to stay here…  They would now make it. the end of the world done by the Intergalactic Demon would take them out. as well as the rest of the world. But planet Vulcan is safe. It hardly has any danger coming its way. it’s safe. my home planet is all for the preservation of life. Scientific theories.

Christie: That is an agreement. We want only what is best for the girls. they deserve love and protection. I Would love them to stay. But this is the right thing. even though it hurts.

Dinah: *Hugging her babies one last time before sending them off to be spared from the terror of Trigon; Crying and with heartbreak* Bye My lovely babies. Momma’s gonna miss you little ones so much…

Shingo: *Looking at Dr. Spock and Dr. McCoy* The babies can go to Vulcan. but My future wife and I want it made clear… the first spot of any trouble… any trouble at all and the little ones are shipped off to a place called Besaid Isle.

Kirk: that shall not be a problem.

Sulu: Besaid Isle? Isn’t that in a world called Spira?

Paige: We believe so. Yes. It is.

Prince Alvin: We’ve heard about it often during the years. We’re aware of that place.

Sulu: *Looking at the others* It’s time to go. We have to go.

Kirk: Right. *Looking at Spock* Grab the babies… We’re going to Vulcan as soon as we reach the ship.

A second later…

Kirk: *Calling up to the USS Enterprise* Kirk to Starship Enterprise. Come in.

Up in the Starship Enterprise…

Larmina: *responding* Ensign Larmina on call. We read you.

Kirk: *Voice* We’re at the Dorms in Metropolis. Have Scotty get to the Teleportation pod and Beam us up.

Larmina: You got it. *Looking towards Scotty* Scotty, get to the teleportation pad. Kirk and the crew are coming home.

Scotty: yes, Ma’am. Right away.

McCoy: *Voice* We also have a couple extra members. The 3 daughters to Dinah. They’re coming too. We need to take them to Planet Vulcan for dire protection and it’s got to be done right away.

Larmina: Right. We’re on it.

A Minute later…

At the Teleporting pad…

Scotty: Setting up the Coordinates and powering up the teleporting beams* Scotty to Kirk… standby to be Energized.

At the Dorms…

In Room #250…

Kirk: *Looking at the girls* We do apologize for leaving like this. But we need to get back. We’ve been on the planet longer than we should have.

Dinah: we know. Will you guys be alright?

Spock: we should be. There is no need to worry, Dinah. we’ll be fine. we are members of the Enterprise. and our mission is to boldly go where no man has ever gone before.

Sulu: Your babies will be safe. We’ll be keeping ties to the planet and let you know how they’re progressing.

Uhura: Any danger… we’ll let you know. and see to handle it. Your little ones will be safe. we promise you…

Paige: You guys have a safe trip back.

Raven: And don’t worry about the planet here… we got it under control.

Kirk: *Calling up to Scotty* Scotty, We’re ready. Beam us up.

Scotty: *Voice* Energizing now!

It was a moments later than that when the crew was gone and so were the babies. It was all done. The babies were now up and on their way to the Planet Vulcan. What would it mean for the babies? For Dinah? She felt as her heart was being ripped out. It was the hardest choice that she ever had to do. But she knew that it was the only way. To spare them from the fate that would soon befall the planet Earth. It was getting close to 10: at night and they were all worn out from the meet. It was getting late. However now… With the threat of Beryl still in the fold… What was she planning to do next to the Rhapsody girls? What did she plan next for the City and for the family keeping them on the run? What was she wanting with Terra? her next appearance would be to get after Terra. What could it be that she would want with Terra? Was there more going on between Terra and Beryl? We might smell a rat called Betrayal in the atmosphere and it’s all centered on Terra. Uh-oh! Find out what’s next for the girls and their efforts to save the city and keep peace reigning longer as the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! continues…

Paige: *Voice-Over* Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Terra: No… I didn’t mean for this to happen. Honest. You’ve got to believe me. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. But when i was training… before coming back. i was crossed by Beryl. She offered to help me get better. I kinda owed it to her.

Alice: *Looking at Terra; Pointing a Sword towards Terra* Don’t you move! You Betraying Snake… You joined us… and we Trusted you… But then you go behind our backs and give info to Beryl. Our Flaws… our weaknesses and our abilities. All the Info on us… you gave her. You Sold us out. You Sold all of us out. You Two-timing SNAKE!

Luna: We ought to lay you out right now…

Alice: *Disgusted* It makes me sick to know that the Queen is now gonna be one step ahead of us all. That Terra Betrayed us. We trusted her. We trusted her and she betrayed us. All of us. What’s worse is that she also knows how to beat down Raven. Raven won’t be able to fend her off… Terra will push Raven to lose control of her emotions and Raven will be unable to focus. Damn it!

Paige: *On the Couch and Talking to the Psychologist* There is more that has happened.

Alice: *Voice-over* On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Chapter 93: A Revisit with the Psychologist and a Terrible secret about Terra.


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