Chapter 91: A Dorm Room and a Workout for Dinah. Beryl in the first degree.

Prince Alvin: *Voice-Over* Dinah just had her babies… And almost lost her life… The doctors almost faced failure of bringing her back… But in the midst of it all. Dinah is Alive and she’s now a Mother… *Sniffling* Sorry for the shot of tears if i bust off crying. It’s just the thought of my Tough girl cousin, Dinah being dead coming too too close to reality… If she were to die… it would have been the end of the Rhapsody Girls Z! The basis of the team was for it to be a trio. not a double. So if a member quits… or died off… the team would be dead. it would not work. Dinah almost being dead… proved that. I just hope that the worst is behind her now… She’s now a mother. and with that… She’s now got a Choice… Does she quit the hero work and be a full time mother? Or does she return and be the hero that her daughters and soon to be husband can be proud of? Each choice comes with a consequence… each step comes with a choice… If she chooses to be the hero again… she’s gonna need lots of training. Tons. Plus there is the college life. Dorms… this is the future. And what’s more is that Beryl returns… What is her plan for the girls now? What does she plan to do? Here’s Chapter 91: A Dorm Room and a Workout for Dinah. Beryl in the first degree.

Dinah: *Dreaming*

“Dinah: *Smiling at Shingo* Hey… Was that you speaking that poem?

Shingo: Yeah. *Blushing* It was.

Dinah: That was actually rather Cheesy for a poem but i loved it. *Suddenly Kissing Shingo on the lips*

Shingo: *Smiles* That was a good kiss. *Shyly* I came to apologize for scaring you off like i did. but i was just letting out how i felt about you. i know that we never really met before the bridge… and never really know one another… but i was really attracted to you the first time i saw you, but i didn’t say anything for i didn’t want the others to know what i was feeling about you. *Grins* Call it self pride. plus i am rather a little shy too. *Shrugs* So what do you want for a 12 year old guy… i just am rather picky.

Dinah: *Laughs* Sounds like me. *Sighs* But you really don’t need to be apologizing… i am the one who should be sorry. i ran out on you when you were telling me that you… uh… loved me. i guess that i was just scared. i never really been in a actual love relationship before. i guess that when you said what you said to me at the arcade… it got me shook because i actually was being seen as human and not some loose wire who gets set off for a fight. *Groans* I feel like such an idiot for running scared when being told the feelings of someone… i mean… i can be told the feelings that my sisters feel and even listen to my mom. it’s easy… but when it really comes from a guy…. and one that happens to really like me… and or literally love me. i just run away. because i am scared that i’ll over shoot it and mess it up. chasing the guy who loves me away. i don’t like that…

Shingo: *Sad for Dinah* i don’t blame you for feeling like that… Dinah. i am kinda like that a little bit too. i get that way around my sister and my own mother… i love them… but they can be so oblivious and so drawn to the entertainment. like when the t.v brags all about Aino Minako. i got nothing against her… but seeing my sister going all freaky over her and screaming like a wild girl every time the name is mentioned… after awhile it just gets really annoying sometimes.

Dinah: it reminds me of my sisters… they too can be annoying… but i love them all the more…But even when they get on my nerves… i sometimes feel as though i should wail on them… but if i were to do that… i’d be no better than the creeps that i’ve fought against. ones who’d hurt and harm their own mother. I may be tough… but when it really comes down to it… if anyone were to place harm on my sisters… i would strike them down.  My sisters and i fight sometimes… we may even argue. but they know that i am the only one that can do it and get away with it. if anyone else were to do it… they better not come near me. because i’d soon become their worst nightmare.

Shingo: I guess that i should try to be like that with my sister…

Dinah: *Feeling happy around Shingo* I Love you.”

As soon as they were all set to go…

Pearl: *In her car; Starting the Engine* I got to get going… the Dorm Manager Will be asking to see us by the evening to brief on the rules of the Dorms.

Raven: *Hovering out of the house* Pearl, wait.

Pearl: *Looking to see Raven* Raven, What’s the matter?

Raven: You’re leaving the house here… You’re going to the Dorms to live. You sure you want to do this?

Pearl: *Scoffs Chuckling* What’s the matter? You feel that i’m gonna be attacked at the Dorms?

Star: *Snorts with a witty expression* Girl, you be trippin’. We’re not gonna be attacked at the dorms. the only things that might happen is we face a casual disgruntled dorm inhabitant. We may look like a couple of fashion obsessed loons… But don’t let this Black Girl’s build fool you. I can come out and fight if i need to. *In her truck; Starting the Engine* We got to jet over there. It’s gonna get close to high traffic of people getting into their dorms soon and we’ll get trampled if we don’t get there and start setting before then. As it is… we’re getting a little behind.

Paige: Reese is already at his Dorm room. He’s Bunking with Jack Frost. Different classes and careers. But they agreed and made the arrangements of seeing that they bunked together. They’re with the room #312

Raven: *Looking to see Dinah not around* Where’s Dinah?

Grandma Rikku: She’s laying down… She’s having Contractions and of course had her stuff all set to go last night. Christie came and prepped everything for Dinah and…

Raven: I did the transporting.

Christie: *Coming out of the house* Raven… i don’t know if the Dorm Manager will be seemingly pleased to see someone else in mine and Dinah’s Dorm Room… but Here. *Giving Raven the Dorm key* Take Dinah’s truck… over to the Met U. Look for room #250 That’s our room. Dinah’s and mine. Set things up in there however. but see to it that it’s kept in order and easily found.

Raven: Sure. I of course read Dinah’s mind a little and grabbed an idea of how she wants her things to be set. *Using a little bit of Empathy on Christie* Don’t worry. the Room will be set and organized. as you pictured in your minds…

Karen: She is. I met her. She’s really cool.

Martin: I myself like her anyway. I mentioned once that i was kinda weird… Didn’t i?

Luna: You did. But you’re also sweet.

Classmate: You girls are really something, you know that?

Martin: Well You can tell that right away.  I am in love with one of them. Luna’s my girlfriend.

Classmate: She is?

Martin: Of course. Has been since the 4th month of this year… We started as just close friends and then went to best friend Status. it just grew from there.

Classmate: I am still with the mind that girls usually have cooties. but If you’re in love with her… you should be the most complete guy there is in the class.

Classmate #2: Yeah right,  Jake. You’re in love with that girl Mackenzie. She’s a good looking girl for a preteen. Her parents are both working 2 jobs to stay afloat. From what i heard… She’s got a home that is barely stable with both parents mostly gone. They don’t even have time to rest and can’t even spend time with her.

Pearl: *Jumps a little* Hey Raven. Here to see where i am gonna be for the next 4 years?

Raven: 4 years?! What are you shooting for?

Pearl: Isn’t it obvious? Raven, I am shooting for a Bachelor’s degree for the Fashion designing. That’s my major.

Star: That’s right. We’re gonna rule the fashion and shakin’ that butt all over the industry…

Pearl: *Laughing* Oh… That’s classic.

Raven: *Looking at the room* You two are definitely college girls now. You two go on out and catch some fresh air. I’ll handle the room for you. It’ll be done by time you come back. Personalized to suit you.

Reese: Martin? A normal guy… coming to their aid. Why? What could he have done but just watch? There was nothing he could have done about it.

Jack: You are putting doubt in the guy… but there is something that will surprise you more than’ll be able to swallow.

Reese: And what would that be? *Curious*

Jack:  Martin Marco is now a hero.

Reese: *Pauses* Uh, he’s what? Come again on that last part… Did you just say… that Martin. The 12 year old boy who is normal and with no affiliation with the super powers that be… is now…. a hero?

Jack:  i didn’t stutter, did i? Yes. He is a hero. Luna is happy about it and i don’t see why she wouldn’t be happy. I mean, She now has a partner. A helper. It’s crazy to even think about it… but with Luna gathering a group of friends of her own to help her… it is like she’s forming a group of young heroes. anyone with powers or maybe knowhow.

Reese: And that is a good thing how?

Jack: Well…. it could be a good thing. it might even be seen as prestigious.

Reese: *Thinking about his girlfriend Paige* I wonder how Paige is doing. You think that she’s around somewhere?

Jack: No idea. But i know that Pearl is around. She and Star are scheduled to be setting up their Dorm room today.

Reese: Knowing your girl, She’s probably got the whole outlet store with her and then some.

Jack: *Chuckles* Yeah… tell me about it. She’s most definitely a nut about fashion. But in all honesty… You got to love her. She has that big drive in her… She’s got it. Knows what she wants and how she wants it…

Paige: I know it’s none of my business and of course Prince Alvin did make a brief reference about it to my sisters and me. i think… But Really? What is it about your distaste towards your father? Is he that bad? I mean what did he do that made you just hate him so much?

Alice: If you even had a father… you would know that fathers are supposed to love their daughters and be there for them and be loyal to them as fathers are for their daughters. Mines never was. After my mom died. My father began getting distant from me. He would hardly speak to me at all. He would ignore me. If i said hello to him… He’d Shrug and just walk on like he didn’t even hear me. I even tried to get into just a touch of trouble to maybe get his attention and yet. got nothing. There was no reply from him. I got into trouble sometimes at school growing up before i met any of you guys… and not even that got his attention.

Paige: But i thought that you said that you were like this Psychic…

Alice: I am. I was also a loner. Not wanted by my own father. When my mother died… it was the end of a happy family. By 13… i just gave up trying. I figured that if he wasn’t gonna love me and be there for me… then what was the point of even being anywhere near him. I never got to see him. When he came home… he was always smelly of manure and i would never get to see him. because when he was home… i was asleep. and or at school. And when i did get to see him. if lucky. It’d be like just for barely under a minute. If i was lucky. Then sometime before our graduating high school he come home one time smelling like Whiskey and Bollinger Champagne. I smelt it a few times on him and know that he was drunk. He came home one night which was a few weeks. a Month and maybe 3 weeks before the Graduation looking so shitfaced that if he were any drunk than he appeared to be… he would have been stone cold dead. Which is not a loss to me since after my mom died… he’s be anything but a father to me.  He was drunk. And of everything he could have done to me… He tried to soil me. he… Ugh! I can’t even say it because it is just so damn sick and disgusting.

Paige: Why? What did he do?

Alice: He Urinated right on me.

Dinah: *Walking over to her truck and taking it slow* I am gonna be fine Christie.  I just need to take it slow is all. It’s not even time for the Labor to happen yet.

Christie: Yeah… sure you are… That’s why you’re wincing and struggling to even walk. We’re gonna need a wheelchair for you. *Helping Dinah over to her car and seeing that she’s okay* Come on. Let’s go. Raven probably has the room all done for us and is waiting for us to show up before she does anything else. So, Let’s get on over there and get you to lie down.

Dinah: *Nods* Christie, I know you’re trying to help me. and i know that i am sounding rather grouchy and everything. If i snap or say anything mean and uncalled for… don’t take it wrong. I am just in a lot of pain and trying to find a way to vent and let it out without going off the handle and doing something that i should not do.

Christie: I know. It just bites that you’re in all this pain and i can’t do much to really help… or take it away.

Dinah: I don’t think that anyone can. But just know that being the one who’s scheduled to go into labor… It’s a real bitch. I know that my young ones are gonna be bouncing like mad to come up…

Luna: *On screen* We got a little problem. There is a youma here at the middle school and it’s not going down.

Martin: And there is another problem. We can’t transform.

Raven: Why not?

Luna: We got too many spectators who are watching and we can’t sneak off to transform.

Raven: *Seeing a couple Kids close by* Who’s that behind you?

Luna: A couple of new friends that Martin and i made. Jake and Jennifer. Jake Powell And Jennifer Bakeman.

Jennifer: The hell with the spectators. Let them say something. Luna… just let the freak thing fly. This is our school. We should defend it.

Jake: That’s right… Let the people say something. Let them… You’re a hero… obviously with the things that you were saying…  It’s not hard to connect the dots.

Karen: I guess that would settle it.

Martin: Let’s do it.  Raven… you should get here soon. We’re gonna need the help.

Raven: *Sighs before nodding* I’ll be on my way… I am at the Dorms right now taking care of Pearl and Star’s room for them… i just got done. I’ll be on my way. Luna… Just transform and fend off the Creature the best way you can.  I’ll be there momentarily.

Luna: Okay.

Dinah: As soon as i am done with this pregnancy… i am gonna be more productive. No more sitting on my ass. No more.

Irene: Vho’s Pregnancy?

Luna: My sister Dinah’s. She’s Pregnant.

Jake: She is? How? Who’s the father?

Luna: Her Fiance Shingo…

Martin: They’re gonna get wed on Christmas day this year… It’s been set.

Michelle: Rule #1: Respect the fellow Dorm inhabitants. If you want to have a fight with them… you take it outside and you make amends… You code Red it and you terminate the quarrel. if you fail to complete the mission… i will code red it for you and both you and the one that you’re in crossfire with will get the punishment. Rule #2: There will be no outside people allowed in the dorm rooms after hours. If they are family… You say your Adieus and send them on their Journey’s back home. You are not to have any outsiders spend the night. If anyone of you Crack open an insubordinate action and sneak someone into a room. after hours… I will issue a Red Flag on the whole unit and the building will be locked down till the guilty party mans up and confesses. That rule is for a reason. So no casting it off for a mark of bull. It’s no Joke. some of the outsiders can turn mean at night. It’s a Jungle of Adulthood out there people. So use your brains that your momma’s and poppa’s gave you. Be smart. Rule #3: No Smoking or drinking… No drugs of any kind. You want to light up… you take the butts outside and have it outside. Same with Alcohol. No Drinking Alcoholic beverages in the building or in the rooms. If i smell it or catch it… you will be put on level 8 probation. 4 weeks of heavy punishment. Be smart people. Don’t strike on a fools Ego and think it funny to pull a fast one. You’ll look stupid and it will make you the one with the stained reputation… You got 4 years here… don’t make your 4 years here to be your untold realm of hell. It is hell outside. it’s a harsh world. don’t invite trouble to come walking in. Use your common sense people. Rule #4: The Curfew. During the week there is a 10:00 curfew. on weekends it’s beefed up to 11:00. If you’re a few minute late… fine. it happens. things occur that you don’t expect. Some of you don’t know how to expect the unexpected. But here… if you haven’t learned to do so yet… here would be the place to start learning. But if you are consistently late and wind up being repeatedly late and after Curfew… You will be locked out of the building for the night. some nights can get really cold and Winters are a real bitch. so if you don’t want to spend the night in the freezing cold on a winter night. Don’t ever be late on your curfew. Rule #5: When going out… travel in groups of no less than 2 or 3… outside is dangerous at night. Suicide Slums is not far from here and some people from there tend to stray into the general public. they could initiate the code of Rape and mugging you from behind if you’re not with the watchful eyes. Don’t wander out alone. Untold things can happen to those who wander into the wilderness and wander alone. If you don’t have means of arming yourselves… you won’t make it. So be on the right side… don’t beat the outside alone. Rule #6: Learn Self defense. Arm yourself with the knowhow in battle tactics and learn how to fight. A defenseless College dweller is a Dead College Dweller. This place is your Base. You leave it unprotected… don’t expect to always come back Unscathed. Chances are… that you’ll be just new game for any predator or hoodlum who have the lust in their eyes for girls such as yourselves. and that goes for you men out there too… if you go out there unarmed and on your own… you’ll be falling a casualty of being someone’s tasty bitch or a target of some sex offender’s dish of grabbing some man love. If you want to ensure that you’ll come back in one piece and unscathed… Do the smart approach. go prepared and with self defense. be armed. constantly Righty -Tighty. Rule #7: Respect your fellow men and comrades. Remember recruits… You’ll be dealing with one another for 4 years. So if you make an enemy in here… You better be in expecting for a warzone to break. So unless you want a unnecessary war… don’t call on instilling the reasons for someone here to scorn  you. You’ll only be hating yourself and wish to god that you were smarter to not throw the grenade of hostility. and last but not least Rule #8: Keep wide attention of your belongings… they are your equipment… you lose them… it is on you. So wise rule of choice… don’t set and leave anything of yours out that is high of value. it will only tempt people with a klepto touch to up and grab it and claim it and you”ll be out of the equipment. So if you have something of high value… do the favor and keep it with you with no exceptions. Treat it as if it’s your life and as though your lives depended on it. Because anything lost won’t be the fault of the Dorm… It will be resting on you.

Dinah: *Groaning and hissing* Oh..mmmm….ssssss….

Christie: Dinah what’s wrong?? You okay?

Dinah: Yes. I think so Christie…Ohh… mmmm…..

Christie: No Dinah, you are not. *genuinely concerned*

Dinah: Yes Christie, I’m okay…just been having a little bit of pain today. *wincing from another grip of sudden pain*

Christie: Girl, you are not okay! I think you are in labor!! (exclaiming)

Dinah: Tsk!! Please!!! Get real girl!!! It’s Not possible… It couldn’t be, I have been having contractions for almost a couple weeks. Doctors said I am not due til Sept 7th. It’s only the 6th which is a day early. Wait! Tomorrow is the 7th. and it is now nighttime. So the big Event will start soon and i’ll probably have it coming to surprise me.

Christie: I don’t think so. This is your first pregnancy Dinah. My Cousin when she had her first child, it was early by 2 weeks. She looked and acted as you are now. Just as you are acting now.

Dinah: *Sighing* Christie I swear, it’s not that. The pains are 30 min apart and not real. *Suddenly feeling the sharp pain hitting her and feeling the seconds long contraction hit her*  OH!!! SSSSSS. THAT HURT!!

Christie: You were saying??

Dinah: oh, Shut up!! Please… Don’t be making get all sappy. Let’s just get the assignment at least started and get to bed. I am exhausted.

Christie: You are going to be more than exhausted from class real soon, but okay, whatever, its your discomfort. *A little frustrated* Here, Take this. Mr. Holden said we needed to go over it for the Spanish quiz. I can not believe that we have Spanish class and Chemistry. We’re not even going for the field that have any relevance to Chemicals. Hadn’t since high school. Plus, I’m going for Law. You’re going for the Sports career. Does this shit ever end? Damn Dinah. I am already burnt out! This work is gonna kill us before we’re through.

Dinah: I hear you. But the rest of the classes ought to be easy as pie. At least they ought to be. *Suddenly sensing Another contraction and fearing it to be her going into Labor* OH…Christie….I…I think, I have a problems….OMG!!! IT HURTS SO BAD!!! *Crying Hysterically*

Christie: *Growls and shock and in disbelief* F**K! Shit… DAMN! I TOLD YOU! Here… sit over here. Instructing Dinah to sit over on the bed nearby* I am calling an ambulance. it’s important.

Dinah: HURRY!!!! *Screaming in pain* I’m so scared.

Prince Alvin: You keep strong. don’t give up the fight. Live for yourself. Your babies. They’re gonna need you. They’re gonna need their mother. So Please… hold on. Please. Please! Dinah… Live. Live!

Dr. Mizuno: That’s it…keep pushing…here it comes…come on little’s time to meet the world…There are a lot of people waiting to meet you angel….

Dr. Mizuno: Hello Serena…look there is your mama…the nurse will clean you all up pretty one and then you will get to see your mommy okay? *handing baby to awaiting nurse*

Surgeon: *With the defib machine* Charging 300 CC’s on a Vat! *Pumping Dinah Full of electricity and Jump starting the heart* Come on Dinah… You’re only 17. This isn’t your time to die. Not now.

Prince Alvin: *Getting up and storming outside*…… *Outside and suddenly sitting down on the curb before sticking his head between his knees and looking Down; Sobbing* No! Dinah… Dinah’s gone… She’s dead! NOOOO!!!!

Dinah: *Coughing and Gasping for air* Oh… Oh god… What the hell was that; that just happened? Did i just die?

Dr. Mizuno: *Looking at Dinah* Oh… Dinah. Thank god you’re alive. You’re gonna be okay now. You’re gonna be just fine.

Paige: *Crying with tears* Our sister is gone… She’s dead. The babies killed her. They took her life.

Grandma Rikku: No. It’s not that. We’ll take care of her little ones and will love them like no other. We’ll have to let Shingo know. Shingo was her Fiance and Dinah was his wife to be.

Luna: I am gonna miss her. What’ll we do without her? She was the toughest girl we knew. She was tough.

Prince Arnold: *Walking in and seeing Paige and Pearl in tears* Okay, am i missing something?

Raven: *Shaking her head in sadness*

Dr. Mizuno: *Walking out from the doors leading inside* Mrs. Rhapsody-san… Your Daughter Dinah is back and alive. She is alive and breathing.

Prince Alvin: *Nods and letting off a brief smile of peace* Thanks Aunt Rikku. But i am fine. I just need to be alone to cool off. If i go in there right now… i will end up lashing. i don’t want that. Neither do you…

Shingo:  I will start to look for a place. A Rental place… I can make a deal with the owner there and see about getting a Part time Job.

Dinah: *Happy* Wow! See? Now there’s my Man talking.

Shingo: You know it honey… *Kissing Dinah on the Lips*

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* I love you. *Kissing her boyfriend back*

Shingo: I love you too Dinah.

Dinah: *Shaking in terror* Oh god… Oh my god! Beryl… She’s gonna aim attacks at me… And at you… She’s gonna Kill the Babies. If she attacks me… it’ll hurt the babies. We could lose them… Oh god… *Freaked* Shingo… I feel really terrified now.

Shingo: *Gulps and shaking in fear* I too am terrified, Love. I really am. This is bad… Really bad.

Dinah: What’re we gonna do? *On the Verge of tears* I don’t want to lose my little ones… I want to be a mother… I know that we are with no money or a Job. But i want to be a Mother. I just want to have the pain go away. I want my little ones, Shingo. *With tears Suddenly Falling down her face*

Shingo: *in tears* I am really scared now.

Dinah: That’s it… I hope that someone goes at her… and Tears her a New Ass.”

Dinah: *Having the babies getting placed in her arms* Awww! They’re so beautiful. *Thinking of names for the babies* This one looks like me. She has my nose… my eyes and ears… I think i’ll call this girl on my right… Sapphire. And the one on my left… She has my face but my boyfriends hands and feet. not to mention his sweet arms. I’ll name this after a good friend we know… Raven. They’re gonna be tough and very ambitious. And this cute one here Serena… She’ll be something very unique. She’s gonna be a real music lover. Probably a Romancer. A Writer talking about Romance.

Shanna: How sweet and lovely. *smiles*

Prince Alvin: *Walking in with the bothers and feeling calmer* We’re here… How’re you doing Dinah?

Dinah: I am doing fine for the most part. Your words helped me pull through. I was thought to have been dead for a moment. But the Doctors brought me back. I hung on.

Shanna: They are really adorable.

Paige: They are really beautiful.

Pearl: Prince Alvin, Guys… look at the babies. They’re so beautiful.

Prince Avery: Yes. They are beautiful.

Dinah: *Looking at her Babies* Sapphire and Raven are their names. Sapphire Jodie Rhapsody. Raven Meredith Rhapsody. *Smiles* And the third one… Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody.

Prince Curtis: Those are lovely names.

Shanna: Agreed. You have three wonderful little girls. *smiles*

Dinah: It is gonna sound awkward… but Pearl… i am gonna make you the Godmother.*Smiles* If that’s okay.

Pearl: *smiles and nods* Okay. Sure.

Dinah: I do it because i trust you. You maybe a bit ditzy sometimes… but you’re always there when something happens and are always devoted to being there for people. knowing what to do… Paige, You are best being the guardian. You lead well. Even though my tough girl act never would allow me to admit it. You are a great leader. that is not about to be debatable… *Smiles and being sentimental*

Paige & Pearl: Awww….Dinah….

Dinah: I Love you girls. That goes for you too, Luna, Shanna. *Smiles*

Shanna: Thanks sis.

Luna: Yeah. That’s real sweet Dinah-chan.

Shingo: *appears in the room* I’m here! Our babies are here?

Dinah: *Looking to see her Fiance* Yes. They are. Come say hello to Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Our special babies. See how beautiful they are?

Shingo: They’re lovely. Just like you are, Precious. Just as beautiful as you are. in every way. *Kissing Dinah on the lips*

Shingo: When you get out of the hospital, we’ll decide on who will take the little ones and for how long. making arrangements on the babysitter and make sure that they’re safe.

Dinah: Yeah. Shingo, i agree. *Looking at Shingo* might your boss have a Nursery spot for the young little kids?

Shingo: No. I’m afraid not. But when i watch them… I’ll make sure that they’re protected. guarded. Do whatever possible.

Christie: I can always babysit.

Shingo: That’s okay with me. *Smiling at Christie* Dinah and i know that we can trust you.

Luna: Same here. I’m now an Aunt. I say… let’s trust Christie to watch the babies too. She’s been a wonderful help keeping a close eye on Dinah… being there for her when we couldn’t.  We were all there for her. Christie was also there for Dinah. So i’ll let her do it.”

2 weeks later…

Sept. 21st 2026…

3:00 AM…

Met U. Dorm Rooms #250…

Babies: *Waking up; Crying* WAAAAAAA!!!!!

Dinah: *Waking up and hearing her babies crying* Oh god… Not again. What’s wrong babies? Hold on. Momma’s coming. She’s coming. It’s gonna be alright. Don’t be blue. It’s gonna be okay. Momma’s here. *Getting up and Walking over to the carriers* Christie, Want to give me a hand with my little ones?

Christie: Sure. *Getting up from her chair and taking a break from the Business form writing* I need a break anyway. The business forms are seriously kicking my behind. I think that after we take care of the babies… i’m gonna take a break from the work and catch some Z’s. I am beat. *Walking over towards the babies*

Dinah: I don’t blame you. I have half of the homework done… But i am bushed. These little ones sure take a lot out of us. don’t they? *Yawns a little*

Christie: They sure do. But it is okay. they’re really helpless. we got to take care of them… We can’t let Shingo be stuck with them all the time. He doesn’t mind… but it still doesn’t make it right.

Dinah: Yeah. He’s gonna be here for the next few nights. He is still looking to buy a house for us… But it’s gonna take time. He’s still looking for the perfect one.

Christie: Do you think that he’ll find one soon?

Dinah: *Shaking her head* I don’t know. I wish i knew how he was doing in the search. He will be here tonight.

Christie: *Picking up Serena* Come on you fussy gal you… let’s get you calmed down. *Looking at Dinah* Is it me or does Serena feel wet?

Dinah: Wet? *Pauses a second* Couldn’t be. I Changed her before we laid them down for sleep. I think that they’re hungry. At least these two are. They’re licking their lips.

Babies #1: *in her mind* Yeah. That’s right. I’m hungry, Momma. i would like some of that breast milk. Whatever that is… that’s good. but just as long as it comes from the bottle. the other way is too awkward for my taste.

Babies #2: *In her mind* I am hungry too… but what i want… is some of that baby food. That’s what i’d like. Although… our momma is risking this by keeping us in here… i don’t think that her dorm landlord… whoever she is… will like the fact that we’re in here.

Babies #3: *In her mind* I don’t want our momma to get in trouble.

Babies #1: *In her mind* You think that’s trouble… you should try the part where our momma is defenseless now. She can’t fight and be the hero. We know who she is. She’s “Danger Zone” Dinah… Thunder Mistress. Mrs. Lightning in a bottle.

Babies #2: *In her mind; Cheering* Yeah… That’s our momma. That’s our momma. I can’t wait for the day that she’d be back into the fray and beating up bad guys and going head to head with Villains. Kicking their ugly mugs all over the place.

Babies #3: *Smiles and in her mind* I bet that she was a total powerhouse.  And she can be again.

Dinah: *Grabbing a bottle and feeding Sapphire* There You go. Drink up the nice milk. *Gently touching Little Sapphire’s nose* That’s my cute and pretty little Sapphire. Momma’s little Gem. *Grabbing a Jar of baby food and opening it* Here’s what my little Raven wants… She wants some of this delicacy here… Strained peas and carrots. Good for the eyes. Building up the Eye muscles and the hair too. Beta-carotene Eyesight. help prevent it from deteriorating so quickly at a certain age. Prevents Cancers and all that stuff revolving the health. Giving the body a good ole’ fighting chance. I want my loving babies to be tough and strong.

Christie: You will have tough girls. We’ll keep that in order…

Dinah: I’ll need to get into shape. I need a Gym. What do you think, Christie?

Christie: Yeah… it would help. You look like a bit of one man’s extra flab. No offense.

Dinah: None taken.

Christie: Serena needs a change and some Milk. Is there a bottle of Formula for her?

Dinah: Should be. She was born with a smidge of a deficiency in Calcium. Probably a birth issue. The Formula has a ton of Calcium in it. It’ll help her get the Calcium level back to where it ought to be. I’d see to it that they are strong. I want them to live strong. Love and strength.

Christie: *Looking at the baby* See? Now that is the ticket to being a wonderful mother. You do need a Job though and to train to be a wonderful fighter again.

Dinah: Christie, No. I am not gonna go back to being the Thunderic fury Thunder Mistress again. Not at the moment. or at this time. I just barely got out of the hospital and got rested up 4 days ago. I want to be just a regular mother for right now.

Christie: Girl, That is commendable… but what about all the things you can do? The toughness that you possess? You can’t just walk from that. Not just so easily.

Dinah: *Looking at Christie* It’s the right thing to do and you know it. I am a mother now. If i didn’t have these wonderful little babies… it would be different. I’d go back into it. But i can’t… I want to… but i can’t. I have Prince Alvin as the Godfather. You’re the Den mother. Paige, Pearl and Luna are the Aunts. Grandma Rikku is the great grandmother to them. The brothers are the Uncles. I’d let you all raise my kids while i went to go kick some serious balls and buns. But these little ones need their mother. and their father too. How can i be a mother to them if i am out fighting the good fight all the while leaving them untended and alone?

Christie: I don’t know… but you are lucky to have a bunch of people to help you care for the little darlings. You got four cousins who are fighters and all for family just the same. seeing Family and the preservation of family as their very bread and butter. You got sisters who’d go to the hilt for you. Help you raise the  little ones. No problem. Why would you not want to gain back the part of your life that made you… who you are. You’re a mother. A Mother. But in your heart… you know that you’re also a fighter. A Fighter known As “Danger Zone” Dinah. Thunder Mistress. If not fight for yourself… Fight for them. You remember Beryl? The one you nicknamed the psychotic lady with the powers that forgot to pay their electric bill? Remember her?! What makes you think that she won’t try to come at you or your little ones?

Dinah: *Huffs a little* Don’t say that… Christie. Don’t you dare speak like that. I don’t even want to think about Beryl I don’t want to know about her. But all i know is that they won’t have any issues with Beryl. And Beryl isn’t gonna know about them. You understand that? She won’t.

But in Dark Kingdom…


Beryl: *Looking through the mini-Portal/Mirror* Oh… But i already do, You Rhapsody Brat. I do. I will soon come after them and seduce them to serve me. Being the end of you. You might be on the top of your game now… thinking that this is all over. But it is far from over. It will be a matter of time before i reach my Apprentice to take you out. I will be keeping close to your kids and you… Dinah. You and i aren’t done. Not by a long shot.

That morning back at the Dorms in Dorm room #250…

Dinah: *Waking up and looking back at her phone nearby* Who the hell calls at 7:30 in the morning on a Tuesday? *Picking up the phone* I hope that it’s nothing important. Otherwise i am gonna be screwed… My Fiance was gonna be calling this morning… I hope that i didn’t miss the call. Ugh! god… I hate mornings. The little ones are pretty but if they keep me up like that again… i’m gonna lose it. *Looking at the Phone and seeing a text message* Who the heck is this… *Seeing what it is* Christie… No… she’s here… So this would have to be Shingo… Oh god. I missed him. I better call him right away…

Suddenly the T.V started playing an advertisement…

T.V.: The New You Gym Announcer: Tired of the same old you? Tired of being out of shape and out of luck with the opposite sex? Tired of being overweight and under-attractive?

Dinah: *Catching the mention of a Gym on T.V* Whoa… wait a minute… Christie… You’re close by the T.V. Turn it up a little.

Christie: *Looking to see the T.V playing some Advertisement* What the hell is that? Who is that?

White Goodman: *finishing a ride on the skis* Yeah! Oh, hello. I’m White Goodman, Owner, Operator, and Founder of The New You Gym America Corp, and I’m standing here before you to tell you… The one sitting there on the couch and you lying there in bed right now… that you don’t have to be stuck with what ya got.

“a buffed Globo Gym member is lifting weights”

White Goodman: Hey, Aaron. Looking good. Here at The New You Gym, we understand that “Ugliness” and “Fatness” are genetic disorders, much like baldness or necrophilia, and it’s only your own fault if you don’t hate yourself enough to do something about it. to change it to something better…

White Goodman: *climbing on the rocky wall; grunts* And that’s where we come in.

A few second Evil sounding laugh is released…

Christie: Oh god. That guy is Psycho. He is leaning back while on the rocky wall… He’s liable to kill himself doing that.

Dinah: I don’t think that he was trying to kill himself… he was just trying to see how far he could lean back before he saw that he couldn’t anymore.

Christie: I really don’t trust him. That guy is seriously with issues.

White Goodman: The New You Gym employs a highly-trained, quasi-cultural staff of personal alterational specialists. And with our competitively-priced on-site cosmetic surgery, we can turn that Frankenstein you see in the mirror every morning into a Franken-fine! You’ll be with a look that will whip up a huge crowd and be adored by many. *wheels out a bandaged-like-a-mummy person in a wheelchair* Of course just because you’ll look different in weight and appearance… When all is said and done you’ll still be you in a legal sense, but try and think of it as a thinner, more attractive and a much better you than you could ever become if you were to do it without us. How do I know? Well, I’m not only the founder of The New You Gym. I’m also to your surprise… a client.

[a picture of a 600-pound White Goodman from 14 years ago]

White Goodman: That’s me. Six years and 600 pounds ago… before I bothered to stop and realize how much i hated myself for being over-weight and under appreciated. But that was the very lifestyle that changed and transformed once I founded The New You Gym. But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to these New You-Gymers tell you how it is.

Dinah: *Watching the T.V and listening to the reviews* Wow. That place must be a real highly respected Gym. Why didn’t i know about that before… I could have gone there to lose just some of this weight. I look like a total Clydesdale.

Christie: That guy sounded like a total pretentious and egotistical flirt.

Dinah: He isn’t that bad. How bad could he be? What? You really think that i’d go and just allow him to flirt with me… No. I am just going there to lose weight. that’s all. Nothing more.

Christie: What about your fiance? Shingo… Remember him? That guy on T.V is a Flirt. He is always hanging around gals for an odd reason. Possibly to get with one of them. He could try to get with you and well… get you to fall for him. You might even get attracted to that guy on T.V.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Are you ever hearing yourself? Are you? Christie, That is so cruel for you to speak in such a way. You know that i’d never do that to Shingo. not ever. Mr. Goodman won’t get with me. Besides that… See all the gals he’s with?

Christie: Yes i do. I saw the Ad or informercial on T.V as well as you did.

Dinah: Well… Then you can see that Mr. Goodman is with the ones that are skinny and lean. Ones with Muscle tone and Buffed muscle. Not fat gals like me. I mean… Look at me. I am fat. I am surprised that Shingo still wants me especially since i am fat. I mean… Look at me. I am fat, Christie. I am anything but lean and Beautiful. I am anything but… White Goodman would never fall for me in a million years or any year.

Christie: You don’t know that. I saw some Reviews about him in the past. My mom showed them to me… And each review about him was negative. Pinning the guy as an all around ball tosser. He flirts with any girl that he thinks will put out. And if the girl or woman couldn’t put out as he’d say…  from what all the reviews say… He would just play them and make them think that they could get something and then before they could see what hit them… he would up and leave them like old baggage. Used and defective. Dinah, Girl… really, Is that what you want?

Dinah: Christie, Come on… you and i both know that I got the same chance with that guy as a slug would have trying to escape its predator from capturing it. Besides that i am with Shingo… Shingo is my Fiance. For better or worse and everything inbetween. He and i are one. I love him. Shingo is my love. There is nothing that any guy… or muscle buffed gent can do to sway me from Shingo Toshiro Tsukino.

Christie: Okay… *Sighs* Fine. We can go check this place out. But i am serious… any strangeness coming from him… we’re done with it. I saw how Shingo proposed to you. i don’t want anything to come between you and him. You two love each other. Shingo is a wonderful person. He loves you deeply. And anyone else… who tries to ruin the love you two have… they’ll be looking for some nasty ass trouble.

In Room #349…

Pearl: *Getting Changed into clean clothes* That was great. we should do that again. Last night was the best.

Star: I know… That Fashion Viewing was tops… That Outfit that Kristen Stewart had on last night. She had it looking so sparkly that if she had anymore sparkles… She’d look like outer space. She’d be Miss Starlet. She even had the earring and the Necklace too. Flashy and with the unique colors of the Rainbow. Supporting the Gay community. She had it going on.

Pearl: What about Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway? Raven-Symone and Jennifer-Love-Hewitt. Jennifer Garner. The outfits they had were just outstanding and remarkable.

Star: Tell me about it.  i think that we spoke to one of them and they loved our ideas so much… I think that we’re gonna have a sponsor for our Fashion store. We’re on our way, Girl… We are gonna be on our way. You can believe that.

Pearl: You think so?

Star: I know so… Girl, We’re so doing our Thing.

Pearl: It’s great. We got a couple classes today. Math and Physics.

Star: When do the classes begin?

Pearl: In about an hour.

Star: You’re kidding? An hour?! I guess that we better get something to eat and book it over to class.

Pearl:  What do you suppose the others are doing?

Star: Sleeping in since they don’t have any classes today. as far as we know.

Pearl: Prince Alvin is going for a Career in working on Machines. Probably aiming to work at a Robotics company building Machines and fixing them. Learning about tools… Building Concepts. Prince Curtis on the other hand never made any mention on what he’d be going towards in a career.

Star: He’ll be trying to surprise us all.

Pearl: Dinah has. She’s gonna be getting hitched in December…

At the Limousine Depot…

Inside the Limo…

Shingo: *On the phone* Yes… Mr. Goodman. You’re in call for a Limo ride from your house to your Gym at 10:00.

Mr. Goodman: *On the phone* Right. I need to be there by that time to start instructing the Gym-comers. If i don’t get there to pick up after them… who else will, right?

Shingo: No idea. But It’s work. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Mr. Goodman: Workouts can be a bitch. but once you get the hang of them and get into a routine of doing them… it becomes second nature. You know how it is in the Fitness world… You gotta burn it to earn it. Shedding off those extra pounds.

Shingo: *Chuckles* No arguments there… I’ll be on my way there within a couple minutes and be at your front door to cater and transport you from the house to the Gym. the usual Price is $350. But if it’s short… catch it up when you can. Times are tough. No need to make it harder than it ought to be.

Mr. Goodman: That’s a wise way of putting it. See you at 10.

A minute later…

Shingo: *On the phone* Hey Dinah, Honey… What’s up?

Dinah: *On phone* Nothing much. Just going out and driving around.

Shingo: Out on the road? You sure that you should be doing that yet?

Dinah: I’m sure. i’m okay to go out now.

Shingo: I know you are, Sweetheart. i know. I am just making sure that you’re okay. You barely got out of the hospital the middle of last week. You should still be taking it easy. You lost alot of blood during the delivery. You could still be pretty weak yet. I just want you to be careful.

Dinah: I know you do. But really… i’m gonna be fine. I got to start going back out and being a little more productive. I can’t be sitting on my butt all the time. If i keep doing that… i’ll end up making that into a habit and it’ll be all i’ll want to do. I can’t do that. i am not the type to just lie down and lay while the remaining  signs of the pain from the Pregnancy and the delivery contently kick my ass. You know that…

Shingo: Dinah: *Sighs* …

Dinah: Shingo, Seriously… since the time when you and i first met… all the way till now… When have you ever seen me face pain and anguish and lie down letting it subdue me?

Shingo: Not ever.

Dinah: Well… so think about it… if i were to let the pain subdue me and push me to constantly sit down and rest. Not moving around a bit and wind up getting lazy. What would that make me out to be to you? I would be nothing more than a loafer and lazy human being. one who wouldn’t want to do anything but sit and watch T.V and possibly get fatter than what i already am. I can’t do that. it isn’t me.

Shingo: I get that, But Dinah… I am just wanting for you to be okay. Take it easy. Don’t overdo it. I know that you want to go and move around. Do things. But just favor your Fiance here a little. Just take it easy… Please. The doctors said that You had a Momentary Death… and then came back miraculously. That is a miracle in itself and gave me a relief to know that you came out of it alive.

Dinah: *Pauses* How Did you know about that?

Shingo: I made a call to the doctor before i arrived there to see you. She told me that you had momentarily died. When i heard that… I almost crashed the Limo.

Dinah: Uh… Could i ask as to why you’d do such a thing like that?

Shingo: I was panicked and with dread that i lost you, Dinah.

Dinah: Shingo, You are acting very sappy. Shingo… Hon… I am fine. Really, I am. I am taking it easy. Trying to. But i can’t just sit and not do anything. It isn’t me. I have to start being more productive. I realize that i almost died permanently. I actually had a bit of a nightmare the other night about that and it scares me still. I almost died. Doing so would have left you broken hearted. Left the team… the girls all without the powerhouse. 3 little girls without a mother. and it would sadden everyone. I didn’t like the idea of almost dying. I hated it.

Shingo: I know. It wasn’t easy. It was even hard on me because i had to learn about it and it almost broke me… Dinah, You know that if anything were to happen to you that i would have been crushed and crippled. I wouldn’t be able to go on living.

Dinah: And that would mean that you’d take a nose dive into suicide alley. Leaving the little ones without a father included? Shingo… that is seriously psycho. Seriously… You can’t be thinking like that.. That is the most cruelest thing that you can do. If i were to die… and i hope to god it never happens. but if i were to die… The Kids will need their daddy. You. If you’re not there for them… they won’t have anyone… they’ll be separated into the foster system. sent to numerous different families and will never know who they are. they’ll be messed up for life. with a dual personality. You Want that? It will hurt them, Shingo. I don’t want them to live their lives never knowing who their parents were… without knowing who they are.

Shingo: I am not saying anything about suicide, Hon.  I would never take that option… No matter what pain i felt over losing you. That’d be the last thing that i’d ever want. The very last thing that i’d ever want to subject the kids to living through. But , in my heart… Dinah. Losing you would be my worst fear. the thing to me that would be a fate worse than death itself.  I mean, There are sometimes where you Drive me totally nuts. with the Gutsy and persistent toughness.

Dinah: *Pauses and in shock*…

Shingo: But That’s what drags me closer to you. Because just when i think that you could not get more insane with the Gutsy hot wired temper and the Gutsy personality… you do and you act so much like a loose wire but then you act so serene and so romantic and loving all at the same time that it makes me feel like putty to you. You are like all over the place and it is so hard to keep up half the time. But i do it because it is for the one i love. it’s with the woman i love. You.

Dinah: *Smiles* Oh my dear… god. You really are a Deep Instinctive romancer.

Shingo: Only being the best for you. *Trying to calm down* Where are you going?

Dinah: To the Gym. Ever heard of the Gym called “The New You” Gym America corp?

Shingo: Not really. But i am on my way Picking up someone named Mr. Goodman, White. Why?

Dinah: Well I am heading over there now and i got Christie with me. and the little ones are in the Dorm room.

Shingo: Alone?

Dinah: No. They’re being watched. Paige is watching them. As is Alice. She is taking care of things while i’m gone to check out the Gym.

Christie: Goodman is a pretentious Flirt. I am not one to trust him. Dinah wants to go to that Gym and possibly risk Goodman flirting with her. She denies it. But we’ve seen the Informercial and i got the shtick of Goodman’s just by the sight of him and what he was saying.

Dinah: *Frustrated* Christie… For the love of pete… Let it go.

Shingo: Dinah, I trust you. i know that you would not let anyone flirt with you without your consent. You are better than that. Christie, You know that Dinah is not one to let any guy flirt with her without the consent. Dinah knows what’s what. You ought to know the same too.

The Call ended a minute later…

At Metropolis Middle school…

Luna: *Walking with Martin, Karen and Irene* I don’t know about those two. Jake and Jennifer seem to know too much about our situation. About the Intergalactic Demon. About Beryl. I think that we might have a problem.

Martin: Do you think that they are hiding something?

Luna: I believe that they are rather odd. They barely met us a little over two weeks ago and they already can profile us. They know about us and our alter personalities.

Karen: About the demon and Even Beryl. They even know about Raven as well. How do they know about her?

Irene: *Shrugs* Beats me… They could have heard about our talking over problem. I barely got all info on matter during summer. I still am in dark over all of it. I don’t like idea that they could just pick up all the facts on demon or Evil Queen.

Martin: We might not have that much to worry about. Those two didn’t seem to be that much a problem. Vincent asked me about them after they were gone. He was confused about what they were like… He saw that they were good kids but very shy when it came to talking about themselves.

Luna: I didn’t notice that. You never told me about that. Have you?

Martin: I haven’t said it to anyone. i was trying to wrap my head around the idea. I couldn’t even figure that out. I couldn’t just tell you and watch you drive yourself nuts trying to realize or wonder how they could already know about us. before they were to lie their eyes on us. It also drives the idea… Were they following us beforehand and we never knew it till that day a couple weeks ago when they finally spoke more than a couple words towards us? were they always fans? Did they truly want to be our friends just to be our friends or we they doing so just to get what they needed and then before we could catch on… sell us out?

Karen: Jennifer mentioned that she had nearly the complete comic series of Titans Go! Saying that it was what got her to know all about Raven… Her Lineage.

Luna: I don’t know if i buy it.

Irene: Vhy?! Vhat do you think could be out of place?

Luna: I don’t know. It is hard to say.

Karen: You suppose that it could be nothing but them being no more than Avid followers and devoted believers?

Luna: It’s too Ominous.

Martin: You think that we ought to ask them what their story is? Why they know what they know?

Irene: Yeah. I vould ask them about vhat they know about situation.

Karen: Good idea.

At The Metropolis Shrine…

Rei: *Sweeping the sidewalk a little* Something is going on in the city. Beryl is at work again.

Chloe: *Pauses* Do you know where she could be?

Rei: She’s in the city. She’s plotting something and plans to target… Dinah’s Kids. Sapphire, Raven and Serena are gonna be targeted by her.

Chloe: Beryl obviously has a Vendetta against Dinah… But Why? Why would she have a Vendetta against Dinah? If she was to go against the team and take them all down, Why would it be just with Dinah?

Rei: We have no idea.

Minako: *Walking in from the outside gate* Beryl is targeting Dinah because of last time when the girls all had to deal with her. The last thing that was said which really stood out with Beryl…


Click to view full size image

Beryl: *Looking down at Endymion’s dead body* Endymion. *Sighs* Queen Metaria… is history. she’s been defeated.  *Looking up to see Sailor Moon* Princess… Why must you constantly without second thought… Take everything away from me? Ever since the past life… Endymion… He had it all… The Wealth… the influence. *While in lament* But this time… This time… you even take Queen Metaria away from me. you destroy her and rip her from me. You are the true harbinger of Misfortune. *Shooting out in Outrage* You are the one who’s true Evil. You EVIL GIRL!!!

Dinah: *Snapping at Beryl* Back off lady… You are the only one who is True Evil… You are the reason this happened… you should have known that Metaria was a loose cannon and couldn’t be controlled for long. but you still resurrected her. you can bark and growl and snarl all you like… but you brought all this upon yourself. You know that! You’re the Evil One.

Pearl: Plus if Usagi is guilty of anything… It’s protecting the planet from your naughty and very mean hands… and Metaria too.  she only protected the world from you and Metaria.

Beryl: *Looking at Endymion again* She killed Endymion. Endymion is Dead by her hands… how could you be thinking it was me who did it? I didn’t have the sword in my hand… Now…. did i? DID I?

Sailor Moon: *In shock and starts to speak* Endymion… has been killed… I Killed… Endymion.

Betty: *Hearing Sailor Moon feeling remorse and showing signs of breaking* Usagi-Chan… Don’t do it… Don’t snap.

Angel: Don’t break. You did what had to be done… but it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t mean to kill him. we know that you didn’t mean it.

Sailor Moon: Endymion is… dead.

Paige: *Panics* Usagi… Don’t do it… Don’t break.

Amara: I think it’s too late… Her conscious mind is broken… the Princess is gonna come out… There is nothing we can do…

Click to view full size image

Sailor Moon: *With a shrill loud cry* ENDYMION!!!!!!! *Emitting Heavy energy knocking the girls down and turns into Princess Sailor Moon*

Beryl: *Shielding her eyes* Ahhh!

Ami: *On the ground; Looking up* Usagi-Chan!

Pearl: *Scared* What’s going to happen now?

Princess Sailor Moon: *Absorbing Endymion into her and carrying him with her in her heart* This world will be no more… i will end it all… i will end everything… with Endymion by my side.

Prince Curtis: *Mortified* I think that the Princess has just lost it.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Lost it? uh Prince Curtis, that is not even the word for it. she hasn’t just lost it. She’s broken from all common sense. she is off her deep end.

Princess Sailor Moon: *Nodding her head once and causing the ground to start shaking*”

Chloe: You’re kidding?

Rei: No. Chloe… We are not kidding. We know. we were there and that is what was said.  It was said by Dinah… She said that line to Beryl and for some reason… It enraged her.

Minako: But how could Beryl remember that last line? That line was years ago and since then till now… things have changed.

Chloe: “How we remember, what we remember, and why we remember form the most personal map of our individuality.” That is the quote said by someone named Baldwin. Christina Baldwin. It is believed that a Memory is never forgotten. it just lies dormant. in Slumber being buried by the memories of the new while the old are buried deep into our subconscious till they are gallantly uncovered and remembered for the visions that they were meant to be.

Rei: S0, What’ll we do?

Minako: We will have to take protective measures in protecting Dinah’s little girls. They’re gonna need protection and also her too. They will be in Danger as long as they are unprotected.

Rei: Where are they now?

Chloe: They’re with their mother. Or they ought to be. either her or their father.

Rei: Well the father is at work. but the mother is at the College. in the Dorm room with her Room mate Christie.

Minako: Then that is where we need to go.

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

The house was silent and as for Betty and Angel. They were now in College and living in the Talon in Smallville and were also attending Central Kansas for their fields of expertise. Betty Studied under Kobal University. She was gonna go into studying college and strip with a Career in Criminology and also go for a lead in studying to be a Priest or minister. Angel was going for a career with Bio-Chemist or a Science Teacher. but also go for the Dark Arts.  She was studying to be a Demonologist…

A House did not feel like a home anymore during the day as Luna was in school and Shanna was at work. Terra was there but she was also going out and Stopping bad guys as well. Terra was there to provide some hero power to the City and help bust crime…

As for Paige and Alice…

They were in the Dorm Room #250 Watching Dinah’s babies…

Paige: *Cradling Sapphire to sleep* There there, Baby Sapphire. You’re okay. Auntie Paige is here to rock you back to sleep.

Alice: How much do we feed them?

Paige: I don’t know… I guess that we feed them a whole Bottle and then keep a record on what we fed them.That’s the only thing that i can think of. Dinah did say that Each one of them get a Bottle. But that’s at 11:oo It’s not 11:00. it’s only like 10 something in the morning.

Alice: I have Paranormal studies in about 2 hours or so… It’s gonna be soon.

Paige: I can’t do all this by myself. I can’t be left here all alone watching these little ones.

Alice: I don’t plan to head out till it’s ten minutes before class. By that time, Your sister Dinah and Christie should be home. They ought to be.

Paige: Where did they go anyway?

Alice: Christie mentioned something about a Gym. a New Gym. Something called “The New You” Gym.

Paige: A Gym? Why there? They have a Gym in the College here… Why would she be wanting to go there?

Alice: Not for her… Paige, It’s for Dinah. Your sister was mentioning about the Gym and checking it out.

Paige: *Rocking the baby to sleep* Ugh! I don’t get it… If Dinah wanted to go to a Gym… She should have just told us. We could have done something to help her out.

Alice: It’s probably something that she wanted to do on her own. *Seeing the babies Squinting* The little ones are in need of a change. How are you at changing the babies underpants?

Paige: I have no clue. But i am the Aunt and it’s a better time to start learning on how to change the babies underpants.

Alice: Let’s set them on the Table and change them. I’ll bet that the babies will be happy about that once they get changed. They’ll be clean and dry down there.

Paige: Anything to see a smiling face on them.

Alice: Dinah Will be happy to see that her little ones are happy and smiling. I think that… *Suddenly suffering a Vision* Uh!

Paige: *Looking up to see Alice* Alice? What’s wrong?

Alice: *Seeing a Vision* Beryl… She’s planning an attack.

Paige: *Pauses* She’s planning an attack? Again?

Alice: *suffering another Vision; being pulled into a stronger episode of Foresight; Seeing the attack and the target* Oh god… Oh no… *panics* we got a problem. there’s a problem. Paige… We got to get these babies out of here.

Paige: Huh?!

Alice: I am serious. The Vision i just witness was that of Beryl and she is aiming the attack at Dinah and her little ones.

Paige: What’ll we do? We can’t go out and fight. the Hero days are pretty much hampered due to us being in College. They’re pinning down on the Hero details.

Alice: I don’t know. But you’re gonna have to do something about it. The attack is gonna hit within a few hours. It’s gonna come. And the attack is said to happen right in this Dorm building. Inside Dinah’s and Christie’s dorm which we’re in right now.

As soon as they got the babies to sleep which was after they cradled them and changed them got them cleaned up a little bit and fed…

Paige: *Sighs* I brought along my Power belt. the Transformation belt and everything… It’s in the room. I suppose that i might as well go and get it and put it back on. If Beryl is about to attack… Soon. I ought to be ready to fend her off and keep her away from the babies. If anything were to happen to the babies, Dinah’ll be pissed.

Alice: Do you think that it’d be a good idea to transform in here. in the Dorm room? There are a lot of other students or kids who might not be open to seeing you turning into the hero again.

Paige: Well… What do you suppose that i am to do? i have to do something. Dinah can’t fight back yet. and for the time being… She wants to be normal. regular and be a mother. She can’t very well be that if she’s gonna be pulled right back into being the Powerhouse Warrior. The Lightning in a bottle fighter again. She wants to be a mother and that is her choice. her decision.

Alice: *Nods*


A knock is heard on the Door…

Paige: *Getting up and walking over to the Door* That must be them. But already? They weren’t exactly gone that long.

Alice: I don’t know…

Outside of the Dorm Building…

Jack: *Walking back from his English class* Reese, I don’t think we’re having much luck with keeping things still.

Reese: What the hell are you talking about? *Looking at Jack* Are you having another one of those momentary feelings again?

Jack: *Stopping and turning to see Reese* Yes. I am. I can feel it. I know that you sense it too. Beryl is coming again.

Reese: I can’t sense shit, Jack. But something tells me that if i ignore this… I’m gonna wind up hating myself. What’ve you been seeing?

Jack: An attack being done. on the grounds. It’s being aimed at Dinah’s kids.

Reese: Are you kidding the dude here? An attack being aimed at Dinah and her kids? *Scoffs* What the f**k are you on? Are you trying to say that Dinah’s being targeted by the wicked Queen? Why? Is Dinah the glutton for disaster and torture? Is she like some sort of magnet for trouble that blatantly wears a sign on her saying: “Come and get me… Fresh prey!”?

Jack: How very colorful of you to think like that, Reese. But yes. In lamens terms. Yes. It is like that. It doesn’t make the world of motherhood on Dinah any easier. She can’t fight and she can’t do anything to fight the Queen off. But…

Reese: *Sensing a idea coming from Jack* you’re thinking that you can?

Jack: I can try to help.

Reese: With your Ice powers that you seem to possess, Right?

Jack: You don’t seem to believe in the superpowers… do you?

Reese: I used to. but with all the negativity that has been going around… Talking trash about the family of theirs and making them look tragically lower than dirt. Not anymore. I can’t. I got a rep to protect. I am one to Love that Love gal Paige. I Love her. But the superhero Shtick… I can’t sit with anymore. Not with people on the outside all aiming to bash them without a thought one holding them back or telling them otherwise.

Jack: I see. There are still people out there who hate the Rhapsody family. many who love them. but with the ones who despise them… it makes it not so easy to do the things that they do for the city or for the world.

Reese: It doesn’t. Maybe it’s because it wasn’t meant to be made easy….

Jack: Which makes their jobs alot harder.

Reese: *Groans* Grrrr! It’s so frustrating. How the hell can we do our job in being there for the family if the asshole Queen Beryl is constantly a step ahead of them? Damn it… I’m so tired of this… I am so sick of criminals getting the upperhand on things while the good guys get the Vicious Media fire. Slandering their good names making them no damn better than the criminals out there. Beryl is the criminal and yet… No matter how many times the Rhapsody Girls try to stop her… she’s still coming back for more.

Jack: This is making you consider something. isn’t it?

Reese: yes.

Jack: I got alot of classes this year… 2 English classes… a History class. 3 Math classes, 4 art classes and a Science class. Half one semester… half another. Equal to one whole year.

Reese: I got alot of P.E. Classes and Gym too. English and History. Even a couple of Broadcasting classes. Not sure why i have those classes since i am not going for any Media.

Jack: You told me that a couple days before classes officially began. But the way you are feeling now… i think that you’re opting to go into a career of Law enforcement.

Reese: You’re damn right.

Jack: I hope that you’re ready for that road. You’re not gonna have it easy. There’s gonna be alot of training that you’re gonna be put through…

Reese: What about the part mentioning of an attack on the kids? Dinah’s kids… When is it said to happen?

Jack: At any time. There is no time specified. Just that it’s gonna be today.

Reese: How can you see things that come? Are you Psychic now too?

Jack: No. But the air is wrong. All wrong.

Reese: *Seeing a Maiden walking in* Uh, Okay… Who the heck was that… that just walked into the Dorm Building just now?

Jack: *Turning to the side* Come again? Who was what? *Spotting a woman wearing white and Red* I think i smell a whiff of concerning trouble. I Smell it. I think that i know who that is. If she is here… there is about to be some trouble a brewin’ and it’s not the Pizza gone rotten.

Reese: Oh yeah… So, You’re gonna suggest that we follow her and see where she goes, aren’t you?

Jack: That is one way of putting it… yes. i am. We’re supporters of the family. Anything that comes past us that we find concerning as it revolves the Threat that is stirring in the city’s pot of trouble… we respond. we don’t sit and have a thumb shoved up our butts waiting for an invite.

Reese: *Grins* Ohohoho! So Jack Frost has a Little bit of Moxy in him after all… We better not be late for our next class. Paige would not want to hear of me being late to a class and screwing up. I am with her because i’ve gotten better with my schooling and my attitude and who i am… i’m not gonna allow this to screw it up.

Jack: *Moaning a little* Oh… Knock it off and come on. *Running into the Dorm building following the Maiden; Not knowing it to be Rei*

Reese: This is really annoying… But this is to ensure to protect the family. Let’s go… *Following Jack*


At the New You Gym…

Dinah: *Getting out of the truck and Locking the doors* We’re here, Christie. Let’s go and check it out. *Looking at the Building and Looking through the nearby window* This is the place. I think that this place will be the best place to go for a workout. A Gym.

Christie: *Looking at the building* The New You Gym… Not bad for a Gym. Not the best in my honest opinion… but not bad. Girl, You really want to come here. You might want to make sure that you want to truly attend here for the Gym. Because you know that you can only be a member to one Gym. Is this one the one you really want?

Dinah: Yes. *Nods* It’s what i am looking for. Besides… i don’t know any other good Gyms that could work out. The other Gyms aren’t posting Informercials or offers or anything. This is the place that posted an offer on the T.V. Do you really know of another place that would be the best place to try for a Gym?

Christie: *Shaking her head* No. Not by first look. *Walking with Dinah over to the front Door* … *Sighs*

A Minute later…

Inside The New You Gym…

Dinah: *Walking over to the counter* Someone must be here to assist.

Christie: In a Gym like this… there better be.


Man: *Walking over from the side* Excuse me Ma’am… Can i help you?

Dinah: *Stops and turns to see a Man coming towards her* Hello… Are you one of the workers here?

Man: Yes. I’m Morgan. I’m the personal trainer for Mr. Goodman.

Dinah: *Remembering the name* Would that be the same Mr. Goodman that i saw on the Informercial that came on the T.V this morning?

Morgan: White Goodman. Yes. that’s the one. He promotes all his stuff on the Informercials. Of course some of the things are a little biased as he uses them all himself. He trains himself constantly to keep in shape due to his being like really blubbery years ago. But with the Training he does… you would never notice that he was.

Christie: So… he trains to keep under a regulated weight.

Morgan: He has to. Can’t afford not to. But… What would you be looking for in services?

Dinah: Anything not too high… but a regimented Exercise trail that will get me back to weighing a little under 200 pounds. Normal kickass weight that i had before i got… Well… Pregnant.

Christie: She’s a Mother now. A Mother of 3.

Morgan: Congratulationsm, Ma’am.

Dinah: Thank you.

Morgan: Who’s the father?

Christie: Shingo Tsukino. Her Fiance. *Sounding on guard and distrusting of the place*

Morgan: Shingo? The Limo Driver? He was Mr. Goodman’s Driver this morning. Actually He’s the only Driver Mr. Goodman uses for Transportation. Mr. Goodman is up in his office right now Training. Meeting with him is required for all new comers. He likes to know about all new comers who attend his Gym. Figuring out how better to help the Gym-Attender. You are…

Dinah: The name’s Dinah. Dinah Rhapsody.

Morgan: *Recognizing the name* Wh- Ack! Oh my… You’re her… “Danger Zone”. Danger Zone Dinah. Thunder Mistress. Shit… I’ve Seen you in the sky 10 Months ago. 11 months ago. With two other girls in the sky. The other year during the Dark day. I heard on the T.V that you and a group of heroes were out there battling a Tyrant with an Ego.

Dinah: That’s right. Don’t mention the name.

Christie: It’s a name that if she hears… she will let loose because the person that she and her sisters fought… was the same one that killed her mother. So the name of the Tyrant you’re thinking of… it’s best that you don’t say his name. Spare yourself from seeing an explosion of fury. Trust me… you don’t want to see it. Believe me. You don’t.

Morgan: I see. I’ll take the word for it. Follow me… I’ll escort you to see White.

Christie: *Feeling a little uncomfortable; Follows along* Okay.

Dinah: Okay. Lead the way.

In the office upstairs…

White Goodman: *Doing Push-ups with one arm behind the back* 178…179…180…181…182…183…184… 1–

Intercom: *As Morgan* Mr. Goodman. I got a possible new customer here to see you.

White Goodman: *Getting up and Walking over to the Intercom Speaker* New Customer huh… Looks like i need to tidy up just a tad. All the Exercise messed up the office a little. I’m gonna tidy up a little. *Pressing a button on the Intercom* Okay Morgan… send her in; in a minute. Just straightening up the office a little.

Intercom: Okay.

A Minute later…

White Goodman: *Pressing a Button on the Intercom* Okay. Send her in. *Sitting down*

Intercom: Yes sir.

White Goodman: *Writing a Memo on the Note pad* Detox Seminar at 0600. Tonight.


Dinah: *Walking in and Looking to see Mr. Goodman* That must be Mr. Goodman.

Christie: *Sighs* Okay… okay. I give. He’s not Egotistical after all.

Dinah: No. He’s not. *Walking over to Mr. Goodman* You Must be Mr. Goodman.

White Goodman: *Nods* Yeah. I’m he. Good ole’ White Goodman. I believe that you’re a new customer for “The New You Gym. Am i Right about that?

Christie: You better believe that she is.

Dinah: *Looking at Christie* Thank you, Christie… You could be a little more enthusiastic about it.

Christie: I was… I was calm about it.

Dinah: I saw the Informercial on T.V this morning and saw that this place was highly respected. I was wondering about the Programs that are offered here.

White Goodman: Exercising programs? You’re Curious about the Regimens that we offer here at The New You Gym, Aren’t you? Well Don’t be getting ahead of yourself just yet. There is something that needs to be taken cared of first. *Seeing a Tray of condiments and refreshments* Oh… Before we tour the Gym a bit and give you that feel for the place… savor some Protein paste… Maybe a Suffocated kumquat. They’re quite good. no sugar in any of them. Just pure fruit and Juice.

Christie: Suffocated Kumquat? *Shrugs* I guess that it wouldn’t hurt to try just one of those.

Dinah: *Calm* Yeah… Why not? *Trying for a Suffocated Kumquat*

As they eat one of the Suffocated Kumquats…

Dinah: *Tasting the fruit in full* Whoa! This is good. I like the taste of this… How do you get these to come out just right? These are actually quite good. Even Excellent. *Trying another one* Excellent. I really must find where they have these in stores. These are really delicious.

Christie: I agree. This could be another dietary supplement for you, girl. You’ll be losing the weight fast.

Dinah: really?

Christie: Yeah. With these fruits… you’ll be getting healthy in no time.

White Goodman: That’s the thing… These are actually a New You Gym Specialty. But it’s not like you can’t find a Produce store and buy a sack of Kumquats and get a dehydrator machine to make them yourself.  All you have to do is just steam the fruit and have all the sweet part dry up and just have the fruit’s juice remaining left from the fruit.

Dinah: That’s something i’ll consider. i’m gonna start eating those.

Christie: I’m gonna help with making them for her too…

At the Metropolis University Dorms…

Room #250…

Alice: Dinah and Christie are still gone at the Gym.

Paige: We should have someone go and look for them. It’s getting close to us having to hit for our classes.

Alice: Yeah.


A knock is heard on the door…

Alice: *Sighs* Who is it this time at the door? We keep hearing knocks on the door but there is never anyone there by time we get to the door to answer it.

Paige: It must be someone acting immature and thinking it would be funny to play a game of Ding-dong Ditch.

Alice: *Looking back at Paige* In College? No way… Not a chance. It’s got to be someone else. Something else. *Walking to the door* Rei already came and gone and we convinced her to let the babies stay here. but with the Vision that i had… i don’t know how long that is gonna keep.

Paige: We can only do the best we can. I really don’t want to reinstate the Miss Love Persona unless i really need to. College is much different than High school. there are much stricter rules here. We can’t throw into the hero work like on cue.

Alice: Why not? Paige, You’re Miss Love. You might try to throw that to the side as much as you wish to… But you can’t deny that you are her. You are a Fighter.You, Pearl and Dinah are all fighters. All of you are fighters. Dinah Right now is choosing to embrace her sanctity of motherhood. She wants to be a mother. So her hero line will be on the back burner for a while till she’s ready. Plus she’s got weight to lose. She’s gonna need to lose the weight. All before she can ever leap back into the fray and be part of the efforts again.

Paige: There’s always Luna.

Alice: Luna and Martin… They can do something about it. Yes. But it’s up to you 3 to handle it.

A second later…

Alice: *opening the door* yes? *Seeing her Boyfriend* Prince Alvin!

Prince Alvin: *Smiles* Hey beautiful. *Giving Alice a Kiss on the Lips* How’s my special lady?

Alice: I’m okay. *Smiles* Just babysitting the little ones for Dinah. She and Christie are still gone to the Gym.

Prince Alvin: The Gym? You’re kidding… Her? I hope that she’s given it some deep thought before going off to a Gym? What does her Fiance think about it?

Alice: No idea. he didn’t call here. He might have called her on her cell. But there was no call here.  *Walking back to the inside of the room*

Prince Alvin: *Following inside; Closing the Door* That’s good then. I am sure that they had a nice talk. Their wedding is this December and i believe it to be a cheerful surprise. Dinah is gonna be married and it will be like a wonderful family being made. Shingo and Dinah wed. Husband and Wife.

Alice: That’s the happy news of the century. *Smelling oil* What is that smell?

Prince Alvin: *Smelling Oil* That’s me. The mechanics class had us at the Junk yard today gathering parts we would need for a Car. We’re all building a car.I’m building a car as well. but it’s not for me. it’s a surprise.

Alice: That’s what the Oil is from then. it’s from the grease.

Prince Alvin: I did tell you that i’d be dealing with Machines and sometimes it would have days where i’d be smelling of Grease and grime and the sort.

Alice: I know, Sweetheart. You did say that you wanted to have a career that worked with machines.

Prince Alvin: It’s a whole lot better than smelling like methamphetamine half the time. The Room mate i have a real jerk. He stays up half the night doing things he shouldn’t. Reggie. He even goes online at night and looks at rated X films. I almost got to the point where i fired a shot of fire at his butt because he was keeping me up with his sounds of sexual self gratification. I am going over to the Dorm Manager today and making a report. I can’t take it anymore.

Alice: We might get in trouble for it… but till you get rid of the sicko in the room you’re in… You can stay with Paige and me.  I don’t want you to have anything to do with a sex fanatic like him. I never dealt with that before… but i don’t feel it to be a good idea to let you be with someone who is into that stuff and then keeping you up half the night. *Hugging her Boyfriend* You Poor baby… I’m sorry that you have to deal with that.

Prince Alvin: *Hugging back* It’s okay. You’re not the one who’s supposed to be sorry. It’s that sick menace that should be sorry.

Alice: Dealing with Room mate trouble is something of normal… More normal than what i had hit.

Prince Alvin: Why? Did something happen?

Alice: Did something happen?… uh, No. Not yet Not yet. but it will tonight. I saw a Vision…I sensed that something was wrong all morning but i didn’t know what it was. I thought it to be just my mind messing with me. but i kept sensing Beryl. I think that Beryl is after Dinah and her babies. I can’t prove it though…

Prince Alvin: *Pauses and looks with concern* Beryl is after Dinah and her little ones? You saw Beryl again?

Alice: yeah. I saw her… The persuasive Vision showed her showing up inside the Dorm building… inside Dinah’s and Christie’s room.

Prince Alvin: When? Did you see when it would happen?

Alice: Tonight. During the night… *Feeling Dread*

Prince Alvin: I’m the godfather. Where are the babies?

Paige: They’re over there and are asleep. Don’t wake them. they do get cranky when they get woken up.

Prince Alvin: It’s gonna be okay. I’m gonna take them to the one person that will guard them. one person that we know will guard them.

Alice: Who?

Prince Alvin: Vincent Van Graves. He’s a wizard.  If anything were to happen to the babies around him… He’d make them sorry.

Paige: No. As much as we would like to trust him and we do… we do. We’ll Keep them with us. We’ll guard them.

Prince Alvin: Grab 9 of the Underpants for the little ones. Some powder. some food for them. We’re taking the babies to our place. we’re on shifts tonight. I’ll take the first shift. and the last. You two will take the middle shifts and keep a watch. You take them to your room now. I’ll lock the room up and leave a note on the door. I’ll be there momentarily. I’m gonna go to my Dorm and grab a change of clothes.

Alice: *Nods* Okay. Paige… You grab Sapphire and Serena. I got Raven. Let’s go.

Paige: of course…

1:00 in the afternoon…

In Room #349…

Pearl: *Setting her books down* I got Math homework up the Wazoo.

Star: So? That ain’t nothing. I got Science homework that is gonna kick our asses. We both have the same work. the same amount. and to think that we were gonna get off easily.  Girl, this homework is gonna murder us and sell us up to the river Nile.

Pearl: We’re free from classes for the rest of the day. And with this homework… we’re gonna be here for a while. Let’s get started.

Star: *Looking at the Table and seeing the Portable Ipad flashing vibrantly* I should keep the trap closed more… i think that there is something going on that is funky and it’s not getting an “A” for subtlety.

Pearl: Why’s that? *Seeing the Ipad Flashing* Huh?… What’s going on?

Star: I’d ask you the same thing. I just barely turned my head to head on over to my desk here and just caught sight of the monitor buzzing off like a siren. A silent alarm.

Pearl: Grab it and bring it over here… let’s see what’s got this thing in a fuzz. Something is driving it nuts.

Star: You think so? Well That’s a new development for you.

A minute later…

Pearl: Star, We are gonna need to be on the watch for any activity. Beryl is coming back and she is planning another attack on Dinah. but this time to get the babies. She wants to hurt Dinah in the most provocative way.

Star: *in an Outrage* What?! Are you trying to yank the pretty crank? Beryl is trying to come at Dinah again? Why? What the hell for? Dinah is just Dinah right now. It’s not like she can come out lashing and fight back.

Pearl: *feeling strained and dramatized over the matter* We know that… but Beryl doesn’t. She doesn’t know that Dinah can’t fight back. All she knows is that she’s got a bone to pick with Dinah and is also targeting the little ones too. You should know that it makes it alot more personal on not only Dinah in that level… because Dinah’s the mother. But it also makes it alot more personal for the father to the girls. the Future husband to Dinah. To Prince Alvin who is the Godfather. To Paige, Luna and me who are the Aunts.  It makes it all the more personal. and all the more real.

Star: So…. what do you think we should do about it?

Pearl: We keep on guard.

Star: Right. You bet. Girl… You better have your power belt on and ready… Cocked and locked to bust with turning you into that fighter Bubble Maiden. That home girl is gonna need to make a callback and come out fighting.

Pearl: *Walking over to the closet and opening it to reveal her power belt* Good thing i brought my power belt from home. I wasn’t about to leave home for College without taking it along with me. Star… You recall when i first confessed to you that i was the hero known as Bubble Maiden?

Star: Yeah… I recall that moment. I for a while thought that you were a bit nuts. But i didn’t say much about it because i was a little weird myself. i don’t do just Fashion. I also do some side line of music and dancing. Plus also Goth too. But just don’t ask me to let that out. My Goth part is not all that soothing. It’s a bit of a scare.

Pearl: Not too much of one i hope. Because if Dinah sometime asks us to babysit her young ones and we do… Her little ones might not feel too peaceful with seeing the Goth outfit on you.

Star: I wouldn’t dream to scare the little ones…

Back at the New You Gym…

White Goodman: *Walking over to the Gym with Dinah and Christie* This place is built on high Endurance. top muscle and the utmost integrity. We live up to our motto. “Come in feeling unattractive… Leave here feeling and looking like a Champion. If we can’t do it… it can’t be done” We got Machines like the Proform 18.0 RE Elliptical, Life Fitness R3 Track Recumbent LifeCycle. Body Flex Body Rower Rowing Machine. That one is for one to exercise and feel like they were rowing a boat. without ever being in one. it works the arms and the ligaments like a blade to a cutting board. toughening them all up. The Lifecycle is a machine working the calfs of your legs and strengthening them up. *Looking over at Dinah* The way you look… no offense… you wouldn’t cut a stack of beans with your appearance. You would fall on your butt everytime you were to try to lift your leg up more than a few inches from just trying to walk. You need to work on your legs and get those back to working order. There is also the Cardio workout area. that’s where all the machines that work in tune with the heart and working out your body resides. There is a treadmill that we got called the Horizon T101 Treadmill. We call it the Workout that kills. not literally. but it gives you your due in workout. it’s got an Mp3 player in there that plays Music as you workout and run on it.

Dinah: Will that get rid of the weight from the top here?

White Goodman: Yes. with good workout regimens for the next 3 weeks for about an hour or 2 a shot… You’ll be seeing the results. But you can also try the Sweat box. The Room fills up with hot steam and sweats out the fat. stripping it down from you a little at a time. But i would recommend that you don’t do it at a constant pattern. too much of it can dehydrate you.

Christie: I’ll be her trainer…

White Goodman: It’s Nice for you to step up and offer to be a trainer to your friend there, Christie… but it is a job for a highly trained specialist and trainer to do it.  *Calling out for a Trainer* Zoey! Come over here…

Zoey: Yes, Mr. Goodman.

White Goodman: Your gonna be the personal trainer for Mrs. Rhapsody here… Anything she needs you help her get. Towels even have refreshments. vitamin water on cue for her. Gatorade. what ever she needs. okay?

Zoey: You got it, Mr. Goodman.

White Goodman: Have her start on the Rowing machine and then work on the treadmill. Elevation 5 at medium speed. To start. Just to see how she does.

Zoey: Yes sir.

White Goodman: *Looking at Dinah and Christie* I’ll leave you two with Zoey. She’ll take good care of you. Payments are only if the results are positive. and since it’s just basis exercise to lose weight. the end rate is a couple hundred. but here… You’re getting the best treatment. Welcome to the New You gym.

A minute later…

Dinah: *Working out*

That afternoon…

At Metropolis Middle School…

Luna: *Looking at Jake and Jennifer* Look… you two. We need to know something and we need to know right now. You two divulged the fact that you knew about me… About Martin and Karen… and about Irene before you even met us face to face. You Knew about Beryl… About the intergalactic Demon named Scath. How? How is it that you knew about it before i or Martin had told you?

Jake: It doesn’t matter how it is that we know… the point is that we know. We watched the reruns of the series… Teen titans. last year. actually 3 years ago. I saw the series and just read the highlights about the demon. we knew about him before you guys even conjured up the guise that the demon was beaming to the planet here… We know all about it. As for Beryl. We don’t know so well… but we do know that we heard her all at age 6. heard the schools all going mad with the influence of some Evil lady going off like a glorified rocker. And a Moon girl walking around saying things like Endymion… and Playing that weird looking Harp. a Moon Harp. Weirdest little thing if there ever was one.

Jennifer: Hey! It isn’t weird. It’s actually kinda cute.

Jake: Cute?! *Pauses; Passing a weird look at Jennifer* Are you cracked? that was not cute. It was not cute at all. It was by far the most odd. One day the world being all bright. The next… It going all dark and Dingy like a dark veil has just covered it dimming the light and making it feel as all life has gone dark and downright sick.

Luna: You lived through it all, haven’t you?

Jake: *Snorts* uh… yeah. Well it was kinda hard to not live through it. it was all over the news back then. All over the news and all over the Newspapers. it even had several news breaks of it. News bulletins and even specials about it. Plus there was one night that was with my folks watching a Movie. An adventure film. That was when i heard a sound that was really bizarre but really transient.

Luna: You heard all about it…  I dealt with it. Me and a group of girls. 5 soldiers.  3 of them were reinstated. and 2 are still remaining dormant.

Jennifer: You’re talking about the sailor gals… right? I love those girls. i seen them on the T.V. They were so amazing. They even had one of their battles showing on the News. The one where they were joined with these other gals. who supported them and faced off against Beryl.

Jennifer recalls what she saw on the T.V Six years earlier…

“Dinah: *Launching an attack at Beryl* Thunder Electrocution!

Beryl: *Taking the hit* Curse you… Rhapsody Brat. Eliminate the Rhapsody girls!

The 4 warriors fire blasts at the girls and send them flying… But Betty and Angel  flew in and saved them from crashing on the ground. they got beside them and stood in defense at Beryl… Beryl was calling the shots and with a snap of her fingers… The 4 generals shifted and turned their weapons on themselves…

Nephrite: *Struggling* Beryl-Sama… What are you doing? What is this?

Beryl: The Shitennou were revived by my very hands… With just a word… they would skewer themselves.

Kunzite: *Growling* What?!

Beryl: Endymion! If you value the very lives of the Shitennou and don’t wish for them to die… Then… Come to me!

Sailor Moon: *Gasps and feeling desperate* No! How Cruel!

Dinah: What?! You have got to be kidding me here… you mean… that she’s making him choose between saving 4 guys who were his loyal men in the past life and being with the Princess. That Lady has got some social issues or something. she’s obviously off her deep end.

Pearl: If she tries to take Endymion away from the Princess… she’s gonna be in a load of trouble…

Sailor Luna: What do we do about it though? we can’t take Mamoru to safety. Beryl and everyone is watching…

Betty: You can’t… but *Turning into a shadow and going through ground to grab Mamoru and secretly get him to safety* i can…


Beryl: *Stopping the attempt* Not so fast… Endymion is gonna be mine. MINE!!!

Sailor Moon: *Crying out* Why are you doing this?! Why?!

Beryl: Endymion! Ever since the past life long long ago… I have had the fondest feelings for you. For you alone…

Sailor Jupiter: *Thinking to self* Past Life.

Beryl: Come! I know that deep down… you care truly about them and wouldn’t let them down… They were once your loyal oath bound retainers after all.  they were like treasures to you.

Kunzite: *Snaps and Scoffs* That is sheer Rubbish… I am nothing of the kind!

Kunzite tried to break from the forced grip that Beryl was putting on him with his sword but Beryl was putting pressure on it and not letting go.  Beryl was not letting up…

Mamoru: *Desperate* Stop it! Stop this madness.

Paige: *Looking at Beryl* You got some serious abandonment issues going on to think that you can just make him yours. don’t you get it? He is not into you. and to hold his 4 loyal warriors captive to force his hand…

Dinah: It’s Pathetic. You are seriously messed up, Lady.

Beryl: *Blasting at the girls* SILENCE!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Flying back* Ahhh!

Beryl: *Beckoning* Come before me, Endymion!

Sailor Moon: *Shouting out; Emotional* Wait a moment! None of this means anything… You can’t just Threaten someone into returning your feelings if they don’t feel the same back. it’s wrong. He doesn’t want you… can’t you see that? HE DOESN’T WANT YOU!!!

Beryl: *Barks* Be Silent, Sailor Brat!

Sailor Venus: Everyone! Protect The Princess. Shield her!

Within seconds Beryl motioned for the shitennou to fire at the senshi and the Rhapsody girls… Betty and Angel Shielded them all with a holy barrier. with caused the attack to bounce back at them, but it unleashed an explosion that knocked them all down… the Rhapsody Girls and the senshi were tossed to the ground by the explosion…

Sailor Moon: *seeing everyone knocked to the ground* Everyone… *Worried and not knowing what to do*

Pearl: *In pain* What are we gonna do? Beryl is Too strong. She’s not playing fair… *Losing Consciousness*

Artemis: *Running over to the girls* everyone, hang on tight. Hold on.

Ami: *Running over to the girls* Girls… i am back… i am here.

Sailor Moon: Ami-Chan…

Ami: I feel bad for what i have done to you girls and to the innocent people… but i am gonna make up for it. one way or another… *Transforming* Mercury Power… Make-Up!

Sailor Moon: *Looking at her friends on the ground struggling and in pain* How Terrible is this… This is the cruelest act a person can do… Why does she have to be so mean?

Beryl: *Calling out* Endymion! Exactly how much longer are you gonna make me wait for you to come to me? COME!!!

Beryl snapped her fingers and made the weapons aim at the shitennou again…

Mamoru: *Shooting out in a plea* Wait! *Looking down and feeling regret over what he sees must be done* I understand… i have no choice. i must go to her.

Beryl: That is right, Endymion… Come to me. that’s a obedient Prince. *Feeling satisfied seeing that she was getting her way*

Nephrite: *Gasps* Why?!

Jadeite: Is… he going to save us from her?! What’s he gonna do?

Zoicite: Master… Don’t do it… What are you doing… Go back. Please go back… No Master… Don’t! Don’t let her fool you! *Struggling*

Sailor Moon: *Fearing what was gonna come* No…

Beryl was looking happy and pleased seeing that Endymion was gonna be hers and was about to place her hands onto him when…

Sailor Moon: *With an angry tone and exposing a shine to her tiara feeling the Princess coming out* Don’t you touch him! BACK OFF!

Artemis: *Transforming* Tuxedo Moon Power… Power-Up!

By the trees…

Amara:  Looks like trouble…

Michelle:  Should we get to it?

Amara: Most definitely…

a second later…

Amara: *Transforming* Uranus Star Power… Make-Up! *Posing* “Soldier of Earth and Determination Sailor Uranus!”

Michelle: *Transforming* Neptune Star Power… Make-up! *Posing* “Soldier of Ocean and Grace Sailor Neptune!”

Trista: *Walking into the scene* Time for Pluto to make her scene… *Transforming* Pluto Star Power… Make- Up! *Posing* “Guardian of the Gates of Time, Sailor Pluto!”

Sailor Uranus/Sailor Neptune/Sailor Pluto: In the name of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto… We’ll Punish you!

Tuxedo Artemis: *Looking over to see 3 new senshi* We got some extra help. I dare the Queen to try her hand now.

Dinah: Hey! don’t be Challenging her… That’s my department.

Sailor Moon suddenly undergoes a transformation and it causes Beryl to look in shock seeing what was happening before her eyes….

Mamoru: Usagi!

Seconds Later…

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Beryl: *gasps*

Sailor Mars/Jupiter/Venus: *Gasps*

Tuxedo Artemis: Usagi-Chan…

Sailor Luna: Wow!

Beryl: What is that? What the heck is she?!

Dinah: *Coughs up a little bit* What’s the matter Beryl?! Afraid of the Moon Princess’s new look? Does it startle you… GOOD! but that’s the Least of your worries…

Princess Sailor Moon: *Looking at Dinah* Let me handle it from here, Dinah. you are spewing fighting words and are determined to fight her off. but let me take it from here.

Beryl: *Seeing 3 unknown senshi in her presence* Who or what are you?

Sailor Uranus: We are the senshi who have come to stop your terror. You are aiming to unleash a Great Evil to take a planet that will never serve the likes of you. you’re Fowl in all corners… the Evil in you is like poison.

Sailor Neptune: The Earth will never be yours. to claim the Prince of the Earth to see that you get the Earth to serve you. It’s a low down vengeful move of you to commit.

Sailor Pluto: The gates of time see that the past will repeat if the Evil Queen Metaria is released and resurrected. it can not be permitted. we are gonna stop it…

Princess Sailor Moon: *Looking at Sailor Uranus* Who are you?

Sailor Uranus: *Looking at Princess Serenity* Princess… we’ve come to swear our Allegiance to you. You do what you must. but no matter what she pulls… we got your back.

Sailor Neptune: Let it out.

Princess Sailor Moon: *Nods* …. *Looking towards Beryl*

Beryl: *Not amused* What the heck is that? What are you? *Blasting a shot of Dark Energy at the Princess*

Rhapsody Girls: *Feeling the impact of the blast* Ahhh!

Sailor Mars/Jupiter/Venus: *Getting knocked back further* Ahhh!

Beryl: *Seeing Fire billowing from where the Princess stood; Laughing* Ahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHA!

Princess Sailor Moon: *Walking through the fire and walking towards Beryl*

Sailor Mars: *gasps* Amazing… That’s not’s Usagi anymore… Is it?

Sailor Jupiter: Then that must…

Sailor Venus: It’s the Princess…. Princess Serenity. She’s come to fight.

Pearl: The Princess Looks like Sailor Moon. it’s a mix of both the Princess and Sailor Moon.

Dinah: *Surprised* Whoa! That is really… She’s really pissed though.

Sailor Pluto: Yeah. At Beryl. and who could blame her?

Dark Ami: *Walking up from behind* Hey guys. Guess who?

Sailor Mercury: *Gasps* What are you doing here?

Dark Ami: To lend a hand against that Evil woman. Beryl will not take Endymion without a fight. *Transforming* Dark Power… Make-Up!

Beryl: *Desperately demanding for the Princess to be taken out* What do you think you’re doing? Don’t just stand there…. ELIMINATE THAT GIRL!!!!

Sailor Uranus: *Moving in* I Don’t think so! An attack against the Princess is a motion for Treason… *Launching an attack at Beryl* Uranus…. World… Shaking!

Sailor Neptune: The Princess will be obeyed Beryl. Mess with her… you will be messing with us.  *Launching an attack at Beryl* Neptune Deep… Submerge!

Paige: That’s Right! *Looking at her sisters* Girls… Let’s Blast her with our Power!

Rhapsody Girls: *Firing an Energy beam at Beryl* Rhapsody Beam of LIGHT!

Princess Sailor Moon: *With her Moon Sword out and Warding off each attack coming to her and firing at the sides* Try Harder… Try Again! Endymion is my Love. He doesn’t love you; You Evil Heartless Selfish witch. he will never be yours. Give it up!

Beryl: He will be mine. I deserve him. You are of the Moon. The Moon people are a hindrance to Earth and will be taken down. Starting with you… YOU CONNIVING PRINCESS! *Firing at the Princess again*

Princess Sailor Moon: *Warding the attacks again* You will never learn. Will you?

Mamoru: *Gasps* Wha—?

Beryl: And you won’t do as your told and give Endymion to me… you are of the Moon… and he is of Earth. the romance between you and he is not allowed. and i will not allow it. you are not gonna get him. period. It won’t be easy for you to try. As i am now… I am to be your Equal. *Shooting out* No… I am an existence surpassing your own.  *Seeing the Princess Still walking closer to her* Are you even listening to a Word i am saying to you?  Stand down… DROP YOUR SWORD THIS MINUTE! OBEY ME!!! *Firing at the Princess again*

Princess Sailor Moon: *Throwing each attack Beryl throws at her to the sides*

Beryl: INSOLENT RUFFIAN! *Firing a large wave of Dark Energy at the Princess*

Princess Sailor Moon: *Blocking the attack and with her sword creating a 5 pointed Star; Bring her sword to the middle of the Star and suddenly Pointing the Sword towards Beryl launching it at her* The only one that’s insolent… is you. You will Bow down to me Beryl! you will not tell your princess of the Moon what to do. you don’t have any authority here. NONE! If you want to fight… then come to me and fight. Come and fight me right the hell now. unless you are more into being as you are now… a COWARD who needs people to fight your battles for you since you can’t do it yourself.

Dark Mercury: *Running around to the back of Beryl and without being seen Landing an attack at Beryl* You are a real pain in the ass Beryl. You take what isn’t yours because you are jealous that someone is happy and not you. you live in a deluded pipedream… Thinking that Endymion will ever love you. You better just drop the act. No one could ever love you. You’re with an Evil heart. and Evil people don’t harbor a heart for love. all they feel is Lust. that’s is not what Love is truly about… It’s not about Lust alone.

Princess Sailor Moon: *Grinning*

Rhapsody Girls: Princess!

Beryl: *Getting up after being knocked down from the attack* CURSE YOU!!! *Commanding Mamoru* Stop this, Endymion! Eliminate this girl!

Paige: *Shooting out to Mamoru* Mamoru… Don’t listen to her…  She is trying to force you to attack the princess. she’s got your 4 men captive. don’t fall for it. IT’S A TRICK!!! She’ll Only Harm you after the Princess gets taken out. The Princess is the innocent one. if you should destroy anyone… Destroy Beryl. She’s the one who is gonna release Metaria. Not the Princess. DON’T DO IT!!!

Beryl: You are Mine, Endymion! If you dare refuse…

Beryl then snaps her finger and causes Nephrite’s weapon to turn on him and stab him.”

Jennifer: That was so cool how the girls were going head to head with that dark lady with the serious social abandonment issues. It was so awesome!

Martin: That was 6 years ago? Whoa! That is new for me… i never heard about that. but hearing about it now… That’s a story to remember. Luna, You were part of that?

Luna: Yes. I was. That was the past During the time of the great Evil. the dilemma to prevent the past lives of the 5 sailor senshi’s from being repeated. to stop the evil Queen Metaria from rising to power.  But at that time… the Great Evil was gaining way too much power and it was no use. the Mystical Silver Crystal that was inside the princess and used by her… was also energizing the Great Evil. It lead to a battle with the Metallic Youma that was a form from Queen Metaria…

Luna recalls the ordeal and tells the others…

“They suddenly speed out over to where the Youma was and arrive at the front in the first floor of the Luthorcorp Plaza…

Makoto: Jupiter power… Make-Up!

Minako: Venus Power… Make-Up!

Minako: *Gasps softly and looks at herself* What happened? Why am i unable to transform?

Sailor Jupiter: *Seeing Minako still in the same appearance* Minako?

Minako: I can’t transform…

Metallic Youma: *Roars*

Sailor Jupiter: *Going to battle with the Metallic Creature* Ha! Uhh! *Landing kicks and blows at the creature*

Metallic Youma: *Grabbing at Sailor Jupiter and pounding her and then tossing her to the side* Rawr! *With the sword drawn* …. Planet… Destroy.

Sailor Jupiter: *Getting up slowly and struggling* ugh!

Sailor Luna: *arriving to the scene Along with Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, Tuxedo Artemis, Sailor Mercury, Dark Mercury, The Rhapsody Brothers and The Rhapsody Girls Z* Mako- Chan!

Paige: Mako-Chan? You okay?

Sailor Jupiter: Yeah. i am okay… i think… that youma is a big problem… It’s tough…

Betty and Angel: *Arriving at the scene* well… so are we. we too are tough.

Dinah: It wants to fight… It’s gonna get one…

Metallic Youma: *Attacking at the Rhapsody Girls*

Pearl: *Being Thrown to the wall and then into the marble steps* AHHHHH!!!! *Hitting the marble pots hard* OWWWW!!!! *Crying in pain* That hurts… *Suddenly Getting angry and lashing out an attack at the Metallic Creature* BUBBLE WAVE!!!!!!

Dinah: let’s trash this rotten nightmare…

Paige: Right!

Pearl: Ready when you are… *Getting up in pain* Ugh! That really hurts. That meanie was being very awful. treating a girl like that…

Dark Mercury: *Aiming to attack*

A second later…

Dark Mercury: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Dark Ice Storm!

Sailor Mercury: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Mercury Aqua Mist!

Sailor Uranus:  *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Uranus World… Shaking!

Sailor Neptune: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Neptune Deep…Submerge!

Sailor Luna: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Luna Sucre… Candy!

Paige: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Love’s Flash!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Thunder Electrocution!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Supreme… THUNDER!

Sailor Pluto: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!

Betty: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Heaven’s Thunder!

Angel: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Abyss of Darkness!

Tuxedo Artemis: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Cutting Moon!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Flaming Blast!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at The Metallic Youma* Aquatic Swarm!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Plasma Stinger!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Megaton Thunder Clash!

Paige: *Noticing that Rei was missing* Wait a minute… Where’s Mars? Didn’t she come?

Sailor Luna: No.  we haven’t seen her since yesterday….

But at Dark Kingdom…

Rei: What am i doing here?

Mamoru: *Noticing Rei in the room* What… *Catching sight of Mio* Mio, What are you trying to pull?

Mio: *With a sly grinning smile* Well… i just brought some company here… it was getting really lonesome and i could have brought Your lovey dovey girl Usagi-Chan… but that would have been bad…

Rei: *Gasps and thinking to herself* Usagi.

Mamoru: *Not impressed with Mio’s demeanor*

At the lobby of the Luthorcorp Plaza…

The senshi’s then revealed their Senshi Star Tambourine’s and blasted at the Metallic Youma… It stunned the Metallic Youma for a bit and was thought to be over… but suddenly the Youma charged right through The Rhapsody Girls and brothers… it was terrible.

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The Youma got in the middle of the clearing and roared and started sparking with electricity. showing that it was shorting out…

Pearl: *Looking at the Youma* What is that thing up to?

Dinah: Is that thing trying to give a standing ovation? Because… if it is… it’s an ovation that’s gonna flop because it won’t be lasting long.

Betty: Let’s attack it again… Fast.

Sailor Uranus: Better hurry… something feels funny about that Metallic creature. it’s about to make a move…

Sailor Neptune: ATTACK!

Dark Mercury: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Dark Ice Storm!

Sailor Mercury: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Mercury Aqua Cyclone!

Sailor Uranus:  *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Uranus WORLD… SHAKING!

Sailor Neptune: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Neptune DEEP…SUBMERGE!

Sailor Luna: *Attacking the Metallic Youma* Luna Sucre… CANDY!

Paige: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Love’s FLASH!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Bubble WAVE!

Dinah: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Thunder ELECTROCUTION!

Sailor Jupiter: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Supreme… THUNDER!

Sailor Pluto: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!

Betty: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Heavenly FLAMES!!!

Angel: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Darkened AFFLICTION!

Tuxedo Artemis: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Cutting Moon!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Inferno PUNCH!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at The Metallic Youma* Ancient STORM!!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Plasma Stinger!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at the Metallic Youma* Megaton Thunder CLASH!

Within seconds the Metallic Youma looked up into the sky and cried out for power… it had hardly a Scratch on it… the Youma was beaming for more power. From Dark Kingdom, the Chambers of Queen Metaria suddenly glowed a very bright red and burned bright and hot….

Beryl: *Gasping* Queen Metaria is on the move again… it’s got to be that Princess that’s doing it. it must be her…

A moment later… A huge Plume of energy rose up from the chambers and went into the air then down from the sky and right into the Metallic Youma…

Metallic Youma: *Changing form and forming more Armor and power before Looking at the Humans* Me…ta. Planet… Destroy.

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Metallic Youma: *Possessed by Metaria* Planet… Destruction… Destroy!

Sailor Luna: Watch out! That Youma is possessed by Metaria. It could be trouble…

Betty: Wanna bet? It maybe tough… but so is the power of the lord.

Metallic Youma: *Raising it’s right hand and sending a Burning blast at the Senshi and the Rhapsody girls* Planet… Destroy it… Destroy Life…

Sailor Mercury and the senshi: *Along with the Rhapsody Girls Z! and The Rhapsody Brothers* Ahhhh!

They tried Getting up and stood up to face the creature… but they got knocked down again… Dinah Got up and still retained her form… she was not gonna lie down in defeat.

The Metallic Creature watched as the girls got up again and with a single blast knocked them all back and as they smacked into the ground reverted back to their normal forms… Luna and the others all saw that Dinah and Makoto still had their form…

Minako: *Running over and panicking* … *Transforming* Venus Power!

Nothing happened and Paige noticed that something was wrong with Minako…

Paige: *In pain and with a throbbing pain* What’s wrong with her?

Sailor Jupiter: She can’t transform. she lost the power. *Fighting against the Possessed Youma*

Possessed Youma: *With a blast of energy knocks Sailor Jupiter back*

Sailor Jupiter: No! At this Rate… *Fearing the worst to come* The world will end. I must not let this creature get away…

Possessed Youma: *Walking towards Sailor Jupiter and the others* Planet… Destruction! Destroy it! *Knocking Sailor Jupiter down*

Dinah: *Getting up; Angry* Shut up… you metallic tin can before i cut you up with my Titanium Thunder Discs. *Getting Knocked down and next to Sailor Jupiter*

Luna: *Hurt* The world is gonna be destroyed… there is nothing we can do…

Betty: yes there is! *Getting up* Angel… Get up… Time for the Fusion Form…

Angel: Right.

Betty Rhapsody and Angel Rhapsody: *Together and getting in formation* Fu….Sion….. Haaaa! *Connecting their fingers together and Joining as one* From the hand of God… From his Love and righteous might… Combine Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand into one and become ANGELIC OVERLORD!!!!!

Possessed Youma: *Firing a heavy blast at Angelic Overlord and sending her flying into the second floor of the Luthorcorp plaza*

Angelic Overlord lost her form and reverted right into normal form. back to two single girls…

Pearl: *Crying out in Agony* No… BETTY!!!! ANGEL!!!! Nooooo… Betty… Angel… *Crying in tears; Hurt*

Sailor Jupiter: *Getting up and preparing to make a stand; Summoning for dark storm clouds to roll in covering the sky*

Paige: *Gasps at Makoto’s reaction and watching the sky go dark*

Minako: *Shooting out* Mako-Chan.

Pearl: *With a Tear soaked face* Mako-Chan… What are you doing?

Sailor Jupiter: *To Minako and Pearl* Get back… Stay back! Even if i sacrifice my Life… the mission from the past life will be completed.

Dinah: *Trying to get up* Uhhh! Ugh! *Barely Standing up and Marching up to the Metallic Creature* That is it… you are asking for it… and now you are gonna get yours… *Grabbing on to the Metallic Creature* You’re busted now, Creep!

Pearl: *Calling out to Dinah* Dinah… What are you doing? If you sacrifice yourself… that’ll mean.

Dinah: Don’t worry about me sis. I lived a good life. i may be still a young teen. but if destroying this Metal freak means sacrificing myself so that you and Paige can live… I’ll do it gladly.

Back at Princess Rikku’s House…

Usagi: *Feeling the Silver Crystal acting up* Huh?! What is going on? *Feeling something wrong* What’s going on? *Seeing the Crystal let off a glow* B-but… I haven’t done anything… *Suddenly sensing trouble* ….. *Gasps* Mako-Chan… Dinah-Chan!

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Princess Rikku: *Overhearing* What?! What do you mean? Is something wrong?  What’s wrong? Is it Dinah? My girls?

Usagi: I don’t know… I got to go out there to them…

Princess Rikku: *Grabbing Usagi* No… Don’t. it will just cause you to unleash the Princess. don’t go out there… it’s for your own good.

Usagi: But they’re hurt. they could be in trouble…

Princess Rikku: Then i’ll call my Cousins to do it. but you’re not going.

Princess Rikku called her cousins to go out and handle the situation… But all it did was make Usagi want to go out even more…

However back at the scene where the brutal battle was taking place…

Dinah: Here we go! *Voice* Shingo… i’m sorry that i couldn’t stick around to see where our newly starting relationship would have led… but this is something i shall do to ensure that you live… My sisters… Betty. Angel… Paige and Pearl… I Love you girls. even though i don’t know how to say it or let it out… i am glad that i had you girls for sisters. wouldn’t trade you for anything at all in the world. Mom… i love you. thank you for being there for me. Professor, I’m sorry that i am risking my life… i hope that you can see it to forgive me one day for it. Aunts… Uncles… Cousins… I will never forget you. you all will be with me…

Pearl: *In Fear*

Sailor Jupiter: *Voice* Even if it means Sacrificing myself… The Mission from the past life will be fulfilled. my will shall be done.

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Sailor Jupiter: *With Dinah holding onto the Metal Youma and surrounded by a green energy ball; Suddenly Releasing the energy along with Dinah* AHHHHHH!

Paige and Pearl: *Crying out* DINAH!!!!!

Ami/Dark Ami/Amara/Michelle/Trista/Minako: *Screaming in Terror* MAKOTO!!!

Irene: Vhat a vonderful memory. dramatic. very dramatic.

Luna: But it happened. I saw it before my eyes. the one Known as Jupiter was for a while presumed dead. and so was one of the girls. who are now my sisters… have been for about 3 years. and well worth it too. Dinah who is a Mother now… she was thought to be dead for a while. But she came back alive. It was a save.

Martin: Oh man… that had to be one emotional time in your life, Luna… I sure feel terrible now. If only i was there.

Karen: What are you talking about, Martin? You should have been there? Been there and do what… be the next petri dish for the metallic carnage? From What Luna just described… it would have been hell on earth. the battle was possibly one bad mistake. a bad mistake and then some. Some of the fighters probably didn’t make it and were all dead.

Luna: uh…

Irene: I think that ve should let Luna tell us about it. dis is her tale. This is from years ago. before we ever met.

Martin: You’re right. You’re right. I just feel as though i could have been there. But around that time… i was only 5 and sadly… not trained…

Luna: Let’s get to the front. We need to get to the front.

Jake: You’re right. we had no right to pry into your mess. Luna, we didn’t know about what you were facing. but If you are in need of help… you can count on me.  Jake Powell Son to Col. Paul Powell at your utmost service.

Jennifer: And i am the booksmart happy reader… a Lockpicker and a sneaky and sleak girl all in one. I even can hack some computers too. Just consider me the resident young hacking bookworm Prodigy.

Luna: You want to help?

Jake: You bet that we do. and we’re gonna be with you all the way. You’re the leader. Where you go… we follow.

Jennifer: We’re gonna be there for you.

With a little more talk… it was set and official. Luna was now with 2 more supporters of her group of fighters. She was gonna need a hand with the war efforts against Beryl.  Against Trigon. But the issue was that if Trigon ever rose to power… it would be all hell. Hell on earth. But with the efforts on Beryl… She was gonna have the needed help on keeping Beryl on the edge. On the edge of the ropes…

That night…

When all was said to be still…

At the Dorm rooms…

Room #250…

Christie: *Looking at Dinah* What a workout. Dinah, You are so lucky that the guy was not a flirt. I was itching to put him in the ringer.

Dinah: I know that you were just hoping to do so. But it’s not the case. You saw that he was pretty kind and professional. He was really pleasant.

Christie: That is good news for him them… because if he was ever gonna try to flirt with you… he would have gotten a knuckle sandwich.

Dinah: No way… you leave the toughness to “Danger Zone” Dinah. I’ll let him have it if he were to try to flirt with me.

Christie: *Grins and with an impressed expression* It’s a statement like that; that points to the obvious that you still have the will to fight.

Dinah: I still have the will because i am not one to just sit and lie with the hound dogs. I have to fight with the intentions of protecting my kids…

A second later…

Dinah: Where are my kids?

Christie: I don’t know. I didn’t see them at all when we came in.. nor did i hear them. I don’t even see Paige and Alice. They’re not in here at all.

Dinah: There is no note here either. *Slamming her books down and Glaring* Where are my babies? *Thinking for a minute* I think i know… Christie… Order up some Pizza. We’re staying in for the night. We got class tomorrow. We have a Test tomorrow. don’t we?

Christie: I suppose so. Yeah. I guess. But the teachers never mentioned about one being tomorrow. How did you catch on to that?

Dinah: I listened to what the teacher managed to slip up with telling. he slipped and gave away that there would be a test in a couple days. A couple days from yesterday. tomorrow being a couple days. It’s mostly a pop quiz. But if we don’t study and prepare for it… we’re gonna have a bad decline in our grades. I am still trying to get back into the swing of things… but i don’t want it to include the part where i get a bad grade for my classes and end up dropping out. Plus My Fiance is gonna be here in an hour. maybe 2. *Walking out*…

Christie: Where are you going?

Dinah: To get my babies and get to the bottom of the idea of the little ones being taken out of this room without my say so.

Room #330…

Paige: We didn’t have any class today. No one was there and there was no professor today.

Prince Alvin: You two had a free day today.

Alice: Yeah. Lucky us. But it is just one of those days where i wish i didn’t have any ability of Visionary foresight. I kept seeing that woman in the room. I kept seeing her. Paige, how are we gonna stop her? How will you stop her? She isn’t gonna just give up.

Prince Alvin: We’re gonna make her give up. This Alpha male Godfather isn’t gonna lie down with the rest and let her reign. we’ll maker her stop. one way or the other.

Paige: But that Vision sure came out of nowhere. Plus… i am almost certain that Dinah will be pissed if she were to know that Beryl was gonna try to do something to her and her little ones.

Prince Alvin: Do you really think we can blame her if she were to be pissed off? I mean… seriously. these little ones are her loves. her prides and bundles of Joy. What else do you expect for her to be? She is probably wondering where her little ones are and probably didn’t see the note that we left her. We had the note placed on the Door. She probably didn’t see what it was and is freaking out. But it’s best the little ones were here for the night till we dealt with the Queen yet again. If the Queen is aiming to target the little ones and Dinah… here is where they’ll be safe. Dinah can’t fight back. She has no power now. her hero days are at a standstill right now. She’s gonna need protection coming from the super powered persuasion. So will her little ones.

Alice: I agree. She is gonna be in need of protection. But how much can we give her?

Paige: *Looking at her books* I got to get some reading done. The book report that i have to work on is at least 5 pages long and i haven’t even really started on it. It’s on Macbeth. Literature.

Prince Alvin: You’ll be okay with the book report. You’re gonna be a writer. You’ll have it easy.

Paige: But i never read about Macbeth. I don’t know where to begin…

Dinah: *At the door* You can start by you telling me why you have my babies out of my room.

Alice: *Turning to see Dinah at the door* Dinah.

Dinah: *Annoyed* Where are my babies? Where are they? I want to know where they are… Right now?

Prince Alvin: Dinah… Calm down. It is not that big a deal. It was my doing to bring them in here.

Dinah: Why?

Alice: *Looking at Prince Alvin* It’s no use. We better just let her know about the supposed attack that is told to happen.

Dinah: What the hell are you talking about? What attack?

Prince Alvin: Alice had a Vision today that during the night tonight an attack will happen and come to your room and aim at you. and the little ones. Beryl is behind the attack and she’s set to attack sometime tonight. Beryl is after you and your little ones.

Paige: Dinah, We’re sorry to inform you like this… but there is gonna be an attack.

Dinah: There is gonna be an attack on my little ones. Tonight? *Scoffs and feeling disgusted as well as annoyed* Why can’t anyone tell me about it? If there is something going on revolving my babies and or my fiance… I should be told about it. You know how i can get when i find out about things at the last minute that revolve my little ones or my fiance. You guys know that. Why would you keep trying to keep this hidden from me?

Paige: We didn’t keep this hidden from you, Dinah. We were just trying to protect you from knowing. because if you knew about it… you’d be doing what you’re doing now. You’d be freaking out and helpless as you can’t really fight back. Can you?

Dinah: No i can’t. But it doesn’t make it feel any more up to reason for me to not know you’re keeping all this from me. I can’t fight right now. i can’t return to being Thunder Mistress. at this time. but i am still part of this team.

Alice: You should be thankful that we did what we did. If we stayed in the room with them… and she happened to attack in your room all while you were gone where ever it was that you were at… Beryl would have gotten to your little ones for sure as we didn’t have any forms of attack. Paige didn’t exactly have her power belt with her and she can’t very well wear it all over the college grounds. Not many people here would be all the more opened with the idea that you are a super. This isn’t high school anymore. We don’t know who it is that we can trust.

Dinah: So… If that is the case… What the hell do you suppose we do now? I can’t do any fighting. I don’t want my babies to get the idea that fighting is the answer. It isn’t the answer and i want them to have that instilled in them. Just because we fight for things… and we are out fighting against Evil beings and going head to head with scum of the universe who sire to bring the whole world to its knees. It doesn’t mean that my babies have to be brought into that.

Prince Alvin: No one is asking for them to be brought into that… But Dinah, we all have to face the truth here. Beryl is constantly after you. She’s always trying to nail you. and the more we think about it… the more it becomes apparent that it’s all because of the way you were back then when we all went and dealt with Beryl last time. Beryl is unfortunately remembering it and she is driven to take you down because of it. Pearl was the one who should be targeted and it wouldn’t be the least bit condoned if she were… since she is the most sensitive one. However… Beryl is coming after you. While you were pregnant. She tried to come at you at least 6 times and each time… failed. we stopped her. but now… it’s gonna be harder to keep her away. She’s looking for henchmen to control and since you’re the toughest and were seen as the most fired up fighter… she’s coming at you. She’s also trying to get to your babies to force your hand.

Alice: Beryl is alot of things… but an idiot isn’t one of them things. not even close.


Paige: *Looking at the nearby table* Is someone’s phone going off?

Alice: yeah… Yours. *Looking at Paige* your phone is going off and it’s popping with a message.

Paige: I wonder who could be calling me… or texting me.

Prince Alvin: I don’t know. But whoever it is… must have something to say.

Paige: *Reading the Text* It’s from Luna.

Prince Alvin: What does it say?

Paige: *Reading the Text* It says… “I’ve gained two more friends and they’re supporting our cause. They are tied to us now… I met them two weeks ago and didn’t know much of them at first. But now hearing how they knew about our situation from years ago… i am convinced that they are close to what we have been doing. they are aware of the Evil that has befallen us all and want to help. I am a leader to them now. Jake is the son to a Col. Part of an army. Jennifer is a Book smart Book reader. A computer hacker. There are things that she can do. I trust them. i want to make them members of the team but am holding off till i can bring them to you and show you them. So you’ll know who they are. But maybe it’s to better keep things as though you being surprised. they’re good people. they have shown how right they are. I hope that it’s okay.”

Alice: 2 new members to the cause? What did she mean by that?

Paige: I don’t know. But when it comes to Luna… She’s capable of surprises. She likes to surprise us from time to time.

Dinah: Luna tells everyone about our situation… a lot the time… she does it because she’s really proud.

Prince Alvin: Pride ain’t nothing when it comes to the means of top secret. But she’s just gaining her own crew to gather a bit of help on her end.

Dinah: Right. *Sighs* Now… What’ll i tell my Fiance. He’s gonna be asking where the babies are…

Alice: If he asks about where they are… Just tell them that they’re with their godfather and their Aunt. That their Aunt and Godfather have offered to take care of them for the night.

Paige: Which is true… but there is another sole reason behind why they’re here. You know about it. he doesn’t and it’s best that he doesn’t know about it. At least for right now… Okay?

Dinah: *Nods and sighs* Okay. Just keep them feeling happy. okay? *Looking at the babies* Be good for Auntie and your godfather. Momma loves you. *Blowing a kiss at her little ones*

Babies #1: *Reaching out for her momma* Mama!

Dinah: *Blushes* Awwww! *Walking over to the babies and Picking up Sapphire* Come here…. come here. Sweetheart. You darling little baby. *Cradling Sapphire and Tickling her*

Baby Sapphire: *Giggling and laughing feeling ticklish*

Dinah: *Blowing on Sapphire’s stomach and making playful farting sounds*

Baby Sapphire: *Shaking and laughing happily*

Dinah: You’re such a funny baby. Yes you are. Yes you are. You’re such a happy and silly baby. *Kissing Sapphire’s nose before setting her down back in the cradle* There you go. Love you. My sweet babies. Momma loves you.

Minutes later…

In Room #250…

Christie: *Smiles* How’re the little ones?

Dinah: They’re just fine. They’re actually quite happy.

Christie: That’s nice. That’s good. As long as their happy… that’s all that matters.

Dinah: They will be. Prince Alvin and Paige will see to that.

In Dorm room #305

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Curtis* What classes are you with again, Brother?

Prince Curtis: I can’t tell you. You know the deal.

Prince Avery: I am going for a secret Agent. That’s just lovely if i do say…

Prince Curtis: I think that i’ll go for a field of seismologist or something.The world is our very own playground of opportunity. there could be a multitude of things that we could do. I think that i’ll go for being a Geology professor. i plan to work to being a Geology Professor in the future when it’s all done… Probably do some Geology for a while before doing the professor bit.

Prince Avery:  I think that you’ll be okay with that. You are sparky. You have the ride for the Geology angle. Sparky and quick witted too.

Prince Curtis: That’s what i’ll do. I got a paper to do for Geology. it’s not Easy to do… it’s on the types of Igneous rocks. But the only issue is that there are not that many rocks under that.

Prince Avery: Of course there is… at least there ought to be… The molten stuff creates the rocks. when it hardens. I think that you need to do some reading first. that might be of better use to you. Read about the Igneous rocks.  You could come to find that some of the rocks that are Metamorphic and able to be altered a bit. can maybe get construed as a Igneous rock.

Prince Curtis: Well… as long as i get this done. I don’t want to be up all night working on this. I haven’t got to see Megan at all for the last week and i am sure that she’s missing me. However, with all the work that i get handed to me… it gives me nearly less time to rest.

Prince Avery: Sad, That’s what it is… It’s sad.


the phone rings…

Prince Avery: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Prince Alvin: *On the phone* Hey Man, What’s up?

Prince Avery: Nothing much. Just calming from a long day at the class. Being a secret Agent is pretty hard. It’s not as simple as i thought that it would be.

Prince Alvin: Sounds like it’s beating you up?

Prince Avery: In not so subtle terms… yeah. it is. It actually giving me a serious roughing up on the blows.

Prince Alvin: It’s gonna get easier. You probably just need to take it a step at a time.

Prince Avery:  I got a ton of other classes too. But none are as hard as this one class that i am breaking into a brick wall. half the time.

Prince Alvin: What about Prince Curtis? Is he there too with you.

Prince Avery: Yeah. he is. he’s working on a paper for his Geology class. It’s a surprise. Why?

Prince Alvin: You guys need to be on the guard.

Prince Avery: On Guard? On what grounds?

Prince Curtis: *Overhearing the conversation* What’s he talking about?

Prince Avery: *Putting the call on Speaker* What is this about being on guard, Brother? What’s going on?

Prince Alvin: There is another attack said to be imminent and will happen… Tonight.

Prince Curtis: An attack?! By who? Where will this attack happen?

Prince Alvin:  The attack is being orchestrated by Queen Beryl. She’s issuing another attack. Tonight. In the room where Dinah and Christie reside in. Beryl is aiming to attack Dinah and the little ones. Alice saw it in a Vision and this one is not a subtle vision to joke around over. When visions foretell an attack… you know that something is up.

Prince Avery: We’ll be needing Prince Arnold for this… won’t we?

Prince Alvin: We’ll also need Luna and Martin. But given that they’re still young and are in Middle school. Aunt Rikku will not be open to allow Luna out after hours.

Prince Avery: What about Raven? The dark powered girl and Terra? They could roll along with Luna.

Prince Curtis: We’ll have to convince Vincent to let Martin out for this one… we’re gonna need him too. He’ll be helpful.

Prince Alvin: Exactly.

Prince Avery: Okay… so there is an attack said to strike during the night… It’s said to hit in Dinah’s room and aim right for Dinah and her little ones. How do you want to go about doing this and derail Beryl’s attempt on going at Dinah?

Prince Alvin: We don’t… what we have to do is draw the Queens fire. make her come at us. so we can get the opening for Dinah to escape.

Prince Avery: Get a hold of Prince Arnold. Hes’ gonna need to be in on this too.

Prince Alvin: You got it. We need him too. Even though he’s not attending here… he’s still one of us and still part of the team. He’s still family. He’s our brother…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Luna: *Watching T.V and working on her homework* I don’t like the idea that there is gonna be another attack coming… I can sense it and i don’t like it one bit. I in fact find it to be practically annoying. There can’t even be a peaceful night. not even one.

Raven: Calm your Emotions Luna. It’s gonna be okay. Just take it easy. You got a couple of helpers helping you and Martin. Terra and i are still here. Shanna is around too. You’re not alone. *Sitting down and sighs* The Evil Queen is coming back and is gonna be going after Dinah.

Luna: That’s what i don’t get, Raven…. *Standing up and turning to face Raven* Raven, The only thing that really gets me pissed off and irritated is the fact that Beryl is trying to kill the Rhapsody Girls because they got in her way the last time. The last time that we faced Beryl… You were not around. we only had the 4 boys… the 3 girls. The two heaven sisters the 5 girls. Sailor senshi. They were all we had. no more than that. But now this time… it is different. You are here. as well as my best friend Martin. Karen… and 3 of the 5 senshi. But not even that will make a bit of difference. Beryl will not stop. She is the Queen of Dark Kingdom. The Evil Queen has proven that she will not rest till the Rhapsody family is taken down and defeated. She still has a issue with the sailor soldiers. Me.

Raven: You don’t know that…

Luna: *Snaps a little* YES! YES I DO! You don’t get it. I am at risk of death because of the Queen. She saw me before her official grand return. She saw me and made that declaration that she was gonna see that i was taken out of the picture. I am gonna be dead by Beryl’s hands. She’s gonna see to it that i am beat.

Raven: What about the other two you met. or that Russian girl? You got them too.

Luna: I know i have them. I know. *Sighs and suddenly feeling terrified* I’m just terrified. about Beryl coming to target Dinah… trying to hurt her little ones who are just so helpless and unable to fight back. Raven, how can she attack the babies? They haven’t even done anything to her. nothing. But the fact that she’s bringing them into the issue she has with the Rhapsody Girls and the Brothers… It’s just upsetting me the more that i happen to think about it. I am just petrified.

Raven: You want to go and see the girls and check on them?

Luna: You think that we’ll be able to. It’s after 10. Grandma won’t like the idea that i am going out after 10 and the Dorm won’t allow visitors to walk into the Dorms after 10.

Raven: *Grins* Who ever said anything about walking in… we can teleport into the building.

Luna: We won’t get caught… will we?

Raven: Not if we’re careful…

Terra: I’ll tag along. there has been no activity going on in the city and there is nothing to really do. I’ve been kinda bored all day. Some excitement will do me good. I’m gonna need it.

Luna: Terra… this isn’t a pleasure cruise. This is to tend to a possible attack that is said to be imminent.

Terra: An attack being imminent… Again? What is Beryl’s problem?

Luna: The Rhapsody family. That’s what her problem is. She wants us all dead. She obviously heard of Dinah’s kids being in the open and living and is aiming to hurt them and her. I for one am just sick and tired of her always trying to hurt the family. it’s like she can only try to cause harm on them and not care who she hurts in the process…

At the Dorm Rooms…

Room #250…

Dinah: *Kissing Shingo* Hey baby… you okay?

Shingo: *Sighs* yeah. hon, i’m fine. I am just feeling really tired of the idea that you have a evil Queen broad itching to target you almost on a daily basis and sees nothing greater than to hurt you and our little ones. The thing that pisses me off most and more than anything else… I can’t even prevent it from going on. I swear… it’s like you got a permanent target on your butt that says: “Free invite on me… come and hit me. i’m fresh. there is a target here just waiting for you to hit it.”

Dinah: I know. Good thing is that we got a family that will protect the little ones no matter what.

Shingo: that’s about the only thing that seems good. I would give just about anything to see that Beryl is taken down. She needs to learn to just die off.

However at Dark Kingdom…

Beryl: *Watching Shingo and Dinah through the mini-portal* You think that i’ll leave you alone? Not gonna happen. I will see to it that your little ones meet their doom. You Dinah… do not deserve a happy ever after. I will not allow it.  You and Shingo will never have peace. The family will die with you. and there is nothing that you can say about it. It’s the end. The attack will come. Your Psychic girl can keep trying to foresee every attack plan i sire to do. It won’t matter… You and your family derailed my ambitions countless times… Stopped me from taking over the world. i will never stop. It’ll be you who will be stopped….

Still at the Dorm room…

Dinah: Shingo, it’s gonna be fine. My sister and cousin… their Aunt and Godfather will guard them. Beryl won’t get anywhere near them.

Shingo: *Nods* You’re right. I shouldn’t get so worked up. not like this. *Kissing Dinah* how was your day?

Dinah: It was pretty eventful for the most part. I got to go to a Gym and i think that i’m gonna work out at the Gym everyday for a while till i lost this weight.

Shingo: Is it at the New you Gym?

Dinah: Yeah… Why?

Shingo: i should have guessed. I Drive that guy Mr. Goodman from there to his place and in the morning from his place to the Gym.

Dinah: His personal trainer told me about that. I was shocked. and Christie couldn’t contain herself too much. She was just itching to nail him to the wall if he tried to attempt to flirt with me. She would have too… but when Mr. Goodman came off as nice. pleasant and calm… she couldn’t feel any reason to lash out.

Christie: True… but i meant it. No one’s gonna screw up the love that you two have for one another. not on my watch.

Shingo: *Smiles and chuckles* Thanks Christie… You’re a real friend. It’s good that you’re looking out for us.

Christie: *Winks* It’s not a problem. Besides… i know romance and true love when i see it. And you two got it… Hook, Line and Sinker. You got that by the bulk.Besides it’s as i told Dinah in High School. Remember? You remember that time… Don’t you, Dinah? I told you that i had seen alot of high school romances and alot of people getting close and falling in love. But that i had never knew what True and sanctified love was till i saw the love and closeness that you and sweet wonder boy shared. Remember?

Dinah: Of course i remember.

Shingo: Don’t worry… You’ll find someone for you. You’re gutsy… Honest. Straight. devoted. Caring and very passionate with things…

During the night…

Dinah: *Sleeping and dreaming with Shingo next to her*

Christie: *Sleeping* …

But while they were sleeping…

Purple Mist started to billow into the room and within seconds…

Beryl: *Appearing* Now… to go after that conniving girl.

Dinah: *Waking up to voices in the room* Who the heck is in here?

Beryl: *gasps* Ah! The trouble-making annoyance awakes! I have come to take the little ones.

Dinah: *Snaps up and looking to see Beryl in the room* Beryl! *Growling at Beryl* GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM, WITCH! You stay the hell away from my daughters. If you touch them… You’ll be dead where you stand. Evil Queen or no Evil Queen.

Beryl: *Firing purple Mist at Dinah* Put a sock in it, Brat!

Dinah: *Knocked out*

Raven: *Shadowing in with Luna and Terra* Hello, Beryl… You want to be starting something? Want to be stirring a fight?

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* … *Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

Terra: *Looking at Beryl* You have some serious issues lady. You know that?

Beryl: Oh my… now Terra… How awful it is for you to talk like that to your future master…

Terra: You’re deranged. I would never serve you. Not for a minute. You are never gonna get me to serve you, Psycho.

Raven: *Looking at Terra* What is she talking about?

Terra: She’s talking about trying to get me to work for her and that is something that i will never do. There is no way that i would ever consider working and serving her.

Sailor Luna: Serving her? *Confused* Did she try to contact you?

Terra: Her? Contact me? Uh, is that supposed to be some surprise question? Don’t ask me that again. The answer to that is no. she did not contact me. and if she did… i did not answer.

Beryl: Enough! *Firing Purple mist at the girls*

Raven: *Firing Dark energy at Beryl*

The Alarms soon went off…

To be continued…

Would Beryl win and get to the babies? Would it be beginning of the end for Dinah and her Fiance as Beryl remains dead set in attacking Dinah and her family? Would Shingo wind up in the crossfire and get attacked? Some extra help is gonna be needed for the fight to protect Dinah’s young babies… Prince Alvin and Paige pitch in and strike for the battle. Will… Dinah be able to say good bye to her little ones for the time being and be able to live with it till after Trigon was defeated and sent back to the other world… where he belongs when that time were to come? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues… the final frontier, a date with Martin possibly being in the fold… and a mother’s tearful good-bye to her young in order to save them from the hell probed by Scath… This will be all a tear driven moment… in Chapter 92: “A Final Frontier with the Enterprise and a Mother’s Choice for Preservation of her young.”

Dinah: *Hugging her babies one last time before sending them off to be spared from the terror of Trigon; Crying and with heartbreak* Bye My lovely babies. Momma’s gonna miss you little ones so much…

Shingo: *Looking at Dr. Spock and Dr. McCoy* The babies can go to Vulcan. but My future wife and I want it made clear… the first spot of any trouble… any trouble at all and the little ones are shipped off to a place called Besaid Isle.

Kirk: that shall not be a problem.

Sulu: Besaid Isle? Isn’t that in a world called Spira?

Martin: We can show you the Tunnel where Luna and i first saw the Mark of Scath.

Kirk: Right. Spock, Sulu… you go with Luna and Martin. Uhura, You and McCoy go with Chekov and head to find Watchtower. And i will Investigate the Fountain and then meet up with the Shrine Maiden at the Shrine and get some answers.

Chapter 92: A Final Frontier with the Enterprise and a Mother’s Choice for Preservation of her young.

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