Chapter 89: Summer Rhapsody beat and a Reconnect with Terra.

Martin: *Voice-over* Previously on the adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

“My friend the communist
Holds meetings in his RV
I can’t afford his gas
So I’m stuck here watching TV

I don’t have digital
I don’t have diddly squat
It’s not having what you want
It’s wanting what you’ve got

Paige: *Laying on the beach towel and soaking up some sun* School is out and we’re free. It’s a shame though that we have to think on College. I still have no idea what classes i am gonna need to apply for the career that i want. I know that there is a mess load of English and Lit classes that i’ll have to take for that one career of being a romance Novelist. Speech too. That’s affirmative.

Pearl: *Laying on her Beach towel* I know what you mean. Star and i are gonna be meeting at the Metropolis University and meet with the Dorm Manager. on getting a Dorm room.

I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’m gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I’m gonna tell ‘em that)
I’ve got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I’m looking up
I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’m gonna soak up the sun

I’ve got a crummy job
It don’t pay near enough
To buy the things it takes
To win me some of your love
Every time I turn around
I’m looking up, you’re looking down
Maybe something’s wrong with you
That makes you act the way you do

Paige: Reese and i are gonna be going to Met U too.  But there is no way i am hanging around at the Kangeroo Court. Reese tried to get me to drink a beer at Grad Night. I had to convince him to not get into that discussion again. I don’t drink Alcohol at all. He knows that. I mean… I love the guy. He means well… but i really am beginning to get fed up with the whole idea that he feels as though he needs to get me into the habit of drinking beer. I am not gonna start a Drinking Binge. Not happening. Not gonna happen at all. I won’t allow it.

Pearl: What about College? Aren’t you gonna be planning for College too? You applied for Met U… right?

Paige: Yeah. I did. I applied for Met U months ago. It was just that i was for the longest time unsure what i wanted to do with my life. I was also scared about what would have happened if i were to fail any class in High school. I had all that plaguing me.

I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’m gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I’m gonna tell ‘em that)
I’ve got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I’m looking up

I’m gonna soak up the sun
While it’s still free

I’m gonna soak up the sun
Before it goes out on me

Pearl: But you passed the classes, Right?

Paige: *Scoffs* Yeah, Barely. i literally struggled for the most part. *Soaking up the sun*

Don’t have no master suite
But I’m still the king of me
You have a fancy ride, but baby
I’m the one who has the key
Every time I turn around
I’m looking up, you’re looking down
Maybe something’s wrong with you
That makes you act the way you do
Maybe I am crazy too

I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’m gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I’m gonna tell ‘em that)
I’ve got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I’m looking up

Pearl: Maybe so… but the fact of the matter is that you still passed. You still passed the class. and are a High school graduate. Paige… Adulthood is not all that scary. If anyone should be feeling the doubt about it… it’s me. I am supposed to be the more sensitive one. Not you…

Paige: i guess. I am just unsure about the future. I want to be sure that i am following the right path. I mean… should i be a writer… or a model?

Pearl: Well… i don’t know. I would guess that you should as yourself what you see yourself as more. If you see yourself as a writer more… Writing A romance novel. then that is what you ought to do. But if you yourself see that you should be a model. then that is something you should be. You should be asking yourself. What do you want more?

Paige: I guess so… *Sighs* I haven’t heard from Reese since the other day. I guess that he’s pretty busy getting his things in line for the university. He mentioned that he applied for Met U as well.

Pearl: Jack is going somewhere else… i think. He didn’t really say. I think that he’s gonna surprise me.

I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’m gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I’m gonna tell ‘em that)
I’ve got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I’m looking up

I’m gonna soak up the sun
Got my 45 on
So I can rock on”


A Rock came Whizzing by and flew around a few times before coming back around and landing…

Pearl: *Looking at the Rock* Who is that? Is it someone we know?

Paige: I don’t know… *Looking at the rock and starting to look up to see who could be riding on the rock* It’s not anyone we’ve met. *Seeing a couple of feet standing on the rock* or… is it?

The rock then came down and revealed someone…

Girl: Hey guys.

It was Terra…

Paige: *Gasps* Terra?!

Pearl: *Pausing with surprise* What happened?..”

Martin: *With Luna* Continued from Chapter 88…

In space…

In the USS Starship Enterprise…

Inside the Bridge…

Capt. James T. Kirk: *Voice* Captain’s log Stardate 66328 We have reached Planet Earth and stationed to the side of Earth where we came across the black stain surrounding Earth. A Symbol called the Mark of Scath. There is no evidence that Trigon the terrible is siring to come onto the planet anytime soon. But the presence and the Symbol has been making a appearance throughout the city of Metropolis and stirred up trouble. There is also the return of a girl with Earth bound abilities and the vile presence of one Queen Beryl of Dark Kingdom. weeks ago Earth time we made a contact with a control tower called Watchtower and learned that a girl who was more than a person and the said gate to unleash Trigon upon Earth was amongst them all. There is no telling what to expect. All one can do is monitor the situation and hope for it to find ways to Neutralize itself.

Dr. Spock: *Looking at the readouts* I don’t sense anything more on the planet. it seems quiet. Almost still. Logic would suggest that we stay with a watch on the planet. If the Demon has now hid… it is only to hide it’s presence. from viewing eyes. This Demon is profoundly precarious on his attitude and how he thinks. His perception is quite unworldly.

Sulu: I don’t think that the idea of the Half Demon girl is there among the girls is a good thing. We have met the girls.

Kirk: Yes. They are pleasant girls. they shouldn’t be made to deal with this Demon. *Looking at Uhura* can you pick up any readings from Earth persisting on the Demon Scath?

Uhura: No. *Showing nothing on the readings* There’s nothing. however there is data from the Watchtower… Something about an artifact known as the Ring of Azar.

Dr. McCoy: *Pauses and Demanding* The Ring of Azar? What do you mean about that?

Spock 16

Dr. Spock: The Ring of Azar is known as an artifact that was forged by an ancient order to originally imprison Trigon after the first attempt Trigon made to cause destruction to the land. Trigon destroyed the land of Azarath and luckily the Ancient order was able to send him into Limbo before he could pursue and do much worse than what he did. Trigon was known as an Intergalactic Tyrant. He cared for nothing but his own being. He would even use the will of his own flesh and blood and use her for his means to get onto Earth. He cared not for anyone.  His brief patch for Sincerity was only a ruse to get any one to serve him to help him get what it was that he wanted. As soon as it happened Scath/Trigon would reverse and go back on his word and deny that he agreed to any arrangement that he had made with the servant who worked under him.

Chekov: dis sounds very bad. vat are the Rhapsody girls gonna do ’bout the demon? ve must try to help them.

Sulu: we can’t. We don’t know if the demon is gonna show up on the earth yet…

Dr. McCoy: as it is now… the Demon could only be trying to taunt them all. Not but a few days ago… During the night time hours… we picked up a bright reading coming 37°09’03.96″N  88°43’54” NW. A Mile outside the quadrant of the residential district of Metropolis. the Quarry. A Tunnel possessed a Mark. the Mark was that of Scath.

Uhura: The Voice rang out up to space…

Kirk: Uhura… Play the last Voice log again.

Uhura: Yes sir…

A Second later…

Recording: “Wall: *As Scath* Those vile Vermin are gathering to sire on stopping me. It is useless to try. But i will make them think that they’ve won and Wipe their minds of my presence. They won’t have any knowledge of me or any info tying to me. or my mark… Let’s see those Vile Vermin try to get on top of me now. And if they regain the intellect about me… it shall matter not. They can’t hope to defeat the ultimate in terror. Defeat TRIGON THE TERRIBLE!”

Sulu: The last part we didn’t catch the last time.

Chekov: Vhat changed? Vhere is the demon presence now?

Larmina: *Looking at Dr. Spock* Do you have an idea as to where the Demon could be going?

Chekov: Larmina, Scath es gone. He es en hiding. The Tunnel is still wit the mark. but es not active anymore. Ze Eyes have vanished. The Rhapsody girls er gonna need help…

Scotty: We could go down there, but the only problem is that we might have trouble returning back for some time. The Quarry is emitting a faint but detectable force field that blocks out all transmissions and means of teleportation.

Sulu: There is also the return of a girl who rides on the Earth…

Back on Earth…

In Metropolis…

At Metropolis Beach…

Pearl: *Gasps* Terra? You came back?! And you have better control of your abilities. How?

Terra: no idea. I just let it come over me. *Landing and jumping off* it wasn’t easy.


Luna: *With Karen; from the Highway* Hey!

Karen: *Looking at Luna* is that the girl that destroyed the Fountain in the park?

Luna: Yeah. She’s the one. But we were also aiming to try and train her and see what she could do and last time she was unable to control her abilities. How she can this time is unknown.

Karen: I know. But i don’t think that i’d trust her. She doesn’t look so safe.

Luna: You think that she could just wind up destroying the city again?

Karen: She almost did last time. She just took off. You mentioned it to Martin and me…

Luna: i did. But i haven’t seen Martin since the other day… I sure hope that he’s okay.

Karen: I am sure that he is…

Luna: *Sighs and nods; hoping for her boyfriend Martin to be alright*

A minute later…

Luna: *Looking at Pearl* I see that Terra has come back and looking better than she did before.

Terra: Well… i should be after all the training that i got in.

Raven: *Shadowing in* Well be sure to get what you need before you leave again.

Titan Rising

Terra: *Scratching her head a bit* That’s why i came back… Titan Rising *With Arms wide open* I’m ready to take you girls up on the offer. I’m ready to be a Rhapsody girl.

Paige and Pearl Just stand in silence and Luna tilts her head in a lost expression… Raven didn’t say a word. Karen didn’t reply. she didn’t even know what to say.

Terra: *Sensing Rejection* Right… Sorry. Wasn’t aware that there was an Expiration Date. Titan Rising *With her back turned and feeling rejected*

Before anything more could be said…

Prince Alvin: *With Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis; walking over to Where the girls were and seeing Terra again* Well well… if it isn’t Terra The “Earth bound” power girl.

Prince Arnold: It’s good to see you back here again.

Prince Curtis: Especially since the last time you came… you kinda left without warning.

Terra: I know. But i don’t know that staying will work. I don’t think that the offer to stick around is any good. *Turning away in dismay*

Pearl: *Reaching out and placing a hand on Terra’s side* It’s not that Terra. It’s just that we’re…

Paige: We’re a bit concerned.

Prince Alvin: You see… Last time you showed up and we saw you use your powers… You uh, ….

Raven: You couldn’t control your powers.

Terra: *Scoffs* Uh, Hello! Guys, that was why i left. When you told me that the guy Vincent Van Graves was offering to help train me and help me with the control… i knew that if i were to mess up in front of him… i’d never be able to come back to join you girls. Prince Arnold there… spoke to me about how he was unable to control his power at first. Told me how he was able to gain control and i just followed suit. I had to do it on my own. and practiced. That’s what i had to do. I think that i got the hang of it now. *With her hands poised* Watch this!

Terra then motioned for a rock to form from the ground and jumped on; Lowered her goggles and put them on. She grabbed up for 3 more rocks and boulders and with focus on them and the mind taking them with her… She soared up and soared through the buildings and around and came through with aerial speed. Somersaulting from one rock to another. Paige and Pearl as well as the Rhapsody Brothers were standing there watching in Awe! Prince Arnold was shocked and very amazed by what he saw as the demo went on. Terra then came in with a landing Jumped off onto the ground and gathered the rocks close in a cluster…

Titan Rising

Terra: *Hopping down and bending down forward before with focus drawing a little more power to send the Rocks and boulders twirling up into the air* UuuuuuWAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Within seconds the Rocks exploded in the sky and became like fireworks…

Luna: *Shocked* Whoa!

Karen: That was amazing. I don’t know much about the girl… but you got to give her; her due… She’s got it good.

Raven: So… she’s learned a few new tricks… that doesn’t mean that she is any less dangerous. She still is with unconstrained abilities. it doesn’t mean that she’s grabbed better control of them.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Raven* Raven, that’ll be enough. Terra is trying to prove her worth of staying with the girls and is showing how she’s gained better control. That’s as good as anyone can get.

Prince Arnold: Terra is good. I am convinced that she’s the best now. She’s got the control. I gained control with practice. And she trained herself and practiced on her own till she was able to get the handle on the abilities.

Paige: That’s good enough for me. I think that the Demo spoke for it—-

Suddenly the ground started to shake and shimmy before stopping to a halt…

Luna: *Looking at Terra strangely* Hmm…

Paige: *With Pearl* Hmm…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his brothers and then at Terra*

Terra: *Feeling the stares coming to her* What! It wasn’t me. Honest. That wasn’t me.

Prince Avery: I don’t think that it was her… I think that it was something else…

Prince Alvin: What makes you say that?

Prince Curtis: Let’s get to the house and find out… get a reading on the matter.

Prince Arnold: Something’s not right.

Raven: It’s got something to do with the ground. And there is only one person who could control the ground.

Prince Alvin: No… it’s not her… Something is happening. But this isn’t Terra doing it.

At Vincent Van Graves…

Martin: *Startled by the shaker* What was that? That Quake came out of nowhere… *Sighs* I can’t shake the truth away about my parents… the type of people that they spoke with… the kind of people that they were… Of all things… they say that they loved me. and still do… I Just miss them. I should tell Luna about it someday. *Grunts* I got to go and see Luna.

A Minute later…

Vincent: *Seeing Martin making his way out to see Luna* You okay, Dear boy?

Martin: *Nods* Yeah… I’m fine. I’m okay.

Vincent: Martin, stop. Turn and let me see you. Look at me. Are you really okay and not just saying that you are?

Martin: Yeah. i am really okay. It was just a emotional spell i had. I was just trying to take in what you’ve told me about my parents. I am kinda still a little stung by it. But… In the end… I am glad that you told me. I really needed to hear it. the truth.

Vincent: I know… I did however lay it out all at once and one right after the other… I shouldn’t have done that until you were like at a certain age. like 18. But now that you know… you’ll be feeling as though you’re with more responsibilities that you shouldn’t have yet. You are still young. Still growing and not yet an adult. You’re an adolescent still. You should be a young hero… a Kid and enjoy being free. not having to worry about the high life and dealing with money issues. You should go out… get dirty… play with the other kids… get into some trouble for a little. not too much. How many guardians do you know in the world would tell their young kids to get into some trouble?

Martin: *Chuckles* nearly none, Vincent.

Vincent: You just try to cheer up, okay? Cheer up. *Smiles and looking at Martin with a peaceful expression*

Martin felt the ground rumble and almost lost his footing…

Martin: *Nearly toppling over* Wh-whoa! What is going on here? That’s the second Quake or tremor that just hit. What’s going on?

Vincent: Not sure… *Walking over to his Crystal ball* I better have a looksy here and find out what is going on and where the quakes are coming from…

Martin: I got to go… Luna might need her best friend and i can’t do any good for her if i am not there with her.

At the Daily planet…

Perry: *Working through the articles and deciding on which article to pull and which to use for the latest tales in the city* This is gonna be hard for me to do. I can’t do this. This kind of Job is for the Two Dynamic duos. But they’re still in Germany…

At the Hall household…

Star: *Startled with surprise* Damn… what the heck was that Quake for? It came out of nowhere… but the T.V isn’t saying anything about it. Were we the only ones who felt it?


Star: *On the phone* Hey, Christie… Did you feel that sudden shaker that just hit?

Christie: *On the Phone* Yeah. I felt it. But the news isn’t saying anything about it. It’s like no one felt it but us.

Star: What do you think that it could have been?

Christie: I don’t know… but i have a feeling that the girls might know. Besides, weren’t they following the leads of that Evil Queen Beryl?

Star: Do you think that she might be behind it?

Christie: The thought has crossed my mind a little. I have a feeling that this is another ruse being done by Beryl to lure everyone away from Dinah so she could go in and inflict harm on Dinah. Harm her babies.

Star: What? Another attempt from beryl to try and harm Dinah’s little ones? Doesn’t that evil broom rider ever give up?

Christie: No.

Star: So what’ll we do?

Christie: We head on over to the girls and stand on guard. Dinah’s not gonna have those kids getting hurt by beryl… in about 2 months and a couple days the babies will come out into the world.

Star: It’s gonna be a wonderful breakthrough on life for Dinah. We gotta go and meet the girls and find out what is going on over there.

Christie: Right. See you there?

Star: You bet. see you there.

Star then hung up the phone and looked to see her mom coming into the room…

Mrs. Hall: *A Little Rattled* That Quake was really sudden… Did you feel that shaker?

Star: Yeah. I sure felt it and it didn’t feel like a normal Quake.

Mrs. Hall: What do you mean that it didn’t feel like a normal Quake? If it wasn’t that… then what was it?

Star: I have no idea. But i gotta head over to the girls and see what they might know about the mess.

Mrs. Hall: Okay… But you be careful. These tremors are coming and going. No telling when another one will hit…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Looking on screen* Okay… Let’s recap on what we know so far on the situation. The first quake or tremor hit just seconds after Terra caused the boulders to blowup in the air and turn into fireworks. We thought that it was her at first… because of past experience… but then just a few minutes ago. the second one hit.

Pearl: There is another one about to hit the city. *Feeling the ground tremble again* That’s the 3rd one that hit. Too close in time frame. the spacing in time too close to the other.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Seismic readings on screen* There’s a trail of seismic outbreaks in the city area. Near the Luthorcorp building, making a loop towards  Met U. leading to Metropolis High and then to the park… The Daily Planet.

Prince Avery: There is also a path of seismic activity coming from the docks and even the hospital.

Prince Curtis: But where is it centered though?

Luna: *Using the Portable Ipad to search for the epicenter of the Seismic activity* There should be seismic activity recorded somewhere… *Searching for the latest sighting* Wha— Oh…. This is not gonna be pleasant…

Prince Alvin: *Looking over towards Luna* What did you find?

Luna: There’s a sighting. A recording of Seismic activity.

Paige: Where?

Luna: The University of Metropolis. Bulldog Stadium. But there is something causing it.

Pearl: What do you see?

Alice: *Walking in* I can slide and tell you what it is… Titan Rising Mecha-worms. But worse than that… Mecha Youma worms.

Prince Avery: *Looking at Alice* where did you see these things? Where?

Alice: Bulldog stadium.

Prince Alvin: *Pauses and looks to see Alice* Alice…how did you get here?

Alice: Walked here… i figured that if you weren’t at your dad’s… you’d be here.

Prince Alvin: You’re following me like a little puppy. I should be touched. *Looking at Karen* You got Telekinetic power, don’t you?

Karen: huh?! *Snapping back to reality* Oh… oh yeah.

Paige: *Not hearing Dinah in the house* Pearl, Where’s Dinah?

Pearl: She’s asleep. i think.

Paige: Good. the less that she hears of this… the better.

Terra: Who’s behind this?

Suddenly a face comes on screen…

Terra: Who’s that?

Paige: Beryl.

Pearl: She’s at it again. What else is new?

Alarms started to chime…

P.A System: *chiming* Alert… Alert… Monster sighting… imminent sighting at the Bulldog stadium…

Martin: *Running into the house* What is going on?

Luna: Seismic tremors… *Looking to see Martin* Martin?!

Martin: Hey Luna. Sorry i’m late.

Luna: You’re not late. You’re right on time for the action. There is trouble going on at the Bulldog Stadium.

Martin: You sure? Because i was at home when out of nowhere a few tremors began to hit. One after another. They just happened today at noon.

Prince Arnold: It’s after 1 in the afternoon now.

Prince Curtis: Let’s get going…


Raven: *Shadowing in* What’s going on?

Paige: We got trouble stirring in the city’s pot of serenity.

Pearl: *Getting set to head out*

A second later…

Paige & Pearl: *moving in Sequence* Love and bubble Transform! *Covered in hearts and Bubbles; Spinning as the uniform forms and changes them into the double team Hearty Bubbles* … *Posing in tune* We are the hearts… The bubbles of Grace and light. The hearts of strength and Romantic embrace… with the powers of bubbles and the hearts of Justice and all that is Pure… Let the Evil that dare walk with hatred Quake as we Match Their power with ours. We’re Hearty Bubbles. The Evil’s reign will fall by the hands of Love and Grace.

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* …

Martin: My turn…

Within a second…

Martin: And now!! *transforming* Tuxedo Power…….Power Up!! *transforms into Tuxedo Martin Amazing;  With a top hat and Cape appearing as the normal look gets surrounded and covered in White light; Replaced with a Tuxedo and Black shoes. a Scepter being placed in his hand and With a Arm brace with Stars on it appearing on his right arm; poses*

Karen: Psychic Star time!

Prince Alvin: *Looking at his brothers* Guys… To Arms.

Rhapsody Brothers: *Nods* You got it…

Paige: *Looking to see Terra* Terra, Are you coming?

Terra: Does this mean that i’m on the team?

Pearl: It means that we could use your help.

Terra then runs out and goes past them… But Raven gets a bad haunting feeling coming from Terra…

Prince Alvin: *Putting a hand on Raven’s shoulders and sensing what she is seeing or feeling* Raven? Is something wrong?

Raven: *Feeling unsure* I’m not sure, Prince Alvin. Are you sure that its safe having her around? Considering last time she was here…

Prince Alvin: I don’t know… I’d be wanting to toss her to a different team and just sending her away. But my gut instinct is telling me something else. I think that it might be best to give her another chance. It couldn’t hurt. Everyone deserves a second chance.

As everyone heads out and Raven is the last one to go… She can’t help but be suspicious of Terra and the reason why she came back…

At the Metropolis Bulldog Stadium…

Coach Blackwell: *Coaching his team* Okay… now, remember… You do a Quarterback sneak. *Looking at one of the players* Steinwald, You know what the play is, Right?

Earl: You bet… Know it like the front and back of my hand and feet. front and back.

Coach Blackwell: Quarterback sneak on go… Next move… Blitz. Take it home… we got two plays left. Make them count. It doesn’t matter if they flank you… Just keep chucking the ball and get through their defense. We have to see to keep them from getting to the other side.


The ground began to shake and tremor….

Coach: *Stunned* What the heck is going on….

The ground opens up a hole and a Creature busts out…

Titan Rising

Mecha Youma worm: *Screeching and roaring*

Football players: *Freaking out* What the hell is that?!

Mecha Youma Drill worm: *Shooting burning lasers at the field and at the passerby’s*

Coach: Uh… i think that we better run… Now… Team… get out of here. get to safety. now.

Hearty Bubbles: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma worm* Bubbling Bliss Blaster!

Raven: *Aiming at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos! *Firing Dark Energy at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm*

Prince Alvin: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Scorching Fiery Pit!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Water’s Erupting Geyser!

Prince Avery: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Burning Plasma Radiation!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Electric Whiplash!

Sailor Luna: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Luna SUGARDRILL!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Psychic Hammer Whammy!

Karen: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* … *Using her mind and with a hand Pushing the Worm back and shaking it from one side to the other; Knocking it down*

Terra: *Pulling up some rocks with her power* er… AHHH! *Tossing it at the Mecha Youma Drill worm* Ahhh!

Coach Blackwell: *Looking to see a group of teens coming in* Who are you?

Prince Alvin: *With his Brothers; Posing* We’re the Flames of Raging Justice, The Graceful flow of Aquatic serenity, The Plasmatic flash attack and Electric Clash…

Prince Alvin: Flaming Soul.

Prince Arnold: Water Lord.

Prince Avery: Plasma-Core.

Prince Curtis: Electric Rage.

Rhapsody Brothers: *In a group Pose* The Rhapsody Brothers!

Hearty Bubbles: *Posing in tune* We are the hearts… The bubbles of Grace and light. The hearts of strength and Romantic embrace… with the powers of bubbles and the hearts of Justice and all that is Pure… Let the Evil that dare walk with hatred Quake as we Match Their power with ours. We’re Hearty Bubbles. The Evil’s reign will fall by the hands of Love and Grace.

Sailor Luna: Beautiful sailor soldier of love and everything little, Sailor Luna.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *posing* I am the Warrior of the innocent Tuxedo Martin Amazing!

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the coach* You take the men and get to safety. We’ll handle this beast.

Coach: *Nods*

Within seconds the Football team and the coaches ran out of the stadium… They ran to safety as fast as their legs could carry them…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Looking at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* It’s sad to break it to you. but today’s regular programming has been cancelled. we now take you to live coverage of Justice being served.

Prince Alvin: *Commanding the Brothers* Rhapsody Brothers attack!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Aquatic Tidal Wave Smash!

At Vincent Van Graves…

Vincent: *Reading a good suspense book* Trapped in an alternate world and facing uncertainty. dreading the possibility of being eaten by hairballs with Teeth as sharp as Titanium. How gruesome… how utterly sinister. Now this is a better scenario than the Intergalactic Demon. Much better. The Demon is still out there somewhere… just biding his time… but reading this book is better than the horrific Apocalyptic future that is foretold to come…


The doorbell rings…

Vincent: *Hearing the doorbell* dear… I wonder who that could be. It couldn’t be Martin that soon. He barely left about an hour ago. *Getting up and walking to the door* Coming. I hope it’s not one of those door to door salesmen… i chased them away 3 times already.

As soon as he reached the door, Vincent opened it and revealed Mrs. Copeland…

Vincent: *Looking at Mrs. Copeland* Ah… Mrs. Copeland. How nice of you to pay a Visit. I don’t suppose that this is a courtesy call. Is it?

Mrs. Copeland: No. It’s not. I am here to gather your support to Ban the Rhapsody Girls Z from doing their heroic bull. I have heard about them and all i hear is that things get ruined and they are allowed to walk away Squeaky Clean. It stops. I told Mrs. Rhapsody that i would ruin her livelihood if she didn’t clip their bastard wings. i meant it. We don’t need supers. The military and the regular Police are good enough.

Vincent: *A bit offended* I am afraid that you’re being a tad offensive. You are bashing the Family. The Rhapsody family are not Evil. Why don’t you like them? Plus… How do you know what they do? You never have met them. Have you?

Mrs. Copeland: Because i am a fond believer that they are freaks who shouldn’t be in public. I curse that day that they were even born. And no i haven’t met them… but i don’t need to meet them to know that all they do is run around doing as they will without any regard to anyone. Like they’re consistently above it all. I don’t know about you… but i for one have had it with their phony guise that they care solely about the people and not just themselves. They are gonna be made to be normal. I will get the city to agree with it. I will even petition for the Rhapsody Brothers whoever they are to be with clipped wings. The heroic bullshit stops. here and now.

Vincent: *Scoffs in disgust* That is completely callous and cruel in every way.

Mrs. Copeland: I don’t care. I don’t want them in this city. it’s gonna be that way. If you are with powers… you’re to quit them. This city is to be respected and to be normal. with dignity. Not be mocked by bullshit magic that doesn’t EXIST! That is the problem with all you supers. You all think that you can do what you want and not have to answer to anyone for what you do. But then if things don’t go your way… You throw Tantrums.  Heroes are freaks… The whole stinkin’ lot of them… All of you heroes are annoyances and hindrances.

Vincent: *Thinking to himself in his mind* We’ll see about that. won’t we?

Vincent walked away and went to his study to find a spell to send a person to another Plane. Minutes later he found the spell and chanted it in Russian but faced the Woman as he said it…

Vincent: *With the spellbook and reciting the spell in Russian* Mystic портал оживают … Шлюз галактической пустоте приходят открытые и через … Прорвать завесу времени и пространства. Откройте ваш bequeething оружие и разблокировать ваш взгляд … Распахнуть врата в неизведанное Пустоты. Дайте волю вашей энергии. Габаритные Шлюз … Открыт! (English Translation: Mystic Portal come alive… Gateway of galactic void come open and through… Pierce the veil of time and space. Open up your bequeething arms and unlock your sight… Open the gates to the uncharted Void. Unleash your Energy. Dimensional Gateway… OPEN!)

Within seconds a Portal opened…

Mrs. Copeland: *Glares* You defy me… Fine… You’re gonna be sorry. I know influential people. I know about you, You Rotten German. You are siding with that family… You’re just like they are. Well… for that… after i destroy Mrs. Rhapsody… I’m coming for you.

Vincent: *Chanting a Psychic Spell in French to Immobilize Mrs. Copeland* Body Piercing et âme … Remarquez casser … Contrôle corps à libérer votre force … laisser l’âme de l’être humain en vue. verrouiller toi l’esprit et le corps de l’utilisation. Décomposer le contrôle de l’esprit de toi de la chair Mortallic. Immobiliser! (English Translation: Piercing Body and Soul… Mind break… Controlling body release your strength… leave the soul of the human in sight. lock thee mind and body from use. Break down the control of thee mind of Mortallic Flesh. Immobilize!)

Mrs. Copeland: *Unable to move* What have you done to me? I can’t move. I can’t move.

Vincent: *Walking over to Mrs. Copeland* You were just Induced with a Immobilization spell. And the Effects will last till i say otherwise.

Mrs. Copeland: Let me out! Now!

Vincent: No. You were vouching to attack an innocent family.

Mrs. Copeland: *Scoffs* I was only trying to protect My daughter. She is hurting herself by being with an infectious family like those Rhapsodies. She was doing so well till they came around. Now All she can talk about… all she can think about is heroes like Sailor Luna… Martin amazing.  Miss Love, Bubble Maiden, Thunder Mistress. That family has hurt my girl by EXISTING!

Vincent: Why is it that you hate them so much? They never done a thing to hurt you. They haven’t attacked you.

Mrs. Copeland: They attacked me by infecting my daughter with their existence. Filling her up with such nonsense. My daughter had an innocent life. She was gonna be well raised. But yet… I am the bad person. I am the one she sees as the control freak. Because i can see the damage that the family causes. see the mess that they leave behind. No one sees that. They do something and it gets swept under the rug. You are kissing their asses. It makes me wonder if the reason why you side with them is because you’re in bed with their bitch grandmother.

Vincent: That is enough… Enough of your bile! They are not Evil. You are vengefully bashing them without a clout of reason. You have empty reasons as to why you feel that you must attack them. That is why i cast a spell to Immobilize you. That way you can’t move. And where i am sending you is a place that not even you can break from. You have vowed to attack all those who are different. You vouched to attack the Rhapsody family and attack the Grandmother of 3 girls i know and respect. You are seeking to cast harm on me and what i do because you see powers and magic… Things that your apparently small Mind CAN’T COMPREHEND! But i got news for you… you’re gonna be sent to another plane of Existence… Where you won’t be able to hurt an innocent family. Ever again. *Looking at Mrs. Copeland straight in the eyes  before pushing her into the portal* You Stay away from the Rhapsody family and my Boy.

Within a minute, The portal closed and the lady was gone from sight…

Vincent: The uncanny nerve of some people… always having to stir the pot for trouble. *Sighs and shaking his head* What ever shall i do with breaking the news to Martin? Or to Karen. She’s a sweet young girl and even though she didn’t like all that her mother had done with the controlling. It was still her mother. *Walking back to the Study Room and going back to reading*

Back at the Metropolis University Bulldog stadium…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Terra* see if you can create a path leading to the top of the Worm… I’m gonna see if i can use my Fire to punch a hole through the metal skin of the worm and inflict some damage on it.

Terra: *Nods* Okay. *creating a path of rocks and boulders leading to the top of the Metal Worm* Uhhh!

Prince Alvin: *Hoping on the rocks and getting on to the top*

Sailor Luna: *Blasting at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm*

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Blasting Ice power at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm*

Prince Avery:  *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Plasma Rapid fire!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Water Gusher!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Electric Seismic Shocker!

Karen: *With her mind trying to keep the Drillwork in place* Make your moves… i can’t hold on to this Worm forever…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: You got it…  *Looking at Karen* Good work Karen. *Looking at Sailor Luna* Luna, You ready to do the attacks?

Sailor Luna: *Nods at Martin* Let’s do it.

A second later…

Sailor Luna: *Running around fast and gaining speed as she charges up with power; Jumping up into the air and with her Moon wand Twirling it around with grace before landing and Aiming the tip at the target* Luna…. Cosmic… Sugarhearts… Beam… *Launching the Attack at (the Mecha Youma Drill Worm)* ATTACK!!!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Summoning a Star and Hopping on it; Riding it in formation before twirling around until a shape of a star is seen and is 20 feet in size/Diameter; then the star glows golden* Starlight Beam Radiation Swirl…ATTACK!! *Launching the attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm*

Prince Alvin: *Drawing fire from the nearby heat sources and bending the fire into a flash fire pit and Sending it to go under the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* This Worm might be of metal… and it might be inpervious to the Heat… But let’s see if it can mettle itself loose with my Fire… the Burning fire of Flaming Soul *Using his mind to cause the fire to increase and burn hotter* Come on fire… Burn hotter. tear at this Metal Worm. Let’s see how It likes the pain coming to it for a change. Make This Worm feel the might of the Fires wrath. *Unleashing the attack* Fiery Grill of Justice! Feel the Fire of Truth. Burn!

The Worm then breaks loose and fires its lasers at Luna and Martin… But they Evade from the hit just in time to escape being shot by the burning laser… Karen couldn’t hold on to it any longer…

Hearty Bubbles: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Loving Bubbles Rapid PUNCH!!!

Raven: *Stepping in to make another attack* Azara—

Terra: *Cutting in* I got this…. *With her Power Pulling up a huge Chunk of ground* Errrr—- Ahhhhh! *Holding the Piece of Ground Over her head and pointing it towards the Mecha Youma Drill Worm*

Titan Rising

Raven: *Getting up and Using telekinesis to cover the huge Rock* No! Terra! No!

Terra: *Feeling the Rock beginning to pull from her* Wha—? *Looking at Raven* What are you doing?

Raven: *holding control* It’s too dangerous… Someone could get hurt…

Terra: I know what i’m doing… Trust me. I can do this…

Sailor Luna: Raven is right… It is too dangerous… Someone here could get hurt by that.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Shooting an Energy barrier around the Rock with his Scepter* Terra. You’re using too much power… It could cause an Earthquake. Put it down…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Looking at one another*…  *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Elemental Marathon! Wave 1: Flash INFERNO!

Terra: Raven! Stop it! *Trying to pull the Rock back over to her*

Rhapsody Brothers: Elemental Marathon! Wave 2: Watery LIQUIDATION!

Raven: *Struggling to pull the Rock away from Terra*

Sailor Luna: Terra… Let go. Let that rock go. It is too dangerous to use that big a rock and you know it. This is the city… you could be liable to destroy it if you use this size of rock… using that much power at once… Stop it.

Hearty Bubbles: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Loving Bubbles WASH!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at the Mecha Youma Drill Worm* Elemental Marathon! Wave 3: Plasma’s Burning Nuclear BEAMS!

The Worm roared and lounged towards the girls and started to Shoot at the crew… but Prince Alvin managed to get up and throw some fire into the very mouth of the Mecha Youma Drill Worm… But the only thing they didn’t notice was that it only caused the worm to belch a little bit of the fire that was tossed within it…

Titan Rising

Raven: *Struggling to pull the Rock away still*


The Rock began to crack and weaken. The Worm of course looked at the girls fighting over the rock and prepared to fire…

Prince Alvin: *To Terra and Raven* Look out!

The Worm fired the Laser and it took out the rock and caused a radiation spread knocking everyone down and also the worm…

Titan Rising

Titan Rising

Titan Rising

Terra: *Looking at Raven in outrage at the same time Raven is looking at her* Way to go!

The girls all get up and Look to see the worm getting up and preparing to Dig its way into the ground and burrowing… The Brothers got up and saw that the monster was fleeing…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Paige and Pearl* Paige… Pearl… Come on… Let’s go! The Worm is getting away. We have to follow it. See where it’s going. Raven… Terra. You too. You two follow. Come on…

They all run over to where the worm was going and saw it going to the outside and across at the other side. The parking Structure that was right across from the Bulldog Stadium… They followed it and just barely reached the entrance when…

The Communicator beeps and Pearl opens hers to see Beryl on Screen…

Pearl: *Glares* Beryl!

Beryl: *On Screen* Pearl… The most sensitive member of the annoying heroic team… How good it is to see you and your flock again… I hope i didn’t catch you at a awkward time.

Pearl: The Worm… The Metallic Youma Drill worm… What are you planning?

Beryl: Well now… Dear Rhapsody girl… If you’re so curious to know… why not come down and find out?

Pearl: You can count on it… You are trying to destroy this city… We’re gonna stop you like we have time and time before.

Beryl: If you believe that you can do that… knock yourself out…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Star: *Looking at the screens and then at Christie* The screen is showing a trail of Tremors.

Christie: Each spot leads to another.

Star: But where are they going? Are those what caused the tremors?

Alice: *Monitoring the screens and watching* Yes. the things that have caused the tremors to hit are Mecha Youma Drill worms. And if we know about the Evil Queen and her constant meddling attitude… those are most definitely her grubby handy work. Her masterpiece.

Star: Beryl?! She’s behind this? Geez! what is her problem? Why is she constantly trying to wreck everything?

Alice: You could be asking the guys about it if they were here… but you are asking me. I am here keeping watch. The crew are out fighting another good fight.

Star: What are those Mecha worms doing here in the city anyway?

Christie: I don’t know… no one does… But whatever they’re doing here… they most definitely came with a plan. And whatever the plan is… You might just be betting that they’re doing the commands that Beryl gave them. They’re doing whatever Beryl tells them to do. if not more. or less.

Alice: You don’t know all that about Beryl… If you want to really know… Ask Luna. She’s got the dirt on her.

Star: You mean… she’s got the Nitty Gritty on the whole back drop of Beryl.

Alice: In not so much color to the phrase… Yes.

Star: *Feeling the ground shake a bit* I think that another quake hit.

Christie: I think that the screen is starting to show something…

Alice: *Looking at the Screens and seeing the trail flaring up again* Well… whatever it is… it looks like there are gonna be more tremors and Seismic outbreaks. They’re gonna pop off. somewhere and it’s in a deep tunnel.

Christie: It’s not leading to the tunnel that has the Mark in it… is it?

Star: *Looking at the screen* No. No… It’s going the other way and leading to somewhere else.

Alice: But the only problem is… Where?…

However partway down the Wormhole tunnel…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at the Tunnel and Shining some fire light down the tunnel leading the way* This tunnel is deep.

Prince Arnold: the Tunnel seems to go for a couple thousand miles by the way it’s leading further and deeper.

Prince Avery: I Don’t know what that Worm is up to… but whatever it is… It’s nothing good. It’s trekking down further… We got a long ways to go to get to where that Worm is… Where ever that Worm has gone off to.

Paige: We’ll have to keep our eyes open.

Pearl: The main thing is that we at least had gotten that worm away from the people. Away from the public.

Sailor Luna: It’s dark and cold here…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: How far do you think it goes on for? There should be an end to this tunnel… Right?

Prince Curtis: We need to be sure to listen in for any uncommon movement. it will lead us to the worm. To Beryl.

Prince Alvin: That is actually quick and sharp thinking there, Prince Curtis. That’d be a great idea.

Paige: *Looking at her Communicator and checking on the navigation… Following the trail of the Worm* The worm is up ahead… or at least a clearing…

Pearl: It shouldn’t be too much further…

However in the back a few steps away from the group…

Titan Rising

Terra: *Walking beside Raven* Sorry about that Tug of war incident that happened back there with the worm. You know that i would never do anything to hurt the girls.

Raven: *Dryly* Whatever…

Terra: *Sighs* Look! I don’t know what your problem is… but get over it. If i am gonna become one of the Rhapsody Girls… we have to get along.

Titan Rising

Raven: *Stops and Looks at Terra with a serious and angered stare* You’re not part of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Not yet. And if you do anything to Endanger The Rhapsody Girls again by your actions… You never will be. Next time when i say that something’s too dangerous… *Shouts loud and directing it right at Terra* TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!

Raven then walks on and goes on forward….

Terra: *Looking at Prince Arnold* Why does it seem like she hates me?

Prince Arnold: I think that she kinda hates everyone. But also maybe even loves everyone too… it’s a give and take with her… Sometimes she’s cheerful… Sometimes she’s just in one of her warpath moods. She is known to have her mere Temper tantrums. but she’s not bad. Moody… but you know how it is. Dark powered and kinda being seclusive will do that to you. I should know… when Prince Alvin first laid eyes on her… Let’s just say… that he saw her as no more than a threat. and she kinda re verbalized that she’d send him to another dimension if he didn’t watch his tone… It’s like a territorial thing with her.

Terra: I’ll keep that in mind.

A Moment later when they had gotten a little further, they looked straight ahead and noticed a clearing… a Small opening in the tunnel… A Chamber that looked empty and possibly a dead end…

Raven: *Looking around and seeing no alternate way out* Dead end.

Sailor Luna: *Walking over to the side of the wall and sensing something* Not quite, Raven… There could be a way.

Prince Alvin: I agree with Luna… There might be a way out… But there is someone who can detect if there is anything within…

Prince Avery: Who’s that?

Prince Alvin: Alice. She’s got Psychic Foresight and suffers Visions. She can possibly detect something… or see if there is something here…

Pearl: Better hope so… Because this crack in the wall… the readings show that it’s deep. Really Deep.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: We’re looking for a way out… not a way to go deeper into the worm hole. We’re deep enough that if there is a cave in… we’ll be stuck here…

Sailor Luna: No. we won’t. we will get out of here…

Prince Alvin then backs away and without anyone looking… teleports out of there and goes to get Alice…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Alice: *Walking out to the back yard and Checking out the fuses* The power went out… and it’s not coming back on. how the heck are we gonna be able to see what’s going on in the city if there is no power here?

Star: And it’s only this house that’s lost the power.

Christie: Is that a good thing?

Star: It is most certainly a bad thing.

Christie: Do you think that you will be able to find the fuses and get the power put back on? It is just the fuses that are the issue, Right?

Alice: It ought to be…

But a minute later while outside in the back near the Fusebox…

Alice: those tremors are starting to cause more and more damage… But the strangest thing is that the rest of the city isn’t really feeling it. it’s just here and certain locations.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in and Grabbing Alice*

Alice: *Letting out a quick scream*

Prince Alvin: Alice… *Whispering* It’s me…

Alice: *Looking to see Prince Alvin* Prince Alvin?! What are you doing here… Where are the others?

Prince Alvin: They’re still in the Tunnel. the Wormhole that was dug by that Mechanical Youma Drill Worm.

Alice: Shouldn’t you be helping them? They’e gonna need your help too.

Prince Alvin: I know. But i came back to get you… There is something that we found and are detecting. But we need someone with the foresight. Luna detected that there was something else in the clearing of the Worm Hole…

Alice: *Gasps* You’re kidding? Does she know what it could be?

Prince Alvin: No.

Alice: What about the others? Paige and Pearl… Don’t they know?

Prince Alvin: No  They know that something is there… they can feel it. but they don’t have that foresight. the Psychic presence that is needed. You’re the only one who can.

Alice: Okay. I’ll come and help that. I just need to take care of the fuses here… The power went out here not long ago. And there are a few more tremors too. The weird thing is that we’re the only ones who mainly feel it. No one else does.

Prince Alvin: There is nothing that we can do about the power. If Beryl is planning something… The power will be most certainly the least of our troubles…

Alice: *Nods* Let’s go…

At The new Watchtower…

Black Canary: *Catching readings on the tremors popping up all over Metropolis* Metropolis is in some trouble… Chloe. We have a problem.

Chloe: *sighs* I’m trying to get a hold of the USGS Metropolis station. I am also trying to hack in to their systems and find out if they’re picking up readings of any tremors being recorded on their Seismographs… So far nothing.

Victor Stone: What do you suppose is going on?

Oliver: Something must be causing the tremors. They don’t just come out of nowhere and happen to just hit just seconds after the other. and one after another.

Black Canary: Hold on to the stack, Leathery green tights… If there is something going on… we’ll get it and stop it.

Victor Stone: Granted that we know what it is. There is a trail showing and reading off where it’s heading… but as to what it could be… we don’t know. *Looking at the screens* Whatever it is though… it’s making alot of ground. Breaking through the ground with all they have. All it has. Whatever it is.

Oliver: We need to track it. Follow its lead.

Chloe: It couldn’t be that simple. *Getting a busy signal* There is no lead on the tremors. I can’t get through to the USGS. No one is there picking up. The lines there are all dead.

Victor Stone: *Looking at Chloe with a feeling of lost hope* So what do we do?

Chloe: We keep track of the readings and if there is a fix on the tremors and what is causing them. Something is causing them to pop up… We just need to find out what it is and what they’re planning. But why would there be tremors in the city now? They didn’t have any Earthquakes or tremors in over 20 years…


Black Canary: *Getting a reading on the screen* We’re picking up readings from the City… The tremors are going on again… 20 meters down and 100 miles away… underneath the Metropolis University Dorm building.  it’s leading off to the Planet. underneath it.

Victor Stone: We must go and check it out…

Chloe: Exactly… Victor… You and Black Canary go and check it out… but be careful.

Black Canary: You got it.

At the Dance studio…

It was a rather bad day for Grandma Rikku… She wasn’t really feeling so chipper as it was one of those days where she was mourning the loss of her Two daughters. Mourning the loss of Princess Rikku and Princess Aquamarine… But even though she was mourning them… She was mostly Mourning Princess Rikku’s death the most as it was a death done by a Murder. She was at the back of the dance studio when she started feeling the depression… she knew that she couldn’t stay and suddenly got up and left there before she wound up losing it. She didn’t want to lose it in front of the class that she was teaching. She walked out and made way to the Park to sit alone…

However… while on her way there… She came across a Man who was just Walking with a girl. a young girl who looked like a Muslim… She almost didn’t see them when she was only a few inches away from accidentally bumping into them…

Grandma Rikku: *Looking at the Man* Sorry.

Man: *Smiles; With Russian Accent* Oh… it’s okay. It was more our fault as we were not watching. It’s been rather bizarre morning and a peculiar day today…

Girl: Uh-huh. Weird. Shaking and tremors. all morning.

Grandma Rikku: What?! Where?

Man: All over city. Most of city has been feeling it. It’s been all over American news… They been talking about it ongoing. each tremor about a 5.4 as they said… back to back. We stayed here to watch Television all morning.

Grandma Rikku: I was wondering why the ground kept vibrating off and on all morning. I just left the Dance Studio and was just was on my way to the park. But all morning i kept feeling the ground just vibrate every so often… But i thought that it was just me. I thought that it was just my mind imagining things. Although today isn’t really the very best of days. I was kinda mourning again…

Man: Mourning?

Girl: *Curious* Why?

Grandma Rikku: Because a couple years ago… I lost my daughter… to a murderer.

Man: Oh my… i am sorry to hear that.

Grandma Rikku: *Smiles a little and trying to keep from letting herself lose it* I don’t know who you are… But i do appreciate your sympathy about my loss. It is hard for me to even break it out to just anyone on the outside of the family or to anyone who isn’t close to my family or a friend… I’d be seen as a mess just for talking of it and holding on to the mourning like a security blanket. But i can’t help it. The Loss still gets to me every so often. It’s been about 2 years since the loss and i am still in agony about it. A week after the death of my Daughter Princess Rikku had happened… we all held a Funeral service for my Daughter. Pearl one of My Grand daughters took it the hardest. Dinah who is another one of my grand daughters was in Rage over it and then following that was the part where she was in agony. Paige another of my Grand daughters felt lost and wanted to give up her hero half because of the loss. Solely because she and her sisters… were all heroes. Paige, Pearl And Dinah are known as the heroic team… The Rhapsody Girls Z! They of course only been with their mother since age 8 because before then… they were kept from her. The Doctors back then were looking for perfect people to study and the 3 girls were the one who fit. My daughter was made to believe that she was done conceiving after she had Betty and Angel who are another 2 of my Grand Daughters. for 8 years… Paige Pearl and Dinah were made to be on the streets. Then at age 8… they united with their mother. but only to lose her at age 15. They took the loss the hardest.  They all cried. as for me that night after the service was done… I was at the Local Bar with my sister Charlene and  Brother John… i had a couple drinks and hoped that it’d drown my sorrows. It did. But only for a moment. I cried myself to sleep. did that for almost 2 and a half weeks solid. Sometimes in my sleep i could swear that i was hearing my Daughter’s voice. In my sleep. I would wake up in a cold sweat and it would take me about an hour each time to shake it off and believe that she was still alive and wasn’t dead. But then when the morning came… i’d come to realize that Princess Rikku, My sensitive Daughter was still gone. Dead. That the belief that she was still alive was in fact still a pipe dream. an illusion. if nothing else than that.

Man: Oh goodness gracious… That is endearingly sad… Truly heartbreaking.

Grandma Rikku: I just want her back. I can still remember the night it happened. My first reaction over it as it happened…

She then recalls a piece of that fateful sad night…

“Rhapsody Girls: *Crying* WAAAAA!

Rikku: *Coming in through the front door and seeing her granddaughters crying* What’s going on… *Seeing a dead body in the living room and seeing the girls all around it* Who’s that?

Paige: *Crying* It’s our mom. She’s dead. She’s dead….

Rikku: *Suddenly feeling her heart drop and running over in a flash over to her deceased Daughter’s body* No! Not my baby. Not my sweet sweet baby. *Kneeling down beside her daughter and shaking her daughter* Honey… Wake up. Wake up. Please wake up!

No reaction…

Pearl: It’s no use. Grandma Rikku… She’s gone and there is no getting through to her. Betty even tried to emit some of her holy magic into her and even that didn’t work.

Rikku: *Crying suddenly and hugging her dead daughter* First i lose Princess Aquamarine and literally tear out my heart in sadness over her death… now i have to bury my most sensitive baby…”

Grandma Rikku: It still hurts even today…

Girl: That’s so sad. An innocent girl like her being killed. I am betting that she must have been very beautiful.

Grandma Rikku: *Touched* Awwww! Thank you…

Man: *Speaking Russian* Существует больше, чем это … не так ли? Пожалуйста, сделайте продолжаться … Мы не хотели бы вы провести его, и он сделать вас больным. (English Translation: There is more to it than that… isn’t there? Please do go on… We wouldn’t want you to hold it in and it make you sick.)

Grandma Rikku: *Nods slowly and feeling rather in agony as she begins to tell it* It is sad… But on that day… the whole family was there to say goodbye to my daughter. They were in mourning as they had to cast farewell to her. Paige, Pearl and Dinah were having a terrible time coping with the loss. There was so much that they wanted to know from her… about her. They wanted to be with her… Seeing their mother lying there in the coffin… Pearl took it deeper and harder than that… She wrote an entry in her Journal that to me was convincingly suicidal… the way it came out. My sister Trixie also thought it to be as suicidal too. But Dinah… who is an Expectant mother now… She shined some insight on the matter and speaking through a mother’s point of View. Which broke through and made me realize… why the entry was done… On the day of the Memorial… They gave their Eulogies about their mother. In front of everyone and expressed their emotions. how they felt about the loss. Saying their very last goodbyes to their mother…

She shares a Flashback…

“Paige: *With her sisters Pearl and Dinah standing behind the Podium* Hi, We’re here to say good-bye to a very loving lady. Our mother, Princess Rikku Rhapsody. We knew her as this resourceful person. She was always sure what to do. She was more than our mother. she was our shelter from the storm. Our light. Our hope. We would hear stories from her about how family was like to her before she became a mother. She would have doubts. worries that somewhere down the line she’d be failing. Failing in being a mother and wind up losing the chance of being a mother. But she also told how she kept going through it even if it meant that she was hurting. She wanted peace. When she gave life to her first two daughters… she was thought to be done. but knew that she wasn’t. and was made to believe that she was done. for 8 years we had felt like blaming her for forgetting about us. we were left to fend for ourselves. with no home. it was like that for 8 years. but then when we reunited with our mother… it was like we were family again. She felt sorry and we forgave her for it. we knew that it was the doctors who forced her to believe that we did not exist. but we didn’t know all the morbid details. we didn’t really want to know. But we loved our mother. we always have. we just wish that we had more time with her. being with her.

Pearl: *Trying not to break down with tears* i am the most sensitive one here so bear with me if i break down while doing this. Losing my mom is just heartbreaking as it has crippled us. Our mom was an angel. She led a good life. mostly sad. because of the mean people in her childhood that tortured her. mocked her and teased her. She was this great person. whenever we had a problem… she’d always be there to talk it out with us. she’d help us. Like when were with a situation concerning a bully at school. She’d talk to us and help us calm down. Or about relationship issues. as early as they’d be… she’d know what to say. I remember when Dinah got her first Kiss. She felt like she was the biggest Wuss for running off scared after being told the 3 words of deep affection. She ran off and went all the way home. But our mother heard her speak of what happened. She spoke about what happened and they got it solved.Dinah soon got a visitor and it was the boy that liked her alot. loved her. he even recited a poem. which was romantic. and before we knew what happened. Dinah received her first kiss. and it was like things all fell in place. Our mom knew what to say and how to pick apart the issue and talk it over. She was very understanding. I even had problems too like wondering why all my attempts of having a date or two got ruined… I was with hurt by it… but she assured me that sometimes things happen that we don’t like. it didn’t really make me feel much calmer but i took it to heart and understood what it was that she was saying. i understood how she was seeing it. When we were hurt… she would always be there to help heal us. like when i dislocated my leg. She rushed me right to the hospital and got it taken cared of. I was scared because i had to get my leg broken in order to fix it. but my mom was there the whole time. She had me squeeze her hand and she had me bite on something and bite the pain. She took the pain away. Our mom was the best. but… *Suddenly seeing their mom in the coffin* Now that our mom is dead… we won’t be able to enjoy all the great things that she is able to do. She was a wonderful listener. always hearing our problems and helping us solve them every time. *feeling her lips starting to Quiver* We are gonna miss her. *Upset and within seconds Crying* Our mom is gone and there is nothing we can do to get her back. It’s not fair.

Dinah: *Suddenly breaking down in an burst of anguish; Looking at her mother in the coffin* I’m sorry mom. For giving you a hard time. I gave you a hard time quite a bit. and i even took it too far sometimes. I never gave you the peace you deserved as i should have done. I… *Crying and screaming in devastation* I can’t believe i was so stupid. i gave her a hard time and i never eased up as i did it. She was always there for me and i repaid her by just giving her a hard time. I am the worst daughter ever… Mom better come back and Haunt me for it. i deserve it. *Suddenly pounding on the coffin and venting off in agony; breaking down* I am so sorry mom. i wish that you would come back and let me apologize for all those times that i’ve given you a hard time.

Pearl: *Crying* I want my mom…

Paige: Let’s do a # for mom. something that will be emotional. heartfelt.

Dinah: But we don’t know of any sad or heartfelt songs like that.

Pearl: At least not by heart.

Paige: Think… there has to be a sad song that we can do.

Pearl: *Remembering something* I just thought of something. Remember when we were 10 Mom had put on this animated Movie with 3 girls who are the female counterparts to the chipmunks?

Dinah: *Nods while feeling agony* I guess so. *Sighs* Let’s do it.

A second later…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Singing with agony and with a deeply saddened heart* “Hard to remember,
Summer or winter,
When she hasn’t been there for me…
A friend and companion,
I can always depend on,
My mother, that’s who I need…

Taken for granted,
She said she planned it,
She’s always behind everything…
A teacher, a seeker,
I’d go far to reach her,
My mother, that’s who I need…

Wish I could slow down
The hands of time…
Keep things the way
They are…
If she said so,
I would give her the world if I could,
I would…

My love and my laughter,
From here ever after,
Is all that she says that she needs…
A friend and companion,
I could always depend on,
My mother, that’s who I need…
My mother, that’s who I need…
That’s who I need.

The girls all cried and it must have taken a few moments before they stopped. They shared one final cry and barely look at the crowd when suddenly they feel a faint presence come to them. it came from the coffin and it was a spirit. Their mother looked at the girls and smiled at them. The girls fainted and just blacked out…”

Man: *Feeling Weepy* Please… Please… no more. no more… The agony of knowing 3 good girls losing mother. It’s tragic.

Girl: It be very sad. i want to cry because it is sad.

a second later…

Grandma Rikku: It’s okay though… At least i still have my Grand daughters and they have bits and pieces of her. in them. *Clears her throat a little* I needed to let that out. It is just hard for a mother to let out things that remind her of the most painful time in her life. My Grand Daughter Dinah is gonna be with 3 babies soon. I don’t want her to ever have to endure something like that.

Man: Well… if god be kind and gentle… she never shall endure such thing like that.

Grandma Rikku: What’s your name? You seem kind and very nice…

Man: I’m Grigory Nordinsky… And this here is daughter Irene. We were having Father-Daughter outing.

Grandma Rikku: That’s sweet. I used to have outings with my daughters when they were young. How old is she?

Irene: 12.

Grandma Rikku: You’re kidding… You know… i have a grand daughter who is 12 too… Her name is Luna. We should set up a time for you to meet her. She’s really nice and she’s sweet. She can dance and sing.

Grigory: That’s lovely. I am betting that girl can sing like wondrous Pigeon. Beauty and light.

Grandma Rikku: Very much so.

Grigory: But how bout you… What is name of you?

Grandma Rikku: I’m Rikku Rhapsody. Single Grandmother.

Grigory: That is lovely name…

Back in the clearing in a Cavern made by the Mechanical worm…

Prince Arnold: *Looking to see Prince Alvin Missing* Where’s Prince Alvin?

Sailor Luna: *Shrugs* Don’t know… He just vanished. He was just here a minute ago…

Pearl: *Looking around* He couldn’t have vanished.

Paige: That’s impossible. There is no way that he could have just disappeared like that. We would have seen him if he left. But he’s here… Somewhere. Let’s find him.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Feeling strange*

Sailor Luna: *Looking at Martin* Martin, Are you feeling alright?

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Nods* Yeah. I’m okay. At least i think that i am… Just feeling very strange is all. Is it just me… or is the ground starting to  tremble a little?

Terra: It wasn’t me. I’m not even twitching.


Prince Alvin: *Teleporting into the Cavern with Alice* I’m back.  Let’s have a feel at what could be behind this wall..

Alice: *Walking over to the Wall and getting a psychic reading* Something is here… A load of electronics and a heartbeat. A strong heartbeat.

Paige: There is only one person we know that could be out down here… and behind that wall…

Pearl: Beryl.

Terra: *Walking over*

Suddenly Alice started channeling the Voice of Beryl…

Alice: *With her hand against the wall and feeling energy coming from it; As Beryl* This will bring those Rhapsody Girls down… Without a place to call home. This plan will put an end to them… Here shall mark the end of the Rhapsody Girls Z! The end of tough girl Dinah… They will soon find out that this Queen is not playing around. *Snapping out of the trans* Whoa! That was bad… We got a problem… Beryl is planning on nailing you guys. She’s set this attack up and plans to take you all down.

Terra: Why don’t we go on down there where she is and deal with her… Find out what’s in that wall… *Holding her hands in front of her and with her hands suddenly glowing Yellow* …

But seconds later…

Tremors started hitting and then stopped.

Raven: *Looking back at Terra with an annoyed stare* …

Terra: *Looking at Raven* Are you possibly ever gonna lighten up or are you set on giving me the look every time an Earthquake hits?

Suddenly the ground opened up and 3 Mecha Youma Drill worms came out and made like they were about to attack when suddenly, they left and Dug a path through the side of the wall and dug their way out…

Princess Curtis: *Calling out to the Worms* Uh, You worms are blind, aren’t you? the heroes are over here… we’re right here… Don’t you want to try us? *Looking back at the brothers* Can you really believe this? We just got snuffed and blown off. I mean that granted that we’re not all that much a threat to them as far as they know… but they could at least have tried to put up at least a little bit of a fight.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I think that it’s because we are not their targets. Whatever they were coming out and posing to do… it isn’t exactly us that they’re plotting to do it to.

Prince Avery: With one of those things… there is considerable mayhem and rattled nerves. but with 3 of those on the loose. They could most definitely push to wreck anything in the city. anything or everything that they get their hides close to…

Titan Rising

Terra: We’ve got to stop them…

Raven: we’ve got to stop the Evil Queen Beryl.

Paige: Right. Pearl, You and 3 of the brothers take the lead and go after the worms… Prince Alvin… you take Alice back home and then come back. I’m going with Luna, Martin and Karen. Terra, Raven… We’re going after Beryl.

Pearl: *Looking at Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis* Water Lord, Plasma-Core… Electric Rage, Let’s move!

A minute later…

After they left off to follow the worms…

Prince Alvin quickly leaves to take Alice back home where it was safe and then as soon as a few seconds… came back. Terra was not too calm with Raven being around…

Terra: I can take care of this on my own… shouldn’t Raven go and assist Pearl and the brothers? I know how to dig a Tunnel.

Prince Alvin: No… She is Just as good at digging a tunnel and moving Earth as you are… As it is… we’re going through solid rock… Solid Sedimentary Rock. We are gonna need you both.

Raven: Nice try with sending me away… Not gonna work.

Paige: *Looking at the Communicator* I have a reading… There is movement in the wall… 50 meters in… 650 feet deep.

Terra: No Problem.

Prince Alvin: Terra… Raven. Get started…  I’m gonna be back. I’m taking Alice back to the house… she’s safest there… but you girls get started.

Paige: But take it slow. We don’t know how stable or unstable the rocks are.

Terra and Raven already started with Blasting at the wall and digging a hole through the wall busting their way through…

Sailor Luna: *Looking at Karen and Martin* Let’s follow Terra and Raven. They’re gonna need our help.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: Ladies first.

Karen: *Nods*

As for Pearl and the remaining members of the brothers…

Pearl: *seeing 3 tunnels* 3 tunnels and there’s four of us…

Prince Avery: Prince Arnold and i will take the middle one.

Prince Curtis: I got the one on the right.

Pearl: That leaves me with the one on the left… Okay. Let’s get with it. Rhapsody Brothers… Move out!

Prince Avery: Guys… You heard the lady… let’s get to it!

Prince Curtis: On it.

They all spread out and try to do whatever they can to slow the worms down… Prince Arnold and Prince Avery used their powers of Water and Plasma to try and fuse the Worm’s tail to the tunnel and Immobilize it. But it broke loose and continued on. Prince Curtis going at the worm in the right tunnel…tried to short circuit the worm. It worked for about a minute before shutting down. but it was just when it was thought to be done with that worm when suddenly it jammed ahead and continued on with it’s objective. Pearl though Couldn’t stop the worm in the tunnel she was in… She could only follow it and hope that where ever it was going that it was gonna only pose minimal danger…

At Grandma Rikku’s House…

In the Girls room…

Dinah: *Feeling worried* Star, Christie… Is there something going on that i should know about?

Christie: Not really. Just a few tremors. Nothing to really worry about.

Star: Besides… whatever it is… it’ll pass. The power is still off. There is nothing we can do to turn it on. It seems as though this house is without power only. The other houses are all fine. but this one… has none.

Dinah: *Looking at her stomach* My little ones are feeling that something isn’t right. I don’t blame them. I also feel it.

Christie: Dinah,  i know how it must feel for you… but you really shouldn’t be worrying about it. The power should come back on at anytime. Once it does… you’ll see that there is nothing to worry about.

Dinah: *Looking to see Ami at the door* Ami, What going on?

Ami: *Shrugs* I don’t know… i’ve been working on the forms all morning. besides… there is a lot of paper to fill up and write on. Come September… the way your babies are growing and how much weight you’ve gained…. You’re likely to conceive no later than the 7th.

Dinah: *Starting to get Cranky* Doesn’t anyone know what the hell is going on here? I know that something is up. There has been tremors going off all doggone morning. There is possibly something going on that shouldn’t be. My sisters and the brothers have been gone all morning. Something is going on… So someone… Stop the bull and tell me.

Star: *Sighs* Okay… Okay… But just know that you are warned… this is not gonna sit well with you.

Christie: There has been multiple tremors. each one leading right on cue. one after another. but the oddest thing about it is that there has been no reported damage. But there has been also a trail of seismic activity. A trail of it and it originally stopped at the Met U Football stadium. The Bulldog Stadium. Since then… it spread and went underground. we don’t know where and or how… but it’s underground now… Something was making those and Before the power went out… we caught the face behind the problem.

Dinah: Spill it.

Christie: It was Beryl.

Dinah: Beryl? As in Dark Kingdom whack job Psycho who possesses powers that make her one who forgot to pay her Electric bill… That Beryl?

Star: *Laughing a little* That line is totally messed up. But seems to be one way of putting it. Yeah. It was her. She is behind what is going on and i don’t think it’s all coincidental.

Christie: Same here…

Dinah: This stinks. My sisters are out busting their butts trying to beat down Beryl and i am stuck here… Lovely. *Agitated* I swear to it… that if anything happens to my sisters… you’re gonna be looking at a very pissed off Pregnant woman and i guarantee that you don’t want to see me pissed. So unless everyone wishes to see me pissed off… My sisters better come back in one piece. I am not even kidding.

Ami: A pissed off Pregnant person is spooky… We better hope that her sisters come back from the danger…

At the Metropolis Shrine…

Rei: *Reading through the fire* There is Evil stirring.  *working a seance* Ancient spirits of the fire… guide me. Guide me into the fires… show us the face of the Evil. Show us the source of the Evil that has come. Who is this Evil that comes?

Rei then sees the face of Beryl and sees the devastation that is said to occur…

Rei: Beryl… *Gasps* She’s gonna destroy the Rhapsody girl’s house hold. she’s gonna sink it. Using the Worms to do it. The tremors were just a smokescreen. It was a ploy. I better notify Minako. She’s gonna want to know about it…

inside the Tunnel leading to a underground lair…

Sailor Luna: We’re almost there.

Karen: We’re about to break through.

Paige: Right. There is an opening. Just a little more…

Within seconds they reached the end and broke through…

Terra and Raven looked in and saw an underground Lair. It was with a Hologram in the center with a computer that was whirring and running. The Lair had a few stairs and a construction elevator on the other side. Paige, Luna, Martin and Karen stepped in and looked around and gasped at what they were seeing….

In the Tunnels… working the left tunnel/worm hole…

Pearl/Bubble Maiden: *Using her Bubble element to try and hold the Worm back* I can’t let this worm break to the surface…

But before she could grab a better handle on the Worm… A loose rock fell and and knocked her back. Pearl got up and took a look at her communicator which showed a reading on the worms movement.

Pearl: *Seeing the reading and in dread; Reaching the brothers* Rhapsody brothers… you better brace yourselves. The worms are about to hit the surface and what ever their target is… They’re aimed to hit and break ground with everything it has to dish out.

Prince Avery: *Responding* Don’t worry, Pearl. We’re on it and following the Worms….

A minute later…

On the surface and a few feet away from their house…

Pearl: *Seeing the mechanical worms getting into formation; conjoining into a circle and forming above a house; Gasps* Oh no… NO!!! NO!!! *Getting on the Communicator* Bubble Maiden to Miss Love… Come in. We’ve got a problem… A Fatally dreadful problem… We know what the target is. It’s our house. The Worms are attacking our house…

underground in the Lair…

Paige: *Looking at the Hologram and seeing the schematics of the machine; replying* It’s not just under attack… It’s about to be sunk. Underground.

Back on the surface…

Prince Avery: One going down and one laser going up. *Looking at Pearl* If anyone of those things break through…  You’re gonna be needing a new place to live.

Pearl: *Angry* That’s my mom’s house… That house belonged to Princess Rikku. and then got taken over by our grandmother. Beryl is taking it over my dead body… GRRRR!!!! *Flying up and Firing bubbles at the Mechanical worms*

Prince Arnold: *Teleporting to the top of the worm and Blasting Water at it heavily* Protect Aunt Rikku’s house…

Prince Avery: *Blasting Plasma at the Mechanical Youma Drill worm* We can not allow for Beryl to sink it. This is the only home that the girls know. If they don’t have this place… Then what do they have?

Prince Curtis: *Blasting Electric at the Mechanical Youma Drill worm* Nothing. I don’t want them to be on the streets. Dinah’s gonna be conceiving in September. There is no way that her little ones are gonna be living on the streets.

The worms continued to blast the lasers down into the ground in a Circular motion as it continues to tear at the ground…

Back underground inside the Underground Lair…

Miss Love: *Blasting at the Mechanical Youma Drill worm* Love’s CROSS!

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in and Blasting at the Mechanical Youma Drill worm* Flaming Skulls!

Sailor Luna: *Blasting at the Mechanical Youma Drill worm* Luna Sucre Candy!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Blasting at the Mechanical Youma Drill worm* Titanium Blades

Terra: *Blasting Rocks at the Mechanical Youma Drill worm*

Raven: *Blasting Dark energy at the Mechanical Youma Drill worm*

Prince Alvin: *Seeing no damage being done* Oh crap… Holy damn… Not a Scratch… there is not even a Dent on the Worm.

Miss Love: *Close by the controls* I think that we’re gonna need to hack into the computer. It’s gonna be our only chance in stopping this… *Getting on the Controls and trying to hack into the computer*


Beryl: *Walking over and Blasting Purple Mist at Paige* Surrender!

Sailor Luna: *Gasps* Paige… Look-out!

Miss Love: *Getting knocked back towards the Elevator* Ahhh! ohhh!

Terra & Raven: *Running Towards Paige and Queen Beryl; Trying to tend to Paige’s rescue* Paige!

Miss Love: *Looking at Terra and Raven; Fighting back with Beryl and getting backed into the Elevator* Don’t worry about me… Get to the controls. That Machine’s got to be stopped.

Beryl: *In the Elevator*  Good… I’ve now got you all to myself now Rhapsody. You’re gonna be defeated once and for all. You’re gonna find out at last what it feels like to be attacked for derailing my Ambitions.

Miss Love: *Fighting Beryl*

The Elevator starts going up…

Terra: *Looking at Raven* Well… It looks like it is just you and me…

Raven: *Looking back to see Karen, Luna, Martin and Prince Alvin* Not quite… *Heading over to Hack into the computer* We gotta hack into the Computer…

Terra: *Summoning out for a Rock and using it to send it over to the Computer* Why must we try hacking in when we can just Smash it?

Raven: *By the controls* … *Stopping the Rock with Dark Energy* No! We don’t know how this thing works… If we smash it… we will never be able to stop this machine…

Terra: *Trying to retake control of the Rock* Or we could just stop it faster and sooner…  Saving our home.

Sailor Luna: No Terra. That is not how it works… And you know that…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: This Machine is unknown. It could control the worms… If we break this computer before we can hack it… or try to get into it’s systems… We won’t be able to stop it.

Terra: *Struggling* why can’t you guys just trust me?

Sailor Luna:  Because… You haven’t earned the right to be trusted yet. You don’t deserve it, Terra.

Raven: *Looking at Terra* You really think that after everything you’ve done the last time you came… that we’re to assume that you can control your powers? I have to train and meditate everyday to keep my powers in line… And you just assume that we’re to believe that you can just control yours? Trust is something that you have to Earn.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: That is right… Terra. You almost destroyed the city last time… Do you really think that we’d be all that happy and just trusting in someone who’s got the ability to control Earth and possibly destroy anything in their wake?

Terra: *Lost* But… How? How do i Earn it?

Raven: You start by trusting us!

Sailor Luna: That’s right. Trust is to be Earned… Not Given.

Terra: *Letting go and letting the rock fall down on the side*

Raven: *Going back to working on the computer*

Prince Alvin: *Seeing a couple Rocks starting to fall* Raven! Look out! *Teleporting over and grabbing for Raven; Ducking for Cover*

The Collapsing rocks that fell loose came down right on the computer and short Circuiting it. But because of the computer shorting out… It caused the Worm’s Lasers to Intensify the power and fire the Lasers at full force…

Terra: *Chuckles Nervously* Okay… Maybe smashing the Computer was a bad idea.

however in the Elevator…

Miss Love: *Fighting Beryl and trying to land punches and kicks at Beryl* You are just pissed because we are not letting you win. You need to get the hell over yourself, Beryl. You’re Evil. You should know that Evil never wins. It never had. You keep living this Illusion that it will win you and get you all that you would like… It doesn’t work that way. It is high time that you understood that. For once in your life.

As they were fighting…

The Rock or slab of Earth started to come down…

Miss Love: *Looking up at the top* Oh god… Grandma Rikku’s house… It’s…

Beryl: Going down! Finally putting an end to you and your family’s constant meddling in my affairs.

Miss Love: Bitch!

Beryl: Brat!

Back up on the Surface…

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: *Feeling the shaking and the sensation of the house sinking* What’s going on?

Star: Don’t ask.


Bubble Maiden: *Looking at the brothers* Come on… keep trying… we have to stop that Worm.

Prince Avery: How are we to do that? We’ve fired every attack that we possible had on the worms and nothing worked.

Victor Stone: *Running into the scene* That would mean that you’re gonna need a little bit of Cybernetic Muscles…

Black Canary: And a bit of The deadly Siren… *Showing up* Don’t worry about the Worms… We’ll get them. If you could do the fly and get us on top of the Worms… We can handle it. Victor can Punch into the Worm and Yank out the Wires that are inside the worm causing it to short-circuit on themselves.

Victor Stone: It’s gonna be easy. there hasn’t been a computer in my life that i could not hack into. that goes for Security systems too.

Prince Arnold: Right. *Looking at Pearl* Pearl… You take Victor. Prince Curtis, You take Black Canary. It’s up to them now… See about taking that Worm out of commission.

Bubble Maiden: You got it. Beryl is not taking this house away from us… That Evil Bitch is gonna be asking for a whole lot of pain… *Taking Victor to the top of the Worm and Holding on to the Worm as tight as possible* Victor, Go. Do what you can, Just Knock this thing out and dismantle it.

Victor Stone: *Punching a Hole into the Metallic Steel Skin of the worm and Grabbing a couple plugs; Plugging the wires into his right arm* Obtaining blueprints of worm… Blueprints of Worm Obtained. *Contacting Watchtower* Cyborg to Watchtower. obtained the Blueprints of the Metallic Worm and sending them to you now…

Chloe: *Voice* Good work Cyborg. Finish off the worm.

Inside the house…

Dinah: *Freaking out* Girls… get me out of here… Now. I don’t want to die in here… not now. I am only 17. I don’t want to die yet. *Getting up and starting to make a run for the door* I’m getting out of this house till it’s back to normal…

Star: Dinah, Calm down… nothing is going on. You’ll be fine. The house is not sinking.

Christie: I think that we’re kidding ourselves. The house is sinking. The tremors are getting worse.

Ami: *Looking outside* there is something going on outside. I don’t think that the tremors were by Seismic Activity. What ever the Tremors were like before… It’s now got a face. Beryl. She sent these and created them to bring down you and your sisters. Beryl, Is playing mean.

Dinah: And there is chance that she still wants to come at me. She knows that i carry inside me 3 babies who will mark the 5th generation of the family here. She doesn’t like that. So she’s still trying to constantly foil it. trying to find ways of targeting me and maybe even kill me. Because she knew that if my babies got born… and had any abilities in them… She’d be pissed. She would be in trouble and she knows it. That’s why she’s been trying as hard as she could to get to me and even kill me if she got the chance.

Star: *Feeling the ground underneath sinking* Is it me… or are we somehow sinking?

Ami: I think that we’re sinking.

Dinah: *Gulps* Well… I guess this is it.

Back outside Fighting and destroying the Mechanical worm…

Victor Stone: The Worm is starting to Malfunction… This Worm is done for…

Black Canary: The siren will shatter the Lasers left on it… *Emitting a Siren at the remaining lasers on the Worm and knocking out the remaining power inside the worm* Done.

The Worms began to break apart and shatter as they fell to the ground. Pearl Transported Victor back to the ground… and Prince Curtis Took Black Canary. They all sighed and thought it to be over…

Bubble Maiden: *Contacting Paige*… Paige… the situation up here is… done. it’s been finished. Paige—

Suddenly Lasers are seen shooting up and within seconds the House starts to slip and sink…

Prince Avery: Let’s get out of here… the house is going… there’s nothing we can do… it is all over.

They rushed to the other side and watched as the house continued to sink…


The Worm was still shooting the lasers up and cutting through as the rock came down… The Earth above was crumbling and falling…

Sailor Luna: *Breaking down into tears* Our Home… It’s falling… we’ve lost our home…

Raven: Let’s get out of here… There is nothing we can do now.

Karen: We failed. It’s over. the heroic team is finished just as Beryl must have wanted to see happen.

Prince Alvin: *Grabbing Karen* Martin, Luna… Let’s go. There is nothing left here… we can’t do anything.

Terra: Yes there is…  *With her eyes suddenly going Yellow* Trust me… *Pointing all fingers up and releasing Energy at the falling slab of Rock* uuuuuuurrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! *Working to push the slab back up*

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *looking at Terra* What is she doing?

Sailor Luna: She’s trying to save our home… After all the sour distrust we had against her so far since she came back… She is still trying to risk herself and save our home.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: So what should we do… Help?!

Sailor Luna: Yeah. that would be the right thing to do. I don’t want to be homeless and after everything we’ve seen before that Terra had done. She destroyed a Fountain the last time she was here… This time she has been trying to prove herself to be trusted. We were not all that fair to her since she returned… But She’s still trying to save our home… *Wiping her tears away*

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Looking at Luna* Luna… it’s gonna be alright. Terra is trying… Let’s help out. You won’t be homeless. I won’t allow it.

Terra kept at it as the rocks were still coming down and it kept going but Terra suddenly started to lose power… It was about to be over…

Terra: *Holding the Rock up as best as possible; Trying to hold on* Uuuuhhhhh! Ahhhhh!

Raven: *Walking over and preparing to lend a boost* Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos!!! Titan Rising *Standing next to Terra and with Dark Energy shooting up at the Sinking Rock at full Blast*

Sailor Luna: *Walking up and Pulling out her Moon Scepter* You’re not doing this alone.  *with her Moon Scepter Firing at the Slab; Pushing it up* Luna Prism POWER!!!!

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *With his Scepter Firing at the Slab of Earth; Pushing it up* Tuxedo POWER!!!!

Raven and Terra were finally working side by side in hopes of saving the Rhapsody house… Ran by Grandma Rikku. Luna and Martin added to the power and worked to push back up their home…

But on the Surface…

Pearl was in tears as she saw that the house was falling and She was with the thought that the house was gone.  it was over… but suddenly The house began to rise back up again. It started to rise and return back to the surface….

Prince Avery: *Seeing the house rising back up* Now there is something that you don’t see everyday. The house was sinking… But now it’s coming back up again.

Prince Curtis: *Getting Pearl’s attention* Pearl! Look.

Pearl: No. I can’t look. I can’t bare to look at the house. I can’t bare to see the house not there.  I can’t… *Looking to see the house rising back up; Through her tears* Our Home…

Black Canary: It’s rising back up and is being saved.

Victor Stone: *Shocked* How is that possible?

Prince Arnold: *Sighs* Terra.

Paige: *Through Communicator* And Raven. Working together hand in hand. Even Luna and Martin. They worked as one…

That night…

As Everything was back on and back to normal. Power back on… People were facing a normal night.

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

In the Hall leading to the back room…

Terra: *Walking Alongside Raven, Luna and Martin* So… Friends?

Luna: Sure.

Raven: Close enough.

Martin: Yeah.

Terra: I’m sorry that things got off to a rather rocky start.

Raven: Actually… I kinda thought that things went pretty well.

Luna: as did i. The Constant tremors were just annoying. I kept having the thought that you were doing those things… But then when we saw the real cause behind the Tremors. I kinda felt terrible because i was giving you a rough time.

Martin: Same here. We’re sorry.

Terra: It’s okay. I actually knew i had it coming for what happened last time i was here. I even though felt rather on the spot. I kinda got a kick out of the look that Raven kept giving me. The stare… *Copying the Stare* “The Eyes are watching.” I felt that i was gonna regret it if i did anything to really get her mad.

Luna: It’s okay. We all had our run. But she’s easily able to forgive. But that’s only once. and it’s hard to gain her trust. But once you do… It’s so worth it.

Raven: *Smiles* True. It kinda took me a while to stop getting so annoyed with Prince Alvin. I at first thought that he was with the attitude that he always had to be on the top. never letting others get their chance at leading. The brothers of his are used to it because they have a record of being lead to victory by him as i had seen. But he at first got annoying because he was acting like his rule was the only one that mattered. Took me a while to get used to him and see that it wasn’t like that at all.

Luna: *Acting like Prince Alvin* Brothers, Move Out!

Martin: *Acting like the Brothers* Aye, Captain!

Terra, Raven, Luna and Martin: *Laughing*

A Minute later…

Terra: *inside a Dark room* Where are we?

Luna: *Turning on the light at the same time as Raven* Your room.

Pearl: *With Dinah, The Rhapsody Brothers* Surprise!

Terra: *Gasps* You did all this… For me?!

Prince Alvin: Yeah. Well… Since you did what you did to save the house here… We all figured that you deserved your own Room. We all built it nonstop and get everything set.

Pearl: Our Grandma Rikku agreed to it and allowed for the room to be built. We had a set of high tech merchandise set too. A camera and a Monitor.

Paige: And we came back from somewhere that we go for all the information on the city and had one of these made… Rhapsody Girls Z! Communicator

Terra: Does that mean i’m a…

Paige: *Handing Terra one of the communicators* A Rhapsody Girl.  Welcome to the team Terra. Glad to have you along.

Dinah: You are gonna be picking up the slack while i’m out… but you’ll be around when i get back into action. You’re a member for life.

Luna: This is a pleasant moment.

Prince Alvin: Well… there is only one way to commemorate a happy moment. A Night on the town.

Paige: It’s been a very eventful day. We need a night out. to unwind.

Martin: Luna and i are gonna be going on a young date.

Luna: A Date? Wow! I better get ready.

Pearl: Let’s all get ready to go.

Paige: Right.

Dinah: *Smiles*

Terra: I’ll catch up with you guys in a minute…

As soon as they leave the room…

Terra: *Smiles* I can’t believe it… They actually trust me. They like me… *With her hair suddenly covering her right eye*


Luna: *Looking at Martin* Eventful day, huh?

Martin: Sure has been. I think that the girl Terra is kinda sweet. She’s not a bad person after all. I think that we all were just paranoid. weren’t we?

Luna: Yeah… We sure were. Dinah even likes her. But only met her once.

Martin: It’s getting closer to Dinah’s day of Conception. It’s a couple months away.

Luna: Yeah. The good thing is that with her health being in top shape and getting the best care… she’s doing a lot better.

Martin: That’s luck for you. Some people have all the luck. Dinah’s got alot of luck going for her. Good thing it’s good luck.

Grandma Rikku: *Walking into the room* Hey Luna. Where’re your sisters?

Luna: They’re upstairs. getting ready for a night on the town.

Grandma Rikku: That’s good. It’s been a very eventful day.

Martin: And Also… Terra is a new resident here too.

Grandma Rikku: I heard. I know about it and i know that if Princess Rikku was  alive and around… She’d take her in no questions. I kinda questioned. but i figured that the girl had no place to really go. i would never allow for her to be living on the streets any more than she had to.

Martin: Well… At least having parents is good. My parents were killed. Died in a plane crash. a week before my 6th birthday.

Luna: They died in a plane crash? *Not understanding* Martin… I thought that you said that they just died… You never said that they died in a plane Crash.

Martin: It’s because i didn’t want to make a big deal out of it even though the memory of it hurts me. I didn’t want to upset you with it. Sad stories always get you weepy and i didn’t want you to cry.

Luna: I understand that… But Really, Martin. What happened?

Martin: My parents died on the 4th month of their trip. They were gonna be at the Bahamas for a year and were doing business. They were just gonna leave the Bahamas for that day to head to Seattle for a deal signing with a fortune 500 company. This was a week before i would have turned 6 when it happened.  My parents Christopher and Renee were gonna ante up with the business as they made their own. They knew nothing else. but to do all they could to make sure that i had a set livelihood for the future when i reached the age of 21. They wanted the best… And they had just finished writing the deal. sealing it for the joint league of the business. Their company was known for making better Wheelchairs for the elderly. they wanted to build better machines for the elderly. they cared for the Elderly… They also started a stock trade. A trade in stock to offer those who were in need of it. Bearer bonds. to all who were really in need of it. But on the wintry night of January 14th 2020 a week or two before my 6th birthday… they were on their way back to the Bahamas and were happy. But on that night… there was a very bad storm that night. and they were over the pacific when the plane lost control…

Flash back:

“Mr.Marco: *Looking at Renee* The plane is not responding…

Mrs. Marco: What’s wrong with it?

Mr. Marco: I don’t know… Damn this… we’re gonna end up crashing this plane. It’s Malfunctioning. 

Suddenly the plane began to lose altitude and descend…

Mr. Marco: *Calling Hawaiian Air control on the radio* Hawaiian watch command… this is Spirit wing Making an emergency transmission to Hawaiian Watch Command.. come in… Mayday… mayday… we are requesting a emergency drop… we’re coming in… Mayday Mayday. “

Martin: *Sighs* But there was no response… There was no one there to respond. they were unable to get through and before they could eject from the plane… the plane reached the edge of the Wakiki Coast at 1 AM on the 15th of 2020 Which was a Tuesday morning…

Luna: Oh no… Martin. I’m sorry that it happened. It’s not fair that you had to live with that. But at least you have Vincent. You got me.

Martin: I know. It’s just… *Sighs and looking down* I really miss them, Luna. I never even got to say goodbye.

Luna: That’s terrible. Martin, You sure that you’ll be okay?

Martin: I guess so… *Sighs*

Grandma Rikku: Well on a lighter note… even though i understand your pain, Martin. But i have ran into someone today. and this person has a 12 year old girl. She went to the same school as you had. She’s gonna be going to the same Middle School as you too. Her name is Irene Nordinsky. She’s a sweet girl. She’s gonna be here in a half hour. Her father is bringing her over. They’re kind people. Russian, But very considerate.

Martin: That’s new. We never heard of her before. I haven’t heard of her before. We never even seen her in school before.

Luna: She must have been in a different class. That is probably why we never saw her before. As it is… we found out at the Dance that Karen was in the same class as we were. But If Irene… whoever she is… if she was at our school the same time as we were. but wasn’t in our class. She must have been in a different class than we were.

Martin: She must have been in the class on the other side of ours. Our class was in the same building as her class. I think. She must have been that lone girl we saw that one day. a few days before the dance. She was by herself. Reading a book. Something called Once in a lifetime. It was a book done by an author.

Grandma Rikku: That would be Danielle Steel. I have a copy of her book somewhere. I read some of her books growing up. It kinda helped me suppress the darkness in me that i got rid of at 19. I read her books like Dating Game, Once in a life time, Mirror Image. and a couple of other ones… but i read them. it helped calm me.

Martin: What do you mean, Calm you?

Grandma Rikku: Growing up… I was a bit of a troubled girl. My father. The Captain. He and i were like best friends. Did the whole lot together. We would watch things together. Eat together. just hang out. But when i started seeing this boy James… it fell to pot. He and i just stopped talking and it just got worse and eventually to the point where we had a falling out. He tried to take me away from James. He had a habit and with the teenage rebellion… i started it. a little. But i was only 20 when i found that i was pregnant with Princess Rikku and Princess Aquamarine. I didn’t want anything to do with my father for how he decided to behave around me. My sisters and Brother don’t even want nothing of him. As far as we are concerned… He found himself a user who walked all over him again and got crushed. I for the Life of me heard from him the other day. The son of a bitch tried to apologize to me.  i Accepted it for i don’t know what for. I accepted it and just considered the past a misunderstanding. I was just literally forgetful about what he had done… that it didn’t register that the pain was there.

Martin: Maybe it’s because from the time it happened all the way till now… it’s been able to taper off and just dissipate. It became a distant memory that was per what is remembered… said to have been forgotten.

Luna: Really?

Martin: “How we remember, what we remember, and why we remember form the most personal map of our individuality.”

Grandma Rikku: Christina Baldwin.

A minute later…

Paige: *Walking out* bye Grandma. We’re going out for a bit. to have a night on the town.

Pearl: We’ll be back by midnight.

Dinah: Yeah.

Grandma Rikku: *Catching Dinah heading out* Uh-uh! Dinah, Where do you think you’re going?

Dinah: Out. Why?

Grandma Rikku: Says who?

Dinah: No one. But The doctor checked me and saw the results saying that i was well enough to go out a little. I’m taking that chance to go out. i don’t know about Driving though. But i’ll have to catch a ride with someone.

Paige: You could ride with us.

Prince Alvin: *Walking into the Living room; heading out* or ride along with me on my motorcycle.

Dinah: Will my Pregnant belly fit on the Motorcycle?

Prince Alvin: It should. I can’t see why it wouldn’t. You did gain some extra pounds. But it doesn’t mean that you’re fat. You’re still you. that’s not changing.

Dinah: *Smiles a bit* Now that was endearingly clever. Nice though.

Within minutes they were all out and on the way to the city for a night on the town. And it was just a second or so later than that where there was a knock on the door…

Grandma Rikku: *Walking to the front door and answering it* It must be the girl. her father too. You’re gonna love this girl, Luna. She’s a certifiable sweetheart.


Grigory: *Smiles* Hello Beautiful Lady… *Greeting in Russian* Lovely night it is tonight.

Irene: *Greeting* Zdrastvooyte/hello.

Grandma Rikku: Hello there, Irene. You’re looking very pretty.

Irene: Spaseeba/Thank you.

Grandma Rikku: Would you like to come in?

Grigory: yes. Please.

As soon as they were in the living room…

Luna: *Seeing the girl* You’re Irene?

Irene: Yeah. I am Irene. I am Russian. You must be Luna. *Looking at the boy next to Luna* Who that boy?

Martin: I’m Martin. Martin Marco.

Irene: Рад познакомиться с вами/Pleased to meet you.

Martin: *Trying to speak Russian* Мы видели тебя в школе раньше. Но ты был так одинок и смотрел, как вы хотели, чтобы их оставили быть./We have seen you at school before. But you were so alone and looked like you wanted to be left be.

Irene: I know… Not many of the kids seem to like me and seemed to like you both more and better than like me. i Just stay out of crowd. Out lime light that way it no cause trouble for you.

Luna: You wouldn’t have caused trouble for us. We would have accepted you no matter what.

Martin: *speaking French* Vous avez l’air vraiment sympa. Vous pouvez être avec nous. Nous aimerions que vous soyez avec nous. Nous voudrions être votre ami Irene./You Look really nice. You can be with us. We’d like for you to be with us. We would like to be your friend, Irene.

Irene: *Gasps* Really?!

Luna: Yeah. You’re a kind girl. We don’t like the idea that you’re all alone in school and with no friends. It’s sad and it is so mean. You can be with us.

Martin: We were actually gonna go out and have some fun. Want to Join us?

Irene: *Smiles* Oh… Yeah… Okay.

Grigory: *Seeing his young daughter making friends with the kids* Ah! it makes me so happy to see that daughter is making friend with your Daughter and that boy. It is a blessing.

Grandma Rikku: It is. They are taking to each other rather well. Excellent really.

Grigory: I think we should get together more like this. I am a single parent. Raise girl since she was baby. when she was born… her momma had died. it were very sad. I at times think of wife. and wish she was alive. I miss her much. i do. But i can’t raise little one on my own that good.

Grandma Rikku: You’ve done a wonderful job raising her. She’s turned out to be wonderful.

Grigory: you think so?

Grandma Rikku: I know so. She looks really beautiful. she’s being raised with love. and that is one of the very best ways to raise a child. giving it love and care. providing comfort to the child.

It was a pleasant night. All was serene and calm. And the sun was about to set on the time before Dinah’s conception as it was drawing in on the final 12 weeks of the Pregnancy… But the night was the most calm above all the rest. The girls all foiled Beryl’s plans once again. Beryl flew the coop once more. Terra was now a member of the Rhapsody Girls and Luna as well as Martin were making another friend. But the simple life was not gonna last. It was gonna be college time for the girls soon. Dinah was Enrolling in Met U. As were Paige and Pearl. The Rhapsody Brothers were all in line to embark on College. Prince Arnold was going to central Kansas. As were Betty and Angel. They were going to study religion. Betty was gonna be a temple healer. But with all this in the front. What was gonna happen next? Would Beryl attack again? What ever happened with the Mark of Scath? Was the Intergalactic Demon seemingly finished with Earth’s fighters or was the Influence just biding its time but in hiding for the time being? What of the USS Enterprise. Would they be permitted to step a foot on Earth? It was gonna be Beam me up, Scotty! Dinah in the arms of giving Birth…. Beryl and her knack for stirring up mischief. The future being with the Mark of Scath breaking out once again… The question of where to send the babies was unknown. What were the options? Where could they go to be spared from the foretold Danger that was still hovering? Find out in the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Prince Alvin: *Voice-over* On the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It is finally time. It’s that moment of truth where the moment of giving Birth arrives and everyone is scared for the fact that they’re unsure how it will go.  Dinah is also freaked out because she’s the one who will have to Push the babies out of her. But the uncertainty as to how she will make it. Will she make it? Or will she be taken by the complications of the Pregnancy?

Pearl: *Voice-over* It’s also the starting day for college. The first week and everyone is with the first week finding their Dorms and getting our new lives handled as College revs up with the first week orientations. It’s a new beginning. Luna being alone at grandma Rikku’s house and Raven being on guard. Terra’s there… But what all can she do? Plus Luna starts the 1st week of Middle school. A new year for her. She will be wanting to go on dates before long with Martin. Will he be expecting that? Who knows?

Shingo: *Voice-over* I am at work when i get the call saying that Dinah is in the hospital and had gone into labor. *Freaking out* Hold on Honey… I’m coming. Your sweetheart is coming…. Everyone… Brace yourselves. The gift of life is about to begin… in the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 90: “Oh my darling sweet Arms of Labor” Conception of the babies is a blessing from above.”


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