Chapter 90: “Oh my darling sweet Arms of Labor” Conception of the babies is a blessing from above.

Dinah: *Voice-over* “Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none.” William Shakespeare. I in my life lived to be tough. I was loose wired and hard to control. But it all lead me to this moment. The time of Delivery… Giving Birth to 3 kids. I when this all began… thought that i was only with one. One kid. But i am with 3. I now look into the future of casting aside my tough girl gutsy loose wire and unfettered control days and become a mother. I believe that my time as being a hero and thinking all about the hero life is behind me. I will still be it again someday as my sisters and i are one of a kind. The Original Members of Love, Grace and Fury. The Rhapsody Girls Z! but my being a Mother is now. The path leading to my being a mother has all began when i had intercourse with my now Fiance Shingo. His love for me and my love for him was strong. So bright. When he and i first met… i was too tough for a boyfriend. i was all into fighting. there was nothing else that i could have wanted. i couldn’t think of anything else but fighting and being tough. But then on that day when Shingo said those 3 words to me… the words of deep universal affection: “I Love you!” It was the moment when i realized that someone loves me… for me. For what i am. I never met any guy before him that would be into a girl who’d be gutsy and tough… hot tempered but yet in focus of one’s ambitions. He did. “I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love.” Mother Teresa. I recall the Poem that he once recited for me… said to me… for my heart to hear… my ears to listen. and Soul to absorb. “A bird with a tune can  sing sweetly as daylight… a rose can bloom with lasting beauty… but when i see the face of an angel… one with a noble and strong heart… i can know no other than the one that has my heart… as i feel hers closely by. What is love if you are alone with no sweet face to carry you in it’s embrace. It is but an empty shell that can not be filled no matter how much you reach… to see the one that reaps beauty. it is her that fills me with dire reason to keep a steady heart… knowing that she shall keep me in safe harbor and will always be with my heart as mines is with her.”  It was the first time that i knew that he really was into me. I loved him secretly since i saw him. But never confessed it. but he felt that i had by the way i was being around him. I lived my life being as i am… leading to the now… in my life. I have been pregnant. for 9 1/2 months. a week to deliver. But this is the moment that brings to life the souls waiting to be born.  After all the struggle… all the lessons that i learned throughout this era of my life… i find myself with no regrets. I am tough. But i am ready to become a mother. I will take it and accept a life as a mother. A Wife. Shingo and i will be whole as the soon to come Offspring are products of the love and trust that we have and built for one another.

Sept.5 2026

Grandma Rikku’s House…

Living Room…

Dinah: *Dreaming*

“Dinah: *Smiling at Shingo* Hey… Was that you speaking that poem?

Shingo: Yeah. *Blushing* It was.

Dinah: That was actually rather Cheesy for a poem but i loved it. *Suddenly Kissing Shingo on the lips*

Shingo: *Smiles* That was a good kiss. *Shyly* I came to apologize for scaring you off like i did. but i was just letting out how i felt about you. i know that we never really met before the bridge… and never really know one another… but i was really attracted to you the first time i saw you, but i didn’t say anything for i didn’t want the others to know what i was feeling about you. *Grins* Call it self pride. plus i am rather a little shy too. *Shrugs* So what do you want for a 12 year old guy… i just am rather picky.

Dinah: *Laughs* Sounds like me. *Sighs* But you really don’t need to be apologizing… i am the one who should be sorry. i ran out on you when you were telling me that you… uh… loved me. i guess that i was just scared. i never really been in a actual love relationship before. i guess that when you said what you said to me at the arcade… it got me shook because i actually was being seen as human and not some loose wire who gets set off for a fight. *Groans* I feel like such an idiot for running scared when being told the feelings of someone… i mean… i can be told the feelings that my sisters feel and even listen to my mom. it’s easy… but when it really comes from a guy…. and one that happens to really like me… and or literally love me. i just run away. because i am scared that i’ll over shoot it and mess it up. chasing the guy who loves me away. i don’t like that…

Shingo: *Sad for Dinah* i don’t blame you for feeling like that… Dinah. i am kinda like that a little bit too. i get that way around my sister and my own mother… i love them… but they can be so oblivious and so drawn to the entertainment. like when the t.v brags all about Aino Minako. i got nothing against her… but seeing my sister going all freaky over her and screaming like a wild girl every time the name is mentioned… after awhile it just gets really annoying sometimes.

Dinah: it reminds me of my sisters… they too can be annoying… but i love them all the more…But even when they get on my nerves… i sometimes feel as though i should wail on them… but if i were to do that… i’d be no better than the creeps that i’ve fought against. ones who’d hurt and harm their own mother. I may be tough… but when it really comes down to it… if anyone were to place harm on my sisters… i would strike them down.  My sisters and i fight sometimes… we may even argue. but they know that i am the only one that can do it and get away with it. if anyone else were to do it… they better not come near me. because i’d soon become their worst nightmare.

Shingo: I guess that i should try to be like that with my sister…

Dinah: *Feeling happy around Shingo* I Love you.”

Out front…

Pearl: *Looking at Star* You got my Suitcases there, Right?

Star: Of course. Why wouldn’t i have that here with the rest of the stuff? The Dresses, the Make-up and the other little things that you have… You’re literally close to taking your entire room with you. almost all your possessions. Plus the fashion Merchandise too. the drawings for the Fashion store…

Pearl: I have to. Besides that for the next 4 years… We’re gonna be at college. Living in the Dorms. We do have the Dorm Room #, Right?

Star: *Nods* yes. It’s Room 349.

Grandma Rikku: *Feeling a little weepy seeing her Grand Daughters leaving for College* Do you really have to go, Pearl?

Pearl: Grandma, I have to go. It’s time for me to start raising my own life as it should… I can’t stay here all my life. As much as i want to. It’s the right thing to do.

Star: *Checking through things and Getting her and Pearl’s Mattresses and bedding in secure* Grandma Rikku, Pearl will visit during the holidays. She’ll call you every week… Constant contact all the time.

Paige: *Looking at her truck* I am a Driver now too… I got all my stuff with me.

As soon as they were all set to go…

Pearl: *In her car; Starting the Engine* I got to get going… the Dorm Manager Will be asking to see us by the evening to brief on the rules of the Dorms.

Raven: *Hovering out of the house* Pearl, wait.

Pearl: *Looking to see Raven* Raven, What’s the matter?

Raven: You’re leaving the house here… You’re going to the Dorms to live. You sure you want to do this?

Pearl: *Scoffs Chuckling* What’s the matter? You feel that i’m gonna be attacked at the Dorms?

Star: *Snorts with a witty expression* Girl, you be trippin’. We’re not gonna be attacked at the dorms. the only things that might happen is we face a casual disgruntled dorm inhabitant. We may look like a couple of fashion obsessed loons… But don’t let this Black Girl’s build fool you. I can come out and fight if i need to. *In her truck; Starting the Engine* We got to jet over there. It’s gonna get close to high traffic of people getting into their dorms soon and we’ll get trampled if we don’t get there and start setting before then. As it is… we’re getting a little behind.

Paige: Reese is already at his Dorm room. He’s Bunking with Jack Frost. Different classes and careers. But they agreed and made the arrangements of seeing that they bunked together. They’re with the room #312

Raven: *Looking to see Dinah not around* Where’s Dinah?

Grandma Rikku: She’s laying down… She’s having Contractions and of course had her stuff all set to go last night. Christie came and prepped everything for Dinah and…

Raven: I did the transporting.

Christie: *Coming out of the house* Raven… i don’t know if the Dorm Manager will be seemingly pleased to see someone else in mine and Dinah’s Dorm Room… but Here. *Giving Raven the Dorm key* Take Dinah’s truck… over to the Met U. Look for room #250 That’s our room. Dinah’s and mine. Set things up in there however. but see to it that it’s kept in order and easily found.

Raven: Sure. I of course read Dinah’s mind a little and grabbed an idea of how she wants her things to be set. *Using a little bit of Empathy on Christie* Don’t worry. the Room will be set and organized. as you pictured in your minds…

At Metropolis Middle School…

Luna: *Writing in her Journal* Paige, Pearl and Dinah are gonna be moving out to the University today.

Martin: It’s gonna be lonesome at your house without them around.

Luna: Well… I still have Raven. But for how long… i don’t know. Because we both know that after the threat is over… She might leave. and i will really be alone. I Don’t see Betty and Angel. None of us do. Terra is new to the team and she a member now. but who knows how long that’s for?

Martin: I know. It’s a sad reality that you’re facing. What do you think will happen to Dinah though? She’s now having contractions and is in pain from what you were telling me on the way here this morning… Is she gonna be alright?

Luna: I hope so.

Karen: That’s good. *Overhearing* She better be hanging in there. Luna, You know that we’re all gonna be rooting and pulling in there with you.

Irene: That right. Ve vill be hanging in there… with you.

Classmate: *Looking at the girls and Tilting his head* What are you guys talking about?

Luna: We were just talking about my sister Dinah and the fact that my sisters Paige, Pearl and Dinah are gonna be going to college today. They’re gonna be living at the Dorms for about 4 years. For a Career. Maybe even more than that as they go for their degrees.

Classmate: Bachelor’s degree? How old are they?

Luna: 17. Gonna be 18 this October 20th.

Irene: It must be nice to have birthday party.

Luna: It is. But this year might not be with one…

Martin: *Scoffs* What makes you say that? You know that Birthdays are memorable and should be celebrated.

Luna: I agree… Just don’t tell that line to Raven. She’s Not one for the Birthday Shtick.

Irene: Who’s Raven? Is she friend of yours?

Karen: She is. I met her. She’s really cool.

Martin: I myself like her anyway. I mentioned once that i was kinda weird… Didn’t i?

Luna: You did. But you’re also sweet.

Classmate: You girls are really something, you know that?

Martin: Well You can tell that right away.  I am in love with one of them. Luna’s my girlfriend.

Classmate: She is?

Martin: Of course. Has been since the 4th month of this year… We started as just close friends and then went to best friend Status. it just grew from there.

Classmate: I am still with the mind that girls usually have cooties. but If you’re in love with her… you should be the most complete guy there is in the class.

Classmate #2: Yeah right,  Jake. You’re in love with that girl Mackenzie. She’s a good looking girl for a preteen. Her parents are both working 2 jobs to stay afloat. From what i heard… She’s got a home that is barely stable with both parents mostly gone. They don’t even have time to rest and can’t even spend time with her.

Jake: Jennifer… Mind your own business. It’s not like that… I don’t like the girl that way. I am just really open minded to her is all.

Luna: *Smiles*

Jake: *Seeing Luna smiling* What are you so happy about?

Luna: Nothing. I’m just happy being around good friends.

Jake: Friends? Who said that i was your friend? We barely met. But if you want to see us as friends… that’s fine. Besides i wouldn’t mind having a friend like you.

Jennifer: I like her. She may have a cat tail sticking out of her hind side… But she’s one cool girl. At least to me she is.

Luna: *Smiles*

Martin: “I can trust my friends… These people force me to examine myself, encourage me to grow.”

Jake: *Pauses* What in the— That was a saying from Cher.

Martin: I read things growing up… i read a bit about her…

Karen: Book smart?

Martin: Just smart.

Irene: Vhat about sisters?

Martin: Don’t have any? I’m an only child.

Luna: I have sisters though. My sisters are heroes.

Irene: *Nods*

At Metropolis University…

At the Dorm Rooms…

In room #250…

Raven: *looking at the room* Looks okay now. One side with Dinah’s possessions. One side with Christie’s.

Raven: *Closing the room and Locking the door before heading out to see Pearl and Star*

In Room#349…

Pearl: *Looking at Star* We got a lot of unpacking to do.

Star: *Grins* Yeah. We sure do. Where do you want to start? The Necessities or the bed?

Pearl: We should start with the bed. The rest will just fall into place right after the bed is done… We’ll know where to put the items and how we want to set things up.

Star: That’s a fact… And with all the prepping for College and getting set… i noticed that you have not even spoken about the dangers in the city. you haven’t even given thought about the mess with Beryl or the intergalactic being. I think that the normalcy has started to scramble your brains. A little.

Pearl: *Sighs* I still have thoughts about that… But right now, this room and our getting settled in is top priority. The threat is still gonna get the attention as it’s needed. But we’re more important right now.

Star: I would bet. *Looking at the room with a huge window looking out* We got a lot of light here.

Pearl: That’s a plus for us then. We need the light. *Grabbing at her bed frame and at the bed* Let’s get started.

A second later…

Raven: *Shadowing into the room* Hey Pearl.

Pearl: *Jumps a little* Hey Raven. Here to see where i am gonna be for the next 4 years?

Raven: 4 years?! What are you shooting for?

Pearl: Isn’t it obvious? Raven, I am shooting for a Bachelor’s degree for the Fashion designing. That’s my major.

Star: That’s right. We’re gonna rule the fashion and shakin’ that butt all over the industry…

Pearl: *Laughing* Oh… That’s classic.

Raven: *Looking at the room* You two are definitely college girls now. You two go on out and catch some fresh air. I’ll handle the room for you. It’ll be done by time you come back. Personalized to suit you.

Pearl: *Pauses* What?! Are you sure?!

Star: *Stunned* Raven, Are you sure you want to handle all this? There is a lot of stuff here. Alot of items to put away. Clothes and even make-up. Jewelry too.

Raven: I’m sure.

Star: *Looking at Pearl* I guess that we’ll let the super powered Dark girl with the Mystic Voodoo do the magic that she knows so well. She wants to do this for us. we can’t turn down the offer.

Pearl: It is not right to leave her doing all this for us… But i do appreciate the gesture she’s breaking with.

Star: Let’s go and see if they have a cafe around here… I need to get something to eat. My stomach has been doing the cross wired split all morning and it’s really getting even more fired up. If i don’t eat something… I’m gonna be sicker than a dog.

Room #312…

Reese: *Resting on his bed* You know, Jack… we are lucky to have great gals. They’re the most amazing girls ever.

Jack:  I know. Pearl is a sweet person. She has a wonderful voice. She can sing.

Reese: *Surprised* Sing? You’re kidding! Really? *Scoffs* Shit, Man… you got a singing night’n’gale for a girlfriend and you don’t even ask her to sing and do a Jingle for you? What the hell? She’s a peach probably just waiting to sing up to the sky and the heavens.

Jack: I didn’t ask her because with everything that she was going through with the threats. The appearance of Beryl. Dealing with the Pregnancy of Dinah. Worrying about the presence of the intergalactic Demon showing it’s mark all through the Tunnel that is with the now Abandoned Quarry.

Reese: *Pauses* The Quarry?!

Jack: Yeah.

Reese: Why was she there?

Jack: To foil a Evil plot that was being done by Beryl. *Turning to see the look on Reese’s face* You mean that you didn’t know about that?

Reese: Uh, No… No i haven’t. I heard that Paige was there too… but i didn’t know what she meant by that. I thought that she was just striking conversation of some sort.

Jack: Well It was almost 4 Months now since the time it happened. Pearl just got done singing at a Choir competition with her class for Choir. She was about set to hit for home and maybe come to see me and we’d hand out. But the thing was that she was just about ready for home when suddenly her Power belt buzzed and signified trouble. She and Paige as well as the Rhapsody Brothers, Raven… The Dark powered girl and Even a couple girls who are considered as senshi… Sailor soldiers… They were all at the Quarry and going against a swarm of Fire creatures, Youma and 3 creatures. ones that they called Plasmus, Overload and Cinderblock.

Reese: And i take it that Beryl was there too. wasn’t she?

Jack:  Yes. She was.

Reese: Did she cause any damage?

Jack: yes. But that time… she was trying to extinguish Luna. It didn’t work…

Reese: That is a relief.

Jack: Of course that was because someone came to their rescue. Someone that Luna knew. A 12 year old boy named Martin.

Reese: Martin? A normal guy… coming to their aid. Why? What could he have done but just watch? There was nothing he could have done about it.

Jack: You are putting doubt in the guy… but there is something that will surprise you more than’ll be able to swallow.

Reese: And what would that be? *Curious*

Jack:  Martin Marco is now a hero.

Reese: *Pauses* Uh, he’s what? Come again on that last part… Did you just say… that Martin. The 12 year old boy who is normal and with no affiliation with the super powers that be… is now…. a hero?

Jack:  i didn’t stutter, did i? Yes. He is a hero. Luna is happy about it and i don’t see why she wouldn’t be happy. I mean, She now has a partner. A helper. It’s crazy to even think about it… but with Luna gathering a group of friends of her own to help her… it is like she’s forming a group of young heroes. anyone with powers or maybe knowhow.

Reese: And that is a good thing how?

Jack: Well…. it could be a good thing. it might even be seen as prestigious.

Reese: *Thinking about his girlfriend Paige* I wonder how Paige is doing. You think that she’s around somewhere?

Jack: No idea. But i know that Pearl is around. She and Star are scheduled to be setting up their Dorm room today.

Reese: Knowing your girl, She’s probably got the whole outlet store with her and then some.

Jack: *Chuckles* Yeah… tell me about it. She’s most definitely a nut about fashion. But in all honesty… You got to love her. She has that big drive in her… She’s got it. Knows what she wants and how she wants it…

In Room #330

Paige: *Looking at Alice* It is great that we’re Dorm partners. I think that this is wonderful that we’re with most of the others here.

Alice: Sure. I do hope that Prince Alvin comes soon though. He mentioned that he was gonna help me unpack. He’s more apt to this than i am. Although this is alot better than being back home around my father. I left him and i am never going back.

Paige: I know it’s none of my business and of course Prince Alvin did make a brief reference about it to my sisters and me. i think… But Really? What is it about your distaste towards your father? Is he that bad? I mean what did he do that made you just hate him so much?

Alice: If you even had a father… you would know that fathers are supposed to love their daughters and be there for them and be loyal to them as fathers are for their daughters. Mines never was. After my mom died. My father began getting distant from me. He would hardly speak to me at all. He would ignore me. If i said hello to him… He’d Shrug and just walk on like he didn’t even hear me. I even tried to get into just a touch of trouble to maybe get his attention and yet. got nothing. There was no reply from him. I got into trouble sometimes at school growing up before i met any of you guys… and not even that got his attention.

Paige: But i thought that you said that you were like this Psychic…

Alice: I am. I was also a loner. Not wanted by my own father. When my mother died… it was the end of a happy family. By 13… i just gave up trying. I figured that if he wasn’t gonna love me and be there for me… then what was the point of even being anywhere near him. I never got to see him. When he came home… he was always smelly of manure and i would never get to see him. because when he was home… i was asleep. and or at school. And when i did get to see him. if lucky. It’d be like just for barely under a minute. If i was lucky. Then sometime before our graduating high school he come home one time smelling like Whiskey and Bollinger Champagne. I smelt it a few times on him and know that he was dunk. He came home one night which was a few weeks. a Month and maybe 3 weeks before the Graduation looking so shitfaced that if he were any drunk than he appeared to be… he would have been stone cold dead. Which is not a loss to me since after my mom died… he’s be anything but a father to me.  He was drunk. And of everything he could have done to me… He tried to soil me. he… Ugh! I can’t even say it because it is just so damn sick and disgusting.

Paige: Why? What did he do?

Alice: He Urinated right on me. *Feeling sick to her stomach as she recalls that sickening vision*

Paige: That guy must have been a jerk. A sick vulgar and a complete schizophrenic Nut job.

Alice: He was. That is why i am happy most being here. away from him as much as i can. Plus, I’m 18 and don’t have to worry about seeing him again.

Paige: *Sighs; Looking down* I am so sorry that you had to go through that with a jerk like him. Alice. There is only one thing that gets me about it. If he was treating you poorly… Why didn’t you turn him in?

Alice: I couldn’t. i wanted to though. Believe me i wanted to. I wanted to turn him in and see him rot. but with only one parent… he was all i had. if i turned him in and he went to jail. I would have been sent to an orphanage or a foster home. i would have been sent into the foster system and i’d be sent who knows where. I wouldn’t have met you guys at all.

Paige: Alice, i feel so sorry for you. You had to put up with that.

Alice: I sure did and i can tell you that i for one did not like it one bit. i didn’t like it at all.

A few minutes later…

Paige: *Hearing a Knock on the Dorm room door* Who’s that at the door?

Alice: Have no idea. but i think that we’re gonna get alot of that going on for the first couple weeks of College and maybe even longer. *Walking over to the door* We better see who it is.

The door opens a few seconds later…

Prince Alvin: *Grinning at Alice* Hey Alice.

Alice: Hey Prince Alvin.

Prince Alvin: What’s up? you busy?

Alice: Busy as in like trying to unpack my room and with no clue as to where to begin? Yeah. Busy as in having classes to study for and prepare for…. No. not till next week I think. this week is just people coming in and setting up their Dorms.

Paige: Actually the classes begin tomorrow. Although it’s just for a few people that have the classes beginning the next day. The Majority of the classes begin next week. So… Depending on which classes we signed up for. classes might begin tomorrow.

Alice: I wouldn’t mind going for the Paranormal career. that’s what i would like to go for. besides that… I think that i signed up for classes that are required for that track of career.

Prince Alvin: You did. you haven’t forgotten that we signed up for classes the day after graduation. We looked at the catalog and you picked the ones for your career and i nabbed the ones i’d be needing for the career i am going for.

Paige: I’m going for the Author career. A writer. So i believe that a couple of my classes are gonna be tomorrow.

Alice: Your half of the room is still all in boxes… well… in about half way packed… You need to get the rest all situated.

Paige: I will. *sighing* I’m just trying to think where i want the rest of the stuff. They didn’t really give us too big a room. and there isn’t really much to unpack and stick anything anywhere.

Alice: I don’t think that the others will be available to unwind as they’re all unpacking and dealing with pre-College life Jitters. Plus as far as i know… Dinah and Christie are gonna be late getting here.

Paige: I heard. this morning before i left the house… Dinah was lying on the couch in the living room trying to get the contractions to pass. A couple of them are or were near considered to being her actually going into Labor.

Prince Alvin: She should be in the hospital for that. She has to be monitored…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Out front…

Dinah: *Walking over to her truck and taking it slow* I am gonna be fine Christie.  I just need to take it slow is all. It’s not even time for the Labor to happen yet.

Christie: Yeah… sure you are… That’s why you’re wincing and struggling to even walk. We’re gonna need a wheelchair for you. *Helping Dinah over to her car and seeing that she’s okay* Come on. Let’s go. Raven probably has the room all done for us and is waiting for us to show up before she does anything else. So, Let’s get on over there and get you to lie down.

Dinah: *Nods* Christie, I know you’re trying to help me. and i know that i am sounding rather grouchy and everything. If i snap or say anything mean and uncalled for… don’t take it wrong. I am just in a lot of pain and trying to find a way to vent and let it out without going off the handle and doing something that i should not do.

Christie: I know. It just bites that you’re in all this pain and i can’t do much to really help… or take it away.

Dinah: I don’t think that anyone can. But just know that being the one who’s scheduled to go into labor… It’s a real bitch. I know that my young ones are gonna be bouncing like mad to come up…

Meanwhile still in the Dorm room…


Raven: *Looking at the room and giving it one more run with the cleaning* I should get going.


The buckle on Raven’s belt went off…

Raven: *looking at her communicator* Yes?

Luna: *On screen* We got a little problem. There is a youma here at the middle school and it’s not going down.

Martin: And there is another problem. We can’t transform.

Raven: Why not?

Luna: We got too many spectators who are watching and we can’t sneak off to transform.

Raven: *Seeing a couple Kids close by* Who’s that behind you?

Luna: A couple of new friends that Martin and i made. Jake and Jennifer. Jake Powell And Jennifer Bakeman.

Jennifer: The hell with the spectators. Let them say something. Luna… just let the freak thing fly. This is our school. We should defend it.

Jake: That’s right… Let the people say something. Let them… You’re a hero… obviously with the things that you were saying…  It’s not hard to connect the dots.

Karen: I guess that would settle it.

Martin: Let’s do it.  Raven… you should get here soon. We’re gonna need the help.

Raven: *Sighs before nodding* I’ll be on my way… I am at the Dorms right now taking care of Pearl and Star’s room for them… i just got done. I’ll be on my way. Luna… Just transform and fend off the Creature the best way you can.  I’ll be there momentarily.

Luna: Okay.

A second later…

The call ended and the battle began…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* … *Doing her Pose* Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. In the name of the Watchtower and the Rhapsody Family… I shall Punish you.

Martin: And now!! *transforming* Tuxedo Power…….Power Up!! *transforms into Tuxedo Martin Amazing;  With a top hat and Cape appearing as the normal look gets surrounded and covered in White light; Replaced with a Tuxedo and Black shoes. a Scepter being placed in his hand and With a Arm brace with Stars on it appearing on his right arm; poses* I am the Warrior of the innocent Tuxedo Martin Amazing! In the name of the Innocent, On behalf of my friends and all the people of the Universe, Justice will be served!!

Karen: *Holding her hands up and with energy Pulling the Youma over and then shoving the Youma into the tree* Luna… Martin… Go. It’s open to move. do it. I can’t hold it for too long. but while i got it held and the Youma is Subdued… attack it. While the going is good.

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Luna SUGARDRILL!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Launching an attack at the Youma* Water Blaster! *Attacking again* Scorching flames!

Raven: *Shadowing in* Another Youma attack, right?

Sailor Luna: That’s right. It seems as though the Youmas are coming back to play ball. Just when we thought that it would die down a little longer.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Where is Terra?

Karen: Yeah. Isn’t she supposed to be here to help out too?

Raven: I don’t know. But she’s being rather secretive.

Terra: *Landing from the rock* Sorry for the late arrival. Just barely got the call. Let’s nail the beast. The Rhapsody way. Show it that we mean business.

Sailor Luna: Right. Let’s take care of the beast.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Let’s go.

Raven: *Aiming at the Youma* Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos! *Firing Dark Energy at the Youma*

Terra: *Using some power to lift off some rocks and Pelting the Youma hard with the rocks at full blast.


Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the target* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugarhearts… Beam… *Launching the Attack at (the Youma)* ATTACK!!!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Summoning a Star and Hopping on it; Riding it in formation before twirling around until a shape of a star is seen and is 20 feet in size/Diameter; then the star glows golden* Starlight Beam Radiation Swirl…ATTACK!! *Attacking the Youma at full blast*

The Youma then vanished after being pummeled by the attacks. It was a weak Youma. Jake and Jennifer stood in awe and shock as they saw the Youma get trampled by the attacks. The rest of them all stared at the scene and wondered what was going on. They didn’t believe it. They saw dark powers, Light, and elemental. Plus a normal girl with a swish of the hand move and apply damage on the Youma like it was nothing. They saw a girl control the earth and move rocks to nail the beast. It was the most startling thing that they had ever seen. Irene, Jake and Jennifer all were in shock. They were indefinitely impressed. As for Dinah… She was at the Dorms finally and was resting… Just having some time to rest and keep the body at a still pose. Christie was worried for her friend. She was close to the point of crying because she saw her best friend hurting and she didn’t know what all to do. She saw Dinah as her best friend. Seeing her best friend in the state that she was in. it was hurting her. Hurting her heart.

In the Dorms…

Dinah: You’re going for law tomorrow, Right Christie?

Christie: Yeah. i am. You are going for a Math class and an English class too. Literature. We also have a class together. 2. Spanish and Chemistry. side ones on top of everything else.

Dinah: *Having another Contraction* AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Damn! The pain.

Christie: *Feeling upset seeing her best friend in pain* Dinah, there must be something that i can do to help ease the pain that you’re having. There must be something that i can do.

Dinah: *Looking to the side and looking at her best friend* There is nothing you can really do to help ease it… Christie, the only thing that can take this pain away is if i were to either Die or if i were to go into Labor right now and have the babies taken out on the spot. Nothing else will help. I can’t suggest that you’d want to have these pains going on in you. You don’t want these pains. Trust me… You’re lucky… You are not living with pains like this.

Christie: I am lucky about that… but i am still not enjoying the idea of seeing you in pain. I hate it. i feel as though i am pretty useless. I am seeing you in pain and i can’t do anything to take it away.


Christie: *Hearing a Knock on the door and walking over to answer it* Who is it?

Pearl: *Outside the room standing in the hall* It’s Pearl.

Christie: *Gasps* Oh… Pearl. O my… i’m sorry. at first i thought you might be someone else. the voice kind sounded different… *Opening the door* Please do come on in.

A minute later…

Pearl: *Sitting down next to Dinah* Hey there, Sis. You alright?

Dinah: I’m fine. Just dealing with contractions. It’s not like it’s anything that i can’t truly handle. *Feeling another Contraction coming* Agh! Ahhhhhh!

Pearl: You’re not doing so hot. You’re obviously showing the continual signs of going into labor.

Dinah: I sure hope that it’s not that. it can’t be that fast.

Pearl: Want me to get Raven: She could use some of that Empathy to heal you a bit.

Dinah: No.  Raven’s done more than enough for me and Christie right now… Christie and i were supposed to be doing all this unpacking… but since i was undergoing contractions… i couldn’t and Christie can’t do all the unpacking on her own. It’s not… *Hissing in pain a little* fair to her and i am not gonna just expect her to do all the work.  It’s not right. As soon as i am done with this pregnancy… i am gonna be more productive. No more sitting on my ass. No more.

Pearl: No one is blaming you for sitting on your rump. It isn’t like you can help it. You’re pregnant and able to go into Labor. You’re having contractions now and have been for about 2 weeks. Alot of times it can be merely construed as signs of going into Labor.

Christie: *Scoffs* Girl… what the heck are you trying to do? Scare her? She’s having a scared experience already. Tell her that… you’ll be liable to cause her psyche to crack and just split.

Pearl: What do you expect me to say? I am not gonna just lie to my sister.  I mean… What would that do to her by my lying to her and i just were to tell her that It was nothing but just a feeling of unease. and wasn’t a possible attempt at going into Labor before the moment were to hit?

Christie: *Sighs* I know… I just want to be delicate with her. This is gonna come down to the crunch for her. It’s scaring her.

At Vincent Van Graves…

Vincent Van Graves: *Excited* Wow! Such wonderful kids… How nice it is to meet you young girls and guys.

Jake: It’s a pleasure to meet you too, sir. You have a very far out pad.

Jennifer: The place is really odd. but it’s sweet.

Irene: You must ve the Wizard. That’s cool.

Karen: This place is nice… What exactly do you do here?

Martin: We do readings and research. Plus live here… This place is with Crystal balls. i got one in my room too.

Vincent: Don’t be showing anything about the Demon that is said to reside on Earth… They don’t need to know about that. It’s better for them to not know about it. For now…

Luna: I agree. I agree. The less they know for now… the better.

Jennifer: What are you guys talking about? Are you talking about the demon known as Trigon the Terrible?

Jake: Jennifer, how is it that you already know about that beast?

Jennifer: It’s because i have almost the entire series of the Teen Titans Go! comics. I have the comics… I read about the ones that dealt with Trigon and the Half Demon girl Raven… I know what she is… But i unlike some ain’t saying anything about it. I saw the girl. She helped Martin and Luna out of a Jam and her powers are by far truly cool.

Martin: Looks like Raven’s got a fan.

Luna: Jennifer, You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into… The things that you’re reading are not fake… they’re really happening. The Demon is here… His mark is on this planet now… it’s hiding  though… but we can feel his presence near. we know he’s near.

Vincent: *stopping the conversation* Okay… Okay… that will be quite enough of the Demon talk. we can’t think about the Demon now… There is a matter to think about… Someone’s pregnancy.

Irene: Vho’s Pregnancy?

Luna: My sister Dinah’s. She’s Pregnant.

Jake: She is? How? Who’s the father?

Luna: Her Fiance Shingo…

Martin: They’re gonna get wed on Christmas day this year… It’s been set.

Irene: I love Veddings… I think it’s vonderful time to get ved. On day vhere Christ is born… That is like day of blessings. vonderful day to be ved…

That Evening at the Dorms…

In the Lounge…

Dorm Manager: Greetings everyone. I’m the Dorm Room Manager of the University of Met U.  The name is Michelle Swan. And no Ladies and gentlemen… it isn’t in relations to the Swan family in the Movie Twilight. I have no relations to a Bella or a Charlie. I will be your Dorm bud for the next 4 years… You follow the certain rules here and we will all be right as rain. But if you try to break them… There will be penalties. Sorry. But this is the real world. You all were so accustomed to it being simple and being just a free ride. But this isn’t High school anymore people. This is the real world and Real world isn’t the loosey goosey sugar on top sensation that you’ve been seeing. It’s cruel and harsh. There are 8 Rules that will be obeyed on cue and by demand. no Exceptions… I am your bud here for the next 4 years. but if you go against me… i will ride your hides and be the storm to your paradise. You follow me so far?

Paige: We get you… A Little over Zealous with the harsh tone though. but we get you loud and clear.

Michelle: I am sorry if it sounds too harsh for your ears, Young private. But this is how it is in the real world. You’re not kids anymore. The Adolescent Kingdom that you lived under with a niche for safety and cuddles… is all in the past. This is the Adult world now. And i know about your roles in the community, Paige. You and your sisters are the heroes of Love, grace and fury. I know about that. i followed it. but don’t be expecting special treatment. You’re like the rest of the people here. Same treatment and same code of respect.

Pearl: What are the rules?

Michelle: Rule #1: Respect the fellow Dorm inhabitants. If you want to have a fight with them… you take it outside and you make amends… You code Red it and you terminate the quarrel. if you fail to complete the mission… i will code red it for you and both you and the one that you’re in crossfire with will get the punishment. Rule #2: There will be no outside people allowed in the dorm rooms after hours. If they are family… You say your Adieus and send them on their Journey’s back home. You are not to have any outsiders spend the night. If anyone of you Crack open an insubordinate action and sneak someone into a room. after hours… I will issue a Red Flag on the whole unit and the building will be locked down till the guilty party mans up and confesses. That rule is for a reason. So no casting it off for a mark of bull. It’s no Joke. some of the outsiders can turn mean at night. It’s a Jungle of Adulthood out there people. So use your brains that your momma’s and poppa’s gave you. Be smart. Rule #3: No Smoking or drinking… No drugs of any kind. You want to light up… you take the butts outside and have it outside. Same with Alcohol. No Drinking Alcoholic beverages in the building or in the rooms. If i smell it or catch it… you will be put on level 8 probation. 4 weeks of heavy punishment. Be smart people. Don’t strike on a fools Ego and think it funny to pull a fast one. You’ll look stupid and it will make you the one with the stained reputation… You got 4 years here… don’t make your 4 years here to be your untold realm of hell. It is hell outside. it’s a harsh world. don’t invite trouble to come walking in. Use your common sense people. Rule #4: The Curfew. During the week there is a 10:00 curfew. on weekends it’s beefed up to 11:00. If you’re a few minute late… fine. it happens. things occur that you don’t expect. Some of you don’t know how to expect the unexpected. But here… if you haven’t learned to do so yet… here would be the place to start learning. But if you are consistently late and wind up being repeatedly late and after Curfew… You will be locked out of the building for the night. some nights can get really cold and Winters are a real bitch. so if you don’t want to spend the night in the freezing cold on a winter night. Don’t ever be late on your curfew. Rule #5: When going out… travel in groups of no less than 2 or 3… outside is dangerous at night. Suicide Slums is not far from here and some people from there tend to stray into the general public. they could initiate the code of Rape and mugging you from behind if you’re not with the watchful eyes. Don’t wander out alone. Untold things can happen to those who wander into the wilderness and wander alone. If you don’t have means of arming yourselves… you won’t make it. So be on the right side… don’t beat the outside alone. Rule #6: Learn Self defense. Arm yourself with the knowhow in battle tactics and learn how to fight. A defenseless College dweller is a Dead College Dweller. This place is your Base. You leave it unprotected… don’t expect to always come back Unscathed. Chances are… that you’ll be just new game for any predator or hoodlum who have the lust in their eyes for girls such as yourselves. and that goes for you men out there too… if you go out there unarmed and on your own… you’ll be falling a casualty of being someone’s tasty bitch or a target of some sex offender’s dish of grabbing some man love. If you want to ensure that you’ll come back in one piece and unscathed… Do the smart approach. go prepared and with self defense. be armed. constantly Righty -Tighty. Rule #7: Respect your fellow men and comrades. Remember recruits… You’ll be dealing with one another for 4 years. So if you make an enemy in here… You better be in expecting for a warzone to break. So unless you want a unnecessary war… don’t call on instilling the reasons for someone here to scorn  you. You’ll only be hating yourself and wish to god that you were smarter to not throw the grenade of hostility. and last but not least Rule #8: Keep wide attention of your belongings… they are your equipment… you lose them… it is on you. So wise rule of choice… don’t set and leave anything of yours out that is high of value. it will only tempt people with a klepto touch to up and grab it and claim it and you”ll be out of the equipment. So if you have something of high value… do the favor and keep it with you with no exceptions. Treat it as if it’s your life and as though your lives depended on it. Because anything lost won’t be the fault of the Dorm… It will be resting on you.

Dinah: What about for Married people?

Michelle: Married people are different. there can be leniency for them… but still don’t be overstepping the border lines of tolerance. If you’re a married College dweller… Enjoy your moments with your married spouse… take the time needed to be with then during the day and fill your time with them.

Prince Alvin: My family knows how to fight. As do i. So defense is not a problem. we can fight if need be…

Michelle: That is good Private. That will save you. But the same concept goes for everyone. It’s a Dangerous world out there people… Dangers ranging from Intergalactic sprites and Evil Villains who call to push the world as their own personal playground… So stay on your guard at all times.

Paige and her sisters looked at one another and shrugged. they didn’t realize that would know about Evil presences that are more of fantasy and not of real… But after hearing what the Dorm manager was saying… They knew that the things they were dealing with… were not just pretend. not like they thought the real world… the college world would see it to be… It was something else… it was known in college… They knew that with that being said… it’d be a matter of time before attacks would start calling for College. Star and Christie were worried. Christie and Dinah went back to their Dorm room to unwind. They had a T.V inside there and had their movies with them… so they cuddled up comfy on their beds and set a movie to repeat and Shared a thing of popcorn… Watching the movie while letting their bodies pass out and fall asleep…  It was gonna be just hours away before Dinah was gonna go into Labor. It was about to hit…

September 6th, 2026

Night time…

Dinah sitting at her desk in her dorm room thinking about how event’s leading up to her pregnancy began…

“Dinah: *Smiles while Dancing* You’re such a wonderful dancer.

Shingo: And you’re a very gutsy girl. I like that. *Dancing and Looking at Dinah* Dinah… There is something that i have been meaning to tell you. It’s something that i’ve been thinking about for the last week.

Dinah: Uh, Okay… Shoot. Something a Miss there? *Wondering while Dancing*

Shingo: I was thinking that we should take our relationship to the next level…

Dinah: *Pauses* What the…?! Are you serious? You’re kidding me… Right? The Next level? The next level… as in… like Intimacy? *Feeling a little estranged* Please don’t make me get into that. Not here.

Shingo: It’s not as though i am wanting it tonight. just that i am saying as though we should consider that idea. try it out in the future.

Dinah: That’s a well planned food for thought. but i want to wait till after this night is over. Who ever heard of the idea of intimate delight on a halloween night?

Shingo: Why not? The Bewitching hour is near…

Dinah: *Driving To Shingo’s house* Shingo, We have to talk.

Shingo: About what i was talking about… revolving us.

Dinah: Yes. that. *Coughs a little while focusing on the road* What were you trying to say?

Shingo: I was thinking that we need to take our relationship to the next level. I think that our relationship has grown up enough and matured. It’s about time we thought more seriously about where we’re going with our trust and our love.  in a year or two… i am gonna think about proposing to you.

Dinah: *At a loss for words* Uh! Wow! I don’t even know how to reply to that. I am speechless.

Shingo: It is a little early yet to even think about it. but i think that it’s near time that we did some serious planning for the future. I’m thinking about getting myself a job too. to save up for getting us a place. Hey. I’m only 16 and i am looking into the future.

Dinah: I would love to know what the hell the future would be like for me, Shingo? But unlike you… i can’t depend on the future. You’re now forever normal… you let the power go… Me… i can’t. i tried to and i can’t. The hero life has it claws too damn deep into me. i can’t pull out. I want a future with you, Shingo. I would give my soul for it. You know i would… if it meant that i had a choice between being alone and being a hero all my life. having no alternative. to tossing my hero life away and remain normal. remain regular and have a life with you I would toss the hero half in a second. no fooling.”

Christie looking up from her homework. Interrupting Dinah’s memory lane stroll…

Christie: *Asking* Hey Dinah, did you get the assignment from Mr. Levi’s class?

Dinah: Oh sure Christie… *Handing the assignment to Christie* here. You know he wasn’t very clear exactly how we were supposed to do it. Only said we could work with our lab partners and that was it. Do you understand it?

Christie: Nah, not really, I was hoping you did? *Laughing*

Dinah: Did you see the way that Robertson was watching you as you walked down the hall Christie? *Laughing* He was scoping you out like you were a Model.

Christie: *Blowing it off* Pfft! Please…He wasn’t watching me Dinah, come on…He’s gay!! *Both girls laugh loudly*

Dinah: *Groaning and hissing* Oh..mmmm….ssssss….

Christie: Dinah what’s wrong?? You okay?

Dinah: Yes. I think so Christie…Ohh… mmmm…..

Christie: No Dinah, you are not. *genuinely concerned*

Dinah: Yes Christie, I’m okay…just been having a little bit of pain today. *wincing from another grip of sudden pain*

Christie: Girl, you are not okay! I think you are in labor!! (exclaiming)

Dinah: Tsk!! Please!!! Get real girl!!! It’s Not possible… It couldn’t be, I have been having contractions for almost a couple weeks. Doctors said I am not due til Sept 7th. It’s only the 6th which is a day early. Wait! Tomorrow is the 7th. and it is now nighttime. So the big Event will start soon and i’ll probably have it coming to surprise me.

Christie: I don’t think so. This is your first pregnancy Dinah. My Cousin when she had her first child, it was early by 2 weeks. She looked and acted as you are now. Just as you are acting now.

Dinah: *Sighing* Christie I swear, it’s not that. The pains are 30 min apart and not real. *Suddenly feeling the sharp pain hitting her and feeling the seconds long contraction hit her*  OH!!! SSSSSS. THAT HURT!!

Christie: You were saying??

Dinah: oh, Shut up!! Please… Don’t be making get all sappy. Let’s just get the assignment at least started and get to bed. I am exhausted.

Christie: You are going to be more than exhausted from class real soon, but okay, whatever, its your discomfort. *A little frustrated* Here, Take this. Mr. Holden said we needed to go over it for the Spanish quiz. I can not believe that we have Spanish class and Chemistry. We’re not even going for the field that have any relevance to Chemicals. Hadn’t since high school. Plus, I’m going for Law. You’re going for the Sports career. Does this shit ever end? Damn Dinah. I am already burnt out! This work is gonna kill us before we’re through.

Dinah: I hear you. But the rest of the classes ought to be easy as pie. At least they ought to be. *Suddenly sensing Another contraction and fearing it to be her going into Labor* OH…Christie….I…I think, I have a problems….OMG!!! IT HURTS SO BAD!!! *Crying Hysterically*

Both Christie and Dinah look down as Dinah sees her water was breaking and thereby leaving a large puddle of wetness on the floor around her.

Christie: *Growls and shock and in disbelief* F**K! Shit… DAMN! I TOLD YOU! Here… sit over here. Instructing Dinah to sit over on the bed nearby* I am calling an ambulance. it’s important.

Dinah: HURRY!!!! *Screaming in pain* I’m so scared.

A minute later…

Christie: Okay…they are on their way…they told me to have you lay down just in case…

Both girls hear the sirens approaching; knowing help is on it’s way…

Dinah Starts thinking back again to a time when she considering sex with her now Fiance Shingo..

“Dinah: I just had a deep conversation with my boyfriend. He wants to have an intimate relation with me. that is a shock. romantic. but totally surprising none better.

Raven: Dinah, You are usually talking more than Pearl and Paige are. Why you being so silent?

Dinah: *Nervous* I… uh… don’t know… I’ve been thinking about what my boyfriend was talking about with me friday night.

Pearl: Why? What was he saying?

Dinah: he uh… wanted to have our relationship go to the next level…

Paige: *Gasps* What?! You’re not saying what we think you’re saying… are you?

Dinah: I am… *Looking away as she suddenly lets it out* My Boyfriend… Shingo. He wants to… to… Uh, He wants to have sex with me.

Pearl: He what?!  OH GOD…. Dinah, You’re kidding? Really? Oh my god. That’s good that you’ve reached that level in your relationship. I mean… you’ve been with Shingo for over 3 years. It was bound to mature eventually.

Dinah: But i am scared. Yeah… i know. i admit that i am scared. I’m a tough girl and i had a great relationship with Shingo. I Love him. But what if i am not compatible in bed with him? I could lose him and that scares me more than anything else in the world. It scares me because i don’t know how to release that part of me out. I never felt that way before.”

Dinah: *Screaming in pain* OOOOOOHHHHHHH….Please god!!!! Please, my babies… my babies.

Christie: *Trying to calm her best friend down* SSSSSHHHH, Dinah it will be okay. I am going to call your family tell them to meet us at the hospital. Your sisters Pearl and Paige are in the same building… But they’ll get the call…

Dinah: *nodding* okay thank you…my baby’s they will be okay right???

Christie: Dinah, your babies will be okay, that’s why we are taking you to the hospital to make sure…just think in a little while you will be holding them in your arms. *Smiling*

Dinah began smiling as she started thinking about how everything was ready for her and Shingo their first time together. All the love felt, the passion…

“Dinah: I got to get ready for tonight.

Luna: Why? *Curious* What’s tonight?

Dinah: Something that my boyfriend Shingo and i are possibly ready for. might have been for a month.

Luna: Ready… Ready for what?

Dinah: Uh… A Romantic Fling called sealing the d—.

Pearl: *Cutting off the last statement* da-da-da-da-da… Uh… Okay… as much as we would like to hear about the tale of Romeo and Juliet. Rhapsody style… We got a situation that needs direct attention…

Dinah: *Impressed* You really went all out with the romantic fling. You are like a Von Casanova. I can’t wait to see what other little tricks and surprises that you might have to play.

Shingo: *Smiles* I did this all for you, Dinah. I Love you. I know that we have been a little distant for a little bit… but it has not changed my love for you. I Know that my parents will never support me and don’t think that you’re good enough. but You are to me. You’re more than that. I want to be yours forever. I’ll be yours forever. Forever.

Dinah: *Blushes* You’re really romantic. You’re so sweet.

Shingo: *Blushes* …..

Dinah: *Walking over to her boyfriend and grabbing him before Kissing him on the lips* I Love you.

Shingo: And i love you too. *Kissing Dinah on the lips*

Within seconds Shingo grabbed Dinah and carried her over to the bed and laid her on it. It was a Romantic moment that was just about to start. Dinah and Shingo Kissed each other passionately and as it heated up they took each other’s clothes off and stripped till they were bare and connected. It was the Romance that drove them. The Intimate fling made them feel as though they were truly man and woman. but they were just Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Dinah and Shingo were heavy in love and allowed their love and passion to take flight…”

Christie: Dinah, I called Prince Alvin, Pearl and Page and told them to make sure to call the rest of your family. Since i am like a supporter of the clan and with a eye and ear on the threat like Beryl and possibly that over-sized whack off demon. *Seeing the paramedics* Oh…the paramedics are here!! Thank heavens… Now we can get you to Metropolis General.

Paramedic 1: *To the Civilian* Hello, what’s your name? What’s seems to be the problem here?

Dinah: Dinah Rhapsody… I think I am in labor, my water broke…see that puddle over there *pointing to puddle of water on floor across room*

Paramedic 2:  Okay, how far along are you?

Dinah: My due date is Sept 7th, but I am carrying triplets…(moaning in pain)

Paramedic 1: Is this your first pregnancy?

Dinah: Yes, it is…I’m scared. I am dreadfully terrified. *crying out* Please help my babies. Please!

Paramedic 1:  Don’t worry…calm down…Dinah…Dinah…I need you to relax and calm down…it’s important for the babies okay?? Can you do that for me??

Dinah: *Sobbing* Yes…

Dinah Started thinking about how it all got to this point from it’s beginnings…

“Dinah: He and i are gonna be talking about it next week. And then plan when to have it. It’s gonna be a wonderful night. but i am scared. I mean… what if i am… you know. Inept or incompatible?

Grandma Rikku: Dinah, *Sighs* You are a growing girl. Your body can handle it. I can’t tell you to make sure that you’re safe… only because i know that you are safe and will have common sense on what to do. But the question is… Do you trust yourself enough to know when enough is enough? Your mother wouldn’t know what to do in that situation… because the poor dear never got the chance to have any intimate relations. Not once. at all in her teen years. But in the thick of it all… i would believe that if she were around… and was not taken from us… she’d be telling you to follow your heart. What does your heart say to you? Your mind… What is it telling you to do? It’s a big decision and you got to be careful with planning it. thinking about whether you feel like you’re prepared for it or not. How much you love him and if he is the one for you. Is he the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? are you ready to take on all the responsibilities that come along with it?  All that has to play in factor when it comes to the idea of having sex. Dinah… You have to think of all that. Is it right for you? Plus you have to think about wearing protection too. Because if you get pregnant… it will bring on a even bigger set of questions. And if that becomes the case… You will have to ask yourself if you’re willing to go through with it? Always think before you go into it. Always. Because each decision will decide how your life will turn out.

Dinah: *Sitting at the table and Thinking* Tonight’s the night that Shingo and i do it. *Sighs and nervous about the coming romantic moment* What am i gonna do? What will i do? I am not ready. Shingo is being pushed to make a decision that is too soon still because he wants to stay and his mother is trying to pull us apart. That isn’t right. *Groans* Damn it. Shingo and i Love each other and can’t bare to be far apart. not in 2 different countries. Someone needs to stand up and put an end to the attempts on pulling us apart.


Prince Alvin: *Walking over from the side* Dinah, Got a minute?

Alice: *Walking with her boyfriend* There is something that you need to know.

Dinah: *Groans* What isn’t there to know? I am just with alot on my mind about tonight and the future between my boyfriend and me. Tonight is that night where me and him will be sealing that deal. Tonight is that night and i am scared to death.


Mrs. Tsukino: *Growls* He’s not sure what he wants. You had to have seduced him. And despite what you might think… he does want to go to Tokyo U.

Dinah: That’s not what he told me.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Growling even more; Barking* He’s not sure what he wants.

Dinah: *Butting heads with Shingo’s mother* You really know what he really wants from his heart? You really think that he wants that kind of life? To be taken from his life here and away from someone… who loves him. and wants to have a life with him… You really want to strip him from that gift? So be it… have at it. But if you truly think that he is wanting to go to Tokyo U… Let me give you a more obvious clue: wait for him to say the words.”

Paramedics whispering to each other…

Paramedic 2:  Okay an ambulance is right down stairs En route to take them to Metropolis Gen.

muddled whispers are suddenly heard coming from the doorway and hall as students wondering what’s happening…

Paramedic 1: Here we go, can you sit up on here for me?


Paramedic 2: Are you having another contraction?

Dinah: I don’t know, I guess, oh god it hurts!!! Is it supposed to hurt like this??

Paramedic 1: Everyone is different. How bad on scale of 1 – 10 would you say your pain is?


Paramedic 2: Dinah, you need to calm down, okay?? Are you allergic to any pain meds?

Dinah: NO….SSSSSSSSSSS OH GOD… *Practicing her deep breathing*

Paramedic 1: Would you say that the pains are 5 min, 15 min or 20 min apart? How long do they last?

Dinah: *Rubbing her stomach while being wheeled out on gurney* I’d say maybe in between 15 to 20 mins.

Dinah thinking back on her early stages of pregnancy…

“Dinah: *Covering her mouth and running to the girls restroom* Oh…

Mrs. Roth: *Looking towards the door and catching Dinah running out to the girls restroom* What was that about?

In the Girl’s restroom…


Dinah: *Puking into the toilet* ……… *Getting up and sniffling her nose trying to keep from crying* I can’t believe it. i’m… I’m… *Shaking her head* No. Not possible. Not possible. I can’t be… Not “Danger Zone” Dinah.



Christie: *Walking into the restroom to check on Dinah* Hey… Dinah. What’s up? You okay in there?

Dinah: *Trying to compose herself* Yeah. I’m fine. Just had a little upset Stomach is all. but i’m fine. This tough girl can handle herself. Why?

Christie: Just checking because you kinda ran out in such a hurry that it grabbed everyone’s attention. Even the teacher’s…

Dinah: *Standing up and Wiping off her mouth from the excess drool* I don’t think it should matter to them. besides… what’s the big deal anyway? What? Haven’t they ever heard of getting up and feeling a little bit of an upset stomach before?

Christie: *shrugs* I don’t know. I… i mean… i suppose they do. I wouldn’t know… I mean the only ones i know that have it hit them are those who are… you know, Pregnant. You’re not pregnant. *sighs* At least not from what i see.

Dinah: *Walking out of the Stall and grabbing a couple towels to wipe her hands off* I guess that would have to be the least of my problems. However… i don’t have a job. I don’t have a career. No money except what my sisters and i get for doing our duties of saving the day and that’s all. But it doesn’t pay much. All it does is just paint us with some currency. The big pay is the big battles. the battles with the main event. that’s the huge money maker. However we girls don’t do it for the money. *Feeling a little worried* however i’m gonna have to begin doing it for that to care for the little ones if i am… you know…

Christie: I feel for you, Dinah. i do. I mean… my mom had me when she was just a Senior in high school. She had to finish the rest of the school year bedridden and it hurt like a bitch. I know the feeling Dinah, My mom was an example of the whole thing with having to be pregnant her senior year.

Dinah: I don’t think that i am that… but if i am… what will i tell my sisters and my grandmother? They’re gonna be upset at Shingo… My boyfriend and it’s gonna all come down on me. I was good with him. *Feeling a bit unnerved* But i should have asked about whether he had protection or not. I didn’t. I didn’t even start to feel funny till just yesterday morning and that is not like me to just hide it from my sisters. *Feeling ashamed* Man, What am i gonna do?

Christie: Hey… don’t worry about it. You’re gonna be okay. Just try to shake it off till you know for sure. It could be nothing.

Dinah: *Walking over to the table with half the food she usually gets* I can’t be pregnant. There is no way that i can be… *Sitting down at the Table close by*  I can not be pregnant. I am perfectly fine. i just have to keep my mind on other things. and not draw attention to myself. *Thinking about the threat* The Threat is out there… Somewhere. The Fountain is active and it’s gonna open up soon. 9 months… Almost 10.

Prince Alvin: *Walking over from the side* Hey Dinah, You okay? I saw you coming in this morning and you looked like you were really out of it.

Dinah: *Looking at her Cousin coming in* I’m fine. I don’t need any lectures. I can’t handle the lecturing. I just haven’t really been feeling like myself as of late is all.

Prince Alvin: I think that i can tell you’re not feeling like your usual spunky self. You’re usually more like upbeat and more in thrill than anyone i know. But since the last week… you’ve been kinda out of it. You don’t feel the same thrill you used to for action and the battling. You don’t really talk much about anything anymore.

Dinah: I know. I am just with things on my mind and i am not up to really talking about any of it.

Prince Alvin: Well… you can talk to me… *Sitting down at the table with Dinah* I’m willing to listen and lend the floor for the heart to heart with you, Cousin. What’s on your mind?

Dinah: It’s nothing really. *Sighs* But i suppose that i should tell someone about it. Last week i had that romantic moment with my boyfriend. it was the best night. when that is all concerned. but then we all spoke about the fountain being sworn to reopen itself in 9 months almost 10. But since that night till now… i’ve been feeling rather weird. i felt kinda funny.

Prince Alvin: *Seeing a little glow on Dinah* Dinah… Are you… okay, for sure?

Dinah: Huh?! What do you mean?

Prince Alvin: Well… It’s because i can tell that you’re… somewhat glowing.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Are you kidding? How can you tell that? I am not glowing. I would have to be pregnant in order to be glowing. I am not pregnant.

Prince Alvin: *Shaking his head* Please… don’t try to throw me off on the trail… You are pregnant. I know the signs. It is still way too early to tell. but you look a little off. Just a little.

Dinah: Oh please, Prince Alvin… you’re seriously over reaching the fact and the obvious. I am not gonna be bed ridden. I am fine. I only had sex once. The signs are not there. you can’t get pregnant by just getting the groove on just one time. It is not possible.

Dinah: *Feeling faint* … *Feeling faint again* … *Fainting; Blacking out*

Prince Alvin: *Running over to Dinah*  Dinah!

Pearl: *Looking to see Dinah on the ground out cold* Dinah?! Oh no…

Prince Alvin: *Kneeling down beside Dinah* Dinah… Wake up… Are you okay?

Prince Curtis: What’s wrong with her?

Prince Alvin: *Snaps out a little* I don’t know, Brother… I’m a Teen and the Captain of the team… plus the Alpha Male… I’m not a damn surgeon.

Raven: *Looking at Dinah* What’s wrong with Dinah?

Prince Alvin: She’s blacked out. she was fine a moment or so ago and then before we knew it… she was out like a light. she just Blacked out.

Raven: Let me take a look. *Using a little Astral Projection to get into Dinah’s head* Hmm… She’s… Uh, Pregnant. That would explain her black out. She is pregnant.

Pearl: *Gasps* Pregnant? Are you sure? Are you positive?

Raven: I’m sure. I heard her thoughts.

Pearl: *Looking Cross at Prince Alvin* I can’t believe this… Cousin, You knew… but then you choose to not tell us? What the hell is that act for?

Prince Alvin: Because i was trying to keep it at a down low. For Dinah’s sake. I saw her at break today and saw the sign that she was glowing a little bit. She is in denial right now. She is also scared about it. That is why she didn’t want to say anything. So if you want to put blame on someone… look at Dinah. She should have said something to you and didn’t. She was scared. She was scared about it. I think you know how it would feel to have that happen to you.

Pearl: That would explain the whole getup of Dinah feeling or looking rather out of it the last couple of days. But wait a minute… That would mean that when she and her love did it… He impregnated her. Oh my… That means that Shingo is the father. He’s gonna be a father. Oh my…

Dinah: *gasps* There is bad trouble… i got to go…

Megan: No. Dinah. You’re in no condition to fight.

Dinah: What do you mean that i am in no condition to fight? Of course i am. I’m one of the girls. I got to fight. Action is what i live for and you know it.

Megan: Not if you’re pregnant, your not.

Dinah: What do you mean by that? *Pauses* Wait a minute… How did you know that i was pregnant?

Megan: Uh, Well…

Dinah: Prince Alvin told you… didn’t he?

Megan: No. Not exactly… We got a surprise. Dinah… The real Raven is here now with us. She’s arrived. and she used some technique and found out that you’re Pregnant. She spilled out the beans and Pearl got a little mad at Prince Alvin over it. Yeah… it was that much of a shock.

Dinah: So what’ll i do?

Megan: You are now Pregnant. If you get hurt or if you get attacked… it could hurt the babies inside you… and you could end up losing them. you could Die.

Dinah: How would you know about that, Megan?

Megan: I know because my mom almost lost me when she was pregnant with me. As Drake told me… as my mom had told him. She had him and he was only like 8 or 9 at that time. She was coming home from court after Divorcing my Biological father. He was a real jerk from what my mom and brother had told me. And on her way home… she didn’t seem to notice that there was a few cars in the way. that were exchanging blows. They were hitting one another. and anyway… my mother tried to pass them during the enraged state they happened to be in. Bad mistake. the cars tried to ram the sides of her. and before she could break free… they broke off from her sides and she literally smacked a Pole. It split the car in half and knocked her out. knocked her with a few knocks.  If the Medics didn’t catch her in time and treat her when they did… I would have been dead. and so would she. My mom stayed home and bedridden for the rest of the time.  Don’t think it was an enjoyable experience for her… but after that one time run in. She didn’t want to take any chances. Of course the embarrassing parts were that she would have to be tended to. hand and foot. Helped with cleaning herself. Changing her clothes and the whole shebang. Trust me… it’s not gonna be easy. It will be near difficult. But it’s the life you’re now in. And during the Pregnancy… You’re gonna be forced into an Early Engagement and Marriage. There won’t be any other way.

Dinah: *In fear* I just gave myself a whole mess of problems… Didn’t i?

Megan: Well… yes. You did. But the only upside is that you got a whole family around to help you and support you.

Dinah: *Nods in understanding*”

The paramedics put Dinah in the ambulance, Christie gets in with her…Soon the sirens blare and off to the hospital they go. They paramedics realize that time is of the essence and they need to get her to the hospital fast. The babies are early and all are in distress.

Dinah: *moaning in pain as yet another contraction racks her body* Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Paramedic 2: Are you having another contraction??

Dinah can only nod as the paramedic counts how long it lasts. Dinah seeking relief from pain, starts to take her mind back to some more of her pregnancy ups and downs…

“Dinah: *Grabbing Double the food* I’m starving. Christie, Why am i starving? There should not be any reason to why i am this hungry. I feel as though i’ve never eaten a day in my life.

Christie: *Walking with Dinah* Dinah, You shouldn’t be beating yourself up about it. It isn’t like you knew this would happen. Although with a grandmother like yours. which you told me briefly on… it wouldn’t shock me to know that she neglects to tell you that all it would usually take is one time of doing the deed to make it happen.

Dinah: Christie, Don’t say that about my Grandmother. She is reluctant to tell me these things because she’s not wanting to scare me. which this dilemma that is happening to me. I have to be flat out honest about it. I am spooked. Terrified.

Christie: I know exactly what you mean. My mom was the same way when she had me. She broke out the details to me not too long ago. So what she’s going through or went through… and now what you’re going through as of recent. I can relate. i understand how it must be feeling to you.

Dinah: I guess that you’re right. *Walking over to pay the Lunch Lady* I just feel so Empty and it’s not a good feeling to me. I feel as though my life has become a tool and being controlled. I Am Pregnant. i feel like an idiot.

Christie: *Consoling her friend* You are not an Idiot. Fickle sometimes… a little over fired up. Maybe a bit overzealous with the fierce attitude that you sometimes have. but You… An Idiot? No. Never.

Dinah: *Going to sit at the Table; Smiles a little*

Christie: You’re gonna be a strong fighter. Your little one or ones are gonna be tough. Just like you. A fighter.

Pearl: *Sore* Like how you were supposed to tell us that Dinah was pregnant? You kept that from us, Prince Alvin. We’re her sisters. Our BLOOD! You hid it from us. This kind of deceit is worse than Luna blabbing about our issues revolving a Threat to an outsider. Like Martin. He is innocent. He wasn’t meant to be brought in. But now he is. It’s only gonna be a matter of time before the right kind of people connect the dots and figure it out… then it’ll be Hitlist time and Raven’s head on the top of the list for all hunters who just love to go hunting. They’ll find her and hunt her down like a mountain lion. They won’t even lose a second’s sleep over it either. But you hid this from us. from us. What the hell could you have been thinking anyway? You know that we had the right to know. You know that.

Prince Alvin: I know. I should have told. But as i said before. I was trying to keep it on the low key. for Dinah’s sake.

Christie: Pregnancy is nothing to keep on the low key. This is a life change. Life for her has changed. She knows it… This is nothing to push aside and blow off.

Prince Curtis: I’m not gonna even say it. As far as i am concerned… Dinah is gonna be with a change in lifestyle. This is not innocent anymore. Shingo impregnated her and if he’s gonna be the fool to plant the seed. he’s gonna be responsible equally for what happens. Dinah’s babies are his responsibility too. Whether he thinks of it being so or not.

Dinah: *Growls a little* Shut up. Shingo is not that type of guy. He doesn’t play with a girl’s heart and then after impregnating her… up’s and leaves like he would just cater to someone who’s fresh meat.

Prince Alvin: No one is saying that he will. But this is bigger than that. You will no longer be permitted to fight. or be part of the hero battalion. Paige and Pearl… Luna, Shanna, Betty and Angel will have to fight without you. You are not to fight. If you continue to fight and be in the war efforts and happen to get hurt. You could end up hurting the babies and they could die. which could kill you.

Dinah: *Driving* I got to get home before i black out again. I have already blacked out 3 times today. 5 minutes each. But that is enough to worry me.

Christie: *Looking at Dinah* It worries me too, girl. you are having these blackouts that are just hitting you like a sucker punch. You are gonna be needing to stay on the down low. This is getting serious.

Dinah: I know. Christie… I am so terrified about what’s happening to me.

Christie: *Thinking* I was thinking… If your grandmother has the knowhow to set it up to where you can apply for home schooling from now on… I’ll do the same and we’ll stick with one another and have someone with you.

Dinah: No… Thanks, but… no. I don’t want to be the cause of you missing out on school. My life is messed up. I don’t want you to follow suit and be the next in messing your life up as well. *Shaking her head* I appreciate your wanting to think of me and my condition. I do. But don’t ruin your life because i’m doing it.

Christie: Dinah, It’s okay. I don’t mind doing it. Besides. You and me are tight. There is nothing that can’t be fixed.

Dinah: *Driving; Starting to feel a little Woozy* Uh… I need to pull over. before i… *Starting to black out* ….

Christie: *Freaking out* Oh shit… *Grabbing the Wheel and Jerking the truck over to the side and Parking* Dinah… Come on girl… Don’t punk out now. Snap out of it. Come on. *Seeing Dinah Out cold* Damn it… I don’t even have my driver’s permit yet. I am gonna be in trouble for doing this. but I got to get Dinah home. *Getting out of the car and walking around to the Driver’s side and opening the door* This is dangerous… but i got to do something. *Gently Pushing Dinah to the Passenger’s side and getting behind the wheel* Time to get to home. *Pulling out and and Driving off to Dinah’s house* Hold on Dinah…

Prince Alvin: *Driving by Dinah’s truck* Hey Dinah… What’s up?

Christie: Who are you talking to? *Looking to see Dinah’s Cousin* You’re mixing me up with someone else. Dinah’s in the passenger’s seat.

Prince Alvin: *Gasps; Driving alongside Dinah’s truck* What?! Christie… What the hell are you doing driving Dinah’s vehicle? You’re gonna get her in deep trouble. She’s gonna get a ticket.

Christie: Well… i had to do something. I got some Driving experience. Not much though. Dinah was driving and we were just talking when all of a sudden. Wham! She blacks out. i didn’t know what else to do. Lead me to her house. I’ll follow you. We got to get Dinah home. Now.

Prince Alvin: No problem. Follow me. I’ll lead the way.”

Christie: Better now Dinah?

Dinah: Yes. *sighing* that one was not as painful as the others. Why is that?

Paramedic 2: It happens like that sometimes, You will have good ones that are not real strong and then you will have one’s that feel as if your back will explode.

Dinah and Christie both laugh despite the pain in Dinah’s stomach the thought of exploding back from pain is in a warped way hilarious. Anything to take her mind off of her own labor pains… Again Dinah thinks back on her pregnancy. Wanting to grasp at anything that will help ease her own fears and pain..

“Raven: *Looking at Dinah* Dinah, What are you doing? You’re not supposed to be battling. I should be with Pearl… but Pearl is wanting me to stick close to you to be sure that you don’t do anything wreck less or anything that you’d regret.

Dinah: *Driving* I know. I know. But as long as i can still do this. i’m gonna do so. I’ll do it till the very day that i can’t even move much without feeling constricted and encumbered. I am Still A fighter. Still Thunder Mistress. And if my babies wind up with powers like me… i will fight along side them and guide them. My kids will not be alone. Ever. I won’t let it be like that.

Christie: That is devotion. But that is the talk of a mother. You’re gonna be a wonderful mother. Strong and caring. Loving and devoted too.

Raven: I feel the same as she does. Dinah, you’re a fighter. But sooner or later you’re gonna have to make a choice. Stop the Life risking lifestyle and conserve your health and be there for your little ones when that moment comes of you giving conception to them. Or Continue risking your health and giving more beatings to your body and driving closer to putting yourself at risk of hurting your kids and hurting yourself in the end? You can make the choice… it’s your choice.

Dinah: I’ll have to consider that. But for right now Family is more important. *Heading to the park*

Sailor Luna: *Gasps* Dinah!

Christie: *Freaking out* Oh no… Dinah. *Scoffs* That’s it! We’re taking you back home. *Marching over to Dinah and grabbing her; Carrying her over to the truck* Dinah… You’re benched. I told you that this was gonna be a bad idea.

Sailor Luna: Christie… take her home. if she asks why. just tell her that she fainted again. anything. But just get her home. Where she ought to be…

Christie: *Nods* you got it.

Dinah: *Laying down* I can’t believe that i was side armed. I got knocked down by a shadow creature. How the hell could those things be that tough? they are just merely shadows. Nothing more than that. How could they be that strong? Shadows can’t fight. all they are; are apparitions and phantoms. but not solid forms. A stiff wind could blow them away without even trying.

Christie: Maybe so… but that was a bad move you made. You should not have gone out there to begin with. I pulled you out of there fast the first time you got hit. I am glad to have done it. You have to stop being so wreck less with your health. You got to think about the babies inside you. They want to see their mother happy. Not constantly beaten and battered. You are hurting yourself with what you do. You are going out there fighting. You’re a hero… that is Major. but you can not be that anymore. No matter how much you want to be that identity. You are now in line to be a Mother. You’re now a destined Mother. If you get hurt. It will hurt your Babies. You have to think of them. You need to think about your little ones. They are supposed to be the top priority. not set aside. Because if the babies die inside you… it will kill you from within. It will hurt you.

Dinah: *Feeling a bit terrified* Do you think that my babies will be okay?

Christie: I am not saying that anything will happen to your kids now… it is still too early to consider what could happen to your little ones. but you seriously need to be more careful. Watching what you do.

Dinah: *With tears in her eyes* But i don’t want to lose my kids. I don’t want to lose my babies. Plus… i can’t afford to be pregnant. *Sobbing* I can’t afford to be pregnant. I don’t even have a Job. I got no Job or career. Nor have i graduated from High school yet. What if i fail?

Christie: *Walking over and Sitting in front of Dinah* Dinah… Hey… Come on girl. You’re not gonna fail. You’re not gonna fail. You know that your sisters won’t ever stand for that. they are gonna be here for you. You know that i’m here right?

Dinah: *Nods* Yeah. *With tears in her eyes*

Christie: Come on… You need to think about it a little. You are with uncertainty. not sure what’s gonna happen. It is normal. This is a really big life change for you. You are facing a huge shift of life alterations as you used to be out and fighting… Living life as you usually had. Happy and tough. Headstrong. But when you and your lover… Boyfriend. When you and he did the deal making in Romance… It changed everything. Your life had then became a huge change. Changing from the life you knew and had for so long… to something full of Question marks. not sure what would happen and how it would help you come to terms with your new life. How to expect a big change… What to expect.

Dinah: *Feeling scared* But… I am scared. What if something happens during the conception? and there happens to be a complication to the Birth giving when it comes time?

Christie: We’ll all help you Dinah. I mentioned before that we didn’t meet till this year. but since that time till now… We became so close. I happened to consider you like a wonderful friend. You’re like my best friend. Hell, You know i love you girl. You’re gonna be fine…


Grandma Rikku: Dinah is Spending Christmas at Watchtower… Chloe had already called and said that she had the medical section up and running. To keep a monitor on Dinah and check for the Babies inside her. To make certain that she’s okay.

Pearl: Did she really call or did you plan it?

Luna: Pearl… please. Not now. It’s Christmas Eve. Christmas is tomorrow.

Pearl: I fail to notice. But I guess that no matter what we do… Someone is gonna always snoop into our business. Without being invited. No privacy. It is beginning to tick me off. *Sighs* …… *Grunts and groans a little* You know what? Never mind. I am not even gonna go in to the issue. I’m done. I’m not getting into it.

Paige: *Rolling her eyes* Oh good god.

Raven: So… Where will Dinah be… Opening her presents?

Paige: At the Watchtower.”

At the hospital the paramedics take Dinah into Labor and Delivery area of the hospital where nurses begin to prepare her for delivery of her babies. Charge nurse gets update on her contractions and vitals from paramedics  Christie sits with Dinah holding her hand…

Christie: Dinah, honey, let me go see if your family has arrived so I can tell there where you are, ok?

Dinah: Ok. Christie thank you…..OOOOOOHHHH!!!

Another contraction hits Dinah..they are now only 15 min apart and becoming more intense…

Dinah seeks refuge from pain in her memories of the pregnancy events…

“Dinah: Hey Pearl… Let’s say you and me sing a # for old times sake. Besides. It’s Sappy hearing me ask to sing a song. But it’s Christmas.

Pearl: You want to do a song #?

Paige: Are you feeling okay, Dinah? You usually never want to sing. Not even on Christmas. I remember that mom tried to get you to do it and you always would refuse it.

Luna: That i wouldn’t know.

Pearl: I’m okay with that. Let’s sing something. Something to bring some cheer into your day. Besides… Being here alone on Christmas… That is just terrible.

Luna: *With Martin, Star and Christie; Beginning the #* “If everyday was Christmas If we could make believe If everyone would care a little more There’d be harmony”

Pearl: *With Dinah; Singing* The city is covered in snow tonight
The children fast asleep
I’m waiting for him, but he’s nowhere in sight
And I wonder if he can hear me

Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
I wish with all my might
Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
Bring my baby home tonight

Why does it feel like it’s colder than winter
Even by the fireside
My baby said he’d be home for Christmas
and now it’s almost midnight
The Christmas lights up and down the street
Are such a sight to see
But all the presents by the tree
They don’t mean a thing till he’s with me

Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
I wish with all my might
Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
If you hear me won’t you hurry
Bring my baby tonight

I know your sleigh is full inside
But won’t you stop and give my baby a ride
I’ll be waiting by candle light this Christmas
The Christmas lights up and down the street
Are such a sight to see
But all the presents by the tree
They don’t mean a thing
Santa please hear me

Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
I wish with all my might
Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
If you hear me won’t you hurry 
bring my baby tonight

The Christmas lights up and down the street
The presents by the tree
I hear a knock, oh can it be?
My wish is staring back at me

Hey Santa 
Hey Santa…Santa
I guess you heard me tonight
Hey Santa
Hey Santa…Santa
I’m underneath the mistletoe
With my baby tonight

Sleigh ride…
It’s Christmas time…”

Pearl: *Hugging Dinah* Merry Christmas, Dinah.

Dinah: Merry Christmas Pearl.”

Christie walks back in room with Dinah’s family…Page, and Pearl have arrived but Prince Alvin is stuck in traffic yet…

Pearl: Dinah you okay? So I am going to be an aunt soon huh??I can’t wait…lol…but now I feel old. Thanks sis! *smiling*

Paige: Hey, you aren’t the only one!! I’m an aunt to you know?! *Teasing Pearl*

The girls all laugh excitedly about the reality of being an aunt not to one… but to 3 babies.

Dinah cries…

Dinah: You guys I am scarred…

Paige: Dinah…shhh. Calm down sweetie. Everything is gonna be alright… Your body knows when it’s time to do this… Calm down okay, please…you will only hurt yourself. Sssshhhh. *softly*

Pearl: Dinah, the babies can tell when you are upset. You don’t want to hurt them do you? Not this close to being in your arms…calm down. You need to conserve your energies. You will have a long labor I think. I remember this girl in Choir class. in High school. Tracy was who i spoke to. She told me that her sister had twins and they thought it would be quick because they were early and her first babies. It took 37 hours of labor. We don’t want that for you but just in case. You need to rest and keep track of your contractions and how long they last so you can best help the doctors to help you. Okay?

Dinah: I know, I know. It just hurts so bad and I am so scared that something is  wrong… They have been so active since my water broke…please Pearl…don’t let anything happen to my babies…PLEEEEEEASSSSEEEE!!!!!

Pearl: Dinah!! Dinah!!! Ssshhhh….. come on come on….sssshhhh I promise…I won’t let anything happen to your babies… sssshhhh *smoothing her sister’s hair* We’re not gonna let anything happen to the little ones.

Dinah crying in Pearls arms….thinking back to her pregnancy days…

“Dinah: *Getting up and Walking down to the Kitchen to grab something to eat* I’m starving. Plus… i’m eating for 3 here. I’m groveling for food like a ravenous dog. *Feeling her stomach grumble a little* Alright… alright. i get the point. I’ll eat. you’ll get your portions of food. Just hold on.

In the Kitchen a minute later…


Dinah: *Fixing up a sandwich* A triple Decker sandwich with Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, Onion, and Lunch meat. Some Cheese. Three Triple Decker sandwiches. Mmm! I am having a Hunger attack. If these babies keep begging for food like this, I’m gonna become a Blimp. I’ll wind up being Thunder Aerodrome. That’s a wonderful new name for me. *Chuckles* My sisters would be trying to think of the fastest way to hang themselves. *pauses* No way… i don’t think i want to know what it would be like to wind up being a blimp. i really don’t like to think in that way.

Dinah: *Jumps* Whoa! Who said that?! *Turning to see Raven* Wow! hi, Raven. I didn’t see you even come in. *Sighs* Just feeding my hungry ones inside me. They are hungry. I don’t know how much longer i can do this…. but as long as i can walk around a little bit… it’ll be just fine. The doctor did say that i can still move around. Just be careful and just do it in increments to get the oxygen and the blood flowing. Although i feel as though i constantly have to use the restroom.

Raven: Really? The 7th week of the Pregnancy is doing that you? That’s strange.

Dinah: Nothing weird about it. It’s just how it sounds.

Raven: Maybe so, But You are dealing with the Pregnancy rather confusingly. No Pregnancy does that. None that I’d know of.

Dinah: Because you never went through it. i never had either. but i am while new to this… am learning while i go. Trying to learn anyway. but the pain that comes with it… You can take it. i do not want it. But i’ll be getting the pain that is said to come from this Pregnancy soon enough.

Raven: You will. But you’ll also be fine. We’re not gonna give up on seeing you being safe and comfortable.

Dinah: *With the sandwiches made and taking them to the Living room* I got the Munchies like you wouldn’t believe. *Noticing a Folder of papers in Raven’s hand* What’re you holding in your hand?

Raven: *raising her hand and showing the folder* Your assignments from each of your classes for the day.

Dinah: What? Already? Oh man… I’m gonna be plagued with the work from class even at home. *Sighs* I guess that i’ll start it as soon as i am done eating. Not sure about the Science or the Wood shop assignments though… *Looking down at herself* you could tell that my Mobility is rather… well Limited in a sense. I can’t very well move around like i once was able to.

Raven: It’s okay… You just think of how you want the assignment to look and i’ll get the wood. while you think about how you see the assignment. I’ll tap into the mind and see it and work on it. The Science i can’t do. The Math though… you should be able to do.”

With what seemed like hours and hours of constant contractions for Dinah, it was time for Dinah to go into the delivery room… Dinah still holding on to a memory of days past in her pregnancy they wheel the gurney in to delivery…

Paige: We will be in the waiting room Dinah okay…you are going to be fine and when we see you again…You will be a mother… *Excitedly*

Dinah can only nod as she racked yet again by another contraction…The last one was what seemed like almost moments before…

Dr.Mizuno: Hello Dinah…let’s see what we got going on here…if it’s time to introduce your little ones to their mama…*checking to see if Dinah is dialated enough for delivery* Well Dinah…you are only at 2 still have a bit of a wait yet. How long have you been in labor now?

Dinah: I don’t know doctor, seems like forever…Can’t you give me anything for the pain…it hurts so bad… I truly can’t take it anymore… It is driving me crazy.

Dr. Mizuno: Not yet. Not until you start actually delivering..if I do it now, we won’t know how far along you are in the labor and your babies could birth themselves fall on floor and be hurt if we are not here to catch them and help you…I am sorry…but won’t be much longer. I promise, okay? The nurse was telling me that you have been here already 16 hours. Did you get any sleep at all?

Dinah: *Ecstatic* 16 HOURS!!! No way!!! I was just in my dorm room with my friend at 7 o’clock!

Dr. Mizuno: Dinah, *Chuckling*…it’s now 11 am the next day.. You really don’t remember being here that long?

Dinah: *Agitated* NO!! I have been in pain, how am I expected to remember that doctor?! Are you seriously asking me to??!!! What the Fuck?!!! Damn!!! Are you Cracked?

Dr. Mizuno: Dinah, calm down…I was only asking you because you should have some memory of that time.

Dinah: WELL, I DON’T SO DON’T ASK ME!! Why not tell me something else… can’t you try anything to calm me down? Because being asked things that i can’t give answers to is not making me calm… IT’S PISSING ME OFF! *Dinah fuming at the doctor*

The doctor and nurses step out of room for a moment. Dinah sighing looking up at the ceiling closing her eyes…whispering take me somewhere else…put my mind somewhere else and memories begin to flood her mind..smiling she remembers more happy memories of this pregnancy. Shingo fighting his mother for her. Choosing the perfect doctor for her babies.. For what seems like hours but is truly mere moments another contraction rips through Dinah.

“Dinah: My Love Shingo would be here but he is currently dealing with a bad ass mother who has the horns of fire set on me. His momma dearest despises me something awful. But i ain’t worried. If she tries to take my love away and tries to hurt my babies future… i will see her in court and pregnancy be damned.

Christie: What are you talking about?

Dinah: Nothing much. Just the fact that my boyfriend has a real tight ass over-controlling and rotten judging two-bitten sour puss’d hag for a mother. One who just gets the proverbial kicks of over-controlling his life just as though it was just some lousy little game to her.

Christie: His mother is that bad of a gal, huh? Well… you’re gonna be stuck with her now since you’re pregnant. She’s gonna be a granny of your little gems.

Dinah: Kill me first. If they come out of me… they’ll never get to see their grandmother. at least not someone like her. She is not coming a foot near my little loves. Because if she even thinks of doing so… i will file a report on her for intruding near my kids. They might be with a father who is tied to her… but not them. I won’t have it. Straight up as molasses there, Christie.

Dinah: *Getting up and Walking around* Ouch… God, That hurts!

Pearl: *Looking at her sister Dinah* Are you okay, Dinah?

Dinah: I don’t know… *Hissing a little in pain* I feel kinda heavy in the pelvic area. the mid-section of the Pelvic area is doing the flops and it’s making me seem a tad queasy.  Weird thing though is that this is supposed to be week 12 and that thing we females have… The Uterus is supposed to be moving up to the front of the bladder and relieving the pressure. It’s done so… i mean that i don’t feel the least bit of unease down there where the bladder is. But i sure feel like there is something bouncing like a crazy psychotic frog inside my stomach.

Pearl: Maybe… it’s the baby. or Babies.

Dinah: You think so?

Pearl: It’s got to be.

Paige: *Getting changed for school* You might need to see a doctor to be sure with what’s going on inside the Uterus.

Dinah: Good idea. Who do we know?

Pearl: Not sure what Doctor there is for you to see. But we’re definitely not sending you to see a Gynecologist. They keep sticking their fingers up there in the fronts which is disgusting. It’s what they do… but it’s still just as sick even thinking about it. Ewwww!

Paige: We can check the Phone book and see who’s available. There’s got to be someone out there who will see Dinah. Maybe be an in home Nurse or Doctor.

Dinah: Who do we know that’s a doctor and is someone that we can just trust? I haven’t trusted a doctor in years. So… i really don’t know if there will be anyone out there for me to see.

Pearl: We’ll start looking today.

Dinah: *Looking through the Phone book and looking for a Doctor* Hmm… Pediatrician… Dr. Spalding. No. That’s not what i’m gonna need yet. Gynecologist… No. Most definitely not. I won’t go for a doc who favors in sticking fingers up the personal area. That is sick and won’t be me. No thanks. Specialist. No. Dr. Leeray. I’m Pregnant. I’m not with a Disease or an unknown illness. Doctor/Nurse- On Call… Dr. Mizuno… *Remembering the name* Mizuno… Mizuno. Where did i hear that name? Who do i know with that name *Realizing the name and picturing the face* Oh God… I know… Ami. Ami-Chan. Ami Mizuno. She’s the one who was studying to be a doctor. She’s been said to be studying abroad in Japan. But she’s still here in Metropolis… Well… I’ll be. She’s an On Call Nurse and Doctor. I’m gonna call and request for her to be a Live in doctor. I’ll trust her. She’s a friend of the family. She’ll work.  *Grabbing for the phone and making the call*”

Dinah: *Screaming* IT HURTS!! IT HURTS!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!

Nurse: Dinah….it’s okay…ride it out…breath…*nurse imitating Lamaz breathing techniques* come on like me…. *again repeating techniques*

Dinah: I’m trying I swear I am… *breathing like nurse is*

The doctor walks in to check on Dinah’s progress…

Dinah: Dr. Mizuno, I am sorry…I did not mean to take out my pains on you. I was wrong. I know you are only trying to help. I should never have spoken that way to you.

Dr. Mizuno: Dinah, come on…I’ve known you a long time, and I am use to this from my other patients. It’s all a part of it. Trust me, I have heard much worse. I promise you.

Dinah: Still, it was not very nice of me and I was wrong truly I was… Nurse, I owe you an apology too. I did not mean to take a swing at you either. Did I hurt you? *looking down*

Nurse: No dear, it’s okay. Believe me …before this is over, you are going to be feeling and saying even doing much worse. It’s all part of it. I don’t like it when it happens because unfortunately I get hurt too, but I understand it isn’t anything you can control. No problem sweetie…

Just then Dinah is hit with another contraction*

Dinah: *Screaming*…OMG!!!

Nurse checking time from last one to this one and length.

Nurse: Doctor Mizuno. I think it’s time.


Prince Alvin: *Knocking on the side of the door* Hey.

Dr. Mizuno: *Looking to see Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin-san… What are you doing back here? This is for doctors and Authorized personnel.

Prince Alvin: I was here for hours waiting and didn’t hear Anything… Plus i was on my way here when there was a bit of a issue in the city. It was the Evil Witch Beryl working her bull again. Nailed her though… but i was just pissed off over not being here sooner when i should that i was a little late getting here. *Looking at the doctor* Look… I know that i am not supposed to be here. not back here… But could you spare a couple minutes so i can have a heart to heart with Dinah?

Dr. Mizuno: *Looking at the time* Okay… but only 5 minutes. She’s about ready to deliver and if we don’t get it done soon… the babies will die. the cervix will start closing and we’ll have to do a c-section on her.

Prince Alvin: It’s okay. 5 minutes is all i’ll need.

A second later when the doctor was out of the room…

Prince Alvin: *Walking over to Dinah and sitting* How awkward is this… seeing you like this? Being practically strapped. How’re you feeling, Cousin?

Dinah: Ugh! I feel like hell. I feel like i am being set up for a lab experiment.

Prince Alvin: I can tell… And usually i’d be telling you to keep yourself clear of hospitals all because of what they had tried doing to you and your sisters when you were just a baby. But now… you’re really at the whims of them. But Dinah… this is gonna be hard to even let out. I believe you know how serious this situation is. IT is very serious. Usually a Mother is supposed to be here with you and spending the moments with you throughout this time. But she is gone. Taken out by a creep like Zod. And we know how hard this is for you because this is taking a lot from you… you’ve gone through a loss. Losing your mother. I remember that you were in anguish. Rage. But you are gonna be in a sense of disbelief when you hear this… Even though you were feeling the pain and the rage of the loss… I was feeling it more because i wanted to go out and break the son of a bitch’s neck for it. I wanted to nail the bastard. But i couldn’t. i knew that if i lost it…. you’d be even more a wreck. You know that the brothers and i think of you like an actual sister more than a cousin. the same goes for Paige and Pearl. Because we knew that you were feeling the anguish. the pain. You know that i love you, Cousin. right?

Dinah: Yeah. I know.

Prince Alvin: It is true. We love you Dinah. We love you. and when you were in Mourning of your mother. The brothers and i had to be  the pillars of Strength for you and your sisters. And You are known to be a hot head at times…  we all know it and so do you. but that’s what you do. because you have to be the one who’s tough. At times it makes you come off to being a Bitch. and you know what? You are one at times. But with the babies… you are with emotions that are kinda off the track and going in multiple directions. But it’s being a Bitch that will help you keep fighting. Helping you stay in the game. You were thought to have only 2 babies. But you have 3. 3 babies. and it’s caused you to gain all this weight. It usually kills a person because of the weight gain. You are with all the pain. but we have been here to try and ease it. We can’t take this pain away. even though we want to. But with the 3 babies… there is a chance that you could die from this. It scares me to know that it is a possibility. But you still have a chance to get out of this… You can choose to live. Please… Dinah… Live. Don’t give in to the pain. You have the personality in you that can play the bitch card. It makes you scary… with this Delivery… that is the best thing for you to possess. The very best thing you have to help you through this. It’s the best thing you can be right now. The best thing.

Dinah: *In agonizing pain* Prince Alvin, You’re being really sentimental. This is not easy for me to go through. I am scared that i could die from this. I am scared that i might seize up. This is one of those times where i wish mom was here right now… but she isn’t. I know that you’re trying… I know. I Am happy that you’re here to have this talk with me. this will help me fight to hang on. This will help me. I Love you for those words, Cousin. I do. You should know that i’m making you the godfather of my young ones. Pearl will make you the godfather of hers also. Paige as well. We trust you and we know how devoted you are to family. *Smiles and trying to hold on*

Prince Alvin: You keep strong. don’t give up the fight. Live for yourself. Your babies. They’re gonna need you. They’re gonna need their mother. So Please… hold on. Please. Please! Dinah… Live. Live! *Hugging Dinah and hoping hard that it won’t be the last time he hugs her*

A Minute later…

Prince Alvin heads out of the room and trying to contain himself enough to keep from losing it. Even though he was to be strong for everyone… he was scared to death for Dinah. He was really worried…

The doctor walking over sitting in front of Dinah whose legs are in the stirrups ready for delivery of her babies…

Doctor: It’s time Dinah. I am going to need you to push okay?


Pushing as hard as she can, Dinah takes her mind away from the pain of the present to help her cope with bringing her babies into this world…

“Ami: *Answering the Phone* Hello? Dr. Mizuno speaking.

Dinah: *On the Phone* Ami?

Ami: Yes? Who’s this?

Dinah: Who do you think it is, Brainiac… It’s Dinah… You know… The one people call “Danger Zone” Dinah?

Ami: *Gasps* Dinah-Chan?! OH god… It’s so great to hear from you again. It’s been a while. It’s been a couple years since we last all got together. The last time we met again was at your 15th Birthday party and then the sad time being the Funeral service being held for your deceased mother. I’m still feeling bad about the loss. She was so innocent. was like a second mother even to me, Rei-Chan, Mako-chan and Usagi-chan.

Dinah: I know. Pearl was Mourning and grieving over the death for almost a month. but was wearing Black for about 2 weeks. she was so destroyed. But i hear that you’re now a big-shot Doctor. living your dream. Something that you’ve always aimed for. How’s the life treating you?

Ami: It’s okay. I get to work with some wonderful doctors. Like Dr. Rhapsody. Sr. and Jr. Dr. Julie Rhapsody and Dr. Princess Julie Rhapsody. They work at different times. the older one works at the morning… the Jr. works at the night. But… how are you?

Dinah: Me? Uh, well… I’m uh, Pregnant and i am also relieved of being my sparky kick-butt self. Thunder Mistress has been dry docked.

Ami: You’re Kidding. Oh dear… Wait. I think that i already know about that. 7 weeks ago i was looking at files of another patient. But i can’t tell because it’s a breach of Patient-Doctor Confidentiality. But i was looking through a file when i suddenly got called over by Dr. Rhapsody Sr. to look at test results of you. Saying that you were in a couple days before the discussion took place and came in for a check-up. I was granted the case to work alongside with her on it… but i’ve been doing alot of looking through the files.

Dinah: *sighs* So it’s there for all to see? Wonderful. What else can i expect? I already know that i am gonna be targeted by mockery. I know it. There have been a few people in High school who looked at me pretty nastily and once they catch on to this… i’m gonna be on the fast track of mockery and torment. I’ve been wanting to go back to school despite the fact that i am supposed to be bedridden. But My grandmother had made it clear that she didn’t want to chance anything around the baby or babies.

Ami: If you’re able to still go to school. Do so. You shouldn’t be kept inside the house all the time. You are still able to be Mobile. Aren’t you?

Dinah: *Scoffs* I don’t know. I guess i am. Why?

Ami: Can you come in to the Hospital? For a Check-up?

Dinah: I guess. I can do that. Let me call my sisters first to let them know… That way they know what’s up.

Ami: Okay. Do tell them that i’d like to see them again sometime. And that i said hello. I’ll see you soon?

Dinah: I’m counting on it.

Pearl: *Hearing her Phone ring* Huh! *Pulling out her phone and checking the #* It’s Dinah… *Answering the Phone* Hey Dinah. What’s up? You okay?

Dinah: *On the Phone* Yeah… I’m okay. I just got a hold of a Doctor. I’m gonna head over there and get checked out… Just to be safe. But there is something else to it. Guess who the Doctor is?

Pearl: *On the Phone* Who?

Dinah: A Dr. Mizuno. Ami Mizuno.

Pearl: Come again on that last part… Did you just say? Ami Mizuno? Ami-Chan?! Oh my god… You’re Kidding. Wow! How is she?

Dinah: Well… i don’t know. i haven’t seen her yet. But she’s heard that i was Pregnant and is leading my case. She’s got the Results and everything.

Pearl: Wow. Uh, Okay. Head on over to the Doctor’s and get the Check-up done. Just take it easy there okay. Let us know how it goes and what the doctor says.

Dinah: You bet. Raven’s gonna follow me there and see that i’m okay.

Pearl: Okay. good. You take care. Be careful.

Dinah: No worries…”

Dr. Mizuno: That’s it Dinah…You are doing great…Push again for me I see the head, its almost here…ready?  PUSH DINAH!! PUSH!!


Dr. Mizuno: That’s it….Dinah….you have a beautiful little girl….She’s so beautiful. *handing baby to nurse to clean up to give back to Dinah*

Dinah screams again…as the second of her babies crowns…

Dr. Mizuno: Here we go Dinah….Push…Push as hard as you can….1…2….3…. PUSH!!!!


Dr. Mizuno: THAT’S IT!!! GOT HER… Dinah…it’s a girl!!! A beautiful little healthy girl!!! *handing baby number two to nurse to clean up for Dinah to hold*

At the tables nurses are working on babies clipping umbilical cords, checking vitals, measuring, weighing, cleaning up and wrapping them in little pink blankets, placing them in hospital baby cradles…

Dinah names them Sapphire Jodie and Raven Meredith. Both weigh in at 4 lbs exactly and 20 inches long…

Dinah: my babies…

Dr. Mizuno: Dinah… Let me see, you should be ready to start pushing out number three…

As the doctor checks Dinah seeing that she is bleeding still way too much. Shaking head…

Dr. Mizuno: Dinah, I am going to need to put you to sleep for this one… you are hemorrhaging and if I don’t pull out this little one you both could die…Your cervix is closing way too fast too soon..


Dr. Mizuno: Dinah…calm down…that is what I am going to do right now…lay back… relax so you don’t hurt the baby okay? Close your eyes, when you awaken, you will have 3 beautiful little girls okay?

Dinah: *Crying* Ok… *closing her eyes thinking about anything to keep her calm*

a new memory of her pregnancy comes flooding into her conscious mind…as she drifts off to sleep she is reliving this memory…

“Dinah: What about the Future for us though, Shingo? What will we do? We’re gonna need a Job or something. Something to make some Money on the side to take care of these babies. I am still 12 weeks in and nearing 13. but it’s gonna be time for the second trimester soon and that is gonna be trouble…

Shingo: *Sighs and scratching his head a little* I have no clue what we are gonna do… We can always Apply to do Those Surveys online. Ones that pay. It’s better than nothing. Besides there is nothing open outside. No one is hiring. I could always look more and maybe get a Job at a fast food place. It’s not much… But it is a start in trying to make some money for the babies. to care for them.

Dinah: Anything is worth a try. We got to try something.

Shingo: Yeah. *Looking at Dinah* We really stuck in and just put ourselves in a real Pickle… didn’t we?

Dinah: No kidding.

Shingo: We’re in it. We could always ask for help… but normally i would ask upon my mother about raising kids and ask her for help. But after the way she’s been treating you and how she regards you and the fact that i am with you… i don’t want a thing from her.

Dinah: Neither do i. I don’t want her near our kids. If she comes near them… i will see her to court. filing a restraining order on her…

Shingo: I will help you on that. She has been so disrespectful towards you and has made it to where i have to sneak out whenever i want to see you. It’s ridiculous.

Dinah: I know. *Sighs* I mean… i don’t get what her big deal is… She’s being like so threatened by me.

Shingo: I know. I don’t know what her problem is, But i can tell you that she’s still trying to send me to Tokyo U. Anything to get me away from you. She Hates you. But i say that she’s wasting her time. because i will never go to TokyoU. She is only wasting her time and $ on it.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Marching out over towards the Truck* Wanna bet? You’re going.  I sent the Application in and if it’s Accepted… You’re gonna go on the next flight over to Japan. I am not kidding. Shingo. You get away from that Harlot… Right now.

Dinah: Go to hell Lady. Shingo ain’t gonna do jack shit that you say. He may be still under your roof because god forbid he tries to leave… but he’s not gonna be your slave. He’s not gonna leave his life behind.

Mrs. Tsukino: He doesn’t have a choice. *Opening the door* He’s gonna be away from you whether you like it or not. *Pulling Shingo out of the truck by force* You go away. Leave my son alone. Come near him again and i will press Charges on you for stalking him. LEAVE!

Shingo: *Pulling out from his Mother’s grip* Mother… Back the fuck off. I am 17. I am not your pushover anymore. I am not gonna come with you. Dinah and i Love each other. I’m the father of her little ones. I’m proud to be so too.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Growls* GRRRRR!!!!!

Dinah: *Laughs* Ha Ha.. Lady. You lose. You knew that if Shingo got me pregnant and i wound up having kids that he wouldn’t be able to leave. You knew. That’s why you tried to stop it so you could keep controlling him. But what you didn’t count on was the fact that Shingo and i had sex the same day that you were trying to get rid of me. And now that i am pregnant. you lost. Shingo is not gonna be able to leave Metropolis. You wasted all your time and Money for nothing. For a Mother… You are most certainly an Idiot. You tried to keep us apart because you knew that if Shingo and i did it and he got me pregnant… that you’d be unable to make your move.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Marches off* This isn’t over. But you know what? If Shingo wants you so bad…. He can go to you. Emancipate himself from me and never have to deal with me anymore. I Quit.

Dinah: Good. Because it’s past high time you backed off. Because he’s supposed to be your son… Not your little toss toy that you can treat like garbage and control like some Droid. He’s a human. He’s got the power of free Will. You better learn to just deal with it.

Shingo: *Smiles* Thank you Dinah… You won my freedom from her. I was trying to pull away from her since the month before last month of 2025. You have no idea how good it is to be free from her…”

Doctor Mizuno reaches up into Dinah’s cervix to grab the baby out..She has moved out of the delivery canal and has laid transverse in Dinah’s uterus….

Dr. Mizuno: Nurse I need you to push on Dinah’s stomach help me move the baby or both will die..

Nurse: Yes doctor Mizuno.

The nurse pushes on Dinah’s stomach as instructed…

Dr. Mizuno: That’s it…keep pushing…here it comes…come on little’s time to meet the world…There are a lot of people waiting to meet you angel….

Doctor Mizuno pulls gently out the baby… Dinah had told the doctor that this one was going to be named Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody…

Dr. Mizuno: Hello Serena…look there is your mama…the nurse will clean you all up pretty one and then you will get to see your mommy okay? *handing baby to awaiting nurse*

But with all the pushing that Dinah had done and all the efforts that they had done to keep Dinah from hemorrhaging… she started to hemorrhage and gasp for air. The doctors made a move to Rush Dinah over to the Emergency room to operate and work frantically to Keep Dinah from dying…

Inside the Operating room…

Doctor: *Working on Dinah and trying to bring her back* Come on… Come on, Mrs. Rhapsody… Don’t you dare die on me. Don’t you dare.

“It’s kind of sad really
Guess I’m the sort who’ll linger
When the credits roll
I still can’t leave a picture
The picture I hold
In my heart

Surgeon: *With the defib machine* Charging 300 CC’s on a Vat! *Pumping Dinah Full of electricity and Jump starting the heart* Come on Dinah… You’re only 17. This isn’t your time to die. Not now.

As the doctors continue to work on Dinah after Dinah blacked out and nearly subjected to a possible Cardiac…

The sisters and Cousins all waiting in the Waiting room… Awaiting word on Dinah’s condition…

There’s a road that’s left to travel
There’s bridges left to burn…
There’s songs i haven’t written
There’s lessons Left to learn…

There’s reasons left to fight
There’s you to kiss good night
Hold on…
Hold on tight

Doctor: *Walking out in Dismay* Listen… You might need to issue a Funeral… I am sorry. We tried all we could for Dinah. She’s not responding to the procedure. Tried Shocking 500 CC’s into her… Tried a Saline drip and a I.V Push. tried to resuscitate her… Nothing Worked. We are still trying to get her to respond. Trying over and over again….

Pearl: Are you saying…

Prince Alvin: *Getting up and storming outside*…… *Outside and suddenly sitting down on the curb before sticking his head between his knees and looking Down; Sobbing* No! Dinah… Dinah’s gone… She’s dead! NOOOO!!!!

It makes me mad really
Wish I could blame a twister
Or a hurricane,
Or my pesky sister
Wish I could blame away this feeling
In my heart”

Inside still and Sobbing…

Luna: *With her sisters* Dinah’s gone… Our sister is gone. *Crying* Nooo! NOOOOO!!!”

Back inside the operating room…

Dinah suddenly comes back breathing and coughing…

Dinah: *Coughing and Gasping for air* Oh… Oh god… What the hell was that; that just happened? Did i just die?

Dr. Mizuno: *Looking at Dinah* Oh… Dinah. Thank god you’re alive. You’re gonna be okay now. You’re gonna be just fine.

They Transport Dinah suddenly to a room and get her situated. It only took a minute or two to get Dinah all set into the hospital bed and comfortable…

Inside the Waiting Room…

Paige: *Crying with tears* Our sister is gone… She’s dead. The babies killed her. They took her life.

Grandma Rikku: No. It’s not that. We’ll take care of her little ones and will love them like no other. We’ll have to let Shingo know. Shingo was her Fiance and Dinah was his wife to be.

Luna: I am gonna miss her. What’ll we do without her? She was the toughest girl we knew. She was tough.

Prince Arnold: *Walking in and seeing Paige and Pearl in tears* Okay, am i missing something?

Raven: *Shaking her head in sadness*


Dr. Mizuno: *Walking out from the doors leading inside* Mrs. Rhapsody-san… Your Daughter Dinah is back and alive. She is alive and breathing. She however is a bit weak and is gonna need to be in the hospital for a few days. for observation. She’s lost a lot of blood due to the Delivery and is gonna need to regain her strength. But with the overweight problem that she has… It’s gonna be hard. We can opt for Liposuction to take out most of the fat on her and the weight… Bringing her back to normal weight. Close to normal. But the rest will have to be done by exercising and maybe going to a Gym.Eating regularly mainly salads and fruits. Healthy subs. Tofu and possibly soy products for a time till her body regulates itself.

Christie: *Overhearing the comment* I’ll go to the store and stock up some on the things she’ll need. We share a Dorm Room together. I’ll make sure that she eats right.

Grandma Rikku: I’ll go out and try to get Prince Alvin to calm down. He’s taking all this really hard. He feels like a failure for he feels as though he could have done more for Dinah.

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Arnold and Then at the girls* The girl will be just fine in no time. I will bet that as soon as she gets some rest… she’ll be right as rain.

Outside the Emergency room.

Prince Alvin was sulking a little and unaware that Dinah was alive again. He stood there looking out and thought about things that he normally never thought about. He was on the verge of casting himself into Exile. He knew that his family would be feeling it for a long time. But he only started calming down a bit when Grandma Rikku walked out and came up to him…

Grandma Rikku: *Trying to get to Prince Alvin and calming him down* Prince Alvin, Hon… Calm down… Dinah is alive. They were able to bring her back. She came back from being possibly dead. I am the one who should be upset. But Right now i am trying to stay strong for Pearl, Paige, and Luna. They are gonna need someone to be strong. I know you are hurting. I am hurting too. But being like this… isn’t gonna do any good for Dinah. She’s gonna need us to be strong. Just like she was. It’s hard… but we need to keep strong. For her sake.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his Aunt* Aunt Rikku, You are speaking in fact. but the truth is that Dinah still died. She was hemorrhaging when i saw her… Showing signs of it as i saw her… which was before the Delivery officially began. I don’t even know if the babies are alive. Nor would i want to know. Those 3 babies killed Dinah. Caused her to die. I should be calmed about the idea that Dinah is back alive. That she’s done with the pain and the pregnancy. But i can’t. Not like this. Aunt Rikku, Think about Princess Rikku. If she were to be the one that got pregnant and died from having a 3 set… Who are my cousins… How would you feel? She’s gone… but the truth remains… If Paige, Pearl and Dinah were to nearly kill her… Would you be all cuddly and sweet about it?

Grandma Rikku: No… I wouldn’t. But they’re only little babies. Prince Alvin. The doctor mentioned that she was bleeding too much and losing a lot of blood. It was unpreventable. You know that. There was no way that they could have known.  Come on. Calm down. It’s gonna be alright. I am sure that Dinah will be alright. She’s out of the woods as the doctors would say and is resting. We’re gonna stay here till after we see her which will not be for a few hours.

Prince Alvin: *Nods and letting off a brief smile of peace* Thanks Aunt Rikku. But i am fine. I just need to be alone to cool off. If i go in there right now… i will end up lashing. i don’t want that. Neither do you…

In the hospital room on the 3rd floor…

Dinah was resting and trying to regain her strength…

She dreams of the events that lead to this point that she was in… Thinking about the fear of possibly losing her little ones to the Evil Queen…

“Dinah: *Looking at the Screens* I need to let the girls know about this. Beryl is inside the city. She’s at the Plaza.

Shingo: I’m gonna stay here tonight…

Dinah: Are you sure? Where will you sleep?

Shingo: On the Couch here. But there is one thing that i am not gonna do.

Dinah: *Curious* What’s that?

Shingo: I am so not gonna be at the house under the same roof with my mother. I am free from my mother. But till i can get something set up… i’ll stay here and as soon as i can get the Emancipation papers… i will have them filled out and will force my mother to sign them…

Dinah: Which will then make it official.

Shingo:  I will start to look for a place. A Rental place… I can make a deal with the owner there and see about getting a Part time Job.

Dinah: *Happy* Wow! See? Now there’s my Man talking.

Shingo: You know it honey… *Kissing Dinah on the Lips*

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* I love you. *Kissing her boyfriend back*

Shingo: I love you too Dinah.

Dinah: *Looking at the screens* Shingo… I need to watch these screens. I know that you kinda lost the status of being hero prone when the power left you… but i am gonna need help. I can’t do this alone. Luna isn’t here to help me. Plus i need to sit down.

Shingo: *Looking to the sides thinking* Okay… Okay… Let’s see. What to do… What to do.

 Shingo: Yes. I think that we see something here.

Dinah: Who is it? *Checking the Ipad* What a mess this is though… Beryl is trying to keep from being discovered although… the Screen picked up her trail. Her scent. This is totally Contradicting.

Shingo: Yeah. I think it is Beryl.

Dinah: Beryl on screen?! Now?! *Looking at Shingo* Turn up the Audio… Let’s hear what she has to say. although we both know it’s not gonna be anything that we will like to hear.

Shingo: Got it! *turns up the audio*

A second later…

Beryl: *On Screen* I can see you… You must be Dinah… the Fiery Brat who kept acting in defiance towards me. in the past. I hear that you’re pregnant. And My My… What do we have here… A lovetoy for you. Is he like your slave? *Seeing Shingo and recognizing who he is* YOU! You’re the Brother to the putrid girl who is the Reincarnated Moon Princess. You’re in leagues with the Rhapsody Girls Z!? Tied to this Girl?! Well… Ain’t that a fine surprise? Not to worry… Your Destruction will come… When you least expect it. This isn’t like last time… You will Pay for your transgression. You are not gonna be able to fight me off this time. This time i am gonna be in control. This time… your incapability… will be your undoing. Ahahahahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! *Vanishes*

Dinah: *Shaking in terror* Oh god… Oh my god! Beryl… She’s gonna aim attacks at me… And at you… She’s gonna Kill the Babies. If she attacks me… it’ll hurt the babies. We could lose them… Oh god… *Freaked* Shingo… I feel really terrified now.

Shingo: *Gulps and shaking in fear* I too am terrified, Love. I really am. This is bad… Really bad.

Dinah: What’re we gonna do? *On the Verge of tears* I don’t want to lose my little ones… I want to be a mother… I know that we are with no money or a Job. But i want to be a Mother. I just want to have the pain go away. I want my little ones, Shingo. *With tears Suddenly Falling down her face*

Shingo: *in tears* I am really scared now.

Dinah: That’s it… I hope that someone goes at her… and Tears her a New Ass.”

Dinah then flashes back to when she had the Abdomen pains first hitting her and the talk with her sisters about Shingo Emancipating herself from his mother…

“Dinah: I’ve been dealing with Abdomen pains and it’s getting more stronger… it’s coming and going.

Paige: We knew this since the other day. Dinah, Are you sure that you’re gonna be okay? We don’t want to leave you here without knowing that you’re gonna be okay.

Dinah: I will be okay. Honest. In fact i will be perfect. I am gonna try to go back to school. I know that i’ll be looked at or that it will be hard for me to hide that i am pregnant, But i got to at least do something.

Pearl: I guess. I just wish that you’d reconsider. We just don’t want to see you getting hurt with this pregnancy. With you being pregnant… You’re literally Vulnerable. Anything that happens will set you off. We just don’t want you to get hurt.

Dinah: Pearl, Please… Stop getting so worried. I know already that i’m risking it. I am risking alot. But I got to try. I have to try something.

Ami: *Setting things up For Dinah* It’s gonna be okay. She’s gonna be able to go back to school. It’s gonna be a little hard and it will be a bit of a challenge. But as long as she’s careful. and takes it easy. It should be fine.

Dinah: *Nods*

Pearl: That’s another thing too… What was with Shingo being here for the last week and a half? Was there something going on at his place?

Dinah: Well… He was moving to get Emancipated from his mother. The other week i went to go see him. and his Mother… being the tight ass that she likes to be… Interfered and tried to threaten me saying that if i came near Shingo… The father of my babies again… that she’d file a report against me. for Stalking.

Paige: *Gasps* She said that? To you?! Dinah, She is threatening you. You should file a report on her…

Pearl: Dinah, Where is Shingo now?

Dinah: He’s at his mother’s house… But he hasn’t spoken to her since he left there and since he walked back inside the house. She hasn’t even spoken to him about anything. They see each other and yet… they do not speak. He refuses to say a word to her. as she refuses to speak to him. His mother hates me. And He told me that as he walked into the house. that his mother said: “Shingo, That Dinah is a no good girl. And as long as you are with her… you will never be hearing me speak to you. I will not even say a word. You should leave her. But since you want to have your own life. It’s yours. I’m only your mother. i am trying to get you to see that she is bad news for you. But what do i know. I am just blowing trouble. So go ahead and be with her. I am Telling you straight though… If she hurts you… You will be on your own. I won’t help. Because you were warned and still went and did it.” Shingo only looked at her from that and told her. “You can say all you like. But she’s not bad. and don’t tell me that she dragged me into the mess she’s in. I chose to. because that is how much i Love her. I want to support her. be there for her. You see only the bad in her. But none of the good. She maybe high strung. and go overboard on her attitude at times. i know and seen it. But that has not changed my feelings for her. I still love her. Nothing will get me to stop. And she didn’t get me into the hero work. I did. I chose to do it. i made that decision. When we all were in Japan a few years ago where that freak Earthquake hit. I was on the Bridge in the park. Dinah and her family saved me. I was scared. Scared. I Loved Dinah before that… and definitely felt love for her during and since then. even now. When she almost died… I thought that she was gone. I Cried and was broken. I loved her that much. I was devoted to her and still am. For a time her and i were apart but were still in a relationship. We sorted things out and were gonna get together soon but on the day of her Birthday. i went. You should remember. I was there for her and her sisters. You liked her then. what changed that is beyond me. But we love one another. When me and her finally did the deal. That should have been a solid giveaway that I Loved her. and i still do plus i always will. Nothing you can say will get me to change that. I Love Dinah Rhapsody. She’s my heart. if you take her away from me… you might as well Kill me. Because i refuse to live a life without her.” He said that straight out to her and his mother stood there in shock and said nothing more. He went his way and she went hers. He is still at home till a good place opens up for him to rent and get a part time Job.

Paige: What about the Emancipation that you said he was gonna have done?

Pearl: Yeah. Didn’t that happen?

Dinah: Yeah. It did happen. I know because as he had the papers… i snuck out last week when it was all done and helped him get an officer to come along and be present when we went to force her to sign the papers. Shingo made sure it happened.

Paige: As did you…

Ami: *Shaking her head* Mrs. Tsukino-san was being that mean to you? That is terrible. I didn’t know that it would turn out that way.

Dinah: Well… it did. Sorry to say, but Usagi’s mother isn’t the nice person you sought her to be. She changed into a mean woman.”

Hours later…

Dinah was starting to stir a little and come to…

Dinah: *Trying to come to* Mmm… uhhh… Oh… Mmm!

A second later…

Dinah: *Slowly stirring* Wh-wh-what happened? Where am i? Shingo, Prince Alvin, Paige… Pearl… Luna. *feeling a little pain* Ugh! My body. i am hurting.

Shanna: Dinah? *walks in, worried* Are you alright? You surely scared us.

Dinah: *feeling really weak at first trying to come to* Uh… Where am i?

Shanna: You’re at the hospital. You passed out. You okay? You were said to have died… but the doctors were able to save you. You scared the living hell out of us…

Dinah: *Groggy and slowly opening her eyes a bit* I think so… Where… Where are my babies? Did the live… How big are they? what are they? Boys or girls… *Sensitive to the light* Ugh! my head… My head… Agh!

Shanna: You’re in pain! What’ll we do? Help! Someone help!

Dinah: It’s not that bad. I’m just really weak right now… Did the conceiving succeed? Or i mean… The Delivery.

Shanna: I think it did. The babies are gonna be ok.

Dinah: Where are they? *With a bit of a tear in her eyes* I want to see my babies. *waking up a little more and trying to become more alert* Where are my sister’s Pearl, Paige and Luna? Are they here too? Shanna, Sis… Where are they?

Shanna: I’ll see if I can find them. They’re in the area.

A second or so later…

Paige: *Walking in with Pearl and Luna* Hey sis… You okay?

Pearl: We were so scared for you and were in fear that something went wrong and dreaded the fact of leaving the hospital only to come back and find that you did not make it. Although we never left. We are probably all behind on school work. But You’re more important.

Luna: You sure are tough. You are hanging in there… It’s wonderful to see you awake and see that you’re okay. *Happy*

Dinah: *Looking at Pearl slightly* Pearl… stop being so sappy. It is okay. I’m gonna be fine. I would be wishing to tell you that i almost didn’t make it. for a second during the birth giving. My heart stopped for a minute. but i was brought back. Thankfully. I heard someone saying that the babies were both.. i think girls. *Groans* Where are they though… will i get to see them? The little ones should get a chance to see their mother. *grunting a little and starting to sit up a little*

Shanna: I have no clue.

Dinah: Someone find out and let me see them.

Shanna: We will.

Suddenly a Nurse comes in with 3 baby girls…

Dinah: Where are the guys? aren’t they coming? Prince Alvin was here almost every hour since this went on. Before i officially delivered the babies… he gave off a very deep Heart to heart with me. He has a real way with sentimentality. *Seeing three baby girls being brought in* Are those my babies?

Nurse: Yes Ms. Rhapsody. These would be your babies. three beautiful baby girls.

Shanna: I’ll go find the guys. *goes looking for Prince Alvin Ronald Rhapsody and his brothers* Guys! Dinah’s okay!!

Dinah: *Having the babies getting placed in her arms* Awww! They’re so beautiful. *Thinking of names for the babies* This one looks like me. She has my nose… my eyes and ears… I think i’ll call this girl on my right… Sapphire. And the one on my left… She has my face but my boyfriends hands and feet. not to mention his sweet arms. I’ll name this after a good friend we know… Raven. They’re gonna be tough and very ambitious. And this cute one here Serena… She’ll be something very unique. She’s gonna be a real music lover. Probably a Romancer. A Writer talking about Romance.

Shanna: How sweet and lovely. *smiles*

Prince Alvin: *Walking in with the bothers and feeling calmer* We’re here… How’re you doing Dinah?

Dinah: I am doing fine for the most part. Your words helped me pull through. I was thought to have been dead for a moment. But the Doctors brought me back. I hung on.

The babies look at Dinah and cry a little*

Dinah: Shh… Shh… Momma is here. I’m here… Your momma is here. *Singing to her babies to calm them down* “You always see the beauty in a passing cloud
You’re the one who fixes me when I’m down
And you don’t think twice, do you?
You could find one diamond in a mine
But you’re the one whose shining from miles around
And you don’t see that, do you

And when the day is done
Do you have the feeling?
That you’re all alone
Giving up on your own dreams

Hey you, it’s your turn to
See the beauty in yourself
Just like you tell everyone else
Hey you, am I getting through?
If you would only see yourself
The way you see everyone else
The way I always see you
I see you, hey you, hey you

If you fly like ickarous to the edge
I could be there talking you back
Don’t forget, don’t got there, do you?

And when the night is long
Do you wake up hearing
A voice inside
Calling out for your dreams

Hey you, it’s your turn to
See the beauty in yourself
Just like you tell everyone else
Hey you, am I getting through?
If you would only see yourself
The way you see everyone else
The way I always see you
I see you, hey you

Hiding in the background
Thinking you’re not pretty
Holding back your thoughts
Cause whose gonna listen?
Hiding behind a half smile
Hey, it’s such a pity
Everybody’s missing out
While you’re busy
Holding it all inside, inside

Hey you, it’s your turn to
See the beauty in yourself
Just like you tell everyone else
Hey you, am I getting through?
If you would only see yourself
The way you see everyone else
The way I always see you
I see you, hey you
What you’re gonna do?”

The Babies calm down and coo gently…

Dinah: *Smiles* My sweet babies. Your momma loves you so very much. I’ve been waiting to meet you three for 9 months and the wait has been worth it. You three are ever so beautiful. *Hugging her babies*

Shanna: They are really adorable.

Paige: They are really beautiful.

Pearl: Prince Alvin, Guys… look at the babies. They’re so beautiful.

Prince Avery: Yes. They are beautiful.

Dinah: *Looking at her Babies* Sapphire and Raven are their names. Sapphire Jodie Rhapsody. Raven Meredith Rhapsody. *Smiles* And the third one… Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody.

Prince Curtis: Those are lovely names.

Shanna: Agreed. You have three wonderful little girls. *smiles*

Dinah: It is gonna sound awkward… but Pearl… i am gonna make you the Godmother.*Smiles* If that’s okay.

Pearl: *smiles and nods* Okay. Sure.

Dinah: I do it because i trust you. You maybe a bit ditzy sometimes… but you’re always there when something happens and are always devoted to being there for people. knowing what to do… Paige, You are best being the guardian. You lead well. Even though my tough girl act never would allow me to admit it. You are a great leader. that is not about to be debatable… *Smiles and being sentimental*

Paige & Pearl: Awww….Dinah….

Dinah: I Love you girls. That goes for you too, Luna, Shanna. *Smiles*

Shanna: Thanks sis.

Luna: Yeah. That’s real sweet Dinah-chan.

Dinah: *Chuckles* Oh stop that, Luna. You make me sound like some Japanese native. It’s funny though. *Rocking her babies to sleep* When will i be let out of here? i think that i’ve long since over stayed my welcome and i am sure the doctors would wish to get rid of my fiesty tail… They’re chomping at the bit. *Laughs*

Pearl: Dinah… you’re still pretty weak yet. It’s probably best if you stayed in here to play it safe.

Dinah: I’ll only agree to it if I can have my little ones with me for a while. *Looking for her Fiance* Where’s Shingo? He should be here. *Trying to keep still*

Suddenly as they were talking…

Shingo: *appears in the room* I’m here! Our babies are here?

Dinah: *Looking to see her Fiance* Yes. They are. Come say hello to Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Our special babies. See how beautiful they are?

Shingo: They’re lovely. Just like you are, Precious. Just as beautiful as you are. in every way. *Kissing Dinah on the lips* Sorry i could not get here alot earlier… I had to work a triple shift and has a couple long trips driving customers to clear across to the other side of Kansas City. It was gonna be done alot sooner. But the Job was pretty demanding. The Tips were good. 400 Dollars. Not bad for tips.

Dinah then has another flashback…

“Dinah: *Getting into the truck and getting settled* I can’t believe that i am doing this. I am gonna be in pain for this. Plus the mocking is gonna happen. I am the Bait. *Looking to the side and seeing her Doctor* Ami, Am i doing the right thing going to school? It won’t hurt the babies… will it?

Ami: No. it won’t. I promise. Just as long as you take it easy. Don’t over run. if something gets to you… just let it go. Don’t let any anger out that isn’t needed. You can’t afford to fight.

Dinah: What if i don’t have a choice? I also was about to break down in tears. I know… “Danger Zone” Dinah goes soft. I know. But i wasn’t afraid for me, Myself and I. But i was freaking out for my babies. and for Shingo. Shingo was on verge of being completely upset. He was scared like the dickens. He was spooked. Shaking even better. as was i. But my sisters and i also have to go against Scath… otherly known as Trigon the Terrible.

Ami: *Shaking her head* Dinah-Chan… Please don’t… You’re in no condition to think about that… You have to think about your little ones inside you. They’re gonna need you.

Dinah: Ami… Seriously… are you really gonna go there? I am thinking about my babies. Okay? I am thinking about them. That is why i am thinking about how to go after these threats. To protect them. I mean… if i can’t do things like this to protect them… Then why am i even looking towards being a Mother? I am not a mother yet. I am just a Pregnant girl. That’s all i am right now. But i am gonna be giving Birth to two or maybe 3 little ones in the future. I got to do all i can to protect them. I can’t just leave the fighting of the threats and the dangers that come to my sisters and Cousins and i sit in the sidelines. even though i have been doing a lot of that as of late. I got to do at least something.

Ami: *Being Condescending* I know. You want to protect your little ones. you want to take all the pain away. be the one that gets hurt so they won’t. But what you don’t see is that they’re not born yet, Dinah-Chan… They’re still being formed inside you. They’re not ready yet to come out. You’re just now on your second Trimester. If you get hurt… they also will be hurt. You can’t protect them from pain now as they are still inside you. right now the little ones inside you and You, yourself. are sharing the pain. They will feel anything you feel. If you feel sad. They will too. They will sense it.

Dinah: *Groans* I should have known that i was gonna be told that. But you’re right. I am only being a fool to just try and go and fight. While being Pregnant.

Ami: It’s gonna be okay. Just take things one step at a time. Just be calm. It’ll be okay. Just go on to school and be careful. I’ll keep things set up here for you. and when you get home from school… we’ll hook you up and see how the Little ones are doing. Make sure that everything is okay with them. I ordered for the machines and the Ultrasound equipment to be here with me. It’s in the garage though… But it’ll be a mini Examination room.

Dinah: Okay. *Nods and turning on the Engine before Pulling out of the Driveway* See you this afternoon, Doc.

On the Road a second later…

Dinah: *Pulling out her phone and dialing a # while Driving* I need to call Shingo. *Winces a little in pain* Oh my god… *Getting a sharp pain in her Abdomen* Agh! Ahhhh!

Dinah: *Answering her Cell Phone* Hello!

Shingo: *On the Phone* Dinah, It’s me. Your love.

Dinah: Hey Shingo. What’s up?

Shingo: Not Much. I was calling to tell you that i am enrolled in the school. The same one you are in. Same classes You are in i think… History, Lit and Art.

Dinah: History… Lit and Art. History. Now that… I wouldn’t mind doing. I always was a sucker for history.

Shingo: What about Literature?

Dinah: Literature… I guess that i could try that. I just hope that i don’t have to do any acting or Dramatic assignments. I am not up for that. Art though… Now i could always go for some Art.

Shingo: We’ll be having the classes together.

Dinah: You’re sure that you’re not reading the classes wrong…

Shingo: I couldn’t be reading them wrong. They are as they’ve been read.

Dinah: Well… Your place is in the same direction as the school is and on the way there. I’ll stop by there first.

Shingo: Okay. I’ll be outside my house waiting for you.

Dinah: See you then…

Shingo: You bet, Love. Safe drive.

Dinah: Yeah. Please. I don’t think that i can do this… I tried to and only made it to here. I don’t know if i’m gonna make it through the day. I already know as of now that i’m risking alot just getting out of bed and being pregnant. like this… I have begun to get Top-Heavy and i gained 17 pounds. At least it feels like i did since i have the pain in my Abdomen. I think you can suspect that the people at school are gonna notice. *Groans* Shingo… You’re gonna be a Father in the near Future. I am gonna be a Mother. But what if this was all a Mistake? What if we’re not ready for this yet? What’re we gonna Do?

Shingo: I am freaked out by this but I feel that we’re ready or maybe not. but we should try and take our chances. What do you think love?

Dinah: I think so too. I guess that we will need to try and go along with it. It’s hard though. Especially the way some people at school are looking at me… I just know that it’s gonna be a blow-up, I just know it. But i want these babies. I want you. However… Life never really asked me what i wanted most. IT just happened. What if i fail? What if something happens to us and we end up failing this? *Worried* Shingo, Do you feel as though we’ll make it? What if the people at School don’t accept the fact that i am pregnant? It’s the 14th week and i’m starting to gain weight. What will people say? *Feeling pain* Ouch! This hurts… Ahhh!

Shingo: I hope that we can, I know that we can. *tends to his love* Hang on! We need to get over to the school. Do you feel you can make it to school or do you want me to drive you home?

Dinah: I Should try to get to school. I can’t keep cowering. I am in pain and it comes and goes… but i can’t keep under bed rest. I got to get some fresh air. If i stay home all the time i’ll only wind up going Nuts. *Groans and trying to get the pain to subside* The pain is starting to fade… but the pain freakin’ hurts. It really hurts.

Shingo: Well come on. I’ll take you over to school. And let’s hope for the best here. And we can do this. Think positive.

Dinah: I’ll Try. I will try to think positive. I know this is gonna sound really stupid of me to ask this… but i might need to be watched in class. Would you be okay with sticking with me through my classes today? *Sitting up Slowly*

Shingo: I’ll see what I can do. I’m sure that could be arranged. But since we do happen to have the same classes… it wouldn’t be a problem.

Dinah: *Nods* I really hope that it’s not gonna complicate things. That would be the last thing i would ask for. *Straining to sit up* This pregnancy is really kicking my butt. Isn’t it? I like it a little. But the pain flaring up the way it has… not so much.

Shingo: I can’t imagine. *gets in the truck’s driver seat* Come on. We don’t want to be late for school.

Dinah: Trust me… You don’t want to imagine it. You’re lucky to not be part of the female persuasion. Being pregnant and going through the PMS and Menopause… That is no happy life. Trust me. you are better off not living that. *Finally sitting back up* Of course. We’ve got to get to school. I just hope that my sisters don’t feel too stung over seeing me risking it by coming to school in this condition. *Sighs* Man, this pregnancy is sometimes a pain. But i would just love to see our little ones when that moment does come.

Shingo: We’ll get through this. I know we will. You ready?

Dinah: I’m as ready as you are. *Nods slowly* Let’s get over to school.

Shingo: On it!! *drives over to the school*


Dinah: *Working on the Assignment while feeling a Little Unease* Agh! This pain is getting to me… *Trying to ignore the pain*…

Classmate: *Talking to the girl on the side* She is with the guy… That girl behind us… Dinah… She is with a Japanese boy. She’s been dating him for a while. And i heard that she and he got intimate. and she’s carrying his kid.

Classmate #2: You mean that he is with that Loser… She’s a Loser. I mean you hear how she talks and how she thinks. She even picks a fight with people. How the heck can the guy stand her?

Classmate: I don’t know. But she sure looks like she is in pain.

Classmate #2: Oh please. That’s just a play she’s doing. to make people feel for her. She’s a Tramp. She should have asked if he’s had protection. But she did it. She’s probably gonna have infections from the guy. She’s an Idiot. Or he’s clean and she’s got the Disease. She probably only got him for the sex. and then after she has the little bitches… or little pimps that will be like her… She’ll up and leave him.

Classmate: You’re probably right.

Classmate #2: What would you consider? *Disgusted to feel Dinah’s presence in the same room* She’s such a Loser.

Shingo: *starts overhearing two classmates talk, he is wondering what they are talking about* What’s going on here?

Classmate: About that girl you’re with. You know how she is always picking fights?

Classmate #2: She’s a Loser. She is pathetic as well. You should know that she is probably with you to have kids and then when she’s got them she’d up and leave you. She’s a Loser. You are being truly repulsive if you think she’s loving you for you and not because of the kids that she’s gonna be having because she choose to spread her legs with you.

Dinah: *Overhears and Snaps* Shut up! THAT is not true!

Classmate #2: Oh please. You’re a Loser. You only care about yourself. we were in the same class with you the other year. You kept picking fights with people. Even your sisters couldn’t control you… You are a total Loser.

Dinah: *Getting up and Starting to walk over to the girl* You want to screw with me… I may be pregnant… But i will throw down with you. If you don’t shut up… *With a Fist waving in front of her* You want this… Keep at it. Go for it. Just try.

Classmate #2: See? You’re dating a Loser who is a loose Cannon. Look at her… *Pushing Dinah Down* Why don’t you just go back to where you belong… You Loser. You’re a Whore. All you do is care about yourself… You shouldn’t even be a Mother. You little Skank! *Scoffs* Loser!

Shingo: Okay! *stands up* You two just shut your traps right now!! If you talk about Dinah again, we’ll see what happens!! Don’t be talking like that about my girl.

Classmate #2: *Shoots up in Disgust* What the f**k! You mean that you’re actually standing up for this Loser?! What the hell for? She doesn’t care about you? She’s only caring about you to tear you away from your happy life. You left your mother. because of her. I will bet that she has not asked if you were okay after doing so. You are so Stupid if you think that she will really love you. She is incapable of Love. You know that? She cares for no one. But herself. *Scoffs* My god. If you’re in love with her… you’re just as pathetic as she is…

Shingo: Okay! That does it! You asked for it!! *pushes down Classmate #2* You are the ones who are stupid thinking those vile things about Dinah! What’s the big idea with you?!!

Classmate #2: Not as stupid as you are for being with a Loser like her. My problem… there is none. I just have a low tolerance to Losers. And i know a Loser when i see one. That girl… Dinah… She is a Grade A Skank-Ass two-timing… LOSER!!! *Not backing down*

Shingo: *not backing down either* She is NOT!! You don’t understand what the key definition to the word “Love” is!! Now do you?!!

Classmate #2: I don’t need to know the true meaning of Love to know that she is incapable of Love and that she is a Loser. True love is when you accept someone for all they are and Love them completely. that you’d do anything and everything for her and with her… Not turning away. But she won’t do that… You’re so stupid, you ignorant boy. You’re so stupid. She won’t be true to you.

Dinah: *In Pain and with Tears in her eyes* Owwww! My Back. My back… *Feeling hurt* That hurts. Damn it!

Classmate #2: *Giving a Quick Kick to Dinah* Shut up, you stupid bitch… You’re faking it. LOSER!!! *Chanting* “Loser, Loser… Loser Loser Dinah… Slut and a whore… a no good Whore… Loser Loser. a No good girl… a Tramp and a fool that ‘s all you’ll be. LOSER LOSER LOOOOOOOSEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!”

Shingo: *smacks Classmate #2* NOW CUT THAT OUT!! You’re the one who is ignorant!! And not to mention you are dumb! You have the nerve calling Dinah a loser and she is in a lot of pain!!

Classmate #2: So?! She’s just faking it.

Dinah: *Screaming* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The Pain! *Crying in pain* Damn it!!!! I knew this was a bad idea… *Getting up Slowly and With a forced pull of her Fist* That does it. You want to see Whore… I’ll give you Whore… You *Looking at the Classmate* BITCH!!! *Throwing a Punch at the Classmate’s face and Then Landing a Kick into the girl’s gut; Grabbing at the girl and Slapping her hard several times* I am not a Loser. I am a girl just like you… You’re the Bitch. I am Pregnant, You son of a Bitch. You could have just killed the babies inside me. You are the one who is Worthless you sack of dirt. If i lose my kids… i will swear on it that i hold you Accountable for it. *Pushing the girl into the Wall while in tears* BITCH! *Falling down and Aching in pain* Aghhhhh! *Crying in pain* Owwwww!

Shingo: *giving the classmate a Dirty look of anger before tending to Dinah* Dinah! Hang on love! I’ll get you out of here!!

Dinah: *Crying in pain* …….

Shingo: *helps up Dinah; Escorting her out of the school over to her truck* Don’t worry Dinah. My love. We’re gonna get you back home. I promise.

A Minute later…

Shingo: *Getting Dinah into the truck* Are you okay? Where do you hurt?

Dinah: My back. and my Stomach. *In a little bit of Agony*

Shingo: Oh good heavens… Let’s get you home. You need to rest the pain away.


Dinah: *In Pain* Going to school was not a good idea after all… *Feeling Pain in her Abdomen*

Ami: So now we know what to do now, right?

Shingo: This is not really pleasant if you ask me. A classmate just teased Dinah while we were at school.

Dinah: *Growls and feeling pain* You’re darn right. *Hissing in pain*

Ami: So you were teased. BAKA! The nerve of those people! Dinah. You need to rest.

Shingo: I know. That bitch had some nerve to be mean to Dinah. She called her some pretty vile names too.

Dinah: *Nods* I am not gonna go back to school… Not till after i deliver… i’m done… But Ami. Please. I need to have my insides checked. I need to know if the babies will be fine. Please. Ami. Doc. Please. Please. I need to see that my little ones are alive and are gonna be alright. Where is the ultrasound machine? *About to collapse*

Ami: Don’t worry. I got it taken care of. *goes to get the portable ultrasound machine and then marches fast over to examine Dinah*

Dinah: *Scared*… *With tears in her eyes* How much longer before i have my babies? It is only the 14th week…

Ami: *examines Dinah; after a minute* The babies are going to be alright, but you have some minor bruises on your insides though.

Dinah:*Gasps* They’re gonna be okay? *Crying with relief* Oh… Thank you… Thank you. *Coughs a little* How big are the bruises? Are they bad?

Ami: It’s not too bad. Only minor bruises. I’d advise you should rest up and stay from the trouble as much as possible.

Dinah: *Nods* I will. Ami. I will. I am never stepping out of this house again unless i really need to. But till i have the babies… as much as it will cause me to go Stir Crazy. This house and this Bed… is gonna be my new department. Shingo, Don’t leave me… Stay here.”

Dinah: Question, Where will the babies stay?

Shingo: I don’t know. We’ll have to figure that out in a bit. But for right now… You should get some rest. and just relax. I’m gonna be here for a while.

Paige: We all will. *Nods*

Shanna: I can’t stay much longer. I got to get back to work. I now work at the Movie theater and it is rewarding. but also very draining. With the stuff they have me do… Sweeping up the floor after people leave and having to pick up anything stick from the floor. Washing the floors.

Christie: *Stepping in* Hey…. *Chuckles* You look like hell. How you feeling?

Dinah: I feel like hell a bit. But i am so relieved that the Pregnancy is over. I am just with a lot of remnant pain. But it’s going away. I’m gonna be in here a few days from the way it sounds. I know that the doctors are wanting me to be discharged given the hell i had to have given a few of the doctors during the delivery. I am sure that they are just counting the days before they get rid of me. But there is no way that i’m gonna let them take my kids. Besides… i have that haunting idea that they’re gonna do to my babies exactly what they did to me and my sisters when we were babies. History will not repeat. I’ll dies first before that happens.

Christie: Don’t say that… your babies won’t be taken from you. if anything… they’ll be taken to the maternity wing for a little sleep. But that’d be about it. They won’t take them.

Shingo: When you get out of the hospital, we’ll decide on who will take the little ones and for how long. making arrangements on the babysitter and make sure that they’re safe.

Dinah: Yeah. Shingo, i agree. *Looking at Shingo* might your boss have a Nursery spot for the young little kids?

Shingo: No. I’m afraid not. But when i watch them… I’ll make sure that they’re protected. guarded. Do whatever possible.

Christie: I can always babysit.

Shingo: That’s okay with me. *Smiling at Christie* Dinah an i know that we can trust you.

Luna: Same here. I’m now an Aunt. I say… let’s trust Christie to watch the babies too. She’s been a wonderful help keeping a close eye on Dinah… being there for her when we couldn’t. We were all there for her. Christie was also there for Dinah also. So i’ll let her do it.

The Music for “A Thousand years” starts…

“The day we met
Frozen I held my breath
Right from the start
I knew it I found a home for my
Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What’s standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more”

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* We got a world to save.

 Paige Cass Rhapsody… Miss Love.

Pearl: We have to save Dinah’s babies. We must see to it that Beryl is never gonna touch them. Dinah’s newborns are important.

 Pearl Lucy Rhapsody… Bubble Maiden

Dinah/Thunder Mistress: *Gathering power and feeling the Thunder Strike her as her spirit begins summoning it* For the safety of my babies… I call upon the forces of Thunder and lightning, Wind and Raging fire! *Glowing and surrounding herself with Thunder and Lightning; Forming a Cannon and a Glove of Thunder; Emitting a Charge of Thunder* Time to Feel my pain! *Launching the Attack; releasing the Energy towards Beryl* Thunderic DEADLY SCREAM!!!

Dinah Ellen Rhapsody… “Danger Zone” Dinah… Thunder Mistress.

Luna: We’ll be there for each other… Always.

Luna Tina Rhapsody…  Sailor Luna

Martin: I Love you, Luna.

Luna: I Love you too.

 Martin Julius Marco… Tuxedo Martin Amazing…

Karen: Can i Join in on the fight?

 Karen Copeland… Psychic Star

Irene Nordinsky

 Jake Powell

 Jennifer Bakeman

King John: My Boys are sometimes Wild… But they have good hearts inside them all.

King John Drake Rhapsody

John: *Looking at Prince Alvin* Son, Your father will see that i’m okay. You’re not gonna have to worry about it. I’ll be okay. I will. You’re gonna have to stop worrying about your Grandpa John all the time here. I know that you’re like the Alpha male and you like to be the top… having the busiest life. Worrying about your cousins… Your brothers. Your friends and then worrying about the whole city. placing the whole city and the whole world in Metropolis on your shoulders. You need to stop and just enjoy the simple things. Being a strong person like you’ve been. the enforcer. Do your old gramps a favor. Try to calm down a bit and enjoy life a little. You’re young now and are a hero and doing things for the city. Doing the duties that a hero must do. But a normal life won’t always be around. There will be things you want to do for being normal. If you pass them up… you’ll just be winding up with a lifetime of regrets. Wondering that age old question: “What would’ve my life been if only i’d done (___________)” You don’t want to ask that question. You don’t ever want to have to face that question having to be asked. Because if you waste your life away always being the hero… you’ll be feeling only regret for you know that you could have done something wonderful set a life for yourself. to live by.

Prince Alvin: I know gramps. And i’ll do my best. Not promising anything though. Because with my duties and the things that i deal with as do the girls… it’s not so easy to put that on the back burner… especially when you know that there is a threat just itching to bust on in.

 John Walter Rhapsody

 Charlene Frost Rhapsody

 Trixie Starshine Rhapsody

Paige: *Seeing Dinah with a tear in her eye* Dinah? What’s wrong?

Dinah: *Looking away* Don’t ask… This Tough girl is ashamed as it is…

Pearl: Paige… Grandma… There is something that you’re gonna need to know.

Grandma Rikku: What do you mean? What’s the matter?

Dinah: *With Tears now welling up in her eyes* I’m… I’m Pregnant.

Grandma Rikku: *Walking up to Dinah* Honey… *Hugging Dinah* Dear Child… Don’t cry. It’s gonna be okay. We’ll take care of it.

Dinah: *Crying into her grandmother’s arms*

 Rikku Marie Rhapsody… Grandma Rikku

Prince Alvin: You keep strong. don’t give up the fight. Live for yourself. Your babies. They’re gonna need you. They’re gonna need their mother. So Please… hold on. Please. Please! Dinah… Live. Live!

 Prince Alvin Ronald Rhapsody… Flaming Soul

 Prince Arnold Corey Rhapsody… Water Lord

 Prince Avery Theodore Rhapsody… Plasma-Core

 Prince Curtis Mark Rhapsody… Electric Rage

 Jack Frost

Reese Wilkerson

Shingo: *appears in the room* I’m here! Our babies are here?

Dinah: *Looking to see her Fiance* Yes. They are. Come say hello to Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Our special babies. See how beautiful they are?

Shingo: They’re lovely. Just like you are, Precious. Just as beautiful as you are. in every way. *Kissing Dinah on the lips*

 Shingo Tsukino

 Summer French

 Megan Hart

This is my Cousin Prince Alvin's Girlfriend... Alice Cross. Alice Cross

Dinah: *Feeling scared* But… I am scared. What if something happens during the conception? and there happens to be a complication to the Birth giving when it comes time?

Christie: We’ll all help you Dinah. I mentioned before that we didn’t meet till this year. but since that time till now… We became so close. I happened to consider you like a wonderful friend. You’re like my best friend. Hell, You know i love you girl. You’re gonna be fine…

 Christie Powers

Photo of Dana Davis from Raise Your Voice (2004) Star Hall

 Chloe Sullivan… Watchtower

 Oliver Queen… Green Arrow

 Dinah Lance… Black Canary

 Victor Stone… Cyborg

 Arthur Curry… Aquaman

Terra: *With Arms wide open* I’m ready to take you girls up on the offer. I’m ready to be a Rhapsody girl.

Titan Rising Terra

Christie: That is devotion. But that is the talk of a mother. You’re gonna be a wonderful mother. Strong and caring. Loving and devoted too.

Raven: I feel the same as she does. Dinah, you’re a fighter. But sooner or later you’re gonna have to make a choice. Stop the Life risking lifestyle and conserve your health and be there for your little ones when that moment comes of you giving life to them. Or Continue risking your health and giving more beatings to your body and driving closer to putting yourself at risk of hurting your kids and hurting yourself in the end? You can make the choice… it’s your choice.


 Rei Hino… Sailor Mars

 Ami Mizuno… Sailor Mercury

 Minako Aino… Sailor Venus

Artemis… Tuxedo Artemis

Beryl: The Rhapsody Family will end with you as the first to die. *Laughing*


 Vincent Van Graves

 Perry White

Mrs. Tsukino: *Growls* He’s not sure what he wants. You had to have seduced him. And despite what you might think… he does want to go to Tokyo U.

Dinah: That’s not what he told me.

Mrs. Tsukino: *Growling even more; Barking* He’s not sure what he wants.

Dinah: *Butting heads with Shingo’s mother* You really know what he really wants from his heart? You really think that he wants that kind of life? To be taken from his life here and away from someone… who loves him. and wants to have a life with him… You really want to strip him from that gift? So be it… have at it. But if you truly think that he is wanting to go to Tokyo U… Let me give you a more obvious clue: wait for him to say the words.

Mrs. Tsukino: Fine. And i can promise you that he will.

 Mrs. Tsukino

Capt. Kirk

Spock 16

Dr. Spock

Lt. Nyota Uhura

Dr. McCoy

Scott Montgomery

Space Engineer Hikaru Sulu

As one Chapter closes and concludes… one could never expect it to go on… but it does… The Adventures… the Threats still go on… big or small… And despite what others would see… it was not over. Dinah was now a Mother. The Pregnancy was now at long last. and after 9 1/2 months of contending to the babies and having them inside her. going through the symptoms of Pregnancy from the beginning of there being no visible signs of Pregnancy other than the glow… to the highlight of delivery. It was finally over. But with the Pregnancy chain done…  What was gonna be next for Dinah? What was it gonna mean for the Rhapsody Girls? College was on… it had began and it was gonna be the start of 4 years full of College ruling and the Hierarchy. from High School to College… it was a whole new ballgame. it wasn’t 3 strikes your’re out… it was all hands on deck for the college Domain. What was gonna be next for the girls? What would they do for the College years as they dived full on through? Would Beryl try to attack them and if so… Where? Plus Dinah was now gonna have to face the parts of getting back into shape again. She was now without the babies inside her. It was Workout time and Dorm days for Dinah… And there was gonna be a bit of change for everyone.  Finding babysitters for the little ones and trying to delegate the her role of being a mother and then a College Student. It was gonna be hard on them all… But Christie was gonna be there to help too… All this and more on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Babies: *Crying* WAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Dinah: *Waking up and Walking over to her babies* Hold on… Mama’s coming. She’s coming. Don’t cry sweeties. It’s gonna be alright.

Dinah: *Voice-over* It’s the start of Motherhood. I am now on the feet and on the run for Motherhood. I always did believe that Life was gonna ask too much of me… but when i heard that line… i had no idea that it was gonna be speaking multiple Volumes. But now… i am in the Driver’s seat and and now a Parent. Plus i also decide to go to a Gym. On top of anything else i got going for me… i now go to a Gym. And the Gym of Choice… Okay… Strike me dead if you wish. but It’s GloboGym America corp. Yeah. that. a Gym Runned by a man named White Goodman. Reviews say that he’s a bit of a Flirt and Egotistical… but he better not touch the merchandise on my body. That’s for my Lover Shingo.

Pearl: *Voice-Over* Not just that… but there is also the beginning to College classes and the run of the College Experience. The thing that hampers it a little is a attack by Queen Beryl. She makes trouble and it’s up to the team here to go at her. Good news though… Dinah is able to guide us by being the eyes and ears. She’s got the Portable IPAD with her and she dishes up some leadway that way. As Does Christie. Thanks guys… Wish us all luck on that… on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 91: A Dorm Room and a Workout for Dinah. Beryl in the First Degree.

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