Chapter 88: Commencement. Rhapsody Girls Embark upon Adulthood. Terra Returns as Terra 3.0

Luna: *Voice-over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

“Girl: *Panting* … *Seeing the creatures gone* I think i lost them. It’s about time too… *Panting*

Girl: *Shrieks* Ahhhhh! *Running off again* Not again. What is this? Night of the non-stop Nightmare?

Paige: *Shocked* What happened here?! The ground is literally wrecked here.

Pearl: *Looking at the girl* I think the girl did it. Somehow… She ran and then did something… using the ground… the earth as a weapon against the Youma. destroying it.

Prince Alvin: *Pauses and looking at Pearl* Hold up… Are you trying to tell us that this girl… whoever she is… did this?

Prince Avery: She’s got to have some kind of Ability to move the Earth to be able to accomplish this feat.

Luna: She looks harmless. *Curious about the girl* She doesn’t look dangerous… She seems like she’s… lost.

Prince Curtis: We better ask her who she is or get her out of the open. People here may get really edgy seeing an unknown person in their happy little town.

Girl: *Getting up* That was one bad brute. It chased me all the way out here. To Smallville. I’m Terra.

Paige: *Smiles* That’s a nice name. I’m —–


Terra: *Recognizing the girls* You’re the girls of Love, Grace and Fury… The Rhapsody Girls Z! Awesome! It’s a real killer meeting you girls.

Paige: *Gasps* You know us?!

Terra: Of course. I know you girls. I read some newspaper stories about you guys. I travel alot.

Pearl: You travel alot? You mean that you don’t have a real home or a place to live at… anything?

Terra: Nope. just me and the open road.

Prince Alvin: I am sure that it gets lonesome. Doesn’t it?

Terra: When doesn’t it? Who are you guys?

Prince Alvin: We’re the Cousins to the girls here. The Rhapsody Brothers. I’m the captain. Prince Alvin. They call me Flaming Soul because of the raging fire that i unleash. Plus the hot temper i sometimes produce. Although if you went through what i had to… You’d be a bit like that too. I’m seen and referred to as the Alpha Male of the Brothers because they trust me to lead them to Victory and i always work hard to do so. But they too get to lead… When the situation calls for it. These are my brothers… *Looking towards the boys* The second member of the team here is Prince Arnold. We call him Water Lord due to him being the slippery one. Like loose Liquid. But get him riled up and temperamental… He’ll give you his due of dramatics. He’s a good person. Got a certified heart in him. He can be a tad funny though. Then there’s the Secret Agent soul with the Plasmatic Temper Prince Avery. He has moments where he sees himself as the 007 Agent James Bond. He likes to be a bit jumpy too. He’s wise and a bit technical also so if you see him with a computer near him or on him… you’ll know why. He’s known As Plasma-Core due to his Plasmatic nature. Then the last member but not least… Prince Curtis. He’s Electric Rage. He’s got the sparks to prove it and his physical looks are that of a guy who’s got a 1,000,000 dollar smile. He’s witty and very canny with what he does. A romancer and a tender heart. He’s dependable and if he gives a girl his promise. He keeps it. We all do. But i am a bit lax. Never had a Girl fettish or a knack for Romance till Alice Cross. She is my first official relationship with a girl.

Terra: Wow! So… You guys are like the tough guys to the family of the girls? *Realizing* Wait… I think i know you guys now… i was in the next state living off road side taverns and grabbed food where ever i could. I think that i was in some Tavern a couple months ago and they had News papers talking about 4 boys knocking intergalactic threats to the dirt. Had you guys in the article. You guys went against Zod.

Paige: Not just them… We too went against him. Multiple members of our family had gone against him. Myself, Pearl and Dinah…

Pearl: *Driving; Thinking* She seemed rather free. like nothing could hold her back or hold her down.

Paige: She does seem nice and was very pleasant. Better than we thought that she’d be. She seemed lost though.

Pearl: Like she didn’t belong anywhere. Plus did you notice that she paused or diverted to something else when mentioning about why she was on the move alot… She never even said it. all she would say was that she’d be on the move alot. That’s about it.

Paige: *Suspicious* She’s hiding something about her though.

Luna: Why’s that? Why would you think that?

Paige: Well… because something about her doesn’t add up. Remember last night when we first met her? She knew about us before we could even identify to her who we were. But before that… she was running for her life from the creature. the Youma. Then by time we get there… She was down but the youma was down and out too.

Pearl: i think that we noticed that. but Prince Alvin saw the ground and then saw her. She didn’t even have much of a scratch on her.

Paige: Prince Arnold and Prince Curtis noticed it.

Luna: Plus… She only carried that one small fanny-pack. She only had that with her. There was nothing really with her at all. Just that and Goggles. Plus a hair clip. A Butterfly hair barrette. on her head. the right side. She looked so alone.

Prince Arnold: The part about her saying that she read about the girls in the paper at the time that she said she had read about them… I don’t know if i buy it.

Prince Alvin: What makes you say that?

Prince Arnold: *Looking at Prince Alvin with disbelief* I can’t begin to understand why you don’t see it. you should have been first to notice that something was not feeling right about her. She only had a fanny pack. a small one. She was skinny. Stick thin. Plus… if she was on the road for all that time… Where is her clothes? her change of clothes? You can’t tell me that she’s got all that inside that little fanny pack.

Prince Alvin: No one is saying that she does. We don’t know what her story is.

Prince Arnold: Her story is probably a lie. who’s to say that she’s telling the truth. This could be for all we know a trick or a deception done by Beryl.

Prince Alvin: Not likely. Beryl doesn’t know about Terra. Beryl wouldn’t be able to pick up her scent.

Rei: *Looking to see Minako* Hey Minako. *Sighs* no. No sign of the girl anywhere. She of course is in the city somewhere. She’s within the city. Staying at a house.

Minako: I know. There is something that you should know. The Girl is a Blonde unknown runner named Terra. She’s also a identifiable loner. She knows about the Rhapsody Girls. Knows about the Brothers too.

Rei: *Gasps* How?

Minako: She claims to have read some Newspaper articles or tale on the girls.

Rei: But… You have your suspicions.

Minako: Yes. I do. The girls also are a bit skeptic. As are the brothers. But they’re not sure what to think. Luna doesn’t either.

Rei: Something about that girl seems way off though. Way off.

Minako: Like what?

Rei: I don’t know.

Minako: You think that Beryl sent her?

Rei: don’t know. But it could be a possibility. Beryl is coming and going from Dark Kingdom to Metropolis… But she isn’t behind the arrival of the new girl. Terra seems rather lost. Doesn’t she?

Minako: That’s what the girls are figuring. They had her at their place for the night… but they were not sure what to believe. To them… She just seemed to be a lost girl. someone in search of a place to stay. to call home.

Martin: Think about the girl As though you were her. Being on the run as you might have mentioned. She has got to be a lost girl. Not knowing where to go. Think in her shoes. Never having a home. Never having a place to stay. Being on the run for as long as you could remember. Living on Roadside meals. Hoping that it would be enough to satisfy you but all the while knowing that it never will. knowing it is only enough or just barely enough to help keep you going. Looking for a friend… Someone who’d be there for you. one that would understand you.

Luna: *Not understanding* Martin… You don’t even know the girl never met her but yet… were able to profile her.

Martin: It’s because i understand what it’s like to be alone. being all by yourself. with no parents. being on the road. Not knowing if you’ll ever have a home again.

Luna: You can relate to that because you lost your parents. So you know what it’s like. I don’t know who my biological parents are either. I never even knew who my parents were; at least my biological ones. I don’t even know what i originally was.

Martin: *Sighs; looking down* I was only 6 i think when i lost my parents. so i remember mines… a little. But i was kinda young and naive.

Luna: Kinda makes me feel like we’ve endured loss and never really knew of till we stopped to actually think about it.

Martin: That’s how it is. It’s a catch and carry world out there, Luna. Sometimes you pay a little. Sometimes a lot and then sometimes… Just sometimes… you pay… all you have.

Terra: *Seeing the Youmas falling down and a couple missing* You knocked a couple down… but you got about 2 on your tail. *Wanting to help but afraid to lose control of her abilities* i got to do something. *Panics a bit while motioning to make a move* Don’t lose control… Don’t lose control! Terra *Suddenly her eyes start glowing yellow and moving up a piece of the ground and Moving it towards the Youma* Ah! *Raising her hands and Motioning for the ground to fly towards the Youma and crush them* Uuuuuuwwwwaaaaaaa!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Prince Arnold: *Feeling the seat rise and then drop abruptly* Wha– what the heck is going on? *Looking at Terra* Did you feel that?

Terra: *Shocked* Oh god… Please. Please… Don’t tell. Please don’t tell the others about this. Don’t tell the others. Please…

Prince Arnold: Hey… don’t worry. my brothers are tight. They won’t say anything.

Terra: You have to swear to me that you won’t tell anyone about it. Promise me that you won’t tell them or the girls. Promise?!

Prince Arnold: I promise. I won’t tell anyone.

Terra: *Desperate and strongly begging* PROMISE me!

Prince Arnold: Terra. Calm down. I promise… i am not gonna tell anyone.

Shingo: *Near Dinah and suddenly stopping beside Dinah before getting on bended knee* Dinah… *Getting on Bended knee and pulling out a box* … *Opening it and presenting a Ring to Dinah* My Loving firecracker… Dinah Ellen Rhapsody… Will you Marry me?

Dinah: *Screeches with bawling tears of Joy* The Ring is Beautiful. *Happy and exploding on love* Yes… Yes. I will… I will Marry you. Shingo… I will Marry you.

Shingo: *hugging Dinah and Kissing her passionately on the lips*

Rhapsody Clan, Star, Christie, Raven, Terra, Minako, Rei, Ami, Reese, Jack and Martin: *Touched* Awwwwwwww!

King John: *Looking at Shingo* Welcome to the family Nephew to be…

Paige: Welcome to the family Future Brother-in-law.

Pearl: Yeah. You’re gonna be one of us someday soon.

Martin: *Looking at Luna* Luna… I have been thinking about how close we’re getting.

Luna: How Close?

Martin: Luna… I have been thinking about our relationship…

Luna: You have? What did you think about?

Martin: Luna… *Feeling attracted to his best friend* I… Love… you.

Luna: *Pauses and feeling stunned by the outburst* Huh?! You… Y-y-y-you l-l-l-l-love me?!

Terra: *Getting on a small boulder and with a little energy riding it; Soaring through the course* I can do this… I can do this… please… let me do this without messing up.

Terra: *freaking out and starting to lose control; falling off the rock; using her power to try and hold onto the rock* Agh… Ahhhh! *Seeing the elements coming at her; Seeing Fire, water, Electric, Plasma, Thunder, Dark, Bubbles, Hearts and rock; dodging the elemental blasts* Who— oooooa!! ahhhh! aah ahh! *Trying to evade and getting back on the rock barely; crashing into the peaks and the rock formations* Agh! Oof! *Using a little power to summon rocks and sand to knock out the blasters shooting the elements out* … *Reaching the rings of molten rock and spinning out of control trying to dodge the rings. Going through them and nearly getting her hair burned* Ouch! *Falling down off the rock and hitting the ground* Oof!!! Owwww!

Prince Arnold: *Watching Terra* Come on Terra… Don’t give up. You can do it. Keep going. Don’t give up…

Terra: *reaching the end of the trail and getting cornered by creatures* Wha— *getting knocked into the ground and jumped on* Ahhhh! *feeling her powers over-reacting* No! No… Not again! *Suddenly out of intuition causing the ground to open up and sending Ground spikes at the creatures Skewering them; Destroying the creatures; Firing rocks at the rest of the course knocking out the rings of molten rocks and causing the trail to collapse* Uwaaaa! Ahhh!

Miss Love: *Looking at Pearl* She nailed the blasters and the rings. Nailed the peaks and destroyed the creatures…

Bubble Maiden: She looked like she was having trouble with her power. Her skills are really shoddy.

Prince Alvin: It looked as though she can’t really control them that good.

Prince Arnold: *a bit offended* What do you mean by that?

Prince Avery: What he means is that Terra’s abilities if not under better control and perfect control at that… she could cause an earthquake.

Prince Curtis: The Quake can destroy the whole entire city. If we were to train in the outskirts of the city but still within the city nonetheless… She would have demolished the entire city. we’d have no home whatsoever.

Sailor Luna: *in fear* She’s dangerous. Very Dangerous. We need to send her away. Her powers will cause devastation upon the whole world.

Beryl: *standing in the shadows* Who is that girl? I have seen her before… that girl is dangerous. Where is she from? If i can get that Earth bound girl to serve me and be loyal to me… *Snickers* Yes… Yes. If i can get her to work for me and follow under my command… It will bring the girls to their knees. Having to go against the Earth controlling heroine. I’m gonna get her…

Megan: *Pushing Prince Curtis down playfully; Chuckles* Cute, Prince Curtis… Very very cute. You know… that is just about close on passing for being whimsical. What part of Boycotting the nominations didn’t any of the Journalists at school understand. I don’t want to be Prom Queen.

Prince Curtis: Oh, they understand it perfectly, Megan. More than you would think. You see, you are the boycott. I mean, think about it. For the last four years, everybody’s been trying to break out of the stereotype they’ve been stuck in. You’re the battle cry. Seriously… when it comes to the plot of being crowned Prom royalty… You’re their battle cry.

Megan: *Cynical* Ladies and gentlemen… My boyfriend… The Metropolis High school Prom Coup. You didn’t happen to be behind my being nominated… did you?

Prince Curtis: I might have spoken to a couple of people…

Megan: *Grabbing a Pillow and throwing it at Prince Curtis* You Rat! Well… i am sure that you’re not about to think on letting me storm the Bastille or the minefields all by myself. Who are you planning to take to Prom with you?

Prince Curtis: I was kinda thinking towards sitting it out. I was never set for the Prom scene…

Megan: Oh god… Not you too. Wait, let me guess. You must have done secret thinking and pondering about the whole Prom experience… literally spent four years imagining what it would be like, and Now that it’s finally here you’re with the whole idea that you gave it thought and you just don’t think it’s gonna live up to your expectations. thinking that it won’t be all that you’d looked forward to.

Prince Curtis: You could say that. Yeah.

Megan: So you’re gonna let me break out of my rut onstage, wearing a frilly strap of taffeta, while you’re at a different place… playing the infamous “what if” game for the 1000th time.

Prince Curtis: Don’t go there with that line, Megan. I never had said that you’re in a Rut. I’m most likely the one who’s in the Rut.

Megan: Yeah, but Prince Curtis you are not seeing it…. I am in a Rut… I am, and I’m not alone. You know, Prince Curtis, in a couple of weeks, we’re gonna graduate from this pretty little adolescent fantasy Kingdom of ours, and we’re not gonna have a Protective happy innocent spot to fall back into and strap on to. The thing about expectations, Prince Curtis, is they’re supposed to drive you to do more with your life… Much more than what’s done now. It’s not supposed to be the very thing that would stop you from living it. What i think about this whole thing is that the future happens to hold a lot more promise for you than you actually bother to give it credit. It holds more promise for your brothers and your cousins too.

Pearl: It’s the Dance that ties in 4 years of memories.

Dinah: *Starting to break down in tears and emotional* It’s my Senior year and i’m missing out on Everything!

Wakka: *Recognizing the girls* Heya there. Kiddos. Long time no see, Ya?

Paige: How do you know us?

Wakka: I know you girls through the lady Princess Rikku. She told me about you. I’ve been trying to get a hold of her… see how things were, ya. But every time i tried… there was no one home. I didn’t want to try at night for i didn’t want to wake her. A lady needs her beauty rest. huh?!

Voice: *Speaking and making contact* Hello?! Is anyone there?

Chloe: *Overhearing the distress call* What… Who’s there? *Looking at the Screen and with the earpiece on and active* Who is this calling?

Voice: *Coming on screen* This is Capt. James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise. And to who am i speaking to?

Chloe: *Replying* Chloe Sullivan… Codename Watchtower.

Capt. Kirk: Ah! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Chloe… I am calling on the behalf of a friend of the Rhapsody girls… Acting Ensign Princess Larmina… She says that she’s a Rhapsody just like they are… part of their family. Our Vulcan friend here. Dr. Spock my first officer and second in command of the ship sensed that there is a dark cloud surrounding earth. a cloud with the mark of a Demon. Scath. was the name that caught the line. What is going on down there?

Chloe: What is going on down here is that there is a Intergalactic Demon bent on coming upon this planet through a portal. A portal that is also a human. Half-Human and Half- Demon. Going by the name of Raven.

Capt. Kirk: That’s the girl who poses a great deal of danger. the Demon is gonna use her as a gateway. She was born to release him. Is she with you now?

Chloe: No. She’s at the house with the Rhapsody Girls. But the Rhapsody Girls are gone to their Prom now. Raven comes and goes wherever. But she’s there at their house living with them. Pearl… the middle member of the Rhapsody Girls is told to be her protector. However as it shows… She’s done hardly any protecting.

Dr. Spock: *On Screen* I would beg to differ on that, Mrs. Sullivan… if i were to be bold to proclaim. A Half-Demon being is still with Evil Blood. Even though this girl… Raven sires to do any good. it doesn’t rule out her heritage by Birth. She was born from Evil’s ensnared fire. She might be a hero to you as she should be to the Rhapsody girls too. But It doesn’t cross out the fact that she has Demon blood in her. She’s still a life form example of one Trigon the Terrible.

Chloe: I see. I also agree that she’s possibly unstable. Of course… a friend of ours would say that we have to respect and give all life a chance. If Raven is Demon… it’s trusted to concur that she’s only half.

Capt. Kirk: That is true. Half demon and then half human. But wouldn’t the two halves be in conflict with one another?

Dr. Spock: Perhaps. it is all with the conflict of the mind. Will power. Her human side knows that her Demon side will show concluding with her losing said control of her emotions. But her Demon side is suppressed by her human side. out ruling the other. Both sides are in constant struggle with one another.

Chloe: So the Demon side will become the Portal. But the Human existence of her will be the one who is resisting the force to embrace the Prophecy that she was said to have. The prophecy promised upon her at birth…

Girl: What are you two talking about?

Luna: It’s nothing. We were just thinking about something. Who are you? *Curious*

Martin: We were just wondering of something. And what Luna said, who are you?

Girl: Karen. Karen Copeland. I’m strange. I am usually always alone. Telekinesis usually scares people off.

Martin: It’s good to meet you Karen. My name is Martin.

Luna: And I’m Luna. i’m a bit weird myself. Martin and i are kinda well… different. Special in a sense. *Smiles*

Comm. Officer Uhura: *Speaking; On Screen* Ma’am… You can’t be serious as to letting that Half-breed remain with the girls. What if she changes and becomes like her father?

Chloe: Raven is from Azarath. But she’s got the love for her kind. for the inhabitants of Azarath. She loves them. And she cares about the Rhapsody girls… even though she knows or fears as per what she is said to become on that day of the Prophecy. When that day does come.

Medical Officer Dr. McCoy: i don’t think it is permitted to allow for the girls to be around that Demon. She might pose no threat and is bound to reject her heritage. But you said as you spoke that she was said to have been given a Prophecy that is absolute.

Chloe: Yes. That is correct. But Raven isn’t as dangerous as we all think she ought to be. Since she’s made her first appearance last Halloween. She spent all her time being one for justice. Truth. for the good side and working to preserve life. Not destroy. If she was Evil… which i have to insist that it’s only half. She is not the one to worry about. She’s also a portal… She is half Demon… but there is the Human dimension. but just because we see someone as bad… doesn’t mean that they are. They might have troubled lives. An unknown past. A shaky past. Existence. Raven is the same… She came with a Prophecy. She is a portal… But she is also a person.

Medical Officer Dr. McCoy: What about the Seance that she is supposed to say to chant on that day which she becomes the portal releasing the Demon?

Dr. Spock: it is a fated Incantation at best. “The Gem was Born of Evil’s Fire, The Gem shall be his Portal. He Comes to claim… He comes to sire… The end of all things Mortal.” Gem meaning Raven. the one as example of Trigon’s breeding. The Gem shall be his portal. Portal meaning that she is the gate that opens to unleash Trigon and grants his ascent to Earth. He comes to claim… He comes to sire… The End of all things Mortal. Meaning that Trigon sires to Rule the planet and turn it into a desolate wasteland. One that will see no life other than what Trigon allows upon the world.

Acting Ensign Larmina: *On Screen* I know the girls… They are well capable to go against the Beast. They went against King Lotor of Planet Doom. Saved the Galaxy from his terror. Had to do it for most of the time as I was as well as 3 others infected with the Haggarium. The Purple substance of one Witch Hagar. A Tammy Garland… Lance McClain, Keith Kogane… the late King of Planet Arus. and myself. They had the help of their Cousins and themselves… to go against King Lotor. defeating him… Then 3 years later going against Queen Beryl and putting the end to the reigns of Metaria. They can do this… They see Raven as someone who’s in need of help. She must have no one else to help her go head to head and stop her father. Why would she go against her own father… the Intergalactic Demon if she were in fact gonna become just like him… be just as he is? That isn’t right to assume for Raven to be a threat.

Comm. Officer Uhura: i don’t think that the girl can be trusted… but i agree with Larmina. If Raven was as Evil as she was born… being the product of Trigon’s influence… she would have done all the things possible to cause damage… and turn out to be just like Trigon. Evil and Benign.

Scotty: How can you be certain that Raven is with good intentions? One side of her will counteract with the other. She’s a conflict within herself. Two sides going head to head with one another. Good… purity and consideration of others amongst herself being one side. The other side. Dark… Sinister. Demonic and benign. with Evil Blood. bent on seeing the world burn and fall down to its knees. Raven may be innocent… But then again… she may not. but you have to see it… she’s got two sides going against one another. If the Prophecy happens and comes on… if she fulfills it. Earth will be the one to suffer.

Sulu: I agree. *Looking at Chloe* With the best intentions… you are risking Earth by trusting blindly in Raven. She’s one of you… one of the heroes. now. But that doesn’t mean that she’s of Earth. She’s from a Dimension… a place and time that you have no knowledge about. as neither do we. Chances are that not even Raven knows about her place of Origin. Following your gut and taking a chance on something like that Demon… is admirable… foolish and very absent-minded… But very admirable.

Capt. Kirk: Precisely the idea. Watchtower, We’re gonna keep a close eye on the situation from here… But you keep eyes and all attention… As much as possible on the Half-Demon girl. She is clearly a hero… but also a risk factor that you can’t afford to lose track of.

Chloe: Not to worry. The Orbiter has eyes and ears on everything on Earth. If something hits… we’ll know. Anything on Raven… The Demon… breaks in the City. Energy signatures… anything and everything. we’ll know.

Dr. Spock: *holding up a sign of gratitude* May you Live long and Prosper…

Paige: *Walking into the building and walking side by side with Reese* This is a wonderful night. The sad part is that in about a few weeks… High school will be over and it’ll be all for College for us all.

Reese: *Sighs* I know… Paige. It’s sad to know that High school is almost over and pretty soon all innocence will be gone. All that is left after High school will be a life time of bills and debt. buying and renting a house. trying to start a family. Getting a high paying career.

Paige: I want to be either a Romance Novelist or Swimsuit Model.

Pearl: *Looking at Jack* Jack, What do you think will happen to us after High school is all over? We’re almost done.

Jack: I don’t know. *Dancing with Pearl* I don’t really want to think about it. Because there is no telling if we’d ever get to see one another again.

Pearl: Same here… I feel happy that we’re here at Prom, but i am also sad that this school year is almost over and there’s only a huge Question mark hanging over our heads.

Jack: It is truly a huge uncertainty of what we can expect after the School for us is all over. There is College. no idea as to what we can hope for.

Prince Alvin: *Dancing with Alice and Smiles* Have i ever mentioned to tell you that you look really radiant and beautiful tonight, Alice?

Alice: And you look Beautiful too. You’re sweet. *Smiles*

Prince Alvin: *Dancing* You know… i was thinking that after High school is all over. We’re gonna be free from the school and from the people who are still throwing dirty stares at you and me. That’s a plus for us both… as much as it is for you.

Alice: I don’t know how that is means for happy news… but yes. it will be a relief on that part and only that. But there is also the fact that we are gonna be going to college. Do we even know which college we’re all going to?

Prince Alvin: Well… Some are going to Central Kansas… and a whole bunch are gonna enroll in Met U.

Alice: Where will you be going?

Prince Alvin: Met U. They have good classes leading towards mechanics. Working on Machines.

Alice: That’s good. You always were one for getting down with the grease and getting in with the mechanics. Working with wires and tools for cars. Machines.

Prince Alvin: *Curious* How about you?

Alice: Me? That is unknown. I would suppose that i’d be going for the paranormal field. I am a Psychic after all and i can undergo Visions.

Summer: Not really. I guess that i’m gonna be going to Met U. Taking a path towards theater.

Prince Avery: What about the Ice Skating? whatever happened to that?

Summer: I’ll still do that. But just doing other things so i’ll have something to fall back on.

Prince Avery: Smart thinking. But you’ll be a wonderful dancer. There is no way you’ll fall from it. You’ve got wonderful posture and your skating is like an ace. swift too.

Summer: What about you though? What do you think that you’ll be doing?

Prince Avery: Probably go for a career of being a special Agent.

Summer: A Special Agent? *Gasps* You mean like James Bond?

Prince Avery: Yeah. I mean… why not. I have done some stake outs and done some recons… Taken pictures and kept records of things that were going on… spying and infiltrating spots that were not authorized to the normal civilian. I staked out the Fountain.

Jack: *Dancing* What do you think you’ll do after graduating High school?

Pearl: I’ll go for the very passion that i always had. Fashion. I am thinking about opening up a fashion store. I got enough dresses that i can use to sell or cut and combine with others and make wonderful fashion outfits. Star is gonna be helping me with it. She and i are like so into the Fashion field…

Jack: *Smiles* Madame Pearl’s. That’s probably gonna be your identity for the Fashion Industry. You’ll be a wonderful creator.

Pearl: *Touched* Awwww! That was really Sweet. *Dancing* What about you though?

Jack: Me… I’ll be probably going for a career of being a teacher. teaching Elementary school Kids.

Pearl: Yeah. You’ll be a wonderful teacher. You got the love and the passion for it.

Pearl: *Grabbing a drink and making a toast with her boyfriend* To the future.”

Luna: *Voice-over* Continued from Chapter 87 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

June 19th 2026…

Grandma Rikku’s house…


Dining Room…

Paige: *Drinking her Espresso and Eating her breakfast. College is in September. We got to Head over to Met U this weekend and enroll.

Pearl: I know… They have a good fashion department… *Drinking her Espresso* Today is the last day of school. Monday is graduation…

Paige: I know… And Luna’s graduating the next day.

Pearl: *Thinking* Wait a minute. Didn’t we have Yearbooks?

Paige: Yeah… we did. we still have them in our bags…

Pearl: We should get people to sign out yearbooks.

Paige: We have got a few people who already signed them. How many do you have, Pearl?

Pearl: about 10. You?

Paige: 10.

Pearl: Dinah has about 18… most are those wishing her well and passing sympathy for her Pregnancy…

Paige: So Dinah is being accepted by the people in school.

Pearl: Well… Yeah. Why wouldn’t she? Just because there were two people in her one class being total bitches… doesn’t mean that the whole school is like that. Christie has been roughing people up for dissing on Dinah. As had Star. None got into trouble… but they still did it anyway…

Luna: *Yawns* School is almost over. I got two more days. today and Monday…

Paige: *Turning to see Luna* Morning Luna. Ready for school?

Luna: Will be. Martin is gonna be getting a ride to school. he’s got Vincent to accept giving a ride to me also.

Pearl: Really?

Luna: yeah.

Paige: Good. That is nice of him to do that. I notice that you and Martin are getting really close to each other.

Luna: Of course i am. He’s my best friend. I love being with him. I think that i told you that me and him made another friend… right?

Pearl: *Looking at Luna* You did?

Paige: Who?

Luna: A girl named Karen. She’s a telekinetic girl. She can cause things to move by the will of the mind and just by raising her hand. Moving her hand. She’s helping Martin and i with the battling. The next time that there is trouble stirring… she wants to be part of it. She wants to help.

Pearl: You didn’t tell her about the Demon or about Beryl… Did you?

Luna: *Evading the Question* Uh, i think that’s the door…

Pearl: *Shaking her head; Stopping Luna* Oh No you don’t… Don’t side step on the question, Luna? Did you tell her about the demon and about Beryl… or not?

Paige: We will get mad if we find out the hard way… So just tell us. Out with it, sis. Did you tell her about that… or didn’t you?

Luna: *Gulps* Yes. I did.

Pearl: We should ask why. We should ask you why you did it… but knowing that you had already brought Martin in on it before it was time to… I guess that it’s not that much a surprise that you would tell people about it.

Luna: Karen won’t tell. She likes the idea that i’m one of the fighters. A hero.

Paige: She’s a admirer of the heroes… Wait… You didn’t show her your power… did you?

Luna: Yes. i did. Martin did too… this happened at the Dance. 5 weeks ago.

Pearl: we didn’t know till now about it. Why?

Luna: *Scoffs a little* How was i to tell you? For the last 5 weeks we were all knee deep in the mystery of the Tunnel and dealing with School… going through worrying about wrapping up school and getting ready for life after High school was officially done. You two were doing that… I was worrying about Elementary school finishing. Plus we were also worried about the Tunnel revealing the Mark of that Demon. So… With all that considered… how could i just pop off the tell-all and just say: “Hey… Guess what? Martin and i met a new friend named Karen Copeland who is a Telekinetic girl who can fight with using her mind. Martin and i Told her about the Demon and about Beryl. We also showed her our Transformations too.” How much of that would you have understood?

Paige: I don’t know… Luna. You should know better than to just go off and tell people about what you can do. You’re young and almost 13. You’re still trying to get experience with dealing through the outside.

Pearl: Paige… She’s gonna get the hang of it. At least she didn’t tell about Raven. I don’t really think that the girl Luna made friends with would figure to understand anything about Raven. Knowing that what? Raven’s a Half-Breed? She’s half of both Demon… and Human… The girl would probably be freaking out and cowering under her sheets…



Raven: *shadowing in* Morning… Question! Who’s been in my room?

Luna: Huh?! *Looking to turn and see Raven in a cross mood* Your room?! I don’t know… It wasn’t us. I didn’t…. uh, go inside your room.

Raven: *Using Empathy on Luna* You’ve… been in my… Room!

Luna: I haven’t been in your room. I was everywhere but. *Nervous* I… have never gone in your room. Except once and you knew about it. it was back when you snapped and we were trying to help you. That was when we first found out that Dinah was Pregnant.

Raven: *Looking at Luna* Luna… I am not gonna get mad at you. If you were… Just don’t lie about it. tell me. It is important that you don’t go into my room. There are things in there that are dark. You need to tell me… Were you in my room for anything? Anything in there that gets tampered with could mean trouble to the one who touched it… You could be hurt.

Luna: I… only looked inside the room. but i didn’t touch anything. honest. *Scared* I didn’t touch anything.

Later at Metropolis Elementary School…

Luna: *Looking at Martin and Karen* Martin… i think that i messed up big time… Raven suspects that i was in her room. I had to confess to Raven that i was in her room.

Martin: How is that possible? How did she know you were in there?

Luna: She used Empathy on me.

Karen: What’s Empathy? Is that like a technique?

Luna: Well… it’s uh, …

Martin: it can be something to be used to manipulate the power of others… or to glean an idea of their thoughts. Control ones own emotions and also to heal people. That’s what Empathy is.

Luna: Martin, how did you know that?

Martin: How did i know that? Well… i knew that because we read a copy of every book Raven had. the other week, You said that Raven was gone for the day patrolling. Knocking back crooks as it were. I mentioned that i could teleport and only in the hero form… and we both took scans of all the books and placed them back where they were.

Luna: I remember… but Raven questioned me about it. I didn’t tell her that you were in there too… i took all the blame.

Martin: *Sighs* Luna…

Karen: Who is this Raven that you keep speaking about?

Luna: Raven is this girl from Azarath. She is a good person. Although there is a side to her that is mysterious and dark.

Karen: *A little lost* Dark? As in what… Exactly?

Luna: Dark… as in Evil. Demonic. Sinister. However… she is only half that and half Good. She’s very powerful. She’s the strongest fighter there is.

Karen: The strongest fighter? What about her dark half? What is that like? Is it dangerous?

Luna: yeah. it is. It is really dangerous. Her powers are controlled solely by her emotions. IF she were to lose control of her emotions… her powers will wind up being out of whack. Her abilities and powers would react on their own on Cue. She’d have little to no control of them whatsoever.

Martin: You see, Karen… It’s like this… Raven’s powers are controlled by her emotions… in such a way that the more that she feels… the more energy gets released.

Karen: You mean that she’s like a Channeling beacon. A power source.

Luna: In a sense… yes.

Martin: With the books that you copied… Vincent was able to look into some of the Lore behind Raven. Some of the viable info.

Luna: What did he find?

Martin: Well… there is one thing that he did manage to find. The rest was still jumbled and totally fuzzy.

Luna: What did he find…

Martin then pulls out a couple pictures and shows Luna…

Martin: *Showing Luna and Karen* From what Vincent was able to get from the Crystal ball is that There is an Ancient Artifact that Raven knows about. It’s the Ring that happened to be forged by an Ancient Order on the home world Raven is From Azarath. It is a Sacred ring that was forged by the Ancient order that was said to Imprison Trigon. sending him into Limbo. It also provides the wearer of the ring protection from Trigon’s Wrath. The Ring of Azar. “In the inter-dimensional world Known As Azarath, Raven, Arella’s daughter by Trigon, was born. Fearing that the child would bring evil among them, Juris, a magistrate of Azarath, attempted to cast the infant Raven into Limbo, only to be destroyed himself. Azar, the spiritual leader of the temple, then took the young Raven under her personal tutelage, instructing her in the truth of her parentage, and in pacifism, meditation, and the submergence of her emotions to resist Trigon’s influence, while perfecting her powers of teleportation, astral projection, and empathic healing. Later, after Azar’s death (in which she entered another plane of existence), when Raven was plagued by prophetic dreams of Trigon and, defying her teachers, she confronted her demon father in Limbo at his bidding. Trigon spared her and Arella after satisfying himself that, upon his return when she reached adulthood, he could seduce Raven into becoming his ally. When Raven turned fourteen, she sensed Trigon’s power returning and fled to Earth.”

Karen: Whoa! that’s got to be bad Mojo!

Luna: I Hope that Raven doesn’t find out that we got the information by copying the text from the books that she had in her room.

Martin: She won’t catch that. Vincent would have found out the stuff eventually. He is a wizard. they don’t call or consider him a Wizard just by name.

Karen: *Grins* …

Metropolis high…

It was the last day and there was hardly any class in session.

In Choir…

Pearl: *looking at the Yearbook and reading through it* Alot of sweet hairstyles. I wonder if they have wigs like that.

Classmate: *Walking over to Pearl* Hey…

Pearl: *Looking up and seeing someone walking over to her* Yes?

Classmate: I heard that the tough girl was home and was pregnant. I didn’t see the girl here for almost a couple months. i was wanting to see her and apologize to her. I am the sister to the one that pushed her around and tried to intentionally attack her.

Pearl: Oh?! You’re her sister?

Classmate: Yes. i am. I heard from some of the others about the ordeal that happened not long ago. i was trying to get the moxy or the guts to come and apologize.

Pearl: Well… that is nice of you to do… but if anyone should apologize it’s her. not you. Your sister is the one that did that mean thing to Dinah. Dinah almost lost her babies because of her.

Classmate: I know. I feel terrible for that. That girl was always the worst. mean and constantly like a pain in the ass. Vivian Gruber was always the most awful sister. She even attacked me for being the one who tried giving her a Morality lesson.

Pearl: Who are you?

Classmate: Tina Gruber.

Pearl: That’s a nice name.

Tina: Thanks… Pearl. That is nice to say. I notice that everyone’s signing yearbooks.

Pearl: Yeah. Would you like to sign mines?

Tina: *Smiles and nods* Sure. If you’re gonna sign mines in return. fair trade is always best.

Pearl: Okay.

In Math Class…

Paige: *Sighs* This is the last day of school… i feel kinda depressed.

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Paige* Why’s that, Paige?

Paige: It’s not that i don’t like the idea that High school is over… it’s just that… there is just a huge open void for uncertainty.

Prince Arnold: What do you mean by that? What uncertainty? It’s just Graduation. Going on to bigger and better things.

Paige: I know. I am just worried a little about what i’d be doing if i don’t cut it with being a romance novelist or a swimsuit model… Those are the only things i have ever been thinking on doing. It’s the only thing that i had secretly aimed for since Freshman year.

Alice: All i aimed for was being a Psychic and going for the field of studying the paranormal. But i am scared just like you. But if i don’t go out there and at least take the plunge… i will never get anywhere.

Paige: …

Prince Alvin: *Figuring out what Paige is feeling* I think that i know what it is…

Prince Arnold: Know what; what is?

Prince Alvin: What Paige is feeling… It’s the case of the Pre-graduation Jitters.

Paige: That’s what it is… I am just a little scared of what’s out there or not out there. I mean.. what if it’s not what we were expecting?

Prince Alvin: No one knows what’s out there… It’s a big mystery. But the only way that you’ll ever know is just diving into it. Besides… it’s not like we’re not gonna see one another again. We’ll always see each other. Family sticks together…

Mrs. Klump: *Looking towards Paige, Prince Alvin, Prince Arnold and Alice* Hey you guys… It’s the last day… but not the end of class. not yet. All that’s being done is Yearbook signing and saying final good-byes.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* The year has ended. You’re probably wanting a vacation. can’t say as we would blame you. it’s been hell.

Prince Arnold: No way… It has been a real breeze. The Math was a little hard. But it’s made us better for it.

Prince Alvin: It’s tried kicking Paige’s butt a bit. Till she was able to get a handle on it.

Paige: I would rather it not be brought up. The scare behind that… the part where i almost failed the class… that is one nightmare that i could just live without. if you wouldn’t mind.

Prince Arnold: Math is scary.

Alice: only if you don’t understand it.

Mrs. Klump: *Smiles* It’s okay though, Paige… Because… you done so well during the last few weeks that you brought your grade up to a “B” You passed the class. You’re gonna be okay.

Paige: Thank you…

At The Metropolis Shrine…

Rei: *Walking with Minako* Graduation is in 3 days for Paige and Pearl. The Rhapsody Brothers. when Monday comes their way… it will be Graduation for them.

Minako: We can only hope that it’s a safe harbor for them. This is the defining moment. Soon they’ll be out of High school. into the world.

Rei: Pearl is calm about it. Paige is the nervous one.

Minako: Why?

Rei: the Jitters and the fear of failing in life. not making it out there in the real world.

Minako: Plus with that Demon still in the city. The marks are in the city. The City has taken notice to the signs. but No one knows what to make of it. They don’t know if it’s just a hoax or if there is indeed something more.

Rei: Maybe so… but the signs are there. you can feel it in the air.

Minako: Beryl is also in the city somewhere too. Biding her time before she strikes again.

Rei: She’s out there.

Minako: She could try something during Graduation and disturb the festivities.

Rei: That’s what we’re afraid of… We need to search and look out for any sign of that Queen. She’s out in the city…

of course what they didn’t realize was that Beryl was back inside the Dark Kingdom…

Dark Kingdom…

In the old Chambers of Queen Metaria…

Beryl: *Looking through the Hologram and gazing at the viewing of the surface* It is a shame that i can’t get to those Rhapsody girls without someone interfering with my plans… I managed to get through to that runaway. Terra is out there and can now control her abilities. I saw to that. I trained her. Time will come when she’ll come back to me and be my Apprentice. I just have to bid my time. I know what to do to get back at those Rhapsody girls too… They have a home… they use it to live in and also get all the knowhow coming to them on all their heroic details. If i bring down their home… i will bring down the Rhapsody Girls Z! *Snickers* Yes… yes… that will be their downfall… *Laughing* Ahahahahahaha! Ahahahahahahahahaha!

At Grandma Rikku’s house…

Dinah: *Watching T.V* I am so bored. I need to get out of here and just get some air… Ami is still around. *Calling for her Doctor* Ami?!

Ami: *Walking out from the other room* Yes, Dinah?

Dinah: I need to get out and get some air… The only way i will be able to get out of here is by Wheelchair. But can i possibly get out for a while?

Ami: You want to go out for a bit? Are you sure? It’s not safe. Especially with the Queen still out there and moving to start trouble.

Dinah: I know that she’s out there… but there is no way that i’m gonna stick and cower inside the house all the time. I mean… what the heck am i? A human or a Couch potato?

Ami: You’re human.

Dinah: That’s why i want to go out for a little bit. i want out. *Motioning to walk to the Wheelchair*

Ami: Dinah, Be careful. Take it easy.

Dinah: *Walking slowly over to the wheelchair and getting in the Wheelchair only seconds later*

Ami: Are you okay?

Dinah: Yes.

Ami: You want to go out? *Curious* Where do you want to go?

Dinah: Probably just to stroll through the park a bit.

Ami: Staying in the house really does make you go nuts… right?

Dinah: *Grins* Surprised that you haven’t gone equally nuts just from staying inside the house too. however with all my requirements and being in need all the time… how else could you live but to stick close? I know that I must have been putting you and everyone else here through hell.

Ami: Dinah… it’s not that at all. I don’t mind doing this. It’s what friends do and it’s also a duty to see that the patient is well taken care of.

Dinah: I know… however you’ve been doing more than your share. There is only so much that one can do. There is only so much that a doctor can do…

Minutes later…

Dinah was out and strolling through the neighborhood in her wheelchair since she was not able to walk on her feet…

Dinah: *Strolling in her wheelchair down the street* Nice day… Quiet and serene… but very depressing. *Sighs*

At Vincent Van Graves…

Vincent: *Looking at the books and seeing a pattern* Dark powers… Dark soul… Demon’s path… Gem of fire’s embrace… Trigon the Terrible… Terror of the galaxy… *sighs* What does this mean… *Reading the description* The Alter of the Prophecy/The hand of Scath. The Claw of Trigon is a hand and it is centered in a room lying afoot in the center of Skeletal statues of old. Each statue looking identical to the chosen one to be the portal to open the gate leading to Earth…The Alter can be found by going to the Tunnel of old… Going to the center of the Tunnel and heading down to the level beneath the narrow path. lining side to side with statues of old… activating the statues can only be done by the one who have the marks of the Demon. The marks inciting the message proclaiming the Prophecy… Reciting the Prophecy will line up the Portal and open the gate for the Demon to approach and break through to the Earth.

Suddenly Vincent sees through the Crystal ball and sees the soon to be future…

“Trigon rises out of the portal of fire and turning to see the Mortals… the Heroes (Rhapsody Girls and Rhapsody Brothers, Martin, Luna, the 3 senshi, Karen)…

Trigon: *Bellowing out with declaration* The… Earth… is… MINE!!!!”

With the Demonic power Trigon sends massive waves of Demonic Energy in all directions and transforming the whole world into Volcanic fire and brimstone….

Vincent: *With a grim look on his face* this is not good. Dreadful news… Simply dreadful. *Looking at the time* I wonder if i’ll be able to catch a meeting with that lady that Martin’s friend mentioned a few times throughout the last couple of months… *Grabbing the books* I better get this over to that tower…

That afternoon…

Metropolis Elementary…

Luna: *Looking at Martin* The signs are there that the Demon is coming closer to Earth… We need to check out something.

Martin: What? What’s up?

Luna: I don’t know… But there is something fishy going on. I think i know where it began…

Martin: Where?

Karen: Do you think that you’ve got a possible lead?

Luna: i think so… It’s a job for Sailor Luna and Tuxedo Martin Amazing.

Martin: Don’t forget Karen too… She’s part of the team.

Luna: you’re right. Let’s do it.

A second later…

Luna: *Transforming* Luna Prism Power… Make-up! *dancing and twirls as her uniform forms* … *Jumps and rolls into the air and then lands on the floor; giving off a Cat call* …

Martin: And now!! *transforming* Tuxedo Power…….Power Up!! *transforms into Tuxedo Martin Amazing; after transforming, poses*

Sailor Luna: Karen… Martin. Let’s go. there is a spot called the Crows next. It is the spot where the gateway that was used to send the Kandorians all to another plane of existence is located. I have a hunch that our problem that we are handling with now… started there… started with the gateway being open for a longer period of time than it should have been.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I can teleport us there… Karen… Grab on.

Karen: *Grabbing on close to Martin and Luna and holding on*

A moment later…

Sailor Luna: *Walking Over to the Console still intact* …

Luna then suffers a flashback…

“Dinah: *Landing* Zod… Shut the hell up. Just shut up… You have done all the deceiving that we’re gonna tolerate… You have deceived everyone… Even your own people…

Pearl: *Landing* Yeah… Time to own up to what you’ve done… you big overgrown meanie…

Paige: *Landing and standing up to Zod* Zod… we are sick of your lies… You lie to everyone… If your battalion ever knew the truth of what you had done… they’d leave you. As it is… they don’t really respect you. they only follow you out of fear. We know the truth… Who really killed Faora… We know who really killed her. Now… either you tell them… or we will. CHOOSE!

Zod: *Scoffs* You don’t have any proof… you never will. You should just give up. You can see for yourself that My men willingly follow me.

Prince Alvin: *Teleporting in with the brothers* Oh yeah?! You think so… don’t you, Zod? You really think that they are gonna continually follow you… Always believe whatever Lie that you tell them…

Prince Arnold: what about Faora? All she wanted was to leave you. That was all she wanted. She was gonna to leave you and make a life of her own… that was all she wanted. to live fairly and live a normal but honest life. *Looking at Basqat* Basqat…  You’re a soldier and a fighter by blood. by trade it is all you want… and all you would want for yourself…but if you had a chance… a choice to choose a better life for yourself… Would you commit to it if that opportunity ever was granted to you?

Basqat: You don’t have the right to question the Kandorians… but even if you’re one of the lowly pathetic and puny humans… you have a point… you pose a great question. If i were given a choice to choose a better life for myself… i would. Gladly.

Prince Avery: Well what about Zod? You think he’d Allow it? He’d kill you for leaving him. seeing as though you’d betray him by leaving his side. Just like Faora. his own Wife. She wanted to Leave Zod.

Zod: That is a lie!

Prince Curtis: Although she never got the chance to do it. She paid the ultimate price. The debt that all men would be made to pay… death… She wanted to Leave Zod and she paid for it with her life.

Zod: Faora never should’ve trusted you.  She should seen your mind tricks… but she allowed herself to believe your treachery. she had to be put down…

Clark: But she wasn’t the only one who paid the price, was she?

Zod then pushes Clark into a wall and hold tight onto the neck…

Zod: Faora was a traitor. *Whispers* Do you think I wanted to kill my own child?

The Kandorians picked up the confession from Zod and heard the truth… they all gasped at Zod and turned sour… They immediately ripped off their Armbands and Stared at him.

Zod: *To Vala* Your sister was a traitor. She would’ve betrayed us all.

Vala then started to come at Zod and itched to land a blow at him but Basqat held her back and looked at her…

Basqat: *To Vala* Wait! Your sister needs to be avenged, Vala. but not here… not on Earth. *as he then looks at Zod* We will deal with him once we’re on our own soil.

Vala: *To Clark* Kal-El, take us home. We’re ready to go home.

Zod: What are you all doing? Are you all bound to betray your General… Stop…  *seeing no response from the soldiers* stop now! *Still seeing no reply; Suddenly getting Angry and Barking an order* YOUR GENERAL HAS JUST GIVEN YOU A DIRECT ORDER… OBEY IT! OBEY ME!!!!

Paige: Give it up Zod… You lost. You’re done for…

Dinah: *Looking at Zod* Zod… you must have forgotten what we’ve said to you the first time we ever laid eyes on you…

Dinah Flashes back…

“Dinah: *Cynical* You Know, Major… Your soldiers and cadets are really loyal and devoted to you. they’ll remain that way to a point… But if they were to find out that you were just as lost as they are… You’d be alone. they’ll all leave you.”

Dinah: Remember now… you were just as clueless as all the rest. you didn’t know jack of where you were or what you were doing… You were sure feeling no trouble of talking a good game though… huh?

Sailor Luna: *Bouncing in* That’s right… You are Nothing… NOTHING!

Clark inserted the Book into the center of the console and it powered up…

Sending the Kandorians home… one by one… they left… gone up into the sky through the portal…

All except for…


Zod then revealed a Sword made of  Blue Kryptonite….

Paige: *Catching sight of the Sword* Uh-oh… I think that Zod has a sneaky trick up his sleeve. He’s got something…

Pearl: Is that what i think it is…

Dinah: *Spotting the Sword* Oh god… Oh no… It’s… It’s…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Shoots out in Shock* BLUE KRYPTONITE!!!!

Prince Alvin: *Screaming out* KAL-EL!!! BEHIND YOU!!!!

Air Rushes by as Clark turns and sees the Blue Kryptonite. and catches Zod with it…

Zod: *Defiant* I told you… I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!

Rhapsody Brothers: Wanna Bet?

Rhapsody Girls: Oh yes you are!”

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Seeing the terrified look on Luna’s face* Luna… are you okay?

Sailor Luna: Yeah. I’m fine. This place is just giving me some bad memories. The last time i was here… my sisters and Cousins… and family all went against Zod and i was beaten near dead. I almost didn’t make it.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: How bad was it?

Sailor Luna: A possible broken rib and a broken arm. I for a few moments had Labored Breathing. I was close to being dead. But the doctors were able to save me. Prince Arnold was able to get me to the Hospital in time. But… i almost died.

Karen: You went against Zod?

Sailor Luna: Yeah. we did… my family had to. He killed Princess Rikku. To Cripple them and me since well… i was a daughter to her as well. Adopted. but was still a daughter. Still a loss. But we had to go at him. It took the whole set of us to knock him out. I on the other hand was mainly holding on for dear life.

Karen: Oh no… You are okay though… right?

Sailor Luna: Yeah. I’m okay…

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Thankful* As long as you’re okay… that is all that matters. I however should warn that if you start feeling uneased by this spot here… we’re gonna get out of here fast.

Karen: Why are we here again?

Sailor Luna: We’re here to check something here… when the gateway here was opened to send the Kandorians back to where they belonged… it was done by the artifact that the Kandorians knew or called the Book of RAO. but with the gateway opened and left active for the length of time that it had been… It is a possibility that it let in the Demon… or the presence of the Demon. Scath. The gateway was known to be a inter-dimensional gateway.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: *Looking at Luna* are you saying that this gateway could be the reason why Scath could be here on this planet but just hiding?

Karen: But how? There is no way that he could be here through that… he would have been seen? Wouldn’t he?

Sailor Luna: Not really. Right now he is apparently just a Voice and a mere Symbol. A mark. But there is no mistaking that he’s here… His mark is here. we saw it inside that Tunnel.

Karen: What do you suppose we all do about it? We can’t really face him… That Demon might be the size of a gargantuan. Massive and buffed up with a lot of muscle and meat. Plus Demon’s are red. They could have unlimited power.

Sailor Luna: Not really. the demon is not at power yet. He’s only a voice.

Tuxedo Martin Amazing: I don’t think that this is the best place for us to be… But we are here for a reason.

Sailor Luna: We are here to check for any traces of energy being emitted. This is the point of origin for anything intergalactic to enter. My family 2 years ago sent Zod back to where he belonged. through here. But with this gateway opened. while the Book of RAO was powered up with the Console here… opening the gateway… It would beg to see reason as to whether the demon like Scath is really here. or if there is a possible chance that he isn’t here.

Karen: He couldn’t be here… If he is here… then where is he?

Down in the Tunnel Deep in the Quarry Ruins…

Wall: *As Scath* On the Very stroke of the 17th Birthday… i will be unleashed… The PROPHECY SHALL BE FULFILLED!!!

At The New Watchtower…

Vincent: *Walking into the Watchtower* Nice place they have here… Very sturdy.

P.A System: *Chiming* Unidentified Visitor…*Sounding off an alarm*

Chloe: *Coming out from the other room and seeing the Visitor* Excuse me… But who are you?

Vincent: *Nods and smiles* It’s a surprise to be here… I’m Vincent Van Graves…

Chloe: Be that as it may… You don’t have Clearance to be here… *Pauses* Wait! Did you say that you were Vince Van Graves? Van Graves as in the wizard and the Well known Demonologist?

Vincent: Precisely, My dear. that is i. i am the Wizard. A Demonologist and a Necromancer as well. a lovely party of 3.

Chloe: Oh my god… What ever would bring you to a place like this?

Vincent: I came here because i am well aware that you know that my dear boy Martin Marco is a hero. He is a friend to the member that is part of here. A Luna Rhapsody. I heard Luna and Martin talk sometime ago and heard her mention this place at least a good dozen times. I know that this is a little out of the normal to expect. But i have some intel on the matter that has managed to befall us all.

Chloe: You’ve been following up on the Presence of the Intergalactic Demon and about the Evil Queen?

Vincent: I wouldn’t know about the Evil Queen. But i do have some knowhow on the Demon that is said to come…

Chloe: I see. Please… let’s have a look and see what you’ve found.

A minute later…

Vincent: *Looking at Chloe* What i have found in my Crystal ball is something utterly dreadful.It’s news about the Prophecy… and something that refers to the place where the Prophecy will be set, carried out and completed. I can pick up things and foresee things in the Crystal ball and i have also done some readings too. through the scanned copy of the texts and the material that is identical to the same exact Books that Raven has. That is where i found this… *Reading the Info* “The Alter of the Prophecy/The hand of Scath. The Claw of Trigon is a hand and it is centered in a room lying afoot in the center of Skeletal statues of old. Each statue looking identical to the chosen one to be the portal to open the gate leading to Earth…The Alter can be found by going to the Tunnel of old… Going to the center of the Tunnel and heading down to the level beneath the narrow path. lining side to side with statues of old… activating the statues can only be done by the one who have the marks of the Demon. The marks inciting the message proclaiming the Prophecy… Reciting the Prophecy will line up the Portal and open the gate for the Demon to approach and break through to the Earth.” And i am afraid that it gets worse… i picked this up as i read through the Crystal ball…

Vincent managed to bring his Portable Crystal ball with him and saw that the ball still had the viewing of the Vision that he caught earlier…

“Trigon rises out of the portal of fire and turning to see the Mortals… the Heroes (Rhapsody Girls and Rhapsody Brothers, Martin, Luna, the 3 senshi, Karen)…

Trigon: *Bellowing out with declaration* The… Earth… is… MINE!!!!”

With the Demonic power Trigon sends massive waves of Demonic Energy in all directions and transforming the whole world into Volcanic fire and brimstone….

Chloe: *Pauses and with Exclamation* Is that what’s gonna happen to Earth if the Demon does happen to come through the portal and if the portal gets opened?

Vincent: I am sorry. but if the Demon gets in and reaches Earth… that is exactly what he’s gonna do to the Earth. The Earth will become as you saw it. Volcanic Fire and brimstone.

Chloe: Do the girls know of this yet?

Vincent: No. They do not know of this. Not yet.

Chloe: We must tell them what was found… They need to know.

Vincent: Absurd! That is Absurd… They can not know about this yet. Because this is just data that came out… i only done reading on it… but there is no proof that it’s even accurate. The books say that it is as what’s been read… the Crystal ball gave off a Vision. But it’s only a proclamation. There is no official proof that what’s been read and found is by any stretch the truth.

Chloe: Then what do we do? The girls are gonna ask what was found on the case… They’ll be asking for anything new. We gotta tell them something.

Vincent: Not if it jeopardizes everything that they know thus far about the current dilemma.

Chloe: There is only one way to confirm this then… I’ll have to send a couple of people over to the Abandoned Quarry to survey the area and find it. find actual proof about the data you just gave.

Victor Stone: *Walking in* We’re back…

Chloe: Good work on the job Victor.

Black Canary: *Walking in from the side and looking at the screens* What is going on with the screens?

Chloe: Possible new data on the grave situation that we’re all facing as of current.

Black Canary: Well… if it’s new data… we should get it over to the girls. they’re gonna want to know what is going on. It’s almost Graduation day for the girls and they are gonna be wanting to stay ahead on all of this.

Vincent: Not yet. It is too soon. They can’t know about this yet. It is not proven fact. It is info that i read on and barely found just today. And the Vision is from the ball… but there is no proof that it’s viable information.

Black Canary: No offense Wizard… but you’re gonna have to trust our experience with this… we learned the hard way that the longer we wait… the more time it gives for the evil force or influence to take the opening to advance. Rearing its ugly head…

Chloe: *sighs*

Arthur Curry: *Walking in suddenly and catching the screen showing a possibly imminent Apocalyptic future* What is that…

Chloe: That is the vision of the possible future if Scath enters Earth and comes out of the portal.

Oliver: *Overhearing and turning to see the Screen* That’s the future?

Chloe: unfortunately… yes.

John Jones: *Flying in and landing on the ground; Walking over to see a unfamiliar visitor in the room* Who’s the new visitor?

Vincent: *Turning to see Jones* I would be first to ask who you were…

Chloe: *Turning to see John* John, This is Vincent Van Graves. He’s the one that gave us the info about the situation revolving the Intergalactic Demon. *Turning back to Vincent* Vincent… meet John Jones. Detective John Jones and hero Alias- The Martian Manhunter.

Vincent: *Warmly shaking the hand* It’s a pleasure to be meeting you, my good sir.

John Jones: It’s nice to meet you as well. Welcome to Watchtower.

Vincent: Thank you.

John Jones: I take that you’ve been following the case revolving the Intergalactic Demon named Scath.

Vincent: yes. i have. started since the day i was told about the Demon. My dear boy Martin who is also now a hero. got the details from his friend/best friend/ Girlfriend Luna. She told him about it and he told me and i followed the story from there. looking endlessly for details about the Demon bent on coning to Earth. i kept seeing one Symbol… i searched the Crystal ball continuously and looked further. but all i could see was one Symbol. and 4 red eyes…

John Jones: That would be the Demon. Scath. He is known as the intergalactic Demon. the harbinger of hell and all things terror. In his alternate Dimension… he was known as the being of sadistic Chaos. he didn’t have any compassion. his demeanor of demonry and all that is hell and satanic was that of unfettered torture. He aimed to rule and would not stop. but he wanted a new planet to rule. he wanted a planet that was full of life… full of peace. even though he was of none. he knew no peace. No calm. in the lore behind this Demon… he was said to have come upon the proud land of Azarath. the land that was full of pride and serenity. they were full of intellect and were nonviolent. They believed in War being the last resort. As it is said… one day… that an unknown man managed to walk upon the land… enter and mesh well with the others hiding the fact that he was not that of an Azarathian inhabitant. He was in truth… Trigon the Terrible. the Evil Demon Conqueror. The master of pain and eternal torment. But no one knew till late. After he got with a Holy mother. Arella Roth was the Holy mother of Azarath. the highest respected inhabitant. She knew much… knew far and was wise beyond her very years. she never spoke of war. to her… all things ran its course and would work themselves out in due time. But when this unknown man came… She didn’t know of what he really was. or who he was. All she saw was a man. that looked a little different than what the other inhabitants looked like. He impregnated her with a demon born child. It was a girl. They called her Raven. The man transcended into his demonic form and showed who he was and to best save the land… the ancient order of Azarath… forged a ring. A Ring of Azar. With some symbols. one was the symbol that is the insignia to the Demon. The Mark of Scath. but they all banished Trigon… their Master as they saw him. Trigon. Scath. They saw the Child was with Demon Blood and thought that she would destroy the world. a Monk named Junis tried to attempt to send the girl into Limbo. But it destroyed him instead. Azar, the spiritual leader of the temple, then took the young Raven under her personal tutelage, instructing her in the truth of her parentage, and in pacifism, meditation, and the submergence of her emotions to resist Trigon’s influence, while perfecting her powers of teleportation, astral projection, and empathic healing. Later, after Azar’s death (in which she entered another plane of existence), when Raven was plagued by prophetic dreams of Trigon and, defying her teachers, she confronted her demon father in Limbo at his bidding. Trigon spared her and Arella after satisfying himself that, upon his return when she reached adulthood, he could seduce Raven into becoming his ally. When Raven turned fourteen, she sensed Trigon’s power returning and fled to Earth. Escaping the mark. knowing that her Prophecy was said that she would release him upon the earth. Releasing him and becoming the portal. the thing that Trigon sired her to be. Trigon is Deceptive and cunning, He is said to be capable of subtly manipulating even the sharpest of minds into doing his bidding and fooling them into believing his sincerity. making them believe that he is sincere when in truth he has none flowing within him. His evil nature and lack of concern for anyone else caused him to be hated by his own daughter, Anyone who serves him and almost everyone who has ever encountered or knows of him.

Vincent: So Raven is the Daughter to the Demon? *Gasps* Oh dear… Please do go on. Will she be the means of the end for Earth?

John Jones: Unfortunately. yes. she will be. Even if she doesn’t wish to be… and doesn’t want to be the portal… she’s got no other choice. The Prophecy is to our dismay… Absolute. It can not be abolished.

Vincent: Good heavens… that is not good. not good at all. That will never do. Never.

Chloe: *Looking at the screen* It is not good. that’s right, Vincent. it’s terrible. But if this data is proven accurate as you are saying that it should be proven as that… we better be ready for what might come. We’re gonna need all the assistance and all the help possible…

The screen…

Monday, June 22nd 2026…


Metropolis High…


Paige: *Standing in line leading to the podium to get her Diploma* Well… here goes.

Pearl: *Sighs* This is the moment where High school truly ends for us all. This is gonna be it.

Alice: It’s the end.

Prince Alvin: *Looking towards the Bleachers* I see everyone there… *Looking to see King John there in the Audience* Brothers… Our father is there. sitting next to Aunt Rikku.

Prince Arnold: *Looking to see the crowd* I don’t see Gramps.

Prince Avery: I think that he’s still in Germany and so is Aunt Trixie.

Prince Curtis: but the others are here… Aunt Jan, Aunt Julie, Aunt Princess Julie. Aunt Charlene, Aunt Princess Charlene. They’re here. It’s the last moment of High school. once we get those Diploma’s… it will be over. High school will be over. completely. meaning that Adulthood has hit us.

Megan: That’s a scary thought.

Summer: I don’t know about you guys but i am all for graduating school. I think that 4 years is enough. We have most certainly done our time. We’ve had 4 years. Prepared for the real world in some way. I think that we should all be ready and willing to pat ourselves on the back. We’ve worked hard and done good.

Paige: *To Summer* You sure are positive… aren’t you? Doesn’t anything ever seem to get you down?

Summer: What’s there to be negative… there is no need to be down about it. Graduation is the best time… it’s like a celebration commemorating for 4 years of school. 4 years of knowledge and High school Education. training for college.

Pearl: Actually Graduation is an academic exercise in which diplomas are conferred. Commencement. baccalaureate – a farewell sermon to a graduating class at their commencement ceremonies.

Paige: *Chuckles* Okay, Mrs. Textbook accurate. i think that we get the meaning of it. I think that you can stop with the over analyzing.

Pearl: *Blushes*

Megan: I think that she is right though… Graduation is like a commencement. The end of one era and the start of a new.

Star: I agree. I already know that i am gonna be pursuing the fashion career.

Pearl: So will i. Maybe sometime soon we can get together and look at the University Catalog. And pick out the best classes for our Major. Fashion. My Minor though is Entertainment.

Star: It’s a date. *Winks*

Christie: I would do something like Acting and or Running for a position in Law.

Shingo: *a couple people behind Star* That’s good. Fresh people are needed in law. anything to weed out the poor bastards they got now in the Courthouses…

Pearl: *Turning to see Shingo* Shingo?

Shingo: Hey there sister-in-law to be… Surprised to see me here?

Pearl: Very.

Shingo: I know how it must feel. I am graduating for both me and Dinah.

Paige: Huh?! How can that be?

Shingo: It’s simple… i know that Dinah is suffering and missing out on school. she couldn’t come to school because of her pregnancy. I knew that she was gonna be in danger of not being able to Graduate… I couldn’t allow for her to have something like this be taken away from her… So i’ve been taking her classes and mine and doing all that i could. i even helped her on her work during my days off. While you guys were out doing hero detail… on weekends and out doing your details. doing what you girls had to do. i spent the time needed with Dinah… helping her do the work. I even spoke with the school and also with her grandmother. who is yours too… she helped set it up to where Dinah would still be able to graduate. Still get her diploma.

Prince Alvin: All that just for Dinah? *Whistles* Wow! That is most definitely sheer devotion. if that is not loyalty… i don’t know what is. That was just the act of a most loyal and most devoted fiance.

Shingo: I got the lack of sleep and insomnia to prove it. *With a few bags under his eyes* I am beat. After i get the diploma’s… i am gonna find a spot to park… probably at work… inside a Limo and catch a few hours of Z’s. I am in need of rest.

Prince Curtis: Get ready… *Seeing the next few students going up to the podium* we’re next.

Megan: Here we go…

Paige: Panic time… Panic… nervous reaction.

Prince Alvin: Paige… it’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay. It’ll be just getting the diploma. and then shaking the hand… then walking off and just going back to the seat. that’s all it is. No speech. No speech.

Prince Avery: Being a secret Agent is good. I am gonna enlist in the British intelligence Agency… be like a James bond. I can handle it.

Prince Arnold: Oh yeah. You sure can. You’ll handle it. With the expertise that you have with the stake out details that you’ve done up till now… You’ll be like a total shoe in.

Prince Curtis: Oh yeah… You’ll be one of a kind.

A Minute later… it was time for them to have their name called and it was now that passing of the torch…

Principal Brecht: *Speaking into the Microphone and calling out the names* Paige Cass Rhapsody! Pearl Lucy Rhapsody! Shingo Toshira Tsukino! and Dinah Ellen Rhapsody.

From the Audience…

Grandma Rikku: *With Charlene, Jan, Jennifer, Princess Julie, Julie, Princess Charlene* WOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Way to go girls! Way to go!

Grandma Rikku: *Cheering* Those are my Grand daughters… Oh I am so proud of them… I just want to cry. It’s such a happy moment. I am so happy.

Charlene: I know sis… they’re so wonderful. It takes me back to our Graduation day. How wonderful we were… It’s like seeing ourselves graduating all over again.

Jan: I remember those days… those were the best days ever. Having High school behind us and moving on to better things. Then to have kids. We’re all single… but we made a life for ourselves. raised kids and then seeing ourselves with grand kids… it was just like everything fell right into place. Remember the days with Stokes’s way back in the early days. before we all happened to fall out from them.

Grandma Rikku: I don’t even want to know that name. I was dark in those times… it made me into something that i never wanted to be. I rescued that girl in 5th grade growing up… from being pushed and teased. and i was only 15 when she and i had a falling out. We didn’t graduate till we were like 19. Normal grad age is 18. Remember when i was in need of help from a friend and was feeling terrible about a little slip. Where i was late for second period one time or because i was passing notes in class that one time and got caught. I got grounded… and had to defy our father. to see James. James Conway who was in no way whatsoever in relation to the James Conway from the Movie Goodfellas. He was different. Of course… he had a habit. i even did it too. and went with a friend. Mackenzie… She and i were better friends than Stokes and Kadyn Jones. they were supposed to be there and they fed me to the wolves. TO THE WOLVES. James and i even did the deed one time. Princess Rikku and Princess Aquamarine had traces of him in them… but they’re both gone… Princess Rikku Was murdered. Princess Aquamarine was with a broken heart. she died because of being cheated on…

King John: We all know the tale, Aunt Rikku. we were all there to hear of it.

Grandma Rikku: Yeah well… The guy… James died at age 21. He was met with a hit and run. I lost him. had to raise my two girls as a single mother.

Charlene: How do you think i felt? Princess Charlene was my only kid. i had no husband. there was no one for me whatsoever. I had to raise her on my own. It wasn’t easy. Plus having a falling out with our father… for how he treated you that time… I was surely not gonna go crying to him for anything. Not a thing. after how he spoke to you. he was the least person i wanted to have anything from. I am a Government official or working as an assistant to the Governor. I wanted to be an Exotic dresser… be a showgirl and have an Exotic name… But Life never was fair to me… i had to leave my dream away to the back… let it go. i had to get an honest paying job to help better care for my only Daughter. I loved her and still and always will. but if i didn’t leave the exotic life behind and the Children services saw that i was Exotic and subjecting her to it. i would have lost her. I had to do what was right for her. Best move i ever made…

Jan: Well i ran a Dealer ship. a Car Dealership. It was also the best place to work because i was gloomy. but i enjoy being social. talking to people. I also have my 2 daughters. Princess Jan and Princess Joanne. They are here too…

Julie: They are?

Jan: You bet. they are. They’re here and watching for their kids… Princess Jan’s got 4 girls… Macie, Jasmine, Evelyn and Penny. Princess Joanne has 2 kids. Twins. Cheryl and Carolyn. They’re here. in line. in the back…

Back over where the Graduating class was…

Principal Brecht: *Calling out the names* Prince Alvin Ronald Rhapsody, Prince Arnold Corey Rhapsody, Prince Avery Theodore Rhapsody, Prince Curtis Mark Rhapsody, Alice Josie Cross, Star Madeline Hall, Christie Diamond Powers, Megan Hart, Summer May French.

King John: *Cheering from the Crowd* Yeah! Way to go there, Boys. Your pops is proud of you. You’ve made it!

Amy Diamond’s “Graduation song” Plays…

Paige: *Calmed and feeling satisfied* This is it… the end of high School and the beginning of College. College is next.

Pearl: Yeah. I can see it now… We’re gonna be facing a life of bills and having to pay rent and for living expenses.

Shingo: *walking behind Paige and Pearl* I already got that part figured for Dinah and me. I have a Job. I can actually drive Limos now and make wonderful tips. The Celebrities pay rather big. $400 dollars for a Limo and the way it seems is that if i keep doing well… one of the regular clients that request the service of the Limo and ask for me… i could be offered to to work for someone as a hired Limo Driver. a Private Driver for them and could be making greater amounts of Currency. I don’t really care much for the Money… I do this because it’s something that i was born to do… but the money is because i need to make sure that there is money coming in to support and help raise the little ones that are said to come sometime in the next couple months. It’s getting closer and there is literally a sizable list of things to do to prepare for the babies arrival.

Pearl: You’re gonna be a busy man.

Paige: Very busy.

Pearl: Dinah is gonna run you ragged.

Shingo: I can handle it. Besides i love her and she loves me. There is nothing that can happen without her or myself knowing about it.

Prince Alvin: That is good. I’m gonna be looking for a job sometime in a few weeks. Hero work is all fine and dandy… But… Grandpa John was right… A normal lifestyle is vital and very much needed.

Alice: Hey… don’t worry about it tonight, Prince Alvin. You can worry about that tomorrow. Besides tonight is Grad night. We’re all gonna be going to the Beach for a Grad Night Bash.

Prince Alvin: Tonight?!

Prince Avery: Well… yeah. It is tonight. i mean, Brother… tonight it’s gonna be the graduating class of 2026 being at the beach. it’s been reserved for the school’s graduates. There is said to be Champagne. Beer. But we’re not wreckless enough to do something blisteringly foolish. I would take having a Mojito or a Midnight Margarita anyday. we’re like 17 going on 18 now… i think that the drinking age is 21. but it’s not like we’re gonna get ourselves plastered by the alcohol. Plus it’s a school function and only one night. One night isn’t gonna damage us.

Prince Curtis: Don’t forget that we still have that Tunnel to worry about.

Megan: *Confused* Tunnel? What Tunnel?

Prince Arnold: I think that he means the one with the 4 red eyes and the Mark of Scath.

Summer: No talking about the Demon being whatever his name is. tonight belongs to us and our closing the Chapter of the High school years and setting to open the chapter or book on our college days. We’re all gonna be having Roommates in College. You know that they’re with Dorms.

Star: Whatever happens Pearl and i will be Roommates.

Christie: Same with me and Dinah… Dinah and i might have different class plans and different career paths to go on. but She and I are best buds… I remember the first day that me and her met…

Christie flashes back…

Christie: *Voice-over* Dinah was working on the Science assignment next to me and trying to work with a couple of chemicals… But as she was mixing them… something started to happen and She started to lose grip of the Beaker glass that she was holding in her hand. I knew that the chemicals that she used were more than likely lethal. I stretched my arm out to catch it and caught it in time. She looked like she was gonna freak. I don’t really blame her as i too was about to freak.That concoction if it fell… could have made a huge mess. Dinah, I remember looked at me with a quick Glare and then gasped seconds later when she realized that i saved her. She thanked me. We kinda Clicked It was almost as though she and i were meant to meet…

Paige: That’s sweet.

After the ceremonies were over and done with…

While they were heading over to get their diploma’s…

At Vincent Van Graves…

Martin: *Sighs* Tomorrow is graduation…

Luna: I know. It’s gonna be the end of Elementary and the beginning of Middle school.

Karen: I don’t know if i want to graduate. I know that my mom and dad are thinking about sending me to stay with my cousin in Kansas City. She happened to get wind of my talking about being a hero and part of the team here and frowned. She thinks that heroes are freaks who belong in a cage.

Luna: *Feeling a little hurt* that’s not nice of her to say that.

Karen: Tell that to her. She is the one that thinks that way. My mom thinks that way. I even told her about you two and she said things that i don’t wish to repeat. I really don’t want to even think about what she said. I don’t want to lose you two for my friends. You two are like my only friends. no one else really talks to me. My parents though do not like heroes and looked at me really oddly. They said: “I don’t care who they are… they’re freaks. Heroes are always trying to run around and make their rules and their own laws, they have no respect for the letter of the law. they act like wild animals. Whoever they are… they are to stop showing their freak powers and learn to act like normal… civilized beings. this city deserves respect and not anarchy. You’re not gonna be one of them. I will not have it. I will not put up with it. You were born normal and that is how you’ll stay. I don’t care if your friends are with powers. They are still Vigilantes. A girl with a cat like tail sticking out… she’s not a human. She’s a failed lab experiment who should be dissected and studied.”

Martin: That is truly mean… i don’t think that your mom is being really nice. She’s like a total meanie. I think that if she hates heroes that badly… then she might want to think twice about that the next time she decides to do something and happens to get attacked by someone … and god forbid that she needs someone to come save her. but without a hero there to save her… What is she gonna do? Just get into a fetal position and cower?

Karen: I think so… The problem with her is that she doesn’t have the capacity to allow herself to possess an opened mind. I am 12 and i got an opened mind. although the problem is that because of my secret power… i was never given that chance to show that i was opened… My mom will never understand no matter what anyone says to her. She’s a closed book. Too Aristocratic and stuck up.

Martin: the way she talked about Luna was mean… Your mom needs better restraint. Alot better restraints than what she’s got. Luna is not a freak. Sure she’s different. she’s got a cat tail. I was one of the ones before she and i met that passed off a bit of a look… but that’s because i didn’t understand at first. But after i heard her talk about a Kingdom and how she came to Earth… what she knew about the matter with Beryl… the first time around all along with the Rhapsody girls. I came to terms… but at first before i met her… i didn’t know what to say or think or anything about her. But i actually was attracted to her the first time i saw her.

Luna: yeah. *Looking at Martin* Really? You were attracted to me even before we met?

Martin: Yeah.

Luna: *Touched* Awwww!

Martin: I just wish that some other people would give you a chance. *To Karen* Your mom is with no sensitivity… no opened mind. Someone should deal with her and get her to back off from bashing Luna and her hero family…

Karen: We’re not gonna worry about that. We are friends and i am not gonna be told who to be friends with. Not by them.

Luna: *Nods*

Martin: *Looking at Luna* Tomorrow is our Graduation. We got to also worry over the part of the Tunnel. That is gonna be the biggest issue.

Luna: Tunnel?

Martin: Yeah. The Tunnel is of concern. Remember that Mark that we saw in the tunnel? Scath… IT’s something to be of concern. It’s a dark secret that is aiming to spread out to the outside of the Quarry and into the City.

Luna: yeah… i remember. Not much to do about that though… It’s been spewing off activity. Spreading. but it’s still confined within the Tunnel. For the time being… of course.

Karen: Someone should be going over there to keep a look out on it.

Martin: There is already someone out working on the stakeout. Prince Avery. Luna’s Cousin. He’s doing the stakeout.

Luna: Actually… No. He’s not. Not tonight. Tonight is Grad night. So they’re all out on that and taking a break from the situation. I think that Prince Avery’s girlfriend… is clamping on him and setting the law straight that tonight is about them and the family… the graduating class is top priority.

Karen: What is so important about grad night if there is a situation messing with us… A Situation in the Tunnel. You should be on the ball knowing that if they don’t keep on it. it will just spread and who will know as to whether they will be able to contain it. Whether they wish to or not… they need to get a handle on it. While they can.

Luna: I know… but that is not something we can change. my family…. My sisters and Cousins are at Grad night. It’s Grad night for them and they are wanting this night. This is the last night that they can be free before they all have to start looking into pursuing on Adulthood.

Martin: We got a long time before we reach that point.

Luna: *Nods*

Karen: Our Graduation is tomorrow and all we can think about is the danger. The threat that dares to come. The Tunnel that you said that you and Martin stumbled upon… It was the Tunnel that housed a dark secret. A Dark secret…

Luna and Martin: *Sighs*

At the Abandoned Quarry…

In the Tunnel…

Wall: *As Scath* Those vile Vermin are gathering to sire on stopping me. It is useless to try. But i will make them think that they’ve won and Wipe their minds of my presence. They won’t have any knowledge of me or any info tying to me. or my mark… Let’s see those Vile Vermin try to get on top of me now…

Within seconds The Mark of Scath on the Wall Shined blindingly bright and cast a complete Mind swipe of all things Trigon and Scath. about the Prophecy. Before a moments passed… the Tunnel went Dead…

only an hour later…

At the Metropolis Beach…

Prince Alvin: *Feeling a little blank* Did you feel that?

Alice: *Looking at Prince Alvin* No. No i didn’t feel anything at all. Why? Did you?

Prince Alvin: Not sure. But all of a sudden i feel a bit blank.

Alice: About what? The Intergalactic Demon? Scath?

Prince Alvin: Who? I don’t know who that is.

Alice: *looking concerned* Uh, okay… something is going on. You were all with the knowhow on what to do to follow up on the demon and were set on keeping ahead of the Beast. Now… you suddenly don’t know who he is or what he is? Are you sick, Darling?

Prince Alvin: *Groans in dread* Oh god i hope not.

Prince Avery: *Looking at Prince Alvin* We lost the link to the Demon. The wall.

Prince Arnold: I feel it too. You guys… this feels bad.

Megan: *Confused* Is there something a miss?

Prince Alvin: I don’t know… But as soon as Grad night is over… Prince Avery… you should go and check the Tunnel and do a sweep. Find out what the hell happened. We just lost the link to the Demon.

Prince Avery: *Stops and in Shock* What?! You certain that we have lost the link?

Prince Curtis: How are you sure that we’ve lost it? We can’t lose the link. If we lose it… we lost the advantage of keeping that Demon from making advances…

Prince Avery: *Looking at Summer* Summer… I know that you’re not gonna like this… But i got to go and return to staking out the Tunnel a bit. There’s been a development that just happened. We lost the link to the demon. the only viable link to keep a heads up on the demon. I got to go and see if we can find a new link. otherwise… we’ve lost the lead. We have lost the war if we’ve lost that link.

Summer: Let’s wait till at least after midnight. This night is our final night to be free from the real world. the rest of our lives will be consisting of Bills, Rent. A career and living expenses. That will be the rest of our lives. after tonight. which follows right after College.

Prince Avery: *Nods briefly* Very well. Summer. But by Midnight i have to get the handle of the situation that has just hit.

As for Paige and Pearl…

Paige: *With Reese* Tonight’s a wonderful night. It’s a shame that we can’t make it last forever.

Reese: We can. If you really wanted it to.

Paige: How is that?

Reese: We can think about making out. When we’ll like to do so…

Paige: Oh? Uh, okay. *Looking at the Kegs nearby* This Grad night’s got Alcohol. not very smart to have Alcohol here. people will get drunk and start to strike a drinking binge.

Reese: The innocent days are over. We got to live a little.

Paige: Living a little or living rather wreckless.

Reese: This is only one night, Paige. I am quite certain that you were told of this by your mother sometime in your life that she had done a few things when she graduated High school. Drank a cup or so of Beer. It’s not bad. as long as a person’s smart about it… and not going all obsessive with the Alcohol and acting like idiots.

Paige: *Scoffs* Reese. You should know that my mother has been dead for almost 2-3 years now… It’s been hard losing her. and when she was alive… she never told us about her wild times after High School. If you remember right… My mother didn’t get to go to her Grad night. no one wanted her there. okay? No one wanted her around and she spent her Grad night at her mother’s house who is our grandmother. So that line is very crude and offensive.

Reese: Sorry.

Paige: Look, It’s okay. but just be careful… there are some things that are going on that remind me and my family that we’re doing things that mother never got to do.

Pearl: *Dancing* …

The Next day… It was the day that Luna and Martin were said to graduate and it was a lead for them and granting advancement to Middle school. This was their day…

Metropolis Elementary…

10 AM.

School Auditorium…

Luna: *Looking at Martin; On stage* We’re gonna graduate.

Martin: It’s memorable because we did it together.

Luna: that’s right. We’ve done it together.

Karen: And i am part of it. We’ve been through all this since the beginning of the year. This year’s been really long.

Luna: It didn’t make it any easier on us when outbreaks of the Symbol on the wall broke out. We even had to deal with the Evil Queen.

Karen: I know. She tried to stir some trouble at the Dance. her Purple Mist was proving to be a total menace. I don’t even know of her by experience and yet i was not pleased over seeing her influence. Seeing her try to stir trouble.

Luna: I dealt with her before and she is Evil. She tried to bring the world to its knees before. Trying to awaken Queen Metaria. She was also trying to turn the whole world against the people of the moon. Making the moon Kingdom seem as harbingers of misfortune.

Karen: Why?

Luna: Because she was jealous that the Prince of the Earth was in love with Princess Serenity and she wanted him. but he loved the Princess. she didn’t like that. So… she did what she could to cause harm. She even tried to use the 4 generals to carry out her ruling. The Ruling of seeing the whole World following her.

Karen: Well… I was 6. when this happened . I think. i didn’t follow her or listen to that Evil lady’s ruling. I was with my own mind.

Martin: *Looking at the other kids* It’s time. they’re calling up names. we’re next.

Luna: *Nods* this is it. We’re about to step into the door leading to middle school.

A second later…

Principal Francesca: *Speaking to the Audience in Italian* Questi ragazzi sono la nuova generazione del mondo. Questi prossimi ragazzi che si laureano sono con il mio piacere di avere nella nostra scuola. Essi hanno dimostrato di venire. Tutti i giorni. il tempo … dimostrato di essere il più luminoso e il mazzo più sincero. Ho il piacere e l’onore di presentare questi ragazzi con la Stella d’Oro. * Richiamo del nomi * Luna Tina Rhapsody … Martin Giulio Marco … Karen Avalon Copeland. (English Translation: These kids are the next generation of the world. These next kids graduating are with my pleasure to have in our school. They have proven to come. Everyday. on time… proven to be the brightest and the most sincere bunch. It is my pleasure and honor to present these kids with the Golden Star. *Calling up the names* Luna Tina Rhapsody… Martin Julius Marco… Karen Avalon Copeland.)

Grandma Rikku: *Cheering in pride for her Granddaughter* Yeah! Luna…

Vincent: *Cheering* That’s my Dear child… There he goes… He’s gonna be going to Middle school now. He’s growing up a little. He’s gonna be a young Prodigy. a Fine lad. I just know it. *Pleased*

Mrs. Copeland: Well… at least you’re not harboring a Mutant. unlike some people. That girl with the Cat tail is a Mutant. She’s not even worthy to be amongst the public. She should be studied.

Grandma Rikku: *Catching that line* What was that?! *Looking at the woman close by* Excuse me… But that is my Grand daughter up there.

Mrs. Copeland: That freak is your grand daughter? You must be the one who favors them. I heard about these heroes… who think that they are so above it all. Like the rules don’t apply to them. Well… that’s gonna change. Laws are not to be broken.

Grandma Rikku: Who the hell are you? The Gestapo? I don’t appreciate that tone. Luna is my granddaughter and she is not a freak. If anyone is the freak… it’s you. My Granddaughters are the heroes of the city. The Rhapsody Girls Z! I have seen the great things they do every day. they are my grand daughters.. They’re not freaks. They’re just unique.

Mrs. Copeland: No. They are freaks. They are freaks who ought to be studied. *catching for something else to be said* it doesn’t matter what you say. They’re freaks. And i will not support freaks. I am the spokesman for Parents against freaks. And your grand daughters and whole family is full of freaks. You have a choice, Mrs. Rhapsody. Either you clip their wings and end their hero bullshit. or i will start a manhunt for them and then i will gun for you and your livelihood. The Rhapsody Girls Z! are bastards and are gonna be outlawed from being heroes. This proud city has heroes in the Police… the firemen and the Emergency personnel. The Military’s armed men and women. That’s all the heroes we need. So you make the choice. Either you clip their wings… or i will.

Grandma Rikku: *Glares* You’re gonna be in for some confrontation. later… when the ceremony is done… you and i will meet. You want to push me and the integrity of my family… well guess what, Bitch. Game on. I’ve dealt with my sisters and i being mocked when i was growing up… then dealing with my two Daughters being torn down and treated like dirt. Cheated on. played with like they didn’t matter. Now i have to deal with my Grandkids being torn down by the likes of you! No. Not happening. You want to start something? Try me.

On Stage…

Luna: *Looking At Martin* I think that there is something going on.

Martin: Like what?

Luna: My Grandmother is arguing with someone.

Karen: *Whispering to Luna and Martin* It’s my mother. She’s starting her control freak thing again. She’s an annoying compulsive Control freak..

Luna: What’ll we do?

Martin: What can we do? Vincent is not even noticing it. He is just letting the two ladies have at it. No idea why though. Shouldn’t he try to stop it.

Luna: He should. but he’s not.

Karen: Someone needs to shut my mom up. She’s causing a scene and is embarrassing me!

Martin: Well… Luna’s grandmother is not really letting off on the confrontation. She’s really inviting a mess. There are people looking at them very strangely. Luna… You need to do something to calm them down… this is a graduation day… but if they keep yelling like that and fighting… there’s gonna be a brawl here and it will get pretty ugly.

Luna: *Nods* I’ll do that song…

Martin: That song? *Remembering* Oh yeah… the song. Okay… Do it… *Walking to the Principal*

A second later…

Principal Francesca: *Nods* Okay. If it’s to calm the crowd and stop them from fighting…

Another second later…

Martin: Hi everyone. I am Martin. i am a graduate. but there is a girl i know that can sing. She has a wonderful voice and can dance. She’s beautiful and is my best friend. My girlfriend and i am proud to know her. Everyone i give you my best friend… My very best friend. Mrs. Luna Rhapsody.

Luna came in and Music started… before long she had the remaining kids all girls dancing and moving in rhythm…

Luna: *Singing* “Mune no oku kakushiteru
Onna no ko wa dare de mo
Tsuyogari no NAMIDA to ka
Hohoende mitsumete mo
Amai dake ja nai no yo
Sonna n ja kizutsuku wa
SAYONARA no mae ni
Kyou mo KENKA shite
Daiji na koto dake
Nande ienai no?

FUKUZATSU ni shinkouchuu
Anata to kanojo no koi
Demo sore wo eranda no

Makechaisou ni naru
Kiyowa na jibun ni
Sa’ kiai iretara
Sweet Little Resistance

Nante iwarechatta no?
Kanojo mo URAHARA

SAKASAMA Shalala……
Magic! yuuki wo dashitara
Sekaijuu wo mikata ni tsukete
SAKASAMA Shalala……
Itsumo to chigau ashita wa kitto
Anata shidai

Mune no oku nozoitara
Otoko no ko mo fushigi ne
Tanjun ja nakatta no

Makechaisou ni naru
Igai na tenkai
Sa’ kakugo kimete ne
Sweet Little Resistance

Sou SUKI na hito wo mamoru tame nara
Nan de mo dekiru yo

SAKASAMA Shalala……
Magic! sakadachi shitara
Chikyuu wo mochiageteru mitai
SAKASAMA Shalala……
Itsumo to chigau ashita wa kitto
Anata shidai

SAKASAMA Shalala……
Magic! yuuki wo dashitara
Sekaijuu wo mikata ni tsukete
SAKASAMA Shalala……
Itsumo to chigau ashita wa kitto
Anata shidai”

Crowd: *Cheering*

Later that late afternoon early Evening…

At Vincent Van Graves…

Vincent: *Walking into the house; Proud of his dear boy* He’s a graduate. I am so proud of the dear boy. I should put aside my studies and reward him a graduation feast. Graduation from Elementary only comes once in a life time. But the bickering that Mrs. Rikku Rhapsody and Mrs. Copeland were doing… most unsporting. Very unsporting. *Shaking his head* … *Looking at the ball real quick before reading* I should wait for Martin to come home. He must be out enjoying the freedom from School. it’s a great day for him. It ought to be for his friend too. *Sighs smiling*


Martin: *walking home from school* Hey there Vincent!!

Vincent: *Looking to see Martin* Hey there, My dear boy. How’s my good ole’ Graduate? How does it feel to be a Graduate?

Martin: *smiles* I’m doing quite well. I’m quite happy to be out of school. It’s really great!!

Vincent: And you know that i’m one who’s more than proud of you. You are now gonna be leading for Middle school. I am sure that you and your friend Luna are gonna be in the same classes. again… Right? You two are inseparable. Can’t say the same for the new one. Karen. I think her mother and your Girlfriend Luna’s Grandmother had fought and that woman Mrs. Copeland… might try to hurt your dear friend’s family. I was sitting by them and heard the whole thing. Hoping to hear that they’d die down with it. But they just were heated over… most uncanny for a moment like yours and Luna’s graduation… simply immature of them. Bickering like that. Shame… For shame.

Martin: I heard from Karen. And that’s not nice of her treating Luna’s family like that. She told me what her mother told her that Luna’s Grand mother lashed with. it wasn’t anything sweet either…

Vincent:  I heard the conversation just sitting there…

Vincent recalls the outbreak…

“Vincent: *Cheering* That’s my Dear child… There he goes… He’s gonna be going to Middle school now. He’s growing up a little. He’s gonna be a young Prodigy. a Fine lad. I just know it. *Pleased*

Mrs. Copeland: Well… at least you’re not harboring a Mutant. unlike some people. That girl with the Cat tail is a Mutant. She’s not even worthy to be amongst the public. She should be studied.

Grandma Rikku: *Catching that line* What was that?! *Looking at the woman close by* Excuse me… But that is my Grand daughter up there.

Mrs. Copeland: That freak is your grand daughter? You must be the one who favors them. I heard about these heroes… who think that they are so above it all. Like the rules don’t apply to them. Well… that’s gonna change. Laws are not to be broken.

Grandma Rikku: Who the hell are you? The Gestapo? I don’t appreciate that tone. Luna is my granddaughter and she is not a freak. If anyone is the freak… it’s you. My Granddaughters are the heroes of the city. The Rhapsody Girls Z! I see the great things they do every day. they are my grand daughters.. They’re not freaks. They’re just unique.

Mrs. Copeland: No. They are freaks. They are freaks who ought to be studied. *catching for something else to be said* it doesn’t matter what you say. They’re freaks. And i will not support freaks. I am the spokesman for Parents against freaks. And your grand daughters and whole family is full of freaks. You have a choice, Mrs. Rhapsody. Either you clip their wings and end their hero bullshit. or i will start a manhunt for them and then i will gun for you and your livelihood. The Rhapsody Girls Z! are bastards and are gonna be outlawed from being heroes. This proud city has heroes in the Police… the firemen and the Emergency personnel. The Military’s armed men and women. That’s all the heroes we need. So you make the choice. Either you clip their wings… or i will.

Grandma Rikku: *Glares* You’re gonna be in for some confrontation. later… when the ceremony is done… you and i will meet. You want to push me and the integrity of my family… well guess what, Bitch. Game on. I’ve dealt with my sisters and i being mocked when i was growing up… then dealing with my two Daughters being torn down and treated like dirt. Cheated on. played with like they didn’t matter. Now i have to deal with my Grandkids being torn down by the likes of you! No. Not happening. You want to start something? Try me.”

It was just utterly childish. Martin, I really don’t want you to get in the middle of that. it isn’t something that you should be getting involved with. All you can do is be there for Luna and be there for Karen. It’s not easy for Karen dealing with her parent being that way. But don’t get involved with the fight. Okay. Just let them run it and tire out. they’ll tire out once it’s all been said.

Martin: You got it. Let’s do what is possible.

Vincent: Although… i could maybe sneak in and conjure up a teleporting spell and send her to an alternate dimension. Maybe… But i just have to find the spell to do it. It’s been a while since i last played with a spell quite like that. *Thinking*

Martin: That is a good thought.

Vincent: I will work on that soon… However… tonight isn’t about that. It’s a time to celebrate. Graduation just happened. It’s supposed to be a ceremonious time. the leap from one to Middle school only happens once in ones life. *Getting things put away* Time to feast. We should enjoy this momentous occasion.

Martin: You bet!! Thanks Vince!! *happy*

Vincent: *Chuckles and Hugs Martin* Anytime dear boy. anytime. You’re like a son i never had. I promised your genitori/Parents on their very death beds that i’d make sure you were happy and well cared for. Raised to be someone they could always be proud of. Which i am sure that they are. but i promised them that i’d be there for you no matter what. I’ll always be there for you, my dear boy. Always. *Smiles* Now go and get ready. Festivities start in a moment.

Martin: Okie dokey. *goes to his room to get ready for the festivities*

Vincent: *Smiles while shutting things off* Fine boy he is… so full of life and full of pep. It’s a heartache that his parents aren’t here to see him. They’d be so proud of him. He’s gonna be a real strong and independent man one day. He’s growing up to be a real gentleman… Just like he always was. *Smiles* …

Minutes later…

*At the front door* I am so proud of him. i can not say it enough. *Sighs happily*

Martin: *shows up ready for the celebration* Hey there! I’m all set!!

Vincent: *Nods* Okay. You’re all prepped… we got our composure. we have our jackets… lights are off and things are put away.On we go! *Heading off to the city* We’re going to the Metropolis Mystic Bayou… Everything on the house. *Grins*

Martin: Alright!! Awesome!

Vincent: *Walking over to the city* You know… seeing you graduate reminds me of my childhood. Graduating from Germany’s Elementary School. in Munich. I was like a pup. just like you. but when i left from there and made right to Middle school. I had no desire to go into school. i wanted to teach myself. But the laws there were stating it be custom for all young citizens to go to school. The School there was very basic. it didn’t have much. but the education there was exquisite. I was only 14 when i came to the country where freedom flowed. The first person that i met was that of character. his name was Christopher Marco…Your father. He was a teen and took me in. He was a great person too. He saw that i was a German… and then with the idea that the Germans were not so popular. It didn’t make things all that bright. He was unsure as to whether he could be around me… but yet he took me in. he didn’t care about race. Color. he cared for everyone. Your father was a man of his own. everything was all for the people… none for thyself. He even to my surprise knew German. He even said this to me once… *Reciting the line by memory* “Trage mich auf offenen Winde und mein Licht. Vertrauen in mein Herz und meine Freundschaft zu akzeptieren, wie ich Sie auf meinen Flügeln in Anspruch nehmen will.” Which means: “Carry me upon open winds and be my light. trust in my heart and accept my friendship as i shall take you upon my wings.” Martin… Your father was a very caring man. and knowing him… if he were here… he would be just crying with joy seeing you becoming like the gentleman that you’re becoming now more and more of every passing day.

Martin: Why thank you Vince. That was quite a story.

Vincent: It sure was… But it’s also true. Your father… he grew up with war minded parents. they were patriots. Fought to the end. And they won too. Although they retired a year later and saw that the Boy… Christopher… was harboring me. they didn’t want to be tried for treason. but they didn’t want to leave a poor boy like me. which at that time… i was poor. I had no money… No other place to go. they didn’t want to leave me hanging. so they took me in. But your father and i… We grew to be best friends. I was also later at that time. maybe 15 years later… i started getting into wizardry… and Demonology. Your father who at that time was still single… he got a little into it. but stayed neutral. It was a year after i started the wizardry that he met a dishy girl. Perfect and remarkable in every way. She was Renee Strauss… She was a brit. A little Compulsive. but she was very delicate. she loved to dance and always had a place for everything. She knew what she wished to have. Did you know that she wanted to have a daughter and a son one day?

Martin: She did? Wow!

Vincent: That’s right. She did. However… she never did. she only had a son. You. The Daughter died at birth. She didn’t make it. Your mother named her Jeanette Carla Marco. Your mother and father were wed on March 9th 2009. And had you on January 27 2014 at 3 in the morning Metropolis time. But their wedding was ever so special. it was the very best as it was they had an orchestra there playing their favorite songs… and they danced in remarkable bliss.

Martin: I think that’s quite lovely.

Vincent: I should also be letting you know that a couple months before they were met with a tragic end… They told me that they were gonna leave you with me. to watch over you while they were gone. They wanted you to be with someone safe and someone who could protect you in every way. *Looking to the side and then at Martin* Martin… When they left for the Bahamas… they said that they were gonna make something for you to own… make a business chain for you. something that you could hold with pride. with strife and with strength. They saw the world in you. You could speak french and Italian. Even Russian. They taught you that. Did you know that you could also speak German and Irish?

Martin: No. No i didn’t. I don’t think that i even knew that. I was shown some things and might have tried to sound something off in a language that was not English. but i didn’t even know what it was that i was saying. At least not then.

Vincent: But this part… is the sad part and will make you cry. but you must know. You must. *Being sincere*

Martin: Go ahead. You can tell me.

Vincent: You might want to sit down for this…

A Minute later…

Vincent: *Sighs* Martin… Your parents died on the 4th month of their trip. They were gonna be at the Bahamas for a year and were doing business. They were just gonna leave the Bahamas for that day to head to Seattle for a deal signing with a fortune 500 company. Luthorcorp was the name of the company. I know the name of the Company as i have seen some mention of the Company being evident. I never really like the Company Luthorcorp. Nothing but a bunch of bad business and trying to control and own everything they got their grips upon. Your parents were gonna ante up with the business as they made their own. They knew nothing else. but to do all they could to make sure that you had a set livelihood for the future when you reached the age of 21. They wanted the best… And they had just finished writing the deal. sealing it for the joint league of the business. Their company was known for making better Wheelchairs for the elderly. they wanted to build better machines for the elderly. they cared for the Elderly… They also started a stock trade. A trade in stock to offer those who were in need of it. Bearer bonds. to all who were really in need of it. But on the wintry night of January 14th 2020 a week or two before your 6th birthday… they were on their way back to the Bahamas and were happy. But on that night… there was a very bad storm that night. and they were over the pacific when the plane lost control…

Flash back:

“Mr.Marco: *Looking at Renee* The plane is not responding…

Mrs. Marco: What’s wrong with it?

Mr. Marco: I don’t know… Damn this… we’re gonna end up crashing this plane. It’s Malfunctioning. 

Suddenly the plane began to lose altitude and descend…

Mr. Marco: *Calling Hawaiian Air control on the radio* Hawaiian watch command… this is Spirit wing Making an emergency transmission to Hawaiian Watch Command.. come in… Mayday… mayday… we are requesting a emergency drop… we’re coming in… Mayday Mayday. “

Vincent: But there was no response… There was no one there to respond. they were unable to get through and before they could eject from the plane… the plane reached the edge of the Wakiki Coast at 1 AM on the 15th of 2020…

Martin: Oh god. *saddened* That is so terrible. And tragic.

Vincent: What happened after was that i got a call one night and you were asleep. You went to sleep at Midnight after watching that show… Yugioh… You were trying to talk like Yugi Yamamoto. the one who was known as a holder of a millennium puzzle piece. when the call came in and i answered it. i was told of the issue and went to Hawaii. to see them… But i made sure that things were fine for you at the house before i left…

Martin: Yeah. I can remember watching that.

Vincent: I know… You were so funny trying to act like him too. I thought that it was enjoyable. But there is more…more to the tale than that… when i got there… i barely made it when they were taking your parents to Triage. to try and get them hanging on and holding to life. I was there… and when i was finally able to see them…

Martin: What all happened?

Vincent: I went over to them and saw them lying there dying… they couldn’t be saved… but i saw them… Your mother went first. Her dying words were… “Martin, My loving boy. My son… Momma loves you and will always watch over you. I’m sorry that i won’t get to see you grow up… But just know that you’re my baby and i will always love you. Always.” She then passed off and was no more… But that was moments before your father left. I got to speak with him a little before he finally passed on. But your mother was reported to have more damage on her than your father. and went out first… because of her condition…

Martin: Her condition?

Vincent: Yes. She was battered due to the crash. Broken wrists… her left rib was broken… in 5 places… Kidneys were punctured and her spleen ruptured. She also had a fractured knee…

Martin: *terrified* Oh dear. How terrible. So awful!

Vincent: But you ought to be rather emotional… She was your mother, Martin. She was your mother. But after she passed…I spoke to your father one last time before he passed on. which was an hour after your mother had…

Martin: *feeling emotional* But I am. It was so awful. Living without both parents was kinda hard.

Vincent: I know it was dear boy… i know. You lost both parents and i lost in that moment… a best friend. He was my best friend. Christopher called to me and spoke to me…


“Mr. Marco: Vincent, My good friend. It’s good to see you here. I am glad that i’ll get to see my best friend before i die. I don’t have much time left.

Vincent: I know… the doctors told me. I just wish that i could have the power to take the pain away and reverse it. But knowing that i can’t is what hurts me.

Mr. Marco: No… Don’t be beating yourself up over it. it was just a bad hand. Fate. Nothing that you could have done about it. we just left Seattle on a bad night. I don’t think that we even knew the weather to be this bad. But it took out our plane. it shocked the engine and we had to make a crash landing.

Vincent: What do you think i ought to tell Martin? He’s gonna want to see his mother and father. He’s gonna miss you. he’ll be asking for you.

Mr. Marco: I know. I am sorry about this. but please… when you tell him… be gentle. He’s a very sensitive guy right now. He might not fully understand at first what happened. But he will have to handle life being alone. Vincent… I want you to watch over him. Be his guardian. protect him and raise him wisely. *Reaching for the Letter* This is a letter… a epitaph… but don’t show him till he is ready to see it..

Vincent: I promise you, Pal. I’ll watch him. I will guard and guide him till i can no longer… i will make certain that no matter what may happen… i am always there for him. Raise him under my tutelage and educate him. Give him the love he deserves… as you’ve done for him. I will make sure of it.

Mr. Marco: *Smiles and gasps* Thank you, Vincent. My best friend. *Looking at the ceiling and under his last breath before passing on* We’re sorry, Martin. Be a good boy for your Guardian. He will be there for you… as we were… but can’t. I Love you, Martin. Father loves you.”

Vincent: With that last line… he passed away and was pronounced dead. he couldn’t hold on a moment longer. the internal injuries that he suffered took him…

Martin: *emotional* This is so sad!! It’s hurtful that they had to go. It’s not fair that they had to go like that.

Vincent: I am not supposed to show you this… till you were ready. but i guess you should be ready now to see and read it… *Pulling out a letter* “Sorry Christopher… But it’s best he knows now… he does have his right to know. He misses you and it’s his right to miss you. Has for years.”

Martin: Go ahead. You can tell me now.

Vincent: Okay… *Opening up the letter* … *Showing the letter and Reading it*

“Dear Martin,

By the time you read this… it will be that time when you’re about to embark on your teen years… Wondering where your parents were and why they may have abandoned you. But we never did. We were always there. even though we can no longer be. There is a point in life that makes a person wise up to loss and pain but find his own strength that you have… Your mother and i both have thought about you ever since we left for the Bahamas and always had the love for you. Fate is funny i think as it always plays on your life. you never know where it will hit. how. and when… I envisioned a life for you to flourish… and hoped that when that time came that you would break loose and see the world… through your eyes and mine. that you would understand much… and that we’d see you. We were with prayers to see you one day grow up as being the respected man that people would love. as we have always seen in you. We were hoping that you’d be the ruling Founder of our Family Company… but you’ll have to take life on without us. be one without us. The paths you choose will always be scary. it will be hard. But i know you can do it. Martin, Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. in your life… you will deal with much… hardship and pain… but life and love. Beauty. and success. The idea is to take the journey to live your life… be your own man. the man that i know… you are and can be. all you have to do make that trip. My dearest Son… Martin… i may not be there with you as a father should… and neither will your mother. But we will be up in the heavens watching you… and holding you in our Embrace. All my Love…

Your father,
Christopher Jack Marco.”

Martin: *touched and emotional* M…my father written that to tell me this? Oh mother, father, I miss you both so much!

Vincent: *Holding Martin close to him* It’s okay, Martin. It’s gonna be okay. I’m here and i’m not gonna go anywhere. You’re gonna be alright. *Nods* I knew that it was gonna be a risk showing you that and telling you.about that… i was starting to tell you about how graduating brought me back to my time and when i graduated. it led to talking of your parents. but you had to know… I was gonna wait till you were age 18 before i were to tell about your parents. but i did it now. *Lowering his head* Oh… Martin… my dear boy, I am so sorry for hiding this from you. But your father wanted me to not tell you till you were ready to hear it.

Martin: It’s alright. My parents would be proud of me for making it this far in school.

Vincent: Seeing how well you’re taking it… even though it hurts… you’re growing to be a real mature and well groomed gentleman. and the fact that you are with Luna. You’re growing into a mature young man… Hero, gentleman and kind heart in all. *Smiles*

Martin: *smiles* My parents would want that.

Vincent: Their graves are in Metropolis… in the cemetery. But you’re not ready yet… however when you are ready… we’ll see them. together. Only when you’re ready. Okay?

Martin: Okay. I can wait. I don’t think that they’d like seeing me upset. Not like this.

A Minute later…

Vincent: *Looking at the time* Let’s go and enjoy the feast… it’s enough of the heavy and heartache… Now it’s time to enjoy the festivities that you should be having.

Martin: Right on!! I’m starved!! *grins*

Vincent: Let’s go. *Heading off again to the City*

As for Luna… She was being taken out to see a Movie and for Pizza. a Graduation fest. It was Raven’s treat. She wanted to make up to Luna for coming down on her the other day about the Room incident. Luna accepted… She knew that it was a sincere attempt to make amends and knew that it’d always win out. because she reacts to Kindness as she has a heart which is full of it. Both Martin and Luna felt like Kings and Queens for that moment.  It felt good to them. Vincent made sure that Martin had a peaceful and special night. and Luna’s sisters and Raven also made sure that Luna had a night of fun and enjoyment. No battles… No issue. Just a night of peace amongst them all…

It was but a couple days later when Paige and Pearl were at the beach and in their Bikini’s when a surprise return came to them… Someone that they met once who rode on the Earth…

“My friend the communist
Holds meetings in his RV
I can’t afford his gas
So I’m stuck here watching TV

I don’t have digital
I don’t have diddly squat
It’s not having what you want
It’s wanting what you’ve got

Paige: *Laying on the beach towel and soaking up some sun* School is out and we’re free. It’s a shame though that we have to think on College. I still have no idea what classes i am gonna need to apply for the career that i want. I know that there is a mess load of English and Lit classes that i’ll have to take for that one career of being a romance Novelist. Speech too. That’s affirmative.

Pearl: *Laying on her Beach towel* I know what you mean. Star and i are gonna be meeting at the Metropolis University and meet with the Dorm Manager. on getting a Dorm room.

I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’m gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I’m gonna tell ’em that)
I’ve got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I’m looking up
I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’m gonna soak up the sun

I’ve got a crummy job
It don’t pay near enough
To buy the things it takes
To win me some of your love
Every time I turn around
I’m looking up, you’re looking down
Maybe something’s wrong with you
That makes you act the way you do

Paige: Reese and i are gonna be going to Met U too.  But there is no way i am hanging around at the Kangeroo Court. Reese tried to get me to drink a beer at Grad Night. I had to convince him to not get into that discussion again. I don’t drink Alcohol at all. He knows that. I mean… I love the guy. He means well… but i really am beginning to get fed up with the whole idea that he feels as though he needs to get me into the habit of drinking beer. I am not gonna start a Drinking Binge. Not happening. Not gonna happen at all. I won’t allow it.

Pearl: What about College? Aren’t you gonna be planning for College too? You applied for Met U… right?

Paige: Yeah. I did. I applied for Met U months ago. It was just that i was for the longest time unsure what i wanted to do with my life. I was also scared about what would have happened if i were to fail any class in High school. I had all that plaguing me.

I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’m gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I’m gonna tell ’em that)
I’ve got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I’m looking up

I’m gonna soak up the sun
While it’s still free

I’m gonna soak up the sun
Before it goes out on me

Pearl: But you passed the classes, Right?

Paige: *Scoffs* Yeah, Barely. i literally struggled for the most part. *Soaking up the sun*

Don’t have no master suite
But I’m still the king of me
You have a fancy ride, but baby
I’m the one who has the key
Every time I turn around
I’m looking up, you’re looking down
Maybe something’s wrong with you
That makes you act the way you do
Maybe I am crazy too

I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’m gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I’m gonna tell ’em that)
I’ve got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I’m looking up

Pearl: Maybe so… but the fact of the matter is that you still passed. You still passed the class. and are a High school graduate. Paige… Adulthood is not all that scary. If anyone should be feeling the doubt about it… it’s me. I am supposed to be the more sensitive one. Not you…

Paige: i guess. I am just unsure about the future. I want to be sure that i am following the right path. I mean… should i be a writer… or a model?

Pearl: Well… i don’t know. I would guess that you should ask yourself what you see yourself as more. If you see yourself as a writer more… Writing A romance novel. then that is what you ought to do. But if you yourself see that you should be a model. then that is something you should be. You should be asking yourself. What do you want more?

Paige: I guess so… *Sighs* I haven’t heard from Reese since the other day. I guess that he’s pretty busy getting his things in line for the university. He mentioned that he applied for Met U as well.

Pearl: Jack is going somewhere else… i think. He didn’t really say. I think that he’s gonna surprise me.

I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’m gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I’m gonna tell ’em that)
I’ve got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I’m looking up

I’m gonna soak up the sun
Got my 45 on
So I can rock on”


A Rock came Whizzing by and flew around a few times before coming back around and landing…

Pearl: *Looking at the Rock* Who is that? Is it someone we know?

Paige: I don’t know… *Looking at the rock and starting to look up to see who could be riding on the rock* It’s not anyone we’ve met. *Seeing a couple of feet standing on the rock* or… is it?

The rock then came down and revealed someone…

Girl: Hey guys. So… question? Which team am i a part of again?

It was Terra…

Paige: *Gasps* Terra?!

Pearl: *Pausing with surprise* What happened?..

To be continued…

Terra was back. Was there gonna be trouble following her? What about the end of their School years? it was the end and now they were all reaching Adulthood. Reaching college. Luna and Martin were reaching Middle School Martin was still shaken from that evening when he was finally told about his parents. the truth… Will he be able to shake from it? What about Dinah? She was now feeling the weight pile on more and more. Was she gonna be making it through the rest of the Pregnancy? Was Beryl behind the Return of Terra? What was she planning? What about the Danger that was gonna come. The demon. Was Beryl gonna launch the attack and carry out what she planned? Taking the down the Rhapsody girls by taking down their house? Would the Rhapsody girls be able to fight back? Find out more in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…


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